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The Night Watchman

The Night Watchman 03

Title: 야경꾼일지 / The Night Watchman
Chinese Title: 更夫日志
Also known as: Night Watchman’s Journal
Genre: Period, Fantasy, Action, Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-04 to 2014-Oct-21
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


Based in the Joseon Times, This drama is about the crime prevention squad that used to patrol the streets from 9pm to 5am to catch ghosts.

This drama is about Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo), a prince who lives a lonely life outside the palace since childhood, even though he is born in the direct line of descent. Lee Rin has wealth and good looks but lives as a rebel to overcome internal struggles. Due to the fact that he can see ghosts, Lee Rin hides his secret and pain from childhood with a smiling face and playful behavior. After meeting Do Ha (Go Sung Hee), Lee Rin will be joining the team of night watchmen and becomes a true prince after seeing the lives of the citizens as he helps get rid of the ghosts.


Main Cast

Jung Il Woo as Lee Rin
Kim Hwi Soo as Lee Rin (young)
Go Sung Hee as Do Ha
Lee Chae Mi as Do Ha (child)
Jung Yoon Ho as Moo Suk
Seo Ye Ji as Park Soo Ryun
Kang Joo Eun as Park Soo Ryun (young)

Supporting Cast

Kim Heung Soo as Prince Ki San
Lee Tae Woo as Prince Ki San (Child)
Choi Won Young as King Hae Jong
Seo Yi Sook as Queen Dowager Chung Soo
Song Yi Woo as Queen Min
Go Chang Suk as Ddoong Jung Seung
Lee Se Chang as Eunuch Song
Lee Jae Yong as Park Soo Jong
Kim Sung Oh as Sa Dam
Yoon Tae Young as Jo Sang Hun
Kang Ji Woo as Rang Yi
Yoo Da In as Yun Ha
Moon Bo Ryung as Mo Yun Wol
Hwang Suk Jung as Dang Kol Uh-Mi
Ah Young as Hong Cho Hee
Shim Eun Jin as Ok Mae
Ahn Jung Hoon as Mr. Chun
Jo Dal Hwan as Maeng Sa Kong
Jung Woo Shik as Sadam’s right hand man
Kim So Yun as Kang In Hwa
Alice as Mae Hyang
Lee Joon Suk (이준석) as Uk Kwi
Kim Kyul as Ghost
Jo Seung Hee as Young Geun
Jun Hye Young (전혜영) as Sa Wol
Jung Woo Shik (정우식) as Ho Jo
Lee Ha Yool as Dae Ho
Kim Ye Joon

Production Credits

Production Company: RaemongRaein
Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub
Producer: Kim Dong Rae
Director: Lee Joo Hwan, Yoon Ji Hoon
Screenwriter: Yoo Dong Yoon, Bang Ji Young, Kim Sun Hee


Episode 9 which should be aired on 2014-Sep-01 postponed to 2014-Sep-02 and aired together with Episode 10.


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Rookie Actress: Go Sung Hee (Miss Korea, The Night Watchman)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Jung Il Woo (The Night Watchman)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-08-04 1 11.8 (7th) 14.4 (5th) 10.9 (9th) 12.1 (5th)
2014-08-05 2 11.5 (7th) 14.3 (5th) 10.8 (10th) 11.7 (6th)
2014-08-11 3 11.2 (8th) 13.3 (5th) 11.0 (7th) 11.7 (5th)
2014-08-12 4 12.1 (7th) 14.8 (4th) 11.3 (7th) 12.1 (6th)
2014-08-18 5 12.0 (11th) 14.3 (5th) 12.1 (8th) 13.4 (5th)
2014-08-19 6 13.3 (6th) 16.7 (4th) 12.7 (7th) 14.3 (5th)
2014-08-25 7 12.3 (11th) 15.1 (4th) 12.2 (8th) 13.2 (5th)
2014-08-26 8 12.6 (6th) 15.0 (5th) 12.1 (6th) 13.0 (5th)
2014-09-02 9 11.3 (9th) 13.7 (6th) 12.1 (6th) 13.9 (5th)
2014-09-02 10 8.5 (19th) 10.5 (13th) 8.6 (18th) 9.8 (13th)
2014-09-08 11 10.3 (6th) 12.8 (3rd) 9.6 (5th) 10.4 (4th)
2014-09-09 12 12.1 (4th) 14.7 (2nd) 11.6 (5th) 12.9 (5th)
2014-09-15 13 10.9 (10th) 13.3 (6th) 11.3 (9th) 13.5 (6th)
2014-09-16 14 12.1 (7th) 14.6 (6th) 12.2 (9th) 14.2 (5th)
2014-09-22 15 10.4 (10th) 12.5 (7th) 10.3 (10th) 11.3 (7th)
2014-09-23 16 10.3 (10th) 12.2 (7th) 9.5 (12th) 10.0 (10th)
2014-09-29 17 10.1 (15th) 13.6 (6th) 10.5 (12th) 11.9 (8th)
2014-09-30 18 9.7 (12th) 12.2 (7th) 10.2 (10th) 10.9 (8th)
2014-10-06 19 9.9 (13th) 12.6 (7th) 9.3 (15th) 10.3 (10th)
2014-10-07 20 10.5 (11th) 13.4 (6th) 9.7 (10th) 10.6 (9th)
2014-10-13 21 9.9 (14th) 12.6 (6th) 9.3 (14th) 10.2 (10th)
2014-10-14 22 10.8 (12th) 13.2 (7th) 11.5 (10th) 12.2 (9th)
2014-10-20 23 9.1 (16th) 11.0 (11th) 11.5 (10th) 12.8 (8th)
2014-10-21 24 11.7 (10th) 14.6 (6th) 12.5 (8th) 14.2 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : lani_87 Says:

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    So, is this a fantasy drama??

  4. 4 : KDCraze Says:

    Wow Jung Il Woo and Yun Ho in a period drama. I have to watch this. Hmm but the girl lead isn’t famous. I hope the story is nice. Anyway, I’ll check it out the first two episodes.

  5. 5 : cho Says:

    i really can’t wait lee rin please hurry.love you il woo:))))

  6. 6 : gu Says:

    nice drama bec il woo,i watch thus drama.

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    17days not wait to see oppa,hurry come augest

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    so lovely cute il woo with hanbok & korea traditional cloth

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    do you ready il woo,i am ready for see can’t wait.

  12. 12 : HI Says:

    il woo is rhe best,everytime love you.

  13. 13 : tigerb Says:

    crime prevention squad used to patrol the streets to catch ghosts? it would be interesting to watch if the patrol was for ghosts, like ghostbusters?

  14. 14 : lamin Says:

    il woo action skills very well,i don’t care actress.so i will hope this drama is be good.i will wait 4.

  15. 15 : lollll Says:

    Fighting il woo oppa!

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    From Bulgaria-figthing!Oppa,saraneo!

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    from Mexico te amo Yunho…muy guapo. casseopeia ^_^

  19. 19 : Juana love Says:

    Omg am going to watch this drama

  20. 20 : Ines Says:

    TVXQ! YUNHO!! L’amour de la France 🙂 pls com to Paris again. rlly miss u.

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    only heard of this drama because of yunho…. me & my friends in England luv you so much.

  22. 22 : xAx Says:

    [email protected] Cassies Always There for U-Know Yunho (^o^)

  23. 23 : ALDONSA Says:

    Gawh,can’t wait, last yr saw yunho concierto en CHILE, now goin’ be watch nightwatchman for him <333

  24. 24 : Sharon Says:

    Trying to catch Ghost!! Is this going to be scary? 👻 Will it be something like Master’s Sun?
    Will watch, hope have some comedy and not totally serious.

  25. 25 : tika1428 Says:

    i can’t help but see someone ~~ hero sword fight in’ jung yunho :* moo seok :*

  26. 26 : tika1428 Says:

    btw, i shall watch dis drama for yunho 😉

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    i watch this drama bec thi is attractive il woo oppa. forever 🙂

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    i always beside you, il woo oppa.

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    Yunho oppa!!! A lot of argentina girls: they like you A lot = you so popular over here. we want, we wait watch new TV dorama just 4 U. Sarangheyo frm Argentina.

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    MU SEOK stalwart brave swordsman <3 YUNHO Fighting!

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    i decided to watch this drama very interested story line, good character, strong background & i like il woo since mbc drama the moon embrace the sun. i again to see il woo!

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    My fav! Jung II Woo!!

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    Tall sexy manly good looking warrior yunho :-O
    i hav always be fan to Jung Yunho & Cassies all over Asia – Latin America – Europe awaiting 2 see yunho 🙂

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    My fav! Jung II Woo!!
    i watch this drama bec thi is attractive il woo oppa. forever 🙂

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    so lovely cute il woo with hanbok & korea traditional cloth
    i can’t wait Lee Rin.fighting jung ill woo.

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    OMGEEEE, first.. I know this drama because Il woo is here, and I just know TVXQ’s Yunho is HERE TOO!!!! GOSH! I must wait for this!! Il woo oppa, Yunho oppa fighting!! Saranghae!!

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    Jtbh didn’t care fur this tv series ’til I saw DBSK’s YUNHO ~ omo!!

    1st trailer come out alrdy. Lookin’ pretty good

    Yunho so fierce and strong and sexy man!!!!

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    I like Il Woo!Figthing,oppa!

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    ur big [email protected] in Peru
    we alway beside you
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    Jung to the hottie u-know* who = Yun Ho!!!

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    wow trailer are so amazing, IL WOO oppa fighting.i can’t wait &see your heartbreak story <3333333 🙂

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    w/ love ur fan frm venezuela

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    can’t wait for Yunho’s drama.

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    not a fan of historical drama but for Yunho, i’ll watch this one.
    hoping Yunho will be in this drama till it’s last episode.
    Goodluck Yunho!

  59. 59 : heaven Says:

    Il Woo oppa fighting. i am your fan of TMETS.

    my prince Lee Rin!!!!i believe your action skill;)


  60. 60 : adbn Says:

    YUNHO Oppa!! ITALY is waiting for you 🙂

  61. 61 : lily Says:

    OMG…at press conference for Night Watchman:
    1) Thanx to international fans around the world, YUNHO broke new record for biggest rice wreath donation among all k-pop idols and actors.
    2) Altogether his fans donated over 32 tons of rice, that’s 29,300 kg!

    My Yunho is so popular. Good luck my Yunnie, Xcited for this drama!

  62. 62 : lay Says:

    Lee Rin & ghost trio poster is very nice .il woo smile is so cute.i don’t turn my eyes, you are so hot ilwoo<3333333

  63. 63 : Sharon Says:

    Let the Drama Begin!!! 👻👻👻👻👻

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    GOOOO Yunho! Jung yunho! jung Yunho!
    Jung Yunho
    yur loyal fan girls frm Latin america. see u soon

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    ..yey! atlast, looking forward to Jung Il Woo’s new series! fighting!!

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    I can’t wait! I love historical dramas with romance!! Hope this will be good.

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    saeguk drama :D! i hope I’ll have a time to download drama 🙁

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    will watch this drama because of U-Know yunho. A lot of German’s fans.

  69. 69 : cho Says:

    oppa Jung ill woo fighting.

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    i hope jung ill woo oppa show your action skill.good project ill woo.

  71. 71 : snow Says:

    so excited for this new drama since i’m into hostrical drama lately.
    The story look instersting and the main lead actors look very gorgeous in hankbok.Jung ill woo fighting.

  72. 72 : hny Jo Says:

    the second list drama after its okay its ♥ to watch this august…JIW whaiting♡_♡

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    Uknow Yunho why so sexy manly & good looking?
    waiting for warrior swordsman moo seok. Cassies around the world waiting!

  74. 74 : cho Says:

    i love this first ep1.i see very interesting next ep more because i see adult Prince Lee Rin very happy.

  75. 75 : sahel Says:

    witch drama of Jung Yoon Ho is better?

  76. 76 : Juana love Says:


  77. 77 : tigerb Says:

    very interesting first episode! nice FX too! i think the yongsin tribe leader will appear again. will follow through!

  78. 78 : sahel Says:

    why you do not change Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org

  79. 79 : RatihDwi Says:

    Jung Yunho will appear in 3rd episode… o><o can't wait.. Jung Yunho FIGHTING!! #CassiopeiaLoveTVXQ

  80. 80 : yunbear Says:

    seriously cannot, really cannot wait to see Yunho next Monday Ep 3 ^_^

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    my babe YunHo jung 🙂
    watchin’ this show for u only you
    cassies Big East we luv u xoxo

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    ich werde dich immer lieben U-know yunho.
    Germany fans!

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    ******Yunho******so good Ratings

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    omy! this drama is good! but urgh the king…

  86. 86 : anne Says:

    love it!! now I’m gonna wait for every mon-tue!!

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    cant wait for jil perform next episode..;))

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    YUNHO [email protected] keep the faith. Am watching this solely for you, oppa.
    Cassiopeia luv our Moo Seok.

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  90. 90 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Wow, guess in minority. Don t care for Yunho. Do like the lead.

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    YunHOT 🙂 my precious Yunnie stickin’ wit this show cuz of u baby.

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    now gotta see TNW drama. Somebody's in it !

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    No puedo esperar ver Uknow Yunho **hermoso y my guapo. Te amo yunho!

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    Vous etes beau Je t’aime YunHo (^o^)

  95. 95 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 1 , i think i will like to watch this drama very much. Yes, i believe that there’s such an exist of witchcraft and this drama seems to very interesting to interest my curiosity to watch.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 2.

  96. 96 : BUNnY Says:

    first two episode is a good start so far.nice3x

  97. 97 : KDCraze Says:

    Just watched first 2 episodes. To be honest I don’t really like fantasy story with lots of special effect. This is like The Story Of The First King’s Four Gods aka The Legend ( Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) with Bae Yong Jun as the lead. I prefer Historical drama like Jumong or Empress Ki. However, I just watch this to see Jung Il Woo and Yun Ho.

  98. 98 : xia mozhgan Says:

    U.Know Yunho + Il Woo = ♥♥♥♥♥♥….
    Cassiopeia fighting…

  99. 99 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 2, it seems to me that it’s very difficult to destroy the ghosts and the demons.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 3.

  100. 100 : Sadrach (@Sadrach_Dwi) Says:

    i download full eps in http://cyber-sadrach.blogspot.com/2014/07/download-drama-korea-night-watchmans.html

  101. 101 : tigerb Says:

    ghost and ghostbusters, wizards and black magic, joseon era! jung il woo is cut out for this genre, this should be fun!

  102. 102 : mml Says:

    Ever since I watched 49days this drama, then I came to know Jung II Woo this actor, looks like he’s suitable to act in this drama, he’s also suitable for ghost. comedy. romance, action. mystery , family dramas.

  103. 103 : janele Says:

    Handsome Yunho, so sexy in hanbok *swoon*
    character moo seok So Cool! suits Yunho well.
    skillful sword fighter, charismatic, earnest. can’t wait for ep. 4

  104. 104 : sigaran Says:

    YunHo!!! Saw 3rd epsiode alrdy. awesom action hero, hermoso!
    Buena suerte 🙂

  105. 105 : hbcva Says:

    really like actor Yunho’s action scene and charisma and eye expression
    handsome & hot Yunho. good luck oppa, cassie family always believe in you

  106. 106 : mml Says:

    Episode 3, made me found it strange that why is it that the dragon skeleton is still hidden inside the palace ? I guess, the dragon skeleton will be another ghost or demon. it’s just that this dragon skeleton has not yet returned back to be alive.

    Okay, i will continue to watch episode 4 to find out on what’s happening to the ghostly and devilish palace ?

  107. 107 : gh98m Says:

    U-know Yunho Moo Suk SO COOL!! Action hero swordsman!!

    so Sexy in hanbok *swoon* Keep up good work, Yunbear ^_^

    can’t wait til next episodes to see U

  108. 108 : pimentel Says:

    YunHo espero que usted va a hacer un buen trabajo. Buena suerte!
    Latina America <3 YunHo <3

  109. 109 : bernadette Says:

    Maintenir le bon travail. nous vous aimons Yunho. #France fans #

  110. 110 : keke Says:

    drama so far so good…and oh Yunho fight scene vs. king…awesome!

  111. 111 : florina Says:

    OMO. 3rd Ep. Yunho come out ~ save the day~
    Btw: YH hapkido kick amazing! watchin’ just for YH

  112. 112 : hnyJo Says:

    JIW is always complete with expression fun sad flowerless poor ugly sometimes…love it all..and Yunho ,great n cool. btw i feel not like with that nobel girl arround lee rin. Do ha the poor girl..she match with lee rin n Moo suk..ooowww hard to choice!! can’t wait for next round ;))

  113. 113 : snow Says:

    i really like ilwoo acting skills.he is very interesting character funny;sad;romance.can’t wait next ep-5 ilwoo fighting’

  114. 114 : RatihDwi Says:

    #야경꾼일지 #정윤호 #강무석 We love you. We’ll see you next episode oppa! FIGHTING!! #CassiopeiaLoveTVXQ

  115. 115 : Nellie Says:

    Kim sung oh is so awesome in this! I am really glad to see him doing a role other than a bumbling secretary. He is the best part of this show so far. I do wish they had shown how the king suddenly came to his senses after killing so many people, that part didn’t make much sense, but maybe they will tell later on.

  116. 116 : lay Says:

    ill woo is very good funny action.more interesting next ep 5.jung ill woo fighting.quickly next monday.

  117. 117 : ptbac Says:

    Yunho’s moo suk my fav. serious but cool guy & [email protected] heart <3 [his sword fight action, face expression, voice] keep workin' [email protected] yunnie. Cassiopeia round the world got ur back. Always!

  118. 118 : my3views Says:

    Am really looking forward to this drama with high expectations. I luv dramas with magic and fantasy and having Il-Woo just ramps it up about 10 tics. He is so capable I love his nuances, mischievous smile, yet he is so poised- he’s a fun watch, at any angle in any role.

  119. 119 : mary raginie bulahao Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode…this drama is nice can’t wait also the scenes where there will be a love triangle between the three main cast..

  120. 120 : henna Says:

    Aw Man # me keep starin’ @ Yunho suave warrior-esque aura*,doin’ pretty good so far (*_*) keep supprotin’ yunho leader-sshi

  121. 121 : astrid Says:

    Uknow, yunho’s suitable for moo seok role…lemme see: icy smile, charming, strong charisma, martial arts. luv watch yunho in NigHt watchMan journal. hwaiting next episodes 🙂

  122. 122 : henna Says:

    uh..i meant he, Yunho doin’ pretty good so far. yunho sshi fighting!

  123. 123 : jan Says:

    Yunho’s character suits him the best.
    Yunho fighting!

  124. 124 : ying2 Says:

    extremely good drama! its been sometime since i really like a period fantasy joseon drama 😀 and awesome jung il woo and YUNHO is inside! omg.

  125. 125 : glo345 Says:

    this drama is awsome good.i can’t wait next ep.daebak ilwoo is very funny,harlious,romance,sad all cast is good acting.

  126. 126 : ololololo Says:

    episode 1 and 2 were kind of to cheesy for me however once 3&4 came along that is when i really started liking the drama.

  127. 127 : John Says:

    The main lead always act like a immature little punk all the dramas he appears in!! I can never take him seriously because the way he acts all the time.

  128. 128 : tigerb Says:

    @john: you’re right, jil acted in his past dramas like there was nothing to worry about in the world, but that usually happened in the earlier part of the dramas, then his serious side appears: the moon that embraces the sun, 49, golden rainbow, the ones that i saw. he’s a prince here who can see ghosts, i am waiting for a part that he would become one of those ‘ghostbusters’, as the head of the group during his father’s reign is alive, up and about to fight bad spirits and ghosts. that guy also knows who the real heir to the throne us so i suspect he would help wolgang. more action!

  129. 129 : tigerb Says:

    @128: i meant jiw (not jil) for jung il woo.

  130. 130 : imo Says:

    rlly like moo suk. earnest,principled,loyal, strong fighter, cool person.
    character matches+suits Yunho well. fighting, oppa! #CassiesAlwaysKeepTheFaith* for Yunho-sshi

  131. 131 : jyh26 Says:

    story’s confusing so far…lee rin’s funny but kinda annoying but jiw’s pretty good; such a bad leading actress; yunho’s doin’ pretty good for his 1st sageuk drama…
    waitin’ for ep. 7 next week

  132. 132 : Gie Says:

    Super love the show. It make me laugh all the time. Highly recommend.

  133. 133 : CoolBeans Says:

    The writer throws a lot at you in the fist 3 episodes than just ghosts! The story starts to come together in episodes 5 and 6. The actors are well suited for their respective parts. A lot of male eye candy with Yunho leading the way. The female leads and second tier characters are great. You want to see who pairs up with whom. The ghosts add a nice touch to take this away from the typical saeguk drama and add some comedy to the mix. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  134. 134 : Carmen Says:


  135. 135 : tohoshinki Says:

    drama’s getting better Finally! Gosh, Yunho look SO HOT and handsome in traditional costume…nose bleed ^^ i like his character so far & guess sageuk drama suits him…cant’ wait to see more of Yunho and other cast members.

  136. 136 : snow Says:

    i can’t wait next week ep 7.my love Lee Rin & Do Ha.

  137. 137 : ptbac Says:

    Lookin 4ward to seeing more Yunho next week and so on…
    Cassies Big East always luv & support our Yunho. Fighting!

  138. 138 : billy Says:

    I have been waiting for another greak sageuk story!!! you get kinda tired after a while with those modern stories and longs for nostalgia and more…the Night Watchman, seems interesting, actually it was the title that got my attention first. Im not a fan of any of the actors in the story, but I know Jung Il Woo from the great The Moon that Embraces the Sun drama. and no, Im not fond of him, but he is okay to me. So there, first the title, then the story hooked me in….it wasnt done as refinely as the other great sageuk story i have watched before like The Moon that Embraces the Sun (my fav), Arang and the Magistrate, Princess Su Baek Hyang, etc… but the night watchman story has a charm all its own. I love the three ghosts, hope they will be given more screen time! Im still waiting for the story to develop…lets just patiently or impatiently wait for what more could unfold as the story progresses. Fighting!!!

  139. 139 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up

  140. 140 : bigeye46 Says:

    jung woo and yunho are best actor bec i think i need vote both of actor very good..fighting and i enjoy watch this drama. thank you all Production Company: RaemongRaein
    Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub
    Producer: Kim Dong Rae
    Director: Lee Joo Hwan, Yoon Ji Hoon
    Screenwriter: Yoo Dong Yoon, Bang Ji Young, Kim Sun Hee

  141. 141 : AnCe Says:

    i’m not sure if anyone else was annoyed by that young lee rin? i can’t understand anything he’s saying when he cries…is he a new kid actor? i usually like the kids part in most dramas but here i was just skipping that kid’s part…but this drama is nice…i’m not sure why i’m not that excited, well maybe coz it’s still early but i must admit that the only reason i’m watching this is because it’s a Jung Il Woo drama…so far the only characters i like are the 3 ghost and him…i’m still puzzled why he’s still friends with that girl (prime minister’s daughter i forgot her name) when he’s somewhat afraid or hate the prime minister…i don’t like her charcter…good thing she’s just the other girl here…
    expecting a new level of drama…fighting!

  142. 142 : Micc Says:

    I just started watching this drama. Boy, this drama is so boring, I keep fast forwarding. I really want to watch Jung Il Woo as I didn’t find any of his drama catch my attention since Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I’m going to try a few more episodes.

  143. 143 : PT Says:

    All Cassies shipping Yunho – do ha couple.support leader ssi always!

  144. 144 : alejandra Says:

    Yo solo estoy viendo este drama debido a U-Know Yunho.
    Latin Americana cassiopeia, te queremos Yunho <3 ^_^

  145. 145 : dhfj46 Says:

    Je ne fais que regarder ce pour Jung Yunho. Son jeu est mieux maintenant. Il est beau et viril. J’adore yunho. from France!!

  146. 146 : joanna Says:

    ugh, why this tv series so boring…skimming thru 1st 6 episodes. only heard of this drama in the 1st place because of Yunho 🙂 finally ep. 7 startin’ 2 get better. just gonna keep hangin’ in there. hope story gets better, fingers crossed

  147. 147 : marina Says:

    such a weird, confusingdrama but Alot of Germany fans watchto see Yun Ho

  148. 148 : VietnamFan Says:

    YUNHO là đẹp trai. tôi thực sự thích anh ấy. tôi ủng hộ anh ấy rất nhiều.
    diễn xuất của anh đã được cải thiện. Yunho!!

  149. 149 : Dy.K Says:

    GREAT line of cast. Kim Sung Oh who played Sadam, he perfectly played a annoying/funny secretary in Secret Garden, but when he played a bad guy in A Man From Nowhere…i applaud for it. Jung Il Woo play the character well, playfull yet lonely prince.
    About the storyline, i like the whole idea about a night watchman thing but seem like the plot about the power throne strugle is too much for 20 eps KDrama…and i think the writer make 6 eps waisted.

  150. 150 : hny Jo Says:

    the episode stil get my attentions…enjoyable watching lee rin n do ha ♥ fighting!!

  151. 151 : kats Says:

    Jung IL woo is the Best. I watch all of his dramas and i already love this one. Fighting!

  152. 152 : tigerb Says:

    i like the concept of the drama except that some roles (and the actors playing them) and scenes are irritatingly annoying. i wonder if ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’. it’s only episode 8, i hope there’s improvement in future episodes. i’d hate to abandon watching in the middle of the run.

  153. 153 : bigeye46 Says:

    yunho and jung il woo are best parnter and so cute..

  154. 154 : mml Says:

    I really like this drama very much. This is a very good action drama and am curious on how can Lee Rin to be able to eliminate all the evil spirits ?

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 9 .

  155. 155 : butterfly5021 Says:

    Loos like the excitement should start by Lee Rin meeting Jo Sang Hun

  156. 156 : emcigen Says:

    I like this verry much,,,,

  157. 157 : Nuna Says:

    Jung il woo I love you

  158. 158 : myth Says:

    Nice…… very interesting!

  159. 159 : PT Says:

    Yunho I love you! Cassiopeia all over the globe loves you!
    Moo Seok character so cool! Suits Yunho well too. Fighting!

  160. 160 : snow Says:

    lee rin is so cute

  161. 161 : sakhmet Says:

    Uknow Yunho rlly luv U . *Egypt fans#

  162. 162 : nawres Says:

    Yunho oppa, AJA! AJA!! FIGHTINH!!! from Tunisia.

  163. 163 : PERU girl Says:

    Te Amo YunHo. El es hermoso, varonil y guapo. Me encanta este drama porque de el. <3 YunHo <3

  164. 164 : farah Says:

    Moo suk (Yunho) so hot + sexy swordsman. Omg YunHOT 🙂

  165. 165 : cometo~France Says:

    ce drame est déroutant, mais j’aime beaucoup yunho ~ son personnage est intéressant. son jeu s’est amélioré ~ yunho (^_^)

  166. 166 : 纪安妮 Says:

    你的中国球迷是通过你的话格斗动作场面印象深刻 @ MyYunho

  167. 167 : cadence Says:

    Moo seok-ah, can’t wait 2 see ur ghost busting. need more action from u

  168. 168 : obamama Says:

    yung mga matatanda (the old people) nakaka asar umarte,balimbing,nakaka bagot tignan at nakaka bagot pakinggan ang kanilang mga sinasabi puro walang katuturan ang sama pa ng itsura lagi pang pinapakita hindi naman bida nagmamagaling pa.Dapat di na ipakita sa eksena ang mga matatanda.. Sila nalang kaya maging bida hindi yung agaw eksena pa sila sa bida.Ang bastos …

  169. 169 : orabuni Says:

    same as arang and the magistrate .request for Happy Ending Please!!!

  170. 170 : rian Says:

    Jung IL woo is the Best. I watch all of his dramas and i already love this one. Fighting!i like the concept of the drama except that some roles (and the actors playing them) and scenes are irritatingly annoying. i wonder if ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’. it’s only episode 8, i hope there’s improvement in future episodes. i’d hate to abandon watching in the middle of the run.yunho and jung il woo are best parnter and so cute..Yunho I love you! Cassiopeia all over the globe loves you!
    Moo Seok character so cool! Suits Yunho well too. Fighting!

  171. 171 : pinkylion Says:

    Jung il Woo my favorite ,Can’t wait for the next episode upload please with english subtitle,thanks to Korean drama Happy watching

  172. 172 : wiwi Says:

    Jung I’L woo is so cute, I like this drama very much

  173. 173 : dbsknights Says:

    Jung Yunho is so sexy, manly and cute all in one…I luv you babe!

  174. 174 : snow Says:

    today is reach i can’t wait ilwoo.fighting!!!

  175. 175 : nina Says:

    urg, slow&weird drama but can’t wait see more Yunho. hwaiting!!

  176. 176 : shantele Says:

    yunho U-know I <3 you *my fav 😉
    imma keep stickin' w/ this show bcuz of u <3

  177. 177 : camila Says:

    ¿por qué es este drama tan aburrido y lento ? me gusta el personaje de Yunho .

  178. 178 : Dy.K Says:

    After wasting time for 8 episode now the bar is set up and the bet is on. Waiting for the Lee Rin assembly his own Night Watchman. I like the main idea about this drama, so i push my self to keep on going. So far i like how ep 9 n 10 going.

  179. 179 : ayu Says:

    IL WOOO …. good to see u in sageuk drama. excellent.

  180. 180 : ximena Says:

    Yunho-ah 🙂 happy to see you playing bad-ass sword fight bodyguard. Cassies always here 4 U…Yunho-ssi hwaiting !

  181. 181 : #Brazil-yhf Says:

    Moo seok parar a sua lealdade cega ao rei louco. não posso esperar para o próximo episódios deste drama.
    YUNHO eu te amo . im seu fã grande.

  182. 182 : tigerb Says:

    episodes 9 and 10 are doing better! looks like the start of what i’ve been waiting for!

  183. 183 : May Says:

    Everything is perfect abt that drama except it’s messy! I couldn’t witness the growth of feelings btw the leads instead I felt like the writer is pushing in the romance part I hope it would change but the best part is waisted…
    What I mean is that one moment they are talking about dark magic the other the two leads are gazing at each other with love! We didn’t have those funny cheerful scenes were we see the love grow btw the two just like that booom they have feelings for each other! It’s like it’s pushed in . The writer focused on the dark magic forgetting the romance part and then one moment he remebers the whole thing and makes a scene out of it!

  184. 184 : May Says:

    The other messy part is that this drama is kinda modern saeguk the girl is wearing a short skirt and showing her arms in Joseon dynasty?! C’mon!

  185. 185 : rian Says:

    vakit bumaba rating

  186. 186 : KDCraze Says:

    @ May#184, This is a fantasy period drama. It is not historical drama so they can do whatever to their costumes. I don’t mind with the costume actually.

    After Fated To Love You and Joseon Gunman finished this week. I marathon this drama last night from ep.5 to ep.10. For me the first 4 episodes, I don’t really like the story and too many special effect and unrealistic thing. But from ep.5 to ep.10 actually the story is getting better.

  187. 187 : vargas Says:

    c’mon Ep. 11 alrdy – wanna see YunHo..Moo-Suk fighting!

  188. 188 : delina Says:

    Quiero ver esto para U-Know Yunho.
    Él es viril y apuesto . Su actuación ha mejorado también.
    Él está trabajando muy duro ir y venir entre la ejecución de su programa y el rodaje de su drama. Buena suerte Yunho .

  189. 189 : mml Says:

    It’s very good to know that in episode 12 whereby Lee Rin finally found a master that knows how to eliminate all evil devils and evil ghosts. I really love watching this drama.

  190. 190 : KDCraze Says:

    Great ep.12. I hope Jung Il Woo and Yun Ho can work together catching ghost. The story is getting better now. Rating is up as well. Well Done Nightwatchman Journal. Jung Il Woo + Yun Ho Fighting !!!!!!!

  191. 191 : hny Jo Says:

    this week episode is fine..but I hope the plot not too slow…faster plz I want to see the action more than only to much speak abt ghost…n intric..;))

  192. 192 : Soo Says:

    Plot too slow. Makes me yawn…after watching ep 12; I give up. Not continuing anymore.

  193. 193 : henah Says:

    i feel bad 4 il woo..his last 2 dramas r Not big hits…golden rainbow = meh & not that good, and now Night Watchman too slow, boring. some people giving up on his drama. Yunho don’t have to worry. he alrdy got very success career bcuz he a huge k-pop idol.

  194. 194 : anne Says:

    This drama is getting on my nerve.. I wonder how could it be get good rating.. while other better drama than this get fewer. I get so curious for the first two episodes… 3 and 4 still okay… then it’s too hard to stick with the story.. so I stopped watching at ep 10. How I like JIW in Golden Rainbow can’t make me stay to watch this.. hope I can watch JIW in other dramas..
    The conflict seems so flat and slow now.. it’s different like the first two.
    I hate Do Ha character, ohhh I don’t know why I hate her. LOL. How I wish her character some sort of tough, smart and powerful.. but I was wrong..

  195. 195 : anne Says:

    If you don’t like the above comment, just ignore it. I just express my own thought… ^^V

  196. 196 : u Says:


  197. 197 : TORRI Says:


  198. 198 : dbsknights Says:

    So proud of Yunho oppa! he’s getting positive reviews/praise from critics and k-netizens for improvement & DECENT acting in his First Sageuk drama 😀 Cassies around the world are So Happy for oppa 🙂
    Yunho is now a decent average actor. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next eps. of Night Watchman! Yunho Fighting!

  199. 199 : tigerb Says:

    there are some dramas that romance should not have a part of and i think this series is one of them. it would be more thrilling if the prince can be the head of the current night watchmen while resolving the issues of his late parents and the kingdom, without romance. the role of the shaman girl is not that attractive as someone to fall for so she should just be a powerful shaman to help the prince get rid of sadam and the evil ghosts with the help of moo suk and the former head of the watchmen, thus more action. that’s my two cents before i get bored with this series.

  200. 200 : TORRI Says:


  201. 201 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching ep.14. Although this drama isn’t addictive but I’m quite enjoyed watching The Nightwatchman. The story isn’t too bad and actually is getting better now. I just hope to see more action and fighting from Jung Il Woo and Yunho. Nightwatchman Fighting !!!

  202. 202 : kez Says:

    yep! yep! the action in this drama is really fascinating. The plot is good and the characters are brightening it, hope it gets higher ratings. To all the crew members FIGHTING! good job to this point…..

  203. 203 : suna Says:

    Jung Il Woo as Lee Rin I love his character very much ! Love his action !.. more fighting must show pls!!!!thnx..

  204. 204 : billy Says:

    I cant really tell where the story is leading! The special effects supporting this drama are great, but the story is a mess…sorry, I thought it is somewhat similar to Arang and the Magistrate, but there’s no comparison, that drama was awesome.

  205. 205 : billy Says:

    Lets see where the expectations are lacking, hmmm….the three funny ghosts hovering around Rin need to be maximized! There’s a great potential there, but they are just not put into good use! The queen mother’s story is not so clear either, so is the Prime Minister’s intention. The writer is not so sure whether to make these two characters good or bad! Well, better make up your mind fast, we are already in ep 11, and nothing is going yet. I find myself going round and round the bush, so to speak. The King’s character is so lame too! What is his problem? For crying out loud!

  206. 206 : dbsknights Says:

    Luv Moo Seok, cool skillful sword fighting bodyguard….Yunho look So Sexy and handsome w/ his mane of glory hair and costume…he’s getting praise every week for acting improvement. Even K-netizens said he’s doing a good job in his first sageuk. CassiopeiaLovesTVXQ. Fighting Yunho leader sshi !!

  207. 207 : liza Says:

    the story is a mess actually, but i’ll keep watching for the sake of Yunho.

  208. 208 : dana Says:

    very messy, boring, random story & make no sense at all, what a waste….i’m only watchin’ bcuz of K-pop icon Yunho

  209. 209 : neea Says:

    where is this drama heading?

  210. 210 : Doody1004 Says:

    Who’s the actor that act Ghost of Tragedy on ep 15,16 can anyone tell me please??

  211. 211 : koy Says:

    I love this drama!!! 🙂 😉 😀 ;D

  212. 212 : Fatima Reinante Mico Says:

    I enjoy this drama…fighting

  213. 213 : Juana love Says:

    I love this drama

  214. 214 : tagalog Says:

    @#212 FILIPINO U

  215. 215 : xune Says:

    oppa fighting more action more drama..

  216. 216 : tigerb Says:

    ep 18: am not done watching, but i just hate it when the writing becomes so dumb to make the characters all of a sudden so stupid!

  217. 217 : tigerb Says:

    just went to another website to read negative comments on the absurdity of the plot, etc. basically, i agree with them!

  218. 218 : bigeye46 Says:

    i just enjoy this drama bec of yunho and jung ii woo but no matter what if boring or messy..i try to vote this drama but just depend on rate viewer.

  219. 219 : bigeye46 Says:

    i just enjoy this drama bec of yunho and jung ii woo but no matter what if boring or messy..i try to vote this drama but just depend on rate viewer.wait and see first

  220. 220 : 87atw Says:

    ugh…one of most boring & weirdest dramas ever! with such messed up story, this drama should get way smaller audience, but they got support from Cassiopeia fandom across the world because of Yunho, a huge Kpop icon.

  221. 221 : Carmen Says:

    OMG I am watching this drama just because like other people has said for actors, but really it is unbeleibable how reidiculous this drama is, I have seen guhimo dramas with magic and all, my God but this one is really bad the actors are acting really fake here…I will continue, because is only 6 episode left…and whan to see how it ends…

  222. 222 : JeeH Says:

    I like the story…the story may seem nonsense, but somehow I find it unique…Can’t wait for Ep 19..I wonder what’s gonna happen to DoHa, Rin and the king.

  223. 223 : angel Says:

    24 episode!! I’m sorry but this drama needs to end already! Their dragging the story to long. I’m watching it b/c of Jung Il woo, only….

  224. 224 : kaytie Says:

    what a waste of time on such a crappy drama, why am i still tuning in?
    because of UKnow Yunho. I’m watching for him and only him, don’t care about anyone else in this messy show.

  225. 225 : carol Says:

    2nd male lead’s been getting more attention & more hype than the main lead.
    more people talkin’ about Night watchman, but everytime I go on social network, there’s ALWAYS more pictures and more comments about Yunho than jung ilwoo.
    this is what happens when the 2nd lead is a K-pop idol more popular & and have more star power than the lead actor.

  226. 226 : ki Says:

    i watch this drama bec JUNG IL WOO ONLY but i really hate DH.

  227. 227 : ptbac Says:

    “2nd male lead’s been getting more attention & more hype than the main lead. more people talkin’ about Night watchman, but everytime I go on social network, there’s ALWAYS more pictures and more comments about Yunho than jung ilwoo”….Yep, saw that comin’..no surprise.
    tbh, i heard of this show cuz of U-Know.

  228. 228 : liberia Says:

    5 more eps. to go -_- ..ugh,cant wait 4 it to end! only watchin’ til the end only for Yunho. Go Moo Seok <3

  229. 229 : sein Says:

    omg i really like ilwooo.go fighting****please come to china.i wait

  230. 230 : bigeye46 Says:

    wah so nice..i so enjoy watch it and thank you all

  231. 231 : kdf Says:

    Yunho..i’m wait for u come perform at concert in Shanghai next week…
    We wait for u in china. am watching NWJ for u 🙂

  232. 232 : MLIZ Says:

    This drama is boring..the storyline is lame…

  233. 233 : KDCraze Says:

    I know that this drama story is a bit weird but I’m still enjoying it. It’s not the best drama story but I’m quite enjoyed watching it because of Jung Il Woo and Yun Ho. Writer please put more fighting for Il Woo and Yun Ho in the drama story rather than talking so it doesn’t bored the audience. Only 4 episodes to go, please gives us a good ending.

  234. 234 : Lovely La Says:

    I really quite enjoy watching this drama too. keep doing good jung il woo and yun ho 🙂

  235. 235 : OO Says:

    i don’t like storyline and not match il woo & lead actress but i really enjoy il woo .fighting ilwoo.you are the best^••^

  236. 236 : jada Says:

    only 3 more eps. to go! i’m only finishing this subpar drama because of U-Know Yunho. luv Moo Seok <3 He is the best character, most rational.
    Yunho, we're wating in Beijing to see your next concert in December TVXQ 2015 Asia Tour.

  237. 237 : bigeye46 Says:

    i enjoy watch this drama bec yunho and jung ii woo fighting best smile..

  238. 238 : caktf Says:

    Yunho’s acting is good 🙂 I’m watch until last episode for him…best body, best swordsman…………..(and best dancer too..hehehe)

  239. 239 : Violet88 Says:

    I am tired of the stupid king. He’s been the most foolish character in this drama. Not once i’ve seen him making a wise decision. Worst was in ep 22, how could he give up the devine fluke to the prime minister instead of his own brother who is the rightful king… Very annoying to have seen such stupidity…

  240. 240 : Kley-Kley Says:

    This drama is dragging so much! I’m so disappointed. There is so much talent under one director but the script is horrible. The story had so much potential but no one took advantage of it. I’m still watching it but only because I hate not finishing things. Sill, I think that this drama could have been better off having only 10 good episodes and not the boring 24 that it was allowed to air.

    One thing I don’t understand at all is the ratings it’s getting – they’re much higher than what I would have expected. Go figure! o_O
    ( I guess the real hero of the story here is whomever made the fantastic decision to cast Jung Il Woo and Jung Yoon Ho; otherwise, I doubt anyone would have found the strength to watch 24 hours of this thing)

  241. 241 : hnyJo Says:

    who wrote the story? why it’s so easy to left the seal like that..why he not take w himm..arrrghh..and why always do same strategy to face sadam. n repeat same mistake like Do ha n lady do hmmm..did the writer does’nt have smart idea to bring this drama more interesting!!! ;((

  242. 242 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching the last episode of the Night Watchman. Although the story is unusual but it is not bad. I actually like all the mystical part in this drama. Anyway this is a fantasy drama so I don’t mind the mystical part. The ending is quite good and satisfying. It is not the best drama but I’m quite enjoyed watching it. Over all it’s quite a good drama. Loved all Jung Il Woo and Yun Ho actions !!!!

  243. 243 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes just watch the last episode of night watchman and i enjoy watch it because of jung ii woo and yunho..thank all of pd and rest of well

  244. 244 : Kza Says:

    Yunho acting is good, i so enjoy watch it and thank you all.

  245. 245 : kaye Says:

    finally the last episode…if not for Yunho i would have given up on this drama, it’s too messy.

  246. 246 : lani_87 Says:

    yunho & jung ii woo your so really good actors I like this drama & Great ending I cry a lot in last ipesode thank you & more power of this kdrama. jung ii woo congratulation🎓

  247. 247 : CC Says:

    almost gave up on this ridiculous drama but i watched til the end ONLY because of Yunho…Cassiopeia always support TVXQ <3

  248. 248 : tikka Says:

    luv Moo Seok and Love YunHo 🙂 If it weren’t for you oppa, i can’t survive this tv show.

  249. 249 : Anzu Says:

    OMG…wherever i go people only talks about yun ho….they have other character also…TVXQ has nothing to do with this show….if u don’t like the show..then just don’t watch..u shouldn’t force urself to watch just becuz of one guy.. more than that he was just 2nd lead…irritating people…..

    But for me this was interesting drama……rather than typical korean drama….already waiting for jung ill woo next project…

  250. 250 : ptbac Says:

    @anzu 249
    “U shouldn’t force yourself to watch just becuz of one guy”….those people forcing themselves to watch are the dedicated fans of Yunho…Yeah he was 2nd lead, but he has more star power and a bigger fanbase than the leading actor because Yunho is MORE POPULAR than jung il woo. That’s why in the end Yunho gets more attention than that guy, no matter what.

  251. 251 : Lyns Says:

    Just finished watching this drama, really love it…good acting Il woo & Yunho, waiting for your next drama….thank you..

  252. 252 : Hanako Says:

    By Logic, this is a good drama. Exciting, thrilling, romantic and in many ways I think it is one of the best Historical drama this year, regardless whoever the actor is. All actors & actresses were excellent and a bit of comedian in it, every drama has its own kind of gimmick, the ghostly part is good too, and I think I enjoy the drama and will also rate it as one of the best historical this year.
    And also the best love story this year is She is Lovable, Fated to Love and You are all surrounded. Congrats to all these drama writers and producers. Ganbate!! Omedeto!

  253. 253 : hana Says:

    I Like it♡

  254. 254 : princessmyumi Says:

    its a a gOOD STORY BUT I GUESS THE main actress lacks emotions in her role……

    and for me i go for LEE RIN and SONG RYUN…..

  255. 255 : winnie Says:

    I like Jung IL woo since i first watched him in “take kare of the lady” and i so love all his dramas. While i so like him, i think his chemistry with Go sung hee is not good. I wished to see him, in a new drama with a better actress.

  256. 256 : Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 12 on the 25th. I like the story line and have been enjoying the ghosts that are around Lee Rin. I wish they would have been more involved in the story though.

    I thought it was funny when Sa Dam told the Prime Minister about the dragon that was to come. The Prime Minister had NO idea what Sa Dam was talking about. I thought wait till he sees the dragon in action.

  257. 257 : fem659 Says:

    Luv u Yunho 🙂 Only finished this show to see you on my screen. Cassiopeia loves Jung Yunho

  258. 258 : choopatiu Says:

    sometimes the episodes are dragging and a bit confusing,its ok nothing fabulous or extra ordinary about it.

  259. 259 : Daisy Says:

    love it <3

  260. 260 : Ruth Says:

    Superpab…….wow i really enjoyed it, keep it up Jung il woo

  261. 261 : Terri Says:

    Very bad drama but still went thru whole thing because of TVXQ’s YUNHO Good job leader sshi. Cassies from Europe always supporting you 🙂

  262. 262 : Juanita Says:

    Te amo Yunho. El es muy guapo y ahora un actor mejor <3
    Buena suerte. ur fans en Argentina. Yunho!!!

  263. 263 : Katie Says:

    Thank you Yunho oppa 😉
    Luv your acting as Moo Seok.
    I survived this show just becuz of you Yunho <3

  264. 264 : zeedagold Says:

    i love dis movie… Especially Do Ha

  265. 265 : shontelle Says:

    Yes! YUNHO is the only 2nd lead actor nominated for Excellence Award Male Actor at MBC Drama Awards 2014 😉
    Yunho’s Moo Seok is the only character from Night Watchman who is among the Top Trending Kdrama characters on Twitter in 2014 🙂

  266. 266 : dream Says:

    Enjoy watching this drama, Jung Il woo act very well, his acting is very great.
    Love Jung Il Woo. Waiting for his next project as soon as possible.

  267. 267 : nicki Says:

    YunHO!!!!! Ur fans in countries in Arab World and Africa support u all time
    We Luv Yunho 🙂 😉 🙂

  268. 268 : nicki Says:

    I forgot. Here’s message to Yunho from Arab and Africa. Ur acting is good!
    We luv Kpop singer & actor Yunho!…xoxoxo

  269. 269 : OK OK OK Says:

    if not for Jung Il Woo, I wont be starting to watch the Night watchmen.
    I also like 2nd male lead Jung Yoon Ho (TVXQ) lead actress Go Sung Hee.

    But 24 episodes is too long and draggy. I keep falling asleep @ ep 22,23.24 because the story keep repeating and repeating until i find it very bored & it takes me a few weeks to finish.
    20 episodes will be good – cut off those repeating scenes…………..

    Finally i manage to finish & luckily its a good ending drama 🙂

    Now going to watch 2nd episode of SPY 🙂

  270. 270 : utada Says:

    I only started watching this because of DBSK’s Yunho. He has so many fans in Germany. We love you ^_^

    The male lead is okay.
    Go sung hee is a horrible actress!! blank dead eyes, poor sageuk dialect, fake crying scene, wooden and stiff….she’s so bad that she can’t act her way out of a barrel.

  271. 271 : shannon Says:

    YUNHOOOO!! Please come to France and Italy and Lithuania So many fangirls waiting for you. We really like Moo Seok in Night Watchman ~ we watched the drama just for you, Yunho 🙂

  272. 272 : pogua Says:

    tsk tsk, this Go Sung Hee girl is such a shitty crappy actress. she’s so bad to the bone. they chose wrong girl for female lead..tsk tsk

  273. 273 : fiona Says:

    sory not sorry i drop this show bcuz of main lead girl >_< Aw man, her acting is TERRIBLE = she sticks out like a sore thumb of suck.
    rlly painful to watch her stink up the whole show w/ her poor acting, smh

  274. 274 : Jojo Says:

    The actresses is soooo jaw clenchingly painful to watch. So frustrating!!! They could’ve done better. And the story…. Omg!!! Spell TERRIBLE!!! So sorry for jung il woo…

  275. 275 : devcbf Says:

    Yunho is the only reason why so many people in my country watch this drama.

  276. 276 : Villanueva Says:

    Uknow Yunho we ladies in Latin America only hav eyes on you for this whole drama. Moo Seok muy guapo y valiante. Luv Yunho 🙂

  277. 277 : evangie Says:

    My bae Yunho (yunnie) luv him as moo Seok swordsman bodyguard. Women even fanboys in my country support yunho. We luv DBSK!

  278. 278 : Gambar Gerak Naruto Untuk DP BBM Says:

    nice KDrama, i like it

  279. 279 : minmin Says:

    BAD BAD BAD. It was really boring and we just couldn’t wait for it to end. I read some of the reviews of this drama and they were really bad and I have to agree. The storyline was BAD! Bad acting, bad story (writer’s fault), bad direction and production. It’s like anything goes with this drama – can transport from this world to the underworld – no need to seek out how to find a portal to go there. Sadam has dark powers but how come only selectively used vs. using it to full extent to control and eliminate. Really crappy drama. The lead actress Go Sung Hee cannot act. Kim Sung Oh aka Sadam – his character as well as his acting was bad!! Wasted our time watching this!!!

  280. 280 : Marissa yu Says:

    Very very good…enjoyed watching this, good acting jung il woo…i love all his movies…

  281. 281 : Shirohana Says:

    Still one of the best Historical drama amons so many. Watched a second time and still the best …was already 5 years ago
    All the actors and actresses were damn good in this drama especially the main ones

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