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Trot Lovers

Trot Lovers 05

Title: 트로트의 연인 / Trot Lovers
Also known as: Trot Romance / Lovers of Music
Chinese Title: Trot恋人
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-June-23 to 2014-Aug-12
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is about a genius musician who turns a pathetic young lady into a trot singer.

Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) is a genius songwriter. He then meets Choi Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji) who is crazy about trot music and supports her family by herself. He then help her to achieve her dream to be a successful trot singer and a romantic relationship begins between them.


Main Cast

Ji Hyun Woo as Jang Joon Hyun
Jung Eun Ji as Choi Choon Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Jo Geun Woo
Lee Se Young as Park Soo In

Choon Hee’s family

Kang Nam Gil as Choi Myung Sik
Yoo Eun Mi as Choi Byul

Geun Woo’s family

Yoon Joo Sang as Jo Hee Chan

Soo In’s family

Kim Hye Ri as Yang Joo Hee

Other people

Kim Yeo Jin as Bang Ji Sook
Son Ho Joon as Sul Tae Song (Joon Hyun’s manager)
Shin Bo Ra as Na Pil Nyeo
Jang Won Young as Lee Chul Man
Yoon Bong Kil as Lee Yoo Shik
Park Hyuk Kwon as Wang Sang Moo
Jo Duk Hyun as Kim Woo Gab
Kim Tae Gyum as Team leader Na
Lee Yi Kyung as Shin Hyo Yeol
Kim Bup Rae as CEO Heo
Son San


Lee Yun Kyung as Oh Sung Joo (Choon Hee’s mother)
Ji Soo Won as Hwa Soon (Joon Hyun’s mother)
Hong Kyung Min as Survival Song’s MC (ep 5)
Kim Hyun Chul as Kim Hyun Chul (music program MC, ep 1)
Yoon Gun as juror of audition (ep 2-3)
Lee Eun Ha (이은하) as announcer of Survival Clasic (ep 6)
Kim In Suk (김인석) as performer of Survival Clasic (ep 5)
Nam Kyung Eup as Go Eun Tae
E-young (이영) as MC of Music Tank (ep 10)
Ka Eun (가은) as MC of Music Tank (ep 10)
Min Hyun (민현) as MC of Music Tank (ep 10)
Im So Yun (임소연) as Radio DJ
Lee Chae Mi as beach sibling (ep 12)
Jun Joon Hyuk as beach sibling (ep 12)

Production Credits

Production Company: JS Pictures
Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Producer: Yoon Sung Sik
Director: Lee Jae Sang, Lee Eun Jin
Screenwriter: Oh Sun Hyung, Kang Yoon Kyung
Music Director: Kang Dong Yoon


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Popularity Actress: Jung Eun Ji (Trot Lovers)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-06-23 1 4.8 5.3 5.8 6.3
2014-06-24 2 4.3 4.7 5.4 5.7
2014-06-30 3 6.0 6.2 6.1 6.7
2014-07-01 4 6.1 5.6 6.1 6.5
2014-07-07 5 6.6 7.5 6.5 6.0
2014-07-08 6 7.2 8.0 (18th) 7.2 (19th) 7.4 (18th)
2014-07-14 7 7.5 (20th) 8.5 (19th) 8.3 (15th) 8.5 (17th)
2014-07-15 8 8.3 (16th) 9.3 (14th) 8.5 (15th) 9.0 (16th)
2014-07-21 9 8.3 (17th) 9.6 (14th) 8.4 (15th) 9.0 (13th)
2014-07-22 10 7.8 (19th) 8.4 (19th) 7.6 (18th) 7.8
2014-07-28 11 7.1 8.1 (17th) 7.5 (20th) 8.2 (15th)
2014-07-29 12 7.4 (18th) 8.3 (16th) 8.2 (15th) 8.7 (13th)
2014-08-04 13 7.8 8.8 (14th) 9.1 (15th) 9.9 (11th)
2014-08-05 14 9.6 (12th) 10.1 (12th) 9.2 (13th) 10.0 (11th)
2014-08-11 15 8.4 (17th) 9.2 (14th) 7.3 7.9 (20th)
2014-08-12 16 8.6 (16th) 9.7 (12th) 8.9 (12th) 9.6 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : irilight Says:

    Yey…Trot Lovers got a page now…
    So looking forward to it

  2. 2 : minimai Says:

    Welcome back ji hyun woo oppa…!!! \(^o^)/

  3. 3 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Can’t wait for it to start ^_^

  4. 4 : Titi Sanaria Says:

    Lookinh forward to it. I love Eun Ji from Reply 1997. She did a great job.

  5. 5 : bmore Says:

    REALLY looking forward to this one!

  6. 6 : Leti Says:

    Ji Hyun Woo oppa, I missed you soooo much! Waiting for you!!

  7. 7 : rairamegumi Says:

    looking forward to this drama since there’s ji hyun woo on it…

  8. 8 : yeonwoo Says:

    i want to watch trot lover because of eun ji and our jae kyung :3

  9. 9 : park.hee Says:

    this drama look interesting !!!!!! <3

  10. 10 : mml Says:

    I will watch this drama and I believe that sweet romantic drama will always can attract viewers to be interested in watching.

  11. 11 : drakorholic Says:

    after 2 years 🙂 fighting hyun woo oppa!

  12. 12 : freedomdemon Says:

    is about a music drama again~!!! love it~!!!!! (*v *)
    keep waiting them and drama appearance~!!!!! ^^Y
    watch the trailer first~!!! (-v -)Y

  13. 13 : maknaee Says:

    Trot Lovers OST Part.1

    Crayon Pop – Hey, Mister

    *** listen online :

    *** download link :

  14. 14 : MoMo Says:

    can’t wait…
    i love eunji voice so much…sing please!

  15. 15 : Muri Says:

    Aw c’mon. These girls are lovely. Forget the pansy-ass flower boys. Bring on the real men will ya.

  16. 16 : Lilac Says:

    Watched first episode and loved it

  17. 17 : naudya Says:

    anticipated for eun ji and shin bora “gag concert” act in this drama~

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 1, i think i will love this drama, as it’s a lively, interesting and enjoying funny drama. And i will continue to watch episode 2.

  19. 19 : Felix Says:

    Oh God, We should love trot music. At first I curious about trot. First episode did not hook me up however at the end of the episode 2 I HOOKED. TROT LOVERS FIGHTING. Really enjoy watching Choi Choo Hee singing. Keep repeated that scene when she singing.

  20. 20 : Juana love Says:

    omg!! I love this drama already

  21. 21 : Kaneki Says:

    very ugly drama

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    Episode 2, seems to be even better than episode 1. Do you know why ? I will tell you the answer. Episode 2 showed us on the little girl who was really showing compassion to Jang Joon Hyun when he was sleeping outside the house and was caught in the rain. Jang Joon Hyun was punished by the two men and the funny thing was when Choi Choon Hee was singing a funny song. The interesting thing happened when Joon Hyun was staying in Choon Hee’s house.

    I strongly agree to the Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical. And I am looking forward to watch episode 3 .

  23. 23 : anne Says:

    two episodes ~ I laughed a lot. This drama remind me of dream high, choi choon hee decided to follow the audition because she’s going to pay her father’s debt. It’s the same reason as hye mi did. Can’t wait next episodes! Love this drama, hope the next will be much more fun.

  24. 24 : anne Says:

    I also curious about jo geun woo, I love mystery. Let me guess, is he sick? If it yes, is it alzheimer or something like that. Haha.. He always forget something and do weird things. Kkkkkk 😀 😀

  25. 25 : Jerico Abadiano Says:

    Oh! Too Funny! I hope it will be a good ending 🙂

    안 녕 하 세 요! 대 박! 🙂

  26. 26 : Vee Says:

    After I had watched it, it was too funny bu why the ratings from episode 1-2 were low?? What’s wrong?? i love the drama as it gives moral value for us that we must take care with all of luxurious that we us, we can lost all if we dont respect it. Then, i like how the female who still loves her husband although her husband left her and her sister because of having so many debt

  27. 27 : maknaee Says:

    Soo-in does have good voice, surely she can sing. But. what her mom did to make her win is just a meh thing. judge conspiracy eh?

    Can’t wait for eps3-4, Jo Geun-woo should be in action for Choi Chun-hee~~

  28. 28 : ohho Says:

    Omg. i thought this drama wouldn’t be this interesting but since i don’t have many kdrama to follow, so i decided to watch the first two episodes and they were awesome and funny. Shin Sung Rok really caught my attention..Never thought i will like his character..

    I came here to check the rating and it quiet disappointing no? Since i started to love this drama, i just hope that they will get better rating.

  29. 29 : Sharon Says:

    This drama is too funny! I love it!! It caught me by surprise and I can’t wait for the next eps. T watch this drama because of JEJ and I am glad I did.

  30. 30 : Juana love Says:

    This drama is sooooo funny!!!!!!.i love it😂😂

  31. 31 : Logan1707 Says:

    Is this drama worth to be wacthed as I haven’t watched it yet? What’s up with the low ratings?!!

  32. 32 : Sharon Says:

    You are going to absolutely love it!

  33. 33 : Sharon Says:

    Forget about the ratings and enjoy the drama!

  34. 34 : Logan1707 Says:

    Hey @Sharon
    Thanks for your info and of course I’m going to watch it since JHW is in it as I’m fans of him.

  35. 35 : Sharon Says:

    Just watched ep 3. Loving the loan sharks!

  36. 36 : Nurul Lailia Says:

    I Like Trot Lovers so much. See Drama it’s like Comic . very Funny 🙂
    Voice eunji cool^^

  37. 37 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    I liked the drama at the start but it just gets progressively depressing as the characters who takes a bite off the girl, are con men, violent debt collectors, douche bag managers and a backstabbing, smug, cowardly, bleached blond, wannabe musician.

  38. 38 : Sharon Says:

    @Waving not Drowning
    Are we like watching the same drama!!!
    Funny how some people see the glass half empty, while others see it half full.

  39. 39 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks Viki for your fast subbing!!! Ep4 68%

  40. 40 : vee Says:

    Great chemistry… great story…. Love it. Eun Ji has a great voice….
    I’m happy that the rating in ep 4 has a great rating

  41. 41 : Micc Says:

    I think Shin Sung Rok totally steal Ji Hyun Woo’s thunder in the first 4 episodes! He’s such a delight to watch!

  42. 42 : mml Says:

    I don’t really care about the rating of this drama, what really interest me to watch this drama will be the romance of the genius songwriter Jang Joon Hyun and how can Choi Choon Hee can achieve her dream to become a successful trot singer and how will she eventually get into loving the songwriter Joon Hyun ?

    I think, it will quite sweet to see a singer get married with a songwriter. And I hope that, the writer of this drama will form a sweet romance for this drama and looks like this drama is more suitable to have a sweet romance.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 5 and episode 6.

  43. 43 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    @Sharon — Hey there.

    I was surprised and utterly impressed at how well JEJ is carrying this drama. But I wanna root for someone..don’t we all. JEJ’s character is yet to enter the arena as it were, to start the race.

    For the purpose of invoking our sympathy I’m sure, the writer will have her tossed about conned and abused by scum, including the possible love interest who is a narcissist and yes, the scum who ran off with her $10 Gs and blew it all living it up.

    That’s a partial description of the drama I’m watching..how about you?

  44. 44 : LiGO Says:

    Don’t forget the world cup fever and the show opposite this was ending. It was just like Big Man, they both have weeak start.

    I’ve seen ep 1 and 2. The pacing was slow, it was good but I know the cast can do better than what was shown. I’m expecting more from the writer and director. Be strong!

  45. 45 : LiGO Says:

    I agree with Shin Sung Rok, the first he appeared he was totally different from his previous character. Sunny and delightful.

  46. 46 : maknaee Says:

    Gosh, I totally love this drama!

    I’m just seeing Joon-hyun as a petty star in ep 1-2. After ep 3-4, glad he’s showing more side of him. His passion for music… I can feel it. And when he sang trots to save the ball… LOL

    Cliche scene –> Saving locked Choon-hee in recording studio, gave her a dress (yes, though it was Soo-in’s), gave her a ride. But when all of that actions were done by Geun-woo … It feels very special because he isn’t the typical prince charming in kdrama, he’s man with funny-weird personality. I love that! Okay, now I’m afraid that I would be swooning over Jae-kyung oppa whenever I’m rewatching You Who Came From the Stars, hahahaha

    Can’t wait for next week! ~~

  47. 47 : jmac Says:

    Loving this drama. its very light and funny. But my girl Jung Eun Ji needs to take acting lesson more. please shed some tears. still, love you eun ji shi ♥

  48. 48 : LiGO Says:

    I love all the characters, my favorite are the loan sharks. LOL! They are unusual gangsters.

  49. 49 : Sharon Says:

    @Waving not Drowning
    annyeonghaseyo, I guess everyone has their own opinion, but if it’s the same old cliche kind of drama that you find intolerable and depressing, write your own!

  50. 50 : fan Says:

    Is JJH already falling for CCH ?! No doubt he’s all alone trying to survive, he’s finding in CCH a companion in misery.

  51. 51 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, so I finally watched ep 4 and it was good. Why is that girl hell bent on ruining CH? Damn! Funny a lot of people are like that knows nothing about you yet wish you hurt. Why the hell is JH running after one ball?? He ran like to another providence to get one, one!! Ball!! However, it saved the day!! Love how the loan sharks has her back!!

  52. 52 : Sharon Says:

    How you been? Glad you are here😊
    Is he really finding a companion in misery? I don’t think so. I think his survival depends in her survival and he will do anything necessary to survive.
    I believe she is liking him more. 😳

  53. 53 : GoLi Says:

    Choi Choon Hee’s can’t do anything to Jang Joon Hyun’s ego. 🙂
    The 500 ball challenge became 1,000! Oh no! CCHee’s manager is a jinx.:O

  54. 54 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    @sharon “..write your own”.

    If I had the skill.

    Alas we can’t all be writers, doctors, actors and astronauts. In the meantime I shall applaud and deplore openly so the writers may know how their work is received.

  55. 55 : Sharon Says:

    @Waving not Drowning
    Hahahahaha!! No talent, you just love to criticize!! Keep up the good job. Hahahaha!

  56. 56 : fan Says:


    Hi girl ! I’m glad too, it has been a long time 🙂

    When he saw her with the president, I think it was some jealousy there, that’s why I think he’s considering her as his companion.

  57. 57 : Micc Says:

    So far Shin Sung Rok is totally adorable and Ji Hyun Woo is just plain annoying. I haven’t watched a drama where Ji Hyun Woo doesn’t shine. I guess there is a first for everything.

  58. 58 : mml Says:

    I have already finished watching up to episode 6 and I haven’t even seen the romance started with Joon Hyun and Choon Hee. It’s high time that the writer must make Joon Hyun to always protect Choon Hee and looks likes many people wanted to set traps to destroy and attack Choon Hee and someone must be the lead HRRO to come into the situation to protect and love Choon Hee and I like to watch this drama not just the like of some songs and I also like the feeling, when I can see Joon Hyun begins to care for Choon Hee.

    I think , it’s a nice pair up if, Joon Hyun and Choon Hee , both of them can fall in love with one each other. So sweet, if I can see them falling in love.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 7 and episode 8.

  59. 59 : quinn Says:

    Agree… the romance shouldve started already…. and ji hyun woo’s acting is very good, i bet he can show a great chemistry! Still waiting for eunji’s though… shin sung rok has shown quite a chemistry n and charming look 🙂

  60. 60 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    I never knew that Koreans can be so mean. Even if this is a drama, it shows real life . Their culture is basically mean. Even the way they talk can be extremely emotional and mean

  61. 61 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Choon Hee is very annoying and not too smart. It takes her a long time to ” get it” plus she has a bad temper which makes her look mean. I do not like her.

  62. 62 : Sharon Says:

    I think the romance pace is right in time. CH is very innocent, she is not from the streets to pick things up quickly, however, she won’t take any crap from no one. CH is strong she will be fine. Love the little sister she is soo cute.😇
    I guess we are in for a love triang! What’s up with the mother and CH’s father? Were they once lovers? I guess CH’s mother was the president’s first love? I am glad JH is starting to open up and realizing that there is more to this world than him. Trot lovers has kept me going, looking forward to ep 7

  63. 63 : CW Says:

    Not ready to make opinion yet. So far, not too bad. Let’s not forget, dramas are a team effort (writers, directors, actors). We can’t always tell why something doesn’t click. But, sometimes we can. Also, so many stories at one time, it may be hard to come up with something new. I once suggested we should send in suggestions for scripts to the station and see if they submit them to their writers. Or, just submit a complete script. I like the fact that we can voice our pros & cons because there are still places in this day and age where it can not be done. I moan, groan, love on blogs; laugh, cry & talk back to the characters, writers & directors at home while watching.

    Almost didn’t recognize Ji Hyun Woo. Thought he’d be slimmer since he just got out of army not too long ago.

  64. 64 : koreandramabase Says:

    This drama is funny ! Story line is FRESH ! Looking forward for another episode. Their pilot episode is DAEBAK !! 😀 Fighting Jung Eun Ji & Ji Hyun Woo 🙂

  65. 65 : Jyenie Says:

    I think Ji Hyun Woo’s new set of teeth doesn’t fit him at all as he doesn’t look handsome and cute like before.
    Half way through ep 1, will give this drama a try.

  66. 66 : DanniGirl Says:

    My dear @Sharon, criticisms are as important as praise to the serious artist/writer. It may be, in chastising another, you’re not careful about what might be malicious criticism and what might be the constructive kind.

    Of course without a framework by which we judge, it is difficult for one such as yourself to know what is good criticism and what is baseless. Nevertheless, if you can’t separate constructive criticism from baseless criticism, how is it ethical to admonition another. Or is it your contention that criticism of any kind is anathema?

  67. 67 : DanniGirl Says:

    Correction: “admonish” not “admonition”

  68. 68 : Jyenie Says:

    Half way through ep3, this drama deserves that kind of rating as it’s really cliche all over, Ji hyun Woo’s image totally fails, his hair colour seems to almost blend into his facial cream colour, his new teeth look so much like denture. Jo Geun Woo is the only interesting character so far.

  69. 69 : Dhana Says:

    Dont critisize just watch. I like the song tht she sang im audition. Wow wht a song tht move my heart. N also like tht drama. Cant wait to watch . From india manipur. Aneo!

  70. 70 : Amber Says:

    Ji Hyun Wu’s crooked teeth adds to his boyish charm. With his perfect teeth, he looks like one of those ordinary extras😔

  71. 71 : torri Says:

    i had not even notice he had his teeth done lol u guys really notice every single this detail lol , he looks ok to me

  72. 72 : CW Says:

    @Jeynie, Amber, et al–thank you. I think he looked better before he fixed his teeth. I wonder why he changed so much. He did have that boyish, yet masculine air about him. Oh well, will just need to used to the “new” him.

  73. 73 : simon Says:

    Perfect drama!Figthing!

  74. 74 : bella Says:

    I like this actors!Ilove songs stile trot!

  75. 75 : cherry Says:

    So nice to see the ratings are getting better..
    Love this drama very light and funny..

  76. 76 : Dahilia Says:

    wow..this is the one of the best drama cause is very funny and entertaining to watch..especially i love music as well..lol..anyways love the drama

  77. 77 : Ivy Says:

    I love this drama. It’s funny. I love romantic comedy genre. The actors are handsome and the actress are beautiful. Plus I love gag concert and Shin Bora is in the drama. The leading actor and actress came in the gag concert and that makes the rating rise up. Well, lovers of music. Fighting!!

  78. 78 : janet Says:

    yess i love romantic comedy drama plus music that is just great….

  79. 79 : Sharon Says:

    I like the man in GW that say what he means and means what he says. I find there are methods to his madness. However, he seems to be more sane than the people around him with their devious and malicious intent.
    JH has grown leaps and bounds from a selfish, childish, spoild individual into a person who is more aware of his surroundings and realizing that the world is not only his oysters, but it also belongs to others. I am glad he is opening up to this concept and is able to give a little if himself to make it better for CH and her sister.
    While CH is putting her life on hold trying to find her dad and taking care if her sister. She has totally overlooked her feelings for JH. I believe now that her mentor has gone she will realize her true feelings.
    Why can’t I stand girls like SI?? She is as bratty as JH and feel she is entitled to whatever. Wake up call!!☎️⏰ He is not that into you!!
    What is the connection between SI mom and CH’s father??

  80. 80 : Sharon Says:

    where are you!! You haven’t commented on the drama.

  81. 81 : Sharon Says:

    Check out Fated to love you!

  82. 82 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    @Sharon “…you just love to criticize.”

    Are all my posts criticisms? If you check, you will find they are not? Which means I don’t “love” to criticise. And that would make your statement an unfounded “criticism” towards another person. Which begs the question: Do you love to criticize others? (rhetorical).

  83. 83 : Sharon Says:

    @Waving Not Drowning
    Ok, Do your thing! I am over that; let’s talk about the drama.

  84. 84 : Foreigner Says:

    Super korean drama !!
    Episode 9 was very emotional.
    The last scene of episode 10 was shocking!
    Park Soo In has chosen the path of her mother, she decides to kill Choi Choon Hee.
    Choi Choon Hee’s mother was the victim of an accident caused by the mother of Park Soo In.
    What destiny! But here Jang Joon Hyun saved Choi Choon Hee. What will happen to him? Wait without preview a week!

    Very good script
    very good production
    very good music
    Congratulations to you all!

  85. 85 : GOLi Says:

    I haven’t seen the episode 9 and 10.
    I always watch the show every Thursday to make sure it has English Subs.
    I love the drama’s first episodes.
    Hope SI will come around and see her mistakes.

    Nobody post about the Loan Sharks (I am a fan LOL).
    I think I need to watch now and see their new antics.

  86. 86 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness! What can I say about ep 9&10? Ep nine was a bit draggy, but ep 10 came back with a punch! Crazy, crazy, SI, let jealousy get the best of her and cause damage to JH. Damn, now SI will blame CH for the accident. How? I don’t know, but she will try and president has to come to CH rescue. I hope it’s not where JH loss his memory, or in a coma for a long time so he is not able to say who done it.
    Ep 10 was not bad at all, but writers need to step their game up!!

  87. 87 : Carmen Says:

    Finally I get caught up to trot lovers,ep 10 got me so emotional.I am so mad why would she do that;(,it was going on so well hopefully he doesn’t loose his memory and I hope Jang Joon Hyun and Choi Choon hee get thru those obstacles that are coming there way.

  88. 88 : sakuragi Says:

    Good drama.

  89. 89 : Dae Says:

    You guys should try joseon gunman 🙂

  90. 90 : GOLi Says:

    Love the two guitar scenes, the paper guitar with a promise & small guitar. So cute:) The duet of JJH & Byul was prettily done too.

  91. 91 : GOLi Says:

    The two guitar scenes, the paper guitar with a written promise & JJH & Byul singing duet using small guitar. So cute:)

  92. 92 : Adektob Says:

    Loving it…

  93. 93 : Windsun33 Says:

    Meh. Turned into yet another cliche fest after ep4 or so. Boring.

  94. 94 : Piqueek Says:

    “Suffering-soap-opera Batman, it’s the dreaded amnesia trick!”
    “I know Robin. The writer must have run out of ideas.”

  95. 95 : CW Says:

    People, people let’s not bicker & after all, we may not always like what we read, but there are still places, in this day & age, where people are not allowed to express even so much as an opinion let alone a disagreement.
    **sorry, not in a good mood today**

  96. 96 : Piqueek Says:

    What u drinkin’ @CW?

    So impressed with the lead actress. For one so young, she’s doing very well.

  97. 97 : Donesk Says:

    this drama sucks

  98. 98 : maknaee Says:

    ahahahahahah amnesia hahahahahaha

    Soo-in is officially a crazy b****.

    Chun-hee, can’t you be any smarter? Naive. Typical~

    Now, the reason to continue this drama was just Jo Geun-woo, pft

  99. 99 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, so they went for the memory lost in every Kdrama bit. I thought it was not well done although over used. Ep 11 was slow and I have seen this played out many times. Bad girl gets even badder, because of her insecurities. Ep 12 was as repetitive as if watching another cliché drama. This story could have gone in so many different direction. Quite disappointed in the writers to turn Trot Lovers into this same old, same old, drama. 😁😁😁

    Why do they start out so great in the beginning then loose it’s sizzle. More imagination is need by the writer. I love the second lead GW, SSR did a very good job portraying his character, but I did not get that from JHW portraying JH. At times I felt as if he was bored and just going through the motions of the drama. 😔😔

    Ok writers we have 4 ep left make it counts!!

  100. 100 : hamid Says:

    I love this drama!
    cant wait for ep13 !!!!!! 🙁

  101. 101 : CW Says:

    @Piqueek, no drinkin– just saw a lot of name calling on a comment & it’s just seem sad to me that these dramas are “fiction” and it’s OK to go from love to hate scenarios, but why bash opinions. I even liked yours–it made me laugh & appreciate that you cared enough to comment. Yes, I was in an off mood, but it had nothing to do w/TV drama, it was personal drama that spilled over into what I had read.

    Am I forgiven??

  102. 102 : CW Says:

    @Sharon: Maybe he’s not comfortable in his new look. I think this is his first project since ending his tour of duty. Oh well, where I am, they just showed ep. #6, so looks like you’re way ahead of me.

  103. 103 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t know what it is, but he needs to get back into the game.

  104. 104 : rroxan Says:

    @[email protected]

  105. 105 : tania Says:

    I’ve stopped following it to episode 10, because it is very boring story about the same most of the other drama

  106. 106 : Daphne Says:

    I agree with some of you saying that the plot is cliche but for some reason, I still want to watch it till the end.

  107. 107 : CW Says:

    @Daphne –me too. It’s a cute pick-me-up story. I hope it doesn’t get disappointing like Ruby. To me, Ruby just fell flat at the end.

  108. 108 : jmac Says:

    for me this story kinda fell apart. i stopped watching it. in my own opinion, there’s no chemistry between the lead actors (sigh). especially now that there are some good dramas that came out recently with the same genre like “Its Ok, its Love”.

    #justsayin #lovejungeunji

  109. 109 : Gesti Says:

    @jmac, Yes, I’m kind of feel same like yours. There’s no chemistry between the lead. Perhaps, since I have a high expection about JHW acting and chemistry in his late drama QIM. So I kind of disappointed about his acting in this drama.

  110. 110 : hana Says:

    The story of drama is boring. There is no chemistry between the leads. Sorry to say..

  111. 111 : Sharon Says:

    So so so true!!! The charmed try between CH and GW is more apparent than CH and JH.

  112. 112 : Erlina Says:

    Can anybody tell me what song title that park soo in sing on the final competition in ep 03? Thanks

  113. 113 : Sadrach (@Sadrach_Dwi) Says:

    yesterday is last eps …you need download full eps

  114. 114 : choopatiu Says:

    nothing special..:(

  115. 115 : Rosie1203 Says:

    Boringgggg….no chemistry between the leads!!!!

  116. 116 : OK OK OK Says:

    nice drama 😛

  117. 117 : Jocurile de putere, subiectul noii drame marca jTBC, “Untouchable” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] 2012. De atunci a jucat roluri in seriale ca: “That Winter, The Wind Blows” (SBS, 2013), “Trot Lovers” (KBS2, 2014) si “Sassy Go Go (KBS2, […]

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