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Title: 세 남자 / Three Men
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-18 to 2009-Oct-30
Air time: Friday 23:00


This docudrama portrays the lives of three ordinary men in their 30’s, at the difficult time when they’re aware that they’re no longer young men, but unwilling to be labelled “ahjusshi” yet.


Jung Woong In as Jung Woong In
Yoon Da Hoon as Yoon Da Hoon
Park Sang Myun as Park Sang Myun
Kang Boo Ja as Woong In’s mother
Woo Hee Jin as Sang Myun’s wife
Uhm Hyo Sup as Da Hoon’s golf course president
Hwang Young Hee as publishing editor-in-chief
Kwon Jin Young (권진영) as publishing editor
Yoo Bin (유빈) as golf course magnae
Jung Yoon Hee (정윤희) as Sang Myun’s secretary
Lee Hwa Sun as golf course coach
Kim Sung Hoon as penniless bum
Jung Han Bi as golf course staff
Chu Seung Wook (추승욱)
Ryu Sang Wook

Production Credits

Director: Jung Hwan Suk
Screenwriter: Mok Yeon Hee (목연희), Han Seol Hee

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    funny stories….. hihihi

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