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Tomorrow Victory

Tomorrow Victory 04

Title: 내일도 승리 / Tomorrow Victory
Chinese Title: 明天也勝利
Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 130
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-02 to 2016-April-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50


Han Seung Ri (Jun So Min) struggles to keep the soy sauce factory which has been run for generations by her family. She also changes gold digger Na Hong Joo (Song Won Geun) into a better person.


Main Cast

Jun So Min as Han Seung Ri
Song Won Geun as Na Hong Joo
Choi Philip as Cha Sun Woo
Yoo Ho Rin as Seo Jae Kyung

Han Seung Ri’s Family

Jun In Taek as Han Tae Sung
Lee Eung Kyung as Kong Cho Hee
Lee Ji Hyun as Han Se Ri

Na Hong Joo’s Family

Lee Joo Shil as Park Bok Soon
Lee Han Seo as Na Ja Doo

Cha Sun Woo’s Family

Lee Sang Sook as Uhm Chung Sil
Kim Min Chul (김민철) as Cha Jin Woo

Seo Jae Kyung’s Family

Han Jin Hee as Seo Dong Chun
Lee Bo Hee as Ji Young Sun


Lee Jung Sung as Director Min
Jung Yi Rang
Choi Young (최영) as Secretary Choi
Kim Kwang Young as supervisor Park
Lee Kyu Sub (이규섭) as loan shark
Tae Hang Ho as Kang Min Chul
Son Sung Yoon as Yoon Tae Hee
Park Min Soo
Jung Soo In
Lee Jong Goo
Kim Ji Ho (2009)
Kim Gun (ep110)
Kim Kwang Hyun as Detective

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yong Won
Producer: Lee Min Soo
Director: Jung Ji In, Oh Seung Yul
Screenwriter: Hong Seung Hee


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  1. 1 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: MBC does not provide english translations of the synopsis of their dramas anymore? ‘beautiful you’ synopsis is also in the korean language.

  2. 2 : PUDJI Says:

    well…..why is the translation in korean….T.T

  3. 3 : tigerb Says:

    okay, i can now understand why the synopsis is not translated into english. i can’t watch it anyway. ta! ta!

  4. 4 : Alexandra Says:


  5. 5 : mml Says:

    Although, this drama has no sub-title given, I still like to watch this drama. And luckily, I understand Korean language then it will not affect me that much.

    After reading the Chinese words from China Baidu about the synopsis of this drama . I have finally known that in the later part of the episodes Na Hong Joo likes and falls in love with Han Seung Ri . Well , I like the pair up for this couple Jun So Min and Song Won Geun.

    In Princess Aurora this drama, the character of Song Won Geun looked very girlish and very funny in character. In this drama , Song Won Geun looks responsible and more properly in attire.

    Good, i think i will like this drama . And I hope that Han Seung Ri will find her sweet happiness after, all the obstacles and hardships that she has overcome or gone through.

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching up to episode 15 and began to know about the past occupation of Na Hong Joo , through his rescue to Seo Jae Kyung, he was once a doctor. But, what’s the reason leading him to give up his career as a doctor, at the moment, I do not know the real reason that resulted him to stop his career as a doctor ?

    And I have noticed that Na Hong Joo he’s a kind hearted person. And something I don’t understand is , where is Na Hong Joo’s wife ? Is he divorce or is his wife had already passed away ?

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 16 to episode 20 for this week, I think it’s a bad karma for the wicked couple Sun Woo and Jae Kyung that god has arranged Han Seung Ri to work in their company. Looking at the born talent that Han Seung Ri has , I think she can keep and re-build her dad’s soy sauce factory and she may find out the murderer who killed her father and put the wicked couple to jail when she’s able to gather all the useful evidence.

    Something strange about Na Hong Joo’s family background ? I suspect that Na Hong Joo’s real mother is Ji Young Sun, if , I guess it correctly, that means , when the right timing comes then Na Hong Joo will move and stay with Seo Jae Kyung’s family and that means Na Hong Joo will have greater and powerful authority than Jae Kyung.

  8. 8 : mml Says:

    This week episode 21 to episode 25, I have enjoyed all the episodes , especially episode 24 and episode 25 . I have found out that the sickness of director Seo Dong Chun was getting worse and am not sure will he let his business being run and to be continued by the adopted daughter Seo Jae Kyung ?

    And the second thing that I have noticed that in episode 24 and episode 25 , Na Hong Joo has started to like Han Seung Ri . While , Han Seung Ri at this moment only treats Na Hong Joo as a good friend . And how does this friendship terms can last or will there be changes along the way ??

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    This week episode 26 to episode 30 , a good move for the relationship between Han Seung Ri and Na Hong Joo . I think Na Hong Joo can be the best person who joins Han Seung Ri to build up his talent in being knowledgeable about soy sauce so that both of them can form up as a team to protect one another rather than being bully by Cha Sun Woo ,

  10. 10 : Iris Says:

    Actually – Viki has a page, but NO EPISODES.

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    I have finally finished watching up to episode 39 and I hope that Seo Dong Chun can quickly manage to find his son Na Hong Joo so that Na Hong Joo can stop the wicked man Cha Sun Woo to plot greedy evil plan trying to inherit the wealth of Seo Dong Chun.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    I have finally caught up from Ep 1 to Ep 10. I also have seen a few other episodes here and there.

    So far the beginning reminds me of Love And Secrets. The girl gets pregnant and her boyfriend marries another girl for her money and to take over the company her father owns.

    If I would have been Han Seung-Ri I would have waited for Cha Sun-Woo and his bride to come out of the church after their marriage and threw salt at them and walked away. Would not that make every one wonder.

    Intesting Han Seung-Ri and Cha Sun-Woo date each other, was it 5 years??? Fall in love, she gets pregnant. He goes away for One Month!!! and he comes back with a rich chick and a completely different personality!!

    Also same plot line to start the show with like Eve’s Love. Buy off the policeman to not investigate the accident.

    I saw Yoo Ho-Rin (Jae-Kyung) in Make a Wish and she was a wicked evil witch in that show.

  13. 13 : Norm. Says:

    @rose. yes, you are so right. all the makings of eves love. even the same B…. from eves love, also stormy lady? I do not know where you are in this show, but when ever they need CCTV evidence to back up a crime commited, it’s always been hi-jacked. I know we have 95 episodes more to go, but I want to see the witch and her husband skinned a live. Also Han Seung-Ri should have salted them at the wedding. basic plot it seems. well lets see what happens.

    So is Dir Do coming back for Ha Na’s mother @3pm tomorrow?(wives).
    Do you think?, Hope she declines. ans.pls.

  14. 14 : Rose Says:

    @Norm = I don’t know anything about a 3 p.m. episode – did you say on January 15??? Did you see it??? As far as I know Ep 121 was the added episode and the last one. The producers, writers, staff, etc. resolved everything in that episode.

    I thought the last scene was funny with the 3 main ladies walking on the tracks and they see that ding bat Chinese lady that moved in with Ki Chul with another man and they started chasing her. I guess she only served less than 3 years in jail. I assume she was sent to jail.

    I thought it was a good show and well done and happy with the ending.

  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    @mml —–

    I noticed on Great First Wives that you stopped reviewing the episodes around 93. Did you stick it out and watch the rest of the show to the end???? You got your happy ending with Jin Yeon and the Director.

    I thought the last 20 epiosdes were really good and there were alot of different twists to the show that I did not expect. Dramanice has all the Eng subs if you are interested.

    There were ups and downs in the show, but kudos to the whole production staff and crew, actors, etc. they ended the show on a happy note, except for one person.

  16. 16 : norm Says:

    @Rose. Thank you. yes I saw the last episode. and yes it was a good ending. funny and cute. I too taught the bat was in jail. liked all how it ended

  17. 17 : Diane Says:

    I dislike Viki “ALOT”!!!! I would to watch this drama but I can’t due to Fan Channel. Bye Bye

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    @ Dianne ===== you can watch up to Ep 50 with Eng subs on Dramanice

    Beautiful You at Dramanice


  19. 19 : Rose Says:

    I have only seen 24 episodes, but from what I have observed is that Seung-Ri is smarter when it comes to coming up with receipes and food ideas, can handle employees and the public way better than smart mouth Jae-Kyung. I am sure she can run that company also given enough time and experience. Sun Woo thinks he picked the right girl choosing Jae-Kyung, but he was mistaken.

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    I feel bad for Cha Jin-Woo, having to work with Seung-Ri’s sister. At the present time I don’t care for her very much. She thinks she is hot stuff. When she finds out he is Sun-Woo’s brother, I am sure she will give him a very hard time.

    I also don’t care for Seung-Ri’s mother. She is always complaining and critical about everything. Her husband seemed to be a nice gentle man.

    I saw Yoo Ho-Rin, (Seo Jae-Kyung) in Make A Wish for the first time and she played an evil wicked witch in that show also. Plus she wore strange outfits in that show as well as this one.

    Phillip Choi was in Rosy Lovers, he had a smaller role and was a nice guy in that show.

  21. 21 : Christy Says:

    Does anyone know any information, including title and artist, about the songs (OST) that play in this drama? Thanks

  22. 22 : lee Says:

    can be shoter the story but making bore cause try to extend the Episodes

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    When it came out that Jae-Kyung might have a problem having children I thought what sweet revenge for Sun Woo since Seung-Ri lost their baby, but…she managed to get pregnant. Maybe Sun-Woo will mellow out a bit when he becomes a father.

    I am happy Dong-Chun finally found his son. All the years he was looking for his son, and Sun Woo finds his son faster than Dong Chun. All this bickering back and forth between the 4 of them is grating on a person’s nerves.

    I hope eventually it will be known to Jae-Kyung that Sun-Woo and Seung-Ri were a couple. I can’t wait to see Jae-Kyung go ballistic over that news.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    Sun Woo was better off marrying Seung-Ri as she always manages to come up with different solutions to handle major problems and gets everything accomplished. Seung-Ri would be a better asset to further his career than Jae-Kyung. He married for money and his evil wife, Jae Kyung, can’t do anything on her own without running to Sun Cho every minute. The one thing she is great at is “screaming and yelling”

  25. 25 : Rose Says:

    Jae-Kyung is a psycho.

    Kudos to Sun Woo’s mother for telling his mother-in-law and Jae Kyung off.

    I said when Jin-Woo got hired at the same news agency that Ji Hyun was working at the he would fall for her. Ji Hyun wants a guy with a lot of money. Jin-Woo and the former policeman don’t fill those qualifications. I like Jin-Woo, he is a nice guy and I was hoping he would not fall for Ji Hyun. Typical Korean story line though. All the players are always connected in some way to each other.

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    I am confused — Does Sun Woo have several brothers or only Jin-Woo??? I thought there was a photo of 4 boys on a shelf or a piece of furniture in Sun Woo’s house. And I thought there was mention that she had lots of boys. But???? there is no mention of them or appearance, so I must not have understood correctly.

    If Jin-Woo gets married, and hope fully not Se-Ri, he can have children most likely. Sun Woo’s mother is carrying on that it is the end of the Cha line. Doesn’t Jin-Woo count.

    I can’t believe that Jae-Kyung has the nerve to face her staff after they all know that she lied about Seung-Ri knocking her off the chair and the loss of her baby. Plus some of the other criticisms she has directed towards Seung-Ri and Hong-Jo.

  27. 27 : jeweles Says:

    @26 Rose:

    I think she mentioned in earlier ep that the boys died when they were very young. That’s why she wants so desperately to have grandchildren. I think SunWoo is her favorite and can’t-do-no-wrong son and only he counts. tsk tsk.. Wait until she finds out how horrible her son really is.

  28. 28 : Rose Says:


    Thank you for answering my question on Chung-Sil’s children. I appreciate it.

  29. 29 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe no one questioned how those boxes just happened to fall on Jae-Kyung and Sun-Woo just happened to be there to protect her??? I didn’t see any one around the area, so who was the witness Mr. Choi spoke to???? Some one Sun-Woo paid off?? Sun-Woo thought by marrying Jae-Kyung is ife would be smooth sailing, but he sure was wrong.

    That idiot assistant that works for Sun-Woo does everything he tells him to do. Between Sun-Woo, the assistant and Jae-Kyung, they are making the company regress and causing a profit loss instead of bringing the company forward.

    Hong-Jo’s ex-wife is another person out for Dong-Chun;s money. Hong-Jo needs to keep a tight grip on her. Unfortunately Sun-Woo happened to find out she is his father-in-law’s dr. Bad news.

    Jin-Woo is a nice young man.. i can’t believe he fell for Se-Ri. Jin-Woo wants to get married and have children for his mother. I don’t see any connection between them at all. Neither Jin-Woo nor the ex-cop are in her bracket money-wise. She is looking for someone with big money.

  30. 30 : gloria athill Says:

    i know some men married for power this one takes the cake he is the worst ever blackmailing for power both mom and daughter deserve everything they got coming for trying to get rid of the son so they could get it all very greedy.

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    Jae-Kyung is an idiot. She is not qualified to run the she so wants. Cha Woo is another scheming evil idiot, his wife causes all kinds of trouble and he blames Seung-Ri.

    The chairman needs to keep alert so Cha Woo doesn’t steal the company and everything with it.

    Hong Joon’s grandmother has Cha Woo’s cell phone in a box with. That has some evidence on it, Have they found it yet??

    @Gloria – I agree with you 100%. Can’t wait for Cha Woo’s mother to find out how evil he is.

  32. 32 : Rose Says:

    Soooo……. they increased this to 130 episodes. Oh wow. 120 were enough I would think.

    Once Hong Jo’s ex-wife overheard that he was the chairman’s son she really dug her heels in to get him back.

    The Chairman always loses his patience at the dinner table, and leaves……doesn’t he hear what the 3 are discussing after he leaves. He should listen to what they are plotting behind his back.

    I find it interesting, people just walk into the chairman’s office with out Mr. Choi announcing them. And…they just happen to hear everything that is being discussed – and no one even sees them at the door listening!!!! This scene happens so many times.

  33. 33 : cw Says:

    @Rose Says; If this was better written 130 ep’s would be great, but this drama is not one of them. There is still too much dragging on. I also find it interesting that doors are so thin people can hear the conversations. Are they using ply-board? There are so many things about Koreans and Korean dramas that I would like to question out of curiosity. There doesn’t seem to be a continuity person on there staff because a character will simply walk from one room to another & be wearing a different outfit. Also, would like to know if parents really block their children from marrying by choice….and so many more ????? So many questions, who knows???

    Best dramas are those that make you wanting more ep’s.

  34. 34 : Rose Says:

    @cw —

    I agree with you in all that you said.

    I have no idea if parents stop their children from marrying who they want. I have had conflicting answers to that question from two different Korean woman. One lady told me that they don’t follow that practice any more. But I asked another lady and she said “yes, parents want their children to marry the same class that they were raised in.” Rich marry Rich, medium class people marry medium and poor marry poor. Seems strange to me but that I guess was their custom for many years. In American I think that happens at times also. But my friend came from a medium class parents and she married in to a very rich family with no problem.

    There appear to be no secrets within a family, as you said, you can hear everything that is being said behind closed doors.

    And also, doesn’t anyone lock their doors? People just can walk in and out whenever and whoever???

    Every time Seung Ri gets ahead of the game or gets her hands on the evidence, Sun Woo manages to be a step ahead of her or gets his hands on the evidence because Seung-Ri tells him she has it. How stupid, bring it to the police. Geez…..

    And I can’t believe Jae Kyung, her mother and Sun Woo think nothing of covering up a car accident. Unbelievable. Well Ji Young-Sun had her husband’s child removed from the hospital and had Seung Ri’s mother tell him the baby died. I can never figure out why Dong-Chun every married Young-Sun. It doesn’t appear that he loves her or that their relationship is that good.

    I think Na Ja-Doo is so cute. Some of the child actors really are great.

  35. 35 : Andrew Says:

    That Seo Jae Kyung chick is psycho. She blames everything that happens to her on Seung Ri. And her mother is exactly the same. As if Seung Ri was devasted when she lost the man she dated and thought was in love with her for 5 years, needless to say losing her baby. Jae Kyung and her mother think it is ok to run some one over and cover it up. Give me a break – they think they are high class people, but the are not but losers.

    Is Episode 130 the last one, I hope?

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    I don’t know if this drama is finished airing as I stopped watching it. I watch it on the computer and I am trying to catch up. And they keep adding episodes. Geez…

    Since Seung-Ri thought of looking for CCTV tape for her dad and the chairman, you would think she would also ask for the tape on Lee Man Bok when he disappeared from the hospital. Strange story lines at times.

  37. 37 : Andrew Says:

    Psycho Jae Kyung belongs in jail for hitting a person and covering it up with her greedy husband. When she gets out of jail she needs to go into a psycho ward. She must not have had any relationships in her life except her conniving evil SOB husband. Every thing is always about her, her and her, Like her lying good for nothing husband should not have had any relationships before he met her??? What planet does she live on.

    Sun Woo belongs in jail, which I hope happens. And Dong-Chun should divorce his greedy lying good for nothing wife. She lied that his son was dead so she and her daughter could have the company, and she puts her daughter before the man she shafted, but yet is living the good life on his money for her idiot daughter. The company would go bankrupt and close down with her running it. She screws everything up and her father knows it.

    That Mr. Sung is another idiot kissing up to Sun Woo so he can get a higher positon covering up all the lies and trouble he has caused Dong-Chun and the company. I never saw any secretaries running into the boss’s office everything they had to report something.

    I can’t believe people, including Sun Woo’s mother even feels it is OK to cover up that her daughter-in-law hit Kong Cho-Hee;s husband and it is OK. The only one in the family who is somewhat decent is Jin-Woo. It is hard to believe he and Sun Woo are related.

  38. 38 : andrew Says:

    Dong-Chun or Hong-Joo should have thought of putting a tape recorder in the hospital room. They would have more evidence of everything Sun Woo is telling Dong-Chun.

  39. 39 : Shari Says:

    Hmmmm…….looks like near the end, Sun Woo had a moment of confusion/doubt — did I do the right thing), but he changed his mind immediately and decided he didn’t do anything wrong.

    It is evident Sun Woo has a grudge against his father.

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