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Title: 트리플 / Triple
Chinese Title : 冰颀恋
Genre: Romance, Sport
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-June-11 to 2009-July-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is about a female figure skater, Lee Haru, who is hoping to make it big. Her life gets complicated when she reunites with her step-brother, Shin Hwal, after many years of being separated. Hwal’s father and Haru’s mother died tragically in a car accident. Hwal and his friends; Hae Yoon, Hyun Tae, and Sang Hee all work at the same ad agency. While Haru is trying to make her dreams come true, she unintentionally brings together her skating coach, Choi Soo In, and Hwal together. Haru starts developing feelings for Hwal but things are complicated further as Soo In is her brother’s estranged wife.


Lee Jung Jae as Shin Hwal
Lee Sun Gyun as Jo Hae Yoon
Yoon Kye Sang as Kang Hyun Tae
Min Hyo Rin as Lee Haru
Lee Ha Na as Choi Soo In
Kim Hee as Kang Sang Hee

Extended Cast

Song Joong Ki as Ji Poong Ho
Choi Sun Young (최선영) as Yoon Hye Jin
Choi Baek Ho (최백호) as (Haru’s father)
Kim Hye Jung as (Soo In’s mother)
Kim Sang Ho as Coach Nam
Park So Hyun as Coach Shin
Lee Sung Min
Jung Ji Soon
Kang Ji Hoo
Kim Chang Wan
Kim Bo Ri

Production Credits

Director: Lee Yoon Jung
Screenwriter: Lee Jung Ah (이정아) & Oh Soo Jin (오수진)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Subtitle Nationwide Seoul
2009-06-11 1 Triple Axel 4.6 (<7.4)
2009-06-12 2 Kiss and Cry Zone 6.2 8.0 (17th)
2009-06-17 3 Compulsory 6.9 (<7.6)
2009-06-18 4 Gala Show 6.7 7.4 (19th)
2009-06-24 5 Warm Up 9.3 (13th) 9.9 (11th)
2009-06-25 6 Jump 9.0 (14th) 9.9 (13th)
2009-07-01 7 Edge 7.6 (<8.3)
2009-07-02 8 Injury 6.8 (<7.8)
2009-07-08 9 1800m² 7.5 (<8.5)
2009-07-09 10 Ina Bauer 6.2 (<8.5)
2009-07-15 11 Skating 6.3 (<7.8)
2009-07-16 12 Spin 5.9 (<7.9)
2009-07-22 13 step 5.8 (<8.0)
2009-07-23 14 Coach 5.4 (<7.8)
2009-07-29 15 Four Minutes 5.2 (<8.0)
2009-07-30 16 Ice 5.7 (<7.4)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : radishchan Says:

    isnt kang ji hwan supposed to be part of this?

    why sudden change of cast?

    i was waiting for this just beacause of him..


    i just hope that this will be a good show..

  2. 2 : kayy Says:

    It doesn’t matter if Kang Ji Hwan is in this show or not. All the actors, Lee Jung Jae (Air City, Il Mare), Yoon Kye Sung (Who Are You) & Lee Sun Gyun (Coffee Prince) are good, solid actors.

    I like Lee Ha Na (When Spring Comes, Women of the Sun) too. My only worry is Min Hyo Rin… Who is she? She’s too young to be paired with any of the guys above. Can she act???

  3. 3 : tresna Says:

    I’ve got an interest in Min Hyo Rin.. Her face shows she has a calm n kind behaviour.. I want to watch this series from MySoju

  4. 4 : HanFever Says:


    “who is she”???? she’s the one who can skate…she was hired for her athletic ability, not necessarily her acting skills… that’s why the show us called “Triple”.. 🙂

  5. 5 : العاب بنات Says:


  6. 6 : jean ",) Says:

    how is the rating 4 ds drama??

    show it please,,,,,, tnx

  7. 7 : Pelligrosso Says:

    I’ve seen 6 episodes so far, and the acting is good, solid’.

    Min Hyo Rin is good too. She’s really cute, Fun way of laughing.
    Great relationship between the characters.

    Well, so far(²), I like it. =]

  8. 8 : savvy Says:

    Watched up to episode 7 – so far not very good. I’m thinking of giving this up. Don’t like how the story seems to be developing… A teenage girl liking her thirty-something stepbrother…

  9. 9 : Basuha Says:

    Enjoying this drama, it light but has depth Haru falling for her brother was predictable the way she expresses her feeling for him is surprising honest, brave and refreshing. I don’t look at this drama and think it about Haru feelings towards her Stepbrother because that a small part of the storyline there are many elements that makes this drama charming.

    The one thing that really bothers me and it wouldn’t be a k-drama if there wasn’t something that I didn’t like. The ex-wife, cheated on her SH and claims she want him back because she loves him so much. One would think that she would make damm sure that his best friend knows that she only have Shin Hwal in her heart. She seem to keep his friend at just enough of a distance to make it seem like it all him, but close enough that he able to cross the line.

    I have to say I love Haru voice I find it to be very smoothing and funny especially when she says “Oppa”.

    (Side note) I don’t see why the puppy had to die, that was just unnecessary.

  10. 10 : cut throat Says:

    kang ji hwan is in this drama,,,guys don’t be panic. they didn’t him here but in my soju they mention his name among the casts.

  11. 11 : cut throat Says:

    they didn’t include him here*

  12. 12 : B-Ring! Says:

    Thought it will be exciting and all, but it’s just another boring kdrama. I just lost interest after episode 6(?). It’s peculiar where the storyline is heading….Oh well!!!

  13. 13 : cut throat Says:

    this is such a boring drama…i thought of watching it becos i thougt kang ji hwan would be the leading actor…but i was wrong.In my soju they wrote his name in the sypnosis but till now he has not apppeared.well i felt relief that a good actors like kang ji hwan doesnt act in this boring,bad-storyline drama.

  14. 14 : cup Says:

    I too didn’t like the how Su In treated Shin Hawl. It is unfair for her to think that he would just jump on the bandwagon and act like a happy newlywed all of a sudden knowing what she did to him. I mean come on. Shin Hawl is gonna have some baggage, Su In is fooling herself if she think he didn’t. Also, I think Hyun Tae was partly responsible for the failure of SH and SI’s reconciliation. Even though SI acted like she was unswayed by HT, I think she was swayed just enough to where she felt disappointment to the lack of enthusiasm to how SH wanted to take his time getting confortable with SI again. Finally Hyun Tae is a bad person and a bad friend. He has no respect for friendship or marriage. SH was his friend and let him move into his house. The least HT could have done was to let SH and SI work things out without interfering and then go after SI if they didn’t reconcile. The way I see it, HT’s chasing after SI not only falter her love for SH but also force SH to take SI back before he was fully ready to. The fact that SH was forced to take her back was because he was afraid of losing her forever shows he still loves her. The way I see it SH really is a victim here.

  15. 15 : honey b Says:

    i like lee jung jae, i wanna watch this drama too.

  16. 16 : millethsalonga Says:

    i love shin hwal and haru in the end.wanna continue watching this.love all the actors.they can deliver their role very well.well done guys.sarang-hae.

  17. 17 : tuguy Says:

    I agree with post #16 – all the actors delivered their role very well.
    I think Shin Hwal was a cool guy, he didn’t re-acted harshly when people had criticized or accused him for this or that. He just looked straight to them without saying any thing and let people think of what they want to think. Lee Jung Jae acted very good in this role.
    I also agree with post #9 about Haru. I like her voice when she is greeting people or says “Oppa”. Ah, I think the dog is dead to make us love Haru more for her loneliness and she could make a statement that kind of ” it is a sign that everyone she loves starting leaving her”, it means her Oppa go back to his ex-wife. At the end I think SH is a lonely guy in this drama.
    Overall, I like this drama because it is fun and I can escape the stresses from work at the end of the day.

  18. 18 : Kelly Says:

    Hello to all,

    The style is something like as Coffee Prince, which is comfortable and funny, especially love Lee Sun Gyun 🙂

  19. 19 : Mel Says:

    Hi. I’ve been watching this show for the last few weeks on MBC with the english subtitles. Thanks for the warning that the puppy dies.

  20. 20 : cici Says:

    I’m a little bit confused. At the end, did Haru relise her feeling is for Poong Ho and that her feeling for SH just admired him. Or still in love with SH ?

  21. 21 : millethsalonga Says:

    done watching this tv series i love it so much .well done lee jung jae. i love ur character,that makes me looking for more of ur shows.i love haru too .shes so funny .more power to both of u.hope someday when haru is matured enough she and shin hwal will end up again doing a more romantic tv series .whats wrong falling in love with oppa.sarang hae-yo .

  22. 22 : lwm Says:

    Boring drama. Glad it’s over.

  23. 23 : deanaz Says:

    yes i am agree with post 20, still confuse is haru finally realize that she only admire SH and touched by pong hoo. But anyway theres still good ending, more like lee jung jae, he is not handsome but very charismatic even i prefer to watch him in air city coz action genre more better for him.

  24. 24 : fb Says:

    Love this series very much, it shocked me on the last episode. The fact that Haru is finally can let go her deep feelings for Shin Wal, and that Shin Wal (which is the main actor) is the only one that left alone…I really love the ending thou’, esp. the part when Shin Wal visited Haru’s university and his last smile before he left…and of course the part where he’s driving home alone on his car and let his right hand out of the window, playing with the wind. Darn, its so touchy.

    Personally, the first reason i watched this series is coz of Lee Syun Gyun. Im addicted to him since Coffee Prince (i watched Coffee Prince mostly is because of him)… I found him very charming and natural. And seeing him in this series makes me adored him more.
    After watching it, i like to see more of Lee Jung Jae too. He’s great. I love his simple smile. And you just couldnt resist Min Hyo Rin as Haru…so cute!!!

    And again….i dont understand why a drama like this cant get a good rating? I really dont know what people wanted to see in a drama? A cinderella tale? A wicked girl / stepmother? A “very” poor girl that is sooooo poor (but acted like she’s strong) but she always let that 4 beautiful boys help her(you know which show that im talking about)?
    What is wrong with JUST WATCHING NORMAL STORIES WITH NORMAL CHARACTER???? Is it too hard to accept seeing normal people on TV?
    I bet if Haru got a bad rival that bully her or put a broken glass on her skate this show will got a good rating!!! Is that what people wanted to see? Where’s the morality people????

    Anyway, this show goes right to the top 5 of my favorite korean drama again…along with The World That They Lived In (who’s not even got a good rating too…)


  25. 25 : Suzy Says:

    Hi,,, i love this drama to bits!!! espically Hawl and Haru!! both are great so do the whole cast!! I would also like to agree with post no 20 and 23, its rather confusing to me, as i feel that the ending is still too vague…although she did mentioned that her ‘feelings’ were all gone when the rink disappeared…somehow or rather its still not convincing enough..its like they left it hanging there…..anyway you guys should catch this drama!!!! lol, hoping there would be another season—dun bash me up–sigh..lol

  26. 26 : honey b Says:

    Love this drama. The friendship between shin wal, hae yoon and hyun tae so mature…so nice. And the way Haru loving Shin Wal, it’s so touching but also funny…..

  27. 27 : Veronica Says:

    I think this drama was good. I agree with post 24 with the fact that so what if its just normal people. Some of those story lines like the cinderella thing get so old. It’s nice to see something new once in a while. I think the young girl is refreshing. She’s so bouyant and fun. But at the same time has alot of determination and maturity. The characters are realistic and plot twists are so different at the same time being what you expect. But its nice that way.

  28. 28 : Rena Says:

    Done watching it. But rather upset about the ending.
    It still left some question. How is Shin Hwal’s truely feeling about Ha Ru, is it brother-sister kinda love? or else?
    Is Ha ru’s feeling to Shin Hwal is still remain the same or has it changed?
    And why Shin Hwal’s house never been locked?

    Things I like about TRIPLE are the friendship between those three guys, and how they share their feelings honestly.

    -Not Bad-

  29. 29 : Suzy Says:

    lol…why Shin Hwal’s house never been locked…i never really thought of that, but i guess its because no one would want to steal stuff from their house? lol, but i really love their houses…

  30. 30 : Arai Says:

    It’s boring drama…

  31. 31 : yunanerrs Says:

    loved it! 0:)

  32. 32 : missturtle Says:

    i love the ending. it’s just more realistic! i’m glad that i see some new idea in this series. cinderella’ s story getting me really bored!

  33. 33 : Vica Says:

    Very very love that stOry…..
    shin hwaL……min hyo rin…..

  34. 34 : irene Says:

    Hi i really truly believe they the producers should have a movie done on this …

    show us what happens after everyone got married then school ,they left it up in hanging which really i wish they had not did that that way..
    so please someone considered making triple into a movie or another triple 2 for conclusion on where everyone is standing thanks so much..

    they have done this for other shows why not this one..????

  35. 35 : karen Says:

    boreing drama, hate the ending.
    i dont want a cinderella ending, but at least answer the question, will she be with her brother? or the other guy? or non.

    plus the whole drama is really draggy

  36. 36 : arorkama Says:

    can somebody plz tell me whats the end of this drama.

  37. 37 : ardhan Says:

    good ending film 🙂

  38. 38 : mutiara Says:

    I love korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  39. 39 : mel Says:

    i like story about skating…
    hmmm… i will watch this movie…

  40. 40 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. hope i see this film,,

  41. 41 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  42. 42 : Dan Says:

    Finally watched this! Very different feel from the other K-dramas. More like real life than a drama show. Really liked Lee Haru in this. She was really refreshing. Hated Shin Hwal though. He was just a jerk in how he treated others. Disappointed there wasn’t more skating in this. The skating was really interesting to watch, but there was hardly any in the second half of the show. And the ending… was such a let down. Didn’t make any sense at all. Really needs a special to finish the show off.

  43. 43 : Marjah Says:

    worst korean drama ever made in the history of korean dramas…. the actors and actresses were ugly….it didn’t make any sense at all. Don’t be fooled by the pictures cause theres hardly any scenes of her really skating… just alot of her falling….Tootal let down and a complete waste of my money……..seriously. no wonder the ratings were so poor..


  44. 44 : billydkid Says:

    in response to marjah… i have not watched this yet and i don’t intend to because some said it is too boring. what is important in a series for me is the Storyline, the looks of the stars are only secondary. if they can act, i would still watch even though they are not that good-looking as long as the tempo of the series doesn’t lag and the interests of the viewers can be held on.(failed here, since some said this is so boring)

  45. 45 : reiko sawanaka Says:

    i just finish this one..

  46. 46 : toh quan ming Says:

    i find it very touching and nice that is why i like to watch this korean drama.

  47. 47 : Greselle Mae Says:

    the story was quite interesting…. i really like the characters act…. i love ji poong hoo so much… he was so jolly!!!! amazing!!!

  48. 48 : KDFan Says:

    I’m at episode 6. Love the story so far. Always like lee jun jae’s acting since ilmare.
    One of my favorite Korean actor. I watch Triple because of him

  49. 49 : kerkeruu Says:

    i really wanna watch this..can anybody pls tell where i can watch this?thanks

  50. 50 : korean wave Says:

    well..i like ji poong ho very much ..he s soo cute…like him a lot with haru…

  51. 51 : TheMisstulip Says:

    i just done watch this drama…i love to see hyun tae and soo in scene..so romantic…
    From malaysia..

  52. 52 : wawa Says:

    it so interesting story…
    saranghae oppa hwal…

  53. 53 : soetan adejoke Says:

    Superb drama

  54. 54 : Descendants of the Sun OST List (Ongoing) | my30uplife Says:

    […] Hye Kyo since Autumn Tales era till now. While Song Joong Ki, well, first time I saw him was in Triple. And this is his new drama after serving his nation in Military. So, who is not gonna be excited to […]

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