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3 Days

3 Days 03

Title: 쓰리데이즈 / 3 Days
Chinese Title: 危情三日
Genre: Melodrama, Action, Crime, Thriller, Political, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-March-05 to 2014-May-01
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


A drama about a case that occurs in three days between secret service agents in the Blue House.

The South Korean President travels to a villa to enjoy his vacation. After three gunshots are fired, he disappears. His bodyguard Han Tae Kyung (Park Yoo Chun) attempts to find the President.


Main Cast

Park Yoo Chun as Han Tae Kyung (Bodyguard)
Nam Da Reum as Tae Kyung (young)
Son Hyun Joo as Lee Dong Whi (President)
Park Ha Sun as Yoon Bo Won (Police Constable)
So Yi Hyun as Lee Cha Young (SWAT Team Agent)
Choi Won Young as Kim Do Jin
Yoon Je Moon as Shin Kyu Jin (Chief Secretary)
Jang Hyun Sung as Ham Bong Soo (Chief of the Presidential Security Service)

Staff of PSS

Ahn Kil Kang as Kim Sang Hee
Kim Jung Hak as Moon Sung Min
Jo Young Jin as Blue House’s Senior Civil Affairs
Yoon Seo Hyun as president’s bodyguard
Kim Min Jae as Hwang Yoon Jae
Kwon Min as Chief of Situation Center
Park Hyuk Kwon as Goo Ja Kwang
Jin Hyuk as Park Sung Kyu
Kim Hyo Sun as Kim Hyo Sun
Seo Geun Woo as president’s bodyguard
Joo Young Ho as presidential bodyguard
Yoo Jung Rae as Jung Rae

Supporting Cast

Lee Dae Yun as Han Ki Joo (Tae Kyung’s father)
Go In Bum as Yang Dae Ho
Kim Hyung Kyu as Yo Han (killer)
Lee Jae Yong as Choi Ji Hoon
Min Sung Wook as Oh Young Min
Jo Hee Bong as Lee Jae Woong
Jung Won Joong as Kwon Jae Hyun
Lee Kyung Young as Kim Ki Bum
Jang Dong Jik as Ri Chul Kyu
Jun Jin Ki as Hwang Kyung Joon
Nam Myung Ryul as Min Hyun Ki
Kim Jong Soo as Byun Tae Hoon
Jung Wook as Kwon Yong Han
Park Sung Hoon as Lee Dong Sung
Lee Hyun Wook as Kim Do Jin’s right hand man
David Noh (데이빗 노) as killer (ep 1-3)
Choi Yong Min
Kim Han Joon as presidential bodyguard
Kim Hak Sun
Kim Tae Yoon

Production Credits

Production Company: Golden Thumb Pictures (골든썸 픽쳐스)
Chief Producer: Kim Young Sub
Producer: Lee Sang Min, Song Jin Sun
Director: Shin Kyung Soo, Hong Chang Wook
ScriptWriter: Kim Eun Hee


2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Park Yoo Chun (Three Days)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Mini Series): So Yi Hyun (Three Days)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Park Yoo Chun (Three Days)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-03-05 1 12.8 (6th) 16.4 (5th) 11.9 (9th) 12.5 (6th)
2014-03-06 2 12.3 (9th) 15.0 (7th) 11.1 (13th) 12.0 (8th)
2014-03-12 3 12.5 (9th) 14.8 (6th) 11.7 (11th) 12.9 (7th)
2014-03-13 4 14.5 (5th) 17.4 (3rd) 12.7 (7th) 14.2 (6th)
2014-03-19 5 13.0 (6th) 15.0 (6th) 12.2 (6th) 14.0 (5th)
2014-03-20 6 12.8 (6th) 15.7 (6th) 12.9 (7th) 14.1 (5th)
2014-03-26 7 12.4 (7th) 14.9 (5th) 11.3 (11th) 12.5 (5th)
2014-03-27 8 12.1 (7th) 14.2 (6th) 11.0 (10th) 11.2 (9th)
2014-04-02 9 11.3 (8th) 13.9 (6th) 10.4 (12th) 11.1 (8th)
2014-04-03 10 12.2 (9th) 14.3 (7th) 11.9 (9th) 12.6 (6th)
2014-04-09 11 12.0 (9th) 14.5 (5th) 11.3 (7th) 12.6 (4th)
2014-04-10 12 12.2 (7th) 14.8 (4th) 12.0 (5th) 12.4 (5th)
2014-04-23 13 10.5 (11th) 11.8 (8th) 11.1 (7th) 12.4 (5th)
2014-04-24 14 11.5 (8th) 13.1 (4th) 11.9 (5th) 12.9 (4th)
2014-04-30 15 10.9 (10th) 12.6 (6th) 12.3 (6th) 13.9 (4th)
2014-05-01 16 13.2 (5th) 15.4 (5th) 13.8 (5th) 15.9 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Episode 13 & 14 has been postponed to 2014-April-23 & 24 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.


3 Days Poster1 3 Days Poster2 3 Days Poster3 3 Days Poster4

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  1. 1 : aozorazizaw Says:

    first comentator. hihihi
    can’t wait for this drama. Three Days, FIGHTING!!!

  2. 2 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Waiting for it ^_^

  3. 3 : Chunsas Says:

    Ohh god…he look so Cool and Sexy
    #3Days Fighting 😀

  4. 4 : Mic Says:

    Oh oh … I like these actors

  5. 5 : Mic Says:

    The script is very interesting. I will watch

  6. 6 : Li Says:

    24 hours is my favorite drama. Son hyun joo, park yo chun are best actors. Cant wait this drama

  7. 7 : Li Says:

    ’24 hours’ is my favorite drama. Son hyun joo, park yo chun are best actors. Cant wait this drama

  8. 8 : tara JJ Says:

    oh my God finally is here.. after watching the trailer i kept reapeat it again and again.. so intense..

    @rory, where are you girl? chunnie is here 😉

  9. 9 : Love Summer Says:

    Micky Yoochun fighting ! Applause to
    the return of king of drama !

  10. 10 : khalish Says:

    omo…omo…my favorite actor is coming….hwaiting!!

  11. 11 : Chuneha Says:

    Chunnie is coming..can’t waitt.♡♡♥♥

  12. 12 : elma Says:

    I thought its Feb 26? they moved it?!?
    what the heck!!..I’m really really
    anticipating this!..now I to wait for
    March 5….

  13. 13 : anna Says:

    i think due to the winter olympics kdrama program schedule changed !!

  14. 14 : anna Says:

    YESSSS !!!! welcome back Micky…”3 days to go..”

  15. 15 : aozorazizaw Says:

    @elma : it’s delayed because of lunar new year

  16. 16 : chichie park Says:

    the long waiting is over. i’m so excited to watch 3 days. yoochun is such an amazing actor. we will all watch his new drama.

  17. 17 : Logan1707 Says:

    I think I’m the only one here who don’t like the storyline…will it be a hit or miss….well we have to see it when it airs next month.

  18. 18 : tigerb Says:

    the plot might be good, hopefully they would cast believable secret agents detailed in the blue house, unlike in ‘city hunter’ where the agents looked so unprofessional. i’ll watch this.

  19. 19 : 키키 Says:

    유천 오빠 와이팅 !! ^.^

  20. 20 : bigeye46 Says:

    aww cant wait for watch this drama

  21. 21 : rory Says:

    @tara JJ #8
    Rory is here! kekeke..it’s been a while…miss u girl! hope to see u often here soon and me too will try to make this thread become hot & fun later 😀

    awesome! —>”Genre: Melodrama, Action, Crime, Thriller, Political, Romance”

    Okay, bring it on the action show this time! I’m ready for it and pls be good till the last epi, PD-nim^^ Good luck 3 Days..Fighting!

  22. 22 : rm018 Says:

    So happy to see this! 😀 I really miss yoo chun a lot.

  23. 23 : berastia Says:

    Our chunnieeeeeeeeee fightinggg!!!

  24. 24 : jj Says:

    I like action drama

  25. 25 : malou1010 Says:

    Yaaaaaaay……. it’s about time Micky Yoochun is back😀!! Seems like forever since his last drama series. I miss you and sooooo glad you’re back😊. Can’t wait for March!!

  26. 26 : MissLeeAngel22 Says:

    OMG !! I can’t wait for this show ~~ Park Yoo Chun and Park Ha Sun <333

  27. 27 : chunna Says:

    so many genre in this drama. I hope the scritwriter not disappointed us, especially for romance genre. hehehe. aunt Kim Eun Hee, please make a different with your project before.
    Three Days, Fighting!

  28. 28 : lee hye ae Says:

    That bodyguard suit looks very well on PYC and it really suits him. ^^ I am also glad that he is back for his new drama. The synopsis seems intriguing but also interesting. I will be anticipating for this one. ^^
    PYC and 3 days, FIGHTING!!!

  29. 29 : Sharon Says:

    Looking good!

  30. 30 : jalin Says:

    he he… storyline is very interesting… I like park yu chun…. can’t wait

  31. 31 : jalin Says:

    A drama about a case that occurs in three days between secret service agents in the Blue House.

    The South Korean President travels to a villa to enjoy his vacation. After three gunshots are fired, he disappears. His bodyguard Han Tae Kyung (Park Yoo Chun) attempts to find the President.
    3 days = ’24 hours’ + city hunter + Iris . Can’t wait

  32. 32 : jalin Says:

    But only 16eps….. hu hu

  33. 33 : catherine s Says:

    Welcome back oppah! miss you so much!

  34. 34 : Timtim Says:

    Long time no see yoochun. I miss him. . . I wonder should watch it or not, the story quite bored

  35. 35 : catherine s Says:

    Hope to have a happy ending 😀 pls dont dissappoint us.

  36. 36 : joane Says:

    i waited too long for yoochun and thank god it has come to end..i miss u chunie..i know for sure it is another hit..saranghe

  37. 37 : rory Says:

    dear admin, the 2nd trailer that u’ve linked above was not an official one..it was fanmade..
    The 2nd official trailer just released last night :

  38. 38 : Juana love Says:

    Welcome back oppa!!!

  39. 39 : Lysha Says:

    Thank for the 2nd trailer…^_^

  40. 40 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Yoochuuuuuuuunn..so nice to see you again ^^

  41. 41 : tara JJ Says:

    thx for the link sista 🙂
    after watching the 2nd trailer.. i get more more exciting waiting this drama..

  42. 42 : chunna Says:

    the second teaser make me ghosebump guys. nice.
    can’t waitt

  43. 43 : rory Says:

    this is the official 2nd trailer link from SBS..the one I write before got ban from SBS already..


    @tara JJ
    same here..I feel more excited after watching the 2nd trailer..can’t wait for this 5 march^^

  44. 44 : eny Says:

    actually i’m not really like yoochun as actor, but good story could make me watch this drama, i like thriller n i like the 2 latest drama of Sohn hyun joo :the chaser n empire of gold so i’ll watch this drama, the 2nd teaser seems interesting too

  45. 45 : tyarachunnie Says:

    cant wait for chunnie
    miss him soo much

  46. 46 : lee Says:

    PYC fighting…

  47. 47 : chunna Says:

    even yoochun oppa got injury in his shoulder, I still support him.
    Fighting Oppa. get well soon. we will always behind you, to support you. and pary for your best. 🙂

  48. 48 : anna Says:

    i’m excited to watch this….

  49. 49 : jjn Says:

    Im wajtjng…

  50. 50 : chunna Says:

    three days press con will held in 26 february. stay tune guys.

  51. 51 : jjn Says:

    Wow 26-2 is my bd.

  52. 52 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    24 HOURS inspired? Master’s Sun to The Heirs to You Who Came From the Star, will 3 Days achieve the same success in terms of ratings? My prediction: 50/50

  53. 53 : anna Says:

    I bet this will be an award winning kdrama…”Micky ” the unforgettable Rooftop prince

  54. 54 : chunna Says:

    it will success, I bet. 🙂

  55. 55 : anna Says:

    9 days to go….i’m waiting

  56. 56 : Bellatrix Says:

    Don’t really like the plot but anyway I will just wait until a few episodes would air later and how the viewer would response for this drama….

  57. 57 : Lysha Says:

    Cool poster…^_^
    i’ll be waiting for…

  58. 58 : kimthu1991 Says:

    ….. waiting

  59. 59 : renita Says:

    Yoochun Oppa!!!!

  60. 60 : chunna Says:

    How is it different from acting in Rooftop Prince?
    Yoochun: In Rooftop Prince, I am a crown prince who is served. I am now the presidential guard who serves and protects someone. To protect one person with your all is not easy at all. Through this, I have learned to appreciate and be understanding to my colleagues and my staffs more.

    cr to @6002sky

    from press con today

  61. 61 : chunna Says:

    Son Hyun Joo on Park Yoochun: “A very earnest guy… I thought he would be someone with lots of words, but when I met him, he doesn’t talk much. He proved that action speaks louder than words. He always comes to the filming set early, always ready for filming, never shows his pain. I know that this friend will go a long run in the industry”

    cr to @6002sky

    from press con today

  62. 62 : chunna Says:

    After Son Hyun Joo kept talking about Seafog and Yoochun, Yoon Je Moon said:”Hyung-nim, plz talk abt Three Days” hahaha (6002sky)

    from press con today

  63. 63 : chunna Says:

    Yoochun said he sometimes watches You From The Stars with his mom kekekekke~ (ohmyjunsu)

    from press con today

  64. 64 : chunna Says:

    yeahh..finally, today is press con of Three Days. can’t wait for next week. heheh
    sorry if I’m overly doing on it.

  65. 65 : rory Says:

    hi…thanx for sharing..I really love their Q&A session 😀 SHJ is such a cute ahjussi..kekeke..he kept talking about Yoochun & Haemo until YJM-ssi asked him to talk about 3Days! LOL!
    Glad that I managed to to live stream the press con today..what a day!Thanks to SBS and thanks for the long trailer too..hope it will upload on their YT SBSNOW ch later..watched the 3rd trailer a few days ago & really makes me goosebumps..So happy that Yoochun chose this project and working with SHJ-ssi and other veterans actor..Good luck 3Days!

  66. 66 : 018 Says:

    My heart is beating so fast when I see the posters 🙂
    Park yoo chun is so damn hot! Love his haircut ♥

  67. 67 : chunna Says:

    @rory, you’re welcome. hehehe.
    I can’t watch the live stream. but I watch it later. hehehe. very cheerful on press con yesterday. heheh..
    I found that Yoon Jae Moon is very funny ahjusii, son hyun joo too. hehehe.
    I feel little upset bacause not much smile of yoochun, but I know it because his condition and he looks a bit tired.
    I heard that after this press con the cast continue to filming and especially yoochun, he must fly to busan to continue last filming of seafog after finish filming three days yesterday. poor yoochun. just keep health and strong Oppa. :’)

  68. 68 : rory Says:

    3rd Teaser…

  69. 69 : rory Says:

    I laughed so hard the way SHJ & YJM doing a couple photoshoot..suddenly makes face to face posing..so funny! 😆

    doing two projects in one time + with this cold weather + bad health + shoulder injury, I can understand that Park Yoochun..But I believe he can go through all those & succeed with flying colors..Indeed worth waiting after a year and I hope to see more improvement from him 😉

  70. 70 : kimhero Says:

    05MAR14 pls come quickly

  71. 71 : mic Says:

    i like shj and pyc very much

  72. 72 : chunna Says:

    hahha, I also laugh when YJM follow the way PHS when MC asked her to show her back figure on phototime. and when YJM attend to the stage for phototime, he was doing like that. lol.

    I feel friendly atmospher on three days filming. between SHJ and PYC (of course), and between SHJ, YJM, and JHS. heheh. and I didn’t find the chemistry between PYC and PHS yet. although I know this drama is less of romance like common drama, but I’m looking forward for their chemistry as partner to reveal the truth. hehehe

  73. 73 : chunna Says:

    @rory, I think not SHJ and YJM make face to face posing, but SHJ and the ahjussi who will be Kim Do Jin.

  74. 74 : rory Says:

    ups sowrae..kekeke..It’s Choi Won Young actually..I sense the bromance scenes..haha..coz they are so funny! Especially between SHJ & PYC, they both look great together..I can feel their aura..
    Agree that, though this drama will be less romance scene but we can ask their chemistry as partner right..

    5 days more to go..LOL! I’m counting days right now^^

  75. 75 : anna Says:

    countdown….6 days to go Canada time

  76. 76 : chunna Says:

    preview of ep 1


    thanks 🙂

  77. 77 : mic Says:

    the trailers is agreat. can’t wait

  78. 78 : chunna Says:

    Three Days BTS of making poster.
    actually, we can see the chemistry of KyungWon couple already. glad 😀


  79. 79 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    What happen? It has been weeks already and 3 Days is not trending on this site’s banner. I am not here to bring trouble but is this drama not getting too much attention or clicks or reference to be in the banner (see above).

    I just hope on its debut it will be included on this site banner for POPULAR NOW.

    This is why I previously posted that the possibility of its same success with its predecessors is 50/50. I just hope, I am wrong,

    24 inspired. action-packed! Lets get it on!

  80. 80 : Lysha Says:

    Agree with you…^_^

  81. 81 : rory Says:

    Maybe only on this thread/site?I’m not sure, I just hope it’s too early to predict or it might be most of readers here were not into action packed genre..As I know it well received in Korea and China mostly..I heard Tudou and Youku will broadcast 3 Days with chinese sub on a same date as Korea..and China also bought this drama highest than The Heirs or YWCFTS [I didn’t mean to compare though]..
    Good luck 3 Days^^

  82. 82 : rory Says:

    Anyway, I love these two poster shooting videos..looks like all the cast had so much fun & comfortable together..

    [ENGSUB] ‘Three Days’ Photo Sketch – Poster shooting set

    [ENGSUB] ‘Three Days’ Photo Sketch – Teaser & Title shooting

    cr : @Sheenathe6004 & @tarwennie

  83. 83 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @rory I knew it worries you a lot since you are an avid fan of PYC. I just wish I am wrong with my prediction. Action is my cup of tea. I just hope that its storyline does not sucks like IRIS 2, Poseidon, Fugitive Plan B.

    Wishing a good luck!

  84. 84 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @lysha lets be positive. i just hope i am wrong!huhu

  85. 85 : rory Says:

    Regarding to the banner trending[popular now!!!] it doesn’t bother me yet so far..I don’t know why but I’m okay and don’t feel pressure at all..Even though I am a big fan of PYC but I love all the cast and for me the storyline seems promising + I love action drama so much..And I actually understand if this drama not going to be so popular here..It happened before in “2 Weeks” drama, which for me one of my fave action drama though it has low ratings same goes to Empire of Gold..What I want now is SOLID SCRIPT..and Yoochun..kekeke..*joking* since this thread was not so popular, let’s having fun convos then 😆

    Anyway thanx..hope to see u often in this thread..
    let’s wait and see 😀 5th March, I’m waiting!

  86. 86 : jjn Says:

    I hope thjs drama have best rating

  87. 87 : lalala Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama.
    I love Son Hyun Joo & don’t have problem with Park Yoochun’s acting. He’s one of talented young actor.
    The trailers looks thrilled & suspense at the same time.
    All the best 3 Days!

  88. 88 : anna Says:

    YESSS !!! 3 days to go

  89. 89 : chunna Says:

    I know this drama not most popular in this site, but actually this tread is full of coment for upcoming drama 🙂
    as fan, I don’t care about the rating. park yoochun can make comeback to small screen, its make me exciting. heheh 😀

    best scripwriter, best director, and best actors, maybe it gonna be promising drama. lets make jugde after the drama air in 5 march guys. for continue to watch, or not because of boring storyline.

  90. 90 : janmicky Says:

    park yoochun try oh!!!!!

  91. 91 : Yoochun_love Says:

    yoochun fighting!!!!

  92. 92 : mic Says:

    be sucsessful……… mickeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  93. 93 : anna Says:

    get the latest scope…”Micky Yoo Chun” the ” Leonardo Di Caprio” of S.Korea

  94. 94 : dika Says:

    yochunnnn…love you.hope best this your drama again 🙂

  95. 95 : kimmy Says:

    3 Days fighting 🙂 Goodluck to all the cast esp. Yoochun oppa.

  96. 96 : kimmy Says:

    At first, the plot seems so serious but as I’ve watched the trailers, I found out that there’s more aside from action seens. There will also be romance to be developed during the drama. Looking forward for Yoochun-park Ha sun team up 🙂

  97. 97 : anna Says:

    i watched the trailer..soooo thrilling “24 hrs to go”

  98. 98 : lindsay Says:

    3 days vs Inspiring Generation wow amazing rivalry

  99. 99 : fita Says:

    tonight is the night… yoochun fighting..!!
    hope 3 days become trending topic on twitter 🙂

  100. 100 : taraJJ Says:

    just finish streaming.. eps 1 just wow…
    i read in twitter, is it true that the ranting reach 36%??

  101. 101 : jjn Says:

    Really… Wow

  102. 102 : rory Says:

    Ep.1 is such an intense episode..what will happen to Bo Won and president? can’t wait for the Eng sub coz watching raw is a bit hard to understand for some parts..

    Han Tae Kyung is just like a “matured version” of Han Jung Woo in IMY since they shared similar father’s name or maybe they are sibling?trololol! I like HTK’s caharcter, matured, sharp and fast even though the scene when he sheds his tear was so heartbreaking to watch but he woke up immediately and won’t let his spirit down ..HTK fighting, go save the president!

    I love Park Ha Sun & So Yi Hyun ‘s roles too..u go brave girls!

  103. 103 : rory Says:

    tara, I think that one is from tudou or youku maybe?
    not from SBS I guess..

  104. 104 : cherryme Says:

    so awesome

  105. 105 : Thea Says:

    Please make it available in gooddrama.net or chiaanime.com 🙁 it’s not available in our region (Kuwait) And I want to watch this coz Micky’s my favorite actor 🙁

  106. 106 : kimmy Says:

    Woooo, 3 days is now on the Popular trend !

  107. 107 : Lysha Says:


  108. 108 : jjer Says:

    the first ep was awesome ..exited for today’s ep.

  109. 109 : anna Says:

    what an intense episode 1….

  110. 110 : taraJJ Says:

    @rory, yes i guess.. first i was surpraised why the ranting is high then i knew its not from sbs.. LoL.. i guess i was toooo exited ^___^
    hoho Han Tae Kyung is big brother of Han Jung Woo 😀

  111. 111 : myeon Says:

    I’m curious, will sbs high rating continue with ‘3 days’? Let see

  112. 112 : surya Says:

    Realyyy daebak

  113. 113 : khantthaw Says:

    soooo excited. Han taekyung FIGHTING!! keep on supporting <3

  114. 114 : Lysha Says:

    Eps 1: there are sooo many PYC’s scene without words but so touching….
    i love it ^_^
    PYC’s acting is daebak….

  115. 115 : rory Says:

    though it’s not too high ratings but it’s pretty impressive for me..So u will catch up the live stream too tonight? okay, let’s do this^^

    but seriously the scene when he knows about his dad, I just can’t..It reminds me of his late dad..too heartbreaking to see..
    but I really hope I can see more fighting scenes tonight..Fighting!

  116. 116 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama fighting

  117. 117 : inasa Says:

    woww… love it…. I don’t care about rating….

  118. 118 : rory Says:

    okay….episode 2 is seriously awesome! I’m not lying! surprising me a lot! even watching the raw one I can feel the tense and thrilled!

  119. 119 : Mic Says:

    Ep2 is so so awesome. I love it

  120. 120 : sweet Says:

    been waiting for this…go chunnie

  121. 121 : Jyenie Says:

    Oops, I have forgotten to watch this, will catch up today 🙂

  122. 122 : pixel Says:

    love the first ep
    it’s intense that makes this drama worth watching
    I love Yoochun and Park Ha Sun and of course other castings as well and I hope the storyline will give us a good drama show for the next 15 weeks…
    I’ll stick to this show till the end…

  123. 123 : Lysha Says:

    Eps 2 is WOW…
    its a great story… can’t wait next episode…

  124. 124 : chunna Says:

    hai long time no comment here.
    actually, I’m already watching ep 1. and its so amazing although so many scene that little miss. but so far I like watch Three Days.
    I feel HTK sadness when his father passed away. and I like Park Ha sun in this drama.
    ep 2 still on going to watch. I will wait for eng sub. heheheh

    and I don’t care about the rating of this drama. I like the story so much. please, always give support and love for yoochun and this drama guys. thanks. 😀

  125. 125 : chunna Says:

    sorry, not so many scene that little miss, but there is some scene that little miss. hahah.

  126. 126 : rory Says:

    Poor Mr.President, seems like he can’t trust anybody around him especially those people in Blue House..woah, who the hell is the real evil here?
    Eventhough I feel shocked seeing Chief Ham suddenly pointing his gun to HTK, I do feel he is actually a kind person who will help HTK..I dunno, it just my instinct..

    Scene at HTK’s dad car crash is so touching and sad..Yoochun is always good when he cries..I dislike men crying like a baby and here only teardrops without wailing which is so beautiful and manly yet so heartbreaking…
    Park Ha Sun did a good job for choosing this drama, it’s good to see her brave character here..Hope to see more chemistry between BW & HTK..

    Can’t wait for the next episode, really want to know about Mr.President..who will save him..how they solve the case & mystery..etc..etc..

  127. 127 : kimmy Says:

    Chief ham is one of the traitors in the presidential security that’s why he blamed HTK of killing the president. He thought he had killed the president but he was schocked because there was another man who died in the crime scene. HTK and YBW will help each to uncover the truth.

    It really makes me cry everytime HTK remembers how his dad suffered from the accident, i almost shed a tear 🙁 3 Days is a very good drama. It may not be so romantic as of now but its an action packed drama with melodramatic scenes. I really love this !

  128. 128 : Love Summer Says:

    Micky yuchun fighting ! Park yuchun fighting ! Han Tae Kyung fighting ! THREE DAYS FIGHTING !

  129. 129 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    I’ve just watched the first two episodes and this is sooooo cool.. this is very nice & great drama.. and I’m really glad because My Yoochun is playing here… He is really DAEBAK…. Thanks God ^^

  130. 130 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    I’ve already loved this drama..really good,,thankfully.

  131. 131 : aozora Says:

    i like the flashback scene. clear and easy to understand. thanks for scriptwriter and director. and of course for all cast. good job.

    I like yoon bo won character here. I think she is a freshful character in the midle of serious character in this drama. and i like lee cha young too. she’s trust han tae kyung, but she can’t do anything to his side bacause of no evidence for his doing.

    3days fighting!!

  132. 132 : aozora Says:

    can’t wait for ep3. hahaha
    I bet, the scene more action and conflict. I like it.

  133. 133 : Nne123 Says:

    Yoo Chun…One on my favorite actors. Good to have you on air again. Only two episodes so far and I’m already in love with the show. Yoo Chun’s acting is really good. Proud of him.
    As for Son Hyun Joo, I’m yet to be disappointed in any of his dramas. He is darned good.

  134. 134 : lalala Says:

    I love this drama!
    Eventhough I found the 1st part of episode 1 was a bit slow but I think this is one of a brainy drama. This is how Kim Eun Hee’s did for her projects before. I like it. I like to use my brain while watching dramas. I love the twist plot in episode 2, unpredictable and full of suspense!
    Good job for the great performance so far especially from PYC, PHS and JHS. But eventhough SHJ’s appearance just a few minutes, I can feel his aura already. Bet we can see him more in ep.3.
    Good drama to watch!

  135. 135 : grace Says:

    my pediction for next week is flashcback scene, how can lee dong hwi escape from the assasination.
    and yoon bo won will more in danger while she investigate Han Tae Kyung’s father dead.
    well, they are just my prediction. :). no one know scriptwriter mind. hehehe.
    can’t wait for next episode. really. its make me impolite. 😀

  136. 136 : K pop Lover Says:

    I like this drama verymuch……I can,t wait this drama……Three Days is Best……I like Ep 1….2……Can,t wait ep3…..^_^,,,…Han Tae Kyung Fighting!!!…Yoon Bo Won Fighting!!!…..^_^….Three Days Fighting!!!
    I can,t wait……….

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    …started watching this some days ago, wow..
    quite a good start esp EP 2..
    The president is still alive and the truck coming straight towards our hero and heroine..
    can’t wait for what happen next.
    and the ratings..actually it’s still low for this drama.
    i thought ii’ll surpass at least 15 or more…

  138. 138 : Gina Says:

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  139. 139 : chuna Says:

    tomorrow is Three Days guys. stay tune to watch it!! don’t miss it and always give big support for three days

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    Tomorrow Episode 4…..yes but I can,t wait ……All fighting>>>!!!Three Days Fighting!!

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  142. 142 : chuna Says:

    ep 3 is daebak. everyone must watch this drama.

  143. 143 : Lysha Says:

    wow…so the story really about “what’s happen in 3 days”?
    I’m waiting for next episode.

  144. 144 : rory Says:

    another awesome episode last night! so far ep.3 is the best!
    OMG, Chief Ham is so creepy!!! I screamed out loud the way he peeked CY who hide under the table..goshh!!!
    HTK is so smart and act fast..The way he knocked out that huge truck is superb! Finally they killed of that killer character..TQ writer-nim 😀
    Scene between BW & HTK is so sweet yet so cute but HTK has no other choice but have to knock out BW..damn! it looks so cool doing that! but still it looks gentle when he says sorry to BW..LOL!

  145. 145 : rory Says:

    For those who still hesitate to watch this drama..do watch this video by SBStvjobs…u might get hooked^^

    Han Tae Kyung’s Charming Points Ep.1 & 2 [cuts]

  146. 146 : chuna Says:

    @rory : agree with you. I’m screaming too when ham bung soo sneak at lee cha young.
    and of course I like the scene when han tae kyung drink soju. maybe in the future, he gonna drink it again to loose his stress. lol
    thanks to yoon bo won. you make this serious drama to be fresh girl. hahahah. i like it

  147. 147 : princess Says:

    Go…PYC u r unstoppable..I know u r going 2 pull diz off 2 cuz all ur previous dramas were a hit.wish u lots of success in ur singing n acting career… 🙂 x0x0

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  149. 149 : jin Says:

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  150. 150 : annie Says:

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  151. 151 : sweet Says:

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  152. 152 : mic Says:

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  153. 153 : kimmy Says:

    Yoochunnie, and 3 days fighting! The episodes is getting more intense !

  154. 154 : rory Says:

    Badasssss Han Tae Kyung! OMG, that fighting scene is so real yet so scary despite his[yoochun] shoulder injury still he can fights perfectly! His gaze before throwing his punches, gosh! BADASS!

    and that cliffhanger ending is killing me!!
    Please HTK or BW, I hope these two can save and hide Mr.Pres from Chief Ham..I love this episode, it’s like watching the last episode coz one by one their mysteries are revealed!
    What a brilliant plot! Glad that BW is in HTK team and soon CY will help him too I believe..

  155. 155 : rory Says:

    Yes, we all love Bo Won character here..she’s so cheerful yet so brave and the most important is, she believes our hero! And she even take care of him as well, giving him foods and yesterday the M-Limited jacket..auwww that’s sweet 😀

    Anyways, congrats for being no.1 in time slot “3Days”..Fighting!!!

  156. 156 : lee Says:

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  157. 157 : Love Summer Says:

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  158. 158 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMG ! I love so much this drama ! The Script Writer is so genius ! I like the way the story goes with so many flash back but still can be understood by the viewers and connecting the past with the present condition ! 😉

    By the way I also like TK & BW colaboration so much ! I hope they can be real couple in this drama and because I want to see BW makes TK smile & laugh (‘coz he’s always serious here)! hahaha 😀

  159. 159 : Sizaoka Says:

    Let’s spread to the world, guys ! so the drama will get the highest rating in Korea & other countries !
    this 3 DAYS drama is veryyyyyyyyy AWESOME & COOL ! 🙂

  160. 160 : chuna Says:

    @rory, just 5hours, we can see their great team work. I don’t expect romance like in common drama, coz limit time and they have many case to solve. I just expect their chemistry and solid combine to protect the president. and I wanna watch again scene between HTK dan president.
    I hope the president’s scene more for next episode. hehehe.

  161. 161 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka, don’t worry sist, we can see HTK smile in this drama soon..hehehe

    I think, yoon bo won will find the president first. and we will see the great teamwork of TaeBo couple. hehehe. (its just my analisis because of the end preview for next episode. there is person with grey clothes, and person with grey clothes is yoon bo won). sorry if any mistake. hehehe.

    can’t wait for next episode.

  162. 162 : aozora Says:

    @chuna, no. I think, the person who will find president is Han Tae Kyung. I see the preview and its not grey but white. Last week a fan spoted him in hospital with doctor uniform. so, I think he will disguise as a doctor to safe president.

  163. 163 : ochie Says:

    love PYC much more then KSH :))
    gooo gooo 3days.. daebaaakkk!!!!

  164. 164 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna I agree with @aozora . I think HTK will find the President first, because If I see the preview next ep, HTK will disguise again n wear Doctor uniform in the elevator (see the president’ reaction?)

    And I also predict HTK will pretend to bring the president by Ambulance where YBW who actually hides him in somewhere ????.

    Because it’s just too easy to guess & to catch by HBS , if the president is really in Ambulance. Can’t wait for the next ep, kyaaaaaa ! 🙂

  165. 165 : rory Says:

    I think ur guessing is right..HTK will disguise as a doctor this time..Aigoo this HTK, he can be anything in this drama..LOL! multi tasker HTK! I actually even saw some fans sharing HTK with doctor coat & even in ambulance..I actually try my best not to see those spoiler pics but some fans are too excited to share..It’s hard to close my eyes by the way..haha..But it’s a relief that those spoiler didn’t really spoil my excitement..

  166. 166 : rory Says:

    Talking about Chief Ham, I mean Jang Hyun Sung..Since he is so creepy ahjussi here, watching him in Superman The return is the best way to forget his creepiness..haha..I like him in that show & actually salute him portraying as a Chief Ham in 3days..At least he might has a reason why he became like that..That 1998 document/tragedy, it must have been related to Mr.President I believe..can’t wait to know more..This drama seriously makes my brain working so hard..haha..love it^^

  167. 167 : jalin Says:

    3days is the best drama…

  168. 168 : Longan Says:

    Both PYC and PHS put on weight? Their face looks chubby LOL.

    Fighting ya guys 🙂

  169. 169 : rory Says:

    [3days]sexy + cute + action = 한태경 [Han Tae Kyung]
    LOL! SBS is too cute to make this video for Yoochun’s fan^^

  170. 170 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka, @aozora, @rory, I think you’re right. I just realize that preview. glad to see if HTK save the president. honestly, I just got bored of heed and seek the missing of president. 4ep and still 5hours 15minutes.
    I hope next week the scene can improve and solve different case.

  171. 171 : chuna Says:

    but, I still like and enjoy this drama. hehehe

  172. 172 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, actually that 5hours and 15 min is after the shooting. It does not really mean from the first episode .. it was on the second episode.. you will really notice the time is so slow its like in real time clock. But honestly, the episodes were great. Hoping for more revelations. And I want to know who iss behind the yanjinri (if I’m not mistaken) accident

  173. 173 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, ah you’re right. from ep 2.
    I’m also curious who is behind this accident. maybe kim do jin ahjussi?? I don’t know.

    in ep4 I realize that the president didn’t know about assasination. he juat escape with his own will for stop the presecutor and reveal the truth of yang jin ri accident.

  174. 174 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, actually the President knows about the assasination, but he didn’t expect that the killers would used an EMP. I thought the President is really trying to conceal the past, but with their conversion (Dong whi and Han Ki joon) I realized that someone who has higher in rank is responsible for that Yangjinri Accident. But i didn’t know yet why Ham Bung Soo is connected to this incident.

    Oh my, wednesday please come fast. I really love to know all about the story. I can’t help on thinking what will happen next.

  175. 175 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, I was a bit confused if the President really knows about the assasination, but as far as I remembered, He planned to meet his friends (thoe who know about the Confidential 98).

  176. 176 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, haha. I think he didn’t expect about assination and make his bodyguard and ahjussi that disguise as him dead. he just escape for awhile and try to stop 98 accident with his friends. and unfortunately his friens are dead. so, just him that will reveal the truth. (I honestly, I’m a bit confused about the meaning of 1007 sign. first, its mean assasination, and in ep 3 it means seat number). so, event place that president means is event place planned is 1007. event place mean station. and 1007 meam seat number. I don’t thinks so. a bit confused. 😀

    yes, can’t wait for tomorrow.. Three Days!!!

  177. 177 : chuna Says:

    wow. today Three Days made mini press conference again in SBS building.

    can’t wait for tomorrow. we will see bloody scene ambulance. (spoiler from yoon bo won)
    and we will see more character of lee dong hwi as a president. yeee.. finally our president…

  178. 178 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Exciting, suspenseful! I luv it! Can’t wait until next eps.

  179. 179 : jalin Says:

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  180. 180 : chunna Says:

    today is Three Days day. stay tune guys 😀

  181. 181 : lalala Says:

    Ep.3 & Ep.4 is simply amazing! I’m amazed by Yoochun’s performance here. He is excellent in action scenes and the plot is getting better! My heart beats faster while watching it. The suspense is killing me!

    can’t wait for Ep.5 & 6. Unpredictable & brilliant plot. Love all the cast in 3 Days. Everyone showing their perfect acting here too. Good job^^

  182. 182 : Mylene Says:

    Yoochun gained weight in this series, but it fits him!

  183. 183 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yah I think you’re right. The President really doesn’t know about the assasination. That’s why he asked the man (gardener) to be in his place coz he’s going to meet his friends. Unfortunately, all of his friends died esp. Han Tae Kyung’s Father.

    I wish the President could reveal the truth and clear his name including HTK. Fighting 3 Days, every episode is a must seen one. Hope more romantic scenes between HTK and YBW. And Yes, Lee Cha Young knows the truth already so I think she will also help HTK.

  184. 184 : mic Says:

    can’t wait………

  185. 185 : Sizaoka Says:

    just finish watching ep. 5 (streaming without eng sub) and the story just goes so fast (although I don’t understand about korean languange at all, hahaha) !.

    I thought the Blue House would find the president in 3rd (last) day, but in fact they can find him less than 12 hours ???
    So, what is the meaning of the tittle “3 days” ?

    btw I like the part when HTK, YBW & LCY in Investigation room and I also love the scene when BW tries to cheer HTK up in small restaurant ! 😉

    I can’t wait for the next ep 6, BW is in d*ng*r ! :O

  186. 186 : hunee Says:

    I hope this drama picks up, cuz right now, It is booooooring. This drama
    they have to have some kind of romance to spice it up. Do something!!!!! Can’t even tell whos the good guy, everybody is bad.

  187. 187 : rory Says:

    Ep.5 is seriously shocking me! I can’t believe that they killed off Chief ham character..This is so unpredictable! Eventhough I’m pretty sure it will have a lot of flashback scenes with Chief Ham later on but still I feel a bit sad..No, I actually crying at that scene..I feel poor for chief Ham and HTK but I think he has a reason being like that..This show makes me don’t really care about romance part coz the plot is interesting enough to get me hook on! Amazing plot! Amazing acting! thumbs up!

  188. 188 : kimmy Says:

    @hunee, if you want romance then watch cunning single lady instead. A good drama is not always a romantic drama, but it has a plot which is very interesting. Maybe in your case, you just like romantic or comedy , so I guess it’s not right to say this drama is booring coz definitely it’s not.

    You just wait coz there will be romance between YWB and HTK as the story progresses. I read it from the article.

  189. 189 : chuna Says:

    wow. ep 5 and 6 are amazing.
    I like the fighting scene between HTK and Chief Ham. and honestly, I cryed when chief Ham dead. why so early?? poor him because of his painful memory and hi just take advantages from someone else (I think Kim Do Jin ahjussi). 🙁
    when an evil lose, we will see another evil again. hoel~. what the~

    and if course I like the scene when bo won taking care of HTK to soju bar. first I think HTK will drink it, but no. 🙁 and of course uri Bo wonnie, still watch him in outside. honestly, I just bored when I watch the scene between HTK and YBW, there is no romantic scene like in common drama. but, this is writer-nim style. uncommon relationship. its so early for that, and we don’t know what will writer-nim do for that couple. kekekeke~
    so far, I enjoy how TaeBo great team work. understand each other (especially when they know with just eye contact ♡), and I like how bo won feels when she looks HTK’s sad. I thinks, YBW are like his friend, his mom, his partner, and his lover (?). hehehe.

    and of course, we can see uri tae kyungie give her feedback of taking care yoon bo won. we can see in hospital scene. so sweet. I think. heheh

  190. 190 : chuna Says:

    owh.. what the hell. is LCY another evil?? why she point the gun in front of HTK??
    whatch this drama make me think, ‘don’t trust anybody’.
    I hope no. LCY must help uri bodyguard oppa. and by his side like in previous episode.

  191. 191 : kimmy Says:

    I can feel Yoon Bo Won’s stare at Han Tae Kyung. PLease reveal the romance as soon as possible. But our Tae Kyug really is a serious guy, hope he would fall in love with Bo Won. 🙂

  192. 192 : grace Says:

    just finish ep 6. there is TaeBo couple scene. a few but so precious and sweet. first, thanks to cute car key, because of it YBW save. second, when HTK said, ‘so, don’t die’. I know what he means, cos of she is the last witness who still life. but, nobody know HTK feels. hahahaha

    and I think, lee cha young is still by HTK’s side. she just come to kwon yoon jae apartment and found HTK there. maybe, he will not suspect again. everyone already know. and they still search who is the person behind all of this.

    can’t wait for next episode.

  193. 193 : grace Says:

    can somebody tell me, when did yoon bo won get HTK’s phone number?
    very curious because of YBW just give address card to HTK in ep 1 and they never called each other before. and when they meet, There is EMP. and in ep 6 YBW give voice mail to HTK.

    forget it. its not really important. hahahaha.

  194. 194 : grace Says:

    @grace, I don’t care about it. maybe, HTK give phone number to her after they finish that case. they separated for a while and HTK give phone number for call him if any info. heheheh.

    do you know guys, han tae kyung is so cute bodyguard. we can see so many chunface instead of Han Tae Kyung characters. lol~

  195. 195 : kimmy Says:

    Episode 6 is really very good! I really can’t imagine Kim do Jin will hire someone to kill the witnesses about the assasination and eventually kill chairman kwon.

    Such an interesting episode. Hope Lee Cha Young will not suspect Han Tae Kyung anymore. But i was curious, did HTK didn’t know there were killers who arrived at the same time with him at chairman Kwon’s house?

  196. 196 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I think he know when he arrived at kwon jae yeon appartment. but can’t catch the murderer.
    I think lee cha young is X-man here. she is bit clumsy in ep 6. hope she’s not another evil.

    honestly, I like kim do jin here. calm and misterious smile. kekekekke~

    and honestly, I’m a bit worried about our last witness, and I hope its not true. please writer nim, don’t make our lead die in the end of drama.

    in sign, there are lead male who died. and I don’t wanna that happen again in this drama.
    han tae kyung, yoon bo won, and lee dong hwi, please stay alive untill the end.

  197. 197 : kimmy Says:

    So excited for the next episode. One thing I noticed with the drama, why does the writer already exposes the villains. Haha in other dramas, they always find the culprit in the last episodes or before that but here you will really know right away.

    I bet there is something more in here, urghhh. Han tae kyung is so busy finding for justice how will he make a romantic episode with Bo Won? I really do think bo won has feelings for Tae kyung. I really love her character.

    Overall, I love the6th episode. 1 week to wait 🙁

  198. 198 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes you’re right. han tae kyung is busy.
    I think, yoon bo won will fall in love with him first. but, I don’t know Han Tae Kyung will realize that or not. if we watch scene of them, only yoon bo won has meaning eyes when she looks han tae kyung. but, I didn’t find it in han tae kyung eyes. I hope han tae kyung will realize that soon like in Gummy’s song that there is person always in his side (yoon bo won)

  199. 199 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna I agree with you. I think if the main evils are already arrested (HTK’s not busy anymore), “maybe” there will be any romantic scene between HTK & YBW. I just want to hear HTK says “gomawo” to YBW for helping him (solve the case) from the 1st episode until now. hehehe ;p

    And OMG ! there are so many present scenes which are connected to the previous episodes ! like when YBW climbed the telephone pole (ep.1), I didn’t really put attention if there is any “manufacture name” (Force One) under on the EMP box.

    Even, the cute car key of YBW which was shown in ep 3 (CMIIW) will become an important thing in ep. 6 !
    Now, I really concentrate about the small detail, maybe it will become another important thing again like previous episode.

  200. 200 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna & Sizaoka. Haha, yeh I agree with the 2 of you. During the Press con, park ha sun said that sometimes she’s like a friend, a lover and a mom to HTK. Bo won stares really speaks some kind of affection to Tae Kyung but as you said Tae Kyung is really focused on his work as a bodyguard and of course he wants to find the truth behind his father’s death.

    If all the villains will be arrested in ep.7 then what will happen to the rest of episodes? In ep.7 preview, I saw han tae kyung pointing a gun towards Kim Do Jin, is he going to kill him coz he knew he was behind the assasination?

    I really pity Ham Bong Soo and the other bodyguard, they were fooled by the high officials 🙁

    This drama is really making me feel like a detective haha ! I really enjoyed this drama esp. my favorite actor is on the lead. But please Yoochunnie, i mean Han Tae Kyung i hope you acknowledge Bo Won’s presence somehow. Haha, love <3, love <3…

  201. 201 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka, yes, I thought that small scene very connected and important for next scene.
    1. when grandmother who played card with yoon bo won in ep1, they give information about box car.
    2. force one.
    3. cute car key too. first I think that funny scene and maybe the sriptwriter didn’t know what will she write again in her serious story and put that scene (when YBW throw her car key to HTK) in order to make fresh scene. but in ep 6 we can see what its meaning. hahaha. when I see that, I just said ‘ah..’ with keep nodding. 😀

    I also wanna he says thanks instead of sorry to yoon bo won.
    from ep 1 we can see yoom bo won did a great and important part, she is only person who came first at his father car accident. she saw confidential 98, she saw EMP with her own eyes. and don’t forget that she is the only person who can feel HTK’s feels. we can see of her first sight for HTK in funeral.

  202. 202 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, maybe we can see the twist again in ep 7 or 8. coz, we don’t know what the scripwriter do for the villains and leads. hehehe.

    yeah, I already feel that yoon bo won is his friend, mom, and partner. but for lover, I don’t know. hehehe. maybe, we can see that in future episode. and I also want HTK open his heart to Yoon Bo Won.
    but, I don’t expect to much for romance like in common drama, like kiss scene. coz, its not writer-nim’s style. hehehe. maybe, just hug from YBW or HTK, I hope that will be. kekekeke~

  203. 203 : rory Says:

    @chuna @kimmy @sizaoka and all 3Days fans..

    TQ for the great thoughts/comments guys..I enjoyed reading it..True, this drama, u have to concerned all parts, coz u will never expect that some small part is actually very important to solve the mystery. So I re-watched all episodes today..I’m not sure if u guys noticed about the Jaesin’s truck in ep.1&2 & Jaesin’s hotel in ep.5 which those are related to chaebol Kim Do Jin..Is he the real mastermind? As we can see on preview of ep.7 that HTK is pointed his gun to KDJ..
    But I actually have uneasy feeling towards LCY..I think she has her own agenda too especially if u watch Ep.6 closely, I don’t understand why she shouted HTK’s name in the middle of his fighting with suspect and her eyes looks suspicious too.
    But no matter what please don’t let Bo Won being one of them too..HTK is too poor already after missing his dad, killed his mentor and also his guard partner.

    BTW, I love how HTK said this to BW:

    “So don’t you die”

    If they can’t be a lovey dovey couple, it’s enough for me to see their great chemistry as a partner to solve the case..TaeBo fighting!!! 😀

  204. 204 : rory Says:

    For those who haven’t watched this vid..This is from SBStvJob..Love all their vids, sometimes it looks like a fan made coz it’s too cute n funny^^

    ‘Three Days’ Making Film – Park Yoochun, a bit embarrassed about bodyguard training?


    For YC’s next project I really hope to see him & Jang Hyun Sung working together again..love their chemistry in 3 Days even though it’s bittersweet..

  205. 205 : chuna Says:

    @rory, I think LCY has own reason why she looks clumsy and looks X-man in ep 6. first, she opens the door when HTK ask agent Hwang in interogation room. second, she doesn’t call 119 when agent Hwang was stabed by knife. third, she calls HTK name when HTK fight with the culprit. and last she looks a bit clumsy when she shoots a gun to the culprit.
    over all, I think LCY know that YBW is died so she doesn’t want HTK take revenge on that culprit with kill him. unfortunately, the culprit take advantages to escape.
    and for she doesn’t call ambulance cos of she is so surprised with that accident, we can see she looks blank and shock.

  206. 206 : chuna Says:

    park yoochun interview from single magazine
    Q : I have heard that there is no romance in writer Kim Eun Hee works?
    yoochun : I wonder..I don’t know. since it is a work that I have decided to do without even thinking about the romance from the start. so personally, I feel no regret. but not too long ago, writer-nim come out to the shooting set for awhile and ask me about the romance part. however, there is still a lot Tae Kyung has to work out for now. so I don’t know how the story unravel in the future.

    hmm..from that interview, it has two meaning, there is or there isn’t. and I think most possible is there isn’t. feel a bit regret for me, but I still support this drama till the end. hope writer-nim knowladge our yoochun fans. hahahah

  207. 207 : kimmy Says:

    Haha, I’m just enjoying a conversation with you guys by way of having comments. It’s so good to know that this drama is really making us feel were detectives in our own way.

    I have a feeling that the next episode would be a flashback about HTK when he was young, let’s get ready for the melodrama part, I guess. I’m really super duper sad that we only have 10 episodes remaining 🙁 Im going to miss Yoochunnie then.

    Well, LCY is really that clumsy and at the time when she was catching the culprit, she supposed to shot the wheel so that the culprit cannot escape like what Ham Bong Soo did to HTK. But of course, she doesn’t have the same ability with HBS. So i think it’s not good to say she’s another accomplice. Maybe her character is just weak? not so, as a SWAT team agent. But I really love her character except to the point where she refused to side with Han Tae Kyung during the 2nd episode.

  208. 208 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes agree with you. maybe, this is his last drama before he’s going to military. and of course, we must wait him in drama agaim about 2-3years. so sad :”((
    but, I’m satisfied of this drama enough. and I will never bored to watch again this drama in future.

  209. 209 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yeh we’re going to bid farewell to Yoochun soon. But he has a new movie but I doubt if im going to watch becoz the producer says there are lots of bed scenes. I guess I can’t live with it haha, OA.

    Anyways, 2 to 3 years is very long but Im still on my college days, maybe after his military enlistment Im going to have work already and therefore I can send myself to korea, haha and got to see Yoochun for real.

    Omo, wednesday please come so soon, my soul is thirsting for every episode. Haha, I cant stop on thinking what will happen next. Sigh.

  210. 210 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I’m still waiting for his movie. though there are bed scene, but I trust director and park yoochun. I heard that they are discussion first about this. and I hope that scene not very hot and exposure scene. seems like I can’t watch that and I will cry to watch that..’my oppa…’ :”((

    Me too. 2-3 years maybe I will work or get merried. I don’t know still like him or not. maybe, for his comeback drama, I still watch it. I never missed of his drama except miss ripley. honestly, I dislike that drama.

    yeah… wed-thu days seems like precious day to us. please come fast….

  211. 211 : rory Says:

    Thanx for sharing “Park Yoochun interview from “Singles” magazine..I always love reading his interview, honest and sometimes witty^^
    As I said before, I’m not really into romance part coz I do feel this drama is too short to insert that romance elements but what I can say I enjoyed our brainy HTK, love our sweet & smart BW and looking forward LCY’s life coz I have instinct that there’s something about her and also not forget the ahjussi team..Everyone has their own identity & character which makes this drama so unique and interesting to watch..But if writer-nim decides to put lovey dovey part, I will glad to looking forward as long as it won’t ruin the plot 😀

  212. 212 : rory Says:

    Actually it’s been a long time for me to be active like this..Last drama that enjoyed to share thoughts/comments is “Secret”..That was my favourite drama for 2013^^
    So I guess, I prefer heavy drama, it seems so much enjoyable to comment and share our thoughts..But I enjoyed watching rom com dramas too likes Emergency Couple, Reply 1994, You Who Came From The Star etc…

    I really think time flies so fast, only 10eps remaining and this might be his last drama..huhu..I will miss him as an actor for sure..

    @Chuna, same here..I actually looking forward to Sea Fog..I’m not into heavy romance though but I want to see him as a seaman this time..How will he pull that character, it must be interesting to watch..

    Have u guys watched his taekwondo filming in front of his fans? I know that he learned taekwondo since young but he looks pretty good doing flying kick..Smooth and sharp..Just wow!
    He really works so hard for this drama..amazed to see his effort..Salute!

  213. 213 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, I have also read an article last march10, it says that “there will be romances between the actors and actresses as the story progress” but contrary to that we have yoochun’s interview in Singles, but I guess there is, not really that so romantic but maybe sweet moves will do. Anyways, I really love the drama though im not a fan of action dramas before but bcoz of Yoochun and the story itself, I was already hooked.

    Sea fog is going to be released on August. How long will I wait then to have a soft copy of it? I will really miss Yoochun after this drama. I was able to watch all his drama exp. Also Miss ripley but actually I have a copy of it now, I was planning to watch if I’m going to miss Yoochun then. Haha.

  214. 214 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, actually its my first time to be active in this drama reviews. Haha I was already a fan of korean drama long before but I actually started to become addicted to kdrama bcoz of Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince and after that Missing you. Then I watch Sungkyunkwan and it really makes me fall in love him more and now with action drama, I was more addicted to him. I was hoping to watch Miss ripley soon bcoz he has the most handsome face there in that drama.

    Yah, I had already watched the video were he was filming a taekwondo, he really is super hardworking despite his injury. I really envy those fans who saw him personally bcoz sadly I have not seen him in personal. Omo, I want to work hard so that I can go to korea and stalk to yoochun all the way. Haha

  215. 215 : chuna Says:

    @rory, I didn’t watch it yet. hehehe. I will wait when the scene comes out.

    @kimmy, first I trust the production team that there will be romance between HTK and YBW before. but, I wonder after watch every episode there are not romance part that we expected. actually there are some TaeBo moment every episode. yeah, I’m satisfied enough with this.

    agree with rory, this drama just 16 ep and 9days. and its imposible to build love line between them. HTK has many case to solve.
    I hope so that writer-nim thinking again to create love story between them.
    I feel a bit disappointed when the ost is released and if I hear and read the meaning, all of that ost have love meaning between HTK and YBW. but, till 6ep, just ‘It’s You’ is released. and Gummy’s song just the instrument when bo won cheered up han tae kyung in soju bar. and I didn’t hear the song from shin young jae yet.

    I think I’m gonna miss this guy to death. hahahah. this year maybe will be unforgetable for me. his comebacks are this year. for drama and JYJ of course. I really miss him sings a song in the MV and stage.

  216. 216 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yeh there are already 4 ost songs and the songs really are inspired by love. But I don’t know if to whom the song is dedicated too, I guess for his dad since there are less romantic scenes. But actually its ok to have less romantic scenes as long as they both show great team up in solving the case.

    Have you guys fell broken hearted on their background music? Sometimes the music is fast and sometimes its melow? Everytime I hear that music, my heart really aches I can feel the sadness and the intense of the drama bcoz of that music. Ex. I was curious if you feel the same with me guys.

  217. 217 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I like ost three days from Eunji, Gummy, and shin young jae. I ever wanted 4men can participate in yoochun drama, and finally, shin young jae from 4men sing a song for Three Days. hope the song release to this drama. I hope in ep 7 or 8. hehehe.

    I hope, Three Days can add 1 or 2 ep like man from the star and master sun. I don’t wanna Three Days just going with 16ep. still wanna yoochun in drama… 2 month is soo fasttt I think.

  218. 218 : rory Says:

    @chuna & @kimmy
    I hope both of u can make time to watch Miss Ripley later..I know some fans less interested with it but for me it’s such an interesting and different Kdrama..Not my favourite though but I loved how they changed YC’s character from sweet innocent chaebol to serious look after Ep.10 and his hairstyle suits him better too..

    I actually don’t understand why they rarely using the OST though we have 4 OST already, I only heard Eun Ji’s song in Ep.2 when HTK visits his dad car crashed..Yes, all 4 OST are melo so far, even the lyrics sounds love but I like it..Hope for the next OST, we can have some fast beat music^^

    Chuna, it’s still early maybe for them to decide whether to extend another episode or not..But yes I want more episodes if they will keep the fast pace & interesting plot but no for dragging story please..

    I checked the synopsis again, I think the 1st chapter of 3 Days [The Beginning of the War] will end this week..Then we gonna see the 2nd Chapter later on [The Final Match] before we go to the Chapter 3 [The Judgement]..This is what I understand from the synopsis..Really can’t help to think about this drama everyday..What’s next..who’s next..etc..etc..

  219. 219 : chuna Says:

    @rory, actually, I was trying to watch miss ripley, but didn’t finish till the end. I don’t know why. personally, I didn’t like lead female. hehehe. sorry~

    yes, agree with you. some beat song will match for this drama.

    haha. this is just my hope coz of this is may his last drama before military. so, I Wanna some ep more for Three days.

    part I ended in ep 5. and ep 6 start for part II.

  220. 220 : rory Says:

    Part 1 ended in ep.5? But is says 30hours and 20 minutes after sniping at the end of ep.5..
    And ending of ep.6 says, 57 hours and 20 minutes after sniping..
    So that’s why I predict chapter 1 will be end on ep.7 or 8 😀

  221. 221 : chuna Says:

    @rory, I calculate 3days from 5 to 7 march. and it start before sniping. as like as the chapter, I think the begining of the war end with chief Ham is dead, and mr president safe.
    honestly I still a bit confused about this drama. cos of, this is not actually 3days but 9days. so, I don’t know when does the chapter I end, and chapter II start.

  222. 222 : mic Says:

    I like HTK… I like PYC

  223. 223 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, don’t worry Im going to watch Miss Ripley soon. Of course I can’t afford not to watch my favorite actors dramas. Actually after Missing you i was planning to watch it, I have already downloaded all episodes but the news had come when I knew he’s doing another drama, I said to myself Im going to keep it till next time when Yoochun’s new drama ends. Haha.

    Back to the real thing, there are reviews that suggests that Chapter 1 ended with episode5. and that episode 6 is the start of chapter 2 I guess or maybe chap.7. The 1st chapter wc is prelude begins on episode 2 (march 5) and if it is around 3 days then it will on march 7 (episode 5). Chapter 2 (Showdown) begins on chap.6 (march 8).

    Actually they could have titled the drama “9 Days” instead, but actually the highlight of the drama is really “3 days” and it is shown in every chapter. I really hope episode 7 will air soon. Im really looking forward to it.

    @chuna, I actually love the ost sang by Shin Yong Jae “Love You, Erase You, Crying Again” but I think it’s dedicated to HTK’s dad.. Not for romantic purposes haha.

    I just figured out recently that the one who killed colonel Yang in their house was the same person who killed Agent Hwang, as noticed, they both died with the same incident, their throat(neck) was stubbed. Poor people. tsk3..

    Wednesday is 2 days to go, Im really excited to see our Bodyguard again and at the same time feels sad bcoz as the drama progresses, it really means it will end so soon 🙁

  224. 224 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, hahaha. I also wait wednesday..
    looking forward meeting scene between HTK and KDJ. and we can see fighting scene. hehehe

  225. 225 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy @chuna @rory I also enjoy reading your comments ;). (usually I’m a silent reader here, but because of 3days I become active).
    Well, actually I’m a fans of action & crime drama like Sherlock Holmes (BBC) & CSI, so I am not really hopeful if there is any romance in this drama, but if there is, It’s more interesting of course !. (btw, I also love the scene when BW & HTK in hospital)

    And I really hope if BW will collaborate again with HTK to find the original Confidential ’98 in the next episode.
    Did I ever tell you ? that I love the backsound, it’s just very suitable to the scene. (sometimes I fell like watching Saeguk drama, but in modern version). hehehe ;p.

    What I’m dissapointed about this drama is that all the PSS, police, assasin in this drama cann’t do anything without a gun ! Oh please, you must have been trained to do martial art and to paralyzed a gun. -__-”

    Well, beside reading comments here, I also reading comments in “Dramabeans” website, there are so many 3days fans who also speculated about its case. 😉

    (sorry, for out of topic) hehehe ;p

  226. 226 : rory Says:

    @kimmy @chuna
    I’m scratching my head about 3 days for Chapter 1 is ended?haha..never mind, I guess we will get the answer this week..

    Hi!! err can I say that I love ur name?sounds Japanese^^

    I agree about PSS, police, assassin in this drama can’t do anything without a gun..Seems like only our HTK can do martial arts well..haha..So obvious since he is the hero..I really can’t wait for the taekwondo/martial art scene though. Glad that he’s still has that skill..

    Oh yes, I love the BGM and still wondering for the ending OST..anyone knows who sang that song?

    TBH, before this I really hate “Dramabeans” coz I will find no joy anymore after reading beanies’ comments but lately I love it to read and drops comments too..It happens from last year maybe, trying to be positive and open minded in every criticizes..But I found a bit sad, seems not many readers/viewers were interested in this drama and one of the famous reason is, lack of romance part..but I understand, serious drama is usually will get less attention..we can see the no. of FB like, it’s pretty low compare to YC’s previous dramas..But I dare to say, if the writernim can keep the thrills and action elements till the last eps & even managed to slot light romance scene too, this gonna be the best project of PYC..Coz so far I am so liking it to bits even without romance part^^

  227. 227 : chuna Says:

    @rory, don’t worry. cos of this is uncommon genre, I understand enough if not many people like this.
    there are positive and negative preview about this drama. and I’m trust that most of people has positive preview about 3days.
    talk about viewer and korean rating, I’m satisfied enough with this rating. from 1-6ep 3days keep maintance with 2digit and of course we can’t compare that to the previous drama (have romance and comedy genre) ratings.

    for me, I don’t care about negative talk about this drama. first I read that yoochun will make comeback in small screen I’m really happy and impolite to watch him again in drama. so, I don’t have any regret of his decision to choose this drama. I ever read an article before that Yoochun wanna act in action genre, and thankfully his hope comes true.
    I trust about his choice. he’s smart actors who can choose good drama that suit for him or chalenge for him. he must think much the risk to choose this drama. so, don’t need to worry anymore or sad about negative opinion. just enjoy the drama. can’t wait for taekwondo scene. I haven’t watched fancam or BTS of that scene. so, I’m really curious.

    yeyyy..finally, wednesday is tomorrow..

  228. 228 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka, hahaha. honestly, I’m silent reader too. and maybe this is first time for me to write comment here. 😀

    I think so. writer-nim maybe is fans of sherlock and harry potter. hehehe. if I read the recap from Roweina, I just realize some scene that has similarity with harry potter. hehehe.

    I like BW too. like I said before that she is fresh cast around the serious cast in this drama. and smart too.
    I think we will see their great team work again. BW has ribs fracture, so HTK must protect her so much and more take care of her condition. cos, I don’t think her painfull will heal fast in somedays.

  229. 229 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @chuna @sizaoka

    Finally it’s Wednesday tomorrow! Sigh.

    Actually, I agree that only who idolize Park Yoochun and to those who love action-triller or suspense can find time watching this drama. Most famous drama are always with a romatic part bcoz we all know all people can relate too. But somehow, I’m really proud of Yoochun bcoz he had tried another level of character. To be honest, I’m not really addict to kdramas, I’m only addict to Yoochun. It seems like I always find time besides my busy schedule just for Yoochun alone.

    I think all really criticize the PSS Agents, they really can’t protect the President as much as Han tae kyung. But we know this is only drama, and that HTK is the highlight part. Haha. I have already accepted the negative comments but glad that there are more people who love this drama.

    Actually I also follow.comments in dramabeans.

  230. 230 : chunna Says:

    @kimmy, yes. I’m fan of Yoochun. of course I always wait for his return in JYJ or drama. hehehe.
    but, I like K-drama too, but not all. honestly, I look for the cast first beside the story. If I like the cast, so I will watch it. hehhehe.

  231. 231 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yeh I also like kdrama but I’m not really addicted to it. Even though the story is so nice like YCFTS, but really I can’t make myself satisfy. Maybe its only Yoochun’s act that makes me satisfy at all ^_^

  232. 232 : kimmy Says:

    Urggghh I’m already excited for tomorrow’s episode. Will HTK finally achieve his goal towards Kim do Jin? Or will tomorrow’s episode will show us flashback scenes such as those taekwondo filming. I hope there will be a sweet moment again between TK and BW haha bcoz BW is still not ok so maybe TK can guard him, ryt? Haha. hopeful ^_^

  233. 233 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I hope so. I hope to watch taekwondo scene.

  234. 234 : kimmy Says:

    Han Tae Kyung ! I can’t wait anymore. Haha #3Days daebak !

  235. 235 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, be patient sist..hehehe
    wednesday already tomorrow.
    I hope there is twist again. hahahaa.

  236. 236 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMG ! 3 days is not in “Popular Now” list again !!! :O

  237. 237 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka, don’t worry. as long as we still comment here and make this forum active, I think its enough. heheheh.
    maybe, after Three Days air again tonight and tomorrow, maybe it will most popular again.

  238. 238 : kimmy Says:

    Yes I also noticed let’s comment fast so that it will be on the popular list. I just figured it out tonight that its not in the popular now list

  239. 239 : kimmy Says:

    Comment more so that it will be on the popular list haha sorry guys

  240. 240 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna @sizaoka @rory

    After we watch episode 7 tonight or tomorrow let’s have a discussion here so that it will be on the popular now list again. Haha anyways 3 days fighting!!!!

  241. 241 : chuna Says:

    @all. hahaha oke. ‘lets meets on 26 march, till then you must be safe.’ lol~

  242. 242 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, your words are too frightening. I remember that Pres Dong Whi said to his friends and all of them died except the pres. Himself haha

  243. 243 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMO OMO OMO ! just finished watching ep 7 by streaming… finally HTK fights with the “Dragon Tatoo” Assasin man to man. He’s so damn cool ! but unfortunately scene where he wears Taekwondo uniform is just at a glance. 🙁
    btw this ep is full thriller, no romance at all ! hahaha XD.
    in preview ep 8, YBW seems in danger again. ;(
    now wait for the sub, hurry hurry for the cyberspace translators ! hehehe ;p

  244. 244 : kimmy Says:

    @Sizaoka, i so envy you I haven’t watch episode 7 yet bcoz our internet connection is so slow. Im going to wait until tomorrow so that i will download it.. Really? the episode is great? haha i hope ep.8 has some sort of romance as you said since Bo won is in danger. haha

  245. 245 : chuna Says:

    yes. no TaeBo moment at all. a bit sad. but, I Like the heavy scene.
    but, I don’t know what that means. just wait for eng sub and I will download it.

    @kimmy, hahaha. I’m inspired from that scene. but, its just kiding guys. lets meet and discuss again after I watch the eng sub. hehehe

  246. 246 : Linh Says:

    Pyc is so cute in taekwondo uniform

  247. 247 : Linh Says:

    Pyc is so cute in taekwondo uniform. I like it and cant wait vietsub

  248. 248 : Yu Says:

    @rory, Do you know by any chance what’s the name of the song playing in the backround around 9:20 in Ep. 6? I really like the instrumental but I can’t find it anywhere!

  249. 249 : miricia Says:

    Sometimes, we all need this kind of drama. Almost all korean drama is full of romance and this is one of a few korean drama that focus on action scenes. I’m happy that chun take on this drama because its really osm! Just hoping that his injury doesnt get worse..

  250. 250 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, we’ll comment later. I haven’t watched yet episode 7 with eng sub. Haha i have no idea what were they talking about in some scenes.

    Ratings please soar high ! 3 days fighting!

  251. 251 : Icha Says:

    Still wait for the next episode ^^

  252. 252 : Mikai Says:

    3 days fighting! Now watching episode 7!! Full of thrills & excitements! Daebak!!!

  253. 253 : lalala Says:

    Oh, rating went down a bit but I really love Ep.7.
    What a super intense fighting scene and suddenly get emotional at the soju scene. HBS n HTK could be the best bromance if HBS is still alive. Poor HTK, he really needs someone to stay by his side *coughBOWONcough*

  254. 254 : Lysha Says:

    I think YBW has known HTK before this case or maybe she like him for a long time, its intersting…

  255. 255 : Sizaoka Says:

    @lalala LoL…with your comment *coughBOWONcough* ! XD

    I think next episode (8), there will be Taebo moment again, maybe HTK will save Bowon again ;). Btw, I like Bowon, she is so smart and she thinks & acts like a real detective. Waiting for scene HTK fights gun with the killers.

  256. 256 : kimmy Says:

    haha yah, during the investigation the person asked Bo Won if she knew HTK before the funeral. And that time he asked for a leave. So meaning, Bo Won has already known HTK for so long and maybe had a crush on him. I guess. Oh em, Im going to wait for the succeeding episodes bcoz I already feel the romance but not that really.

    I think there will be a big break for HTK in finding evidence since the Confidential 1998 is burned. So maybe we hope for another “TaeBo” moment again? Pls writer Kim-Eun Hee? Haha..

  257. 257 : haryor Says:

    i dont know wots wrong with k movie fans.Action and thriller movies recieve less comment than all those melodrama and romance movies which sucks most time.Whereas more money and resources are being spent on thus thriller movies.Imagine, the Heirs was awarded 2013 movie award ,where we ave other movies far better than it

  258. 258 : rory Says:

    @Sizaoka and 3D fans..
    Now let’s face it that 3Days is not really famous here..haha..but let’s enjoy the show coz this is one of the crack drama for this year..A must see! Intense, thrills and full of suspense..Just hope it will keep till the last episode^^

    ur words OMG! so creepy but actually funny! I like it..
    okay girls ‘lets meet every Wed & Thurs from 5 March – 24 April…till then you must be safe.’ But it’s better to meet everyday here..LOLOLOL!!!

    Is it this one? “Czech National Symphony Orchestra recording instrumental OST for ‘Three Days”

  259. 259 : haryor Says:

    3days is a very interesting and most watch movie

  260. 260 : rory Says:

    Ep.7 is so good..the fighting scene in the elevator is indeed epic! woah!! fast and sharp! but the soju scene with Chief Ham seriously touched my heart..Aigoo, just look at HTK eyes already broke my heart..That expressive eyes, no words needed! Can’t wait for tonight to know what will HTK answers to Mr.Pres..

    It’s okay, I believe sooner or later they will appreciate this drama..It is normal that rom com gets more popularity..Let’s wish for the success too to 3 days!

  261. 261 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, 3 Days fighting! Now watching Episode 8 and Yoochun looks so handsome tonight. He made my day… Love you Han Tae Kyung (O.A comment)..

  262. 262 : kimmy Says:

    I really can’t believe Chief Shin killed Chairman Kwon. I thought he was a good person, tsk3.. but he turned out to be also worse.

  263. 263 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, it’s a bit crazy but Kim Do jin looks so attractive. Haha aside from his age, he really do look attractive but of course Han Tae Kyung will be forever my love <3

  264. 264 : kimmy Says:

    Guys, I just want to say I am a content creator of this fan page for ‘3 Days’. Sadly my other co-admins are so lazy on posting about 3 days that’s why I had a hard time doing things/post alone. Can you please like this page guys?



  265. 265 : Mikai Says:

    Breathtaking car chasing ! 3 days! Yoochunnie!

  266. 266 : kimmy Says:

    OMG, it’s 2 vs many. Please take care my Han Tae Kyung!

  267. 267 : rory Says:

    Ep.8 indeed a breathtaking episode!!! Awesome man!!!

    Just opened ur fan page and guess what? I actually already like ur page before u asked to..hehe

  268. 268 : kimmy Says:

    Waiting for Eng sub tomorrow. Omo, we only have 8 episodes left? Kim Eun-Hee aren’t you going to show some romantic moments between our HTK ang YBW? Im dying to wait for that moment just a few minutes will do. But of course, nothing beats the suspense/actions/thriller this drama could offer.

    I’m already satisfied with the ratings bcoz as much as its a new genre this drama beats out other 2 dramas which has romance as their genre.

  269. 269 : Sizaoka Says:

    ep 8 is OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! *speachless….. especially for the ending ! Walaaaa…. :O

    as I thought, there must be a new character here ! (I think he’s pretty handsome for his age)
    finally, there is Taebo moment again ! yipieeee….. \(n_n)/ (although not so sweet as previous episode). YBW can give HTK a clue to solve the case !

    @kimmy … Oh it’s you who make the page ?. I already liked it before you ask it. hehehe ;p btw, nice page ! I check your FB page everyday ! 😉

  270. 270 : kimmy Says:

    @Sizaoka, haha nope I’m not the one who made the page, Im just a co-admin but it’s like I’m only the one posting maybe others admin haven’t watch it yet. Haha. Just excuse my post coz im not that very professional anyways, if the posts aren’t about 3 days then maybe other admins are the one who is posting in the page. Haha

  271. 271 : kimmy Says:

    @Sizaoka, yah i saw that “TaeBo moment” but just for a short while. Finally, Park ha Sun’s changed her outfit in this weeks episode bcoz I always saw her wearing the police uniform but now that she’s suspended she wore normal clothes and does she looks pretty 😀

  272. 272 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @sizaoka Thank you very much chingus. !!! For the love of Yoochun will support him all the way. By the way, im just a co-creator, not the manager of the page 😀

  273. 273 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, aside from that “Czech National Orchestra” something do you know also where to find the other background music? the melo one? Everytime HTK remembers sad events like his father died and also at scenes where he remembers HBS? That BM really makes my heart-aches 🙁 Do you by any chance know about it?

  274. 274 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Just what I predicted, 3 Days will not be as much popular as Master’s Sun, The Heirs and TMWCFTS. But still FIGHTING!

  275. 275 : rory Says:

    Oh, me love that song too..trying to find but didn’t found it..That BGM is so sad right..Match with the scene especially for HTK & Chief ham moments..Auw…so so sad..I can feel his feeling everytime they played this song, losing his father & missing his mentor 🙁 🙁 🙁
    whoever knows about that BGM, please do share here okay..tq^^

  276. 276 : rory Says:

    @kimmy [262]
    I actually not really surprised about Chief Shin but I think he’s also being a dog to someone..But tonight episode seriously like a final epi..But still scary to see HTK now is with KDJ’s minions..darn that cliffhanger ending! need to wait another week to watch..So remember ya, please be save till the last epi 😆

  277. 277 : chuna Says:

    sorry guys. I’m very late. hehehe. so busy today. and I have finished ep 7 with eng sub.
    firstly, I dislike this episode cos of its really heavy and no TaeBo moment. wkwkwk.
    but, after watch with engsub, I really like this episode the most. hahahaha.
    here my thought for this ep :
    1. I’m really impressed of elevator fight scene. HTK, you are COOL!!!
    2. I never hate when Park yoochun cry. of course he’s human and a man, but is it wrong if he cry? haahaha. so touchable scene when he is crying.
    3. ehmm.. I didn’t surprise at all when Chief Shin not kind person. hahaha. but, I think he has own reason, his target not to kill president like Kim Do Jin cs. but, his willing is politics. but, I’m still waiting about his character and own goal next episode.
    4. anybody here who really like the scene between HTK and Chief Ham in soju bar? yes, I really like this episode the most. although he shoot the gun to Chief Ham, but he already know that Chief Ham is kind person he just took advantages from Kwon Jae Hyun. till now, HTK still respect from Chief ham and imagined that chief Ham give support for HTK. honestly, I wanna that person is Bo Won. Hahahaha
    5. really psyco and calm Kim Do Jin. He really enjoy the report like listening music. Crazy!!
    6. and of course don’t forget conversation between HTK and president. so meaning and we already know the president’s reason for doing this.
    I think, question for ep1-8 answer in this ending. and I realize that chapter 1 finished in this episode. hahahah. sorry for my mistake before.
    can’t wait for ep 8 with engsub.

  278. 278 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. I just finished read all your comment guys. huftt, I’m really late. but, nevermind. heheheh

    like HTK said, ‘my head messed after my father died’.
    he need to solve this case soon so he can rest well.
    although we really wanna romance between HTK and YBW, we can’t get it. and I think, YBW will realize her feeling toward him. and untill the case is solved, maybe HTK doesn’t know yet. like he said before in interview for single magazine, HTK has many case to solve first.

  279. 279 : kimmy Says:

    @RORY, i wanna really know that BM it’s so heart-wrenching music. I really wanna cry everytime that music plays. Yah, i think everyone has black agenda, so far I only trust HTK, YBW and the President. The rest I dunno if they are good intention or bad haha.

    @ChUna, welcome back chingu. Anyways, ep.7 really has no TaeBo moment but ep.8 has a short convo between the 2 of them.

    @Kurayuzaki666, actually 3 days is popular for this site for 2 weeks before the airing until episode 6.

  280. 280 : kimmy Says:

    Episode 8 ratings are depressing. Haha, Inspiring Generation takes the lead again but it’s ok 3 days is on its half while IG has only 2 episodes remaining. i hope the ratings won’t go down to single digit. Hope for a romantic moment so that the story will be spiced up. Writer Kim Eun Hee please?

  281. 281 : bear Says:

    woaaaahhhh! this episodes it makes my heart so much beating hahaha…actually i dont like much action drama but this drama its cool and i love the actors and the actress as well…cant wait to watch for the nxt episodes!

  282. 282 : kimmy Says:

    My Han Tae Kyung? How are you, 6 days to wait, urghh. and only 8 episodes left 🙁

  283. 283 : chuna Says:

    hai guys..
    already finished ep 8.
    I really love this drama every episode has attractived point to watch. I’m not disappointed at all though still no romance.
    the best scene in this episode are..
    TaeBo moment. hahahaa. although short but, nice and so meaningful. its 2times HTK said kind words about yoon bo won. first to mr presecutor, ‘yes, you can trust her’. second to mr president, ‘someone told me, she really reveal the truth’. ehmm..can I say that now he return to investigate the case cos of yoon bo won? hahahaha. I hope so.
    how can 3days make them trust each other. amazing!! TaeBo couple Fighting!!

  284. 284 : chuna Says:

    OMG.. I’m still confused about Lee Cha Young. she is in Chief secretary Shin’s side or mr. president’s side? really wonder what the meaning of ‘its secret between us’.

  285. 285 : Lysha Says:

    Omo…every single episode, PYC have action scene and he did it very well. i love him more….^_^. Great actor…

  286. 286 : tigerb Says:

    i think that the korean viewers would always favor some romance in the dramas that they like to watch, that is why the ratings here is not that high. this drama is my cup of tea. romance can be nice but in most korean dramas i’ve watched, the scenarios are mostly the same, no longer exciting.

  287. 287 : kimmy Says:

    @Chuna, yah it’s really Bo Won who had the answer to the the assasination of the president and the death of all people related to yangjinri accident.

    Omo, i really feel the bromance between Han Tae Kyung and Ham Bong Soo, at first I really dislike HBS bcoz he is a traitor but at the end he’s just deceive. But HTK will always remember his goodness despite of what happen.

    One question that I really want to know the answer, since when did Bo WOn met HTK for the first time? Coz I think in the funeral scene wasn’t the first time. Please next episodes do come fast and give us some TaeBo moment again solving the case 😀

  288. 288 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, agree with you. I like bromance between HTK and HBS.
    lucky Yoochun, he works with seniors in this drama. son hyun ju, jang hyun sung, yoon jae mun, and etc.

    I wonder.. I think Yoon Bo Won Never met Han Tae Kyung before. and their first meet in funeral.
    me too. I really wanna TaeBo moment more in next episode. like in ep 3&4. hehehe

  289. 289 : kimmy Says:

    @Chuna, just fnished watching Ep.8 with ENG SUB and oh I was so impressesed by their tricks of having a decoy haha poor kim do jin he thought he cornered HTK together with the witness. That’s why I was wondering why the man is always covering his face with the cap, I didn’t know it then, I was shoked he was already in the press conference.

    Omo, Lee Cha Young is another accomplice. I think? Her motives are so suspicious. Before I watched this episode, I was convinced that she has pure motives but as what Ive seen earlier, she’s not. Oh the OST sang by Gummy is played in the episode, but they just released it earlier. My favorite OST song was the song sang by Shin Yong Jae of 4men.

    Anyways, this episode is great except that there are really a bit of no music scene. I actually don’t like if there are no BM in a scene. Bcoz of BM, it will make you feel like that the acting is alive, so well, I really loved that car chased/drift haha ^_^.


  290. 290 : kimmy Says:

    HTK admitted that he was inspired by Yoon Bo Won to reveal the truth no matter what. I just hope they will have a moment for the next episode.

    I hope the remaining episodes will get high ratings. Every thursday morning, I woke up early 6am to check the official website of AGB Nielsen and TNms Media for TV ratings.., and everytime the ratings are good, my day is so good, but early this moring, I really felt sad bcoz IG took the 1st place, and I ended up being sad that’s why I didn’t even bother to post the ratings for ep.8 in 3 days fan page.

    I’m not really into ratings, but of course I want the best for Yoochun so I hope ratings please soar and writer Kim Eun Hee, any romance please?

  291. 291 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Kimmy @Chuna I agree with both of you. I think YBW is the key to solve the case.
    Here are my “Can you imagine” list, if there is no YBW :
    – If YBW never come to HTK’s dad funeral and never told him about his dad’s death, maybe until now HTK never know about the truth and just become an “ordinary” PSS.
    – If YBW never suspected to the Jaesin Truck and follow them, maybe the EMP bomb would never be found and maybe the president already died right now ! and there would be a big war of 2 countries (because of the misunderstanding).
    – If YBW never “kidnap” HTK to her police car in ep 4 (after train station scene), maybe HTK is in the jail right now. hehehe ;p
    – If HTK denied to cooperate with YBW in ep 5, maybe HTK would never know if President is in the hospital and maybe he could die in HBS’s hand.
    – If there was no YBW in ep 4, maybe HTK would be catched by other PSS in hospital soon (because he’s just still too suprised hearing the prosecutor news in TV), *do you remember ? in that ep. YBW awaked him from his shock and gave him an idea to disguise as doctors.
    – If YBW never come to see HTK to find the telephone record of HTK’s dad in ep 8, maybe HTK would never realize and feel passionate to help & protect the president again.
    – If YBW didn’t come to Incheon to find the mysterious payphone number (from HTK’s death phone record), maybe HTK would never find the North Korean Mayor Lee Chul Kyu who is the most important witness of Yanjiri accident who is still alive.
    – If there is no YBW here, so our HTK will be really lonely and there will be NO romance story at all in 3Days drama. Hahaha XD

    Sorry, my comment is too long ! because I’m just too excited to give comments above ! hahaha XD

  292. 292 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I’m a bit confused about lee cha young. but, I have some opinion about her, in ep 8 she realize something about receipt paper, its paper that she found in kwon jae hyun appartment. I don’t know what the meaning, but I notice the amount in that paper. maybe its the wieght of something.
    in ep 7, we know that kwon jae hyun sent the copy of document 98 to mr president. but, when preaident accepted it, its not document but a paper. so, the weight is document 98. and maybe someone else took that document and replace to a paper. I think its Chief Shin.

    I think, Lee Cha Young is in mr president right now. when mr president ask to HTK about lee cha young is trustwhorty or not, he said yes. so, I think she offer to be a spy to Chief Shin. as we know that mr president never include chief shin in his matter, cos of chief shin is suspisious people.

    heii..don’t worry about the rating. maybe there is something meaningful to make 3days in second place again. to not over exciting and to make something better again. maybe the writer-nim can make evaluation and analize about the story that she write.

    hahaha. yes. I think, HTK wanna investigate this case not only cos of his father, but also for Yoon Bo Won. he feels regret to include her in his matter. I think love start with sympathy each other. and we know HTK start to sympathy with her. 🙂

  293. 293 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka, agree with you…and don’t forget to thanks HTK too..
    he safe her 3times. in ep 2, ep 3, and ep 6. hehehe.

    hope next we will see TaeBo moment again.

  294. 294 : kimmy Says:

    @Sizaoka, wow long comment hah but actually what you wrote are true, everywhere there is yoon bo won . So it just really means that HTK and YBW are perfect for each other, YBW had the clues/keys and HTK is there to solve the case and fought the culprits. Of course, YBW is smart but since she’s a girl she can’t fight alone that’s why we need to rely to our very talented bodyguard HTK. HTK and YBW have already helped each other for many cases and I hope one day they will find themselves fall in love with each other too. Haha just hope 🙂

  295. 295 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yeah actually I was wondering too what was Cha Young staring at the receipt it reallu does something to do with the document that is sent to the President coz we know that Chairman kwon said he had already sent a copy to the same copy wc is referring to doc.98 but after the pres receive it was just a will of Chairman kwon and we know Chief shin is the one of who made it.

    Urghh, I really hate Chief Shin a lot, I wished Ham bong soo is alive 🙁 At first I really hate him but after knowing the truth, I really want to make him alive once more. I hope. Cha young is really spying Chief Shin.

  296. 296 : chuna Says:

    the writer nim isn’t good at romance story. maybe she must learn and developed her skill for this part. or maybe, she must have co-partner to write the romance part. hehehe
    I hope there are some fans who came to shoot location and request about romance part. hahahaha

  297. 297 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. I hope too. cha young is trustwhorty people like HTK said. its enough to make another betrayer for HTK. not more again.

    I think, for next episode there is another TaeBo moment again. but in the night. why they always meet on night?? from ep 1-8 we just see their scene in night or indoor. really wanna meet they scene in outdoor and bright day. hehehe.

  298. 298 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah maybe writer-nim has not yet tried genre like romance. But I hope also hope the will have romance bcoz the production company revealed the picture about how one character connects with th other and for Park Ha sun and Yoochun there are love arrows, so meaning they really must jave it since the production companu stated it and even in the article were they said that “there will ne romances between the actors and actresses” as the drama progress. I think the production company won’t release false statement. But we will just have to wait. 8 episodes remaining I hope we csn have a sweet moment between taeBo .

  299. 299 : Emilio Tomasson Says:

    they are very good in making 3 days drama man!

  300. 300 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy wow, really ? the production team stated that ? :O. Hope the rating will rise again ;).

    @chuna yeah, you are right. HTK often saves YBW’s life. So, they must thank to each other, it’s like YBW is the brain and HTK is the body, completed each other. hehehe 😉

    Yeah, maybe LCY could be a “double agent” for Secretary Shin and the President.

  301. 301 : tigerb Says:

    thumbs up for this series up to episode 8. i hope they keep up the pace and not inject something unnecessary. honestly, romance has no place in a thriller like this. sorry, romantics!

  302. 302 : chuna Says:

    @tigerb, yes you’re right. just 9days, and its imposible to build some romance story. but, we don’t know what will writer do about this. hehehe.
    I still hope for romance. yeah, just hope. hehehe

  303. 303 : kimmy Says:

    @Sizaoka, yes I agree YBW is the brain and indeed HTK is the body.

    @Tigerb, I was not really very into romantic as this is an action-thriller drama but however as I read the following articles/news, I had hopes of romantic scenes too.

    2. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/02/yoochuns-three-days-releases-a-relationship-grid-for-the-drama

    I’ll just quote a few lines were I got the hopes for romantic moments”.

    1. “Lastly, the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama “Three Days” is not a man’s drama, although many might think that way because of the storyline of the drama. In addition to the fights and the friendships of the actors, there are going to be the romances of the actors and actresses in the drama as the story progresses.”

    2. Relationship Grid- “The chart clarifies Yoochun’s character, showing his love interest to be played by Park Ha Sun. So Yi Hyun and Jang Hyun Sun play his coworkers, and Son Hyun Joo will play the president that Yoochun guards.”

    So, if the production team and SBS Media Lab’s Media Create releases this infos then how come it will not happen in the drama. HAHA. just confused becoz of what I read and what I see so far in the drama.

    But all in all, Yoochun in the drama is definitely more than enough for me to keep watching adding to it is the suspense/thriller/action scenes 😀

  304. 304 : kimmy Says:

    I already missed Chunnie even just a day passes, what more if he’s going to military?

    I hope Yoochun is going to do another drama before he’s going to military but I know he will treat his injury first or maybe a solo album so that I can hear his voice once more 🙁

    3 Days keep fighting!!!

  305. 305 : Melly Says:

    I like 3 days… 🙂

    love Park yoo chun…

  306. 306 : libra Says:

    Nice drama full of actions. I hope to see a romance between Han Tae Kyung and Park Han Su at the end.

  307. 307 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy and chuna: okay i’ll grant you a “romantic interest’ between htk and ybw while working to solve the problems at hand, but the full blast of the relationship should be shown towards the end of the series. to me, it will blow off the main plot of the series which is the president’s wrong doing before his term and his desire to admit it, and reveal while in office what, why, how exactly happened and who are involved, in the midst of the people who want it concealed. and i stand offended in that article that said ‘it is not a man’s drama’ because of the relationships between the characters roles. what is exactly meant by that? that if it were a pure action, political thriller, it is a ‘man’s drama’? excuse me, what kind of thinking is that? oh, i forgot, i don’t belong to the korean culture, sorry! i cannot also understand why there is emphasis on working relationships that are misconstrued to be romantic, bromantic, etc???? geez, can’t people be purely friends. sorry, i said too much! as to yoo chun, i change my mind about his acting. he has improved here, and wish him the best.

  308. 308 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb, that was a translated news actually many thought that ‘3 Days’ is a man’s drama. I supposed it lacks the word “only”, it is not only a man’s drama rather.

    Yah, maybe towards the end. Im not really expecting romantic scenes like kissing or dating, I actually mean to have a sweet/romantic scene between HTK and YBW as they are solving the case. HAHA. We can’t insert a love story in between solving the case, it’s too much but we hope for a cute/sweet scenes between them, actually as you can see in Bo Won’s eyes as she stares Tae Kyung, it really means something. Up until now, I really want to know since when did Bo Won meet Tae Kyung? HAHA, it was not on his dad’s funeral.

  309. 309 : kimmy Says:

    Yoochun’s acting is really different from the first time he did acting, he was far so expert now. Omo, i’m still worried of his injury. 🙁 4 weeks for 3 days to air, im really very sad after this drama ends 🙁

  310. 310 : Mikai Says:

    Aigoo, ‘3 Days’ daebak!!!! Only 8 episodes remaining? I’m going to miss also our handsome Han tae Kyung !

  311. 311 : tigerb Says:

    @ kimmy: yeah, i would be interested in htk if i were in ybw shoes. but if i were ybw and would have a relationship with htk, i tell him let’s both quit from our jobs and do something else where we cannot be in danger all the time! i am glad that yoo chun did not do something to hide his facial scars, that makes him a man comfortable in his own skin! i did not know he was injured. was it during filming this drama? if so, aaahhhhh, he should take it easy, but his role demands a lot of action. i wish him well.

  312. 312 : Mikai Says:

    @tigerb, yes he was injured while filming for ‘3 days’, i heard the news before the drama starts to air. Haha, i really like your comment about if they want to have relationship, then better quit into their jobs. But actually I really love seeing both of them in solving for the case, and Bo Won caring to our Han Tae Kyung. They both have a chubby face that’s why they are look really compatible with each other.

    One of the reasons why I love Yoochun is that he never had a surgery, even his scar on his cheek. It actually suited in his character here in the drama. Besides having wealth, he really didn’t manage to go to dermatologist to remove that scar, maybe bcoz it has some worth of centimental value to him. Im really proud that he looks so handsome as what his real beauty is not like other korean actors who are having nose lift and others just to look hadsome.

  313. 313 : kimmy Says:

    Chunight ♡♡♡

  314. 314 : kimmy Says:

    @Tigerb & Mikai, I agree with you both Yoochun has a natural beauty and didn’t undergo surgery (as far as I know). Yeh, I love both of them solving the case together. TaeBo couple go go go!!!

  315. 315 : Sizaoka Says:

    @tigerb hahaha, actually I agree with you too. well, but somehow many dramas don’t need logic. A bit romance between HTK & YBW is just like a seasoning, not main ingridient. Even, in Sherlock Holmes BBC they ever put some romance in their story. I think the writer nim just doesn’t want a monotonous story for the audience (sometime in our real life we also something different to not feel bored). That’s just my opinion, hehehe ;p

  316. 316 : Sizaoka Says:

    @tigerb hahaha, actually I agree with you too. well, but somehow many dramas don’t need logic. A bit romance between HTK & YBW is just like a seasoning, not main ingridient. Even, in Sherlock Holmes BBC they ever put some romance in their story. I think the writer nim just doesn’t want a monotonous story for the audience (sometime in our real life we also something different to not feel bored). That’s only my opinion, hehehe ;p

  317. 317 : Sizaoka Says:

    sorry, for double posting. I thought my first comment didn’t work. hehehe ;p

  318. 318 : chuna Says:

    @tiger, yeah. I agree with sizaoka that TaeBo moment is just for seasoning.
    hahaha. I like your comment ‘lets both quit from our jobs and do something else where we can not be in danger all the time.’ maybe if I were Yoon Bo Won or writer nim will have that scene. 😀
    but, I’m still enough as long as yoochun makes great action scene. very enjoy to watch. hehehe

  319. 319 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, besides drama, I really want yoochun sings again. really miss his voice so much. hehehe.
    and if there is any drama, I hope the LF is my bias moon chae won. hehehe (sorry, I must not reveal in this page. very deep sorry *bow). I become their shipper last year till now. hehehe (sorry again)

    forget it cos its not important. heheheh

  320. 320 : rory Says:

    Hola..hola 3D fans..wow,I didn’t expect u guys are here on weekends too..What a dedication just like YC refused to use a double stunts eventhough not in a good condition..So, this drama makes us busy to solve the case together with HTK & BW right..nice to read the convos here^^

    @Sizaoka, I love ur thought in comment 291 about “what if there’s no BW..” I think HTK is appreciated her helps so much but he just too busy and his head is indeed messy at this moment to think about love..
    So just like @tigerb says, “romance has no place in a thriller like this”..I agree that since I’m watching this drama without a hope for a romance part at all..It’s enough for me to see the “scully and mulder” chemistry and so far it”s work! they care and help each other just hope please don’t turn BW to a bad girl ya writer-nim..

    @kimmy 308
    What I understand about the question when is her 1st met with HTK is coz BW says she never met HTK before this case without she realized about her 1st met is actually at HTK’s dad funeral..That “Internal Affairs’ guys” is suspecting her for being HTK’s accomplice since she even took a day off..Then he asked her again “Then u’ve never met Agent Han before this case?” So I don’t think they have met before the funeral day..He just trapped our BW by asking that..

    @tigerb 311
    LOL at your comment but I love it..maybe after they finally done solving the case…Quit the job, get married, produce babies etc..etc.. 😆
    But since they need money to live and eat, how about open the taekwondo class? I will apply for sure..trololol!

  321. 321 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, I’m still confused haha but if Bo won already met HTK before the funeral, then where was that? Haha. Or it was just the trapped question as you said.

    Somehow, in this serious drama we need something to spice up and that swet moments betwen taeBo is enough.

    @chuna, Moon Chae won was supposed to Park Ha in RTP but she decline the role. Haha on the other hand Yoochun was also offered to be in the lead for Moon Embracing the Sun but he refused. Haha lol just sharing. I wonder what other drama roles have been offered to yoochun besides not taking it.

  322. 322 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, so far I love her leading ladies in dramas starting from Park Min young, Lee da hae, Han Ji min, Yoon Eun hye and Now Park ha sun. They are all lovely in their characters. Omo, whom I hate is his leading lady for his upcoming movie wc is Han ye Ri, I don’t see her beauty but they are going to have a bed scene with chunnie 🙁 I think I’m just going to pass it forward during that scene coz I think I can’t stay to watch the movie. Haha.

  323. 323 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes I know that news. a bit disappointed that MCW decline that role. hehehe. but, its okay.
    I like his co-partner Park Min young and Park Ha Sun. cos I prefer the lead female are younger or same age with yoochun.

    but, I like all of yoochun drama except miss ripley. cos personally I dislike the lead female. hehehe.

    firstly, I can’t accept han ye ri. but, she is talented actress in movie. I think director know her talent. cos find the actress who accept to do bed scene is difficult. they are too worry to accept that role.

    btw, I ever read Park Ha Sun interview. that she wanna act bed scene. wonder why she wanna do that. hahahaha. If director know it, maybe I like it. hahahahahaha

  324. 324 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, really? Park Ha Sun said that? Haha actually SEA FOG team really had a hard time looking for a female lead bcoz of the character itself and bed scenes. Yah, she had a lot of movies already (HAN YE RI) but i can’t really accept she is going to do a romantic bed scene with our dear Chunnie. I think my heart aches, I also like PMY bcoz they both so cute together. HAHA.

    Sorry guys, i know its out topic for 3 days. HAHA. My excuses.

  325. 325 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna so, you mean you will agree if Han Ye Ri’s role in SEA FOG is replaced by Park Ha Sun ? hahahaha XD

  326. 326 : rory Says:

    yayaya..why talk about sea fog and unrelated stuff here? wake up..wake up! Han Tae Kyung will shoot u girls or show his ninja sleeper skill again 😆 😆 😆 *joking girls*

    Sharing this ..‘Three Days’ Making Films – Standard Rule of Emotional Performance & Sexy Action Actor? kekeke…but he looks so damn tired in this but still deadly handsome 😀


    lol at 2:37, 3:10 😀 SBS staff is so funny^^

  327. 327 : kimmy Says:

    HAHAHA sorry rory. Still it is Yoochun, so forget about about Dong Shik anymore, let’s concentrate first on our very own Han Tae Kyung :)))

    I really wanna know that instrumental (Background music) of 3 days, the melo one. I really love it, but still I can’t find it anywhere.

    Omo, HTK is so handsome, I just can’t stop staring at him in the photos. Urghh… Wednesday please come fast, i almost forgot what happened to the story bcoz in my mind, it’s Yoochun’s face that I keep on thinking about. Lols.

  328. 328 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy and sizaoka. maybe uncertain to agree with that. just its prefer replace by PHS. wkwkwkw

    @rory. sorry sist. Its my fault to open out of topic first. miyanhae *bow.

    okey, lets back to the topic again. Three Days.
    where can I find Three Days long version? I wanna watch that. maybe its different about the sound effect. heheheh. if anybody know, please tell me.

  329. 329 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, the edited one? Haha yeh I also want to know, I have watch it online via livestreaming but I think uploaded video is not available. And also they are going to do eng subs for it.

  330. 330 : kimmy Says:

    Urghhh. No matter how fast we comment, it’s still not on the popular list again.. Hahaha

  331. 331 : kimmy Says:

    Haha, even in this page, they also put “romance” in the genre, so maybe there is. Hoping. #yoochun3days

  332. 332 : rory Says:

    @kimmy @chuna
    haha..just kidding girls..I love this thread and all fans of 3D..but it’s better to talk about 3 days only right^^
    Last time I saw someone has shared the re-edited version file at Soompi but I think 1st come 1st serve, only 100 person can download that but I rarely visited soompi so not sure for this week..I watched this evening but it’s too lagging..huhu..

    don’t worry, a girl can wish..hehe..yup, as stated above, there’s “romance” so let’s wish ur dream will come true..heee

  333. 333 : chuna Says:

    hahahahah. yeah you’re right kimmy. even the admin include romance genre in this page, this is not popular in the list. but nevermind. as long as we still active to join and coment in this page. its enough.

  334. 334 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, this drama has all the genre! from melodrama, action, thriller, political, crime and even ROMANCE hopefully for a modern drama. Aissh, i want it to be in the popular list also in the most shared drama just like Missing You and Rooftop Prince. :<

    @rory, really? there is a site for the re edited episodes of 3 days? Omo, even if I watched it online, I still can't follow it if without english subs. But so far as I've watched it I didn't see much difference between the original and the edited one just maybe our internet connection is so slow for livestreaming.tsk33

  335. 335 : rory Says:

    @kimmy, @chuna
    here is the the re-edited version file of ep.7 & 8…@sheena has shared on soompi..She is a chunsa who doing a subbing job for this drama too, I guess u knew it too 😀

    do check here ya: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2019703/current-drama-2014-three-days-%EC%93%B0%EB%A6%AC%EB%8D%B0%EC%9D%B4%EC%A6%88-text-preview-ep7-pg115/p128

  336. 336 : kimmy Says:

    I already miss Han Tae Kyung, how about you guys? 🙁


  337. 337 : chuna Says:

    yaa.. I really miss Han Tae Kyung Oppa. cute and handsome agent. heheheh.

    I just share my 3days colection for my friends today. hope they will like this. I even told them that this drama less about romance. hehehe. and they said its okay, cos they also like watching ghost before. I’m glad to hear that.

  338. 338 : chuna Says:

    thanks rory for the links. heheheh.

  339. 339 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, thank you for the link !! I love Chunsas and YOOCHUNNIEEE <3

  340. 340 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, do we need to have a soompi account? I don’t have it 🙁

  341. 341 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, it’s 1.62GB 🙁 huhu HAHA>>>

  342. 342 : kimmy Says:

    Oh no I can’t take comments/reviews on soompi, they have so long comments HAHA. Im still downloading ep.7-8 re-run. But hey, it’s 1.62GB its so big, but its okay the file will be available until april 29. YESS!

  343. 343 : kimmy Says:

    Anyone here can explain the meaning of this song? (HAHA not literally MEANING but I feel this song pertains to a romace part). Omo. Gummy<3 So glad, she's in CJES now together with JYJ-Yoochunn.

    Gummy – You’re Calling Me (날 부르네요) Three Days OST

    Inside my room that’s only filled with darkness
    A single ray of light enters
    I cover my eyes, avoiding that light
    Hiding into a different space

    When I was used to being alone
    You came to me slowly and held out your hand
    Telling me to come out, asking why I’m there
    Telling me not to be in pain

    You’re calling me, you’re calling me
    You’re embracing my exhausted heart
    I’ll stay by my side, I’ll be with you
    You are talking to me, with a voice that resembles the ocean

    I was only filled with scars
    I was only filled with fear
    But you placed me in your rising tears
    Telling me not to be sad

    You’re calling me, you’re calling me
    You’re comforting my struggling heart
    I’ll stay by my side, I’ll be with you
    You are talking to me, with a voice that resembles the ocean

    You came to me, who was trapped inside
    The person who opened up my heart

    I love you, I love you now
    Can you feel my heart?
    Be by my side, if only we can be together
    I can continue to live
    Because of you, I live, because of you

  344. 344 : rory Says:

    It’s quite big since it’s combined with 2eps..But u know what, even for 1 ep, I prefer to download the HD 1080p one so for 1 file is about 2.3gb..gulp! But the quality is indeed amazing! so clear and HD^^

    “I love you, I love you now
    Can you feel my heart?
    Be by my side, if only we can be together
    I can continue to live
    Because of you, I live, because of you”

    Obviously those lyrics looks like the confession love from HTK to BW..
    squealllll !!!

  345. 345 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. thanks for Gummy’s song. I rewatch again ep 8 and realize something about the lyric when HTK leave LCY and meet YBW with her smile. hehehe.
    ‘inside my room that’s only filled with darkness. a single ray enters’ and tadaa…yoon bo won comes to him. yeah, she is a single ray for him. hahahaha. although there are less of ost song in this drama, but when the ost song come, its really suit for that situation. I think Gummy’s song is for Han Tae Kyung as Me and Yoon bo won as You.

  346. 346 : chuna Says:

    I also join in that soompi forum, but not often joining for comment. but still follow the forum and read them all. cos, I can’t sign in without PC. so, I just visit that forum to read only.

  347. 347 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, urghhh, i really want to download that HD but I’m a bit to excited watching the episodes that’s why i only downloaded files that are just good enough (not HD) but hopefully after this drama ends I will find a time to re-download again with HD so that I can watch it nonstop. HAHA.

    Haha yes, I do feel that seems like a confession, I dunno if im just hallucinating but the funeral scene “Bo won’s stare to HTK really means something”. I hope to find them together solving the case for the next episodes 🙂

  348. 348 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes in ep.8 where HTK met Bo Won after handing a resignation letter to Cha Young with the Gummy’s ost playing. It feels like “tadaa” haha sorry im going to used your expression chuna, i really don’t know how to express the word that i meant to say. BUt that scene was for a short while and after that they became serious again. At YBW’s place (if im ryt), HTK really stares at Bo Won with such caring eyes saying “Officer Yoon”, at that time Bo Won said that even she’s just a common police officer in a countryside, she still wants to reveal the truth. And finally, HTK saw BW determination and decided to solve the case also 😀


  349. 349 : rory Says:

    LOL, just realized I did mistake by copy the title of the video making in comment 326..This is the vid link for ‘Three Days’ Making Films – Standard Rule of Emotional Performance..Just watched it and I can feel how heavy is this story for YC, he stays in character even after PD-nim says cut..This is more heavy than IMY I guess..


    true, it’s looks like a confession right..let’s give it a time to writer-nim to make a loveline part coz the main focus now is about the 1998 confidential document..Can’t wait for ep.9..I hope that Special Prosecutor Choi is really on HTK side..I like his character so far..please don’t twist it writer-nim coz it’s enough for me by killed off Chief Ham’s char since he was one of the strongest cast in this drama..My fave chars in this drama is HTK, YBW, Chief Ham and Prosecutor Choi..But I love Mr.Pres too just hope to see more from him in the upcoming eps..

  350. 350 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, hahaha. not at all sist. you can use it.
    I hope next episode there is BTS between HTK and YBW. really wanna see their chemistry in shoot location. hehehe. I know both of them are easy going people, especially Park ha sun. wanna hear park ha sun call him ‘Yoochun Oppa’. hahahah. cos this is first time he act with lead female that younger than him.

  351. 351 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, haha yah let’s trust writer-nim! Hopefully upcomimg episodes would give us another joy-ride with matching romance haha. I also like chief ham, I can feel bromance between the two of them 🙁

    @chuna, yah there was no bTS released yet that includes Park ha sun and Yoochun. She’s a year,younger than yoochun probably just months really. I watch their BTS while they are shooting for the poster, and I really love the part of Yoochun and Ha sun. I just put the link if i will found that video again if in case you haven’t watch it yet. There are so sweet there I wonder if I could see that in upcoming episodes.

  352. 352 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, omo sorry my statements are a bit confused. Anyways, I believe you have watched http://jyj3.net/2014/02/28/video-140228-park-yoochun-in-sbs-three-days-poster-photo-shoot/.

    Haha I really love Bo Won and Tae kyung moments there. I wonder if its a scene in a drama or just poster,

  353. 353 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes. I already watched it. hehehe. but thanks for share this links.
    I think Park Yoochun one year older than park ha sun. they look good together, I don’t know as a sibling or couple? heheheh. cos, if I watch both of them have some expression, habit, and they look chubby. hihihihi

  354. 354 : chuna Says:

    *same expression, habit, and they look chubby. heheheh

  355. 355 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah their face both look chubby that’s why I love looking at them both. Taebo for Wednesday. Waiting 🙂

  356. 356 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, i really can’t download the re-edited version of ep.7-8. Im using an internet download manager. Omo, im so sad i hve been trying it since yesterday but it will always fail/error in the middle of downloading.

  357. 357 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, wednesday I can’t wait 🙁

  358. 358 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, be patient sist.. wednesday only two days to come.. hehehe.

    hei.. I finished to read recap by roweina. its awesome. I like her recaps for Three Days.

    if I watch Three Days, honestly I really wanna pinch his chubby cheek. hahaha. slim guy, but has chubby cheek. I think he looks chubby cos of his hair style. he has wide forhead. my friend dislike his forhead, but for me, he looks handsome with this hairstyle in 3days. especially in ep 2 and 8. so handsome and mature. hehehehe. Yoochun really has good transformation. in SungKyungkwan scandal to Rooftop prince, he still has image of idol star, but in 3days he really different before. like it.

  359. 359 : chuna Says:

    for next episode, beside I wanna romance, I also wanna Han Tae Kyung’s smile, not smile in flashback scene, but in real scene.
    really miss Yoochun smile onscreen. ♥♥

  360. 360 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, I agree I think one that contributes to Chunnie’s chubby face is his forehead. But actually I love his forehead, it makes him look different with a bangs/ without bangs. HAHA. But i really dislike the hairstyle during flashback when he was training for bodyguard. But in the current episodes of 3 days, i love his hair. Im really in love with this man sis. I think I go crazy lol. HAHA. OA.

    Anyways, im really excited for episode 9 and oh it hurts, its going to be last 4 weeks! Count down! Omo 🙁 I miss him smile also in the drama. Bo WOn can you make our Tae Kyung smile? Please even if writer-nim doesn’t want too haha.

  361. 361 : chuna Says:

    agree. my friend (not yoochun’s fan) said that she likes yoochun with bangs (looks handsome). but for me, with or without, he’s still handsome, and forever handsome. with different hair style, with chubby cheek, with wide forhead, as long as he has sexy lips that never change. hehehehe ♥♡

    yah.. I wanna Bo Won makes HTK smiling. aunty..please make our leads smile and always together till the end episode.
    p.s : aunty –> Writer nim. heheheh

  362. 362 : rory Says:

    @kimmy @chuna
    sorry girls, a bit busy today..I haven’t download the re-edited vc yet, actually never DL before..hehe..but let me try and will inform u later okay^^

    YC really looks manly and handsome right especially in ep.8..OMG, how to survive for 2 years without him? I guess I will repeat watching all his dramas for 2 years..lololol! I really love his gaze especially in front of those veteran actors, he didn’t look small or kid at all..totally badass! Look at how he throws his gaze in front of one chief guard, the one who slaps him at the train station..badass, no fear at all! My friend is enjoying this drama too, I actually warned her that this is not a rom com drama, very serious one that u may not like it but surprising she likes it and addicted now..I really hope more people will watch this drama though u are not a fan of Yoochun coz this is such a brilliant drama to watch..unpredictable and genius!

  363. 363 : rory Says:

    Have u watched this MV? Watching this makes me missed Chief Ham even more and feel pity for our HTK..what a sad MV + Gummy voice = perfect!


    I think it was because I’m a fan of “The Return of Superman” so I feel a bit emotional everytime seeing Jang Hyun Sung..He is indeed such a talented actor..very contra to see him as an actor or as a daddy..good job JHS-ssi^^ I hope to see him working together again with PYC coz their chemistry is so so good here!

  364. 364 : chuna Says:

    @rory, I like their chemistry too. yoochun and son hyun ju like a son and father, and yoochun with jang hyun sung like a dongsaeng and hyung. heheheh.

  365. 365 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, tell us later if you finished download it, it will be available until april 29 only. tsk. Okay, tomorrow is wednesday right? Omo, im so excited to see my love Han Tae Kyung. Actually Yoochun’s face really turn into a real actor, I mean if you look at him you can’t imagine he’s a kpop idol bcoz kpop idols looks like dolls for me, but him, wow amazing such a hadsome actor and how much more if this guy sings. I would definitely melt :*

  366. 366 : kimmy Says:

    His eyes speaks. Omo, i really love how he can talk to someone with just his gaze, i felt it was natural at all, not acting. The scene where Yoochun get a slapped from his chief bodyguard hurts me really, omo, how could that face a very handsome face is being slapped by someone, haha anyways, it’s just acting. HAHA.

  367. 367 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, ya..tomorrow is wednesday. finally… :”)
    I can’t imagine he’s a singer. he’s definietly true actor. hehehe. I bet that many people know him as an actor first and if they like yoochun (become a fan), they will realize that he’s a singer first. like me, I know him cos of SKKS, and become fan of him, after that know he’s an ex member of tvxq. hahaha

  368. 368 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, i watched the music video. It’ so cool, i thot that i only feel romance in Gummy’s song, but i also feel the bromance between HTK and HBS.

    @chuna, actually i started became a fan of Yoochun bcoz of Rooftop Prince when it was aired in my country. I saw him first in SKKS but i was not captured yet fully bcoz i haven’t watched it everyday bcoz i have classes. but after that here comes RTP, and i bought a dvd bcoz i think that this is drama looks good, and after i watched i even cried in the ending, that’s when i started to google about Yoochun and found that he’s also a singer of boy group JYJ and i went back to his history, he’s a former TVXQ member. And now I’m loving him fully 🙂 How i wish he will not grow old.

    Omo, im 8 years younger than him, i hope he will not grow old fast bcoz i will be sad. HAHA, stay young and handsome Yoochunnie :*

  369. 369 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, ya, I hope he will not grow old. still cute Micky. hehehhe

    I heards news (I don’t know its true or not), Park Ha Sun goes to hospital cos of injury. oh god, uri Bo Wonnie.. hope the injured not bad. hope she will fine soon and continue her filmings.

    hope this info is not true. maybe this is april’s fools that the admin made. hope so.

  370. 370 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, lets pray that its not true. Omo, our main leads should not be both injured 🙁 Fighting 3 days. I really don’t like april fools bcoz you will hesitate to believe on posts this day but I hope not really. Our HTK needs Bowon.

  371. 371 : chuna Says:

    yes. I hope this is one of April’s fools joke.
    HTK really needs Bo Won till the end. hehehhe

  372. 372 : chuna Says:

    I’m watching 3days making film. Gun’s Shot scene in parking area. Yoochun very cute and funny here. seems like this scene took when 3Days ep 5 airing. Yoochun asked for the staf, was 3Days already airing? then he and some staf watch it with streaming. hahaha. look so cute. seems like they find for signal. hahaha. really funny to watch his expression. additionally, when he pointed up his head 2 times seems like he’s waiting for his part.
    poor Yoochun..he doesn’t enjoy to watch 3Days.. yeah, you still has so many jobs for 3Days boy. hope you enjoy 3Days sometimes when you’re free.. hahahaha

  373. 373 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yeh i saw that video also, actually i dont understand what there talking about but i saw how he watch/stares at the phone and get some signal. Haha yoochunnie you can download 3 days HD or even 3 days team is going to give you a HD copy of 3 days. HAHA

  374. 374 : rory Says:

    Just watched this..hehe..
    ‘Three Days’ Making Film: Park Yoochun, There’s a lavender scent to your actions..
    *Tomorrow I will make sure to have time watching live streaming^^


    Isn’t that cute, acting while watching his own drama but at the same time a bit pity that he couldn’t watch properly tho..

    Oh BTW, Park Ha Sun is injured too? Aigoo..If that true, sorry to hear that..Filming in action drama is easy to get hurt but hope she will recover quickly and can act like normally..It is scary already to hear about YC to have surgery after this drama ended..Everyone please stay safe..
    Anywaysss, can’t wait for ep.9!!!

  375. 375 : chuna Says:

    so cute. yoochunnie is so cute..heheheh
    I think, I can’t watch the streaming. very annoyed and depress cos of the internet is very slow.. so, I will wait for eng sub. hehehe

    finally, today is 3Days Day.. yeeaaa…!!

  376. 376 : kimmy Says:

    3 days day is tonight!! i hope many korean will get to watch tonight’s episode!!! omo, i love 3 days and Park Yoochun. Fighting!!!

  377. 377 : chuna Says:

    hei guys. lets make this coment in 3Days to 50 pages till the end of episode. I know the episode only 8 episode again to air, and its not popular in tbe list, but I wanna make this coment full like yoochun previous drama (I miss You and RoofTop Prince).

    can we do that?

  378. 378 : chuna Says:

    I hope so. many korean people must watch this drama to gain good rating.
    though 3Days is so popular and gain high rating of viewer in internet, but sometimes its make me frustation if hear from the people that said this drama is failed cos they look at the korean rating.
    as we know, in fact 3Days gain 100mil for ep8 and over 80bil for ep 1-8. and the advertising doesnt replace or less due to the genre. I think they (advertising) still put alot of trust for 3Days.

    so, if anyone who say this drama is failed due to the korean rating, I’m sorry you’re wrong.
    3Days has so many benefit not only in korean, but in China and foreign people. cos, its not time again to make popular in your own country, but its very important to gain attention and popularity in global.

    this is my thought. I just wanna share it to all of the visitor, silent reader, and maybe ever coment here who still doubt about this drama cos of the genre and korean rating

  379. 379 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna yeah, Chuna…. I absolutely agree with you.
    Many people (not only Korean) want to watch a drama based on “Rating” first.
    Whereas, the Rating doesn’t determine the story quality its self.
    I ever watched old K-Drama called “Thank You”, the rating was not so good in Korea, but actually the story is very good.
    I also wonder, I think 3Days is better than IRIS (the story, actors, director, editing, BGM, etc), so it should get higher rating there ! 😉

    OMG, I can’t watch live streaming tonight ! must work overtime ;(
    Please, give me the fastest link to watch it RAW guys tonight ! hehehe ;p. thank you

  380. 380 : chuna Says:

    personally, I watch K-Drama based on the cast, then the story. heheheh.
    but, I think you’re right sizaoka. many people watch this becos of the ratings. heheheh.

  381. 381 : mic Says:

    😉 🙂

  382. 382 : tigerb Says:

    @chuna and Sizaoka: i think that koreans don’t particularly like the subject matter of this drama, and neither the similar theme in ‘inspiring generation’ which is on the same time slot at kbs. at mbc, ‘cunning lady’ does not seem to be doing very well either, so there must be something more interesting broadcast at the same time slot which the koreans prefer to watch. i have observed that when a drama series has some romance in it, they fare well in the ratings. i like the plot of this series because it makes me think. romance is okay but it can be boring when i see the same scenarios.

  383. 383 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, after livestreaming you can watch it at dailymotion.com, it will be available after a few minutes after livestreaming.

    @chuna, I agree with you, ratings from korea doesn’t speak loudly as to compare its popularity abroad. The producers of the drama doesn’t only think of making a drama to be popular in korea whereas they make dramas that will be popular in many other countries. Inspiring generation is near its end, last episodes for this week, I hope the ratings for 3 days soars.

  384. 384 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, 50 pages? Haha. I’m into that but hey its only 15 pages yet and were on our last 8 episodes. Haha. I think we need to double time.

    I really appreciate that I met you guys here in this site, I really love to talk by way of comments to my fellow yoochun fan. I hope you won’t get tired on supporting and loving Yoochun.

  385. 385 : kimmy Says:

    Omo just few hours to go and I’m going to see again my handsome bodyguard tae Kyung!!!! #yoochun3days fighting

  386. 386 : kimmy Says:

    haha, im wrong, ti’s already 16 pages. 3 days finally an hour to go. im preparing myself for a big explosion haha <3

  387. 387 : chuna Says:

    agree with you. I’m bored of romance drama. wr can predict what about the next story and the ending. of course it will be happy ending.
    and here, we can predict foe the ending. maybe twist ending. heheheh

    but, I think this drama need some romance story between the 2leads. production team cast yoochun and park ha sun, so its a bit pity if they didn’t make romance about them in this drama. heheheh. like a food, its not perfect taste if we don’t put some flavor in it.

    however, we can’t force the writer nim to make romance that we want or we imagine cos of this story just 9days. its imposible that both of them falling in love each other. maybe just for taking care or sympathy, thats rational due to the time and many case to solve.
    or maybe, if writer nim put romance that we want, there is some scene between them that they ever meet before this case in somewhere.
    we don’t know about this. and many people predict like this. they guess yoon bo won ever met han tae kyung before the funeral.

    hahaha. its my opinion. if something wrong or you can’t agree with this, no problem. everyone have some opinion to this drama. and the goal is same, to make this drama better.

  388. 388 : Mikai Says:

    Han Tae kyung! Patiently waiting. oppa !!!!

  389. 389 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. ya, its imposible to make 50 pages of coment. but, as long as we still coment here till the end of episode.
    I will reduce it to be 1000 coments, maybe? yah, its posible. heheheh.

    yeah.. one hour again, 3Days will start. yeyeyeye…. excited.
    however, I can’t watch it. maybe, I will see the spoiler from other people. I like spoiler. cos of I’m really curious of something. just my habit. hehehe

  390. 390 : Mikai Says:

    hey everyone, please check out this video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1921404751332420, hahaa Yoochun here is so funny, he used to trick bodyguards 8 years ago, haha. please watch this, i assure you you will have stomach ache. HAHA

  391. 391 : kimmy Says:

    @Mikay, Omo that video is so funny, just watched a while ago. HAHA, i really didn’t know what drama/short film is that, i want to know. HAHA

  392. 392 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, whatever it takes, i’ll support Yoochun oppa! haha i will commen here as fast as i can. omo, im waiting. tick tack tick tack, 3 days, episode 9!

  393. 393 : kimmy Says:

    I’ll be back after watching episode 9. Urghh, internet connection is so slow, uhmmm.

  394. 394 : kimmy Says:

    omo, tonight’s episode was daebak although i dont understand what are they saying. good news taebo couple went to jaesin company and there they search for something. HAHA, so love this adventurous couple.

    Omo, Lee cha Young, what is she doing there, why she is with Kim Do Jin? im so suspicious already about her. I’ll wait for tomorrow’s eng sub so that i can understand what their talking about. HAHA

  395. 395 : kimmy Says:

    Each episode feels so complete everytime there is TAEBO moment together. Either in the car or in solving a case. Love you both!!!

  396. 396 : rory Says:

    Ep.9, what a breathtaking episode..I need air!!! somebody please gimme inhaler or oxygen tank 😆

  397. 397 : rory Says:

    OMG, my heart is still beating dugeun..dugeun..what a plot..what a twist..I am mad and feel scared!! though it still early to predict but wow!! I am so worried about our Bo Won and Tae Kyung now..

  398. 398 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, Is the new witness dead already? Omo, i really can’t clearly see every scenes coz of slow connection. Tonight’s episode was really great. I feel like i was in a roller-coaster ride.

  399. 399 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy @rory envy you ! ;(. just now I go back home. Do you know the link to watch it RAW ?. I just now opened dailymotion.com and searched it, but I couldn’t find it ? maybe the tittle is different ? (not 3days? or use other name) ?

  400. 400 : chuna Says:

    heii..you two… I don’t watch it yet. huhuhu :”((
    but, I know there is TaeBo again here. cos we know they have same aim. to reveal the truth. hehehe

    I think, Lee Cha Young is being a spy. hehehe. as we know that she get an offer from mr president. although we can’t see that scene yet between them. but we already give the hint when mr preaident asked han tae kyung about her. heheheh.

    I wanna watch 3Days tomorrow with eng sub ofcourse.

  401. 401 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, actually the title is different wait i just paste here the link if i got some links for tonight’s episode.

  402. 402 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yeh im waiting for eng sub also, everything is not clear yet specially those conversation, oh poor han tae kyung, another witness died 🙁

  403. 403 : chuna Says:

    I watch the spoiler. hahahaha.
    omo..han tae kyung injured again. :”((
    and I think, Bo Won just change his jacket in this episode. hahahaha.
    someone must buy her some clothes. hehehh. Tae Kyung-ah, you must take care of her, right? when she is in your home, you didn’t give her some drink or food, and she ate ramen in his office later. poor her..
    so, know its your chance to buy her clothes.
    *just night joke cos of I haven’t watch it yet. poor me.. hufttt *sigh

  404. 404 : rory Says:

    @kimmy @sizaoka @chuna
    I don’t want to spoil u guys yet but I am so mad now!! after HTK working so hard to get Major Lee, but because of they want to save Mr.Pres, how come they abandoned Major Lee!! I feel so pity seeing HTK..Got beaten and now LYC is betraying him though I’m still wondering what is LCY’s real agenda actually..She might acts as a decoy..
    But it’s good to see BW & TK collaboration today yet so scared to see what will happen next..

    @sizaoka, sawraee..I can”t see any raw link yet..huhu..Can’t wait to watch with sub tomorrow..

  405. 405 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yeh he’s injured again, poor HTK. HTK also wears the same outfit as episode 8. I wish they have a time to go home, sleep, eat and take a bath. LOL. haha, i want to see Yoochun taking a bath again (half-nude) just like in Missing You <3 HAHA.

  406. 406 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yeh poor HTK. Who was behind that black out anyway? tsk3. Even though they trick Kim Do jin, its no used if HTK is not beside any of the witnesses. They all die if HTK is not arround. Well, if Major Lee really didn’t die then maybe the thrill will stop, so what now? who’s left as the witness on yangjinri incident?

  407. 407 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy ahhh gomawo gomawo buddy ! I’m waiting for your link asap. hehehe ;p

    @chunna hahahha…I just realized that in the spoiler pic. I really wanna see her wear feminim clothes ! maybe HTK will be dazzled by her ? LoL XD

  408. 408 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, chingu can’t find the link as of now, but actually last episode, it was already available after a few minute after livestreaming but the title is really different. Im still looking for it 🙂

  409. 409 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, i just figured it out, it was also sheena who are posting the videos. HAHA. the one who also post a copy of the edited ep.7-8. she still didnt post. By the way, last ep.7 it was here,

    1. http://www.dailymotion.com/video
    /x1jumau_07dfgdfgdfgdffxhmgxchmgch-001_music …
    2. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1jumbi_07dfgdfgdfgdffxhmgxchmgch-002_music
    3. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1jumch_07dfgdfgdfgdffxhmgxchmgch-003_music
    4. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1jumdr_07dfgdfgdfgdffxhmgxchmgch-004_music

  410. 410 : rory Says:

    Found 3Days raw links 😀

    Part 1 : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1lflb4_three-days-e09-koreanonair-in_shortfilms#from=embediframe

    Part 2 : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1lflcc_three-days-e09-koreanonair-in_shortfilms#from=embediframe

  411. 411 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, thanks rory. Enjoy watching guys! @sizaoka @chuna

  412. 412 : rory Says:

    If u can’t open those links, try open this site then..


  413. 413 : Sizaoka Says:

    @rory @kimmy wahhhhhhh, thank you very much, chingu ! \(n_n)/….
    You guys are really 3days diehard fans ! hehehe ;p.
    anyway, I’m watchin’ it now, I will comment later soon 😉

  414. 414 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMO OMO OMO ! ep. 9 is daebakkkkk ! thumbs up for the writer nim, she really can make unpredictable story ! I can’t imagine what will happen in the rest episodes.
    Just wonder, if LCY is a double agent. It’s just too easy to guess if she’s really another betrayal of president. I think the writer nim is playing with our mind now. hahaha 😀
    And what’s gonna happen with our HTK & YBW ! they look really in big trouble in the ending of this episode !!!!.

  415. 415 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, episode 9 ratings didn’t increase, yesterday’s episode was daebak but why the ratings keep falling? im so sad. 🙁

  416. 416 : kimmy Says:

    The ratings during the first chapter was high, but after the assasination thingy the ratings fall. Omo, i feel bad but however i really love this drama. I’m not a korean haha!! but i love korean actor esp. Yoochun oppa.

  417. 417 : kimmy Says:

    Oh, just so happy this hits drama globally. They even profit 30 billion won just for advertisements what,more in copyrights? Chunnie must have much money after this project but hey dude don’t ever plan to marry? This guy didn’t have any girlfriend when he started to get his career into a new level. Haha.

  418. 418 : kimmy Says:

    * I mean the drama hits globally. Hehe

  419. 419 : kpopfan Says:

    Watch Three Days Episode 10 Preview on urkpop!

    Preview here:

  420. 420 : kimmy Says:

    3 days fighting!!!!!

  421. 421 : chuna Says:

    finally. I watch 3Days ep 9. hehehehe
    oh god.. so many problem here. my doubht last week answer in this episode that the press con weren’t going smoothly. I gate that bodyguards just concern about president when blockout. poor mr lee chul kyu. he was abandoned.

    I really feel hurt when someone hit Han Tae Kyung with the wood. it must pain a lot. :””(
    its just 9Days story. you must endure it till the end.

  422. 422 : chuna Says:

    glad to see TaeBo teamwork again. :”)

    though, Han Tae Kyung always tell her to go back and not worry with his pain, she still follows him and concern about his condition.
    I feel her more than a friend or sibling, she like a mother for him. Han Tae Kyung, you are lucky person. how can you unknowladge her care for you? or don’t tell me that you already know it but looks cold and nothing happen? hahahah. I hope you can knowladge her next episode when you already know that lee cha young also betrayed you.

    ehmm.. I feel we can see this scene in other drama that a boy who first to rescue his girl from crowded situation, but it didn’t happen in this drama. hahahaha. you lucky again boy..

  423. 423 : chuna Says:

    the scene that I mean is when bo won rescue tae kyung from reporter question to him. I already have feeling that bo won will be come to him and pull his hand to get away from that. hahahaha. but its amazing than my imagine with she use her car to rescue han tae kyung. heheheh.

    and of course, we can see evrybody here use hyundai’s car. hahahah.
    maybe, one or two car has same car number for different people. but, I still can’t recognize it. hope Roweina realize that.

  424. 424 : xervr Says:

    3 days is unbelievably boring! plot is flawed. mediocre acting especially PYC. Damn a low rated 24 copy cat!

  425. 425 : chuna Says:

    I wanna ask you first, did you finish watch 3Days till ep 9?
    have you ever seen Kim Eun Hee previous project?
    have you ever seen park yoochun acting skill in his previous drama?
    or are you antifan of yoochun?

    I don’t know why you bored about this drama. cos of the genre and you prefer like romance or comedy genre. or you compare 3Days to 24hours series. yeah, I know that this drama inspired about 24series. though I never watched 24hours yet, I think the meaning of inspired always not plagiat or copy cat like you said.

    yeah.. I still forgive and understand for your comment. its your own opinion. I can’t judge you wrong. but, I wanna give you that questions cos of I wonder you didn’t watch and know them yet.
    so, its okay if you said like that.

  426. 426 : kimmy Says:

    @xevr, if you like other dramas, 3 days is not forcing you. Though i don’t know you, but im already one of your enemy, the drama plot is flawed? then can you explain exact details on this flaws? are you a writer of a drama somehow or have you written dramas before? gosh, you’re comment was non sense, i guess you’re passing by to ruin this page.

    But well, we dont care, 3 days drama is excellent as you can see it has been aired already in other countries and even online streaming sites and they even profit more than 30 billion won just for the ads. What more can you explain on low rated dramas will earn as much as this? Fool yourself, go to hell!

    And most especially, how dare you say that Yoochun’s acting is only mediocre? He have received best actor awards in most of his dramas. And hey dude, are you an actor? Can you act by the way? how can you judge an actor, without you not being an actor anyway. Im so pissed off with your comment. But I guess that’s all, im not going to ruin my beauty because of your comment.

    We’re Yoochun’s fans here and don’t ya there crossed the line if you’re not even part of it!!!!!!!

  427. 427 : kimmy Says:

    Okay, im changing my mood now.

    Omo, 3 days episode 9 was really daebak, i almost stop my heart beat at the time when Bo Won was inside Do Jin’s office, im so excited on tonight’s episode. 3 days daeak!!! fighting!!!!

  428. 428 : kimmy Says:

    *dare crossed the line………

  429. 429 : rory Says:

    my dear @Chuna & @kimmy…chillex ya…
    I love how u guys defending for this drama and YC but just let her/him be..That kind of comments often come before this too, better ignore! I know we can’t please everyone but I don’t care coz I can’t wait for ep,10!!! Yeah!
    Yesterday episode still makes my heart feel dugeun2 and mad..I can’t wait to know more about LCY..Be strong HTK and please be safe^^

  430. 430 : xervr Says:

    Well, it’s my opinion. Everybody has their own judgement. Ya dont need my explanation why I am not in favor of this drama. PYC fans need to calm down. I just laid my opinion. It’s just the same as you presented your positive response to this drama.

    I’m into action series. 24 is a BIG drama to be inspired by 3 Days. They just failed. SEE THE RATINGS DEAR! And dont ya defend that there are also low-rated series which has positive reviews. At the end of the day, the RATINGS ARE DECLINING. WHY? POOR ACTING? FLAWED SCRIPT? UNINTERESTING TWIST? EXPECTED SCENES?

    Those are question! But I can answer them with all honesty. Not A PCY fan nor a hater of him. I don’t hate the other cast. I love Son Hyun Joo. And sorry to say, The Chaser (Son Hyun Joo’s series) is a thousand miles away greater than 3 Days. #JustSaying

    Be objective. Not Subjective.

  431. 431 : kimmy Says:

    @xervr, *around of applause*

    Okay, i respect you’re 2nd comment. Well, i was really angry on your comment though but i tried to be respectful enough since you are also a human like us who have senses, and even who have their own views regarding this matter.

    But please excuse my behavior because such comments really hurt me a lot. And if you don’t like the drama, one comment i guess is enough? you don’t need to repeat all your disappointments in the drama again in this page hopefully, just for respect, but well i don’t own this page then you can comment here, as if you’re invisible to us 🙂

  432. 432 : xervr Says:

    yes, let me be invisible to you. 🙂

  433. 433 : kimmy Says:

    @xervr, ratings? oh c’mon even YOOCHUN’s Rooftop Prince have ratings the same like 3 days, but it was popular abroad and even got awards internationally as best drama, don’t rely so much on ratings in korea alone bcoz it does not explain/ show the integrity of the dramas popularity.

  434. 434 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @chuna, thanks friends. Let’s just don’t mind xervr comments, it does not change a thing anyway, respect for freedom to speak is absolute but also don’t forget to be considerate to other people’s feeling. 🙂

  435. 435 : rory Says:

    @kimmy @chuna & 3d fans…
    Let’s talk about drama..Just finished live streaming ep.10..
    I still can’t believe..this is too sad…If u guys know what I mean 😥

  436. 436 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, what happened on the last part? actually i watched the first part but as i visited this page i was stuck to it and i had a bad mood then but also our internet connection was not good also, omo what happened? the flashback??

  437. 437 : rory Says:

    I better not gg to spoil here yet..I still feel sad & shocked right now..poor HTK..That flashback scene in the last scene is cute right but I can’t help to feel sad at the same time..bring back his happiness please..But it was another great episode for me..

  438. 438 : chuna Says:

    @xervr, ya. I understand and tolerance about your second comment.
    and I don’t need again your answer about my question before. I know your reason cos you compare it. and I wanna corect your opinion that not only objective but also subjective.
    I also have objective and subjective opinion after watch this drama. So, don’t judge me or other with watch this cos of only subjective opinion.

    I still can make a war comment with you, but I know this is not my own page. and I don’t need concern about your coment again. like rory and kimmy’s said that you’re invisible here.

  439. 439 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, okay rory. I’ll rewatch again tomorrow. I also feel sad at that moment but it wasn’t as clear for me yet bcoz of this stupid connection.

    Okay 3d fans, let’s share our thoughts some other time after we watch episode 10 🙂

  440. 440 : Sizaoka Says:

    @xevr hmmm… just comment as you want. I really don’t care. I only care about the 3Days rest episodes ;p. The problem is every people have ” their own taste & perspective” to like and dislike something.

    @rory @kimmy could you please let me know again the link to watch ep 10 RAW ? (even, I haven’t watched ep 9 eng sub yet, just read the recap from dramabeans) hahaha XD. gomawo

  441. 441 : rory Says:

    here, the raw links for u..


    Have fun dear 😉

  442. 442 : chuna Says:

    watch spoiler tonight. very curious about the story. I heard that lee cha young killed? oh god..
    very curious what about the relation between her and han tae kyung before. is it just closed friend?
    I hope so.

    the writer-nim really make us to guess again and again every episode.

    I really like Han Tae Kyung’s glare. just watch his eyes, we can see the meaning.

  443. 443 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yeh I was also curious about how close is lcy to htk. Omo she’s just unconcious but I think she’s not dead yet.omo this is another twist. I love you writer-nim.

  444. 444 : kimmy Says:

    3 days is back on popular list. Yes celebrate!!!!! Please don’t trick us koreandrama.org. hopefully as I eake up tomorrow morning its still up there. Fighting!!!!!

  445. 445 : kimmy Says:


  446. 446 : kimmy Says:

    @xervr, where are you now? Coz I’m thinking of you. Haha. Peace dude. Anyways even if you don’t like 3 days, you’re still welcome in our forum. Hope you’ll gonna find time appreciating 3 days as it is 🙂

  447. 447 : kimmy Says:

    No more bad vibes. Let’s support 3 days guys till the end. #ALWAYSKEEPTHEFAITH

  448. 448 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, hahahah. I’m not noticed it if three days in popular list again.
    I visit here to comment..

    hei, did you notice something after preview of ep 10? there is preview of Angel Eyes. as I know, that drama doesn’t air after 3Days, and its not wed-thus drama, but SBS put this preview in 3Days drama. its very uncommon. but, I believe that 3Days really popular drama and many viewer watch this drama, so SBS put Angel Eyes’s preview after 3Days ep 9 finished. heheh. its my though.

    so, don’t care about the rating anymore. I bet many viewer, not only foreign but for korean too watch this drama. we just know the amount of Korean TV rating, but everyone can access this drama with streaming in smartphone etc. we know the staff of 3Days watch it with smartphone in making film last time. heheheh

  449. 449 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. I notice it..
    thanks for xervr, kimmy, rory, sizaoka, and all who visit here with leave a comment or not. 3Days back to popular list again. heheheh

  450. 450 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, this calls for a celebration. But let’s not be confident enough, let’s leave comments as fast as we can.

    Anyways, I noticed also teaser for angels eyes is shown on episode 9, its a fri-sat drama and how come they endorse it maybe to gain popularity. 3 days rocks. #ALWAYSKEEPTHEFAITH

  451. 451 : chuna Says:

    yeah. maybe that is cos of 3Days’s day yesterday and today. so, many people visited this page. hehehe

    angel eyes will air tomorrow. and SBS put it in 3Days to gain viewer. heheheh

  452. 452 : chuna Says:

    oops..soarri~ not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow. *miyanhae

  453. 453 : samy Says:

    this drama is OverRate!

  454. 454 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, ratings had increased!!!! I’m glad. Its 2nd in agb and 1st in TNms. Well inspiring generation is done and I hope ratings for 3 days will increase more… we can’t really say that all koreans want romance drama bcoz cunning single on the middle of two new genre is somehow behind them. Anyways guys let’s comment here more often bcoz there are lots of new dramas and I want 3 days to stay popular from now till the last episode.

  455. 455 : kimmy Says:

    I haven’t watch yet episode 10 with subs. Tsk. I’m hwaiting!!!!! Omo, 6 episodes left 🙁 I’m already starting to miss my bodyguard 🙁

  456. 456 : chuna Says:

    ya.. finally the rating increased. :))

    so sad, 6 ep left.. I really miss Agent Han so much.

  457. 457 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, wat are we gonna do after then? omo, im going to be busy next week becoz im going to have a summer class. HAHA. Somehow my study habits are affected bcoz of being Yoochun fanatic. Anyways, i will comment still here despite being busy. hwaiting for episode 10 eng sub!!!

  458. 458 : kimmy Says:

    #6002themicky i will miss you oppa :'( im going to stop watching kdrama after ‘3 days’. Im going to concentrate on my studies then haha, but still i have this twitter and fan page account of 3 days that needs to updated…

    Omo, 3 weeks is just too short and i will miss this conversations we had about our interactions in the drama when it ends :/

  459. 459 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, can we make it 50 pages? were still not halfway 🙁 Omo

  460. 460 : Mikai Says:

    3 days daebak!!!! This drama is just so excellent nvm minor flaws.

  461. 461 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, me too sist. my study is ignored cos this drama. hahaha. but, I’m not sad or disappointed cos of this.

  462. 462 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. I don’t know.. but, its over 1000’s comments here. I think we can.

    okay. I’ll be back again to this page after watch ep 10 with eng sub. heheheh

    I’ll visit this page after 3Days finish. not always but if I’m free and miss this drama so much.

  463. 463 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah i will missed this page too and to all my 3d buddies!!! let’s wait for eng sub of ep.10 and i’ll be back to commet here.

  464. 464 : kimmy Says:

    i want it to reach 500 comments for this day. hmffttt :< im bored waiting for ep.10 eng sub

  465. 465 : kimmy Says:

    Is cha young dead or just unconcious? i haven’t finished the last part last night. OMO:(

  466. 466 : mic Says:

    11.9% … I hope ratings for 3 days will increase more. 3days fighting

  467. 467 : kimmy Says:

    @mic, yah it is the same as 3 days first episode rating.

  468. 468 : 6002 Says:

    3 days episodes are getting better each episode. Hope ratings will increase also. We’ll 3 days retain the first spot as IG comes to its end? Or is KBS new drama “Golden Cross” will compete with 3 days in the first place or maybe MBC’s Cunning nlady will dominate this time.

    Questions are in, and the answers will be found out next week . Hoping for a great episode 11 for 3 days!!

  469. 469 : kimmy Says:

    @6002, omo i’m holding on to my faith that 3 days will win ratings next time. 3 days had been on the first place for i think almost 4-6 episodes vs Inspiring Generation. I hope writer-nim will make the story go fruitful and even more exciting as we only have 6 episodes remaining.

  470. 470 : kimmy Says:

    omo, finally 3 days episode 10 is out. Gonna be back after watching it.

  471. 471 : sakkura Says:

    waw!!!! I love my bodyguard…..it’s already 10episodes…6left.. 🙁

  472. 472 : mic Says:

    @kimmy oh yes… love HTK, love PYC. Hi everyone

  473. 473 : kimmy Says:

    Haha 3d buddies! Let’s make this forum worthwhile. Omo, yah even if we dont want it to happen, its only 6 episodes left 🙁

  474. 474 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, is Cha Young seroiusly dead? why? writer-nim i couldn’t get it, she has not really exposed in the drama yet. They even hold hands with HTK in the hospital 🙁 They must have been so close before. Urghhh, HTK kill Kim do Jin :(((( fast!!!!!!

  475. 475 : kimmy Says:


  476. 476 : kimmy Says:

    Just finished watching episode 10 and glad to say that Cha Young’s in coma not dead. I feel relieved somehow. Episode 10 was really great. HTK and the President are like lovers quarelling HAHA. Thumbs up. Yoon Bo won really is a smart woman, she can imagine how things was done, you are really perfect for our hadsome and elite bodyguard.

    There are lots of chances that Kim do jin must have killed HTK but as said he promised HTK not to die easily, he wants him to suffer from murdering someone. Tsk. And why the president is taking back a U-turn, is he planning something? oh well, we will found out that next week.

  477. 477 : Micky Says:

    Episode 10 was great! I didn’t expect there was another twist in the story. Waiting for more explosive revelations and more twist of the story next episodes.. HTK you rock!!!!!

  478. 478 : jalin Says:

    can’t wait next ep

  479. 479 : Micky Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 11!!!

  480. 480 : kimmy Says:

    I can’t also wait for next weak. 🙁

  481. 481 : kimmy Says:

    * i mean next week 🙁

  482. 482 : kimmy Says:

    Hello 3d fans, where are you now? I missed you guys!!!!

  483. 483 : jalin Says:

    @kimmy i am here 🙂

  484. 484 : kimmy Says:

    @jalin, are you new here? Welcome to our forum, let’s support 3 days okay? Thank you chingu.

  485. 485 : Mikai Says:

    6 episodes left? This drama is so excellent even with its new genre in the dramaland. Ratings are also doing fine. Looking for more exciting episodes!!!!!

  486. 486 : rory Says:

    Just done watching ep.10 with sub..hehe..a bit late today..
    What a relief that LCY was in coma state actually..Please don’t kill her writer-nim, I feel pity now after knowing that she is trying to help Mr.Pres but she should let HTK knows at least so the can work together..
    Another new dog was born but don’t worry, our hero is smart enough..haha..I think Mr.Pres had something in his mind..Can’t wait to know what will he do to ruin that “jerksin” chaebol! Go Mr.Pres and HTK!
    BTW, the flashback scene at the end is soooooo cute! Rookie HTK is so adorable 😀 *squeeze..squeeze*

  487. 487 : rory Says:

    *so “they” can work together..

    Can’t wait for the next ep..yeah, bring it on show!

  488. 488 : xervr Says:

    Only Sizaoka thinks with common sense here as well as rory. the rest are just crazy fans of PCY! Tsk tsk tsk

  489. 489 : kimmy Says:

    @xervr , hello dear you’re back. I did miss your comments.

    @rory, yah I was also worried I thot cha young died but she’s in coma, I’m impressed on how will she put herself into a dangerous situation bcoz she wants to protect the president also, I like her statement saying that she’s also an agent, and her responsibility is to take care of the Pres. As much as other bodyguards do.

    Btw, the last episode makes me really feel excited on will the 2nd yangjinri-like incident will happen or will the Pres is planning something by being a falcon dog again. Oh no, HTK is in the midst of hesitation, he think he can’t trust the president. I wish the pres. Would tell him what’s his planning so that HTK will trust him and will help him more.

  490. 490 : kimmy Says:

    “Crazy Fans”. What a word. Okay. :)))))

  491. 491 : Mikai Says:

    3 days fighting!!!!!!!

  492. 492 : JYJ Says:

    Why are people making issue/arguments in this page. Grew up people. Don’t be too childish, if you like the drama then keep watching. If you dislike rather, you are free to stop watching the drama. The plot really is solid but somehow other scenes are predictable enough, hence, the action scenes and twists in the story makes the drama worth to watch for 🙂 Daebak!!!!

  493. 493 : 6002 Says:

    Daebak. Interesting drama of 2014. New genre that is worth watching for 🙂

  494. 494 : chuna Says:

    hai guys. I’m back again..
    sory for late to visit and coment here..

    oh god. I wanna say my expression after watch till ep 10 ‘this drama make me crazy’
    every episode make us guess what happen for the next? who is another traitor for HTK? who will be die again? so frustated and dazed a moment when we see another person die.
    but thankfully Lee Cha Young didn’t die yet, she is still in coma. but, we don’t know what her destiny for next episode.
    I already know that lee cha young is double agent and she always in HTK’s side. If she is a traitor, I think what she do over all to help HTK before are very useless.
    I feel how they closed before, they always called informal name each other. the manner of HTK help LCY when she hit by car is so different when he meet Yoon Bo Won who shot by gun and Lee Chul Kyu when he fall from the building.
    if you noticed LCY wallpaper phone, its same with HTK wallpaper in ep 1 (ballon hearts).
    I think TaeBo has competitor. TaeCha.

    anyone who ship them?
    for me, I still support TaeBo couple. hahahaha

  495. 495 : Linh Says:

    Htk cant wait

  496. 496 : chuna Says:

    ep 10.

    watch this drama always make me can’t sit back.
    there is a traitor in Agents, blue house, and now another traitor for Presecutor Choi, one of his co-partner. I think Presecutor Choi will be in danger.
    even Lee Dong Hwi U-turn to the Jaesin and will give the USB to Kim Do Jin, I think its the best though its mean that he will give up for this case. I know his situation well. I admire how can he still keep calm in mid of no one in his side anymore. so desperate when see Lee Dong Hwi remember his cabinet ministers in the meeting room. He really miss them and now he can’t do anything.
    I admire him again when he said to Chief Shin that ‘you know the truth, but you choose easy path cos of the reality’. ya, Lee Dong Hwi is that person before, but now he change, he wanna change his bad past. He know well that he can use his power being president to solve this case easier. but he never cheated to solve this case as like as Kim Do Jin do. when he trows away the vas and said to HTK, ‘will this bring back the doc your father prepared with his life? will it bring back the dead people?’ Ya, we know he is a wise person. crime not always solve with another crime.

  497. 497 : chuna Says:

    ep 10..

    I didn’t get it yet when Yoon Bo Won Investigation in Daeseungri. she has visualizing ability what Lee Chul Kyu do in Daeaungri. ya its a drama but, I think someone else (in real life) can’t make a fast assesment like that. how can she know that there will be another planning again from Kim Do Jin? hahahaha. of course it will be cos YBW is smart cop.

  498. 498 : chuna Says:

    ep 10.

    hei… since when Yoon Bo Won car change? we know in ep 9 she drove Hyundai silver car and in ep 10 she drive black car. is it HTK car? or she borrow it? or maybe she has another car?

    And Han Tae Kyung car always different, but his real car is he used to chase after mr president who will go to Jaesin Company.

  499. 499 : Sizaoka Says:

    wow ! ep. 10 is just a WOW !.
    I admire about the President LDW’s mindset. I think he finds new way to get close to KDJ’s new secret plan by pretending to be KDJ’s loyal dog again.
    He is trying to prevent the worse 2nd Yanjiri incident in the future. Of course, he must still become “a president”, if he wants to do that.

    Anyway, why is our HTK more sad when LCY hurt, than when YBW was shoted by a gun in previous ep. ? (Hahahaha….XD. Of course, It’s because he knows LCY longer than YBW).

    And is it only me here, who wants to see YBW acts fighting with the Assassins ? (she is a cop, man !). It’s better if she is not only smart, but also strong. sorry out of topic….hehehe ;p

  500. 500 : chuna Says:

    this drama is 9Days story. and 3month filming. in this drama Han Tae Kyung always injured. in his left cheek, in his forhead, his legs, and his back. and in real life Park Yoochun injured his right shoulder. Han Tae Kyung always persistent to never stop doing thia case till the end when YBW suggest him to rest for his wound well. and in real life, Park Yoochun also persistent to continue filming without substitutor cast for fight scene or action scene.

    we can know how sincerity both of them.
    okay Han Tae Kyung and Park Yoochun, we always understand your decision for doing that.
    after this case, after this filming, you must take a shower, rest or make a vacation, and of course don’t lost your time to get a lover. hahahahah. hastage code for Yoon Bo Won or Park Ha Sun. *ignore it. 😀

  501. 501 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. agree with you sist. I think mr president has own reason to come Jaesin company. he’s Harvard University alumnus. so he is smart people.

    hahaha, I also wanna see that. Park ha Sun already said that she wanna have fight scene like Taekyung do in their interview for SBS Midnight TV Entertainment. I think we will see that. hehehe

  502. 502 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna I think she uses the Blue House’s car that’s being borrowed by HTK before. it’s same car as the President’s one (Bentley, right?)

    Remember when HTK picked up LCK to the press conference place ?. I think HTK used the Blue House facility (the car), because it was the affairs of state.

  503. 503 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna just LOL XD with your comment “hastage code for Yoon Bo Won or Park Ha Sun. *ignore it.”

    HAHAHHAHA…I definitely 100% agree with you. I think they could be a nice real couple ! 😉

  504. 504 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. I think you’re right. it will be posible. hehehe

  505. 505 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. hahahah. I agree too. but, I think they have same Park name. so, it can’t be. though Park is common family name, but maybe they still have family relation.
    its okay for siblings. oppa-dongsaeng realationship. hahahah. *out of topic again

  506. 506 : didi Says:

    I’ve seen someone dissing this drama because of the ratings…well, for me, viewers rating is not important as long as the story looks interesting and acting well…and, by the way, ratings started to increase. Also, you can express your opinion, but there’s no need to be rude. I understand that heavy dramas are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love my suspense and thrillers, so this drama is right down my alley. 3 Days fighting!

  507. 507 : Mikai Says:

    episode 11 please come fast!!!

  508. 508 : 6002 Says:

    Daebak. 3 days fighting!!!!

  509. 509 : chuna Says:

    finally…its holiday for me..
    I wanna watch again ep 10. hahahha. honestly, watching 2times make me get something again. I’ll be more understable what the meaning of this story will be.

  510. 510 : chuna Says:

    6 ep to go.. hemppp.. hope the production team add 2 episode.


  511. 511 : rory Says:

    Yes..I feel so relieved knowing that LCY is still alive..There’s no need to kill off his character though it will be hard for her to help Mr.Pres & HTK after this..But it’s better sometimes to stay off from this case, I don’t want to see another good people dying..

    @Sizaoka @chuna
    Actually not only you especially after the interview session that she envies seeing HTK’s martial arts..it’s awesome if we can see BW shows her fighting skill in the next episode rite..Surely she does know how to kickass at least 😀

    I hope I can watch the re-edited version tomorrow^^
    Enjoy the weekend 3D Fans and please stay safe 😆

  512. 512 : Mikai Says:

    @chuna @rory @sizaoka

    I have read your comments and glad where of the same thoughts. For me, episode 10 revives my soul at least bcoz it shows another twist in the story just like the Pres. is not going to continue the yanjinri case anymore, but i bet it’s not easy for Kim Do JIn to trust Lee Dong whi again but of course, let’s see how will they collaborate again and what’s the president real plan/intention in getting near to Do Jin again. Yes, he feels sympathy to those who are killed bcoz of the yangjinri case and also cha young almost lost her life, but glad she’s not.

    I agree with you i like to see Bo won do an action scene of course she maybe a female but she’s also a police officer before, so she might have something to show to us. I just can imagine Bo won and Tae Kyung solving the same case together and do action scenes together as they fight all those bad people there. I think it would be so cool to watch it.

  513. 513 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yes it would not be good enough is Cha Young’s character will end just this early without her exposing much in many scenes. Well, i really thot she was dead, long before i read HTK statement that she’s in coma. All people who are trying to solve the case often gets killed, im worried Yoon Bo won may also experienced such things. I hope they always go together with HTK so that she’ll be safe.

    @sizaoka @chuna
    i also noticed Yoon bo won’s car changed to black, it was white at first, lol, i dont get why it happened or maybe she borrowed HTK car or else. I want to watch again episode 10, because this episode really makes me feel like there’s another new story to be seen unlike chasing all the way the culprits, this time the Pres. did some actions and we don’t know his exact plans. Im getting prettier excited next episodes but sad to say we only have 6 episodes remaining.

    @mikai, yes it would be too cool if HTK and YBW do actions scenes together as they fought those badass guys!! haha.

  514. 514 : rory Says:

    I guess Mr.Pres is truly hurt this time after seeing his people dies and injured also feel shocked seeing HTK couldn’t hide his feelings anymore..We can see his anger towards Mr.Pres so that’s why he changed his plan and pretends to be a KDJ’s dog once again..I hope his plan will be successful time and it’s better to ask HTK’s help too..Looking forward to that..I think HTK & LDH collaboration will be great too! So we can see who’s Han Tae Kyung’s Best Ally..



    Oh Yes, let’s wish that we can see badass YBW in action next time^^

  515. 515 : chuna Says:

    after finished rewatch again ep 10. I noticed why Yoon Bo Won drive the black car.
    Yoon Bo Won real car has car number -> 31 1924, its silver car that she drove to rescue HTK from reporters.
    and the black car that she drove with HTK has car number -> 27 5198. its same with the car that HTK drove Lee chul kyu to press con. you can noticed in flashback scene when HTK put Lee Chul kyu stuff to baggage car. and when Yoon bo won open baggage car to find something in lee chul kyu stuff and she found bus ticket in it.
    its seems like blue house office car.
    and HTK real car has car number -> 13 4147.

    hahaha. so, indirectly, HTK borrow his car (his office car) to YBW. from this, we can see how he trust so much with her.

  516. 516 : chuna Says:

    I feel Chief Shin is one of the list people in danger. as I know, LDH already told him to stop what he’s doing. Chief Shin not bad person I think, he just someone that crazy about politics and workholic. he’s like LDH past. so, LDH still care about him so much. but, he’s persistent man.
    although he ally with Kim Do jin, but I wonder that Kim Do Jin consider him as his trusworthy like a friend. we know well that Kim do Jim is tricky man.

  517. 517 : chuna Says:

    no matter there are many TaeBo moment till ep 10. I still envy the relationship betweem HTK and LCY.
    in ep 10 when gummy’s song, its like Yoon Bo Won feel that ‘she’s still not an important person to HTK even she did everything in this case’. HTK orders her to inveatigate alone about Lee Chul Kyu. beside he investigate Lee Cha Young. I don’t know what Yoon Bo Won expression mean after HTK out from the car. is she envy? whoo… love triangle. hahahhaa

    and about LCY, she send message to HTK but delete it, and I noticed that Lee Cha Young has 2 contacts name in her Don’t Talk Apps. one of them is HTK name. are they closed enough before? then she has ballon hearts wallpaper too. hemm…very curious about this.

    I feel romance story between LCY-HTK than YBW-HTK. ya, of course they closed for long time than YBW who he knows for 5days.

    but, I still like TaeBo so far. hahaha

  518. 518 : chuna Says:

    @rory, kimmy, sizaoka, and mikky
    I also wanna see Yoon Bo Won fight scene in this drama. maybe collaboration with HTK? I hope the writer-nim consider it. hahahah

  519. 519 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yah i noticed that red heart balloon wallpaper too but i guess it has not something to do with romance( not really sure, but maybe not) maybe its just that they’re endorsing the phone’s brand haha. lol. Sis you’re really memorizing even small details huh, i wasn’t that concious about the cars number, but i only noticed the car’s color change from white(silver)to black.

    HTK really trust Cha Young, remember when Bo WOn told HTK that she saw LCY holding that thing (I forgot, the thing that causes the black out) he really don’t believe Bowon about that but after seeing Cha Young in Jaesin Hotel, he then believe that cha young might be their accomplice but somehow hesitant. And the hospital seen, they even *hold hands*, i mean of course they’re colleague but isn’t there having a more closer relationship before aside from being co-workers? oh no, writer-niim can you please reveal us their real relationships, and also the young HTK has not really been exposed yet, it was just for a short came. I want to know more about HTK life before being a bodyguard .

  520. 520 : kimmy Says:

    One question in my mind, haha, isn’t that too obvious that YBW has feelings for HTK? I mean, YBW’s goal is to reveal the truth no matter what happens, but hey they have been together for a couple of days, and the things they are doing are too dangerous enough to lost their lives, I never heard HTK saying thanks to YBW (or is it just me, who missed that scene where HTK is Thanking YBW). It’s seems like YBW is like an ordinary buddy to HTK. Haha but i know, HTK is concern of YBW being included in their cases and it’s also YBW’s will to help, but i just somehow hope that HTK will figure out YBW’s feminine side and say thanks to her. I think it would be the sweetest word i will hear from HTK 🙂

  521. 521 : kimmy Says:

    * i hope now my comments makes some sense* and not just a mere crazy fans of PYC. lol.

  522. 522 : Minnie Says:

    Omo, first time to open this site. I’ve read all you’re comments, now im excited to watch this drama. I’m going to watch this drama after it airs in korea 🙂

  523. 523 : kimmy Says:

    *i really love the lyrics of Gummy’s song, It really did fit well on HTK’s personality. There are already 5 ost’s released, and i only hear 2 songs being played yet, if im not wrong only eun ji and gummy’s songs are being played in the drama. I also want to hear Shin Yong Jae’s ost, i love that song also 🙂

  524. 524 : chuna Says:

    about heart ballon wallpaper, I think its original wallpaper by the phone. but dunno know who? maybe the writer-nim prupose set that small scene to be important thing for next episode? being coma, I think lee cha young doesn’t have a chance to live. and it will be another flashback scene for her like Ham Bung Soo role right now. and we can see the relationship between her and HTK beside co-partner in agent. hahahaha. maybe or not.

    Agree with you. HTK never say thanks to YBW. beside thanks, Han Tae Kyung never call her full name. he always calls her Yoon Police Officer-nim. but when he’s alone he call Yoon Bo Won name. 2times. when he found cute car key and when bo won calls him in Incheon.
    but, that’s cute with called each other by their job name. Yoon Pollice Officer-nim and Han Agent-nim.

    honestly, I’m not noticed details thing, but if I’m curious about something, I will find it. hahahaha

  525. 525 : chuna Says:

    don’t worry sist, I’m crazy fan of Yoochun too. I’m not angry if anyone said that. actually its true.
    but, I have sense to comment, I have brain to think. and I have point of view about all the cast. I’m not flawed other cast or atory like ‘someone’ do before. -you-know-who- ‘someone’ that I mean.

    so, I’m crazy and I’m not afraid to be called like that.

  526. 526 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes just 2 ost songs. I think shin Young Jae songs fits with him when someone that he loves gone. maybe Lee Cha Young? hahahaha. *ignore it.

    I like Kim Bo Kyung songs here. so nice. but, I didn’t know what the meaning

  527. 527 : chuna Says:

    @minnie, welcome here sist.. enjoy 3Days drama like enjoy cup of tea or coffe. nice 😀

  528. 528 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy @chunna yeah, I also notice that HTK never said “Thank You” at all to YBW. I feel pity to YBW 🙁

    Hahaha…, I also think about the meaning of YBW’s stare to HTK when he gets out from the car (after Jaesin scene), she looks very dissapointed to HTK (although she still keeps helping him). Hope HTK will feel her feeling after the case’s solved.

    Yeah….I also want to see them do action scene together like Lee Seung Gi & Suzy did in Gu Family Book drama. It was so cool ! hehehe ;p

  529. 529 : chuna Says:

    I also like that scene in Gu Family Book. Hope the writer make the scene. hehehe

    if HTK realized her feeling after case solved then its mean the end of episode. I hope he realize that in 12 or 13 episode. please writer-nim, once..just once, make romance part between them. I gonna crazy with this. hahahaha

  530. 530 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna @sizaoka, yeh I agreee HTK must discover his feelings for Bo Won. Bo won is there all the time, risking her life just for solving the case. I hope HTK will realize that he has someone who is willing to help him and accompany him in the journey he has. YBW stares at HTK does speaks a lot or is it Park ha suns acting that makes her feel like she’s got a feeling to Yoochun. Haha.

    Btw, romance in this kind of situation maybe too difficult but let’s wait if it will ever have, writer nim will not disappoint us.

  531. 531 : chuna Says:

    yes. I’ll wait it. hehehe

  532. 532 : 6002 Says:

    3 days drama is perfect <3 HTK oppa !

  533. 533 : kimmy Says:

    I wanna know the other side of HTK, I mean the romantic side of him. Lols, I’m just hoping. Its not bad. He always show us masculine and genius side, I do hope there’s more about his character that will keep me loving him more. Hehe

  534. 534 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, agree with you. this drama lack about the character introducing of the cast. we don’t know who is YBW character before do this case. I think there isn’t flashback scene to tell how personality YBW has when she still young or in the school.
    we don’t know their personality and suddenly we know one by one died and become traitor.

    talk about romance, I still doubt in this drama. if from the start the writer-nim or production team promise to us that HTK-YBW are someone who will falling in love each other, so far we didn’t get romance part that they mean. although TaeBo build a great team work and build trust each other, we still dun get where is the romance part that they mean. and after ep 10, many people get the romance part between LCY-HTK. I feel so too. its rational to build emotional part become romance part from someone who already knowing each other.

    about HTK-YBW, they just meet for 5days. and they still call each other with their job name. how can romance build with that for next episode that just 4days left? even Bo Won care for him, or HTK safe her from danger, they still awkward each other to have some emotional conversation.

    I know from the start there isn’t romance for this drama. but sometimes I wanna HTK open up his heart to someone who really care about him.

    about Kim Bo Kyung-words that screaming my heart, I think this song is dedicated for YBW, someone who always by his side and he still don’t know about this.
    but, I dun wanna YBW died in this drama like the lyric said. I wanna the leads still alive till the end episode.

  535. 535 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah I agree I really wanna know their personal characteristics aside from their job, but I guess it will not happen, we only have 6 episodes left, 🙁 I wish they could extend the episode. The focal point of the drama concentrates on their jobs as bodyguard, maybe they can’t really show us on about the past bcoz the there isn’t more time/episode to insert such scenes. But I hope they can surprise us, it will be a great scene if that happens. Knowing them more before all the assasination happens.

  536. 536 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, I haven’t check yet the english translation of kim bo kyung’s ost, really? Does it fit to YBW? I’ll check it later sis. No bo won must not die, but I think there’s a possibility that she will die, as to the situation. Urghh, but pls no. Don’t want bo won die. Haha. Period.

  537. 537 : kimmy Says:

    Title: Words that my heart shouts ~ Kim Bo Kyung

    Don’t forget me Don’t leave me You make me cry with tears like the falling rain Because you’re my love, because you’re the only one I’m missingyou

    Are we really passing each other by? Can’t we hold onto the flowing time? Even if you forget me, even if you say you don’t know me You are my person, who made my heart race in the memories

    Don’t forget me Don’t leave me You make me cry with tears like the falling rain Because you’re my love, because you’re the only one I’m missingyou

    On my way back, I stopped in place Isuddenly looked back but you weren’t there Even if you forget me, even if you say you don’t know me Iwill be right here

    Don’t forget me Don’t leave me You make me cry with tears like the falling rain Because you’re my love, because you’re the only one I’m missingyou

    Though it hurtsto death and I missyou like crazy If it’s you, I can take it

    The most painful thing in this world is not being able to see you My love that has been torn in my heart

    Come back to me, I can’tlive without you My heart paces back and forth in front of you

    Words I’m saying with my tears, words my heart is shouting Words that say I love you

  538. 538 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, chuna sis. What does this song pertains to? I mean to whom? To his father? But its too romantically made. I duno, the lyrics hurts 🙁 it is been addressed to someone who’s gone/dead.

  539. 539 : Mikai Says:

    @chuna, thank you for welcoming me here in this forum.

  540. 540 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I don’t know either. this song fits for Bo Won or not. but, in lyric
    ‘even if you forget me, even you say you don’t know me
    I will be right here’

    but, its also fit for LCY too. hehehe.
    maybe, we will get the answer if this song out to the drama.

    Kim Bo Kyung also participate in ost two weeks that starring Park Ha Sun. I think this song is dedicated for her.

  541. 541 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy @chuna I think there will be a possibility, the writer nim shows the flashback scene of our main lead actors, like in the ep 10 (when HTK’s still a newbie to be a PSS).

    anyway, I still wonder whether was YBW an ex. cyber crime police ? so, why is she working as a county police officer now ?. not wonder, if she is sooo smart !. (I hope there will be her past scene too).

    Oh yeah guys, I’m also still confused about one thing in this ep, so The Chief Shin has a scan file of Confidential Doc 98 like HTK’s father had ?.
    So, why is HTK’s really worry if the President LDW gives it to KDJ ?. btw, He still has it in his dad’s laptop ?
    Please, let me know about your opinion. hehehhe ;p

  542. 542 : rory Says:

    @kimmy, thanx for sharing the lyric of “Words that my heart shouts ~ Kim Bo Kyung”

    woah, why all OST of 3Days are melo and lyrics were so sad to death? Though I love it to bits but writernim makes us hope there will be a romance part soon..Actually I don’t have high hopes for a romance part although the genre says so, but until now all those 5 OST were saying about love so I will look forward to that..It’s okay to put just a little romance scene as long as it won’t ruin the main theme of this drama coz for me it’s already great without heart feeling parts..BTW, friendship meaning is more beautiful and touching if we look at the friendship between HTK & Chief Ham, what a bittersweet friendship..Their last memory is just so sad to watch..I hope it won’t happen again to LCY or BW or even Mr.Pres..I can feel that inside his[Mr.Pres] heart is so sad when he recalled his meeting with his old friends, once they saw Mr.Pres all giving an honest smiles..But now, friends become enemies..

    from what I understand, that jerksin chaebol is now planning the 2nd Yangjinri so Mr.Pres rushes to his penthouse and wish to stop him and willing to be his dog again..So the 2nd Yangjinri incident will not happen..So it means Mr.Pres wants to cover the 1st Yangjnri incident since many people dies because of that.

    But seriously this drama makes me eagerly to know what will happen next..Can’t wait for more twists..How I wish I can steal the script from Kim Eun Hee..kekeke..

    @Mikai, hey, welcome to 3D thread..feel free to share ur thoughts about 3D ya^^

  543. 543 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, actually from my point of view, the document that chairman kwon emailed to the pres. Before he dies was not only the doc.98 I guess there is another doc. Being sent, HTK already had the copy but if you notice Kim do jins reaction in ep.10 after the man with black eye who wore glasses(the one stole the copy to Cha young in the parking lot), he was surprised/angry. That was the doc. I guess chairman kwon emailed to the pres. And we don’t know the content of it. My mind is puzzling bcoz of documents thingy.haha

  544. 544 : chuna Says:

    maybe she gets learning about cyber crime when she was training before become real pollice officer. and cos she still fresh cop (I think) she is worked at countryside pollice office. and beside she is a pollice woman with strong principle, she will do anything for get high position as a pollice city (maybe). and of course she wanna reveal the truth for clear her name in pollice judgement.

    about doc 98, I think its different with doc 98 that Kim Do Jin burn. as I know, doc 98 that KDJ burn, HTK already find it in his father laptop. and presecutor Choi has it too from HTK. if I’m not mistake, there are 2 doc 98 (1. doc 98 that Han Ki Jun brought to mr president in ep 1 and 2. doc 98 that kim ki bum & kim woo hyung had) remember in ep 3 someone took 2 doc from 2 accident?
    ya..I think the content document 98 still unrevealed is doc by Kim Ki Bum and Kim Woo Hyung and Chief Shin took it. and maybe, the contents more important.

    I assume thia coa of Kwon jae hyun said that he sent the copy to blue house, but in when LCY get that doc, its not a copy. its real doc. so, I think its doc by Kim Woo Hyung and Kim Ki Bum.

  545. 545 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, the scene were the pres. Reminisce his friends inc. Htk dad was so sad. Everywhere there are traitors, even in the prosecution office. Grr. I relly hates villain but of course they are present to spice up the story. Haha. Lols.

    Btw, I recall the scene where YBW was a bit disappointed to HTK bcoz at first he didn’t believe Bo won tekling him that she saw LCY holding that thing. And even,HTK command bo won to investigate where was major lee goes before he died, she was I guess jealous and told HTK, are you going to see Cha young? Lol. I felt bo won was jealous. So is there up to something more romantic scenes to be done, writer-nim?

    @chuna, sizaoka, rory. Yeh. All osts are melo ones and such love songs. This songs feel us hopeful that there will be romance soon. Hehe

  546. 546 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, where thinking of the same thing. There was indeed another doc asyd from that of han ki joons doc. But what’s the content of it. If you noticed do jin’s reaction while reading the document its like a new thing to him.

  547. 547 : chuna Says:

    maybe she gets learning about cyber crime when she was training before become real pollice officer. and cos she still fresh cop (I think) she is worked at countryside pollice office. and beside she is a pollice woman with strong principle, she will do anything for get high position as a pollice city (maybe). and of course she wanna reveal the truth for clear her name in pollice judgement.

    about doc 98, I think its different with doc 98 that Kim Do Jin burn. as I know, doc 98 that KDJ burn, HTK already find it in his father laptop. and presecutor Choi has it too from HTK. if I’m not mistake, there are 2 doc 98 (1. doc 98 that Han Ki Jun brought to mr president in ep1 and 2. doc 98 that kim ki bum & kim woo hyung had) remember in ep 3 someone took 2 doc from 2 accident?
    ya..I think the content document 98 still unrevealed is doc by Kim Ki Bum and Kim Woo Hyung and Chief Shin took it. and maybe, the contents more important.

    I assume thia cos of Kwon jae hyun said that he sent the copy to blue house, but in when LCY get that doc, its not a copy. its real doc. so, I think its doc by Kim Woo Hyung and Kim Ki Bum.

  548. 548 : kimmy Says:

    *really, omo forgive if there are mispelled words, its really hard using tab than pc. Haha. My apology.

  549. 549 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, ya. its not doc that Han Ki Joon have. its different. most posible is doc by Kim Woo Hyung and Kim Ki Bum

    I don’t know too about the contents. I thinks its more important than Han Ki Joon doc.

  550. 550 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. me too sist. my internet conection is trouble. so I post my coments two times.
    forgive me *bow

  551. 551 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, its really good to watch it each episode more than once coz you will really notice other things, new ones. Actually I often didn’t see their facial expressions that much bcoz hey I’m readin the subs. Its really hard to watch their faces and reading the subs, sometimes you miss a word from their mouth or you may not notice how deeply there expressions are. Haha. That’s what I only notice just now, bo won’s face somehow disappointed as what sizaoka says while they are in the car after leaving jaesin hotel.

  552. 552 : kimmy Says:

    Last comment before I sleep, one more request for writer-nim, can I see my Han tae kyung lying on the bed? I mean I want him to rest somehow, he’s been all around fighting with badass guys. Never got a sleep, never saw him eating. Haha. But that was somehow not really that important, but maybe as he will lay down he will realize things he had done or maybe flashbacks when he was young will appear. Just a thought. Forgive my feminine side. Lols. Haha.

  553. 553 : chuna Says:

    beside the contents of the doc, I’m a bit curious why Kim Do Jin know that Lee Cha Young wanna get Copy that Chief Shin has?
    does Chief Shin tell Kim Do Jin before?
    but, I also noticed that Kim Do Jin surprised after read that doc. so, from where he know the real aim of LCY?

    can someone tell me about this?

  554. 554 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I also noticed Bo Won disappointes expression to HTK. even she wanna reveal the truth, He buy Bo Won for hack Jaesin data. in the car, I see Bo Won’s smile while put out a piece of paper from her pocket. seems like she found something important and make her happy. but later then, HTK order her again to investigate Lee Chul Kyu alone. if I’m in her position, I’ll be sad and disappointed, even I can do that alone. he also never said thanks to her.
    I’m a girl. even boyish girl or brave girl, a girl still a girl that has feeling. so, Bo Won express her feminine side but HTK can’t discover yet.

  555. 555 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy @chunna Woaaa. thanks for your explanation, guys !. After reading your comments, I have an idea, that document could be a “Yanjiri Contract Agreement with North Korean elite politican” that’s ever told in previous episode, but it’s only my opinion. hehehe ;p

    Yeah….I also noticed YBW smiles when she gives the paper to HTK, but it seems HTK doesn’t thank to YBW (by telling her “President also already knew the KDJ’s plan”, so YBW’s effort is useless ?). OMG, HTK….please just be sensitive a little bit to her, even you asked her to investigate LCK’s case in the “midnight alone” ? Whatttt ? She’s still a woman, bro ! She goes to Daseungri, the dangerous place where the North Korean army hide !. But of course, I keep respect writer nim’s idea. hehehe ;p

    Btw, why there is no scene, where HTK & YBW prepare their “suddent plan” to infiltrate to KDJ’s penthouse ?. It seems after HTK get out from the Blue House car (after watching news about him through big screen in a building), he never contacted YBW again. Or they have telepathy ? hahaha. Will there be a flashback scene about this ? (hope so).

    Well, maybe it’s out of topic. But I really hope if there is a flashback scene too about the last will of HTK’s dad to YBW (after car accident) about “his request to keep his only son”…. Just my imagination, please don’t think about it ! Hahaha XD.

  556. 556 : chuna Says:

    I have same thought about that document too. there are 2 contract about yangjinri document, and one of them, kim woo hyung also sign that contract and maybe he has it. as I know, that contract very important cos we will know who is the master behind this case.

    heheheh. if there is scene like that. I’ll wait. but its imposible that his fater tell to YBW about his son in that condition.
    more than that scene, I wanna flashback scene about the first meeting of them. I wonder if YBW met HTK in funeral for the first time.

  557. 557 : Rosi Says:

    Excuse me guys, please let me know if there is somenone who knows about the song title which usually appears in the end of each episodes..thanks guys..:)

  558. 558 : kimmy Says:

    @Rosi, here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVjiPC17Zk4

  559. 559 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yeh sis HTK didnt even thank her for putting much effort in getting data from Do jin’s office. And there goes HTK bothered about Cha Young’s presence in the hotel. Bo won is really disappointed somehow, you can really read Bo wons face, that seems sad at that time.

    And also, i really dont get why Kim Do jin knew Cha Young was heading for something. After their conversation (Do Jin & Cha Young) in the hotel, Do Jin ordered that man with glasses that Cha Young is up to Chief Shin document. I dont know how did he knew it? haha. Still confused.

    @sizaoka, Bo won’s is a a very brave man, why did HTK let him investigate LCK case alone, oh man HTK you’re not a gentleman haha lols. I agree even if Bo won is a police, she is still a woman. And yeh that scene with them in the hotel, there was not single idea on how HTK asked Bo won’s help, but i case, its just a small thing and could be consider as negligible. HAHA.lols.

    Yeh, as far as i remember HTK’s dad didn’t speak about his son, we only hear him after the accident only concern of the document. Maybe, HTK’s dad has said a request to Bo won to look after his son? OMG. Im excited if it will be revealed. Writer-nim, pls reveal us soon. We’re so excited.

  560. 560 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. this scene took for next episode. TaeBo moment again. I think they will investigate together to find where the location of Kim Do Jin plan.





    credit from soompi

    sorry if can’t open.

  561. 561 : chuna Says:

    finally, in that picture, we can see Yoon Bo Won with different jacket. hahahha
    I also like Tae Kyung-ie coat, long and looks cool for him

  562. 562 : chuna Says:

    oops, soarri, I think my comment can’t show yet. still wait for moderation

  563. 563 : chuna Says:


    I search this theme for a long time and finally found it. 😀

  564. 564 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, sis rory had already posted that theme song haha, i guess you haven’t seen rory’s post then, but anyways this time it has a title, its called tribus diebus?

  565. 565 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha sis, at last they change outfit, its another day i guess for episode 11. I hope they will have a sweet moment together, i’ve been rooting for it to happen. please writer-nim. hehe

  566. 566 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna are those pictures taken by one of 3days crews or by a lucky fans ?. (if fans, envy her ! haha)
    yeah, I think they wear different clothes to show the day change and it also means that they go back to their each houses to take a bath & eat like in a normal life. hehehe :p.
    anyway, I hope someday YBW wears feminime clothes with light colour, because it seems she always wears jacket with dark colour. 😉

    wah, nice BGM btw !. I also like that music instrument ! thanks for sharing, sist ! 🙂

  567. 567 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, i love to comment there in soompi but i have no time to create an account. haha, im just reading there infos about 3 days.

  568. 568 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, hahha, maybe I didn’t open Rory’s post. soarri~
    yes. they change the outfit. I like this outfit. I think, Tae Kyung outfit really match with Bo Won outfit in ep 9 & 10.

  569. 569 : chuna Says:

    I don’t know. if this is taken by fans, lucky fan who can watch this filming.
    in that photo, we can see they having fun each other while filming. glad to see that.

    hahahha. I think in 3Days we can’t meet the rest scene for the cast in their home. I wonder about Bo Won home, as I know she is pollice officer in seojo. its a bit far from seoul. and I thinks she lives there, so where does she stay in seoul? maybe she stay in tae kyung appartment? or pollice office? or maybe she has related family in seoul??

  570. 570 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes it was taken by fans while they are filming. They’re so lucky, uhmm. i hope i can see Yoochun filming his drama soon. And yes, there’s no time for writer-nim to show us what they do in their respective homes bcoz it lacks time. And i was just curious also if Yoon Bo won has family, we know already HTK is already all by himself since his father died, but how about YBW and LCY? haha, i hope to know about their characters more.

    I’m a bit excited, i think next week episodes will show us great scenes again. and the twists does really makes e feel excited. Although some scenes in ep.9 left us hanging like Major Lee’s sudden death, and i hate the fact that the bodyguards (there are lots of them) they only escort the Pres. despite the Pres. telling them that the witness life is important, there you go, he got abduct. BUt i think that was the easiest way to end his life since we’ll be having a new story/twist next episodes.

  571. 571 : 6002 Says:

    Thanks for sharing, i have also been waiting for that BGM title 🙂

  572. 572 : chuna Says:

    @6002. you’re welcome.

  573. 573 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes. I also wanna see flashback scene for YBW. so far, writer-nim didn’t give us who is Bo Won before. I doubht that there is twist character for her. like another fans guess, maybe Bo Won is the baddest among the enemy for HTK. though so far we know the reason of YBW to solve this case untill the end.

    I also wonder about Bo WOn family. yeah, its not important here, but so far I ‘m a bit curious about Bo Won daily life before. hahahhaa

  574. 574 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, i hope Bo won’s character will not change. she’s the only one HTK can trust with. I hope writer- nim will not twist her character, i so love her character but sometimes annoying because she’s everywhere HTK is. Haha hope to have sweet moments between them next ep. and please HTK, i want to hear you saying “Gomowo” to YBW. Just for once. haha

    Anyways, have you seen this pic during their photoshoot i really want to see this scene, this is the sweetest pic i’ve seen bet. the two of them (HTK & YBW)


  575. 575 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes. I wanna see that sweet moment between them. they both look good together. but, for real relationship, I doubt about this. I agree if they are just friend like siblings. cos Park-Park. hehehe.

    by the way, sometimes Park Ha Sun face is like Kim So Hyun ( a girl who fan of Yoochun Oppa). *out of topic. soarri~

  576. 576 : chuna Says:

    Park Ha Sun’s can’t go without her ‘ ‪#‎ThreeDays‬ ’ script

    Park Ha Sun ’s agency has today released a set of photos, which showed the actress working hard at reading her script, and drew much attention from fans.

    Park Ha Sun is currently starring in SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘Three Days’, where she plays the capable and righteous female constable, Yoon Bo Won, and is a great support for Han Tae Kyung (JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun) in unmasking the real truth behind the fateful 1998 incident. Park Ha Sun has shown her capability at grasping the essence of her role in every episode thus far, and have won recognition from viewers, regardless of it being action or emotional scenes.

    The new photos showed Park Ha Sun in between breaks during filming. In one of the photos, Park Ha Sun is seen perched up against a wall, as she read out her lines from her script. In the other photo, Park Ha Sun is checking out her performance through the video camera playback.

    It has been said that Park Ha Sun has never gone without her script at the film set, and is continuously rehearsing her lines whenever she is free. Park Ha Sun’s dedication and hard work is testament to her solid acting showed in ‘Three Days’. Whenever a new draft of the script is released, Park Ha Sun would continuously recite her lines over and over again, as if she was taking a test for it. In addition, she would also ask her manager to film her performance, so that she can go over it later on and improve on it.

    A filming staff said, “We can often see Park Ha Sun sitting by herself in her corner, while rehearsing her lines over and over again. If there’s a need to recite her lines with her co-star, Park Ha Sun would take the initiative to suggest it. If there are action scenes, Park Ha Sun would use her free time to go through her action scenes repeatedly. She also often seeks guidance from her seniors or director on how to go about acting out a particular scene even better. Park Ha Sun’s dedication and hardworking self, really makes her even more radiant and beautiful.”

    ‘Three Days’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM (KST) through SBS TV.

    By: Yang Ji Won
    [email protected]

  577. 577 : chuna Says:

    here’s a photo of uri Bo Wonnie. while Tae Kyung-ie rest, Bo Wonnie seems look his acting in handycam. hahha. looks cute both of them sit opposite


  578. 578 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, i really love kim so hyun though she’s younger than me about 5 years but we have the same type. She really likes Yoochun oppa. Hope she will not change her type.

    BTW, haha chuna i was already curious on your account on fb. I am the one who posted that on 3 days fan page about Park Ha sun haha and edited the picture. HAHA. lols. out topic also.

  579. 579 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, sis its out topic again, but i want you to see these pics asap. http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/07/04/cap-yoochun-miss-ripley-part-3/

    After i watch this, i told myself, im going to watch Miss ripley soon!!!

  580. 580 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, so, the one who post this info and pict FB is you??
    I found it in Three Days FB fanpage.

  581. 581 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, ya. Yoochun in miss ripley looks handsome. and not chubby face. but, I don’t want to watch miss ripley. hehehhe. *soarrryy~

  582. 582 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes im one of the admins there. Why sis, its okay haha. I was planning to watch it after 3 days fnished. HEhehe

  583. 583 : kimmy Says:

    @3d fans, sorry for 3days not related infos. I’m so bored waiting for ep.11!

  584. 584 : chuna Says:

    hahahha. nevermind sist. I’m bored too. so I make this comment being crowded by my post.

    I’m very curious about next episode. its a bit impatient than last episode. I don’t know why. maybe, I’m falling in love with this drama so much. hahahaha

  585. 585 : JYJ Says:

    I’m an avid fan of yoochun-ssi, i really like this drama. Like a roller-coaster ride. keep up the strong plot and performances of the actors/actresses

  586. 586 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes you’re right, episode 10 makes me feel like i wanna know what will happen next in the upcoming episodes. Urghh, im impatiently waiting, haha, i can’t stand it anymore, I’m going back to school next week, im afraid i might not be able to comment more often here, but i think i can’t do that, i will really comment here. Its a part of my daily routine.

    Going back to the drama, im really excited about the Pres. new plan, Kim do Jin is not that damn to trust him again that easily so im really looking formward on ep.11 and there will HTK and YBW seen too, i hope they find out about the yangjinri-2 plan. Crossfingers, im really loving this drama so much. Its like im watching a 16-episode movie! haha. Also, i want the ratings to be more productive as well, coz other people are just looking for the ratings as the basis on if the drama is good or not. So i really hope, it will increase more. AJA! 3days!

  587. 587 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. ya, its difficult for LDH to be loyal at KDJ. I think KDJ will not be easy to accept him like before.

    next episode, TaeBo will find about the next plan of another Yangjinri incident.

    I hope next episode, the ratings is higher than before. 3 Days really fit to deserve that.

  588. 588 : kimmy Says:

    Have you read this news 3d friends? http://networkedblogs.com/VFswW

    Wow, i was amazed there really close colleagues (Park Yoochun, Kim Hyung Joon and TOP). And its good despite Yoochun & HyunJoong being rival in their dramas wc airs on the same slot, he still watches Yoochun in his 3 days drama. So good to know, that these 3 idol-actors are close friends.

    Btw, wednesday is 2 days away. !!! feeling excited 🙂

  589. 589 : chuna Says:

    yes. I read this too.
    Yoochun-Jaejoong-HyunJung-Top are close friend since 2008 (if not mistake). so, I’m glad they still close till now. its so friendly that HyunJung call Yoochun with Yoochunnie..hehehe.
    Top is also said that he’s close with Yoochun and Hyunjung too. but, a bit sad that Yoochun didn’t attend Premiere of TOP movie. I think, he is busy with his filming for Sea Fog before. hope TOP can attend the premiere of Sea Fog. of course he will, cos beside Chunnie’s movie, there is Han Ye Ri who is hia co-partner in the commitment.

  590. 590 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes sis i hope these guys will show each other supports. Inspiring Generation and Three Days have been competing so much for the first slot, but in reality the main actors are close to each other.

    ~Still waiting for ep.11. I hope its wednesday already, jeballlll ~~

  591. 591 : Rosi Says:

    @Kimmy thanks for the link 🙂

  592. 592 : chuna Says:

    finally, tomorrow is 3Days..
    excited 😀

  593. 593 : chuna Says:

    [Fan Account]
    Before Yuchun starts filming, he keeps playing with the camera. T_T When the camera goes to Bowon, he stealthily moves behind her, hides her and takes her place. He does it so many times T_T He keeps pouting, opening round his eyes and when it’s time to go back to film, it’s serious Han Taekyung T_T

    I can imagine this. hahahha. HTK and PYC same face but different characters.

  594. 594 : chuna Says:

    I’m here again.
    maybe some of you already read this. but, I will post it here.
    just happy of Taekyung-ie and Bo Wonnie are going well ecah other

    140406 Yoochun kept coughing during #3Days shoot today, but was still having fun with the crew and female lead~ (tag) pic.twitter.com/WNNZaBfJXq

  595. 595 : rory Says:

    Yuhuuuu 3D fans^^
    Are you ready for tomorrow?
    BTW, sharing this making video from SBS[good]JOBTV..haha..this Yoochun!No matter how intense was that scene he’s still can be playful when off camera..salute!

  596. 596 : kimmy Says:

    Very ready for tomorrow! Urghh, i already miss my bodyguard 🙁 Even though im going to watch it livestream !!! Feeling excited 😀

  597. 597 : chuna Says:

    @rory. ya,, although Yoochun gonna be old and mature, but he’s still little kid. hahhahah. glad to see palyful Yoochun.

    hei guys. finally, I can download movie version of 3Days. gonna watch this tonight or maybe tomorrow before watch ep 11. hehee

  598. 598 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, urghh i envy you, i still haven’t download the movie version, what episodes have you downloaded sis?

    @rory, that video was so funny esp. on the last scene where he breaths in the camera haha, it was foggy then, lol Yoochun, that’s what I love about him, very childish, so cute oppa.

    They make look so serious in the drama esp. Kim Do jin and Cha Young and also Tae Kyung, but behind the camera, lol, they are so funny and laughing. I was like a comedy drama haha! if you watch their BTS.

  599. 599 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I download ep 9 & 10.
    hahahha. I also like this BTS. every BTS yoochun always give a gag. hahaha.
    when he breaths that camera, its like he braeths in from of me. *fangirling mode on 🙂

  600. 600 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes sis. I so love it. ! The BTS are really making me feel in love with Yoochun more. Haha in th drama he is so serious, but in personal he is bubbly. Haha…. so much excited for ep.11&12

  601. 601 : chuna Says:

    finally..today.. yeeee 😀

    its out of topic. but I wanna write this. you know guys, Park Ha Sun and Baek Jin Hee are friend.
    Park Ha Sun played in 3Days with Park Yoochun. and Baek Jin Hee will play in Triangle with Kim Jaejoong.
    hahaha. lol~

  602. 602 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha realy sis? wow i hope really Park Ha Sun can do a romantic scene with Yoochun in 3 days. We know JJ’s Triangle has romance part, we Yoochun fan’s are so eager to have something twist with this action-thriller drama, coz they promised us from the start that there will be romances as the story progresses.

    Sis, did you really downloaded the movie version of ep.9-10? I only knew ep.7-8 in soompi, where did you find ep.9-10 movie version?

  603. 603 : kimmy Says:

    (Info) Oh my G! Yoochun’s cap bid as of this moment is about 2,500,000 won! Wow, im so amazed just for a cap! But that’s not an ordinary cap bcoz Yoochun owns it and he wore it several times…

  604. 604 : kimmy Says:

    Finally, 3 days episode 11 later!!! I hope my internet connection won’t disappoint me .lols

  605. 605 : 6002 Says:

    Omo, episode 11 later ~~~~

  606. 606 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna @sizaoka @rory

    Finally this scene is like what we’ve been waiting for..


  607. 607 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes. I found it in soompi forum too. its nit different with drama version, but I like the sound and graphic. wanna watch this in theatre. hehehehe

    yes. I also wanna romance scene between them.
    Park Ha Sun and Baek Jin Hee ever acted in High Kick before. and they are being close. as I know, Park ha sun is easy going. she always close with her co-work. such, Han hyo joo, lee so yeon, bae soo bin, lee kwang soo, ji jin hee, and others.

  608. 608 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, thanks. I like this pict. they look good together. wonder what they’re doing right the bus. are they going nightdate?
    is it Tae Kyung smile or Yoochun smile? I notice he’s smile when he looks Bo Won

    p.s soarry sist, I didn’t look carefully that you write the coment. hehehe. thanks for sharing this pic. maybe, its signal for us that the romance scene will show off hehehe

  609. 609 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna @kimmy woaaaa….finally..Taebo sweet moment again !. Thanks for sharing guys ! 😉

  610. 610 : Sizaoka Says:

    well guys, after 3 days finish, I plan to watch other Kim Eun Hee’s dramas ( Sign and Ghost). Are they as good as 3Days ?. Did you ever watch them ?.

  611. 611 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. Glad to see that. :”)
    I ever whatch ghost, but not finished yet cos of lack of romance. hehehe
    but, I will watch it cos I like So Ji Sub ahjussi.

    tonight, we will see taebo. must!!
    6ep left, there must be TaeBo moment more.

  612. 612 : chuna Says:

    hei…do you read this??

    The late-night bus date of Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun from SBS’s Wed-Thur drama ‘Three Days’ got captured.

    On April 9, the production company for ‘Three Days’ released still cuts of Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun. In the released photos, Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun are looking at each other in front of the head of the bus on a street in Seoul and talking intimately.

    In the photos the two people are presenting a lover-like atmosphere enjoying a late-night bus date in the spring.

    Production company Golden Thumb Pictures reported, “Even after just facing each other, Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun are completely invested into each of their roles for the visuals to be as nice as possible while attune to the nice tempo of the emotions and amazed the scene location,” and, “Look forward to these relationships in the future.”

    ‘Three Days’ airs every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 pm (KST).

    Source: 10 Asia
    Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

  613. 613 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes sis I have read that. Omo the production company really let us hope for romance. Haha so excited later.

    @sizaoka, I haven’t watch any kim eun hee’s drama before, only 3 days. Hmm, actually I only watch kdrama from start to finish if its Park Yoochun on the lead. Other dramas, I only watch few episodes but not all eps. If no Yoochun at all 🙁

  614. 614 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, chief Shin :'( i just don’t know even if he’s bad, i still pity him :'(

  615. 615 : kimmy Says:

    Done watching ep.11. I don’t understand my reaction in tonight’s episode bcoz i haven’t really enjoyed it again coz of slow connection. Omo, im waiting for tomorrows eng sub. 1 thing that makes me sad, chief Shin, another victim 🙁 i dont know if he’s confirmed dead.

  616. 616 : rory Says:

    what a tragic death!! 😥
    I need to watch this ep ASAP coz I’m a bit late for live streaming tonight..still clueless! But tomorrow’s preview looks sooooo great!
    guys, we only have 5 eps left! OMG, can’t believe it’s nearly to end…

  617. 617 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMO ! just finished watching live streaming. YBW is kickass here !!! finally She does action scene, fighting with 3 people and kill the flower boy assassin (hahaha) ! COOL, man ! 😉

    Just wonder about why she cooperate with the assistant prosecutor ? As I know he is not a good person ! Yeah, just waiting for the eng sub, to clear the missunderstanding. hehhee..

    So, the late night bus date scene is for tommorrow ( I waited it so long since an hour ago, haha) ???. It kinda reminds me of SPEED movie ! 🙂

    Btw, can’t wait for tommorow ep ! it will be more DAEBAKKKK !. What happen with YBW ? It seems she is in danger again ! Is she killed or hurt again ? ( from preview trailer ). Please, don’t writer nim !

    @Kimmy…Yeah, Me too. I thought he would be in 3Days until last episode ! 🙁

  618. 618 : rory Says:

    Oh really? we have Bo Won kickass scene tonight? OMG, I missed that!!!
    Finally yeah, her dream to show her fighting skill in 3Days^^
    Yup, tomorrow’s ep looks quite intense & thrilled! *dugeun..dugeun*

  619. 619 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @sizaoka

    Haha, we’re waiting for the bus scene but it will be for tomorrow’s episode. I want it also to download with eng subs asap coz i had a hard time understanding them haha. It was really sad, KDJ really sucks, no conscience at all!!!

    I skipped so many scenes bcoz of my connection, haha lol, that flower boy assasin caught thanks to Bo won and to the man with a fighting spirit HTK!! Awesome episode, but it would be more awesome if I understand also their language. So, i’ll wait for ENG sub. I’ll be back tomorrow :))

    Goodnight 3d fans!

  620. 620 : kimmy Says:

    You know what, from last episodes, each character is now showing off themselves, last ep. LCY, and now its chief Shin, so who’s next to risk her/his life? YBW? i hope not, HTK please protect YBW. ! That’s all. HAHA

  621. 621 : rory Says:

    OMG! this tweet just cracked me up by @Faith4pyc

    “Clock is really ticking now. Dating my ass. HTK doesn’t even have time to pee”

    TROLOLOL!!! Funny but make sense! Guys, our HTK is too busy for thinking about love or dating at this moment…So, don’t be sad if nothing happens between BW and HTK ya^^ But fighting!! Okay, let’s have more convos after watching with subs ya 😀

  622. 622 : chuna Says:

    Fanaccount :
    It was so cute when he peeled (the cover) and dropped it to his mouth~ hahahaha

    At that time, Police Officer Yoon Bo Won beside him asked what he was eating~

    Then, Yuchun opened his mouth ‘O’ and showed her what he put into his mouth~

    Can you imagine the scene inside your head?^^

    Then, Officer Yoon Bo Won playfully hit his cheek and Yuchun naughtily pretended it hurt and said “Ah”~

    And, he seemed to promise to give some to her and they did pinky-swear~

    We hope such warm scenes can be automatically replayed inside your head~^^

  623. 623 : chuna Says:

    hei.. I don’t watch ep 11 yet. maybe tomorrow. I have so many job to do today till tomorrow.
    so sad.. :'(

  624. 624 : kimmy Says:

    I dunno wat to do if YBW will die 🙁 i hope she’s not, what’s that big explosion? im just downloading ep.11 now, im so busy but i’ll find time for this drama…. #Fangirl

  625. 625 : kimmy Says:

    omo guys, that hospital scene bet. HTK, YBW and LCY, wtih matching background song of Shin Yong Jae, daebak, haha, it was so romantic, finally i heard that ost played in the drama for the first time 🙂

  626. 626 : kimmy Says:

    Oh yea, finally our Bo WOn is like our Tae Kyung already, 1 woman vs 3 men! awesome!!! love that scene.. Haha

  627. 627 : chuna Says:

    I watched preview for ep 12. its like Yoon Bo Won got bomb. hope she will be fine.
    I don’t watch ep 11 yet. just watch the preview in youtube today.
    Tae Kyung-a.. You must protect Bo Won. she saved you more than once.
    wanna watch it tonight but I must prepare for my exam tomorrow, guys. huhuhu :'(

  628. 628 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, just knew it lately that all Kim Do JIn’s plan is based on Dong Whi’s consultation long before, the yangjinri incident and now the second one, oh well, everything seems to go with proper direction, i just need to hold my breath and watch. haha, i’ll be back after finished watching ep..11

    ep.12 later 🙂

  629. 629 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha its okay sis, you can just watched ep.11 & 12 after you have your exams. Anyways, yah, that was one of Do Jin’s new plan, spreading bombs/dynamite all over korea, sadly Bo won was there, i dunno yet wat will happen to her, we’ll find that later in ep.12

  630. 630 : kimmy Says:

    OMG, ep.11 made me cried. Omo, Chief Shin drove the car on the way to the place where the impeachment is held with a stub on his stomach 🙁 ouch, this episodes really made me cried, first is when HTK talking to the President, and the second one is Chief Shin’s dying episode. I shall be back guys, im so sad in the story yet so great to have this twists but please i hope no more innocent people will die :'(

  631. 631 : Sizaoka Says:

    sorry out of topic again…just want to share the collection of “Taebo Moment” by SBSTVJobs (from early episodes)…. hehehe :p


    ( it starts from 00:45 to 01:28 )

  632. 632 : rory Says:

    thanx for the link..I thought it’s the new one but check that I’ve shared that before this..but nevermind, I always love SBStvJobs vids…They are doing a good job for us for making a cute and fun vids^^

    @kimmy, chuna, sizaoka and 3D fans..
    I really have a lot to say about yesterday ep but a bit busy now..LOL! I will come back for sure..happy live streaming guys 😉

  633. 633 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, wait Bo won please dont die, if you just saw how HTK embraced YBW so tight 🙁 i dont know how she is now :'(

  634. 634 : kimmy Says:

    Haha aww, BO won is still alive!! oh my i thot im going to have a heart-ache at the end of the episode but glad she’s ok. lols

  635. 635 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yes i also have lots to say but im also a bit busy in school. My comments are just like spoilers! i hope next time if you’re not bc guys we can discuss the current episodes :))

  636. 636 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, there are lots of cheesy moments of our TAEBO in this episode. Haha that fool car almost hit them, they hugged each other and wait they stay in the same house ? omo, wait its so log!!!!

    Uhmmm im so glad, sweeett moment is here!!! if you watch it guys you’ll know!!! hahaha

  637. 637 : kimmy Says:

    Hey guys, they stay in the same room, i mean its either HTK’s house or Bo won’s house they’re in. oH my, i guess i’ll go crazy with tonights episode! i want it to be subbed already!!!!! omo 😀

  638. 638 : kimmy Says:

    But that sweet moments are just like for a few minutes, back to the real thing ! haha. Sorry guys, i just can’t express my feelings to myself alone that’s why im posting here. anyways, if we’ll watch it tomorrow with subs, we will have same reactions haha!

  639. 639 : kimmy Says:

    Hey guys, our tae Kyung is back on the PSS!! He already wore his uniform again!! omo wait, maybe its just a flashback, but i guess its not.

  640. 640 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Kimmy hahaha… you do live report ? nice job sist ! ;).
    Btw, I love this episode (12) so muchhhhhhhh ! finally the scene we are waiting for is coming ! (The sweetest Taebo moment since ep.1) Yipi yipi Kayeeey… \(n_n)/

    You know what ? I was smiling so much to see their awkward attitude ! Funny moment, when HTK’s friend comes to his house. Hahaha…… LoL XD

    Why do you become PSS again, HTK ?????. So, you won’t be able to spend time with YBW with much longer. hahahhaa ;p

    OMO ! can’t wait for the next episode ! I hope YBW do action scene again, fighting the fake police officers & the assistant prosecutor !.
    Please, don’t shoot our HTK & President writer nim !!!!! 🙁

  641. 641 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, haha yes actually, i was like a tv reporter. Well this episode is really great, all emotions are in including the sweet/romantic part we’ve all been waiting for.

    Actually to be honest, this drama LACKS episodes! haha, can they extend? 16 episodes is too short, im missing yet HTK/ Yoochun oppa! tss.. Alright, I’m gonna wait for eng subs tomorrow so that I can understand it!

  642. 642 : kimmy Says:

    Finally our Tae Kyung has gotten sleep for a while in this episode. Haha i think its my turn to sleep. Goodnight 3d fans!! have fun and enjoy watching the current episodes tomorrow!

  643. 643 : kimmy Says:

    Omo guys, I can’t sleep after watching tonight’s episode! i mean i was feeling like im still there watching! 4 episodes left !!! :((((

    Glad, our agent is back with that badge and ID! woohhh, ep.13 then so excited!!!

  644. 644 : chuna Says:

    okey. I give up for studying tonight. and watch spoiler2 of ep 12. oh god.. glad to see our HTK sweet hug for Bo Wonnie. I bet he’s very caring for her like his precious person in his life. okey, 2thumbs for production team that didn’t tease us like before. they keep their promise. like our wish come true with this episode. and I think writer-nim read our comment in all of 3Days forums.

  645. 645 : rory Says:

    Hey guys!! OMG, just finished ep.12 with sub! So glad that Eng Sub is out super fast, must thank to them for the great job! *hats off!

    This is the best episode among all the episodes! OMG, ep.11 is also one of the best but Ep.12, u can feel such sweet moments but still didn’t ruined the intense of the story! Writer-nim, u did a good job! sweet, cute but still makes my heart beats fast!

  646. 646 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, omo, im still downloading ep.12, haha you’re right ep.12 is the best as of now, coz it contains all diff. scenes esp. the romantic scene in HTK’s house 🙂 just for a short while, we feel in love with YBW and HTK.

    Writer-nim did a great job. Haha she finally tried romance and its really good, it doesnt ruin the intensity of the drama 🙂

    I’ll comment back here later after watching ep.12 with eng subbed.

  647. 647 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, sis what a big sacrifice! btw you have a long weekend to watched both ep.11-12. Im going to rewatch eps.11 & 12 this weekend also.

  648. 648 : linh Says:

    3days is the best drama of the year. 3days fighting. Hope rating will be grow up

  649. 649 : rory Says:

    How should I start but the highlight scenes of this episode for me are..
    – Chief Shin’s tragic death also his last deed for Mr.Pres..
    – Kickass Bo Won in action! yeahhhh!! Bo Wonnie, u’re rock girl!
    – Conference room with Mr.Pres, HTK and Prosecutor Choi..Duhhh, Mr.Pres is so pitiful and lonely! Glad that our HTK promised to stay by his side..

    And of course our “Mulder and Scully” is the best thing when they work together! thank goodness they really care for LCY’s safety though she’s nearly get kills once again..

    3 Days, I really love you show!

  650. 650 : rory Says:

    haha..can’t help to think bout this drama rite? Fighting sis..After u’ve done watching this episode, let me look after of our HTK while u’re busy studying..LMAO! FIGHTING!!!

  651. 651 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, ep.12 was really daebak, the first part was so intense and romantic but the end scene left me hanging in the air, omo, i told myself, ep.12 is done? huhu, im going to wait til next wed 🙁

    There are traitors everywhere, urghhh i hate it! even the police are already manipulated. Hmmm who will die first? HTK? LDW? YBW? or LCY?

    omo best episodes so far, i like the ep. when HTK’s friend get inside his room and saw Yoon Bo Won lying on HTK’s bed. HAHA. i dunno wat to say but i really love this episode. BTW the ending does left me hanging in the air, i awe for more scenes but sadly it has to end 🙁

    No preview on the last part, i wonder what will happen next week

  652. 652 : rory Says:

    let me scream 1st! SQUEAL !!!!
    the best, jjang episode so far! I feel goosebumps, hardly breathing, can’t sit properly and grinning from ear to ear! What an episode!
    But I tell ya Han Tae Kyung, u should run down from the bus too! Why u’re so sure that bomb will stop from exploding? Stop making my heart beats fast you HTK! hurhur..

    And finally, HTK’s sweet word to BW “Good work” followed by hands shake between them..formal but sweetsssss!
    But that jerksin is seriously jerk! non stop making evil plans! I’m crying at the moment BW’s car exploded and seeing our BW lies on the ground..but the good thing is, we can see how far is HTK’s heart and care for BW..He even sheds a tear for BW and start living together! LMAO! *joking*
    how awkward but darn sweet!!!
    I feel at ease that now HTK is back to PSS..yeah, go protect Mr.Pres but make sure to take care of life too..and ur love..kekeke..

    This is the 1st time that no preview for the next episode but I’m sure that our HTK and Mr.Pres, both of them are safe if refer to the scene after “72 hours Impeachment Bill” but how about BW and LCY?

  653. 653 : rory Says:

    yup..no preview, really tease our hearts this time!
    But for the 1st time, I’m smiling like an idiot after a long time watching this show! that sweet awkward moment is love!!!
    And for the 1st time we can see our hero and heroine having some rest time though they still feel insecure..

  654. 654 : rory Says:

    Han Tae Kyung’s words to his PSS buddy…

    “Watch her until I get back…I will kill u if u do something stupid”

    *cloud nine*

  655. 655 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yes this episode really made my heart beat go boom boom haha!!! ep that bus scene, yeh HTK is somewhat shock when the timer was set off, and oh there are swat team there but he told them to stay away haha lels, he was sacrificing his life if it continues and Bo won outside is so nervous about what will happen.

    And that scene bet. Bo won and Tae Kyung after the bomb exploded, was ohh so bitter sweet. haha and there scene in the house, it makes my heart go flying up on the air esp. with these words that came out from HTK’s mouth “I can’t be at ease when I don’t see you”. I know he was just concerned about Bo won’s security after being threatened by Do jin, but that was the sweetest word i’ve heard and also that part “Goodwork” together with hand shake. I really want more.!!!

    So sad, those 2 alliance of Do Jin is dead. He’s such a bad ass. How could he have done that to the two of them. It make me scared all the way on the last scenes, and really Im worried, I guess another character is going to die in the next episode but i hope there’s none. No Cha Young and Bo Won, dont end their character yet.

    And hey, have you noticed Bo Won’s bra strap is so visible when she was wearing that white sleeves? hhaa, i hope TK doesn’t look at it intimately haha. lols.

  656. 656 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, also this statement

    “Help me never lose my composure in any circumstance.
    Give me wisdom and courage so that I may fulfill my duties
    If my body and life be used fo the greater good
    Let another life live because of it”

    The motto of a bodyguard, daebak.

    Though Im glad he’s back on PSS but im worried to Cha Young and Bo Won’s life bcoz i just dont feel relief if Tae Kyung is not there beside them
    and also Do Jin’s covo with HTK, he promised Tae Kyung not to kill him easily but he now take back his words, he is going to kill anyone who will get on the way, omo, so scary!

  657. 657 : rory Says:

    BW’s bra strap?LOL! u make me re-watching that scene again! and with her wet hair, kinda sexy! kekeke..

    Yes, love that PSS motto too^^

    BTW, I love how HTK throws his punch to KDJ! Serves him right 😀

  658. 658 : chuna Says:

    hai guys. I’m back. just finished to watch ep 11&12. for the first words for me, ‘just 4ep left’ *sad.

    okey, I will fill this page full of my comment. maybe 20comments, or more, or maybe less of 20 ? hehehehe. I don’t know.

  659. 659 : chuna Says:

    for the first time, I will give comment about Chief Shin who died in this week episode.
    Chief Shin got 3 advise from President and HTK. but, why you didn’t listen them??
    though you listen again President advise, unfortunately Kim Do Jin’s man stab you. 🙁
    from the start I know that he’s someone different from Kim Do Jin. he just involved cos of politics. you’re workholic and crazy about position in blue house. like you said before you die ‘I told you, I’m different’

    okey, thanks for your contribution till ep 11. you work well.

    RIP for Chief Shin Kyu Jin.

  660. 660 : chuna Says:

    for TaeBo moments

    thanks Godness, we can see sweet moment between them more. especially in ep 12.
    of course, Production team didn’t tease us again.

    first, for the shake hand each other. and is it first time that HTK impressed YBW works? ‘Good Work’. but, why you didn’t smile when Bo Won already smile at you. when I watch this, I said to him ‘please, smile..smile..’ *sad,, he didn’t smile.

  661. 661 : chuna Says:

    Taebo moments,

    I like how HTK express when he saw YBW and hugs her tightly. last episode, I’m a bit sad about his expression toward LCY when she hit by car. but, for this moment, I’m very glad he can express the sadness when YBW hit by bomb. its seems like YBW is someone precious in his life than other. for the first time he call her name, for the first time, he said ‘thanks’. *Glad. very glad. 🙂

    TaeBo never sink. hahhaha

  662. 662 : chuna Says:

    and the last TaeBo moment that I like is.. the sweet awkward moment between them in HTK’s home.

    ya, I know they’re awkwardned each other cos usually they just a partner for this case. and now, they stay at same place and its first time for them being awkwardned, didn’t know what to do. hahhaha.

    and I laugh watch this scene till HTK’s friend visit his home. okay, HTK has so many works to do, so he ask his friend for YBW witness protector.

    but, still persisntent YBW. she’s go to hospital and let HTK’s friend leave

  663. 663 : chuna Says:

    I like conversation between President, HTK, and Presecutor.
    President, JJang!!!
    and HTK, your words for President is also JJang!!! Daebakkk!!!

    “The president I have known has always keep his head high. You were not shaken back then. You said you will not give up even if people were dying.
    You ask me to protect you right? I will do that I will help you. I will do anything to help you. So keep your head high. You are the President of the Republic of Korea.” -HTK-

    tears are coming :’))

  664. 664 : chuna Says:

    hei, do you notice someone in ep 12??

    I think, I notice that familiar face. a figuran who disguise as a doctor. yah, he’s Shin Kyung Soo Director-nim. hahhaha.
    he appears when fake pollice replace for real pollice who doing witness protector for LCY.

  665. 665 : chuna Says:

    watch this episode, always make me wanna hit and slap Kim Do Jin face. I hate his calm face. Crazy man!!!

    hope he will die tragically. hope so. cos so many people around HTK died cos of him. I DARE YOU!!! hahhahah 😀

  666. 666 : chuna Says:

    Thanks for writer-nim. you show your efforts to make romance scene.
    I know, this is not easy for you. but I will say thanks to you.

  667. 667 : chuna Says:

    thanks again. We can listen all of ost song in ep 11 and 12.
    Shin Young Jae’s song, Gummy’s song, Eunji’s song, and Kim Bo Kyung’s song. very nice 😀

  668. 668 : rory Says:

    woah! woah!
    Haha, let us slap that jerksin chaebol if he tried to do another stupid plans once again! Chief Shin last scene really leave a big impact right..Tragic and goosebumps!

    Oh please watch this new The Making of 3 Days by SBStvJobs..and for “Taebo Shippers”, please be strong..LMAO!

  669. 669 : Sizaoka Says:

    @all 3Days fans….. Hahaha… LoL to see your reaction of this ep (12), you guys are soooo excited and seems so happy like you’re winning a jackpot. (it also happened to me).XD

    @Chunna please, make comment until 50th pages ! hehehe ;p

    yeah…I also love when HTK said to his friend to not do something stupid to YBW !!!! So, you are jealous, man ???? So, you start loving her, man ???… Hahahaha XD

    @Chunna yeah, I agree with you. I also hope HTK smiles when he said “Good Work” to YBW. Oh Myyyy….. Why are you so serious, Yuchunnie ? hehehe ;p

    It seems the case will be soon solved by HTK and the President. I hope in the last episodes, there will be so many sweet Taebo moment again, maybe the real date scene ? I really hope YBW move to Seoul so she can spend time with HTK longer than if she works in Seojuri.

  670. 670 : Sizaoka Says:

    I also hope this drama will get many AWARDS in the future (end of year 2014).
    Probably like…. the best drama, best actor & actress, best director, best editing, best BGM, popularity award, best script writer and of course best couple ! hahhaaha XD

    I’m waiting to see Park Yoo Chun & Park Ha Sun (PHS) to get that award !. Maybe PHS will have longer hair ?. She must be prettier 😉

    Sorry out of topic again. Btw, when I see PHS’s acting when YBW first comes to HTK’s house in ep. 12, I saw, she plays her lip, It kinda reminds of her acting in High Kick 3, it was cute ! 😉

  671. 671 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, oh that video so cute but im jealous for Park Ha sun’s side coz it seems that off cam Yoochun and So Yi Hyun are so close, they’re so sweet.
    But i think maybe bcoz Yoochun is more comfortable to So Yi Hyun since she has already a boyfriend, its awkward to act to a woman when you both are single, i just think so haha.

    @sizaoka, i agree with you maybe the case will be solve in the 14th episode i guess, and the remaining 2 episodes are sweet moments. But HTK is already bback in PSS, he can’t be with Bo won longer/often. I hope to Bo won will transfer to a room next to HTK haha, i love them both. They’re sweet moment somehow spice us the intensity of the drama. And yeh I hope they will get awards, i hope its popularity will surpass YCFTS.

    @chuna, sis? i hope we’ll get to 1000 comments as what we ought to be last comments. haha, this ep. really makes me want taebo moments more. Crossfigers!

  672. 672 : chuna Says:

    @rory, don’t worry sist. I’m strong enough to watch this making film. hahahaha.

  673. 673 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. for awards in the end of year, I don’t know 3Days will deserve it. but, for the cathegory of drama 3Days has a chance cos of 3Days is Drama Special. and YWCFTS is long Drama. so far 3Days doesn’t have competition for now.

    I wanna 3Days get best couple awards thoug its seems imposible due to the genre and lack of romance. but, if best couple for teamwork? is it wrong? hehehehe. just hope.

  674. 674 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy and sizaoka.

    yes. I gonna make till 1000 comments. but for 50 page, I don’t know. hehheeh. if this drama has 20ep maybe I can make it, but still 4ep left.

    so sad that 3Days will end soon..

  675. 675 : rory Says:

    That making vid is so cute and fun rite..For me, since this drama is so intense but to see how comfortable are they being together is the best moment ever..I will miss 3 Days team for sure after this..

  676. 676 : chuna Says:

    hei guys.. you are full of imagination about sweet moment between TaeBo. I think this drama will full of case to solve.
    I have no idea what happen foe next week episode. its like HTK in danger, president in danger, LCY and YBW also in danger.
    I’m afraid that maybe there is died people again for next episode. hope not true..

  677. 677 : rory Says:

    I saw PHS in “Two Weeks” and yes, she’s so pretty and so motherly in that drama..Glad to see her different side here..

    I’m not sure about LCY or BW’s safety but I’m pretty sure that our HTK and Mr.Pres will be save from danger in the next episode since we can see the scene where HTK runs to meet [or maybe save] Mr.Pres and KDJ in the last day of 3 Days..I feel dugeun2 suddenly, that KDJ is seriously such lunatic and psychopath, it’s hard to predict what he thinks in his mind..

  678. 678 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, even team work can win a best couple award, if you remember in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, aside from Yoochun and Min Young being awarded as best couple, they also have Yo Ah In and Soong Joong Ki for another best couple.

  679. 679 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, yea Bo won and Cha Young is in danger in ep.12, the police officers who are assigned at that time are bad people. Their looks are very suspicious. I hope not one of them will die 🙁

    Nyaa 4 episodes left, i dunno what to feel right now, it feels like after 3 days, im going to mourn bcoz it will end sooner. Yoochun-ah can you do another drama before you enter military? But still he has injury? I wonder how is the progress of his injury. Sigh.


  680. 680 : kimmy Says:

    I’m glad 3 days rank is good, it somehow beats Cunning Single Lady despite CSL being a romcom, a usual drama in korea, while 3 days is the a new genre, political-action, and the other drama Golden cross still didnt have its way to make it to top20 daily ratings.

  681. 681 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, yes. I hope another drama for Yoochun before he attend military. but I wanna he will be pairing with my unni (han hyo ju or moon chae won). hahaha.

    3Days always has constant of rating. and I think the viewer are solid for watching 3Days. though 3Days never surpass 15%, I’m still satisfied with this ratings.

  682. 682 : chuna Says:

    @rory. ya.. its a bit clueless for LCY and YBW safety. although YBW can fight, but who will win againts more than one man? (if they are in danger).
    I also hope that snipper miss the chance to kill HTK or president. I think the snipper is a man from falcon and become Kim Do Jin’s man.

  683. 683 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yeh but i hope ratings will increase more knowing that only 4 episodes left. Haha there are loyal 3 days fans in korea. Im glad they’re lot of them. Omo, yes i want also Yoochun to act with Han Hyo Joo, Im really thinking of that bcoz they was once a music video “In Heaven” by JYJ and that fan made video made Yoochun and Han Hyo Joo as love team in that video. Haha also i want Moon Chae won to act with him, they almost paired up in Rooftop Prince but she declined the role.

    BTW, i think of Yoochun dooing a historical drama again, uhmm i miss it so much, actually RTP is not that historical only flashbacks and in ep.1. I just thot oh chunnie can you grant your fans wishes? he can make a drama despite his injury exp. for action dramas.

  684. 684 : chuna Says:

    I really dislike HTK’s poker pace. why his smile so expensive here?
    if you wanna smile, just smile.

    but, he didn’t show his poker face when hug YBW after hit by bomb.
    saw YBW with HTK’s clothes is like his little dongsaeng. hahahahaha.

    I think, YBW already has a feeling for HTK, but she also thinks that her love is just one side love. she thinks, HTK likes LCY.

    thanks to HTK’s Friend, in fact HTK doesn’t have a girlfriend. his friend very curious and flirt him about his relationship with YBW. hahahah. I like that scene.

  685. 685 : Mikai Says:

    Wew, episode 12 was great! thumbs up!

  686. 686 : kimmy Says:

    Haha i keep on watching their BTS photos, its so sad they all make funny moments there off cam and on the drama, we see a serious Yoochun. Omo, i miss that bubbly Yoochun on screen, can he make another romcom again before he enlist? omo pls :((( #outtopic

  687. 687 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, I will support you too.

  688. 688 : chuna Says:

    ya. as I know both of my unni are busy with movie filming. heheheh. and I don’t hope so much for my wish.

    I watch that fanmade video too. look like they looks each other for being a couole in drama or movie.

    and I’m being Moon-Park shipper more a year. hehehe.

    forgive me if I make interruption in this comment. hahahaha. just for intermezzo.

  689. 689 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes both girls are busy filming for movie. Uhm I want Yoochun for Sungkyunkwan part 2 haha joke or Rooftop Prince part 2, haha I know there is no chancr for sequel of these dramas. Haha forgive my comments also for being out topic.

  690. 690 : chuna Says:

    I’m very happy to see mad and frustation Kim Do Jin. I hope we will see more that ecpression for next episode. hehehe
    if there is the scene when Kim Do Jin is being frustation and mad, I will watch it with hearing some music and enjoy it like his doing. hahahahaha

  691. 691 : rory Says:

    Since Yoochun is prefer a heavy drama and if he gets another drama offer before enlisting, I wish it was a saeguk drama too..IMO, he does have a charisma and look good wearing a hanbok..

    BTW, I wonder will this drama can compete in this year Baeksang award? I hope so though I know it’s quite tough to win the “Best Actor” award but I think YC is qualified enough to be one of the nominees if refer to the news mostly give him a high praises..let’s wait & see then^^

    Haha..Finally, we can see the anger KDJ..I think some of his minions are mostly wish to stay off from being his dog but once u entered his cage, it’s hard to run away or u may get killed at the end..I think that Prosecutor Choi’s assistant will be the next person if he tried to betray him all of a sudden..

  692. 692 : chuna Says:

    I think we already give the hint of the ending. when Kim Do Jin face Peesident, and Han Tae Kyung run towards them.
    can I assume that HTK and Peesident safe till the end of episode? *very glad.

    I think, the mastermind of this case is president. he really know well about this case. what Kim Do Jin plan. cos, he makes him like that now.

    in case, we just wait what will president do about him. I like his firmness and his effort to clear of his mistake.

    I think this drama getting better every episode. the story and the cast. I’m not disappointed to watch this if I’m not Yoochun fan.

  693. 693 : chuna Says:

    @rory. I think so. the presecutor assistent will be die in KDJ hand or others. I’m very nauseated when he calls YBW with ‘YA!!’. please, die for the next episode. I will accept it gladly.

  694. 694 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yah sageuk drama like SKKS. I miss him wearing a handbok, I used to like his outfits during sungkyunkwan, he looks elegant and handsome. How I wish before going to military. Anyway, his movie sea fog will be this august, if I’m not wrong, but that’s only 2 hours movie, I will miss Yoochun very much. Haha forgive my fangirl mode.

    @chuna, is that scene where Tae kyung running towards the pres. Is the ending? Somehow it might be, but what’s more important is all of our protagonist are safe 🙂 I wish for them to be alive till the last episode.

  695. 695 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. yes. if read the date, its 14 march.
    I hope so. HTK-YBW-LCY-LDH. safe till the end.

  696. 696 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna,.ya sis its march 14 . Why Kim do jin is teary-eyed in that scene? Are they going to be friends with the the pres. Again? Haha hoping but he will never bring the lives of the innocent people back even though he will regret what he did.

  697. 697 : chuna Says:

    Son Hyun Ju is true actor. I’m amazed when he’s angry and his eyes turn red.
    he really suits for every characters.

  698. 698 : kimmy Says:

    Yes sis, that was the first scene that he got angry while talking to the phone. Hehe, what I noticed in the drama is that they’re are lots of handome ahjussi, i mean good looking, haha btw, the new assasin/accomplice of Kim do jin is also good looking, he has a chinky eyes. Finally those 2 long time assasins are already caught, haha im wondering really what is the effect of a 20kg dynamite, bo won didn’t even get bruises haha, just a thought.

  699. 699 : kimmy Says:

    Omo 3d fans, Agent Han is really handsome! sorry fangirl mode, im rewatching ep.12, im now counting days before ep.13.

  700. 700 : kimmy Says:


  701. 701 : kimmy Says:

    Hello there, 300 comments more before we reached 1000 comments, can we do it guys? haha @chuna @sizaoka @rory @3d fans

  702. 702 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahahah. yes. we can make it to 1000 comments here.

    agree with you. the new kim do jin oeoplw really handsome.
    I like HTK’s friend too. he has comical face. hahahaha

  703. 703 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, HTKt’s friend (bodyguard) is so familiar. I think I saw him in Missing You. Haha, out topic sorry. We can make it sis, I’m sure. But so sad 2 weeks more 🙁

  704. 704 : rory Says:

    @kimmy @chuna
    Yes, he is Jin Hyuk who played as Detective Ahn in IMY and also a C-jes artist..
    Fighting for 1000 comments 3D fans!
    I will try to give more thoughts or POV about 3D for the next week eps since on the finale week, it’s hard to say whether I can visit this thread or not..
    I’m going for a holiday on 21st till 28th..What to do, I’ve planned this since last year but I hope I will have time to live streaming though..

  705. 705 : Sizaoka Says:

    @all 3days fans…is it only me here who keep replaying this ep (12) especially the Taebo Moment ? (damn, I love PYC’s acting even more now) hehehe :p

    @Kimmy yeah, I also like HTK’s friend, he has comical expression 😉

  706. 706 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, ahh I know the name Jin hyuk when I was browsing through the names of cjes artist. Haha good I’m not wrong, I really told myself I already saw that guy with the same character (detective or bodyguard). Haha happily he still is always yoochun’s friend in whatever drama. Lols.

    @sizaoka, yes he is cute haha he really fits to be yoochun’s friend in the drama and somehow I feel the comedy part for a while in the drama when looking at him so shock seeing Bo won in the bed and teasing tae kyung as what really is his relationship with officer yoon. Haha

  707. 707 : kimmy Says:

    Out topic, just want to congratulate Cjes for having talented actors and this year 4 of their actors/acrtress had a drama, Yoochun, Jae joong, Song Ji Hyo and Lee Bum so. Haha.

  708. 708 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, no sis you’re not alone, haha I’m also watching again and again ep.12 esp. That awkward moment of bo won and tae kyung. Haha I so love theirs expressions there it seems that they are so shy to each other.

    Haha I like the part when tae kyung is trying to close the door in his room when suddenly bo won appear with wet hair and loose white sleeves. Haha I mean, bo won really entered his room, does she want to sleep beside tae kyung? Haha, then that was then tae kyung realize that he must sleep in the couch so that bo won can sleep in his bed. I would love more if they sleep beside each other though its really awkward. I hope tae kyung doesn’t have a couch so that they can sleep beside each other. I then remember a romantic scene in SKKS when yoon shik and sun joon sleep together, haha his helper thot they were both boys and he lack them in the room.

  709. 709 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy and sizaoka. oh, I forgot about Jin Hyuk in I miss you. hehehe. but, I really like he’s friend of Yoochun in real life.
    in I Miss You, I like interaction between Yoochun and actors Oh Jung se than with Yoon Eun Hye. they had chemistry of Bromance. hahahaha.

    actually, I watch ep 11 and ep 12 2times. in ep 11, I like the conversation between president, HTK, and presecutor. really touch. :’)
    and in ep 12, I like the scene when HTK scream at Bo won and safe her from bomb. its first time he lost his poker face towards her. hehehe

  710. 710 : chuna Says:

    yes. I like C-jes family. they have JYJ and Song Ji Hyo first. and now, we can see famous actors join C-jes. I like Sol kyung gu and lee jung jae movie. and now, lee bum soo already join C-jes too.
    so much talented actors join C-jes. wanna join C-jes too. lol~

  711. 711 : chuna Says:

    hei guys. wanna make a wish of romance again?
    one of our wish come true, its hug scene. and now, I wanna forehead kiss scene. I think its a bit posible than kiss scene in IMY or RTP. hahahahaha. lol~

  712. 712 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes sis I wish for a forehead kiss too. I know romantic scene has no way for their relationshipc since they just met for a couple of days. I hope there will be a sweet forehead kiss in the upscoming episodes. Haha just dreaming, its not wrong.

    Btw since Tae kyung is back as PSS agent, maybe Bo won can go back to work also. Then they will have another tandem. I wish to see bo won wearing a police uniform (the one she wears during the photoshoot), I hope that scene can be shown to us in the next episodes.

  713. 713 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. ya. I wanna watch she wears that uniform. wanna see YBW wears skirt. hahahah.

    okey, lets pray for that romance scene. hope writer-nim feels our wish. hehehe

    oh god. I’m already miss 3Days. still two weeks left and 3Days end.
    *wanna cry. :”(

  714. 714 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah i wear wanna see bo won wear that. Hmm, yah im starting to feel empty back then knowing 3 days is just 2 days left and we wont see again them in the drama. Urghh, Yoochunie i will really miss him. He’s the reason why im watching kdrama. Omo, im going to miss this forum also 🙁

  715. 715 : kimmy Says:

    *omo, forgive my wrong sentence. Supposed to be:

    yah, i wanna see bo won wear that 🙂

  716. 716 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, sis before i forgot, i also want Kim Tae Hee to be Yoochun’s leading lady if ever he has another drama. Omo, chunnie has a huge admiration to kim tae hee’s beauty sadly she has already rain and also older than Yoochun. BUt i think they would look a great pairing if ever 🙂

  717. 717 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna….hahaha..poker face ! I agree with you. Okay, after crying scene, I really want to he smiles & laugh with our unnie YBW. 😉

    @Chuna @Kimmy Yeah, I also want to watch her wearing that uniform !

  718. 718 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. andwee.. I dislike Kim Tae Hee. heheheh. no for Yoochun. *its my personal opinion. hehe
    I prefer younger actress for him like Han hyo Ju, Moon Chae Won, moon geun young, or Park Shin Hye. but, for older actress I wanna Son ye jin or Hwang Jung eum. about hwang jung eum, when yoochun still in tvxq, he choose her for his couple in variety show. and noone can’t beat him cos they will lose. hehehe.

    hahahaha. soarry for out of topic here.

  719. 719 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha you really dislike noonas sis but Yoochun really admire kim tae hee. Anyway, I also like yoochun to pair with park shin hye, honestly I love park shin hye’s cute face but her acting so far is still on average as far as I’ve seen her in the drama, but maybe Shi hye can act in a drama with yoochun in a sageuk drama. They will look great in sageuk drama, but shin hye also has a sageuk movie this year. Haha out topic also

  720. 720 : kimmy Says:

    I’m still curious about ep.13, oh why there is no preview?

    @chuna @sizaoka : she looks pretty with that police uniform +skirt. I hope bo won can go back to her job coz they are already cleared from accusations already.

    @rory, oh we will going to miss you sist. Just enjoy your vacation. Sadly, 3. Days is just 4 episodes more.

  721. 721 : kimmy Says:

    To all 3 days fans, I’m going to miss this forum. Thank you for welcoming me here, I hope you we will see each other next drama of yoochun. Esp. @chuna @sizaoka @rory you guys have always been present and active in this forum. I thank you I’ve met you here. Haha sorry very out topic, since its last 4 episodes I’m already feeling like so sad this time.

    Btw, oh my 3 days to wait for 3 days ep.13! Haha. So much excited!

  722. 722 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahaha. I know Yoochun admire her, but, I will not accept her. hihihi.

    I like Park Shin hye.

    @rory, good luck sist.. and enjoy your vacation.

    actually, I can’t watch ep 15&16 cos I have examination for 2 weeks

  723. 723 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. yes sist, I will comment again for Yoochun next drama.

  724. 724 : kai Says:

    i go to moon chae won or another romantic comedy with park ha sun….much more romantic scene bet. them. cause they hay chemistry….and to the fact that park ha sun is a natural beaty like moon chae won thats an additional points..hahhaha…sorry but i want more sweet scene bet. the two HTK and YBW..

  725. 725 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, ommo you will still support the finale no matter what.

    @kai, yah I also like moon chae won for yoochun and for park ha sun, they both show chemistry but I doubt if they will be paired again in a drama, maybe they wil but after so many years. I also hope for more romantic scens bet. The two but of course it depends on the writer and much more depends on the plot of the story 🙂

  726. 726 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. yes. I will support for Yoochun. I know I’m not loyal fans like others. but, I’m always support for his projects.

    @kai, hahaha. this is one of my reason like moon chae won. she’s natural beauty and has talent. she’s smart actress who will choose the script that suits her so much and chalenge. fisrtly, I hate her cos she declined the role of Park Ha in RTP. but, I understand her reason for declined it. she want to try another characters. so, I admire her so much. hope someday she will be paired with Yoochun. hahaha. actually, they ever meet in one stage when Seoul drama award 2012. I found fancame video in youtube. the event held after RTP end. after watched that video, I think Chae Won a bit regret that she declined role of Park Ha. hahaaha. maybe next time, I will show that video here. hehehe

  727. 727 : rory Says:

    Hola2! huhu..I missed out a lot of convos today..Let me share this awesome article about 3D then…

    But I personally love this part…

    ▲ No Scandals
    “Existing Korean dramas are centered on the female and male protagonists and their family members. However, “Three Days” is different. No one is explained as someone’s father or mother or wife. The protagonist Han Tae Kyung (played by Park Yoo Chun) is described as the son of the economic lead Han Ki Joon but the story is not centered on the father son relationship and it’s not the center of the drama. Han Ki Joon and Han Tae Kyung are all forming important pillars of the drama. Han Tae Kyung is the elite bodyguard of the president and Lee Dong Hwee (played by Son Hyun Joo) is the president, Yoon Bo Won (played by Park Ha Sun) is the police officer, Lee Cha Young (played by So Yi Hyun) is the legal director of the bodyguard room and everyone is introduced with their name and job. This is different than existing drams with heirs and Cinderellas and secrets surrounding birth.”

    Read full article here:


  728. 728 : rory Says:

    Thanx @kimmy & @chuna for the wishes..
    Actually I should be happy for this vacation coz I’m going to visit our Yoochun’s land! OMG, I feel nervous at the same time..Who knows suddenly I saw him walking around with his slipper..haha..The only thing I feel sad is the schedule is clashed with the final week of 3D but hope I will not miss to watch 3D no matter what..I will be happy if they decide to add 2 eps more but I don’t think so for now.. This drama is well made so far, great twists without irrelevant plot! Please keep it up writernim till the last ep^^

  729. 729 : chuna Says:

    @rory. thanks sist. I feel 3Days is different from others drama. so, we can’t compare for previous SBS wed-thus drama. its totally different. and every episode, 3Days always show better scene and story. and I like Writer-nim effort to do some romance scene. its naturally and not interrupt the main story. 3Days always keep it till ep 12.

  730. 730 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, you mean your going to korea sis? Omo I’m so jealous. Perhaps if you arrived there, you visit the place where it named after Yoochun. I forgot the name but that place was dedicated to Yoochun. Take care sis. Just comment after you arrived from your trip.

    @chuna, actually I feel like Moon chae won has no trust to Yoochun’s popularity as of that time. Bcoz her agency explained that she wants to take a new role and they want her not to try a sageuk drama then but for me, RTP is not that sageuk, perhaps it has more modern scenes compared to a sageuk flashback. Haha its good to know that she may have regret it bcoz RTP is really popular overseas. Haha

  731. 731 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, its true sis we can’t really compare 3 days with other dramas bcoz its plot is very unique and yet its solid. This will be one of my favorite action drama and will be the best kdrama of 2014 for me. 🙂

  732. 732 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, firstly I thought same with you too. but, for the synopsis that offered to MCW is told like that. so, maybe she thinks like its full of saeguk. hahaha sorry if I’m in MCW side. cos I’m fan of her.
    she take good role for nice guy to be arrogant and persistent Seo Eun gi. and she transform with easy going Cha Yoon Seo in Good Doctor. when I watched Good Doctor, her characters seems like Park Ha characters in RTP. if Chae Won unni accept that role.. but, there is hope for their co-partner in drama next time. maybe, some directors feel their chemistry. as I know (its true or not, I don’t know), MCW ever offered to be female lead in SKKS.

    I’m really fan of MCW unni. hehehe.

  733. 733 : chuna Says:

    addition from my previous comment, MCW has 2 filmling saeguk. drama Princess man and war of arrow.
    she also express her feeling that she really burden with saeguk spelling. evertime the scene out, she always affraid if she make a mistake about spelling. you know, saeguk accent is difficult, so I know her reason. she got criticism after filming end from nitizens. so, its not cos of Yoochun who is lead male in RTP that she declined role of Park Ha.

    sorry again sist. I’m fan of Unni. and also Yoochun oppa. so, I’ll always support their decision for drama or movie.

  734. 734 : chuna Says:

    okey back to topic again.

    I will say thanks to two lead female in 3Days. thanks to safe till ep 12. for YBW, she survive 2 times from Kim Do Jin attack. for LCY, thanks for her effort to conscious from her coma. hope they will safe till the end. with 6days, they show great contribution for this. Thanks unni.. :*

  735. 735 : chuna Says:

    hei..btw, I heard that So Yi Hyun will get merried this year. waa..congratulation unni..
    hope 3Days cast attend her wedding. hahaha

  736. 736 : haryor Says:

    great great , interesting movie

  737. 737 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha its okay sis, I also like moon chae won though I realy don’t have a favorite kactress. Haha I’m really solely fan of Yoochun, I don’t know I think I’m cast by his spell. Lols. Really? She was offered in SKKS too? Haha but I think Min Young has also chemistry in SKKS with Yoochun. Hmm I think Mon chae won character would best fit to an agent, I still don’t see her in action drama sis. But of course Yoochun has done already action drama, hope they will be paired again. Haha. Yoochun has good diction in sageuk accent as what his been praised of in SKKS.

    Btw, I hope our 2 girls are safe till the last ep. I’m really worried. Kim do jin is out of control. I’m dying waiting for ep.13 guys 🙁

  738. 738 : kimmy Says:

    Yah So yi hyun will get married this year. Haha congratulations Cha young unni.

  739. 739 : lalala Says:

    wow! Episode 11 & 12 are definitely amazing! I can’t believe it coz it was so great with action and even had a sweet moment at the same time. I wonder what will happen next. Good job writer-nim and 3 Days team!

  740. 740 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. yes. MCW doesn’t get action role yet. I hope she will comeback to drama soon. and if there is a chance for Yoochun last drama before military, I hope he will be paired with MCW. hahahaha.

    PMY is same age with yoochun though she is a bit older. they have chemistry in or out of camera.
    Yoochun has 2 Park-Park couple. Park Min Young and Park Ha Sun. hehehe. They are siblings. Park Min Young maybe is his cousin, and Park Ha Sun is his dongsaeng. hahahah.

  741. 741 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, i think even if they have the same family name, i think they are not related haha. I really want Yoochu to do another drama, omo, i hope before he will enter military.

    Have you guys seen the pics of yoochun cousin with him? omo, they look alike in some angles, but still Yoochun is the most handsome for me. But really I think his cousin his looks a like Yoochun compared to Park Yoo Hwan they’re face are so different. HAHA out topic sory.

  742. 742 : chuna Says:

    yes. I’ve seen it. is he his cousin? are you sure?
    they are look alike. but, I don’t he’s his friend, staf, or cousin.

  743. 743 : chuna Says:

    hahah. I know, Park is common family. so, maybe they are not related.

  744. 744 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, articles says that he’s Yoochun’s cousin, well for me they’re really cousins, just looking at the lips and eyes, 90% copied with that of Yoochun’s. haha.


  745. 745 : kaye Says:

    OMG! this drama is so good esp. episode 12! daebak!

  746. 746 : chichie park Says:

    3 days is the best drama ever that i’ve watch. awesome story and yoochun really fits the role. i hope sbs will extend the drama and add another 2 episodes. he will definitely win many awards. 3 days cannot be compared to the drama of ksh and lmh their dramas and roles are so the same and common. even if i’m not a fan of yoochun i would gladly admit that 3 days is the best drama. i wish yoochun will do another drama b4 he enlist. he really is an amazing actor and deserve to be named the man with a thousand faces and asia’s prince of tears.

  747. 747 : chichie park Says:

    i’m so happy that so many critics admired yoochun’s acting and keep on praising him and 3 days. yoochun’s priority is not the quantity of drama that he will do but the quality itself. pls sbs add 2 more episodes and offer another excellent drama for yoochun.

  748. 748 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. oh yes. I just look that photo shared by JYJ3. Hehehee. their lips and eyes. I wanna have husband like Park family. I admire Their lips. hahahaha. sexy lips. :*

  749. 749 : chuna Says:

    @chichie park. I wanna production team add episode for three days too. but, its imposible cos till now, production team hasn’t said about that. still can’t believe that 3Days will end soon. *sad.

  750. 750 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, 3 days is time conscious, i think they will not extend, unless there will be holidays were in only 1 episode wil air in the week, but i think there’s none. omo i will miss really this drama 🙁

    @chichie park, yes this drama is uncomparable, this is not like a cinderella story (heirs) and fantasy(You came from the stars), its a drama based on reality, about politics, people who abused their power and to the selfish people in the world. This drama is really the resemblance of a strong plot/ well made production though there are lots of criticisms, but high praises outstand it the most.

  751. 751 : kimmy Says:

    Actually, i can only comment on Yoochun’s acting alone coz I have watched all his dramas, unlike other characters in the drama, wherein its my first time to watch them act, so I cannot really say they’re better here in this drama. As to Yoochun, i can really say his acting grows naturally, from SKKS I see his naturally-born talent in acting despite being an idol first. But the way he stares on to such things really speaks a lot. Not many actors can do that, just staring at his eyes, you will know if he’s mad or happy. Im really so proud of this man (PYC) becoz he had grown into a very good actor.

    And so sad, my heart-aches starts to count down as there are only 4 episodes left in the drama. we really wish to see him act again before he enlist in the military. Even though he has a movie this year, but its not enough to ease almost 2 years without Yoochun in the entertainment industry.

    Sorry guys, im just pouring out my feelings in this forum. To me this drama is really daebak, not bias.

  752. 752 : kai Says:

    @ kimmy, you’re absolulely right…im not really a fan of yoochun…this is my first korean drama that he is starring of…at first i watch it because of my curiosity of the the drama itself and when i read that park ha sun will be he lead actress i tried to watch it..and for the first ep. it hooked me..no dull moments.and i love park ha sun character with yooochun character..then i didnt even realized that i already love yoochun..hahahahaso since i am a fan of moon chae won…i started to wish that the next co star of her in a drama would be yoochun,,,,,i think that would be great right???? am i out of the topic??sorry..i just cant help not to voice out my opinion….tnx for reading end even bother to make a response on my post

  753. 753 : kai Says:

    @ chunna…we have the same thought about moon chae won…natural beauty and inteligent also..i love how she’s answering everytime she do an interview…..she’s indeed one of those actresses that has beauty and brain..and she’s verry good actress also..so i thought if she’s going to have a drama with yoochun that would be greatt right…by the way i love park ha sun on this with yoochun…im hoping they will end up together while still doing their respective job (htk and ybw) at the end of this drama..cause i feel them in this drama….pls writer dont let one of them die in the end..cause it will break my heart….

  754. 754 : chuna Says:

    @kai. yes. it would be great if they’re paired up in drama or movie. I love MCW and PYC. ♥♥

    I also like Park Ha Sun character here. I hope YBW and HTK survive till the end.

  755. 755 : Sizaoka Says:

    Well, If PYC has another new project drama again in the future, I’d love if he’s paired with Han Hyo Jo unnie or Sung Yu Ri.
    btw, I prefer Park Ha Sun than Moon Chae Won, because if I watch their interview, it seems PHS is more friendly and easy going.
    Soaryyyyy…It’s only my own opinion. huehehe ;p

  756. 756 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kai … same as me. I also started watching this drama because of my curiousity about the story line, it sounds different from other K-dramas, I also was not PYC’s fan before, and after watching 3Days I become his fans (whereas I ever watched his previous dramas, but I don’t feel interested with him like now). Mian. hahaha

  757. 757 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. hahaha. as long as the lead female is younger than Yoochun, nevermind.
    I like Han hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won. both of them are friend, and Han Hyo Ju is also friend with Park Ha Sun. so, I like them all. heheheh

  758. 758 : chuna Says:

    hei guys. I wanna share this. MCW-PYC moment at Seoul Drama Awards 2012. looks their expression carefully. I’m very curious about this theme song. anybody knows??

  759. 759 : kimmy Says:

    @kai, glad to know that you are already fell into Yoochun’s spell! haha i think you cannot escape with his spell oncce you’ve fallen into it lols. Actually that has happened to a year ago, i was a fan of Yoochun since i started Rooftop Prince and now Im still in love with this man. HAHA

    @chuna @sizaoka, we all hope for Yoochun to do another drama this year and yeh it could be Han Hyo Joo or Moon Chae Won, but i think i prefer sageuk drama for Yoochun, coz I miss him doing that, anyways these two ladies also stars in successful sageuk dramas (dong yi, princess’s man).

  760. 760 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. yeah. they’re queen of ratings. hehehe. hope our wish come true

  761. 761 : rory Says:

    @kai @sizaoka
    sometimes I’m more appreciated from a non fan to read their thoughts coz for me they won’t biased at all..So I’m glad to see a non fan of actors or actresses watching this drama..thanks guys for enjoying this show too 😀

    4eps left, I’m curious to death!!! Please save our 2 heroines too writernim!

  762. 762 : chuna Says:

    there are some scene that make me laugh beside the awkward moment of TaeBo. you know what?
    the director, disguise as a doctor. I think its once scene of him, actually he showed two times in ep 12. first when him and a nurse (maybe writer-nim?) running when YBW and HTK’s friend came to hospital. HTK’s friend saw always saw them. heheheh. and second scene is when some fake pollice enter again in hospital.
    hahahaha. maybe, the director wanna be famaous as well as the actors. hahahha.

  763. 763 : chuna Says:

    lets make prediction about next episode.
    first, I think between LDH-HTK-KDJ, no one die again. maybe, the snipper arrest by bodyguard. or LDH make a deal with KDJ again so, the snipper can’t snipe them.

    between YBW-LCY. I’m a bit clueless about their survive. maybe, YBW will make fight scene again with KDJ’s spy and pollice. or she will run away and call HTK or presecutor Choi about who is KDJ’s man in his office. and LCY will be in danger if YBW leave her alone.
    I hope HTK’s friend will be back again to the hospital and save them. hahahaha.

    what about you guys?

  764. 764 : rory Says:

    I don’t even noticed that thing actually..too immersed with the story and my eyes glued to HTK mostly XDDD
    Some fans even noticed YC’s manager on the train in ep.4..LOL! What an eyes 😆

    I’m pretty sure about HTK & Mr.Pres’s safety but I’m scared to think about our BW n LCY..Let’s wish for more kickass from our heroine..why not double kickass this time..BW n LCY collaboration^^ must be another epic scene then 😀

  765. 765 : chuna Says:

    @rory. about Yoochun manager, I also didn’t notice that. but, in ep 12, shin kyung su director looks familiar to me. hahaha.

    yeah. I also wanna the two heroine make a duet fight scene. but, about LCY who still recovery process, I doubt the writer-nim will do this to her. but, if somebody give her a gun, maybe she will fight with gun, and YBW will fight with her hands. hahahaha. nice duet.

  766. 766 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna @Rory hahaha…nice prediction guys ! I’d also love if YBW & LCY can collaborate against the assassins.

    @Chunna same with you. I think HTK’s friend will come back again and save them, but I prefer if YBW & LCY can save their self without help from HTK’s friend. hehehee ;p

    Well, one thing that I really HOPE…please writer nim, don’t kidnap one or both our female leads (YBW & LCY), I’m kinda bored if the story like that (remind me of Spiderman & Speed movie) hahaha XD.

    I just want to see if our female leads are strong women (of course, they are cop & agent, not civilian). hehehe ;p

  767. 767 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. I think, there will be scene that HTK calls his friend and ask about YBW. hahahah.

    I don’t hope sad ending in this drama. please writer-nim. just died person till Chief Shin and not more again. HTK has suffered a lot in 6days. 3days left, HTK must be strong.

  768. 768 : maknaee Says:

    After HBS’s death, my heart breaks for the second time with SKJ’s death. Both aren’t actually bad people but being used;;
    Writer-nim, please protect LDH, HTK, YBW, LCY, and all the good people ’till the end.

  769. 769 : Vita Says:

    it is so action,,, 🙂 i like this

  770. 770 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka @rory @chuna

    Omo, i missed a lot of comments. Been busy for this week, urghh. Anyway, thanks for your reviews, can you give a link where to see Yoochun’s manager? haha i acually love the actor but i really dont know who is his manager lols, so good they’ve been exposed in this drama and also the director itself haha.

    I also hope Yoochun will call his friend and will asked where was Bo won so that he can easily follow them. I know their lives are in danger as what we have seen in ep.4, but i think its enough already to have many innocent people/ used people die in the drama, i hope our 4 main characters (as what we see in the poster of 3days) remains alive til the last ep. esp. to our two heroine, and also my request writer-nim, please let Bo won wear a police uniform again and skirt this time. I bet she would look beautiful in that attire and maybe Tae Kyung’s eyes will be amazed by her beauty, lols.

    Sadly, heart-breaking goodbye is near for 3days 🙁 i will miss the whole drama and the actors and actresses in this drama. Actually its my first time to idolize Senior actors (Son Hyun Joo and the Prosecutor), i really love their roles and to the goodlooking middle-aged agents in the secret service and most esp.to this unbreakable-spirit HTK! Fighting till last episode!

  771. 771 : kimmy Says:

    Ahh i almost forgot, i will also missed this evil guy yet so cool Kim Do JIn. haha i really like how he raised his eye brows haha its so cool, and how he walks, he is not like other evil guys their who walks fearsly, rather he walks with a poise and i really like it, if you just noticed how he walk guys, its really lovely. ! haha.

  772. 772 : kimmy Says:

    Ep.13 preview guys, its a bit scary, who will HTK save? YBW? LCY? or the President? Omo, excited for tomorrow!

  773. 773 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy really ? where can I find the link sist ? (the preview ep 13)

  774. 774 : rory Says:

    Just found the preview link of Ep.13


    I wonder now and afraid to make a guessing..who?LCY?YBW?

  775. 775 : rory Says:

    [Trans] #3Days EP13 Preview

    KDJ: How are Agent Lee and Sergeant Yoon?
    Man: They are executing the commend to transfer the witness.
    LDH: How is the arrest warrant going?
    Prosecutor Choi: If we provoke them, they could kill them by disguising it as a suicide.
    KDJ: You want to save them, right? Do you wish to know how?
    KDJ: Come along with the President, only both of you.
    HTK: Are you threatening me to lead the President to his fatal position?
    KDJ: You will feel guilty your whole life.
    HTK: I will be the one who will kill you.
    KDJ: Anyone has weaknesses.

    Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=jyj&no=776121

    Translated by Sheena

  776. 776 : chuna Says:

    aaa…. I’m so excited for tomorrow episode. but, a bit worried about two heroine. hope they will save.

  777. 777 : linh Says:

    3days is the best drama

  778. 778 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, ep.13 really is making me feel nervous. Omo can’t wait tonight. 5 hours left 🙂 I’m very much excited. I hope writer-nim won’t betray us. Haha

  779. 779 : chuna Says:

    enjoy watching 3Days guys. I’ll watch it later. hehehehe..

  780. 780 : kimmy Says:

    Yes sis, we’ll watch it together! Im pretty excited but as nervous as usual to what will happen in tonight’s episode. This drama really makes me feel excited evry episode bcoz You cant really predict what will happen next bcoz of so many twist, unlike other dramas that are predictable. This is it ep.13!! yehey.

  781. 781 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, sis you know what I just figured it out, i almost forgot, Son Ye Jin was offered to be the female lead in Missing You alongside Yoochun but she didnt accept the offer. Haha, it was just coincident that both of this 2 actress are the one you wants to be paired with Yoochun. haha

    Sorry guys out topic! omo, sis I found this pic, Moon Chae won and Yoochun (edited pic), they look together in sageuk. Hoping for this couple someday. You can find the pic here: http://sharingyoochun.net/2012/01/16/news-moon-chae-won-to-co-star-with-jyjs-yoochun-in-new-drama/

  782. 782 : kimmy Says:

    No 3 days tonight 🙁 so that means can they extend 1 episode more? haha

  783. 783 : rory Says:

    SBS cancelled the broadcast of 3Days to show their condolences for the victims of the Sewol ferry accident today.

    cr: @SBSNOW trans via @Sheenathe6004

    It’s okay, let’s #PrayForSouthKorea

  784. 784 : rory Says:

    Oh, I hope so dear..
    So I won’t missed the final week with u guys here..heh..heh..
    and we can leave more comments here too 😆

  785. 785 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy yeah, There is a special news about “new titanic” accident in Korea. My condolence to the victims. 🙁
    I hope so sist. Because. it’s strange if new drama starts in Thursday. hehe ;P

  786. 786 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @sizaoka, i hope 3 days will resume tomorrow. I cant stand a week without 3 days 🙁 Let’s pray for the victims sis. and 1 ep. extension. hehe

  787. 787 : rory Says:

    I heard broadcast for tomorrow also get cancelled..
    I actually understand and let’s pray for those 293, who are mostly students which still missing…what a heartbreaking news..


  788. 788 : rory Says:

    I’m not sure if u guys have watched this video but I still wanna share here..What a nice action scene collections…

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGFhKYpQfq8 [official from SBSTVJobs]

    [With Eng.Sub]

  789. 789 : kimmy Says:

    omo they said they are going to air 2 episodes tonight. i dont know if im going to be happy, i hope for the ratings to increased each episode. tsk3.

  790. 790 : rory Says:


    3Days EP13 & 14 postponed to next week..Actually all stations cancelled..
    Good decision coz I don’t think can enjoy though..

  791. 791 : chuna Says:

    finally. I can access again this site. don’t know why. and I think just me who can’t access it via smartphone or laptop.

    honestly, I’m a bit sad cos 3Days not broadcast this week. but, I think its good decision. everybody (especially in Korea) must have gloomy situation. me (as foreign fan) must understand this condition.

  792. 792 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, I agree sis even though i missed Yoochunnie-Han Tae Kyung, and this week im not busy, well, i really dont feel to watch the ep. now coz of the news regarding the incident. I have a bad feeling that the ratings will be at risk if they continue airing it despite the traumatic incident their fellow koreans had undergone. So yes, its a wise decision after all.

    Haha so sis, that means you can be with us on the finale week?

    Omo, next week i have classes already but its okay, I’ll wait for another week to see HTK again :'(

  793. 793 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahaha. do you know? both of them are also in same agency. MS Entertainment. so, they reject for being Yoochun co-worker? *kidding.
    I know well their reason. SYJ, cos she was filming for movie at that time. movie schedule is so tight. so, she can’t accept it though she really wanna that role

  794. 794 : rory Says:

    I can’t access this site too since last night after my last comment..

    Yes, I’m so happy right now + I’m a bit busy too this week but I’m glad at least I can enjoy the finale week with 3D fans here 😀

    I really want to visit Park Yoochun Cherry Blossom road but not sure can find it or not but his auntie shop “Mickiss” was on my itinerary though..
    Anyway, fighting 3Days for the last 4 eps..Wishing this drama for the best in everything^^

  795. 795 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna @rory, haha actually I haven’t access it to since late last night and till today morning. It came back around in the afternoon. Haha maybe their site has malfunctioned. Lols.

    Btw I’m glad that they didn’t take risk on airing 3 days tonight though I really miss HTK.

    Wooh @rory, don’t miss the chance to pass by in that Yoochun chery blossom road. Urghh I’m so jealous, how I wish I can go there too 🙁 omo sob.

    @chuna, haha wat? MS Entertainment? Its almost SM Ent. Haha no wonder. Yah they have each reasons why they decline the role, haha its okay I hope Yoochun really can make another drama this year. I really miss HTk already 🙁

  796. 796 : JYJ Says:

    No 3 days his week. I feel so empty 🙁

  797. 797 : Mikai Says:

    Oh no, I miss tae kyung ah. No episodes this week 🙁

  798. 798 : 6002 Says:

    Whatttt? No ep.13-14 this week? Ouch, I thot I can watch it in eng sub by tomorrow. Ep.12 is very promising that’s why I am eager to watch ep.13-14 tonight.

  799. 799 : kimmy Says:

    Wooh, 3 days again on the popular list. Haha I hope it will stay there despite new dramas are coming each week. But still glad anyway. Hehe

  800. 800 : kimmy Says:

    #800! Wee 200 comments more and we will reach 1k. Guys I hope we can visit this more often despite no episodes this week!

  801. 801 : chuna Says:

    hahha. not MS ent, but MS team. sorry. I’m a bit forgot about their agency name. hehehehe.
    ya. they have a reason.

    I’m relief they make a wise decision to canceled today airing too. everyone safety is priority right now.

    okey. we have to wait next week.

  802. 802 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha its okay. Well yeh we need to understand there situation. They can’t feel the drama there watching bcoz there’s much more traumatic happens in reality, so glad they cancelled though we really have to miss Tae kyung this much.

  803. 803 : Mickey Says:

    Waiting next week

  804. 804 : chuna Says:

    oke sist. I will visit here and at least leave one comment. hahahaha.

    I think, 3Days cast will have reunion 2times this year after the drama end.
    in Yoochun movie premiere and in So Yi Hyun wedding.
    hope Yoochun invite 3Days cast in his movie. hehehe. its so nice to look Son Hyun Ju, Park Ha Sun, etc come to support his first movie.
    and also see another actors and actress who will come to Sea Fog premiere. I bet, many of them will come.

  805. 805 : reindeer song Says:

    Good Drama! Love YoonChun!
    My prayers goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragic event. It’s heart wrenching sorrow, so needlessly.
    Where were the life preservers, why was the student given them to wear, a boat is capsizing and the elder told then to stay there, what kind of crap is that. They lead those children to their death. Hearing one student say he just wanted to live so he tried to find his way out. When will people stop following those dimwitted elder willy nilly, their lives could of been spared. God Bless them all. I am angry and saddened for so many live lost needlessly. They told the kids to STAY PUT with no lives vest, no rescue boat to lower them to safely, just stay put! That meant going down with the ship. That was wreckless and careless. GOD BLESS THEM ALLL! REST IN PEACE!

  806. 806 : reindeer song Says:

    ********Good Drama! Love YoonChun!
    My prayers goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragic event. It’s heart wrenching sorrow, so needlessly.
    Where were the life preservers, why was the student given them to wear, a boat is capsizing and the elder told then to stay there, what kind of crap is that. They lead those children to their death. Hearing one student say he just wanted to live so he tried to find his way out. When will people stop following those dimwitted elder willy nilly, their lives could of been spared. God Bless them all. I am angry and saddened for so many live lost needlessly. They told the kids to STAY PUT with no lives vest, no rescue boat to lower them to safely, just stay put! That meant going down with the ship. That was wreckless and careless. GOD BLESS THEM ALLL! REST IN PEACE!

  807. 807 : chuna Says:

    @reindeer song
    my condolence for this tragedy. hope the victims and families give strength and patience.
    we know that disaster can’t be predicted. and the death can’t be planned. at the mercy of God, we only can pray the best for our life.

    for this tragedy, we realize for something, to gather the solidarity of other people around us who need help. some strength, some support, and pray. I also do that.

  808. 808 : kimmy Says:

    @chuja, yes sisi hope too that so yi hyun will gonna invite yoochun in her wedding and also other cast of 3 days and also they will show support to Yoochun’s debut in big screen. Ohh, I’m really sad I haven’t seen a glimpse of HTK this week. Tsk3

    @reindeer, let’s pray for the safety of other people alive and condolences for those who had passed away. Actually its very sad that most of the people in the ship at that time are high school students who went for school trip, I guess. Tsk

  809. 809 : kimmy Says:

    *omo, i have many mispelled words tsk3,

    sorry sis @chuna, haha.

  810. 810 : jalin Says:

    I’m waitting…

  811. 811 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. don’t worry sist..hehhe

    3Days still in popular list. I think many people search 3Days that hasn’t shown in this week. hahahah.
    good decision 3Days is postpone due to the Ferry accident. so, we can see 3Days for 2weeks again. hehehehe.

    I’m a bit difficult to let Yoochun go, he rarely show on TV screen. so, as fan I’m very excited about his comeback to drama. hehehehe

  812. 812 : chuna Says:

    For waiting 3Days. I watch Yoochun drama SKKS movie version. cool Lee Seon Jun, definietly he can smile for Kim Yun Shik. hahahha.

    hope Han Tae Kyung can smile too like Schoolar Lee Seon Jun.

  813. 813 : chuna Says:

    lets make intermezzo in this page. hahahah

    you know guys. every yoochun drama, there are car’s sponsored. hehehe.
    in RTP : Ford
    I miss You : KIA
    and 3Days : Hyundai.


    if I see white car like Han Jung Woo has, I always imagine the one who drive it is Han Jung Woo. hahahaha lol~

  814. 814 : Indbongolz Says:

    Hi all…

    I’m waiting the upcoming episode too…

    where can we watch SKKS movie version?
    would you give the link…


  815. 815 : kimmy Says:

    Omo sis chuna, where did you find or download that SKKS movie version. I know that too but couldn’t find where to download. Send me a link sis please. Thank you. haha

    Yah its true Yoochun can be rarely seen on TV screen but i hope my very last hope that he will do a drama again (not action this time coz he still has injury), i want to see him again in a rom-com coz i miss his smile in the drama though in BTS video in 3 days he is really that joke too much but i want to watch him in the drama again. hehe

  816. 816 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, Yoochun is really that very popular, he easily got sponsors in his drama and many fans are supporting him even giving gifts to ‘3 days team’. Ohh it really means Yoochun’s fans are rich (almost all). wew sis, link for SKKS movie version if any 🙂

  817. 817 : chuna Says:

    @indbongolz and kimmy.
    I forgot about the link sista..soarry~
    I downloaded last year. its short version and foccuss about Lee Seon Jun and Kim Yun Shik story.

    you can search it in google with name ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal Movie version’
    If I’m not mistake, you must download it till 8part and join it in one file with HJ-Split.

  818. 818 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahaha. Yoochun is so popular. I’m really glad and almost cry when know many fans always support him. they’re very loyal to Yoochun. :’)

    you know, I’m also watching Yoochun first acting when he’s still TVXQ member. Bonjun drama. the title of Yoochun part is Eternal. he palys with Sully (fx) when she’s 12 yo. Yoochun is so cute with his curly hair. hahahaha.

  819. 819 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha i will try to look for it if it still available. Yes sis i also watch that ‘Eternal” short drama with Sulli as his childhood friend. Haha it really came acrossed my mind that YC is really meant for acting eversince. Haha i actually find Yoochun as a joker/funny person bco of his long curly hair but when he has a clean cut, oh men he is very cute and handsome. haha. I also watched “Unforgettable love” and “First love”? wc stars also Yoochun. Haha Yoochun in UL has a crush into a “boyish girl and there he tried learning boxing, it was cute and in First love, they had a love triangle bet. Yunho oppa. Haha i really enjoyed watching his previous mini-drama sis.

    #sorry guys, off topic!

  820. 820 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. I don’t watch UF and FL yet. heheh. maybe next time.

    I like Yoochun curly hair. Yoochun really gonna be a man nowdays. he keep his hair short and still black hair. he really change his image to actor image though he’s still an idol.
    he doesn’t wear earring like he do in past.
    but, he’s still smoking. honestly, I’m a bit hate about this. I’m always noticed he carries a pack of cigarete in his hand when he goes to salon. If he has a girlfriend someday, I hope she will says to Yoochun to stop smoking. I think, he gonna listen her very well. hahahah.

  821. 821 : kimmy Says:

    Haha yes sis I’m a bit discourage too about that thingy and I don’t want it to talk about. I think most of actors does that but in his case he has asthma tsk3

    Omo sis I really can’t find SKKS movie version, I only found one but in chinese subtitle. I want eng 🙁

  822. 822 : chuna Says:

    don’t worry sist. it’s not off topic, cos still Yoochun on foccuss. heehe. we just make this thread not to be empty and silent while waiting for 3Days to air next week. hahahaha.

  823. 823 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. okey. lets not talk about that here. heheheh

    really? I found with engsub. well, actually this version is from scene in drama. if I have time, I will uploud it for you. hehehehe. maybe in mediafire.

  824. 824 : chuna Says:

    oh I forgot, maybe I will uploud it on youtube. hehehe.

  825. 825 : oza Says:

    yahh.. no Three days this week. 🙁

  826. 826 : kimmy Says:

    Actually I saw a site now with SKKS movie version in mediafire, but I think mediafire is not working in my country. I still check it tomorrow if I can dl it coz I just used a tab now. Haha I really love SKKS sis. I think most of Yoochun’s drama haha.

    I will still look for it tomorrow sis, haha tnx if you’ll upload it on youtube. But I will try to search again tomorrow maybe I can find it. Haha 🙂

  827. 827 : oza Says:

    @kimmy. agree with you. I like SKKS the most for Yoochun drama. beside its his first debut in drama, he also make me falling in lovr with him for the first time. I think, Yoochun is somoeone cool like Lee Seon Jun for the first time. but, after I search in Youtube, he’s so adorable and cute

  828. 828 : kimmy Says:

    @oza, Ye you’re right dear, in SKKS his really that cool, you will really love his acting and looks in that drama, and for the rest of his dramas, you’d fall more on him. haha

  829. 829 : chuna Says:

    why wednesday is so long for me?
    I miss HTK so much guys.

  830. 830 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, sis were on the same boat. I super miss yoochun much 🙁 also Han Tae Kyung!

  831. 831 : chuna Says:

    hahahah. must wait 4Days again.

  832. 832 : kimmy Says:

    Yah, im already bored 🙁 superrr !!! what more if it ends, i think im gonna die each dday. HAHA.

  833. 833 : chuna Says:

    hahaha. don’t be over sist. if Three Days still air, I’m being impolite. but, if 3Days end, I don’t care. I just very curious about story and HTK. and we can also know his info. hahahah

  834. 834 : kimmy Says:

    Haha yes sis i was just overacting. Lols. As i was browsing old photos of Yoochun esp. in RTP and Missing You, i had a mixed-feeling, oh well I will really miss this guy. I really want another Rom-com drama for him, atleast before he enlist in military he will show us his enormous smile HAHA

  835. 835 : kimmy Says:

    OMG, i think my excitement for ep.13 is already spoiled tsk33, i’ve been so excited last week on what will happen to Cha Young and Bo won in the hospital, and now there’s no ep. released for this week, urghh .

  836. 836 : chuna Says:

    I think, five Yoochun drama, I have something that I like.
    for SKKS, I like his personality. smart schoolar, and a young guy who growth to be real man.
    for MR, I don’t know. hahaha
    for RTP, I like Yoochun hair and fashion style. and comical prince image. hahaha
    for IMY, I like his chemistry with Oh Jung Se and his lover (LSY’s mother). and most of Yoochun drama, I like his role here. so many natural chunface. most of PYC drama, he always being cool guy, has formal spelling. but here, he is like Micky Yoochun.

    and for 3Days. I like him most here. combination of previous characters of his drama. cool HTK with so many chunface, expression, emotional, and he uses formal language and informal language. sometimes, I find Lee Seon Jun language, sometimes Han Jung Wu language.
    in RTP we can see Lee Gak who hug Park Ha when she hit by car, and in 3Days we can see HTK hug YBW after hit by bomb. both of them has similar scene and feel.

    I think, I like 3Days the most over all. hehehehe. I also like his OTP here. she’s younger than him for the first time in his drama. and PHS is adorable, natural beauty, and cute girl.
    you know about Yoochun ideal type when he captures the photo with camera? (in 3Days making film) he captures So Yi Hyun who cover her face with blanket. and many chinese fans post their ecpression in weibo. they cover their face with clothes, masker, etc. LOL~. and its coincidence or purpose, before PYC captures that picture, PHS already post her face covered by her scarf. hahahaha. maybe you already know when she post her picture in her IG. she’s so shy that her short hair. hahahaha

  837. 837 : chuna Says:

    I’m also very curious what happen with the two heroine.

    you know, there are some people were talking about LDH and LCY relationship. maybe they are father-daughter relation. but LCY doesn’t know that. if its true, I will laugh for writer-nim unexpected story. hahahaha.

    and you know, some fans also talk about HTK-YBW relationship for next episode. they wanna some kissing scene and bed scene. lol~
    if its true, I will say big thanks to writer-nim. at least one of them come true. 😀

  838. 838 : Sakkura Says:

    I love this drama..Micky Yoo Chun is so cool…i love him, he is a great actor..I have seen all his dramas..and the most I like is:
    I Miss You, I like his chemistry with Oh Jung Se and his lover (LSY’s mother).

    3Days. I like him most here. combination of previous characters of his drama. cool HTK with so many chun face, expression, emotional, and he uses formal language and informal language. sometimes, I find Lee Seon Jun language, sometimes Han Jung Wu language.

  839. 839 : chuna Says:

    @sakkura. thanks sis. you have same opinion with me.

  840. 840 : kimmy Says:

    Omo I already,miss han tae kyung!!. Urghh,sis you had a very long comment. Haha actually I love all his dramas, in 3 days he had proved me he was such a versatile actor, he can do such things even with injury, but also I miss him smile on the drama, but oh well he is so,funny in their BTS.

  841. 841 : Mickey Says:

    Oh hello Micky, we almost had the same name. Anyway, I really love this drama of yours though I really want you to do rom-com. You just have this sense of humor, it makes me laugh the whole time when you do funny expressions. I love you oppa! Support Yoochun and I love your pair park ha sun-shi.

  842. 842 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha sis are they serious? HTK-YBW to do bed scene? Haha I know it womt happen for just 4 eps.left I think they can’t do that. And also LDW and LCY, haha coz they’re both Lee means they ar related haha, it can be also. Omo wait I don’t know if the pres. Is a single man, I bet he doesn’t have a wife haha, and also KDJ, oh man they’re all single by profession.only HTK has a family mem. Haha

  843. 843 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahaha. I wonder about that scene. I think its imposible too.
    yes. this drama is lack about family’s life. LDH always alone all the time without his cabinet minister. but, I think he has family. the story jus 9days. of course there aren’t family time for the cast.

    just HTK’s apartment shows in this drama. I hope we can see HTK and YBW scene in the apartmen again. heheheeh.
    you know, noticed it ot not, I’m very curious where does HTK get his clothes beside YBW still sleep in his room? if you hear the voice of door’s opened by HTK in ep 12 and then he went to toilet. I think in from of his room is his father’s room for work. so, most posibility is HTK entered his room to get some clothes when YBW was still sleeping. hahahaa..
    if there is flashback scene of this, I really wanna it from YBW mind. hehehe. she already wake up but she pretends to sleep while HTK puts his clothes in cupboard. kekekekeke.

  844. 844 : kimmy Says:

    Haha sis chuna, I think writer nim doesn’t have much time to get into details of HTK changing clothes. Haha actually I will love this drama more if it has more romantic scenes bet. Them (taebo). Haha but of course the drama itself is straightforward and solid, maybe as a girl, sorry for being so girlish, but i m looking for some sort of sweet scenes. Haha. Anyways with or without romantic scenes, I’m still in love with this drama, full of actions and mystery. Urghh I’m already very excited for ep.13, omo.

  845. 845 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chunna hahaha…LoL reading your comment (about your imagination) & other fans’s expectation ! XD.

    Yeah, I also agree with you. I think The Best Act Capability of PYC is in Three Days drama, because I can get the “feeling” and the “emotions” of him rather than his other previous dramas.

    Andweee…. Instead of the bed scene, I prefer the scene (if) where HTK & YBS become a small family with a child in the future (like final scene in drama “the Greatest Love”). hehehe ;P. It will look more natural, I think…hehehe ;p

    Btw, do you know what IG account of PYC & PHS are ? I wanna follow them ;). gomawo, if you let me know.
    Anyway, Is it only me here who watched Three Days past episodes while waiting ep 13 & 14 ? 😉

  846. 846 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. become a small family with a child in future!? hemmm.. if I’m writer-nim nephew, I will tell her about that scene. hahahaha. but, 3Days has happy ending story, I will be happy with this. HTK-YBW keep alive till the end. happiness.

    Yoochun doesn’t have IG account.
    and PHS IG account is @kellyshinegrace
    3Days IG account : @threedaysofficial

  847. 847 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. I wanna rewatch them again, but I have exam tomorrow. maybe I will rewatch after 3Days complete.

  848. 848 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka @chuna, oh mo I don’t have IG account. Does park ha sun post pictures often in her account? Haha YC is really anti social networking sites, he even deleted his twitter account long ago, tssss maybe he wants a private life since he is so popular now. Urghh, I wanna wish they’ll get married haha, getting married without even courting haha, just so dream to have more romantic scenes bet.them as what tye production team promise us

  849. 849 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. no, she is rarely to post in her IG.

    a bit sad I don’t know his twitter account before, and after I know, he erased his account. :'(

    if there is scene for 3years later and they meet again or maybe already being a couple. hahahah. we don’t know.

  850. 850 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yah i also dont have a twitter account before sis when YC has, i envy those who saw his post before tsk3..

    Haha i hope she (Park ha sun) took a picture with YC in the set. Like doing gwiyomi. haha

    Haha i like that idea sis but i think that would make us sad also bcoz its only on the last part, but i hope they will. haha. Crossfingers!

  851. 851 : chuna Says:

    actually, they have a photo together. when production team give us hint about love story for ep 12. hehehe. so, I think they are not HTK-YBW, but PYC-PHS. hehehe.
    I hope production team release BTS between them. hehehe.

    2Days to 3Days..yeeeeyyy

  852. 852 : rory Says:

    Haha..Chuna, story about family, birth secret are too common and soooo Korean so this is why 3Days is different from others..I like it and glad writernim didn’t focus on that..
    BTW, me at Korea now..hehe..Is it confirmed they will air 3 days this week? Funny that I asked my guesthouse owner whether GG-14D is airing or not tonight but they dun have any clues coz they don’t watch Kdramas..LOL! Coz if they air that, it’s guaranteed that we can watch 3 Days this week..Really miss our HTK so badly now and can’t wait to know what will happen to Mr.Pres, HTK , BW and LCY tho i’m busy with enjoying myself in Chunland now 😆

  853. 853 : chuna Says:

    @rory, nice trip sist.. enjoy your vacation.
    if you meet HTK there, please share our thought to him. especially about next project for drama again before enlist. hahaaha.

  854. 854 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, omo sis you’re there already finally, you’re in chunland now. Im so jealous, wish i could go there too.. Haha, yah if you happen to see him there please let him know that he should have another drama this year before he enlist so that we wont miss him that terribly. haha really? they dont watch kdramas there? omo, how bad.

    @chuna, haha yah 1 more sleep to go and its ep.13 sis!!!

  855. 855 : kpopfan Says:

    SBS Drama Three Days Episode 14 preview

    watch the preview here: http://www.urkpop.net/2014/04/sbs-drama-three-days-episode-14-preview.html

  856. 856 : kpopfan Says:

    SBS Drama Three Days Episode 13 preview with ENG translation!

    watch the preview here: http://www.urkpop.net/2014/04/sbs-drama-three-days-episode-13-preview-with-eng-translation.html

  857. 857 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Rory …I’m so envy to you ! :(. Will you visit to CJEnt (PYC’s agency) too ?

    @Chuna… do you have their (PYC & PHS) photo together, sist ?. Yeah, I hope so, because If saw the previous BTS, most of them are PYC scene. PHS only gets few scene 🙁
    Btw, I already follow IG of PHS, yeah she seldom posts her pic, but I like her last pic with bare face, so natural beauty. 😉

  858. 858 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. I don’t have their photo together. heheheh
    yeah, she’s natural beauty. if I’m not mistake, that photo was taken when she’s 20 years old. PHS ever cut his hair like in 3Days before, when she was filming BaBo (2008) as Cha tae Hyun dongsaeng.

  859. 859 : chuna Says:

    okay. I will excited today cos 3Days confirmed to air tonight.
    gladdd… *tears are falling for happiness. :’)

  860. 860 : chuna Says:

    really miss HTK till death!!!
    hahahha. lol~~

  861. 861 : kimmy Says:

    OMG sis yah i also saw PHS with short hair before but i guess his hair in 3 days is much more shorter than before. Yes finally, 3 days ep.13 later!!! omo.. so excited!

  862. 862 : kimmy Says:

    i so badly miss Han Tae Kyung!!!! 🙁

  863. 863 : kimmy Says:

    Omo i saw YBW-HtK behind the scenes of ep.12. Whooh so sweet, push it writer-niim! plsss

  864. 864 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy really ? where did you see it, sist ? can you give me the link ? hehehee. thank u 😉

  865. 865 : chuna Says:

    this is for Sizaoka..



    our TaeBo.. :*

  866. 866 : chuna Says:

    glad to see their BTS together.
    finally our hope come true.
    I wonder, if anybody from production team read all of our comment here. heheheh
    maybe, Yoochun or other cast also visit this page and read them??
    I hope 😀

  867. 867 : kimmy Says:

    Haha sis chuna and sizaoka, finally the ending song will be released, and Mirage is the title haha and the singer is Baechigi.

  868. 868 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chunna @kimmy woaaaa..thank you for the link, guys ! 🙂

    @kimmy…what ? why is the song titled “Mirage” ? wonder, if in the final episode, all story of 3Days is “only” a mirage of the President LDH or HTK ! hahaha XD (remind me of old K-Drama “Lovers in Paris”).

  869. 869 : chuna Says:

    Park Ha Sun said, ‘Han Tae Kyung (played by Yoochun) is my style.
    and he’s our style, right??

  870. 870 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes sis she said that she like HTK-like man in real world. Omo i wish it was Yoochun, coz actually Han Tae Kyung as a character is not 100% like Yoochun is in real world, haha i feel like he’s more Lee Gak and Han Jung Woo instead. This man HTK is so cold haha i hope he showed us another cute side of him, oh one cute scene i forgot in HTK house is one, i hope other more cute scenes for him.

    @sizaoka, omo still confused about the meaning of “mirage” coz it explains us to like something related to lights haha anyways, i think this all 3 days events occured because of the Pres. himself, i never knew before that he was the one who had the idea of thinking create such worst things. The drama’s central point (assasination) begins with him, so i he will also be the one to end this. together with Han Tae Kyung oppa!

  871. 871 : chuna Says:

    yeyyy..finally HTK-YBW has scene again in his appartment. 😀
    and HTK takes care of YBW.
    glad to see YBW safe.
    she actully has 9 life. hahahaha.

    can’t wait to watch it tomorrow with engsub.

  872. 872 : chuna Says:

    Yoochun real character is like Han Jung Woo. cute and adorable. hahaha
    but, HTK is combination between Lee Seon Jun, Han Jung Woo, and Leegak. I think more Lee Seon Jun. hehehe

  873. 873 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes ive watched ep.13 also, its great but i missed some scenes bcoz of ineternet connection. Oh well, yah i agree Han Tae Kyung is more Lee seon joon, a very looking-forward man but deep inside still cares for a woman just like he did to YBW. Haha is Bo won permanently living on Tae Kyung’s apartment? haha, she was smiling then watching TK childhood pic( family pic).

  874. 874 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna hahaha…absolutely agree with you ! ;p. HBW is always safe in every danger situation.

    OMO ! Another cute Taebo moment again ! yipi yipi kayeeeyy.. \(n_n)/
    I’m pretty sure when President LDH comes to HTK’s apartment, he said to YBW, that she is the person who has changed HTK’s mind to always keep protect the president and solve the case to reveal the truth.
    (No eng sub at all, just guess from their face expression) hehehe ;p….

  875. 875 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna hahaha…absolutely agree with you ! ;p. YBW is always safe in every danger situation.

    OMO ! Another cute Taebo moment again ! yipi yipi kayeeeyy.. \(n_n)/
    I’m pretty sure when President LDH comes to HTK’s apartment, he said to YBW, that she is the person who has changed HTK’s mind to always keep protect the president and solve the case to reveal the truth.
    (No eng sub at all, just guess from their face expression) hehehe ;p….

  876. 876 : Sizaoka Says:

    Upssss…sorry double posting ! I think my 1st comment didn’t work. :p

  877. 877 : chuna Says:

    I will post a lot of coment next time after I finish to watch ep 13 & 14 with engsub.

  878. 878 : reindeer song Says:

    An off topic question! There is a new drama coming up call “Lives Of Omission”, when will Korea wake up and start adding color people to their line up of actors?
    There is a lot of biracial korean who are just as good looking or more than the yellow skinned koreans, if you ever travel to korea you wil see what I’m saying. The drama I mentioned before, there is a darker skin korean in it, does anyone know his name? Another upsetting remark, every talk show I’ve seen, the host and his tribes call some of their guest full on dark skinned, when will this stupidity stop, koreans are not white, start getting your vitamin “D” Sorry, had to get it off my chest. Yoochun love, love love him especially his mouth, plus he has a very sexy walk.

  879. 879 : kimmy Says:

    Omo i almost teared in ep.13, oh HTK really is determined to help the president even if the pres. wants to die. 🙁

  880. 880 : chuna Says:

    huwa huwa.. I feel like to see ep 1 again.
    Mr President make self decision again to face a danger without PSS agent.
    there is spy in blue house again. and I think the person is Anh Gil Kang. he looks suspisious in this episode.

    oh god. I can feel LDH sorry and guilty hearth for all of innocent people that died cos of him. everything start from him and must finish it from him too.
    Although he resign from Precidency, and face to death, I will not worry for him. he gonna safe till the end. I’m sure of this.

    can’t wait for ep 14.

  881. 881 : chuna Says:

    YBW enters HTK’s home again. I think they start living together. lol~
    I will make parody for this.
    while he’s working as an agent. YBW cleans his home and waiting him to back home. hahaha
    and the bells ringing, she opens the door and that person is the next her farther in law (LDH).
    their conversation are like father in law who approve YBW as his daughter in law, and he makes request for her to always by his son side nomatter what.

    hahaha. I like this scene the most. YBW is gave approval from president. maybe, president already knows who person is HTK means when he decided to protect the president again.

    if 9days pass, lets merry with him, girl. hahaha.

  882. 882 : chuna Says:

    sweety Kim Do Jin. I wanna kiss you with my shoes.

  883. 883 : chuna Says:

    HTK, why do you call Yoon officer again in front of other people? are you shy to call her Yoon Bo Won?

  884. 884 : chuna Says:

    3days has so many genre. not only romance, but bromance, and now we can see womance between YBW-LCY. of course, this is 3Days who can’t see or rarely meet in other K-drama.

    I will not be regret watch this drama so far.

  885. 885 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah sis i enjoyed the ep. but i think it lacks something i dont know maybe i was expecting another showdown haha perhaps just what we saw in ep.12 but oh well, HTK showed his gentleman side haha and even hold Bo won’s shoulder haha tightly?

    Oh sweet, its like that they are real couple, haha living with the same room. But oh writer-nim only 3 eps. left? and they’re filming for the last eps. now, i hope they can add another flavor to the drama so that this drama is worth remembering for even after it ends. hehe

  886. 886 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMOOOOOOOOO !!!! One of my fav character.. Prosecutor Choi died !!!!! ;(

    Finally our Taebo are “dating” hahahaha XD

    Damn you KDJ, your are genious Evil !!!

  887. 887 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka,What? Prosecutor Choi 🙁 i know he’ll be killed soon, omo. I’ve watched tonight’s ep. but didnt really followed the whole scenes coz its lag. Waiting for ep.14 tomorrow eng sub!

  888. 888 : chuna Says:

    I forgot something. YBW car key chain is sponsored for this drama S-Oil. hahahah. wanna have one of them. I like wink and hip hop key chain. heheehe

    @sizaoka. I don’t watch them yet. and I know the spoiler from soompi. they have a dinner?? and I see HTK’s smile ♥♥♥

    finally our TaeBo… ♡♥♡ *glad

  889. 889 : chuna Says:

    so sad for mr Choi. he’s my fav character ever as an actors. I’m rarely seeing his pro characters before.
    RIP for him.

    now, only HTK-YBW-LDH-LCY can solve this case. pollice, detective, agent can’t be trust anymore.

  890. 890 : Therin Says:

    I really sad Prosecutor Choi died, i like so much his character and he had really good relationship with the President & HTK. I hope writer-nim will revive his character back…… 🙂

  891. 891 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna I remember that key chain. I thought it’s rare item before, because in ep 8 when HTK finds this item in the mall (to save YBW), he directly knows if that is YBW’s key chain. LoL ! (so, it’s general item in Korea, everybody may has it man!)

    And Yeay ! our HTK smiles !!! :). so, we’re waiting scene when he laughs (is it possible)?

    @Therin yeah, I hope so. I hope Prosecutor Choi still can be survived. If not him, who will reveal the KDJ’s crime in the court well ?.

  892. 892 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna,haha yes our big 4 remains to be the only persons who can be trusted in this drama, omo, everyone died coz of Do Jin, such a clever person, but haha i want to say that Do Jin is a cool ahjussi and good looking even though his character is the devil one haha

  893. 893 : kimmy Says:

    Omo 2 eps. left, im crying my heart out. haha @sis chuna, we need more 100+ comments to make it 1k oh no im busy much today but i will comment here after watching ep.14 eng sub, im still waiting for it to be released

  894. 894 : coy Says:

    awesome ep.14 waiting for eng subs to come !

  895. 895 : Micky Says:

    Im back! oh em ep.14 is daebak another worth while ep. waiting for eng sub also.

  896. 896 : jalin Says:

    wow ep14 is so good

  897. 897 : linh Says:

    Hope rating will grow up

  898. 898 : linh Says:

    I love HTK. Ship TK-BW

  899. 899 : mic Says:

    only 2eps 🙁 3days fighting. HTK fighting. PYC fighting

  900. 900 : mic Says:

    3days is the best drama. Can’t wait Triangel. Sory… I am a big fan of JYJ 🙂 JYJ fighting 🙂

  901. 901 : kimmy Says:

    Oh ep.13 is out! gonna watch it later, and followed a comment. So busy, T.T i miss HTK!

  902. 902 : Icha Says:

    Han tae kyun and yoon bo won cute couple ^^

  903. 903 : chuna Says:

    I like dinner scene,..
    HTK smile make me melt. shy smile from him. I think HTK already has a feeling toward her. 🙂
    he also tease YBW, when she ask him when he’s comeback. he answer with, ‘if you know president schedule, I’ll be back.’ like ‘if you know president schedule, We can make a date time.’ hahahaha

    in 3Days world, I’m very glad to see this scene.

    they still awkward till this ep. cute~

  904. 904 : Therin Says:

    @Sizaoka, it’s true, I really like that bonds between three of them (Prosecutor Choi, Pres.LDH and HTK), they keep support, help and protect each other, such as family ties…..♥♥

  905. 905 : Therin Says:

    @chuna, i like that scene too, such a straight to the point guy (HTK), although I do not understand what they’re saying…. 🙂

  906. 906 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. yes. we can make 1k for this week. or maybe till three days end.

    3Days on pop list again. *happy* 🙂
    thanks for everyone who visit this page and make a comment. heheheh. can’t mention one by one. soarry~

  907. 907 : chuna Says:

    @therin. yes. he still a bit nervous to show his feeling toward her. and I watch his eyes when she was leaving, he seems difficult to let her go.
    HTK didn’t show his poket face when he’s dinner with her. he makes a smile. he also makes a joke. hehehehe. I know, he already has a feeling for YBW now.

    okay. if HTK says that he’d like to see her again soon. maybe we will give a happy ending. hope so. ^_^
    and kissing scene?
    if its comes true, I bet every 3Days fan will be happy and scream ‘manse’ 3times. hahahaha.

    in three days world. we will be happy to see that scene.

  908. 908 : Therin Says:

    @chuna sis, i have been waiting for that scene (kissing scene), in all previous episodes, and until last episode i’m still gonna wait for that scene…. (n_n)

  909. 909 : Therin Says:

    I hope there isn’t anymore character in 3days will die, except kim do jin and his minions.

  910. 910 : Therin Says:

    extremely attractive series, I was so excited to watch each episode, the suspense and storyline very unusual indeed wonderfully engaging….. ♥♥♥♥ thanks writer-nim

  911. 911 : kimmy Says:

    Omo sis I really enjoyed that dinner scene also, they look so awkward esp. Bo won smiling lightly also tae kyung. And if you notice htk hands wyl saying ‘you can stay at my place’ yay so sweet. Haha and bo won’s hand also shakes like they are shy haha lols that was pretty entertaining but why there’s no background love song or the bm is not loud haha .

    I hope prosecutor choi is not yet. Nothing is confirmed yet but I think he is. Oh that good looking ahjussi (cp secret service) is also an accomplice, tsk another emp next ep. Also to the director, I salute his plan in saving the pres. Such an intelligent plan by having anti terrorism group to kill do jin’s hired sniper.

  912. 912 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna… I think so. Maybe when HTK is being off duty, he will go to Seojori to see YBW. I can really feel their awkwardness when they have dinner together, PYC & PHS such have a great chemistry. I really hope, they can be real couple someday ! (who knows?) hehehe ;p

    OMO, the police officer in police station is so “babo”, why KDJ can run away so easily ?. Is that place only kept by ONE police officer ??? -__-“

  913. 913 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna @kimmy… I think it’s posibble this drama page to get more than 1 k comments. Now this drama is only aired by tv channel in few countries (because still new), so can you guys imagine if this drama aired in many other countries in the world ?. wow ! =-O

    I just hope this drama will be one of the “Most shared K-Drama” in this website. So, maybe people who don’t know this drama yet are interested to watch it too 😉

  914. 914 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, yes that I was I thot also, the policemen are really treated low in this drama haha, how can someone who plans the assasination of the President not having tight securityhaha, and that x man (prosecutors assistant before), he is wanted ryt? How come the police didn’t notice his face. Tsk3. National treason is a big offense how come the police officers didn’t handle such important case. I feel like many people will get that scene somewhat dissatisfying haha for that scene alone other scenes are excellent in there ways 🙂

  915. 915 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, haha actually we can’t also rely the dramas popularity in this site alone coz there are lots of korean drama sites but I found my place here to comment. Haha

  916. 916 : chuna Says:

    @therin. I think the posibility is 50:50 to make our wish come true.
    if both of them still alive at the end. and they meet again after that case solved. I think HTK will make a confession at her. hahahaha. everything can be true depend on the writer-nim. hehehehe.

    I hope so. I don’t want to see people around President die again. I hope presecutor Choi gonna be safe. *pray*

  917. 917 : chuna Says:

    hope they will be real couple? ehmm… I’ll think about that again. hahaha. uri Oppa must give my approval before he meets someone he loves. heheehe

    actually, I like OTP in 3Days. hahahahaha

    since they know their feeling toward each other, nevermind.

  918. 918 : chuna Says:

    YBW must cameback again to join HTK. hope next episode she will appears again.

  919. 919 : chuna Says:

    I really hate KDJ calm face and arrogant face. wanna kick his face with my shoes. *BANG!!!

    instead going to the jail, I wanna he’s died. *pray*

  920. 920 : chuna Says:

    btw, I’m very curious about the contents of JaeShin Invitation that given to CP Officer and Presecutor’s man. money? or holiday trip maybe?

    why they are going so easily to become KDJ’s man?

    if its true about money, I wish, I can get it. lol~

  921. 921 : chuna Says:

    oh my~
    my saliva is going to fall when see the menu of dinner food.
    I think they are sponsored too. from fivestroke. hehehehe.

    and I like HTK’s M-limited jacket. really suits for him.
    hope we can see HTK-YBW has date time for hiking and they wear M-limited jacket.
    but, its a bit late to make that wish. everything about the story is depend on writer-nim. *pray again*

  922. 922 : chuna Says:

    hahahaha. sorry guys. I have so many comments post here. its a bit waste if I visit this page and just leave one comment. as long as I have sometopic to share, I’ll share them in this page. hahahah.

  923. 923 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna… yeah I agree with you. I also hope YBW can join with HTK again to chase KDJ & his minions. I wanna see her badass action again, man ! XD

    Well, I remember when President KDJ asked to YBW to always protect HTK, so I really hope YBW can help HTK again. He really regards HTK as his real only son. hehehe 😉

    And I think ep 14 is the best episode so far, moreover when President LDW cries infront of the Yanjinri Monument, I almost cry too !!!! I really can feel his guilt. ;(

    This is only my imagination, I really hope when President LDW already resigned (if he’s alive until final episode), he will spend his rest of his live in Seojori. So, maybe he can interact with YBW everyday too ( as father in law and daughter in law, maybe ?) ! hahaha XD

  924. 924 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. yes. they are still awkward and nervous each other.

    and don’t forget, YBW has some agyeo to him. she bites her tongue a little when she nods and says, ‘yeah, soon’. hahaha.

    hahaha. HTK, you really know how to not miss that oportunity. invite her to have dinner, and make some unusual conversation with her. not as PSS agent HTK, but a man named Han Tae Kyung. and he doesn’t show his poker face again in this scene.
    YBW is one person who makes him change. not a robot, but a person, a man. ♥♥

  925. 925 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. I’m 100% agree with your imagination. hahahaha.

    I already have a feeling when 3Days press con photo time. PYC-SHJ-PHS. son-father-daughter in law. hahahha

    or maybe, they have go shoping together. 3 of them. hihihihi

  926. 926 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMG ! I really love this article ……
    “Why We Ship Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun”

    Maybe you guys already read it on FB 3Days page (hey @Kimmy sorry to repost here, hehehe :p). So, would you approve them ? many ppl support them obviously hahaha 😀

  927. 927 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, haha its okay sis. Haha if i know, the editor is a Yoochun fan, because he always write articles pertaining to Yoochun and even they’ve seen that Park ha sun and Yoochun are looking good on screen and also maybe off-screen. But will see to that.

    @chuna, haha sis you’re ryt lee Dong Whi is like his father somehow, and the way HTK protect the pres. it really feels linger in to my whole body, such dedication to his job.

    Alright, ep.14 is quit good except to that scene when only one policeman taking care of the Do jin in the jail, or should I say 2 policemen, but the other one is fake. And that Prosecutor’s assistant, i want him to die! i hate his face, smiling like a demon. haha. And Do Jin, he really has the coolest facial exp. of all the villains in the drama

  928. 928 : kimmy Says:

    Guys, can you read my comments? All my comments are always “awaiting moderation”. Even my comment last night still has “awaiting….”. tsk3

    (@Kimmy from admin: If you still using many different name to comment, we will moderate your comment.)

  929. 929 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. I can’t read your comment.

  930. 930 : chuna Says:

    @sizaoka. I also read that article. ya, somehow, they have each ideal type that resemble their each figure.

    and I think PHS, has some crush to him since her confession toward him after he acted RTP.
    but, I don’t know if PHS already has a BF or not yet. in 2012 she rumored dating with actor Ryu Deok Hwan.

    I know one of YC wish this year is about Love. I think he needs someone he loves and always by his side. but, I also know that he always make that wish for found his love. hahahahaah.

  931. 931 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka @chuna,

    In the article, you will also read that Park ha sun’s ideal type is a guy who does not smoke, haha and for all we know YC does. What was PHS reaction knowing that he is smoking. Haha. I hope he will quit in skoking soon. I don’t want to bring this topic again but I had remembered it again bcoz of the article.

  932. 932 : kimmy Says:

    This moment: (Dinner Scene) Aigoo, i smile for a while in this scene.

    Tae Kyung: By the way, how were you going to go home so late? Your car blew up. The bus hours ended.
    Were you going to take a cab there?

    Bo Won: Just…when there’s a will, there’s a way

    Tae Kyung:(Just stay at my place tonight.I will be at the office anyway.

    Why, is it uncomfortable?

    Bo Won: No, Then…. When will you be back?

    Tae Kyung: Are you trying to found out the VIP’s schedule? It’s classified.

    Bo Won: No, I didn’t

    Tae Kyung: Also, Secret service agents never say that they will be back because they make not make it back.

    Bo Won: (Silent)

    Tae Kyung: But I’d like to see you again. If I have a chance again soon. <3

    Bo Won; Yeah, soon (Smiling/blushing)

    HAHA. Writer-nim did add this scene though it was just for a while, and HTK here smiles a bit, i hope he can smile fully next time just like how he smile during the flashback scene with Chief Ham during the Bodyguard Training. HAHA

  933. 933 : kimmy Says:

    You know what guys in ep.13 I really thot the traitor is the Director bcoz of what he answers a phone call saying “okay”. Haha, i really thot it was him bcoz we know tae kyung made a phone call to him sayiing that Do JIn is planning something to the Pres in that theatre but he allowed him to go there in the mall and also while the Pres. is inside the comfort room, he didnt allow other PSS to accompany them, he ask the agents to stay in their places and here comes the Pres is gone.

    Haha, but i was wrong, he was indeed brilliant in his decision and plan, and it turn out to be that he also save the Pres. as much as HTK did also.

    For the first time, or 2nd time, we have this supporting character that thinks well, not brainless nor foolish who can be fooled like the policeman who guards Do Jin’s in the Jail.

  934. 934 : kimmy Says:

    Another comment for the current eps. is that the scenes are always repeating (it makes the pace of the drama slow) and also frequent flashbacks. Hmm, like Kim Do Jin being caught and another protagonist get assaulted. I just wished another big explosion will be shown just like ep.11 & 12, i wished for the last 2 eps. to be a more-heart beating and fast-paced ep. bcoz we now have our 2nd EMP explosion. Omo, will HTK arrive just in time?

    But the ending is already spoiled from ep.12, when Do jin and the Dong Whi in the bridge ad HTK running towards them. I hope there will be a taebo scene in the end.

  935. 935 : kimmy Says:

    It just hurts me reading other comment like there’s showing less interest in the drama as it progress, they really love the first 6 eps. but after that the revelations are kept being interrupted but it get so good again in ep.11-12 and also from this current eps.

    After all this time, all the story just revolve around the President and Han Tae Kyung is just involve.

    And also, im a bit discourage on how it shows the police men can’t handle cases that much, are they all driven bcoz of money? Yes, sometimes it does happen in reality, but to the extent that you can’t trust the police officers anymore, i think its bad, something’s wrong.

    Remember the Director himself saying to the Agents, that he did not tell the police that the Pres. is going to visit Yangjinri bcoz he dont trust them anymore. HAHA somehow that explains. But to as reality is concerned, it makes the police men insulted but hey its a drama okay so I will just understand it

  936. 936 : kimmy Says:

    But no matter what they say, i will respect it and hey 2 ep. left, im holding onto my faith that the last 2 ep. well make positive comments revive again.


    Guys, i hope 3 days finale week will trend it twitter just like #yoochun3days from the start of the drama. Hehe

  937. 937 : kimmy Says:

    And one thing I notice, even 3d is a new genre; Political-crime genre, Cunning single Lady (romcom) didn’t beat 3d in ratings even for just a single episode. So that means, korean people now adays prefer it more that other competent dramas on the same slot. But next week, we’ll be having a new kdrama, Park Min Young’s “A New Leaf”, i hope it wont threaten 3d ratings. 🙂

  938. 938 : coy Says:

    2 ep. left 🙁

  939. 939 : chuna Says:

    we can’t do anything if somebody give you a promise about something especially money. I think that people who include in this case and become KDJ’s man. they’re given an invitation from JaeShin group. we know that Jaeshin is a big company that most influent the economic of Korea. so, they join to become betrayer by KDJ side.

    in this case, the only person who can stop KDJ action just president and Han Tae Kyung. they must have fight scene and kill him. justice can’t do anything for him as long as there are KDJ man in every corner area.

    and I have a feeling that president will go to jail for his responsibility.

    I’m already feeling for Happy ending. if 14 march 20.30 is the last chapter, so they must still alive. I wanna KDJ die there.

  940. 940 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah it only shows how great money can do a person’s mind. But also maybe they got threaten also, it happens anyway in reality. HAHA. Also it wasnt seen yet what’s inside the invitation letter, oh yeh only 4 characters can be fully trusted and also Prosecutor Choi, i hope his okay. tsk3

  941. 941 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. I also hope presecutor Choi will be fine.
    I like his character here. so kind and in HTK side.

    anyway, KDJ must gets punishment of his all doing.

  942. 942 : kai Says:

    @ chunna and @ kimmy

    ohhhh my God….have u watched ep. 14??? whwre htk and ybw were eating at some restaurant ????ow,, that scene kills me….i love how they acted!!!!!they are so cute..esp. park ha sun….i shouted when hkt told her that he wants to see her soon…..i love them..really….really….we cant deny that they have chemistry…..simply scene but incredible adorable???!!! am i exagarating the things going on????hahhaha so happy that the writer gave us that sweetness bet. them

  943. 943 : kai Says:

    hoping more bet. htk and ybw…its too obvious that ybw is jealous on how htk stares agent lee….it shows in her eyes that she’s hurting….bec. she likes htk…hahahaha

  944. 944 : kai Says:

    im dying to watch ep.15…..hoping everything ends on ep,15 and on ep. 16 just romance bet, our couple htk and ybw!!!!!

  945. 945 : chuna Says:

    yes, I finished to watch ep 14. if I’m not mistake the restaurant name is beer and grill.

    agree with you. they are so cute being awkward each other and adorable. hehehehe. hope they will meet again in ep 15. YBW has 2 posibility to meet him again in ep 15.
    1. she makes decision to help HTK again and goes to Yangjinri.
    2. she will kidnap by KDJ’s man and HTK will save her.

    its a bit pity if writer-nim doesn’t make the scene for YBW and YBW-HTK. hehehehe. cos still 2 ep left.
    however, YBW still in disciplinary condition. so, she can’t be back as a cop yet. we know, she is not typikal girl who just sit and doesn’t do anything. hehehehe

  946. 946 : chuna Says:

    when YBW write a message to HTK, does she send it or not? I think she already sends to him. but HTK doesn’t read it yet. HTK also holds his Handphone, maybe he wanna calls her but the best thing is runs to find her.

  947. 947 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna @kimmy…. Actually I really miss YBW like in early episodes… She looks very comfortable (not awkward and not shy) with HTK. Hahaha XD.

    Remember these scene ?
    – when she complained to HTK because HTK didn’t have a gun as PSS Agent in a car (first meeting, after being chased by 2 Jaesin killers)
    – when she offered soju & boiled egg to HTK (after killing one of KDJ’s minion)
    – when she hold HTK’s hand in her police office (HTK pretended as a drunk driver)
    – when she put HTK M Limited Jacket (after train fight scene)
    – when she cheered up our sad HTK in a small restaurant (after HBS died)

    OMO… I hope, in 2 rest episodes, there will more sweet Taebo moment again. And yeahhhhh @Kai I also can feel their chemistry ! 🙂

  948. 948 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, yes sis i miss that Bo Won but she still does develop her feelings towards Tae Kyung, also, i miss him wearing police uniform and i hope she can get back in police headquarters again, and wear that police uniform with skirt.

    But omo, she told Tae Kyung that Prosecutor Choi will help her witness and explain her disciplinary action so that she wont be suspended anymore but P.Choi is we dont know if he’s still alive or not. tsk3

  949. 949 : kimmy Says:

    @kai, actually yah i was a bit feels so sweet or romantic when Tae Kyung (with his hands like doing something) haha i dont know how to define his action but i really find it sweet while saying “Just stay at my place tonight” and also this line “But I’d like to see you again. If I have a chance again soon” <3

  950. 950 : kimmy Says:

    oh we still have 2 ep. left and were going to say goodbye to this drama 🙁

  951. 951 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes sis it was not really confirmed if it was sent or wat but looking at her expression while looking at his phone after tae kyung calling him, she might have sent it haha.

  952. 952 : chuna Says:

    in ep 1-5 YBW doesn’t have a feeling toward him yet. she pretends him as an partner to solve that case together.
    but, after bomb explode, she feels uncomfortable with him cos she must stay at HTK home with him and share some clothes to her. its naturally when you know someone that usually he/she is just your partner in school, but suddenly you feel uncomfort and shy toward him/her when he/she take care of you. I can feel it when they hold hands each other after bomb can stop in bus.

  953. 953 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. don’t say goodbye for end this forum sist. I wanna cry and sad to hear that. :'(
    but, I think if there is info about 3Days. like wrap up party, awards, etc. I will visit this page again to make a memoriam.

    honestly, I have waited and followed this drama since early november, that PYC will make comeback in small screen. 6months for me. hehehehe. I’m really crazy about this.

    well, if I can buy 3Days DVD, I will buy it. I wanna watch director version. maybe there are some unreveal scene that never shown in regular version (like we watched it in TV).
    but, wanna know too how much the DVD price. heheehe. I will save it from now.

  954. 954 : kai Says:

    @chunna;@[email protected]

    looking forward for their future drama…im gonna miss them..huhuhu…after moon che won and song joong ki in nice guy…then park yoo chun and park ha sun…. who’s next couple who can give us like this kind of chills??? not every good actors and actresses can give or offer that to the audience….magic bet, the couple..i know this is not typical korean drama.its more on action,suspence,etc.. but it’s so strange ….they still can manage to gave us the feeling on what the typical kdrama has…goodluck to each one of them….they really did a good job here….

  955. 955 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha sis dont worry i’ll be visiting this drama even if it ends if there are updates or any how. actually i visited Rooftop Prince, Missing You and SKKS here in this site and comment there but not much just once.

    Actually after many months hearing Yoochun to have a new movie Sea Fog, i was very much excited, and after a few months it did confirmed that he is starring in a new drama. I also waited for a couple of months, and to the news about conflicts of schedules and even SBS didnt allow 3 days to have its desired sched/timeslot and after that they announce that they will be placing 3 days into its original sched/timeslot. Haha, i was like feeling a roller coaster ride, and to the point that Yoochun got injured.

    All of those events that did happen, im so glad he made it and there we have our finale next week. omo so excited and a bit sad. I hope he can do another drama. I heard he was not going to do enlistment this year? how true was that. Just saw a post. Dont know if its true anyway. hehe

  956. 956 : kimmy Says:

    @kai, haha hello there. Yah i like Park Ha sun very well she is a good match to Yoochun, though they have chemistry but still i cannot feel well romance for them bcoz this is not really that romance drama, i just feel sweet feelings just somehow for them. HAHA. but i really love them both, and for this drama, i bet this is one of those not that famous genre but still they manage to be on the spotlight, though not all teens can follow the drama, but there are also people who are interested in this genre.

    And im glad even if its a new genre, they manage to have double ratings and for me its one reason why people will confirm that this drama is not . boring or what, rather its suspense with matching melodramatic scenes

  957. 957 : chuna Says:

    @kai. hahaha. I like ChaeKi couple too. heheheh
    also hope moon chae won plays with yoochun someday. heheheh.

  958. 958 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. I do what you do sist. hahahaha
    everything about YC comeback, esp in drama, I’m always searching in internet. hahahaha.

    @kimmy and kai. ya. everybody (who ship YC and PHS) wanna happy ending for them. and wanna they can re-unite again in thriller or ron-com drama. maybe some of them very regret to waste their chemistry. heheheh.
    what about you guys?

  959. 959 : kai Says:

    @ chuna…yah i hope so….caUSE I CANT IMAGINE TO SEE THEM IN a light drama with more romantic scene than this..hahaha but if that’s so..we still need to wait atleast 2 years or more to see them together again.thats the saddest part of it..but looking forward……..nevertheless..i still waiting…ep.15 no preview until now right???i cant find every where….after this nothing caught my interest for those upcoming kdrama…..hmmmm

  960. 960 : chuna Says:

    hahhaa. ya. must wait for more than one or two years. maybe 5 years. hahaha.

    I think the preview will be out one day before airing.

    agree with you. I don’t have another drama list this year exp 3Days. honestly I’m waiting for Gong Hyo jin drama. but dunno when that drama release.
    and Moon chae won drama. but she decides to not make drama comeback this year. so sad. :'(

  961. 961 : Therin Says:

    I am happy to find you guys here who have same thoughts and share the same feelings towards YC.
    I’m from eastern Europe, but I always keep following development YC’s acting, and always excited await his upcoming films, ‘coz Yoochun perform. always took my breath.

  962. 962 : Therin Says:

    Goodness, I can’t wait ep.15 & 16 but in the same time also sad ;-(

  963. 963 : Therin Says:

    @chuna dear, same with me, i would love to have 3days DVD, to watch some unreveal scene.
    but out of topic, how can I watch YC’s movie “sea fog”, if the movie soon be played in theaters, I also want to have the DVD if there is a chance for me to buy.

  964. 964 : chuna Says:

    sea fog movie doesn’t release yet. maybe august if not delay again. usually I will download it after 2 or 3 months the movie release in internet. hehehehe.
    honestly, I’m not excited about YC’s movie, but I’ll look forward for his movie debut. hehee

  965. 965 : chuna Says:

    I don’t believe it that Yoochun nominated again in Paeksang art awards this year. cos, Yoochun drama end in early may, and usually PAA helds in April or May.
    wohooo… I’m excited he’s nominated again in popularity. lets support him to be the winner again like last year. and of course, that will be 4times for him if this year he can be a winner again. but, his competitor is so difficult like Kim So Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Wo Bin.

  966. 966 : phebcy Says:

    grt movie,loving d lead actor

  967. 967 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yah sis Yoochun was nominated in this year’s Paeksang Arts awards but he just started in march, dont you think he can gain much more popularity aside from others? Oh no it would be diff i think bcoz we have also Lee Min Ho and Kim So Hyun were there drama are also popular in many countries. Lets just wait 🙂

  968. 968 : kimmy Says:

    no voting for fans 🙁

  969. 969 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. as I know, fans can vote for popularity nominated.
    ya, KSH and LMH are so popular.
    I hope the best for YC. hope he can attend that award and get some award. he must deserve it for his doing in 3Days.

    I hope my unni (Han Hyo Ju and Moon Chae Won) can attend that award. heheheh. Park Ha Sun too. she always attends PAA like Yoochun. last year she attends for read the nomination for entertainment awards.

  970. 970 : chuna Says:

    if I see Park Ha Sun style here. she is like Han Hyo Joo style in Cold Eyes. their hair, fashion, and action. both of them act as a cop. seems like Park Ha Sun learns from her friend so much. like that. 🙂

  971. 971 : kimmy Says:

    Omo everyone, we have now the chance to play our part in making Yoochun win Popularity award, try to click this link for infos on how to vote:


    Omo i dont have a credit card account that’s why im convincing my bf that im going to used his account just for this. HAHA.

  972. 972 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahahaha. you use your bf card? very loyal for your bf. hihihihi.
    I can’t vote him. :'(
    he still in second place. hope he’s in lead. soon. heheheb

  973. 973 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, urghh I haven’t voted yet sis. Tsk. There is error while voting I don’t know how to fix it. His percentage keep increasing somehow I hope rich fans will not forget to vote him everyday haha

  974. 974 : chuna Says:

    glad Yoochun is number one now. \m/ ♥♥

  975. 975 : Therin Says:

    Gosh, I can’t wait 3days eps.15 tomorrow…… 🙁

  976. 976 : Therin Says:

    Hopefully writer-nim can deliver good ending for LDH, HTK, YBW, director Kim, especially happy ending for HTK and YBW….. 😀

  977. 977 : Therin Says:

    While waiting for the next eps, I enjoyed to re-watched eps. 12-14, the scenes where YBW for the first time should sleep in HTK place, until the moment they both have dinner.
    OMG PYC and PHS really is a perfect match….!!!

  978. 978 : kai Says:

    @ Therin
    same here…i really love them..im not a fan of park yoo chun before….thanks to park ha sun and this drama,,,,i appreciate him now… im hoping more from them this coming two ep. left….

  979. 979 : kimmy Says:

    Omo guys it hurts knowing this is 3 days last 2 eps. I will miss all of them esp. Tae kyung oppa!! Fighting 3 days!!

  980. 980 : Linh Says:

    2eps 🙁 i’ll mjss htk so much. 3days end, triangle begin. Yuchun,jaejoong fighting. Love and support Jyj 4ever 🙂

  981. 981 : kimmy Says:

    Even though I’m a jyj fan, m bias is only yoochun oppa. And he is only the one who I’m committed or loyal with haha…. but jaejoong and junsu still has a place in my heart. But yoochun occupies more haha.

    Guys if you have credit/debit account pls vote for yoochun in 50th paeksang awards, its a close foght bet. Him and jung woo as of this moment. Haha lol, I only knew Han Jung Woo not Jung Woo.

    Sorry this post is out topic.

  982. 982 : Therin Says:

    Hope JYJ will continue to make album this years, promo and so on and so on….. so that we’ll see more often JYJ (especially PYC), to satisfy our longing….. 🙁

  983. 983 : jalin Says:

    @Therin: me too. Love and support jyj 4ever. JYJ fighting 🙂

  984. 984 : Therin Says:

    @jalin – that’s right, we wil continue to give JYJ our Love and Supprt for everything their activities before they carry out their obligations (to the army)……. :'(

  985. 985 : Therin Says:

    through this site, I want to send my deepest condolences in respect of the victims in Sewol ferry accident, and my prayers goes to everyone who are suffering tragic loss of their beloved family member, friend, teacher.

  986. 986 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, last 2 eps. and we haven’t reach yet 1k comments. Huhu, i will miss this forum.

    Hwaiitng for ep.13 later!

  987. 987 : kimmy Says:

    Guys lets hashtag tomorrow #yoochun3days or #yoochun3daysthefinale. Hope it will trend tomorrow prior to its finale episode. (:

  988. 988 : kimmy Says:

    Han Tae Kyung !

  989. 989 : kimmy Says:

    Ep.15, my heart beats so fast. urghh !!!

  990. 990 : kimmy Says:

    Oh no Director was shot ! 🙁

  991. 991 : kimmy Says:

    Oh hello guys dont be angry at me, i want it to reach 1k comments,HAHA

  992. 992 : kimmy Says:

    omo hwaiitng for ep.15 eng sub to be out !

  993. 993 : chuna Says:

    I’ll add it to make 1k comments. hehehehe.

    I haven’t watched yet. 🙁

    what happen?? death again?

  994. 994 : Sizaoka Says:

    @all OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo many people died in ep 15 !! ;(

    What the hell happened in the last scene ? is that real bomb or just another EMP ?
    this episode is soooo tense ! well, although no Taebo moment at all, at least with YBW’s help 2 others minions of KDJ can be catched 😉
    Be careful HTK !!!!! You must come back alive to see YBW again ! hahaha 😀

  995. 995 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy….. hahaha…. LOL 😀 1 sentence only for 1 comment to reach 1 K !:D 😀 😀 😀 😀

  996. 996 : kimmy Says:

    Ahh yes, i have watched a few scenes but not all. tsk33.. Director Kim died ryt? and others. tsk3. This drama you will really have to put your fingers crossed bcoz their job is so difficult and its really destined for them to die jsut to protect the president. tsk3

  997. 997 : kimmy Says:

    Was tonight’s ep. really that upsetting? Bcoz maybe another person died, but i think we must faced the truth that its part of their job. okay then, i’ll wait for tomorrow’s eng sub. !

  998. 998 : Therin Says:

    OMG, prosecutor Choi he was saved, thanks a lot writernim…… and don’t forget, please spoil us with HTK & YBW romance….. ^__^

  999. 999 : kimmy Says:

    Oh no let’s support 3 days till the end. I know writer-nim will not break our hearts. Omo, i have a bad feeling that another main character may die just like in God’s gift. I hope writer-nim wont dissappoint us til the end.

  1000. 1000 : Sizaoka Says:

    1K comment ! HAHAHAHA 😀

  1001. 1001 : kimmy Says:

    Director died but Prosecutor is alive, so still there’s a chance of a happy ending 🙂

  1002. 1002 : chuna Says:

    happy 1k guys ..
    I can’t make some comment for ep15&16. maybe next tine after watch that.

    glad that yoochun in lead place in popularity awards.

  1003. 1003 : kimmy Says:

    ep.15 has good ratings i hope it will continue this last ep. yehey. hmm, it is for sure that tae kyung wont die given that it shown in ep.12 for just a short while in the bridge scene so we can really rely on that Tae Kyung is not going to die. HAHA

  1004. 1004 : kimmy Says:

    Omo my heart aches knowing tonight’s the final episode. It means that im not going to see anymore Yoochun on TV screen .BUt glad he can rest now and heal his injured shoulder 🙁

  1005. 1005 : kimmy Says:

    Otteoke 🙁 i can’t stop my heart from breaking with yesterday’s ep. and how much more on its final episode 🙁

  1006. 1006 : Xia Says:

    Oh man i was about to make some noise on ep. last night coz it was totally a bang!!! i cant help but cried with anger bcoz of KDJ but as to what it is let the show begin, i hope it will show us a happy ending though

  1007. 1007 : Kayla Says:

    Ep.15 was wow, hmm KDJ is as fierce as he is, i want him to die in the final ep. but it was shown in ep.12 that he didnt die. I hope there is a twist and happy ending in tonight’s episode.!

  1008. 1008 : kimmy Says:

    Im so much proud of 3 Days. HMM, i still haven’t watch ep.15 Eng sub im dying on waiting 🙁

  1009. 1009 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna @sizaoka and @rory, where are you guys?

    @rory: haven’t you arrived yet from korea? HAHA tonight’s the final episode.

    i can’t still make a review until i watched eng sub of ep.15.

  1010. 1010 : Mikai Says:

    Ep.15 T_T

  1011. 1011 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, yes we did it, it reached 1k comments.

    @3dfans, im going to miss this forum 🙁 I really enjoyed expressing my thoughts about this drama. As it is about to end, it feels like another part of my daily activity is gone. Alright, we still have to support Yoochun in 50th Baeksang arts Award. And his upcoming debut on BIG SCREEN ” SEA FOG”. We’all be waiting!

  1012. 1012 : Mikai Says:

    is ep.15 eng sub already available? i can’t view it on viki

  1013. 1013 : kimmy Says:

    Omo, ep.15 is out, now downloading it. Hmm, after tonight, this page will not be visible i guess unless we search on it, coz it will no longer appear in “Now Showing” tsk33.. Bye2 3 days. Love you so much Han Tae Kyung!

  1014. 1014 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. miss me girl?? hahahha

    I can’t make a lot comment right now. haven’t watched it yet.

    I’ll make the review tomorrow. I wanna watch this episode and final episode together. hehehe.

    @all. will miss wed-thus ritual. for Three Days. 😀
    ah.. this is not my last comments here. so I can’t say goodbye to you and this forum.
    actually, I will miss all of Three Days. 🙁

  1015. 1015 : chuna Says:

    I like comments here cos everyone who visit and leave a comments have same thought with me. so I’m being comfortable to write everything with my own. like spoiler. like PYC. like HTK-YBW. crazy about romance. etc.

    lets meet again in future yoochun drama guys. wonder he will make comeback again in drama or movie before his enlistment. he never said before in interview if this is his last project before enlist. hope not.

    but. rest well and enjoy the vacation its priority for him after this. I know, he still busy with Sea Fog promo, IAG, JYJ comeback, and maybe (I hope so) he will win for Popularity in Paeksang. wanna he can attend that awards. maybe for the last time before his enlist.

    ah.. why I’m always saying about enlistment?? make me always sad that I can’t or rarely see him again. :'(

  1016. 1016 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes sis i always bookmark this page so that i wont have a hard time in finding it. Although you cant watch live streaming later you can join us on tweeting #yoochun3daysfinale. I hope it will trend somehow just for this final episode.

    I am on the watching ep.15 eng sub i’ll comment back later. See yah!

  1017. 1017 : chuna Says:

    finish to watch ep 15. wow. I have mixing fell for this episode. I think I like this episode the most beside romance scene. heheheh.
    taers are falling whenever the PSS died. esp for the new Chief Agent. he protects president to escape. :’) RIP for him.

    the most scene that I love is conversation between president and ahjumma. so touch. I can feel president feels. he must feel guilty.

  1018. 1018 : chuna Says:

    1. I feel sad and cry when many people died.
    2. I feel happy and laugh when see CP officer being tricks by HTK 2times. the betrayer must get punishment what does he do. BANG!!!
    3. I’m very touch with PSS and everyone who giving their best effort to solve this case.

    very Jjang to this episode. although I can’t see TaeBo scene.

  1019. 1019 : chuna Says:

    though there isn’t TaeBo scene. I like what YBW does for her role. she can’t back to her hometown right now. its better she stays at seoul and helps Presecutor and pollice office. some KDJ’s man in Seoul must be arrested.

    maybe after this, YBW will be Presecutor Assistent. hehehe.

    so relief that Presecutor still alive. :’)

    I think YBW must stay at Seoul and wait for HTK comeback. its gonna be safe for her. and we can see a happy ending. heheheh. but, we will not see YBW action more if she just stay at seoul. hehehe. very confused.

  1020. 1020 : chuna Says:

    ah.. I forgot about Lee Cha Young.
    yee.. finally she comeback as PSS agent.
    she is not someone that can’t do anything while other people busy with many case.
    I think YBW and LCY are has same character. hehehehe

    btw, she wears coat like HTK’s coat in ep 13&14. did you notice it?

  1021. 1021 : chuna Says:

    hahahaha. I think, I’m like YBW & LCY. can’t sit and don’t do anything while I finished to watch 3Days. hehehehe.
    HTK stares at me like he’s doing to YBW when she doesn’t listen his words. hehehhe
    oopss soarry~ *with innocent face.

    can’t wait for the last episode tonight. prat for Happy ending.

  1022. 1022 : rory Says:

    hello..hello..hello to my All 3D gang!!! i misssss you guys a lot and also this thread!!!

    Sorry, I will skip my thoughts for ep.13 & 14 since I’m too behind now..But Ep.15 is sooooooo awesome I tell ya!!
    Though it’s a bit sad to see one by one PSS died but it’s a joy to see our smarty HTK & BW trapped & tricked the villains..Yeah! That’s our hero and heroine^^ And yes, our Prosecutor Choi is still alive!

    It’s finale tonight..Are you ready to say goodbye to this drama and to our hero & heroine especially? me? Not yet! eotokkhae..

    *okay..going to read the previous comments now 😆

  1023. 1023 : chuna Says:

    long time no read your comments sist.. you must enjoy your vacation. heheheh.

    agree with you. I like this episode the most too..

    I’m not ready yet to say goodbye for this drama. 16ep for me is so less.. hehehe. wanna more, but the fact that tonight is the last episode. sad 🙁

  1024. 1024 : Lady Says:

    Dear writter-nim,
    Could you please give us a happy ending after you killed many people last night..At least let us see some awkard taebo moment as you did on ep.13-14.. Please letus have a nice dream today
    Warm regard,
    Taebo Shipper

  1025. 1025 : rory Says:

    Yup..it was an enjoyable yet so tiring vacation..hehe..really hope to go to Korea again next time^^

    I hope we can have a satisfaction ending tonight…Please..please writer-nim though all has been wrapped to be exact..HTK, LDH, YBW, LCY, give them a happy ending after all their hardworking to solve this Yangjinri case..Please no more dead people from a good side..I don’t mind on a bad side though 😆
    And especially to our Badass OTP..give us another sweet scene can u writer-nim..I don’t want to ask something ridiculous scene, just a hug scene also accepted..will be more than okay if we can have a kiss scene…TROLOLOL! *jokingnotjoking*

  1026. 1026 : rory Says:

    Goodbye PSS Team Leader and thank you for standing by Mr.Pres side till ur last breath..

    Let’s enjoy this making video instead..LOL! Laughing virus explosion! Funny Chief is so cute^^

    Glad that SBSTVJobs always giving us a great BTS and and TMO videos..Aigoo, I’m so sentimental now since tonight is the last episode 🙁

  1027. 1027 : kimmy Says:

    I really cried when Director died. Aigoo, up to his last breath he really is doing his duty. Very much appreciated character.

  1028. 1028 : chuna Says:

    @lady. Hope our wish come true for Happy ending. heheheh. I’m TaeBo shipper too.

    @rory. hahahaha. I wanna go Korea someday. earning some money to go there. hihihi

    aghh.. just happy ending, I’m satisfied enough. but if more like hug scene or kiss scene. I will hug the writer-nim. lol~

  1029. 1029 : rory Says:

    It’s finale finally!!! I can’t imagine how will this writer ends this drama…Please be a happy ending for our 4 main leads..

  1030. 1030 : kimmy Says:

    Oh no, finally it ends 🙁 T.T I almost break my heart, i want eng sub fast. There are lots of memorable scenes tonight!

  1031. 1031 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMO…I think the 4 bombs in Yangjinri will explode bigger than in Seoul (bus) ?

    Damn, my internet connection didn’t run smoothly tonight :(.
    What happened with KDJ & President LDH in the last scene ?
    Finally, our Taebooooo is dating 😉

  1032. 1032 : rory Says:

    Guysssss….it is end now ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    I can’t stream properly and missed to watch the last part though but I heard it was a great ending…will wait to watch the subs one..yeahhh!!!
    But I’m sure will miss this drama, HTK, YBW and all our 3D gang here a lot..

  1033. 1033 : Lady Says:

    A happy ending!
    Owwwh, may i hug you writer nim? Kekeke
    I like tae bo moment…And when TK suugest BW to live at his apartemen makes me dying lol~
    Hope tomorrow there’s eng sub
    Dear writer nim,
    Thank you so much…i can sleep well tonight
    Warm regard,
    TaeBo shipper

  1034. 1034 : jedhienz 0612 Says:

    Guys the president is still alive? ..anyone can answer me pls.. thanks in advance 🙂

  1035. 1035 : rory Says:

    same here…my connection stopped after scene of HTK and LCY…LOL!!!

    @jedhienz 0612
    From what I’ve read on my twitter updates, Mr.Pres is still alive 😀

  1036. 1036 : Sizaoka Says:

    @chuna @kimmy @rory yeah…I also will miss all of our discussions here.
    I feel like there is “a hole” in my routinity, because no 3Days in the future.

    I really hope there will be “3Days” season 2! HAHAHAHA XD.
    Maybe a new case for HTK as an undercover spy ?
    Who agree with me here ? LoL :p

    Please, please…… writer nim read my comment here ! 😀

    Btw, I just now visited Soompi page and I saw some people wear 3Days black hat ? OMO ! I really want that hat ! where can I buy it online guys ? 😉

  1037. 1037 : kimmy Says:

    Kim Do jin died! haha lols yah my internet connection is also lag! tsk33

  1038. 1038 : kimmy Says:

    You know what guys i still can’t recover from tonight’s episode. I need time to reflect, i still need to find myself back, it feels like HTK is holding my self for almost 2 months and now im back alone again. Oh why this drama have to end, sigh. I’ll comment tomorrow after watching ep.16 with sub.

  1039. 1039 : chuna Says:

    glad to see a happy ending. thanks writer-nim for the story although without kiss scene. If I meet you, I will want to hug you writer-nim. hehehe

    our TaeBo are dating. hahahaha. 3Days season 2? I really wanna that. ♥♥♥

  1040. 1040 : kimmy Says:

    I also hope 3 days season 2 this time, HTK must develop his feelings to YBW!!

  1041. 1041 : rory Says:

    Me tooo..wouldn’t mind if have 3Days season 2..Maybe as a badass married couple next time..haha..

  1042. 1042 : Sizaoka Says:

    @rory ….hahaha….LOL read your comment ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    You think they are Mr & Mrs Smith ? XD

  1043. 1043 : chuna Says:

    just make 3Days special episode, I think its enough. hahahah.

    without kiss scene, 3Days always keep untypical K-Drama till the end. Nice. ♥♥

    I hope PYC & PHS can become bestfriend after their co-work in this drama. I think its most comfortable for them. at least, PHS very adorable and always keep the friendship with her partners. Han Hyo Ju, Bae Soo Bin, Baek Jin Hee, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee So Yeon, ets. and I hope PYC is one of them. ♡♡♡

    okay, I will came here for the last (?) after watch with engsub. hehehe. good night. nice sleep and sweet dream. I hope to see HTK in my dream. lol~

  1044. 1044 : kimmy Says:

    Yes i feel like my wed-thurs night are empty again, i wont be able to see him again in TV screen. I hope he can do a drama soon but of course i want him to rest also 🙂

  1045. 1045 : rory Says:

    Yes, I’m so happy to see the finale ratings..Congrats 3 Days..
    Okay, I will come again after finished watching with subs^^

    haha..After Mulder and Scully now change to Mr. & Mr.Smith Korean version 😆 😆 😆

  1046. 1046 : rory Says:

    I still can watch him on One TV Asia..hehe..currently on ep.8 if I’m not mistaken…

  1047. 1047 : Lysha Says:

    Finally… i will miss PYC until his next project…

  1048. 1048 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, haha so you’re from indonesia or malaysia? oh no, my country i’ll think wont buy the rights to air 3 days bcoz it has no romance tsk3 but actually, RTP, Missing You & SKKS has been aired already in our country, no miss ripley and i think also for 3 days.

    Haha, anyways im satisfied really with the ending but i wish it esp. to the music video sumthing part, i wish they had a date with YBW & HTK in the park, wyl the background song was playing so that atleast they really date for real not only dinner. haha but it was totally an enjoying show. I love 3 days so much.

  1049. 1049 : kimmy Says:

    Oh no, i still can’t believe I think i need to watch all Yoochun’s dramas once again. Haha i forgot, i havent watched yet Miss Ripley, i dont know what to do wyl waiting for Yoochun’s update and new drama. I will surely miss Yoochun and 3 days!!!

  1050. 1050 : rory Says:

    Han Tae Kyung as a water delivery is so adorable..hehe
    Finally we can see Bo Won in policewoman suit..so sweet and smart^^

    I really love this convo between Tattoo man & Mr.Prosecutor..

    Tattoo man:
    No..Nothing is over..
    Someone will replace him..
    Same with Falcon..
    They will replace the deported South Eastern Regional Director..
    Money still rules the world..
    And it will continue to do so..

    That’s fine..
    We will get them. Whoever replaces these seats..
    We will continue to get them and have them answer to law..
    When I get tired, then someone will replace me..
    That’s the world I want to live in..
    There are people out there, who live for justice instead of money..
    We call that HOPE..
    Just like Special Prosecutor Choi^^

  1051. 1051 : rory Says:

    And Han Tae Kyung jealous face when seeing his colleague with Bo Won just too funny..Stop being cool you Han Tae Kyung..hahaha…

    HTK : Ya Park Sung Kyu… Don’t you have work? The tax payers are not paying you so that you can slack off..

    PSK : Me? I’m off duty..

    HTK : Boss is looking for you..GO! [trololol suddenly!]

    PSK : He is? Why?

    HTK : How would I know? GO!

    hahaha..This Han Tae Kyung! poor his friend but I like it, obviously Bo Won is so special to his heart^^

  1052. 1052 : tigerb Says:

    @chuna and kimmy: you’ve kept this thread alive for many weeks and the other fans are back! bless you, we are all happy with the ending. looks like the last scenes can be an opening for another HTK series. we’ll see. my wish was granted that no full blast romance, HTK was quite awkward in that department, nevertheless, i enjoyed this series. see you around in this web site! ta! ta!

  1053. 1053 : juve Says:

    Really love this Park Yoo Chun!
    Really love anything he does!
    Really love his everything!
    Chunie Fighting!

  1054. 1054 : chuna Says:

    Happy ending :’)
    wonderfull ending for untypical K-drama.
    gonna miss HTK, YBW, LDH, LCY, presecutor Choi, and eye candy oppa. hahaha

    a bit disappointed for flashback scene. I think, its better for TaeBo real date beside flashback scene of their journey for 9Days.

    well, I’m satisfied enough for the ending. heheheh

  1055. 1055 : tigerb Says:

    a good thriller to watch, not to par with previous series I’ve watched, still overall it delivered. Cast was good except for one which I thought was a miscast. it’s a very good watch! wish more of this genre!

  1056. 1056 : chuna Says:

    I don’t know what will I write to this page.
    I can’t imagine this drama already end. :'(

    thanks for wonderful journey of us for 3months. wed-thus night ritual. disscuss about 3Days and others. I will miss them all.

    wanna season 2 of 3Days. maybe movie version? or writer-nim will do that and release after PYC finish his enlist. hahahah. collab again with PHS.
    my shipper can’t move on yet. wanna moree… hahahahah.

    just pray for best couple awards in SBS. hope.
    they are match together as a pairing team.

    okay. I’m glad and laugh to see KDJ died with his own bomb. hahahaha.

    goodbye everybody. esp Kimmy, Rory, Sizaoka, and all.

    lets meet again in next Yoochun drama. 🙂

  1057. 1057 : chuna Says:

    I’m very excited for this drama cos of Yoochun comeback after a long time. heheheeh. I also wanna make this drama alive when not in popular list.

    okay. lets meet again for PYC drama (especially) and MCW drama (especially too) hehehe. sorry, I like both of them. so, if they can play together, I’m gonna be excited and flying in the sky. wkwkwwkwk. oopss soarry~

    thanks for your nice comments in this page too. hehehe

  1058. 1058 : chuna Says:

    I think, my ideal type is HTK too.
    if my namja said like him to YBW, ‘don’t smile at other boys’. very protective. hahahah.

    I have boyfriend who has face like Yoochun, but his characters are different. maybe, I like him cos of Chunface. hahahaha. *soarry~

    #can move on from this drama. 🙁

  1059. 1059 : chuna Says:

    I think, my ideal type is HTK too.
    if my namja said like him to YBW, ‘don’t smile at other boys’. very protective. hahahah.

    I have boyfriend who has face like Yoochun, but his characters are different. maybe, I like him cos of Chunface. hahahaha. *soarry~

    #can’t move on from this drama. 🙁

  1060. 1060 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha yes I agree with you sis I was more happy if they go out on a date like getting to know each other, I wasn’t really expecting of full romance since they have known each other for 9 days hahaist I will miss this drama.

    Writer nim did wrote very well. I was touch by their convo. Esp to the new prosecutor I really love what he told to that bad ass guy in the room. And I wasn’t expecting the ex secretary of prosecutor is one of the favorite student of that prosecutor.

  1061. 1061 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb haha yes were so in love with yoochun that’s why we keep on making this forum alive. The ending thus is satisfying but I guess there’s a need for a sequel of this. I really have a feeling that 3 days can have another series and I hope more exciting scenes and loveline of course. Haha

    @rory @chuna @sizaoka @tigerb and all 3 days fans

    Thank you i have met you here. Let’s see each other again when yoochun has another drama.

  1062. 1062 : kimmy Says:

    Haha with han tae kyung’s eye you will really know they are close friends with cha young compared to yon bo wom, till the end they are still awkward to each other. And also yoon bo won really has a good facial expression whenever he smiles she looks like really happy on and off cam.he

  1063. 1063 : kimmy Says:

    Yoon bo won looks stunning with that police uniform. Aigoo, why did writer nim let her wore that uniform in the last eps. Omo I will miss them really

  1064. 1064 : rory Says:

    Finally can see others name around in this page..haha..This morning I was like talking alone..kekeke..
    Right now my mind is full of Han Tae Kyung face..his expression, his fighting scenes, his awkward moments with Bo Won, his tears..Haishhh…Han Tae Kyung, I miss you now!!!

    Chuna, I too, hoping for a movie version likes SKKS one..Or it’s even better to make a remake..But still it’s good for Yoochun to recover his health at this moment. Actually his face looks good in 3 Days, so fresh and full of energy! So I feel a bit relieved seeing him, maybe good atmosphere between cast and team helps a lot too + it’s spring season so the weather was not so cool compare in IMY..

    Kimmy, yes, I’m from Malaysia? How about you? I guess Chuna is from Indonesia..And you?same country with Chuna? Sizaoka where are you now chingu?

    I think I will still visit this thread from time to time..Still can’t get over of this drama too..Okay, let’s hope Yoochun will win another award[popularity] in Baeksang Award..TBH, I’m a bit disappointed knowing his name was not in the Best Actor nominee since he was excellent portraying Han Tae Kyung..No luck for him, let’s wish for SBS Award or SIDA then^^

  1065. 1065 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hahahaha. its sound interesting for 3Days season 2. haha.

    @rory. yes. I’m from Indonesia. hehehe.
    I’ll wait for Paeksang fisrt. and SIDA maybe. I think 3Days must deserve the best drama for this year.

    PYC must rest well and continue his jobs again after rest.

    but, honestly I’ll gonna miss he’s as HTK. :’)

  1066. 1066 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @chuna, haha im from the Philippines guys! haha nice to meet you here haha i hope we’ll get to be friends in facebook. haha.

  1067. 1067 : kimmy Says:

    Omo rory & chuna, you guys have the chance to watched Han Tae Kyung again. haha

    Actually, Yoochun’s face in the succeeding eps looks fresh and young compared to the first episode wherein i know he had a tought time filming 3 days and sae fog at that time. Im glad he can rest now.

    Oh no, Yoochun is in threat, Kim so hyun is slowly climbing, just a few % difference bet. Yoochun and Him. What does it mean, he is going to win those 2 popularity award? in movie and TV male category? i wont allow him (KSH) . tsk33

  1068. 1068 : kimmy Says:

    If by chance you want to send me your email add, you can pm in 3days fan page. Somehow i want to know you more guys! hahaaa

    I love all people who are supporting 3 days and esp. Yoochun oppa.

    I still can’t recover my feelings about the ending, what will i do now after it ends?

    Yoochun has a very fresh face in ep.16 esp while wearing that simple Jacket and they are walking along the park with his friend (jin hyuk) and haha i really like that friend of him is making him confess that the flowers are for YBW. But HTK has such a serious face haha!

  1069. 1069 : kai Says:

    @ chunna @ kimmy thank you for your kind response everytime i put comments on this forum… but so sad bec. htk and ybw didn,t have a true date..gonna miss this couple..im hoping for season 2 and this time more htk and ybw moments …action still be there but lessen??hahhaha i know its impossible to have season 2….i will miss this site…..and all of you sharing the same thoughts as me….bye to alll

  1070. 1070 : kimmy Says:

    @kai, haha you’re always welcome. Everyone welcome to share there opinion haha.

    Yes, they didnt even had a true date, i want expecting that they’ll kiss or what but i want them to just walk along the park or even along the beach talking while the background music plays.

    Haha, i really love Shin Yong Jae’s ost in 3 days most “Love You, Erase You, Crying Again” & also Gumm’y song. haha glad writer-nim did allowed Shin yong jae’s song to be played without cuts.

  1071. 1071 : Sizaoka Says:

    @Chuna…really ? we come from the same country, sist ? hahaha XD.

    @Kimmy…well, I don’t mind, sist ! 😉

    Btw, I just now finished watching the final episode (eng sub), well this is my summary about my most favorite scenes in 3Days :
    1. The most badass fighting scene –> HTK fought against his co workers in the train
    2. The most sad scene —> When President held meeting only with HTK & Prosecutor Choi at the Blue House (forget what eps.) hehehe 😛
    3. The most romantic scene —> When HTK saved HBW after the car bomb explosion
    3. The most awkward scene —> When YBW stayed in HTK’s apartment for the 1st time [but, I love it 😉 ]
    4. The funniest scene —> HTK casts out his friend (PSK), when PSK tried to approach YBW to drink coffe together (final ep.)
    5. The most annoying scene —> When the chief of Adm. of BH (forget his name) malign HTK as a traitor.
    6. The most unpredictable scene —> When HBS first discovered as “the real Snipper” in the early episode
    7. The most admirable scene that also the smartest scenes —> When HTK & YBW first collaborated to find president LDH in Seojori (untill they also thought the smallest clues that we thought it’s not really important scene before) in the early episodes.

    So, what’s your version, guys ? hahahaha :p

    *Sorry for my long comment ! 😉

  1072. 1072 : uggie Says:

    Good bye Park Yoo Chun….and welcome Lee Seung Gi…. SBS always make drama with a star hallyu….

  1073. 1073 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna @sizaoka haha both of you from Indonesia, wow!! So you can watch again 3 days in your country, yt?

  1074. 1074 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy….. yeah I can re-watch it here and of course it’s subbed in my mother language. hehehe :p
    *Actually It’s only aired by cable TV (not by local/national TV).

    Btw, I kinda smell of sequel (season 2 of 3Days) hahaha…. 😛
    *Based on what the Tatto assassin said to the prosecutor in the last scene in investigation room.”

  1075. 1075 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, haha so it is a cable channel. Hehe is Yoochun’s dubber there good? Haha I still prefer his oroginal voice though its really hard to watch him wyl reading the subs. Haha

    In our conutry, the dubbers of Yoochun have really nice voices. 🙂

  1076. 1076 : kimmy Says:

    Han Tae kyung i won’t be able to see you next week though, i will really miss you 🙁

  1077. 1077 : rory Says:

    Yes, I would like to be friend with u and all 3D supporters here too..I have FB but rarely visits or updates but I’m quite active in twitter..hehe..

    The most memorable OST in 3D for me is “Words That My Heart Shouts” by Kim Bo Kyung coz when I was in Korea, I always listen to this song from some shops..

    Ouh, a bit scary to see KSH’s fans are chasing our chunface now..
    PYC: 31.6%, KSH: 30.7
    KSH already top in movie category, be mercy please to YC’s fans..hehe..I know KSH is very famous even in Korea I saw his poster a lot here and there especially in Petite France Village since they had filming there..So YC’s fans fighting! We can make it too^^

    I will share my version soon..But I actually agree with ur list too..makes me wanna to re-watch again..huhu

  1078. 1078 : kimmy Says:

    @rory haha i am also holding @3dayskdrama on twitter, still have few followers though, follow me i’ll follow you back.

    Have you guys voted already? It’s really a bit scary but nothing beats our chunface haha !!!

    I will share my version too next time, im still busy now. omo its so hard to see KSH climbing up the ladder that fast. I hope chunsas can vote !!!!!

  1079. 1079 : kimmy Says:

    I personally forgot my personal twitter account that’s why i had made a new twitter account that’s dedicated to yoochun though. HAHA. See you 3d fans on fb & twitter soon. Nice to meet you guys.

  1080. 1080 : kimmy Says:

    My most favorite OST in 3 days is really Shin Yong Jae’s “Love You, Erase you, crying Again”. I love the melody next is Gummy’s and third is Kim Bo Kyung’s.

    Have you heard the ost of Lim Chang Jum (Goodbye) been played in 3 days? i havent heard it, but it was the 1st ost being launched but i havent heard it in any of the eps. or just i skip that scne? lol

  1081. 1081 : kimmy Says:

    Guys if you have credit account pls vote for Yoochun!!! 🙁

  1082. 1082 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy… no, I mean it’s in Indo subtitle, sist (but, still keep using original actor voice)…hehehe ;p

    I have that song in my MP4 player. I downloaded it from Youtube. Just try to find it there, sist.

    Btw, my most fav OST in 3D is “Calling You” by Gummy. But I also like the Opening OST by Chech National Symphony.

    Damn, I already install 50th Paeksang Arts Award app in my handphone. But, Idk why, something trouble on my HP when I try to open it for the first time. Actually I also want to vote PHS too (although not as 3D actor), so maybe PYC & PHS can go on stage together…hahaha XD

  1083. 1083 : rory Says:

    Oh, that was ur account too? Nice one for making 3Days account..Done followed that acc..Me don’t have many followers too, make that so I can spazz and share my thoughts, that’s all 😀

    I think I’ve heard Lim Chang Jum (Goodbye) in early eps if I’m not mistaken..I personally love all 3 Days OST actually..I even found and download all various artist for 3D OST but can’t find the sad BGM one which always used during HTK & Chief Ham..Did u ever found that OST? If u have share here please^^

  1084. 1084 : Linh Says:

    Congratz pyc and all casts. Congratz 3days ended successful

  1085. 1085 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, haha really i thot it was dubbed only subbed, anyways, if you want to vote in paeksang for Yoochun, you need to have a credit card account, do you have that? mine, i cant vote in international apps tsk33. its easy then to vote if you dont have any problems with the charges.

    @rory, what was you’re username in twitter. haha, i didnt notice who followed me recently. haha, i was really inspired to make account for 3 days. I will try to review ep.1 if that Goodbye song was played though.

    Actually i still havent known what’s that BM though that sad part whenever flash backs keep coming. I love also Gummy’s song though it was not played in ep.16 🙁

  1086. 1086 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, i guess i’ve seen your account already haha i also have few followers though coz i just started this month of april haha…

  1087. 1087 : kimmy Says:

    Do you know guys? i felt there’s something special when Yoochun stares and So Yi Hyun, i dont know if its only in the character, but i see more spark in HTK’s eyes when staring at Cha Young compared to YBW as all we know coz they are so awkward. But really i had a feeling that YOOchun is more close to Yi Hyun, i remember that during SBS tv jobs when yoochun was capturing So yi hyun using the camera haha

  1088. 1088 : rory Says:

    thanx for following me back..Actually I’m an active reader of JYJ3 too so u can found my name often there^^ I used the same name in JYJ3 n twitter since it was used as a Yoochun fan..Compare here, I used this name before I met Yoochun so I will just stick to this name here as a KD fan^^

    That’s why on my twitter acc I said these two [HTK & LCY] are undeniable special..We can see their lovely chemistry too right..I don’t know is it just an acting or they are really close each other..I guess it’s only an acting so it means Yoochun’s eye acting is indeed excellent, we can see the different smile and eyes when he stayed with YBW or LCY..You know right, when we fall in love with someone, sometimes we became shy and hard to smile properly..But maybe u’re right, he might more close with SYH than PHS when off camera as we saw in the SBSTvJobs video before..Let’s wish for more BTS between PYC & PHS then 😀

  1089. 1089 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, haha that’s what i’ve seen in your tweet that pic of HTK & LCY though i really notice it really in ep.16.

    Maybe you’re ryt, i think its hard to look straight to someone if you’re shy unlike if your close you can really act along with that person. i really think yoochun & so yi hyun has a noona-dongsaeng relationship though not that much coz they’re just a few years apart hahaa

  1090. 1090 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, haha i like your name in twitter, it looks cool haha.. you’re an active twitter huh, honestly im not active in twitter, coz i post much on fb though. haha..

    @sizaoka @chuna Hi indonesian friends, were have you been? haha

  1091. 1091 : kimmy Says:

    sorry guys if im not posting 3 days related comments here, haha i just want to keep this thread alive even though it ends hahaha

  1092. 1092 : kai Says:

    guys dont be lke that(saying lcy and pyc are more comfortable acting and they it seems that they have chemistry too,???) i dont have any thing againts LCY…..she’s beautiful but i dont want PHS to have a brocken hearted:::::hahhaha am i being bias when it comes to PHS? sorry…but i love their tandem than pyc and LYC….i wish that they will make a sequel to this drama so we can see whats gonna happen bet, these 3 characters…

  1093. 1093 : rory Says:

    Hai @kai
    haha..don’t worry, I am open and not a shipper..So I love to see awkward moments between HTK & YBW also love when these two working together like Mulder & Scully..But at the same time I envy seeing HTK and LCY close relationship..And trust me, this drama became more unique because of good friend between YBW & LCY which is rare to find in KD..Good job 3Days for having these unique relationships in this drama^^

  1094. 1094 : kimmy Says:

    @kai, haha no I’m not a shipper of Yoochun & So,yi hyun, its just that I notice tae kyung’s eyes looks so sweet while staring at cha young maybe as what rory said its in their character. But I really love that scene when yoochun held park hasun after the bomb exploded and did cried out bo won’s name. Hehe. That’s the sweetest scene for our taebo couple 🙂

  1095. 1095 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy, rory, and sizaoka.
    ahh.. this page is still alive?
    hei guys. honestly, I try to not visit this page anymore. cos.. you know why my reason. I wanna get easy to move on all about 3Days. haha.

    well. I think, its not right time to leave this page. cos, HTK still in my mind and my hearth. lol~ 😀

    HTK in 3Days look yummy for me. his chubby cheek, his eyelashes, his chu lips, and of course his chunface. ahh… I gonna miss him so much.

    okey. maybe I will be rare to visit this page.
    wanna back to study again. hehehe. my thesis is delayed due to this drama. gonna continue and finish it again. thanks guys for everything. *bow

  1096. 1096 : Sizaoka Says:

    @kimmy…yes, I do have it. :). Maybe I will reinstall this app on my HP.

    Btw, YBW character becomes one of my most fav female leads list, beside Queen Seon Deok & Dae Jang Geum ;p.
    PHS also becomes my bias right now ! hahaha… Recently I watch her performance (3 times) in Happy Together (variety show), she’s kind an easy going & cheerful person like PYC . Hopefully, PYC & PHS can go to 50th Paeksang Arts Award TOGETHER & sit side by side there. hehehehe ;P

  1097. 1097 : kimmy Says:

    im really sad, ksh is now on the lead. i have a chinese friend who gave me a gift card so that i can vote for yoochun coz in mainland china, fans cant vote thats why there asking some international fans to vote for them. coz cfans cant logged on to fb and google.

  1098. 1098 : kimmy Says:

    im definitely sad, the drama ends, maybe i wont often vist this page too. o will miss you guys, i hope we can come back and talk about sea fog movie when there are news and maybe if yoochun will win popularity award again this time.

  1099. 1099 : kimmy Says:

    aishhh really, ksh fans are die hard fans, its very clear that ksh is going to win the populary actor in movie category already and now there heading to tv male, i know he is popular in man from the stars but yoochun did also, in fact, 3 days just started on march.

  1100. 1100 : kimmy Says:

    #1100 !!!

  1101. 1101 : kimmy Says:

    Am i really going to leave this page now? omo, i will miss you guys!! thanks for everything. This drama will always be a part of my life. Agent Han, saranghaeyo !!! hope you do a drama soon before you enlist and rest well.


  1102. 1102 : kimmy Says:

    Important news: I have a china fan friend and she’s asking me to look for 100% chunsas who are willing to vote bcoz they will be giving out some gift cards to be used in voting. you just need to have android phone, playstore, fb account and gmail account.

    Message us privately on fb: https://www.facebook.com/3dayskdrama

  1103. 1103 : kimmy Says:

    No one comments already, T.T im going to visit this page every wed-thurs until paeksang arts award comes 🙁 hoping for yoochun to win!

  1104. 1104 : rory Says:

    I watched that too..Happy Together with Park Ha Sun..And I like her cheerful character..After that I followed her drama “2 Weeks” but TBH I like her character in 3 Days more..Hope soon that Running Man also will invite her too, wanna see her real character more..How I wish SK entertainment will invite our Yoochun too for their variety shows..hurm..*a big sigh…

    Happy study dear..Praying u will be a great student in ur school/college..Fighting!!!

    I’m still here, visit and read new comments especially on this thread..Can’t wait for Baeksang though..Let’s fighting till the final day guys^^

  1105. 1105 : chuna Says:

    hii all…
    today is wednesday.. usually I’m very excited when 3Days still airing. hehhe. now, we can’t watch it again. T-T *sad*
    already miss HTK so much. huhuhu.

    heii.. still talk about the OTP? hihi. I also like the OTP in 3Days. cos PHS is the fisrt younger actress in Yoochun drama. also, I only watch her in this drama. so, I like the OTP. hehehe. hope they can reunite again in the future. same genre (maybe 3Days season 2) or RonCom. cos PHS character is so lovely and cheerful. hehehe.

    wahh.. I don’t know who will be the male popularity awards this year. the competition is so tight. well, still vote and make yoochun deserve it again.
    honestly I’m a bit disappointed about this awards. he doesn’t nominate in best actors. as we can see, his acting is so wonderful and I like his emotional express from his face and eyes.

    @rory. thanks dear.. I think, I get big jackpot after 3Days. my lecture give me a project and help me so much. hehe.

    well. I’ll visit this page again next time. see you..♥

  1106. 1106 : reindeer song Says:

    QUESTION! Why would Yoochun enlist in the armed forces? He is an American? Why do Korean think everyone want to be forced into enlisting. It’s emotional blackmail, you do not enlist then we will not make you a star? What is so great to apply such pressure on anyone. FREEDOM OF CHOICE! That is something they cannot comprehend. Yoochun is talented he can make it any where.

  1107. 1107 : kimmy Says:

    Omo im so tired in my job ryt now, haha persuading fans to vote for yoochun.Still difficult, but i know cfans and ifans are not giving up. tsk33

  1108. 1108 : rory Says:

    @chuna, I’m so disappointed too coz YC is so excellent portraying HTK, that’s one of the reasons why his fans really work hard now voting him for the popularity award + it’s a gift for his birthday as well..

    Guys, honestly I feel so empty today since there’s no more 3 Days..huhu..Missing HTK and 3Days team so badly now..

  1109. 1109 : kimmy Says:

    My agent Han , i love you! miss you so badly tsk3

  1110. 1110 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMO, this page is not popular again ;(.

    Btw, now I watch a new drama that replace 3 Days –> “You’re all Surrounded”. I recommend it to you guys ! It’s so funny ! XD.
    I also love Go Ara’s & Cha Seung Won’s acting 😉

  1111. 1111 : rory Says:

    Hiiiii dear^^
    TBH, I don’t really have feel to follow any drama yet but I tried to watch Doctor Stranger ep.1, quite interesting for me and just DL the pilot eps of Triangle but haven’t watched yet..Still thinking whether to follow YAAS or not, but maybe I will just wait and watch on One TV Asia later..

    But to tell you, I just finished watching 3 Days with my housemate..When I back to my hometown, my sister was so interested with this drama and me suddenly accompanied her..And at my work place, my two male colleagues are watching 3D and we talked a lot about this drama..so how to let go of this drama chingu yahhh?? help me juseyo Tae Kyungieee 😆 😆 😆

  1112. 1112 : hanz Says:

    grr… watching the last few episodes..why are all the security people in this drama only have limited access to all the advancement in technology..and in korea some more.. In a war zone, u only need a mere pistol? n no bullet proof jacket.. they use smartphone sparingly.. simple email or chat image insert would hv identified a suspect easily.. google anyone? the terrorist is a famous CEO too? Dont get me started on why the president bodyguards got killed too easily in open space… Despite all these glaringly security protocol flaw, yoochun n boowon are too cute togethere that we can overlook the flaws in the end.. pls come back soon yoochun oppa…

  1113. 1113 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka, haha it will no longer be in popular list again coz it’s already finished. Yay, i feel so empty after 3 days ends. Well, YAS is good also though i dont have much time watching dramas that are not Yoochun starring on. It is a comedy drama with action that’s why many people can get along with the drama while 3 days, its resemblance is like a serious one, like a movie drama and straight forward to the plot.

    I hope to see Yoochun walks on the red carpet for 50th Baeksang arts awards. Fighting!!!

  1114. 1114 : chuna Says:

    always keep voting for yoochun guys. he’s in second place again T-T
    we can do it. the biggest present for his birthday. go go go…

    after 3Days, I don’t watch other K-drama again. not interesting yet. maybe I’ll find other K-drama while I have holiday time. hahaha..

    don’t forget to vote Yoochun guys.. see you ♥♡

  1115. 1115 : reindeer song Says:

    There were so many inaccuracy in this drama, the writer-write, the actors never research their role they just interpret what the writer say, so everything has bits of hole and not very believable.

  1116. 1116 : jian hui Says:

    Excellent story from beginning until the end. Really love it.
    Smart Korean Drama !!

  1117. 1117 : lalala Says:

    This is exactly one of the good example drama from Korea. Very straight storyline, no need to buy audience hearts with romance parts or family thingy or lame triangle love story. Good job 3 Days team and all the cast for keeping the main plot till the end. Highly recommended for those who love politic and action theme!

  1118. 1118 : lee Says:

    great stroyline,PYC is a excelent actor.

  1119. 1119 : violet88 Says:

    Excellent drama.. Excellent acting by PYC and PHS.. Love their chemistry so much.. especially when the two of them sprung into action and detective mode, just like Mulder and Scully Korean version.. haha.. 🙂
    Although i’m a bit disappointed that there’s no in-depth or at least a glimpse of romance side between Tae Kyung and Sergeant Boo Won, i will still gives 10 star to this drama.. I’m really impressed by PYC’s acting as Agent Han.. he’s really cool.. and Boo Won is a very strong leading lady character, and PHS carries it well..
    Thumbs up to the whole team… Hope PYC-PHS can win best couple award from this drama.. better still if they become real couple.. :)…

  1120. 1120 : rory Says:

    dear admin,
    can u add Jin Hyuk’s name in the supporting cast too..
    He played as Park Sung Kyu here..TQ^^

  1121. 1121 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, sis Jin Hyuk name is already listed in the supporting cast (2nd to the last).

  1122. 1122 : rory Says:

    No dear, it’s added after I asked the admin..
    TQ admin^^

    It’s only 2eps left on One Asia channel then it’s officially goodbye to 3 Days..Errr…let’s see if I can ignore this thread or stop spazzing…haha..

    So Kimmy, there’s no hope for YC to win again on Baeksang right..At 1st I feel sorry for him but then I think it just a popularity award, he and other 3Days cast deserves a better award actually..If u read at dramabeans, most of the readers feel upset regarding to the best actor or best actress nominees list. So I accept and respect K-Fans’ decision to stop voting in Baeksang..

    3 Days team FIGHTING!! Hope this drama will get acknowledge in other awards events..

  1123. 1123 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, i already saw it the last time, i dunno but i already saw Jin Hyuk name hahaa !

    (@kimmy from admin: We just added Jin Hyuk name after rory told us.)

  1124. 1124 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yah i was actually one of those fans who pursued voting and even ask help out those fans who can’t vote, but i also realized that yes the award is somewhat redundant coz its been for 3 years that he won that award. Let others win that award and also we stop voting coz other actor’s fans uses illegal ways of voting. hahaha

  1125. 1125 : kimmy Says:

    And also many fans are dissappointed on the nominees for best actor/actresses nominees.

    I hope 3 days can win awards in SBS awarding ceremony at the end of this year though I bet My love from the star/ you came from the stars already had a slot in the upcoming awards, but i hope 3 days also 🙂 Esp. Yoochun oppa.

  1126. 1126 : tigerb Says:

    @reindeer song#1106: i’m not from s.korea but i can understand why military training is mandatory for their guys. one can never predict what n.korea will do, so it is better for s.korea to be prepared. i’m surprised they do not enlist the young females too, like in some other country. i don’t know pyc’s nationality, i thought he lived in the u.s. for a while. in the u.s., at one time military enlisting was mandatory, that was why elvis presley (king of rock n roll) was in the army, i think.

  1127. 1127 : rory Says:

    I actually check his profile 1st and seems not updated yet so dats why but it doesn’t matter now, as long as this sweet guy already in the cast list..Coz his name must in the list since he survived till the last episode and his character was cute..LOL!

    Yes, I admit that YFAS was so popular and I personally love that drama too but as I know 3 Days was under “Drama Special” just like Rooftop Prince, it was also under the same category. Let’s hope that YFAS was not under “drama special” too..LOL! Coz if they look for rating sure it’s hard for 3 Days then unless the juries are brilliant and smart but still I don’t want to give a high hope since there are a lot of upcoming dramas before the SBS Awards..

  1128. 1128 : rory Says:

    Yes, he lived in USA for about 6 years I think but if I’m not mistaken he gave up on applying US’s nationality coz it was so difficult [correct me if I’m wrong]..Actually he will serve as a public service worker only if referring to his last medical check up result due to his asthma..

    So which drama caught ur eyes after 3 days ended? As for now I watched Dr.Stranger, Big Man, Triangle but I’m interested to watch A New Leaf also but for those 3 as I mentioned, TBH none really catch my eyes but still they are enjoyable though..

  1129. 1129 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: sorry to hear pyc has asthma, puts him in the sidelines. i hope he can overcome that. currently, i watch ‘dr. stranger’, ‘a new leaf’, ‘angel eyes’, ‘hotel king’, ‘wonderful days’, and i thought of ‘you’re all surrounded’. when i get tired reading subs and hearing korean sounds i don’t understand, i go back to watching western made movies! then i watch s.k. movies! ‘a new leaf’ is good, i watch it because of the leading men and the story line. pmy is grown up and better there, although i thought she had improved in ‘skks’. tal tal’ of empress ki is there, if you like that actor. i don’t like his ‘mop’ hair. try ‘a new leaf’, you can always quit if you don’t like it.

  1130. 1130 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, i think YCFTS is under mini-series i hope they dont have the save category with 3 days so that 3 days can win awards in SBS drama awards at the end of this year.

  1131. 1131 : kimmy Says:


  1132. 1132 : taraJJ Says:

    finally after just seeing streaming on eps1 and watched some teaser and scenes of 3 days i can watch this drama .. han tae kyung … hmmm ^^ … i’m so addict with the writer-nim, kim eun hee, previous drama ghost/phantom .. so i think i’m already hoocked with 3 days 😉

    does anyone know the updated of baeksang awards? i like ywcfts but i really hope yoochun could take the awards home again, i just wonder why he didn’t nominated in best actor category??

  1133. 1133 : rory Says:

    Hi tara dear…so u haven’t finished watching this drama yet? LOL!

    It is sad to inform you that most of his fans especially K-fans already stopped voting him in Baeksang a few weeks ago..But they have their own reason why, they still love and support Yoochun wholeheartedly though..So for this year, the popularity award will belong to KSH..But I don’t really feel sad, I’m more disappointed that he’s not even in Best Actor nominees as u questioning why too..Put aside my bias feeling coz I do think he really did an amazing action job here despite his injury and his 1st trial as an action star..But to tell u even the lead cast from Empress Ki were nowhere to be found so no surprise and for me this award has lost some credibility, like more to popularity or high ratings award only..so no hope for 3 Days team in Baeksang..

    I actually can say I like almost all cast in A New Leaf, Kim Myung Min and yes Jin Yi Han as tal tal in EK too and to know that Oh Jung Se [adore his acting so much] also in it, so yes, will catch up this show ASAP^^

    Let’s wish and hope PHS also can get best actress award this year together with YC..She’s perfect portraying Bo Won here..and of course for couple award..haha..The best badass couple ever^^

  1134. 1134 : chuna Says:

    long time no visit this page. and I still see familiar name here, @kimmy and @rory.

    honestly, I don’t watch other K-drama after 3Days. just movie, A Miracle of Giving a Fool (cos of Park Ha Sun short hair here) and The War of The Arrows (cos of Moon Chae Won movie)
    and this story are similar, about Oppa-Dongsaeng relationship.

    a bit regret for the result of Paeksang polling this year. but, I know its the best for Park Yoochun. I’ll wait for SIDA, SBS, and of course for his movie debut. hope he can win movie awards like Blue Dragon Film Awards.

    ah… really miss TaeBo and 3Days. ♡♡

  1135. 1135 : taraJJ Says:

    i’m soo late, didn’t i? i mean to watched this drama hehe .. yeah i heard about things on baeksangs too,, me and some friends of mine try to vote too but i didn’t know why some got failed :'(
    you know Rory, things like this always happened to yoochun (remember i miss you case..huh..) .. you know my bias but i have to admit that yoochun did good job in 3 days so i still regret why they didn’t put yoochun name on the list 🙁 .. but i still feeling happy coz my other bias, joo won, nominated on best actor category from his drama good doctor, i hope he can beat that aliens .. ops pardon for my laguange 😉

    oh yeah Rory, i remember you ever mention abt how good two weeks is.. is it really that good? coz i want to see park ha sun’s another drama.. i want to see two weeks bcoz of kim se yeon too.. i kinda like her..

  1136. 1136 : fena jean Says:

    ..i just hope i could be able to see a dvd of this 3 days here in our place so that i could be able to watch my idol micky yoo chun in an action acting..

  1137. 1137 : kimmy Says:

    Hello everyone, still making this page alive, huh/ It’s been a while.

    Actually for Baeksang Thingy, i didnt regret that we stop voting coz Yoochun deserves more award rather than being Popular, he had already proved to be most popular for 3 consecutive years. It’s just that baeksang doesn’t see Yoochun best acting, on why he was not nominated for best actor award. But there are more awards coming this year and omo Yoochun’s SEA FOG is indeed popular now with over 15 countries bought the rights to air it in their respective countries.

    @taraJJ, continue watching 3 days girl, I know you will have a great time watching this drama 🙂

    @rory @chuna, hello girls 🙂

  1138. 1138 : taraJJ Says:

    hi .. yes, i really enjoy watching 3 days, this my cup of tea beside rom-com drama .. i’m big fan of kim eun hee, the writer of 3 days and i like her previous work, ghost starring by so ji sub and choi daniel 🙂

  1139. 1139 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy. hello too girl. 🙂
    yeah. I also know Sea Fog sold to 15 countries. glad :”)

    after 3Days I think I can’t meet him again, but so excited for his FM, collab with Gummy’s noona, CF in China, and MBC naration. and really anticipate for his movie and of course JYJ comeback. :”)

  1140. 1140 : rory Says:

    Yes, I’m the one who recommended u to watch “2 Weeks” but at that time u’re so busy with Good Doctor and TMS if I’m not mistaken..It was one of my fave dramas from last year but I have to admit there are two persons only I love in that drama, Lee Jun Ki and his daughter..I mean the characters..Park Ha Sun just nice as a mother there maybe because she’s too good in 3 Days and her chemistry with Yoochun was too cute as a partner here even though no romance part at all..strange right? Even KSY I find her character a bit annoying in early eps mostly..maybe also I was too impressed with her acting in IRIS..Sorry, that’s my opinion only but overall I like that drama..Try watching it Tara..But make sure to finish 3 Days 1st..LOL! *joking* 😆

  1141. 1141 : rory Says:

    @chuna, @kimmy
    I missed both of u so much and also @sizaoka though I always communicated with Kimmy on twitter but still this thread was full of bittersweet memories with 3 Days team especially our cute TaeBo moments..waaahhhaaha 😀 But luckily YC has tons of job and activities these days so we are not missing him that much..So for now I will enjoy all his projects before he left us for 2 years 🙁

    @fena jean
    I can’t wait to buy 3 Days DVD too..I think, normally DVD [ori version] will be released after 2 months after the show ended so get ready to get it girlsss..and hoping there will have a Director Cut DVD too later..

  1142. 1142 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, haha we miss yah girl, we often comm. with rory in twitter though. Hope we’ll keep this thread alive when Yoochun’s movie will be released.

    @rory, haha yah i dont see Sizaoka post here in this forum anymore. Omo, you’re reminding me that Chunnie will left us for 2 yrs, dont know exactly when it will be but its near, aigoo i dunno what to d then, maybe I will try to focus on my studies then coz i dont have time to watch kdrama without Yoochun. Haha

    Btw, Im so excited for Yoochun’s HaeMoo, it will be like the Korean- Titanic Version though I really dont bet Han YeRi to be Chunnie’s leading lady. But actually it fits her character as a Chinese-korean sth.

    And to Han Tae Kyung, I’m still not over you. I may not have watch again 3 days, coz I will just watch it again after I terribly missed HTK again.

    Finally, Im waiting for Joo Dong Shik !!!! FM, Concert, Narration. :))))

  1143. 1143 : kimmy Says:

    @taraJJ, Keep watching girl! Don’t dare to fall in love with Han Tae Kyung! Haha just joking ^_^!

  1144. 1144 : taraJJ Says:

    thanx you Rory .. haha yes i will finish 3 days first 🙂 .. right now i just watching this and triangle (maybe angel’s eyes, dr.stranger and big man too) .. you know i’m kinda sad looking for the ranting of triangle, it seem only jaejoong’s die hard fans like me who watch that drama .. i feel lonely in triangle threads -_-
    btw, it seem jyj boys so bussy this year yeah, after bodyguard han tae kyung, gangster young dal and we can see junsu as vampir 🙂 i know it’s out topic for 3 days but i so curious which dracula version junsu going to play? brad pit & tom cruise .. or maybe keanu & wynona ryder version? did you know Rory?

    too late i already fall for han tae kyung hahaha .. just joking too .. i like kim do jin, i think he’s just baddas but sexy in the same way haha 😀

  1145. 1145 : rory Says:

    It’s Baeksang Awards today! Huwaaaa….I feel deeply sorry for 3 Days team 🙁 🙁 🙁

    It’s okay Tara, actually u can make that thread alive too..Try to give a good review, some readers might shy to start it..Okay one more drama I want to recommend is “A New Leaf”..Just watched 3 eps last night, it was soooo good so far and funny actually..No wonder the ratings keep rising^^

    @Kimmy, I actually kinda like Han Ye Ri, she’s natural and talented so will looking forward to it 😆

    @Chuna, since u’re interested to watch movie, have u watched “Hope” aka “Sowon” movie? Highly recommended but make sure to prepare a big towel..hehe..Well, that movie was recommended by our Yoochun actually..I always like his recommendations such as indie musics like Standing Egg, Epitone project..etc..etc..

  1146. 1146 : kimmy Says:

    @taraJJ, oh well you’ve fallen already under HTK’s spell, so I guess, its right to say “May the best woman wins”? haha. Just joking again. Actually, Kim Do Jin has reall a captivating image besides his age. He looks damn cool but deeply evil in the inside. trolololo xD

    @rory, Yeh I feel bad too about 3 days and esp. for Yoochun but it’s the same award then, not new, i will really regret it when it’s not for popularity. Its just 1 day. let other actors have that award anyway, Yoochun already had that same award for 3 years. Haha. I hope Yoochun is not frustrated despite his bday is coming.

  1147. 1147 : Mardianti89 Says:

    I’ve finished watching whole episodes of this drama.then I can conclude that Han Tae Kyunj and Yoon Bo Won have such pure love story,which means without any kissing scenenes,HTK can show us that he loves and cares about YBW.
    Hopefully they get best couple award.
    Yo Chun sshi,fighting! ^^v

  1148. 1148 : kimmy Says:

    Just dropping by to say bogoshipo Tae Kyung~ah !!! HAHAAHA

  1149. 1149 : kimmy Says:

    The Heirs went to popular list again hahaha i thot it was impossible for a drama after it aired to not be up again in the list. hahaha

  1150. 1150 : kimmy Says:

    #1150 🙂

  1151. 1151 : kimmy Says:

    As promised I’m back ! Happy Birthday Yoochun oppa ! We love you so much oppa dear. Keep going on with your career and may God bless you more ! Always keep your head down to earth 🙂

  1152. 1152 : rory Says:

    I guess once again 3 Days won’t participate in this year SIDA..oh WHY SBS WHY?????!!!!????

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Park Yoochun..Stay happy, healthy and keep up ur good manner okay..will support and wait for ur comeback^^ Fighting!!!

  1153. 1153 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, yah feels sad too like Missing You too, it was not included. Oh well, i just missed Yoochun in SIDA awards just like when he was in Rooftop Prince, he receive outstanding actor award and even RTP got excellent drama award.

    I know there are more dramas coming for Yoochun soon. So for now, hello singer Yoochun <3

  1154. 1154 : Tha Young Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Park YooChun

  1155. 1155 : Autumn Grace Says:

    PYC is so silently hot in this drama. He and PHS has a good chemistry together. I wish the writer should have inserted some more spies in their love story. Anyway, congrats to all. Good drama. 🙂

  1156. 1156 : kimmy Says:

    I love you Park Yoochun thru thick or thin. HAHA i miss 3 days, i hope you would do another drama before you enter military.

  1157. 1157 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy and rory: i visit this forum once in a while and find you still posting. you deserve plaques of loyalty. a personal message from pyc will do, right! has pyc a new project in the offing?

  1158. 1158 : choopatiu Says:

    It would have been better if agent han n officer yoon love story was exploited some more.

  1159. 1159 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb: haha yup im still present in this forum though sometimes only. Actually, he does fanmeeting and JYJ comeback later this year. And also his movie sea fog is set to released on August. Im so excited to watch it. I hope another drama soon, a romcom one coz we will miss him terribly after he enters military. T.T

    Nvm about the loyalty award coz I’m always loyal to Yoochun with or w/o any awards, haha… xD hoping to see him soon in person ^_^

  1160. 1160 : kimmy Says:

    @choopatiu , actually their love story is a bit limited but as to the genre of 3 days, they really didn’t give much attention to love story, rather they focus on the melodrama part and action, perhaps suspense. But if given more episodes, i think there’s a way for there love story to develop.

  1161. 1161 : kimmy Says:

    But u know what im proud of 3 days ratings as compared to other romcom and love story drama recently bcoz they didnt pull all high ratings, in fact, 3 days is a new genre but its ratings are quite impressive ^_^

  1162. 1162 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy: i wish i can watch pyc’s movie ‘sea fog’ asap, but it will take a while for me. yes, a rom-com would be nice. i have not seen him laugh, like really laugh, not just smile.

    why do i notice that in most comments posted, drama viewers would like to have some romance between protagonists. i guess to them ‘love makes the world go round’. maybe so, but it can be boring when all dramas i watch contain the same theme. sorry romantics! kimmy, am glad you agreed that 3D did not need to have some full-blown romance.

  1163. 1163 : chuna Says:

    ahh..so this thread still alive?

    haii kimmy..hai rory..long time no chit and chat with you here. haha

    I can move on from 3Days and TaeBo cos of Yoochun many activities this month. hahaa
    so excited to see his FM and Airport fashiom recently. his hair is comeback. hahaha. soooo exciteddd… and for a long time finally I can see YC sings again. walk with her in the spring, empty space left for you, leaning on you, and fairy tale. oh god..I’m melting for his voice. really miss it.

    now, waiting for JYJ album. yeyyyy

  1164. 1164 : chuna Says:

    while YC FM in Seoul. his 3Days co-stars give congratulation for his birthday. park ha sun, so yi hyun, ham bung soo, amd kim do jin. dunno who else. haha

    and MC ask about Park Ha Sun to PYC. and YC said, “acts with her is really fun”. he also calls her not Park Ha Sun or Ha Sun-ssi, but ‘Ha Sun-ie’. seems like they close each other. hahaha

  1165. 1165 : kimmy Says:

    OMG I was shock and also Im sad coz Park Ha Sun is starring in another drama “Temptation”, I mean urghhh he can easily forget 3 days then 🙁

    And a big shock also coz SEA FOG is not allowed for teenagers, though im still a teen but i already passed 18 yrs old HAHA… No big deal for me but for other fans who want to watch the movie but can’t watch bcoz of age restriction, i hope they will re examine SEA FOG again.

  1166. 1166 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb, haha yah I learn that from you, though i really love romance, but as the plot of 3 days is concerned, it may be a bit draggy on the episode if they add more romance, maybe, 3 days season 2 may have include romance between them if its possible, though i think it’s not. haha.

    @chuna, hi sis! long time no chat, Yup im still excited also on JYJ comeback and being full of Yoochun’s FM pics. Aissh, i really want him to make another drama. T.T

  1167. 1167 : rory Says:

    wahhhh…hello2 Kimmy, tigerb and Chuna..Now we need Sizaoka to complete our 3D reunion 😀

    Well tigerb, as Kimmy mentioned above, he is deadly busy with FM and will have a new album later..Although me too deep in my heart wish that he can give us another drama project before enlisting..
    Kimmy, rom-com sounds yummy and my another wish is sageuk! But in FM he says that he really wants to be a killer for his next role or as villain..Oh please dramaland, granted his wish please..As his fan I’m happy dat he always wants to try a new challenge and I personally always interested in villain characters..or mystery char like Park Hae Jin in Doc. Stranger..

    Oh really?YC called her Ha Sun-nie?sounds so close but I haven’t watched that video..too many videos to catch up..LOL! plus I’m a bit bz these days..And You might already know that PHS will have a new drama soon after Doc.Stranger right? wahhh..I have mixed feelings about this maybe she’s too good and have a great chemistry with YC here..
    Kimmy, it’s okay..But let’s see if I can forget her as Bo Won or not coz so far Bo Won has left special feeling in my heart..She’s sweet yet so strong and brave..one of my fave characters so far..

  1168. 1168 : tigerb Says:

    @rory and chuna: glad you’re back too! yes, where is Sizaoka? if pyc is enlisting soon, i will just wait what character role he’d like to act before the 2-year dis-appearance. a villain? maybe one who is on revenge, but actually has a good heart. i can’t see him really bad, but maybe he should tackle that to prove that he can do it. start filming now!

  1169. 1169 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb @rory

    I agree to the both of you. It would have been nice if he tries on another character like villain thing since that he’s talking about during FM, just like Robin hood, helping others but in a wrong way or sounds like that, but as to 2 year enlistment is concerned, i want him to leave a strong and memorable impression to his fans by making as laugh again like his previous drama. The villain character might be a good start after his comeback after 2 years enlistment.

    I also prefer sageuk and romcom too. Any of them. I want to see him acting in 20 episode drama again. Actually, i really miss him acting right now and even watched his previous dramas repeatedly. I never got tired on repeating them Hehe

  1170. 1170 : kimmy Says:

    I haven’t watch #3days again yet. Haha so bc I just miss lover Yoochun in drama that’s why Im watching again his romance drama.

    OMG, i feel like Park Hasun is going to use a wig for her new drama, i dont think his short hair fits for her role in the drama. Just guessing though hehe

  1171. 1171 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy @rory @tigerjb
    hahaha. 3D reunion. sounds interesting.

    @kimmy. I already predict she will make another drama this year soon like last year. honestly I hope she can choose role that suit, chalenge, and gain attantion like 3Days character. I dislike the story line in this drama. but, pray the best for her.
    I hope she keep her hair short in this. hahaha
    I’ll watch Seo Fog after everyone see that. I’m not ready to watch YC hot kiss and ned scene yet. hihihi

    @rory I have the video. I’ll post it here sometimes. its fisrt time for me he called PHS real name. cos in 3Days he calls Bo Won. hahaha. he calls Ha Sun-ie maybe cos she is younger than him. and he still calls So Yi Hyun-ssi. cos She is older and his sunbae.

    yeah. I also wanna see YC take villain character or playboy. hahaha. wanna see that for his next project.
    I hope RonCom or Saeguk. and for Saeguk I wanna he can act with Han Hyo Joo. that girl really looks pretty and charming in hanbok suits. hahaha
    and for RonCom, wanna Moon Chae Won his co-star.
    but, if he enlist in early next year, maybe he will comeback in acting field after enlist.

  1172. 1172 : cuity17 Says:

    Wowww… I’m in eps.12….. This drama makes me jumping, screaming n punching… (Oooh poor my pillow 🙁 ) Ha…ha..ha… So thrill me…. Yayy!! Continue watching now….

  1173. 1173 : cuity17 Says:

    Eps. 15…. Ottoke…ottoke… Han tae kyung fightiiiing…. !!!!

  1174. 1174 : rory Says:

    haha..that’s what we feel everytime watching this drama everyweek..Jumping, screaming, excited, impatient, nervous, goosebumps..so maybe it’s better to marathon this drama actually..Have fun^^

    LMAO, a playboy character? haha..flirting chun in action..kekeke..
    Chuna, pls share that video dear coz I have watched the full compilation from that FM but seems they didn’t included that part..would like to see that clip as well..TQ

  1175. 1175 : kimmy Says:

    Omo im so busy right now, just dropping off in this page. I will always be a 3D fan. Han Tae Kyung & Park Yoochun <3

    @all: hello dear!

  1176. 1176 : cuity17 Says:

    Finished…. , I’m glad everything done well, even lack of romance, but I like the last scene (16), between HTK n YBW.. So cute, yeaaah they start to build their romance in the last eps. It Should be session 2 yah..:) . PYC, u always good for me, I always watch ur drama, except MR. PHS, first, I underestimate her that she can’t play well YBW’s character, bcoz of her pretty face, I’m totally wrong after watched this…:D. Love u PHS!! wanna see PYC n PHS as A couple again…Already miss them,hiks… @rory, yeaah.. I always wait all K-drama That I wanna watch is ended first , coz I don’t have time to download frm inernet n watch everyweek… I’m prefer watch this frm dvd… :). Heeeffww…there’s no other Kdrama showing now such as 3days 🙁 , wanna jump n scream again. 😀 lol

  1177. 1177 : itsuka Says:

    Love this drama.. Simple love scene.but deeply.. Yoochun n ha sun.. Are great couple..
    Firstly.. I just watch this drama coz of yoochun but.. Now i repaired my opinion.. This drama totally great.. Two thums up.. Great job.. I really enjoyed it ^_^

  1178. 1178 : chuna Says:

    @rory. yes. playboy character for Chun

    here is the link when YC mention PHS. forget for the minutes.

  1179. 1179 : chuna Says:



    here is the right link.

  1180. 1180 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy, chuna and rory: just found out that this series won the ‘best drama’ and pyc won as ‘best actor’ of the K-Drama Stars Poll. iiiiiii’mmmmmmm soooooo happy, as i really like this series, and so many agreed with us! does this web site need to be informed somehow? i’ll leave that up to you! cheers!!!

  1181. 1181 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb, haha yup on kdramastars fansite. Glad even in the fan site they won, Daebak !!!

    I miss this drama terribly much more of Yoochun. I am very eager for him to do another drama, though, his movie will be shown soon. Omo chubby dong shik. haha

  1182. 1182 : kimmy Says:

    I have to speak up, as I was watching the trailer of SEA FOG. I dunno but I don’t really feel Hong Mae character. Hmmm, I wish it has no love story at all, haha. Just that Han Ye Ri is not my type, but oh my god sun, haha, Dong Shik is such a pretty boy. Just can’t feel any love feelings in their scene 🙁

  1183. 1183 : huey Says:

    This is great ! After “The Chaser” , 3 Days is definitely fresh, thrilling, exciting. Many senior actors made up this series much alive & Micky Yoo-Chun abke to match the seniors acting. Really happy watching it. Should get Baek Sang , will vote for it,

  1184. 1184 : leilani Says:

    Nice…full of action and I like the tandem of PYC abd PHS….season 2 will be great.

  1185. 1185 : kimmy Says:

    I miss this :'(

  1186. 1186 : rory Says:

    hello2 3D fans..I’m back here again..LOL!

    sorry for my late response..Yup, me noticed that too..Super happy tho it’s only a polling, votes by fans but it means, not only us watching this and being so crazy over this drama until now..haha..Congrats 3 Days team but actually this won’t be count as an awards since it is more like a survey by fans..

    @Kimmy dear, we are so different regarding to Sea Fog..I am soooooo impatient to watch this movie because Han Ye Ri & our Yoochun looking so good together especially when they release their kiss scene poster..I still hope u will watch this movie no matter what so that u can know whether it is worth to watch or not and don’t u see how happy is our Yoochun during PC and showcase in Busan..OMG, I just can’t, he is such a happy pills for me^^

  1187. 1187 : rory Says:

    glad to know that u had fun and happy watching 3 Days just like us..
    But it is sad to inform, this drama has been participated for this year Baeksang already but too bad was not in Best actor/actress nominees at all!!! A big sigh which I’m sure they were looking for high ratings at the same time..SBS didn’t send this drama to SIDA as well..I was like WTH SBS!
    So our hope now is let’s wait for Year End SBS awards..

  1188. 1188 : tigerb Says:

    @rory and kimmy: guess i’m ignorant about s.k. fan polls and awards – sorry! but what i can say is to me their awards and fan polls are the same. i do not know if there is an s.k. awarding platform that is done by professionals, or by peers, and not by fans.

  1189. 1189 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, hahaha i’m actually excited of sea fog too, im a bit jealous though about that kissing scene. Lol. And yup, Yoochun really looks so happy in each SEA FOG promotion event as to Press Con.

    @tigerb, Yup it’s like the same thing but it’s really an honor if they receive a plaque or award for the good works they’ve done in the drama. Looking forward to SBS Drama awards 2014. But by the mean time, let’s support Yoochun then in their JYJ Comeback!

    Why in SIDA they include “Pretty Man” it has low ratings in korea, hmm, something’s fishy i guess. “Three Days” had better ratings compared to other dramas in the awards but okay let it be, hope Yoochun will get an award in SBS Drama Awards as well as “3 Days”.

  1190. 1190 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy and rory: i am outside s.k. so i’d be able to watch ‘sea fog’ much much later, if it should appear online. is there a way that i could watch sooner, like on dvd, maybe? if so, that would probably take 6 months? am guessing.

    kimmy, much as i would like to support pyc’s singing group comeback, am not into s.k. music as i don’t understand their language without translation, thus, i wish he were in another drama pretty soon, so i can appreciate his talent. sorry!

  1191. 1191 : chunghyuns Says:

    Done watching ><
    Really good drama plooot
    Just…why dont the secret service agents wear bullet proof jacket? 🙁
    I feel sad for their useless dying :cc
    And thanks for letting me meet that man from do jin's side, yo han ♥ the drama was less fun after he was arrested lol

  1192. 1192 : rory Says:

    LOL! so u get jealous of them? means, they are doing great right^^
    I have bad thoughts regarding SIDA, they[SBS] maybe want their fave dramas to be a winner since 3days is quite competitive & Yoochun has huge fans too so yeah..nevermind, let’s forget it tho I feel a bit unfair!

    I will wait for some ninjas to upload that movie once it’s released..Think we can watch Sea Fog real soon tho I had planned to watch that in cinema also if my boss allowed me to travel again this year..LOL!
    Oh, u don’t have to say sorry..I’m not a kpop lover too, I’m more to KD tho I support his group wholeheartedly..The only kpop I support coz I will never ever involve in Kpop world other than JYJ coz it is tiring..haha..But I will go to one of his Asia tours this month coz I want to experience by myself before he enlisted as public service worker 😉

  1193. 1193 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: lucky you to see him in person this month! i wish i can do that and meet you too, but that would be dreaming. anyway, have fun, and sure do look forward to ‘sea fog’. i hope the ‘fog’ clears pretty soon, so i can see the ‘sea’!

  1194. 1194 : ibrahim.baba Says:

    i like it somuch kam sa ham ni da!

  1195. 1195 : kimmy Says:

    I miss this drama so much esp. Yoochun. Just droppin by!

    Congrats to the success of SEA FOG and JYJ Concert. 🙂
    Proud Fan Here!

    Rory, Tigerb, Chuna & Sizaoka, Hi ^_^

  1196. 1196 : tigerb Says:

    hi kimmy! nice of you to drop by, and yes, congrats to pyc!

  1197. 1197 : kimmy Says:

    Hello everyone, I miss you all also to to Yoochun and 3days. Hahaha

    Just dropping by. :))) I’m really proud of this drama but also u want Yoochun to do another drama as much as rory and tigerb does.

  1198. 1198 : rory Says:

    Hiiiiii @kimmy @tigerb @chuna @sizaoka

    Yesterday, my country starts to air this drama again and I of course must watch again..LOL! But I noticed something different a bit..Remember that Korea has re-run this drama every Sunday after the premiere airs on Wed & Thurs with a better editing..So I think they just aired the re-run eps! So this makes me more excited to watch^^ Will looking forward to the car chase scene..

    BTW, wanna share my fangirling side about Yoochun after saw him singing in front of my eyes..he is deadly handsome and his aura while on stage just wow! I love how he shows the different vibes as an actor and as a singer..I’m impressed! okay, end of fangirling 😆

  1199. 1199 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, omo i so envy you. i dunno what emotions will i have if i saw Yoochun in front of my eyes. You’re one of the lucky girls in the world. Crying out loud here dunno when Im going to see him in person. 🙁

    omo, i haven’t watched that re-run episodes also. tsk333

  1200. 1200 : tigerb Says:

    hi rory and kimmy! i was looking for rory and thought i’d find you, rory, at this site. so, you really found time to watch yoochun in person. lucky you! kimmy and i are so envious! kimmy, we’ll have our chance in the future, all right? don’t fret! as for this show’s re-runs, i can always watch online, any time. so rory, enjoy! ahhhh, the reason i was looking for rory is because i thought you were watching ftly and didn’t see your post anymore. you didn’t like it when things got serious? okay, i shouldn’t be discussing it in this thread. but so nice to chat with you ladies! haven’t seen chuna and sizaoka anywhere in this web site. cheers!

  1201. 1201 : wale Says:

    Thank you for this lovely movie….its great..

  1202. 1202 : rory Says:

    Hi @tigerb

    Haha..I actually finished watching FTLY and satisfied with the ending…I was too busy to spazz at the FTLY thread..Yes, the show made me mad sometimes but overall it’s a great show and I applaud Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara’s acting..They were amazing there!
    For now, I’m watching Surplus Princess and Flowers For My Life[old drama] also later will try to catch Secret Door, Plus 9 Boys & My Lovely Spring also will marathon It’s Ok it’s Love..I dropped Iron man & Secret Hotel tho..Not to forget I’m busy watching movies too..LOL! So maybe that’s why I didn’t have time to spazz in any threads here..Speaking about movie, I’m going to support Yoochun’s debut film in Singapore soon..I’m happy to hear mostly giving a positive reviews so far and Haemoo is the official Korean Oscar pick! Sorry guys, for out of topic..But I can’t help but feel proud here tho we still have to wait for the final top 5 in Jan 2015..

    So, anyone who visit this thread, do not hesitate coz 3 Days is a great story and full of action & suspense with an amazing acting from all the cast..You will love it^^

  1203. 1203 : tigerb Says:

    hear, hear to what rory says!

  1204. 1204 : xune Says:

    i really like this story best actor Park Yoo Chun as Han Tae Kyung (Bodyguard) he also handsome. i love his acting…popular #1.

  1205. 1205 : chuna Says:

    hai all..really miss this thread.
    right now, I watch movie. New World, Nameless Gangster, and The Spy.

    I hope, YC can act again before MS. with Moon Chae Won or Han Hyo Joo. haha

  1206. 1206 : dream Says:

    i enjoy this drama for full of action, impress love relations for actor as of lover and being good teamwork of guard. it’s worth watching. Mickey yoochun have very good acting development as a full man. i love his action role.

  1207. 1207 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna, hi sis? how are you? HAHAA

    @rory & @tigerb, you’re still present in this thread huh, hahha. Im going to watch Yoochun’s sea fog soon.

    Really miss Yoochun and by the way, congrats to So Yi Hyun to her marriage with In Kyo Jin. #3daysFIGHTING

  1208. 1208 : tigerb Says:

    hi kimmy, rory and chuna! glad we can communicate through this page. hope admin does not mind. rory had her share of pyc, and kimmy is going to watch ‘sea fog’ soon? please share where are you going to watch it! chuna, we two are left behind by these ladies! oh well, there’s always ‘3 days’ to watch online, and other pyc dramas. ta! ta!

  1209. 1209 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, unfortunately, in our country Sea Fog won’t be in wide screens so i have to watch it online. This time, without english subs. But I guess, i will still understand the scenes as far as the acting is concern.

  1210. 1210 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, do you have twitter account sis? I will follow you 🙂

    Sorry out topic. btw, i really miss Yoochun already in dramaland. Sigh.
    But he needs rest after all the JYJ concerts 🙂

  1211. 1211 : rory Says:

    LOL Kimmy, I think those comments are for TIGERB? rite?

    @tigerb, I’m going to watch Sea Fog in Singapore this Oct 18..I am soooo nervous to see him on the big big screen for the 1st time & I hope I will love that movie too..

    oh hiiiii @chuna..I miss u^^

    anyway, congrats 3days, heard that this drama has turned to MOVIE but it’s only available in Japan so I’m not sure how..
    waiting for his ninjas to upload it somewhere soon^^

  1212. 1212 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: hi! i should have gone to singapore this year! i was there at this time last year! we could have met! anyway, happy viewing ‘sea fog’ in two days! i can be patient, will wait when i could see the movie. hope 3 days can be shown in other countries too! hi kimmy and chuna!

  1213. 1213 : kimmy Says:

    @rory, hahahha yup, i was mistaken it was for tigerb.. hahaha

  1214. 1214 : kimmy Says:

    I really love Japan bcoz they love Yoochun and 3 days too ^_^…

    @all: it’s been almost 6months since 3days ended but this thread is always alive. Thanks to you guys.

    There a lot of wonderful kdramas in SBS this year but I hope at the end of this year, I hope Yoochun/3days can get an award! #AlwaysKeepTheFaith

    Also, I want Yoochun to do another drama again.. Jeballlllllllllllllllll

  1215. 1215 : tigerb Says:

    @rory and kimmy and chuna: it’s time to drum up for ‘3 days’!

  1216. 1216 : rory Says:

    oh yessss dear! done voted for 3 Days! and also other my 7 fave dramas of this year^^ I think YC’s fans were quite busy right now coz today YC will get his 1st award from his debut movie; Seafog! And did you know that YC is nominated for excellence actor in Apan Awards for this drama, 3 Days? But still no confirmation yet for his attendance so it makes me a bit nervous..I hope he will win!

  1217. 1217 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: thanks for the update. i hope he wins!!!!

  1218. 1218 : kimmy Says:

    @rory @tigerb Yes. I can now visit this page often. Haha. Hope Yoochun really can win the award for 3 days but still no confirmation for the event.

  1219. 1219 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: why are you concerned of pyc’s attendance at the apan awards? if he does not attend, he does not win? somewhere, i read that the awardees would already know they are winners before the show. whatever, i hope he wins.
    @kimmy: glad you’re back. i did not think you’d miss voting!

  1220. 1220 : rory Says:

    most likely, yes! But I remember from last year SBS awards, Song hye Kyo still got her award eventho she was absent..it is just bad that he has tour in Japan starts this Nov18 and was busy rehearsing so maybe that’s the reason why..anyway, I will lower my hope tho I really wish he wins..let’s see how’s the results tomorrow..

  1221. 1221 : chuna Says:

    hay guys..I’m back..
    done to vote for 3Days.
    but,now in second place 🙁

    anyway..fighting for3Days!!

  1222. 1222 : Sizaoka Says:

    I already voted for 3 days, guys ! unfortunately 1 IP can choose more than 1 drama 🙁
    Hi @chuna @kimmy @rory @tigerb nice to see u again after a long time ! hehehe 🙂
    Btw, what drama are you watching right now, guys ? can you recommend me ? I’m watching “Liar Game” right now ! and I love it <3

  1223. 1223 : tigerb Says:

    hi Sizaoka! glad to see you back! we do what we can do best. this round is prelim, so we hope ‘3 days’ gets in the first eight.
    i currently watch ‘pride and prejudice’, ‘tomorrow cantabile’ and ‘modern farmer’. ‘modern farmer’ has low ratings but has lot of funny scenes. i intend to watch ‘secret door’, etc. after the series are finished so i don’t get confused what to watch on what day, although all online. i watch movies in between. okay, we continue to drum up for pyc! cheers!

  1224. 1224 : kimmy Says:

    @sizaoka hi dear sis, we miss you. where have you been. let’s vote for 3 days its on 3rd spot now.. just, no.3 is so redundant here. haha. anyways, i havent watch lately kdramas after 3days just watch a few episodes of Angel Eyes but havent finished it and recently not watching any kdramas now..

    I just miss yoochun in dramas.

    @tigerb @chuna @rory let’s continue voting. Tbh, im voting for 3days and the other 7 dramas are those dramas from cable channel or those not really famous dramas haaha so that 3 days rank wont go down.

  1225. 1225 : tigerb Says:

    hi chuna! forgot to greet you. glad you’re back!

  1226. 1226 : vivi Says:


  1227. 1227 : 唐雪 Says:

    3 days is a very good drama,I like the main actor

  1228. 1228 : pipi599 Says:

    I like it

  1229. 1229 : ery chris Says:

    Love it Yoo Chun….i think your skill acting getting better and better every time u play new movie…this movie has a lot of stars on it..very interesting in every episode to see..lookingforward 4 the next project Yoo Chun..

  1230. 1230 : hairon Says:

    3 days is a very good drama. all actors had played well in this drama.i love man with honest heart,so i vote yuchun

  1231. 1231 : hairon Says:

    very good

  1232. 1232 : ww Says:

    i like this drama,i love parkyuchun

  1233. 1233 : joyce Says:

    Yuchun’s cting skill is amazing!He had showed us the diffrent ways of acting,and we can always have expect on his,he will never disappointed us~

  1234. 1234 : Park Yuchun Says:

    I like it

  1235. 1235 : yuanqing Says:

    too man~

  1236. 1236 : Eleanor Says:

    I love 3 days, I love Yoochun.

  1237. 1237 : QiaoYuqing Says:

    yoochun. iloveu

  1238. 1238 : kimmy Says:

    why it’s so unfair? i cannot vote. it’s always says “sorry, your vote is not counted… it’s been 2 days that i cannot vote

    (@kimmy from admin: That’s mean somebody already use your IP to vote.)

  1239. 1239 : rory Says:

    @sizaoka @chuna!!
    nice to see u both again here! *hugs!
    @tigerb, sizaoka, I’m loving “Bad Guys” and “Liar Game” for now..also i’m starting to follow Mr.Baek and will catch up Misaeng later..too bad that i dropped Naeil’s Cantabile coz I have watched the Jap version and the Kor ver gave me irritating feelings eventho I really like Shim Eun Kyung but I just can’t..the Jap version was just too adorable and lovely! Anyway, keep on voting this drama okay, Kimmy, Sizaoka, Chuna, tigerb and all 3D fans^^

  1240. 1240 : Sizaoka Says:

    @rory @chuna @kimmy @tigerb of course ! I always vote for 3 Days “everyday’ from my laptop and my 2 office’s desktop computers (3 different IP). hehehe…. :p

  1241. 1241 : tigerb Says:

    of course we continue to vote for 3D! sizaoka, one person using 3 IPs, isn’t that cheating! kidding!!! i’d probably do the same but am limited with my laptop. it’s not the national election, so ‘it’s okay, that’s love’ for 3 Days!!!!

    @kimmy, sorry about your IP woes. ask a friend to do it for you!

    @rory: will catch up with ‘bad days’. i’m watching cantabile because of leading couple actors, i like the music, actually am getting irritated with some characters there, but am being patient. am following mr baek too.

    where’s chuna?

  1242. 1242 : Yang Wenli Says:

    I love 3 days, I love Yoochun.

  1243. 1243 : fu ju Says:

    I love 3 days, I love Yoochun.

  1244. 1244 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb. No one uses my laptop and even my phone for voting but why I can’t vote anymore? Hmm. Its so strange that its always says sorry, your vote is counted even its pass 24h already

  1245. 1245 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy: i wonder if you can ask assistance from your internet provider regarding your IP address. or maybe you can try voting in the wee hours of the morning. hopefully it works! good luck!

  1246. 1246 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb hmm its so bad i cant really vote until now. i just voted for about 4 days only and after that i cannot

  1247. 1247 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy: that’s a bummer! i don’t know what else to suggest, except if maybe you can use a friend’s computer or laptop at school who does not vote in this web site. good luck!

  1248. 1248 : kimmy Says:

    Omo. #3days is down on the 5th spot. I can vote now. Hehehe. Thank God.

    @tigerb Though poll is not really that so important to me but of course I would still vote. Haha

  1249. 1249 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy: glad you can vote now! cheers!

  1250. 1250 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb Yah, though 3days now on rank 5 but just keep on voting. Haha

  1251. 1251 : 刘立红 Says:


  1252. 1252 : 陈激文 Says:


  1253. 1253 : tigerb Says:

    i wish i can understand what is said in comments 1251 and 1252!

  1254. 1254 : Susie Lee Says:

    I am watching up to episode 4, why is always at night time? Everything happened in the night, impossible.

  1255. 1255 : kimmy Says:

    Oh no, I guess Kim Hyun Joong fans are you know very hard working, IG now is on the top it even beats YCFTS.

  1256. 1256 : tigerb Says:

    hi kimmy! i wonder if it’s time for us to ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’! i’d rather have IG win than YCFTS as it has a substantial plot.

  1257. 1257 : kimmy Says:

    haha I’d rather vote for Yoochun at the Blue Dragon Awards which is more important.

    @tigerb have you voted Yoochun already? http://www.blueaward.co.kr/

    Here’s the link http://jyj3.net/2014/12/03/info-vote-park-yoochun-for-best-male-newcomer-award-in-the-2014-blue-dragon-awards/

  1258. 1258 : tigerb Says:

    thanks kimmy! am so behind with the awards thing. will do as you suggest!

  1259. 1259 : rory Says:

    haha true! seems it’s hard to catch up now..and YC got awards after awards these days..as a fan I’m happy enough to see his achievement..but I will vote this drama no matter what..

    @tigerb, yes..if u hv time, u can take part in that Blue Dragon Awards voting too..BTW, I didn’t hear anything yet regarding on SBS year end awards..I mean the nominees..but I know it will be held on Dec 31

  1260. 1260 : kimmy Says:

    omo SBS drama awards T_T Tae Kyung~ah hold on tight

    @rory @tigerb Let’s do this ^_^

  1261. 1261 : tigerb Says:

    @rory and kimmy: i just left a message for rory at PYC’s page at this web site since i learned all the awards he already received as listed mostly by rory. isn’t that great? my best wishes to him! anyway, i tried the blue dragon and i thought that was done. i should go back to that web site then. you are right, it’s still a long way, so yes, we do our best about ‘3D’!

  1262. 1262 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb he had lots of awards this year coz of his movie. Its really a great impression doing your big screen debut with lots of movie critics appreciating on it.
    Just go on dear, Yoochun must win in th blue dragon awards hehe

  1263. 1263 : Julia6002 Says:

    Yoo chun, great acting in three days. Really love ya.

  1264. 1264 : rory Says:

    attention please to all my lovely 3D fans 😆 😆 😆
    Let’s all vote for our Mulder & Scully couple “TaeBo” for this year end SBS Drama Awards!!! *eventho I know it’s hard to win..lol

    pls open this page: http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programEvent.do?pgm_id=22000005903&pgm_build_id=7103&pgm_mnu_id=27304

    so far no tutorial yet but I will share if have later..happy voting

  1265. 1265 : Alice Says:

    Hi rory! I want to vote for SBS best couple award but how to sign up a SBS member id? 🙂

  1266. 1266 : tigerb Says:

    hi rory! much as i would like to vote for your favorite couple, to get an i.d., i have to provide them personal info which i hesitate to do since i don’t trust web sites now with all the hacking, etc. am sorry a bunch!

  1267. 1267 : rory Says:

    it’s okay dear..i understand that..I’m not that serious for this thingy anyway 😆 so let’s see if K.Netz gonna choose this couple or others..best of luck Taebo!

    sorry dear, no tutorial yet to share so far..

  1268. 1268 : tigerb Says:

    to my 3D friends: Merry Christmas!

  1269. 1269 : rory Says:

    tho I dont celebrate that but Happy Holidays everyone 😉
    4 Days to go for 2014 SBS Drama Awards..Hope this drama will get some awards from there 🙂

  1270. 1270 : rory Says:

    dear, I forgot to share the tutorial..I know it’s late but I still wanna share here..sorry million times & fighting!


  1271. 1271 : CH Says:

    Son Hyun Joo…great performance as president!!

  1272. 1272 : love summer Says:

    BIG Applause to Park Yu Chun – awarded TOP 10 Stars Award and Top Excellence Actor award at 2014 SBS Drama Awards

  1273. 1273 : rory Says:

    Yes, congratulations to Park Yoochun for winning Top Excellence Award & Top 10 stars..also congrats to So Yi Hyun for winning Excellence Award! Happy New Year everyone 😀

  1274. 1274 : chuna Says:

    as expected yuchun won top excellence awards.
    I hope next is Daesang. lol

  1275. 1275 : tigerb Says:

    pyc got what we wanted! congratulations to him! Happy New Year to my 3D friends! What’s next for PYC?

  1276. 1276 : chuna Says:

    I hope he does drama again.
    really miss him in drama

  1277. 1277 : kimmy Says:

    Congrats Yuchun!!! Do another drama please ^_^

  1278. 1278 : chuna Says:

    heard that yuchun will comeback in drama. and with suzy.
    so far I like this news. for suzy as lead female too. and I like the storyline.

    but, if yuchun not with suzy, is okay too. I will not bash suzy. I like her in drama.

  1279. 1279 : korea fan Says:

    Missing bodyguard Han Tae kyung, missing Yoochun today

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