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Title: 여우야 뮈하니 / What’s Up, Fox?
Chinese title : 狐狸啊 你干啥呢? / 狐狸啊 在干吗呢?
Also known as: Hey fox,what you want to do?
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-9-20 to 2006-Nov-09
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


Single 33 year-old Go Byeong Hee works as a reporter for a sex magazine. She wants more romance and a more respectable life but isn’t sure how to get it. 24-year-old Park Chul Su, mechanic and world traveler, is the younger brother of Byeong Hee’s best friend. He’s a free spirit and not concerned with what the world thinks. One night the two old family friends get drunk and wake up in bed together. Go Byeong Hee wants to forget it ever happened, especially since a good marriage prospect has just made an appearance. Unfortunately for her Chul Su has other ideas….


Ko Hyun Jung as Ko Byung Hee (reporter)
Go Joon Hee as Ko Joon Hee (aspiring model)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Choi Soon Nam (Byung Hee and Jun Hee’s mother)
Chun Jung Myung as Park Chul Su (auto mechanic)
Yoo Tae Woong as Chul Soo (young)
Ahn Sun Young as Park Seung Hye (Cheol Su’s sister)
Jo Yeon Woo as Bae Hee Myung (urologist)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Hwang Yong Kil (magazine publisher)
Son Hyun Joo as Park Byung Gak (fashion mogul)
Choi Woo Je as Sun Woo (Byeong Hee’s college friend)
Seo Yeong as Joo Hee
Seo Hye Jin as Jo Hyun Jung (Byeong Hee’s co-worker)
Kim Hak Chul as a auto repair shop owner

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Do Woo
Producer: Kim Nam Won
Director: Kwon Suk Jang

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129 Responses to “What’s Up Fox?”

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  1. 101
    Nia Says:

    In my humble opinion, This drama is so much better than the same storyline (love between older woman and younger man) such as :
    My name is kim sam soon
    Dalja’s Spring
    Oh My Lady
    If this drama focuses only the two main characters and the love triangle.
    Because the supporting story, love between her sister and much older man is suck.

  2. 102
    wilma Says:

    Love this drama portraits the reality of life and love between ages…
    The characters did good here…
    The story is good although i hope theyve put a little excitement on it…
    But overall it was great…
    aja aja fighting c:

  3. 103
    chunnie 4 ever Says:

    I strongly recommend this drama. Eventhough it is so hilarious, there’re touching parts, where I cry my eyes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esp, some eps. at the end.

  4. 104
    via Says:

    I have finished wathching this drama and I find this drama is interesting and very entertaining, and I love the last episode when Byung He finally come to Chul su militery basecamp and although his trying to act cool but finally he can resist his feeling after all..

  5. 105
    dhoi Says:

    love this drama ♥ love fox!

  6. 106
    ounie Says:

    my favourite drama ever…i love the part when chul su sleep in byeong hee lap …and of course chun jung myung so cute in here

  7. 107
    toh quan ming Says:

    i like ko hyun jung because she is very cute.

  8. 108
    beki0701 Says:

    Still the best OST I think

  9. 109
    iman Says:


  10. 110
    jessielou bullecer Says:

    i love this drama..one of the best korean drama ive seen..keep it up!

  11. 111
    maida Says:

    the first korean drama i haver seen was the last episode of this drama 2 years ago and then queen of the game and full house and ever since and i become addicted
    so i am grateful for what is up fox that let me have the chance to enjoy korean drama and hopefully i will be able to come to visit korea who knows may be

  12. 112
    drama Says:

    I really loved this drama I would recomend it to anybody !!!

  13. 113
    Mia Andriyani Says:

    it’s funny korean drama,, so interesting, romantic, and wonderful story, it describe that love is universal without thinking about age,, himneseo,,

  14. 114
    violet88 Says:

    pls anybody can let me know where can i watch this online? can’t find it in youtube.. mysoju links to dailymotion, and it always fail to download completely.. i’m dying to watch this.. first cause there’s CJM, and second because of good comments from all k-drama lovers here…

  15. 115
    atikay89 Says:

    violet88, maybe you can try watch it online at http://www.dramaload.com..
    i hope it help.. =)

  16. 116
    Lornell Says:

    This show was totally awesome. I was not really a fan of the “Older woman, younger man storyline, but this one totally won me over so much, I watched it again, soon after it was over. All I can say is “Fantastic”. Loved it !!!

  17. 117
    xtinesone Says:

    G0sh. The c0mments amuses me a lot,i should’ve bought the dvd when i was in the city ths m0rning.i want to see this asap.

  18. 118
    xtinesone Says:

    Well,love this drama,age doesnt matter when it c0mes to l0ve.

  19. 119
    putri Says:

    i’ve it 3 episodes. n i think, it’s an interesting drama. full of fun! Chun Jung Myung looks so cute n young. can’t wait to watch it till the end…

  20. 120
    putri Says:

    just finished watching this drama. i like it so very much! the story isn’t boring, funny, n also touching. i also like all actors & actresses in this drama.

    just wondering, is there a man like Park Chul Su – who cares about his woman that much – in this world???

    this drama is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  21. 121
    indah Says:

    great drama…i love it soooo much..

  22. 122
    jnt Says:

    just great!!!! best among the older woman-couple dramas. but the woman who still want to marry and i do, i do are not far behind. on the opposite side of the spectrum and a thousand miles away iiisss a thousand kisses.

  23. 123
    bunda dina Says:

    i like this drama , fantastic, very very good drama wr touching my hearth, not boring much romantc , can make me sad n cry if i watched , the older woman n couple drama so pure n it’s true story yeah, please, can i watched again,?? i like it so much, ko hyung jun; byung hae n chun jung myung;park chul so, saranghee chun jung myung;chul so, please….
    i really want to go to korea to meet u…..,. ^ _ ^

  24. 124
    bunda dina Says:

    reweind again please i want to watched this drama… can i… pleaseee… saranghamida… geomesepmida

  25. 125
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  26. 126
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  27. 127
    cheri_philippines Says:

    i’ve watch it a couple of years ago and this one is my fav. among kdramas i collected,.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED guys!! you will not regret watching this drama,. and like other’s you’ll love chun jung myung as everybody did!! i’ve read someone comment here that she cant even sleep a couple of days thinking CJM,.. no exaggeration I AM to,.. lol 😀 he’s so cute and until now if it is possible i would like to see him in person.. searching newest kdrama online i remember this one and having the urge to rewatch it.. 🙂

    dangsin-eul salanghabnida chun jung myung!!!

  28. 128
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  29. 129
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