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High Kick 1: Unstoppable High Kick


Title: 거침없이 하이킥 / Unstoppable High Kick
Chinese Title : 搞笑一家人 – 不可阻挡的High Kick
Also known as: High Kick (Season 1)
Genre: Comedy, daily sitcom
Episodes: 167 (+4 special episodes)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-06 to 2007-Jul-07
Air time: Weekdays
Related Series: High Kick Series


Lee Yoon Ho (Jung Il Woo), a motorcycle mania who engages in many fights at school and is known for his high kick, and Lee Min Ho(Kim Hye Sung), who enjoys spending time on scale models and web blogs, are brothers born a year apart but attending the same class at school. These two portray completely opposite Korean teenage characters in a comical way. And of course, there’s the rest of the family. Their father (Jung Joon Ha), a full-time stock investor since being laid-off from work, nevertheless optimistic and reckless; their mother (Park Hae Mi), an oriental medicine doctor and always overly confident; their grandfather (Lee Soon Jae), who loves money more than anything in the world; their grandmother (Na Moon Hee), who is always defeated by her daughter-in-law in ongoing status quarrels, are some of them. Their uncle Lee Min Yong (Choi Min Yong) is a 27-year-old single dad. After going through a premature marriage and early divorce, he enjoys his life back in the dating scene with his half-single and half-married status, while continuing to encounter emotionally-involved moments with his ex-wife Shin Ji (Shin Ji) at times. Smooth High Kick! is a situation comedy, which portrays the everyday lives of the main characters colliding with each other in a comical way. However, at a certain point, the surprising mysteries of their seemingly-normal surrounding characters begin to unravel one by one. Source


Lee Family

Kim Hye Sung as Lee Min Ho (17)
Jung Il Woo as Lee Yoon Ho (brother, 16)
Jung Joon Ha as Lee Joon Ha (father, 43)
Park Hae Mi as Park Hae Mi (mother, 45)
Lee Soon Jae as Lee Soon Jae (grandfather, 70)
Na Moon Hee as Nah Mun Hee (grandmother, 68)
Choi Min Yong as Lee Min Yong (uncle, 27)

School people

Suh Min Jung as Suh Min Jung (teacher)
Park Min Young as Kang Yoo Mi (student)
Kim Bum as Kim Bum (student, Min Ho’s best friend)
Seung Hyun as Seung Hyun (student)
Hwang Chan Sung as Chan Sung (student)
Hong Soon Chang as vice principal

Other people

Shin Ji as Shin Ji (Min Yong’s ex-wife)
Na Hye Mi as Hye Mi
Lee Se Young as Se Young
Yang Jung Won as Yoo Min’s friend
Yoon Seo Hyun as Detective Lee
Seo Hyun as Yeon Min
Jung Jin An as young Mun Hee
Jang Ji Min as young Yoo Mi
Kim Hye Ri as Hye Ri (cameo, ep155)
Tablo as English teacher (cameo, ep150)
No Joo Hyun as Min Jung’s father (cameo, ep125)
Jung Jin Young as delivery man (cameo, ep108)
So Yoo Jin as aide (cameo, ep107)
Kwon Oh Joong as Kwon Oh Joong (cameo, ep101)
Jo Won Suk as music director (cameo, ep83)
Yoon Gi Won as field track coach (cameo, ep82)
Park Jung Soo as Hae Mi’s mother (cameo, ep80)
Lee Sung Min as Kim Yoon Jo (cameo, ep64)
Yoon Sung Ho as Joon Ha’s friend (cameo, ep60)
Chun Myung Hoon (cameo, ep26)
Ivy as hospital patient (cameo)

Official site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : JAHZ Says:


  2. 2 : si hu Says:

    I want to buy his film.and, I like this

  3. 3 : ann Says:

    where can I watch this online?

  4. 4 : ann Says:

    where can I watch this drama? I try youtube but does not have full episode.

  5. 5 : kezhea Says:

    in this drama, jung il woo is soooooooooooooooo handsome and hot! together with kim bum and kim hye sung. haha. i like this drama!

  6. 6 : erica trix Says:

    kim bum is so funny in high kick i love it

  7. 7 : mutiara Says:

    I love korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  8. 8 : nining Says:

    wanna watch it again,, it’s so fun,,

  9. 9 : Yoon Hee Says:

    You’re so cute Jung Il Woo!!!

  10. 10 : Yoon Hee Says:

    Suh Min Jung youre so funny, I like you!

  11. 11 : nomunaa Says:

    wonderfull movie

  12. 12 : yelyah Says:

    ur xo cute kim bum……….

  13. 13 : kimchilee Says:

    where to view this with english subtitles?

  14. 14 : soon yumie Says:

    ooohhhhh….dis movie..drag my head into my shoulders..its so amazing..

  15. 15 : meng guy yeh Says:

    i like jung il hoo

  16. 16 : meng guy yeh Says:

    im sorry wrong spelling jung il woo

  17. 17 : Pita tabibito Says:

    I am reading your pages to find a K-drama series to watch during my Army deployment to Afghanistan. Thanks for the great website.

  18. 18 : melit Says:

    wow ilove high kick so much saymon ammm grandfather frankk an all family in high kick ilov it so much…………..???????????

  19. 19 : melit Says:

    wo love it so much hmmmmmmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….????????????!!!!!!!

  20. 20 : melit Says:

    iam so very happy to c the high kick ilove it high kick is the no.1 in philipnes in binondo family and otero famil

    my email in face book is :[email protected]

    iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hihgggggggggggg kickkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. 21 : silver maniac Says:

    i really really like each one of them… but there are one character that i really LOVE !! the no. 5 or name as lee min ho!! i love them all!! all the weird & funny moments. . . hahaha I AM A BIG BIG FUN OF HIGH KICK!!

  22. 22 : ruffa Says:

    i always watch it everyday! =))
    Lee Yoon Ho is soooo cute!

  23. 23 : zhei Says:

    i so love JUNG IL WOO! 🙂

    what other kdramas did he appear to?

    i love the LEE family. so cool!^^

  24. 24 : kim moon Says:

    woohoo! i love UNSTOPPABLE HIGH KICK sooooooooooooooo much! 😉

  25. 25 : kim moon Says:


  26. 26 : kim moon Says:

    hehe. guys help where can i watch dis movie ol? ty! 🙂

  27. 27 : kim moon Says:

    pls can u translate this also in english? PLSSSSS koreandrama.org

  28. 28 : glenn Says:

    boss of korean drama i would like to say you..hi ,and i hope, you do it again this kind of korean drama, because that type of korean drama is so great.. and i feel so happy,,when i watch this comedy korean drama.., if you do again this high kick unstoppable, i’ll very thank you so much, i want old cast they can act again in part 2 of “untoppable high kick”
    thank you so much u hope you can do drama again, and specially, after you do this drama, can i watch in Philippines in tagalog version.. tnx ^^
    i hope they are understand me

  29. 29 : angel88 Says:

    I really love HIGHKICK!very much!!
    Kim Hye-Sung,Kim Bumang Jung Il Woo…
    I wish there is still season 2..

    By the way what is the name of the university in there school??
    pls.give the name of dat school..
    T.Y :3

  30. 30 : angel88 Says:

    @kim moon :u can watch that at crunchyroll.com

  31. 31 : angel88 Says:

    I really love HIGHKICK!very much!!
    Kim Hye-Sung,Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo…
    I wish there is still season 2..

    By the way what is the name of the university in there school??
    pls.give the name of dat school..
    T.Y :3

  32. 32 : jun Says:

    i really love the story of high kick it makes me laugh and cry ,specialy the characters love their facial reaction they are really good actors….wish they hve new episodes

  33. 33 : saranghe_jo102791 Says:

    oMG!!! all of them were really great actors and actresses!
    i love every episodes of HK,

  34. 34 : emily kanedy Says:

    hi evryone i hope you can translate it in arabic thank you very much

  35. 35 : iiuam Says:

    i really love watching this koreandrama .. im having fun watching it thats why im hoping that there will be a chance to repeat the story of high kick .. hope to see again the LEE FAMILY HEHE

  36. 36 : chris Says:

    omg it sucks

  37. 37 : kathy Says:

    i am not a fan of this type of drama.. i want a new show to come through..
    very dissapointed and this is so dated..

  38. 38 : manel Says:

    i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvv this korean drama and specially jang il woo and seo min jang

  39. 39 : manel Says:

    i want to watch the last episode not on youtube can you give the link plz

  40. 40 : Claudine Says:

    Have some pity on adult viewers, please replace this series with something not so gross. We will be watching again when you have a new series that is entertaining.

  41. 41 : Alaa Says:

    thank u i love this drama
    it reallllllllly makes me laugh
    i hope i have afamily like that

  42. 42 : Alaa Says:

    i love this drama
    i hope i have afamily like that

  43. 43 : Sam Silva Says:

    Seo Min-jeong is the best actress in this drama.

    I watch the show just to see her part.

  44. 44 : Lynn Says:

    do you know what part is SEOHYUN from snsd in????????????
    i want to see that????????????

  45. 45 : Muntaha Says:

    Dear boss of korean drama ,, Thank you for Must Lovely High Kich , I Wish Suh Min Jung as Suh Min Jung (teacher) and uncle Lee Min Yong (Choi Min Yong) married ,, Suh Min Jung has changed a lot of things in Suh Min Jung ,, she made him start again and build new life inside of him .. Please Continuo This Drama With Same Actors please,… make us happy and smile again please

  46. 46 : detdet Says:

    i really really like thid show… soooooo funny ;)))))

  47. 47 : detdet Says:

    i really really like this show.. so funny and so addicting to watch.. 🙂

  48. 48 : rifa Says:

    please korean drama aired this on tv

  49. 49 : kdrama_fan Says:

    This series is well written and well executed. Everybody in the drama is very convincing. Every character evolves to fit each role. Every episode is full of funny moments and messages. Suh Min Jung is fun to watch. I love the drama.

  50. 50 : glitter star Says:

    The most enjoyable series that i have ever seen.

  51. 51 : Vahdaneh Says:

    I really wana find those 4Special Epz .
    Please Help me
    Comment in here the Link Please
    4Special Epz Please

  52. 52 : High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

    […] network: MBC Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-19 to 2012 Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45 Related Series: High Kick 1 & High Kick […]

  53. 53 : telle Says:

    my ! lee min ho ssi is there ! :DD

  54. 54 : melissa Says:

    where can i watch this with english subs?

  55. 55 : glitter star Says:

    For english sub, you can watch from http://www.dramafever.com but it ‘s only available in North America! I feel sad that i am in Thailand, i need to watch full 167 episodes + 4 special episodes too. Also awaiting for someone to tell where can i watch ?…Thank you in advance.

  56. 56 : max Says:

    watch with english subs ==> http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/unstoppable-high-kick-episode-1/

  57. 57 : glitter star Says:

    Thank you max for yr kind advice for watching in dramacrazy.net but i cannot click play !! it is not work. How can i do ? pls advise or i am in Thailand. This website: dramacrazy.net is available in Asia or not ??

  58. 58 : glitter star Says:

    Wow, i’m in Thailand, now i can see all episode in http://www.dramacrazy.net !! Thank you for yr kind advice. i’m very happy.

  59. 59 : fati Says:

    wawwwwwwwww i love it………fighting

  60. 60 : carlo Says:

    1 h0pe to.i watch this movie 😀

  61. 61 : hyosung Says:

    i just finished watching this drama. and i just wanted to ask where can i watch the 4 special episodes with english subs? thanks and i love this show!

  62. 62 : K.Rawat Says:

    Can’t find torrents for Season 1 anywhere… Help ,anyone??

  63. 63 : gona Says:

    i like this drama so much especially Lee yun ho =jung ill woo i love him so much they are all the best comedian actors through korea and the world i watch each episode more than four times and i hope see it again on tv

  64. 64 : reiner Says:

    can anyone post about the 4 special episodes?

  65. 65 : yue Says:

    where can i watch the 4 special episodes please T.T

  66. 66 : Park Min Young | Magic Elixir Says:

    […] (MBC, 2010) Princess Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009) Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008) I’m Sam (KBS2, 2007) Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, […]

  67. 67 : d_zhiany Says:

    this Sitcom really recommended

  68. 68 : High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] network: MBC Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-19 to 2012 Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45 Related Series: High Kick 1 & High Kick […]

  69. 69 : Wint Wint PHyo Says:

    this movie was shown in myanmar. I like this and people from also like too.
    Thank you for your good presentation. Thank you.

  70. 70 : lilyy Says:

    amazin movie

  71. 71 : Linso Says:

    Just have time to watch this series as it’s difficult to find link with eng sub , it is the best of all 3 high kick series – the script, plot, story line, all actors and actress. Found link in one site but Eng sub work is not that good but still enjoyable http://watchseries.lt/serie/Unstoppable_High_Kick. If you don’t have time to watch all 3 seasons of high kick – High kick season 1 is strongly recommend – best of all 3

  72. 72 : mad Says:

    مسلسل راااائع جدا شاهدته قبل 3 سنوات واتمنى ان اجد النسخه في النت للتحميل لكني لم اجدها

  73. 73 : mad Says:

    مرحبا اريد المساعده..
    بحثت عن المسلسل ولم اجده
    اريد تحميله في جهازي

  74. 74 : Rose Says:

    High Kick Reunion — aired on MBC

    (Two actors that were not present — Kim Beom and Choi Min-Yong. Wonder what happened to Choi Min-Yong?? MBC is re-running “We Got Married” from 2017, and he is on there. Last movie he did was in 1977. )

    It was good to see them all again. I really enjoyed this drama.

    kbizoom.com › high-kick-cast-shed-tears-during“High Kick” cast shed tears during their reunion after 14 …

    Oct 19, 2021 · The cast of the “legendary sitcom” – “High Kick” has reunited for the first time after 14 years. In August, MBC stated that they were currently preparing an “MBC Documentary Special”

    The boy who played the baby was at the reunion also.

    jungilwoodelights.com › 2021/11/17 › high-kickHigh Kick Documentary.
    When Ilwoo reunites with Min-jung.

    Several pictures of both of the actors on this sight.

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