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Time Between Dog and Wolf


Title: 개와 늑대의 시간 / Time Between Dog and Wolf
Chinese title : 狗和狼的时间
Genre: Action, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-July-18 to 2007-Sep-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


After his mother is brutally murdered in front of him by the Thai criminal syndicate Cheongbang, Lee Soo Hyun (Lee Joon Ki) is adopted into NIS agent Kang Jung Ho’s family. Together with Kang Min Gi (Jung Kyung Ho), Jung Ho’s son, Soo Hyun becomes an NIS agent. When Soo Hyun met Suh Ji Woo ( Nam Sang Mi) they were about twelve years old and has another fateful encounter with her 13 years later. Together they had promises for the future.

One day, Soo Hyun leaves for an operation dealing with the Cheongbang, only to return in failure because of the resurfacing terrible childhood memories of when he was in Thailand. The chief of NIS agents, Jeong, proposes to the distraught Soo Hyun to infiltrate the Cheongbang. Through Chief Jeong’s proposition, Soo Hyun becomes an undercover NIS agent after staging his death. Hiding his past, Soo Hyun infiltrates the Cheongbang with revenge in mind, leaving Ji Woo behind. Under the pseudo-name of Kay, he passes through the backstreets of Bangkok. What Soo Hyun didn’t know was Ji Woo is the daughter of the same villain, who killed his mother and father.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Lee Soo Hyun / Kay
Park Gun Tae as young Soo Hyun
Nam Sang Mi as Soo Ji Woo
Jung Min Ah as Ji Woo (young)
Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ki


Lee Ki Young as Kang Joong Ho (Min Ki’s father)
Kim Gab Soo as Jung Hak Soo
Jung Kyung Soon as Team Leader Oh
Sung Ji Roo as Byun Dong Suk
Park Hye Won as Go Myeong Jae
Suh Dong Won as Choi Il Do
Park Hyuk Kwon as Team leader
Moon Jae Won as NIS agent

Cheong Bang

Choi Jae Sung as Mao Liwarat
Choi Ji Ho as Giraffe
Cha Soo Yun as Sya Oh Ming (Mao’s mistress)
Park Hyo Joon as Ah Hwa
Lee Do Ryun (이도련) as Sir Jang

Geomi / Spider Clan

Jung Ho Bin as President Chun
Lee Tae Sung as Bae Sang Shik


Lee Mi Young as Myung Ae (Min Ki’s mother)
Jung Sung Mo as Seo Young Kil (Ji Woo’s step father)
Kim Jung Nan as Yoo Kyung Hwa (Soo Hyun’s mother)
Hong Choong Min (홍충민) as Ji Woo’s mother
Park Sun Woo as Ji Woo’s Secretary
Lee So Won (이소원)
Park Jae Woong (박재웅)
Choi Jin Ho
Lee Il Jae

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jin Min
Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon, Yoo Young Jae
Chief Producer: Kim Sa Hyun
Producer: Kim Jin Min

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-07-18 1 10.8 (9th) 11.7 (9th)
2007-07-19 2 10.9 (10th) 12.0 (9th)
2007-07-25 3 13.7 (7th) 14.3 (6th)
2007-07-26 4 15.1 (6th) 16.2 (5th)
2007-08-01 5 13.0 (6th) 14.1 (7th)
2007-08-02 6 14.1 (5th) 15.3 (3rd)
2007-08-08 7 17.1 (3rd) 18.4 (2nd)
2007-08-09 8 17.1 (4th) 18.6 (2nd)
2007-08-15 9 18.0 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd)
2007-08-16 10 16.7 (3rd) 17.0 (3rd)
2007-08-22 11 15.6 (7th) 16.6 (7th)
2007-08-23 12 15.8 (6th) 16.8 (5th)
2007-08-29 13 15.5 (6th) 16.3 (6th)
2007-08-30 14 16.3 (6th) 16.7 (6th)
2007-09-05 15 16.6 (6th) 17.4 (6th)
2007-09-06 16 16.7 (6th) 17.3 (5th)

Source : TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : Sophie Says:

    I wait so long time for this drama. Finally, it’s on air now.

  2. 2 : joey Says:

    testing timestamp

  3. 3 : elijah Says:

    love nam sang mi so much and finally she’s back..hope that this wont dissapoint me

  4. 4 : raspberry Says:

    aw…. i’m so gonna watch this..lee joongi is here…

  5. 5 : .x.ica.x. Says:

    omg!!!.. lee joon ki is the hero in this drama!!.. i am really excited to watch this!!.. really excited..!! wooohhoooo!!..

  6. 6 : pinklover Says:

    lee jun ki! love his masculine look in this drma…looking forward to it..

  7. 7 : Jkesther Says:

    When will Time Between Dog And Wolf drama DVD be release in S’pore? I reali await DVD arrival long x oredi. Please let me know by email [email protected]. Thanks

  8. 8 : Miami Says:


    It started on Jul-18, and if it has 22 episodes, it’ll finish the end of September.
    Then I guess it’ll be probably released around after 6 months.

    “Time Between Dog and Wolf” meaning…
    In French, dusk can be described as “entre chien et loup”, which means “between dog and wolf” – the hour of the day when one cannot distinguish a dog from a wolf. (from http://squirmelia.livejournal.com/169494.html)

    In the Story,
    Nam Sang Mi (as Seo Ji Woo)’s father killed Lee Joon Ki (as Lee Soo Hyun)’s mother in front of Lee Joon Ki when he was a little boy.
    They meet again, and they don’t about the tragic truth yet.

    Most viewers say that Lee Joon Ki’s acting is much better than last his K-drama (My Girl). I agree with then.

    Lee Joon Ki (as Lee Soo Hyun) is little bit cold, but so cool & handsome.
    Nam Sang Mi (as Seo Ji Woo) is so cute and pretty.
    Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ki is also cute & cool.

    Besides, This K-drama shows many beautiful places in Thailand.
    The 1st episode is about the childhood of Nam Sang Mi (as Seo Ji Woo) and Lee Joon Ki (as Lee Soo Hyun) in Thailand.

    The genre is Action & Romance.
    You’ll see Lee Joon Ki’s actions, and there is, of course, a three-cornered love relation that Ji Woo loves Soo Hyun, but he just likes her as a friend, Jung Kyung Ho (as Kang Min Ki) loves Ji Woo. Well, this relationship will change soon. I guess Soo Hyun loves her, too.

    On coming Wednesday, 5th episode will be aired. I cannot wait to watch it!

    p.s. Oh, so far, This K-drama’s most locations are 인천국제공항 [ Incheon International Airport, 仁川國際空港 ], and this place is the same locations of another K-drama “Air City”

    (May 14th, 2007 Posted in All, Year 2007)

    Have a nice day!

  9. 9 : eli cates_pink lover Says:

    hie…….woww…. …..lee jun ki! what a nice pose……..and cute…… i’m so excited to watch this…………what amazing masculine body…..awsome…….!!!!!!!!!luv yah….=)

  10. 10 : maria nadine xynell Says:

    my goodness!!!i like it!!it’s amazing!!i really love lee jun-gi…. i miss that cross sign earings he wears in my girl…hope he’ll wear it in the next episodes!!’am gonna watch every episodes of it……i’ll be waiting for the dvd to be released!!!!!!!!mwaaaHHH..sa-rang-ae!!!

  11. 11 : 6 Says:

    cool drama..

  12. 12 : bum Says:

    wow!!!!! a very cool drama.exciting drama.lee joon ki is so cool.nam sang mi is so wonderful,sexy,and charming.ireally like the drama

  13. 13 : raspberry Says:

    im so watching it..

  14. 14 : Miami Says:


    Korea has many soap-operas on air now, and each soap opera shows on Monday & Tuesday; on Wednesday & Thursday; on Friday; and on Saturday & Sunday.

    ‘Coffee Prince’ is the top soap-opera of Korea’s audience rating ONLY on Monday and Tuesday.

    The top K-drama on Wednesday & Thursday is ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf.’

    — ‘As Much as Heaven and Earth’
    — Air time: Mondays to Fridays
    — Target: more than 30 yrs old women

    –”Dae Jo Young” — not in list of koreandrama.org
    — Air time: Saturdays & Sundays
    — Target: more than 30 yrs old men
    — Korean ancient history about ‘Bal-Hae’
    — Dae Jo-yeong who established the state of Bal-Hae, reigning from 699 to 719.

    — ‘Coffee Prince’
    — Air time: Mondays to Tuesdays

    — ‘Golden Bride’
    — Air time: Saturdays & Sundays

    – ‘Golden Era of Daughter in Law’
    — Air time: Saturdays and Sundays

    — ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf.’
    — Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays

    — ‘How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor’
    — Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays

    — ‘Catch A Kang Nam Mother’
    — Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays

    — ‘Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung’
    — Air time: Saturdays and Sundays

    Source from http://www.tnsmk.com

  15. 15 : admin Says:

    we have add Dae Jo Yeong in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=319. Thanks again for inform us.

  16. 16 : Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I love Lee Jun-ki….He cut his hair…Short and Long…both look great on him…Love him~He’s so cute…I’m fainting.

  17. 17 : Miami Says:

    Ep 7 shows a reversal of the situation!!

    If you watched ep1, you’d know the first scene that Soo-Hyun had drowned in the sea.

    Lee Soo-Hyun lost his memory because of the accident at the peir!!!
    He doesn’t remember anything!

    So now he is born again as a cold blood ganster.

    There will be the face-to-face match between Kang Min-Ki and Lee Soo-Hyun.

    Min-Ki wants to catch Kei (the Soo-Hyun’s new name to be a gang member.)
    Meanwhile, Kei (Soo-Hyun) becomes 2nd position in the gang organization like a son of Mao who is his lover, Ji-Woo’s father & killed his mother.

    ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’ is getting more & more interesting.

  18. 18 : skyerika92 Says:

    Hey, I’M SO IN LOVE WITH JUN KI>>> actually I have a forum… I made it for him…



    Check it out sometimes…

  19. 19 : lirna Says:

    yak! i dun like lee jun ki anymore??!! He is not like a real man..huhu!

  20. 20 : lirna Says:

    Yak! I dun like Lee Jun Ki anymore…yak! so ugly..huhu..like not real man…

  21. 21 : wallpaper Says:


  22. 22 : JCS Says:

    When will the dvd be released in S’pore? cant wait :>

  23. 23 : haemii Says:

    Lirna, stop being jealous cause Junki’s prettier than you. I’m waiting for episode 13 next week, I recommend this drama to everyone, its so good.

  24. 24 : Lily Says:

    I know, I still waiting on EP.13. If anyone want to watch this, you can goes to VEOH.COM, CRUNCHYROLL.COM, or YOUTUBE.COM to watch it. They have it in Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and English subtitles. Of course the audio are in Korean. =P

  25. 25 : jenn Says:

    will there really be 22 episodes?
    i hope so… but then when ive checked it says there’ll only be 16 =/ which sounds more reasonable… but i hope not >

  26. 26 : admin Says:

    jenn, it’s only 16 episode. there is our mistake.

  27. 27 : figuramalaya Says:

    the title in korean is what ??

  28. 28 : ivy Says:

    korea title : 개와 늑대의 시간

  29. 29 : raspberry Says:

    the episode9-12 was pissing me off… how can he got amnesia and kill ari’s father..grrrrrrrrrrrrr..!!! im so hating this..but i still hope the next few episode will save the ending of the drama..i hope him and ari’ will end up together..oh plzzz…don’t make me disappointed.. lee joon ki is my all time favorite…

  30. 30 : ella Says:

    can anyone explain to me what happened in the end.

    it was confusing,does he end up with her? and he didnt forget

    his memory again right?

    anyways lee joon ki is hott,but with long hair he looks gross.

  31. 31 : HannyBae Says:

    This drama seem diffrent from others korean drama. I think it’ll be interesting to watch.
    I saw Lee Joon Ki in The King and The Clown, he’s good.
    I also think this drama can change Joon Ki’s image from “beautiful” man to macho man.
    Good for U, Joon Ki!

  32. 32 : FathSha Says:

    A very interesting drama!!!!
    Love the story and of course! I love lee joon ki’s acting soo much!!

    And for Ella, he will remember everything. .. But you will make your own story about soo hyun and ji woo… They’ll meet each other in our story **^^**

  33. 33 : Dann C Says:

    I have only watched 5 th episode and it is so interesting and believable but I am sincerely hoping that it does not have a ending that leaves the viewr up in the air ,where you have to make your mind up-which happens a lot in Kdramas and you think you wasted all these hours of a show without a proper ending eg: Witch amusement , I would have gave it 4 out of 5 but because of ending 2 /5 -but this drama “Time Between Dog and Wolf ” really rocks. The three leads are so suitable in the parts they play .

  34. 34 : jl55 Says:

    i ♥ this drama!! i wouldn’t mind watching this again.
    great story line =]

  35. 35 : tes Says:

    My love for Li Joon Ki is even more after watching this drama. He is so gorgeous. He can act too. I liked the chemistry of all the main characters. The ending however is so…so…I didn’t care for it that much. But loved Li Joon Ki in this drama.

  36. 36 : joyce18 Says:

    Such a strange wonderful twist of story huh!!!! I was really glued with it!!! Lee Joon Ki was GREAT!!!! Don’t miss it!!!

  37. 37 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Happy or sad ending??????? Can someone tell me?

  38. 38 : cambria Says:

    Very good action thriller carried out by three young, good-looking and talented actors and actress.

    The plot is twisted but still believable. Very pleasant scenes shot in Bangkok.

    Worth watching series, I really enjoyed it.

  39. 39 : lucy Says:

    it’s already on veoh.com. the drama is so so good!! i love lee junki..

  40. 40 : kdramafanatic Says:

    for those interested in watching this drama, here’s an episode summary of the first episode taken from http://www.mykofan.com:

    The drama begins with a thrilling car chase in which a young man tries to run away from 4 cars that are chasing after him. This young man is NIS agent, Lee Soo-Hyun. Next to Soo-Hyun in the passenger seat is an attractive young female who sits in fear with beads of sweat rolling down her face. This young lady is an art director named Suh Ji-Woo.

    As the intensity of the car chase increases, Soo-Hyun pulls into a hidden alley and yells at Ji-Woo to get out of the car. When she exits the car, he pulls out of the alley and directs the criminals away from Ji-Woo, who walks off in the other direction. A well-dressed man driving an SUV sees Ji-Woo and pulls over to the side of the road. This man is NIS agent Kang Min-Ki. Min-Ki makes his way towards Ji-Woo and she collapses on her shoulder as she mutters Soo-Hyun’s name. A troubled look comes across Min-Ki’s face and he quickly grabs his phone.

    Meanwhile, Soo-Hyun’s car becomes riddled with bullet holes as the criminals shoot at his car. He tries to fire back only to get shot in the face. He tries to maintain his senses but ends up collapsing and swerving off the side of the road into the Han River. He somehow manages to escape out of his car and begins falling towards the bottom of the river as blood continues to gush from his head. As an elephant doll from his car floats past him, he suddenly opens his eyes and weakly gestures to grab it. It floats past him and makes its way to the surface as Soo-Hyun continues his descent downwards. As he watches the elephant doll reaching the surface, he continues to have his arms extended towards it…

    The scene rewinds to Soo-Hyun’s childhood in Thailand. He rides a bus with his friends when a fellow girl classmate suddenly gets on the bus. Although he is only a boy, he becomes mesmerized by her beauty. As the bus takes off, the girl almost trips and Soo-Hyun ends up grabbing her arm and preventing her fall. The girl sits across from him on the bus and he begins whistling the Korean national anthem. As the girl looks at him and smiles, their private moment together is interrupted by a fight that breaks out between her friends and his friends. They quickly get off the bus and as Soo-Hyun watches the bus take off, he stares intently at the girl. The girl stares back at him through the bus window. His friends pull out the girl’s wallet and Soo-Hyun takes it from them and is surprised to see that the girl is Korean. The girl’s name is “Ah-Lee”. Later that day, Soo-Hyun attends the Buddhist temple with his mom to pay respects to his dead father.

    Later that evening, a middle-aged man is working near the dock watches some gang members throw a dead body into the back of a truck. The mob leader catches him staring at him and the man quickly bows his head to respect him. The man goes to Ah-Lee’s mother’s house for an intimate date. As the man and woman begin cuddling, Ah-Lee suddenly comes down the stairs and interrupts the moment. She tells her mom she’s hungry and then asks, “When’s dad coming back from his business trip?”

    The next day, Soo-Hyun goes to Ah-Lee’s school to return the wallet. When the security guard notices he is from a different school, he tries to push him away. Soo-Hyun fights back telling him, “I came here to meet my friend!” As he continues to struggle, he drops Ah-Lee’s wallet and the security guard quickly grabs it as he becomes even more suspicious of him. Right at this moment, Ah-Lee appears and tells the security guard, “Let him go! He’s my friend!”

    Later that afternoon, Soo-Hyun’s mom meets with a man for lunch. They engage in an intense conversation involving some gang members. The man ends the conversation by asking Soo-Hyun’s mom if she’s interested in meeting a witness who can help bring some criminals to justice. Meanwhile, a mysterious blonde-haired man kills someone inside a house. He calmly steps out of the house, gets in a car and takes off.

    Later that day, Soo-Hyun and Ah-Lee are at a Buddhist Temple enjoying the city view and windy breeze. At the same time, Soo-Hyun meets with the middle-aged man and the man she had lunch with to discuss how to proceed with their criminal investigation. Little do they know, their taxi driver sits in his car listening and recording the whole conversation. When the three of them can’t come to a decision on how to proceed, the meeting dissembles.

    The next day, Soo-Hyun and Ah-Lee enjoy a fun-filled day outside. As Soo-Hyun and Ah-Lee are walking together on the road, a black car suddenly pulls over and the blonde-haired killer from the night before steps out and says, “Ah-Lee!” Ah-Lee responds by screaming, “Dad!” and happily running towards him. As it turns out, the killer is Ah-Lee’s dad! Ah-Lee introduces Soo-Hyun to her dad and he comes up to him and teaches him how to do a proper handshake. Ah-Lee’s dad carries Ah-Lee on his shoulders and walks into his house. When he sees his wife sitting together with the middle-aged man his face expression quickly darkens. His wife suggests they all go on vacation together and Ah-Lee’s father quickly rejects the idea. He sits down on the chair and Ah-Lee begins massaging his shoulders. As the middle-aged man gets up to leave, Ah-Lee’s mom walks in carrying a glass of water for her husband. She notices a dragon tattoo and blood on her husband’s forearm and drops the glass with a shocked expression.

    Later that evening, Soo-Hyun practices the handshake that Ah-Lee’s father taught him with the house maid. His mother watches him doing it and tells him never to do it again: “That’s a gangster’s handshake!” Later that night, Soo-Hyun’s mom returns home drunk to find Soo-Hyun waiting for her on the outside swing. She sits next to him on the swing and breaks down and cries as she tells him how sorry she is for being a bad mother.

    The next day, Ah-Lee’s father meets with the main mob leader who reminds him how important his next mission is. Later that evening, the middle-aged man has dinner with Ah-Lee’s family when Ah-Lee’s father suddenly slams his fist on the table and angrily tells them, “End your affair tonight or else I’ll end both of your lives.” To his surprise, his wife responds by telling him, “Then I’d rather die! I hate living with you now!” As Ah-Lee’s father raises his hand to slap his wife, the middle-aged man intervenes and ends up getting punched. When Ah-Lee’s father raises a bottle of wine to hit the man, his wife steps in front of him to stop him. Right at this moment, Ah-Lee returns from the bathroom and stares in shock at her dad.

    The next day, the middle-aged man decides to help Soo-Hyun’s mom and her associate with the investigation. He secretly meets with them on a boat and discusses how they plan to capture Ah-Lee’s dad. After the meeting, the middle-aged man calls Ah-Lee’s mom to tell her to hurry and grab her things to leave the country with him. She hangs up the phone and helps Ah-Lee pack her belongings. She tells Ah-Lee that she’s leaving her father because she can’t bear to live with him anymore. As Ah-Lee begins to pack her bags, Soo-Hyun suddenly appears at her back door and knocks. They run-off to the Buddhist temple together and Ah-Lee tells Soo-Hyun that she’s leaving. They say a final prayer together in front of Buddha and then get up to leave. Soo-Hyun hands Ah-Lee a wooden elephant that he made for her. Ah-Lee responds by planting a kiss on his cheek and then walking off.

    Meanwhile, Soo-Hyun’s mom leads a whole squad of police men on 3 boats to intersect a drug deal that is going down on another boat. They arrive to the scene of the deal and storm onto the boat. They surround the gangsters and they desperately begin jumping off the ship. Although they are able to capture a few of the gangsters, the gangsters are able to dispose of the drug evidence before they are able to get to it. Across the ocean on another boat, the middle-aged man takes off with Ah-Lee and Ah-Lee’s mom.

    Later that evening, Soo-Hyun’s mom is happily having dinner with Soo-Hyun to celebrate the drug bust. She hands Soo-Hyun a box containing his father’s watch. His mom accidentally drops the watch and Soo-Hyun bends down to get it. Right at this moment, a man with a mask on walks in carrying a food dish. Soo-Hyun’s mom stares at him and makes the realization that something is very suspicious about the man. Soo-Hyun gets up from the ground and watches in horror as the man pulls out a gun and shoots his mom in the stomach twice. She dies instantly. The mysterious man then points the gun at a crying and terrified Soo-Hyun but decides to walk off without shooting him. He exits the room and walks back into the crowd. The man takes off the mask to reveal the face of Ah-Lee’s father…Later that evening, the man who assisted Soo-Hyun’s mom with the drug bust finds Soo-Hyun sleeping at the Buddhist temple clutching his father’s watch with a picture of his parents in front of him. The man carries Soo-Hyun away.

    The next morning, a young boy named Min-Ki runs into his house looking for his dad. He peers into one of the rooms to see Soo-Hyun standing there. He goes up to him and rudely asks him, “What are you doing here?”

    The website has more episode recaps as well as videos with English subtitles and awesome photos. Hope this helps 🙂

  41. 41 : almari Says:

    does lee jun ki have a tattoo?

  42. 42 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    As romantic comedy freak I wasn’t so sure I’d like this drama, however, it’s terrific. Produced really well, feels often like a movie. Acting is good, love Nam Sang Mi, she’s adorable. Jung Kyung Ho is a really nice surprise, I like the way he plays Kang Min Ki, great facial expressions. I enjoy Lee Joon Ki as a bad boy rather than a good guy.

    Well done, absolutely worth the time!

  43. 43 : Tina Says:

    I absolutely loved this show. At first, I started watching it just for Jun Ki, but after maybe the third episode, I realized that there was really something to the story.

    Acting was SUPERB. I mean, I always knew Jun Ki was a great actor, but this really hit the spot. My mother cried twice. I cried six times.

    Haha. But, seriously. You won’t waste your time watching this drama. It’s the height of awesome.

  44. 44 : mamoe Says:

    i don’t like Lee Jun Ki in the drama MY Girl but…in this drama i like
    Jun ki’sstyle and his smile. he is too handsome in this drama.
    Nam sun mi is a little bit fat and Kyung ho is also handsome .i like him in this drama more than the drama I’m sorry i love you.

  45. 45 : hhs Says:

    Not a bad one.. .. Mr Lee Jun Ki’s acting was somehow different from ‘My Girl’ . . The characters are totally different. . Not so much of a love story but it’s worth watching… I’ve recommended to friends, and the feedback from them was GOOD.

  46. 46 : mem Says:

    i really love this drama. it is worth watching. both the male leads acted very well!! this drama is full of suspense

  47. 47 : nno Says:

    this is a very intresting drama. you wont regret watching it. lee jun ki and jung kyung ho acted so well in the drama. 🙂 the ending isnt that bad

  48. 48 : ooi Says:

    lee jun ki is a shinning star………..

  49. 49 : pipi-* Says:

    is the ending good?

  50. 50 : allison Says:

    omg this is one of the best drama ive watched. i would totally recommend this to anybody 🙂 lee junki is so fine

  51. 51 : Dolly Says:

    Very interesting drama and it’s amazing. I like the story very much. it touched my heart and i love the acting of the main characters. I admire Nam in sweet spy also she’s cute in “the duty” but in this series although she showed simple acting but it turned out to be versatile. Lee Joon Ki showed better acting skills here that the previous K-drama (My Girl). You’re so cute!!! and sexy

    More power to Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sam Mi also other supporting artist. I ranked this 8/10

  52. 52 : Philippa Says:


  53. 53 : Liz Says:

    Excellent !! great cast and acting..Can’t imagine Joon Ki can act that well comparing his role in My Girl. Is there any other drama like this one? I agree the rating of 8/10 as well.

  54. 54 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  55. 55 : koala Says:

    i like dis drama very much..
    but im not very happy wih da ending…
    its da nice drama…
    i ranked this 9/10…aja aja fighting

  56. 56 : KoreanTommy Says:

    Best Korean Drama I ever seen Really hope there is a Season 2\Sequel

    최고의 드라마를 본 적이있습니다.

  57. 57 : icecream^^ Says:

    amazing movie!!! i like the story and also LJK is great actor….. tearjerker…… LOL… i loved the movie….
    i ranked this 9/10……

  58. 58 : wei Says:


  59. 59 : Poohs Says:

    who can tell me what is the ending of this drama?

  60. 60 : Maggie Says:

    Dear all,

    Good story, good slight, good actors, even the main cast or the support cast YOU’RE THE BEST!

    Lee Jung Ki ,Nam Sang Mi, Jung Kyung Ho——fligting

    Maggie From Hong Kong

  61. 61 : krissyang Says:

    Definitely one of the best dramas in 2007! LJK’s acting has improved a lot since My Girl. JKH is very good here too. As for NSM, I prefer her in Sweet Spy & Bad Family. I suppose her role here is a bit of a ‘flower vase’ – non essential but added in to spice up the show… Quite a waste of her comic talent…

  62. 62 : hannah Says:

    A good drama. like it a lot

  63. 63 : LoveJunKi Says:

    One of the best korean drama I’ve seen. Love Junki. Expect IIjimae in May.

  64. 64 : monica Says:

    time between dog n wolf is really a nice show, very exciting

  65. 65 : jangerr Says:

    One of the best shows in 2007!!! Wish there’s a part 2 since the ending is ambiguous…

  66. 66 : drama addict Says:

    Good drama! I wish theres gonna be part 2. Do anybody knows how to reach MBC?

    I’m glad Junki did this drama. It shows his charisma & versatility.

  67. 67 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  68. 68 : Dann C Says:

    My favourite action drama,the cast were great ,ending was very reasonable I got complete satisfaction out of this drama.
    Lee Jun Ki really showed us all what a absolutely great actor he is I was blown away by him as I did not think he could act so well. 🙂

  69. 69 : Goong Ju Says:

    One of my best drama. Storyline was rather unique from other korean dramas that i ever watched. Highly recommanded. LEE JUN KI’s acting was excellent. A total change of image from his previous dramas. Well done! Can’t wait to see LEE JUN KI on his upcoming drama ILJIMAE

  70. 70 : Luv_Bi Says:

    hope to have season 2 as i dun really understand the ending..
    but is a great drama..
    like Lee Joon Ki acting!!!!!!!!!!~

  71. 71 : Cm22 Says:

    Dude! I friggen LOVE IT! ahhhh! Lee Joon Ki is so differnt in here! Mann! They gotta give him more roles like this one! ahaha

  72. 72 : leain Says:

    this story is veryyyyyy surprising…suspen..n to anybody who want to try watch…i suggest this story is goooood to watch.

  73. 73 : leain Rain Says:

    Hai again

    Who like more action, suspend, touching n surprising n all feeling…this suitable to watch. The story line so good…n congrat to the director n all who involve in this drama..
    4 junki fan, here u can see the versatile n more corrector of junki.

    But..i heard the ending story is bad…actually I m just watching till eps 9 n eager to continue another series…n hope not too bad as my friend said…I will share the opinion until I finish watching…. Luv’s junki…

  74. 74 : Alysa Says:

    Storyline is good. Lots of action and the casts are good. Ending is a bit disappointing. Not sure if they got back together or they went their own separate ways, I guess the director wants us to form our own ending.

  75. 75 : panyangbear Says:

    oh.. when i was about to comment on this page, i go speechless. haha! what can i say anyway? this drama is so good, really really good! it was actually the first time i appreciated a Korean drama series with thrill, suspense, and some kind of action. i was totally sweeped off by the lead actors. Both acted so well.

    Lee Jun Ki. i never expected he could act that well. i mean like, i never really noticed him on My Girl because on that drama, he’s more of a “pretty boy” to me but on Time Between Dog and Wolf, WOW.. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! ive never seen him act that way. He showed us what it takes to be a great actor. And he was more masculine there (especially when he wears a fitted shirt, oh so hot! haha).

    The other lead actor, Jung Kyung Ho, whom I first saw on Im Sorry I Love You, well.. i put my hands down on him too! His acting was also good, like i cant take my eyes off him! He was so handsome..and sweet..and funny at times..and i dunno, i just like him! i wish he could do more dramas in the near future.

    About the storyline, it was excellent! First episode, seemed like i dont wanna stop watching at all. And everytime i see President Mao, i can feel my hands stiff and fingertips getting cold. But at last, when it finally got to the end, that Mao whom i hate the most was.. uh-oh! i dont wanna be a spoiler here! if you guys havent watched it, better not waste time. its really worth the watch. i was so preoccupied about it last night that i even dreamt of being an NIS agent! Hahahaha, crazy!! A must-watch drama!

    ..and i’ll be looking forward for Iljimae! i started to like Lee Jun Ki anyway. Nice nose. Nice fingers. Pretty, i mean, HOT! Hehehe.

    “Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst.”

  76. 76 : jasmine.yamay Says:

    Wish there is part 2!!!!!!
    It is the best drama!!!

  77. 77 : panyangbear Says:

    i think (and i really do hope) there’s part 2. i just cant get enough of it! =)

  78. 78 : mirae Says:


  79. 79 : sandy Says:

    well nice drama though. hope to come out part 2 with the same characters. and lee jun ki with the last hair style (he really nice with that)

  80. 80 : mingky Says:

    I really respect Lee Jun Ki after I watched the drama. He did really good at acting. No wonder he won so many awards. Good for him.

  81. 81 : janice Says:

    i have not watch yet. It is Sad story? or Romance + Comedy story? can tell me more abt this story please….

  82. 82 : citi Says:

    This show so needs a sequel…

  83. 83 : Faye Says:

    I have just finished watching this drama. It’s a really nice drama, the story is very exciting and it made you wanted to keep on chasing for the next episode. I must say Lee Jun-Ki really acted so well in this drama, he deserve to win so many awards. I hope there would be part 2 as well, I hope both Lee Jun-Ki and Nam Sang-Mi can be together.

  84. 84 : ljkbigfan Says:

    This drama is the best of 2007!!!!
    For me it was much much more interesting than the Coffee Prince,
    I can not forget Kay untill now.
    Love LJK forever!!!!

  85. 85 : KOreanFan Says:

    this is really good! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to those who are deciding on what show to watch…this is definitely a MUST watch series!
    It’s so exciting and full of suspense…u can’t just stop at one episode…seriously…i was so hooked to this show. It breaks away frm the typical Korean love drama..and the storyline is just superb!

    Lee joon Ki is definitely awesome in this show. No wonder he won the best actor at the MBC awards 2007 for this series. He truly deserve it.

    For those who has not watch this, don’t wait anymore!

  86. 86 : stellar Says:

    Wow!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this show! It’s a pity the ending is kind of ambiguous…

  87. 87 : Maggie Says:

    WOW! This is really amazing! great actors and great scriptwriter. I can say that they executed this very well. I agree to all people who watched this series, really fantastic job.
    To all the cast and crew, you’ve done a good work. Its really worth the effort that you produced this kind of series. Each episode you will never wish to miss it. Its not only the actors who did we’ll but the people behind the scene. I hope you will do more quality series like this! Keep up the good work!

  88. 88 : Maggie Says:


  89. 89 : JanT Says:

    This is really good!! I really love this series…never been so crazy about a Korean show so much since Goong i guess.
    Yup, i agree with ljkbigfan….for me too…this is better than coffee prince (although coffee prince is good too). I must honestly say though, that coffee prince and time btwn dog & wolf are in a different genre altogether. So people may expect something different in these shows.
    However, time btwm dog & wolf is totally refreshing.
    THumbs up to all the cast & crew!! LUv lee junki!!

  90. 90 : kkfan Says:

    LOveeeee this drama so much! so good!

  91. 91 : Imay Says:

    One of the best dramas in 2007. The storyline will making u addicted, very refreshing!! A must-watch drama!!
    To whoever had responsible with the script, u did a GREAT job there.. well done !!

  92. 92 : bluenet Says:

    Totally awesome!! great cast..great story…yup..i agree with imay…best drama of 2007!!!!

  93. 93 : joncynray Says:


  94. 94 : Noor Says:

    ^^ i cant express my feelings..but truely all korean r so great..romantic…and that what i love at them…
    love for them means alot..:) like another world they r living,,,how romantic they r !!!

  95. 95 : Camellia Says:

    It is airing in brunei at the moment..I cnt believe im watching it for the 4th time now..My friends will surely love this drama..I can see junki cry here,uhu!!This drama is so touching.It is highly recommended guys,better watch this..Junki,ur such a hawtie!!

  96. 96 : doris p LOVE kangJIhwan Says:

    just recently watch this drama, avoided this at first coz the title didn’t impressed me much but after reading some rave reviews, have finally convince myself to give it a try and boy am not dissappointed at all….really belongs to my keeper shelf…..Lee Jun Ki impressed me with his acting prowess here, didn’t know that he’s such an effective cryer….first saw him in My Girl, didn’t notice him at all there coz maybe my focus is on Lee Dong Wook, but after seeing LJK in Dog and Wolf and re-watch My Girl, oh boy, Lee Dong Wook acting pale in comparison with LJK….this series is one of the best, impressive plot, impressive cast, impressive acting esp that of LJK, didn’t know that such a pretty face could make me cry buckets, love the scene esp when he recovers his memory and cry his heart out, whew!……and oh by the way love his hair cut too…..but still, with short hair cut, LJK is much prettier that his leading lady lol!

  97. 97 : sarahning Says:

    watch this drama coz lee jun ki…. it’s really amazing… best story, best act and best jun ki’s kiss, hi 3x….. Lee jun ki is so hot….. luv you…… for the writer n producers of this drama, thank you for making this drama… I luv korean drama as iluv lee jun ki…

  98. 98 : cutekpopprincess Says:

    another fantastic drama frm lee junki
    he’s such a talented actor
    must watch!!

  99. 99 : siska Says:

    Can anyone tell, what happen to Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sam Mi at the end of the story? I know they had a child but are they married or separated?

  100. 100 : Jade Says:

    Great drama. A little slow in the beginning, but then it gets better and better. One particular humorous moment where you can just imagine the director & LJK having fun with his character at a particularly serious scene. I’ll let you guys guess. 😉

    Someone does need to correct the inaccurate synopsis. Suh Ji Woo is not an NIS agent. Kang Min Ki is the other agent. As you might guess with Suh Ji Woo pictured in between the two, there is a love triangle. I’ll leave the rest of the story for your viewing enjoyment. 🙂 Definitely worth the watch.

  101. 101 : PrincessForever Says:

    I also think LJK’s acting has improved so much, compared to his role in My Girl. His acting in Ijumie is also great. I guess the role in My girl just isn’t his cup of tea!

  102. 102 : Kitzai Says:

    can anyone tell me what’s the name of the girl who wear spec and act as the police who love Jung Kyung Ho?

  103. 103 : Kitzai Says:

    can anyone tell me what’s the name of the girl who wear spec and act as the police who love Jung Kyung Ho?

  104. 104 : annealexis Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with pricess forever!

  105. 105 : aistube Says:

    LJK acting is very good in this drama – always sarang him
    Mel – xian xai aka kai is mine k

  106. 106 : Korean#1 Says:

    THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!! One of my mosttttt favourite korean show ever. Must watch…or you’ll surely regret it!!

  107. 107 : venus Says:

    time between dog & wolf is a real great drama.
    although rating may seem bit too low,
    but throughout the whole drama,
    u will never get bored.
    it get exciting and even thrilling as the drama goes by.
    it’s a must watch drama!
    if u think LJK is still a pretty girl then u are wrong.
    it will proved his talent and his ability in this drama.
    great job LJK!
    and also JKH!
    i love MaOh:D
    afterall, this drama isint disapointing and u will nvr regret watching it.

  108. 108 : koon Says:

    2dy just finished watching the drama..and all I could say is WoW~ never thought the korean drama could be so interesting and exciting..this is my 1st korean drama that I gave a big high thumb…ya..the acting skill of LJK is totally good and could be improved to the best level in future..and I’m happy Jung Kyung Ho and Park Hye Won could be the couple and have a happy family in the end..Choi Jae Sung as Mao also acts well as the leader of the gangster group and the moment when he was dying is quite touching..he seems like wana tell Soo Hyun a lot but he chose to ‘rest’ in the end..I really recommend this drama to everyone who likes to watch dramas especially those obssess with korean drama..way to go, Korea!!AJA~

  109. 109 : JT Says:

    Gosh..this series really hooked me on…i watched this a few months ago but seriously, this show is still stuck in my head!!
    The storyline is truly unforgettable….every episode is full of suspense…any1 who hasn’t watch this…PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!
    One of the BEST KOREAN DRAMA!

  110. 110 : johyeri5 Says:

    as always…naui sarangee jun ki cho domu ippoda!! daneun oppa choahandagu! him nara him! aja!!!!………ahaks^_^

  111. 111 : EliSe Says:

    Best drama ever!!!!
    luv Jiwoo n SooHyun!!!#

  112. 112 : arifa Says:

    really luv this drama…

  113. 113 : yuZu26 Says:

    wow!!! this drama is one of the best dramas ive ever watched ,,,
    the main casts were great,,, nam sang mi is very gorgeous here ,i loved her in sweet spy also.. and lee joon ki so handsome and very good actor,,,
    ….i hope there will be a sequel for this ,,,nam sang mi and joon ki again….. 🙂

  114. 114 : Rebeka Says:

    Seriously, it is the BEST KOREAN DRAMA i ever watched in my entire life!~ Seriously!~~~ No Jokes. Those who haven’t, GO WATCH IT!!! It’s better than any dramas, like those typical korean love stories. It give it 10/10!~ You will fall in love with Actor Lee Jun Ki after watching this. He IS REALLY MANLY HANDSOME. Really~ No longer that pretty soft creature everyone used to know. He is a billion dollar Hottie. Guys And GirlS!!~ Go watch themmm!~~~ You will find yourself holding to the edge of your chairs. It is the BEST POLICE-GANGSTER movie ever.

    By the way, after having watched this, I am going to buy the DVD for my DVD shelf collection. It is that good. ~~ :D~ seriously i am a BIG jun ki Fan now.

  115. 115 : Aishite Says:

    I finished this in 2 days ……. and was glued to the seat throughout.

    LJK is unbelievable, first watched him in Iljimae, and then Time between Dog and Wolf, and plan to watch him in My Girl next (I know I am regressing :-)). His superb and ever improving acting skills can definitely see him easily through for the next 20 years…and gosh, his martial arts skills are for real, this guy has a 3rd dan in TaeKwanDo, totally believable, totally captivating, totally conscientious …and boy, way too cute!

  116. 116 : amalina Says:



    u wont be disappointed at all.
    a great bunch of actors/actresses.
    i watched it secretly 4rm the whole day until 6 in the morning.
    every episode will keep u in suspense and really crazy too.
    i have no regrets watching this at all.
    and lee jun ki is really a hearthrob!! =D
    his acting is really superb (: (:


  117. 117 : swui Says:

    This is a wonderful drama…really good…feels like I’m watching a movie most of the time. The plot is great and all the actors/actresses did a marvelous job. Of coz, I saw the show because of LJK. I saw him in my girl, the king and the clown, Iljimae and now this…I love him in all the dramas. He is superb…acts unbelievably well and oh so handsome. Be it the reserved Soo-hyun or the cocky Kay…he sure captures my heart…

  118. 118 : sexy4life Says:

    wow. this movie had me at the edge of my seat. It was so good that i keep watching it over and over. One of the best drama, A must watch dram

  119. 119 : pAndA Says:

    i finished this drama yesterday
    i was so sad that it had to end 🙁
    does anyone know if there will be a sequel???
    ahh everyones acting was fantastic it looked so real!!! when i finished the drama(around 12am) i went to sleep, and then i had a dream where i was a secret agent too! it was awesome! xD lolzzz
    after reading everyones comments i want to watch it again… hehehe ^_^

  120. 120 : aQuariOus02 Says:

    tHis is a great drama…….. N i love it……..

  121. 121 : bRaTinELLa_19 Says:

    By reading your comments, i want to watch it!Promise!
    It seems that it is a good drama series…i watch LJK in my girl and he is damn gorgeous!haha!I will watch this…

  122. 122 : apriljunkirain Says:

    i love you lee jun ki!!!!!!!!!

  123. 123 : jan rey Says:

    I love this drama…..

    The end of this drama is a bet…. confusing….

    Hehehehe.. its great…

  124. 124 : arezou Says:

    it s very lovely drama.
    thank u very much dear lee jun ki!!!!!!

  125. 125 : Mala Says:

    I really really really really like this drama….one of my favourite drama…Lee jun ki is so cute….his acting must be get a lot of award. He’s the best actor 4 me…

  126. 126 : mimi Says:

    a must-see drama!!Lee Jun Ki is truly a superb actor.The best that i’ve encountered.watched this drama 5 times already.just can’t take my eyes off Jun Ki.love him w/his short hair in this drama.he’s so unbelievably handsome and so manly w/his martial arts skills…i don’t like the girl though!

  127. 127 : Janie Says:

    Wow…never thought I would like this drama after reading the synopsis, but I was wrong. It’s really great. Great storyline, superb acting, and a beautiful cast of characters. I wish there were more dramas like it.

    oh, and who knew that Lee Jun Ki could look so masculine with just a shorter hair cut? I prefer him like this….soooo sexy

  128. 128 : beanpo Says:

    Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki have great chemistry in this drama. I love their scenes together…so cute

  129. 129 : Janie Says:

    Wow…never thought I would like this drama after reading the synopsis, but I was wrong. It’s really great. Great storyline, superb acting, and a beautiful cast of characters. I wish there were more dramas like it.

    oh, and who knew that Lee Jun Ki could look so masculine with just a shorter hair cut? I prefer him like this….soooo sexy

  130. 130 : 2zPayly938 Says:

    lol… I love bad boy Kay. He’s so mischievous and playful.
    I prefer him over Soon Hyun. Lee Jun Ki should play these types of roles more. He looks so sexy with that devil-may-care smirk.

  131. 131 : 2zPayly938 Says:

    I just finished this series and guess what…the ending was GREAT! What is everyone else talking about? Sure there’s no rainbow and white picket fence, but the story did end on a happy note. Everyone found closure, and those who ought to die, died. And you’d be pretty dense if you can’t tell that Soo Hyun and Ji Woo is going to reunite in Paris.

    I’m glad to see that in the end, Soo Hyun still retained some of the bad-boy qualities he acquired as Kay (the sarcastic smirk, the devilish grin, the gum-chewing habit, the biting retorts, etc). Soo Hyun was too straightlaced, and Kay was just so devilishly wicked. ^^ So, the combination of the two is just perfect. It makes him so sexy.

  132. 132 : YAYA Says:

    Love all junki movie.

    LJK is the best !

  133. 133 : sweetyangle16 Says:

    I love Lee Jun Ki.This drama was very nice.Always famous!!!!!!!!!!.

  134. 134 : kdrama_addict Says:

    loved this drama series! worth watching.. nice storyline as well as the cast of characters.. loved LEE JOON KI the most! watch this drama to find out..♥♥

  135. 135 : ladiigodiva Says:

    I love this drama! Junki perfectly play the role and switch the lovable soohyun 180 degrees to the coldblooded kay! I love everything about Junki and will always support you oppa!! FIGHTING! And kyung ho as minki, i love his funny act, haha~ FIGHTING for both of you oppa!

  136. 136 : made Says:

    yesterday, i read d comic which published in my country, indonesia.. i thought that this drama would be definitely bad because i don’t like the action genre.. but i tried to read the book.. n i love it.. the story is so sad.. although i haven’t watched the whole series, only the mv from youtube.. how poor this good got only average rating.. i wanted this drama to be part of the korean wave around the world.. i love this drama very much! hope it’ll be air in my country soon.. XD

  137. 137 : junki fan Says:

    I like this drama very much!!!!!!! It’s great! Kamsahamnida Jun Ki oppa for such terrific acting!!! Ur martial art skills and crying scenes were superb! I couldn’t stop my tears when u cried. And I like bad guy Kay. I want to watch this drama again and again!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!

  138. 138 : Kazakh girl Says:

    I finished to watch this drama 2nd time yesterday. It’s the best action drama! I’m so sorry for Mao! When he died and Soo Hyon lied with him I cried.I wanted to Mao’s escape to Tailand or another place,but not his death. Then I was so happy to see Soo Hyon alive at the end! Lee Jun Ki oppa yor are gorgeous at action scenes and when u’re smiling and crying! Time Between Dog and Wolf is one of my favourite dramas!!!!!! Thanks a lot to cast and crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. 139 : samar Says:

    I love this action drama
    the korean drama is making my days

  140. 140 : miko Says:

    i love this drama……
    lee junki is the best actor i ever see
    he has a talent which make me love him much……………..

  141. 141 : dogwolf love Says:

    A review of Time between Dog and Wolf:


  142. 142 : Irene Chan Says:

    lee Jun Ki I Love U!!!!!!!
    LJK acting is very good^^
    I like action and romance
    and korean series is the best for me..the guy is so handsome
    and the very good..I like it^^

  143. 143 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm… interesting… I’m gonna watch this drama soon…

  144. 144 : mel Says:

    this is one of the best drama i’ve watched…

  145. 145 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it.

  146. 146 : via Says:

    I really want to watch this serial, but I have try to found the DVD and turn out it did not available anymore.. can anyone tell me where to find the DVD pleaseeee..

  147. 147 : Zoey Says:

    RE: Via
    hi, i know that you mite seen it already a hundred time but you can watch it online here at http://www.mysoju.com. it might not be much but you can watch it. well here is the direct link too all the Epi. http://www.mysoju.com/time-between-dog-and-wolf/

  148. 148 : liechien Says:

    well.. actually i love to see the other Jung Kyung Ho’s drama after i watched his drama ‘Smile You’… I think i must watch this!!!!

  149. 149 : via Says:

    Thank you Zoey for the info, actually I have seen it too from my soju.com but I want to have the DVD, because I want to be able watching it over and over again without loging into the internet.

  150. 150 : nhing Says:

    lee joon ki is a great actor. i love to watch his drama titled HERO and im so happy to watch him to TIME BETWEN DOG AND WOLF. he is one in a million. great job! lee joon ki.

  151. 151 : kyinnartatthulay94 Says:

    Lee jun ki is so cute and charming. I love his smile, his face, his body and his hairstyle. He is my favorite star.I hope I will meet him one day.I love you so much. The girl who will marry him is so lucky.I envy her.

  152. 152 : via Says:

    I have just finished watched this drama, Its really action genre for sure.. And I love it!!! Especially for Lee Jun ki, he is very handsome and manly, love it when he smile.. I hope there will be Season 2 when Soo Hyun and Ji woo will get together in Paris and having a great experience together.. Love them a lot!!! Great couple!!!

  153. 153 : Mint Says:

    I love this drama, it was soooooooo original, soooooo captivatiiing, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good-written-story-and-script !!! OMG OMG !!!! PLEASE, tell me that there’ll be a second season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*

    GREAAAT JOB EVERYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!! *O*

    thanks thanks thanks for the season 1 ♥

  154. 154 : old friend footwear Says:

    This is something I have to do more research into, thank you for the post.

  155. 155 : zety Says:

    aku suka gila cerita ni…….suka sangat…lagi-lagi ada Lee Jun Ki……..
    harap-harap suatu hari nanti dapat jumpa dia….
    love you Junki……

  156. 156 : avlish Says:

    such a great great drama!
    Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki acted very well and they looked good together, i hope that there should be season 2 or if not hope that i can see them in a new dramas or movies as a couple…

  157. 157 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  158. 158 : wilma Says:

    The story is so dramatic,I like the twist and turns of the story….
    The cast as well is good…

    The ending also is superb,not your ordinaire ending…

    Aja aja fighting

  159. 159 : Haythi Says:

    My favourite drama….. Love jun ki oppa. Looking forward to his come back.

  160. 160 : Doris Says:

    surprisingly, ending of this drama is not that great. It is not what i have expected it to be but all the same it’s a great drama.

  161. 161 : vye nearciie Says:

    Lee Joon Ki,
    bener-bener sempurna,,
    senyumnya yang begitu manis..
    dan mempunyai badan yang sangat luar biasa,,,
    i love you

    Nam sang Mi..
    manis sekali…

    Jung Kyung Ho..
    mata mu begitu indah…

    drama ini bener-bener bagus dan menyentuh..
    sudah 4 kali aku melihatnya ,

  162. 162 : cherly christy Says:

    lee joon ki,, mempunyai wajah yg sempurna,, senyumnya manis sekali.. dan mempunyai badan yg bagus,,,,,, nam sang mi…. cantik dan jg manis senyumannya…..

  163. 163 : Rika Says:


  164. 164 : Rika Says:

    Always wait season 2,when so hyun and ji woo get merriad in paris!I am very like this drama,n I like to lee joon ki n nam sang mi,I hope they make a new drama romance again ^-^.btw I am from indonesia

  165. 165 : Korean Drama I’ve Ever Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Time Between Dog and Wolf Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  166. 166 : Santa Says:

    I like this drama and actors are very good. Thank you!

  167. 167 : Dee Says:


  168. 168 : Zsarima Says:

    a nice one.. good story and refreshing hehehehe…

  169. 169 : tigerb Says:

    my cup of tea! this is really a good action drama series with a tinge of jason bourne. like any korean drama there is a twist in the end, what i wasn’t sure of because i was reading subtitles, whose son was the leading actor was, biologically. i can understand the ratings to be not that great compared to the next series broadcast by the same company which garnered excellent ratings. i liked that one too, but of course this series has more violence, and if the other series had violence, it was based on some legend. i admire lee joon ki in this series, with his martial arts qualifications, he was so natural doing his thing, i guess that is why he was also so very good in ‘iljimae’. i thought he looked so young to be an nis agent, but he pulled it well, and he really can act! i saw ‘arang&tm’, but he was much better here. this story is great, not boring at all! very worth watching!!!

  170. 170 : Chunlee Says:

    Definitely NOT a boring show…such a cliffhanger and i love it! LJK is so cool in this show and very cute too…i’m still at episode 15 but can say this is one of the best drama i’ve watched…i remember my Gaksital days! Hehe…though english subtitle became bad starting episode 12…but it’s still bearable though…i can still follow the story somehow…

  171. 171 : rihanna Says:

    Awesome series, superb acting, great storyline, fast-paced and suspense. What else can you ask for? This is higly-recommended to all. It’s worth spending your time, you’ll be glued like i was, for sure!

  172. 172 : siti rohmah Says:

    I’ve finished watch ALL HIS DRAMAS. and
    i always fall for him especially the way Lee Jun Ki acts in every his dramas and movie. He is the BEST actor in the world.
    Hopefully he will come back soon with the greatest drama such Iljimae. :*

  173. 173 : From Ukraine Says:

    Yes, Lee Jun Ki is the best actor in the world. And how he sings!..

  174. 174 : Time Between Dog and Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간 [2007] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] website] [MBC Global] cast ratings trailer dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans review tumblr blogs callmecayce llllilian hinatai MBC Classic Playlist 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 […]

  175. 175 : Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki este un actor foarte talentat apreciat de milioane de fani atat din Asia, cat si din intreaga lume. Nu aveti cum sa nu il recunoasteti din drame, precum: “Seven First Kisses’ (NAVER tvcast, 2016), “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” (SBS, 2016), “Scholar Who Walks the Night” (MBC, 2015), “Joseon Gunman” (KBS2, 2014), “Two Weeks” (MBC, 2013), “Arang and the Magistrate” (MBC, 2012), “Hero” (MBC, 2009), “Iljimae” (SBS, 2008) , “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (MBC, 2007). […]

  176. 176 : “Wise Prison Life” – povestea oamneilor care traiesc intre zidurile inchisorii - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] I love you”. Pe acesta l-atimai putut vedea in seriale, precum:  “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (MBC, 2007), “Cruel City” (jTBC, 2013), “ Endless Love” (SBS, 2014), “Falling for Innocence” (jTBC, […]

  177. 177 : “Wise Prison Life” – povestea oamenilor care traiesc intre zidurile inchisorii - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] I love you”. Pe acesta l-atimai putut vedea in seriale, precum:  “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (MBC, 2007), “Cruel City” (jTBC, 2013), “ Endless Love” (SBS, 2014), “Falling for Innocence” (jTBC, […]

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