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The Scale of Providence


Title: 신의 저울 / The Scale of Providence
Chinese Title : 神的天秤
Also known as: God’s Balance / Land of Providence / Scale of God
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-29 to 2008-Oct-24
Air time: Fridays 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


Jang Joon Ha is a man out for vengeance. In one day, Joon Ha lost the two most important people in his life. His brother, Young Ha, was wrongly convicted of a crime that he did not commit. The woman that he loved was murdered and his brother was the prime suspect. Joon Ha, an attorney, sets out to prove that someone else committed the crime.


Song Chang Ui as Jang Joon Ha
Lee Sang Yoon as Kim Woo Bin
Kim Yoo Mi as Shin Young Joo
Jun Hye Bin as No Se Ra

Extended Cast

Moon Sung Geun as Kim Hyuk Jae
Kim Seo Ra as Song Yeo Sa (Woo Bin’s mother)
Oh Tae Kyung as Jung Young Ha (Joon Ha’s’ younger brother)
Yun Un Kyung as Kang Kyung Daek (Joon Ha’s mother)
Im Hyo Sun as Oh Eun Ji
Maeng Sang Hoon as Shin Dal Soo (Young Joo’s father)
Choi Yong Min as No Joo Myung (Se Ra’s father)
Song Young Kyu as Moon Hak Bum
Lee Hye Eun as Go Sun Ah
Kim Seung Wook as Hong Gun Pyo
Jang Hyun Sung as Jung Soo Young
Park Choong Sun as Detective Jo
Choo Sang Rok as Detective Kang
Sung Chang Hoon as Im Deuk Soo
Jung Min Jin
Samuel Kang as reporter

Production Credits

Director: Hong Chang Wook
Screenwriter: Yoo Hyun Mi

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  1. 1 : Basuha Says:

    Look good, it have to of my favorite actor. The cutie from Golden Bride and the Hottie from Likable or Not, his dimples give Hyun Bin a run for his money! 🙂

  2. 2 : Blue2607 Says:

    I heard that Kim Yoo Mi acted in this drama too? What is her role?

  3. 3 : Sophina Says:

    this is the role of kim yoo mi:-

    Her mother died while giving birth to her so her father raised her on him own and loves her so much.
    Because she inherited her father’s temper that ever since she was young; she could not sleep when she saw people
    doing bad stuff. Since then she has decided her dream was to become a prosecutor. Which is why she studies incessantly. And applies to get into law school which is where she runs into her crush (Woo Bin). And while going to school together he reciprocate her feeling. That is when they start dating.
    While dating Young Ju doesn’t realize the secret reason for Woo Bin liking her all of a sudden. Selfishly only concerned with her studies she keeps having run-ins with Jun Ha (the guy Sara Noh likes). From having run-ins from his weird Running skills Young Ju gets to see Jun Ha’s score.
    Knowing that the story JunHa, she falls into a dilemma of the knowing about the connection between JunHa & WooBin. A ‘murder case in a attic loft’ and the connection between WooBin & JunHa are realized as well as the charges against JunHa and the lonely struggle from the incident he endured. But the time she realizes all this is when she has an engagement ring on her finger,to Woo Bin.

  4. 4 : christine Says:

    oh… my fave actress hye bin is here… as well as chang ee… hope it’ll be shown here in philippines,…

  5. 5 : doris p LOVE kangJIhwan Says:

    after watching Song Chang Ui from Golden Bride will definitely not miss this drama!

  6. 6 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  7. 7 : marsh Says:

    im impressed with song chang ui after watching the video clip…hes perfect for the role.

  8. 8 : sandy Says:

    in golden bride , song chang ui play a sincere husband with great performance and he became my favourite actor.

    wishing him a equally sucess in this drama .

  9. 9 : fasiihah Says:

    hello..i’m malaysian..i have already finished watching Golden Bride! it’s absolutely great drama!! I love Song Chang Ui & Lee Young Ah in GB..congrats to all of you.. hopefully, i can watch both of them in others korean drama as a couple!! “Kang Jun Woo & Nguyen Jin Joo!!! Fighting!!~

  10. 10 : amktsy Says:

    The synposis made me want to watch the drama, hope it is great to watch.

  11. 11 : ayen Says:


    ahhhhh love it !!


    i love it..

    thx to KAK FASIIHAH..u introduce me to tht movie,,,THANK YOU SO MUCH,,

  12. 12 : marites gerona Says:

    i love this drama!why none has good comments on this? its very suspenseful frm the start. i like a drama when , you cant wait to see the next episode. In other words, there is continuity or fluidity in this drama. well made and the script too. not to mention, the actors were fabulous.

  13. 13 : Poohs Says:

    can someone tell me what is the ending of this drama?

  14. 14 : wangzai Says:

    im watching the scale of providence every day when i was off school.
    im loving that girl whose name is Kim Yoo Mi
    she looks very beautiful and adorable
    but that drama has only 16 episode and that drama is naming the scales of justice in Malaysia’s Astro wireless tv
    is it different with every name above there?
    anyway, im very appreciate Kim Yoo Mi

  15. 15 : crazy Says:

    I love Jun ha very much
    he’s so cute and handsome
    that’s why noh sa rol loves him
    the actresses are all lovely too !!! but loves jun ha most

  16. 16 : rarbora Says:

    when is the end of this drama coming? could hardly wait any longer.is there a site where to watch the ending with english sub? thank you

  17. 17 : Jenny Says:

    rarbora, there is a link on the post that you can watch online with english or chinese subtitle

  18. 18 : eugene Says:

    I love Kim Woo Bin in this movie. He’s so handsome and intelligent. He is more suitable with No Se Ra than with Shin Young Joo and Shin Young Joo should be with Jang Joon Ha. But they are not.

  19. 19 : katy Says:

    hi woobin, gujunpyo,jihoo,guemjandi&cuty boy.when i watch this movie i like ur chacter too much. will u accept this letter bye…………see u next time

  20. 20 : Mayra Says:

    Scale of Providence is indeed a very good drama. I got hooked to it from episode 1 to the end. It is well written and good story line. I really enjoyed watching it.

  21. 21 : fenny Says:

    i like this drama much,it’s special because it isn’t tell about love as the main topic but how to prove something he didn’t do, and it’s more complicated when he how the truth….. but unfortunately i can’t finish it because the 2 last episodes were missing.

  22. 22 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm… interesting… I’m gonna watch this drama soon…

  23. 23 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting… hope this drama is great to watch…

  24. 24 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  25. 25 : nining Says:

    is it good drama??

  26. 26 : sal_syaqira Says:

    this story very interesting…different like love story..i like very much.cant’ wait for final episode..org2 m’sia mesti suka cerita ni HDONE-393

  27. 27 : jaril Says:

    A real good drama. It’s a thumb-up. :=) I agree, it deserves to win the Baeksang Best Screenplay…

  28. 28 : Pauline Says:

    That is one of the best Korean drama I ever watched. Two thumbs! 😉

  29. 29 : Pauline Says:

    That is one of the best Korean dramas I ever watched. Two thumbs! 🙂

  30. 30 : lukman Says:

    how to download The Scale of Providence???

  31. 31 : anna Says:

    i really love lee sang yoon…

  32. 32 : Dorie Says:

    I wish there is a sequel to this.

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