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The Veil

Title: 검은 태양 / The Veil
Also known as: Black Sun
Genre: Spy, Action, Revenge
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2021-Sep-17 to 2021-Oct-23
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


This drama is about a top field agent in the National Intelligence Service (NIS). After going missing a year ago, he returns to the organization to find an internal traitor who dropped him into the abyss.


Main Cast

Nam Goong Min as Han Ji Hyuk
– Kim Ji Woo (김지우) as Ji Hyuk (child)
Park Ha Sun as Seo Soo Yun
Kim Ji Eun as Yoo Je Yi

Overseas part

Jang Young Nam as Do Jin Sook
Kim Jong Tae as Kang Pil Ho

Criminal Information Integration Center

Kim Do Hyun as Ha Dong Kyun
Park Jin Woo as Cha Min Chul
Kwon So Hyun as Goo Hyo Eun

Domestic part

Lee Kyung Young as Lee In Hwan
Kim Min Sang as Jung Yong Tae


Kim Byung Ki as Bang Young Chan
Yoo Oh Sung as Baek Mo Sa
Hyun Bong Sik as Cheon Myung Ki
Jung Ji Yoon as Kim Yeo Jin
Hwang Hee as Oh Kyung Suk
Jo Bok Rae as Kim Dong Wook
Ok Ja Yun as Lin Wei


Jung Moon Sung as Jang Chun Woo

Production Credits

Production Companies: MBC, 3Mana Creative, Ateod Co. Ltd
Director: Kim Sung Yong
Screenwriter: Park Suk Ho

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2021-09-17 1 5.4 - 7.2 (9th) 8.2 (6th)
2021-09-18 2 7.9 - 8.0 (4th) 8.5 (4th)
2021-09-24 3 8.4 - 9.8 (5th) 10.1 (5th)
2021-09-25 4 7.5 - 8.3 (4th) 8.6 (3rd)
2021-10-01 5 8.6 - 9.4 (5th) 9.8 (5th)
2021-10-02 6 8.3 - 8.6 (4th) 9.2 (3rd)
2021-10-08 7 7.1 - 8.4 (6th) 8.7 (5th)
2021-10-09 8 7.6 - 7.8 (4th) 8.6 (3rd)
2021-10-15 9 6.3 - 8.3 (6th) 8.4 (4th)
2021-10-16 10 6.7 - 7.6 (4th) 7.7 (4th)
2021-10-22 11 6.7 - 7.4 (7th) 7.5 (8th)
2021-10-23 12 7.6 - 8.8 (3rd) 9.2 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Mitaceli Says:

    Hope to watch it

  2. 2 : Ramli Says:

    Hopefully all this actor not wearing a lipstick… looks disgusting with lipstick on…

  3. 3 : edge Says:

    Waiting for you ( Gongmin ) Oppa 🥰

  4. 4 : Marie Says:

    Mr Goong Min your body is buffed up already. Too much is a turn off. Ugly. Please stop. Enough already.

    Thank you.

  5. 5 : Moviemania21 Says:

    Situs Nonton Bioskop Online Terbaru sub indo

  6. 6 : Kaleem Ullah Says:

    Watch Full Episode WIth Eng SUb The Veil on Here https://dramacool.wiki/category/the-veil/

  7. 7 : Charlie Says:

    Of note, an interesting point here is that there is a mysterious person who’s secretly keeping an eye on Han Ji Hyuk, plus guiding him towards the direction of the Rat. Who can this person be ?

    This person saved HJH from human traffickers at sea by alerting the coast guards. Then later led HJH to a locker where HJH found a recording about a Rat in the Agency.

    So far, this mysterious person remains a mystery. I guess that he/she is either a senior staff, or someone who works at the intel department in the Agency. The most likely spots to where intel are accessable.

    The preview to the forthcoming episode showed HJH resigning from his post. Presumably he’s heading for a brutal drug cartel syndicate somewhere in China which he suspects could lead him to the Rat. In episode 2 he had also discovered that his past informer was at the scene of his capture (one year ago) and who is currently a member of this particular chinese drug cartel syndicate.

    From now onwards I think we can expect to see lots of actions. Han Ji Hyuk is on his way to beat up plenty of a**** !!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Chuseok holiday !! 😊

  8. 8 : OK OK OK Says:

    NICE 👍🏻

  9. 9 : Charlie Says:

    Towards the end of Ep 4 Choi Sang Kyun son of an Agent who died shortly after the incident one year ago, told HJH that he found a note on his dad that said the spy was Seo Soo Yun. Woah .. does anybody believe this? I for one do not believe it. I do not think that HJH would believe it too without investigating beforehand. I suspect the Rat had left the note in order to draw attention to SSY making her a scapegoat. For all her cleopatra hair and unfriendly demeanor I do not think she is capable of such traitorous behavior.

    Till episode 5 & 6 then… bye.

  10. 10 : Charlie Says:

    As expected, we see Han Ji Hyuk kicking plenty of a**** in Ep 3 & 4. The casualties are members of the Huayang gang. HJH the killer machine came out alive but looked like he had been run over by a truck.

    Ep 3 & 4 proved rather fruitful for HJH. Leads started to pop up, bringing him closer to the Rat.

    The following are notable points which show the progress of HJH’s investigation :

    1) He found his former informant, Lee Choon Gil. He was able to fill the many missing parts in HJH”s memory with critical information about the tragic incident one year ago.

    LCG’s information led HJH to locate the Huayang gang leader Hwang Mo Sool. HJH believed Hwang MS holds information to the Mastermind Baek Mo Se that directs criminal activities in China, North and South Korea. He deduced the mastermind is somehow ultimately connected to the Rat.

    2) HJH has a helpful Chinese diplomat stationed in South Korea who provided information on the Huayang gang and the mastermind.

    3) HJH’s partner Yoo Je Ji turned out to be a capable partner after all. They formed a good team.

    4) HJH seems to have a Superior, Do Jin Sook who quietly watches out for him.

    5) He met Choi Sang Kyun son of a former colleague who susposedly died in suspicious circumstances not long after the tragic incident one year ago. CSK is a genius teen hacker. He gave HJH the information which he found on his dad that said the spy at NIS was Seo SY. This is going to set HJH to dig deeper, which might not be good news for the perpetrator.

    6) HJH scratched out his senior’s name Ha Dong Kyun from his lists of suspects. Now he has one less suspect to work on.

    Hopefully, episodes that follow will be as fruitful and exciting as Ep 3 & 4.

    Take care. Stay safe.

  11. 11 : Charlie Says:

    Oh yes … I left out one very telling point in #10 above, which is :009

    Choi Sang Kyun genius teen hacker gained access to the Agency’s server system through a “back door”. Otherwise its firewall is impenetrateable. This is a classified piece of info which nobody would know, except for certain entities in the Agency.

    How did CSK know about this classified info then ??

    My guess is that the Mysterious Guy had tipped CSK about it. And this raised more questions ? How did the Mysterious Guy know about the server system’s secret back door ? Does it mean that he/she could be someone who is senior enough to be in possession of such info ?

    Well, well, looks like this Mysterious Guy is determine to expose the Rat, but realise that he/she is powerless against a bigger entity. So he/she subtly engage the capability of HJH and few others, guiding them stage by stage, to bring down the Rat and its unholy activities.

    Hahaha … folks. Actually, the mysterious guy in here for all we know, might not be a big attraction. For fun, I am amplyfing this character just to add more color to the story and the drama. No offence intended. Peace ! ✌🌝

    Have a good day !! ☺

    Adopt A Pet. Give A Homeless Pet A Kind Home.

  12. 12 : Charlie Says:

    Haha … I just remembered. Wondered whether viewers had noted that these words -“Mutual Enemy” surfaced twice.

    HJH came across it the first time from Lee Choon Gi, I think. And then again .. from Choi Sang Kyun who used it as the password for his computer attack on the Agency’s servers.

    Now let’s ponder a little bit more … can there be a coincidence that such cryptic words be repeated twice at the crest of a danger, far apart in time and distance from each other? No, dont think so. Not random enough to be coincidence. Who then was the originator of the words? Is this another clue to Mysterious Guy?

    Another piece of tidbit – Ep 4 – I think the glimpse of a guy getting into the lift, as Hwang Mo Sool was getting out (escaping from the penthouse) was Baek Mo Se, the Mastermind. He looked like the image in a printed poster I saw recently online.

    The above are my guesses only. Please correct if necessary.

    Have a nice day !

  13. 13 : Charlie Says:

    Hehe !! Here’s another piece of critical info which I had almost forgotten.

    I think Lee Choon Gil had also told HJH that the emergency call to the Agency on that night of the attack one year ago, did reach the Agency. But someone there chose not to action on it. Who could it be ?? The Rat?

    This is significant news. Somebody at the Agency had deliberately left HJH and colleagues to die in the attack that night. This gives HJH more reason to want to flush out the Rat and hang it out to dry !! Fighting HJH !!

    P/s I think this is the last piece of info until next week.

    Adopt A Pet. Give A Homeless Pet A Kind Home. 🐾 🐾 🐾

  14. 14 : regular me Says:

    love the story & action moves….. n superb fit ML (gongnim)! sexy af…haha

  15. 15 : annmasae Says:

    @Charlie thanks for all your insightful comments. I was very confused at times but you help solve some of my questions.
    Keep up the good work.

    On another note Nam Goong Min shows his versatility as an actor in this role. It is so different from the other dramas I have seen him in. Even Park Ha Sun has a different persona in her role. Great job to the entire cast and crew.

  16. 16 : MaxT Says:

    This is the best action drama to watch in October. Few other dramas I got bored after the first episode.

  17. 17 : Charlie Says:

    #15 annmasae

    Thanks for the compliments. Ha not expected anything to come out of my notes. Anyway glad that they turned out to be of some use. Hehe !

    (I have a habit of writing out my thoughts without any ulterior motive in mind. Please read with discretion).

    Nam Goong Min is a good actor. He usually pick roles in projects that he feels safe in. Took me by surprise that this time he took a risk and went headlong into the role of Han Ji Hyuk. It turns out to be one of his best decisions.

    He gave life to Han Ji Hyuk. He made HJH so real !!

    Re Park Ha Sun – I think in real, she would do better in feminine type projects. But not in The Veil. Yet she’s here. So there could be a good reason why she’s casted for the role of Seo Soo Yun. Her bland personality here could be just a front? Could she be the Rat or the Mysterious Guy? Or she’s just put there to distract our attention from the Rat? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Well, there are 8 more episodes to go … plenty more stuff to keep us on edge … haha !! Fighting !!

  18. 18 : Charlie Says:

    #16 MaxT

    Agree. The Veil is about the best drama to watch at the moment.

  19. 19 : Sandy Says:

    The Veil is okay, but it’s over the top violent in a way I never expected to see in a Korean drama. It’s the same level of violence as John Wick.

  20. 20 : Charlie Says:

    #19 Sandy

    Hahaha !! You are right. John Wick is “insane”. So is Han Ji Hyuk, a killing machine.

    Yes, John Wick and Han JH are not human when they are facing their enemies. I usually hate brutal voilence and unncessary bloodsheds, but in this case for JW and HJH I am going to close both eyes and accept their brutal actions.

    Why ?? Its cuz the type of opponents that JW and HJH face are animals, without conscience. They need to be brutally beaten to submission otherwise they will end up killing HJH or JW !!

    Yayyy .. I think you kind of cheer for HJH and JW too wont you ?? Hehe !! 😉

  21. 21 : Charlie Says:

    Finished watching Ep 5 & 6. This time the story got convoluted not to say complicated too. I do admit that my head got scrambled a bit but will try to make as much sense as I can.

    Herewith a gist of the whole big complicated picture, in no particular order. Here goes :-

    1) There are two competing factions in the Agency. Domestic Unit and Foreign Unit. Han Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Jivhis psrtner are attached to Foreign Unit. Domestic Unit tend to be hostile to Foreign Unit. Foreign’s Head is Do Jin Sook, HJH’s superior.

    2) In spite of oppositions, DJS is now about the only one who believes in HJH. She allows him to push on with his investigations. Why ?? Does she knows something others don’t ?

    3) HJH’s handler, Kang Pil Ho is behaving suspiciously. He so wants to remove HJH from operation citing mental instability. Why ?? He bypassed DJS and approached Domestic for approval. DJS stopped it in time.

    4) Seo Soo Yun is Domestic Unit. She is “indebted” to Kang PH for some reason. Reason not revealed. Currently she is handling a case that involves a black operative in China, named Chang Chun Woo, and a secret operations involving defectors in South Korea and some people in the North. This must be a highly secretive operation that caused SSY and a cousin of a reporter to be killed off. She told HJH to trust no one before she collapsed.

    HJH was accused of killing SSY. He discovered it was a set up. Why and who would want to get rid of HJH? Could HJH be getting too dangerously close to the truth of what happened to the massacre of their operatives in Shenyang and the incident one year ago in Dandong? I think he is.

    5) HJH had a personal visit from Chang Chun Woo. CCW threatened him harm if he did not stop his investigation. HJH of course could not be “persuaded”. CCW left empty handed.

    6) Yoo Je Yi his partner was roughed up by CCW’s men. She was stuffed in the trunk of her own car. HJH drove her car chasing the bad guys, only to find her in the trunk later. She survived the ordeal.

    Will continue in next post.

    Apparently there is a secret organisation within the Agency that runs their own operations. Details are unknown. This secret organisation is run by retired senior heads and current Agency members.

    My guess is that HJH ‘s investigations could have inadvertently disturbed a hornets nest.

    Till the next post .. following soon …..

  22. 22 : Charlie Says:

    Part 2 .. Continue from #21 above …

    1) There is a secret rogue organisation within the Agency. What is this Organisation’s mission and goals are not known at the moment. But what is obvious is that HJH’s presence and his investigations are at a colliding course with the organisation’s secret activities. And cuz of this he is wanted dead by the Organisation.

    I think HJH’s superior DJS has knowkedge of the existence of this Oganisation. That is why she’s being uncooperative and resisting Domestic’s hostile actions at every turn. Domestic Unit I think, has been usurped and is misused now by people heading this Organisation. They are too powerful to be taken down easily. This is why HJH is resurrected plus the appearance of Mysterious Guy who are brought together to dismantle the Organisation.

    2) By now, I’m sure HJH would have joined the dots to realise that he had inadvertently disturbed a hornets’ nest. Danger Alert !!

    3)(a) He and Yoo JY starts to investigate the Domestic’s suspicious sudden closing of the case on a Reporter’s visits to North Korea after when Domestic had laboriously taken the trouble to accuse her of having entered North Korea based on cooked up information. What about the killing of her cousin who was coerced to bear false witness.

    (b) Then there was HJH who been falsely accused of killing SSY?

    (c) What about the sudden appearance of notorious black operative Chang Chun Woo in South Korea? Why did he suddenly turn up ?? For what purpose ??

    4) Not to miss this one out… Yoo JY one day found a note on her desk containing some contact link. Who could have left it there for her. The link took her to a digital imaging expert who eventually found the original video clip that showed Seo SY’s killer in the act of shooting her. HJH now can prove that he did not kill Seo SY.

    But then we see Yoo JY pressing the “delete” button. What ??? Is this a trick ?? Did Yoo JY delete the crucial proof that can prove HJH did not kill SSY ??

    No, nah .. cannot be. I would think that she send a copy to HJH.

    5) Re the note I would like to think that it was the Mysterious Guy who gave it to Yoo JY.

    Well, folks thats all I can recall of the drama. Please feel free to add on what I have missed out. Thanks.

    Bye ! Have a good day !!

  23. 23 : Bp Says:

    Yoo jy would be an interesting role in the coming drama.

  24. 24 : Charlie Says:

    Yoo Je Ji is becoming more intriguing and interesting. She’s beginning to show her mettle as a competent partner to HJH. If she’s less than this, I doubt HJH would have accepted her as partner.

    Some viewers think that HJH should be wary of her. That she is perhaps his enemy rather than partner.

    No, dont think so. She can’t be his enemy .. she lost her dad in the Shenyang massacre. She’s on the same mission as HJH, that is to get to the root of the massacre and find those responsible. I don’t see any reason why she would betray HJH. In fact I think its the other way round .. that is, she needs his support in order to carry out her secret personal mission.

    As what Bp #23 said .. its very likely that she will be playing a more active part as the story runs. Being such a smart girl that she is, who knows, maybe she might find out who the Rat is ??

    Its crucial. The Rat must be found and put out of action. He’s doing something that is detrimental to the nation.

  25. 25 : Charlie Says:

    Oh gosh … an episode (7) has just zipped past, at dizzying speed. Confusing .. As usual, I am still stunned and need time to put what I’ve seen into a big picture.

    So many things happened and changed in this episode. , The scene changed to show our HYH/YJY team propelled closer and more dangerously into the votex of the merciless Sangmuhoe conspiracy plus, into the arms of some as yet unexpected band of militant entities. Who are they ?

    Who is this is anonymous militant faction of fighters whose mission it is to counteract the merciless Sangmuhoe ?

    I think now there are altogether three groups of secret factions fighting each other :-

    1) NIS – National Intelligence Service. Han JH and his limited number of allies are after The Rat, a staff member and Traitor.

    2) Sangmuhoe – a renegade organisation secretly led by The Rat, a staff member of NIS. His i.d. still remains unknown. Sangmuhoe is suspected to be in league with entities from the North. Their mission as yet unknown.

    3) An anonymous band of fighters who seem to be fighting to counteract Sangmuhoe. Their presence just known.

    Haha !! Unbelievable !! In this episode, our Mysterious Guy confessed to HJH who he is. Its none other than Ha Dong Kyun – HJH’s senior whom HJH had in an earlier episode scratched his name out of his list of suspects ? Ha DK admitted that he was responsible too for the note which led them to Deep Fake, and the sending of vid clip which showed proved HJH innocent of the shooting of Seo SY. Good job Mysterious Guy !!

    Haha !! Another surprise here !! After she had let HJH down and incurred HJH’s mistrust of her, YJY worked extremely hard to regain his trust. This led her to the hospital where Seo SY was admitted and died in. They started to investigate. She found that the hospital has a secret basement prison that kept certain prominent patients as prisoners. The prisoners were injected with a certain drug which induces a fake death.

    YJY decided to rescuse one of these patients a renowed medical professor. However, her rescue effort as well herself were highjacked by a group of men. A firefight ensued when HJH came to the rescue. During the melee YJY caught sight of the face of the leader of the hijackers and the scars on his left hand. Who were these people? No clue that they were from NIS? Not from Sangmuhoe either, cuz the patient was apparently from Sangmuhoe’s secret prison?

    Looks like we will have to wait for later episodes to find out.

  26. 26 : Charlie Says:

    Continue from #26.

    One thing I like about The Veil is that it does not dilly dally with its story telling. Its goes straight to the point, deal with the matter at hand quickly, then move on !! Such as revealing the i.d. of Mysterious Guy … and now … the fate of Chang Chun Woo.

    I dont quite get how Chang Chun Woo could end up in the hands of some killers. He was an ace black operative. I am sure to catch him could not be easy.

    There was a scene of Chang Chun Woo being tied up and tortured by some men.

    His captors wanted to extract some info from him.

    His body was later found hanging from the roof of a tall building. He had been brutally and mercilessly killed.

    Who were these killers? Were they Sangmuhoe or the band of fighters opposing Sangmuhoe? Could not be NIS as they themselves were given the news of CCW demise.

    Well, this is all for now. Waiting for next episode to come on later.

    Have a nice weekend !!

  27. 27 : Laura Says:

    Worth it to watch and since fisrt part until 7 this movie made me cant breath huahaha 5 stars

  28. 28 : Charlie Says:

    Been mulling a bit on what I’ve seen in Ep 8. Though its contents are simpler without an overload of info or intro of new characters, its story is starting to switch to a new direction. It now has a bit of politics and a dash of international (North) elements in it. This is what Team HJH & YJY will notice. And the stakes are high – death.

    By Ep 8, its established that there are three (3) factions fighting each other, each with its own mission.

    1) NIS – HJH’s superior, Do Jin Sook resigns from her job as a pledge if her department could not solve or find the killers of their ace operative in China, Chang Chan Woo.

    Privately, she together with her band of loyalists (defectors from the North) are still active in the shadows. They continue to monitor Domestic Unit’s activities. What does this tell us? That Domestic is engaged in some undesirable fishy business.

    A reorganisation shows Foreign Unit will be dissolved and merged with Domestic Unit. HJH will be transferred to a branch unit in Geonggi (put in cold storage ?) and YJY will be going to Intel Gathering and Analysis Section.

    2) Domestic Unit (smelling of Sangmuhoe) – with the closure of Foreign Unit and it out of the way, Domestic is having a free run of NIS. Who is to check them now?

    It quickly and brazenly put its political plans into action for the forthcoming Presidential Election. They plan to take control of the nation, working behind the back of a puppet president of their making.

    I guess this is reason why loyalist operatives of Foreign Units and whoever deems a threat (e.g. Reporter Ki Sun and cousin), were systematically killed off during the last few years’ period.

    3) Baek Mo Se Militants – BMS were a Foreign operative working in China and the North. He disappeared and turned rebel during the turbulent times when Sangmuhoe deliberately created choas in Shenyang and the North.

    As the feared Baek Mo Se, he leads a team of militant rebels to counteract Sangmuhoe. Who is the power behind BMS? Surely there is some powerful and rich entity that can afford to back up a band of militants like Baek Mo Se?

    In Ep 8, HJH and YJY encountered BMS and his boys. They hijacked their patient and YJY. YJY was shot by BMS and a bomb was thrown at them as well. But they survived this attack?

    Team HJH & YJY knew that BMS had no intention of killing them. It was just a show to misled Sangmuhoe from realising that BMS was somehow connected to YJY. BMS did it to save her from the Sangmuhoe’s clutches.

    I believe BMS knew that YJY was his daughter. He shot her knowing quite well that she was protected by a protective vest beneath her blouse. True enough, it

    I have left out some point such as how Sangmuhoe tried to compromise a high official from the North to turn traitor and to join Sangmuhoe. And how BMS sabotaged this plan by killing off this official (scene witnessed by HJH). A clue to HJH that BMS is enemy of Sangmuhoe.

    Well folks, this is all I can make a picture of what’s going on. Please correct as necessary. Thanks.

  29. 29 : Benchaabane mohamed Says:

    I do appreciate the drama in fact there are a lot of incident’s that are mixed up to leave you puzzled in diciffering who is with who and who is against who. Bravo!👌

  30. 30 : Charlie Says:

    #29 Benchaabane mohamed

    Yes, we are looking in, and watching a cesspool of snakes, no matter which militant faction they are from.

    Terrible, isn’t it ? Each of these devious factions is trying to outsmart and deceive each other in their underground murderous political pursuits. (With an unspoken licence to kill too).

    We may find it hard to figure out what these “snakes” are thinking or doing .. but I think to these people, its just like breathing. Natural. They are so highly trained and their mindset so tuned-up to the art of deception, that their way of thinking is unlike ours. Such people are a special breed. They got nerves of steel. (And since this is k-drama, the dramatics are brought a level higher too. Haha !!)

    So here we are .. watching a cauldron of the devil’s hotpot !! Fits your interesting picture isn’t it?

    Have a happy weekend.

  31. 31 : Charlie Says:

    Just finished watching Ep 9. I’m here to whine about my frustrations at the tons of lies and deceptions I am put through just trying to catch a story being told.

    Oh gosh !! The lies and deceptions that get thrown around in this epidode are so much that one gets the impresssion that a new language is trending.

    Oh gosh !! No wonder the late Seo Suu Yun advised HJH – “trust no one”. I am beginning to get the HJH syndrome. I cant even trust what I’ve seen and heard in this episode. Did I just wasted my time watching this episode?

    However, a plus point is that the major characters involved in this whole deception have revealed their faces. A step closer for HJH to catch the bad guys.

    But first, HJH got to solve the mystery of his own confession in a video clip that he was the killer of his colleagues in Dandong one year ago !! Oh gosh !! Is this true or another lie. A deep fake? Shit !! Grrrr …

  32. 32 : Charlie Says:

    This is a hard piece of news to swallow – HYH confessing that he was the one who killed his colleagues in the incident one year ago.

    I dont think its true. The vid clip could be a deep fake. Somebody doctored the vid.?

    I remember some episodes ago, HYH’s informant Lee Choon Gil told him that night of the attack, that he had followed HYH’s instructions and made the emergency call to HQ for assistance. The call was taken by someone. (However no action was taken on it).

    The question is – Why would HYH kill his colleagues when he had even made an emergency call to HQ for assistance/backup for him and Team ? If HYH had wanted his colleagues dead, he could have just kill them off ?

    And the i.d. of the Rat was revealed as Lee In Hwan Chief of Domestic Unit. A power crazy guy. Rogue. Is this true ? (I think I am suffering the HYH syndrome of the worst kind now, having doubts, disbelieve).

    Hope episode 10 will have the answers to the many questions in ep 9.

    Have a Happy Sunday, people.

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾❤

  33. 33 : Charlie Says:

    Hahaha … episode 10 is good and bad news at the same time. Nevertheless .. in a way it gives closure to some issues for us.

    (By now, HJH’s memory is beginning to return…though not fully yet.)

    Ep 10 is packed with relevant info and contents. A daebak episode. After having followed the series, and arrived at Episide 10, it would be a waste if we were to miss it. Please go watch the drama for the actual feel and details. You wont be disappointed.

    Spoilers :-

    I have written some notes below that are roughly about certain scenes that have registered with me. The rest had slipped thro the big holes in my brain ( sorry .. ) …

    1) The story switched to the time of the Shenyang and Dandong cases where HJH and Team were involved in. These two cases are important in that they were the cause of HJH’s current state of mind and predicament.

    a) In Dandong, there was already a built up of some distrust among HYH and his two colleagues. Each suspect each other of being a secret member of either Lee IH (Domestic Unit) or Do SJ (Foreign Unit). All of a sudden they were called to undertake an operation in Shenyang. The simmering mistrust followed them.

    b) The job was to spy on a meeting between Sangmuhoe operative Chang Chun Woo and Ri DC a senior officer from the North. HJH and Team’s job was to surveil this meeting.

    For a split minute, Baek Mo Se was spotted in the locality of the meeting venue. What and why was he there ?

    At the meeting, Ri DC was in a rage. Something was not right at the meeting. (Later it was found that Ri DC would get a list of NIS operatives in Shenyang if he were to defect to the South to promote Sangmuhoe’s rigged presidential election).

    HJH, Dong Wook and Kyung Seok quickly ran to go check on the meeting. All three of them in three different directions their watch. Kyung Seok was seen on his way to the hotel room in question instead. Later, followed by Dong Wook … then HJH.

    What a sight .. there was no sign of Kyung Seok, but only a dead Ri DC lying on the floor. Dong Wook’s hands were covered in blood. DW was in a daze. His mind asked him “Where was KS ?” “Did KS kill Ri DC” ?

    DW followed later by HJH made their escape, through the window as law enforcers were on their way.

    Sangmuhoe’s plan to recruit Ri DC to use him promoting the presidential election failed. (Sangmuhoe is not finished yet with creating choas. See coming separate posts).

    So HJH & Team returned to Dandong immediately. Recriminations followed among the three of them regarding the killing of Ri DC. It culminated with first DW and KS shooting at each other. KS was shot and killed by DW. Then HJH faced off with DW. HYH killed DW.

    Oh dear … the devil has had a good time here. Like its often said …”Dont tempt the devil”….

    So let’s think thro this scenario .. Was HJH & Team attacked by the Drug Syndicate (Moo Sool) OR … the Boys themselves turned on each other that fateful night one year ago ??

    And this could be the reason WHY HJH is still not satisfied even after Lee IH has been killed? HJH is still on his vengeance path for he believes that ABOVE Lee IH seats The One. He should be found and be destroyed. Well, lets see … we have two more episodes to go … to the end.

    Well folks, sorry, the entire post here covers only one scene. I have to give a bit more details here cuz I think the incidents here are the cause of the story of The Veil.

    Notes on the other collateral incidents will be in following posts …

    Have a nice day !!

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾 ❤


  34. 34 : Charlie Says:

    Continue from #33

    Spoilers :-

    Baek Mo Se was at the hotel where the Meeting was held. It was him who killed Ri DC. The purpose was to sabotage Sangmuhoe’s plan.

    Chang Chun Woo a Sangmuhoe survived the confrontation with Dong Wook and HJH when they turned up at the hotel room. He survived the shootout. Later he was responsible for the massacre of NIS operatives in Shenyang when he leaked their names.

    As we had seen in an earlier episode (Ep 7), later Chang CW fell into the hands of Baek MS. Baek MS tortured and killed him.

    Baek MS was on a revenge mission to find the person responsible for betraying him to the North 10 years ago.

    (When Lee IH told Yoo JY in an earlier episode that it was Do JS who sold her father to the North, it was a lie. It was said to sway her allegiance to Domestic Unit).

    There was a scene when Baek MS was meeting Do JS by a Han River marina to talk about how he was betrayed to the North, Sangmuhoe assassins tried to kill them. Luckily, HJH was informed about it by Yoo JY and managed to save both Baek SM and Do JS. This leaves no doubt to Baek MS who it was who sold him to the North that 10 years ago. It was Lee IH of Sangmuhoe.

    (Yoo JY by now was working for Domestic/Sangmuho in their secret intel room where she could monitor and spy on the public. In reality, it was a ruse she and HYH planned in order to spy on Sangmuhoe).

    Next subject – Lee Ih Hwan aka The Rat.

    As you have seen, he appeared in almost every episode. We didn’t fail to be shown his mean and evil character. We saw how he took control of Planet, the IT company and gained access to millions of private and personal information, etc etc. We saw how he got no empathy for his juniors. He made use of them and didn’t cared whether they die or live. He planned and killed NIS operatives in Shenyang, killed Seo Soo Yeon, etc etc etc. He tried to take over control of the nation. His crimes were too many to list. The verdict was already recorded .. death by hanging.

    Then I remember seeing Lee IH swinging by the neck from a ceiling. Lee IH The Rat was dead. Who caught him and hung him ? Hope the coming episodes will provide the answer. (Could it be Baek Mo Se who was responsible)?

    We would think that with The Rats death, its the end of HJH ‘s story. No, not yet. HJH has a final mission to complete. He believes there is an entity behind The Rat who is SANGMUHOE itself. Sangmuhoe must be stopped and eradicated.

    Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed that HJH & Team (size increased now) will suceed in their mission. Fighting !!

    Thats all for now. Till next week..

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾❤

  35. 35 : Charlie Says:

    Re #33 and 34 above. There might be some errors. Please correct where necessary. Thank you.

  36. 36 : Charlie Says:

    One item that I can’t place a proper setting for is the Dandong Incident one year ago. Why not? It cuz we are getting two narratives for the Dandong Incident :-

    First Narrative :
    Right from the early part of the story, we were told that in Dandong, HJH & Team were attacked by the drug syndicate Moo Sool and his gangsters. Dong Wook and Kyung Seok were killed. HJH was taken prisoner. He was badly treated and tortured. He was taken for dead by Agency HQ which for some reason did not response his call for help.8

    A year later he appeared at HQ a changed man. With no memory of the past year or where he had been.

    Second Narrative
    Ep 10 – That fateful night, HJH & Team turned on each other cuz they started to mistrust each other for being a secret member of either one of the Heads of Foreign and Domestic Units.

    As a result they killed each other off. HJH was the only one who remained alive.

    The nature of the incident and uncalled for death of his colleagues took their toll on HJH mentally. He fell into a deep depression and despair. He fell out of society. Stayed “lost” for about a year.

    OR could the folowing narrative be a possible one ? ….

    That fateful night itself, in Dandong … both unfortunate incidents happened to HJH & Team in quick succession, resulting in the death of DW and KS.

    HJH did not die. Was captured by Moo Sool. He escaped later. Stayed hidden and stayed “lost”. Sank into a deep depression. Blameing himself for the deaths of his juniors DW and KS.

    Finally, he was ready to return to HQ. To seek out the Rat whom he was convinced was responsible for the incidents in Shenyang and Dandong.

    Hope the next ending two episodes will shed some light for us.

    P/s Ep 10 Another reason why Baek Mo Se shot Ri DC dead (in meeting room Shenyang) was, it was RDC who 10 years ago, took and kept BMS prisoner in the North. (The Rat had a hand in this).

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾❤

  37. 37 : Charlie Says:

    The Veil concluded its last run a few days ago.

    It was great. Enjoyed watching it. Story was well written and coherent. Though I have lost count of the times viewers were taken on a merry go round and no ended up where we started.

    I would think in part, it was a satisfactory ending, but not entirely so. Baek Mo Se was killed off. With him gone, so will his organisation of rogue militant members, made up mainly of defectors from the North. BUT (yeah, there’s a but) Sangmuhoe which is a real threat to the nation was let off the hook this time.

    Uh oh … do I smell possibly a Season 2 on the drawing board ?? And this time Sangmuhoe will be the Agency’s target?

    Ep 11 and Ep 12 (Final) mainly focused on the story of Baek Mo Se. He controlled the China/North Korea border and all illegal dealings there.

    So why did he come to South Korea? What was his intention?

    After having ochestrated all the choas and killings in Shenyang and Dandong, he’s moved his vengeful operations nearer to his target in South Korea.

    He almost killed Lee IH The Rat. The Rat was the one who betrayed and sold him to the North 10 years ago. HJH managed to save Lee IH, but LIH remained comatose.

    Next he targeted Do JS who was his superior 1O years ago. He had a grudge and fury against her, the Agency and Govt which he believed they had used him and then left him for dead when he fell into the hands of the North. He suffered tremendously as a prisoner. Developed dissociative disorder as a result.

    (Your skin will crawl if you were to see how he had to take a bone from his dead fellow prisoner’s body, fashioned it into a sharp weapon and used it to escape from his N.Korean prison).

    Finally, he returned to South Korea was to reveal to the public that the Govt they trusted, cared more for money than its people.

    So the story followed HJH and fellow Agency agents to apprehend BMS and his men. A firefight ensued. BMS was shot by Yoo JY when he was about to fire at HJH. BMS escaped.

    Next BMS appeared Paju where the largest bank had their main data server. Here BMS took some 30+ employees hostage. He gave the Agency 30 hours to answer a question – to save the hostages or the server that holds the entire records of its clients. Do JS chose to save the server. Her reasoning – the records of accounts once wiped out, cannot be replaced much to the detriment of the nation and its economy. Whereas the lives lost were only 30+.

    Luckily HJH and YJY managed to outsmart BMS. They saved the hostages.

    Next BMS and HJH had a showdown on the rooftop. BMS was subdued and died. The detonator he held was actually to stop the bomb from exploding. HJH pressed the button. The bomb did not explode. He saved the day.

    HJH later made a tv broadcast informing the nation of the presence of Sangmuhoe, which should be stopped.

    HJH spent 5 years in jail for the killing of his colleagues. After his release he returned to the Agency. This time he will in future not take orders from the Govt. He will only act based on his own judgement only.

    I find that Baek Mo Se was a victim all along. He risked life to protect his country and its people. Only to realise that a he and his fellow agents existed only to keep a few people who ruled the country in power.

    Well, folks. We have come to the end of the story. Hope we meet again somewhere sometime in another just exciting drama.

    Thank you MBC, the Cast, Production Team and all parties involved for this thrilling drama.

    Adopt a homeless pet. Give a homeless pet a kind home. 🐾🐾🐾😦💖

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