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Two Weeks 03

Title: 투윅스 / Two Weeks
Chinese Title: 兩週
Genre: Melodrama, Mystery, Action, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Family
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Sep-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Jang Tae San (Lee Joon Ki) is a man on the run after being falsely accused of murder. Furthermore, he discovers that he has a daughter who is now sick with leukemia. The drama spans exactly two weeks, and tells of Tae San’s desperate struggles to save his daughter.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Jang Tae San
Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
Jo Jung Eun as Jae Kyung (young)
Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)
Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye

Supporting Cast

Kim Hye Ok as Jo Seo Hee
Jo Min Ki as Moon Il Suk
Lee Chae Mi as Seo Soo Jin (Tae San’s daughter)
Kim Hyo Seo as Park Ji Sook
Song Jae Rim as a Kim (Professional Killer)
Chun Ho Jin as Han Chi Gook
Uhm Hyo Sup as Han Jung Woo
Yoon Hee Suk as Do Sang Hoon
Yeo Ui Joo as Kim Min Soo
Jung In Ki as Yang Taek Nam
Baek Seung Hoon as Kim Sang Ho(detective)
Ahn Yong Joon as Jin Il Do
Im Se Mi as Oh Mi Sook
Ahn Se Ha as Go Man Suk
Kim Bup Rae as Im Hyung Jin
Park Joo Hyung as Hwang Dae Joon
Bae Je Ki as Jo Dae Ryong
Kim Young Choon as Jang Suk Doo
Park Ha Na as Jang Young Ja
Kang Ha Neul as Kim Sung Joon
Hyun Nam (현남) as So Young
Kim Jae Man as Park Chul Kyu


Nam Kyung Eup as Im Ki Ho (Seung Woo’s father)
Seo Yi Sook as Tae San’s hostage (the deaf ahjumma, ep 4)
Chae Bin as Tae San’s hostage (the deaf ahjumma, ep 4)
Park Gri Na as the woman in labor (ep 5)
Niel (니엘) as the student who bought Tae San’s camera (ep 10)
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) as the girl who passed out drugged drinks in hospital (ep 13)
Go In Bum as Jae Kyung’s father
So Hee Jung

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Go Dong Sun
Director: Son Hyung Suk, Choi Jung Kyu
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung


2013 Apan Star Awards – The Best Acting Award : Lee Joon Ki
2013 Apan Star Awards – The Excellent Actress : Kim So Yeon
2013 Apan Star Awards – Scriptwriter Award: So Hyun Kyung (My Daughter Seo Young, Two Weeks)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-08-07 1 7.6 (19th) 8.7 (17th) 7.5 (19th) 8.9 (13th)
2013-08-08 2 7.7 (20th) 9.2 (15th) 8.0 (19th) 9.8 (11th)
2013-08-14 3 10.3 (8th) 12.8 (6th) 10.0 (7th) 12.1 (5th)
2013-08-15 4 8.8 (13th) 10.5 (10th) 9.2 (10th) 11.1 (6th)
2013-08-21 5 8.6 (12th) 10.9 (7th) 8.1 (17th) 9.1 (12th)
2013-08-22 6 9.2 (16th) 10.4 (12th) 10.1 (10th) 12.0 (6th)
2013-08-28 7 8.5 (15th) 10.7 (8th) 9.4 (11th) 10.3 (10th)
2013-08-29 8 9.0 (16th) 10.4 (13th) 11.5 (7th) 13.4 (5th)
2013-09-04 9 9.8 (9th) 11.4 (6th) 9.5 (12th) 10.6 (10th)
2013-09-05 10 9.9 (13th) 10.8 (12th) 9.9 (11th) 11.3 (6th)
2013-09-11 11 9.4 (13th) 11.1 (9th) 9.5 (13th) 10.8 (8th)
2013-09-12 12 9.4 (15th) 11.2 (8th) 11.0 (9th) 12.4 (6th)
2013-09-18 13 8.3 (13th) 9.7 (11th) 8.7 (13th) 10.0 (7th)
2013-09-19 14 8.6 (12th) 10.4 (8th) 8.8 (9th) 9.7 (7th)
2013-09-25 15 9.3 (17th) 10.5 (10th) 9.4 (14th) 10.8 (9th)
2013-09-26 16 10.4 (13th) 11.9 (7th) 11.0 (10th) 12.9 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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539 Responses to “Two Weeks”

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  1. 501
    guest Says:

    bad acting for both leading actor, actress

  2. 502
    sweetiekyu Says:

    @comment 501
    LOL, the jealousy is too big liao…
    Even the viewers who haven’t watch it can guess how this better drama is.
    “Two weeks” beats the high rating dramas among all k-channels this year with both acting and script 😉

  3. 503
    Kata58 Says:

    Újra egy fantasztikus sorozat, csodálatosan megformált karakterekkel.
    Remekül ki lett hozva a küzdeni akarás, a felelősségvállalás és az apai érzelmek önmagára találás formálása.
    A féltékeny vőlegény és a remek ügyésznő is nagyot alakított,igazán testhez álló szerep volt ez is.
    A kislány-anya kapcsolat is szívszorító volt, ahogy az anya is és a kislány is a maga helyén hozta a küzdelmeit. Bájos volt a kislány viszonyulása az apjához,ahogy a rajzon keresztül egyre pozítivabban jeleniti meg édesanyja előtt mesével kreálva. A Mellékszereplők előtt is le a kalappal.
    Remek volt a kisérő-zene azóta is rengeteget hallgatom.
    Fantasztikus rendezést és képi megoldásokat láttunk.
    Remélem fogunk még ilyen jó sorozatokat látni…Nagyon hálás vagyok amiért nézőként részese lehettem ennek a sorozatnak.
    Annyira lebilincselt, hogy először fordítás nélkül végignéztem, mert nem bírtam kivárni…
    Az Iljimea és a Hero és a Kutya és a Farkas órája után egy újabb gyöngyszemmel gazdagodtam!

  4. 504
    朱颜 Says:

    I will be together with our junki,forever.every drama you play,I will love and enjoy,in my heart,you always the best actor, I love you,forever.

  5. 505
    朱晓婉 Says:

    I loved this TWO WEEKS

  6. 506
    Hein Says:

    I love this TWO WEEKS. 🙂

  7. 507
    마가렛 Says:

    E2 Weeks is a really good drama acted by Lee Joon Gi. He is diligent and always eager to act the best. He always cares for his fans, we are very impressed to watch the video clippings, learning his charisma and stirred up the happy atmosphere behind the scene. I shall walk along with you ~ we are together❣

  8. 508
    suzyy Says:

    what a great drama!!! this drama makes me really curious what next. bestt!!!!!

  9. 509

    i think it’s a good drama. i will support it all the time

  10. 510
    adeniyi Says:

    too much interest.full of action emotion and can’t just explain.

  11. 511
    adageorge Says:

    i love this movie..it really make me think about this life..this is a warning for those who think life is worthless.

  12. 512
    izzie Says:

    I love this series. It makes me feel the powerful of love from father. This love is different with the love within couples, but I think it is more grateful. Actually, I thought that Korean drama all talk about BOY and Girl’s love. It delight me and change my view of Korean drama.

  13. 513
    ayu_JG Says:

    Love all Jun Ki oppa dramas! He is the best and very very excellent actor !
    Saranghae Lee Jun Ki oppa! 🙂

  14. 514
    LiLi Nguyen Says:

    hey @cmt501 if u dont watch this drama, don’t say anything! just until u watch Two weeks u will know how good it is. Two weeks will teach u about life, love, sacrifice,… make u cry,smile,happy and make u have to think “do i live a right life? do i give love to everybody enough?” i just want to say “watch Two weeks then judge it. DO NOT JUDGE WHEN U DON’T WATCH AND DON’T THINK THE MEANING OF TWO WEEKS!!!”

  15. 515
    Try tee Says:

    Real wonder how park jae kyung with 2 digit IQ could became a persecutor. Every single plan that she came out with, were bound to fail. Moon il suk was always outsmart her!

  16. 516
    rory Says:

    Good luck Two Weeks for MBC drama awards tonight! can’t wait to know the result!

  17. 517
    rory Says:

    I feel bad for Two Weeks team, no awards for them in MBC Drama Awards..Especially Lee Jun Ki..poor him..I really have no words to say..Is it because of low ratings?

  18. 518
    Chrishini Says:

    Cheer up all fans of Two Weeks^^
    Lee JoonGi’s solid performance in 2W deserves the Grand Prize more than the Top Excellence. All MBC care is just about ratings and ratings, even gave bigger awards to a drama which is only in one-third of its run.
    This is MBC, lol… they don’t know how to shy of their silly judgements.
    As expected, their Drama Awards 2013 did a big joke for LJG and us.

  19. 519
    dorie Says:

    I really salute Lee Jon Ki in this drama. I’m from Canada. I have watched so many Kdramas already and so far this is one of the most memorable, breathtaking, suspenseful well acted drama. I became a fan of this young man. He should have won. Well…hopefully producers out there will continue to invest on this talent.

  20. 520
    g14 Says:

    i am very disappointed that TWO WEEKS, especially lee jun ki and kim so yeon did not get awards in MBC Drama Awards 2013.
    for me, MBC Awards was not fair and BAD…
    Why did shin se kyung win over kim so yeon AND Joo Won win over Junki????
    It was impossible.
    Jun ki and kim so yeon are better than joo won and shin se kyung…
    Who was the judge?
    Why did they ignore TWO WEEKS?
    Was it because of low rating?
    Did they not see acting skill of the actors?

  21. 521
    anzu Says:

    After a long time i found a good drana to watch…i finished it in 2 days…

  22. 522
    maknaee Says:

    When a drama didn’t get high ratings, MBC won’t gave them award. majority. hell ya -_-

  23. 523
    pradeepchhetri5@yahoo.com Says:

    WoW! Two weeks is undoubtly,best drama for this year because i watched much more best k-dramas…i can analysize for this…far better than Heirs…

  24. 524
    shine Says:

    amazing love between a father and a daughter…this is one of the best korean drama series…recommended for everyone…lee jong ki’s acting is brilliant/awesone

  25. 525
    From Ukraine Says:

    This film is too serious for being “the best” in such ratings… Peoples like more easy dramas.
    Heirs is “most popular”, but not “the best”, these are different words.

  26. 526
    ANN Says:

    По совету дочери посмотрела сначала “Ильджиме”… Очень понравилась дорама,сюжет и актерские работы! И конечно же-работа Ли Джун Ки!!! Молодой, красивый,талантливый,одаренный и трудолюбивый актер! Бог одарил Его талантами и внешностью,и в придачу трудолюбием и веселым характером! Посмотрела с огромным удовольствием все ЕГО работы и не жалею потраченного времени! Он всегда работает на все 100%-хоть в кино,хоть на концертной площадке! Всегда приятно на него смотреть!!! И фильм “две недели” не оставил равнодушным! Ли Джун Ки,как всегда прекрасно сыграл… и девчушка покорила-такое очаровательное дитя!!! Желаем Ли Джун КИ дальнейших успехов и ждем его новых работ!!!

  27. 527
    ANN Says:

    Молодой, красивый,талантливый актер! Бог одарил Его талантами и внешностью,и в придачу трудолюбием и веселым характером! Посмотрела с огромным удовольствием все ЕГО работы и не жалею потраченного времени! Он всегда работает на все 100%-хоть в кино,хоть на концертной площадке! Всегда приятно на него смотреть!!! И фильм “две недели” не оставил равнодушным! Ли Джун Ки,как всегда прекрасно сыграл… и девчушка покорила-такое очаровательное дитя!!! Желаем Ли Джун КИ дальнейших успехов и ждем его новых работ!!!

  28. 528
    Drama_fan Says:

    Finished watching this yesterday!! I started watching this because of the good comments. But I this drama is good but not one of my favorites.
    The story line is so predictable after the first few episodes.
    Lee Joon Ki is so cute in this. He’s cuter in this drama than all the other dramas he was in.
    But the chemistry between Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye is not not so good. So I didn’t like that couple very much.

    I kept watching this drama because of Kim So Yun. She’s so cool. And love her character. I wished if she and Jang Tea San had a romance.

    A father fighting for his life to save his little child is so touching. But the whole other story is not so strong. So the story line got so predictable.

    Kim So Yun is supberb.

  29. 529
    FU Says:

    I understand disappointment of Kim So Yun’s fans…
    But this drama is about another love chemistry – about father-doughter love.
    And I liked chemistry between Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye. It was short and sad, but convictive.

  30. 530
    mspurplee Says:

    Flawed but well-balanced. An aimless gangster finds purpose in his life when he discovers he has a dying daughter who needs his bone marrow to live, but things get more complicated when he gets framed up for a crime he doesn’t commit and becomes a fugitive on the run. The two-weeks-worth of cat and mouse chase is pure adrenaline rush and all the father-daughter interactions deliver a ray of warm, fuzzy feels.

  31. 531
    nann nwe Says:

    What can I say Lee Joon Ki opa frighting Park Ha Sun onnie saranghae

  32. 532
    kez Says:

    joon ki and so yun thanks for making 2 weeks worth watching. i thought the whole family concept at the end was a liiitle……. but altogether it is a drama i can recommend to someone.I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. Joon Ki i am desperately waiting for your next work. FIGHTING!

  33. 533
    PurplePie Says:

    After keeping Two Weeks on-hold for the longest time, I finally watched it, and I must say, it was one hell of a ride. The greatest thing about this drama is that it throws a lot of dense plot at the viewer early on but doesn’t resolve it until it needs to. This allows the drama to keep a steady pace all throughout and keeps the viewer wanting to find out how everything is resolved.

    On the other hand, the cast was great. While the supporting cast did as the script demanded fairly well, the show excels primarily because the leading cast members were strong actors. From Jang Tae San all the way to Soo Jin, everyone’s acting was superb. What makes it even better is that the supporting cast knew their job and didn’t clash with the leads in terms of standing out.

    Music wise, BGM was awesome. It changed the atmosphere and brought emotion to already emotion-filled scenes.

    It’s quite a unique K-drama plot with a very exciting ride in a time-span, it’s emotional and heartwarming at the same time too. Lee Joon Ki’s acting for a paternal love is very impressive. He had great chemistry with all cast, especially his daughter (Lee Chae Mi) and his beloved girlfriend (Park Ha Sun). I also like his teamwork with the lady prosecutor (Kim So Yeon).
    There was very less romance but their flashbacks as a young innocent boy and a bubbly girl were so cute and sweet. They just use their eye-contacts in portraying the deep love without doing smooches. I’m personally more attracted to this pure kind of great chemistry, and their daughter is one of the most adorable little girls in the world so I rooted their family reunion much!

    Such an amazing drama, I totally recommend it to you all. The story, God, the story! The way it starts and develops oh God, everything about this drama it’s amazing; the story, the cast, the acting, E V E R Y T H I N G!
    Don’t think about it and give it a try. So worth watching & I’ve been RE-WATCHING IT a few times ALREADY…
    Oh God, the characters and their own background story is amazing, totally loved it. How could this drama so meaningful, captivating, heartwarming and addictive! Big thanks to the whole team 🙂

  34. 534
    Korean Drama Review 2 Weeks | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Two weeks (2013) 两周 […]

  35. 535
    k Says:

    Amazing drama. Love it so much.
    Tae San and Soo Jin awesome!!!
    This is the best drama ever!!

  36. 536
    Two Weeks 투윅스 [2013] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans tumblr blogs pyungri koreandramagifland hinatai littlepeacefulrunner […]

  37. 537
    Lezde Says:

    Scholar Who Walks The Night FTW for the Best Korean Drama of 2015. It’s high time for Lee Joon Gi to win an award for the said category on this site. Always a runner-up for the previous years. He really deserves it. So please… VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 🙂


  38. 538
    Rep Says:

    Keren banget nih drama. selain bisa liat actionnya tapi drama ini juga bikin nangis. yang penasaran sama fdrama ini, tonton deh. gak nyesel!!!!

  39. 539
    Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] (SBS, 2016), “Scholar Who Walks the Night” (MBC, 2015), “Joseon Gunman” (KBS2, 2014), “Two Weeks” (MBC, 2013), “Arang and the Magistrate” (MBC, 2012), “Hero” (MBC, 2009), “Iljimae” (SBS, 2008) , […]

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