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Tokyo Shower


Title: 도쿄 여우비 / Tokyo Shower
Also known as: Tokyo Sun Shower
Chinese title : 东京太阳雨
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-June-02 to 2008-June-10
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


A love story from Tokyo. This drama is a joint Korea-Japan production. Lee Soo Jin is an actress that used to run away from her problems before getting famous. Her first love was Hyun Soo, a sushi chef from Korea. Seven years have passed since Soo Jin last saw Hyun Soo and she can’t forget about him.


Kim Sa Rang as Lee Soo Jin
Kim Tae Woo as Hyun Soo
Jin Goo
Lee Ki Young
Okuda Erika

Production Credits

Director: Lee Joon Hyung
Scriptwriter: Kim Jin Hee

Official Site


  1. 1 : Eugene Says:

    only 4 episode, i will watch it.

  2. 2 : yeunju Says:

    uwahh~ cant wait!! C:

  3. 3 : E Says:

    Why is it so short (4 eps) is it stalling time for the next drama?

    Is anyone subbing this? (In English)

  4. 4 : Fiona Says:

    after this, the next drama will be ‘Gourmet’ which i waiting for.

  5. 5 : eejakz Says:

    WITHS2 will be subbing dis kdrama in English..

  6. 6 : yeunju Says:

    I’m watching it x3
    Pretty good~ cute story.

  7. 7 : claire Says:

    4 episodes ? wow…so short…that’s great…i’ll buy this.
    hope it’s good story…

  8. 8 : E Says:

    Gourment is sub by B.O.N fansub

  9. 9 : Han Says:

    Tokyo Shower OST + MV.

    Tokyo Shower: Showering You With Love This June

  10. 10 : yeri Says:

    I watched this drama, but somehow I think it’s kinda boring, and the leading actor is not cute,sorry oppa. The ending is disappointing coz he ended up married with someone else.

  11. 11 : yati Says:

    wow…so short i think it will not much happen in the story staright to the point anywhere i try to watch it.

  12. 12 : sakura Says:

    i hope it is interesting story..

  13. 13 : freakaway Says:

    hey can someone pls pls pleassssse tell me (yes i’m dat desperate) any info at all about the guy who is by kim sarang’s character side after 7 years since seperating from hyun soo…he was sitting in the car with her after her press conference in the 1st episode and then later he is seen accompanying her around tokyo to look for hyun soo in the later episodes…he seems to like her i think…..anyways just wanna know is he a japanese or korean actor and does anyone know his name, age, anything cuz i think he’s sorta cute….much better than hyun soo….sorry i know he’s the lead and everything but if jin goo was the main guy i think it also would be better cuz he’s so cute…..anyways any info would be greatly appreciated thanks soo much…..

  14. 14 : zel Says:

    why only 4 eps??
    anyway.. sounds interesting..

  15. 15 : meirav Says:

    ya why was it so short?

  16. 16 : joy Says:

    The length of this romantic series was perfect. This is one of the best
    romantic story I have seen. I would definitely watch it again.

  17. 17 : anna Says:

    to # 13, I think the actor is Otani Ryohei – also casted in korean drama “Soulmate”

  18. 18 : gurl Says:

    Not bad! I like Kim Sa Rang too. She’s very pretty. Anyone knows what other shows she has acted in?

  19. 19 : Peter Says:

    I heard the ratings were like 6% on average in Korea and Japan despite being a major joint operation so they had to cut it short cause there was no point in continuing. Is that true? The show could have been better had it been given the chance. The ending was thrown together and you can tell cause there was a huge gap in time with no explanation and then they didn’t even end up together. The beginning 2 were pretty good tho.

  20. 20 : isdaya Says:

    waiting for next episode.. 4 episode i watched already..keep following this drama..sweet love story

  21. 21 : wow power leveling Says:

    Good post,This was exactly what I needed to read today! I am sure this has relevance to many of us out there.

  22. 22 : iya27 Says:

    Fiiuuuhh….my dvd won’t play on 2last ep*
    Someone please tell me how is the ending??

  23. 23 : metin2 yang Says:

    very nice

  24. 24 : jinja Says:

    It’s a realistic story. it presents the reality ,not of that ‘ make-believe’ story kind of stuff.
    it’s just sad, that it only consists of 4 episodes. they might have presented what happened within those 7 long years. Anyway, i give credits to the editing part. though it was cut short, it came out good.
    everybody loves a happy ending with regards to the main lead.
    however, the story shows what really happens in the real world.
    well, still a happy ending with those who plays the other part:)

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  27. 27 : mutiara Says:

    good drama, but very short..

  28. 28 : mel Says:

    sound interesting…
    why only 4 episodes?

  29. 29 : nining Says:

    it’s really romantic,,

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    sound interesting…
    why only 4 episodes?

  40. 40 : Hanc250 Says:

    I love romantic drama like this one.

  41. 41 : sal_syaqira Says:

    I like the ending..

  42. 42 : Herve leger Says:

    I love romantic drama like this one.

  43. 43 : Jay Mill Says:

    I’m a fan of Korean drama because the story is so interesting, not to mention the beautiful actress as well as handsome actors. I really enjoy every scene when watching Korean drama at home.

  44. 44 : nashi Says:


  45. 45 : Micc Says:

    It’s sad they weren’t together at the end. Good they got the closure they needed.

  46. 46 : Lady Says:

    This drama is one of my best korean drama ever! Love the story line, love the cast..Even it has a sad ending, but still the best for me

  47. 47 : شهریار Says:

    عالی بود

  48. 48 : شهریار Says:

    very good
    عالی بود

  49. 49 : Okuli Voice Says:

    Indeed, the Korean drama has been booming now in my country so that many people are talking about this every day.

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