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To the Beautiful You

Title: 아름다운 그대에게 / To the Beautiful You
Chinese Title: 給美麗的你 / 韓版花樣少年少女
Also Known as: Hana Kimi (Korean Version)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16 + 1 Special Episode
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-15 to 2012-Oct-04
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is based on Hisaya Nakajo‘s manga series Hana Kimi which was published by Hakusensha from 1996 to 2004.

The series centers on Goo Joo Hee (Choi Seol Ri), a Korean girl who lives in the United States. One day, she sees a track and field competition on TV, and becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Kang Tae Joon (Min Ho). She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Korea to attend the same school that Tae Joon attends after he suffers an accident that could potentially end his career. However, Tae Joon attends an all-boys high school and Jae Hee must disguise herself as a boy to enter.


Main Cast

Min Ho as Kang Tae Joon
Kang Chan Hee as Tae Joon (child)
Choi Seol Ri as Goo Jae Hee
Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Eun Kyul
Kim Ji Won as Seol Ha Na
Suh Joon Young as Ha Seung Ri
Kang Ha Neul as Joo Ji Chul
Hwang Kwang Hee as Song Jong Min

Supporting Cast

Yoo Min Kyu as Young Mahn
Kim Ian as Na Chul Soo
Ki Tae Young as Jang Min Woo
Lee Young Eun as Lee So Jung (Korean teacher)
Kang Kyung Joon as Athletic team coach
Lee Han Wie as Hwang Gye Bong
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Kang Geun Wook
Ahn Hye Kyung as Yang Seo Yoon (Sports reporter)
Lee Ah Hyun as Jang (Sport Company Director)
Julian Kang as Daniel (Jae Hee’s brother)
Choi Jong Yoon as Min Wook
Yoo Ra as Lee Eun Young
Jung Eun Joo as Hwang Bo hee
Song Soo Ji (송수지) as Shin Myung Hwa
Park Tae Sung as Chang Yeon
Sangchu (상추) as muscle student (cameo, ep 1)
Go Soo Hee as old woman at school cafeteria (ep.2)
Hong Rok Gi (홍록기) as DJ in charge of the party (ep 2)
K-pop group (EXO-K) as idol singers at the party (ep 2)
Jung Yoo Geun (ep 4)
Nam Ji Hyun as Hong Da Hae (ep 6)
Kim Woo Bin as John Kim (Jae Hee’s first love) (cameo, ep.9-10)
Jung Hye Sung as Hong Bo Hee
Ji Soo

Production Credits

Production Company: SM Entertainment
Director: Jun Ki Sang
Screenwriter: Lee Young Chul

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-15 1 6.4 7.9 7.3 9.3
2012-08-16 2 5.8 7.0 5.7 (<8.1)
2012-08-22 3 4.8 5.7 5.1 (<8.4)
2012-08-23 4 5.9 7.2 5.4 (<8.4)
2012-08-26 sp 5.0 5.0 (<7.9) (<8.4)
2012-08-29 5 4.3 5.1 4.8 (<7.9)
2012-08-30 6 5.8 (<8.4) 5.6 (<8.5)
2012-09-05 7 4.7 (<8.3) 4.6 (<7.8)
2012-09-06 8 5.4 (<8.7) 5.4 (<7.6)
2012-09-12 9 5.5 6.7 5.4 (<7.9)
2012-09-13 10 3.8 (<9.9) 5.8 (<8.6)
2012-09-19 11 4.3 (<8.6) 4.2 (<7.3)
2012-09-20 12 5.1 (<8.1) 4.6 (<7.3)
2012-09-26 13 4.4 (<8.3) 4.4 (<8.0)
2012-09-27 14 4.8 (<8.4) 4.8 (<8.0)
2012-10-03 15 4.0 (<9.1) 4.1 (<8.7)
2012-10-04 16 5.3 (<8.1) 5.2 (<8.6)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Episode 1 to 4 was edited into a 70 minutes show.
– A special episode aired on 26/Aug/2012 1:15pm.


2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Min Ho (To the Beautiful You)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Lee Hyun Woo (To the Beautiful You)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Sulli (To the Beautiful You)


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  1. 1 : Kyuwon Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama in korean version.

  2. 2 : noesyafiqah Says:

    Want to watch it….

  3. 3 : lady mee ya Says:

    cant wait….. huaaaaaa….

  4. 4 : Putri Says:

    woaaaaaahh! can’t wait!! really looking forward to it ^^

  5. 5 : Happy Says:

    you’re beautiful idea Oo

  6. 6 : Kowamu Says:

    wow !!!!

  7. 7 : pepper Says:

    gyahhh! i can’t really wait to watch it since I’m a sucker for korean dramas..and Hana Kimi’sone of my favorite manga/show too! glad that here’s the korean version. 😀

  8. 8 : Draga Says:

    “To the Beautiful You”


    Question : What does it mean lo ??? ^^

    it’s a remake right ?

    Hana Kimi = Hanazakari No Kimitachi E

    Choi Seol Ri is great choice !!!

    anyway can’t wait ! ^^

  9. 9 : michelle angelinee Says:

    can’t wait it..
    lee hyun woo <3

  10. 10 : nikki Says:

    whaaah i cant wait to see this drama
    i really love hana kimi
    now its in korean version im so excited

  11. 11 : Jennie Says:

    Not a fan of Min Ho at all but will give it a shot. The Japanese version had its funny moments but total madness most of the time for me 😀 Expecting something better from the Korean side though.

  12. 12 : -eina- Says:

    seriously, i can’t wait for this drama…

  13. 13 : sinatra Says:

    wowwww…I really like this Min Ho…not the other one he he…because he always tries the best on his doing (in The Dream Team-KBS)….bon courage Min Ho !!!!

  14. 14 : mitch Says:

    ..i’m curious and looking forward for the Korean version of HANA KIMI coz i watched both Japanese and Taiwanese version.. hopefully it will be as hilarious, as cute and as interesting as the other version.. keep it up!

  15. 15 : loulou Says:

    Poor Sulli ! had to cut her long hair !Finally get to watch her act in the drama again ! Great match with all the casts !She’s soooooo lucky with all the guys around her !! Good luck !

  16. 16 : dana Says:

    жду с нетерпением!хочу посмотреть очень

  17. 17 : wee Says:

    Minho Minho Minho…..handsome boy..waiting for you

  18. 18 : Dee Taa Says:

    waww… it’s gonna be great….
    i’ll waiting for this drama….

  19. 19 : dinaz Says:

    i liked the japanese version.hope this will be good too..

  20. 20 : nisa Says:

    huwaaaa can’t wait see minho oppa in every sport he did in the drama!!!
    omggg i’m looking forward for this, can’t wait so much!!!
    and minho oppa… hmm why you’re really hot? :p lol

  21. 21 : Rania Says:

    I heard Kai/Kim Jong In(EXO-K) is going to be in the Drama!! I saw him in the trailer, is it true? 😀

  22. 22 : sara Says:

    I ‘m not a fan of Minho but i will watch it for Lee Hyun woo. He was great in EM and i want to see more of him. The story seems okay. something like YB this time in a school. I will give it a shot.

  23. 23 : ayah Says:

    wooooot..been waitin for the korean remake of hana kimi for ages.. now ur here.. bingo.. cant wait ^_^

  24. 24 : oCHa Says:

    wooowwww, cant wait to watch this drama…
    like hana kimi ikemen paradise japan’s version…
    very exiting to watch this…

  25. 25 : larasdiaalaa Says:

    minhooo… aaah can’t wait
    I’m very exiting to watch…

  26. 26 : 33 Says:

    there will be EXO~ omo omo i cant wait

  27. 27 : JIAHARA Says:

    I hope it as good as the taiwanese and japanese version!! the past ones really made me jump out of joy! it was really funny too!! MinHo was okay for me when I found out he was the lead actor! and Sulli looks perfect with the role!! I’ll be watching out for LEE HYUN WOO♥

  28. 28 : styrn Says:

    I’d already watched the Japanese and Taiwanese version. So far, I most like the Taiwanese version. And I’ve been waiting for the Korean version. Will it be the best version ? Let’s see.

  29. 29 : Kennya Vasquez-Castro Says:

    I’ve seen the Japanese version but I think this will be very amazing and I will enjoy it very much because MinHo is in this and I love SHINee. Thank you oh and MinHo is my inspiration love you MinHo.

  30. 30 : Nina Says:

    Omo..Min Ho oppa!!!Sulli onnie..!!!I Perfect Couple!!! I can’t wait..!!!

  31. 31 : mommy angel Says:

    The Taiwanese version is my favorite. Hope this one is as good, if not better. Looking forward to watching this! 🙂

  32. 32 : hilyatul auliya habib Says:

    i’m so excited for this movie, and can’t wait for this movie. fighting

  33. 33 : hallyu lover Says:

    I dun like the cast….Minho & Sulli don’t look match at all…Minho I don’t think he can act well…his gold fish eyes…are a turn off…he should just stay being a singer….Sulli is so tall….just doesn’t look right when standing besides those shorter or same height guys

  34. 34 : Tweetums Says:

    Lets give it a try! Sulli was really really good in acting during her younger days. Try to see her cuts in the movies such as Babo and Punch Lady. I never knew that she can act actually as she is portraying this “sugar coat, sweet teenager” always as a singer.

  35. 35 : park shin hye Says:

    omo cant wait. so excited!!:)

  36. 36 : shineena Says:

    really can’t wait…
    minho-ssi fighting!!!!

  37. 37 : favez Says:

    i’m sooooo excited to watch this beautiful casting….
    don’t let us wait too long…
    i can’t wait…!

  38. 38 : agnes Says:

    whoaaa Minho ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    love all the cast 😀
    SM jjang! 😉

  39. 39 : Kaniza Says:

    OMG REALLY???? EXO will be on this drama?? Omo omo cant wait!!

  40. 40 : Jamie Says:

    I can’t wait for this drama to be aired! <3 All of the casts are my favs! 😀
    Minho <3 Hyunwoo <3 Suili <3 EXO <333333333333333

  41. 41 : nadhira Says:

    sulli~~ she’s perfect to be mizuki ashiya <3 if nanba senpai is heechul, and onew is nankatsu, it must be mooreee perfect. but well, we'll see this 😉 i hope as great as japanese.

  42. 42 : nicolet Says:

    Looking forward for this drama! Hope this will be best just like the japanese version!

  43. 43 : mimi_star Says:

    waaah, i’m so excited for this drama… I’ve watched both Taiwan and Japan version, and i both love them. I also love Min Ho of Shineeeeee…….waaaaah… so looking forward to this…. hehhee

  44. 44 : narshaKAIZELO Says:

    moragoo ? exo will be there ? woaaaa ! jinjja daebak !! go go go go exo ! ahh~~ can’t wait !

  45. 45 : Yozora Says:

    OMG! Hanakimi.. xD finally.. luv the manga and the taiwanese drama and also the japanese drama version of the manga.. hope this 1 will be success too like all of the previous.. 😉

  46. 46 : Emily Says:

    Well…I just finished watching Japanese version…it was so good…gonna watch this one also cos I like Minho too…

  47. 47 : majoy Says:

    i hope its as funny and wacky as the Taiwanese and Japanese version..wanna watch it out

  48. 48 : i'm annonymous Says:

    oh my god!! I can’t wait for this drama!!
    There’s Yoo Min Kyu in this drama!!
    He looks like chanyeol’s brother. Believe me guys, Yoo Min Kyu looks a lot like Chanyeol when he was in Shut Up Flower Boyband drama >,<

  49. 49 : abijoo_y Says:

    omo omo EEXXXOOOO!! Cant waiit i wanna watch! <33

  50. 50 : Rebel Angel Says:

    I’m so excited to see this drama. I’ve watched the Japanese, and it’s so great. I love it. so I expect the same thing will also work well with K-drama version. I don’t car about the cast, as long as the drama is better, then the cast will be okay for me too.

  51. 51 : Hana Calm Says:

    So excited!! I’ve watched the Japan’s version and it was a great drama. I hope Korean’s version can be better than Japan’s 🙂 *can’t wait!!

  52. 52 : qiky Says:

    uwah,,, i’m so excited,, i hope this ver. better than japan’s,,

  53. 53 : unnie Says:

    I have watched taiwan’s version, can’t wait korean version

  54. 54 : morgheart Says:

    minho, sulli…hwaiting!!

  55. 55 : Ruiian Says:

    japan version is cool and funny, wish goodluck to korean version 🙂

  56. 56 : imagination Says:

    actually im getting bored with remake of this version…

    but goodluck with this version

  57. 57 : nisa Says:

    hwahhhh exo would be here too? omgggg such excited!!!
    my lovely minho oppa fightinggggg~
    eventhought i don’t like the way my minho oppa acted with sulli 🙁
    but i’m also support her anyway! fighting for this drama! can’t wait so much, hope krystal or taemin would be there too, be a cameo maybe? 😉 keke

  58. 58 : normala pagayawan mansor Says:

    i loved korean drama. . .
    the best.. best showing all the time. . .

  59. 59 : kiki Says:

    OMG… in conflict right now… to the beautiful you or arang??? choi min ho or lee joonki??? y do they have to air them at the same time???!!!! arghhhhhhh

  60. 60 : Sungjin Says:

    Are there Exo oppa in this drama?
    Kya!! I can’t wait this drama 🙂

  61. 61 : DYD Says:

    SULLI is my favorite, can’t wait for this to come, I hope it better and better than the original version!!! SBS is surely the place for the best comedy-romance drama.

  62. 62 : Love K-Pop Says:

    ILove KrDrama

  63. 63 : dramaku Says:

    this drama is interesting….. i wait it…

  64. 64 : AJ Says:

    looking forward for the Korean version of this manga series 🙂

  65. 65 : rinkyu Says:

    I loved the Jap version. Hope this one will be great too 😀

  66. 66 : nadhira Says:

    WHY THERE’S A LOT OF GOOD DRAMA WILL AIRING -__-” it makes me confused. to the beautiful you, arang the magistrate, faith, five fingers. Oh my god.

  67. 67 : Nhurul_Blair Says:

    wahhh ada minho shinee main,pasti bakalan lariss…..semoga dramanya seru abiss,,oke ditunggu kemudian! _^

  68. 68 : MaSHi2_chu!! Says:

    wow! i can’t wait hana kimi korean version..i like japan version so much!!!!

  69. 69 : sleeplessnseattlekdcrazy Says:

    one of my first favs…i watched the japanese version and it was good…i also watched the taiwanese version but the ending sucks…i hope that the korean version can surpass the japanese version…good luck! 🙂

  70. 70 : Emily Says:

    Well…I don’t expect this drama to be better then Japanese version at all…the casts already look too pretty to me…Hehe….just do well Korean version….guys go watch Rich man Poor woman….you will definitely love it 😉

  71. 71 : mini Says:

    very excited to watch this korean version…..:-)

  72. 72 : julie Says:

    <3 <3 <3

  73. 73 : vbs Says:

    LOVE the Japanese version so i’ll give this a try,the Taiwanese version was bad

  74. 74 : Jamie Says:

    Watched the chinese and japanese version, can’t wait for the korean one! Minho, Suili, Hyunwoo, EXO!!!!! Hwating! <3

  75. 75 : kira Says:

    hmm i’m looking forward to this drama bec. of minho and sulli ..i saw them both on some of we got married’s episodes ..just wanna see them on a real drama ..hwaiting!!! where’s L??

  76. 76 : list.ch Says:

    hahaha..full of ABG nih…but i cant wait …

  77. 77 : Putri Says:

    Can’t wait any longer 😀
    love Sulli, she’s neomu neomu yeppeo 🙂

  78. 78 : Tia Says:

    the actors are handsome….min ho, lee hyun woo, oh my god 😀

  79. 79 : To The Beautifull You « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] : Korean Drama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:SukaBe the first to like […]

  80. 80 : Vea Says:

    Haha! I can’t wait for this drama!!! Go! GO! GO!

  81. 81 : rana Says:

    8 days remain cant wait…SBS do great job because he will release Faith & to the beautiful u..

  82. 82 : laras Says:

    I can not wait! 😀 I’ve been waiting too long….

  83. 83 : BIna Says:

    may be is similar like boys before flower hope this success like bbf

  84. 84 : pammy Says:

    minho doesn’t look like the high jump competitors at all. comparing with Oguri Chun and Wu Chun from japanese and taiwanese ver. Anyway I’m waiting nagatsu’s character in korean ver !

  85. 85 : Summer Says:

    I can’t wait this drama, minho dongsaeng, hwaiting…

  86. 86 : ruth Says:

    i hope,this drama better than japanese series

  87. 87 : vin Says:

    i can’t wait until this come out ~~~

  88. 88 : vin Says:

    btw what is ABG?

  89. 89 : Masio Says:

    want to watch this drama so much… can’t wait for it… because of Minho was there… :p

  90. 90 : Jennie Says:

    I just want to watch EXO-K perform What Is Love only. Any chances of that, you think? 😀

  91. 91 : jane Says:

    I can’t wait anymore………… please come faster!

  92. 92 : LoveK-drama Says:

    It’s only 3 days again… can’t wait can’t wait!!! :O

  93. 93 : babu-chan Says:

    for me..in my opinion,..
    i like to be kim ji won the main protagonist of this drama..

  94. 94 : Ryoko-chan Says:

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait! Oh, god!
    It’s just 3 days left! Why it’s so long. Just skip the time already! Gosh.
    Can’t wait to see how Minho act, how Sulli act! And most surprise, Kwanghee! I want to see how he is acting 🙂
    Anyways, I love Minho and Sulli pair :P. It’s a good opportunity for me XD.

  95. 95 : Kyu Jiro Says:

    My Favorite drama (Hanazakarino Kimitchie) from Manga “For You In Full Blossom”.Udah nonton yang versi Jepang…dan Taiwan.tinggal nonton yang versi Korea…moga2 bagus kayak Manga aslinya yang banyak tawa,senyum dan kelucuan ^^

  96. 96 : Diana7950 Says:

    I love to watche this new movie is going to be so awesome . I can’t wait to see it 😀 I thing is going to be a awesome drama I did watch and the two Hana kimi is awesome so I hope is and this one to <3

  97. 97 : misopiso Says:

    It seems like it has sorta the same plot as You’re Beautiful.. BUT STILL EXCITED TO WATCH IT!

  98. 98 : Latifa Says:


  99. 99 : Love-Kdrama Says:

    AHHHHHHHH!! it’s just 1 day again 😀 can’t wait can’t wait!!! 😉

  100. 100 : Cherry172 Says:

    I’m a little worried about Minho’s acting, but I still want to watch it cause he is in it…. Sulli is so pretty, both as female and male. I hope this drama turns out to be super good!!

  101. 101 : drama freak Says:

    I want to watch this so badly…i am a hana kimi freak for taiwanese version…i hope korean version will be a good one too…

  102. 102 : melby Says:

    ihh,, pengen nonton film’a ada minho oppa..

    kayak’a thuu film seru abis dehh..
    tapi pas gw pikir di liat dari poster’a aja film’a udah kayak film HANA KIMI ccuman gak tau juga dehh.. blum liat film’a sih jadi nggak tau..


  103. 103 : h girl Says:

    oohhhhhhhh that sooooo Exciting

    Where can I watch the drama online time display

  104. 104 : chole Says:

    just curious, will be funny like jdorama version or not…

  105. 105 : luka Says:

    hi everyone!!! LIVE RECAPS of To The Beautiful You is happening NOW on Vingle!!! google it and shareee please!

  106. 106 : LoveK-drama Says:

    saw the drama online (live) it was great! but it’s stop sometime.. here’s the link: http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/8000.htm no sub.

  107. 107 : shineena Says:

    Minh0 ssi fighting..
    Sure that’s it’ll one of the best drama of 2012

  108. 108 : aqilla Says:

    sulli & minho fighting . . .

  109. 109 : Sleeplessnseattlekdcrzy Says:

    The 1st episode is awesome!…Even better than the original! 😉

  110. 110 : JasonB Says:

    it was quite disappointing really…
    well, let’s see if the other eps will improve.

    only reason i’m watching is because of the nation’s little brother Hyun Woo… hwaiting!!!

  111. 111 : rhem2 Says:

    Wow! Si excited to Watch the Movie ! PLease share to the website where i can watch it.

  112. 112 : rhem2 Says:

    Where do i can watch it?

  113. 113 : Mika Says:

    Omo! fxxxing low rating…so i think, i’m not going to watch it~

  114. 114 : thel Says:

    oppa gita lie gal,fightinngggggggggggg

  115. 115 : qiky Says:

    LOW RATING ??? ,,but i think it will be big in next episode.

  116. 116 : nadhira Says:

    low rating? what happened?? i think this drama is great actually (although can’t compare to japanese version). -____-” korean viewer is freakin weird

  117. 117 : nisa Says:

    whats going on with the low rating? i would think this drama would be Hit because all teens are waited these one-_-
    just beacuse its low not meant i wont watched, but i’m still watch it anyway! 🙂 sulli minho fighting!!

    @nadhira haha they are!-_- everyone is waited these to be aired, and got excited. lol but this? -_- i bet korean viewer love the drama that between family, action or complicated? :O

  118. 118 : taezkachan Says:

    I think the low rating is because there’re competitor like Arang and a drama in the middle of climax Bridal Mask in the same airing. And the leading cast Shin Min Ah & Lee Jun Ki (Arang) and Joo Won (Bridal Mask) are basically an actor not an idol. In my opinion, it’s not because of the plot, but korean viewers are expecting more at the acting of the “real” actor, and then the acting of an idol who become an actor in a drama. and then, this story is about highschool and youth, who the most of the viewers are teenager or around 20-25, and how about the people in over 30? I think they’re not much interest, they more interest in a drama such a complicated story, historical, or fantasy. that’s my opinion

  119. 119 : pammy Says:

    Hey !! Sulli is so cute there !
    Even the japanese ver. is more funny and I love Orguri Chun
    But this is must-watched !

  120. 120 : swift Says:

    Do not seem to get the same chemistry of relationship of the two lead actors like when watching Hana Kimi. Orguri Chun has the special ‘look’ that captured viewers heart. Now he is acting in a new drama called Rich Man Poor Woman.

    Anyway, hope the characters of the two main actors in this drama will get viewers attention.

  121. 121 : cathy Says:

    The lead actors seems to be lacking with appeal but I get to like her leading lady. I wonder what the producer saw with the lead actor that he was casted for the role.

  122. 122 : swift Says:

    The lead actor is very popular in Korea currently. I have not seen him in the major drama genre currently. Probably, this drama that is focused to market among teenagers that are crazy with min ho, the producers are banking on his popularity to boost the drama’s rating.

  123. 123 : dinaz Says:

    OMG..the ratings are way too low..

  124. 124 : Angel Says:

    Why’s the ratings so low for this show? It’s not good? I thought this had a bunch of idols starring in it.

  125. 125 : Maye Says:

    Why this drama has low ratings?the answer is simple the actors acting is just so bad.

  126. 126 : Kaumee Says:

    I see EXO members in the group picture, haha! (I could only see Kai, Sehun, LuHan, Kris, Chanyeol, Suho and Chen.)

  127. 127 : eyli Says:

    low rating? maybe korean viewers are tired of the plot “a girl pretends to be a boy”…they have too many dramas with that plot like…coffee prince, he’s beautiful and sungkyunkwan scandal…maybe that’s why Arang’s ratings are higher because of the fresh plot. but it’s too early to say maybe the viewers haven’t heard this drama because they are too focused on the bridal mask and arang and the magistate. i myself didn’t quite noticed this drama until recently…to the beautiful you fighting!

  128. 128 : mitch Says:

    …hahaha, nice one.. good start!
    ..i’ve watched hana kimi- taiwanese and japanese version.. love them both.. i’m expecting more to korean version and looking forward to the exciting and thirlling scenes.. keep it up!

  129. 129 : sleeplessnseattlekdcrzy Says:

    impressive 2 episodes…2 thumbs up…so sad though that it got a low rating…but this version of Hana Kimi is gonna be my all time favorite!

  130. 130 : michellineLF Says:

    so funny this drama . i like it . sulli make this drama so funny XDDXDD
    i hope next episode have high rating!! fighting TTBY <3

  131. 131 : sara Says:

    The same story, the same bad-tempered hero and angelic second lead, the same girl in boyish disguise, the same formula with lots of idols. But if you put the parts together properly, you can make an enjoyable youth drama. I enjoyed the first two episodes. Everything seems okay and i don’t expect actingdols to show great acting skills, although Minho is very stiff. But it seems the drama is going forward too fast. Lots of things happened in just two episodes and Sulli is too girlish to be a boy.

  132. 132 : choi ara Says:

    i didn’t care about rating. for me this drama was too good. all of my bias was her, such as Minho, EXO, Sulli. and i love J-Min voice for the ost. SMTown daebak XDD

  133. 133 : irene Says:

    yay! excited for the next ep.

  134. 134 : YBGETHOOO Says:

    Since this is SM Entertainment’s project drama, I felt rather disappointed. I wish I could see some real acting talents from Minho, but his expression was less than my expectation. If only not too much SM on it it will be fair and square and more interesting drama.

    Fortunately, Sulli looks so adorable. Lately, I found out that she is cuter and more adorable in her boyish looks, than in her girl looks. I could chew her skin up. so delightful boyish-girl.

  135. 135 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Whoopps. Another Idol drama with low ratings. Korean viewers are more focus now with the story not the casts.

  136. 136 : kimchilee Says:

    Watched episodes 1 & 2 – interesting altho its the usual girl as boy drama. However, it shld explain more why Sulli is so obsessed with Minho.. her obsession with him gives me the shivers. If I am Minho, i will definitely freak out.

    Hyun Woo is still best here.. but gosh.. his hairstyle is weird.. he shld have his hairstyle like “the equator man”.. i look forward to a more solid better plots..

  137. 137 : sweety Says:

    m loving this series….watched the japanies and tiwanian version…but not much liked…but the korean version as i expected….is great…everythng in perfect order…good humor..good emotion…and abov all good starcast…i alreading loving the leads…though i watched the other dramas..u r beautiful coffee prince n s.scandel…but..this one is even more attractive bec its based on college life n sports…….hoping alot…

  138. 138 : padma Says:

    it’s not suprising me that TTBY got low rating.. actually i also enjoyed this drama for killing my leisure time..but it’s just so-so, because there have been already too many gender-bender story in drama

  139. 139 : HELLO Says:

    I like this version. The Japanese one, though I still enjoyed it, was to “animated” for my taste. But that is the Japanese humor I guess and it comes from a manga. I understand the low viewer rating. This plot is now considered cliche, not to mention, its directed to teens. Some do very well, but most dramas set in school don’t do so hot. Just an observation I’ve witnessed. Also, this is an idol centered cast, so its definitely meant to attract a young audience. This will do well over seas.

  140. 140 : lolita Says:

    honestly i was so excited about this drama but after watching 2episodes..m not sure it will beat the jap hanakimi.i was so hoping for someone like nakatsu to make me laugh but it kinda seemed like they are forcing us to laugh..idk may be i expected just too much..

  141. 141 : vckl Says:

    this is really a good drama.. don’t understand why the ratings are so low

  142. 142 : Xhenxo Says:

    it has the same plot with Hana Kimi(JV) but JV is more cooler way than KV. However, the leading actress is so cute.

  143. 143 : SharaKamal Says:

    I love this movie so far, its amazingggg!!!!! LOVE > LEE HYUNE WOO !!!! <3<3

  144. 144 : deretsigernU Says:

    Anyone who could tell me who the singer/band is that does the end song on episode 3 ?

  145. 145 : julie ann Says:

    second male lead is cute though.. he’s sooo funny!

  146. 146 : lala87 Says:

    ive watched the first 3 episodes, and im totally hooked. ITS SO GOOD.

  147. 147 : drew Says:

    i love the song..stand up by j-min..! 😀

  148. 148 : rarah Says:

    to all of like this drama….you know why the episode rating is low even the drama is good…is because eunjung kick out in her drama for sbs and five fingers…..and the people say their not to watch sbs drama or anything from sbs….than why the rating is low….

  149. 149 : emma Says:

    @rarah i think it isn’t the problem why it got low rating. most of us have watched it’s other version..in addition minho’s acting skill as the main lead is still lack so that’s why it is become more boring when we watch TTBY..Just hyun woo that makes this drama interesting to watch

  150. 150 : j-in Says:

    @rarah i believe most of korean don’t like that..boycott television program just because other drama it’s airing suddenly drop out their favorite actress..its too much n so childish..the main reason we watch drama because its storyline, not just because of the actress

  151. 151 : j-in Says:

    @emma yup..hyun woo is the best! 😀

  152. 152 : ZuqniGina Says:

    where can i download the drama with the raw subtitle?

  153. 153 : padma Says:

    @zugniginina dramacrazy(dot)net

  154. 154 : padma Says:

    @zugnigina dramacrazy(dot)net

  155. 155 : vahn Says:

    Wew…. ratings make me feel little bad to watch this drama…. besides I wanna watch this drama because of Kim Ji Won… (Only her… Not others). She is very attractive in High kick 3… Hope storyline and actress performed will be good….

  156. 156 : sara Says:

    I know this drama is not anything serious and you just need to enjoy it and i really do enjoy coz it’s beautiful and funny. But
    1.It is really similar to You are beautiful. From the name of the drama to plot and characters and even Eun Gyul stupis ugly hair style.
    2. And a big question arises in my mind “do you naturally feel strange around the opposite sex, even if you think he is the same sex?” Why TJ doesn’t let her get wet when the bus passes? Why he looks at her collar bone with greedy eyes?

  157. 157 : wendy Says:

    @sara i thought tae joon has already known that jae hee is a woman..in manga, izumi sano (tae joon) knew from the beginning that mizuki (jae hee) is a woman but mizuki didn’t realize if izumi know her secret..izumi always take care mizuki secretly –mizuki is so careless– so that her true identity doesn’t revealed to others..

  158. 158 : [email protected] Says:

    Kayashima missing!!

  159. 159 : sara Says:

    You mean he already knows she is a girl? I haven’t read the manga and haven’t watched the J.version. So it will be very interesting to watch.

  160. 160 : wendy Says:

    @sara by looking tae joon’s expression, i thought tae joon will be the same with izumi in hana kimi (the male lead know the true identitity of female lead)..anyway, just enjoy this drama and find more surprising scene.. 🙂

  161. 161 : tesnim Says:

    to the beautiful is a funny and romantic drama i really enjoy watching it minho looks very hansom as well as suilli
    but the drama is similar to you’re beautiful best korean drama a girl pretend to be a boy but in this drama she want to be a boy to follow her dream 🙂
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  162. 162 : getoba Says:

    I think korean drama with a girls who pretend to be a boy is Coffee prince, the second best is Painter in the wind, and the third best is you’re beautiful. I wait the end to know which place to the beautiful you will be.

  163. 163 : getoba Says:

    ERROR. I want to say ” I think the best korean drama with a girls who pretend to be a boy is coffe prince…. “

  164. 164 : HELLO Says:

    Hey!!! Wasn’t the little boy from episode 4 Yoogeun from Shinee”s Hello Baby???? Hahahaha

  165. 165 : Genta Buana Says:

    I like it

  166. 166 : NANA Says:

    you can get it on doramax264.com

  167. 167 : kimchilee Says:

    really enjoyed this drama.. Hyun Woo’s the best.. he can act serious in Equator Man and act cute and funny in this drama.. what a volatile actor he is.. as for Min Ho.. I wish the writers will make his character more “alive” than making him act so moody and serious all the time.. still.. its one girl acting as boy drama that I’ve enjoyed thus far.. hope it will continue to be so.. and not forgetting all the other guys there.. oooh.. very good supporting casts too!

  168. 168 : shineena Says:

    I don’t care about the rating,f0r me this drama is still worthed to watch…

  169. 169 : Min Ho « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] To the Beautiful You (SBS, 2012)Salamander Guru and the Gang (SBS, 2012)Pianist (KBS2, 2010) […]

  170. 170 : Choi Seol Ri « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] To the Beautiful You (SBS, 2012)Welcome to the Show (SBS, 2011)Drama City (KBS2, 2007)Vacation (SBS, 2006)Love Needs a Miracle (SBS, 2005) cameoBallad Of Suh Dong (SBS, 2005) […]

  171. 171 : Maria MCD Says:

    I really like this drama…..it`s so amazingg… and so funny 😉 <3

  172. 172 : Michi Says:

    Whats the role of EXO- K in this drama??

  173. 173 : HELLO Says:

    Taejoon (Sano Izumi) found out Jaehee (Ashiya Mizuki) was a girl at the right time. This is pretty much just like any “girl pretends to be a boy” story-line almost to the point. The only thing thats different from the Japanese version (I have not seen the Taiwanese one) is Jaehee transferred because she really liked him, rather than Ashiya feeling guilty and trying to fix what she ruined. Not unless I missed that detail and its pretty much an exact replica. Except this keeps the “slap-stick” humor realistic and the drama “overly dramatic”.

  174. 174 : hye na(헤나) Says:

    heyaaaa! I already watch hana kimi, taiwan and japan version. I can’t wait to watch “to the beautiful you” too. I hope this drama has a lot of funny than taiwan version with wu zun actor.
    aaaaahhh I can’t watch this drama surely before I get the dvd’s :p

  175. 175 : run_san Says:

    very sad to see this drama rating has always declined, perhaps because it was legible plot so interesting to watch
    whether the episode drama will be reduced due to bad ratings this drama every week? I hope it does not happen
    To The Beautiful You fighting

  176. 176 : FARAH hazirah Says:

    I love this drama

  177. 177 : Rain Says:

    I’m surprised with the low rating!!!!!!!!

  178. 178 : chloe14 Says:

    this drama made me laugh! why is the rating low? is it pay per view? are idol dramas not effective anymore in raising the audience share?

  179. 179 : HELLO Says:

    onew’s song sounds like it should be sarang bi 😛

  180. 180 : kimchee Says:

    LOL. sooooooooooo low ratings. i wonder if this drama is worth watching… 😀

  181. 181 : Z Says:

    check what its rival show (bridal mask & Arang) and don’t be surprised with the ratings 🙂

  182. 182 : Walwal Says:

    I love this drama.. and the soundtrack is awesome!!!

  183. 183 : sheep Says:

    I think this drama got low rating caused by the story who very easy, not complex like the other. but so far this is fun 😀

  184. 184 : beyeu45622 Says:

    Please give me some information about special epsode ! I hear it’ll appear on 26/8 but i can’t find a raw !

  185. 185 : su_junior Says:

    the actors are quite ok…

  186. 186 : yeyoo Says:

    nice. but the story it’s too common -_________-

  187. 187 : mitch Says:

    …nice version of Hana Kimi.. compared to japanese and taiwanese version, this one is quite good and cute.. love it! keep it up!

  188. 188 : Apple Says:

    Korean version always great in choosing the casts,good looking,we can see it in hana yori dango,itazura nakiss,dr jin,and now hana kimi..,good fo our eyes 😀
    but still..the original one get its manga’s feel,comical ^^
    seems this drama will be like kkotminam,popular but poor rating,but i like it ^^

  189. 189 : ance Says:

    i really like that they showed that tae joon knows that jae hee is a girl…it adds the sweet romance that tae joon is protecting jae hee secretly…

    TTBY Fighting!

  190. 190 : jibbs Says:

    i love this drama! y are the ratings so low??? CHOI MINHO FIGHTING!!!!!!! plus the OST is sooo good!!!

  191. 191 : jibbs Says:

    oh n i also think that minho is doing a great job! its his 1st leading role and he’s really impressive. there have been many idol turned actors but he seems to be making a natural transition. sulli is of cos good…she’s showing her experience of being a child actor. n hyun woo is faultless. overall this is an UNDERRATED drama and i really really hope the ratings pick up so that it reflects the hard work the actors n team have put in. oooh n the way this drama is shot is so pretty, the clothes; the set; the school…its even worth watching just for that!! love this drama!!!!

  192. 192 : wendy Says:

    the rating is getting lower and lower..but it isn’t stopping me from watching it..

  193. 193 : lia Says:

    i love this drama :)) this drama full with romantic scenes i love it :))

  194. 194 : swift Says:

    they need to make the story plot with more funny scenes rather than putting too much emphasis on the lead actor’s plans for the future.

    the japanese drama version has managed to have a balance of the comedy scenes by the students and teachers in the school plus the serious demenour of the male lead actor.

  195. 195 : eli Says:

    I am loving this …i am loving this and i am loving this show more and more each week !
    Regardless of knowing what is gonna happen since it has been already made ( japanese version ) this lovely ,sweet show is rocking my world .It is a little bit surprise coz I dislike this kind of dramas .. somehow i am liking this one ! I think it is becoz of the cast …they r all adorable specially Kang Tae Joon !! I just love his nose …seriously isnt it special ?

  196. 196 : [email protected] Says:

    @swift 194
    I agree with you!

  197. 197 : ayah Says:

    whats with the rating?

  198. 198 : swift Says:

    Ignore the rating. This drama is competing with arang which is a more popular drama.

  199. 199 : lovely Says:

    even arrange and faith are popular their ratings are not that high eitheir. just 14 or so. complex storylines are boring and common storylines are fun rigth

  200. 200 : vckl Says:

    Just watched ep 6… best ep ending ever!!

  201. 201 : sara Says:

    We should accept that although this drama is very funny and enjoyable to watch -to me, even more than Arang- it’s not anything serious and the subject matter is too common. You can’t expect Korean parents to give up watching two serious dramas and watch a youth fancy drama.

  202. 202 : internationalWOT Says:

    If this is even half as funny as the japanese original, this is worth watching. Problem is, I have trouble seeing the koreans tackling the humor of the original in a cool manner, I think the humordifferences between japan and korea are a bit to big tbh

  203. 203 : kinchay Says:

    im a hanakimi japanese fan. i like it because it is idiotic and plain fun. well… THBY is not that bad so far to ep6… i hope they will continue to make it more enjoyable to watch up to the end. 🙂 yeah i was apprehensive to start this drama due to its low ratings but truthfuly i enjoyed watching this. there are times that bored me but there are also times that made me laugh. anyway there is still a drive in me to continue watching

  204. 204 : swift Says:

    this drama has to do away with serious topics due to the storyline that focuses on girl pretending to be a boy. there should be more inserts of comedic scenes by the lead girl, students, teachers and especially the suppossedly eccentric school doctor. the vice principal is not funny enough either.

  205. 205 : hny Says:

    LMAO… forget that this aired wednesday not saturday!! I should watch this first b4 Arang.. now I’m sleepy but I can’t stand to watch THBY right away…. I already watch jepan n taiwan version..now korean.. I like taiwan version most.. but want to enjoy korean version too…
    Min Ho has a little dark skin here.. most K actor has ‘ Blink-Blink’ skin…too long bask on the beach, perhaps 😉

  206. 206 : hny Says:

    Jae Hee’s brother role very highlighted here make the story more ..lives !!
    and school doc in other version act as a gay.. but here .. I’m not see it yet ..

  207. 207 : fierda Says:

    waiting for next episode ,, minhooooo,, handsome hahah

  208. 208 : Arvie Rex Says:


  209. 209 : sara Says:

    I don’t think fan girls would like to watch so much gay stuff in a drama. Now Eun Gyul thinks he ‘s gay. It seems Jong min likes Eun Gyul so he is gay. Doctor was secretly looking at BYJ’s pics and was drooling when he saw Daniel. So he might be gay. Wow, so much gay in a drama that most of its viewers are girls.

    Although i still don’t like TJ, coz he is very strict and dry, but i like this drama after all. There’s no tension in it. All the boys are handsome, the school is very beautiful and full of colors, OST is nice and Sulli is innocent looking and cute, no nerve-racking villain, no tension, no crying, no angst. You just can lean on the chair and watch it without much thinking. A fresh breath for us who are fighting a big far over Faith. No?

  210. 210 : sara Says:

    sorry *WAR noT FAR

  211. 211 : kinchay Says:

    maybe just like HE IS BEAUTIFUL it has also low ratings but a HIT in other countries. i hope TTBY will be like it as well. fighting! 😀

  212. 212 : jahaleel Says:

    LOL! 😀 there are so many cute scenes and quite frankly it is hilarious for a 30+ age to watch. this drama is for teens and a breather for adults to enjoy the young lives. im actually enjoying the corniness of this series. 😀

  213. 213 : hny Says:

    haha .. yes .. they are only same ppl w many dif name makes fun there ..let’s take a breath here 😀

  214. 214 : sara Says:

    Agreed. But the problem is that this drama is very simple and we don’t have much things to talk about. But Faith is a different story.

  215. 215 : ваня Says:

    i like this drama!thanksKOREQ!

  216. 216 : chonna Says:

    i really to watch the drama its really one hits

  217. 217 : eny Says:

    i don’t like hana kimi so i’m not interesting with this drama and nothing interesting with the cast

  218. 218 : hny Says:


    yap.. but is ok if we here only says simple think too…like ‘ ooopa u so cute ;D 🙂

  219. 219 : hny Says:

    and one think @sara.. we don’t have to much arguing in faith cuz it’s not a mystery drama that we should guessing or makes theory to solve, right !!

  220. 220 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am enjoying this drama. So many handsome boys & a pretty girl Goo Jae Hee. She is so pretty in Ep 6 when she have to dress like a girl…. 🙂

  221. 221 : NAtalia Rodríguez Says:

    This is the best drama i Ever saw in the world.I LOVE MINHO HE IS IN SHINEE I LOVE SHINEE TO.Go shinee

  222. 222 : mitch Says:

    …for the new set of kdrama, my #1 is TTBY.. i really like the cast of korean version of Hana Kimi.. so funny and cute.. love it.. keep it up! my #2 is Panda and the Hedgehog.,, you’ll find the story light but it makes sense.. i really enjoy watching it.. my #3 is 5 Fingers.. although their mother was wicked, as long as the two actors are there, i’ll watch it.. besides the story is good, and full of twists.. my #4 is Arang and the Magistrate.. it’s quite funny and fascinating… looking forward for the next eps.. last but not the least, #5 Faith.. although i like LMH so much, i think i have watched so much of “back to the past story”.. Dr. Jin is quite boring except for Jaejoong of course.. but still i’m watching Faith.. keep it up!

  223. 223 : sara Says:

    Actually, i really hate the word “oppa” and you know if we analyze it in details or criticize it, i’m sure another big war will start. If we just start to talk about the acting, we can say Minho is very stiff. He ‘s supposed to show TJ’s warmness which is hidden in his heart and most of the people don’t see it. But he can’t show that. I can’t feel he likes JH. To me, it seems he is SHINEE Minho and she is Fx Sulli and they are trying hard to keep everything in balance. No too much to create a scandal and not too less to get criticized as actors.

  224. 224 : hny Says:


    actually I feel the same about lead actor.. that’s why my first impression I thought he was japaness actor ( I’m not familiar with SHINEE member) ,most Japan actor is not so good at showing the warmth of his heart also have dark skin..even I thought Min Ho voice use dubbing .. his lips move just a little ^_^

  225. 225 : swift Says:

    the lead actor is famous as an idol. he does not fit this character well, somehow the serious demeanour does not suit him. i have seen him a few times in Oh School variety show, he does not show maturity and sportsmanship in the activities in the show. this is only my personal opinion.

  226. 226 : sara Says:

    @swift, hny
    Although we can’t compare him with JGS coz one is an experienced actor and one an idol, but let’s do it coz the subject matter of two dramas (You are beautiful, To the beautiful you) is the same.

    Hwang Tae Kyung is a hot-tempered, arrogant leader with a painful past. TJ is an athlete who is suffering from a psychological syndrome and has a painful past. He also is hot-tempered and arrogant. Both of them are very soft and gentle inside and both of them share a room with a girl disguised as a boy. It happens that the girl is an innocent, cute one who falls in love first.

    JGS was great in YB. He could convey the most subtle feelings in his face, his eyes and his body. His style was totally suitable for the role and the guy-liner helped him to have a pretty serious yet kind face. Minho can’t do that. You can’t see those subtle feelings in his eyes. He’s just serious and dry all the time. I once saw him in a drama special with Han Ji Hye and he seemed to be a very promising actor. I don’t know why he hasn’t shown any improvement here.

  227. 227 : tc Says:

    After watching three serious dramas ie Faith, Arang and May Queen, I decided to check this drama out.

    Although there are many plot holes and flaws, I am surprised at myself that I actually enjoy watching the drama ( marathoned all 6 episodes in one day!) I like the main couple and their chemistry. Hyun Woo’s acting really make me laugh a lot. This is a light and fluffy drama that I can watch without worrying whether my heart can take the stress of conflict or suspense.

    I personally prefer this Korean version than the Taiwanese one as it has
    more romance moments and I find Sulli cuter than Ella.

  228. 228 : shineena Says:

    I think this drama is much better than taiwan or japan version,hope it’ll be aired soon in indonesia…minho fighting!!

  229. 229 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Good to see you here. I haven’t watched this yet because I have seen the Japanese version, so I know it isn’t anything new. But I am all confident that the Koreans will be able to do a good job with this, maybe even better. I saw the previews on cable and both the leads look really nice. Am not a fan of Minho (though I like his sportsmanship in the game show haha) and I’ve never seen Sulli act before but she looks really pretty with that short hair, which I think not everyone can carry (even Park Shin Hye didn’t look nice with the boy hairstyle). I thought I’d check it out here before I decide whether to follow or not on tv. So, coming here has its rewards, seeing your comment, I will definitely give it a chance. Thanks 😀

  230. 230 : tc Says:


    Hi! I did not watch the Japanese version and dropped the Taiwanese version after a few episodes. May be that’s why I find this drama entertaining. It is a good diversion from all the serious dramas that are currently airing and it has more than its fair share of eye candies.

    If you like ‘You are beautiful’, you will like this as they have similar concept. I like the character of the female lead here better than Playful Kiss as she is smarter, more mature and less silly. What cracks me up is the second male lead played by Hyun Woo who has a mushroom hair style! I like him in Equator Man but here he is portraying a cheerful and humorous character.

  231. 231 : eny Says:

    idol singer that act, actually i don’t like it because most of them can’t act, the only singer that i appreciate in acting just eujang because she brave to choose different charracter and i can see her improvement. I see her acting in dreamhigh is good, then i see her previous drama coffee house, it’s really different charracter doesn’t really good but not bad and i ever see her in small role in God of Study.
    I even don’t like the acting of popular Idol singer like Yoo chun, Yoona, and Kim Hyun Jung

  232. 232 : azia Says:

    RECENT OST RELEASE 다나 (Dana), 태연 (Tae Yeon) – To The Beautiful You OST

  233. 233 : azia Says:

    RECENT OST RELEASE 다나 (Dana), 태연 (Tae Yeon) http://kpopparazzi.me/2012/09/tae-yeon-dana-to-the-beautiful-you-ost/

  234. 234 : kel Says:

    Does anyone know where to find the chart relationship on the official site? I cant find it T_T

  235. 235 : zheisya Says:

    I really love this drama! reminds me a time when I’m still young. Sulli and Minho are eye candy too…

  236. 236 : michellineLF Says:

    whatever about the ratinggg!!!!!!!

  237. 237 : Kim Says:

    Hello Guys! recently i Found new web link for amazing Drama To the beautiful you

    Episode 7 – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/to-beautiful-you-ep-7-eng-sub-sbs.html

    Episode 8 – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/09/to-beautiful-you-ep-8-eng-sub-sbs.html

    Keep Watching Koreandrama.org … Have a nice day!

  238. 238 : drama freak Says:

    i enjoyed this drama alot…..love it…why is the rating so low??? it is so nice…. hope it gets better and better…can’t wait for it….=)

  239. 239 : Lavender Says:

    Love it all the way

  240. 240 : HELLO Says:

    Is it just me or did these past two episodes become slightly crazy??!?!? It’s not a bad thing, actually I am really enjoying the craziness. Lots of secret smiling/cringing because of the cuteness and such. You know what I mean. I am really enjoying this show.
    The ratings are low in South Korea because this show is targeted for fans who are completely obsessed with kpop. With that being said, those people are not from South Korea and the majority of television viewers in South Korea are ahjummas tending to their delicious Korean restaurants. They watch the extremely dramatic ones, like stories with estranged siblings falling in love or loving step mothers who want their son, not the late president’s son, to become the next president. Stuff like that. BTW, this is a rant for people who keep asking why the ratings are so low. Everyone knows this is a big hit everywhere but SK. 🙂

  241. 241 : eny Says:

    i hope this drama not airing in Indonesia, they already airing hana kimi and that’s not interesting i hope something better

  242. 242 : sara Says:

    Agreed. Very well said. Adding to what you said, almost all of youth dramas fail in finding their TV viewers in SK. Some of them are really deserved to get more attention and some of them are just weak, meaningless dramas. But what i love about all of them is their enjoyable atmosphere. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched You are beautiful and it still is so fascinating for me. While i can’t understand why a certain step-mother hurt her husband’s son too much. I can’t take the tension, angst and anger in some dramas. So there is a big gap between what we and they expect from a good drama. I guess that very gap causes a drama has low rating in SK and become a hit overseas.

  243. 243 : eny Says:

    actually there’s teenager good drama like “god of study” you can get knowledge too, most of teenager just wanna see something fun light, they can’t handle hard drama. most of korean drama overseas viewer is teenager that’s why rom com and lovey dovey drama popular.
    Actually i watch all kind of drama as long as it has good story and the acting not really bad

  244. 244 : fmgeri Says:

    @HELLO & @Sara

    As a Korean, I’m so interested in your analyses for low ratings of teenager’s drama in Korea. A bit surprised at your familiarity of our culture of drama viewing. You’re almost correct, and I’d add my idea.

    In Korea, most of the middle to high school students should study at school(for night self-study or “YA-JA”) or at private academic institute for math or English, and they usually come back home late night when most of the airing dramas are viewed by their mothers.

    Usually, young students watch dramas in weekends on TV replay or on each dramas’ website services(usually free) which are not included in ratings.

  245. 245 : sara Says:

    I’m glad we have a Korean here. It’s been 6,7 years since I’ve been watching K-dramas and I’ve never seen any youth drama to get high ratings in SK, while other family dramas like “My husband got a family” have high ratings. It’s obvious that which age group watch such dramas. I don’t think young Korean people like to watch evil mother-in-law Vs. miserable-daughter-in-law all the time. When i ‘m watching KBS immortal song 2, i can see the big gap between different age groups. When most of the audience are younger, we can see more passion and love towards the idol and even the number of the votes is higher. But it decreases dramatically, when most of the audience are older ones. It proves that older generation in Sk doesn’t like idols, their looks, their dancing, their behavior, etc. In other words, they resist modernism. So, it’s not surprising if this enjoyable dramas never can get high ratings in SK. Of course this is just my interpretation of what i’ve been watching all this years.

  246. 246 : aya Says:

    this drama getting better… and arang & magistrtae make me frustration

  247. 247 : jibbs Says:

    minho fighting! i love this drama! i think the ratings will go up since gaksital has ended…

  248. 248 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    I really like this TTBY drama enjoyed it very much:)Had watched mant hits Korean dramas since 2002 and up to episode 8 i rated 8/10 for TTBY. couple Sulli-Minho did a good job even they’re newcomers in acting.Other casts also did well.M confident TTBY will do well since the PD had done a good job in Boys Over Flowers before.As for the ratings in SK i seemed to agree with all your comments weekdays airing didn’t catch big viewers esp teenagers (this drama is teenage version).For whatever ratings in SK this TTBY drama will do well in overseas and it didn’t copying Japanese or Taiwan verse but Korean origin verse which is more lively,trendy and got “feel”.To all TTBY production team and casts esp PD FIGHTING and m gonna keep watching till ends^O^

  249. 249 : drama freak Says:

    this drama is so damn nice and why is the rating so lowwww??????? don’t understand at all….i enjoy this drama alot!!!! =)

  250. 250 : sara Says:

    I enjoyed watching ep 7. 8 like crazy. This drama is just like a sedative. It’s full of color, light, beauty and cuteness. Eun gyul is my favorite character. LHW is a great actor. I laugh every time he appears. Hope he can be the lead in his next project.

  251. 251 : minholover Says:

    This drama is dae to the bak..love it,love it,.I love cha eun gyeol character,but n0t his look ,wkwk,btw,minho’s acting was so nice,.he’s such promising idol actor in the future

  252. 252 : Alehn Says:

    I thought the Korean version is not good but seriously, it’s way more better than what I expected. I’m sad for the low ratings. To The Beautiful You fighting!!!

  253. 253 : jhen Says:

    to the beautiful you is love♥.. im sad with the low ratings :(( it can’t be.. it was one of the most interesting korean drama i ever watch and the actors was good even their just a beginner and it was better than the fast hanakimi ver. it was my first time seeing minho and sulli act in a drama and i can say they did better.. fighting TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU!!

  254. 254 : fiza3979 Says:

    i don’t care about the low rating… i love this drama (enjoy it vm). there’ll be 8 eps more to go. wish TTBY all the best.

  255. 255 : jade kim Says:

    CHA EUN GYEOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. 256 : Felix Says:

    I adore this series. This drama made your heart feel flutter. I did not expect feel daebak when watch this drama. I love writer try do not include cliche in this miniseries. Enjoy watch Tae Joon and Jae Hee.
    To The Beautiful You FIGHTING.

  257. 257 : zheisya Says:

    this is the best drama I ever seen! I love story so much. Very romantic and very hilarious too.

  258. 258 : mienhana Says:

    Seol han na is so beautiful,hoho,hope cha eun gyeol will her couple…I like their fight scene,,so funny

  259. 259 : LoveK-Drama Says:

    >.< can't wait until ep.9 <3 want to see Jae Heeæs ex-boyfriend

  260. 260 : riajulian Says:

    im convinced by the comments….ill watch it…

  261. 261 : cha dol-ie Says:

    Can’t wait the next episode.. I’m so curious yeah..wkwkwk
    Really wanna see hyun woo’s new hair cut kkk

  262. 262 : Lala Says:

    I think why this drama received low ratings because the idea and the story of this drama is simple and they didn’t have much conflict.
    Still, I am enjoying this drama because it is a funny drama and I love Ji Cheol soooo much evethough he is bad XD

  263. 263 : may Says:

    this drama is amaizing I’m unhappy with the low ratings!

  264. 264 : jenny Says:

    who is that guy that plays Johnny Kim in Ep. 9? I’ve seen him in other dramas but can’t think of his name…

  265. 265 : HELLO Says:

    Why did episode 9 make my fingers and toes curl???? Ahhhh so cliche but I can’t stop watching 😛

  266. 266 : shetalla Says:

    eventhough this drama has low ratings, but it doesn’t matter for me. i always enjoy watching this. Min ho and sulli look adorable and good looking. no wonder i’m more interested in it. kwanghee oppa, you are totally jjang. this drama also has many good soundtracks. no doubt, coz there is SM that absolutely back up this drama well. good job for all of the crew and production.

  267. 267 : magsie Says:

    Non-Koreans seem to appreciate this drama more.

  268. 268 : Ara Says:

    @HELLO He is Kim Woo Bin. At first when he was wearing his glasses and when he’s dragging sulli in the car I thought he was Donghae from Super Junior. But when he removed his glasses I thought he was TOP from Big Bang :))

  269. 269 : ahnnapazaway Says:

    i love the korean version of hana kimi especially the cast. more power to the show aja! aja! aja! 😀

  270. 270 : Lee Ann Says:

    I think that it is an oversight of the native Koreans in believing that this is just a remake of Hana Kimi; and therefore fail to appreciate its true value. I have not seen any of the previous versions, exception for the first few episodes and the ending of the original Japanese production. In the beginning, this Korean version did have some of the brilliant absurdity of the Japanese one. However, it slowly transitioned to more cuteness through lovable scenes, such as the caterpillar crawl by Eun Gyeol. There is also more cohesiveness as Tae Joo slowly develops his feelings for Jae Hee and begins to express them. I hope that this development will further intensify and take on a somber mood as they acknowledge their feelings to one another. This has the real making of a specular show about young teen love, minus the comedic buffoonery from the original show. It sincerely hope that the writers will deviate from to the initial story.

    Jae Hee has been criticized as blissfully ignorant and cheery. I can personally draw parallels to the beloved Shin Chaegyung character in Goong, whose optimistic spirit remains unflappable even in the face of the mounting pressures surrounding her, as the wife of the aloof Crown Prince of the strict palace. If carefully crafted, this could overtake Goong in my list of adolescent love story favorites. Who needs dastardy schemes and backstabbing treachery in teen love tale!

    It is my fervent wish that the remaing eight episodes will continue to unfold the innocuous and deepening love between the two main characters.

  271. 271 : ance Says:

    loving this drama more and more…excited for episode 10! 🙂

  272. 272 : hny Says:

    horeee.. finally Tae Joon got a rival n this guy more qualify.. here I love korean version more !! want jump to eps 10 soon …

  273. 273 : kimchi Says:

    Hello guys looking to watch latest Episode with English subtitle to the beautiful You, hare is found links from Google, Watch and Enjoy!

    Episode 9 : http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/09/to-beautiful-you-ep-9-eng-sub-sbs.html

    Episode 10 : http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/09/to-beautiful-you-ep-10-eng-sub-sbs.html

  274. 274 : happy Says:

    it’s boring and the end is known but I still watch this drama ^^
    I think the korean language is more interesting and smooth to the ears .
    With all my respect to other languages and countries ^_*

  275. 275 : amanda Says:

    I love this drama,love the cast..good job’!!

  276. 276 : drama freak Says:

    it is so damn nice!!!! i am addicted! love it so much!!!! =D

  277. 277 : mitch Says:

    ..so far, this is the best version of hana kimi that i ve watched.. love it! keep it up..! who cares with the ratings,,, hehe

  278. 278 : sara Says:

    Wow. Kim woo bin wowed me. He is super handsome and gorgeous. I wish he was the lead actor. He overshadowed everyone with his presence.

    Please add to the cast :
    Kim Woo Bin as Johnny Kim (Cameo). Thank you.

  279. 279 : amanda Says:

    Whoaa..ep 10 is super daebakk!!
    I love j0hny kim,I l0ve eun gyeol,I love tae j00n,ouuh its a super hard to choose

    Johnny oppa is so romantic, ouh I wish I was jae hee when he showed all the picture he took..for the blank one,let’s fill it up with our wedding pictures ,hoho..what a cool scene!!

  280. 280 : bella lee Says:

    Superb drama,best version of hana kimi

  281. 281 : Danial Supercool Says:

    Beautiful love story ~ beautiful casts esp Minho~Sulli.I’d watched Japanese and Taiwanese version but m in love with Korean version!

  282. 282 : Babe Dayana Says:

    Yeah I don’t care the Korean don’t appreciate this drama coz I love it (my whole family too).TTBY is a beautiful teenage love story.Minho and Sulli so far had done a great acting(who said that K-Pop can’t act????)

  283. 283 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Yeah Kim Woo Bin really damn actor almost blown away the others in ep 9&10 but then wooowwo Minho he’s doing great also Sulli.OMG it’s worth it to watch this drama after all.Keep-up the momentum all casts and PD do nil it to the end OK? You bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. 284 : ifah Says:

    I like this drama sooooo much ! Really suitable couple (Min Ho + Sulli) n very nice story n i really really like this drama ! Daebak all !! 🙂

  285. 285 : Miss911abigail Says:

    unexpected presence of kim woo bin…. So damn good…. Woah!!! Seol Han Na *troll face* whats with the “public figure couple”???

    Jae Hee shall prevail…. hehehe

    Watched episode 10 last night,,,, guys so damn good

    waiting for ep.11

  286. 286 : janine Says:

    Nice drama…

  287. 287 : Indyrra Says:

    Although the storyline is little bit different with the Japanese version, Hana Kimi, it is still great! The story and the characters are too cute to be ignored, highly recommended!

  288. 288 : asma Says:

    the best hana kimi version…can’t stop thinking about this drama…congratulation to all team production..go go go to the beautiful you!!!

  289. 289 : bella lee Says:

    Highly recommended drama,nice

  290. 290 : Charlie Says:

    Wow. Kim Woo Bin is so tall and handsome, his skin is also so smooth. The fake boy, what are you doing in that all boys school when you have such gorgeous oppa by you. pack you bag and go home.
    I first saw KWB in the White Christmas, but I didn’t have the same impression as I’m having now. He’s really grown into a beautiful young man. He made other kids around him fade away. Hope to see him more.

  291. 291 : camie Says:

    awww i love this drama and all the character choi min ho OMG ur hot and lee hyun woo adorable! i really like this kdrama its really interesting!
    i jus hate waiting each week!

  292. 292 : wendy Says:

    wow, just finished watched ep 10 and it’s going more interesting since ha na has realized jae hee is a girl that has captured tae joon’s heart..and then she plan (force?) to ask tae joon as her lover so that she will keep her mouth shut up.
    but i think tae joon won’t let it happen.he won’t lie to his heart and it means he will find the way for keeping jae hee’s secret instead dating ha na..

  293. 293 : sara Says:

    “The fake boy, what are you doing in that all boys school when you have such gorgeous oppa by you. pack you bag and go home.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I have the same Qn.

  294. 294 : sara Says:

    Dear admin,
    may i ask you a question? This website is really great and wonderful and you are trying hard to make it work. I really thank you for your hard work. As you see, lots of people come here to read the comments and even lots of them decide to watch dramas based on comments here. That’s how popular your website is. So, is it possible for you to improve the comment section a bit? For example adding the like, dislike, reply and edit button. I don’t know anything about managing a website, so I’m sorry if i’m asking too much.

    (@Sara from admin: Please send us an e-mail if you want to request/suggest something which is unrelated with this drama. Thanks.)

  295. 295 : Patricia Says:

    At first sight, I thought this korean version of hana kimi will not fare well. But after watching it to the latest episode, i can say that all of them done well. These actors and actresses are bunch of good professionals.

    In addition, i love one of their soundtracks sung by J-min: Stand Up. Nice rock music done by this lady. Worth it to keep it in your mp3 player!

    All the best!

  296. 296 : drama freak Says:

    i love the song sang by Onew (shinee)- In Your Eyes….so nice!!!!!

  297. 297 : ваня Says:

    i like drama,i love song!all the best!

  298. 298 : sara Says:

    Dear admin
    Thank you for the answer and sorry for off topic post. I sent you an email.

  299. 299 : bella lee Says:

    Absolutely agree with all of you guys,the soundrtacks is cool, I ike it all

  300. 300 : janine Says:

    can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!!!! Like the charactr of min ho and hyun woo…Each episode is very amusing… All ost are really nice… Thumbs up for this drama….=)

  301. 301 : reynard Says:

    Can’t wait the 11th episode,must be cool,

  302. 302 : Dayana Babe Says:

    I don’t really like episode 11 too much of Seol Han-Na in it.Please PD more about Sulli mingle with other Genie student and positive attitude!

  303. 303 : Jennie Says:

    I am doing a marathon with this one and I am enjoying every minute of it. I was laughing from the moment I saw JH sliding down the steps in the suitcase of hers and I am still laughing over EK’s confusion. He really is the best and I hope it will end well with him. I’m glad I gave this drama a chance. Compared to the Japanese version, this one has less madness and more style, I guess. I like the young cast very much and it was good to see Kim JW (Hana) again after What’s Up. Also I think Sulli is very pretty even with a boy’s haircut. A drama for the young at heart, definitely and especially for one who is looking for something simple, lighthearted and wholesome drama to watch:-D

  304. 304 : janine Says:

    @Jennie same here.. Marathon this drama… I like lee hyun woo’s acting… Very natural… I can’t stop laughing as i watch each episode… love the whole cast of this drama.. ^-^

  305. 305 : reynard Says:

    Poor hana,now I felt for her..

  306. 306 : reynard Says:

    The story becoming much more interesting day by day,.

  307. 307 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i’ve just started my marathon for this too, just only passed the first ep. i need some laughs to balance with the melos!

  308. 308 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan I am only watching Episode 8 today, so should be able to catch up with the latest today. My hubby watched with me for a couple of minutes, then he said,”Isn’t this for kids?” I told him to buzz off and don’t make any “cute” remarks. Heehee, I was and still am having too much fun with this drama to allow him to spoil it for me. It’s a drama targetted for young teenagers no doubt and if I accept all the silliness and vigours of youth, and as long as the acting and cast is good, I have no complaints. Heck, compared to the Japanese version (which was total mayhem btw), this one is pretty tame by comparison.
    @janine Hi, marathon friend. Are you up to date yet? The funny scenes are predictable but because of the cast, especially Hyun Woo’s acting , they become really funny. I just saw the bowling scene and I was ROFL when MinHo’s bowled backwards instead. Haha!

  309. 309 : ahnnapazaway Says:

    sana ipalabas ang to the beautiful you sa abs-cbn , i’m sure it’s gonna be hit ! 😀

  310. 310 : Mary Says:

    This drama is good, but it has a great shortcoming. The female character looks way too much like a girl. And they have used too much make-up. If you want your female character to look like a boy and make her blending with other guys more believable, forgo her lip-stick, for God’s sake! And refrain from putting lipstick on the other boys, it’s disgusting. I don’t know why Koreans are so fond of making their male characters look delicate and girly! They should be manly instead of looking like a doll with too much makeup. Doesn’t work for me. It puts me off the show completely.

  311. 311 : janine Says:

    @jennie finish the 12episodes.. like this drama… No regrets watching it…:)

  312. 312 : Jennie Says:

    Love it when Johnny hyungnim came a-visiting. Pity he couldn’t stay longer in the drama. He is awesome and would have been more fun if he was around longer to give Tae Joo the push he so desperately needs and more competition. Fast forwarded a lot of scenes in Episode 11&12 as I didn’t like watching Hana and her tantrums. Thank goodness they didnt drag her issues for long. Eun Kyul is the best still. I hope they’ll bring back the fun in the remaining episodes. The last two were a little too sombre. Overall still liking this drama 🙂

  313. 313 : Danielle Says:

    I can’t wait for episode 13!!!

  314. 314 : michan Says:

    can i know who is the one that be kang tae joon when he is a child?? THAT KID IS SO CUTE!!!

  315. 315 : unha Says:

    can”t wait eps 12….sulli and minho so cool

  316. 316 : Dahlia(fx) Says:

    Low ratings in Korea!Soooo what the fish?M freaking LOVIN’ this drama babe!”To The Beautiful You’ is a beautiful drama full of lovey-dovey,hilarious,soothing ost and of course beautiful and trendy casts:)

  317. 317 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie my cousin told me i mustmustmust watch this, so i was a little curious. i was hoping it to be funny but it is more cute n lighthearted. my cousin is 17 n if I were her age I’d be talking to my friends about this show every minute, wallpapered Minho on my handphone & feel so thankful it is showing on HD channel since at that age my parents would limit my internet access at home. At my age, I find the show very pretty, an enjoyable watch although i need to FF some parts and appreciate that these youngsters act quite well. I’m only at ep 6. Looking fwd to Kimwoobin’s cameo. I like him in AGD.

  318. 318 : Dyna~Sonja Says:

    Minho i tot you only shine in SHINEE!WOW!You’re the lead in this drama goshhh you can act too such a cool babe.Keep it up after many drama you will be a great actor replacing Jung Dong Gun one fine day babe!

  319. 319 : Dayana_Babe Says:

    M in love with this drama repeatedly watched it 3x hahahah

  320. 320 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan LOL I guess for us ahjummas to enjoy this drama, we have to prepare ourselves mentally and have the mind set that this is a drama for teenagers and fans of the idols. Compared to let’s say God of Study or You Have Fallen For Me I’d pick this anytime (I didn’t give the other two a chance even ). I read somewhere that one of the reasons why this drama isn’t doing well because fans of these two idols didn’t think that the other is good enough for their idol heehee, thus they boycott the drama!! Ah these die hard fans- reminds me Shi Won and H.O.T lol

  321. 321 : jnx_doe Says:

    Love this drama….sulli & minho fighting ^_^

  322. 322 : girlie Says:

    I just love this drama……….. N can’t wait 4r ep 13

  323. 323 : Genie Boy Says:

    Great drama:)

  324. 324 : Talia_Mexicana Says:

    Beautiful drama m loving it!

  325. 325 : Mae Galeon Says:

    sulli so cute…

  326. 326 : jellygurl Says:

    Drama plg keren tahun ni,.smg cpt tayang di indo haha

  327. 327 : jellygurl Says:

    The soundtracks of this drama is the best,I love it all,but recently ,taemin and taeyeon s0ng keep sounding
    in my head

  328. 328 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I did watched some of the eps and it’s cute!I like Lee Hyun Woo :)I like the song played at the end of the drama “stand Up” by J-Min!

  329. 329 : Talia_Mexicana Says:

    Ouuchhh in episode the couple minsul getting better and better and omg minho you make me jelly melt woooooowww!!!!!

  330. 330 : Talia_Mexicana Says:

    ////////opppsssss i mean episode 13 hahaha

  331. 331 : jellygurl Says:

    Sulli is too cute,rather than as a couple,she’s more like a young sister to minho..but,they acted perfectly

  332. 332 : BRITNEY_X-FACTOR Says:

    My tears felt to see how KTJ suffered when his mum’s passed away; blamed his father not bothered during her sickness.No wonder he’s brooding,upset and gave-up being sportsman coz he’d family feud!MINHO you did a good job here and your future in acting shining not because you’re shinee but you’re good and worth watching:-)Beautiful delivered all casts episode by episode:)

  333. 333 : Dayana_Babe Says:

    Love it episode by episode worth watching!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. 334 : hany maulina Says:

    cannot wait for next episode………. but I still confuse…. how the rate not so good ?

  335. 335 : TTBY_ fanatica Says:

    Errrr so what???Me keep watching heheh

  336. 336 : honey Says:

    can u see that on the table !! what a pity rate are they… however, I’m loving this movie over all….

  337. 337 : jellygurl Says:

    Whoaa,ep 14 wangjang daebak,super daebak, ..

  338. 338 : @Leeda961024 Says:

    gak bilang keren gw krn akhir ceritanya udah tahu,still love reply 1997

  339. 339 : reya Says:

    @leeda terserah loe kaleeee,.belum tentu j. Endingx sama,meski alur inti sama.,tp sensainya beda…ttby is the best versi0n of hana kimi.

  340. 340 : reya Says:

    @leeda terserah loe kaleeee,.belum tentu ja. Endingx blum tentu sama,meski alur inti sama.,tp sensasinya beda…ttby is the best versi0n of hana kimi.

  341. 341 : mitch Says:

    ..OMG, 2 more eps to go.. i’m gonna miss this kdrama.. love all the episodes! keep it up!

  342. 342 : Kyufan Says:

    To The Beautiful You is airing its last two episodes next week.I’m looking forward to it and I hope the ending is not a sad one…BTW,I love SHINee’s Taemin song ‘U’.I hope he sings more songs in the future =D

  343. 343 : TTBY_ fanatica Says:

    I can’t wait the finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. 344 : something Says:

    yes, i think you use the right poster coz the other two poster only give hope for idol fans to think their idol will have some role in this drama when actually not.. good job admin

  345. 345 : cheezy Says:

    Heyyy I really like the korean version of this drama. The other one, couldn
    get into it. I know it was the orginal, but it wuz boring. She was not
    cute, I think she wuz old for the part. He wuz alrite. But heyyy to each
    his own. Two thumbs up for this drama, and the whole casts was funnee. It
    wuz really entertainin to me, with their characters.

  346. 346 : aillya Says:

    I don’t want this drama to be ended like japan version,hope it’ll be happy ending

  347. 347 : riaa Says:

    after I watched ep 2 I feel the drama is nice and interesting because so many scenes of comedy and romantic scene ..
    and I suggest to those who have watched this drama should watch it.

  348. 348 : Justin T-Lake Says:

    Amazing Sulli~Minho both shining stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. 349 : Jennie Says:

    I just realised (after watching Strong Heart on cable where the cast of TTBY appeared as guests) that Sulli was actually the sweet little princess in Seodongyo/Song of the Prince. That’s one of my all time favourite KD (>‿◠)✌

  350. 350 : tc Says:


    Really? You mean the one that young Seodong fell in love with he peeped through the cupboard door and saw her dancing? Wow, the princess was so sweet and pretty but did not realize she was Sulli then.

  351. 351 : drama freak Says:

    this drama has a super power….it makes me addicted to it….and all i can say is i really enjoy watching it! LOVE IT!

  352. 352 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Yes, she’s Sulli. Was so surprised when they even showed the clip on Thurs’ episode of Strong Heart. They were talking about kissing on screen. She said she was told to kiss Seodong on the nose and not on the lips because they were so young then. She was so bubbly then, wasn’t she? I think she said she was 12 then.

  353. 353 : Teresa Tran Says:

    this drama is awesome <3333 !!!!! there should b another season

  354. 354 : swift Says:

    Only now I can see the chemistry of the two leads, it took too long for the flow of the story to create the correct atmosphere required in this drama. Now we are reaching the ending, will miss this drama.

  355. 355 : Beth Says:

    Simple and cute story. It made me smile and laugh most of the time while watching each episode.

  356. 356 : Luch Says:

    However the rating is low, I love this drama so much. Especially, the cast of Minho and Seol Ri.

  357. 357 : Miss911abigail Says:

    2 eps left… its gonna be sad without them any more…

    i hope there will be more “TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU” kind of movie with the kind of cast,characters,faces, etc….

    it brings love to teenagers like me, ya know? its sooooooooooo educational in its way and it gives out more messages than you expected…

  358. 358 : Justin T-Lake Says:

    To The Beautiful You is really beautiful in every way…………can’t wait to see the finale…………….?

  359. 359 : Sari Says:

    I love this drama so much……more episode….pleaseeee.

  360. 360 : MARK PH. Says:

    i love this k-drama all the cast specially kang tae joon and goo jae hee the chemistry of two was great i love them both and also the funny one cha eun kyul he’s very funny awesome.. i love sul li i want to meet her someday and date with her.. 🙂

  361. 361 : CINDY Says:

    but , when only tae joon will tell jae hee that he knew that she is gir, come on, faster do itl

  362. 362 : @Leeda961024 Says:


  363. 363 : Love K-Pop Says:

    I Love This Drama So Much;-)

    Via MebApp.com

  364. 364 : roxyalso Says:

    This is a sweet drama….

  365. 365 : aillya Says:

    Don’t wanna this drama to end…very fun,.very good,I love hyun woo anyway,though he’s not the lead actor,ahh 2 ep left,.makes me much curious

  366. 366 : romz Says:

    what is the name of the software used by Johnny Kim (Kim Woo Bin) in episode 11 or 12 or 13 (can’t remember what episode lol). It is where he zoom-in the picture of Min Ho (Kang Tae Joon) in his computer to see who Kang Tae Joon is looking at. Is it photoshop?..please help me. Thanks!

  367. 367 : janine Says:

    So sad that this dram Will end… Will miss it

  368. 368 : lantn Says:

    I don’t like the storyline of this drama at all.

  369. 369 : Kyufan Says:

    I’m going to miss this drama…hope the ending would be unexpected and good.I hope to see Tae Joon and Jae Hee(as a girl again) together =D

  370. 370 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Haaaa….so this TTBY is gonna end this week?Honestly at first i thought this is just a norm teenage drama but surprising this drama fascinated me and i selected it one of the best drama korean that i favou to watch all over again in 2012 beside A Gentleman’s Dignity’s.Why?This pictured reality of our walks of life full of hilarious,sweet love and friendship:)

  371. 371 : swift Says:

    Overall the drama is a feel good drama with not much frustration put upon the lead girl. In comparison to the jap and taiwan version, the lead girl had been bullied worst compared to this korean version. There is more maturity in the storyline but the ‘blooming of relationship’ of the lead guy towards the lead girl was rather too late, as now even towards the end, the guy has not professed his love to her.

  372. 372 : Shazs Ana Says:

    this drama cheongmal make me melt ! uwaa , minho look great and sulli too . i think they look like a nice couple when them together . i’ve fallen for sulli character , so fantastic ! minho make me shock because minho soo charismatic ! love it <3 i hope this drama will played at KBS 🙂 . oppa nomu nomu nomu joha ! fighting ! shinee and f(x) go go go ! hwaiting ! saranghae . mmuahh :*

  373. 373 : ance Says:

    oh that’s right! i haven’t noticed that it’s ending… 🙁
    i actually haven’t watch the japanese version, the taiwanese version i only saw the ending and some parts in the middle…i really enjoyed this drama…ahhh i’m now also feeling sad that it’s ending… 🙁
    i love lee hyun woo here…the child actor is now a man…
    TTBY fighting!

  374. 374 : Wendy H. Says:

    I love this drama so much…Goo Jae Hee and Kang Tae Joon are so match and I like the way they act…I am so sad because the drama is going to end><

  375. 375 : wee Says:

    Cha Eun Kyul…you are the BOY…..

  376. 376 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kang Ha Neul as Joo Ji Chul. I love his little sister Kim Yoo Bin so much when she appear in Ep 13.

    She acted as Choi Si Won’s daughter in Oh My Lady who don’t speak much but extremely lovely. Wow !!!! Now can speak so well. 🙂

  377. 377 : NextDoor Says:

    i wish they made this drama more fun and idiotic because they are in highschool and it is suppose to be a remake of the jap hanakimi. my goodness they are too serious in life. i was really hoping the fun would increase as the episodes progress but sadly it became more serious.

    anyway this drama is not so bad to watch despite of it. i would rate this drama a 6.5/10. i would still recommend this drama for those who want light and laid back series with no heavy issues.

  378. 378 : wee Says:

    I like Minho but Eun Kyul really can act better than minho….he is.so cute n sweet in the show…why is also the second actor better than the main actor..like Kim hyun joong and jung yong hwa….

  379. 379 : hny Says:

    1 eps left .. I’m gonna miss all this flowers young..espc Eun Kyul..love cuz they act well to express their feeling in friendship or love…this more great than Hana Kimi..I recomend to watch this !!

  380. 380 : Love Kpop Says:

    The Best Drama Romantic and So Funny.and i Like This Drama So Much.^_<

    Via MebApp.com

  381. 381 : honey from indo Says:

    the last episode is difrent. in Hana Kimi they show us how a friendship is more important than anything, not only love but also friend I mean both of them are important in life… in this drama shows us how love can grow more and more because we fight for our love… like Goo Jae Hee, she never give ip to catch Tae Jon’s heart…. its really inspire us, right?

  382. 382 : Mark of Philippines Says:

    I love Sul Li.. <3 if in the school have Choi Seol Ri exam ill past it with the Highest Score hehe Philippines love korean and korean drama keep up the goodwork..more power.. Fighting!!..

  383. 383 : HELLO Says:

    I though Eun Gyeol is so much more attractive when he is moody and has some angst. Lee Hyun Woo Fighting!!!

  384. 384 : honey Says:

    The ending was predictable and anti-climactic. I guess it was predictable because its like the third or fourth adaptation of this story, but still. I know why they made it that way, but it seemed so rushed, so I was disappointed with the ending. However, for being a very un-original story, it was, generally, executed well.

  385. 385 : iemy Says:

    LOVEEEE this drama,… MinHo & Suli tooooo cute,…
    hope to see them in another project together

  386. 386 : something Says:

    admin, the last episode rating for TNmS nationwide is 5.3% not 6.4%,

    dramawiki change it i see, from daum also written 5.3%

    (@something from admin: Thanks for inform us.)

  387. 387 : janine Says:

    Will miss this drama… Will miss eun kyol… His acting definitely leaves a mark.. Hope to see him more… Thanks for the nice series.. (“,)

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    …. great kdrama! love it.. this is my favorite version among all HANA Kimi adaptation.. watch this guys!!

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    really glad this drama ended cause i don’t like it, i wanna see something new

  390. 390 : Micc Says:

    I totally dragged myself to finish watching this drama. Usually with all the Japanese manga adaptions I prefer the Korean version but this one the Japanese version is way better.

  391. 391 : EK Says:

    Finally its ended! happy ending tho’ but just missed the kissing scene at the end:( only hugs…but overall this drama was funny and entertaining..love it:)

  392. 392 : Sari Says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. 393 : Micc Says:

    OK OK OK -367

    If you like that little girl, you should watch Hooray for Love, she shines in that drama!

  394. 394 : lala Says:

    i love this drama but wished the drama were a little more “crazy” haha. there are different versions of hana kimi, thought it wouldn’t hurt to change the setting a bit. I was hoping for a massive ending! but overall it was an enjoyable series. (:

  395. 395 : keyunjoe Says:

    i will miss them exspecially tae jong

  396. 396 : Luch Says:

    The best drama ever.

  397. 397 : aillya Says:

    All of the ost are daebak,.love it,esp taemin song

  398. 398 : NextDoor Says:

    lame drama. long and dragging… i only liked the character of cha eun kyul here. a big disappointment of the remake of jap hana kimi. i believe boys over flowers is much better remake of hana yori dango. i made myself finish this drama because i luv both jap dramas. oh man…

  399. 399 : NextDoor Says:

    i think chinese/taiwan version is better than the korean version of hanakimi

  400. 400 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Beautiful drama love it and missed it!

  401. 401 : ky Says:

    not better than hana kimi japanese version
    my guess is definitely not good response,,: D more like hana kimi: D

  402. 402 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 393 Micc

    My 2 sis watch about 3 quarters of the drama HURRAY MY LOVE and stop . I think they are disappointed for some reason or what. That is why i didn’t start.
    50 episodes is no joke bc lead actress Lee Bo Young is not my number 1 favourite.

    Anyway thanks for the recommendation. I might watch 1 day 😀

  403. 403 : loving type boy Says:

    can you give me thelink of the special episode … i really love this story … i didn’t sleep at night juz bcas want to see this drama …

  404. 404 : Love K-Pop Says:

    The Best Drama……..iLike This Drama So Much

  405. 405 : Love K-Pop Says:

    Oppa Lee Hyun Woo u so cute ^_^

  406. 406 : HaroroLovePororo Says:

    I likes all soundtrack this drama…… Chuae chua chua….
    Dream High 1 & 2 → JYPent
    To the beautiful you → SMent
    YGent (?) Only TOP ↞ come on, YG ahjussi!!! Fighting!

  407. 407 : Hanako Says:

    Overall this is quite a good drama , no doubt with all young actresses and actors but I do like the story,something like Sungkyunkwang Scandal.
    This movie are meant for teenagers so not as exciting as those more matured actors and actresses but much better than Whats up or Dream High

    Not bad and should give a little credit to it

  408. 408 : Hanako Says:

    I forgot to mention there are few Korean dramas with a girl acting as a boy, besides these two the other two were He’s Beautiful and Coffee Prince, I love all these movies..quite interesting and well produced..

  409. 409 : dinda Says:

    Why the rate is so average? Actually that is really good drama. Stupid who dislike this drama. Keep it on sulli. Your act as good as you

  410. 410 : gorgeous girl Says:

    Beautiful and amazing drama love storyline, great casts and woderful ost♡

  411. 411 : jmac Says:

    I would definitely recommend this drama! its totally awesome and super funny! THE KOREAN DRAMA OF THE YEAR!

  412. 412 : Ali Siya Says:

    Love it :”>

  413. 413 : Charita Says:


  414. 414 : anh Says:

    Korean ver. Is the best i have ever watched. I love to the beautiful u. All casts and especially minho and sulli couple. Season 2 plz

  415. 415 : Funguy Says:

    Ive watched up to episode 2. Disappointed BIG time. Min Ho’s acting was so so bad. Lifeless!. No where near Jang G Suk in You’re beautiful. So far can’t seem to get hook with the story yet. Each scene was bland, some were predictable.
    The girl not that pretty and sometime her acting a bit over
    No wonder this drama got low rating!

  416. 416 : Tyuy Says:

    Try I might, but could not like this drama as much as I had anticipated. Poor acting from many casts.

  417. 417 : Sarah Says:

    The only person in the cast that I think acted well are Lee Hyun Woo (Eun Gyeol) and the Doctor. Sulli’s acting was good but most of her scenes are over exaggerated (And she trips and falls and gets caught by Minho afterwards. Happens a gazillion times in the drama. She also gets sick/injured a lot too. Happens a gazillions times in the drama as well) I couldn’t watch past episode 9.

    I liked the beginning, it was cute and funny and laidback. Overall, really fun to watch. Then it gets serious, and I must say, Minho’s acting was SO BAD. I love Minho but I can’t stand his acting.

    I anticipated a lot more than this. I’m disappointed :/

  418. 418 : dila Says:

    i love this drama cous minho and sally,,,,

  419. 419 : Sena Says:

    I like this drama!!!! daebak!!! 😀

  420. 420 : ryl Says:

    erm… can I ask if it is possible for you to give me the links for the special episodes as i cannot find it.

  421. 421 : cho eun hee Says:

    love!!!!! it more projects to come keep it up!!!!! aja!!!!

  422. 422 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i was surprise with nam ji hyun cameo in eps 6,, i mean she’s little dokman from queen seonduk meet little kim yushin aka lee hyun woo 🙂 love both of them..

  423. 423 : winnie Says:

    i love this drama. it is the best version of hana kimi. i love minho and sulli couple. all casts are really great.

  424. 424 : paulo Says:

    this is the best drama of the year. long time i have watched korean drama. it really touched me. innocent and pure love and funny friendships. Minho and sulli fighting. i hope to see you two together in more and more projects.

  425. 425 : Russ Says:

    I dont care what anyone may think or sau about this Drama. Every epsode I am glude to the TV. Talk about pure and simple, easy to sit through to watch and it is pure as can be. As long as english subtitles are added to the Drama I love it. Continue to put out outstanding Dramas and I will watch them period. This is the best Drams of the year. Thank You KBFD for showing us these Dramas. Two thumbs up To The Beautiful You. I would like to know when this DVD will be ready to purchase cause I want this Drams. Aloha Russ

  426. 426 : Ruby Says:

    love this drama a lotttt!!! To the beautiful you u r stilll the best 4 me!!!!!

  427. 427 : Shadeymailelagi Says:

    First time watching it….omg LOVE IT! ilove the drama. And i love Min Ho his a cool actor and handsome too i wish my boyfriend was like that…..nah kidding much! OMG i wish i could meet him in real life<3 But yeah cool acting one of my favourite Korean drama. I will rate it 10/10 love everything.

  428. 428 : Alicia Tasha Queen Says:

    This drama is so sweet….I really like Minho…..Fighting Kang Tae Jun!!

  429. 429 : ваня Says:

    perfect drama!i like suli and minho!

  430. 430 : gorgeous girl Says:

    M lovin this teenage drama, set good example never quit till you did your best and frienship forever.Must watched drama if only the Korean did not admit this drama follow the Japanese drama Hana-Kimi it really hit in Korea then…..This drama did better outside Korea chongmalllll

  431. 431 : gail Says:

    i really love this movie…i enjoyed watching it..the male lead and actress were so match for each other…i cant stay away from the television even for a minute…hooray!!!!for being so successful in making the movie..

  432. 432 : joey Says:

    whoo!!!!i love this movie…so much..like it a lot!!!

  433. 433 : Queen Says:

    Loved it loved it….. The first time I saw my friends watching it I was interested even with watching only a little. The characters caught my eyes so I decided to check out the movie for myself. I 😻Korean dramas especially this one and I also want meet the whole cast!!!

  434. 434 : 流向英倫 Says:

    I love Minho!!!

  435. 435 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Keep on voting guys! I like this drama, hope to be in the Top 8! Fighting!

  436. 436 : hasina Says:

    I like this drama
    I think this drama is so sweet.

  437. 437 : SJ Says:

    What is the Samsung Camera that MinHO used in this drama?

  438. 438 : Karyl Says:

    This drama is really good. It is fun to watch and so cute. This is a must watch. Not saying this because Minho is my bias. It’s just a good thing to watch if you want to feel happy. Also, Sulli and Minho is such a cute couple. <3

  439. 439 : limitzi Says:

    cute and sweet .. nice school .. nice dorm .. wow !!

  440. 440 : mini Says:

    the drama was good #i’m a big fans of hana kimi comic…
    but minho and sulli have to learn hiw to act.. #sorry… but they act really bad in this drama…

  441. 441 : ruby Says:

    luv this drama and minsul couple

  442. 442 : A Simple Though About Korean Fever « my30uplife Says:

    […] the fun ^^. Start by listen their music (click here to listen) and watched their awesome dramas (click here to find the drama you want), then join one of the forum (click here to join), and I’ll sure you’ll end up being infected […]

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    i really loved this drama, now it’s one of my favorites, does anybody know something which is similar to that drama?

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    absolutely love this drama…a must seen movie…
    keep up the good work….
    hwaiting minho and sulli!!!!!!!

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    .i love kang tae joon.,.keep spirit.,.fighting!!!
    i’m agree about kang tae joon with goo jae hee..

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  447. 447 : Emily Dnghf Says:

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    cute drama. for the teens and young at heart 🙂

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    im so excited to watch it :DD on monday

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    Cha Eun Kyul is so funny….. 😀

  454. 454 : simona Says:


  455. 455 : NINA Says:


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  457. 457 : suni Says:


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    love u kang tae joon ^,^

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    Kyaaaah! TTBY is a good drama. I love watching this one! It is full of comedy and romance. Each actors and actresses are so cute! Daebaaakk! XDD Anyways I suggest Filipinos to watch this drama :))

    Kang Tae Joon <3 Goo Jae Hee! Fighting :)) -From: Philippines

  460. 460 : Queen Rose Says:

    I hope this drama would be loved by Filipinos. Yeaaahh! So excited to watch it on ABS CBN. :)))
    #1 Recommended drama to be watched here in Philippines :DD
    I assure you. It’s not boring. Love it! <333

  461. 461 : TaeHee couple Says:

    Chowahae! XDD I really love this drama…
    Sana pumatok to sa mga Pilipino.. Yeah men! Hahaha
    I would not be surprised if this would hit #1 rating in Philippines :))
    So excited for this to be aired on Apr. 15 in Abs Cbn
    Saranghae! 🙂

  462. 462 : Miracle Says:

    “Miracle is another word for hardwork”-Kang Tae Joon & Goo Jae Hee
    I like this quote 🙂 Saranghae To The Beautiful You! Good SBS Company to air this drama XDD

  463. 463 : lizmary Says:

    This drama is recommended to watch..much better than Hana Kimi

  464. 464 : anju Says:

    ….SBS drama always available in market right after the boarcasting ends….but this drama still not in market in nepal….why???

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    MinSul Forever! :))

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    i love the movie i really really like it

  470. 470 : mae Says:

    i hope i can have a cd of it

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    …i really like this drama it the best version than the original one the characters are very good…i hope that it will also have a Philippine version…=)

  472. 472 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Woohooo ! I really love this drama.
    Oh my gosh, Min Ho is sooo handsome. :”>

    I watched Idol Star Olympics and I really idolize him because he’s not only good in the showbiz industry but he’s also a role model when it comes to sports.

    Hope to see ya ! :)))
    Fighting !

  473. 473 : PrincessErvite Says:

    I love Choi Seol Ri Im Her No. 0 Fans Kyaahhh !! :))

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  475. 475 : II- Browning Says:

    this beautiful kdrama makes my day completely! cause it always makes me laugh and fall in love with lee hyun woo! he is so cute =D hope to see you someday !!

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    i like this drama so nice

  477. 477 : WooJung :) Says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL story.
    Lee Min Ho is very handsome. 🙂

  478. 478 : WooJung :) Says:

    I’m sorry !
    It supposed to be CHOI MIN HO 🙂

  479. 479 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Just finished watching this drama last9 ;)) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ big thump Up ;D

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    Hi i like to the beautiful this number 1
    i like sulli F(x)
    and Minho SHINEE
    very very

  481. 481 : dara Says:

    this drama is veryyyyy niceeeee!!!!!!!
    i like it very much….:-)

  482. 482 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Pleas excuse me~ did anyone know where can I watch the Special Episode of To the beautiful You ??? Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk in advance 😀 I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wanaaaaaaaaaaaa watch his drama ;(( I can’t find in any web ;////////

  483. 483 : sheila Says:

    this drama is so romantic and so funny,i like lee hyun woo,sulli f(x) and minho of shinee …. 🙂 <3

  484. 484 : christelle Says:

    DRAMAFEVER.COM connect mo sa facebook mo pra makanood ka 🙂

  485. 485 : Ana Rose Says:

    The new korean drama is so cute ,romantic,funny,and kilg much at kaabang abang pa i likt it so much.:D

  486. 486 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Soooo sweet!
    I really love this Kdrama!

  487. 487 : rhogelyn lhocton Says:

    nakakakakacute clang dlawa ni minho and

  488. 488 : hyunri Says:

    yeah yaeh yeah!!
    lee hyun woo is better than choi min ho
    <3 anneyeonghaseyo fighting!!!

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    sarang imnida to the beautiful you!! kekeke :>

  490. 490 : jenefer peroso Says:

    this is my favorite show i really love the all cast!!

  491. 491 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    OMG! I already finished this Kdrama.
    I cried when I watched the final episode.
    Minho and Sulli, best couple!
    Can’t wait to see you. 🙂
    SHINee and F(X).

  492. 492 : ako si puto bunsotil Says:

    love this drama…even i already watch hana kimi Taiwanese version and Japanese version…love the cast.

  493. 493 : dankrose Says:

    i hope sulli and min ho will be a real couple in a real life not just brother and sister … cute couple minsul ^^

  494. 494 : jewel yzavel Says:

    jae hee and tae joon are very cute couple i hope they will have another romantic k-drama.

  495. 495 : Maria phil Says:

    like! kaso kelangan pa ng konting polishing ng acting ang mga actors 🙂

  496. 496 : Cara Says:

    @christelle diba hanggang episode 5 lang pwede mapanuod sa DRAMA FEVER?

  497. 497 : khate Says:

    anq cute nii PAUL JOHN ahehhehe 🙂

  498. 498 : khate Says:

    iLove you paul john ^_^

  499. 499 : grungy Says:

    we want another as same couple in serial!!!!!!!!!

  500. 500 : danial_dany Says:

    Awesome drama….Sulli -Minho cool and beautiful couple♡

  501. 501 : glenda mae mier Says:

    you ,,xo cute lee hyun hwo

  502. 502 : agneschoi Says:

    best drama ever, for me 😉 why? ’cause i’m a SM stan. i love all the cast. esp Minho opaa ❤ (yes, I’m a Shawol~~~`)
    i don’t care about the rating. it’s okay~ i really anjoying this drama. it really suits for teenagers. actually, since i’m still young (17 yo) i need more school / teenage drama like this, School 2013, God of Study, Dream High 1 &2, Playful Kiss, etc. beside the cast was young, you could get refresh your eyes kkkk :p

  503. 503 : Roro Says:

    OMG..Min Ho is sooooo handsome !!!So different with other actors…his eyes, his bodyshape, his glance…everything…
    I’m sure he will be the next hallyu star…he have the talent..and the good looking apprearance…

  504. 504 : analuna Says:

    Its my first time to watch korean drama & i see that they have a good quality for the story & the cast of this drama series everyday even im busy to my work i didnt failed to watch …..congratulations to all the staff & artist of this beautiful story of To the Beautiful You….keep always the good work wish you all the luck for the good rate …..your avid fan of philippines analuna…..

  505. 505 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    As a fan of Choi Minho, I’m really glad that they gave this opportunity to him. Eventhough he does not talk a lot and is a shy-type of person, for me, he is the perfect man that every woman should aim for.
    I really like the drama. Hope you give more projects to Minho 🙂

  506. 506 : ruth Says:

    lee hyun woo oppa is so cute and i like his role in this movie as a cha eun gyeol and also choi sulli i like there love team, hope that they had another opportunity to make another more projects together 🙂

  507. 507 : andrea ross aldamar Says:

    i love these ever im just 15 but i like these story and i like all of you promise thanks 🙂

  508. 508 : sheryl Says:

    ka sad naman last one week nlang .ka sad din dahil di ko naman napapanood simula nung may pasok.pang hapon kasi ako pwede bang e extend.

  509. 509 : sheryl Says:

    capital KAKAKILIG yung tambalang jc and paul john grabe kayo na….!

  510. 510 : sheryl Says:

    i love you to the beautiful you fans nyo ko ni choi sulli at choi minho.

  511. 511 : Unknown Says:

    Its really a nice drama i hope to have a season 2 for to the beautiful you 🙂

  512. 512 : Unknown Says:

    lee hyun woo damn cute!after he change his hairstyle he cute and handsome!:P

  513. 513 : Aryani Says:

    It is such a boring drama. The main casts in the drama don’t have good quality in acting.
    if you have watched the original, you will think twice this drama is good.
    Hanazakari No Kimitachi e japan version.

  514. 514 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Huhuhu! There will be no To The Beautiful You next week.
    It ended a minute ago. I’ll miss Minho oppa! 🙂

  515. 515 : Zoey Lou Says:

    I wish To The Beautiful You has a DVD… and if they got I will buy it now.
    I’m really a fan of Sulli and Min Ho and also Hyun-Woo
    Korean novelas are beautiful, their story is unique, awesome and most of all if you watch Korean Novelas it will stuck on your mind and you will not forget it.

  516. 516 : dinaz Says:

    Nice fun drama to watch..loved lee hyun woo.he is so cute..if i were goo jae hee i would fall for cha eun gyeol..hehe!
    but they should have shown about min hyeon jae too..could he complete the jump and overcome his poverty by getting any contract..the guy playing seung ri his smile is so wonderful..when he smiles his eyes get small and cute..really a delight to see him smile 🙂
    sulli is cute and chubby..

  517. 517 : [email protected] Says:

    hi choi men ho saranghae pauljohn……choi sulli saranghae……..sana paul john makita kita sa totoo lamang at si jc…..idol talaga kayo…

  518. 518 : saraneo Says:

    i love actors!drama the best!

  519. 519 : looveyable Says:

    I watch both the japan & taiwanese version. Sorry, but the taiwanese version still the best with all the chemistry between lead actor/actress and co actor. Even Japan cast acknowledge taiwan version is much much better.

  520. 520 : looveyable Says:

    It was b’coz of the taiwan version (Wu Chun & Ella) went crazy international, korea wants to have korean version. It’s ok, just not as lively and funny compare to taiwan version. Japan versiion on the other hand i find it a bit stuffy 🙂 Hope i not offend anyone.

  521. 521 : Zeez Says:

    I prefer this than the Taiwan version… This one has better ending.. 🙂

  522. 522 : 에밀리 Says:

    It was a great drama … I wonder if Cha Eun Kyul know that Goo Jae Hee is a girl …. I thought he was a gay how does I think like that .. Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee was a perfect Couple …. I like when they stick together … and Cha Eun Kyul has a cute smile … he”s adorable .. Last .. I’m your fan Min Ho !

  523. 523 : l Says:

    Minho’s glances just make my heart skip a bit. he is just so perfect. I hope there is a season 2 for this since I’m too obsessed.

  524. 524 : meena Says:

    Its really superb,… amazing ,..

  525. 525 : May Says:

    Hello, dear SHINee’s Minho fans, please support SHINee performance in 2013 Korea Music Wave Singapore @ 16 November 2013, shows your great support to them. Thanks

  526. 526 : anzu Says:

    Lee hyun woo was like a kid in god of study after watching this he is not kid anymore and now he is so cute…………………..every cast are perfect i n this drama……………………all the version of hana kimi are perfect in my opinion…………..from this drama i am new fan of choi min ho…..

  527. 527 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I miss this drama! Can’t forget the cast ’til now! 😀

  528. 528 : viktori Says:


  529. 529 : OK OK OK Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama. 🙂

  530. 530 : johanna Says:

    I love “To The Beautiful You” always. I watched it 3 times already. The story is so nice & the casts are all cute. U will enjoy watching it.

  531. 531 : Shinee Angel Says:

    ‘ToThe Beautiful You’ my bst korean drama, i av watch it so many times but cudn’t get ovr it…its so good…and after watchin this Minho became ma bias n a shawol……til nw i watch this drama in ma leisure times….. Saranghae Minho oppa, fighting!!

  532. 532 : A Ting Says:

    I like this drama so much. I thinks it’s so sweet.

  533. 533 : Ehsanul Kabir Says:

    I got the good drama “To The Beautiful You” with some serial, but there are some missing, So How can I get that missing serial copies from ‘e6p3 to e9p4’. Please inform me!!!!!!!!!!

  534. 534 : hannah danao Says:


  535. 535 : vivian Says:

    So nice……! its amazing story ♥♥♥

  536. 536 : ag lasith Says:

    It is Really Beautiful Drama…
    I Like to Thanks Kang Tae-joon
    Goo Jae-hee
    Cha Eun-gyeol
    And other characters.

    But I have miss 15,16,17 episodes.please give notice about it.

  537. 537 : kaushi melinda Says:

    This drama surely the same of “You Are Beautiful” korean drama.This is so fun and a lovable story.I luv this 4ever.Thx 2 choi min ho v.v much.actually u r so cute as a sugar baby ‘n so talented.BRAVO!

  538. 538 : kaushi melinda Says:

    this drama is surely the same of “you are beautiful” drama.I luv this so much.this is so fun ‘n a lovable story.well….thx 2 choi min ho.u r actually so cute as a sugar baby ‘n talented.BRAVO!

  539. 539 : maknaee Says:

    Kang Tae-joon xD

  540. 540 : yvonney021101 Says:

    choi seol ri she looks beautiful

    i love f(x) sulli

  541. 541 : priya Says:

    I love it and it was too good and nice to watch it again and again

  542. 542 : 서중 Says:

    설리 언니 사랑한다!!!♡♡♡♡

  543. 543 : milajaymiao Says:

    i think im going crazy

  544. 544 : haziqah M hazirah S Says:

    saya suka minho dan sulli . drama sangat best

  545. 545 : Heer chatomba(HR) Says:

    I love it and it was too good and nice to watch it again and again………………………………………………………………………………..love you all………………kang tae joon……………………………

  546. 546 : praveena JL Says:

    very nice drama .It isvery lovable n inspiring n cute story .Min ho was appeared as cute little Hero ………… Choi seol Ri also acted well as a boy . Lee Hyun Woo also did very cute acting . Superb…………… To the beautiful you . Really I loved it ,n I want to see it ample of times than any other.

  547. 547 : praveena JL Says:

    very nice drama .It isvery lovable n inspiring n cute story .Min ho was appeared as cute little Hero ………… Choi seol Ri also acted well as a boy . Lee Hyun Woo also did very cute acting . Superb…………… To the beautiful you . Really I loved it ,n I want to see it ample of times than any other…………….

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    which i can see this drama ?

  549. 549 : qoyen Says:

    please , can anybody reply. sorry about my english

  550. 550 : qoyen Says:

    why i can t see this drama ???

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    is everybody what samsung mobile phone that cha eunkyul use when he take a picture of goo jaehee wearing dress when she join the competition?

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    Where can I download korean movie…..which site can I download korean series and drama from

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    why episode 1,2,3 is not playable?
    i want to watch the full episode of this movie because its beautiful.

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    I absolutely love this kdrama. It’s funny and romantic

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