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Warm and Cozy

Warm and Cozy 03

Title: 맨도롱 또똣 / Warm and Cozy
Chinese Title: 心情好又温暖
Previously known as: 제주도 개츠비 / Jeju Island Gatsby
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-May-13 to 2015-July-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


This drama is about a romance story between a man and a woman who relocate to beautiful Jeju Island to get away from the harsh city life.

Baek Geun Woo (Yoo Yun Suk) is the owner and chef of the restaurant “Warm and Cozy”. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) is a clothing company employee who to start a new life in Jeju Island after loses her job and her boyfriend. These two main characters will learn to love each together.


Main cast

Yoo Yun Suk as Baek Gun Woo
Kang So Ra as Lee Jung Joo

Supporting Cast

Lee Sung Jae as Song Jung Geum
Kim Sung Oh as Hwang Wook
Seo Yi Ahn as Mok Ji Won
Jin Young as Jung Poong San
Ok Ji Young as Cha Hee Ra
Lee Han Wie as Gong Jong Bae
Kim Hee Jung as Kim Hae Shil
Kim Mi Jin as Bu Mi Ra
Lee Hwi Hyang as Baek Se Young (Gun Woo’s mother)
Kim Kwang Kyu as Mr Gong
Lee Yong Yi as No Bok Nyeo
Goo Bon Im as Ko Yoo Ja
Choi Sung Min as Park Dong Soo
Lee Yong Lee as No Bok Nyeo


Muzie as a pervert
So Ji Sub as cafe owner (ep.1)
Go Kyung Pyo as Lee Jung Min (ep.1-2)
Kim Won Ho
Shim Jin Hwa
Lee Joong Moon as Jung Joo’s boyfriend
Samuel Okyere as Sam (Diver student)
Choi Jae Sung as Gun Woo’s father
Na Seung Ho
Shin Dong Mi
Song Joon Hee

Production Credits

Director: Park Hong Kyun
Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran


– Actor Kim Woo Bin was first offered the lead male role, but declined the offer to promote his film “Twenty” and embark on an Asian fan tour.

– Director Park Hong Kyun and screenwriters Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun previously worked together on 2011 MBC drama series “The Greatest Love


2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Yoo Yun Suk (Warm & Cozy)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): Kang So Ra (Warm & Cozy)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – Global Star Award: Samuel Okyere (Warm and Cozy)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-05-13 1 6.4 7.8 (19th) 6.3 7.3 (19th)
2015-05-14 2 5.8 7.5 5.6 6.5
2015-05-20 3 7.7 (19th) 10.1 (11th) 6.6 (20th) 7.5 (16th)
2015-05-21 4 6.7 8.4 (16th) 6.7 (20th) 7.4 (17th)
2015-05-27 5 7.7 (16th) 9.1 (11th) 7.0 (18th) 7.7 (16th)
2015-05-28 6 7.8 (17th) 11.0 (10th) 7.5 (16th) 8.3 (14th)
2015-06-03 7 8.2 (17th) 9.8 (11th) 7.0 (19th) 8.1 (15th)
2015-06-04 8 7.6 (19th) 10.2 (12th) 7.6 (17th) 8.2 (14th)
2015-06-10 9 8.6 (17th) 10.9 (8th) 8.1 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2015-06-11 10 8.5 (18th) 11.3 (9th) 8.8 (18th) 9.2 (16th)
2015-06-17 11 7.6 (18th) 10.3 (9th) 7.8 (15th) 8.7 (13th)
2015-06-18 12 7.5 (19th) 9.2 (14th) 8.2 (15th) 9.0 (12th)
2015-06-24 13 7.1 9.0 (13th) 7.5 (17th) 7.8 (14th)
2015-06-25 14 7.2 (20th) 9.2 (19th) 7.6 (19th) 8.6 (16th)
2015-07-01 15 8.5 (16th) 11.0 (8th) 7.7 (15th) 8.4 (13th)
2015-07-02 16 7.7 (18th) 9.0 (12th) 7.6 (17th) 8.3 (16th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : tams Says:

    can’t hardly wait for may!!

  2. 2 : fifi Says:

    OMG CHILBONG COMES BACK!! I hope this drama turns daebak:)

  3. 3 : luna Says:

    i ship both of them<3 cant wait too see this..

  4. 4 : maika Says:

    I hope this wil be a big hit! 🙂

  5. 5 : mee mee Says:

    Well. Wish this drama will turn out well . Love the coupling althou am not into such storylines but its okay…. fighting oppa!!!!!!

  6. 6 : Finnyana Says:


  7. 7 : Admaliah Says:

    Looking forward to this Korean series due to Kang Sora . . .

  8. 8 : Ksu Says:

    Love the main actors 🙂 They are both great . Hong sisters looking forward for your new drama .

  9. 9 : CoolBeans Says:

    Team ChilBong, Fighting! I am so glad to see him in another drama! Crossing my fingers that the Hong sisters have another big hit! I loved their Master’s Sun and The Greatest Love dramas!

  10. 10 : mely Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama, because it’s a long time to see Yoo Yeon Seok
    in a drama, since Reply 1994. For the poster, it looks like they doing their pre wedding photo. It’s Beautiful !!

  11. 11 : milan09 Says:

    Another Hong Sister drama since “The Greatest Love” and “Master’s Sun”
    Love to see Yoo Yeon Seok in this drama since his last drama “Reply 1994” Hope to see him in another drama. Kang So Ra looks cute. Hope this drama do well.

  12. 12 : amaal Says:

    cant wait

  13. 13 : trea Says:

    Wuah…. chilbonggg….

    Kang so ra saranghae eonniii i love u since ur role in Misaeng

  14. 14 : star Says:

    This drama is too excellence! I wanted look this drama. 🙂

  15. 15 : Carmela Says:

    I already know I’m going to love this!
    FIRST: for the leads!
    LOVE Kang SoRa! *-* and love uri Yoo YunSuk!!(chilbongi! i was so disappointed with 1994’s end bytheway! >_>)
    seeing him play another lead role!(but this time i hope with a very happy ending for him) it’s really awesome! 😀
    CAN’T WAIT! (3 DAYS to go! KYA!~~)
    SECOND: the story!
    Comedy Drama? that’s my genre! u.u pyong~~

  16. 16 : Admaliah Says:

    Any comments/reaction to ep. 1? TY

  17. 17 : iamee Says:

    I am so happy to see So Ji Sub doing a cameo role for this drama. He became more handsome and I would love to see him again in another rom-com soon. It’s my first time seeing the two leads in this drama, I was surprised that the Hong Sisters agreed to cast a “unpopular actor and actress” for their current project. Well I guess the production would like to give a chance to the newbies. I am not so excited watching this drama but I will take time to see how the story will progress.

  18. 18 : Vicki Says:

    A light hearted fun, cute drama. I like the first episode. The island scene iself is a great treat for me. The lead actress is beautiful. The lead couple has good chemistry together. I am following this drama to the end.

  19. 19 : Runaway_Ryuki Says:

    I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd episode,..cant wait for the next ep

  20. 20 : kyu_kyunt Says:

    i like the chemistry! so addicting!… n i liked when so ji sub appeared as a cameo then said the iconic : kojo! hahaha…fighting yoonsuk oppa sora unnie!

  21. 21 : freedomdemon Says:

    love this drama~!!!!! after watch ep1~!!!!!
    exciting for the 2nd eps appearance~!!!!!
    keep it on~!!! ^^Y

  22. 22 : trea Says:

    I think this drama is promising, after i watched eps 1 and 2
    good start!

  23. 23 : Sarah Jama Says:

    Please tell I’m wrong, are they TWINS?!!! and this is a story of them falling in love with each other? 😷😱😱😱

  24. 24 : sami Says:

    @sarah . no they aren’t twins!!!!! gun woo’s mom said everything about his dad for him. if they were twins he would say to jung joo.. but he’s faling for her because he knows everything!!!!!

  25. 25 : metoo Says:

    this drama keeps getting better and better

  26. 26 : lamia24 Says:

    i enjoyed the first four eps and the drama is good, addicted and refreshing.
    i cant wait to see their romantic scenes<3<3<3

  27. 27 : violet88 Says:

    Great drama.. best OTP.. Kang Sora & Yoon Seok are damn adorable.. can’t imagine yoon seok can be this cute.. i know his character is yet to find redemption for his wrongdoings towards sora.. anyway i’ll just enjoy their cute interaction so far..
    But why is the rating so low?.. didn’t korean find this drama enjoyable?..

  28. 28 : Lexie Says:

    Is the Mayor the second male lead here?

  29. 29 : Peejay Says:

    Like the plot and like Kang So Ra. I’m enjoying the drama but it would have been better if Kim Woo Bin took the role. Although the drama is now rating (and it should) I still think it would have better rating if Woo bin was the guy. Yoo Yun Suk seems trying too hard for his role and does not come out natural. Hope his acting improves.

  30. 30 : Sora Says:

    Until the episode 5. I have not been able to enjoy this drama. strange story, and very imposing. Great actress but bad actor

  31. 31 : AnCe Says:

    I’m loving this drama! I like Geun Woo & Jung Joo’s friendly relationship…I like that they make up right after their fight…it’s so cute!!!

    the hyung and the lady diver’s team up are stealing the scenes…I like them!!! that Secret Garden-like scenes are so cute!!!

    that Mok Ji Won is really B*tchy!!! she’s so in love with herself! i hope she ends up alone!!! i really hate her!

  32. 32 : Mels Says:

    This drama is pretty boring, it’s too slow. I stopped watching after ep 5. Kinda disappointed with the writer Hong sister. Also the lead actor is kinda suck, I wish Kim Woo Bin would take the role of this drama, it might be making this drama is exciting.

  33. 33 : sousou Says:

    A watchable drama, as Mels said sometimes it’s too slow. I still hope that next episodes will be more exciting.

  34. 34 : da fan Says:

    I kinda enjoy this drama actually. Slow and steady. Occasionally funny, scenic and yummy. Ok not spectacular but definitely watchable! Characters fit the role 98%. Not offensive and obvious bad acting but acceptable. Hopefully the story maintain its momentum and I shall watch to the end unlike some…..

  35. 35 : abi Says:

    i like the stories so much, Hong Sisters is great writers. i enjoy it but there is something missing, i doubt it but i thought it was the cast. i dont say they not good, yun suk oppa is great in acting and face, kang so ra look more chubby here, actually i missed her in misaeng ( i like her acting there), is it they less in chemistry?. really…. i like the stories how they made me really want to go to Jeju.

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    I have been watching this drama, a few weeks ago, I tried watching episode 1 and didn’t notice that it’s a romantic drama and yesterday I tried watching episode 2 to episode 6 and realised that it’s a comedy, funny, romantic episodes and especially in episode 5 and episode 6 the funny interesting guy Lee Sung Jae as Song Jung Geum , he made some funny laughing scenes for me to laugh. Lee Sung Jae acting in this drama The Suspicious Housekeeper not bad ,but, not so comedy, but. in Warm and Cozy this drama, he can make me laugh , he’s fallen in love with the lady that rescued him.

    How about the writer also make Song Jung Geum also wants to stay in Jeju Island for sometime at his brother’s house as his vacation holiday at Baek Geun Woo’s house in Jeju Island to continue some comedy scenes for me to watch ?

    I hate melodrama and I think this drama can promote to advertise interesting place to travel in Korea , anyway, Jeju Island is an interesting place of interest to travel. I like to watch this drama as it has given me a warm feeling , to interest me, especially the romance between Baek Geun Woo and Lee Jung Joo and also the romance of Song Jung Geum with Kim Hae Shil .

  37. 37 : LoveInTheAir Says:

    love this drama.. Enjoyable. If some says “it’s boring”, but for me it is refreshing. Because i bored with stories what don’t make sense. And isn’t make me stress for watching.

  38. 38 : grace antonio Says:

    Daebak! love this drama.. I love Yoo Yun suk and his so cute here hahaha!, I’ve watched his movie “The Royal Tailor” wIYH Park shin Hye but its seems that the story line is not that interesting to watch, wel, hiope and looking forward to see YOO YUN SUK a drama w

  39. 39 : star Says:

    This drama is too excellence! Please love this drama.

  40. 40 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    “You said that you are mine until I die? I’m not sick. I’m not dying.
    What should you do now?”
    “I’m still yours. Until you die.. I’m yours.”
    This statement is very sweet and beautiful, that can be said by a man for the woman that he loves.
    Even though, Yoo Yeon Sook and Kang So Ra don’t have more chemistry in their acting in this drama, but they acted as a pro. Good Job!!
    The writers, Hong Sisters did a very good job!!
    The scenes in Jeju are very pretty. It made me like Jeju Island.
    And the soundtrack “Two of Us” by Hyeorin is also a nice song.
    Overall, this drama is a very good and entertaining drama.

  41. 41 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    I’m sorry.. The song is not “Two of Us” (is from another korean drama: The Producers. It is also a good song ^^). The Song is “Come a Little Closer” by Hyeorin.

  42. 42 : usa-mary Says:

    Woot! The Hong sisters’ have returned!

    I’m playing catch up, but that’s okay.

  43. 43 : Series Addiction | It's Dinhie! Says:

    […] 1. 맨도롱 또똣  (Warm and Cozy/Agreeably Warm/Jejudo Gatsby) […]

  44. 44 : da fan Says:

    want to put a smile on your face. this is it! can’t help enjoying thus far. the mayor and the older brother has this incredibly silly look 🙂 :).

  45. 45 : violet88 Says:

    Truly enjoy the last 2 episodes (ep 7 & 8)..
    My fav scenes are;
    1. JJ posing in Red Clay Man pose to distract the Mayor
    2. GW tattling to hyung that noona allowed him to stay in her room.. “Can i stay here?” “Of course no”.. “Right, I can’t right.. You are so cheap.. Alright, I’ll go now.. bye”… this scene is hillarious.. 🙂
    3. Mayor is chasing JJ who rode a bus..
    4. GW is getting jealous of Mayor and start claiming “uri Joong Joo” non-stop.. even hugging her to show-off in front of the Mayor
    5. Mayor keep asking JJ to marry him over everything 🙂
    6. GW sort-of confessing about his heart while giving JJ the necklace he won, and JJ’s reaction afterwards
    7. GW’s new found feeling that living idly and lazily is no longer fun if there’s no JJ.. he’s just dense not to realize or acknowledge his feeling towards JJ yet
    8. GW making up storm story to ensure JJ back to Jeju rather than stay overnight in Busan.. then the ahjumman teased him about snakes!.. haha
    9. “I’ll not be the one talking to her first” tantrum by GW
    10. Hugging and confession at the end of ep 8.. I think GW felt relief and thankful that JJ is not dying rather than angry.. Cause GW is not the type to hold grudge.. and during that point of time did he realize his actual feeling towards JJ is LOVE instead of PITY like he thought all these while

    IMO Yoon Seok and Sora’s chemistry is great.. Both fit their respective roles very well. I can’t imagine how Woo Bin will carry the cute scene if he accept the offer.. I dunno, maybe he can pull-off as well, it’s just that when i see Woo Bin i see bad boy vibe more..

    I love to see how GW and JJ always bickering with each other, and will quickly making up right after.. both are so cute and endearing to see..

    I really love this drama.. hope more people will watch this and enjoy it as much as i do..

  46. 46 : selvi Says:

    very nice drama….love it…..it’s so fresh….love Yoon Seok and Sora’s acting..hope many people will enjoy it as much as i do…..maendorong ttottot fighting….

  47. 47 : silvia Says:

    Love this drama very much. YYS and KSR are soperfect couple!

  48. 48 : tera Says:

    Actually I just want to watch so ji sub art and i purposely fast forward the whole episodes. However I honestly salute Hong’s sister. The story line hook me right then and there. I even forgot that I supposedly watch to watch So JI Sub only..
    Of course SJS has a big role here. He make his fans tunes into the drama and shows us that this drama has a really good plot. Hong’s sister really doesn’t disappointing their fans.

  49. 49 : kdramalover Says:

    favorite drama and must watch this month, along aside Mask, Who Are You, & Producer. I’ve been waiting for drama like Marriage Not Dating, which is refreshing and enjoyable and finally this drama show up.
    Those 4 dramas has different genres so it’s hard to say this one better than that one. Just want to watch all of them till the end

  50. 50 : Pedro Azinhais Mendes - Brasil Says:

    This is really a great Drama…I can only to compare with f
    Fool´s love, Mama, Life is Beautiful , the most I liked

  51. 51 : usa-mary Says:

    Very interesting drama. Not the Hong SIsters best! Probably due to the editing which is a bit choppy and is missing some coherent flow at times, yet over all I like the plot, location, and characters.

    The Hong Sisters really know how to write good, captivating, funny, romance stories. I hope this one turns out well.

  52. 52 : usa-mary Says:

    I like Mayor Wook (from When A Man Falls In Love). His light brown eyes are so beautiful even if he is wearing contacts!

  53. 53 : usa-mary Says:

    What’s with the skull prints/embellishments on the older brother’s warm up clothes and Jung Joo’s pink top? Somebody either likes the design or there’s some type of hidden symbolism in it by the ones wearing it.

  54. 54 : usa-mary Says:

    One thing among many that I admire about the Hong Sister’s writings/dramas is that they don’t focus on ‘only’ one specific age group when it comes to romantic encounters. There’s always a mix which makes it even more interesting and funny.

    Chairwoman of the Jeju Lady Divers and Black Pearl (CEO of Noblisse Hotel)…FIGHTING!!!

  55. 55 : mml Says:

    From episode 1 to episode 10, I totally cannot find the existence of Lee Joong Moon as Jung Joo’s boyfriend, but instead, I only see Hwang Wook going after Jung Joo. Can anyone tell me where is Lee Joong Moon as Jung Joo’s boyfriend ? How come when Jung Joo is staying at Jeju Island for so long why is it that her boyfriend Lee Joong Moon did not come to Jeju Island to look for his girlfriend Jung Joo ? And what will happen ,if Lee Joong Moon comes to Jeju Island to look for Jung Joo ????

  56. 56 : Carmarie Says:

    Lee Jung Joo lost her boyfriend in the first episode. She caught him on Jeju Island with someone else.

  57. 57 : usa-mary Says:

    @55-mml and 56-Carmarie: Not only did Jung Joo run into that skunk on Jeju with his brand new bride, the couple was wearing the warm up suits she sent for her (Jung Joo) and her boyfriend to wear when she arrived. Not for him and his new wife.

    Moral of that story: ALL THE Single Ladies-STOP taking care of these growm men unless you’re married to them and they’re taking care of YOU….FIRST!

  58. 58 : violet88 Says:

    today is friday, still has 5days to go for next ep installment.. but my head is full of Baek Geon Woo and Lee Jung Joo.. ottoke.. hehe..

    hope this two lovebirds can quickly communicate and close the gap a.k.a become couple by ep 13.. they are the best when they are around each other even when bickering and doing trivial things..

  59. 59 : nunaynunay Says:

    i sooo looove this drama!!! it made me smile, laugh and cry 🙂

  60. 60 : MyDramaWorld.tv Says:

    Watch Episode 14 With English Subtitles at http://www.mydramaworld.tv/serie/warm-and-cozy/season-1/warm-and-cozy-episode-14/

  61. 61 : Carmarie Says:

    I was getting ready to give up on this drama because, I had had it with the bickering and the miscommunication between BGW and LJJ. I am glad she realized at the last moment and went after him. I hope he accepts her because I cannot take it any longer.

  62. 62 : Maria Says:

    Time flies so fast and comes to a happy ending. Even this drama hasn’t ratings, salute
    To the directors, producers, writers, crew, and also actors whose involved in this drama. For me, this is one of the favorite light-hearted romcom I’ve ever seen. I’ve become fans of the two main actors, YYS and KSR.

    Actually, I Hope There’ll be more kiss scene like Hong sisters previous drama. But, It’s Okay. Recomend for those who loves to watch k-drama in 2015.

  63. 63 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Warm and Cozy..
    I also felt this warm and cozy feeling when I watched this drama.
    It’s in Jeju Island.. the sceneries are soo great. Daebak!
    Salute to Hong Sisters the writers, the director and all the crews of this drama. Especially for Kang So Ra & Yoo Yoon Seok.
    These main actor and actress did their great job in acting for their roles in this drama.
    Because this story was set in Jeju and not in Seoul, so the aura of this drama is not that stressful as when I watched other korean drama that has set in Seoul. ^^ Of course, those dramas and even almost all korean dramas are great. They always have a good story and some lessons for me.
    But, this Warm and Cozy drama has already opened my eyes, my heart, my feeling, my mind and my soul for this beautiful Jeju Island. Before, I just underestimated it. This drama has made me felt in love with Jeju.
    Of course, thank you so much to my God Jesus Christ, the One who already gave me chances to watch this warm and cozy korean drama.
    This drama is really suit and great for enjoying my quiet and peaceful summer holiday this year 2015. It’s really felt warm and cozy. ^^
    Even though, this is not ended with Baek Geon Woo & Lee Jung Joo’s wedding… but, it’s still sweet and nice.. ^^

  64. 64 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Warm and Cozy is one of my most favorite korean drama that I’ve watched ever after. ^^
    The last scene of episode 8 is the most precious moment for me ….
    sooo sweeeettt and beautiful… ^^

  65. 65 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    This Warm and Cozy drama is really good for promoting Jeju Island tourism and for Honeymoon Sites.. I’m planning to have my sweet and beautiful honeymoon trip to Jeju Island and South Korea, if God will… hihihihhi ^^
    I will take as many photos as possible and enjoy all the beautiful and amazing sceneries there.. I’m happy and glad because Jeju is also created by my God Jesus Christ.. My God is also beautiful.. Saranghae, My Jesus Christ.. ^^

  66. 66 : Hanako Says:

    One of the very best drama . The main actor & actress were superb. Lee Sung Jae was really good in this drama too as well as his gf the lady diver. The most irritating person was Ji Won chasing men with money. Unfortunately she lost the person who valued her the most. It was to me a perfect drama and really will vote for this one. The drama Producer is not even a 10% good comparing to this drama. For this drama, u wont skip but looking forward to next episode and non stop, where as when I watched ” Producer “I skip almost half of the drama. Good job to
    Director: Park Hong Kyun
    Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran

  67. 67 : Carmarie Says:

    I loved the last episode of Warm and Cozy, but I wish that the writers would have put them together two episodes earlier. I also wished the father and son had met face to face and had at least one conversation, perhaps one embrace before the father left.

  68. 68 : shin hye joon Says:

    kyaaaa~~ ho joon oppa cameo in ep 16^^^^ repply 94 reunion!! hope reply 94 cameo in reply 88~~ mendorongtotot daebak! hong sister fighting! can’t wait your next project~

  69. 69 : Rose Says:

    I loved this show. It was fun, light, beautiful scenery and just a relaxing movie without the usual fighting over someone else’s spouse, parents forcing children to marry who they pick for them, etc.

    I liked Yoo Yun Suk and So Ra, and the other actors. The only actress I didn’t like that much was Mok Ji-Wan – she thought she was so great.

    All in all – very enjoyable drama. Kudo’s to the writers – they did great.

  70. 70 : park jun sung Says:

    Seriously????!!!! This is hong sisters drama???? Unexpected, i mean i dont know that there is hong sister drama this year. Yeah i know that there is rumor they will comeback with new drama. But i dont expected its warm n cozy. Cz in the synopsis i read beforw, their new drama is fantasy rom com about couple who can see ghost or something like that… and i think this drama is not as big hit as their previous drama. Because not so popular, until i didnt notice that this is their drama. Its also the first time their drama got so low rating and minor comment. Sorry its just my opinion.
    Btw, is there any hong sister drama will airing after this? Cz im still curious about the rumor fantasy romcom drama if their new project on the article i ve read somewhere.

  71. 71 : Rose Says:

    Park Tae Seo (Gun Woo) and Lee Sung Jae (Jung Geun) were in Kanchi together. Sung Jae played a mean hateful person in Kanchi. I am seeing a different side of him in this role and enjoying him.

    I also like the Mayor – Kim Sung -Oh (Hwang Wook). He is cute. I like him and his low key manner in this show.

    I am really enjoying this show a lot

    Good cast and very entertaining.

  72. 72 : WSW Says:

    This is a very light drama and all i can sa

  73. 73 : WSW Says:

    This is a very light drama and all i can say this is a drama which really promote Jeju island. I can feel the beauty of Jeju and i wish to go there soon.

  74. 74 : Rose Says:

    I agree Jeju is a pretty island. I have seen it in another respective in the variety show Two Days and One Night” that airs on KBS. I love that show as you see many different areas of Korea. Also The Human Condition, which also airs on KBS, is filmed in different Korean areas.

    I miss those shows as I lost KBS station in Mid March, just like that. I don’t know why they have to screw everything up – like MBC with the Eng subs. It is hard to watch 20 show shows on the computer.

  75. 75 : Rose Says:

    I love this show and do agree with USA – Mary — can’t figure out why the scenes jump or don’t follow through at times.

    Gun Woo and Jung Joo’s “do whatever fun day” – everything was going well, then Gun Woo bought Jung Joo a frozen ice treat and she gets upset because it was not flowers!! Like out of the blue – she leaves, goes back to the restaurant, finds out from cute Poong San that Gun Woo wanted her to go to the cemetery with him to visit his mother’s grave, then Jung Joo feels sad, shows up at the cemetery, everything is going well, then Gun Woo tells her to “keep liking him,” and she gets upset again. What is this??? Why did the writers do this???? It just didn’t make sense. One scene didn’t make sense to the next scene to the next scene.

    I also don’t think Jung Joo knew much about Gun Woo’s life, and the money he gave up for her that he would not sell the restaurant, and brings her the pink rose that she threw out.

    Gun Woo’s sister has a big mouth and doesn’t know when to keep quiet. She gave too much information to the person who is writing a story about Gun Woo’s family and Hae Shil.

    Idiot Mok-Jin just leaches on to anyone who has money. What a loser.

    I feel sorry for the Mayor as he does like Jung Joo and he is always so nice to her. Too bad Jung Joo didn’t have a twin or a sister for the cute Mayor.

    All in all – great little drama.

  76. 76 : violet88 Says:

    Baek Geon Woo & Lee Joong Joo rocks!.. They are the best OTP pairing for me.. they topped my favourite OTP from other dramas as of today… Hope they date in real life… 🙂

    This is a highly recommended drama to watch.. you’ll fall in love with YYS, KS and Jeju Island… Though it’s already finished airing i still couldn’t move on and cure from GW-JJ side effect..

  77. 77 : Rose Says:

    I thought the Mayor looked so cute when he was going to propose to Jung Joo and he was dressed in a dark suit with his sun glasses and the red flowers. Poor cute Mayor – I liked his character in this drama.

    I like the restaurant – nice decor – pretty fish tank and close to the water. I wonder if it is a working restaurant?

    I liked the end of each show where the characters each show how to make a different recipe. Different and nice concept.

  78. 78 : OK OK OK Says:

    started yesterday and now on ep5
    Really an entertaining this drama. Surprisingly I find lead actor is very cute.
    He plays his role very well, versatile….. MUST WATCH !!! 😛

  79. 79 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yoo Yun Suk ssi, first time watching you act in Warm and Cozy. LOVE IT.
    You bring the leading role to life. Good job, well done. Bravo!!! 😛

  80. 80 : Rose Says:

    This show just ended today where I live. I really enjoyed this show so much. It was funny, light, light story line but great. I thought all the actors really did a good job with their respective roles. They picked really good actors for his role.

    I do wish Gun Woo and his father could have met each other, even if only for a few minutes. Kong Jung Bae tried to get them together, but…… at least Gun Woo knows his dad did not kill Hae-Sil’s husband. I am glad that she got past that time of her life.

    I was hoping that Mok Ji Won would end up with NO ONE. Unfortunately she finally got her rich husband. She had a terrible personality.

    OK OK OK Says —- enjoy the ride – I loved Yoo Yeon-Seok in this role. He is so cute. Very enjoyable show.

    Kudos to the entire staff that worked on this show including the producers, writers, camera crew, etc. etc. Great show.

  81. 81 : OK OK OK Says:

    Just finished final episode 16.
    I like both leads – Kang So Ra very attractive and Yoo Yun Suk very charming.
    A MUST WATCH drama if you like light hearted romance comedy – ALL ACTED VERY WELL

  82. 82 : OK OK OK Says:

    i will vote for this drama too 😛

  83. 83 : bayliss Says:

    Super cute Baek Gun Woo

  84. 84 : mona Says:

    this drama will always in my heart. It somehow reminds me of full house 😀

    daebak maendorrong tottott!! Last but not least, this drama is worth to “replay” again and again…

  85. 85 : kenzoismyhachiko Says:

    this is one of my fav…, maendorrong tottot couple, hope to see you both again in a new drama ^^

  86. 86 : Ike Says:

    Bad drama..seo yi ahn very bad acting.

  87. 87 : StormDiaboli Says:

    I did enjoy this drama. The scenery is awesome. The story is unfortunately very similar to Full House and anyone who has seen that drama will notice the similarities. Full House came out in 2004 and I am shocked that the same team that gave us something as original and awesome as Master’s Sun wrote something so old fashioned and unoriginal. Last few episodes are just the plot repeating itself. I do feel like they could have saved this show in the early stages but midway they lost the plot.

  88. 88 : Keyli Says:

    Thanks to YYS-KSR’s great chemistry, because of that I finished this drama. The plot is a meh.. Hardly believe this one from the Hong sisters. Hope YYS-KSR will work together again because they have great chemistry (gah..that sizzling kisses in finale episode).

  89. 89 : meemee Says:

    Love the story lines
    But can’t see the chemistery between
    The Sora and the male lead.

  90. 90 : Lled lb Says:

    I like the acting of kang sora here.. she’s cool.

  91. 91 : KDramas de Maio: Ex-Girlfriend Club & Warm and Cozy Says:

    […] Fontes: DramaFever,  KoreanDrama (1), KoreanDrama […]

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