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The Thousandth Man

Title: 천번째 남자 / The Thousandth Man
Chinese Title: 第一千個男人
Also Known as: One Thousandth Man
Genre: Fantasy, Melodrama, Comedy, Romance, Sitcom
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-17 to 2012-Oct-12
Air time: Fridays 21:55


A drama about a Gumiho, Goo Mi Jin (Kang Ye Won) that has to eat the livers of 1000 men in order to become human. The nine-tailed fox can’t just eat any liver though. She has to get the men to fall in love with her first. She has devoured the livers from 999 men. She tries to get one more man’s liver, who really likes the fox with nine tails.


Kang Ye Won as Goo Mi Jin
Jung Ji In as Goo Mi Jin (child)
Lee Chun Hee as Kim Eung Suk
Jun Mi Sun as Goo Mi Sun
Hyo Min as Goo Mi Mo
Suh Kyung Suk as Restaurant’s Chef
Park Jung Hakas Park Jung Hak
Nam Woo Hyun as Nam Woo Hyun


Min Suk as Min Suk (ep 1)
Lee Jae Won as suicide man (ep 2)
Shin Bong Sun as Hye Young (ep 2)
Jin Young as Kim Min Kyu (ep 3)
Jo Duk Hyun as old Min Kyu (ep 3)
Min Woo Hyuk as Han Dong Il (ep 4)
Sungkyu as Sung Kyu (ep 5)
Seo Yi Sook as gumiho (ep 5-6)

Production Credits

Production Company: CMG Chorokstars
Director: Kang Chul Woo (강철우), Choi Hwa Jin (최화진)
Screenwriter: Kim Kyun Tae

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-17 1 7.1 7.8 6.7 7.9
2012-08-24 2 6.1 7.1 5.1 (<7.9)
2012-08-31 3 5.7 (<8.1) 3.9 (<7.8)
2012-09-07 4 5.8 (<7.7) 4.6 (<7.2)
2012-09-14 5 5.2 (<8.1) 4.6 (<7.8)
2012-09-21 6 5.4 5.6 4.2 (<7.0)
2012-10-05 7 4.5 (<7.3) 4.5 (<7.6)
2012-10-12 8 (<7.8) (<7.7) (<7.8) (<7.6)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : usa Says:

    hahahaha first coment here. i would definitely watch this one

  2. 2 : Miu Says:

    another adult drama after ‘Twelve Men in a Year’ ? 🙂

  3. 3 : Julia Says:

    From twelve to 1000. hahaha

  4. 4 : ailene Says:

    a must see drama…… but why 8 episodes only? anyway the story looks good!

  5. 5 : black heart Says:

    i hope translated into arabic.

  6. 6 : leemyis Says:

    Looking forward to watch this drama. I love all the cast especially Nam Woo Hyun. Fighting!!!

    Can’t wait to watch.

  7. 7 : Penelope Says:

    its really like the drama My gf is a gumiho. i mean gumiho’s love storys are kinda the samee.? idk bout watching this one

  8. 8 : The Thousandth Man « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] Koreandrama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  9. 9 : AngelLuv Says:


  10. 10 : putra Says:

    i love this drama

  11. 11 : leemyis Says:

    The posters are really cute. Can’t wait to watch the drama already.

  12. 12 : Cherry172 Says:

    Is woohyun playing a big role…. I hope so cause I can’t wait to see him act.

  13. 13 : Hanako Says:

    I do not think it is a good story and besides I never like Gumiho- so fake and all nonsense. It is something like those aborigines ( Zombie ) movies eating the heart of the human…never like this kind of stories, so will not watch somehow

  14. 14 : nepnamstar Says:


  15. 15 : pammy Says:

    it looks like My girl friend is a Gumiho ‘s story
    I believe my gf is more interseting anyway…

  16. 16 : 52drama Says:

    Where can I watch this drama? Please post the link. Thank you!

  17. 17 : Nappeunmin Says:

    This drama is nice 🙂

  18. 18 : hye na(헤나) Says:

    I guess its really same as “my girlfriend is a gumiho” lee seung-i and shin min ah, their awesome couple. and I hope this drama more interested than my girlfriend is a gumiho.

  19. 19 : Hendra Says:

    G asik

  20. 20 : Nappeunmin Says:

    Please support this drama!!! ^^
    ‘The thousandth Man’ daebak \(^0^)/

  21. 21 : mcbruhhh Says:

    Where can I watch this with eng sub?

  22. 22 : Raimay Says:

    Wah, I laugh a lot watch this drama. I like this drama, the main actress is so mean 0.0

  23. 23 : swift Says:

    the eng sub for this drama is so slow. still waiting for ep2 eng sub. i normally watch at kimchidramas, dramacrazy and mysoju because i can watch online and do not need registration. try google korean drama, will appear many websites providing eng sub.

  24. 24 : Erin Says:

    MBC has this up on Hulu

  25. 25 : Joss Says:

    So low ratings but I really love this drama.. It’s so funny 😀

  26. 26 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  27. 27 : ance Says:

    i just started this drama…surprisingly it’s nice! i like that younger kim min kyu…i don’t know that actor but he looks cute…
    so far so good! i think they under estimated this drama coz people are comparing this to shin min ah’s my girlfriend is a fox, but i think it has it’s own unique style.
    the thousandth man fighting!!

  28. 28 : Rudy Says:

    your story is wrong
    A drama about a Gumiho, Goo Mi Jin (Kang Ye Won) that has to eat the livers of 1000 men in order to become human. The nine-tailed fox can’t just eat any liver though. She has to get the men to fall in love with her first. She has devoured the livers from 999 men. She tries to get one more man’s liver, who really likes the fox with nine tails

  29. 29 : Rudy Says:

    She has devoured the livers from 99 men

  30. 30 : Rudy Says:

    And over 100 years ago korean woman had light brown hair or red hair
    in the kingdom come on do the story ha ha ha YOU ARE FUNNY

  31. 31 : Rudy Says:

    She has devoured the livers from 9 men

  32. 32 : lovely Says:

    someone would slap me if i say this but i’m going to say anyway- this one is way better than the other gumiho sorry i don’t remember the name. hahahaha

  33. 33 : ppqpham Says:

    I really like this drama, it not only make me laugh but also make me cry 🙂

  34. 34 : annie Says:

    I love this drama… hoe to finish this soon…

  35. 35 : Raine Says:

    The last two recaps are coming sooooon!


  36. 36 : 300 Says:

    funny hahaha

  37. 37 : eric Says:

    i love this drama 😀 hyomin :3

  38. 38 : Kpoppers Says:

    Love this story

  39. 39 : Kpoppers Says:

    This story is more than 8 episode

  40. 40 : nova Says:

    alur ceritanya menarik, namun di sayangkan akhir dari cetitanya ga bgtu jelas.Mi jin tiba” menghilang dan Eun Souk nya married namun tidak di perjelas siapa yg jadi pasangannya..The end but not happy ending

  41. 41 : lina Says:

    saye x jumpa cerita ni kat internet pun 🙁

  42. 42 : lina Says:


  43. 43 : hanniekyu Says:

    Alredy watching 6 ep of this serial.
    I enjoy watching it. And of course, I got a little jackpot by watching this: seeing member of boyband (idol) in acting ^^
    NAMU (Nam Woohyun) and Kim Sunggyu from Infinite and Jiyoung (leader of B1A4) as young Min Kyu.
    At all, I think this drama good enough to watch 🙂

  44. 44 : philip cochran Says:

    it says that one thousand man episodes are 8,but last night I watched the 15 episode what is going on with this.

  45. 45 : Mi Do Says:

    This drama was poorly written and the casting was only acceptable because the actors fit the moronic nature of their characters, especially the lead actor. Why did have a stupid look on his face from beginning to end. Too many contradictions in the story line and it was just stupid. Gumiho was light years Better the actress in that drama should be in as many dramas as possible but for some reason Korean audiences trash her which is ridiculous she is and amazing actress (love her in the Arrang and the Magistrate). Audiences need to focus more on talent rather than someone personal life or make childish insults, at least comment on the acting ability or inability. Getting back to this drama I will never get those hours of my life back and they were wasted on a ridiculously bad storyline (the writer should never work again) and lame acting.

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