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TV Novel – Bok Hee

Title: TV소설 – 복희 누나 / TV Novel – Bok Hee
Also Known as: TV Novel – Dear My Sister
Chinese Title: TV小說- 福熙姐
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 130
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-07 to 2012-May-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 9:20am
Related Series: TV Novel


A drama about Han Bok-hee from the 1960 ~ 70s who overcomes all hardships and succeeds.


Main Cast

Jang Mi In Ae as Han Bok Hee
Jung Ji In as Bok Hee (child)
Choi Chang Yub as Han Bok Nam (Bok Hee’s half-brother)
Choi Woo Suk as Ji Young Pyo
Ryu Tae Joon as Kang Joon Mo (Kang In Sook’s younger brother and Bok Hees’s teacher)

Suppoting Cast

Kim Ji Young as Choi Gan Nan
Lee Hyo Jung as Song Byung Man
Kyun Mi Ri as Yoon Jung Ae
Chae Min Hee as Song Mi Ja
Bae Dong Sung as Yang Mal Goo
Kim Yoo Ri as Song Geum Joo
Yook Dong Il as Song Tae Joo
Seo Eun Chae as Song Eun Joo
Im Seung Dae as Bae Dal Bong
Han Jung Goog as Kim Jin Goog
Kwon Kyung Ha as Kang In Sook
Kim Si On as Kim Min Soo
Kim Na Woon as Choi Jeom Rye (housemaid)
Lee Ji Oh as child
Kim Hyun Ah as Cha Pil Soon

Production Credit

Chief Producer: Hwang Ui Kyung (황의경)
Director: Moon Young Jin (문영진)
Screenwriter: Lee Geum Rim
Asst. Director: Lee Jae Hoon (director) (이재훈), Hwang Seung Gi (황승기)

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  1. 1 : TV Novel Bok Hee – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

    […] Korean Drama No related links found […]

  2. 2 : helen Says:

    udah ga sabar pengen nonton…..!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 : cindy Says:

    ga kepengen
    banyak banget episodenya

  4. 4 : agatha villarica Says:

    not an exciting drama. jang min ae is boring.

  5. 5 : glo Says:

    i love this drama…especially ryu tae joon..

  6. 6 : Wongel Says:

    It’s a very nice drama people may not like it because it’s was made in old form but I really like it

  7. 7 : none Says:

    cant wait to see the next eps….

  8. 8 : Jacob Says:

    I like this drama..

  9. 9 : nasrin Says:

    I like this drama.I’m interesting in the dresses and all the things that belong to 1960~1970.Good wishes for u guys.

  10. 10 : swchan Says:

    it is a very good drama,sad and touching indeed. I only wish you can download episode 1 to at least 20 immediately cos I misses those episodes in my astro tv show earlier. I didn’t expect this drama be so good and exciting to watch. Thank you

  11. 11 : Myong C. Haertel Says:

    It is a very good drama. I was growing up my middle school & high school years through 60,s & 70 in S. Korea. It reminds me of my younger years.

  12. 12 : Cat78 Says:

    Love the Drama!

  13. 13 : Mine Says:

    I like this drama. Learn how to success and survive….

  14. 14 : hyun jung Says:

    even this drama looks old, but the story teach us the true life … i love it…

  15. 15 : swchan Says:

    Please hurry up with the Watch online with English sub-titles soonest cos this drama is very interesting to watch. Thank you very much.

  16. 16 : si coklat Says:

    very interesting drama!! i love the scene at the winery..

    i wish ji yeongpyo and song geumju will be together!!

  17. 17 : luz Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama very interesting. its air in Qatar. i love the character of choi woo suk he know how to handle his emotion.Hoping that there is a directors / producers acknowledge his potentials and give much better role.

  18. 18 : swchan Says:

    Please download your on-line in English subtitle now.I have been waiting to watch episode 1 to 20 for a long long time.Thank you very much.

  19. 19 : Love Joon Says:

    I love drama &i love Ryu Tae Joon.He very handsome

  20. 20 : swchan Says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this beautiful and touching korean drama. For us to enjoy this wonderful show, it would be much appreciated if there could be English subtitles attached to it. Thank you once again to Korean Drama Organisation for letting us share your ever-loving korean drama. Bye.

  21. 21 : swchan Says:

    How do we watch online with English subtitles for this drama ? Could some good soul help me please !

  22. 22 : uji Says:

    a great and touchin dramas

  23. 23 : swchan Says:

    Up to today,Please be informed that we still cannot WATCH ONLINE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLE for this lovely Korean Drama. Appreciate if you could hurry up with its English translation so that we can enjoy this Korean Drama from Episode 1 to 80. It is not for my own benefit only but to those diehard korean fans AROUND THE WORLD,in your never ending new dramas in the market. Maybe you have constraints which I do not know but it is misleading to tell us that we can watch online with English subtitles but in fact we can’t see the English subtitle in it. Sorry for bothering so may times but it can’t be helped. Thank you to Korean Drama Organisation and god bless you.

  24. 24 : Nelli Says:

    Really enjoying this drama. One of my favorite things is the time period it portrays. Think in the 70’s (or even 60’s). I read it was over 100 episodes. I’m on ep #54. Thought it was winding down but … wow… over 100 episodes? Wondering if Mr. Kang’s wife will die (TB) and he will eventually end up with Bokhee. Or maybe she’ll end up with the loan shark.. He likes her already.

  25. 25 : Mic Says:

    So funny I was just thinking of the relationship of Bok Hee and the President reminded me of Gone With The Wind, and Tae Hung mentioned he and Geum Joo were like Scarlett and Butler! Great minds think alike? Lol!

  26. 26 : rachelrachel Says:

    I have a feeling yeongpyo will fall in love with bokhee too

  27. 27 : Mic Says:


    I read a lot of people wanted that, but it seems Yeong Pyo is all the way Geum Joo, very consistent. I just wish Bok Hee could end up with the President (forgot his last name) but probably would just be going back with the Teacher. How typical of Korean dramas!

  28. 28 : Aan Suhaeni Says:

    It is very interesting, I like the drama very, very much
    And Iwant to read the NOvel, is there any copy in English translation? How can I get it? Thank you

  29. 29 : Jasmine Says:

    Agree with Mich @rachelrachel-26: I wish Bok Hee could end up with the president or at least Ji Yeong Pyo, but again, that’s how typical of Korean Dramas! 🙁

  30. 30 : Mic Says:


    Glad you agreed. It would be interesting to see what happens in the next few episodes. I think the relationship will be addressed.

  31. 31 : Alpi Says:

    Writer please have Bokhee endup with the president. He can retire from his ‘job’ since he is loaded and change his look too…. Not too much to ask yah. Mr Kang can be a famous lecturer.. travelling or doing some other but not with BokHee.. Too predictable if they ended up together. Aiyohhhhhhh…

  32. 32 : Sally Says:

    Yes, it would be nice for a Bokhee-President happy ending! Mr President has done a lot for Bokhee without expecting much in return.
    Mr Kang is a whiner – don’t like him much.

  33. 33 : Mic Says:

    Glad so many people wish Bok Hee end up with President. I think Mr. Kang is a whiner too. Bok Hee is much stronger, Mr. Kang doesn’t suit her. But his daughter is so attached to her.

  34. 34 : bianca Says:


    Mr president is the loan shark right?

  35. 35 : Mic Says:


    Yes. The loan shark.

  36. 36 : Sally Says:

    Let’s hope the Writer will provide us with a happy ending for Mr President and Bok Hui. He has helped her numerous times without expecting anything in return – shows that his love is sincere. Anyway even if he’s a loan shark, he has done good into transforming former gangsters into respectable folks (Mr Kim, the clothing trader for one).
    Mr Kang is whiny and too wishy washy but it looks like he is interested in Bok Hui now after the death of his wife. Let him remain faithful to his wife forever and let Mr President Hong remain faithful to Bok Hui forever. Now that’s a happy ending, yes?

  37. 37 : Mic Says:


    Agreed! But in today’s episode 101, Mr. Kang seemed to be more interested and concerned about Bok Hee. Let it stop! hahaha!

  38. 38 : Sally Says:

    Yes, he has almost forgotten his “eternal love” for his wife without months while Mr President Hong has loved Bok Hui all this while. Writer, justice please!

  39. 39 : Mic Says:

    From today’s episode (104), I have a feeling Bok Hee won’t end up with anybody. Probably is going to be one of those open ending regarding Bok Hee’s love life. 🙁
    How many episodes altogether?

  40. 40 : Mic Says:

    She finally knows Doo Jin is Bok Nam! Yay! Does that mean the end is near?

  41. 41 : luningning grabol Says:

    i wish and i hope that bokhui will end up with president hong baekgu.
    taeju is a smart lad.

  42. 42 : Eliz Says:

    Bok Hee should have a happy ending with President Hong and not the teacher. Guemju too should end happily with her husband Tseung and not Yeongpu.

  43. 43 : Nelli Says:

    Is there anywhere I can watch this w/English subs? I watch on TV and we are around episode 68 but… I like to cheat and look ahead. So, Mr. Kang’s wife dies.. WOW… He was always Bokhui’s ideal man. Thought also Yeongpyo would end up with her (to escape loving Guemju) but personally, I think she is a better fit with President Hong!! I really NEED to cheat…. help..

  44. 44 : ILKD Says:

    I am really enjoying this drama being aired on WMBC TV in New Jersey, USA with English subtitles. The current episode is #17.

  45. 45 : Alpi Says:

    Episode 98 – Have a good laugh though the scene is sad.. notice that the doc while examining the winery owner has his stethescope on his shoulder instead on the ears and he is giving his diagnosis… I couldn’t help it but laugh out loud. How can the director made such a amateurish mistake…

  46. 46 : bianca Says:


    Yesss i agree with u guys!! I hopeee bok hui will end up with mr.hong n geumju with taeung..
    I love this drama so much, in indonesia today is 101 episode.how many episode this drama will be?

  47. 47 : Syrena Says:


    Lucky you to have it on Ep101 already. We”re still on 98-ish, I think.

    I am for the President & Bokhui ending together. Definitely not with Mr Kang, otherwise, I will file a formal protest!.

    Geumju should really go back to her husband. He loves her dearly and yet Geumju, although looking distressed and heartbroken with a brave front, is in absolute limbo. If she could only be More adamant and forceful with her thoughts that she and Taeung could start again, then there should be less heartaches for both.

    As for Malgu and wife, they are a hopeless bunch, conniving and selfish, and should be thrown out of the winery soon.

  48. 48 : Mic Says:


    GeumJu has officially divorced her husband @110.

  49. 49 : bianca Says:

    @Syrena :
    Yesss n i cant hardly wait to see this drama every weekday morning 🙂

    @MIC :

    Iam really2 a little bit dissapoited if geumju has divorced from her hubby,and maybe geumju will end up with youngpyo.
    And how about dojin? What his feeling when he realize that bokhui is his sister

  50. 50 : Mic Says:


    Judging from now, Geumju might end up with Youngpyo. But it might not be easy. Youngpyo has expressed his feeling and he and Geumju are at good terms now. He is encouraging her to resume her study or maybe even to go abroad.

    Dojin was mad at the beginning because Bokhee abandoned him, but now he has forgiven her. However, as of today’s episode, Dojin’s foster mom came to see him and wanted Dojin’s to leave with her to Seoul. Bokhee was worried though her mom and everybody else thought it would be a good thing if Dojin leave.

    I am watching raw without caption so I only pay attention to what I care about in the drama and fast forward the rest. 🙂

  51. 51 : baby caibigan Says:

    I just hope that thisdrama will have a happy ending. The hardworking bok hee to end up romantically with the silent and sincere ardent and ever faithful admirer president, Mr. Hong. He was a former rake but he had changed to be a good man at the end. In fact, he had helped many including Bok hee to change thier lives and be successful at the end. We must remember that everyone of us is given the chance to be a better person; it’s our choice. So why not give chance to the president and bokhee to live happily ever after.

  52. 52 : Micc Says:

    Some highlights of episode 114, please don’t read if you don’t want spoiler.

    Dojin decided to stay with BokHee, He said this time he’s going to be the big brother to take care of BokHee, so sweet!

    President Hung actually stepped out of his office(!) to visit Bok Hee at the winery. Although he said he had business nearby but everybody (Dojin and I!) knew he was there because he missed BokHee.

    Eun Joo said Min Soo didn’t really love her so she refused to get married.

    Professor Kang showed his feeling towards Bok Hee when Bok Hee went out with President Hung.

    That’s all I got so far for episode 104, the streaming stopped half way. Might add more if I could get back to finish watching the episode.

  53. 53 : Sally Says:

    Oh dear, it is obvious (hopefully to the writer too) that most viewers want Bok Hee to end up with President Hong! I don’t quite like Mr Kang’s bland character (too whiny & trying too hard to be goody). As for his daughter, I liked her initially as she is very cute and pretty but not now as she is becoming more and more whiny and clingy. May be Bok Hee’s downfall as Bok Hee loves her very much.
    I think Mr Kang is becoming to be less interesting than President Hong so let’s hope the writer will show more of President Hong in future episodes, agreed?

  54. 54 : bianca Says:

    @mic :
    Yaaayyy!! Thankyou sooooo muuccchhh for your highlight!!

  55. 55 : cyn Says:

    Mr kang and daughter! so annoying!!!

  56. 56 : cyn Says:

    boo to the writer if that kang end up with bok hui. daughter is too spoiled!!

  57. 57 : Syrena Says:

    I’ll agree with everyone that Bok Hee should end up with President Hong.

    It’s one of those Korean dramas with no high ticketed stars and yet enjoyable to watch.

    I’m hooked until the end.

  58. 58 : eagale23 Says:

    oh my god went or they going to put some life in to Bok-Hee she is so boring, i hope they put her with President Hung

  59. 59 : cyn Says:

    all comments bok hee shd end with president hung.bok hee is good too be true.Boring!!!

  60. 60 : imel Says:

    I would like Bokhui to end with Yeongpyo but it seems like the writer favors the lady who plays Geumju. Although the novel is titled TV Novel Bokhui, sometimes I feel that the central character is Geumju, specially when the scene is with her and Yeongpyo while the theme song plays.

  61. 61 : Sally Says:

    I have a feeling that Bok Hui will end up with boring Mr Kang & daughter despite us hoping for a happy ending with President Hong.

  62. 62 : mimi Says:

    I’ve only watched till Ep 114 and will not be able to watch anymore until further notice .Can someone update me Please?? BTW I hate Mija & Malgu!! such hateful duo, but without them the story would be boring. And also Kang and his daughter.Kang too stuck up and daughter too clingy.

  63. 63 : loudette Says:

    …nice drama, heartwarming…I’m watching it in the morning and also the re-run in the afternoon…I’ve seen, if not all, most of the korean tv dramas/novels and dear my sister is one of the top ten among my favorites… I like Yeongpyo and Geumju (who can act well even thru the expression with her eyes, crying, hurting in the loss of her child and her divorced from Taeyung… I’ve cried so much when Geumju and Taeung were talking about their child and to let go of her because he doesn’t want to hate each other for the rest of their lives…when Taeung asked Yeongpyo to come to the hotel and talked about Geumju, I’ve cried and felt sorry for Taeung… admired Yeongpyo for his unending love and concern for Geumju in all the five years they were separated (episodes 92, 93, 94)…I think the title dear my sister is about the relationship of Bokhee to his brother Boknam, to Yeongpyo as a good old friend and confidante and to Geumju as a stepsister.

  64. 64 : Micc Says:

    That old doctor and his wife are so so annoying! They keep wanting Bok Hee to marry Professor Kang for their own sake!

  65. 65 : Micc Says:

    Oh, and they totally demean her by saying who would take her since she was uneducated and grew up like an orphan! And she should considered herself lucky to be the wife of a widower and became a stepmother. Somebody knock some sense into them please!

  66. 66 : Nas Says:

    I watch this drama here in The Netherland love’t so much I hope Bok Hee will end up with Mr President Hung, and that she slap Eun Joo’s face for once, hate that bicht,,!!

  67. 67 : zzz Says:

    I love the inspiring storyline but it tooks so many characters to tell. sometimes it lost its focus so I feel bored and tired just to wait what will going to happen to bokhui. but I steel love to watch the drama every morning =) I prefer Kang jungmo to end up with bokhui. they realy match to each other

  68. 68 : amn Says:

    anybody saw the last episode of bokhui?
    tell us the brief summary,please………^^

  69. 69 : cyn Says:

    suddenly 2009.bok hee ended with nobody! boring ending.

  70. 70 : Micc Says:

    Yea, it’s a disappointing ending. Geum Joo and Young Pyo went to Paris together. Grandma passed away. President Hung and Professor Kang built a school together. Winery was a huge success. FF to 2009, Bok Hee was a successful career woman. During an interview, she said if she met somebody she loved more than Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine), than she would think about marriage. The end.

  71. 71 : Aaron Says:

    Truly disappointing indeed…
    feels like that there suddenly went bankrupt and anyhow rushing to finish the drama…….sigh… and i thought how great it would be with another time skip, there’s a lot of story to tell, and

    I PROTEST FOR AN EPILOGUE EPISODE!!!! finish alll the questions left open….if not do a sequel..

  72. 72 : sadiah md nor Says:

    i agree with CYN MICC AARON, been following the whole episodes till 130ep a rather abrupt ending vvv disappointed.After dragging in some episodes the sadness and hard lives of Bok Hee it ended only as success wine saver, what about her personal life,what about her love in making clothes a saver too?a lot of important parts and people involved were missing and as Aaron pointed out the drama is as though rushing for time to complete.DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!

  73. 73 : Brooke Says:

    Well, I have to say that there are very few KDramas that have yet to NOT disappoint me. The only 3 I can think of that were ok for me are Chil Sisters, Mom’s Dead Upset, and Three Brothers.

  74. 74 : imjel Says:

    Disappointing ending.
    I knew it, the writer favored the lady who played Geumju over the lady who played Bokhui.
    Geumju’s story was more romantic…focus was more on her…really disappointed.

  75. 75 : mingler Says:

    I am very upset that only 60 episodes are viewable on American
    tv !!! Bokhui is the main reason I was drawn to this drama.
    My criticism of the writers is that they donot know how to
    execute and maintain the key story line.Let there be a follow-up
    story line of bokhui’s life !!!

  76. 76 : Anne Says:

    Why do you say that only 60 episodes are available on America tv.
    I am up to episode 94 and it is ongoing and I live in America?????

  77. 77 : Jun Reyes Says:

    I enjoyed watching Jang Mi In Ae as Bokhui in this TV drama. I hope to see her in more dramas. She’s a beautiful and talented actress.

  78. 78 : kelly Says:

    I liked the movie but the end…I really didn’t like it, I mean I see the winery is a success but how about the others, I only saw Bokhui, what happened to Geumju and Youngpyo, how about Taeju’s baby(is it a boy or a girl)…
    I really expected a lot.
    but it was still a great movie, I felt like I was in the 70s :>

  79. 79 : gulfpearl Says:

    I have missed the last d 10 days on KBS2. Who did Bokhui end up withMr Kang or Mr Hong or nobody?

  80. 80 : Micc Says:



  81. 81 : Constable Odo Says:


    I think it depends where you live and whether you have cable or Dish or get special programming. I know that some people are further ahead than I am that live in the U.S in NYC. I have TimeWarner Cable and they’re only up to around episode 50 or so but there are people that get KBS World directly in the U.S. and like you said, they’re up to where you are. I’m watching Dear My Sister episodes uploaded to Aveoh.com and they’re only up to episode 80 but more recent episodes will likely be uploaded very soon.

  82. 82 : mingler Says:

    Please , make it soom !!! I AM WATCHING REPEATS OF EPISODE 80 !!! This is truly a great watch , I’m in Brooklyn ,NY . , using
    cablevision …which is slow, I went online to get up to episode 80!
    After all the reality smut , this program is like coming into a
    breath of fresh , clean air !!!

  83. 83 : Toni Says:

    I love this drama!!!! Someone knows the name of the romantic song plays sometimes Gemju and Yongpyo are together????

  84. 84 : Roger Says:

    Any body know where can find online episodes of this program. Been hospital since 6/4/2012. Also program (my one and only) on KBS WORLD.

  85. 85 : Nathalie Says:

    The song is Hurt with a thorn by Kim HyungSeob ^^

  86. 86 : Helena Says:

    Why isn’t the actor who plays Mr. Hong not listed anywhere? I’ve checked the beginnings of each episode and he isn’t in the credits. Who is he? Like everyone else I want the match between Bokhui and Mr. Hong to happen.
    Thank you to KBS for these enjoyable dramas. I also loved High Kick and The Great King Sejoung.
    Helena from Jersey

  87. 87 : ILKD Says:

    Just finished watching episode #128 on WMBC in New Jersey. Here is the summary only if anyone is interested:

    Taeju’s grandmother dies, but peacefully in her sleep. Just before her death, she was happy to learn that Taeju was going to father a child. Her memory came back briefly after visiting a Buddhist temple and she expressed her gratitude for her daughter-in-law’s hard work.

    In a surprise development that turned out to be poetic justice, Mr. Shin, Youngpyo’s boss, is arrested by tax authorities. He is brutal in killing the competition and even pressured a wholesaler not to carry the wine that Bokhee had successfully made after a lot of dedication and hard work. Speculations are that a competitor blew whistle on Mr. Shin.

  88. 88 : Лучшая Дорама 2012 Года — Корея | Мираленд Says:

    […] Thousandth Man (MBC) The Wedding Scheme (tvN) Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC) To the Beautiful You (SBS) TV Novel – Bok Hee (KBS2) Twelve Men in a Year (tvN) Unexpected You @ My Husband Got a Family (KBS2) Vampire Idol (MBN) […]

  89. 89 : fennie Says:

    Beautiful drama …. I really thought this was an old drama, Choi Woo seok.
    is very good looking and touching performance with his quiet ways, Ryohei Otani was good. Of course , I like Mr. Hong too. The one I didn.t
    like was Eunju and Yang couple full of envy and bad intentions. Bokhui reminds me of Choi ji woo.
    The story has many good lessons to be learned, but in an entertaining and not preaching way.
    The best was the they were able to take us back to life in the 60’s, so authentic.

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