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The Three Musketeers (Season 1)

The Three Musketeers 03

Title: 삼총사 시즌1 / The Three Musketeers (Season 1)
Chinese Title: 三剑客 (第1季)
Genre: Period, Action, Romance, Melodrama, Political
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-17 to 2014-Nov-02
Air time: Sunday 21:00


This drama is planned to have 3 seasons with each season consisting of 12 episodes.

This drama is based on a french novel ‘The Three Musketeers‘ by Alexandre Dumas which was first serialized in March–July 1844.

This drama is about the deeds of 3 Joseon era heroes – Heo Seung Po (Yang Dong Geun), Ahn Min Seo (Jung Hae In) and Park Dal Hyang (Jung Yong Hwa) who is a young man still preparing for his military examinations.

They will end up becoming the royal warrior guards for Crown Prince So Hyun (Lee Jin Wook). Can the trio protect the Crown Prince from those who wish to kill him?


Park Dal Hyang’s Home

Jung Yong Hwa as Park Dal Hyang
Lee Kyun as Pan Soi

The Three Musketeers

Lee Jin Wook as Crown Prince So Hyun
Yang Dong Geun as Heo Seung Po
Jung Hae In as Ahn Min Seo

Royal Palace

Seo Hyun Jin as Kang Bin
Kim Myung Soo as King Injo

Ministers of Joseon

Park Young Kyu as Kim Ja Jum
Jun Noh Min as Choi Myung Gil

Threats of Joseon

Yoo In Young as Jo Mi Ryung
Han Eun Seo as Jo Mi Ryung (young)
Kim Sung Min as Yong Gol Dae
Park Sung Min as No Soo


Kim Seo Kyung as Ma Boo Dae
Kim Sun Young as Dal Hyang’s mother
Woo Hyun as Dal Hyang’s father
Kang Ki Young as Ba Rang
Son Kwang Up as Park Seo Min
Han Min as Princess Jung Myung
Choo Ye Jin as Tan Yi
Jung Yoo Suk as Yeonam Park Ji Won
Kim Ki Moo as Eunuch Koo

Production Credits

Production Company: Chorokbaem Media, JS Pictures
Director: Kim Byung Soo
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2014-08-17 1 First encounter 1.82
2014-08-24 2 The Three Musketeers 1.386
2014-08-31 3 Secret mission 1.461
2014-09-07 4 Protect the Neck of Enemy General Ingguldai 0.987
2014-09-14 5 A Duel 1.088
2014-09-21 6 Commander Kim Ja-jeom 1.007
2014-09-28 7 Mi Ryung and Hyang Sun 1.157
2014-10-05 8 The Crown Princess' Desire 0.794
2014-10-12 9 Immediate Execution 1.027
2014-10-19 10 One for All, All for One 1.368
2014-10-26 11 Kiss 1.758
2014-11-02 12 Letter from Mainland 1.960

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


The Three Musketeers Poster1 The Three Musketeers Poster2 The Three Musketeers Poster3 The Three Musketeers Poster4 The Three Musketeers Poster5 The Three Musketeers Poster6 The Three Musketeers Poster7 The Three Musketeers Poster8

Official Site

Trailer (Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jin Wook)
Trailer (Jung Hae In)
Trailer (Yang Dong Geun)
Trailer (Seo Hyun Jin)
Trailer (Yoo In Young)
Main Trailer I
Main Trailer II

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  1. 1 : AdelAngel Says:

    i want Yong Hwa to lead! … others are not that popular..sorry for other actors’ fans ..but this is how Yong Hwa is popular and deserve to be the prince in all of his dramas!! 🙂 <3

  2. 2 : AnCe Says:

    1 episode only per week? hmmm…and it’s a series (season 1 for now) this is going go be a long drama…

  3. 3 : fransiska Says:

    yong hwa….cant wait

  4. 4 : tintinRELOS Says:

    i disagree with what AdelAngel said. I like Yong Hwa coz I think he’s a nice person, but, he doesn’t have the “male-lead-vibe” or male lead calibre. I’m sorry…

  5. 5 : Fullheart5 Says:

    I like opinions because we all have them, that said, I am ready to watch this drama because I like shorter dramas and I loved Lee Jin Wook in nine days, Jung Hae In caught my attention in Bride of the Century and lastly I find Yang Dong Geun a most puzzling actor. I have watched several of his works and keep getting drawn in. Yong Hwa will not be the draw for me in this drama, although it will give him the opportunity to expand his acting career.

  6. 6 : lu-puff Says:

    i think according to the poster young-hwa is the male lead

  7. 7 : junjirhenz Says:

    To see Yonghwa doing a period drama at tvN is a wish come true. Don’t care if he’s the lead or not. All I care about is for this drama to be successful and well received by the viewers, and Yonghwa to get positive reviews.

  8. 8 : BUNnY Says:

    the title of the drama is merely opposite to the poster(4men)

  9. 9 : kiki Says:

    Agree with @Fullheart5. Yong Hwa doesn’t have enough acting experience to be the lead. But the other three actually knows what they’re doing and so far they’ve shown their acting skill succcessfully in other dramas!

  10. 10 : bigeye46 Says:

    this drama is very interesting.i will watch this drama next august.thank you fighting

  11. 11 : Hopihi Says:

    If Yong Hwa is the lead of this drama then I don’t want to watch it. The rest of the cast are better actors than him.

  12. 12 : Angelica_luceriano Says:

    hhmm….i cant wait to see this dramabut i think its too short its only12 ep….

  13. 13 : Angelica_luceriano Says:

    hhmm….i cant wait to see this drama but i think its too short its only12 ep….
    but stilli will watch this definitely 🙂

  14. 14 : Natie Says:

    lm in luv with Korean movies,,,l cant wait fo this 1!

  15. 15 : Mylene Says:

    I am watching this series for Yong Hwa only!

  16. 16 : arimas Says:

    i want slave hunters chuno season 2

  17. 17 : mitch Says:

    …go go Yong Hwa! looking forward to this series!

  18. 18 : Malika Says:

    @BUNnY :

    The original french novel from Alexender Dumas, the father (his son is also a writer and have the same name) is about 3 mans (trois mousquetaires) how where already the royal guarde, that the title came from, this 3 mans meet with a young boy named “d’Artagnan” how become after severial advanture one of them…that why you will find 4 mans…and the man lead of this story is the 4th man..(d’artagnan)…

    I’m curious to discover the Korean Verision, that will be wired for me…as this story is soo famous….and been adapted to TV drama and films many times….

  19. 19 : Malika Says:

    sorry I meant men…:)

  20. 20 : Grace Says:

    So excited coz of Yonghwa and also this is Yonghwa’s first historical drama. Can’t wait! Fighting Yong!

  21. 21 : Findatopile Says:

    Only going to watch this because of YongHwa 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be really good! He’s so talented in emotional acting~ lots of love from a mega Boice here <3 kekeke~

  22. 22 : kath Says:

    Im really excited to watch Yonghwa’s period drama! Park Dal Hyang fighting!

  23. 23 : Rebekha Says:

    I Will see this series Cuz of yong hwa💕
    Fighting yong hwa 😜

  24. 24 : angel0808 Says:

    Excited to the max… wanna see the transformation of Jung YongHwa from Rock Star to Action Star.

  25. 25 : eny Says:

    i’m excited to see this classic story to korean drama, i saw the teaser n see the prince is handsome n chrismatic, that increase my interest n found out that the actor is the lead of “nine” i heard good comment about that drama n haven’t have a chance to watch it. I just start to watch it n i really like it. I watch 3 episode one time, really exciting drama. I’m getting inpatient to watch the next episode

  26. 26 : myth Says:

    omo…. cant wait…. yong hwa….

  27. 27 : winnie Says:

    So excited to watch three musketeers!

  28. 28 : bella Says:

    when would it air in the US ?

  29. 29 : tigerb Says:

    i always like watching this genre, but will not compare with the western made movies to be fair. am sure the korean version will hold up to par, if not better.

  30. 30 : aznative Says:

    @ Bella

    You can watch The Three Musketeers here. It’s licensed and runs as a simulcast. So every Sunday an episode will be “aired”.


    It is not licensed for viewers in the USA on Viki’s site (unfortunately).

  31. 31 : aznative Says:

    Really liked the first episode. Only complaint was the fake horseback riding for closeups. Otherwise, no complaints. Oh! And the mishap at the end of the first episode, how funny.

  32. 32 : freezee26 Says:

    I love everything about JYH.. the first episode is so cool and funny.. i am so excited qbou

  33. 33 : Anneb0ice Says:

    He was shocked..and crying…poor baby..kkk
    Ep1 done..

  34. 34 : Anneb0ice Says:

    He was shocked..and crying…poor baby..kkk
    #ParkDalhyang done with first epi..bb

  35. 35 : tigerb Says:

    jyh has grown from ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘heartstrings’! looks like he trained a lot for this role. first episode interesting so far, looking forward to future episodes.

  36. 36 : SusyPB Says:

    Viki did not get the license for the US. Is there anywhere else we can watch it?

  37. 37 : eny Says:

    first episode is good, i like it.Yong hwa acting is still average in my eyes, The crown prince is quite funny in the first episode, i thought he will be really seriouse before, i like it how he confront Dal hyang n Crown princess, I guess his marriage is just political mrriage, he doesn’t seem jealous at all, I think he like Dalhyang more than his wife

  38. 38 : Janet Says:

    Yonghwaaa… Saranghae…

  39. 39 : grace Says:

    1st episode daebak, i like the story so funny and not boring congrats, i love you more Yonghwa!

  40. 40 : myth Says:

    Nice! 1st epi is funny…
    Omo…cute n innocent park dalhyang! Lol…
    JYH n LJW fighting!

  41. 41 : melody77 Says:

    good drama, love dalhyang and the crown prince characters 🙂

  42. 42 : Yhjlover Says:

    Yonghwa is so cute in this drama!

  43. 43 : angel0808 Says:

    Ep1 is so good, love the anime thing (moon effect while PDH practicing the martial art). I like how fast the pacing of the story you won’t feel bored. The innocent look of PDH and mischievous character of the Crown Prince. Even the cinematography so cool. YongHwa is an ACE in “Running Man” , and he prove it here while doing the actions scenes.

  44. 44 : CeCe Says:

    I love the daebak introduction where JYH is doing the solo sword choreography in that setting and that lighting. I enjoyed the characters and it has a storyline with some action, comedy, intrigue, romance, history….something for everyone!

    YongHwa’s acting has definitely improved and he appears to be more natural and comfortable possibly because the role is different, challenging and more suited for him and his personality. I look forward to more fun interaction between him and the Crown Prince as their facial expressions, speak volumes. Kudos for good casting of the main characters.

    I’m one of his oldest but none the less, very big fan of Yong Hwa and CNBLUE. In January, I flew from Hawaii to California and spent less than two days there just to attend CNBLUE’s Pasadena concert. I prefer a more intimate venue so instead of flying to Korea or Japan, I waited for their world tour performance in the US. I do hope they’ll allow Yong Hwa to compose and/or sing a song for the sound track as he is truly a multi-talented, adorable and charming SuperStar!!

    Possibly, this series may not end up as big a hit in Korea but it will definitely have world-wide appeal! Manse!! I look forward to more of the writer’s adaptation of the Musketeer’s adventures and misadventures!!

  45. 45 : grace Says:

    Pls make it twice a week!

  46. 46 : aznative Says:

    @ susypb

    This drama is showing in the USA on KDrama.


  47. 47 : ja Says:

    So far the episode 1 is interesting.

  48. 48 : BOOK Says:

    Hmmm… Yonghwa so improve a lot in this drama…
    first episode is interesting so far… waiting for the next episode 🙂

  49. 49 : dian Says:

    Yong hwa oppa ^^ fighting

  50. 50 : grace Says:

    Looking forward episode 2.

  51. 51 : tigerb Says:

    @grace: i agree with you, they should have two episodes per week! i like this drama, no roundabouts!

  52. 52 : niczej Says:

    question who’s Park Dal Hyang’s partner???

  53. 53 : bigeye46 Says:

    fighting all actor

  54. 54 : Lee Says:

    This must be a daebak!

  55. 55 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    cn blue oppa hwaitting

  56. 56 : LoveBerrish07 Says:

    @52 niczej … I dont think Park Dal Hyang have a love interest here,maybe because the Crown Princess already married the Crown Prince. But if you watch the story goes you’ll love this historical drama. Or in the end there is a twist. 🙂

  57. 57 : myth Says:

    Waiting for ep3….

  58. 58 : angel0808 Says:

    OMG ep 3 is the best acting for YongHwa…please eng sub come faster.
    Waiting for Ep 4 bare back of PDH and hmm Mir Yeong seducing PDH.

  59. 59 : aisha Says:

    I really like crown princess . She is soo cute

  60. 60 : Marianne Says:

    find this dram exciting not only because i like yong hwa but the story is interesting and the directing is not boring

  61. 61 : dd Says:

    cant wait for ep 4, really gooooood dramaa 🙂

  62. 62 : arale32 Says:

    cant wait for ep 4..

  63. 63 : angel0808 Says:

    EP 4 …a split second of bare back of YongHwa but definitely the precious one. YongHwa’s eyes ,nose and lips got to be OMG sory can’t concentrate on the story….Hmm a clear shot of his eye mole.

  64. 64 : Connie Says:

    Funny crown prince who likes to joke around especially with Yong Hwa and teasing his untouched princess. Nice and entertaining. Looking forward to the next episode which is 7 days later. Too long waiting period!!! Please do something

  65. 65 : rani Says:

    i watch this show because of yonghwa.
    and he seems improved his acting skill a lot.
    no regret watching him casted as PDH.
    however, as the story goes by… I’M ROOTED FOR CROWN PRINCE x PRINCESS.
    especially, Crown Princess. she is hilarious and cuuute.
    I smell GOONG a little, where the Crown Prince starts to fall for Crown Princess little by litte.

  66. 66 : vm Says:

    in fact i started watching this drama because of jyh.but now i like all the characters.non of them is boring.specially crown princess is really more than expectations.really cute.
    JYH improved a lot!great crying.great fighting and great nervousness!

  67. 67 : CeCe Says:

    After watching ep. 1, 2, 3 and 4, all I can say is that it just gets better and better.
    I, too, wish it played more than once a week. I especially enjoy the twists and turns and development of each character. Love to see the behind the scene filming and the NG’s as the actors are so into their roles that they must be having a lot of fun off camera, too!
    Everyone, please take care of Yonghwa. I can tell from his aura that he has such a soul.

  68. 68 : vava Says:

    I love the prince and princess, they are so funny together…

  69. 69 : bigeye46 Says:

    so cute..smile

  70. 70 : bigeye46 Says:

    so cute and cool drama..i cant wait watch next ep..

  71. 71 : ewan Says:

    i dont know whos the Bida in this show.. Jung Yong Hwa or Lee Jin Wook?/????????//

  72. 72 : eny Says:

    episode 6 is really good

  73. 73 : bigeye46 Says:

    yeah so cute

  74. 74 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 7: i like the writing of how the turn of events turned near disaster into a resolution of two problems. good show!

  75. 75 : angel0808 Says:

    For me ep 7 is the best…and cheeky PDH is on the go..

  76. 76 : eny Says:

    episode 7 is really unpredictable n smart, this drama is getting more interesting each episode.This is the most addictive airing drama right now. I love the romance,bromance, the humour n political tension in this drama
    After watching Nine n The Tree Musketeers, Lee Jin wook became one of my favorit actor beside Joo jin mo, Kim Sung soo n Joo won

  77. 77 : MLIZ Says:

    really amazed with the storyline,actor and the actress really nailed it,i cant wait till next week for the new episode…..

  78. 78 : Teena Says:

    really i like ep 7 .. good show !

  79. 79 : ria Says:

    i like watching crow prince so hyun and kang bin……. so romantic
    i hope they will end together happily

  80. 80 : tigerb Says:

    ohhhh, i so look forward to next week’s episode!

  81. 81 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice and i cant wait watch it next esp..i want vote many drama asap

  82. 82 : Oversea Says:

    This is a superb drama with a storyline that attracks viewers’ attention.
    All for fun …
    Congratulations to the actors and actresses, and of course the writer and the team that allow us to enjoy a good drama.

  83. 83 : Oversea Says:

    +2 épisodes !

  84. 84 : dee Says:

    good drama…interest story…good actors n actress…waiting the next episode

  85. 85 : tigerb Says:

    two more!

  86. 86 : LYU Says:

    really love ep. 10… very exciting… looking forward to the next 2 episodes 🙂

  87. 87 : janet Says:

    Love the crown couple…cant wait for the next ep..but still i love yonghwa the best….

  88. 88 : eny Says:

    curiouse when season 2 will aired, i hope not too long after season 1 finished

  89. 89 : Torri Says:

    Ep 12 preview shows the queen dies I mean the writer just spoiled the show when I saw the preview I mean they just finally realize Thierry love for one another then the writer kills the queen it makes no sense to me and it’s not fair on the prince too

  90. 90 : SOON Says:

    Yes. I agreed with you Torri…feel so down after watched the preview.

  91. 91 : Lady Says:

    @Torri, No She is not dead.. I think in ep 12 prev it’s PDH’s dad the one in the coffin.. Princess is just injured for gods sake and Prince was there so she would have got the help immediately 🙂
    So much feels in ep 11!!! It’s like I can’t be truly happy coz PDH’s dad is dead but then that breathtakingly long kiss and cute short kiss!!!

  92. 92 : bigeye46 Says:

    this is last ep..but i want continue watch this drama but too bad so only 12 esp..sigh

  93. 93 : tigerb Says:

    we’ll see what the last episode brings. happy one?

  94. 94 : TORRI Says:

    @Lady Says:
    i hope u right because if the writer kills the princess it just spoils the show for everyone and that also means her character has been cut off the show because from my understanding this is a series of three right , so i hope the writer makes us up jump our seats with joy at the end , can t wait for Sunday to come

  95. 95 : Aga Says:

    I hope the princess remain in Season 2.

  96. 96 : Torri Says:

    Hey guys relax just watch the raw last ep the princes is alive huppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Enjoy so happy she is a live

  97. 97 : angel0808 Says:

    It ended with a nice twist…ANYWAY … to all the actors, staff and crew…you work hard..WAITING FOR THE SEASON 2… Gonna miss Park Dalhyang.

  98. 98 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes nice drama and i wait for next season 2 and fighting and i enjoy it and thank all actor and staff and crew got work hard..wonderful

  99. 99 : tigerb Says:

    i really like season 1, no unnecessary scenes which could have distract and bore me. it was great, and the last episode has prelude for season 2 which i look forward to. when will it be? it’s an excellent watch!

  100. 100 : tigerb Says:

    correction…which could have distracted and bored me…..

  101. 101 : lila Says:

    j’ai adorée cette série, des acteurs excellent vivement la saison 2.

  102. 102 : CoolBeans Says:

    Season 1 was fabulous! Looking forward to season 2!

  103. 103 : angel0808 Says:

    @tigerb The start of shooting for Season 2 will be on January and the cast will be the same. It will be more on CP and CPs blooming romance, revenge of Miryeong and PDH romance with Tani. But I wish the grown up Tani will be a different actress…Waiting for Season 2.

  104. 104 : tigerb Says:

    @angel0808: thanks for the info! hopefully it will come out by spring if shooting starts in january. wait, wait, wait………

  105. 105 : angel0808 Says:

    @tigerb: Per KBoice (Korean CN Blue fan club) In Season 2 the film production is aiming to have a 2 epi per week and will start broadcasting on the first week of March. Season 3 will immediately follow and August is the schedule to end filming.

  106. 106 : tigerb Says:

    @angel0808: thank you, thank you, thank you! ohh, so glad that the succeeding seasons will air faster than i thought, and two episodes per week!!! hurray! something to look forward to in 2015! cheers!

  107. 107 : erafisul Says:

    Deabak !!! ….lov this one very very much…can’t wait for season II 🙂

  108. 108 : oppa Says:

    ooooooooh my god… this drama is awsoooooooooome. woooow it’s so fabulous.. Looking forward to season 2

  109. 109 : uggie Says:

    Ceritanya menarik, Yong Hwa di sini keren banget… Cepetan donk bikin sesion 2 nya… Gak sabar nih. Pake hrus ada sesion 2 & sesion 3 sgala, knp ga dilangsungin aja sampe bbrp episode ky Empress Ki, Jung ok Jang, Joseon Gunman, The Night Wacthman or drama sageuk lain nya… Why…?

  110. 110 : angel0808 Says:

    FYI, TTM having Season 2 and 3 because YH is super busy they made a schedule that will fit him the filming.He need to take a break for the CB concerts, Solo album and other activities (commercial etc). He didn’t attend the WRAP UP of TTM because he directly fly to Sydney for CF.

  111. 111 : fadilah Says:

    cant wait for seasons 2..please release it as soon as possible. btw season 1 is awesome. jjjang! 🙂

  112. 112 : irfa Says:

    @angel0808 TTM having season 2 and 3 wasn’t because of Yong Hwa, that is new format from SWnim Song and PDnim Kim’s drama. Before YH casted in this drama, season 2 and 3 was planed

  113. 113 : AdheAirashii Says:

    YongHwa oppa. . u make me fallingin love again. . . :v
    i like this drama. . .

  114. 114 : fiandra30s Says:

    such a great joseon story,,very recommended !! 😀

  115. 115 : [email protected] Says:

    I like romantic story between Crown Prince and Princess. it’s funny & refreshing. season 2 please……..

  116. 116 : Rose Says:

    Oh my god… Need to wait till March for Season 2!?? ARgh… Cant they air it faster?

  117. 117 : naim Says:

    seems like US drama that hv a seasonal drma format…even they hv a tittle for each episode like english drama too…that make us fan wnt to watch it…cant wait for season 2

  118. 118 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Very good KD! Applause to the cast and crew of the drama. The writer is good as well as the line producer. Great chemistry among the actors. Very well directed.

    I can’t help to check out the history, sad to know what happened to the Crown Prince and his family but the writer of this drama is really really good. Seo Hyun Jin is really a discovery. I started to like her in the Kings Daughter. That KD is a great historical drama of 2013 and this one for 2014!

    I’m dying for Season 2.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  119. 119 : January dc Says:

    Such an amazable drama,,,,
    Please hurry to release season 2&3

  120. 120 : kathleen Says:

    I thought there was going to be a season 2 to this…I have been waiting

  121. 121 : honey Says:

    interesting drama …….i recommend this drama

  122. 122 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I am happy to know from some of the commentaries i just read that seasons 2 and 3 will be aired sometime this year…i am so looking forward to them…what an amazing drama…great script, great acting, great set design, and great costumes(it must have cost a lot)…Well done to the whole crew of Three Musketeers!

  123. 123 : winnie Says:

    I’m still in ep 2. i hope the prince and the princess to have a great love story in the end

  124. 124 : lulaparker Says:

    Can not wait til the next session.

  125. 125 : Heo Jung Hyun Like A Rose | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] » the three musketeers (season 1) » korean drama Title: 삼총사 시즌1 / the three musketeers (season 1) chinese title: 三剑客 (第1季) genre: period, action, romance, melodrama, political. […]

  126. 126 : mia andriyani Says:

    Hopely the squel the three musketeers will be soon, and don’t change the main casts especially crown prince n princess,,

  127. 127 : arianne Says:

    I just finished watching the 12 episodes..and i loved it a lot..and the last episode makes me hyper because of the fact that there’s still the next season /episode to watch out for..i really really admire the cast,.you captured my heart, you are all so great..i’m hoping to see and watch again the next episodes.although i saw some articles saying that the season 2&3 were cancelled, i’m still waiting, hoping and praying that it will be aired again soon..i’m from Philippines and i REALLY LOVE THE THREE MUSKETEERS. PLEASE DON’T MAKE US, THE VIEWERS OUTSIDE YOUR COUNTRY FEEL DISAPPOINTED.WE ALL WANT THE CONTINUATION OF THE SHOW..THANK YOU GODBLESS!!

  128. 128 : Gorilla Trekking Says:

    We are actually waiting, please do not change the Princess, she is such a good actress, even in the Kings daughter she was herself.

  129. 129 : Chart of Joseon Kings and Related Sageuk Dramas | Says:

    […] is an action drama and includes the death / murder of the King’s son Crown Prince Sohyeon. The Three Musketeers (season 1) (TVN 2014)  is also about Prince Sohyeon and the men who try to protect […]

  130. 130 : bhadzheid26 Says:

    its been quite long since the season 1 was finished airing. When will they air the 2nd season?everyone who watch the 1st season might forgot the story for its almost 2 years since the last episode. or are they still planning to have a season 2 or just gonna end it and move on?hmmm…

  131. 131 : Gigi Says:

    Still waiting for season 2 and 3 with same cast of actors!!

  132. 132 : dramalady Says:

    Jung Yong Hwa is in the army. I think that’s why the story do not continue. Also too bad the rating of the 1st season is not that good. I do hope they will make season 2 and 3 with the same cast.

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