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The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry


Title: 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 / The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry
Chinese Title : 仍想结婚的女人
Also known as: Still, Marry Me / City Lovers
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-20 to 2010-Mar-11
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama depicts lives of three women who are closing one chapter of their life and entering the next. Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee), Jung Da Jung (Uhm Ji Won) and Kim Boo Ki (Wang Bit Na) are three women in their 30s whose romantic relationships have faltered due to their career ambitions, but find themselves given a chance to make a fresh start.


Park Jin Hee as Lee Shin Young
Uhm Ji Won as Jung Da Jung
Wang Bit Na as Kim Boo Ki
Kim Bum as Ha Min Jae
Choi Chul Ho as Na Ban Suk
Lee Pil Mo as Yoon Sang Woo
Park Ji Young as Choi Sang Mi

Other people

Kim Yong Hee as Choi Myung Suk
Ahn Hye Kyung as Jang Hye Jin
Park Hyo Joon as Hee Dong
Jun Se Hyun as Jun Se Ri
Jung Won Joong as Director Buk
Chun Woo Hee as Shin Young’s junior
Baek Il Sub as Ban Suk’s father
Jung Soo Young as Sang Woo’s colleague
Jo Han Sun as Shin Young’s ex-fiancé
Min Ah Ryung as Ex-fiancé’s girlfriend
Im Chang Jung as Jerry Oh
Danny Ahn as Boo Ki’s ex-boyfriend
Park Chul Min as psychic
Kim Sung Hoon as gangster
Na Young Hee as Shin Young’s fan (cameo, ep12)
Kim Min Shik as Director Kim Min Shik (cameo, ep12)
Gook Ji Yun as Oh Se Na (cameo, ep15)
Chae Gun

Production Credits

Production Company: Kim Jong Hak Production
Chief Producer: Go Dong Sun
Producer: Park Chang Shik
Director: Kim Min Shik, Lee Sang Yeob
Screenwriter: Kim In Young


This is the sequel of The Woman Who Wants to Marry and female version of The Man Who Can’t Get Married which aired on KBS2.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-01-20 1 4.7 (<9.2)
2010-01-21 2 4.6 (<8.4)
2010-01-27 3 4.7 (<8.9)
2010-01-28 4 4.2 (<8.2)
2010-02-03 5 5.7 (<8.6)
2010-02-04 6 5.3 (<8.7)
2010-02-10 7 (<8.3) (<8.1)
2010-02-11 8 (<8.3) (<8.0)
2010-02-17 9 (<8.0) (<8.3)
2010-02-18 10 (<8.6) (<8.0)
2010-02-24 11 (<10.1) (<10.1)
2010-02-25 12 4.7 (<9.9)
2010-03-03 13 (<9.0) (<9.1)
2010-03-04 14 (<8.3) (<8.2)
2010-03-10 15 (<9.3) (<8.9)
2010-03-11 16 (<8.9) (<8.4)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : kysha Says:

    The synopsis does not tell much but the cast looks interesting.

  2. 2 : raz Says:

    I’m going to wach it because my sweet kim bom is there.

  3. 3 : Anonymous Says:

    omg , Kim Bum is here ^^ im totally going to watch this .

  4. 4 : LanieLauj Says:

    Ooo, Kim Bum! Haha, hope this drama is good! (:

  5. 5 : mesya Says:

    I don’t really interested about this film but,maybe this good because there is kim bum play…..

  6. 6 : lei Says:

    si che tabi!!!!!naaddicthoihrg;

  7. 7 : lei Says:


  8. 8 : acel Says:

    wow…kim bum is here…nice im totally going to watch this…

  9. 9 : Sony Says:

    Another drama of Kim Bum!

  10. 10 : rina Says:

    It’s gonna be an interesting drama I think.
    Wanna see another work from kim bum..Hmm.

  11. 11 : takada Says:

    can’t wait this drama to be on air

  12. 12 : susanti Says:

    nunggu karya barux kim bum dong

  13. 13 : Denali Says:

    Funny how some of you want to watch this drama because of Kim Bum while I won’t for the same reason. Not that I don’t like him, I think that he is cute, and so was the So Eul couple.
    The problem is that a baby is cute while a man is handsome. Thus for him to portray a 30-something-year-old man in this drama, he doesn’t fit the role at all.
    I’ll pass.

  14. 14 : sushi Says:

    Kim Bum’s character is not a “30-something-year-old man”.
    His character in the drama is actually 24 years old.
    The lead female characters are actually the ones in their 30s.

  15. 15 : cau2it Says:

    wa, waiting this drama

  16. 16 : hey88 Says:

    Looks like the Korean version of “The Sex and The City”

  17. 17 : candies Says:

    i going to watch it but may your tell mi where to watch..
    i juz surf the youtube sia, cant even find this web!!

  18. 18 : Arai Says:

    You can watch on http://www.mysoju.com,when this drama air…just try…

  19. 19 : GEN Says:

    Kim Bum is playing So Eun’s part!!! So Cute
    SOEUL COUPLE Hwaiting!!

  20. 20 : eugene Says:

    I wanna watch it now. Can’t wait!!

  21. 21 : dayu Says:

    hi, can you help me, how can i get this video movie
    i am in bali, its very hard to get korean video movie

  22. 22 : takada Says:

    kim bum is really handsome in this drama so its a must to watch it!waiting this drama to be available on mysoju.com

  23. 23 : Arai Says:

    This drama in ep 1 only brought in 5.5% rating. Feel bad for kim bum last two dramas,his in bomb in the rating, but i still want to watch this drama, just bcause lee pil mo,he’s soo good in my too perfect sons.fighting!

  24. 24 : BiGiKu Says:

    Ahh~~ Kim Bum..My cute sweet Kim Bum.. I love HIM!!

  25. 25 : takada Says:

    hey guys,you can watch this drama on
    http://www.dramastyle.com (search ; The woman who still wants to marry)
    for the time being there were only episode 1-2 available

  26. 26 : takada Says:

    I love this drama!

    saranghae kim bum

  27. 27 : tsolmon Says:

    many people are gonna watch this drama just bcuz of KIM BUM

  28. 28 : takada Says:

    oh yeahh,kim bum is so adorable in this drama ..its not just because of kimbum but his role as Min jae 12 years younger than Shin young (Jinhee) and the other two couples! looking forward for the next episodes

  29. 29 : izher16 Says:

    I’m looking forward on this drama. I both love Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee. Even though PJH is very senior to KB in terms of age, it’s not much obvious. PJH has a baby face..

  30. 30 : domee Says:

    U could watch it at http://www.dramabang.com
    It’s OK, but … you try it.

  31. 31 : mirror90 Says:

    how can i download diz drama??.. anyone can help me..

  32. 32 : jackam Says:

    Watch episode 1 online with english subs here:

  33. 33 : emerald Says:

    Just finished watching the first 4 episodes. It’s fun, lighthearted & easy to watch. Will definitely continue.

  34. 34 : othmaan Says:

    age doesnt matter ,mental compatibility should be there thats the most important

  35. 35 : sunsets Says:

    Hi gals, complete OST can be found over at http://mysugoi.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/the-woman-who-still-wants-to-marry-ost/


  36. 36 : reem Says:

    hi every one i wana say that i hate boys and i hate this drama olso

  37. 37 : nadia Says:

    can’t wait to watch this korean drama! How cute kim bum! whoa,

  38. 38 : müge Says:

    I really like that drama! perfect chemistry, so sweet ^_^

  39. 39 : othmaan Says:

    can anybody tell about where to find the eng translation for this drama

  40. 40 : Wendy Says:

    This is good! Interesting drama! Luv to see the strong side of women & the romantic side of them too! What’s more, Kim Bum & Park Jin Hee are so cute in this movie!

  41. 41 : jangerr Says:

    Hi everyone! Love what I’ve seen so far of this drama… It’s lighthearted, fun, cute, and more…

  42. 42 : swosan Says:


  43. 43 : koach Says:

    Definitely one of the more watchable dramas of 2010. I’ve tried a few others like Pasta, Pick The Stars, God of Study and just couldn’t get into them. But I find myself looking forward to each new episode of this drama.

  44. 44 : aliah... Says:

    i love this drama cz of KIM BUM…

  45. 45 : thanyie Says:

    when will be the rest of the episodes will the English sub of this series will be publish? i am so excited to watch it.

  46. 46 : me2t Says:

    its gonna be an interesting drama i think..woalllaa

  47. 47 : me2t Says:

    its gonnal be an interesting drama i think

  48. 48 : mia Says:

    I watch this drama because of Park Jin Hee. I’ve liked her since Come Back, Soon Ae. She is pretty and can act to boot. As for Kim Bum, I’ve not been impressed with his acting, esp in Boys Before Flowers. To me, he’s just a pretty face, that’s it, nothing more. But somehow, he’s quite convincing in this drama. Maybe it’s Park Jin Hee. They look good & credible together.

  49. 49 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    This drama is HILARIOUS!!! When I first saw the title and read the various synopsis’ before it aired, I just shrugged it off as a drama about three women who are man-crazed, desperate and trying to beat their biological clock. After passing it up 3x, I just decided today to watch it. I’m so glad that I did! It is so FUNNY!

    The synopsis’ really doesn’t do it justice. There is so much more to this drama that makes it so appealing once I began watching it. The chemistry among the actors is phenominal and the actions of Shin Young (her temper, antics; aka the thug) and Da Jung (her hard to please, husband matrial criteria; desperateness to marry) will keep you in tears! It’s been a while since I laughed out loud because due to a new (2010) kdrama and this one does it for me! Also, Boo Ki, portraying the level-headed, party girl is also funny in her own way and in her own right, deservedly so. The male leads are so HANDSOME and funny, too! Everyone has great lines! I applaud the writer and everyone involved that’s making it happen. I’m so looking forward to the next episode coming soon!

  50. 50 : LP Says:

    This is a very charming, hilarious drama. You can watch full episodes with English sub @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/02/still-mary-me.html

  51. 51 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    If anyone is looking for a very funny, enjoyable drama, this is the one! None of the synopsis’ that I have read has done this drama justice. It is one of the best that contains friendship and love relationships that excels any drama that I’ve seen so far, since the beginning of the year 2010.

    Park Jin Hee as Shin Young is tenacious and appears to be somewhat indefatigable when it comes to the challenges she faces in her profession, but she requires a lot more confidence when it comes to her love life. Kim Bum as Min Jae is suave and unshakable in his pursuit of Shin Young. I really like Kim Bum’s acting role in this drama as a leading man. The confidence and level of maturity he brings to his character is phenominal. He actually surpasses the maturity levels of some of the other male characters in this drama. He has a remarkable incite into how to win over a woman (almost effortlessly), more so than his male counterparts who are much older.

    This drama continues to make me laugh out loud and is also very touching. I guarantee whoever watches it will definitely enjoy it!

  52. 52 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    There’s something that I just have to mention that I’ve noticed time and time again in more than one drama and even in this one. When there is an adulterous relationship/scene (whether the person is separated or not from his/her spouse), more attention and effort is given in the display of affection between this type of couple in comparison to a couple where both are single and in love with each other. The adulterous scenes are more sensual and even the music is better and stands out more. What’s With That??!!!

  53. 53 : Wendy Says:

    I really enjoy watching this drama. The poor ratings does not justice to the quality this drama and nor the skills that actors have displayed in
    the show. I wonder if its because its on the much frowned upon
    relationship of a younger man and older woman?

  54. 54 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    @53 Wendy…I totally agree with you about the ratings of this drama! They should definitely be HIGHER.

    Here in the U.S., I just recently heard that women who are in relationships with younger men are now being called ‘cougars’….I don’t know why and don’t get it. There are a lot more older men in relationships with much younger women…whether it’s hidden or open…what are they called? Happy, fortunate??!!! More like sugar daddies, LOL!!! Either way, I’m told it’s a May-December romance.

    To me, no one can pre-determine who they will fall in love with. As a matter of fact, the few May-December couples that I had the privilege of meeting were happily married and more stable than most other marital relationships. Also in each one, the pursuit was initiated by the younger man. The woman wasn’t interested. Obviously, that took a lot of convincing. Also, the women I met in these relationships don’t even look older than the men they married. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been noticeable to me. To tell the truth, if they’re not a menace to society, I don’t really care! LOL!!!

    Anyway, this is a really GREAT drama for anyone that is looking for one to watch!

  55. 55 : USAFans Says:

    Such a BORING drama.
    Americans will see it? it is just a hallucination.
    Asian-Americans will see it? I doubt it. I drop it after several minutes.

  56. 56 : USAFans Says:

    To encourage drama, I withdraw my prior comment. Simply, I see other drama/movie instead seeing it.

  57. 57 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    Personally, in my own opinion, I don’t watch any fiction in order to create a reality from it, to see a replicate of my life, nor to be a foundation of truths to live by. If that was the case, given the way the economy is over here, you would see me riding a bicycle during the full moon with an alien, excuse me, ET sitting on the handle bars! LOL!!! Or would it be me on the handle bars!

    Anyway, some dramas are definitely more entertaining than others, which is a matter of personal taste, yet I’ll give some a go, just to see if it will stand ‘the test’ to maintain my attention span or not. I’m an American (born and raised) and I’m watching it and I’m enjoying it!

    This drama definitely is ENTERTAINING (at least to me)! Way to go everyone that is making this drama SPECIAL and HAPPENING!

  58. 58 : MUSIC!!! Says:

    but can anyone please help me find the song at episdoe 14 part 5 of woman who still wants to marry … it’s around 9:47 … i really wanna know what it’s called…

  59. 59 : stormbery Says:

    Seriously, this is one of the best korean dramas I have ever watched! It is like the korean version of sex and the city with an extra dose of romance!
    Another incentive to watch the drama -> Kim Bum oppa is so cute!

  60. 60 : Love this drama Says:

    This is such a sweet, well written and acted drama! Now it has ended, I am feeling a bit sad not able to see them together again.

    Anyone know what will be showing as replacement next week?

  61. 61 : Wendy Says:

    I am going to miss this drama too. Ratings don’t count for everything.

    @59 I also can’t figure out what’s the new drama

    @58 trywww.dramabeans.com..in the episode recaps, there are some songs
    for downloading

  62. 62 : U.S.A-Mary Says:

    This is one of the BEST DRAMA’s BY FAR that I’ve seen this year! I’m so pleased with the ending that I could turn cartwheels! The band was truly slammin’ with the music! Love the vocals! Also, each relationship had their challenges, yet were so sweet! Ohhhhhhhhh! I’m really going to miss seeing them all acting together! BRAVO to the writer, director and everyone behind the scenes that made it happen! I oogled the women’s wardrobes…such creative and fantastic ideas from the designers.


  63. 63 : Love this drama Says:

    To USA Mary, I have watched the ending 3 times already but definitely will watch again and again…

  64. 64 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    I was a bit skeptical at the beginning about this show. But really, once u start watching, its really funny and entertaining!

  65. 65 : nikki219 Says:

    where can u find ep 12,13,14,15, and 16 with eng subs??
    really want to watch the rest of the epispdes!!

  66. 66 : gerard09way Says:

    @ Love this drama. where did you able to watched the ending? pls. reply. I really need to know. I am addicted to the drama. thank you very much.

  67. 67 : elle Says:

    i love this drama.. especially because kim bum was there. i’ve watch the drama til episode 13.. i would like to ask where can i watch episodes 14-16.. i really want to watch it til the end because i found it entertaining. please can someone tell me where to watch it cause im not from korea so i can only watch it here in the internet.. tnx so much.. -.-

  68. 68 : Jay Says:

    http://www.dramacrazy.net has ep 14 with english subs and the final two eps without subs..

  69. 69 : elle Says:

    i’ve already watched episode 14.. tnx.. but any idea where to find episodes 15 and 16 with english subs??

  70. 70 : kdramalover Says:

    Kim Bum is so handsome in this drama… His character is way tooooo cute… Cutie Bum, keep up good work…

  71. 71 : Love DramAz Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find ” The woman who still wants to marry” ep 15-16 with english subs? Please help, or tell me when it’s airing.

  72. 72 : Marionetterebel Says:

    @Love DramAz
    has episode 15 but not episode 16

  73. 73 : Dvee Says:

    Just finished watch this drama.i enjoyed this drama very much.kimbum and park jihe looks good together…

  74. 74 : VIOLA Says:

    i love this drama…and i love Kim Bum XDXD

  75. 75 : daisy Says:

    whats the song played at the beginning of the last episode…

  76. 76 : Liz Says:

    this drama is quite amusing. I considered it funny, yet realistic. It’s fun to watch a different view of love story between women it their late 30’s. The fact that this issues also happens in real life..

    Kim bum acted so well and still very charming! Love all the characters!

    Keep up the good work!

  77. 77 : [email protected] Says:

    i love this drama…very funny.and i love the lead actress.i think shes pretty..

  78. 78 : bummie girl Says:

    omg….kim bum is MEGA HOT!!! this drama is funny and awesome!
    (even though im not a korean…still)

  79. 79 : su Says:

    kim bum..i love you..i love you…

  80. 80 : cy Says:

    me 2! i love this drama esp min jae and shin young couple!

  81. 81 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    I’ve finished watching this series. I think its really worth a watch! HIlarious and funny…plus Kim Bum is enough to keep your eyes on the screen..The storyline explores something really different, about women in their 30s searching for love again, and to see what their dilemma is at that point of age..pretty cool

  82. 82 : traijila Says:

    well i have seen this drama and i think that its realy cul to watch.kim bum after boys over flower i think he realy looked cool on this i love him and the lead actress.

  83. 83 : traijila Says:

    well i really love this drama.kim bum i think he is really cute and the lead actress i think she is sweet too. i love watching this drama

  84. 84 : budi Says:

    i love this drama, maked me smile, lough, happy, ect.thanks.

  85. 85 : Devina Says:

    I just finnished to watch this drama…. i think this is a realistic drama…. the idea is unique, n it’s realy good to be watched by people who desperately find her love…. i think his drama teach many things about life n also this is a fun drama…. ^^ WELL DONE

  86. 86 : missmayasmiley Says:


  87. 87 : des Says:

    very amusing… i had good laughs in between the episodes… highly recommended to all korean drama series addicts

  88. 88 : Christine Says:

    yes, i love this drama…& i love shin young & min jae.

  89. 89 : Ratna Says:

    Ha Min Jae and Lee Yong Shin are Perfect Couple.

  90. 90 : naga Says:

    Very amusing and interesting drama, like the ending…

  91. 91 : vivi Says:

    the drama is so touch…i couldn’t stop watching it and i’d to finished them all. I love every moment Kim Bum with Park Ji Hee..i wish the drama never ends..even though there is big age gap difference but they’d fantastic chemistry. it was a pity the rating wasn’t so good but i am sure lots of fans out there love the drama. Kim Bum really cough my eyes here, i didn’t like him in Flowers Boy. this drama is one of my favourite one…love it love it love it….

  92. 92 : janee Says:

    i like this drama a lot. i’ll find it not only entertaining but the drama also portrays the reality of a mature woman whose seeking her love of her life, facing and struggling to deal with the marriage things that apparently is way out of her vision before she got married. the problems which can be occured of the older woman younger man relationship. and all the cast bring it into wonderful chemistry. so, this drama is surely recomended…. 😀

  93. 93 : lyla Says:

    like watch my life….
    really like this drama

  94. 94 : Ruiza Says:

    I looove this drama! I thought it is nice and heart warming.
    What a pity…the rating is low 🙁

  95. 95 : jenny Says:

    It’s really good drama. Romance story is very good, this is my fav drama i ever had. Kim boem is very handsome and have good acting on this drama. Also park jin hee. Ending story is the fav for everybody i guess.

  96. 96 : 4season_leaf Says:

    ♥♥ really love this drama.. thanks 4 all who worked really hard for making this drama…♥♥

  97. 97 : CPW Says:

    really a perfect match couple..heart warming drama….both good in acting….hooray….min jae & shin young, never ending love story…

  98. 98 : Dee Says:

    Thanks for all comments guys! I have the CDs but not started to watch it yet as I doubted it would be good. But, after reading your comments I will definitely watch it after I finished the Personal Taste 🙂

  99. 99 : kaytlen Says:

    Very good drama,, i watch 3 times repeating.

  100. 100 : joviana Says:

    Niceeee. Very nice. Why rating is low ??

  101. 101 : vivi Says:

    this is drama definitely my recomemded drama to watch, harlious, reality and touching. i also love the music too. i thought the drama would be bored but eventually it was never a bored moment. Kim Bum and Park Ji Hee’s acting was awsome. for K drama addictors, the drama is must watch drama…

  102. 102 : C'tine Says:

    what a must watch korean drama…touching, heart warming & a perfect match couple for Ha Min Jae & Lee Shin Young. Kim Bum & Park Jin Hae really act very well….nice…

  103. 103 : Mala Says:

    Highly recommended,very funny, kim bum ure so handsome… 2 thumbs up. This drama would get no. 1 in korea, the rating is definetly wrong…

  104. 104 : napham Says:

    jeg kan godt lide din drama

  105. 105 : Yulie Rossi Says:

    Kim Bum is so cute, i love this drama…. it’s romantic, funny and makes you smile 🙂 Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (forget the rating >,<)

  106. 106 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  107. 107 : ardhan Says:

    what a must watch korean drama

  108. 108 : mutiara Says:

    is this the sequel of the woman who wants to marry?

  109. 109 : mel Says:

    hwaa…. i love kim bum and i must watch this movie… hohohoho

  110. 110 : Tooniez Says:

    This drama id sooooooo GREAT!!!!
    the song is beautiful!
    Y’all should watch it!

  111. 111 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  112. 112 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Have to watch this drama to believe why Korean dramas could turn you to an addict.

  113. 113 : nining Says:

    i love kim bum,, i love korean drama.. 🙂

  114. 114 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  115. 115 : Christine Says:

    this is the most wonderful drama i’ve been watched….lovely, heart warming, touching, funny & all the song also very nice. Park Jin Hee & Kim Bum you’re such an awesome actor……good job.

  116. 116 : lita Says:

    A must see drama, wil see good actress and good actor. Park jin hee and Kim bum are paly very good. Really look like natural as can be happend in our life.

  117. 117 : michella Says:

    I like the story, i like the actor specially. All over is very good drama. Why have low rating ??

  118. 118 : Tine Says:

    i love shin young & min jae couple & their crackling chemistry, i love them so much & i choose to believe in their happy-ever-after, it give me this magical fairy tale on tap…thank you so much….heart warming….

  119. 119 : via Says:

    why the rating is low? but thats ok, since many of the viewers say its good drama then I will try to watch this drama.. 🙂

  120. 120 : Wen Says:

    Good storyline and OST but simply just can’t connect Kim Bum with Park Ji Hee. I don’t think that will happen in real life. I think Kim Bum sing better than act. His acting still need lots of polishing. Anyway he is still so young and still a long way to go.

  121. 121 : Paj Says:

    THIS WAS A VERY SWEET DRAMA TO WATCH!!!!!!!! it’s soooo darn cute!!!! and the cast is SUPERB FOR EACH ROLE!!! i love the storyline and the two main characters are super duper cute!!!! 🙂 it’s a MUST WATCH FOR THIS YEAR! for a light comedic yet romantic drama!!!

  122. 122 : taluta Says:

    i love this drama!!!!!

  123. 123 : CiCi Says:

    what a good drama that i’ve ever watch, so touching & it could be in real life…me myself also married to a man much more younger than me…so i can understand deeply how’s shin yong feel…..Park Jin Hee & Kim Bum really assure the portrayal of shin yong & min jae very well….just forget about the rating…..

  124. 124 : vivian Says:

    IT WAS GREAT!!!! WEIRD that the reating is low?!

  125. 125 : Susi Says:

    Very very good, two thumbs up.

  126. 126 : Aroma Says:

    I enjoyed this drama very much. Good looking cast and a cute story. I highly recommend it.

  127. 127 : Lilli K. Says:

    I didnt except mich as I started watching this drama because the poster doesnt match the drama in a right way. When you see the pic you could think its like “Sex and the City” but luckily it doesnt appear as this.

    I appeared as the greatest drama Ive ever watched – seriously!

    The story is fresh, real and every character is unique. Im sure everyone will love it!!! Starting at the 1st episode every episode got better and better. I cant explain how cute the main couple is! They fit so perfectly to each other!

    Really watch it, watch it. It worths it every time of your life and the best thing is that it doesnt matter if you are 20 or 30…the drama is for almost every age, that is totally great as I think. <3

  128. 128 : ok Says:

    I like Kim Bum & Park Jin Hee. Though Kim Bum is very young, he tries to act mature in this drama to win his love 10 years his senior. And he did a good job. Very Man. Hope to see more of his drama and hope he will pair off with a beautiful lady like Park Jin Hee.

  129. 129 : avien Says:

    park jin hee…loe lucky girl bgt’z sich
    Aku iri loe ama km….abiz kmu bisa ama kim bum….
    oppa bum bum aku suka ma kamu tapi ngrasa sedih waktu ngeliat oppa bum bum…….
    (jagan dibhaz hehhe)beneran sdih koq…
    (jagan dibhaz lagiii) oppa i loph u
    Semangat yeah oppa……dalam hal apapun semangat..

  130. 130 : wilma Says:

    Expect the unexpected: love the twist and turns of the romantic story…

    The story was hilarious,fresh,out of the box,adorable and cute story….

    The characters are cute mainly kim bum and Park jin hee so to speak….and they did justice to what their characters portraits…

    But having said that i hope that kim booki has also a love story so that the story could have been more interesting and the storyline could have been a variety of love story to break the boring spots…

    All in all it was an excellent story and great performance of all characters..
    Love it so dearly…highly recommended…

    aja aja fighting c:

  131. 131 : farah Says:

    love the characters especially Da Jung and Shin Young,love the story and park jin hee have such a good chemistry with kim bum

  132. 132 : CheRrY~ Says:

    Love this drama soo much!

    especially Kim Bum!
    Love him soo much!!!!


  133. 133 : Ranie Says:

    i will love this drama so much..

  134. 134 : saa... Says:

    Wow.. Its was pretty cool drama!

  135. 135 : cindy Says:

    this is one of the best drama of this year..

  136. 136 : 유다 Says:

    The story quite funny especially da jung, but little bit looks like sex and the city version, not very suitable for minors. most favorite person was bu ki, she has a perfect shape of body and untouchable by men too…! 내가 부의기를 사랑

  137. 137 : ani.wijaya Says:

    This drama makes my world upside-down……… It’s lillte bit the same story like what my life through. Me and both two of my friends like it. What a smart and quirky drama…….

  138. 138 : ptsh836 Says:

    the character i like the most here is kim boo ki coz she always give such realistic n good advice to her frens…esp to da jung who is clueless altho she’s a professional at work…however lee shin young is way too old for ha min jae…even her face is one n a half times bigger thn his!!! check this out when they first kiss….kim bum will always look boyish no matter how old he gets…i dun like min jae’s mom…she never smiles n has only 1 expression throughout ie of exasperation…..can’t help feeling this drama is a gathering of 3 actresses one level below the top echeleon of the hottest actresses….

  139. 139 : toh quan ming Says:

    i love this drama very much so i will be renting it for me to watch some other time when i am free.

  140. 140 : afiska Says:

    It’s a very unusual drama. It’s about friendship, co-worker relationship, leadership, love & life and many more. A light story but has very deep meaningfull messages inside. Love it so much. Never bored to watch and watch and watch it again …. 🙂

  141. 141 : Greselle Mae Says:

    well, this korean drama is good but for me, what makes it the best is kim sang bum…. he is soo handsome here and i like his character…. I’m looking forward for another awesome drama chracterized by kim sang bum….. and here, he sings… and i love it soo much…. i love his voice….

  142. 142 : nigma Says:

    i just love kim bum, he is so cute n awesome actor i will soon be watching this drama saranheo

  143. 143 : DJK Says:

    I do not like the end, I hope Ha min jae married to Lee Shin young. I’m very disappointed

  144. 144 : hirmah Says:

    im sorry..but its really bored drama..i cant finished watching this drama even i watch use speed 4x to watch..so weird when i read all comment here…im decided to watch & finish it…

  145. 145 : jastine Says:

    super love this drama. . .kim bum is so great! as well as park jin hee!!! i really love the way kim bum smile! 😀

  146. 146 : Gi-Eun Says:

    actually,all of them are really good at acting of each individual role. . .but kim bum and park jin hee really stand the most! oh how i really love kim bum! the story is so great and so reality. . . 😀

  147. 147 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  148. 148 : katerina Says:


  149. 149 : katerina Says:


  150. 150 : vahdaneh Says:

    The 3 ladies are so lovely. :)8

  151. 151 : viesa Says:

    I just watch this drama and I think its good, specially the couple Lee Shin Young and Ha Min Jae. Love them couple! Agreed with Lilli K 😀

  152. 152 : sanz Says:

    it’s the best KOREAN DRAMA who ever i seen !!!
    three times i watch this movie and not get bored, i was crying and laughing because this movie, the movie is very memorable for me, i can not forget this movie, love this movie 4ever !! 🙁

  153. 153 : christine Says:

    it’s a very sweet, nice, funny & romantic drama….highly recommended!
    park Jin hee acted too well & she really gorgeous, love her very much!

  154. 154 : Romeo Suzanno Says:

    At first I did not like Korean dramas. Unintentionally I saw this drama on the show when I was again waiting for the Italian league that will be aired on TV Indosiar (Indonesia). initially did not seriously watch it, after seeing the scenes I was getting cool watching it, there are funny, romantic, sad and a sense of optimism that shown in this drama.
    The drama is also able to open the eyes of our hearts, that unify a difference it is a beautiful thing, including the love with the age difference as to display in this drama. I think whatever it is the most important distinction is to obtain “HAPPINESS” .. is not that what the dream of every person on earth?
    great drama, I represent Indonesia fans say Congratulations to Park Jin Hee & Kim Bum and artists involved in the role of this drama, action all of you on this drama very well.
    one more thing .. I think, if Kim Bum Park Jin Hee married in real I think fits well … HA … HA … HA … HA ..

  155. 155 : dee Says:

    this is the best korean drama i ever watch. never get bored when i saw this drama. and i already re watch until 20 times. kkkkkk….
    hope there will be a new drama who the cast both of two will be pairing again. like a chemistry both of them. 🙂 🙂

  156. 156 : ALR Says:

    Just finished watching the Korean drama “The woman who still wants to marry”.
    The acting cast is excellent, but I like to highlight the oustanding acting
    of the young actress Park Jin Hee, she did a wonderfull professional acting
    and I think that she with her very pretty face is one of the best in that
    Korean profession. Am a Korean drama/movie “addict”, who owns many
    of these dramas/movies and am checking with my suppliers in order to buy
    as many of this dramas or movies with the first class acting of the brilliant
    Pak Jin Hee, as they may be available in the market.
    Miss Park, the Lord always bless you.
    Keep up the good work !

  157. 157 : zarima USA Says:

    love this kdrama.. its funny ,, the tree ladies are beautiful

  158. 158 : Paula Keez Says:

    Where I can watch this Drama??

  159. 159 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m watching this drama again and its just as funny and heart warming as it was when it first aired 3 years ago!

  160. 160 : PARVEZ Says:

    I’m watching this drama again and its just as funny and heart warming as it was when it first aired 3 years ago!

  161. 161 : dahlia(fx) Says:

    Excellence and beautiful drama♡♡♡♡♡♡

  162. 162 : pmai Says:

    This drama is pretty good, but underrated for some reason??
    Kim bum is SO CUTE and LOVABLE!

  163. 163 : pmai Says:

    So far Kim Bum has 4 good dramas…boys over flowers, padam padam, that winter the wind blows, and still marry me.
    I’m waiting for the day when kim bum gets the main leading role for a big hit drama.

  164. 164 : yeshi dema Says:

    I love this drama very much….and i enjoyed watching.

  165. 165 : Sue Says:

    I watched this drama again becouse Lee Pil-Mo. I finished Pil-Mo new drama ( Emergency couple). I like Lee in his new Drama. In his new drama, Pil-mo more mature n he is more handsome then he was 4 years ego.

  166. 166 : kez Says:

    don’t you guys like the OST it was sooooo good a drama. Park jin hee unni, you are soo beautiful. i liked it so much.

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