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The World That They Live In

Title: 그들이 사는 세상 / The World That They Live In
Chinese Title : 他们生活的世界
Also known as: Worlds Within……
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-21 to 2008-Dec-16
Air time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55


This drama is about the process of a television drama producton. Jung Ji Oh is a charismatic drama PD whereas Joo Joon Young is a PD who is direct and confident.


Hyun Bin as Jung Ji Oh (Director)
Song Hye Kyo as Joo Joon Young (Director)
Uhm Ki Joon as Song Gyu Ho (Director)
Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Hae Jin (Rookie Actress)

Extended Cast

Kim Gab Soo as Kim Min Chul (Drama Director)
Kim Chang Wan as Park Hyun Sup (Drama CP)
Choi Daniel as Yang Soo Kyung (Assistant Director)
Lee Da In as Kim Min Hee (Assistant Director)
Pan Yoo Geol as Chul Yi (Assistant Director)
Kim Yeo Jin as Lee Seo Woo (Drama scriptwriter)
Bae Jung Ok as Yoon Young (Actress)
Kim Ja Ok as Park Soo Jin (Actress)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Oh Min Suk (Actress)
Lee Ho Jae as (Actor)
Jung Suk Won as Yoo Chi Han (Actor)
Kim Young Kwang as Lee Jae Hwan (Actor)
Lee Joon Hyuk as Lee Joon Gi (Joon Young’s ex-boyfriend)
Cha Soo Yun as Lee Yeon Hee (Ji Oh’s ex-girlfriend)
Na Moon Hee as (Ji Oh’s mother)
Nah Young Hee as (Joon Young’s mother)
Lee Jong Goo as Manager Song

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Noh Hee Kyung
Director: Pyo Min Soo, Kim Kyu Tae


2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Uhm Ki Joon)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Bae Jong Ok)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2008-10-21 Special 4.8
2008-10-27 1 7.1
2008-10-28 2 5.8
2008-11-03 3 5.5
2008-11-04 4 6.5
2008-11-10 5 6.2
2008-11-11 6 6.2
2008-11-17 7 5.1
2008-11-18 8 5.6
2008-11-24 9 4.8
2008-11-25 10 6.5
2008-12-01 11 6.5
2008-12-02 12 6.1
2008-12-08 13 6.5
2008-12-09 14 6.4
2008-12-15 15 6.9
2008-12-16 16 7.7

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : HTA29 Says:

    im waiting to watch this drama. i love song hye kyo and hyun bin, goodluck

  2. 2 : marites gerona Says:

    oh my God!!!This is what I have been waiting for!!!I am an avid Song Hye Gyo fan and I cant wait to see this drama. I am so sure this will have high ratings!!I hope so!! I cant wait! I cant wait!!! I wanna see this drama very, very much.

    SHG doesnt look glamorous though in this poster and the hairdo looks old! But I love you very, very much!!

  3. 3 : Basuha Says:

    Love Hyun Bin acting, can’t wait to see this.

  4. 4 : cathyzik Says:

    so happy to see both oh them in same screenplay , so longtimes… hope thas will be a funny with a lot of emotional moments.

  5. 5 : TonHyunBin Says:

    w0w! already in kbs..ive been waiting for this one..i wish our country(philippines) will air this one as 1 of our newest koreanovela..or some will sell a copy of this video..i cant wait to watch this,im sure this was very exciting..hoping to see this soon..

  6. 6 : devin Says:

    can’t wait to watch this!!! SO EXCITED!

  7. 7 : amktsy Says:

    The World That They Live In VS East Of Eden – to me,it is more fun to watch the rating competition than the dramas.But for me,i hope The World That They Live will win.Hope you win in the competition in the rating and searched!Good Luck!!

  8. 8 : layla jaan Says:

    hopefully the will pull it off, but i doubt it.. the time that this drama will be aired, east of eden is already in the middle and by the time it will end east of eden will still be aired.. so i think the effect won’t be that much..

    i have no doubts about song hye gyo she is a captivating actress and i don’t have any worries whatsoever. it is hyun bin who worries me. in snow queen he carried out a very passionate character but couldn’t perform the necessary emotions. he was quite cold and monotonous to me.. hopefully, as all KBS series, this drama will take the nation by storm (bt again with comparison to East Of Eden…. i don’t think so)

  9. 9 : zara Says:

    Oooo wow!!! At long last, we can see Song Hye Gyo again!!! It has been too long…

  10. 10 : singapore0950 Says:

    Wow…..go go fighting!
    Hyun Bin’s and World’s Within……

    Thank you for coming to Singapore.

  11. 11 : Taber Says:

    What can I said but “WOW” Hyun Bin, on of my favorite actor. Love him in my Lovely Sam Soon, he captivated me in “Ireland” and in “Snow Queen” he made me a true fan. I only had seen the main actress in “Full House” never watch any of other drama. Even through she was suppose to be the fun loving girl in that drama I just didn’t feel it. It was lacking something and to be honesty it could have been the storyline/director more then the actress herself. Hyun has played roles that are distance and cold like, because he has so much charisma you draw to him regardless of his cold exterior. I am looking forward to him playing a role where he more comfortable and approachable, I have faith he can pull it off.

    Hi Basuha, we must be missing each other on the other drama. I watching ‘My Precious Child” and “My Golden Age” both are really good right now. If you get a change check them out, I’m looking for to reading your review.

    Older Hollywood if you still out there give a shout, haven’t heard from you since Powerful Opponent.

  12. 12 : Emilza S'kalit Says:

    Finally, the most korean waiting drama finally come out. Can’t wait to see Song Hye Kyo……..

  13. 13 : mmlinma Says:

    that’s a strange poster and a stranger hair do (SHG)! Hyun Bin look sweet, is he playing a warmer character this time?

  14. 14 : Chaimoon Says:

    I hope that this drama is available in the Philippines. In our area, we only get to watch KBS World and Arirang. I there a chance that it will be aired in any of these TV network? I hope so.

  15. 15 : vina Says:

    i hope that this drama is avaible in the indonesia…
    and i hope they will visit indonesia…….pliss

  16. 16 : vina Says:

    hyun bin & song hye kyo good luck ya…
    gw doain dri indonesia,and gw berharap kalian mau promo serial ini ke indonesia…ak pasti datang!!!hahahaha..

  17. 17 : blem Says:

    i looooveeeee song hye kyo, she is the most prettiest korean actrees i’ve ever seen

  18. 18 : marites gerona Says:

    i hope im in korea to watch this…..i cant wait really….somebody calm me down….pls!

  19. 19 : McJayJay Says:

    i loved her hairdo! its weird but so old days hairdos. which is hot. i love hyunbin, he looks like the vulnurable type. finally can see another side of him. i love production process dramas. like on air. hope this is awesome!!!!!!!!1

  20. 20 : meirav Says:

    can’t wait to see this drama looks good

  21. 21 : cori_mori Says:

    really want to watch thissssssssssss….

  22. 22 : cutes Says:

    me also can’t wait to see song hye kyo
    hope the story is nice………..

  23. 23 : Cookie58 Says:

    Looking forward to watching this drama in Singapore. Hope the DVDs will be available soon. Love both Hyun Bin and SHG.

  24. 24 : Emilza Says:

    Can’t wait to see…….
    Love Song Hye Kyo so much.

  25. 25 : superb Says:

    Oh! How long more do we have to wait?

  26. 26 : Somethingwesee Says:

    Seems pretty interesting. So has anyone seen the first episode? If so, what did you think?

  27. 27 : Hollywood Says:

    Hello Taber,
    I have been taking a break from K-drama. I have yet to find an interesting drama to watch. Lately, these K-drama seem to be kinda of boring. I see that you recommended 2 new dramas. I will check it out.
    Initially, those good looking actors and actress is interesting to watch but now, looks only don’t cut it for me anymore.
    I have been checking out the old, old J-drama which a some seem very good. Also, the Taiwanese drama, acting sucks big time, but the story was pretty good. Traitor, me.

  28. 28 : susan Says:

    dying to see it!!

  29. 29 : babyan Says:

    this show is amazing. definitely not your typical cheesy, comedy drama. it’s Noh Hee Kyung’s work after all. it is very realistic and you’ll be able to connect with it. the starting was the “Great! i love it!” type, but as it progresses in episode 1, i was captivated unknowingly.. this drama has also alot of depth and you can practically feel everyone’s feelings and not just the main actors’. really. oh, and most of all, it has lessons to teach about life. (:

  30. 30 : babyan Says:

    i mean the starting *wasn’t the “Great! i love it!” type, but as it progresses in episode 1, i was captivated unknowingly..

  31. 31 : Dory Says:

    World’s Within is a must see! Episode 1 is out and there’s alot going on. I like the hype and both leads are very competitive towards each other. SHK and HB’s chemistry seems to show lot of comfort and if any thing it’ll only get better.

  32. 32 : chase Says:

    Anyone know where I can watch this?

  33. 33 : NBC Says:

    i like EAST OF EDEN… Bcos Lee Da Hae very cute & beautiful.. She reall y no horse run ah……

  34. 34 : hasmaira Says:

    can’t wait to watch SHG new drama serries…

  35. 35 : ally Says:

    try watching it on youtube. episode 1 is already available..

  36. 36 : 007 Says:

    argh..both are my favourite actor and actress…
    cant wait for the drama to be on air in M’sia..

    p/s: something weird with hyun bin and song hye kyo’s face in the poster..but i wonder what..??

  37. 37 : cori_mori Says:

    it is because their faces are reflected to the mirror, so it seem a little weird..

  38. 38 : Birds Says:

    To watch the episodes with english subs go on this

    site: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/worldwithin

    So go right now and watch it!! you will enjoy it just like I did lol! 😉

  39. 39 : Meeky_Gurl Says:

    I cant wait to watch this drama..hope that it will be good….~

  40. 40 : Pikakit Says:

    Ouch! why the rating is so low? it’s really beyond expectation since the actor and actress are quite popular. Is the movie really that bad??

  41. 41 : marites gerona Says:

    what’s with the RATINGS!!i mean, is the ratings above real?it cant be…

  42. 42 : chaimoon Says:

    I hope this will be aired in my area. I’m sure this will be an interesting drama because to start with, the actors are already interesting!

  43. 43 : widya Says:

    I’ve known about this drama, and now it’s on air on kbs world. I’ve been waiting for this drama but i can’t watch it. hope I can watch it on DVD.

  44. 44 : marites gerona Says:

    i watched the first 15 minutes of episode 1 and i guess, its a bit boring for me. i wished they started on a high note so the suspense element and fast pace is there. thats why the low rating?? im sad bec i expected too much. i hope there is still time to recover…

  45. 45 : selva Says:

    I watched the 2st two episodes and they are phenomenal.
    it’s not boring at all, it’s so interesting.

    and again people, don’t judge the quality of the drama from it’s ratings because this is plain ignorance.

  46. 46 : marites gerona Says:

    to selva : the ratings game is impt to the producers and if u want our favorite actors hyun bin and song hye kyo to be happy and have future works so we can watch them again. the viewers in Korea are not that naive. but ur right in saying not to judge the quality based on the ratings. however, ratings is a measurement, a barometer. you just cannot ignore its significance. its like a drama. ratings have a story to tell. to simply ignore this, is naivete and you are in denial. anyway, lets hope the ratings will still increase.

  47. 47 : april Says:

    cant wait for this soap

  48. 48 : selva Says:

    to marites gerona
    what is in denial?!

    I’m not even a fan of HB and SHG, but surprisingly I enjoyed watching the last four episodes.

    and I’m right when I say that the ratings don’t indicate the quality of the dramas. I don’t care about the producers, they already got their money back when they sold this drama to Japan w/ phenomenal price.

    the only story that ratings is telling, is that there are other two amazing dramas (East Of Eden and Tazza) competing at the same time slot against Worlds Within… and people have been watching them for over a month now… it takes some time until the drama draws more viewers.

  49. 49 : seetee Says:

    I have to agree with marites genora regarding the starting of the drama. I watched the first 2 episodes without knowing the rating and I felt kind of disappointed.

    Firstly, I guess as Both SHG & HB are decent thespians in their own right & this is their new drama after a long absence, all of us are expecting a lot from them. Unfortunately, the first couple of episodes doesn’t have much to showcase of their talents.

    The fault may not lies in the hands of the 2 leads but the scriptwriter. It’s like she is trying too hard to make this show very mature & realistic. But it came across as very forced & awkward.

    Of course selva is right too in that this show is competing for viewers at the same time slot of East Of Eden & Tazza which are already half way through & have captured substantial number of audiences. Both East of Eden & Tazza are now at the climax of the show while Worlds Within has just started. To make matters worse, it has unfortunately started without the big bang that it needed.

    Let’s hope it will improve soon…

  50. 50 : marites gerona Says:

    to selva, im not really in a fighting mood here but im just here to express my opinions based on this drama series. what i meant by saying in denial is that you disregard completely the importance of ratings and by saying that the first few episodes are phenomenal, to me, is exaggerating. but then again, thats your opinion so i respect and leave it at that.

    actually, i would like to also feel what you say about the drama because i have been waiting for this series for months now and like what seetee says, i 100% agree, there is nothing phenomenal in the first few episodes and i believe this maybe a factor why the ratings are low. besides, the ratings should be high enough as this is very much anticipated and for curiousity sake, people should have checked it out regardless of the story, then the ratings could have been a little higher.

    but then again, i agree with you about the other series intertwined with the sked of this drama. it could be a factor too. so you see, the ratings tell a lot. and just like the other fans out there of this drama or the actors in this drama, im still hoping that the next episodes will be better and the ratings will be higher. we are all on the same side, ok?

  51. 51 : vina Says:

    saya doakan agar serial ini berhasil..amin
    kapan bintang utamanya ke jakarta ya??????

  52. 52 : mmlinma Says:

    I must confess I am a bit disspointed.
    I am only at Eps 2 but so far it’a been kind of choppy and confusing. the music is awfull. I feel awful for the lead actors. I think the custume designer for HB could do better.

    maybe the subtitle I’ve been watching isn’t good but the dialogue seems to comfound me about their characters rather than revealing who they are and why they act this way. what I enjoy about K-drama is the character development but so far I can see HB still have feelings for the female director and he is basically warm and decent person. but the female lead character seems so shallow.

  53. 53 : mmlinma Says:

    The idea of showing the world they live in is good.
    Trying to make a drama out of a documentary is not.
    There is no suspense in the story. They started off as ex-lovers, and you know they will end up together- what’s the point of watching?

    HB still look great in pink. If they are not gonna dress up SHG as a doll, at least make her character more interesting. I don’t see a pull in the story or a driving sense of wanting to discover more about the person. having another short hair girl by her side confuses me, it reminds me of Coffee Prince.

    HB is entirely too pretty to be shoveling cow dung.
    His mom is the same lady who played his mom in My name is KSS. what was the casting agent thingking? wrong association!

    Despite all this, I am still watching. hoping that it will turn out good.

  54. 54 : nasus_mik Says:

    contrary to a lot of other people’s comments about this drama, im in love with in. i think its something different from what the korean people are used to (the cute, typical kdrama), hence the low ratings. its something different; the characters and their personalities are different from what we’re used to.

    songhyegyo doesnt play the typical weak, cute, and shy girl in this drama. shes strong-willed, blunt and motivated. hyunbin doesnt play the charming and romantic guy that we’re used to also. he plays the more relaxed, blunt, doesnt really treat a woman by their gender but with respect person to person kind of character.

    i love the mixup in characters and their personalities in this not really typical romantic comedy. its a good change (i think) for the korean audience. its more real. i think the only reason the ratings arent higher than they should be is because koreans in korea dont understand this kind of romance nor do they understand these kinds of characters because its so new to them and not according to their culture.

    in any way, im going to continue to support this drama by watching the episodes and whatnot. i hope all of you dont give up and open your eyes to new concepts and characters and keep supporting this series. 🙂

    hyunbin and songhyegyo make a hottttt couple. 😉

  55. 55 : an Says:

    luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56 : maomango Says:

    dont care about the negative comments…just luv this drama…hope they end up together… they are just so cute together.

  57. 57 : Takya Says:

    Love this drama. Different from other Kdramas I’ve seen. More realistic and great chemistry between the actors. This may not be a hit in Korea but will be a hit in other Asian countries.

  58. 58 : chaimoon Says:

    To Nasus, This drama is not yet shown in my part of the world and I got a good synopsis from you. Thanks. I sure would want to watch it. The main characters have good reviews from their past dramas. I am just excited to watch it and I hope it will be shown in KBS World where I get to watch Korean dramas.

  59. 59 : Brenda Says:

    I love this drama so far, I think is far different from what I have seen, more relaxed and real, i think SHG & HB make a great couple.

  60. 60 : devin Says:

    compare this to a typical overly-hyped drama in korea right now; you know what the difference between the two is? realism. i’ve been SO bored lately with the recent dramas because they are SO typical. i wanted some fresh air, and i can finally exhale with this drama. though the story doesn’t seem intriguing at first, you hang in there, just like any other drama out there. i will watch this and give a full review later. please don’t bash people who dislike the drama, they’re just voicing their opinion (just try to do it in a less offensive way..^_^) worlds within FIGHTING!

  61. 61 : KK Says:

    The more you watch the more you fall in love with this drama!

    It is very romantic in its own subtle way, I love the interaction and chemistry between the two main characters. Hope to get more positive support later on…

    I think the Director is very good at bringing out the romance out of little things, just like Full House…

    Hang in there!

  62. 62 : anna Says:

    I like shg and hb so much. I am just thankful that at last they have this kdrama that their fans can enjoy. Maybe you can call me a shallow person, but for me as long as I am enjoying what I’m watching that’s all that count. I’m no drama critic and I don’t want to try, I like what I am seeing, enjoying the story and loves their sweet moments. I must be just a hopeless romantic. I am from Australia who is crazy about kdramas, I thank mysoju for the upload, keep it coming….. thanks a lot…more power and more downloads pls.

  63. 63 : kiki Says:

    I Just love this drama nutill now because I love the acterees from the fill house and snow queen and now this drama I cannot wait to see it

  64. 64 : Trisha Says:

    Alas!! Thou I have not watch the drama but can’t wait to see it.. I absolutely luv SHK, also Bi, love them.. All the best wishes to SHK and also her upcoming Chinese movie.. Fighting!! ^^

  65. 65 : pebz Says:

    I’m waiting to watch this drama soon. Hyun Bin-Song Hye Gyo are a cute couple . .

  66. 66 : ilana Says:

    Love this drama!After the first 2 episodes ,I was enthraled!I’ve seen 6 episodes so far and can’t wait to see more.It’s really interesting to see the subtile changes in the acting of the main figures . they certainly improve with time and experience.(they were good in former dramas, but now they gain maturity and profoundness) .I look forward to future dramas with them in the leading roles and wish them to fulfill all their professional ambitions.

  67. 67 : mentally-korean Says:

    this show is fkn hot i luv song hye kyo always

  68. 68 : babababa Says:

    Wow! the nationwide viewer ratings kinda indicate that this show is a real snoozer. Not sure I want to see this series, even though mediocre actress SHK is in it. hmmmmm….

  69. 69 : cameron Says:

    It’s starting to get more interesting…

  70. 70 : chaimoon Says:

    To Marites Gerona, I loved reading your post and judging by your English – Pinay ka rin! Magaling tayo diyan di ba? Smile naman diyan! The drama has not yet started in my area, but I watched some excerpts and it said it will be shown at KBS World sometime early December. I guess it has already been aired in your area. As for me, I just enjoy whatever it is that I decided to watch, not being too critical or cerebral about it. I’ll leave that to the critics. If things don’t go as I please, so be it. I have the option to watch or just to shut off my set and it’s done, rather than having my blood boiling just because I feel that the story is just going down the drain! I am eagerly waiting for this drama to air. I guess the ratings will go notches higher in the future too.

  71. 71 : Sophie Says:

    I love this drama so far. its really nice to see something new.
    actors acting to be directors, and the directors directing them how to be directors XD

    recent news said that SHG’s acting is not up to par, but I say its pretty good, I mean there is room for improvement but hey, even in the movie, actors get nervous right? so with time, things will ease up 😀

    I love the SHG and HB pairing, they look nice together

  72. 72 : PVL Says:

    To those who would like to wach this drama -actually you don’t need to wait for KBS World to air this in your area – you can wath it at mysoju.com – so far they are up to episode 9 – Enjoy

  73. 73 : vv Says:

    rating are very very Low

  74. 74 : marites gerona Says:

    chaimoon: thanks for reading my posts. yeah you guessed it right, im pinay. hey, what you mean judging by my english you knew i was a filipina?is that good or bad? i think most of us posting in this site are from the phil. ah, wish i have kbs world channel but that will cost a lot in my cable bill. so you are a pinay living where?

    to those who says the concept of this drama is fresh and something new, this drama is also similar to On Air which was shown early this year. It has better ratings though as high as 26%! check it out also in this site. higher ratings with quite unpopular actors compared to shg and hb! Unbelievable isnt it? im shocked as well. The story is quite good but the script was a bit boring to me.

    If its true what they shown in On Air, dramas are shown alongside while they are filming it so they can make adjustments if the ratings are low in the beginning, they can change the script and still do the latter episodes or even remake some episodes. i hope they can salvage shg drama by doing this.

  75. 75 : blueberry Says:

    I’ve seen the first few episodes already and I think it is very good. It does give one an insight on how a drama is created/ produced. Very informative. HB & SHG combi is just perfect – there’s more than enough chemistry to keep me glued to it and anticipating on what would happen next.

    Overall, I enjoy watching it.

  76. 76 : KK Says:

    I have finished watching eps 10 now, so far the story is a bit slow and there is not much development. I understand they are trying to shoot ordinary people however if the story is not engaging enough, people will lost their interests. It is almost too predictable, all they are trying to say is that people in the filming industry are living the life as everyone else. However it is still a film, if it is just as plain as water how can they attract viewers to follow them.

  77. 77 : chaimoon Says:

    To Marites Gerona, Hi! Good English , that’s what I meant. And your comments are sensible too. Worlds Within started airing in KBS World December 1st in my area in the Philippines. By the way, you’re a Pinay living where? It started with the special and then the starting episodes. I am pretty sure the characters will become more interesting with twists in each plot. SHG and HB will definitely shine as long as the writers will do their part. Both characters can only do so much as what the writers and directors will ask them to do. I maintain an open mind on this and I am positive that the drama will rule the ratings game in the future. For me it’s just something to watch after a day’s work. I leave the serious analysis to the critics and just enjoy the drama.

  78. 78 : marites gerona Says:

    chaimoon: thanks again. i live in pampanga. oh well, the ratings still low. i might as well just look into the future and i hope my fave shg will have more interesting projects. I guess, she and hb only tried to be versatile actors by trying roles that are completely different. its a risk that they took. they are both testing the water if people will still watch them in more serious and mature roles. oh well, i love if shg make full house 2 instead. people love light, romantic stories. that doesnt go out of fashion and definitely a win-win situation.

  79. 79 : CHRISTINA Says:

    I have just seen the first episode and i think it was quite catching. I agree that SHG and HB have sort of chemistry. I think there was nothing wrong with their clothes. They were dressed as their professions, as PD. Can’t wait to see more.

  80. 80 : chajinita Says:

    wwwwwwoooow it was awesome….its kinda layk intruiging and interesting to me….

  81. 81 : xTx Says:

    I think “On Air” beats this drama. Thoughts?

  82. 82 : marites gerona Says:

    xtx: i have watched On Air but I still have to watch in full, this SHG drama before making the judgement which one is better. On Air has a good plot but the dialogues are quite long and boring to me. But overall. the story is impressive and it gives us an insight behind the velvet ropes. it makes you react like, “Ah, so thats whats going on behind the scenes of making of a drama!” Kim Ha Neul, the actress who played the actress in On Air was the best actress in a drama series 2008 in a certain award body acc to a post made also in this site. so, that says a lot.

  83. 83 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    My favourite actor and actress in this drama. Wow! they make a wonderful match.

  84. 84 : cookie58 Says:

    Love to watch this drama cos gorgeous Hyun Bin and beautiful SHG are acting in it. Hope the series will be in Singapore soon.

  85. 85 : Rhizza Says:

    is it true that they will add another four episode on this series…i love hb ang shg they are perfect combination…

  86. 86 : DADA Says:

    love this drama very much. Whoever has the idea to put song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin together is the smartes person! perfect actors, perfect story….love them all

  87. 87 : maharani Says:

    i like this kind of drama. started with simple matter without pressure. offering something else but only love story like other KD. I can imagined how difficult drama had been made before we enjoy it on TV. no difficulty its only about story that may happen to any body. Not like other KD whic only tell about rich high people with complicated family back ground and spinning of love triangle. This movie is fresh. Ratting ist about how many people wathed the movie? in this world, common original people is a lot more than smart extra ordinary special person who value only special drama

  88. 88 : dannielle Says:

    I love this one… hye kyo is really good and I love Hyun Bin.
    Anyone knows the Songs from the drama? The one being played on the end part of episode 12. I want to know the title of it. Thanks

  89. 89 : Lumi Says:

    There’s something fresh about this drama, it feels more real than most dramas. Hyun Bin is so charming and a good actor. Song Hye Kyo is beautiful, but her acting isn’t too convincing. The rest of the cast is experienced and good.

    Just finished watching Ep. 5 and I am getting into this drama; hopefully it will get better and more interesting.

    As per the ratings in Korea, I have found that many dramas who did not do good there are actually very good and liked them and enjoyed them very much.

  90. 90 : babyan Says:

    i watched until episode 14, and it just gets better and better! ..amidst the bad stuff going on and all.. but all the dialogues felt so real, and i can connect to it. it felt like they were speaking out of my heart……….wow.

    oh, and i think you can see hyun bin and shg’s growth in acting here…. i think they’re maturing as the series goes on.. and they make the story so real. it’s as if, they are real characters in this world….

  91. 91 : chaimoon Says:

    I love the main characters of this drama. SHG could be sweet, cold, insensitive, rude, loving, funny, dumb, smart, and other conflicting qualities . The same is true with HB. They depict real human characteristics. But their sweet moments and kissing scenes sure make any girl wish they were SHG with HB!

  92. 92 : lilalavender Says:

    I love this drama. The acting is natural. I like the concept though it’s new for a kdrama. It’s episode 4 tonight here in Thailand on KBS world. HB and SHG are super cute.

  93. 93 : lilalavender Says:

    Thanks for blogging about this drama. I also like the comments here. It’s good to know that more people now are open to stories that tackle real issues in life. It’s just new to kdramas that’s all, that’s why the ratings are not that good in South Korea. I hope they can read this and support the drama.

  94. 94 : bORabEll Says:

    both hyun bin and song hye gyo are my favourite korean stars and I admire their acting skills. I was so excited to watch this drama at first.
    But after watching 4 episodes I feel a little bit disappoitment with this drama. The theme is unique and different from the other dramas because it’s totally like a real life and the script was so good but the drama is too boring for me..There is no interesting scenes in this drama..and it is not attractive like hyun bin’s and hye gyo’s other dramas..
    I expected more from them..but I still watch the series because I want to watch hyun bin!!!

  95. 95 : Basuha Says:

    I really enjoy the storyline it was very mature and the skin ship was extremely naturally and comfortable something very rarely seen in Korean drama. I just finish watching “My Woman” they were so awkward and uncomfortable that it would have been best if they didn’t even attempt to do the scenes at all. I like to thank the Director/screenwriter they made sure that the character in World Within did an excellent job and displaying the physical side of them relationship.

    I love Hyun Bin, he is one of the few actors that I watch because of his looks, but I don’t give good review because of it. Hyun Bin is not just a pretty face he a good actor. I have enjoyed watching him in all his drama even it I didn’t care for the storyline as a whole he always did a great job.

    I debate this with my sister many times or maybe debate is not the right word I confession to her that I just don’t care for the lead actress in this drama, I watch her in Full House and I really didn’t connect with her in that drama either. Don’t misunderstand me, she a good actress it a personal hang up and I just can’t pin point it. Regardless she did an excellent job in this drama and even through she was not as comfortable as Hyun Bin she held her own and pulled of the many skin ship that was needed to make this drama work.

    There not much more I can say, this drama wasn’t an emotional roll coaster, it was a steady build up, well written, great dialogues. It something I can watch again and know each time I will see something new, due to the detail and the character development. This drama is on my top 10 list, not your typical l Korean drama differently something a mature person can relate and a young person can learn from. Enjoy

  96. 96 : amore Says:

    ahhh … i’m disappointed with the poor ratings. i think it definitely deserves better. so refreshing. acting is good. absolutely love it. it’s not a ‘typical’ fairytale but something that is real. love it. better than ‘on air’ or even anything that has ever been shown. love everything about it. from the castings to the dialogues. i’m just very unhappy with the poor response. makes me want to shout it out loud. what were those viewers or rather non-viewers thinking??? come back to earth. live in the real world for once and enjoy the drama!!!!!!!!

  97. 97 : Emily Says:

    did the drama end at epi 16??? I hope not… though it feels like the end for some reason because it has wrapped up everyone’s end a year later…

  98. 98 : lena Says:

    i truly enjoyed the acting skills of the cast, especially hyun bin and shk. however, i guess the storyline is too dry and realistic. it probably is even predictable. dramas like coffee prince and full house often allow viewers to soak themselves into the storyline and character. having said that, im quite sad that this drama did not let me end up absorbed into the story like how the the latter did. im disappointed that the rating is rather bad, but i will still show my support for this drama!

    saranghae hyun bin~

  99. 99 : dimples Says:

    The story is interesting, I dont think they deserve a low rating…
    No matter what the rating is,I will still support this drama…

  100. 100 : blueberry Says:

    I love HYUN BIN! Another great acting from one of my favourite Korean actors. He’s just a natural, and makes acting so effortless.

    I like this drama and am surprised that ratings as they’ve said have been bad. There’s substance and quality. Acting from most actors, even those with only small parts, was superb.

    Hyung Bin and SHG made a lovely pair – they bonded well and chemistry was great.

  101. 101 : blueberry Says:

    By the way, does the drama end in Episode 16? It seemed like it but I hope not.

  102. 102 : selva Says:

    ya the drama ended in episode 16
    I saw it and it was really cute and good… they wrapped up everything nicely… what I love about this drama is that it feels so natural and realistic… you feel that you’re watching people living their lives… no cheesy cliches or anything… just so simple and fun to watch…

  103. 103 : Asma Zainal-Izman Says:

    Hyun Bin and Song Hye-Kyo make a good combination. Both are beautiful people who act their characters effortlessly. Watching them is so pleasing and I think they make a good match, in term of looks, builds, temperaments and roles.

  104. 104 : selva Says:

    by the way, do you know that Hyun Bin is nominated in the KBS Drama Award in two categories:
    Popularity award and best actor award for his role in Worlds Within?

    good luck to him.

    binnie oppa, fighting 😉

  105. 105 : tlaa Says:

    Yup, it’s realistic alright in regards to people’s lives. This is drama!!! We live, get hurt, and at the same time too, don’t need to get marry to have “sex.” That’s real life. Beats me why the low rating, should be higher since it’s realistic enough for once. Love the acting between the two actors, so much charisma and “vibes” from the both of them. Hopefullly something good comes out of this one.

  106. 106 : Dimples Says:

    I love the drama..Hope SHK and HB will be together again maybe a movie will do…=)

  107. 107 : prem Says:

    i really love korean movies n dramas.hope to see more

  108. 108 : inamih Says:

    hyun bin n song hye kyo r ma fav ,n dey look real fab 2 gether

  109. 109 : mamie Says:

    the best natural korean drama i ever watch. The story not a fantasy like others…Not extravagance with too complicated story forced circling till my head spin by bored. This story is so real. it can happen among us. story about rich and poor relationship that told without too impossible forced red line. Just Natural and not too impossible to be happen to anyone around us. like seeing real life on drama. so for those claimed them self to like smart drama, this is the one/ U R absolutely recommended to watch this drama

  110. 110 : maharani Says:

    i dont think high rating can be accurate judgement to say drama is good or not. Some good drama or movie require special person instead of random person to like it. This is the best i like to recommend to other to watch. We shall live our live like drama!!!

  111. 111 : mike Says:

    Hoping to have these two great actor work together again for another movie soon!!love them v much

  112. 112 : Thailand fan member Says:

    Not sure in Thailand has DVD sale yet. But my personal I love them both. Should be a cute drama.

  113. 113 : ST Says:

    I am a fan of Worlds Within. I’ve watched via the internet and like most internet viewers, I was disappointed that it got low ratings from the Korean TV audience. The performances of the actors are very good.

    From Song Hye Kyo to Hyun Bin to Uhm Ki Joon to Bae Jung Ok to Choi Daniel to the veteran actors and newcomers. Their performances were just right for their roles. Congratulations by the way to Uhm Ki Joon and Bae Jung Ok for winnings awards in their respective performances on this drama.

    I guess each one has his own preference and I prefer Worlds Within.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!!! God Bless!

  114. 114 : Hollywood Says:

    I notice that the rating was not too good on this show, however, we do have some avid and loyal K-drama viewers. I did watch an episode or two on this drama but was not captivated. Not because the actors are not good maybe all parties involved has contributed to this low rating, eg. director, writer. I wonder and asked the question why and realized that to act and able to evoke viewers feeling is the key answer. I have not watch any new drama lately because they were not able to do this, convey passion. I see some viewers commented that this drama is somewhat like real life and not fantasy. Drama are created with basis of real life, however it has be a little more dramatic in order for viewers to be captivated. Viewers like me wanted to see angers, love and passion express by actors in order to want to continue watching an episode after another and asked for more. Lately, they have not been doing too much of this. I have watched other drama from Asian contries but still think that the overall the Korean actors are very good compared to the others. This is partly also the work of a good directors.

    Keep up the good work and continue to strive for better dramas.

  115. 115 : claud Says:

    I think both SHG & HB did a decent job. But I’m disappointed with the storyline… Each time I watch, I can sense & feel that the writer is trying too hard to make this show a ‘real’ & ‘mature’ show. So much so that the lines came out very artificial & forced…

    Such a pity because this is like SHG’s comeback drama… And like it or not, people’s perception of her will be affected by the ratings of this drama. She deserves better…

  116. 116 : Scarlet - Philippines Says:

    I watched “Worlds Within” via the internet and I must say I have enjoyed the series. It is very light, entertaining, and inspiring. As a matter of fact, I continue to watch the show via KBS World, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays. I hope the DVD with English sub-title be released soon. This is something worth keeping. Hope to see HB and SHK together again, probably in a movie.

  117. 117 : Loe Sea Says:

    Actually I don’t understand the rating, for example the 16th ep got 7.7, this one is 7.7 of 100 or??? any assistance please?

    I agree completely with Hollywood, the actors are really good, all of them, they can act their parts very well, but back to the storyline and the passion of the romance are a little bit not makes me eager to finish it soon…i’m on 9th eposide now and prefer waiting for the weekend to finish the movie, not now….

    i think it’s okay to have a little bit fairytale story in the drama, look at the rating for almost all of the fairytale Korean drama, they have higher ratings and always remembered forever by the fans…

    please Korean directors and writers… hear our opinions…..
    i belive audience now are smarter and have more hunger of strong and romantic storyline, not just real and mature situation…

    I’m afraid this will become a bad memories for the fans…

    but I believe they (HB and SHG) can encourage us, their fans, to still support them… i know they can…

    love hyun bin and song hye gyo so much…. fighting!!!

  118. 118 : sky Says:

    Like it or not, most viewers want some ‘drama’ & ’emotional intensity’in the shows they’re watching. And unfortunately, the storyline for Worlds Within is not captivating enough…

    To be fair, the actors & actresses put up a fairly decent performance. However, they should have be more selective in their choices of show especially big names like Song Hye Gyo & Hyun Bin…

  119. 119 : tin Says:

    i think the problem of this drama is the flow of the story..it doesn;t have a cleat outline and it looks like a single series per episode..the connections between the chapters are not too good..anyway i like the casts specially gyuho and his girlfriend..they look good together..

  120. 120 : marites gerona Says:

    i have a funny anecdote here. i was recently confined to a hospital bec of surgery. as i was recuperating in my hospital bed one night, i was surfing through the cable channels bec i cannot sleep. i chance upon the kbs world channel and what was showing at that time?– Worlds Within… and from a somber mood and pain— i became so happy!!!My eyes were literally, popping out!

    so i was watching eagerly, i think it run quite a long time, from 9pm to 10:30 pm. but then…only 30 minutes has passed, i was trying to fight off my sleep! I was dozing off! Each time I woke up, I always reminded myself, I have to watch this, SHG is my idol…I want to see this drama….who won?my creepy sleepiness won! the verdict? my eyes and spirit didnt find the drama interesting. the ending? i was asleep long before the drama ended! the same thing happened the following night.

  121. 121 : citi Says:

    Much as I like Song Hye Gyo & Hyun Bin, I must agree with the comments of most of the viewers…

    The storyline is just not strong enough!!! If not because of SHG & HB, I think the rating would have been much, much more worse!!! So please directors & writers, no such weak plots & storyline anymore!!!

  122. 122 : chaimoon Says:

    The lead characters did their part and they were great! The problem is in the story line itself. There were so many loose ends and situations that just didn’t quite connect. SHG and YB deserve a better plot. If not for them, the drama could have died as early as the 3rd episode. I suggest that they will have another drama together, this time a much improved story line. Paging writers and directors! Please heed our call!

  123. 123 : AINAH SAMBAJON Says:

    The part of this drama that I really don’t like was when Joon Young was slapped by Soo Kyung. I’ve been thinking why it has to be that way though she did something wrong to that guy, it shouldn’t be like that but what can I do its the directors call…I wasnt able to sleep better because I keep thinking about that part.

    But all in all, if you are a romantic fool, you would definitely like this drama. Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo did their part very well they make me fall in love again and again, hays!!!The other actos play their parts very well also like MIn Chul and Yoon Young I like them also.

    Also, Song Hye Kyo is very different in this drama unlike Full House, in this drama I’ve seen a different side of her as an actress I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her kissing scenes coz n Full House I guess she only kisses w/Rain on the last part of the story only.

    To top it all, I like this drama. It’s something different not the usual love story. I hope to see that again or perhaps a sequel of this drama wherein Joon Young and Ji Oh will have their baby, hahahahha!!!

  124. 124 : JJ Says:

    I just watched the first five episodes. Somehow I found this movie is rather interesting. As from what I have watched so far really reflect the movie title. I guess the story lines are not that clear because there are so many characters that are trying to be portrayed. In reality, there are many kinds of people and this drama is also trying to show the world of entertainment which is filled with those mixtures of people.

    I like it how the movie tried to deliver the view of the main male character and at the same also the female’s. There are things that these two are not showing to each other directly but inside they somehow have their own thought and consideration …. it is sort of like how it is in reality too …isn’t it?

  125. 125 : Lina sayang Says:

    I like this drama so much as I am a big fan of both of the actors. They are so cute and good ,,,matching…please be good ending…and let us have another drama for both of them together……She is so pretty and he is cute… Hope i could purchase a DVD sub in English very soon…..

  126. 126 : marites gerona Says:

    hb and shg are good actors in this drama but for me, they dont transcend their role as directors. it doesnt seem fit although i know they tried hard. the only thing that gets them going as a director is by saying cut! or ok! their counterpart in ON Air drama is so much better in his role as a young director.

    the only thing that is going in this drama is their love and romance. period. he he he!

    i watched through you tube their interview together in tv shows and press conf and i observed that is so odd that they seem to be not close and barely looking at each other. this is in sharp contrast with their great chemistry onscreen like as if they are so comfortable with each other. I just wish it transcends with at level of somewhat closeness offscreen so fans will be happier.

  127. 127 : mamie Says:

    I am one of korean drama addicted. I admitted Korean as great maker for love story movie fantasy. They are absolutely can make hell of too over extravanganza fantasy movie. But there will always be rich one loving the poor one is the same line with almost the same way on delivery the story to the audience. so I finally get bored of the. Till they finally have this WORLD WITHIN drama. the idea is simple…no complicated matter like others. But this story its real and i believe it can happen to any of us. And more, the actors SOng Hye Kyo and HYUn bIn is the best combination i ever see among other korean couple. Their acting so real and natural. I feel every episode grow on me. I cant hardly wait every mon and tue where this drama played. Cant wait to know what happen next. Its Clever movie which not only sell fantasy dream drama. The bit not maximum but the writer i think is great. Anyhow I think its smart movie that only can be accepted by smart people. Obviously most korean still dont like smart drama. the still prefer dreamy complicated fantasy and bored drama that way this drama got only low rating there

  128. 128 : jayanti Says:

    I’ve watched this drama twice already and still can’t get over it. i must say loved it a lot.
    hyun bin and shk love u both. you guys rocked it and the chemistry between the two of you is so much magical, i am speechless. the kissing scene of ep 15 should be my fav moment. how jung ji oh express his emotion towards joo joon young without saying a word and just by kissing her. he shows how sorry he is?how he regrets and how much he loves her. wow so emotional and awesome. hope to see the both of them in the next drama as well.
    hyun bin and shk will always be my favorite actors and the world that they live in will be one of my favorite drama till now.

  129. 129 : marites gerona Says:

    im a big fan of song hye kyo and since the success of full house, she has so many offers. what i noticed though is that she picks really mature roles that is a big leap to the roles that she usually takes. i think she can be a serious actress without taking so much mature roles that sometimes is not a commercial success. i think she may take light, funny roles where she is good at and maybe alternate it with the serious roles she picked like that of hwang jini and worlds within.

  130. 130 : veve Says:

    This drama is completely different from the usual we watch. But if you take your time you will see that it covers the really stories of people behind the scene, everything they go through, how actors are human beings like everybody else, the teamwork, different kind of people meeting every day with a goal of making things work, losers you name it. Personally, I was very happy to watch it. The leading actors have a connection, I love the writers when telling their own dramas, crying, sharing their own experiences. For this kind of drama, you need to take time to understand and like it, no breaking news though. But it is very nice! HB and SYK fighting!!! Very calm and good actors.

  131. 131 : cutie Says:

    Both SHG & Hyun Bin are good actors but the storyline leaves much too be desired… Such a waste of good talents!

  132. 132 : lee Says:

    I found the tv series ” Worlds within” at http://www.kimook.com

  133. 133 : Sandy Says:

    The storyline of WW is very realistic and i really, really love it. Thanks to all of the people involved in this project. Watching WW made me appreciate the times that i have been working on a similar pattern though on a different field. Like the choices you make to pursue your career at the same time do your best to preserve a relationship that you eventually have let go and the heartaches that go with it.

    I like both Hyun Bin and Song Hye-Kyo. More power to both of you.

    To the writer . . . more stories please . . .

  134. 134 : tokidoki Says:

    i watched this drama..even i posted this seems late..
    it’s different than other dramas i ever watched…
    it was kinda realistic i guess..
    i can see that the writers, actors, actresses and people involved in this production really did their homework though…
    it must be great to work in such a great story..

  135. 135 : maharani Says:

    i hope they will make this story continue

  136. 136 : dada Says:

    smart, realistic but natural drama movie! its like watching a real live happen in front of us

  137. 137 : Luv_Bi Says:

    i love both actor & actress (Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo)
    and wanna see the shoot in Singapore..(my home!!)…
    not bad..^^,

  138. 138 : Soul Says:

    it is awesome drama. I definitely recommend it to ppl that like the realistic story lines. I never knew how much effort a drama requires and how much time and sacrifices ppl go through to make it happen. Thanks to all the ppl behind the scene to make such a good story with great actors.

  139. 139 : Khat Says:

    Ive already watched this movie…
    verry nice and romantic!
    it is a must seen koreanovela…
    hope to see this movie in philippine television…

  140. 140 : adde Says:

    some good thing don’t like by others. Most people even like something cheesy dreamy. This drama is not cheesy or dreamy. may be that’s why the rating so low. Most of Korean simple like cheesy dreamy drama

  141. 141 : adde Says:

    watch this drama at http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/worldwithin
    great translation and can watch many other great drama

  142. 142 : eka Says:

    they such a great couple. They should just date in the real live too

  143. 143 : ikay Says:

    I love Hyun bin ^_^

  144. 144 : ikay Says:

    cool drama! watched this four time now and i still find it lovely.
    although the plot is simple, it is very wonderful.

  145. 145 : fosho Says:

    I love Hyun bin ^_^ and love Song Hk more ^ _ ^

  146. 146 : crowd Says:

    I’m afraid I’m not too impressed by this show. Much as I like SHG & Hyun Bin, I felt that their actings here are not too great. There are moments where one can see that they are ‘acting’. But worst of all is the story, the plots and the lines – they are all very fake to me!

  147. 147 : inda Says:

    Just forget it about the rating, i can see the chemistry both of u. so sweet kiss. love both of u SHG & HB.

  148. 148 : lexxireocker Says:

    i find the drama interesting… i mean, it’s quite mature with no KILIG FACTORS or intensity and stuff but i think it’s a really brave step to put up a show with a higher level of maturity because from what we see in most Korean dramas it’s slightly unbelievable, like princess hours, full house. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i was a huge fan of these series but it often makes me wonder “what a coincidence” how the couples on these shows met. how they dislikes each other and then ended up falling inlove, i think it doesn’t really in real life right?? but in this show, it showed the viewers a more practical and realistic drama… two thumbs up!

  149. 149 : ZACH Says:


  150. 150 : sarah Says:

    just love everything about HYUN BIN. Love him love him and love him more

  151. 151 : sSangchU. Says:

    lOve the actOrs(i’m a fan of hyun bin and hye gyo) but really disappointment the story..it is realistic but too boring..i watched a few first episodes for hyun bin, but i stopped after 7th episode. I can’t hold on anymore! it’s just too boring from the beginning… such a waste talent..:(

    anyway..stilllove hYun bin and song hye gyo….

  152. 152 : michael Says:

    my kind of story. Who care about rating. what is so great about rating anyway? i dont have to like something just because most of person in this world like it

  153. 153 : michael Says:

    my kind of story. Who care about rating. what is so great about rating anyway? i dont have to like something just because most of person in this world like it. I am different. i love being different and having my own class of drama i like as well

  154. 154 : radishchan Says:

    aw, this have a very low rating.
    but it doesn’t mean that this is a bad drama.
    it just happened that it was rivaled with “East of Eden”.

    the funny thing is,
    Song Hye Kyo (world’s within lead actress) and
    Song Seung Hun (east of eden lead actor)
    are the love team in autumn tale/ autumn in my heart drama series.

    and now they have to compete with each other.

  155. 155 : sarah Says:

    being different is difficult. like this drama that even great also most korean still cant accept it

  156. 156 : emi Says:

    He’s is full of shit. ji oh is so fickle that he makes joon young’s emotion like a yoyo. I hope he loses his vision completely. (evil laugh)

  157. 157 : Kimmy Says:

    The drama was so bad.. The actors wasn’t handsome.. The drama made me confused with all of the directors’ work.. I won’t recommend..

  158. 158 : dkorea Says:

    The worst annoying and boring drama, just a waste of time

  159. 159 : Violet Says:

    I am a very big fan of the 2 main leads, and have waited eagerly for the 2 to act together. And finally my wish comes true. I’ve yet to watch the drama since there’s no CD with english sub yet in Malaysia. Though the rating is low, and comments has not been encouraging, but I’ll sure watch it to know what is the thing that others claim as boring.

  160. 160 : natasha Says:

    classic drama. you would to take a look again and again without feeling booring

  161. 161 : Violet Says:

    Hey, it’s me again! I’ve finally finished watching this series via internet. And I’m very impressed with the story/castings/production team! And thus can’t stop wondering why did the rating was so low.. Did people only enjoy the stereotype of drama, and can’t accept when writer came up with totally new type of storyline? This is a refreshing Korean drama as it does not have copycat scene/dialog taken from other series.
    Sometimes it can be sick when new drama copy the same idea which is totally predictable since u’ve sen it from other series. But this is totally not happening in Worlds Within. The idea is fresh, and dialog is just beautiful, with all the perspective of life for both the main lead.

    And now about the casting. Waaaa… I can’t stop admiring the two (Ji Oh & Joon Young) and really belief if the two were a real couple behind the scene (though I know that Hyun Bin already has not-so-prettygf). They are outstanding and the chemistry is just terrific.

  162. 162 : Violet Says:

    Hey, it’s me again! I’ve finally finished watching this series via internet. And I’m very impressed with the story/castings/production team! And thus can’t stop wondering why did the rating was so low.. Did people only enjoy the stereotype of drama, and can’t accept when writer came up with totally new type of storyline? This is a refreshing Korean drama as it does not have copycat scene/dialog taken from other series.
    Sometimes it can be sick when new drama copy the same idea which is totally predictable since u’ve sen it from other series. But this is totally not happening in Worlds Within. The idea is fresh, and dialog is just beautiful, with all the perspective of life for both the main lead.

    And now about the casting. Waaaa… I can’t stop admiring the two (Ji Oh & Joon Young) and really belief if the two were a real couple behind the scene (though I know that Hyun Bin already has gf). Their performance is outstanding and the chemistry is just terrific. You will believe that they are deeply in love with each other when u see their smiling face/eyes whenever they see each other, conveying a message that the presence of their mate is really brighten up their day, and their smiling is very sincere too. Also with all the hugging & kissing, it’s hard not to believe that they’ve fall for each other during the shooting 🙂

    I can’t wait for Hyun Bin and Hye Gyo to be paired again in another drama. Hope their next drama will hit big so that they will be remembered as best couple ever in Korean drama. It will be sad if they can’t win any award for their roles/performance in this drama though.

    Hyun Bin is really handsome, I’ve fall in love with his dimple and charismatic character in this drama, and Hye Gyo is sooooo sweet & pretty. That’s why they really match each other – best match couple ever, and both are sure can act and act well!..

    Lastly, it is highly recommended to watch for those who looks forward to a different type of Koreanovela.. like me..

  163. 163 : natasha Says:

    The most classy korean drama i ever watch!

  164. 164 : adde Says:

    clever and realistic drama. Its picture of real life its all about

  165. 165 : adde Says:

    i absolutely recommend all the clever person in this world to watch this drama

  166. 166 : mtum Says:

    I love the drama, love the couple! I hope to see both of them in the same drama again.

  167. 167 : honeysuckle5685 Says:

    Definitely one of my most favorite K-drama, so refreshing with new approach, real touch of life_ Learn a lot about how to grow and to behave when u start a career, how to treat yr colleagues like fellow brothers and sisters, to admit our shortcomings and to follow our passions.
    And it’s not just about silly triangle love affairs of guys and girls, this couple love each other from the start and are so devoted to each other.

  168. 168 : Parto Says:

    well I liked the drama just becuz my fav actor, HyunBin, has a role in it..but the storyline is a lil strange. in other words , it’s a lil boring to watch it till the 16th eps. I translated this drama into my mother tongue so I had to keep up with the drama until the last eps. to sum it up , it worths watching just for one time.

  169. 169 : Sony Says:

    The drama is good.
    But a bit boring

  170. 170 : weHATEagNEZ Says:

    All the kiss n sex scene for this drama can’t help much.
    They should considered bout the line n plot.
    This drama is to complicated n make me boring.
    Despite all the kiss.

    Seems like puting two beauty actress for the drama ain’t help much.
    So irritating for Hyun Bin, all his drama get low rating.

  171. 171 : arnie Says:

    beautiful pair. no offense meant, i do not the story. the redeamming factor are hyun bin and song hyo kye.

  172. 172 : deanaz Says:

    Yes what ever that people says, i’m still a big fan of hb and shk..and watch this drama many times just to watched the chemistry between..so love it much

  173. 173 : aisuzieya Says:

    I love the whole thing abt tis drama. the story is great tho i felt they kinda rushed the ending. the actors are very good especially the supporting casts. they really did impressive job.

    Hyun Bin’s acting is satisfactory, i think he can do way better, but at least we can still feel the energy of his character from his smile and acting..while SHK still needs to improve. and she’s too pretty, like a doll. but the makeups and clothes are not that outstanding.

    overall i love the drama, the ost and the casts. tho people like me dont care abt the ratings, it is still very disappointing as we go down the ratings table of the drama. I hope in the future, rating wont be used as the main tool to measure a drama’s popularity cuz u kno the reasons.

  174. 174 : feby Says:

    I dont understand why this series got low ratings…what do viewers really watched anyway? a typical love triangle or boring with a weird concidence family drama???
    I dont care about the ratings…for me its the best korean drama i’ve ever watched. Don get me wrong, i’ve watched more than 30 korean series or so…and i never watched anything like this.
    This series kinda remind me of american series based on the plot and the story telling. It looks so real…and i believe that people like them (wuth their personalities and life) really do exist!!!
    On scale from 1 to 10, i’ll rate 8.5!!!

  175. 175 : curlylover Says:

    god,,seriously i knew this series from mysoju,,just kinda interest me somehow,,
    i tried to watch it and seriously this series rocks!!!

    i know maybe for some people they would rather watch something that is more like a fairy tale,,,seriously i never like hyun bin because he’s just like another cute(? maybe)actor that got a role in a fun series(m.l.samsoon),but when watch this series he can really act coz i can get the emotion,,and i like him now,,really3 like him now!!! with that kind of character, not in m.l.samsoon.for hye gyo,she’s really pretty n she got the talent,,,,

    seriously i really like this series i was very shocked to see the ratings,,god what’s wrong with u people,,how can you accept east of eden and not accepting this series,,,
    for whoever said that this series just a copycat from on air,,i’m sorry but i never like on air, i never really get what they want to convey to us the viewers,,

    seriously if i can tell the cast and the scriptwriter,,i really like the series,the way there’s either ji oh or joon young said something as the background while something’s happening,,,seriously i almost like series better than bof,,however bof still rules as i really like the manga,,,huhuhu
    but this series really are something!!!!
    u guys out there ought to watch it!!!!!
    dont be fooled by the ratings,,i dont know whats wrong with korean viewers at that time,,,

    yeah not to forget the ost is also very nice,,,,,

    seriously this is a must watch series!!!!

  176. 176 : deanaz Says:

    Great to know that they are a real couple in life, make me more love every singel scenes of this drama

  177. 177 : Korean DVDs Says:

    Excellent English subtitles DVD set for this drama is available now!

    Just click on my nick – Korean DVDs. 😉

    How’s this drama, by the way? I have not watched it yet but I love Song Hye Gyo!!!

  178. 178 : court_angel Says:

    r they really couple in real life??!!
    i dun blive it..
    but i love it..!!

  179. 179 : court_angel Says:

    i dun mind about any othrs drama..
    but i really amdre both of them..
    where can i got the stry about both of them really couple?

  180. 180 : deanaz Says:

    To court_angel, yes…they dating, the management of this stars haved comfirmed that they date from june 2009

  181. 181 : deanaz Says:

    you can get the story of them from popseoul.com or allkpop.com archieve 5 august 09

  182. 182 : Tari Jakarta Says:

    the people who made the drama incl the actors may hv been dissapointed to see the rating. But for me ‘suck the rating’, its a good ones, good story, good actors. i rather watch this instead of boys before flower which got some 30% rating. i hope alot more korean drama like this. Too bad i dont speak korean, so i must relay on the subtitle.

  183. 183 : court_angel Says:

    i knw that..
    and 4 me..
    this dtry more reallstc then othr krean drma..
    who’s with me??!!

  184. 184 : deanaz Says:

    tari jakarta sepertinya kita punya minat yg sama nie thd korean drama, ada fb gak? Mgkn qt bisa share ttg drama korea

  185. 185 : Ella andryani Says:

    I’M really so boring watch this film
    so dont you watch this ok

  186. 186 : Aii..aii..Airichan Says:

    Love d actress and d actors.. and really..really love that couple,
    HB and SHK.
    It’s doesn’t matter about the boring things, I just realize that this drama is showed to us what the real life is happening every day to us. The emotion, the love story, the struggle and the ambition to achieve the goals, etc.
    If you thinking again, i think u will agree with me. (Eii..what i’m saying about..)
    Be calm and u will get what the stories goes on..
    I hope u will understand..sorry if my english so bad..hiks..hiks..

  187. 187 : Phil Says:

    A brilliant drama. Intelligently written with complex emotions portrayed without fear. We get to see peoples imperfections and strengths.
    It didn’t rate because it is above the heads of many folk who just want some escapism.
    Fair enough.
    But it’s good to see the sophistication and striving toward art that is on show here.
    Koreans should be proud that they are out classing the USA and the rest of the world with such deeply entertaining and socially relevant material. Bravo to all involved.

  188. 188 : fb Says:

    This series set a new level of Korean drama. Being different is surelly not easy, but i really hope the other series can catch up to it, and leave that “cinderella syndrome” genre and trying to make a drama as real as this one.

    This drama goes to the 1st rank on my 5 fave korean drama of all time. Im so amazed by all the people who’s working behind this series…everything is just great, simple, and real.

  189. 189 : JAHZ Says:

    great drama recommendable to watch.

  190. 190 : JAHZ Says:

    i love thier team up they are perfect couple.and now they are real life couple.

  191. 191 : Vic Says:

    This drama is I N C R E D I B L E !!!

    Simply amazing 😀 ! Almost as good as Beethoven Virus ! (well,ALMOST).

  192. 192 : Lydia Says:

    song hye gyo very cute in this drama and hyun bin too

  193. 193 : LuvKyu Says:

    The only reason i watch this drama is the story of gyu ho and hae jin, eventhough i haven’t seen the whole story yet.
    And i think i dont like korean drama series that show off sex life..
    It’s just too western.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  194. 194 : Martha Says:

    Unlike no. 193 I liked the series precisely because we, at last!!!, have a Korean drama (one of a small number) that approaches love and passion in an adult, intelligent manner (why is that exclusively Western, no 193?) without being coy and without infantilising erotic love. The series will be appreciated by adults who like to see human experience dramatised (what good fiction does) rather than falsified (what bad fiction does). So if you think that the human experience of love between two adults is, or should be, sufficiently and conclusively represented with a peck on the cheek, or that (human)lovers kiss with pursed lips -and holding that position is, in any case, only a pretence to innocence for, in truth, it is the result of a web of repressions, socio-cultural in nature- then this is not a series for you; but if you think that genuine talk of love as ethereal and spiritual can only take place within the trials and vulnerabilities of the flesh, then you will find this series interesting.

  195. 195 : beth shaw Says:

    hi to all of you guys.. i was wondering where else i can watch this drama.. i have been watching it at mysoju.com but the 14 episode wont play at all..please help me..i love this show and i hope i can finish it.. email me at [email protected] thanks.. i will really appreaciate it..

  196. 196 : kali Says:

    hyun bin
    tha main part of drama
    quite different from other drama
    episode going very smoothly n slowly
    but we can gain lots of idea frm dis drama abt reality of media
    thanx fo entire drama family
    keep go on

  197. 197 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    just finished watching these series 🙂 … despite watching the last 3 episodes in spanish subs; the story didnt dither into the stereo typical Kdrama, which makes it unique and great.

    i lobe the story, the actors, and the production staff… 2 thumbs up 🙂 , great work! highly recommended!

    (just thinking) why does it hasnt been shown yet in the philippines..

  198. 198 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    i just finished watching these series 🙂 … despite watching the last 3 episodes in spanish subs; the story didnt dither into the stereo typical Kdrama, which makes it unique and great.

    i love the story, the actors, and the production staff… 2 thumbs up 🙂 , great work! highly recommended! worth watching…

    (just thinking) why does it hasnt been shown yet in the philippines..

  199. 199 : sydney Says:

    This drama definitely has its outstanding moments, albeit a few boring moments. But I was able to get past those boring moments and the rest of the story was enough to captivate me.

    I’m having trouble finding streaming links from episode 14-16. Does anyone know any streaming links for those episodes? I’m left hanging in the middle of the story 🙁

  200. 200 : Ahn sajang Says:

    i watched this drama after watching You’re Beautiful (highly recommend this!).. the firts two episodes were quite boring, but once the relationship between the leads begin, i felt it really intereseting.. how two people who has broken up once decided to continue their relationship but still afraid of other future circumstances..

    it isnt cliche, that is wut i like bout this drama.. u can sense the LOVE just by looking at their eyes (ahh, so romantic).. my fav scene is in episode 15 when ji oh decided to visit joon young then he grasped her hand, look immensely into her eyes, while she is badly crying due to their past separation.. u can sense how much Ji Oh REALLY, REALLY love and missing her thru their separation period but juz cannot say it with words which is then continued with the sudden kiss- ahh, i juz love it..

    i rate it as 4.2 (since the OST doesnt captured my heart much but it is played perfectly for each scene)

    Highly recommend it to others who adore mature yet childish sweet love~ saranghae ^^

  201. 201 : beebie Says:

    in the first time,i thought it is boring so then i chose to watch other series but it’s interesting after some senoir in my office told me that it’s okay so then i intend to watch it
    and found it’s so good as i nener thought. it gave me the method of thinking with work,colleagues,love and family…
    and hyun bin and song hye kyo are suitable in couple role who fall in love and broke down in a short period and return to a real one again.But some episode,i have a suspicion that why joo joon yong have to make relation with new guy after broke down with ex-boyfriend suddenly ,it look like she doesn’t has a deep feeling with ex-boyfriend so she can make a relationship with ji oh again.however,i tried to understand her that coz she is still love ji oh but has to broke down coz ji oh wanna go back to return to his ex-girlfriend so that it made her to go ahead and try to keep her ralationship wiz new boyfriend the best.for ji oh,this series is telling a good and bad side of him thus it’s basic of human but he can know the truth that how he should do and go ahead in his life and love in finally. Don’t be afraid to bored since you have started to watch in the first episode coz there is a growing step by step of any character in every people in this series…hope you guys will fun like me…!!!

  202. 202 : Elka Aldeguer Says:

    I have already seen this tv series last year and it’s a good one,and i have a dvd copy of it.and just recently i read that hyun bin and song hye kyu are dating.they really look good together.hope to see them in more tv series soon.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  203. 203 : Arai Says:

    I stop in ep 6,because iam getting bored..

  204. 204 : yurikko Says:

    I like this series very much……………..In this series ,actorHyun Bin is very handsome and attractive ….And Saung Hay Gyo is charming…………

  205. 205 : Chef Says:

    I really like this drama
    I hope that this re-running drama on TV Indonesia

  206. 206 : jazz Says:

    My best drama ever……

  207. 207 : Bee Says:

    BORING ! BORING DRAMA. It is really the worst drama.
    Waste my time.

  208. 208 : charing28 Says:

    who has a dvd of the world that they live in? where did you bought a copy of it?..i really love this drama because the interaction between each other is really good. Their conversation is really good becuase they were very straight forward with each other. it is not the typical “pa-tweetums” drama. i was not corny at all. It is good for SHK because it is really a mature character for her and she played it really good

  209. 209 : korean_addict Says:

    @ 208

    I bought a DVD of this here in the Philippines. Korean drama DVD here a all over the market(pirated :P)

  210. 210 : quiceberrylady Says:

    I like this drama very much.. This is a mature drama though I hesitate to continue watching it because the plot was too twisted in the beginning, I continued to watch it and find this very interesting. How good it was to witness the developing feelings of Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin in real life… haha

  211. 211 : lovekoreandrama Says:

    Totally in love with this drama! And of course with hyun bin oppa too ♥ ♥
    All actors have a strong character and easy to remember
    I really get chemistry Between hye kyo and hyun bin, very natural..
    Romantic, funny, sad and mad are mixed in this drama. Very recommended!

  212. 212 : meemee Says:

    난이 드라마를 좋아 ……….. 그래서 난이 배우와 영화 배우처럼

  213. 213 : iya27 Says:

    Kinda boring in the begining, but after skiping two or three ep, I find it so interesting… Hyun bin n SHK r so mature in here… They both really exelent playing their role- and Gosh… I’m so made with hyun bin, he so cruel to SHK…-

    Well, over all it’s a good drama…

  214. 214 : syusyie Says:

    just finished watcing this drama 4 the second time
    one of my favorite korean drama….. specially when hyun bin is in it…
    just luv HB & SHK… they both such a great couple
    so happy that they’re really dating in real life….

  215. 215 : tessa Says:

    1 of our channels is going to air this drama next week.i’ve never watched Hyun Bin’s dramas or movies.and I miss Song Hye Gyo since Full house.After reading this comments I’m definitely going to watch it!

  216. 216 : mutiara Says:

    soooo lovin it!!! the story and the cast were so great!

  217. 217 : mel Says:

    i like this drama, especially song hye kyo…

  218. 218 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  219. 219 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it.. i love korean drama..

  220. 220 : cacai Says:

    boring drama i dont lyk it

  221. 221 : abbie Says:

    good drama, but it can be better. i like both main characters, but they talk too long and too fast, i had to pause many times just to catch up with the English Sub.

  222. 222 : Wen Says:

    Just finished watching. I like this drama and is not so boring afterall. Great script. Both HB & SHK acted well as they were so natural. However the song for this drama was not so impressive.

  223. 223 : jazzlighthart Says:

    My top List drama… so Natural…

    both of them show great skill in acting..

    fivestar for both Screenwriter&Director

  224. 224 : dyah Says:

    this drama is very very beautiful,,,i like both of them character,they are great couple,i like when i heard that they were really dating.and i hope they are gonna be togheter forever.

  225. 225 : Rena Says:

    I like it but the ending just too absurd i guess, first it told that the couple has been broke up, and in the end they just get back dating!! But the two main character’s acting was so natural, and indeed they eventually become a couple in real life. Nice pairing…

  226. 226 : catherine Says:

    OMG…!!!! i love this drama so much… can’t move on…
    i love both of them so much they are great actor and actress.
    at first i don’t want to watch it because i think its so boring but later on i found it so good i really really love it..
    i’m so happy that they are a real couple.. i wish that they will be together forever.. LOVE them..

  227. 227 : sa.. Says:

    Yahoo.. Could anyone tell me about their ending relationship? Because ï can’t stand on ä sad ending drama…. So anyone can tell me abot the ending? Thnk ü..

  228. 228 : rena Says:

    @sa..Do not be afraid to watch it, it’s a happy ending drama 🙂

    though it’s rating not good.. but i enjoy watching it, coz both SongHeKyo’s and HyunBin’s acting was so natural.. and indeed they got in a relation now 🙂

  229. 229 : april Says:

    it’s good to know that it had a happy ending. now i can watch it with no worries. :))

  230. 230 : Ara Says:

    I’m Korean. I can ensure you people that this dramam is 100% well-made one ever in Korean drama history and one of the best Korean dramas!:D The rating seems low compared to other successful dramas, but Korean people are regreting that they didn’t watch this drama at tha time. The rating is not always equal to the quality of drama, you know:)
    You can trust me. This drama won’t let you downXD

  231. 231 : Nina Says:

    completely agree with Ara
    my most favorite korean drama, so far

  232. 232 : leflahon Says:

    oh its good to know that its a happy ending too.. Can’t wait to start watching it..

  233. 233 : amy Says:

    I like the drama… they act so natural together. The drama is dragging in the beginning but later on became interesting. I am so glad they are now a couple in real life. I just wish them all the best…

  234. 234 : jhEn Says:

    wow.. im addicTed to this DRAMA.. im zo gLad and happy that they are now a reaL coupLe on their reaL life.. i just hope that they will last forever.. they are so cute together!! perfect couple!! hope they will get married.. and im looking forward for their next project and shows together.. they both look good together on screen.. im now waitin for some news and scoop about them and their relationship..

  235. 235 : Hyun Bin « (-•♥♥•-)♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫(-•♥♥•-) Says:

    […] Garden (SBS, 2010) Friend, Our Legend (2009) The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005) Ireland (MBC, 2004) […]

  236. 236 : kRishnA Says:

    i always watch this drama since the first episode because my favorite actor and actress in korea ever since was hyun bin and song hye kyo …… i always knew they are cute partners ….. I always used to look like those of the outgoing shows of song hye kyo (full house) and hyun bin (kim sam soon)…here in the Philippines still displaying the world’s within mondays to Fridays and I have always supported this ….I hope that the message that it’s the hero of the world within they read … I loved the two of you expect for it to even lose people in the world I am a lifetime fan finds for it to find movies starring HYUN BIN and SONG HYE KYO!

    SOng hye Kyo:혜 교토 난 항상 당신을 사랑 노래는 쇼 당신은 내가 당신을 사랑 소개 지원 잘하면 현 빈에 의해 비판을받을 것이요 당신이 우리 나라 필리핀 방문하시기 바랍니다. 크리슈 나신

  237. 237 : charlie Says:

    i like hyeon bin and song he kyo, but in this drama, eh story is borred 🙁

  238. 238 : Makadoto Says:

    I love hyunbin. But this drama bored me to tears… I think hyunbin’s best drama is my lovely samsoon and secret garden.

  239. 239 : Hyun sook Says:

    Want to see more differents sides of Hyun Bin oppa?
    YOU MUST SEE “FRIENDS, OUR LEGEND” by Kwak Kyung Taek (great movie director) !!!!!!!!!!
    It ‘s a pity ‘FRIENDS” is an underated drama, this drama is breathtaking, wonderful, HYUN BIN is soo male in it, violent, tuff, very realistic !
    Every single episode is filmed with quality like it was a movie !!
    Far away from lovey dovey and cheesy characters (out of reality) we can find in many Kdramas, THIS IS REAL ACTING SKILLS, HYUN bin rock it all ^^!!!
    FRIENDS, my favourite drama with Hyun Bin ^^!!

  240. 240 : roche Says:

    hey ‘ive watch secret garden..& it’s really great..

    i haven’t watch this drama yet… is’t good?? hmmmmmmmmmm i’ll prefer Ha ji won pairing hyun bin oppa than song hye hyo.. but i like song hye kyo too.. hehhehe

  241. 241 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  242. 242 : jenujen Says:

    I’m on 2nd episode now.. and i keep skipping cause it’s just too boring !!
    Im wondering if I should keep going cause it has 5 star rating on mysoju…
    Im watching this right after “secret garden” because of Hyun Bin. SG was way better…

  243. 243 : maye Says:

    where do you guys watch it? i can’t seem to open the ones in mysoju

  244. 244 : yusha Says:

    people who don’t understand about the real life would probably say this drama is just boring..i think this drama is great..so naturally..i love this drama so much <3

  245. 245 : KDaddict Says:

    Watching this drama is like watching grass grow. 2 of the blades of grass are very beautiful, HB and SHG. The grass is part of real life, but do you enjoy watching grass grow? Boring.

  246. 246 : They Live | AllGraphicsOnline.com Says:

    […] The World That They Live In koreandrama.org […]

  247. 247 : banerbas Says:

    Most of people doesn’t like this drama,but i like it very much.Theme that they want to show in this drama is so good.

  248. 248 : mommy najmi Says:

    i think its a good drama. i liked it, i enjoyed the show. Hyun Bin and Hye Kyo act so naturally. i can feel the chemistry betweem them. they should get the ‘best couple’ award. i don’t understand why its rating is not good enough. Wish they could really get marry soon…

  249. 249 : Tracey Says:

    Simply love this couple and this drama!

    Glad to watch this again on the Encore @ KSBWorld starting this week!

  250. 250 : Iris girl Says:

    How can this drama be boring i love this drama an unexpected begining, touching story with a sweet ending although i dont know the name of the acters i love them they are so cute and sweet 2gether.

  251. 251 : gail Says:

    yes, i agree to some here, this drama is great! maybe it depends on one’s definition of what is boring, but if one listens to the dialogues and observe the development of the characters, it really is not boring. 😀

    also started to watch this because of secret garden. hyun bin looks better here. 😀 hah, i cant believe this was way back in 2008. ;p

  252. 252 : mickey Says:

    yes… Hyun Bin looks gorgeous in this drama. the couple is sooo natural, specially in showing their love for each other. as i read some article that in this drama they 1st meet but as you watch the movie as if they already know each other way back… SOUL MATE… i hope the production of this drama will do a part 2 and same lead star…

  253. 253 : cresry Says:

    just like everyone here, i watch this coz of secret graden (Hyun Bin). more shock that the leading lady was Song Hye Kyo of Autumn in my Heart (popular here in the Philippines). Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo cant believe that in this movie its their 1st meeting because they act so naturally. they have this chemistry and resemblance. a perfect couple! im also waiting for their come back movie together… Good Luck! fight

  254. 254 : andrea Says:

    great movie! you viewers will really feel the chemistry between the two lead star (Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo). i will recommend this to all of my friends.

  255. 255 : athel Says:

    nice movie! wonderful cast… i really recommend this to all korean drama fanatic.

  256. 256 : Nona Says:

    i cant feel the passion of the story…..;P

  257. 257 : athel Says:

    really! then watch it again for you to feel the passion… for me this movie is nice as in sooo nice. it tells abt the life of every character in real life.

  258. 258 : melddz Says:

    i really really love this drama… i watch this over & over cuz im so kilig with ji oh & joon young… their lines are so meaningful… two thumbs up to the writer Noh Hee Kyung and to the directors Pyo Min Soo & Kim Kyu Tae you guys really did a great job so with the whole cast. I wish that Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin will do another series (after his military service). I love both of you, you really inspire me and you’re a handsome couple – off & on screen

  259. 259 : Lee Joon Hyuk | dramakoreabanget.com Says:

    […] Am Legend (SBS, 2010) Three Brothers (KBS2, 2009) City Hall (SBS, 2009) Star’s Lover (SBS, 2008) The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) First Wives Club (SBS, […]

  260. 260 : Dominic Says:

    im not happy with dis drama…the storyline kinda boring and too serious for me…i love hyun bin’s acting and i thought that he is a great actor, it just that dis drama is not to my taste i guess…

  261. 261 : Aerys Says:

    I love this drama. So sweet and touching. It makes my heart ache.

  262. 262 : nashadiana Says:

    I like Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin, they really great couple, their act is so natural, the drama a little bit boring but i love it, especially in the last 3 episodes

  263. 263 : kenna Says:

    Two thumbs up…..bravo…different kind of drama, close to real life story…i love it very much….rating just preview but not the actual one. Bravo to Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo and all people involved.

  264. 264 : amethyst Says:

    Hyun Bin looks better in this drama than the recent one

  265. 265 : amethyst Says:

    This drama depicts the reality of shooting a real drama…the actual people behind and infront of the camera…how hard they work…and how limited time they have to sleep each day.

  266. 266 : tika Says:

    I really like this. Hyun bin with song hye gyo is the best couple..

  267. 267 : zarima USA Says:

    this is the first time kdrama that ive seen both of them and in this drama they developed their feelings in real life but how sad they broke up already,, nice to see them together and they are perfect couple but unfortunately they ended up huhuhuhu…

  268. 268 : raj1985 Says:

    same here……..

  269. 269 : mai01 Says:

    I didn’t watch yet this..but I realy hope to…I jzt kn0wn that while they sh0ot this drama they have been dating in pers0n ,as in they have a feeling to each other,,,but suddenly they
    Broke up!ggrrr.

  270. 270 : kephank Says:

    Really love this drama..really love both song hye kyo n hyun bin.. So great to see this two people together..hope they can be couple again..

  271. 271 : kate Says:

    I like song hye kyo she’s so lovely we’re can I buy dis cd I want to watch both of them pls help me

  272. 272 : bernadette Says:

    i hope they will both be given another series together. lovely couple..i wish them best, hopefully soon they will get married in real life…

  273. 273 : [email protected] Says:

    Now,I’m watching this drama…I know,this drama has littlebite different kind of story line…But Anyhow… i’m going to watch full drama because i like both of them(Song Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin) so much….Sarangaeoo….song hye kyo,plz…come back the screen…arrachi?
    we r eagarly waiting for ur drama…

  274. 274 : emerald Says:

    so much more like in reality… goood drama… not a waste of time… im sure more adults would love this drama…

  275. 275 : emerald Says:

    this drama is sooooo damn good…

  276. 276 : emerald Says:

    so romantic.. the dialogues are great… amazing

  277. 277 : Tcgm Says:

    Great acting and directing, Hyun Bin is gorgeous and at his best!!!

  278. 278 : Name: 서효림 / Suh Hyo Rim (Seo Hyo | Catatan Harian Says:

    […] Scandal (KBS2, 2010)A Good Day For The Wind To Blow (KBS1, 2010)Good Job, Good Job (MBC, 2009)The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008)That Person Is Coming (MBC, 2008)In-Soon is Pretty (KBS2, 2007)When Spring Comes (KBS2, […]

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    […] Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS, 2013)The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) Full House (KBS, 2004) Shining Days (SBS, 2004) All In (SBS, 2003) Guardian Angel (SBS, […]

  280. 280 : winnie Says:

    Love Song Hye kyo. I watched all your drama series. Full house introduced me to the korean drama but I like also “that winter the wind blows”.
    I hope you reconcile with HYUN Bin. Looking forward to your next drama, possibly with RAin after he discharged from his military service?
    Thank you for beautifully existing inisde and out.

  281. 281 : Daisy Vega Says:

    Just got done watching THE WORLD THAT THEY LIVE IN for the second time. It gave me a peak at what some of hurdles the actors, directors, asst. directors, and others face in order to make a drama. I think all the actors did a commendable job especially Song Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin. Thank you all.

  282. 282 : Barbara Auhoy Says:

    Why [email protected] I get this drama on Viki or Drama Fever????

  283. 283 : Innocitto Says:

    Hey you guys. So I haven’t watched this series but it has some of the most comments so I more people may check it. I am looking for a series I watched like 5-6 years ago and I can remember neither the title nor the names of the characters.
    The very little information I do remember is that;
    The female lead may have fallen in love with/become interested in someone a bit older than her coz she always referred to him as “ajhussi”.
    And she(her family) owned a,,,not a vineyard, but a fruit garden(I can’t remember which fruits).
    I know the information is almost useless, but if anyone has any ideas, I badly want to watch the show.
    Thank y’all.

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