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The Women of Our Home

Title: 우리집 여자들 / Woorijib Yeojadeul / The Women of Our Home
Chinese Title : 我們家的女人們
Also known as: Women in Our House / Our Women / My Bittersweet Life
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 125
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2011-May-16 to 2011-Nov-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


A family drama that portrays the work and romantic relationships of young people. Go Eun Nim works hard at her part-time job and stays cheerful to support her family, which includes Choi Joon Young and his mother, who suffered after marrying the wrong man and was taken in by Eun Nim’s grandmother. Joon Young grew up with Eun Nim like siblings, but slowly begins seeing her as a woman. Lee Se In is the opposite of Eun Nim, with brains, looks and wealth as the heir of a business, but is selfish and spoilt. He uses studying in the U.S. as an excuse to play around. Hong Joo Mi is the picture of perfection; proud, confident and beautiful, she’s the youngest team leader at Chairman Lee’s company. She has walked her whole life on the path of the elite, from elementary school to her career, and is unused to failure.


Jung Eun Chae as Go Eun Nim
Jay Kim as Lee Se In
Yoon Ah Jung as Hong Joo Mi
Choi Min Sung as Choi Joon Young

Eun Nim’s family

Ban Hyo Jung as Kim Mal Nam
Kim Young Ok as Choi Jung Ok
Na Young Hee as Kim Jin Sook

Se In’s family

Kim Sung Kyum as Chairman Lee
Kim Byung Se as Cha Sung Joo
Lee Hee Do as Lee Yong Ho
Yang Hee Kyung as Heo In Ae
Yoo So Young as Lee Se Ra

Joo Mi’s family

Lee Hye Sook as Geum Hwa Yeon
Kang Nam Gil as Hong Kyu Man
Choi Jae Won as Hong Kyu Young
Kang So Ra as Hong Yoon Mi
Choi Won Hong as Hong Jin

Other people

Min Joon Hyun as Journalist Kim
Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as house owner

Production Credits

Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Director: Jun Chang Geun
Screenwriter: Yoo Yoon Kyung (유윤경)

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  1. 1 : Lea Says:

    i like family drama!!!

  2. 2 : desty Says:

    I can wait this drama

  3. 3 : The Women of Our Home | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] 10:17 amand is filed under All, Year 2011. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 […]

  4. 4 : hasna Says:

    hy g0od day h0w are u?
    Ur s0 beuatyful love u.

  5. 5 : meryka Says:

    graciasss de verdad

  6. 6 : summer Says:

    look nice…… i must watch this drama

  7. 7 : seo hre Says:

    hell0 i’m from korea(south) comt to malaysia…………and this drama will be best among the best

  8. 8 : sarah Says:

    Watch Online with English Subtitle (Coming Soon)??? When.. Where can I find the english subtitle of this kdrama?

  9. 9 : kyuhyunaa Says:

    where i can see the rating??
    i like family drama..

  10. 10 : yani Sh Says:


  11. 11 : aster Says:

    I’ll miss Sein & Eunim…..

  12. 12 : doris Says:

    Pls upload more episodes ‘the woman of our home’ in eng sub. thanks

  13. 13 : taryn Says:

    no rating? how come?

  14. 14 : double Says:

    Je souhaiterai vous dire que c’est constamment du
    bonheur de vous lire

  15. 15 : lclarakl Says:

    I just started this drama, episode 18, and already the “good” people are getting on my nerve. It seems that Korean writers of dramas associated good people with being stupid, klutzy, doormat, pushover, overly self sacrificing or dumb.

    I know it’s a 125 episodes, but give me a break!!! Not really caring for the lead male or female. His type of childish immaturity is going to take years and years of growth–if even then.

    I’ll try to hang in for another 10, but at the moment, the stupidity is just too much. They need some backbone in this drama. It’s making for a poor watch so far. I find myself skipping sections—something I never like doing in a drama.

  16. 16 : lclarakl Says:

    At episode 80 and I skipped every other episode. It’s just stupid at times. I don’t know if I could be so forgiving towards a woman who left me and raised another children as if she was her own flesh and blood. Then on top of that, treated me like crap for that mean spirited stepdaughter—no, I don’t think so. Also I have a feeling these people who were embezzling funds or misappropriating funds won’t go to jail. This drama has had it’s moments, but it’s disappointing.

  17. 17 : lclarakl Says:

    In this drama, the lead female is a doormat for her “mother” and stepsister to step on. She will always be this way. Even if it’s not her “family” then someone else. Sorry, I don’t understand how any person can love someone like this as a mother. She has never known this woman. Even after she finds out she’s her daughter she choses the stepdaughter over her–why did you keep hanging on to people who want you out of their life like a leech. The lead is pathetic to me. The energy and abuse she receives from her “mother” and stepsister could be put to better use with her grandmother, aunt and great grandmother. So frustrating to watch. Romance, what romance? It’s been gone for many episodes.

  18. 18 : lclarakl Says:

    Well you can probably tell this drama is getting on my last nerve. I like it how a “team leader” (evil stepsister) has the ability to sell out the entire company and is the only smartest cookie in the room. She also finds love. Give me a freaking break. Only in a Korean drama that just anyone one can merge a company with another without the board or the newspaper knowing. I bet she nor the evil father will get jail time. The good people are just stupidly good.

  19. 19 : lclarakl Says:

    Extremely stupid drama. The same stupid storyline for over 100 episodes. I skipped about 50 episodes and didn’t miss a beat in the slow, boring, evil wins drama.

  20. 20 : lclarakl Says:

    After skipping my way to episode 114, I called it quits. I’m not one for violence but I have to say this is one drama where I wanted the step sister and the stupid father to be slapped and punch repeatedly. Too bad it never happened. I was also extremely tired of her getting her way. This drama truly lacked creativity.

  21. 21 : lclarakl Says:

    Oh, last, but not least. How can any man love the selfish, hateful, jealous, vindictive person that the stepsister is beyond me. I quit this drama because I realized she would not receive any payback.

  22. 22 : lclarakl Says:

    Final, if this drama was based in any reality, even a tiny bit, the stepsister would have been fired and in prison and so would the stupid father. Dramas written like this are frustrating to watch because it’s not remotely based in reality. Korean dramas always try to end on a note of forgiveness, but they also need to show that if you do the crime then you also have to pay for it. Hated this drama for that message along and the fact that it dragged, and dragged, and dragged, and dragged, and dragggggg……zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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