Title: 더 뮤지컬 / The Musical
Chinese Title: 音乐剧
Genre: Musical
Episodes: 15
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-02 to 2011-Dec-23
Air time: Friday 22:00


Musical drama about the dreams and love of musical actors.

Koo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, and Ock Joo Hyun form the love triangle at the center of The Musical, which follows the lives and dreams of aspiring musical stars.


Main Cast

Koo Hye Sun as Go Eun Bi
Choi Daniel as Hong Jae Yi
Park Ki Woong as Yoo Jin
Ok Joo Hyun as Bae Gang Hee
Ki Eun Se as Seo Ra Kyung

Supporting Cast

Park Kyung Rim as Sa Bok Ja
Kim Hyun Sung as Han Sang Won
Oh Jung Se as Goo Jak
Kim Yong Min as Joon Hyuk
Kim In Seo as Sang Mi
Lee Do Kyung as Eun Bi’s father
Jung Young Sook as Yang Soon Yi
Kang Ji Hoo as Hyun Kwang Seo
Cha Kwang Soo as Yoo Jin Young
Ahn Yeo Jin as Sun Hee
Park Geun Hyung as President Yoo
Jo Won Hee
Lee Ji Hyung (이지형) as Yoo Jae Joon
Kim Jin Ho (김진호) as President Seo
Choo So Young
Jung Tae (정태)
Seo Bum Suk
Hong Ji Min (cameo)
Jo Ji Hoon (조지훈) (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Kyung Yong (김경용)
Screenwriter: Kim Hee Jae

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2011-09-02 1 8.3 (15th)
2011-09-09 2 5.5
2011-09-16 3 4.3
2011-09-23 4 4.7
2011-09-30 5 3.7
2011-10-07 6 5.3
2011-10-14 7 3.7
2011-10-21 8 2.9
2011-10-28 9 4.2
2011-11-04 10 3.7
2011-11-18 11 3.4
2011-12-02 12 3.5
2011-12-09 13 4.0
2011-12-16 14 3.5
2011-12-23 15 3.3

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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538 Responses to “The Musical”

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  1. 526
    Eduardo Rovenar Says:

    This is such a dumb drama. About the fat girl in Eun’s apartment who mooches off of her, I cannot understand how this stupid girl allows herctonlive there Scott free and eat her out of house and home.

    And who is the dumb rich goy who is the cousin for the goods oolong Yo representative? Boy is he creepy!!!

  2. 527
    Dede Says:

    I love Kim Yong Min. Why doesn’t he have any information on him.

  3. 528
    Dede Says:

    As an American I don’t understand your rating system, but it never seems to reflect whether the drama is good or not. I thoroughly enjoyed ths drama. It was so good I watched it backwards and still loved it.

  4. 529
    cathy Says:

    I’m Choi Daniel fans and I’m so sad to see this drama. I watch this drama just to see him, but the lead female show up in many scenes and it makes me skip it many times. Choi Daniel must refuse to starring in this drama actually. But I’m happy to see his new drama that got a high rating and nice story. Your fans wil never leave you, Daniel. Love you so much.

  5. 530
    zhasky Says:

    i think the female lead and male are good. they have nice chemistry… it is just that the role of the female lead lack something… nonetheless, it is a good drama…. bow to goo hye sun, choi daniel and park ki woong… ^_^

  6. 531
    The Musical (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  7. 532
    Korean-American Says:

    Despite the low ratings, I’ve liked this drama series so much that I’ve watched it several times..^^

  8. 533
    Yozora Says:

    I watch this drama purely becuz of Daniel Choi in it.. Period! xD

  9. 534
    bblve Says:

    i cant believe that this drama is super chessy (kilig to the bones).. I enjoy watchng ths drama, the reas0n i bought ths film is becouse of park ki woong, after i watched bridal mask, i fall in l0ve w/him, so decided to buy ths and full h0use take 2, but he is only the 2nd lead, huhu hope u have a drama ds year 2013.

  10. 535
    bblve Says:

    after i watched ds i begin to love choi daniel, i dont thnk he is so cute haha.. His acting in ths drama is so weird, not him but his character, how can he easily fall in love w/ eun be? To be honest i pray that the end lovers were eun be and yu jin, coz i luv how he fall in luv… I love u park yu woong.

  11. 536
    bblve Says:

    i feel sorry for park ki woong character and his girlfrnd character, huhu. I really really like ds drama so much, the only thing i didnt like is why didn’t they show the real stage perf0rmance with audience but they sh0w only the auditi0n, but its ok.. My favorite parts on ds drama is when they on trip for worksh0p, they looks so enjoy and their love stories begun..

  12. 537
    taraJJ Says:

    to be honest I want to watched this drama long time ago bcoz of the lead Choi Daniel & Go Hye Sun but I don’t why somehow something always kept me to postphone to watched The Musical.. after watching Bridal Mask I became Park Ki Woong’s fangirl then I remember about this drama so I watched it the whole series.. but I felt dissapointed.. this drama has musical theme but why they don’t move me a bit by the songs they sang and the whole story kinda boring -way diff from What’s Up, Heatsrings or Dream High- but still I have favorite scene which is when Eun Bi play piano then encouraged Yoo Jin to sing duet with her.. their voices so sweet and cute ^^ plus I like that song so much, I remember Daesung also sang it on What’s Up :-)

  13. 538
    stephanie Says:

    I love this drama. I was hesitant to watch it because of all the bad reviews, but I am glad I did!

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