Unemployed Romance 02

Title: 실업급여 로맨스 / Unemployed Romance
Chinese Title: 失業救助羅曼史
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Broadcast netwrok: E-Channel
Broadcast period: 2013-10-05 to 2013-Dec-07
Air time: Saturday 23:00


A story about an aspiring writer who lives off of unemployment checks while chasing her dream.

Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah) dreams of becoming a drama writer. However, she receives unemployment benefits from the government and she then meets her first love Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min), who works at the unemployment benefit center.


Main Cast

Lee Young Ah as Im Seung Hee
Nam Goong Min as Kim Jong Dae
Suh Joon Young as Hwang Wan Ha
Bae Seul Gi as Moon Sun Joo

Supporting Cast

Jung Seung Ah as Oh Yeon Woo
Park Woo Chun as Park Kwang Pal
Kim Kang Hyun as Uhm Hyo Sang
Jun Chang Gul as CEO Kim
Park Jin Joo as assistant writer
Jung Jin as PD Lee
Myung Kye Nam as Geo Boo / Jong Dae’s father
Kwon Ki Sun as Ja Ok / Jong Dae’s mother
Ji Sang Min as Sun Tae
Hwang Eun Jung as Kyung Hee
Park Hee Jin as Chang Soo’s mother
Lee Won Jong (cameo)

Production Credits

Production Company: CMG Chorokstars
Director: Choi Do Hoon
ScriptWriter: Lee Soo Ah


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39 Responses to “Unemployed Romance”

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  1. 26
    icegirl Says:

    characters, story, actors…sorry to say, all very disappointing…i’m going to stop watching now…

  2. 27
    sunflower93239 Says:

    I really like this drama. I love Nam Goong Min! It’s amazing how he can stretch his acting abilities and play a role like Jang Joon Ha in Can you Hear My Heart and then play Kim Jong Dae in Unemployed Romance. Awesome:)

  3. 28
    eny Says:

    This is the only rom-com that i like, right now. Try to watch Marry him if you dare but not really take my attention n I’m not even interested to see heirs. The story is different n about real life that happen around us not only typical love betwen man n woman

  4. 29
    anne rose Says:

    love this drama. maybe at the first seems bored but still watching and you can find the interesting at this drama

  5. 30
    Jyenie Says:

    Wow, this drama is awesome. I am watching ep 3 now, it’s true that ep 1 and 2 are a bit boring, the romance will start in ep 3.

  6. 31
    Lyn Says:

    I agree the ep 1 and 2 a bit boring.. but after ep 3 i’m really enjoying wathing this drama.. their chemistry is awesome…

  7. 32
    guess Says:

    i was watched this drama ep 1 – 3 is very funny, ep 4 – 6 is flashback story, then ep 7 continue the story of ep 3, this drama is interesting, can’t wait ep 8 – 10

  8. 33
    Micc Says:

    Just finished! Worth watching! It’s really a nice story with nice casts. Very happy ending!

  9. 34
    ededed Says:

    I admit 1st 2.5 episodes are REALLY boring. But after, its very nice!! Unlike typical kdrama like the heirs that are too far fetched from reality. This is so much nicer. The heirs is really boring, cant continue further..

  10. 35
    mail Says:

    awesome drama….its really worth watching…..its so funny that i laughed a lot in every episode….

  11. 36
    choo ahnlin Says:

    the ending..i dont get it,there should be more!

  12. 37
    choo ahnlin Says:

    funny enough to keep me interested..but 10 eps a bit too short :(

  13. 38
    taraJJ Says:

    I think this really interesting drama, eps 1-3 we can see the girl side point of you then eps 3-6 the guy point of you, the rest eps 7-10 both point of you.. I know this supposed to be rom-com drama but some scene just make tears in my eyes… love.. love this drama.. :)
    I know at the end its just the story made by seung hee for a drama in reality she found happiness with jong dae.. love chemistry between lee young ah and nam goong min.

  14. 39
    Fullheart Says:

    I am with #36, don t get the ending. Sorry, have to vote negative on this drama although I am a fan of Nam Goong Min.

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