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Title: 못난이 주의보 / Ugly Alert
Chinese Title: 醜八怪警報
Also Known as: Watch Out For Fools
Previously Known as: 브라보 마이 라이프 / Bravo My Life
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 133
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-May-20 to 2013-Nov-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


A human drama in which a silly and worthless man changes the people around him. It also delivers the meaning of ‘family’ even though they are not blood related and how everyone within that frame understand and heal each other although sometimes they can be jealous and ignore each other.

Gong Joon Soo (Im Ju Hwan) is a man who has had a rough life and early on had to fend for himself. He takes the blame for a murder his brother commits and serves time in prison. There he learns to sew and acquires a trade. After discharged from the prison, his newly acquired skills give him a job in a fashion company and works for Na Do Hee (Kang So Ra), the goody-good daughter of the fashion company which was built by her grandfather. Meanwhile, Gong Joon Soo’s father was married to Jin Joo (Kang Byul)’s mother, both families learns how to understand each other and become a family even though they are not related by blood.


Joon Soo’s family

Im Ju Hwan as Gong Joon Soo
Kang Yi Suk as Gong Joon Soo (child)
Kang Byul as Gong Jin Joo 
Jung Da Bin as Gong Jin Joo (child)
Choi Tae Joon as Gong Hyun Suk
Nam Da Reum as Gong Hyun Suk (child)
Seol Hyun as Gong Na Ri
Kim Ha Yoo as Gong Na Ri (child)
Ahn Nae Sang as Gong Sang Man
Shin Ae Ra as Jin Sun Hye

Do Hee’s family

Kang So Ra as Na Do Hee
Shin So Yool as Shin Joo Young
Lee Soon Jae as Na Sang Jin
Chun Ho Jin as Na Il Pyung
Yoon Son Ha as Yoo Jung Hee
Lee Il Hwa as Na In Sook
Kim Il Woo as Shin Tae Il


Kim Young Hoon as Lee an Seo
Hyun Woo as Kang Chul Soo
Song Ok Sook as Bang Jung Ja
Kim Ha Kyoon as Choo Man Dol
Kim Dae Hee as Cha Dae Ki
Ban Hyo Jung as chairwoman
Jo Yoon Woo as Lee Dong Woo
Ahn Sang Tae as Park Moo Peul
Moon Chun Shik
Ryu Sung Hoon
Song Ho Soo as Young part-timer


Oh Seung Yoon as Lee Kyung Tae
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Kyung Tae’s father
Kim Seung Wook as Detective Kim
Nam Kyung Eup as Lee Han Seo’s father
Wang Bit Na as Joon Soo and Jin Joo’s homeroom teacher (ep 1)
So Hee Jung

Production Credits

Production Company: Shin Young ENC Co.,Ltd., Human Nature
Producer: Hong Sung Chang
Director: Shin Yoon Sub
Screenwriter: Jung Ji Woo


2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Kang So Ra (Ugly Alert)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Im Ju Hwan (Ugly Alert)


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94 Responses to “Ugly Alert”

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  1. 51
    gahhhz Says:

    I finally found it after a long time too 🙂

    ( Cr to anonanon Says)


  2. 52
    bebe Says:

    I love this drama so much!! I will keep it in my collections. Best long drama for this year. fighting! fighting! fighting! for the writer and the actor and actress. Thanks for making me happy!

  3. 53
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 59 and realised that Shin So Yool is quite desperate to have a strong and firmed romance with Choi Tae Joon as she understands that her parents will force her to marry Kim Young Hoon .

    Maybe, when Shin So Yool has finished the terms of 30days agreement that she can see Choi Tae Joon, she will give up in running after Choi Tae Joon, therefore, that is the time when Choi Tae Joon starts to realise that he has fallen in love with Shin So Yool and by then Shin So Yool will be in a very difficult situation to face as her parents want her to marry Kim Young Hoon as fast as possible ,without caring her feelings and without respecting her choice to choose.

  4. 54
    Lovemoon Says:

    Hello, Orlando and mml–I totally agree with both of you about this drama. I didn’t crazy with this drama at first for different reasons. The main cast of this drama, the title, viewing the 1st ep… but after reading the comments about this drama I decide to view them. I can’t stop watching until I finished and catch up to ALL now. It is really different and I keep watching every week. Thumb up.

  5. 55
    mml Says:

    @54 Lovemoon,
    i’m glad to find you here. I have found you at Princess Aurora comment and feedback website, now you also watch Ugly Alert, good to see you all here too.

    Ugly Alert this drama got a different level of interesting. As, it is filming on Monday to Friday the same as Princess Aurora, i wanted to watch both. As i am not a Korean , i also encounter problem to have the ability to watch it on the same day.

    Taiwan website will update Ugly Alert each episode on the same day when it was filmed, but, Princess Aurora every episode will only be updated by dailymotion website only the following day.

    Therefore, sometimes, am not sure which drama is better to watch. Anyway, both dramas have different interesting things for me to like to watch.

  6. 56
    enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] 못난이 주의보 / Ugly Alert / 醜八怪警報 Broadcast period: 2013-May-20 Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20 […]

  7. 57
    Love Says:

    I’m really enjoying this great drama, so much meaning family and not blood relation. This is a great story for family to see and enjoyed. There is many ups and down, but as many day’s passes, things always have a bright out look.
    For the main lead guy Im Ju Hwan as Gong Joon Soo- Kang Yi Suk as Gong Joon Soo (child)as a youngster who had so much hard life and was look down by is step sister and step brother with all the criticize he endure it with always a smile on his face.
    Yes! he always took the blame for what ever is step family did wrong, but with strength and courage with power of his own, his life was so much with love with care and he always look on the bright side of life.
    This can really teach us what is life all about, encouragement and love for one another.

  8. 58
    WSW Says:

    I am enjoying this drama up to this point also. Although a bit exaggerated on the lead actor where he takes all the blame for the whatever the family did. He do have a kind heart but a bit over to the extend but still this is a good drama and i hope that everyone in the family will have a happy ending and Joon soon will marry Do Hee as this is the only thing and dream he have in his life beside his brother and sisters.

    This drama is underrated and i fully recommend all to give this drama a chance instead of watching other overrated drama.

  9. 59
    Kdrama_fan Says:

    It was a good drama. But this stupid lead male still tries to cover up everything ten years after his incarceration. I wonder if there is such a nice, but dumb person. It becomes a stupid drama. But come on. Do not fool the audience.

  10. 60
    asiram Says:

    uh big oppa such kind

  11. 61
    kim mi-kyung Says:

    Good drama in my life

  12. 62
    vera Says:

    i love this drama !!!
    go~go~go ! im ju hwan and kang so ra ..
    love you both <3

  13. 63
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching the whole drama for Ugly Alert,
    this drama is better than Sincerity Moves Heaven and also this drama is so much better than Princess Aurora .

  14. 64
    ren Says:

    I love this drama, makes you cry, lots of laughter, the romances of the lead stars are cute and they both lovable…beautiful pair…..best story ever…excellent acting of all stars…

  15. 65
    mimi Says:

    this drama is so great, beautiful lead stars, excellent acting of all actors, the love story/romances are amazingly well written, one of the best korean drama ever…

  16. 66
    atikah Says:

    //where can i wacth this drama?? i already open many website but nothing

  17. 67
    mimi Says:

    in drama.net ..you can see it …this drama is the best ever written…you can cry …you will be touch … your heart aches…lots of funny scenes…amazingly beautiful pair of lead stars and they acted well…excellently well written..

  18. 68
    rose Says:

    amazing, super, excellent korean drama, I watched so many best korean drama but this drama is the best I ever seen, it touches your heart, I cried non stop, some funny and cute scenes love scenes, awesome lead stars, perfectly paired lead stars…wow.. Jun soo excellent acting…your the best actor…this drama is the best among the best korean drama past and present…excellently written…

  19. 69
    rod Says:

    wow, this the most beautiful korean drama of all past and present drama, it touches your heart, unconditional love, love of family, romantic and passionately love scenes, funny romantic scenes….amazingly beautiful pair kand sora and lim ju hwan…a standing ovation for their acting…super super well written…one of a kind drama…the best among the best korean drama…thanks for this wonderful very beautiful drama and lead stars ….

  20. 70
    Lysha Says:

    i like this drama…interesting story…

  21. 71
    kathy Says:

    How can there be such a ridiculously, annoyingly, hateful and thick skinned person like Lawyer Lee who just cannot get it into his head that he doesn’t have the right to even consider Do Hee as his prospective wife let alone trying to eliminate his opponent! Well, that’s drama!

  22. 72
    lala Says:

    this drama is worldwide recognized as the best of all korean drama…brilliantly well written…the actor Im ju hwan excellently acted his character as well as kang sora…unconditional love, love of family, cute love scenes, makes you laugh and cry…

  23. 73
    htayapril Says:

    I love this drama especially Choi Tae Joon and Shin So Yool

  24. 74
    azrul Says:

    this is the first ever korean drama that i watch and i love it

  25. 75
    Miss Desperate Says:

    Hey guys, I wan to know, where can I watch this drama from 1st episode until last episodes? (With English subtitles)

  26. 76
    gal Says:

    just type ugly alert drama.net …actually it is only in drama.net with eng sub…enjoy watching…this drama is the best of all drama ever played on screen….

  27. 77
    Lizzy Says:

    It seems k-drama is having new trend for making older actress with young actor involved in love story. It started from I Hear Your Voice, then My Love from the Star, and now this drama. Is that somekind of courages for single women not to give up to find love or something ??? All those actress on those drama look older ! Is that so difficult to find other actress who have same ages with the actor ? It`s so strange to see they play as couple, hugging and kissing each other. BLAH !

  28. 78
    mee Says:

    in drama .net…this drama hits or viewers …already more than one million…wow…this drama is the best of all drama..the lead stars im ju hwan and kang sora..they excellently performed their craft in acting….plus the brilliant writer….congrats and thanks for this wonderful drama

  29. 79
    aulia Says:

    so touching, this drama makes me laugh, cry, sad, everything …. so good 2 thumb up

  30. 80
    ariel sydney Says:

    hei.. I need song at ep 115 07:20-10:20 who singer and title
    thank you

  31. 81
    lourdes Says:

    the story of this drama is super super excellently written…. and the actor lim ju hwan portrayed his role amazingly great, it touches your heart, he makes you cry a lot and makes you laugh…the love/romance with kang sora is so sweet..what can I say…the most awesome drama of all korean drama ever on screen…congrats to all who made this drama a hit in drama.net….almost 2 million viewer already…..

  32. 82
    Ji Anh Lee Says:

    I soooooo love this drama.

  33. 83
    CoolBeans Says:

    Excellent drama. Very heartwarming. Watch on Dramafire without commercials or on Drama.net. VIKI does not have it!

  34. 84
    syae Says:

    Really love this drama…

  35. 85
    Si thu Says:

    This drama is so great

  36. 86
    melonlord Says:

    For me this is the best drama.

  37. 87
    Moe nyar Says:

    I love this ugly alert especially because of Shin So yul and Choi tae joon. They are so cute and adorable on every scenes together. Great couple which I have ever seen in K-drama until today.. Also, I have seen some short MTV created by Peace only the cuts for Choi & shin lovely moment..Thanks to Peace from here for such an awsome MTV.. And also, while they are making for catching wedding banquet scenes, they are so great and have chemmistry with each other even it is just a practice and act for that scene (especially I love their hug when shin step on choi’s foot by accidentally) Let me request from here our K drama PD, directors to make another one with Choi & shin as a leading role and lovely couple. I do hope & wish to see that drama soon..

  38. 88
    libra Says:

    choi tae jun is xo cute.

  39. 89
    Violet88 Says:

    This is the first ever K-Drama with long episode i ever watched.. normally i won’t follow drama > 24 eps.. But I was lured by Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora, and really satisfied with the story. Really GREAT human story, with an outstanding deliveries by the actors/actress.. But it’s a shame that it does not win many awards except for New Star awards for both of the lead OTP.

    I truly enjoy the ride of 45 eps (so far I’m at eps 45) and can’t wait to go to the next eps every time each eps ended.

    To those who unable to find this drama in eng sub, try out Dramacool. i myself has been waiting like ages since first hearing about this drama.. Unfortunately I come across the sub version at Dramacool… 🙂
    Go and watch this, you will not regret spending your time on this great piece..

  40. 90
    fullhouse Says:

    Daebak couple Im Joo Hwan & Kang So Ra.. Joo Hwan was really great in portraying Gong Joon Soo’s character.. every little bit (motion, expression, laughter, body language, intonation, smiles, etc) was perfectly done.. And likewise So Ra was perfect as Do Hui as well. They matched each other really well.. So proud of them..

    Oh God, I’m so lost of words to describe how great this drama is.. Really hope more people are watching this GREAT drama.. I think my love for this drama had surpassed other piece, and this gonna be at the top place in my heart for a very long time..

    Why can’t Joo Hwan & So Ra become real couple? Their chemistry was sparkling throughout the drama.. I want them to be together… arghhhh….. OK, fine.. the just give me another drama/movie with both of them as the OTP… pls pls pls drama God…….

  41. 91
    misuah Says:

    this is my fav kdrama as in… i’ve watch this kdrama last year 3x even if it has 100+ episodes. and until now i cannot move on … also the songs are very good to listened.. i love kang sora and im joo hwan… the story line and the actors/actresses are great…

  42. 92
    Birddybuddy Says:

    Help !! I’m addicting to this drama lol I’m up to ep 38 😆😘 but I keep asking myself ….. Why the hell this drama has 133 ep ????? It’s should be 50 ep will be perfect like Jang Bori is here 😁 anyway I’ll keep watching till the end for sure because I wanna see what their life story will be !!!!!! And not to mention the both lead chemistry is Daebak 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  43. 93
    ummi74_ Says:

    @Lizzy you should go check their profile before commenting. If you meant Choi Tae Jun and Shin Yool coupling, yes Shin Yul 5 years older than Tae Jun, but if you meant to Im Ju Hwan and Kang Sora, the fact is Im Ju Hwan 8 years older than Kang Sora. Im Ju Hwan born 1982 and Kang Sora 1990.

  44. 94
    Emmanuel Titus Says:

    Wow this drama is one of the best drama in korea. I really feel for them it was real, but am still watching it, and i will watch it to the end. Love u all guys. And also greeting to my best Lee Min-ho.

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