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Title: TV소설 – 삼생이 / TV Novel – Sam Saeng
Chinese Title: TV小說- 三生
Also known as: TV Novel: Samsaengi
Genre: Medical, Family, Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-07 to 2013-June-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


This drama is telling a romance story that happens in Seoul in 1970s.


Main Cast

Hong Ah Reum as Suk Sam Saeng
Hyun Seung Min as Sam Saeng (12 years old)
Kwak Ji Hye as child Sam Saeng (4 years old)
Son Sung Yoon as Bong Geum Ok
Kim Ji Min (2000) as Geum Ok (12 years old)
Jang Seo Hee as Geum Ok (4 years old)
Cha Do Jin as Park Dong Woo
Kim Ji Hoon as Dong Woo (14 years old)
Ji Il Joo as Oh Ji Sung
Kim Seung Chan as Ji Sung (13 years old)
Jung Yoo Geun as Ji Sung (4 years old)

Suk Bong Chool family

Lee Dal Hyung as Suk Bong Chool
Lee Ah hyun as Go Mak Rye
Shin Hyun Tak as Suk Chang Shik
– Jung Seung Won (정승원) as Chang Shik (16 years old)
Lee Soo Bin (이수빈) as Suk Chang Hee
– Esther (에스더) as Chang Hee (6 years old)

Bong Moo Ryong family

Dok Go Young Jae as Bong Moo Ryong
Yoo Tae Woong as Sa Ki Jin
Lee Yeon Soo as Hae Joo Daek
Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jo

Oh Pil Soon family

Kim Na Woon as Oh Pil Soon
Go Do Young as Jung Yoon Hee
– Kim Hye Yoon (김혜윤) as Yoon Hee (14 years old)
– Lee Jae In (이재인) as Yoon Hee (6 years old)

Oh In Soo family

Kim Seung Wook as Oh In Soo
Kim Do Yun as Park Kyung Ja

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Director: Kim Won Yong
Screenwriter: Lee Eun Joo


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143 Responses to “TV Novel – Sam Saeng”

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  1. 1
    All Korean Dramas (2013) « KoreanDramaList Says:

    […] TV Novel – Sam Saeng (KBS2) […]

  2. 2
    tigerb Says:

    if this replaces ‘love, my love’, why does it have to be in the ’70s again? because the set is alread there?

  3. 3
    tigerb Says:

    my mistake, in this website, ‘love, my love’ is called ‘dear love’. someone has explained to me why one drama series is titled in many ways, but i think it is perplexing, specially when i have to look for it in another web site to watch the series. i just need the patience.

  4. 4
    mauricia Says:

    Was already fooled by “love my love”…TERRIBLE DRAMA! Hope its different writers, Because I won’t waste my time watching this if it is.

  5. 5
    Chee Nyuk Ngo Says:

    I like to Samsaeng on Astro but the timing is not right for me. Every time it showed I was always not at home to watch it. I missed quite a number of episodes. I will it would be on dramacrazy so that I could watch it on my free own timing.
    Thank you.

  6. 6
    wuchuk Says:

    This drama is worth watching. Would recommend it. The story is really a good, meaningful and well written one. It is an intelligent piece.

  7. 7
    staghorn Says:

    When will the episodes with english subtitles be available on this website?

  8. 8
    sophia Says:

    I like this drama 🙂 so much better than the teenager cheesy dramas

  9. 9
    sk Says:

    love, my love is wasting my time it is the worst korean drama of all time, i hope samsaengi is better.

  10. 10
    AutoFill Haroldine Kronenberger Says:

    Watched first episode, so far I like it. It appears to be interesting.

  11. 11
    Vea Says:

    @CheeNyukNgo I’m watching this on Astro too.

    Well, the first 20 episodes are not that bad but I skipped a lot of episodes..hehe. Then came, episode 22 ( I think) the kids were already grown up and of course, the love story is obvious right? kekekeke. I really love watching this drama (nevertheless, 120 episodes ??? ahaha). 🙂

  12. 12
    badette Says:

    Samsaengi just started here in the U.S. “Love, My Love” ended early this week with an ending that was a culmination of weeks of preparation for drama watchers. What many of those who criticized this drama did not see is the beauty of how “love” and the art of “dyeing” are parallel to each other. With this drama, I respected Seunghi’s decision not to marry her step brother, Nogyeong…. because she would rather be a daughter instead of a daugther in law to her birth mother. I think the writers deserve praise for the way the drama had its “twist” and kept everything very touching, humorous and sad. I think “Samsaengi” will also be a beautiful drama. What lessons about the Korean culture these dramas have shared to its viewers… priceless!

  13. 13
    wwumo Says:

    where i can read recaps from this drama, does anyone hv link..? thank u

  14. 14
    Jenice Phung Says:

    Love the lead actress Hong Ah Reum. Enjoy watching this drama through astro.

  15. 15
    Maria Says:

    Didn’t get to see the end of “love, my love” because of changed airing time. Episodes are now at 12.50am, & I can’t stay up that late — not much time between that & the time I have to get up for work.

  16. 16
    Ronald Yap Says:

    A very touching novel, dating far back real life situation and living conditions ! It shows us how the people suffered through that periods. So far have enjoy the show very much !!

  17. 17
    Jasmine Says:

    On ‘Love, My Love’ I ended up disappointed. Samsaengi will do the same thing. I’m so afraid she’s into Jiseong because I prefer Dongwu becomes her man… 😀 😀 Peace! (sorry for my goofy English)

  18. 18
    wuchuk Says:

    This drama is more than a hundred episodes to go. It is a long story. The characters’ and families’ lives are all in some sort of flux here. They look like that they are still finding their place in the scheme of life/society. I think many more events and churning will happen before there is any stabilisation in their lives. So I guess there is no use speculating or guessing what will happen. Things will fall into their rightful place one by one when the time comes, during the span of these hundred over episodes. Meanwhile, anything can happen…… in their life journey.

    Meanwhile, we can already see that an obvious change has happened to Samsaegi’s family. Her family’s lives has improved, from being dirt poor in the boondoks, to a new and better life…..

  19. 19
    badette Says:

    I am totally enjoying the daytime dramas on KBS. They are clearly introducing us to Korean/Asian culture… first it was the “makeoli” or rice wine; then, hand dyeing of cloth, now, oriental medicine. Their dramas aren’t only always about love but entwined with it is something educational. The evening dramas offered architecture, now.. advertising. Wow… what creative writers. They may not give us what we want as an ending; but, that’s life!

  20. 20
    TV Novel – Sam Saeng (KBS2)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  21. 21
    wuchuk Says:

    The guy, Mr Sa (who is the bio father of Guemok, Dr Bong’s daughter) really gives me the creeps. He is evil but nobody suspects this, not even Dr Bong. He is so good at protraying himself a respected gentleman. Only Samsaengi knows that he is awfully bad and evil.

    He is currently enjoying what he thought he has it made, and that his evil plans are coming together. But….. he has not reckoned that there are no secrets in this world, that it is a matter of time when his secret will be found out. Who will defeat him?

    I can understand why Guemok hates him and feels so uncomfortable around him. It’s the way he attaches himself to Guemok so closely that he practically dictates her life ! Would you believe it, there were even times when he would enter her bedroom at will to talk to her without any respect for her privacy as if he is Dr Bong (Guemok’s father). Of course Geumok would protest each time , but he just would not care. Come on Creep, Geumok is a female, and a young adult at that, don’t just simply “rub” shoulders with her. Give her some space.

    The story is getting to be more interesting now, as Geumok has found out that this Creep is her bio father. He told her. This, plus the lies and bad advice fed to her by this Creep, make her more confused making her identity crisis going into a whirlwind of mix feelings…. Geumok really needs help to get out of this hell hole that the Creep is leading her into, but who can help her without her exposing her secret lineage? Poor girl !

    Meanwhile, there are many more developments happening around the lives of the characters in this drama…… getting more interesting now.

  22. 22
    roses4life Says:

    By accident, I came across the following link. For those who would love to read the episode synopsis, copy and paste the link.
    A wonderful person, gene71632 has given detailed synopsis of the episodes. Enjoy reading 🙂

  23. 23
    roses4life Says:

    Sorry, that link is for page 18 (episode 52). You can click on page 1 and start reading from there on wards. The current synopsis posted is for episode 57 (on page 21). I was and am still amazed by gene71632’s postings that are so detailed.

  24. 24
    wuchuk Says:


    Thanks for the info.

  25. 25
    staghorn Says:

    Dear Roses4life – I clicked on your link but found forum discussion only. Can you tell me where to go to see the synopsis?

  26. 26
    wuchuk Says:


    Sorry I am jumping ahead of Roses4life. Since I am already here, I might as well answer your question. I too had visited Soompi upon Roses4life’s suggestion and had a good time at Samsaengi’s thread there because of the great discussions posted.

    When you arrived at the Soompi site :

    Click “Forum” ( top of page).

    A list of threads for different genre appears.

    Scroll till you see “k-drama & movies”. Click it.

    A list of threads for dramas appear. Many dramas listed, each with it’s own thread.

    Scroll till you see TV Novel Samsaengi thread. Click it.

    The site for Samsaengi appears. Here you will see the discussions and opinions shared by fans of this drama, and you will also be able to read gene71632’s recaps. As there is no special page for the recaps, so the recaps appear as gene71632’s posts in this thread.

    Hope the above info helps.

  27. 27
    staghorn Says:

    Thanks Wuchuk for your guide to the synopses. I hope gene71632 would start his own page that is just for his synopses. It would be very helpful to those who have missed certain episodes. Cheers to gene71632!!

  28. 28
    wuchuk Says:


    You are welcome.

    Yes, thanks to gene71632 for her hard work and generosity.

    Yes, her recaps have been very helpful for me too. I get to understand the drama and the early days of South Korea better.

    Keep up the good work gene71632 ! Appreciate much.

  29. 29
    mml Says:

    Two weeks ago, i accidentally discovered this drama,
    over the two weeks , i have been watching from episode 1 to episode 20 .
    I have found this cute kids’ drama for adults to watch.
    I liked Samsaengi, this drama got a total of 120episodes, a little bit too long.
    I will continue watching episode 21 to understand and to find out what will happen to Samsaengi .
    I hope when she grown up , her father will be able to recognise her and will acknowledge her as his real daughter.
    The little boy who was the rich man’s son , i hope, when he grown up, he will falls in love with Samsaengi and will find their romance and get happiness and can get along together to pair up as a loving couple.

    Since, is a total of 120 episodes, i hope i will continue watching and can complete watching the whole drama.

  30. 30
    JP Says:

    I hope Sam saeng will be with Dong Woo eventually. He has been there for her all along and the sense of happiness when they are together.

  31. 31
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 21 to 25, another nice kids and adults drama.

    At episode 25 ,am glad that her foster father had given her moral support to pursue her study.
    The foster father is kind and understanding, not bad , he has changed to a better person.

  32. 32
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 26 to 31 , why Samsaengi
    worked so hard, but her foster mother did not treat her better, paying for her sister’s school fees, should ber parent’s responsibility, why stress Samsaengi ??

    Why did the real father did not find detective to investigate the current daughter , is it his real daughter…..

    Samsaengi is a really pitiful child, she is a good girl.
    I hope she can find her real father……

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 32 .

  33. 33
    wuchuk Says:

    mml 32

    Samsaengi’s “mother” is a clatterbrain and is empty headed without a sense of civility. This is her character.

    Samsaengi’s real father (Dr Bong) did not get a detective to investigate the current daughter (Geumok) is because he does not know that Geumok is not his bio daughter.

    Dr Bong did not know that Mr Sa had switched the little girls when they were very young, when he was separated from them during the Korean War.

    The interesting part is that even Clatterbrain does not know that Samsaengi is not her bio daughter !

    As you go along watching this drama, you will notice that Geumok’s character is more like the Clatterbrain’s (her bio mother) and that Samsaengi ‘s character is more like Dr Bong’s (her bio father’s intelligence, etc). The girls do inherit some of their bio parent’s genes afterall.

    There is no mistaking this, no matter what deception Mr Sa had done , he could not fool nature.

    Meanwhile, let’s leave Dr Bong to live his life in his own cocoon, oblivious to the many interesting events happening around him. Otherwise, there will be no Samsaengi drama for us to watch, eh?

  34. 34
    wuchuk Says:

    As for the eventual pairing of Samsaengi /Ji Seong or Samsaengi /Dong Wu, at this stage it is hard to tell. I hesitate to guess the outcome. Have got no clue what it will be.

  35. 35
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 32 to 38

    Her foster mother not only empty brain . In episode 34 , she was very greedy, she stole the dried fish……

    Her real daughter (Son Sung Yoon)also very bad, damaged the song cd whereby her friend(Ji II Joo) gave her as a gift.

    At episode 35, the guy(Ji II Joo) discovered that she damaged the song cd, her nature is wicked , why her character was the same as her real father.

    At episode 36, Samsaengi will sit for her exam , why the foster mother asked Dr Bong to sponsor for scholarship? I think her foster mother is not stupid, she is clever in money.
    But, towards great disappointment was, she did not turn up for her exam due to unforseen happenings.

    At episode 38, Samsaengi she got tuberculosis sickness, will she die ??
    In olden days, tuberculosus this sickness , cannot be cured.
    If, Samsaengi will die, then this is a sad drama……. How……..

  36. 36
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 39 to 43

    Strange, Samsaengi got recovered in episode 41.
    I think miracles happened and god bless her.

    At episode 43, i have found it very irritating when Song Sung Yoon, her real father came back to stay with them.
    Her real father very wicked and this time he will stay with them and will not move out anymore. Scary to have this wicked father.

    Okay i will continue to watch episode 44.

  37. 37
    Dede Says:


    Love your notes. Haven t watched this drama, but your funny notes may cause mr to watch, Thanks. LOL

  38. 38
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 44 to 51

    Episode 44, Samsaengi finally entered to the university to study.
    But, on the other hand, sad to know that Son Sung Yoon , her real father taught her to be wicked, so that she can remain her current lifestyle situation and status of her reputation.

    Episode 45, Samsaengi’s foster mother quite clever, at least, she asked Yoo Tae Woong to acknowledge Samsaengi as her daughter.
    Ji II Joo his parents very cute and interesting, although they were greedy in making money for their family business, their plot and ideal copy cat and followed from Samsaengi.
    The master did not eat their food they bribe.
    The exercise that Samsaengi was teaching Ji II Joo was funny and interesting.

    Episode 46, Ji II Joo’s parents busy in understanding and pleasing the master. Comedy came in, when the master
    stayed at their house.

    Episode 47, Samsaengi emotionally unwell as undue stress after realising she was abandoned by her father.

    Episode 48, in order to stay with his aunt so that Ji II Joo can meet Samsaengi easily, he and the master tricked his parents
    regards to fengshui, i think Ji II Joo his mother always talkative , vain and cute, her eyes very cute like barbie doll.

  39. 39
    mml Says:

    @37 Dede,
    this is a funny drama , starting from episode 39 onwards…

    You can try watching this drama, especially when the master stayed at their house.
    He is a medical master, but the funny thing is he can be a fortune teller, he can predict things, strange and curious and he can also create comedy……

  40. 40
    mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 52 to 54

    Episode 52,
    Samsaengi got super natural magic power, she can break the bottle and later on when Son Sung Yoon reached home, she became copy cat and she used Samsaengi’s method but was unable to break the bottle.
    Samsaengi her foster mother this time again very greedy, she stole to share using owner’s daughter’s shampoo.
    The owner’s daughter realised that her bottle of shampoo almost finishing and suspected that someone stole to share using her shampoo.. She complained to her mother that Samsengi her family stole to share using her shampoo.
    Ji II Joo went to look for the master, he went to seek help fron the master.
    He wanted to learn a gongfu magic power skill, the master liked him and appreciated his sincerity, therefore , he agreed to teach him.

    Episode 53,
    Samsaengi foster mother why money from Tae Woong, who knows in order to pay her, he misappropriated funds.

  41. 41
    bigeye46 Says:

    i watch few time..nice drama but so sad..

  42. 42
    jessie Says:

    Dr Bong is really siilly. From the painting that was found in the shack, it is obvious that samsaeng looks like her bio mother. How is it that Dr Bong who sees Samsaengi practically everyday does not realise that Samsaeng looks like his wife. He should have already guessed that something was wrong somewhere. Even Il Joo can tell from the painting that the picture resembles Sammsaeng.

  43. 43
    roses4life Says:

    Hi staghorn, sorry for the late reply. You can type “Soompi Samsaengi” in google search and the link to the site will appear. Happy reading!

  44. 44
    wuchuk Says:

    Hmmnn…. I have wondered about it too, that is, how come Dr Bong seems to miss the point that Samsaengi looks like her bio mother.

    It is possible that he does have an inkling, but ‘cos of the presence of his “daughter” Geumok, it is possible that he is in self denial that there is a possibility of someone else being his daughter.

    But, I believe that Dr Hwang had long ago suspected who Samsaengi is, but he has kept it to himself, for reasons he only knows. I believe that it is possible that he might use this piece of knowledge later in the story to resolve a dire situation.

    The clue that I got about Dr Hwang knowing Samsaengi’s true identity was when he (Dr H) was reading the horoscope and face of Geumok (fortune telling), etc. and he mentioned that the face of the girl does not match that of the horoscope. And I remember that he had mentioned this point again somewhere in a later following episode, but none of the people he spoke to (Jiseong’s parents) picked up this point. I believed at that point, he was hinting about the true identities of the girls. As his character goes, he did not push the matter (meaning, not bitch about it) and let the matter slide when he did not get a reaction to what he was hinting at.

    Somehow, I get the feeling that Dr Hwang is an astute guy. He may not seem appealing as a grumbling and nagging old man, but he is rather wise, smart and sharp. He and Dong Wu might, in the end, be the ones who save the day for the good guys.

    This is just my speculation.

  45. 45
    mml Says:

    @43 roses4life,
    thank you for providing google search, usually i will go to China Baidu website, therefore google search may not be useful to me.

    @44 wuchuk,
    i agree with your thinking, sound logic.

    I have finished episode 55 to 64
    Episode 56,
    Ji II Joo jealous that Samsaengi got boyfriend.

    Episode 57,
    Ji II Joo was frustrated to understand that Samsaengi got a steady boyfriend.
    And Yoo Tae Woong couldn’t cheat the money, therefore he put back the money.

    Episode 58,
    Samsaengi is considerating the guy who proposed to her .
    Her foster mother kept on harass Yoo Tae Woong for the money.

    Episode 59,
    Samsaengi her love relationships getting complicated and difficult.
    Her foster brother , loveline also getting tough and uneasy.

    Episode 60,
    Ji II Joo was reluctant to marry with Son Sung Yoon, therefpre,he went to inform Dr Bong.

    Episode 61,
    Yoo Tae Woong wanted to match make her daughter, but was unsuccessful due to phone call was then interrupted, therefore, he missed the chance to do so.

    Episode 62,
    Yoo Tae Woong told the maiden about his past.

    Episode 64,
    Samsaengi can’t love Ji II Joo, but Ji II Joo still can’t give up his decisions.
    Ji II Joo his mother always chased after him about his love planning.

  46. 46
    syrena Says:

    I’ve been following this drama.

    Just hoping that it will be Samsaeng and Dongwu in the end.

    I am not into Jiseong at all. I find him selfish and inconsiderate of his parent’s thoughts and feelings. He can’t get what he wants and the first thing he does was to run away. Lucky Samsaeng found him in the mountains, otherwise, he should be dead by now. Ah well, that’s why we have dramas in the first place. The twists and turns make them.

    Nonetheless, I enjoy watching it and should the writers and director decide to end the story with Samsaeng and Dongwu, I’ll be a happy bunny. :).

  47. 47
    Wuchuk Says:

    Cannot blame Jiseong for being what he is. This is because he’s been brought up differently by parents who are too overly doting and clingy, as compared to Dong Wu, who is an orphan and had to look after himself all his life. So between the two, of course DongWu has the better opportunities to develop his character and survival skills.

    However, as we can see, Jiseong. is slowly trying to break away from his parents’ tight apron strings. If he were to try hard, he might at least succeed a little. Otherwise, his horizon would just forever be that horizon only. His mum is too clingy. Clingy parents are bad news for their children.

    Regarding Samsaengi’s birth secret, I have been thinking. Could there be a twist to it. Maybe, she is Dr Hwang’s daughter afterall. Could it be possible that her mother and Dr Hwang were lovers, but she was forced to marry Dr Bong by her parents (match made) and it so happened that she was already pregnant with Dr Hwang’s baby? If this is the case, it could be possible that Dr Bong does know the real birth story of Samsaengi, and this could account for why he is so cool about claiming parenthood to Samsaengi ? And Dr Hwang does not know that Samsaengi is his, because he was never told about the pregnancy ?

    Haaa…. all the twists and turns in a drama. This can happen, since this is such a long drama it gives plenty of room for “playing” with it. You know, such as, a story within a story, within another story, within another story, etc so as to keep the drama going ?

    Lately, I am beginning to get fed up with Samsaengi. Why can’t she stand firmly on her own two feet? Why must she want to please everybody? Yes, everybody !! And is she still holding on to her crush for Jiseong?

    Grrrrr, I think I need to take a break from this drama for a short while. The drama seems to be stuck in a rut, nothing progressive seems to be happening.

  48. 48
    yiyi's blog - They are simply all Christian Louboutin sneakers not to mention boot footwear whilst awfully. Says:

    » TV Novel – Sam Saeng » Korean Drama

  49. 49
    anna Says:

    Too mml..i want to know what website you watching or downdload Samsaeg.. i really want to watch it coz i just can watch it only one episode for a week.. for the rest i will asked my mom..huhu

  50. 50
    jessie Says:

    The more I watch this picture the more sick I get of Dr Bong. He is all curled up in his cocoon, oblivious to everything that is going on around him. He stays in the same house as Geumok’s bio father and Geumok and does not suspect the abnormal way that the bio father is so interested in Geumok in everything she does even to a point of walking in and out of her room. Geumok is already a young lady. Even if he was only a close friend, he would not do such a thing. Yet Dr Bong doesnt suspect anything. That he is more than being a close friend. I wish Dr Bong’s mother will come back to haunt them. The person I pity most is Samsaengi’s “stepfather.” He is such a nice man. The two ladies are also so stupid. How can they not insist on finding out how a very bad scar can vanish. Something must be wrong somewhere…Lets hope everything goes back to its proper place in the end….

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