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The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon


Title: 장화홍련 / The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon
Chinese Title : 两姐妹的故事 / 張花紅蓮
Also known as: Janghwa Hongryeon (Rose Flower and Red Lotus) / The Tale of Two Sisters / Love & Obsession
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 150
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-20 to 2009-Oct-10
Air time: Monday to Friday 9:00


Janghwa is the woman who gets everyone’s attention and love with her gorgeous appearance. She had a perfect marriage and enjoys her luxurious life. She only concerns and cares about herself, and she’s not changed after she got married.

Hongryeon, the deprived single mother, has a dream of having a happy family of her own, but this modest hope is not easy for her. Nevertheless, Hongryeon is an energetic and optimistic person who lives her life to the fullest.

The two very contrary women confront each other, as Janghwa abandons the mother-in-law and Hongryeon starts to look after her.


Yoon Hae Young as Hong Ryeon
Kim Se Ah as Jang Hwa
Jang Hyun Sung as Kang Tae Yoon
Yeo Woon Kye as Madame Byeon (Episode 1-18)
Jun Yang Ja as Madame Byeon (from Episode 19)
Choi Jae Won as Han Soo Chan
Choi Na Rae as Bang Gong Mi
Ahn Sun Young as Jin Jung Hae
Kim Jin Soo as Maeng Hyung Gyu
Han Tae Soo as Ki Woon Nam
Kim Yoon Tae as Park Seok Doo
Lee Tae Seung as Hong Hyeok
Han Kyung Sun as Han Soo Ok (Soo Chan’s sister)
Seo Kap Sook
Jun Hee Sun (전희선) as (Gong Mi’s first daughter)
Min Joon Hyun as Soon Kyeong
Heo In Young as Geum Soon
Lee Duk Hee as (Jang Hwa’s mother)
Yoon Ye Hee as Sa Ra Jang
Jo Soo Hyun (조수현) as Mae Ri
Jo Woo Jin (조우진)
Jung Byung Chul (정병철) as lawyer

Production Credits

Director: Lee Won Ik (이원익)
Screenwriter: Yoon Young Mi (윤영미)
Producer: Kwak Ki Won (곽기원)


Actress Yeo Woon Kye became sick and was replaced in episode 19 by actress Jun Yang Ja.

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  1. 1 : aks Says:

    what is this series , i didn’t see it before…..
    but i can’t watch that..

  2. 2 : maha lakshami Says:

    i am looking forward to it maybe this is intresting story

  3. 3 : mirsakyu Says:

    this is a good drama,,,
    i like to watch it… hong ryeon is a very nice person,,, beside janghwa is a bad person…
    the funny thing is, they both is best friend who has been separate for years n they finally meet again in a strange situation,,,
    while janghwa hate so much her mother in law n had been make her mother in law dissapper, hongryeon has been take care janghwa’s mother in law after got a little amnesia…
    the intereting is i think there will be a triangle love story between janghwa,hongryeon, and janghwa’s husband,,,
    cant wait till end

  4. 4 : candy Says:

    hi;I like the drama very much. may I know that this drama will end at how many episodes?

  5. 5 : goh chiu hui Says:

    hi,this drama is very nice to watch but y only untill ep30
    on tv is already show until ep60
    so where can i watch all the drama
    or where can buy this drama dvd

  6. 6 : hong Says:

    I think this series is quite interesting. Does anyone have the OST?

  7. 7 : evp Says:

    yyyaaa..can’t wait to wacth next epd,pls ning..can I go on – im on epsd68 now but can’t cz is blank n said it broken..i want to cry with Hongreyon n can’t wait what next…uu”hhuuu’uhh..help ‘ning’

  8. 8 : xueer Says:

    i like this show so much and i wan to know whether hongreyon will be together with kang tae yoon

  9. 9 : Terry Rude Says:

    This drama started out really good. I truly enjoy Korean dramas and this one started out as one of the better dramas I’ve seen. It started getting boring because the bad people in it kept getting away with their evil doings even when they got caught. It started getting repiticious. I can hardly wait for it to end. I hope Hongyeon and Taeyun get married and janghwa goes to jail for all her evil deeds.

  10. 10 : fizzy Says:

    my country is currently airing this drama.
    [it’s ep 106 or 107 now]..
    i’m really addicted to this drama.
    even though i got so irritated how janghwa always managed to get away with everything, but i’m hoping to the happy ending of both hongryeon ang taeyunni ahjusshi.. 😀

  11. 11 : xueer Says:

    this is a very nice drama
    but now janghwa has expected
    was the baby taeyun or hyeok
    i really hope that taeyun and hongryeon will be together

  12. 12 : Terry Rude Says:

    okay now the writer is really losing it…where was this “AUNTY” when Taeyun and his mother were suffering and starving…I hope the baby belongs to hyeok and Taeyun and Hongyeon can be happy already…It seems they are the only ones suffering because of janghwa and her parents..I would like to feel good about this drama but it leaves me upset every time I watch it…when is the writer going to put some happiness in it!!!!

  13. 13 : Guess who76 Says:

    I agree with Terry Rude, the drama is very frustrating. it’s like hongyeon is the only who has to be suffer, humiliated, not deserve any good things that happened to her. It’s really too much, I began to heat her character in this drama because any one in the drama has problem they held the blame for it. I think we had enough?????????

  14. 14 : Guess who76 Says:

    I want all the bad people in this drama to be punished at the end, Pleeeeeeeeeease!

  15. 15 : kramaLova Says:

    i agree with guess who and terry, this drama makes me so mad and we did have enough and who is this stupid aunt! she thinks she is his mother or something… but its so addicting i always say i wont watchi t anymore its getting stupid but the next thing i know im watching i again for some reason. plus i dont even think its taeyuns baby i think its hyeoks and i hope hongryeon and taeyun end up together but SOON!

  16. 16 : maria Says:

    I love this drama and I’m so addicted. But right now I’m in san diego and there aren’t any korean dramas airing. I’ve been trying to watch ep 90 on the internet and it’s still not showing anything. I’ve reported it broken, but nothing has been done. Hope it becomes available soon since I have no other access to Korean Drama out here! Thanks!:)

  17. 17 : maria Says:

    I love watching Korean dramas over any other Asian dramas, most especially the Tale of Two Sisters. Hope it gets repaired soon since I have no other access to watching it on tv here in san diego! Thanks!:)

  18. 18 : maria Says:

    Are there any Korean Dramas available on TV out here in San Diego? Will someone please help me out? I’m really addicted to them! Came out here from Guam, which airs Korean channels all day long! The internect access has been limited and mostly broken videos, which aren’t being repaired ASAP! I’m mostly addicted to the Tale of Jangwha and Hongreon!!!:(

  19. 19 : lexi Says:

    you can watch it on azn.tv
    they have up to 105 episode now with english sub

  20. 20 : drama addict Says:

    agree with terry rude. when will we see some good things happen? is there an end to this?

  21. 21 : xueer Says:

    i really upset that hongryeon is going to leave beca of taeyun didnt turn up
    to meet her.it was very disappointed.i hope that taeyun mother wake up will bring them together.

  22. 22 : evp Says:

    I have the same complain about wacthing Korean drama, where I lved in
    PA- tv for this drama not available so I wacth on the internet.
    why can’t this Korean drama have like on tv ‘ fancast’ so we can wacth it
    without stopping or broken.
    even indonesian drama have ‘ Denny’s hot spot’ ( I think )n it run well
    so I hope Korean drama can do the same…thnx for the attention.
    I want to watch this drama but can’t cz it said ‘broken’!

  23. 23 : lexi Says:

    If anyone has seen the last episode 150, could you do a translation of the conversion when they met at the vending machine?

  24. 24 : Terry Says:

    This is the worse korean drama I have ever watched!!!It made Korean people look like idiots!!!The writer has to be an idiot…Thank goodness I only watched intermittenly and not all the episodes what a waste of time..

  25. 25 : lexi Says:

    WOW, really? i thought it was pretty exciting, there is always something going on.

  26. 26 : trude Says:

    I agree with Terry this was the worse drama I ever wasted time watching!!!

  27. 27 : ardhan Says:

    this drama is really nice

  28. 28 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm… interesting… I’m gonna watch this drama soon…

  29. 29 : mel Says:

    woooow… why the cover like that?

  30. 30 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. the picture good,,

  31. 31 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  32. 32 : gucci outlet Says:

    I agree with Terry this was the worse drama I ever wasted time watching!!!

  33. 33 : Jo woo (2010) - Movie Says:

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    Jo woo is a Drama, Family, Fantasy Movie of 2010 made in South Korea. Director: Tai-hyung LimCast: Jun-ho Min, Eun-By Chang, Eui-Hwan Song, Doo-Lee Cha, Matt Sunghoon Cho…

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    […] […]

  35. 35 : norma Says:

    i love to watch love and obsession teach me how to value your love one and true friendship im going to miss its going to end soon

  36. 36 : gagalover Says:


  37. 37 : Jamie Hartford Says:

    I am relatively late! I am watching this drama because of Yoon Hae Young! The drama is so good so far. But 150 episodes, it seems like there’ll be a lot of pain coming to Hongryeon’s way. She’s too kind for her own good! She believes everyone is good nature unless she sees their faults in her own eyes. Her character really reminds me of Choi Su Jung’s character in My Only One. They both took other people’s charge. And these two characters are the most down to earth, takes everyone’s bully and take all kinds of crap from others. Most important, they have that one person, Taeyun in Love and Obsession and Hong Ju in My Only One, who’s on their side!

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