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Through the Darkness

Title: 악의 마음을 읽는 자들 / Through the Darkness
Also known as: Those Who Read the Minds of Evil
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2022-Jan-14 to 2022-Mar-12
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


This drama is based on the novel “악의 마음을 읽는 자들 / Those Who Read the Minds of Evil” by Kwon Il Yong and Ko Na Moo which was published on 2018-September-28 by Alma. Kwon Il Yong is South Korea’s first criminal profiler.

It is about a criminal profiler who struggles to read the minds of serial killers. Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil) is a criminal profiler. He is calm and has charisma. He digs up cases and looks deeply into the human mind.


Main Cast

Kim Nam Gil as Song Ha Young
Jin Sun Kyu as Kook Young Soo
Kim So Jin (김소진) as Yoon Tae Koo

Supporting Cast

Lee Dae Yeon as Baek Joon Shik
Ryeoun as Jung Woo Joo
Kim Won Hae as Heo Kil Pyo
Kong Sung Ha (공성하) as Journalist Choi
Ko Gun Han
Jung Man Shik

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio S (SBS)
Director: Park Bo Ram
Screenwriter: Sul Yi Na

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2022-01-14 1 5.2 - 6.2 (14th) 6.4
2022-01-15 2 5.2 - 7.5 (7th) 8.1 (5th)
2022-01-21 3 5.6 - 7.9 (9th) 8.6 (9th)
2022-01-22 4 6.2 - 8.2 (5th) 8.6 (2nd)
2022-01-28 5 6.0 - 7.5 (10th) 8.1 (8th)
2022-01-29 6 5.1 - 6.9 (9th) 7.8 (6th)
2022-02-04 x Beijing Winter Olympic Games
2022-02-05 x Beijing Winter Olympic Games
2022-02-11 x Beijing Winter Olympic Games
2022-02-12 x Beijing Winter Olympic Games
2022-02-18 x Beijing Winter Olympic Games
2022-02-19 x Beijing Winter Olympic Games
2022-02-25 7 6.6 - 7.4 (8th) 8.0 (5th)
2022-02-26 8 4.9 - 5.0 (19th) 5.1 (17th)
2022-03-04 9 6.8 - 8.3 (3rd) 8.9 (3rd)
2022-03-05 10 4.6 - 6.0 (12th) 6.2 (11th)
2022-03-11 11 6.3   7.3 (7th) 7.9 (6th)
2022-03-12 12 5.9   7.0 (8th) 7.6 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : scarlet Says:

    I think this will be another interesting drama to watch.

  2. 2 : Çiğdem Says:

    I love crime dramas so I’ll watch it and I’m curious about the novel. Reminded me of Hannibal.

  3. 3 : scarlet Says:

    #2 Cigdem

    Haha .. yes, reminds me of Hannibal too, and of the female profiler who was studying him. Actress Jodie Foster ?

    In that show, Hannibal was sooooo frightening. Made us want to hide whenever he faced the camera (our direction).

    Maybe this time round, I might want to hide under the table…. got to take care of the poor heart. Its suffered much lately, first the covid pandemic, then Jirisan, and now this ….

  4. 4 : Çiğdem Says:


    yep it was Jodie Foster. Anthony Hopkins did a great job in movie, ıam still afraid of that character. I dont know about jirisan. And you should watch serie of Hannibal (actually must). Mads Mikkelsen acted good too as Hannibal.

  5. 5 : scarlet Says:

    #4 Cigdem

    No, thank you very much. No more Hannibal shows for me. He frightened the hell out of me already. Enough.

    I owe meself to stay healthy and sane.

  6. 6 : Kaleem Ullah Says:

    Hello Friends As Usual You Can Watch This Drama On Here…

  7. 7 : scarlet Says:

    Caught a brief preview on tv. Woah … expect to be scared out of your wits. I think, the drama is going to be exciting, suspenseful and scary. How about a short handle sledge hammer for a maximum kill? Suspense is the dirty killer …

    While watching, not recommended are popcorn, potato chips or chocopie or whatever that you like to munch. You may choke yourself. Talking from experience here. Wanting to optimise my time, I would watch and keep my mouth busy with food too. Only thing was when the preview was over, the food was still stuck in my mouth. Watch what you are eating .. mochi is a no, no, no !!

    Haha .. for all my excitement, I hope and pray that I am not wrong in what I saw on tv …. that the drama will really be on air here very, very soon. (Not mentioning dates and time, in case its a delusion). 😜

    Have a nice day !!

  8. 8 : scarlet Says:

    Hahaha … saw the same announcement on tv again !! Really ? Drama will be on tonight?

    Been disappointed so many times before. This time gonna take it easy here – if it shows, it shows. If not, then it’s not. Will watch it when I watch it. 🤗

    Sounds pathetic isn’t it ? I know … hehe !! What to do? Life is never boring.

    Scarlet, fighting !! 🤭

  9. 9 : scarlet Says:

    Haha !! Happy to say, this long awaited drama did screen last night !! Was holding my breath the whole time I was watching. Gripping …

    First impressions – the backdrop was dark and gloomy. The air was thick with suspense. It could be cut with a knife.

    Hopeless burnt out law enforcers, operating from a dark crowded police station. These officers did not investigate cases. They scripted them. Wrote their own endings. And our future Profiler was not allowed to intervene here.

    Add in a crowded working class neighbourhood. It had become a serial killer’s hunting ground.

    Tada .. a perfect scenario for the degradation of humanity was born.

    Among the choas – one officer stood out the most – it was a sensitive lone ranger who took his job seriously. Who cared about everything orbiting around him. His name was Song Ha Young. He would become the Profiler.

    This episode introduces him when as a young boy, he came across a dead girl at the bottom of a lake. He had fallen in accidently and almost got drowned. This incident traumatised him and was the catalyst that shaped the character that he was.

    The first episode was fast paced. Full of tension and rather scary too. One thing obvious from the episode. The story did not hold back information hoping to catch viewers’ attention. But actually the more information viewers had, the more suspense start to build up, waiting in anticipation, asking … what next ?? Suspense and anticipation were the stars here … not handsome SHY (Actor Kim Nam Gil).

    Is this another Alfred Hitchcock style suspense in the making ??

    We will know as the story progresses in forthcoming episodes.

  10. 10 : scarlet Says:

    The drama started with Episode 1 introducing Song Ha Young, a young police officer.

    He’s a police officer who was born with a strong set of “feelers” in him in addition to the standard senses we humans have. In other words, he does not skim thro life as he lives. But he unconciously sees the world in more detail, and more complicated, than an average person would. This is what makes him stand out, and himself to feel that he is different. He has become used to being a lone ranger.

    These unusual quirks (if they could be called such) did not escape notice by a colleague, Guk Young Soo. GYS, it so happen was planning to set up a new criminal behavioral unit to profile criminals. A new concept which he hopes to introduce to police work in Seoul.

    Episode 2 solidified SHY’s ability as a profiler.

    It tells how SHY based on his unusual instincts about a closed case, and following due pursuit of the truth, broke a mishandled case open. This saved an innocent life from ruin, and the real serial killer brought to justice.

    A preview towards the end of this episode, shows SHY moving into an empty, big and cluttered store room reporting for work.

    My guess is, without a doubt, this is going to be his new office and which is going to be the Criminal Behavioral Study Unit which both he and his colleague are going to set up.

    Lets look forward to how Song Ha Young The Profiler catch the worst, and most crazy killers on record.

  11. 11 : N. Br. Says:

    One of the best Korean Thriller! Great teamwork like family (not just the usual and anonoying hero-heroine self-egos centred) and great mixture of great young-older actors/actresses! Also great potrayal of ordinary Korean peoples lives and culture.

  12. 12 : scarlet Says:

    Hmnn .. so there have been many viewers who loved this drama too. See ratings. I luv this drama too.

    The approach in which the story is told, leaves no room for viewers to play amateur detectives. But I like this style, where viewers are already shown the I.D. of the killer, and the next thing to do is to watch how the law officers go about un-earthing a cunning killer from hiding.

    Team Song HavYoung and Guk Young Soo started to operate from their storeroom cum makeshift office. Hahaha … it’s location in an isolated and eerie section of the building, even make visiting detectives’ hair stand on end. But lone ranger SHY said he likes it. Hahaha !! And not long after, an assistant came to join them. He’s got analysis skill which is an additional asset for the department.

    The skepticism and disbelief from other police departments soon turned to acceptance when profiling info from the Criminal Behavioral Analysis Dept helped the capture of a pedophile rapist/murderer of young girls before he could kidnap and attack another targetted another child. This was a timely save. (Episode 3 & 4).

    Very soon, a monster psycho serial killer is about to appear soon. He’s a young man, looks ordinary and normal, which psycho doesn’t look normal ? He carries a short handle sledge hammer. Sounds familiar? Introduction preview had featured him with his very wicked killing weapon. (Looks like he might be the illusive hard to catch monster psycho killer who is going pose a challenge for CBA Dept.).

    Lets wait and and see … how CBA Dept and this mobster psycho killer face off in forthcoming episodes.

  13. 13 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am enjoying this drama bc it’s quite exciting. Waiting for episode 5.

  14. 14 : scarlet Says:

    Latest news just in … report says this drama will be on hold for three weeks whilst the Beijing Winter Olympics is on. Screening will resume thereafter.

    This means we will get to watch Episode 5 and 6 (1st half of drama) before the 3 weeks break?

    This is no good. Its going to break the momentum……

  15. 15 : Tira Says:

    Like Kim Nam Gil as the actor because he is always cool.
    The story is pretty suspense.

  16. 16 : OK OK OK Says:

    Oh, I am so disappointed that I have to wait for 3 weeks for this exciting drama bc this is the only drama that I find interesting only at present moment.

  17. 17 : MaxT Says:

    This is the best K-drama to watch in February and it’s even better than Voice season 1.

  18. 18 : scarlet Says:

    Three weeks wait to watch the drama is too hard on the viewers.

    Anyway, in consolation, I think the 2nd half of the drama might be mostly about CBA Dept and the Monster Serial Killer pitting their brains against each other.

    One is trying to profile and anticipate the serial killer’s next move. And the other is trying to confuse the investigation by changing his m.o. He had even acquired books on the human anatomy which I believe it is to look for vulnerable spots on the human body to kill his victims, other than hitting them on the head.

    This serial killer is very cunning. He is not just an opportunistic killer. He is the real deal of a serial killer. And he is determine to kill just cuz he wants to kill. He plans his kills. He’s the most terrifying type of serial killer.

    CBA Dept suspects that it could be an unresolved deep seated anger in him that he’s turned to killing. But what was the root cause that is serious enough to push a person to kill? I guess, until the serial killer is caught and questioned, CBA Dept might not get their answer. Unless a source turns up with info on the serial killer’s background story.

    This is going to be an interesting Cat & Mouse chase between these two entities. Who will win?

    What if unknown to CBA Dept, the Serial Killer were to stop killing for a long spell of time e.g. if he were being incerated in prison for a different crime elsewhere ? I think the case should still be kept open, and the serial killer continues to be a wanted man. The killer could kill again. He is mentally ill. He is a monster. He has to be stopped.

    Towards the end of Ep.6, the preview showed another serial killer. He is another monster. He kills just cuz he wants to.

    CBA Dept will be having two serial killers on their hands come the 2nd half of the drama.

  19. 19 : scarlet Says:

    Episode 7

    Criminal Behavior Analysis Dept is now 4 years old. And working in a better atmosphere. Colleagues from other departments are getting used to having CBA and are more cooperative. Superiors Baek Joon Shik and Heo Kil Pyo too have come to respect CBA’s work.

    CBA Dept’s suspicion that the sledge hammer killer might change his MO turned out to be correct. Actually, unknown to the CBA Dept, the 3 months “lull” without any signs of the killer was a busy one for him. He had been on a killing spree using a different MO. His victims were sex workers. Killer’s “confession” – his overall kills total 18 so far. Oh gosh !! Can he be believed?

    The police only found out when he was caught. And then, … thanks to the incompetent Chief BongSik, soon after, the killer managed to escape !! Grrrrr !! (Which neck do you feel like wringing now? The killer’s or Chief Bong Sik? For me – Its both !!! *#@&# 🤬). Hehe !!

    There is a trait about this killer that stood out during investigation by CBA Dept. It seemed he has a hatred for the Christian faith. He tried to destroy a wooden cross that was hanging on a wall, and at another crime scene he tried to burn down a Christian item. Could this be part of a piece of the jigsaw puzzle to his murderous tendencies?

    Can the police catch this escapee serial killer soon?

    As if one psycho serial killer is not enough to fill the police’s plate, next comes another one. By the time the police became aware that there is another serial killer on their hands he had already tried to kill three victims. Fortunately, the knife he used was a camping knife. It was not big enough to inflict a deeper cut, but enough to hurt and send the victims to hospital.

    Seems like this killer has just embarked on his new murderous sport. He is learning to improve his killing skill. He’s switched to a kitchen knife which will kill. Oh heavens !! CBA Dept you’ve got a madman in your hands. The next time his victim will die !! He’s killing for thrills and for sport.

    All is not lost for the Police. They got a composite picture of killer. Bald head and murderous eyes and all …

    Coming next will be episode 8. Will be interesting to see how the police get their killers. Or not ???

    Episode 8, I look forward to seeing you !!

    Bye, have hell of a great day !! 😁

  20. 20 : scarlet Says:

    Re #19 Para 4 … Correction.

    The item that the killer tried to set fire to was not a Christian item. It was a safe which the killerp tried to open, but failed. In anger, he set fire to it.

    Sorry, for the error.

    Watched Episode 8 last night.

    It was intense. Sledge Hammer Killer was a terrifying mental case. He was playing God. And he chopped up bodies without any conscience or flinch in his facial expression, in his bathroom which he claimed was his punishment and execution domain. Oh gosh !!

    He just rattled off his chopping narration to the CBA team coolly without a break in his voice or expression. He even drew a picture showing where and how the body parts were chopped off at. All together body counts were 11 (excluding the 7 from the 1st phase of his murders). (Now we know what was the purpose of those books on human anatomy he had. It was so that he would know where to chop the bodies easier). Oh gosh !!

    Our poor CBA fellas came out of the interview session feeling as if they had been thrown under a train. All frazzled and dazed, spiritually exhausted. Song HaYoung was so affected, that he asked “Why me?” … meaning why was he picked for the profiler job? (Sorry, SHY it has to be you. Cuz you are specially born for such a job. You have ultra sensitive feels. Put someone else in this job, he would not even know if the sky were to fall on him. See the difference?? Ya ya ya !! )

    And of course, during the interview the CBA team were told of the terribly harsh upbringing and cruelties the killer experienced thro the hands of his father, and the harsh life he had when he was growing up. And of how he had prayed and pleaded to God for salvation, but no help came. He eventually came to hate God too.

    Killer’s sad life is another sad case of bad and abusive upbringing some unfortunate children go thro.

    (People, we learn from here. Let these key words guide us in life – BE KIND. There is nothing to lose).

    Meanwhile, there is the other serial killer to catch. His name is Nam KiTae. This one is another mental case. He kills for sport ??!! Very dangerous and very mad. He keeps on upping his adrenalin rush after each killing trip, by resorting to using more and more brutal and mortal killing weapons, eg kitchen knife, heavy duty hammers, etc

    I am sure his case has a backstory to tell too. Could it be triggered and molded by an abusive life or its just pure madness due to a brain being crossed wired?

    We shall know more in forthcoming episodes.

    Keep smiling. Keep hoping. Keep going !! 😁😁

  21. 21 : scarlet Says:

    Episode 9

    Rather a creepy and disturbing episode.

    The serial killer, Nam KiTae is creepy and scary character. He enjoys killing!! His face would light up in a grosteque exhilaration when he pictures how he kills. Eeww .. makes me cringe. Surely, he is not human

    Unlike Sledge Hammer Killer, there is no firm method to this killer’s M.O. He would hide in the dark streets at night, and picks his victim at random. He keep on changing his killing weapons and M.O. He is so unpredictable. This posed a challenge to Song HaYoung and team. They could not read his mind or behavior. They kept hitting a wall looking for him. Until Killer’s own unpredictability betrayed him. His last victim fought back.

    Let’s see what will the scenario be during interrogation in next coming episode.

    Another disturbing point is to see Profiler Song HY slowly being drawn into the sick mind of Nam KiTae. He’s become so obsessed with the challenge Killer NKT posed that he was slowly allowing himself to immerse into the mind of NKT in order read killer’s mind to catch him. This is a very dangerous move. Go too deep, and there is a possibility that one will find it hard to get out later. Just as what Guk YS had advised. (Eg. It was said that this was what happened to the late American actor, Heath Ledger. He was Joker in a Batman movie. His mind went too deep to become Joker. The result was disastrous. He could not get out of it. Later he killed himself. RIP. My favorite actor).

    By the end of the episode, I have no idea whether SHY did listen to Kook YS’s advice, or not. I guess we will know for sure in the next episode.

    Looking forward to next Episode 10.

    Have a great day everyone !! Smile and be happy !! 😀

  22. 22 : scarlet Says:

    Just finished watching episode 10. Most part of the episode was Song HaYoung’s interactions and interogations of killer Nam KiTae. The other officers had wanted a go with the interogation too, but they were advised against it for lack of experience in dealing with the psyche of a serial killer.

    SHY did a commendable job. The killer did confess to a few killings, though it was stated by SHY that possibly there could be more waiting to be investigated.
    The public, victims’ family especially went crazy with news of the killer’s capture.

    The interogation with the killer had been hell. He was not human alright. He was the devil incarnate. Utterly out of his mind He lived to kill. He relished every of the moments he killed. He had become addicted to the “euphoria” he got after every kill. Oh heavens !!

    Apart from serial killing he was guilty too of a two year old cold case for the rape and murder of a 10 y.o. boy. Goshhh … imagine, can any sane person listened to such deprivity and not be affected by it ?? Impossible !!

    The job of a Profiler took its toll on SHY. One night he was so affected mentally and emotionally that he drove his car off the road. He landed in hospital….

    I wonder what will happen to him …

  23. 23 : scarlet Says:

    Episode 11 …. 6 months later.

    The six months of hospitalisation did Song HY a lot of good. Apart from going
    through some physical rehabs, he has had time to rest and reflect on his life so far …..

    He decided he does not want to be a profiler anymore. The job was too painful for him to bear. Dealing with the depravity and the evil of the human mind was unbearable. Eating into him. He felt he might lose his mind if he were to continue on.

    Until one day, a timely meeting happened with a volunteer at the hospital. She was the mum of the pregnant girl who was killed by a serial killer (at beginning of drama). She implored him to continue to be a Profiler for it would help to bring solace and closure to the victims’ loved ones, when the killers are caught and removed from society. She reminded him that loved ones of victims suffer too, most times long after the victims’ death. Their pain of loss lingers on, stays with them, do not go away. They too are victims.

    I am glad that Song HY met the volunteer. Must be fate. For, round about this time, a serial killer who abducts, rapes and kills his victims were on the prowl. He had already killed on record, two females in Gyeonggi, where SHY’s ex senior (co-founder of CBA Dept) been promoted and got posted to.

    Most of his work colleagues had been respectul of his need for rest and recuperation whilst he was in hospital. Had kept away. Except for Guk YS who would visit often, but only had the courage to check on him via meeting his mom only. Hahaha !! I guess his priority is SHY’s recovery of mind and soul, to be under his own effort only ….

    The police at Gyeonggi were stymied in their investigation of the s.k. rapist murderer case. Guk YS was brought in to assist. The case did not make much progress. Meanwhile, more females started going missing.

    One day, a few days before his discharge, SHY was visited by Wu Ju and his reporter friend. That clinch it, I think !! SHY decided to return to office … bid a farewell greeting to WuJu and reporter friend … by saying “See you in office …. ” (I could be wrong here. Please correct).

    Haha !! The rest is the story to follow ….

    Gyeonggi Police created an investigation task force comprising Team CBA, Officer Yoon TaeKoo and assistant from Seoul office, and the Gyeonggi police. Haha !! SHY was in his element !! His analysis and insights were close to bringing light to an almost hopeless case …..

    They are about to meet a very cunning and devious smooth talker .. though a mad one ……

    Folks, dont forget to tune in to the next episode. Its the finale !! 🙃

    Till then, bye !! Be Good !! 🙃👻

  24. 24 : scarlet Says:

    Haha … we have reached the finale of a very exciting, informative and terrifying drama.

    What I am going to write would be brief. I feel that its better to go watch the finale episode in order to get a proper closure of the story.

    Episode 12 Finale

    The Rapist Murderer s.k. killer still remained elusive, but not for long. CBA Team and Special Task Force’s patience paid off. He was spotted on a street camera with an abducted girl one night. Its was enough to arrest him but not enough to convict him yet, until he unconciously, made a subtle slip in his answer during interrogation by SHA. SHA immediately picked up this slip. That nailed the serial killer rapist’s fate. Case closed.

    Special Task Force was dismantled and Team CBA returned to Seoul.

    Some time later, CBA expanded into a larger unit. Recruited new members and the rest is history.

    The drama ended without any fanfare. It was tame and subdued. A reflection of the nature of CBA Dept’s business. However, somewhere on a rooftop one evening, celebrating their success, was a small gathering of CVA Dept’s core people, including WuJu’s reporter friend.

    Congratulations guys !! The streets are safer because of you !! 😁❤

    I enjoyed watching TTD very much. TTD was an interesting, exciting, suspenseful and terrifying drama. It was informative as well. As a layman, for the first time for most of us, it truly gave us an insight into the minds of serial killers, how they behaved, etc. One point was, they looked like any ordinary person. Victim would not know the danger until too late. I suppose, we should generally be alert and vigilant wherever we are. ❤

    Thank you to Studio S (SBS), Writer, Director, Production Staff, Cast of Actors, and all those connected to this drama for this superberb piece of work. ❤

  25. 25 : scarlet Says:

    Here’s a quote to honor Profiler Song Ha Young :

    Be a loner.
    That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth.
    Have holy curiosity.
    Make your life worth living.

    – Albert Einstein

  26. 26 : OK OK OK Says:

    So disappointed 12 episodes only. Should have more episodes bc very nice exciting drama

  27. 27 : Rose Says:

    Kim Nam-Gil is such a great actor. I enjoy seeing him. I also like Jin Sun-Kyu.

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