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Title: 눈의 여왕 / The Snow Queen
Also known as: Noon Eui Yeo Wang
Chinese title : 雪之女王
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 2006-Nov-13 to 2007-Jan-08
Air Time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55


At 17, Tae Woong (Hyun Bin), a mathmatical genius, meets two people who will later become people he loves. One becomes his best friend and the other, his love.

Tae Woong’s best friend, Kim Jeong Kyu (Lee Sun Ho), also classified as a genius, competes for academic accolades. After Tae Woong beats him in an international math Olympiad Jeong Kyu commits suicide. During this same time, Tae Woong meets a little girl who develops a crush on him. However, he loses touch with her without finding out her name.

These tragic events take their toll on the rest of Tae Woong’s life. At 25, eight years later, Tae Woong is now a third class boxer and in unexpected events, finds Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri), the little girl he once knew. Although this winter will be very cold and scary, winter is not the end of the seasons, but the beginning of the hope for a greater love.


Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong / Han Deuk Gu
Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra
Im Ju Hwan as Suh Gun Woo
Yoo In Young as Lee Seung Ri
Kim Tae Hyun as Choi Choong Shik
Go Doo Shim as Park Yeong Ok (Tae Woong’s mother)
Kim Eung Soo as Lee Dong Sul (Seung Ri’s father)
Chun Ho Jin as Kim Jang Su (Bo Ra’s father)
Oh Mi Hee as Bo Ra’s mother
Lee Sun Ho as Kim Jeong Kyu
Jang Jung Hee as Go Soon Ja (Bo Ra’s house keeper)
Jung Hwa Young as Park Deuk Nam (Go Soon Ja’s daughter)
Go Ju Yun as young Kim Bo Ra
Kim Hak Jin as Ahn Sang Ho
Lee Seo Yoon as Hong Ji Hye
Lee Chul Min as Park Dong Pil (boxer)
Park Jin Yeong as Jang Park Sa (Bo Ra’s doctor)
Choi Duk Moon as Oh Shil Jang
Kim Beol Rae as college math professor
Choi Yeo Jin (Cameo)
Jerome To (Cameo)
Kim Yeo Jin (Cameo)

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee, Yoon Eun Kyung
Producer: Ki Min Soo
Director: Lee Hyeong Min


2006 KBS Drama Awards:
– Popularity Award (Male) – Hyun Bin
– Popularity Award (Female) – Sung Yu Ri
– Netizen Award (Male) – Hyun Bin
– Best Couple Award – Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri

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993 Responses to “The Snow Queen”

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  1. 951
    Safal Says:

    BEST DRAMA ever seen for long time

  2. 952
    Kira Says:

    Hyun bin is soooo cool!!!!!!!!
    know any other TV series of him???( other than secret garden and my name is kim sam soon, both are really good)…..

  3. 953
    Jes Says:

    watch snow queen only if:
    1) you are a die-hard fan of hyun bin
    2) you have ample of free time

    rating this 2/5 apples

  4. 954
    Cyra Says:

    Very beautiful sad love story. Sung Yu Ri looked more beautiful and her acting was much better than the one in Swallow the Sun. Hyun Bin is always perfect. They indeed made a very nice looking couple. I enjoyed the drama very much.

  5. 955
    adol Says:

    very good sad story..

  6. 956
    adol Says:

    my rating for snow queen 5/5

  7. 957
    SGfansever Says:

    I have not watching yet..
    fallin in love wth Hyun bin in Secret Garden…the greatest Actor I Think..but now..I want to try to watch this..I hope..it will be interesting….n_n..waw sung yu ri?? She is beautiful girl…
    LOVE U HYUN BIN OPPA….u are my first favourite ACTOR…!!!!

  8. 958
    aja Says:

    One of the best drama I have ever watched! Great actors hyun Bin and Yung Suri now I am a fan of both…

  9. 959
    Dwi Says:

    is it happy ending or not ???

  10. 960
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  11. 961
    kosal Says:

    so better korea drama movies …
    Make me sad.. make me cry..
    but i don’t like .. on BORA die . I want Bora live with tae woong forever.. they are real love … if die . die together.. so why in this movies give actor ( Femal) die …

  12. 962
    rifanti Says:

    i fall in love with you in ‘My NAme is Kim Sam Soon’ and i more love u till i wqatch secret garden.

  13. 963
    ankhaa Says:


  14. 964
    lydaneth kim Says:

    I love this drama so much……………………

  15. 965
    rita.darita Says:

    very like this …..;)love u deh

  16. 966
    butikkerawangkulim Says:

    Love… Hyun Bin…

  17. 967
    Rojer keisham Says:

    Woww..i have ever seen such kind of love…how can i explain it i dont know but its realy touch in my heart..by the way i m from India(Manipur) and lastly i want say that Sung Yu Ri u r realy beautyful if i have a chance talk to u i wil say I LUV U….

  18. 968
    KDFan Says:

    This drama is so sad. I like hyun bin acting in this drama, so melancholic, even when he smile. The story is better than secret garden. The couple really have a chemistry together. Good acting and good storyline, though I think it would be much better if in the earlier episodes showing more scene on the snobbish character of the heroine or more on their fighting and disagreement

  19. 969
    Rada Wangmo Says:

    i really really liked this veri movie….the acting of both Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri seems ro be very natural and normal which most of the actors lack…..the actress is really beautiful n charming…….the story is also very sad and touching….the actor and the actress luk great together……m from Bhutan

  20. 970
    iHeart Says:

    Is This DRAMA sad at the End.

    Pls. Reply :”>

  21. 971
    worldclock Says:

    » The Snow Queen » Korean Drama – just great!

  22. 972
    snowking Says:

    I wish i can go to Lapland……..to see my Snow Queen…..

  23. 973
    bora's sis Says:

    this my most fav drama ever,i have never seen this kind of amazing thing before,this is the drama which made me very romantic,i believe in love now.i wanna thank the team of this drama for makin such a wonderful drama and especially the actors they are awsome and beautiful.i love kim bora.she is perfect.i never ask anyone to watch this drama cuz i’m so possesive about it.i dont want anybody else to watch it.i will only ask my lover to watch it.I LOVE YOU SNOW QUEEN.

  24. 974
    jen Says:

    Where can I watch this drama? The link offered was not working 🙁

  25. 975
    portgash Says:

    The first drama that made me cry

    but ultimately a strong impression . . .


  26. 976

    THE BEST korean drama ever!! i really really luv it!! the best sad story ever!!! love HYUN BIN!!

  27. 977
    Ham Says:

    Must Watch. Great Drama. One of the Best Ever Seen………..

  28. 978
    leon1992 Says:

    First of all i’m a guy and have never even come close to watching a drama even less a foreign one. I found out about this drama by curiosity on YouTube and boy did I go for a ride. I’m not ashamed to say that I actually teared, somehow this drama really touched me.

  29. 979
    mutajit Says:

    most beautiful romantic story that ever made.. i watch this movie over and over again..

  30. 980
    Dede Says:

    Major depressing. Won’t watch again

  31. 981
    BigFan Says:

    I love movies acted by Hyun Bin after watching the Secret Garden, it was fantastic so is the Millionaire Kiss ……I think he is a very good actor, not mentioning that he is very handsome and has great charisma…. looking forward to his forthcoming 2 movies and best of his luck in all his current and future endeavours!!!! Thumbs UP!!!!

  32. 982
    The Snow Queen | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Related Posts […]

  33. 983
    Gents Says:

    One of my favorite Korean drama. It’s So sad and melancholic. Should have more episodes on their fighting and hating each other in the earlier episode. I start falling in love with Hyun Bin because of this drama. The character suits him well

  34. 984
    ance Says:

    my friend suggested that i should watch this drama…i’m at episode 7, and i’m really hooked!!! beautiful story!!! as always hyun bin’s great…and i’m so in love with him…again! sung yu ri’s also so cute here! i love her in feast of the gods & romance town….
    highly recommended!!! for me, so far (ep.7) it’s a 2 thumbs up!!!

  35. 985
    mina Says:

    guys i really like it beacause this is my life story…

  36. 986
    Tom Says:

    New to Kdrama. They should put a warning on how sad this series was. But, I am hooked on these now. Thank you, Korea

  37. 987
    cielo famero Says:

    i really really like this story….wish i will make one too in the future!!! i wish that someday i can publish the stories that i wrote…love you all!!!

  38. 988
    judy swierkosz Says:

    Always loves all Korean dramas!

  39. 989
    ayi1975 Says:

    i’ve watch this drama long time ago. The one who want to watch this drama should prepare so many tisyu to weap your tears. I warning you! But this is one is the must see drama. Prepare your self to face the sadnes that will make u miserable. But this drama is REALLY ROMANTIC!

  40. 990
    sabin Says:

    really emotional,romantic…………. This dramma makes you cry in almost every episode… :/

  41. 991
    musa Says:

    both the little and older kim bora are damn cute…. :* the acting,storyplot,soundtrack,music e.t.c all go together to make this drama super beautiful,romantic,emotional, and addictive.
    (best drama ever watched).

  42. 992
    Eva Panganiban Says:

    I watched korean movie a lot and for some reason I keep on wanting to watch this movie again. The 3rd time I’ve wathced this movie and I looked forward and enjoyed each episode. great romantic story. Excellent leading character.

  43. 993
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    […] Snow Queen (2006) 雪之女王 […]

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