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TV Novel – Eun Hee

Title: TV소설 – 은희 티저 / TV Novel – Eun Hee
Chinese Title: TV小說- 恩熙
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 140
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-June-24 to 2014-Jan-03
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


A day before the Korean War broke out in 1950, there was a murder and the drama between the three families has began. The fate takes young couples to strenuous love and forgiveness. (Source)

Eun Hee (Kyung Soo Jin) is shunned by people, because her father was falsely accused of killing a man right before the Korean War. His father died tragically.

Im Sung Jae (Lee Jun) is saved by a man who actually killed his father. He treats him like a father without knowing the truth and. Because of this, Sung Jae has to separate from Eun Hee.

Cha Young Joo (Choi Yoon So) is the daughter of the real killer. She is arrogant and smart. Since she was younger, she has feelings for Im Sung Jae, but Im Sung Jae has always been in love with Eun Hee. Cha Young Joo’s jealousy drives her to try to break up their relationship.

Choi Jung Tae (Jung Min Jin) loves Eun Hee, but he accepts Eun Hee and Sung Jae’s love feeling for each other.


Main Cast

Kyung Soo Jin as Kim Eun Hee
Lee Jun as Im Sung Jae
Choi Ha Ho as Sung Jae (teen)
Jung Yoo Geun as Sung Jae (child)
Choi Yoon So as Cha Young Joo
Jung Min Jin as Choi Jung Tae

People around Eun Hee

Lee Dae Yeon as Kim Hyung Man
Kim Hye Sun as Han Jung Ok

People around Sung Jae

Hong Il Kwon as Im Duk Soo
Ban Hyo Jung as Lee Geum Soon
Choi Joon Yong as Lee Baek Soo
Jung So Hee as Baek Soo’s wife

People around Young Joo

Park Chan Hwan as Cha Suk Goo
Hwang Mi Sun as Kang Gil Rye

Captain Go’s people

Choi Joo Bong as Captain Go
Chae Min Hee as Go Soon Duk
Son Jong Bum as Hong Sam Bong

People of Seoul Hotel

Kim Bo Mi as Lola Kim
Lee Ha Yool as Choi Myung Ho
Jo Byung Ki as Kang Jae Pil
Kang Kyung Hun as Madam Jung
Ban Sang Yoon as Nubchi


Mi Ram as Mi Kyung
Choi Ro Woon as Young Shik (ep 1)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Director: Han Chul Kyung
Screenwriter: Ahn Hong Ran, Lee Sang Min


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  1. 1 : Dou Says:

    Sounds like a sad story ending.

  2. 2 : atomickitty Says:

    Ya. Sounds like every other TV Novel I’ve watched.

  3. 3 : Ttuk Says:

    Kyung Soo Jin’s performance in Shark caught my attention. So I’m looking forward to this drama.

  4. 4 : mauricia Says:

    The good thing about a new TV Novel is that TV Novel Sam Saeng won’t go on forever (120 episodes) like TV Novel Love My Love (174 episodes) did. Hopefully this “newest” TV Novel won’t SUCK like those two.

    Alas, I think I might be hoping for to much. The writers of daytime tv novels have proven to be twisted!

  5. 5 : asmara Says:

    Korean dramas that I’ve watched so far ended badly and rushed. Samsaengi and Love my love were exhaustingly long and their endings were very disappointing. I think this tv novel would be a waste of time too. I am not going to invest my time in watching any long-winded Korean stories, NO MORE!

  6. 6 : Enuff Says:

    Where I am concern, it is twice bitten, twice shy. Love My Love and Samsangi have taught me to stay away from tv novels for good. Why? It is because they suck.

    Not going to invest my time on this one anymore. Enough is enough.

  7. 7 : John k Says:

    This drama really sucks. Not watching this one.

  8. 8 : mauricia Says:

    Just saw the 1st episode…I can see the handwriting on the wall…..gonna be a TOTAL DISAPOINT just like the last 3 tv novels I’ve watched…Not sure yet if I’m gong to be a sucker this time

  9. 9 : Nudge Says:

    Well, that synopsis is so convoluted, I wonder if the drama is also.

  10. 10 : Summer Says:

    I kind-off watch it now and then, but not like how I was for the last three drama so eager and get UPSET at the ENDING!
    TV NOVEL LOVE DRAMA have so many episode, that it is a waste of time watching EACH EPISODE and get disappointed at the END! It SUCKS ALL TIME!
    So I’m laying Off watching for a bit, until the conclusion take place!

  11. 11 : Nudge Says:

    “TV Novel: Eunhui” is the name KBS gave this drama. In the English subtitles her name also appears as “Eunhui”. At this site her name is spelled “Eun Hee”.

    I am guessing the KBS “Eunhui” is a bastardisation of “Eun Hee”.

    Can anyone shed light on the subject for this ignorant non-Korean?

  12. 12 : Love Says:

    I really don’t know, but to my conclusion it seems it is a revise like:
    I sound like a fool!
    Drama: TV Novel: Eunhui (English title) / Eun-Hee (literal title)
    Revised romanization: Eunhui
    Hangul: 은희

  13. 13 : JoNa Says:

    I think its a nice story.

  14. 14 : Nudge Says:

    Hey thanks @Love, but it went over my head.

    I’ll assume in this case, “literal” means the word as presented in Hangul — Eun-Hee.

    Anyway the drama in episode #47 went strange with Eunhui exhibiting irrational feminist righteous indignation. For someone who is working in the service industry she’s suddenly narrow-minded.

    Interesting post war era. I got a laugh out of the fashion policy going around giving haircuts right off the street. Quaint.

    Just for the fun of it, it’d be entertaining to have those guys around and we get to watch their most recent exploits on YouTube. What’ll they do to Miley Cyrus..? Oh the excitement, the anticipation. LOL.

  15. 15 : Love Says:

    Nudge! You Welcome
    Are you watching this Drama Eun Hee? I’m skipping most of the episode, as I got suck with the last three Drama “Bokhee” Love My Love” and the last one was ‘Samsaengi” which all had over 100 + episode THOSE THREE TV LOVE NOVEL DRAMA ” SUCKS BIG TIME!!! ALL Ending was such a DISAPPOINTED and wasting day life of my life. For this Episode I skip here and there.
    Seems like the President Lora Kim is Eun Hee (BIO) mother on watching episode 95 and 96 (RAW)!
    This is going to be a Exciting Roller Coaster story line! Aigoo

  16. 16 : Nudge Says:

    @Love, like you I fast-forward a lot.

    This be my first TV Novel. I confess it was Kyung Soo Jin’s appearance in “Shark” and “Horse Doctor” that brought me here.

    I’m a sucker for period dramas and this one has engaged me sufficiently to stay for the finale.

  17. 17 : Nudge Says:

    This drama is not too bad but after 50 episodes with Kyung Soo Jin, i think she really should broaden her range bit. In this drama she has only a few expressions which she recycles, but she should put feeling behind them or they start to look contrived.

  18. 18 : Chloe Says:

    Do you want to make a conversation with Korean?
    I will become your korean tutor.
    add my Kakao Talk ID (bibalee0127),touch with me and ask anything!!

  19. 19 : zehnee Says:

    Why is this tv novel not shown in HuluPlus? I only find this in You Tube with some missing episodes, and I really find it frustrating since I have come to love watching this drama. I hope somebody will be kind enough to fix such problem. My sincerest gratitude to whoever it would be. And may the good Lord bless you!

  20. 20 : imhel Says:

    in response to zehnee#19

    see it in http://goodrama.net/

  21. 21 : linda Says:

    Already I just watch until episdoe 80 and it sucks. VP guy is gone. I think it worst drama. IT based on first guy you met or your first love.

  22. 22 : CC Says:

    What !! VP guy gone !! Why ?? Dun tell me he left EH so that she can go back to her 1st love or he knows that she is his step-sis ??. Arghh!! I like the VP guy. But somehow I know he will dissappear as his character is not a main character. Is he a very new actor ? I dun see his name in the character list..

  23. 23 : vp fan Says:

    I’m sad that the VP has left; I hope he comes back.
    Actually I’m only watching this drama because of him.
    The other 2 guys really cmi

  24. 24 : Linda Says:

    This drama is so boring and it going down hill fast. Everyone go to watch king family. The drama is so fun. I never going to tv novel again. It so boring. I want my Vp back.

    Only reason he left because lk was agasinst him marry eh. Plus she told him go back to US. Plus boring Eh fo not have feeling for him. She want Boring sj. Two main character are wimps.

  25. 25 : Susie Says:

    Guys, Eh is not boring. It is her character from the script. She makes a good couple with SJ as they love and understand each other. Besides why should the evil manipulative JY have SJ. Eunhee deserves to be happy after all the hardships she gone thro with her mother.

  26. 26 : Siok Says:

    I do love this Novel but the only problem for all Novels, the ending are always very rushing just like the wind blown by. I hope this Novel will have a nice ending. I think EH should end with JT and not with SJ as JT help EH alot, something like silent love. SJ’s family doesn’t derserve to have EH after all for what they had done to EH & her mother.

  27. 27 : Tsegasetegn Yirdaw Says:

    God bless you, me and my childrens love “S.Koreans and their dramas”.We have seen Bridal Mask,Good Doctor,Eunhui and others”. We enjoy it very much. We see all thru KBS tv. KBS tv we thank you all.God bless you.

  28. 28 : Shen Says:

    Me too, I hope EH will end up with JT. They will be good for each other.

    I just can’t stand SJ. He’s such a wimp, and to think that there is this silly girl (Cha Young Joo) who thinks she’s struck gold, clinging on to SJ for dear life. Well, I suppose they deserve each other.

    Another person I can’t stand is Lora Kim. She’s is a huge and major stumbling block in the flow of “life”. She manipulates too much. Control freak !

  29. 29 : Ttuk Says:

    Yes, thank you KBS.

    Boy that Mr. Cha never grew out of his delinquent youth I guess. Yet the actor’s countenance and manner of speaking gives away little of his demonic nature.

    And I guess the apple don’t fall far from the tree. Mr. Cha’s own daughter has a similar character. It seems she will, if in a trying situation do whatever it takes to achieve her own goals.

  30. 30 : Siok Says:

    After watching until Ep 90++, I really hate that YJ. I just can’t wait to see how she feel when the actual truth is out. I just wanted to know how SJ’s grandma feel when she finally know that she is actually forcing her grandson to married a murderer’s daughter. I guess she get the greatest shock of her life, living with the actual murderer all these years….

  31. 31 : imhel Says:

    this drama is just like the other 100+ dramas specially that Sincerity Moves Heaven….nothing good, all evil….can’t networks just do with 50 episodes, rather than 100+ episodes????
    the world itself is soo full of evil already, yet these networks still promote evil with their dramas. can’t they promote and show more goodness in these dramas so that life can imitate these dramas?

    with regards to this drama, i hope Myeongho comes back and marries Eunhee. They are not blood-related anyways, he is just adopted by Lora Kim….I don’t like Jeongtae to end up with Eunhee because he is not that strong. Eunhee is already weak, she needs a stronger person beside her.

  32. 32 : Nudge Says:

    @Sio-30 Well at her age it is doubtful if halmoni can survive the shock. But it may not happen for another 40 episodes.

    @imhel-31 “…the world itself is so full of evil already…”. A good point.

    I kinda like Seongjae though. Having grown up with Yeongju he must know her well enough not to enter into wedlock with one who places her own interests ahead of anyone’s. That would include whomever she marries and heaven forbid her own offspring.

    However the writer do muck with the character of Seongjae more than he/she ought to. It isn’t like Yeongju had a hold over Seongjae. They have a sibling-like relationship, which would mean Seongjae would be direct and not pussy-foot around Yeongju as if they’re a couple who recently met.

    But I guess for the sake of extending the story the writer made Seongjae a little overly polite, weak-willed and at times naive. Baaaaah.. humbug!

  33. 33 : Nudge Says:

    I do hope aliens would land though… just to break the monotony. 🙂

    In most of the car scenes I think the cars travel the same direction when going from Incheon to Seoul and Seoul to Incheon. At least that is what it looks like for me. LoL!

  34. 34 : vareena Says:

    @Imhel. exactly what you said about those dramas, the writers put too much
    emphasis on the evil and made drama so pathetic and the world so cruel. the networks has to look into those scripts before allowing the dramas to air. It is bad influence for the society.

  35. 35 : Shen Says:

    This drama is just a clone of Sincerity Moves Heaven !

  36. 36 : kim Says:

    I wishI coudl meet the actress that plays Eunhee and make love with her. She is SO sexy. I bet she has a sweet pussy.

  37. 37 : Linda Says:

    Good news everyone epiosode 107 VP back on the show. I was so happy. He bring excitement to the show.

  38. 38 : Mel Says:

    I enjoyed this drama until I found out that it was extended 40 more episodes. Just like Sincerity Moves Heaven, the plot becomes mundane and repetitive. Eun Hee becomes almost like Seyeong in Sincerity Moves Heaven. Korean dramas have gone downhill in the past several years. Need quality, not quantity. I’m starting to watch much less since 2 years ago. Just got so tired. You can do much better.

  39. 39 : mikiwendrew Says:

    @36 kim

    You are a sad and pathetic case.

    Sad, so sad indeed !

    Nice try anyway !

  40. 40 : Eden Says:

    Wondering why Mr. Cha’s character all bad? There was Mr. Cha in Samsaeng series and now another Mr. Cha in Eun Hee? Can’t they think of something different or is it Mrl. Cha exclusively?

  41. 41 : Anetta Says:

    I agreed to much episode and i do hope eunhui ended up with the VP. He is more smarter and know who to trust and talk too.

  42. 42 : imhel Says:

    I suppose the KBS writers for 100 episodes are not that brilliant.

    almost all of the day time dramas and the KBS1 nightime dramas have are lame storylines that showcase only evil and lies, deceits, and the dumbness of the lead characters

    Case in point: TV Novels Samsaeng, Love My Love, My One and Only, Moon and Stars for You, Sincerity moves Heaven

    They all have the same storylines that recycle lies, deceits, connivances, scheming….

    Please KBS can you get new writers if you can’t get rid of the 100+ episodes

  43. 43 : Shen Says:

    imhel (42)

    It is possible that the dailies are written by a group of in-house writers who as salaried staff whose job it is to just write to fulfill the dailies’ production. This, I guess do not give much time, incentive or challenge to these writers to produce a “masterpiece”. This could account for the reason why the same format is used, time and time again for one production after another. In other words, they are playing it safe, why not? Whatever and however they write, they will only be paid a fixed monthly income.

    Whereas as for the non-dailies (eg. the two day weekly dramas), they are written by private scriptwriters whose income and reputation as writers are at stake So such dramas tend to be of better quality. And as I understand, their scripts are sometimes worth tens of thousands of dollars per script.

    (Recently, an entertainment piece of news reported that the scriptwriter for a drama being broadcasted by a well known Station was asked to continue to write for the extended drama, for that, the fee for each extended episodes was $30,000 per episode! The news further said that by the time the drama ends, scriptwriter would have been paid close to $5 mil in total (the whole drama) !

    See? The comparison between a private scriptwriter and an in-house writer?

  44. 44 : Nudge Says:

    When Mr Cha says “I was just in the neighbourhood”, you know he’s up to no good. But then Mr. Cha is hardly ever doing anything good.

    Poor man is attempting to deflect the onslaught of his bad karma, as if he can prevent the inevitable. And in the process all he can do is create more bad karma for himself.

  45. 45 : Shen Says:

    Mr Cha deserves all the bad that comes to him. Got no sympathy for him. He is just simply greedy. Greed bodes no good for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

    Karma works in mysterious ways. Especially it will bite a person in the butt, when least expected.

  46. 46 : linda Says:

    For those of you still watching EH and SJ going back together at final episode. VP and Jt end up alone. Final episode is stupid. Final episode is the worst. Poor VP and Jt. SJ and EH are boring couple. This drama is worst. I never going to watch TV novel again. THE guy you met first going to end with at the last episode.

  47. 47 : Shen Says:

    Linda (46)

    Hahaha …. I note you are no different from many of us …. we will complain and fret about a lousy tv novel we’ve just watched, having invested our time attention for nothing. Swearing not to watch another tv novel again….. and then we go again watching a new one when it’s broadcasted. Join the club !

    Thanks for telling what the ending is. I’ve stopped watching this drama since a long long time ago. Nice to know how it ends.

  48. 48 : Elsie Says:

    this is for Kim…
    you are so bad. Why did you have to say those nasty things you just sound like a man in heat just like a damn that you are. Please voice your toilet opinions elsewhere and not where young children have access to the internet. You are so sad

  49. 49 : hsc Says:

    May i know the name of vice president (actor name)

  50. 50 : hsc Says:

    May i know the name of vice president

  51. 51 : Love Says:

    # (46)
    Linda, thanks for the ending! I’m so sad that JT, did not end uo with Eunee! She should know that SJ kept so much secrecy about all the lies!
    Well I always hated watching TV LOVE NOVEL etc……everyone get forgiving like nothing happen.
    So Linda what ever happen to Mr. Cha?
    Oh! thank you, I stop watching this Drama! Not worthy!

  52. 52 : Logan1707 Says:

    Cant believe I am following this drama until now. 5 more episodes to go, and I hope EH and VP will end up together as they were meant to be together since they met at the first time.

    As I see the preview for ep 136 Mr. Cha has finally put into the jail by Inspector Jo.

  53. 53 : Nudge Says:

    Actually the drama is good for a daytime spot I guess. It is probably the best of the TV novels. (Not an objective statement — as this is my first TV novel — rather an opinion based of what expressed about previous TV novels).

    It ends next week and as of the end of episode 135 the murderer is arrested. I expect his nefarious past and recent activities will be exposed. Eunhui and Sungjae, the fated lovers will resume their courtship and possibly marry. Many a tearful scene are coming I’m sure, as apologies are submitted to the wronged.

    The entire story could be told in a couple of hour long episodes as a drama special. As is, it feels overly padded it somehow loses a lot of the oomph. That said, I found it quaint and a pleasure to watch.

  54. 54 : May Says:

    I love this novel and finally Mr. Cha got the doze of his own medicine! I really really admire the actors here especially now the it’s coming to an end. Eunhui really acts well including Myeongho and Jongtae (whom I would love for Eunhui to end up with) and even the villain – Seokgu! They were all good actors and I wish to see them get more K-Drama projects in the future. Congrats to all of them for a job well done! 😀

  55. 55 : Nudge Says:

    Hey @May, Seokgu, Jongtae, Eunui and everyone you mentioned are characters not actors 🙂

  56. 56 : seb Says:

    yes its a bit long but very good acting and story line

  57. 57 : paw Says:

    VP’s name is Lee Ha Yool. Real name Lee Jong Ho.

  58. 58 : KimV Says:

    OMG!!! i love this drama, i hope the VP and eunhie end together, he was the only that really stand up for her 🙂

  59. 59 : Logan1707 Says:

    Kind of dissapointed as I have watched the final episode for this TV novel. What the crappy ending is. Learn from myself do not expect to much to watch any TV novel again!!!

  60. 60 : linda Says:

    SJ and eh back together final episode

  61. 61 : joe Says:

    crapping ending

  62. 62 : vp fan Says:

    I hope to see more of the VP cos he was the only reason I continued
    watching; SJ is so wooden wonder how he got the leading role

  63. 63 : Mann Brahim Says:

    I am a bit selective in watching Korean dramas. Previously, the endings were absurd and unreasonable. As times go on, I did watch my wife and daughters en-grossly this drama and eventually and unexpectedly I happened to join in. I find it interesting. The character who has lightened up the drama is Mr. Cha. Almost every day in his life, he will try something to fulfill his greed with out regret. I love to see him being indicted and punished severely. What happened next. Miss Lee(Grandma) is also another sickening character supporting all the way , Mr Cha.

  64. 64 : Alexander Valdez Says:

    Enjoyed all 140 episodes. Not being Korean I enjoy the portrayal of Korean culture and the early historical context of the 1950’s. Having grown weary of violence and X rated American TV Series I find the Korean dramas protrayal of family values and traditions in conflicts common to all cultures interesting and entertaining. In the last episode it seems Mr. Cha dances in the falling snow to expresses his relief of being forgiven by all those he tormented. Not sure if the dance has any significance in the Korean culture.

  65. 65 : Mann Brahim Says:

    Even though the ending is an anti climax, we should commend the moral of the story i.e. is for want of forgiveness . But is it true that Mr. Cha was in sane or experiencing lucid interval warranting him to be exculpated from indictments . Mr. Cha should be put in jail after being convicted of the offences committed. Only then we shall feel satisfied. But this is just a drama……..!

  66. 66 : imhel Says:

    I’m on ep 137 & it’s disappointing, even, disgusting that Yeongju is still unremorseful even after the truth came out….she should also be remorseful not only for deceiving the grandmother but also towards Eunhui since she did a lot of despicable things towards her.

    Yea the acting of that Seongjae is so dry and his character is soo weak, without any conviction or principle. I understand he sees Cha as his father since Cha raised him but shouldn’t he be experiencing some kind of disgust & spite for Cha but that was not shown by the acting of the actor Lee Jun

  67. 67 : Patricia Avelar Says:

    I cannot believe how they ended this. I enjoyed it to the last episode. Should have been about Eunhui, and not Mr. Cha. I was disappointed. Happy to see the V.P and Eunhui got together, but they should have shown more about them.

  68. 68 : Deborah Says:

    i was rooting for the vp. it’s not realistic put songjea and eunui together in the end. it’s just to false!

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