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The Snow Queen


Title: 눈의 여왕 / The Snow Queen
Also known as: Noon Eui Yeo Wang
Chinese title : 雪之女王
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 2006-Nov-13 to 2007-Jan-08
Air Time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55


At 17, Tae Woong (Hyun Bin), a mathmatical genius, meets two people who will later become people he loves. One becomes his best friend and the other, his love.

Tae Woong’s best friend, Kim Jeong Kyu (Lee Sun Ho), also classified as a genius, competes for academic accolades. After Tae Woong beats him in an international math Olympiad Jeong Kyu commits suicide. During this same time, Tae Woong meets a little girl who develops a crush on him. However, he loses touch with her without finding out her name.

These tragic events take their toll on the rest of Tae Woong’s life. At 25, eight years later, Tae Woong is now a third class boxer and in unexpected events, finds Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri), the little girl he once knew. Although this winter will be very cold and scary, winter is not the end of the seasons, but the beginning of the hope for a greater love.


Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong / Han Deuk Gu
Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra
Im Ju Hwan as Suh Gun Woo
Yoo In Young as Lee Seung Ri
Kim Tae Hyun as Choi Choong Shik
Go Doo Shim as Park Yeong Ok (Tae Woong’s mother)
Kim Eung Soo as Lee Dong Sul (Seung Ri’s father)
Chun Ho Jin as Kim Jang Su (Bo Ra’s father)
Oh Mi Hee as Bo Ra’s mother
Lee Sun Ho as Kim Jeong Kyu
Jang Jung Hee as Go Soon Ja (Bo Ra’s house keeper)
Jung Hwa Young as Park Deuk Nam (Go Soon Ja’s daughter)
Go Ju Yun as young Kim Bo Ra
Kim Hak Jin as Ahn Sang Ho
Lee Seo Yoon as Hong Ji Hye
Lee Chul Min as Park Dong Pil (boxer)
Park Jin Yeong as Jang Park Sa (Bo Ra’s doctor)
Choi Duk Moon as Oh Shil Jang
Kim Beol Rae as college math professor
Choi Yeo Jin (Cameo)
Jerome To (Cameo)
Kim Yeo Jin (Cameo)

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee, Yoon Eun Kyung
Producer: Ki Min Soo
Director: Lee Hyeong Min


2006 KBS Drama Awards:
– Popularity Award (Male) – Hyun Bin
– Popularity Award (Female) – Sung Yu Ri
– Netizen Award (Male) – Hyun Bin
– Best Couple Award – Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Rowena Says:

    I don’t know why Hyun Bin wants to change his next door image so soon. I’d like to see him act in roles like that of MNKSS, probably with different storyline. His face is like that of Lee Dong Wook. They are more suitable to boy next door type of role. And, I want to see him with other fine korean actresses also.

  2. 2 : manni Says:

    i love hyun bin no matter what the role they play and how they look doing it…. take care hyun bin!!!

  3. 3 : Mallys Says:

    omg hyunbin!! i cant wait to watch dis!! anything with hyunbin in it, i’ll support. its not like i dont support other korean actors. hehehe ;p

  4. 4 : mrs. hyun bin Says:

    i love hyun bin as well!!!!i can’t wait to see snow queen..i just hope that it will be air in philippines like MNIKSS. can somebody upload it on you tube???!it will be appreciated!!!!
    thanks much!!!
    hyun bin forevah!!!!

  5. 5 : Bora Says:

    Sung YuRi’s can’t act. All she’s got is a cute face and that shouldn’t be giving her free parts with people who can actually act, like Hyunbin.

  6. 6 : Teddy Says:

    Snow Queen…I have watched part of it, till episode 8. Wow! A fantastic show. Though it is not the usual captivating comedy love story, it is definitely a must watch. Hyun Bin’s acting in this show is superb. There are so many classic scenes just in 8 episode. For example, when his best friend died, and when he asked for forgiveness from his mother. WOW! His acting is 1000 times better than in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I would highly recommend this show to anyone.
    By the way, Hyun Bin still looks good in the show. I think he looks better. His features are more outstanding without the packaged look.

  7. 7 : Drama Addict Says:

    I don’t think Hyun Bin’s character is too much a departure from his past roles. It reminded me a lot of his other character in Ireland (that was also a melodrama). It is refreshing to see him as a person of meager means, however. He is very good at playing the good guy. (hmmm, it might be interesting to see him pull off an evil character in the future hopefully)

    His acting has improved a lot also. This is the best drama ever!!!
    enthusiastically recommended!!!

  8. 8 : soreya Says:

    Snow Queen is 1 of the best drama i have ever seen especially its staring of the rising star ‘Hyun Bin’ u will remember him from My name is kim samsoon or a great movie ‘a millionaire first love’ which touch most teenageers from around the globe. He is supurb at his acting ability with his charmness and charisma. ALso Sung Yuri, great acting from her as well.
    I have seen part 1 of Snow Queen…it is so interesting just watching part 1 of 16 especially watching Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri together …so cute as a couple.I would highly recommended this show to any1 who loves Korean drama and comedy. You wont be disappointed. A very great casts to watch!!!

  9. 9 : krystel Says:

    whooh! i love sung yu ri and hyun bin very much..they got the chemistry!! no doubt, this will be a hit korean series in the philippines..

  10. 10 : lovergirl259_Z Says:

    when can Yoo In Young cast as lead actress.. she is nice too and i like her in loveholic and spy girl..

  11. 11 : E Says:

    Is this drama gonna be shown in the Phils?

  12. 12 : Chuan Ying Says:

    Hey,you idiot BORA,who says Yu-ri can’t act.I think you’re jealous of her and so you bark like that.

    I think Tokki is excellent!

  13. 13 : SOHL Says:


  14. 14 : SOHL Says:

    i wonder if bo ra is the Snow queen because she is very cold and Kay(Duku) cant let go of her that is why he ran away from Gerda, because he has a fragment of the mirror in his eye and heart(it tells in the book); and the ex-boyfriend (THE DOCTOR) of bo ra might represent the old woman, in the book, who knows magic, and wants to keep Gerda and have her around.

  15. 15 : dagouji Says:

    cao jie shi ma jie ba da gou ji ………………………….

  16. 16 : SOHL Says:

    this drama is so depressing….

  17. 17 : SOHL Says:

    ur in trouble han duku.. o no………………….

  18. 18 : SOHL Says:

    b ur self HAN DUKU!

  19. 19 : icysnowqueen Says:

    I have watched the show till Epi 11. Wow! I am so impressed with Hyun Bin’s acting so far. It is really fantastic. He looks good too, especially as we proceed on the show. He has kind of clean up. Hehehe!

  20. 20 : M3mi Says:

    I really want to watch this drama. I love hyun bin and Yuri they seem cute together. Is anyone uploading Snow queen on youtube? pls let me know.

  21. 21 : Jane Says:

    i like hyun bin!!

  22. 22 : wee Says:

    this drama is so good!!

  23. 23 : gen Says:

    yeah this show is being uploaded on youtube. there’re english and chinese subtitles.

  24. 24 : sohl Says:

    i wish there was a real “Lapland”, the place where there’s snow every day!

  25. 25 : sohl Says:

    i wish i could meet the whole cast and have their autographs! dudes if u dont want 2 give me ur autographs, u dont have 2. its a free country n ur busy 2.

  26. 26 : sohl Says:

    wats w/ d “o u cheated @ d math compition” n bora’s bro dies y’s he treated so badly. i mean its not like its duku’s fault! man theyre over doin it!

  27. 27 : Ame Says:

    Chuan Ying- Actually, Bora is right…If you’ve watched other series that Sung Yu-ri has been in, you’d say she can’t act too..but I guess in this drama, she does a better job

    sohl- Lapland does exist…Its located in Northern Europe and spans over Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway and also, I don’t think its overdoing it. I mean that guy has been first at everything all his life and you see how the media was expecting him to be first again at the math thing. I know how it feels with all the pressure to be first and I guess that was all he had going for him but then this new kid comes in and steal the limelight away from him. Even if they are friends I think its just difficult for that guy to admit defeat especially when he didn’t even place at all [I think..]

  28. 28 : icyprincess Says:

    Anyone know where to get all the OST for this drama? I’ve only found 3 so far. hmmm, I believe HAN TEH-YONG will very sadly die at #16. I’ll keep my fingers crossed

  29. 29 : icyprincess Says:

    anyone knows the name/female artiste of the song in episode 12 when Hyun-Bin and Yuri were walking around his high school.

  30. 30 : yana Says:

    Is this drama will be shown in m’sia???when???

  31. 31 : Rowena Says:

    Sung Yuri did also a better job in One Fine Day. So, I expect that she’s a lot better here. And from the comments, this series looks promising. I hope I can have my own copy soon.

  32. 32 : winnie Says:

    yana, Malaysian normally have to wait for about 1 year after it broadcast in Korea.

  33. 33 : zinmar Says:

    i am so poor. i can’t watch the snowy queen series.i don’t know how to download snowy queen series from the links.but i’m sure it’ll be a great show cos hyun bin,my crazy star, is in it.i’m so happy for all u guys who can see that series

  34. 34 : zinmar Says:

    i am so pathetic. i can’t watch the snowy queen series.i don’t know how to download snowy queen series from the links.but i’m sure it’ll be a great show cos hyun bin,my crazy star, is in it.i’m so happy for all u guys who can see that series

  35. 35 : kim Says:

    I’ve watched to ep 15 and I have to say it is not very good and I very much wanted to like it because of Hyun Bin and the ice queen backstory.

    I like the premise of being haunted by guilt over killing someone and atonement since it was based off the real life story of a korean boxer however the rest of it is too cliche (e.g. terminal illness, childhood crush, death, parental opposition etc) and poorly executed. If the acting is better you can make up for bad over drawn plots (e.g. winter sonata comes to mind though I don’t think BYJ or CJW are great actors). Hyun Bin is good (not great) in this kdrama but Sung Yuri, though much better than her other kdrama, is still not good enough to pull it off. If they had someone like Lee Dae Hae’s acting ability it would have worked out better. I noticed when the lead actress has good acting chops (e.g. My Girl, MNIKSS and MISA) it elevates the actor’s acting and brings something new to tired plots. MNIKSS of course in my mind has hit the sweet spot of having great actors- especially the lead actress, attractive cast, refreshing story line, great supporting actors and enough amusing side stories to add to the main story lines to make it in my book one of the most perfect kdrama.

  36. 36 : icyprincess Says:

    anyone knows where to find all the other ost in this drama besides the 3 that are widely circulated

  37. 37 : winnie Says:

    i have few link of ost here. share with u all.
    1.Grace Love
    2. hut noon ae
    3. ga nan han nam ja
    4. Sogyumo Acacia Band – Hello
    5. hello
    6. 가난한 남자 (Ka Nan Han Namja)

  38. 38 : jas Says:

    i have only watched my name is kim sam suen for hyuen bin, this show looks good from all of u huys comment! =)
    i better watch it!! =p

  39. 39 : icyprincess Says:

    I cried so hard at the last 3mins of episode 15……my poor poor hyun bin

  40. 40 : Sean Says:

    Time for you guys to watch “Fantasy Couple”…..I rate it, the best Korea drama of the yr 2006. heh.

  41. 41 : jas Says:

    i am watching it now…nearly the end, to me its not the best but ya its funny and the storyline is quite good.

  42. 42 : shiela_mlz Says:

    i love hyu bin very much…is this a sad story ? i will feel so depress if i watching a sad drama….when will it shown on malayzia!!!!!!!

  43. 43 : jaykhew Says:

    sung yu ri is the best actress i hv ever seen…she is cute n thats wat intrigued me whenevr i watch her acting..i wanted to buy snow queen but i dont even see 1 in malaysia..my first impression of her when she acted in first love of a royal prince!

  44. 44 : Le Says:

    I have watched to 6th epi. I do not knot know about Korean. So I saw this drama with Eng Sub. Bora is so cute…
    There is something not exactly about Math, but it is OK.
    I like this drama.

  45. 45 : E Says:

    i did not download this drama…
    i just watched it in youtube…

    hyub bin = love

  46. 46 : icyprincess Says:

    Heard that the official full OST for “Snow Queen” will be out on 12th Jan 2007. Someone pls post relevant links regarding the album 😀

  47. 47 : michele Says:

    you can pre-order the ost here http://us.yesasia.com/assocred.asp?Z8PS9UJH+http://us.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-k/section-music/pid-1004611043/

  48. 48 : leena Says:

    i hv no idea who is hyun bin … but after i read up all opinions here..i guess he must be a very good actor!! m i right? better i watch snow queen..and then i can see hw good he is. Actually Im too crazy this So Ji sup and Rain Bi…. that y i hv no idea who is hyun bin. But i knw yuri, she is very good actress.. and so cute too.. luv you!!

  49. 49 : JennLe Says:

    really l0ve hyun bin and sung yu ri in this serie…
    they l0oked s0 cute t0gether and their actinG was great t0o…

    its a must watch serie!!!

  50. 50 : conan Says:

    I don’t like the end of the story!!! Bora finally died!
    It makes me feel so sad, I am heartbreaking now

  51. 51 : Legit Says:

    This is the best drama i ever seen… Yes, it is a very sad story but… It leaves that bitter sweet feeling at the end…. very well made… I am looking forward to sung yuri’s next drama… because she’s my #1 favorite finkl!!! 😀

  52. 52 : sohl Says:

    i wish u guys a thank you cuz u peepz did a great job w/ d drama but i didnt like d end, i didnt dink it was worth it!

  53. 53 : Soreya Says:

    i’have seen the ending of “Snow Queen” it is so sad, she die peacefully in her sleep..he was cring his eyes out…very sad drama. though i think dis is one of the best korean drama i have ever seen cus the two leadin actor provide an outstaning peformance, HyunBin and Sung Yuri….

  54. 54 : Soo-Eun Says:

    this series is good…
    hyun bin have good features in this drama…
    highly recommended this drama!!

  55. 55 : BeLLe Says:

    i found out dis series when i search hyun bin in google !!!
    i have read n looked da picsss…
    it’s cool. i utterly wanna watch! i cant wait
    can u plz tell me da place where i can find dis movie even if trailler coz i have to w8 4 long.i m from myanmar….God plz help us

  56. 56 : mugku Says:

    episode 13 at the beginning who sings the music it is a female????

  57. 57 : Tea-tea Says:

    I’m about to see this series. Thank God I got 1 (one) already last night. Can’t wait to to see their acting. I like Hyun Bin’s performance in “My Name Is kim San Soon” (first time I saw him) together with the handsome guy Daniel Henney and I also like Hyuri’s acting in “First Love of Royal Prince” and “Three Leaf Clover”. I hope they will improve their acting in this series. Almost all of them said “It is a good drama and highly recommended” but there was another also saying “It’s not a good one”. So, I’ll give my comment once I finished watching it. See you guys all……

    K-Drama Mania,

  58. 58 : sohl Says:

    i recommend d book 2 every 1 n d classical music. theyre both good..

  59. 59 : babe Says:

    leena how can you not know who hyunbin is…either you are from another planet or you are not a K-drama buff..which country are you from? hyunbin is one of the highest sought after person in the internet…go and type Hyun Bin and press enter then you will know what we are talking about…lol.

  60. 60 : ji young Says:

    This my #1 drama. How do they even make a drama so good????????????

  61. 61 : pSt Says:

    So the girl dies of cancer, yeah they pretty much give that away in the begining. THE BEST DRAMA SO FAR WITH ALSO THE BEST OST IS “SAVE THE LAST DANCE” ….HANDS DOWN!!!!!!

  62. 62 : sohl Says:

    pSt, no not in d begginning

  63. 63 : sohl Says:

    i dink hybin can act n funny or serious situations “u no what im saying”.

    remember that quote in the snow queen?

  64. 64 : jaykhew Says:

    i met yuri b4 she is emminence…when she first visited malaysia i hv taken her autograph..n she kissed me too..this is 4 real ok!..eversince tht day i always see her acts

  65. 65 : sheng Says:

    i just finished this drama right now.. and i’d have to say it just became one of my favorite dramas of all time.. its so ouching and sad… tells about the troubles a human/person can go through… yet also describes about the happiness of times….. EXCELLENT drama… LOVED it so much…. it was just TOO good….

  66. 66 : KOTSHEKO Says:

    Hello,I’m from Philippines but working here in Dubai, I keep myself busy wathcin’ english and korean drama, and juz done watchin’ Snow Queen… i really do love the story… i’ve even cried from it…even if the girl died (kim bora-love interest of tae wong) but still you come up with a very good ending atleast not that hard to leave a sad one from the viewers…i ‘m fan of hyun bin since the first time i saw him actin’ in My Lovely Sam Soon… He’s great and make everyone fell happy… Hope your career will lasts… Be good … Me and my family support you all the way no matter what… More Power to you Hyun Bin and looking forward on your new project …

  67. 67 : Libra Tan Says:

    I agree with Bo-ra that Sung Yuri cannot act as good as Kim Sun-Ah.

    The PD chose her b’coz she looks sweet and lovely.

    In one of the NG scene, where she was drunk and fell to the floor,
    Binnie is supposed to slightly touch her face and wake her up. But
    when he reached his hand to touch her face, she quickly turned her
    face away and she seems to be afraid that Binnie might slap her face
    too hard. In the end, Binnie hit the floor three times…..

    I still think that she needs to improve on her acting in many areas.

    I am not a fan of 3344. But I still think that Kim Sun-ah is a fine actress.
    Hyun Bin is fortunate to be able to partner her in MNIKSS.

  68. 68 : katyana Says:

    omg best show ever! seriously it beat goong and goong was like the best show until i watched this!

  69. 69 : katyana Says:

    i forgot to say something but uhmmm its just like a millionaire’s first love except a show version and the girl is rich not the guy….

  70. 70 : strawberry Says:

    hyun bin is so handsome even in this series even though he is ruggedly boyish appeal compare to his good, clean cut in my name is kim sam soon.

    although a bit dissappointing and luck of cuteness in the last episodes…still it a must see kdrama

  71. 71 : TRangTokki Says:

    ooooo…..hhhh!?!??!The Snow Queen …?!?!?!
    I lov3 sis Sung Yu Ri , lik3 oppa Hyun Bin …

  72. 72 : blueshieldqueen Says:

    I love the snow queen. This is my fav drama, and I love Sung Yu Ri. She’s so pretty and her acting is so good. Yu Ri rocks

  73. 73 : jhon white Says:

    lyrics in english, the snow queen, please

  74. 74 : jczoi Says:

    i’m watching snow queen now! love love love it! hyun bin’s so gorgeous! and a super good actor too!

  75. 75 : AneL Says:

    I think it’s superb. Hyun Bin acted well..you tend to forget he was Sam Shik : )….it is sad yes , but I find it also to be a beautiful story full of life lessons ; relationships between friends, families etc…yadda yadda yadda overall it’s a BOMB !!!

  76. 76 : buz Says:

    I love Snow Queen..this is one of the best drama of all time..and if people said Goong is the best..they havent see Snow Queen yet..there are plenty of classic scene within the episode..and Hyun Bin acting is superb, its 100 times better then MNIKSS.. Hyun Bin’s a classis..i really love watching him..he is so good looking, from boyish look to rugged to gorgeous..he is better looking now and his features are more outstanding…i love Hyun Bin so much..imagine this i have watch all his Cf in the net..and yet i cant get enough of him..i miss him so much after watching SQ..cant wait to his next project..

  77. 77 : california Says:

    I like Hyun Bin, too, but sometime I felt he looks like Kwan Sang Woo in this drama… anyway, enjoy to watch it so much.

  78. 78 : Hooked Says:

    I got this show just so I could look at Hyun Bin … soooo gorgeous! But it hooked me, and I really enjoyed it (even though it made me sad). I heard a song in it though that I can’t get out of my head and desperately want, but I can’t find the name of it! It’s in episode 11, towards the middle/end when Duku is talking to his friend from school. It’s an English song. Does anyone know it? Pretty please?

  79. 79 : uugana Says:

    hi i like this drama so much kim bo ra is very wonderful actress and han tae woon too

  80. 80 : puddlemini Says:

    I fell in love with Hyun Bin after watching this…however, he doesn’t look the same in pictures or in other series’.

    I suppose his look in Snow Queen is special lmao…
    so cute!

  81. 81 : fisza Says:

    does anyone knows how/where to get all the lyrics for the ost?i really appreciate for ur help.thanks!

  82. 82 : sto Says:

    anybody know where i can download the soundtrack?

  83. 83 : tomei Says:

    You can watch the entire series on Youtube.com. Do a search on Snow Queen. There are many people who had uploaded the series. The one that I watch was using the search string:
    Snow Queen Episode

    This one has English sub. Each episode has about 8 parts each part about 8 minutes long. So enjoy! 🙂

  84. 84 : jujuwen Says:

    If you are thinkin whether to watch this drama, watch it. I’ve watched so many kdrama and this one is one of the best as it’s story line is rather different. Hyun Bin has also proved himself as a good actor since I was really not convinced that he can act in MNIKSS.

  85. 85 : kikinana89 Says:

    Hyun Bin is the best!!!!!!

  86. 86 : jhen Says:

    almost everyday im checking if someone uploaded it in Youtube but i always feel bad bcoz nobody does.will u pls advise me if ill find it in any sites?ive just finished watching ep 3 and thats it…pls help:_(

  87. 87 : Viv Says:

    I just finished watching Snow Queen. Love the story, great ending even though kinda sad. I’ve been Hyun Bin fan since My Name is Kim Sam Soon, I just love to see the other side of him. Sung Yuri also really cute too. Can’t wait to see your next drama. Soon hopefully……

  88. 88 : carmi Says:

    I just watched it because of Hyun Bin! It’s okay and it got really draggy at some parts…i just wanted it to end! It’s forgettable…but if your a sucker for korean drama (like me ^__^) watch it…!

  89. 89 : kezia Says:

    나는 그것의 아름다운 나가 나는 순전히 나 사랑한다 높았던ur한국 연극을 울었다 것 을 이 이야기 으을 알십시요hyun궤i사랑을 좋아하는 이 이야기를 좋아한다! 으을 만나게 좋은imkezia모든 종속…. (^_^)나는 너의 낱말을 이해할 그러나 나가…hehehehe……그렇는 안녕을 이해하고 싶는 어떤 낱말을 번역하기 위하여 웹사이트 어떻게 있는다

  90. 90 : kezia Says:

    높은! 나의 코멘트가i사랑 나가 녀석 이름hyun궤hehehhe을…… 그것의 아름다운 이야기 그렇는 좋아하는 이 이야기 이다 것 을 만나서 반갑다imkezia은. 으 있있다! 안녕………..(^_^)나는 너의 낱말을 이해할 그러나 나가…hehehehe……그렇는 안녕을 이해하고 싶는 어떤 낱말을 번역하기 위하여 웹사이트 어떻게 있는다

  91. 91 : kezia Says:

    if u have a friendster plzz add me on ur account thank you… love u hyun bin…..

  92. 92 : Craze Says:

    Hi hi..
    any1 has the snow queen soundtrack?? i like this show & the songs too 😉

  93. 93 : jo Says:

    i totally agree with Rowena, stating that Hyun Bin’s face is like that of Lee Dong Wook. I noticed him in MNKSS and i thought they look rather similar. Initially i thought, Hyun Bin’s not attracted enough but slowly i began to have a liking for him and as this fondness grew, i can’t get enough of him. I began to search for his next drama and im glad to know he’s in The Snow Queen. Without hesitation, i started watching it a few days ago and boy.. it left me totally mesmerized by his looks and talent. I simply can’t get enough of him right now. It’s sad that he’s already taken 🙁 but anyhow, i’m eagerly anticipating for his next role …

  94. 94 : Old Man Says:

    I’m an old man having seen many life experiences. This series is almost true to life, except for the happy ending. I have met people in my young age that has the attitude of Kim Bo Ra, snob, ruthless, etc and is very well portrayed by Sung Yu Ri. She did a very wonderful act, considering she has to switch personality at the end. People may think that she’s not very dramatic or not acting very well. I guess the reason is that the personality came from a rich snob, elite, character and then switch to a gentle person and to be over dramatic will not make the caracter realistic. More power to Sung Yu Ri and Hyun Bin. Old man fan

  95. 95 : deNisSe Says:

    waaaaah!!!!!!! suN yu ri has the most cutest face ever!!!!i love the way she shouts in every episode of the snow queeN!!!hehe…pluS,you might be shocked if you found her in ONE FINE DAY!!!so…watch them both….!!!!wahahahaha…by the way,hyun bin…watever character you play…the best!!

  96. 96 : anna Says:

    i luv you sun yu ri!!!!!! and so do you hyun bin!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!! ahihi…

  97. 97 : vina Says:

    halo my name is vina from yogyakarta(indonesia).i am fans sung yuri.
    kapan sung yuri datang ke kota saya saya harap sung yuri membaca ini karena saya adalah fans sung yu ri no 1(bahasa indonesia)

  98. 98 : Riana Says:

    Hi!! I’m Riana from Indonesian.I love korean movies and dramas..The Snow Queen is a great drama..Coz i really love the couple,Sung Yu Ri and Hyun Bin..And i really love the story even Kim Bo Ra is dead…Ooh,I’m so sad..
    Success for both of U…I Luv U…

  99. 99 : anney Says:

    ^.^ great cast, good story! it’s a good drama for those who love sad endings, and also for those who wants to see good looking actors! i’ll give it an 8 out of ten =)… looking forward for more (hyun bin) dramas/movies! he’s definitely a must see actor in korea!

    Bonjour! Salut! =)

  100. 100 : Meng Says:

    Snow Queen is the best korean drama i have ever seen besides stairway to heaven… The drama has so many life lessons that you can relate to… for instance,, you learn that you can become anything or anyone you want,, all you need is self-confidence and courage… by the way,, does anyone know where i can download the ost of Snow Queen for free? if anyone does,, please reply back… i would also like to know the guitar notes for the acoustic version or guitar version of the main theme song… if anyone knows it,, please tell me about it… this is the best korean drama ever!

  101. 101 : mao-chan Says:

    Snow Queen is my favourite drama ! Sung Yu Ri is great..

  102. 102 : nhendy Says:

    it’s a great drama,great actor and actrees….

    four thumbs up

  103. 103 : yeh Says:

    it is a beautiful drama..it makesvcme cry when i first watch this drama…Hyun Bin had a great acting here.and also the girl which kindly like resembles to Yoon Eun Hye of Goong or Princess Hours….nice drama..love it…(n_n)

  104. 104 : yeh Says:

    wow..a very sad love story..it is one of the most beautiful korean drama i’ve ever watched..

  105. 105 : paupau Says:

    never liked the ending.. just wished it ended up with sense after watching 15 episodes. (meaning, i just wished they could have done something worthwhile or something like going to lapland together or what.)

    i still love hyun bin and i think sung yu ri is pretty.

  106. 106 : eddie her Says:

    Don’t feel offended for those who said you are not a good actor. I think you are a good actor plus very cute……i loved your movie espically snow queen to said that you had to died don’t like that part and i cried…..well have fun doing your movie i wish to watch your next movie hope it is better than snow queen or like snow queen. Keep doing movie with Hyun bin he’s a good actor so as you when together with him bye…………. love you

  107. 107 : Rin Hee Says:

    I like the sad drama,,so I really like Snow Queen…
    and also the soundtrack…
    So sad…it’s make me cry…

    I also like Lim Ju Hwan(Suh Gun Woo)…
    so cute….

  108. 108 : JummyKS Says:

    I really like this movie, Hyun Bin is very good actor, I saw “My name is Kim Sam Soon”, he was cute in that movie. But he has a new character. He did better , This year he should get the prize like “My name is Kim Sam Soon”, I hope.

  109. 109 : melody Says:

    This is really a great show! Like every bits of it. The story, the actors, the actress. everything about this drama is just great!

  110. 110 : mhikky Says:

    I feel different after watching this drama. It was a great drama!!! they did a great job in connecting the drama with that of H.C Andersons fairytale…hyun bin was so astounding!!^_^

  111. 111 : gemini Says:

    I have been into watching this series and the first two episodes and since these do not reveal much of the intensity of the story, i still have to watch more. However, initially, there is no question about the acting ability of Hyun Bin. I am confident that he will be able to pull it off giving life to his character. Can’t say anything about her leading lady, but will post my views on her and the rest when I finish watching this series.

    Personally, i would rather see Hyun Bin doing dramatic roles because he is able to handle these roles without overdoing his acting. He has very impressive eyes, enough to show to everyone the emotions he intends to project. I agree with one of the viewers above that Hyun Bin’s outstanding performance would be better seen if paired with a known and good female lead star, but only for a while because I believe that in a few years’ time Hyun Bin can make it on hiw own and make a name as an effective performer. Good Luck to HYUN BIN! May he continue to give us entertaining series and movies. May he remain as SIMPATICO (good looking) and sexy as he is now. See more of you, Hyun Bin!

  112. 112 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    I have bought the VCD of Snow Queen finally. It is finally in Singapore! I watched it over 5 days. The other time I watched in on YouTube over a month. This time, it was intensively watching and crying. I feel very tired after crying so much. Whenever I close my eyes, I can see Hyun Bin’s face and tears rolling down his cheeks.
    His acting is really good in this show.
    The storyline is very dramatic and sad… Good that Tae-woong didn’t kill himself. The line, “As long as you are alive, it is good…” I agree totally. After watching the show, I promise myself never to cry over small matters. I want a life without tears…

  113. 113 : kitty00j Says:

    Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri acting are so………impressive. Both of them have a pretty face but never realise how GREAT are their acting skill until I have watched this drama.

    They are awesome and they look adorable together, should be real couple in life, they will definitely make a great couple as they have great chemistry.

    Hyun Bin is always so cool and handsome. While Sung Yu Ri is always so sweet and pretty.

    Love both of them.

    Oh this drama is so touching and is my one of my top favourite dramas for 2007.

  114. 114 : Nancy Says:

    wow, this drama was very touching and so sad. it is a tearjerker.

  115. 115 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    Hi, all! I have just ordered 2 of the Snow Queen OST albums. There are two versions.
    This show is voted as my No.1 for 2006/2007.

  116. 116 : han-bora Says:

    A great story….. it makes me cry a lot
    I love the cast, the way the act.
    Hyun Bin, a very good actor & most of all handsome
    While Sung Yu Ri, wow…. cute..

  117. 117 : Monica Says:

    This drama is sooooo amazing! I have seen three other dramas, but compared to this one were nothing! I love it so much and it was sooo sad when it ended. Both because of the story and because there were no more episodes! : (
    To everyone that hasn’t seen it I highly recomend it!! It’s very touching and eventhough it might seem like other dramas in many ways it is also unique and something that everyone who likes to watch love stories should defenently see!! : )


  118. 118 : Gemini Says:

    Finally, I saw the entirety of this drama series. As expected, Hyun Bin did very good.Verrrrrrry impressive, indeed. I was right when i said before that given the right project and time, Hyun Bin will do well even without being paired off with a known lead star. The likes of Snowqueen will bring out the best for the performing actors. It has a good plot (though with a very sad ending; was it necessary?), good production design, even the clothes, and the music…ohh…. the pieces were really heartwarming and so fullof emotions. I have to have a copy of its OST.

    I loved this series. it will be added to my other korean dramas which i will be recommending to my friends who are also avid viewers of koreandramas. I will be lending my copy to my officemates so that they, too, will be entertained and be moved by this series.

    I have followed the performances of Hyun Bin in hi sother series and his latest movie. and from his performance in Kim Sam Soon, Hyun Bin indeed has come a long way. Yes, we all noticed him in KSS, but you will feel his depth in Snowqueen.

    Thanks to the producers for having this project. You bring out the best in your actors. Hope you would come out with more of quality series. But could you please make the ending happy?

  119. 119 : Kurdistan Says:

    hey everybody
    I will watch this drama as you recomended.
    it will be my third Korean drama ( 1.Winter sonata 2.Jewel in Palace ( amazing) and it will be the third.
    have fun everyboooooody

  120. 120 : chipmunkz Says:

    This is surely on my top 5 drama list, together with My Name is Kim Sam Soon, My Girl, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and My 19 Year Old Sister-in-law. I usually don’t like sad shows because they get quite draggy, but this one is just too good. It is perpetually sad and tragic. It makes me wonder: “How can so much sadness happen in a person’s life?!” I love both Sung Yu Ri and Hyun Bin’s acting. Hyun Bin’s acting is damn good. He’s eyes tell you how he feels. Furthermore they are both very goodlooking. I totally recommend everyone who loves sad dramas to watch it. The Snow Queen rocks!

  121. 121 : mEtEoRaY! Says:

    That is the best movice l like!

  122. 122 : mEtEoRaY! Says:

    I love u “The Snow Queen”

  123. 123 : camay Says:

    definetly a must watch korean drama..

    Everything is in it!! its a jack of all trade series..romance, drama, and comedy
    Hyun bin and sung Yu ri portrayed really well.. Here you can see a whole new Hyun bin, He makes me cry.. u can sincerely feel the story and the feelings…

  124. 124 : snowqueen Says:

    I got original CD. Anyone who wants it please drop me an email. Price only RMXX.00. 2 DVDs.

  125. 125 : snowqueen Says:

    my email is [email protected]

  126. 126 : Kai Says:

    In my objective writers’ opinion, I think that Snow Queen has a bad story plot. I mean it is already close to impossible that you’ll meet and fall for a girl whose big brother is the dead best friend that you’re mourning over for the past 8 years or that you’d meet the little girl you ditch 8 years ago, again; and for both situations to happen to a single individual would be in the borderline of impossibility. So to put it mildly, the show lacks sense of reality. However, I think that’s the like one variable in the formula of any melodrama series. So it would be OK if the series would be dragged long but no, all conflicts has to be solved in 16 episodes, and that’s that. So with just watching the first episode, knowing the basic plot, and being informed that the drama only last for 16 episodes, one would already know that the girl would definitely die.

    Still I watched this drama till ep. 14(I didn’t want to watch 15 and 16 cause I don’t know if I could control my self) and believe me when I say there is no episode that I won’t shed a tear. The drama brought out the best in everyone of each cast. Even Sung Yu Ri, who is not known for her acting skills did a better job on this one. The character of Bo-Ra may not be the character of a like-able female but still you’d cheer for her or be jealous of her, in the end the character would have an effect to the viewers. And then there’s Hyun Bin, as a foolish genius. His
    characterization is quite ironic actually. Tae-Woong(or Han Deuk Gu) is so moronic of a guy, for a known genius. I mean he’s supposed to be a math whiz but he did do an idiotic decision of giving up studies only to pursue it again eight years after. Still, however idiotic Tae-Woong may be, most viewers would sympathize him more than the girl who has illness and will eventually die. I know this because I do. Why? Because Hyun Bin acts good. He’s one of the male actors who could actually pull off crying and not look bad. There are many actors in the industry who cries like they are just forced to cry (those made me want to ARRGG…). While Hyun Bin cries freely, he also made his audience feel like he’s real. I’m sure every shed of tears he made in these series would equal an ocean of tears by the viewers. He so makes his
    audience cry with him. I swear he’s the saving grace of the show.

    It’s a really god show with a bad plot. But I think GMA7 won’t regret that they bought it for airing in the Philippines (I heard it is already bought would be aired, but I just don’t know when) cause I reckon it would be good for business.

    With that I end my review.


  127. 127 : amad Says:

    im amad from malaysia..hehe
    i just can say oh my God!..
    its really great great great drama.i fell like something different after i finished watched this drama and..han deuk gu soo coooll!!!

  128. 128 : umi Says:

    i love this drama..so sad yet enjoyable.. it makes me feel like to stick watching it without skipping any episodes like what i’ve always felt for some of the kdrama. i love hyunbin too! man he’s cute!!

    i regret coz i stopped downloading the series loong before when it’s first released eventho i found out that this story is so interesting at the very first episode(the one with math olympiad etc.), since there had been some problem with the connection whatsoever, after some time i forgot about this drama. only during last few days when i started back watching kdrama ‘witch amusement’ from my friend’s (which i found interesting at the beginning but later kinda boring and i felt like skipping the episode to the last but anyhow i love the main actor..hehe, and i did left the drama after 5 episode, huhu..), i remembered this drama, and thanks to those who provide streaming services i can enjoy watching this drama without waiting for the downloads to finish! man i love this drama, i still wanna watch it while studying for my test tomorrow! hehe.. my regards to hyunbin & sung yuri all the way from malaysia!!

  129. 129 : Mardianaliza Says:

    not bad..but the ending is so boring…

  130. 130 : ryza Says:

    Touchable, lovely, sadness….great drama to watch, Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri are great chemistry. The soundtrack was made me overwhelming.

  131. 131 : mar Says:

    por que solo foto de el?????!!!!!!!!!

  132. 132 : cintakorea Says:

    hyun bin.. sarangheyo
    luv you
    wo ai ni

  133. 133 : Raden Says:

    I love the way this drama potrayed the asian culture of family values. I forgave Han for hugging Bo Ra sooo caringly and kissing her sooo gently but i believed it is the inner feeling of true love and responsibility that is much more important. But after all we are just mortal humans. And not to forget, to respect parents and elderly. Ok cut it short…. by the way, IS there anyone who is willing to be my Kim Bo Ra? If there is………….wow! i m eagerly waiting…….. [email protected] but ofcourse i m not as handsome as Han Tae Woong..hehe… but i have one thing in common with him, i do not have sweet words……….. chiou.

  134. 134 : noma Says:

    A great story………because of this drama I can’t enjoy any drama

  135. 135 : me...1 Says:

    well it’s true that when you watch this drama you’ll feel this strange feeling… its like combination of sadness and happiness … i really liked this drama… hyun bin was really good, he’s the best actor i know, i really look up to him. hope that he’ll do another drama and showcase his talent in acting, annyeongi kaseyo 😉

  136. 136 : Starz Says:

    fab acting from HB & SYR! the story a bit melo-dramatic but HB character makes the storyline alive…so matured & improved from MLSS…HB ur the best…

  137. 137 : Windxchime Says:

    Sarangheyo hyun bin…

  138. 138 : shadowmoon12 Says:

    awoot!! just finished watching the drama.. love it love it love it.. heehee.. just wondering, im from philippines and do you guys know where i can order a soundtrack of this dama.. love the songs… n_n

  139. 139 : addrel Says:

    hyun bin,,,, a very good actor in this life!!!!!!
    have a great chemistry for both hyun bin and sung yu ri!!!

  140. 140 : mariannerebucan Says:

    Simply the best!
    Hyun Bin’s not just a pretty face, he really can act well – excellent job i must say.
    i wonder y the ratings are so low yet a lot of people like it very much.
    anyway, for those who haven’t watch it, please please, please watch it and you’ll see how good this drama is.
    Hyun Bin you’ve come a long way baby …. i love u more now . hihihih

  141. 141 : sung_bin_love Says:

    I am from vietnam. I like the best drama korean, the snow queen is the film i like … I knew sung yu ri 4 years and last watch the snow queen i like best sung yu ri, she is intelligent , beautiful actress and singer.I wishes i wiil meet sung yu ri …. on tomorrow , today and my dream.

  142. 142 : j.kim Says:

    WOW. Excellent drama. Just long enough, kind of a weird bridge in the middle, but excellent overall. You gotta love this director!

  143. 143 : karnit Says:

    i just love this drama.
    the best that i saw!
    i even made a musical video clip on it
    (it shows the end so if your afraid of spoilers…)

  144. 144 : shirley Says:

    can i know what is the person who acted as the jung gyu in the show?

  145. 145 : kitty Says:

    I am re-watching snow queen right now and have lost count of how many times I have re-watched this drama. I just totally LOVE this drama, very sweet and romantic story, my parent love this drama too, they find that SUNG YURI is really pretty, cute and definitely a potential actress plus singer. She has a beautiful face that is why all my family members love her a lot. Hope to see her in the upcoming new drama,Hong Gil Dong 홍길동, [KBS2] Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri, Jang Geun Sok, Park Sangwook soon.

  146. 146 : foilole Says:

    I LOVE THEM BOTH theyre so cute.

  147. 147 : cheryl Says:

    i am not a big korean drama fan but snow queen got me big time.
    hyun bin is gorgeous without a doubt in every angle and scene and su yu ri is delectably cute, not to mention her everchanging and trendy wardrobe on the tv set which altogether make the couple very appealing.
    Not to forget the acting was great as they really immersed themselves into the roles and I wish there’s someone out there like hyun bin!!

    last but not least, the drama overall has a tragic, poignant and slowmoving feel which totally draws you into this dreamland and romantic mood. What a great show!

  148. 148 : Arlinda Xiong Says:

    This movie has to be like one of the best one’s I ever saw in Korean….it is a very nice movie. Hopefully Hi Yun Bin will be in other movies that I will be watching very soon…

  149. 149 : yea eun Says:

    i loved this drama! it was so sad. sung yuri and hyun bin were both very good in it! saranghe hyun bin obba!

  150. 150 : RBJ Says:

    This drama re-kindles old memories. Must watch! Anybody knows Pauziah Abu Kassim? 1979 PUB Quaters, Warren Golf Club. Ayer Rajah. Singapore. Please contact [email protected] Tell her that i acted like Han Duk Gu, more foolish infact. I pretend not to like her when in actual fact i like her! i have hurt her.Pauziah ( G ) biyane.

  151. 151 : Farah Liana Says:

    this drama is so great..so sad drama

  152. 152 : 사우피 Says:


  153. 153 : 사우피 Says:



  154. 154 : 사우피 Says:

    a good story..

  155. 155 : joyce18 Says:

    Honestly speaking, i really do not like such a sad story… but i guessed from the start since Kim Bora’s sick, she has to die at the end… Han Tae Woong character is so pitiful from the beginning til end… but at least with Kim Bora, he experience true happiness & love, even for such a short time…
    Love Hyun Bin here!!!! Such as good actor!!! ^__^

  156. 156 : sphnx Says:

    it makes me cry….
    whoaaa… how i wish the ending was not bad as it was…
    part 2…please………………………………………..

  157. 157 : somsak Says:

    I like korean drama.
    I come frome Thailand.

  158. 158 : baby Says:

    Wow this drama is so………good, both the actor and actress are really handsome and pretty, hopefully can see them as real life couple.

    Yuri has done an awesome job protraying as a rich girl, she does kind of have the rich and pretty face, she has a wonderful figure too.

    Hope to see her new drama- [drama 2007][upcoming] Hong Gil Dong 홍길동, [KBS2] Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri, Jang Geun Suk soon. Read that it will be an interesting drama with great casts in it.

    Snow Queen, what a wonderful storyline, my family love it too.

  159. 159 : Terri Says:

    I LOVE Sung Yuri!! She is so awesome in this series… YEAH! love this drama, was quite sad though.. but it also had funny bits too.

    All i can say is, its a MUST watch, good looking main characters and good scenery and good fashion, esp what Sung Yuri wears.

  160. 160 : cori Says:

    i really like sung yu ri outfit in this drama…

  161. 161 : uberalethea Says:

    Nice cinematograpgy, camera panelling and good actors and actresses. Kudos to Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri. It’s one big production which is pleasing to the eyes. The dialogues are well-written but the whole plot is plain and predictable. All-in-all, it is still a good drama to watch.

  162. 162 : SaRang Says:

    a good story. the actors are great! =)

  163. 163 : cecile Says:

    great drama…!!!

  164. 164 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    Trust me, Hyun Bin made me cry even after watching the show for the 4th time. Ahhhhhhhh! The more I watch this show, the more I think Hyun Bin is simply the best! I am such a big fan of his.
    By the way, Hyun Bin is voted top 10 Hallyu Stars by Korea Times. Yeah!

  165. 165 : emily Says:

    wow!!!! the character really made me feel the intensity of their emotions!!! even though it was already stated that “Bora” will die because of her sickness, i was still hoping she will live in the end!


    this is a really good drama, i hope everyone will like it.. this drama is not recommended for depressive people. lol

    please watch “bad couple”.. it has the combination of comedy and drama! it will make you laugh but it will also make your eyes teary.
    Highly recommended!!!!

  166. 166 : funkybuddha Says:

    Watch Online with English Subtitle

    video is unavailable

    plz …………. can u give us a link where we can watch this drama with english subtitle……..

    Thank you

  167. 167 : ivy Says:

    english subtitle is currently not available in internet.

  168. 168 : one Says:

    Hyun Bin…
    Can’t take my eyes of you

  169. 169 : Karma Says:

    Trust me i fell for Hyun bin after this series.Its one of the best produced in Korean dramas. Hyun bnin is super hot cant take my eyes off him

  170. 170 : tisa Says:

    it was superb,

  171. 171 : Titiek Says:

    OMG, I like this film very much. Trust me, this his drama is great and very complex. Honestly. it was the first film that made me cry. And I saw 3 times. O yeah, I also like this film because there is Hyun Bin. OH…… Handsome guy….. I am to be crazy when I see him crying.
    I LOVE YOU, Hyun Bin…..

  172. 172 : fais Says:

    this is one of the best korean series i’ve ever watched, i like the storyline. personally, i’m not a fan of sad endings. but this one is sorta different. i wasn’t THAT sad. perhaps because they had happy times together =) i think hyun bin and sung yu-ri’s acting skills are good! but the sad ending was unnesscesary .. T.T

    poor kim-tae-woong ..

  173. 173 : fais Says:

    i’m sooo devastated bo-ra died… they made such a good couple..i mean, they liked each other since ages ago and they’ve been thru so much to be together in the end.. they deserve the happiness =/
    the chemistry between them is just great! very good couple =)

  174. 174 : jie Says:

    what a lovely story!!bo ra comel la..daek gu tu macho gler..they have a very strong electrovalent bond..=)

  175. 175 : eshah Says:

    deuk gu is mine….haha….don’t disturb him…..!!!!!!

  176. 176 : fais Says:

    poor deuk-gu T.T
    i’m still sad after finished watching a few days ago

  177. 177 : luv Says:

    i hate sung yuri in this drama!!!!
    but i’m in luv with hyun bin!!!!
    l luv him very much since i watch my luvly samsoon n millionaire’s first luv

  178. 178 : cool Says:

    Well. this drama is so touching. love the storyline.

  179. 179 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    I can’t believe that I have become Hyun Bin crazy! All my friends know this!

  180. 180 : aiman Says:

    soooooooooo great,the storyline,the actor,especially the heroineher lips just like my cousin………………..LOVE THE STORY…….

  181. 181 : justin Says:

    this drama made me cry the most out of all the dramas and i loved it but i felt it they should have had more episodes

  182. 182 : snow man Says:

    Love both Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri. Yuri’s acting has dramatically improved in this series playing a rude turned loving lady, after finishing the series i just wanna watch the series all over again. For me, this is one of the best k-drama ever produced.

  183. 183 : zed Says:

    Hyun Bin is good, but Yuri is THE BEST!! Hahaha….(wicked?!)

    I don’t sleep well, i don’t eat well because of her…bhuhuhu, she’s gorgeous, she’s cute, she’s adorable. Her acting and emotions make me freeze in front of tv. (^_^)

    She supposed to act with Joo Ji Hoon in Hong Gil Dong, i wonder how good it would be, if it really happens…?!

  184. 184 : Sam Says:

    I like hyun bin in this drama..He’s so cute..And so sad this drama….

  185. 185 : eisya Says:

    i like korean story….. especially love story.. snow queen…..its so touching….. and wonderful storyline….

  186. 186 : boybakal Says:

    The best for me, what a drama i never get teary eyed before in a series like this what a great work.. =P

  187. 187 : cpaa Says:

    hyun bin is seriously hot.
    im in love with him:DD

  188. 188 : pandabear104 Says:

    i regret not watching it when i had the chance……….babo……………so much positive feed back………….damit……………….i wanna watch it…………..cries……………..

  189. 189 : mary Says:

    i love this drama series so much…not just because hyun bin…but the storyline …so wonderful…this drama now showing at 8tv Malaysia…8.30 p.m. every monday to friday…

  190. 190 : PEI96 Says:

    i love this drama guys

    especially Bora

  191. 191 : bella Says:

    it’s very sadness drama and i sooo touching.

  192. 192 : Ugly Duckling Says:

    The snow queen is going to show at TV7 in Thailand

    but i have seen this story before.

    Love hyun bin and Yuri so much

    It’s the best story !!

  193. 193 : lee Says:

    totally love this drama with two beautiful casts sung yuri and hyun bin. yuri is so………beautiful and elegant and definitely her acting is awesome. bin is really handsome. they make such a wonderful couple and fantastic chemistry. do hope that they can date in real life.

  194. 194 : Kim quach Says:

    Hi everyone.. I am at episode 8 of this drama, I cant get to see the rest because the links are broken.. Can anyone give me the bt files ? or tell me where i can download the drama ?
    [email protected]

  195. 195 : Ivy Says:

    here is the link to watch it online with english subtitle – http://www.mysoju.com/snow-queen/

  196. 196 : korean girlz Says:

    I love this drama…. I love hyun bin and sung yu ri..

    this drama so sad…. I like the story line this drama…
    I also like their actor and actoress… It make me adores this drama…

    143 hyun bin and sung yu ri

  197. 197 : _x_ica_x_ Says:

    “hope.. destiny.. fate or even love.. all such powerful words but all would be meaningless with a single word.. GOODBYE..”

    a quote from snow queen..

    ahuhuhuhuhuhuhu.. i cried buckets of tears while watching this drama.. my heart really broke into millions of pieces..

    very nice drama!!.. i love their acting skills!!.. i love you hyung bin and sung yu ri..

  198. 198 : Dylan's wife Says:

    okokok not rough

    actress r cool………………………Great.

  199. 199 : ija Says:

    i love dis drama very much

  200. 200 : fetty Says:

    i love this drama…so sad..i love hyun bin oppa.he so handsomeeee n make me crazy..i love u…i love u…saranghye oppa!!!!!

  201. 201 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    I still can’t find a replacement for Snow Queen. I like My Girl and Lovers. However, Snow Queen left the greatest impression.

  202. 202 : atika Says:

    happy snow queen……..always likes snow queen…………love…….snow queen!!!!

  203. 203 : atika Says:

    love snow queen…..!!!!!!!!!

  204. 204 : Nini Says:

    Could anyone pls tell me theme song for this drama?

  205. 205 : Nsyc Says:


  206. 206 : VictorDudeZ Says:

    I can’t believe you, Nsyc hate this show just because Bo-Ra died. Congrats, you’re one of the idiots that we do not need, please go to the nearest and most comfortable corner and stfu.

    This show, in my opinion, is brilliant. Bo-ra’s death made me shed a tear, but it does add the sort off sad and memorable feeling to the show, great job of using the Snow Queen as a guideline. At least Bo-ra died 2 years later than expected.

  207. 207 : 에리 Says:

    사랑해 훈빈,,, !

  208. 208 : Lucky Says:

    I love this movie . It is good But it so sad .

    I have something to tell writer . Please dont get someone die T T

  209. 209 : Surarit Says:

    I come from thailand.Now this movie showing in tv7.

    But I finnish to this dramma. I like it so much But I would like to ask

    the writer why you write someone to die T T . I like happy ending

    Thanks you for all . I love kim bo la.

  210. 210 : ena Says:

    I come from malaysia.I like this story very much but not finish watching yet.I can’t believe that BO-RA was died.anyway i love hyun bin very much.chayok!chayok to hyun bin.

  211. 211 : nicky Says:

    i like this series, but i can’t believe that bo-ra died! i hate the writer & the director, and the producer(LEE HYEONG MIN) because he produce it!please next time make a series that the lead characters won’t die.

  212. 212 : Hollywood Says:

    Kim, I agree with you on your comments about BJY & CJW. They are not great actors. I watch the overated Winter Sonata and that the first and last I watch these 2 actors. They oversell themself. I haves seen better acting in other Korean actors. Beside looks, acting skill still counts.

  213. 213 : Mel Says:

    OH MY GOD! I don’t really know the right words to describe how this series affected my life! I may sound so exagerated but ‘WHEW’ I feel like I have to meet the lead characters because I adore and love them! Their acting was fantastic! Especially Hyun Bin.. He is so hot! Yuri, I love your fashion… makes me wanna be totally like you. I totally love the ost! Good job guys! The death of Bo-ra made me cry the whole night after I watched it. So sad… It made me lonely for quite sometime… But never did I regret watching this series.

  214. 214 : TONGAS MANIRI Says:


  215. 215 : Daisy Says:

    Thanks for ruining it. I was gonna watch it but I hate melodramatic endings with the death of a leading cast. I guess it’s good I found out ahead of time.

  216. 216 : wendy Says:

    This is the BEST romantic drama for 2007, love all the casts in this drama especially sung yuri as she has protrayed bo ra very well, she can act girl. Well beside all her beautiful clothings, she has a pretty face too, love her more and more.

    Hope to see her new drama soon, can’t wait.

    All the best in her life and hopefully she and hyun bi can be real life couple, they have awesome chemistry in this drama.

  217. 217 : annie Says:

    though many people felt that this drama is worth watching, i dont think so. i find this drama long winded and boring. 🙁

  218. 218 : hanny Says:

    best….i love snow queen although it sad ending.

  219. 219 : Huzero Says:

    i luv dis drama vry much.
    the actress also very cute .

  220. 220 : someone Says:

    i love this drama although it is a sad story. people can watch this drama.

  221. 221 : syaz Says:

    i love this drama vry much.
    actress also cuet
    hyun bin & yuri also suitable with each other.

  222. 222 : dini Says:

    i love this drama soooooo much!

  223. 223 : zaendra Says:

    very sad story..Made me cry the whole night after I watched it……………..:-(

  224. 224 : Hilary Ng Says:

    Snow Queen rocks…I love the movie as well as the actor + actresses this korean drama is the best drama so faR i’ve seen…love it….

  225. 225 : Nsyc Says:

    Hey, VictorDudez wat do u care? I hate it and so? I am not an idiot. I ges u r. I am jst expressing how i feel and i dnt think ders something rong wid dat. Spare me or else il find u..

  226. 226 : haaiikkkaaaahh Says:

    its been a week since ive finished watching this drama.. until now, i can still feel the hurt inside me after the lead characters death.. i cried millions of tears that made my eyes swollen the next day.. it was so sad to know that even if you are destined for each other you still can be broken apart by death.. like most of the commentators here, i also hated the writers, director and the producers for letting bo ra die.. its just too unfair for tae-woong.. but then ive realized that if bo ra was alive, she would have sacrifice more longer with her sickness.. and tae wong would have not answered the math equation and just spent the rest of his life serving the girl he truly loves.. i think tae wong already sacrificed a lot in his lifetime.. In other way around.. it still remains a tragic drama..:(

    i hope this can be aired here in the philippines.. this is one of the best drama ive ever seen.. I love snow queen very much!!!.. hope everyone else does.. hehehehe.. 🙂

  227. 227 : waka Says:

    i hate it.. only one kiss in 16 episodes.. im very disapointed!!>.

  228. 228 : xiang Says:


  229. 229 : xiang Says:

    i so happy because so many ppl love Snow Queen this movie..i love bo ra so much because she so cute..Because this movie i cry few times..i hope i caN see Bo ra and Tae Woong realppl

  230. 230 : wan Says:

    Snow queen is the best drama ever, sung yuri and hyun bin rock, they are so sweet to look at. Hope that there will be snow queen part 2 with yuri and bin together again.

  231. 231 : xiang Says:

    sung yurii died edi…hw can got snow queen part 2..Bt i also hope gt part 2…Bcos this movie really so nice…

  232. 232 : soso Says:

    this drama is not worth watching to me. my girl and full house is 1000 times better. it just a waste of time to watch this boring drama.

  233. 233 : haiikkaaahh Says:

    to soso:
    maybe ur genre is more in romance comedy than a mellow drama thats why your not entertained by this kind of drama.. i also like my girl and full house simply because i can’t help myself from laughing and falling in love.. hehehe..

    to xiang and wan:
    i think its possible to have a sequel on the story.. tae woong can meet a girl that has so much similarities with kim bo ra.. and also wish to go in lapland for the snow queen.. hehehe.. but the story is like a copy right from the kdrama which star are you from.. hehehe.. how we wish for a sequel to happend..

    i love snow queen.. its the best melllow dramatic drama i’ve ever seen..:)

  234. 234 : haiikkaaahh Says:

    to soso:
    maybe ur genre is more in romance comedy than a mellow dramatic one.. thats why your not entertained by this kind of drama.. i also like my girl and full house simply because i can’t help myself from laughing and falling in love.. hehehe..

    to xiang and wan:
    i think its possible to have a sequel on the story.. tae woong can meet a girl that has so much similarities with kim bo ra.. and also wish to go in lapland for the snow queen.. hehehe.. but the story is like a copy right from the kdrama which star are you from.. hehehe.. how we wish for a sequel to happend..

    i love snow queen.. its the best melllow dramatic drama i’ve ever seen..:)

  235. 235 : shokoy Says:

    love it!!.. hop i can meet hyun bin in person!..

    i love sung yuri’s fashion in this drama!!..

    hope i can have one of her dress here..

  236. 236 : shin chan Says:

    yeah! i am also hoping 4 a sequel. haiikkaaahh’s idea would be great. hope that producers/writers can make a story out of it.. and can produce snow queen’s sequel.. weeeehhh!!.. i really love hyun bin and sung yuri’s chemistry. they really are a great actors. more power and God Bless.

  237. 237 : nid Says:

    love the story..sad story..but cool coz make my man tear come out…
    love the story

  238. 238 : UJIRO Says:

    I like this series very much.so pity of Tae woong.Bora should’nt left him,but i still love this series anyway.

  239. 239 : han_eba Says:

    i love this drama~
    hyun bin too~
    so touching drama~

  240. 240 : indochick82 Says:

    I love this drama! It’s soo sad. I want to meet a guy like Han Tae Woong . 🙂

  241. 241 : me n lee wan!! Says:

    i love this movie!!!really cute!!!

  242. 242 : Saranghaeyo Says:

    I love snow queen..

  243. 243 : Saranghaeyo Says:

    the best drama i ever seen

  244. 244 : Saranghaeyo Says:

    Sung Yu Ri and Hyun Bin the best

  245. 245 : Saranghaeyo Says:

    does anyone know what is sung yu ri email?

  246. 246 : Saranghaeyo Says:

    tell me keyh

  247. 247 : Saranghaeyo Says:


  248. 248 : ........................ Says:

    couple of handsome n beauty………………………….

  249. 249 : kitty Says:

    i will like to hv sung yuri email too, she is so……..beautiful inside and outside.

  250. 250 : Nana Says:

    Wow .. amazing show .. excellency

  251. 251 : a1601 Says:

    Even it’s a sad story but it’s so beautiful. I would like to thank you producer and related teams for creating this wonderful serie.

  252. 252 : winkwink Says:

    i love Hyun Bin + Sung Yu Ri.. They r perfect couple!! love Snow Queen very much though i hate sad ending drama..i feel frustrated but contented : )..

  253. 253 : lee Says:

    i love this drama very much and will really wish that there is a part 2 using hun bin and sung yuri again as lover.

  254. 254 : - Says:

    this drama is so sad. Bt it was nice a fter all. JIAYOU Hyun Bin & Sung Yu Ri,u r loveable

  255. 255 : tan Says:

    this is a beautiful but sad story. both hyun bin and sung yuri have protrayed their character in this story well. they are so good to look at.

  256. 256 : Rado Says:

    i watched the snow queen 3 times, and would like to thanks to all the drama team workers. Nice drama!

  257. 257 : 14 Says:

    ppl who have not watch it must grab it now! SNOW QUEEN is a greatest drama ever.

  258. 258 : veve Says:

    love Sung Yu Ri since prince 1st love. her acting have improve alot! *CLAP* well done!

  259. 259 : tan Says:

    veve, i totally agree with you, i love sung yuri since prince 1st too, she has indeed become a talented actress. i wish her all the best in her acting career too.

  260. 260 : fantasy Says:

    l0ve sung yuri and hyun bin..
    the best korean drama ever
    rate from me 10/10
    but a bit dispointed about the ending..huhuhu ;[

  261. 261 : noie Says:

    I love hyun bin!

  262. 262 : mai Says:

    hyun bi is sooo cute.

  263. 263 : kitty Says:

    I am re-watching snow queen again, the story and the main casts were so BEAUTIFUL in this drama, bin and yuri rocked.

    Hope to see part 2 for snow queen with bin and yuri again.

  264. 264 : aTiQ Says:

    its a nice story..i laughed sometimes but in the end, i cried..

  265. 265 : arawa Says:

    good drama..n i hate ending.

  266. 266 : alan Says:

    Best drama for 2006 and 2007, hyun bin and sung yuri deserve all the awards they got for this drama. They look so ……… good together. Hope to see them in another movie or drama soon.

  267. 267 : Betty Boop Says:

    I love to watch this movie, The Snow Queen. But next week I’m going to miss it, because I’ve planned to travel in the National Park. There is no TV. That means I cannot watch it. I will not meet Han Tae Woong and Kim Bo Ra. So sad… 🙁
    Whatever, I’m going to find and get a DVD of this movie. Yeah! yeah!
    l ___ ___
    l l l l / l___
    l___ l___l l/ l___

  268. 268 : Elfy Says:

    I love This movie…….Gotta get on dvd…..SAD!!!SAD:(

  269. 269 : wendy Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER, hyun bin and sung yuri look so good together, pls give them a snow queen part 2.

  270. 270 : jo Says:

    Awesome drama, i am rewatching snow queen again. Sung Yuri has a new drama soon 2008 – KBS – Hong Gil Dong. I have watched some previews from you tube and it seems to be a very…..nice and funny drama, she looks too cute for me to resist her.

  271. 271 : Kjesin Says:

    I want to watch snow queen again and again very much.

  272. 272 : huiying Says:

    I will be watching this drama soon as everyone has wonderful remarks for it, more over sung yuri is my no. 1 korean favourite actress.

  273. 273 : huiying Says:

    Wonderful drama. Sung yuri is so pretty and she has protrayed bora very well in snow queen.

  274. 274 : = = Says:

    i would say that this is my number 1 drama of all korean dramas.

  275. 275 : Chae Ryne Says:

    Bo Ra.Or sung yu ri.u look very cute n beutiful……my dear sister send a regard 4 u…………deok gu Or…hyun bin………….handsome ya………. sarang hae Yo…………aza2……….

  276. 276 : Raymond Says:

    Go search The Snow Queen and you see it mentioned in Wikipedia!
    This Korean Drama is also an adaption from Andersen Fairy’s Tale The Snow Queen. I am so fascinated after watching the drama and read the Fairy Tale in Full. Thumbs up the Producer and Script Writers for this drama. Not too close on the ending with the Fairy Tale, the glass splinter indeed reminded Tai Xiong wanted to change his identity.

  277. 277 : Sabrina Says:

    This korean drama is so romantic,i enjoy to watch it…i love the main actor Hyun Bin…he is handsome guy..he had a good potential to be an actor..hope u can visit Malaysia one day..the story is so interesting and sad..okay good job han tae wong&kim bo ra

  278. 278 : alan Says:

    Can anyone advise me where can I find snow queen special edition dvd as I hv read somewhere that there is a special episode like war of money?

    Thanks so much in advance.

  279. 279 : chan Says:

    Sung yuri rocks, you are so…………beautiful.

  280. 280 : nia halisa Says:

    hyun bin is so charming..his act was amazing..i love this drama..it so touching…well done to this drama production..
    nia-from malaysia

  281. 281 : Mi-rae Says:

    this is the best Kdrama i have ever seen. very touching story and very nice scenery too… and of course, the actor was superb, cool and handsome….
    very good in portraying character like Tae Woong who are so hopeless and full of guilt and at the same time, deal things with full of patience and passion.. very good… i like u Hyun Bin…..

  282. 282 : Mi-rae Says:

    ohhh… one more thing… Bo-ra…. nice dresses and nice boot… very sexy…

  283. 283 : lee Says:

    Totally agree with what Mi-rae said, Bora is so beautiful and elegant, hope to see her in real person as most korean men have voted sung yuri the most beautiful korean actress when see face to face .

  284. 284 : naemhyunbin Says:

    i looove this drama so much…………verry touching……..hyun bin sssssso handsome bora so cute………i want to watch this drama again…and again……………

  285. 285 : joei Says:

    What an awesome drama, i am rewatching this drama again, can’t get enough of hyun bin and sung yuri.

  286. 286 : rEanne Says:

    Although it was a sad ending but it was really a meaningful one. It’s beautiful. Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri looks great together. The story line was also good. kinda unpredictable.

  287. 287 : cutekoreanlover Says:

    really GUD
    wif hyun bin starring da drama~~it’s PERFECT
    MUST WATCH !!!!!
    really !!!

  288. 288 : gabyyy Says:

    omg this drama was so unbelievably amazin i cried so much!! ahhh hyun bins a hottie

  289. 289 : T Says:

    Does anyone know about Bora’s Anne Klein blazer?

  290. 290 : wendy Says:

    Wow what a nice drama, beautiful casts with sung yuri and hyun bin in it. Pls consider these two casts in snow queen part 2.

  291. 291 : hup Says:

    Wow hopefully there is a part 2 for snow queen.

  292. 292 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo…..
    yes…i am watching for the 4th time now…. just can’t stop watching “tae Woong” and Bo-ra..
    did anybody realised that Tae Woong called Bo-ra in such a loving and sexy tone…
    and Lee… you do agree with me that Bo-ra is totally sexy right with the high boots and short skirts…and yes, i dont think any of the other actress prettier than she is…hmm….

  293. 293 : jo Says:

    I hv read somewhere that there was a special ending in snow queen, does anyone knows where to download this special ending episode?

    Thanks in advance.

  294. 294 : Charisma Says:

    this movie is so friggin HAWTTT!
    wished there was part 2!
    it’s one of the best Korean series Ive ever seen!

  295. 295 : elaine Says:

    I love sung yuri, she has protrayed bora character very well.

  296. 296 : panda Says:

    Yes yuri has protrayed bora very well.

  297. 297 : wan Says:

    Snow queen part 2 pls

  298. 298 : chin Says:

    Best drama ever. Sung yuri is so……..BEAUTIFUL as always.

  299. 299 : candy Says:

    A must watch drama, sung yuri fighting. You are so pretty.

  300. 300 : xiang Says:

    if anyone watch snow queen this movie bt don hv cd can go crunchyroll this website watch de…enjoy this movie everyone..hv a nice day >

  301. 301 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo everyone….
    i have bought the OST, but seems like there are few songs not in the OST. especially, the last episode where Tae woong and Bo-ra spent their time together. I love the song, but can’t find it…. Anybody can help me??

  302. 302 : Mi-rae Says:

    can’t stop crying again…. although repeating it….

  303. 303 : Mi-rae Says:

    anyone can help me on the OST that i mentioned earlier on??

  304. 304 : Mi-rae Says:

    anybody saw hyun bin’s latest photo??

  305. 305 : Mi-rae Says:

    prefer his look in the Snow Queen..

  306. 306 : Charisma Says:

    can somebody gimme the titles of all the songs played in the movie?

  307. 307 : wendy Says:

    Me too, i wish to know the song for the last episode that hyun bin and sung yuri that spent the time together.

  308. 308 : nas Says:

    hello there, this drama full with romantic scenes. i had watched the preview of new drama series from sung yu ri, ” hong gil dong”. can i buy this drama by using an internet.??? anybody, please is there any way to buy this “hong gil dong”. i had tried to surfed a lots of website. but i failed.

  309. 309 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo….
    yea… the last episode song is nice very nice…. wonder who can help???
    wendy… you love it too right??

  310. 310 : starone Says:

    Song “seul peu get ji man annyong” by Yun

    Snow Queen OST
    01 Intro Kim Ji Su
    02 noom eh yuh wang – Main Theme Jo Seong Wu
    03 chut noon ae Kang Sung Min
    04 ga nan han nam ja Choi Won Joon
    05 Grace Love SAT & IM
    06 Hello Sogyumo Acacia Band
    07 If you only knew Olivia
    08 noon eh yuh wang Jo Seong Wu
    09 Sub title Park Seong Il
    10 jung hyu eh jook eum Park Seong Il
    11 noon mool eh-Waltz Version Park Seong Il
    12 chut sarang Kim Ji Su
    13 fermat eh bang jung shik Kim Ji Su
    14 nal geun sa jin Kim Ji Su
    15 chut noon ae – Piano Version Kwak Yeong Jun
    16 Outro Park Seong Il

    Snow Queen Love Theme Album
    sarang…noon moon gyub da – Jo Sung Mo
    seul peu get ji man annyong – Yun
    me ah ri – Loveholic

    go to

  311. 311 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo… starone…. kamsahamnida….majayo….
    thanks for the list of songs…. and the bonus track… that is the song is it???

  312. 312 : Mi-rae Says:

    i dont seem to be able to open the song sang by Yun, i think that is the song that i meant…

  313. 313 : wendy Says:

    Oh yes i love the song, Mi-rae. Thanks for the advise by starone.

  314. 314 : wendy Says:

    hello there, this drama full with romantic scenes. i had watched the preview of new drama series from sung yu ri, ” hong gil dong”. can i buy this drama by using an internet.??? anybody, please is there any way to buy this “hong gil dong”. i had tried to surfed a lots of website. but i failed.

    Hi nas

    This hgd drama is not show in korea yet, it will only be show on 2/1/2008, therefore you cant find this drama from the internet yet. But if you want to find information abt this drama, you can go to :


  315. 315 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo..hi hi.thanks to starone…….
    i dont seem to be able to find the song anywhere to download. however, i found this song [seul peu get ji man annyong – Yun] in the you tube, i guess… it was from the series.
    still searching for this song..very very nice song…… wonder is there anybody out there who has it…

  316. 316 : Mi-rae Says:

    really thanks to starone, if not i wouldn’t even know the title of the song… thanks to you….

  317. 317 : candy Says:

    I hv watched snow queen and found it really nice, yuri acting was excellent, she deserves to be call a potential actress.

    A lot of people have criticised her acting in thousand year of love, but I found her acting really excellent too, she had expressed her sad moment and her tears was so touching, that’s why I feel that the comments abt her was rather unfair to her.

  318. 318 : Charisma Says:

    gee…thanks Starone. =D

  319. 319 : Charisma Says:

    gosh! i love sNOW qUEEN!!!
    i’ve never cried so much for a show in my whole life.
    but I wished BoRA would have been alive.

  320. 320 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes charisma…. you are right…
    i am still crying although i have watched for the 4th time…. STH is a sad one already…. but this one is really really sad… looking at Tae Woong’s face also makes me want to cry already…

  321. 321 : starone Says:

    To download the OST, go to http://starones.wordpress.com/the-snow-queen-ost/, then right click on the song (the bottom links are ok)and save as target.

  322. 322 : shoo Says:

    Sung yuri fighting, her drama HGD is finally out.

  323. 323 : joey Says:

    snow queen, hyun bin and sung yuri rocks.

  324. 324 : joey Says:

    this is my third time rewatching this drama, so sad.

  325. 325 : polly Says:

    where can i find the special episode of snow queen?

  326. 326 : kate Says:

    me too, i am rewatching snow queen again. at the mean time, planning to watch thousand year of love after snow queen as sung yuri is my favourite actress.

  327. 327 : kate Says:

    Wow there is another drama HGD for sung yuri. Hopely this drama will bring her success and recognition.

  328. 328 : sweety Says:

    snow queen rocks. beautiful casts in this drama.

  329. 329 : Mi-rae Says:

    Hi Starone, i managed to download the song already….. thanks… to you….

  330. 330 : Mi-rae Says:

    i am watching for the 5th time now… haa haa haa…
    miss it too much…….

  331. 331 : sweety Says:

    another 2 more days to go for sung yuri HGD drama. but snow queen still rocks.

  332. 332 : yan Says:

    Best romantic drama for 2007. Sung yuri is very pretty. Intend to watch her lastest drama soon Hong Gil Dong.

  333. 333 : Charisma Says:

    Snow Queen’s fans UNITE! x)

  334. 334 : stacy Says:

    snow queen drama, casts and osts rocks

  335. 335 : melanie Says:

    i thought it was going to be boring but i really like it. still watching right now. love hyun bin!!!

  336. 336 : Mi-rae Says:

    ohh yes…. this series is superb…. never get bored watching it… yes…melanie… hyun bin is so good looking in this series… he has the type of charisma that makes people just cannot resist to see him..of cos.. sung yuri… is pretty compared to the rest…

    ohh…SYR new series looks interesting… that kang ji hwan also not bad in ‘fireworks’ with han chae young……..
    but unfortunately… i have to wait…. cos it won’t be screen so soon… unless wait for the CD’s…….

    please inform us who is still waiting here whether good or not….

    wonder when is Hyun Bin next series… he has been taking a long leave since Snow Queen……

  337. 337 : stacy Says:

    I hv completed snow queen in 2 days time.

  338. 338 : huihui Says:

    Sung yuri is the most beautiful girl, she has brotrayed bora very well in snow queen.

  339. 339 : huihui Says:

    where can i find the special episode for snow queen.

  340. 340 : twinnie Says:

    me too i want the special episode information too, snow queen and sung yuri rocks.

  341. 341 : Mi-rae Says:

    haa haa..hi stacy…
    the first time i watched, i completed within 48 hours too…. haa haa
    you just can’t stop watching right…… to nice to resist….

  342. 342 : Mi-rae Says:

    special edition??? huh?? really… where can i see it too….

  343. 343 : david Says:

    Anybody know how to ending ?

  344. 344 : sandy Says:

    Totally hooked up after Snow Queen. Me too I wish to know the special episode for snow queen too.

  345. 345 : Mi-rae Says:

    ohhh.. and i have completed 4th time already… going to start the 5th time soon…. haa haa,…hyun bin and yu ri…. you all are the best..

  346. 346 : Mi-rae Says:

    i like all of hyun bin in this series… esp during the last episode towards the end… where he finishes his seminars and playing basketball at the basketball court and he suddenly saw “Bora”…..he is so handsome…

  347. 347 : sandy Says:

    i am a great fan of snow queen just like Mi-rae, snow queen is the best drama for 2007.

  348. 348 : wonhae Says:

    This is the most romantic and sad drama I hv ever watch, hyun bin and sung yuri are so lovely together, they make a great couple in real life.

  349. 349 : wonhae Says:

    just got to know that there is a new drama for sung yuri today. very excited to know the rating for HGD tonight.

  350. 350 : wonhae Says:

    Sung Yuri looks good with Kang Ji Hwan in HGD, but I love Sung Yuri with Hyun Bin more, as they are both pretty and handsome.

  351. 351 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    Un de mes dramas preferes!!!! Hyun bin et sung yuri sont vraiment parfaits dans leurs roles!
    On of my favorite dramas!!! Hyun bin and sung yuri are really perfect in their parts (is that correct?)

  352. 352 : heaven Says:

    verry nice kdrama..iiyak ka tlaga…

  353. 353 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi sandy… yea..i am totally a great fan of snow queen..haa haa..welcome to the snow queen fan club…… i love it very very much….
    and btw…. even the sceneries for all the shots are superb too……

  354. 354 : Mi-rae Says:

    wonder what is hyun bin busying nowadays……
    no series at the moment?? any news about him?? he looks more fleshy nowdays compare to snow queen time…

  355. 355 : koreandoll Says:

    I super love this drama!..very nice touching story..huhu..
    it will really make you cry a lot..
    the story is very good..
    I also love Kim Bora’s fashion here..

  356. 356 : barbie Says:

    i hope i can have kim bo ra’s face.. she looks so fresh.. she doesnt look like her age.. (she is turning 27 this march).. she has a new drama right now.. hong gil dong.. hehehhe..

  357. 357 : hikari Says:

    i am from japan. eventhough there is a lot of drama here i still favor for snow queen. i really love the story. its one of a kind.

  358. 358 : laplandadventurer Says:

    im going to lapland!….
    anybody there who wants to be with me??..

    here i go…

  359. 359 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi hikari,

    you are from japan?? would u really prefer korean series compare to japanese series?? for japanese series, i only fancy The Beach Boys and “Hoshino kinka”… wonder you know??

  360. 360 : sonylea Says:

    seem that a lot of people love snow queen, me too.

  361. 361 : Saramiyeyo Says:

    SNOW QUEEN is a really good Korean Drama Series…

    It’s ratings in Korea weren’t that high because there were so much competition with the other shows that time.. (JUMONG)

    However its a REALLY GOOD DRAMA! 🙂

  362. 362 : Holly Says:

    Sung Yuri’s acting has improved tremendously. I liked her in this drama. I reccomend people to watch it..it really is something.

  363. 363 : chan Says:

    i totally agree with holly that snow queen is a highly recommend drama. yuri is so beautiful there.

  364. 364 : Mi-rae Says:

    i love to see him from side… he looks so handsome from side views…

  365. 365 : JC Says:

    Yes, I believe that the story is romantic and sad. it is good when we are willing to spend time and enjoy it.

    it is even more enjoyable is you understand the language. To me watch with reading subtitle.

    Ok, i watched through question u can ask [email protected]


  366. 366 : sonia Says:

    wow hyun bin and sung yuri look great together fm head to toe, they should date in real life, my two favourite movie stars.

  367. 367 : Charisma Says:

    yessh! it will be great if u get to understand the language. Unfortunately, I’ll have to go with the subs.

  368. 368 : snowqueen Says:

    i love this movie so much!!!

  369. 369 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo everyone… yea yea..will enjoy if understand korean…..and yeah… it will be a perfect couple for hyun bin and yu ri…. cos they look so perfect together…

  370. 370 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi wanya…
    you are right… it took me very long to watch it too.. i bought it and keep for few months, at that time i watched Stairway to heaven and loves it… until one fine day..
    i started it… then that’s it… this is the 5th time i am watching it…..snow queen… superb……

  371. 371 : Mi-rae Says:


    do you like Kwon sang woo too in the STH??

  372. 372 : lynux Says:

    stairway to heaven is defitnely BETTER

  373. 373 : pplea Says:

    wow sung yuri is so pretty in snow queen, she is definitely a recognise actress

  374. 374 : jrearys Says:

    i agree with sunny lol…..
    no way for the second…i think sometihings wrong with their head…

  375. 375 : jrearys Says:

    no…i mean d author head..

  376. 376 : SNOWQUEEN Says:

    Touched me deeply and left me speechless.
    Wonderful story and highly recommended.

  377. 377 : applehwang Says:

    snow queen is a beautiful story, nice scenery in there too. very sad but still enjoy watching it.

  378. 378 : elaine Says:

    my favourite drama, it is so romantic and the casts are all so beautiful and charming. enjoy watching it.

  379. 379 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi applehwang,

    yes..agree with you…. very nice sceneries…….esp those maple leaves…. so nice…
    i have completed for the 5th time now….hmm…. 6th time?? soon….

  380. 380 : lapland Says:

    oh man, i finished the whole series in 3 days. i spent hours watching this drama. although it’s a fairy tale, i wish i could meet someone like bo ra. hehehe.

  381. 381 : amelia Says:

    lov the show…such a sad ending….

  382. 382 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi everyone,
    how come nobody chating about hyun bin and yu ri???
    i am watching half way for the 6th time now…. haa haa

  383. 383 : joijamesdakid Says:

    umm hi everybody! can anyone tell me where i can watch the whole series of snow queen? please and thankyou =]

  384. 384 : Ivy Says:

    joijamesdakid, you can visit the website as provided in above post

  385. 385 : joijamesdakid Says:

    ty ivy so at the website mysoju.com?

  386. 386 : hisaishi Says:

    I looooove The Snow Queen :Touchable, lovely, sadness…
    hyun bin & yuri powaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  387. 387 : han Says:

    finished this series in one day… sad but great

  388. 388 : Anne Says:

    I really love this series! So touching and heartwarming!

  389. 389 : Mi-rae Says:

    wah.. Han…you are superb.. finish in one day… haa haa haa … can’t stop watching right……

  390. 390 : K3nz0u Says:

    im in love wif this drama
    cn any tell me where i cn find the main theme guitar chords
    thx in advance

  391. 391 : hwaimin Says:

    This drama was fabulous, i love the drama storyline and of course with hyun bin and sung yuri. They look so good together, great chemistry, a very catching couple if they date in real life. Sung yuri is my favourite actress and great to know that she has a new drama HGD.

  392. 392 : chan Says:

    Sung yuri was very pretty and classic in this drama. I love the storyline and all the casts. Beautiful scenery, osts, and the clothings that yuri wore in this drama.

    Although is impossible to have a part 2 for snow queen since bora died but hope o see yuri and bin cooperate in another drama or movie, just fall in love with their chemistry.

  393. 393 : Mi-rae Says:

    true… they really click well.. and bora was very cute adoreable.. with tae woong… she is cute… and very lovey dovey…

  394. 394 : lihuiying Says:

    Does anyone know where to watch the special episode for snow queen, as i hv read fm somewhere? Thanks.

  395. 395 : Mi-rae Says:

    huh?? special episode?? yea… very very curious…where can i get it too???

  396. 396 : snowqueen fan Says:

    I thought My Girl is the best Korean drama, now this is my other best too. My Girl is more fun to watch, this one is more sad but it’s still BEST.

  397. 397 : Mi-rae Says:

    hmmmm…my girl… i just don’t really fancy looking at the guy who face are really pretty like girl but the voice are so macho…

  398. 398 : belle kim bo ra Says:

    song yu ri besh giler dduh
    sape tk tgk rugi giler
    hope sung yu ri and hyun bin will acted in a new drama again

  399. 399 : belle kim bo ra Says:

    aja-aja fighting

  400. 400 : melanie Says:

    the best!

  401. 401 : thesnowqueen Says:

    love this drama so much
    hyun bin and sung yuri so great together

  402. 402 : nancy Says:

    finally saw it 10 times!!!!

  403. 403 : 9510 Says:

    one of the best

  404. 404 : melanie Says:

    wow 400 people love/like this drama
    i do too!

  405. 405 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes yes… this is the best drama i have ever seen.. although sad ending but very very touching….
    remember the part where towards the end, where Tae Woong went to the library and sit on the chair and laid his face on the table.. where he said he missed Bo-ra…. wow…. i love it…

  406. 406 : Grace Says:

    Oh me gosh I really love this drama. Hyun Bin So handsome and Sungyuri are very compatible. very good match…

  407. 407 : Pat Says:

    Best drama sad but entertaining..

  408. 408 : Lucy Says:

    Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri good match as a couple. Love this drama. Bravo

  409. 409 : drama6 Says:

    You guys can check http://drama6.com out it have a lot of asian drama(korean japanese…)

  410. 410 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo….
    i am watching for 7th time now…. i am still enjoying it.. although quite a number of times repeating it…

  411. 411 : gumby Says:

    please tell me wer in manila philippines can i find that dvd copy….. want to watch also. tnx.

  412. 412 : melanie Says:

    remember the part where towards the end, where Tae Woong went to the library and sit on the chair and laid his face on the table.. where he said he missed Bo-ra…. wow…. i love it…

    i also love that scene
    it’s so sweet
    my favorite scene in the whole drama

  413. 413 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes melanie… my favorite scene… and the last part where tae woong saw bora.. on the bench… snowing.. and his tears rolled down… oh gosh… so handsome… and sad

  414. 414 : Mi-rae Says:


    i am not from philippines…
    actually you can see from this link as above with english subtitles.. but not sure why is it under repair…
    anybody can help????

  415. 415 : Hanhook Says:

    I love the scene when they pretend they are at Lapland and he kissed her…ooooo so romantic

  416. 416 : melanie Says:

    you can watch it in crunchyroll.com
    under Noon Eui Yeo Wang NOT THE SNON QUEEN!

  417. 417 : gumby Says:


    thanks, i envy you guys!!!! coz i have not seen it yet until now….. hu hu hu hu hu hu…. and im trying my best to find it…..

  418. 418 : kay Says:

    i really adored hyun bin! he’s handsome and all! he’s Mr. Perfect! i liked him since his “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” days! .. i hope he could come and visit the Philippines soon .. Im still not done watching The Snow Queen, but after this, ill continue watching it na! ..

  419. 419 : gumby Says:


    can i know wer i can watched the snow queen? since their online with english translation is bugged down.

  420. 420 : Mi-rae Says:


    melanie mentioned you can watched at crunchyroll.com… she is right…
    you clicked on Noon Eui Yeo Wang…Noon = Snow, Yeo Wang = Queen..
    and it is in english subtitles… if you dont understand korean….

  421. 421 : EEGII Says:


  422. 422 : nesta.nyenye Says:


  423. 423 : haiikkaaahh Says:

    wooowww.. the comments have reached to 400+ now.. cant believe it.. so many people have good taste when it comes to kdrama.. just like me.. i too love snow queen so much..

    no other kdrama can beat snow queen in my heart.. ive watched this so many times already.. and everytime i watched it.. it still feels like the 1st time..

    love you all (people who love snow queen)
    aza aza fighting..

  424. 424 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes..best drama ever…feel just like first time watching although repeating a lot of time….

  425. 425 : haiikkaaahh Says:

    to mi-rae:

    hey.. you feel the same way too??.. you know that feeling.. like.. even though you’ve watched it several times already, you still feel like you don’t know whats next and your still giggling everytime bo-ra and tae-woong had lovers quarrel and ending up being together.. weeeehhh.. only snow queen can me feel this way.. i don’t know why.. hehehhehe..

  426. 426 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi haiikkaaahh……

    Yeh, majayoh[yes, right]….the feeling is like you wanted to watch it again and again although repeated many many times……in fact i have watched quite a number of kdrama but nothing compared to snow queen…..
    and of so many actor or actress… hyun bin and sung yuri…you just won’t get bored seeing them… like the more you see them, the more you find them handsome and pretty.. you know like won’t get bored looking at them…

  427. 427 : haiikkaaahh Says:

    hello mi-rae..

    you’re absolutely right!!.. everytime i look for something new to watch.. browse to my dvd’s for about a minute(thinking of what to watch).. then finding myself watching snow queen.. i would never have 2nd thoughts.. i would really watch it over and over again.. i don’t know why.. heheheheh..

    yeah.. the chemistry of hyun-bin and sung-yuri was really fantastic.. i think its one of the reason why we keep on watching snow queen.. i hope we can see them together in another drama or movie.. if that will happen.. i think we would have 2 drama’s to watch over and over again.. hehehe..

    do you have recent news about them??.. i know sung yuri is busy now with hong gil dong.. how about hyun bin??..

  428. 428 : melanie Says:

    any good dramas to recommend watching?
    seen too many times of the snow queen!

  429. 429 : melanie Says:

    still love it by the way
    even if seen many times

  430. 430 : nancy Says:

    great drama
    best drama
    sad drama
    cute drama

  431. 431 : kitty Says:

    I still love snow queen even watching other dramas. Sung Yuri and Hyun Bin are the best couples ever.

  432. 432 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi haiikkaaahh……

    same with me here….browse through my DVD collection too.. but in the end.. snow queen… haa haa
    nope.. no news of hyun bin.. no new series too..but i saw quite a few of his current shots… he look more handsome… new hairstyle….



    hmm… if you want something similar to snow queen, wonder have you watched Stairway to heaven… or if funny one… i would recommend you Lovers in Paris… or if something amused… The Vineyard Man…

  433. 433 : melanie Says:

    saw stairway to heaven and lovers in paris already
    anyways you korean or what?

  434. 434 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi melanie..

    anio…i am not korean…

    how about you??

    i am learning korean language…..that is why…..

  435. 435 : lihuiying Says:

    This is the best drama ever, I just fall in love with all the casts and the storyline. I like this drama more than any other dramas. I am re-watching again, cant stop looking at hyun bin and sung yuri as they are so beautiful.

  436. 436 : melanie Says:

    nope not korean but want to learn it
    just finish watching again

  437. 437 : lihuiying Says:

    Wow seem that a lot of people are great fans for snow queen, me too. My sister has just came back from korea and she has told me that the tour guide told her that snow queen ratings in korea was not so good. Who care as long as the ratings are good in asia.

    Of all the dramas for 2007, I still find snow queen BEST.

  438. 438 : Mi-rae Says:

    yea yea..rating in korea was not that good… cos Jumong was on aired at that time too…. that is why….
    lihuiying… you are right… i dont care too whether rating in korean good or not.. haa haa as long as we find it nice watching and worthwhile watching it again……that should be ok….

  439. 439 : Mi-rae Says:

    snow queen is still the best……..
    melanie…currently, korea is airing Kwon Sang Woo’s new series Bad Love… have you watch it??

    actually i quite like KSW too but still find Hyun Bin more handsome….

  440. 440 : lihuiying Says:

    If anyone is a fan of sung yuri, I recommend ONE FINE DAY, her previous drama before SNOW QUEEN. I find her not bad in that drama too, she has a different kind of acting as compare to snow queen. The storyline is very unique too, I have enjoyed that drama too.

  441. 441 : melanie Says:

    saw bad love up to ep 8 then there was no sub so i stop watching it
    okay movie but not as good as the snow queen

  442. 442 : Mi-rae Says:

    yea yea….

    i watched few episodes too…. quite not bad that series but the actress looked a bit old…..

  443. 443 : Mi-rae Says:

    yea, definitely the snow queen is the best…

  444. 444 : alma Says:

    i really love this korean series. it made me cry even ive watched it 5 times already. super the best

  445. 445 : melanie Says:

    finish watching snow queen again
    can’t get enough of snow queen and hyun bin
    any news about hyun bin making new dramas
    can’t wait to see what’s next for him

  446. 446 : rea Says:

    oh i love this drama…it made cry almost evry episode…beautifully done!most of all Sung yu ri is good here….Keep it up!cant wait to see Hong Gil dong….

  447. 447 : Sarahngge Says:

    Gumby, hi! U can find Sn0w Queen dvd in dvisoria. I assure u, it’s a clear copy but d subtitles are a little bit distorted but u can manage to undrstnd it. Huhu… I really have 2nd thoughts buying dis dvd bec it is said in d reviews dat d ending is sad. Anywayz, after deciding to buy it, my only regret is dat y do i have 2nd thoughts buying dis dvd. I should have buy it earlier. N0w, i have already watched it for 5x already. Love it… Can’t help but l0ve it.

  448. 448 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi sarahngge….

    haa haa… me too…i bought it and kept in the closet for few months…
    until one fine day…. i watched it… and that’s it…. this is the 7 times already…. aja…..

  449. 449 : leonmindoro Says:

    Snow Queen is my favorite korean drama!

    Hyun Bin is good here! I hope that it will be shown here in Philippines this year!

    I cried because of the story. SACRIFICING means LOVING!

  450. 450 : jema Says:

    omg, i cried alot in this drama
    sung yuri died in here
    hyun bin suffered alot
    both make a good couple too

  451. 451 : kitty Says:

    i am rewatching snow queen again while waiting for hong gil dong. i love snow queen because of hyun bin and sung yuri.

  452. 452 : eujin27 Says:


    good bad very sad drama, lot’s of sacrifice to show love, sad ending but nice story….

  453. 453 : lihuiying Says:

    I am rewatching too, this is the most romantic story that keep me watching again.

    Sung Yuri has really done a gd job here.

  454. 454 : lihuiying Says:

    There is another drama for sung yuri, is HGD, oh must watch.

  455. 455 : justinlee Says:

    the direction was excellent! the storyline, i see some flaws but still very good…. hyun bin’s acting was admirable…. yuri’s acting was so cool and cute (i love her)…. editing and screenplay is magical, the theme songs are so good!!! the finale, it sucked a bit… it seemed that they compressed everything in the end that the death of kim bora rushed in without making the audience feel that she is incrementally dying. its like… pooofff! she died… anyway still very good… 9stars

  456. 456 : kitty Says:

    I totally agree with justinlee, snow queen rocks, i love sung yuri too.

  457. 457 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes… snow queen really superb… the story very touching, the screen shots are excellence… with nice sceneries.. and the OST suits the scene…. esp the instrumental….
    except.. for the ending part… agree with justinlee….
    she just die… lying there… which… are you sure she died??
    first time i watched..i was like… huh?? then 2nd time.. i only realised… it was tae woong’s expression and his eyes full of tears..out of sudden…

  458. 458 : Lanu.lkr Says:

    I was watching “snow queen” and the first time for korean drama last week and it was great, oohh!! i really like it.
    and i have not expected that i could see such films/drama, thanks.

  459. 459 : kitty Says:

    I was thinking, will there be a part 2 for snow queen, as i really love hyun bin and sung yuri together.

  460. 460 : hwaimin Says:

    I love snow queen very much, the storyline and casts are awesome. Hope that there is a part 2 as what kitty has mentioned.

    Maybe Hyun Bin can meet Sung Yuri (as another character) who looks like Bora and fall in love with Yuri again. Maybe this time the ending can be together and not die.

  461. 461 : nancy Says:

    i love this drama so much

  462. 462 : lihuiying Says:

    Hm… I am re-watching snow queen again while waiting for hong gil dong. I still find sung yuri gorgeous in this drama, can’t imagine someone else to fill into bora character except miss sung. She is amazing and all her clothes are very classic.

  463. 463 : joei Says:

    I love this drama very much. The storyline is awesome with fantastic casts, sung yuri and hyun bin. They both look so good together, very pretty and handsome.

    The story did not end yuri and bin together but still meaningful, as after yuri died, bin hv the courage to continue his life.

    The clothes and accessories that yuri wore are very classic and beautiful, I guess the entire drama must hv spent the most money on dolling yuri, she is indeed very classic and pretty.

  464. 464 : joei Says:

    I agree with what hwaimin and kitty said that there should hv a part 2 with hyun bin and sung yuri again.

    Maybe Hyun Bin can meet Sung Yuri (as another character) who looks like Bora and fall in love with Yuri again. Maybe this time the ending can be together and not die.

  465. 465 : panyangbear Says:

    I just finished watching it last night.

    The Snow Queen was one of the BEST Korean dramas I have ever seen. Lee Hyeong-min, the director sure does have a way of capturing the hearts of the viewers because for me, it’s something that you would always look forward to. The first few lines of this drama just got me hooked up to the very end. Everything was-just-so-beautiful! The storyline and the sequence of the drama were so good. Nice sceneries. And the soundtracks touched me in a different way.

    Surely, it can’t get any better without Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri, my all time favorite actors. Aside from having the best chemistry, both acted very well. In One Fine Day, we see Sung Yuri as a pitiful girl, full of sentiments but in this drama, we see her as a totally different person (which proves her flexibility as an actress) — a spoiled, arrogant, loud and bad-tempered woman who tries hard to appear strong but in fact, very weak inside, feels lonely and longs to be loved. A rich girl, with the best clothes, shoes, and everything, who still feels empty. She can be a snob and a cute girl at the same time. Hyun Bin, on the other side, was warm, humble and pathetic. The role he played made me really in awe. I liked that expression of his — quiet, calm, serene — which made me fall for him even more! He’s all gorgeous in different angles. He was very handsome — like, my eyes just see him and only him! Well yes, I’m head-over-heels crazy over him.

    What made the story sadder was that just when everything seemed so right, something came up. But despite the tragic ending, Han Tae-Woong (Hyun Bin) still had the strength to go on with his life. And I guess in reality, this is what life should be. People come and go. We lose them and move on. The ending was really painful but somehow, it taught us good things. And that math aren’t just mere numbers, but it can also give you some good lessons about life and happiness.

    This drama can be an inspiration to each one of us. The actors were really superb! The emotions they play had gotten into me. I can really feel their pain and misery. The Snow Queen was actually the first ever to make me tear that much. All the way down to the very last part, I did nothing but cry. When the guy received that precious gift (a beeper which the girl kept for so long) with her last message, when he went to Lapland alone, when he was sitting in the library missing the girl so much, when they met again after three years with snow flakes falling — these scenes really made me cry the hardest. I can’t believe it; my eyes are still swollen up to now. Well I never really liked sad love stories but sometimes it’s so good to cry. Thanks God, it was just a drama! Had it been real, I’d feel twice the pain! Haha!

    If you guys are looking for a real drama, this is all you’ve been waiting for. Eye bags, dark circles, swollen eyes, it’s all worth it! So great that it had become a part of me. This is the reason why I love Korean dramas! Korea rocks! More power! =)

  466. 466 : Mi-Rae Says:

    hi panyangbear….
    haa haa welcome to the snow queen club…. nice series right?? with perfect songs, perfect sceneries and of cos perfect couple….
    i have watched for the 6th times.. and never ever get bored…

  467. 467 : melanie Says:

    new movie from hyun bin coming out
    can’t wait to see it
    been like two years since snow queen

  468. 468 : tan Says:

    This drama is fantastics, great and romantic storyline. Although sung yuri die at the end, hyun bin still survive, very touching but sad. I hv lost count of how many times I hv been re-watching this drama.

  469. 469 : tan Says:

    Almost forgot, sung yuri is very elegant, pretty, cute and sweet in this drama. I love her in One Fine Day, Snow Queen and Hong Gil Dong drama most. These are the dramas that hv actually show her outstanding acting skills. Hope to see her more in future dramas and movies. I find her and hyun bin a perfect couple in snow queen, hope that they can date in real life.

  470. 470 : maple3 Says:

    Really love Sung Yuri!

  471. 471 : tan Says:

    Me too I love and adore sung yuri too, she is great in snow queen, very classy and beautiful.

  472. 472 : joei Says:

    I am rewatching snow queen again. Beautiful casts with awesome storyline.

  473. 473 : joei Says:

    Just let some fans of snow queen that there is some interesting information fm the below website:


  474. 474 : tmun Says:

    it’s really touching..i almoz cry in d laz episode..i love its soundtracks very much..i can’t wait to watch it again..

  475. 475 : shainye Says:

    a must seen series…

  476. 476 : wendy Says:

    Best drama ever, Sung Yuri is indeed verey classic and beautiful, she is my most admire actress. She has a very sweet, cute, and nice look, very classic sometime too.

    Her character as BoRa was fantastic, totally fall in love with her

  477. 477 : wendy Says:

    I read somewhere that there is a special episode for snow queen, can I know where to watch it pls?

    The OST was very nice too.

    Sung Yuri and Hyun Bin looked so good together, too bad that they are not real lover

  478. 478 : akemi Says:

    Love this Kdrama sooo much! Hyun Bin & Sung Yuri have the best on-screen chemistry! They look good together…Best acting…

  479. 479 : melanie Says:

    can’t believe it!!!!!
    rewatching snow queen
    just love this drama with my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. 480 : iluvit Says:

    after reading all this comments.
    just can’t wait to see this too
    man.sooo many to watch
    but i know its all worth it

    >>>KOREAN DRAMA is LOVED by me!

  481. 481 : nana Says:

    love so much this drama……..snow queen is so touching deep into myheart……love so much…..han tae woong & kim bo ra…..snow queen is the best…..

  482. 482 : mi-rae Says:

    hey all,

    of course..this will be the best drama i have ever seen… very nice and touching… and the storyline…very meaningful..

  483. 483 : vonny Says:

    best drama ever, sung yuri and hyun bin are awesome. pls make a part 2 drama for snow queen. the story may be there is another girl who resemble bora and meet tae woong and this time they can end up together.

  484. 484 : vonny Says:

    can i know where to watch the special episode for snow queen as I hv read somewhere that there is a special episode like hong gil dong drama?

    thanks in advance.

  485. 485 : sinting Says:

    love u hyun bin ….u are too handsome and cool!sung yuri is pretty too…loved watching snow queen!

  486. 486 : Lewis moetain Says:

    Love this drama so much. I watched it all night. And then I watch it again and again. Hyun bin is my favorite actor, I’ve liked him since i watched Ireland drama. Sung Yuri is pretty girl and good acting. so this drama is very nice.

  487. 487 : leriechelle Says:

    i luv dis movie…..its so touching and romantic…..i luv hyun bin

  488. 488 : srndpty Says:

    I really love this drama. It is a story about friendship, love.. loosing oneself and finding it again… guilt and forgiveness… this is worth watching for… it will tear your heart out and would touch your soul… it would give you something to think about for days…it would make you grieve and be happy at the same time… K-drama Rocks…

  489. 489 : mulan Says:


  490. 490 : Ging Says:

    One of my favorites.
    Very meaningful.
    Very Touching.
    I love this drama.

    I love the one-way ticket scene in the final ep, where Tae Woong bought a one-way ticket to Lapland coz he wants to die at Lapland so he can be with Bora. But before Bora died, she always had a dream that TW will commit suicide at Lapland so she made a message thru her beeper that he should continue to live because living on is better. And when TW got her message he changes his mind.
    That scene is really meaningful.


  491. 491 : Nana Says:


    I thought that Winter Sonata would be the best movie I’ve ever seen, but I’m worng …. Totally wrong

    I loved every detail in this (snow queen)

    The actress’s act is amaaaaaazing

    I love it >> I fall in love with hyun bin and sung yuri.

    I’ll watch it again when I finsh this semestre

  492. 492 : choyang Says:

    omg dis drama is so sick n touching.i almost feel soo bad abt their love dat was so sad at da end.neways love dis drama u ppl did a great job
    keep it up

  493. 493 : mi-rae Says:

    yes yes…..the best kdrama ever… snow queen… nun eh yeo wang….. i love it… am gonna watch for the 9th time……just love hyun bin…. he is so handsome… and yuri…she look so pretty here…

  494. 494 : wien Says:

    my mom very like kim bo ra
    i don’t know why…

  495. 495 : dessy Says:

    My father and mother too liked kim bora character very much, they found her character very interesting, sexy and cute. And they found Sung Yuri personal very …….. pretty, sweet and elegant, they said that Miss Sung is the most pretty korean actress, they found her look very unique.

    Till now Miss Sung is still my parent favourite actress, dont know why too????

  496. 496 : kim Says:

    I really love this drama also the fairy tale story hans christian wrote.
    it made me cry….a lot…
    i love sung yuri…
    at first i thought that the main leading lady at this drama is Son yeh jin…
    they quite look similar(in my opinion)
    shes my most favorite actress in korea…
    so im dying to watch it…
    but seeing others instead of son yeh jin makes me really disappointed…
    but as i watch this drama…i really really fallen in love with sung yuri….

  497. 497 : yuna Says:

    agreed KIM and DESSY
    i love kim bo-ra too!

  498. 498 : melanie Says:

    can’t believe i’m rewatching snow queen
    this is like my ten+ times watching
    love snow queen always

  499. 499 : dessy Says:

    I am watching this drama again, it is still awesome. I hv read fm a lot of rating abt this drama and find that this drama is very……..underrated.

    This is is just fantastic and should deserve high rating.

  500. 500 : Goong Ju Says:

    It’s a sad & touching story. Recommanded drama

  501. 501 : marites gerona Says:

    i searched and watched this drama because it is one of the most commented here but I wa quite not pleased and was truly surprised by a lot of comments here say its good.

    first of all hyun bin’s facial reaction is more often the same from start to finish, always looking like a bum. his character could have been more interesting if he tranformed into a more confident one.

    sung yu ri has been sick since child but even until she grew up she doesnt look sick at all with cancer. it wasnt realistic. the story ok not that outsatnding

  502. 502 : melanie Says:

    hey snow queen is the best out there!
    no other dramas can’t beat snow queen!

  503. 503 : Tala Says:


  504. 504 : cheen ee Says:

    I love it so much.it is the best drama…….go go….

  505. 505 : Rayhanah Says:

    i like hyun bin in this drama….
    looks more matured…
    and he is my prince charming now!!!

  506. 506 : Rayhanah Says:

    i also like ost the snow queen…especially loveholic!!!

  507. 507 : TOP Says:

    MUST WATCH!!!!

  508. 508 : huwinny Says:

    I love this movie. It made me cried throughout this movie. =D absolutely recommend this movie!!!

  509. 509 : joei Says:

    Seems that a lot of people love this drama, me too, i am re watching again while waiting for hong gil dong dvd to come out.

  510. 510 : haha Says:

    Haha i tink its impossible to have snow queen part 2 cos at the first episode, there is a flash back memories of Hyun Bin, he went to lapland to find his so called “snow queen” who is Sung Yuri, he suicided, jumped off the cliff upon reaching lapland, going to find her..

  511. 511 : polly Says:

    Does anyone know where to download snow queen ost as the abv website stated cannot be download?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sung Yuri rocks.

  512. 512 : Ivy Says:


    the above link still can download the OST. try again.

  513. 513 : polly Says:

    Thank you so much ivy for yr wonderful advise, I didn’t expect anybody to reply me.

    Appreciate and grateful for yr help, and wish you all the BEST.

  514. 514 : josie Says:

    I rate this drama excellent. I just started watching it and for me the first 3 episode is a blow. Its quite unique from others K-dramas. I think Its recommendable for movies reviews on high schools.

    I think Han Douk-gu is too good for Kim Bora. For Han Douk-gu- great acting and great looking also. For Kim- Bora, for me u’r the prettiest among K-actress i’ve watched. keep up and good luck.

  515. 515 : josie Says:

    As I advance on this drama, I begin to agree that it is indeed a very sad story but with an excellent story lines.

    I really can’t comment on the behavior of Han Douk-go. the event is really traumatic, knowing someone, especially a friend – who get suicide because of u. Another, all of your classmates knows the story of the suicide, u can’t really continue studying there.

    I think the climax of the story is the first episode, it is where the problem occurs, and the story revolves on how the protagonist live with it, and how the incident ruins his life.

    I really love this drama. For me it is the best K- dramas i’ve watched.

    To KBS- hope that u could produce great drams like this again.

  516. 516 : Rodi Says:

    The only Korean drama which really kept me glued to it….and the only drama which made me really cried at the end.

  517. 517 : rhizza Says:

    where can i watch this series?tnx

  518. 518 : Ivy Says:

    rhizza, you can watch it on the link above.

  519. 519 : sousou Says:

    am one fan of golden starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr song ll gook i like hyun bin in my lovely sam soon he is soooo talented but not like our angel song ll gook good luck hyun bin

  520. 520 : tanriya Says:

    i am tanriya, i want to have ,a friend from korea or westerly.my email is:[email protected]

  521. 521 : tanriya Says:

    do you want ,have a good friend?
    send email please:[email protected]

  522. 522 : divi Says:

    Simple math… good cast + bad story plot = The Snow Queen

  523. 523 : melanie Says:

    what are you trying to say about snow queen?
    it’s the best drama ever!

  524. 524 : sousou Says:

    i hope watch this drama cause i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee hyun bin so much

  525. 525 : lemon tears Says:

    one of the best korean drama series i have ever watched.. it was one of my favorite korean series.. it really makes me cry.. so much that i could feel every emotion of the two lead character.. huhuhu!..

    i watched it 3 times.. the storyline from the first episode up to the last is so great.. i love this drama so much.. though its so dramatic and so sad that i could cry over and over again i still love to watched it.. it has a great love story.. whheew! so great!

    and the OST its so sad it really makes my heart cries.. but i love it..

  526. 526 : josie Says:

    what i like best in this drama is its excellent story lines. its quite unique from other k-dramas, i don’t know if it was based on a real life situation. its really very tragic and unimaginable to happens in one’s life. hope that gma will get this and show it on philippine tv. i will going to watch it again on tagalized version.

  527. 527 : kitty Says:

    Snow queen is showing in Singapore channel 55 again, and I am rewatching again, I totally love this drama, never get bore and tire because of sung yuri and hyun bin and of course the storyline.

  528. 528 : min Says:

    Snow queen rocks, hyun bin and sung yuri look so good together. I ike the storyline very much.

  529. 529 : dramaaddict Says:

    after watching this drama, I became an avid fan of sung yuri. and I also became a fan of kdrama very sad ending though. worth watching.

  530. 530 : naingaungphyo Says:

    After watching this drama, I feel very sad about Bora (Sung Yuri)because of her serious illness. I like the activities of Han Htay Wu (Hyun Bin).

  531. 531 : lee Says:

    Wow snow queen is rocks, this is the tenth times rewatching this drama, I love the casts so much, they look so………..lovely together.

  532. 532 : ana Says:

    Hi marites if you watch it try to realize the drama you will know why we said its really good!!!!

  533. 533 : allyna in philippines Says:

    Hiiii its a good story although its so sad that Bora (sung yuri) is dead since i watch the snow queen I am the avid fan of sung yuri I even watch a hong hil dong she’s funny and a little bit ammm(short minded) there but she’s really good in her character.


    Sung Yuri and more power love you im your avid fan from philippines

  534. 534 : [email protected] Says:

    Okie…I have to buy one and watch it since it has been rated so high.. After watchng My Name is Kim Sam Soon, I kindda like Hyun Bin…

  535. 535 : melanie Says:

    ha, could you believe it i’m rewatching it again
    it’s been like ten+ times already
    too good to stop

  536. 536 : joei Says:

    I totally agreed with what allyna in philippines written, I am a big fan of Sung Yuri too, she is so pretty and her acting is awesome, she always has diff emotion shown in diff dramas. She is my no.1 favourite and pretty korean actress. Hope to see her in a new drama soon.

  537. 537 : joei Says:

    Hope to see her act with Hyun Bin again. On the other hand, i also hope to see her cooperate with Won Bin and Lee Byung Hun, they are both awesome actors.

    SNOW QUEEN ROCKS, the most romantic drama I have ever watched.

  538. 538 : joei Says:

    Oh I will rewatch snow queen soon, never get tire of watching because of Sung Yuri, all her clothes and accessories in this drama are so pretty, and of course she does really hv a great figure for all these outfits.

  539. 539 : EvyQuynh Says:

    I love Snow Quen

    At first, i thought Snow Queen is nothing more than a tragic drama which is extremely long & boring! But then i realized i’ve fallen for the most beautiful pure love i’ve ever known. It’s been 2 week since i’ve finished watching this drama, but still there’s an empty feeling in my heart. Kim Bo Ra left behind her 2 most precious person: Tae Woong and her father! How could the filmakers let Tae Woong – a young man who has sacrificed so much over 8 years and her father, who has lost both his wife and son, continue being in pain??? I CAN’T GET IT!

    Hyun Bin & Sung Yu Ri are not the greatest actors & actress, but they did make a love-fairytale come true in Snow Queen 🙂

  540. 540 : jun Says:

    great! it worth for watching!

  541. 541 : melanie Says:

    i love the snow queen & hyun bin of course!

  542. 542 : moon Says:

    snow queen is the best drama but i hope the heroine would not die at the end

  543. 543 : wulan Says:

    very good movie,

    how i say, very good movie,i like this movie very much

  544. 544 : seng ji ra Says:

    I like the snow queen drama so much.
    I love sung yu ri madly.
    please sent me sung yu ri cute photo.
    my email is (sengjira87)
    i want to read sung yu ri reply letter to me .

    bye bye
    sung yu ri.

  545. 545 : kitty Says:

    Me too I am madly in love with Sung Yuri too, she is so….freaking pretty.

    Snow queen rocks, I am still re-watching this drama every now and then before I sleep.

  546. 546 : kitty Says:

    Oh I hv bought 4 sets of snow queen dvds, intend to buy 1 more set if there is a discount as Snow Queen is my no. 1 favourite korean drama.

  547. 547 : Ray Lim Says:

    is a nice drama… and full of love…

  548. 548 : melanie Says:

    …………lovely drama

  549. 549 : melanie Says:

    …………the best ever

  550. 550 : amyzieaaaa Says:

    creativity is high
    like them vry mch
    hpe they will cooperate 2gther……………………..

  551. 551 : Robs Says:

    ‘Meari’ by Loveholic is my fav song..love the melody. Fantastic drama with great storyline!

  552. 552 : Alex Says:

    I love this drama…
    I watch it from Indonesia…
    Hope sometimes I can go to Korea…
    I like Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri…
    Their love made me cry…

  553. 553 : hana yoori Says:

    This wasn’t as I expected. I wish it had ended a different way, but that’s the way it is. But l like the actress in her other drama Hong gil dong. She was funny in that one and not serious like this one. but overall, the drama is okay to watch.

  554. 554 : polly Says:

    I like Sung Yuri both in Snow Queen and Hong Gil Dong as she her acting skills in both dramas are very different.

    Snow Queen is sad but meaningful. While Hong Gil Dong is fun and entertaining.

    Hope to see Yuri in a different style, acting and character in her new drama or movie.

  555. 555 : Iyan Arrasyid Says:

    Sung Yuri…??? hemm… I dont know alot about U… but U R very beatiful girl and i dont know I cry immideatly when see your drama… Iam very hard and tough but if I see you.. my eyes blow out much water… ha..ha.. I love U so much… But why U died…???????????

  556. 556 : zel Says:

    is this show great?
    still finding time to watch this though..
    its hyun bin.. oppa. hahaha..LOL^^,

  557. 557 : betty Says:

    i really love and like this drama, even though i did not able to watch the ending of the story because i know that base on my prediction yuri will die and tae wong will be……………….. from: betty phil.
    SAD DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  558. 558 : Kenri Says:

    Can’t help falling in love with the drama…
    It moved me to tears…
    Each scenes unlike what some reviews said were fantastic and not dragged, they were beautifully shot and kept me glued to my seat…
    The scenes specially where Hyun Bin goes to Laplang to look for his lost love were cinematographic excellence… The lead characters evoked this certain kind of nice sad feeling and made me want to fall in love too…
    Ah! Hyun Bin is just too good!
    A credible work by the Director and Screenplay writers of Snow Queen! ^__^
    Rating: 4.7/5

  559. 559 : Masha Says:

    this drama is awesome.. couldn’t stop watching it over and over again..

  560. 560 : eden Says:

    one of the best dramas i’ve seen.. ever!! i totally cried like a baby..the tears just keep falling from my eyes..TT-TT especially in the last ep…

  561. 561 : Kevin Thi Han Says:

    A very good drama. I love the actions of Hyu Bin & Sung Yu Ri at that drama. I hope to see again their actions in another drama together. Because their love made me understand what is Love and how to love our partner (or) other persons.

  562. 562 : lou8 Says:

    where can i find snow queen?

  563. 563 : Mic Says:

    lou8, you may watch online on the link in the post.

  564. 564 : lou8 Says:


  565. 565 : Mic Says:

    May be you can try this : Link here

  566. 566 : karen Says:

    great to watch hyun bin & sung yu ri together. love the OST! 🙂

  567. 567 : tan Says:

    BEST drama ever, hyun bin and sung yuri are the most lovely couple.

  568. 568 : cutekpopprincess Says:

    diz drama is reali touching
    i luv it
    hyun bin looked so hot in here
    my top 10 kdrama
    WATCH IT!!!

  569. 569 : Jon Says:

    A very nice romantic movie… makes u cry sometimes… really love the girl(sung yuri)… I (L) U… But so sad at last my die.. why ha… in korean drama/movie… most girl should die…. by the way.. (L) it so much i had a aready watch the “snow queen” dvd for 9th time… and planning 2 go for 10th

  570. 570 : TonHyunBin Says:

    this was the greatest movie ive ever seen..i really love this kind of story,the movie,and most of all the cast,they were all professional specially Hyun Bin & Sung yu ri..because i think i look like Hyun Bin..hehehe ^^_^^ i really like Sung yu ri..She was so pretty..and i think fun to be w/ her..

  571. 571 : Yeaeun Says:

    i really loved this.
    sung yuri and hyun bin both acted very well in it.
    I cried so many times in this.
    It was very professional and the plot was really good too. 🙂

  572. 572 : lou8 Says:

    very good drama i’ve watch da best.

  573. 573 : joei Says:

    Can someone pls tell me where can I find snow queen website as I love sung yuri clothes very much?

  574. 574 : Kat Says:

    I really liked this drama… Not a huge hyun Bin fan, but this made me change my mind…

  575. 575 : mmlinma Says:

    I am so glad Snow Queen seems to be getting a second wind. the initial rating in Korea was not very high. Listen up Hyun Bin Fans, His new drama should be coming out soon! this is his first project since SQ. with beautiful Song Hye Gyo, too. I am so glad they pair him with her. can’t wait!

  576. 576 : eva Says:

    cool serie hyun bin iu are the best

  577. 577 : cool ice Says:

    this drama is cool .. i like it a lot

  578. 578 : vonny Says:

    Snow Queen rocks. I love hyun bin and sung yuri collaboration in this drama, they look so good together, very lovely and sweet couple.

  579. 579 : vonny Says:

    Oh i hope that both bin and yuri can cooperate together in a funny drama in future.

  580. 580 : anusha Says:

    Wow this is the best romantic drama I hv ever seen so far, both hyun bin and sung yuri are so handsome and beautiful. I love sung yuri clothing, bags, shoes and accessories very much, this should be the everlasting winter trend, I suggest, so elegant yet simple.

  581. 581 : anusha Says:

    I totally agreed with vonny that hyun bin and sung yuri should cooperate in another drama together, they look so lovely.

  582. 582 : joei Says:

    Does anybody know where can i buy snow queen ost? thanks so much in advance.

  583. 583 : TuBB Says:

    how can i watch this drama with eng sub?.. site says it’s under repair..
    please someone makes a comment…

  584. 584 : joei Says:

    Hi you can watch this drama in crunchroll and verycd with chinese sub title and language.

  585. 585 : emi Says:

    i cried, cried and cried again! huhuhuhu

  586. 586 : dessy Says:

    Me too, I hv cried a lot for this drama, both bin and yuri are so good in this drama, the storyline is awesome, hope to see both of them together in another drama or movie as I hv seen a lot of fans here hv mentioned.

  587. 587 : dessy Says:

    Oh if you like bin, there is another new drama with Song Hye Kyo and if you like yuri, there is also a drama that I highly recomment Hong Gil Dong.

  588. 588 : dessy Says:

    I totally agreed with you kat.

  589. 589 : B3N Says:

    one of my A list drama..

  590. 590 : kit Says:

    BEST romantic and sad drama, even better than lover in paris, starway ti heaven and autumn in tale.

    Sung Yuri rocks, she is very elegant and pretty. Her clothes are so nice and elegant.

  591. 591 : tamtam Says:

    you can watch this drama on aznv.tv but you must have winamp enjoy

  592. 592 : Proud to be PINAY Says:

    Guys, watch out for Hyun Bin & Song Hye Gyo’s drama series entitled, “The World They Live in”. It will be sh0wn in Korea on Nov 2008. A must- see drama series.

  593. 593 : IYAN AR-RASYID Says:

    When U come 2 show on movie asia again………???????

  594. 594 : leearena Says:

    huhu..this movie was made for me…hhahaa i like snowqueen movie so does ‘sorry i love u’ movie…both movie r soo touching…+ same director is it?

  595. 595 : eva5050 Says:

    hyun bin oppa u are the most beautiful man in the world ur girlfriend very lucky to have u oppa i love evry very very much

  596. 596 : layla jaan Says:

    i admit that i really enjoyed this drama very much not because of hyun bin but because of sung yu ri.. she is really a pretty actress with alot of potentials and acting skills..

    hyun bin was fine but at times he looked more like the snow queen than bora character.. very cold acting and sometimes monotonous… bt overall one of my fav. k dramas ….bt nothing rivals east of eden.. go go east of eden fighten

  597. 597 : ielamecoi Says:

    i love this story so much….a very good combination of actor and actress…Hyun Bin and Sung Yu-ri both did a very good job…

  598. 598 : Dee Says:

    I was watching it all night and made me late to the office but I couldn’t able to stop…I love it, it’s one of the best Korean dramas I’ve ever seen

  599. 599 : Lia Says:

    vErY LiKe OST,,,
    sAd, LoVeAbLe, niCe aNd mAkE mE fEEl sO sAd,,,
    tHeRe aLL oSt iN mY i_pOd,^^
    gRaCe lOvE, sNoW FiRsT lOvE,,,
    vErY sWeEt,,,

    a LoVe fRoM yOuR FaNs,, SYR, HB…

  600. 600 : linbrunei Says:

    love it but the ending very sad…Honestly I don’t like the ending….sad drama..ha..ha….I like the actor…ha..ha..

  601. 601 : wan Says:

    great drama with awesome actor and actress, they are so beautiful together.
    sung yuri is very pretty and hyun bin is very handsome.

  602. 602 : wan Says:

    oh ya the ending is very sad, should hv given the couple a beautiful and happy ending, too sad that they couldn’t be together.

  603. 603 : ye htut Says:

    i love this film so much ………. bcos that make me exciting and we can teach something useful from this movie ………… and i want to watch one more time while the movie is so sad ……… thank u everybody ………… good luck *Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong and Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra* …. bye bye ………… i will be ur fan forever

  604. 604 : Chom Says:

    I love this show ,it so meaningful and I also like actor and actress

  605. 605 : wen Says:

    Thanks doubletrouble for the free drama online. I love snow queen best.

  606. 606 : wen Says:

    Oh anyway if anyone love Sung Yuri, please watch her in Hong Gil Dong, her image is very adorable and sweet.

  607. 607 : jerry Says:

    i like the snow queen best and it is best drama that i have ever seen thanks for producing the snow queen it is the best good luck

  608. 608 : FAn oF hyun BIn Says:


  609. 609 : shalala Says:

    i like that movie cause i want to become like the girl in the movie that can meet with her first love

  610. 610 : Barbie princess Says:

    I like this Korean Series. The actress is so beautiful & the actor is also handsome. I love them. The plot is also interesting. My parents also like this drama. Expect that be luckier & more successful.

  611. 611 : lee Says:

    I totally agree with what Barbie princess written, both the actor and actress are gorgeous.

  612. 612 : princess Says:

    Nice drama, beautiful princess sung yuri.

  613. 613 : bORabEll Says:

    this is a must watch drama! both sung yu ri and hyun bin made great couple and acting so great! It is a beautiful drama with a great story line.
    altough the ending was very very sad but it still such a very nice drama.
    congratulation to THE SNOW QUEEN!

  614. 614 : von Says:

    This is the best drama i hv watch so far, Sung Yuri is simply gorgeous, she is one unique beauty.

  615. 615 : Nick Says:

    both actor and actress performed well
    but the actor is the main charactor , i think
    what interests me most is the actress’s fashion

  616. 616 : emi Says:

    i cried and cried!! shit

  617. 617 : von Says:

    I am rewatching this drama again as I adore Sung Yuri and look at all her dressing in this drama, so beautiful.

  618. 618 : no name Says:

    i cried & cried & cried ………
    now i know ..i have no tear for other series

  619. 619 : jerry Says:

    wouww.. so sad but i really like this drama.
    i like yu ri,so cute…!!

  620. 620 : mey Says:

    the snow queen is my favoriet Kdrama.. HB so cute.. love

  621. 621 : mey Says:

    the snow queen is my favoriet Kdrama.. HB so cute.. love u Hb

  622. 622 : efdi Says:

    i love this drama!!very touching… yu ri so beautiful,i like her!!

  623. 623 : joei Says:

    This drama is simply touching and GOOD. Anyone who love Sung Yuri, must watch her latest drama with Ji Sung.

  624. 624 : Chanlay Says:

    I really wanna be Han Tae woong . I like his character. This series is really good. I want a girl like Sun Yu Ri

  625. 625 : chua Says:

    Wow this is the best drama ever, Yuri is gorgeous here and her performance in Snow Queen is fantastic, what can I say, THUMP UP.

  626. 626 : chua Says:

    I hv forgotten to write, both Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri looks really……….good together in Snow Queen, I dont really him to pair with Song Hye Kyo in The World That They Live In. I prefer SHK with Rain.

  627. 627 : marina Says:

    great drama! great handsome actor! great pretty actress! since episode one till the end are touching! please please watch everybody you won’t regret!

  628. 628 : Kellyyy` Says:

    This was an awesome movie :]
    i just didn’t like the ending, it was wayyyyy too sad
    i think Han Tae Woong should have died at the end
    and then he would have went and met up with Kim Bo Ra
    and her brotherand heaven or lapland :]]

  629. 629 : cat Says:

    This is e best drama ever even in 2009 so far, the actress is so so so PRETTY and ELEGANT. Her acting is very good, dont understanding why people are smashing on her bad acting skill.

  630. 630 : Sony Says:

    This drama really impresses me. I love the scence and meaning of the story. However, it is a very sad one. I think many fans in Cambodia might love it as me.

  631. 631 : Yuan Yuan Says:

    It is the best drama. Both actor and actress are handsome and pretty. If it has a happy ending, I think it is the best drama.

  632. 632 : kit Says:

    so happy that there are still fans of snow queen. i love this drama until now, even more than any dramas fm 2006 to 2008.

  633. 633 : kit Says:

    sung yuri has became my no . 1 favourite actress ever since snow queen.

  634. 634 : LeeNeny_88 Says:

    hi all……
    can u teach me how 2 download korean drama…
    i hope u all can share with me ok…
    send 2 my email ok…
    love korean drama

  635. 635 : hadi Says:

    this is the best ever love story i seen.now is the second time i watch this drama because it will not bored if i watch again.every episodes i will crying because it so touching.

  636. 636 : Sony Says:

    Bora Bora Bora KIM Bora
    It’s name that Tae-woong never ever forget
    The real life might be the same, the one you really love is never ever erased.
    I really like the word that the actor used to call the actress.

  637. 637 : snow Says:

    This is the best drama ever, I love hyun bin and sung yuri in snow queen more than hyun bin and song hye kyo in world’s within. Maybe is because of the drama storyline.

    Bin and Yuri are my no.1 best couple list.

  638. 638 : yuri Says:

    I really fall in love with this drama, I have rewatched this drama many times, still find that this is the best drama until 2009.

  639. 639 : yuri Says:

    Oh oh I love all Sung Yuri clothings and accessories in this drama, so elegant and beautiful. Of course Miss Yuri too, she is a classic beauty. I totally love her and Hyun Bin.

  640. 640 : Sony Says:

    Everytimes i watch romatic korean drama i can not forget the snow queen. it seems there is a deep love that never ever forget.

  641. 641 : von Says:

    I agreed with Sony, I have the same feeling too.

  642. 642 : von Says:

    Oh forgot, Miss Yuri is gorgeous.

  643. 643 : melodi Says:

    I am from Sweden,
    I like korean drama.
    Hyun Bin a very good actor and he is very sweet…

  644. 644 : Sony Says:

    yes i think same as melodi too. however, i like Hyun Bin in his role of Tae Woong. In fact, i am a kind of person who love math too

  645. 645 : Sony Says:

    ohs i nearly forget to greet von. Hello von, i am Sony, it’s nice to hear you think the same as me. i am please to hear you.

  646. 646 : von Says:

    Hi sony, thanks for yr notice abt my comment to this drama.

  647. 647 : Julie Says:

    hello everyone
    i really need everyones help
    i really want to download snow queen but i can’t find anywhere to download the show?
    i really want the show in AVI file form and it needs to HD or just in good quilty at least
    can anyone help me?
    email me at [email protected]

  648. 648 : aysh Says:

    i really like to see the way yung suri dressing, so pretty and cute. and i love HB character as a genius person

  649. 649 : fan Says:

    I am re watching snow queen now while waiting for her upcoming new drama and movie. She is one fine actress with great look and figure.

  650. 650 : fan Says:

    oh by the way, i like what aysh hv written.

    yuri hwaiting.

  651. 651 : Myy Says:


  652. 652 : melodi Says:

    I´m melodi from Sweden.
    I love korean movies and drama…
    Snow queen….It´s so touching and so sad…The best drama I have ever seen….
    I love Hyun Bin sooo much,he is cute,a very good actor & most of all handsome…
    I´m speecless when I see you my love….
    Sarangheyo Hyun Bin…

  653. 653 : Zwe` P Han Says:

    Sung Yu Ri ( bora )
    i love her act
    i ‘d teared for this druma
    A poor pair of love

  654. 654 : lov Says:

    I love Sung Yuri very much in this drama, she is so beautiful.

  655. 655 : lov Says:

    Best drama i hv seen so far. Hope that hyun bin and sung yuri can cooperate again

  656. 656 : yan Says:

    This drama was awesome, I wish that there is a part 2 for hyun bin and sung yuri, this time, i hope that there will be a happy ending.

  657. 657 : yan Says:

    Sung Yuri is elegant and pretty as always, I totally fall in love with her.

  658. 658 : grace Says:

    I love this drama, sung yuri hwaiting.

  659. 659 : vin Says:

    Wow Snow Queen drama is awesome, the chemistry between Bin and Yuri are awesome.

    Just hope that e ending is a more happy one.

  660. 660 : vin Says:

    Sung yuri has 2 new upcoming projects.

    Swallow of the Sun

    Rabbit and Lizard

  661. 661 : Sony Says:

    Swallow of the Sun
    Thank you Vin
    I’ll wait for her screen too

  662. 662 : Sony Says:

    Hi all, Let cheer up for yuri new stories

  663. 663 : Sony Says:

    Ya, i’m late to say:
    Happy Birthday to you, Yuri
    Wish you best of the best

  664. 664 : Sony Says:

    Well, i try to download photo gallery of Yuri
    Does anybody know a good website to do so?

  665. 665 : lee Says:

    Happy birthday Sung Yuri and all the Best to you throughout all e yr.

    All the best to yr upcoming drama and movie, and hope to see you soon.

  666. 666 : sze Says:

    This is the most beautiful story I hv ever watched. the scenery is beautiful, the actress is very……….pretty and gorgeous, the storyline is so……..romantic and most important I get to see sung yuri and hyun bin pairing. They look like real couple.

  667. 667 : sze Says:

    Oh forgot to mention that hyun bin is handsome too.

  668. 668 : kit Says:

    Nice drama ever. I love sung yuri.

  669. 669 : Ngu Wah Hlaing Says:

    I like this movie so much because it expressed the real love. Both the actor and actress are also attractive. Sung Yu Ri is cute and Hyeon Bin is handsome. I had ever seen him first time. But I fond of him straightforward.

  670. 670 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri are two best looking actor/ actress from Korea. Not so plastic looking like some of them!

  671. 671 : ponysmile Says:

    I love everything of this series.. Sung Yuri, Hyun Bin, all actors and actress, touching screenplay..
    I rewatched it..
    The best series in my heart!
    Love it sooooo much.

  672. 672 : kit Says:

    i totally agreed with ponysmile

  673. 673 : Sony Says:

    yuri is the best.

  674. 674 : Sony Says:

    hyun bin is really handsome.

  675. 675 : Sony Says:

    yuri and hyun bin is the best couple
    I love this drama even it’s a sad ending.

  676. 676 : Sony Says:

    This drama, I want to rewatch it agian and agian

  677. 677 : lee Says:

    I am rewatching this drama again.

  678. 678 : lee Says:

    This is e second dramas that I hv fell in love and hv rewatched more than 20 over times, no kidding. I just love e storyline.

  679. 679 : lee Says:

    Oh I forgot to write, I love sung yuri, she is fantastic. I like her spoilt brate behaviour, she can act well, thump up.

  680. 680 : Sony Says:

    Hi Lee, I agree with you. Now I start to rewatch it again.

  681. 681 : Apaiteina Says:

    I love this movie and so do my children….i cried through the movie….my children loved the storyline….keep up the good work and let me know when there are more movies coming out….
    thanks so much to everyone who made this awesome movie…

  682. 682 : lee Says:

    My whole family including my dad loves this drama too.

    The story is awesome.

  683. 683 : ponysmile Says:

    Hello Sony,
    If you need Yu Ri’s pics, I would recommend her 2 major websites
    http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=846 and also

    The other website is SQ drama webs: link

    Hope you enjoy, Sony ^^ I love the drama so much, too.

  684. 684 : lee Says:

    thanks ponysmile for these beautiful websites.

  685. 685 : sybil Says:

    I totally loved this drama, it was very well written and acted. They made such a beautifull couple, lots of chemistry between them. The story is so good because is very realistic. The soundtrack is beautifull as well. A must watch!

    pd: Sarangheyo Hyun Bin…

  686. 686 : Mary Says:

    This is the first drama that I viewed on your website. All I can say is EXCELLENT acting, plot and story line….never boring, always intriguing. I’m not usually an emotional person, but anyone that is not moved while watching this drama (to me) is emotionally dead!

  687. 687 : tah Says:

    Nice romantic and sad drama, enjoying watching. Hope that there will be a part 2 with same actor and actress. They were awesome.

  688. 688 : tah Says:

    By the way Sung Yuri is too beautiful to be true. I loved all her outfits and accessories in this drama. This was the only drama that I could see a lot of branded outfits and bags such as Chanel, Fendi and etc. Yuri could really carried very well with all these styles, so elegant and pretty.

  689. 689 : lee Says:

    I totally agreed with tah.

  690. 690 : min Says:

    Snow Queen is still my no.1 favourite drama till now. I love Sung Yuri and Hyun Bin in this drama, I love the way Sung Yuri quarrel with Hyun Bin.

  691. 691 : min Says:

    Not to say that Sung Yuri is so BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT.

  692. 692 : Sony Says:

    Hi ponysmile
    Thank you for Sung Yuri pics
    For my national fesival “Khmer New Year”, I wish you and all the fans of this drama with all successes.

  693. 693 : Bless Says:

    Amen to all the positive comments here. It was very interesting drama that really hooked me to keep watching (ended up having a headache the next day). It was really sad for Bo Ra and Tae Woong and happy that he was able to live a better life this time (for her sake). I was really touched and cried so much especially the last two episodes. I highly recommend this drama. Kudos to the lead actors, supporting casts, the director and all involved in this drama. I thought it would be a Romeo & Juliet story, but very glad that it was not.

  694. 694 : emily Says:

    i hate it! I hate it because it made my heart clench even though i watched twice. I hate it because it made me cry! i hate it because i truely love it. waaahh…

  695. 695 : tkl Says:


  696. 696 : tkl Says:

    I love what Zwe` P Han written.

  697. 697 : rcm Says:

    I totally love this drama.

  698. 698 : rcm Says:

    I find that sung yuri is fantastic in this drama, she can protray the rich girl role very well.

  699. 699 : rcm Says:

    oh last comment, Yuri is so………..pretty and elegant as a lot of people has commented in this forum.

  700. 700 : sun Says:

    There are still so many feedback for this drama, after a few years. This show that there are still people watching.

  701. 701 : sun Says:

    I will start rewatching snow queen soon while waiting for yuri new dramas.

  702. 702 : Sony Says:

    hi my snow queen, you are so… pretty…

  703. 703 : Sony Says:

    chayo! chayo! chayooooooooooo

    Yuri cheer up!

  704. 704 : Sony Says:

    you’re really really beautiful.
    you are my best

  705. 705 : spider Says:

    Nice drama ever, still cant get over the drama.

    The actress is so beautiful and her acting is awesome. She can act very well. Love her style and expression.

  706. 706 : che Says:

    @ 1st i was very hesitant to watch snow queen but wen i saw YURI then i start checking it out….. HYUBIN gud looking guy….
    Im juz saddened about d ending but the story was pretty gud…

  707. 707 : ryan Says:

    is sung yu ri really died in the snow queen?

  708. 708 : Sony Says:

    think abt ryan Q, if quickly she is dead.
    But as I think more and more, Kim Bora still appear every where in snow queen. How can I say?

  709. 709 : Sony Says:

    Really miss Yuri, watch The Snow Queen again still love and love it.
    She’s really wonderful acting in this drama.
    Can’t wait long for her new series

  710. 710 : evergreen Says:

    Well I like it too. I’m still looking for Hyun Bin’s new show. I watched The World that They Live In and it is good also …. why not have a drama with Koo Hye Sun??? Is it not possible Hyun Bin???

  711. 711 : spider Says:

    Still rewatching snow queen while waiting for Sung Yuri new drama and movie.

  712. 712 : wth Says:

    Still love this drama, love the writer who has wrote this story, very romantic and sweet. Most important the drama was not dragging.

  713. 713 : wth Says:

    Oh the actress was too beautiful, love her look. She looks a bit like Lee Young Ae.

  714. 714 : polly Says:

    my favorite drama with great acting and good story line.
    glad that hyun bin and sung yuri are a couple!! hope they can be real couple.

  715. 715 : polly Says:

    hope to see them in another drama.

  716. 716 : Sony Says:

    After rewatching up to epi. 13, I’m afraid that Bora gonna die.
    Which make me feel sad about her.

  717. 717 : Sony Says:

    Hello panyangbear at 465
    I really think so.
    Your expression is all in my heart.
    It’s a thing which i’m difficult to say.
    But, only the word “best, best,…, and best romantic drama I ever watch”
    Thank you panyangbear
    Good Luck!

  718. 718 : joei Says:

    Snow Queen is still my no. 1 favouirte korean drama.

  719. 719 : joei Says:

    Although e ending was sad with Bora death, is still a good drama with pure romantic love.

  720. 720 : joei Says:

    Hope to see a part 2 snow queen with sung yuri and hyun bin again

  721. 721 : chuchu Says:

    sung yu ri and huyn bin forever
    they so cute together

  722. 722 : maki Says:

    this is an amazing drama! I recommend it to anyone. hyun bin and sung yuri are an amazing couple. hope they work together in the future.

  723. 723 : zwe p han Says:

    i dont know anything

  724. 724 : bee Says:

    Such beautiful story with one pretty yuri and handsome bin. Hope to see them in another drama once again.

  725. 725 : bee Says:

    Frankly speaking I love to see bin with yuri pairing than bin with hye kyo.

    Both yuri and bin are very shy off screen, that means they adore each other.

  726. 726 : bee Says:

    Yuri has another new drama with Ji Sung. cant wait.

  727. 727 : Sony Says:

    Yuri is the first Korean lead actress that act at the world famous place of Cirque Du Soleil.

    Love her Image.
    Hope, It’s wonderful as in The Snow Queen.

  728. 728 : jan rey Says:

    after watching episode one 2 13, i really expect that bo-ra will die..
    how sad…

    Although bo-ra died in the end but i really like the way it’s end..

    Hope hope more more success to both leading actor and actress

  729. 729 : moet moet Says:

    i like this movie very much
    i like hyun bin and yu ri

  730. 730 : jibununa Says:

    It’s the best of the best. I love the way Hyun Bin cried. My heart was melted. I couldn’t stop crying at the end.

  731. 731 : betty Says:

    I´ve seen a lot of kdramas …but snow queen
    is still the best,it´s totally romantic,the actors and actresses are great!totally love it…

  732. 732 : betty Says:

    I really love all the clothes and bags that Miss Yuri wore in this drama, e best clothings that I hv ever seen as compare to other dramas.

  733. 733 : betty Says:

    I can see how much bee love this drama with all her comments.

  734. 734 : Sony Says:

    can’t forget your smiling
    can’t forget your crying
    can’t forget your face

  735. 735 : joooooooyce Says:

    AH MANN i was really into it.. but passing ep 12 i was going crazy ya T-T
    ep 12-16 arent working ?!?!?! T-T and i can’t find any other site or any downloads with english subs >_

  736. 736 : htet Says:

    i very very very like the snow queen than i looked movia. More like Hyun Bin & Sung Yu Ri. So i always looking your movia the snow queen.

  737. 737 : aprilwinmin Says:

    i like snow queen movie i heart is very feeling i like this actor very activation what are u doing ? tae woong is a very good actor . i know you are age ? i know the contact you mail ? gmail or hotmail and yahoomail can u give me . u ok ?

  738. 738 : Sony Says:

    I really love the song “I feel sad but good bye”
    Really feel it
    Really Sense it
    I feel it is new and new

  739. 739 : lhei Says:

    love this drama soooo muchhhhh……for me its no.1 k-drama ever…saranghae hyun bin….you’re a great actor…..and sung yuri you’re very pretty and sophisticated….:)

  740. 740 : chuchu Says:

    love this drama
    sung yu ri and hyun bin rocks
    they are hot together

  741. 741 : lee Says:

    kim bo ra
    very good drama
    i like it

  742. 742 : arezou Says:

    i dont like this drama at all!!!!!

  743. 743 : cha Says:

    love this drama sooo mmmmuuuucccchhhhhh……..

  744. 744 : Deme Says:

    Hey just recently watched dis series n liked it a lot…… gud performance oveall…. longed 4 a happy ending though..God bless

  745. 745 : betty Says:

    I am rewatching snow queen now while waiting for the swallow of sun epi 9. Still love snow queen best.

  746. 746 : betty Says:

    Sung Yuri is really GORGEOUS in this drama. She is still the prettiest actress for me.

  747. 747 : lwin Says:

    a movie that i will never forget.
    especially the actress sung yu ri.
    she is really a queen of the world.

  748. 748 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  749. 749 : minozer Says:

    This is a sad movie but so sweet love story…I love d plot,it’s very touchy ^~^v good story ever…

  750. 750 : hwaimin Says:

    Seem to me that sony is a fan of Sung Yuri. Yuri is my no.1 favourite actress in Korea, she is too pretty and I love all her dramas. And not to say her latest drama STS. Hope to see her new movie with Jang Hyuk soon.

  751. 751 : Sony Says:

    Yuri, she’s really cute.
    OST of this drama remind me the fantastic love of Tae Woong and Bora.
    It’s last forever.

  752. 752 : hwaimin Says:

    Still love snow queen after these past 2 years, just love the pairing of hyun bin and sung yuri.

  753. 753 : hwaimin Says:

    Oh love the ost of SQ too.

  754. 754 : kate Says:

    Yuri u so cool…….:D

  755. 755 : izat Says:

    i l0ve u.
    u s0 cute. ^.^

    why at mys0ju.c0m l0ts 0f sn0w queen drama br0ken.
    i want to watch it again cann0t. =(

  756. 756 : KDfan Says:


    Reason being, the videos are no longer available from that particular hosting site(s). Dont worry, it will get reuploaded to another hosting site(s). Im looking forward to watching it again as well.

  757. 757 : mumu Says:

    love story and actor/actress..
    i cry in almost episode!but it worth..=3

  758. 758 : arezou Says:

    i dont like the storyline!!!!!!
    but i like hyun bin!

  759. 759 : milanisti Says:

    love this drama..but don’t like the ending..made me cry like a river… The beginning of a great love…so romantic but at the same time so tragic too.. But it’s worth to watch.. Highly recommended…

  760. 760 : cink Says:

    where can i watch this drama?? i like it so much but it’s so hard to find this compete drama… a lot of episodes are broken in mysoju.. hope they’ll fix it soon…
    love hyun bin!! ^^

  761. 761 : crash Says:

    it says updated in mysoju, but episodes 9, 12, 14, and 15 are still broken. pls pls need help where to watch this drama. really really like it.

  762. 762 : kt Says:

    Hi crash, maybe you can watch from this website – http://www.mysoju.com/snow-queen/

    No guarantee that you can watch but just try if you want.

    Happy watching.

  763. 763 : iya Says:

    as much as i dont like tragic endings, im now thinking of giving this drama a try coz of your great reviews here, plus, i absolutely adore hyun bin!!!…why does it have to be sad 🙁 *sigh*

  764. 764 : ayekyiphyu Says:

    Snow Queem Dram is love ..but don’t like the ending. poor actor and actress

  765. 765 : ayekyiphyu Says:

    i like u so much

  766. 766 : ayekyiphyu Says:

    Yuri,She is really cute. But this character is very proud

  767. 767 : ayekyiphyu Says:

    Yuri , I like u so much

  768. 768 : ayekyiphyu Says:

    i don’t like the story ending

  769. 769 : ayekyiphyu Says:

    very like

  770. 770 : Novi Says:

    The begining is great,lov them all

  771. 771 : kate Says:

    i still luv it 😀

  772. 772 : Sony Says:

    I really really appreciate the acting of Sung Yuri in The Snow Queen.
    She’s good at crying scence mix with her beautifully sad face.
    It’s made me addicted.
    That’s why I am interested in her new series “Swallow the Sun”.

  773. 773 : kt Says:

    I am re watching snow queen again since I am waiting for swallow of the sun.

    Love to look at Sung Yuri and Hyun Bin.

  774. 774 : kate Says:

    Hyun Bin and Yuri, u all r my favourite korea star..

  775. 775 : Sava Says:

    HB is a perfect guy in any movie, he could pair with any acctress and the result is stunning. Wheter in Kim Sam Soon or Snow Queen and most recent his hot acting with Song Hye Gyo in Worlds Within.
    This movie is soooo touching, the way he loves her, the way he sacrifices and his acting is so deep that it makes me sad…..plus he has the sweetest smile after my sweet Hyun Joong

  776. 776 : kt Says:

    sung yuri is getting prettier and prettier each time I hv rewatched the drama.

  777. 777 : Sony Says:

    Love this seires very much!
    The Snow Queen is still in my heart

  778. 778 : irae Says:

    love this drama. nice couple, Yu ri and Hyun Bin.

  779. 779 : kt Says:


  780. 780 : kt Says:

    Hope to see them pair up again. Sung Yuri fighting.

  781. 781 : kk Says:

    Still love this drama very much. Love all the casts, scenery, accessories, bags and clothing wore by Sung Yuri. She is really very pretty and classy.

  782. 782 : kk Says:

    But dont really like the ending, I hope that Bora can live.

  783. 783 : ealdoyardo Says:

    This drama can made to cry for a man, just like me.
    I admit, I was cried when I watch at last episode.
    Especially, Bora said to Tae woo
    When can here this message
    Then, where I will be
    Might be in Lapland
    This words are so sad for me.

  784. 784 : aichouss Says:

    this drama :'(
    i love it =)

    i love the end =)

  785. 785 : wow gold Says:

    This is my first time comment at your blog.
    Good recommended website.

  786. 786 : guo li fang Says:

    this is first time I comment about the drama.because I can’t english language but I try to write it.
    I don’t like see the drama before but since I saw this drama 1 week ago,I’ve very like that story.of course I like Hyun Bin too.
    People in Indonesia like to see korean’s drama.
    So success to you all

  787. 787 : Melo Says:

    hi everyone…
    i readed really good comments about this drama and i ‘really liked Sung Yuri in Hong gil dong and hyun bin in Worlds Within so i thought to start it….until i read some comments about how the end is bad or tragic…I don’t really like the tragic end so I hesitate to watch it just for this ( I read something about a chair too…)
    For Christmas Holidays Should I watch City Hall or this One ( Snow queen)

    Thanks For answer me!!

  788. 788 : dian ps Says:

    Wow, i think Snow Queen is nice movie…. bagi yg suka drama korea ini tontonan bagus. sederhana tapi mengena. Good job for all actor n crew… 🙂

  789. 789 : emi Says:

    @melo: both city hall and snow queen are great dramas. These two are my top fave. It is very diff to choose between the two bec they dont have the same genre. City hall is romantic comedy while Snow Queen is romantic drama. City hall will make you laugh for sure and snow queen will make you fall in love.

  790. 790 : min Says:

    I totally agreed with you emi, snow queen is still my no.1 fav drama.

  791. 791 : min Says:

    oh i hv forgotten to write that i love sung yuri in this drama, she is so……………….beautiful. love both hyun bin and sung yuri chemistry.

  792. 792 : Laftis Says:

    This is my number 1 set. I even bought the DVD set;)

  793. 793 : Changmi Says:

    Definitely worth watching…love this drma very much

  794. 794 : amalina Says:

    i really like this drama..romantic

  795. 795 : al Says:

    Love this drama the most, my no 1 favourite, beautiful scenery, script and casts.

  796. 796 : al Says:

    Totally LOVE SUNG YURI. She is GORGEOUS.

  797. 797 : afdan Says:

    LOVEEEE….Sung Yuri….

  798. 798 : afdan Says:

    good drama EVER snow queen my first list favret drama

  799. 799 : kit Says:

    I agreed with what afdan written, snow queen is still my no.1 fav korean drama even though is a past yrs drama.

  800. 800 : kit Says:

    Oh I hv to add something, because of snow queen drama, sung yuri has become my no. one and only favourite korean actress.

  801. 801 : Hmings Says:

    Snow Queen is a nice movie…. liked it very much…. makes me cry alot though!!!

  802. 802 : freya Says:

    this is a good movie… i cried a lot…
    but i dont really like the end… its so sad

  803. 803 : tempurpedic Says:

    this is a good movie… i cried a lot…
    but i dont really like the end… its so sad

  804. 804 : al Says:

    I love this drama so much that I am rewatching now. Just love the chemistry between hyun bin and sung yuri.

  805. 805 : al Says:

    Oh still feeling sad abt the ending but at least hyun bin character still live, just hope that they can live happily ever after, is there a part 2, just hoping?

  806. 806 : forough Says:

    hi korean people i am an iraninan girl who is really love your country and people . i enjoy your series very much and i should tell you that you are the most popular people in the world . if you are intersted to have iranian friend just send me email . my email is [email protected]

  807. 807 : korean fan Says:

    hi every one , i dont know what do you think of the korean series but i really love it .
    i love sung yu ri and even hun bin . by the way is there any one like to chat ?

  808. 808 : baby Says:

    LOVE this drama so much, still my no.1 favourite korean drama, love to see sung yuri with hyun bin.

    Too bad the ending is sad, just hope to see happy ending instead of a sad one. But anyway still love the drama BEST.

  809. 809 : baby Says:

    If anybody love sung yuri, you should watch swallow of the sun too, she looked good with ji sung and lee wan.

  810. 810 : baby Says:

    Sung Yuri is the most pretty korean actress follow by Song Hye Kyo.

  811. 811 : lee Says:

    I love snow queen, still couldn’t get the drama out of my mind.

  812. 812 : moonyuri332000 Says:

    hi! korean fan. i am fan of yuri. we can become friend.

  813. 813 : drama korea Says:

    snow queen was amazing! I loved it so much!

  814. 814 : moonyuri332000 Says:

    yes! snow queen is fav of me, i love sung yuri when watch it.
    are you from ? i am from vietnam, do you know vietnam ?

  815. 815 : kitty Says:

    i love snow queen too, i am fm singapore.

  816. 816 : Janye Says:

    I love snow queen..
    and this is 4th times for me..

    again and again…

  817. 817 : emi Says:

    @janye: you must be a masochist like me lol….. I watched it a lot of times and i cried everytime! it sent me to a whirlwind of depression and love…. sigh… should i watch it again for the nth time?!

  818. 818 : mahnaz Says:

    this movie is very good very nice and full content.thanks for this movie

  819. 819 : tiffani Says:

    i watched the movie and loved it alot. the star cast was very cute. i think that korean movie star is really hot. i wouldn’t watch any drama except korean

  820. 820 : Emo Chat Says:

    Best ever =)

  821. 821 : kim Yukie Says:

    best story …

  822. 822 : elham Says:

    oh my god,that is terrible sad.i have decided not to watch this kind of dramas any more .i cried in every minut of 2 last episod.of cours,it dose not mean i feel regetful to watch it but i cannot remember any day im my life that i had cried befor like this.it soud have been so difficult to act in this drama,they both just cried during drama.

  823. 823 : Taylor Says:

    Love this drama also, its so sad made me cry like crazy

  824. 824 : syusyie Says:

    lov this drama, verry sad ending….made me cry alot…
    so sad , barely see hyun bin’smile to show his cutie dimple…
    still good drama though….

  825. 825 : yuri Says:

    Love this drama so much, especially sung yuri and hyun bin love, love their chemistry. Hope to see them in another drama again. Best couple so far for me.

  826. 826 : yuri Says:

    Love the scenery and clothing of sung yuri, i guess this drama must be very expensive to produce?

  827. 827 : Nita Says:

    Hmmm! What a marvelous movie! I do luvZ it.

  828. 828 : jane Says:

    This is still e best drama i hv ever watched. Just love all the casts in this drama but is very sad to see bora die.

  829. 829 : jane Says:

    100 percent love it. hope to see more of sungyuri acting in this kind of drama.

  830. 830 : l.m Says:

    Her first drama were predictably poor but she has gotten progressively better throughout each one. In this drama, Snow Queen, she was very believable as an arrogant, possibly bi-polar, suicidal, terminally ill character and then did a complete 180 playing a ditzy, warm hearted heroine in Hong Gil Dong.

  831. 831 : l.m Says:

    Love sung yuri in snow queen so much, her best drama ever.

  832. 832 : jenns Says:

    i love this serie, its my favorite, cada personaje es impresionante, me encanta el cambio espectacular q da bora en su personalidad, she is so sweet at the end.. she is one of my favorite korean actress and hyun bin is lovely too, les recomiendo hong gil dong es muy buena… y si quieren llorar vean 1 litro de lagrimas

  833. 833 : jewel Says:


    Hyun bin

  834. 834 : diefan Says:

    when/ how can I watch this??? hmmmm

  835. 835 : wan Says:

    I love now queen drama, still my no.1 favourite drama.

  836. 836 : wan Says:


  837. 837 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    snow queen segera tayang bulan juni nanti di stasiun indosiar, wahh seruu … sebarkan korean wave di indonesia >_____<

  838. 838 : Dhyvhyaretha Says:

    I like it Snow Queen so much,,,,,,,,,,,, coz i admire Sung Yu Ri so much too

  839. 839 : shekufe Says:

    it was one of the best dranas that i,ve ever seen.

  840. 840 : hui Says:

    Snow queen is the best, hope that there is a snow queen 2.

  841. 841 : hui Says:

    oh with e same casts, especailly sung yuri and hyun bin.

  842. 842 : Lynn K Says:

    love this drama…sad drama but also very touching… love it…. =)

  843. 843 : devi Says:


  844. 844 : Zahra mutz Says:

    wah pasti serruuuuu mo nonton ah
    artis artis nya cantik cantik.

  845. 845 : deisy Says:

    i love snow queen so much!!! My favourite korean drama so far….i really hope they’ll make a snow queen 2 with HB and SYR in it, even though it’s probably highly unlikely….

  846. 846 : deisy Says:

    I just love how HB love SYR in this drama

  847. 847 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i think i’m gonna watch this… 🙂

  848. 848 : udadech Says:

    I like you “The Snow Queen”. I love you so much…

  849. 849 : loo Says:

    I really love this drama a lot, storyline is simple and the love in e story is charming and loving, no plot involve, very simple love without hate.

    Thumb up for this drama.

  850. 850 : loo Says:

    Oh really…………………love sung yuri, she is really………..PRETTY and CLASSY. Natural beauty, nothing change fm her finkl days till now.

  851. 851 : Paulina Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen.bora was an incredible character, sung yuri’s acting was just amazing.hope too see her and hyun bin again in another drama, because they are so beautiful together.its a shame that there is not a snow queen 2.

  852. 852 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm… interesting… I’m gonna watch this drama soon…

  853. 853 : mel Says:

    i like this drama,.,. very touching…

  854. 854 : nining Says:

    good drama,, love it..

  855. 855 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  856. 856 : Beginner Guitar Lessons Says:

    Thanks for the post, I can always become better to play the el guitar, and each new lesson and idea helps.

  857. 857 : aenigma Says:

    nice trying for a different end of love dramma.but,can’t bora still live? the guy was so pathetic and just ‘married’ with his math medal.haha

  858. 858 : KPOP7.com Says:

    pretty good drama, definitely worth a watch


  859. 859 : yuli Says:

    sad sad sad sad saddddd hikzz but good series

  860. 860 : rowing machine Says:

    It looks like interesting…..I can’t wait to watch this drama.

  861. 861 : suman Says:

    The snow queen, i like the story n da acts. Sung Yuri is rly beauty n talented actress n Hyun bin is gud actor too………………

  862. 862 : Sanlinaung22 Says:

    Wow cool i wish i have been to snowy place.

  863. 863 : eiyra Says:

    i watched this drama twice..
    and i still cry..
    y this story so sad??
    just make me think the character bo ra and tae woong
    can me me cry again

  864. 864 : eiyra Says:

    i watced this drama twice
    and i cry again
    so touching
    just think abt them
    i can cry agaib

  865. 865 : W3NI Says:

    i really lov this drama!!!… made me a cry river….
    im dying seeing another hyun bin’s drama.

  866. 866 : kitty Says:


  867. 867 : mahdieh Says:

    it was one of the most beautiful drama that i have ever seen,i love hyun bin and i am dying seeing another hyun bin’s drama.

  868. 868 : nafa Says:


  869. 869 : xelinz Says:

    wuahh.. hyun-bin was awesome!! he did a terrific job… so surprised to find out that he was the same guy in the drama “my name is kim-sam-soon” as he had exhibited a totally different character and hairstyle, too. he was into the drama!! and tae-woong, surely he was a very very very nice person, smart yet so modest!! well, of all the good things, i think the drama missed something: how about bo-ra’s mother? did she forgive her at the end of her life?

  870. 870 : broken iPhone Says:

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  873. 873 : Bomantara Says:

    Bagus. . . Yg dari indonesia. Mampir dong di resensi saya.

  874. 874 : lene Says:

    nice drama

  875. 875 : Cecelia Says:

    a sad and beautiful drama…love it… i remembered i watched it long time ago, but still remember tht i love it tht time… the song of this drama is nice too =)

  876. 876 : Corporate Branding Says:

    It is probably by Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote a book called The Snow Queen which featured a character named Gerda. Check out the link below for a selection of books of this name and maybe you can find the edition you are looking for.

  877. 877 : Term Life Insurance Says:

    I believe it is called the snow queen. It was brought out by hallmark movies and is available on dvd.

  878. 878 : desiku jakarta Indonesia Says:

    not good i think… sorry!

  879. 879 : nellam Says:

    i lke this drama
    very romantic

  880. 880 : chungta Says:

    luv hyunbin forever..*_^

  881. 881 : louis vuitton Says:

    I believe it is called the snow queen. It was brought out by hallmark movies and is available on dvd.

  882. 882 : Most Korean Drama {October Week-2} « asianfansclub Says:

    […] The Snow Queen – […]

  883. 883 : ms. jgs Says:

    hmmm…for me it is nice story. i pity for Tae Woong because he blaming himself for 8 years for his frnd death but although it is not his mistake. quitly good story although the female character is died but is a nice ending because is not too late to continue his studies and he became a succesfull. simpe story but i love it. i enjoy watching diffrent stories.

  884. 884 : Havesa Says:

    Even though the ending is very sad, is still like this drama…… both of them played the roll really good. To tell you the truth, i don’t easily cry… but the ending is just too sad.

  885. 885 : Havesa Says:

    *role not roll >_<. But i found a way that make the ending less sadder. When Kim Bora die, watch closely to her neck….you can see her pulse. Somehow that make me glad, 'cause when I see korean drama, I always sucked into the male character (main actor of course). When I see her pulse, I say, "thank's god she's not dead yet"^^

  886. 886 : chichaloca Says:

    i love soung yuri and hyun bin.they make such a perfect couple in dis drama.love it

  887. 887 : swastika Says:

    i love hyun bin he is juat amazing.love this drama.

  888. 888 : victor yakthumba Says:

    I recently watch dis drama n i really njoy it…its a gr8 drama.

  889. 889 : Martha chan Says:

    Love story never dies ^^

  890. 890 : freakerpskie Says:

    is it going to be air on KBS-World?

  891. 891 : freakerpskie Says:

    opppssss…just confused sorry bout that…dont bother to answer… thanks lot!

  892. 892 : Mzn Vinod Says:

    I love this drama & seoung yu ri.

  893. 893 : Jandy Says:

    Just watch it again recently, still has the same effect… Really touching!

  894. 894 : Yvessaint Says:

    i like it

  895. 895 : FARHANA Says:

    as a Filipinos Iam proud to be a Korean fans all so her pop classics musics and all so her drama their all romance and action, comedy and etc.

  896. 896 : katherine Says:

    several days i rewatched this play, touching feeling has never withered, the moving plot and the excellent players absolutely made it a classic forever, i like Hyun Bin very much, his performance was favorable.

  897. 897 : kim bora Says:

    Love it too…..

  898. 898 : cristina maty Says:

    love ,, snow queen; i have seen this drama more then seven times and i still cry every time, the script was beautiful, the actors were great, both sung yu ri and hyun byn did a good job, and they are so fit together, hope to see them in another drama,they are so beautiful together.

  899. 899 : yuli vatt Says:

    snow queen is my fav drama, i have seen alot of korean dramas but none like this one.i loved kim bora, her character was so different from the others characters a i have seen before, and cried and cursed the writer for killing her at the end, but i have to admitt, that the writer did an excelent work creating such a beautiful character and story.:)

  900. 900 : marina b Says:

    sung yu ri was great in this drama,i loved the way she played bora’s character, no other actress could have done a better job.

  901. 901 : via Says:

    I wish bo ra didn’t die.. make me lost interest..

  902. 902 : smiling Says:

    so sad.. i cannot accept the ending…btw no romantic scene.. a bit funny scene.. the strong of this story just too many monolog..

  903. 903 : snow queen ost Says:

    most soundtrack file are dead. here is the updated with a single file


  904. 904 : Isabel Says:

    I am very2 lke it the Snow queen.
    q ska bgt sftx han tae wong,orgx pntar,pndiam,tp nagngenin.
    n ksh cntax dg Kim bora
    tp sygx bro nggl.
    ne2skan air mta q jdx.
    good luck truz eah film koreax

  905. 905 : Bijay Says:

    Superb romantic movie….heart touching scenes and acting..love u kim bo ra

  906. 906 : Charlie Says:

    I started to watch this drama because of Hyun Bin.
    The score of this drama is so beautiful.
    The little Kim Bo Ra is so cute.
    Hyun Bin is so handsome.
    But the story is too sad.

  907. 907 : pup Says:

    i find this drama very boring. they try to make it sad and touching but for me this didnt work at all.

  908. 908 : nas Says:

    i didnt agree with u pup…
    it it touching story.
    it my favs korea drama ever.
    myb u are the one who does not have feeling at all.
    no offense.

  909. 909 : kitty Says:

    super nice drama, love sung yuri, very beautiful

  910. 910 : abby Says:

    sung yuri your the best..

    your so beautiful.. love u
    very much

  911. 911 : kiren Says:

    ya,the ending of this drama is reallyyyy sad but ne way i loved the drama really a true 5 star but wish (kim bo ra) shouldnt die.!!!!!

  912. 912 : dan Says:

    ilove you drama

  913. 913 : mine Says:

    hyun bin ilove you

  914. 914 : Vie vie Says:

    Good drama, but so sad

  915. 915 : Wins Says:

    I wish there is Snow Quen part 2. About Han Tae Wong Fall In Love With Other Girl and have happy ending.

    Becouse Her Live Is Very Sad.

  916. 916 : Cameron Says:

    Nice picture

  917. 917 : Ziezi Says:

    Kim Bo Ra
    Your Face Is So perfect

    Sung Yuri
    Why are you so beautiful

  918. 918 : Ja myung Says:

    Like this drama

    but dislike the ending.

  919. 919 : Yoona Says:

    Why korea often make a sad drama

    They never thinking people watch that drama. Many drama that I love but not have a good ending.

    Actually I Love this drama.

  920. 920 : hamid Says:

    hi.i love you this drama very beautiful.

  921. 921 : sweet amile Says:

    At 17, Tae Woong (Hyun Bin), a mathmatical genius, meets two people who will later become people he loves. One becomes his best friend and the other, his love.

    Tae Woong’s best friend, Kim Jeong Kyu (Lee Sun Ho), also classified as a genius, competes for academic accolades. After Tae Woong beats him in an international math Olympiad Jeong Kyu commits suicide. During this same time, Tae Woong meets a little girl who develops a crush on him. However, he loses touch with her without finding out her name.

    These tragic events take their toll on the rest of Tae Woong’s life. At 25, eight years later, Tae Woong is now a third class boxer and in unexpected events, finds Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri), the little girl he once knew. Although this winter will be very cold and scary, winter is not the end of the seasons, but the beginning of the hope for a greater love.

  922. 922 : milan Says:

    HB is a perfect guy in any movie, he could pair with any acctress and the result is stunning. Wheter in Kim Sam Soon or Snow Queen and most recent his hot acting with Song Hye Gyo in Worlds Within.

    This movie is soooo touching, the way he loves her, the way he sacrifices and his acting is so deep that it makes me sad….

  923. 923 : LAVE Says:

    It was really sad for Bo Ra and Tae Woong and happy that he was able to live a better life this time (for her sake). I was really touched and cried so much especially the last two episodes. I highly recommend this drama. Kudos to the lead actors, supporting casts, the director and all involved in this drama.

  924. 924 : milanisti Says:

    first time I cry in this drama when tae wong meet his mom, but his mom angry with him. and I like the scene when tae wong with bora in the library when bora was sleeping tae wong look at her and when bora wake up and tae wong was panik.

  925. 925 : jung kyung Says:


  926. 926 : tania Says:

    Sad Love Story, when they fall in love one of them will be die

  927. 927 : kitty Says:

    Itotallt agreed:

    Kim Bo Ra
    Your Face Is So perfect

    Sung Yuri
    Why are you so beautiful

  928. 928 : hirmah Says:

    good story..i love this drama..i watch without stop coz i want know the end of this drama..but good ending..i think Hyun Bin will suicide but its not good…we need to continue live even someone we love dead

  929. 929 : non sibi Says:

    I am watching this drama from ‘dramafever’, will start episode 11 tonight 🙂 I found some great messages within the story, about life, friendship, love..

  930. 930 : umesh mhaarjan Says:

    i love this drama. vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary vary much

  931. 931 : sesli sohbet Says:

    Goodwe need to continue live even someone we love dead.

  932. 932 : wellysan Says:

    is good strory …sad ending but i still like this drama… i like Sung yu ri and hyun bin Best Couple…perfect

  933. 933 : indah Says:

    really love this korean drama so much….
    sad story but so inspired for me….I have cry so bad…T.T
    hyun bin oppa love you…I’ll be there for you..aakkhh….
    sung yu ri…you’re really cute like a princess….

  934. 934 : astuti Says:

    when i saw this 1st episode, i was thinking it might not be interesting. but, after i watched few episodes, i said to my self, this is a good drama. it has many values/messages. i love the character of han tae woong/han deuk gu. he’s so down to earth.
    Sung Yu Ri, u’re so beautiful…
    Hyun Bin, are you as modest as han tae woong in your real life? your face tells so….:D
    both of you are perfect!

  935. 935 : swastika Says:

    u look so good in this drama.hyun bin oppa.sarange.

  936. 936 : Barb Says:

    Why can’t I watch Snow QUEEN on my computer??

  937. 937 : Miimii Says:

    This has to be one of the saddest Korean dramas ever!!
    Hyun Bin was Gorgeous in this drama and he look sooo good with sung yuri 🙂 🙂
    I prefer this couple rather than hajiwon and HyunBin..
    Anyways watch this drama people 🙂

  938. 938 : Kristine Says:

    One of the best korean dramas I’ve ever watched. Excellent story and great casts. Though the ending was so sad, it’s worth watching. Hyun bin is so handsome in this drama.

  939. 939 : tota Says:

    ilove snow queen and hyun bin ilove you man

  940. 940 : tota Says:

    ilove you that drama she girl

  941. 941 : charlene Says:

    This show is the best korean drama that i have ever watched! The story is so touching and both lead actor and actress are good looking and have good acting!!! Thumbs up for this drama!!! Sung Yu Ri is cute plus pretty but I still love Hyun Bin oppa the most!!! haha… But the overall plot is very sad compared to ‘world within’ and I think that’s the reason why Hyun Bin fell in love with Song Hye Gyo instead of Sun Yu Ri…The arrangement of kiss scene in nearly every episode in ‘world within’ is the real factor to bring HB and SHG together…it’s way too sweet and too difficult not to have special feeling towards each others!!! 😀

  942. 942 : moe Says:

    i like this drama xo much !
    Kim Bo Ra
    i like u
    ur face & beauty is prefect
    ur the angel for me !
    and i want to ask u
    why u so beautiful ?
    ur 🙂 can attract every person !

  943. 943 : Snow Queen (2002) | All Films Blog Says:

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  944. 944 : sukkie2503 Says:

    i love this drama..the best!! i cried a lot because of this,,,great..

  945. 945 : sukkie2503 Says:

    The best drama i’ve ever watch..i cried a lot. such a great story!!

  946. 946 : kiran Says:

    really heart touching drama….. PERFECT DRAMA,,,,…… I never cried watching other drama but i can’t control my tears falling from my eyes watching this drama….. So you must watch this drama once but u’ll not be satisfied watching this drama once.

  947. 947 : sukkie2503 Says:

    its been a long time since i’ve watch this but still cant get over for the happiness i felt for watching this..a perfect drama .a perfect actor and actress.i love Snow queen so much..and it will remain in my heart wherever i go..its really worth watching..

  948. 948 : The Snow Queen (2005) | All Films Blog Says:

    […] The Snow Queen koreandrama.org […]

  949. 949 : aja Says:

    Great drama, you won’t be satisfied to watch it once. One of the best directed and you will love hyun bin ang sung yu ri, they played their character so well, very realistically. Sad ending though I am their fan now…

  950. 950 : kalpana Says:

    wow…….its really heart touching drama and super……..keep it up.

  951. 951 : Safal Says:

    BEST DRAMA ever seen for long time

  952. 952 : Kira Says:

    Hyun bin is soooo cool!!!!!!!!
    know any other TV series of him???( other than secret garden and my name is kim sam soon, both are really good)…..

  953. 953 : Jes Says:

    watch snow queen only if:
    1) you are a die-hard fan of hyun bin
    2) you have ample of free time

    rating this 2/5 apples

  954. 954 : Cyra Says:

    Very beautiful sad love story. Sung Yu Ri looked more beautiful and her acting was much better than the one in Swallow the Sun. Hyun Bin is always perfect. They indeed made a very nice looking couple. I enjoyed the drama very much.

  955. 955 : adol Says:

    very good sad story..

  956. 956 : adol Says:

    my rating for snow queen 5/5

  957. 957 : SGfansever Says:

    I have not watching yet..
    fallin in love wth Hyun bin in Secret Garden…the greatest Actor I Think..but now..I want to try to watch this..I hope..it will be interesting….n_n..waw sung yu ri?? She is beautiful girl…
    LOVE U HYUN BIN OPPA….u are my first favourite ACTOR…!!!!

  958. 958 : aja Says:

    One of the best drama I have ever watched! Great actors hyun Bin and Yung Suri now I am a fan of both…

  959. 959 : Dwi Says:

    is it happy ending or not ???

  960. 960 : The most popular korean site in Iran » Blog Archive » Sung Yuri_ Biography Says:

    […] Town (KBS2, 2011) Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009) Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) One Fine Day (MBC, 2006) Prince’s First Love (MBC, 2004) Thousand Years of Love (SBS, 2003) […]

  961. 961 : kosal Says:

    so better korea drama movies …
    Make me sad.. make me cry..
    but i don’t like .. on BORA die . I want Bora live with tae woong forever.. they are real love … if die . die together.. so why in this movies give actor ( Femal) die …

  962. 962 : rifanti Says:

    i fall in love with you in ‘My NAme is Kim Sam Soon’ and i more love u till i wqatch secret garden.

  963. 963 : ankhaa Says:


  964. 964 : lydaneth kim Says:

    I love this drama so much……………………

  965. 965 : rita.darita Says:

    very like this …..;)love u deh

  966. 966 : butikkerawangkulim Says:

    Love… Hyun Bin…

  967. 967 : Rojer keisham Says:

    Woww..i have ever seen such kind of love…how can i explain it i dont know but its realy touch in my heart..by the way i m from India(Manipur) and lastly i want say that Sung Yu Ri u r realy beautyful if i have a chance talk to u i wil say I LUV U….

  968. 968 : KDFan Says:

    This drama is so sad. I like hyun bin acting in this drama, so melancholic, even when he smile. The story is better than secret garden. The couple really have a chemistry together. Good acting and good storyline, though I think it would be much better if in the earlier episodes showing more scene on the snobbish character of the heroine or more on their fighting and disagreement

  969. 969 : Rada Wangmo Says:

    i really really liked this veri movie….the acting of both Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri seems ro be very natural and normal which most of the actors lack…..the actress is really beautiful n charming…….the story is also very sad and touching….the actor and the actress luk great together……m from Bhutan

  970. 970 : iHeart Says:

    Is This DRAMA sad at the End.

    Pls. Reply :”>

  971. 971 : worldclock Says:

    » The Snow Queen » Korean Drama – just great!

  972. 972 : snowking Says:

    I wish i can go to Lapland……..to see my Snow Queen…..

  973. 973 : bora's sis Says:

    this my most fav drama ever,i have never seen this kind of amazing thing before,this is the drama which made me very romantic,i believe in love now.i wanna thank the team of this drama for makin such a wonderful drama and especially the actors they are awsome and beautiful.i love kim bora.she is perfect.i never ask anyone to watch this drama cuz i’m so possesive about it.i dont want anybody else to watch it.i will only ask my lover to watch it.I LOVE YOU SNOW QUEEN.

  974. 974 : jen Says:

    Where can I watch this drama? The link offered was not working 🙁

  975. 975 : portgash Says:

    The first drama that made me cry

    but ultimately a strong impression . . .


  976. 976 : FAN THE SNOW QUEEN Says:

    THE BEST korean drama ever!! i really really luv it!! the best sad story ever!!! love HYUN BIN!!

  977. 977 : Ham Says:

    Must Watch. Great Drama. One of the Best Ever Seen………..

  978. 978 : leon1992 Says:

    First of all i’m a guy and have never even come close to watching a drama even less a foreign one. I found out about this drama by curiosity on YouTube and boy did I go for a ride. I’m not ashamed to say that I actually teared, somehow this drama really touched me.

  979. 979 : mutajit Says:

    most beautiful romantic story that ever made.. i watch this movie over and over again..

  980. 980 : Dede Says:

    Major depressing. Won’t watch again

  981. 981 : BigFan Says:

    I love movies acted by Hyun Bin after watching the Secret Garden, it was fantastic so is the Millionaire Kiss ……I think he is a very good actor, not mentioning that he is very handsome and has great charisma…. looking forward to his forthcoming 2 movies and best of his luck in all his current and future endeavours!!!! Thumbs UP!!!!

  982. 982 : The Snow Queen | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related Posts […]

  983. 983 : Gents Says:

    One of my favorite Korean drama. It’s So sad and melancholic. Should have more episodes on their fighting and hating each other in the earlier episode. I start falling in love with Hyun Bin because of this drama. The character suits him well

  984. 984 : ance Says:

    my friend suggested that i should watch this drama…i’m at episode 7, and i’m really hooked!!! beautiful story!!! as always hyun bin’s great…and i’m so in love with him…again! sung yu ri’s also so cute here! i love her in feast of the gods & romance town….
    highly recommended!!! for me, so far (ep.7) it’s a 2 thumbs up!!!

  985. 985 : mina Says:

    guys i really like it beacause this is my life story…

  986. 986 : Tom Says:

    New to Kdrama. They should put a warning on how sad this series was. But, I am hooked on these now. Thank you, Korea

  987. 987 : cielo famero Says:

    i really really like this story….wish i will make one too in the future!!! i wish that someday i can publish the stories that i wrote…love you all!!!

  988. 988 : judy swierkosz Says:

    Always loves all Korean dramas!

  989. 989 : ayi1975 Says:

    i’ve watch this drama long time ago. The one who want to watch this drama should prepare so many tisyu to weap your tears. I warning you! But this is one is the must see drama. Prepare your self to face the sadnes that will make u miserable. But this drama is REALLY ROMANTIC!

  990. 990 : sabin Says:

    really emotional,romantic…………. This dramma makes you cry in almost every episode… :/

  991. 991 : musa Says:

    both the little and older kim bora are damn cute…. :* the acting,storyplot,soundtrack,music e.t.c all go together to make this drama super beautiful,romantic,emotional, and addictive.
    (best drama ever watched).

  992. 992 : Eva Panganiban Says:

    I watched korean movie a lot and for some reason I keep on wanting to watch this movie again. The 3rd time I’ve wathced this movie and I looked forward and enjoyed each episode. great romantic story. Excellent leading character.

  993. 993 : Random recommendations for sad dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Snow Queen (2006) 雪之女王 […]

  994. 994 : korefilm Says:

    its best series

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