Title: 사랑하는 사람아 / The Person I Love
Chinese title : 相爱的人啊
Also known as: People in Love
Previously known as: I’ll not Love
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-15 to 2007-Mar-27
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Yoon Seok Joo is a producer who abandons his common law wife, Seo Young, to attain success. They have a daughter together but he later betrays Seo Young when he marries a rich man’s daughter, Lee Jung Min. Lee Sang Min is an owner of a film company and is a new film director. He is also Jung Min’s half brother. Sang Min will be a rival to Seok Joo in work and in love for Seo Young. Yoon Hyun Joo lost her dad at a young age and went through serious hardships and became a successful architect and is Seok Joo’s sister. This drama is also about the lives of five siblings.


Han Eun Jung as Kim Seo Young

Yoon family

Kim Dong Wan as Yoon Seok Joo (30)
Park Eun Hye as Yoon Hyun Joo (sister, 26)
Hong Kyung Min as Yoon Tae Joo (brother, 33)
Jang Jung Hoon as Yoon Chan Joo (brother, 23)
Seo Hye Jin as Yoon Jin Joo (sister, 17)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Yoon Min Ja (aunt)

Lee family

Jo Dong Hyuk as Lee Sang Min
Hwang Jung Eum as Lee Jung Min (half sister)
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Sung Chul (father, film company chairman, 63)
Park Jung Soo as Jo Young Sook (step mother, Jung Min’s mother, 58)

Park family

Cha Jin Hyuk as Park Chang Hoon
Im Chae Moo as Park Kang Bae (father, 60)
Kim Chang Sook as Kim Ok Jin (mother, 58)

Other people

Yoon Hye Kyung as Yeo Choon Sa
Kim Sung Young

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Choi Yoon Jung
Director: Jung Sae Ho

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46 Responses to “The Person I Love”

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  1. 26
    luckyse7en Says:

    woohoo i finally get to see jung eum in action…im in love with her…shes my favorite actress/talent….i want to know what other dramas she is in…

  2. 27
    Rowena Says:

    Me too, this series made me cried a bucket. But, what is disappointing is that my copy doesn’t have the last episode. I don’t even know the end part of the series. That’s the price I have to pay for buying it from cheap stalls. Please share with me the end part please. Thanks.

  3. 28
    mayi Says:

    i really really love this series..this one touch my heart and soul..hehehe.. i liked the character or the leading actor and actrss..sbrang maganda na malungkot ang kwento..hope you watch this series..best of 2007!!!

  4. 29
    Irene Says:

    It’s really A Sad Drama that i have ever seen, the character of the actor/actress in this drama . I definately recommend this drama.I really love a cute face of Jo Dong Hyuk as Lee Sang Min in this drama, this series really touches my heart.But the ending is a bit not too good coz i think the ending is not clearly finish i hope that Jo Dong Hyuk and Han Eun Jung will be together and as how much they have support each other during their sad moment. I meant when Han Eun Jung is hurt deeply, Jo Dong Hyuk has given her so much support and love. While for Jo Dong Hyuk, when he has met Han Eun Jung, she has given him the memory of his dearly past away Mom. it’s Great drama …!!

  5. 30
    apple Says:

    watch this drama online, no download required @ http://bluerosestylish.proboards22.com

    There also alot of other drama as well… check it out….

  6. 31
    farriza Says:

    i didnt lyk d ending

  7. 32
    missi Says:

    aaaaa..i love kim dong wan..
    he’s so cuteeeee..
    however, his character in the series seems to be the opposite of his character in real life though.
    he looks very serious in the series.
    well, in real life, we all know that he’s a witty guy.
    shinhwa doesnt call him witty for nothing.
    he is freaking funny! hehehe
    i do not like the ending very much, i think its because the original series is supposed to have 24 episodes, but they cut it to 20. dont know why.
    i love kim dong wan, still.hehe

  8. 33
    Jae-Anne Says:

    It’s a very sad drama. kim Dong Wan’s character was a user, he left her wife and baby because of his ambition. What I hate is that even if Dong Wan character hurt Eun Jung character you will see in the ending though its confusing you will conlude that they will still end up together. Because the moment Eun Jung’s character received the phone she immediately run off the streets in search for Dong wan’s character….

  9. 34
    sang hee Says:

    i got hooked watching this drama, dong wan was great in this drama along with the rest of the characters — it’s good but i hate the ending! the ending was a bit disappointing. i was hoping she’d end up with the other nice guy who really love her but i guess she really was (still) in love with Dong Wan’s character albeit he abandoned her and their baby! the ending was Eun Jung was shown dashing out from the wedding reception shortly after one of the brothers received word about Dong Wan, and presumably she’ll end up with him again! it’s worth -watching though!

  10. 35
    hiwa Says:

    helo my name hi mohammad from hran

  11. 36
    eugene Says:

    I hate Kim Dong Wan in this drama. He is a hypocrtical man. I don’t understand why Kim Seo Young still loves him. He is deserve to die at the end.

  12. 37
    xueer Says:

    hi,my name is xue from singapore
    this drama is nice to watch but the only thing i don like is the ending.the ending is very disappointed beca kim dong wan didnt get back together with seo young.In this drama,we had see that kim dong wan has put alot of feeling in this drama.His acting is getting better.i hope to see more kim dong wan drama soon in singapore.kIm dong wan do ur best in both of ur career.Kim dong wan keep it up
    God bless u
    with love

  13. 38
    xueer Says:

    will sbs show the last episodes which they had cut it away
    i really wish that it will show out the last 4 ep so that we can see a good ending toward seok joo,seo young and sang min

  14. 39
    mutiara Says:

    the ending was terrible!

  15. 40
    mel Says:

    sound like interesting…
    i want to watch this movie..

  16. 41
    nining Says:

    hmm,, i don’t like the ending..

  17. 42
    avocado Says:

    Sigh…I’ve watched the ending this morning. It is so unfair…why the writer does not make Seo Young and Sang Min together. He is too nice.. Sigh…Why Seo Young can’t open her heart to him. She only want him to accompany her in bad circumstances, but after that she forget him..Sigh again….
    My opinion is Seo Young stilll love Seok Jo and maybe she will come back with him.But because the ending is hanging, I will keep the Purita’s thinking in my mind that we can conclude Seo Young and SAng Min can be together.(hope..hope..) (although in my opinion they just be a good friend)
    Actually I watch this drama after I have watched Snow in August. I search another drama that is stared by Jo Dong Hyuk. Although he is not the first lead and his scene is not much, but i like his role and acting. so sincere…..also I like him with nice suit (just like in Mr. Goodbye)compare to the sport suit that he wear in Snow in August. He..he…If you a fan of JDH, I suggest you watch SIA because the story is very…very good (warning: it is also a tear jerking house hold drama). And in this drama he is the first lead, so he has many..many scene (yeah..yeah…).Ahh..i want to watch him again in new drama (first lead please..)

  18. 43
    Tram Says:

    ok !

  19. 44
    Giorgio Says:

    A collage of youth life, all well packed into an awesome treat!

    Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are youthfull

  20. 45
    manzunzu Says:

    It made me cry throughout. But the ending was far from whatt I expected

  21. 46
    medy Says:

    i lyk this drama though its sad bt i really love it

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