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The Princess’ Man

Title: 공주의 남자 / Gongjooeui Namja / The Princess’ Man
Chinese Title: 公主的男人
Genre: Period, romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-July-20 to 2011-Oct-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


A tragic love story between the daughter of King Sejo and the son of Sejo’s political opponent Kim Jong Seo.


Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung
Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo
Song Jong Ho as Shin Myun
Hong Soo Hyun as Princess Kyung Hye
Lee Soon Jae as Kim Jong Seo
Kim Young Chul as Prince Suyang (later King Sejo)
Lee Min Woo as Jungjong

Extended Cast

Uhm Hyo Sup as Lee Kye
Lee Joo Suk as Prince Anpyung
Heo Jung Kyu as Kim Seung Gyu
Ga Deuk Hi as Lady Ryu
Kim Yoo Bin as Kim Ah Kang
Kim Seo Ra as Lady Yoon
Yoo Ha Joon as Im Woon
Jung Dong Hwan as Munjong
No Tae Yub as Danjong
Cha Min Ji as Yeo Ri
Ban So Young as Eun Geum
Seo Hye Jin as Lee Se Jung
Kwon Hyun Sang as Lee Soong
Lee Hyo Jung as Shin Sook Joo
Lee Dae Yeon as Kwon Ram
Yoon Seung Won as Ohn Nyeong Goon
Kwon Tae Won as Min Shin
Kim Ik Tae as Jo Geuk Gwan
Kim Young Bae as Jun Gyoon
Lee Hee Do as Han Myung Hwa
Kim Roe Ha as Jo Suk Joo
Yoon Jong Hwa as Jun Noh Kyul
Choi Moo Sung as Ham Gwi
Jung Geun as Mak Son
Lee El as Mae Hyang
Hong Il Kwon as Prince Geum Sung
Choo So Young as Cho Hee
Choi Han Bit (최한빛) as Moo Young
Lee Seul Bi as So Aeng
Lee Hee Joon as Gong Chil Goo
Lee Ye Sun as Se Ryung’s daughter

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jung Min, Park Hyun Suk
Screenwriter: Jo Jung Joo, Kim Wook


2013 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival: Platinum Remi (TV Mini-Series sub-category)
2013 New York TV Festival: Bronze World Medal (Drama Category)
2012 Asian Television Awards: Best Drama Series
2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: Best Series Drama
2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: Directing: Kim Jung Min, Park Hyun Suk (The Princess’s Man)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Park Shi Hoo)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actress (Moon Chae Won)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Park Si Hoo)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Moon Chae Won)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards (Park Si Hoo & Moon Chae Won)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards (Lee Min Woo & Hong Soo Hyun)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actress (Mid-length Drama, Hong Soo Hyun)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-07-20 1 9.3 (11th) 10.0 (11th)
2011-07-21 2 8.7 (13th) 10.1 (10th)
2011-07-27 3 9.7 (15th) 12.1 (8th)
2011-07-28 4 10.4 (13th) 12.2 (8th)
2011-08-03 5 14.4 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd)
2011-08-04 6 15.3 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd)
2011-08-10 7 13.9 (5th) 15.1 (5th)
2011-08-11 8 15.2 (4th) 17.0 (3rd)
2011-08-17 9 16.9 (3rd) 18.4 (3rd)
2011-08-18 10 17.6 (2nd) 19.0 (2nd)
2011-08-24 11 15.7 (3rd) 17.0 (4th)
2011-08-25 12 18.1 (2nd) 19.6 (1st)
2011-08-31 13 17.7 (3rd) 18.3 (2nd)
2011-09-01 14 19.5 (2nd) 21.8 (1st)
2011-09-07 15 19.2 (2nd) 21.5 (1st)
2011-09-08 16 20.1 (2nd) 20.9 (1st)
2011-09-14 17 21.7 (2nd) 21.9 (1st)
2011-09-15 18 21.2 (2nd) 23.3 (1st)
2011-09-21 19 20.1 (2nd) 21.7 (2nd)
2011-09-22 20 20.1 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd)
2011-09-28 21 19.8 (3rd) 20.5 (3rd)
2011-09-29 22 21.2 (2nd) 22.4 (2nd)
2011-10-05 23 22.9 (2nd) 24.9 (1st)
2100-10-06 24 23.8 (2nd) 25.8 (1st)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : d14h Says:

    Wow …………Park Shi Hoo 🙂

  2. 2 : diandrina Says:

    ahh… pengen nonton! ada shi hoo…
    can’t wait, can’t wait… dramabeans, please recap them two lovers for me… hehehe!

  3. 3 : jh Says:


  4. 4 : banTaI Says:

    i love moon chae won…her acting really natural..
    what i see.,she’s the best cryer actress i’ve seen..this series about
    ROMEO & JULIET will be great series..
    i can’t wait.!!

  5. 5 : chR15 Says:

    I’m 100% agree with banTaI..
    when i see her acting.,it make me love to her..:-D
    this Romeo & Juliet series will be suit for her..
    because for me,i think no one actress have natural skill for tears scene like her..she’s a great actress..
    i can’t wait for this series to replace Romance Town..
    moon chae won…I LOVE U..(“,)

  6. 6 : Haythi Says:

    Love park shi hoo oppa…….. ^_^

  7. 7 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shi Hoo is one of my favourite actor and I am looking forward to this drama. 😉
    But when i read it is a TRAGIC LOVE STORY – i am very disappointed.
    I will have to wait till the last episode then to decide to watch or not. I don’t like sad drama or movie. 🙁

  8. 8 : tala Says:

    park shi hoo hope to see you in a drama with yoon eun hye…..

  9. 9 : mah Says:

    the feeling of this drama is just right.

    can’t wait to see it

  10. 10 : mona Says:

    moon chae won fighting!!!

  11. 11 : tsontsolmaa Says:

    shi hoo brother i love you so much
    and i watched your all drama i like your act in prosecutor princess[so in woo] and queen of reversals[ku yun shig]
    i will wait your next drama princess man
    GOOD LUCK ubba
    you are best forever in my heart

  12. 12 : Cookie Santiago Says:

    Hi Good Friends: I will be waiting for the English subtitles; hope it will not take long. I love Korean dramas. Thank you all and God bless.

  13. 13 : ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Says:

    Hope this drama is good. Thanks for sharing!

  14. 14 : echie dauk Says:

    horaaaaayyyy oppa…..i must wact this horistical drama….

  15. 15 : shivajamali Says:

    i love you park shihoo

  16. 16 : 4nth! Says:

    Park shi hoo (^^)
    soo cute ………

  17. 17 : yuni Says:

    Love park shi hoo so much

  18. 18 : sachy Says:

    romeo and juliat korean version?? sad ending??? oh nooo.. please nooo…

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  21. 21 : asdfgh Says:


  22. 22 : annie'x zinnia Says:

    oooohhhh i like this drama so nice the story.

  23. 23 : kdramaavl Says:

    yes i agree withTala
    i would like to see Park shi Hoo and yoon eun hee acting together .It will be intertesting to watch .They both are good actor and actress

  24. 24 : KDaddict Says:

    The story is one of palace power struggle, whoever loses, loses his life, n the lives of their family. It is a tragedy becos the fathers of the male n female leads are arch enemies. On top of that, there is a case of mistaken identity. They fall in love, while she poses as the princess.
    Ep 2 may be their happiest moments b4 shit hits the fan.
    I like Park Shi Hoo, n Moon as well. I am enjoying this.

  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    They fall in love while she is posing as the princess. Soon after, he is betrothed to marry the real princess, who knows abt their affair. Her father is the brother of the sickly king n has kingly ambitions. His father is the prime minister, loyal to the king. The King’s brother wants to get rid of prime minister who stands in his way to the throne. It is a Romeo n Juliet story, so it’ll be a tragedy thru n thru. It’s nice to have an occasional tragedy, esp. a historical one. If every show is a rom-com, it’d be too boring.

  26. 26 : cheng Says:

    ok, is this the love story between the princess with seung yoo, or the friend with him? pls, I am a little confused, in the plot it says the princess with him, but it seems like is the friend with him.

  27. 27 : autumn Says:

    I love both Moon chae won and Park shi hoo. But if this drama has sad ending as Romeo&Juliet, i will not watch it. I don’t like sad drama, now my life are sad enough.I like comedy drama that make me laugh & relax.
    However, still continue support the another drama of both.

  28. 28 : KDaddict Says:

    The princess’ friend, actually her cousin, fell in love with him while pretending to be the princess during tutoring. Then the king picks him to be the princess’ husband. So for the rest of the drama, one woman has claim to his heart; another has legal claim over his person.
    Plus, the cousin’s father (= princess’ uncle) wants to kill him and his father (prime minister), in order to prevent the king fr building an alliance with them thru marriage. It’ll be interesting but sad, for sure.

  29. 29 : wiaw.kimchi Says:

    I hope this drama make me amused and laugh,,,

  30. 30 : mmtutuy Says:

    Let`s cross fingers and pray for them ending together.
    I Know the end of Romeo and Juliet, but let me dreaming for a happy ever forever.

  31. 31 : lengskee Says:

    cant wait to watch. KBS will play it by August. I love Park Shi Hoo’s character in Princess Prosecutor. Hope this one’s too. The plot seems very serious and intense– well its a love story=)

  32. 32 : kfreak Says:

    nice drama!!!! looking forward it !! hehe

  33. 33 : lydia Says:

    i hope the drama will have a happy ending story… pleaseeeeee!!!!! 🙂

  34. 34 : mona Says:

    i will watch this drama…….. for sure!!!

  35. 35 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    The fake princess has a chance to tell him her real identity on the 15th when they go on that date. I don’t understand why she doesn’t. Honesty is the best policy. Plus, isn’t it better for him n for her that he knows she isn’t the person that he has been betrothed to marry?

  36. 36 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    I get a stomach just watching these 2! It’s gut ranching to watch them suffer as they are bound by historical mores, court protocol, n power struggles over which they have no control. And it is only ep 4!
    They want to kill him, so they pick another man, a powerless man from a down-trodden family to be the princess’ husband, in order to clip the wings of the royal family. What becomes of him then?
    Park Shi Hoo is dreamy!!

  37. 37 : devi Says:

    The reason I want see this drama coz Park shi ho, love him in prosecutor princess, he’s my prince on dream, sarangheyo oppa…

  38. 38 : Ruby Says:

    Really The Princess,Man is so Great Koreansdrama.
    Of course The Artsdirector and Opt-Actors is very very important too.
    The actors Park Si-Hoo and Moon Chae-Won passt together.
    We know that Park Si-Hoo is one of the best Actor in Korean.
    Because we watch more (9-10) series of Park Si-Hoo
    His very ability,intelligent,attractive,handsome,hot and lovely.
    The series has Millions spectator.
    We thanks all.
    wish you,r all success over the World

  39. 39 : Allen Says:

    The Princess,Man is the best Koreansdrama 2011.
    Park Si-Hoo and Moon Chae-Won are very nice.
    I know watch Princess,Man.
    Park SiHoo is the best Artic,Singer and Dance.
    he has toll voice.
    I like brother Park Sihoo.
    Really The series Princess,Man has Millions spectator.
    I hope that Park Si Hoo: Enjoy the Rest of your vacation.
    See you later in America

  40. 40 : Shady Says:

    The Princess,Man is Painful,but so nice and amazing.
    I think no one actress have natural ating so Park SiHoo.
    His in all Koreansdrama Nr.1
    I hope Park Si-Hoo to see next series or Movie with Yoon eun Hye or Moon Chae-Won but no Painful.
    Tanke you so much.
    Worlds People

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    I get a stomach-ache just watching them. I care a gt deal abt these ill-fated lovers, becos they r helpless in the maelstrom that is engulfing them.
    Next up: The Preview shows She can safe him by pleading w her father to spare his life, but once he knows who her father is, he won’t even look at her! Heart B-r-e-a-k!
    I thought his father, the Prime Minister, is powerful enough to counter the King’s brother. How come he is powerless to save his own son? It isn’t abt right and wrong; it is all in a power struggle!
    Park Shi Hoo is dreamy……

  42. 42 : ga_chan Says:

    I love this drama so much,..I already watch ep1-3 but i think i love it..
    nice drama =))

  43. 43 : hanul Says:

    i want a happy ending story since the whole story is being too serious, giving heartache .. they at least should have a chance to be together at the end. please …..

  44. 44 : Nina Says:

    It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a happy ending… but I will watch it until the end of the drama coz PSH.

  45. 45 : ag Says:

    Don’t expect a happy ending everyone! It’s a TRAGIC love story,but I don’t expect all doom and gloom. Well, I hope not anyway! This drama is worth watching because of Park Shi Hoo. I never thought I would see him in a saguek (historical) type drama,but he is good. I can watch him in anything!

  46. 46 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a Romeo & Juliet story, which is one of the best loved stories of all times. Her father kills his father. How do you get a happy ending out of that?
    But then, Not every story has to have a happy ending. We can enjoy of a variety of stories, including some that come to a logical conclusion which is Not a living-happily-ever-after.
    This is my favorite on-going drama at this time.

  47. 47 : Rachel Says:

    Though I am no fan of sad drama, but Shi Hoo and Chae Won are great actress, they got me hook to it.. As most of the comments said, I also hope for a good ending for the main casts..

  48. 48 : joSY Says:

    for the sad love story like this drama…
    i think Moon Chae Won is The Best choice for this series bcoz,she was a good actress…what the most important is moon chae won look really really good for tears scenes..,what can i say she’s the best cryer actress in korea..we’ll wait and watch until the end of The Princess Man..
    Fighting moon chae won and park shi ho.!!

  49. 49 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 5:
    I get a knot in the stomach watching every ep.
    I feel sorry for the princess in that once she has seen Kim Seung Woo (Park SH) up close, it is difficult to get v interested in this new husband of hers, or any other husband!
    SW lives, n they meet again!

  50. 50 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    An ill king n a young prince, both sitting ducks, is the classic recipe for palace power struggle. The royal family is so pitiful here.
    The girl’s ambitious father wants the throne but she knows nothing. The guy’s loyal father wants to keep the throne for the prince. Blood will be shed.
    My heart just abt jumps out my mouth when he gets on the horse n puts his arm around her waist, n when he runs up to embrace her at the end. It is sad, but so moving. Only it is mighty unfair that she doesn’t tell him who she is, even now! It’d be alright if he takes her as a mistress, if she is the palace maid that she lets him believe she is. Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

  51. 51 : KDaddict Says:

    This show is great, but bad for digestion. I eat my meals in front of it, n end up w a stomach ache every time!
    The poor girl can love him becos she is ignorant of the deathly power struggle going on around them, n the role her father plays. He rushes to embrace her becos he still doesn’t know who she is. More recipe for disaster!
    Why do I feel that he is going to die at the hands of her father, n then she will die to follow him, instead of go on to marry his friend? Romeo n Juliet indeed!

  52. 52 : Korean Drama Princess Says:

    […] The Princess' Man » Korean Drama The Princess' Man » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and of all Korean Drama TV Series. […]

  53. 53 : anna Says:

    Park shi hoo is good and awesome in”prosecutor princess”. But i like this drama too. shi hoo and chae won are great here. I like the story hope to see a happy ending. cant wait to see other episodes, always waiting for the next…pls upload….go.go.go. “the Princess Man” ..fighting… frm.anna(Philippines)

  54. 54 : Anastazia Says:

    Hello,Dear Park Shi Hoo!
    Only Park Shi Hoo with Moon Chae Won is nice.
    We can speak a little Korean.
    So please read carefull the beautiful girl Korean MCW love what you said.
    bara bolsu bakke opsoso
    Manjil suga opsoso sulpo
    baro opes inun gudae
    gurigo gudwie na
    hangsang gunurijin gosese
    gunurij olgullo uro
    dorobwa dallago mothanun naga
    tto nunmuri nanun naga
    naeil iwado saranghae
    ojeboda do saranghae
    gasum ane innun mal
    kkonaeji mothan chae
    onuldo gudaerul saranghae
    bogo issodo guriwo
    babo gatun gu saram
    ojeboda do saranghae…………
    We love you too evrey day
    best wish for you (PSH & MCW) to all time

  55. 55 : cheng Says:

    Who is the daughter of Prince Suyang?

  56. 56 : Oppa Says:

    Now watching @kbs world

  57. 57 : Nina Says:

    #51 KDaddict

    You’re right, I have the same feeling too. Was it in the trailer that she let herself fall off the bridge? This is so sad… should I stop watching this? It makes me cry..

    Poor KDaddict, don’t eat & watch @ the same time.

  58. 58 : KDaddict Says:

    There is a reason why Romeo & Juliet is one of the greatest stories of all time: A love that transcends life & death! It is more than entertaining.
    Princess’ Man is hauntingly beautiful and surprisingly moving. For it, I’m willing to shed tears n end up w a headache. The characters n story will remain w us in a way that a rom-com never can.
    Besides, this is a chance to fall in love w Park Shi Hoo, if u haven’t yet. 😉
    I answered your Qn if u go back to P.2

  59. 59 : Shady Says:

    Hi,Dear PSH
    We love you so much.You are Perfect Actor In Korean.
    Please next your drama paly with MCW.She is very beautiful,lovley,brave and Personable.
    the all your drama was very good. But only “The Princess,Man ” is very Sad; distressing and Painful.
    We got heart Pain.
    Who Made this story of tragedy?!!!!!!!!!
    Romeo and Juliet this condition did not.
    World People

  60. 60 : fan Says:

    I watched the 6 subbed episodes, and I get completely hooked on it !
    May be they won’t die at the end, will they ?!!!!!

  61. 61 : EB Says:

    Airing on KBS Channel Episod 2 last night..
    PSH & MCW.. you did good job, acting skill is improve..

  62. 62 : BJM Says:

    Just hope the rating goes up..20%

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, I don’t doubt that they’ll die. But for once, I don’t mind. Have u watched any of the Romeo & Juliet movies? We cry our eyes out, but the poignancy is sharp, n satisfying.
    We watch KD for the multitude of emotions they stir — OK, alright, for the shower scenes too, hee hee. 😉

  64. 64 : lengskee Says:

    Hi! ive finally seen the first 2 episodes and I can really say that Park Si-Ho is one of the best Korean actors! He is just so good! I stil see IN-WOO in your new character.

    Good to know that ratings have picked-up hope it will rise higher as the series goes on. I did not recognize Moon Chae Won. I like her more in Shining Inheritance. Hope she will be able to compete with the acting of PSH.

    Hope PSH will be given more projects! Good luck and good job!

  65. 65 : fan Says:

    Since I started watching K-drama (not that far, almost a year), I noticed that in each drama we have the RIGHT to see the lead actor in the shower, all have perfect bodies hemmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! 😀

  66. 66 : Sam Lee Says:

    Kim Seo Ra (I thought it was Kim Sora?) looks so beautiful for her age. I saw her last year in Ktown and she looked amazing. I’m glad that Korea has hired her for this drama, she great for this type of drama… why don’t she come out more in this drama???

  67. 67 : Allen Says:

    Hi,Dear Mr.Director Jeong -min Kim,
    we thanks of you for the best drama ” The Princess,man” in 2011.
    You offarts in making this derama with powerful techniques,that spectator could see beautiful,Interesing,exciting and memorable forever.”We thanks so much”
    Of selected actors,especially: Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won very very thanks.
    We support of you.
    Our best wishes to you all the time.
    Asia,Europa&America Pepole

  68. 68 : lydia Says:

    the best drama ever.. can’t wait for the next episodes..!!!

  69. 69 : Girls & boys Says:

    The all drama of Park Shi -Hoo is the best.
    You ability to roll all.
    This drama “Princess,Man is very Exciting and love scenes with beautiful Moon Chae-Won is too less.
    We thanks of all.
    PARK Shi-Hoo Please,next your drama play with MCW one a beautiful Love story.
    We will wait of this love story.
    World Girls & boys

  70. 70 : Jennie Says:

    Ahhh..another beautiful drama to fall in love with!! Am glad that I have found another drama to help me get over the sad love story of Miss Ripley (which I love dearly) even though it’s gonna be another one that would probably be as just as heart wrenching!! But I’m just a sucker for one of those great love stories, whether it ends sadly or happily!!

  71. 71 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7 &8:
    Ah, these young lovers who r so ignorant of the storm brewing around them! Too bad the stupid girl is being used by her father to keep lying to him abt her identity. That puts him at so much risk. What kind of love is hers that is based on a lie?
    In history, her father did become king.

  72. 72 : Jennie Says:

    @71 KDaddict Yeah, agree with you about the lie. When she said her name was Yeo ri, my first reaction was oh no! not another lie again! We’ve been having so much of this lately..Lie To Me, Miss Ripley, even in City Hunter. Writers running out of ideas?

  73. 73 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, hi,
    In LTM, it is a joke; in MR, she has to find a job; in CH, it is his mission. Those lies don’t put sb at risk for their life, for loving her, so I didn’t mind. But PM is diff. Also, now in Scent of a woman, we r in ep 8, half way thru, he is falling head over heels w her n he still doesn’t know she has cancer! That’s a fantastic show too. I guess when you care abt the char, u fear for them!

  74. 74 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hi
    Can’t wait to see how the drama will unfold. Have no idea on the historical aspect of the story but I hope the writers don’t disappoint us. I don’t mind sad endings as long as it’s done well. Haven’t seen Scent of a Woman alto I like both leads. I think the Korean tv networks are doing immensely well this year especially. We have so many great dramas to watch since day 1 of this year!! Bad news to my kids tho (haha) cos I’m glued to the notebook whatever free time I get!!

  75. 75 : KDaddict Says:

    I agree w u 100%, on sad endings (as long as they make good narrative sense) n on the many good dramas this year! 2010 hardly gave us anything worthwhile, besides SEGA n SKK Scandal. This has been a bonus yr so far. I too am glued to the screen. 😉
    See u on various threads.

  76. 76 : Haniyeh Says:

    OMG this drama “P,M”is very very sad.
    Oh Oh PSH, that puts so much risk for love.
    Erally in history “P,M” is very very sadly.
    We hope that the writers don,t disappoint our.
    We think the korean TV drama are doing immesely well this year especially.is Oky but,we can,t wait to see show the drama “P,M”
    We love Park Shi-Hoo very very much.

  77. 77 : rainbow Says:

    Hooked on this drama. Tension between SR and SY makes me feel very stressful but can’t stop watching!! The feud between the 2 family factions deepens the plot. I hope for a surprise twist at the end for the 2 of them to be together, but since this is suppose to be tragic, guess that will not happen. Still, I absolutely love PSH. He has the ability to get you addicted.

  78. 78 : utahaha Says:

    waaaw . . . . will be a great drama 😀 hehe

  79. 79 : Stephany Says:

    Oh,This drama is exciting and memorable.
    Thanks a lot

  80. 80 : Janet Says:

    I think this drama is a sad love story of Park Si-Hoo (Romeo) & Moon Chae-Won (Juliet).
    Of course is realy very exciting.But is very very nice.
    We support all

  81. 81 : Barbara Says:

    We love sooooo much This drama.Because Park Shi Hoo is Romeo.Amazing
    we,ll ask the Director & Writer!why is the love scenes in this series too less!!!!!!!!!!!!! drama is of Romeo and Juliet.
    Alaways for all thank.

  82. 82 : brigido Says:

    perfect drama. i really like it. korean is my special country. i love korean great contry and great people. go for high korea.

  83. 83 : Matin Says:

    OHHHHHH,Really is the best drama 2011.
    This drama is very very exciting.
    The ´best actor is PSH.
    Tanks all

  84. 84 : Anna Says:

    Hello, We Love KoreanDrama.
    Especially drama ” The Princess,Man”
    This drama have million,s spectator.
    Dears,Park Si-Hoo And Moon Chae Won thank you so much.
    successful in your love.
    We are very thankful for all.

  85. 85 : Allen Says:

    The best drama in 2011 is The Princess,Man.because has million,s spectator ( Asia,Europa,America)
    This drama is very very Exciting , memorable and Perfessional.
    PSh is grateful actor and with all actors is nice together work.
    An actor should be differen and ability in each drama.PSH has it all.
    Really he has very talent.
    we thanks of all actros and director Kim Jung Min.
    Asia ,Europa & America People

  86. 86 : Girls & boys Says:

    This is a best drama 2011 in Korean.
    Very very Exciting,Perfessional.
    We thanks all
    OMG,Dear PSH! we hope to see everyday in all dramas but no sda drama.
    we love you so much.
    the best wishes for your life and love.
    girls & boys of World

  87. 87 : hayati Says:

    very loving this drama…the plot of the story is very interesting…they both PSH & MCW are suit and have chemistry… =)

  88. 88 : BjM Says:

    I agree with you all TPM fan..this drama is The Best Korean Drama 2011

  89. 89 : BjM Says:

    Rating is getting higher..is 19.2%


  90. 90 : BjM Says:

    I had a good laugh watching the TPM cast on Happy Together 3 last night..

  91. 91 : Sora Says:

    I,am very disherrtend and sdaly of part 9 drama, TPM.
    Because PSH is very sad.
    Oh this drama is very very saddend.I hope came soon happy days.
    Romeo( PSH) and Juliet (MCW)are Painful.
    Please next your drama more happy love time scens.
    Realy is very exciting, Professional drama.

  92. 92 : Tryinghard Says:

    This is the worst kdrama ive ever saw ..sorry ..

  93. 93 : Tryinghard Says:

    This is the worst drama ive ever saw ..sorry ..

  94. 94 : Shayana Says:

    I love you “PSH & MCW” very much.
    You have amazing talent,super ability.
    I watching D.”TPM”.( so exciting)
    This drama is very sad and beautiful.
    Your work is very Perfect and with excitement.
    I wish the best love time for you.

  95. 95 : Pani Says:

    This drama,TPM is historical events and romance.
    Really is very exciting and sad.
    Lee-Se-ryeong & Seung.Yoo! OMG,They were overwhelmed by father,s
    Charisma.The two now thier families overwhelmed bleeding.
    This Part 8-10 is very very painful.
    They have heart-broken and we too.”Spectators”
    I think love sin is of all woman,s .
    PSH !We beg please of you,take care good of yourself

  96. 96 : amy Says:

    two thumbs up for the writer, such a complicated story indeed exiting.
    but i hate that se ryung seems so immature that she can’t control his heart fot both right. waiting for the next story 🙂 anyway, shin myun is so hot altought si hoo is so damn cute

  97. 97 : BjM Says:

    OMG..what happen on Ep 9..look like everyone is dying who else survive?


  98. 98 : BjM Says:

    Spoiler Ep 10


  99. 99 : BjM Says:

    eps 10 rating …19.6%

    Today’s drama ratings 2011/08/18 : “The Princess’ Man” the best rate again… 20% in sight

  100. 100 : Jennie Says:

    I enjoy reading the comments on this website very much. I would like to put out a question to all readers here, however. Especially on this thread, do you ever get the strangest feeling while reading the comments that a lot of the comments here are written by the same person/s using different names? Just curious! 🙂

  101. 101 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, hello again,
    There has been a recent spat of posts that read n look similar in tone, esp. the sign-off. It may be a group of friends. Other than that, I get the impression that most posts r fans fr various countries only saying I love you, oppa. Not much is said on these threads besides that, not to mention discussion.

  102. 102 : utahaha Says:

    gila! makin seru man . .
    upload lagi dong dramanya. ngga sabar buat nonton ep 7 & 8.
    Makasih 😀

  103. 103 : ang_rara Says:

    to excited with this drama,
    make curious to every next episode,
    the last i wacth this drama in 6th episode, it’s make me surprise that KSY’s father is dead, i think it still long but coming in 6th whereas there is 14 episode left. that make me curious what this drama tell about for next and next episode. i hope not make disappointed.

    oh,,,can anyone tell me where i can updating this drama?? gomawoo

    mian, my english is so bad

  104. 104 : Jennie Says:

    Wow, epi 10 was just heart wrenching! MCW has proven herself to be a great actress. Thought she was cute and lovable in It’s OK, Daddy”s here, but I love her here. Can’t wait for the doomed lovers to be reunited again! Hope it won’t take too many episodes for them to see each other again.

    Just curious, if TPM was second in ratings, what drama is at the top? I thought I read somewhere that they were first place, followed by Protect the Boss. 3rd was Heartstrings??

  105. 105 : Jennie Says:

    Wow, epi 10 was just heart wrenching! MCW has proven herself to be a great actress. Thought she was cute and lovable in It’s OK, Daddy”s here, but I love her here. Can’t wait for the doomed lovers to be reunited again! Hope it won’t take too many episodes for them to see meet again!

  106. 106 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9 & 10:
    Oh, what sadness! The loyal Prime Minister had always said he didn’t mind dying to protect the throne. Well, Suyang gave him his wish in a bloody coup d’etat.
    Faced w a choice between truth n survival, most ppl choose life.
    Yes, MCW has outdone herself. Did u see PSH’s XL eye bags in ep 10? He must have suffered many nites of no sleep to look like that. Such professionalism!

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    They rank viewership of all Programs during a time slot. In this case, 1st place is often the national 9 o’clock news. KD viewerships line up after that.

  108. 108 : yulian Says:

    still along to go,,i hope it will have good n memorable ending…i know park shi hoo..since i watched iljimae..but this drama makes him to be 1 of my fav actor beside hyun bin and lee joon ki..moon chae won,i hate her in drama shining inhesitance..but now definitely love her..the princess man daebak…park shi hoo ssi saranghaeyo

  109. 109 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict TQ for the explanation on the ratings. Yeah, the eye bags looked real – mayb becos of their hectic film schedule. Yes agree with you that most people would choose survival but that’s life! That’s why every once in a while, we meet some great people who end up in our history books!
    I’m not sure how closely the script is following the actual history but I hope that the writer and director will go for quality and not twist n turn the whole drama into a nightmare for the sake of ratings. Keeping my fingers crossed that the love story will be one of the greatest love stories of all time! 🙂

  110. 110 : nori Says:

    dear Park shi hoo. i love U very much and Drama TMP is the best

  111. 111 : zzi Says:

    dear writter.. happy ending pleaseee.. 🙂 thank u

  112. 112 : A.Eu.Us Says:

    Hello,Dears Tema drama “TPM”
    This drama is really Poetic & scary! so is very exciting,intersing and great drama.
    There are many factors in this drama.
    that,ll be appealing to your viewers.
    I want this Please to the writer why a scenes love is too low.
    PSH “handsome,attractive man” and MCW ” beautiful,lovely woman”
    They actually made a very nice couple.
    PSH & MCW are very lovely for us.
    We thankful of all “Tema working”
    Worlds People

    oh my god,really this drama is very too much Hot,exciting,amazing and beautiful.
    I watching this ndrama TPM.
    I like very PSH & MCW. They are perfect match acting together.
    Really this drama is super Nr.1
    I hope that they visit USA.
    Thanks of all ( Tema)

    We( I & all Family & my friends) love too much Park Shi hoo and Moon Chae Won together in this drama TPM !!! they are so cute together, and we think they have chemisty! would love to see end drama pleaseee!!!), We want to know what happen next after that last scene…!!! please Mr.director, give us a next dramas Park shi Hoo with …..Played one love story, Romance but no sad.
    (our love for the PSH and MCW song:Today I love more yesterday was what made we love this drama. We must said:This drama is a best forever in World.
    We thank you very much.

    love The princess,man
    Actually I’ve watch so many times
    This movie makes me feel that I’m in a world of real where a princess (Ryung) love Too much Seung-yoo her teacher in right love.(Romeo & Juliet)
    They were the best such a great couple.
    The movie is very very nice and exciting.
    Everytime I watch “TPM” I feel my day was so complete.
    The whole movie is perfect and Professional.
    Thanks of director & writer & actors
    Oh,PSH & MCW are the best.
    We hope this Korean drama a bests in 2011.
    God bless to all the cast TPM .We proud to all actors in best drama 2011.

    This D;”TPM” is great drama and very beautiful,memorable in World.
    Thanks very much of all.

    Hello dear PSH,
    The drama TPM is very very nice.
    you are a perfect actor in Korean.
    We want To see you a lot of time a TV show or drama-movie.
    Our best wish for your life and your Family.
    World people

    Fortunately, Kim Seung-Yoo (PSH) changed exaltation for execution.
    This is very nice.
    We thanks to Danjong.
    We love KSY & LSR very much.
    We hate very much the General Su-Yang.
    The best wishes for PSH & MCW

    Oh,drama”TPm” is a best Korean dramas 2011,very Professional and beautiful.
    PSH & MCW are a great actors ,Perfect.
    You’re the pride of Asia.
    Thanks very much of all.
    World Peoples

    Hi, Dear PSH and Team,
    In drama TPM is very very nice but sad.
    We want of all People a moment of silence for the Family Kim Joung-Seo
    wouded and those beautiful lives that were lost.
    PSH we hope you always healthy and happy in your live.

  113. 113 : Helen Says:

    The best drama is Princess,Man.Because is really Perfect ,perfessional, so very: exciting,amazing,beautiful and gerat drama.
    This drama have million,s viewers in World.
    Our summer with the best Korean drama is very Cool.
    Thanks of all.

  114. 114 : Sam Lee Says:

    It’s great to see the veteran actress “Kim Sora” in this drama, she goes by Sora Jung in U.S.. Hope to see more through out each episode. Does anyone know if she’s now living in Korea or U.S., last I heard was that she’s living in orange county.

  115. 115 : mona Says:

    nice comments from all of you… gonna watch this drama 🙂

  116. 116 : Syan Says:

    Oh.God Drama The Princess,Man is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. Really is the best (1).
    I watching this drama. It is very for me popular.
    There are in the drama superstar PSH & ……..
    PSH is Handsome,Hot,Ability to all roll,popular and his smile is very beautiful.
    MCW is really beautiful,smart,cheerful and popular.
    We like Kim joungseo and his family very much.
    Thank you of team work.

  117. 117 : sophia gonzales Says:

    a great story,the princess man…superb acting from all actors especially the lead actor PSH…i commend the writers as well,,,no dull moment…highly recommended.viewers will always anticipate for next episodes…

  118. 118 : zack Says:

    the best drama ever =)

  119. 119 : BjM Says:

    The drama getting interesting..my heart beating so fast, curious every next epsd, just finished the eps 7 & 8 last night through youtube..

  120. 120 : Joan Says:

    Love Romeo of Korea!! He is so cute and charming. I become your no. 1 fan cos of this show!

  121. 121 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    I watch w my heart in my throat! He escapes death but barely.
    In helping the little girl, his neice, seek med care, SR exposes their ID to her father. Does she not realize that puts their lives at risk? She still doesn’t know the depth of her father’s evil! But the casting of Suyang is problematic. While all his minions look their part, the actor playing Suyang looks like a gd person.
    Preview to ep 12 shows KSYoo returning to their midst, just when his friend Shin is hugging SR. I’m so glad he makes it back! Next, the drama will kick into hi gear!

  122. 122 : Jennie Says:

    Epi 11 was as expected, intense. The first three minutes of the episode alone had me biting my nails to keep myself from crying. “Survive this and come back to kill me” – typical speech to keep her loved one alive but great acting from MCW n PSH to make this into a memorable scene! Another great episode.

  123. 123 : mmtutuy Says:

    Hi, from Jp, loving watching Kdrama since winter sonata.
    It`s have been a while which I felt my self emmerged into a historical drama,
    always wondering what`s will happen next.
    Resuming it`s a Great Historical Kdrama, PSH he is the best.

  124. 124 : Asia Says:

    I Watched many drama of Korean. ( 1985 -2011)
    But in real & beautiful and persistent drama is actor & director very important.
    For example: best drama goong 2005 was (Princess Houser) gerat perfect actor:Ju jiHoon and Director…
    Now The Princess,man 2011 OH is the best Koreans drama with ( PSH)
    and Director:Kim Jeong-min.
    The Million,s Person of World watch this drama.
    But only the love scenes,s is too low.(Romeo & Juliet).
    Oky! I thank of all.

  125. 125 : sara Says:

    really one of the bests.i always wanted to see a full romantic historical drama and this is it.high recomended

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    OMG! When his clothes come off, he looks like Conan the Barbarian!
    He’s alive; he’s back!
    Look at that face. Look at that hair. Look at that breast. Those breasts. Next to that face of a prince.
    I don’t know anything else abt ep 12 anymore!!!
    As of today, I have a new love, while Hyun Bin is in MS. 😛

  127. 127 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Ur comment on Ep 12: What can I say to describe it? You made me as speechless and as awed as when I saw PSH in the episode! Haha! You had me ROTF and blushing like a virgin bride!!

  128. 128 : KDaddict Says:

    @Oh Jennie, Jennie, Jennie,
    I’m completely beside myself today. I made a new discovery today.
    Years ago, when Bae Yong Joon si swam butterfly style in Hotelier, I almost had a heart attack. I’ve remained sane thru many many swims n showers in the years that followed. (Theirs, not mine). I thought I had been immunized; or better yet, that I’m the intellectual type, thus above all that. 😛 (Hehe). Then this happened on this 26th day, Aug, 2011:
    Park Shi Hoo si takes a perfect, sculpted body to a whole new dimension! AND, to juxtapose it with that prince-scholar face! L-e-t-h-a-l.

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    The ratings went to no. 1 today, for ep 12. You think that has anything to do w his being a body-dbl for Conan in this ep?
    You know I was kidding abt being “intellectual”, rt?
    Did u see my reply to u in #101?

  130. 130 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict – Oh totally, it has everythg to do with him. Heck, not only did PSH beat members of his own kind, he puts some of our lesser endowed sisters to shame. Gawd, half the female population must have been in shock at their first glimpse, then died and gone to heaven at the second and again, at their third.

    #101? Hmph..intellectuals or not (don’t we all claim to be, heehee), if PSH offers, who are we, the poor hapless creatures to deny ourselves the chance to feast on this wondrous sight. Just guess how the ‘non intellectuals” are now – probably shell-shocked and too dumb-struck! Just joking!

  131. 131 : Lora Says:

    D: TPM is great Korean drama. Exciting,Professional and beautiful.
    Thanks of All Actors ,Dir:Kim Jeong-Min,Wri: Jo Jung-Joo and Network KBS 2.
    OH, dear PSH,
    You are a our Popular in Asia,Europa and America.
    Please good take care of yourself.
    We love you very very much.

  132. 132 : Lora Says:

    Jennie and KDadict,
    You are very rude and Uneducated.
    Please be respectful —> los!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. 133 : Jennie Says:

    My dear KDaddict I did say I was an intellectual, right? O geewhizz, I so wanna b one, if I haven’t been, I must be one but oh wait, not everyone can, right?

  134. 134 : Rudy Says:

    I liked your drama but you made me change my mine because of your writer, when the persons father died they do get shock, but on your story how long will the shock go on, on your story Park walk around his home town like nothing is going on, and he is like a zambie, wake up and write a good story.

  135. 135 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, Good morning,
    What beautiful weekend this is! How wonderful it is to be alive! Thanks for your #130. LOL! It is impt to have sb to share this silliness with. It’s not good to be all bottled up!
    You asked a Qn in Comment #100, on P.4. I replied to it in #101.
    Were we r too risque for u? Understand this:
    1. We r joking, basically.
    2. It is an exchange betwn Jennie & KDaddict. You didn’t have to read it if it’s not your thing.
    3. Users of this site are from all over the world, fr diff cultures; Some r more conservative, some more liberal or liberated. There exists a cultural difference among “Peoples of the world”. What to do?
    4. We r not rude to Park Shi Hoo si. “Si” is a respectful honorific (#128). And judging fr the way J & I write, we r actually both quite educated, at least Bachelor’s n above.
    Pls Be Sure to Skip Anything J & I Write in future. I don’t want u to be upset, nor for u to curb our fun.

  136. 136 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict What a wonderful n exciting way to begin the weekend. Ahh..the pen is definitely mightier than the sword. My reply to ur #101 was exactly that at #130. And my reply to the comments recently is also in the paragraph ie in betw lines (ahem) n at #133. I totally agree with ur reply @ 135 so I rest my case.

    Btw, I actually do have at least a B.A (Hons) degree fr one of the top 100 uni. in the world, I’m proud to say!

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    Once I come to n wipe the drool off my face, I seem to recall Shin saying sth like this to SR:
    “You didn’t ask me why I did that” (in siding w Suyang to kill Seung Yoo). I think the implication is that Shin wanted SR so much he did it to get rid of SY as a rival in love. He’d be crazy if he thought SR could be his this way.
    But I’ll never be able to see SY the same way again.
    I see. That’s some subtle writing.
    U mind if I guess which univ that 1st degree is fr?
    1. HKU.
    2. NUS.
    Pls ignore if u seem it too personal. 😉

  138. 138 : Jennie Says:

    I was pretty sad that Shin Myun chose a diff path and not becos he did it becos he had ambitions but becos of a woman. I was just thinking the other day that ahh, most great men fall because of a woman while watching Warrior BDS.
    SY? Who would have thought that he had it, right, with the innocent n clean cut face that he has? The media in Korea must be in a frenzy, seeing how gaga they r over these things.

    @KDaddict, correct at ur second guess!!

  139. 139 : Franc Says:

    Congratulations to wonderful series The Princess,Man and hope everyone appreciate it.
    I watch a more time Korean drama with english subtitles.
    Of course!Korean drama have a way of making people cry and very sad.
    But this drama is very very exciting,different and beautiful.
    I love this series and rated it the best. Because is really real drama.
    I thanks The Producer,Director,Writer and important is actors.
    Park Si hoo and Moon Chae won are very Popular& Lovely.
    Thank you very much more,more

  140. 140 : Lora Says:

    [email protected] —> This website is for all People. OKY!
    Of course!
    I understand this:
    There exists a cultural difference a mang peoples of the World.
    We must with respect write our comment.OKY! Thanks

  141. 141 : zzi Says:

    hi, is there anyone know the real name of princess kyung hye’s little brother who becomes emperor? thanks a lot 🙂

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    @My Dear Lora–#140:
    Why do u think there is a shower scene of the actor in almost every KD? Why do u think they all spend hours every day in the gym building up those abs? (You know what abs are, rt?) What do you think a slim young man like Park Shi Hoo shi has to do in order to build such broad shoulders and thick chest muscles? Why do you think the PD exposes them? If it is not all for the sake of showing them to the audience, n let viewers admire them?
    Have you watched Scent of a Woman? In it, the Hallyu singer Junsu of JYJ, playing himself, asked a fan, the main female char: Do you love me becos of my singing? Becos of my pretty face? or becos of my tight butt?
    Now, u know what a tight butt is, rt? They even say it in the show.
    I have a western education n backgrd. We look at actors, admire their beauty in their face n on the body, n talk abt them openly. It is part n parcel of the fun of watching them. There is nothing rude or disrespectful abt it. It doesn’t insult them; it doesn’t insult other site visitors. However, if for religious or cultural reasons, sb (your good self e.g.) finds it offensive, kindly SKIP my comments fr here on end. You keep ur innocence; I keep my fun. We’d both be happier. 😉

  143. 143 : Junyos Says:

    Oh, There is in this drama very time sad love story,Oh Romeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But is very beautiful and the drama can last for us a longer time in our memories.
    Superstar PSH is wonderful actor.
    The music & sing in this drama all is very nice.
    for example:
    I am in a world without you.
    in this time,
    even though i am living.
    I fell like dying
    I am living alone.
    I close my eyes.
    until forever in this time in my memories.
    Thanks of everyone.

  144. 144 : Jennie Says:

    @Lora @132 n 140 At first I wanted to ignore ur comment but then had second thoughts. How dare u without cause nor reason call us rude n uneducated? Do u know us at all? Did we say anythg bad anywhere abt u or even the drama? All we did was to discuss on the progress of the drama and show our admiration for the stars, in particular, the charms of PSH! Unlike you we accept everyone’s views and opinions with an open mind and we do NOT call each other names just because we do not share your thoughts and ideals, neither do we use lewd or foul language. Please discard such narrow mindedness n third class mentality for the sake of humanity and world peace!

  145. 145 : Mic Says:

    Used to be a big fan of PSH but not anymore after I saw a video of him on YT showing off his body. Dunno why but that video gave me a bad feeling. He is a great actor though, no doubt.

  146. 146 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict and jennie from #126 up
    Thank you intello girls ! Love your comments !
    KDaddict, are you still feverous ? 😉

  147. 147 : drama freak Says:

    damn…this drama is awesome…..loving it..=D

  148. 148 : KDaddict Says:

    They ALL show off their bodies. They HAVE to. It is the nature of the beast of the K-ent industry, which is keenly competitive. They have variety shows to which actors (n actresses) r invited. While on the show, the would hosts ask the actors to show off their abs or triceps, to audience cheers.
    There r also fan meetings. Tickets cost big $. Often they’d demand that their male idols show a little skin. It’s not just PSH si. It’s all of them. They need to act well, sing n dance too! That’s the K-ent scene!

  149. 149 : Mic Says:

    Yes, I know that very well. It’s not because I’m offended by that at all! Just that video, for some reason I don’t understand, just turned me off. I have no problem the actors showing off their abs! Haha! And I still think PSH is a great actor, just I am not a fan anymore.
    The interesting conversations you guys had about PSH reminded me of that so I posted the comment. Not meant to offend anybody at all!
    Honestly, being a female, I’d rather see actors flaunt their bodies other than in most Asian movies, where they exploit female bodies, for various reasons. 🙂

  150. 150 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m not offended. Glad u know the facts abt that ind. Just wanted to clear that up so PSH wouldn’t seem like the only one selling himself. 🙂

  151. 151 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh shoot! Now I’ve to go n dig up that video, To see if it wasn’t done well, went overboard or what. That should keep me busy for a while.
    @Mic, u care to help me out w some cues?

  152. 152 : Mic Says:


    I wish I could find that video, but I looked and couldn’t locate it. I saw that through a link somewhere. It’s a video where PSH was in a room in front of a mirror. Don’t think it’s a clip in any drama though.
    Definitely don’t think PSH is the only one showing off his abs. I always find it interesting that KDramas have shower scenes of male actors all the time and not female actresses. Maybe they are targeted at all the ahjumma audiences! haha! Mandatory military training comes in handy, I guess. Beat going to gym everyday!

  153. 153 : Jennie Says:

    @fan TQ so much. At least sb appreciates the humour.

    Love this drama vvmuch (ahh, as I’m typing this, I see Bones and Booth singing to each other on TV-so romantic) n can’t wait for the lovers to meet each other again!

  154. 154 : Brsyi Says:

    The Princess,Man is great really different with other dramas.
    is very wonderful.
    So ,I love all romance story Park Shi Hoo.
    I want that more to see PSH & MCW in dramas or TV show
    The best Couple.
    I hope PSH and MCW have a relationship good real life.
    good luck and successful in love.
    Thanks for best drama 2011 of TV.KBS2

  155. 155 : KDaddict Says:

    @Dear fan–146:
    Yesterday n today I kept chanting: “He’s not an intellectual”, “He’s not an intellectual” to bring the fever down. Now I want to dig up that video mentioned in #149. You think I can chance it?

    One time I read this comment on a KD thread:
    “I no like this movie they kissing. why they kissing?”
    Being the kind w an enquiring mind, I enquired:
    “Where you from?”
    Her answer:

  156. 156 : fan Says:

    Does Conan the barbarian need a brain to set the fire ?!
    By looking for that video you’re adding fuel to the fire (although it was the first think I did after reading the comment, wish you success 😉 )

  157. 157 : Uranos Says:

    This series is very Interesting,exciting,awesome and Yeah beautiful.
    The Cameraman is wonderful.
    Actors and actresses in cluding the kid (Kim yu-Bin)all acted are very very nice.
    PSH is the best,Perfect Top star and MCW is beautiful,lovely.
    Thanks of all in this series.
    Asia & Europa

  158. 158 : Lucy Says:

    I like to watch ” The princess ‘ man” and love the actor : Mr. Park Shi Hoo, This drama is wonderful.

  159. 159 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict hello, how’s the vid hunting getting along? To relieve ur temporary insanity, how wld u like to see PSH in his unmentionables (haha, this word replcement is so cute – didnt want to use the common word less I offend sb)? Just go to [email protected] and look for ETAGI. Watch the vid n you’ll see it towards the end. Sorry I can’t copy url fr my ipad for u.
    @155 The great cultural divide

  160. 160 : Maricela Says:

    I love this drama and PSH is so handsome , he is a great actor !

  161. 161 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, For Her Eyes ONLY:
    Oh my! I’ve no idea what “unmentionables” are! And I certainly dont know what the common word is! With that disclaimer, I disclose that I went searching for that ETAGI vid diligently n earnestly on Couch Kimchi, but with no success. It’s now I:30am. I’ll toss n turn till morning. You better give me clear directions as to where it is filed on that blog soon, v soon. Unless u want my insanity to get full blown!
    Wait a min….
    U said: “See PSH IN his unmentionables.” I thought you said: “See PSH’s unmentionables.” Still, I’ve zero idea what that, those, might be. 😉
    Would u rather send d info to my e-address?

  162. 162 : Jaka Says:

    The princess,man is best drama of the year 2011 in Korean!Amazing and exciting and nice. = Professional
    This has officially become my favorite korean drama and my most-loved korean actor is PSH !Relly is Perfect actor.
    The all his drama is the best.
    He should get a Best Actor award for this role. Overall solid interesting plot that keeps you glued to the screen and great cast with tremendous talent.
    This should be the best drama of the year.

  163. 163 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict, sorry to butt in but I think Jennie meant to type EYAGI.

  164. 164 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Ya, sorry, it’s EYAGI. Unmentionables? Grandma’s translation of “briefs”- haha.

    @Mic – Thanks. Have u seen the vid?

  165. 165 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, Mic,
    On couchkimchi, I typed in EYAGI at search, n came up w nothing. I looked under MVs, youtube, film shorts too. Where is it? Do I have to be Registered? Is it OK to post the link here maybe?

  166. 166 : KDaddict Says:

    Jennie, Mic,
    OK, I got it. Dumb dumb. I hope this message doesn’t get moderated for a day!
    Running away, to stare at vid!

  167. 167 : KDaddict Says:

    What a group of beefcakes n beauties! Imagine how difficult it is to succeed among this kind of competition. But PSH really stands out! He looks just like a mannequin, perfect in build n proportion, in that photo, which must have been done years earlier when he was less known. The MC looks like he is abt to pass out when Nam GR rests her arm on him. Nam looks so diff each time u see her, fr Life is Beautiful, to 49 Ds n this photo shoot. Thank U, Jennie & Mic

  168. 168 : PSH Fan Says:

    The Princess’ Man is the best drama this year 2011..

  169. 169 : KDaddict Says:

    While looking for that vid, I came across one in which he is Latin dancing. He is excellent but sth isn’t quite right: See-thru black lace shirt over to the navel; bell bottoms, skin-tight around the butt; plus sexy dance moves. Cheesy!
    Maybe that was what bothered Mic in the other vid.
    He needs a better stylist is all.

  170. 170 : Hilal Says:

    In my Favorite PC is forever *The Princess,Man*
    OH,Yes! is best drama ´very Interesting,awesome,…….
    PSH acted is very wonderful and with MCW too lovely very very nice.
    the all actors and actresses are very good team.
    I like Lee soon Jae, Jeong Dong Hwan,Lee Min Woo,Lee Ju seak.
    The Kid:Kim Yu-Bin is beautiful and sweet!

  171. 171 : TigerButterfly Says:

    Does anyone know whether there’s gonna be any respite for this pitiful couple? or is just gonna be Misery , Misery-er ,Misery-est then the proverbial Stare..hand reaching out but not touching…Death for unni Juliet & oppa Romeo ? Anyone with clues ?!

  172. 172 : PSH Fan Says:

    . watching eps 13 without english subtitle..

  173. 173 : Mic Says:

    @[email protected] No, I didn’t see that vid. Was it good?

  174. 174 : Mic Says:

    @[email protected] The dancing wasn’t the video I saw, but no need to get too work up, nothing too special about that vid, just for some reason turned me off, that’s all. There’s no “unmentionables” for instance. 🙂

  175. 175 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m Not worked up. Just like looking at vids.
    I Knew the dancing vid wasn’t the one u saw. I said in #169: While looking for that one, I came across the dancing one.
    You asked Jennie if vid EYAGI was any good. I gave an acct of it in #167.

  176. 176 : zzi Says:

    Dear all, please recap 13th episode.. i don’t understand korean.. pleaseeeeee. thank u very much:)

  177. 177 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic (173) The vid is actually an interview with a group of very attractive stars doing a commercial for Marie Claire. It’s actually in Korean and there r no subs. I just ogled at those beautiful people without understanding anythg! And in this vid was this picture of PSH in his unmentionables that I couldnt resist telling about to KDaddict. Nothing really 😉

  178. 178 : Erkan Says:

    Hello Dear Mr.Director Drama´` Tpm`
    We thanks for all something in this drama.
    But Please! answer,
    Ya! you think all People have in World only Pain ,miserable,………. without really good time in living?!!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh of this drama beautiful love!
    so, We are Crying silently when watching in this drama.
    Oh our heart!!!!!!!!
    what,s all ( Part 8,9,10,11,12,13,14) the negative? were Pain Film
    ( PSH & MCW have no time love scenes ) why? beautiful love that is like a gera dream !?
    thanks Writer—–> !!!!!!!!!!!!
    OH! OH! OH!
    This drama is very very very exciting and amazing with love story!!!!
    OH God!!! help ——-> MCW.
    PSH is very worring.
    Oh my memories for this drama.
    This drama is forever in our heart

  179. 179 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    He’s just bidding his time at the brothel, tailing her often. Just before her wedding, he kidnaps her.
    Ep 14:
    He takes her back to the brothel, saying he is there for revenge. Then w the soldiers steps away, they go deep into the woods. She grabs him: “Let me hold u for a while. I’ll take my death in a moment.”
    He sends Suyang a note, to meet in exchange for his daughter. He has an ill-hatched plan to kill Suyang, who comes prepared. As Shin, in hiding, shoots an arrow at Kim Seung Yoo’s back, Se Ryung runs to shield him w her body, taking the shot, n falling to the ground. End.
    How can he get away now? How can they be together again?

  180. 180 : zzi Says:

    Dear kaddict (#178), thank u so much.. 🙂 i hope i can watch 13th and 14th episode soooonnnn!

  181. 181 : Ruby Says:

    WOO! all People Watching part 14 The Princess,Man.
    Very very very Exciting and Beautiful Love story!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks PSH and MCW
    Worlds People

  182. 182 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict did you find the dancing video in the same blog ? I looked for it but without success. For the vid mentionned by mic, I expected some scandalous vid 😉
    @mic what turned you off is it the shot where PSH is seating with other male models ?

  183. 183 : drama freak Says:

    damn!!! this drama is soooooo addictive… i love it soooo much!! very very awesome drama! once u watch it… u want more!!!! waiting for Ep 14 now….i love korean dramas!!!!!!!

  184. 184 : Ruby Says:

    The part 14 of DK >TPM This is kind of fervor Asian.
    This is normal and everybody in life should be enthusiasm,pride.
    Thanks too much of Kim Seung Yoo (PSH)
    ALL People

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    Photos of PSH at home with his cat:

    In the Comments:
    A said: I want to be his cat.
    B: I want to be his bed.
    C: I want to be his underwear.
    D: You girls are so cheap. I want to be his gf.
    E: I will be his wife, n be nice to all of you.
    I’m quoting. Dont tell me I am rude; Tell Them.

    We r talking abt 3 different vid’s now:
    1, I haven’t seen yet vid of PSH in front of mirror that Mic mentioned. She said it wasn’t scandalous.
    2, The dancing vid I found wasn’t on any blog.
    3, The vid Jennie mentioned was a photo shoot for Marie Claire. Mic didn’t object to it.
    Hope this clears up some confusion.

  186. 186 : PSH Fan Says:

    Rating for TPM epsd 14

    Today’s drama ratings 2011/09/01 : “The Princess’ Man” breaks through 20%

  187. 187 : Mic Says:

    @[email protected] No, not that vid. Sorry for the commotion! It wasn’t any special vid, really. I feel bad for mentioning it. 죄송합니다!

  188. 188 : mmtutuy Says:

    No doubt the rating rising, ep 14 was so intense. OMG what`s will happens next? someone have any clue?

  189. 189 : zzi Says:

    hi, anybody know park shi hoo’s official twitter account? thank youuu 😀

  190. 190 : Aaron Says:

    Hi, DRAMA TPM is Nr,1 in 2011,Popular,exciting,diffrent,amazing and beautiful love.
    I really great love and right love is in series Korean Ep 14 The Princess,Man.
    Thanks too much PSH and MCW for a best acted in This series.
    You are a best play for example Top Love.
    Thanks TV.KBS 2

  191. 191 : Nina Says:

    @KDaddict: Hi there! I’m back. Thanks so much for your comments, I enjoy reading them… couldn’t wait for Eng sub so I been watching raw & guess… I was wondered what she was saying when she grabbed him. I love it when she touched his face (his shadow) through the window , (Thanks to JJ-J, the screen writer, he or she did a good job, I love the script)… and I almost cry when she took the shot for him… couldn’t wait for the next eps…

  192. 192 : Jennie Says:

    😥 I want EP 15!!! 🙁 Wow, Ep 14 is one episode to die for. It’s so tragic and heart-breaking and beautiful at the same time and I watched it without subs too!! MCW is just fantastic and I’ve never found PSH to be as attractive as he is in Ep 14. Subs can’t come fast enuf for me!

  193. 193 : PSH Says:

    this drama is so nice..storyline is good, casts are terrific…so touching n captivating…n so tragic…

  194. 194 : PSH Says:

    and i wanna congrats the whole team for the good ratings this week! hope the ratings will keep increasing!

  195. 195 : PSH Says:

    @zzi his twitter is http://twitter.com/#!/park_sihoo

  196. 196 : KDaddict Says:

    I am glad that in Ep 14 & 15, stripped of their silks, they are roughed up so their faces are less like fine porcelain, which makes it more convincing. His eyes are tired, his skin not translucent, but he has never looked more exquisitely perfect as in Ep 15, even more than the dandy in Ep 1.
    Se Ryung takes the shot, which should puncture her lung, she drops slowly slowly to her knees. Her eyes say:
    I’ll give my life for you any day…I give you my life…That’s all I can do.
    Moon CW does a perfect job at it.
    It makes u worry: What will become of him now, with the army in attendance? What will become of them? She’ll be taken home to heal. He’ll be taken away?? to prison???
    @Nina: Actually she says more in that hug: “How did you bear that unbearable pain? If my death can make you feel better, I’ll die a thousand times over.” Afraid theirs is a love that takes death to prove, to accomplish.

  197. 197 : zzi Says:


    Dear Writter, please make a happy ending unlike romeo & juliet… please..pleaseee… i really want to see they both live together until the end.. 🙂

  198. 198 : swift Says:

    sorry to be a sore thumb, but i guess if the storyline is similar to romeo and juliet, the ending will be sad, sob sob sob, anyway is this based on the written legend or loosely based on the legend which they will improvise on the storyline

  199. 199 : yvez Says:

    awe… 🙁 i watch the raw episode of 13 & 14, it really makes my heart break.. i hope the ending wud be not as we expected romeo and juliet.. i reaLLy hate sad ending.. i’ll be expecting a bit twist.. thank you..

  200. 200 : azalea Says:

    i love the scene when she took the arrow with her body. .
    n his eyes who look confused why she take the arrow for him. .
    love this drama so much
    cant wait next thurday
    i hope this drama doesnt have sad ending
    i think they deserve to be together
    after all they have been trough.
    pls make it happily ever after even the story line so sad

  201. 201 : KDaddict Says:

    This script is very well written.
    1st, they establish the char of SR, her daring-do thru her love for horseback riding back in the day when girls fr good families were hardly allowed to go out of the house. 2nd, they show her courage in her act of shielding her teacher fr the supposed bandits. It may not be effective for life-saving, but both guys were impressed enough to fall in love w her. 3rd, in the swing competition, she is shown to be a good sportswoman n a good sport. She is just that kind of girl. Often in dramas, there’d be illogical pts. Not this so far.
    In history, Suyang did become king. I dont know if he had a daughter who was in love w the son of the leader of the opposite camp. But it is a good story.
    In Hong Gil D, they show that there was much traffic between Korea n China. Our lovers could escape to China if they get a chance, live in the hills as hunter n gatherer; or they might not get that chance, n could die together. Either way, it’d be a great story. I’m willing to cry my eyes out for them.

  202. 202 : Bamjo Says:

    OH God! THIS DRAMA IS VERY NICE.( Revenge & Relief )
    Of Episode 8 to 15 we have to Cry……..sad beautiful love story.
    This very Top love.
    Thanks all and PSH / MCW super acted together.
    It is memories your work in our heart.
    Thank you too much.

  203. 203 : owensky_73 Says:

    This drama, although a bit sad is very interesting and a very good drama. It makes me cry a lot but i enjoyed watching it, it’s better than romeo and juliet. PSH and MCW are great actor and atress…Congrats to all the cast and staff of TPM…FIGHTING! 🙂

  204. 204 : Asia Says:

    Oh God!Help
    Bravo (MCW)!on the great love that on (PSH).
    Thanks for best,perfect and beautiful Ep 14 Drama “TPM”
    Wonderful love!
    Thanks of acted PSH and MCW very beautiful and director.
    Thanks of TV KBS2

  205. 205 : ecrox Says:

    really great drama.. the story, the actors and actress was great.. can’t wait to watch the next episode.. hope it’ll be a happy ending drama.. please… please…

  206. 206 : theresia Says:

    dear kaddict, could u please translate on 13th episode when LSR hug KSY? i really really really want to know…
    thanks for your kindness.. 🙂

  207. 207 : KDaddict Says:

    I already did, in #179 & 196.
    The hug came in the preview for Ep 14, so it is actually in Ep 14:
    After kidnapping her, he takes her back to the brothel, saying he is back for revenge.
    “You told me to stay alive, n come back to kill you. Was that just talk?”
    Then with the soldiers only steps away on their trail, he drags her deep into the woods. When they are alone in a small cabin that has been left vacant, he confronts her abt the atrocities her father brought upon his family.
    He said with so much anger, “Your father used me as bait to kill my father. You’ll also be used as bait, so I can put a knife into him. Afterwards I’ll finish you off.”
    Instead of flinching, she grabs him n hugs him tight: “Let me hold u for a while. Then I’ll take my death. How did you bear that unbearable pain? If my death can comfort you, I’ll die a thousand times over”.

  208. 208 : yuuhi Says:

    TMP hwiting!!!! ^^a

    love u PSH!!! ^^v

  209. 209 : nana Says:

    @KDaddict… are you korean?

  210. 210 : zzi Says:

    Dear KDaddict(#207) thank you..thank you very much for your kindness… 😀

    anyway, are you korean? i wish i could understand korean 🙁

    until now i can’t find 13 and 14th episode with english sub.. 🙁

  211. 211 : juliette Says:

    Super drama, j’adore =)

  212. 212 : PSH Says:

    finally catched up…finished watching episode 14..really looking forward to the next episode..a terrific drama..really worth watching..but really a sad story..

  213. 213 : devi Says:

    I love Park shi ho, he’s the man of my dream imagination still and always

  214. 214 : Paramis Says:

    Hello,Actually This Drama is Professional and the actors have very good Performances.
    Really is very too much beautiful sad love story.
    We know that for this drama is hard working.
    We thanks of all actors and special thanks of Kim Jongseo,Kim seung-yoo ,Se-Ryung and Director:Kim Jeong-min and Writer: Jo Jung-joo
    We can not wait next Episode. All People realy love this drama.
    This drama is Perfect and very very nice and Memorable in our heart.
    Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won are for us Popular.
    Please you more interview that we see to you.
    Thanks TV.KBS2
    World Viewers

  215. 215 : Lora Says:

    Dear KDaddict! Thank you so much for your translate EP 14 D:TPM
    I best wish for your life & love.
    good luck

  216. 216 : theresia Says:

    Dear KDaddict, thanks a lot to you.. ^^

  217. 217 : KDaddict Says:

    @zzi, Lora, nana, theresia,
    You are most welcome. Eng subs normally take much longer. I watch whatever I can find that come out faster, live, raw, Chinese subs, n understand well enough. Studying some Korean helps. 😉

    With most cliffhangers, u can guess what will happen. This one is tough!
    SR has already fallen down n can no longer shield him. With all the arrows pointed at him, how can he get away? If he is taken, how can they let him stay alive this time? 2 mored Ds!

  218. 218 : theresia Says:

    guys.. i’ve read 15th episode spoiler from soompi..

    Seryeong who’s been shot by arrow is returned home, but she finds out she was once again tricked by Grand Prince Sooyang and she refuses her marriage with Shin Myeon.

    In order to capture the kidnapper, Shin Myeon gets into contact with Gong Chilgu, from Jo Seokjoo’s opposition gang.

    Meanwhile, Danjong is about to hand his kingship over to Grand Prince Sooyang, who claims Geumseong and Jeong Jong must be executed…


  219. 219 : lydia Says:


  220. 220 : TPMaddict Says:

    Princess man nomu joaheyo…
    Lets vote princess man as best kdrama for 2011..
    Park shi hoo moon chae won saranghamnida….
    for ur hardworking kamsahamnida

  221. 221 : ang_rara Says:

    KDaddict n TPMaddict, plis keep update this drama, thanks for updating…

  222. 222 : parksihoobigfans Says:

    arrrrghhh.. i’m still trying to find the two last episodes with english sub 🙁

  223. 223 : Gita Says:

    NO.1 Drama : TPM
    IN this drama Part 14 we see great love!
    Oh very amazing and beautiful.
    PSH wirt MCW is very very nice & lovely
    I have oft enjoy of watch Ep 13 & Ep 14.
    This drama need more to scenes love.
    Please, next dramas Play ( PSH) have more scenes love.
    Thank you !

  224. 224 : SomeOnSpecial Says:

    So excite on Epi 14, can’t wait for this wed and thurs, to see what going to happen to SR and SY … 🙂
    [ never have a mind that i will feel “excite” over this drama, not until epi 14… ]

  225. 225 : TPMaddict Says:

    I am going crazy looking forward episode 15…
    why the preview has’nt released yet…??

    To Theresia : thnks for ur text preview of epi 15.
    I ve read it on that site..But there isnt info seung yoo..

  226. 226 : Europ Says:

    Hello,Dear Chief or Persident,
    This drama is really very Professional ,beautiful,exciting,amazing
    Please, -> Mr.Writer –> Author,s story Made you look:
    But have too time sad scenes love and too negative chance and really PSH &MCW have no time for love.( is very unfortunate).
    The actors very very nice acted but too less have time for romantic love.
    ( Really is very unfortunate )
    We thanks of all and too much PSH & MCW
    We love PSH and MCW so much.
    Million,s Spectator

  227. 227 : Jennie Says:

    @TPMaddict Video preview of Ep 15 is out on Youtube, uploaded by tukhi. From what I can see, I think SY escaped, just to put everyone’s mind at rest 😀

  228. 228 : Jennie Says:

    I just noticed that one of the recommended dramas above is Ballad of Seo Dong (aka Seodongyo or Song of the Prince). To all lovers of The Princess Man, I too recommend that you watch this historical drama too. The story is quite similar and you’ll just love these two leads. It’s one of the most enduring love stories that I’ve seen and it has remained one of my most loved dramas. Another one is a modern day love story – Queen of the Game.

  229. 229 : KDaddict Says:

    Video Preview Ep 15, with English Translation:


    Seung Yoo escapes with help from his new friend, Jo Suk Joo. SR goes home with her father. That means they spend Ep 15 apart! But now at least he knows how much she cares abt him.

  230. 230 : World Says:

    hi,I like This drama so much.
    I Love Park Si hoo and Moon Chae Won so much.
    Because They are our Popular and Top star.
    I remember seeing This drama just to see The Park Si Hoo.
    Apart from anything else it would not be.
    We Love Park Si Hoo so so so much and miss for him.
    We want more see PSH and MCW.
    Thank you

  231. 231 : Chai Says:

    I love this drama especially the song put me into the drama
    I love moon cha won. She fits in historical drama perfectly

  232. 232 : theresia Says:

    Hi, anyone knows the song played in episode 13 when SY is training with sword and having flashbacks?

    thanks a lot 🙂

  233. 233 : BjM Says:

    waiting for epsd 15 tonight..

  234. 234 : ouyjai Says:

    very interesting

  235. 235 : theresia Says:

    Dear KDaddict..

    please recap 15th ep.. oohhhh.. i can’t wait.. 🙁

    many thanks to you KDaddict.. hv a nice day.. 🙂

  236. 236 : Jennie Says:

    @theresia (232) The name of the song is 하루애 by Park Wan Gyu. Couldn’t find the English title but in Korean, I think it’s Haruae. It’s Part 6 of the OST which has just been released. Let me know if you can’t find the song.

  237. 237 : Anastazia Says:

    Best K Drama in 2011 is >>> TPM
    We look forward to next Ep 16 drama *TPM*
    Love / revenge / bleeding
    Which will win?!!
    God help to our heart!
    best wish in life for all actors (PSH & MCW & LMW & HSH) in this drama.
    We love you very much.
    Million,s Spectator

  238. 238 : zashlein Says:

    This drama is REALLY, REALLY GOOD to WATCH!!! Didn’t expect it to be this great! Their acting is so refined that I can almost feel their breathing and heartaches. Though the story is going heavy episode by episode, but Im still hoping that the ending won’t be TOO sad.. Life has been tough to both of them already.. Hope they will get their reward later. PLEASE! HAVE A HAPPY ENDING, or it will really tear my heart out.. huhuhu

  239. 239 : theresia Says:

    (jennie-#236).. thanks a lot! 🙂 i already find the song on youtube.. thanks once again Jennie.. ^^

  240. 240 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi gals, I’m interested in downloading OST’s. Never done it b4. Can you please tell me some good sites for it? TQ.

    Ep 15:
    Nothing much happened vis-a-vis our OTP. It is anti-climatic after the intensity of ep 14.
    SY was stunned that SR took the arrow for him. He had to be carried away by Jo n the other man. Poor SY was really in conflict, being in love n in hate w SR in equal parts! SR went home to recuperate n recover.
    Suyang wanted to capture and kill his remaining brother n the Princess husband Jong. Shin balked abt killing Jong, but went along w the capture. The Princess had no one else, n was visibly upset when they “invited” Jong to Suyang’s house. She followed later. There she ran into SR, who was already up n abt; she intervened w her father to save Jong. She is no longer so trusting w her father. She told her not to force her to marry Shin, or else she’d kill herself (by biting her tongue, bleeding to death).
    Shin and his men were out looking for SY. Jo’s old underling also came looking for Jo.
    Suyang forced the young king to abdicate. What else could the poor boy do? So Suyang became king, and SR became Princess…..while SY was inside the brothel drowning himself in alcohol. He finally sprang into action; W sword in hand, he arrived at the home of one of Suyang’s minions in the dark…..
    (It is the guy whose household SY’s s-in-law n niece were sent to as slaves, so I think he is there looking for them).

  241. 241 : theresia Says:

    Dear KDaddict (#240) i am really thankful to you.. thanks a lot for the recap.. 😀

  242. 242 : Katrin Says:

    Please remember this beautiful drama forever ” TPM”
    Oh,God help to Kim Seung Yoo,
    We love him.

  243. 243 : onetpmaddict Says:

    i really love to read KDaddict comments. very precise.
    i never miss any episod of TPM.. very good drama..sad..and wortit waching

  244. 244 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Helloo, how come you haven’t downloaded any be4? Hehe, was quite surprise to read that..being the fan you are. This site is pretty good if you r just going for the OSTs. Particular songs fr OST r a bit tricky cos you have to know the title or singer for most popular websites. I often use 4shared, mediafire and kpop7 😀

  245. 245 : KDaddict Says:

    @Hi Jennie,
    When I was still a sane person, I used to wait till OST’s came out in CDs. Now I can’t wait anymore. Thank you so much for sharing those site. Anyone better than others, or pretty much the same, for whole OSTs?
    @onetpmaddict, @theresia,
    Oh, I forgot to mention: Becos SR intervened, Jong got to go home. SY came to seek him out in his residence, n they shared soju in his room.
    I feel so sorry for SY. Can you love the woman whose father killed your family? How guilty would he feel twds his family if he does? Can you Not love the woman who is willing to give u her life a thousand times over? How guilty would he feel twds her if he proceeds to kill her father? What a dilemma! Ah, I’ve ill forebodings abt the ending!

  246. 246 : theresia Says:

    @KDaddict(#245) you’re the best!! thanks once again, please keep update the recap for tonight’ episode.. 🙂

  247. 247 : dolfin Says:

    Congratulations for make such a beautiful series. specially for choose
    the best music.

    Is possible send me / tell me what is the name of music that Used in this series ?
    i think its 2 music )

    thank you so much

  248. 248 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 16:
    SY killed one of Suyang’s minions with one slash. On the slain man’s garment, SY wrote in blood a nickname: Tiger. This was inspired by what Jong said while they were drinking the night b4: It is good that they dont know who kidnapped SR. There is nothing more scary than an unknown assailant.
    Suyang forced the princess n her husband out of their royal residence, n the young king out of the palace. The scholars knelt on one side to plead w the young king not to hand over the throne. But they had no army, no title, no power. Everything impt was in Suyang’s hands.
    He ascended the throne. His family was in preparation to receive their titles.
    SR said: I refuse to accept the title of Princess, acquired thru shameful means. That was a slap on her father’s face. She went on to ask: If Kim Jong Seo was still alive, would you have been able to become king? At this pt, Shin fearing that Suyang would be provoked too much, pulled SR aside.
    She: You are just afraid that you won’t get the title of Pu Ma, the Princess’ Husband, n walked away. Ha!
    SY wanted to kill another one of Suyang’s minions. He picked Shin’s father this time, except Shin showed up in the nick of time, n had a sword fight w SY. Both were slightly hurt. SY went to Jong’s place, while their old teacher/scholar was there.
    Jo Suk Joo had an underling (Jik Ko?) who betrayed him to take over the gang. Upon seeing that Jo had returned, most of the men ran back to Jo asking for forgiveness. Jik Ko was pissed that he was left w no gang. He came up w the idea of using the army to get rid of Jo for him, so he went to tell Shin that it was Jo who kidnapped SR.
    SR overheard sth abt the report of her kidnapper being in MaPo, where Jo’s brothel was located. She ran off to warn SY. She got there, n was able to pull the unsuspecting SY into hiding, away from the peripheral sight of Shin and the soldiers. End.
    This means that next ep will see these two together at least a bit of the time. SY’s glare is now softened. He “almost” seems glad to see her.
    As palace power struggles n cout d’etat go, this is pretty lame. I think that is the forte of Chinese historical dramas of the Ching dynasty. Some Emperors had dozens of grown sons of similar promise. Those palace intrigue/struggles were dark, twisted, n oh so complicated.
    But this drama always has my stomach in a knot.
    PSH is oh so d-r-e-a-m-y!!!

  249. 249 : kdramafanNC Says:

    Thanks 2 KDaddict for ep 16 recap.

  250. 250 : Poeple Says:

    We feel so sorry for Seung-Yoo that his love a woman whose father Killed
    his family lost.
    SR,s father is Ambitious and dirty and crazy.
    But We love Se Ryung and Seung-Yoo so much.
    PSH and MCW are forever Top star in World

  251. 251 : kdfan Says:

    Thanks KDaddict. Now I can watch raw and understand some while waiting for subs 🙂

  252. 252 : Wangnyeo - Saudi srabia Says:

    Wow I am in love with this drama is just the best like my lovely drama dong yi , Skks , and iljimi those which I enjoyed every moment and could not forget it .. Anticipating more and more exititing episodes ^^

  253. 253 : Wangnyeo - Saudi Arabia Says:

    Thanks for this drama is the best for me currently specially after ending of city hunter ..

  254. 254 : theresia Says:

    woooww… thank u so much (KDaddict#248)!! God bless u always.. 🙂

  255. 255 : Jennie Says:

    I have included in here the latest interview with PSH. Here he talks about his role in The Princess Man and also what he thinks the ending of the drama should be like. Enjoy 😉


  256. 256 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict (245) My opinion is that this site’s recommendations for OSTs r good enuf. Most of the time, the sites are pretty up to date.

    Yeah, I too used to buy ori. soundtracks but that was way back in 2004/5. Then I had to wait about 6 months after the drama had been shown! These days, I just download whatever I like, whenever I like 😉 thru no fault of mine, I think becos the local distrbutors take such a long time and even then, sometimes it doesn’t even reach this little island! What’s more, the producers these days release not only one OST per drama but like the case of Warrior BDS, it is now Part 6 and the drama is only like half way thru. So how many can one buy 🙁

  257. 257 : KDaddict Says:

    I like Jo Suk Joo v much. He has saved SY’s life more than a few times, starting on the sinking ship. Each time SY is in danger, he springs into action.
    I appreciate Moon CW’s acting as well as natural beauty. It’s Not becos I’m opposed to plastic surgery. But some actresses have eyes as big as Martians, which looks down right scary.
    PSH has said in another interview that while filming TPM, the Most sleep he has gotten is 1 hr in 3 days! So it’s often less, like 10 mins. in 3 days (interview in 255). Can you imagine? He has to do running n action scenes, n still look good for the camera! Hats off to KD actors!
    “Tiger” is Kim Jon Seo’s nickname. Shin knows, or at least suspects who Tiger is.

    @Jennie, Ditto on #256. That’s why I dont buy OST CDs anymore. TQ for the pointers.

  258. 258 : magsie Says:


  259. 259 : phyo Says:

    I watch the princess’ Man this month.I like this dram. I repeat again and again.

  260. 260 : PSH Says:

    very nice show! can’t watch for the finale..

  261. 261 : Kameli Says:

    The Million Spectator look forward and waiting for This drama beautiful, exciting,Professional “The Princess,Man”.
    Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won are very nice together acted.
    We love PSH & MCW so much!Perfect actor,Lovely actor and ability to all rol.
    Always( PSH & MCW) are Popular.
    Thanks Special of this actors , Director and TV.KBS2

  262. 262 : Melda Says:

    Seeing all the comments here, I can;t wait to watch this drama. I will definitely watch this after all episodes are done..Can;t wait for one week after 2 episodes per week..

  263. 263 : dolfin Says:

    is ther any body here tat answer my question plz ?

    Im so sorry ,im not korean.

    Is possible send me / tell me what is the name of music that Used in this series ?
    the songs is so romantic
    thank u so much

  264. 264 : Maybelline Says:

    To Dolfin,
    The OST of THE Princess Man is sung by Baek Ji Young and the title is ‘I’m Loving You Today’…she is also the singer behind ‘That Man’ of Secret Garden!!!!!!!…There is more, you should hear also the songs of Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa) and Park Jung Min (ss501)…

  265. 265 : Jennie Says:

    @dolphin (263) There r so many songs th we don’t know whi one u want. If it is by a female, then it’s probably I love you too today by BaekJi Young. Otherwise just click on OST above and play all the songs.

  266. 266 : Aris Says:

    Yes Other Korean dramas like The Princess,Man is realistic sets,a fascinating and really beautiful.
    This drama will remain in our memory forever like: drama Princess Hours ( Joo ji Hoon) 2005-6.
    Actor Park Si hoo is very attractive man and Popular.
    Moon Chae Won is very lovely and Popular.
    They are perfect acting together in this drama and to match.
    Thank of Director and team

  267. 267 : Natashy Says:

    will have another Drama like this, romantic, action too and very historical. I love Park shi Hoo in this Drama can’t wait to finish the whole episode. waiting for the episode 17

    Million,s viewers

  268. 268 : banTaI Says:

    i already comment about drama princess man before..n maybe in page 1 or 2..i said there about how great moon chae won in tears n emotion scene..and now i found a source that agree with me 100%..this is it;

    ~The powerful emotions that emanate from her tender, fragile face are part of what gives 25-year-old actress Moon Chae-won that highly desirable yet difficult to categorize element which, in showbusiness, is more precious than gold: star quality.

    Recently, Moon has become hugely popular for her portrayal of a doomed lover in the KBS2 TV drama, “The Princess’ Man”.

    Although she was criticized for her poor acting ability in the early part of the drama, she was able to win over viewers with the way she performed in challenging scenes later on. Of particular note are the emotional scenes that show how her character remains faithful to her lover after he abandons her.

    Adding to her allure, her new movie, “Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon”, has become a box office hit, drawing more than five million viewers.

    moon said;”I hope I can become the kind of actress who leaves a positive impression on viewers, and find the right balance between my career and personal life”

    this is some of viewer comment;

    Maybe it was delivery of her lines in Korean but watching her act with subtitles I thought she did a superb job. She is very charming.

    With every episode she’s getting better and better. Give her some credit – she has THIS cast around her, so she naturally came out bland.

    Her acting in the first episodes were really not that great, the way she smiled was a little fake – but her acting in sad scenes and emotional scenes are much better and she is doing a very good job!

    moon chae won..you the best actress!

  269. 269 : Donja Says:

    Park Si hoo I LOVE yopu so much.
    The best drama 2011 is ***TPM***

  270. 270 : Clar Says:

    I think that TPM drama one of others dramas memory in our brains.
    This drama is very sad beautiful and emotional and exciting for viewers.
    Park Si Hoo had acting very great and lovely so much.
    He is really attractive man and handsome.
    I know he is one Popular and gerat actor in Asia.
    Moon chae won is really very Charming !
    Thank you TV.KBS2

  271. 271 : Lorem Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the favourable comments re: Moon Chae Won’s performance. I’m ashamed to admit she’s the reason I’m watching this drama..heh.

    However, watched ep15 and am angry at the writers. I find myself wanting to cheer on our hero but somewhat suspended in a state of ambivalence… To cheer or not cheer? He hasn’t done anything to win me over..aissh! How can those writers be so insensitive.

    Hey dudes & dudettes in the script department, you’ve got a great cast, now, pull your fingers out. Let’s rock!!

  272. 272 : KDaddict Says:

    Every once in a while, an actor, actress, a male char, a female char, are so well matched that the make believe is seamless. Even rarer is when that is combined with a gt script, fantastic OSTs, n beautiful costumes. Then we get transported into their world, to share their love and sorrows. As all the comments from Peoples of the World, Boys & Girls of Asia, Eur n the World, say: Thank you Actors, Actress, Writer, PD, etc. for such a captivating experience!

    I think Moon CW has been doing v well in this drama. No need to be ashamed for watching a drama for 1 lead. If watching eps. 1, 2, & 3, doesn’t make you fall for the charms of SY, then you probably never will. And that’s fine, cos maybe he just isn’t YOUR type, tho millions of women around the world swoon for him.

    He saw his father n brother slain in front of his eyes. Their heads were chopped off n hung on display. That’s the ultimate in punishment, for crimes that they did not commit. He thought his s-in-law n niece were killed too. His whole prominent family was destroyed. Suyang had been trying to kill him for heaven knows how many times.
    You say he hasn’t done anything to win you over. What do you think he ought to do that WOULD win you over? What is He insensitive abt? Or are you insensitive to his loss of his whole family, the constant threat to his life, n the immense injustice done to him? If sb killed your whole family, and u can go romance their son, then this story n SY’s actions make no sense.

  273. 273 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    KDaddict, thank you for the post #248! I am desperately waiting for ep 16 subs, and your summary was oh! so relieving.

    I follow Park Si Hoo on twitter, and he has been answering tweet questions from reported Jeong Ji Won. It”d be great if someone could translate the Q&A! I used google translate, but it’s just not the same as a human’s translation. If anybody is interested, the link is:

    I wish this drama had more than 24 episodes!

  274. 274 : Allen Says:

    Captivating experience! ===> KD addict
    We wish This drama had more than 24 Episodes.
    The Popular drama and real 2011

  275. 275 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man OSTs, English Titles & Singers:
    Part 1: I’m Loving You Today, Baek Ji Young
    Part 2: 01: Like Hate, Like Love, Shin Hye Sung
    Part 2: 02: When (If) That Day comes, Mi
    Part 3: 01: I’m Waiting, Lee Jung & HaDK
    Part 3: 02: Goodbye My Love, Lee Young Hyun
    Part 4: 01: Tears like Flowers, Lee Seung Yul
    Part 4: 02: Missing You, SS501, Park Jung Min
    Part 5: Longing, Yoon Hwa Jae In
    Part 6: One Day of Love, Park Wan Kyu

    I hope these line up neatly when they appear!
    I haven’t loved an OST as much since Secret Garden.

  276. 276 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Hey KDaddict, can you share with me the name of the singer for Vola and Destino?. Thanks ^^

  277. 277 : dolfin Says:

    to: 264
    Maybelline &265

    thank u 4 ur information

    how about the name singer of Vola and Destino?.

  278. 278 : naylinn Says:

    I want to see that movies.

  279. 279 : Ruby Says:

    Hello,Dears Director and Actors,
    Great,Top Popular Korean Drama is really The Princess,Man
    Thanks of PSH and MCW so much.
    Tanks of all.
    Thanks TV.KBS2 very much.
    Million,s Million,s Youngs in World

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    I had read sinopsis that drama and i like it a lot, still hope that drama could be into in my country

  281. 281 : Janet Says:

    I Know Drama The Princess,Man is the best and very nice wit PSH,
    I can not wait to next Epsi… .
    Ihope this drama more als 24 Ep.
    Best wish for PSH & MCW

  282. 282 : sansan Says:

    I got addicted. I wanna know the end. How those two will end up? I thought it is only until 16 episode, it turned out it is until 24 ep. What? I have to wait again…..oh my restless sleep!

  283. 283 : Henrich Says:

    Oh my heart!!!
    Want to wait for the best day and happy days This drama TPM ( Seung Yu and Se Ryung)
    Ep 17 or 18 or 19…..24?
    Please help us.

  284. 284 : Jennie Says:

    @sansan No one knows how the story will end. I guess that’s why all of us are watching..becos we want to know the ending..haha! But just for ur info, I read that according to history, the princess (SR) left the palace to be with the man she loved and she had two sons. We will just have to wait and see whether the drama will stick to this or not.

  285. 285 : theresia Says:

    Dear KDaddict.. please recap 17th episode for me… 🙂 thanks a lot KDaddict..

  286. 286 : Oranus Says:

    Wonderful sad love story!
    No one know how this drama will end
    Of our restless sleep
    We will just have to wait and see* OK !!!
    We think too (SR) left the palace to be with the she loved ( Seung Yoo)
    Love you so much(PSH)

  287. 287 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 17:
    This ep is less abt their love than the historical circumstances that surround them.
    Jo sends his subordinate, the tall guy, to warn off SY, while he lures away the soldiers. Jo manages to convince Shin that it is Jik Koo’s plan to get rid of him. Shin knows he has been given a run-around.
    SY is pulled into the shade by SR. He shakes off her hand. Tall guy n SY go off to trail Shin n Jo.
    SR waits for SY at the brothel, n takes him to see his S-in-law + niece. He brings them back to the brothel to live.
    SR is missing for the title bestowment ceremony. She visits Princess Kyung Hye’s, n expresses her feelings that to her, KY would always be princess. KY is both surprised n moved. Shin takes her back to her parents. She says of the things that she doesn’t want to do, doing one of them is enough. She will be princess but refuses to marry. Shin is deeply hurt that she prefers the (supposedly) dead SY to him, who is alive. SR: “He lives in my heart. Sb who loves someone else will only be a source of pain to you.”
    Two of Han’s hoodlums who did Suyang’s dirty work are now officials, w robes! SY kills them in the night, n then hangs their dead bodies on display, which causes panic among Suyang’s ppl.
    The Ming Dynasty Convoy of Ambassadors will be arriving soon. Suyang needs their blessing in order to keep his throne. In those days, Joseon was a vessel state of China. Actually, Suyang’s Advisor Han knows that sth is afoot for the Ming convoy’s feast. He warns Shin to watch Teacher n Jong. Shin goes off to warn Teacher not to get too close w Jong.
    SY’s Teacher comes to seek him out. He has organized a group that is planning to overthrow Suyang, n take back the crown for the young prince. He invites SY to join them. He is hesitant at first, but has a change of heart.
    SY shows up at KH & Jong’s mansion, where the Group is meeting. But why is he out in broad daylight? Why are they walking abt as a group? Why convene at the former princess’ mansion? Isn’t it dangerous? Isn’t that place watched?
    SR arrives to see the group leave, n to hear their talk abt over killing her father at the feast for the Ming convoy. She stands there in shock, then looks up to see SY. At the moment, the maid announces Shin’s arrival!
    SY Must evade Shin, quickly now!

  288. 288 : KDaddict Says:

    I always write recaps based on memory. But I took notes for this one; that’s why it has a diff feel to it. I prefer the other way, more impressionistic, less scattered.
    While writing the recap, what was really on my mind was the way he looks! I don’t have the words for it. It just takes my breath away. And you guys, dont trust me too much! One way, he drops his robe off a shoulder, I’ll go nuts, n spill nonsense again. I can’t wait for that day! Hee hee hee.

    @276, 277, That info isn’t out there. But I think the singer is Mi. It’s her voice, no?
    @sansan-282, Jennie-284, Oranus-286,
    We watch a drama, we enjoy the process. When it is a good drama, every ep. holds its own attraction. As in life, it is the process, not destination, that counts. For as much as we care abt our OTP, knowing the ending takes the suspense away, which can be like letting the air out of a balloon. 😉

  289. 289 : KDaddict Says:

    Typo in #288:
    One “Day”, he drops his robe off a shoulder……
    Not One “way”!

  290. 290 : theresia Says:

    KDaddict(#287) thanks for recap.. anyway you tell me please, what did SR say to SY at the beginning of this episode??? please translate it… thank you…

  291. 291 : KDaddict Says:

    Beginning of Ep 17? You mean when she pulls him behind the colored fabrics?
    SR: What would happen if you get arrested?
    SY: Why are you here?
    SR: Whether I lived or died, didn’t you even wonder a little bit?
    SY: Go back.

    The high pt of this ep is when they are riding on horseback to go see his relatives, SR’s mending arrow wound is hurting fr the galloping n fr his arm being wrapped around her shoulder to hold the reins, n he realizes she is in pain; so he gets down from the horse to let her ride in comfort. Well, he is still that attentive n that caring towards her.
    The pt that worries me is when the young prostitute who is in love w SY asks the tall guy who that young lady is. Tall guy says: She is abt to become the Princess. It’s sb you can’t compete with.
    SY has already been sold out once by another prostitute, named Myung Wol, ha ha. 🙂 Would he be betrayed by another prostitute who fails to gain his love?

    You asked for the name of the young prince, Princess Kyung Hye’s brother. His name is Lee Hwan Hwi. He lived fr 1441-1457. He was 16 when Suyang had him killed.

    I posted 4 comments today. I’m pretty sure when I post my next recap tonite or tmr, it’ll be held for Moderating!

  292. 292 : theresia Says:

    many thanks to you KDaddict.. wow, you’re so awesome!! 🙂
    please keep update for tonight’ ep
    you really help people who do not understand korean..

    God bless you always KDaddict 🙂

  293. 293 : zzi Says:

    hi KDaddict#291, thx for ur information, anyway, i mean the real name of him.. hehehe.. would u please tell me? thx^^

  294. 294 : becky Says:

    is it weird that I feel sorry for Shin Myeon? sigh….why does the second lead ALWAYS pine for the first female lead, and never gets the girl? and to top it all, he has to be handsome….sometimes, I feel like strangling Shin, and other times, I just want to give him a consolation hug, for not getting the girl he wants….aigoo….why dramas have to be so complicated????

  295. 295 : theresia Says:

    Dear @becky-294,

    wow, how can you feel sorry for him? he has betrayed his friend and tried to kill him .. someone who has betrayed his friend did not deserve to be pitied and get a woman who was so good as SY .. this is only my opinion.. 🙂

  296. 296 : Emine Says:

    Oh! God of This drama TPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, Seung Yu believe SR Ja She is very Girl understood and in true love.
    PSh is in drama TPM Strict ! but I know he is very nice.
    I do not know waht will be the end of this drama.
    I can not Sleep.

  297. 297 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Thank you KDaddict for the singer’s info! Since the song is in Italian, I was having my doubts of who the singer was 🙂

    I haven’t been so nerve-wrecked since Mawang!!! I take my hat off to the writer and the director of The Princess’ Man. I love how each character evolves into their roles, specially how PSH has taken SY from the perfect gentleman to a madman, and yet we can still see glimpses of kindness in between.

    I feel that a sad ending would be appropriate for this drama. On the other hand, I would like for SY and SR to get a break and end up together far away in a foreign land (new identities maybe??)

  298. 298 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 18
    The previous ep was long on arrangements; this long is full of emotions.
    SY hides quickly. Shin shows up to see the 4 of them standing there, n know they r plotting. He warns them to be careful in the short term. Too bad Jong doesn’t take him seriously.
    SY n SR hide in the room:
    SR: What r you all planning? Is it abt my father? Why do sth so dangerous? Let’s just run away together.
    SY: I can’t forget the murder of my father so easily.
    SR: Will u really feel better if u kill my father? Do u really feel better when u kill those ppl? Is it becos of Sr. Teacher that you r involved?
    Shin comes to get her to go return to palace.
    The group of scholars agree on using the ceremonial music that will announce the feast as their signal to start their rebellion. Alas, they are sooo ineffective, betraying themselves fr step 1!
    Sr. Teacher tells SY that SR has announced that she’ll never marry. He asks SY to consider her difficult position of having to choose betn her father n lover, n asks SY if he wants to quit.
    SR gets an invitation fr KH to visit her mansion in the middle of night. SY wants to c her.
    SY: I can’t forget my father’s death. U won’t be able to either. I’m worried abt what you’ll go thru. But he’ll still die by my hands. So don’t think of me anymore.
    SR: I wish he wasn’t my father. If I choose him, you’ll die, vice versa. Back-hugging him tightly: Why don’t we leave here? Let’s go to a deserted place to live our lives.
    SY: Wherever we go, it’ll still be Suyang’s land.
    (See, I said they should go into Manchuria! Even Jo tells him to elope!)
    Jong comes to c SY at Mapo, to ask him to take care of KH if J dies, n SY lives. That night, KH finally reveals her concern, gratitude n love for Jong.
    The planned rebellion is so pathetic it’s a failure b4 it starts. They r sold out by 1 of their own, n arrested. SR is frantic trying to find out what is happening w SY. Shin knows SY is involved n waits for him to come rescue Jong. Showdown! Shin dares SY to show his face! End.

    That is the young Prince’s given name. Lee is the surname of the Royal family during the Joseon Dynasty. The romanization of Korean names can appear in different ways, but is the alliteration of the same sound. Hangul: 이홍위; Hanja 李弘暐
    Revised Romanization: I Hong-wi

    It’s not weird at all. If you go to Dramabeans, they ALWAYS ship the 2nd guy. It makes sense becos today’s 2nd lead May be tmr’s leading man. I think the more characters u empathize w, the more cast members u like, the more you’ll enjoy the show. Plus, tho Shin has gone over to the dark side, he hasn’t done anything horrific, yet!

  299. 299 : KDaddict Says:

    My recap for ep 18 has been hijacked for moderating.

  300. 300 : theresia Says:

    oh God.. I could have a heart attack because of this drama, can not wait for this drama every week!!.. 🙁

  301. 301 : KDaddict Says:

    The History surrounding this drama:
    An ill king, a young prince, an ambitious brother/ uncle is the classic recipe for a coup and murder.
    I’m sure you are aware by now that this is real Korean history of the Joseon era.
    The ill King (Munjong, 1414-1452) his father’s first-born, was only 38 when he died. Perhaps owing to his illness, perhaps to character, he was a weak, petty person lacking in deed or foresight. He died leaving a young son of 12, entrusting him to the Premier Hwang Bo In and General Kim Jong Seo. He ascended the throne as Danjong, 1441-1457).
    In contract to the ill king, his brother younger by only 3 years, was great in martial arts n ambition. The coup really did take place, with the help of Han Myeong Ho, a hooligan who attached himself to Prince Suyang (2nd son to his father) and openly encouraged him to oust his nephew, taking over all matters of strategy n organization. Suyang became King Sejo (not to be confused with his great-grandfather Sejong). He was to be one of the most able kings of the Joseon dynasty.
    The Sr. Teacher/Scholar in the drama was the person who was most responsible for the design of Hangul, Korea’s writing system. Before that, they used Chinese characters, as you see in the drama. He led the ineffective rebellion w his colleagues. 6 of them were executed; they have been named The 6 Dead Officials in history. 6 others decided to resign, vowed never to serve Sejo, have been named The 6 Living (Alive) Officials. But as a result of the failed effort, the poor deposed boy king Danjong was exiled, n then killed a yr later, becos his existence was a threat to Sejo.
    That much is recorded in official history. The rest of the story, Se Ryong and Seung Yoo, is based on unofficial history, or folklore.
    Kim Jong Seo’s whole family was recorded as having been killed, leaving no son! But folklore takes it from there to suggest that he had a Grandson (Not son) who escaped, n Later met up w a daughter of Sejo. To go deeper into the folklore would reveal the whole story, n that’d be a Spoiler, No fun at all! 🙂

    I’m impressed that they released the Ep 18 recap in much less than 20 hours. 🙂 🙂

    @Lorelie, What is “Liebe”? Just curious. 🙂

  302. 302 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    KDaddict, as I was watching TPM, I was surprised as to why the villain (Yu Sang) was triumphing, but after reading your post #301, it became clear why (because of being based on history).

    on a side note, “liebe” is the german word for “love.” What I mean to say is “Lieb Lorelie” (Lovely Lorelie), but when you put it all together (lieblorelie), it just reads weird, so settled for the improper grammar of “Love Lorelie.” ;}

  303. 303 : theresia Says:

    KDaddict -301
    May I know where you read the folklore about kim jong seo had a grandson who escaped and later met with daughter of sejo? i’m very curious.. 🙂

    anyway, thanks for the recap ^0^

  304. 304 : Yozora Says:

    dear GOD!! for me i that rerally not so liking romance drama, this drama is awesome, i can wait to get in front of my tv every wednesday and thursday.. hope the ending is not so bad in the end though.. 😉

    Princess Man is the best 2011 Korean Drama for me.. 😀

  305. 305 : KDaddict Says:

    That material exists in Korean n Chinese, not English. I myself seriously regret that I looked it up, thus ruining the suspense. Suspense is a good thing in watching in drama, when you are in capable hands. It is like the courtship phase of a relationship: u can’t wait to see him, u get butterflies in the stomach, all that. Knowing the ending is like getting married. 😉
    If they die, it’d give us an extremely haunting, memorable story; If they go off together, we can be happy for them. Either way, we win. We r in good hands here. Sit back and enjoy the show.
    If after the show ends you still want to know, I’d be happy to tell you.
    What is Mawang? It’s another sageuk romance? I haven’t loved anything so much since Secret Garden!

  306. 306 : Natashy Says:

    We love Kim Seung so much.
    We hate Sin Myeon so much. Sin Myeon is Mental crazy
    Million,s Viewers

  307. 307 : Youngs Says:

    K.D. TPM
    Revenge / Love / Remise!
    Which would you choose?
    We using all these Seung Yoo suport. He has the right at SR father,s ……….!
    Seung Yu has the right that punish SR father,s.
    Thank you ( Seung Yoo)
    Million,s Young

  308. 308 : theresia Says:


    I really want to see them both live happily ever after .. hope the story does not end like Romeo and Juliet, so I really wanted to read a folk tale that you told .. hehehe ..
    anyway, do you know what caused the fall of the throne of King sejo in that era?

  309. 309 : nurul syafiqah Says:

    waiting this drama in Indonesia… 😀

  310. 310 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @Theresia, based on historic facts, King Sejo will not be overthrown; he will rule until his death, and the throne will be passed to his son.

    @KDaddict, Mawang is a modern-day drama about revenge. It doesn’t have too much romance, but it has a lot of suspense; it is quite cerebral and never-wrecking.

  311. 311 : Sky Princess Says:

    For those who r interested in reading more about the historical background of which TPM is based on, you can go to:


    It’s in English and quite interesting. Another plc you can go to is the TPM thread, under Spoiler section of viki.com. Pretty informative there too.

  312. 312 : KDaddict Says:

    I think that in certain shots, PSH, with that hair, black outfit and mask, looks like Lee Joon Ki in Iljimae. Strange that I find one guy extremely attractive and the other one not so much. Do they have similar eyes?
    Also, in the previous episodes, when SR’s younger brother was dressed in similar customs as Yoochun in SKKS, I also think that he looks like Yoochun fr some angles. Again, one guy is great deal more handsome. Oh, I love these eye candies. They r good for the eyes and the spirit! 😉

    The material on the historical background exists in English obviously. It is the folklore part that doesn’t exist in English that I know of. It is essentially a Spoiler n some ppl may object. Hope u understand.
    King Sejo became a very strong and powerful king, centralizing much authority in the hands of the king. He was in power for 13 years (1455-1468). He died a natural death at age 51; that’s already a long life for ppl of that time. The throne passed to his son uneventfully.

  313. 313 : Merrymary Says:

    You can read the folklore about the princess and King Sejoung from:


  314. 314 : Ariekyuti Says:

    @KDaddict – 310: who is the most attractive *psh or ljk* I vote the first..
    thanks for your recap.. cant wait for ep 19. I watched ep 17-18 and dont understand every single words since no eng sub title… but keep watching.. LOL..

  315. 315 : Ciara Says:

    Very sad love story and very beautiful but is love scenes is too less
    I really Love tragic romance drama TPM it somehow stays in your heart its only real is PSH super acting with MCW.
    PSH is really very atteractive and handsome man and Lovely
    Thank you

  316. 316 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah, now theresia can be happy, n I don’t have to be the Spoiler revealing the remaining storyline, which would madden some folks. Win-win!
    I think the writers have done a great job in adaptation. They’ve dressed up the folklore by adding secondary chars like Shin n Jong; they’ve jazzed it up by giving such intensity to the love affair and conflicting emotions, to give us one of the best KD in years!

    @Ariekyuti-314: PSH is dreamy! XD
    I’m re-watching this, n really enjoy eps 1-7. The rest I watch w gritted teeth!

  317. 317 : Washel Says:

    So This drama one of best sad love story tragedy,Seung-Yoo and Se-Ryeung.
    For the two of them is the hard and painful.
    Really I can,t wait for the next episode.
    I hate Sin Myeon he was old friends Seung.but now he is graet enemy.
    We love Seung and Ryeung soooooo much.They are super couples.

  318. 318 : Jennie Says:

    In Ep 17, Ah Kang (SY’s niece) was so adorable. Her acting skills are so good that not only did she get SY, she got me in tears too! Korea definitely has a lot of talented stars and they start them young. More than half of Kdramas have flashbacks of the protagonists’childhood and more often than not, these child actors always seem to steal the show! Among the dramas with fantastic child acting are Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Giant, The Duo and Will It Snow For Christmas, to name a few. The future of Kdramas look very promising with all these talents 😉

  319. 319 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    I just finished watching Episode 18, and I got watery eyes during the hug scene! They are such great actors!

  320. 320 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict Ahh see that you are still “obsessed” with PSH. I agree that he seems to get more attractive the more you look at him but I still can’t get over how clean-cut he is-even in the toughest and difficult scenes. In these scenes, I somehow wish that he would look more tough, you know, with some shadow of overnight unshaven look etc you know. He is always so well groomed!

    You also compared YooChun with SR’s younger brother. You know I am a big big fan of Yoochun and I do hope you mean that Yoochun is the better looking one, right? I am Yoochun’s BIGGEST fan 😀

  321. 321 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie hi,
    Glad u r back. Obsessed? Who, Me? Never. (Tongue stuck firmly in cheek. Hee hee).
    Actually I’m “promiscuous” when it comes to K-actors. I love Yoochun as much as I love PSH when I was watching SKKS. You noticed that while mentioning Yoochun in the same breath as sb else, I said euphemistically “one guy is a great deal more handsome”. I think it is the ability to fall in love w the leading man of each show I’m watching that makes me the addict I am! This doesn’t apply to every actor tho.
    PSH being clean cut is probably a function of what the market demands. Asian ladies may balk when the leading man show up in stumbles. At least they try by giving him a scar on his cheek lah! A couple guys corner the mkt playing rough guys, noticeably the muscle man (in a nation of muscled actors) in Chuno comes to mind.
    I love Ah Kang too. Another child star I really liked was the little girl in Wonderful Life (2005), Jung Da Bin (2000). She was 5 at the time, n was narrating the drama!!! She continued to be cute for several yrs, but now at 11, she is neither pretty nor cute in Manny (2011). But she grew up in front of the camera, n will, after some plastic surgery, be a leading actress 1 day.

  322. 322 : Benyami Says:

    Ah seriously This drama is fall in love!
    >>>>> LOVE the thrill

    We enjoyed it to the last seconds. We watching this drama every day.
    PSh had super acting and can not wait for next Ep.
    We love Psh so much

    Hi people,
    We know that Park Si Hu best and is a GREAT actor in Asia.We pride of PSH.
    We LOVE PSH so much

  323. 323 : PSH Says:

    hello.. i am just begin to watch this drama is anyone know name of actor who played princess’s kyung hye’s brother? he’s so handsome..!!

  324. 324 : theresia Says:

    can’t wait for 19th ep!! >.

  325. 325 : KDaddict Says:

    For me the biggest surprise of this series is Moon CW! I saw her in Take care of the Young Lady. She was fresh n green, at abt 21. She did a believable job in it, that was all. I wasn’t expecting v much fr her here, but boy, does she prove herself! In 3 years, she has improved so much as an actress it is really impressive. I also love her kind of beauty, not excessively glamorous, or stop u in your tracks gorgeous, but is so naturally attractive n easy on the eyes. I only have a list of 5 fav K-actresses, now I have 6!
    By comparison, I have a longer list of fav K-actors, 😛

    The name of the young actor who plays the young prince is: Noh Tae Yeob.
    Ah, zzi:
    Was that what u meant? The “real name of the young prince”? U were looking for the name of the actor?
    雷大葉. Thunder Big Leaf! Funny name! 😉

  326. 326 : theresia Says:


    just like you, i also really liked her acting in this drama.. perfect! 🙂
    ooh.. i’m just falling in love PSH and MCW..

  327. 327 : frida i.n Says:

    nice drama…shi hoo and chae won saranghae

  328. 328 : PSH Says:

    episode 18 is so exciting..looking forward to episode 19 this wed! PSH snf MCW make a perfect couple!

  329. 329 : World Says:

    Yes! The Princess,Man is:
    very sad and very beautiful

  330. 330 : KDaddict Says:

    I read somewhere that Park SH is now officially the 5th King of KD for a new generation. The first 4 are Rain, Hyun Bin, Jang Geun Seuk, n Lee Min Ho. Choi Siwon is poised to be the next one. They have ways of measuring this, but didn’t say how.
    Congratulations to Park Shi Hoo nim!
    I saw a life-sized cardboard figure of Rain in a drug store promoting a Gillette product. Looks like he too has abs of steel, like Choi SW n PSH. Not so of Hyun Bin, Jang Geun Suk or Lee MH. Several of these actors at the very top of the pyramid are said to be very popular among gay men too. That speaks volumes abt the taste of their Asian female fans.
    The 5 Kings of KD of the first era are:
    Bae Yong Yoon, Song Seung Hyun, Lee Byung Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo, and ???

  331. 331 : World Says:

    We really can’t wait for the Princess’ Man. Even though We silently hope that they will extend the episode, 24 seems too short for a sageuk drama.
    Millon,s Viewer,s

  332. 332 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict The fifth one of the first era is probably either Rain or Jang Hyuk. Hey, how come Jang Hyuk is not on the list? What about Go Soo? The criteria for selection must be all wrong if neither of these two men are not in it!? Jang Geun Suk? Too skinny lah tho he was so yummylicious in Hong Gil Dong. What about my screen hubby, Micky? 😀

  333. 333 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi Jennie,
    The 5th one of the 1st era is Rain.
    Sorry neither Jang Hyuk, Micky nor Go Soo is on either list.
    You know ppl on this site are always saying,
    “What’s wrong w the Korean fans? How come the ratings for my beloved series are so low?”
    The tabulation seems to be v much based on such ratings, nos. attending their fan meetings, going rate per ep., no. and fees for CFs, and such. And Jang Geun Suk is way up there on all counts. Micky is new to KD. Jang Hyuk n Go Soo have lower profiles.

  334. 334 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict @Jennie Hi girls, I’m not watching this drama but have been reading the postings here. Just wondering, how is this drama different from Prosecutor Princess? With PSH and revenge and romance all in common. If you watched PP, could you kindly shed some light? Thanks!

  335. 335 : KDaddict Says:

    As different as night n day! As diff as N n D, my friend!
    I hated PP. Couldn’t stand the female char for most of the series. It was not realistic to have a prosecutor who would behave that way, so shallow, so vain, so idiotic! Her hair style n way of speech really grated on my nerves! On a scale of 1-10, it was a 5 for me. 2 pts for the plot; 3 pts of PSH!
    1st, TPM is a sageuk! Fantastic storyline, costumes, cinematography, OSTs, male n female leads n characters. A 10 in my opinion. Try it for 2 eps n see if u agree.

  336. 336 : KDaddict Says:

    Spoiler/Disgust Alert!
    There was nothing that kings hated more than revolutionaries. In history the Sr. Scholar/Teacher, Lee Kye, and his colleagues died most gruesome deaths. (Hot irons were applied to their bodies to burn off their skin, so they died of 3rd degree burns all over the body!!!)
    I fear for Jong. Since he had thrown in his lot w the rebels, he probably wouldn’t have a good end. Poor Princess KH! She lost her father, their throne, now her husband whom she has just learnt to love, then later, her brother! What a sad fate!

  337. 337 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic To tell you honestly, I can’t even remember much of PP. I remember liking a couple of songs and who the two leads were but other than that, nothing much memorable. It was just an enjoyable but average drama. TPM is different, much more intense, more drama and makes you want to watch the next ep after every epi. PP is like easy listening whereas TPM is classical music-if you get what I mean ;-D

  338. 338 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic Forgot to add: Go for it. You’ll fall in love with it from the beginning. Trust us (KDaddict & I). What’s more, if you r a fan of PSH, you get a bonus scene of PSH in beginning epi. (can’t remember whic epi tho) which got KDaddict all gaga, whi got me to post the video in SOAW 😀

  339. 339 : World Says:

    The best drama TPM different,exciting,beautiful and super story a couple Painful.
    We can not wait for next ep.

  340. 340 : owensky_73 Says:

    i really love this drama..can’t wait to see episode 20..it’s an exciting drama for me, hope it has a good and happy ending. 🙂

  341. 341 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddicts @Jennie Ladies, you won! I’m going to download and watch the first two episodes. Awww…worried…I don’t want to be too emotionally involved with a drama, and this seems to be that kind of kdrama! 🙂
    Thanks ladies!

  342. 342 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 19:
    There hasn’t been an ep that doesn’t get my stomach all tied up in a knot! This one is no exception:
    Show down betwn SY n Shin, who calls out SY’s name, n tell him not to hide behind his father’s name, Tiger. SY shows his face. 2 of his men take him along as they flee. Meanwhile, SR dressed as a palace maid is trying desperately to get info of how the rebellion is going. She goes to the brothel looking for him. He shows up just in time to save her fr being harassed by a passing Jik Koo.
    SR: It is fortunate that you men are alright.
    SY: We are men who plot to kill your father. How can you speak of our safety as fortunate?
    SY tells her Jong has been arrested. She wants to help. SY tells her to guard Princess KH, while he will get Jong and Teacher out of prison. Jo is worried that SY will die in the process, so he insists on going w him.
    Now the old men know that SY is alive n he was the one who kidnapped SR. Suyang goes to have the rebels tortured for info on SY’s whereabouts. Shin is noticeably upset at seeing the torture. No one cooperates. They call him a Thief who steals the King’s Seal, n keep on insulting him.
    At Princess KH’s mansion, SY n his 2 friends, SR congregate to talk abt saving Jong n Teacher. SR offers to lure Shin away fr the prison that night.
    SY: I don’t want to put you in danger.
    SR: I won’t let you be in danger by yourself.
    SR brings the 3 men to the prison disguised as her guards. As she walks away to see Shin, SY grabs her hand to ask if she will be alright.
    SR: I may be far from you, but my heart is with you.
    SR makes an excuse to see Shin.
    SR: I came out on my own. My parents may be angry. Pls take me back to the palace.
    Shin: Since when have u been so afraid of your parents?
    Shin knows what is going on, n asks his men to all leave the prison cells, to make it easy for SY to rescue the prisoners.
    Shin to SR: SY is alive.
    SR: Now u know why I can’t marry you.
    Shin: I’ll kill him w my own hands, and you and I will marry!
    But when SY n his 2 friends get there, the prisoners refuse to leave. They want the world to see what kind of a person Suyang is (for killing them), n to leave their name in history. Teacher asks SY to take care of everything else! Jong asks SY to take care of princess KH. Oh, poor SY!
    When Shin finds out that there has been no rescue, he runs in to ask them, I gave up on the chance to capture SY so that you can all leave. Why, why didn’t you leave?
    Jong: You who excuse your behavior as saving your family, you who think that there is nothing more impt than life, won’t understand us even if u die.
    Teacher to Shin: Thank u for having the kindness to want to save me. You must have the same heart for SY. You are friends who should save, not kill each other.
    Shin: It’s too late for me to turn back.
    SY tells Princess KH abt Jong’s decision to die a martre. KH goes to Suyang to beg for her husband’s life, by asking that they be exiled to a far away place together, n by calling him Your Majesty over n over, to accept his legitimacy, which is what he wants!
    Jo tries to talk SY out of saying farewell at the execution. But agrees to it anyway.
    The 4 old men meet to talk abt getting rid of the former (boy) king, by exiling him to a far far away place. The officials put on a show in the courtyard to call for the king to do just that, saying that he backs the rebels, n they can’t accept him anymore.
    Finding out abt the executions and the exiles, SR is extremely upset. She cuts her hair to signify her severing the father-daughter relationship w Suyang. SR: I regret being born in your family. I no longer recognize you as my father. Pls don’t think of me as your daughter anymore. I will leave the palace!

  343. 343 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Thank you KDaddict for ep 19’s summary!! I can’t wait for the subs so I can watch the episode.

    I am so happy that SR has started to stand up and will do more from now own to be with her beloved!

  344. 344 : theresia Says:

    thank you so much KDaddict.. thanks a lot 🙂

  345. 345 : lengskee Says:

    really really love this drama. Hope Park Si Hoo will win award for this!
    Ratings are high as well. just finished epi 13 last night.

  346. 346 : KDaddict Says:

    I am sooo relieved that Jong’s life spared. If he had died, Princess KH would be too sorrowful, too pitiful. She offered to be exiled w Jong to a far away place, to live out their lives away fr the sight of Suyang in exchange for his life. Exile is a hard, sad, n lonely life.
    Jong: Did u just save my life? But you should let me die. I was going to die for the king.
    KH: How can u leave me alone to go on your way? I’m asking u to live for me!
    Jong: Just for today, can I be angry w you?
    I didn’t think I’d be crying for these 2.

    Shin Myeon is showing signs of conflict at the torture n death of his teacher n associates. What will it take for him to find his conscience?
    Poor guy! How misguided can he be to think that going along w Suyang, n killing SY would bring SR into his arms! How much of what he is doing is being done becos he wants to take SR fr SY for himself?
    Fr next ep, when SR leaves the palace, we should be able to see her and SY together more. I hope it’ll be sweet! Ah…when can we breath a sigh of relief for them?
    @Lorelie, theresia, U r welcome.
    In all honesty, I’m obsessing over this whole show, OSTs included! There is nothing else out really. Hey, can you recommend some good songs, albums, singers, OSTs for my ipod?

  347. 347 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Can someone explain the importance of SR cutting her hair? Was that a tradition when being on strike?

  348. 348 : Ang_Rara Says:

    It’s look more wonderfull ep by ep,
    not only pity love story between otp but also story of princess KH and Jong make me so excited
    thanks to @KDaddict,i can’t find recap anywhere,but here u keep update this drama,gomawooo sista,,,waiting for your next ep summary..fighting!!!

  349. 349 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict This drama is probably the only one saguek that I actually hang on to every word that is being said. Normally I’d just fast forward esp scenes of the bad guys plotting.

    I don’t normally go for OSTs but among those I currently have in my phone are Warrior Baek Dong Soo, 49Days, SEGA, Dream High n Miss Ripley. I don’t go for girlbands but I love Taeyeon’s (SNSD)voice in If (Hong Gil Dong OST) and I Love You (Athena, Goddess of War OST),Baek Ji Young, BMK, Insooni in Hateful, But Once Again and her famous Goose Dream and Lena Park. Great great fan of DBSK – songs like Bolero, I Believe, Hug, Why Did I Fall In Love, Forever Love etc. I enjoy all 2AM’s ballads like I’d Still Love You Even If I Die, Greatest Love & Like A fool, You Wouldnt Answer My Call etc, great fan of Kim Jong Kook (I actually have all his albums), FT Island, Boohwal, Huh Gak and some songs by new TVXQ. Current songs by MBlaq, Beast and solos by Super Junior ‘s Yesung, Kyuhyun & Ryeowook are pretty good too. I can go on and on. Current favs are Micky’s A Place Left For You (Miss Ripley), Kim Tae Woo’s Fall In Love, Yesung’s For One Day ( both fr Warrior BDS), Park Wan Gyu’s One Day of Love (TPM), Ryeowook’s If I Love You More and Lena Park’s More Than Anyone Else (both fr Myeongwol The Spy).

  350. 350 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 20:
    Ahhh…finally an ep with some warmth n fuzz!
    A series of goodbyes: SR leaves severs relationship w her father n leaves palace. Under Confucianism, it is taught that one’s body n hair are given by one’s parents; 1must respect them as a sign of filial piety. That’s why they (M & F) all had long hair in those days. Cutting one’s hair that way is akin to cutting off an arm to show that I give back to u what u gave me; now I renounce our relationship. (It’s like returning an engagement ring to break off w one’s fiance, only worse). SR goes to apologize to KH for all that her father has done, n to say goodbye, as KH n Jong have to leave on exile.
    SY also goes to say farewell, informing Jong that he’ll contact Kim Song’s ppl in preparation for another revolt. KH tells him SR has left palace to live in temple. SY hurries to temple:
    SY: How painful it must be for u to cut ties w ur father.
    SR: How can my pain compare w ur pain of seeing your father killed?
    Shin gets wind of her where abts n hurries over w soldiers to look for her n SY. SR urges SY to hide.
    SR: If u r caught, I can’t stand it.
    Then SR to Shin: Using me to catch Kim SY, aren’t u ashamed of yourself?
    Shin: This will only end when Kim SY is caught n killed.
    SR: Do u think that what I said abt biting off my tongue to kill myself is just talk? I even gave up the position of princess. What can I be afraid of? You can come here 1000 times. I’ll not follow (marry) you.
    Shin: I give u one day; then u return to the palace w me. If u don’t, I don’t know what I’ll do. Shin left w men.
    SR to Yeo Ri: Has he (SY) left? Don’t want him to go. Let him stay w me!
    SY seeing what transpired betwn SR n Shin, grabs her hand, meaning, Let’s leave together.
    SR: Being w me, will be dangerous (for u).
    SY: Danger, I don’t care abt that.
    They return to brothel:
    Mamasan to SY: R u bringing Every one u know here?
    SY only asks to stay for a few days. She agrees to 3 days.
    SY tells Jo that he plans to find his father’s former subordinates n then leave w his family.
    Now SR is no longer at temple. Shin sends his men to KH’s to look for her. Jong is also seeing Kim Song’s men in the revolt effort.
    The Old Men r talking abt how the disappearance of the princess makes the king look bad.
    Tall guy who can’t keep his mouth shut lets it be known at the brothel who SR is. The most stunned is SY’s S-in-law, but SR is most apologetic, n she is most understanding, saying: How sorrowful it must be for the love betwn u 2!
    SR works hard at the brothel, cooking, cleaning. Women there are surprised by love affair betwn SY n SR. Girl: How can he, who sleeps w his sword in his bosom (be so close to sb)?
    SY goes into SR’s room. SR: U slept w sword all this time?
    SY: That was a time when I couldn’t trust anyone. I often thought, If there is sb I can lean on, I’d be able to sleep.
    SR puts his head on her shoulder: Close ur eyes, n clear ur mind, of the sorrow, loneliness n injustice done to u, n go to sleep. I’ll always be by your side.
    SY: This is a situation that I’ve imagined many times!
    At KH n Jong’s place:
    Jong has been out meeting Kim Song’s man.
    KH: I’m so afraid that just hearing your footsteps makes me think of a death sentence sent our way. Will our effort be just a dream?
    Jong: If we don’t dream, it’d be like we r dead already. I’ve made up my mind to live in order to die w u. Pls have the same state of mind.
    KH: Yes, my husband sir.
    Suyang’s son is v sick. He is calling back fr some place far his 2nd son (who later becomes king). SR’s mom is worried abt the antagonism betwn father n daughter, n pleads for SuY to leave SR alone.
    SY finds his father’s former subordinate, who promises to consider his plan for rounding up men against SuY.
    Jik Koo smells sth in the air when soldiers come into Mapo. He gets it fr soldier that they r looking for the Princess. He gets Tall guy drunk, who then tells him abt the Princess in their midst. When Tall guy wakes up fr the alcohol, he goes running to warn off SR. SR, Ah Kang n Tall guy go into hiding fr soldiers. SR realizes she must come out of hiding or else the ppl at the brothel will be endangered. She tells Tall guy to give this message to SY: Tell my teacher I’ll return to his side. Tell him not to worry or be sad abt me. To just concentrate on what he is planning to do!
    Ah Kang: Onni, don’t go! (brings out my tears rt away).
    Shin seems to be beside himself w anger, n takes it out on the brothel, Even when SR shows up. He no longer treats SR w kid-gloves!
    On his death bed, SuY’s son: Father, u must forgive sister. If even she leaves (euphemism for dies), you’ll be lonely.
    Shin brought SR back to palace to see her mother:
    U must exercise constraint. Ur father won’t tolerate u anymore.
    SuY breaks into the room: Were u with Kim SY? U plan to come w him to kill me? Yes, do come. U must!!
    Calling Shin: Shin Pan Kwan: She can no longer marry you. She is no longer princess. To SR: You’ll be Shin’s slave maid!
    Shin’s face turns to ash. End.
    Why do I get the feeling that he is much more interested in her as princess?
    I think this long comment will be captured for Moderating!

  351. 351 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ so much for ur reply. Pls do go on n on. I just bought a new iPod nano (16 GB) just for Korean songs! 4000+ song capacity! So pls do go on n on w your suggestions. It’d probably be too tedious to do it song by song. So album, artist or band names would also be great. Thanks.
    Ya, this is one P-e-r-f-e-c-t saguek! But only 2 more weeks! Sob, sob!
    There is nothing out there rt now that interests me. So I’ll go back to watch Queen of Reversal, which I skipped back then. Not a Kim Nam Joo fan.

  352. 352 : theresia Says:

    WOW! you’re the best KDaddict ^^ thank you u so much 🙂

  353. 353 : Jennie Says:

    KDAddict It was lunch time when I saw ur recap and argh, can’t watch cos I’ve got tons of work waiting for me! Just the thought of them two together getting lovey dovey..ahhh..can’t wait.

  354. 354 : Asia Says:

    Best drama is the princess,man.
    The EP 20 part 2-3 is very very beutiful love Secens PSH and MCW.
    We love PSH & MCW soooooo much.
    Million,s Viewers

  355. 355 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Really soooooo nice to watch until addict? If compare to illjamae and chuno slave hunter those drama, princess man lagi best?

  356. 356 : Youngs Says:

    We are addicted to this drama ” TPM”
    This story really we impressed,we have not sleep .Our eyes are always
    forward in this drama.
    We hope that this drama is not end all soon.
    World Love you

  357. 357 : KDaddict Says:

    After 20 eps, I finally have a small complaint:
    I’m not happy w the way the soldiers treated SR at the brothel at the end of ep 20! Given that even her teachers had to tutor her across a curtain so as Not to see the princess’s face, it is not possible that they could grab her and drag her physically out of the brothel. In those days, when royal power was absolute, touching a member of royalty against their will was an act punishable by death, and for a man to touch a female royal could get their head chopped up into little pieces, unless of course you were carrying out a coup! So the soldiers were willing to man-handle her just on Shin’s say-so. esp when she already said that: I came here myself; I will walk out myself? They should have treated her w utter respect and awe, “inviting” and begging her to leave, or maybe w Shin threatening to arrest the Mamasan – that’d make her walk out in a hurry.
    Now her father has given her to Shin as a slave-maid! The cliff-hangers always got me worried, but then we’ve seen that what seemed like great danger always got resolved quickly. So hopefully, she doesn’t have to go home w Shin as his slave-girl, when he is so mad w rage!
    My goodness, is this guy retarded – he hopes that by dragging her home against her will, they’ll marry on her father’s order, and they’ll live happily thereafter? The problem w 2nd leads is that they never know when to quit!
    Moon Chae Won is positively radiant in this ep! Prettiest girl I’ve seen on any KD since Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata!

  358. 358 : Eichang Says:

    I love this drama especially the two lovebirds. I cried the most when PSH tried to hurt MCW.. never knew that she would die for him. I hope KBS continues to produce love story like this.

  359. 359 : TC Says:

    Such a beautiful, poignant, exciting and romantic Kdrama! I normally do not watch sageuk since the main plot is usually not centered around love story and also dramas that have not finished airing! However, can’t resist this drama particularly when the lead is PSH.

    Despite knowing that this drama may likely have tragic ending, I have never regretted watching it as I can really feel for the main characters and enjoy the acting, plot and its OSTs. Amazed at the wonderful chemistry between the two main leads and PSH’s portrayal of SY with his awesome acting skills! He is getting hotter and hotter as the drama progresses and episode 20 is really good!

    Surprise that Dramabeans or other popular blogs do not recap this awesome drama but is really thankful to KDaddict for the prompt and detailed recap of each episode. Hope KDaddict will continue recapping this drama. By the way, please watch QoR as PSH was also magnificent in the drama when he actually took over the main role instead of playing second lead mid way. I am also not a Kim Nam Joo fan but could not resist PSH’s dramas!

  360. 360 : Jennie Says:

    @yoRoseberry This drama is “memang best sekali” compared with Iljimae or Chuno. 😀

  361. 361 : avic_amarillo Says:

    Episode 18 tops!

  362. 362 : charis Says:

    I normally don’t want to watch tragic drama, life is already complicated enough, but after reading KDaddict review I’m really looking forward for the 6 of Oct to come, then I can buy the dvd and watch the drama.
    To anyone who like PSH, you should watch him in QoR, as TC says he is magnificent. Kim Nam Joo did a very good acting I think.One more thing, the love confession is very touching.
    To KDaddict, thank you so much for all the review. Maybe you can put QoR soundtrack in your new iPod nano, nice songs with tone of sadness, here’s the link to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rjtaH35XlU&feature=related

  363. 363 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict Ah What a coincidence! I haven’t seen QoR too. Just last week I visited my reg Dvd supplier n he told me th eng subs were no good in The QoR copy so now I have to either download first or watch it straight fr computer-still haven’t decided sigh sigh.

    Okay back to albums, JYJ’s In Heaven, FT Island’s Beautiful Journey n Boohwal’s anniversay album, older OSTs fr Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz & Beethoven Virus – a couple of nice pieces there.

  364. 364 : World Says:

    Drama TPM ->The Ep: 1-7 and 18-20 rae very Tops Popular.
    A couple of nice and amazing acting this drama. We have not never regretted watching and we enjoy the acting Top star PSH & MCW.
    PSH is very amazing in Ep 20. He is getting hot and hotter and acted was very very beautiful.
    We love PSH & MCW and espcially the two love.
    We hope TV.KBS2 continue to this drama.
    Thank you and Thanks of all actors.
    Worlds People

  365. 365 : Princessfan Says:

    Based on the above, episode 19 and 20 only ranked 2nd in Seoul, whereas from episode 14 to 18, it is 1st.
    Just wondering what changed with the viewership and if there are any new shows that caused the ranking of The Princess’ Man (TPM) to go down to the 2nd place? Anyone who knows?
    To all fans of TPM keep watching so that they will end up 1st in the ratings. There are only 4 more episodes (two weeks) left.
    Fighting TPM!

  366. 366 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    I have been watching TPM episodes from the internet, but those websites have too many advertisements, which are driving me coo-coo @[email protected] Can anybody tell me from where can I download the raw episodes? I tried searching in Veoh, but had no luck T-T

    I don’t know how am I going to cope with my TPM withdrawal once this drama is over. After Family Honor, this is the best I’ve seen of PSH. I was reserved in QOR, and definitely not impressed in PP… perhaps due to the main female characters (I just couldn’t root for Hwang Tae Hee and Ma Hye Ri). There was just something missing in PSH. I prefer dramas in which the main characters go through emotional changes due to struggles, because that is where the true acting skills of the actor can be seen. It is not easy to go from prince charming to villain all at the same time, while having the audience love and sympathize with the character.

    And this is by far the best of MCW. Critics were saying that her acting was lacking at the beginning of the drama, but I bet to differ. If you think about it, at the beginning of the drama SR was a girl oblivious of her surroundings, care-free and living in a fantasy where everybody got along and loved each other, and where her major concern was not getting caught (or hurt) while trying to ride a horse. As the drama progressed, SR fell in love, learned of the true nature of her surroundings, and got caught in the cross fire. MCW has done a great job evolving SR’s character.

    @KDaddict, if you like instrumental OSTs you should check out “Bad Love” and “Lobbyist”

  367. 367 : PSH Says:

    last 4 episodes! wondering what’s the ending like..hope it’s a happy ending!

  368. 368 : theresia Says:

    I do not know if this only happens to me or not, but I’m very addicted to this drama.
    almost every night I always dream about the princess’s man and always imagined that there would be any scene. every day always check if there are spoilers or news on this drama.
    OMG, I am very crazy about princes’s man!!! :p

  369. 369 : KDaddict Says:

    I love Moon Chae Won!!!
    @Ang_Rara, TC,
    TQ for ur vote of confidence. I’m happy to recap, knowing there r many others as crazy abt this KD as I am. Chummaneyo.
    @TC, Jennie,
    The DVDs for Qof R r sitting on my desk. I got them cos the show was extended again n again on acct of PSH. Fr a 2nd lead, he became the guy who got the girl. Yet, I don’t seem keen to start, cos I’m not keen to see him woo Kim Nam Joo. It’s difficult to enjoy a drama when u don’t like one-half of the couple. She is a good actress n all, just that she is not my cup of tea. Such is human preference (prejudice)!
    I go to bed thinking of this show too. Thought I was on the brink of sanity! 🙂 But then we all r. Just read the comments by Youngs (#356), World, Asia, etc. 😉
    Only 2 more weeks! That’s the hard part!

  370. 370 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m so happy seeing more ppl commenting on this thread, to bring up the no. of comments n support for our fav drama! I paraphrase Princessfan (365), Keep watching AND Commenting, to bring up its visibility n popularity in comments here! Aja!
    Oh I’m real glad my recap acts as the catalyst for u to watch TPM. I hate tragedies in KD too, but this one is different becos it shows ppl caught in their destiny (hence the repeating of Destino), n THEN Rising above those situations to become far far better persons than they ever were. Like Lorelie says (366), dramas in which characters go thru change n growth r the best, n these ppl, not only SR, SY, also KH n Jong change soooo much; probably Shin will too. So instead of feeling the tragedy, it is their transformation, like phoenixes out of the ashes, that is fascinating, gut-renching n so satisfying to watch. I’ve seen 100+ KDs over the years, n this is one of my TOP 3! TQ for the link to QoR OST vid! Cheers!
    You got that expln on hair-cutting? You not Asian in upbringing, r you? 🙂 I’m a verbal person; I enjoy the lyrics as much as the music. KD instrumentl sounds alike to my brain. 😛 So if u know of good Korean songs like me know.
    U may have to wait for DVDs to get complete viewing satisfaction on this one.
    I fully agree w your view on MoonCW’s performance in TPM. What is lacking in it at the beginning? Maybe they expected her to be more bubbly? But that’d be like her little sister, n the potential for transformation would be destroyed. But no worry. Even Al Pacino’s perfm in Godfather was penned in the beginning.

  371. 371 : Aliceinwonderland Says:

    I like this drama, but I’m worry that the ending will be just liked Romeo and Juliet. I mean a sad ending. How I wish this drama has a good ending.

  372. 372 : christine Says:

    Tis a shame that the drama would be ending soon.

    Superb acting from the the 2 leads.

    I only started watching it as from mid-way, I guess, which means I do have to backtrack on a lot of episodes.

  373. 373 : christine Says:

    I am hoping for a happy ending considering that they’ve suffered so much.

    There again during those times everyone wants to gain absolute power at whatever cost.

    However, since the drama has been likened to a Romeo & Juliet, then I expect that it will have a sad ending.

  374. 374 : Andereh Says:

    Drama TPM is different, magnificent ,exciting and beautiful.
    So it is a best drama in 2011.
    Super acting PSH with MCW is very nice.
    I am hoping for a happy ending,ye! but how i wish this drama has a good ending?
    I wish the next Ep 21-22-23-24 no that,s the hard part.
    I hope!!!!!!

  375. 375 : popeyesan Says:

    I have not started watching this TPM. Thought of waiting for all episodes before I start. I have always enjoyed Park Shi Hoo’s dramas/work. First saw him in Prosecutor Princess which was highly enjoyable and later in Family’s Honour – with amazing display of various emotions by Park Shi Hoo. Do check out these 2 dramas if you have yet to watch them. Looking forward to watching the TPM when all the episodes are out regardless of the ending….

  376. 376 : avic_amarillo Says:

    anyone who knows which drama eclipsed TPM’s episodes 19 & 20 ratings? 🙁

  377. 377 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict-370:If TPM is your top 3 drama of all time, what are the other 2?

  378. 378 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict – 370
    You’re right, I’m not Asian ^.^ (I’m German tee-hee) but I attended an Asian High School many years ago; hence my basic knowledge of the Korean language. I asked my friends around and they explained the significance of the hair cutting (I love how actions speak louder than words).

    On one hand, I’m so eager to watch ep 21 to see everybody’s outcomes, while on the other hand I don’t want it to air yet because that means the eminent end of TPM T-T

  379. 379 : Jennie Says:

    @charis & KDAddict I’d like to take a shot at guessing your other top two, KDAddict, if you don’t mind. I’d say SEGA and City Hall? I’m about 50% correct, aren’t I?

    You are right, KDAddict-there are a lot of interests on this thread lately, thanks to your recaps, I’m sure. I resisted watching Ep 19 & 20 until they were 100% subbed (sheer willpower, my friend) n when I finally finished, thought I’d put my two cents’worth of thoughts here but whoa, not only I had to catch up with the drama, I had to catch up with the comments here too. It is a wonderful drama, isn’t it?

    Ep 20 was simply mezmerising. The whole thing was marvelously done. I like how the sreening play creates a kind of calmness n a sense of impending doom at the same time, there’s a tinge of sadness (the background music and the cast slow movements) but then we have these two brave and gutsy princesses, ready to defy conventions to protect their loved ones (SR and Princess KH). The scenes betw the two lovers are short but sooo touching n meaningful- a touch here n a touch there had me swooning and sighing at the same time. I love how the script is short but to the point, there’s no exaggeration, no over acting right from the leads down to the comic reliefs – I like the comment which that guy at the whorehouse made about not using the rooms to ferment soya sauce when SY brought SR over. Great acting, great directing and great script and oh so romantic!! Absolutely Love it!

  380. 380 : Lorem Says:

    Our hero though a graduate of the best educational institution of the time, is inept in planning and pull-off any schemes without getting foiled. But he’s often saved by someone. Our heroine however succeeds at almost all she decides to do and with that heartfelt conviction. Yay! So, shouldn’t this drama be titled: “The Princess and Her Lame Man”? 🙂

    Seriously though, this is a beautiful yarn. Thoroughly enjoying it. I just wish the writers gave the male proponent a bit more depth to affirm the romantic connection. Just my 2 cents.

  381. 381 : KDaddict Says:

    There is something you seem to have ignored:
    SY is fighting against the KING AND his court, his officials, his army, i.e. his soldiers. He is 1 person, a fugitive, i.e. he can’t be seen. He has no money, no power, no weapons, and Nobody to help him, except for his new friend Jo, who drags the Tall guy along. I don’t know which country you r from, but try to imagine yourself planning to kill Your king or president all by yourself, and see how successful you’ll be!
    Yes, he SY had the best education, but he was educated as a scholar in the classics, i.e. classical literature; See him working with those scholars and teaching SR? Unlike Shin, he wasn’t a soldier. U can’t study literature n all of a sudden be an engineer. Get it? If there’s sth u don’t understand, ask us. This is one of the best written scripts in a long time. Don’t go blaming it when you have a lapse of logic. It can’t be a “beautiful yarn” if it has a lame leading man char.!
    @charis, Jennie and Lorelie,

    My top 3 KDs of all time, in chronological order, are:
    Winter Sonata, Secret Garden and TPM. Reasons:
    1. A good script is v impt to me. Illogical pts grate on me like finger nails scratching a board. I love SEGA cos its script is sooo daring n creative, n we don’t EVER see Creative writing in KD. Ppl who dislike SEGA becos body switching is impossible simply don’t understand what “fantasy” is n don’t understand the principles of writing. TPM too has a good script. WS as well, for 2002.
    2. A good script that takes “2 leads who are at the prime of their youth, at the ht of their beauty, but also at the finest in their performance career” is really difficult to find. It’s like the planets r all aligned. This happens in All 3 of my favs. In my opinion n that millions of ppl, Choi Ji Won(28) n Bae Yong Joon(30) in 2002 were perfect specimens of manhood n womanhood. For me, she was like Audrey Hepburn in Brft at Tiffany’s, Katherine Hepburn in Bringing up Baby; while he was as fine as Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia (OK, not as heroic, but I can’t find an example of a weepy leading man in western cinema!); they were in the top of form, never to be surpassed by themselves! While WS’s script was no doubt melodramatic, (melodrama was all there was in 2002), but within that genre, it tried to give us more.
    3. I care abt good directing, good wardrobe and cinematography v much too. The true hero of Winter Sonata was the PD, who gave perfect shots at great expense to those involved. The wardrobe too was exceptional among its cohort. SEGA’s wardrobe was mostly sportswear, but within that realm it gave us its best. The many pairs of colored sneakers matching Gil Ra Im’s casual wear had me looking around town for look-alikes. SEGA n TPM too have great wardrobe, cinematography and Directing. In TPM, the several threads within the story are woven together perfectly, not too loose w just enough breathing space, n not too tight. It gives perfect balance betwn hope n fear, sweetness n dread; You feel u r in the eye of the storm. Or u see the surface calm, but know that there is a whirlpool underneath. And oh yes! SR putting SY’s head on her shoulder, SY taking her hand b4 he leaves in the morning… Gosh, that’s sexy in a touching n meaningful way that the tango in SOAW can’t compare w.
    In short, I appreciate shows that take the production of KDs seriously, that show a respect for the audience’s intelligence and power of discrimination, that try to give us the best that they can be and succeed at it.
    My top 5 are: Biscuit Teacher Candy Star, Greatest Love. City Hall is 6th. 🙂 Cheers!

  382. 382 : TPM Fan Says:

    KDaddict: Thanks very much for your recaps. I simply love this drama! Like you, I think it will end up as one of my all-time favourite kdramas. I hadn’t planned on watching it initially since it’s likely to have a tragic ending plus I am not into sageuk much. But a chance viewing of episode five got me totally hooked. Everything about this drama is beautiful – story, acting, directing, music, visuals. The cliffhanger endings leave me hungry for more. I would be surprised if the cast and crew do not win awards for this production. The ratings belie its true worth.

  383. 383 : charis Says:

    @Jennie-379 & KDaddict-381: I agree with KDaddict, WS and SeGa is no 1 and 2. TPM haven’t watched it yet, as I wait for all the eps fully aired.Biscuit Teacher Candy Star I never heard of it, will give it a try. Greatest Love, I love it too.
    BTW, how about guessing what is the future for SR’ father?
    KDaddict looking forward to your recaps this wed and thursday. All your posts in this thread make me addicted 🙂 nice knowing all of you guys. Thank you again KDaddict for sharing so much of your knowledge on this thread.

  384. 384 : Jennie Says:

    @charis SR’s father? Hmph..his evilness and hunger for power came to us slowly and the scriptwriter did a wonderful job in showing us just how evil n ambitious he is. We all know from the beginning that he is the evil guy but this was not shown in the early episodes, it was always lurking there. He was a loving father who doted on his children, esp on SR. He even picked SY as her husband (of course he had his reason) but still he wanted the best for his fav daughter!There were a couple of tender scenes with SR. He never spoke much in front of his supporters. He even looked kind in the beginning. But now his pride is at stake, the scholars would rather die than to call him king but what bothered him most is even his daughter, who used to look up to him, cuts ties with him. He has lost all sense of jugement and has only revenge on his mind. How will his end be? For sure he will die lonely and he will have plenty to regret. SR gave him many chances to come clean and he will come to realise that even if the whole world is at his feet, if without his daughter’s love and support, his life has no meaning, very much like in Shakespeare’s King Lear, I guess.

    @KDAddict My top is WS, 2nd Ballad of Seodong, 3rd a tie bwn SEGA n Autumn In My Heart, 4th Queen of the Game, 5th tie btw My Girl n All About Eve. I prefer CH to TGL cos I got tired with CSW’s antics n overacting in TGL. Another “classic” th deserves a mention is Stairway To Heaven. Cried buckets the first time I watched it but hated the tease at the end by scriptwriter, gave us hope then kill her off in the end..ugh!

  385. 385 : Jennie Says:

    Oh dear, I blabbered away and forgot to mention that as soon as I watch the last episode of TPM, I will name TPM a tie with WS as tops. Haha!

  386. 386 : Jennie Says:

    KDAddict & charis WS made such an impact esp with the cinematography that when my husband n I visited Nami Island some 5/6 years back, I made sure we took a pic and got friends to scatter dry leaves when pic was taken (it was autumn then). Haha!

  387. 387 : charis Says:

    @Jeannie-384 Thanks for sharing your “fate for SR father” and all the dramas you mention as your top 5. I haven’t watched some of them, and will surely check the dvd soon as I can. Thanks Jeannie!

  388. 388 : KDaddict Says:

    On SuYang:
    While looking up the historical backgd of this story, I found out that:
    Suyang wasn’t the devil, and Kim Jong Seo was not the saint that this series makes him out to be. Evidently, while the king (Munjong) was sick, the 2 prime ministers took over a lot of his duties. Kim JS, as vice P.M. used the opportunity to divert much of the King’s power to himself. It wasn’t clear if he too wanted to be king, or if he just wanted more power. At any rate, he was making changes to decentralize power fr the throne to the P.M’s., thereby weakening the throne. Now Munjong was too sick to do anything abt it, but his brothers (plural) were jockeying to be king and were alarmed at what Kim JS was doing. Suyang had ambitions on the throne, so did the other brothers, On Pyong and Kim Song. It really was a case of: if Suyang didn’t make a move first, Kim JS would have killed him. So the one who was the most prepared n made the 1st move won. That turned out to be SuYang.
    SuYang had on his side the 4 ugly guys that we see in this series, Han Myeong Ho, Shin Sr., etc. It was said that Han played a decisive role in making Suyang king by his strategizing, while Shin added his wt. to this side of the balance against Suyang’s brothers.
    This KD sticks pretty true to history, except that it needs a good guy (Kim JS) and a bad guy (SuYang), to make things either black or white, to dumb things down for the audience, so to speak.
    I was wondering for a while why they had cast an actor who looks so obviously like a nice guy to play Suyang. (If they had wanted to portray him as evil, they’d have cast sb who looks more like the actor playing Han MH.) I believe the reason might partly be the above, that he wasn’t evil in history, and that he turned out to be a capable king who accomplished a lot during his reign. However, it is worth bearing in mind that history is always written by the victors. It is Their acct of what happened!
    For sure there was a Princess Kyung Hye, daughter of Munjong. In the folklore, there was also her husband Jung Jong, and Shin Sr. had a son, Shin Myeong, who died at the hands of rebels, a year b4 the death of Suyang (Sejo). The next eps. will be abt how their fates play out. Gidarilge.
    I don’t like to write abt what has yet to happen on the show. Those would be Spoilers, which destroy the suspense and surprise for viewers. Why r u asking abt the end when u haven’t even started? 🙂
    Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star is the proper name. Its English name is Hello, Teacher. It stars a 24 yr old Gong Yoo playing a 19 yr old boy in love w his 25 yr old teacher. I’ve Never seen anyone so cute, so loveable, so huggable, then or since.
    @TPM Fan:
    Lovely to meet you. Only 2 more weeks. Sob sob. :’ )

    I always refrain fr posting for 48 hrs b4 the Recap, to minimize its chance of being held for Moderating! Aja!

  389. 389 : chem Says:

    thanks so much KDaddict for all the recaps.Love TPM.I think you should consider watching Giant(2010 SBS) and Dae Gang Geum(Jewel in The Palace) too.Those two are very good drama,nice script and strong characters.Do you with me?

  390. 390 : chem Says:

    Do you agree with me?Dae Ga Geum( Jewel in the palace) lead by actress Lee Young Ae is one of my favourate saeguk korean drama all the time.Never bored watching it esspecially this drama is about cooking,medical practices and love during old time.You guys should consider watching this drama.TPM figthing!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. 391 : KDaddict Says:

    @chem hi-389, 390,
    Yes, Jewel in the Palace is 1 great sageuk. Lee YA was luminescent in it!! n certainly at the top of her form. A more attractive actress was hard to find. In my opinion, it’d have been BETTER if:
    1. it were shortened to 50 eps (fr 70). In the middle, it was getting repetitive w all the hurdles that she had to jump over, without adding anything to the plot. So for as much as I enjoyed watching Lee YA, I kept thinking, OK, enough already, I get it, she is extremely capable, so can we get on w it pls! That is a weakness in writing, when the writer gets indulgent or (more likely) needs to lengthen the series for commercial reasons.
    2. the male lead character was given more to do. Obviously, it was a story focused on the female char, hence the title, Dae Gang Geum. However, the story was so lop-sided that it felt like it only had 1 lead. That is a weakness inherent in the structure of such kind of stories. It gives us 1 char to love instead of 2.

    Giant: I watched it for 2 eps. Saw all the dark small alleys in night shots, n didn’t continue, i.e. Visually it wasn’t rewarding. Maybe that changed later; maybe the story was great, I missed out. But I gave it a chance to lure me in, n it didn’t. In my opinion, the 1st 2 eps of any show has to do a good enough sales job to make viewers stay.
    I hope I didn’t upset u. I don’t mean to insult your fav shows. We r just discussing the art of drama-making. We all have our own fav’s cos we all have our own criteria n preferences. The impt thing is that you enjoyed them n we all love KD! Happy Viewing!

  392. 392 : Asia Says:

    I think someone Grits of Korean Drama!!! is really very silly
    The drama Jewel in the Palace is normal drama!!!!!!!!!!!
    But The Princess,Man is very very exciting,different and beautiful.
    This drama have Million,s Viewers.
    We all have watching and enjoyed of wonderful drama TPM.
    PSH in all his drama is the best and good acted MCW with PSH.

  393. 393 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict-388 Thanks for your info re Suyang historical background, I’m just thinking that there are only 4 eps left, and Suyang is still so powerful while SY’ attempt to dethrone him has just failed. So, just wondering how this will end.

    This giving comment thing is new to me, so I don’t understand what you mean by “to minimize its chance of being held for Moderating”.

  394. 394 : KDaddict Says:

    @My Dear Asia, Youngs, World, etc.,
    We ALL love TPM here on this thread, n r brothers n sisters in that spirit of Love for great KDs. They r not silly to love Dae Jang Geum besides TPM. I’m sure u also love another KD in addition to TPM, right? Cheers!
    Actually we discussed what’ll happen to Suyang a few pages back. If interested, u can read p. 13 (#301+).
    koreandrama.org discourages us fr commenting too often or on multiple threads or write long comments. If we do any one of these, our comments can be held until moderators r done censoring them. In my experience, it can take up to 20 hours! Meanwhile, the comment will be invisible. More frustrating is, u may want to post a follow-up to let ppl know that u have written, n that too can be held. I stay up late or get up early to do the recap promptly, n want it to appear just as promptly, see?

  395. 395 : Jennie Says:

    With regard to Sooyang, it was just me guessing what will happen to him. Not clear about the hist. facts tho there are a number of websites and on this thread too that have shown interest. Don’t see any harm in trying to predict what will happen. We are all very caught up in the drama n it’s only natural to want to guess the ending. To date, no one knows how it’s going to end, plenty of speculations but definitely not a spoiler! 😉 We just want a happy ending for the two lovers 😀
    @chem Jewel ITP is not in my list becos it got boring in the middle. I wasn’t interested in wh she was cooking all the time n how she discovered this n that. It was alright in the beginning but they dragged it on for too long. Not a fan of the actress too. As for Giant, I liked it except that I watched it becos I was cheering for the second couple, (the sister’s love story). For me, the leads should be decent in looks, plenty of chemistry and lots of charisma which both the leads in Jewel & Giant did not have. But I enjoyed Giant. With Jewel, I fast forwarded a lot!! Positive note: Al least we all agree on TPM..yay!!

  396. 396 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Up until now I didn’t give it a thought of which were my top 5 Kdramas. I have to say that Mawang, Family’s Honor, The Princess’ Man, Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, Lovers, and Winter Sonata have been my most favorite dramas. I just finished rewatching Mawang and Family’s Honor ;P

    Can’t wait for TPM ep 21 to air!!! I need to see what will happen with SR, and how the new coup will develop. Although I wish for Princess HK and Jong to live peacefully in exile, I get the impression that Jong doesn’t want to let go of the coup to show his wife how much he loves her.

  397. 397 : Girls & boys Says:

    Really we got addicted to this series TPM.

    Million,s Young

  398. 398 : Ces Says:

    I have not seen many Korean dramas before until I came across KBS World on cable t.v. And I should say that no drama may it be Korean or otherwise had captured my imagination and tugged at my heartstrings so much that may it be in my dreams or waking hours I often find myself dreaming or thinking about SY and SR and what kind of fate awaits them. They seem to cease becoming fictional characters but real persons whom I could empathize with.

    So, I guess, this is also to say that Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo’s acting (so as the other members of the cast) are very convincing if not at all soooo great for me to be addicted with TPM.

    Another point to be taken is the script. Being a non-Korean myself, I have to rely heavily on the subs. And though I believe a lot of nuances in the Korean language are probably lost in translation, still I can’t help but commend how beautifully the heart-wrenching words of SR in episode 14 came to life as she said to SY: “How much… how much pain have you endured? I cannot imagine how you could bear such terrible pain. If by taking my life away, your pain can be healed… even a thousand, a million times I am willing to die for you.” Oh, geeez, this one really released the floodgates of my eyes that I nearly thought the expression “I cried buckets” could be indeed a fact.

    Thus saying how greatly affected I am (and surely most of the viewers too across continents, nationality or race), I SURELY CANNOT BEAR TO THINK THAT THIS DRAMA WOULD INDEED END TRAGICALLY AS ROMEO AND JULIET!

    I’ve learned much from Comparative Literature in College about how Confusian philosophy (among other Asian philosophies) affect most of the culture and literature of East Asia. And to say the least, I always get the impression that we Asians in general have always believed in redeeming values and qualities and the victory of good over evil. So, if ever someone or somebody from the crew of TPM happen to be reading this. I BESEECH YOU, PLEASE DON’T LET TPM END THE WAY SHAKESPEARE DID WITH ROMEO AND JULIET! LET THE VIEWERS HAVE THE KIND OF ENDING THAT THEY WOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER WITH A SMILE AND A JOYOUS HEART. PLEASE STICK TO OUR OWN ASIAN BRAND OF BEAUTIFUL, SATISFYING HAPPY ENDING. PLEASE DON’T LET US NOT SUFFER EVEN IN OUR MEMORIES EVEN WHEN TPM HAS LONG ENDED AND GONE.

  399. 399 : Simei Says:

    I’m a fan of PSH and was so excited to hear that he plays in this drama. However, as I really don’t fancy sad endings, I have been waiting to see how this drama will unfold. Nevertheless, upon hearing lots of positive comments here, especially thanks to KDaddicts, I have decided to start watching this drama. Of course I’m still hopping that, to our surprise, this will have a happy ending. It will be such a great bonus for fans of this drama.

  400. 400 : anna Says:

    just to show how popular this drama is…the chinese drama version of “cinderella’s sister” stole baek ji young’s song from the princess man ost to use as background music -___- here’s the link lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmP652DHN0w (you can hear it in the beginning)..ahh i LOVE BJY’s songs in all the dramas, but the one in princess man is the besttt it describes seryung & seungyoo’s love so well

  401. 401 : anna Says:

    I WANT THEM TO EXTEND THE EPS T___T or please, don’t have a tragic ending…i wouldn’t be able to bear it >

  402. 402 : World Says:

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PSH & MCW
    EP 21 part 3 is the best it was dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But part 4-5 ??????
    Our heart can not bear all this pain and sorrow and parting.
    Dear Director!
    Please Stop scene negative. There was enough in this drama
    Please scene love more more more we want.

  403. 403 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @ KDaddict & Jennie,

    So I have this random question. The male giseang at Jo’s giseang house in TPM, is this character played by an actor? or is it played by an actress who does lip-talking? The character is too cute to be a male, and the voice is too deep to be a female.

    My goodness! Ep 21 is already up. Even though I want to watch it, doing so means that the drama is getting close to an end, and I’m just not ready to let go just yet!! hehehehe

  404. 404 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap Ep 21:
    OK guys, They kissed. They. Did. It! Yay! For those not schooled in the symbolism of sageuks, smoldering logs burning in a crackling fire = Sex! We don’t see a thing, but can take comfort in the knowledge that they did it! Don’t believe me? Watch how their eye contact n body language change after that night. The nervousness n tension r gone. They becm relaxed w each other.
    This ep is all abt the details, not major developments:

    SuYang gives SR to Shin as his slave. Her mother tries to stop it by urging her to apologize. Instead she comes out dressed in white as a criminal would, n say to her father: “I’ll relinquish the name Lee SR, n live as a nameless slave.” Ough!
    SuYang: Lock her up. Take her away!
    SY goes nuts over her abduction. Jong’s man delivers letter to SY at brothel. SY tells Jo n the women to go into hiding; for sure the army will be here again. Women refuse to leave their nest, but tell SY to leave w his family.
    The Shin’s want to host SR as their honored guest, she refuses.
    Shin Sr: What if she remains slave all her life?
    Shin: She comes thru my gate. She is my woman.
    Shin to SR: When the king’s anger dies down, u should apologize. He’ll forgive u.
    SR: I haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t treat me as a guest. If u can’t treat me as a slave, give me away to sb else as such.
    Shin: You really want to live as a slave? U really hate being beside me that much? I’ll no longer tolerate your seeing Kim SY. U r no longer princess. U r mine!
    Suyang drinking by himself has a moment of doubt as to whether what he did was right! Becos even his most beloved child rebels against it. Old men vow to kill Kim SY.
    Ah Kang n mother leave w Tall Guy for a hiding place. AK asks Jo to take care of her Uncle.
    SR refuses to eat; feeds on her memories w SY to steel herself.
    SY n Jo meet w his father’s former subordinates in the cannon fire n rifle sections who are willing to participate in the revolt. He tells them to get ready while he goes to meet Jong for coordination w armies fr other divisions.
    SY n Jo ovehear that princess has been given to Shin as slave-maid.
    SY: I can’t leave her in the hands of that guy.
    Jo: Don’t act without a plan.
    Shin continues to pester SR. SR: Right now, talking to u feels just like talking to my father.
    Shin: You have been brought to my house, but I still can’t feel your presence beside me. (Oh, really? We wonder why! Stupid nut!)
    Jo n TallG act as distraction while SY rescues SR.
    SR: How can, how can u come here?
    SY: I almost went crazy when I hear your news!
    They run. Run girl run! Don’t look back!
    The 2 guys retreat, n the 4 meet up at where their horses r tied:
    SY to Jo: Why do you keep helping me when u know that u can lose your life for it?
    Jo: I’m willing!
    The lovers part way w the guys. Gonversation on horseback:
    SY: Why don’t u ask where we r going?
    SR: Wherever it is, I’m willing to go.
    They stop for a rest. SR is cold. She starts a fire, getting her face all dirty. SY wipes it n kisses her face w so much tenderness n longing! This is it!
    SY: U follow me, n it’ll be a road of endless difficulty.
    SR: I’ll follow u even if it’s to the underworld.
    With that vow of endless love, they consummate their love under the stars…..
    Next morning at brkft:
    SY: We’r going to see Jong abt the uprising. I’ll no longer hide anything fr u fr now on.
    SR: Whatever u want to do, u must eat for energy. Being w me will be dangerous for u, so at any time, don’t worry abt me, leave or do whatever u need to.
    SY: We r destined to be together. No matter where the road ends, let’s travel it together.
    Tall guy stays w Ah K n mom. Jo goes back to Mapo to check on the women, n gets caught. Shin tortures him for info on SY’s where abts. Mamasan spills the beans becos she is eager to save Jo’s life.
    SY N SR arrive at Jong’s place.
    KH: Ur father is mad to make u a slave. What’ll u do?
    SY: She’ll be w me!
    SY n Jong leave to talk, n meet men fr difference armies for plans on marching on the city.
    KH: Aren’t u worried abt your father in the rising?
    SR: I’ll be lying if I say I don’t worry, but I’ll keep it all to myself.
    The men return for a drinking party. KH announces she is pregnant.
    SY n SR go for a walk. He stops to embrace her.
    SY: I’ve been wanting to hold u like mad. I wish we could live like today every day, warm n safe. However hard it gets, I can endure, as long as I have u beside me!
    Shin arrives at KH’s house. KH sends her maid out to warn the lovers. Stupid maid gets caught n tells.
    On their walk, SY sees tracks on the ground, leaves SR in hiding, n goes out to check. Sigh… every parting can be forever. SR pulls him back. He kisses her again, in the pain of having to leave her for just a minute, or maybe forever. End.

  405. 405 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap Ep 21 is being moderated!
    @ Lorelie:
    The gisaeng at Mapo is written as a transvestite, but the person playing it is a girl. She won some super model contest in Korea n has been in various shows before.
    A while back, I was speculating on the ending of a show like u. Turned out my speculation was correct. Sb got v mad at me. She was hurt that it ruined the surprise for her at the end, which was the payback for hanging on for all those eps. I wasn’t apologetic at the time. But since then, I’ve given it some thought, n am now v cognizant of those feelings fr the other side.
    For all the asking n worrying: Will they die? Will they be together? if I go n say, they’ll be just fine becos blah blah blah, n it turns out to be true, I may get some satisfaction fr: “See, I knew it; I told u so”, but if it ruins some ppl’s viewing pleasure for them, then I’d like to refrain fr doing it. That’s just what I learnt fr that experience. It’s just me. No bearing on others of course.

  406. 406 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear Moderators,
    I know it is longer than most comments, but would u be so kind as to release the Recap of Ep 21 soon? I put much effort into writing it early so that others can see it asap. Many thanks.

  407. 407 : admin Says:

    KDaddict, we already released your comment Regarding Recap of Ep 21.

  408. 408 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE RECAP KDaddict! You are the best!!!

  409. 409 : banTaI Says:

    kiss scene which i’ve wait the most hve appear..
    what again can i say..,they are brilliant..just look how both moon chae won n park shi hoo emotion..they both make it look really real..million viewers around the world salute reality acting..SUPERB!
    moon chae won..you’re my 1st.

  410. 410 : KDaddict Says:

    Recap Ep 21, cont.
    There is a bit more at the end. I cut it out to keep that Comment (404) shorter in hope that it won’t be captured for moderating. So to cont.:

    On their walk, SY sees tracks on the ground, leaves SR n goes out to check. He sees it is Shin n his men. He doubles back to tell SR to stay put, not to come out, that he’ll be right back. (We’ve heard that b4, when the bandits attacked). She pulls him back, in fear of losing him. Sigh….every parting for me forever. He kisses her again, in the pain of having to leave her for just a minute, or maybe forever.
    SY walks out to find some local soldiers who r loyal to Jong n KH. He tells them that Shin is at Jong’s house looking for him. They fear that Jong might reveal their plan of action.
    SY says: Jong won’t sell us out even if they kill him.
    They hurry over to Jong’s to help him out. SY sees Shin fr a distance.
    Shin: Kim SY, come on out. You r not one to leave your friends in danger, r u?
    SY pulls bow n arrow fr a soldier; w shaking hands he aims it at Shin.
    Just then, SR who was hiding at her dark corner, has been found by Shin’s assistant, n marched in front of Shin. SY freezes as SR is brought forth! End

    SR has been able to save SY’s life several times becos she was the princess, n becos Shin wanted to stay on her good side. On that that’s no longer the case, n that SY is soo concerned abt her, will she is a liability to him?
    I can’t wait for the next time SR n Shin r together. If Shin goes, You r my woman; why do u keep running away w that man?
    I’d be delighted IF she says: I am not Your woman. I am HIS woman, jin jia, really (for real). That should get his BP up a few notches, shouldn’t it? Heehee.

  411. 411 : PSH Says:

    can’t wait to go home to watch episode 21! i want to watch the kiss scenes! it’s so romantic! love the both of them. they are fantabulous!

  412. 412 : charis Says:

    Thanks to KDaddict for your recaps, if it isn’t for your explanation re “smoldering logs burning in a crackling fire = Sex!” then I will not understand it that far… thanks again. You’re the best!

    But why is the rating getting lower?

  413. 413 : Girls & boys Says:

    This drama is Popular in World
    TPM Ep 21 HOT HOT HOT!
    Oh God!Wonderful Kiss Scenes.
    We want more more.
    Please PSH
    World Youngs

  414. 414 : kdfan Says:

    That was making out? Really? Thats like in the woods! it was such a sweet scene. As before, thanks kdaddict for the recap.

  415. 415 : KDaddict Says:

    It too juicy a topic. I can’t resist. 😉
    B4 that night, every look, every touch betwn them was so electrifying that it was painful for them to look at or touch @ other. After that crackling fire, watch how SY back hugs her, not w longing, but w satisfaction, while she leans into him demurely, as a happy bride w her beloved husband. Also, Notice how his speech changes fr then on:
    “We’r going to see Jong abt the uprising. I’d no longer hide anything fr u from now on.”
    Becos she gave herself to him.
    “We r destined to be together now. Wherever the road takes us, we’ll travel it together.”
    To KH n Jong: “She’ll be with me”.
    That’s him taking responsibility for her, for having slept w her.
    A good show has some embedded subtlety.
    Why r the ratings lower for these 2 episodes?
    Well, I’m afraid they r more fan service than good narration. We love their holding hands, kisses and intimacy. The fangirl in me loves it too. But the cerebral part of me knows that these 2 eps r weak (dare I say boring, Pls don’t stone me!) fr a narrative sense. In 2 eps, what had happened?
    SR ran away fr palace then was taken to brothel by SY. Shin returns her to Suyang, who demotes her to a slave in Shin’s house. SY rescues her n they run away to see Jong n KH.
    See how everything else is padding? Not that I don’t love the padding. I do, but some non-fangirl viewers may not, n there r many of those in Korea, for sageuks, including some old men.
    Now I’ve exceeded my space allowance here for a week for sure! Tmr’s posting will be dicey.
    Re your Qn on Moderating:
    Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page. Look under Comment Rule, no. 1.

  416. 416 : KDaddict Says:

    To be perfectly crude (me, not her), I’d like SR to say to Shin:
    I am not your woman for having walked thru your gate. I am HIS woman for having made mad, passionate love with him in the wild, under the stars, beside that crackling fire. You stupid idiot!

  417. 417 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict God, what m I missing here? I haven’t seen Ep 21 yet n won’t b able to for probably d next 36 hrs. Jeez I just had the most serious turn on with ur comments abt our two lovers being in the woods n having lots of skinship.Gawd! What m I doing here? I m helping out with a community program up north. Cant watch fr my phone!! Guess I have to use plenty of imagination using ur recaps n comments n just so u know, I m pretty good with my imagination 😉

  418. 418 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict & charis My my you really chin cha have an overactive imagination..haha..smoldering logs burning etc etc – make sure u don’t corrupt the minds of our young viewers like @charis ..heehee. There r logs everywhere in front of me right now but no PSH or Micky. I only have these giant mosquitoes su..no better not use this verb?! feeding on me. :-((

  419. 419 : TPM Fan Says:

    Thanks KDaddict for your recap plus enlightening comment about “smouldering logs”. I had no idea though I did note the look of satisfaction on their faces in the backhugging scene and wondered if a mere passionate kiss could give rise to such an outcome. But as you rightly pointed out, the subsequent dialogue and behaviour do suggest something more happened out in the woods! 🙂

  420. 420 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdfan, charis,
    “Make out” my butt! In the Urban Dictionary, Make out is defined as:
    “the act of swapping spit with your significant other… or perhaps just some hottie you met at a party, but anyway, you just sit there sucking at each other’s faces for an extended period of time and if you’re lucky there might even be a little romming around of the hands if ya get my drift :p”
    We r talking abt going the whole 9 yards, the home run, baby!
    Now u wouldn’t want to watch TPM n miss out on the fact that they DID IT now, would u?
    Jennie, I’d be irresponsible if I let that happen, right?
    But U be careful driving on those roads, seeing burning logs L, R, n centre. Mosquitoes, su… indeed! How r u gonna last those 36 hrs??

  421. 421 : ismiati Says:

    i hope can watch this drama….

  422. 422 : owensky_73 Says:

    I really hope it has a happy ending..for me TPM is the no.1, Fighting! 🙂

  423. 423 : charis Says:

    @Jennie-416, don’t worry 36 hrs won’t be that long, you can watch it english subbed already at epdrama.com. I checked this morning ep21 is available already but no sub.
    417 PSH is already in your imagination 🙂 no need for the real PSH being there with those logs, he is too busy shooting for the last 2 eps

    @KDaddict, look fwd to yr recap tomorrow, as always with things that embedded subtlety which I surely won’t understand unless you put them in your recap.
    418, I have watched already some part of the drama, thanks to your convincing recaps, I am hating the situation that the end seems so bad for our heroes, sigh……

  424. 424 : Girls & boys Says:

    The best Love scenes Ep 21 part 3-4 and Ep 22 Patr 5.
    We watching more more This parts.
    WE Love you—-> PSH & MCW so much.

  425. 425 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    I am so happy that SY and SR are having more camera time together. It was really nice from the writers to give us some eye candy, before they resume the coup back 🙂

    @KDaddict, I’m so looking forward to your recap of ep 22 🙂 Thanks to you I get my fix of TPM while waiting for the subtitles!!!

  426. 426 : kdfan Says:

    The whole nine yards! Whoa.. I like :).. ok watching ep 21 again!

  427. 427 : PSH Says:

    oh now that i read the analysis of the woods scenes from KDaddict, i begin to believe they really did make out in the woods! wow..

  428. 428 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap Ep 22:
    This is one sad episode. It is abt Jung Jong n Princess Kyung Hye, their doomed lives and their short melancholic love affair. On acct of space n moderating pressure, I always wrote succinct, cryptic, precise recaps. I’d like to write a proper one that this episode deserves.
    Part 1:
    SR is brought before Shin Myeong. Shin wastes no time in asking her where Seung Yoo is. She insists time and again that he has left already. Shin doesn’t believe her n promptly holds her at sword’s edge. SY watches in alarm. But KH steps in front of SR, putting herself at peril. Jong immediately steps betwn sword n KH. Seeing that, SY worries abt Jong n immediately shoots the arrow into Shin. A fight ensues. In the chaos, SY takes SR n ride away on horseback.
    Shin is not heavily injured. He stands to confront Jong. Why are soldiers here? Are u planning a revolt? You really don’t want to live? Where is Kim SY going? Jong gets mad n in the scuffle, a letter drops onto the floor fr his sleeve.
    That is the letter that Kam Song wrote to him abt the planning of the revolt. Earlier that evening, after the meeting w participating soldiers, SY had asked Jong why he didn’t burn that letter, n was putting it away on his person instead. Jong had said, he wanted to show it to Princess KY, for she’ll be so pleased w the way the effort was going. He hasn’t even gotten that chance yet n Shin is already upon them. Of course being found w that letter is like signing the death warrant for him, for Kam Song, n for the deposed Boy King!
    The lovers are riding away, but SY gets worried abt Jong being caught, so they double back.
    SuYang sees the letter n is incensed. He wants to have Jong executed, torn fr limb to limb, asap, the next day.
    Shin visits Jong in prison, again offering him his life if he’d only bring Kim SY.
    SY, SR, bring KH n arrive at the brothel to see it closed. Tall guy is waiting to bring SY to Jo as per Jo’s instruction. They go to their hide-out in the boondocks. They talk abt Jong’s situation. KH says she must go to see Jong. There she sees Shin, who like a broken record, says she can get Jong back if she offers up SY. KH goes in to see Jong w that idea in mind. To his credit, Jong ever so calmly explains to KH that his death warrant had been signed. That no matter what, Suyang won’t let him live. That KH had promised Suyang they’d live out their lives quietly, but had broken that promise. That they not only will kill him, they r only using him as bait to lure n kill SY as well. Jong tells KH not to fall for their lie, not to let them get what they want, which is 2 birds w 1 stone. KH digests the truth of it n calms down, in despair.
    SY invites the head of the cannon brigade to discuss rescuing Jong. The authorities have already forbidden any access to weaponry.
    KH returns, a walking zombie. SR follows. KH tells her what Jong has said, that they must not let SY know that the execution date is tmr. N definitely not to let SY go near the prison tonite, for a trap has been set. The rebellion can’t afford to lose both men. SR is visibly relieved. KH is in so much control of herself thru all of this.
    Jong in prison is thinking of his wife m baby. He asks for ink brush n paper to name his baby.

  429. 429 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap Ep 22, Part 2:
    SR’s brother, Song (as in pine tree), is dying. He tells Suyang that he feels stiffled in the palace n wants to leave. His mother offers to move him back to their former residence.
    Meanwhile, KH wants to look nice for her husband, when she sees him one last time. She has her maid make her up esp. beautiful for the occasion of Jong’s execution. Jong is moved upon seeing her, but asks her not to go to the execution grounds for the gruesome sight.
    KH: I can’t follow you in death becos of the baby. But I must let it see what kind of a good person its father is. Jong gives the note w the baby names to KH.
    Jong: Whether it is a boy or girl, please bring it up so that it is just as brave n beautiful as its mother.
    To Shin he says: SY doesn’t know today is the day. So you won’t get your way. Tho I was irritated w you, I never hated you. SY is pitiful. You r pitiful too!
    Jong is walked to execution grounds, where Suyang is present.
    Suyang: Last time your wife begged me for your life. This time, u must beg for it.
    In defiance, Jong told SuY even in his death, he’ll torture SuY in his dreams, so that SuY will always suffer. With those last words, Jong was robed, head and limbs, n ordered to be torn apart by 5 horses.
    The cannon division head runs up to give SY the news that Jong’s execution is today, not the next day, as KH n SR has told them. SY runs out in alarm. When SY gets there, it is already over. He only sees the blood that is left on the ground.
    SY comes home mad at SR for lying. SR hangs her head, n just follows him in worry.
    Now Shin is drinking, w his assistant in attendance.
    Shin: How do u feel abt life? I feel I’ve had enough of it. I killed Jong. My friend’s blood is on my hands.
    KH comes home to an indignant SY. KH tells him to wake up, not to let Jong’s concern for his life go to waste. She tells him to collect Jong’s body for burial. We can’t just let it lie discarded on the floor.
    The 3 Musketeers go to collect Jong’s body in the thick of night. Next morning, while burying her husband, KH is not crying. It reminds me of that time when she said to SR while being chased out of the palace: Tears are a luxury that only those w spare space in their heart can afford.
    The 4 Old Men decide that this is a good time to let the world know abt the sins of Jong, Kam Song, etc, n accuse the Boy King for being their leader, hence killing him off as well.
    SuYang is drinking n lamenting on all his difficulties after ascending the throne. His ever so cool n “wise” wife advises him to continue to be strong. He decrees that KH will be a Gwonbi exiled to the frontier from now on. (A slave-maid owned by the court).
    Poison is delivered to Kan Song n the Boy King separately. The Boy looks up to the sky n says: It is a beautiful day today. Looks like something good will happen. Sister, I miss u so much.
    (I need to take a break. This is too sad to write abt).

  430. 430 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap Ep 22. Part 3:
    KH has been handed the sentence of being a Gwonbi Slave-maid owned by the throne), n is not eating. Her maid urges her to eat for the sake of the baby.
    KH: What will u do when I become a Gwonbi?
    Maid: I’ll keep my promise to the PuMa (Consort) n serve u till I die.
    SR has been coming to visit KH every day, be is refused entry. She kneels at the doorway. KH tells her not to come visit anymore becos her father has handed out such a sentence.
    SY is also in the worst of moods n has locked himself in his room. SR has to stand outside: I’ll wait till u come out; if u want to say anything, just call out. She sits outside thru the night.
    At dawn, SY comes out to sit beside her.
    SY: I so want to leave everything n go far far away fr here. Give up on revenge, give up on our love. Why am I engaged in a fight that I cannot win? But how can I be so weak when Teacher n Jong had given me an important mission. I’m the only one who can resist Suyang now. It doesn’t matter to me if I shed blood or if I die. Winning is not as impt as the act of resistance. The war will start soon. The burden upon you will get heavier. I’m sorry that you’ll feel even more pain.
    SR: That’s alright. I don’t know how to begin to do penance (for her father’s sins).
    SY meets w the prople fr the cannon brigade. There r only a few of them left now. SY surmises that they should find a new base and regroup elsewhere. The section cheif tells him that his father Kim JS had built a far off base in anticipation of future need, in a place called Hon Git Island. That the ppl there r loyal to KJS, that they’ll welcome him w open arms for sure. So that’s their plan. One guys gets up in the meeting, to go on surveillance around Suyang’s former home, becos they know that his dying son is there.
    SR goes to the temple to pray, to seek solace. There she meets her mother, making offerings to the gods to plead for her son’s life. Mother asks SR where she is living; if she is with SY, to which SR doesn’t answer. Mother tells her that her brother is only asking for SR now, n that SR should come home to visit the boy. That she’ll intercede w Suyang to forgive SR if she’ll just come home. SR hears it all, n gets up to leave.
    Suyang to wife: Yes, tell her to come home.
    Wife: You’ll forgive her then?
    Suyang to Shin, sitting next to them: When SR comes, u must make use of her to capture n kill KimSY! Well, these two certainly think alike. No wonder they get along so well.
    SR is worried abt her brother, n hangs around the periphery of the house, trying to get news of him
    Yeo Ri sees her n runs up to her, calling out “Princess”, to warn her abt Suyang’s plan, that there is no real forgiveness involved. Their exchange is seen n heard by none other than the guy fr the meeting sent out to do surveillance. He reports back to the group that the young woman among their midst is none other than the princess, the daughter of Suyang whom they r trying to kill. The men r in an uproar.
    Brigade chief is mighty surprised that SY is living w Suyang’s daughter. SY confirms it. Chief says it is problematic, n tht they ppl at Hon Git Island won’t accept to have her among them. They leave in disagreement. SR is outside; she hears their conversation.
    Even Jo, who knows that SR is thoroughly trust-worthy thinks that it’ll be a liability to bring her w them.
    SY comes out to talk to SR. We’ll be leaving for our new base in a couple days. How is your brother? You must be worried.
    SR: I want to go riding.
    SY: Now? So late at night?
    They go riding, n it rains on them. They r both wet, fr the rain. SY stops the horse at a hut. You go in n dry yourself 1st. I’ll go look for some firewood.
    SR takes off her top inside. When SY enters w a lamp, she drapes it back on her shoulders. He puts a blanker over her wet body, n turns around to leave the room, but SR calls out to him.
    SR: I won’t go w you. I don’t want to be a burden to you.
    SY: What do you mean? U heard them?
    SR: I’ll wait for your return. Don’t forget me.
    SY: I’ll definitely take u with me.
    He walks up to hold her from the back. He snuggles up to her, burying his face in the hollow of her neck. He pulls her cover off, n sees the arrow wound on her back. He binds down to kiss it, with tears streaming down his face. End of Ep 22.

  431. 431 : KDaddict Says:

    Recap Ep 22, Part 3, already posted. Just waiting for release by admin.

  432. 432 : KDaddict Says:

    I am very glad that a show like this one comes along that makes me fall in love with it without reservations. On the other hand, I’m relieved that it happens only once in a blue moon. Since it started on 7/20, I’ve had to clear my calendar every Wed evening thru Fri, when I watch it live, mull over it, n write abt it. The rest of the week I worry abt them, these ppl in the show, real as well as fictional. I google in different languages n search on youtube. You may get the feeling that I have no life. Well, since 7/20, I’ve put on hold everything that I can put on hold. I’ve even postponed my summer vacation till after this show ends on 10/6, when it’ll no longer be summer. In mid Oct, I’ll go to Japan to view the autumn colors (red leaves) n soak in onsens. I can get my life back.
    If they should live happily ever after, I’ll be able to put them down sooner. If not, I’ll be eating my heart out for a while. Either way, I’ll miss them n feel empty for a while. What abt you?

  433. 433 : charis Says:

    KDaddict-430 Thank you very much for your recaps. It is so sad, and I feel empty already. Is there still any part-3 that you haven’t wrote? or is it finished already up to part 2?

  434. 434 : KDaddict Says:

    You know I wouldn’t be ruminating on our upcoming emptiness without finishing the Recap.
    Part 3 already posted b4 2pm, but has been captured for moderating. U might send them a message abt it, like mine (#406) yesterday.

  435. 435 : Ces Says:

    Goodness! What’s taking them so long to post KDaddict’s part 3 recap??!

    I’ve been a follower of this site for just 2 days and I have every intention of reading each comment starting page 1 (sigh). I wish I have all the time in the world to do so. To bask in the misery and joy that these two lovers went through is a very much welcome change in an oftentimes dull and regimented life.

    Same as KDaddict, I fell in love with this drama hook, line and sinker. And it’s quite difficult to think of anything that would replace it in my thoughts as I retire once in a while in the privacy of my mind.

    Be it so, if there happens to be an International festival or something that would allow online voters to vote for the best drama of the season. Kindly inform me. Without hesitation I will vote for TPM hands down in all categories!

    Oh, btw, thank you very much KDaddict for your recaps and comments here. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading a thorough treatise on the historical, cultural and symbolic perspectives of Korean life during the Joseon dynasty as presented in TPM. Sounds very academic yet fun to read too. Hehehe… I thoroughly enjoy them and I haven’t read them all yet.

  436. 436 : admin Says:

    KDaddict, we already released your comment Regarding Recap of Ep 22 (Part 3).

  437. 437 : kdfan Says:

    That was a really good recap, thanks KDaddict.
    So so sad. Hate it that next week is the last run of the drama.
    It has been so good from beginning til now.
    Best sageuk for me. And best pairing for a sageuk.
    Here’s hoping and praying for a good ending.

  438. 438 : nikita Says:

    this series is awazing!!! the cinematography, the script and the actors are great..
    sadness… it will end next week.. i’m hoping for this series to extend but sadly it didn’t.. hope they give us a great and remarkable ending…

  439. 439 : KoreanDA Says:

    I simply adore Moon Chae Won’s acting and am very sad the drama is going to end soon.
    I have become a Korean Drama addict after watching this show. Hope this will be a happy

  440. 440 : Viewers Says:

    The best drama 2011 is TPM very exciting ,sad love and very beautiful
    Yes!There will be an endless road of hardship.
    We were impressed can not sleep.
    Oh!MCW and PSH are very very nice a Couple Nr.1

    We thanks of PSH & MCW

  441. 441 : charis Says:

    To KDaddict, I got this song lyric from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndyRdEWaBpw, would like to ask you for this text “honjaman haneun i sarang kkeuchi boiji anha”, if it really means
    “I don’t really see an end to this one-sided love”.
    I don’t get the point as to why this text is in the song since MCW and PSH loves each other. Thank you and hv a great wkend!

  442. 442 : Eu.As.Us Says:

    There is Great star two Korean drama in World.
    1- Perincess Hours —> Superstar: Ju Ji Hun
    2-The Princess,Man –> Superstar: Park shi Hoo & MCW
    Lasting for all generations.
    Most memorable moments in our life.
    We never forget.
    Thank you directors and actors very much.
    Asia,Europa and America People

  443. 443 : Robee Says:


    I am trying to find the name of the music that is used in the show, it is an instrumental song. Played towards the end of episode 1. can anybody help with the name?

  444. 444 : KDaddict Says:

    If u look at the rest of the lyrics of that song, it is abt a woman in love w a man she cannot express her love to. This song appears for the 1st time in Ep 3, at 30mins, when the king wants Kim SY to marry Princess KH. Knowing that he is going to be the Consort, SR feels that it is a hopeless love.
    The song appears again in later eps, when Suyang has killed Kim JS. At that pt, SR feels even more keenly that SY can’t reciprocate her love. This is a v good drama becos it bears watching more than once, to not only enjoy the story, but also savor the acting, the music n songs.

    Has everyone watched Ep 22 yet? It is so sad, so beautiful.
    I didn’t like the actors who played KH n Jong to begin w. I thoroughly hated her in Lie to Me, when she played a bitch pretending to be bff. I thought she was too skinny, face too pointy. Same for Jong. In Life is beautiful, the actor played a lout, a good for nothing husband, who looked old b4 his time. It wasn’t until ep 22 that I came around to like them both. For the actor, when he was in prison, looking up at his wife, w so much love n tenderness, to explain to her the necessity of keeping SY alive; he actually became good looking in that scene. And the actress was superb in the scene where she told SR to lie to SY abt Jong’s execution date. She kept a stiff upper lip in the worst circumstance. Korea really has an abundance of good actors!

  445. 445 : anna Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH. korean acting is just amazing! ahh i hear park shi hoo is going to be working on another drama i can’t wait >

  446. 446 : anna Says:

    my top 3 sageuks are TPM, JMG, and Dong Yi. TPM is the best so far, but if you like TPM im sure you’ll like ja myung go! they’re kinda similar, both really good 🙂 osts are all amazing tooo. ahh gotta love romance sageuks

  447. 447 : anna Says:

    TPM please have a good ending >

  448. 448 : anna Says:

    i don’t think i could bear a tragic one..i’ll probably be thinking about this drama even weeks after its over sigh. i hope TPM wins many awards!

  449. 449 : Princessfan Says:

    TPM is the only drama that touched my heart, pleased my eyes and hummed in my ears. There will probably be another drama that I will like but probably not in the same way as TPM. I am both happy and sad that TPM is ending. Happy as I have a feeling that they will be together in the end but sad as it will be ending. I just hope that this drama will win many awards in acting, cinematography, editing, musical scoring and story.
    I also thank everyone for the comments, additional info and recaps, most especially KDaddict. I will miss reading them all.
    Fighting everyone!

  450. 450 : Farida Says:

    Pleease someone out there – tell me all the songs that appeared in this drama.

  451. 451 : KDaddict Says:

    In history, Princess KH did become a Gwonbi. That was a status given out as punishment to the female members of families the heads of which had committed crimes against the state (throne). Feudal society was extremely status oriented. Ppl were divided into 9 classes or castes Gwonbi belonged to the lowest of classes. They did not have the right to even look others in the eye. Also, since they were slaves owned by the govt, the govt could assign them any job, any where. As a rule, they were often exiled to far off territories, near the border, and not infrequently as sex-slaves to soldiers stationed there. It was done to humiliate them, but to punish n insult the men to whom they belonged, be it father or husband. So KH’s status had become much lower than that of her maid.
    In folklore, Jung Jong died by the hands of Sejo, which wasn’t surprising, given what Jong was bent on doing.

    They stated shooting TPM the latter of June. Park Si Hoo has said in various interviews that he has been sleeping abt an hour every 3 days. By end of Ep 22, you can see that he is barely able to stand up straight. His eye bags r the size of Montana. It is funny that he always has 1 eye bag (L) bigger than the other. Meanwhile, he has to pretend to be romantic n kiss SR’s bare back, while crying a river. Whereas Mon CW n Hong (KH) have eye circles so dark that even make-up can’t hide. While Hong (KH) has those big difficult scenes re Jong’s death!

    It has been confirmed that Park Si Hoo (I’ve to type out his name instead of his initials; I was beginning to forget his name!) has signed on to make a film called I am a Murderer. Guess when it begins shooting?
    Oct 7, 2011.
    TPM airs its finale on 10/6. Knowing their production system, it’ll be shooting till 1 or 2 hours before air time! So he goes home to shower n sleep for One night, and goes to shoot the film the next day!

  452. 452 : KDaddict Says:

    Some are saying that Shin Myung is a tragic char to be pitied. Well, I beg to differ. I think a reasonable or sane man should stay away from:
    1. his best friend’s woman;
    2. a woman who already has a lover;
    3. a woman who has no interest in him at all;
    4. a woman who wouldn’t possibly love him in this life time.
    If he insists on doing any or all of the above, then his tragedy is of his own creation, n our pity would be wasted on him.
    In contrast, I think that the true tragic figures in this drama are Kyung Hye, his young brother, and by association Jung Jong. The 1st two had no choice in being born to a sickly king who died young, leaving them orphans n easy prey to ambitious grown men. Their fate was sealed the min. their father grew sick. And Jong was drawn into this vortex becos Suyang wanted a helpless mate for the helpless KH. In the drama, they lived n died w dignity.

    When this is over, I’ll watch either Family Honor or QoR to cure me of my PSH bug, or maybe to get more bitten by it.
    Thank u to @TC for vouching for QoR n to @charis for giving me links to its OST video. I love them!

  453. 453 : Viewers Says:

    We all of websites,s to best drama 2011 >The Princess,Man

  454. 454 : Clara Says:

    TPM is:
    Great LOVE and Revenge…………!
    Oh P.Su Yang!The worlds people have hate of you.
    Se Ryung with Seung Yu
    said :
    I swear i love you i love going to die soon in world.
    Tonight i want to do……
    I doing praying for you
    I swear to die of broken hearts
    one when you do not think i am not miss for you.
    I will wait for you.
    OH GREAT LOVE in the WORLD ( Se Ryung with Seung Yu)

  455. 455 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict 452
    I am waiting to see the last episode of TPM to determine the taste it’d leave in my mouth ^.^ (in reference to your question on #432). Right now I have a lot of mixed sad feelings and I may not be objective with this great drama.

    I know many PSH fans were in love with QoR, but being obsessed with PSH myself, I just couldn’t digest QoR due to the main actress’ hysteria. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understood the character of Hwang Tae Hee and could relate to her in some counted very occasions; however, that is not enough justification for the writer going overboard when the character was dealing with her marriage … {sight} there was just too much screaming and chaos that made it very difficult for me to watch.

    I may be bias here when I say that the best way to satisfy your PSH bug will be by watching Family’s Honor ^.^ On one hand you have the Ha family with hundreds of years of traditions, who keep true to themselves despite the modern days without being stiff a-holes. On the other hand you have the Lee family (PSH’s family), who under the cause of becoming an aristocrat family would stop at nothing … but in the end, they will change their ways and redeem themselves.

    Yoon Jung Hee did an excellent job as the dignified and virtuous Ha Dan Ah, who was able to transform the beast in Lee Kang Suk (PSH) into a human being. The way the writer portrait the importance of the family and how they developed each and every character just made me fall in love with this 54-episode drama. You can watch the whole drama here:

    These were my humble two cents of the day ^.~

  456. 456 : Paramis Says:

    EP 21 ,22 only love secens PSH & MCW is very very beautiful.
    I love two so much

  457. 457 : TPsM Says:

    the best drama for this year by FAR..
    easily in my top5 kdrama of all time

  458. 458 : KDaddict Says:

    I haven’t seen either QoR or Family Honor. See? I’m really more obsessed w TPM than w PSH.
    I couldn’t even finish Prosecutor Princess, on acct of the actress n that char she plays! Afraid I feel the same way abt Kim NJ in QoR. I like everyone in Family Honor, the actress Yoon JH n also the 2nd male lead. But I just automatically skip over anything over 24 eps. But Family Honor sounds like my cup of tea now that you’ve laid it out for me. TQ. Synopses are often so bland u can’t tell a thing fr them.
    For TPM, even if the ending is not a happy one, don’t hold it against the show. Be mad at it for a day or so, then love it anyway. It’s been a really good show. 🙂

  459. 459 : Jennie Says:

    I finally caught up with 21 & 22 and aww… the love scenes were sooo much more than I imagined them to be. I love the scriptwriter!! She definitely gets my stamp of approval- she gave us more tender loving scenes of the two leads than we could have ever asked for and so many kissing scenes in one episode, simply satisfyingl!! At the same time, as we r cheering for the two leads, our hearts bleed for Jong and Proncess KH. I love the dialogue in this drama too-they are simple yet convey a thousand meaning and touch our hearts so much that I feel like shouting out to the world that I LOVE this drama and crazy enough to wish I could ride into the screen and make everything right for them!! Real madness! One dialogue that really caught my attention was the comment made by the second guy fr the whore house again (how come he gets all the punch lines?) Last time he said something funny about having plenty of rooms and wasn’t as if they were gonna use the rooms to ferment soya sauce whrn SY took SR to the whorehouse. This time he said something that totally describes the tragedy of the drama. He said, “Woeful at being together, woeful even when together”. Ahhh..I hope the scriptwriter keeps her momentum and give us the ult. ending!!

    @KDaddict : I’d like to congratulate you for successfully “interpreting” the “burning logs” scene. I actually doubted whether it was meant to be that way but now that I have seen it, you’re absolutely CORRECT. I definitely saw the contented and satisfied looks esp. on PSH 😀

  460. 460 : kdfan Says:

    now that the show is coming to an end, this is a nice one to see the lighter side of the casts

  461. 461 : KDaddict Says:

    Actually I have more evidence fr ep 22 that they did it beside the fire in ep 21. It is v subtle, but it reinforces my argument fr b4.
    When SR went up to him and said: I want to go riding; it was said w an air of certainty and entitlement. U know how she has been extremely formal w him, v apologetic, always fearful to impose herself upon him. If they hadn’t done it, I guarantee u she wouldn’t dare say that to him in so direct a way.
    Then when he took the blanket off her shoulder, it too was done w an air of familiarity. Being a gentlemen, he wouldn’t have just pull off her covers like that if it hadn’t been done b4.
    Matter of fact there are two writers: One for the historical stuff n one for the romantic stuff, n I love them both. One gets the history n folklore down v well, the other keeps the tension high in their relationships, such that I can’t fault w this script anywhere, except for that 1 small transgression I mentioned b4, when the soldiers were handling SR roughly at the brothel. This should win many awards when the time comes.
    In ep 1, at 64 mins. when she is riding on the runaway horse n he is chasing fr behind, the song is Destino, which is repeated many many many times thru the show. If that is not the one u mean, then u have to be more specific in your Qn.

  462. 462 : tc Says:

    To KDaddict

    Yes, Lorelie (455) is right on Family Honor, being a better drama to cure PSH bug . The heroine Dan Ah was so pretty and well mannered. I like the transformation of PSH’s character in the drama from a cold arrogant guy into a loving, passionate and warm guy due to his love for Dan Ah. There are many romantic scenes and great declaration of love from PSH. Do read the review of Family Honor by Sukting in Spcnet.

    In the meantime, really look forward to your prompt recap on the last 2 episodes of TPM this week. Agree with you that despite a tragic ending for the drama since the writer is sticking close to history, TPM is still one of the best dramas and both leads really deserve to win awards for their acting.

  463. 463 : Jennie Says:

    @459 Second last line should be ” Woeful at being apart, woeful even when together”

  464. 464 : umie Says:

    wow! Park Si Hoo is a very hard working actor. I love to watch TPM but some scenes are not suitable to view with family ( children). I changed to other channel for a few minutes and back to TPM.

  465. 465 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Yes, agree totally with you about the other two scenes. When she asked him to go horseriding, my first thought was ah, that’s the confirmation that they’ve definitely done it. When he kissed her scar, not only he didn’t hesitate, like you say, he also knew exactly where her scar was. I like how the script has been so thoughtfully and carefully written and it reminds me of SeGa. I enjoyed all the connotations, the imageries, the witty dialogue etc in SeGa. In TPM, I like how the writers portray the grandiose of those days, the unhurried pace, the gentleman behaviours of SY and Jong (I love the way these two men protect their loved ones), the ever -graceful SR-eventho she was an adventurous girl, she still had the air of gracefulness about her esp during the swing competition, the gentle touches and the subtle love scenes of course. Yeah, TPM deserves to win at least one award, no less. Bravo to the two writers (I didn’t know there were two). I shall be quite quite sad when this drama comes to an end. Am such a sucker for romance!!

  466. 466 : Jennie Says:

    @464 umie Huh? Change channel? You must be joking, right? Children shouldn’t be watching in the first place. I think this drama is rated for those above 15 years old.

  467. 467 : KDaddict Says:

    My favorite cousins fr half way around the world are in town for 3 days, starting tmr. I’ll play host tmr n Wed till dinner, when I’ll take them to a seafood dinner, then pretend that I get food poisoning, so that I can run home for my live viewing of ep 23. (See, I got it all planned out!) Food poisoning should be good for excusing myself till Thurs. nite, after ep.24! Too bad they leave Fri morning! I mean, I can’t let real ppl come betwn me n my TPM. It’s the finale, no less! Those of u who r not yet addicted, take heed! This is what KD addiction will reduce u to–an anti-social drama crack-head!

    I feel that we should organize a soju-cum-karaoke session after the finale, where we can talk abt TPM into the small hours of the nite, n belt out our TPM OSTs! Bara bol su bake eopseoseo…..

    U saw my earlier argument for their having done it (#415)? Evidence has been peppered everywhere. I love it that the writer is so meticulous, which is grt for meticulous viewers! Since u love Lee Dong Wook, u must have seen Partner, also co-written by this writer.
    I’m so happy Secret Garden has won Writing AwardS, in the Korean Drama Awards 2010, and 2011. It also won the Daesang Award (Grand Prize) KDA 2011. Yipee!! I believe if Hyun Bin ssi weren’t in MS, he’d have won Best Actor!
    R u the same TC who left comments on QoR, who talked to me abt QoR earlier? Cos there is another KDAddict who is not me. Theirs is a capital A, mine is small “a” in addict.
    It is a pain to watch a drama in which u only like half the OTP, like @Lorem was agonizing over TPM cos she doesn’t care for PSH. In Family Honor, I like Yoon JH in Dear Heaven n Blissful Woman. I like the 2nd male lead too, who is an up n coming actor; he appeared in A good day for the wind to blow, n Heartstrings. And I like the story that U n Lorelie outlined for me. U r rt–Spcnet does have good reviews. It’s a much safer bet for me. TQ v much. But then I’ll probably get the bug for PSH even worse, esp if he has a shower scene, or maybe 2, since there r 60 eps! Heehee.

  468. 468 : KDaddict Says:

    Maybe it won’t have a sad ending after all. Don’t lose heart!
    That line: “Woeful at being apart, woeful even when together” was a great line. Unfortunately it was given to the 3rd Musketeer, who completely botched the delivery! If given to Jo Suk Joo, it’d have come out much more effectively.
    I’ve been harboring a naughty thought: SR askes him to go riding cos she wants to go some place to be alone w him, to light his fire again! Hek hek hek! before they have to part ways cos she doesn’t intend to follow him to Hon Git Island.
    There is so much to love abt this drama. It stands up to interpretation n appreciation. Hip hip Hooray!

  469. 469 : Wolfgang Says:

    Thanks for the best drama 2011—-> TPM
    Every episode was Packed with so many exciting.
    Anyway the cast PSH and MCW were very very Professional a nice working.
    what,s more important this drama have Million,s Viewers.
    We really loved to watch them.
    So once more more THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU actors and director
    Especially THANKS of PSH & MCW

  470. 470 : Yashion Says:

    Especially Thaks of PSH & MCW in the best drama 2011 The Princess,Man.
    We really love them with much more.
    We hopeThese two are in more drama,s acted together.
    PSH & MCW are ability to all role and acting Perfect.
    The Tone of Voice Two (PSH & MCW) are very nice.
    Really they have best Voice.
    THANK YOU KBS2 such a amazing drama.
    We miss KD.TPM

  471. 471 : tc Says:

    To KDaddict (452)

    Yes, I am the same TC that recommended QOR to you earlier. I enjoy watching all PSH’s dramas. He has good chemistry with all his leads but I personally prefer his pairing with MCW. Such awesome chemistry! I also like him in Prosecutor Princess but somehow I am not drawn to Kim So Yeon, maybe due to my dislike of her character in All About Eve.

  472. 472 : charis Says:

    @LiebeLorelie 455: Is family honor a kind of drama with happy ending?

    @KDaddict 444,452: thank you for making the song lyrics clear to me.
    I’d like to suggest these 2 songs and the links to youtube:
    Is there anything you can share with us re the scriptwriter?
    So looking forward to reading yr recaps in 2 days coming.Thank you very much.

    @KDaddict 151: this might be the link to the vid:

    @Farida 450 see page 11 #275

  473. 473 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict, TC, and Jennie,

    After reading the majority of our pots throughout the past few weeks, I come to this conclusion:

    A. We all agree that TPM is by far the best 2011 Kdrama out right now (and I doubt it’d be topped in a long time);

    B. We find PSH very attractive (specially when it comes to the shower/shirtless scenes) tee-hee ^.~; and,

    C. We prefer the main female characters to be dignified, classy, and graceful like those of YJH’s and MCW’s (I’d be really disappointed if MCW doesn’t receive an award for her performance in TPM).

    I totally love the idea of KDaddict (467) to have a soju-cum-karaoke session after the finale… too bad I’m not in Korea right now T-T

  474. 474 : KDaddict Says:

    Don’t worry everyone. This drama will totally take PSH and MCW to the next levels of their career, n HongSH too, for that matter. Even Shin Myeong’s assistant, Baek is garnering a lot of attention. So when a show does well, it is a boost to the career of everyone involved.
    PSH was on the verge of breakout. If he had been paired w other actresses in QoR n PP, it’d have already happened! Nothing wrong w KimNJ, no offense to her fans, just that she doesn’t match well w PSH, n she wasn’t meant to when they set up the show. As for KimSH, I don’t recognize or even remember her fr All abt Eve. It is difficult to keep track of K-actresses who keep tweaking their faces w/p surgery! But her recent looks r unfortunate; her hairstyle in PP most unfortunate of all!!!
    TPM is ruining all KDs for me rt now. Can’t stand to watch anything out there. They all feel like crap compared to this!
    @TC n Lorelie,
    I’ll watch FH. Just curious: Are there any shower or pool scenes in Family Honor? R.S.V.P. Hope to get sth to sweeten the deal, but it being a family drama, I’m not hopeful.
    Korea or not, we r not in the same place. So how to commiserate over the end of TPM?
    Cousins r shopping. I sit in the corner typing on my iPad. They think I’m working, hee hee.

  475. 475 : hallyu lover Says:

    I really love the scenes when PSH & MCW are on a horse together and when PSH says “oh ho..” to ask the horse to stop! he portrays the manliness of the character Kim Sung Kyu so well…when he says “oh ho..”, I love it as I can feel the security from a Nam Ja haha…

  476. 476 : kdfan Says:

    KDaddict, thanks in advance for preparing the recap for Wed’s episode! It’s been tough the past 5-6 days. I agree with you about PSH’s female lead pairing before MCW. KNJ and KSY are good actresses but somehow something just didn’t click. The only time I like KSY was in IRIS. I can’t wait to watch KBS award night, I really hope TPM will win many awards. I also like Yoon Wha Jae In’s Longing as the best OST. This is my best drama pick for the year.

  477. 477 : TPM Says:

    can’t wait for the last episode! hope it will be a happy ending!

  478. 478 : Kfan Says:

    Just watched finished ep22 🙂 Anyway, this website: http://www.myentertainmenthall.net/2011/08/princess-man.html is good as it provide english and chinese subbed :p

  479. 479 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict (474), there’s a shower scene!! And he looks HOT!!!!!!!!
    I’m in MD, USA… any of you near by for a TPM finale soju/karaoke… I’m going to miss this great dramaA

  480. 480 : Jennie Says:

    @charis, KDaddict, LiebeLorelei Hahahaha, KDAddict (scream, scream), have you seen the vid which, I think it was Mic who mentioned and which charis just sent us the link? AHHH, in TPM, the scene was too brief and it was dark but in this vid, you can see practically everythg (swoon swoon swoon). Great job, charis. KDaddict must be in seventh heaven now. Hey KDaddict, don’t replay the vid too many times n keep an eye on ur cousins ok, in case u lose them!

    Lorelei, yep, agree with ur conclusions esp his leading ladies. I skipped QoR cos I thought NJ was way to old for him. Which actress would you gals like to see with PSH in one of his dramas? I’d like to see him with Sung Yuri, Song Hye Gyo, Shin Min Ah and maybe Chae Rim.

    Mayb we can all come to this thread after watching the final epi. Probably have to watch it raw but at least we know how it ends 😀

  481. 481 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @ charis (472) family honor has a very happy ending! I literally cried out of happiness at the last scene of PSH and HDA. By far, FH is the best work of PHS after TPM.

  482. 482 : Jennie Says:

    @anna (446) Since you love romance sagueks, have you seen Yi San, Hong Gil Dong and especially Ballad of Seo Dong? They are among my favourite sagueks. Thought you might give them a try since I like Dong Yi too, tho Yi San is slightly better. Saw JMG on and off on tv but never got to watch the ending. Tried getting a hard copy but couldnt find it in the stores with Eng subs.

  483. 483 : tc Says:

    To KDaddict

    Yes, as mentioned by Lorelie, there is a shower scene in FH where PSH was muttering to himself and banged the shower screen in frustration as he did not understand himself on the rationale for asking Yoon JH to agree on mock dating!

    There is also a dance scene in QOR whereby PSH danced and revealed his chest. You can watch it in YouTube – QOR episode 16 – Goo Yong Shik’s dance.

    I am from Malaysia, so looks like the chance of get together for a Soju
    is slim!

  484. 484 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    As Jennie said on her post 480, let’s come back here to celebrate the grand finale! 😀

  485. 485 : charis Says:

    @Jennie(480) Sorry Jen, but I think Kwon Sang Woo has better ab than PSH (don’t stone me) but I do hope you gals enjoy the vid.
    For me any drama PSH acts, either 1 or 2 lead, I’m going to watch it. That’s why I finished QoR although I found it quite boring with other actor/acctress other than PSH.
    I’d like to see him with Sung Yuri in his future drama.
    Surely I come to this thread after watching the final epi. The raw might be available on the 7th I think.

    @LiebeLorelie(479,481) Yay! Shower scene + very happy ending = PERFECT 😀
    Thank you for suggesting this drama. Today I checked some dvd stores, unfortunately this drama wasn’t available anymore. I’ll try to watch it online then.

  486. 486 : KDaddict Says:

    @charis, hi,
    You sweet girl! How did u manage to find that particular vid of ALL the vids of PSH out there? U just made yourself a friend! U know what? I laughed my head off when I played that vid. There is sth real silly abt a grown man preening himself, hair by hair, muscle by muscle in front of the mirror and camera, even tho it is his job! It’d drive me nuts if my boyf or lover does that! (So I kinda understand what Mic meant.) Tho it was dark n brief when he dropped his robe off his shoulder in ep 12, it was extremely sexy. This somehow is not. But I’m extremely thankful to charis for finding it, or else I’d be wondering abt it the rest of my life!
    U r in MD, really? I was in Rockville, MD. My house is still there! Can’t get rid of it in this housing mkt. I really like the pho shop in Rockville.
    TQ n @TC for the tip on the All-impt shower scene. I’ll definitely start FH when this is over.
    @kdfan, I watched IRIS, but didn’t see Kim SY at all. When I like an actor, I’m really focused; when I don’t then it’s watch but don’t see.
    See you all again soon!

  487. 487 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @ Jennie (480), I’d like to see PSH acting with Choi Ji Woo, Shin Min Ah, Song Hye Gyo, or Yoon Eun Hye … but they need to keep their long hair 🙂

    ok, I think I need to get back to work or else I won’t get anything done today :/ OH!! we are just hours away from TPM ending T-T

  488. 488 : Poeple Says:

    The Princess,Man is Great drama 2011
    Yes, We are the same that recommended to QOR to you earlier. We enjoy watching all PSH’s dramas. He has very good chemistry with all his leads but we personally prefer his pairing with MCW. Such awesome chemistry! We also like him in Prosecutor Princess but somehow We are not drawn to Kim So Yeon, maybe due to us dislike of her character.
    She is Cheap and Depersonalize herself.

    We love PSH so much
    The best wish for PSH
    Worlds People

  489. 489 : KDaddict Says:

    Abt the writer: I think u may be trying to find her other dramas to watch. She was the head-writer for Partner, starring Lee Dong Wook n Kim Hyun Joo. It has a good script as well. U might try that one. Also, she worked on an earlier production (2006-7) called Drama City on KBS. It had single unrelated eps that aired irregularly over a period of 2 yrs. I have not seen them. Don’t know if she wrote all the eps. or some of them. There isn’t much info on her besides the above.
    If she has impressed your pants off w this script as she has mine, there is a reason or two: This is an adaptation of a folklore written in a classic that has existed for a long time (100+ yrs). So u can think of it as classical literature, the quality of which would be immensely superior to anything a writer has to put together hurriedly in a month or two. There is another writer who takes care of the historical side of things here. The time line in the original story has been compressed, such that the whole story which took place over 15 years (from the time Munjong died to the time Sejo died) into 2 yrs (starting w Munjong’s impending death). So all Jo Jung Joo has to do is make sure the dialogue is good — a much simpler job than having to come up w a story from scratch. They’ve hit the ball out of the park on this, but don’t look for it to happen again any time soon.
    Everything that I’ve put aside has now come back to bite me in the ass. So I’m super busy. Later, I’ll try to dig some more for u, as u did for me w the video. If I find anything, I’ll let u know, but give me a couple weeks, OK, sweetie?
    It’s funny that u go “swoon, swoon, swoon”. You r calling his name, u know? Nickname that is. PSH has a few nicknames:
    1. Park si-hoo = Park S-woon = swoon, swoon, swoon.
    2. Milk-colored Park Si-hoo.
    3. A Korean nickname meaning “Guy to chase”.
    Seriously, have u ever seen anyone w Whiter teeth? Against skin so fair, the whiteness of his teeth is STILL noticeable. I’m surprised that he hasn’t done lots of toothpaste CFs.
    Leading ladies for him? I got to put some serious thought into the matter!
    Don’t think I’ll have the heart to ditch my cousins at dinner tonite! Might not be able to see it live tonite! But tmr, for the finale, I’ll have to ditch them come hell or hi water! (Tho I think I know how it’ll end). 😉

  490. 490 : loona Says:

    i’d like to see PSH with lee da hae,ha ji won,nam sang mi or lee yo won in his future drama or film..i love those actress..

  491. 491 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @ KDaddict (486) yeap, I’m in Silver Spring. This is a small world after all hahaha 😀 where are you right now? I love the coffee from Pho’75 near MC over 355. Back in college my boyfriend at the time would take me there almost every other day so I could have their coffee (I’m a coffeeholic hehehehe).

    Well everybody, I’m heading off to sleep and dream with PSH. Tomorrow will feel like a long day until ep 23 is aired, and never ending until ep 24 is on.

    Nighty night people, have sweet dreams with PSH 😛

  492. 492 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    I just got this random thought … I wonder if PSH would have a shirtless scene in his upcoming movie Naega Salinbeomida, just like in his dramas? tee-hee

  493. 493 : Jennie Says:

    @charis No worries, I won’t stone you, mayb twist ur arm u a bit? I’m not PSH biggest fan, you know. I enjoy his dramas n he’s eye candy for me. I like his smile more than his body ;-D My heart is only for Micky Yoochun 😀 abs or no abs. As for the raw, if you search hard, you can find it within 2-3 hours after showtime and I remember you can also watch it live from Korean channel. Did this when I was caught up with BOF, I think. Have to look for the link again, I guess.

    I’ve watched Partner but I don’t remember much about it. It was ok I guess, it’s ur typical legal type of drama. I’ve also seen Drama City- at least bits n parts of it when it was shown on tv. I only remember that the screenplay was very dream-like, u know that kind of blurry wintry type and I don’t know the stars at all. I think for a drama to be successful, everything must be at the right place and time. Who the leads are, their on screen chemistry, the dialogue, the ost-all these must blend well. Otherwise, no matter how great a script is or how big the star is, if one doesn’t gel, nothing will make it work!

    @KDaddict Re the vid, yep, I’ve never seen a guy who can stare at himself for so long in the mirror! Guess Mic was right. But that’s their rice bowl, huh?

    @LiebeLorelei Funny how I was thinking the same thing when I was naming all the female leads for PSH. Yoon EY came to my mind but I thought, ah she must have long hair but knowing her preference for short hair, I left her out! Ah, we’re all so hard to please, huh? We have so many demands ;-D

    Another 10 hours to go before TPM. For now it’s back to the dungeon to earn my keep 🙁

  494. 494 : Jennie Says:

    @LiebeLorelei Oh for sure we’ll get to see. It’s a movie and they do much more of that than in dramas.

  495. 495 : Jennie Says:

    @loona Thks for the feedback. Lee Yo Won? Didnt know who she was until I saw her face! Ok, I liked her in 49 Days but she was a no no in Fashion 70’s and even Bad/Cruel Love. Yes, agree that she’s a great actress but personally, she doesn’t carry her clothes too well and more often than not, I hate the clothes that she wears in practically all her dramas. She really must change her stylist, I guess. But to her credit, she was really wonderful in 49 Days.

  496. 496 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict 486:Glad you enjoy watching it. I download every file on youtube w/ PSH in it.That’s how much I’m crazy about him 😀
    @KDaddict 489:Yes you’re right, I’m trying to find her other dramas to watch, besides I’ve searched and I found nothing about her. Thanks for other dramas you recommended, and your kind offer to find some more about her, but all I need is other drama titles, so the information is enough. Thank you. If you’re not busy anymore, would you mind helping me with the song lyric of QoR that I shared the link w/ you? The one with a woman singing it.

    Hey, I found something for you, maybe you should go to CGV Theater in Sindorim, Seoul this Oct 6:

    Has anyone ever downloaded korean drama? I’m thinking about downloading Family Honor, can anyone recommend where to download this drama w/ good english subtitle?

  497. 497 : Franc Says:

    THIS DRAMA TPM was very exciting, different,amazing,sad love and beautiful.
    We hope the next drama,s PSH should be one good and nice love story.
    We waiting this drama of PSH.
    Please PSH with beautiful acterss acting.
    Thanks KBS2 so much

  498. 498 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @ Jennie (492-493), we’re not demanding; we just have better ideas 😛 HAHAHAHAHA. Since his upcoming movie will be about a serial killer, I hope they don’t show him in a gruesome shirtless way … anything but that!!!

    @ charis (495), I don’t know where you could download Family’s Honor, but you can watch it at Drama Fever; the quality and subs are great http://www.dramafever.com/drama/251/1/Family%27s_Honor/?ap=1
    I believe these guys have licenses to distribute Asian dramas through their page and hulu. you could also try http://www.viki.com. Thanks for sharing PSH’s camera testing for PP 🙂 I was watching the video with a friend of mine, and she swears he is not straight T-T … regardless, I’ll still love him and be his fan no matter what ^.^

    I’m already suffering of TPM withdrawal!!!

  499. 499 : kingtez64 Says:

    hi to anyone,, watch family honor at mysoju complete series except ep 18 but u can enjoy it till ep 54

  500. 500 : KDaddict Says:

    Hey, this is the 500th posting!
    Princess Man Recap Ep 23:
    It is a sweet scene when he gives her the ring, asking her if she’d be the mother of his children! And she reciprocates by asking him if he’d be the father of her children. He says, From here on we’ll be husband n wife. However far apart we are, we’ll be each other’s shadow.
    SR: For the rest of my life, I’ll be yours.
    That’s their wedding vows!
    Next morning, SY sends SR off to her former residence to be w her dying brother, n becos she can’t go w him to Hon Git Is. There Shin continues to ask her for the where abts of the criminal KimSY.
    SR: He’s my husband. Don’t speak ill of him.
    Shin: Your husband? Based on that ring? What’ve u done together?
    SR: That’s none of your business.
    Song, SR’s brother comes out for air: Don’t bother my sister. Soon after, Song says the Boy King is there waving at him, and dies.
    SY n his men r packing to go to Hon G. Ah Kang n his mother r staying behind. SY goes to see KH, to invite her to go along. But KH says she n the baby have to stay close to Jong.
    Suyang sees SR at the old family home, n is incensed. He asks the official to delete SR’s name fr history.
    Months later, KH gives birth to a baby boy, whom Jong had given the name Longevity.
    SR continues to live as Shin’s maid. Her mother sends Yeo Ri to come live w her.
    KimSY n men takes over Hon G, n fr there to take over some towns, heading in the direction of the capital. That alarms the 4 old men. Suyang is getting wary. He not only sends Shin to put down the rebellion in Hon G, but also sends Han along to supervise, cos he doesn’t trust Shin to do the job anymore.
    At home, Shin torments SR, n humiliates her by having her make his bed every nite. Good thing he doesn’t Rxxx her! Shin to SR: I’ll take u to HonG w me, n kill him b4 your v eyes.
    Suyang is drinking in his son’s room. His wife comes pleading for him to take back SR, not let her go to HG w Shin. If anything happens to SR, I won’t forgive u.
    She goes to see KH, urging her to return to palace, or to move to a better place to live, for the sake of KH’s baby.
    KH goes to visit SR at Shin’s. The 2 women miss their men, commiserating w each other.
    On Hon G, they hear that a new official will be coming to take charge. They send men out to watch his arrival.
    Turns out that Jo Suk Joo’s parents were slaves on Hon G. It was Kim JS who set the slaves free, put them to work reclaiming land, n gave them a new life. That’s why the locals r so loyal to him, n why Jo has been risking his life to help SY. Ah, now it makes sense!
    Tall guy n others hide in the trees to watch the Recon men sent out by Shin’s army. Every one is nervous. They kill the recon guys n send back their dead bodies.
    Since they r unfamiliar w the forest, Han has the idea to lull Kim SY fr the forest using SR. Yeo Ri hears them talking abt writing a letter to inform KimSY that SR is with them, for him to come get her. Yeo Ri hears it n tells SR. SR is having morning sickness. Oh dear.
    SR worries that SY will fall for their trap. She rides off on a horse in broad daylight in plain view in search of KimSY. Shin harasses Yeo Ri for SR’s direction. Yeo Ri is growing bold, n tells her that she went looking for medicine for SR; when she returns, SR is already gone.
    SR arrives in the forest in the dark. A man identifies her as Shin’s maid. Tho she insists on seeing KimSY, becos his life is in danger, they think she is just like the recon men sent by the army, n decide to kill her for safety reasons. SY hears abt it in time to prevent her head fr being chopped off.
    STill blind folded, she says her thanks for saving her life, n pleads to SY, until he takes her blind fold off…….
    From Ep 23 n the preview, it looks like this show may crap on us at the end! I sooo don’t want to see 3 widows together, each raising a child, 2 of them posthumous! Pls let them escape into the hills. Pls.
    See #486.
    Also, Actors r known to be a self-absorded breed, who love their own beauty. It doesn’t nece mean they r gay, but it is a fine line, that some do cross.
    I’ll look into your song lyrics later. It isn’t on the list of songs fr the OST listed on the QoR page. I’ll post it on the QoR thread, instead of here w TPM comments, OK? U can look for it there in time.
    How many PSH videos have u found n saved? U want to share your list w me? If u do, I’ll give u my email address, to which u can send it.

  501. 501 : KDaddict Says:

    I just scrolled down to see your #491, cos it wasn’t there last night. Yes, Pho75! I used to eat lunch there all the time. Loved their coffee too. Mad that they didn’t have spring rolls to go w it. It’s a small small world. 🙂 Now I’m back in Asia, n 1st thing I did? Fall in love w KD!

  502. 502 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Thank you so much KDaddict for the recap!!! My heart is racing because of the anxiety TPM is causing me. There are so many mixed feelings all over the place. One one hand I’m really happy that KH had her bb already and SR is expecting; the little cousins will grow together 🙂 . On the other hand I’m afraid the writers will make my greatest fear come true: SY and SR may not stay together. NOOO!! Don’t do this to me!! T-T I’m still crossing my fingers though 😀

    Nothing compares to KD dramas! I’ve grown up watching Brazilians and Argentinean dramas, and I must say they have nothing on K-dramas! I could go on and on about why KD are better, but then I’d never finish 😀

    Since yesterday some of my posts got held for moderation and were released just minutes ago.

    {sight} the upcoming hours to ep 24 are the most bitter sweet. I do and I don’t want to know the end already … crossing my fingers for a happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  503. 503 : TPM Says:

    it’s the last episode today! hope it will be a happy ending..on the other hand, sad that it’s going to end soon..

  504. 504 : charis Says:

    @Jennie 493 : Yes, PSH has the sweetest smile. Why d’ you like Micky Yoochun so much? Is it because of his drama or his voice?
    Lucky for him to have a fan like you, if every fan were like me, who like the sweetest smile as PSH has, then Micky would end up with no fans. (Ah, surely you’ll stone me this time :D)
    @Jennie 495 Are you saying that every artist style herself in every drama? In 49 days, I can understand why she dressed like that, because she had no reason to live, as for the prove, she tried to kill herself.

    @LiebeLorelie 498: In his upcoming movie he’ll be the serial killer, so I doubt if there’ll be any shower scene.
    I found that I can download FH in dvd quality from dramaload.com, just want to ask around if anyone has ever done it before.
    Straight no straight, I’ll be his fan. I wish he’ll find a good woman and hv a happy family.

    @kingtez64 499: Thank you for the information.

    @KDaddict 500: Thank you for the recap of ep23. Simple but beautiful wedding vow!Who are the 3 widows you’re talking about? SR, KH, and the last one is ?????
    Don’t worry about the QoR OST.
    Are you a fan of PSH, who are your fav. Korean actors beside him? Mine are PSH & HB
    Surely I’ll share the list of the vid with you.Pls share your email-add.
    I love watching him in this vid, he is so good looking.
    Haru-the making http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1mTFDioizY
    I found a web page saying that PSH is going to replace BYJ as Korean Tourist Ambassador, have you heard anything like that?

    To all of TPM supporter: I wish all of you having a good time watching the last ep tonight, and I do hope this last ep won’t disappoint us.
    O how I wish I could go to CGV Theater this night to watch ep24 live with PSH!

  505. 505 : KDaddict Says:

    A while ago I saw this KD in which there is a scene of of the main couple wanting to do “it”, but they don’t have a condom. The main actor hurriedly runs out to a convenience store to buy it, but is afraid of being seen, so it takes him a long time. By the time he gets back, she is already asleep in bed. Which show is that in???
    I almost want to say it is Oh, My Lady w Choi Siwon, cos he plays a celebrity in it, who is afraid of being recognized. But don’t think he n Chae Rim had any skinship in it. Been scratching my head till skin falls off! Anyone?
    @charis et al:
    The 3 widows, each w a child, I was talking abt:
    Ah Kang’s mother, KH, and pls let it not be SR!
    If u know which KDs r my fav, then u know my fav actors: For a long time it was BYJ in Winter Sonata, until he grew his hair long for TWSSG, after which time he seems more feminine. I couldn’t stand him w any actress other than Choi Ji Woo. Then I love Hyun Bin in SeGa. Binnie is so cool. I don’t feel adamant abt seeing him w Ha Ji Won, tho I do love HJW in SeGa. PSH in TPM. Gong Yoo in Hello Teacher. Micky in SKKS. ChaSW in TGL.
    Micky is cute n pure-looking in a way that PSH is not. Tho PSH is extremely swoon worthy, he can turn cheesy at the drop of a hat, as I’ve seen in some vids. I’ve always believed it is safer to love a role, rather than an actor. Don’t get too addicted to anyone of them. It is all abt images. If u look TOO closely, u may find that there is no Wizard of Oz behind the smokescreen.
    There r some actresses whom I can’t stand. (Some actors too for that matter, but we won’t get into that rt now). Nam Sang Mi is 1; Lee Yo Won is another. (I’ve no problem w Nam being the 3rd or 4th actress in a show. Lee is dignified in sageuk, but seems so pedestrian in contemp drama). Now this is just my biased opinion. It isn’t worth anything. We can simply agree to disagree. There r some women whom even other women find attractive. I believe that a successful leading actress must have that quality. U can call it charisma, air, attitude, whatever. And to me, just me, these 2 actresses don’t have it. Another thing they should have is some curves. I’m not talking abt Marilyn Monroe type curves; just some, not much. Soo Ae in a tight low cut dress just doesn’t cut it. HJW has a problem in that area too. BUT the actress I HATE the most is Moon So Ri in TWSSG. She single-handedly ruined TWSSG for me. When dressed in hist costume, she is an auntie in Late middle age (a 48-50 yr old w good skin) seducing a 27-yr old looking BYJ! Yuck!
    How many vids of PSH have u collected? I made a new address for u to send it to. Pls send a test message 1st to make sure it works.
    [email protected]

  506. 506 : Jennie Says:

    I am so excited and thanks for the recap, KDAddict. Saw the raw but was very frustrated cos I couldn’t understand half the time. My favourite scene in this episode is the last scene..so v. romantic but how I wish I know what she said to him while blindfolded that got him so emotional. Does anyone know? Ahh..I had been complaining about how clean cut PSH was but now that he has a moustache, I think I prefer him cleancut for sure! Find his moustache very distracting. Id be staring at his moustache instead.

    As for the final, I got worried at first after watching the final preview. Altho I don’t understand what they are saying, it looks ominous! However my instincts tell me that it’ll be a happy ending. One, becos of something which PSH said in his interview abt watching the finale with his fans and two becos from all th have happened, they are keeping very closely to historical facts. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. I sure don’t want to see 3 merry widows (the 3rd meaning SY’s sis in law?)

    @charis I’ve been a fan of Micky since DBSK’s debut but it has only been recently (2/3 yrs) that I have been fanatical about him, ever since he started acting. I like almost evrythg about him-fr the top of his head to the tip of his toe..heehhee but most of all I like his charm and his voice! My phone is full of MVs of their songs and live concerts-crazy obsession!!
    As for stylists, I suppose every big star would have their own. They get to choose wardrobe provided by tv stations for their role. From what I can see LYW is always in those drabby long skirts in practically all her dramas so she must be having the same stylist 🙂

    @Liebelorelei Long before I started watching KD, I was a fan of telenovelas. I loved dramas like Cuando Seas mia, Yo soy Betty la fea (the original Ugly Betty), La Usurpadora etc Then I discovered KDs n the rest is history.

    Hope to see evryone here after the finale. Get all ur tissues ready, be it sad or happy tears 😀

  507. 507 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict 505 My Name is Kim Sam Soon

  508. 508 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict Just saw ur latest comment after I posted mine and I wanted to “beat” everybody with the answer, hence “My Lovely Sam Soon”. Ok, back to reading ur comments hahaha

  509. 509 : Jennie Says:

    Ughhh, charis beat me to it!

  510. 510 : KDaddict Says:

    @charis n Jennie,
    TQ guys for answering that for me. I can’t even remember Binnie going out to buy condoms at night! And I call myself a Binnie fan! Shame on me! Now to repay u for your ans, I ans yours:
    At the end of ep 23, while blind folded, SR 1st thanks SY for saving her life. Thank pleads w him to take her to see Kim SY. That’s all. Before that she told the guys who were abt to chop off her head, that she had to see him becos his life is in danger. It’s not what she said that gets him so emotional. It’s seeing her in that state, coming into the forest, riding a horse all by herself, late at night, almost having lost her life, but still shows no fear, just so she can save him, that is getting him all shaken up. She has no concern for herself, only for him. No words r nece at that pt, no?
    I’ve another quiz for u; now this one is harder:
    See the pair of jade rings that SY gives to SR? In another show, a contemporary one, there is an old lady, a mother-in-law who finally decides to accept the woman as her daughter-in-law, so she brings out an pair of jade rings, in dark green (not light green like SY’s) to give to her. I think it might not be the leading actress that she was giving them to. At the time, I thought, Ah, why is she giving her 2 rings at once? I remember the rings but not the faces or the shows. Can u help?
    I just hope they don’t hold the Recap for the finale for 20 hours!

  511. 511 : Jennie Says:

    @KDAddict Can it be Daring Women? Yeah, you ar right on LYW. Agree with you totally on the qualities/criteria of leading actresses. Just as Lorelei n I were just saying, we all have our so called demands but there r exceptions to the rule. Stars like KSA and Chaerim, altho short on looks but they win hands down when it comes down to talent!

  512. 512 : kdfan Says:

    I just got to the recap. I’m glad ep 23 did not disappoint. This drama has been giving us many episodes with great endings. I wish all of us get to watch the final episode with PSH!! And MCW too!! well wishful thinking.. There aren’t many other good dramas after TPM ends. I’m only watching The Musical, and that’s only 1 hour a week. Hopefully a really good one like TPM will come along soon.

  513. 513 : As.Eu.Us Says:

    Million,s People waiting of Ep 24—> TPM
    Today night it’s the last episode today! hope it will be a happy ending..on the other hand, sad that it’s going to end soon..
    THANKS of PSH and MCW with much love
    We will see you soon in won prize drama 2011 at the festival

  514. 514 : ang_rara Says:

    *just read the comment here, feel so late.
    nice to meet u all guys…

  515. 515 : Jennie Says:

    Watch it live right now at:

  516. 516 : rose Says:

    how I cried… OMGGGGGGGGGG!!! Very beautiful ending!!!!!! This GREAT!!!!!!!

  517. 517 : theresia Says:

    the best ending ever!!!!! 🙂 love you PD and writer… thanks a lot!!

  518. 518 : Jennie Says:

    Oh myyy Gawd! Daebak episode! I watched the entire episode with my heart in my throat. Shed a few tears, and had a few heart-stopping moments but to the scriptwriters ..muah muah..I love you guys!! I really thought it was gonna be a nightmare for me n I kept looking at the clock. Amazing how that remaining 8 minutes can mean so much! Kamsamhamnida for one great drama!

  519. 519 : rose Says:

    Completely agree!
    The BEEEEEST ending ever!!!!!

  520. 520 : KDaddict Says:

    Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee heeeeeee! 🙂

    Cousins r in Living Room! Excused myself for a “bathroom break” just to watch the last 5 mins!!

  521. 521 : chem Says:

    what a wonderful happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!thank u so much PD & writers.I’m going to miss SR and SY forever.The best ever drama for 2011…i really hope both of PSH and MCW can win awards for their excellent and superb performance.

  522. 522 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Yeah, Hee hee heee heeee heeeee all the way 😀

  523. 523 : TPM Fan Says:

    Congratulations to the scriptwriters for a fantastic and totally unexpected ending! I have to say they really got me there right till the last few minutes! What a wonderful show this has been! Thanks to the entire TPM team. I look forward to seeing them win many, many awards. And for everyone who have shared their thoughts on this thread, kamsahamida.

  524. 524 : keeyachan Says:

    @TPM Fan.. ep24 had so many unexpected scenes! i love how TPM’s writer playing with viewers emotion!
    The best KD i ever watched! i’m so glad i choose this drama coz it’s really worth to watch..i’ll never regret spending my precious time to watch this drama. Hopefully this drama will win lots awards.
    Daebak to the writer,PD, actors n actress, and production team!

  525. 525 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    OMG!!! This ending was a roller coaster of emotions!!! I just LOVE how everything was wrapped up. I am satisfied as how every one got what they deserved (for the most part). I love the PSH’s look on the last 10 min of the episode. He should stick to historical dramas for some time, or grow a goat-tee for his upcoming project.

    Thank you everybody for sharing your opinions and support for this great drama! and my hats off to the writers and director for creating such a great story.

    I guess now I can go back to my life and catch up with everything else that I put on hold due to TPM tehee ^.^ … in the meantime, I will wait for the subs so I can enjoy the last episode wholeheartedly.

    It’s been a fun few months!! ヽ( ⌒-⌒)人(⌒▽⌒ )v

  526. 526 : NOOOOOOOO Says:

    hope someone will sub the last 2 ep sooner..
    damn this drama always keep me on the edge..
    once I started watching it I cant get my self doing anything else!

  527. 527 : kdfan Says:

    Couldn’t ask for a better ending. However contented or happy though, it was still shrouded with a lot of sadness, grief and regret. But I am still very satisfied with it. I wonder how much of it was factual vs folklore. It has been great reading all you TPM fans comments. Time to catch up with work now!

  528. 528 : Jennie Says:

    What a perfect finale. This is one drama where the scriptwriters did not disappoint me and everything was what I had hoped it would be. The final episode had all the ingredients of a great and much loved drama, all squeezed into that heart stopping 60 minutes. In that time, it still had that time forgotten unhurried pace, the tender love scenes, the awesome battle scene when SM died (and despite how hateful he was, the scene still manage to allow us to feel regret and sadness of how 2/3 friends died meaningless deaths) and most of all how the writers still manage to tease and play with our emotions right till the very end. To the scriptwriters, I give you a toast and a bow for a super finale! My only one complaint is I feel a little bit uncomfortable with how SY is towards the end. He looked lost and numbed. My first thought Oh oh, he has lost his memory because of his injuries but that was not the case. So until I watch it again with subs to have a better understanding, am sad because he looks a little sad at the end, n that’s the only boo boo I have.

  529. 529 : banTaI Says:

    woowww…really superb ending!
    All korean viewers didn’t expected about the twist ending..but writer make it more beautiful..Those who have seen the twist of the drama say, “It was a great piece of work, a classic”, “I am so touched by the twist”, “I was happy watching “The Princess’ Man” for the past few months” and more. 100% same with me. The ending for the Princess Man is greater than what have viewers though…i hope they will get many awards for their super job..
    Love The Princess Man Forever…………..

  530. 530 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict 505: If I say my daily routine life is the color of green, than watching PSH dramas is like adding color other than green. What he does with his personal life is not for me to judge.
    @Jennie 506: It turns out that your feeling is right Jennie!
    @Jennie 509: I was just one minute faster than you. 🙂 I love My Lovely Sam Soon, I remember watching it again and again
    @Jenni 528: Agree with you 100%.

  531. 531 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap, Ep 24 Finale:
    Lots of ppl knew what the ending was in the folklore (at least in Korea n those who checked), but they still managed to make the final ep. tense, surprising n satisfying, without being contrived. Really good work!
    Part 1:
    SR runs off, so Shin wants to go in pursuit immediately. His asst tells him it’d be dangerous to go into the forest in the dark.
    SR sees SY n tells him abt their plan to trap him using herself as bait, that they know she rides away on a horse, n will be here soon. It gives the rebels time to prepare. SY introduces SR to those at the camp as the mother of his children!
    Shin arrives. He orders them to charge n have everyone killed but the girl, maid. His asst again warns him that the place is deserted, so it must be a trap. Shin leads them into battle anyway. Asst tells him to retreat. But Shin charges on. When SY throws a sword at Shin’s back, asst blocks it for him n dies in his place. Such loyalty!
    SY is slightly hurt. SR bandages it for him.
    SY: U have been at Shin’s house all this time? I thought u were living well.
    SR: He didn’t come near me. I only thought abt u coming to get me, so I lived well. She rests his head on her bosom.
    SY: U must hate the smell of blood on me. Some times I can’t tell if I am man or beast.
    SR: To me, u r sb I treasure.
    Shin buries his asst, his brother in arms, n thanks him for following him, n his bad ideas.
    3 old men:
    SuYang: Why is there no news fr Shin Pan Gwon? Is he friends w SY again. Just joking! How can he leave his father here (as hostage) n go betray me?
    SY n SR steal a moment to sit by the stream.
    SR: Sitting here feels so relaxed.
    SY: I come here often, when I’m perplexed or when I miss sb badly. There’s going to be a big battle today. It isn’t safe. Pls go back to the capital. I can’t go fight when I know u r here in danger.
    SR: U must come back alive. U must return to my side.
    Han is w Shin in the army. King has sent them a messenger. Han’s clearer mind is to prevail over Shin’s irrationality. Also the king has told Han b4 that KSY must be killed AT ALL COST, even if it means sacrificing Shin in the process.
    The women r sent away. SR goes w them.
    SY to SR: When we meet again, we’ll never part.
    The army n reinforcements arrive.
    Shin n SY are in close combat. Han gives the order to shoot at them, in hope of killing SY, but Shin gets it instead. SY tries to pull Shin away. B4 dying, Shin finally recalls their friendship.
    Shin: U bad fellow. U always make me cry. I’ve to leave now.
    He stands up n gets more arrows on his back. So in some sense, Shin actually saves SY’s life!
    The rebels charge n win, at least live to fight another day.
    SuYang is mad saying Shin never finished his duty as an army officer. Not a word of pity abt his death. Shin Sr. gets his son killed for the choice he made.
    SR parts way w the other women. She goes to the temple, n runs into KH, who tells her Shin is dead; KH also realizes SR is pregnant.
    SuYang is having bad dreams at night. His wife advises him to go to the temple to pray.
    The rebels hear abt SuY’s coming trip. Meanwhile, the 3 Musketeers get wind that their army at the foot of the hill has been demolished. So they no longer have an army. SY has decided to go to the capital, to the temple, to meet SuYang. Jo offers to go w him.
    SY: This is my battle that no one can fight for me. I haven’t had a moment’s peace. I want to put this burden down. If I die SR will be v unfortunate. I’ve to ask u to take care of my wife. Pls don’t let her be alone.
    SuY arrives at tmp w wife. KH goes to warn SR saying: U must hide fr them, as u r pregnant.
    But SuY n wife hear it. Who is pregnant? SR? Whose baby? KSY?
    SR: That man is now my husband. She is taken away.
    SuY goes to pray: You’ve already taken my son. Why do u let SR be pregnant w KSY’s baby? He tells his personal guard to get ready.

  532. 532 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @ Jennie 528, If I’m not mistaken, the reason SY looks disoriented toward the end (while he is walking with his daughter) is because he is blind.

  533. 533 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh yes he is blind alright.
    He said: I lost my sight, but I found my heart. I lost my revenge, but I got you!
    Judge them? Stars should only judged n loved by their performance n looks. What I said was Not to even look at them too closely (beyond the shows that they r in).

  534. 534 : myla Says:

    one of the best k-drama I saw, though i’m still patiently waiting for ep. 23&24 w/ eng sub.i enjoy reading comments and praises for The Princess’ Man. I became a fan of this two actors, PSH & MCW. Re-watching is a must for me… until a good new drama comes along 🙂

  535. 535 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict: I’ve sent you an email. Pls check

  536. 536 : Jennie Says:

    @LiebeLorelei & KDaddict It’s so sad that he has become blind. My God, it just hit me how great an actor PSH is-the fact that he managed to conveyed his sadness or that all is not right feeling to an audience like me who cannot understand his language. There was a glimpse of him when I thought that he was blind or lost his memory but they were dispelled very quickly. I thought he ignored SuYang deliberately. I must watch it again with subs but that’s really sad. Was it necessary to make him blind? Did it really happen to him historically?

  537. 537 : naga Says:

    Glad it ends w good ending

  538. 538 : Ces Says:

    What’s taking them so long to post KDaddict’s part 2 recap? (Sigh). It’s very important for my understanding of ep 24 when i watch it on epdrama tonight. Can’t wait to put hubby and the kids to sleep tonight. Hehehe.

  539. 539 : KDaddict Says:

    Princess Man Recap, Ep 24, Finale.
    Part 2:
    SuYang tells his Personal guard to “prepare everything”. SR has been taken away to be w her mother.
    Mother: You not only continue to see KJS’s son, u get pregnant by him? How can u? U think u have a future w him? Does he know?
    SR: He doesn’t know. We can’t decide on our children’s future. Let them decide their own future.
    SY comes to the temple grounds, overpowers a few guards, n dressed up as 1 of them. In the process, he thinks of his father being killed, Jong being torn limb to limb to fire up his thirst for revenge.
    SuY w his back to the door: Is that you?
    SY puts the sword to his neck: I’ve come to kill you.
    SuYang: Is that going to be alright? U kill me n SR will always be in a lot of pain. What’s the difference betwn us? I kill many ppl to get the throne. You’ve also killed many ppl in the name of revenge. You think u can actually win against me?
    SY: It is not impt if I win. Even if I’m killed, sb will take my place. You’ll always be afraid the rest of your life.
    As SY brings the sword to swing down on SuYg, suddenly SuY says: SR is pregnant.
    That catches SY unawares; he hesitates, n the guards come in to arrest him.
    Just then SR awakes fr her sleep, feels uneasy….
    SY is brought out to the temple grounds b4 SuY: U want to beg for your life? If u, as the son of KJS, recognizes my legitimacy as the king os all Joseon, I’ll let u n SR go far far away.
    SY’s response was to spit at SuYg, who signals for his personal guard to do away w SY.
    At this critical moment, SR arrives, yelling for them to stop, but she is one slash too late. SY lies on the floor, not moving.
    SR’s mother comes on the scene: Are u mad to want to kill on temple grounds? Don’t u know SR’s condition? SY is thrown into prison instead.
    In the privacy of her room, her mom says: Don’t u want to save him? U beg your father to forgive u, n ask KSY to do the same, n recognize ur father as king.
    KH: U must think of ur baby. Your life is no longer ur own. SR refuses.
    SR’s mother brings her to prison to see SY.
    SR puts his head on her lap. It is a relief that SY isn’t dead. SY: Don’t cry.
    SR: OK, I won’t cry. How abt we forget everything? Let’s go far away fr here. That’s not what I want, but you live in pain betwn my father n me. I’ll listen to u.
    SY nods his head: When I see my father, Jong n others, I must tell them that I have a woman who loves me, treasures me more than I treasure myself. In the next life, pls recognize me (so they can be together again) then passes out.
    SR puts her face on his bosom: We leave (this world) together.
    SR’s mother runs into SuYg’s room: He is dead n SR has killed herself! R u satisfied now? I want to take care of the burial by myself. Don’t u dare even come near.
    Next scene: We see Jo n the folks fr the brothel paying their respects b4 a burial mound a few yrs later (cos that is not a new grave n everyone looks older). The young prostitute who had the hots for SY says: I hope the two of you are happy together in the next world. So to these ppl, they r both dead!
    SuYg is old n suffers fr nightmares nightly. On their way to a far off temple to pray for blessings, SuYg spots sb who looks like KSY, who walks leisurely hand in hand w a little girl of 3-4. Oh she’s so pretty! But the man just walks pass without paying any attn to SuYg n his entourage. SuYg follows him on foot, until he sees the man return to his family. There is SR welcoming back her husband n daughter. She takes his walking stick n sits down beside him to massage his arm.
    Little girl: There they r again, in their own world, ignoring (isolating) me.
    Yeo Ri: Aghassi, but u have me!
    SR: Do u regret giving up your revenge?
    SY: I lost my sight, but I found my heart. I gave up my revenge, but I got you.
    SuYg asks his wife if it is her doing. He smiles broadly at her.
    Our lovers walk towards their horse.
    SR: Here we r. R u afraid (to go riding)?
    SY: I’m not afraid becos I have u.
    They ride into the wind!
    The End of a Fantastic KD!

    @Ces: There was sth I Absolutely had to do, plus everyone seems to have seen the finale n r happy w it, so I didn’t think the recap was that nece.
    @charis: I’ll check that email rt away.
    Didn’t hear anything abt PSH becoming next Cultural AmB to Japan, but heard sth abt him becoming the next Hallyu wave the size of BYJ to hit Japan.

  540. 540 : KDaddict Says:

    I hate it that he has become blind, Jennie. I know his being blind is far better than his being dead, but why can’t they let him get off easy, easier? A slight limp maybe? He should be able to see his beautiful wife who always looks at him w so much love in her eyes, n see his daughter (children) grow up, n that’s such a pretty pretty daughter! Am I being too greedy? Let SuYg become blind for Pete’s sake!
    The little girl is only 3-4. Time wise, the last scene is at most 5 years down the road fr the assassination. Why did the make up staff age everyone so much? I also hate it that they’ve made SR n SY so shabby. Sure they r not nobles anymore, but I’d like it if her mother helps them out in secret to let them have a slightly easier life. Well, that must be the decadent “westerner” in me demanding more creature comforts for them! Sorry, getting carried away here.
    Now we can start the Marathon Session!! All 24 eps this weekend?

  541. 541 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict I agree with you absolutely on all counts. Him becoming blind, they living like poor commoners etc-somehow it all becomes so sad, doesn’t it? The romantic side of me say ok, at least they have each other but the practical side of me ask, was it worth it? SR practical lost everything and had to pay the price too by being blind in the end! The worst thing that happened to SuYang was just the loss of his son! He was still smiling at the end! Argh! It’s so unfair! Mayb we should petition the producers to give us a special episode where SY regain his sight and family honor and let Suyang die a lonely death!

  542. 542 : Ces Says:

    @KDaddict #539

    Oh! I really am feeling very grateful that you went to such length as write part 2 after my impatient post below. If I could just fly to S. Korea for that soju and karaoke, I’d surely would. I’m truly indebted. I’m from Philippines, btw. KBS World on cable t.v. has just shown episode 19 last night. And just like the impatient freak that I have turned into, I simply can’t wait for the English subs to appear in youtube. Your recaps have become the drug that feeds my addiction.

    Good thing that husband got a hard beating in tennis earlier. He’s sound asleep now… Hehehehehe… Let the marathon begin!

  543. 543 : KDaddict Says:

    “Was it worth it?” you asked. That depends on:
    Was “what” worth it “to whom”?
    It wasn’t like SY n SR really had much of a choice. What kind of man would SY be if he didn’t try to avenge his father, brother n family? He couldn’t possibly pretend it didn’t happen, n just went on merrily dating SR, as @Lorem seemed to say he should. No one could respect such a man, least of all SR. And what choice did SR have? Side w his father, pretend nothing happened to SY’s family, n just went ahead to marry Shin Myeong as his father had arranged? Too late, cos she had already fallen hard for SY by then, plus her sense of right n wrong didn’t allow her to OK her father’s deeds in usurping the throne.
    Was the Revenge n subsequent loss of sight worth it to SY? Probably not. But it was his duty as a son, as a man to see it thru to the end, or else he couldn’t live w himself. He only rested when the whole rebel army was lost, n he was slashed down in front of SuYg, w his eyesight taken away fr him. That’s why they make him blind at the end. He had no choice but to give up now!
    Was severing her relationship w her family in order to go to SY worth it for SR? I bet she’d say it was, cos she had to be w SY, not only in health or in sickness, in wealth or in poverty, BUT most of all, in life or in death. That’s why the song Destino repeated so often is so apt. It’s just us romantics who love them so much wishing them well, who feel saddened by the cost they paid for their love.
    Was killing everyone in order to take the throne worth it for SuYang? In history, it seemed like it was a case of to kill or be killed. Whoever was the first mover among the 3 brothers n prime ministers would stay alive. Most ppl might say it’d better to live as King w a guilt then be dead w a clean conscience!

  544. 544 : Ces Says:

    @KDaddict #539

    Oh! I really am feeling very grateful that you went to such length as write part 2 after my impatient post below. If I could just fly to S. Korea for that soju and karaoke, I’d surely would. I’m truly indebted. I’m from Philippines, btw. KBS World on cable t.v. has just shown episode 19 last night. And just like the impatient freak that I have turned into, I simply can’t wait for the English subs to appear in youtube. Your recaps have become the substance that feeds my addiction.

    Good thing that husband got a hard beating in tennis earlier. He’s sound asleep now… Hehehehehe… Let TPM marathon begin!

  545. 545 : Ces Says:

    Buffering… buffering… buffering… buffering…

    Hayz! How I wish they’ll make this drama available on DVD complete with English subs and then sell it in Amazon…

  546. 546 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Yes, I get what you mean but the injustice of it all is what frustrates me. Like you said earlier, they could have just given him a limp or mayb even half a sight is better than none! But that probably will not be enough to make him stop. I understand that they needed to make him stop his quest for revenge and that’s why they chose the extreme way. I must say the writers have given a lot of thought in ending this well, almost like an explanation why they decided to end it this way, they got SY’s n SR’s daughter to ask, “What is affection, I ask the world?” n both SY and SR answered “Affection is that which make us unhesitatingly grant life and death to each other. That is what affection is”. Awwww..that’ why we love TPM so much, it’s perfect down to the last second of the drama! A PERFECT TEN!!

    I would also like to add that ur recaps n explanations have helped me appreciate TPM so much more. So a big thank you to YOU, KDaddict 😀

  547. 547 : Jennie Says:

    @Cess (544) yes, it does come in dvd but maybe a month later, depending on the popularity of the drama 😀

  548. 548 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict, I want to ask you for a HUGE favor (shame on me!)
    A while back, the reporter Jeong Ji Won performed an Q&A to Park Si Hoo via twitter, and I was wondering if you could translate it for us ^.^

    The Q&A starts on September 7, 2011, with a total of 21 questions. From my broken Korean, I could understand that some of PSH’s answers are quite entertaining!

    Here are the link to the twitter accounts.
    https://twitter.com/G1File and https://twitter.com/park_sihoo

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  549. 549 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    Re: my posting #548, that is PSH’s twitter account! It was confirmed by his managing agency.

  550. 550 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict, Jennie, Charis,
    Has any of you watch PSH’s movie Mr. Bullet? I’ve been looking for it all over the net but can’t seem to find it. T-T

    Btw, I found this picture from PSH’s meeting with the fans to watch the last episode of TPM. He looks so adorable and approachable; such a people’s person 🙂
    link here

  551. 551 : mimi Says:

    ilove that drama and the end ^^ moon srangeh

  552. 552 : KDaddict Says:

    Once upon a time, a well-known scholar in China made a journey to the provincial capital to sit for the exam for the selection of mandarin officials. While passing thru the mountains, he came across a hunter, who was standing there puzzled. The hunter said that he caught a wild-goose in his trap that day. But another wild-goose kept circling above them. When he took the captured one out of the trap n killed it, the one circling above took a dive to the ground killing itself. He had been wondering on the spot abt the unnatural behavior of that goose.
    The scholar was moved after hearing this story. He bought the 2 dead geese fr the hunter, buried them together beside the river, made a memorial for them, n proceeded to write a poem, which had become famous in classical Chinese literature. The scholar happened to be a famous poet of the Yuen dynasty, who lived some years before Suyang, SR, n SY.
    When SY took SR to the mountain stream on their date, SY wrote:
    Let my heart be your heart, thence you know the depth with which I miss you.
    To which SR replied:
    I ask the world what Affection is, such that it Compels people in life and in death, unto each other they give (dedicate) themselves.
    (This is the proper translation of those 2 lines, @Jennie -545).
    That is her promise to SY to give herself, to follow him, under all circumstances. And she was true to her word to the end.
    These r the first 2 lines of a poem that the Yuen dynasty scholar wrote after hearing the story abt the 2 Wild-goose. You’d think me crazy if I quote n translate the whole poem. So let’s just say that the writer (likely the historian) did a real good job incorporating these lines of poetry as an anchor for the meaning of the show, which is abt Love that transcends life n death, Love that compels one to follow the other in all circumstances of life, unto death.

  553. 553 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie, Ces,
    Only once in 10 years of KD production does a show come along which is worthy for us to hang onto its every word. Recapping it lets me savor it in depth too. It’s good to be appreciated. You are welcome.
    I’m strictly a KD addict. I don’t go searching for movies. Too much work, too little meat!

    If u guys r looking for another show to watch, I recommend High Kick 3. It’s funny n entertaining.

  554. 554 : Yc Says:

    Very good plot and cast! Bravo!

  555. 555 : KDaddict Says:

    Kim Seung Yoo was the wild-goose caught in a trap.
    Lee Se Ryong was the wild-goose circling above, refusing to go on her own way, fully prepared to dive on the ground the moment that he loses his life!
    Isn’t it perfectly beautiful?

  556. 556 : Viewers Says:

    This was a Graet DRAMA 2011.
    Very Instructive for all generations.
    Perfect,Perfect and Perfect.
    Thank you TV. KBS2
    Millions viewer

  557. 557 : charis Says:

    @Jennie 547: If it depends on the popularity of the drama, then for how long do you think the dvd will be released? I’ve waited for TGL dvd, but no news to today, they released “Baby faced beauty” and “Romance town” instead.

    @LiebeLorie 550: I haven’t watched any of his movie. Will let you know if I find any link to it.
    Thank you for the link to the picture of his last fan meeting, I don’t like his hair style, makes him looks older. You must be one of a great fan of him, right?

    @KDaddict 552 : Very beautiful! Thank you for the explanation.

  558. 558 : norhah Says:

    A truly memorable drama….Btw I saw one of the earlier posts requesting Family’s Honor episodes..In case anyone’s interested in downloading Family’s Honor, here’s the link : http://alicechensworld.blogspot.com/2010/11/download-familys-honor-episodes.html.

  559. 559 : Jennie Says:

    @charis(557)It depends on the dealer who buys the copyright from the original owners. Secret Garden was released within 2 months i think in Spore n even that they released it in two parts. TGL was released early September. You can actually purchased it online now. I am talking about original dvd. As for copy, they are released latest within two weeks after the final episode, completely subbed n in good English too these days.

  560. 560 : chem Says:

    All the actors and actresses deliver the character beautifully that make this drama more touching and memorable..from first episode to another this drama make you wonder and eager what will happen next..i’m gonna miss SR and SY..forgive me beside PSH and MCH I just want to add 1 more actor that i become his fan through this drama.He is none other than Song Jong Ho(Shin Miun).I watched him in KD Three Sister before..But in this drama i think his performance improve a lot..Just see in the angry and sadness eyes of him..If PSH has killing smile then SJH has unique angry and sadness eyes..

  561. 561 : tc Says:

    Finally managed to watch the last 2 episodes.So satisfied with the ending and has to salute the writers for concluding the drama in such manner. Agreed with KDaddict’s comments that because SY is blind, he has to give up his revenge and live quietly but happily with SR. Otherwise, he will feel guilty for giving up his revenge when Su Yang was still alive. Of course, the writer did not kill off Su Yang’s character in the drama to comply with historical facts!

    This is the best drama for 2011 – best actors, sizzling chemistry, best plot, cinematography and OSTs! Thanks to the entire casts particularly PSH and MCW, crew, writers and KBS for making such a wonderful drama!

    So sad that the drama ended but will definitely rewatch many times to cure the PSH/MCM bug! Thanks to KDaddict for the wonderful recaps and comments that make me appreciate this drama more since I have been searching unsuccessfully at other blogs like DB and Koala for recaps.

  562. 562 : LiebeLorelie Says:

    @KDaddict, Jennie, Charis,

    Last night I was reading the few latest posts here, and your recap KDaddict made me cry again 🙂 then I went to re-watch eps 22 through 24, and started crying again! I have never watched a drama that would touch my heart as TPM did.

    In addition to your interpretation of the TPM’s end, I think SY’s blindness is his way to atone for not fulfilling his revenge, and this is my reasoning.

    On ep 24, SY tells Jo that the suffering of those spirits (i.e., his father and brother) were weighting too much on his shoulders. He knew that by going to the temple, it would not be easy to kill the king and chances were, he would be killed instead. He was ready to die, he was tired, and he wanted to end the revenge already.

    Things developed, and he got caught, sentenced to death, but smuggled out with SR to live far away (he had no saying on being smuggled out of prison).

    For what I understand, in ancient Asian culture, the warriors who failed to accomplish their mission had to take their lives, otherwise they would bring disgrace to their ancestors.

    Now that he is alive and blind, he can reason with his ancestors “I failed to kill the king but you see, I lost my sight and now I’m living in darkness. So please have pity on me, bless me, and allow me to live with the woman I love; the woman who is my sight, my light, and my everything.”

    This ending also reminds me of that saying “Love is Blind” … love doesn’t see pass the object of its affection; all love needs is to be next to its loved one to be fulfilled and endure anything and everything.

    To satisfy my TPM bug, I’m looking for the OST music sheets. I’ve been looking into some places but was only able to find the music sheets for I’m Loving You Today and Missing You… and I want them ALL (tsh tsh tsh, so greedy of me ^.^)

    @charis, I too didn’t like PSH’s hair style on the picture, but it was the embrace that made him look adorable and approachable. I wonder if he was promoting his new style for the upcoming movie?

  563. 563 : charis Says:

    @norhah 558: thank you for the link

    @Jennie 559: mind if you share the website to buy online? I’ve searched yesasia.com, they have not sold TGL original dvd yet.

  564. 564 : nina Says:

    before..But in this drama i think his performance improve a lot..Just see in the angry and sadness eyes of him..If PSH has killing smile then SJH

  565. 565 : TPM Fan Says:

    @ KDaddict 552: Thanks for that beautiful nugget on “geese” you dug out for us. Helps me appreciate the “love line” between SY and SR even more. Really appreciate it when writers go the extra mile to add depth to the story as they did with this one.

    @ KDaddict, Jennie: Thanks for your comments on SY being blind. I didn’t quite catch it during the live streaming plus I didn’t understand the dialogue till I saw the episode with subs today. But I agree it’s about as good a resolution as it can get.

    Will still be thinking about this show for a long, long time!

  566. 566 : Jennie Says:

    @charis (562) The link is:


    Check availability of sub titles before purchasing. Sometimes they don’t come with Eng subs.

  567. 567 : hallyu lover Says:

    I love the ending! totally great! no disappointment…I love the story of this drama and the signature poem used in this drama…so beautiful!
    I’ll miss PSH’s acting~

  568. 568 : malia Says:

    it was a great drama and a happy end
    after east of eden the first drama which impressed me so much!

  569. 569 : drama freak Says:

    Niceeee!!! i love the ending too……love this drama!! very touching….totally niceeee…..hope to see more nice dramas like this…hehe…..I LOVE PRINCESS’S MAN…. ALL THE ACTORS AND ACTRESS DID A GOOOOOOD JOB!!!!!! bravo!!

  570. 570 : malia Says:

    forgot to praise the ost
    i´m sure i will listen to for a long time

  571. 571 : hana Says:

    other than Song Jong Ho(Shin Miun).I watched him in KD Three Sister before..But in this drama i think his performance improve a lot..Just see These r the first 2 lines of a poem that the Yuen dynasty scholar wrote after hearing the story abt the 2 Wild-goose. You’d think me crazy if I quote n translate the whole poem. So let’s just say that the writer (likely

  572. 572 : Me Says:

    Waowww….TPM is the best drama 2011
    totally love~~ big thanx and hug to writer-nim pd-nim all crw n awsom cast
    PSH N MCW = best couple
    still make me shed tears if i lstn d ost
    Will miss TPM n nvr forget
    hope this drm will win awards~~~

  573. 573 : KDaddict Says:

    Some ppl asked abt the folklore behind this story , n how close the resemblance is betwn the 2.
    The folklore was 1st set down in a Korean classics called:
    錦溪筆談. It goes sth like this:
    After Suyang killed Kim Jong Seo at the gate of Kim’s own home, Suyang’s daughter was unable to accept her father’s cruelty. She talked to him repeatedly in an effort to stop him will going thru with his plan to take the throne. It angered him so much that her mother feared for her safety. She arranged for a maid -servant to take the daughter and leave the house without Suyang knowing. AFTER their departure, they met a descendent of KimJS (supposedly his grandson) who was trying to escape Suyang’s effort to eradicate his family. There was mention that they were both hiding in a cave when they met. They did not tell each other their true identity, but fell in love and got married. Only after they were married n came to trust each other that they told each other who they were. Becos the daughter was opposed to her father’s doings, n had tried to stop him, KJS’s grandson was able to respect his wife n continue to live in harmony w her.
    Years passed by, the couple had done well in establishing some fields for cultivation n built a comfortable home. At this time, her father, who had become King Sejo was beginning to feel badly abt his deeds. He had developed a strange skin disease that medicine couldn’t cure. He often went fr temple to temple in search for blessings fr his disease n guilt. One day, he passed thru the little village that his daughter lived in. He saw a young child who looked so much like himself. He followed the child home. He saw a young woman, whom he recognized as his own daughter. He asked abt her husband. She told him she had married a descendent of KimJS. Sejo realized that KimJS had not done anything wrong, n didn’t deserve having his whole family wiped out. He asked his daughter to bring her family, to move home with him the next day. He even promised to reinstate some of the Kim family’s former nobility status. However, when he came by to pick them up the next day, her whole family had fled without a trace!
    (There is some mention that she eventually had two daughters).
    As nice as this story is, it isn’t convincing that she opposed her father so strongly purely on the basis of ethics; and that of all ppl in the world, she ran into KJS’s grandson by chance. There have been subsequent accts that I’m not aware of (cos I didn’t do that much digging) which had picked up on this n improved upon this weakness, to turn it into a Joseon ear Romeo n Juliet story. It makes much more sense that she fell in love w a descendent of the Kim family 1st, opposed her father later, n gt deal more moving.
    What the script added was padding: Kim Seung Yoo’s personality b4 n after his family’s misfortune, his chance meeting w SR, their innocent irresistible attraction to each other, his escaping death time n again, SR’s running away fr home, to hide in the temple, to hide at KH’s mansion, to flash out their undying love against all odds, etc. And the writer has done well, to give us a moving love story, totally convincing and gripping ride. But I like it better in the folklore that KSY did not become blind, n the couple had done well in building a comfortable home in a village. I think that to have them run away fr Suyang at the end is more dramatic than having SY be blind!

  574. 574 : hana Says:

    leave the house without Suyang knowing. AFTER their departure, they met a descendent of KimJS (supposedly his grandson) who was trying to escape Suyang’s effort to eradicate his family. There was mention that they were both hiding in a cave when they met. They did not tell each other their true identity, but fell in love and got married. Only after they were married n ca

  575. 575 : just Says:

    woww…this drama about “romeo & juliet” korean version,really romantic and tragic,,i cry a lot when i was watching TPM…MCW is a good actress,he can make a viewers cry when she cry,as se ryung she never stop her feeling for seung yoo and always help him..goos job girl..:)

    i love chemistry between PSH & MCW..they should make another drama,love u PSH…ur smile is killing me..>.<

    i hope this drama and the whole actors and actress getting an awards for the story and their roles..:)
    (sorry for my bad english)

  576. 576 : KDaddict Says:

    Making SY blind at the end is what should be termed:
    Adding a dog’s tail to Sable skin. The body of the story, which is sable, a v high quality fur, was already there for them to use. They went n gave it such an addition — a bad idea, like a dog’s tail, poor quality fur, to complete the whole. You can see where the original folklore ended, n where the pen of the script writer began!
    I deciphered in #543 that they did it becos his blindness makes it completely impossible for him to seek revenge on Suyang anymore. But it is not really nece, since the whole rebel army was wiped out at the foot of the hill on Hon Git Island. Not only is it unnece, it spoils the picture.
    I’m still mad when I think abt SY being unable to see his lovely wife n daughter! The original ending would be better, as far as I’m concerned.

  577. 577 : KDaddict Says:

    The title of your song is: Let’s be Happy, sung by Byul.

    Look for the lyrics on the QoR thread. I post it there.

  578. 578 : Nora Says:

    I agree totally. Those times were filled with turbulence.
    SY’s family consisted of three vulnerable females with
    him to look after? What happens when they meet
    revengeful nuts like that guy who was the enemy of
    the rebel guy? SY was a great leader, fighter and
    warrior. Leaving him blind will make his family and
    himself like a sitting duck to be victimised and oppressed
    at any time!! I shudder at that thought. All their lives
    can be lost in a breath. Maybe the ending was better
    if he was mentioned to be losing his sight temporarily,
    met up with the rebel good guy and friends, who would
    look after them gladly..That will make the story more real.
    And I definitely don’t trust Suyang, even for one second..
    That man spells pure evilness…

  579. 579 : zashlein Says:

    I just love the ending very much. I thought that the ending would be very tragic for the both of them, but fortunately it’s not. I like the twist they made in the end, making SY blind, for if not, he will continue to take revenge for those people who died unjustly who hoped for SY’s successful revenge towards Suyang. And I was very touched on the scene where Suyang finally discovered that her daughter is alive. All thanks to the Queen for her brilliant decision. Wahhhh. Super love the ending! Credits to the director of this drama. Great job!

  580. 580 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict, LiebeLorelei, TPM Wow, the discussion on the ending is still going on and I am amazed with all the info and research that have been posted here. I am truly impressed that TPM has garnered so much interest and devotion. Had a family celebration at my place over the weekend, so only now I can actually digest all the info. I think for most of us, we understand that something must happen to SY to stop him from taking revenge. From the writers point of view n I agree with Lorelei that the sacrifice must come from him in order to assuage his guilt for not being able to continue. Had he just simply lost a limb, or b temporarily blind, there’s no justification to stop. This way, his honor is intact.
    I also prefer the drama version over the folklore. Imagine how “unromantic” it would be them meeting in a cave etc etc. At least the drama adheres to my ideal of pretty young girl falling for a young, handsome and rich guy! And that was what fueled our interest in the drama – how they met and fell in love with each other n how they defy all odds to be together. I also believe that had PSH not committed himself to another project, they would have extended the drama for another 6 episodes at least! That would have been great 😀

  581. 581 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Did you find out which drama it is- the one with the rings? I thought it was Daring Women but I’m not sure. I remember the scene, the rings were much thicker and darker than TPM’s but like you, I can’t remember the faces. When I saw the rings in TPM, it also reminded me of the other drama. Could it also be Three Sisters? I know I saw it only not too long ago and I even thought that mayb I should go look for a pair for myself since they were so grandlooking! Why am I asking you now? Because it had been bugging me ever since you asked. I tried looking for the scene in Daring Women but most websites have broken links with this drama or had already been removed.

  582. 582 : Nora Says:

    maybe episode 25(in my dreams) SY regained his eyesight,
    reinstated as a nobleman(who he is by right) became an
    intellectual, a scholar(Prof) and retired from politics to serve
    the country in the educational aspect, living in comfort and
    peace with his dear SR and children. Or he regained his
    eyesight(without informing anyone eventhough blurry,etc)
    and was helped secretly by the Queen or SR’s sister to live
    in comfort in a new place unknown to anyone, met up with
    his friends the rebel guy gang and lived peacefully….maybe
    I should write my own ending to TPM….that is more satisfying..

  583. 583 : LiebeLorelie Says:


    Thank you so much for the poem background info on your post 552, and the folklore details on your post 573.

  584. 584 : nina Says:

    intellectual, a scholar(Prof) and retired from politics to serve
    the country in the educational aspect, living in comfort and
    peace with his dear SR and children. Or he regained his
    eyesight(without informing anyone eventhough blurry,etc)
    and was helped secretly by the Queen or SR’s sister to live
    in comfort in a new place unknown to anyone, met up with
    intellectual, a scholar(Prof) and retired from politics to serve
    the country in the educational aspect, living in comfort and

  585. 585 : charis Says:

    @Jennie 566: Thank you for the link

    @KDaddict 577: Thank you so much for your kind help. I really love that song, and have been looking the internet for the lyrics but haven’t found any. Thank you!

  586. 586 : Shayana Says:

    THIS DRAMA TPM was very exciting, different,amazing,sad love and beautiful.
    We tanks of PSH so much .He is the Top star in Asia.
    We hope the next drama,s PSH should be one good and nice love story.
    We waiting this drama of PSH.
    Please PSH with beautiful acterss acting.
    Thanks KBS2 so much
    Thanks of all

  587. 587 : nina Says:

    We hope the next drama,s PSH should be one good and nice love story.
    We waiting this drama of PSH.
    Please PSH with beautiful acterss acting.
    Thanks KBS2 so much
    Thanks of all

  588. 588 : Me Says:

    hmmm.. i love the ending but prfr the original ending story (thnx to KDaddict for d folklr )
    @KDaddict or anyone wh knowz abt d poem write in korean (hangeul) pliz pliz ^^
    thank U

  589. 589 : mimi Says:

    reinstated as a nobleman(who he is by right) became an
    intellectual, a scholar(Prof) and retired from politics to serve
    the country in the educational aspect, living in comfort and
    peace with his dear SR and children. Or he regained his
    eyesight(without informing anyone eventhough blurry,etc)
    and was helped secretly by the Queen or SR’s sister to live
    in comfort in a new place unknown to anyone, met up with
    his friends the rebel guy gang and lived

  590. 590 : kimchilee Says:

    I agree with most that SY should not have been made blind! what’s with the Korean drama endings or in many of the stories that has a similar twist, the actor or actress suffers from cancer or dying, blindness, loss of memory (that’s the most), drink themselves till drunk and almost all the dramas have hospital scenes! It would have been better for SY and SR to run away together in the end like Jewel in the Palace ending.

    Anyway, sorry writers, regardless, thank you for a well written suspenseful sad drama. Overall, it was the best historical drama since Dong Yi. Kudos to all the actors and actresses who gave us a fabulous performance esp PSH whom I dislike in the beginning as wimpy but convinced me somewhat later that he can fight and look a wee bit macho..i love him with his hair down.. more like a man! 🙂

  591. 591 : nina Says:

    very tragic for the both of them, but fortunately it’s not. I like the twist they made in the end, making SY blind, for if not, he will continue to take revenge for those people who died unjustly who hoped for SY’s successful revenge towards Suyang. And I was very touched on the scene where Suyang finally discovered that her daughter is alive. All thanks to the Queen for her brilliant decision. Wahhhh. Super love the ending! Credits to the director of this drama. Great job!

  592. 592 : Me Says:

    fans still mk their own story~~~~
    rlly love TPM

  593. 593 : ncie Says:

    the best kdrama ever..

  594. 594 : jolia Says:

    we understand that something must happen to SY to stop him from taking revenge. From the writers point of view n I agree with Lorelei that the sacrifice must come from him in order to assuage his guilt for not being able to continue. Had he just simply lost a limb, or b temporarily blind, there’s no justification to stop. This way, his honor is

  595. 595 : Yozora Says:

    i can’t wait to see the ending.. 😀
    i’ve seen the series from my tv cable, KBSworld, it is in 19th eps now.. uggh.. it’s still a long wait for the ending, but i’ll b patient and strongly await for that beautiful ending.. 🙂

    Princess Man is no. 1 Korean Drama in 2011!! xD

  596. 596 : mmtutuy Says:

    After time, he became blind, so his injure was very serious, maybe he lost his conscience for long time idk, but let`s think this way, while he were fighting for his life, King Sejo became a great ruler and stopped kill inocent people. Logically think, if he continued to his revenge, without think about the common people and go kill the King just to honor his family and friends than he is no better than a beast.

  597. 597 : yulkimn Says:

    Best Drama ever…..leave a big impact in my heart…I cry every time any character in this drama cry….but i think the end is great…Its fine they make SY blind rather than to be dead rite?…..actually i thought he will die together with his wife…but the PD make a twist..Thank to PD….a very great love story…all the actors and actress done a really good job..Even the King is an evil man..in the end he still a father, who really love his daughter. The Queen suddenly make a great appearance and using her power to save her daughter. This drama full of surprised..never bored to watch..I feel silly coz i’m still crying even after watching again and again…Thanks for making such a great drama..i’m dare to say the best drama of 2011…and thanks for the happy ending….

    *sorry to be spoiler by mentioning the end here..huhu

  598. 598 : TPM THE BEST Says:


  599. 599 : TPM THE BEST Says:


  600. 600 : KDaddict Says:

    I remember those dark green jadeite rings precisely becos I wanted a pair too. I haven’t watched Daring Women, so it can’t be in that. I’m thinking it’s either in Dear Heaven or I hate u but it’s fine. If u only saw 1 of these, then it must be in that! Let me know.
    Chinese was the official language of the Joseon era, until the Yi dynasty ended in 1910. Fr 1910-1945 when Japan was in control, Chinese was still 1 of the official languages, even newspapers were published in Chinese (till 1945). The use of hangeul became widespread since.
    With classical Chinese poetry, you can translate each character into its hangeul equivalent by sound, e.g. a u ni dan seo, but it wouldn’t be very meaningful. It’d just come out as a potpourri of sounds.
    Well, it’s been interesting couple months. Goodbye, See u on other threads.

  601. 601 : TPM THE BEST Says:

    PSH MCW are good couple…!
    we can fell their chemistry in every scene..

    PSH MCW saranghamnida..!
    hope they will have special relationship out of the scene..

  602. 602 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict I have seen only Dear Heaven but that’s too long ago. I remember seeing it just this year cos I’m still looking for that perfect pair of rings. Will let you know once I figure it out-it’s like “Where’s Waldo?”, so may take some time, if I ever find out 😀

  603. 603 : TPM Says:

    i cried my eyes out in the last episode!

  604. 604 : jolia Says:

    can fell their chemistry in every scene..

    PSH MCW saranghamnida..!
    hope they will have special relationship out of the scene..

  605. 605 : loona Says:

    The Princess Man is a beautiful love story between a man and a woman caught in the midst of deceit and atrocities …. between a friendship that ended in tragedy… and a power struggle between the righteous and the greedy… a story of meaningful deaths whose lives will be etched in history… of endearing pain and class struggles… and a choice to live a simple life in the end… Love prevailed… and friendships remembered… The ending was a saving grace… it caught me for a while… but I was happy lives were saved… and for the ageing parents, a sweet taste of forgiveness… A beautiful drama with a beautiful ending… The best ending in a historical drama next to Jewel in the Palace. Congratulations to Park Shi Hoo and the rest of the cast for an outstanding performance!!! to the writers and director of the drama, thank you for not killing our hopes but instead, gave us hope in the end…

  606. 606 : kaminy Says:


  607. 607 : jolia Says:

    simple life in the end… Love prevailed… and friendships remembered… The ending was a saving grace… it caught me for a while… but I was happy lives were saved… and for the ageing parents, a sweet taste of forgiveness… A beautiful drama with a beautiful ending… The best ending in a historical drama next to Jewel in the Palace. Congratulations to Park Shi Hoo and the rest of the cast for an outstanding performance!!! to the writers and director of the drama, thank you for not killing our hopes but instead, gave us hope in the end…

  608. 608 : yulkimn Says:

    “What on earth is love..?..I ask the world…And I will answer that…It is something which let us have no hesitation..To grant life and death to each other…This is love…”

    ~So sweet…

    *sumthing i realize here..in this drama…the guys will die for the honor..and the women will die because of their love…
    And most pathetic character is Sin Myeon..he lost his best friends…and never found his true love..Even Prince Consort have to die but he hve the Princess who love him…SY have SR..so to me Sin Myeon most pity here…

  609. 609 : Jennie Says:

    1. Is there a way to stop readers from just extracting comments and using them as their own?
    2. Use of same name but diff person-is there a way to differentiate this? Esp if second person is trying to play punk?

  610. 610 : admin Says:

    @Jennie (609),

    1. No. Please advice us if you know the way to stop them.
    2. No, because this issue seldom happened. But you may make complain to us and we will take action for this.

  611. 611 : JoanofArc Says:

    @ Jennie- You’ve been wondering which korean drama/s you saw those green or jade rings. I’ve seen them at Dong Yi and Yi San.

  612. 612 : Jennie Says:

    @JoanofArc Thks for the input but I don’t think they are the ones that you mentioned. It’s a contemporary drama and as described by KDaddict @510 on Pg 21. If you know of any dramas that fit that description, do let us know. Thanks.

  613. 613 : “The Princess’s Man” (2011) « Thread Of Pangeran Says:

    […] (1st) Credit : http://inisajamostory.blogspot.com/ http://www.koreandrama.org Add Head Admin Thread Pangeran229 : Facebook Head Admin N Twitter Head Admin : @pangeran229 Dan […]

  614. 614 : nina Says:

    istory… of endearing pain and class struggles… and a choice to live a simple life in the end… Love prevailed… and friendships remembered… The ending was a saving grace… it caught me for a while… but I was happy lives were saved… and for the ageing parents, a sweet taste of forgiveness… A beautiful drama with a beautiful ending… The best ending in a historical drama next to Jewel in the Palace. Congratulations to Park Shi Hoo and the rest of the cast for an outstanding performance!!! to the writers and director of the drama, thank you for not killing our hopes but instead, gave us hope in the end

  615. 615 : nina Says:

    ~So sweet…

    *sumthing i realize here..in this drama…the guys will die for the honor..and the women will die because of their love…
    And most pathetic character is Sin Myeon..he lost his best friends…and never found his true love..Even Prince Consort have to die but he hve the Princess who love him…SY have SR..so to me Sin Myeon most pity here…

  616. 616 : jolia Says:

    The Princess Man is a beautiful love story between a man and a woman caught in the midst of deceit and atrocities …. between a friendship that ended in tragedy… and a power struggle between the righteous and the greedy… a story of meaningful deaths whose lives will be etched in history… of endearing pain and class struggles… and a choice to live a simple life in the end… Love prevailed… and friendships remembered… The ending was a saving grace… it caught me for a while… but I was


  617. 617 : jolia Says:

    forgiveness… A beautiful drama with a beautiful ending… The best ending in a historical drama next to Jewel in the Palace. Congratulations to Park Shi Hoo and the rest of the cast for an outstanding performance!!! to the writers and director of the drama, thank you for not killing our hopes but instead, gave us hope in the end

  618. 618 : charis Says:

    @jennie 612: I’m thinking of buying korean drama dvd published by pohkim dvd in spore, have you ever bought dvd from the same publisher? I just would like to know how is the quality of the picture and the subtitle.

  619. 619 : luz Says:

    hi, i always feel exciting to wait the air time, very interesting story, may feeling was empty if i’m not watching the drama every wed. & thu.

  620. 620 : tc Says:

    To charisma (618):

    Based on the several DVDs that I bought before from Poh Kim Video including PSH’s Family Honor and Dong Yi, the DVDs’ quality is good with perfect English subtitles.

  621. 621 : tc Says:

    To all TPM fans,

    Please go to Thundie Prattle’s blog under The Princess’ Man – Final Discussion and give your comments and thoughts about this drama. It was so nice for Thundie to set up a page where TPM fans can exchange and share their views about this fantastic drama!

  622. 622 : charis Says:

    @tc 620: How about the quality compared to Korean version? I have bought Korean version DVD lately, and the quality of the pic and the sub is far better than the other version I had.

  623. 623 : Janet Says:

    We are waiting for next drama PS.
    We love PSH so much.
    Please answer when ready

  624. 624 : Janet Says:

    MORE,MORE …………….

  625. 625 : KAIA Says:

    caught in the midst of deceit and atrocities …. between a friendship that ended in tragedy… and a power struggle between the righteous and the greedy… a story of meaningful deaths whose lives will be etched in history… of endearing pain and class struggles… and a choice to live a simple life in the end… Love prevailed… and friendships remembered… The ending was a saving grace… it caught me for a while… but I was

  626. 626 : KAIA Says:


  627. 627 : tc Says:

    To Charis (622): Sorry unable to compare as I have not bought any DVDs from Korea before. Can’t wait for TPM DVD to come out, will definitely buy for keep!

  628. 628 : Jennie Says:

    @charis (618) As tc(620)’s reply, the quality of DVDs from Poh Kim is good and the Engilish subs are as good as those you get from viki website. In Spore there are two different sources, from the official local distributors such as Poh Kim, Innoform etc and those which they source from China. The latter dvds are not always reliable especially the English subs. Be careful as shops such as Poh Kim also sell these. Btw, if you are an avid collector such as me, you’d also want to find out the different versions of dvd that they have. Sometimes they come up with beautiful packaging with pics and all (like a book), which is slightly more expensive. Good luck!

  629. 629 : Jennie Says:

    @charis (622) Based on my experience on the difference in different versions, I have encountered differences in two older dramas ie Ballad Of Seo Dong and City Hall. In these dramas, they replaced a song with another one. You may be familiar with City Hall. In a romantic waltz scene where CSW brought flowers to propose, they played an English song Moon River but in the local version which I bought it was replaced with the theme song of the drama. These had something to do with copyright, I think. However I don’t think this happens often.

  630. 630 : charis Says:

    @tc627: Thank you for your kind reply. Yes I too will definitelly buy the original DVD of TPM to keep.

    @Jennie629: I don’t mind about the song, but I’m very concerned about the quality of the picture and the subtitle, have you ever tried Poh Kim DVD before? I haven’t bought any from them, so I’m asking if their quality is ok.
    My city hall is us version, if I’m not mistaken the song is Moon River.
    What drama are you watching right now?

  631. 631 : Jennie Says:

    @charis (630) My reply to you for comment #622 at my comment #628.

  632. 632 : Jennie Says:

    @charis (630) Nothing much going on in Kdrama land these days, esp after TPM. Still recovering from withdrawal symptoms, I guess. I am presently watching The Musical, which by the way is pretty good despite its poor ratings. I am waiting for A Thousand Days’ Promise and planning to start on Glory Jane. Let’s hope we will all see each other again on one of these threads. Hope you enjoy your new purchase otf TGL 🙂

  633. 633 : KDaddict Says:

    Hey guys,
    High Kick 3 is really good, esp. after the intensity of TPM. It is light, funny, n enjoyable. Every one of its eps. makes me laugh!
    I’m willing to bet u some chili crabs fr Mo Chuo Bi that it was in Dear Heaven that we saw the pair of dark Jadeite rings. The rich old lady give them to her D-i-law (the mother of Yoon SY) for doing such a good job raising Lee Tae Gon.

  634. 634 : Janet Says:

    We like drama TPM.
    This is a best drama in 2011
    Million,s Viewer

  635. 635 : jennie Says:

    @admin If you’d noticed many others before this are merely copied texts from other people’s comments. From their email address perhaps or their ip address, you will be able to identify that it’s probably from the same address. Mayb you should be able to ban this person from using this website since he/she has nothing better to do than plagarizing other people’s work?

  636. 636 : Youngs Says:

    In Korean there’s two best romantic drama.
    1) Princess Hours -> Superstar JU Ji Hoon
    2) The Princess,Man->Superstar->Park Shi Hoo
    Lasting for all generations.
    Most memorable in our heart.
    Thanks of two ( Ju Ji Hoon & Park Shi Hoo)
    Million,s People
    Youngs & between years & olds ( 3 generations

  637. 637 : admin Says:

    @ Jennie (635), we already deleted their comment and ban them to write comment here. Thanks for inform us.

  638. 638 : yulkimn Says:

    I keep repeating watching dis drama again and again…the funny thing i still crying even watching after a few times ready..haishh….why they make such a wonderful drama…thank you so much…

    even this drama without appearance from any idol…but the actor and actress are doing such a great job..Moon chae woon such a great actress..all her sad expression..torn my heart…when she smile..she looks so pretty…without a thick make up…but she look so pretty..hope can watch another drama she pair with park shi hoo (love his smiling eyes..huhu) again…they hve such a good chemistry…maybe they should date for real..hihi

  639. 639 : awat Says:

    hi my name is awat ahmad im from kurdistan region of iraq, i love this drama thank u so much for making these wonderful dramas thanks for korea and God bless u

  640. 640 : SoupeMiso Says:

    I’m from France.
    J’ai terminé ce magnifique drama hier soir et je l’ai trouvé fabuleux !
    Une romance hors du commun, un casting extra, un environnement sublime. Que demander de plus ?
    Meilleur drama 2011 !


  641. 641 : TOTA Says:

    Drama of this one number of representatives and the openness Ahniihm directing him lip finest historical series so far and deserves all the awards

  642. 642 : FOFO Says:

    Who saw the hero in the last episode Baelchenb and beard and hair silk its shape is very beautiful there?

  643. 643 : TOTA Says:

    Yes, it really is a wonderful and handsome beard and mustache.


  644. 644 : charis Says:

    @jennie 631: Thank you for the information. #628 wasn’t there by the time I wrote #630. I’m going to buy Family Honor, not TGL. Hope to see you too on another threads jennie.

  645. 645 : jolia Says:

    yes she is !! drama

  646. 646 : Girls & boys Says:

    This drama is one of the best representative finest historical series and wonderful.
    All the awards for Park Shi Hoo
    He is the best Actor in 2011.
    Yes! PSH is very Handsome and attractive with beard and mustache.

  647. 647 : jolia Says:

    This drama is one of the best representative finest historical series and wonderful.
    All the awards for Park Shi Hoo
    He is the best Actor in 2011.
    Yes! PSH is very Handsome and attractive with beard and mustache.

  648. 648 : Chai Says:

    Hi Jolia, if awards go to park shi hoo then wat about our moon chae won. She’s also the most important lead in the drama. And thanks for supporting TPM all the times. The best drama in the year. Best couple. Love moon chaw won n park shi hoo

  649. 649 : Devi Says:

    Love park shi hoo love him much much much, I don’t care about the drama what kind is, the most one I just want to see park shi hoo Sara they’ll oppa hope you get the best actor 2011 hwaiting

  650. 650 : moggy maulana Says:

    i’ll be watching this drama now..
    regards from INDONESIA (BALI)

  651. 651 : chR15 Says:

    i watch the princess man again and again..
    The best K drama 2011…
    bcoz im also cry again and again..huhuhu
    the most outstanding drama for this year..

  652. 652 : nina Says:

    October 20th, 2011 at 11:19 pm
    i watch the princess man again and again..
    The best K drama 2011…
    bcoz im also cry again and again..huhuhu
    the most outstanding drama for this year..

  653. 653 : nina Says:

    moon is kiot girle you are is e 1 drama 2011 kbs2 >.>3

  654. 654 : jolia Says:

    watch the princess man again and again..
    The best K drama 2011…
    bcoz im also cry again and again..huhuhu
    the most outstanding drama for this year

  655. 655 : jolia Says:

    watch the princess man again and again..
    The best K drama 2011…
    bcoz im also cry again and again..huhuhu
    the most outstanding drama for this year..

  656. 656 : Girls & boys Says:

    We waiting of neu drama of Park Shi Hoo.
    We watch again TPM every day more more and more……
    We love PSH & MCW so much.
    PSH is a best Actor in Asia Top and Popular
    Million,s Young

  657. 657 : Hong yi Says:

    TPM is the best k-drama of the year. Best couple is the year MCW n PSH. Each episode makes u eager for the others. MCW is suitable for her role.

  658. 658 : nisa Says:

    this is a REAL DRAMA!!! love park shi hoo and moon chae won! they really cute here, hpe they had an relationship! bcuz their so adorable. hehe 🙂
    watching this drama really come inside to my heart, and made me cried. :’)

  659. 659 : mime Says:

    I expect this drama won over 10 awards ceremony in the KBS is the most important award

  660. 660 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just started watching this drama & loving it already! woah park shi hoo & moon chae they’re good together! i can’t wait to see the rest! this is one of the best i’ve seen this year though i just started!
    park shi hoo is truly amazing! i’m reading here some of you cried, i think i haven’t reached that part yet but i’ll surely have a box of kleenex handy 🙂

  661. 661 : sangjhoon Says:

    another thing, i’m not a big fan of moon chae but in this drama i really have a change of heart, she’s good & the role really suits her

  662. 662 : Lea Says:

    Nice film, love this film so much… Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo–beautiful couple..:)

  663. 663 : jolia Says:

    this is a REAL DRAMA!!! love park shi hoo and moon chae won! they really cute here, hpe they had an relationship! bcuz their so adorable. hehe

  664. 664 : aisyah Says:

    ‎The best k.drama 2011

  665. 665 : Hanisha Says:

    Dear Park Shi Hoo
    We love to miss
    You are a best actor in Korean & Asia
    Please,tell us in a new series of interviews
    we are waiting to get
    Please, you do not forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  666. 666 : devi Says:

    this is a amazing drama, so touching, the story so strong, I bet this can be the best drama 2011 and best actor for park shi hoo, his act was briliant, and yes I think I already falling in love with him, loves his smile with great teeth, his sixpack, his voice, everything of him I adore

  667. 667 : devi Says:

    First before I saw this drama, I think it gonna be sad ending story, but just because I loves park shi hoo so much, I keep to watching it, more and more eps then my love going biger for him, than I’m very thankful that the ending so great, so sweet, so happy, and we can learn in this story, that revenge doesn’t make a happines, just forgive and forget

  668. 668 : نرمين فاروق via Facebook Says:


  669. 669 : Bug Says:

    watched this drama as my mom n sis were fans.
    but find the story-line or plot to be very weak, – the hero is one pathetic fellow who makes ridiculous mistakes in his revenge. his best friend has a much meatier role, which should have been developed properly into a real anti-hero whose angst at his choices which turns him against his friends for both status n girl should have been the better story. Instead we get one weakling who can’t think straight and needs to be rescued by his best friend, his girl, his outlaw friends and finally his girl’s mother = what a pathetic “hero”
    goodlooking MCW,
    lousy plot
    final episode was a waste of time

  670. 670 : Yovie Masita via Facebook Says:

    i luv Park Shi Hoo act….The Best Saeguk Film i ever see…

  671. 671 : cherryangel Says:

    i like this drama very much and i think this drama is the best in 2011.

  672. 672 : Poeple Says:

    Dear PSH,
    The Princess,Man is N.1 in 2011 in Asia.
    We love you so much,waiting for youi,r new drama of beautiful love story.
    This is a the demands.
    Please,Please and Please
    Million,s Viewers

  673. 673 : Atusa Says:

    Dear PSH,
    공원시이 후 당신은 왜 항상 내 꿈속에서 당신의 얼굴은 항상 내 안구에 상상 오는

  674. 674 : shinee Says:

    really a good drama. the story growths well each episodes. love PSH and MCW. they acts really well, touch my heart. i even cried in the last episodes, i thougt PSH will die, that really heart breaking..

    love this drama..recommended one!!

  675. 675 : hanna Says:

    i watch the princess man again and again..
    The best K drama 2011…
    bcoz im also cry again and again..huhuhu
    the most outstanding drama for this year..

  676. 676 : Anuska Says:

    i loved this drama from the begening to tha end…

  677. 677 : Lynn Says:

    This is a Nice drama, and have a Good ending! Must watch!!!

  678. 678 : Alex Says:

    hi, Mr PARK SHI HOO!

    The Princess Man is such a success because of you.
    Yes,Really You are a best actor in Asia.
    We are proud of you.
    Europa,Asia and America

  679. 679 : choline Says:

    The Princess Man is the best drama in this year.. i recommended everyone to watch this drama..

  680. 680 : Annie Says:

    i love the whole story… very interesting to watch. the actors are all good.

  681. 681 : Tren Says:

    What a wonderful drama. It is one of the best show that I have seen. Good plot and superb acting. The love story between Seung Yoo and Se-Ryung is just too touching and romantic. The writer should be praised for the good storyline.

  682. 682 : banTaI Says:

    All about this drama was perfect..The most i love is the Ost..SUPERB!!

    The full-length OST album for “The Princess’ Man,” which is currently scheduled to be released on September 29, has gained much attention for reaching 50,000 pre-sale orders.

    Altogether, the album will contain 20 songs, including Baek Ji Young’s “I Love You Today Too,” Lee Young Hyun’s “Goodbye My Love,” Ha Dong Gyun and Lee Jung’s “I Will Wait For You,” and Park Wan Gyu’s “Per Day.”

    The album received positive feedback for the lineup that consists of top artists with top-notch skills and Korea’s highly praised producers, which includes Yoon Il Sang and Yoon Min Su.

    It has also garnered interest from many people due to the opinion that it will be an exceptional album, because the background music comprises of traditional classical music mixed with Western sounds and Italian lyrics that are not commonly heard in today’s music.

  683. 683 : Ces Says:

    Can’t believe im feeling this way. The Princess’ Man’s last episode was aired on kbs world Thursday last week. And now, i can’t bring myself to watch any other korean drama. TPM has surpassed all srandards thus leaving all other dramas wanting. I keep missing the characters Seryong and Seungyu. I keep replaying in my mind those sad and happy moments they were together. I keep imagining what their life could be after the last episode. Awwww… i think this drama will stay with me a lot longer than expected. Haayyzz… isn’t it a bittersweet feeling?

  684. 684 : KIOTA Says:

    Can’t believe im feeling this way. The Princess’ Man’s last episode was aired on kbs world Thursday last week. And now, i can’t bring myself to watch any other korean drama. TPM has surpassed all srandards thus leaving all other dramas wanting. I keep missing the characters Seryong and Seungyu. I keep replaying in my mind those sad and happy moments they were together. I keep imagining what their life could be after the last episode. Awwww… i think this drama will stay with me a lot longer than expected. Haayyzz… isn’t it a bittersweet feeling?

  685. 685 : tota Says:

    All about this drama was perfect..The most i love is the Ost..SUPERB!!

    The full-length OST album for “The Princess’ Man,” which is currently scheduled to be released on September 29, has gained much attention for reaching 50,000 pre-sale orders.

    Altogether, the album will contain 20 songs, including Baek Ji Young’s “I Love You Today Too,” Lee Young Hyun’s “Goodbye My Love,” Ha Dong Gyun and Lee Jung’s “I Will Wait For You,” and Park Wan Gyu’s “Per

  686. 686 : lei Says:

    just finish watching……great drama and great actors specially PSH!

  687. 687 : Europa Says:

    Lieber Parh Shi Huo,
    Wir vermissen dich
    Die drama “TPM” war Super Drama 2011.

  688. 688 : KYBE Says:

    artists with top-notch skills and Korea’s highly praised producers, which includes Yoon Il Sang and Yoon Min Su.

    It has also garnered interest from many people due to the opinion that it will be an exceptional album, because the background music comprises of traditional classical music mixed with Western sounds and Italian lyrics that are not commonly heard in today’s music.

  689. 689 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I love this drama. Park Shi Hoo, Moon Chae Won, and Hong Soo Hyun were superb in their roles. It is a fiction blended well with historical facts. The love story telling is magnificent, let alone the impressive cinematography. Even after completing the drama, this poignant love story still lingers in my mind. Beautiful!

  690. 690 : ST Says:

    loved this drama

  691. 691 : maida Says:

    the synopsis said tragic love story .is it a sad eding ?

  692. 692 : maida Says:

    is it a sad ending drama?

  693. 693 : shinee Says:

    at the end..they’re keeping together..but for me it’s still kinda heartbreaking.i am keeping asking, why in the world all the efforts to against the inequity gain nothing

  694. 694 : oria Says:

    Altogether, the album will contain 20 songs, including Baek Ji Young’s “I Love You Today Too,” Lee Young Hyun’s “Goodbye My Love,” Ha Dong Gyun and Lee Jung’s “I Will Wait For You,” and Park Wan Gyu’s “Per

  695. 695 : tota Says:

    Love You Today Too,” Lee Young Hyun’s “Goodbye My Love,” Ha Dong Gyun and Lee Jung’s “I Will Wait For You,” and Park Wan Gyu’s “Per

  696. 696 : rosa Says:

    ***** (five star) drama. And 2 thumbs up for PSH & MCW. I think TPM should be the best korean drama of 2011.

  697. 697 : nina Says:

    leaving all other dramas wanting. I keep missing the characters Seryong and Seungyu. I keep replaying in my mind those sad and happy moments they were together. I keep imagining what their life could be after the last episode. Awwww… i think this drama will stay with me a lot longer than expected. Haayyzz… isn’t it a bittersweet feeling?

  698. 698 : GIMA Says:

    facts. The love story telling is magnificent, let alone the impressive cinematography. Even after completing the drama, this poignant love story still lingers in my mind. Beautiful!

    yes ilovet

  699. 699 : JOLIA Says:

    facts. The love story telling is magnificent, let alone the impressive cinematography. Even after completing the drama, this poignant love story still lingers in my mind. Beautiful!

  700. 700 : KYBE Says:

    All about this drama was perfect..The most i love is the Ost..SUPERB!!

    The full-length OST album for “The Princess’ Man,” which is currently scheduled to be released on September 29, has gained much attention for reaching 50,000 pre-sale orders.

    Altogether, the album will contain 20 songs, including Baek Ji Young’s “I

  701. 701 : mima Says:

    After time, he became blind, so his injure was very serious, maybe he lost his conscience for long time idk, but let`s think this way, while he were fighting for his life, King Sejo became a great ruler and stopped

  702. 702 : KS Says:

    One of the best dramas I’ve watched this year. Very touching. I highly recommend it! I was crying throughout the drama.

  703. 703 : GIMA Says:

    Park Shi Hoo is one of my favourite actor and I am looking forward to this drama.

  704. 704 : wati Says:

    no other words but : VERY GOOD 🙂

  705. 705 : nina Says:

    that drama 2011 desang moon chae won

  706. 706 : cice Says:

    I’m 100% agree with banTaI..
    when i see her acting.,it make me love to her..:-D
    this Romeo & Juliet series will be suit for her..
    because for me,i think no one actress have natural skill for tears scene like her..she’s a great actress..
    i can’t wait for this series to replace Romance Town..
    moon chae won…I LOVE U..(“,)

  707. 707 : Biniam berihu Says:

    Waw,princess man drama is the best drama than that i have ever seen before.thanks for you

  708. 708 : love yoon Says:

    Hi Good Friends: I will be waiting for the English subtitles; hope it will not take long. I love Korean dramas. Thank you all and God bless.

  709. 709 : nbdq Says:

    moon is kiot girl !!

  710. 710 : viva Says:

    ilke that drama 2011

  711. 711 : Garrett Says:

    A beautiful intense love affair, the love scenes are breathtaking, my heart goes dugun dugun (@^_^@) (courtesy the greatest love) ..beautiful KDrama. I was so glad it was a good ending and the director of the drama didn’t kill anyone of the lead star. all my fingers UP for the drama..must watch..

  712. 712 : Hong yi Says:

    Yes moon chae won has natural skills in sad n crying scenes. She’s not fun at all she’s serious n that’s what I love about her. Please cry alot in ur next drama pleasee. TPM is super tragedy n sad. Every scenes they were together are remarkable. I think I have been waiting all my life for a drama like this to happen. Super love it

  713. 713 : mnm Says:

    Yes moon chae won has natural skills in sad n crying scenes. She’s not

  714. 714 : ntew Says:

    director of the drama didn’t kill anyone of the lead star. all my fingers UP for the drama..must watch..

  715. 715 : nbcw Says:

    After time, he became blind, so his injure was

  716. 716 : sose Says:

    goes dugun dugun (@^_^@) (courtesy the greatest love) ..beautiful KDrama. I was so glad it was a good ending and the

    moon ilove you

  717. 717 : mime Says:

    Princess Man is a beautiful love story between a man and a woman caught in the midst of deceit and atrocities …. between a friendship that ended in tragedy… and a power struggle between the righteous and the greedy… a story of meaningful deaths whose lives will be etched in history… of endearing pain and class struggles… and a choice to live a simple life in the end… Love prevailed… and friendships remembered… The ending was a saving grace… it caught me for a while… but I was

  718. 718 : nekolas Says:

    lost his conscience for long time idk, but let`s think this way, while he were fighting for his life, King Sejo became a great ruler and stopped

  719. 719 : mome Says:

    I love this drama so much. I seriously cried when I saw the end. I loved the end but i didn’t want it to end. I loved, I love it and will always love it. Love the actors and the actress especially Moon Chae Won. she did un outstanding job.

  720. 720 : ismelprima Says:

    i am from indonesia so i can write use language indonesia.he…
    gila…ini drama seru abis.mkan bngen karakternya.jlan crtanya g ngebosanin,bwat qt snyum2 sndiri b termewek-mewek smpai mta gw bengkak,wjar aj lw rating dkorea slalu baik.sarange full…

  721. 721 : wonol Says:

    I’m 100% agree with banTaI..
    when i see her acting.,it make me love to her..:-D
    this Romeo & Juliet series will be suit for her..
    because for me,i think no one actress have natural skill for tears scene like her..she’s a great actress..
    i can’t wait for this series to replace Romance Town..
    moon chae won…I LOVE U..(“,)

  722. 722 : lola Says:

    ilovet that drama she is couble 100% moon and park

  723. 723 : Oct Says:

    Literally had a burst of tears after watching this so SAD so BEAUTIFUL i want to start off with Princess Gong Hye hubby and Seung Yu BFF Jong BLESS You he was Seung Yu’s one and only true friend after Seok Ja and the idiot who helped him a lot Jong sooo Sad over him he was so dedicated to the ppl he LOVED what a real MAN i looked down on him at first but than I Grown to Respect and LOVE his Character and his wife the Princess who went through so much for her ill father, lil brother who became king only to be brutally tortured by their Greedy Uncle Su Yang who just murder innocent ppl including his own family members he put the lead actress his daughter through hell having to see her greedy blood thirsty father KILL KILL KILL for the Throne so damn sad i Loved her strength how she stood her ground against her dad and the love she had for her Man thee PHENOMENAL Seung Yu just terrible Su Yang will be known in history as the Fake king Joseon dynasty ever had so sad for your dad who was a Great King Sejong

  724. 724 : fadia Says:

    watched this drama as my mom n sis were fans.
    but find the story-line or plot to be very weak, – the hero is one pathetic fellow who makes ridiculous mistakes in his revenge. his best friend has a much meatier role, which should have been developed properly into a real anti-hero whose angst at his choices which turns him against his friends for both status n girl should have been the better story. Instead we get one weakling who can’t think straight and needs to be rescued by his best friend, his girl, his outlaw friends and finally his girl’s mother = what a pathetic “hero”
    goodlooking MCW,
    lousy plot
    final episode was a waste of time

  725. 725 : kiot Says:

    This drama TPM is one of the best representative finest historical series and wonderful.
    All the awards for Park Shi Hoo
    He is the best Actor in 2011.
    Yes! PSH is very Handsome and attractive with beard and mustache.
    We love PSH & MCW
    We have seen many Korean TV series and this is absolutely the best! I am deeply moved by the love story between princess and her man. We agree with other viewers both actors play their role to the bone, and wow aren’t they lovely together! We are not familiar with either of them, but Park seems so wonderfully

  726. 726 : lolita Says:

    wow aren’t they lovely together! We are not familiar with either of them, but Park seems so wonderfully

  727. 727 : moon chae won Says:

    i love her TPM especially when when shes looking down she looks so sad when shes looking down every scenes are all sad

  728. 728 : jeme Says:

    just started watching this drama & loving it already! woah park shi hoo & moon chae they’re good together! i can’t wait to see the rest! this is one of the best i’ve seen this year though i just started!
    park shi hoo is truly amazing! i’m reading here some of you cried, i think i haven’t reached that part yet but i’ll surely have a box of kleenex

  729. 729 : roochie Says:

    WOW! This is SUPERB! i finished watching this, but i kept remembering how great and amazing the story was, so i re-watched again n again… No matter how many times, i didnt get bored of it. I’m a die-hard fan of korean. I had watch hundreds of korean series and movies and Princess’ Man is one of my fav. TQ!

  730. 730 : faris Says:

    TPM is like an Asian version of Romeo and Juliet….the undying love between 2 people from families who are enemies.
    Although I do not understand Korean, KBS’es subtitling is excellent and I was able to follow and appreciate the story line.
    The music too was catchy, especially during the sad and also the suspense scenes.

    TPM has joined “The Accidental Couple” as one of my favorite Korean dramas. Thank you, KBS.

    Anybody knows where can I get the music that is always played during the suspense parts of the drama?

    SeRyeong…..will you marry me???

  731. 731 : hgroh Says:

    TPM has joined “The Accidental Couple” as one of my favorite Korean dramas. Thank you, KBS.

  732. 732 : sara Says:

    This is one of a kind of saeguk drama.Except from the normal charms of this kind of drama,i.e. refreshing music, love and revenge theme, historical facts and value etc,TPM gave me something that rare to see.
    1.apart from normal torture in investigation, this show actually depicts how the sentence of the traitor carried-out:the tear-up of the limbs(that’S rare in saeguk)
    2.2nd generation aristocrats’ pov of the conflicts that forced upon them by their seniors.like the title, we gets to know how ‘princesses’ handle their affairs in turbulence times.normally its the damsel-turn-queen kind of story.
    3.there are actually more than one scene of reception hall where we can see the king consults many/most/all of his minister on his throne.normally they comes to his room and quite a few of them only.

    after some regrets of how WBDS turns out story-wise, TPM is my medicine of saeguk’s fever..finished it in just 3 days..daebak!

  733. 733 : JOLIA Says:

    Anybody knows where can I get the music that is always played during the suspense parts of the drama?

    SeRyeong…..will you marry me???

  734. 734 : viola Says:

    .there are actually more than one scene of reception hall where we can see the king consults many/most/all of his minister on his throne.normally they comes to his room and quite a few of them only.

    after some regrets of how WBDS turns out story-wise, TPM is my medicine of saeguk’s fever..finished it in just 3 days..daebak!

  735. 735 : panda Says:

    TPM is the best Korean drama with best acting cast, writers and director. I especially love PSH. PSH was spectacular, charismatic, captivating and hot in TPM. Fell in love with his ninja look…. so very handsome and hot. He is #1 Korean actor and I hope he will win lots of awards for this drama.

  736. 736 : banTaI Says:

    JOLIA.., i think the song that you find it was Destino…
    yes,that song was superb..the music something like Italian..the princess man OST was perfect..but Destino and track no (forget ) alwals come to my mind even my dream :-)..super music!

  737. 737 : world Says:

    Drama TPM ->The Ep: 1-7 and 18-20 rae very Tops Popular.
    A couple of nice and amazing acting this drama. We have not never regretted watching and we enjoy the acting Top star PSH & MCW.
    PSH is very amazing in Ep 20. He is getting hot and hotter and acted was very very beautiful.
    We love PSH & MCW and espcially the two love.
    We hope TV.KBS2 continue to this drama.
    Thank you and Thanks of all actors.

  738. 738 : moon Says:

    throne.normally they comes to his room and quite a few of them only.

    after some regrets of how WBDS turns out story-wise, TPM is my medicine of saeguk’s fever..finished it in just 3 days..daebak!

  739. 739 : bema Says:

    THIS DRAMA TPM was very exciting, different,amazing,sad love and beautiful.
    We tanks of PSH so much .He is the Top star in Asia.
    We hope the next drama,s PSH should be one good and nice love story.
    We waiting this drama of PSH.
    Please PSH with beautiful acterss

  740. 740 : moon Says:

    moon ilove you ^^

  741. 741 : kltam Says:

    1-Dear Family Kim jomg Seo and King Moon Jong, Kim Seung yoo, Lee Se Ryeon, ,Lee Min Woo & Prince Dan Jong.
    We Love you very much.
    Oh this drama is sad,because can cause heart pain.(Part 8)
    The Director:Kim Jung Min doing wonderful ,Professional work.
    I beg you,Please next drama more love scenes. ( emotional positive )
    Thanks of your played.You are actors great

  742. 742 : People Says:

    TPM is like an Asian , Europa and America version of Romeo and Juliet….the undying love between 2 people from families who are enemies.

    PSH and MCW are the best Actors in this drama.
    The music too was catchy, especially during the sad and also the suspense scenes.

    TPM has joined “The Accidental Couple” as one of my favorite Korean dramas. Thank you, KBS.

    Anybody knows where can I get the music that is always played during the suspense parts of the drama?

  743. 743 : hrema Says:

    after some regrets of how WBDS turns out story-wise, TPM is my medicine of saeguk’s fever..finished it in just 3 days..daebak!

  744. 744 : jfran Says:

    Anybody knows where can I get the music that is always played during the suspense parts of the drama?

  745. 745 : sarahning Says:

    kbs thanks for this drama….. PSH more love for u…..

  746. 746 : ima Says:

    This drama is very great and nothing attracted me the most is an actress Moon

  747. 747 : kroba Says:

    This drama is one of the best representative finest historical series and wonderful.
    All the awards for Park Shi Hoo
    He is the best Actor in 2011.
    Yes! PSH is very Handsome and attractive with beard and mustache

  748. 748 : lina Says:

    thet drama is 2011 moon and park she is love

  749. 749 : lina Says:

    love you korea !!

  750. 750 : mnm Says:

    another thing, i’m not a big fan of moon chae but in this drama i really have a change of heart, she’s good & the role really suits her

  751. 751 : rima Says:

    there are actually more than one scene of reception hall where we can see the king consults many/most/all of his minister on his

  752. 752 : yoyo Says:

    Dear PSH,
    공원시이 후 당신은 왜 항상 내 꿈속에서 당신의 얼굴은 항상 내 안구에 상상 오는

  753. 753 : lion Says:

    We waiting of neu drama of Park Shi Hoo.
    We watch again TPM every day more more and more……
    We love PSH & MCW so much.
    PSH is a best Actor in Asia Top and Popular
    Million,s Young

  754. 754 : hania Says:

    love this drama ^^

  755. 755 : uebe Says:

    shi hoo brother i love you so much
    and i watched your all drama i like your act in prosecutor princess[so in woo] and queen of reversals[ku yun shig]
    i will wait your next drama princess man
    GOOD LUCK ubba

  756. 756 : sentaro Says:

    BEST!!! one of my favorite drama in 2011!!! and the important thing is… good ending :)) love Park Shi Hoo..

  757. 757 : sentaro Says:

    For you who are Park Shi Hoo’s fans,, watch his role in Family Honor, family drama in 2008,, so heartwarming, inspiring, and nice story,, my favorite tooo!!!!

  758. 758 : lolia Says:

    TPM is the best k-drama of the year. Best couple is the year MCW n PSH. Each episode makes u eager for the others. MCW is suitable for her role.

  759. 759 : renad Says:

    i love you that drama princss man she is nomber one

  760. 760 : jmila Says:

    im love you drama

  761. 761 : jmila Says:

    공원시이 후 당신은 왜 항상 내 꿈속에서 당신의 얼굴은 항상 내 안구에 상상 오는

  762. 762 : pilky_dott Says:

    The best Drama of the Year..Keep it up TPM crew…hwaiting!!!

  763. 763 : panda Says:

    TPM is a huge success because of you. No Korean actor’s acting is as charismatic and addictive as yours. I can rewatch your dramas many many times, which I have not done for any other Korean dramas. Love you. You are the best.

  764. 764 : panda Says:

    forgot to add your name…
    PSH, TPM is a huge success because of you….

  765. 765 : alya Says:

    perfecto!!! love this drama

  766. 766 : nrmen Says:

    The full-length OST album for “The Princess’ Man,” which is currently scheduled to be released on September 29, has gained much attention for reaching 50,000 pre-sale orders.

  767. 767 : sale Says:

    that drama is koool moon chae won ilove you girl

  768. 768 : lolita Says:

    All about this drama was perfect..The most i love is the Ost..SUPERB!!

    The full-length OST album for “The Princess’ Man,” which is currently scheduled to be released on September 29, has gained much attention for reaching 50,000 pre-sale orders.

    Altogether, the album will contain 20 songs, including Baek Ji Young’s “I

  769. 769 : lolita Says:

    i love you drama ^^ thank you so math

  770. 770 : fisal Says:

    Hello,Dear Chief or Persident,
    This drama is really very Professional ,beautiful,exciting,amazing

  771. 771 : ivone Says:

    can’t stop my tear from falling down .. very touched drama .. huuhuu ..

  772. 772 : maida Says:


    I am shocked with the end, i always thought he went through all these fights becouse he believe that justice should be approved not for just revenge i know he was confused but only at first. and after all these dead people nothing happen to the king he is still the king he didn’t even step down after the death of his sons where is the fair punishment for all awful things he is a criminal
    i may understand why park shi hoo did what he did for the only woman that was always by his side and she was even about to die many times to rescue him

  773. 773 : maida Says:

    i i love this drama from the first episode but the end disappoints me a little i was expecting more.

  774. 774 : dima Says:

    am shocked with the end, i always thought he went through all these fights becouse he believe that justice should be approved not for just revenge i know he was confused but only at first. and after all these

  775. 775 : tmara Says:

    i love this drama from the first episode but the end disappoints me a little i was expecting more i love you drama ^^

  776. 776 : hanna Says:

    They fall in love while she is posing as the princess. Soon after, he is betrothed to marry the real princess, who knows abt their affair. Her father is the brother of the sickly king n has kingly ambitions. His father is the prime minister, loyal to the king. The King’s brother wants to get

  777. 777 : utna Says:

    prime minister who stands in his way to the throne. It is a Romeo n Juliet story, so it’ll be a tragedy thru n thru. It’s nice to have an occasional tragedy, esp. a historical one. If every show is a rom-com, it’d be too boring.

  778. 778 : tota Says:

    I’m 100% agree with banTaI..
    when i see her acting.,it make me love to her..:-D
    this Romeo & Juliet series will be suit for her..

  779. 779 : yoye Says:

    I’m 100% agree with banTaI..
    when i see her acting.,it make me love to her..:-D
    this Romeo & Juliet series will be suit for her..

  780. 780 : love yoon Says:

    because for me,i think no one actress have natural skill for tears scene like her..she’s a great actress..
    i can’t wait for this series to replace Romance Town..
    moon chae won…I LOVE U..(“,)

  781. 781 : mjnon moon Says:

    moon cahe won ilove you ^^

  782. 782 : vivean Says:

    They fall in love while she is posing as the princess. Soon after, he is betrothed to marry the real princess, who knows abt their affair. Her father is the brother of the sickly king n has kingly ambitions. His father is the prime minister, loyal to the king. The King’s brother wants to get

  783. 783 : mi nas Says:

    i love moon chae won too. i watched this drama not for moon chae won but her character in the drama. after watching TPM i searched for all her dramas n it turned out that she best suited in hanbok. she does not laugh alot in all her dramas but anyway we should vote for TPM because for me i think it is the best drama in 2011. well not realy for the actors n actresses but for the storeline

  784. 784 : hgroh Says:

    i can’t wait for this series to replace Romance Town..
    moon chae won…I LOVE U..(“,)

  785. 785 : hgroh Says:


  786. 786 : devi Says:

    I like the ending of this drama, at last their become together. I love park si hoo so much and his my fantasy wild man in my secret mind @^^@ , I will always waiting forr your next drama, sarangheyoo oppa

  787. 787 : كوريا دراما Says:

    يجنن ^^

  788. 788 : KDaddict Says:

    Vote for The Princess Man as Best Korean Drama of the Year.
    Just click on the Yellow Square at the top. You can vote for it once a day on each of your computers. It may not be ultimate winner but we want to see it get more votes than less deserving dramas. TPM Lovers, go go go!

  789. 789 : SoupeMiso Says:

    BEST DRAMA 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  790. 790 : klir Says:

    on each of your computers. It may not be ultimate winner but we want to see it get more votes than less deserving dramas. TPM Lovers, go go go!

  791. 791 : lolia Says:

    ilaik that ^^

  792. 792 : nina Says:

    In 1453 Prince Su-Yang kills Kim Jong-Seo to eventually become the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty.

    One year before the coup, Kim Jong-Seo (Lee Soon-Jae) is the most powerful liege and the most trusted by King Moon-Jong (Jeong Dong-Hwan). King Moon-Jong becomes sick and his brother Su-Yang (Kim Yeong-Cheol) plots to take the king’s throne. King Moon-Jong to ward off his brother, joins forces with Kim Jong-Seo to protect the next king, Prince Dan-Jon.

    Kim Seung-Yoo (Park Si-Hoo) is Kim Jong-Seo’s youngest son. He is smart, good looking and the son of one of the most powerful families in the country. Seung-Yoo likes to drink alcohol with his close friends. In the palace, Kim Seung-Yoo becomes a teacher for Princess Kyung-Hye (Hong Soo-Hyun).

    Lee Se-Ryung (Moon Chae-Won) is the eldest daughter of Prince Su-Yang. She hears talks of an impending arranged marriage for herself with Kim Seung-Yoo and becomes curious about her possible future husband. Se-Ryung pretends to be the Princess Kyung-Hye and takes a class in her place. That is a secret between Se-Ryung and Princess Kyung-Hye. Se-Ryung’s first meeting with Seung-Yoo doesn’t turn out to be a good experience.

  793. 793 : nina Says:

    ilovet ^^

  794. 794 : Jaia Says:

    TPM is in the rite place in the voting poll. I love TPM the most but SC is also has the most amazing storyline n for CH I don’t know. I watch CH until epi 8 but I couldn’t finish because I searched n searched n so I saw TPM . cH is second rite now because I think that too many fans like lee min ho n park min young not100 percent about the storyline. Love TPM n all the stirs n actresses

  795. 795 : mayan Says:

    i like TPM also the lead actor park shi soo he’s so charming. I don’t like though the ending or should I say the last episode coz it hink the story was rushed into the ending.

  796. 796 : banTaI Says:

    the Best Korean Drama for 2011 should goes to The Princess Man..i hope we will together vote for this drama..the most outstanding-storyline,acting.,suspend.,tears and of course ost….Perfect drama of the year.. VOTE – THE PRINCESS MAN..

  797. 797 : chR15 Says:

    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-

    1) The Princess Man/ Secret Garden
    2) Dream High/ 49 Days
    3) My Princess/ City Hunter/ Can you Hear My Heart

  798. 798 : kiara Says:

    I ask everyone to vote for this drama because it is the best thing in 2011

  799. 799 : tina Says:

    Tapetr best drama
    For this

  800. 800 : baola Says:

    1) The Princess Man/ Secret Garden

    that drama nisc !!

  801. 801 : Ging Says:

    Please Vote – THE PRINCESS MAN – as the BEST Korean Drama for 2011 – Thanks


  802. 802 : nrmen Says:

    I ask everyone to vote for this drama

  803. 803 : Houa si Says:

    I wish TPM to be the second place n SG to first place love it so much. There are other dramas I also love but I would vote for TPM because the love that they couldn’t forgive even their parents are sworn enemies. N best couple. I was thinking that the best suited actor for moon chae won is nobody but park shi soo

  804. 804 : rima Says:

    princss man>> princss man >>princss man >>princss man ^^

  805. 805 : shineens Says:

    the best k-drama of 2011 year’s…such a tragic happy ending which makes me cry a lot…two thumbs up for the producer, director, all crew and artist…you’re so Daebakk…:)

    King sej0=> I wonder what will God do due to his evil deed in the afterlife..kkkkkkk..
    but history is a history..no body could change that,,

  806. 806 : KK (myanmar) Says:

    Park Shi Hoo (or) Park Pyung Ho …. i love you so much …..i will say more!
    If it possiable , i would like to know your facebook address and gmail address! pls kindley……

  807. 807 : faris Says:

    Please Vote – THE PRINCESS MAN – as the BEST Korean Drama for 2011 – Thanks

  808. 808 : norsya Says:

    I should say that the drama is very excellent and the storyline never bores me even once.It is full of surprises and issues that you could never expected..this is one of the best korean drama that EVERYBODY should watch especially for those who are big fan for dynasty thing.Pleeeease watch it and I guarantee that u will love it..

  809. 809 : kaia Says:

    Please Vote THE PRINCESS MAN

  810. 810 : Hyung Says:

    Drama paling komplit,best korean drama 2011,i love this drama so much.

  811. 811 : marls Says:

    OMG!! It’s less than a hundred and it will over take city hunter for the 2nd place… Vote! vote! vote! for the princess man to be the best series this year…
    If you didn’t watch it yet, you should watch it now and vote!! I guaranteed you that this series was good.. All that you want for a series was here.

  812. 812 : Houa si Says:

    Compaing tis one to ijimate. Which one is better. Please be serous

  813. 813 : nina Says:


  814. 814 : marls Says:

    YeheY! TPM finally over takes city hunter… Its now on the second place… keep voting please!!! TPM fighting!!!!

  815. 815 : nicci Says:

    I’ve just finish this drama… And wow all i can say is that,, fantastic hard work of art… It was the best I’ve ever watch, and note it’s an historical drama that I usually didn’t watch. I usually preferred rom-con or a mellow drama but its just wonderful to have watch this kind of series..
    And the ending was indeed a romeo and juliet… A happy ending although KSY became blind.This was the first time i ever contented with an ending of a kdrma,,

  816. 816 : dul Says:

    please vote the princess man,for the best korean drama 2011.the story is so funtastic,best acting,…..pokoknya mantapp abis and lebih keren bila di bandingin ama secret garden.

  817. 817 : fan Says:

    All fans & lovers of TPM, PSH, MCW, and for rest of TPM cast.
    Please vote for TPM to be #1 KD of 2011.
    Vote again each day 24 hours after your last voting time.
    Best time to show your support & your love for them….

  818. 818 : ary Says:

    I think this is the best korean drama after the last one, baker king (kim tak goo). The drama is not boring from beginning to end. but it’s less like a colossal royal-themed films, too few soldiers of the empire, but the love story between Lee Se Ryung & Kim Seung Yoo is one of the best. really really like to Moon Chae Won, feel like falling in love with her….

  819. 819 : نورما Says:

    Please Vote THE PRINCESS MAN احبككككككككككككككككم

  820. 820 : Hyung Says:

    The princess man is number one,please vote

  821. 821 : takgu99 Says:

    is this drama was interesting?
    i’d watched sometime in middle of the drama…looks good but i dont understand bcoz im not following this drama..
    looking forward to this drama bcoz the votes was really high…

  822. 822 : amie Says:

    you should watch it.

  823. 823 : amie Says:

    you should watch it.
    lets make it number one

  824. 824 : jelly Says:

    i only vote for this drama even i still on epi 8 because i know i’m going to love it. i love moom chae won n park shi hoo. they are the best couple n the best drama of the year. vooooote fooooor the bessssst drammma of the yeaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  825. 825 : cansu Says:

    I think that it’s the best drama of this year.

  826. 826 : Shoeshe Says:

    The princess man is the best kdrama 2011,and moon chaewon is the popular actress this year.she won the best new actress award in both daejongsang an blue dragon award from her character in her movie arrow the ultimate weapon and I think this movie is also daebak.and few day ago she received the best dresses in korean lifestyle award 2011.today she received award again for asian jewelry award.and im sure that mcw and psh won the best couple in kbs drama award this month and I hope they won another award from their great acting in tpm.i just can say congratulation
    Im so happy for them.their chemistry is sooooooooooo amazing and I miss them already oh my god please make them love each other in real life so I can breath freely in all my day hoho..sorry my poor english…..

  827. 827 : rita Says:

    Please vote really is the best drama for this season

  828. 828 : htana Says:

    miss them already oh my god please make them love each other in real life so I can breath freely in all my day hoho..sorry my poor english…..

  829. 829 : herpriyani Says:

    let’s continue to support “The Princess’Man” as the Best Korean Drama of 2011 ‘. Do not forget to vote and hold every day …….

  830. 830 : chR15 Says:

    All the world..i really hope we together support and vote for The Princess Man..!!how great i feel even i watching it for 3 time..
    what can i say..
    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    who still not watch it again..please believe us..The Princess Man will make you finish the drama just in 2 day with full of tears and suspend ending for each episode..
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-

    1) The Princess Man/ Secret Garden
    2) Dream High/ 49 Days
    3) My Princess/ City Hunter/ Can you Hear My Heart

  831. 831 : Houa si Says:

    Support is the strength to success. Vote for TPM to best the best drama of the year

  832. 832 : banTaI Says:

    for best korean drama 2011..,city hunter still can’t get my vote..for me city hunter just bring the popularity of the cast..and the ending was lack!! in 2011,city hunter one of the most popular drama but not one of the best..
    one of the best and the most popular drama was Secret Garden and The Princess Man.,
    but my vote goes to The Princess Man..
    just watch it on your own..how perfect that drama..
    you will got nerve,suspend,love and of course full of tears…Ost.,acting.,storyline,cast.,chemistry and others was superb..and the ending also incredible..and i think that why princess man already replace city hunter in 2nd place..i’m so happy with it and no doubt SG also will be in danger..hehe
    The bEsT 2011- ThePrincessMan

  833. 833 : fan Says:

    I am also voting for The Princess Man (TPM) as BEST Korean Drama of 2011! TPM is now #2. Fans & Lovers of TPM, let’s keep voting for it to be #1.

  834. 834 : nina Says:

    vote for best korean drama the princess man


  835. 835 : devi Says:

    I vote only for TPM and wish it gonna win the best drama 2011 even I likes many another drama (the greatest love,dream high,49days)but still Park shi hoo who already stoling my heart, city hunter was popular too but I think it just because Lee Min hoo as a leading actor.

  836. 836 : Chai Says:

    I never though of that either that SG would be in danger. Either on is okay to be the best.

  837. 837 : puteri zura Says:

    I vote only for TPM and wish it gonna win the best drama 2011.I love Sihoo and mcw very much and I miss them already oh my god please make them love each other in real life~

  838. 838 : Shoeshe Says:

    Hi tpm lover anyong…….if u like mcw and psh as a couple just visit wonhoo @ghost couple soompi forum and lets share your news,opinion or everything about them. lets make our couple blog a live.from there you can also get to know their new news and every comment is realy interesting and make my hope for them tobe together in real life still grown up.right after tpm ending until now its only about 50 page.so come on join us right now okeeeeeeeeeeey…from wonhoo shipper……

  839. 839 : pa Says:

    fans of TPM would view it differently if they saparate at the end or it has a sad ending. i was happy for the drama to turn out happy ending. the best drama of the year. love moon chae won n parkshihoo

  840. 840 : JOLIA Says:

    Let’s make the drama overcome the Secret Garden

  841. 841 : JOLIA Says:

    Drama worthy of at least 10 awards the grand prize to be divided equally between the two heroes

  842. 842 : mommynajmi Says:

    GREAT drama… hope it gonna be the best drama 2011

  843. 843 : mommynajmi Says:

    going crazy over PSH….

  844. 844 : Chai Says:

    843 comments I think I’ve them all. It’s so interest to read something very about the dramas or actors or actresses u love

  845. 845 : Fiorella Says:

    Bonito drama, sobre todo el actor tan lindo.

  846. 846 : justafan Says:

    yes, i think this is the best drama I’ve seen for 2011 and I cried a lot while watching it. Everything about the drama is just perfect!!!

  847. 847 : asti Says:

    one of the best korean drama,all the actors doing great acts,especially Park shi hoo (not only becoz he’s cute as gim seung yu :)) ) his eyes tells all the emotion,great story plot *lots of twist and turns* ,all in all…greaat,that’s why i vote this drama best of 2011 🙂

  848. 848 : asti Says:

    *spoiler alert*
    though the ending felt a bit rushed,i still like the ending coz it’s more to reality,you can’t really avenge an emperor to dead unless you have a nation scale artillery/army or a great politic strategy :p

  849. 849 : younkug kim Says:

    i love you

  850. 850 : Cut Khairunnisa Says:

    I have never watched a drama that would touch my heart as TPM did ♥

  851. 851 : jean Says:

    I think the best drama, ‘The Princess’s Man I’ve ever seen for 2011 and Park shi hoo played the best actor, Kim Seung Yoo, the grandson of Kim Jong Seo. Now, I’d like to vote only for best korean drama and I wish the most Korean best actor, Park Shi Hoo in the world. Good luck!! Have a nice day!

  852. 852 : iin hamim Says:

    best drama ever

  853. 853 : yeonseok Says:

    Park si hoo is the best actor.
    He displayed diverse set in a drama.
    (love, sadness, anger, conciliation) and
    His performance moved the audience very deeply.
    He gave a wonderful performance.
    and seung- yu a-ri was the word on everybody´s lips.

  854. 854 : fan Says:

    BEST ICON voting at KBS is on from 8Dec to 31Dec.
    Voting is also for ‘The BEST ROLE’ where Park Si Hoo (PSH) is now #2.

    Great time to show our love and appreciation for PSH’s brilliant acting as ‘Kim Seung Yoo (김승유) in ‘The Princess Man’. 🙂

    To vote for PSH, please register 1st as member at KBS’s link below.

    After registration is approved, voting for PSH is at this link:

    Comments can be added after voting.

    * 1 account can vote once a day only.
    So please vote every day until 31 Dec 2011

  855. 855 : tina Says:

    fan Says

    I do not know the Korean language so I do not know how Please hel

    me Join

    But the man who won the first place did not know who will be?

  856. 856 : fan Says:

    Go to link page

    After the 1st paragraph in Korean, can you see this?

    ‘Click here for foreigner (English)’

    Click that and page will change to English.
    Happy voting!

  857. 857 : fan Says:

    #855 Tina,

    This link brings you directly to registration page in english


  858. 858 : tina Says:

    hope the vote was actually in a ceremony KBS drama to win at least 12 awards and the grand prize of the heroes and the Moon and park

  859. 859 : Hyung Says:

    I think ”the princess man” is the best…best…best…best korean drama ever i see in 2011..good acting,story,etc

  860. 860 : seRyeong Says:

    we£l,as far i c0ncern and ths heart n mind t0ld so ‘PSH n MCW’ ur the best,u n all the TPM cast really gve m s0me xtra ordnari effct 2 my life the em0ti0ns u sh0wd really awes0me a great impact u gve t us.man l0l..i h0pe u’l b the best drama ever..w0w.

  861. 861 : charmie Says:

    I love this drama and I love Park Shi Hoo!

  862. 862 : Hyung Says:

    Top love story…perfect

  863. 863 : oporh Says:

    m c w i love you girl princess serungea

  864. 864 : Cut Khairunnisa Says:

    please tell me, is this drama based on true story?

  865. 865 : jjun Says:


    Can i suggest something?

    Admin , please in choosing/selecting who is the best korean drama for 2011, please also considered other factor like rating viewer, story line/plot, osts, awards that they received, ect . not only based on voting here, because some fans they try to push their favorite drama. i think the best korean drama should including the story line, rating, osts, acting from the crews.

    honestly, for 2009 and 2010 i think the winner is not qualify to win, because many drama are better than the winner in 2009 and 2010.

    for examples;
    in 2009: Shinning inheritance and IRIS deserved to be the winner rather than you are beautiful
    in 2010 : Baker king kim tak goo deserved to win rather than Marry stay out night

  866. 866 : admin Says:


    Your favorite drama already lose in the poll on this year again?

    will you complain to us if you favorite drama win on this poll?

    Do you think that all the fan will accept if we chose ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2011’ by ourselves without go through the poll??

  867. 867 : jolia Says:

    I want to know the reason for development of The Secret Garden 2011 with a list of the drama of science it appeared in 2010 and got the prizes??

  868. 868 : KDaddict Says:

    Why do you leave the same message on more than one thread?
    You are not a logical person. Koreandrama.org is giving viewers a chance to vote for their fav drama, once a year. Viewers get to show which show they love most, for its storyline, OSTs acting, etc. What is your problem with that?
    No one cares what other ppl think the best show of the year is. Each one of us wants a chance to support our fav show, stupid.

  869. 869 : KDaddict Says:

    SEGA won a lot of prizes on different Award shows for 2010 and 2011, depending on which year a particular Award panel classifies it in. Some classify shows acc to the year in which it Begins its broadcast.
    Koreandrama.org is classifying it in 2011, acc to the year in which it Ended its original broadcast in Korea. It did not appear on the list of dramas to vote for here in 2010.

  870. 870 : mnm Says:

    Best actors, best actresses and ost was fantastic sequence of events better bring out the best writer best end

  871. 871 : jjun Says:


    What you say I am stupid all that I said I floated the idea of the site,
    why insolence?!! You are a cow with tits

  872. 872 : dramalove Says:

    I love this drama and Park Shi Hoo!
    vote for it!!!

  873. 873 : KDaddict Says:

    The idea u “floated” was a stupid idea. U simply have no idea what is going on. I call a spade a spade. The truth sometimes hurts. Now go in peace.

  874. 874 : jjun Says:


    Yes, the truth hurt sometimes you did not tell me I am stupid, because the source of its anti stupid you miserable

  875. 875 : charis Says:

    We all love TPM that’s why we are all here on this thread. So please just vote and enough with any offensive comments

  876. 876 : KDaddict Says:

    #871, 874:
    I refrained from saying it, but you came back to ask for more:
    Using the phrase “a cow w tits” is redundant becos a cow always has tits! They r called udders; that’s where we get milk. If u r going to call me names for calling u stupid, at least use one that doesn’t show u are stupid, OK? And I’ve no BD idea what 874 even means. It’s beyond my level of understanding. Here ends our conversation.

    @charis, #875:
    I’m usually extremely polite in my comments if you haven’t noticed, but once in a while sb is way way out on left field you’ve to pt it out them.
    WE love TPM; Yes!

  877. 877 : jjun Says:


    think you sick girl suffering from the pressures of the house so you say you speak without proof Feltzhba to hell

    You are from any country?

  878. 878 : RINA Says:

    Please Vote – THE PRINCESS MAN – as the BEST Korean Drama for 2011 – Thanks


  879. 879 : jean Says:

    Park Shi hoo played the best actor, Kim Seoung Yoo with a charming character. He displayed a lot of characters, for example, a brave and generous man with a good manner. Also, he felt anger because of tragic families and fight with enemies. So he turned a dark Seoung Yoo. He revealed exceptionally difficult part with a surpring deph and great emotions. Also, he is exellent at expressing emotions through his eyes. So, he is a good character of actor. I’d like to vote the best KBS drama, The Princess’ Man and best actor, Park Shi Hoo.

  880. 880 : glitter star Says:

    Beautiful drama. Although the storyline is sad and no enough good ending. I still vote The Princess’ Man for the best Korean drama in 2011. All actor play very well. Especially, Park Shi Hoo and Moon Shae Won are excellent couple ! Hope they will act together in another drama.

  881. 881 : Hyung Says:

    “The Princess Man” i think your are the best korean drama 2011….

  882. 882 : mbria Says:

    love that drama moon and park

  883. 883 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict : what drama are you watching right now? Are you following Ojakgyo Brothers? Is it good? I’m thinking about which one to watch first Ojakgyo Brothers or High Kick 3

  884. 884 : oporh Says:

    I have some questions and I hope to be answered

    1 – boy disguised girl dressed as a woman is in fact true?

    2 – Kim Sung Yu how he became blind and when he was in prison was seen C – Ryong?

    3 – expect a prize of Daesang (Grand Prize)

  885. 885 : mommynajmi Says:

    as for me… it’s a great drama. i almost felt regret and loudly crying in the end……but i didn’t. it’s really a good story. hope it’ll be the best drama of 2011. impressed me so much…… :))

  886. 886 : Saadiah Says:

    i also wove TPM as best korean drama 2011 ….

  887. 887 : Saadiah Says:


  888. 888 : banTaI Says:

    I really sure The Princess Man will get so many Award at KBS Drama Award 2011 this month.. i’m 100% feel it..especially PSH n MCW for their great performance..i really love MCW..her name now was BOOM! bcoz of her appearance in blockbuster movie ARROW,ultmate weapon n she got two Award there..n now she one again gained great popularity with her appearance in KBS’s melodrama about tragic love entitled “The Princess’ Man”.
    This two works were both historical dramas, and Moon has obtained many male viewers’ love by being selected as the most beautiful woman in a Hanbok last week..
    For been the best..MCW n PSH will deserve it this month award..

  889. 889 : chR15 Says:

    There are KBS , SBS n MBC drama award 2011 this month…i really can’t wait to watch it..
    City hunter was good..but the challenger was so strong.They have to fight with 49 days,protect the boss,Athena n strongest from SBS came from Deep Root Tree n A thousand days promise..

    From KBS.,What can i say The Princess Man will concuer it..The strong candidate just came from Dream High..i still think no drama can challenge TPM even Glory Jane..

    the drama from MBC this year was dissapointed for me..it look like TGL will win it easily.My princess was a strong challenger for TGL..n some the other source already feel Cha seung won will got Daesang award from MBC.

    Whatever or Whoever the winner.,the best should deserve it!!!!!!!
    along all of the drama…From MBC,KBS n SBS :
    The Princess Man is The BEST!!……(“,)

  890. 890 : jmila Says:

    I hope to be divided equally between the Daesang Award Moon Chae Won and park shi hoo

    Because the two have excelled in the representation will be chosen if there is injustice and only one of them

  891. 891 : amie Says:

    really its d best i recommend this kdrama to all of my beloved kdrama followers heheh. i hope that park shi hoo and moon chae won will have another project soon. pls pls pls. all of drama are the best with them. love them so much.. FIGTHING. LETS KEEP VOTING UNTIL WE REACH THE TOP

  892. 892 : braveheart Says:

    best korean drama for 2011 with no doubt, and defenetly daesang for park si hoo, realy realy realy impressive

  893. 893 : PSH Fan Says:

    Keep voting for The Princess Man (TPM) to be the BEST KOREAN DRAMA IN 2011 in this website.
    TPM votes are still lagging behind Secret Garden!

    YES DASEANG AWARD for Park Si Hoo!
    His acting was really really really Outstanding!

  894. 894 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys… The Princess’ Man is the best drama.

  895. 895 : ary Says:

    TPM continues to approach SG in the current voting. semangat!!

  896. 896 : Eugenie Says:

    The Princess’s Man is the best Korean drama I’ve ever seen!
    Both PSH & MCW acted so well!
    Hope PSH can get the Daesang Award !

  897. 897 : nina Says:

    Everybody sees PSH that Daesang Award is worth more, but the MCW reality Hdtna scenes such as:

    1 – a scene when I grabbed the sword and placed it on her neck and standing against her father

    2 – I can not see love in her eyes without speaking

    3 – dialogues and scenes that were with the officer and father of the strongest scenes are also not forget the music

  898. 898 : ratna Says:

    in Secret Garden, i laughing LIKE CRAZY. in The Princess Man, i crying LIKE DYING ! T_T
    One of the best korean drama !!! :’)

  899. 899 : htana Says:

    One of the best korean drama the princess man

  900. 900 : hen Says:

    Aku mau coba tonton ahh

  901. 901 : panda Says:

    P ark Shi Hoo protrayal of Kim Seung Yu in The Princess Man (TPM)
    A wesomely awesome
    R aving praises of his performance saw ratings of TPM soaring to top (#1)
    K isses with Se RYung so touching, so romantic, so sensuous

    S exy & Masculine beauty set women viewers obsessively ablaze
    H ot atheletic body most breathing when shirtless
    I rrestible indefinable charisma

    H andsome hotness (captivating gaze, dazzling smile, manly voice etc etc)
    O verflowing sexy intensity with no boundary for Seung Yu’s charms
    O verwhelming and passionate Joseon Man.

    Love you Park Shi Hoo <3 <3 <3

  902. 902 : Shoeshe Says:

    Cepetan tonton hen,pokoknya drama ini buagus banget tapi kamu hrs mempersiapkan mental dan tissue sbnyk mungkin.aku aja nonton nya pas msh tyng d korea dan hrs nungguin tiap epsd selanjut nya keluar sm engsub nya d internet.wah tiap minggunya bikin aku gak napsu makan dan gak enak tdr gar2 virus tpm. tp sekarang km bisa langsung nonton marathon aja tanpa hrs nungguin lm2 sebentar lg the princess man ktnya mau d tyng d indosiar,sayang bngt ak g bkln bs nonton soalnya ak lg overseas oh klo udh nonton bagi2 comment km dong bye…..

  903. 903 : nina Says:

    nonton marathon aja tanpa hrs nungguin lm2 sebentar lg the princess man ktnya mau d tyng d indosiar,sayang bngt ak g bkln bs nonton soalnya ak lg overseas oh klo udh nonton bagi2 comment km dong bye…..

  904. 904 : ursa Says:

    I like it much

  905. 905 : bbnaZ Says:

    secret garden get drop of % in vote…
    meanwhile The Princess Man again and again catching up..That mean the people only vote for SG before they watch TPM..i know it will be like that. After WAtcHing TPM.,they will definitely change their mind..just like me.bcoz TPM is the best 2011..SO., put your effort to vote for The Princess Man,..!!

  906. 906 : Shoeshe Says:

    As tpm lovers,im glade that so many fans voting for this wonderful drama.u know that tpm just only done airing in korea and maybe starting this month channel gtv in taiwan is the first country who airing tpm and most people know about tpm only from the internet so for me is so amazing I wish tpm can receiving so much loves from the viewers abroad.tpm fighting……

  907. 907 : ema Says:

    Did not keep much to overcome the Secret Garden please vote

    A princess is not only

  908. 908 : vina Says:

    please vote for this drama http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=12003

  909. 909 : Hyung Says:

    Ayo friend dukung terus TPM untuk jd the best korean drama 2011

  910. 910 : ratna Says:

    before watching the princess man, my vote goes to 49 days, city hunter, secret garden, etc. after watching the princess man, my vote only goes to THE PRINCESS MAN !

  911. 911 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys…. let’s make ‘The Princess’ Man’ be the best korean dtama of 2011…. GO FIGHTING! :))

  912. 912 : zack Says:

    aja2 fighting for princess man

  913. 913 : banTaI Says:

    Last week i take a note between the top 3 drama percentage n voted..!!
    and the result was
    SecRet GArden 1st
    The PrIncEss mAn 2nd
    City hunTer 3rd…

    the different vote between SG and TPM was 1500 votes..
    and TPM and CH was 1400 votes…
    and today when i count again the vote,the diff. between SG and TPM become 1200 votes meanwhile TPM and CH more than 2 times from last week as it was 3300..As TPM lover,i didn’t suprise and i was so happy with the result.I hope TPM will continue to catching up to be a top!!! thnks TPM voters!!

  914. 914 : fan Says:

    @ banTai

    Yes, agree with you. TPM can catch up to be #1…
    TPM voters – voting can also be done from blackberries, handphones etc… as long as different IP address.
    So keep voting!

    I have seen both SG and TPM, and am voting every day for TPM. Considering the merits of both, TPM is still the best drama in 2011!
    It is a must watch drama of the year.

  915. 915 : chai thao Says:

    he guys i love ur comments n please keep voting for the princess’ man. sg is very goo, amazing storyline but i would vote for tpm only because tpm make me envy, sad, anry, and at the same time happy.

  916. 916 : bbnaZ Says:

    TPM lover!! keep voting for this drama..i know TPM was already exported overseas more than 10 countries., but like shoeshe said.,maybe taiwan the 1st country to air TPM starting this month..
    YEs.,like fan says also it is true if we considere the merit of both.,TPM is better.i know SG n TPM was strong with the storyline,cast ,acting, chemistry..n etc. When i read the comment from SG page.,there are someone whose compare OSTs TPM n SG,which said SG is better!! For me it was stupid..it is true SG ost was great.,but did he know the fact of The Princess Man Ost album sold out just in a few week..!! It bcoz TPM ost is better which is the music twist to be something like italian n latin song!! so.,the fact considere TPM as the best and perfect drama for 2011..!!

  917. 917 : ratna Says:

    The Princess’ Man will be the winner for sure !!

  918. 918 : Shoeshe Says:

    Yes Im agree with u bbnaZ,tpm ost is really amazing,especially one day of love by park wan kyu.every time I hearing this song I cant stop my tear to falling down and I really miss tpm soooo much then.one of sega ost its sung by baek jiyoung and same as tpm ost I love you too is baek jiyoung song.so why someone comparing it.i wish mcw and psh win award from kbs drama award.for the best couple award im sure its goes to mcw and psh and congratulation for mcw that in 2011 shes receiving more than 7 award until now and I still wait how much award she got from tpm.agasshi fighting…..

  919. 919 : viola Says:

    I hope that you do not lose hope of winning have been able to reduce the difference between the TBM and SG…

  920. 920 : Nina cahyani Says:

    TPM is really good, directly on the swollen eye “because of watching this drama ‘comprehensive presentation’ actually drain the water off and stab to the heart ‘

  921. 921 : TOTA Says:

    tbm vote pleesc

  922. 922 : KDaddict Says:

    I watched some eps of OBrothers, but gave up soon. You’ve to really like UEE to enjoy it. This is the 1st time I see her; those extremely big eyes scare me.
    As for Hi Kick 3, it was good for a while but deteriorated as the plot stagnated. It did the job of weaning me off TPM n changing the mood.
    Rt now I’m loving Padam Padam n Fermentation Family. Jung Woo Sung’s acting in PP is exceptional. FF is refreshingly different fr other KDs. See my comments on those threads.
    I’m watching Flower Boy RS, cos of JIW, he is soo cute, soo lovely, but find that it makes no sense to me.
    Finished IJM. There isn’t much of PSH in it. Not enough anyway. Am also watching Return of IJM, up to ep 4. Not loving it yet.
    Am afraid we r going thru a relative dry spell rt now.

  923. 923 : rien cute9 Says:

    nie drama suksess buat gue nangis 🙁

    park shi hoo cuakeep ^^

  924. 924 : thailand Says:

    i hope tpm will get the win. love psh I will vote for you . fighting! and vote pl.

  925. 925 : ntew Says:

    please vote for this drama http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=12003

    i love you

  926. 926 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys… make ‘The Princess’ Man’ be the best korean drama of 2011…
    gw nyaris nangis guling2an liat psh mati…

  927. 927 : A.Eu.Us Says:

    The Princess,Man is The best Korean drama,
    We think the voting result is pretty good for best drama of 2011.
    We Like PSH and MCW so much.
    PSH is Nr.1
    this is really the best korean drama 4ever.

  928. 928 : Desy Says:

    good drama, romantic, sad story makes cry…

  929. 929 : Shoeshe Says:

    Hi everyone anyong…..oh ya…..can one of u tell me how to make a password for email,because I just have my email adress but im forget my password oh my god how pool and idiot Im is.please help me i really want to join soompi forum for wonhoo couple and my chaewon thread in soompi plus I want to vote for them in another voting site who have to log in first.uh its just make me stress I try and try but failed.so please I need your help.

  930. 930 : fan Says:

    Votes between TPM and SG are widening. Difference now is 1,586 votes.

    Someone commented in SG thread that TPM drama is fairly recent and not aired yet in many countries…. is this why votes for TPM are still lagging behind SG?

    Please let friends know that they can watch TPM in youtube, epdrama, and many other online websites.
    For sure, your friends will fall in love with TPM when they watch it because it is the Best Drama.

  931. 931 : maddangkomin Says:


    Do you have me2day account? if yes, look for me there (same nickname) and I’ll help you with your email.

  932. 932 : mime Says:

    hope the princess really a win in 2011

  933. 933 : Shoeshe Says:

    no I dont have me2day account I just can make a comment in blog who not needed to log in or register first.just like this site.so can you find another way.thanks maddangkomin 931 for your care.

  934. 934 : maddangkomin Says:

    @Shoeshe..then how can I help you? we can’t talk in private. You should ask your family or friend to help you make an email, first.

  935. 935 : Shoeshe Says:

    Ok dear,i understand what u say and im try to ask my friends about it.thanks and sorry for waste your time.lets keep voting the princess man unti this drama make to first place.uh….my poor english.

  936. 936 : fan Says:

    Many kdrama viewers may have stayed away from viewing TPM due to some misconceptions i.e.
    1) TPM being a sageuk could be mistaken to be the typical historic drama with storyline meant for old school fanbase comprising mainly of the elderly.
    2) Promoted as a ‘Joseon-era Romeo and Juliet’ love story may have given wrong expectations that TPM is a tragic drama with sad ending.

    On the contrary, TPM is a thrilling drama with all essential ingredients to captivate young and old viewers: solid storyline, swift paced, intense conflict for star crossed lovers torn between loyalties and love, brilliant acting, beautiful costumes, beautiful cinematography, wonderful OSTs and best of all, awesome lead couples, PSH and MCW with best chemistry! It was also amazing that the 2 writers were able to combine romance as central theme alongside political happenings. The ending may not fully satify some viewers but to me it is a convincing happy ending.

    It is no wonder that those who have seen TPM have given raving reviews of the drama, its lead actors, writers, cast etc. TPM deserves to be the Best Drama of 2011.
    TPM lovers & fans, let’s keep voting for TPM to be #1.

  937. 937 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011… 🙂
    @fan i agreed with you… TPM deserves to win…
    YAY… Park Shi Sho…. 인더네시아 에서 많이 사랑해요…

  938. 938 : jolia Says:

    Started to lose hope in winning drama t p m im sad

  939. 939 : jolia Says:

    BEST ICON voting at KBS is on from 8Dec to 31Dec.
    Voting is also for ‘The BEST ROLE’ where Park Si Hoo (PSH) is now #2.

    Great time to show our love and appreciation for PSH’s brilliant acting as ‘Kim Seung Yoo (김승유) in ‘The Princess Man’.

    To vote for PSH, please register 1st as member at KBS’s link below.

    After registration is approved, voting for PSH is at this link:

    Comments can be added after voting.

    * 1 account can vote once a day only.
    So please vote every day until 31 Dec 2011

  940. 940 : fan Says:

    Hi fellow TPM fans,

    Votes for TPM widening from SG…. now 1,900+
    Are you all still voting every day?
    We have 12 more days to catch up.
    Let’s all try to rally more fellow fans (who are not aware of this voting) to vote for TPM. The more the merrier.
    Each one of us can also vote from as many PCs/gadgets as possible (@home, @office, handphone, blackberry, ipad)?

    To breach the 1,900+ gap, need at least +160 votes a day from tomorrow (160 x 12 = 1,920)
    Let’s work together for TPM to be the winner for 2011 🙂

  941. 941 : nina Says:

    Really a great idea and I also proposed to publish a link in the email vote

  942. 942 : nina Says:

    For one moment Paradise ranch how this series jumped the jump !!

    Knowing that he has no base Jmahria Aalhei Secret Garden won if I would be very sad

  943. 943 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011… 🙂

  944. 944 : fan Says:

    @941 Nina,

    Here’s the link for voting ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2011’


    Or just scroll up to the top of this page and click on the yellow box right on top or to the right before the listing of dramas ‘Now Showing’.

    So here we go fellow TPM fans. Let’s do all we can for TPM voting during this holiday season. Counting down from today, 12 more days.

  945. 945 : KDaddict Says:

    No need to be sad. If you’ve seen my posts during the its broadcast period, you’d know I love TPM very much. I think that TPM is doing very well in the polls, given that:
    It is a sageuk, which always has a more limited appeal than contemporary shows;
    It is a sad story, which also tends to attract less ppl than one that isn’t sad;
    Also, SEGA is an exceptionally strong show. Even if SEGA is 1st n TPM is 2nd, there is honor in being the runner-up in this case.
    When all is said and done, the quality of TPM is there for all to see, and it is definitely a career boost for PSH n MCW. That is what matters to the stars. The show n their performances will remain with us for a long time. That is what matters to the fans.
    Merry Christmas!

  946. 946 : kdrama fan Says:

    moon chae won interview about her drama


  947. 947 : SYIMA Says:

    Park shi hoo romantic & cute

  948. 948 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011 🙂

  949. 949 : fan Says:

    TPM is going places…. to Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong 🙂

    Taiwan’s GTV has begun broadcasting of TPM on Monday, 19 Dec 2011.

    Japan’s Eisei Gekijo (satellite TV) will premiere Ep 1 of TPM on Christmas Day (this sunday), and begin broadcasting from 15 Jan 2012.

    Hong Kong’s TVB HD channel will broadcast TPM in 2012.

  950. 950 : jolia Says:


    Reveal the nominations for Drama in 2011 for the strangest thing that I noticed was the lack of actor Lee Soon Jae !!

    This actor is very aggrieved I want him to win

  951. 951 : jolia Says:

    Nominations for the Prize Awards: Daesang


    2- – Shin Ha Gyun ( BRAIN )


    These nominations are still preliminary so far !!

  952. 952 : renmel Says:

    best drama ever…..thumbs up!!!!

  953. 953 : SoupeMiso Says:

    PARK SHI HOO BEST ACTOR 2011 !!!! Love U !!!!


  954. 954 : fan Says:

    The Princess Man (TPM) MV….. my love is dying…
    Love TPM! Best Drama!

  955. 955 : belinda Says:

    i hope moon chae wom Awards: Daesang

  956. 956 : mommynajmi Says:

    🙂 keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011 🙂
    FIGHTING!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  957. 957 : bbnaZ Says:

    The Princess Man is the best..there were conquer the nomination of KBS drama award..it doesn’t shock,i know TPM will win many award especially PSH n MCW..
    TPM best among the best.

  958. 958 : jolia Says:


    Koppel nominations must vote in the bottom of the page, at least two!!

  959. 959 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011 🙂

  960. 960 : fan Says:

    TPM lovers,

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Keep voting for TPM!

    7 more days to go…

  961. 961 : viva Says:

    moon chae won ilove you ^^

  962. 962 : mommynajmi Says:

    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011 🙂
    FIGHTING!!! 🙂

  963. 963 : jolia Says:

    Nominations for the Prize Awards: Daesang


    2- – Shin Ha Gyun ( BRAIN )


    4- Kim Ja Ok ( Ojakgyo Brothers )

    5- Lee Tae Gon ( King Gwanggaeto the Great )

    6- Kim Young Chul ( THE PRINCESS MAN )

  964. 964 : mommynajmi Says:

    Iwon’t get bored to say…
    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011 🙂

  965. 965 : jean Says:

    Please vote Park Shi Hoo, The Princess’Man the best korean drama of 2011. Let’s fighting!!

  966. 966 : Ms. Najia Says:

    I hope they win, moon chae won and park shi hoo went above and beyond in this drama along with the rest of the cast and crew for this drama. probably THE best drama of 2011 and THe best in my category of any korean drama I have seen so far!!!

  967. 967 : Bella Says:

    How the ways to vote them??

  968. 968 : hania Says:

    Drama worthy of at least 10 awards I hope to channel KBS drama does not remedy

  969. 969 : KIOTA Says:

    We still have 5 days to increase the vote please vote so that we can overcome the Secret Garden!!

  970. 970 : Ces Says:

    Goodness gracious! I’ve never been addicted to any t.v. program, least of all a drama (?!) in my entire life as much as I’ve got hooked with TPM! Just finished watching it for the n-th time! Can’t believe I even lost count how many times I’ve seen it from the beginning until the end. The word “excellent” has now become insufficient to describe the totality of it.

    And yeah, my apologies to Shakespeare, reading the original play and watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the modern crap version of “Romeo & Juliet” wasn’t able to elicit the deep emotions I felt while watching TPM. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even come close to TPM! I guess, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include watching TPM as an optional activity in College syllabi on Ancient East Asian Literature courses? If I were still in the academe, I’d persuade my collegues in the literature dept. to do so. Hahaha.

    I religiously vote for TPM as the Best Drama of 2011.

  971. 971 : Favoni Says:

    The best Korean drama of 2011 is TPM.
    MCW & PSH are a best.
    This drama is Professionat and Perfekt.
    This is one drama amazing,exciting,beautiful,differnt and Super temperament.
    The Princess,Man is forever and Memorable for our.

  972. 972 : cami1 Says:

    The best Korean drama of 2011 and one of the best any korean drama is TPM, for me.
    All actors play very,very well but for me the best is PSH.
    I hope TPM, PSH, and others actors to win.

  973. 973 : mommynajmi Says:

    I won’t get bored to say…
    keep voting guys…. make The Princess’ Man be the best korean drama of 2011 🙂

  974. 974 : shina Says:

    My heart always pounds every time I rerun TPM..what a great chemistry between MCH and PSH..the best drama I’ve watched for 2011..

  975. 975 : fan Says:

    KBS started online poll for best actor / best actress / best couple on TV dramas.

    Vote for PSH (best actor) / MCW (best actress) / PSH & MCW (best couple in TPM) at this link:


    Poll closes at 9:00 pm, Dec 31st (KST)

  976. 976 : fan Says:

    For this holiday season, I am watching TPM for the nth time….
    TPM is the best drama in 2011, PSH the best actor.
    just 4 more days to vote….

  977. 977 : alexgreen Says:

    The princess man – the best korean drama of 2011
    Park She Hoo – the best actor 2011

  978. 978 : KIOTA Says:

    Choose a cable to go so far

    1 – Suzy-Taecyeon
    2 – IU-Jang Woo Young
    3 – Suzy-Kim Soo Hyun
    4- Uee -Joo Won
    5- moon chae won- park shi hoo

    did not like the public more choice of candidates to win are the teams and not pop on the ability of representative and more voters are children and adolescents

  979. 979 : KIOTA Says:


    vote park shi hoo and moon wom

  980. 980 : nina Says:

    Please vote cuple

    1- park shi hoo – moon chae won

    2- lee min woo – hong soo hyun


  981. 981 : mommynajmi Says:

    the vote result… makes me wanna cry T_T 🙁
    come on guys… keep voting for ‘The Princess’ Man’
    FIGHTING!! 🙂

  982. 982 : say kimchi Says:

    THE VOTE RESULT BETWEEN SECRET GARDEN N THE PRINCESS MAN….by the way…i like all the korean drama……chukahae!!!!^_^

  983. 983 : Shoeshe Says:

    For me its ok,if tpm just be runner up but in my heart tpm is in first place.until now I still cant watching Another drama but I just repeat tpm again and again so many time.i m so happy because Im finishing download all episode in my smart mobile with engsub but I dont know how to find the episode 1 part 1 and 2 I missing it in youtobe and I cant download it but I saving all beautiful mv fanmade too plus their interview and the bts scene but I just lost about more than 800 fictures.oh my god its make me sad im crying just like baby because thos fictures is so cute from seungyoo and seryung.i just want to download again but the blog from kbs clossed right after tpm finish airing.unfortunally I cant find the same fictures from another site.its make me stress.now I still wait for kbs drama award.i wish tpm cast can borrow all nominasi their in it especially my lovelly couple psh and mcw.my heart keep beating just the day after tomorrow I can watch the ceremony live in 3 hour in kbs2 tv horeeeeeeeeeey….sorry guys for make you boring with my long comment but how can I do I just someone who having virus tpm in my brain and the good medicine is to talk about tpm with you all even you dont care and maybe think of me crazy fan I still happy.bye…..i love u all tpm lovers….

  984. 984 : Shoeshe Says:

    Oh im forget.its the eps 2 part 1 and 2 is missing in youtobe.oh…about the best couple in kbs drama award.im sure it goes to yooryung couple of course. dont worry guys kbs have a profesional judge so the winner is not decide only from the voting online but from their judge itself if yooryung not get the award kbs will get protest from viewers all the world including me

  985. 985 : dany Says:

    I’m sad because TPM isn’t the best in poll, but for me TPM and PSH are the best.
    I hope TPM and PSH to win!

  986. 986 : rima Says:

    princess man ilovet drama

  987. 987 : mommynajmi Says:

    Whatever the result is….
    The Princess’ Man is the best drama :p 🙂

  988. 988 : KDaddict Says:

    TPM is best KD for 2011!
    SEGA is best KD for 2010 (n more)!
    They are both winners in the minds and hearts of KD fans!
    These shows have been great boosts to the careers of PSH and Hyun Bin!
    I love BOTH shows and Both actors. 😉

  989. 989 : Shoeshe Says:

    Oh my god I cant wait any longer for tomorrow ceremony.i miss yooryung couple so much,i cant imagination my self how much happines I felt if I can see yooryung walking together and holding hand in the red carpet.please god make my wish come true make them the most beautiful couple that night and get so many awards for them.because their hard working to makes viewers kdrama smiles and cryng in the sametime they deserved to get so much love from us.wonhoo saranghae kissu emmmmmmmuah……

  990. 990 : Lucy Says:

    The Princess ‘mam is best!

  991. 991 : bellinags Says:

    The Princess Man really got me on my knees.
    The story is so beautiful that it keeps on repeating in my mind ^^
    I hope TPM will win many awards.

  992. 992 : psh fan Says:

    Even before the close of polling for The Best Korean Drama of 2011 on 31 Dec 23.59 (korea time), PSH and TPM are ALREADY WINNERS in my heart!
    PSH you are the best 🙂

  993. 993 : Ces Says:

    What time will the KBS year end ceremony be held? Do you have any idea if it will be aired simultaneously in KBS world? Thanks!

  994. 994 : psh fan Says:

    #993 Ces

    Watch 2011 KBS Drama Awards on Dec 31 at 21:00 (Korea time) through KBS World 😀

    Polling at KBS closes tomor 9pm (Korea time):

  995. 995 : cice Says:

    What time will the KBS year end ceremony be held? Do you have any idea if it will be aired simultaneously in KBS world? Thanks!

  996. 996 : mommynajmi Says:

    BEST DRAMA…. as for me… The Princess’ Man is the winner 🙂 😛

  997. 997 : Ces Says:

    Thanks so much psh fan!

  998. 998 : sara Says:

    I agree with you, shoeshe (989). Iwish for many awards for TPM and special for PSH.

  999. 999 : theman Says:

    I like very much TPM and for me The princess’man is the winner.
    PSH and MCW are the winners.

  1000. 1000 : clara Says:

    PSH is the best! PSH is the winner!
    The acting of PSH is v. very good and strong, so magnetic and captivant. You can feel all the emotion of character.

  1001. 1001 : chR15 Says:

    tonight at 2011 kbs drama award.,TPM will got many award..
    i pretty sure about that..PSH n MCW will win the best category n of coz TPM for DAESANG!!
    i really can’t wait again!!

  1002. 1002 : jolia Says:

    Why did he this guy dementia Channel Manager KBS want to know how to submit to the hero of the brain

  1003. 1003 : Shoeshe Says:

    Oh my god.thanks…….horey ……..im so happy right now.congratulation to moon chaewon and park sihoo they both win the popularity award,the best couple award and the top exellence award tonight from kbs drama award.i can sleep very well now.oh my god I can hold my tear at the moment baek jiyoung sing the princess man ost I love you too.i see both mcw and psh already in tear on their eyes, I can feel what is in their mind that moment.my wish come true.both mcw and psh look so amazing as always and for me yooryung is the most beautiful couple that night.and how many times they hugging each other.its make my night………oh im so sleepy right now.happy new year everyone.byee…

  1004. 1004 : flame Says:

    Congretulation to all TPM cast. Was such a wanderful drama, and the best for me. Happy New Year everyone!

  1005. 1005 : wilma Says:

    i think they really deserve many awards which was already had many awards……good acting for all the actors

  1006. 1006 : cami1 Says:

    Congretulation to PSH and MCW. They truly deserved all the awards. Very good acting.

  1007. 1007 : korean lover Says:

    dream comes true…all fanz TPM….ur votes paid off…chukahae(congratulation)and saehe bog manhi badeuseyo(happy new year)!!!!!!!

  1008. 1008 : A.Eu.Us Says:

    Dear, PSH
    Happy New Year
    You are a best ,great artist and very attractive man.
    Yes PSH & MCW are abest ,forever Perfect Couplet.
    We love you so much every day more and more …….
    Thanks of KBS2 and all

  1009. 1009 : ***13*** Says:

    I just finished watching this and WOW!!! It made me cry like crazy. I hope that such a tragic story never took place in the past!!! But I was amazed at the main actress and actor, they did an awesome job 🙂

  1010. 1010 : Chai Says:

    Congrats to moon chae won n park shi hoo love they so much. After watching tis drama I always think that I sword is stabbing from my back n I’m so sad

  1011. 1011 : ldHEE Says:

    drama yang kereeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bangetttt …. menguras airmata ….

    this drama its comlpit ….

    kekuasaan memang kejam sejak jaman dulu …
    entah itu adik/kakak/ sepupu / bahkan anak
    siapapun yg jadi penghalang akan di singkirkan …

    selamat untuk drama the princess man karna mendapatkan banyak award … best couplenya top bangetttt …..

  1012. 1012 : sweet Says:

    i just finish watching this drama my goodness now i have a sleepness night it keep lingering in my mind how good this is, acting is superb, the chemistry between the two leads are very strong, the story is fantastic, if you forget how and what love feels like watch this drama… congratulations the princess man!!! great job! looking forward to see more of park shi hoo

  1013. 1013 : al Says:

    I’ve watched several Korean drama the past months but all of them did not leave a special spot in my heart until I watched The Princess’ Man. What a very awesome and moving drama. Great job….

  1014. 1014 : Cipo Says:

    Hmm benar-benar menyentu hati
    Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won Good Job….
    I Like this Drama….

  1015. 1015 : lovedsdrama Says:

    THIS IS MY BEST DRAMA for 2011!!!!!
    I had difficulty choosing between this and secret garden. Though I love the winner, I still bow down to the producer,writers..all the staff and crew of this drama! You had all my emotions awakened while watching this drama. I just finished watching all the korean drama nominated for ‘best drama of 2011’. Some of it, I didn’t really mind and skip from one ep to another just to give it a shot. But TPM blew my mind! I super love it though I have to admit I just watch it after seeing its 2nd to SG while voting..(I dont like historical drama and its says its tragic..so I passed on it before and just came back to watch it last dec.)
    We were really blessed with great dramas last year! Hope we will have great drama this year. So far, nothing caught my attention yet.. Any suggestion?

  1016. 1016 : wonhoo Says:

    mcw and psh dating?……………..oh i wish is true….thank god my dream come true……i love them so much

  1017. 1017 : nikkin Says:

    i likes korean drama.park shi hoo is so cute!!!

  1018. 1018 : korean lover Says:

    i like TPM especially their song…also bgm song too..nice!!!!

  1019. 1019 : kikilala Says:

    totally love this drama <3.. when watched TPM, my heart beating faster..

  1020. 1020 : KDaddict Says:

    Currently screening Moon that Embrace the Sun is really good so far. It is also a saguek romance.
    Padam Padam is a serious love story w fantastic acting.
    I love these the most since TPM!

  1021. 1021 : Norzie Says:

    Filem yang sangat menyentuh perasaan. Congrates to team TPM.Gd Job!

  1022. 1022 : vivien Says:

    I hope that in 2012 this park shi hoo came up with the latest drama … I like your acting in the drama of the princess man,,,

  1023. 1023 : saras pathy Says:

    i love this drama a lot…hats off to d director n actors!

  1024. 1024 : goodman Says:

    I like much, much this drama. very beautiful, sensible love. very good the play of actors. Congratulation to team TPM.

  1025. 1025 : hazellyinn Says:

    really love this drama.. make me cry a lot!! and also really love Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo.. they are the lovely couple.. love the chemistry between them.. the best drama i ever watching.. congratulation for TPM’s team.. you all deserved it…!! for TPM’s fan in Malaysia, now you all can watch on TV2, from Monday to Friday at 6pm.. Happy Watching!! ^^

  1026. 1026 : Smr Says:

    The best saguke drama ever ever ever am envios of malasians am from Ethiopia only can see from kbs world how can i watch other channal pls pls tell me

  1027. 1027 : nita Says:

    Tragic drama, but fortunately it was ended happily.. 🙂
    Like this drama so much..

  1028. 1028 : ironpen Says:

    best drama! I’am really moved by their acting plus the story is very excellent. =)

  1029. 1029 : ati Says:

    so, extremely, much making me gloomy floated by the story…it’s really great…the actor i love the most PSH !!!

  1030. 1030 : Jenny Says:

    I love ds korean drama.. amazing … i like PSH it’s really great actor.. in from the Philippines…

  1031. 1031 : ade v Says:

    what a tragic story,,sejak dulu begitulah cinta,deritanya tiada akhir..=)

  1032. 1032 : initrah Says:

    The best korean drama…5 star for this drama!!!!..i realy like it…i

  1033. 1033 : Emaan Says:

    ***Highly Recommended**** No words! It is such a good drama that one MUST watch it.

  1034. 1034 : eizan Says:

    i love this drama…

  1035. 1035 : Kathleen Says:

    My favourite of all time… and I’ve watched tons of dramas!
    all the actors and actresses were amazing
    everything was simply perfect <3

  1036. 1036 : maida Says:

    plz guys recommend a good drama for me. i am kind of person who like romance comedy drama like sorry ilove you .thank you. greatest love.full house. dal spring.can u hear my heart

  1037. 1037 : eima Says:


  1038. 1038 : Christine Says:

    @ maida,

    have you watch Secret Garden? It’s a very nice drama which you can’t miss..

  1039. 1039 : daniera Says:

    I love this drama too….

  1040. 1040 : asiandaddict Says:

    Huh! Am not a fan of a heavy drama especially with so much war in it, but this one, I just can’t get through it. Love the story, the twists. Most of all, I love MCW and PSH. Highly recommended! You broke my record!!!

  1041. 1041 : maida Says:

    @ Christine i really appreciate your respond but i don’t like secret garden actress but i may give it a try.
    @eima i don’t mean to be offensive but i don’t like both. they were so predictable and superficial. but of course thank you for your reply it was very thoughtful of you

  1042. 1042 : 57412 Says:

    ku akui memang sangat bagus untuk drama yang satu ini karna aq sangat manikmati dengan film ini dan kapan film ppppppppprincess man imi akan di jual kasetnya untuk di sekitar indonesia dan kapan juga para pemain drama korea ini di undangoleh indonesia ya dengan kata semoga saja indonesia bisa membuat drama seperti princess man ini dengan latar yang seperti beneran dan bisa mnembuat kita menangis sungguhan ada yang sampai histeris nangisnya dan film princess man ini tidak seprti karangan orang seakan-akan seperti sungguhan dan nyata

  1043. 1043 : sweet Says:

    @maida1036 try “smile you” its a bit long but its not boring, funny and had a lot of sweet scene. im watching the moon that embraces the sun give it a try if you havent watch it yet im sure you will love it.

    have you try online? theres a lot of website where you can watch kdrama like in dramacrazy.com, epdrama.com. dramafever, dramaload etc. all you have to do is google it…

  1044. 1044 : sweet Says:

    @maida1036 sungkyunkwan scandal give it a try…

  1045. 1045 : Sarang haeyo Says:

    I Love to watch this drama. i love the actor in this drama make me crazy espescially the hero and heroin.the officer,shin myun also i like.i feel pity on him in this drama b’coz the heroin not love him but he was give the true love to her.i love him too.overall the drama is the best……….

  1046. 1046 : annie Says:

    i chose not to watch the drama because of the actor, park shi hoo. he looked too boyish(as what he looked in Prosecutor’s princess which is the reason i dropped the drama on its 8th episode). Then since, i am short of korean drama today and i wanted to watch sangeuk genre, i told myself to give “the princess man” a shot. anyways, the ratings were high.
    AND my WOLRD TURNED AROUND. I liked the ACTOR, PARK SHI HOO. LIKE is an understatement/word… actually I AM SO LOVING HIM!!! This drama really gave him justice. gave him the screen appeal that i am looking for. He was not boyish anymore but very MANLY… He’s an epitome of MY MAN…. He’s not just good looking, but a very very very good actor ooooxing with sex appeal….
    MR. PARK!, will you sleep with me?
    ….. oh I so envy Moon Chae Won as she get to taste those delicious lips…. can’t wait for another drama of yours MR. PARK! I’ll be wathcing them without a blink! Now, i am digging my closet to find the Prosecutor Princess CD…. need to rewatch so i can see you again.
    DUMB me! dreamin of you!

  1047. 1047 : asiandaddict Says:

    Hello again,

    I just can’t get through with this drama!!! Its has become my sleeping pills that for me to finally fall asleep, I have to watch some of its scenes esp. my most favorite one…

    Thank you Korea for making so many wonderful drama! I may not be a Korean but definitely, my heart chooses only KOREAN when it comes to dramas. I wish I can understand the language without being bothered by subs.:)

  1048. 1048 : segacraze Says:

    to maida

    why you dont like hajiwon in sega?

  1049. 1049 : lotusinmud Says:

    i love the story so dramatic, full with conspiracy, very good script, good view, good song, everthing is excellent. the actor actor and all cast so good. i choose this is another my favorite drama ever. i think PM is in the own class sama as boys over flower.

    I love PSH & MCW. they are great together. PSH so handsome and MCW cute beautiful, not to forget the actor to act as father for se-ryeong. he is one of my favorite actor…if i can give him award sure i present him the best crook actor.

    last but not least, I wish good luck for everybody who is involved in the PM drama.

  1050. 1050 : the chance's Says:

    the best drama ever !!!!
    i love this story damn much !

  1051. 1051 : maida Says:

    thank you i will it a try soon
    i don’t like her for no reason it is only how i feel about of her , sorry but i can’t help it

  1052. 1052 : melly Says:

    the 1st ep was really boring for me but since it has such high ratings and many are saying its a gud drama, i wud give it a try.some how i know its not gonna fail me though.i wonder when will it start to get interesting, ep 5?

  1053. 1053 : you Says:

    melly, this drama is wonderful just for people who love tragedy and the actors. for me, i love first epi to the end. For my brother, he likes epi 8 to 14. and this drama is the first drama my brother watch with me because he loves it. highly recommended

  1054. 1054 : Jeffarah Says:

    Highly recommended drama. Very touching story about true friendship. amazing.

  1055. 1055 : lee Says:

    I’m really love this drama. Very tragic. From the 1st ep until end. Moon chae won and park shi hoo, they acting very amazing. 🙂

  1056. 1056 : bart Says:

    TPM i a v. very good drama. very touching story and very solid acting of all actors. Park shi hoo is amazing.

  1057. 1057 : tulipx Says:

    nice i did not expect that the end was amazing..i got disappointed when i accidentally read that its like the romeo and juliet story but…it was totally amazing..GrOol!!:)

  1058. 1058 : segacraze Says:


  1059. 1059 : smileyme Says:

    Love this drama so much,the romeo and juliet korean version minus they didn’t die in the end, happy ending though.
    Highly recommend with good acting, directing, cinematography, sound and writing. I give it 9/9 ratings for the story.

  1060. 1060 : smileyme Says:

    So much love for our main actors Park si hoo and Moon chae won for they’re great acting they absolutely match made and the couple deserve won the Best Couple Awards at KBS award

  1061. 1061 : KDaddict Says:

    @maida, sweet, segacraze,
    It’s good that you r enjoying TPM. It’s a truly wonderful show. I posted lots of backgd info for it when it was being broadcasted, from the poems to the history, to the folklore.
    Some ppl don’t like HaJi Won bc she doesn’t fit the Standard definition of feminine beauty, which is closer to Kim Tae Hee, Ha Jin Hee, etc. Big eyes, almond shaped face, long hair, some curves, sweet face even when they r not smiling, petite, very feminine, those kinds of qualities. HJW isn’t like that. She has sth else that these Classic Beauties don’t have. It’s difficult to define, but perhaps the easiest way to understand it is this:
    She doesn’t look as good as they do in an evening gown, but they don’t look as good in a stuntwoman’s outfit, and they certainly can’t do the stunts that she can. She is way more sporty than they r. So it depends on what the role calls for. Tho Kim Tae Hee is much prettier, she’d be wrong for the role of an excellent stuntwoman. That’s what ppl who dislike her in SEGA fail to understand.

  1062. 1062 : Jun Hui Says:

    The ending was slightly disappointing. I don’t know how I would change it, but I expected a lot more considering the suspense the rest of the drama has provided. Regardless, it wraps the story well enough. This was, overall, a great drama.

  1063. 1063 : segacraze Says:

    @ KDaddict

    very well said and thnks for that..hehe

  1064. 1064 : asiandaddict Says:

    just wanna say hi TPMnatics…..

  1065. 1065 : redstone Says:

    I rewach TPM, because I like v.much this drama. I think I became a TPMfanatic and Park Shi Hoo fanatic.

  1066. 1066 : Puspa Says:

    it’s really really beautiful sad love story…
    Oh God !! i can’t stop crying till the end :'(

  1067. 1067 : asiandaddict Says:

    This must be added to the official tourism website of Korea. If you visit http://asiaenglish.visitkorea.or.kr/ena/HA/HA_EN_7_1.jsp
    you will know that it is not in the list while I believe that it deserve to be there. It is important for this one to be added because I believe that it is the website where the Korea’s Best drama can be found in one glance.

  1068. 1068 : anna Says:

    Somebody lent me the dvd long time ago, but I haven’t got time 2 see it. I wonder if it’s worth seeing? I’m so busy lately but if it is really good I’ll make time 2 c it then. But some says it’s a tragedy. So sad-ending then? I’m not in the mood for sad stories at the moment.

  1069. 1069 : kdviewer Says:

    #1068 anna
    It is worth seeing it. Not sad ending.
    Let us hear your comments after you have seen it.

    #1067 asianaddict
    Yes, I totally agree with you.
    It is the best sageuk drama I have seen.

  1070. 1070 : asiandaddict Says:

    Definitely!!! Thank you for the second motion.:)

  1071. 1071 : nanzkie Says:

    i love this drama so much, , , it so very tragic but the ending was slightly disappointing

  1072. 1072 : karen Says:

    tragic and sad. i am deeply affected. it moves me. there are parts that are exhausting like the chance for the girl to reveal that she’s suyangs daughter and im al little bit sad for the ending but come to think of it,twas ok to be blind than to be dead. im just wondering if in the end the greedy king returns the throne. anyway, i really like park shi hoo. a very good actor with a smile that really melt my heart.

  1073. 1073 : Sina Says:

    Love the drama and the ending.

  1074. 1074 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    wooh..watching it again…

  1075. 1075 : pinkangel Says:

    I’m currently watching this drama and i loved it ,I’m on chapter 11 can’t wait to see the ending…love park shi hoo…

  1076. 1076 : nisa Says:

    just watch this drama again for the 5th time 😀
    i liked it, no.. i loved this drama so much! so tragic, and also made me cry :’)
    park shi hoo and moon chae won is a great actors and actress, their act just amazing 🙂

  1077. 1077 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    hope that this drama grabs many awards at Baeksang….

  1078. 1078 : shereeen Says:

    i cry a lot watching this drama.. luv it damn much 🙂

  1079. 1079 : kram Says:

    i don’t like the ending…. i wanted a more tragic and sad ending… but the series is nice

  1080. 1080 : ironpen Says:

    TPM is better than the moon that embraces the sun

  1081. 1081 : ronalyn Says:

    it was the best sageuk drama I’ve ever watched<3

  1082. 1082 : melly Says:

    dangggg.i just finished the last episode and i cried like a baby.episode 1 was boring for me as i did not know any of the actors and i thought that the ‘introduction’ was plain and slow.but as i was watching epi 2, everything changed.THE DRAMA WAS SO GOOD!! the acting was great and the love story that revolves around seryeong and seungyoo was definitely touching.it was sweet and sad at the same time


    *i’ve watched A LOT of dramas (really, a lot.u have no idea) and this is seriously the best.better than the moon that embraces the sun 🙂

    ps:wajib tengok.tak tengok rugi gilerrr.hehe

  1083. 1083 : melly Says:

    i am sad its over :'( cant get over it

  1084. 1084 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    moon chae won is not as beautiful as Song Hye Kyo or Kim Tae Hee but this actress really rocks..haha!and no offense to Han Hyo Joo fans but i think MCW is better in acting than her but i also love HHJ…

  1085. 1085 : urrnchai Says:

    hi everyone, i’m one of the TPM fans. i dont usually watch tragedy story but when i was trying to watch all the 2011 dramas i was hooked when i saw moon chae won wearing hanbok. i thought to myself why this woman is very pretty in hanbok than other actresses. the songs in it are pretty too and damn park shi hoo. love him so much.

  1086. 1086 : robert Says:

    dis drama is the best drama for 2011…..second goes to ‘Secret garden’…^^…agree??

  1087. 1087 : Meteorite Says:

    THE PRINCESS MAN rocksssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1088. 1088 : Pinkie Says:

    BEST SAGUEK DRAMA!!!! Very nice story, very good actors, damn they played the role soooo well… =D

  1089. 1089 : blacktree Says:

    TPM is the best sageuk drama ever! a beautiful story, great OST, very good actors. Park Si Hoo is superb.

  1090. 1090 : Bkue Says:

    I was initially hesitant about watching The Princess’s Man and now I’m so glad I gave it a chance. I watched The Moon That Embraces the Sun cause of all the hype it got, and I was left feeling somewhat lukewarm. So, though I was a little weary about going into The Princess’s Man, I can happily say that it definitely deserves all the love that it’s getting from audiences. The drama itself is undeniably beautiful. Add on to the fact that it had an amazing story-line, with stirring characters, and you end up with Kdrama gold. All the casts were magnificent and played their parts with such beautiful emotions that it really hits a nerve in you. The pace of the drama is perfect and the music was fantastic. And don’t even get me started on the chemistry between the two leads. My goodness. Just gazing into each others eyes was enough to evoke in you the understanding of how much they really loved one another. A beautiful, amazingly near perfect drama. Highly recommended.

  1091. 1091 : Siomai Says:

    was very reluctant to watch this drama because it was historical and I was like this is something only my mom would watch. But I decided to give it a try after reading so many rave reviews about it and holy mother fudgers MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY. The pacing was perfect, not a moment felt rushed or dragged, music accompaniment was beautiful, and most importantly STORY WAS FLAWLESS. Typically k-dramas leave plot holes or screw up the ending but the Princess’ Man covered all sides of the story and couldn’t have had a better ending. Although the love between the leads was modest and not overdone, this was the most romantic drama I’ve ever watched. Even when they simply held hands my heart would plummet ten thousand feet. I end on this note- WATCH IT.

  1092. 1092 : deeAn Says:

    is it, happy ending story???

  1093. 1093 : sophie Says:

    very nice drama….i like the ending

  1094. 1094 : Autumn Says:

    Initially I was reluctant to watch this drama and the first 2 episodes are kinda boring. But when I saw its high popularity here, I decided to give it a chance and like what everyone comments here. It is indeed a good drama. The chemistry btw them is good plus the ost. Is a tragic love and I was kinda blame se ryung for not disclosing her identity in the first place. I am still on ep 20 and feel glad to hear everyone saying that is a happy ending.

  1095. 1095 : starry starry starry night Says:

    Suyang is a real wicked man!

  1096. 1096 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    This is my most loved KD so far. I have watched plenty of korean dramas but this one is the best for me. It’s a love story of all time for me. The casts are great and the chemistry of the lead stars are wonderful. 😉

  1097. 1097 : Rani Says:

    Si Hoo oppa be patient…
    You’ll bring the beaksang award next year….
    The drama & all of you’re the best

  1098. 1098 : Marulidu Says:


    i love this Drama, those 2 actors they are my super star, God bless you, you make our life happy some how!

    Thanks KBS and all this Drama team!

    Love you All

  1099. 1099 : macky Says:

    I love watching this drama again and again. Every episode is interesting, thinking what’s gonna happen next. The whole cast are great. The fact, what’s really got my attention? well, the leading actor, park shi hoo, you really played the role well, the role fitted and suited only for you…thinking about the story, it feels good that true love does really exist…

  1100. 1100 : vicky Says:

    i’ve watched it 3 mos. ago..still cn’t forget it..i wish i was se ryung..they’re really amazing…

  1101. 1101 : ayu edogawa Says:

    i’ve been watch all night long…
    can’t wait to see how the story goes..
    even i have to sacrifice my sleep time and go to the office with sleepy eyes…^____^
    park shi hoo is totally amazing…

  1102. 1102 : WitLily Says:

    best romeo juliet version (very touching).

  1103. 1103 : okto Says:

    good story…i’m love this dramas….
    now can you see in indonesian…at channel indosiar…

    wonderful couple and story..

  1104. 1104 : KHAYIE Says:




  1105. 1105 : rabiatul Says:

    my wife and my daughter(3years) watching this drama everyday.100X

  1106. 1106 : Strange Says:

    The best sageuk drama that I’ve ever watched!I actually bought 2 copies of dvds…I so damn love Park Shi Hoo!

  1107. 1107 : Strange Says:

    The best sageuk drama that I’ve ever watched!I actually bought 2 copies of dvds…I so damn love Park Shi Hoo!this is too way better than Moonsun…

  1108. 1108 : soso Says:

    this is currently being aired in my country, so it is only half way, not yet finish. this is a version of romeo-juliet? perhaps. but i dont really like it since it sacrifices a lot of people, a lot of people are being killed..incl seong yoo (shi ho character)’f family – father, brother etc. from the epis that i have watched so far i dont like the seong yoo character, he likes to go to the “house of women” – to say a whorehouse is vulgar isnt it? hehe. first he seems to be a regular of a whorehouse and i also think he is a flamboyant and self-centered, not to say a downright selfish, man – and no sense of duty. the country is in a turmoil with his father is trying to protect the crown prince etc and he just walks around thinking of his woman, completely ignorant, unaware and dont seem to care either about the situation even his brother had warned him to pay more attention to his father who had done a lot for him etc ..and until his family got all killed…seems like a man who thinks with his donkey to me. stupidity combined with no self-control is a real turn off in a man. being in love and defending your love is good but to neglect other things in the process, be completely self centered is just despicable. perhaps in movie/film with certain romanticism and other additional “spices” shi ho character look oh-so-appealing, but if it’s in reality he’s just a man who thinks with his donkey. i hope the end will be a good one, shi ho’s character will develop to be a better, responsible man.

  1109. 1109 : daisy Says:

    i have read some reviews that the story is good but i am having second thoughts watching this because i’m not very fond of the two lead stars.

  1110. 1110 : miriam Says:

    the ost of this series seemed like too MODERN for me, i expect the music sort of like ancient since this is a costumed period drama but it was not meant to be.

  1111. 1111 : Prita Says:

    BEST Korean Sageuk Drama ever! i cried and touched almost on each episode. All casts act outstanding! I’ll miss this drama, i hope there will be Princes Man season 2..

  1112. 1112 : jelly Says:

    hi daisy, if u don’t really fond of the two main leads, then i guess i don’t have to watch it. it will make you bore out so i recommand you not to watch it, but for me, i love it even after watchiing too many times already.

  1113. 1113 : kdrama Says:

    you should give TPM a try. It was one of the best K-dramas in 2011. But hopefully you can watch it objectively since you’re not very fond of the leads.

  1114. 1114 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Ive been into Kdramas since 16 and now Im 24. So here’s my review with Princess Man. The acting of the lead actors are exceptional. The story focuses on the love story of MCW and PSH and the revenge of PSH that eventually forgotten at the end just for the so called love. So its kinda bragging, making this sageuk drama a romeo-juliet of that period. the end is good but not outstanding. What i mean is the ending is kinda boring.

  1115. 1115 : k.rukayat Says:

    frm nigeria,i luv dis love story

  1116. 1116 : Astri Says:

    Not really my favorite. I prefer The Moon that Embraces The Sun.

  1117. 1117 : jayson Says:

    @daisy. you will not regret watching it! i’m sure you’ll fall in love with the two lead stars after you watched the series. they performed their roles well:)

  1118. 1118 : asiandaddict Says:

    The Moon that Embraces the Sun has been overrated for me because I still prefer TPM over it. Because of this drama, I become a fan of MCW and she become one of my most favorite Korean actress surpassing some of my long-time favorite actresses. She has been so great in almost all angle of the drama. She carries well all the clothes she has worn in the drama, be it princess attire or even the slave’s.

    TPM is now one of my top drama. I’ve watched it for 5 times already and still craving for more!!! All the casts performed well even the supporting casts that you’re not going to missed any moment. I salute all the team for making such a good drama.

  1119. 1119 : jade Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA.Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Woon has a perfect chemistry.i watched this drama many times,their acting is superb,kudos to all the cast,staff and crew for this worth watching k drama.Iam now a big fan of PARK SI HOO AND MOON CHAE WOON

  1120. 1120 : Mitten_D Says:

    Adore this drama and the music. All the actor act very well. I guess at the end of the drama if Su Yang died it will be great 🙂

  1121. 1121 : mia Says:

    i very like this drama,,
    cast and drama very very impressive,,moon chae won and park shi ho daebbak…
    I love the princess man 🙂

  1122. 1122 : park shin hye Says:

    BEST BEST DRAMA EVER! i have never seen better

  1123. 1123 : pepz Says:

    I really love this drama… superb..the best.. could touch everyone’s heart.. more historical love drama please Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Woon.

  1124. 1124 : Rani Says:

    Someone who thinks the main lead actor has donkey’s thought & still watching it is the real donkey 🙂

  1125. 1125 : yenzkie Says:

    it’s almost 1 year, their 1st aniversary since it broadcasted. but then, i can’t overcome on how the story goes. until now the heartbreaking storyline of park shi hoo and moon chae won still engrave in my heart!.. super like this drama the most.. i really love park shi hoo.. recommended drama for 2011 until present.. IMPRESSIVE.. thumbs up.. ^

  1126. 1126 : TAN ALBERT Says:



  1127. 1127 : fefary Says:

    One of the best dramas for 2011. I love all the characters and have watched it three times already. Strong acting and storyline.

  1128. 1128 : KDaddict Says:

    This drama is not for everyone. You have to be somewhat patient, somewhat mature, somewhat interested in history, in the nature of conflict, sacrifice in order to appreciate it. It is an extremely sophisticated piece of work. It has depth, pathos. It grabs you by the heart, by the guts. The acting is superb. The OSTs are haunting. The scenes r shot beautifully. The script is top-notch. Oh, I miss it, and the excellent cast.
    Moon CW is coming back soon in Nice Guy, but when is Park SH coming back in a new drama?

  1129. 1129 : ana Says:

    @KDaddict totally agree with you ! …

  1130. 1130 : Fitria Says:

    Good drama !! I like the lead actor and actress 🙂

  1131. 1131 : rose Says:

    a very good drama series, more adult in theme, a lot of sadness, happy that the ending was better than expected. a good production, with talented cast, forget the graphics, still really worth watching. i give it a 9/10! cheers!

  1132. 1132 : asiandaddict Says:

    @1128 KDaddict

    You are absolutely correct!!!

    And by the way, Park Shi Hoo has also a new drama this year with MCW’s best friend Moon Geun Young entitled Cheong Dam Dong Alice. For more details, here’s the link http://redpinkboxes.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/park-shi-hoo-and-moon-geun-young-confirmed-in-cheong-dam-dong-alice/

    Anticipating for this one too since the two are all excellent performers. But for now, I can’t wait for the airing of Nice Guy… Good luck for both of them..

  1133. 1133 : Poohs Says:

    What is the ending of this drama good or bad?

  1134. 1134 : kdviewer Says:

    Congratulations to TPM! Congratulations to Park Si Hoo & cast of TPM!
    TPM won the golden bird prize (best) in the category drama series at the seoul international drama awards 2012.

  1135. 1135 : goldy Says:

    Congratulation to TPM for golden award! I’m very glad for Park Si Hoo and others.

  1136. 1136 : asiandaddict Says:

    Congrats TPM!!! And by the way, Suyang (Kim Young Chul) is still the father of Se Ryung (Moon Chae Won) in the upcoming drama Innocent Man. They look like real father and daughter.. Good luck to both of them!!!

  1137. 1137 : Hanako Says:

    Best Histoical Movie compare to The Moon that embraces the sun. Full of passion, revenge, traitor, violence. One of the best Historical Movie and Park SH is good with this movie comparing to Prosecutor Princess or the perfect neighbor. Moon CW is real good with this movie overall, and the rest of Park SH friends were best in their acting . A cruel father and King is not worth to rule the country and he regret what he did only when hearing the daughter died but actually saved by the Queen, his wife. Very touching story to me and no doubt sad in many episodes . Perfect Director and Screen writer to this movie….

  1138. 1138 : irene Says:

    a very worthy drama to watch over and over. KEEPER!!!! <3

  1139. 1139 : irene Says:

    I think the ratings would’ve been much higher. But many people just are prejudice to ancient day dramas over modern ones. Thats a bit unfair. 🙁

  1140. 1140 : jeffery Says:

    best drama of 2011…

  1141. 1141 : Sina Says:

    One beautiful drama. I have watched over and over and love all the actors in it. Hope they come up with another drama like this one. Thank you…

  1142. 1142 : Palvannan Says:

    Recently after coming to korea i have become a fan of watching korean dramas. Princess man is an absolute delight o watch. The lead actors have lived the characters and i have bceome a big fan of Moon Chae Won and Park SH. Happy ending too, but i was really saddened by the fact that Kim Seung Yoo would not be able to see his lovers face for the rest of his life. that is really sad.

  1143. 1143 : Wol Says:

    Though the drama is fictional i wished it to be a real one. the Power of love shown in this dram has made great impact over my life. If such love ever existed the world doesn’t have to face hatred. Since love would wipe it away. The act of overall crew is brilliant. Park Shi Hoo, he has vast improvement over his acting than his other drama: The prosecutor princess.

  1144. 1144 : jang mi na Says:

    two thumbs up for this drama…i wouldn’t say it’s a tragic love story at all cause in the end what really matter is that their love overcome everything,..they ended up living together despite the blindness that happened to the guy…

    i hope someday to go to korea,…

    from philippines

  1145. 1145 : marj Says:

    job well done, such a beautiful drama 😉 despite all the pain and sorrows they’ve gone through, LOVE still prevailed and they ended up together… I love this drama 🙂

  1146. 1146 : Xoplax Says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of korean dramas,The Princess Man is one of my top ten,wonderfu love story,very addictive,great characters,AMASING^__^

  1147. 1147 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    …at last,this will be aired soon here!!so excited to watch TPM in our local tv channel.

  1148. 1148 : cream Says:

    TPM is a very good and beautiful drama. Park SiHoo’s acting is superb.

  1149. 1149 : princess Says:

    i just watched this movie on its 3rd episode!!!
    ilove it!!!!!!!!

  1150. 1150 : lovely Says:

    this one is my top ones. best drama in 2011

  1151. 1151 : rose Says:

    first time i saw it, i really,really like it so much
    have a nice watching for me…….

  1152. 1152 : iquel Says:

    anybody who knows the name of princess kyung hye’s brother?

  1153. 1153 : danny Says:

    Before it aired on GMA 7, I happen to saw the trailer and I was like ‘oh an ordinary romance drama’. But it turned out the other way around. I watched the premiere last Nov 19 and I can’t believe myself that at that moment I’m deeply hooked with “The Princess’s Man”. So love it, their story and especially the lead stars Lee Se Ryung(Moon Chae Won) and Kim Seung Yoo(Park Shi Hoo) since they are very likable.

  1154. 1154 : ochan Says:

    if you had any doubt about this drama, forget it quickly. it’s great love story, amazing chemistry between the lead stars ( you can feel love in the air everytime they looked each other ). best saeguk drama i’ve ever seen. watch it, you won’t regret it.

  1155. 1155 : Rara Says:

    There are only 4 dramas that I cried in every episode !
    This drama , The Princess Man
    The Moon That Embraces The Sun
    Arang and The Magistrate.
    but so far, The Princess Man was the drama that has make me burst out into tears of an ocean T_T Seriously, this drama is exactly like Rome and Juliette!

  1156. 1156 : jmac Says:


  1157. 1157 : jmac Says:

    i really love this drama.. of all the korean drama i’ve watched this ranks the 2nd. secret garden is the 1st. but i really love this one. the love chemistry is so perfect. hope they’ll be working together again.

  1158. 1158 : kdviewer Says:

    The Princess’s Man” won top prize in the Drama Series category (TPM was up against 2 dramas from China and 4 from Japan) at the Asian TV Awards ceremony held at the Singapore Shangri-La Hotel on 6 Dec 2012. It also won Best Drama at the Seoul International Drama Awards in August 2012.

    Heartiest congratulations to TPM, Park Si Hoo (PSH) and entire cast of TPM.

    Great TPM is receiving love and recognition from all over the world.

    It’s been more than 1.5 years and TPM (especially PSH as Kim Seung Yoo) still live in our hearts and minds. <3

    TPM is now being broadcasted in Japan and Philippines.

    ** Can Admin update the awards for TPM please? Thank you.

  1159. 1159 : xxyz Says:

    Congratulation to TPM for the best drama at the Asian TV Awards! Congrat. to Park Si Hoo and entire cast of TPM!

  1160. 1160 : dramafreak Says:

    watched this drama last year….still remember how i loved this drama….opsss not lovedddd….i still love it now haha….highly recommanded! u will defenitely love it if u try it =D

  1161. 1161 : Margo Says:

    I love this drama very much!

  1162. 1162 : claire Says:

    i really love the drama as well as the casts!

  1163. 1163 : Milletzky Says:

    After Kim Nam Gil I found my second hero, Park Shi Hoo. He’s a very very good actor. I’d like to see more of him. I hope he had served in the military training as I think this somehow will affect his popularity just as it did Kim Nam Gil’s popularity.

    Kudos to the whole cast. They did a wonderful job in here. I’ve been watching the drama in Filipino. I hope the dubbing approximates the meaning that the Korean language conveys.

    Well done…well done…

  1164. 1164 : browneyes_ Says:

    Just finished watching the whole episode last night,though i have an early shift the next day.,I know I wouldnt hve a goodnight sleep if im unable to finish watching it..the story is superb, im speachless..Its totally awesome!!..I can’t think of any word to described it..I may have shed 1 liter of tears but worth it..

  1165. 1165 : lisa6 Says:


    Please update the AWARDS for TPM:

    1) Top Drama Series by the Asian TV Awards
    2) Best Drama by Seoul International Drama Awards

  1166. 1166 : lisa6 Says:

    I love PSH as KSY ….

    Excellent casting, good directing, great chemistry between PSH and MCW.

  1167. 1167 : Gael.Rubia15 Says:

    Oh? Really. sayang di ko napapanood to s gma.

  1168. 1168 : Rettop Yeoj Says:

    TPM is a very good drama. I’m really impressed with Moon Chae Won’s portrayal of Lee Se Ryung—a demure but headstrong royalty, who’ll fight for her love against the odds. She is such a revelation in this series and she so deserves her Best Actress award. The best Korean historical drama (imho) by far. (Y)

  1169. 1169 : beth Says:

    this is the most heartwarming korean drama ive ever seen…..love you seung yoo and se ryeong

  1170. 1170 : May Says:

    Love this drama so much… 🙂 <3
    Even though I've finished watching it, I still think about it…. What a great drama! So touching! Love u Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won. 🙂 Best Best drama ever..

  1171. 1171 : felvy Says:

    i like the korean drama the Princess Man IT is gooD stoRY………LIKE THE PrINCESS MAN

  1172. 1172 : handic Says:

    the best drama ever! “romeo n juliet korean vers” i think =D

  1173. 1173 : asiandaddict Says:

    I missed seeing MCW and Park Shi Hoo together!!! I love seeing them presenting the 2012 KBS awards for TOP EXCELLENT STARS remembering their time together winning the same awards. Congrats MCW for winning three major awards for that awarding ceremony. You’re indeed one of the best!!!

  1174. 1174 : rachel ann Says:

    my cousin recommended this drama, and out of curiosity, i watched it… it was worth my time… i fell in love, i got mad, i burst in laughter, i scream!!!! it is the best korean drama for me… kudos to TPM!!! i have watched it in korean 5 times already, and i cant seem to get enough!

  1175. 1175 : bunny Says:

    Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won present the Top Excellence Awards at the KBS Drama Awards on 31 December 2012

    PSH: Hello, I am Park Shi Hoo.

    MCW: Yes, hello. I am Moon Chae Won.

    PSH: Moon Chaewon, you look very beautiful, elegant, and pretty today. You must be in a very good mood, having won the Best Couple Award today. Congratulations.

    MCW: Thank you. We got that award too, last year.

    PSH: Yes, we did.

    MCW: Yes. Uh… last year, with Princess’ Man, we got the Top Excellence award together. It seems like one year flew past us with so many events.

    PSH: Chaewon, you didn’t forget Yoo-Ryung Couple (their couple name) , right?

    MCW: No, I did not forget it. Last year, when I received the Top Excellence award, Geunyoung (Moon Geun Young) presented the award to me. I know that you are filming a drama with her. Is she well?

    PSH: Yes, she is doing well at Cheondamdong.

    MCW: Yes, I see. Last year, when I received the Top Excellence award, I was very nervous and I felt very responsible but also grateful and happy that I remember that I couldn’t sleep that night. How did you do, Shihoo-ssi?

    PSH: You were like that as well? I remember that I, too, couldn’t sleep because I was so giddy. Yes, now. This year, KBS dramas were really successful, I feel that the results will be difficult to predict. Let us first see the male nominees.

    Cr: MCW fan page

    video link:

  1176. 1176 : allayzafaith orquillas Says:

    to all the cast of the princess’s man sarange=)chossoomida!!chukahe=)especially to park shi hoo muuuaaahhhhhhh

  1177. 1177 : merry jean Says:

    i love princess’s man!i will always watch that
    and i always love korean movie

  1178. 1178 : mini Says:

    happy ending?? please tell me

  1179. 1179 : furrrygirl Says:

    just finished watching this drama.. and i cried a lot.. great drama..
    its worth watchin’ guys..++))

  1180. 1180 : myeon Says:

    The best korean drama ever !!!! I’ll never forget this drama. Rerun this drama 3 times, and still love it so much <3 great story, great acting, great chemistry.. Omg.. My most favorite part is when park si hoo want to kill moon chae won and hate her so much but moon chae won still love him so much and even accept the fact if he want to kill her. Aaaaa will never forget this drama, all the time of my life :')

  1181. 1181 : asiandaddict Says:

    @ mini

    Though, you may not be satisfied with the ending, but yes, it has a good ending….

  1182. 1182 : yura Says:

    my top 5 dramas. i’m rewatching it now for the third time but still feel tge spark. the best drama from MCW and PSH so far.. i like them in their newest drama (nice guy for MCW and Alice for PSH) but their chemistry here is unbeatable..
    the ost are so beautiful, the directing is good and cinematography is beautiful, the story is so good. Highly recommended. ^^

  1183. 1183 : Kevin Says:

    The Ending wow wow wow full of drama and tragedy the story is really alike to romeo and juliet hahahaha good drama though 🙂

  1184. 1184 : feedmysoul Says:

    I just finished watching this. The drama is good on the whole and PSH was much better here than in CDDA. I find him more charming when he is serious and solemn. His head shaking in CDDA made him look cheesy and I couldn’t go beyond Episode 8! The romance between Kim Seung Yoo and Lee Se Ryung was heartbreaking and beautiful though I find it a little hard to accept that Kim Seung Yoo could live the rest of his life peacefully with Se Ryung in the end with King Sejo in power.

    What really bothered me about this drama is the scene where Kim Seung Yoo broke into prison to save his teacher and other officials the night before their execution and they refused to leave! It is just like countless other chinese period dramas where loyal subjects recite “If the emperor wants me to die, then I have to die” before they are executed. Dying like that is akin to giving up! Isn’t it more honorable to escape with Kim Seung Yoo, regroup and plan another coup to reinstate the former King? Ok, so King Sejo ruled till his death but surely we don’t have to portray those people willingly being executed, do we?

  1185. 1185 : Violet88 Says:

    This is indeed a great drama.. i loved and touched by the epic love story between the OTP.. both are amazing in carrying out the roles respectively.. but i always wonder what happen to the throne after King Sejo pass away since his son/crown prince had died earlier due to illness..
    And how could KSY became blind at the end of the story? was it caused by all the beatings he received during his attempt to kill the King? what a pity, he (and countless others who died throughout the story) was a great scholar/man otherwise, but was sacrificed to that state just because of one’s greed to become a King..
    But KSY and LSR love was so deep and strong that they able to overcome all hardness and difficulty and live happily despite their condition.. I love KSY as the rugged man in all-black, transform from great scholar to great warrior.. though it’s for revenge purpose.. he looks dashing in that kind of dresses.. 🙂

  1186. 1186 : asiandaddict Says:

    @ Violet88 and feedmysoul

    to answer your queries and confusions, you may want to know javabean’s review of the series. She explained every confusions that was raised and asked by us. Here’s the link: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/11/the-princesss-man-series-review/

  1187. 1187 : Taylorelle Says:

    I’ve enjoyed a lot of love stories across various genre but there are only an extremely rare few that I consider EPIC. This is one of them. This has got to be the most emotionally compelling, deeply stirring and riveting love story that I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. What a thoroughly captivating story from beginning to end. I’m still stunned. The sad thing about this is that I only accidentally found this drama. It doesn’t seem to be as well known as a lot of other Kdrama. What a pity!

    Thank you Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won for such stellar performances as the star-crossed lovers KSY and LSR. The depth of the emotional and electrifying chemistry that you brought to these two ill-fated lovers is unparalleled and extremely rare. I also commend the effort of the entire cast, crew and musical artists. You all made this drama unforgettable for me. The Princess Man will definitely live on in my heart and will join my library of great, deeply compelling love stories.

  1188. 1188 : paras Says:

    love dis drama:) . everything definitely great great great.., expecialy park si hoo_^

  1189. 1189 : yachiiboo Says:

    this is one of my favorites,
    and I discovered this from http://www.filebook.com.ph

  1190. 1190 : @iloveKdramas Says:

    one of ‘d best korean drama tht i’ve watched

  1191. 1191 : Khan Says:

    I love this drama a lot and I want to say that Moon chae won is extremely beautiful

  1192. 1192 : Sina Says:

    I know. Good actress. Hoping for another drama with her in it.

  1193. 1193 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    Beautiful drama. Good acting. Good Job team the princess man.!!!!!

  1194. 1194 : iameilene Says:

    i really enjoyed watching this drama.. its very touching, the lead characters are really great they did very well.. and its amazing!!! thumbs up for this KDrama…

  1195. 1195 : The Princess’ Man (KBS2)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  1196. 1196 : JANE Says:

    is there really a season 2 in the princess’ man

  1197. 1197 : Suzanne Says:

    @Jane, no, there isn’t a season 2. The story ended just as we saw in episode 24.

  1198. 1198 : ridhamn Says:

    cried alot!!!

  1199. 1199 : sitsuna Says:


  1200. 1200 : Aileen Says:

    really great? wanna watch…..:)

  1201. 1201 : lisa6 Says:

    TPM wins Bronze at NYTV Festival
    Posted on 2013/04/10 9:15 am by H.A.T.

    THIS IS A BIG DEAL! Please see print screen we just added at end of post. TPM has won in this world-class competition, the best in TV “judged in multiple rounds by panels of award-winning peers in their respective fields of expertise.”

    2013.04.10 09:40 News report

    New York TV Festival: “The Princess’s Man” wins ‘Bronze Award’

    KBS “The Princess’s Man”, which was aired in 2011, was awarded the Bronze statue of the mini-series division at the 2013 New York Television Festival Awards.

    According to KBS report on April 10, many global TV and media representatives participated in the New York Television Festival Awards 2013, held at 7:00 pm (local time) on April 9, Las Vegas, U.S.A., and KBS won 3 awards. The KBS program “KBS Special “Kim Jong-Il” received a silver medal in Current Affairs, ”Icarus’s Dream” received a bronze in Sports & Recreation, and “The Princess’ Man” won the Bronze statue of the mini-series division.

    This is the 55th year of the New York TV Festival which features comprehensive TV including news, documentary, drama, entertainment, international awards competition in 2013, with more than 50 countries participating. It has a history of global authority and the New York TV Festival award categories reflect the latest trends and continue its efforts at development.

    “The Princess’s Man” is a fictional drama based on historical facts. It is a work about the transcendental greatness of the love between a man and a woman of two warring families which overcomes everything. Park Si Hoo who plays Kim Seung Yoo and Moon Chae Won who plays Lee Se Ryung are recognized for their outstanding performance on the international stage, including the award of the Seoul International Drama Awards.

    (Giza [email protected] hanjunho)


    Cr: Parksihoo4u.com

  1202. 1202 : lisa6 Says:

    Congratulations PSH and TPM cast.

    Please update Awards.
    New York TV Festival: “The Princess’s Man” wins ‘Bronze Award’.

    Thank you.

  1203. 1203 : lisa6 Says:

    Corrections to #1201, TPM’s award is not in mini series category but in the Drama category.

    Award:Bronze World Medal
    Brand:KBS 2TV
    Title:The Princess’s Man
    Country:SOUTH KOREA
    Category Group:Television – Regularly Scheduled Entertainment


    The NY Television & Film Awards are judged by award winning Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors and various other creative media professionals from across the globe. All entries are judged on-line by panels of award-winning industry experts.

  1204. 1204 : asa Says:

    Great news! The Princess’s Man really deserved it. Congratulation to all the cast of TPM!

  1205. 1205 : bunny Says:

    A recent review of TPM:


    Grand, lush, well-made, well-acted, well-written & well worth watching.
    Every detail in this drama is thoughtfully put together, from the characters’ dialogue, to the themes & motifs, to cultural & historical references. Very tightly & seamlessly produced and executed, there is an excellent balance between the action in the story and the emotional development of the characters and their relationships.
    Engaging, romantic and thought-provoking. And a gorgeous OST just ups the magic.

  1206. 1206 : bunny Says:

    Extracts of the above review:



    Park Shi Hoo’s delivery as Kim Seung Yoo was very impressive.

    He had a wide range of scenes in The Princess’ Man, many of which were difficult, and he delivered admirably.
    From the midly comic:
    To the charming & suave:
    To the angry, angst-ridden & tortured:

    One of the scenes where I was most impressed with Park Shi Hoo’s performance is when Seung Yoo is in jail and Se Ryung goes to see him. At this point, he has lost everything. He’s also found out Se Ryung’s true identity, that she is the daughter of the man who’s brought about the demise of his entire family.
    In the scene, he catches Se Ryung’s neck in a strangle-hold and his gaze goes from empty, to recognition, to incredulity, to rage, to pretty much crazed, all in a matter of seconds.
    We literally see the progression in his eyes and every twitch of his facial muscles. Very impressive indeed.

    Park Shi Hoo’s clearly drawing from a much deeper place than he ever did before, which is awesome.
    Now, if he could progress onto layered and nuanced delivery, he would be a complete force to be reckoned with.

    Through the span of the drama, Seung Yoo goes through several style seasons, each one commensurate with his circumstances, and Park Shi Hoo rocks each style with aplomb.
    First, we get Handsome Hanbok:
    And then we get Shirtless Sexy:
    And then we get my favorite – No-Nonsense Ninja:

    Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo is so strong, so passionate and yet so cool. Kudos to the stylists for effectively helping to bring out the awesomeness of Kim Seung Yoo.

    I especially love that Park Shi Hoo uses the lower registers of his voice a lot as Kim Seung Yoo, particularly in the later episodes. He’s already got a very nice, low voice. But when he deliberately uses the lower registers of his voice, it’s quite gorgeous on the ears, like deep, slightly rough velvet.

    Mmm. Very sexy indeed. ♥

  1207. 1207 : myeon Says:

    if u love PM, u’ll love Jang Ok Jung, live in love for sure

  1208. 1208 : myeon Says:

    if u love TPM, u’ll love Jang Ok Jung, live in love for sure <3 please support JOJ

  1209. 1209 : Khan Says:

    I love this drama a lot and it’s definitely among the best k-dramas ever made. Shi hoo nd chae won looks good together. Also moon chae won is sooooo gorgeous

  1210. 1210 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Really like this Kdrama 🙂

  1211. 1211 : SYPHON Says:

    so beautiful, i love this drama very much indeed..:-)

  1212. 1212 : Khan Says:

    I have already posted a few comment here while I was watching this drama. Now after watching it to the end I can say with all my heart that this is among the best k-dramas ever made and I really love it. Thanks to park shi hoo, moon chae won and KBS for such a wonderful drama

  1213. 1213 : Sina Says:

    One of the best historical. Such a beautiful love story. I come back and watch my favorite episodes at least once a month. hope they star in another drama together soon. Love the chemistry between them.

  1214. 1214 : Zeez Says:

    Yup.. If this is good, jang ok jung is equally good!

  1215. 1215 : mahlet Says:

    i really really really love this movie. the actors got the power to make viewers fall in love.

  1216. 1216 : se ryung_95 Says:

    this drama make me crazy…i can’t stop to cry and cry more…as i want to wacth tpm everyday..i really support that jang ok jung is a 2013 best drama as THE PRINCESS MAN ever…

  1217. 1217 : Heidii Says:

    Totally in love with this drama.. at first i m not a big fan historical drama. but this one changed my heart. Strongly recommended!!!! The best among the best k drama that i ever watched. Looking forward PSH and MCW nest project.

  1218. 1218 : Jae Says:

    I do think some of the scenes could have been thought out and shot a little better but overall it was good. I was happy they had a happy ending and the guy could get over his annoying obsession. I felt bad for her snobby cousin as she had to learn a hard lesson to correct her bad personality.

  1219. 1219 : critic Says:

    This is a BRILLIANT drama! worth watching.

  1220. 1220 : Temitope Says:

    please I can not find season 3 .If I dont see it ha! I may not be able to watch any korian movie again.I need grazyly.Is season 3 out? the movie is fantastic pass anything. Is tush.

  1221. 1221 : Haryor Says:

    Best k drama love story movie ever PSH is superb,d song is fantastic every bit f it is amazing.it is just dat it is tragedic when u watch some episode u couldnt hold ur tears

  1222. 1222 : muse Says:

    this is my favorite drama.
    coincidentally, I’ve only finished 5% of dramas I try and this is one of them.
    kudos to the leads and also second leads!!!

    the ending though…

  1223. 1223 : toxophilite Says:


  1224. 1224 : dramafreak Says:

    very nice drama! all i can say is i really enjoy this drama very much! i cried so much too =(

  1225. 1225 : Tota Ali Says:

    just finished it 😀 … the story i like it a lot 😀 … he is a good actor … the actress is also impressive…. looking for Park Shi Hoo comeback 😀 ….. he is really talented actor …. i watched also Cheongdamdong Alice ! .. it was amazing 😉 …… Woww! waiting for the next drama…. i was soo worried about his past problem during this year! 🙂

  1226. 1226 : frank jude Says:

    Poorest ending ever, does it mean the hero’s efforts and battles were all in vain.

  1227. 1227 : asiandaddict Says:

    its been overwhelming to see that this drama is continuously gaining new awards in and outside of Korea. Indeed, this drama is the best drama of the season.

  1228. 1228 : Yozora Says:

    Wow, this drama still getting award, even though it is 2 years now.. 😀 it is worth it though, this drama is amazing.. 🙂

  1229. 1229 : lisa6 Says:

    Yes, amazing…. TPM is the Best Korean Drama appreciated by many many people around the world …with special appreciation of PSH’s awesome acting as KSY.

    Sharing some reviews that I came across recently…


    Some extracts from this review in November 2012.

    “For The Princess’ Man, my rating is 9.9 out of 10.

    That .01 is a deduction for making me cry so hard and for not inserting more happy moments.:)

    Anyway, I highly recommend The Princess’ Man!

    Saranghae Park Shi Hoo, oppa!:) ”

    The Characters:
    “I will just review those who made impression on me.:)

    “Park Shi Hoo is really excellent in portraying his role as Kim Seung Yoo. From the conceited but light character he has, he turned into a real monster with his heart full of hate for those who killed his family. Well, his face tells it all. How he exploded into anger is really excellent. He’s really a great actor, I said. He’ll make you feel when he’s trembling in suppressing his kept anger. Excellent job Park Shi Hoo!:)

    Oh, he looks more handsome when he turned into that monster! lol that black-ninja-costume really suits him well than when he’s still a neat professor..:) ”


    Ratings given in the review in Feb 2013:

    My ratings (10 being the highest):

    Plot: 9.5 (Emotionally gripping and always exciting. I dot a half a point only because I felt the ending could have been without the blindness and perhaps a bit smoother, but that’s just nitpicking really.)

    Acting: 9.5 (Park Shi Hoo is marvellous, Hong Soo Hyun is awesome, and Kim Young Chul as the villain daddy is hateful but almost sympathetic at the same time. Moon Chae Won isn’t as great but wins over with her character, while Song Jong Ho is sadly unremarkable.)

    Romance: 10 (Epic, sweeping and tragic – everything a romance lover needs.)

    Action: 10 (And by action, I mean the fighting choreography and stunts, which looked really cool and slick.)

    OST: 10 (Loved it.)

    Cinematography and editing: 9 (The drama starts out visually breathtaking, but I feel that during the latter half it kinda fades out. And I know I’m not the only one in this, since think it was also briefly mentioned in Dramabeans’ review.)

    Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo. It’s funny, I don’t necessarily think of Park Shi hoo as the best actor, nor am I really a fan of his, yet there’s a certain charm and sincerity that comes out in his roles. For instance that tortured look, which he does so well, that simply wrenches your heart. It’s almost like there’s this unexplainable magnetism to him that you are unaware of until you see him in a drama. In any case, in The Princess’ Man it is Park Shi Hoo who I’m gonna remember the most, whether it was because of that tortured longing look, his tragic hero character, or the fact that he looked wickedly good in that mane and ninja-attire.

    The OST. There is nothing that I love more than a good soundtrack that heightens all the tensions, thrills and emotions in a drama. The instrumental tracks are absolutely beautiful, even though „Destino“ is overplayed a lot. Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young’s “I Love You Today“ and Park Wan Kyu’s “One Day Of Love” are my favourite ballads from the OST.

    The romance. It’s been a while since I’ve felt so invested in the romance aspect in a drama. The Princess’ Man ties together romance and political intrigue so seamlessly, making the love story so thrilling and epic, with high stakes and life-and-death situations. AND to top it, we got two really good OTPs to root for.

    Cr: Indigo @ Between Wor(L)ds blog

  1230. 1230 : lisa6 Says:

    Here’s another review in February 2013.



    Grand, lush, well-made, well-acted, well-written & well worth watching.
    Every detail in this drama is thoughtfully put together, from the characters’ dialogue, to the themes & motifs, to cultural & historical references. Very tightly & seamlessly produced and executed, there is an excellent balance between the action in the story and the emotional development of the characters and their relationships.
    Engaging, romantic and thought-provoking. And a gorgeous OST just ups the magic.

    I know that there is sector of kdrama watchers who prefer their dramas modern, light and fluffy and therefore make it a general rule not to watch any sageuk whatsoever.

    I am here to tell you that even if you fall into this category, The Princess’ Man is worth your time. Really.


    Park Shi Hoo’s delivery as Kim Seung Yoo was very impressive.

    He had a wide range of scenes in The Princess’ Man, many of which were difficult, and he delivered admirably.

    From the midly comic – To the charming & suave –
    To the angry, angst-ridden & tortured:

    One of the scenes where I was most impressed with Park Shi Hoo’s performance is when Seung Yoo is in jail and Se Ryung goes to see him. At this point, he has lost everything. He’s also found out Se Ryung’s true identity, that she is the daughter of the man who’s brought about the demise of his entire family.
    In the scene, he catches Se Ryung’s neck in a strangle-hold and his gaze goes from empty, to recognition, to incredulity, to rage, to pretty much crazed, all in a matter of seconds.
    We literally see the progression in his eyes and every twitch of his facial muscles. Very impressive indeed.

    Park Shi Hoo’s clearly drawing from a much deeper place than he ever did before, which is awesome.
    Now, if he could progress onto layered and nuanced delivery, he would be a complete force to be reckoned with.

    Through the span of the drama, Seung Yoo goes through several style seasons, each one commensurate with his circumstances, and Park Shi Hoo rocks each style with aplomb.

    First, we get Handsome Hanbok:
    And then we get Shirtless Sexy:
    And then we get my favorite – No-Nonsense Ninja:

    Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo is so strong, so passionate and yet so cool. Kudos to the stylists for effectively helping to bring out the awesomeness of Kim Seung Yoo.
    I especially love that Park Shi Hoo uses the lower registers of his voice a lot as Kim Seung Yoo, particularly in the later episodes. He’s already got a very nice, low voice. But when he deliberately uses the lower registers of his voice, it’s quite gorgeous on the ears, like deep, slightly rough velvet.
    Mmm. Very sexy indeed. ♥

    So intense, but so good. This show lingered with me after it was over.
    I will definitely watch this one again. And then perhaps again. Unreservedly recommend!

    CR: kfangurl

  1231. 1231 : lisa6 Says:

    TPM wins award at Worldfest-Houston

    KBS Takes Home Eight Awards at Worldfest-Houston

    KBS Producers return to Seoul this month with eight Remi Awards, the iconic prizes for creative excellence at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Among the eight award-winning KBS programs, the adventure documentary “Dream of Icarus” took top honors by winning the festival’s highest award in its category, the Grand Remi for Television and Cable Production. KBS Science Special: “Exploring the Human Mind; Me”, came close behind, winning the Special Jury Award in the Health and Wellness sub-category.

    WorldFest, now in its 46th year, is one of North America’s longest running competitive international film festivals. The 2013 edition took place in Houston, Texas U.S.A. from April 12-21, 2013.

    Four programs scored Platinum Remi Awards, the top prize for their sub-categories. KBS Special: “Kim Jong-Il” earned the Platinum Remi for the Analysis / Background of a Single Current News Story sub-category; “Dharma, In Search of Truth” earned the Platinum Remi for the Religious Programs sub-category; “The Princess’s Man” earned the Platinum Remi for the TV Mini-Series sub-category; and “Super Fish” won a Platinum Remi for the TV Series – Documentary sub-category. Rounding out the KBS awards were a Gold Remi for Drama Special: “For Her Son” and a Silver Remi for “Man from the Equator”.

    This year’s haul of awards represents a significant increase from last year, when KBS won two Platinum Remis and a Silver Remi Award.

    (Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/about/Latest_at.html?No=8488)

    Cr: http://parksihoo4u.com/2013/10/24/tpm-wins-award-at-worldfest-houston/

  1232. 1232 : lisa6 Says:


    Please update the Awards.

    Thank you.

  1233. 1233 : lisa6 Says:


    Results were announced on October 19, 2013.

    The Princess’s Man (TPM) is ranked #4 in the Best Korean Drama category.

    Park Si Hoo (PSH) is ranked #6 in the Best Drama Actor category.

    Congratulations PSH and to all cast of TPM!


    Here’s the complete list of winners at the Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan:

    Best Korean Drama
    1. Winter Sonata
    2. Rooftop Prince
    3. You’re Beautiful
    4. Princess’ Man
    5. Princess Hours (aka Love in Palace)
    6. Playful Kiss
    7. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    8. Boys over Flowers
    9. Secret Garden
    10. My Name is Kim Sam-soon

    Best Drama Actor

    1. Bae Yong Joon
    2. Park Yoochun (JYJ)
    3. Jang Geun Suk
    4. Kim Hyun Joong
    5. Hyun Bin
    6. Park Si-hoo
    7. Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)
    8. Lee Min Ho
    9. Lee Jun Ki
    10. Ju Ji Hoon

  1234. 1234 : Miss Bean Says:

    This is the best Korean drama in my heart! The actor Park Si Hoo contributed a lot to TPM, which won so many awards and popularity around the world. Mr. Park Si Hoo, fighting! We are waiting for your comeback and your amazing acting!

  1235. 1235 : marissa Says:

    Park Shi Ho! he’s the most handsome of all the korean actors!
    With an enchanting smile and expressive eyes!

  1236. 1236 : Yozora Says:

    hahaha.. that ninja? attire on PSH surely is eye catching for the lady.. xD but don’t get me wrong, i too really love this drama, already rewatch it for 4 times.. 🙂 and still gonna rewatch it.. xD that’s how i really appreciate this drama.. 😉

  1237. 1237 : Evelyn Says:

    I watched this until episode 13, during my short tour in Korea (10/27-30, 2013)inside our tourist bus, and got the privilege to visit the shooting place. I was browsing the web today and got paid membership to watch the rest of the episodes, only to be replied “the video is not yet supported in your country”. I am so frustrated now because I really like to watch the full episodes because I find this drama a must watch movie. I hope it will be broadcasted in KBS World to fully enjoy it.

  1238. 1238 : lisa Says:

    Evelyn #1237

    Are you able to watch online from this link? All the 24 eps are loaded there. It’s a must watch drama!


  1239. 1239 : lisa Says:

    KBS has broadcasted TPM in 2011. You will have to wait for a re-run.

    There are also many videos uploads of TPM in youtube, if you are not able to watch at gooddrama.

  1240. 1240 : lisa Says:

    Absolutely agree with this very recent review of TPM (by KDramaCucko on Oct 14, 2013)

    “I don’t even know how to begin this review other than these 3 words: Oh! My! Gosh!

    It’s been a year since I watched The Princess’s Man, and I am still captivated by the story line and the lead actress and actor. This is absolutely one of the greatest Korean dramas I ever watched.

    A very beautifully written drama. It is not like any other ordinary show. I watched the first 5 episodes and had to make sure that it’s only 5 episodes and not 16 because the story line is to tight and so good! It already has so many conflicts from the beginning of the drama. The story kept me on edge even though I could not bear watching the heart-wrenching scenes of betrayal.

    The main leads are SUPER AWESOME!
    Love love love them!
    They did really well portraying their characters. I highly recommend this drama.

    A must watch!

    Overall 10
    Story 10
    Acting/Cast 10
    Music 10
    Rewatch Value 10


    Cr: KDramaCucko Thanks!

  1241. 1241 : lisa Says:

    Here’s another raving review of TPM by a guy from Egypt, dramafreakboy, also on 14Oct 2013.

    1) The reason I watched this :

    The Trailer (promo) seemed too promising , the forbidden romeo-juliet themed love , encouraged me to watch .. ONE WORD this drama is THE BEST korean historical Drama I have ever seen , everything was perfect from acting , production , music , direction.
    This drama is no.1 on my list coz it contains everything a watcher needs from Romance , to action , politics and twists , to the extreme happy cute moments to extreme tear sad moments

    2) Storyline/Plot:

    Magnificent , the whole story was solid , the love , the cute romantic scenes , the hate , the revenge the forgiveness , the new love , everything about the story is perfect , the screen writes did a really good job , even secondary roles story are perfected .

    *The cinematography is great , which is one of the strong points of this drama

    *Main Genres:
    —>Action and politics : Best ever
    —>Romance: EPIC , the chemistry between the 2 main leads is high and present , u can feel every single feeling they feel , u’ll live with them .. feel the love , hate , revenge , new love ..

    Story: 10/10.

    3) Acting/Cast:

    *Main Leads : Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo both of them done a really great job , the chemistry between them is high and present with strong impact.

    *Supporting actors : all of them done a perfect job every one in his role, starting from the king, to the servant. Kim Yeong Cheol, Song Jong Ho, Hong Soo Hyun each done a really good job.
    Even the 6 years old Kim Yoo Bin, especially in ep 17. I can’t Imagine how a 6 years old girl can act this well !!!! she made me cry.

    10/10 for choosing the supporting cast this perfect


    —>Romance: the starting romance in 1st episodes ” Beautiful and cute ” I didn’t expect it at all to be this great, coz this is a historical drama after all HOW CAN THE ROMANCE BE CUTE IN OLD TIMES, but seriously I was hooked, the scenes were amazing.. And what’s even more amazing even in hatred u can feel the chemistry between them, its my first time for me too watch love in hatred, u must watch to understand what I mean..

    chemistry 10/10

    —>The triangle: It was a really good one, which didn’t affect the development of romance between main leads, again one of the strong points. Song Jong Ho did a great job.

    Cast: 9/10
    Acting: 10/10
    4) The ending: one of most memorable ending in k-drama land , and was beautifully done

    The ending: 10/10.

    5) My impression (How did it affect me):
    Its like I lived in the world of love and dreams for a short period of time :), the pure unconditioned love ..

    *Is the drama memorable: YES

    My impression: 9/10.

    Rewatch : I rarely rewatch any drama, but this one I already watched it 4 times in less than a year, I have never done that before with any drama ..

    6) Overall:
    Overall: 10/10

    Overall 10
    Story 10
    Acting/Cast 10
    Music 10
    Rewatch Value 10


    Cr: dramafreakboy. Thanks.

    Like dramafreakboy, I have also rewatched TPM many times (lost count) since it was broadcast in 2011. TPM is the Best Sageuk Korean Drama! Love especially PSH’s acting as KSY….magnificent!

  1242. 1242 : lisa Says:

    Evelyn #1237

    Your wish has come true. KBS World is broadcasting a rerun of The Princess Man starting next Wednesday, 4 Dec 2013.

    The Princess’ Man
    @ KBS World
    Start Time
    04 Dec 2013 10:10PM (Singapore time)
    04 Dec 2013 11:20PM
    Duration 70 min

  1243. 1243 : lisa Says:


    here’s the link to kbs world.

    Genre : Drama
    Cast : Kim Yong-chul, Lee Sun-jae, Park Si-hoo, Song Jong-ho, Hong Soo-hyun, Moon Chae-won
    Premiere in Korea : 2011.07.20
    Premiere on KBS World : 2011.08.10
    Number of Episodes : 24
    Runtime : 70′
    Showtime : Mon-Thu 23:10 | Mon-Thu 15:10 | Tue-Fri 07:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)

  1244. 1244 : Kira Yamato Says:

    I was hoping of a glorious ending… after all that he went through, the ending was kinda meeehhhh..

  1245. 1245 : Cherry Barfungpa Says:

    I have just started watching this drama and always CHUKHAYO !!!!! KBS great work. Cost minimum yet beats Hollywood standard…
    Cherry ….. Ktm Nepal

  1246. 1246 : Gudeta Says:

    I was expecting the ending to be glorious… but for me I would really vote it if it is again going to be awarded the best i have ever seen
    Go go go KBS dram!!!

  1247. 1247 : elimily Says:

    the ending was disappointing.. So I opt to write my own:

    After learning how his son was killed in the battle, father of Sin Myeon, Sin Sook-Joo saved Kim Seung Yoo and Lee Se-Ryung by faking their deaths.
    He then aide Kim Seung Yoo and the rebels while still posing as Su Yang’s supporter.
    With the father who lost his son and a son who lost his father teamed up, they became invincible and were able to conquere the rest of Hamil-do and is shaking up the Palace.

    With Su Yang still grieving from losing his daughter, received another unfortunate new that his remaining daughter won’t be able to bear a child. Even the Queen begs Su Yang to descend the throne saying even the heavens is against him being on it.

    Su Yang then consider his faiure as a king, husband and being a father. He reinstate Princess Kyung Hye’s title, making her and Jung Jong’s son the Crown Prince.

    With this declaration, the rebellion did not took place, no unnecessary blood has been shed. The rebels became the Lords of the lands they’ve conquered.

    Kim Seung Yu burdened Sin Sook-Joo of his father, teacher and bestfriend’s death cry, to support and protect the Royal Family.

  1248. 1248 : marilyn garcia Says:

    How i wish that princeses man will going on philippine televesion again..i pour out all my emotion when i watch it though i didnt watch the beginning..the story between of family, friendship and love…the best!!

  1249. 1249 : prl Says:

    The most stupid drama ever
    I’ve wasted my time by watching this shit drama
    how dare can a girl step her lover side instead of her family ????
    Family always comes first !
    And only bitches who choose their lovers over their family
    I hate this drama
    Too boring too much flash back !
    And moon chae won is always crying !!!


  1250. 1250 : rainruma Says:

    This dramas is so much better than others in all its qualities… An epic Romance w/ political intrigue, in a captivating, tight and fast-moving plot… A story beautifully told and well executed by:
    Amazing acting…Great directing/editing/writing…Beautiful cinematography…Superb production…Mesmerizing soundtrack…even the clothes were noticeably beautifully designed.
    Awesome performance by Park Si-Hoo- I can understand all his thoughts & emotions through his eyes- from the charming, easy-going teacher to the tortured soul caught between Love and Revenge!!!
    Surprisingly, one of the best romances I have ever seen… I have seen it several times and will, no doubt, watch it again in the future.

  1251. 1251 : rainruma Says:

    for all those people looking for a place to watch it, try these sites:
    DramaFever, in HD streaming.

  1252. 1252 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one

  1253. 1253 : cars Says:

    i love this drama.. thnks for share this

  1254. 1254 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  1255. 1255 : maknaee Says:

    Unexpected ending! I love this dramaaaaa

  1256. 1256 : anne Says:

    One of the best period dramas. Love MCW and PSH.

  1257. 1257 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Yeah, one of the best korean love story I’ve ever watched.

  1258. 1258 : meili Says:

    for me this is the best kdrama in 2011.thumbs up!!!

  1259. 1259 : iliketakoyaki Says:

    The princess’ rapist

    (This comment was deleted due to a complaint by a fan of this drama)

  1260. 1260 : Bisola Says:

    Love moön and park

  1261. 1261 : Darker Than Black BD 1-26 (END) Season 1 Subtitle Indonesia | Cinema123 Says:

    […] The Princess’ Man […]

  1262. 1262 : N Says:

    Love this drama a lot! 😀

  1263. 1263 : ilknur-Turkey Says:

    nickname’s tala used ,still here? I hope You can see me.. Sihoo playing with Yoon Eun hye a movie name Love after love and coming soon released March 10 ,2016 ..

  1264. 1264 : Goodbye Mr. Black List of OST (Ongoing) | my30uplife Says:

    […] this drama is a comeback drama for Moon Chae Won, one of actress that I fond of after watched The Princess’s man, Good Doctor, and Innocent Man. Ah, it also have Song Jae Rim in it and Im Se Mi, so yeah, I like […]

  1265. 1265 : Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Mr. Black” (MBC, 2016), “Good Doctor” (KBS2, 2013), “Innocent Man” (KBS2, 2012), “The Princess’ Man” (KBS2, 2011),  “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” (SBS, 2010), “Take Care of the Young Lady” (KBS2, […]

  1266. 1266 : mama Says:

    i re watched the princess man after watching My golden life and queen of reversals. the love story is not tragic as it says in the synopsis. though they faced difficulties, they ended up together and had a child. nice story both park si hoo and moon chae young and incredible actors.

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