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Which Star Are You From?

What Star Did You Come From.jpg

Title: 넌 어느 별에서 왔니 / Which Star Are You From?
Chinese title : 你来自哪颗星?
Also known as: What Star Did You Come From ? / What’s Your Star?
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-03-13 to 2006-05-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM


Sueng Hui (Kim Rae Won) is a director who was deeply in love with Hae Soo (Jung Ryu Won). Even though her family was opposed to Sueng Hui, Hae Soo still wanted to marry Sueng Hui. As he is proposing marriage to her in the car, they end up getting into a car accident resulting in Hae Soo’s death. The drama takes place 3 years after Hae Soo has passed away. Even after three years, Seung Hui’s cannot seem to forget Hae Soo nor put his life back into order. Determined to forget Hae Soo, Sueng Hui takes a trip into the the rural areas of Korea. There, after declaring that he is going to move on with his life and forget about his girlfriend, he goes into town where he sees a girl (Bok Shil) that looks just like his past girlfriend. The resemblence is so startling that he can’t help but stare at her and ends up following her. They eventually end up spending a few days together but after parting, end up meeting again when Bok Shil comes to Seoul and ends up working with Sueng Hui.

It is later revealed that Bok Shil is actually Hae Rim, Hae Soo’s youger sister that was lost in a fire. Additionally, a close male family friend was secretly in love with Bok Shil’s older sister and seems to be attracted to Bok Shil as well.


Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee
Jung Ryu Won as im Bok-shil/Hye-rim/Lee Hye-soo
Kang Jung Hwa as Yoon Mi-Hyun
Park Shi Hoo as Han Jung-hoon
Im Ye Jin as Kim Soon-ok (Bok-shil’s mom)
Ok Ji Young as Jung Sun-jung (Bok-shil’s friend)
Kim Ha Kyoon as Jo Doo-sik
Lee Bo Hee as Ahn Jin-hee (Hye-soo’s mom)
Song Jae Ho as Lee Young-no
Lee Young Ha as Choi Soo Il (Seung-hee’s dad)
Park Chul Ho as Park Chan ho (Seung-hee’s upperclassman)

Production Credits

Directors: Pyo Min Su, Han Joo Suk
Scriptwriter: Jung Yoo Kyung

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Kin Says:

    It’s cute. Nice drama. Kim Rae Won did a good job and played outside of a pretty girl role, but she is very pretty. ^^ I give it 7 out of 10. 🙂

  2. 2 : Lally Loisa Says:

    I totally loved this series. The two main characters Choi Seung-hee
    and Bok-shil/Hye-rim/Lee Hye-soo played by Kim Rae Won & Jung Ryu Won are so adorable. The actors played their roles well as it can move me to tears as easily as it can make me giggle and laugh on funny scenes. I recommend this to everyone, it’s a feel good series. 🙂

  3. 3 : Sarang Says:

    Nice drama! If you are Kim Rae Won’s Fan, you will love him more!
    If you dont like Jung Ryu Won in “Kim Sam Soon”, you will love her after

  4. 4 : al Says:

    ermm… i’ve watched this but i find that the story is really slow. I like Bokshil’s chemistry with her fake mum & real mum. they look so adorable together. however, i find that kim rae won and Jung Ryu Won had not much chemistry (if u watched kim rae won’s other dramas/movie, u find that his acting here is mediocre or perhaps he didn’t have the chance to develop the character). Bok shil can look cute but most of the time i find her irritating. she acts well as a posh character only. seriously both looked more like siblings bickering than couples.

  5. 5 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    Verry Romantic Movie…

  6. 6 : sim Says:

    totally love it!! watched twice in a role..very funny and there are plots that would make one to keep on chasing the story to find out what happen next.

  7. 7 : chiqueE Says:

    perfect m0vie f0r every0ne. very r0mantic. l0ve dis 0ne. i really l0ve kim rae w0n as he acts. nice chemistry between Choi Seung-hee
    and bok-sil. g0od w0rk! really appreciate it! ^^

  8. 8 : 6anna-belle Says:

    AMAZING chemistry between the 2 leads…very good acting as well and characters are well-developed.


  9. 9 : lexi Says:

    i really really love this movie. u have no idea how moch i cry and laugh out lond. i sooo romatic too my fav. scene is then they were dancing in the night sky and kiss for the first time. it was the best part.

  10. 10 : Clover Says:

    its gOin tO bE airEd hEre in mALaySia!!
    stArtiNg 9th April…..8tv……
    mE cAnt wAit tO wAtc….gOt rAe-wOn!!! =)

    aNd aLso mE rEad iN magzne tHat apParEntLy KIM RAE-WON and JUNG RYO-WON bcOme a rEal cOupLe aftEr tHey pLays tOgatHer oNscrEen of tHis dRama….tHey recOgniSe tHe chEmistRy aftEr aCt tOgatHer…it all stArtEd wit tHat pAssiOnaTe kiSsiNg sCene…
    aWw… hOw rOmantiC! hiHihihi…. =P

    tHen i mAde a thOught….
    it mUst bE an excitiNg sEries tO b wAtc,isN’t it..?? hMmm…
    hOpe i wAsnt wrOng..

  11. 11 : Starz Says:

    I’m so much in love with Kim Rae Won & Jung Ryu Won!!! both r gr8!!! if you love FULL HOUSE you should not miss this drama too. it was produce from the same director. highly recommended!!!

  12. 12 : sarangyou Says:

    No wonder the music score is similar to Full House. I’m currently following the drama but do not find it as good as expected.

  13. 13 : gemini Says:

    … nice drama series.. you should watch it!

  14. 14 : Alps Says:

    it was a great and lovely korean drama that I’ve ever seen the trailer. YEz, I’m not yet see the drama but the fact that the trailer was good i think the story is good also..

  15. 15 : mickay Says:

    aT LaSt It wIlL Be aIreD HerE @ tHe PhIliPpiNes… i CaNt Wait Till ToMoRrow to WatCh… tHiS DrAmA ROCKS!

  16. 16 : abby Says:

    `This Korean Series is sooo GREAT!
    It is its 3rd day here in the Phil.
    but i think its already garnering a
    high ratings!
    to sum this up!
    feel the LOVE & ROMANCE!

  17. 17 : abby Says:

    i can’t wait for the following episodes to come!
    ROCK ON!;]

  18. 18 : abby Says:

    `hey guys!
    catch me i’m falling!
    i love the OST!
    sang by my idol Ms. toni Gonzaga!
    hit it baby!;]

  19. 19 : ana lou Says:

    korean drama is so interesting…..it catches my attention especially the main actor which here in the philippines they call “jeremy”….

    kip it up korea……ur simply the best when it comes to love story and drama as well….

  20. 20 : ana lou Says:

    i really love watching this korean film……

    the girl (namely Corrine in the philippines) is so cute nothing compares to her….. mwuahhhhh

  21. 21 : KiARa Says:

    OMG!!! This kdrama is really a good one! It’s been played in our country (Philippines) nowadays but i can’t control myself watching this drama so i watched it in crunchyroll.com all night long! KRW and JRW were really compatible and they did a good job! they really good looking especially JRW! keep up the good work KRW and JRW!!! i love to see you both soon!!!

  22. 22 : anne Says:

    this korean novela which star are you from? is very intersting i like the main cast kim rae won and jung rye won i always watch this every night in channel 2 even hir in internet,..i must say that korea is the best of making this kind of drama..der da best…

  23. 23 : nieva Says:

    I love this korean novela gabi2 pinapanood ko 2 walang absent!!!

  24. 24 : gali Says:


    kakilig tlga toh!!!

  25. 25 : Wilhelmina Says:

    Oh my.. i really love this korean drama. Im not much enamoured of korean dramas, maybe becuz i worked before in Korean Restaurant for 10 months and i kinda adopted to their culture and everyday i see a single korean and i even had 4 korean boyfriends. But this drama really really moved me. I can feel the pain their portraying, i kinda relate.This is the only Korean drama that made me cry for many times. I easily carried by the act of Jung Ryu Won. I like her acting.. its really so natural cuz some of korean actress overdo it.. and i kinda find it irritating.I really really like the story, or maybe this a kind of story that happening to me.. an innocent girl loving innocently a man unconditionally — i guess thats why i like it… she loves purely.

    I like their chemistry… i like Kim acts as a cold man. Well lets face it.. most of men are like that. Its hard for them to recognize love even if its right on their face.. and its even more hard for them to acknowledge it.. Well wot a waste of time for guys…thats why sometimes some guys loose a real love.

    I just hope that it got an ice ending since im just on chapter 11… i really like it… SO MUCH! it makes me feel love and being inlove…even if my BF is away…..100 THUMBS UP!!! LOLZ

  26. 26 : brynyl Says:

    elow… I always watch this drama everyday, for me i find it very exciting’ and very thrilling and something na ayaw kong plampasin kahit isa nitong episode,!! Kim Ryo- Won as Direktor Jeremy Choi and Jun Ryo- Won as Anna (here in the Philippines)realy really acted so great in this drama.

    YAH!! My countrymen are right “that Korean dramas/novels are the best… Korean dramas or novels or even Korean movies are my favorite… I also do like watching Jado dramas and novels, i love them boooth and they are my favorite forever……….


  27. 27 : gyrljare Says:

    You rock!!!!!
    I love you Kim Rae Won!!!!!
    A very nice and thrilling story…….
    Director Cui…you’re my ideal man….keep it up!!!

  28. 28 : gyrljare Says:

    this movie really inspires me to go to Korea!!!!!

  29. 29 : hwangjini Says:

    wat a great k series,i watched it many times,can’t count it in my fingers..hehehe..i repeated those kilig moments in episode.and also i am an avid fan og kim rae won,i’ve almost watch all his series and movies.
    watch out for his coming series this nov. “GOURMET”.he is an chef cook here..kip it up

  30. 30 : hwangjini Says:

    anneyeong haseoyo!

    i like also their soundtrack.i searched it to the internet,and finally ive burned it all..yehhh..komawoyo..

  31. 31 : feeling lee dae hae!!!me!!! Says:

    annyeonghaseyo!!!wow!!!!i like all the korean dramas!!!!this korean drama is very exciting!!you dont know what is next!!!!that’s more i like it!!!

    pls…everybody!!!watch which star are you from!!!gomapseumnida!!!!

  32. 32 : rs3y Says:

    very nice and cute…kim rae won and that girl is cute together…. very nice drama, one of my fave drama…worth watching….and funny too.

  33. 33 : Jinggay Says:

    So Kakakilig talaga!!! Korean Guys became so Loving and Sincere In my eyes, because of this Korean Nobela!Haayy!! I really love this!!!.

  34. 34 : gemma Says:

    super ganda love story, u miss 1/2 of your life if u dint watch this novela. the main cast delivrd thei role PERFECT.the’r both good looking. anf i love jeremy all the way. if u can analyze his face. A PERFECT MAN that a woman could lean on. oh, how i love you cumdung nyi. cumdung nyi and bok sil, really that in love, perfect LOVE STORY. KIM RAE WON . MADE IT PERFECT TO PORTRAY HIS ROLE,, A BIG APPLAUSE FOR HIM. PLEASE MORE TELENOVELA FOR KIM REA WON AND RYEO WON

  35. 35 : gemma Says:

    YOU KNOW WHAT, i’ve watch this at crunchyroll.com for i think 10 times anddont even tired of watching it. whenever a have free time. im already infront of my domputer to watvh it again and again. im inlove w/ the story. and to cumdungnyih . i love you kim rae won

  36. 36 : mae-mae Says:

    i like the drama theres a lot of kilig factor!! and the main cast, they really look good together hope they can visit as here in the philippines!!!!

  37. 37 : manny Says:

    nice series, huh!… to ms. jung rye won, you made me live again.. stay cool, and beautiful as you always do…God Bless girl… hope you find time to read my message.. thanks [email protected]

  38. 38 : Malu Says:

    Oh how I love watching Which Star Are You From. Sobrang nakakakilig talaga. Kim Rae Won is so adorable…

  39. 39 : beth balacdao Says:

    ang ganda ng movie

  40. 40 : beth balacdao Says:

    ang ganda ng movie nakakakilig bagay clng 2.enjoy panuorin

  41. 41 : amparo Says:

    this drama is so nice.. I really love this drama… hehehe.. i even got scolded by my mom because I can’t stop watching it.. but still.. I love it!!!

  42. 42 : she Says:

    this drama is very nice…i cant stop watching even i have go to school in the other…i really love it…=)

  43. 43 : russel Says:

    ne! annyong haseyo!!! which star are you from is so beautiful… i love it… visit my web site kristeoff.multiply.com and hyeseong.multiply.com and my friendster is [email protected] thank you!!! kamsahamnida.

  44. 44 : russel Says:

    annyong haseyo… nae hal yae gi isso sso.. neon eoneu byeoleseo wassni… its so yeppuda.. hehehe kamsahamnida!!!

  45. 45 : annamarie Says:

    This drama is very, very, interesting…i really like the character of Jeremy…he is magnetic total HAM…..the story is nice though sometimes the character of anna is insensitive and but i like her other quality that she fight for her love and happiness….awesome……but jeremy is the best ,,,,,,he is smart and very manly…ohh my gosh i like Himmmm….hahaha kind of addict of it>>>

  46. 46 : vanessa Says:

    i love director choi! i ca’t wait to see him in the philippines!!! love the ost as well….Pls. make another as cute as this…

  47. 47 : vanessa Says:

    I love this so much!!! I love you Director Choi!!! I can’t wait to see you here in the Philippines!!! I love the ost as well! Pls make a sequence of this BIG HIT “which star are you from” 🙂

  48. 48 : loraine Says:

    the best story, scenes, locations & stars i’ve ever seen…i love u jeremy choi…

  49. 49 : jacque Says:

    Which star are you from is really a touch warming story…the whole story is good, u like to watch it over and over.kim rae won really did well same as to jhung rhae won, both of them was able to do their character excellentlly thumbs up for u guys!!!! it has leave the audience with many good moral lessons..it tackles what can two people do when they truly fallin in love…LOVE really CONQUERS ALL ryt????? ilove you both Director Choi and ANENGGGGGG…..

  50. 50 : cathy Says:

    know what guys,in just watch the movie 3times but seems like I already know the whole stiry ehehehehe…will anyways,nice man jeds kaaU nga movei nOh as in jeds ai…sacrifice jeds kO nga dugai mgslep just to watch the movei ehehe mavuvuang jeds kaaU vai ehehehe apil ako ermat naadik jafun og tanaw vai…la jeds koi comento vai…just hoping that mglong last ang movei then more project to come to the said cast…more power to movei!!!!

  51. 51 : youknowyouwantme Says:

    good drama man.. loved it! chill ya hotties!

  52. 52 : shirley Says:

    super duper gnda tlga,…,,. ang sweet sweet nila,.,. sna 22hanan n ang knilang lovestory….;-D

  53. 53 : princess hours Says:

    ang ganda… as in… super,,, i love koreanovelas talaga… heheheehehe…

  54. 54 : Gerald Says:

    hi! i hope jung ryu won will read my message, My name is Gerald from philippines, maybe someday i will follow you in Skr. im going to finish my studies here, im in 3rdyr level of college. Im hoping and Praying someday im gonna meet you in person, i Have a big crush on you. and i Hope you can visit here in the Phil. always take care jung ryu won I LOVE YOU!

  55. 55 : L.E.E.N.A Says:


  56. 56 : L.E.E.N.A Says:


  57. 57 : Soo-Eun Says:

    its really good!!!!!!!!
    i love it!

  58. 58 : eirajane Says:

    nice drama.

  59. 59 : roselle Says:

    annyeong haseyo,, the movie is nice and cute… having the two character a good chemist… sahabnida…. roselle

  60. 60 : Reyden Says:

    HHHHHiiiiii????? I like this drama. I love Jung Ryeo Won………

  61. 61 : sherlan star Says:

    Good drama.. i love it… Kim Rae Won is so CUTE!!!!

  62. 62 : girlPOWER Says:

    this k-drama is very romatic and i love the cast….they are so cute and beautiful!

  63. 63 : diane Says:

    wow ang ganda sana maulit ito kahit sabado salamat na inspired ako

  64. 64 : which star Says:

    itz really a SHINING shimmering ending!!!! hope that there’s a rewind!!!!!

    i love both of them coz they are such a magnets that stick to my heart!!!! nakkkkzzzzz

  65. 65 : kilig_moments Says:

    itz super kilig!!!! i love ot and i r3eally miss them!!! awwwwww!!!!

  66. 66 : kilig_moments Says:

    ooo nga dapat may rewind coz this k-drama is super the best !!!!!!

  67. 67 : jung ryu won Says:

    catch me im falling to KIM RAE WON!!! i love him!!!! director choi!!!

  68. 68 : Joy Says:

    This is awesome. I love the lead stars. Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won look good together. Kim Rae Won is so handsome and such a hunk. The story has everything in it…romance, drama, comedy. It makes your heart feel light. Makes you want to fall in love again and again. I just love “Which Star Are You From?”

  69. 69 : lime Says:

    love this story soooooooooo much…

  70. 70 : jeremy Says:

    its really awesome !!!!even the charactrs iN thz K-drama r the BEst!!!!

  71. 71 : Kim rae won and jung ryu won Says:

    Hi thanks for supporting our movies or tv show,hope you like our movie in korea,what is your favorite movie what star did you came from also known as which star are you from? or princess hours pls reply this question

  72. 72 : vine Says:

    nakkakilig tlga clang dalawa!!!!! hope to see them here in the phil.

  73. 73 : mhy Says:

    hay grabe kaloka ang love story nilang dlwa!!!!!!!!!! ang gwapo ni Kim Rea Won!!!!!!!lov u

  74. 74 : joan Says:

    hi janelle sa na may part 2 pa kayo kasi marami kaming nanonood sa bahay namin kapag palabas niyo na!at lagi kong pinapatugtog ung love song niyo!ung CATCH ME IM FALLEM by TONI Gonzaga!jeremy ang gwapo mo!!!!!!!!!!!sana I-ad mo ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ang gwapo mo talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bagay na bagay koyo ni janelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 75 : bbyron Says:

    I really enjoy watching k-drama can’t live a day without watching it specially my all faV actors KimRaeWon soooooo….he’s just so handsome and great acting specially the way he kissed is totally pure and clean. Which Star are u? I remember one of the epsd so funny when he got lost from the woods and the tiny animal was chasing him I like the best part is when Kimraewon was telling something to Jung Ryu and his having back pain that is so funny and real acting! with his big sunny smile and grinning make me complete. Kimraewon pls stay healthy and be safe! Anyone knows where can I buy his poster. I went to Korean plaza in LA theres none. I’m from California Oxnard..

  76. 76 : janelle Says:

    a very good movie… and Kim Rae Won is a versatile actor… so handsome … with oozing sex appeal…

  77. 77 : julie ann Says:

    I lovE which star are you from?!!

  78. 78 : Jamie Says:

    this drama is so cool. it makes my heart beats faster at time, all the feelings are there, sad, happy, anxious… just all kind. BOth of them were so cute, heavenly match, what u guys reckon? i Just Love this drama.. Which star are you from? Heavenly star.

  79. 79 : marina jaafar Says:

    cerita ni sangat boring.i dislike this drama …very very very very boring..maaaa……….

  80. 80 : kenvee Says:

    I like Kim rae won hairdo!
    Weeeeh jung ryeo won is really pretty and looks so elegant…but in this series you will see a different jung ryeo won…it funny that they always quarrel yet get reconcile right away…hahaha…

  81. 81 : cj Says:

    one of the best korean drama! jeong ryeo won is so cool.! KIM RAE WON is so hot!

  82. 82 : PINAY in CA Says:

    I fell in love all over again!!! This drama is the best it made me cry….

  83. 83 : mary jane Says:

    this is one of those many favorite abs cbn koreanovelas that i like!!
    how i wish ibalik ng abs management tong series na to!!!hmmmnnn!!!

  84. 84 : Eliana Says:

    -79- marina jaafar’s comment is the poorest comment ever, i want to spam her comment. I love this drama so much, well i haven’t watch the whole series yet. Kim Rae Won is so handsome n’ nice acting!

  85. 85 : kinsyi Says:

    I love this drama veri much… To me its worth watching…Both the main cast acts so well… the story plot is not bad…it has a lot of funny and cute scene…the main female cast is reali cute and funny in the drama (kim bok sil)… and the main guy cast, his a hunk.. i reali enjoy and like his acting skills… i recommend others to watch this drama

  86. 86 : gemini25 Says:

    Hi Kim rae won,

    You are great in love story, you’re natural and (kim bok sil) is cute too, she acted good, but I like the (Love story in Harvard) the best. Kim rae won still the hunk and acted great being a bastard and arrogant still when it comes to Bok sil you are soft and loving. I just love to see all your tv series and movies. I am hooked on all your drama. Kim rae won and Lee seo Jin is my favorate Korean actor.

    keep up the good work!


  87. 87 : [email protected] Says:

    ei guyz…

    there’s a Giordano commercial which Jeong Ryeo Won, Rain were there!!!! Ryeo Won is very Pretty! even though I disliked her before in My Name is Kim Sam Soon…

    Kim Rae Won… hmmm.. what can I say… I LOVE HIS MOVIE VERY MUCH IN MY LITTLE BRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with MOON GEUM YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like his smile ever since I watched from ATTIC CAT and LOVE STORY IN HARVARD… =)

  88. 88 : jl55 Says:

    debating if i should order this DVD or not? was it really good or what? its not one of those korean endings where someone dies???

  89. 89 : Zhijia Yang Says:

    It’s a long week golden National holiday in China now. For refreshment, I spent one day watching the attic cat, after seeing it my first thought is it’s just OK and Kim Rae Won is just OK too, besides, he is little bit funny. As I love Korean TV series more than other TV programs, yesterday chose watching another Korean TV series, it just happened I selected which star are you from? When I was watching the first episode, I was wandering who is the actor? Why he looks so familiar? Is he Kim Rae Won? How can he act so different in two different series? They look like quite two different men. Only the smile reminds me there is possibility he might be him. After the first episode, I check the cast, oh, yeah, he is Kim Rae Won! How can he become so mature, so cute, so cool, so serious now! I finished watching the whole 16 episodes almost without a stop. And this time I was touched by this love story very very deeply. My heart ached and my tear shed many many times. The love story is so great, so wonderful, so beautiful, so holy, so pure. The two lovers treasure each other so much, they see one another as a precious part of themselves. They both have self-control and try very hard to hold their desire and lust. That’s a love God blessed. It’s so rare now in this practical real world. Before yesterday I was fan of nobody, however, from now on, I think myself a very big fan of Kim Rae Won. I started collecting his materials and information. And looking forward to see every dramas or movies he acted.
    P.S. I like the way he wears his cross necklace. I like Jung Ryu Won as well.
    God bless you all!

  90. 90 : Irene Says:

    i found this romantic comedy, but there is a lot of crying… hehehe
    i like the story and this is one of my favorite korean telenovela..even the innocent can fall in love..

  91. 91 : Karma Says:

    Rally cute series. heheh sKim rae won looks gr8 as usual. He looks super hot

  92. 92 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Started watching for 2nd time, it’s soooo worth it! Funny, sweet, sad, romantic… both Kim Rae Won (hottie) and Jung Ryu Won are super in this drama. Highly recommend!!!

  93. 93 : april joy Says:

    sana mapanood ko yong ending niyan

  94. 94 : fantasy Says:

    love both of them..charming and beautiful ;P

  95. 95 : krishy Says:

    how nice!!!
    pretty ng gurl!!

  96. 96 : cj Says:

    kim rae won is soooooooo HOT in this drama! Jeong Ryeo Won is sooooo good esp. in her funny scenes. 🙂

  97. 97 : Dark Angel Says:

    I really reaaaaaaaaaally loved this drama….It`s funny and romantic..also it`s one of the best dramas I`v ever seen…. it`s reallyyyy awesome

  98. 98 : Jay-ar Says:

    … I do really love this Korean novel…all of its stories are great…..it reminds me of someone hehehe… joke…hoping to have a someone the same story of my love life…roro…. i dont know what to say but this “teleserye” is making me “kilig”… I dont know why, but may be things like that…If u really like that movie…. All i can say is I love u all!

  99. 99 : joshua autor Says:

    i love to watch korean movies just like which star are you from i realy thise movie iam frome philipines

  100. 100 : meeh Says:


  101. 101 : Sooooo Says:

    This drama in the beginning was ok but after a while, it became draggy & bores me to death……

  102. 102 : donna Says:

    i love how they act in this series…

  103. 103 : applegsy Says:

    this drama is super romantic!! love it love it LOVE IT! tho abit draggy at some parts but can just fast forward. hee.

  104. 104 : JimWang Says:

    This drama is bad.

    I totally agree with response #101 (Sooooo’s comment). The first three episodes are OK, but from episodes 4 to 16 are draggy and bored me to death too. My DVD money is a total waste. This is the worsest drama I have seen in years.

    Whenever Kim Rae Won speakes English, I wonder which star is he from. It sounds like an alien language, I can not understand a single word he says. Maybe that is why this drama is called ‘Which Star Are You From’. If he speak English again in another drama, I definitely don’t want to buy it.

  105. 105 : shieraline Says:

    the best series for me.

  106. 106 : nina echizen Says:

    i am so sorry but i agree with 101….the boring of the story make me want to cry…

  107. 107 : vhie Says:

    huhu ka2 2wa tlg c aning……!!!!lol.. k kilig clng dlw

  108. 108 : lovely Says:

    I agree with 101, 104 & 106. Such a boring drama I’ve ever seen.

  109. 109 : idril Says:

    agreed with most of you…. the drama was so boring but ok at the beginning……. me partly watched this drama coz everytime i play the dvd i felt damn sleepy LOL

  110. 110 : claire Says:

    ..this series is the best! love how they act…

  111. 111 : Less Says:

    cant deny that their acting were good & natural but the story was so darn boring…

  112. 112 : therese Says:

    ..i’ve seen this drama about 10 times already!!!..their love story is really something….^_^

  113. 113 : kumiyoshi lee Says:

    gosh, i love the series so much. my sis n i watched the series a couple times n we tend to make our friends watch it too when they ask what is a good korean series to watch. when i saw the cover i known that the main act is kim rae won so i told my sis that we have to get it and when we got it ..gosh it was so good.. i am so agree with their chemistry..gosh they are so good

  114. 114 : gwapotalaga Says:

    i’ve watched 1-12 episodes a year ago and i thought it was boring. i think im not gonna watch the 4 episodes anymore.

  115. 115 : Tosh Says:

    When I visited the Philippines last year, this was the tv soap series being dubbed in Tagalog in the ABS-CBN channel. My family were watching it but I did not care at all but tried to watch it. When my sister told me to watch the dvd to know the beginning and the end, I watched it in Korean language and I fell in love with Kim Rae Won for the first time and then I just can’t believe I appreciate it more in Korean language than in Tagalog. I watched it till the end and watched another Kim Rae Won’s movie Love story in Harvard, from then on I became a K-addict and bought all the dvd available to bring back home here in the USA. It has been a year now and I am still watching this movie with my friends who came to love Korean dramas too. I have over 100 korean dvd collections and this is one of my favorites.

  116. 116 : thuthuy_xlovex Says:

    all of you believe this moive is danm boring, i agreed with you guyz but when i was so bored and i want to watch that movie again because last time when i watched i always skip it and never concentrat on it so i took that movie out and watched again it seem to be alright then i start to like it and in the end i totally love it ^_^ oh my god Kim Rae Won is so cute.

  117. 117 : snoopylane Says:

    i love this show so much”””’ thats why i bought a dvd. im crazy in love with kim rae won & i love the team up with jung ryu won, im so kilig. hope they have projects to make………..

  118. 118 : iluvit Says:

    The drama was alright…
    can’t deny that i liked it
    moreover it really is NICE in my opinion

    BUT i wouldn’t really love
    to watch it again and again
    i gues once is enough

  119. 119 : Faye Says:

    I just started watching this drama and I really like Kim Rae Won, his smiles, I think he is so cute. And also Jung Ryu Won, she is also very cute. I can’t stop lauging watching her in the drama. I find the drama very nice & romantic and a bit funny. I like it.

  120. 120 : Goong Ju Says:

    Very boring drama. Watched it because of my lovely Park Si Hoo Oppa.

  121. 121 : lill Says:

    was this site down for a period of time? anyways, this drama is really really slow, draggy & boring BUT the actors & actresses were good though. To be honest, almost 80% I fast forward… LOL.

  122. 122 : hakunamatata Says:

    this drama fits me much bcoz of the hero+heroin…i really wait for them acting together..so my wish come true..i really like the acting from both of them,their look so natural(not act too much)..also congrat to the songs, i really love to hear them again & again…

  123. 123 : Goong Ju Says:

    The worst korean drama that i ever watched. Acting was really lousy by Kim Rae Won & Jung Ryu Won, no chemistry between them. It can be a very romantic & touching story line if they weren’t choosen to cast in this drama. PARK SI HOO was the only cast that keep me watching it till the end. His acting was good. Keep it up, Si Hoo Oppa

  124. 124 : magsie Says:

    I agree with you, goong ju. There is no chemistry between the leading actors. It could have been a good and interesting drama if casting was great. But still I love Kim Rae Won. More power to you, Kim.

  125. 125 : analyn Says:

    wow i like this so much the guy is so handsome an also the girl bagay talaga sila

  126. 126 : yo Says:

    okay drama 🙂

  127. 127 : Cm22 Says:

    This is of of my favorite dramas of all time!

  128. 128 : divi Says:

    The only reason I watched this drama was I was into Kim Raewon during that time. And I didnt like the female role, so I stop watched. Yeah, it was ok…… but I would never watch it again.

  129. 129 : someone Says:

    wonderful drama! i’ve watched it about three times now and i’m still not tired of it.. i’m now in love with these two! they’re such a cute couple, and very beautiful people.. highly recommended!

  130. 130 : minah Says:

    …grabeh..!!!!!..nka2kilig….clang 2…(ana,jerimie)…bagay n bagay cla..!!!…lab qoh 2…veri much..lageh qong sinubaybayan…nung pinalabas san abs-cbn….kht supah gabeh nah!!!!hehehe!!!..adik aqoh sah mga korean novelas eh!!!

  131. 131 : daven Says:

    sobrang ganda niton series na to at grabe talaga ang pinagdaanan nilang hirap….adik din ako sa koreanovela…sobra!!!as in…

  132. 132 : sjh Says:

    I take a look of it because of Jung Ryu Won at first but the synposis looks bored (about 3 months ago).Then i didn`t care about it.Now,i care about it because I`m into Gourmet and Attic Cat which feature Kim Rae Won.I watch the opening theme and i think Kim Rae Won is not suitable to act the character in this drama.The hairstyle for Kim Rae Won in this drama is NOT SUITABLE.

  133. 133 : Somethingwesee Says:

    I really did not intend to like this but currently I really do. I’m on episode 12 now and I intend to finish it.

  134. 134 : Cookies Says:

    At the 3 page of comments, I say L.O.L. to the people who got bored to watch this drama, I suggestion is don’t watch it and don’t post comment like that -___- anyways, I really love KRW at this movie ^_^ the movie was quite good and never seen the whole series yet, but i mostly watch the part when KRW appears

  135. 135 : elma Says:

    Kim Rea Won perfectly portrayed his role as well as the pretty leading lady. The movie has so much fun. The film deals on how to give respect and be decent on decisions as what Kim did to Bok Shil’s elders and family and not to take advantage on anything. There are so many moral lessons that we can get on this film. It’s really entertaining.

  136. 136 : Ako lang naman Says:

    I read some comments below and feel sad that some people didn’t like the series. I humbly belived that this drama is one of the best korean series I’ve watch. The acting is so natural that I feel the depth of it. I’m not that familiar with the cast excluding Kim Rae Won which I knew because of some movies he made before. I first saw him potraying a dump bastart law student in attic cat.

    I bought a DVD of this drama just recently for my Korean Series collection and because I really hooked on it, I finish watching all the episods in 3days.

  137. 137 : chase Says:

    i love this series so much.
    kim is so handsome.
    im definitely inlove with him.
    yung mga my ayaw sa series n toh, try watching it again.
    best series ever. sarap mafall inlove.. ryt? 🙂

  138. 138 : TOX Says:

    The Story if this movie is nice ^_^…

  139. 139 : idril Says:

    the most bored drama ever!!!!!

  140. 140 : rean Says:

    this korean drama is so beautiful i lyk it

  141. 141 : junar-15- Says:

    hahaha…grabe ang ganda poh talga…

    hope meron p ibng ganto…in tagalog…

  142. 142 : april Says:

    ang ganda talaga noh. sayang tapos na ung sa studio 23. tsk. hopefully ireplay to sa abs. hahaha.

  143. 143 : cHin_19 Says:

    ..I’m inlove wd ds koreanovela!!
    I hoPe ipapalabas ulit s tv..=)

  144. 144 : jenny Says:

    i’m so in love with this korean drama! so into it! one of the best c: i wanna watch it over and over again c: the main couple looks cute together, good chemistry. two thumbs up!

  145. 145 : claire01 Says:

    yow~! i love this series~! i love the way ji=ung ryu won acts. hahaha~!

  146. 146 : Yu-mi Says:

    I have seen this koreanovela on dvd. I sooo love it and i still watch it over and over. It’s funny and very much entertaining and at the same time very romantic. Love it! ^_^

  147. 147 : lydia Says:

    Everbody has their own opinion abt this drama. I cant deny that the actors & actresses were good but the storyline is so boring! You can expect what’s going to happen next. At the 3rd episodes, it starts to get so draggy up to the end of the story! Goodness…..

  148. 148 : hana yoori Says:

    This drama was cute. It was kind of weird at first that he would fall in love would her, but he ended up falling in love with her because of her, not because of her sister. So it was good that in the end they ended up together.

  149. 149 : panyangbear Says:

    When I read everyone’s comment about this drama, I can’t help but break into a hilarious laugh. I’m talking about the negative comments.

    Even so, I have a different opinion because I find it nice and I super liked it. I had bumped into this drama several times before but I didn’t mind it because I thought it was a total bore; but what made me buy a copy of it was Kim Rae Won. After watching his movie My Little Bride, I realized how hot and good-looking he was. So I bought one anyway.

    During my watch, I kinda enjoyed it. First few episodes was okay but as the story goes deeper, I became too focused. Episode 8 and all the way down, I just loved it. The thing about this drama is that it can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Episode 15 had, in fact, got me crying all the while. At that particular scene, it was so clear to see that the two people are still in love with each other no matter how hard they try to conceal it. This explains the fact that LOVE is just so powerful that no matter how the odds try to break it, if it’s really for you, then it will always lead its way back to where it belongs.

    About the actors, I find my eyes all glued to Kim Rae Won each episode. Every angle he made was just so captivating. Then there’s this really pretty girl, Jung Ryeo Won. I was thinking the two main actors blended perfectly well and they really make a good couple. I was too impressed by Jung Ryeo won’s acting here. She had shown us how flexible she is by playing two different characters in a single drama. They acted so naturally and that makes it perfect.

    Overall, I say that this drama was rather cute. I’m not really fond of romantic comedies but when I watched it plus the beautiful soundtracks, it felt overwhelmingly good. You Belong To Me by Jason Wade, gave me a shiver; it became my all-time favorite song since then.

    To those who haven’t watched, just give it a try. You might like it. Korean version is still better than the one that is being dubbed. Enjoy! =)

  150. 150 : Shiela Says:

    This is d best korean drama i ever seen so far..it makes me shiver as the scenes continue to unfold.. I love geremy and aning! They are so good 2 luk at.. I watched it over and over again…

  151. 151 : ziela Says:

    hai…first time i tengok this drama coz the hero is handsome. But the truth is i dah blh agak jalan cerita ini. Semua drama korea terutama love story jalan cerita sama. Anyway is still good story for release tension.

  152. 152 : Leyzell Says:

    I never missed an episode of this drama, and this is definitely one of my favorites 🙂 LOVE IT

  153. 153 : mememe Says:

    i really love the story and the characters. so cool! i super crush Kim Rae Won hes style and fashion!! so nice!

  154. 154 : mhae Says:

    ..I really love this story..
    the actress and actor are very good.
    ..i keep on watching this movie over and over again.
    ..they make you fall in love.

  155. 155 : fieza mumu Says:

    i never missed any episodes of this drama…
    heronye ensem sgt9………hu3

  156. 156 : Lia Says:

    suka sangat citer ni….tapi sedih tak dapat tgk last episode…kat mana boleh dapat cd citer ni ek……?

  157. 157 : farah Says:

    very sweet n good story….awesome…love it too much:-)

  158. 158 : shosh Says:

    Kim Rae Won is unique actor, amazing talented and handsome with an amazing smile
    I love this story ,
    I’m waiting, to another film with him.
    Fighting .
    *^ _ ^*

  159. 159 : Arai Says:

    I really enjoyed all kim rae won’s drama…he’s a good actor,and WSAYF is an excellent drma…

  160. 160 : Jho Says:

    i love it soooo much! wholesome characters

  161. 161 : joana Says:

    so funny and romantic!
    one of my faves! 😉

  162. 162 : Ellena Says:

    If you decide to watch a Romanic Lovely Ending , suggest to see this film . Watched it about 6 Times . 🙂 Full of Passion . Both Seung Hee & Bok-Shil played strongly & I thought they will be a real Couple after finishing film .

  163. 163 : amel Says:

    j ai regarde ce drama en 2 jours tellement c est beau tres beaux acteurs kim rae won est a grandiose a vous faire couper le souffle de beaute et de virilite j ai beaucoup aimé la fin du drama

  164. 164 : diana Says:



    good storyline!

    so nice….

  165. 165 : mel Says:

    nice drama series… i love this drama..

  166. 166 : mutiara Says:

    so funny and romantic! it’s so enjoyable!

  167. 167 : nining Says:

    it’s really good,, i love it,,

  168. 168 : diefan Says:

    this series is one of my faves.. I really really liked it.

    boksha! booksha.

  169. 169 : divine Says:

    i love this korean drama series, i hope you can make more. i love the loveteam of aning & jeramy….

  170. 170 : santa Says:

    very very sweat ,lovely and more important good acting specially jung ryu won she is amazing on this drama

  171. 171 : kdramaloveit Says:

    still watching….this k-d®ama… i will let you know my comments

  172. 172 : grace Says:

    i love this drama so much…Kim Rae Won is the best actor!

  173. 173 : ugyen Says:

    this drama is so soooooooooooooo beautiful….infact way beyond beautiful….couldn’t help fall for kim rae won n jung ryu won…..Grrrreattt job, guys!

  174. 174 : via Says:

    this drama have a nice ending, the couple finally ended up together, although there are obstacles with their different character and all, but love conquire all.. 🙂 love this story a lot.. Jung Ryu Won can really portray her role here i love her when she become Bok Shil, so cute and inocent. I also love Kim Rae won, I always a fan of him, since he never showed up in any Kdrama anymore, I look for his old drama such as this drama, The gourmet, and Love Story in Harvard, also my love Patzi, I wish he will play again in a new drama with great actress …

  175. 175 : nora elena7 Says:

    boring drama

  176. 176 : zaza Says:

    nice drama 😀
    it was, indeed, enjoyable 😀
    the actors Kim Rae Won & Jeong Ryeo Won portrayed their characters really well (Jeong deserves praise for playing the 2 characters w/ convincing skills, esp. Bok Shil who is goofy yet very entertaining).
    i enjoyed the plot and the emotions are well conveyed (they really seemed like a REAL couple). 😀

    must watch for those who want romantic comedy w/ drama XD

  177. 177 : maida Says:

    i have seen lots of korean drama series in the Philippines but i should say this is the BEST…

    Jeremy is so cute…and his smile and facial expressions is so amazing.
    Aning is pretty…very innocent looking face with a great smile.

    I so loved the story, actually it made me cry (weep i should say)..

    Congratulations to the cast….thumbs up.

    P.S…can anyone please tell me other films of jeremy and aning together or should i say Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won..

  178. 178 : rosie Says:

    I watch this 5 times already and I fell inlove with the main character. good actor and actress. more drama for them.

  179. 179 : jessie Says:

    very much love it…however, the video is not complete…but, still d best. the lead man is not so handsome but has the charisma..the lady is beautiful and cute… i am dazzled…

  180. 180 : loyalfan_1 Says:

    This drama is funny and interesting. Love Rae Kim and Ryu Jung. Would love see them together in another drama. Ryu Jung is gorgeous and able to carry out different roles. Love Rae Kim too. Honestly, I love to see Ryu Jung being an teenager suffering from anorexia. A eating disorder popular in our society today because of tv ads and thin model who thinks thin is beautiful. Just can’t wait for this type of drama soon.

  181. 181 : eryn Says:

    To Watch or Not to Watch, That is the Question..
    Mediocre plot, if you can ignore the melodramatic storyline, you can probably find something to appreciate in here…somewhere.

  182. 182 : tanvvvvvvv Says:


  183. 183 : zarima Says:

    ready to watch.. hope this kdrama satisfied my taste…:D

  184. 184 : jessa mae cultura Says:

    very nice movie

  185. 185 : aprilian.lian Says:

    aigoo ,kangen banget ma ,ni drama jd pengen nton lg

  186. 186 : keroo Says:

    hello po! saang site ko po pwd panuorin ito? thanks^^

  187. 187 : icegirl Says:

    ryu won and rae won are eye candies…that’s the only good thing about this drama…

  188. 188 : irma Says:

    I want original soundtrack this drama, anybody can help me?

  189. 189 : ing Says:

    i really love this drama. good match…..for those who like romantic drama, should watch this….daebak!!

  190. 190 : Jellsy Zelsia Says:

    The movie is fun, Jung Ryu Won natural acting really!
    Kim Rae Won acting is also good, the plot intriguing, but there are also parts that sad, tense ….
    I really like the movie! : D

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  192. 192 : silverswan Says:

    I like the actor but not the actress. I once watched her in “My lovely Samsoon” she is not a good actress and in this drama she acted so childish and kind of frustrating. I didnt finish watching the more I watched the more I got irritated.
    So to me this isn’t a good drama

  193. 193 : Ne mai despart doar 22 de zile pana la premiera "Black Knight" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] (SBS, 2014), “A Thousand Days’ Promise” (SBS, 2011), “Gourmet” (MBC, 2008), “What Star Did You Come From” (MBC, 2006) “Love Story in Harvard” (SBS, 2004) sau “Say You Love Me” (MBC, […]

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