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White Christmas

Title: 화이트 크리스마즈 / White Christmas
Chinese Title : 白色圣诞
Also known as: 몬스터 / Monster
Genre: Mystery, thriller
Series : Drama Special Series (Season 1)
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2011-Jan-30 to 2011-Mar-20
Air time: Sunday 23:15


“Drama Special – White Christmas” is a 8 episode drama and is based on a murder. Being a physiatrist, Kim Yo Han will play a game of mysteries with students Park Moo Yul, Jo Young Jae, Lee Jae Kyu, Yoon Su and more, on the murder that happens at a private school.


Kim Sang Kyung as Kim Yo Han
Baek Sung Hyun as Park Moo Yul
Kim Young Kwang as Jo Young Jae
Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoon Su
Kwak Jung Wook as Yang Kang Mo
Hong Jong Hyun as Lee Jae Kyu
Esom as Yoon Eun Sung
Kim Woo Bin as Kang Mi Reu
Sung Joon as Choi Chi Hoon
Jung Suk Won as Yoon Jong Il
Lee El as Oh Jung Hye

Production Credits

Director: Kim Yong Soo
Screenwriter: Park Yun Sun

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  1. 1 : Abbie Says:

    this reminds me of “i know what you did last summer”

  2. 2 : Lydia Says:

    New trend of Kdrama 2011, its all about murder!

  3. 3 : majoojoo Says:

    o i can not wait, i so love korea movie, this is best movie ever, so love drama in my country. hwaiting please show this soon

  4. 4 : Gilbert Adiel Says:

    I really enjoyed ur drama GOOK keep it up jo.frm SAME BOYZ KLM TZ.

  5. 5 : Jhane Says:

    i hope this will be a good drama. waiting for this.

  6. 6 : honey b Says:

    unique poster. Only 8 epsiodes. I’ll watch.

  7. 7 : chaxin Says:

    haha, 7 guys and 1 girl. bad ratio. not a good private school to attend.

  8. 8 : lidya Says:

    when this movie will be airing at kbs world..??

  9. 9 : drama Says:

    this synopsis is totally wrong…and I’m watching the drama ㅡㅡ
    yohan being a serial killer is a big surprise in the drama. you totally spoiled it. stupid synopsis.

  10. 10 : drama Says:

    they are NOT being gradually murdered. ( i just watched 5th episode so I know what I’m talking about. ) you really might want to fix your synopsis lol.

  11. 11 : KDaddict Says:

    :@ drama:
    They don’t care about the synopsis they write at koreandrma.org; haven’t you noticed? We come to the site anyway, so why should they care, right?
    Are the 7 guys good-looking? I don’t normally like thrillers, but will try if there are many eye-candies and if this is real good.

  12. 12 : admin Says:

    we just changed the synopsis, thanks for notice us.

  13. 13 : Me Says:

    @drama, um the synopsis didn’t spoil anything YOU did. It was only a bit confusing. I just watched the 1st epi on KBSworld today and thanks for ruining the end… idiot. Lucky I don’t care about such things and will finish watching.

  14. 14 : bigmama Says:

    I think i recognize one of the students from “Jungle Fish 2”. Not a bad show, interesting psychological thriller. Rule #1: if you see a guy with orange hair, beware. lol. I may watch more of this, but I thought “Jungle Fish 2” was more entertaining. Glad to see KBS thinking “outside the box”. I’m just sick to death with “love triangle” dramas. This is a change of pace.

  15. 15 : whitechristmas Says:

    just loving the drama on ep2 now expecting more its so interesting but its bad that the drama goes on kbsword only 1 a week on sunday but dying to see ep3 i have watched jungle fish 2 but this is more interesting and the boys are really handsome 😀 espiacilly HONG JONG HYUN :] just loving it people this is a must watch drama!

  16. 16 : korean says Says:

    l love 7guys especilly choi chi hoon.
    this drama has been given me leanning

  17. 17 : molen Says:

    I was so shocked when seeing the poster. It is very similar with “Brothers” poster (a Hollywood movie).

    I want to watch this drama, but I have not finish the other dramas LOL xD

  18. 18 : candy Says:

    how come kbsworld stopped airing this drama, i’ve only watched upto the 3rd episode and now the schedule have changed and white christmas is not airing anymore…this makes me sad =(

  19. 19 : seulhyu Says:

    @ candy you’re right…i’m watching this drama too when KBS World changed their schedule and white christmas is not included…~ i want more of it!~

  20. 20 : messi Says:

    @candy, kbs world has not stopped airing this drama. they have changed the schedule. this drama now airs on Friday instead of monday.

  21. 21 : leinarina Says:

    i have finish watch this drama just now… i like all the characters especially choi chi hoon (sung joon) he is just sooooooooo cool!!!! but i kind feel that the story line just not make any sense cause the main character had suicide and all the students finally turn into the monster that the doctor hope them to be for… and why they not choose jiyeon from t-ara as the female lead actor?? i think she suit better than esom as she one of the main character in jungle fish 2.. i want to see more but so sad this drama just had ended….. overall this kind of drama is the best to watch..

  22. 22 : Vivieees Says:

    haha is eps the new thing for korean dramas now? jungle fish 2 and white christmas only have 8 eps and i just started to watch white christmas but its kinda confusing… :/

  23. 23 : my name is ard Says:

    This drama is the best from kbs along with jungle fish 2. It made me think a lot and I enjoyed the drama…. It also make me wonder if Kim Yo Han really a bad serial killer or a good one. Along with good looking actors of course!!!. I also agree that jiyeon from t-ara be the lead female actress rather than esom. Anyway, it’s a new start from kbs. Hope to see more interesting drama’s soon. KBS Hwaiting!!!!

  24. 24 : hale Says:

    one of the best recent dramas. A whole lot better than the usual dramas that go on forever w/ many many episodes. This shows that kdrama writers can condense and provide the whole drama in a few episodes w/o stretching and adding nonsensical episodes so the series is agonizingly long sometimes. Excellent drama w/ very good cliff-hanging endings which made you want to be sure to watch the next one.

  25. 25 : KMY318 Says:

    Seriously, this drama is sooooooo confusing! >_

  26. 26 : Reine Says:

    It’s very confusing but interesting…

  27. 27 : julia Says:

    the beginning was very slow… first 2 episodes. but after, it made more sense. i enjoyed it!

  28. 28 : sasrun5 Says:

    This drama was really amazing!!
    i love these kind that really make you psychoanalyze what it means to be human!
    plus most of the main cast being models helped too 😉

  29. 29 : Yo Joe Says:

    Music on it is amazing!!! Really captures the whole imagery and connects you with intense feelings gripping every to every tone and beat. Really great work and talented skills.
    Who is the composer/sound to this series, anyone know?

  30. 30 : Ethanael Says:

    I’m so glad I found my solution onlnie.

  31. 31 : heyyo Says:

    finally i found it after im struggling with internet for this info! love this drama.its make you more curious by episode

  32. 32 : jhie hou chua Says:

    i’m currently on its 6th chapter…..long way to go….but it has a different story…..very nice

  33. 33 : няшка Says:

    я смотрю только второй эпизод, а эмоции уже через край! Безумно нравится дорама!

  34. 34 : F.Ids Says:

    How comes this drama isn’t famous? One of the best!

  35. 35 : Dede Says:

    It’s not famous because there is too much indecision as to whether or not what they did was right. To agree to the greatness of the drama is to agree to what they did in the end as being right. The writers could have ended it in a way that made the ending more palatable, but it seems they like chose to let the audience chose.

  36. 36 : Dede Says:

    I watched this drama because of the draw of seeing so much talent being displayed at the same time. To put it bluntly, all eight of these young actors are absolutely delightful to watch. I have seen the seven guys in other dramas, so to have them together, WOW.

  37. 37 : Yozora Says:

    This is indeed a really good psychological thriller drama.. ^^b thank goodness my friend had suggested me to watch it.. 🙂

  38. 38 : irimusi Says:

    Maybe the best Kdrama I’ve seen. Excellent script and actors. Just recommend it!

  39. 39 : Killer Fan Says:

    just watched it as highly recommended, know bit late but had to say…who does the music on this series. It’s Killer!!! Right vibe and so different than typical dramas use. LOVE IT!!! Where to download the whole track and someone let me know who.

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