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Two Weeks 03

Title: 투윅스 / Two Weeks
Chinese Title: 兩週
Genre: Melodrama, Mystery, Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Family
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Sep-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Jang Tae San (Lee Joon Ki) is a man on the run after being falsely accused of murder. Furthermore, he discovers that he has a daughter who is now sick with leukemia. The drama spans exactly two weeks, and tells of Tae San’s desperate struggles to save his daughter.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Jang Tae San
Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
Jo Jung Eun as Jae Kyung (young)
Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)
Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye

Supporting Cast

Kim Hye Ok as Jo Seo Hee
Jo Min Ki as Moon Il Suk
Lee Chae Mi as Seo Soo Jin (Tae San’s daughter)
Kim Hyo Seo as Park Ji Sook
Song Jae Rim as a Kim (Professional Killer)
Chun Ho Jin as Han Chi Gook
Uhm Hyo Sup as Han Jung Woo
Yoon Hee Suk as Do Sang Hoon
Yeo Ui Joo as Kim Min Soo
Jung In Ki as Yang Taek Nam
Baek Seung Hoon as Kim Sang Ho(detective)
Ahn Yong Joon as Jin Il Do
Im Se Mi as Oh Mi Sook
Ahn Se Ha as Go Man Suk
Kim Bup Rae as Im Hyung Jin
Park Joo Hyung as Hwang Dae Joon
Bae Je Ki as Jo Dae Ryong
Kim Young Choon as Jang Suk Doo
Park Ha Na as Jang Young Ja
Kang Ha Neul as Kim Sung Joon
Hyun Nam (현남) as So Young
Kim Jae Man as Park Chul Kyu


Nam Kyung Eup as Im Ki Ho (Seung Woo’s father)
Seo Yi Sook as Tae San’s hostage (the deaf ahjumma, ep 4)
Chae Bin as Tae San’s hostage (the deaf ahjumma, ep 4)
Park Gri Na as the woman in labor (ep 5)
Niel (니엘) as the student who bought Tae San’s camera (ep 10)
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) as the girl who passed out drugged drinks in hospital (ep 13)
Go In Bum as Jae Kyung’s father
So Hee Jung

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Go Dong Sun
Director: Son Hyung Suk, Choi Jung Kyu
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung


2013 Apan Star Awards – The Best Acting Award : Lee Joon Ki
2013 Apan Star Awards – The Excellent Actress : Kim So Yeon
2013 Apan Star Awards – Scriptwriter Award: So Hyun Kyung (My Daughter Seo Young, Two Weeks)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-08-07 1 7.6 (19th) 8.7 (17th) 7.5 (19th) 8.9 (13th)
2013-08-08 2 7.7 (20th) 9.2 (15th) 8.0 (19th) 9.8 (11th)
2013-08-14 3 10.3 (8th) 12.8 (6th) 10.0 (7th) 12.1 (5th)
2013-08-15 4 8.8 (13th) 10.5 (10th) 9.2 (10th) 11.1 (6th)
2013-08-21 5 8.6 (12th) 10.9 (7th) 8.1 (17th) 9.1 (12th)
2013-08-22 6 9.2 (16th) 10.4 (12th) 10.1 (10th) 12.0 (6th)
2013-08-28 7 8.5 (15th) 10.7 (8th) 9.4 (11th) 10.3 (10th)
2013-08-29 8 9.0 (16th) 10.4 (13th) 11.5 (7th) 13.4 (5th)
2013-09-04 9 9.8 (9th) 11.4 (6th) 9.5 (12th) 10.6 (10th)
2013-09-05 10 9.9 (13th) 10.8 (12th) 9.9 (11th) 11.3 (6th)
2013-09-11 11 9.4 (13th) 11.1 (9th) 9.5 (13th) 10.8 (8th)
2013-09-12 12 9.4 (15th) 11.2 (8th) 11.0 (9th) 12.4 (6th)
2013-09-18 13 8.3 (13th) 9.7 (11th) 8.7 (13th) 10.0 (7th)
2013-09-19 14 8.6 (12th) 10.4 (8th) 8.8 (9th) 9.7 (7th)
2013-09-25 15 9.3 (17th) 10.5 (10th) 9.4 (14th) 10.8 (9th)
2013-09-26 16 10.4 (13th) 11.9 (7th) 11.0 (10th) 12.9 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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539 Responses to “Two Weeks”

  1. 1
    LoveJG Says:

    Finally! Super excited for my great actor comeback. “Two Weeks” 1st trailer looks so touching^^ Wish this drama will be a hit this year 🙂

  2. 2
    LoveJG Says:

    Lee Joongi, fighting~!! “Two Weeks”, fighting~!! 😀 ♥♥

  3. 3
    LoveLJG Says:

    Eng Trans for Teaser-1:
    JTS (LJG): It wasn’t me, I said it wasn’t me. (probably he’s saying he didn’t kill her?).
    JTS: I’m asking you, did you have/keep the baby?
    Little girl: Daddy.
    JTS: For the first time in my life, just this once, I want to live like a human.

  4. 4
    Katie Says:

    Cant wait!!!!

  5. 5
    Rose Says:

    Interesting. I will be watching!!

  6. 6
    AnnieYeon Says:

    aah… Jun oppaa ya..

  7. 7
    elly Says:

    Ryu Soo Young’s character name is now “Lim Seung-woo(임승우)” Please check.

  8. 8
    MiraEE Says:

    Is going to be an excellent drama!

  9. 9
    Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    two weeks span in a 20 episodes series?! Wow looks intriguing!

  10. 10
    dinaz Says:

    Gudluck with this drama oppa.. 🙂

  11. 11
    Ana Says:

    Wow, this drama is gonna be awesome, I love Lee Jun KI!!!

  12. 12
    Mujib2810 Says:

    yeyeahhhh^^ One of my fav actor comeback again this year…My iDol Lee Jun Ki hyeongnim,,,All the Best With ur drama…LeeJunKi hwaiting,Two Weeks Hwaiting^^~~~

  13. 13
    Angelia's Says:

    Kim so yeon is so stunning n pretty too. I will watch this show for sure bc it has lee jun ki too

  14. 14
    gi jhee Says:

    LEE JOON KI!!!!!!!! wow soooo really like and excited for this new k-drama of his. whatever the story is about, nice or not, still ,gaenyeong, super go for it!!!!! i like the nice casting though, all the other characters. fighting!!!

  15. 15
    latte Says:

    The trailer was intriguing, besides Lee Jun Ki is sooo gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to watch the first episode.

  16. 16
    Jamie Says:


  17. 17
    Joondee88 Says:

    Hello hello I am here and can’t wait for this show too!!! nice to meet ya all 🙂

  18. 18
    nadine Says:

    lee jun ki is a great actor, fighting !! this drama will be the best…go go jun ki go go

  19. 19
    tigerb Says:

    fugitive! am sure ljk can play this role well. i should watch this!

  20. 20
    Ana Says:


  21. 21
    damnun Says:

    There is no romance??? *sigh*

  22. 22
    catt4355 Says:

    Omg! Jun Ki is drop dead gorgeous here! I will watch this for sure 😀

  23. 23
    Periwinkle Says:

    Lee Joon Ki is back yayyy! 🙂 🙂 “The drama spans exactly two weeks” –> whoa can’t wait for this drama too!!

  24. 24
    rika windiyani Says:

    cant’t wait,,,,;)
    i love lee joon ki

  25. 25
    rory Says:

    Lee Joon Ki!!!! one of my favorite actor..this drama will airing at the same time with “The Master’s Sun”..wahhh..can’t wait! will looking forward to this drama then..”Two Weeks” fighting!!!

  26. 26
    Nii - Naa Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama… Lee joon ki… miss u…

  27. 27
    Mary Says:

    Sounds like a modern version of Mandate of heaven drama!!!!

  28. 28
    annmasae Says:

    looking forward to this drama because the screen writer has done some wonderful scripts – My Daughter Seo-young, Prosecuter Princess. Also love actor lee joon ki.
    I’ve decided to check out the screen writers before watching a drama. Will avoid those writers that wrote wonderful scripts with terrible endings (Fashion King, A Thousand Kisses.)

  29. 29
    LoveJG Says:

    Hello, every fan of Two Weeks & Lee Joongi oppa… Too excited to watch “2 Weeks”, seems so good~!!

    @Joondee88 hello dee sis, happy seeing you here again 🙂 My comment is the first one here, kkk. Also saw you in soompi 2 weeks thread^^ I’m hiding this year cos of large amount of studies, Lol~ Will be free on Sep 19th, see you soon dear 😉

  30. 30
    vanni zae Says:

    lee joon ki, fighting!!!

  31. 31
    Ana Says:

    The reason i will watch this
    1. I hope the story is good, the writer makes good story, like he did before in prosecutor princess, brilliant legacy and 49days.7
    2. Kim so yeon is good actress,she will do her best as lead actress, she can act well though she usually just has second actress, i’m currious, so yeon

  32. 32
    grasya Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!Lee Jun Ki……i will definetly watch this drama….sooooo excited….fighting 🙂

  33. 33
    ks Says:

    i hope this drama will good story
    i will wait cos lee jun ki and kim so yun
    love her cos from drama prosecutor drama
    and love his from drama arang and magistrate

  34. 34
    Winnew Says:

    I wish Two Weeks to be a huge success of this year. Fighting Lee Joon Gi. Love you.

  35. 35
    Ayhu Park Says:

    Lee JunKi oppa FIGHTING !!!
    I can’t wait for watches the drama…

  36. 36
    Nicoliza Says:

    Can’s wait for this drama since Lee Jun Ki’s last drama Arang and the Magistrate. Im sure with LJK’s capability as an actor, this drama will boom!

  37. 37
    dara manis Says:

    joon ki oppa….saranghae

  38. 38
    Jen Says:

    Song jae rim!!!!!! Can’t wait! 🙂

  39. 39
    Mia Says:

    Je suis très excitée de le commencer ! Lee Joon Ki présent ! kim So Yun présente ! Park ha sun présente ! ils n’ont jamais tournés ensembles ! ça risque d’être epique !

  40. 40
    SJ Says:

    2nd teaser:

  41. 41
    Oyabun Says:

    Never really liked this actor Lee Joon Ki but I have to say the guy surprised me a lot in Arang and the magistrate. This one will be another challenge for him. I hope it will turn out good and not some kind of James Bond investigation with unbelievable tricks.

  42. 42
    Mia Says:

    “Never really liked this actor Lee Joon Ki ”

    o_O you should watch Iljimae … Lee Joon Ki is AMAZING !!!

    Iljimae is one of the best korean dramas ever ! (with Brilliant Legacy and Queen seon deok ^^)

  43. 43
    Juliyana Chou Says:

    Me Too…!This second time I will watching Park Ha Sun serial drama. Joon Ki and Ha Sun is perfect couple too. I think they will got more chemistry on this drama. So excited to watch it soonest. 🙂

  44. 44
    Tania Lania Says:

    Wow, this drama is gonna be awesome, I love Lee Jun KI!!!

  45. 45
    khalish Says:

    Cool poster…

  46. 46
    rory Says:

    love the poster! can’t wait for this drama to be aired next week..
    I always love LJK’s work..he never disappointed me so far 😉

  47. 47
    erafi Says:

    looking forward to this one….hope it will be great drama

  48. 48
    bitbit Says:

    looking forward too.i hope the story will be good.

  49. 49
    Sengu Says:

    Super excited for “2 week ” it’s juz 1 week left to premire~~
    Oh..my So yeon !! Baddas again 🙂 Chasing down Jun Ki ~~
    Hope 2 weeks will hit in this yr 🙂

  50. 50
    sariwaty Says:

    argghh… junki oppa.. can’t wait watch your drama.. full emotion and charismatic

  51. 51
    ayu edogawa Says:

    ooooyeeeee.. lee junki oppa
    must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52
    Alice Says:

    i just realized the plot sounds like Mandate of Heaven but in the modern time. 😉

  53. 53
    Liss Says:

    Admin Trailer 3 is out here : http://youtu.be/ckibqKmLUhc

  54. 54
    miamore Says:


    here’s 9minutes trailer

  55. 55
    Jun Hee Says:

    Cannot wait
    Jun Ki oppa rocks

  56. 56
    something Says:

    actually this drama female lead is Park Ha Sun it said on the articles about the press conference and MBC also update their homepage frontpage with Park Ha Sun’s name after Lee Jun Ki

  57. 57
    Patricia Says:

    Ahh i cant wait to see how good this drama pans out!

  58. 58
    Sengu Says:

    No .. Female lead for this drama is KSY , u may think PHS IS Female lead cuz she enter love traingle btw two lead actors bt 2 weeks is action triller drama love line is not so important the story line is juz focus how to save sick dauther & solve complicated matter in case KSY is obe of the important characters she collebrate with LJK to solve the problem 🙂

  59. 59
    latte Says:

    Yep, I believe the female lead for this series is Kim So Yeon!

  60. 60
    shiro Says:

    Oppa :3

  61. 61
    Saras Says:

    Lee Joon Ki …. Saranghae… <3

  62. 62
    vanni zae Says:

    this day! fighting!

  63. 63
    Suzan Says:

    Wanna watch this series soon …..

  64. 64
    okey-dokey Says:

    even though watched it without subs, 1st looked nice

  65. 65
    Winnew Says:

    1st episode is so good. Very interesting

  66. 66
    ance Says:

    i’ll wait for episode 2 so i can watch it back-to-back…
    hope to see friends here from the Arang & the Magistrate thread…

  67. 67
    something Says:


    nope, i think she is female because in the press conference articles it title
    as Lee Joon Ki-Park Ha Sun’s Two Weeks and in official site they arrange Park Ha Sun’s name after Lee Junki, not about love line and such..he save sick daughter and the Park Ha Sun’s is the sick’s daughter mom she will involve more than Kim So Yun

  68. 68
    aq2jules Says:

    yo! how’s the first episode? gonna watch when it already subbed.

    hi ance!, ssup buddy?

  69. 69
    lee sang mi Says:

    lee joon ki <3

  70. 70
    ... Says:

    If Park Ha Sun is female lead. This drama must flop all interesting. Her role and her acting so weak while Kim So Yeon role much more interesting even appeared not much screen time in ep 1-2. If you said MBC official site placed PHS name after LJK. But in official poster KSY name placed after LJK. In Press Conference MC also introduced KSY before PHS. Is it make sense 2nd female was introduced before 1st female. Anyway name’s position can’t judge in this case. But if judge from role. Kim So Yeon is real female lead.

  71. 71
    Song Yu-ri Says:

    It was Im Se-mi’s character who was soaking in blood. 🙁

  72. 72
    Nudge Says:

    Good drama. Loving it.

  73. 73
    Merry Says:

    This drama is just amazing!! Love it so much & root for the hero, superb Lee Joon Gi… 😀

  74. 74
    Sunny Says:

    Lee Joongi is very thoughtful. He knows how to pick superb scripts and wonderful characters^^ Hope 2 Weeks get the most attention on Wed-Thu time slot afterwards until the finale <3

  75. 75
    LoveJG Says:

    Hi friends, @ance & @aq2jules^^ I’m @JGiStar17A, you remember me? 🙂
    Btw, I can’t join you this year cos my final exam will be finished just on Sep 19th! 2 Weeks will end on Tae-san’s daughter soo-jin’s D-Day (Sept 26th).
    I’ll watch just 3 episodes before the exam for my huge love on Joongi oppa 😀 Of couse, it’s his new amazing drama already~!!
    I think you need to join the soompi “2 Weeks” thread, it’s more fun than here… kkk 😉

  76. 76
    Nudge Says:

    I like Park Ha Sun. She has a soft charisma thing going and I think it’s genuine. That alone is enough to offset any shortcomings she might have IMHO.

  77. 77
    Qill3234 Says:

    Hope viewerships rating rise up next week while this drama filled with awesome cast and talented writer. *fingers crossed

  78. 78
    Nudge Says:

    The premise, as someone pointed out is similar to “Mandate of Heaven”. But I like this one better. Good actors and good screenplay make the difference.

  79. 79
    Nudge Says:

    Oh surprise, surprise. We don’t have silly title aliases like maybe “14 Days” or “Fortnight”.

    So anyway this drama isn’t anything to do with 2 weeks because it isn’t about the lives of random individuals over a two week period. The story it seems pivots on one central theme; the redemption of a young man who squandered his life away till he met his 8 year old daughter.

  80. 80
    kim Says:

    i hope it wont become boring like others always talking and talking nonsense.

  81. 81
    Periwinkle Says:

    The first 2 episodes are amazing so far!!!! Hope the ratings will increase after this 🙂 Great acting + great storyline!!

  82. 82
    wdr Says:

    this drama is niceee

  83. 83
    myeon Says:

    Uwaa finally i’ve found new kdrama which make me interested after i hear your voice. It’s really hard to move on from IHYV but this drama enough exciting to me. i’ll follow it for sure !

  84. 84
    grasha Says:

    wweeew Lee Joon Gi is always act the best he can. Ep 1 and 2 was totally great…

    What I hate is I don’t understand korean language, I always waited for english sub, but I’m too excited that I can’t sleep so I ended up reading recaps which make me cried and cried again after watching it with english sub……….. poor me

  85. 85
    linda Says:

    i agree with your comment #83myeon, i still cant get over with “i can hear your voice” i really enjoyed it. I’m also looking forward that “two weeks” is another worth watching drama…

  86. 86
    arirangria Says:

    i am so into this drama right now..just finish watching ep 1-2..amazing story from MBC..I turned to like Lee junki…he’s just so perfect with character Jang Tae San…it’s worth watching this drama..it makes you want to know what’s next…i’ll keep on rooting this drama..can’t wait 4 the next ep..and i love Kim so yeon unnie of cos..hehehe

  87. 87
    ance Says:

    i like the father-daughter scenes…i really like that this time the child knows her own dad instead of what they usually do that the parent only knows…i like jang tae san’s reaction when soo jin called him “daddy”…

    great cast so i guess this drama will give us a great roller coaster ride!

  88. 88
    grasha Says:

    Fighting Lee Joon Gi………. so excited for the next episode

  89. 89
    2wsu Says:

    so many people argue that who is 1st Female Lead. For me, I think Kim So Yeon. Although ep.1 and ep.2 she appeared shortly.(Maybe drama will be introduced background and story of Jang Tae San(Lee Jun Ki))…But 2 of evils(Jo Seo Hee and Moon Il Suk) said her name(Park Jae Kyung) frequently in ep.1&2. and when you watch in the preview of next episode (ep.3) the drama cut more appearance of Kim so yeon (You’ve not seen cut scene of Park Ha Sun). If the drama chose Park Ha Sun more appearance than Kim So Yeon, it is not interesting anymore because Seo In Hye is soft and so boring character while Kim so yeon has stronger character with some question why she really want to arrest 2 evils. :))

  90. 90
    Carmen Says:

    How will you like to be the couples in this drama? as for me I like for Jang Tae San to end with the Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor), and will like for them to help eachother, he can still be the father too, but I prefered to see Seo In Hye with Im Seung Woo (detective)+ the girl or her dgter….the father can help her survive, but he do not deserve to be the father, for the way he is, and the way he acted when the mother was pregnant I know that he has to go to Jail been not gilty, but who ask him to have those kind of friends….this is my opinion ok!

  91. 91
    Winnew Says:

    FYI, 3rd episode on Wednesday 14 will be aired at 10.55 and not 9.55 h due to telecast of football game, according to Joon Gi’s tweet.

  92. 92
    rory Says:

    how’s the story so far?I really dunno which drama should I watch after IHYV ended..but so far I’m anticipating to watch “Two Weeks” more than other dramas..will try this sooner..

    may I know what is LJK’s twitter acc?couldn’t find it, only found his manager’s twitter acc instead..

  93. 93
    myeon Says:

    @linda #85 aaa i’ve found a friends :’) yeep it’s so hard to move on from IHYV.. all of their character’s too strong uwah. And it seems @rory #82 also feel the same. 😉

    But finally let’s hope this drama will bring a new vibes. so far it’s good ^^ can’t wait for another episodes.

  94. 94
    Winnew Says:

    @rory Joon’s twitter is at

  95. 95
    Sharon Says:

    Question pleaseeeeee?? If you are handcuffed how in heavens name are you going to strangle, or choke yourself?? Why can’t the cops and the detective figure this out, it’s criminal justice 101!!

  96. 96
    Sharon Says:

    One more request pleaseeee! Could someone teach me how to ride a bike handcuffed with one hand, in the event I need to get away quickly. Hahahahaha !!
    Overall, not a bad story line, but some unrealistic events and for some reason I see more of that happening as this drama progresses.

  97. 97
    Sunny Says:

    This drama is planned for 16 Episodes. The operation date told by Soo-jin’s doctor on ep.1 is the finale date. Other sites aside here describe 16 for total episodes. Could you change it please?

  98. 98
    Sunny Says:

    Left to say, the D-day (final episode) is on Sept 26th 🙂

  99. 99
    Sunny Says:

    This drama is way too awesome!! The 1st thriller K-drama I’m very anticipated, kudos to all great major cast*^^*

    Also Lee Joon-gi has become the Best lead actor I’ve ever known. He always can show much detailed expressions on his face, really Fantastic~★★★★★

    Most K-dramas are suspicious whether they will be good or not till the end.
    “2 Weeks” just don’t need to think about that, Lol^^
    Writernim, I believe your writing, please just give the happy ending for our Hero & his daughter, they’re so lovely to take care of them 😀
    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes 😉

  100. 100
    Merry Says:

    Lee Joon Gi is also described by the media nowadays as the Icon of character transformation in Korean film industry, changed from the Icon of pretty boy~kkk^^
    Of course, he’s too great in choosing new amazing characters & superb scripts. Love him as usual 🙂

  101. 101
    Sunny Says:

    Yeah, @Merry*^^*
    The pretty boy icon is he got from his 1st huge hit “King & the Clown”, right?? He was really pretty and awesome there! Can actually beat the acting skills of real actresses 🙂
    But surely, the Icon of Character Transformation is the title he truly deserves through his great talents on his career 😉

  102. 102
    arum Says:

    must see this drama….great plot story and cast, i think it’s better than master’s sun. don’t care abt rating. I really don’t understand with Korean rating though. Great drama but low rating like shark

  103. 103
    donna Says:

    Basically I love Leejunki more than Sojisub. Junki oppa never failed to amused me with his acting skills. So I’ll go with 2 weeks. Junki Oppa fighting !!

  104. 104
    donna Says:

    Btw , I don’t care about rating. Rating system in korea fool people & cut talent & creativity ~~ . Two weeks is the Best !!!

  105. 105
    albert Says:

    Yeah I think this drama is much much better than Master Sun. Junki acting is Superb ! Wake up korean !!!

  106. 106
    Carmen Says:

    I think this is going to be a suffer, suffer drama up to the end…get ready for that…..

  107. 107
    Shu Says:

    Yep! Wake up Koreans…this show is way way way more better than TMS. Seriously!

  108. 108
    grasha Says:

    I also thought that way, this is far way better than TMS, TMS viewers is from I hear your voice but eventually I’m looking forward for good rating since the cast was really great portraying their personality. I a fan of Lee Joon Gi…. fighting

  109. 109
    grasha Says:

    love the drama…..

  110. 110
    Nudge Says:

    This is a pretty exciting drama. I look fwd to the next ep.

  111. 111
    Nudge Says:

    I remember Lee Joon Ki showed off his martial arts skills in My Girl. I remember I didn’t think the dramatic editing was necessary, his moves were pretty good.

  112. 112
    grasha Says:

    I like Joon Gi when it comes from acting and fighting skills, He really do the fighting scenes, unlike other actors their actions are fake, they just usually moves the head and the hands only… unlike Joon Gi fighting so hard for every scenes….

    Hope rating comes up…. 55%

  113. 113
    grasha Says:

    I’m totally agree with you……
    so sad I’m not Korean so I can’t participate on ratings….
    I just wish for the rating to comes up… up….up…

  114. 114
    Angelia's Says:

    I don’t think tms got high ratings because i hear your voice. Remember both are defferent genre I haven’t watch tms yet so i won’t judge but I do watch first epi of two weeks. I stopping watching because I’m watching good doctor but will come back to continues it

  115. 115
    grasha Says:

    I’m happy for the rating goes up by 2%…
    fighting Two Weeks….

  116. 116
    molly Says:

    Not really exciting drama…

  117. 117
    Nudge Says:

    Okay, okay. The prosecutor is a “jerk”.

    She had set up a dangerous investigation and abandon’s her post which resulted in her CI’s death. Then she violates traffic rules and caused several more deaths. The officers in the police van if some or all had died, the fallout on their families can’t be quantified.

    The writer ought to have someone shoot the b*tch sooner than later before she claims more lives.

  118. 118
    arum Says:

    yohoo…..like my prediction, the ratings rise up this episode….Lee Jun Ki fighting ^^

  119. 119
    ly Says:

    Out of the show premiere…this got the most good review! So i think this will be my new crack! 😀

  120. 120
    clairerosean Says:

    I visited this site for LJG, loved him in almost all of his roles although i love him most in Arang, he looks really cute on his Magistrate Costume, aside from that i prefer a lighter dramas (ROM-COMS) or simply comedy that is why between TW and TMS, i think i would stick for awhile with TMS, not because this drama is lacking from something but it’s just because i prefer comedies than Melo.

    So see you guys later.. specially the co-followers of IHYV, i heard you’re all here as well.

    Peace to All! 🙂

  121. 121
    grasha Says:

    I just watch the episode 3, awesome, daebak… I just can’t wait for the next episode. The rating should go up because the cast and staff are great. They deserve the #1 spot.
    They are working too hard to give us shows like this….
    Two Weeks fighting…….

  122. 122
    eny Says:

    The first i’m not really interested with this drama because the story seem similar to Mandate of heaven, but i have little interest after see the teaser but i allready watch 4 drama a week that i can’t delay.
    I like good doctor, Empire Of Gold, Sword n Flower n enjoy watching Master Sun
    Good doctor is the best so far, interesting since first episode
    Master Sun, not really amazing yet but have potential, the story is different n fresh

  123. 123
    fimfim Says:

    guys drama crazy is back with new address. visit to watch drama…
    http://dramacrazy.eu/ 😀 🙂 😉

  124. 124
    eny Says:

    Now i think i’m not gonna watch it

  125. 125
    grasha Says:


    well think again, this drama was far better than 4 dramas you mention. Fugitive is good but this is awesome….. good..daebak

  126. 126
    Sharon Says:

    You are too funny. Hahahaha!!
    Yes, you are right. Thank God she is not a doctor!

  127. 127
    rory Says:

    thanx @Winnew for sharing LJK’s twitter acc..

    Finally done marathon 3eps today..For me, I can’t call this drama is too amazing but it’s still great & intense..There’s some chars and plot that I dun really like but thanx to LJK’s awesome acting and he makes me really want to know how he will escape himself just like LDW did in MOH..So I decided to continue watching this since most of dramas airing recently were not my cup of tea tho..

  128. 128
    Winnew Says:

    @eny, enjoy yourself with those dramas you like, I am going to enjoy myself with Two Weeks here. Goodbye.

  129. 129
    Winnew Says:

    @rory, you are welcome.

  130. 130
    cufvi Says:

    I really enjoy this drama..love it..^O^
    Can anyone tell me how to download this drama ?thanks b4

  131. 131
    Anindya Says:

    Two Weeks episode 4 english sub and Raw

    Watch here now : http://goo.gl/XsZGP1


  132. 132
    okey-dokey Says:

    ratngs sucks, too bad, imo its the best airing drama atm

  133. 133
    fierda Says:

    i can waiting until 1000 viewers . this drama cool . lee jun ki is headsome hahah

  134. 134
    grasha Says:

    haizt…. I hate when ratings go down in such a nice production. Maybe most of the viewers are idiots……

  135. 135
    grasha Says:

    Is the ratings really accurate? How can they rate like this when the drama is amazing, while other drama is boring but the rating is higher. I don’t really understand..

  136. 136
    Sunny Says:

    @grasha That’s sure, Korean tv viewers are idiots!!
    They more like to watch skinships with boring script than Superb flawless acting in Great (thrilling, intense, & fast-paced for this one) script and filming. We, Lee Joon Gi fans & 2 Weeks fans, just only can do embrace and encourage each other…, I also feel sad for whole 2 Weeks team (esp. Joongi oppa) who work hard to give us such a wonderful project. JG never fails to attract good-taste viewers’ heart, rom-coms are just rom-coms, I maybe liked some but never appreciate them.
    JG knows how to choose his projects be memorable, appreciable and impressive together with his acting skills. He always can show his amazing versatility. For me, I love Arang Satto but “2 Weeks” is so far better for sure. However, Koreans treat this great drama with single digit rating even while AATM didn’t get single digit for all episodes.
    Though the rating is not good, hope MBC gives our JG the Best acting awards. I think most MBC dramas this year except GFB are not doing well with the ratings, *fingers crossed*!!
    “2 Weeks” fans, Fighting~★!!

  137. 137
    grasha Says:

    @ Sunny

    Totally agree with you. I’m from Philippines, I can’t participate in ratings. But I really like all Lee Jun Ki project so far except for HERO.
    Yeah I’m thinking that maybe the drama is not a problem but the MBC station. I did follow When a Mans Fall in Love, drama is good but although it comes first but the rating is low.
    MBC Station do something…….

  138. 138
    eny Says:

    It’s because i don’t like watch drama with many similar story, Ieven dont watch TWMB because remind me of Robber, the difference is blind lady.I don’t like Coffee prince, Sunkyunkwan Scandal, You’re Beautifull because of the similarity, I don’t like Boys Over Flower because I already watch Meteor Garden.
    I’m not sure this drama was better than the drama that i watch, one of the reason because of similarity, I know it’s not 100% same, Sorry I’m not anti fans of this drama or one of the cast just voice my opinion

    I agree about rating not everything, I even watch Sword n Flower which has lower rating than this drama. I love Shark which get mediocre rating

  139. 139
    eny Says:

    I already watch the chaser too which about fugitive because commit murder after unfairness he get, this drama is success last year, even the actors is old, it’s the best drama about fugitive i ever saw

  140. 140
    Sunny Says:

    And for ppl who want to say “2 Weeks” & tms are different genre, you’ll understand what when you watch both together. The tms is very lackluster compered to “2 Weeks”.

    Also for ppl who want to say “2 weeks” is similar to MoH and won’t watch, the whole script is totally different, filled with actions, interesting and thrilling moments & great great cast which MoH couldn’t do much because of the normal actors with the Joseon period.

    This comment is not for urging to watch “2 Weeks”, just to say this drama is one of the Greatest to follow this year.

    Without a doubt, “2 Weeks” is becoming my all time favourite k-drama. My impression on Lee Joon Gi also become over the top after watching this drama, he’s one of the Best Leading Actor in the World!!!

    Ep.4 is awesome again…, can’t wait for next episodes *^o^*

  141. 141
    Sunny Says:

    Typo: …very luckluster *compared* to “2 Weeks”.

  142. 142
    grasha Says:

    As for me I’m a big fan of korean drama. I have watched almost all korean dramas, I just known Lee Jun Ki last year and after watching AAM, I’ve watched his past project. I have so many korean actor and actresses that I like but after I’ve known him. Lee Jun Ki comes first…

    I like to read all the news about him. Even comments I read them all. It’s gives me a joy just reading comments and news about him.

    Two Weeks keep up the good work. Even the rating is low, international fans are watching it. We appreciate it a lot, thanks for giving us a show that is pleasing in our eyes.

  143. 143
    grasha Says:


    drama is one of the Greatest to follow this year.

    Lee Joon Gi also become over the top after watching this drama

    he’s one of the Best Leading Actor in the World!!!

    I totally like your comments my dear.

    Where u from? Sunny

  144. 144
    Sunny Says:

    @grasha I’m from singapore, nice to meet you dear 🙂
    Though I want to join here along with you and all “2 Weeks” fans, I’m in 2nd semester and too near to final exam so can’t watch it live from next week.
    Exam is finished on 2 wks before finale, I’ll be here again after that 🙂

  145. 145
    Annap3rf3c7 Says:

    Fool people! How can they just ignore this amazing drama?!
    I liking this drama the best <3

  146. 146
    grasha Says:


    You are in your college years, well me I’m 28, I have finish my college and working now. But I enjoy watching korean dramas specially Lee Jun Ki project.

    Good Luck for your exam… God bless you

  147. 147
    rory Says:

    We can’t pleased everyone to like what we like eventhough it’s feel hurt & nonsense to read some of their comments..some viewers don’t like to watch same plots but for me, that’s not a big deal unless they give us good story & acting..Just like when they said this drama same as MOH but we don’t know who’s the idea to come out 1st..So far i love both but for acting skill I love LJK’s acting more, more natural & substance..If I want to watch something different but the story just meh, I don’t feel happy too..

    It’s only 4eps airing, the rating might change, for eg: 7thgrade drama, it starts with a good ratings but then it’s fall quite terribly. So, let’s pray for the success, I personally don’t really care about the ratings but for awards event, ratings are very important. Fighting 2 weeks!

  148. 148
    Sunny Says:

    @rory Totally agree 😉 Btw, I don’t want to name of them who give such comments but I know one of them is a fan of currently airing Mon-Tue drama. She likes to write comments in JG’s drama threads and articles since last year AATM how she doesn’t like JG’s drama, his acting, and how her actor’s dramas & acting is so good, lol^^ Why can’t she stick to her fav actor without irritating to another Great Actor who can make great choices for his career?? It’s just nonsense.

    @grasha I’m fan of LJG since his mid-military duty days, discovered him through Iljimae 😀 I only watch live for JG’s dramas since last yr and also check out his same time airing dramas to compare them with JG’s, kkk^^ Watch some other dramas too when I think they seems good cos l’ve not much free time 🙁 And really, JG never fails to capture my heart 😉
    Thank you for wishing, dear*^^*

  149. 149
    kel Says:

    Can anyone tell me who is the girlfriend with Bae Je Ki in the drama. The girl is pretty. The one in episode 4 where she keep the digital camera. Whats her name?

  150. 150
    kel Says:

    Wait, Is it Park Ha Na 박하나??

  151. 151
    Sunny Says:

    For Awards ceremony, rating is really important I think so. Cos I’ve experienced it last yr, MBC is more cruel in this case than SBS and KBS in which SBS even gave best actor award to drama faith which had single digit. MBC also has fewer award categories.
    Let’s just wish for getting higher & higher ratings each week!!
    Lee Joon Gi fighting, “2 Weeks” fighting~♥♥

  152. 152
    grasha Says:

    I just finish watching episode 4.. I kipped my lunch…

    I’m so amaze with this drama, so much that I can’t understand why the ratings went down… when I was so tense watching episode 4 and read recaps afterwards. SO I won’t escaped a single detail..

    I think out of all dramas out there and all Lee Jun Ki’s project, this one is amazing. The story is moving fast. It almost past the MOVIE category.

    TMS episode 4, I watched it to waste my time while waiting TW EP4. I’ve known SJS and like him first than LJK, and GHJ, not pretty face but I like the greatest love.

    The Master Sun is not boring but I didn’t enjoy it. I can’t understand why the ratings goes up for this drama. It doesn’t make sense.

    Ratings please go up for next week episode.

    Off to eat my so late lunch.

  153. 153
    rory Says:

    haha..I know..syhhhh..but I think not only for LJK but for other actors too including my fave actor but just let her be okay..
    My wish is, all the best for Two Weeks..and Lee Jun Ki, for those 3 eps so far[haven’t watched ep.4 yet] u did a great performance here..congrats!

  154. 154
    rory Says:

    In ep.3, i love when he asked for drinks & foods..poor our TS..but it makes him looks normal..Of course after running here n there we will feel thirsty & hungry rite..thumbs up!

  155. 155
    grasha Says:

    Even I don’t Two Weeks drama is awesome….

    Nell good job

  156. 156
    grasha Says:

    Even I don’t understand Two Weeks drama OST is awesome….

    Nell good job…

    I mean this

  157. 157
    rory Says:

    And I love this quote : “Humans are the scariest things in this world” eventhough that ahjumma looks scary too..hehe..but totally agree with her words..it reminds me to my fave actor’s words, he says the same thing when the MC asked him what is the scariest things in this world..Yeah, humans are scary, more scary than ghosts!

  158. 158
    sariwaty Says:

    Jang tae San really tiring.. so sad T__T I Love You taesan ssi~ So Kindly.
    Lee Jun Ki Saranghaeyo ^^

  159. 159
    Winnew Says:

    @Sunny, I remember one name also who always came to Joon Gi’s thread and said negative things about him and his drama. If she does not like him, why bother to come to threads about him all the time. Something wrong with his girl, must go see shrink.

  160. 160
    Winnew Says:

    *this girl* typo , sorry

  161. 161
    Winnew Says:

    typo sorry I mean something wrong with *this girl*

  162. 162
    grasha Says:

    Haters! Yeah why bother to come, just read the comments here. Me at first I like Lee Min Ho because of BFF, SSH bcoz of Endless Love, KJW for Lie to me and many more been become korean drama addict for the past two years. But when I watch AATM bcoz of SMA in Guniho drama. I can’t help my self searching LJK drama and project, news, comment etc. Now above them all I like LEE JUN KI.

    I like korean dramas, actors and actresses but above them all.
    LEE JUN KI comes first.

    Now I’m bored waiting for episode next week.. 🙂

  163. 163
    Kaka865623 Says:

    LMAO “That troll” only Joo Won and his drama is the best for her~!!!

  164. 164
    Sunny Says:

    @Winnew Yeah, seems so jealous and stressed with our JG~ Lol^^

    @grasha, @rory, @Winnew, and other “2 Weeks” fans…
    Glad to meet you all 🙂
    Btw, soompi “2 Weeks” thread is a fun place too, many addicts of this drama are there. I didn’t join cos of time limit with my study but I like reading their posts, insights, and good reviews. If you’d like, hope you’ll be there too~ kkk
    I’ll begin free on Ep.14 so will marathon all my missed eps in a week and, wish I can join & make posts here or there again 😀

  165. 165
    Nudge Says:

    The bad dude hunting Tae San is played by the same actor who was the bodyguard to the king in “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”. I am rather surprised Joong Ki didn’t exhibit any of his own martial art skills.

    Yup! This drama is great with one exception; the prosecutor (“princess”) is a “jerk” who deserves to be punished.

  166. 166
    Winnew Says:

    @Nudge, I think may be the role of Tae San calls for him to be a low rank gang member who has no real talent in anything (except watching thriller movies and remember them well hehehe). When confronting with dangers, he fights them with his survival instinct and not any kind of self defense skills.

  167. 167
    Nudge Says:

    I think a study must be made to allow formulation of a mechanism which detects the misuse of “plot devises” that leads to perceived morality damage to a main character in a drama. Perhaps SBS & MBC can sponsor it. LOL

    An example misuse of plot devise in a drama is Park Jae Kyung character who became the instrument in the demise of a confidential informant (CI) and perpetuated the death of several people, yet the police in drama-land seem oblivious to her crime.

    Her actions constituted negligence, dereliction of duty and driving recklessly causing damage to private and public property. Causing serious injury and the death of several individuals. The traffic CCTV no doubt would reveal everything.

    The drama plays on ignoring such atrocities by one its main characters and shuns police procedures. Normally she’d be reprimanded by her superior, possibly suspended pending a hearing. She’s guilty and cannot continue to work as prosecutor.

    Are we to believe the Sth. Korean police do not arrest their own for such crimes?

    I know, I know its all fiction. 🙂

  168. 168
    Nudge Says:

    I think you’re right @Winnew. Makes sense.

  169. 169
    grasha Says:


    Vote here, even I don’t understand korean, I’m happy I was able to vote. Two Weeks currently #1 spot… Yahoo
    even the rating went down lets vote
    TWO WEEKS Fighting

    @Sunny thanks for the your information about soompi thread. I was able to participate in voting.

  170. 170
    grasha Says:


    Vote here, even I don’t understand korean, I’m happy I was able to vote. Two Weeks currently #1 spot… Yahoo
    even the rating went down lets vote
    TWO WEEKS Fighting

    @Sunny thanks for the your information about soompi thread. I was able to participate in voting.

  171. 171
    Sengu Says:

    Kim So Yeon also did great job in “2 weeks ”
    She can acts Prosecutor Jae kyung’s character very well
    i can feel anything from her acting i mean she can express her role very well
    Great acting <3 KSY

  172. 172
    okey-dokey Says:

    20 or 16 episodes? here and at df it syats 20 at all other sites as asianwiki, wikdrama etc 16

  173. 173
    okey-dokey Says:

    it says*

  174. 174
    Aup Says:

    here say 20 (To Be Confirmed)

  175. 175
    471K Says:

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia..
    I really want to watch two weeks. How to download video this drama?
    Ehm, actually, how to count rating of the drama?
    Sometimes, there is good drama (in my opinion) but gets low rating like one of kim so yeon drama (prosecutor princess). There is drama that is not good enough but gets high rating, but there is also good drama has high rating.
    Whatever, I wanna watch two weeks korean drama. Of course, because of kim so yeon and so hyun kyung (the writer)..
    Two weeks, fighting…
    Semoga ratingnya segera naik…
    Hopefuly, the rating go up …
    For fans of two weeks in south korea…make the rating go up, ok…

  176. 176
    grasha Says:

    So bad Philippines fans can’t participate in rating

    Jun Ki Fighting!

    Two weeks fighting

  177. 177
    Winnew Says:

    @grasha, only korean viewers play role in ratings. They should have international ratings for Kdrama hahaha. We in Thailand will help push up rating for Two Weeks for sure.

  178. 178
    candy Says:

    Oh what happen to JG’s acting?he’s a bit OA in this drama and there’s no sense of masculinity.And he cried over the phone like a girl,more hysterical than Park Ha Sun.He should stop his usual immature way of acting I find it unpleasant and won’t won me over.He’s 33?and yet he doesn’t act his age…I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I won’t see him on screen.This time, I’m really disappointed in him.Comparing his acting in Time Between Dog and Wolf and Two Weeks he’s more masculine in TBDAW than in here.

  179. 179
    kerri Says:

    @candy That means the jealousy judgement on a great actor indeed. This site is actually not active like other drama sites (dramabeans, soompi, etc.) so there’s not many reviews about the drama and its actors. But the scene you talk about is where the 2W viewers impressed much on Lee Joongi for doing this raw emotions to the audience feel real and pathetic with his love on his daughter. It’s an awesome heartbreaking conversation. Most k-actors only cry and still can’t make the audience emotional along with there. LJG beat them with his excellent acting plus his effective voice for this scene.

    Hmm…comparing with TBDW, he was a masculine revengeful agent in TBDW and in here, just an ordinary guy (a pitiful orphan lived as a small gang member) who doesn’t learn martial arts. That’s why he doesn’t show his masculinity here. It clearly displays how LJG can diverse between his characters. Lee Joon Gi is just DAEBAK in transforming different characters. His voice is really useful in thses cases too, Lol~

    Your comment just describes how you’re willing not to see him on screen and frustrating with LJG’s superb acting skills.

  180. 180
    kerri Says:

    Typo: …along with *them*.

  181. 181
    Jewel Says:

    Oops… comment #178, what an immature and humorous comment this is!

    LJG always try hard and can show the Best whatever he acts. There are a lot of viewers who knows he can act well. He won’t hurt his career with his hard working attitude, brilliant projects & acting by these very few anti-imaginative comments.
    This comment writer seems very sensitive for getting many good reviews about this drama and LJG from many viewers, how funny…

  182. 182
    Jewel Says:

    Love all of Lee Joon-gi’s movies and dramas. But I’m thinking I love 2 Weeks the most for now!! Joongi oppa, so impressive, proving what a true actor you are…♥♥

  183. 183
    Jewel Says:

    Comment #181 Typo: …..by the very few imaginative inappropriate comments of anti-viewers.

  184. 184
    Ella Says:

    TWO WEEKS is soooo goood!! Just finished watching all 4 eps. It’s amazingly addictive. Love oppa Lee Joon Gi acting toooo much^^ He grabs the super attention of viewers with his great talents as usual. Love him seeing do such action scenes and awesome emotional ones. He’s the most lovable hardworking actor, the better best rating is deserved for this kind of drama… both great acting plus storywise! Wish you the best, TWO WEEKS team, Fighting 😀 ♡♡

  185. 185
    Ella Says:

    Joongi oppa, you’re my No.1 Actor as always 🙂 Wish you get many Best Acting awards with TWO WEEKS, you’re extremely fine acting here in which the leading K-actor do such hard and dangerous scenes without stuntmen with awesome expressions 😉

  186. 186
    candy Says:

    Well,we have different opinions…just that my opinion doesn’t matched with yours.I just spoke what I saw and this time I’m really dissapointed with JG’s acting especially when he cry and his reaction was too way over the top…(too hysteria).Oh, sorry to say but the phone scene doesn’t moved me at all JG was at his best in TBDAW,ILJIMAE and AATM!but this one I’m not totally invested despite how much I like the cute kiddo and Kim So Yeon.No matter what role an actor is in,when he truly exude masculinity it will show effortlessly!

  187. 187
    candy Says:

    Well,we have different opinions…just that my opinion doesn’t matched with yours.I just spoke what I saw and this time I’m really dissapointed with JG’s acting especially when he cry and his reaction was too way over the top…(too hysteria).Oh, sorry to say but the phone scene doesn’t moved me at all JG was at his best in TBDAW,ILJIMAE and AATM!but this one I’m not totally invested despite how much I like the cute kiddo and Kim So Yeon.No matter what role an actor is in,when he truly exude masculinity it will show effortlessly!Peace.

  188. 188
    kerri Says:

    It’s true for having different opinions but the ones who watch that scene praise LJG a lot, and know him sure now as a great masculine actor (if not an anti of LJG). As you want to say he’s no masculinity here, you’ll see the way you want.
    The words “cry over the top (too hysteria)” say you haven’t watch this episode yet (maybe read or see recap pics) cos LJG didn’t cry much. He just made the viewers feel pathetic with his heartbreaking expression and pitiful dialogue. He dropped tears for the most important 2 lines of the whole long dialogue which proved his awesome acting plus masculinity. Though he doesn’t cry like melodrama actors, viewers can feel how dedicated his love and painful for his child.
    The reply of yours clears there’s intention of bashing, just for commenting bad on LJG and reply to the defenses, without even knowing well about the show.
    Of course, LJG this time shows how higher level he can act than almost all K-actors, and delivers his masculinity even without showing systematic martial arts but does very difficult stunts 😉

  189. 189
    khalish Says:

    sure, we all have different opinion about anything. for its a great drama. I like the story. and for me, its very touching….two weeks…fighting^_^

  190. 190
    fishy Says:

    i think this drama is getting interesting. and joon ki oppa so handsome!!!!

  191. 191
    Merry Says:

    l think Joongi oppa has handsome yet cute face so when antis want to bash him, they attack in that way though it’s not true, lol. JG’s not-so-tall and easily active movements are the secrets that make him the awesome martial arts actor. 😉
    And I’m sure when those actors (esp. most K-actors) with super handsome faces and super big tall bodies, whom they think those actors exuding masculinity effortlessly, show their movements a lot, they don’t look strong as the way LJG is~kkkk 😀

  192. 192
    Ella Says:

    @Merry Huh, what a right thought?? 😀 I also feel the same to some of k-actors doing action scenes, they can’t move lightly bcos of their heavy bodies with no real skills of martial arts, making them slow & moving with simple fighting techniques which is unpleasant to watch. They’re not strong any..any…anymore as uri JG*^^*
    That’s why I’m so in love with LJG for being a super strong martial arts k-actor 🙂

  193. 193
    safy90 Says:

    Every time I watch LJG acting… my admiration increased …. he is my favorite K actor and اhe always will be 3>

  194. 194
    grasha Says:


    Leave us alone!

    You are annoying us.

  195. 195
    grasha Says:

    @ candy


    @kerri, agree with you.

    Your comment just describes how you’re willing not to see him on screen and frustrating with LJG’s superb acting skills.

  196. 196
    grasha Says:

    I hope, I can thumbs up those comments that I like, and thumbs down and boo them those comment that harsh.

  197. 197
    grasha Says:

    Above all actors I like Jun Ki.

    Korean actors are working hard on their acting.
    LJG’s superb acting skills, if you are anti-fan then you can’t appreciate co’z your heart is close and can’t accept the fact.

  198. 198
    Mujib2810 Says:

    well Lee Jun Gi Hyeong is always be one of my fav actor……2Weeks is DAEBAK in Lee Jun Gi hyeong’s fans across the globe….if only they give the role of the viewer rating to the fans outhere it will be a big hit GOT THAT!!!! 🙂 saranghae Lee Jun Gi Hyeongggg^^^~~~keep up the good work^^

  199. 199
    Kamilia Says:

    I smell jealousy right here?! While everybody praised how AMAZING his acting was! Guys …just ignore her, haters always make stupid comments LOL! they are wasting their time …or maybe they are just jealous…Ckckck

  200. 200
    Yujin Says:

    Why the rating is so low???????=((

  201. 201
    Liss Says:

    Lolol~There are only two possibilities here, either she is (@candy) jealous and frustrating by his superb acting or dont know how to evaluate good and bad acting, too bad.

    @Yujin…Korean viewers especially Ajumma prefer romantic comedy more than action,that’s why. Aigoo.. they dont know what a good drama is… I’d feel so disappointed with them 🙁

  202. 202
    Yujin Says:

    But the viewers of drama consist not only of Ajumma,what about young people? maybe its true coz looking at drama rating Lee Soon shin is the best,in average 24,5 point each episode…We’ll hope that rating will be higher.Actually how works this rating system? Who estimates each episode????

  203. 203
    Ella Says:

    @Yujin In Korea, I think most TV viewers are ajummas. Even if young ppl want to watch dramas, they probably use online watching cos of their busy study or work schedules. So when compare with rom-com and thriller, a lot of ajummas will watch the rom-com definitely.
    If 2W airs in summer holidays (around Jun-Aug period) or in Nov/Dec, ratings may so high cos it’s the time when more young ppl can watch tv during their holidays. And 2W is sure the genre for both young guys & girls to watch excitedly while rom-com is just for most of romantic females.
    Korea tv rating system is just too bad, and feel so sorry for such a wonderful project.

  204. 204
    Jackie Says:

    @Ella Agree you exactly.

    Joongi hyung, you’re are a great actor both boys & girls can like and respect. I’m your fanboy too, I like your acting and choices of action including projects plus brilliant acting. As I’m loyal fan of kpop girl group Kara, I discovered you through them^^ Of course, you can make me impressed as always, this time even more! 2W Daebak, hope ratings soar to the top… fighting!!!

  205. 205
    Sunny Says:

    Really, my Joongi oppa has such lovely fandom with both boys & girls 😀 You deserve it*^^*
    Wishing the best to receive No.1 ratings for this great quality drama, “2 Weeks”~!! ★★★
    Lee Joon Gi, fighting… 2 Weeks team, fighting~♡♡

  206. 206
    Merry Says:

    Glad to see many ppl love JG, oppa fighting^^

  207. 207
    Jewel Says:

    This is Lee Joon Gi, he deserves all love!! Such a wonderful actor~♥♥★

  208. 208
    JGelf Says:

    It’s amazing! 2 Weeks is very good and addictive!! I love Joongi oppaaaa… just fangirling, kkk^^

  209. 209
    LoveJG Says:

    So excited waiting for next episodes though have to endure until the exam finished!
    “2 Weeks” is super great!!☆
    Love so much to watch JG’s acting and difficult stunts^^
    Yesterday he tweeted there will be 5m underwater action scene, can’t wait to watch it. Wish the ratings go on top from next episodes till the finale & huge success~♥♥
    My dear Joongi oppa, Jjang… King of actions 😀

  210. 210
    grasha Says:

    Even I don’t understand. I watch this drama online here:


    So excited to watch episode 5

    Fighting Two Weeks!

    Rating please go up!

  211. 211
    grasha Says:


  212. 212
    grasha Says:

    according to: Peace

    the BEST drama currently airing.. Two Weeks….Fighting!!!


  213. 213
    grasha Says:

    NYLRAM says:


  214. 214
    grasha Says:

    YoChaan says:

    Great….this drama really puts our mind on a edge ……after bridal Mask….first time any drama have this much potential and curiosity ……jun ki fighting

  215. 215
    Yujin Says:

    …Oh,all these ajumas=)) Anyway lets dont look at rating, just lets watch and enjoy by awesome actors’ playing!By this thrilling drama!

  216. 216
    grasha Says:

    Lets watch Two weeks Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 pm korean time


  217. 217
    claire Says:

    MBC Live Online

    Two Weeks


    International Fans lets support Lee Jun Ki, even we don’t understand lets just tune in.

    On the left side numbers appears was people watching it online.

    Two Weeks Fighting………..

  218. 218
    Winnew Says:

    @candy, take some pills and go to sleep. so childish. Btw, thank you, you really make me laugh out loud here, a relief from watching a very emotional scene of Tae San and In Hye’s phone conversation.

  219. 219
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    Lee Jun Gi is my FAVORITE actor worldwide! I can’t think of another actor who is so expressive with such a wide range of emotion and gives his all for the production he is working on. LJG is so talented: acting, singing, martial arts, and dancing. Let’s face it girls, he’s pretty easy to look at too!

    Lee Chae Mi, who plays Soo In, is an excellent actress too. How adorable and precocious is she? I love the moment when she calls Tae San “daddy”. This young lady has a bright future.

    #179 Kerri – you are right! Once again LJG’s acting marvelous acting skills are on display in 2W, simply because he is able to play such believable and diverse characters, such as the bewildered Tae San and the vengeful Suyun and mobster Kay in TBDW (which is my all-time FAVORITE K drama). LJG is plenty manly—I wouldn’t mind waking up with him by my side…oppa are you reading this?

    #167 Nudge – agreed, the prosecutor (Park Jae Kyung) should be prosecuted for creating all kinds of mayhem. She is way too emotional, which is why she keeps causing trouble. In the U.S. you would NEVER be allowed to work on a criminal case that involves someone you know.

    I hope Park Jae Kyung mellows out and soon realizes the Moon Il Sook is the culprit. Jo Min Ki (Moon Il Sook) is very different in 2W as a murderous mob boss than he was as Lee Won Ho (Gyum’s bio dad) in Iljimae.

    At first, Tae San didn’t look very redeemable, but as the layers of his past are peeled away and we see his actions were to protect In Hye, it shows his good moral fiber. I love that his daughter woke up his heart and not the baby momma. Will Tae San ever get a break? Will he survive to save his daughter? Will he eventually find peace and happiness? Can I wait so long between each episode to get my LJG fix? I am addicted! I’ve already watched the first four episodes twice!

    P.S, Can someone tell me what Daebak means? I’ve seen it used a lot is this thread.

  220. 220
    okey-dokey Says:

    @up daebak means the best, /awesome/Success
    It all depends on the context

  221. 221
    vanni zae Says:

    wow there are fanboys too kkkk, daebak junki!!!

  222. 222
    Yujin Says:

    #219 Sunbae Diva thank u for such wide comment! u r real LJU fan! Korean always say DAEBAK when they r surprised or something unusual or incredible happens. Dont u notice?

  223. 223
    Winnew Says:

    #219 Sunbae Diva, I love your thought on Tae San’s character.

  224. 224
    Sharon Says:

    @sunbae diva
    I can feel your passion from you comment about Lee Jun Gi. This is my first time watching his drama and so far so good. Yes, his portrayal of the character TS is commending, but I will se as time progresses.

  225. 225
    annmasae Says:

    hope the ratings for this drama increases. i’m enjoying it so much!!!
    the writer of this drama has a great track record of previous successfully dramas like My Daughter Soo Young and Shining Inheritance. Sounds kind of crazy but because I enjoyed My Daughter Soo Young so much i waited for the writer’s next drama Two weeks. The writer So Hyun Kyung did another great script!!!

  226. 226
    chai thap Says:

    I think people in korea are just not in the mood to watch melodrama rite now so the rating is low…it is true to be told I’ve on watching epi 1

  227. 227
    Kaka865623 Says:

    Ok! Korean viewers just too stupid,really.

  228. 228
    claire Says:

    Haizt!…Ok! Korean viewers just too stupid,really.

    Feeling Sad!

    Feeling Sad!

    Feeling Sad!

    Such a breathtaking episode but underrated. Why?… why?…

  229. 229
    vanni zae Says:

    so sad with the rating TT_TT

  230. 230
    okey-dokey Says:

    im just like “wtf”, this drama desreves some love, come on koreans

  231. 231
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    Hey everyone I enjoy reading your comments. I appreciate the nice feedback from my comments.

    Thank you #220 okey-dokey and #222 Yujin for your explanation of daebak! I’ve only been watching K-drama for a few months and am starting to understand some phrases without subtitles. I’m sure I’ll be able to pick out daebak now.

    Koreans have a great way of telling a story, I’m looking forward to seeing where this story is going…

    This is the first K drama I’ve watched while it is being broadcasted. Being outside Korea, it’s too bad we can’t participate in the ratings.

    No episode 5 yet on Hulu or Drama Fever…I dislike waiting 🙁

  232. 232
    okey-dokey Says:

    i would recommend you to watch this drama at viki (same as df, they have license for that it aint some “illegal” source) because they have it subbed faster than dramafever + you can see the % of subs
    http://www.viki.com/tv/20014c-two-weeks (as you can see 5th episode is 88% subbedd, so in 2hours it should be 100%, while dramafever will have it in like 10 hours from now)

  233. 233
    emmanuel Says:

    The reason why this drama rating is low is because master sun has all the ingredients of a drama.I have been watching korean drama ever since I was born and I can say master sun is one of the best drama this year.2 weeks is good but master sun is better.we should just forget about the ratings and just watch the drama .also should stop calling the Korean viewers stupid because the have their reasons of watching any drama they want.
    Thank you

  234. 234
    eny Says:

    I’m a bit disturb too, when i heard some of people here said korean viewer is stupid.When I watch drama which I thought is good but get low rating I never say that, it’s true they have their own reason. I even watch drama that get lower rating than Two week, it’s Sword n Fower n never said bad thing about their taste. Every people has different taste

  235. 235
    Yujin Says:

    #233 emmanuel
    i fully agree with u,korean viewers have their choice,and its their right to watch any drama. perhaps 10% or 15% of korean watch this drama,the rating is 8.8 in average,its not so horrible. there r a lot of dramas with lower rating. lets be positive and dont pay attention at it. just watch it with great enjoyment!!! and please guys dont call anybody stupid…=)))

  236. 236
    khalish Says:

    I think so, maybe because this about action drama. l have watched many drama until now n also look at the rating every ones. my conclusion is i think korean people dont really like action drama. they more like romantic and comedy. Only IRIS that i know got high rating. so lets enjoy every episode of Two Weeks, its getting more interesting, right??^_^

  237. 237
    BunnyLoveKDramas Says:

    Owh I’m hooked on Two Weeks,It had me glued to the screen! The soundtrack is also one thing that amazed me. It’s the first time I have actually payed attention to the the OST as it was probably one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. But looks at the ratings *Sighs another great drama that have been underappreciated.Yes, action triller is definitely not Koreans thing. What they need, more lovey dovey moments, and more skinship.

  238. 238
    Kdramaholic Says:

    lol, so you actually dare to criticize koreans when you clearly watching their own dramas and not in your own country. Talking about hypocrites and dumb people.

  239. 239
    Sharon Says:

    I was wondering the same thing. The Koreans are making the drama you are watching and they are the stupid one.
    You know what, may be kaka is Sooo passionate about the drama that he did not realized. I don’t think he meant it in a bad way.

  240. 240
    Yumi Says:

    Wait, its my wr0ng or what? Did the episode reduce from 20 to 16?? I thought it has 20 episode. I check it recent day ago. But now it change. Did it bcz low rating? *sigh*

  241. 241
    Sharon Says:

    They made an error, it is 16 ep.

  242. 242
    Ella Says:

    @#233 It’s not correct in confirming ms the better. Everyone has their opinion. 2W is one of the best for this year too. But comparing their qualities, it can’t deny 2W is better. This drama has all, wonderful cast showing their amazing skills (which don’t need much for rom-coms like ms), tight writing with well execution, and great soundtracks & filming.
    And right, korean tv viewers have thier choice, action / thriller than rom-coms & melodramas for their big interest about man-woman love, not the father-daughter love, lol. That’s why we’re a bit upset with them ignoring this kind of great drama which should at least break 2 digits. We’re not saying 2W must have the no.1 rating, it should be realised what 2W fans here talking. If it gets the no.1 rating, we’ll be so happy for this hardworking team of course.

    Btw for kaka#227, she meant to korean tv viewers, not the korean drama pd teams.

  243. 243
    Ella Says:

    Ep.6 is exciting yet heart-wrenching! 2W is so far so goood~!!*^^*

  244. 244
    Ella Says:

    @Yumi 2W is actually planned for 16 eps, 1 day-1 eps term. This site initially was wrong in describing it^^

  245. 245
    Merry Says:

    Glad for today’s rating, up up up~! 2Weeks team, you’re doing a good job… keep fighting!! 🙂

  246. 246
    claire Says:


    I cried a lot for episode 5, specially when TS hold the baby in his arm.

    I hope ratings continue to go up up up

  247. 247
    eny Says:

    About korean viewer doesn’t really like action thriller i’m agree, even drama with the same genre that success last year The Chaser n Bridal Mask it’s just more than 20

  248. 248
    winnew Says:

    Everyone has their own taste and opinion, mine is Two Weeks, the best summer drama this year.

  249. 249
    Jackie Says:

    There’s someone wanting to talk about her beloved dramas when chances come, lol…
    But those action dramas (genre called but not much action performance for the former, and the latter is wearing eye-closing mask not sure he’s the stuntman or real actor, what clear was that the stuntman there is shorter and smaller than the actor, and using many slow-mos) were not shown together with the real rom-coms of famous writers or popular actors, only new idol actors. As a fan of actions, a sense of whether or not using stuntmen is high.
    For LJG, it’s sure he does not use them. Even in Iljimae, his mask shows his unique eyes clearly which can’t be substituted with stuntmen.
    Really annoy watching heros with eye-closing masks like zorros, bridal masks, etc…imao.

  250. 250
    Jewel Says:

    @Jackie Agree you exactly.
    That’s why I impress LJG a lot. Whenever he shows his action scenes, his face can be clearly seen and he doesn’t use slow-mos too! His stunts in 2W are well-done and the fighting scenes from his other dramas are complex, so energetic & beautiful. Love watching his swift movements! Other k-actors can’t show like him till now. LJG is truly an amazing actor with both great acting talents and martial arts skills 😀

  251. 251
    eny Says:

    @ Jacky,
    you means me right????, if you ask me about wearing stuntmant or not of course for lee Jun ki too, no one know except the one who make the drama…..

    You annoy to me because I mention the drama I like,sorry ….. because the drama represent what we talk about n many people agree about their quality is good.

    If you think my comment is about joo won bias, I mention another drama beside his too, blame him because make good quality drama

    I never attack this drama quality or Lee Jun Ki acting, I just ever say i’m not interested to see this drama because of one reason

    I’m posting comment in some thread not only for the drama I watch, n I think I never use harsh word, If you don’t like it I will move out just like I did in GoF Jungyi, many of fans there doesn’t wanna hear different opinion

  252. 252
    Periwinkle Says:

    This drama is so underrated 🙁 🙁

  253. 253
    Jackie Says:

    @#251 It’s completely described in my comment about bd mask’s stuntman being shorter and smaller than the actor.
    If you’d like to confirm LJG, you’ll only definitely see his bright unique eyes and face in real stunts and action scenes without a hint of other man’s face, imao.
    I’m not interested who or what u like. I don’t use harsh words either. You just used them to me, loool…
    The reactions you do just show how strong your jealousy on LJG, keep talking not watch this drama with nonsense reasons but often come here, said the korea tv rating is not right for dramas and its quality but yet again bashing secretly by talking about your dramas and the ratings.
    Didn’t you notice other ppl here understand what your comments show what your real intentions??
    There’s not much different opinion among 2W viewers who have watched it from the start. But except for someones who only see or read recap pics to talk bad things purposely on LJG or the show, kakaka^^

  254. 254
    Poohbear Says:

    Just to join in the fun:
    Ratings: all these comments of the low ratings for quite a good drama, I agree, it should have more ratings. However, who rules the TV set at home – the mothers, and who can win them, I don’t think most of them fancied cops-murder story. So the children who love such drama driven to their internet or smart phone which do not take that into consideration.
    I like the acting by all of them. While some of them against the prosecutor, you must remembered, she didn’t forsake the girl, just too bad she was in America with her investigation, and the girl’s bad luck to be caught and murdered. She didn’t force the girl, it was the girl’s wish to help her. Consider this, if the girl is not dead, where are we getting our 16 episodes lol
    I like this story because of the fast pace, there’s some flaws, acceptable. I like the part in episode 6 where he told the old man why he need to survive. He already killed his daughter once through the abortion when his main intention was to save his girlfriend, send her away and live a happy life. He can’t kill her daughter again. He need to survive to save her. The 2nd touching scene would be when he spoke to his girlfriend, reassuring her that he will keep alive just to save his daughter. I think that was why the girlfriend addressed him as “soo jing appa”. Very touching.

  255. 255
    Chrishini Says:

    I’ve planned to watch 2W long ago but late watching bcos of some schedules.
    What a great drama this is! Haven’t feel such likeness for a long while on a drama^^ Love the ride of it and Lee joongi’s acting so much, all cast are great together.

    Omg, it’s pitiful to see some comments by other actor biases, they came with poor intentions here just for a great actor like LJG? It’s a shame they can’t only rely on their own bias and their abilities but happy to bash with different approaches?? Feel so sorry for those actors having such fans…

  256. 256
    Tayloriam Says:

    Love this drama to bits 🙂 All actors are so good portraying their character and the writer is admirable as well for creating this new interesting-well executed script.
    Very like Jang Tae-san character, leejoongi play him so so well. This is kind of a new character which is hard to portray for getting such incredible good reviews. Love soojinie, shipping this father-daughter OTP… way too lovely and touching 😉

  257. 257
    Tayloriam Says:

    Love this drama to bits 🙂 All actors are so good in portraying their character and the writer is admirable as well for creating this new interesting-well executed script.
    Very like Jang Tae-san character, leejoongi play him so so well. This is kind of a new character which is hard to portray for getting such incredible good reviews. Love soojinie, shipping this father-daughter OTP… way too lovely and touching 😉

  258. 258
    sharon Says:

    I haven’t watch episode 6 yet, I’m still waiting for English sub.

    I really like this drama, they are working harder to give us such breathtaking scenes.

    As if I’m on the scenes., I shouted run! faster!..run! faster!, in episode 5 where SW almost got JTS.

    I hope the rating improve more. So the cast will inspire more giving us quality drama.

  259. 259
    sharon Says:

    Two Weeks Fighting! ……….

    I haven’t watch episode 6 yet, I’m still waiting for English sub.

    I really like this drama, they are working harder to give us such breathtaking scenes.

    As if I’m on the scenes., I shouted run! faster!..run! faster!, in episode 5 where SW almost got JTS.

    I hope the rating improve more. So the cast will inspire more giving us quality drama.

  260. 260
    sharon Says:

    How come LJK is so good in everything…


    He always make me happy just reading blogs, news, comments etc

  261. 261
    laserbeanz Says:

    so far so trill =D
    i like this drama…
    TS hang in there… we are with u… Fighting!!!

  262. 262
    Sharon Says:

    Just finished ep 5 and it’s action packed. I was on the edge of my seat hoping that TS would not get caught. The baby delivery scene was a tear jerker. I all most fell off the cliff when he was shot.
    Good writing, and direction from the directors, your vision came out on screen. Kudos!!!!!

  263. 263
    Sharon Says:

    Ep 6 so suspenseful, catch the doll!!! Whew, he did.
    Holy shit! I thought Ahissi was dead??
    What the hell is he doing in an isolation area???
    This drama is nail biting and nerve recking, but I like it a lot.

  264. 264
    eny Says:

    How can you say I’m jealouse to LJK i watch his movie too, The King n The Clown, I like it,even sometimes I don’t understandthe joke, the story is good n LJK charracter is interesting
    I watch my gir,l Arang n Magistrate
    I’m not mention any actor here, I’m not gonna comparing because it’s tireng n we all where it ends
    When I keep talking not to watch this drama. I only ever say I’m not interested to this drama because of something i ever say n Inever say anything about LJK acting n the quality of this drama because I don’t watch it. May be you mistaken me for somebody else n I ever read that omment that you mention
    If about I mention another drama, I’m not the only one who mention about another drama but not ataacking this drama n it’s connected too another topic

  265. 265
    eny Says:

    OK………may be my fault make you thinking like that

  266. 266
    Jackie Says:

    Ok, even you can’t accept my previous comment , my points are understandable. If not, you won’t say first about how some dramas ratings are not true with rating, and then carelessly spoke about your dramas and the ratings. It describes truly what you mean. Mentioning these dramas with the ratings are undeniably bashing to the drama others here love. Comparing together even though you don’t watch it turns out to…..
    As I don’t know who you like, I told what I see on those dramas. But your bias was in it, sorry about that.
    I’m not mistaken you with anybody else, just told different opinions here are those kind of ppl since you talked about it. However, it becomes making you to mention yourself who you like and doubting groundlessly on something what I said.

  267. 267
    Merry Says:

    Peace to everybody… 🙂
    “2 Weeks” is already one of the greatest dramas this year, ignore to things unnecessary to affect this drama.
    Let’s just enjoy its coolness and ride together with this fast-paced yet very touching drama 😉
    2W team & fans, fighting~*^o^*

  268. 268
    Merry Says:

    This drama & all cast are so far so amazing, ep.6 is very good and making advance for our good guys to set up the goal 😀 Kudos to the writernim and the whole team!!
    JG would have drenched long for that river scene, poor him… my beloved impressive oppa ♥♥

  269. 269
    Merry Says:

    Typo: *that river underwater scene*
    He’s good in almost everything, must be an excellent swimmer too 😀

  270. 270
    Tayloriam Says:

    Just finished watching ep.6 with subs, super-duper good!! Can’t wait next week.
    Tae-san & soojin make me touching a lot ^^

  271. 271
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    Just saw episode 5—continuing to enjoy watching the layers of Tae San’s past keep peeling away, revealing a much better character than what we saw in episode one. His reaction when he helps the lady give birth and how it relates to his past, helps us understand him and makes him more and more likeable, NO make that LOVABLE!!! I mean really, could a diaper washing Good Samaritan be capable of murder? SHINJA?

    The father-daughter interactions are great, even if they are all in his head—Soo Jin is running on maximum cuteness.

    That lurking ninja assassin is a hottie…too bad he’s such a bad dude AND Moon Il Suk’s son. MMmmm cute, but stubborn detective Im Seung Woo’s shower scene. Of course I can’t forget my oppa Lee Jun Gi—so many hotties for one drama!

    Please Park Jae Kyung, can you mellow out just a little! You are soooo emotional and far from being objective about finding the truth—listen to the Chief and nail the real killer!

    This episode literally ends as a cliffhanger—reminiscent of Arang and The Magistrate—except for the bullet! Since when is it OK to shoot someone for fleeing? Are the laws that different in Korea?

  272. 272
    winnew Says:

    @eny, please, please and please stop coming into Joon Gi’s thread. I have seen you since Arang’s day (that’s when I started following Joon Gi’s dramas). If you don’t like him, do yourself a favour, do not torture yourself by having to read comments of people who love Joon Gi and then having to answer in negative ways. Aren’t you tired?

    You said you would leave, please do. Nobody stops you here.

  273. 273
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    OMG!!! Pounding heart, snotty nose & mucho tears. Loving it! Just wish KSY (prosecutor) would stop overacting. Otherwise, its really good so far.

  274. 274
    winnew Says:


    Lee Jun Gi’s acting in ‘Two Weeks’ is becoming a hot issue.

    August 22nd broadcast of MBC drama ‘Two Weeks’ received 10.1% of program rate, which is 2% higher than that of its previous episode, and the highest one that it ever got so far.

    In the drama, Lee Jun Gi is casting as Jang Tae San, who gets suspected as a murderer, and many actors are making high compliments for his acting.

    During the episode, Jang Tae San made a phone call to Seo In Hye(Park Ha Sun) who was worried about the possibility of his death, and deeply touched many viewers’ hearts with his emotional expressions.

    On the other hand, ‘Two Weeks’ air on every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 PM.

  275. 275
    claire Says:

    freaking good can’t wait for the next episode

  276. 276
    Camine Says:

    I’ll be checking this cuz out of all the dramas currently airing this gets the best reviews

  277. 277
    winnew Says:

    Joon Gi tweets today.

    @JGshock: 급류씬..직접한것에 모두 당황하셨어요? ㅎㅎ 물놀이 절대 급류근처에서 하지마세요~ 음 많이 위험합니다ㅜㅜ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 투윅스 재방도 많이 사랑해주세요 ♥♥
    130824 twitter 2
    Were you perplexed about me doing the rapid current scene? ㅎㅎNever play close to the rapid current~it is very dangerous TT ㅎㅎㅎㅎPlease watch Two weeks reruns as well ♥♥
    (translation by Elly)

    Joon Gi never used double or stand in for scenes like this. So proud of him.

  278. 278
    claire Says:

    Two Weeks really gets best review, even actors in korea appropriated him

    according to yahoo

  279. 279
    ryo Says:

    i like this drama even though iam not action drama’s fan … it’s so realistic , exciting to watch …in my opinion this drama until now is the best this summer .. lee jun Gi is a unique actor who has great acting abilities .. after ep 5 i thought if this didn’t reach no 1 rating there are a series problem with the whole korean rating system. sad for such amazing project

  280. 280
    fan Says:


    I agree with you

    “i thought if this didn’t reach no 1 rating there are a series problem with the whole korean rating system. sad for such amazing project”

    The staff are really working hard, rating must be up! up!

    Such a nice drama

  281. 281
    claire Says:

    Two Weeks really gets best review, even actors in korea appreciated him

    according to yahoo

    appreciated – I mean

  282. 282
    eny Says:

    @Winney n jackie
    OK i will move out
    I think I talk in peace in Arang even I only watch until ep 13, but sometimes people don’t really accept if I didn’t finish it
    I say good rating doesn’t always good drama n bad rating doesn’t always bad drama, that the point that i said
    i visit drama thread even if I don’t watch because may be i could change my view about the drama,n I get to see good drama that some people suggest or mention,Just like when I visit Arang thread many of them give comment about The King n Clown then I watch it n like it.
    I never close ear about other thinking thats why i get some good drama/movie to watch
    I like some actor it’s true, but at least I didn’t watch a drama just base on the actor, n I never say all my favorite actor project is awesome, it’s still good but not awesome. If I don’t like his drama doesn’t mean I hate the actor,even if many of his dama I don’t like
    i’m not hater of any actor even when i though his acting bad(he’s LJK because I think he’s good)

  283. 283
    Chrishini Says:

    Advertising about not finishing his/her dramas or won’t watch a drama with many good reviews cos of some unreasonable facts (esp. on the threads of an actor constantly) mean the mind of unlikeness on a good actor is unintentionally big, however, can’t accept by the self awareness.
    I also know LJG is great in many of his projects (in terms of his acting plus storywise) but I don’t see his fans here say all of his projects are awesome. Maybe @eny just being unfavorable on fans’ flowery admires and support on LJG. He works very hard so really deserves such support.

  284. 284
    Chrishini Says:

    I also understand why some good k-actors’ dramas can’t always be awesome.That’s bcos of K-drama filming style- live shooting, live script writing, etc. They just have to depend on first 4/5 eps’ scripts.
    But LJG is one of those rare actors who can choose wonderful characters to portray well, among a lot of offers cos of his talents plus famous status. He can make the viewers worth watching to his projects, unlike many other k-actors who only choose safe genre and roles of korean public’s faves.
    I think that’s why LJG is appreciated by many viewers who love to watch interesting/ entertaining/ memorable qualified projects and characters, not the breezy or heartbreaking watch in rom-coms, melos.
    2W is sure his extremely good drama I’d like to recommend 🙂

  285. 285
    Jyenie Says:

    Since everybody here says this drama is so good, I should give it a try. And I shall return to tell what I think about this drama 😉

  286. 286
    Sharon Says:

    Yeah!! You will like.

  287. 287
    Jackie Says:

    Goodbye, peace @#282

  288. 288
    Ella Says:

    From above comments: Transparently, @eny is trying to cover up about comparing her dramas and 2W by the ratings though haven’t watched 2W. That’s exactly bashing the drama we love. Me too noticed her, not on drama thread but other LJG articles, she do to be in calm but always come up with negative ways.
    It’s sure ppl don’t hate actors with bad acting.
    There will be many haters only when someone is so talented or someone being overrated.

  289. 289
    Jackie Says:

    It’s real for most fans blinded by their bias, I understand. Since I also don’t watch movies and dramas just for good-looking actors, it’s a pleasure to see such LJG fans who are blinded with his superb talents than his looks.
    LJG projects are worth-waiting, impressive with great stories and acting wise, not the rom-coms/melos which only ladies like. JG hyung can repay his fans’ support by leaving much impression on them and the audience with his excellent projects and acting. It’s not strange for LJG fans, always eagerly wait to watch his new projects.
    The true passionate actor both guys and ladies can enjoy his great talents, *Daebak*

  290. 290
    Sharon Says:

    Guys, pay eny no attention. That’s just how she is on every thread. She means no harm! Don’t worry you will get use to her on many threads to come. Eny bark is worst than her bite!!

    @ eny
    It’s a very good drama, let all that go and let’s enjoy Lee Joon Gi excellent acting skills, ok.

  291. 291
    Sapphire rio Says:

    Thank you all guys for recommending 2 Weeks with many good reviews! I finally found a great drama I love to pieces, thrilling, intense, love & hope~^^
    Love soojin and Lee Joon Gi as Jang Taesan is incredibly amazing 😀

  292. 292
    grasha Says:

    You won’t feel bored watching this drama. I highly recommended it.

    You’ll feel excitement and for me it’s not just an ordinary kdrama. I usually don’t like action but this is amazing.I consider it the best drama of the year.

  293. 293
    yin Says:

    every episodes is very intense..it’s just like playing game with more difficult every level ….this drama have become more and more interesting, intense,and make me curious every episodes…..

    last thing I say wtw….( worth to watch )

  294. 294
    tWOfans Says:

    GOGOGO!FIGHTING ‘Two weeks’ <333LJK!cant wait for more ep's…keep up the subbing

  295. 295
    Jyenie Says:

    After the introduction of the story in the first and second episode, the chasing game begins in episode 3.
    TS has to be on the run because MIS is sending out people to murder him. And thanks to Park Jae Kyung’s reckless driving, he has the opportunity to flee from the accident scene. Even though I quite like Kim So Yeon but her character in this drama is not exactly the pleasing type. She indirectly and unintentionally causes the death of a lot of people, first her friend and then the accident victims. The best thing is she is totally oblivious that she is the culprit of the accident and TS’s escape. As if the writer is trying to scoff at the tricky situation and people like her, she herself and the police are hunting a murder suspect who might have killed “one person” only high and low comparing with the number of people who dies because of her. LOL.
    JTS is just a simpleminded dirt bag who is being used as a scapegoat for MIS twice in the past. Everybody is amazed how he manages to get away again and again, he actually got his ideas from the plots of many movies he watched and his determination to save his daughter.
    The interesting part of this drama is JTS still can make me laugh a bit here and there à la Lee Jun Ki style although he is on the run.

  296. 296
    Sharon Says:

    Shouldn’t they like charge her for something like reckless driving and manslaughter. The prosecutor used a simple minded recovering addict as a pawn in seeking revenge for her fathers death. Knowing how ruthless Moon II Suk is, how could she set up a sting like that and left Mi Sook wide open without any recourse or backup. I think she should get reprimanded for her recklessness .
    They should be hunting her down not TS.

  297. 297
    Jyenie Says:

    I absolutely agree with you! Well, what can we expect from an unprofessional prosecutor who only thinks about her own personal agenda!?

  298. 298
    myeon Says:

    this drama more and more exciting day after day. although i also love another dramas which airing right now (especcially good doctor), but this drama still have their unique excitement. Lee jun ki’s act is really good as tae san. awesome ! he and joo won (good doctor) deserve to get an excelent awards !

  299. 299
    maharani Says:

    it’s sounds like a drama FUGITIVE OF JOSEON:MANDATE OF HEAVEN…
    i though it has the same story

  300. 300
    grasha Says:

    Lee Joon-gi, Suzy Chosen as Top Hallyu Acts at Seoul Drama Awards 2013


  301. 301
    grasha Says:

    Korean actor Lee Joon-gi in a promotional image for MBC drama “Tale of Arang.” [MBC] Korean actors Lee Joon-gi and Suzy will take the honor as the top Korean TV stars at this year’s Seoul Drama Awards.The two stars have each been chosen as the Outstanding Korean Actor and the Outstanding Korean Actress, the organizing committee of Seoul Drama Awards 2013 (SDA) announced through a press release Tuesday morning.Lee’s “Tale of Arang” and Kwone Sang-woo’s “King of Ambition,” both of which are the top-selling TV series sold to over 15 countries or surpassed three million USD in exports, will receive The Excellent Korean Drama and The Outstanding Korean Drama Awards

  302. 302
    grasha Says:

    I participate in this voting, so happy he win 2 award

  303. 303
    sha Says:

    Arang is the most underrated drama in 2012 but it was indeed top-selling TV series sold to over 15 countries or surpassed three million USD in exports.

    Even awarded Excellent Korean Drama in Seoul Drama Awards 2013.

    Jun Ki really have something..

    Wow…. Two Weeks fighting.

  304. 304
    winnew Says:

    #301 Grasha, the content of that news story is a wrong on the part of the award for Arang and the Magistrate.
    Arang wins the Grand Prize and Queen of Ambition is runner up.


    Making their hard work worth it, miss A’s Suzy and Lee Joon Gi will be given the Hallyu Drama Actress and Actors Awards at the 2013 Seoul Drama Awards.

    The 2013 Seoul Drama Awards will take place on September 5 at the National Theater of Korea, where Suzy and Lee Joon Gi will be given their respective trophies for the category of Hallyu Drama Actress and Actor.

    Also for the Hallyu Drama Award category, MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate won the grand prize with SBS’ Yawang taking the runner-up award. JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong will also receive the Hallyu Drama OST award for singing Living Like a Dream in MBC’s Dr. Jin.

    The winners of the Hallyu Drama Award category resulted from the combination of netizen votes as well as the judging of professionals.

  305. 305
    Merry Says:

    Congratulations to Joongi oppa winning the Outstanding Actor award on SIDA (2013), and also for AATM as Hallyu Drama Grand Prize~!!
    Our JG fandom family is lovely and definitely strong, kkk.
    So glad he told us he’ll attend the ceremony to receive his trophy while busy filming 2W, he’s just a smart cutie*^^*
    Wishing the Best for this year super awesome drama “2 Weeks” too , fighting…♥♥

  306. 306
    Merry Says:

    Happy for AATM winning Actor & Drama awards, it deserves^^

    However undeniably, “2 Weeks” is way more amazing~!!
    Thus, wishing this to get many awards first at year end MBC drama awards. JG works harder here, really deserves top excellence & grand prize 😉
    Long time no see him on red carpet, this year we’ll have to see him more there I think 😀

  307. 307
    Liss Says:

    Congratulations to Jun Ki for the awards he won he totally deserve it.

  308. 308
    SJ Says:

    Congrats to Jun Ki Hyung

    Can’t wait for Two Weeks this weeks’ episode.

  309. 309
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    Agree with #296 Sharon & #297 Jyenie. The prosecutor seems to be concerned that the detective is making choices based on personal bias. Pot let me introduce you to the kettle!!! 😛

  310. 310
    winnew Says:

    Written preview for Episode 7 and 8


  311. 311
    Sharon Says:


  312. 312
    bains Says:

    What’s happening with the ratings?
    I’m so sad because they won’t be getting any awards for this amazing drama and performances due to low ratings.

  313. 313
    Poohbear Says:

    I think it is the storyline, too much beating around the bush… just his escape from the clutches of the law and the bad guys… after awhile, it gets stagnated. Nothing new. Only his acting, which will only garner his fans, but will not draw enough of audience.

  314. 314
    Chrishini Says:

    It’s not bcos of storyline @Poohbear, this drama is well executed compared to most k-action dramas (with revenge stories). 2W is also filled with all cast’s good acting, filming and osts. Since the most korean tv viewers are middle-ages, they will choose to watch the light rom-com than a dark thriller when they show in same time slot.
    On the other hand, it’s not the fugitive escape story only running from his pursuers. Both TS and prosecutor lady has many missions to team-up for haunting down the baddies.
    The plot has been so interesting more & more. There’s nothing to drag for this 16 eps story. This is one of the rarely addictive k-dramas and a new k-thriller plot type too! It’s much enjoyable indeed. 🙂

    @bains K-drama awards are much concerned on the ratings that we all know but don’t worry much. It’s almost impossible that MBC won’t give any awards to such a great project with all-time shining performances from the leads, it’s so rare for a k-drama to perform greatly in most of the episodes, and also bcos MBC still doesn’t have many rating-hit dramas for 2013, they only have GFB I think. 😉 LJG is doing a fantastic job, he’s amazing!!

  315. 315
    something Says:

    the problem with this drama is… it lose hype compare to SBS drama because lack of star except Lee Joon Ki…even Lee Jun Ki isn’t A List actor both leads of other drama is A-List star…based on its script this drama is better writing but its kind of heavy drama while you don’t need to think to watch the other drama…

    and someone who said this drama rating is low need to shut up wed-thurs slot is hard 7-8% rating already OK…blade and petal only can get 3-5%

  316. 316
    Ella Says:

    @something Don’t you know LJG is an A-list actor?? Kkk

    The now airing SBS drama stars are popular in Korea. Right. So, when they are in hong sis’ rom-com, ahjummas in korea are in…..
    They don’t even have many recognitions compared to Mr. Lee Joon Gi, lol.
    Lee Joon Gi’s recognized with a lot of awards both from his nation and overseas.
    And 2 Weeks doesn’t need 2 A-listers, it really needs many cast who can act so well (some A-s in korea are also just meh in acting).
    Because 2W is one-man show which is also built with all leads’ well-developed characters.
    The rating is mostly just concerned with the genres of same time slot dramas for k-public.
    Hmm, something seems something anti to something or someone here, lol.

  317. 317
    Chrishini Says:

    @Ella That’s right, dear^^

    LJG is just so incredible, he’s got many awards & recognitions in such early age!!!
    The sbs now wed-thu stars are in their very late 30s, and do not have many awards they got 🙁

    Undeniably, epi.8 of 2W is super exciting! Filled with wonderful action scenes rare to see in k-dramas. I’m so glad LJG always can choose the most dominant characters for him in his projects, it’s also bcos of his Fame plus talent whom the writers and pd teams want to give him many great offers.

    It’s very difficult in korea for the male actors to be the most leading characters for Wed-Thu time slot, the best time slot for KDs, in their dramas.
    He carries the audience with his acting so well. Seems he doesn’t like to choose rom-coms which only need normal acting skills.
    You’re perfect, LJG 🙂 It’s sure you’ll grab your new awards again with 2W, fighting^^

  318. 318
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    What’s happening with anti comments here?
    They annoy Two Weeks for being an awesome drama with many good reviews compare to their beloved dramas? As they want to dislike it, maybe even don’t watch it but come to post nonsense critics??
    Some even don’t know how big LJG fame or they don’t want to accept due to the jealousy of his excellent diverse talents??
    There are also many A-list actors starring dramas and big-budget dramas which didn’t do well in ratings. This year, syj’s shark, iris-2 for big budget drama (an action drama aired together with a melodrama_korean aunties like, lol), etc.

  319. 319
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    Left, ghj’s queen’s classroom, maybe the next will be ksw’s medical top team which will air on same time with hyper-advertised the heirs.

  320. 320
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    Fortunately, along with many dramas not so well in ratings, 2W has the highest chance among them to get the Best Acting awards and other categories as well. This drama is really perfect from many aspects to receive awards.

  321. 321
    Merry Says:

    There are antis for this such excellent drama, oops!
    Can’t criticize about the drama plot. Just come here to post the cheap opinions, they’re so pitiful with what kind of mind they have.

    LJG starts to famous in 2005 and has been recognized as an A-list actor in about 2008 with the combined box-office, ratings and awards records. The actors someone mentioned recently doesn’t have enough potential compared to LJG.
    The opinions of comparing star statuses, without discussing the quality of projects they work or their abilities for getting the high impressions, are actually the cheapest ones. Great actors only wants to create masterpiece-projects for their career, rom-coms are not their taste, lol.

  322. 322
    Merry Says:

    2W ratings are up today, happy for getting more korean viewers.
    Overseas viewers who watch it have been in love with 2W a lot 🙂

  323. 323
    something Says:

    Lee Jun ki isn’t A list actor, an actor only can be call as A-lister after led successful movie..junki isn’t lead actor in king and clown..
    awards doesn’t make an actor as A lister

  324. 324
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    @something So the male actor you mentioned had box-office hit? No.

    LJG was the lead in K&C, the first leading role he achieved from the audition with hard competitions. I’ve also read the news of him, the media acknowledges him as a top influential actor.
    Please stop arguing such things, it’s not a useful opinion with the drama 2W.

  325. 325
    emmanuel Says:

    To 317 just winning award doesn’t mean u better than someone and mostly korean actors win awards because of the fans they have.just imagine suzy who just came to the acting industry who be receiving such an important award even her acting is not dat gr8 compare to other actress.

  326. 326
    emmanuel Says:

    The awards he received are not dat gr8 am sorry if I upset anyone please forgive me.

  327. 327
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    @emmanuel Lee Joon Gi has many awards that are not voted by fans.

    Sorry to see some ppl who just wanting to bash the great actors and this drama with no apparent reasons.

  328. 328
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    Those who are not LJG fans visit often here to post anti comments without talking about the drama, lol. How big your problem with LJG, Poor u.

  329. 329
    Chrishini Says:

    Hmm…it’s really a bad habit for someone who always wants to explore others’ weaknesses and describe them if they get chance. Such ppl are very low-minded ones for the society.
    Lee Joon Gi is a very hardworking guy instead of his fame, he lives as a rookie for every new role he tries and give the viewers the pleasure. But those ppl who don’t even know him personally pop up just to comment in negative ways. Maybe something wrong with their mind? They’re just so so…..

  330. 330
    Chrishini Says:

    @Merry Agree you, the anti comments here show what kind of their mind are. We can clearly see the aspects why they come here and what they want to say finally, just to be here to bash mostly for LJG. Seems even don’t know well about this drama.

  331. 331
    Jewel Says:

    Some ppl are creating cheap rumors here, lol.
    LJG has the Best acting awards in many big name awards like Baeksang, Blue dragon, SIDA and many others.
    He’s still young for being a professional actor as he is now who has got many recognitions, and he’s even more active than most other younger actors. Also being thoughtful in what impressive roles he could choose. In this way, he can get many new awards along his career with his talents.
    So sorry to see the comments written with low-mind.

  332. 332
    emmanuel Says:

    I said dat because some people were trying to discriminate the cast of ms.l love all korean actors and I think they are all doing a gud job and by the way I love all dramas dat comes from Korea.

  333. 333
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    @emmanual Aww, then why don’t you tell anything who started discriminating LJG?? This is 2W thread, not ms.
    It’s so distinct what you have in your mind, hardworking anti.

  334. 334
    Jewel Says:

    This is very clear from above comments, fans of JG and 2W here don’t give any bad comments on ms’ actors or its plot.
    Only those antis try to post with bad intentions, can’t even talk the details related to this drama. As the antis start bashing to this thread on the drama and lead actor, it’s not strange they react.
    Antis have cruel mind, why don’t they only love to their dramas or actors instead of hating and commenting in bad ways to achieve their aims of believing their words by others not want to watch it? They are really trying so hard, unbelievable! Haha.
    There many viewers on other threads who love 2W, and commenting LJG as a very great actor. Your hardworking attitude won’t be useful 😉

  335. 335
    Jessica Provoste Says:

    greatly bothers me that ignorant people make comments about LJK. not even go to the trouble to investigate, and speak pure nonsense. he is one of the best actors out there, but this will hurt some.
    he has many accomplishments, all thanks to the immense work done … and surely you will get many more because he deserves it. ♥ ♥ LEE JOON GI FIGHTING!

  336. 336
    something Says:

    in korea surpassed 1-2 millions moviegoers consider a success..it not only that experience and big name in industry also a factor to make him A list actor..

    lead actor in king and clown is Gam Wu Sung, that movie is ensamble casts so didn’t really reflect of ticket selling power of an actor…said as top influential actor by media doesn’t make him A lister..

    i never bash LJK only speak truth and all of fans here is too weak heart to accept the truth..
    lee joon ki is one of my favorite drama actor. He is a really good actor. so i never intent to bash him i watch this drama even didn’t bother to watch MS…it said in many articles MS power is its leads that why i said that here..because many keep whining why 2w rating isn’t that great

  337. 337
    Jessie Says:

    What ! what! what ! Are you freaking kidding me???? …When you say Jun Ki not A-List actors? LMFAO! Do some research before talking pls! LOL. Oh Dear,do your homework!!!! If you don’t know what hell you’re talking about then shut up. I would never comment on other actors cause I know nothing about them.Shame on you jealous fuckerz~!

  338. 338
    Kyuriyumi Says:

    @something That’s not important for what star status the actors have. The more important is the acting skills they can prove us. 2W fans here don’t say ms the bad things. We expect the same thing for the drama we love, this is also a true great drama judging from many aspects.
    We know well about the genres that general korean tv viewers like. We are not keep talking about the rating. But sometimes, some fans here just like to encourage some new visitors who are upset with the rating. As if like you said, all dramas starring A-listers would have been hits. It’s undeniable that this kind of comment can be appeared just with negative opinions.
    So, the comments of you turn automatically into bashing for 2W and fans here.

  339. 339
    Ella Says:

    Some ppl with negative comments trying to pretend like they are not antis of 2W and the cast. If true they don’t have any bad intentions to create buzz on this thread or are only commoners, they won’t come here often in one day like that just to read and reply all the reactions on them here. This shows what they are behaving, lol

  340. 340
    Sapphire rio Says:

    Yayy… Ep.8 is super great!! Glad for the higher ratings 😀

    What’s wrong with us hoping for better ratings, antis? We hope that doesn’t mean we are commenting badly to other dramas or actors like you. Some comments seem trying to be polite but for bashing with different approaches.
    Hope you all stop talking nonsense comparisons here.
    This drama is really intense and exciting. 😉

  341. 341
    something Says:

    what i need to be jealous..huh stup** fangirl…my sister live in korea..lee junki is popular drama actor and hallyu star but he don’t have ticket selling power for movie to make him A-Lister he still never has lead role in movie..there are many that international fans think is a big name actor but actually not that big in korea and junki is one of them…

    admin, please check again on the official site..there are many mess up on supporting character names…

  342. 342
    Jessie Says:

    Yall some fuckin haters! Why bother to pretend like you are his fans while talk a bad things and trying to topple him. So pathetic! I really hate these kind of people.

    Can we just appreciate an amazing actor like him rather than letting jealousy infect you.

  343. 343
    winnew Says:

    Feeling so sorry here for people who carry jealousy in their heart. They can not help themselve and having to come to thread of star they don’t even like. Is it better for their peace of mind to stay where their loved one is.

  344. 344
    emmanuel Says:

    The two dramas I have really watch and like is 2 weeks and master sun.the acting of these dramas are gud that l don’t know what to choose but I would go with 2 weeks fighting.

  345. 345
    roy Says:

    gta vice city real life version. haha

  346. 346
    Jessica Provoste Says:

    2012 MBC Drama Awards: Premio Mejor Pareja con Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate)
    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Premio Actor Popular por Hero (MBC)
    2009 MNet 20’s Choice Award: Premio al Hombre Popular
    2008 SBS Drama Awards: Premio a la Excelencia de Mejores Hombres por Iljimae
    2008 SBS Drama Awards: Premio al Top 10 de Estrellas
    2008 SBS Drama Awards: Netizens Award – Premio Popularidad por Iljimae
    2008 Seoul Drama Awards: Netizens Award – Actor mas popular
    2008 Seoul Drama Awards: Netizens Award – Drama Más Popular por Time Between Dog and Wolf
    2007 MBC Drama Awards: Premio a la Excelencia por Time Between Dog and Wolf
    2007 China Fashion Awards: Artista Sur-Coreano del Año
    2007 27th Hawaii International Film Festival: Premio a la Estrella Prometedora
    2007 10th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival: Premio Estrella Extranjera
    2007 Andre Kim Awards: Premio a la Nueva y Superior estrella Andre Kim
    2007 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Premio a la Popularidad
    2006 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Premio a la Mejor pareja en ecena (Junto a Kam Woo Seong por la pelicula The King and the Clown
    2006 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Premio a la popularidad (con Kang Sung Yeon, The King and the Clown)
    2006 MNet Korean Music Festival Awards: Mejor actor de Video musical (“Grace” Lee Soo Young”)
    2006 5th Korea Film Awards: Premio a mejor nuevo actor (Por The King and the Clown)
    2006 43rd Daejong Film Festival: Actor mas popular extranjero
    2006 43rd Daejong Film Festival: Mejor Actor popular
    2006 43rd Daejong Film Festival: Mejor nuevo actor
    2006 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Mejor Hombre principiante
    2006 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Permio a la popularidad
    2006 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Premio ‘In style’ Fashion
    2006 Korean Society of Cinematographers Awards: Mejor principiante
    2006 Netizen Choice Awards: Mejor Hombre principiante
    2006 Max Movie: (Mejor actor por The King and the Clown)

  347. 347
    Jessica Provoste Says:

    being an unknown actor … he does very well! XD

  348. 348
    Jackie Says:

    Ep.8 is nail biting to watch! Joongi’s movements in this ep’s action scenes are so cool, like so-yeon too, the badass girl… Can’t predict what will happen in next wk’s ep, that’s a good sign! 2 weeks team, you’re doing very well, fighting^^

  349. 349
    ann Says:

    LJG really amazing….:)

  350. 350
    ann Says:

    the end of this story will be how????

  351. 351
    Jackie Says:

    There are still a long way Joongi and his fans have to go due to him being an awesome potential actor. As many know Lee Joon Gi is great, there are many antis trying to degrade him in one way or another. Antis actually mean people with pitiful weak heart filled with jealousy.
    JG is doing very fine in terms of talents, thoughtful projects for his career and personality.
    He’s a dignified man, no one has anything to find fault with him in real unlike many actors out there, maybe thanks to his awareness of those kind of people.
    We, the viewers who acknowledge him well, just have to see those poor antis on the way. Cos they just don’t know well how to praise a great person.
    A person like JG is making his way on his own without following any other’s path. Such antis are just powerless to avoid his way^^

  352. 352
    Jackie Says:

    Typo: to *block* his way

  353. 353
    Chrishini Says:

    @Jackie Yes, Joongi is a dignified and thoughtful actor really. I love his choices of projects, very memorable and appreciable among these large quantities of the fave-type similar k-plots. He can play his characters amazingly well. JG’s Perfect 🙂

    Love the Ep.8 again! JTS is doing everything fine, an intelligent fugitive, kkk~ The team-up with the lady prosecutor will be start soon, baddies… run run^^

  354. 354
    Tayloriam Says:

    “Two Weeks” is such a fantastic ride!! Love everything about the drama so far. One day per episode style is so effective, this is so suspenseful and new for a k-drama. It’s very Intense, moves quickly, so eventful and action-packed.
    Our hero this time is on a journey not to save people purposely but to save himself from the aimless and pathetic life he has been living for the last 8 years. Tae San is on the run and got hurt day by day. Beyond that, however, we gradually learn about his backstory, how he once was with In Hee around and how the best part of him still stay with him despites all the hardship in his life: how he helped the woman in labour, how he helped to fix the alarm, how he still can’t kill people. I’m too satisfied with everything that this drama presents to us: storyline, acting.
    The gift the drama brings us is Love & Hope of a father and daughter which MoH couldn’t display it well. In 2W, every father-daughter together scene is precious. Will TS and IH be a happy family with their lovely kid?
    This story is mainly focused on how Tae San tries to save his daughter in which his ultimate goal is for In Hye and his daughter to be happy.

    @ann I think he can even walk away if In Hee decides to choose him in the end because he feels that her fiancee is much more deserving as long as he feels he made the best choice for her beautiful life by cutting all his ties.
    Even in D-8 until the surgery, we can see how memories with In Hye has stayed with Tae San all those years. Tae San also was never able to forget her. The kid will live, I guess – it’s just where Tae San will be able to live in the end or not. I am sure if he can stay alive, he will start a fresh and be a great dad.
    I’m not sure that In Hee truly love her finance for now. With the sacrifice TS made for IH, I don’t think Tae San is able to love anyone again…..

    Some people say the scenerio of a father on the run to save his daughter isn’t that new (MoH), yes. But it’s modern days to create many fast-paced action scenes as LJG also being an awesome action actor. Some people who don’t want to love it can say there’s nothing ground-breaking in Tae San’s scenes.
    However, it’s true Joongi portrays the character Jang Tae San completely and he’s so impressive with his acting.
    Jang Tae-San as a young naive man in love, a seemingly useless gangster, an affectionate man or a father missing his child, LJG delivers all the emotion so well. His tears are sincere, his performance is delivered with passion and nuance.
    So, I’m too glad that Lee Joongi decided to take on this project. He’s so shining here as a very great actor 🙂

  355. 355
    bains Says:

    I don’t think there are any Lee Junki haters here. Why would someone hate a person who works for their entertainment and somebody who we not even know in real life.
    These people are just trolling. And one thing about trollers is that they will troll even more if we reply to them or get hurt by their comments. So just ignore them and enjoy the drama.

  356. 356
    Sapphire rio Says:

    @bains Yah, they want to troll more cos of having many good reviews they don’t want to hear. Anyway, trolling maybe the hobby of theirs 😉
    @Tayloriam Thanks for giving a great long perspective review here. It’s enjoyable^^
    2W is getting better and better, let’s enjoy this roller coaster ride 😀

  357. 357
    Jyenie Says:

    MIS is the bogeyman in JTS’s closet, he will just troll him again and again. JTS has to strengthen himself to shoo him off. Phew!
    I really like how they add a touch of humour in JTS’s unfortunate character to lighten up this intense drama. 🙂

  358. 358
    Sapphire rio Says:

    “2 Weeks” is now my favorite Wed-Thurs drama this year with IHYV, both Lee Joongi’s acting and cute SooJin is very captivating.
    I really hope In Hye will realize that everything Tae San did is for her, so they can finally build the family they’re supposed to be together 8 years ago. Also, I like Soojin’s story about the Mountain and the Sun. In Hye doesn’t realize her daughter is talking about her parent’s love story. Very very smart girl. She’ll be the angel that will bring her parents back together.
    This drama is definitely not a matter of “IF” JTS will survive, it’s “HOW” he will survive that keeps the audience anticipating for more. JTS will have only a week left, but for us, now the question is, HOW are we going to survive that WAIT. LOL 😀

  359. 359
    Jyenie Says:

    @358 Are you bunny3fly in Soompi? 🙂

  360. 360
    Riaminico Says:

    Glad the ratings become high!^^ This has been my favourite drama this year 🙂

    Love so much for the cute & funny scenes along with this intense ride. Didn’t expect this show could have them. Soojin is a constant cutie but I was pleased by the lovely moments. Seeing Tae San bluff his way out of that deadly situation was satisfying. I feel so worried about old man Boss Han!!! Teacher Kim is gonna catch up to him and either kill or capture him.
    Hope we’ll get some help to JTS from boss Han again in next eps.
    I’m happy that those people JTS helped spoke kindly of Tae San in the news. Really nice to hear his good actions mentioned to the public, kkkk. I was chuckling when I realized Tae San was allergic to shrimp, but he kept stuffing his face w/ it!!!!! Adorable silly moments^^ Laughed when Tae San had that movie memory before hiding under the truck. That worked out in a funny way. Lee Joongi’s attraction is overloading 😉

  361. 361
    Kath_Scatty Says:

    Who said just because they lead in so many movies would make them A-list actors?! I’ve seen some actors who always been a lead in movies but acts like a piece of wood! Lol .don’t be so narrow minded! Pls stop being too jealousy ok.. it isn’t healthy for you. And it doesn’t make you feel better instead it just makes you look like a loser!

    Critics like to think she (@something) are the only one who know anything, so when something is internasionally praised, the only other way for her to feel special is to knock it. So pathetic.

    I’ve recently become obsessed with Lee Joongi,thanks to Two Weeks! And can we just accept that he’s an astonishing actor who disappears into a roles and outstanding in everything he does! 😀 He’s good looking he’s smart he’s sexy and now we just have to figure out how to clone him because he is every girls dream maybe boys too? No ….Kkk

  362. 362
    jacky Says:

    LEE JOON KI DAEBAK!!!! can’t wait the next episode! that’s all i can comment right now, i dont mind what the other people say especially to those who criticized him! Lee joon ki i love yooo! FIGHTIIIING!:))

  363. 363
    raghda Says:

    this drama is awesome

  364. 364
    Patricia Goh Says:

    Definitely one of the best drama I have seen so far!! Everything episode is well drafted. There is not a moment that bores me. Lee Joon Ki definitely is one good actor. This series should become one of the top 3 dramas for the year

    All the best to every crew in this project! You have my full support!

  365. 365
    grasha Says:

    Happy for the rating goes up.

    Higher in the next episode, without episode 9 preview, so sad but its ok.

    Getting excited for the next episode

  366. 366
    grasha Says:

    Hater’s go to hell.

    This drama will be the best drama of the year.

    Two weeks fighting!

  367. 367
    khalish Says:

    Hope best couple of the year Joong Ki & Chae Mi, i love father & daughter relationship here. so….touching ^_^

  368. 368
    hny Jo Says:

    hope the story more better n plot more faster…

  369. 369
    Alice Says:

    @something 341 , I’m not even LJK fan, it’s just happen to come by and check about 2W , and saw your comment. I have to say, i completely disagree with you.

    Movie actors and Drama actors works separately. If a movie star made a huge income from a movie in Korea, that doesn’t mean he will be known Internationally , when a drama actor become popular globally, that doesn’t mean if he make a movie it would make a huge income.

    Why???? It’s because Viewers don’t just watch because the actor is popular or A-list artist. They watch it base on the story, and having a popular actor is just a consolation.

    If being an A-list artist is only base on income of the project they made, then that is a total crap.

    A-list artist must also have recognition base on their talents and popularity, not only in Korea but Internationally.

    LJK is well known In and Out of SK , I’m not even a fan, but i can appreciate his talent, i know he is a great actor… along with many actors in Korea.

  370. 370
    Ana Says:

    I Love this drama, everything is fantastic! I love Lee Jun Ki!!!!

  371. 371
    Patricia Says:

    This is one of the best dramas. Every part of the story is paced very well. There is not a moment where I feel bored. So looking forward to the next episode!!

    Everyone, please support this series!!!

  372. 372
    fan Says:

    two weeks fighting!!!

  373. 373
    labolelabole Says:


    A low rating in Korea does not always mean that the drama is not good!

    My congratulations Lee Joon Ki!

    You’re a great actor!

  374. 374
    grasha Says:

    @hny Jo

    “hope the story more better n plot more faster…”

    Excuse me, maybe you just comment without watching it. Two Weeks is so far so good, the best.

    The story is good and the plot is amazing. I’ve been watching korean drama for almost 7 years and this one is beyond amazing.

    Two Weeks Fighting!

  375. 375
    grasha Says:

    Hope to see ratings goes up, Two weeks and Lee Jun Ki have been receiving a lot of love from fans around the world.

  376. 376
    grasha Says:

    Please Vote for TWO WEEKS here: http://100479.net/ranking/?code=vote8

    And for Jun Ki Ya here: http://100479.net/ranking/?code=vote2

    Don’t forget to vote everyday.

  377. 377
    Camine Says:

    Can’t help it, I keep thinking of this drama.. damn come on, gimmie episode 9 now! >.< Oh, this drama is so epic. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

  378. 378
    dramaholic Says:

    lee jun ki you are such a great actor, your acting was so natural. this drama is awsome love it love it

  379. 379
    Alice Says:

    I’m wondering why the rating was so low…

  380. 380
    zajebiscie Says:

    same time slot as The Master’s Sun , thats why

  381. 381
    Ria Says:

    Best.. Epic Drama!!! Lee Jun Ki Superb!!
    and also Ryu Soo Ryung .. it would be cool if someday of them played detective drama 😀

  382. 382
    Park ha sun Says:


  383. 383
    Cleopatra mzava Says:

    I cant wait to get dat film i love u lee joon ki

  384. 384
    hny Jo Says:

    Hi @grasha-374

    how can gave comments without wactching it… :))

    btw I watch KD almost 15 years…and I’m ahjuma now..tq

  385. 385
    liz Says:

    Lee Jun Ki still as “daebak” as ever. Cool

  386. 386
    ailen Says:

    Ep. 9 and 10 was better.. so loving this drama.. it made me cry when in hye knew eerything..

  387. 387
    ittoo Says:

    paboya tae san…..

  388. 388
    ittoo Says:

    but can’t take my eyes of him… hahahaaaa….. waiting next ep. >___<

  389. 389
    satara Says:

    woooooooooooooow best drama

  390. 390
    ito Says:

    this drama is so good! i’m so anxious now that Tae San have that camera, he have no one to take good care of that for him.


  391. 391
    enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] 투윅스 / Two Weeks / 兩週 Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Sep-26 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 […]

  392. 392
    g14 Says:

    I have voted two weeks on

  393. 393
    Sharon Says:

    The little girl is like the cutest kid ever and a darn good actress too. She is the highlight of the show!!! They cast the perfect child for the role. Kudos!!!! Lee Chae Mi for doing an excellent job as Seo Soo Jin. I am looking forward to seeing you on a lot more drama/ movies.

  394. 394
    Sharon Says:

    Did Moon Il Suck really ask how did TS get soo smart?!
    I will tell you, because you are an a hole!!!! How the hell, can you keep doing the same thing to the same person and don’t expect them to retaliate.
    When you keep pushing a person eventually they push back. Not to mention, you caught him at the wrong time!!

  395. 395
    zehnee Says:

    I watch this drama from episode to episode with a kind of excitement. Lee Joonki is really a natural whatever his role is and I hope he will keep it up;May the good Lord bless and keep you always.

  396. 396
    Liliane Says:

    A very good drama! I love it.
    Lee Junki is a natural talent. Sometimes when u watch a drama you can believe some actors character because u are stuck to the other epic character he did. but not lee junki. he does epicly and diferent in every drama!

  397. 397
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Enjoying this exciting drama so much. No matter the ratings, will watch til the end.

  398. 398
    myhoii Says:

    aigoo.,aigoo..aigoo.cant wait for ep 11.TONIGHT!!!!I’ve voted for two weeks and lee jun ki. this drama makes me addicted.the plot is really great. whatever bout ratings. i enjoy the drama so much.

  399. 399
    myname Says:

    so amazing, great plot story, make me addictive to watch next and next eps..
    good all casts, esp. lee joon ki..

  400. 400
    yin Says:

    sorry little spoiler…..

    in the end of eps 12 inside the house of moon Il sook ….it’s the real moon I’ll sook or just Jan tae sang hallucination I don’t understand Mon I’ll sook still in the middle of investigating by persecutor…. how he can be there…….it’s make me curious about what happen next eps ……

  401. 401
    agnesia Says:

    hiks i cant watch ep 12, its not appear yet in the link where i used to watched. please help hiksss…. so curious. thabk U before.

  402. 402
    ann Says:

    what is ending…happy or sad???
    so curious…:(

  403. 403
    shiro Says:

    Joon Ki oppa daebak

  404. 404
    Nudge Says:

    That prosecutor is not a bright spark. Disturbingly unprepared to catch the bad guy assassin whose mode of operation is just too sophisticated for her average intelligence I guess.

    Not only is the surveillance method laughable, the sting operation was riddled with security holes. Not to mention involving a team member who was kept out of the loop.

    There were no contingent plans. The perimeter was not monitored nor secured. Why even the actress looked at a loss most of the time.. LOL.

    C’mon now writer-nim, you can do better. You can do it! Give us something less insulting. Ok?

  405. 405
    Nudge Says:

    Am I wrong in saying almost all operational failures can be attributed to the prosecutor? As well a few deaths due to mishandling.

    Perhaps the writer hopes we get to really dislike her?

  406. 406
    cchris Says:

    I think the prosecutor wants revenge too much. It causes her to get flustered and be too secretive. Seems like Taesan can easily use her because she will do just about anything at this point. But yeah she seems pretty incompetent.

  407. 407
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Just finished episode 12 and all I gotta say is “WHAT????

  408. 408
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Just for the record, this drama has it all: mystery, action, melodrama, thrills & romance. Lee Joon Ki was made for this role. I enjoy everything he does. But Prof. Kim is scary & powerful in his silent attacks. I scream every time he is in combat mode; he is very intimidating. Even Seo In Hye got in a few licks. That was really unexpected & adorable, fighting with her baby’s daddy. 🙂 But that last scene?? Can’t wait for an explanation. Run Jang Tae San, run!!!

  409. 409
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    I just wanted to add that I really hate that Det. Im has gotten “dirt” on his hands, albeit to help to save his fiance’s daughter, whom he loves. I think he will probably die in the end in an effort to save Taesan 4 the operation. What R your thoughts on the matter? Also, who do U think is the police spy for MIS?

  410. 410
    betty Says:

    OMGGG plot is getting exciting!

  411. 411
    sangjhoon Says:

    This would be one action drama that’s gonna’ leave a great impression on me! All the leads are superb esp our Lee Jun Gi, he rocks as Tae San! I hope after this there’s a sequel! I just can’t get enough of this drama, it’s just addictive what else can you expect of kdramas right? i can’t wait for the next one & hope tae san will find justice & live happily with his wife & daughter in the end pls don’t let him die, he’d suffered so much already! he deserves to be happy!

  412. 412
    Sharon Says:

    Just watched ep 11 and still interested. TS came up with a great plan to capture the terminator. Hehe! He acts like a cyborg! No thanks to the prosecutor. I hope it’s not the section chief that’s the spy, I kinda like him.

  413. 413
    Sharon Says:

    This is the croup de grace!!! The cyborg, was born in France has a Spanish name and reside in Korea. Wow!

  414. 414
    Sharon Says:

    Watching ep12
    Can someone pleaseeee prosecute the prosecutor!!! Did she like fall from the sky into the prosecutor chair. I could have done a better job. Ok, now she get TS in deeper hot water with Moon II Sook, because she was been cocky.

  415. 415
    myhoii Says:

    TONIGHT!!!!1 ill sook is enough stressfull. 2 il sook???

  416. 416
    Rebecca Says:

    Why are the ratings so low?? I thought this drama would be doing so well, the actors also went through a lot of trouble acting on several locations 🙁 I wonder if they had to do all the stunts too, the least they should get is a high viewer ship. This is so upsetting. I guess it’s true that melodramas are not that popular anymore in south korea

  417. 417
    Nudge Says:

    The ratings are low because they didn’t kill off the prosecutor. A universe with her in it, even a fictitious one is unbearable. Had she died earlier, the drama’s plausibility metric would have jumped along with the audience interest.

    That’s my NOT-so-humble opinion.

  418. 418
    dramaholic Says:

    i just can’t understand why the rating are low???????? the actor are awsome, the line are amazing. how they put the rating like that?? are korean people dosn’t watch the drama??

  419. 419
    rory Says:

    Korean celebrating Chuseok day for 3 days starting yesterday, it’s one of their big day..so don’t be shocked suddenly it’s dropping drastically this week..Even TMS’s rating also drop on Wednesday..

    Sadly, I can manage my time to watch this till ep7 only due to my schedules but surely will marathon this drama after it’s ended next week..waiting for a good wrapping 😉 fighting Two Weeks!

  420. 420
    bear Says:

    i’m struggling to finished this ep, its really annoying now, instead now this drama almost ended so the story is getting more nicer but this one is makes me so so annoying.. the prosecutor, the police everybody now is so dummy…cant believe this drama will be like this at first is really interesting but now its getting more boring.. sorry folks but i just say my opinion..

  421. 421
    Shiro Says:

    Omg ep 14 is really great! I cried a river over Tae san & Soo Jin scene T.T

  422. 422
    Aga Says:

    left 2 eps…
    Oppa Tae San…fighting!!!! Hwaiting!!!

  423. 423
    Aga Says:

    left 2 eps
    Jang Tae San…fighting!!!! Hwaiting!!!

  424. 424
    darkchez Says:

    Ahh! This drama is so GOOD! It just keeps getting better and better, I can’t predict precisely what will happen in the remaining episodes. This unpredictability is one of my favorite aspects of this drama. Looking forward to the final two episodes!!!

  425. 425
    myhoii Says:

    great ep.I love this drama so much…..finaly he met SJ.he deserved to have a good moment 🙂

  426. 426
    Chrishini Says:

    Ep.14 is so so Goooood~!! Ratings are lesser bcos of chuseok festival. But it’s true the korean tv viewers sometimes just can’t choose what’s a great quality drama to appreciate. Middle-age korean ladies, the owners of tv sets at their homes over their children, want more romance between lovers, not the suspense and pure paternal love for the same time slots. Let them watch what they want. 😉
    Tae-san is now leading the cops with his plans, haha! Of course, he’s the main master of this drama!! This is it!!! There are fewer and fewer k-dramas now keeping us high-interest from the start to the last episodes. Now 2 Weeks is giving us the great taste this year!
    Since I’m not a romantic type, I appreciate more for the dramas like 2W plus LJG project choices which do not focus much on romance but on wise story-compelling, acting, action scenes^^ He’s really good in choosing projects that can show his superb talents. I’m not caring much about the ratings for 2W cos MBC doesn’t have enough dramas this year to give best acting awards, kkk. Mr. Lee Joon Gi & Miss Lee Chae Mi truly deserve 😀 Can’t wait next week! Let us get the happy ending pls, writernim…

  427. 427
    darkchez Says:

    The scene of Taesan speaking w/ his daughter in episode 14 are so touching! Oh, my heart aches for them. TT

  428. 428
    Riaminico Says:

    Thanks for your notice @Chrishini^^ Yeah,,, MBC doesn’t have many dramas with high ratings this year to divide their awards, lol. So glad our beloved 2 Weeks have chances to win their truly deserved awards 😀
    The writing and filming are great, all cast are superb, and then the drama becomes a very awesome one!! Next wk’s the finale… want happy ending so much ♥♥

  429. 429
    erafi Says:

    hight hope for happy ending…..please…please… 🙂

  430. 430
    Sandy Says:

    Chrishini@426 sorry, but if there is going to be a best actor aware of drama, it should go to Good Doctor. He’s probably one of the best Korean actors I’ve seen. It’s also a very good drama. Master’s Sun is also a great drama. I’ve just started watching this–so we’ll see. So far the story line is a little rocky. I’m wondering why he would go to her house–that didn’t make much sense to me.

  431. 431
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    OMG!!! Awesome!!! Ep. 14 was so action packed. Really , really good drama. Exciting!! If we get to vote by genres, my top picks would be 2W for best action drama; Good Doctor as best drama, Master’s Sun, Best Rom/com. Best All Around Drama? Have we seen it yet?

  432. 432
    Jackie Says:

    These 2 dramas are from different channels and award ceremonies are made individually, don’t need to worry about the award with the actor from gd. And there are many viewers who accept both actors are one of the best k-actors, they both have been displaying many different roles which prove their acting skills so no need to compare who is better.
    2W is an awesome drama really, one of the best k-dramas this year.

  433. 433
    mimi Says:

    I’ve tried watching this show but I get bored after episode 4 because the storyline is not fresh and very predictable not exciting maybe in later episodes its getting exciting?and there are times I fell asleep while watching guess I want something new.I actually like the dramas of JG except Hero.But anyways 2W is much better than Hero…

    About the writer I love her previous dramas but this one is not the best. But the daughter of JG is so cute.She’s the highlight of this show such a cutie!

  434. 434
    sweetiekyu Says:

    Wow!! 2 Weeks is a very exciting drama*^^* There’s no time to bore even a second, every scene is perfectly well-written, directed and all cast are fit so well with their roles. Lee Joongi’s super awesome! He can choose again such a unique impressive plot and character. So glad for being worth waiting his new project 🙂

  435. 435
    Merry Says:

    I haven’t been visited here for awhile cos of busying with exams. Glad I’m able to marathon it!! Kyaaa….How can this drama’s pacing speed is so fast and so interesting?? You’ll be forever in my fav drama list! Uri 2W Daebak,, Mr. Lee Joon Gi DAEBAK~!! ♥♥

  436. 436
    karasiago Says:

    Whaaa…I watch 2W bcos of lee joonki, kim soyeon and writer of 49 days but end up liking every bit of this drama! Happy for all these cast choose this excellent drama. Loved 49 days the most for this writer’s previous works. However, after watching two weeks, oppppss!! Two weeks, is of course, this writer’s best work. 😀 Her previous ones’ leading characters are for females but she can write very well this time too for the male leading plot. Hmm…, she can challenge her writing to various genres like leejoongi who can challenge perfectly for much diverse roles. The combination of these 2 becomes a precious production. It’s only 1 week left, two weeks… fighting!!

  437. 437
    kerri Says:

    Can’t believe 2W will be ended this week… I’ll miss this great drama. It’s hard to find in KDs as such the very interesting fast paced stories. 2 Weeks, you rock so well!! Also I’m much satisfied with the exciting scenes from ep-14. Daddy superman Jang Taesan and his little princess Soojinie are just too smart, kkk^^ Hope the writernim gives us the Happy ending with a happy family of TS-SJ-IH after the D-Day~♥

  438. 438
    Randomgrl Says:

    I don’t want this to end TT ,16 episodes is too short for this amazing show. Jang Taesan I will surely miss you!!!

  439. 439
    Jewel Says:

    2 weeks has been going extremely exciting from the start to the last episodes! Wish the finale would be a Bang wonderful happy ending!! Fighting… 2W, LJG, all cast and staff 🙂

  440. 440
    Chloe Says:

    Do you want to make a conversation with Korean?
    I will become your korean tutor.
    add my Kakao Talk ID (bibalee0127),touch with me and ask anything!!

  441. 441
    Ika Says:

    16-ep is too short for this great drama. To the Writernim please make it happy ending. I wanna see JTS, SIH, and the little SJ as a happy family. DAEBAK!

  442. 442
    Staffila Says:

    Holy fuck… I keep seeing good reviews about this show, I’m thinking about starting this soon!

  443. 443
    Aga Says:

    finally…today is last episode…
    pls give Tae San happy ending….together with Soo Jin and In Hye…

  444. 444
    JP Says:

    This is such a good drama…suspend…suspend, all the way! The rating is so misleading! Must watch!

  445. 445
    zajebiscie Says:

    aaaaaaaa it has ended :(, gonna miss it, im watching dramas for 2 years and it was the only one that i have wathced live (streams) and the only one that i rly couldnt wait for next episode

  446. 446
    SJ Says:

    One of the best dramas this year.
    Just LOVE it.

  447. 447
    Lilian Says:

    Jun Ki yaaahhh… you deserves a Daesang for your acting in TW!

  448. 448
    myeon Says:

    I REALLY LOVE THE ENDING !!!!!!!! It’s perfect ♥♥ and thank’s God this drama finally can hit #4 chart of ratings. I will miss jang tae saan aaaaaaaaaa so sad and soo jin too 🙁

    If only there will be special episode.

    But it’s okay. Thanks two weeks !!!! One of best drama this year after “nine times time travel”, “i hear ur voice” and also “good doctor”. Now it’s time to move on to “the heirs” haha

  449. 449
    Periwinkle Says:

    The ratings are really misleadingg 🙁 COME ON GUYS, THIS IS ONE OF THE GREAT DRAMAS. Love the storyline!! Full of suspense and action 🙂

  450. 450
    Umm Says:

    So amazing drama. My gratitude to the writer, cast & every one in the team. Lee chae mi is so cool ” REALLY I LOVE U KID”~^o^~. Thank you

  451. 451
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Excellent production from start to finish. Exciting, thrilling, fast-paced, with a cliff hanger every episode. Congrats to all involved. Not many dramas I would take time to see again, but this is certainly one of them. Good job!!!

  452. 452
    khalish Says:

    My drama finally finish…
    I love it…i’ll wait for your next project LJK oppa ^_^

  453. 453
    jeannechiyo Says:

    This is one of the most amazing dramas. I expected this to win tons of awards @ MBC Drama Awards. *fingers cross*

  454. 454
    tigerb Says:

    i really love this drama. at first i was frustrated with ljk’s role being an underdog, but with 180 degrees reversal, revenge felt so satisfying for the turnaround. i like his role here much better than in ‘arang…’, he can really act! that’s why i watch his projects. a very good production, with good cast, the 8 year old girl going 18! she’s amazing! i thought it was a ’24’ format, but 2 weeks, well, it was close. did ljk do something to his face? he looked different somehow, but still very good looking! good ending with family drama, i hope everyone enjoyed it like i did! a very good watch! an award in the offing?

  455. 455
    Pearl Says:

    did ljk do something to his face?

    @tigerb….The answer is “NO”! This is one of his random facts:

    At 31, he doesn’t worry about getting older. Despite having started his career as a flower boy, he is okay with getting wrinkles and has no desire to get Botox injections or plastic surgery
    “These wrinkles are natural, since I’m older,” said Lee Jun Ki. “I was young and fresh in my 20s, so that’s probably why I didn’t seem so manly. I like the feeling of being in my 30s. Every year that I get older, I feel like my character choices are expanding. As a male actor, I don’t hate getting older.”

    He’s a natural beauty! One of many reasons why i love him 😀

  456. 456
    Toyin Says:

    I highly recommend this drama… Every episode is worth watching!

  457. 457
    Ana Says:

    I really wanna watch this..
    Thing that makes me currius is ..” is there love story between jang tae san n prosecutor jae kyung?”
    ehm i also vote two weeks everyday. Alhought the rating is low, i hope this drama gets many awards…

  458. 458
    tigerb Says:

    @Pearl #455: thanks for the info! i did not think he had botox or something. he’s too young for that. actually, it seemed that his face is smaller, compared to his face in like ‘iljimae’ or ‘time between dog and wolf’. maybe he lost some weight as was necessary for him to be running around in his role. in his page in this web site, there’s his picture, ‘Lee-Joon-Ki-16.jpg’ that i really liked, he looked so manly, a very good model pose. i’ve seen a few of his projects, and i look forward to watching more.

  459. 459
    tigerb Says:

    @Ana #457: yes, you should watch this drama, and no, it’s business between jang tae san and the prosecutor, and lastly, where do you vote for this drama everyday? and for what reason? in this web site, they have the votation towards the end of the year.

  460. 460
    Ana Says:

    2tigerb # 459 : i vote two weeks because i wanna support it….
    maybe, the vote is for getting award

  461. 461
    sweetiekyu Says:

    @tigerb Yes, Joongi has a chubby cute face before his military. But after the first 5 weeks of military training, he got the prize of 1st position in training among all trainees and his chubby face was gone since then 😀
    I also noticed the faces of hollywood actors, the older they are the thinner their faces. Maybe they control their weight too much not to gain in their 30s/40s in which most ppl tend gaining more weight after these ages.
    Loved Joongi’s chubby face. However, after watching 2W, I think his thin face is very masculine, more attractive and still cute 🙂

  462. 462
    Sunny Says:

    @Ana Voting polls for the award ceremonies are not started yet.

    For viewers who want to support 2W & LJG for winning awards or to know more about Lee Joon Gi, you can visit to “JGfamily” facebook. It’s a nice place for the proper updates of LJG and the info of real award ceremonies that his fans should actually vote for him 🙂

  463. 463
    Sunny Says:

    For @comment #462
    Voting polls which should be voted meant to be the official voting which an actor can get the trophy in the award ceremony, not just the online voting 😉

  464. 464
    Riaminico Says:

    The finale of “2 Weeks” is so good, it’s realistic but also satisfying~♥ Appreciate to the whole team & cast, they all work hard for giving us such a unique memorable drama^^
    Love the great actor Lee Joongi more & more, his action scenes and facial expressions are ★DAEBAK★ Hope to see him in the next excellent action majored projects very soon!! LJG really suits them more 😀

  465. 465
    zehnee Says:

    I have always love watching Lee Joon Ki after Iljaimae & Time between Dog and Wolf. He a great actor ,no doubt about it, He amazes me of how he can use his eyes to convey his emotion/s. I hope he will have many more sensible projects to come llike this one.

    Also, I don’t want to forget my heartfelt congratulations toe rest of the cast . Everybody was really good in thier respective role especially that little girl. She is such an amazing one. I am sure when she grows up and decide to act as a career , she will be one of the future best of Korea ‘s small and big screen.

  466. 466
    Ana Says:

    in this website comment page 16 garsha said to vote two weeks to support it.
    i just wanna vote although i don’t know for what the vote it…
    tell me if there is official vote.
    i just wanna support two weeks..

  467. 467
    Nii - Naa Says:

    thumb up…. full fighting…

  468. 468
    Sunny Says:

    @Ana Ok, friend. I think the voting for official award ceremonies will start around December. If there is detailed info, I will inform about them here 🙂

  469. 469
    Ana Says:

    @sunny: ok … i wait it..
    thanks friends
    two weeks has not played in Indonesia

  470. 470
    tigerb Says:

    @sweetiekyu #461: i see that he lost his baby fat after military training. same comment i made about a korean actor who starred in 2009 in a drama series looking young, and then to me he appeared thinner in a 2013 drama with a supporting role. guess i forget these guys grow older too and being celebrities they need to take care of themselves. but some hollywood actors do their best to fit their roles by getting overweight or losing so much weight, ex., christian bale in ‘the fighter’. i don’t really expect that from korean actors. to go back to ljk, i wish he’d take on more roles like ‘2 weeks’, or more challenging than that. he’s more capable now that he has more acting experience under his belt, even at his age.

  471. 471
    sweetiekyu Says:

    @tigerb Agree you. In the case of LJG next roles, I feel the same. He too seems he likes the challenging new characters. He works hard as well, and he suits them more really 😉
    Just hope the screenwriters have the new characters and plot ideas for him to offer. I think he’s also smart to choose such unique characters and appreciable plots among many of his offers. Love Lee Joongi more & more bcos of 2 Weeks, wish to see him very soon with another Bang project 😀

  472. 472
    van Says:

    what a great drama! its awesome! the plot, the actors, ending, and ost! really like them all!

  473. 473
    Chrishini Says:

    2 Weeks is so good, exciting and heartwarming really… will miss this drama so much~♥♥
    Wish Lee Joongi wins many awards too for this year, could portray such a complex character in a unique awesome way 🙂

  474. 474
    sara Says:

    the drama is so good and joon ki is so good
    also so yun’s acting is good

  475. 475
    nikay Says:

    da best!!!

  476. 476
    g14 Says:

    i watched two weeks episode 1 and 2.
    I think it’s good..
    i’ve just see the voting
    the position of two weeks go down in second position, now the first place is master’s sun

  477. 477
    seda Says:

    I didn’t know this drama is so good cause it wasn’t popular but what I gotta say is perfect story, amazing acting… Everyone should watch this drama if they want to see professionals…

  478. 478
    Ana Says:

    I have watched this drama episode 1 – 12…
    Amazing, I like it…
    Lee Joon Ki is amazing
    Soo Jin is cute
    Park Jae Kyung is cool
    I like two weeks

  479. 479
    Sapphire rio Says:

    Love “2 Weeks” so much!! It’s one of the most awesome k-dramas in years 🙂 So intense and every cast are just perfect, Lee Chae-mi is very cute. Lee Joon Gi is amazingly impressive again here, eagerly waiting his new great projects & his interesting character transformations~♥

  480. 480
    huey Says:

    Yes. This drama is special, unique and most involved perform it gorgeously. Reminded of “The Chaser” which also has very special storyline. Hope “2 weeks” can get the best awards, including Lee Joon Ki, Kim So Yun and the real awesome star – little girl Lee Chae Mi !!!

  481. 481
    Sandy Says:

    “Two Weeks” is the best this year !!!

  482. 482
    Sandy Says:

    Lee Joon Ki always upgrading his performance, “Two Weeks” even better than other series. Definitely VOTE “Two Weeks” as Best Drama ^_^

  483. 483
    dorie Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, wow, wooooo….clap clap clap. He is so good in this drama.
    He surprised me this time. I did not think he can really really execute heavy emotional scenes, but he did them so well…superb acting. even Ryu Soo Young, this is my first time to see him in a different role..most of the dramas he was in, he was boring. Look at 100 years of inheritance. This drama is everything rolled into one. Kudos to all the characters, even the little girl. The director handled them so well, it was like a movie…good quality..very well crafted. Hah…this one will go to my list of unforgettable dramas. I’ve watched too many Kdramas already.

  484. 484
    Dita Says:

    i have finished watching two weeks and the master’s sun. I think two weeks is better.
    Kim soo yeon and lee jun ki are great. Lee Chae mi is cute.
    I find the video of two weeks ost “don’t cry my love”, with romanization and english sub of course…but i haven’t found it.
    when can I vote two weeks in official voting? I hope two weeks get award so much.

  485. 485
    Sunny Says:

    @Dita The OSTs of 2W with Eng and Romanization can be found at yozohhhCH1 (youtube channel). 2W ost that i know are run, love leaves, the day u come, heart hit, turning, and this is the person. I don’t know the mv of “don’t cry my love”.
    Official voting of MBC drama awards may start around December I think. I hope so that 2W gets many awards 🙂

  486. 486
    Dita Says:

    I have downloaded in Yozoh all two weeks ost video, except don’t cry [by the one]
    I think it belongs to two weeks soundtrack.
    So, i really want to get it.

  487. 487
    Sunny Says:

    @Dita Yeah, I find it. Only audio files are uploaded for it but doesn’t have an official mv and fanmade with (eng+rom) sub. I found a fanmade mv with arabic sub though^^

  488. 488
    Edzel Says:


  489. 489
    Dita Says:

    @sunny I also found the one “don’t cry my love” [esp sub]. so i don’t understand the song means. I hope i can find it with english or indonesian subtitle. and of course, with romanization too

  490. 490
    rory Says:

    finally done watching this!
    Awesome drama! One of the best drama for this year..
    LJK really did a good job here..
    bravo Two Weeks team..

  491. 491
    AT-19 Says:

    support two weeks…
    vote in the best korean drama awards..

  492. 492
    marissa Says:

    i just finished watching two weeks, its a good drama.
    realistic in a way and inspiring too.
    Lee Joon Ki’s acting was awesome.
    This drama deserves to be the winner in the Best Korean Drama award!

  493. 493
    cherry Says:

    Two Weeks has won 4 awards at Apan Star Awards 2013 ^ ^

    The Best Acting Award : Lee Joon Ki
    The Excellent Actress : Kim So Yeon
    The Best Script Drama: Two Weeks
    The Best Performance: Uhm Hyo Sup

    Admin, please add this to awards list, thank you

  494. 494
    AT-19 Says:

    congratulation two weeks, fighting in the next awards

  495. 495
    cherry Says:

    Dear Admin, Uhm Hyo Sup (Two Weeks) won “Best Performance Award” .

    Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201311180933013110

    Pls add to the awards list. Thank you

    (@cherry from admin: According to these two website, the winner should be Jung Eun Ji. website 1 & website 2)

  496. 496
    cherry Says:

    @Admin… Oh really? But according to a recent article I post, there were 3 winners of best performance! Uhm Hyo Sup, So Yi Hyun and Jung Eun Ji.

    (@Cherry from admin: Could you please provide us other strong supporting page like official site of this awards? otherwise, we will only remain what we have written here.)

  497. 497
    cherry Says:

    @ Admin…I couldn’t find any but from what I read from Jun ki tweet (@JGshock) he himself said they won 4 awards!

    Here his tweet: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=671036939595857&set=pb.112384868794403.-2207520000.1384846446.&type=3&theater

    Aaahhh! nevermind,sorry to bother.

  498. 498
    yun duan Says:

    Hi admin, how to vote! I want to vote this drama !

  499. 499
    Winnew Says:

    Congrats to Two Weeks team. You guys deserve those awards. This is a proof that good ratings is not always indicative of a good, high quality drama. Keep up a good work.

  500. 500
    love joon Says:


  501. 501
    guest Says:

    bad acting for both leading actor, actress

  502. 502
    sweetiekyu Says:

    @comment 501
    LOL, the jealousy is too big liao…
    Even the viewers who haven’t watch it can guess how this better drama is.
    “Two weeks” beats the high rating dramas among all k-channels this year with both acting and script 😉

  503. 503
    Kata58 Says:

    Újra egy fantasztikus sorozat, csodálatosan megformált karakterekkel.
    Remekül ki lett hozva a küzdeni akarás, a felelősségvállalás és az apai érzelmek önmagára találás formálása.
    A féltékeny vőlegény és a remek ügyésznő is nagyot alakított,igazán testhez álló szerep volt ez is.
    A kislány-anya kapcsolat is szívszorító volt, ahogy az anya is és a kislány is a maga helyén hozta a küzdelmeit. Bájos volt a kislány viszonyulása az apjához,ahogy a rajzon keresztül egyre pozítivabban jeleniti meg édesanyja előtt mesével kreálva. A Mellékszereplők előtt is le a kalappal.
    Remek volt a kisérő-zene azóta is rengeteget hallgatom.
    Fantasztikus rendezést és képi megoldásokat láttunk.
    Remélem fogunk még ilyen jó sorozatokat látni…Nagyon hálás vagyok amiért nézőként részese lehettem ennek a sorozatnak.
    Annyira lebilincselt, hogy először fordítás nélkül végignéztem, mert nem bírtam kivárni…
    Az Iljimea és a Hero és a Kutya és a Farkas órája után egy újabb gyöngyszemmel gazdagodtam!

  504. 504
    朱颜 Says:

    I will be together with our junki,forever.every drama you play,I will love and enjoy,in my heart,you always the best actor, I love you,forever.

  505. 505
    朱晓婉 Says:

    I loved this TWO WEEKS

  506. 506
    Hein Says:

    I love this TWO WEEKS. 🙂

  507. 507
    마가렛 Says:

    E2 Weeks is a really good drama acted by Lee Joon Gi. He is diligent and always eager to act the best. He always cares for his fans, we are very impressed to watch the video clippings, learning his charisma and stirred up the happy atmosphere behind the scene. I shall walk along with you ~ we are together❣

  508. 508
    suzyy Says:

    what a great drama!!! this drama makes me really curious what next. bestt!!!!!

  509. 509

    i think it’s a good drama. i will support it all the time

  510. 510
    adeniyi Says:

    too much interest.full of action emotion and can’t just explain.

  511. 511
    adageorge Says:

    i love this movie..it really make me think about this life..this is a warning for those who think life is worthless.

  512. 512
    izzie Says:

    I love this series. It makes me feel the powerful of love from father. This love is different with the love within couples, but I think it is more grateful. Actually, I thought that Korean drama all talk about BOY and Girl’s love. It delight me and change my view of Korean drama.

  513. 513
    ayu_JG Says:

    Love all Jun Ki oppa dramas! He is the best and very very excellent actor !
    Saranghae Lee Jun Ki oppa! 🙂

  514. 514
    LiLi Nguyen Says:

    hey @cmt501 if u dont watch this drama, don’t say anything! just until u watch Two weeks u will know how good it is. Two weeks will teach u about life, love, sacrifice,… make u cry,smile,happy and make u have to think “do i live a right life? do i give love to everybody enough?” i just want to say “watch Two weeks then judge it. DO NOT JUDGE WHEN U DON’T WATCH AND DON’T THINK THE MEANING OF TWO WEEKS!!!”

  515. 515
    Try tee Says:

    Real wonder how park jae kyung with 2 digit IQ could became a persecutor. Every single plan that she came out with, were bound to fail. Moon il suk was always outsmart her!

  516. 516
    rory Says:

    Good luck Two Weeks for MBC drama awards tonight! can’t wait to know the result!

  517. 517
    rory Says:

    I feel bad for Two Weeks team, no awards for them in MBC Drama Awards..Especially Lee Jun Ki..poor him..I really have no words to say..Is it because of low ratings?

  518. 518
    Chrishini Says:

    Cheer up all fans of Two Weeks^^
    Lee JoonGi’s solid performance in 2W deserves the Grand Prize more than the Top Excellence. All MBC care is just about ratings and ratings, even gave bigger awards to a drama which is only in one-third of its run.
    This is MBC, lol… they don’t know how to shy of their silly judgements.
    As expected, their Drama Awards 2013 did a big joke for LJG and us.

  519. 519
    dorie Says:

    I really salute Lee Jon Ki in this drama. I’m from Canada. I have watched so many Kdramas already and so far this is one of the most memorable, breathtaking, suspenseful well acted drama. I became a fan of this young man. He should have won. Well…hopefully producers out there will continue to invest on this talent.

  520. 520
    g14 Says:

    i am very disappointed that TWO WEEKS, especially lee jun ki and kim so yeon did not get awards in MBC Drama Awards 2013.
    for me, MBC Awards was not fair and BAD…
    Why did shin se kyung win over kim so yeon AND Joo Won win over Junki????
    It was impossible.
    Jun ki and kim so yeon are better than joo won and shin se kyung…
    Who was the judge?
    Why did they ignore TWO WEEKS?
    Was it because of low rating?
    Did they not see acting skill of the actors?

  521. 521
    anzu Says:

    After a long time i found a good drana to watch…i finished it in 2 days…

  522. 522
    maknaee Says:

    When a drama didn’t get high ratings, MBC won’t gave them award. majority. hell ya -_-

  523. 523
    pradeepchhetri5@yahoo.com Says:

    WoW! Two weeks is undoubtly,best drama for this year because i watched much more best k-dramas…i can analysize for this…far better than Heirs…

  524. 524
    shine Says:

    amazing love between a father and a daughter…this is one of the best korean drama series…recommended for everyone…lee jong ki’s acting is brilliant/awesone

  525. 525
    From Ukraine Says:

    This film is too serious for being “the best” in such ratings… Peoples like more easy dramas.
    Heirs is “most popular”, but not “the best”, these are different words.

  526. 526
    ANN Says:

    По совету дочери посмотрела сначала “Ильджиме”… Очень понравилась дорама,сюжет и актерские работы! И конечно же-работа Ли Джун Ки!!! Молодой, красивый,талантливый,одаренный и трудолюбивый актер! Бог одарил Его талантами и внешностью,и в придачу трудолюбием и веселым характером! Посмотрела с огромным удовольствием все ЕГО работы и не жалею потраченного времени! Он всегда работает на все 100%-хоть в кино,хоть на концертной площадке! Всегда приятно на него смотреть!!! И фильм “две недели” не оставил равнодушным! Ли Джун Ки,как всегда прекрасно сыграл… и девчушка покорила-такое очаровательное дитя!!! Желаем Ли Джун КИ дальнейших успехов и ждем его новых работ!!!

  527. 527
    ANN Says:

    Молодой, красивый,талантливый актер! Бог одарил Его талантами и внешностью,и в придачу трудолюбием и веселым характером! Посмотрела с огромным удовольствием все ЕГО работы и не жалею потраченного времени! Он всегда работает на все 100%-хоть в кино,хоть на концертной площадке! Всегда приятно на него смотреть!!! И фильм “две недели” не оставил равнодушным! Ли Джун Ки,как всегда прекрасно сыграл… и девчушка покорила-такое очаровательное дитя!!! Желаем Ли Джун КИ дальнейших успехов и ждем его новых работ!!!

  528. 528
    Drama_fan Says:

    Finished watching this yesterday!! I started watching this because of the good comments. But I this drama is good but not one of my favorites.
    The story line is so predictable after the first few episodes.
    Lee Joon Ki is so cute in this. He’s cuter in this drama than all the other dramas he was in.
    But the chemistry between Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye is not not so good. So I didn’t like that couple very much.

    I kept watching this drama because of Kim So Yun. She’s so cool. And love her character. I wished if she and Jang Tea San had a romance.

    A father fighting for his life to save his little child is so touching. But the whole other story is not so strong. So the story line got so predictable.

    Kim So Yun is supberb.

  529. 529
    FU Says:

    I understand disappointment of Kim So Yun’s fans…
    But this drama is about another love chemistry – about father-doughter love.
    And I liked chemistry between Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye. It was short and sad, but convictive.

  530. 530
    mspurplee Says:

    Flawed but well-balanced. An aimless gangster finds purpose in his life when he discovers he has a dying daughter who needs his bone marrow to live, but things get more complicated when he gets framed up for a crime he doesn’t commit and becomes a fugitive on the run. The two-weeks-worth of cat and mouse chase is pure adrenaline rush and all the father-daughter interactions deliver a ray of warm, fuzzy feels.

  531. 531
    nann nwe Says:

    What can I say Lee Joon Ki opa frighting Park Ha Sun onnie saranghae

  532. 532
    kez Says:

    joon ki and so yun thanks for making 2 weeks worth watching. i thought the whole family concept at the end was a liiitle……. but altogether it is a drama i can recommend to someone.I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. Joon Ki i am desperately waiting for your next work. FIGHTING!

  533. 533
    PurplePie Says:

    After keeping Two Weeks on-hold for the longest time, I finally watched it, and I must say, it was one hell of a ride. The greatest thing about this drama is that it throws a lot of dense plot at the viewer early on but doesn’t resolve it until it needs to. This allows the drama to keep a steady pace all throughout and keeps the viewer wanting to find out how everything is resolved.

    On the other hand, the cast was great. While the supporting cast did as the script demanded fairly well, the show excels primarily because the leading cast members were strong actors. From Jang Tae San all the way to Soo Jin, everyone’s acting was superb. What makes it even better is that the supporting cast knew their job and didn’t clash with the leads in terms of standing out.

    Music wise, BGM was awesome. It changed the atmosphere and brought emotion to already emotion-filled scenes.

    It’s quite a unique K-drama plot with a very exciting ride in a time-span, it’s emotional and heartwarming at the same time too. Lee Joon Ki’s acting for a paternal love is very impressive. He had great chemistry with all cast, especially his daughter (Lee Chae Mi) and his beloved girlfriend (Park Ha Sun). I also like his teamwork with the lady prosecutor (Kim So Yeon).
    There was very less romance but their flashbacks as a young innocent boy and a bubbly girl were so cute and sweet. They just use their eye-contacts in portraying the deep love without doing smooches. I’m personally more attracted to this pure kind of great chemistry, and their daughter is one of the most adorable little girls in the world so I rooted their family reunion much!

    Such an amazing drama, I totally recommend it to you all. The story, God, the story! The way it starts and develops oh God, everything about this drama it’s amazing; the story, the cast, the acting, E V E R Y T H I N G!
    Don’t think about it and give it a try. So worth watching & I’ve been RE-WATCHING IT a few times ALREADY…
    Oh God, the characters and their own background story is amazing, totally loved it. How could this drama so meaningful, captivating, heartwarming and addictive! Big thanks to the whole team 🙂

  534. 534
    Korean Drama Review 2 Weeks | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Two weeks (2013) 两周 […]

  535. 535
    k Says:

    Amazing drama. Love it so much.
    Tae San and Soo Jin awesome!!!
    This is the best drama ever!!

  536. 536
    Two Weeks 투윅스 [2013] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans tumblr blogs pyungri koreandramagifland hinatai littlepeacefulrunner […]

  537. 537
    Lezde Says:

    Scholar Who Walks The Night FTW for the Best Korean Drama of 2015. It’s high time for Lee Joon Gi to win an award for the said category on this site. Always a runner-up for the previous years. He really deserves it. So please… VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 🙂


  538. 538
    Rep Says:

    Keren banget nih drama. selain bisa liat actionnya tapi drama ini juga bikin nangis. yang penasaran sama fdrama ini, tonton deh. gak nyesel!!!!

  539. 539
    Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] (SBS, 2016), “Scholar Who Walks the Night” (MBC, 2015), “Joseon Gunman” (KBS2, 2014), “Two Weeks” (MBC, 2013), “Arang and the Magistrate” (MBC, 2012), “Hero” (MBC, 2009), “Iljimae” (SBS, 2008) , […]

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