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When a Man Falls in Love

Title: 남자가 사랑할 때 / When a Man Falls in Love
Chinese Title: 當男人戀愛時
Also Known as: When a Man is in Love / When A Man Loves
Genre: Melodrama. Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-April-03 to 2013-June-06
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) is a former gangster, but now a successful business man. He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and incredible drive. This helped him to attain his current status, as he started with nothing. He then meets a younger woman named Seo Mi Do (Shin Se Kyung). Her personality reminds him of himself when he was that age. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life.

Seo Mi Do is full of ambition and she is also bright and lovely. Seo Mi Do isn’t afraid of anything, because she went through so many difficult times when growing up.

A man named Lee Jae Hee (Yun Woo Jin) then confronts Han Tae Sang over Seo Mi Do.


Main Cast

Song Seung Hun as Han Tae Sang
Shin Se Kyung as Seo Mi Do
Chae Jung Ahn as Baek Sung Joo
Yun Woo Jin as Lee Jae Hee
Yoon Chan Young as Jae Hee (child)

People around Tae Sang

Kim Seo Kyung as Roy Chang / Han Tae Min
Lee Tae Woo as Han Tae Min (child)
Jo Jae Ryong as Yoon Dong Goo
Jung Young Sook as Yoon Hong Ja

People around Mi Do

JB as Seo Mi Joon
Jin Young as Ddol Yi
Kang Shin Il as Seo Kyung Wook
Oh Young Shil as Choi Sun Ae

People around Sung Joo

Lee Chang Hoon as Goo Yong Gap

People around Jae Hee

Kim Sung oh as Lee Chang Hee


Lee Seung Hyung as Bae Choon Sam
Yeon Min Ji as Jin Song Yun
Nam Kyung Eup as Jang Ji Myung
Park Min Ji as Eun Ae
Lee Sung Min as Kim Dae Kwang / Han Tae Sang’s boss
Lee Sang Eun (이상은) as Kelly Jo (cameo)
BtoB as popular idol group Black Machine (cameo, ep 8)

Production Credits

Production Company: I Will Media
Chief Producer: Park Hong Gyoon
Producer: Choi Joon Suk
Director: Kim Sang Ho, Choi Byung Gil
Screenwriter: Kim In Young


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Shin Se Kyung (When a Man Loves)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-03 1 7.3 (20th) 7.8 (19th) 6.6 7.6
2013-04-04 2 10.8 (10th) 12.1 (7th) 10.1 (11th) 11.0 (7th)
2013-04-10 3 9.3 (16th) 10.3 (9th) 11.4 (7th) 13.1 (5th)
2013-04-11 4 11.6 (8th) 13.0 (5th) 12.1 (6th) 13.5 (5th)
2013-04-17 5 11.1 (7th) 12.7 (5th) 11.4 (7th) 12.0 (7th)
2013-04-18 6 10.2 (13th) 12.1 (6th) 11.3 (9th) 12.3 (9th)
2013-04-24 7 9.9 (9th) 11.8 (5th) 10.5 (7th) 11.7 (7th)
2013-04-25 8 9.7 (13th) 12.0 (6th) 10.2 (10th) 11.3 (9th)
2013-05-01 9 9.9 (9th) 11.7 (5th) 9.5 (9th) 10.6 (8th)
2013-05-02 10 9.7 (10th) 12.0 (6th) 10.8 (8th) 12.5 (7th)
2013-05-08 11 9.3 (10th) 10.8 (6th) 8.9 (12th) 10.1 (10th)
2013-05-09 12 9.0 (18th) 10.0 (11th) 9.0 (14th) 9.9 (12th)
2013-05-15 13 9.0 (13th) 10.7 (5th) 9.1 (12th) 10.0 (13th)
2013-05-16 14 9.7 (10th) 11.1 (4th) 10.3 (8th) 12.1 (5th)
2013-05-22 15 10.1 (8th) 12.0 (3rd) 11.4 (6th) 12.6 (4th)
2013-05-23 16 9.8 (10th) 11.2 (6th) 11.2 (6th) 12.5 (4th)
2013-05-29 17 10.9 (5th) 13.5 (3rd) 10.6 (8th) 11.8 (5th)
2013-05-30 18 10.5 (9th) 12.0 (5th) 9.9 (9th) 10.2 (11th)
2013-06-05 19 9.8 (8th) 11.7 (5th) 11.1 (6th) 11.7 (4th)
2013-06-06 20 9.7 (7th) 11.9 (4th) 12.1 (6th) 13.3 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : -Autumn- Says:

    Han Tae Sang is a good looking gangster!!
    Love SSH and looking forward to his drama again~ ^^

  2. 2 : Cecil Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama….

  3. 3 : bubbly Says:

    this is my cup of tea !!! ^_______^ looking forward to thisss !!!!

  4. 4 : peyutnduy Says:

    uuuuuuggghhh…. sighhhhh… another action-romance drama again? we have already “queen of ambition” and “that winter the wind blows”. i guess they are all in the same genre, right?
    i do like SSH but i guess i need a soft-romance or rom-com for mind-relaxing… ;”)

  5. 5 : ina Says:

    i am is fans of song seung hun.. ill wait this drama…fighting…

  6. 6 : Ttuk Says:

    Really? SSH couldn’t act his way out of a brown paper bag if he tried.

    IMO there are better actors probably suited to the part. Like the handsome and talented Won Bin, who hasn’t appeared in dramas since 2002 I think.

    There’s the talented and good looking Ji Sub.

    So what the hell is going on?

    SSH did a really lousy job in his last drama. If he would only take the acting seriously, I wouldn’t be so distracted. I might even enjoy his dramas.

  7. 7 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ssghh.. song seung hun and that guy from arang..

  8. 8 : KDaddict Says:

    Why is SSH always taking roles to play gangsters? Do they think that he looks like one???
    I really love your way w words, n your sense of humor! Won Bin doesn’t care to act in dramas cos he makes more money out of CFs. SJS only like roles that doesn’t require him to speak more than 10 words at a time. N w those abs n pecs, SSH figures he doesn’t have to act his way out of a paper bag to have a huge following. So there!

  9. 9 : saraSJS Says:

    His make up is similar to his role in EOE and again he plays a faithful under-man. He even has a painful past too. SSK gain plays a poor hardworking girl. Her character might be a doormat like in FK too. She’s too young for SSH. Like PMY in Dr. Jin. We even have a friend-turn-to-be-a-rival too. What’s this? EOE+FK+ Dr. Jin? Unmatched mixture. Season it with the spice of SSH’s endless tears and exaggerated acting. It doesn’t seem to be eatable.

  10. 10 : emerald Says:

    ANOTHER stressful drama… but then, i will give it a try…

  11. 11 : eewhy Says:

    i’ll wait this drama

  12. 12 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    i dont know. i only appreciated ssh in endless love. not with the summer scent huh but the one with shg. i thought this actor did not improve his acting prowess at all since east of eden until the last series he starred. the flop one. forgettable.

  13. 13 : usa-mary Says:

    The fewer the words, the better…with pecs and all! hehehe Can’t tolerate long-winded lines from actors! Talkin’ loud and saying nothing!

    Well, here comes another fighting over a woman who seemingly is clueless of whats going on. I wonder if she (SMD) even realizes that she’s the epitome of a paramour! Oh well…we’ll find out!

    About watching this drama…still contemplating!

  14. 14 : natalieee Says:

    i cant wait supper excited best characters ever omg !!!!

  15. 15 : Aga Says:

    I like Song Seung Hun….He handsome….:-)
    Hope this drama better ….

  16. 16 : Meddyanka Says:

    Why Shin Se Kyung as the lead actress? I hate SSK..!!!
    WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17 : unknown unknown Says:

    I found Song Seung Hun a good actor in East of Eden…I think he won a major acting for this role and well deserved. Unfortunately, the story of Dr Jin was too convoluted and he came out worst for it.

    Also, I think Shin Se Kyung was a compelling watch in Fashion King. Many of us did watch Fashion King right to the end, didn’t we? That was how we discovered the EPIC FAIL of a last scene. 🙂

    I will definitely watch this new drama – WAML. See you guys around. Cheers!

  18. 18 : FAaat Says:

    Love SSK I’m waiting for this drama

  19. 19 : FAaat Says:

    I love Song Seung Hun, and Ilove Shin Se Kyung <3

  20. 20 : Eva Says:

    The Trailer too short…

  21. 21 : honey cone Says:

    why gangsters’ so familiar nowadays..?

  22. 22 : nat nat Says:

    I like SSH! Looking forward to his new drama again.

  23. 23 : MoMo Says:

    love SSH so much~!!! omg!

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    I will not watch and support this drama.
    Currently i’m watching a hundred year’s inheritance this drama
    mainly is a romance family drama.

    I only watch happy ending or comedy funny drama……

  25. 25 : Kahina from Algeria Says:

    song seung hun again in gangster s drama great i m waiting for it

  26. 26 : andy Says:

    no matter what they say, I still wanna watch this drama. FIGHTING SSH!!!

  27. 27 : wai Says:

    Looking forward to another drama of Song Seung Heon!! Fighting!!

  28. 28 : hyungjun Says:

    i hope it’s produce a nice drama…

  29. 29 : Mui Says:

    Oh! I am going to watch this… my idol!!!

  30. 30 : Koreannoona Says:

    Is this gonna be the same storyline like east of eden? If yes… Boringggg….. We already know the answer ssh will die at the end XP
    but me love oppa hunnie, so manly @[email protected]

  31. 31 : FAaat Says:


  32. 32 : karni_jd Says:

    Omo..Can’t wait this drama^^ (ง’̀⌣’́)ง 화이팅 (ง’̀⌣’́)ง oppa @songSH

  33. 33 : Ros Says:

    Cant wait for this dramaaa….

  34. 34 : senahPotato Says:

    what??? SSH was back…can’t wait..YES..YES…

  35. 35 : bblve07 Says:

    the plot sounds like,.. the leadng lady of oh hala couple, her past drama that the leadng man is a gangster and he has already a girlfrnd, i can’t remember the tittle.. But i think they have a same plot.

  36. 36 : GRACE ANTONIO Says:

    I love this drama…excited on this..

  37. 37 : cdot Says:

    I am going to watch this muveee!!

  38. 38 : eewhy Says:

    can’t wait for this drama
    Oppa SH fighting !!

  39. 39 : Mardianti89 Says:

    I like this poster. Here,SSH oppa looks so cool.and seems tht he’s ready to protect his woman.:-)

  40. 40 : K_Holic Says:

    Nickname SSH is Tough Guy.
    You deserved to has it Brother

  41. 41 : Joyce Says:

    I’m fed up with melodramas 🙁 but I give a shot with this one since it’s SSH~!hope this one won’t disappoint me!Anyways,I’ll just watch how sexy SSH is~just kiddin tho LOL!

  42. 42 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    their posters are beautiful!

  43. 43 : Hadeso Says:

    Oh Shit, this drama make me crazy like a dog 😀

    Fightingg !! i cant wait to watch this drama 🙁

  44. 44 : franzes Says:

    Love the actors who are cast in this drama.. looking forward to this…
    Whew.. plenty of dramas to be watched on April… Gu family book, Jang ok Jung and this… Atlast after TWTWB my sched will be loaded again.. hehehehe 😉

  45. 45 : iejzo afief Says:

    Gak sabar pengen nonton

  46. 46 : FAaat Says:

    Love this drma<3

  47. 47 : Trn Says:

    Can’t wait to see acting JB and Jr hehehe

  48. 48 : Maine Says:

    Omg. This drama look so interesting. But at the same time, shin se kyung and yoo ah in is a couple in fashion king. And song seung hoon and kim tae hee in my princess. They change partner and now it’s song seung hoon and shin se kyung in this drama and Kim tae hee and yoo ah in in Jang ok jang! Such a coincidence! Can’t wait to watch the drama and so excited to know which is the couple with best chemistry! 😉

  49. 49 : Ina Says:

    Can’t wait this drama..
    Love u SSH.. (*^﹏^*)

  50. 50 : who killed the one he loved Says:

    this drama actually seems so excited but i think it needs some thing becuz it seems also so usual the actor is good and seems nice the actress also seems innocent and in the same time hot so i wish all the best 2 her

  51. 51 : joan Says:

    i love song seung hun..he is d best lead actor..

  52. 52 : anzu Says:

    song seung hun playing drama with shin se kyung……and….
    kim tae hee with yoo ah in………they get exchange…….

  53. 53 : nattyleenomi Says:

    so i do not understan this drama that much soo lets get into deatail
    Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) he is married to Baek Sung Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) and then Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) he falls in love with Shin Se Kyung as Seo Mi Do but she is younger then him but Shin Se Kyung as Seo Mi Do is starting to like him Lee Jae Hee (Yun Woo Jin)
    and he starts to like her to but Lee Jae Hee (Yun Woo Jin) have a thing for Baek Sung Joo (Chae Jung Ahn) but later he well fall in love with Shin Se Kyung as Seo Mi Do ……but she well still have strong feelings for Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) …..???? ok and there idk whats going to happen but i have a feeling Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun)well stay alone or soemthing happens to him … someone please expalin it to me i cant wait any more even though its just 2 days away it seems like weeks

  54. 54 : ani Says:

    love SONG SEUNG HUN AND KIM TAEE HEE perfect couple at my princess drams

  55. 55 : Jenny Says:

    Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee (HeonHee)are perfect together!! Still hoping that they can be a real couple…

  56. 56 : Kel Says:

    Yeah I like my princess too! Still hoping Kim tae hee and doing seung heon will be together!

  57. 57 : Brenda S... Says:

    Whoever his partner I’m going to watch his drama.

  58. 58 : eny Says:

    not really love SSH acting but the synopsis seems interesting, may be i’ll try

  59. 59 : jessie han Says:

    i love to watch this! wow fighting oppa!!!!

  60. 60 : maja Says:

    i hope this drama will not be anything like Fashion King where i was expecting a happy ending but surprisingly a sad and tragic ending.. whoooaaa really a waste of time.. an unexpected ending … hope this one has a happy ending.. so i guess i have to wait till it is finished and see its’ ending … if happy im surely gonna watch because i like song seung hun, if sad ending no way will i watch this…

  61. 61 : [Official] Korean Drama Fansee Thread - Page 130 - www.hardwarezone.com.sg Says:

    […] watch dr jin .. song seung heun korkor got new show ytd night with shin se kyung http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=26064 ratings quite cui thou __________________ […]

  62. 62 : wee Says:

    why was that lady as the main actress…I find her cant act very well as she has no expression throught the whole show when she was in FASHION KING…..

  63. 63 : OK OK OK Says:

    Song Seung Hun ssi

    After watching this drama ep 1, I find that your acting has improved a lot.

    I have cold sweat and sad seeing you bullied by your gangster boss.
    Hope its a good and smart ending 🙂 🙂

    Good luck to you !!! 🙂

  64. 64 : myeon Says:

    Idk why after watched fashion king, i really don’t like Shin Se Kyung. her face seems.. flat?

    @anzu 52
    ahahahaha you’re right, they’re changing partner. SSH – SSK, YAI – KTH xD

  65. 65 : InquizityJJ Says:

    SSH is still my favourite Korean male actor. I’ll never miss drama.

  66. 66 : Bebe Says:

    I just watched the 1st eps and it was good. the female actress looks pretty and acts better than in her previous projects. I would give her a chance on this one. fighting for this drama!

  67. 67 : FAaat Says:

    up up up!!!!! lov this dramaa the beste

  68. 68 : FAaat Says:

    Shin Se Kyung love her <3

  69. 69 : niens Says:


  70. 70 : SIMSON Says:


  71. 71 : zoe0504 Says:

    love SSH and really like thid drama. very interesting love line not as always in korean dramas.

  72. 72 : hunee Says:

    Okay the main actor is SSH, he is hot!!! but he always plays this super
    dramaaatic role in these dramas and he always dies at the end or the main
    girl dies at the end…. Is he gonna die in this drama or the beautiful poor
    girl. Oh pleeeezzzz let it be a happy ending. I love watchin him, but it
    just kill joy, when he dies.

  73. 73 : kel Says:

    Episode 2 is awesome. The story is fast pace yet still romantic in its own. Wow. A good drama and the rating is improving.

  74. 74 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is EXCELLENT! Yet, there’s a mistake in the synopsis. Tae Sang didn’t marry Sung Joo, according to episode 1 & 2. She wants him, but he told her that she was (he hasn’t forgotten) his boss’s woman, yet they can be friends. Well Sung Joo actually threw herself at the man, yet he’s not an hound (yippee) that goes humpty-dumpty after every skanky woman that wants him. I so like his style. He cares for Mi Do and asks her to marry him. Well, its going to get crazy with people trying to break them up, I can tell. Yet, this one…I’ll gladly ride out until the end. Hopefully, it will end well.

    Okay…back to Seung Hun as Tae Sang. It doesn’t matter what angle the camera is focused on him or the tonal variations from light to dark. Even a shadow casts on that man makes him look even more ‘FINE’ than what he is. Yet, the light angles casts on Se Kyung as Mi Do needs to get a whole lot better. Some actors and actresses have a side that’s better than the other and the director should have the camera team work the angles and adjust the lighting for Se Kyung’s best side. In some outdoor, night scenes with Seung Hun she’s looking washed out and flat faced which is not her fault because she’s very photogenic.

  75. 75 : issue Says:

    this one is not depressing like A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, hopefully it will play out well just as it is playing now and the actor seems to mean what he want by saying his yes is yes and no is no.keeping fingers cross.

  76. 76 : usa-mary Says:

    Everyone, I’m only highlighting the certain aspects of this drama that impressed me and there’s a whole lot that I’m leaving out that leads up to the mentioned scenes. So, these are not spoilers. Anyway, I like the scene in episode 2 where Seung Heon knows that its Mi Do-sshi’s first official work day in his office to get trained as his assistant…and for some reason this concise, well organized businessman can’t decide which tie to wear! LOL…so CUTE and SWEET! He has ties all over the counter of his custom designed dressing room table and is still hurling more…looking for the right one. Yes, yes, and yes! I so enjoyed this because women usually do this when they have a hot date with a man they want to impress. Seung Heon then decides on a nice silk cerulean blue one. Blue represents friendliness or welcoming which is exactly what he has in mind. When he sees Mi Do being trained outside his office, he tries to keep from blushing, but I saw it as plain as day. She’s the love of his life. Years ago when he was a gangster, be fell in love with her, but didn’t make any advances towards her because he felt they didn’t match. Now that he’s a successful CEO, and their paths crossed again. He’s determined not to let her get away this time. Not because she’s young, but because she has guts and reminded him of himself when he was fighting off his father’s creditors before being forcibly taken in by them.

    In episode 1 where Mi Do fought off Seung Heon’s men with her bookbag when they were harrassing her father, she was like, take her on and leave her father alone! As Seung Heon watched everything unfold, he could see that this young woman was no match for his group of gangsters and everytime she was pushed down to the ground, she gathered her composure and her bookbag and started swinging at them again! Well, that is until one of them became annoyed and wanted to end her defiance by raising his hand, getting ready to slap her into tomorrow which Seung Heon forcibly stopped him from doing and made them leave her and her family alone. I could go on, but I stop here!

    For those, like me who’s had enough of the usual bratty chaebol young man who’s a jerk or the jerky guy who acts as if he has redeemed himself through love, but really hasn’t or the belligerent, uncompromising, controlling man who takes love for granted or even the con man who falls in love. This drama is not like that at all! Oh there’s scoundrels abound, but not the two main characters! Its about two intelligent, smart people from different generations whose family (at different times) found themselves in financial difficulty by borrowing from cut throat, high-interest rate bearing loan sharks. Seung Heon, after meeting Mi Do had his gangster persona shaken. He risks his life (almost dies in the process) to save hers. Now we all know that among gangsters there’s a code…a brotherhood…covenant if I may say….that means death if its broken. Well, this man breaks it and walks away from it with the help of one of his men who saved him from being killed. I’m all for dealing with good guys…good hearted men, instead of the unrelenting egotistical, jerks all the time. Well, I suppose they have their place in the dramas, but let it be only in the dramas. hehehe

    This is a MUST WATCH!

  77. 77 : usa-mary Says:

    I don’t believe some of these synopsis writers even watch these dramas! Its even beyond me how they get the ‘go ahead’ to put in writing such inaccuracies about a drama! Seung Heon did not marry Sung Joo, ever! That came out in the first episode. He’s single and the only woman he asks to marry him is Mi Do.

    Ugh…will someone please rewrite this synopsis and going forward, please get capable people to properly pen its contents. Its a wonder anyone ever watches these dramas due to what’s been written. Much of it can be a turn off and there are times where it isn’t even comprehensible to me!

  78. 78 : suni Says:

    this is my drama

  79. 79 : K_Holic Says:

    Usa-mary: it’s too early to get the conclution caused
    It’s just 2 episode be aired. Maybe in the middle of story, there’s a situation that can make Tae sung will’be marry with Sung jo. Be patient, Keep calming #LoL

  80. 80 : usa-mary Says:

    Okay! I’ll try commenting again! Han Tae Sang is a single man who has never been married to Jung Soo nor dated her.

    I like this drama because he has a kind heart and wants to live helping people.

    As an actor SSH is well worth watching. He and SSK (Mi Do) are an excellent acting couple! I like Mi Do’s character in this drama. Different roles calls for different approaches to the character.

    I hope we as commentors can make input without it being deleted. Where’s the fun in commenting if that happens? Some people recap the entire drama. I only pointed out clarification where needed due to the inconsistencies in the synopsis and that was all!

  81. 81 : MAY Says:


  82. 82 : irene Says:

    First episode: fell in love with Han Tae Sang ♥
    Love korean dramas!!!

  83. 83 : irene Says:

    Are you going to air this drama on mbc usa?

  84. 84 : MoMo Says:

    the rating raised so fast…haha….7+ to 12+….

  85. 85 : Jyenie Says:

    Just finished episode 1, I like it. The role suits Song Seung Hun very well. He is very handsome and looks natural too.

  86. 86 : CHUUREAN ANGEL Says:


  87. 87 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    I’m beginning to like this drama…

  88. 88 : Jyenie Says:

    After episode 2, I love this drama. It’s totally out of my expectation because I didn’t enjoy SSH’s previous 2 dramas at all. My princess was dull and I stopped watching Dr.Jin after episode 1.

  89. 89 : Joyce Says:

    watch ep1 and 2 here…


  90. 90 : zhian Says:

    I hope this one be a good drama

    and for everyone who want to watch kdrama with long episode


  91. 91 : lili Says:

    Wow, it seems that it’s going to be a great drama.
    I love the actors .
    Always Wednesday’s Thursday dramas very good …

  92. 92 : saraSJS Says:

    I should confess. I didn’t expect it to be this good. Although it’s just too early to judge. But i loved the first ep. The pace is quick. We can see good characterization and convincing acting from all. The story is attractive and makes you interested to follow it. Looking forward to other eps.

    PS. SSH is just soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. More of that hot body scenes please.

  93. 93 : saraSJS Says:

    Dear admin,
    The synopsis seems to be wrong. This is asianwiki.com synopsis which seems to be more accurate. Please fix the synopsis based on this or if it’s allowed use this.

    “Han Tae-Sang (Song Seung-Heon) is a former gangster, but now a successful business man. He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and incredible drive. This helped him to attain his current status, as he started with nothing. He then meets a younger woman named Seo Mi-Do (Shin Se-Kyung). Her personality reminds him of himself when he was that age. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life.
    Seo Mi-Do is full of ambition and she is also bright and lovely. Seo Mi-Do isn’t afraid of anything, because she went through so many difficult times when growing up.
    A man named Lee Jae-Hee (Yeon Woo-Jin) then confronts Han Tae-Sang over Seo Mi-Do.”

  94. 94 : MissRain Says:

    Fall in love with Han Tae Sang on the 1st episode.. 2nd episode is even better than the first one.. Can’t wait to watch the next episode!!

  95. 95 : usa-mary Says:

    @K_holic-79: Thanks, but no Thanks! I don’t have a problem with my perception regarding outcomes of any kind, so I’ll ask you to not to focus on how I respond. If excitement bothers you…just skip pass my comments because I’m not going to spend the time defending or explaining why I choose to get excited about anything to you. So, enjoy the drama…LOL! Also, if the writer has Tae Sang marry Sung Joo (his former boss’s lover) 7 years and 1 day later in the upcoming episodes, so-be-it! Writer’s choice! I’ll continue to watch to see how everything turns out!

    @Moderater: Thank you to whomever corrected the synopsis!

    @saraSJS-92: First, much appreciation to you for finding and sharing a more accurate synopsis!

    Second, I knew I wasn’t the only one that admired ‘Fine’ sculpted works of art…Tae Sang! From the workout bench scene lifting the weights shirtless, to the shower scene and the hot tub (its just something about running water and sweat dripping from a man). Then 7 years later, doing crunches while strapped by his ankles from that height…(he is so strong-some people can’t even do a crunch from a sitting position on the floor) hehehe! All I can say is whew…more please, please, too! BIG SMILE!

  96. 96 : unknown unknown Says:

    Episode 1 & 2 were really interesting and fast paced, not a single redundant scene. I liked Shin Se Kyung in Fashion King – somehow she appealed to me. I liked her screen presence in this drama and look forward to seeing more of her.

    The back stories have been told in these two episodes and the relationship between Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do would be interesting to watch.

  97. 97 : saraSJS Says:

    You’re welcome. Yeah. It also was believable that he could take the stabbing knife. He doesn’t have an inch of fat. All muscles. Just yummy. I don’t drool over every muscled body. But his is exactly my type. “take off all your cloths and come in to water” “Naughty thoughts”

  98. 98 : saraSJS Says:

    Thank you for modifying the synopsis admin.

  99. 99 : ian-usa Says:

    Mary-usa is right, Han Tae Sang was not a married man when he met Seo Mi-Do

  100. 100 : alpha Says:


  101. 101 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-97: RLOL!

    Also, everyone, I’m so eager to watch episode 3! This drama reminds me somewhat of the original IRIS series! Its a composite of action, betrayal, defiance, courage, and romance to name a few, all wrapped up in one. I said somewhat like IRIS because this drama has just the right touch of action, so far. IRIS was so intense at times, it had me on the edge of my seat most of the time that I felt like I had drank 2 grande containers of Starbuck’s coffee when I was done watching! Ladies, do you all recall the lead actor in the original IRIS? Yes, that man! The one that all he had to do was take off his shirt and it was over! Well, regarding Tae Sang…please excuse the pause…(while I pay homage with a Korean bow to this fine specimen of a man)…unpause…my sentiments exactly! LOL

    You all are an awesome commentors! If the first 2 episodes are a prelude to the remaining 18, then I’m ready!

  102. 102 : saraSJS Says:

    Loved ep 2 very much. We can see a different side of TS. So He can be brighter, cute and acts a bit foolish too. As if MD reminds him of his lost years and the sweet life he could live but didn’t have the chance for. He’s more like his old,forgotten self with MD. “let’s live together. Marry me”. Then show me a girl who says “i need to think”.

    For now TS is too good to be real. He’s more of a hero than a ordinary man in love. A loyal friend, a devoted big brother, a great, philanthropic person, a in love passionate handsome gentleman. Does such man exist in real world? You just are playing with my heart writernim. He’s every woman’s Mr right, isn’t he?

    But i’m sure good days won’t last too long for him. What he will do when his precious friend’s little brother falls for MD? Looking forward to TS’s self-sacrifice and how MD can protect him.

    PS:Just don’t kill him writernim!

  103. 103 : sisil45 Says:


  104. 104 : kdfan Says:

    i am a sucker for romcom, what more with SSH. Now i’m a bit apprehensive about SSK bec she wears a perpetual jittery nervous look. but after 2 eps, she is doing ok but i hope better. i m surprised with the proposal, kinda too fast at ep 2. i can see he is interested in her but with such fast moving scenes, i fail to feel the part when he actually fell in love, or more like got attracted to her. makes me wonder much why he wants to marry her so quickly.

  105. 105 : kdfan Says:

    sorry, i shortened my first sentence .. i dont mean this is a romcom, i meant to refer i liked SSH in the earlier romcom, MP with KTH.

  106. 106 : haruhi28 Says:

    so far, so good…loved the first 2 episodes… 🙂 the next episode should be interesting…hmmm

  107. 107 : Mui Says:

    Simply like SSH. He has got the charisma, like his acting. The female role is not compatible with him, still prefer KTH.

  108. 108 : MoMo Says:

    i also prefer KTH or SHK….

  109. 109 : kel Says:

    Very intriguing drama. Wow

  110. 110 : TheColdWindThatBlowsOnOhSooFace Says:

    Hmmmmm…….. *silence*
    Hmmmmm……..*another silence*

    I dont think i wanna watch this series. Looks like it’s all boring n predictable! And acting wise is all flat! 🙁
    I will take a break for a while, to immerse, n resting, n enjoy ‘that winter…’ for time being.

    Nothing can beat ‘that winter’ so far… 😛

  111. 111 : usa-mary Says:

    @kdfan-105: Hi there! Its been a while since City Hall and IRIS (that’s if you’re that kdfan)! As I was reading your comment, it made me think why he did propose to her. Well, here are some things I recall from the drama…

    1) Tae Sang was 17 when he was forced to work for the head long shark.

    2) It was 15 years to the date according to the boss (at his birthday celebration) that TS has been with him.

    3) Its 7 years later when he sees Mi Do again at the restaurant on Sung Joo’s birthday.

    Well, that would make the man 39 years old. He knows that she’s single and doesn’t want any other man to get the opportunity to marry her. He most definitely likes her. He spared her and her family severe hardship from the long sharks which is why his boss, for the first time since TS has worked for him, felt betrayed by him and put a hit on him. If he didn’t ask her, then that means he’s either narcissistic, a player, or a loner, and I don’t perceive either of those from this character. Plus, if he doesn’t know what he wants by this stage in his life relationship wise, that would seem strange and very odd to me.

    Regarding when TS fell in love. I just chalk it off at this point that he’s not an overally emotional man. He’s a person in control of their emotions. That’s just my opinion. Plus, we have 18 more episodes to go. So, I’m quite sure that from the 10th episode until the 20th, we will most definitely see a rise in his emotions when it comes to MD. Either when people try to break them up or mess with her.

    I like this drama and all of the actors/actresses selected for it!

  112. 112 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-105: You’re so right and so funny about Tae Sang! But, remember, we only got to see Tae Sang briefly in action when he broke that sliding door glass at Mi Do’s father’s shop. We didn’t get to see him before he got the position of having gangsters under him.

    I agree, its going to really be something when the young man he put through school, currectly working as his business consultant or interpretor and now wants to work for him becomes his rival. I don’t believe for 1 minute he’s going to take kindly to him moving in on his relationship with Mi Do. No Way!!! I do hope that Mi Do protects Tae Sang and their relationship. From what I’ve seen about the roles Seung Hun plays are ones where he dies in the end. I don’t know what the writer has in mind, but I hope that’s not one of them. Or even have his friend (the one in prison) turn on him over his little brother once he’s released! I want this drama to be good, and for once, I would like to watch a drama and not have to fight back tears…geez!

    As I thought about Tae Sang’s past before his families demise, he was #1 in his studies until his mother created the mess with the long sharks and fled. I knew he wanted better for himself compared to the regular street hoodlums when he couldn’t get Mi Do’s question out of his head about him liking what he’s doing to people. Also, when he presented a financial report to his boss, complete with graphs. I laughed because what gangster boss wants to be bothered with such details?! None that I’ve seen since most of them are either uneducated or have very little education. The only paper they want to see is currency paper…large denominational ones at that!

  113. 113 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-102: Please pardon the error in 112 when I said you had commented at 105.

    Another reason I know that Tae Sang is a decent man is when Mi Do went to his home after his friend hurled the bank book at her for her college tuition. Once she saw him in the hot tub, he became embarassed. Now we both know that if he was a hound, he would have either stood up or invited her in. Knowing he was naked, but he didn’t do that. Now that’s a decent gentleman!

    Yes! There are many good, hardworking, successful, trustworthy, faithful (and I don’t mean faithful to more than one woman either) men in this earth. They just aren’t the ones hopping from woman to woman and trying to get in our faces pretending to be the jewel of the Nile when their character and lifestyle is equal to the dung under a camels hooves! LOL

  114. 114 : say Says:

    hope she marry him so we can see some romantic side of him before any kind of brake up and reunite again.please writer let them marry first .

  115. 115 : Siti Haidah Shahbuddin Says:

    Ssh…love this drama…I can’t waiting for next episode…….

  116. 116 : saraSJS Says:

    Let me tell you why i think TS will probably sacrifice himself. I’ve watched SSH’s Autumn tale, summer scent, East of Eden, few eps of Dr Jin, his movie “the ghost” and this one. He’s the one who always sacrifices himself for his love, his family and friends. He’s not a great actor. He even exaggerates the emotions sometimes but there’s always something kind and gentle deep in his eyes. The “i’m ready to give up everything for you” gaze. He even said in his interview that he’s the type who’s ready to sacrifice his everything for his girl. It should be the reason that he always choose this kind of roles.

    How TS defines love? He fell for MD but he says “i’m out of her league”. Although his love is one-sided and the girl doesn’t know about it at all, he’s never been with another woman. He’s ready to give her everything. He has the same devoted feelings for his friend’s brother too. Coz he reminds him of his lost brother. That’s why i really hope you’ll be right and he won’t sacrifice himself for anyone. It would be a good acting transformation for SSH too.

  117. 117 : lry20 Says:

    Ohh my only problem with this one is the actress is a black widow lol her last 3 actor/drama couple ended death, i don’t wanna that for TS. I love him i’m waiting for wednesday as friday (pay check day lol),

  118. 118 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-116: That’s why I didn’t watch those other dramas you mentioned. Not because of SSH. I didn’t even know he existed until this drama. Its because, I hate melodramas with a passion! They’re too long, and if its not the length so much, they’re tremendous tearjerkers! My tear ducts need a hiatus!

    May I ask what you mean when you said that he exaggerates the emotions? Since this is my first time seeing him, I would like to better understand what you mean.

    Well, he’s not out of her league now…Mr. CEO (a millionaire-on his way to become a billionaire)! He may sacrifice himself to an extent, but it won’t be the kind of sacrifice that would cause him to be in somebody’s rice line, getting government rice to feed himself for sure! He will definitely protect what he’s worked hard to attain over the years. This man has an ongoing agenda; to one day find his mother and brother. Mi Do may not care for him that way now, but she does know that he sees her as a woman he’s interested in. By the way, Mi Do hasn’t had any experiences with men either or dated as far as we know. She’s been either working hard in school or at other jobs, not concentrating on anything else. So, her emotions, and experiences with romance are virgin raw! I hope that MD really falls in love with TS and not just be with him solely because she doesn’t want money worries. In my opinion, she shouldn’t be able to help it-has she really looked at this man…girl just give me the op…hehehe. He’s not only shown his heart which isn’t superficial at all. I, too, hope they get married before whatever the writer has planned hits the fan and embrace each other during this emotional rollercoaster ride. Because I already sense that this writer has quite a bit of an emotional storm brewing for everyone involved. The drama opened with a huge bang and serious action, but now…its tapered off and is too quiet. I somehow sense that the writer is going to shake the very core of my sweetie Tae Sang being over Mi Do. Tae Sang wants a family life and rightfully so. His was stripped because of the financial mess his mother created. What a tremendous responsibility for a 17 year old. Then, he became human collateral for those hooligans after burying his ailing father. Now trust me, Tae Sang has a good heart, but he by no means is stupid. Those 15 years of being a thug is suppressed willingly by him, and can surface when needed and cause everyone to shudder. I believe he can snatch away his emotions to protect himself, just as he can freely choose to share them. He may care for Mi Do, but he won’t become an emotional wreck for her. Men are actually like that in real life. They won’t open up emotionally, even to a woman they like, until they’re ready to do so. When they do, then you’ll see true love in its purest form. Well, however the writer proceeds with the forthcoming episodes. I’ll be watching and will lend my voice if it gets too crazy for my sweetie Tae Sang! hehehe

    P.S. Could you tell me where you saw the interview with SSH? Was it on the internet or live tv in your country? Thank you for your response!

  119. 119 : Hiq Says:

    I don’t think it takes a genius to see that SSH is the center of the entire drama – look and acting. Seriously, if the writers going to make two guys fall for a gal, find someone who has equal caliber in term of age and appearance.
    The gal s simply ugly and the supporting actors too.

    SSH executed his role okay thus far; but the two just don’t have any on screen chem which make it hard to watch. I think Lee Da Hee would be a better fit for this role.

  120. 120 : say Says:

    118mary, you said it right anyone who say he or she did not see chemistry b/w Mi Do and TS i don,t know what to say about it ,as for me the best chemistry i have seen so far in the recent Korean dramas. their chemistry is what drew me to start watching this drama.TS is a man who knows what he want, look at the way he convince her to take the money for her school and also to start working in his company, even though he has not been dating a girl before but he some how know how to control a woman because the way he handle the ex girlfriend of his boss shows that he is in control of his own life very well which me believed that Mi Do is going to love him no matter the age different.

  121. 121 : zoe0504 Says:

    I do not understand those who wrote that SSH – bad actor. I watched a lot of Korean TV series in which participated the most popular actors and he plays does not worse than others. Yes, he had never rolls his eyes, not to build grimaces and always looked like an adult on the screen. Perhaps this is why his popularity is not so great. People write that he shows little emotion, but what to do if the nature of his characters can not do otherwise? All his role is similar to one another, but it’s not his fault. Directors offer him a similar role, and he wants to be an actor, and therefore accepts the proposals. His image is always very courageous, strong and closed. But his eyes are always very vivid, and eyes – that’s the main thing. His smile is always very natural and is reflected in the eyes and it is rarely found.

  122. 122 : kdfan Says:

    @usa-mary yes i think i am that kdfan hihi, but there is another who goes by KDfan, though havent seen any comments from this one of late. yes i agree TS is not a person to express his emotions outwardly. he also has not an ounce of romance in him. thats my take on him when he proposed to MD, to me it was crudely put to her. MD, please say no!! TS has a long way to go before MD can love him back. He is ex-loan shark ahjussi now her boss, on top of that loaning her so much money, hardly someone she would have romantic thoughts for. Since the title says When a Man is in Love .. my guess is there will be a lot more work TS needs to put in to get MD madly in love with him.

  123. 123 : Joyce Says:

    So far I like the story but not enuf for me to go crazy over the pairing cos I really don’t feel any chemistry between the leads 🙁 there’s no sparks between them…but I still watch cos I love SSH!if not I wouldn’t spend time uploading the 2eps in dailymotion haha!and even made a video of this drama!SSH just so effin gorgeous!

    check it out 🙂


  124. 124 : saraSJS Says:

    Great actors are just natural. They are so good that become one with their character. Then in some point you forget the actor and just see the character. So you can’t see exaggerated emotions. Their face expressions are natural and right for the scene.

    Take Song Jong ki in Nice gay for example. When his eyes get tearful, you can feel his emotion with your whole heart, you feel his pain. Because he’s not Song Jong ki. He’s Maru at the moments. But for SSH, sometimes you can see SSH more than the character he plays. Coz his emotions are not right for the moment. They are too much. Of course not always and not in this drama till now. But i saw much of it in East of Eden. Have you ever seen that an actor’s character in a drama or movie is more famous than himself? It’s because he’s been playing the character very naturally.

    As for the interview i read it on internet few months ago after Dr Jin was finished. I read his other interviews too. SSH is an actor who rarely comes to TV. As far as i know he only has been in TV twice after his debut. This is an interview but not the one i read.


  125. 125 : FAaat Says:

    I am so happy with this drama<3

  126. 126 : sangjhoon Says:

    @MoMo i agree, i prefer KTH or Song Hye ko for SSH, i don’t like this actress, i’m sorry!

  127. 127 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’m watching this drama only bcoz of SSH, the two actresses nahhhh – i can’t wait to see epi 3

  128. 128 : 진 주 Says:

    @Joyce, i second you on your comment, from the beginning i kinda felt that there’s no chem betwn SSH & this young actress, also her facial expression is always so depressing, why did they cast her, i prefer the actress from east of eden that he got (i heard rumor then) involved in, i just can’t recall her name, it wld’ve been better if she’s the lead or any other k actresses but not this one! 🙁

  129. 129 : usa-mary Says:

    @Iry20-117: LOL! Hopefully, it will be different this time around for the actress, SSK!

    @say-120: I agree! Also, he may be somewhat older than her, but its not like he’s ready for an assistance living home. LOL Plus, MD is 7 years older, unmarried…and haven’t dated either! In all seriousness, I do know what you’re referring to…their age gap. Well, both of them are going to be interesting to watch, I can tell.

    @zoe0504-121: I like your style! So true about SSH. I agree about their chemistry. Even though its subtle; its still there. I’ve rewatched both episodes a number of times and each time, I see more from him…its in his eyes, and that’s enough for me. What amazes me (and everyone has a right to their opinion) is that I wonder if any of the commentors that made those remarks ever observe the people around them. Especially, the men around where they live; not the ones in the dramas. They get paid to cry and be expressive. Men for the most part, regardless of the profession, culture, country and/or ethinic group, are not very emotional beings anyway. They’re taught not to be overly emotional. They choose to be emotional when the setting is right for them. Also, I sense trust is the foundation of TS and MD’s relationship which is what I got out of what you were saying. Plus, what man would put everything on the line and risk his life for 1 family that’s not even his or even related to him?!

    @saraSJS-124: Thank you for sharing the information with me. Also, since this is only episode 2, we don’t know at this point what type of display of emotions the writer has for Tae Sang. I believe we both can agree that his character will struggle (as anyone else would) with showing his emotions because to him, its a sign of weakness, a lack of confidence, focus and control for him. He’s not accustomed to being like as a man in his business profession. He can’t afford to be wimpy! But, we’ll surely find out how he handles it.

    Well, it stands true that the viewer will either like this drama or pass on watching it. For me…I’ll watch it! I enjoyed everyone’s comments! One more day to go!

  130. 130 : サッカースパイク Says:

    am I too late to join the swap?? If you need an west coaster to partner with Hawaii or any other international countryI’m your gal.hope I get picked!

  131. 131 : Sharon Says:

    She acts the same depressing way in Fashion King no real emotion in her acting. However, I am giving her more time to see if her acting skills has
    matured. Love the lead actor.

  132. 132 : saraSJS Says:

    @진 주
    It’s better to not be upset with “why they did cast this actress” thing. I had the same feeling for Han ji hye in MQ. I had to drop the drama despite my love for Smiling angel KJW. The same with Suzy in GFB. My forever love in K-drama land is Lee Seung gi. And i know Suzy is not a good actress. But what can i do. I have to enjoy my lovely Seung ki. So i intentionally forget and ignore the actress and just focus in what i love in the drama. The same for you. I know how frustrating it is to not like the actress and super love the actor. Still, just enjoy the drama and don’t let the actress ruin it for you. But a good way would be writing your criticism, if there would be any, here. I’ll do the same.

  133. 133 : FAaat Says:

    love it this drama I’m waiting for ep 3<3

  134. 134 : say Says:

    if this writer want to start messing up this drama now, i think i should just hold done for the drama to end before i decide if i should continue or not the third episode is so boring that i stop watching. Korean writer should stop writer this phone call of a things where the person who is meant to answer the phone is not there but the wrong person answered it. that is old news of writing is about time to stop writing that let the person who phone is for answer it.common allow the coupe to know themselves before you start breaking up that they can look at the past if it wrought coming back to.

  135. 135 : samantai Says:

    drama -perfect!

  136. 136 : zoe0504 Says:

    really like 3 episode) can`t wait 4.

  137. 137 : Sharon Says:

    Love this drama. Please writers don’t disappoint me!!!!!!

  138. 138 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-134: I watched ep. 3 raw and had no problem with the pace. I could have done without seeing TS’s mother and President Goo’s visit to the prison just to see TS get to Guam faster, but what can I say…writer’s choice. Still, this episode had me talking to my laptop; wondering why the writer brought this conniving, spoiled female to start some mess so soon..come on! What’s going on here! TS and MD haven’t even had a chance to really get to know each other and have a solid foundation and the writer has this conniving wench answer his phone while he stepped away from his office!!! I wonder at what point will MD even mention it to him. Well, all I could do is laugh becausee it won’t do me any good to get ticked off! Since Sung Joo likes to play games, I want to see end up with President Goo. With all their babies with his dyed hair color! It would serve her right. I have an art background and I still don’t know what color this man’s hair is…hehehe Anyway, I hope she doesn’t try to pull TS into her mess with President Goo. That would really throw a wrench in his life and this drama for me!

    @Sharon-137: I concur…writer please don’t disappoint me either. Don’t mess up Tae Sang’s life with JS’s mess and his relationship with MD before it even happens!

  139. 139 : eny Says:

    not yet watch this drama, if I don’t like one actress/actor but the story good it doesn’t mater to me as long the actor/actress that we don’t like isn’t the center of the story. I don’t like Park Yoo Chun acting but I still enjoy Miss Ripley. It’s because the story center is Lee Dae Hae charracter

  140. 140 : saw Says:

    this drama very intresting. han tae san and seo mi do very mach.

  141. 141 : Jyenie Says:

    Hey, Seo Mi Do, why are you so difficult? What are you waiting for? Han tae Sung is a man with everything that all a woman could ask for. The writer knows we all want him to be loved by Mi Do, he is going to torment us for many episodes to come until she finally realises that she is in love with him.

  142. 142 : RonelaAGarcia Says:


    This time, I agree with you.

  143. 143 : say Says:

    Seo Mi Do is not been polite at all, in real life, when someone help you first,you recognize that person by been thankful,second you ask what happen to him when he recuse you from those madmen,he could have been kill by now, all because he was caring for you, if i where to be her i will want to know what happen after i ran off. again for love to come to heart, it is the things you do to somebody that make that person to love you. she is still thinking of the past what happen to her family but she did not remember who help her in the time of need, was it TS false that your father borrowed money from people whom you know they don,t have mercy when the time comes to collect their money back.i am not say he should buy her or pay him back, first remain grateful to someone who help you. because TS himself did not see anyone to help him when he needed one. the only good about ep3 was when he was telling the school student about his life, he did not hid it but use it to encourage the students to cherish what they have in life and make good use of it.

  144. 144 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-141: You’re right on! Truthfully speaking. I’m not in the mood since watching ep. 3 to get tormented for 17 more episodes until Miss 37 degrees celsius’s heart thaws out, and the iceberg is removed from before her eyes to see what a good man TS is. Oh, by the way! Miss Grateful recalled the young man from 7 years ago that came to her aid carrying the 2 bags of rice when he brought her the 2 teddy bears in ep. 3. Come on now…what the…he’s done nothing compared to Tae Sang! This is crazy so far! You know, I’m not caring for the way the writer has MD’s character acting at all! Not at all…but I’ll continue to watch it. Hopefully, I won’t become more annoyed like I am now. LOL

    @say-143: Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Very well put! MD is a bit cold and a lot ungrateful! Plus, the man even goes to her father’s bookstore to dust and stock books after work! Something’s wrong with her, seriously!

    Granted, he did admit that he really didn’t know how to approach women and is ignorant in those matters. But, teach the man silly GIRL!!! He’s a blank book ready for her to fill in those pages! Now I did like when she told him that when she gets married it will be for love and not for money. That’s all this man needed to hear from her. His wheels started turning and look where he sent her…to Guam for a vacation to relax from the stress she’s been experiencing. How long has she been with the company? Not long enough for a vacation. I know she’s not paying for it because she’s not in a little cubby-hole of a room. He’s proven himself over and beyond that he can be trusted and she won’t even tell him what happened when she called him. I would have told him, at least that I called and a woman answered the phone…then let him do the questioning after that. That’s the mature way to handle it. Geez! What is this writer thinking!!!

  145. 145 : Mandy Says:

    First of all, KTH suck at acting…she always played the most innocent bitch ever, and her expression is lame. SHK is must better for SSH. I don’t know how KTH could go this far with just her lame ass acting…very surprised.

    KTH isn’t even pretty like SHK to be honesty, just b/c she ain’t got no surgery done ain’t mean she hasn’t done it before. Her acting with her boring face is annoying.

    SSK def is more pretty than KTH, so ya just need to suck it up.

    Oh also, LSG is freaking ugly omg…and to say he got a handsome face would be a big ass insult to the REAL HANDSOME MAN LIKE SSH. Gosh you girls are def blind to see him in a hot light, but whatever…go ahead, ya can have the ugly while people like me can have the ACTUAL HOT GUYS! LOL oh by the way, LSG can fuck with KTH since both are ugly and bad at acting. Peace!!! 😀

  146. 146 : ghost Says:

    the 1st 3 episodes are great, i have high expectations about the series. i find SSH sooo freakin HOT and charming.

    i hope that, the subbers in dramacrazy could provide english subs immediately, i’m not presurring you subbers, i’m just an avid fan of the drama, thanks a lot…:D

  147. 147 : ani Says:

    buth i think K T H more mature in her actlng character and she has sweet face than shin she kyung so i still prefer KTH is the best

  148. 148 : bigeye46 Says:

    i am pleaded w ssh’s gd acting and fighting n work hard n hope u got more project

  149. 149 : Ugly Mandy Says:


    Are u that gorgeous to even utter those stupid craps?look urself in the mirror first before u criticize KTH!perhaps u look like her ass or maybe her ass is much prettier than ur face!!!

  150. 150 : saraSJS Says:

    What this is coming from? Why you even mentioned LSG? U-G-L-Y is a big word. Real ugly people are those who badmouth others. Keep in mind that beauty is in eye of the beholder AND LSG IS THE MOST HANDSOME ACTOR EVER. Why? COZ BOTH HIS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE ARE BEAUTIFUL. I’m a big fan of Seung ki and really am trying hard to be polite now. So please stop saying that crap about him here or on any other thread.

    Dear admin,
    It seems one person with different nicks is bashing Seung ki. Please warn on the thread that insulting and bashing will lead to blocking the nick forever. Really thank you.

  151. 151 : Pim Says:

    The only one that I like most in this Drama is Song Seung Hun.Not only of his handsome and charming but also good acting. The actress (Shin Se Kyung ) is lovely like a doll but her acting is not good and not natural. I don’t feel chemical between them, The plot of this drama is not interesting.I don’t feel or eager to watch ” When a Man Falls in Love ”

    This Drama is just so so for me now.!

  152. 152 : zoe0504 Says:

    4 episode was perfect *_* I reall love all moments and especially cute HTS scenes with SMD.

  153. 153 : usa-mary Says:

    @ghost-146 and Bigeye46-148: Yes…and I agree with you re SSH’s acting and career, respectively!

    @saraSJS-150: Thank you! ‘clapping my hands’

    My comment:

    My…my…my…it never ceases to amaze me that throughout the years since I’ve been commenting on various dramas on this website, there’s usually 1 or 2 people that will go to the extreme with their opinions by opening up a can of nasty attitude and start hurling insults about the actor/actresses. Its only fiction…really! Everything else is a moot point. This is not a hint: I would rather see a person comment about the drama in general, then leave.

    So, to whomever, please don’t hang around for our sakes by continually trying to insult our intelligence with negativity about what we’re enjoying. Truthfully speaking, commenting about the drama is one thing, but discrediting someone you don’t even know is ignorant (and I’m not referring to the definition where a person doesn’t know any better either).

    I’ll continue to watch this drama on the premise of real life couple observations. I personally have paid attention to couples while they dated before their marriage and listened to their stories after their marriage. Most of them didn’t have the love at first sight experience when they met and didn’t act like giddy school girls either. Some even couldn’t stand to hear the person’s name mentioned; only to end up marrying that person, living happily and know they made the right choice for them. But, when it comes to fiction. Some people want to change the very essence of the person whose playing the character. and not the writer’s character, per se. If those who judge were on the screen portraying a fictional character, I dare say that if they heard just a few of the comments like some that we’ve read on here, they would hide under the bed and wouldn’t come out! My point…people’s imbittered souls are ugly and are in need of healing. So please spew your venom elsewhere! Thank you!

  154. 154 : zoe0504 Says:


  155. 155 : K_Viewer Says:

    Love SSH. Not feeling the storyline yet. Don’t like seeing SSH begging for love. The lead actress seems very inexperienced. Not a good match for the lead actor. However, still will support this drama because of SSH.

  156. 156 : saraSJS Says:

    Oh, it’s just ep 3 and i’m starting to dislike this girl. Please girl, be a bit grateful. He’s doing his best for you. You are using his money and still dare to say “what are you doing here?”. What the heck? How she can be that friendly to someone whom she has seen just once and now has met again just for few days and be cold to her savior?
    I smell betrayal and self-sacrifice. Still haven’t watched ep 4 though.

  157. 157 : saraSJS Says:

    Well said. Perfect.

  158. 158 : say Says:

    today ep was good at lease i feel little bit relax but the writer also need to bring the couples together and give them more air time.i want ask one question,why did ts friend went to jail ,as i see what happen he was trying to stop a madman from killing innocent person even TS was taken to the hospital unconscious and the doctors saw the stab wound in his back that is a enough evident that can set TS friend free. i don,t understand why he has go to jail in the first place. the other guy should be the one in jail because he sit there watching somebody been kill and he is giving evident to the police,the police should had asked him what was he doing when all these was taking place as for me i don,t see any reason why he was sent to jail in the first place.

  159. 159 : Sharon Says:

    156 & 158, what you both says is true I do smell self-sacrifice and betrayal
    I believe she is going to fall on love with TS brother that SSH is taking care of while he is in jail. I believe the guy that was watching the fight killed the boss I don’t believed he died when TS hit him over the head.
    What’s up with the pain SSH is feeling in his back, could it be a side effect from the stab he received from the boss like cancer will he die from this complication?????? Although she seem so humdrum and ungrateful I like her guts, she stands up for herself.

  160. 160 : usa-mary Says:

    I just finished watching ep. 3 subbed. I am determined that I will not get on this writer’s emotional rollercoaster re TS and MD or MD and JH….no way!

    MD’s father is an idiot in my opinion. He said that he didn’t like TS. He and MD not only hold on to such petty, superficial thoughts, but they are the most ungrateful people I’ve ever seen in a kdrama and that’s the truth! I see where MD gets her stinking thinking from now. Her mother on the other hand is a jewel. By the way, I didn’t see MD’s dad refusing to have his debt cleared so he could continue to get hounded by the loan sharks. Nor turn down the (double) tuition money that went towards his hospital bills. Well, that’s if MD even told him where the money was coming from. Nor did he tell the hospital’s billing dept. to give the private room and money to pay for his hospital stay to someone in need. Noooooo! Some people are so irritating that they just leave me speechless. LOL

    Re SSH aka HTS…that man is FINE wet or dry! whew SSH …fighting!

    Also, saw ep. 4 (raw) no comment from me until I see the subs. Then, its on! hehehe

  161. 161 : say Says:

    if the writer want to spoil his or her work than she will make Seo Mi Do fall in love with TS friend brother and this drama will go down the hill.because i don,t see why the writer should introduce first of all TS friend brother in just a few ep without letting the main leads know each other,or first form a bound before trying to destroy what people just starting to like . in other words, the writer will try now to make the whole events TS fourth .the whole drama will be boring again . i hope i am wrong because i like this drama, i don,t want the writer to mess up this couple. i like Seo Mi Do mother she light up the screen and the brother too if the writer want to create enemy it should use guy who was watching the fright.not TS friend brother also add the love story that will make a good 20episode.

  162. 162 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-156: I agree with you totally. MD has a lot of gall! I’m not caring for this character portrayal at all at this point. Have any of you noticed how familiar she talks to TS? Like he’s still a street thug. That’s her boss and he deserves respect. Even a fool would understand that much. TS told her in ep. 2 (I’ll paraphrase) that she’s not use to office etiquette. When the boss invites you to eat…even if you’ve eaten already, you still go and that’s the truth.

    Her boss sent her on a business trip and lavishly provided extras for her suite, not small, economy room, but a suite, and she wonders why he’s at the resort!!! Let me tell you…I really, really had to contain myself. This chick has a problem. She’s the one that acts like a disrespectful street thug. She’s just like her idiot thinking dad.

    @Sharon-159: Re TS shoulder pain. When he went to the doctor to have it checked out. The tests results were all negative. The doctor concluded that it was either stress or fatigue and that he should get some rest. Also, it was Chang Hee (the one in prison) who hit the boss, President Kim, over the head with the statue or vase.

    Yet, did any of you all notice in ep. 4 when JH and MD were out eating, JH had some type of pain in his head. Since it was not subbed yet, I don’t know what he said to MD. Well, we will find out.

  163. 163 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-161: Thank you. You said it! I would rather see a couple in love with a strong foundation fight for their love as outsiders try to separate them. Than, to see 2 separate people who haven’t even established a foundation for love struggle to create it. What’s there to fight for. the illusion of it, the wind! I’ve had enough of unrequitted love in kdramas to last me forever. And to see my TS go through that craziness…no way. Actually, without SSH as HTS in this drama, MD and TH wouldn’t be worth watching as the main actors, in my opinion. Ditto…boring!

  164. 164 : Tira Says:

    Oh my! I always love to watch Song Seung Hun. My favorite oppa! He is always charming, handsome and very good in acting. I do not know why Shin Se Kyung do not like Song Seung Hun. Something wrong with her!. Oppa Song Seung Hun, I welcome you anytime! Probably the director or writer pick the wrong actress. She is always look so sad & gloomy. Probably the actress like Kim Tae Hee is a better match with Song Seung Hun! Maybe they need to add another super pretty and sweet actress in this drama. I love to watch Song Seung Hun anyway. Hope to see more of his drama in near future.

  165. 165 : Pim Says:

    I am agree with

    156 saraSJS

    159 Sharon

    I think the same and not understand what’s in SMD’s mind.She seem so humdrum and ungrateful .

  166. 166 : Aga Says:

    Hope rating increases. 🙂
    Hope my love SSH hv good ending..;-)
    Figthing drama!!

  167. 167 : Nicole Says:

    For some reason I want Seo Mi Do to end up with the other guy (Jae Hee) 🙂

  168. 168 : wee Says:

    still want to watch the show but i dont like the actress…..she still cant act…no improvement at all…why her why her why her why her…

  169. 169 : saranghe Says:

    wer can i watch this series plss..??

  170. 170 : ptsh836 Says:

    u can try watching here:-


  171. 171 : zoe0504 Says:

    4 episode…HTS is so cute with no experience in dating with girls)))

  172. 172 : emerald Says:

    im getting started to it, 4 episodes feels like good but not that great… its the same Shin Se Kyung since the last drama (fashion king) ive seen her. the role was not that great? or her acting isnt it great? im confuse, maybe its the best role she can act… looking forward to her, since shes one of the prettiest actress in korea for me… maybe shes lacking a bit on her acting… but its a good drama anyway… SSH is one of the most handsome face…
    fighting!!!! im still going to continue to watch till the end…

  173. 173 : saraSJS Says:

    Her father is a real idiot. I wonder why they don’t care about their savior at all. As the story proceeds, if she can’t decide between these two boys, i’ll really hate her. Even as a viewer, deciding between TS and the other guy is easy. “You know i’m uneducated. I don’t know what should i say instead of “let’s live together to show my affection”. I felt so sad for him. He ‘s so humble. Your body alone is worth 100 Masters.

  174. 174 : emerald Says:

    i agree, now im starting to hate her character, same feeling when i watch her on Fashion King… hhehehehehe… but shes beautiful anyway…

  175. 175 : say Says:

    i think in the next ep Seo Mi Do is telling the other guy that she is engage to someone, the thing bad about this, is that she told him that TS paid her school fees. that means in distractedly telling the guy that she does,t love him.i beg this writer please don,t let my handsome six pack TS be disappointed on his love for Seo Mi Do.

  176. 176 : Kim Says:

    This can be Fashion King part 2?? Arrrrrrggghh-______-

  177. 177 : Mint Says:

    This poster can enough to describe about the drama. http://www.koreandrama.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/When-A-Man-Loves-Poster2.jpg

    OMG :s

  178. 178 : xoxo Says:

    I usually don’t like huge age gap in a drama..but this is an exception<3

    I love their chemistry..SSH fighting!

    (the girl is falling for him…as you can see she wanted to kiss him but she held back.. she got jealous.. she held hands with him..and she even bought something for him… hihi..)

  179. 179 : eny Says:

    i saw SSH in 3 drama and never like his acting but i think he’s much better here

  180. 180 : fateme Says:

    i dont want to be mean but i dont like shin se kyung ! 🙁

  181. 181 : JB Says:

    With the way this story is building, it is a painful and unfair love for the guy character.

    To be real i would rather have another pretty understanding gal character to be introduce that will torment the young character that will make her regret her whole life. It would be fitting story rather than the way it is going

  182. 182 : usa-mary Says:

    @JB-181: My sentiments exactly!

  183. 183 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-173: RLOL! Girl…don’t you get me started on TS’s body, okay! I’m really trying very, vary hard to be good…RLOL!

    Everyone. Do you all know what I really like about TS…his innocence about romance and his willingness to be taught! Well, I’ll just leave it at that! I will be good…I will be good…RLOL!

    In ep. 4, since I saw it in the raw, anyone can please correct me if I’m mistaken, but wasn’t TS looking at an internet website reading out loud about what a woman likes or something like that? Does anyone know for sure? If that’s the case, this man is too good to be true! I’ll gladly be his teacher! Free of charge. The only catch is that I get paid a commission….him! Now see saraSJS what you started…LOL! I have to try harder to be good re TS on here!

    Just Sharing:

    That reminds me. On koalasplayground.com, she posted pictures of SSH in the water before the drama started, I suppose while at Guam. Well, the picture took all of us ladies by surprise. His swimming trunks were a little bit toooooo low, and I’m not exaggerating either. All the women’s comments had me in tears. One lady wrote that she had to go to confession and ask for forgiveness for having impure thoughts! I laughed so hard because, I’m not Catholic, but I thought about going to confession myself…LOL! Not that my thoughts were impure…just to confirm that they were healthy! ~smile~

  184. 184 : usa-mary Says:

    @fateme-180: You’re not being mean. At this point, I’m not too thrilled about this character myself. Its usually the guy that’s a jerk towards a good-hearted female in these drama; not the other way around.

  185. 185 : say Says:

    guys, please stop hating Seo Mi Do it is not her fault, it is the way her character is written. she is also a very beautiful woman. look at when she wore that red dress to the party she wow me please stop criticizing her, when you are given a role to play and you need a job you must work to make living. we are all here to have fun.

  186. 186 : Hadeso Says:

    I need OST, oh shit where is ost?
    if you have ost, please share 🙁

  187. 187 : usa-mary Says:

    After rewatching ep. 3, I noticed disdain towards TS from MD at times. And yes, she does smile slightly. She did smile more when she was with JH at Guam, compared to when she was with TS. During dinner, the little dialogue that I did understand in ep. 4, and the observation of MD when she heard TS’s response after her dad questioned him about his childhood was one of surprise. It was as if somewhere in her thinking, she thought that maybe he had chosen live his life that way. Another observation was during their walk near the park, I’m not sure if she wanted to hold his hand as a way of comforting him or as if to express an interest in him. She’s not complicated, its just the way her personality is projected by the writer. She’s aloof most of the time and can be personable when she chooses. Plus, how many more times will she remind him that he’s older than her? Now that’s rude writer!

    Episode 5 is going to be really good. I was telling TS to look up when JH kissed MD on the cheek outside the bookstore. It appears that according to the recap, he diid see them, but not sure at what point. Well we’ll find out next week.

    I have to rewatch ep. 4 since viki mixed the dialogue of 2 languages together during dinner which made it hard to know what was being said at times by MD. Viki subbers, I know you all have deadlines to meet, so I would like to thank you all for your hard work and your efforts are appreciated. I look forward to my rewatch of ep. 4.

  188. 188 : ani Says:

    forever and ever still love charming handsome sweet mr P and pretty sweet lovely K T H perfect

  189. 189 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    Simply like SSH acting. Seems like it’s going to be a sad story.

  190. 190 : say Says:

    i don,t think TS saw it but we will find out, if he saw it that means the writer is crazy because it is too soon to complicate matters at this time. also the writer should give both TS and Seo Mi Do more air time. that vacation it should have been both of them that went on that business trip not complicating it with those two people that they add.

  191. 191 : ani Says:

    perfect stori!i like this drama

  192. 192 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    The story started well. hope it end well. Watched some drama ended in a rush and certain things not clearly stated, leaving a lot of questions not answered.

  193. 193 : kdbig Says:

    loving it so far, omg its really hard to choose between those 2 hawt guys :))

  194. 194 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Just finished all the 4 episodes yesterday. Love it! Love it! Love it! Love watching Oppa the most. Strangely, I feel sorry for BSJ. She is so in love with HTS and will do anything for him. They do look like a matching couple.

    I wonder what is the dark side of HTS really like as mentioned by BSJ. This will be interesting. SMD – to me she seemed pretty lost in her feelings.

  195. 195 : InquizityJJ Says:

    @185-Say: Ya, agree with you, stop hating SMD. She’s just acting her role according to the storyline. I also don’t think she is that un-expressive as some put it.

  196. 196 : Mui Says:

    Hope SMD is not using HTS when she agreed to become his girl friend. She is rather resistance in the begining. She couldn’t find a job + need to repay the debt. Can see that she has feeling for HTS, otherwise she won’t get jealous over him. It will be very sad, if she is using HTS. Falling in love with SSH again…. Oh Oppa!

  197. 197 : Fransiska Says:

    I like HTS and SMD couple…why not…

  198. 198 : bigeye46 Says:

    i just watch watch ssh..fighting..

  199. 199 : usa-mary Says:

    I, personally, have no problems with others comments about this drama, or anyone’s critique about the acting, or comments about the individual characters portrayal in this drama when its done maturely and in good taste. It makes it more interesting to me. Just as long as there’s no personal, verbal assassinations about the actor/actress physical appearance, etc. outside of the character they’re portraying. I’m here for the thought provoking comments, the fiction and penned writing abilities being brought to life. Its art! Besides, that’s what this site is for…commentary dialgoue. Either one liners, a sentence or paragraph(s)…bring it!

    As a matter of fact, I have no problems with villans (antagonists), aloof (poker-faced) people, or down right (wishy-washy) jerks, unless they over-shadow the good, kind people in the drama. Antagonists have their place in dramas and unfortunately, in the real world. They really do make us stronger. I really believe that this writer has plans to make each of us viewers stronger as we watch TS in this drama. As if, preping us for each emotionally riveting, rollercoaster riding episode to come. If that’s a true case, then I’m already Wonder Woman after the first 4 episodes! LOL

    P.S.-In my opinion SSK’s portrayal of MD is not bad acting.

  200. 200 : kiera Says:

    at first when i saw the teaser its only gonna be another teenage-like drama but after i watch it Its NOT!! in fact i really really LOVE this drama!!! i’ve the all 4 episodes n i think this drama progressing well i Love HTS!!

    I kinda agree for u guys who thinks that SMD is a rather complicated character but i understand her, coz she had trough so many troubles so she’s bit confuse is her feeling for TS is real or just thankfull feeling n of course there’s that 12 years age gap 🙂

    @ saraSJS-173, girl dont make me talk about all the SSH shower scene!! i watch it with sleepy eyes at first but after those scene my eyes is wide awake ooopss LoL

    As matter of fact i looking forward for the next episodes, are TS knew SMD n JH relationship first or JH instead knows who’s TS girl first hmm its worth waiting for :))

  201. 201 : saraSJS Says:

    @usa-mary, kiera
    His body is a killer. So good of the writer to stab him on the back. What’s the better excuse for making him take his shirt off. Alive sculpture, isn’t he?

    As for ep 4. I like it coz
    TS is so cute and innocent when it comes to dating. Seeing that tough man with that strong body acting cute is a must-watch. I love all of his scenes.

    I don’t like it coz

    1. those two annoying characters have appeared too soon. We still haven’t enjoyed the OTP. But they are already messing things up. Don’t they have ears? Or they do but they have hearing problems? How many times they need to hear “i don’t like you” directly or indirectly so they give up? I really have a problem with this clinging love rivals in K-dramas. Sometimes the second hero is way better than the lead. Appearance wise and in case of personality. Then you want the girl to choose him. But here, our TS is a one-of-kind hero. So the second one seems very annoying to me. Specially because he’s the best friend’s little brother.

    2. Why MD changed her mind suddenly? Is she going to use TS?

  202. 202 : saraSJS Says:

    Oh, i forgot to write that the cutest scene was when TS thought MD wanted to kiss him and closed his eyes. I hope MD will initiate their first kiss.

  203. 203 : say Says:

    i also don,t want the writer to write TS like a child when it comes of holding a woman he old enough not to write his character like that. please writer don,t mess up TS and MD relationship with the other guy or MD falling in love with Lee Jae Hee that means the writer want to rewrite fashion king again.if the writer start to mess up this drama with the other guy i will just kiss this drama good bye.

  204. 204 : Sharon Says:

    I just watch ep 4 and felt happy at first because TH is in love and MD stood up to her dad and said basically I am going to date him for rhe first time I don’t have to worry about money I can kinda live right now worry free and I kinda like it and he was choking on the water I said YEAH!! However that was short lived.
    The boy coming to her house, aggressively trying to find her,I am like hell no! When the father keep saying you and my daughter does not match sevral times when he was drunk make me realize its going to be a up hill relationship for TH and MD.
    Now, my idea of what coming in future ep. I think that TH best friend is going to abandon him and go to the guy that’s trying to recruit him. Because he is going to feel that MD is tearing the friendship apart between his brother and best friend, so he is going to do all he can to get rid of her. I also think she is going to genuinely fall in love with TH, but everyone has their own motive to keep then apart.

  205. 205 : vic Says:

    Honestly, this drama reminds me of “Fashion King” about the female lead being unsure of her feelings.. I hate it to be that way!!! are the writers of this drama and fashion king are the same?? how come they make it too complicated for the lead to just love each other very much??

    -And also,, I agree to those comments about that vacation.. it must be TS with MD and not the other guy.. If someone started watching it from ep. 3, he/she will be mistaken that the other guy is the male lead of this drama.

    I hope it will get better soon…

  206. 206 : kimchilee Says:

    ah Vic, that is why all these are dramas.. they like to drag out the scenes into long arduous obstacles and unsure feelings before coming to the point.

    ya saraSJS, i do wonder why these k-dramas always have the clingy die-die must be with him/her kind of love.. eeugh! so put off at times!

  207. 207 : NERI Says:

    u can download the drama here : http://doramax264.com/

  208. 208 : ola Says:

    the ep. 4 is ok but no one believe that till this age TS is never dating a woman ,especially as gangster. how it comes that he is shy just from wearing swimming suit in front of her.

  209. 209 : ola Says:

    -The ep. 4 is ok but no one believe that till this age TS is never dating a woman ,especially as gangster. how it comes that he is shy just from wearing swimming suit in front of her.

  210. 210 : ola Says:

    also TS Met MD just 7 years ago , how it comes that at this age he never meet a woman or admire, the writer miss something here.

  211. 211 : saraSJS Says:

    That’s right. It’s not possible. Impossible is impossible though.

    Have you watched Autumn tale? Suppose young TS is young SSH. SSH is like a fairy there. His body is just ordinary in that drama but his face is much more beautiful than his current face. He has a bit of baby fat on his cheeks. With the same dark pretty eyes and sharp nose. So it doesn’t seem that a guy that hot can be left out from the girls radar. Even now we girls can’t take our eyes off him.

  212. 212 : Sharon Says:

    I felt he was not interested in girls, he had a mission, he wanted his own business, so he concentrated on writing busuness plans. Remember boss Kim girlfriend is in love with him and she comes on strong, but he doesn’t like her that way. Although she is persistent on her pursuit, I believe he gets tempted but loyalty is important to him, so he did not touch her instead he uses her brain because she is smart for the business.
    I believe he has had sex with many girls, but has not loved them, so now he is in love and its cumbersome for him.

  213. 213 : victoria Says:

    song hun is a perfect man!this is my drama!

  214. 214 : usa-mary Says:

    @saraSJS-201: I concur! LOL

    Episode 5 is really going to be good! MD’s brother, MJ, walked upon MD and JH outside the bookstore and began to ask questions (loudly) about JH like…is JH an old boyfriend…why is he coming around now! Almost scolding her in front of JH. We’ll find out next week at what point TS looked up and saw them. Either during the kiss on the cheek or when MJ came on the scene and confronted them.

    Its no doubt that TS is a rare man. As I think about this drama as it unfolds, I’m kind of glad that the writer is having the two love interests appear early in the episodes and both are agressive towards going after the person they want, too. I’m beginning to welcome the switch from the usual ‘in love’ couples that’s been the norm in many dramas. This means that we have a lot more episodes to watch TS and MD become firm about who they want to be with and fight against the nay sayers.

    I just want to point out again that something is not quite right with JH. While he and MD were having dinner, eating that spicy food that TS can’t handle, he had a pain in his head; directly above his left eye and tried to pass it off as if he was enamored by MD’s beauty. I sense something is going to be seriously wrong with him.

  215. 215 : ant Says:

    I fit the words vic … but if this movie ends ending with TS and MD it will be better … if not then the story would not be interesting to watch ….

  216. 216 : Sharon Says:

    Usa-mary, I thought he was holding his forehead as a jest, because of the dart she threw at him in Guam. He held his forehead and said ever since you hit me whenever I miss you it hurts, although I am with you I miss you and she said you are a player. I think he was just fooling around.

  217. 217 : Aga Says:

    I think TS cant fight with JH over MD.
    TS dont want ruin his frienship with JH’s bro who always help him.
    Maybe TS give up MD for JH.
    However, MD need choose which TS or JH in end.

  218. 218 : saraSJS Says:

    I also think JH was just fooling around. Don’t like when dramas get over-sentimental and drag the story to hospitals and sick characters. TS is too good for now. I’d really like to see his tough, dark side. He’s been living a thug life for 15 years. I’m sure there’s still a little thug inside him. I hope he can present it. And if MD can’t choose whom she loves as the story proceeds, i hope he gives up on her. So she begs him to be back.

  219. 219 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Usa-mary @ 199 – I agreed with you which is why I’ve stopped visiting that dramabeans website.

  220. 220 : say Says:

    i also want him to show his tough dark side by let go of his friend if he try to betray him,because is not easy to pay school fees in dollars,TS sent his brother to school in abroad ,pay his rent,his food and his clothing.if he did not went to jail ,i don,t think he will be able to do all that for his brother.i also know that he hate MD so he is not going to agreed with his brother therefor , he will try to kill`MD that is my prediction, that is when TS will not allow him to do that they will ultimately become enemies.

  221. 221 : Mui Says:

    TS may be have other women falling for him for the past 7 years, he may not be interested in them. Although he is a ganster, but is not out of his own wish. Hence he may be different from other ganster, he do not mess around with women. That could explain that. Facing the girl he likes, he feel shy as usually girl fall for him and they take initiative not him. So ends up he do not know how to express or know what to do.
    Agreed that SSH has a good body and bounce to have scenes showing off his body in his drama. Think that is the reward for his fans. Hahaha!

  222. 222 : fan Says:

    I don’t know why people hate MD. I sympathize with her, and I think she had already fallen for him. You have to rewatch their reunion in the restaurant. Her face expression shows her feelings and the way she took back her arm when she heard SJ calling him “honey”and the way she looked at them leaving. Her pride prevent her from admitting it. But when anyone try to mess with him she’s attacking even her father. What happend in the vacation with JH I’m sure is just a little wavering, for the first time she lived as a normal girl and enjoyed her time, if it was with TS I’m sure things will be different , and they’ll be already lovers. As any girl’s dream, she wanted to fall in love with her free will not to be obliged, I can understand that she wants a balanced relationship where she won’t feel the burden of her debts.

  223. 223 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, say all you want about MD , but we have to give her this she Stands up for herself. She is not taking crap from anyone, she holds her ground and I respect that about her. Unlike other dramas where the main character is Portrayed, so traditional that you can slap the HELL out of them and they turn the other cheek. Not MD, she is like you don’t have to buy him those things any more I will do it from now on

  224. 224 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-223: You’re too funny! I give MD her props for being an independent, strong, and sure-footed woman. But, that’s all for now. I’m watching to see how the writer causes her to develop and grow in each scene. I totally agree with you about other dramas Main characters. Especially, where the woman is so traditional that she truly needs a wake-up call and a huge dose of self-respect.

    Also, when MD told SJ that, I said, ‘you go girl’ tell her the way its going to be from now on! LOL SJ walked out boldly, but once on the other side of that door, she looked completely out done. I really enjoyed that scene.

    Everyone…I just hope that gangster Goo doesn’t keep harrassing SJ because I sense that at some point in time, TS will find out and get involved. That’s not going to be a good situation at all. Grandfather Time Goo needs to Go! If he wants to push somebody around, he should start with whoever put that dye in his hair. Depending on the lighting, I see a different color each time. The way it looks is an insult to all cosmetologists! Makes me wonder if he has mirrors at his home! LOL This writer truly has a sense of humor!

  225. 225 : usa-mary Says:

    I, also, enjoyed the scene where HJ was looking around his new home. Wow…TS not only is a considerate man, but a classy one! Then, there’s the former-gangster who took HJ to his new abode and made himself right at home. Even went to check out how the refrigerator was stocked. Too funny! I wonder if he’s the only one that TS kept in his inner corporate circle from his gangster days.

    Speaking of gangster days. TS only surpressed that venomous side. I dare say, its still there and can be summoned to protect/defend or silenced at his will. I just hope it doesn’t get to that point, but with the way the preview looked with his friend being released from prison and gangster Goo is stirring up mess at a men’s clothing store, its getting ready to start. All that needs to get added that is for gangster Goo to physically harm MD or SJ, then its on for sure! Rough, emotional times are ahead of us! This writer doesn’t mess around. With only 20 ep. who could.

  226. 226 : Sharon Says:

    Usa-Mary, you are too funny, the dye in the hair bit keep me in stitches.😂😂
    You are totaly correct we are on for a bumpy ride.

  227. 227 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi usa-mary

    You are so funny with the hair dye thing! You have made it a Gangster-Goo-signature that will be greater than his other crimes in the drama and we are not going to forgive him for it and will make it the butt of the jokes about him as he becomes more hateful in the future. 🙂

  228. 228 : Ttuk Says:

    Shin Se Kyung appears comfortable in her role.

    What a lovely actress, easy on the eyes and oozing with sensuality.

    Excellent casting.

  229. 229 : boring... Says:

    i’m really tired of all this korean drama having same kind of story…two main lead fall in love and there is another two lead acting as a villian part that comes between the love story of the two main lead and at the end of the drama the main lead are paired up….its really boring to watch the same kind of story… we want something totally new rather than having love story that takes place in 4 people’s life….its too boring to watch the likes this kind of drama..and i dont like the lead actress too…

  230. 230 : say Says:

    boring say, you are right, Korean writer keep copy carting each other every time no change at all always same two male fighting over one woman or one of the women plotting to destroy the other one ,but any way when some of them becomes boring i quit watching because i don,t disturb my brain by thinking it.

  231. 231 : Park jun sung Says:

    @boring @say
    maybe the producer or writers kdrama are crisis of imagination. U can imagine, in a year, there is m0re than 100 drama aired every year. The writers should take a rest and collect some fresh story

  232. 232 : Park jun sung Says:

    Yun woo jin is so handsome <3

  233. 233 : senahPotato Says:

    SUKA *-*

  234. 234 : saraSJS Says:

    Love story has much older history than Korean dramas. This is a formula that the mass love. Watching a hero whom you rarely can find in real world gives people hope. Even if it’s just false hope. Cinderella’s story always has been any girl’s dream. Even the greatest masterpieces of the world are about the same theme e.g Romeo and Juliet. Still fresh and great after centuries. Not intended to compare that masterpiece with K-drama scripts. I’m talking about the theme. In addition, it depends on how and who portrays the same formula. Sometimes it turns out to be something like SG. Sometimes like FK. A huge success and a big failure. Here the theme is the same, the hero is rare to find but the heroin is yet to be revealed to be deserved of hero’s love. And it’s still too soon to judge the writer’s story-telling method. Let’s wait 4,5 more eps.

  235. 235 : Raj Says:

    @sara …
    very well said..itz all depend upon your choice and curiosity .simply just see what you feel like . i understand a little korean & still saw above 70 k-drama within a year. never get bored,especially when u wanna see ur fav actors in ur desired role. love korean drama…from India.

  236. 236 : KDaddict Says:

    @boring-229, @say-230,
    And yet, when sth totally different comes along, like End of the World, where there r no big name stars, no pretty faces, no drama cliches, it has dismal ratings! What it does have is an intelligent script, a dignified love story with no triangle or quadrangle, but the viewers aren’t flocking to it. Sigh.
    Another drama that is a departure from the mundane is Cruel Palace. It is also a quality production. Not formulaic. Another one is Nine. Have you checked them out yet?

  237. 237 : Sharon Says:

    Sarasjs, you are totally correct, I could not have said it better. Everyone want to experience love and find their hero.

  238. 238 : Sharon Says:

    E very one talk about wanting some new story from kdrama writers,but when something new presents itself it’s rejected. This tells me that the same old story sells and if it sells who is willing to write new ones. The bottom line is profit and if new stories don’t fill that bottom line then there won’t be any. Therefore, it’s up to the consumers and guess what the consumers are watching that old cliché drams.

  239. 239 : say Says:

    this ep5 today is other distasteful story again, well people don,t misunderstand what we are talking about, i love,love stories that is why i watch this dramas ,but when there is too much of repetition over and over again it becomes useless and boring, sometime the writers write childishly like today episode. the bottom line of cause is to attract the consumers, dose today ep attract you,in the beginning of this drama writer attract us by making us see how TS live his life and what cause him to change his life because of one day event when he met this girl and same writer is destroying it by writing this same girl story a stupid one. story should be about TS ans MD how they met and survive all odd of the past eventually have better life. introducing other male character to destroy the love line that has been establish is meaningless. the writer has not even given this two couple a chance to establish their relationship before destroying, in Cinderella story, she has always love one man but MD is loving other man instead of the man that she should be loving.in fact the writer is even establishing MD relationship with this other guy instead of TS ,you guys should try and watch I Summon You, Gold! this drama i know it has not yet ended but the story line is simple understandable no too much of complications .

  240. 240 : Sharon Says:

    I am not saying the writers are perfect you are right some writers do go on a tangent and miss the point.

  241. 241 : saraSJS Says:

    Yeah, what KDaddict says is other side of the coin. Most of the people don’t like quality dramas. Sometimes even pretty faces don’t help getting people ‘s attention. The best example SFBB. These days Nine has the best script among current airing dramas. I love it so much. A must watch.

  242. 242 : Sharon Says:

    You guys are right they do, so a good script goes unnoticed because the majority like to watch the same old story. If it were not so the writers would be forced to compete for scripts with new ideas and fresh story line.

  243. 243 : usa-mary Says:

    I watched ep. 5 (raw) and without a doubt, its like an emotional chess game. So, I’ll save my really good comments until its subbed.

    I, too, agree about the repetitive, mundane storylines in most kdramas. I’ve watched dramas like that in the past and try to avoid them at all costs now. The outcomes are too obvious. I’ve also watched some of the best kdramas that had really low ratings where the scripts, and the acting quality were superb according to my standards. Yet, being the romantic that I am…I still prefer that the good guy get the girl he likes and deserves at the end. Even if they have to reunite a year or so later.

  244. 244 : say Says:

    in ep5, the place i hate more was the fighting in the office, common TS should know better that the man came to provoke him, as a business man should have ignore him and behave like fool first than, later he will have his own plan to take that ugly man down once as for all that how business man take care of business, fighting in the office show that he dosen,t value his business.the stupid MD what is her business interfering in your boss business when he didn,t call you, are the only employee there, they push her down, what TS should have done is to command her to go and sit down or take her up gently and handle her over to other person to take care of her, she provoke the fight there later instead of her to stand by the man, comfort him also advise him if she don,t like the way things are going but she later start to blame TS, she like his money but not his life style is that what the writer is trying to show us here,one thing that the writer forget about is the title of the drama , it should about love, MD for one is written poorly here in the drama , her dressing also, she look like somebody who is starving,writer still have time to make a change or else the drama will go down hill.

  245. 245 : JB Says:

    The comment regarding the storyline as bad i think is true. Where can you see an ungrateful character, moreso as a lady to someone who help her at the most lowest part of her life even to the extent of sparing her downfall when she offered herself as payment.

    It is an unreal story. in real world she would have been exploited already and in the real world she should have been thankful for someone who has save her family, her life and a dream intact.

  246. 246 : JB Says:

    Rating is going down and for the writer to save this in my opinion is to put the lady character on the negative side permanently. When a man’s is in love in this situation will never forgive the lady character, will move to another chapter of his life because that’s how a man love when everything is being trampled.

    Introduction of a 3rd lady which will show that something better is going to happen when you do something good for someone. the writer owe this to the main character. It is a must to save this drama or else i think this will go downhill.

  247. 247 : say Says:

    JB Says, thank you for saying that, because in the real word that we live in today nobody is going to look at her face,instead, they will have 10men for her every night,that will make her forget that she is was a Young woman that have a dream.

  248. 248 : JB Says:

    @ say. I am not really into writing review but in this drama i even skip parts because i am irritated. someone who give unconditional help in return will receive criticism for it from the same person who he help leave me disgusted.

    The lady character have no right to act like that because the main character did not hide his life from her. She accepted the help for she use it. her stance that she use it only because of hospitalization is half truth for she is forgetting that she had receive the no interest, pay when you can help offer already. enough of this drama i can no longer bear to watch it.

  249. 249 : InquizityJJ Says:

    If everything goes so smoothly with each character being so perfect i.e. no weaknesses in them, no ups and downs in their lives, robotic, etc I’m sure it will be a very boring and unrealistic drama. I guess we either continue watching to see what happened at the end or just not watch this drama at all. For me, I’ll still continue watching.

  250. 250 : eny Says:

    so far i like it, i didn’t see something doesn’t make sense. everybody hate Do mi charracter, i think she’s not being gratefull she know it but didn’t say it n even somebody really good sometimes we doesn’t love i think it’s normal. I think that is what make this story interesting. I don’t really care who endup with who the point is the story interesting

  251. 251 : K_Viewer Says:

    Thank you, JB. I feel the same way, too. Mi Do just has this wooden expression through out every episode. It’s fine that the director/screenwriter wants to take the storyline into this unpopular direction, but at least the acting is got to be more convincing than this. It seems the leading actress is too inexperienced and very intimidated by the superstar power of SSH. No matter how hard SSH tried to engage her in their interactions, she couldn’t make it work.

    I agree with you that the only redemption to this drama is to add another more likable and better skilled leading lady.

  252. 252 : ani Says:

    i really really don’t like the lead actress buth i like S S H and K T H perfect each other

  253. 253 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    For the 2nd time, I agree with saraSJS.

    Why Kdramas always be the same kind of story with a triangular or quadrangular love relationships?

    Seo Mi Do’s character is not good. She’s soo ungratfullness. “Walang Utang na loob” Inspite of all Han Tae Sang have done for her. We can’t blame it to LOVE, right?

  254. 254 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    For the 2nd time, I agree with saraSJS

    Why is Kdramas have the same story line/theme with having a triangular or quadrangular love relationships?

    I think Seo Mi Do’s character is not good. She’s soo ungratefull. “Walang utang na loob.” After all of what Han Tae Sang have done for her, still she have a bad reactions and even can’t understand him. We can’t blame it to the word LOVE, isn’t it?

  255. 255 : Sam Says:

    I agree with a lot o you guys about the love triangle or quads thing. There are those dramas that were successful without it. I can think of a few Faith, city hunter etc. maybe there aren’t many but that just does show tht thy can be successful without the complicated love issues.

    I have to say that the story is becoming predictable. I can already see the TS once he finds out that the JH is in love wih SD he will brake up with her because he thinks he owes JH and he will drive her out by using the other woman to make her believe that he never liked her enough. She’ll most probably believe that and leave to follow her dreams and ambition. I hope it doesn’t follow on this route but it may do.

  256. 256 : say Says:

    sorry eny Says,you say you don,t care who end up with who, that means TS ends up with nothing, the bad guys win,that will be a disappointing ending to me,the whole drama will be useless, it is not only this place that people are complaining in other web site also, the way the writer is taking this, is bad for business, well we are doing him or her a favor by writing how we feel, if the rating goes bad he or she pay check will also go bad.i like MD as person but the way the writer is writing her character here is wrong because she make a living by acting in this dramas so it is left for writer do what he or she want to in their career.

  257. 257 : bigeye46 Says:

    love it and kim sung oh is good actor

  258. 258 : eny Says:

    i don’t care who end up with who because real life is unpredictable, sometimes life is not fair n not everyone get what they wants something what we taught is good but for people who do it it’s not the right thing, that is life that i know so it doesn’t mater who end up with who
    n i agree that if all the DM charracter is perfect the story will be boring n it’s not interesting anymore because there’s no conflict

  259. 259 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama and kim sung oh is good actor

  260. 260 : Pim Says:

    I like to read your all comment. I think other comments from audiences are interesting. We can know different opinions and their reasons about drama. We can not just or say that which comment is right or wrong but we can say that which comment we like or not,we are agree or disagree. Ex: comment from Say, Mostly, I like to read it. 🙂

  261. 261 : bigeye46 Says:

    kimsungoh is good actor

  262. 262 : eny Says:

    wrong type “if DM charracter is perfect the story will be boring”

  263. 263 : Jyenie Says:


    “TS once he finds out that the JH is in love wih SD he will brake up with her because he thinks he owes JH and he will drive her out by using the other woman to make her believe that he never liked her enough. She’ll most probably believe that and leave to follow her dreams and ambition.” Oh dear, my heart was wrung just by reading these words. Poor TS. But then, she will be thinking of TS while being with JH. What a miserable girl she is, cannot make up her mind. Tsk, tsk.

  264. 264 : vodka Says:

    where to watch live telecast?

  265. 265 : usa-mary Says:

    Writer…writer…writer! I watched ep. 5 and it seems as if I’m in the midst of an emotional chess game. TS is the king, MD is the queen, JH the rook, SJ the bishop, and gangster Goo is the pawn.

    To the writer:

    Though I like this drama and will continue to watch it because of TS. From my observation, this writer has MD overstepping relationship boundaries with him. She’s not even intimate or romantically involved with him, and she’s asking questions that are more demanding than caring. That I don’t like, at all. The writer doesn’t have her making sure if he rested well, had dinner or even offer to cook dinner for him at his place (excuse me, but I’ll glady volunteer to do that-just me and him). LOL Anyway, she could at least slip him a sweet, thoughtful note to cheer him on for the day! What kind of relationship is this! Plus, the writer doesn’t even have her responding to his text messages when he apologizes or to see if she’s alright. Writer, that’s immature to me. What in fact does she have to be so angry about? I don’t get it. He’s been nothing but kind, considerate, and protective towards her. Then, whenever she sees SJ with him, she watches every move and facial expression, and I can see jealousy peering its head. But, then when she was going to have lunch with JH and ran into TS, she didn’t ask how he was doing or how was his day. She asked where had he been…WHAT! Plus, the expression on her face was of one who is trying to hide something. I don’t like that writer! Its either JH or TS…geez! Writer…writer…writer!

    To Commentors:

    I dare say that the writer and director runs the show while the actors just….well act! Its not improv or creative input at all from the actors when it comes to making changes to a character. That’s the entertainment business folks!

    If MD thinks she’s having nightmares now, wait until she finds out who JH’s brother is…a former jailbird, convict…murderer! Let the saga begin! LOL Well, at least her dad likes him. That is until he finds out who his brother is!

    I don’t understand the writer’s logic before and during the fight scene. The police or security would have already been on the scene, just in case to uphold order if it was me. I wouldn’t have asked for permission to do it either! That didn’t make since to me from the writer. I, as a viewer, even know that gangster Goo is a coward and untrustworthy. What’s even more crazy is to have MD interfere, at all during the fight scene! Her getting knocked down earlier wasn’t enough for her? If anyone is going to get stop a man from ganging up on TS by hitting him with what appeared to be a telephone book, needs to think again. Why? Because he’s going to counterattack. Unless she uses something very heavy to knock out that hard skulled, adrenalin pumping, muscular man, then its to no avail. I suppose hitting someone with a telephone book won’t cause an arrest like a heavy object would. Unless, he later presses charges due to a complaint of constant ringing in his ear! Brrrrrrinnnnggg! Hello! LOL

    From the previews of ep. 6, TS is going to end the relationship, not her. Actually, the writer never, really had them dating as far as I’m concerned. TS deserves better. I say let her go. I even sense later that MD will go abroad to study. Hmmmm…I wonder who’s going to send her if that happens?

  266. 266 : usa-mary Says:

    Another observation:

    Its getting old with MD’s mentioning that TS is either older than her or she doesn’t want him to look older than her. Wow, she sure knows how to stroke a man’s ego! If she sincerely consented to dating him, that shouldn’t even be a factor nor come out of her mouth (writer)!!! He doesn’t look that much older to me. Gangster Goo didn’t even look as old as gangster Kim, and JS dated gangster Kim. Even though, it was out of rebellion towards her dad, to date, JS doesn’t bad mouth gangster Kim, at all! Writer…writer…writer! What’s the deal here!

    I’m going to have to write and Ode to Gangster Goo before the drama ends! He needs to chase another tail because SJ’s is definitely not for sale!

    Anyway, I’m going to watch this drama until it ends!

  267. 267 : Sharon Says:

    USA-Mary, you are on point. What I get is that MD does have feelings for TS ,but she also likes the money and to show SJ that she got this. MD is sort of a gangster herself she has a little thug inside that’s why she picked up the phone book, not a good choice, but was available at the time.No one else in the company moved, or even call the po po (police) that showed me she will stand by her man.
    MD is still immature and has the young girl mentality, so she handles her relationship in that way. I do believes she likes him remember she wanted to meet him but due to business that did not happen there is always something that comes up where they are not able to solidify there relationship. while , on the other hand here comes JH young, fresh and fun. he does what youn people do party, eat spicy food, loves poetry and reminds her of her dream. Who would not be confuse. After Mr Goo display at the office she see the life she wants to get away from, so now you are angry at TS not knowing or jealous of SJ
    but she is Remember she wrote on the board

  268. 268 : Sharon Says:

    Or care to hear what TS has to say.

    Sorry, for incomplete statement press wrong button before complete..

  269. 269 : say Says:

    at the end of ep6, i call her gold digger though not that i don,t like the late seen, i do, when she show TS the ring on her neck,but i could have prefer it if she receive the ring with gratitude plus with kiss and at the end of this episode, when she saw the Baek Sung Joo and came into the office to give a menage and show TS the ring, i could have scream oh yes’ but the writer has others ideals

  270. 270 : fan Says:

    @eny 258 :You’re right life is unpredictable.

    I like the way the writer is conducting the story, I find it more logical and realistic than many K-dramas stories. Some find it cliche but yet they’re disappointed when it doesn’t go as k-dramas usually go ? All the characters are deep and very well portrayed. I don’t know why all of you hate SSK. I can say that she’s perfect as MD, why, because already all of you hate her. She’s a good actress, you have to re-watch all her scenes especially the close ones.
    I like very much the story, all the characters, the good ones and the bad ones as well. I like the producer and the director, the way they’re giving life to the script , some scenes are amazing, you can re-watch them again and again. I like all the actors, they’re all perfectly chosen (except TS mother which I find too graceful, maybe there is a hidden story behind this choice).
    Even the title is well chosen ^_^

  271. 271 : fan Says:

    I forgot the OST, both songs so fitted to the leading characters. the first one sweet as love and the second one tough as the pain which comes with it.

  272. 272 : fan Says:

    @ Sharon 267-268 I agree with you.
    @usa-mary Not all the companies have an armada of security, and even if they called police, I don’t think that they’ll come within 5 minutes which is the length of the whole scene.

  273. 273 : Sam Says:

    I’m starting to dislike this lead female; I just can’t warm up to her. I know that is the writers fault but the way the drama is going anyone who started from ep 6 would believe that this drama is about MD and JH and not TS and MD. They don’t have enough air time together to build a relationship and everything fun she does is with JH so why wouldn’t she fall for him. I think the worst thing she did was to think of the great time she had with another guy when he is sharing with her his bitter childhood and to reject his ring without showing him any feelings. After that, I just couldn’t care less about her.
    I guess MD being young and having to grow up too soon, just wants to live life through JH who she sees as young, fresh, exciting and living for the moment, which she hasn’t done. That’s all fine and dandy for her; she just needs to stop misleading our TS. I truly believe that she is being heartless to treat him like that.
    At this rate I’m more for TS and SJ ending up together since she sincerely loves him and does any and everything to help him. The last time that I didn’t like the lead character, I abandoned the drama and that was Prosecutor Princess and I just couldn’t stand her character and it seems that MD is leading me to abandon this too. Although, I started watching this drama because of the lead male character but I have to say that I did abandon his last 2 dramas as well. I only watched 2 episodes of Dr Jin and abandon My Princess half way through as I found the latter one dragging and the former one repetitive of the drilling of the skull as it was too much to handle.
    I have to say that I really like his character he is manly and mature and he is the kind of man I would go for. I’m just sad that he picks the wrong dramas that don’t do justice for his brilliant acting. I want to see him acting like he did in ‘He was Cool’ that was the first and last good piece of work that I’ve seen of his. I do hope that this drama improves before it hit its 10 episodes or before I succumb to abandoning it.

  274. 274 : saraSJS Says:

    Don’t have any motivation for watching ep 5. All the people here and on other threads in other sites are criticizing MD and saying how they hate her. I already was starting to dislike that ungrateful chick. Still I decided to give this drama a chance at least for 8 eps. Let’s see what will happen. Hope TS will dumps her and marry SJ.

  275. 275 : saraSJS Says:

    Typo: dump

  276. 276 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-267: LOL! If anyone should know who the po po is, its me! I’m a fan of Tyler Perry’s creative works here in the U.S.! He’s an awesome, brilliant man! Okay, back to the drama! hehehe

    Sharon, I see your point. But, think about this. According to the way the writer has written the drama, so far MD doesn’t know if TS is fun or not. In Guam, since she was sent there on business to explore for the resort project, she could relax and have a great time with JH after she met him. Her meeting him and him telling her about the best locales tourists don’t know about helped her report tremendously. I believe TS is fun, too, but the writer hasn’t shown us that side of him. I, also, get your point about MD being reminded of a life she wants to get away from. I thought the same about it, but, there’s something in addition to that which came to my mind. While in Guam, when JH went to retrieve MD’s bag from the thief, I somehow don’t believe that when he caught him, he grinned at him, asking for the bag politely or talking pleasantly to the theif like…pretty please give it back to me. The writer just had us see JH returning with the bag, and that was that! We’re not seeing all facets of JH either (at least that’s how I see it). Well, if the writer has her choose JH; I’m eager to see her face when she meets his brother! RLOL! Oh, even better, invite them over for dinner to meet the family and watch their eyes when JH and CH walk in. No doubt it will be a Kodak moment! I’m ready! hehehe

    @fan-272: I don’t know why you felt the need to explain that to me! First of all, its the screenwriter’s choice on whether to have the armed security or the polices’ presence or not in this fictional drama. Secondly, I’m not a newby to working in companies large or small. So, I’m well aware that some have armed security and some don’t have security, regardless of the country. Thirdly, that doesn’t matter to me nor is it important to me. My point being, its my critique of this ‘fictional’ drama scene, and whether the arrival of the police would have been 5 minutes or 5 seconds; from my point of view, I would have called them. Just having my say!

  277. 277 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary: I invite you to re-watch the whole scene.
    Why no one tried to call the police ? because every one knows that the matter is between their PRESIDENT and his GUEST, no one dared to make the decision to call the police since they’ve all seen MD getting beaten because she proposed that to TS and thus initiated the chaos.
    Since already a rumor about his ex-con friend is circulating, they’re aware that their president dealing with such people isn’t new for him.
    I know already that you don’t like the story neither the characters except TS or I must say SSH. I just felt at least the need to explain this little thing.

  278. 278 : Sharon Says:

    USA-mary, I understand what you are saying. It’s both the writer and the directors job to convey the story, so it make sense and somewhat realistic.
    MD does not care much for JH brother because he was not very nice to her and he still does not like her, so if she cause trouble between his bf and his brother there is going to be hell for her to pay.
    Now, Mr Goo what’s up with him. He needs to work for the army because he is always recruiting someone from TS team is he that jealous, or is it hard for
    him to find loyal people.
    I like this drama and I am going to stick with it to the end. Hey I might get frustrated with the director and writer, because the story is good it’s how it’s conveyed.

  279. 279 : torri Says:

    I just finish watching the first 4 ep of this drama, this girl Seo Mi Do i don’t like very much yet , she seems not to know what and who she really wants and to think the main lead is making all the efforts to learn how to win her heart not knowing she has a divided heart is what i don’t like about her for now and then the x-boss wife is another case , she just cant let go , i mean her dead husband left a scare on Han Tae Sang back and made his close friend go to jail does she honestly think staying by her he wont be reminded each time he sees her what his was was and how he almost lost his life ,not that she is directly responsible but she is part of that past and the guys just wants to live his life in peace i cant stand her too, so far i think i would stop watching and just wait when its complete v=because i can tell there will be a lot of drama between the two women and two men

  280. 280 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-278: Yes…thank you! I must admit that I’ve watched a few dramas where some scenes didn’t make sense to me or didn’t seem realistic at that moment, yet as I continued to watch them, everything came together and some how made sense. Then, there are the exceptions where no rationale could be found. LOL!

    I totally agree with you about MD and CH. At least for now they’re cordial towards each other. I will stay tuned to see what the writer has planned for them. LOL regarding gangster Goo! He knows that CH and the other guy are TS’s right and left arm. How right you are…the army…LOL! Recruit indeed! Goo has loyal people and an ulterior motive. He’s trying to divide and conquer TS’s inner circle. He is so jealous of TS, not only because of SJ, but because TS has an excellent, honorable reputation in the business world with no formal education and Goo wants to destroy that image.

    I like this drama, too and want to see how it ends.

    I just finished watching ep. 6 (raw) and am eager to see the subs. I’ll definitely have more comments about it after I do! hehehe

  281. 281 : kel Says:

    Episode 6 makes me think hard and hope for TS to be with 2nd Actress. She likes him a lot and help him do everything. While MD dont bother and scare of TS. So while i was watching and hoping this, the writer and PD, make a twist in the end that had me jaw dropping. What a drama!

  282. 282 : say Says:

    as you guys can see, the rating is going down, instead up,the writer has not done any thing useful yet, the writer drawn us at the beginning with a nice staring but destroyed the wholes thing with TS friend brother, if you watch Giant” you will see how the good guys fight the bad guys i was thinking that is how TS is going to fight his enemies that might come against him.if the writer keeping putting TS friend brother in the middle of this relationship also with the other lady,the rating is going to continue going down.if i where writer i will not put TS friend brother with MD in the air for now,i will make MD tell him the truth basically come clean with her intentions to marry TS. for her hiding the relationship with TS is insulting to me TS is too old for that, let the writer get them married, she resign her job if she is worried about gossip, and stay away from the office job,TS has money open baking restaurant for her or a publishing place for her, there is not a whole of episode in this drama. let the writer bond this two people relationship and stop destroying it.

  283. 283 : amanda Says:

    i was just ready about this show and it was saying that MD and CH having an affair and that TS finds out about it wants to kill them but thin MD to in to a coma if its going to be like this i don’t want to waitch this drame anymore

  284. 284 : Mint Says:

    I don’t like the characteristics of Seo Mi Do! I really fall in hate with her. Give up for watch this drama. I fell sorry for SSH 🙁

  285. 285 : Sam Says:

    @ USA-Mary,

    I live Tyler Perry movies too. I like how he makes movies that have deep meanings behind it. Watch hi latest one ‘Confession of marriage councilor’ is really good.

    I just watched last part of episode 6 in subs only. I wasn’t interested in wasting my time watching the rest as I didn’t like how they portrayed TS. I know that he doesn’t know much about relationship but they can’t make him a careless man who thinks that always business before pleasure. That philosophy will make him lose to the fun JH. If he loves her then he needs to make time for her so that their relationship can prosper. She doesn’t have any memory of them doing anything fun so is understandable why she would like JH then TS.

    The writers have to make up heir minds since they’ve changed the plot at then end is MD or Sj for TS and going on a date in a theme park and actung childish, which we will see in the next episode is not what i call romantic. If rather he took her ice skating or te 64 building if Saul hasn’t fun things to offer or a trip to one of the islands.

    That’s just my opinion. Hope my writing makes sense usin my iPhone so can’t see my mistakes.

  286. 286 : Jyenie Says:

    When a man falls in love, he is blind. Ha.

    After watching 6 episodes, I think the casting choice is excellent, story line is controversial and tormenting. It succeeds to torment me with the multi angle love and MD’s uncertainty toward TS.

    If the writer is trying to make this drama a reversal of those typical and well loved KD filled with Cinderella and Daddy Long Legs syndrome, he has succeeded, judged by many hateful comments towards MD. Most of the eligible females will go all the way for a charming man like TS, of course we get pissed off when a generic looking girl with a humble background doesn’t fall for him and thinks she is too good for him. We hate her more and regard her as ungrateful especially after he has done so many good deeds to her and her family, she still takes him for granted, judging him with her values which she takes after her father. Her attitude is unacceptable when he asks her why she doesn’t get a better qualification with the money he gives her all these years, she answers impatiently,” I used the money to pay for my father’s medical fees!” She is behaving like a spoilt brat, she should be glad she at least graduated locally.

    The writer purposely creates many obstacles to come between TS and MD to get the story going and keep us viewers edgy. MD has been trying to justify her guilty feeling towards TS, making comment like ” he gives scolarships to everybody anyway.” They purposely cast a generic looking actor to play the role of Jae Hee, so when MD falls for this guy instead of TS, we will think she really doesn’t deserve TS at all, he is just too good for her, so we don’t care if they will end up together anymore.

    I would like to see two types of outcomes for MD,

    1) Happy ending – after many episodes of tormenting us with her uncertainty, she finally realises TS is her true love and they live happily ever after. I don’t mind seeing that happen even though I am fed up with MD because I love TS , I want him to be happy if he thinks MD is his happiness.
    2) Sad ending- It will be too late for her to realise her love for him and live with regrets when TS doesn’t love her anymore or he will be dead.

    I am a happy person if TS dumps her in the end.

    P/S, If MD takes after her mother’s value, there will be no more conflicts for this character.

  287. 287 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I pity Han Tae Sang. And beginning to fall in love with his character as well as who he is. In wished, he will end up with the second lead actress who really is loving him.

    And Seo Mi do is better with Baek Sung Joo. They have a very good loving chemistry.

    I’m beginning to hate Mi Do’s character. I wished she will change at the end of this drama…

  288. 288 : Jyenie Says:

    They keep on hinting that TS is a cold, mean and dangerous man in ep 5 and 6 but my impression of him so far is gentle, smart and calm albeit a bit clumpsy when comes to love. Gangster Goo fits that negative traits more. I am excited to see how the story develops when that side of him resurfaces and what will be the causes.

  289. 289 : FAaat Says:

    I think it’s really a nice drama

  290. 290 : say Says:

    `the second lead actress is not good for him, that is ex boss girl friend who almost killed TS with knife on his back, how can TS leave his past behind when he takes his ex boss friend and make her his wife, that is nonsense writing, let her look for other person if she really love TS, she should leave TS alone.

  291. 291 : fan Says:

    When I read all the comments against MD, I don’t understand why all this hate ?! I feel all the sympathy for her, it’s enough for me that TS fell for her. Does she deserve him ? YES of course. Do you think that TS at age of 38, after 7 years still in love with her just because she’s beautiful, oh no ! you’re all wrong ! He knows what person she is, what her values are, and in addition he knows that she has feelings for him, he knows her and what she’s thinking that why he’s patient and still holding on to her.
    All of you want to be MD, and have TS love that why you hate her 😉
    She wants a proof of his love, that he’s not trying to buy her, she wants him to show it each time. Why ? because even being adult (26 years) this is the first time she’s experiencing such feelings, she dream to do with her boyfriend what she didn’t in her younger age as any girl. She explicitly said it to his father, that she dream to buy dinner to her friends, to travel, to live like normal girls do.
    @say 290, well said ^_^

  292. 292 : saraSJS Says:

    Firstly, I think you take the writer very seriously. I don’t believe the reason for choosing SSK for the role has such deep philosophy. You seem to be an observant and wise viewer. I don’t think the writer is as wise as you.

    But let’s say what you’re saying is true. So what’s writer’s reason for creating an abnormal, ungrateful character who doesn’t react like others in certain situations? When somebody do you a favor, you must be grateful. No need to love them, but at least you have to be grateful. If not, you have inferiority complex. MD is hateful. Not only because she hasn’t fallen for him, but because she even doesn’t want to remember he’s the one who saved her from falling into the dump. To me SSK is just repeating her doormat FK character here. I dropped that drama because of my hate for her and the lead. I also just hope TS dumps her in the end.

  293. 293 : saraSJS Says:

    ” He knows what person she is, what her values are, and in addition he knows that she has feelings for him, he knows her and what she’s thinking that why he’s patient and still holding on to her.”

    How did you reach to this conclusion? We didn’t see this in the drama. TS fell for her at the first sight partly because of her appearance and partly because she reminded him of his lost, wasted young self. Then he supported her and her family financially and they lost contact. So he doesn’t know her that much. He didn’t fell for her personality. For him, who has lost his best years of life, having a fresh unfamiliar feeling was so strange that he never could forger her. Not because she’s a piece of art or something but only because she’s his first love and you can’t forget your first love even if they are not worth your great love. So we all hate her because TS is a rare-to-find hero. He’s perfect in every aspect. So give me a reason why she hasn’t fallen for him? That annoying JH in what way is better than him?

  294. 294 : fan Says:

    @saraSJS 293
    I invite to re-watch the 6 episodes again and again.
    Clearly you’ve missed a lot, you didn’t pay enough attention or maybe you’re attention was to focused on SSK 😉
    He DIDN’T FALL FOR HER AT FIRST SIGHT, you have to re-watch the first episode when he broke the glass of the bookstore, he just ignored her, she was the daughter of the bookstore owner that’s all.
    Why did he fall for her ? Not because she’s beautiful, I’m pretty sure he’s been surrounded by many beautiful girls.
    You have to understand very well TS character. One day, coming back from school, a 17 years old boy is hit by a strike, his beloved mother abandoned him alone with debts taking with her the youngest brother. Do you think it easy ?! maybe that morning she prepared breakfast for him, smiled to him, said “have a nice day” to him, and then what ?! she’s gone ! Can you imagine his feelings ?!
    After such shock, what will he become ? apparently he lost trust in women, that’s why he didn’t fall for any. So why MD ?!
    First, because while she was struggling with gangsters, she reminded him of himself so some feelings and sympathy arose;
    Second, when she proposed to give herself in order to clear their debts, his curiosity to know which type of woman she is, let him discover that not all the women are the same, and there is one who will do “anything” to save her family, not flee and abandon them.
    Third, her pride to refuse his help at first when gave her money as scholarship.
    Fourth, at the moment he was stubbed while trying to help her escape, facing death something came to life in his heart.
    If she’s ungrateful to him, so he is too to his boss.
    And who told you that she didn’t fall for him ?!

  295. 295 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sam-285: Yes! Tyler Perry is truly a gifted, thought provoking man! He can make his viewers laugh so unbearably hard one moment, then think realistically deep, the next.

    About the recap of the coming ep. 7: Your writing makes perfect sense to me, and I respect your opinion. Re the amusement park, I had the exact thought! Of course, we know that’s more than likely what MD wanted to do, and TS willingly obliged her. In ep 6, when TS is showing her to his former home etc., so she can know about his childhood (which makes sense), she begans to think about the fun she had in Guam with JH. I hope that’s her way of wanting to have fun with TS compared to the fun she had in Guam. My thought was, here is a man who’s telling her about his life before his traumatic uprooting so she can learn how normal his life was then, and all she can think about is fun with JH in Guam! But, writer’s choice. From my opinion, sometimes her serious, mature looking demeanor doesn’t fit her thinking process.

    Just sharing: Since the U.S. has had amusement parks with rides since the 1920’s. There have been many adult couples of all ages that went on first dates to them. Some even returned to the sites where they fell in love and rented the ride(s) for proposals or for wedding photos. The most popular was the rollercoaster. Its no doubt that most of us want a more romantic type setting for TS and MD, and I concur. We’ll find out how memorable MD’s date at the amusement park will be with TS and if it will be their return point. Depending on who the writer has her to choose, of course!

  296. 296 : Jyenie Says:


    You are right on, that is exactly what I want to say myself. In fact, MD and JH are nobody if not because of TS.


    TS actually knows his passion for MD is not reciprocated but he is persistent, that’s what he shouted at MD when she rejected the couple ring in ep 6. I don’t really care what TS sees in her for whatever reasons but it bothers me that she doesn’t respect him after what he has done to her and her family, that’s why we think she doesn’t deserve him.

    Oh no, we don’t want to be MD at all and we hate her for what she thinks of TS. Yes, anyone would want to have the love of a man like TS. Who wouldn’t?—MD is the answer.

    Hasn’t he proved enough that he is sincere to her ? Didn’t he reject her offer to sleep with him to offset the loan and gave her financial help instead 7 years ago? Didn’t he get stabbed on his back for protecting her? Didn’t he…..I can go on and on with the proofs. She said herself to her father she can do what she wants like other girls due to TS. However, she easily fell for JH who doesn’t need to try too hard.

  297. 297 : Sharon Says:

    Wow! This drama is getting the best of everyone including myself.
    Now, about MD, I really believe that she has feelings forTS and she wants to be his girlfriend. Remember guys, she took over buying his toiletries, telling him he is cute, fought Mr Goo boys for him. She consider him as her man, so I see where she has feelings for him it may not be love, but it’s still feelings.
    JH is the one pushing himself on her. I see where she told him she has someone and he still keep pushing on her. MD even told him that TS was at the store the night he kissed her on the cheek and he should stop, but ask her out to lunch for the last time. Now guess what he is working at the company , there will be more pushing himself on her he just don’t get it he wants her and he is going to do all he can to get her .
    You are correct, can’t put business before pleasure that’s where many people loose in relationship. A man has to show his feelings not only with money and things,but with affection, going out to learn about each other not going to the book store to work by packing away the books.
    I like them both TS and MD I think they make a cute couple and the both have a little gangster in them.

  298. 298 : Sharon Says:

    I am going to watch ep 6 sub finally out comment later.

  299. 299 : Sharon Says:

    @fan you summed it up pretty well. Kudos!!!!!

  300. 300 : Yelia Says:

    TS for SJ, MD for JH..proper age for emotional and love
    TS perfect for being MD uncle LOL

  301. 301 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-286: I like your observation and interesting viewpoint! Yet, I would rather see TS alive at the end than dead!

  302. 302 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-297: Its not getting the best of me! I’m rather enjoying it with its twists and turns. Its like a good chess game…TS is the king, MD the queen, JH the knight, SJ the rook (castle-established in her own right), and the pawn, none other than gangster Goo! LOL! Speaking of gangster Goo, I’m beginning to laugh when this man appears in the scenes. He adds a bit of spice to them. Initially his presence is like a hornet nest of confusion, but after that, the hilarious antics begin. His hair still gets to me whenever I see him, then his manly, courageous antics makes me laugh. For example, he talks big when face to face with TS (and 2.5 car loads of his henchman). But, when the fight scene began, he got hit once and fled to his usual corner! It reminded me when his friend, President Kim was getting hit by TS for getting ready to cut off one of MD’s fingers, and then later when CH kept helpless TS from being murdered. He just sat back (in a corner) and watched it all unfold. He was so quiet that at first I thought he fled. But, noooo not gangster Goo. He didn’t even try to help TS or his good friend gangster Kim. Wow, what are friends for when they turn out to be like him! SMILE! Now he’s at the same salon where SJ goes, just to harrass her. He’s nothing but a big womanizer. Still, gangster Goo is surrounded by mirrors at the salon and still has the nerve to get that dye styled! LOL! I’m convinced that this man is color blind. If nothing else, he’s on point for Spring!

  303. 303 : Park jun sung Says:

    Yun woo jin <3

  304. 304 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-282: Good point!

  305. 305 : Jyenie Says:


    Thank you. You should be glad I am not the writer. Ha.

  306. 306 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-296: I see your point. JH and MD’s meeting was at the right place and at the right time according to the way she thinks. But, she’s supposedly trying to work through putting the past behind her with TS. We’ll find out.

    After MD had the nightmare, I saw in the subs that she is afraid of TS (I’ll do another rewatch to confirm) after she saw him continually hit the man that hit her. TS exercised tremendous constraint and didn’t make a move until she was hit. In my opinion, that’s what real men do, defend their women. TS left an indelible reminder on that henchman’s face; don’t ever touch her again! Unlike her dad (in my opinion) who is an emotional weakling. That type of man who would end his own life, leaving his family to face the problem he created would give me nightmares.

  307. 307 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-305: RLOL! Honey…everyone should be glad I’m not the writer! Believe me when I say that! LOL!

  308. 308 : JB Says:

    I am still with the idea of another girl character. Writer can develop the lady character at the restaurant. MD may had accepted the ring but bottomline is he can not tell TS about JH.

    As a guy it is the most painful act when your partner love, enjoy someone company while she is in a relationship with you. In real life it is an act which lead to separation permanently for it involve breaking trust.

  309. 309 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 296
    You presume that he knows that she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings (because he said that doesn’t mean he’s sure of it), and I presume that he knows that she has feelings for him but she still hesitates. I invite you to watch all the episodes again especially the scenes with MD and TS and try to focus on the expression in their faces (both are good actors). I can recommend these scenes especially : the first one in the restaurant, the second one in his office before hiring her, the third one after his confession, the fourth one when she received the fruit basket and the last one when he proposed the break-up. There is also when her jealousy shows up, her disappointment when TS ignore her, and when she stands for him.
    As for proofs, any man to get the woman he WANTS can use many ways, including unctuous words. He wants her doesn’t mean he loves her. I watched the scene where he was stubbed, and MD didn’t know that he was stubbed (she discovered that in the pool scene), and being stubbed doesn’t mean for her, they were 2 gangsters fighting about some misunderstanding concerning her debts, about money.
    She rejected the rings because it was too rush for her but in the end she understood that he has real feelings toward her.
    She was right about the incident, the consequences will be severe for him, he already lost an investor.

    You don’t want to be MD but you want to be in her place.

  310. 310 : JB Says:

    I am still with the idea of another girl character. Writer can develop the lady character at the restaurant. MD may had accepted the ring but bottomline is she can not tell TS about JH.

    As a guy it is the most painful act when your partner love, enjoy someone company while she is in a relationship with you. In real life it is an act which lead to separation permanently for it involve breaking trust.

  311. 311 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 297-299 Thank you. At least like me some one is for TS-MD couple 😉

  312. 312 : Jyenie Says:


    [You don’t want to be MD but you want to be in her place.]

    For once you get it right and you can say it again. LOL.

  313. 313 : Sharon Says:

    Guys I just watch ep 6 and I am on a roller coaster and can’t get off. When I gave up and trow the towel in oops there it is. Now, MD took me by surprise
    I thought it was over, he wore the ring saying I love you and she came back saying everyone does not have to know, but i got your back. Now, is this feelings real? Ii think so, because of the smile she gave at the end. YEA!!!!!’ What’s up with the uncle told the mother he is not there for the money then took it and run. Didn’t he look like a leprechaun wearing in all that different shades of green.lol

  314. 314 : Sharon Says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your one liners. Still the dye hair bit hahahaha!!! I enjoy reading everyone comments some make me laugh, some make me think, while some make me wonder if we are watching the same drama.
    I must say thank you guys you have made the journey fun.😄😄😂😂

  315. 315 : say Says:

    we all are still watching this tasteless writing of this drama why most people in Korean has giving up on this drama because the writer is writing childishly not focusing on what the drama should be all about, the bottom line is that writer should not have introduce TS friend brother at all relationship in this beginning of drama, the writer should have focus on TS and MD relationship first, maybe there will be some roller coastal here and there with other people interfering but both will work it out at the end that is how Cinderella story is. the way TS help MD in beginning is what draw me to watch this drama in the first of place, because most of us like Cinderella story, i was thinking MD will be the one chasing after TS more than he do.is the other way round, again TS friend brother has not started working he is using his influence to chase after a girl which is still a bad writing,MD should have rejected that request to go with him, she should have told him to take other employee that she appointment with TS but she drop whatever she was doing and ran after him.in real life you can not act like that, i hope the writer make a big change for the remaining episode. thank you all for sharing your views.

  316. 316 : say Says:

    @mary, about the hair thing, i think the he has other hair style coming up in episode7, this time he pack it like a woman style, i am eager to watch it next week, i also think TS friend knows that TS is in love with MD that is what he was trying to relate to the obsess woman that she refuses to listen.

  317. 317 : Sharon Says:

    You speak as someone with experience and understanding. You also pay attention to details, not everything is said with spoken words people also speaks with facial expression and body Language.

  318. 318 : usa-mary Says:

    One thing that I’ve noticed about the writer of this drama is that this person doesn’t have MD talking to her girlfriend about the men who likes her. Most women have a female or two that they can confide in or bounce ideas off of for feedback.

    @JB-310: That’s an interesting thought about another love interest for TS. But, at this point, I don’t believe that people could handle another female love interest coming into the picture liking TS. Their brain would go…TILT! MD’s behavior alone is enough for many peoples nerves at this point! LOL!

    Also, I totally agree with you about a guy’s view of being in a relationship with a woman, while she’s enjoying another man’s company. That doesn’t fly and will surely backfire once he finds out.

    I’ll watch ep. 7, then will give my thoughts.

  319. 319 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 312 Yeah pretty sure !

  320. 320 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 317 I’m not watching this drama just because of some candy eyes. I didn’t know anything about the actors before, I didn’t watch any of their works. I was hooked to it just after the first episode, because unlike some people here who don’t like the story, I find it logical, realistic and unusual. And what is the icing on the cake is the casting. Because they’re good actors, the director isn’t stingy with close scenes.
    Till now I enjoy every minute of it and looking forward to it each week. I hope that in the end TS-MD couple will overcome obstacles and no one will be sacrificed or get hurt in the end.
    I hope also that the story will still make sense to the end.

  321. 321 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! I just finished watching the subbed ep. 7 and this writer sure knows how to continually shine a bad light on MD, I tell you. Does she have an honest bone in her body? Not sharing her most memorable, fun moment (its not like she had to mention JH) or about who wrote on the blackboard outside the bookstore. She knows JH’s handwriting because he showed her. Okay, maybe she doesn’t want to create a misunderstaing between her and TS. Really! I like the entire scene with her and TS on the steps. That’s how a man handles the affairs regarding his heart. Tell the truth! Now, I can understand her not wanting to wear a couples ring. But, what’s with her pensive facial expression during the meeting when TS asked for forgiveness for not apologizing earlier. Then, when JH spoke, her facial expression completely relaxed, as if relieved (admiringly). JH said the exact same thing that TS said to her the day before. Writer…writer..writer! LOL…too funny!

    Now for the pleasantries:

    Isn’t St. Patrick’s Day Over?!
    Well…I haven’t seen the Lucky Charms leprechaun since the pageant instructor in City Hall! Now here’s another one. Baechoo (means lettuce in Korean) is now the Lucky Charms leprechaun incarnate in this drama. Or maybe I should say a 24/7 walking head of lettuce! hehehe It looks like he shops at the same thrift shop where MD and JH bought their clothes from that’s near the sauna.

    The Eyes Have It!
    Wow, Chang Hee has the most beautiful light brown eyes. I don’t know if he’s wearing contacts or not, but they sure are nice to look into. After TS’s dark eyes, of course!

    Bodies by Zumba!
    I don’t know TS or CH’s workout regimen, but they sure are buff and believe it or not that includes gangster Goo!!! I could do a coin toss on their arms, chest, abs and butt just to watch it bounce! hehehe

    Lets Get This Party Started!
    Dong Goo is hilarious with his 3 women story while out having sushi and soju with the gang! I watched two separate hosts so far that had different translations. This one is my favorite. He met three women, the first one had a pretty face, the second ones face was frightening, and the third one had a lot of money, so he called her glamorous! He needs to stay away from the joo!

    According to the preview of ep. 8, SJ is going to introduce JH to someone to date. Hmmmmm Hopefully, this episode will reveal the hidden agendas! Like the teddy bear in JH’s room and who is wearing TS’s couples ring. Yes!

    Someone commented that JH is pushing himself on MD. Ignoring what she said about being interested in someone else. Well, the female version is JS! She’s not only pushy, but forward and nosey! CHOW!

  322. 322 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. About the couples ring. Is this high school or what?! MD wearing the ring around her neck doesn’t mean anything to me! Come on, now! I suppose that’s her way of accepting it for now. Either she doesn’t want people in the office to know or she’s still in emotional limbo. I believe the latter. She’s going on the premise of his kindness which for her is not enought. TS knew she’s been trying to like him, just like we all know this already! Well, some of us! TS is not stupid, girl! We’ll find out how that goes in the next episode, hopefully.

    Again, somethings not quite right with JH’s head.

  323. 323 : iammee Says:

    I am yet to see the spark and chemistry between the 2 leads. SSH acting being in love with the girl is not convincing, I feel that the feeling of romance is being forced. I don’t really but that his how I see it. Anyway, I still want to believe that kind of feeling will evventually change and I still want the two lead to end up together happily. I don’t really like the other actor, he has a boring charm and the same goes with the other actress.

  324. 324 : bigeye46 Says:

    kim sung oh is nice actor but he make me attractive eye..everytime i see him nice eye brown

  325. 325 : Sharon Says:

    They are BUFF!!! I think that’s his real eyes color.
    That’s the roller coaster I was talking about one minute I am up and happy about the progress next I am down.
    Guys tell me if what I am thinking is wrong. I feel that SJHas TS best friend by her side is deeper than we think. I think she is going to start crap because she is going to realize that JH likes MD and cause CW to get involve.SJ claims that she wants to know TS better that’s why she wants go work with his friend did she not know him for quite a while now? She was boss Kim girl,so what’s her motive.mmmmm??
    If anyone will take TS business down it would be CW he has a bad temper and that’s going to get him in trouble all the time. Is that why SJ have him work for her, so that he won’t cause trouble at TS company?
    Another thing, is JH TS’s brother? Who is buried under that rock? Could it be CW real brother, or TS brother ?
    Roller coaster, roller coaster, roller coaster.

  326. 326 : Jyenie Says:

    I just found out that this drama is written by the people behind Fashion King and directed by those of Dr.Jin. No wonder the way they portray the characters is similar to Fashion King and what happened in Bali which I like very much. I won’t be surprised if the ending will be like FK and WHIB!

    I can’t wait to see the dark side of TS and how he is going to show his jealousy when he finds out about JH.

  327. 327 : Pim Says:

    I think MD have 2 hearts now. She is managing her love between 2 men. One elder man is very kind to her and do everything for her. Another young man ,She always be happy, funny, laugh,or enjoy life with him. So, She can not release anyone. Just keep both of them, Two loves two secret men of a pretty woman who names Mi Do. ha ha ha

  328. 328 : Pim Says:

    326 :Jyenie
    I think TS didn’t jealous JH if he knew that MD also loved JH, May be he gave MD to JH and walking alone on his way. He may be disappointed or broken-heart alone. The important things is MD and JH will happy together or they really love each other or not ?

    This story is “When a Man Falls in Love Woman”
    not ” When a Woman Falls in Love a Man” Ha ha ha

  329. 329 : Jyenie Says:

    @Pim 328

    You could be right but then it won’t be exciting for us to watch if there is no jealousy throwing in the air!

    When a man falls in love…..he will be very very very jealous. Hmmm.

  330. 330 : Jyenie Says:

    “I get so invested in his happiness, its not funny. I even teared up when he got frustrated with her about the ring!! What happened to me??! I wanna wring her neck for being so unresponsive.. Eeeesh!!!” quoted from someone on another site.

    Do you share the same sentiment?

  331. 331 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    Seo Mi Do is too young for Han Tae Sang, and HTS is too old for her. And we can all say, “Age doesn’t matter.”

    Yeah we all agree, but can we all see love between them?
    For me, I can see love from HTS, but only sympathy from Seo Mi Do.

    Love is not sympathy and sympathy is obviously not love.
    Better define them right…

  332. 332 : Pim Says:

    Jyenie 329-330

    I know and I understand your feeling. Now, it seems to me that HTS love Seo Mi Do more than she loves him, right ? HTS never pay attention to the woman who always love him or anyonelse except Mi Do. For me, real love is to make the one we love happy, even though we know that we don’t get anything or love return to us. That’s why in this world we met broken heart people as usual. they say that “It is better to have love and lost than to never have love at all.

  333. 333 : Jyenie Says:

    @usa-mary 321
    I was so pleased when he was giving her a peace of his mind after she rejected the ring, as if he was venting out his frustration with MD on my behalf, I suddenly can comprehend those evil mother in law in KD. Finally he said the magical words,” Let’s break up!” I was overjoyed, but not for long, he put on the ring and passed the other one to her, ” how you wish to hear that.” Darn.

    @usa-mary 322
    [TS knew she’s been trying to like him, just like we all know this already! Well, some of us! TS is not stupid, girl! ]
    Mary, we are really on the same page on this one!

    [Either she doesn’t want people in the office to know or she’s still in emotional limbo.]
    I pick the former one because normally people tend to hide their relationships when they don’t feel committed enough. But our TS can’t wait to tell the whole world if possible!

  334. 334 : Nuna Says:


    I think you have wrong information about the people behind this drama.

    Director : Sang-ho Kim

    When a Man Loves | Namjaga Saranghal Ddae (MBC / 2013)
    Arang and the Magistrate | Alangsattojeon (MBC / 2012)
    Can You Hear My Heart | Naemaeumyi Deulrini (MBC / 2011)
    Possessed | Hon (MBC / 2009)
    Hyangdan (MBC / 2007)
    Couple or Trouble | Hwansangui keopeul (MBC / 2006)
    A Man and A Woman | Bimilnamnyeo (MBC / 2005)

    Screenwriter : Kim In Young

    When a Man Loves | Namjaga Saranghal Ddae (MBC / 2013)
    Man From the Equator | Jeogdoui Namja (KBS2 / 2012)
    Still, Marry me | Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Sipeun Yeoja (MBC / 2010)
    Sisters in Love | Taeyanghee Yeoja (KBS2 / 2008)
    Merry Mary | Meri Daegu Kongbangjeon (MBC / 2007)
    A Man and A Woman | Bimilnamnyeo (MBC / 2005)
    Six Love Stories | Ddeolrineun Gaseum (MBC / 2005)
    Marry Me | Kyeolhunhago Sipeun Yeoja (MBC / 2004)
    Good News | Gibbeun Sosik (MBC / 2003)
    Sunlight | Keu Haetsalyi Nayege (MBC / 2002)

  335. 335 : say Says:

    the problem is that we don,t want to keep guesting what MD is thinking of the men in her life, we just want her to love only one man TS, i hope the directors are paying attention, because if they keep putting JH involve and MD keep showing that interest on him this drama will go to o viewers. in the next episode to come i want the writers commit to one man, if the writers keep playing this game they will lose viewers, as they are losing it already instead of increasing it,sometimes it is not only women that watches this drama alone,men also watches it, it also affect what people do day to day life, if you are a man you watch this drama , will you want to help anyone that is like MD again, we all know the answer no, you will leave her to solve her problem by herself, which ultimately she will lose all her family for it,can you imagine if the boss was to be alive by now, what he might have done to those family even the father by now might have died, remember what TS told the boss about one family that they all committed suicide, the writers should encourage people to commit themselves in doing good not discourage them ,because this writing now is discouraging people to do good to others when there is need to do it.

  336. 336 : Jyenie Says:

    @Nuna 334

    Thanks for the information:)

  337. 337 : fan Says:

    I’m just happy ! I was little worried about the actress playing TS mother, I find her too graceful, but there is no mistakes, intelligent choice thank God.
    Wanting her son to learn piano, she’s a cultivated woman fond of art (having an affair with an art teacher). TS took his love for books from her. Some hidden story about her, she maybe married an uncultivated man (worker at construction site) for some reasons.

    @Sharon 325 You’re right about JS wanting CH by her side, it’s bit intriguing. JH being TS brother need more hints to become a probability. TS brother is 10 years younger than him, I think at age of 7 we still remember who are our parents and siblings. Is it memory loss ?

  338. 338 : fan Says:

    @Pim 327-328-332 Good point 😉

  339. 339 : fan Says:

    @ Nuna Thanks for these information, I didn’t know that she was the writer of The Equator Man, it was a good drama.

  340. 340 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Somehow I like BSJ despite her background. Poor BSJ still having hope in HTS to change his feelings towards her.

    Love the “ring” scene …. esp on HTS.

  341. 341 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-333: That point is true, too. Yes, our TS is quite eager!

    I had hoped that ep. 8 would be the beginning of them spending more time together, yet from the previews of ep. 8, we’ll either get more teasing from the writer/director whose been dangling before us when TS will find out about JH and MD’s first meeting and fun together in Guam and whether TS will tell JH who has the other couples ring. Some how I sense that Something has to finally come to light! We’re almost half way through this drama, so hopefully, they will make it known that they know each other. At this point, one thing I ask of the writer is that there will be no weird cliff-hanger ending like in some kdramas that I’ve seen!

  342. 342 : Poohs Says:

    why does always Mi Do appear so sad? Song Seung Hun acted well. Did they get the wrong cast for Mi Do. Don’t see the chemistry between the two.

  343. 343 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi @Jyenie #326

    You almost gave me a fright when you said that the people behind this drama are the same as those for Fashion King, Dr. Jin and What Happened in Bali. I loved watching both Fashion King & WHIB until the last 1 minute of the very last episode and until today they are still so memorably bad 🙂

    I have watched this drama up to episode 6 now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. SSH and SSK are very well casted – he is endearing and she is alluring. The storyline is unconventional and the pace is fast. The whole atmosphere is permeating tension and nervousness which makes me, as a viewer, want to watch closely to see what is going to happen next. The premise for this drama is about the complicated affairs of the hearts – people falling deeply in love, unrequited love, brotherly love and a woman being loved by two men and can’t decide. These are all very realistic and it would be entertaining to watch all 20 episodes of how the writer intends to write these various love stories instead of the usual one man/one woman love story, I think. 🙂

  344. 344 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-325: I wondered the same things that you mentioned in the last paragraph! It will be interesting to find out, whoever that person is. I wonder if JH is TS’s brother? Its not like they were separated when TS’s brother was an infant or anything like that. In my thinking, he should know what his brother looks like. Well more revelations are coming!

    Has anyone seen the photos of the cast on the official MBC website? I learn a lot from photos, especially how they’re positioned and how they’re paired. Go take a look for yourself. Its quite interesting. Hopefully, the writer will prove me wrong with what I’m sensing how this drama will end! I wonder will we be continually teased and taunted for 14 more episodes, making us hope that TS and MD will get together, only to end with it not being that way. We’ll find out!

  345. 345 : Jyenie Says:

    @unknown unknown 343

    Haha, my bad! Mianhe.

  346. 346 : loulou Says:

    I’m pretty sure this story will have a bad ending the writers will kill off Han Tae Sang and Mi Do will end up with Jae Hee.If Mi Do don’t show any feelings of Tae Sang by next ep I’ll stop watching it.Like somebody pointed out the pictures says it all, Tae Sang’s seems to be coming between Mi do and Jae Hee and plus Jae Hee is the first guy she met . Jeez if there was a rich sweet hottie ready to die for his love like Tae Sang he could be over 50 no girl would turn him down especially after he saved her and her family so many times. Seung Hun is one of the hottest Korean actor I can’t believe some call him old!!!!

  347. 347 : fan Says:

    I’m totally in shock !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In a certain website, I’ve read what will happen to our MD TS and JH, totally unpredictable, I just hope it’s not true.

  348. 348 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie Are you sure about WHIB and FK ? Did you read it somewhere ? I don’t want to see the darkness of anyone.

  349. 349 : usa-mary Says:

    I know this isn’t the only way to access the MBC website, but this is where I found the photo quickly that I’m referencing. On this website page, directly below the header ‘photos’ of the scenes of this drama; then below that, look for the header ‘related photo’….then, after that the wording (Other Photo From Official Site) is in parenthesis! Click on that. It will take you directly to the MBC website. Then, go and look at the photos of the cast and how they’re positioned. There’s only 1 couple holding hands and this is not a scene from the drama either!!! What?! Is this an indication of what’s to come?!

    @loulou-346: SO TRUE! A good man like that, even if he is over 50 and single, is a good catch!

  350. 350 : Ika Says:

    I don’t know what will happen to me if TS hurts so much. i don’t want to see it’ll happen, it makes me hurt too. Honestly, i interested this drama because of the main cast is SSH. Hope TS will happy in his whole life & there is no pain again, MD please think carefully where your heart is belong to. I hope MD like TS not because of thank, but she will realize that her heart is belong to TS. To, JH hope she just feel as a best friend ^^.

  351. 351 : eny Says:

    @unknown unknown
    i’m 100% agree with your opinion, i always like charracter that realistic that sometimes not perfect, it just more human

    I just weird with name of the two brother Jae Hee n Chang Hee because it reminds me of “May Queen’ the lead actor is Jae Hee n he portray a man named Chang Hee, what a weird coincident……….

  352. 352 : kimchilee Says:

    it’s almost too painful to watch this drama.. I can see where this is going, TS will be the one ending up hurt.. or killed.. hurt from JH and CH will probably betray him.. everyone will end up hurt here.. i think i’ll wait till i know what happens in the end before I come back to this drama.

  353. 353 : say Says:

    well, if JH betray TS by been jealous of his relationship with MD no matter what he do, TS will know on time because he is not the only one working with TS. and that will be a big mistake on his side, in the review of ep7 he look sad that means he knows their relationship already and he want TS to know too that he too is also interested in her,eventually he going to betray TS out off jealousy thinking it is because of TS money and power that is why she agree to marry him,but in the end i think TS will forgive him.

  354. 354 : kimchilee Says:

    I dont really like MD.. my concern is that TS may lose CH’s friendship due to JH’s love for MD.. he may end up defending his brother.. Poor TS.. I can’t bear to see TS and CH’s friendship and loyalty break up.. that’s painful to watch.

  355. 355 : say Says:

    @kimchilee, remember CH’s dose not like MD, i don,t think that he will support his brother in that scene because he was there right from the beginning when TS asked him to go and give MD the money for her school fee, he understand that TS feel something for MD that is why he is protecting her, and also writing off the debt or interest -rate of MD father debt that causes the boss wanted to kill TS,and if he wise enough, he will advise his brother to stay away from her or tell him the trust what happen that cause him to go to jail,in the common scene is all because of MD

  356. 356 : Jyenie Says:

    While waiting for coming episodes, watched some clips of the past episodes and promo clips on You tube. I don’t mind watching those clips again and again, still so captivating. I have watched a few of his dramas before but now only I understand why SSH is labeled as Hanllyu star, I am smitten! He is so sweet, cute, handsome, immaculate, charming (in this drama). If SSH plays the role of JH, I would want MD to go for JH!

  357. 357 : usa-mary Says:

    @unknown unknown-343: I like your observation how the writer captures all the human characteristics of life. I really didn’t get into Fashion King, but I did watch WHIB, which was a very good drama, until the end. To this day, I try to forget how it ended.

    This drama in general:

    I, at times, enjoy the unconventional approach taken by writers of kdramas when they somewhat break from the norm. But, for me, a person that embraces creativity, has to often try to remain objective about this writer’s point of view which I find not easy to do. I truly don’t like craziness in my own life, even though I realize its inevitable and makes me stronger. So, my objectively approach views the characters in this drama as constantly evolving and adapting. Each one has had a difficult, heart-wrenching time at some point in their life, and to date their lives are still somewhat complicated. Regardless, of the lavish or comfortable lifestyle. They each are fighting for what they can’t seemingly have. For passionate, driven people, that’s a very hard pill to swallow. The word ‘no’ is never an option to them. Even CH thought that way when JH told him, he was rejected by a girl. CH wanted to know who she was. It was like…how dare her…who does she think she is! When he said that, I immediately thought about the male ego, but then realized that its more than that. Its about POWER! You don’t have to be wealthy to have power, but its still a must have in order to be dependently, independent! Power has taken each character to a new height from their past. Through it, they each have either found the strength to do better, found strength to survive in their hopelessness, or just plainly contiuned in the hardcore, destructive path like gangster Goo, under the guise of a successful (shady) businessman from Pres. Kim’s unaccounted for millions!

  358. 358 : Jyenie Says:

    @Kimcheelee 354 & say 355,

    Do I dare to say that CH will “settle”( try to imagine what I mean here) MD?! He will think the same of MD like us(viewers) i.e she is ungrateful to TS and the culprit of his best friend and his brother’s conflict.

  359. 359 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 358, As you Said, I think, with the help of JS, he will cause à lot of damage and in addition we have YG jealousy who’s already trying to destroy TS.

  360. 360 : Jyenie Says:

    @usa-mary 357

    I totally understand your point. That is why I always go with the flow of the story. I saw this somewhere- a novelist in the drama/movie was struggling with the development of the characters in her book. She was trying to apply her own sense of value on the character/s but it just didn’t seem right, as if it was trying to tell her, “Hey, that is what you want but you are not me, it won’t work that way.” Until she started to see things with her characters’ perspective, everything seems to fit in and make sense for the characters.

  361. 361 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan 359,

    You are right on! Ah yes, you are also right about the troublemaker-Gangster Goo and don’t forget BSJ!

  362. 362 : say Says:

    what is love? i understand that love not when you go to the park with a man, run around wearing funny caps on your head that is love,no that is not love, which you can do with your parents, brothers, sisters, and even your girl friends, that is what MD did with JH.love is caring, sacrifice,put him or herself in place of others,that is what TS did for MD,when he was stab on the back he did not think of marrying her,either did he think he is ever going to see her again, but he think of setting her free from burden,pain that might ultimately destroy her family just as it destroyed his own family, than he did not asked for any thing back not on still he saw her in the restaurant still suffering, this why i am still hanging on to this drama for them, writers to do the right thing not to destroy it.at the end someone will be able to re watch it and even recommend it to others that it is a good drama to watch.

  363. 363 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-360: Very true! I’ve learnt to go with the flow to save myself from being disappointed with a dramas unsuspected ending. But, I still will lend my ‘commenting’ voice for fun!

    Very well put! I can attest to that. I’ve been doing a little dabbling when it comes to writing (short stories) for a few years and can relate to what the novelist wrote. In the beginning, I had always wondered how writers’ characters are developed. Until one day, I had my own personal breakthrough, similar to what you mentioned. For the first time, I experienced my characters becoming living, breathing beings to me. As if like children (as one writer termed it). Each with their own personality, character and direction. Its so true that the spirit of a developing character definitely knows where it is headed, no matter how the writer tries to tweak it on paper. There’s no peace for the writer until the character develops in its own way! Thank you for sharing!

  364. 364 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-362: That’s so apropos! Even though TS worked hard to become successful with MD on his mind all those years. After becoming successful, he didn’t have a PI go looking for her to ‘own’ her or make her ‘his’ woman! He went on with his life, until the day they crossed each others path.

    I came across the following and thought about TS when I saw it.

    If you love something, set it free.
    If it comes back, it will always be yours.

    If it doesn’t come back, it was never yours to begin with!

    Fate in one sense brought MD back, but will she be his?

  365. 365 : say Says:

    @usa-mary well said, Mary, i like the last paragraph thanks.

  366. 366 : Jyenie Says:

    @usa-mary 363

    Wow, you give me goose bumps with your elaboration! You are saying exactly what i want to say, only say it better.

  367. 367 : Jyenie Says:


    [If you love something, set it free.
    If it comes back, it will always be yours.
    If it doesn’t come back, it was never yours to begin with!]

    This is deep, It makes me ponder.

  368. 368 : usa-mary Says:

    @kimchilee-354: I hope that CH’s brotherly love for TS is a whole lot stronger than that. Yet, I agree, it would really be hard to watch their relationship fall apart over MD and his brother. It will be one huge mess for sure!

    @Jyenie-358: I agree with you. I believe that CH won’t be still about MD either when that comes to light. Unless someone calms him down, he just may give her a not so friendly warning! CH loves TS, just as much as he loves his brother. Plus, with gangster Goo irritating him everytime they cross paths, he’s ripe and ready to unleash his frustration. Hopefully, he won’t end up back in prison.

  369. 369 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! @say & @Jyenie: Thank you! You all make me want to think and dig deeper. I appreciate all of your comments!

  370. 370 : Sharon Says:

    @saysay @kimchilee
    I think that CW is going to hate MD even more because now she is coming between his best friend and brother. He is going to give her hell, especially with SJ’s help.
    @ USA-Mary I could not have said it better myself. Power!! Everyone wants it and it can be as insignifant as smashing an ant. or as significant as a government taking over a country. However, in the final analysis it make us who we are whether good or bad. I also like what you say about love and I believe she came to him because she knows he likes her a lot
    And she likes him. I think, now is where we are going to see if this immature feelings can stand the test it’s going to endure. Will TS trust MD enough due to his insecurities and will MD stand by him and not run away in fear? If they can do this they will be ok!!!!

  371. 371 : say Says:

    Well, in real life i too will be insecure of a man whom i know that there is other woman who is interested in him,anyone will be insecure, know matter how a man promise you, you know that he or she can be tempted to make mistake that might cause that relationship to collapse. in the last ep6 MD seeing the other woman there,you can see that when she came into the office to give a file to TS, he did not show any interest in looking at her maybe she thought that TS call for her , she quickly show him the ring as part of securing her place in his life.she also knows that if that woman have TS she will ultimately be remove her from working there, and than she will go back to her previous life where she will continue to look for a job all those smile in her family face will disappear.

  372. 372 : fan Says:

    @Sharon, I’m eager to see their relationship blooming, but still there is many people around them who, voluntarily or involuntarily, will not let this happen with their jealousy : SJ, CH, JH and of course YG.
    If there is fate, it’ll bloom.

  373. 373 : usa-mary Says:

    Hurricane SJ is brewing!

    Now, I know men can be egotistical, but what’s with SJ repeatedly saying that she’s the only one (woman) that can handle TS?! Her id and ego is working overtime since MD came on the scene! SJ’s relationship with TS as chingus was agreed upon early on, but she’s the one that keeps wanting to change the rules. All she’s been trying to do is get TS in bed so she can tap his innocent side. Just because she turned ye old gangster Kim out doesn’t mean that she can open up TS’s nose so wide that a Mack truck can be driven through it! So far, the only nose that’s begging to be opened like that by her is ye old gangster Goo, and right now he’s ticked off with her for not accepting his kiss! Awwww, she hurt his pride! Its a good thing he didn’t see what she used as mouth wash after that kiss! LOL Straight and no chaser!

  374. 374 : Sharon Says:

    What did she use mouth wash??????😳hehehehehe..
    Kills all the germs!!😃

  375. 375 : Park jun sung Says:

    Huwaaa. . . I really want to watch yun woo jin here. Why he should be 2nd lead huhu 🙁

  376. 376 : Jyenie Says:

    @Park jun sung 375,

    Do you think it’s possible SSH is 2nd lead?

  377. 377 : Park jun sung Says:

    haha, yeah, i kn0w its alm0st impossible. But wish yun woo jin end up with shin se kyung. . . . There is some kdrama that the 2nd lead male end up with main lead, rit? Baker king, queen reversals, etc. . .

  378. 378 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-374: That’s true, mouth wash does kill all germs, but mouth wash usually has a low-moderate alcohol content. She used straight booze! After that unforgetable kiss, she went home, headed to her bar, picked up a crystal decanter of booze and took a big swig of it to rinse out her mouth! With that high percentage of alcohol, it not only kills all present germs, but prevents those in the future that’s thinking about living there! LOL

    I believe that I can safely say that in the upcoming episodes, SJ, like an unsuspected tsuname is headed their way!

  379. 379 : usa-mary Says:

    When I think about how TS is always helping people and protecting those he loves. I thought…who’s going to protect him?

    Believe it or not, but a woman in love does protect and provides a covering of prayer for the man that she loves, too!

    I hope TS can get the Hong Kong investors back. If not, equally, prestigious investors to replace them.

  380. 380 : Jyenie Says:

    @Park jun sung 377

    I wouldn’t mind Shin Se Kyung ends up with 2nd lead, only if it is played by SSH. LOL.

  381. 381 : FAaat Says:

    Shin Se Kyung is soo pretty & song seung hun is soo hott<3

  382. 382 : ani Says:

    sin she kyung acting is the same like in fashion king her face is very depressed

  383. 383 : Sharon Says:

    The big problem is everyone thinks they are helping him. MD, for being there for her when she was in need, SJ believes she is the only one that can understand him and love him like he needs to be love and CH trying to protect him from outside forces.
    While TS, just want to be with the woman he loves and enjoy the spoils of his labor with his friends. Poor guy.😔

  384. 384 : Adhe Talla Says:

    After watching this drama till ep 6. I’m more n more in love with SSH oppa. His, anger, cuteness, romantic, n any other sides of his acting are awesome. Good job, oppa. Anything happens, I’d like to see it’ll end up with SSH n SSK become a match and can’t be separated. Make it happy ending, jebal!

  385. 385 : Mui Says:

    SSk’s face look plastic…

  386. 386 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-383: Good point! Since challenges are a part of life, both in reality and fiction, I believe that TS will turn out alright. That is, unless the writer has written something else in mind.

  387. 387 : say Says:

    do you guys see what is new on the Official Site of this drama, link on this we site to the Official Site, you will see that something good is coming.i think this how the drama should have been. i don,t why the writer was beating around bush before, because the title of this drama say it all, love.so i hope the writer keep up by giving us this love often and on.

  388. 388 : fan Says:

    Hopefully, it’s not the calm before the storm.

  389. 389 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Whatever it is, hope the writer will not make HTS into a thug again. He had came out from there and made his way up to be a successful corporate businessman. He should not be what he was before eg getting into fights like episode 5. In that scene, he could have called in the office building security guards and have them escorted GYG and his gang out. With his past experiences, HTS should be a more self-controlled person by now.

  390. 390 : fan Says:

    We know for sure that he’s not a bad guy, if he turns out otherwise as SJ always bragging, it’ll not make any sense.
    When it comes to his MD, he doesn’t think twice, that’s it.

  391. 391 : say Says:

    well, you guys are funny, but InquizityJJ 389,what you say is truth.because a businessman dose not behave like tug in public, he handle things in a different way, it dose not show it to the public to see, with that i hope the writer take note of it.Fan, i also hope it is not the calm before the storm as you say,i pray not,this drama suppose to be romantic drama.happy viewing.

  392. 392 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, the story is called When A Man Loves!! Whether I am a business man or not of I love some one and see some one hit them guess what ? All gloves are on. Business man, or not feelings comes first. I will redeem myself later with the business world that’s why he has SJ and JH.☺

  393. 393 : Sandy Says:

    I agree Sharon. I’m in the business world and it doesn’t make you a thug to protect the person you love. If anything it makes you look weak if you don’t. Also, when dealing with a thug, then become a thug to protect your love. My only fear with this drama is I think she’s going to end up with the second leading man. I stopped watchning and won’t continue until all the episodes are loading. I hope this drama has a happy ending. In my opinion out of everybody, he deserves to be happy. His youth was stolen from him and he’s doing everything to protect those around him–he has a good heart. If the main female lead dumps him, then the writers have lost touch with reality. He’s extremely good looking, heart of gold, supported her and her family behind the scene for years. Sorry, but there is nothing not to like about this man.

  394. 394 : Sharon Says:

    Sandy yes, I agree with what you say, but I don’t believe she will end-up with JH. JH to her is fun to be around and this she has not experienced due to taking care of her family, so someone comes along and show you that there is more to life than being depress and worry about it. MD cares for TS and it’s shown to me in so many ways. Well, may be only to me.😃

  395. 395 : usa-mary Says:

    Just watched ep. 7 raw! Will elaborate after subs even though I’m doing the HAPPY DANCE! In your face JH! hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa Well, at least for now. Only the writer knows what’s next.

    Okay, back to reality! I don’t know about anyone else, but I just love to watch a man prep and cook food for me. Especially, when he knows what he’s doing. He looks sooo sexy to me! This is what I thought after watching TS cook food for CH and DG; then, CH for JH. SSH can cook for me anytime!

    I hope MD chooses TS in the end. She’s mellowing and warming up a bit and is now beginning to encourage him when he needs it. That’s so apropos MD. He’s carrying a lot on his shoulders and needs someone by his side to comfort and love him. Oops, I did say that I was going to wait until the subs. Oh well! I’m eager for ep. 8 now!

  396. 396 : san Says:

    l like is this drama. ts and smd very match.

  397. 397 : sss Says:

    this drama very intersting.

  398. 398 : say Says:

    thank god, for the writer to make JH take back that shoe,i don’t know what is wrong with MD father, is it because he is not man enough like TS, that is why he is praying for him and his family to die in poverty, i can’t believe this man, the wife is the only one who knows that TS is God sent to them,he the husband so ungrateful,he is getting on my nerves like JH both of them,JH is jealous i hope he is not going to start causing trouble for TS.hope not ,now that he knows the truth, he should behave like a man and let go.the only thing that i want the writer to do is to get TS friend with Baek Sung Joo, let him start protecting her from president goo Yong,there they can fall in love with each other. let her leave TS and MD alone.may be it is only me why have MD not gone to TS house at lease to cook for him before he comes home,i wonder why.

  399. 399 : Sharon Says:

    I hope the rating start going up. Guys, I won’t read anymore comments until ep 7 and 8 in eng sub. I am too anxious. Will comment Friday, like anyone cares.

  400. 400 : aqe Says:

    actor and actress very pretty. i hope happy this drama ending.

  401. 401 : usa-mary Says:

    Leave it to my mind to come up with this! Whenever I see TS at home in his swank, upscale home…I envision little TS’s with huge, dazzling eyes looking at all the pretty, shiny objects. They’re eager for the opportunity to leave little handprints on all that glass or to climb up and down on the sturdy sculpture! Without a doubt, he and MD either will have to get a children friendly home or buy new furniture.

    At least, this is what I hope for them!

  402. 402 : Kdramaholic Says:

    After watching ep7 w/ eng sub, I start to think that the writer want us to hate Mi Do being in love with 2 men at the same time. She’s getting jealous on both Tae Sang and Jae Hee when women surround them. She, while acting to be a good girlfriend to TS, but keeps concern/worry about Jae Hee. That is not being two-timing directly per se, but it’s getting there since she hasn’t yet determined her feelings and being honest to TS.

  403. 403 : ani Says:

    mr P i want my princess part 2 Please

  404. 404 : Zaza Says:

    Hi all,

    I watch this drama solely because of SSH in it. However, i am really afraid of the ending since most of SSH drama or movie, he ended dead except My Princess :).
    I am afraid that JH will becomes a bad person after he find out about his brother being in the prison for TS sake.

    Please let this drama be a happy ending.

  405. 405 : Sky Says:


  406. 406 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, there are so many things brewing around TS in one episode. JH found out about TS and MD, and his brother convicted of murder due to TS. What kind of damage will he cause to TS out of jealousy with BSJ’s fanning in the coming episodes? Gangster Goo continues slandering TS’s reputation and provoking hot blooded CH. And also not to forget that green piece of crap.
    BSJ is such a pathetic person, she even bought herself a similar ring.
    MD’s mother knows better than her that she is blessed to have TS fallen for her. Her mother is grateful to TS for their good life and tells all the good points of TS to MD, as if she is saying that on our behalf. Is the writer trying to humour us?

  407. 407 : fida18 Says:

    Love this series…lose weight now ask me [email protected]

  408. 408 : say Says:

    this is other childish writing. when the writers, write for nobody else but themselves,and this is why the rating can,t go up,because they drive everybody else away who was interested of the drama from the beginning ,especially when you see MD continue to be jealous of JH, you will drop this drama because it irritating for you to continue watch what the writer is doing.and if TS find out find out about her, having tangling feel for JH, he will drop her like hot potato, the drama will end up been useless work of act,you can never go back and rewatch it again just like East of Eden, at the end the writer mess up everything. i wonder who is going to buy that drama or say that i am going to watch it again after knowing how it ended/ that is the concern of everybody here nobody want to watch a drama with disappointing ending.in the beginning of this drama when the viewers saw how TS defended her they were thinking O this is going to be a great love story but what now writer not only you are messing up MD acting career here but you are also reminding people who have watch fashion king, i was thinking the writer is going to make MD made decision here, by announcing her engagement to people not hiding it like child who is doing hid and seek making TS look like a fool,TS can’t even tell people who he is dating only him is wearing the ring.why MD put it on and off/when you make decision you make decision,TS is committed to you 100% . let your yes be yes ,your no be no.i think i am, getting tiered of watching this drama.

  409. 409 : wee Says:

    her acting does not improve at all….she does not match SSH….SSH should go with the other lady as that lady help him so much…this is call LOVE….
    change script….MI DO should be all alone by herslef…she get nothing…HATE her since she like the other guy so much go for it….leave SSH alone……go away MI DO..go away MI DO…..

  410. 410 : Jyenie Says:

    As if MD is doing TS a big favour for trying to love him. I really hope TS is going to dump her, then she will realise what a fool she has been, she will have to beg TS to take her back. Yes!

  411. 411 : India Samks Says:

    I don’t think so 408. I am usually highly critical of the writing since is usually done by a woman for women. There are usually similar themes: drunkenness, revenge, unrequited love, secrets, enemies, backstabbing. In fact, nothing unfamiliar in these dramas. It’s always the same story with a twist.then you decide whether you like the actors and them in the story.

  412. 412 : India Samks Says:

    Mi do is selfish. She only cares what people think not her. TG has spoiler her and she acts like she deserves it not knowing how she affects all these people. She is young and irresponsible. She still thinks she owes TG something so she acts nice towards him but if things start going wrong for him she will probably dump him as she really is like her father.. An opportunist!

  413. 413 : say Says:

    and again, TS should take care of that Mr Goo, why will he stand by and let the man walk all over him like that, he has done nothing wrong to him, him standing by doing nothing about it, is not good all,because the man will continue to destroy his reputation.

  414. 414 : Jyenie Says:

    Shin Se Kyung revealed how she feels about co-stars Song Seung Hun and Yeon Woo Jin in the drama “When a Man Falls in Love”.

    April 23, a press conference for the MBC drama “When a Man Falls in Love” opened in Seoul. During the press conference, actress Shin Se Kyung stated, “I am currently portraying a character who is romantically involved with Song Seung Hun and Yeon Woo Jin. Song Seung Hun’s role features a lot of childlike characteristics so it makes me smile just to watch. When I see Yeon Woo Jin, my heart begins to beat without even realizing why.”

    Shin Se Kyung’s character Seo Mi Do in “When a Man Falls in Love” is a woman who follows her greed in order to escape poverty. Even though she is in a romantic relationship with Song Seung Hun’s character, she finds herself unable to forget about Yeon Woo Jin’s character.

    Shin Se Kyung added, “If it were me, I think I would choose Yeon Woo Jin. But Seo Mi Do has a lot of scars from personal issues like family situation so there are a lot of things that she does which may not always seem understandable. Regardless, I started this drama completely ready to receive hatred from the viewers. I only hope that viewers can understand things from Seo Mi Do’s situation as well.”

    The MBC drama “When a Man Falls in Love” features actors Song Seung Hun, Yeon Woo Jin, Shin Se Kyung and Chae Jung Ahn. The drama contains a tight storyline with actors with strong acting skills, not to mention their chemistry with each other. “When a Man Falls in Love” is currently the no.1 drama among the Wednesday-Thursday dramas in terms of viewing rates.


  415. 415 : Jyenie Says:

    The production crew of the drama “When a Man Falls in Love” also hinted that the love story is about to get more exciting soon. During a press conference a few days ago, Song Seung Hun stated, “Our drama is basically starting now. I’m very grateful that the viewing rates were very high so far.”

    Shin Se Kyung warned, “I began to film this drama with expectations of being hated by the viewers. I just hope that viewers try looking at the situation from Seo Mi Do’s perspective.”

    This MBC drama “When a Man Falls in Love” has maintained its spot at number 1 since the beginning in terms of viewing rates. According to Nielson Korea, the 7th episode that aired on April 24 received 10.5% which was ranked No.1 again among all the dramas that air at the same time on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  416. 416 : unknown unknown Says:

    I think this drama is a rather unique storyline and I am pretty happy with it so far. It is not just a simple love story with the usual clichés to make up 16 episodes – such as evil mothers/fathers, annoying ex-girl friends, birth secrets, amnesia, sickness or body swapping before the OTP get to live happily ever after – we have watched so many of them already.

    I find that Shin Se Kyung is doing very well acting out the role of Seo Mi Do. The scenes and conversations in the first couple of episodes alluded to SMD being a young woman who was not at all outstanding – she did not have a boyfriend, no job and failed at job interviews. She was insipid and has very low self esteem due to her poor background and the fact that her father being constantly harassed by loan shark gangsters was known around the neighbourhood causing her embarrassment. Although she was smart academically, she has low EQ (as seen by how she reacted to the high society ladies at the party). She was typical of the young girls of current times – cool cool, a bit defiant and with an attitude problem. Until she was sent by Han Tae Sang to an overseas business trip in Guam, Seo Mi Do was constantly tensed and nervous (over money and her future) and was portrayed as an unhappy person filled with low moments and bad memories throughout her life.

    Despite all her shortcomings, both Han Tae Sang and Lee Jae Hee fell in love with her and expressed their love for her at the same time and she liked them both – not unusual for a young woman to be indecisive at this early stage in the relationships.

    Therefore, the actress to play Seo Mi Do cannot be too pretty and outstanding, cannot come across as congenial or lively and most importantly, cannot be likeable. Now, isn’t Shin Se Kyung doing a good job as not being likeable?

    If not Shin Se Kyung, which actress do you think could play Seo Mi Do based on what the writer has written for this character in this story? 🙂

  417. 417 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, even Shin Se Kyung herself said she would choose JH if it were her.

  418. 418 : usa-mary Says:

    What I see happening is that the more TS opens himself up to truly experiencing love and affection from MD, the more he’s beginning to face the unexpected, surpressed, unresolved feelings of hurt from his past. I imagine, he’s wondering why is this surfacing now! All he did was recall what MD’s mother told him that MD likes men who play the piano. Then after he purchased a baby grand piano and was playing around with it a little so he can impress her; more unbearable thoughts from his past resurfaced. From my viewpoint, TS believes that reciprocating MD’s love is the missing factor in his successful lifel. Yet, in reality, it is the healing balm for his wounded soul. With each application, be it a smile or touch, it begins to work from the inside out. Causing every hurt, pain, sorry, disappointment, rejection from family members, anger, lose of youth, thoughts of abandonment, whys, emotional walls of protection from the past 12 years to unleash from its hiding place. These strata, can no longer lie dormant. The power of their pure love for each other is freeing his tortured, imprisoned soul.

    I believe now we will begin to see who’s really on TS’s side when he makes public his engagement! At first I didn’t see how TS could agree to keeping their relationship a secret. But, now I see. Privacy! They need time to get to know each other without external questions and interferences. They know how people in general are, especially office co-workers. Not to mention family, friends, and enemies! Once made known, tongues will wag, mouths will drop, and tears will fall. Truthfully speaking, the 50 shades of green will not only be the color of every garment Bae Choo owns. Green-eyed devils are ready to come from every possible direction to halt their happiness, individually and/or collectively. Well, it seems that Bae Choo’s showing up, at least to me is synonomous to the envy, jealousy, and strife in this drama. He’s not just a walking vegetable bin of craziness! He’s an analogy of what’s hidden, and what’s getting ready to be revealed! So far, if nothing else is stable or consistent in this drama, I can surely tell you what is…Bae Choo’s clothes closet!

  419. 419 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-415: Thank you for posting this! I applaud Shin Se Kyung for taking on such a role as MD. She’s actually an outstanding actress who prepared herself well for the viewers opinions!

    @417: Wow! Well, SSK has her preference and for sure its to live a quiet and peaceable life. Yet, no one living, be it reality or fiction will ever have that type of life ultimately…no matter who they are and no matter how much money they have. Lifes challenges will either make a person stronger or will reveal the weakest link!

  420. 420 : wdr Says:

    loveeee haha getting excited about the next epi

  421. 421 : wdr Says:

    the rating shd at least 20% above

  422. 422 : Jyenie Says:

    @ usa-mary 419,

    [So far, if nothing else is stable or consistent in this drama, I can surely tell you what is…Bae Choo’s clothes closet!]

    Haha, Mary, you have certainly added some humour to the calm before the storm.

  423. 423 : Kdramaholic Says:

    heh, it’s understandable and realistic if Shin Se Kyung would choose Yeon Woo Jin, considering TS age gap, background and her disliking father’s attitude. Don’t forget that MD still has psych. trauma being harassed by TS gang in the past. However, the situation will be changed soon when MD knows who is JH’s brother.

    @say-413, heh I know right, if Mr. Goo is considered the antagonist then he will live until the end episode as much like any other dramas out there. The hero usually spares the last boss villain many times until the ending.

  424. 424 : Park jun sung Says:

    Guys, do u kn0w where i can read the sinopsis / recaps ep 1-7? I have search on google, dramabean, koala, etc, but i didn found anything. Plis help me guys. Give me the link

  425. 425 : Jyenie Says:

    Just watched episode 8 raw. I particularly enjoyed watching TS turn to gangster mode when he was dealing with Gangster Goo. JH was totally in awe to see this side of him.

  426. 426 : say Says:

    Jyenie Says, you are right, in the entire episode8, the place i love more was him and Gangster Goo that was allsome site in the episode,i think he tells him i ga,t this, brain, you have nothing. Gangster Goo is going to where he shouldn’t go that is the book shop, i hope he stay away from there because that will terminate his appointment. anywhere,i love TS. i hope everybody will have that kind of boss were he take himself like anybody else. over all the writer did not disappoint me today that much.

  427. 427 : sdm Says:

    i think actor and actotess very mach. i hope happy movie ending.

  428. 428 : hunee Says:

    I’m with you on that #404 Zaza! that soooo true. The main actor, all his dramas is sooooo saaaadddd. They always kill his character off at the
    end of his drama, whyyyyyy go figure!!!! His the main character!!!!!!!
    So I hope its a happy ending on this drama. His tooooo preettty to be kill

  429. 429 : Zaza Says:

    #428 hunee … we should keep wishing that the handsome SSH character is not kill for this drama. 🙂 I hate this kind of drama and i usually dont repeat watching it even though i love the lead actor.
    Hahaha one more thing, i hate watching drama that expose woman to love 2 man at the same time. I tend to hate the actress who play the character.
    Ok let me give the example, the heroin in The Queen of Ambition – I avoid watching all dramas that have her in.
    I also hate actor who play unreasonable character such as Jo In Sung (Frozen Flower) – Bcoz of accidently watch that movie, i avoid watching his acting for a long time. Just start watching him again in the TWTWB. Lee Jung Ji (Pieta) – accidently watch also. Crazy me…I hate their characters not them personally.

  430. 430 : InquizityJJ Says:

    I have not watched the past two episodes yet, but I agreed with 409 WEE, that SSH should go for BSJ. A woman who had sacrificed her youth waiting for SSH. She is also a smart business woman. BSJ is sure of her love for SSH whereas MD has mixed feelings with SSH.

  431. 431 : say Says:

    @InquizityJJ430, believe me BSJ , she is not good for our TS, did you forget that she was the boss girlfriend, she was there sleeping with the boss how did she waste her youth again ?when she was the boss girlfriend.she is a trouble maker,TS cannot go for his boss former girlfriend with that how can he relived his past live that he is trying to forget.that will be bad ideal. BSJ as for me is good with TS friend or his his brother.

  432. 432 : emerald Says:

    Tae San: “how many more springs do you think im going to see?”

    oh no!!!! i had bad vibes about the ending of this drama… so sad…. but i hope i was wrong… im lovin TS so much…

  433. 433 : JB Says:

    I have drop this drama, it is irritating to see MD reaching as deep as present episode still confuse and totally ignorant of her action.

  434. 434 : say Says:

    what is killing this drama is that, the writer tend to give misunderstanding to the viewers. when you are writing a drama you give a mix Singer to the viewers, not been straight forward you intend to turn off some of them. some will not hang on.TS and MD relationship. the writer is killing it by injecting JH into it.i read about MD saying that some people might hate her for acting this role in this drama, common, why will you accept something that is going to kill your career.do you forget some people may not see it as a fiction but tend to invented their emotion on it.that is were it is bad on her own part.i also thought that writers,write for the audience not for themselves,but this one tend to stick to his or her script. no change at all giving the audience bad vibe about TS and MD relationship.

  435. 435 : JB Says:

    I think drama can be said as good drama if it has that distinct flow where it create excitement and create that share action from viewer. This drama neither has one. if this is not being played by actor like SSh this drama would have been in the bin.

    it only generate discontentment every episode and storyline is now dragging. it is a drama where you decide to watch last part per episode only and you know the rest. At present episode everything should have been out already and relationship broken. just my opinion

  436. 436 : JB Says:

    Writer we know that she is in for the money only, you are rubbing the script to much. what more do you need to show that she will sleep with JH on the coming episode. or she will be caught only at episode 12. too dragging

  437. 437 : zaza Says:

    What i foresee will happen :-
    1. TS will face more difficulties cause by Goo
    2. BSJ will always trying to protect TS and be by his side no matter what.
    3. MD undecided on who she loves more between TS and JH
    4. MD and family will also face difficulties cause by Goo
    5. JH might go against TS bcoz of MD

    What i want to see :-
    1. TS realize that he actually love BSJ not MD and dump MD… hahahaha
    2. JH realize what TS has done to help him n his brother and MD family. So also dump MD …. hahahaha
    3. MD knows that TS has been protecting her, liking her and risking his life 7 years ago. So she will decide to be with TS…Hmm actually i dont like this. It does not look like she love him but only want to repay back.

    Oh my …too many kdrama also makes me crazy 🙂

  438. 438 : say Says:

    JB 436Says, were did you see that, she is going to sleep with JH, please tell so that i now stop watching this drama,before i invent more hour into it.please tell me.

  439. 439 : sylvia Says:

    can anyone tell me where is the scenery in korea, on eps 8, it’s look like cherryblossem in japan……….
    my gohhhh so romantice and so beautiful………… when TS and MD enjoy the lovely time……………so cute look them……………
    TS the gangster can that romantis………….wow…………… wow…………

  440. 440 : JB Says:

    A script leak from insider. Ending also is that JH was the lost brother and SSh will die because of a rare disease in the bone because of his near death experience.

    The title is justified as SSH love to SSK that he will give way to his brother eventhough SSk will realize that she love SSH but because of the sleep incident he will let go.

    very sad dram and a drama not worth repeating

  441. 441 : Jyenie Says:

    Never mind about the annoying story line, let’s just enjoy SSH’s acting and his charm. Isn’t he so elegant and charming in this drama?

  442. 442 : say Says:

    JB 441Says,nowadays, Korean writers seems to be portraying their work in the wrong way, by saying that doing wrong things is rewarding, why doing good is bad.if what you are saying is true and the writer is actually going to make JH sleep with MD that make the writer worse writer on earth.because TS deserve some happiness ,the mother abandon him for loan shark to take care him,he drop out of school,he lost his brother and his home, he mange to succeed only now the writer is going to make him lose the woman he love to other man who doesn’t deserve it even though it turn out to be his brother .so what is the lesson learn here now that the writer is trying to portray to the viewers?which means the whole writing is useless if at the end he has nothing, not even happiness with the woman that he love.

  443. 443 : Sharon Says:

    Wow! I have read all the comments and I am quite disappointed withe the so called leak please keep it to yourself. Not everyone does not enjoy this drama no matter how crazy it’sy seem.
    I think the actors and actresses are doing a good job to convey the writers vision. In the end I don’t know what to come, but the story is called When A Man Loves. When a man loves he will give his all and go over and above for the one he loves, even sacrifice himself, turn his back on his best friend, don’t speak to his family if they don’t agree with his choice to love. I don’t know if anyone here has experience that kind of a love.
    @ say434
    Those people need psychiatric help. It’s a drama people are just acting out another persons fictional vision, why so serious, lets enjoy the episodes to
    come. If the writers were straight forward there would be no story everything would be predictable, then there would be no viewers. Who knows SSH might shoot to superstardom because of this, you never know life is funny..
    Kim Nam Gil played a person like in frozen flower and he became a super star in Queen Seon Duk and the drama Bad Guy. I understand its hard for some people to seperate their feelings. Just say to yourself, it’s not real,not real,not real, not real. MD still don’t know that TS was almost killed to save her life.
    I love your analogy of the green symbolizing greed and envy, because that’s what the characters are portraying the greed of wanting more than they are entitled to and the jealously of not receiving it.
    You alwayse make me laugh, the 50 shades of green bit. It’s now in his hair hahahaha hehehehe.

  444. 444 : Sharon Says:

    I just watch ep 7 & 8 and it was good, now the writers has given the gist of the story here comes the roller coaster, who is going to last.

  445. 445 : say Says:

    @Sharon443,when a man loves a woman takes so many stocks,when a man loves a woman dose not mean that the woman doesn’t love him back if it is that way there will never be love b/w a man and woman again, so takes two to love. you said that MD did not know that he save her life what about when she was kidnap who does she think that recuse her that day.how did all her fathers debt was forgiven just like that.even the mother know how they were able to make it alive.i just don’t want TS with all his kindness toward people around him and his suffering from his childhood to end up with nothing in life. i don;t think if the writer takes it that way he or she will disappoint many people for watching this drama.i, myself like happy ending for enduring hardship.

  446. 446 : say Says:

    say Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 4:07 am

    @Sharon443,when a man loves a woman takes so different stroke,when a man loves a woman dose not mean that the woman doesn’t love him back if it is that way there will never be a love b/w a man and woman again, so takes two to love. you said that MD did not know that he save her life what about when she was kidnap who does she think that recuse her that day.how did all her fathers debt was forgiven just like that.even the mother know how they were able to make it alive.i just don’t want TS with all his kindness toward people around him and his suffering from his childhood to end up with nothing in life. i don’t think if the writer takes it that way he or she will disappoint many people for watching this drama.i, myself like happy ending for enduring hardship.

  447. 447 : saraSJS Says:

    Stopped watching this drama. Can’t bear seeing TS hurt and there are just too much hateful characters in this drama for me to be able to handle. What a waste of SSH.

  448. 448 : Kdramaholic Says:

    Well, the lesson learned from this drama is when a man falls in love, he would lose everything and die in the end hahahaha. Beware all the men out there, you shouldn’t fall in love but being loved instead XD

  449. 449 : Fransiska Says:

    Hope TS and MD together in the end..and..happy ending for this drama

  450. 450 : Fransiska Says:

    Hope TS and MD together in the end..and..happy ending for this drama…why not

  451. 451 : kk Says:

    this drama is intersting. i hope happy ending. please.

  452. 452 : Park jun sung Says:

    Never mind if TS death at the end. . . . SMD end up with LJH is okay. . . 😀 Both of them is handsome

  453. 453 : zaza Says:

    #440 … Actually by listening to the OST First Button and the meaning beside those song also imply that it is gong to be a very sad ending. If JH really his brother as what leak, TS will sacrify everything even his love for him. However since the filming is not done yet, the writer might change the storyline. It might be JH who will sacrify his love for his brother sake and also dead at the end trying to protect his brother. 🙂
    I am going to keep watching even the ending might be sad since i am SSH fan. What i admire about him is his eyes beside his acting… hahahaha. He doesnt need to talk but his eyes told everything. So lucky for whoever going to be his other half 🙂
    Hope everyone enjoy this drama…dont worry about the leaking storyline. It might be totally different at all.

  454. 454 : Cherrytomatojello Says:

    Seo Mi Do is really ignorant. It ticks me off a little. Jae Hee is such a great guy, im not saying that Tae Sung isn’t but, she totally blows of Jae Hee. He was so kind to her, it was like fate! Goshhhhh TTATT

  455. 455 : Jyenie Says:

    Just finished watching episode 8 with subs, I really enjoyed every minute of it!

  456. 456 : Eva derosales Says:

    This drama is pretty good….that’s true SSH got a tantalizing eyes which is very attractive to Ll viewers…..keep on watching….sad or happy ending doesn’t matterbas long as I can watch his drama…

  457. 457 : Jyenie Says:

    @JB 440,

    The insider leak is probably not reliable, it’s too makjang and cliche if JH is TS’s brother. How about this then?

    Roy 张 / Roy Chang
    Director of Hong Kong Asia resort group. A young handsome man, age unknown and seems mysterious. Does not show much expressions. Being adopted by a Hong Kong businessman living in the US, he grew up in Europe. Full of branded goods and is mysophobic. He is Han Tae-sang’s younger brother with 10 years age difference. His Korean name is Han Tae-min. Since young he was taken away by their mother and lived unhappily with an unfamiliar man. When he is approached by Lee Jae-hee in a business proposal, he finds Lee is a good man but at the same time wary of him.

  458. 458 : melchidec Says:

    If the two leaking story is true 1. TS and MD will get marry but MD will betray him before they get married. 2. Taesan brother is Jaehee and one of them will give way.

  459. 459 : melchidec Says:

    To 438 there is a leaking story that before mido ang taesan get married she will betray him by sleeping to jaehee

  460. 460 : Jyenie Says:

    I think the insider purposely leaked out the story a bit here and there to see the response of the viewers, so they will know which direction of the storyline they should head to.

  461. 461 : fan Says:

    What we know about K-drama that the writer can change the story according to the reaction of viewers and the rating.
    I don’t think that the leaking is 100% true (I hope so). The sleeping incident it’s not in the leaking only, you can read it in the synopsis published in some website, there is a lot of differences from what we saw till now.
    I don’t think that the producers are so stupid to allow such leaking, and even if it’s true they will try to change it in order to keep viewers attention. They are just speculation, because till now I can’t imagine with MD-TS relationship progress, MD will be stupid and cheat on TS. We can see that she’s falling in love with him and ignoring JH feelings, she’s already afraid enough that TS may know about her wavering for JH. She’s seeing in him a good friend that’s it. You can check this when JH give her a ride, he said to her that there is something wrong about his forehead insinuating about his feeling (he’s missing her), she genuinely reply that there is nothing, the same go with the board. We see that she’s no more thinking about him.
    Until now I like everything about the drama and enjoy every minute of it, and I’ll keep watching it to the end.

  462. 462 : Jyenie Says:

    The good example is,

    BSJ was supposed to be HTS’s wife after the death of the ex-boss in the original synopsis but most of the viewers didn’t like to see HTS as a married man falling in love with the female lead, so BSJ became his chingu instead.

  463. 463 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 460 I agree with you.

  464. 464 : Jyenie Says:

    @ fan 463,

    Thank you, glad to see that we are on the same page for once:)

  465. 465 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie We’re here to share our different thoughts, sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t, that’s why I like this thread. (^_^)_v

  466. 466 : Sam Says:

    @JB 440 Thanks for the leak, I do appreciate it. I was getting fed up of SMD’s playing with both men’s feelings and that will only lead to tragedy in the end as JH will betray TS over a woman and TS will eventually scarifies his happiness for others happines (pathetic in my opinion). If this is the case then I’m all for being selfish to get my happy ending, especially, if I’ve lived a rotten and lonely life so far.

    @Say, I do agree with you on both accounts. I don’t want to invest my time watching something, only to be disappointed at the end. In regards to what you said about Kdramas misleading viewers into thinking that ” doing wrong things is rewarding, why doing good is bad”. I think is sad because I watched many dramas where the baddies were either forgiven at the end by the victims and never paid for their crimes and I was furious with that and it made me think that in Korea it was alright to mistreat others and prey on the weak because at the end they will forgive you for everything. If that is the kind of message they send out to their people, then I feel sorry for the Korean citizen and I’m glad I don’t live there. If I lived in a society where I was taught that evil will always prevail and the good will always lose then I would most probably end up being evil as I’m taught that’s the only way to succeed and be happy in life by being bad.

    I have abandoned a lot of SSh’s previous dramas due to bad script and it looks like this week will be my last week watching this drama. I have fallen for him in ‘He was Cool’ and since then I have been searching for a drama that he is in that does the same justice to his acting and recognizes his potential but sadly, I have yet to find one. I might watch his in movies but I doubt I will watch his dramas again.

    I will read the comments for the last two episodes to see if they give him a happy ending and then just watch those two episode and if it’s bad ending then I won’t waste my time.

  467. 467 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi, what do you all think about this? Hmmmm, interesting if this drama is heading to that direction.


    Lee Jae-hee, 28 (Actor Yeon Woo-jin)

    Before returning to Korea, he met a special woman whom he was attracted to and fell head over heels for her. But she didn��t appear on a date they were supposed to have. Without knowing if he would ever see her again, he encounters her in Seoul by coincidence. But he finds out that she is Han Tae-sang��s fianc?e. By accident, he reveals his feelings to her and they make love. They become closer and meet secretly behind Han Tae-sang��s back. Ridden with guilt, Jae-hee decides to come clean with Han Tae-sang but then the woman he loves slips into a coma after being involved in a car accident.

    Seo Mi-do, 27 (Actress Shin Se-kyung)

    She becomes acquainted with a successful moneylender whom she is eternally gratefully to. Thanks to his longtime support, she finds herself falling in love with him and decides to get married. But then she takes a vacation where she meets a young man. After learning that Han Tae-sang had ordered a hitman to kill her in the accident, she pretends that she has amnesia and acts like she does not know Jae-hee for both of their sakes. She even fakes that she is paralyzed. When Tae-sang finds out about her ruse, Mi-do asks for forgiveness to avoid his wrath. He releases her, letting her live the life she want. Will she be able to find happiness now?

  468. 468 : Jyenie Says:

    @ 467,

    [After learning that Han Tae-sang had ordered a hitman to kill her in the accident,]

    It is quite realistic, we often see something similar like this in the news.
    The lesson learned, the consequences of a two timer. Darn, I just started to warm up to MD. If you asked me 2 episodes ago, I would have been very pleased with this.

  469. 469 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie, if TS go to the extent to hire someone to kill her, that make SJ and JH thinking about him so right, thus TS is no more the victim for me, MD has right from the beginning to be scared of him and not love him, am I right ?!
    When I recall the first episode, where his boss hired someone to kill him, he didn’t immediately went back to kill him, he just beat him and gave him a warning, he’s not someone who will kill coldly.

  470. 470 : fannie Says:

    I am also confused as everyone else about the girls feelings. she does’nt seem to love TS and yet she’s with him and when she sees JH she seem happy. I dont like the girl’s character. she acts like TS owes her something, when in fact it is the reverse. she is annoying, she is a user and manipulative.she can go to JH and TS can be with BSJ. at least BSJ loves him enough to look for his mom and brother.So sad about the leak. if it’s true. I thought The boy who is helping the mom will be his lost brother.How come that JH will become TS bro, if he is CH bro.The writer can just make a conflict between CH and TS regarding JH and not make Jh his brother,it would be a very sad and useless story if there is no redemption of each character and will show that being good and kind like TS will only lead you to unhappiness and death.such a waste.

  471. 471 : Jyenie Says:

    @fannie 470,

    Oh dear, you are hilarious! What a nick you have there!

  472. 472 : usa-mary Says:

    TS is a man after my own heart when it comes to wild amusement park rides. I laughed so hard at his expression during that scene that I almost couldn’t contain myself as I watched him reflect a wonderful fluorescent shade of green! Kudos to the merry-go-round scene!

    TS, the musician, has moved passed the voices of his past and is now playing a child’s level piece. So cute!

    Dong Goo is such a funny little guy and naughty. Do a weekend 1 night, 2 day stay! Too funny…when he tells TS to take baby steps!

    Awwww…its cherry blossom time! What a wonderful place for a date. Strolling on a tree-lined path as far as the eye can see of nothing but cherry blossom trees!

    Will MD go to TS’s home for dinner or not? Hmmm…MD obviously talked to her friend about this one, because MD’s friend mentioned something about wearing new underwear!

    Will MD go abroad in the end to follow her dream?

    Will this fool Goo learn his lesson and stop messing with TS directly and indirectly? Now he’s going in another direction with a double whammy! The bookstore, and the man who TS’s mother ran away with! When will he learn? Like my mother said, “A hard head makes a soft behind!” Well, I don’t care how you dress it. How upscale the living surroundings. How accepted in elite circles, playing golf or how tailored or designer branded the clothing from suit, shirt, to underwear…a skunk is still a skunk! Now he should have known better than to mess with TS, period! I’m still captivated how TS summoned his serenity to take over so he wouldn’t rip Goo’s head off for creating road blocks on his amusement project! Then, watching fear grip Goo so badly when TS showed him a copy of Pres. Kim’s $3MM contract to Goo, and stating all it will take is a phone call to the tax agency! I actually saw parts of his hair turn another new shade! This fool needs to get taught a lesson…like yesterday!

  473. 473 : say Says:

    Mary, that is how the drama suppose to be, a man in charge, full of courage,my love by my side,if the writer has follow his or her work right as it started from the beginning full with action and aim, this drama could have been one of the best drama that you wouldn’t want to stop watching.injecting JH into the relationship make the whole thing went down the hill,just as one turn off light.

  474. 474 : cyn Says:

    hopefully with a happy ending … MD and TS together
    so good in this movie watch

  475. 475 : Sharon Says:

    Usa-mary, TS is a REAL MAN the way he handled Goo was magnificent and the way he handle his date with MD. My favorite part was when Goo said have a seat and TS sat in Goo’s chair and put his feet on the table symbolically saying, we can handle this nice, or we can handle this dirty. I jumped out of my chair and say yeah!!!!
    TS date with MD was so entertaining, you could see his inner child surface it was beautiful.
    According to some comments MD has no feelings for TS. I believe that she has feelings for both TS and JH but she is not in love with either.

  476. 476 : Sharon Says:

    Guy’s, When A Man Loves is # 1 on Wed & Thur time slot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  477. 477 : dee Says:

    please drop the story where MD end up sleeping with JH. It’s enough for TS to found out later that they have secret behind his back. just imagine the one you love and the one you’ve consider as family kept a secret behind you. for me it’s betrayal.

    i hope it will be a happy ending. Ts not dead after all the hardship i thinks he deserve to have a good life and not dead.

    Maybe ts n md will broke up after ts found out about md n jh secret. And i hope md will devestated as she realize that she fallen for ts.

    I really hope md will end up with ts although i don’t mind if ts take bsj.

  478. 478 : Jyenie Says:

    Ganngster Goo will make use of Dong Goo to get TS in trouble. Dong Goo has been asking for winning tips in stock market from someone despite his previous loss.

  479. 479 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-473: I understand your thoughts. So, believe me when I say that I can feel your dilemma. At times its as if we’re the hook at the other end of a fisherman’s line who’s snag fishing. We’re constantly being cast into the waters of this drama. Then, once we believe we have a good grip on what’s happening, we’re suddenly snagged back by the writer into a whole other thought, going in another direction. As we know that the title is surrounding HTS, the man, but its actually MD whose getting more attention due to her straddling the relationship fence between TS nd JH. In my opinion, the title should read, When A Woman Enjoys the Attention of Two Men!

  480. 480 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-475: Yes! I agree with you about TS! The entire scene is my favorite, too! Girl…when TS walked into that office, the first sound that came out of my mouth was uh-oooooooh! Now, we all have watched enough kdramas to know and understand the significance of the seating arrangements and how it works; be it in a home or in an office setting! There’s the head chair, then there are the all others. Girl, when TS sat down, propped his legs on the man’s table, crossed them and closed his eyes, tapping that one finger. I didn’t move! Then, it was almost as if another voice was coming out of him that wasn’t his own! I have watched this scene more than once, and if I was a scary person, it would be quite chilling. The way he looked into Goo’s eyes, I thought for sure that Goo should be wearing some Depends right now! LOL!

  481. 481 : usa-mary Says:

    @dee-477: I’ve read the other comments and didn’t see anything about MD sleeping with JH. So, if you’re referring to me…I’m only quoting what the recaps stated for the coming episode. Pardon me, I will now include the part where MD told her friend that he more innocent than her. Who she’s referring to…in my thinking its TS since he invited her to his home to cook dinner for her. I don’t know where you got JH from. Now, if the recaps are correct and not jumbled up like they ususally are, throwing us, the viewers off, then I’ve only stated what I have correctly heard. Its the writer that scripted that and could pull a switcheroo on us at any moment, the way this drama is going. Plus, its possible to go to a man’s home. like TS to have dinner (only) and not go to bed with him!

  482. 482 : Jyenie Says:

    @usa-mary 481,

    I think @dee-477 is referring to the script leak.

  483. 483 : zaza Says:

    Ohhh… should i continue watching this drama? I dont think TS is that cruel to hire someone to kill MD..Kill Goo or JH might be. And please omit the part where MD accidently go to bed etc with JH. I dont want TS to be with MD but i also dont want MD to be a bitch that keep seeing JH secretly. Sorry i cant stand this MD character.
    I want to drop this drama starting now..will only read all comments from here only. Still have AHYI, Gu family Book and Crazy Love to follow. Even i love SSH but i cant stand to watch this kind of drama.
    Have fun guys..

  484. 484 : Jyenie Says:

    The storm is getting closer….

  485. 485 : say Says:

    @Mary, well MD will be so crazy not to take advantage of that kind of a man when you go to his house, he has very thing a woman need.he is like Korean Bruce lee.

  486. 486 : muidawh Says:

    Lee Jae Hee is cute in this drama.

  487. 487 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-482: Thank you for clarifying that! I didn’t read the script leak.

    @say-485: We’ll see what the writer has in mind.

    Well everyone! I focused on SJ to come up with the dirt (which she is in her own sneaky, feminine, maniacal way), but the real dastardly, culprit of confusion is Goo! He’s targeting our TS right at the foundation of his company…the investors and banks. I think TS is working on something re Goo that will cause him to lose face with in the business community. That shady rascal needs more than a wake-up call!

  488. 488 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-482: Thank you for clearing that up for me, you’re the best! Even though I wasn’t offended by dee’s comment; I purposely didn’t read the script leak for obvious reasons. ~Smile~

  489. 489 : JB Says:

    the script is really bad. There are lot of good drama with good script but under rated like jejoongwon

  490. 490 : InquizityJJ Says:

    431 Says: Hi! Ya, I should not said her youth. The writer did not mention anything about her past and how she came to be TS’s boss girlfriend. I still think she deserves to have HTS than MD.

    I like the way HTS was imitating his ex-boss in Goo’s office, warning HTS about Goo and then the way he tells Goo to shut up.

    This drama is becoming more and more exciting. Oppa, your acting as HTS is very very good! You played the role well. Love your character here. If writer is making you into a thug again, hope he make you into a more intelligent and shrewd thug i.e. if all possible no physical violence but handle Goo in a corporate level. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  491. 491 : April Says:

    Hi! does anyone know where to find subtitles for this drama? Thanks a lot! 🙂

  492. 492 : Jyenie Says:

    @ usa-mary 488

    It’s my pleasure:)
    I salute you for not peeping the leak, you must have been a very good student! I was so curious about it that I went all over the net to dig out this piece of information but I know it is not telling us the whole picture and it also depends how we are going to interpret it. I never knew it could be so fun to watch an ongoing drama, I found so many interesting and insightful comments from various sites and forums.

  493. 493 : Jyenie Says:

    @ inquizity JJ 490

    BSJ is an university dropout major in fencing. That’s why she managed to jump down from the window easily.She got involved with the ex boss for pissing her father off.

    I agree with you that it’s a very interesting drama. I particularly like how the characters are portrayed, the fickleness of MD is actually quite realistic.

  494. 494 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Hi! April 491, try this http://www.viki.com/videos/225658v-when-a-man-loves

  495. 495 : say Says:

    @InquizityJJ492 Says,were have you been. didn’t you watch episode1 and two, if you haven’t watch it, watch it again, than you will get to know her history,people say she love TS, how did she love him? in the first place, at birth day party,she was there by the ex boss side when the boss started yelling at TS, the only thing she did than was when the boss asked if anyone want to hear about TS mother story she answered no,that was the only thing she did than,she did not stand up for TS when the boss throw the bottle at him or yell at the boss that they were there to celebrate his birth party or stand up and walk away with TS, no she did not do that, she sat down there did not move, I don,t think that is how you show your love for someone who you say you care for, now let talk about MD,in the office when they were fighting she did not think of her safety but join and fight along with TS why others stand and watch them fight,even though that she is on undecided about the man she real love but fighting along with TS shows that she care for him because when you stand up for someone in the time of needs that shows how you care, if BSJ had yell at the boss than stand up and follow TS out that would had shown me that she don’t care about the boss or what he thinks, not now that he is dead she is coming out strong that she love TS, no she don’t ,she is selfish and if i were her after seven year TS did not show any interest in me. i will decide to remain as his good friend, not causing more trouble for him but this is drama.

  496. 496 : fan Says:

    @say 495. well said ! SJ is so selfish, she doesn’t care if TS get hurt by loosing MD or not, she wants him dead or alive, she’s a good match for Goo.

  497. 497 : Jyenie Says:

    Preview for ep 9

    BSJ is sending JH and MD on a business trip to Kangwondo for 3 days 2 nites! Is this how they are going to get caught for making love by TS?

  498. 498 : Sharon Says:

    Why people watch uninteresting dramas. I don’t understand!😱

  499. 499 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-492: Yes, I was a good student when I was in school, and I’m constantly working on being a good student of life! ~smile~

    Also, J-493: It appears that SJ had some martial arts training to pull off that roll out (of course, it was a stunt person, but I’m staying with the flow of the scene)! ~smile~

    Her fickleness is realistic you say! For me, personally, being interested in 2 men at the same time would be nothing but a huge headache!!! Especially, since there’s no mention of praying about anything or anyone for direction or guidance; so with that I’ll just leave MD be with her fickleness! hehehe

    @J-497: WHAT YOU SAY!!! How did I miss that! NOOOOOO WAAAAY! Okay…now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…I’ll look at the preview of ep. 9 again!

  500. 500 : say Says:

    @Jyenie497Says,I` hope what you are saying is not truth, because if it is truth that will be discausing on behalf of the writer to waste such a drama away.TS mother have affair with other man and left him , the woman he loves betray him with other man also, than why are we watching this drama , if he will never love again.

  501. 501 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t believe that MD will cheat on TS that’s bull crap unless they are turning her character into a slut. I don’t think the writers will do that unless she realize she love JH more than TS. What I do believe is the writers may put it where there is going to be a lot of misunderstanding between them. I don’t believe the hype!

  502. 502 : fan Says:

    @Sharon, I totally agree, it won’t make any sense if this happen. Till now I find the story very logical and all the characters well built. Hope the writer keep on this path.

  503. 503 : Newbie Says:

    I have finished ep 8. This drama is good so far and I enjoyed watching it. Hope it continues to be good. Especially wish the main lead HTS to be ended up together with MD. It doesn’t like MD loves TS as much as TS loves her. So sad!

  504. 504 : InquizityJJ Says:

    The only I see causing trouble to HTS is MD!

  505. 505 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Say 495: How can BSJ stand up for HTS when she was still attached to the ex-boss. It showed that she is loyal to the ex-boss and do not want to cause any embarrassment to boss in front of the gang. No doubt in her heart the person she loves is HTS. Yes, for her to be still waiting for HTS is silly, but that’s the only man she loves and she is willing to be a supportive friend in business just so she can still be near him. Getting a similar couple ring is foolish of her, but it makes her feel happy. Also, it’s not that she purposedly asked the shop to make a similar design of the ring, there are plenty of the same ring, so why can’t she be another customer who likes that ring also. To me, BSJ is not a evil person but just a woman who happens to love only one man.

    BSJ selfish, I don’t think so. She never asked HTS to take off the ring. To her as long as HTS is not married, she think she still got chance.

    MD is more attracted to JH than TS. To her, it was more of an obligation than love for TS.

  506. 506 : say Says:

    @InquizityJJ Says,do you know that because she was looking at TS not paying attention to the people who was entertaining the boss that is one of the reasons why the boss gets very angry at TS that make him asked TS when is he going to get married, been with somebody out of money and loving other person is not a good thing to do,even in real life it has cause so many people kill just because they can’t let go of other one they want both, that is what she was doing than, if she real love TS than she should have broke up with the boss even though TS don’t like like her and free herself from been with someone just for his money,so also goes to MD too.i am not saying that she can’t be a supportive friend but what i am saying she should take a step back and not be a spoiler, InquizityJJ, let not argue because of this drama, we don’t even know if it is going to be a waste of our time because of the way the writer is taking it to,you may like BSJ is okay. to me she is also a beautiful woman.let enjoy the drama that is if the writer is going to let us enjoy it.

  507. 507 : Jyenie Says:

    @ usa-mary 499

    Regarding to fickleness, if one cannot afford to play the game(two-timing or more), she should just stay faithful(body and mind)with just one partner, or else she is going to face a very huge headache! This is the message I get from this drama:)

    Please go to the official site to check out this new release of ep 9’s preview:)

  508. 508 : Jyenie Says:

    Now you are saying this, it has led me to realise MD is repeating exactly what BSJ did before, it’s just that TS happens to be in it twice. It is like a cycle, BSJ was with the ex boss but she was eyeing on TS which partly was responsible for the conflicts between ex boss and TS. Eventually ex boss was killed, TS was injured but nothing happened to BSJ. And now MD is with TS(current boss- He is still a mafia boss deep down despite how he presents himself now ) but she is longing for JH at the same time. Again, this is how the conflicts are going to start between JH and his boss due to a woman. Will their ending be like the previous incident happened 7 years ago? However, who is going to sacrifice this time???

    Just for fun, this is my advise for TS, haha.
    “There are three things a wise man will not trust,
    The wind, the sunshine of an April day,
    And woman’s plighted faith;”
    Quoted from Southey.

  509. 509 : Jyenie Says:


    [Now you are saying this,]

    I am addressing @ say 506.

  510. 510 : say Says:

    @Jyenie 507Say,I don’t think that they slept together, i think BSJ set them up to be in one house and tell TS that they are having affair, we all know how TS will be so sensitive to that kind of matter because of his mother affair with other man. that is what i am saying that BSJ is a spoiler because you can see her hiding behind the wall listening to TS angrily asking MD about something, she is not going to win, because for seven years now TS have told her that she is the boss girl, she will always be that way.that is the way i see the preview of episode9

  511. 511 : Jyenie Says:

    @say 510,

    I also hope it will be a set up but it will be enough to spark the jealousy of TS, thanks to BSJssi. Due to his mother’s betrayal, TS probably has relationship OCD, that explains why he has never been involved with any women(probably still a virgin) until he met MD. He will never accept BSJ as his woman because he will never love a woman who betrays. So, BSJ, you are out, pls move on. Even though I doubt it but I still hope he will be gracious enough to accept MD’s betrayal later on.

  512. 512 : Newbie Says:

    @511 Jyenie, I agree with you. Hope TS is kind enough to forgive her stupidity in betrayal.

  513. 513 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie, what the writer wants to say in this drama is, if we have the same situation happening to different people, what will happen ? will we have the same result ?
    Each one will react differently according to who he/she is, according to their personality, as if she’s saying what will you do if you’ré in their shoes ?
    The same thing happened to his mother now happening to MD, what happened to his father maybe will happen to him, what happened to his boss is happening to him, what happening to Goo is happening to TS. Of course I’m speaking of matter of heart.
    Hope TS will not react as his boss, and MD won’t be unfaithful as SJ.

  514. 514 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan 513

    OMG, my head is spinning now with all your “happenings’:)

    This is why I like about this kind of drama, it makes you ponder on human nature. People tend to react differently in different circumstances, wondering which one is their true nature? MD actually prefers JH to TS because she doesn’t need to try to love him at all as they are sharing the same interests and around the same age. However, she has to choose TS out of obligation and financial security, it also affects her pride and ego, you can see she was quite unfriendly with TS in the beginning, I think she was struggling with her pride. If she were from a well to do family, she could keep her pride intact and go for JH without being accused of two-timing and being ungrateful. She is actually a pathetic character, most of us are more on TS’s side because we have fallen for his charm;)

  515. 515 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 514, the writer is trying now to clarify MD actions. At the team party, everyone choose JH as the hottest in the company, Dong goo exclaiming why not TS, because they’re afraid of him, so MD being scared of him is justifiable.
    Another point is that she supposes that TS won’t let her persue her dream, of course because she knows that he wants to marry her and it’ll be difficult for her to go study abroad, in the other hand JH is encouraging her.

    We will suppose that MD is 2 timing, eventually she’ll compare about the 2 men.
    of course we know that she’s a smart girl.
    1- She spent funny time with JH,
    she’s spending now funny time with TS too.
    2- JH helped her with her bag and before by offering her coupon for coffee
    TS swept all her debts without asking for return.
    3- JH loves her
    TS didn’t forget her all these 7 year, and loves her more.
    4- JH is hot
    TS is hotter and everyone approve it.
    5- JH reminded her of her dream
    TS do not know anything about her dream.
    But what she don’t know is that TS started his cultural project because of her, he’s building a stage for her(a smart man as him did notice of course as JH did before what was her dream), what will be her reaction?!!!!!!!

  516. 516 : say Says:

    @Jyenie 514Says,If MD was to be financial security, they wouldn’t have met even though they met it will be hello, hello everybody goes on his or her own way,sometimes some spoil daughters can even beginning to have crush on that kind of a man like TS, he is still young not that old to me or their age difference is not that much.TS never love a woman because of trust,BSJ sensing that JH is in love with MD shown to people at work already want to use that to make TS miserable by alarming him that the woman he love is not trustworthy,JH job now will be in jeopardy TS trusting him as his friend is in jeopardy, the relationship b/w JH brother with TS will be in jeopardy. this is all cause by BSJ,also this is why TS shouldn’t have made BSJ a business partner in the first place because she is in love with him and feel that she is entitle to have TS no matter what no any other woman should have him,SHE also in love with TS power and money too,she is dangerous, I feel for MD,i hope she will able to convince TS that JH is nothing but a friend to her and resign so that she will be able to convert that message well to TS because he need help to love again.

  517. 517 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan 515

    You see, gather from your 5 points, TS is a good catch for anybody in MD’s situation despite the age gap. That is why she is struggling with herself, her heart and her mind are telling her different things. We viewers also hate her for not making up her mind. Hopefully it won’t be too late for anything by the time she realises she has fallen in love with him. Just hope TS won’t be irrational like his ex boss , so no tragedy will happen.
    She can just go ahead and study abroad without TS’s approval unless she is expecting him to sponsor her, I am sure he will be happy to help her. Is JH going to sponsor her? or he is just paying lip service which is free.

  518. 518 : fan Says:

    @say, if TS know about MD and JH, he’ll be hurt, maybe little angry because, from the beginning he still feels unsecure and still has an inferiority complex when it comes to MD. At the end, as he did about the kiss incident he heard about when he was at the bookstore, he will react according to MD feelings, if she proves to him that she loves him, he will forget about it and move on, I trust that he’s smart and won’t act childishly, he’s 38 years old !

  519. 519 : fan Says:

    I don’t think that MD will cheat on TS unless something will be set up for her and be accused with some little evidences here and there : the teddy bear, the photos in her phone, the shoes, and calling her name using music(no one know that TS can play piano even CH) and of course the unknown JH girlfriend.

  520. 520 : Jyenie Says:


    very well said.

  521. 521 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 517, of course he’s a very very good catch 😉
    we hope that it’ll end like you said.

  522. 522 : fan Says:

    “or he is just paying lip service which is free.”
    he he he !!! I love this one 😀

  523. 523 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan 521

    [4- JH is hot
    TS is hotter and everyone approve it.]

    I will be the first one to approve it!!

  524. 524 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-523: I’m 1a on the bullet point of approval! LOL! TS above all is the hottest! JH still has a youngish facial appearance to me. Nothing is wrong with that, thought I’m quite sure the younger girls, especially, go for that cute boyish look. That’s not my thing! Never has been! TS on the other hand…leaves me speechless. Well, maybe for 1 second! There’s only two mento date that ‘does’ it for me when I see them. SSH and Jesse Metcalf (American actor) who was the lead in the movie The Other End of the Line! I don’t know if I can equate how I feel when I see either one of them as ‘making my heart flutter’ or not. But, both sure are FINE specimens of the male gender to me!!! Thank you God for making men! hehehe

    By the way…has anyone on here ever experienced someone making their heart flutter, equating it with being in love? Seriously, I really would like to know.

  525. 525 : usa-mary Says:

    Moderator or admin, you can delete 524. I changed my mind…thank you!

  526. 526 : Sharon Says:

    If a man tell you, I am in love with someone else isn’t that a clue!!!! No, not to SJ she believes she can change the man. Although TS shows, tell, even spell it out to her she still pursues him. I call that ego, obsession, and down right stupid. When a man loves another woman there is nothing you can do to have him. SJ is selfish, she does not care what TS want. Therefore, she is going to destroy herself and others to get what she wants.
    MD is not eyeing JH across the table like SJ. MD to me is saying to JH although I like you I choose to be with TS. JH is the one taking it to a different level. Although he knows about TS and MD’s relationship he is still trying to have her. For instance, with the honey that SJ bought. He try’s to tell MD in a roundabout way that he has another woman, but MD is no fool she threw it back at him and basically told him I would do the same thing for a friend or colleague. Se how quick she was to say I already know about that.
    JH is sneaky, if anyone should be grateful it should be him to TS and back off knowing that TS and MD are both in a relationship. MD told him from the start I have a man it’s his fault if he gets hurt.
    JH and SJ are so much alike, want what they can’t have and will do anything to get it. They are brats.
    We are on the same page!!

  527. 527 : say Says:

    Thank you guys for your options because coming to this web site and listening to different thoughts make the drama very good to watch,there are two guys presenting two different love here . one is saying,don’t you think i can make a good boyfriend, the other one is saying don’t you think i can make good husband,JH telling MD to go and study in aboard when he knows that MD is in a relationship with a man who can’t wait to get married that encouragement is sneaky to me.Sharon, you are right, he should be grateful to TS for sponsoring him to school in abroad and back off,before he came back TS has made arrangement for him,brought clothe for him. make him a director in his company who will do that for you without caring so much about you. I hope the writer will continue to give us more romance from our favorite couple TS and MD.

  528. 528 : fan Says:

    @ Sharon 526, There is two kind of people in this drama when it comes to love, some become generous and others become selfish :
    The selfish ones : SJ, YG and JH
    The generous ones : of course the hottest TS ( 😉 ) and CH
    MD and TS mother can’t be classified now:
    MD was generous with her family but what about TS
    TS mother seems selfish but we don’t know her complete story yet.

  529. 529 : Sharon Says:

    @528 fan
    Yes, I guess that’s why TS is not a complete emotional mess after his mother left, thank god had bromance from CH and his crew. In their type of business it takes generosity to survive and it has to come from within and TS has that. CH, I believe only has generosity for his brother and TS.

  530. 530 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 529 Oh man ! TS is soo perfect ! If the writer was male what will TS look like ?!!!

  531. 531 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha! That’s a good question. Angelina Jolie/Ha Ji Won that’s the combination.

  532. 532 : hunee Says:

    I’m not feeling this drama, it has warm up to me yet. It just look to good to
    be true, cuz the main actor he always dies at the end……..So I’ll wait….

  533. 533 : Jyenie Says:

    This song is so heart wrenching! Poor TS/MD couple! but I have no idea who the first person is in this ost.


    BTOB BEAST Bye Bye Love Lyrics English Translation

    Be my love Even if I want you
    Be my love You turn your head
    I can’t breathe, I can’t forget you
    Tears flow, (you really must be leaving)
    With closed lips (the words hammered into my heart)
    You! Be my love

    You were everything to me
    I can’t let someone like you go
    I love you so much
    Never let you go

    Memories when you made me laugh
    Moments past when we were together
    I can’t erase you from my life
    Don’t go away

    The lying words of “I hope you’re happy”
    That you’re leaving me because you love me
    Nothing but sad lies that stab coldly like needles
    But I’ll try to forget it all
    To erase it all Bye Bye Bye
    Even though I feel like it’ll hurt more tomorrow
    Even as my longing for you soaks me through
    I’ll let you go completely
    (Bye Bye Love Bye Bye Love, Bye Bye Love Bye Bye Love)

    When I open my eyes I want to see you
    I want to hear your voice
    You linger maddeningly like a mirage
    Don’t go away

    The lying words of “I hope you’re happy”
    That you’re leaving me because you love me
    Nothing but sad lies that stab coldly like needles
    But I’ll try to forget it all
    To erase it all Bye Bye Bye
    Even though I feel like it’ll hurt more tomorrow
    Even as my longing for you soaks me through
    I’ll let you go completely

    Oh~the tears in my eyes fill and overflow
    I regret that I couldn’t keep you and hit myself like a fool
    I’ll bear it, I’ll erase it, I’ll wipe away the tears
    The faith I have that you’re in pain like me scatters like the dust

    Bye Bye Love

  534. 534 : Jyenie Says:

    @Sharon 526

    Eventhough MD is not eyeing across the table like SJ but you can’t deny that she still has feeling for JH and he is smart enough to detect it, that’s why he doesn’t give up pursuing her. In comparison with SJ’s case, TS didn’t even love SJ, and yet the ex boss was so mad at him, therefore, if MD ever gives in to her feeling for JH eventually, I hope TS will not be irrational like his ex boss and can accept it gracefully.

  535. 535 : say Says:

    @Jyenie534 Says. are you saying that this song is for TS saying goodbye to MD,if that is the case I skip all the remain episode than.because as for me that means the drama ends in ep8.thank all.

  536. 536 : Jyenie Says:

    @ say 535

    Hey Say, don’t be so emotional, just enjoy the drama and have our heart wrenched as long as they keep it interesting. I really don’t know which is which saying goodbye, you tell me?

  537. 537 : Jyenie Says:

    10회 / Ep 10 Preview
    미도(신세경)는 자신의 꿈을 소중히 여겨주는 재희(연우진)가 고맙다.
    한편, 사장실에서 다정한 모습의 태상(송승헌)과 성주(채정안)를 미도와 재희가 보게 되는데..
    Mi-do is thankful to Jae Hee who cherishes her dream.
    On the other hand, in the president’s office the affectionate scene of HTS and BSJ is witnessed by Mi-do and Jae-hee.
    English translation by TSH

    It is totally different from what I expected, I expected HTS witnesses the affectionate scene of MD and JH???

  538. 538 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 531 Good combination hehehehe !!!!

  539. 539 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 534 JH knows that MD is cutting him out you can see it in the forehead scene, about the honey incident and in the rooftop when asking her to lunch, even MD maybe still has little feelings (I bet she wants him as a friend, she’s touched by his feelings toward her)for him she doing all to make it clear for him that he’s rejected and still be.

    Preview of ep. 10 ?????? today is ep. 9, where did you find it ?

  540. 540 : fan Says:

    #539 sorry I meant “cutting him off”

  541. 541 : Jyenie Says:

    @ fan539

    I will give MD the benefit of the doubt as we don’t exactly know what type and how much of the feeling MD still has for JH, you and I are interpreting it in a different way obviously. Of course I know she rejected him on various occasions but her facial expression tells me something else, and it doesn’t mean she won’t betray TS one day, especially when JH is coming on so strong. My point is I hope the tragedy happened 7 years ago will not repeat itself.

  542. 542 : Jyenie Says:


    “cutting him out” will be a good idea to keep him at bay:) Haha.

  543. 543 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 541, you’re right about her facial expression. I hope she won’t betray him.
    the storm is coming soon since they’re talking about on the MBC website.

    @542 it saddened me to see him hurt before but now that ungrateful gets on my nerve !

  544. 544 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, ep 9 is showing now!


  545. 545 : Jyenie Says:

    A lot of tensions in ep 9, will watch with subs tomorrow.

  546. 546 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-526: I totally agree with you about SJ and JH. Instead of walking around with pouted mouths, they have pouty attitudes! That’s nothing but manipulation and control to get more attention from the one’s that so graciously told them that they’re not in to them.

    Also, another bold instance that occurred with JH with everyone in the conference room chating was when he took it upon himself to refill MD’s cup. She looked up at him surprised then played it off, but TS didn’t let it pass. He commented on how JH is such a considerate director. TS doesn’t miss anything, even if he didn’t look up. JH is purposely doing things in front of TS. One would think he had more sense than that!

    @fan-528: Excellent summary of the people in this drama.

  547. 547 : say Says:

    Jyenie Says,how can you watch heart wrenching story,if you like that kind of drama, sorry, i don’t, I don’t like a drama that has a negative viewing. i like dramas that has a positive message to the public. also i am not been emotional,that is why i decide to skip the rest of the episode,if you like MD and JH as a couple,that is you, I don’t.The writer is writing what is in his or her head not for the majority of the viewers.so enjoy the rest of the drama. thanks you for your advice.

  548. 548 : fan Says:

    @ usa-mary 546, You’re right, TS is very smart and know well how to judge people and the way to deal with them, but as he’s kind lenient and generous, he always gives who hurts him a second chance.
    He is considering JH as his younger brother just because of CH.

  549. 549 : say Says:

    The writer has already ruined this drama. making us to continue to debate who MD is in love with, same issue all over again. the whole drama keep dragging in one issue.that is boring and tiresome to watch as for me. I hope i will see a good drama to watch again soon.

  550. 550 : Jyenie Says:



  551. 551 : 551 Says:

    The role MD and TS scripted is very realistically portrayed.

    Young pretty lady sustains greedy options of a wealthy man and young love.
    Older man showers gifts, money and life etc to conquer heart of young lady.

    And the game people play to just get the attention or what they want through any means… muahahaha… (Good job SJ and JH)

    It happens all the time.. two timer.. etc. lol.

    Don’t think this is the norm fairy tale.

  552. 552 : JB Says:

    Are you still watching this? This is exactly what they call tiresome drama

  553. 553 : Sharon Says:

    You have to remember she did not just meet JR, she met him beforeTS. He was the guy that offered to carry her rice when she was too proud to beg. she also met him again in Guam and they had fun. Now, who could forget that. The facial expression I see is more than friends, but less than lovers. I really don’t see that type of attraction that you are talking about with JH and MD, but I see it with TS and MD example, meeting at the side of the building everyday, they wink at each other going up and down the stairs at work ahhh that was sooo cute, I like my man hugging me from behind I clared mt throat after that statement hehehe!! etc, etc. Their feelings are displayed all the time.
    Not to mention, everyone on this blog commented on MD’s facial expression.
    Many complained about how depress she look, that she showed no emotion, so you are very good on recognizing facial expression hahaha!!
    I don’t think TS will react as boss Kim. Boss Kim was acting out of envy and jealously, while TS would be reacting to abandonment twice.
    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Watch!!!!!!!
    @ usa-mary
    Thanks, need your one liners hahaha.

  554. 554 : say Says:

    @Sharon Says, thanks for sweet comment,I like it.I believe that TS should let her go,and ask both of them to leave the company, so that he can forget her, MD knows that he loved her so much but she is misbehaving, that is why it is very hard to do good for people because of ungratefulness,other reason I hate this writing is because it portray a negative picture to the viewers, that when you come across a girl like MD you wouldn’t like to help her, but leave her there to care for herself, like the way those people was mishandling her when she try to fight them also her father who try to comment suicide for not been able to pay his debt, now the writer is saying when you see this kind of woman don’t help her, leave her alone to die.also TS should take a vacation to ease his mind, even though he want a woman not SJ but other woman that is not manipulative but good person but what i am saying is unrealistic because the writer of this drama is insane, what the writer is portraying is that doing good is bad but doing evil is welcome.in this time of age writer should not be portraying this type of drama to the public. the world need love is only when you love you have peace

  555. 555 : tera Says:

    554 @say says

    “in this time of age writer should not be portraying this type of drama to the public. the world need love is only when you love you have peace”

    yeah i agree with what you says. showing too much of reality of course can help us become more mature but at times it will makes people mentally sick. it teaches the innocent things that they shouldn’t do….

  556. 556 : say Says:

    @tera555 Says, In this time of age as the writer portray MD when she wanted to sell herself, if she hasn’t met a man like TS do you think that they will let her go,think of what might be happening to her by now, I don’t think JH would have seen her again,when she decided to sell herself to TS I was almost crying for her decision than, because that was the only way she knows that time how to save her family.In real life a lot of people, young women has gone missing in search of a good life to help their family but ending up not having it also end up in the wrong hand.WITH the way the writer portray her not remember who dug her out of the lion den and make family to have peace yet the writer showed that all that had happen in the past is not irrelevant to the viewers that why I decide to drop this drama,because everywhere you look nowadays is greed and selfishness, no one want to live in the fear of god again,writing of this type of drama should be showing us we should not be ungratefulness to those who show love.cherish it so that when some one else sees it will be encourage to do same.

  557. 557 : zaza Says:

    Actually now i hate JH since he knows that MD is his boss woman, he should leave her alone. MD already told him that she has a boyfriend. Actually MD is better off with JH. Leave TS alone, go find your own places, money etc. Don’t depend on TS. Repay back all the money to TS if they can.. Hahaha in their dream.
    MD trying to be cute by asking TS to try hot Jalapeno eventhough she knows that TS cannot stand it (ep 9). What the ???
    I hate all except SSH.

  558. 558 : Sharon Says:

    @556 say
    When you are young you lack experience, maturity and the real way of the world and you think you know everything, but with time and experience you realize a lot of mistakes that you made and wish you could turn back the hands of time . MD is going through that phase right now. Confusion, indecisiveness, feeling that there is more to life than this, (marriage and family) especially when someone keep rubbing your deferred dream in your face(JH with the poster).
    MD mother has been there done that, so she knows and trying to school her daughter about life. Will she listen? Does most children listen to their parents? No, but a hard head make a soft bottom according to my grandmother. Hehehehe!!
    Not everyone is like MD, but if you we’re young and now much older put your self in her shoe. He without sin cast the first stone.

  559. 559 : say Says:

    Sharon,when is she going to learn it again if she haven’t yet learn anything by now. the time she was begging for rice,when they came to draw her father debt, if it was for TS that intervene on time you know what could have happen to her that day, when her friend invited her to the party, remember her friend wanted to introduce her to a young man than unfortunately the man was with other woman which ended up with fight that day, and it still did not end there those girls wanted to teach her good lesson in the restaurant on still TS came to her recuse again, if she has not yet learn through all the hardship she has experience already that means she will never learn again wait until SJ get TS I don’t think she will allow her to work in that office again,who is she going to run to than,plus the rent that GOO is already ganging up to put it on high rate.if it is in real in life she will be a fool than to let TS to go and in real life someone like TS is very rear to find, not everybody will be luck enough to see such a humble man to marry,that is why sometime drama is very funny to watch because most things that appear in them is not possible in real life.

  560. 560 : Sharon Says:

    Yes say, I understand what you are saying and the frustration that comes with it. That’s why it’s called drama and there is a lot of it in this series.
    I think this drama will end well for TS.

  561. 561 : Zaza Says:

    Hmmm… TS follows MD. MD meets JH. TS will know about JH n MD. How come MD questions regarding SJ since she also meets JH secrectly. Is it common in real life that woman who is two timing always think that they r innocent?
    TS… Why allow back hugging in the office? I also hate this kind of man who i think too careless. If he only wants SJ as friend why treat her as if she is ur gf.. Set your limit man.
    JH .. Hate this kind of man who does not know his place n be grateful.
    Since i hate all now n even i hate TS so i dont see the need to follow this drama. Sorry SSH, i dont hate you but only TS 🙂

  562. 562 : usa-mary Says:

    What the HECK is going on in ep. 9?!!! Was this writer coherent when she wrote this drama, at all! It seems that everybody is going crazy with issues now!

    Dong Goo, still losing money in the stock market, is now complaining because he doesn’t get a lot of money from TS and is too cowardly to ask for an increase! Man, if you don’t ask…you won’t recieve! He even has the nerve to be jealous of CH (for going to prison) because of the posh apartment he shares with his brother. Boy oh boy, money problems will cause a person to lose focus and point fingers at everyone else as the cause of the problem, except pointing the finger at the one who’s actually perpetuating the mess…DG himself! Someone commented not long ago about DG’s money problems and how he may turn to Goo for help and turn on TS. I can see that happening now; though it would really be sad.

    Goo is having a ‘fake’ pity party (as if anyone wants to care)! Forget the violin, bring out Yo Yo Ma personally to play the cello for this nuts whining! I seriously believe that he has someone tailing SJ, and even has a GPS hidden in her cell phone! I suppose he believes that he will receive kudos from TS if he gets to tell him first where his mother is located! This is the most meddling, human pest that I’ve ever encountered in a drama!

    Irritable JH sprayed water in his brothers face from his MOUTH! I don’t know about anyone else, but its butt whipping time for JH! hehehe

    It was too funny when SJ put on sunglasses and turned her head while eating so she wouldn’t have to look at Goo. LOL…SJ’s so irritated with Goo calling her that she throws her cellphone down on the street and keeps walking! She should have done that a long time ago!

    Now, why would the writer have TS fall asleep on his date as if he’s an 80 year old man!!! Granted, he was tired, but come one! Plus, TS, is not his usual self because he’s under pressure from trying to get investors to complete his projects, and unexpectedly raises his voice at MD when she ends the conversation to return to the office and scares her all over again! While JH is doing everything to separate them by dangling the reality of her dream as an art director before her face!

    Bae Choo’s photo should have been posted in security a long time ago! I believe that Bae Choo was probably the cause of TS not being able to stay at his aunt’s home after his father’s death!

  563. 563 : usa-mary Says:

    @562, para 6: That should read…Granted, he was tired, but come on (writer)! MD doesn’t know that he cleaned all night which was a contributing factor. All she knows is that SJ has too much liberty to come, go and do for him as she pleases. That would not only annoy a woman he’s interested in; it would be a ‘red’ flag for questions like…what is going on and how long will it continue like this? I would have questioned the relationship again myself and rightfully so because they’re dating now. TS should have set some boundaries for SJ when it comes to his home since he invited MD over to cook for her and wants to move the relationship forward.

    Re the previews for ep. 10. Is now the time for TS to become aware and suspicious after seeing MD and JH at the bus terminal together, thinking that they planned the meeting? TS is already under pressure. In reality, its rare for a businessman of his power and financial magnitude to not be married with children already. Family creates the atmosphere of balance, love, emotional security which he desparately needs to go home to after a crazy day at the office. I hope that SJ is having a surreal dream that TS lost his focus and will get involved with her as a way to make MD jealous. Please let it not be real writer!

    OKAY!!! Over the years, I’ve developed a dislike for melodramas, and have seriously tried to avoid them. But, after this one, I’m purposely going to skip all of them whenever I see it mentioned in the type of genre; even if my favorite actors are in it! Seriously! hehehe

  564. 564 : zaza Says:

    Actually, i skip a lot in ep 9. Only watch the beginning where MD want to go home, then skip to SJ coming to the house, then skip to cooking time,. Skip again to eating time. Skip to SJ coming for bracelet. Skip to when TS wakes up. Skip to stairway scene. Skip to the end n preview. Seriously thinking of skipping this drama but i like SSH.

  565. 565 : Jyenie Says:

    I have been enjoying this drama since day 1, it is my cup of tea. Production team, keep it up!

  566. 566 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Just finished EP9 ….. the cold-bloodedness of HTS is coming soon! Will still like Oppa SSH whatever HTS turn out to be. Someone is going to get deeply deeply hurt.

  567. 567 : Jyenie Says:

    I am waiting for HTS to show MD his true colour, she really needs some spanking to make her come to some senses! I can’t say much before I watch ep 9 with subs but I just know she is getting more egoistic and she only see things in her own perspective.

  568. 568 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 10, three more hours to go! The preview is making me very curious. Why is TS hugging SJ? Is it because he feels so insecure about MD’s love for him, so he pushes her away by pretending to be lovey dovey with BSJ?

  569. 569 : say Says:

    @usa-mary Says, have you watch The King of Dramas, if you have watch it, that was actually a good drama, do you know what kill that drama, in the beginning of it, when the main lead was shown to be heartless person in search of money, to let somebody that he hit by an accident in the road side to die without caring for that person . it shows lack of respect for human for life. greed that everything you do has consequences,that turn the viewers off,the writer try to redeem his or her writing. it was too late.this is what this writer is doing here also, trying to see what will bring the viewers back when he or she is the one destroying his or her work even when majority of the viewers are complaining of MD lack of respect human love in terms of the way she is disrespecting TS by been two timers,now the writer want to justify it by making it TS fault,hello you can’t do that.you will farther drive away the viewers which the writer has already doing now. nobody care about what the music said.when a man loves a woman that is music this is drama and if the writer follow the music part of it, the drama is going to lose face.JH is a young man he too who the writer is presenting him as an ungratefulness man by working against somebody who sent you to school make you who you are today.how can you bit the finger that feed you. that is the manners which the drama is presenting itself. the evil been done to an innocent man.this drama suppose to be love story b/w two people but writer has destroyed it by introducing JH and SH into the relationship.please writer don,t copy right the music because your product will not sell like the music, it will go down the drainage.

  570. 570 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie and Sharon Both of you are right about MD. I feel sympathy for her. She’s not 2 timing. Yes, her mind and heart don’t agree. Unfortunately for her, she’s experiencing 2 kinds of love at the same time. With JH is lightning strike, she can’t control her feelings, her thoughts and her heart and body. With TS is the opposite (call it love of reason), she likes him because everything about him tell her he’s the perfect one for her, she’s very thankful to him and try to spoil him (calling him boy of 17 years old reminding him of the time when he was happy) and to not hurt him. Until now, she decided to accept TS ring mainly because of : first, his mind and heart belong to her, the second one is she’ll be secure with him (you can see it in the scene where she’s alone thinking after TS gave her the ring). So, she rejected JH and still do, but she can’t help to be touched by his feelings (you can call it after effect of the strike) and want to keep him as a friend. Why is she still struggling ? Because of her dream ! After JH reminded her of it she’s seeing everybody around her trying to fulfill his own : her brother, her friend and then her father. She’s upset more and more. That’s why she can’t accept TS proposal for marriage, even she knows that his the one.
    And now SJ comes and shakes her main reason for accepting him. Some doubts arise, do really his heart and mind belong to her ? thus does she must continue with him ? it will depends on how the 2 men will behave.
    Her relationship with TS can succeed easily if JH disappear, and TS become confident and not try to please her but to be happy with her. They must be honest toward each other.

    TS is aware of her struggling but don’t know that the hidden reason is JH.

  571. 571 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 568 TS won’t bare to loose MD because of SJ, he says goodbye to her wishing her happiness (the hug). Loosing even his friendship, she’ll become aggressive and attacks. If he’s not hers alive, he’ll be dead.

  572. 572 : fan Says:

    @571 Sorry it’s “bear” not “bare” hahaha !!!!!

  573. 573 : Jyenie Says:

    ep 10 starting now….

  574. 574 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie Thanks a lot for the link ! Did she break up with him at the end of the episode ??????? can’t wait to see it with eng sub !

  575. 575 : Jyenie Says:


    Very well said. You have been very understanding with MD so far:) But I am getting impatient to see TS to show his dark side, he has been too nice and pathetic, I want to see that now!


    You are welcome, sharing is caring:)
    With my limited understanding of Korean, MD wants a break up because she wants to study abroad for 2 years, and as always the third wheel overheard the conflict again. How can she afford the expenses?

  576. 576 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished watching ep 9 and I am saying, good Lord!!!!!!
    Here I go on that roller coaster again. Ok, so this drama displays the seven deadly sin in the characters, so I guess someone is going to loose everything.
    who will it be TS, MD, JH, SJ, DG, CH or Goo?
    You have said all I want to convey in my comment. TS should have BC picture in security, so he will not be allowed ten feet near the building. That’s an embarrassment to TS and the company the way BC acted because of greed. He should be flogged with many straps.
    DG is going to betray TS , so sad why of all person Goo called DG saying he has no friends, goo is going to lend DG the money and the problem begins. Aigooo!!!!!
    You are right, JH need to leave MD alone and respect her relationship with TS. If he does this she will be able to see more clearly.

  577. 577 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 575

    Because I want TS to be happy with the woman he loves, and because I want to trust his choice ^_^

    Me too, I want to see his dark side but not with MD, he has already many enemies.

  578. 578 : fan Says:

    @ Sharon 576

    We’ve been all waiting to see what have been leaked to happen, but till now the story is taking another direction. Unpredictable ! love it !!!!!!!

  579. 579 : Jyenie Says:

    I am actually quite disappointed with ep 9 and 10, they are not meaty and beating around the bush. Script writer, you need some spanking too?

  580. 580 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-533: Thank you for sharing this OST in English. If the words are accurately translated for this drama, we already know where its headed! What a bummer! Well, I’ve truly learnt my lesson when a genre reads: melodrama, romantic drama. The antagonists narcissism out weighs the romantic and goodness of the protagonists characters which is fine temporarily, but not fine in the outcome. There has to be some glimpses of hope in this drama somewhere! Really…writer! Good always triumphs over evil…always!

    Oh well…a person may like you enough to date you; but that doesn’t mean they want to walk down the ‘Virgin Road’ of life wih you! ~sigh~

  581. 581 : loulou Says:

    I just hope Han Tae Sang will end up with Baek Sung Joo at least she truly loves him not like that bitch MiDo. I never hated a main character like her she keeps hurting the one that saved her and her family ass over and over again.

  582. 582 : Jyenie Says:

    They should change the title of this drama to “The Up and Down of A Sugar Daddy”:)

  583. 583 : usa-mary Says:

    Before this drama began, I recall how incorrect the synopsis was and brought it to peoples attention. Now, that the synopsis has been corrected, though thankful, I still see where it mentioned that TS will marry SJ. If that’s the case, why even bother with this cat and mouse chase with MD…really!

    @loulou-581: I agree with you. Now that I’ve watched the subs on 3 different websites (some subs don’t make sense), I now know what made TS angry with MD. She really had no right to say such a thing to him regarding SJ. Now, I do take issue re SJ popping up all over the place, presenting a relationship that seems more than chingus! Yet, MD knows how TS feels about her, and to say that he’ keeping SJ close to him and is using her was flat out wrong! Now, he’s getting stressed over his relationship with MD. She’s quite cruel and still an ingrate!

    Well now…Bae Choo is sprouting a seedling in his hair. Who’s bright idea was it to add a green streak in that man’s hair and curled at that? If by adding the green streak was supposed to liven up his sense of style, that may be well and good, but still…nothing can liven up his lack of common sense! hehehe

    TS’s mother needs to call pest control! That’s what comes to mind when I see Goo creeping and crawling around folks! Yuck..pooee…pooee! He’s like that pesky fly that won’t go away no matter how much you swat at him or spray! There’s only one way to get rid of that type of pest…set a good trap so he can create his own self-destruction. LOL

    Will Goo buy the bookstore or not? I hope he does so that MD’s dad will have to humble himself before TS who is really the only one that can help him. His self righteous attitude has gone on long enough!

    What’s with the writer and these flashbacks? Are we supposed to figure out the time frame when each one occurred and fill in the slot? I can, but it would have been nice to have had those scenes incorporated into the drama, so when it appears as a flashback, we can have a better idea of what’s going on and why!

  584. 584 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 583, you know the fact that the story in k-dramas change along the filming according to the viewers and the rating. And that is happening here. That’s why the synopsis look different from what we’re watching right now. It started maybe three episodes before, the scene about the coffee coupon with JH is one of them. And the fact that the writer is trying to justify MD actions is one of these changes(because viewers are hating MD). If you’ve watched King of drama, you’ll understand it.

  585. 585 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-Mary
    I understand what you are saying about the MD and SJ situation and that she should not have come off like that to TS about SJ. However, look at this SJ brags that she buys his toiletry, MD says well from now on I’ll take care of that, then she is asking questions suggesting MD like JH, then she bought him honey for his cough. JH let her know that at the meeting and she handled it well. SJ left her watch at his house came by to pick it up and suggest staying for dinner, MD told her no problem stay. SJ replied you are acting as if you are the owner( saying in other words TS is the owner and I can come and go as I like). Now at work, SJ talking and smiling with TS. MD know SJ don’t like her and she can’t stand SJ she was willing to put up with SJ, but sometimes it can be a bit much. TS, know how SJ feels about him and he cares for her too, but when in a relationship and want to take it to another level SJ gots to go. TS did not even enquire further about MD’s book she lost all he wanted to know is that she forgive him for his behavior, not really realizing how important that book was to her. JH knew and jump at the opportunity. MD is not innocent, she states that TS is more naive than her, but I do believe she is loyal.

  586. 586 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary and Sharon
    TS reaction is comprehensible. He got used to do things without giving any explanation and decide for himself because he’ve been living all these years alone. But now he’s not alone, in a couple communication is needed. After realizing that he went too far with his reaction and by yelling he scared MD, he was afraid that she might leave him, and he can’t bear to loose her. Seeing her haggard at the bookstore, he became more anxious and thought that she’s still upset and want to avoid the matter that’s why he didn’t pay much attention to the diary she lost.

  587. 587 : Lina Says:

    I love SSH…that’s why I started watching this drama…but it’s sad to see him getting rejected…I do not like MD & SJ…don’t want him to end up with either one…also hate the sneaky backstabbing JH.

  588. 588 : emerald Says:

    i want the ending to be TS die… so that people around him will regret of his lost… im getting pissed off of all the character around TS…

    if not only for SSH, i wouldnt watch this so stressful drama… hehehehehe… i knew all along that its gonna be like this… but i will endure it through the end cause im on half way now…

  589. 589 : K_Viewer Says:

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    Just finished Ep 10. Thank you, MD. Just leave, preferably now. Do us a favor. Go to London and don’t ever come back! Leave TS to find a woman who truly loves him and deserves him. You two are the most mismatched couple in the history of KDrama.

  590. 590 : Vicki Says:

    MD , yes go to London! Finished ep 10… Ugh, I hate her. She doesn’t show any true sincerity to TS. Can’t stand her. This drama is getting annoying. MD’s face has no expression or true love towards TS. Looks like she is only trying to like him. Go go go to London!!!!!!!,

  591. 591 : BogakTS Says:

    I am so totally agreed that MD should get lost from TS life. She doesn’t have any stand at all, yet still pretending being jealous towards TS & SJ. Not only MD should go to London but JH too. BTW, I am always lost with Shin Se Kyung face reaction. Was she smiling?, was she in love?, was she angry?, was she smirking…that’s is totally not good right!

  592. 592 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    MD why complicationg your situation, if you don’t like him then go. No one like to have you, ungrateful girl…

  593. 593 : InquizityJJ Says:

    Just finished watching Ep 10. MD does have a right to do what she wants when opportunity comes. She’s still young. It’s a decision of between career or love. Question is, does she loves HTS, was she grateful to him or does she feel indebted to him? If it’s just gratefulness and feeling indebted, do we call that “love”.

    With that decision obviously not love, probably not now or will she ever, thus she chooses career. JH supported her, encouraged her to pursue what she likes to do. Who will she like more?

  594. 594 : Jyenie Says:

    Gosh, viewers’ hatred for MD has reached the max!

  595. 595 : ance Says:

    this drama is making me crazy…i think this is the 1st time that i hate the girl main character…i really feel bad for HTS coz he really love SMDand has no idea what’s happening…and she’s only trying to like him coz of her & her family’s debt…and that LJH…she already rejected you…can’t you just give way since HTS took care of you? ahhh i’m not sure if i’ll continue to watch this drama…it’s really making me frustrated…the writer should do something to build up the character of SDM…i feel that most of viewers hate her like i do…i think she should know what really happened that night…

    sorry for the negative comment…

  596. 596 : Bestafall Says:

    I’m not so agree over the thought that JH actually kind of give good encouragement to MD to be whatsoever she wanted to be. I strongly believe that what JH actually wanted was MD heart to waver because JH likes MD and JH wants MD. A very bad moves for someone who knows that he owes a lot towards TS…like betrayal. Now I really pitied SJ because her love for TS totally endless….eventhough I think at later part, MD will return back to TS and SJ will plot to give MD hard time. Really pity TS!

  597. 597 : JB Says:

    the writer should redeem himself by allowing TS to kill MD drink her blood and eat her flesh. that would be justice

  598. 598 : tc Says:

    After watching ep10, I can’t continue watching this drama anymore – this is the first time that I find myself hating the female lead and just could not accept her selfish behaviour. When I lost respect for one of the leads, it is difficult to root for the OTP especially with romance plot being the main focus of the drama.

    The secondary characters are also terrible especially JH who is so ungrateful and tried to make Mi Do leave Tae Sang. I do like SSH and was looking forward to support him in this drama but I have lost interest with the lousy direction of the storyline which is just going to keep on piling misery and heartache for our hero without any glimmer of hope. Wonder why the writer is taking a big risk to turn viewers away with the dreadful portraying of Mi Do’s character?

    I find myself looking forward to watch the other competing drama, AAMR which has strong OTPs whom I can root for wholeheartedly – the drama is so hilarious and entertaining. For those equally frustrated viewers, do try AAMR or Jang Ok Jung – they are so underrated!

  599. 599 : O-My^^ Says:

    Omg, what a distressfull drama! O my headache… @JB, brilliant ideas! I agreed with that suggestion, sound wonderful. What should a gangster to do for good?! ^^

  600. 600 : Jyenie Says:


    AAMR is getting more and more entertaining from ep 5 onward. Shin Ha Kyun’s acting makes me overlook his previous hairstyle eventually. I just watched ep 1 of Birth Secret, it’s very touching and interesting. So many dramas, so little time!

  601. 601 : Jyenie Says:

    For those who are getting frustrated of this drama but still stick to it because of SSH, should try to watch his movie,Ghost, in the mean time.

  602. 602 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-579: The writer needs a spanking…too funny! Between pest Goo and the not so jolly green Bae Choo showing up, we know the climax is near.

    @fan-584: Thank you for your offer to watch King of Drama, but no thanks! I don’t need that to comprehend how kdramas work. I’ve been watching kdramas since 1994 (here in the U.S.), so I have a relatively good understanding of how they work! Now, re the synopsis correction. I really don’t know how you came up with that thought because that’s not what I said or meant. LOL! I’ll be more specific. ‘Before’ this drama ‘was’ even broadcasted, the synopsis on some websites that I frequent, including this one, stated that TS was married. He’s a single man, not a married man…that part needed to get corrected and was corrected. On Viki, to date, the synopsis states that he’s going to marry SJ after the death of his boss! My point is this, if we know that beforehand, what’s all this courtship between TS and MD happening for, unless there’s going to be an unforeseen twist! That was it and all re my recent comment! Now do you understand?

    Also, in my opinion, no matter how the writer wants to justify MD’s reason for not wanting to be with TS is overkill at this point. I got that in the 1st to the 10th episodes. It’s nothing new…point made already! It doesn’t take 20 episodes to establish what can be done in 1 scene, with 1 honest statement like…she doesn’t love him, therefore, doesn’t want to marry him! Voile’

    My thought: Melodramas have a tendency to redundantly drag out one thought to the point of irritibility. Then…WHAM! It hits us with something totally unexpected. After that, it limps from episode to episode until it ends! hehehe Hopefully, it won’t be like that for this one!

    @fan-586: I like your thoughts. Yet, might I add…TS is making great efforts to make corrections and adjustments in their relationship (I dare say more than MD). Truthfully, that’s really all anyone can do. Its true that communication is important, yet honesty along with kindness is what makes two hands clap! (I like that Korean phrase about hand clapping).

    My thoughts: MD’s (ultimate) reason for being by his side is still to repay that debt. When she mentioned that to him in ep. 10 about repaying the debt, it was as if he couldn’t imagine that she still is thinking that way. He didn’t ask her or her family to pay him back or to use her as a sacrificial lamb in the interim. That was MD’s bright idea! Well, we’ll see what pest Goo has in store for

    At this point, I want TS to be happy and healthy! It really doesn’t matter to me now who he gets with. I’ve already mentally dismissed MD!

  603. 603 : Sharon Says:

    I hate birth secrets drama!!!!!

  604. 604 : Jyenie Says:

    @603 Sharon

    What a strong opinion!? Have you watched Birth Secret yet?

  605. 605 : usa-mary Says:

    When MD met with TS on the roof to break up. After she said that to him, I noticed there were tears in her eyes. Now, the question is…were those tears of fear, not knowing how he’s going to respond? My response: Then, why not tell the man on the ground, by the side of the building where you usually meet foolish girl! She should know by now that he wouldn’t hurt her! Or were those tears because she couldn’t control them and is beginning to be aware that she cares for him more than what she realizes?

    Another thought. if MD does go to London, will she earn enough money to take care of herself and help her family in case something happens to them while she’s away! With the way sneaky, underhanded, lurking pest Goo’s plotting; getting ready to launch his attacks on every hand (her family being included) just to distract and hurt TS. Will she vehemently, upfront decline any financial assistance from TS when her family becomes homeless and pennyless or will she turn to JH for help? I wonder if TS will have learnt his lesson by then; realizing that MD and her father are ungrateful and don’t appreciate his kindness.

  606. 606 : tera Says:

    @603 Sharons

    “I hate birth secrets drama!!!!!”

    Why Sharon the drama barely into its 2nd episode.

    Well i like the 1st episode….i can’t wait for the second one to be subbed..

  607. 607 : booki4 Says:

    When I dated a guy and wanted badly to get rid of him, I acted jealous and jumped at the first possible moment to dump him -> when he took pictures with other girls. MiDo is doing exactly that -.-

    Even though I don’t like MiDo’s wishywashiness, I think it’s wrong of TaeSang to try to build her life around his own. Why can’t he move to London with her if he can’t bear to be apart?

  608. 608 : tera Says:

    This is why my mother always remind us the girls….don’t accept too much kindness from other people(especially in terms of money) coz she’d afraid that things like this can happen.
    We sometimes cannot refuse cause we’re too deep in debt….

  609. 609 : Jyenie Says:


    Well, if the creditor is SSH, it’s not too hard to return the favour, right? ^_^ Nothing is free in this world, don’t be greedy if you don’t fancy the guy. You see, we actually can learn a lot of things from this drama:)

  610. 610 : Jyenie Says:

    The issue of MD studying abroad, I would like to dedicate this quote to TS which was mentioned earlier by usa-mary,

    “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.”
    ― Sherrilyn Kenyon, Unleash the Night

  611. 611 : Sharon Says:

    What’s up with the haterade for MD? I don’t see where she has done anything wrong!! Whatever TS ask of her she does. MD bought him patch for his back, she told him about the job opportunity in London and asked if she could go. If I did not care for someone even if they are giving me the world I wouldn’t ask, I would just tell TS i am going. MD could take care of her family with the English pounds she will be making, but due to her respect for TS she asked him. She even try to reassure him and tell him she won’t be gone forever only two to three years.
    MD cares for TS !!!
    TS on the other hand can’t accept her going away, he feels she won’t return. Why? He was remembering she reject him, so if he let her go she won’t return. TS is still suffering from abandonment and insecurity issues, so he is holding on tight to MD and that can be a little scary.
    JH is just dangling the carrot in front of MD, because he knows how important her dream is to her.
    CH kinda suspect JH’s irritation for TS, he will put it together.

  612. 612 : Sharon Says:

    About hating birth secret dramas, I was not referring to the drama Birth Secrets. I meant dramas with birth secrets in them for example, the child was adopted and the person that took the child in is related to the child. surprise, its either the husband or wife that happens to be the child parent. That’s what I am talking about!!

  613. 613 : zaza Says:

    @jyenie .. I have watched Ghost… very interesting one. Actually i watched most of SSH drama n movies..

  614. 614 : phoojywg Says:

    This MD chick….just….wow. Dont know if its bad acting from SSK or if this is actually how MD’s character is supposed to be but MD really is a horrible character, stringing along both guys. JUST from facial expressions and the overall vibe from her, MD seems so much more “in love” and comfortable with JH than TS. Seems like she might actually like TS but the vibe im getting is more of an “im grateful/im trying to like you because I owe you/i might like you a teeny tiny bit.” On the flip-side of things, she seems to be really infatuated with JH, maybe to the point of “love.” Either way, MD is waving that bait in front of both guys. This is the reason why MD is hated thus far in the drama. She has received so many things from TS. An education, financial backing, a proper job (remember, she was doing numerous odd jobs before because no one would hire her), a loving partner. This doesn’t mean she should do whatever TS want, but at the least she shouldnt be two-timing him and this is essentially what she is doing (proven by the fact that she tries to hide her and JH relationship instead of openly saying “I will be doing eating out with a friend” or even taking TS along with them). Also, MD is throws a hissy fit every time she see’s SJ and TS together misunderstands many things about them even though TS as well as others associated with both TS and SJ have made it clear there is nothing going on between TS and SJ. They should make her character come out say it straight, “I dont like/love you. This is why I want to end this relationship, financial and otherwise, and do what I want from now on.” That would at least give TS some closure and move this sad drama in better direction….

    PS – JH is a douche. Doing everything in his power to open even a little crack in the relationship of TS-MD so he can get his grubby little hands on his chance to nab MD for himself. JH is definitely not a BRO of TS, even after everything TS has done for him. Sad that some people think its fine because he’s “nice” to MD, even though he’s just prying into another couple’s relationship/business that is not his.

  615. 615 : Jyenie Says:


    You are saying “exactly” what I want to say about MD and JH! You definitely hit the nail on the head!

  616. 616 : Kdramaholic Says:

    ok guys, don’t get your hopes up. This drama’s ending will be just like Fashion King :P. The writer obviously portrayed SSK Mi Do’s character and behavior just exactly like hers in Fashion King (miserable, pitiful, naive and easy-going toward gentlemen :P). Let’s be honest here, you don’t want a gf like her who always gets flustered and accepts every men say “I love you” to her. If it was a case then every couple in the world will have affair in their whole life 😛

  617. 617 : SSF1990 Says:

    how on earth shin se kyung get to act in this drama??? her acting is really really terrible. she cant even express her emotions correctly. she can only smile/laugh or show her sweet sour face. yeacccckkss

  618. 618 : SSF1990 Says:

    @Sharon #611
    it is true that MD is entitle to pursue her career but the point that she tend totally ignored is that “JH encourage her to do so because JH wants MD heart to waver”. as a matter of fact, MD knows that her heart is wavering because she feels happy when she is with JH. but why MD make fuss to TS about JS? MD is someone dirty! She holds back TS but at the same time she herself having good time with JH (dont tell me that she never have the thought that JH still loves her).

  619. 619 : Poohs Says:

    Mi Do really sucks! She always have this sad face like as if the world is falling apart! Am still watching this because of SSH

  620. 620 : Leaf Says:

    Was trawling for a good drama to watch.

    From the comments here, I think I can pass on this one.

    Your candid comments have been helpful. Thanks.

  621. 621 : Jyenie Says:


    You will enjoy the comments more after watching the drama yourself.

  622. 622 : Sophie Thanh Says:

    When following up the film, I feel that MD still has not understood TS’ characteristic deeply yet. So, MD usually says or does something make TS concern, but if she takes her time to observe TS, she will realize and love him as much as posible. On the other hand, Shin Se Kyung is always a good actress, she plays all her roles well not sour face.

  623. 623 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 602
    I was just speaking about the flashbacks ! 😉
    You must agree that the story somehow is going in a different path that it should, MD cheating on TS and what will he do if he discovered it, many things hinted to that, but I think because the reaction of viewers were negative, the writer is taking another direction and adding some scenes as flashbacks to consolidate what she’s planning to do with the characters. Even the offer for MD to go to London seems to me just another change, because it’s not that logical to get this offer without having any experience or any great potential (at the beginning of the série, MD could’t catch a good job because she wasn’t that brilliant). Someone said in this thread that because some hated the idea of a married man falling in love, the story has been changed. It might be true !
    @usa-mary 605
    I think that MD likes TS as she stated, but she’s not in love yet, or maybe she’s not aware of it. The tears express her feelings, she doesn’t want to hurt TS (that’s why she choose to be with him in the first place) in the other hand she doesn’t want to loose him.
    I think that MD made the right decision when choosing her career over love since she’s not totally in love with TS why continue like that. JH will loose any opportunity to get her. She’s already going to pursue her dream, so JH you have no chance now to play with her mind any more !
    Now, TS needs to show her that she can’t take him for granted thus she’ll think twice before letting him go !

  624. 624 : fan Says:

    @booki4 607 and tera 608
    That’s why I love this drama, because it happens in real life !

    @Jyenie 609
    Is TS SSH or SSH TS ?????? After watching this drama I can’t see clearly who is who !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  625. 625 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 610
    Ye ! Wonderful quote !

  626. 626 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 611
    You’re so right !
    We’re the only ones in this thread or maybe among all the viewers who like MD character and sympathize with her 😉

  627. 627 : fan Says:

    @leaf 620

    Take Jyenie advice(#621), for me reading the comments here make the drama more and more interesting 😀

  628. 628 : Kdramaholic Says:

    @fan (626), haha indeed reading the comments is more interesting than the drama itself, and about your question TS SSH or SSH TS is the same thing. SSH = Song Seung Hun (actor’s name) who plays TS = Tae Sang (role’s name) 😀

    Imo, Shin Se Kyung isn’t a bad actress since she’s still young in her acting career. It’s the script writers who chose her to play the same role twice in a row (Fashion King and this one), this doesn’t improve on her acting and impression, thus they’re the ones to blame 😛

  629. 629 : Jyenie Says:


    I also don’t know which is which anymore!?

  630. 630 : fan Says:

    @Kdramaholic 628
    Since all hate SSK because they hate MD, for me it’s a proof that she’s a good actress. Till now all the actors in this drama are very good, and I must confess that I’m very impressed by SSH acting skills !!! worth an oscar !

    @Jyenie 629 HAHAHAHAHA !

  631. 631 : zaza Says:

    Frustrated with When A Man Love but like SSH. Today i finished for the third time My Princess.. Really love this drama n SSH is soo ooo handsome. Now what should i watch, Summer scent, autumn tale or ghost??

  632. 632 : Jyenie Says:


    I think SSK’d better not go anywhere nowadays because she might receive a lot of hateful stares!

    I have never been SSH’s fan before this drama but I am converted now, he is really banjjak banjjak(shining)here, a real Hallyu star!

  633. 633 : pema Says:

    The characters in this drama are really great esp lee channg hee(lee jae hee’s brother). He has been committing his loyalty towards Han Tae sang till esp 10..thumps up 4 u! Love your character..vit lotz of luck for this drama..aja aja fighting..lol

  634. 634 : Jyenie Says:


    Have you watch He is so cool? I am watching it now, quite entertaining.

  635. 635 : oh dear Says:

    I can’t feel the love of Shin Se Kyung to Song Seung Hun. This movie would be more touching and lively if the actress devote her loves to the actor. She wants to be cool, but i can’t feel that, contrary I feel heartless of her.

    She should change her acting style in the coming episodes. There must be has clear cut and different feeling to person she loves and or her friend. I dont like that characters in this movies.

    She should overcome herself and i believe she has a potential to be good actress.

  636. 636 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 634
    If you didn’t watch “A better tomorrow”, give it a try 🙂

  637. 637 : Sharon Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the commentators and I are watching the same drama?????
    @ fan
    They just don’t get it. Hahaha!!
    I still don’t see where MD is cheating, or being ungrateful. Please enlighten me with solid evidence. All I see is you are going by your feelings and no facts.

  638. 638 : say Says:

    The only good things that the writer will do for this drama is to make MD homeless in London, and make TS fire JH from his company, that will do justices for TS character, some people say her dream, what is her dream, a man paid your school fee without asking anything back from you than , he help your family regain respect from owning debtors,your dream you can be a wife, a mother and achieve your dream if you want to dream, with TS well know a businessman you can use that to influence or boot career as a sage producer.she is a gold digger who thought that one can just have everything that you want just like that, even TS himself who is doing all this things for people around him did not have the opportunity to see who sent him to school but keep sending ungrateful people to school without thank you.they say MD is afraid of TS common writer you have to stop writing because you are writing nonsense,you are making people like me debating your stupid writing, how can she be afraid of TS when TS have never lay hand on her or to her father but to be hero that has been protecting her, in which every woman on this earth would want a man like TS to fight and defend her.we all have watch movies, what do we see in the movies, we see the actor act to protect the female from bad guys,and the actress stay behind the lead actor, she will even see him shoot a gun, point a gun on people head without been afraid of the him the actor even when they are afraid at the beginning, they later begin to fall in love,TS has never show MD a gun that will make her to be afraid of him,he has not show any violence to her expect during the time he was saving her life. female musician usually sing that they will want a man that will be a hero to them defend their right.common writer what are you trying to say here again that MD is afraid of him,anyway I did not watch but reading the comment make me to want to clarify things that need to be said. The writer has made MD character disappointment to all women who could want a man to pamper them also be hero to them shame you writer for making MD character a disgrace to all women.

  639. 639 : tnt Says:

    Good act…love ur character in when a man in loves 🙂

  640. 640 : Saranya Says:

    I think Mi Do’s character is well portrayed. The more you are close to a person the more you express your true feelings.. She is showing her true feelings to TS whether it is getting upset with TS when he is with another man or showing affection on their dates.
    On the other hand, she is comfortable with JH, I think more like a friend. There wasn’t any situation where she was seeing him with any other feelings. Otherwise she wouldn’t mention about her boyfriend to JH (even in Ep 10 where she says to JH that she told her boyfriend about leaving for London).
    Lets put us in Mi Do’s shoes, she is not mentally prepared for marriage and has career aspirations. In episode 1, TS mentioned ‘Not to give up on yourself, no matter what happens’. So if she has to get married, because she feels sorry for TS and TS is lonely and all those things, it is definitely give herself up. TS can do anything for Mi Do and if that is the case, why cant he understand Mi Do’s feelings. Why has TS talked to Mi Do about her career aspirations yet even after Mi Do mentioning to TS about it when she went to his house.
    From TS point to view, it is not wrong wanting to keep Mi Do by his side, but the way he asked Mi Do not to go to London wasn’t convincing enough. It was more like demanding tone rather than a convincing tone.

  641. 641 : Saranya Says:

    Correction to the above comment.
    Mi Do is upset when TS is with another woman, not man.. Sorry
    ***********She is showing her true feelings to TS whether it is getting upset with TS when he is with another woman or showing affection on their dates.*************

  642. 642 : Sharon Says:

    Thank you!!!!! You hit it out of the park.

  643. 643 : Saranya Says:

    @Sharon You are welcome Sharon. However what I wish to see in the coming episodes is TS to help MiDo achieve her dreams, may be secretly, and when Mido realizes it, I want her to long and love TS more than him. So far, she hasn’t confessed her feelings to TS and that is something I am waiting for. MiDO likes TS now but not love to the point where she is longing to see his face once (like TS wants to see MiDO’s face now). If her character is portrayed like this, may be after 15 episodes, all hatred to SSH from the fans will turn to love.. Lets see what happens..

  644. 644 : say Says:

    The more you are closer to a person the more you love that person or else that person is a bad person.so far I have not see any bad thing Ts has done that will make Md to rethink of her dating TS.Md character is portray as a opportunist ,when did she start dreaming of
    her career it is when JH started putting it to her, in terms of reality dose JH has the resource to support MD in aboard no, he don’t but still using TS as a resource to support her in aboard, MD is not that educated for people in aboard to want her come and work there,there are a thousands of educated people there who are looking to work in London,before JH came back from aboard TS paid for his clothe and his rent , he don’t even have a car how is he going to support her in aboard when he himself has not achieve anything yet, he just came out from school as presented in the drama or else stealing from TS to help her ultimately which will back fire on him if TS discover it. dose it make scene for him to be doing what he is doing to TS right now no,in actually sense he going to drag her down with him.Ts dose not need to support her in secret,that is a disrespectful way for a man like him to accept that kind of ill treatment that MD has been showing to him,enough of the kindnesses the one that he has done already there is no thank you for that,but look down on him.TS is not same age with MD for him to start waiting again for her to achieve her dream before marrying him.when you love person you show that person that you love him or her,you don’t throw someone away because of your career when you know that that person is the one who started that carrier for you when things seem to have lost for you.

  645. 645 : fan Says:

    @Saranya 640-643
    Happy to see there is another person who shares the same thoughts about MD as we do. Welcome to the club !

    Everybody wants, as usual, the lead actress to be kind, generous cute and fall in love with the lead actor ! the same stories ! We’ve already seen many dramas and movies where the leading are facing obstacles like romeo and Juliet, this is different. It’s about what a man can do to make the woman he loves (who seems selfish) fall for him !
    In real life, people are not the same, we can meet the bad, the selfish, the pathetic … the same person can be generous in times and selfish in others.
    No one can control his/her emotions, we can’t help to hate as we can’t help to fall in love !

  646. 646 : Jyenie Says:


    First of all, I congratulate you on the growth of your club:)

    We don’t like MD because we like TS so much, we can’t bear to see TS suffer, but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy watching this character, I for one don’t like to watch the same cliched characters in different dramas. Just like you said, we can’t control our emotions which will also change according to the development of the character. Everybody sees things in different ways, some will like you and some will hate you too.

  647. 647 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 646
    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! 😀

    Because I like TS so much and I trust his Choice, I like MD ;D

  648. 648 : fan Says:


    Who says better ? B-)

  649. 649 : Saranya Says:

    I agree, If MD acts all lovey dovey as soon as they start dating, then can this drama go for 20 episodes. The drama is how MD, with a character like hers fall for TS.. It takes time for a person to fall in love after many misunderstandings and fights and breakups…

    You think MD is throwing away the person she loves for her career.
    We think MD likes TS but not yet in love with him.. We are waiting for her to fall in love with TS.. We too like TS and want MD to fall for him but our point is MD’s character is not worse as you all think..

  650. 650 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi @fan #645

    I totally agree with what you said in this post. I find Seo Mi Do as being written as a believable and realistic character and Shin Se Kyung is doing a good job protraying this character as written. Mi Do is coming across very well as an insipid and indecisive young woman who happened to have two men falling in love with her at the same time. It is not going to be convincing for SSK to act vibrant and expressive given Mi Do’s background, upbringing and experiences.

    This drama is a pretty unique storyline and there might not be many lead actresses in past Korean dramas that have the characters and encounters of Seo Mi Do hence I think many commentators here find it rather awkward to have a flawed lead actress. There have already been so many many dramas with perfect candy type lead actress and good morals storyline so why bother to write another similar one – kudos to When A Man Loves scriptwriter for writing a drama with a different vibe.

    This drama requires the viewers to watch carefully and earnestly every episode to understand why the characters are behaving the ways they are behaving. So far, I do not find many loopholes in the story and the characterisations have been consistent. But I agree that this is not a mass market likeable drama and there are some scenes which are quite repetitive hence dragging the plots a little.

    I am keen to see how the rest of the episodes play out.

  651. 651 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    TS is not suffering, he is stressed out because of so many things right now. for example, Goo, the mother issue, had to let his friend SJ go, his business problems with investors, now is girlfriend want to continue her career.
    TS, would suffer if MD is not by his side and JH is trying very hard not to have her there.

  652. 652 : ani Says:

    s s k doesn’t have sweet smile on her expression so the drama look very fake

  653. 653 : say Says:

    as a woman, i like get that kind of attention from a man especially when it is two men gearing for me, is only few women will not want that, other thing that bother me this writing is that if i am MD, i will ask myself how come i did not write application for a job but i receive a phone call that i been offered a job, i will also ask myself i my qualify to work in that job, why now that i am starting a relationship this job happens to appear to me when since i have looking for a local good job it seems to be vary hard for me to find, but she only have one day to think about going to aboard and rush to the rooftop and told TS let brake up, is that meaningful way how to do thing to a man whom has been there for you in time of distress, just like that, wow, were is your conscious , in actual scene people like this who do things without thinking end up with nothing, let us be realistic if you are MD will you act the way the writer have portray her,if yes will you succeed that way in life. give example of who had have that kind of Cinderella story in this present life.i have nothing against the actress because this is the way that she been paid to act.the writing is wrong to me.

  654. 654 : say Says:

    @652ani Says, Well said.

  655. 655 : Sharon Says:

    @fan, Saranya ,unknown unknown

    All the time viewers complain about the drama been the same old story and that the writers needs new fresh ideas and when it’s presented to them they cry for the same old, same old story.

    MD character is perfect for what the writer wants to convey to the audience as girl who is misunderstood. Although, they gave hints of her character she is still misunderstood. MD had to grow up fast to take care of things at home, She trust no one, she is depress, she is too proud to beg, she love to have fun, she is loyal, she is a little thuggish, she has dreams and she cares for TS in her own way.

    SSK, really took all the elements of this character and did justice to the roles, she did a good job portraying MD who is now coming out of her shell with the help of TS and JH.

    @ fan
    The club is growing. Hahahaha!!!

  656. 656 : say Says:

    let not denial that this writing is bad job,wait untill she goes on this trip and end up sleeping with JH i wonder what you guys are going to say than, may be we all will say good job writer you are giving a new direction to Korean dramas.

  657. 657 : fan Says:

    @unknown unknown 650
    Totally agree with you !

  658. 658 : ani Says:

    i read news that S S k done a plastic surgery on her face if that true she’s not natural

  659. 659 : fan Says:

    @Saranya 649 As you said, what the point to make this drama if the lead actress fall in love in the beginning, will we see their grandchildren in the last episode ? 😉

  660. 660 : Sharon Says:

    Lets be honest with ourselves, if you where MD at that Age you would be so insightful to see all these things you are saying? I don’t think so, when you are young you see things differently. Nowadays, everyone wants a career. Remember, TS shouted No!!! You can’t leave and held on to her and in anger she said let’s break up.

    If I meet a man like TS, would I act the way the writers portrays her? If I had no life experience yes, with life experience hell no !!!! hahahahaha!!!
    MD, has nooo life experience.

  661. 661 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 655 Well said ! 😀

  662. 662 : fan Says:

    If I were in MD position, being a cautious person, I’ll act like her in the beginning, but because I have a life experience and dislike dishonesty, I’ll be more decisive than her. It won’t take me too much time to see that TS is the one ! B)

  663. 663 : Saranya Says:

    I will change my opinion on MD and take back my words if she sleeps with JH.
    With the way MD’s character is portrayed so far I don’t see that happening. She doesn’t love JH either for that to happen.

  664. 664 : Saranya Says:


    You nailed it. To viewers everything is either black or white. A person cant be totally perfect or totally bad. In real life, it is a proportion of how many good qualities y vs bad qualities u have. Kudos to the writer for portraying a real life character in MD

  665. 665 : say Says:

    @fan662says, Thank you fan for your comment, I real appreciate that comment, you said it all.thanks again for that comment, it make my day. Sharon Says, MD have a life experience already with her family background she should know better by now that there is no such easy roses for poor people like her to take Ts for granted.for seven years how many people has she met that was willing to help her and her family, she quiet school to help paid for her father hospital bills,how come somebody who did not finished her college eduction now have a job in aboard, common scene will tell her that this is not real, her experience in the restaurant with those girls asked her to keen before them,that is even enough experience for her not to misbehave for this opportunity knocking on her door, Sharon Says,look at the way those guys was mishandle her that day,there are so many instances that the writer has shown in this drama but fail to connect the dot to make it a good drama. you can not have that kind of life experience and you say that you need more to experience with life before you decide what you real want,believe me people who does that end up with no accomplishment in life.

  666. 666 : fan Says:

    @say 665
    You’re welcome ! but still I agree with Sharon !

    Yes she still lacks in life experience when it comes to matter of heart, she thinks that experiencing other things is more important than marriage. She’s already thankful, and know that TS is the perfect man for her. What can she do more !?

    And love can’t be bought with money, you can’t control your heart ! She’ll love him when she’ll know him better and better ! And that what is happening now, unfortunately for her there was JH obstacle and now her career. From her young age, she was an ambitious girl, she can’t let go such a gold opportunity, and because she knows that TS loves her, she wants to make pressure on him in order to get his approval, she’s still selfish in this.

  667. 667 : fan Says:

    @Saranya 663-664
    Some still think that if the woman is not submissive, she’s selfish !
    And if some one is generous with you, you owe him ! Can’t we be generous without waiting for return !?

  668. 668 : say Says:

    Fan, I don’t understand, is Ts buying her his money?yes love can be bought by money 100% for instant you and your brother were hungry and no food to eat no one offer you any, and you see your beloved brother dying,and suddenly some offered you bread, how will you feel,would you feel grateful and also love person,what make you loved, if you are walking with your boy friend,some guys come and hit you and your friend stand there without doing anything to defend you. when you go home will you still call him your friend, what will your heart tell you?Fan, in both instances,Ts has done that for MD,if that is not enough for you to love that person back I wonder what kind of person that you want to love.

  669. 669 : say Says:

    @fan Says, nobody will offer you help on this earth that we live in without asking for anything back,if it happen once that person will not come back to help you again,when TS left seven year ago he did not asked any thing back from her on still the restaurant accident, may be he doesn’t want to see her suffer any more that is why he ask for her hand in marriage, and knew that he love her enough to make her happy.

  670. 670 : fan Says:

    @Say 668, Sorry but I won’t love some one who save me and wait for something in return ! I’ll be grateful but I’ll love him when I see that his generous by nature ! and has a good heart !

    @669, you make everything dark, thank God there is still people who do good deed without asking for return.

    TS loves her and is sure of that. In his age, it’s the right time for him to marry. But the main reason why he wants to do it sooner, is because he knows that if MD marries him, she won’t leave him ever.

  671. 671 : say Says:

    @Fan670says, you may be in denial but you know that is truth.

  672. 672 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    SMD is blinded by her dreams while LJH keeps on doing everything in order to win her affection. Previous episodes did not really reveal SMD’s sincerity of her love to HTS, or does she really love him? LJH’s character looks bad in my eyes. He knows that SMD and HTS are in a relationship but keeps on pretending he does not know. He even suggested that HTS and BSJ to get married. He’s a bad guy, worse than GYG, LOL!

    HTS is a martyr. He even saw SMD and LJH together at the bus garage but decided not to do anything to embarrass them, but I don’t worry bcuz HTS is the hero in the drama, LOL.

    I think SMD’s father started to feel awkward about SMD entertaining 2 men at the same time. Though he likes LJH, I felt that he also feels indebted to HTS but he does not want to show it for the pride. I want SMD to be punished, she’s a bad gal, LOL! She left HTS while sleeping in the couch without even leaving an SMS or a note. What kind of GF is she? Bad gal! LOL. Even though she said that the happiest days she had was in Guam, I do not think that she will fall in love with LJH.

    Looking forward to the next epi… AjaAjaFighting!!!

    Great epis so far…!!! =)

  673. 673 : loulou Says:

    @ say I totally agree with you! and people should stop saying she’s too young or wtv she’s 26 not 16 she should know what she wants. Mido should’ve told me him that she didn’t want him in the first place and if she REALLY was going to TRY to like him she shouldn’t have 2 timed him like she did, the way I see it is she made TS fall for her even deeper and once she got back on her feet she decided to dump him. Hopefully she’ll lose both guys in the end and live a poor miserable life like she was supposed to live. If TS didn’t help her she would’ve ended prostituting herself to help her family out. Some people keep saying that she’s too young and that she has the right to choose who to love , I can understand that but when somebody saves your family from misery and yourself from prostitution (remember the boss who died , wanted her to sign herself ) hell you would do everything to repay that person.

  674. 674 : zaza Says:

    @jyenie ,
    ALready done with that movie… now trying to watch A better tomorrow, so close and ice rain 🙂

  675. 675 : say Says:

    loulou Says, Thank god that you know the truth,some people keep excusing her bad behavior and bad writing of this drama giving the writer credit for nonsenses writing, she is opportunistic, she accept TS ring, she kiss him and make him to believe in her, she now turn around and told him that she wants to go to aboard and study what kind of ungrateful wicked person will do that to someone like TS who almost die for you,if I were TS i will let her go to aboard and fire that her boyfriend that she is hoping on and
    .let me see how she can survive in London without, home,job, even still now they make TS character like fool to her.may be this time she will really be a prostitute that she has been gearing for, for God seek the writer is insane for portraying MD character like this.

  676. 676 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-623: Its clearer now that you’ve explained it further. Well, I don’t know how accommodating kdrama screenwriters and directors are when it comes to making changes to a character just because some viewers don’t like the portrayal. It kind of defeats the entire writing process to me. But, what I do know is that this drama reminds me of one that I saw a few years ago titled, Will It Snow For Christmas. That drama had just as many emotional ups/downs, misunderstandings, twists and turns that annoyingly perplexed not only me, but the other viewers! It was crazy! The beginning of that drama was crystal clear, then midway, it became surreal and by the end it was so abstract that Picasso himself would have gotten a headache.

  677. 677 : NoLondonForMD Says:

    Come to think of it, I am beginning to like the title of this drama “When A Man Loves…” although not all man will love like this! The big different that is happening right till this very 10th episodes is that TS does not know about MD and JH earlier love relationship, and MD acting too naive towards JH intention. I think TS manage to stop MD from going overseas and at the same time JH starts to make more mistakes.
    Shin Se Kyung acting is ok enough but I wish to see her face expression more alive.

  678. 678 : NoLondonForMD Says:

    (1) I believe TS being too handsome, too sexy, too rich, too kind makes viewers become really sensitive about his love life.
    (2) Two thumbs up on the saying, “Never forget those that gave you a helping hand, someday you will need them again.!”

  679. 679 : unknown unknown Says:

    Let me see if I could get the facts right as conveyed by the past episodes of this drama so far:

    Seo Mi Do’s father borrowed a large sum of money from the loan sharks gangsters more than 10 years ago to help his friend. Thereafter, the family struggled to repay the loan but only managed to pay off the interest portions of the loan which kept accumulating. When he was not able to continue paying the interests, he was harassed continuously by the gangsters and finally Han Tae Sang (the gangster chief at that time) appeared at his shop and smashed a glass door with his fist to intimidate him. He was so desperate that he jumped into the Han river to attempt suicide but was rescued and Seo Mi Do went to see Han Tae Sang to offer herself to him in exchange for writing off the loan. HTS felt sorry for SMD as he saw in her a reflection of himself at that young age. He agreed to waive off the interests of the loan and let SMD’s father take his time to repay the principal amount. Later, he also told SMD that he will sponsor her college education by depositing a sum of money into a bank account monthly and SMD has the bank book to this account. However, the Big Boss got angry with HTS for how he handled SMD’s father’s loan and kidnapped SMD to the restaurant to harass her. HTS arrived to rescue her and she left. Some time later, HTS appeared at her university and she revealed to HTS that she even thought that the whole restaurant incident was staged by HTS to glorify himself. HTS got angry and said that he will not come and see her again. Over the next seven years, although they did not meet, HTS did continue to top up the bank account. Unfortunately, due to SMD’s father’s chronic illness, the money was used to fund his medical expenses instead.

    Therefore, as far as SMD is concerned, she owed HTS a debt of money only. She was not aware of all the pain and trouble that she partly caused to HTS and Lee Chang Hee all the way back seven years ago. Seven years later, when she reconnected with HTS (former gangster turned rich business man), she acknowledged her debt and wanted to repay him. He revealed his deep love for her and wanted to marry her straight away. She declined and came to work in his firm instead. She was touched by all the love that HTS showered on her and agree to date him despite their age difference. She also begin to like him.

    What came later to interfere with their love story were Lee Jae Hee, Baek Sung Joo, SMD’s yearning to fulfill her dream career and most importantly, the differences in interests & thinkings between HTS and SMD due to their age gap and HTS’s ineptness in wooing a girl.

    If what I have written above is somewhat correct based on the storyline so far, then I hope it helps to clear the air for the many commentators here who are saying that they do not understand why Seo Mi Do would reject Han Tae Sang at all. Personally, I also think that it is too far fetched to say that the scriptwriter is trying to write a drama to say that good deeds go unrewarded so people should not do good deeds anymore. To me, this story is merely about the complicated affairs of the hearts to last all 16 episodes, written with a sense of tension and nervousness for the audience to experience.

  680. 680 : fan Says:

    @unknown unknown 679 THANK YOU ! You can’t make it clearer than that !
    it’s as NoLondonForMD #678 said in point (1).

  681. 681 : say Says:

    unknown unknown Says:for your correction, MD father did not borrow money for his friend,he borrowed money for his own family, re-watch it again, most of your comment about the drama are incorrect,please forgive me if i interfere. i hope you re-watch it again so that you will make corrections yourself .

  682. 682 : Jyenie Says:

    Phew, I have just finished watching ep 9 & 10 with subs at last, I have a better idea now.

    MD and TS are not at the same pace and have different priority in life because they are in different age groups. They are bound to have many conflicts and see things in different perceptions unless one party is willing to compromise. TS is established in his career, in his late 30s, has been lonely without his family for many years, and since he has found a girl he loves very much, it is understandable that he is eager to start his own family, to have a lovely wife and some adorable TS juniors or MD juniors to come home to. This man has been lonely and deprived of love for so many years, he needs a lot of love but he can only fill up the void and get the sactisfaction from someone he loves, this explains why BSJ’s efforts has been fruitless no matter what she tries eventhough she is more compatible and in love with him. In reality, most of the men are very smart and practical, they would settle down with someone like BSJ instead of MD. On the other hand, MD as a newbie, just stepped into the working world, she has a dream which is yearning to be fulfilled, she got excited and snapped at the job offer based in London immediately because it’s one step closer to her dream. She actually has buried this dream long before until JH stirs up her desire again, she always seems to enjoy JH’s company because he knows exactly what she wants and always manages to find a crack to creep in. She can only see what she wants to see around her to justify her decision i.e. her brother has been working hard toward his debut for his dream, her friend also has started to pursue her singing career, her father also has started writing again plus the constant encouragement from JH with or without his personal agenda. However, TS is so in love with her, he is desperate to be with her for 24 hours a day preferably, you must be kidding he is willing to let her go to London for 2-3 years ! HE told her,”I promise to be very nice to you, it will be so unexpectedly nice, just stay with me!” Aw, TS, you are so sweet! Come to Mama here! If it were BSJ, she would say,” Is it a dream, TS? If it is, I don’t want to wake up!” I would melt in his arm and throw my dream 1000 miles away if I were her! Ha! He stressed his point further,”I don’t know why you have to go all the way to London to do filing and photostating while you can do the same thing better here?” Ha again, he really hit the nail on the head indeed! However, on the next day after considering long and hard for the whole night, she still stuck with her decision and gave him the ultimatum on the roof top with JH in the background. I am sure TS will give in if she insists to go. IMO, he should let her go, let her come back to him at her own will one day, she will be all his! From the preview of ep 11, I don’t think MD will go to London. (otherwise, it will break the budget of this drama:)) If I am unaware of the leak, I would say MD is going to fall in love with TS and she doesn’t seem to be so into JH in the last two episodes.

  683. 683 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 682
    Can I say to you Welcome to the club !? 😀

  684. 684 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    I totally understand what you are saying. I do believe the creative process would be defeated if a writer is at the beck and call of the viewers. Picasso, funny. Hahaha!!

  685. 685 : Sharon Says:

    @679unknown unknown
    Many need that recap, good job. Now I hope some get it!!

  686. 686 : saphiyyah Says:

    Where can I get the recap of this drama, anybody pls.

  687. 687 : Sharon Says:

    The club door was always open welcome!!!
    She has got it, hehehe!

  688. 688 : Jyenie Says:

    This is solely my opinion, for those who don’t agree, pls do not bash me. I really can’t help to think that MD is not very likeable. Due to her pride and complex, she is always contradicting herself. She doesn’t love TS or JH, she only loves herself. She didn’t refuse when JH offered to pay the debts owed to TS’s company for her, so she could take up the London offer. She thinks she can just accept JH’s help without any string attached? Is she gullible or pretending? No wonder, JH keeps on thinking he has a chance with her.

  689. 689 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    Why would someone bash you for your opinion. I am just happy that you can see another side and that’s good!!
    Your view is your view!!!

  690. 690 : Sharon Says:

    The title When A Man Love is not only referring to TS, but also JH. The things that JH will do for his love however, underhanded it may be to get her.

  691. 691 : Jyenie Says:

    @fan and sharon,

    Thanks for the recruitment but I am already a die hard member of HTS fans club! Haha! Who else is interested? Pls register yourself.

  692. 692 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 687 😀
    #690 And also to CH and YG.
    @Jyenie 691 I’m already registered HAHAHAHAHA !!!!

  693. 693 : Jyenie Says:

    @zaza674 & fan636

    I will try to watch a better tomorrow, hope it is as good as the original version. I just watched he was cool and Ghost recently, I was not captivated by SSH’s charm at all like WAML, he is so fabulous in every aspect in this drama.

  694. 694 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 693 I’ve watched “He was cool” a long time ago and I didn’t know that he’s TS(SSH) until I read it in this thread. And because I was impressed by his acting in WAML, I watched My princess.
    A good actor needs a good story and a good director, SSH has it all in this drama.

  695. 695 : Kdramaholic Says:

    haha, well done guys, it’s only 1/2 of the drama on air but the discussion reaching almost 1k posts :P. Whichever the case, if the leak of MD and JH sleeping together comes true then if I were TS I’d definitely let go of MD forever. I’m not a type of guy who likes to wear used shoes haha, especially naive girls like MD which is very hard to handle :P. But of course that’s not possible in kdramas since it’s always involved about love triangle and men being clingy to the main female…

  696. 696 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh no, MD is crying at the poolside in preview of ep 11. Why?

  697. 697 : awesomemicaela Says:

    I think the comments between you guys are much more interesting than the drama itself! I had a good laugh reading about the ‘join the club’ part. Thank you for brightening up my day. =)

  698. 698 : Sharon Says:

    I thought of CH as been in a bromance relationship, but it’s also a man who loves his best friend and brother. The funniest thing is I never thought of Goo hahaha! Maybe because he is so nasty, but Goo needs love too. Sounds like a kid cartoon hehehehe. Life is not fair, Goo would commit murder for SJ because of his love for her and SJ could care less. Now, SJ would give the world to TS and he could care less, not fair, not fair, not fair.
    @ jeynie
    I always love SSH that’s why I gave this drama a try. Thanks guys, it’s a pleasure watching this drama with you all.

  699. 699 : fan Says:

    @Sharon A mutual pleasure ! Thanks all !

  700. 700 : loulou Says:

    @ Jyenie I agree with you Mido only loves herself.
    As for Song Seung Hun he is the most charming korean actor out there I loved him in he was cool and East of Eden (still cannot believe they killed him in the end T_T) hopefully the writers of this drama won’t have the “marvellous” idea to kill him too (•ˋ _ ˊ•) !

  701. 701 : Newbie Says:

    @682, I totally agree with you Jyenie. This is what I see too. There is really a gap in age btw MD & TS. TS is mature and is ready or desperate to settle with his love one vs MD is young and cares about her dream to fulfill for herself and desires. There is no right or wrong. But if I were MD I would accept TS immediately without a second thought. Thanks!

  702. 702 : Jyenie Says:

    I don’t think they are going to kill TS in this drama but if they do I am going to cry a bucket of tears as I have been so invested with this character for 5 weeks already! Can you hear me, Writernim?!

  703. 703 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 702 and another 5 weeks more, I don’t see the point of doing this drama if our TS is killed in the end !!!

    Hope in the preview, those on MD’s face are longing tears 🙂

  704. 704 : Jyenie Says:


    Yes, another 5 weeks more with TS! I hope I will not suffer from TS withdrawal syndrome when this drama ends:)

    It seems that JH is creeping in quickly after witnessing the scene on the roof top, I want to see how TS is going to chase away this third wheeler in the coming episodes! Come on TS, it’s time to show us your dark side again!

    “those on MD’s face are longing tears”

    TS should play pull/push strategy on MD, then only she will appreciate him and has to woo him back! Ha!

  705. 705 : Jyenie Says:

    The production team said confidently, “The plot of ‘When a Man Loves’ will intensify and provide more excitement from this week, with Seo Mi Do’s decision to break up with Tae Sung being just the beginning of things to come. The relationship between the main characters will also enter a new phase, and will portray the typhoon-like romance story that this drama had always wanted to convey. You will definitely grow to regret it if you miss out on this.”

    By: Kang Hyo Jin

    [email protected]


    I am all ready for the” typhoon-like” romance story!


  706. 706 : Jyenie Says:

    Tension surrounds the three people in “When A Man’s in Love”.

    Han Tae-sang (Song Seung-heon), Seo Mi-do (Sin Se-kyeong) and Lee Jae-hee (Yeon Woo-jin) have complicated expressions on their faces in the still cut of them.

    Lee Jae-hee is holding a bouquet of flowers and Seo Mi-do is looking at him with wet eyes. Han Tae-sang is watching them from behind.

    Seo Mi-do was torn between Han Tae-sang and Lee Jae-hee but in the end decided to give up Han Tae-sang. Lee Jae-hee didn’t give up on Seo Mi-do and kept approaching her with sincerity. What would Han Tae-sang do when he finds out what’s going on between them?

    The still cut hints a turning point in the drama.

    The production claims, “The relationship between the three will appear this week. Han Tae-sang, the cold and vicious character will find out about them”.

    Source : http://www.newsen.com/news_v... ( English )


    What? HTS is cold and vicious?! Really?! I almost forgot about that ever since he acted like a puppy with MD!


  707. 707 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 704 Me too :'(

    I don’t think that MD will accept JH feelings, she’s heartbroken about her break-up with TS. I won’t trust what’s in the hancinema news. It’s a montage, we don’t see MD accepting JH’s flowers or anything like that !
    I think MD will do the same with JH as TS did with SJ.

  708. 708 : Pim Says:

    I think like others that MD is selfish. She do nothing but only take advantage from men who love her. may be she’s only pretty outside but ugly inside. I don’t know why TS love her so much. Just only lovely face ? Please leave her on her way TS, She’s not suitable with you.

  709. 709 : Sharon Says:

    MD is perfect for TS why? Because that’s who he loves, even if she is ugly on the inside,that’s who he loves. When a man loves, no matter how ugly, pretty, good, bad, love him, love him not, rich, poor, that’s who he loves.

  710. 710 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-705: Thank you for sharing this info! Though I’ve experienced many a kdramas, ups/down, lengthy episodes…like well over 30, hilarous laughter, tears, collar snatching anger, questionable English subbing that made me scour the net for better translations, evil antagonists, to brave protagonists. This kdrama is the only one that made me want to hit somebody if it didn’t get any better, and I don’t advocate violence either! LOL

    @706: I don’t think that TS is so petty that he will be loan shark vicious towards MD and JH, like his former and now colleague respectively, Goo and SJ. But, on the other hand, I don’t believe that he’ll make it easy either!

    @Sharon-709: Isn’t that the truth! I raise my hand as being one who is indifferent towards MD at this point! I really look forward to what will happen next. Also, I believe that TS sees (through his eyes of love) something more in MD’s character than what we see. I don’t know what IT is, yet hopefully we’ll see it before this drama ends!

  711. 711 : Jyenie Says:

    @709 Sharon/708 Pim

    When a man loves, he is blind. In the love blindness stage, a secretion of chemical will make him high in love, he will ignore or overlook the negative traits. According to a team of Italian researchers, the intense romantic feeling lasts only for 2 years at most. They found that raised levels of protein were responsible for the feelings of euphoria that those in love experience, coincidentally, there is plenty of protein in TS’s brain:) Is the writer trying to imply something here?

  712. 712 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    Protein, funny hahaha!!
    Guys, remember this is TS first love experience and they say the first cut is the deepest!! TS is just in deep right now. Guys, you never forget your first love, that’s the most memorable, the most intence, no matter how good or bad it was. That’s what TS is going through right now.
    I believe the writers just want to tell the viewers a story about a mans love and how it can transpire in many different ways, thus, its still love.
    Like JH, his love is devious, envious and jealous. Goo, his love is tough and will do anything necessary to get his love. CH bromance love, will accept who they love and will protect them due to his love. Finally TS, his love is gentle, kind, giving, shy, aggressive, straightforward and sacrificial.

  713. 713 : Jyenie Says:


    Well said! How would you describe MD’s father’s love then?(•_•\”

  714. 714 : Sharon Says:

    MD’s fathers love is prideful and cowardly, that’s how I would describe his love.

  715. 715 : Sharon Says:

    How do you see MD’s fathers love haha!!!

  716. 716 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, you know what I think is going to get MD in trouble? Those darn pink shoes.

  717. 717 : Saranya Says:

    I want to know, if TS and MD really broke up!!!! In the trailer for ep11, I couldn’t see the ring on TS in the scene where he is having a drink with JH.
    Can someone confirm please???


  718. 718 : Saranya Says:

    @fan 703

    Fan, looks like they are longing tears!!! Cant wait to confirm!!!

  719. 719 : fan Says:

    @Saranya 718 I watched and rewatched the trailers, JH is trying hard to gain MD thinking that he has a chance but I see MD rejecting him 😀
    But will TS still trust her ?

  720. 720 : Saranya Says:

    @fan 719
    I think so, In episode 10, when SJ asked TS, if MD loves TS as much as TS loves MD, TS replied, that he believes so.

    But, I am not sure as everywhere they are describing TS as cold and vicious.

    I think that is where the success of this drama lies. With the characterizations of both MD and TS, we don’t know how these characters will react. Unpredictability is what make us glued to this drama. It is more like ‘Innocent Man’ where we didn’t know how Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi would react.

  721. 721 : Sharon Says:

    I think in the coming eps we are going to see the dark side of TS. I think they are going to break up and he has nothing to lose. The pool scene I believe TS and MD had a heated argument and guess who comes to the rescue?

  722. 722 : Jyenie Says:

    @Sharon 715
    MD’s father is the most unfavorable character to me, he is not better than Gangster Goo. His love is illusional, pathetic, egoistic, cowardly, ungrateful, unappreciative…He is just a sad little old man. Gosh, don’t get me started about him>:-O

    Probably. We are going to find out later.

    Looking forward to see his dark side, I am all ready for the typhoon-like romance! It’s time to play “Bye-bye love” for MD. I don’t think they had a heated argument because it’s too great to be missed in the preview. His witty side has surfaced, he is going to manipulate her mind/feeling.( just my speculation, ok?)

  723. 723 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    You got a point, because TS is smart like that. And I think mind games are is specialty, so let the games begin!!!!

  724. 724 : Jyenie Says:

    As TS has behaved like a puppy with MD, we tend to forget about the real side of him. He is very observant besides cold and vicious, he knows everything around him but he just keeps quiet, he will strike out/take action at the right time. For eg., Just when his “left arm”, Dong Goo, on the verge of doing something stupid, he told him he has already deposited a lump sum of money in his mother’s account, so he doesn’t need to worry about the expenses for his brother’s wedding anymore. When he is not blinded with love, this side of him will show, we will see how he is going to handle JH and MD.

  725. 725 : K_Viewer Says:

    It’s funny how we all watched the same drama, but came to different conclusions about different characters. I’m glad to see that this is a platform where we all respect each other’s opinion. Personally, I’m on TS’s side. TS is fiercely loyal to his loved ones. He was betrayed and abandoned by his own mother. He had to survive using his fists because he had no choice. He wanted to protect MD right from the start. MD is just too immature and self-righteous to realize that. She takes TS for granted. Of course, she has the right to choose whoever she loves. But, I wish she would have refused TS’s money, gifts, caring and protection and proposal and not toy with his feelings at all. I’m sure TS would have just accepted her decision and let her go. Finally, SSK needs more polish on her acting skills. I’m sure she is lovely girl in person, but her acting is just not convincing at all.

  726. 726 : Maria Says:

    apik !!!!!!!!!!!

  727. 727 : Jyenie Says:

    excited to watch Ep 11 this evening. I hope the rating will exceed 15.0 or more, it deserves it!

  728. 728 : usa-mary Says:

    I had to clear my thinking about this drama for a while in order to become more objective. I see both having a type of ‘first’ experience. The ‘first love’ experience for everyone is always innocent, cute, exhilarating, intriguing, and in some cases can be daunting in the beginning. TS is basking in the ‘in love’ experience which is new to him and is enjoying it. Everyone around him who had that experience early in their life knows the glow. He, also, gave MD her first ‘much needed’ experience of being care-free and financially free when he sent her on the business trip to Guam. He knew she needed that escape and wanted her to just have fun.

    With both having their dreams interrupted during their teen years with financial responsibilities created by a parent. Both desired the freedom to enjoy life and to accomplish their goals. TS is more aggressive in his pursuit for that dream because he had somone else in mind which created a more earnest incentive MD buried her dream to the point of forgetting. After JH awakended the ‘possibility’ of accomplishing that dream by continually fanning the flame. MD, with much thought and courage, dared to uncover her securely tucked away dream in a lidded box. For the first time in 7 years, she can taste of the freedom to pursue her dream. Its a boldness that will come at a cost to which she’s willing to face by choosing it over marriage. The thought of its happiness has brought a boldness to her character. A boldness to choose to be removed from daily facing the burden of her family’s debt, to live in a foreign country, to have fun pursuing her interrupted dream

  729. 729 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! This website ended it before I was finished. LOL!

    728 continued:

    …to have fun pursuing her interrupted dream, and to govern her own life without constantly having to take care of someone other than herself.

    Both TS and MD now have a passion to pursue their newly awakended ‘first’ hidden desires. I, also, thought about TS’s anxiousness to wear a couple’s ring so soon, aside from him being ready for marriage and to have a family since he has everything else. Given a man in his position, being among the top 20 most wealthy people in S. Korea and a bachelor, too. Outside of SJ, I believe that he’s being pursued constantly by other rich women and/or chaebol businessmen fathers wanting him to meet daughters; even though the writer doesn’t state that. Some people will find comfort wearing a ring to ward off or keep at bay the pressure of potential admirers.

    Will MD continue her stance to follow her dream. Will TS make himself more appealing in his pursit to win her over, causing her to change her mind. How will he handle JH as a potential rival. Even though TS is new to love, as a fully grown man who has a whole lot more worldly experiences dealing with people than both MD and JH combined; I believe he knows how to wield his plans without becoming vicious. Even so with gangster Goo who needs a karma awakening. I would rather have TS not get into trouble because of that nut! Like ET phoning home…I’d phone the tax agency, pronto! Well, those are my thoughts at this time.

  730. 730 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 728-729 well said !

  731. 731 : Jyenie Says:

    @usa-mary, fan

    We all will be able to write a thesis for this drama very soon ^_^

  732. 732 : Jyenie Says:

    Secret Note (When A Man Loves OST Part 5)

    Because your sad eyes resemble mine
    Although I wanted to hug you…
    Because your pained heart resembles mine
    Although I want to love you…

    I write it out alone
    I love you
    I love you
    I hide my heart
    I miss you
    I miss you

    I write it down with my tears
    I engrave it in my heart
    On my note
    But I erase you again
    My tears fall, fall, fall. fall on my note

    I keep erasing you
    But my heart doesn’t stop
    On my note
    I draw you out again
    With my tears

    I miss you so much
    Although I want to hold onto you

    I write it out alone
    I love you
    I love you
    I hide my heart
    I miss you
    I miss you

    I write it down with my tears
    I engrave it in my heart
    On my note
    But I erase you again
    My tears fall, fall, fall. fall on my note

    I keep erasing you
    But my heart doesn’t stop
    On my note
    I draw you out again
    With my tears, with my tears, don’t try to hold it in
    I engrave it in my heart
    On my note
    But I erase you again
    My tears fall, fall, fall. fall on my note

    Awww, it’s so heart wrenching. Is Mido longing for TS? Don’t worry, he will be yours at the end:)

  733. 733 : Sharon Says:

    Yes!!!!!! I could not have said it better.. You go girl!!!!

  734. 734 : Jyenie Says:

    Hahaha, everybody is waiting to watch ep 11, so we can start scolding again!

  735. 735 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, ep 11 is exciting. I managed to understand most of the dialogues but I am going to watch again when the subs come out tomorrow. The script leak is not far off eventhough MD and JH didn’t sleep together. JH cannot control himself, he forced kissing MD, she tried to push him away, suddenly TS knocked on MD’s door, they got panicked and pretended that they were not there. Later on, TS saw JH walking out from MD’s room, he was stunned, he must have misunderstood that they have an affair. Sharon, you are right about the pink shoes, I think it’s going to make the situation worse in the next episode.

  736. 736 : ance Says:

    thank you for sharing your thought usa-mary. now i have a new perspective on how to see MD and not just see her as selfish and ungrateful…thanks i really needed that… 🙂

  737. 737 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 731 If we gather what have been written here it will fill a library 😀

  738. 738 : fan Says:

    @ Jyenie I’ve seen a cut where TS meeting Mi Joon at home and MD standing near him, I don’t think their relationship will worsen !

  739. 739 : Jyenie Says:

    @738 fan

    I am actually looking at a behind the scene picture of this cut, SSH put his foot up on the dining chair. LOL.

  740. 740 : Jyenie Says:


    Episodes after episodes, TS is still very forgiving and understanding with MD, I give up because he will never turn dark on MD.

  741. 741 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie HAHAHAHAHA !!!

  742. 742 : fan Says:

    I think TS is becoming a spider weaving his web around MD, starting with his new job then what will be next ??? isn’t he Cold and vicious now !!!?

  743. 743 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-731: Thesis! Even though I like the thought…girlfriend, we’re going for our dissertation with this one! hehehe We’ll graduate summa cum laude with the way we’re analyzing, deciphering and digging deeper to uncover truths in this drama! LOL!

    @732: Would you believe when I saw this that I literally hollered! I was just that moved after seeing the frst few lines…no kidding!

    Wow everyone! I won’t get to see it in the ‘raw’ until later this evening. Some of you are well into 5/9, while I’m still in 5/8 with a 13 hr time difference. Patience is a virtue…I keep telling myself.

    @730-fan, 731-Jyenie, 733-Sharon and 736-ance: Thank you! When I think more about it, we all (women) have a bit of MD in us (I’m not talking about the ungratefulness part). What I mean is this, we all would like to think that we would jump at the chance of dating and marrying TS quickly, but in reality, if we were her, we’d take it slow, too.

    My Opinion:

    Well, me personally, I’d give my relationship with TS 4-6 months at the most, then after that, he’s all MINE! hehehe Forget the stealthy (MD) attitude…I’d shout it from the roof tops! hehehe

  744. 744 : Kdramaholic Says:

    hey guys, after watching ep11 w/ subs, the script-writer seems want to make us believe that MD really felt in love with TS and tried to stop being two-timer. However, at the same time, he/she just created another misunderstanding about MD suspected TS was the one who made her lost the chance to go abroad even after all the courage and effort he put and told MD that he would let her go and wait for 2 years. Seriously, what’s wrong with you MD!!?? Furthermore, the MD and JH kiss scene haha and then TS witness JH coming out of MD’s hotel room, what a twist!! I think the script-writer deserves a golden award being a party pooper haha.

  745. 745 : Lacys Says:

    Check this out girls, the dark side of TS soon will be shown :


  746. 746 : Newbie Says:

    @745, Lacy, thanks, if your link were to be true, then this would be a really suck, pathetic drama. The main male lead is evil??? And the main female is unfaithful and cheated her fiancé??? What’s the heck??? Gosh, dawn it.

  747. 747 : jen Says:

    i love song seung hun but 4 me ds drama is really sucks…i stop watchng til episode 3,i cant find the chemistry between him and shin se kyung

  748. 748 : JB Says:

    only drama where 11 episode already and still same situation. writer can show the same in 3 episode

  749. 749 : wynona Says:

    anyare?sa ratings?bkit pababa ng pababa???better luck nextym ssh!

  750. 750 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 11 has really strengthened my opinion on MD’s father, he is the most ungrateful and ignorant man, I have no respect for him at all. It’s very hypocritical of him to dislike TS but keep on accepting favours from him during all these years. Where can you get a stranger to give away his money to you for free? He probably thinks the money falls down from the sky. No wonder he likes JH so much because they are sharing the same traits.

  751. 751 : Jyenie Says:

    The siberian tiger is awakened, he is going to leap on his enemies before they are even aware of it.

  752. 752 : Dou Says:

    @750 share the same thoughts. What an ungrateful jerk MD’s Father.

  753. 753 : HangerMan Says:

    Han Tae-sang, 37 (Actor Song Seung-heon)
    A self-made businessman. Using profits from his successful lending firm, Golden Tree, he pursues a project to build a multi-use building called Space Q. He has plans to use several floors for a boutique hotel and also house a concert hall in the projected building. After making millions in the lending business, he enters the business of arts and culture for the love of one woman. For the longest time he was smitten with a woman much younger than himself. He fell in love for the very first time. After waiting patiently for years, he finally gets the nerve to confess his love. Whenever he��d eat at a spicy rice cake shop or steamed monkfish restaurant he would be talking on the phone in a very serious tone. Once the woman he liked saw him crying while he was eating a hot chili pepper at a steak restaurant. This same woman called him a baby for liking his coffee with heaps of syrup and milk. And whatever she said would warm his heart and make him love her even more.

    Lee Jae-hee, 28 (Actor Yeon Woo-jin)
    Although he was born in a poor family, he excelled at school and possessed grit and determination. His goal in life was to have a happy marriage with kids instead of aiming for success. He is very fond of dogs and loves to be around kids. Before returning to Korea, he met a special woman whom he was attracted to and fell head over heels for her. But she didn��t appear on a date they were supposed to have. Without knowing if he would ever see her again, he encounters her in Seoul by coincidence. But he finds out that she is Han Tae-sang��s fianc?e. By accident, he reveals his feelings to her and they make love. They become closer and meet secretly behind Han Tae-sang��s back. Ridden with guilt, Jae-hee decides to come clean with Han Tae-sang but then the woman he loves slips into a coma after being involved in a car accident.

    Seo Mi-do, 27 (Actress Shin Se-kyung)
    Her father became bankrupt when she was in high school. She was also at the top of her class. She is multi-talented and she never considered herself to be poor. After failing to get into the college of her first choice, she finds it hard to take the college entrance exam a second time because her family cannot afford to send her to cram school. She becomes acquainted with a successful moneylender whom she is eternally gratefully to. Thanks to his longtime support, she finds herself falling in love with him and decides to get married. But then she takes a vacation where she meets a young man. After learning that Han Tae-sang had ordered a hitman to kill her in the accident, she pretends that she has amnesia and acts like she does not know Jae-hee for both of their sakes. She even fakes that she is paralyzed. When Tae-sang finds out about her ruse, Mi-do asks for forgiveness to avoid his wrath. He releases her, letting her live the life she want. Will she be able to find happiness now?

  754. 754 : Jyenie Says:


    He is worse in ep 12.

  755. 755 : Jyenie Says:

    EP 12
    Yeah, HTS is showing his dark side soon! How could MD and JH do “that” to him?! really didn’t see that coming at all! I don’t blame him for being vicious later on because they really deserve it! For us who have always hated MD for being two-timing and wavering are right all along. I knew she has a thing for JH all along, can tell from her ambiguous facial expression(even though some of you scorned at her facial expression) When she is with TS, it’s like she is doing him a big favour!( this is the part I hate the most about her) Now I really doubt MD and TS will be together in the end. If she ever feels regret, she will need to make a very huge effort to get him to trust her again!

  756. 756 : say Says:

    the writer of this drama must have hate women so much that he wrote this kind of drama .he made MD character to be a shameful thing to all women. i scene this that is coming from a brainless writer both JH and MD is going to end up making love that the writer is insane but some people did not take it. they were giving the writer credit for his bad job now who is right,any body knows why MBC TV will allow this kind of drama to air in the station because the character of MD is a disgrace to all woman who want to have good man in their life. i was curious to watch today episode 12,i almost throw up. the whole writing is useless,nobody will ever want to re watch this drama when it end. what a bad job. shame on you this writer for portraying women like this.I hope TS end up with the girl that rip MD application off, I also hope the girl get our TS at the end, but not watching any more.

  757. 757 : Jyenie Says:

    The only woman I like in this drama is MD’s mom. She is the only normal woman here.

  758. 758 : say Says:

    unfortunately Jyenie, she has tested how hard life is, that is why she was trying vary hard to straighten her daughter up but it is too late for that,I think MD should experience more how life works when you take it for grated.I hope the writer shows to the viewers part of life when you stay no food , no money to pay your bills and how happy MD will be when experiencing that .MD father too the man need a punishment also .

  759. 759 : kelvin Says:

    At the TS will die leaving all money for MD and she might regret at the end or the write will screw up….

  760. 760 : mylz Says:

    I think this drama is very worst, mi do is a very easy girl, she let j.h. do that to him.. she’s already living with t.s. I thought this ep. 12 will be exciting but.. it looks so cheap… mi do and j.h r disgusting… t.s such a poor guy..

  761. 761 : mylz Says:

    Hanger man 🙂 is dat true?? Dey r suck,, both mi do and j.h. r jerk.. bad drama its like ur watching a cheap movie wasting ur time..

  762. 762 : loulou Says:

    OMG can’t believe MD and JH did that and even worse at TS place.
    That was so disrespectful and disgusting of them :@ My handsome TS hopefully you’ll meet a new girl who will respect and love you. Writers please stop torturing the poor guy!

  763. 763 : Jyenie Says:


    You must be kidding! MD doesn’t deserve a penny from TS, let her rot. Just because she suspects TS caused her to lose the job offer, she is so disappointed with him but she conveniently forgets about the good deeds TS has done for her. She will definitely regret later.


    I will say it again and again, her father is an a**h***. She takes after her father unfortunately, they are two of a kind. If TS didn’t help them,their family could have fallen apart like TS’s family, she would have been in the bad trade and her brother would have become a gangster.

  764. 764 : say Says:

    If only the writer will make MD father to go and borrow money from lone shark again that could have been a good ravage for TS, he will just stay back and watch what will happen to them when MD father can pay back,I also hope JH will be there when the lone shark comes to collect their money so that they can beat a hell out of him too.

  765. 765 : loulou Says:

    @ Hangerman if that resume is right and that TS will let MD leave than I hope she will regret losing him and hopefully will suffer from her actions towards him. The best revenge would be to have TS marry that girl who hates MD the one MD tried to befriend to get a job at her father’s company. Even though that girl is mean I’m pretty sure she’ll treat TS like a king , no girl could be worse than MD after all he’s done for her….
    I think I’ll juste stop watching this drama until the last ep , and hopefully TS will have a good ending (marrying a good girl and have a baby), and JH in prison and MD working as a hostess in a bar and her father struggling to pay back all the debts he owes TS muahaha

  766. 766 : loulou Says:

    @ Say lol we got the same idea hopefully the dad will struggle to pay back his debts. He doesnt need need to owe more to loan sharks he still owes enough to TS! But that could be another issue the dad loaning money from loan sharks to pay back TS and then he’ll be screwed for the rest of his life.

  767. 767 : Kaying Says:

    I think that he could do so much better as hot as he look, they try to make him the bad guy.But put it on the other guy and that too timer. It ok baby u look good as a good guy or bad

  768. 768 : Kaying Says:

    That witch isn’t good enough for u I will love u more

  769. 769 : say Says:

    @loulou,TS will not accept money from MD family even though they want to pay him back,but MD father still have some issues that he can’t take care of,one of them is the rent,renumber Mr Goo and the landlord want the rent up high, that rent alone he can’t afford to pay such money so that book shop will be a thing of history and he will be looking for a home for him and his family.

  770. 770 : Lacys Says:

    I got the feeling that JH actually is tae min, tae sang’s brother.. Then it will be more complicated… But turn out that he will let MD with JH and he will die of his back pain complication. All his money become their’s

  771. 771 : loulou Says:

    @ say, you are right but that was before MD slept with JH , if TS wants to get revenge on MD he could make sure that she doesn’t get employed anywhere and he could ask for his money back. I’m sure the contract MD’s father signed to the old boss is somewhere, i’m sure BSJ h would do anything to find it if its for TS lol but seeing how this story is going MD will end up the winner the writers will kill our TS and MD will inherit the money like someone said previously…this story is just wrong …

  772. 772 : glen Says:

    very disappointed with ep.12

  773. 773 : kelvin Says:

    every one just read the title “When a Man Falls in Love” usually in drama or movies they suffer so much but then they still like the title says “When a Man Falls in Love”. and at the end the Writer screw up i guess..

    Just like LACYS Says could happen…..depends on the writer or writer might be reading all these stuff to make it more interesting..

    After watching this one i don’t think anything will change in next coz that’s what has been from last few eps……

  774. 774 : kelvin Says:

    The Fun part is she has nothing not even acting, charm or beauty etc etc to MAN FALL FOR IT… I Don’t know who chose her for this roll?!! What they’er thinking? and what they’re trying to show coz nothing looking good so far.

  775. 775 : say Says:

    with all due respect , what will the writer gain by writing such a awful drama that the viewers hate i was thinking that, they the writers write to gain good recognition from their work and to have more chances to produce good dramas. but by this kind of writing i wonder what the TV station and produces going to gain,but lose a lot of viewers and money for writing this nonsenses.

  776. 776 : say Says:

    And for people who are saying that TS is going to die, I hope not because he has not done nothing wrong to deserve death but do good to help someone whom he think that deserve to be save from the life that he lived before now,why this is a bad drama is because it show bad example to the viewers doing good is bad why doing bad is rewarding,I have said this before that this is not a drama that should be produce to the public to watch due to the bad teaching of it.

  777. 777 : usa-mary Says:

    Excuse me everyone. I just saw ep. 12 in the raw and I’m so WT….TICKED!

  778. 778 : loulou Says:

    @say, nobody here wants TS dead (i suppose), but I have a feeling this drama will have a tragic ending. I really thought When a man falls in love was about Romance between the lead guy and the girl he loves…but I don’t see any romance.. it’s just about a man who’s treated as a fool since he met the girl he fell in love with…they should’ve titled it When a man falls in love with the WRONG girl… MD has nothing to offer, poor, was only able to get an education with TS money, there are tones of girls who are prettier, but he still picked her over any other girl… than she had the nerves of cheating on him and there are who people still defend her saying she’s young she can love whoever she wants, she only owes him money and not love…We’re at ep 12, only 8 ep to go and nothing good (except for the money) happened to TS yet…I know its just a drama but still the writer SUCKS

  779. 779 : JB Says:

    SSH should have been popular if he knows how to choose roles to play. without my princess he would have been nothing

  780. 780 : JB Says:

    how can you defend MD by saying TS is not fun. She should break up if that the case. What she did is unforgiving in accepting the love TS is offering while she can not make up her mind. she is old enough to know what is right and wrong

  781. 781 : JB Says:

    If i am TS i will bury the girl alive

  782. 782 : Hanover Says:

    Aren’t you all getting too serious? Just chill. It’s just another typical Kdrama – endings compare miserably with beginnings. It’s just a way to pass time. Frankly, the lower the expectation the lesser the disappointment.

  783. 783 : loulou Says:

    @JB , SSH was amazing in East of Eden…

  784. 784 : JB Says:

    i said he do not know how to choose role. He is indeed amazing there but story line is the same. In EOE the story is saying whatever good you intend to do you will never win and will end up dead

  785. 785 : loulou Says:

    @JB most of the dramas he did were good, as for his role in east of eden even thought the ending was crap at least he was loved while he was alive… his role in this drama is another thing he sure did a mistake by accepting it as this story is going nowhere…
    If people want to watch a good drama I recommend I summon you Gold!

  786. 786 : JB Says:

    @loulou i think story is good when justice prevail. In EOE he change the concept of casino as dirty business. in the end he was just given 1000 years to live because a day to them is 1000 year. sometimes you can just feel why spielberg was world renowned because of how he end his stories even though he is a director.

    Having said that ending makes the whole story, remember that

  787. 787 : say Says:

    yes,I summon you gold is very good drama, you will know were the drama going to,very time you watch it you don’t want it to end.very good drama no complications this awful one that we are watching.people please don’t make excuses for MD please, for God seek she is 27years old according to synopsis, she not a baby anymore, she took advantage of a man who is innocent about love, to make this worse this is TS first time of loving a woman and end up like this, I hope he send them parking because I am tired of seeing MD face in this drama.

  788. 788 : usa-mary Says:

    The writer, Kim In Young or Yeong, as I stated earlier is a female, not a male. If anyone is interested…you can go to the following for a list of the dramas she’s written and along with a photo:

    Go to wiki-d-addicts.com.

    1) Select Korean dramas.
    2) Next, select writers.
    3) The names are listed alphabetically…of course, last name first.

    I’m really trying to contain myself because I was livid after watching ep. 12! What’s wrong with this writer. It was so disrespectul and offensive to me as a woman to see a supposedly intelligent woman act this way! MD being poor has nothing to do with having integrity which TS has always shown. How would MD’s dad like her disgraceful behavior now if he knew this about her! Always putting TS down and praising her like she’s better and above his type. Treating her like she’s whiter than the pure falling snow in her heart when she’s actually dirty! Only people who are dirty in their soul would be that inconsiderate. Right now, they don’t have a pot…or a window to throw it out of and treat TS like he’s low life! They would all be staying in a sauna if it wasn’t for him. Well, I don’t know about her dad, but I’ll provide her mother with a year’s supply of bamboo sticks to whip her behind! Now, you all know that Korean mothers are notorius for that and will do it, too (all in the name of love)! hehehe Okay, if the writer goes this far with this drama, I hope that MD and JH get carried away again and she gets pregnant by him! Serves her right for not listening to her mother and JH for not listening to his brother, CH.

    Now its…SHOW TIME! All I can say is that I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE THEM! BE AFRAID…BE VERY AFRAID! They awakended the sleeping vicious viper!

  789. 789 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is a fiasco! I need a dose of comedy after ep. 12!

    In the mean time TS sweetie…GET THAT HEFFA OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

  790. 790 : say Says:

    well, if the writer of this drama is woman, she must have done this kind Cruelty, wicked things to man in her life too, i am sorry say that but that is the way i fell ,also that why she wrote similar thing like this drama, she is not compassionate at all to write this kind of a hateful drama,if she is compassionate she will not take her writing to this extend that she took it to, introducing a good man like TS and call him a fool, that is not right for her write such a thing to the viewers because she belittle women like her in this drama.hope she doesn’t write such a thing again.is about time TS will take care of JH boy and his girlfriend once as for all, because JH boy is just walking all over him like a fool,TS he has integrity, all the years he was with his late boss he never make a move on SJ, he respected his boss,who can resist SJ for how time she had throw herself to him,but keep distant from her,that is someone who has conscience of right from wrong.

  791. 791 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie you were right about MD ! She thinks she’s in love with JH ! Foolish girl ! She doesn’t differentiate between DESIRE and LOVE, she’ll learn it by the hard way ! Now you’ll enjoy the dark side of TS 🙂 I hoped to see TS happy 🙁
    @ usa-mary I still think that the story is good and the writer is doing a good job, it’s so different from the k-drama we used to watch, even though it’s painful, but still real and happening in real life. Maybe you’re experienced with k-drama but did you ever watched k-movies ? Besides comedy, most I’ve watched had sad ending and full of pain. It’s just new to see it in a drama.

    Now my guessing for this drama :
    TS after all the pain he will go through, he will give up in life and the rare disease will take over him, he’ll die like his father. Does he deserve it ? He trusted the wrong persons : MD, JH, SJ and CH.
    After discovering the truth and her feelings, MD will loose the love of her life TS, she’ll live in regret.
    JH is TS brother, when he’ll recover his memory and discover what happend in the past, he’ll live in regret.
    The suspected TS brother the business man from Hong Kong is the son of the art teacher. He’ll destroy TS by revenge thinking that he murdered his father.
    The man murdered and burried in the woods by CH is the art teacher, he took JH under his wing thinking that’s his son, and tried to rise him because of guilt.
    CH will end up in prison because of his love to TS and thinking that his doing him good.
    TS mom will see his son dying, she keeps seeing him in her dreams because he’ll soon die.

  792. 792 : fan Says:

    I hope that my guessing is wrong !

  793. 793 : fan Says:

    SSH made a wise decision by choosing this work. Because this drama allowed him to show his skills and how a wonderful actor he is ! Very impressive acting ! I wish him to be awarded in the end of the year, he deserves it !

  794. 794 : jen Says:

    i agree @ loulou he was amazing in east of eden the chemistry between him and lee yeon hee so great,5 yrs had been past since east of eden but until now i cant get over of their love story,even shin se kyung cannot surpass,though she looks like lee yeon hee a bit,but her character of ds drama sucks…i really admired song seung hun hoping that he will choose a better drama next tym compared to this

  795. 795 : marcel Says:

    kya cguro pababa ng pababa ang ratings,d me tlga maintindhan san pa2ngo yung s2ry kaloka!as in!

  796. 796 : Sharon Says:

    I love this drama it’s really deep and heartbreaking, but that’s what this drama is melodramatic!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Just watched ep 11 and I for the life of me i can’t understand JH, he has a cruel streak to him. Why! JH had that lady give MD the job then got so jealous, because TS and MD were lovey dovey on the train, he realized that TS is not leaving MD and they are still together, so JH have the lady take the job back to make MD accuse TS of sabotage. What a tangle web we weave!!
    Ooooh, that was not enough after the door was closing he forced himself in and kiss MD tossing her from wall to wall like a salad. What kinda s*#@¥%#t is that.
    JH you are a punk, because when TS knock on the door you should have stand up like a man and defend your love instead he kept quiet and start shaking like a [email protected]#%*%%#*h. That’s what separate the man from the boys.
    JH asked MD if he could bring her kimchi to London she said they have it there, would you not get a hint and just let it go, of course not. JH went as far as to ask TS to let her go to London just to hint to TS that he and MD has some kind of relationship that TS knows nothing about. This is getting soooo deep and I love it. Can’t Waite to see ep 12 with sub.
    Guys, JH ticked me off on this one hahahahaha !!!!

  797. 797 : John k Says:

    Md is a stupid actress! Why is it that she always takes a role like this.this drama reminds of fashion king when she ended up with a weasel. I really hope i dont see her in anymore dramas.

  798. 798 : Sharon Says:

    I am reading the comments and what the hell happened in ep 12!!!!!!!!!!

  799. 799 : hunee Says:

    This drama is boring!!!!!! I feel sorrrrri for the main guy…He has done
    so much for that confuse girl. She doesn know what she want. He might
    as well married the other girl. She seems to know what she wants. I truly
    hope he doesn die in this drama…..oh yeah some tragic will happen at
    the end.

  800. 800 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, I believe that CH killed KSJ for TS. Remember, CH also said that TS is so smart he is way over their heads. I believe we are underestimating TS. I will be able to decipher more when I watch ep 12.

  801. 801 : JB Says:

    @jen If is east of eden is good for you, i would recommend swallow the sun, a far better than EOE

  802. 802 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-798: MD and JH need a cold water hose put on them! They obviously forgot who they’re dealing with. Even if TS didn’t have a rough past, you don’t take good, kind-hearted people for granted! Excuse me people while I get real, okay! I really tried to contain myself, but….whew! I thought gangster Goo was a horrid, cowardly skunk of a man! Even when SJ played mind games with MD re TS, I didn’t care for that, but at least she was good to TS! Even MD’s ridiculous father is honest about how he feels, yet TS still goes to his home and is respectful towards him and it. At least, all of the mentioned above are sure of their feelings, no matter how wrong or incorrect they may be. Well, JH with his raging, thinking with his 2nd head, out of control testosterone pumping behind has gone beyond skunky Goo! And…MD, MD, MD…makes SJ look like Cinderella. Now, I really tried to give this wench (MD) the benefit of a doubt, but no way! Both MD and JH acted like two clueless preteens who have disregarded the consequences of their actions. MD, in my opinion is nothing short of a skank ho! YES…I said it! GET A ROOM and GET IT IN A HOTEL NOT IN SOMEBODY ELSE’S HOME!!!! With all the ‘love’ hotels in S. Korea, you have the audacity to go that far! If I was TS, I wouldn’t even dirty my hands. Good riddance to bad rubbish, both of them! I’m still too ticked off to even watch ep. 12 after its subbed, and I so wanted to talk about gangster Goo’s new (jack)ash blonde hair color, too! I just hope that there’s a good ending to this writer’s extreme madness! Was this writer drinking joo when she wrote this drama? Instead of don’t drink and drive…don’t drink and write! LOL!

    This is the very reason I didn’t get into the soap opera craze here in the U.S. I just couldn’t see myself talking about who did what to whom and where! Now this drama has escalated to that degree of raunchiness, and I’m not liking it at all!

  803. 803 : Sandy Says:

    Episode 12 has finally confirmed the fact that I hate this female lead. I have not liked her up to this point but kept hoping I would change my opinion. How do you cheat on your boyfriend in his own house. Why don’t she just tell him she likes JH and go with him instead of making out in his closet with JH. They both are so ungrateful. Even if they truly love each other, if they were good people they would be honest with TS. Although I think she is crazy because TS is a good looking man in every way. I hope he take his revenge. I want him to become evil towards them and I would still love him.

  804. 804 : Saranya Says:

    My heart is tearing up for TS!!!!! 🙁

  805. 805 : Saranya Says:

    Oops!!! Drop in ratings!!!. Episodes 11 and 12 gave me a headache!.

    SSH, this proves, a drama will become success only if the viewers like both male and the female lead. As viewers, we tried to understand MD’s character hoping that she will change but this has gone to a point from where whatever good she does or how well she behaves going forward, we just cannot accept her to be TS’s women…. Please don’t waste time and move forward!!! Can this drama introduce any lady for TS!!!

  806. 806 : Jyenie Says:

    I am sure Daesang for this year will be SSH’s again! Great acting!

  807. 807 : dee Says:

    This drama is a mess! How come the writer give us the ‘hope’ in ep 11 that md really love ts and in ep 12 md throwing herself to jh? what kind of women does that? Please show some respect! They even want to do it in ts house!! What a disgrace!!
    If md fells the only one who really understand her is jh then what about ts supporting her and her family after all this year? Even a dogs know not to bite the hands that feeds you!! She kept repeating that she will pays him back. Please just drop the act md!! don’t give ts a false hope when all you want is his money!

    But then.. What comes around goes around. I hope everyone got what they deserve.

    In my mind this will happen: Jh dies in a tragic accident. Md will go to new york but failed. And realizing she trully loves ts but it’s too late! Ts reconcile with his mother and his brother is not dead and he will meet a lovely young woman who really love him. md father is still living in poverty because of his pride not to let his daughter marry an ex thug. What a hipocrite! He lives by ts money but still thinks ts is no good for his daughter. bsj will accept goo. Haha!

    This drama title when a man’s love. I think ts will experience first love with md, first heartbreak and eventually forgive her but to accept her again noooo!!

    Let me add: the foundation of a good relationship is trust. who is in this drama has it? I think everyone has their own secret that about to reveal soon…

  808. 808 : Zaza Says:

    791 @fan,

    I am with you regarding WAML. At some point, i already gave my opinion regarding TS having serious illness and JH to be long lost TS brother. Now seeing you with the thought also make me happy.
    I don’t want the writer to couple back TS/MD starting from now. Let MD suffer.

  809. 809 : Helena Says:

    I don’t really like of how he is older than her but it be nice if it was a girl that’s the same age as him cause it feels weird watching like if he’s going out with his littler sister………but then its cute hehehehehehehe

  810. 810 : Dou Says:

    I hate this drama I hate the producer I hate the director ii hate everybody that worked on this drama.oh Poor TS come to mama!

  811. 811 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-790: I agree! There’s usually a code of conduct that understood among men. Not only among gangsters, but among men, period, to not mess with each others women. Well, it must have either skipped a generation or just skipped JH because he most definitely sees TS as one of his peers who he can rival with! Just plain foolish!

    @fan-791: Re the storyline being good, it may have begun that way, but I disagree with you at this point and that’s my opinion. The plot has become overly convoluted and ridiculous. Yes, it may be real life, but in real life, people who do what MD and JH did become vivd examples of how not to conduct themselves, and also, pay a heavy price; many times with their lives. Also, in real life, their behavior is considered ridiculous and stupid! When you said, “Maybe you’re experienced with k-drama, but did you ever watch k-movies?” Yes, I do and have watched them. Yet, I don’t pigeon hole myself in one particular area and that includes watching Korean dramas/movies, only. My viewership is more on the international scale of which I’ve been afforded by living in the U.S. The first emotionally, painful kdrama I watched was Snow Queen…go check it out. Hyun Bin stars in it. Its far from the lovely boy meets girl and gets girl in the end kdramas you may have watched. To me, acting is acting regardless of the venue. I could mention many Asian dramas/movies that I’ve watched which are close to real life and are emotionally painful, yet still they’re nothing like this one. I like good acting, and loathe bad scripts.

  812. 812 : jen Says:

    @ jb done watching swallow the sun,dont like the storyline,though i love ji sung but the story and the female lead,sung yuri s not my cup of tea.

  813. 813 : Kdramaholic Says:

    haha, this drama deserves the best train wreck show in 2013. How come the writer make him like a puppy in love without realize being cheated until the end of ep12!!?? Comon, this is SSH we’re talking about, he got a nickname as “Tough Guy”. Don’t make him speak in soft tone manner and act like a kitty in front of MD and her hateful father. Once again, the writer describes us MD as 27 years old like the protagonist high-school girl in those shoujo mangas. She easily misunderstands and mistrusts TS, but quickly wavered and felt for JH’s little good deed. How nice of them having affair inside TS’s house. Why does the writer bother to make TS interrupt their making out without witness them doing so!? It would’ve been better to go all out make them sleep together and TS see them naked in the bed!! That way, it would’ve ended MD-TS relationship cleanly without remorse, thus I don’t want TS having any hope getting back with this stained and shameless girl!! I want to see TS in mad mode like a lion and you know it how male lions fight for their pride. MD’s father says that he still sees the “thug” inside TS then he’s gonna so get it. Any human being is ungrateful to their benefactors deserves a good punch in the face!!

  814. 814 : wee Says:



  815. 815 : Sharon Says:

    Just watch ep 12 and I am speechless. Mi Do is immature, insensitive, confuse, and lack understanding especially when it comes to TS. ithinks she knows everything and clueless. I feel sorry for her because its going to be bitter for her. She has lost TS he is gone. Everyone is out to get TS, but they better buckle up because when the lion roars its double trouble.
    According to Kevin Heart “pushoo pushoo everybody going down” hahahaha!
    I have to laugh so I won’t cry, I am going to bed.

  816. 816 : say Says:

    how can she the writer belittle women like her like this in this drama, my God I lose respect for her,she takes this drama too far when she put JH and MD making love in TS house in real life that is forbidden because it is not moral at all. for now, everything she has written is useless,it dose not teach anything in life all but shows evil always prevail,how much did they pay MD to act like this,if i were her i will question the writer integrity for wanting me to act this kind of acting to the public, she belittle women who always want a fairytale wedding , a fairytale good man, a fairytale good family and enduring love ,were is Koreans outrage on this drama because i remember when ”When A thousand of kiss was airing, they say that the public was angry about the writing but this one is far worse than that.

  817. 817 : Elle Says:

    I’ve been waiting for MD to admit to her feelings. She gave SJ a chance but he doesn’t seem to get her the same way JH does. He’s a lot more considerate to what she wants. She has been faithful to SJ up to this point. JH tried to suppress his feelings for a few episodes but when MD inadvertedly pulls his hand back, that gave him the green light. I feel bad for SJ but I rather have MD and JH together.

  818. 818 : say Says:

    My Dear @Elle817,have you been watching this drama, if you have,can you cheat and make love to a man in your boyfriend house?than if you can do that no wander you are giving excuses for MD action, because no woman who dream of a good man will support MD action or make excuses for her, like the way you put it in writing.MD is disappointment to all women.

  819. 819 : Jyenie Says:

    I would like to dedicate this song, Secret Note,(@732,pg.30) to you. I knew from the beginning you are a fool because “Fools go out, make their own mistakes and learn from them. Smart people learn from others’ mistakes.” I suspect there is not much protein in your brain, if you don’t like milk, tofu is a good option:) You sulk like a spoilt brat who can’t get her candy( you assume you lost london job offer due to TS) , you immediately turns to JH as if he is your saviour/life line. Your desire has blinded you, you can’t make judgement with your already protein deficited brain. LOL. Little girl, opportunity is like a bird, if you are not careful, it will fly away……fly away…

    “I feel bad for SJ but I rather have MD and JH together.”

    Just like what MD’s mother said to her, ” As a human being(인간 ingan), you must have the basic manners especially so with someone(TS) who has done good deeds to you, for eg, as a guest, no matter how much you want to lie down( imply desire), you still have to sit up properly due to manners!” Well said, Mom! You are very wise.

  820. 820 : Jyenie Says:


    Hey Fan, how is your club doing now? Haha!

    I have waited too long for TS to turn dark, can’t stand seeing him treated like a puppy by MD, she never has respect for him. Well, better late than never^_^

    Your prediction seems legit:)

    “Besides comedy, most I’ve watched had sad ending and full of pain. It’s just new to see it in a drama.”
    This is the advanced version of What happened in Bali. Can these movies reflect the reality in S.Korea? Apparently their suicide rate is among the highest in the world:(

  821. 821 : say Says:

    Very funny ,@Jyenie820,I was laughing at your comment no wander the writer is giving this kind vibe to Korean viewers there because this is so frustrating drama that can add more stress to the viewers over there.

  822. 822 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 820 our club is devastated, but I still think that MD later on will be aware of her love to TS, but it’ll be too late for her !

    WHIB is different from this because the woman lead was forced to leave the man lead, everthing stood as obstacle against their love, you can’t blame anyone.
    In this drama, it’s diffrent, there is only one lead TS, MD can’t be considered as the usual female lead. We think that we have a couple struggling, but in reality there is only one man dealing with his emotions, choices and decisions.
    you’re right about suicide rate in S. Korea, I guess for them death as I can depict it from the movies and dramas I’ve watched, is a normal thing, you see people naturally move on with their life after loosing someone. Many successful K-dramas have sad ending or the characters die, and the viewers accept it.
    I think the rating will go high now, Korean loves revenge stories !

  823. 823 : sonsuz Says:

    so very goodd :((

  824. 824 : Jyenie Says:


    “our club is devastated”
    Aw, I am so sorry to hear that:(

    “I still think that MD later on will be aware of her love to TS, but it’ll be too late for her !”
    No doubt about that, that’s why I dedicated “Secret Note” to her. It’s her loss that she didn’t know how to treasure kindness, her desire/lust overrides her common sense. Tsk, tsk.

    “WHIB is different from this….”
    O.K, I agree with you on this one.

    “In this drama, it’s diffrent, there is only one lead TS, MD can’t be considered as the usual female lead…….choices and decisions.”
    Very good observation!

    “death….. is a normal thing, you see people naturally move on with their life after loosing someone.”
    Death is a normal thing for people outside of SK too, every sensible person will have to move on and time is the best medicine. However, I am sure unnatural death like suicide is always a big blow to the close ones of the deceased even in Korea.

    “the rating will go high now, Korean loves revenge stories !”
    You bet! When the cub has finally turned into a Siberian tiger! Roar!

  825. 825 : VLr Says:

    JH is TS brother 🙂

  826. 826 : Lacys Says:

    Yupe… JH is TS’s brother… Then TS plan to kill MD on car accident.. This #*\=% girl able to survive. Yeah of course she has to survived, to beg TS’s forgiveness.. And she has to survive.. So she will know the feeling of being dumped by the one she loved #later on she found out the truth and realize that she love TS…. Bad girl.. Bad girl..

  827. 827 : say Says:

    if JH is TS brother, than the writer has run out of ideas, is also a stupid idea for the writer come up with a car accident that is other brainless writing if this is what is going to happen.the worse writing ever in Korean drama

  828. 828 : Peppa Says:

    No wonder everyone hates this Mi Do character, she’s a bit of a tramp!

  829. 829 : $;);&;) Says:

    No wonder everyone hates this ‘Mi Do’ character, she’s a bit of a TRAMP.

  830. 830 : melanie Says:

    The story of this Drama is very Common that’s why i stopped watching although SSH is one of my Favorite Korean Actor….

  831. 831 : Nora Says:

    I prefer Mido with Tae Sang best…..whyyyyy?????

  832. 832 : kdramafan27 Says:

    started to hate this drama.waste of time.

  833. 833 : Kdramaholic Says:

    @say-827, indeed the writer has ran out of ideas SINCE the very beginning. Why didn’t she just follow the usual melodrama we’ve seen, but went for an easy early romance without any development. The progression afterward became too draggy and dull with the worst plot line. Furthermore, it’s 20 episodes in total for god’s sake!!! For the most bad scripting drama like this, it should’ve been 16 eps at best, seriously.

  834. 834 : Alice Says:

    This has to be my favorite drama right now. Can’t wait for episode 13. And yes, I hate Mi Do. Hope she loses both guys in the end.

  835. 835 : Carmen Says:

    The girl that do MiDo she did a bad actin on the makinout in the Tae Sang-closet, she did really abad acting here, that will tell you all….I think she really try to control her feelings for the younger guy, but he was the one that did not respect his friend and went ALL IN-like there is not another woman in this world, so right now they really play with Tae Sang feelings and now is when the reall show will start…about time he open his eyes…it will be too bad for her…..as for the Joung guy he acted inmature.

  836. 836 : say Says:

    the stupid writer want to introduce again making TS killer because of love, hello writers one dose not kill because of love or because they reject you. it is wrong and forbidding to kill just because someone doesn’t love you, it is the wrong way to go about your so call ravage plan.if you want me suggest one idea for you, make MD to back to her past life again ,and JH boy to live without no job, than MD go and start her restaurant job again were she will meet the girl that rip off her application she will let her know about that she is the one that stop her from going to abroad,second ravage Mr Goo will put the rent high that they can’t pay for it, and the father fall sick her mother pressure her to go and ask TS for help.than she think TS is a fool again but call him,she has already been introduce in this drama that she a slut,TS takes his ravage by asking her to meet him in the hotel were they met before,and lie to her that he is having business meeting there that they should meet up there. when she comes he mouth a kiss on her and sleep with her,next he will ask her to come to his house to collect the check, when she comes TS make JH boy see him making love her in the bed,than the JH boy will learn his first lesson and now believe that MD is really a slut.i don’t care what happen next.

  837. 837 : Jyenie Says:

    I think MD will regret with her choice and realise TS is the one she loves later, she will have to try very hard to gain TS trust again. Hopefully TS will forgive her and take her back for the sake of love at the end.

  838. 838 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, so let me see, MD feels that TS Whent to her boss to be and that’s what cause her termination from the job she so desired. Now, she has decided to do all that TS ask of her on a sarcastic manner. The lady that she respected in the art studio called her and tell her she has another job for her, because her boyfriend begged on her behalf. MD, now feels that JH want to see her fly and find herself while, TS want to suffocate her dreams and controle her life. JH begged for her, TS want a wife by his side. Now we have a conundrum, I totally understand how MD feels in this regard. A relationship can not, repeat can not work with out communication!!!! MD is immature and and they both lack understanding of each other.
    What MD did with JH in the closet was wrong she should have more self-controle. I am disappointed that she disrespected TS house and his generosity, but there are consequences to every action. However, I do believe she will redeem herself in the end.

  839. 839 : say Says:

    Other suggestion, for this writer. please let the writer that is writing” I Summon You, Gold! write the remaining episode please ”because that writer knows how to write a beautiful drama ,please give way to people who knows what they are doing in the entertainment industry

  840. 840 : Sharon Says:

    The writer is taking us on her journey, it’s up to us as readers, or viewers to stay on the journey or get off. Now, I do believe the writer has research her characters before writing, or during the process of writing making sure there is some kind of realism to the plot. This story has happen many times to people all over the world it has happen to men and also women in reality. Therefore, lets enjoy the journey with the writer as she visions.

  841. 841 : Sharon Says:

    The club door is still open, do enter. Hahahaha!!!

  842. 842 : Sharon Says:

    I understand totally, what they did was wrong! That’s human nature for you. I am just sorry that MD is sooo immature to realize what she has, hope she learns from this and I believe she will and redeem herself.

  843. 843 : usa-mary Says:

    TS is a good man, but not a stupid, naive one. CH commented on his mysterious, unique instincts. He put aside his pride while dating MD just to experience the vulnerability of being in love. That’s a part of building a relationship…learning to trust by letting your guard down. TS so desired to experience and show her that side of him. Yet, its a pitiful, disgusting shame that MD professed to growing to like him, then turn around and blew it…dismissing the fact that she’s comfortably in his home. Sleeping, eating, and bathing for free with her mom and brother. No worries about the ceiling falling on her head or walking over leaky pots and buckets, constantly mopping. Well, Bad karma is going to knock on MD and CH’s door and it should, real soon! Now, I’m advocating revenge, yet I am for justice. There’s a difference between the two, even though the effects bare some resemblance. They need to be taught a good lesson about life. Where I live, if you wash your laundry in dirty water, it will be aired in that same dirty water for all to see…so don’t mess around if you don’t want to be exposed!

    @Carmen-835: I agree with you about MD’s acting in the dressing room scene. Even though I’m still at the point where I hate to recall it, I noticed that JH showed way more passion in his eyes than MD. She can’t even fake a love scene! There was no passion or desire in her eyes at that moment, plus she was too stiff. Now regarding MD trying to control her feelings towards JH at that moment. From my viewpoint, I didn’t see MD resistant to JH because she initially grabbed his hand. That was an indication to him that she didn’t want him to leave. Please see the humor in what I’m about to say. The last time I looked she had a mouth with working vocal cords, so would it have been too hard to say NO or DON’T! She also has arms…long arms. So, would it have been too hard to push him away! She welcomed his advances.

    In General:

    At this point, I really couldn’t care if JH is TS’s brother. He’s a hideous ingrate to me. I wonder…

    -What will TS do to shake those two up a bit.
    -Will CH get wind of what happened and get to them first. He discovered what was going on with those two first from JH’s screen saver/photos.
    -Will SJ be solicited to intervene on their behalf, just to calm TS down. She’s always saying that she’s the only one who can control him, now she’ll have the opportunity. Despite her occassional pursuit of TS, she did help keep him grounded.
    -What will happen to the Seo family and the leaky building? Will TS help them again.

    My desire now is for TS to get those two out of his life, NOW! Then, forgive them and his mother (so he can be healthy and whole). We’ll find out!

  844. 844 : Sharon Says:

    I feel yah!!!!

  845. 845 : usa-mary Says:

    @834-Line 11: That should read…Now, I’m ‘not’ advocating violence..

  846. 846 : Sharon Says:

    I feel the same way you do except for the JH and MD together bit, not feeling it. Hahaha!!

  847. 847 : Sharon Says:

    You are absolutely right about the closet scene where SSK acting took a nosedive. The directors should have hollered CUT!!!!! And have her do it over and over till she got it right. Shame on the directors we notice. Hahaha!!

  848. 848 : Jyenie Says:


    But I heard from Fan that you guys are devastated!? I don’t mind joining your club if TS forgives MD after her redemption^_^

  849. 849 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-Mary 843
    My deepest concern right now is TS, hoping that he will find the security and not dwell on the thing he was running away from the most ABANDONMENT!!!
    He will feel more abandon now than ever. His mother said she dream of him waiting for her in the house to come home. Think she is the one that can lick his wounds and make it better. However, everyone is keeping it a secret. Remember DG said in the office that you will think TS is going one way then all of a sudden he is in the opposite direction, so he will punish who needs to be punish, but revenge is also not good. My grandmother use to say when you dig a pit dig two.

    You are right about SSK closet scene acting not good at all!!!

  850. 850 : Sharon Says:

    Devastation is not the word, it’s pass devastation to deviation hahahaha!!! MD will redeem herself, so come on down. 🙂

  851. 851 : say Says:

    @Sharon840 Says,no Sharon,the writer is not taking me with her stupid writing, why i am still commenting on this drama,because this is a free web site were you can give your opinion about what you like or don’t like, there is no video screen that you can watch in this web site or else you connect to other web site.commenting on this drama because i started watching it before it went bad, it is painful for one to see something wrong and do nothing about it, even though this is fiction work still the drama does not show moral value about women in general, it portrays a woman lost in ungratefulness in life which is not support to be that way.sometimes what you watch on TV get to you example TV advisement, if you like the a product you see on TV, you will end up finding it also buying it,this is what is happening in this drama, if man who loves a woman want to help her financially after watching this drama you think that man will want help that woman again? in case of a real life event,the answer is no because what we watch affect our moral judgment too.the writer of this drama is bringing women down instead of lifting women up,that is why i am still commenting on this drama,i almost skip the whole episode12, i don’t even know if i can recall some of the events that happen in episode12.

  852. 852 : JF Says:

    Stupid drama. TS is so pity.

  853. 853 : BarbBand Says:

    geeezzz too much make up on jae hee. he looks like a faggot!

  854. 854 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-842: That may be true about it being human nature, which is very unfortunate in this case. They made a very bad, stupid choice. Yet, I’m thankful that there are some humans who restrain their animalistic desires by not going with the feeling when it strikes them to make out whenever or wherever they are at the time. Even, if MD does redeem herself; forgiveness is healing to the soul and I’m for that, yet I don’t want to see her with TS now. It’s best to have the trust factor revealed early than later on in a marriage. For some reason, I don’t believe its over between her and JH. They have the hots for each other and its overtaken them already. They won’t be satisfied until they complete the conquest. Now, unless, one of them is so shaken up from the experience, sincerely and seriously repents and discourages it from going any further, only then will it stop. I just don’t see that happening with those two, yet! But, we will find out from the writer.

  855. 855 : Jyenie Says:


    You are right on!

  856. 856 : say Says:

    `One last thing Sharon, some men after watching this will end up saying if i help her financially, she may end up bring a man into my house and make love to him why i am at work,this drama show a man who went out of his way to help a woman even though he has to die for helping her to live well.what surprises me most about this, is that they say the writer is a women, that is why suspect that this is not a research work, she must have done similar thing to a man who help her, she end up betraying him with other man.

  857. 857 : Sharon Says:

    I really don’t believe that!! Everything starts at home, if you have no morals either it was never thought by parents or it was not in you in the first place. Yes, people get tempted by outside influences, but it also goes to show how grounded a person is in there beliefs.
    If a writer publish a book can you go and change that writers vision, no it’s either you accept it or reject it.
    As for me I enjoy this drama, because it’s a melodrama it’s going to be heartbreaking, it’s going to make you mad, sad, kick the television set, but never the less, it’s the writers vision not ours. That’s why it hurt so much.

  858. 858 : Sharon Says:

    @856 say
    You might not believe it but these things happen everyday, not just drama fiction but in reality the man you pass on the street may be going through the same thing. that’s why I said writers research the character they developed because things like this happen everyday. I have heard stories like this in reality.
    Say, you sound like some who believes in a higher power, so you want to see things how it should be not how it really is. Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with that. I just prefer to see things the way they are and make changes from there.

  859. 859 : say Says:

    Sharon, note one thing reading a book is totally referent from watch it on TV because a thousands of people tune in at same time why reading a book is just one person reading at a time of his or she choice, Sharon,we , may see things in a different way, you may give the writer credit for his or her work, but i am not going to give her or him credit his or her bad job, why, because i am a woman i know better, from right to wrong.

  860. 860 : say Says:

    Good,Sharon, that you want to make changes, that is what i am doing too by objecting to his or her writing by portraying a woman like that to the millions of viewers.

  861. 861 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Funny how the some of the guys write in here. There is no stupid writing. The writer is the writer, he can write whatever he likes and it’s up to the readers/viewers to accept or reject the story. Unfortunately, whilst some viewers don’t like how the story goes and then they call the writer a stupid or story stupid is really funny. Stupidity always happens in the real world but calling the story stupid somebody wrote is non-sense – there is no stupid writing, LOL! I agree with one of the comments that let’s just enjoy the rest of the episodes…

    …and I strongly believe the SMD shall be burnt to death! LOL! Bad girl, but they could have acted better and more finesse with that stolen moment 🙂

    AjaAja Fighting!!!

  862. 862 : Elena Says:

    I really hope that so mi do will love han tae sang 🙁

  863. 863 : say Says:

    AjaAjaFighting, there is a stupid writing, the writer is not writing for him or herself alone, she or he is presenting his or her work to TV viewers,that is why we have the right to judge his or her work also and can call it stupid when the writing is showing the wrong side of life .if you can do what MD did that means you like the writer work, but if can not do what MD did in TS house that means you can call it stupid,AjaAjaFighting, you just said that people do stupid thing in real life, why did you say that if some people work can be called stupid writing,also.calling it stupid does not mean you are insulting that person it means that you are calling for a change of his or her ideas

  864. 864 : O_oMy^^ Says:

    Haaaah …! Oooh my, what has happened to this drama! stupid story! It makes lose my appetite when watching a story like this. Who has been the victims of this drunken writer? @usa-mary 802, Yess! I LIKE!!
    I will not be surprised if everyone hates this MD’s character, i think she’s still a bit spoony and immature in her actn’. Until ep12, I did not see or feel MD as the female lead here. Very disappointing. It seems that MD still need to boost her brain with some milk or tofu ^^ (say no to alcohol or soju ). Look like MD and TS are too far to be compatible together.
    Ayoo, ayoo…This drama is absolutely absurd!
    What is in my mind now is, tie her body on the tree on Mount Everest and wrap her body with JH’s shirt, and see what will happens next^^

    Please help, give me an antidote!

  865. 865 : Joyce Says:

    this drama sounds like Temptation Of An Angel and QueenOf The Game!!!I’m so excited 😉

  866. 866 : Joyce Says:

    opps sorry! @admin kindly delete my comment lol my commen6 supposed to be in Shark thread^^Thanks

  867. 867 : Sharon Says:

    Suppose the writer has gone through the same situation she is writing about. We have to be more understanding of others and not just say kill, kill. We have to put ourselves in their shoes and ask if I was in that position what would I do ? Would you act like MD, or would I just say goodbye. Would I hold onto him for his money, would I just love him because he loves me. There are so many ways this story could go. I would have to choose the ones that’s right for me at that time , would i have made the right decision i dont know. MD choose what’s right for her right now not given to hindsight.
    Is that stupid to wright about? No!!
    Yes, I want to make changes, not for me but for what I see happening not for what I want to happen. Because what I want others might not.

    Guys, this drama keep us engage in conversation and feelings. That’s why I love this drama soo much it provoke us.

    As any woman here been really love by a man. I mean truly and deeply love by a man, or as any man here were truly deeply loved by a woman? Did any of you act in ways similar to MD ?

  868. 868 : say Says:

    Sharon, we are in same page here read my comment @8236 and see what i wrote earlier.

  869. 869 : Sharon Says:

    Right, that’s why it’s her journey and we are just following along. 🙂

  870. 870 : GH Says:

    Hey, what do u expect from a guy who have never love b4, that she knew…. and yet theres no trust on her part…. MD shd hav kept the breaking up if she into JH the lover, yet she cant let go… jus bcos the lover try to land her a job oversea, she throw herself to him, worst is at TS home…. hey, get a room, or anywhere else…. Biased she is, when she concluded that TS spoilt her chance to London…. and the excuse is always, “the other guy understand me better”…. bottomline, end it with TS and start anew with JH… but we all wouldnt be having a drama to watch if its written as the norm….

    so for finale, i hope TS end up with the other girl and both JH & MD can sulk all day regretting how they treated TS…..

  871. 871 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 876 I totally agree with you, what will you do if you were in my shoes ? It’s easy to judge people when we’re not experiencing what they’re going through. Everyone makks choices and decisions according to his/her believing, education, personality, people surrounding him/her, and this drama makes us think about that. I’m sure that everyone in this thread will answer this question differently, because we’re all different. The question is : if you were MD what will you do ? you have to imagine TS another than SSH because you’re not SSK(it will be cheating) ? Just look around you and try to imagine that, I’m sure that everyone will think twice before answering.
    So is the writer stupid by making us thinking ? Look only to this thread !

  872. 872 : fan Says:

    @ Jyenie So you’re hoping to see TS and MD ending together ! Me too !
    After seeing her cheating on TS, I hated her and thought that she doesn’t deserve any forgiveness or second chance, but after thinking I guess when you’re in love, even being angry and hurt you forgive the one you love and try to find excuses for his actions. And by interrupting the cheating in the middle, maybe the writer wants to give her a chance to be forgiven by TS.
    I still think that TS won’t hire someone to kill her, but CH will make the decision to do this job for the sake of his beloved brothers.

  873. 873 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks fan, a lot of people on this thread are not separating the actor from the character.

  874. 874 : Sharon Says:

    @872 fan
    And TS will be running franticly to save her. hahaha

  875. 875 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, love is a cruel game the star has played on us.

  876. 876 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, after viewing a few other websites/forums where commentors are not hiding their feelings about this drama. I must admit that we’re quite mild here. Some are really letting it ‘rip’ about their feelings towards MD and JH and want them to pay the ultimate price for their actions. I believe that this is what the writer intended, and its the same with all writers. Its to provide a hook. There’s always a ‘hook’ to draw the viewer in and keep them coming back for more. In this case, its a must for us to find out if good will prevail over evil. Someone, also, mentioned that there’s too many villians, and I agree. Its like TS is out there all by himself (with the exception of CH and DG, of course) against a world of folks that won’t let him experience true love and happiness with the one he chose. Its sad to say, but that even includes the one he chose, too!

    Whether its fiction or reality, it still stands true that if people don’t show remorse and make amends, then they haven’t learned one thing about how life works and how to treat others. Especially, when it comes to someone who has loved both of them unconditionally and unselfishly. I say…just try walking in that person’s shoes for awhile…how will they feel, then! Now, I personally seek justice over revenge. Even though the effects of righting a wrong looks similar to revenge, they’re quite different. At least justice creates a platform for people to apologize and do better while still having to rebuild and walk out the pain they created; where with revenge, one can plead and apologize until their tongue falls out, with swollen eyes, there’s still no mercy, at all. Revenge creates deeper, open, bleeding emotional wounds with visible scars that give the impression of being healed. TS doesn’t need that, he’s had enough in his past to recover from and is still walking out that pain. That’s my observation.

  877. 877 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-867: I’ll answer that for you. Yes, I’ve truly been deeply in love with a man, and no, I did not act like MD then, and to date, I don’t act like her (are you kidding me)! LOL! Her behavior is an insult to me! This is by no means a put down of the character. I just can’t relate to her behavior, period!

  878. 878 : K_Viewer Says:

    @usa-mary: Many fans on this forum like to do some analyzing, deciphering and sleuthing on the plots and characters. So, this is a more civil and tamed forum compares to others. Personally, I really want to give MD a good scolding with some very unkind words. But, since everyone here seems to be very civil, I’ll be civil, too.

  879. 879 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    Oooh, my main concern right now is TS. All I want for him is happiness and to forgive and reunite with his mother. If there is ever a drama that took me to another level it’s this one.

    Don’t get me wrong MD’s behavior is unforgivable the way she handled the situation was immature and foolish, that’s also what the writer is going for. showing us a girl due to her immaturity and self centered behavior cause an irreversible situation in her life that she will regret for the rest of her life, and hurt the man that truly and genuinely love her.

    I have put

  880. 880 : tnt Says:

    Not interest again to watch it….huuuft 🙁

  881. 881 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry was using iPhone was cut off.

    Like I was saying, I know MD did wrong, but I also want to say people make mistakes in life. Some we wish we could turn back the hands of time, some kill us, some we learn from and that’s where the writer is going with MD character i think a girl that’s immature had to experience life’s pitfalls and grow up.

    Life will teach you weather you want to learn, or not

  882. 882 : lry20 Says:

    inmature??pls how many hotels does seoul have???? in his house with the other man, she doesn’t have any consideration.for me is unforgivable what she did. and in his home wtf??its’n the cheat is the place the time, the person pls how many koreans men are, and his friend’s brother is the one???

  883. 883 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 876 Well said ! I hope that the writer will choose justice over revenge.

  884. 884 : fan Says:

    @Sharon We have a saying “no one is born educated and learned”
    Everyone wants a second chance when it comes to him/her.

  885. 885 : Kait Says:

    I can’t watch it anymore, MD became an obvious slut, too much drama for TS to go on with his love. The story is getting bore.

  886. 886 : Tira Says:

    omg! Mi Do need to accept prostitute drama from now on. I never like JH drama anyway because he is such a jerk! Everything belong to him given by TS.

    Oppa TS, pick someone better than MI Do and let her regret for the rest of her life. TS, let go of MI Do and let her go to JH so that JH can use her and throw away.

    Oppa TS, we pray that you will find some more beautiful inside and outside.
    Mi Do is so terrible that she live at TS house and going to dirty TS place. She 100% worst than prostitute.

    Bad Karma for JH & Mi Do! Please do not use Mi Do as actress from now because she do not know how to act but just stare at the wall.

    TS give both of them a sweet revenge so that they regret for life time. Hopefully the writer give TS a very good happy ending.

  887. 887 : say Says:

    some people still hope that this writer is going to change her writing,she will never change the story line,keep dreaming ,writer is going to keep it with JH and MD, no TS,because if the writer wanted to change the story he or she could have change in ep11 and 12,why i am saying this because the writer is cruel, look at that seem were TS was cleaning the floor of MD house,and MD father was so disgusted in seeing him in his house,why MD looking at them in the book store common which man in real life as a CEO of many company will come to your house and bend down clean your floor is that not enough for MD to look at TS like a fool,there are so things that is wrong with this drama it simple, the story line off,this drama will not make any scene again.

  888. 888 : Sandy Says:

    Although it won’t happen, I wish TS would withdraw all his support to MD, her family, and JH. I don’t understand how they can repay his kindness with such disregard. If they had any conscience, they would let him know how they feel and resign from his company. I really want TS to let them have it–not for thinking they’re in love with each other, but for disrespecting him so badly.

  889. 889 : Emla2020 Says:

    Knock (3X)
    May I come in?
    I’m fascinated with all the opinions in this forum and I would like to share mine.
    After watching ep12 and reading all your comments, I’m excited to watch the coming eps.
    With due respect to the MD character (not acting, it’s not good), she acted on the peak her emotions, she’s mad and hurt thinking TS ruined her dreams, forgetting all the good deeds, sacrfices and love bestowed upon her by TS; and she felt valued and loved by JH for the moral support and they both have this rapport and vibe. Real life is like this, sometimes, because you’re on the peak of your emotions, you can not think rationally and make a good judgement of what’s going on. My friend told me once, do not make any decisions if you’re at the peak of your emotion (eg: happy, sad or angry), mostly it’ll turn out to be bad decisions.
    One more thing, we as viewers, seeing the whole picture can say what is wrong and right, but if you can just see MD’s perspective, you’ll also doubt yourself and TS. A saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher”, that will happen to MD, same goes to all of us in real life, sometimes second chance is not always available. We can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven but the consequences of the actions will stay.
    I just hope that in the end, the story will show the beauty of being in love not the just the pain. I want a happy ending for TS. Please writer, write a happy ending to this story same as I MISS YOU.

  890. 890 : O_oMy^^ Says:

    At the end of this drama, HTS and BSJ married and have a daughter as beautiful as BJ , they lived happily together. ^^
    MD and JH? Forget about them, they gone with the wind.

  891. 891 : Nancy Says:

    Well i Was soooo angry that smoke was coming out of my ears, in his house, in his closet I want them dead!!!! but now I want justice I hope all this is not for nothing the only way I can erase this horrible image of my brain if she or jh die I’m sorry is the only way to revinicated. But there are too many evil characters and 1or 2 friends on TS side. Hope the writer doesn’t disappoint us. Note I have been watching SSH dramas and he was very good looking before like 7 or more years but now he looks even better Oppa fighting!!

  892. 892 : Jyenie Says:

    As i feel so frustrated and deprived because of how MD treats TS, I have to turn to other dramas to cure my romantic soul. I am totally hooked with this Chinese drama now, Sealed with a kiss. It’s not so polished like the KD but I am touched with how they portray the tormenting and yet romantic love between the otps.

  893. 893 : ance Says:

    when i saw episode 9, i thought that i can tolerate and continue this drama even though HTS is “Me and only me against the world”…i thought that writer is finally doing something that makes us onto this drama but after watching episode 10…i think i’ll wait for this drama to end before continuing…my whole week is ruined because of that dressing room scene…i was like praying that those two ungrateful Bas****s will get caught! I’m also a little disappointed with SJ, i know she’s hurt, but i really thought that she will always be loyal to TS all the way, i guess that’s the end of her patience…

    by the way, i thought that Tae Sang’s brother is that kid that Ddol…the one that hangs around his mom..but now that they showed (the shadow) his brother i guess i’m wrong again…will TS’s brother be another villain in this life? this drama is really heavy for my heart…and there’s 8 episodes more…i hope i can take it… 🙁

  894. 894 : Pim Says:

    I guess that Medo loves JH more than TS because she likes his secret and hot kiss. JH always makes her exciting and make her heart strong shaking too. TS has only worm kiss that is not attractive for Medo. Ha ha ha.

  895. 895 : Ann Says:

    I really hate Medo. Pity TS for show real love to Medo. Medo acts very strange I hate her face expression.

  896. 896 : Vicki Says:

    Mido has gone far from redemption. She’s unforgivable. JH is a ungrateful spoil brat. His brother should slap him more than once! Everything he has now is given from TS. MiDo never loved him from the beginning, never. I really dislike the writers. What are you thinking? Ratings must be dropping.

  897. 897 : Fannie Says:

    After reading all the comments, i’m having second thoughts in watching this drama.Mido is a first class slut. How could she. I hope that when this drama ends, TS and mido will not end up together. It’s an insult to us viewers if mido will have a happy ending. Only TS deserves to have one and find another love.i hope the writer will write a redeeming factor to ease all the stress she let us undergo in watching this drama.i think the writer is undergoing a bad and negative phase in her life, and maybe her frustrations and bad feeling is shown in her writing, that’s why she cant distinguish right from wrong and her values are already distorted because of what she’s going through.if her life becomes brighter, maybe she’ll realize her wrong judgement and characterization of each role.

  898. 898 : Jyenie Says:

    Even though this drama reflects some realities, but it’s too much to take when you have to witness how some of the characters like MD, JH, MD’s father etc return TS’s kindness and generosity with condemnation weeks after weeks. IMVHO, MD is not in the position to have desire with any other guys at all, she is supposed to use her whole life to repay his love and kindness with TLC ,” this is what an ingan will do”, quoted from her mother.

    Ep 9, 10 have made me change my opinion with MD gradually, I thought she has stopped wavering, and then Bang! Darn! she swung back to JH due to some misunderstandings with TS. Actually how can they have the desire to make out in a dressing room which is filled with TS’s clothes and smell? Perhaps they do that to piss TS off subconsciously?
    TS’s brother is 10 years younger than him, but the kid’s age doesn’t match. I am not very sure if the Hong Kong CEO is his brother or not, just hope he will be a friend and not a foe of TS. JH could be TS’s brother. Apparently CH is keeping a lot of secrets from TS. Everything will be revealed gradually in the following 8 episodes.

  899. 899 : JP Says:

    God, i hate seeing episode 12 seriously!!
    Seo mi do stupide kids,(am jst sayng as in drama) dunt get me wrong pple, i am just soo angry seeing seo mi do with Lee Jae Hee kissing each other,
    i just dont want Han Tae Seng luke pitiful in front of seo mi do who dunt deserve his love!!!!!! but still i love them both aaa!!! aysssh Aigoo

  900. 900 : fan Says:

    @Emla2020 889
    Thanks for sharing you’re opinion, yes it’s easy for some to make judgement when they’re not the concerned.

  901. 901 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    To [email protected]:

    I’m not gonna argue with anything you say, we are all entitled to our own opinion. The writer can write whatever the hell he/she wants and no matter how the public view it as stupid as it may be, that is his/her story, not yours nor mine, IT IS HER/HIS STORY. So in my opinion, no matter how shallow a story is or stupid it is to the viewers/readers’ eyes, that was the writer’s choice, but I still I do not consider it a stupid. Anyway this is fiction, and the writing is very effective in drawing the viewers’ attention in to this drama.

    I think the stupidity actually comes from the characters the actors/actresses portray in the drama [am not at all related to the production of this drama, hehe]

    The writer I believe is so glad that many viewers were affected/moved by the characters and the story itself.

    I strongly suggest that the title be amended to STUPID LOVE!!! That’s HTS’ love for SMD! LOL!

    Actually enjoying this drama! AjaAja Fighting! Peace everyone! =)

  902. 902 : usa-mary Says:

    Ep. 11: Observing JH towards TS reminded me of a song titled, Back Stabbers! You’re smiling in my face…while all the time you want to take my place, the back stabbers!

    Why is JH so pressured now with the thought that TS helped him achieve his goals? TS never asked him to repay him or to come work for him at his company. He’s pressured by his raging hormones for MD and is twisting it around as if its pressure to assist TS. What a joke and what a jerk! No loyalty, period! Crazy!

    SJ, a woman scorned, REALLY! You don’t say! In her own self-proclaimed unrequited love fariyland!!! Now she’s acting just like GG (gangster Goo)!Don’t apologize to the air…TS doesn’t deserve that from you. That’s why it pays to not hate someone; you take on the very attributes of the person being hated. She hates GG, therefore she now acts like GG!

    I know this is fiction, but not even in fiction (here in the U.S.) wiould JH have gotten away with how he talked to TS re SJ. It wouldn’t matter if he was an exec. It’s just not done! That behavior is so stupid…trying to act big in front of MD! I can guarantee that even with an apology, on the next business day, not only would JH’s head roll, but his behind, too!

    MD’S father: (I’m shaking my head)…If I was TS, I would buy them all construction hard hats and give them umbrellas and send them home to their stubborn, UNGRATEFUL, narcissistic, WEAK, idiotic, ungrateful (repeat), slothful person who claims to be their dad/husband. Wow! He’s so busy being idealistic that he can’t even contact the building owner who they’ve renting from to have that person repair the roof (a year ago) where they live! This man disgusts me! Then after TS asks him if he dislikes him that much…tells TS to take his tie off and wrap it around his hand and hit the glass, again!!! Why doesn’t MD’s dad do us all a favor and just go for another stroll again in the river. That would be more apropos for the reprecussions that TS suffered after giving this man and his family a break. TS has never once told him what happened. There are some folk that wouldn’t let him forget! TS is a man of honor and loyal to his convictions! If nothing else, he deserves to be respected! I won’t even elaborate on MD and her snide remark about TS tearing up the roof even if she objects to going to his home! They can just stay at their home and sing songs about the rain as if they’re singing around a campfire!

  903. 903 : say Says:

    Mary, i wish there will be other loan shark that he will go and borrow money from again,than when they come, to collect their debt they will do more damage to the doors more than TS did before, so that he will than know that TS was very generosity with him than, he forgot that TS was not the owner of money that he borrowed,he was just sent to collect debt from him MD father.TS should have be proud a enough to ask him if he had ever pay back the money he borrowed,than if he answered no TS will say to him i pay back the money you borrowed with my sweat and with my blood also you are not in the position hate me.

  904. 904 : Surprising Says:

    i’ve not done any search yet but i really hope that this drama is based on true story. if yes or even if the answer is no, i believe this drama writer is trying to send a very strong message!!! question is, does MD, JH and MD father deserve forgiveness? every viewer definitely have different reaction. this reminds me of recent melodrama “missing you/i miss you”, where harry while pointing a gun at su yeon begged for her forgiveness and asked her to love him. similarly to this drama where MD while deceiving TS, asking TS to understand her ambition; except the fact that, harry character (in “missing you/i miss you”) was played by a handsome actor by the name of yoo seung ho.
    there was a saying out there; “trust every human but beware of the evil in them”.
    one of the biggest clue here is definitely “being grateful” and/or “not being ungrateful” sentiments.

  905. 905 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 902
    MD’s father hates TS because each time he reminds him of how incompetent father and how coward man he is. Because 7 years ago he chose to let down his family with debt and commit suicide. In the bottom of his heart, he knows that TS did nothing to him, but because of him he’s been revealed to be what he is really, to hide his inferiority he’s trying to shows to his family that TS is inferior and still thug.

  906. 906 : Jyenie Says:


    That’s why he is a jerk to have this kind of mentality!

  907. 907 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 906 I remembered the scene when he was in the hospital, he didn’t refuse TS help and tried to find out if he was a good match for his daughter, so unconsciously even though he didn’t show it, he’s happy to have some one like him as a possible son-in-law, but because of his stupid pride and his complex he looks ungrateful.

  908. 908 : padma Says:

    has anyone watched ep 12? i won’t spill spoiler here..
    actually before this episode, if I’m Mi Do, I will choose jae hee over tae sang..
    but, uggh, as you can see in last part of that episode, i really dont like his behavior.. *I cant say more, because my opinion will be spoiler*

  909. 909 : padma Says:

    i thought han tae min probably is jae hee..
    the man behind the false death statement of tae min looks similar to chang hee..
    but I still don’t know how they are related if my guessing is true..

  910. 910 : Jyenie Says:


    He didn’t mind to have TS as a son in-law before he knew about JH.

  911. 911 : Sharon Says:

    MD father is a worthless and have the nerve to look down on TS, but guess what, I leave him to Goo. Now we will him really jump into the Han River.

  912. 912 : Sharon Says:

    You have broken down MD’s father profile to a tee. He is all the above and more, thanks to TS he can eat, drink and alive. now he look at TS with a scorn after he has enjoyed his money. He is going to kneel and beg TS for help.

  913. 913 : Sharon Says:

    As, a grown man and a father he should have sat his daughter down with his wife and talk to her as an adult. Show her like the mother the value of TS and ask her what she want to do. As a parent say if you don’t like him go if you do stay instead of haggling with the mother about TS character,but instead he put TS down and portray him has this scary person while he is enjoying the food of TS labor.

  914. 914 : Jyenie Says:

    SSK’s eye was hit by SSH’s rod accidentally during shooting recently. What can it tell about the future story development? Is MD trying to stop TS from hitting JH?

  915. 915 : Jyenie Says:


    Well said Sharon. Is there a word or a saying to describe this kind of people?

  916. 916 : usa-mary Says:

    @K_Viewer-878: Thank you and welcome! Please feel free to join us!

    @Sharon-881: I agree with you re the writer’s direction for MD and the life teachings she will experience from her actions. Yet, that’s what writers do; they create written visuals for us to arrive at our own conclusions. Well, my conclusion at this point is…yes, learn from your mistakes, correct them quickly, by apologizing and do better. If not, I’ll say it again, if there’s no remorse, then there will be nothing to learn from and history will repeat itself. Since I like to search for the message the writer is conveying in his/her story. After this drama ends, hopefully I will come away with something more concrete than verbal misunderstandings, ingrained ingrates…aigoo, raging testosterone hormones, cocky/insulate new employees*…sssss, outrageous (jacka$$) stubborness, overbearing (ancient) unrequited love, snippy/snide remarks, slick (money-tricky) willies, jack-legged (stop the 70’s madness with your clothes) wanna be-conman, skanky (oops, I forgot it was your house until you played my name) wenches…omo, jealous (protein-brain-deprived) jerks , confused (don’t know who they are-need to find themselves when they’re living in their own body) grown folks, meloncholy (poker-faced) forever facial look, and last, but not least envy! In someway or another, most of them are envious of TS. He, despite the odds that were against him, contrary to him, pulled himself up to become a great, thoughtful, respected leader and man with integrity.

    *Has anyone else noticed that none of the other employees behave the way MD and JH do towards TS! Just saying!

    @Emla2020-889: Welcome!

    This writer is really, really good with how she has baited and hooked me with this drama! She’s so good that even though its fiction, I can only watch from the beginning about 1/8 of subbed ep. 12. I still can’t bring myself to fully watch it completely (it TICKS me off too much) and that’s unusual for me. Eventhough, I’m not new to watching the emotionally confused, tear-jerking, heart-wrenching ups and downs that happens to good people in Asian dramas like: Taiwanese-The Fierce Wife; Kdrama-Oohlala Couple; Kdrama-Lie To Me; Thailand-Burnt Sugar, and countless other Asian dramas/movies. This one has taken me to a level where I have to regroup because there’s still no where in sight any reprieve for TS. At least, with those mentioned dramas, they had some comical scenes that helped me get through the visual harshness. Not even GG’s new hair dye or BC’s newly sprouting green curl, or DG’s electro dancing helps me at this point. Well, I too, (Sharon or Jyenie) now will go console and refresh my romanticist soul. Peace Out!

  917. 917 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 910 Exact !

  918. 918 : fan Says:

    @Sharon For the sake of the woman he loves he’ll help him before asking. Maybe TS is behind the publishers who have contacted him ! What will he do then ?

    I came up with another guessing, a more optimistic one, where TS will live happily with the help of people who are hurting him now 😀

  919. 919 : Sharon Says:

    I would call someone like you describe a BIG JERK!!hahaha
    He will regret it!!!

  920. 920 : loulou Says:

    @ padma everybody’s seen ep 12 thats why the ratings keep going down…and if JH is TS brother i think the ratings will keep dropping, its one thing to be betrayed by your mother, then your boss, then your love and friends , the writer cannot add the brother at the growing list of jerks around TS life…but on the other hand this drama is so awful that I wouldn’t be surprised that JH is in fact his brother…

  921. 921 : usa-mary Says:

    Just watched subbed ep. 12. Thanks to the help of the subtitle commentors, who made me laugh all the way through it. I hate for people to be misused and mistreated. So, with that…ATTENTION EVERYONE! You can call me judgmental (won’t bother me), you can call me partial to TS (I concur). Yet, I really don’t give a FLIP I’ve made up my mind. To try to understand MD on any level is an insult to my femininity! Mistake…there are no mistakes in this case! Wishy-washy folk , like her irk me! So, there! Okay writer, what’s next

    @say-903: I agree with you. Now, I want all the ingrates to experience the repercussions of their karma! Bring on GG (gangster Goo), as the new owner of the building they’re leasing…PLEASE!

    @fan-905: You nailed it!

    @Sharon-911/913: I concur! Bravo…thank you for that wisdom!

  922. 922 : usa-mary Says:

    @loulou-920: This drama most definitely has become awful in the worse way! Plus, there are people who think TS is naive, clueless, and is blinded by love and can’t see what’s right in front of his face. Given his painful past, its surprising that he still has a trusting nature, at all. Any mature, level headed thinking person has to give people the benefit of a doubt. He can’t afford to walk around all day being overly suspiscious of the people around them? That’s a phobia! People are innocent until proven guilty! Well, now he has proof of the guilty ones!

    One other thing that I noticed. MD is not wishy-washy in her thinking when she’s confronted by SJ re TS. She’s always sure-footed and ready to stand in the position as his woman when she talks with her. What’s up with that! Showing off?!!! In my opinion, that’s being two-faced…well for her its one face and a forked tongue! hehehe (curtsy)

  923. 923 : say Says:

    I Think is the writer fault, he or she took the writing too far by presenting the image of MD to be a very wicked person who is greed and selfish, that took advantage of an innocent man who love and care for her, the love seems b/w MD and JH,is disgusting, it destroyed the drama .the writer started it with a good writing by present to us the viewers how TS was transform from a gangster to a good successful business man by seeing himself in MD situation,that help him to abandon his past thinking that he can’t love or trust anyone, he started trusting again,and try to love the woman who made him realize that he can live and love also,this beginning engages the viewers to see what happen next,but what happen next, the writer lost his or her ideas and mess the whole drama up with MD falling in love with the wrong man,and making TS look like a fool for loving woman like MD.big mistake on the writer part, you can’t take back the hope that you have given to him TS by destroying it again, his mother abandon him, he lost his brother and his father, the woman he love again betrayed him,so why are we watching this drama than if everything that he hope to on is been taken back away from him again,it make no scene because the writer is telling us, we the viewers a story,so what do we learn from this story,nothing perhaps, it could been better if the writer did not tell us a story at all, because writing is useless now,or else the writer make MD suffer again and she realize her mistake and beg for forgiveness, but third chances in real life is very hard to find but ,this is drama anyway.

  924. 924 : say Says:

    one more thing, i am begging this writer not to make TS a killer, you don’t kill because someone don’t not love you back, there other ways that TS can take his revenge,he can use his intelligent to pay MD and so call JH boy back for what they did to him.i think this is a time Mr Goo will be useful to tech MD and her father a good lesson, make it happy ending also.

  925. 925 : Sharon Says:

    I believe TS is not as stupid as we are suggesting. TS is going to handle this very well. The writer seems to emphasize on TS intelligence, so I believe we are in for a ride. Here goes the roller coaster again.

    I totally understand your feelings, it’s good to vent. This drama has taken everyone to the penthouse suite!!!! Hahaha. I had to rewind and come again after ep 12. You always make me laugh, I need that right about now. 🙂

    I love this drama!!!! I have displayed emotions I did not know I have hahaha !! Ok writer bring on ep 13 & 14, I can handle it.

  926. 926 : O_oMy^^ Says:

    Please, the cover picture of this drama very confusing me. Omy ayoo, ayoo…MD’s face so annoying me. I think, the drama production should be accelerated as soon as possible, MD’s role supposed to be ended in ep15. Hopefully in the next ep, TS went to MD’s house with a dagger.

  927. 927 : say Says:

    I think this MD girl will not act again after this drama because this writer has kill her acting career already if I ever see her in any drama again I skip it because this too much to bear. I know it is not her fault but ep12 is giving me nightmare , i am looking for something to watch so as not to remember the ep12again,i just pray that this drama should end now so that i will quit typing all the time.

  928. 928 : Sharon Says:

    You make me laugh, you want to quit typing after ep 12 what are you going to do after ep 13. Hahaha!! That was funny.
    Say, it won’t be the writers fault if SSK does not receive any job, it will be that closet scene that was horrable.

  929. 929 : say Says:

    Sharon,i don’t think i will watch ep13.because ep12 is giving a nightmare already,what if ep13 cause me not to sleep again, what i mine going to do than, i wish i know when the writer said if you miss ep11 and 12 you will regret it,now that I watch it, i am regretting watching it,if i have not watch it,I could have come here and read all this stuff and laugh about it,now that I watch it I just can’t quit typing, what a cruel writer.

  930. 930 : Sharon Says:

    It will be alright, a lot of the viewers feel the same way you do.

  931. 931 : ance Says:

    @Jyenie – 898

    wow that’s an interesting thought…it never crossed my mind the possibility of JH being the little bro…if that happens, it would be a big betrayal from CH…and yes that guy in the shadows, i really hope he will not be another foe coz TS really needs someone besides him, i hope the writer sees that…

    *correction on 893

    yes it’s episode 9 when i thought that i could get through with this drama and that MD is finally opening up to TS, but that all was broken after episode *12 (i wrote ep.10, sorry)…

  932. 932 : ance Says:

    @say 927

    though i like SSK in Deep Rooted Tree, im not really a fan of her after Fashion King…but i think my reaction on her next drama would be…”oh it’s Mi Do…let’s skip this…” 🙂

  933. 933 : Jyenie Says:

    Ahem, most of the viewers are guessing that JH is TS’s long lost brother. I also read from somewhere the Hong Kong CEO is his brother who was adopted by a Hong Kong tycoon from the orphanage.

    In that case, would you be in dilemma if the male lead is Won Bin/Hyun Bin or whoever you like? *_^

  934. 934 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-927: It will be alright! Its hard for me, too! The only way I got through watching the subbed ep. 12 was because of the subtitle commentors. They really made me laugh. This episode is still too seriously dreadful to me! Our reactions just proves that there so many of us who have a moral compass and hate ungratefulness, disrespect, evil, and straightout inconsideration! MD and JH have no moral compass or remorse at this point! Pooey, Pooey

    I’m not one for charms, but TS needs a whole lot of prayer and needs to carry a Turkish/Greek evil eye warding off pendant (and I’m not either Turkish or Greek)!

  935. 935 : Poohs Says:

    MD really sucks. If she doesn’t like TS tell him. I am not going to watch this anymore. Ep 12 really sucks!

  936. 936 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-925: Thank you so much! You’re a gem! I really needed that vent session after literally making myself watch ep. 12 again. I just refused to let it get the best of me, too! I had to press in by thinking…no way was I going to allow that! I really try to vent in a more constructive, mature, comical way, but these characters are the epitome of hell incarnate! I want to throw TS a life preserver and give him shark repellent because he’s surrounded by hungry sharks! This writer’s mind makes me want to interview her to find out how she arrived at this much turmoil. As a newbie writer myself, some of my characters are seedy trouble-makers, but that would keep me up at night, if I wrote like that. Yes, you are so right about this drama taking us to the penthouse. I, actually, experienced being on top of the tallest building in Dubai with that craziness and it wasn’t from ecstacy either! hehehe

  937. 937 : usa-mary Says:

    This is what I’ve imagined for MD and JH’s future together. Are any of you familiar with the English nursery rhyme, There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe? Well, my version goes like this…

    There was an old ajumma who live in a Daegu
    MD had so many children by JH, she didn’t know what to do
    JH would come home with another twinkle in his eye
    Then 10 months later, another babe would arrive

    Scratching his potbelly, JH would say
    woman…what did you do all day
    MD scurries before he makes a big deal
    While JH reclines asking where is his meal

    Tired and worn MD puts the children to bed
    While JH patiently waits for her to remove ear wax from his head
    © 2013

  938. 938 : ance Says:

    @Jyenie 933

    ohhh that’s a tough one…actually i only watched this drama coz of Song Seung Hun, coz of his past dramas that i’ve seen, i like almost all of them, except his Endless Love: Autumn something (i forgot)…i like him there but i’m not really a fan of sibling stories, although they are not really siblings there, i don’t know , i’m just not really fond of those kind of stories…
    but if in another drama and Shin Se Kyung is the leadand the male lead is…Hyun Bin…yes, i will watch it if it’s Hyun Bin…i like him more…though Won Bin is totally great…i’m still waiting for Hyun Bin’s comeback drama…

  939. 939 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay everyone! I’m rejuvenating my romanticist soul by rewatching the kdrama, Lie To Me, starring Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. Guess who’s playing the father…MD’s dad! It’s really funny, too!

    Can We Talk: I believe the scenes that moved me the most before the skanky, scandalous scene in ep. 12 was seeing TS cry. I know its fiction, but that man is so emotionally moving to me! The 1st time was when that wench broke up with TS on the rooftop, at his place of business, where he is the highly visible CEO. Excuse me for veering, but that witch pissed me off! I know its fiction, but…I want to slap and snatch that ficticious heffa..can I…huh…can I…please! RLOL Now that’s out of my system! It would have been considerate to have waited until after work when everyone was gone! Boy…this writer is revealing a lot about this wench! The other moving scene was when CH took him to his mother’s place and when he looked in the window, tears began to roll down his cheeks when he saw her face! What an actor!

  940. 940 : Sharon Says:

    I really love this drama, it’s provoking, it’s different from the same old drama, it makes me hate, love, cry and angry. This is the first melodrama that evokes so much emotion in me. Kudos to the writer for taking me on your journey you stray away from the norm and give me something sooo unexpected. I believe for a writer that takes courage, I am glad you stuck to your vision and made this drama the most talk about, I can’t Waite to see the rest of the episodes.

    As for the casting I believe it was cast well, SSK may need more practice when it come to kissing and she nee to let go of the poker face that she gave MD. let us feel and see your emotions show us that MD is angry with TS because of your misunderstanding, so you frolic with JH because you feel he loves and understand you. Instead you gave us the poker face so no one know where you are coming from because you display no emotion in your character. Though I believe with time and a few more acting classes you will become much stronger SSK. Fighting!!

    SSH played hos part like a gem I find nothing wrong with how you play your character TS excellent job. Even YWJ played his character JH with conviction. The cast chosen is perfect for character they portrayed.
    The journey has been an emotional roller coaster and I love it, fighting!!!!

  941. 941 : Sharon Says:

    I felt the same way when he cried in the hallway. I wanted to give him some skittles so he can taste the rainbow hahahahaha!!!!
    That was a sad scene 🙁

  942. 942 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 640 I think that SSK is doing well. Because MD is trying hard to hide her feelings, having a rigid face, emotionless or expressionless is needed. We can say that’s why we didn’t see coming what happened in the last episode.
    For the kissing scenes, it express her feelings. Being indecisive, wavering from man to another, she’s just following responding to their emotions, even when she was in the closet with JH, she wasn’t the one who started it, she was following his desire. That proves she’s immature and foolish. And don’t tell me because she didn’t let his hand go, she’s blamable, if each time a woman try to hold a man’s hand, he respond like JH did, so I can’t say anything.

  943. 943 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    I understand what you are saying, but SSK portrayal of MD was expressionless in all of ep 12. I don’t think SSK brought the character MD out fully, even her crying in the hot tub was not convincing. She showed no expression that she felt anything. Fan, be real after MD learned that the job was no longer hers, SSK did not bring out any emotions in her character MD to show whether she was happy or sad, whether she is unsure of TS or not. No wonder everyone was surprise and felt like she is a slut. Why? SSK did not convince me. forget about the kissing scene in the closet which was not persuasive at all. SSK acting as MD was not convincing maybe that’s when she got hit in the eye, or SSK might have an off day while shooting this episode, but she did not give her character MD justice in Ep 12.
    Fan, I suggest you watch ep 12 again. I know SSK is your girl, but when you are watching a scene and you cringe ahh, Huston we have a problem. Hahaha!

  944. 944 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 943 HAHAHAHA ! She’s not my girl LOL !
    Till now I watched episode 12 only once raw, when I’ll watch it with sub, I’ll see !

  945. 945 : Jyenie Says:

    @sharon and fan

    Ha, now I can see your club is really in devastation and deviation after ep12!

  946. 946 : Sharon Says:

    You are funny, sorry.. no devastation or deviation just conversation hahaha!!

  947. 947 : Jyenie Says:


    sorry…it’s just my assumption. Hahaha!!

  948. 948 : Ugyen Bida Says:

    After watching Ep-12 it really made furious toward the Seo Min Do and JH. I thought that Seo Min Do like Tae Sang But seems like she does not now what will happen, i feel bore thinking of next eposide now. Please make that love making of Seo Min Do ANd Jh as just a dream of JH please, don’t spoil the character of Actress please and Make it more interesting story between Tae Sang and Seo Min Do as before let them have a love between theirself and a faith. Actually this drama was going very well every body seem they love this drama but after ep-12 it seem like disgusting and bore now. Please don’t let Seo Min Do deceive Tae Sang Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  949. 949 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi @fan & @Sharon

    If “the club” is in support of the scriptwriter or casting of SSK as Seo Mi Do, then count me in please. 🙂

    This drama is interesting for me because it is just so different, controversial and polarizing. It is not a thriller but I watched it sitting at the edge of my seat for its overwhelming sense of gloom and doom and impending heartbreaks or tragedies that would befall Han Tae Sang, through no fault of his. This is because, up to current episode and events that have been revealed so far, HTS has drawn me into his imperfect existence, his goodness and vulnerabilities as the central pivotal character in this drama. Through somewhat sad circumstances in his life, he is surrounded by peripheral people who could or would hurt him and there is no escape from them. All in the name of love. 🙁

    One of these peripheral people is Seo Mi Do, written as a femme fatale and a realistic one in this day and age. It is obvious from the onset of this script (based on synopses published in the beginning) that SMD is a flawed character – a bit roguish, not congenial, materialistic, modern girl, indecisive and inconsiderate – an under achiever to say the least. SSK, intentionally or unintentionally, is able to play out this character to the hilt so as to be disliked/hated as opposed to the male lead who is to be liked & pitied in line with the bleak storyline. Her subdued emotions and non expressions are the reasons why both men cannot really figure her out and thus added to her alluringness. If SSK (or another actress acting this role) is expressive and emotionally charged, then it will be a different vibe for this story altogether.

    I know that I am repetitive in the wordings I used above but so are many of the supporters and distracters of this drama on this website and others. Therefore, everything aside, this drama succeeded in making even distracters felt compelled to discuss the drama, even when they disliked it, stopped watching it but then can’t helped themselves and watched a bit of it again. Needless to say, for supporters, we love it. For me, this is the beauty of Korean dramas; and being a drama, variety is definitely welcomed. Furthermore, reading comments here really add to my enjoyment of watching a K-drama, like watching it together. 🙂 

  950. 950 : Jyenie Says:


    We all like the scriptwriter and the casting of SSK, it’s just that we had different idea of SMD’s love inclination before. However, atm we are sharing the same idea after ep 12. Haha!

  951. 951 : Pim Says:

    I agree with you 949 unknow, It’s interesting to read comment here, Last time I comment here that I don’t understand why TS love Mido, just only her beauty ? and after that Watching EP 12 , Mido’s brother ask TS Why he love his sister who’s not nice and poor. Oh ! the same as my question here. I began to like the writer. I don’t like SSK’s acting, She has the same face, same feeling like in Fashion King Drama,It’s boring. although she is good looking actress, but not attractive. If we give another actress to act as Mido, The audience may not hate her like this. People talk a lot about The scene JH and Mido suddenly have feeling of hot love in TS’s apartment. For me I am understand when people have climax feeling or emotion together, they forget themselves at that time, what ‘s the time or where are they, It’s good or not to make love there. The power of passion is stronger that you can not control with moral or reasonable at that time. It’s real not ideal drama, I think so.

  952. 952 : say Says:

    this writer has gone insane, i just read a spoiler that TS brought MD a car, my guess is to kill her in the car accident,O Lord can someone cancel this drama,you don’t kill because of love is only foolish thing to do,the writer is setting bad example for the viewers to watch,also setting TS in the part of destroying himself, gosh this why, this writer need not to write again.i was thinking the writer is going to set TS free from this ugly girl, if he or she will introduce other girl from no were for him that is oka,but setting him in this part is unbelievable for this writer to do.again the writer need to stop this for the seek of the viewers.

  953. 953 : 143KDrama Says:

    Shall I conclude that all characters in this drama committed sins and gonna create more sins, yet we continue watching it? LOL. Very bad writer or lunatic viewers?

  954. 954 : Pim Says:

    952 say
    Really ! That TS intend to revenge Mido by car accident. Oh ! I don’t like this idea, It’s not good, He is a good man for me. He should understand the love situation, He also makes another woman broken heart. Then when Mido makes him broken heart, Why can’t he accept or understand it. We cannot force anybody to love us, If TS change to be a bad man because a woman (Mido) don’t love him. Please don’t kill her just release her on her way. or cut everything you give or support her.That’s enough.

  955. 955 : Jyenie Says:


    Apparently the writer is not oblivious of the viewers’ opinions which are being expressed through MD’s mother and brother.

    They cast SS as SMD probably her criticised facial expression is exactly what is required to make the character hateful:)

    The lust makes MD and JH do the wrong thing at the wrong place and best of all at the wrong TIME! 🙂

    I have the tendency of dropping dramas often, however, this is the first time after a long time, this drama manages to keep my interest going!

  956. 956 : say Says:

    well, the only thing the writer have now on his or her head is not to redeem TS love to MD by not setting him free from deceitful relationship that he is in now.one thing i have told myself is that i which i never set my eye on this drama, i have never see any drama like this before were the writer will make all the characters commit unthinkable sin.whomever the writer of this drama is, it is a shameful thing that he or she is living without no love because most writer tend to correct wrong to right not right to wrong.

  957. 957 : nisa Says:

    What is so wrong but I do tae hee jae sang sang love tae tae sang happy to be the bad guy do not, or taking out a car accident

  958. 958 : MİRA Says:

    I hate them JH MD

  959. 959 : usa-mary Says:

    My fellow/fella commentors. I had to ask myself, why am I still subjecting myself to watch this drama. I’m not a gluttonist, sadist of emotional and physical punishment, so why? It most definitely is ‘NOT’ for the lying, conniving, fork-tongued, shallow, self-sabotaging, narcisistic characters in TS’s semi-inner circle. Truthfully, its because I’m still looking for that glimpse of light, that ray of hope, the life preserving rescue, and the wrong righted for TS! All the rest of the folks can go roast marshmallows in Hades!

    My moral: Good-hearted people with great effort try, but when their backs in a corner, and the beast is unleashed, they’ll make everybody cry! (curtsy)

  960. 960 : serra Says:

    JH MD jaee they are not happy hee ungrateful, shameless die

  961. 961 : miray Says:

    Whether or not he is happy mido tae tae sang sang one of the worst I will love

  962. 962 : say Says:

    Mary yes, but not to kill her or even attempt to kill, there many other ways TS can take his revenge,this could have been a beautiful drama,I still hope that I am wrong about the writer the way he or she is taking this drama to, it will be sad if I am right.

  963. 963 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan, unknown unknown
    You are right the poker face is the ace in the hole for the character. That’s what give the sense of surprise to the audience, true, but check out the pool scene and the closet scene I can understand her indecisiveness in the closet should I do it, should I not , but the acting need a little work. 🙂

  964. 964 : fan Says:

    @unknown unknown 949, You’re welcome ! and thank you for your support 😉
    @Jyenie “for the sake of love” as you said before I think MD deserves a second chance and I still believe that TS wasn’t stupid by choosing her !

  965. 965 : mina Says:

    they can go to hell hee jaee mido mido immoral immorality of the father does not see his own daughter

    the meaning of the value of the father sang tae mido

  966. 966 : Sweet Periwinkle Says:

    Poor Han Tae Sang… Mido go to hell with Jae Hee.. Flirt ..

  967. 967 : fan Says:

    @Pim 951, You’re right most of people can’t control their feelings at some point and it can happen any where and in inconceivable places, so why not for JH and MD.

  968. 968 : Jyenie Says:

    Money cannot always buy love and loyalty is proven in TS’s case. Look how MD responsed to TS’s kiss after receiving the Cartier diamond ring, she probably preferred Van Cleef de Arpels or Harry Winston. LOL.

  969. 969 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 963 Compared to SSH, SSK needs a lot to learn and needs more experience.

  970. 970 : Jyenie Says:

    MD will deserve a second chance only if she has come clean and redeem herself fully with TS.

    Because they still have the animal instincts^_^

    The older actors are always better in acting as the Chinese saying goes,”The older the ginger the hotter the spice”. 🙂

  971. 971 : Sharon Says:

    True, true.

    Guys, about this Hong Kong brother, where does he fit in this puzzle!!

  972. 972 : usa-mary Says:

    Its Humor Time, not Hammer Time:

    What’s this with GG (gangster Goo) wearing suits that match his ashe-blonde hair dye?! Is it just me…because for some reason, his suits do not look like they came from the same mens shop where DG took CH (recall where GG provoked CH). Maybe they have a bargain basement area because he still looks el cheapo to me!

    Awwww Bae Choo. Our new poster boy for ‘Going Green’ for the planet!

    Anyone remember the 1980’s John Travolta disco craze! Well, 2013 has a new electro dance craze rep featuring….ta da, Dong Goo! Hit it! Get down!

    MD’s mother and her old school way of thinking. Well, if old school=Boaz, I’ll gladly be Ruth!

  973. 973 : fan Says:

    It’s unbelievable that some still see in the writer a stupid one !
    Just by watching episode 11, and seeing all the people around MD giving their opinion, you can see that the writer is not stupid and she’s discussing with the viewers her point of view.
    After 12 episodes, I think we can say that we know well all the characters in this story. But I’ll say no ! Most of people are waiting to see TS revenge and believe that he’ll punish who had hurt him ! So most think that he can be cold and vicious thus we’re thinking like SJ thus like MD’s father so of course like MD.
    Even after knowing him, MD still doubts in him and think that he is still thug in the bottom (and we did all except when we could see that he was victim):
    the first time meeting her in the college, she told him that he acted to impress her.
    the second time when she saw him with SJ, and accused him by taking advantage of her,
    an of course the third one when she saw him going to her new job’s (and we all thought the same thing)
    and because TS doesn’t explain or shows his good actions, he’s misunderstood even by the closer people to him like DG.
    So, will MD redeem herself ? Will TS seek revenge and kill her coldly ?
    I will say yes to the first and no to the second one.
    From the beginning I believed and still believe in the writer, that her characters are deep and well constructed, they won’t act differently from what they are.

  974. 974 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 972 LOL ! He’s totally the opposite of SJ !

  975. 975 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    And TS is surely hot!!

  976. 976 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 971 Everything makes us think that the guy from Hong Kong is his brother, but I still think that he’s the son of the art teacher Kim SJ, he’ll cause a great damage to TS.

  977. 977 : Sharon Says:

    lol,lol,lol, now that’s the Mary I know. Welcome back. Green poster boy, funny lol.

  978. 978 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan 973
    Hip hip hooray, I could not have express my thoughts any better, hit it on the nose and head. Haha!

  979. 979 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 978 we’re not in the same club for nothing 😉

  980. 980 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, SJ and Goo balance out each other.
    Fan, if he is the teachers son,why TS . Hong Kong does not know his father is dead, just missing where does TS connect.

  981. 981 : Jyenie Says:


    “and we all thought the same thing”
    I beg to deffer. LOL.

    ” Will TS seek revenge and kill her coldly ?”
    I believe he is framed on this one.

  982. 982 : Sharon Says:

    Remember at the orphanage the lady said TS brother was very smart and has a good memory. Maybe he will be TS savior and start to eliminate TS enemy behind the scenes. Just my thinking .

  983. 983 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 980 nothing shows that he doesn’t know that KSJ is dead. Maybe he’s the one who initiated the police enquiry. He thinks that TS murdered him because of CH. And of course CH acted for some reason to protect TS, that’s why I Think he’ll be behind MD accident, of course if it’ll be one.

    @Jyenie 981, I even compared to a spider weaving his web :$

  984. 984 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 982, yes why not !

  985. 985 : Jyenie Says:

    Sure! Sure! 🙂 🙂

    Great minds think alike! I certainly hope so because it will balance out the negative vibes in the drama ^_^

  986. 986 : Sharon Says:

    So guys, if that’s the case TS would be the one to save MD.

  987. 987 : Jyenie Says:

    By you know who. :’-(

  988. 988 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-962: True, I agree! You, like me, don’t want TS to do land himself in prison, losing everything he worked hard to attain. But, still waters run deep. I’m still looking for ‘Conscience’ in this drama. So far, TS is the only one that has one.

    @Jyenie-968/970: Don’t forget Tiffany’s! LOL Might I add, there’s some kdrama (Asian) child actors that can run rings around SSK’s acting, and they aren’t even 5 years old!!!

    @Pim-951/fan-967: The power of passion is so strong that you can not control with moral or reasonabe at that time. That is an interesting concept. True, why not JH and MD. Yes, I agree that the power of ‘their’ passion for each other overwhelmed them until they forgot themselves and where they were. So…tbe next time when that strong, uncontrollable urge hits, maybe the writer will have them inconceivably ‘do it’ in her dad’s bookstore with all the lights on (don’t hide) or better yet, before JH leaves, do it in the conference room at The Golden Tree after everyone leaves for the day. That’s called exhibitionism.

  989. 989 : say Says:

    @Mary read this article about MD . this is from one of the Korean web site. Netizens are none too happy about the latest turn in events in the plot of “When A Man Loves.” And much of the negative feedback has to do with Seo Mi Do, the character played by actress Shin Se Kyung. Comments on blogs and articles about the drama are not sending much love her way. And while it’s the mark of a good drama to see fans react so strongly to any character’s actions, netizens seemed to be unusually upset by the choices made by Seo Mi Do.

    The drama tells the story of Han Tae Sang, the loan shark, played by Song Seung Hoon, whose life is changed by an encounter with Seo Mi Do. He straightens out his act, becomes a successful businessman and woos her. He’s devoted to her, trying hard to learn what pleases her, even at one point getting stabbed to save her. Despite his shady background, viewers sympathize with him. He’s loyal. He looks out for his own and has taken care of his best friend’s young brother, sending him to college.

    The young brother, Yeon Woo Jin, played by Lee Jae Hee, falls in love with Seo Mi Do and that’s the problem viewers are having with the series. It’s bad enough that Yeon Woo Jin does not forsake his feelings out of gratitude for Han, but Seo Mi Do keeps flitting between them. She says yes to Han but then keeps seeing Yeon. She agrees to marry Han and then gets passionate with Yeon.

    Netizens are not happy with her. Online comments include “She should make up her mind” and “This is supposed to be a love story between Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do, not Yeon Woo Jin and Seo Mi Do.” They also say, “What is wrong with her? How can she do this to Han?” And even, “If she doesn’t get it straight soon…”

    Why is the character so unsympathetic? Seo Mi Do feels she ought to be grateful to Han but she resents being dependent on him. She feels attracted to Yeon but knows she should not see him.

    It’s normal for a kdrama heroine in a love triangle to have a hard time making up her mind, but the problem here may be that she’s not being honest with anyone. Melodrama viewers know that this can’t end well. The love triangle has already created a rift with the potential for some serious consequences.

    In a way, the negative feedback may be something of a coup for Shin Se Kyung. In the past she has been criticized for her lack of acting skills. But if she can get fans this mad, she can certainly act.

    Shin Se Kyung
    When A Man Loves

  990. 990 : Jyenie Says:

    @988usa- mary

    Tiffany & co of course! As if she could tell the differences. LOL.

    Those child actors are prodigies I must say!

  991. 991 : Jyenie Says:


    It’s a good sign that there are a lot of negative feedbacks from the netizens regarding to MD and JH’s action, that means they can tell right from wrong.

  992. 992 : Sharon Says:

    This drama is excellent, the writer wrote an awesome script. She deserve an award. Also the casting director.

  993. 993 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 988 HAHAHAHA!

  994. 994 : Jyenie Says:

    I accidentally dropped by this site, a very interesting read about Korean men while waiting for ep13.

  995. 995 : fan Says:

    I check each time the official website, but for sure this time the number of viewers has considerably risen. I bet that everyone is looking forward to see what will happen in the coming episodes.

  996. 996 : Jyenie Says:

    Whether they like the story or not, this drama is definitely (in)famous:)

  997. 997 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    So glad that few still enjoying this drama though some people call it a stupid story. Such a nuisance when people started and continue bashing the writer because of the alleged poor and stupid story, but they still do watch. Oh well, anyone is entitled to his/her opinion or to each his own. The characters are unusual as well as the story as I have not encountered this in other kdramas, and even love is portrayed in its different form. Kudos to the writer and production staff

    I would like to believe that TS and MD will end up and live happily together – a total guess based on the poster 🙂

    AjaAjaFighting! =)

  998. 998 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 996 Yes you’re right 🙂

  999. 999 : fan Says:

    @997 Yes aja aja fighting 😀

  1000. 1000 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 994 Thank you for the link, I’ve read before similar articles, especially about being racist and beating their wives.

  1001. 1001 : Jyenie Says:


    Congratulation! You are on 1000th post!

    “beating their wives”
    I notice they seldom portray this in KD, probably they are more civilised now 🙂

  1002. 1002 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I love this drama. ♥♡♥

  1003. 1003 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-973: Excellent analysis. Good points made. Re MD seeing TS going to the production company. My thoughts were…innocent until proven guilty since I saw it in the raw and it was spaced out until the next episode. So, I do understand why there was room for the assumptions that were made. I, also, wonder why the writer doesn’t allow TS to further explain himself to MD when there’s a misunderstanding. He’s a very articulate man. I wonder if she shuts down and he senses that; giving her time to cool off. When it comes to matters of the heart, the writer has him being very hard on himself when he doesn’t get it quite right with her.

    @Sharon-977: My soul has been rejuvenated. Glad you enjoyed it!

    @fan-989: Thank you for sharing the article.

  1004. 1004 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1001 congratulations for all of us ! I bet this is the most commented drama 1000 comments just after 12 episodes only !

  1005. 1005 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-993; Thank you for laughing at my ‘wild hair’ moment! I try to bring some light heartedness to help us out here. ~smile~

    @Jyenie-1001: There was a kdrama that involved spousal abuse and how the woman overcame it on Mysoju for years. I can’t recall the name of it at this time. I was curious for a moment to watch and get my own perspective about it, until the verbal abuse and violence started. Then, I had to stop because I didn’t like it at all. I don’t know how civilized they are, yet I’m quite sure the abuse still exists. Show me a city/town without jails, prisons, and courthouses in this day and age, and I’ll guess the population is 1 (Dr. Doolittle-1 and his animal friends).

  1006. 1006 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 1003 TS has been lonely for 21 years, he get used to think, decide and act without giving anyone any explanation. He can’t change now, it’ll take him time to do and he’s aware of that, that’s why he keeps apologizing to MD.
    TS is very smart, and he knew from the beginning that MD doesn’t like him, then she’s trying to like him then she likes him, that’s why he proposed to her. He knows that there’s something going on between her and JH but since she’s accepting to marry him, he was patient. When he saw them coming from the closet, he understood that it’s too serious between them, as a man who uses his brain, he didn’t want to rush and say or do anything that he’ll regret after and loose the woman he loves.
    But now that he discovered their cheating, what will he do ? We will see it this Wednesday. I’m looking forward to see his brain working 🙂

  1007. 1007 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary I must confess that I’ve never been so touched by a drama like this one, and after watching ep. 12 raw, I didn’t think I could watch it again. But after reading the comments here, I’m enjoying it even more and ready for anything to happen even the darkest I’ll accept it 😀

    There is a drama which I started to watch and not completed yet about how a wife is bullied by her husband and her in-laws, it’s “wife credentials”, a good one.

  1008. 1008 : Sharon Says:

    Guy’s, we can’t get enough, I am patiently waiting fighting!!!!

  1009. 1009 : Elaine Says:

    This drama is terrible! Bad influence with too many craps going on. The hatred is bad enough, and to make it worst, everything was wrong throughout yet many seems to accept it as if those are ok!? What is the moral here? Right after watching Ep 20, I told my daughter to stop watching this drama, including myself. There are many other good korean drama out there. Have a good life to those who feels good and enjoying such morale’s in this drama.

  1010. 1010 : Elaine Says:

    Typo; Ep 12 instead Ep 20.

  1011. 1011 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-1006: Yoo Hoo…fan dear heart! Thanks for the recap, but remember me…I’ve been commenting here before the drama even started up until now. ~smile~

    I know that I could go back and forth between fiction (writer’s storyline) and reality (my personal experiences and observations) as to why TS doesn’t communicate more with MD when there’s a misunderstanding, but I won’t. What I will say is that I agree what you said in your first paragraph. I’m looking forward to it, too! Aja, aja fighting!

  1012. 1012 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-1007: I saw ‘A Wife’s Credentials’ when it aired last year. Though its incredibly good acting wise, I, personally, am not a huge fan of watching dramas surrounding adultery. ~smile~

  1013. 1013 : say Says:

    MD is getting marry, the thing is that I don’t who she is marrying TS or JH O lord help us, the worse is that both men know that they are befriending her, I wander how this is going to play out, or my guess is that TS want to disgrace her and leave at the alter or he truly want to make her his woman to show JH who got the power, whatever all this is because the writer got pressured because of the disgusting love seem by md and JH, well the writer has already make a big mistake, he or she could have listen to the viewers at the beginning and write a good drama instead of this mess up he or she did.

  1014. 1014 : Sharon Says:

    Seven brothers, seven different minds!!!

  1015. 1015 : Sky Says:

    This drama started out so good.

  1016. 1016 : Jyenie Says:


    You don’t say, ha! Some are close-minded, some are open-minded and some are narrow-minded. I wonder what would they say if they ever watch Throne of the Games. LOL.

  1017. 1017 : Jyenie Says:


    You have reminded me of some backseat drivers:)))

  1018. 1018 : Oblime Says:

    I think Song Seung Hun should be given the chance to play the role of Korean 007 character.

  1019. 1019 : say Says:

    I wish they don’t show MD friend again in this drama because her character is useless,she can’t even dance, she is in love with MD brother thinking by quitting her job to dance is going to do her good, what an ugly dance every time i see her i quickly skip her part, even when MD was dancing i close my eyes because she doesn’t know how to dance.

  1020. 1020 : Oblime Says:

    say #1019
    I’m afraid that I’ve to totally agree with you. They shouldn’t have focus on that part too much, plus her leg complexion too.

  1021. 1021 : JR Says:

    I can’t believe that HTS will ordered a hitman to kill MD later
    See this link http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/13/2204083_49043.html#top

  1022. 1022 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @997: Thanks, fan!

    I wonder if any of you are also watching Lee Soon Shin Is The Best? 🙂

  1023. 1023 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I agree with some of the comments about moral issues being tackled in the drama, but am not sure how the Korean TV categorizes the viewing by the public. Guess this can also be watched by teens with parental guidance. This is not something to be taken lightly due to the verbal and physical abuse in some of the scenes, as well as pre-marital sex (JH and MD was about to). Oh well, who cares about PMS nowadays, LOL…just kidding. Parents shall always be on guard when their kids watch this type of drama.


  1024. 1024 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I’ll just say that just because someone does not accept two-timing and cheating (which is what MD is doing) then it does not mean they are close-minded. It might just mean that they still – in a world where having these are getting pretty rare – have some goddamn morals left. If people defend MD’s behaviour then it does not automatically mean they are open-minded. It might just mean that they don’t have morals.

  1025. 1025 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @Pim Says:
    “He should understand the love situation, He also makes another woman broken heart. Then when Mido makes him broken heart, Why can’t he accept or understand it.”

    I do not seem to remember TS ever cheating on SJ. It’s true he broke her heart but he was honest – MD is cheating on him behind his back. I don’t think those two things can even be compared.

  1026. 1026 : Sharon Says:

    @ 1023 AjaAjafighting
    I am also watching Lee Soon Shin. I find it a bit slow, but its entertaining.

  1027. 1027 : Sharon Says:

    I do understand some viewers feelings on morals, however, that start at home. If I am watching something that lack moral value I either change the channel, don’t read the book, or don’t hang out with certain individual etc.
    Moral issues surrounds us everyday, a lot of us gossip about other people even in the presence of children, is that morally correct? No, but we do it anyway.

    MD mom try’s to talk to her daughter about a certain way one must conduct one self when others are gracious to you, but MD choose the differ. Does that mean she has no morals? I don’t think so, MD walked the path that seems right to her at that time.

    I think this drama is showing its audience what path not to take in life, because every action cause a reaction wether good, or bad.

  1028. 1028 : say Says:

    JH is not a good person, he prevented MD to fall in love with TS,some will say how, good, when he knew that MD and TS was in a relationship as good person he should have step aside, the next day he could have call MD and told her to put on her ring that she is very lucky to have TS as her man that she should take him and make him happy, give a good compliment to TS as a big brother to him,no, did not, instead he started persuading her to rethink of getting married setting dawn, he started looking for school aboard for her, he continue chasing her around, common anyone who dose this kind of thing in real life is an evil person, also like when a friend takes other friend wife or girlfriend and sleep with her, they almost did.that is why this drama have moral questions.i see that the writer want TS to ignore what he already known, that is impossible because in real life no man will see that the woman he want to marry make love to other man in his house he will go ahead and ignore it and get married, that is BS,i don’t know where this writer is getting his or her ideals from, because in real life that will not happen no matter how useless the man is or less he did not see it people are gossiping to him out of love he will not listen if the writer has to take from the music, so this writing now is BS.

  1029. 1029 : Sharon Says:

    I get the point you are trying to make, but show me a man on Gods green earth that want, or desire a woman and will encourage her to be with another man. If you know any tell him I said hi hahaha!!!!

  1030. 1030 : say Says:

    Sharon Says, many does, God fearing people does let go of a woman if they knew that woman is in a relationship with other man, Sharon, can you take your best friend boyfriend from her even though you like him, answer yes or no if you can’t do that, that means there are a lot of people who can let go of a relationship if it involves more than two people.also when SJ was throwing herself on TS do you think TS as human being he does not feel anything for her , no he does but he has regards for his boss that is why he never give in to his feelings, that is how a true person does things.

  1031. 1031 : fan Says:

    @say 1030 TS did never feel anything towards SJ and will never love her. How can he love a cheater !? Even being his boss’ girlfriend she looked at him and loved him, isn’t this cheating ? Can he trust her ? No ! for him, she was like his mother, living with a man and liking another. He felt sorry and had sympathy for her after his boss death and accepted her friendship.

  1032. 1032 : say Says:

    @Fan, there was a flash back of SJ and TS when TS was telling her to go home back to parent house that this place is not for her, he was basically advising her not to out with the boss than, do you thing if does not care for her than,he will say that, why he never get involve with her because she ignore TS advise than,Fan we are in same page here read the last sentence of my writing.

  1033. 1033 : Sharon Says:

    TS had no desire for SJ. I mean sexual desire, he like her as a friend because he sees the person that she really is lonely and had no love from her parents , so she is rebelling and went out with boss Kim in a way her situation reminds him of himself so he felt compassion for her not DESIRE.
    Would he take her from his boss if he had a sexual desire her?I don’t know.

    God fearing men take their friends girlfriend, or wife too. Look at David and Bashiba in the Old Testament. David desire Bashiba and killed his friend to have her. Say, people are people who knows what they will do when find them self in the same situation.

  1034. 1034 : fan Says:

    @say 1032, I’ve read your comment to the end, and I’m saying that TS had never any feelings for SJ. He didn’t care for her as a woman, he just pitied her and tried to advise her.

  1035. 1035 : fan Says:

    I don’t like SJ because she’s that kind of women who seems correct, friendly and cares for people, but in reality she’s selfish. Many keep saying that she deserves TS because she cares about him ! man ! she cares about herself ! she’s pathetic ! because she knew about TS situation she took advantage of his kindness and tried to force herself in his life ! So JH is bad because he didn’t give up in the woman he loves, but SJ has the right to hold on to TS and make his life harder and spread false rumors about him just because she wants to prove that loving another woman than her is bad for him.

  1036. 1036 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    SJ is a spoiled brat,want what she can’t have and have what she don’t want.
    Does SJ really loves TS, or is he something for her to conquer.

  1037. 1037 : say Says:

    Sharon, how did it turn out for David, was God please with what he did?he was not in fear of God when he did what he did,he got punish for taking other mans wife and make it his now so goes to those who also takes other person girlfriend, boyfriend or wife also husband.Sharon, you did not answer my question i asked if you will take your friend boyfriend away from her if you desire that man?

  1038. 1038 : Sharon Says:

    Men like Goo is pathetic to SJ. Because there is no fight, he gravels at her feet and that is sickening to her. To SJ that’s not a man, a man to her is TS , strong, determine, aggressive, sexy, gentle, passionate has inner and outer strength. Therefore, she wants tame him, but only MD has that ability.

  1039. 1039 : Sharon Says:

    Who love and praise God more than David, but people side track sometime and do things that’s out of themselves.
    Say, how strong is the desire hahaha. To truthfully answer you question, i don’t know.

  1040. 1040 : Sharon Says:

    What I am basically saying is that we are not to be too judgmental of others, because in the scheme of things we know not what we would so giving the the same circumstances.

    Yes David was punished for his action. That’s why we are saying MD will learn, JH will learn. Life tend to teach you in the end.

  1041. 1041 : JF Says:

    Anyone knows the ending? Hope is a good ending for TS

  1042. 1042 : PValid Says:

    JF #1041, I dont know what’s the ending gonna be but I really like to see TS punish both MD and JH. Make those two ungrateful people life miserable…make those two people feel what it is like to be betrayed since TS has been too kind and too good to them. I also like to see MD father collapse penniless. I totally cant accept what he said to TS.

  1043. 1043 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I can watch a goddamn show or movie and not have to agree with the moral value in those shows. I have the right to complain about a characters actions just as much as others have a right to celebrate.
    If you don’t find it wrong to keep meeting up with another guy behind your boyfriend then fine. I find it wrong and I will voice what I think about MD doing that.
    I know they were interrupted by TS arrival but they were still about to do it.
    If you don’t find it wrong to have sex with another boy in your fiances apartment then it’s up to you – it just goes to prove why so many people cheat in real life all the time.
    I think it’s wrong and I’ll voice my opinion just as others can voice theirs.

  1044. 1044 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “Does that mean she has no morals? I don’t think so, MD walked the path that seems right to her at that time.”

    You don’t think it’s considered having no morals to cheat on your fiance in his own apartment?

  1045. 1045 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I get the point you are trying to make, but show me a man on Gods green earth that want, or desire a woman and will encourage her to be with another man. If you know any tell him I said hi hahaha!!!!

    I agree with you – but I’m not blaming this on JH. I’m blaming it on MD – she’s the one in a relationship with TS. MD is the one with responsibilities towards TS.

  1046. 1046 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1040: We’ll see if the writer will have MD and JH learn their lesson and make amends to TS. In real life, there have been people who went to their graves leaving a trail of pain and misery in the lives of people they hurt. They never acknowledged or admitted to doing any wrong (when confronted) nor apologized for whatever they did. Total obstenance and disregard.

  1047. 1047 : xxxzxxx Says:

    SJ is a spoiled brat,want what she can’t have and have what she don’t want.
    Does SJ really loves TS, or is he something for her to conquer.

    I’m just saying this but JH is exactly the same as SJ in their persuit in MD and TS.

  1048. 1048 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “What I am basically saying is that we are not to be too judgmental of others, because in the scheme of things we know not what we would so giving the the same circumstances.”

    What? This is a joke right? I can judge a person to be bad person if he kills an innocent child even if I have not done so myself in my entire life. I can judge MD for sleeping with another boy in her fiances apartment even though I have not done it before myself. It just means that if I ever do the same – then I’m just as bad as MD.

  1049. 1049 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-994: Before the drama is posted, I have one more point to add re the article about Korean men. Since I already touched on spousal abuse, I’ll now touch on the subject of racism. Historically, there’s not one civilization either centuries ago until now that hasn’t experienced some form of racism and that includes the feudal caste system. Racism is just as prevalent in the once closed Asian countries among their own (city vs country folk; different regional dialects; economics) as it is towards people who are not of their nationality. Situations in America are not completely rosy, but it has come a long way. I see more and more (and hear about) couples of different nationalities who are married, and observed first hand how some of the men are very protective of that relationship. Then, on the other hand, there are the skunks. The ones that no matter who they marry, whether by arranged marriage or by the individuals choosing on their own, don’t treat their spouse the way that person deserves to be treated and that’s throughout the world.

  1050. 1050 : dee Says:

    Check this link :

    Is it the same? Drama Tae Sang = Movie Tae Il. But the movie still on progress as they just begin to shoot in April. If the storyline is the same so TS did have terminal illness.

    Just like kmovie Love me Not (2006) is the same as That Winter The Wind Blows (2013).

  1051. 1051 : Sharon Says:

    You can watch any goddam movie you wish and not agree with its moral values because that’s your goddam opinion!!! Haha and that’s ok. As for me I have stated my opinion and I stand by it.
    What MD did was wrong and I never disputed that, however, we have to understand the human factor and it tends to make bad choices. You see, I condemn the action not the person.
    A lot of us criticize and demoralize a person and their closets are full of skeleton, some has a whole cemetery in theirs, yet they lack understanding of others and that is also portrayed in many kdrama.
    Xxxxxxx, if I being understanding of MD character make me immoral then I guess I am.

  1052. 1052 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    You call a person like that narcissistic, it’s never their fault, or the victim made them do it. People like that never learn they need medical help.
    I believe MD will regret her actions and redeem herself.

  1053. 1053 : say Says:

    i think this writer will end up watching this drama alone, so that he or she will complete this fantasy of writing

  1054. 1054 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 13

    I do hope TS will just cut all ties with MD and JH. MD is totally not worth TS’s love. :’-(

  1055. 1055 : say Says:


  1056. 1056 : say Says:


  1057. 1057 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “You see, I condemn the action not the person.”

    I’d like you to keep that up when someone does something totally unforgiving to you. I also honestly think that saying is bullshit. The action is part of the person – people are defined by their actions.

  1058. 1058 : agnesia Says:

    it rating’s went drowning when MD slept with JH, she’s a b*tch!!! poor TS your kindness n full sincerity’s heart replay by a trash. TS was too good to be MD’s boyfriend.

  1059. 1059 : Sharon Says:

    People has done many unforgiving things to me and I choose not to suffocate myself with unforgiveness. Many, also came back and say they are sorry. Humans are weak and given a circumstance I don’t know what I would do.
    If that’s bull shit to you, then that’s your opinion and I have to respect that.
    However, this is my opinion.:)

  1060. 1060 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, if you like historical dramas I suggest Gu Family Book. It gets better every episode. Lee Seung Ki and Suzy main actors, really, really good.

  1061. 1061 : say Says:

    Sharon, what kind of historical drama are you talking about, Gu Family Book, the one they show an old man raping a child, that is other disgusting drama, i wander why the rating keep going up,i don’t understand.

  1062. 1062 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @1026 Sharon

    Yeah I agree with you, Less Soon Shin is entertaining, I love her grandma and her niece Woo Joo, very good at their acting. I imagine how her real mother would react once she finds out who is LSS to her. Hehehe! OK, OK, I am not supposed to discuss it in here, apologies SSH 🙂

  1063. 1063 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, especially the baker, funny.

  1064. 1064 : Sharon Says:

    Say, it’s a STORY!!!!!!!!!!! AIGOO, AIGOO!!!!!!!!

    Guys, if you get the chance, or interested give it a try not disappointing at all.

  1065. 1065 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:


    Yeah, I totally agree, the baker is funny too and always caught in the act as if he always does something wrong, poor baker boy. Hahaha! I wonder if he’ll end up with Woo Joo’s mother, after all she is now free, hehe!

    Joon Ho’s sister is also funny at time in some scenes and up to now I am still wondering how the hell happened to her lips, not looking natural.

    Anyhow, AjaAja! 😎

  1066. 1066 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Hmmm, curious about that Gu Family Book, but not sure if I will be able to download it from somewhere as I don’t watch online.

  1067. 1067 : Sharon Says:

    If you can download it. You won’t regret it.

  1068. 1068 : Sandy Says:

    Ok just watched episode 13 with no English subs and I’m still hurting for TS. He now knows everything, I just wonder if he will be strong enough to let that skank go. I don’t fault them for being in love. I fault them for using and abusing a friend. And the way they are treating him.

  1069. 1069 : say Says:

    What is MD still doing in TS house you don’t want somebody yet you are still in his house, just park and go or did the writer forgot to write this one and again foolish JH did not ask her what is she still doing in his house now that we are together, both them is still employed by TS or maybe they think TS will continue his generosity and keep them. this writer is insane.

  1070. 1070 : John k Says:

    Sharon your full of shit!! A persons action define who you are. If a woman was raped by a man would you say hate the rape not the rapist.

  1071. 1071 : Sharon Says:

    @ John K
    Lets not pop [email protected]&%##%t off on this blog. I can be nice and I can be a b%#%^h. Who the f%*##k are you. I think you need to re read what the f%#*k I wrote.

  1072. 1072 : Sharon Says:

    @John k
    Don’t come at me like that!!! You crazy, what the drama got to your head. It’s not real, not real, not real. Hahaha!!!

  1073. 1073 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, sorry for the outburst.

  1074. 1074 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think John K is right :). I find it weird in that situation not to hate the rapist and only the rape.

  1075. 1075 : say Says:

    Mi Do brother,her father and herself all are bitch, MD brother is telling her to abandon TS that he will pay TS debt,O wow this writer sure know how provoke people with his or her writing,this drama is beyond ridiculous

  1076. 1076 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, TS is nobody’s fool, I almost wet my pants when he almost give JH a heart attack. I could not help myself watch about twenty minute in the raw then gave up need subs… Guys, look into TS eyes there is no emotion at all they are completely blank.

  1077. 1077 : JACKY Says:


  1078. 1078 : usa-mary Says:

    I saw episode 13 in the raw and its ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous! I started laughing and couldn’t stop. There’s a saying that goes…fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. My added version…fool me three times…is just plain STUPID! I’ll wait for ep. 14 in the raw to see if it will be in better because I won’t waste my time watching ep. 13 when its subbed.

  1079. 1079 : usa-mary Says:

    @1078: 5th line should read…it will be any better…

    @Sharon-1076: TS is a hidden calculating stragetist! I noticed the blank expression when he was sitting on his bed. I don’t know where he went in his soul to pull that expression out, but he’s totally unreadable and very pale. Similar to a person who’s in shock. The writer sure is making him have a good tolerance threshhold for emotional pain which I will not even try to understand or elaborate on!

  1080. 1080 : say Says:

    In ep14 I think TS will let her go this time,as for me way too long, over due,the writer take the writing too far in this drama,in other hand may be he doesn’t want MD to regret her actions,just like his mother that abandon them and went with other man without thinking of the constituent of her actions.so TS know that JH boy can’t take care of MD, but MD seems to lost herself and her father, her friend, her brother too they are not helping her to realize her mistake, they all give her bad advise,only the mother who seems to know the constituent of her lost if she reject TS.

  1081. 1081 : Jyenie Says:

    I won’t dare to watch Ep 13 with subs because it’s too tormenting to watch TS’s agony again, I can totally relate how he feels. Sob sob….
    I think he has already tried his best to save the relationship, now he should just let her go because when your partner has fallen for someone else, no matter what you do, she/he will never change his/her mind, in facts, the harder you try the further you push her/him away. IMO, she is just not worth it since they are not in a marriage with children. He should just move on or it’s better off to stay single until the right one comes along. However, if she ever comes back to her senses and conscience, and he still has feeling for her, she deserves a second chance.

  1082. 1082 : Jyenie Says:


    “they are not helping her to realize her mistake, they all give her bad advise,only the mother who seems to know the constituent of her lost if she reject TS.”
    Immature/irrational people can only hear what they want to hear. If they fall into the wrong hand, they can be easily manipulated. For e.g, JH totally fell for the lie of GG and SJ. Tsk tsk.

  1083. 1083 : say Says:

    @Jyenie, I don’t understand why he is eager to find out the truth about what happen that night,what about if what they told him is truth, didn’t he benefit from his brother going to jail, if he hate it. than let him tear up the certificate,if he don’t like the way he earn it,simple as ABC,all he was trying to do is to use it to blackmail TS with it.the worse is coming for MD because the building where she lives SJ want to buy it,she is going to drive her and her family out, i think that will be her first punishment for living TS,let me see how JH boy is going to take care of it for her.

  1084. 1084 : say Says:

    guys i think i have good new,but this is a spoiler, they show TS and a new girl together in the picture, there are saying she going to a new love interest for TS, my guess is, the writer want MD to pay for her crime this time, well if this tech her lesson l hope in real life people don’t make this type of mistake by taking their blessing for granted.

  1085. 1085 : Gratisco Says:

    say #1084:
    Is the news is true, then the writer must have chewed back his own bullet. With only 7 episodes left to go, will such countermeasure will make this drama to be better again to all viewers perspective? And so that this drama rating will go up again?

  1086. 1086 : Jyenie Says:


    It’s very realistic that TS will have a new love interest but for me as a viewer, I still prefer to see how she is going to redeem herself and realises that she actually loves TS and it won’t be too late for TS to accept her again. This is the kind of ending I want, I think we deserve it after going through the ordeals with this drama.

  1087. 1087 : lovewinter Says:

    Can’t wait to see how the story end! Hopefully is a good ending! Watch it bec of SSH!

  1088. 1088 : Jyenie Says:

    Alright guys, I have changed my mind if this is TS’s new love interest! Go for her, you deserve it, TS! MD is no match for this girl.


    P/S Lin Chi Ling is a Taiwanese supermodel, this is what you call a real beauty! What is she doing on the set? Is she only visiting or the new love interest?

  1089. 1089 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie when you’re deeply in love, you won’t forget the one you love just like that and have a new love interest for another espacially when you’re TS. He will still love MD to the end even after letting her go. That’s what will do a man in love !

  1090. 1090 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1086 “I think we deserve it after going through the ordeals with this drama” I think the same way. I think the writer will give us the happy ending (I hope she will ! ) and everyone will understand her point of view.

  1091. 1091 : fan Says:

    @say 1083 well said ! And MD will understand that love is not just funny moments and encouraging words. She’ll learn through hard way !

  1092. 1092 : Jyenie Says:


    Ouch, it sucks to be TS if he can’t move on!!!! People will normally fall out of love after going through what he has been through especially when he has already tried his best to save the relationship. In facts, MD has never done anything loving to make her so unforgettable and indispensable. TS is actually in love with his own obsession and illusion due to his painful past.

    “He will still love MD to the end even after letting her go.”
    By the time she realises her mistake, she won’t be able to go back to him anymore because he will be with Lin Chi Ling. Ha! That is the best revenge! see who is going to have the last laugh!

  1093. 1093 : miray Says:

    A female player must enter the new array md tae get tae sang sang in love with him I’m very sorry for the loss of a 13 part Sagne tae get much regret. kalır.tae sang alone do hope you fell in love for the first time had a very hard time, but they sang a tae betrayed

  1094. 1094 : agnesia Says:

    the story’s gettin out of minds x_x there’s no man such TS in this whole world i think. He’s just tooooo much precious for that b*tch!! go da hell MD!!!

  1095. 1095 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think MD will not end up with TS because TS will turn his back on her. It’s all in the poster. When MD has her eyes on TS then TS has his back towards her and is actually facing more towards SJ. It’s so clear in the poster with all the 4 leads in it —> http://www.koreandrama.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/When-A-Man-Loves-Poster3.jpg

  1096. 1096 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1092 It took too long to TS to fall in love, at the age of 31. He loved her 7 years without having in memories or happy moments with her. So what do you think ? at least he needs 7 years to forget her, no !?

  1097. 1097 : Jyenie Says:


    That’s why i said he is obsessed because saving her means saving his younger self. Probably his mother is the key to free himself from this obsession!

  1098. 1098 : O_oMy^^ Says:

    Ayoo ayoo TS please kill MD…she deserves it. What a ridiculous story! Oo my please save me..

  1099. 1099 : Dou Says:

    I think this is more than tormenting.i can bear to watch more of this drama.i’ll waiting for the last ep hope TS will never go back to that ungrateful bi###

  1100. 1100 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1097 you’ré right ! He needs to face his past and his pains.
    Still only 6 episodes, we’re approaching the end ! What will happen !!!

  1101. 1101 : say Says:

    I like to see TS take up other role in other drama, soon, because this one is so distasteful, I want the drama to be like A Gentleman’s Dignity,and I Summon You, Gold! which is a very good dramas,and romantic and i also want bad boy drama where he can show his six packs to us.

  1102. 1102 : Jyenie Says:


    It has been a ride, isn’t it? 😛

  1103. 1103 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1102 a good one ! 🙂

  1104. 1104 : Sandy Says:

    This drama just has a sad and depressing feel to it. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it’s going to have a sad ending. I hate that the writer is making TS appear so needy. I also have to wonder what pipe the writer has been smoking. When TS said that MD has a wonderful personality!!! Are they joking. They have only shown her as lifeless. That’s why this drama is really much to do about nothing. I keep waiting for it to really get started and at episode 13 I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not going to happen. Almost reminds me of May Queen. I felt glued to every episode up to ep 23 and realized that the good guys will never win……and they never did until the last episode. And the bad guys never paid for their crime. It was a waste of time. I’m feeling this way about this drama. The motivation to keep watching is waning. Too depressing.

  1105. 1105 : Lacys Says:

    Great… HTS’s brother has shown up… Just check the cast list above… At least we know thAt, if HTS die.. His inheritance not gonna be JH’s…

  1106. 1106 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 14

    Great to know that HTS didn’t dirty his hands after all!

  1107. 1107 : say Says:

    Damn, this writer whosoever you are you are B’ so at the end you glorify what MD did to TS with this car accident,the fun for revenge you spoiled it,after all this drama is useless, than you still let MD continue to fool TS again,what MD was thinking about TS as a killer you made right,well I hope you never write again you find something else to do, because i think writing is never made for people like you who promote what is wrong instead of correcting it, forgive me i am not causing you but i am too upset for what you showed us today, you promote what is wrong about how human being suppose to live an example of life.

  1108. 1108 : ak Says:

    TS brother already shown up in ep10, 21:51mins. He is the inspection guy at his mother’s shop.

  1109. 1109 : Sharon Says:

    I just finished watching ep 13 it has kept me on the edge of my seat. I have sooo much emotions right now. Must say thanks to the writer for keeping the story tight.
    TS first love has been a heartache for him, like most first love. How will he get through this rough period of his life? SJ want to buy the house that MD family live in? What the hell is DS doing with the books? Why is no one telling TS where his mother is located especially CH. The jolly green giant has a nerve to ask to leave TS mother in peace after all that he has done!! JH has some big kahunas!!! I was praying TS please don’t slap the hell out of him please haha!!

  1110. 1110 : Jyenie Says:


    She is pretending to have amnesia for protecting JH. She always misunderstood TS.

  1111. 1111 : Sharon Says:

    MD has not fooled TS he is just in love and don’t know how to let go. As a matter of fact he is afraid to let go. The pain that he is going through right now is really deep. Now he feels even more abandon, first his mother, then his dad, now his first love.
    Right now TS need to find his mother and brother and start his life anew.

  1112. 1112 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, TS brother is the business man in Hon Kong, Roy Chang, he is going to help TS. So he has been keeping an eye on TS because he knew so much about him.. Ooooooh this is getting good!!! B

  1113. 1113 : say Says:

    faking amnesia is to torture TS again, that is not right, I was think that the writer is going to clarify things not adding more complication again to the story, this story is coming an end, what is the use of more misunderstanding, does that make scene?the writer than reward MD for her evil deeds,TS will continue to run around MD again what we have seen before we are seeing again.

  1114. 1114 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1109 CH didn’t tell TS about his mother location, because he remembered that he showed her to him once and he acted as she’s not her. TS wants only to find his brother, because she doesn’t want to see him.

    @Jyenie I think we will have a happy ending 🙂

  1115. 1115 : fan Says:

    AIGOOOOOOOOO !!! if I don’t like the drama or the story I won’t waste my time by watching it !!!!!!!!!! 😀

  1116. 1116 : ance Says:

    i know it’s such a cliche, but when that car’s tire blew i was hoping TS would be in an accident and gets amnesia so he can forget Mi Do and then Mi Do will regret all she did and begs for his love,on her knees, hahaha! (oohhh i’m so mean…) 😉

  1117. 1117 : Sharon Says:

    Ooh yes, I remember. I check the cast list and see that Roy Chang from China is TS brother!!! Fan, I can’t wait to see the connection and family reunion.

  1118. 1118 : Jyenie Says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more! LOL.

  1119. 1119 : JB Says:

    SSH should have never played this series. I think cheap script like this should be played by cheap actors. story is going everywhere without moral direction

  1120. 1120 : JACKY Says:

    let her go she don’t deserved you!

  1121. 1121 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1117 Good, thus SJ will go to hell with her money and crocodile tears 😀
    I wonder why did his mother abandon him !? Why did she borrow money !?

    @Jyenie what will we do when this drama will end !!!!!!! 😀

  1122. 1122 : say Says:

    Ch shouldn’t have done what he did by hitting MD with car , it just make things worse, because TS have already given up on her,so CH did what he did for his brother because he see no future for his brother if he should quit his job and he ch knows how scaring life can be with unemployment and all his dream for his brother will eventually vanish into tin air so ch did it for his brother,by saying MD must die for peace to rain because he feel what his brother is having is not love just a big mistake and his brother is not listening to him,so he takes matter into his hands to kill MD ,he knows because of him TS will not harm JH, and JH will not continue to work for TS,therefor I don’t see any of this two men ending up together with MD, because if CH will eventually be court and he will go to jail, his little brother will start regretting for what he has done his brother and leave MD alone.

  1123. 1123 : say Says:

    or my guess is that the amnesia thing may work because they show her only remember TS when he stop the boys from beating her up than before she woke up,is neither way, pretending to torture TS more or this this way the writer want to redeem her character for TS to forgive her by playing along.I also member what Mary said about what belong to you belong to you, so we wait for this crazy writer to continue his or her crazy writing.

  1124. 1124 : Sharon Says:

    @fan 1121
    This drama will end in six weeks and I also thought about the same thing. There Is a new drama Shark with Kim Nan Gill coming out soon.

    JH is going to be shaken up again because CH might go back to jail for murder. It was never really clear as to why his brother was abandon, or the money issue. I guess, JH explained about Goo and SJ to Roy Chang and how they are trying to ruin TS business. TS has so many enemy due to greed, envy, jealously, misunderstandings, lies and his kindness.

    @ fan 1115
    I totally understand your point, aigoo, aigoo, aigoo!!!

  1125. 1125 : Sandy Says:

    Just “watched” 14 no subs and a lot of skipping and it would not surprise me that in the next couple of episodes if they try to blame TS for what happened to MD. In the clip for ep 15, I think she may be blaming him and not choosing him.

  1126. 1126 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1124 Sure, will she accept to go with the brother of whom tried to kill her, in the end all the misunderstandings will be cleared and she’ll find out the truth about TS and the love she has for him.
    We still have 3 weeks, no !?

  1127. 1127 : glen Says:

    Actually I watched this drama because of SSH but for now I stop watching it. I don’t like the way the story going on specially on episode 12. I don’t want to waste my time.

  1128. 1128 : fan Says:

    @Sharon I never heard about Kim Nam Gil, I know only Son Yeh Jin.

  1129. 1129 : Sharon Says:

    You are right 3 weeks!!!!!!
    Kim Nam Gill, is an excellent actor check him out on the net.

  1130. 1130 : Jade Says:

    hope the ratings will drop much lower in this drama so that the writer can realize she went the wrong direction for this drama. It could been much better. Song Seung Hun was cast in this drama what a waste for this drama, and SSK don’t like her role her, poor tae sang.

    I bet YWJ bribed the writer !

  1131. 1131 : loulou Says:

    @ Say for somebody who doesn’t like the story u seem pretty hooked to this drama lool as for me I dropped it after ep 12 , ill just watch the last ep and see how TS dies (pretty sure thats were this sorry of a drama is heading) lol

  1132. 1132 : say Says:

    loulou say, i still did not watch, I read comments from soompi web site if you are familiar with that web site, they pretty much have some spoiler pictures in there. that is what i follow to make my comment since ep12 after i thought the writer said if you missed this you will regret, I wish I missed the episode12 than.

  1133. 1133 : Duse Says:

    I don’t know why everybody is getting mad at the change. I love it!!! It’s not like most dramas you can’t tell who she’s going to end up with. I love how its going!!!

  1134. 1134 : say Says:

    I still think they will end up together,since the writer did not go for revenge thing,or if writer continue to have MD deceiving TS again,at the end many people will hate her and her career will be jeopardy because i for one dear see her in the poster again of any drama, i will pretend as if i did not see it no matter how good the drama might be, because she always remind me of the character she played in this one, as for now the only way the writer will do her a favor is redeem her, that will help a little bit to forget her role in this drama.

  1135. 1135 : Pim Says:

    EP 14 : May be the writer want to please the viewers, so she made JH ‘s brother kill her by car accident intention, but she ‘s still alive. After that ,I guess she may be change to have good woman and have only one love to TS, I don’t know, I read some comments said that JH’s brother should drive hitting her more quickly than this to make she’s dead suddenly. Oh! My God ! I don’t like the violence although I don’t like Mido either. However ,I don’t like TS to be sorrow or broken heart because of her anymore.

  1136. 1136 : usa-mary Says:

    I just finished watching ep. 14, partially subbed. Skipped subbed ep. 13, just like I said I would. Won’t even bother watching something that will try to get on my nerves. This drama is really making me laugh! The writer had to have been drinking sokhanju when she wrote this drama! LOL

    One thing I’ve noticed about kdramas is that, whoever is behind the release of the synopsis (PR I suppose?), is very generous to the extent of releasing spoilers info about them. To date, I still don’t understand the rational behind it. In my opinion, it takes away from the initial drama. If we already know the main points of the storyline from the synopsis from beginning to end, why even bother putting it into a visual production. We’re just watching what we’ve already read with fillers until we get to those scenes. That doesn’t make sense to me. The entire storyline should be kept highly confidential until each episode is released. So, if the spoiler synopsis is correct, he’s going to marry SJ!

  1137. 1137 : dee Says:

    What with this fake amnesia? Please don’t give false hope for TS. He suffered enough!

    Who is the main cast here? Ssh or Ssk? Because the story revolve on mido. About her dreams, her live, love- who is she going to choose. And it sicken me. Because i only have eyes for TS and don’t care with the others. This drama should have different title because this one ‘when a man’s loves’ give high expectation on ssh.

    With this accident done by ch as jh brother. I don’t see mido and jh will be together at the end. And why is mido only remember TS after she woke up. Is this gonna lead somewhere? As if deep down she really love TS?

  1138. 1138 : usa-mary Says:

    Will somebody PLEASE teach MD’s dad a lesson! Goo…SJ…somebody! That man is like an annoying hangnail that refuses to go away, regardless of the clipping and good cuticle cream being used!

  1139. 1139 : usa-mary Says:

    GG (gangster Goo) is the son of beelzabub! He sure likes to torment people and finds it humorous, too. Now, he’s messing with TS’s mother bringing a fake Tae Min to her place of business. There are a few sure ways to rid her of that pest. First, a bowl of good, pure salt poured over his head. If that evil pest is still resistant. Then, the next step is to do a little play acting with some of her pots and pans. Just make sure they’re alone, mess up her hair a bit, then look real crazy at him with pot in hand and ask…how does he like to wear his rice! I bet he won’t be back there anytime soon. hehehe

  1140. 1140 : Panadol Says:

    After reading one of the comment here, I now I keep on laughing hard each time I see Yun Woo Jin face in this drama. Are they trying to make him look beautiful or something with those heavy make-up? Come on guys, be serious. If they really must, then at least opt for plastic surgery. And even so, I’m talking about a major plastic surgery here because he is not a millimeter away from Song Seung Hun but milesssss away. No offence Yun Woo Jin, but you should have stood against this too.
    Next about JH character; in front of TS you act so tough, even to the extend of telling TS that TS must let DM go, TS not qualified bla bla bla but if front of his brother, crying like little baby. Seriously!!!

  1141. 1141 : kathy Says:

    SSH is one of my fave actors but even so I don really have much interest in the theme. Anyway, most certainly I won’t watch yet until the whole drama if over and then watch the final episode to see if the ending is good. Then only, I will decide whether to watch the whole drama. This is what I do with dramas that are questionable.

  1142. 1142 : agnesia Says:

    lil’bit glad when saw the review of ep 15 next… hope there’s a part ep to wiped glumy face from TS hikss poor TS.

  1143. 1143 : Suin Says:

    Shin Se Kyung, you picked wrong drama again. I don’t know why? Why your drama always so bad written…and I don’t like your character in this drama..How can you love two men at the same time~Yucks..Totally would not watch this drama…I swear

  1144. 1144 : fannie Says:

    i already watched ep 13 1nd 14 and i realized that the writer seem to hate TS because he wrote the character of TS as pathetic and a masochist.He knows the bad things done to him by mi-do, JH, and a lot of people he loves and yet he still forgives and take it all and never complain. I don’t think he’s human, if he can take all that and as you can see in the preview, he seem to embrace and again forget what MI-do has done to him. he is pitiful. I wish the writer will let him wake up and be human. to assert himself and not take mi-do and move on with his life.When a man falls in love, he must have dignity and also have to love himself and not be pitiful and not take all the wrong that has been done him.why push yourself to someone who does not love you and hurt you, especially TS who is handsome, successful and rich.If MI-do hurts him, he deserves it coz he allows and permit it.there is a saying that if someone has been duped, it is because someone is allowing it to happen.

  1145. 1145 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I hate Seo Mi Do because she can’t fix her heart! Seriously!
    Make it clear for TS, please.
    I can’t hold my patient any longer to see TS in deeper sadness.

  1146. 1146 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I hate Seo Mi Do because she can’t fix her heart! Seriously!
    Make it clear for TS, please.
    I can’t hold my patience any longer to see TS in deeper sadness.

  1147. 1147 : JF Says:

    Who is TS brother? The Vice President or JH ?

  1148. 1148 : Sharon Says:

    Wow!!!! TS can Drive.

  1149. 1149 : Sharon Says:

    TS brother is the business man in Hong Kong, Roy Chang.

  1150. 1150 : usa-mary Says:

    Boy oh boy! The creeps (MD’s dad and later, JH) sure know how to crawl out of the woodwork and act brave by messing with a person (TS) when he’s at his lowest emotional point! Any other time they couldn’t touch him. It looks like SJ is going to buy the building MD’s family lives in…okay…LOL! I hope the writer doesn’t have TS put the family in his other home while he’s staying in the country. If so, I’m going to put on some R&B music and dance! LOL

    I like TS’s multi-level country home for myself!

  1151. 1151 : Sharon Says:

    1. TS, Sometimes you need a long walk to clear your head and boy did he took one. It was dark when he start walking and it was almost dark when he got to the house. Wow!! That walk would clear your head, sinus, arthritis and build muscle. Hehe!!

    2. CH is sooo piss, there is like blood in his eyes while he was driving. Dang!!

    3. What rhyme with Goo? dodo haha!!

    4. I think TS is such a gentleman, the way he handle himself at the dinner. Must be a Scorpio !!! Hehehe!

    5. Go home SJ, go home!!!! Oh, she took my advice. Hehe!

    6. How many pair of shoes does MD have? 2 or 1 ?? I am not sure.

    7. MD is quite confident, there is no way I am going to that ace late at night, especially feeling that TS would kill me. Well, MD is a little thug anyway.

    8. Does TS brother knows about JH and MD. Just a thought.

    9. It’s a bird no, it’s a plane no, it’s MD!!! Funny!

    10. CH you did wrong, but I understand, dont want to be abandon. That’s real bromance!!!!! 😭

    11. When a Man Loves= Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    On that note, have a good day everyone!!!

  1152. 1152 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1151 MD had 2 pairs of shoes, she threw one pair thinking that’s not wearable and kept the new one. Sooner it’ll hurt her feets and she’ll try to look for the first one which was more comfortable 🙂

    Thank you and have nice dreams !

  1153. 1153 : fan Says:

    #1152 no no no ! Correction she lost the new one in the accident hehehe !

  1154. 1154 : Sharon Says:

    So, now she has no shoe!!! Funny!

  1155. 1155 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1154 Maybe she still has the first one 😉

  1156. 1156 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    Do you know the shoe can be a symbolism for her relationship with TS and JH. Wow!! Dam we are good. Hehehe!!

  1157. 1157 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1156 OH YES ! you get it ! hehehe !

  1158. 1158 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    Do you think that’s what the writer was going for, or are we just deep!!hehe

  1159. 1159 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1158 Maybe, because while speaking about shoes I remembered MD’s accident scene, she lost the shoe and I think the director showed it purposely.

  1160. 1160 : Sharon Says:

    I think the director did, using it as a symbol. I think if people watch a drama, or a movie I mean really, really, watch a movie, or drama there are so many things that are said using symbols that’s are not said in spoken words.

  1161. 1161 : say Says:

    guys, have any of you watch the ”another woman” it is an American movie if any of you have time just watch the movies you will like it, while I want you to watch the movie because it is almost similar to MD situation , I will not give out the spoiler so that you can enjoy watching it than you will understand way the writer is go with MD character .

  1162. 1162 : usa-mary Says:

    Everyone…one of the best scenes in ep. 14 was when CH called MD to the rooftop to talk to her. He bowed to greet his sister-in-law like the gentleman that he is….then, saw the enfamous pink shoes! Now for my favorite part! When MD had enough of CH’s talk, turned her back on him, and began to pull the…I’m done talking to you right in the middle of your conversation move. CH told her that he wasn’t done talking! I could have kissed him and both his genie light brown eyes! That’s why the heffa never could get an understanding during misunderstandings with TS. She didn’t want to hear it anyway!

    Awwww…CH! He’s a keeper, even if he is a little rough around the edges! Okay…now I’m going to go and dance, again!

  1163. 1163 : Kdramaholic Says:

    Such a piss poor plot to make TS the main character almost like a villain. I mean comon, it’s not like the end of the world yet, TS needs to man up. I’m so disappointed to see him being a wimp sticking up to this cheating woman that doesn’t even like him like she’s the only girl in this planet. Furthermore worst, the writer made MD to redeem by a cliche accident which probably caused her memory lost and misled her feelings to TS? This is so pitiful and laughable event that I had never seen before lol

  1164. 1164 : usa-mary Says:

    Speaking of symbolism! Could someone please tell me what the symbolism is for gangster Goo’s hair dye job in this drama? It has to stand for something, right! I’ve pen-pointed Bae Choo’s wardrobe colors for green=envy. But, what’s with the single, green, sprouting curl? That has to symbolize something!

  1165. 1165 : agnesia Says:

    sucks with MD’s apochi!!

  1166. 1166 : JB Says:

    I have decided to watch the last episode only since episode 10, now i can just read here unaffected and can now feel the comments here are from watchers who needs way to vent out from their stress resulting from this one.

    Is life to stressing?

  1167. 1167 : Pim Says:

    I like the acting of CH. He always makes me believe and understand his feeling and emotion. Good acting!. I see when he faces to Mido. It’s obviously seen that acting of Mido can not compare with him. I don’t know how to explain. Although his role is not the leader and have just a little script. He does well for his role or acting even he talks with JH , TS or Mido. So, Shin Se Kyung (as Mido) I would like to suggest that beautiful or pretty looking is not your problem, but how to improve your acting is important for you now.

  1168. 1168 : MakeBelieve Says:

    I believe below spoiler is true and will NOT change at all. And I also believe, MD will totally fall in love with TS after knowing how sincere TS was and ad-up with how TS still sincerely concern of her. At lastly, TS will still accept MD eventhough she is a total b***h!

    Han Tae-sang, 37 (Actor Song Seung-heon)
    A self-made businessman. Using profits from his successful lending firm, Golden Tree, he pursues a project to build a multi-use building called Space Q. He has plans to use several floors for a boutique hotel and also house a concert hall in the projected building. After making millions in the lending business, he enters the business of arts and culture for the love of one woman. For the longest time he was smitten with a woman much younger than himself. He fell in love for the very first time. After waiting patiently for years, he finally gets the nerve to confess his love. Whenever he’d eat at a spicy rice cake shop or steamed monkfish restaurant he would be talking on the phone in a very serious tone. Once the woman he liked saw him crying while he was eating a hot chili pepper at a steak restaurant. This same woman called him a baby for liking his coffee with heaps of syrup and milk. And whatever she said would warm his heart and make him love her even more.

    Lee Jae-hee, 28 (Actor Yeon Woo-jin)
    Although he was born in a poor family, he excelled at school and possessed grit and determination. His goal in life was to have a happy marriage with kids instead of aiming for success. He is very fond of dogs and loves to be around kids. Before returning to Korea, he met a special woman whom he was attracted to and fell head over heels for her. But she didn’t appear on a date they were supposed to have. Without knowing if he would ever see her again, he encounters her in Seoul by coincidence. But he finds out that she is Han Tae-sang’s fiance. By accident, he reveals his feelings to her and they make love. They become closer and meet secretly behind Han Tae-sang’s back. Ridden with guilt, Jae-hee decides to come clean with Han Tae-sang but then the woman he loves slips into a coma after being involved in a car accident.

    Seo Mi-do, 27 (Actress Shin Se-kyung)
    Her father became bankrupt when she was in high school. She was also at the top of her class. She is multi-talented and she never considered herself to be poor. After failing to get into the college of her first choice, she finds it hard to take the college entrance exam a second time because her family cannot afford to send her to cram school. She becomes acquainted with a successful moneylender whom she is eternally gratefully to. Thanks to his longtime support, she finds herself falling in love with him and decides to get married. But then she takes a vacation where she meets a young man. After learning that Han Tae-sang had ordered a hitman to kill her in the accident, she pretends that she has amnesia and acts like she does not know Jae-hee for both of their sakes. She even fakes that she is paralyzed. When Tae-sang finds out about her ruse, Mi-do asks for forgiveness to avoid his wrath. He releases her, letting her live the life she want. Will she be able to find happiness now?

  1169. 1169 : Lily Says:

    Hello hello I have been watch the drama and read all the common I think all the characters are successfully to make all of us angry but if the writer not give TS sun shine in his life I think all the actor can stop now and go get the pay check and the of drama lol in my opinion hahaha (*_*) have a good nite everyone

  1170. 1170 : say Says:

    I think TS is tired already,with all this things that happen he will be mentally prepared to let her go at anytime now, it depends on how the writer want to redeem MD character,i hope to see a change of behavior, happy face not depress face, loving TS which will make TS very caution also surprise on how he return back his love, at the end when she finally remember what she has done to TS she will ask for forgiveness TS in other hand should distance himself and try to help CH from going to jail again even though he did some wrong but he too is also a Vitim here with all this MD made him no choice that is why he did what he did protect his brother and TS, MD was thinking that he is not going to hurt her because TS is like, she quickly forgot that CH is not in love with her and everything you do has consequence as result she was trying to destroy his brother future and the relationship b/w him and TS,he CH had pray for his brother to have good future finally the brother has gotten that here comes MD try to destroyed it, so he will not sit around to let that happen.you see TS telling him that after this project he doesn’t want to see JH in his company again and him ch looking at their grandmother picture saw a card that JH made saying to himself that in the future he will want to be president of a company,so is not that CH did it only for TS alone but also for his brother mostly, that is what i thought of the whole thing that has happened so far.

  1171. 1171 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 1164, GOO and SJ obsession are a result of their complex. The first one compared to TS wants to look cool and younger. The other one is afraid to age and loose her beauty thus can’t claim to be good enough for the hot TS. OH ! They’re so alike !

  1172. 1172 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary Do you remember when SJ asked GOO why does he want to hurt TS, he replied because “he hurt my pride, and pride’s man has many aspects” he was speaking about TS refusing to accept SJ love, how dare he not love the woman he loves ! He sees that as humiliating !

  1173. 1173 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary Are you so happy because MD got what she deserved hehehehehe !

  1174. 1174 : Jae Says:

    I hate MD. She has an awful personality. She pretends to be nice but is basically a two-timer. She meets JH first but likes TS first. She sees both of them at the same time and gets jealous when women hang around them. TS and JH should dump her. And why does she act so moody? She gets mad randomly at TS, cries, and later is happy. Maybe she needs meds? MJ is funny and cute. I like that his first impression of TS is good and JH is bad. XD CH is pretty awesome. He’s got a bad temper and is violent but he’s gosh darn loyal. I hope TS and CH get happy endings. They seem to be the only “good guys” around. I keep wishing MD just dies and everyone gets to be happy again! But then I’ll be sad because MJ would probably be sad. lol.

    *fan girl silent scream* MJ & DY so cute together! *fan girl silent scream*
    And what is up with the actress playing MD? I have watched her in several series and she never changes her facial expressions. Not even an ounce. What’s up with that?

    Plus the first episode is super rushed. It just bounces without telling an actual story. How did it go from the guy being at the bookstore to trying to commit suicide in the river? They just expect the audience to know that’s what should happen? I didn’t even want to watch the series after seeing that flubbed first episode.

  1175. 1175 : Dou Says:

    @1168.JH and MD never make love they were interrupted by TS.watch ep13 again

  1176. 1176 : Nautica1 Says:

    @1175, i think @1168 refers to Mr Ungrateful JH & Miss Ungrateful MD romance act in TS house.
    Just dam damm damm isnt it!!! how can these two b*st*rds did such act in the house of someone who gave them a shelter (that’s MD) and someone who was responsible for his darn expensive education & his job (that’s JH).
    Totally no sense of respect but with full of animal instinct!…even though it is just a quick one or whatsoever excuse it is!

  1177. 1177 : Jae Says:

    Ungrateful is the perfect word for the a****** couple. If she doesn’t love TS she should tell him flat out instead of sneaking around. She’s a total b****. TS should wise up! At least SJ is honest about how she feels for him. JH is a b**** too. He knows TS and MD are dating but he betrays TS by seeing MD anyways. MD is worse than those people that came to kill TS.

  1178. 1178 : Sharon Says:

    I think it represent a wacky hair stylist hehehe!!!
    Yes, CH is cool! Now, that’s a friend!! I want one. 🙂

    @ Jyenie
    Where are you!!! I know it’s crazy on this blog

  1179. 1179 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Whew! Just finished watching ep 14. It’s getting better and better, and hopefully I would not be disappointed at the end 🙂 The story becomes more and more complicated but with remaining 6 eps to go, not sure how the story turns out in the coming weeks; or thinking maybe of an extension to this.

    I thought an attempt to killing MD was too much. CH will be forgiven in the end or probably gets killed for saving TS, JH or MD. By looking at the preview for the next episode, looks like MD has an amnesia (just a guess) but only able to remember the happy moments she had with TS, maybe.

    GG hired an impostor to be as TS’ bro. Gosh, his character is annoying but acting is so good. I wonder what he’ll do next to take revenge against TS.

    RC, please be good to TS 🙂 He has reasons why you got separated when you were young, LOL. KSK looks so cool on cam. I was the first to comment on his profile 😛

    This drama is good…looking forward to great episodes in the coming weeks. A big NO to extension, please. 😎 AjaAjaFighting!

  1180. 1180 : fan Says:

    @AjaAjaFighting! 1179 I thought that in th end, MD will try to save TS, somehow a proof that she loves him thus he’ll trust her again.

  1181. 1181 : usa-mary Says:

    @say-1161: Honestly speaking, I don’t want to watch anything similar or close to replicating MD anytime soon in the present, near future, or ever!!! I’ve had enough horror to last me a good long while with these characters, thank you! ~smile~

    It seems that with all those street smarts, either CH is not very smart and/or the writer didn’t want him, and the writer is clueless, too because…first of all, SJ saw him with it. Second, once identified (demolition yards, etc.), that car still can get traced to the current owner, including the used dealership where it was purchased from regardless of the fake license plates. The VIN number is strategically placed throughout the car for identification purposes. Every car owner either knows this or should know. Now, unless he had a thorough plan to get rid of all those VIN numbers before getting rid of the car, that’s another story. Detective usa-mary here! hehehe

  1182. 1182 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-1171/1172: I understand exactly what you mean. Goo and SJ are two of a kind. Yet, Goo is such a hypocritical, ignoramous because, the last time I looked, TS is a man, too (might I add, all man at that) who has pride, in addition to a painful past. So, unless Goo wants to find out what a man scorned with a painful past to boot feels like, he had better heed his own words

    Actually, no…I don’t condone what CH did at all to MD! I like CH because he’s a good man…a keeper! He doesn’t mind cooking or cleaning…a gift from Heaven above! mmmmwhaw! Now, I’m to dance after I’m done commenting because this drama is full of crazy liars who believe they’re better and more sane than TS and behave worse than he did in his past as a thug! They’re conniving, swamp water bottom feeders searching for a scar free place to stick their backstabbing knives!

  1183. 1183 : Jyenie Says:


    Hi, I am still around. 🙂 I am very busy watching Jdorama nowadays, it’s very nice for a change.
    There are only six episodes left, so when is TS turning into Siberian tiger-eh? I have been expecting to see that since ep 11 but I can only see a pussy cat so far!

  1184. 1184 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1151: Especially #11…my favorite! That does describe TS.

    I’m sending this song dedication to JH since Michael Jackson was so warmly embraced by S. Koreans whenever he held concerts there. The song, Man In the Mirror!

  1185. 1185 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-1183: I’m glad you’re still around. I’m waiting for that Siberian tiger, myself. I’ve been watching jdorama’s, too. What are you watching? I’m watching Galileo 2 and Last Cinderella, so far! I can recommend a few to you that’s really very funny and cute, if you like. One is about a new hotel concierge and her experiences with the vvip guests! The next one is about a new economy (cheap of the cheapest) airlines that sends a tenured flight attendant from a large prestigious airlines there to help get it started. The new flight attendants jobs includes (ticket agents, skycaps, etc.) doing everything, except fly the airplane and washing it on the outside! LOL Both jdoramas are hilarious and like a breath of fresh air! P.S. I have some really, very good love story jdoramas that will truly become your favorite, also if you’re interested.

  1186. 1186 : say Says:

    Mary, not only that writer is tormenting TS also the viewers, because the viewers knows that what she is writing is wrong that is why i said that writers tend to correct wrong to right and not right to wrong, like the crazy things she is writing now, well that was well written unlike this one,in that movies she was tormenting her husband which she blame for the death of her baby and wanted to kill her husband unfortunate she ran into an arm robbery that left her almost dead, when she woke up she did not remember her past, started again to fall in love with her husband,eventually when remembered what happen she forgive her husband and asked for forgiveness,my guess is that writer want to redeem MD character she will this time love TS but when she remember, neither she or TS will asked forgiveness, i also remember the first preview where they show her with TS standing in the open field that is the first trailer before the drama started but whatever the writer have in mind she is not doing herself good by writing what almost everybody is condemning, she is also killing Shin Se Kyung career because she act same way too many times in different drama .

  1187. 1187 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, I do believe MD will save him somehow.
    Ajaajafighting, I don’t see the reason why RC would want revenge on his brother, the mother left TS and the father to fen for themselves and took the brother. The question is why did he end up in an orphanage, why SJ, want to get to the brother first and is RC watching everything behind the scenes?

  1188. 1188 : Jyenie Says:

    I bet the sales of the pink high heels is badly hit in Korea nowadays as it symbolises unfaithfulness, kudos to this drama. Ha!

    Hi Mary, so you guys miss my crazy comments-eh? 🙂
    Pls recommend me some Jdoramas, any genre will do. Just done with Pride, I am watching last cinderella, Bloody Monday, Love Shuffle, Priceless, Nankyoku Tairiku. Apparently they were making a lot of drama in romance genre in the 90s until mid 2000s. After that, they are very diversified. I find Jd is not draggy, straight to the point, original and quick to touch our heart.

  1189. 1189 : Sharon Says:

    Good, you are still around. Hey, the man is in love he is a tiger in the streets, but a pussy cat with his woman hehe!!
    All joke aside, he will start being a tiger ep 17 I think.

  1190. 1190 : O_oMy^^ Says:

    Omo…ep14, wonderful! That’s just what I wanted! That was close! Amnesia is enough for me for now. Hopefully at the state of amnesia, MD will learn about the realities of life as a human being which is perfectly sane. Pretend to be amnesia? This is the best way to regrets her foolish behaviour. The right time to settle her debts and -TS’s love. What will happen next, time for JH grieves deeply. JH’s brother, I really don’t like him. He have something bad in his head! Omy.. Seems the story is getting interesting^^. However, I’m still not satisfied with MD. I think something goes wrong with her, I wonder what?

  1191. 1191 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1188 Not only in korea hehe !
    I recommend you hotaru no hikari the funniest jdorama, it’s a romcom, you’ll laugh a lot.
    I agree with Sharon, love changes people. We will see the tiger sooner, because the hyenas are gathering 🙂

  1192. 1192 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-1188: Of course your comments are missed!

    Here are a few of the jdoramas that I highly recommend watching until we see our Siberian Tiger, TS in the next episode. They are:

    1) Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012 and SP NYC-2013)
    2) Cheap Flight (2013)
    3) Suteki na Kakushidori-Kan Zen Muketsu No Concierge (2011)
    4) Nagareboshi (2011)

    These are just a few that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and I hope you will, too. Since I don’t discriminate and stick solely with kdramas, I can, also, recommend some of the best Thai lakorns, Taiwanese, Mainland, and Hong Kong dramas, too. With so many changes in the past few years re copyright laws, many of the websites which had a diverse variety of Asian dramas are now gone. Mysoju, included, the best of them all which introduced me to many wonderful Asian dramas. I really miss that website.

  1193. 1193 : Jyenie Says:

    @sharon & fanThe rating will definitely goes up when he becomes a tiger! I want to see that now, i am losing my patience here!
    I dropped Hotaru no hikari after 2 episodes:( Have you watched Rich Man Poor Woman, very nice:)

  1194. 1194 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, Rich Man Poor Woman was very good, the main character Hyuga Toru also stared in Hotaru No Hikari.

  1195. 1195 : Jyenie Says:

    Are you sure he appeared in HNH? I love Shun Oguri very much!

  1196. 1196 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    The drama Shun Oguri came in was Hanazakari No Kimitachi not Hotaru No Hikari, sorry for wrong info.. Korea redo this drama and called To The Beautiful You.
    I love him too.

  1197. 1197 : belen Says:

    i like this story hope TS and MD will be happy in ending

  1198. 1198 : Jyenie Says:

    I overlooked yr comment earlier, thank you very much for the recommendation. 🙂 I will check no.2,3 & 4 out.
    When I have enough of KD, I will watch dramas from other countries for a break. Have you watched Startling by each step from Mainland? It’s a nice drama.
    We actually still can watch all sorts of dramas and movies from many websites:)

  1199. 1199 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    1180 Fan & 1187 Sharon: Both of you maybe right that MD will save TS in the end. I am looking for a happy ending but if not, am sure there will be a valuable lesson to learn from this drama.

    1186 Say: Please do not speak in behalf of the viewers. I am not tormented at all by the writer, plus I do not consider his/her writing wrong. You can say anything you want about the writer but only speak for yourself as people and viewers may misinterpret what you say here. Kamsahamnida.

    Back to the last episodes, TS is too scared of losing everyone around him, hence he is being careful in all the decisions he has to make. Even though MD made a mistake in the past, he is still a forgiving soul as he does not want to lose the woman he loves. MD for sure will realize and admit her mistakes. TS will be a happy man in the end and I am hopeful that TS, his bro and mother will be reunited or at least they will be in good terms should they decide to separate from each other again.

    To the also fans of doramas, yeah…! Rich Man, Poor Woman is the first dorama I have seen and was not disappointed. It was recommended by a friend and I enjoyed it so much. I find the female lead too overacting in all her scenes but I think it was the preference of the director or writer. Unlike kdramas, doramas are shorter in the number of episodes, hence you can finish it one day. Hehe! By the way, I think they now have a sequel to this but in New York?

    AjaAjaFighting! Sayonara, til next! =)

  1200. 1200 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    *meant lesser number of episodes, toinks! =)

  1201. 1201 : Sharon Says:

    @ Ajaajafighting
    Yes you are right, it’s called Rich Man Poor Man In New York Speial.

    @ usa-mary, love your list.

  1202. 1202 : Sharon Says:

    Not Speial, but Special. Thanks Guys

  1203. 1203 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1193 Why did you drop it ? I’ve watched the 2 parts to the end and the movie too. but the part one is the funniest.
    I’ve watched Rich man poor woman, there is a special episode(sequel), did you watch it ?
    @Jyenie 1198 Oh yes ! bu bu jing xin ! wonderful drama, so touching ! they’re filming the sequel right now, the story continues in modern times Bu Bu Jing qing.
    @AjaAjaFighting! Yes you’re right !

  1204. 1204 : vtgwu Says:


  1205. 1205 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-1198: I’m glad you liked the list. No, I didn’t watch the Startling-Mainland drama. Actually, I still have a wide variety of websites to select Asian dramas/movies to watch.

    @Sharon-1201: I’m glad you like the list I posted.

    There’s another drama that I want to mention. Its called, The Mysteries of Love! Its Hong Kong origin. Anyway, ladies…this one is sooooo good, and the leading men are ridiculously handsome! The drama is about the collaboration of detectives and a very, very handsome, single, physicists professor from a wealthy family who assists with solving crimes. Similar to Galileo/Galileo 2, but better because there’s courtship, romance, and strong family ties in this one. I highly recommend it.

  1206. 1206 : JyenieK Says:

    I tried to watch Hana Kimi the other day but I dropped it after 10 minutes:( even though I hate to admit it I think I am too old for this. Sigh. However I did enjoy To the beautiful you.

  1207. 1207 : usa-mary Says:

    @JyenieK-1206: Re Hana Kimi…ha ha ha! I do understand about the 10 minute watch. Even though, I watched that jdorama some years ago, if only for the sake of wanting to get a feel for drama diversity (the much talked about age difference). I still couldn’t tell you what the heck was going on…it was such a weird drama! This one, most definitely has been added to the list of the ones I want to forget. hehehe

  1208. 1208 : John k Says:

    This is a kdrama website not a jdrama!!!take that shit somewhere else!!!!!!

  1209. 1209 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I am watching over ep 13 to pick up things I might mised the first time I watched it and the bar scene made tears came to my eyes. Did you guys read the words of the song, I started bawling and just that pitiful look on TS’s face and his sluggish gait make me sad. However, the song was perfect for that scene!!!!

    @ Jyenie
    Yes, it can be overwhelming, but It was funny back in the day!!

  1210. 1210 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, in ep 14 the rings that MD was giving back to TS was on the floor, did she leave it there or did she picked it up???? Mmmmmmm?

  1211. 1211 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Sharon, it was not shown if MD has left those rings but I am guessing she would have picked them up. Guess, those rings will play a role sometime in the future.

  1212. 1212 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I must admit JH played his role to the tilt. I saw his expression when CH showed the video of him embracing MD and his expression displayed of shock and awe was really good, just like the closet scene. Good job Yun Woo Jin!! You embraced your character.

  1213. 1213 : Sharon Says:

    @ Ajaajafighting
    You know what I think might play a part in the future? TS’s blown out tire, CH was a bit suspicious and JH asked him if he think MD did it, did someone mess with TS car??? mmmmmm

  1214. 1214 : JyenieK Says:

    Of course she picked up the rings because when TS told her to keep them, she looked so so darn pleased! :p

  1215. 1215 : InquizityJJ Says:

    When a man loves, he is tolerant
    When a man loves, he is patient
    When a man loves, he’ll be faithful
    When a man loves, he’ll let go eventhough it’s hard
    When a man loves, he need to keep his dignity
    When a man loves, he need to keep his sanity
    When a man loves, he’s forgiving
    When a man loves, he really loves ……….

  1216. 1216 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1210: Of course she picked them up with her tear filled eyes…sniff, sniff!!! Per TS, they’re worth more than her salary. Now, I’d like to see her donate them to charity, since she and TS don’t match. Yeah, RIGHT! Even if she and TS don’t match, she and diamonds=$$$…do match perfectly!

  1217. 1217 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay gang! After we watch ep. 15 & 16 and go through the visual battlefield we’re going to experience. I have some more really good JDORAMAS to share with you all! bwahhhhahahaha!

    I’m enjoying this jdorama sharing everyone!

  1218. 1218 : usa-mary Says:

    Admin, we’re sharing with each other with in the context of this drama! Therefore, no one has the right nor should be allowed to attack what we comment on and/or share as long as we stay with in the context of said website agreement. So, whoever this rude, crass, and outcast to human verbage is (john k-1208), please do not allow this person to violate our rights to comment while we patiently wait for the next posting of this wonderful drama. Because they are free to go elsewhere! Thank you!

  1219. 1219 : Jyenie Says:


    Tks for sharing and looking forward for more, I do appreciate it but but but….the KD policeman is watching…..hahahahaaaaa!

  1220. 1220 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary and Jyenie
    You guys are a trip. You all might have to pay a fine if JK have anything to do with it, so shhhh! He is watching!!!! Hahaha, so funny!

  1221. 1221 : Dany Says:

    I dont’t like the lead actresses, mainly Mi Do, I think that their characters are much stronger and complex then their acting but I like the actors performances and above all I like the music (OST), very fitted with this Othello and Desdemona kind of story.

  1222. 1222 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1220: Hahaha…is right! Who is he? I don’t live in his house or the 4 lobes of his world..so he had better take that controlling, egotistical, trying to intimidate trash some place where somebody cares! Our continual dialogue is inclusive of this drama, not separate from it. People have commented degrading profanity at each other on this website while watching different dramas just because they had conflicting view points and none of the admins even batted an eye. Now, that we’re sharing info about other Asian dramas, just to pass the time until the next episodes are posted, somebody acts like we’ve insulted him! That’s ridiculous!

  1223. 1223 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dany-1221: Your comparison of this drama to Othello and Desdemona is a very interesting one!

  1224. 1224 : Jae Says:

    XD Why are people off topic here?

    Vote: Who is your favorite pairing? (Or who would be your favorite pairing?)

  1225. 1225 : jane Says:

    please keep the topic just focused on When A Man Loves..

    go to anoher forum if you wanna share about other dramas.

  1226. 1226 : ance Says:

    in the Arang and the Magistrate page we had this kinds of comments there…well i guess some people are looking for clues feed backs about this drama but they saw the comments are off the topic…guys, of course there will always be off topics…what do you want to see here…
    “I hate Mi Do!”
    “I love this drama”
    “i can’t wait for the next episode”

    they are always discussing this drama, you can’t blame them that they also want to share their other interests to people here who also enjoys the same things that they/we do…
    no harsh words please…let’s all save it in hating Mi Do…hahaha!

  1227. 1227 : Jyenie Says:

    @1208John K,1224Jae &1225jane

    You all are “three of a kind” as you fit into the criteria of the sadistic personality disorder. In facts, I suspect you are the same person with different nicks! Haven’t we made enough comments to satisfy you-eh?! Can’t we just stray away from WAML a bit to have some fun?

    @John K, your rude comments are everywhere on this website randomly, pls refer to the one on The Queen of Office thread. Gosh, it’s already stressful enough to hate MD, JH and MD’s father!

  1228. 1228 : Jyenie Says:

    @ 3J

    Don’t forget to watch ep15 live tonite. LOL.

  1229. 1229 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1227 they’ve never commented or gave opinions in this drama, but they’re the first to play the policeman for K-drama sake, hehehehehe ! so funny 😀

  1230. 1230 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1213 I think that TS ring on the floor will reveal MD faking amnesia. They’ll all be staying in that house since MD can’t be transported to Seoul. There, she’ll find out about half of the truth.

  1231. 1231 : Jyenie Says:


    Exactly! Why don’t they just calm their tits? :-p

  1232. 1232 : fan Says:

    Waiting impatiently for sub and the next episode eghhhh !
    I didn’t expect it this way ! just love it !

  1233. 1233 : Dou Says:

    What’s up in ep15?

  1234. 1234 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, sometimes people get jealous when others get along, so they have to inject poison in the mix to cause dissension pay them no attention they need friends!!

    All in the same house !!!!!!!!!!!! That’s entertainment hahahahaha!!! I can’t wait!

  1235. 1235 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, CH is like an uncontrollable robot which suddenly has his own mind, he just won’t listen to his master!
    I can’t comment much because I need subs!

  1236. 1236 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1234 Right hehehe !

    @Jyenie 1235 What will TS do ? SJ hurt him because he didn’t want to see her and now CH ! They’re more obsessed than he is with MD ! Everyone want a piece of him ! hehehe !

  1237. 1237 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness guys, I am biting my nails just reading your comments. I can’t take it!! Dam you english subs!!!!!!!!

  1238. 1238 : fan Says:

    @Sharon I watched it Raw !

  1239. 1239 : Pim Says:

    For me,I enter to this page to read people comment about When a Man Falls in Love. Some comments I agree with, some comment I have different point of view. I don’t read the other topic that are not relate with this drama.I would like members here to keep cool and calm. If we don’t like some comment or we think that it’s not focus on this WMFL. No need to criticize them or talk to brawl ( quarrel) ,just ignore that comment because we have right to choose the comment that is interesting for us. Let’s try to build the good climate or good relationship here.

  1240. 1240 : guess Says:

    well! I have been through similar situation. Where i was younger. We’er together may be like 9 yrs. At first we’er like friends coz i came to know her through my friends but somewhere somehow down the line we fell for each other and didn’t even realize. She is simple good at heart and the most beautiful i have’er met. She is very much talented in everything but the most unusual is she always let me had my freedom. We had our ups and downs like every relationship goes through. During that last period i don’t know may be we’er confuse or something else but i happen to know one morning that she slept with someone we just recently met. I knew the guys just hi hello nothing else. She came to meet me that afternoon and told me that she is sorry for letting me down and wish she could change the situation and it did look like she fell for the guy. who was older rest i didn’t knew much about him but i could guess his friends circle was best to avoid then to get in worst trouble.

    Well! She cried a lot with me and i was too. she left and the guy came to me said he is sorry. Together they left. That moment i didn’t know what to think i was kinda angry at her so angry that world’d end right now but
    when i saw them both leave together then suddenly i started to miss her so much that now there is nothing can be replaced. My whole body was empty. I stop crying and went home couldn’t feel anything except image of both leave together.

    I started drinking so much so much but i guess i could’t get drunk because i had those empty feeling in my heart and in stomach..and couldn’t forget the image they left together. It went like almost week my friends were worried for me i burned everything she gave me but the sad part was even i was burning those stuff she game me i couldn’t help thinking that she is not going to be their with me anymore. She used to write letter to me every single day and send to me. i had tons of letter of her & every single was so romantic. she even wrote when we had arguments saying sorry for not understanding at the moment.

    Imagine…trying to burn all those to forget her. Well!!! i almost died of drinking but no matter how much u drank nothing help.. yeah u fall a sleep for while and back to same situation again.


    My story has happy ending we are together and it been like 24 yrs and we have two beautiful kids one is 16 and other is 7 yrs ..

    Well …we still have ups and downs but at the end of the day and most of the time we say sorry and back again but some time only it takes few day to say sorry…

    Yeah…sometime we forget to say love u too…as long as we are happy..nothing counts..


  1241. 1241 : Sharon Says:

    Ahhh, nice but heartbreaking story. My question is what happen to the relationship she left you for, why did they breakup? What did it take for you to take her back, did you have to think about it or did you just jump at the chance to have her again.
    Right now a lot of the audience watching this drama think TS is a big dummy in his way of handling his first love, but I think when you love, really love, you can’t help yourself because the heart rule.

    I guess this drama wake up a lot of emotions inside people to have them express themselves. Kudos to you for putting it out there many of us has gone through similar situation, not only men but women too. I am glad that your love has return and life is worth living, good luck. 🙂

  1242. 1242 : Sharon Says:

    I try watching in the raw, I really tried, but I get angry because I can’t decipher what they are saying and the hospital scene look likes the best!!
    Boohoo boohoo!!!!

  1243. 1243 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Whoa! CH gone crazy. I wasn’t expecting this. That happens When a Man Falls in Love with a Man (i.e. CH love for TS).

    Heavens please speed up the eng subs 😛

    Thought ep 15 was so fast-paced. Fighting…!!! =)

  1244. 1244 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1242

    Even I didn’t understand let’s say 98% of what they’re saying I couldn’t not watch it 😐

    I’m wondering why did MD choose TS over JH, did she saw CH in the car, or because she’s afraid of TS, or because she remembered that he’s the only one who can protect her (in her dream she reminded TS stopping his men from bullying her) ????? can’t wait for sub and tomorrow !

  1245. 1245 : guess Says:

    1241 Sharon

    Well as in life u don’t know what is going to happen. Like i don’t expect to meet a new friend today but it happens and i don’t expect to fall in a hole while i am texting (Did u watch the Video on youtube).. I guess sometime you don’t need reason to fight it just happens like with ur friends when u guys joking with each other and depends who badly ur argument goes..and for who along or ever.

    And the minute i fell so empty in my heart and the moment i felt i can never have her again that made me how much i love her.
    So after going through so much i guess you don’t need any reason to have her back if u miss loving her.

    finally it came out to be true…we need each other and go married
    24 yrs now

  1246. 1246 : guess Says:

    and now i have go and pick up my youner kid now

  1247. 1247 : guess Says:

    from school and i don’t know what he is going to break or ask bala bla bla so many question he has i don’t know but i am willing to go for it coz i love him and them

  1248. 1248 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, she even woke up and called him tt, I understood tt that’s about it haha!!
    She remembered how protective TS was, so I believe this may be an opportunity for her right what’s wrong. JH must feel like crap!

  1249. 1249 : Sharon Says:

    @ guess
    I am happy for you, God bless your relationship with your wife and kids!!

  1250. 1250 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1248/fan-1244: After MD was hit by the car in ep. 14, she began to recall the last incidents surrounding her and TS that happened 7 years ago. When he helped her family financially and protected her with his life.

  1251. 1251 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-1235: CH reminds me of a wayward, out of control Winfried (Count Dracula’s mad assistant) who will not listen to his master! Though semi-bitten, Winfried wants to be a vampire so badly that he goes around chasing creatures, biting folks and is not even a vampire, yet! Like Winfried, CH is temporarily insane. He knows he’s going against TS by trying to harm MD, but seems to not be able to stop himself.

    Does anyone remember mood rings, lipstick, etc. Every few years, some manufacturer brings it in vogue in a new form. Well, GG has mood hair dye. It changes depending upon his frame of mind. Currently, its in the lunacy mode for introducing a fake Tae Min to SJ.

  1252. 1252 : Sharon Says:

    @usa- mary
    My question is she realizing how much of a good man TS is.

  1253. 1253 : InquizityJJ Says:

    1239 PIM – I agree with you …. read only what is relating to this drama.

  1254. 1254 : Jyenie Says:

    The rating for ep 15 has gone up, that means Korean viewers are alright with the story lines. 🙂

  1255. 1255 : Sharon Says:

    Why don’t JH go do his job? By the time he gets a business deal from Hong Kong TS will be out of business .

    Dam those pink shoes!!

    TS, erase the MD’s phone! Bromance is tight!

    Could someone, anyone slap the s%#*t out of JH please!!!!!!

    Why did SJ came to visit MD in the hospital? She is just too much.

    MD does remember. She remembered the rice cake and SJ even their house being renovated. Mmmmmm

    Is CH planning to tell JH that he is TS brother, to keep him away from MD??

    I knew DS was robbing TS when he was looking at the books!! DS, that’s foul!

    What kind of view is that, just bushes hahaha!!! MD, never take a wheel chair down hill!!!

    Now, CH is being a tad bit obsessive!! Is he crazy!!

    What’s MD up to ???

    All the people around TS is pulling him down. I hope his brother and mother will be able to save him.

    Can’t wait for ep 16 !!!!!

  1256. 1256 : fan Says:

    It looks like CH will die ! Suicide, someone will kill him or an accident ?????? Can’t wait !!!

  1257. 1257 : fan Says:

    I need to find time to watch ep. 15 with sub ! eghhhhhh 🙁

  1258. 1258 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Episode 15
    A very emotional episode!

  1259. 1259 : ariesdgreat Says:

    waiting for episode 16….it is a great drama for for me…..worth waiting…;)…excited for the good and happy ending…TS i love you..

  1260. 1260 : TSTaiko Says:

    I can live with what JH is doing but if JH is actually TS true brother, then the producer must be crazy! How can a very weird walking style be TS brother???

  1261. 1261 : TSTaiko Says:

    I can live with what JH is doing but if JH is actually TS true brother, then the producer must be crazy! How can a very weird walking man style be TS brother???

  1262. 1262 : yenny Says:

    hopefully,,,,JH not HTS’s Brother! fighting HTS!

  1263. 1263 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1252: She already knows he’s a good man; she even told him that a few episodes back. My question, is he still not the man for her?

  1264. 1264 : usa-mary Says:

    Episode 15 is really good; ep. 16 should get even better!

    There must be a reason that the writer has those pink shoes remain so pristeen even after one of them was in the mud and rain for at least 2 nights. Even the one shoe she had on after the accident should have been stained…but it wasn’t. I wonder what the symbolism is re the shoes! New-untarnished-sustainable love vs indebted-fearful-sorrowful love.

    Well, MD’s dad overheard what SJ said to TS outside of MD’s hospital room. Now, we know that man will not remain quiet about what he heard, especially, if its just to keep TS away from his daughter.

  1265. 1265 : usa-mary Says:

    @TSTaiko-1261: That’s too funny! “How can a very weird walking man style be TS brother???” According to SSH’s bio, he also modeled. I can tell by the way he walks that he did runway. He knows how to carry his frame well; unlike JH who does have a weird stride. Maybe its from carrying that backpack on his back for so long. hehehe When he stands, its like a slightly Leaning Tower of Pisa.

    Also, one of the subtitle commentors said that carmax in S. Korea must be expensive because in all kdramas there are scenes with crusty lips. hahaha So true. Even JH’s lips are a bit dry. I suppose its either not enough water and/or too much soju. Alcohol dehydrates the body and skin.

  1266. 1266 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1255: Even if TS did erase the phone call list and text messages on MD’s phone. The handiphone (I like the way this sounds in kdramas) companies for a long time now have the capability to retrieve that information, just like with the landline phones. Its periodically downloaded throughout the day. Hope I’m not being too analytical here!

    That second accident joggled MD’s memory more. She now feels that she’s being punished for liking JH and not TS who was so kind to herand in love with her. I don’t believe that TS wants her that way which is why he didn’t put on the ring. He wants her love, not her indebtedness.

  1267. 1267 : Sharon Says:

    @ isa-Mary
    I think TS is going to walk away from MD. He does not seems excited to be there with her it more of taking care of her because his friend almost killed her. I think the role is going to be reversed, TS is going to treating MD more like of a debt he has to pay and now she is going to fall for him deeply. She is going to see the real man while she is on her covert operation acting like she can’t remember.

  1268. 1268 : Sharon Says:

    I really don’t think JH is TS’s brother, CH want to make sure that TS and JH stay together no matter what, even if something happen to himself. He does not want JH and him to be abandon, so any means necessary to keep the bond together even if its murder.
    DS, is too much stealing from TS going in the books!!!!
    SJ and Goo are two of a kind, SJ claims she knows TS because she is the only one that can handle him, yet she does not know him at all if she did she would not accuse him of such an act. Although, CH did say if I did not do it you would are they all so blind to the person TS is. Why?? Because he was a thug and he gets the job done, so they judge him from his livelihood not from who he really is, so sad..
    Roy Chang is really COLD!!! He is like to JH why aren’t you here it’s not like she is dead!! Roy Chang is going to fix all of them.

  1269. 1269 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan 1256
    I think CH is going to die protecting TS.

  1270. 1270 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 16 It seems that MD and JH’s affair is going on and on….I thought the fall has finally knocked some senses out of her but soon to be replaced by her never dying desire for JH. Sigh. It is so hilarious to see her in that pair of pink heels when she meets up with JH, it is shouting “unfaithfulness” out loud! It’s insulting to the core that none of the expensive gifts and good deeds from TS which range from diamond ring, car, free holiday, clothes, 7 years of financial support etc etc can compare with JH’s pink heels!…Infatuation rules!

  1271. 1271 : Jyenie Says:

    My prediction for the ending:

    As soon as TS reunites with his mother and brother(Roy Chang), his obsession for MD ceased. He found his true love and they are now happily married with 3 very beautiful children, they all live in one of his mansion whilst MD and JH are living in the rented apartment with their children, she has to stay at home to take care of the children and she still hasn’t got the opportunity to pursue her dream. The End.

  1272. 1272 : Dou Says:

    @1271 I agree with u I hope TS ll completely forget MD

  1273. 1273 : John k Says:

    Ts is a fool. He keeps trying to force himself on MD. Knowing MD is in love with Jh. TS is acting just like SJ ,obsessive.

  1274. 1274 : Sandy Says:

    Okay, even without subs for ep 16 I’ve had it with this drama. I’m so tired of it and the back and forth. I’m even getting tired of TS. Just seems like TS will be framed. Please just end it now!

  1275. 1275 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, this drama has been the best drama that I have seen in a while. This drama has everything, most of all you don’t know what’s going to happen from one ep to the next, I am thinking the story is going one way and all of a sudden it takes a 360 degree turn. This drama keeps me on my feet!! Not many dramas can do that to me. Kudos, kudos, kudos to the writer for such a great story. Thanks to the directors for bringing the writers vision to life and to the music people who choose the right song especially the bar scene and to the actors for an excellent job of telling the story. I know I sound like I am accepting an award, but I wish I could give one to the When A Man Loves A Woman Team.
    Excellent drama, so unlike the usual everyday KD. I just love it!!!!

  1276. 1276 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1275
    You’re totally right about this drama ! just unpredictable !
    But right now I must confess that I’m frustrated, I can’t take it anymore ! we have to wait another week to see what will happen.
    Right now this drama remind me of “The butterfly effect” movie, TS needs to do as the protagonist (Ashton Kutcher) did in the end ! hehehe ! that’s the only way ! 😀

  1277. 1277 : fan Says:

    Now that SJ bought the house, what will MD’s father do ?
    emmmm !
    he’ll go to Han river and commit suicide !? maybe a clone of TS will appear and help him !

    Who will protect and help MD now ?
    emmmm !
    JH !? when he conclude business with hong kong investors, after 10 years ! animyeon 20 years !

  1278. 1278 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, I can honestly say that this ‘IS NOT’ the best kdrama that I’ve seen! Will someone either ‘KNOCK’ MD on her head again, or just get that wench out of the picture all together with heat ‘um and hump ‘um JH…really! The writer really knows how to annoy me as a viewer! I’m at the point where I don’t know if I’d want a man like TS myself! Even if he is FINE! Even if he is a keeper! The writer has him way too tolerant for me when it comes to MD. The next woman he gets with will definitely have a very hard time with him. I know…I know its fiction, yet its still the truth!

    That CH really knows how to mess things up (writer!!!)!!! LOL

  1279. 1279 : Sandy Says:

    Sharon Says, I glad you think so, but for me this drama has been a total let down. In real life, who will let someone accuse them of something and not speak up for themselves? Only in this drama. There are so many secrets and misunderstanding because people don’t communicate. I hate dramas like this. I like dramas where it’s give and take. Bad guy win, good guy win (Salaryman, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Dong Yi, Mars, etc). I don’t like it when good guy always lose. That is why I hate May Queen and have no desire to ever watch it again. As a matter of fact, I stopped watching it after episode 24–it was the same old same old.

    Not only that, Really, what is this drama about. There is truly no depth to the story.

  1280. 1280 : usa-mary Says:

    How’s about somebody knocking TS in the head so that he can forget MD…PLEASE!!! LOL I’ve had enough already of the back and forth, along with the grin and bear it myself!

    P.S. TS SEND THOSE PEOPLE HOME!!! You continually grind your back teeth while bending over backwards for these people and the only one who appreciates you is MD’s mother! What’s with this writer! I don’t know how TS can take because I’ve had it and reached my tolerance limit with MD, JH, CH, SJ, GG, BC, thieving DG and whoever else wants to join this scumny rat pack bunch writer Kim has created!

  1281. 1281 : Araceli C. Domingo Says:

    I like this drama,it’s like you are always walking on the edge of a cliff, hopefully MD end up with TS, she realize in her heart that it is always Tee Tee inside…aigoo…I can’t wait to see the ending of this drama…and to TS “fighting!!!…

  1282. 1282 : Sharon Says:

    Guys I understand the frustration, but that’s the best part. It’s not a bad frustration it’s the type of frustration that make you want to come back for more.
    What I do hope for is a terrific ending, I hope the writer don’t disappoint us on the ending. That would p me off.

  1283. 1283 : Sandy Says:

    Sharon Says, I have to disagree. It’s the type of frustration that I want to vent to the writers. I can honestly say that I’m not on pins and needles to see this next week. The only thing that will change this for me is if TS does a 380.

  1284. 1284 : Jyenie Says:

    Everybody has misunderstood TS, they think he is cold and vicious and they misled us to predict the story development in that direction, actually nobody is kinder and warmer than him.
    I can’t wait to watch the next 4 episodes because it will be beans spilling time! What is the secret of CH? What did he do behind TS’s back?(he has a very bad habit of helping TS in this way) Which one is Tae min? JH or Roy Chang? How did TM end up in the orphanage? Who put him there? Did CH take care of the wrong TM as his own brother all these years?
    ATTENTION TO THE FUTURE VIEWERS OF THIS DRAMA if you want a great ride( could be quite frustrating to many), pls DO NOT read any comments anywhere before you are done watching this drama. ;-p

  1285. 1285 : Sandy Says:

    usa-Mary, THANK YOU. I needed a good laugh. I agree, TS needs a knock on the head.

    Araceli C. Domingo: I don’t want TS and MD to end up together. If I could have the perfect ending, I would love for MD to realize what she’s lost and the truth about TS. Then have a change of heart and want him, but he doesn’t want her. That would be the ending that would make this drama worth while for me.

  1286. 1286 : Jyenie Says:


    Isn’t it the best form of revenge from a fine man like TS? 😉

  1287. 1287 : Sharon Says:

    Not speaking up for self etc, that’s the average KD. No one says what’s on their mind. It might be cultural. Someone told me its disrespectful to say what on you mind in Korea everything is implied. If that’s true, communication is going to be lacking and that leads to a lot, lot of misunderstanding.
    Ok, TS is a guy that’s in love for the first time, so everything is a new experience to him, letting go is the hardest part but he will get the hang of it eventually. Like usa-mary says the next woman has hell to pay for what MD did. 🙂

  1288. 1288 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie 1284
    You are soooo right, watch without interference.

  1289. 1289 : Kdramaholic Says:

    indeed I agree with some of you said TS needs some knocking in the head as being too obsessive to MD. Shall we all boycott him and this drama altogether? haha, I actually want CH to be main instead, at least he’s in clear mind state and knows what he needs to do. Anyway, could this blog reach 2k posts be the end of this drama? haha

  1290. 1290 : JB Says:

    after dropping this drama, i’m stress free. It should be entertainment when it deviate even from near reality it becoming stressing

  1291. 1291 : JB Says:

    after dropping this drama, i’m stress free. It should be entertainment when it deviate even from near reality it becomes stressing

  1292. 1292 : Jyenie Says:

    That is why I never watch any horror or haunted movies because I can’t tolerate them. We should only watch what we like.

  1293. 1293 : usa-mary Says:

    Nooooo! Not my beautiful light-brown genie eyes CH! Did everyone see episode 16 when he and Dong Goo fought! Not my CH! Noooo! boohoooo

    @JB-1290: I’m in agreement with you! I’ve gotten waaaay to involved with this drama.

    @Sandy-1279: Speak the TRUTH! What is this drama really about! I can tell you in a nutshell…INTENSE TRAIN WRECKING CONFUSION!

    VENT TIME: There’s really not a good moral to it anywhere to be found. My God…even Buddhist followers pray. All these people rely on their no conscience selves, liquor, yoga/pilates, and exercise. No wonder they’re so evil and a mess!!! Whenever I come away from a drama after watching an episode, I at least want to have learned something from it. When I come away from this one, its more like out of sight, out of mind relief for me and it shouldn’t be like that at all! Now, I really need to pump up the volume when I dance after this episode! Geez Loueez!

  1294. 1294 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-1292: I totally agree with you! Yet, I keep hoping that this drama will get better, but so far its not! Oh ohhhh…am I acting towards this drama like TS is towards MD! HELP! Hoping it will turn around when it will not. SOS! Looking for a sign of love and there’s none to be found! Well that’s my wake up call! Even the scales need revamping after watching this drama…re, fa, sol, la, ti and thats it! I might even drop sol because it sounds too close to her last name. LOL

  1295. 1295 : kheir Says:

    OMO this drama is getting worst and worst.i ve been decided to stop watching it and reading recaps after ep 8. i really can’t stand the main actress’s acting skill.i never can predict what she feels,who she loves,etc2 because she can’t act it out..even the main actor who considered to be lack in acting skill,he can at least do it much better than her.
    phew i really give up on SSK..

  1296. 1296 : Lily Says:

    I hope Roy Chang is his brother not JH

  1297. 1297 : say Says:

    I intended not comment on this drama again or argue with some people who is congratulating the screenwriter for writing a despicable drama,from A to Z still now ep16 there is no single good thing learn from this, and yet MBC station allow this to go on,this drama should be censored from showing it to the viewers,one episode to other it keep getting worse and worse,well I just listen to comment from different web site, no need to watch, i want to be stress free.

  1298. 1298 : linda Says:

    IS this old or new movie…i think i watch this somewhere b4 same storie But not sure what language…

  1299. 1299 : agnesia Says:

    this drama is getting worst each episode!!!!

  1300. 1300 : Jyenie Says:

    EP16 Mido confronted TS in the bed with the tears flowing down her cheek accusingly, ” I wish I hadn’t accepted your help to start with!”Is this what TS gets in return from MD after offering his generosity, kindness and love? She is not an intelligent and sensitive soul, otherwise nobody with the right mind could misunderstand him and mutter something so terrible! This favourite quote by KD’s evil mother in law seems fit for MD, “It’s a waste to give away my precious son to such a woman!”
    MD, pls don’t get me started about what would happen to you and your family IF you hadn’t accepted TS’s help because I might need at least 10 pages to illustrate that!
    TS told her to go to the one she loves, she is free to go! I really hope TS will really mean what he said this time!
    Lastly, a farewell present from me on behalf of TS to MD and MD’s dad, yes I know, they will never appreciate my generosity, which is a famous quote from Lu Xin—Ji dang biao zi, you xiang li pai fang!(Lead the life of a whore and want a monument put up to one’s chastity) Tsk tsk tsk…..

  1301. 1301 : Jyenie Says:


    No more pink heels in the coming episodes pls!
    Thank you and kamsahamnida.

  1302. 1302 : peraindia Says:

    Crazy writer , crazy producer , crazy director . I hate this drama , everytime comes new problem , mi do is a bitch I hate her

  1303. 1303 : Jyenie Says:

    I don’t think CH is dead, he will be in coma and wake up briefly to clear TS’s name in time.

  1304. 1304 : InquizityJJ Says:

    After watching Ep 16, would not like to see TS and MD end up together at the end. Writer, please don’t put them together.

  1305. 1305 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie MD recieved a new pair of shoes, a jewel ! What will she do !? Will she cherish it and regret her foolishness ? will she wear it !? But it’s too late now, there won’t be any occasion where she can enjoy it !
    Pink shoes ! Little girl’s dream ! Little girl’s preferred colour !
    What will she do !? Hmmm !

  1306. 1306 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1303 I was hopeless when CH died ! Again TS will suffer misfortune and will be framed ! But then, you have to remember the letter that CH wrote explaining everything 😉

  1307. 1307 : fan Says:

    TS will no more be around, taking care of everything ! No more warmth, no more love !
    Now, MD will feel the difference ! Was it a burden !? Was it a gift !?

    CH died, JH will become like an enraged dog ! His hate will blind him. Then, who’ll be the gentleman !? Again, pink shoe or sparkling shoe !!!?

  1308. 1308 : ak Says:

    This is my first ever so stressful kdrama but I’m still hooked to it because I’m too curious to know what going to happen. Sad but true.

    Maybe MD won’t end up with either TS or JH. For sure if I see the pink heels during my shopping it will definately reminds me of this drama.

    Also want to say thank you to all of you here who have commented your views, ideas and preferable endings to each characters in WAML.

    I enjoy reading all your comments while waiting for the next episode.

  1309. 1309 : Lily Says:

    I hope TS stop taking care of MD family and go looking for his mother and his brother and hope CH not died

  1310. 1310 : Jyenie Says:

    Hahaha, this drama has created a lot of firsts for KD.

    1. Many viewers hope the male lead won’t end up with the female lead, this is the happy ending for them.
    2. No matter how much you give, the receiving ends never seems grateful and take things for granted.
    3. After receiving your good deeds, someone will turn around and say,” I wish I didn’t accept your help!”
    4. An ugly girl and an ugly boy fell for each other, the dark, tall, handsome, kind, rich and gentle benefactor is the third wheeler. LOL. Give me a break here!
    5. The secrets to win the girl next door’s heart ala JH’s style:
    paying cheap lip service, carrying two bags of rice and two bears, and don’t forget to get her a pair of “pink” heels!
    TS’s financial support for her and her family, kindness, holiday,car and other lavish presents!

  1311. 1311 : Mae-Ri Says:

    @Jyenie..100% agree with you! An ugly girl and an ugly boy fell for each other, MD and JH both sucks..ugly ugly thick face.. they can go to hell!!!

  1312. 1312 : Sharon Says:

    The color pink represents the sweetness and innocence of the child in all of us. It is the color of uncomplicated emotions, inexperience and naiveté. Pink can often lead you to become immature, silly and girlish, abandoning your adult responsibilities. Owed to MD pink shoes hahaha!!

  1313. 1313 : JB Says:

    this is the reason i am saying that SSH is not really good in picking script suitable for him. best act and acting his done is my princess.

    I think he should have been better for roles like I summon you gold

  1314. 1314 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1310 HEHEHEHE !

  1315. 1315 : Jyenie Says:


    What is your idea of happy ending for this drama? I am converted to no.1 the minute I saw her wearing that pink heels in the wheelchair, and you? Come on, wearing high heels in a wheelchair? And pink in colour somemore?!

  1316. 1316 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1315

    Trying to fool an intelligent person is an insult for him/her, That’s what MD did to TS. She still thinks that he’s a thug who ordered to kill her and on top of that she did it for the sake of another man. This time he won’t look back to her or trust her.

    MD is pretty sure that she likes(not loves) JH, foolish and immature girl ! she don’t know yet what is love.

    TS will go through hard time but in the end he will reunite with his family and find peace.
    MD will go through hard time because of JH and SJ, this time she’ll understand whom she loves.

    Eotteohge haeyahalji to have a happy ending !?

    You’ll tell this is what you want, this is the happy ending ! isn’t it !?
    But TS won’t live his rest of life as a monk !? Don’t tell me he’ll meet a nice girl !

    From what I know till now about TS character, he won’t forget MD.
    To gain his trust again she needs to give a proof, her life in return. This way she’ll be forgiven from all of us the viewers. Of course she won’t die !
    She’ll go to New York for 2 or 3 years(time needed to forget the sad past for both of them), meanwhile TS will finish his project. She’ll go back to S.Korea and try to be hired in his new park, and she’ll succeed. They’ll meet this time in fortunate circumstances and start anew.
    The END 🙂
    N.B : going through all this frustration and sadness, the writer owes us a happy ending 😉

  1317. 1317 : fan Says:

    Oh yes ! I forget the others !
    MD’s mother will be happy, very happy(she deserves it),
    MD’s father will be published and will keep his head down,
    The 2 snakes will kill each other,
    JH will be the director of TS park (his brother) or he’ll go to hell (not his brother) 😀

    And the last scene will be TS and MD with their little cute child enjoying cherry blossom ! hehehe !

  1318. 1318 : Sharon Says:

    Just start watching ep 16

    1. TS, is wavering he took the paper that MD wrote and crushed it up he is thinking.

    2. SJ told MD’s dad that she will come back later , I have no doubt that she will, with new tenants hahaha!!

    3. Guys, JH has too much balls, can someone cut them off please!!!

    4. Last night I dreamt My closet was full of pink shoes, big ones, small ones, fat ones, tall ones!!!! Hehehe. Those dam pink shoes even have pink flowers stuck to the bottom of it. Now, that’s just too much!

    5. By not reporting the accident was MD trying to protect JH, by not incriminating his brother CH?? Mmmmm

    6. MD said that the show will begin now to JH. All I can say is be careful what you wish for because you might get it. MD, check yourself…

    7. What’s MD trying to be Charlie Chang, or the grate mouse detective. Don’t she kinda look like a mouse hehehe!!

    8. They are on the roof. CH and TS are bromance to the fifth power, I just love you guys. I feel a tear falling sniffle, sniffle.

    9 you lazy bastard, why ask JH to look into you daughters accident get off your ass and go look your self. This time don’t jump into the Han river, first check out Niagara Falls. Hahahahaha Guys he hurks me!! Hurks= piss me off, upset me etc.

    10. Why would Roy Chang call JH pathetic ?? Is it because of his mother and the man she left her family for he thinks JH is pathetic to give up business for a woman, or is he calling TS pathetic Mmmmmmmmm. He seems especially cold towards women.

    11. I don’t blame Roy Chang for not investing. Business is business and the way JH conducts himself I would not invest either. He is a disgrace to Green Tree. TS fire his a%#s!!

    12. TS says “put your sloppy acting aside and walk towards me”. Whew! He even realize she can’t act hahahahaha

    13. MD, you stupid. Stupid girl!!!!

    14. DG, you are the dumbest person in the world. Judas! How could you!!

    15. Wait a minuite, did TS just say when your legs heal I will let you go??? Did I read that correctly??? TS let her go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Yes, if TS did not help you your life would be different. Starving, father would be dead and you would be a prostitute. Then TS hit it over the fence and said “yes, don’t forgive me”. Dang!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Goo did a good job on DG. DG, was jealous, envious and greedy for TS wealth and the relationship CH and TS has. Wow! Friends like that you need no enemy, according to my grandmother. Scary!!

    18. DG , you know CH has a bad temper don’t call him that, see now you did it.

    19. No, no, no, not CH. Chang Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!

    Sniffle, sniffle, who does TS have now!! He lost his first love now his best friend poor TS. His mom said she dream he visit her. Now is the time you need your mom!!!!!!!

    Guys I must say I love this drama, never a dull moment. From the beginning until now ep 16 I was kept engaged. Can’t wait for next week!!!

  1319. 1319 : zaza Says:

    JH is not CH’s brother so ???? Roy Chang is the real Tea Min??? It looks like JH is the real Tea Min…Nooooooo. I would rather TS die than have JH as brother… hahahaha. Let me personally kill the b….. MD and JH in my mind. This is the second drama that make me hate the female lead very much… Moreover, i don’t like that female lead at all and not going to be her fan.
    I stop watching this drama from ep 10… then i watch ep 14 then ep 16… Ohhh very frustrating seeing TS like that… my hatred for MD is beyond any words… TS please leave her and let her suffer.

  1320. 1320 : Dou Says:

    @sharon.thank u just by reading ur comment I vent my anger.what do u think ll happen to MD if JH is TS’s real brother?

  1321. 1321 : Sharon Says:

    @ Dou
    I really don’t think JH is TS’s brother, Roy Chang is. However, I believe JH will leave her in the end due to guilt, but right now he won’t listen to anyone he is going to take revenge on TS feeling he is responsible for CH death.
    Guys it’s going to be a bumpy ride everything is going to be revealed.

  1322. 1322 : Sharon Says:

    Guys you know what I can’t wait for..SJ to put that father out. He better start typing real fast to publish that book because he is going to need that money.
    SJ resent MD with a passion, so she is going to make sure MD suffers. If TS won’t do it SJ will.

  1323. 1323 : Sharon Says:

    @fan 1316
    Kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that would be nice, but I would like to see him slap the s%#**t out of her just once !! Then, they can walk off into the sunset.THE END

  1324. 1324 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    I think sparkling shoes will triumph over evil. Did the sparkling shoe represent change for TS he is starting anew= new shoes. Can see clearly now everything is shiny and new= sparkle on shoe. Just a thought.

  1325. 1325 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    Why is it the Han Tae Sang seems to be the 2nd lead actor and Lee Jae Hee is the main one?

  1326. 1326 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    @1312 Sharon

    Maybe the right Title for this drama is “Pink Shoes”…Just like in “Pink Lipstick” and not “When A Man Falls In Love”….Hehehe

  1327. 1327 : Rosel Says:

    I HATE SO MI DO. Her acting is terrible and it’s cheezy.

  1328. 1328 : usa-mary Says:

    I made a comment not long ago about not being sure if I would want a man like TS because of his seemingly lengthy tolerance towards MD. Then, I thought about how he was giving MD every possible chance to come clean with what she was doing. Since she didn’t; he took the responsibility and initiative to free himself of this unrequited soul tie. I appreciate TS working at keeping it together as best as he could, though it was painful for him. I now see that his tolerance and strategy was a result of his survival from his younger years when he was literally imprisoned by Mr. Kim to pay off his mother’s debt. In ep. 1, if those grown men could unmercifully beat a 17 year old on the day of his father’s burial…aigoo…there’s no telling what he had to mentally and physically endure until he gained Mr. Kim’s trust. So, instead of it being Darwin’s survival of the fittest; I call it survival of the smartest!

    Wow…TS not only does his good deeds in a grandiose, tasteful style. His farewell to MD was nothing less than that. He purposefully wanted her to always remember that moment, which she undoubtedly will. In the beginning and ending of their relationship, it was a hotel room where she was spared and gifted by him, and at both times; he’s still misunderstood. If it were me writing this part, instead of a beautifully decorated hotel suite, she would have met him on the playground, given a simple cone-shaped party hat and one helium ballon with a notecard tied to the end, which reads, “A branch once it has wilted, will it still be able to bloom?”*

    *quote from the drama: I Miss You!

  1329. 1329 : say Says:

    RonelaAGArcia Says,Why is it the Han Tae Sang seems to be the 2nd lead actor and Lee Jae Hee is the main one?my guess is that the writer is all confused, she lost track of her crazy writing,she need to go to therapy so that the therapies will examine her brain if it is working properly, or advise her to quit writing so that other person will take over the remaining 4episode, because she will continue with this crazy writing, she has done it now up to 16episode the remaining once is not going to be any thing different,I hope MBC will ask other person to complete the remaining one so as to save thousands of viewers who are angry over her despicable view of the world that we live in today.

  1330. 1330 : kitkat Says:

    I dont think MD & TS will have a happy ending since their relationship is too complicated and now MD thinks that TS is trying to kill her so theres nomore trust.
    I think the end will be like MD going to New York to pursue her dreams and end up with noone. TS will either get killed from protecting MD, JH or his family or go to jail for CH’s crime (its not that I want TS to die but im pretty sure he’s not going to have a happy ending since the writer creates his character to be a sad one :(. BSJ will cry and regret her doings to TS. GYG will go to jail for the corruption. JH will go his own separate way.
    Cant wait for the next 4 episss! I hate all character in this drama (even MD’s father) except TS 🙂

  1331. 1331 : Jyenie Says:

    I respect and admire TS because he is such a fine man and his act has been unbelievably noble.

  1332. 1332 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear dear dear, you are still so understanding with MD. She is not the only tree in the jungle, you know? It’s such a waste to give away such a fine man to her! This is a sad ending to me:(
    How about this enhanced version based on yours? MD is impregnated by JH but she realises that TS is the one she loves, she uses all her might to redeem herself fully to TS, TS eventually forgives her after giving her one tight slap, then they kiss passionately, he doesn’t mind taking JH’s child as his own child, their wedding was held among the cherry blossom trees with the child who looks exactly like JH as the flower boy! Hahaha!
    Now this is a very very bad ending! Nothing bad will happen to TS please!? If this is the case, I think I will be depressed for a week….sniff…sniff

  1333. 1333 : vtgwu Says:


  1334. 1334 : vtgwu Says:


  1335. 1335 : bigeye46 Says:

    what a sad story ts is nice to mD but she try her best what she done..

  1336. 1336 : rsp_indo Says:

    bad scenario…

  1337. 1337 : Tira Says:

    I was really hope that MI Do can not walk forever and let JH have her so that JH can use her and left her.

    I just hate Mi Do character! Why is she the lead? Oppa Tae San, we love U. Throw this kind woman and find a better one. We are waiting for your hug, love and kisses!

  1338. 1338 : say Says:

    Kim In Young,I hope MBC will do us a favor if they can ask you to quit writing, the one you have already written is enough let other person complete the drama, so that we all quit typing trying to correct your dark scenario.

  1339. 1339 : ptsh836 Says:

    reading comments here has its gud n bad points; its interesting to hear d outpouring of mixed emotions of viewers…unfortunately, d writer does not know abt it!

    d bad point is it makes me unable to get past epi 6 where im still stuck; jus anticipating d betrayal of TS by d 2 sick lovebirds is enuf to drive me off…however i enjoy reading all of ur comments…i think its even better than d drama itself! 😛

  1340. 1340 : fan Says:

    @Sharon I think this time TS won’t look back again, being lenient doesn’t mean he hasn’t pride. Of course in the end the good will triumph over evil, we don’t expect otherwise !

  1341. 1341 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 1328 as MD’s mother said, he’s perfect !

  1342. 1342 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1332
    CH said to MD : “You’re the first the last and everything for him”, he know so well his hyung !
    Because I love TS character I don’t want him to live in regret for loving the wrong person, I still give MD a chance to end up with him. A kind and smart person who could survive all this hardship deserves happiness, right !

    You want to give such a fine man to an impregnated woman by a brat ! Sure a happy ending !!!!! berk ! if that’s the case, it’s better he meets her in the streets with her child panhandling, he throws to her money and tells her “don’t forgive me” hehehehe !

  1343. 1343 : Jyenie Says:

    “Because I love TS character I don’t want him to live in regret for loving the wrong person, I still give MD a chance to end up with him.”
    Hmmm, you are still very understanding. 🙂

    ” A kind and smart person who could survive all this hardship deserves happiness, right !”
    After setting MD free to pursue her happiness, TS feels a sense of peace and happiness he has never felt before, he is looking forward to turning a new leaf in his life. ^_^

    “You want to give such a fine man to an impregnated woman by a brat ! Sure a happy ending !!!!! berk !”
    Hahaha, here you go! Why not? As long as he is happy, right?

  1344. 1344 : dramaaddict Says:


  1345. 1345 : dramaaddict Says:


  1346. 1346 : Mae-Ri Says:

    All the ajhumma’s in Japan watch this drama only because of Song Seung-heon, even the story is not good or suits for him. We still continue watching this drama because we want to see him on screen 2x a week..LOL. To the Producer and Writer of this drama you’re lucky enough you have Song Seung-heon in this project, if it’s not for him nobody will watch this f***ing %^#@*!!!
    MD & JH you deserves each other.. both of you sucks!

  1347. 1347 : Jyenie Says:

    Hahaha, very well said!

  1348. 1348 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1343 HAHAHAHA !

    For sure you hate MD 😀

  1349. 1349 : Jyenie Says:

    Hahaha, you don’t say!

  1350. 1350 : fannie Says:

    i don’t think, MD can still redeem herself for the last 4 episodes. she still insist of loving and choosing JH over TS. I think the writer muddled her mind and become confuse as to who is the lead actor. If TS will still force himself to MD, i think he does not deserve respect.I think it will be good if he let her go, closed his door to her and her family. let them suffer from their circumstance and not help them, so that they will feel his importance and miss his role in easing their hardships. as to CH death, i’m sure the writer will again, put the blame on TS, coz i think she hates TS character the most by giving him all the bad luck in this world( fr abandonment of his mom, losing his bro,evil foster father,manipulative friend,ungrateful girlfriend and protegee,dead friend(CH) and all the people around him. I don’t think the writer has any intention of making TS happy.She wants to portray someone who can have all the bad things happening to him, even if he is good at heart.she wants to tell viewers that being good doesn’t mean that you will have a happy life.

  1351. 1351 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1349 I cant’t hate her even she’s stupid and foolish ! But what I’m sure about is that I can’t stand that snake SJ who throws his venom wherever she goes and that ungrateful brat over-zealous so dedicated to help MD realize her dream è_é

  1352. 1352 : Sharon Says:

    The shoe reference is about TS starting over, I knew it’s the end with MD, so the shoe analogy was starting over anew the new shoes and seeing things brightly now, the sparkles.

  1353. 1353 : Sharon Says:

    @jyenie 1345
    That’s why he gave MD that new shoe because he is turning a new page in his life and seeing everything sparkling new!!

  1354. 1354 : fan Says:

    @Sharon yes you can say that, and also reference to TS love which she’ll regret !

  1355. 1355 : fan Says:

    @Sharon are you leaving our club ! You don’t support MD anymore !? 🙁
    What is your prediction for the ending ?

  1356. 1356 : Sharon Says:

    Noooo, I stick things out to the end. I believe TS will be fine in the end he will have his mom and brother, but who will MD have? Because now everything is going to fall apart her castle in the sky are going to come tumbling down. JH is going to turn his back on her, SJ is going to leave her homeless now, what is she going to do???? Knock on TS door.
    I think the whole family used TS from the mother to the brother.

  1357. 1357 : Sharon Says:

    How for the shoe refers to TS love for MD???

    Wow Fan, that’s a good question, how will it end. This writer tends to be a bit unpredictable and that’s what I like about her you can’t really guess the plot. I think everyone will loose, except TS. He will gain his mom and brother, or he might die.

  1358. 1358 : Jyenie Says:

    I have never liked SJ from day 1, she is the typical pathetic second female lead.

    Yeah, that’s my boy!

    Come on, fan, it’s time to move on, even TS has already moved on. :)) This girl must learn a very big lesson due to her foolishness!

    Do not worry about her as she can always go to jimjipan, that’s what she told her mom before. Hehehe.

  1359. 1359 : say Says:

    I said this before that this drama is tormenting to the viewers, is more than watching a horror movie, some took offense on my comment even give the writer thump-up but look at the way people are complaining over this drama, trying to make up their own scenario,if this drama is not tormenting?why is it that some many people are trying to making up their own scenario about this drama, I don’t understand how this writer can sleep in the night why so many are not sleeping thinking about her cruel writing if the next episode is going to be good or worse.

  1360. 1360 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1356 her mother shows always that he’s a gift, she’s very grateful to him that’s why I like her. She said to her daughter that she’ll regret her choice, and that what will happen.

    @Sharon 1357 I meant “TS love” not “TS love for MD”. TS offered his help and his love to her. How can you describe the love of such a wonderful person !? A jewel !
    MD wearing the pink shoe, she’s saying out loud “I choose JH love”. But comparing the two pairs, which one is better !? That sparkling shoe will scream out loud in her face “hehehe you made the wrong choice !”
    what’s the perfect ending for this drama in your opinion ? You’ve read mine and Jyenie’s !?
    @Jyenie1358 I want her to learn a lesson, a very very very big one(she deserves it) and to suffer for being so foolish and for hurting TS. But you said it yourself “for the sake of love”

  1361. 1361 : Sharon Says:

    My ending would be.
    TS move on with his mother and brother and seven years later his business is even more successful than it was. TS find a beautiful woman marry her and have two children a boy and a girl and finally living happily with his wife and kids. MD return from New York and start asking about him and she was told how happy his life has been. She finally glimpse him and his family having fun at the amusement park. TS has his daughter in arm because she is tired of walking his wife has her hand around his waist and his son holding his mother hands. TS and her eyes finally meet and she bows and he smile back at her and nod his head. His wife with a smile on her face says who is that, and he replied, just someone I use to know. TS and his family continue to enjoy their day while MD walk away in sorrow realizing that she gave away a gem for childish emotion and suddenly the camera capture her shoe which is the old one she had from the beginning. THE END

  1362. 1362 : Jyenie Says:


    “But you said it yourself “for the sake of love”
    I did say that some episodes ago for the sake of TS’s happiness but she is getting worse, she had so may chances to redeem herself but she was obsessed with her lover boy. I have already given up on her. Do you think she still deserves his love? LOL.

  1363. 1363 : k-drama addict recovery Says:

    This drama is driving us crazy! Everbody, take a deep breath in….breathe out….and chant,”it is just a drama, it is just a drama, it is just a drama. It is a reality fantasized by one person, the writer.” Take a deep breathe out, in…then out. There, aren’t we feeling better now haha seriously though, a drama as irritating as this, we have to steo back and remember its just a drama 🙂

  1364. 1364 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1361 So in the end you aren’t in MD club anymore :'( it seems that I’m alone !
    @Jyenie 1362 It depends how she’ll act from now on.

  1365. 1365 : Jyenie Says:


    Yours is quite similar to mine @1271. 🙂

  1366. 1366 : Jyenie Says:

    “So in the end you aren’t in MD club anymore :’( it seems that I’m alone !”
    Oh dear, don’t worry, I will visit you from time to time. 😉

  1367. 1367 : say Says:

    If there where to be good ending,TS will turn to be a good detective, first go home take a good shower, try to know what has been going on behind your back, he can do that, he did it by discovering MD lie not to be able to stand up, he can also help the police to find who is responsible CH fall and why, than, get rid of all the the bad eggs that surrender him, first, in the list, get raid of JH, even though CH is dead or in coma, he is not to be around you, he has show to be a betrayer to you, no pity, pitting him will serve no good for you, TS,MD,SJ will put her in her place by making sure that she and her family is on the street, no mercy this time TS, people around you have taken advantage of you,by calling a fool,so get raid of all of them,you have the game, with your power and money, spend it to know who your friends are and also your enemies,Than a new beginning with your life.That if the writer still have any good ideas left for the viewers.

  1368. 1368 : Sharon Says:

    MD, is immature and very childish. She seems to proclaim how afraid she is of TS and him killing her. If TS wanted to kill her he would have done it a long time ago, that’s how naive and lack of judgement she is. = pink shoe
    TS needs a woman not a child someone to treasure him. Sparkle shoe
    I want to see TS happy and MD is not the one, she is just not ready yet.
    Fan, don’t get me wrong I do understand MD’s plight, but she is just not ready to handle big girls toys hahaha!!!

  1369. 1369 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1366
    TT_TT snif snif ! you’re so sweet ! thank you !

  1370. 1370 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1368 alright ! I understand ! 😐

  1371. 1371 : usa-mary Says:

    @Mae-Ri 1346: Believe me…the majority of the women on this kdrama forum will agree with you about SSH, too! He’s the only (I repeat) only reason I’m still watching it! If I can’t find anything else good to say about this drama, I can at least say that he most definitely was a great choice for the male lead. My eyes and ears (his voice) are truly happy!

    @Sharon-1368: Very nice analogy re both the big girls toys and the shoes: pink=childish vs black and sparkly stilettos=maturity! MD played too many games before and after the hits on her head. She wore out her welcome in TS’s home a loooong time ago.

    In kdramas (in reality too), I know that they enjoy drinking, but its always very disturbing to me when they drink to excess like JH did in a foreign country on a business trip with a potential client. Then, wakes up in his foreign host’s home. Crazy! Poor representation for The Golden Tree! He knew that wasn’t good business etiquette. I believe he literally botched that deal on purpose!

    I say, bring on new landlady SJ! Yeaaaa! Now we’re going to see how strong MD and her motor mouth dad really are without TS’s kindness! Bring it SJ! He had better hope that his book makes #1 on the best selling list. Because even that will be short lived, depending on how well it sells.

    I believe JH is really going to show his behind with TS after finding out about his brother being seriously or gravely injured at the new building site.

  1372. 1372 : Sharon Says:

    Now that the MD situation is over TS will be better able to concentrate on his enemies. CH, accident will let his thinking box go in over drive.
    What is in the content of CH’s letter? Did he speak of DG taking money? If JH feels he is TS’s brother how will he handle his relationship with MD? What will become of Goo? Did CH tell TS where his mother is located in the letter? What part will Roy Chang play in all of this? What will MD an her father do when SJ introduce herself as the new owner? Will MD mother try to convince TS again to stay with her daughter after finding out she faked amnesia and paralyzation? Will DG come clean and admit he is responsible for CH’s accident?

    Guys, Goo did not lend DG the money did he?

  1373. 1373 : Torri Says:

    Ok I just spent my whole day watching this drama and I have so much to say but then again I thought the selfish ,self centered ,cheating , stupid bitch did not even deserve me making comments about her one thing is for sure she would end up up alone, why ? Because now that the over protective brother of her boy friend is death ,what ever he wrote in that letter would make him walk away from the bitch and that part I can’t wait to see . As for TS is time he let’s go of his abandonment issues from his past and let this bitch walk away because she sure does not deserve him and way , I honestly cant stand the girl

  1374. 1374 : Sharon Says:

    Thank you, I just hope TS come through this unscathed.
    I think right now MD will be on the back burner because he has to find out what happen to CH. As usual MD will feel that TS caused CH accident.

  1375. 1375 : fan of SSH Says:

    i love SSH the story is very interesting of the first part very intense i’ll be wait of 16 until the end

  1376. 1376 : SalemElite Says:

    Aigoooo, this is all TS fault. So handsome, so rich, so kind yet:-
    – still want to pursue love from a bitch
    – still want to provide shelter to peoples that does not appreciate him
    – still be too good to people whom betrayed him and,
    – still never want to open up his eyes, his heart.
    TS aaarrrr, you should at least act like CH. Chop them off! Make your move! Why you want to suffer for nothing?

  1377. 1377 : O_oMy^^ Says:

    Drink too much caffeinated coffee can cause addiction. That happened to me. When i drink coffee without caffeine? ..Oomy… l feel tense (^^)
    Just finish watching ep16, “Mido walk just like a cat, and acts like a praying mantis” quite disappointing, until now I still didnt get the story, so confusing – the story just going round n round ^^ or ..am i drunk? O_omy:-X anyway, thats my problem. And I really feel upset to Mido’s character actually. Who is MiDo? Mido, a women to a former gangster, Mido suppose to be a good women, not a gangster ^^ yes, yes, yes When a Man Falls in Love…what to do, everything is sweets and lovely, hahahaha!,- omo i laugh! o_O, Now I was summon for the gold! .. I dig n digging, and now I know why gold is most valued all the time. To the writer, can I have a cup of coffee with you? Still looking forward for your next drama, hopefully you can satisfy my addiction ^^. SSY, Good luck. SSH you are the best, fighting!

  1378. 1378 : Jyenie Says:

    I am not a fan of SSH but he is the main attraction for me to keep my interest going in this drama, I am interested to witness everything happening to the role he plays, his up and down, his love, his happiness and sadness. I am angry when I see that he is being surrounded by a bunch of selfish and self absorbed toads taking advantage of him. Do you think i enjoy watching the affair of a couple of ugly boy and girl? Hell no! Has he ever look himself in the mirror? How dare he challenge him and snatch the girl from him?And how dare she reject TS? She is nobody at all! Their mere existent in his life is insulting to the core !
    I have already mentioned this from the beginning of the drama, the casting team is a gem! Bravo!

  1379. 1379 : Jyenie Says:

    How will the rating be like if this drama is not played by SSH?

  1380. 1380 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    I think people start watching this drama because of SSH and the drama title WHEN A MAN LOVE. ( for those who did not know who SSH is). However, I felt that the story kept everyone coming back for more, although it makes us frustrated, upsetting, angry, depressing, exhausting, and so on and so forth. The writer kept some of us miserable while some of us felt entertained by her story. The rating may not be the best, but the writer, title and SSH kept us watching this drama.
    Oooooh, and to see MD suffer in the end keep a lot of viewers glued to their tv, iPod, iPhone, computer, laptop, Samson Galaxy, etc. hahaha!!

  1381. 1381 : Jyenie Says:

    I have no problem with the writer of this drama at all, she has done a good job according to my not so high standard. I am just saying if this kind of story is only and solely played by a bunch of generic looking actors and actresses without a big name like SSH or the like in it, you think the viewers will put up with the betrayal of a bunch of ungrateful, self righteous leeches? We would have dropped this drama ages ago. MD can have any amount of lovers behind the back of her sugar daddy, we won’t even bat an eye. We keep on coming back for more because it is amusing to see how an ordinary looking doenjang girl rejects the pursue of a dark, tall, handsome, loving, rich suitor with the look and charisma of SSH?! This must be the fault of her father, the most self absorbed fool on the planet! Now we want to see how she is going to regret for her mistake at big time! Hehehe!

  1382. 1382 : say Says:

    Jyenie Says, How can you say you don’t have any problem with the writer, the actors and the actress are her victims in the drama too, they sign a contract, whatever she write is what they act,she is writing annoying script, giving this actress to act in the television to public to see, if her writing where to be good? do you think we will have any problem with Shin Se Kyung acting skill, the answer is no, we will be adoring her, Jyenie, sorry if you pick offense about this but you are totally wrong to say it is Shin Se Kyung fault that the drama is like this, because whatever the writer throw at her is what she act to viewers, there is this drama that is call ”bad guy” at the end of this drama the screenwriter gave her a gun to kill the actor, since than as beautiful as she is, a number of dramas she appears has always be in a low rating since,e,g playful kiss. and other once, for me I fell sorry for Shin Se Kyung in this drama because the writer is killing her career, if not already,for international viewers everybody is saying they will boycott her drama next time they see her in any drama again,the writer can change her name and write any drama without we knowing she is the one but Shin Se Kyung can’t change her name or her face because we already known her, about TS, people can’t have enough of him now, we are even hunger to see him in the next drama,but Shin Se Kyung not so to us the viewers, we want her gone to hell, so this drama play to TS advantage in his career but Shin Se Kyung no way, that is why if I were to be Shin Se Kyung, I will question the writer intentions because this is her life career the screenwriter is destroying it,by writing this despicable things for her to act ,

  1383. 1383 : say Says:

    Again the screenwriter is doing this to woman like her, to me which is questionable why?and you are a woman to write a follow woman like her for such bad way, even when her writing suppose to be promoting women affairs with men in a good faith, as for me I don’t understand why she is doing this to a woman like her.

  1384. 1384 : Jyenie Says:


    “How can you say you don’t have any problem with the writer,”
    Whether you like it or not, that is my opinion. I don’t have any problems with the writer, the script and the actors, they all are doing a good job but I do have problem with the flaws of some of the characters in the story, I appalled by their behaviour and virtue, just like I don’t have problem with this world but I don’t like some of the people in this world. Now, can you tell the difference? You deserve your own opinion and I also respect that but PLEASE try to refrain from putting your ideology on others. I do hope my respect for you is reciprocated.

    “Jyenie, sorry if you pick offense about this but you are totally wrong to say it is Shin Se Kyung fault that the drama is like this,”
    PLEASE do not put words in my mouth, o.k? I don’t like the character of MD in the story but not SSK, I am sure she is doing a great job, judging by the overwhelming hatred for MD.

    ” I fell sorry for Shin Se Kyung in this drama because the writer is killing her career,”
    Does the writer put a gun on her forehead to play the role of MD? It’s her choice, I am sure she has already read the script before she accepted the role, she is aware and prepared that MD will be hated by many viewers, there is calculated risk involved, you think it’s so easy to stand out in the pool of massive talents if she is so choosy with her roles? I don’t have any problems of watching her next project if it’s interesting enough for me. 🙂

    “about TS, people can’t have enough of him now, we are even hunger to see him in the next drama,”
    “so this drama play to TS advantage in his career”
    Hahaha, interesting, this is the only positive comments from you about this drama!

    I am making use of this opportunity to plead you to stop asking the writer to change the script up to your taste, if you were the writer I would have dropped this drama ages ago even with SSH in it, I hope you are not offended. :p The script is not the sole responsibility of the writer, it is inspected and approved by many levels of the production team before the production, o.k?

    Thanks for reading. The end.

  1385. 1385 : Jyenie Says:


    “a number of dramas she appears has always be in a low rating since,e,g playful kiss.”
    Could you please provide the source? Tks.

  1386. 1386 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay, my kdrama fans! I have another jdorama to add to your list. One that I know you will enjoy! Its called, Virgin Road. It was made during 1997, but I just watched it about 4 months ago. It is really, very good.

    Correction: Re the kdrama, First Love. It aired 1997-1998.

  1387. 1387 : Sharon Says:

    @ Juenie
    You are right!!

  1388. 1388 : Jyenie Says:

    Which post are you referring to? Can u see my comments @1384 & 1385?

  1389. 1389 : Sharon Says:

    People in reality cheat!!!!!!!! Kill, turn there backs on people who loves them that’s Judy life. The writer wrote her story from a fictional point of view. SSK must have read the script first before agreeing to take the part, she had a choice. As for the girl in Bad Guy, she is now in Gu Family Book and her acting is on point. Say, A Script won’t stop your career ones acting performance does. That will make you or break you !!!

  1390. 1390 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    Post 1381.

  1391. 1391 : Jyenie Says:

    Just ignore my post @1385

  1392. 1392 : MintyStar Says:

    I am telling you this is a waste of my time… is this still airing??? come on!!!!!!!!!

  1393. 1393 : Jyenie Says:


    “there is this drama that is call ”bad guy” at the end of this drama the screenwriter gave her a gun to kill the actor, since than as beautiful as she is, a number of dramas she appears has always be in a low rating since,e,g playful kiss.”

    Although the series got low ratings in Korea, it was sold to 12 Asian countries and a short special edition was aired on YouTube after the finale. The online series was so popular that it got a million hits in the first two days.

  1394. 1394 : say Says:

    Sharon Says, let start with you, the girl I am referring to is”Jung So Min” in playful kiss and bad guy is not Gu Family Book, go and make your research before you gangs start making unnecessary noise in the web which I call immature behavior,

    Jyenie Says, script writers change the lines when they see that the viewers are not happy with the way things are going.can I say this, I think you are the only one that is giving this writer congratulations out off hundred of on line viewers, who is watching this drama.i don’t have time to type too much or start arguing with you,and your denial about this drama that is good to watch. you obvious don’t get it, people like you are the once that see wrongs and say it is right.this were I will rest my case.

  1395. 1395 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie I don’t think that I would be interested in SSH previous works if I didn’t discover his talent in this drama. And I wouldn’t discover him if the story didn’t attract me. For me he made a wise decision to choose this script. Certainly he added to this work, but I don’t think that Koreans are stupid to watch a drama just because of him. We’ve seen many dramas where the lead actors are popular but the rating isn’t that good. SSK will surely get benefits from her role in this drama. Who don’t know her, she played with Rain in his last movie “Return to Base R2B” and in the hit drama “Deep Rooted Tree” and recieved an excellence award for her performance in it.

  1396. 1396 : Jyenie Says:

    I agree with you.

  1397. 1397 : Sharon Says:

    The girl you are referring to is Jung Sou Min her real name is Kim Yoon Ji. She received an MBC award in 2012 for her role in The drama Standy. Jung Sou Min, also appeared in the drama Can We Get Married which ended on January 1, 2013. Say, she has been working even received an award. Say, it’s not about the writer it’s about the acting.

  1398. 1398 : Sharon Says:

    SSK will receive many job offers because of this drama, she has even become more popular due to this screen writer, Kim In Young. Fan, you so right.
    Guess what fan, JH will also receive many job offers due to this drama. SSH, popularity has gone through the roof due to this drama. The When A Man Love team did an excellent job to convey the story. Oh oh oh, even the pink shoe has gotten popular due to this drama hahaha!!

  1399. 1399 : Sharon Says:

    THANK YOU for 1384!! !!!!!!!! They needed that Aigooooooooooo!!!!!
    I just saw the comment good job and we both referred to the same thing, my comment 1389

  1400. 1400 : Jyenie Says:


    You are so right!!! Everybody is laughing to the bank especially Kim In Young! Oh no, not the pink shoes again! Hahaha!

  1401. 1401 : Jyenie Says:


    Give me five! And don’t overlook my comment @1393. 😉

  1402. 1402 : Sandy Says:

    The question was asked on another site: If you could imagine SSH casted as JH instead of TS, do you think you would root for JH and MD to be together?

    My Answer: If SSH was JH instead of TS, I would feel the same. I like SSH as an actor and seen him in other roles where I did NOT like his character. If MD was painted as a likable, trusting, giving person, I would root for her in a heartbeat to be with JH. The same with JH, if you could see him struggling to be loyal to his friend TS while at the same time fighting his love for MD, I could root for him.

    However, I don’t see any of this from MD or JH, you see two selfish people who are constantly thinking bad of someone who has only shown them kindness. You see them plotting behind this person back as if he deserves no respect. Also, MD doesn’t try to open up to TS. She always responds coldly with clip answers. As I type this, I feel just frustration towards those two characters–MD and JH.

    I could have rooted for MD and JH to be together if they had been honest from the beginning, now when I see them together, I can’t stand either one of them. I DO NOT WANT TS TO END UP WITH MD. The same way I did not want the Fierce Wife to get back with her husband and I didn’t want the Oohlaa Couple to get back together. After the writers cross a certain line in painting how awful a person can be, it’s hard to redeem them.

    Yes, I want MD and JH to feel some guilt over how they treated TS and realize how wrong they were. I want TS to have the satisfaction of rejecting her with a free heart.

    In short, I’m not basing how I feel about TS on his looks or money, but on his inner character. If TS was as awful as MD and JH painted him, I could easily root for MD and JH, but he’s not. That’s why so many people weren’t upset when MD got hit by a car, everyone was worried about what would happen to CH; will people think TS did it. Majority of people didn’t care if MD died–this is the writer’s fault; they made her an awful person.

  1403. 1403 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    1384 Jyenie & 1389 Sharon, thanks to both of you for the beautiful and crystal-clear explanation.

    I wish people would stop moaning about the story, the writer, actors, the drama overall =) OK, please do not stop moaning, just keep the rating high, thank you. Heheh!

    To those who do not like this drama, you can go to other pages and comment on what you are watching. It sounds crazy when you have to much to SAY on the dramas that you do not watch, or if you do not like but you still do watch them. The fact that you have time to research about the actors, writer, etc. on this drama and still do want to be kept updated with what is happening with the story in When A Man Loves, means that you are already drawn to it. It only proves that the writing is so effective. Admit it or not, you are curious how everything will turn out in the end (*_^) Please have a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T to those who enjoy this drama.

    Lovingly yours, AjaAja!

    Fighting! =)

  1404. 1404 : say Says:

    this writer is now in sixteen episode, there is nothing good that any one can get their hands on, that is good about this writing, if there is, can some body please name one or three things that this writer has written so far that promote good things about life,nothing I can get my hands on not even one,

    @Jyenie, if I have to write a drama my ideology is to promote what good and not to cheer what is bad, I will not write a dark script for people watch or something that people will be angry of or cause at, but some thing when it is watch many will be happy with,excluding you because your comment has shows that you love what is bad and disagree for on what good.

  1405. 1405 : say Says:

    The gangs have wake up now to cheer their evil ideology that shows who they are in real life.

  1406. 1406 : rhea Says:

    I finally gave up on this drama…can’t stand watching mi do!!! Grrr!!!

  1407. 1407 : Jyenie Says:

    You are welcome and tks to you too. 🙂

    Woohoo, someone just picked up the new word, “ideology”!

  1408. 1408 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    To the One at 1404, I thought you’ve stopped watching this drama. If you still do watch it, thank you. And if you really do, I think you missed out on some of the scenes which promote good things about life; and one example of these is pursuing one’s dream (remember MD’s dream, MD’s brother and friend’s dream to be dancers/celebrities). Another is, how bad a person could be in the past, he still have a chance to better his life, change himself to be a better person, to be useful to the people around him (TS is one example). You know bad things are also shown in this drama which actually serve as warnings or reminders. Bad things are not necessarily bad things, they happen for a reason; and people should learn from them. Need I say more? I trust my statements are easily understood but if not, who cares! =)

    Thank you! AjaAja!

    Fighting!!! 🙂

  1409. 1409 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    1407 Jyenie, you’re welcome too! 🙂

  1410. 1410 : say Says:

    AjaAjaFighting! Says, YOU METION MD’s brother and friend’s dream to be dancer comes true, than how did the writer return this help back to TS, did MD brother,grateful or ungrateful to the one that make that dream possible, did MD brother say thank you TS, for helping my sister to assist me in making my dream come true, no the writer wrote MD brother to be ungrateful to TS by supporting JH to be the one that is right for his sister,tell me if the writer write anything good about MD brother dream come true again, from ep1to ep16 now the writer keep the punishment one person TS alone no one else in this drama that has been punished for wrong doing,not even to say the writer just added other punishment to TS to be frame for CH fall or death, even though this can happen in real life but this is fiction, that is why most people don’t like the writer to keep punishing one person. because at the end of the day work we all want that is going to refresh our mind not stress us out again by watching unbelievable story.I said this before I wish I never set my eyes on this story I could have save my time watching other interesting drama not the one that will make me argue with anybody.

    [other one how bad a person could be in the past, he still have a chance to better his life, change himself to be a better person, to be useful to the people around him (TS is one example). ] how did the writer respond to TS past,even his past still comes back to hunt him, the person he sponsored in school comes back to take one thing that could make him happy away from him, even the woman that he almost sacrifice his life for told him that she wish she never accept any help from him, and look at TS as a dangerous man to her, twice that the writer shows TS fighting is all about MD saving her life also her family. what good dose this writing show us again if the person, this good is be done to did not recognize it for us, we the viewers to see how doing good can be rewarding to some one life.the writer ideals is pointless than . I don’t like typing too much I think I am doing so now, I will end it here.

  1411. 1411 : say Says:

    Jyenie Says, ideology,I think you misuse that word that is why I am referring back to you.

  1412. 1412 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks, you hit it on the nose!!!!!! Fighting!!!!

  1413. 1413 : Sharon Says:

    You are a trip!!! Pick up new word hahaha!! Funny!!

  1414. 1414 : Sharon Says:

    Say, there is nothing I can say. 🙂

  1415. 1415 : say Says:

    @Sharon, that make scene.

  1416. 1416 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1398
    You’re right !
    Many international stars played hateful characters and received acknowledgement for their performances !

    @Sandy 1402
    I can’t imagine TS other than SSH and MD other than SSK and JH other than YWJ, the cast was well selected.
    From the beginning of this drama, the writer went in a way that no one could expect, so I hope that she’ll keep on and surprise us with an unpredictable and satisfactory ending, we don’t hope less.

    AjaAja! Fighting!!! :-* (^_^)v

  1417. 1417 : jayje Says:

    i can’t stand watching mi do!!! i hate that girl. Grrr!!!

  1418. 1418 : jayje Says:

    i can’t stand watching mi do!!! i hate that girl!!! i hope she die….

  1419. 1419 : Sandy Says:

    @Fan 1416
    I’m not suggesting the cast wasn’t well selected, apparently my comment escaped you. In all honesty, this story is going around in an endless circle with no depth.

    One thing that has been the same in most K dramas, if the main male and female lead get into a relationship in the beginning episodes, then 9 times out of 10 they are going to breakup mid-way through. So my expectation from the beginning was for TS and MD to break up. I was surprised that the writer didn’t make MD’s character likable.

    I stopped watching for a few weeks and decided to give it another try. I will say I enjoy the reviews/comments more than the story itself. I am interested to see how the writer unravel this mess in the remaining 4 episodes–if they’re able.

  1420. 1420 : fan Says:

    @Sandy 1419
    I understood what you’ve said in your post. You’re speaking about the characters not the actors and that for you, you’ll have the same reaction toward the characters even if the cast is switched.
    I just gave my opinion that the characters will appear differently if the actors are selected differently. The actors are very important to give life to the story, and SSH did really really very well here (all the cast as well), even now I get confused between him and his character.
    And you’re right about the relationship between the main leads, it’s the same thing, you can tell that after 3/4 of the drama, they’ll end up together.
    We’re all waiting ! ^_^

  1421. 1421 : Sharon Says:

    You are sooo correct about SSH embodiment of his character TS, I could not differentiate which is which. Would I watch another drama of his? You darn skippy.

  1422. 1422 : Jyenie Says:


    This is exactly what I was trying to say before. I am sure our reactions for TS would be different if it’s played by someone like Lee Chang Hoon for example. We might feel more sympathetic to MD. SSH definitely has done a good job here.

  1423. 1423 : lam Says:

    i don’t like it

  1424. 1424 : love SSH Says:

    wait for episode 17 and 18 for the last two weeks no extension for total episode 22

  1425. 1425 : lWAMFIL lover Says:

    soon to be aired to the philippines i’ll be wait of tagalog version now airing A THOUSAND DAY’S PROMISE TO THE BEAUTIFUL and MISSING YOU(ABS-CBN)
    UNEXPECTED YOU I DO IDO and QUEEN and I no.1 program (GMA7)
    i’ll be wait of 17 and 18 until the final

  1426. 1426 : koreandramaloves Says:

    soon to be aired of 2014 asianovela line-up THE WINTER THE WIND BLOWS WHEN A MAN FALLS IN LOVE QUEEN’S OF AMBITION 100 YEARS OF LEGACY

  1427. 1427 : fanatic Says:

    when a man falls in love very interesting and very popular #1 program every wednesday and thursday song seung hun very good actor good charisma good looking and handsome one of the best actor of these generation from the beginning AUTUMN TALE SUMMER SCENT EAST OF EDEN MY PRINCESS DR JIN and WHEN A MAN FALLS IN LOVE(present)

  1428. 1428 : fanatic Says:


  1429. 1429 : K-DRAMA Says:

    very interesting finale please extend 2 episodes total of 22

  1430. 1430 : K-DRAMA Says:


  1431. 1431 : K-DRAMA Says:


  1432. 1432 : fan of SSH Says:


  1433. 1433 : lover Says:


  1434. 1434 : oh jung Says:

    so handsome SSH
    beautiful and sexy SHIN SE KYUNG 🙂

  1435. 1435 : oh jung Says:

    🙂 GOOD DRAMA 😀

  1436. 1436 : lee dong chul Says:

    waiting for KO HYUN JUNG QUEEN’S CLASSROOM replacing WHEN A MAN LOVES MBC DRAMA was very good KANG CHI THE BEGINNING WHEN A MAN LOVES and 100 YEARS of LEGACY WEEKLY DRAMA was very popular and high rating high rating to the LAST EPISODE 😀

  1437. 1437 : pinoy korean fan Says:

    malapit nang matapos itong drama intense ang drama super ganda ng kwento super duper makabagdamdamin ang bawat eksena ang lead star napakagaling SONG SEUNG HUN

  1438. 1438 : pinoy korean fan Says:

    masyadong ma-drama itong dramang ito antay ng bagong palabas ni SSH sa 2014 taon sya gumawa ng drama malapit na sya mag-40

  1439. 1439 : pinoy spoof Says:

    wait ko ito sa pilipinas kung ipapalas kung hindi man ngayon taon next year na wait ko rin kung sinong local channel dito sa pilipinas ang magpapalabas nito GMA or ABS-CBN

  1440. 1440 : PINOY HOTTIE Says:


  1441. 1441 : GOOD DRAMA Says:

    thank you MUNHWA BROADCASTING CORPORATION for good drama and good story WHEN A MAN LOVES 😀 wait for final episode EXTENSION PLEASE due to high rating of timeslot KST

  1442. 1442 : pinoyaddict Says:

    SSH is very interesting character GANGSTER to LOVER

  1443. 1443 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1421
    I’m digging for his previous works, till now I could watch “My princess”, “Calla”, “A better tomorrow” and started “Make it big”. I remembered watching before “He was cool” and many years ago “Summer Scent” on TV. I looked for “East of Eden” and the others but it’s difficult to find them on the net. I didn’t want to watch Dr Jin from the beginning before its airing because I loved the Japanese one and I don’t like the lead actress Park Min Young.
    I can tell that he dazzled me in this one ! ^///^
    And I’m definitely looking forward his next work !

    Right ! they’ve been perfectly selected !

  1444. 1444 : mdk70 Says:

    @fan 1443,

    You can watch East of Eden on Youtube at MBC Classic channel with English subtitle. I watched it there as well. Unfortunately there are some episodes missing. Maybe you can look in Gooddrama.net for missing episodes.

  1445. 1445 : fan Says:

    @mdk70 Thanks a lot !

  1446. 1446 : calliestha Says:

    what a drama…this is the first drama that I even read all the comments. I vote for a happy ending for TS only but please not with MD. wkwkwk…thumbs up for the writer…and TS is sooo….><

  1447. 1447 : asasas Says:

    I stopped watching this drama, this drama actress who plays less well in playing this role. This drama storyline too boring, sorry this my personal opinion .. I think the best drama in 2013 till now that THAT THE WINTER WIND BLOWS, ranging from artists and actors, the storyline until shooting was amazing ..

  1448. 1448 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    1412 Sharon: You’re welcome and thank you too. And I second that many international stars played hateful characters or villains but received high praises and commendations. I think actors who played these type of roles stay in the industry longer than those actors who always play as main leads/protagonists.

    1416 Fan: Thank you. I also do hope that the writer will surprise us with an unpredictable and happy ending.

    1410 Say: Thank you for commenting. I do not think I deserve more than a hundred words. I was not trying to convince you with what I believe in, but sometimes (this is my unsolicited advice) you also need to listen (not hear) to what others have to say. I think there is a truth to the statement that the more knowledge a person gain the more it is difficult for him to listen to other people. Hopefully, in the near future we could be both cheering for one particular drama and then bash other people who do not like it, LOL! 🙂 Peace!

    Keeping my fingers off the keys until the last episode! Cheers, guys! TS, be strong, OK? Hehe. SSH is one of my fave actors together with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Soo Hyun!!!

    AjaAjaFighting! 😀

  1449. 1449 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think you will be able to keep your fingers off the key:) you will be back after ep 17, 18. Hahaha!! Fighting!

  1450. 1450 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep17 preview

    CH is in coma. JH is rushing to the hospital to visit his brother, he is shaking TS and accusing him of causing injury to CH. JH meets up with GG and SJ, these two are trying their best to poison his mind further to be against TS. In the meantime, MD is leaving TS’s home with a luggage, at the main gate, she turns her head and have one last look of the place while TS is looking out the window thoughtfully….

  1451. 1451 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1450 Do you understand Korean ? what MD and TS were saying in the end of the preview ?

  1452. 1452 : Jyenie Says:


    Very well said!

    I love all your comments, so please do come back here from time to time. 🙂

    Speaking of Kwon Sang Woo, I used to have a big crush on him after watching Stairway to Heaven a few years ago. My heart was aching when he got married and the crush soon diminished to none. Hahaha. With this experience, I can fully understand fans’ feeling for their idols. 🙂

  1453. 1453 : Jyenie Says:


    My understanding of Korean is on and off. Ha. Probably it goes like this:
    MD said, “I still don’t really get you….” TS said,”Delete me from your memory….” Wow, TS, well done!

  1454. 1454 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    Enlighten me, what are they saying? All I can see is TS saying, don’t let the door knob hit you where the good lord split you!! Hahaha !!

  1455. 1455 : Sharon Says:

    I thought you knew what they were saying.

  1456. 1456 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1453 Oh yes ! very well done !
    @Sharon I understand very little, few words ! ^_^’

  1457. 1457 : Sharon Says:

    What is she going to do now, seems like TS has made up his mind to let her go. I also guess she is on her way home to the house that SJ now owns. Here comes trouble!!! I hope JH finds the letter first.

  1458. 1458 : Sharon Says:

    Now, I want to see what TS is going to do with his new found freedom!!

  1459. 1459 : fan Says:

    Now TS is more concerned about CH health, and to find out who tried to kill him. JH will try all his means to destroy him, and MD will be crying over her loss.
    If JH finds the letter first will he understand and calm down ? or he’ll hate everyone even CH ? It seems for me that JH is like SJ and YG. He appears as a good person, but in reality he’s bad, how could he be jealous of his benefactor and do everything to steal his girlfriend !?
    For me, it seems more likely that JH isn’t TS brother but KSJ son, he did with TS like his father did with TS father, what do you think ?

  1460. 1460 : Sharon Says:

    It’s a possibility, the way this drama is going it could have that kind of a twist. How old was TS brother!!! JH could be TS’s stepbrother. Fan, this is a whole new ball game.

  1461. 1461 : Sharon Says:

    If JH is KSJ son, when things get rough he is going to run. MD is in big, big, trouble. Silly, silly, silly, girl.

  1462. 1462 : shoshlev Says:

    I really do not like the character that plays the actress and the actress but I think that JH is the brother of TS.
    Song Seong Hun Is my favorite.

  1463. 1463 : Sharon Says:

    East Of Eden is now on Viki.com

  1464. 1464 : Jyenie Says:

    Aiyo, I also don’t know what she is going to do now. She is going to work in New York but with so many problems awaiting for her, will she be able to go? When she suddenly has to take care of them without TS’s help, I am sure she and her family especially her idiotic father and brother will start to miss him a lot and regret big time! Oh ya, she can sell the Cartier diamond ring! She’d better pray very hard right now that TS will forgive and take her back in the end! Amen.
    I think JH is president Chang’s son because Roy Chang told him he can’t understand how he can ignore his duty due to personal problem but his father seemed to be very understanding with him.
    JH has been paying cheap lip service only, only gullible MD will buy it. Will he be able to offer big solid help for MD and her family like TS? She will realise that TS had been a Godsent to her, who she didn’t treasure! Can she still find her happiness….?(I fully understand this part of the synopsis now! Ha!)

  1465. 1465 : Jyenie Says:

    EP17 Preview

    TS: Please save our CH. 
    JH: Hyung!
    再熙:我哥哥也是你杀的吧?杀害美都又杀害我哥哥 我要杀了你
    JH: You kill my brother right? You tried to murder MD and now my brother. I will kill you.
    JH: If the police comes, please tell them the mastermind behind the hit and run accident is also President Han.
    SJ: I will think about how to write the script.
    MD: It seems that I had never understood and accepted this man HTS.
    TS: From now, will erase this memory.

  1466. 1466 : pinoyaddict Says:


  1467. 1467 : PINOY SPOOF Says:

    Han Tae Sang is my favorite lead star 😀

  1468. 1468 : fan of drama Says:

    SONG SEUNG HUN is hottest star in korea

  1469. 1469 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep18 preview

    From: SSH DC
    수목미니시리즈 [남자가 사랑할 때] 18회
    방송일자 : 2013년 05월 30일 22시 00분 ~ 23시 00분

    태상(송승헌)은 재희(연우진)에게 창희(김성오)의 편지를 전해주려하지만 재희는 창희에게 직접 듣겠다고 거절한다. 태상의 부탁으로 미도(신세경)는 재희를 설득한다.

    한편 재희의 제안으로 로이장(김서경)은 골든트리를 찾는다. 로이는 태상과 함께 한국의 맛집과 관광지 등을 둘러보고…

    Chinese translate by Baidu Xun肉饭~

    English translation by Jyenie @koreandrama.org
    TS(SSH)wants to pass the letter written by CH(Kim Sung Oh)to JH(YWJ)but he refuses as he wants to hear it personally from CH. TS asks MD to persuade JH.
    In the meantime, Roy Chang(Kim Seo Kyung)arrives at Golden Tree due to JH’s business proposal. Roy and TS are doing some sightseeing around town and sampling Korea snacks/tit bits together.

    Wow, TS and Roy Chang are hanging out together! I am very happy to see that TS is still having a good time after kicking MD out of his life. 🙂

  1470. 1470 : fan Says:

    @Sharon and Jyenie
    According to the preview of ep. 18 JH isn’t TS brother ! And TS still meets MD !
    TS did say that he’ll erase MD for his memory, but in reality he’ll do with her as he did before with his mother, you remember when he was talking about his mother with MD the first time she took his hand !
    Now that TS told her he’ll erase her from his memory, I bet MD will be hurt ! Why ? Because I still remember when she met JH at the airport, she asked him about TS if he said anything, he replied nothing, she was like disappointed and said it seems like that ! So in the bottom of her heart she got used to be loved unconditionally by him, she’ll feel his absence !

  1471. 1471 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1463
    Thanks ! I’ll try to watch it this week even if it’ll be hard because in the end SSH character die ^_^

  1472. 1472 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan
    TS will always, I think have a soft spot for MD. He even went to ask her to convince JH. She will definitely realized how good she had it and I can’t wait.

  1473. 1473 : Sharon Says:

    Guys on the end I think TS will take her back!! But he told her to erase him from her memory, that means he is finish. I hope DG man up and tell the truth about what happen to CH. I feel Goo is gonna convince him to do otherwise.” What a tangle web we weave when we first learn to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott

  1474. 1474 : Jyenie Says:

    Now I am confused, does TS ask MD to delete him in her memory or he deletes her in his memory-eh?

  1475. 1475 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1472-1473
    Sure he won’t forget her easily. And if she redeems herself and prove to him that she loves him, I’m sure he’ll take her back.
    ” What a tangle web we weave when we first learn to deceive.” Oh so true !

    @Jyenie 1474
    Just one day to wait !
    We’re close to the end 🙁

  1476. 1476 : fan Says:

    She’s not wearing pink shoes when leaving TS house 😀

  1477. 1477 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie 1474
    Hehehehe!!! Jyenie, you are the one that’s translating 🙂
    I hope it’s I will delete you from my memory!!!

  1478. 1478 : Jyenie Says:


    Sniff, sniff, I am going to miss him when it ends. I also want to go for sightseeing with TS and Roy Chang! 😉

    alright, I forgive her just for that, she may go back to TS if she redeems herself. 😀

  1479. 1479 : Jyenie Says:


    Because [email protected] has confused me. 😀

  1480. 1480 : Jyenie Says:

    I prefer “delete me from your memory” because it sounds more arrogant and demanding, it’s like “I am commanding you to delete me from your memory, it’s an order!”

  1481. 1481 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1478

    Me too ! TT_TT
    That’ll be good if only she throws it in the bin at TS house 😉

    @Jyenie 1480

    You’re right 😀


    It’s tomorrow, we waited for a whole week no !

  1482. 1482 : Sharon Says:

    I hope she redeems herself, but will he trust her? I don’t think he will trust her anymore I really don’t see them together. Fan, she told him blatantly I try to like you but I couldn’t. He asked her why did you fake she said to protect JH, how would anyone feels after hearing that. Then to top it off she said she did not report it to the police because they would not believe that TS try kill her, what kind of s%*%t is that. That means if you thought the cops would believe you TS would be in jail now. This is the clincher, she said out of her own mouth with tears rolling down her cheeks quote ” If I did not receive help from you my life would be much different now.” That’s when TS says yes, don’t forgive me. TS, will not take her back she hurt him terribly and he will always feel like she will see JH behind his back. Sad to say, but I don’t see her redeeming herself from that. What you think!!

  1483. 1483 : Jyenie Says:

    Judging from the previews of 17 &18, I have a feeling that the final 4 episodes will be very very interesting! I am so excited and I really hope the rating will go up more than 15%!!!

  1484. 1484 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie & fan,
    That does sounds commanding, but I kinda hope for I will delete you from my memory. meaning, love don’t live here anymore. Haha!!
    Wow! No pink shoe, was she bare feet haha!! I hope she can find a pair of shoe when SJ takes the building.
    Yea, next week is the last Hurrah!! I feel a tear coming.

  1485. 1485 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, Sharon, Stop reminding me that! Now I am torn! However, she has 4 episodes to redeem herself right?
    Well, TS, just do whatever your heart tells you, only you yourself will know what is best for you. Muach!

  1486. 1486 : Dou Says:

    To be honest I dnt like this kind of drama cz is feel like the writer intended to torture us i can’t wait for the last ep so that I can put my heart at easy. It’s has been a long and tormenting journey for all viewers. If I ever catch the writer I’ll make sure she pays. Sois toujours fort TS

  1487. 1487 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    Don’t get me wrong, I would really like to see TS and MD hand in hand walking towards the sunset. However, TS has already made up his mind to move on. Unless she takes a bullet for him and as she lays in a puddle of blood ask him to forgive her and profess her love, I don’t see it happening. Then again the writer is tricky.

  1488. 1488 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1482

    As I said before, to gain his trust again she needs to prove to him with her life like saving him or something like that. I expect that especially remembering her trying to interfere when he was hit by Goo gangsters.

    @Jyenie 1485

    So you want her to redeem herself !? Gooooooood !
    I think we have 80 % chances that they’ll end up together !

    @Dou 1486

    Even torturing, it hooked us, no !? we’ll breathe easier but we’ll surely miss it ! Crois-moi TS sera le gagnant à la fin 🙂

  1489. 1489 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1487

    She’ll tell him “we’re even now” hahahaha !

  1490. 1490 : angelamiles Says:

    i think this drama has a sad ending so i will wait for the last episode before i watch it again…

  1491. 1491 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    You are right, TS should follow his heart where ever it leads.

  1492. 1492 : Jyenie Says:


    It’s ok as they usually recover very fast from injury in Korean drama. 😉

  1493. 1493 : Lily Says:

    Hi everyone I love read all the common than I watch the drama . But I cannot wait for it over . I hope the writer read all the common and change the end happy little for TS

  1494. 1494 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 1492 HAHAHA !

  1495. 1495 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, I remember you did say that and she did defend her man, back then!
    Fan, you’re funny. She would say ” I finally understand you.”
    All jokes aside I gonna miss you guys 😭😭

  1496. 1496 : Sharon Says:

    @ Jyenie
    Funny!!! Hahaha. Not if SJ hit her!! Haha

  1497. 1497 : fan Says:

    @Sharon me toooooooo !!! we have to find another drama like this one
    did you watch shark ? I’ll wait until episode 4 and I’ll give it a try.

  1498. 1498 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-1487: So true…this writer is very tricky! She’s unlike any kdrama writers that I’ve seen before! I want a good ending for TS in this drama! Viva La Amor!

    Maybe the writer will have one of those 3-5 years later segment. You know the one where the couple finally gets together, and they’re playing in the yard with 2 children and the wife has another 1 on the way! Surprise me with a good ending writer Kim!

  1499. 1499 : Jyenie Says:

    @sharon, fan, usa-mary and others

    Nadu pogoshipoyo 🙂 We have had fun even though we sometime don’t agree on certain things. 🙂

  1500. 1500 : ak Says:

    @Jyenie 1499, sharon, fan, usa-mary and all others too

    nadu pogoshipoyo! Me too me too!!!

  1501. 1501 : fan Says:

    @ usa-mary 1498

    Viva La Amor ! 🙂

    @Jyenie 1499

    Reading the comments while listening to Kim Tae Woo “When I look at myself”, Oh so tearful ! T_T

  1502. 1502 : fan Says:

    Everybody we still have another week Right ! 😀

  1503. 1503 : Sharon Says:

    Ahhhhh, guys.
    @fan, started Shark, need few more ep to evaluate.

  1504. 1504 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 1503
    Then I’ll wait for your green light to start watching it 😉

  1505. 1505 : Sharon Says:

    Is that you! hahaha!! Where have you been since ep 16. Yes, she is quite different with her writing. I would watch another one of her story, hope they cast SSH again. Hehe!

  1506. 1506 : Sharon Says:

    @ fan 1502, 1504
    We do have another week!! Hahahahaha !!!
    Yea, no prob!!

  1507. 1507 : Sharon Says:

    Nadu pogoshipoyo to you too!!!!!!!!
    It has been a fun ride.

  1508. 1508 : RonelaAGArcia Says:

    We have these week and next week…

  1509. 1509 : Ann Says:

    I cannot judge this drama coz I really hate Mido until the end. Watch this drama only for Tae Sang

  1510. 1510 : Jyenie Says:

    During the magical pair of heels scene in the hotel room, TS asks MD why she lied, she says, “The only way “he” won’t be hurt is if I don’t remember. Please just leave me alone. Don’t hurt my family or Jae Hee.” Who is the “he” she is referring to? Hmmmm…. *-)

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    It has been interesting watching this drama and a lot of fun reading all your comments. (Particularly that @Jyenie’s superb post.)

    Just two more weeks to see how this rather unusual K-drama story will end. 🙂

    Enjoy, everybody.

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    It sure was a fun ride. Thank you for your part of the contribution here in this drama.

    I don’t comment much but I’m here everyday reading post. You can say that I have a bit of the character Go Dok Mi in Flower Boy Next Door in me.

    Now I’m having a date with Lee Jong Hyuk and will be lurking in dangerous waters with Kim Nam Gil later.

    @Jyenie 1510

    If the writer twist again then the ‘he’ will be TS. MD might be able to redeem herself of her guilt if she dont hurt TS any further. Who knows when MD finds out about the truth in TS she will defend him when everyone else is plotting against him.

    TS truly truly loves MD. When you love a person deeply, you can also forgive her that much eventhough its hurts. That is why TS is letting MD go.

    Waiting for ep17. Everyone lets enjoy another ride. -)

  1513. 1513 : Jyenie Says:

    Adapted from google translation by [email protected] for my chinggu(s) here. 🙂
    Warning: Accuracy of the adaptation is not guaranteed! Read at your own risk! ^_^

    Appearance of new character in ep 17 of ‘When a man loves’ opens the Pandora’s Box:

    1. A new character appears in ep 17 of WAML on 29 of May, which is played by Nam Gyeongeup, a musical actor. This new character is the chairman of a Hong Kong investment company.
    2. TM was rehomed with a Hong Kong businessman after the first failed adoption.
    3. The chairman/president is Roy Chang’s father.
    4. He is the key character to reveal the identity of TS’s brother, Tae Min. Roy Chang or JH?
    5. CH hid his name card inside the back of the photo frame with his grandma’s photo, it leads to a lot of questions.
    6. They said Nam Gyeongeup is the living legend of musical plays.

  1514. 1514 : Jyenie Says:

    “I have a bit of the character Go Dok Mi in Flower Boy Next Door in me.”
    That will make the two of us. Ha, just kidding. 🙂

    The “he” could lead to a room of imagination and provide flexibility of the future development of the drama. Of course, I wish it is TS. If she is trying to protect TS, that means she herself is not aware that she has some feeling for him. How sweet! Some said that she can only be fully redeemed if she blocks the bullet for TS.

    “That is why TS is letting MD go.”
    That is why I love him! This man’s got style!

  1515. 1515 : Jyenie Says:

    @1515 unknown unknown
    Thanks for the complement. 🙂 The appreciation from you guys has certainly motivated me to contribute more. 😀

    Cheers to those who enjoy this drama thoroughly!!!

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    I’m really going to miss you all, too once this drama is done. I sincerely enjoyed our dialogue. We had a bumpy, emotional ride together and still hung in here with each other and this drama. I’m glad it was all of you that I got to share this exceptional drama with. The times we disagreed with each other overall was a good thing for me. It was challenging, a little crazy, and fun in the beginning; yet I got to know the thoughts and feelings of everyone on here which helped broadened my perspective even more about this drama and the characters in it. I, too, hope we can do this again sometime soon! I enjoyed our respectful, constructive, dissective dialogue about the kdramas. Usually, there are just one liners which is okay, too. I like to pick it apart, while trying to decipher who, what, why, when and where a drama is headed. You all helped to do that…kamsamida!

    I’m ready for the next episodes…I’m ready to comment…I’m ready for an emotional RUMBLE!!! LOL

    I wonder if TS is going to grow his mustache back before this drama ends (like in the photo where he and MD are embracing) with his kind, sexy self! Later, I’ll share a romantic American movie with all my like-minded romancers on here for you to watch. Believe me, you will really enjoy it!

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    The story of TS and MD reminds me of the following children’s story. Just for fun. 😀

    The Farmer and the Snake
    from Aesop’s Fables

    ONE WINTER a Farmer found a Snake stiff and frozen with cold. He
    had compassion on it, and taking it up, placed it in his bosom.
    The Snake was quickly revived by the warmth, and resuming its
    natural instincts, bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal
    wound. “Oh,” cried the Farmer with his last breath, “I am
    rightly served for pitying a scoundrel.”

    The greatest kindness will not bind the ungrateful.

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