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The Scarlet Letter

Title: 주홍글씨 / Joo Hong Geul Sshi / The Scarlet Letter
Chinese Title : 红字
Also Known as : Miss Joo Hong Geul
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Episodes: 165
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-09 to 2011-April-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50


Four people paying the consequences for a love that went wrong. One woman endures poverty and a guilty conscience while the other woman plots revenge after her career takes off. Then a twisted fate brings the two women back together. Four people stained by adulterous affairs…


Lee Seung Yun as Han Kyung Seo
Kim Yun Joo as Cha Hye Ran
Kim Young Ho as Jang Jae Yong
Jo Yeon Woo as Lee Dong Joo

Extended Cast

Baek Il Sub as Han Yong Jin
Lee Se Na as Han In Seo
Kim Yoo Bin as Jang Ha Ni
Kim Hye Ok as Jung Soon Im
Go Yoon Hoo as Cha Sung Joon
Kim Na Woon as Cha Young Rim
Yang Joo Ho as Choi Sung Jo
Kim Byung Chul as Park Joong Goo
Gook Ji Yun as Jin Jin Joo
No Young Kook as Lee Suk Ho
No Joo Hyun as Yoon Jung Ho
Min Joon Hyun as journalist
Ha Na Kyung (하나경) as journalist
Jung Yoon Jo as Lee Hye Joo
Jo Hwi Joon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yong Won
Producer: Kim Jung Ho
Director: Lee Min Soo (이민수)
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Soo

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  1. 1 : PrettyLady Says:

    Huh!?! “Han Kyung Suh, who take out fiancee of a friend unintentionally, then fall into some fatal destiny. Han Kyung Suh is a character which is very frank and sincere to her own feeling.” Huh!?! what does this actually mean????? Very vague description…. not sure I care about this drama.

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  3. 3 : solmaz Says:

    lovely dress!!!!!!!!!

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  5. 5 : USA-Mary Says:

    @PrettyLady. In short, if I’m not mistaken…it appears that this woman is a risqué man stealer! Also, ditto, I too, would I’d like to see a well written legible synopsis; especially one that’s makes sense!

  6. 6 : Ellaine Says:

    Ouch…man stealer… Dunno… hope she is real good woman…

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    Lee Seung Yun Fighting!

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  10. 10 : honey b Says:

    100 episodes??????

  11. 11 : oystercafe Says:

    Master English http://www.youtube.com/user/OystercafeESL or http://www.oystercafe.com ENGLISG FOR KOREANS. KDRAMA is amazing

  12. 12 : Amy Says:

    Han Kyung Sah isn’t a MAN STEALER!! Kim Yun Joo, the famous actress in this drama was pregnant, but she told the guy that she would erase the baby. Kim Young Ho said not to, but Kim Yun Joo ignored him and to get away from the drama she went to America with her aunt. Then when she heard that Kim Young Ho was going to marry someone, she called her friend Han Kyung Sah. But, Kim Yun Joo didn’t even treat Han Kyung Sah as a friend for example stole Han Kyung Sah’s man and treated Han Kyung Sah very badly. Han Kyung Sah didn’t pick up the actress’s phone calls, so Kim Yun Joo left a message saying, “I’m still pregnant, so tell him that then he won’t marry whoever he was supposed to marry”. But, Hang Kyung Sah got pregnant too. Hang Kyung Sah still decided to marry Kim Young Ho and Kim Young Ho knew that the Kim Yun Joo said something to Han Kyung Sah that bothered her.But, he still wanted to marry Han Kyung Sah. So, they got married and then the Kim Yun Joo, her aunt, and little brother found out that the girl who was marrying Kim Young Ho was Han Kyung Sah. Her little brother was furious and he wanted to get revenge on Kim Young Ho. Eventually they found Han Kyung Sah and KIm Young Ho and the little brother beated the guy and the guy was hurt everywhere. Then the little brother was about to attack Han Kyung Sah and she was pregnant. In order to save Han Kyung Sah and the baby Kim Yung Ho stabbed the little brother below his stomach only to defend his family. So, the man went to jail and Han Kyung Sah’s baby came out a very cute girl. Then Han Kyung Sah decidewd to write a story about a life that happened between her, Kim Yung Ho, and Kim Yun Joo.

  13. 13 : سریال های در حال÷خش در کره Says:

    […] 주홍글씨 / The Scarlet Letter / 红字 Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-09 to 2011 Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50 […]

  14. 14 : Renn Says:

    This, as far as I know, has the similar title with one 1850 Greatest American Literature work of Nathaniel Hawthorne, haaa… i dont know if this drama will resemble entirely the work of him. But, let’s be positive thinking that this drama would be different. Basically, I dont like how the story of “scarlet letter” (as it is in Nathaniel’s) turns out.

  15. 15 : ptsh836 Says:

    @prettylady, if the synopsis provided was inadequate then the summary provided by Amy (#12) was even more confusing altho she really did make a real effort in clarifying the first attempt. tks a bunch, amy…the title “scarlet letter” shld hv been self-explanatory; i’m sure there’ll be lots of kinky, unbelievable n beyond reason (way out of logic) stuff to shock the audience into oblivion since this is the latest style of drama to hit the screen…jus expect that life will not be the same again, i tell u… after having survived “temptation of an angel” nothing else is impossible!!!

  16. 16 : masa Says:

    Amy’s synopsis is correct. I dunno who wrote the original synopsis, but it’s completely wrong, and it’s easy to see why people would be confused. Ignore the one written on the main part of the site and read Amy’s. It’s accurate.

    This is a must watch series. Very good.

  17. 17 : Carol Says:

    Actually the real BITCH in this drama is Cha Hye Ran, whom I think is also sick in the head. It was a superb performance by Kim Yun Joo. This drama just drags on for too long and a lot of scences which are not needed . Wish it had been a little shorter.

  18. 18 : Dramaaddict Says:

    Koreans love to drag things out to the point where a lot of scenes are repeated over and over and over. At this point, the poor drama viewer is exhausted from being beat up by all these emotional nonsense between people. Korean writers, after writing the original story, are being told to drag it out to all these superfluous episodes so that their network can make money….. So wasteful and time consuming!!!!

  19. 19 : Dramaaddict Says:

    Since there are 100 episodes here, I will not torture myself and waste time watching this drama, thank you very much!

  20. 20 : Sandy Says:

    This drama was such a waste because it was so stupid. The second male lead is so unattractive–two women in love with him; don’t think so.

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