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Title: 천국의 나무 / Tree of Heaven
Chinese title :天国的树
Japanese Name: 天国の樹 / Tengoku no ki
Also known as: Heaven’s Tree / Trees in Heaven
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: SBS/Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2006-02-08 to 2006-03-09
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM


Hana is a bright young girl who lost her father at a young age. When her mother returns to Japan, she comes with her new Korean husband and his son Yunsuh. Yunsuh’s mother died during his 10th birthday and after her death, he becomes autistic. While Hana is fond of her new step-brother, he wants nothing to do with her. When their parents leave on their honeymoon, Hana’s mother leaves the children with her deceased husband’s sister who will manage their inn during the trip. While they are gone, the aunt and her daughter Maya abuse Hana and make plans to sell the inn in order to pay for gambling debts and college. Despite all of this, Hana finds comfort in her brother who begins to open up to her and eventually speaks after Yunsuh’s Birthday. As they start to have feelings for one another, Hana is afraid to love him. She soon leaves with ‘sunbeh ryu’ who also likes her. Later on, Maya gets jealous, and decides to make Hana’s life even more miserable.


Lee Wan as Yoon-suh 윤서 (20-22)
Park Shin Hye as Hana 하 나 (18-20)
Asami Reina as Maya 마야 (19-21)
Uchida Asahi as Fujiwara Ryu 후지와라 류 (20-22)
Jung Dong Hwan as Yoon Soo-ha 윤수하 (Yoon-suh’s father, 40)
Kim Chung as Yoko 요 코 (Maya’s mother, 40)
Mire Aika 아이카 미레 as Michiko 미찌코 (Hana’s mother, 40)
다카스기 코오 as Iwa 이와 (40)
Lee Jung Kil as Bo Seu 보 스 (50)
Sung Sun Im as Mika 미카 (Hana’s friend, 18-20)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Huh Woong 허웅
Producer: Ko Kyung Hee 고경희
Writer: Moon Hee Jung 문희정 / Kim Nam Hee 김남희
Director: Lee Jang Soo
Asst. Director: Jo Soo Won 조수원

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191 Responses to “Tree of Heaven”

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  1. 151
    oana Says:

    is a really sad drama……..for the first time in my life i cried…..at a drama!

  2. 152
    gucci outlet Says:

    is a really sad drama……..for the first time in my life i cried…..at a drama!

  3. 153
    so-in-love Says:

    this is one of the most beautiful love story and drama i had ever watched!
    the story is not draggin and will keep you hanging in your seat. i just finished watchin it this morning and my heart is still breaking over the beauty of the story…
    it’s very sad yet romantic…you would really see true love materialized in its finest…

  4. 154
    me Says:

    this drama is so sad but still i love it very much

  5. 155
    lll Says:

    i love this drama . it made me cry all the time

  6. 156
    ney-ney Says:

    altought isn’t happy ending,
    but i really love this drama.
    make me sad n cry.

    lee wan oppa is very cute.
    i’ll waiting his next drama.
    and i hope he will be a TOP korean actor.

  7. 157
    claudia Says:

    aduuh gilee.. ceritanya baguus banget, cinta terlarang natara kakak dgn adk tiri. ternyata drama ini keluaran lama ya, cm aku br nonton smlm d dvd, tp sayangnya cd-nya macet!! 🙁
    aku penasaran banget ama ending-nya..
    sebenernya gimana sih????
    nanggung bgt nih nontonnya, stokaer mata aku blm abis kok, masi banyak..

  8. 158
    shin Says:

    claudia : ntn online aja,, aku juga baru slse ntn,, sdih bangettt,, T_T

  9. 159
    shin Says:

    film SERI KOREA PERTAMA YANG sangat sangat sedih,, ceritanya sgt baguss!!! love it so muchh!!! walaupun endingnya sediih,, 🙁
    knp yoon soh oppa hrs matiii.. 🙁
    stlh ntn ni film masi trbayang bayang video yang direkam yoonsoh sblum matii,, T_T

    lee wan ganteng bgt,,

  10. 160
    bsd Says:

    kalo mau nonton online lewat website apa ya? thx

  11. 161
    ana Says:

    this is the very ever best drama that ive seen in my whole life..it made me cry a lot….!it touch my hard heart….

  12. 162
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  13. 163
    Cory Says:

    ia,, w blm nonton nehh serial,,,sprtny bagus and bkn nandis yahhh…
    wajib,,kudu,,mesti nonton neh serial

  14. 164
    piu Says:

    sayang endingnyasedih 🙁

  15. 165
    Lollipopika Says:

    Belom juga ngelanjutin nontonnya,, takut pipis dari mata …
    Liat aja respone2 nya bikin mellow deehh
    Ohhh noo, pake acara mati2an sgala lagii …
    Gak gak gak kuaaatt (7icons) 🙁

  16. 166
    love grace Says:

    i really like this movie
    very impressive
    i hope you think
    about making you another
    movie, involving both of you
    lee wan and park shin hye
    one more time

  17. 167
    Layla Ridhuan Says:

    Iyaaa setuju ne film GILA sedih buaanggeeedddd
    Cintanya Lee Wan gag pernah sedetikpun hilang buat park shin hye
    Q ampe 3 hari 2 malam nangisin ne film
    walaupun banyak Drama yang Q tonton tapi yang the Best
    bikin nangis ya ne Drama !!!!!!!!!!!
    Never Forget this Drama ^_^

  18. 168
    daeji Says:

    I don’t know why but I laugh and cry while watching this drama .. yoon suh oppa.. his character was success to make me laugh all the time .. haha
    great drama ^^

  19. 169
    sonnam Says:

    Its really a beautiful drama which made me cried for the first time in my life …..at a drama! & ya i watch this drama six times even then m not satisfied of it…

  20. 170
    aki1990 Says:

    mana nak cari link download citer nie?

  21. 171
    sunny Says:

    heartbreaking banget,bikin nangis ne air mat a buaya,n keingat terus a a ne cerita selama 2 hari 2 malam,acting pemainnya OK banget,gak kek pemain sinetron biarpun day film lama to recommended deh..jadi keingat endless love,,i love dis drama!!

  22. 172
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  23. 173
    maida Says:

    i love this drama…they are all good…i wish to have another episode..

  24. 174
    thithie Says:

    begitu mengharukan,nonton tree of heaven mmbuat aq menangis…
    tree of heaven …i like it
    aq ingin negara gingseng terus menampilkan banyak drama2 yg membuat bahagia penontonny,aq ingin park shin hye akhirnya bersama lee wan,karna aq blm mlihat sampai akhir cerita,namun informasi yg ku dpt park shin hye tdk bersama lee wan,
    hhuhuhu sangat di sayangkan:(

  25. 175
    mercy Says:

    This movies is the best

  26. 176
    mercy Says:

    this movies is the fantasist

  27. 177
    cyber use Says:

    I hate this drama because my heart breaks when I watch this drama I really love the story but I feel like loosing somebody 🙁

  28. 178
    nadyea Says:

    the best movie ever !!!

  29. 179
    emerald Says:

    i begin to watch it… seems i had a feeling to love this drama…

  30. 180
    sweety girl Says:

    i felt sorry to say that how boring this drama is and i dont like acting of lee wan and park shin hye i only lyk 1st disc.

  31. 181
    Tiptop Says:

    i like this drama very much.but i will not watch it again because i felt very sorry.i like both Lee Wan and Park Shin Hay in this drama very much

  32. 182
    Hanako Says:

    Never like sad endings. so will not watch this movie
    When watching a movie it maybe sad at certain parts but if it is going to be sad endings it won’t inspire us..most people won’t like sad endings cos a waste of time watching..that is what I thought

  33. 183


  34. 184
    꽃 (bunga) Says:

    나는 한국 드라마를보고 아주 좋아해요, 나는 윤 oppa 휴 … 난이 드라마가 눈물을 떨쳐 내야 볼 때마다 사랑, 훌륭한 연기 리 완은 거의 우리가 눈물 배우를보고 싶어하지 않습니다. 정말이 이야기 🙂 마음에

  35. 185
    Jenny Says:

    for me its very sad drama.. I’ve cried a lot.. i hate the ending…I’m frustrated……:-(

  36. 186
    omowunmi tonade Says:

    To me it a very interesting film and sad. And I feel sorry for who it happen to

  37. 187
    rosmizalina Says:

    I like this drama..very good…and very very dad’s.can’t shows at tv again

  38. 188
    virginia Says:

    I love the entire movie! I have now been watching all the multicultural dramas.
    By far I am always constantly watching this one everyday.
    I wish they kissed though, and he could have told her he loved her.
    It was so funny every time she got dropped off by him to her boss,
    she never stayed so why even try to marry her off when he should have given
    her that choice of love and lost.

  39. 189
    dkorea Says:

    I am in the 3rd episode, and not going to watch any further.

    I’ve had it with snow, tears, evil and the weird love of 2 kids!!!!! they are not even grown ups.

    I am a big fan of Korean dramas, but this is just too much. Sorry.

  40. 190
    Princess Says:

    dis film is interesting but pls hw can i get season 2

  41. 191
    mhillet caingal Says:

    To the first episode until the end episode …. I cried 😢😢
    how sad story… but it’s truly happend… 😢😢

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