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Two Weeks 03

Title: 투윅스 / Two Weeks
Chinese Title: 兩週
Genre: Melodrama, Mystery, Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Family
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Sep-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Jang Tae San (Lee Joon Ki) is a man on the run after being falsely accused of murder. Furthermore, he discovers that he has a daughter who is now sick with leukemia. The drama spans exactly two weeks, and tells of Tae San’s desperate struggles to save his daughter.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Jang Tae San
Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
Jo Jung Eun as Jae Kyung (young)
Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)
Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye

Supporting Cast

Kim Hye Ok as Jo Seo Hee
Jo Min Ki as Moon Il Suk
Lee Chae Mi as Seo Soo Jin (Tae San’s daughter)
Kim Hyo Seo as Park Ji Sook
Song Jae Rim as a Kim (Professional Killer)
Chun Ho Jin as Han Chi Gook
Uhm Hyo Sup as Han Jung Woo
Yoon Hee Suk as Do Sang Hoon
Yeo Ui Joo as Kim Min Soo
Jung In Ki as Yang Taek Nam
Baek Seung Hoon as Kim Sang Ho(detective)
Ahn Yong Joon as Jin Il Do
Im Se Mi as Oh Mi Sook
Ahn Se Ha as Go Man Suk
Kim Bup Rae as Im Hyung Jin
Park Joo Hyung as Hwang Dae Joon
Bae Je Ki as Jo Dae Ryong
Kim Young Choon as Jang Suk Doo
Park Ha Na as Jang Young Ja
Kang Ha Neul as Kim Sung Joon
Hyun Nam (현남) as So Young
Kim Jae Man as Park Chul Kyu


Nam Kyung Eup as Im Ki Ho (Seung Woo’s father)
Seo Yi Sook as Tae San’s hostage (the deaf ahjumma, ep 4)
Chae Bin as Tae San’s hostage (the deaf ahjumma, ep 4)
Park Gri Na as the woman in labor (ep 5)
Niel (니엘) as the student who bought Tae San’s camera (ep 10)
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) as the girl who passed out drugged drinks in hospital (ep 13)
Go In Bum as Jae Kyung’s father
So Hee Jung

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Go Dong Sun
Director: Son Hyung Suk, Choi Jung Kyu
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung


2013 Apan Star Awards – The Best Acting Award : Lee Joon Ki
2013 Apan Star Awards – The Excellent Actress : Kim So Yeon
2013 Apan Star Awards – Scriptwriter Award: So Hyun Kyung (My Daughter Seo Young, Two Weeks)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-08-07 1 7.6 (19th) 8.7 (17th) 7.5 (19th) 8.9 (13th)
2013-08-08 2 7.7 (20th) 9.2 (15th) 8.0 (19th) 9.8 (11th)
2013-08-14 3 10.3 (8th) 12.8 (6th) 10.0 (7th) 12.1 (5th)
2013-08-15 4 8.8 (13th) 10.5 (10th) 9.2 (10th) 11.1 (6th)
2013-08-21 5 8.6 (12th) 10.9 (7th) 8.1 (17th) 9.1 (12th)
2013-08-22 6 9.2 (16th) 10.4 (12th) 10.1 (10th) 12.0 (6th)
2013-08-28 7 8.5 (15th) 10.7 (8th) 9.4 (11th) 10.3 (10th)
2013-08-29 8 9.0 (16th) 10.4 (13th) 11.5 (7th) 13.4 (5th)
2013-09-04 9 9.8 (9th) 11.4 (6th) 9.5 (12th) 10.6 (10th)
2013-09-05 10 9.9 (13th) 10.8 (12th) 9.9 (11th) 11.3 (6th)
2013-09-11 11 9.4 (13th) 11.1 (9th) 9.5 (13th) 10.8 (8th)
2013-09-12 12 9.4 (15th) 11.2 (8th) 11.0 (9th) 12.4 (6th)
2013-09-18 13 8.3 (13th) 9.7 (11th) 8.7 (13th) 10.0 (7th)
2013-09-19 14 8.6 (12th) 10.4 (8th) 8.8 (9th) 9.7 (7th)
2013-09-25 15 9.3 (17th) 10.5 (10th) 9.4 (14th) 10.8 (9th)
2013-09-26 16 10.4 (13th) 11.9 (7th) 11.0 (10th) 12.9 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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539 Responses to “Two Weeks”

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  1. 251
    eny Says:

    @ Jacky,
    you means me right????, if you ask me about wearing stuntmant or not of course for lee Jun ki too, no one know except the one who make the drama…..

    You annoy to me because I mention the drama I like,sorry ….. because the drama represent what we talk about n many people agree about their quality is good.

    If you think my comment is about joo won bias, I mention another drama beside his too, blame him because make good quality drama

    I never attack this drama quality or Lee Jun Ki acting, I just ever say i’m not interested to see this drama because of one reason

    I’m posting comment in some thread not only for the drama I watch, n I think I never use harsh word, If you don’t like it I will move out just like I did in GoF Jungyi, many of fans there doesn’t wanna hear different opinion

  2. 252
    Periwinkle Says:

    This drama is so underrated 🙁 🙁

  3. 253
    Jackie Says:

    @#251 It’s completely described in my comment about bd mask’s stuntman being shorter and smaller than the actor.
    If you’d like to confirm LJG, you’ll only definitely see his bright unique eyes and face in real stunts and action scenes without a hint of other man’s face, imao.
    I’m not interested who or what u like. I don’t use harsh words either. You just used them to me, loool…
    The reactions you do just show how strong your jealousy on LJG, keep talking not watch this drama with nonsense reasons but often come here, said the korea tv rating is not right for dramas and its quality but yet again bashing secretly by talking about your dramas and the ratings.
    Didn’t you notice other ppl here understand what your comments show what your real intentions??
    There’s not much different opinion among 2W viewers who have watched it from the start. But except for someones who only see or read recap pics to talk bad things purposely on LJG or the show, kakaka^^

  4. 254
    Poohbear Says:

    Just to join in the fun:
    Ratings: all these comments of the low ratings for quite a good drama, I agree, it should have more ratings. However, who rules the TV set at home – the mothers, and who can win them, I don’t think most of them fancied cops-murder story. So the children who love such drama driven to their internet or smart phone which do not take that into consideration.
    I like the acting by all of them. While some of them against the prosecutor, you must remembered, she didn’t forsake the girl, just too bad she was in America with her investigation, and the girl’s bad luck to be caught and murdered. She didn’t force the girl, it was the girl’s wish to help her. Consider this, if the girl is not dead, where are we getting our 16 episodes lol
    I like this story because of the fast pace, there’s some flaws, acceptable. I like the part in episode 6 where he told the old man why he need to survive. He already killed his daughter once through the abortion when his main intention was to save his girlfriend, send her away and live a happy life. He can’t kill her daughter again. He need to survive to save her. The 2nd touching scene would be when he spoke to his girlfriend, reassuring her that he will keep alive just to save his daughter. I think that was why the girlfriend addressed him as “soo jing appa”. Very touching.

  5. 255
    Chrishini Says:

    I’ve planned to watch 2W long ago but late watching bcos of some schedules.
    What a great drama this is! Haven’t feel such likeness for a long while on a drama^^ Love the ride of it and Lee joongi’s acting so much, all cast are great together.

    Omg, it’s pitiful to see some comments by other actor biases, they came with poor intentions here just for a great actor like LJG? It’s a shame they can’t only rely on their own bias and their abilities but happy to bash with different approaches?? Feel so sorry for those actors having such fans…

  6. 256
    Tayloriam Says:

    Love this drama to bits 🙂 All actors are so good portraying their character and the writer is admirable as well for creating this new interesting-well executed script.
    Very like Jang Tae-san character, leejoongi play him so so well. This is kind of a new character which is hard to portray for getting such incredible good reviews. Love soojinie, shipping this father-daughter OTP… way too lovely and touching 😉

  7. 257
    Tayloriam Says:

    Love this drama to bits 🙂 All actors are so good in portraying their character and the writer is admirable as well for creating this new interesting-well executed script.
    Very like Jang Tae-san character, leejoongi play him so so well. This is kind of a new character which is hard to portray for getting such incredible good reviews. Love soojinie, shipping this father-daughter OTP… way too lovely and touching 😉

  8. 258
    sharon Says:

    I haven’t watch episode 6 yet, I’m still waiting for English sub.

    I really like this drama, they are working harder to give us such breathtaking scenes.

    As if I’m on the scenes., I shouted run! faster!..run! faster!, in episode 5 where SW almost got JTS.

    I hope the rating improve more. So the cast will inspire more giving us quality drama.

  9. 259
    sharon Says:

    Two Weeks Fighting! ……….

    I haven’t watch episode 6 yet, I’m still waiting for English sub.

    I really like this drama, they are working harder to give us such breathtaking scenes.

    As if I’m on the scenes., I shouted run! faster!..run! faster!, in episode 5 where SW almost got JTS.

    I hope the rating improve more. So the cast will inspire more giving us quality drama.

  10. 260
    sharon Says:

    How come LJK is so good in everything…


    He always make me happy just reading blogs, news, comments etc

  11. 261
    laserbeanz Says:

    so far so trill =D
    i like this drama…
    TS hang in there… we are with u… Fighting!!!

  12. 262
    Sharon Says:

    Just finished ep 5 and it’s action packed. I was on the edge of my seat hoping that TS would not get caught. The baby delivery scene was a tear jerker. I all most fell off the cliff when he was shot.
    Good writing, and direction from the directors, your vision came out on screen. Kudos!!!!!

  13. 263
    Sharon Says:

    Ep 6 so suspenseful, catch the doll!!! Whew, he did.
    Holy shit! I thought Ahissi was dead??
    What the hell is he doing in an isolation area???
    This drama is nail biting and nerve recking, but I like it a lot.

  14. 264
    eny Says:

    How can you say I’m jealouse to LJK i watch his movie too, The King n The Clown, I like it,even sometimes I don’t understandthe joke, the story is good n LJK charracter is interesting
    I watch my gir,l Arang n Magistrate
    I’m not mention any actor here, I’m not gonna comparing because it’s tireng n we all where it ends
    When I keep talking not to watch this drama. I only ever say I’m not interested to this drama because of something i ever say n Inever say anything about LJK acting n the quality of this drama because I don’t watch it. May be you mistaken me for somebody else n I ever read that omment that you mention
    If about I mention another drama, I’m not the only one who mention about another drama but not ataacking this drama n it’s connected too another topic

  15. 265
    eny Says:

    OK………may be my fault make you thinking like that

  16. 266
    Jackie Says:

    Ok, even you can’t accept my previous comment , my points are understandable. If not, you won’t say first about how some dramas ratings are not true with rating, and then carelessly spoke about your dramas and the ratings. It describes truly what you mean. Mentioning these dramas with the ratings are undeniably bashing to the drama others here love. Comparing together even though you don’t watch it turns out to…..
    As I don’t know who you like, I told what I see on those dramas. But your bias was in it, sorry about that.
    I’m not mistaken you with anybody else, just told different opinions here are those kind of ppl since you talked about it. However, it becomes making you to mention yourself who you like and doubting groundlessly on something what I said.

  17. 267
    Merry Says:

    Peace to everybody… 🙂
    “2 Weeks” is already one of the greatest dramas this year, ignore to things unnecessary to affect this drama.
    Let’s just enjoy its coolness and ride together with this fast-paced yet very touching drama 😉
    2W team & fans, fighting~*^o^*

  18. 268
    Merry Says:

    This drama & all cast are so far so amazing, ep.6 is very good and making advance for our good guys to set up the goal 😀 Kudos to the writernim and the whole team!!
    JG would have drenched long for that river scene, poor him… my beloved impressive oppa ♥♥

  19. 269
    Merry Says:

    Typo: *that river underwater scene*
    He’s good in almost everything, must be an excellent swimmer too 😀

  20. 270
    Tayloriam Says:

    Just finished watching ep.6 with subs, super-duper good!! Can’t wait next week.
    Tae-san & soojin make me touching a lot ^^

  21. 271
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    Just saw episode 5—continuing to enjoy watching the layers of Tae San’s past keep peeling away, revealing a much better character than what we saw in episode one. His reaction when he helps the lady give birth and how it relates to his past, helps us understand him and makes him more and more likeable, NO make that LOVABLE!!! I mean really, could a diaper washing Good Samaritan be capable of murder? SHINJA?

    The father-daughter interactions are great, even if they are all in his head—Soo Jin is running on maximum cuteness.

    That lurking ninja assassin is a hottie…too bad he’s such a bad dude AND Moon Il Suk’s son. MMmmm cute, but stubborn detective Im Seung Woo’s shower scene. Of course I can’t forget my oppa Lee Jun Gi—so many hotties for one drama!

    Please Park Jae Kyung, can you mellow out just a little! You are soooo emotional and far from being objective about finding the truth—listen to the Chief and nail the real killer!

    This episode literally ends as a cliffhanger—reminiscent of Arang and The Magistrate—except for the bullet! Since when is it OK to shoot someone for fleeing? Are the laws that different in Korea?

  22. 272
    winnew Says:

    @eny, please, please and please stop coming into Joon Gi’s thread. I have seen you since Arang’s day (that’s when I started following Joon Gi’s dramas). If you don’t like him, do yourself a favour, do not torture yourself by having to read comments of people who love Joon Gi and then having to answer in negative ways. Aren’t you tired?

    You said you would leave, please do. Nobody stops you here.

  23. 273
    Ahjamma2012 Says:

    OMG!!! Pounding heart, snotty nose & mucho tears. Loving it! Just wish KSY (prosecutor) would stop overacting. Otherwise, its really good so far.

  24. 274
    winnew Says:


    Lee Jun Gi’s acting in ‘Two Weeks’ is becoming a hot issue.

    August 22nd broadcast of MBC drama ‘Two Weeks’ received 10.1% of program rate, which is 2% higher than that of its previous episode, and the highest one that it ever got so far.

    In the drama, Lee Jun Gi is casting as Jang Tae San, who gets suspected as a murderer, and many actors are making high compliments for his acting.

    During the episode, Jang Tae San made a phone call to Seo In Hye(Park Ha Sun) who was worried about the possibility of his death, and deeply touched many viewers’ hearts with his emotional expressions.

    On the other hand, ‘Two Weeks’ air on every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 PM.

  25. 275
    claire Says:

    freaking good can’t wait for the next episode

  26. 276
    Camine Says:

    I’ll be checking this cuz out of all the dramas currently airing this gets the best reviews

  27. 277
    winnew Says:

    Joon Gi tweets today.

    @JGshock: 급류씬..직접한것에 모두 당황하셨어요? ㅎㅎ 물놀이 절대 급류근처에서 하지마세요~ 음 많이 위험합니다ㅜㅜ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 투윅스 재방도 많이 사랑해주세요 ♥♥
    130824 twitter 2
    Were you perplexed about me doing the rapid current scene? ㅎㅎNever play close to the rapid current~it is very dangerous TT ㅎㅎㅎㅎPlease watch Two weeks reruns as well ♥♥
    (translation by Elly)

    Joon Gi never used double or stand in for scenes like this. So proud of him.

  28. 278
    claire Says:

    Two Weeks really gets best review, even actors in korea appropriated him

    according to yahoo

  29. 279
    ryo Says:

    i like this drama even though iam not action drama’s fan … it’s so realistic , exciting to watch …in my opinion this drama until now is the best this summer .. lee jun Gi is a unique actor who has great acting abilities .. after ep 5 i thought if this didn’t reach no 1 rating there are a series problem with the whole korean rating system. sad for such amazing project

  30. 280
    fan Says:


    I agree with you

    “i thought if this didn’t reach no 1 rating there are a series problem with the whole korean rating system. sad for such amazing project”

    The staff are really working hard, rating must be up! up!

    Such a nice drama

  31. 281
    claire Says:

    Two Weeks really gets best review, even actors in korea appreciated him

    according to yahoo

    appreciated – I mean

  32. 282
    eny Says:

    @Winney n jackie
    OK i will move out
    I think I talk in peace in Arang even I only watch until ep 13, but sometimes people don’t really accept if I didn’t finish it
    I say good rating doesn’t always good drama n bad rating doesn’t always bad drama, that the point that i said
    i visit drama thread even if I don’t watch because may be i could change my view about the drama,n I get to see good drama that some people suggest or mention,Just like when I visit Arang thread many of them give comment about The King n Clown then I watch it n like it.
    I never close ear about other thinking thats why i get some good drama/movie to watch
    I like some actor it’s true, but at least I didn’t watch a drama just base on the actor, n I never say all my favorite actor project is awesome, it’s still good but not awesome. If I don’t like his drama doesn’t mean I hate the actor,even if many of his dama I don’t like
    i’m not hater of any actor even when i though his acting bad(he’s LJK because I think he’s good)

  33. 283
    Chrishini Says:

    Advertising about not finishing his/her dramas or won’t watch a drama with many good reviews cos of some unreasonable facts (esp. on the threads of an actor constantly) mean the mind of unlikeness on a good actor is unintentionally big, however, can’t accept by the self awareness.
    I also know LJG is great in many of his projects (in terms of his acting plus storywise) but I don’t see his fans here say all of his projects are awesome. Maybe @eny just being unfavorable on fans’ flowery admires and support on LJG. He works very hard so really deserves such support.

  34. 284
    Chrishini Says:

    I also understand why some good k-actors’ dramas can’t always be awesome.That’s bcos of K-drama filming style- live shooting, live script writing, etc. They just have to depend on first 4/5 eps’ scripts.
    But LJG is one of those rare actors who can choose wonderful characters to portray well, among a lot of offers cos of his talents plus famous status. He can make the viewers worth watching to his projects, unlike many other k-actors who only choose safe genre and roles of korean public’s faves.
    I think that’s why LJG is appreciated by many viewers who love to watch interesting/ entertaining/ memorable qualified projects and characters, not the breezy or heartbreaking watch in rom-coms, melos.
    2W is sure his extremely good drama I’d like to recommend 🙂

  35. 285
    Jyenie Says:

    Since everybody here says this drama is so good, I should give it a try. And I shall return to tell what I think about this drama 😉

  36. 286
    Sharon Says:

    Yeah!! You will like.

  37. 287
    Jackie Says:

    Goodbye, peace @#282

  38. 288
    Ella Says:

    From above comments: Transparently, @eny is trying to cover up about comparing her dramas and 2W by the ratings though haven’t watched 2W. That’s exactly bashing the drama we love. Me too noticed her, not on drama thread but other LJG articles, she do to be in calm but always come up with negative ways.
    It’s sure ppl don’t hate actors with bad acting.
    There will be many haters only when someone is so talented or someone being overrated.

  39. 289
    Jackie Says:

    It’s real for most fans blinded by their bias, I understand. Since I also don’t watch movies and dramas just for good-looking actors, it’s a pleasure to see such LJG fans who are blinded with his superb talents than his looks.
    LJG projects are worth-waiting, impressive with great stories and acting wise, not the rom-coms/melos which only ladies like. JG hyung can repay his fans’ support by leaving much impression on them and the audience with his excellent projects and acting. It’s not strange for LJG fans, always eagerly wait to watch his new projects.
    The true passionate actor both guys and ladies can enjoy his great talents, *Daebak*

  40. 290
    Sharon Says:

    Guys, pay eny no attention. That’s just how she is on every thread. She means no harm! Don’t worry you will get use to her on many threads to come. Eny bark is worst than her bite!!

    @ eny
    It’s a very good drama, let all that go and let’s enjoy Lee Joon Gi excellent acting skills, ok.

  41. 291
    Sapphire rio Says:

    Thank you all guys for recommending 2 Weeks with many good reviews! I finally found a great drama I love to pieces, thrilling, intense, love & hope~^^
    Love soojin and Lee Joon Gi as Jang Taesan is incredibly amazing 😀

  42. 292
    grasha Says:

    You won’t feel bored watching this drama. I highly recommended it.

    You’ll feel excitement and for me it’s not just an ordinary kdrama. I usually don’t like action but this is amazing.I consider it the best drama of the year.

  43. 293
    yin Says:

    every episodes is very intense..it’s just like playing game with more difficult every level ….this drama have become more and more interesting, intense,and make me curious every episodes…..

    last thing I say wtw….( worth to watch )

  44. 294
    tWOfans Says:

    GOGOGO!FIGHTING ‘Two weeks’ <333LJK!cant wait for more ep's…keep up the subbing

  45. 295
    Jyenie Says:

    After the introduction of the story in the first and second episode, the chasing game begins in episode 3.
    TS has to be on the run because MIS is sending out people to murder him. And thanks to Park Jae Kyung’s reckless driving, he has the opportunity to flee from the accident scene. Even though I quite like Kim So Yeon but her character in this drama is not exactly the pleasing type. She indirectly and unintentionally causes the death of a lot of people, first her friend and then the accident victims. The best thing is she is totally oblivious that she is the culprit of the accident and TS’s escape. As if the writer is trying to scoff at the tricky situation and people like her, she herself and the police are hunting a murder suspect who might have killed “one person” only high and low comparing with the number of people who dies because of her. LOL.
    JTS is just a simpleminded dirt bag who is being used as a scapegoat for MIS twice in the past. Everybody is amazed how he manages to get away again and again, he actually got his ideas from the plots of many movies he watched and his determination to save his daughter.
    The interesting part of this drama is JTS still can make me laugh a bit here and there à la Lee Jun Ki style although he is on the run.

  46. 296
    Sharon Says:

    Shouldn’t they like charge her for something like reckless driving and manslaughter. The prosecutor used a simple minded recovering addict as a pawn in seeking revenge for her fathers death. Knowing how ruthless Moon II Suk is, how could she set up a sting like that and left Mi Sook wide open without any recourse or backup. I think she should get reprimanded for her recklessness .
    They should be hunting her down not TS.

  47. 297
    Jyenie Says:

    I absolutely agree with you! Well, what can we expect from an unprofessional prosecutor who only thinks about her own personal agenda!?

  48. 298
    myeon Says:

    this drama more and more exciting day after day. although i also love another dramas which airing right now (especcially good doctor), but this drama still have their unique excitement. Lee jun ki’s act is really good as tae san. awesome ! he and joo won (good doctor) deserve to get an excelent awards !

  49. 299
    maharani Says:

    it’s sounds like a drama FUGITIVE OF JOSEON:MANDATE OF HEAVEN…
    i though it has the same story

  50. 300
    grasha Says:

    Lee Joon-gi, Suzy Chosen as Top Hallyu Acts at Seoul Drama Awards 2013


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