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Title: TV소설 – 삼생이 / TV Novel – Sam Saeng
Chinese Title: TV小說- 三生
Also known as: TV Novel: Samsaengi
Genre: Medical, Family, Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-07 to 2013-June-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


This drama is telling a romance story that happens in Seoul in 1970s.


Main Cast

Hong Ah Reum as Suk Sam Saeng
Hyun Seung Min as Sam Saeng (12 years old)
Kwak Ji Hye as child Sam Saeng (4 years old)
Son Sung Yoon as Bong Geum Ok
Kim Ji Min (2000) as Geum Ok (12 years old)
Jang Seo Hee as Geum Ok (4 years old)
Cha Do Jin as Park Dong Woo
Kim Ji Hoon as Dong Woo (14 years old)
Ji Il Joo as Oh Ji Sung
Kim Seung Chan as Ji Sung (13 years old)
Jung Yoo Geun as Ji Sung (4 years old)

Suk Bong Chool family

Lee Dal Hyung as Suk Bong Chool
Lee Ah hyun as Go Mak Rye
Shin Hyun Tak as Suk Chang Shik
– Jung Seung Won (정승원) as Chang Shik (16 years old)
Lee Soo Bin (이수빈) as Suk Chang Hee
– Esther (에스더) as Chang Hee (6 years old)

Bong Moo Ryong family

Dok Go Young Jae as Bong Moo Ryong
Yoo Tae Woong as Sa Ki Jin
Lee Yeon Soo as Hae Joo Daek
Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jo

Oh Pil Soon family

Kim Na Woon as Oh Pil Soon
Go Do Young as Jung Yoon Hee
– Kim Hye Yoon (김혜윤) as Yoon Hee (14 years old)
– Lee Jae In (이재인) as Yoon Hee (6 years old)

Oh In Soo family

Kim Seung Wook as Oh In Soo
Kim Do Yun as Park Kyung Ja

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Director: Kim Won Yong
Screenwriter: Lee Eun Joo


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143 Responses to “TV Novel – Sam Saeng”

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  1. 101
    Bea Says:

    So Dr. Bong is going realize is his natural daughter. What episode? Where can watch with English subtitles.

  2. 102
    badette Says:

    Dr. Bong found out through Samsaengi’s “mother” about the switch and who his real daughter is… around either episode 98 or 99… from mid-90’s episode, everything started unfolding. I am now watching 106 and the two, Samsaengi and Jiseong are “wanted for espionage”… thanks for Mr. Sa. Dr. Bong and Dongwu are trying their best to shield Samsaengi, who has not been “captured by the police”(actually hired by Mr. Sa). Yesterday’s episode had Geumok pleading for Jiseong’s release from captivity from Mr. Sa. But, Mr. Sa told her if he lets Jiseong go, he, himself will be in jeopardy and be in trouble with the law. I watch the show on Comcast cable channel 257 and it has English subtitles. I really don’t know where else to watch it… sorry….

  3. 103
    sunmin Says:

    This Drama was a waste of my Time! Terrible drama! How in the world they can forgive Geumok and her real dad Mr Sa for the many evil, terrible things they done to Samsaengi and her mom and step dad! Both Mr Sa and daughter should have been punish for all the very evil things they done and
    Geumok covering for her real dad, deceiving everyone, beyond my belief!
    As for Ji Sung, falling in love again with Geumok , and his parents accept her, which is soooooooooooooooooooooooo UNREAL after all the Evil and lies she and her dad Mr Sa did and still be accepted is really UNCALL for!
    They should have call this DRAMA “LET’S FORGIVE”…
    All TV LOVE NOVEL DRAMA ENDING IS and HAS BEEN TERRIBLE AT THE ENDING and episode has been toooooooooooooooo long, getting everyone excited from the first START, then the DISSAPOINTMENT when the DRAMA END! Such a WASTE of TIME!
    Example: BOKHEE such ending ????? – LOVE MY LOVE stupid ending now this Drama TERRIBLE ! TERRIBLE ENDING!

  4. 104
    badette Says:

    I will make my decision as to whether it is a terrible drama or not once the drama is over. I am still interested in what is going on and what may happen. I have enjoyed the other daytime dramas, except the ones that had to deal with angels stranded on earth. I forgot the title of that one. Anyway.. what I also look for in the dramas is what I can learn from it. This drama has given me a great deal of insight about Oriental medicine and how police can be corrupt in other countries as well. The one before this had to do with Korean dyeing of materials using herbs and creating hanbok, another one had to do with rice wine. All of these dramas may have had disappointing dramas but, in life… reality…? doesn’t always end satisfying.

  5. 105
    badette Says:

    Ugh…. I am watched episodes 109 and 110 yesterday… sad but Jiseong “gave up” Samsaeng in order for him to be released, as well as for his parent’s well being. So, now, Samsaeng is in jail being interrogated for spying. One satisfying part of the two episodes is when Dongwu slapped Geumok…. boy did she have it coming to her. I wish he slapped her more times! I think she is starting to get suspicious of Dr. Bong knowing something about her(Geumok) because he is acting strangely. All this week, our t.v. channel here is playing 2 episodes per day. I guess to rush it to the end…. it is supposed to only have 120 episodes…. can’t wait to the ending. I read on another forum that Jiseong and Geumok got back together and Samsaengi ended up with Dongwu. We shall see…

  6. 106
    Pitzel Says:

    Help. KBS no longer broadcasts on my DISH network,so now I have watched 110 episodes, just to be in limbo. Please someone tell me how this ends, I am sorry if it will spoil it for others, but if I could find it online, I would watch it there. Thanks.

  7. 107
    Renkon-chan Says:

    KBS pulled the plug from Dish Network this afternoon. They went with Direct TV. Still had 5 more episodes to watch out of the 120. What a bad timing!

  8. 108
    mauricia Says:

    I know, that SUCKS! big time. The plug was actually pulled from DISH in mid program. I have already set up my appt for Direct TV installation, & if I counted correctly, I may get to see episode 120. Also, Direct TV also offers MBC & SBS + a lot of other Korean channels that DISH doesn’t!

    In any event, please, please, please let us (former) DISH customers know what happened (in detail) with the ending for this drama.

    One more thing, KBS will be on DIRECT TV starting Sat 8/10.

  9. 109
    Patty Says:

    I am also a disgruntled Dish Network subscriber—and I called and let them know it. I would like to see how this ends—only 5 more episodes to go. I want to see Mr. Sa get it! He is evil personified.

  10. 110
    badette Says:

    I am a Comcast subscriber, wishing we had SBS. But, KBS has been a good supplier of variety shows and dramas to keep me busy nightly. Let’s see… Geumok reported Samsaeng’s whereabouts. Samsaeng was interrogated by “police” for espionage. Dr. Bong found a way to get Samsaeng free by asking a former general, whose life he saved during the war (and used it as his excuse to ask the general for help… if it wasn’t for him being separated from his family, his daughter would not have been exchanged with the decoy baby, Geumok),… Samsaengi was freed… beautiful and tearful reunion between Dr. Bong and Samsaengi; but, Samsaeng is doubtful of Dongwu. She believes Dongwu told Geumok that Samsaeng was in his office. So, Dongwu is in trouble… yesterday’s episode, he was in a warehouse… Mr. Sa had him “kidnapped” because of the cufflink … he found out(through his police connection) that his cufflinks were the designer one and Dongwu’s was a copy.(Remember, Geumok took one of Dongwu’s cufflink to make up for Mr. Sa’s missing one… the one in dead father’s hand?). Anyway…. Mr. Sa and Geumok left the house… on their own but Mr. Sa is determined to seek revenge…. So, that’s the nitty gritty of what has happened so far…

  11. 111
    Bryan Says:

    I am very dissapoited was watching the program from the first and now they just up and pulled the feed there is alot of people who like to watch Korean drams from the United States

  12. 112
    Bryan Says:

    In respons to Mauricia I allready called diret tv and asked them about KBS and they act like they didnt know what i was talking could not tell me anyhing but i hope soon they get it on

  13. 113
    mauricia Says:

    Don’t give up hope Bryan. It took me about 3 hours or so on the phone with Direct TV until I got the answers that I needed. Had to go up to several levels of management/supervision until somebody knew what I was talking about. The communication process left lot to be desired…..but I did succeed.

    The process for getting KBS from DISH wasn’t much better either. The customer reps are clueless and they neglect to tell you that you need different or special satellites to get “international channels” I was a customer for over 5 years of DISH only because they offered KBS. Their service sucked out loud, but I endured because they were the only provider for KBS. Now I don’t have to be bothered with them.

    So, I you go with DIRECT TV, make sure to ask the right questions, otherwise, the first line customer reps won’t have a clue about what you’re asking.

  14. 114
    mauricia Says:

    Oh, almost forgot, KBS is offered in the “ultimate package” and higher for no additional charge. The add-on channels for MBC, SBS etc. costs about $26 per month (which I did order). If its not good I can cancel the add-ons without any early penalty charges at anytime……here’s hopin’ that it all goes smoothly. The charges my differ regionally……I’m on the west coast.

  15. 115
    Bryan Says:

    mauricia if you can tell me who do i need to talk to besides the first i talked to you did mention you had to go higher up besides front line people i would greatly be thank ful for other information

  16. 116
    Karola Says:

    I have been watching Korean tv dramas ever since I discovereded them accidentally, at the end of the day it was the time I most enjoyed. Watching KBS World dramas, free of commercials, has been an exciting experience as well, I have learned so much about Korean customs, traditions and their history and gotten to admire everything Korean, even though I am half Hispanic and half Anglo, I really admire the quality of the tv series, the actors, the stories and the good values they promote. I can’t really watch American television, it’s very bad, and I can’t stand how come we have to pay so much money, for the tv stations to bombard us with commercials.
    2 days ago Dish Network stopped providing KBS and I feel abandoned, like my family has left me. Why can’t we enjoy in peace our little pleasures in life? Why is there always something going wrong? How can Dish leave with out a warning?

  17. 117
    mauricia Says:

    GOOD NEWS! Okay, here go (especially Bryan). sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner.

    I am waiting for DIRECT TV to connect my new service. The “new” KBS WORLD channel # will be: 2082.

    If you contact DIRECT TV, the customer reps will have that info. Soooooo… you won’t have to go through all the trauma I had to, to get this information.

    Good Luck….

    Everyone else that still has KBS, please keep those updates coming regarding the end of this drama.

    Thx 🙂

  18. 118
    sharon davis Says:

    I too switched to DirectTV so I could get KBS. I can’t get until the 14th and it actually is cheaper. Dish TV offered me $45 off my bill for a year to stay with them but I said oh no I want my KBS.
    I can’t find a web channel to watch this show though. I saw up to #113 but have not been able to find where I can watch.
    Dish was to disconnect on 9th but did on 5th

  19. 119
    Richard Piper Says:

    We changed from cable TV to Dish for the sole purpose of being able to view KBS TV. About 75% of the time we watch KBS. We like to relax by watching the Korean historical movies and also shows like Sam Saengi. I understand companies have to negotiate but to give three day notice of termination is too short of a leeway. Advance warning of a month should have been given to give people a chance to change and make arrangements. The three day warning became 3 hours and the KBS plug was pulled. That is a shabby way to treat customers. Do as you say and give advance warning. I know it is just a show but having seen 116 shows and not the end does not make me a happy camper. This is one of the few TV shows that I watch. Where is John Wayne when we need him? Some of these pilgrims just do not get the idea that they have put a burr beneath the saddles of a lot of people.

  20. 120
    Gayle Says:

    Just to let everyone know, on the Soompi site there are very detailed summaries of the final episodes.

  21. 121
    alicia Says:

    I too loved KBS..and had Dish for this reason… I called and shared my frustration and they offered a $5 a month discount for three months. I found a link that has the episodes I didn’t get to watch with no subtitles…and I couldn’t access the last one. Not happy with Dish!

  22. 122
    mauricia Says:

    Got DIRECT TV installed on Sat 8/10….I didn’t miss to much programming, and if I have counted correctly, I may even get see episode 120 (last one). The KBS feed is the same as always (I know what time everything comes on that I watch).

    I subscribed to the Korean Package and now get MBC & SBS + a whole lot more channels (12 in all)……..and MBC & SBS dramas DO HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES (Yeah!!!….). Talk shows etc…do not have English subtitles, but that’s okay with. I can get that from the KBS channel.

    Yes DISH pulled the plug with next to no warning, but I think in the long run, they did me a favor….I’m much happier with the programming from DIRECT!

  23. 123
    mauricia Says:

    Just saw the last episode (120). Twisted as usual for a TV-Novel.

    1) DRs Bong & Hwang are both dead (didn’t get to see the grandchild). Samseagi runs the clinic now.
    2) Samsaengi & Dongwu are married and have a baby together.
    3)Guemko & Jiseong got back together.
    4) Samseangi’s brother married Jiseong’s cousin and they have a child that looks to about 4 or 5 years old. The brother also works as a salesman in Dongwu’s company. The little sister is now a singer and seems like she will be together with the record store owner. the mother is into farming and the aunt is now a writer. The housekeeper is still with Samseangi & Dongwu.
    5) The couple that work in Dr Bongs clinic got married and she was VERY pregnant.

    Everyone was all happy and forgiving. No mention of Mr. Sa. Don’t know what happened to him.

    This might be the last TV novel for me. The writers are TWISTED!!! and I cant’ take it anymore.

  24. 124
    Will L Says:

    LOL Mauricia. Most K-dramas end abruptly without much cathartic satisfaction or justice. Besides the whole “wrap it up episode after 1 or 5 years later”, I think overall it was a decent ending to an awesome drama. The plot twists made things really unpredictable until Mr. Sa committed suicide. I watched Cheer Up Mr. Kim and Moon and Stars for You, before this, and those two were complete wastes of time, compared to this one. From the compelling opening episodes of switching the babies and the Shaman lady, to the growing up of girls that should have had opposite fates, I was pretty much hooked. I haven’t seen ep. 120 yet (comes on today on KBS World in Hawaii – we have Time Warner) but I look forward to the sunshine ending. The rest of it was worthwhile. I really thought the actor that played Mr. Sa did a great job. He portrayed how evil a person could be (I truly hated him LOL), but then he was able to nuance that with a flawed human side who only wanted what was best for his daughter (and how he himself was screwed by Samsaengi’s grandmother). The drama portrayed the conflicts and flaws of humanity very well. Hong Ah Reum played Samsaengi very well. It was nice casting overall. The kids in the early episodes were just great. The kids and the adults they turned into was for the most part believable. A good one! Watch it.

  25. 125
    KBS viewer Says:

    FYI, like many of you, I was disappointed when dish dropped KBS. I just signed up with Direct TV which offers a Korean package that includes KBS and SBC. Negotiations with KBS have not come up yet with Direct TV, so I’ve heard, so whether they will continue to carry KBS is not certain.

    I signed a 2 year contract that includes a basic package and a Korean add-on. Right now they are not charging for installation, activation or satellite equipment. First year is half the price of the second year. Hope this is helpful to all the Korean addicts.

  26. 126
    tahui Says:

    not happy with Dish…i miss the last episodes of samsaengi but i’ll be damned if I sign up with direct tv…they are good on the first year of service then after that the ass fuckin is ON..i’ll just do without the KBS for now till Dish will get the head straight… if not i’ll just get the DVD’s of korean dramas i would like to watch!!!

  27. 127
    victoria Says:

    I will not switch to Direct TV. The service is terrible, and trying to find channels is daunting. Not to be political, but Direct TV is owned by Murdoch who is not a very honest or ethical person. The reasons are the same as to why I don’t watch Fox News.

    But as least I know the ending. I can get many programs for free on digital TV without any cost except buying a good set and antenna.

  28. 128
    mauricia Says:

    I know about the tiered pricing for DIRECT, but its still cheaper that what I was paying DISH. At least I have a year to find an alternative (if necessary), which is 1000 times more notice that what DISH gave us.

    I’ve been unsuccessful in watching dramas on line or through links. 8 times out of 10 I always get horrible viruses and have to take my computer in for service. And, buying DVDs is not an option for me….my house would be filled to the brim ’em.

    But good luck to those that can do it.. Will see your comments on the next TV Novel (if I decide to watch it). 🙂

  29. 129
    badette Says:

    It’s funny how the “conversation” went from “Samsaengi” to television providers; yet… no mention of Comcast. Comcast substriber in the San Francisco Bay area get their fill of Korean dramas on two stations for free. Yet, the Seattle area subscribers have to pay $15.00 a month. Figure that out; but, I would rather have to pay than to watch the shows on a small computer screen. For the person who wondered what happened to Mr. Sa., I think Episode 18 showed that we was so traumatized by accidentally shooting Geumok that he took wine to the location where he poisoned Samsaengi’s “other father”… The wine, of course was laced with poison… he was shown face up on the mound where the gravesite was. Then, the drama went on… I actually enjoyed the way the writers “tied up all the loose ends” and made a wonderful ending to the story…. Jiseon ended up with Geumok(after all they have always been childhood sweethearts), Dongwu and Samsaengi getting married and having a daughter. I specially enjoyed the birthday celebration of their one year old daughter where they showed the tradition of having their child pick an instrument which would show what she may grow up to be. The explanations as to how the “sisters” ended up with their “mates”… made sense. I would rather watch Korean dramas where there is an ending and conclusion even if it drags to 120 episodes than watch an American drama that goes on for years and years! And, when the drama is cancelled, you will never know how the story ended. I especially enjoyed the way this drama ended because it was a happy ending… people were smiling even “those who came back for the ending”(the ones who died in the process of the story… Dr. Bong, the weird doctor, Mr. Sa, “other father”)…. and the know that the little sister became a star and she sang the show’s theme song! wonderful job!

  30. 130
    mauricia Says:

    Thanks for letting me know how Mr. Sa died. How did he accidentally shot Geumok? How did Drs Hwang and Bong die?

    I watched up to episode 115 (then no more service).. I was lucky enough to see the last episode 120.

  31. 131
    Bea Says:

    Where can I watch with English subtitles?

  32. 132
    badette Says:

    Mr. Sa had gone back to Dr. Bong’s house with his intention to shoot Dr. Bong but Geumok tried to stop him and she got shot instead… in the arm… she healed later on… went to Paris to study dress design and Jiseon went to Germany to pursue law…. You can tell Dr. Bong was going to die because of pictures he had taken of the girls with him and he wanted to have a picture of himself taken… you know… they carry the picture of the dead during a funeral? Anyway, it did not show how Bong and Hwang died…. Am glad you saw the ending…
    I am liking Eunhee.. though many probably has given up watching long dramas; but Comcast has started showing two episodes a day, which would make this one faster to finish. This time, they are going into introducing its viewers with tofu making! These daytime dramas have taught me rice wine making”makeoli”, hand dyed silk and hanbok, oriental medicine and herbs…
    Can’t wait until the night time drama “Good Doctor” comes up… with Joo Woon… it should be interesting. Can’t stand Yerin in the drama “Twin of Two Sisters”…. she is so wicked! to boot… her mother is too!

  33. 133
    Bryan Says:

    can any one tell me where i can watch the episodes on the net i was watching until dish pulled the plug they can say it was to help with the cost all they was helping was them selfs not the public

  34. 134
    mauricia Says:

    Thanks Badette…for telling me what happened 🙂

  35. 135
    bea Says:

    Does Dr.Bong find out that Samsaengi is his natural daughter? And does she also realize Dr. Bong is her natural dad.

  36. 136
    bea Says:

    Badette please tell me where is your location. I have comcast and I have only seen once a day I am on East coast can I also watch this kdrama twice. We are only at ep. 68!

  37. 137
    I love all soap operas Says:

    I have optimum cable and this drama comes on 5 days a week and its still not enough! I’m not patient, lol. We are only up to ep 62 and this is the second tv novel i’m watching. I saw a little of my sister drama, and they all seem to have unsatisfying endings (for me). That may be my American sensibilities, but I’ve watch loads of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas and these tv novels are the only ones with such horrible endings that are supposed to be happy. For me the point of watching dramas is so good wins and true love prevails (unless based on historical fact). Everything leading up to the end I love the tantalizing story, the evil/hateful characters and the naïve ingénue. I just don’t see how they can be happy settling for second best (Dongwu or the non brother character in love my love) and I don’t believe their love for 2nd choice could be as satisfying.

    PS some one recommended a drama called a hundred years inheritance, I’ve seen it and love it also. That was a satisfying ending!

  38. 138
    ILKD Says:

    Just finished watching episode 95. Samsangi confirms her suspicion that she is the biological daughter of Dr. Bong and that the two girls were switched.

  39. 139
    ILKD Says:

    This drama has about 13 episodes left on WMBC in the New York City area. I think anyone, in any part of the world, should be able to watch the remaining episodes of this drama for free on the Internet with english subtitles. Here is how:

    Sign up for a 30-day free trial on http://www.aereo.com. Select New York City (NYC) as your location and tune into WMBC. I hope this information helps someone.

  40. 140
    Deborah Says:

    I hated this drama, although interesting. I find unrealistic the end. the bad make life impossible for others but in the end all form a family. in real life if such a thing happens, it would be realy unfair. what to do about the suffering, abuse, and other, about the time lost ? on the other hand, I must admit that sometimes in real life things go really like that, hence my frustration

    p.s.: Mr Sa don’t died but remain familly with Mr Song at the end. sad right?!

  41. 141
    Deborah Says:

    Mr Sa died in the end. sorry, my mistake 😀

  42. 142
    elvani Says:

    The drama is so long, the plot is quote inserting though.
    I’m happy with the ending:
    Dongwu and Samseng got married and had a daughter together ( yay, finally… )
    Geum-ok and Ji-sung got back together, too.

    Geum-ok doesn’t deserve a bad ending because she saved Ji-sung and did the same thing to Dr. Bong by risking her life! It’s good to see her and Ji-sung were finally back again, Ji-sung has loved her from the beginning and it was just a misunderstood that made him dislikes her. His parent let them be together is easy to understand, she saved him, and they have realized that their son’s happiness is important ( and none of them or us want to see Ji-sung spends his life one-sided loving Samseng like Dr..Hwang or trying to steal her from Dongwu )
    Mr.Sa died because he was a bad man, anyway.

    I’m satisfied with the ending except for this detail: they didn’t show any scene from Samseng and Dongwu’s wedding and the didn’t share any kiss for the entire drama ( while Samseng has shared a kiss with Ji-sung ), she should have said she loved Dongwu at least once ( not accepting to marry him because he always saved her ), the writers should have had some scenes like that, instead of a bunch of stupid episodes about Samseng and Ji-sung were together.

    The relationships between the four of them were complicated and sometimes annoying ( when Samseng was with Ji-sung and made the other two sad for many episodes really made me rate the drama 2.5/5 )
    1. Samseng: Dongwu- former friend, officially spouse
    Geum-ok – good friend
    Ji-sung – former crush, former romantic interest ( or boyfriend ), currently friend
    2.Dongwu: Samseng – former best friend, former crush, former romantic interest, officially spouse
    Geum-ok – friend
    Ji-sung – former enemy, currently friend
    3.Geum-ok: Samseng – former enemy, currently good friend
    Dongwu – friend
    Ji-Sung – boyfriend then ex then boyfriend again
    4.Ji-sung: Samseng – former crush, former romantic interest ( or girlfriend ), currently friend
    DongWu – former enemy, friend
    Geum-ok – girlfriend then ex then girlfriend again

  43. 143
    love film Says:

    Please tell me know the name of song in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFYcN5vPzOw. Thanks so much!!

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