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The Musical

Title: 더 뮤지컬 / The Musical
Chinese Title: 音乐剧
Genre: Musical
Episodes: 15
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-02 to 2011-Dec-23
Air time: Friday 22:00


Musical drama about the dreams and love of musical actors.

Koo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, and Ock Joo Hyun form the love triangle at the center of The Musical, which follows the lives and dreams of aspiring musical stars.


Main Cast

Koo Hye Sun as Go Eun Bi
Choi Daniel as Hong Jae Yi
Park Ki Woong as Yoo Jin
Ok Joo Hyun as Bae Gang Hee
Ki Eun Se as Seo Ra Kyung

Supporting Cast

Park Kyung Rim as Sa Bok Ja
Kim Hyun Sung as Han Sang Won
Oh Jung Se as Goo Jak
Kim Yong Min as Joon Hyuk
Kim In Seo as Sang Mi
Lee Do Kyung as Eun Bi’s father
Jung Young Sook as Yang Soon Yi
Kang Ji Hoo as Hyun Kwang Seo
Cha Kwang Soo as Yoo Jin Young
Ahn Yeo Jin as Sun Hee
Park Geun Hyung as President Yoo
Jo Won Hee
Lee Ji Hyung (이지형) as Yoo Jae Joon
Kim Jin Ho as President Seo
Choo So Young
Jung Tae (정태)
Seo Bum Suk
Hong Ji Min (cameo)
Jo Ji Hoon (조지훈) (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Kyung Yong (김경용)
Screenwriter: Kim Hee Jae

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2011-09-02 1 8.3 (15th)
2011-09-09 2 5.5
2011-09-16 3 4.3
2011-09-23 4 4.7
2011-09-30 5 3.7
2011-10-07 6 5.3
2011-10-14 7 3.7
2011-10-21 8 2.9
2011-10-28 9 4.2
2011-11-04 10 3.7
2011-11-18 11 3.4
2011-12-02 12 3.5
2011-12-09 13 4.0
2011-12-16 14 3.5
2011-12-23 15 3.3

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : edison Says:

    YES!!! Koo Hye Sun is back hahahaha
    i will definitely watch hahahaha
    watch nice good news….
    can’t wait hahahaha 😛

  2. 2 : CuloSucio Says:

    STFU you are just mean ok just shut your trap and let us enjoy the sight

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  4. 4 : dinaz Says:

    wowwww…finally hye sun unni is back..i m so exited to watch this..now i have something to follow after city hunter..all the best unni hope this drama does extremely well..

  5. 5 : shocco locco Says:

    1episode per week…frustrating

  6. 6 : Mira Says:

    I want wacth…,” The Musical , Hye Sun sarange”’
    The Musical….”^_^ is the best.,

  7. 7 : domz Says:

    wow!koo hye sun is back,ahaha..im so much excited to watch her series…hahaha….goodluck!

  8. 8 : phoebe Says:

    looks like it will be another great drama and it’s good to see KHS back!!!

  9. 9 : Mic Says:

    I can’t wait! This seems like fun!

  10. 10 : CHEN Says:

    post this Picture here. KOO HYE SUN)


    she’s very elegant. :))

    welcome back hye sun.:)

  11. 11 : shocco locco Says:

    still so excited to watch this,even though this drama is a bit fascinating..just 1Ep/ WEek…

  12. 12 : it's me!!! Says:

    mmhhh……love it……

  13. 13 : KHS's fan Says:

    Awesome… i miss her so much… can’t wait to watch this…Hye Sun the best!!!

  14. 14 : shubham Says:

    eagerly awaiting,koo hye sun is the best,love her most,i’ll watch it only for her.

  15. 15 : jh Says:

    Daniel choi!! i wanna watch!!!

  16. 16 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wow, Daniel Choi, so fast got another new drama after Baby Face Beauty.
    I am so happy and excited. Looking forward to it. Aja aja fighting! 😉

  17. 17 : Nora Alyas via Facebook Says:

    can’t wait 🙂 <3 it already

  18. 18 : kyumelikey Says:

    koo hye sun!!! miss her awww xD

  19. 19 : CHar Says:






    those are “THE MUSICAL” pictures. 🙂
    love hye sun so much!!

  20. 20 : dinaz Says:

    geum jan di fighting!

  21. 21 : Ruth Says:

    Yeah!!! My korean drama addiction is back with Koo Hye Sun starring in it. It’s been too long since BOF days…

  22. 22 : vahn Says:

    hhehehehehe.. the date realease is my birthday hahahhaa… ^&^! I will spend my one hour for watch this drama….

  23. 23 : eksha Says:

    koo hye sun WITH choi daniel hemmmm

  24. 24 : dinaz Says:

    hope ‘THE MUSICAL’ becomes really magical..unni fighting..hoping 4 high ratings..
    @vahn happy birthday enjoy the show..

  25. 25 : eka Says:

    why….. one episode a week….
    I can’t hold it….

  26. 26 : fazilah Says:


    KHS is back.. plus Daniel Choi, what more can i say…
    Must be interesting.. finger crossed!

    Are they going to sing?… Cant wait & see!!


  27. 27 : dinaz Says:

    watched the long preview of this drama..wowwww….looks so interesting..really wanna watch it..hope some1 uploads it into youtube..

  28. 28 : CHar Says:

    oohh gosh.. this is it..!! can’t wait for the English subtitle in YOUTUBE!!!! hahahaha.. search tomorrow..

  29. 29 : wynn demon Says:

    do this drama appear in [PPS]? (o. 0)
    or where can we wash this drama, by chinese subtitle? (*- *)
    if it with other language subtitle, where can i search? (=- =)
    if can, hope tht have a place tht can download this drama..(>-

  30. 30 : shocco locco Says:

    hoping for a GOOD Ratings…..Fighting TM

  31. 31 : shocco locco Says:

    can anyone please share the video of episode1..i don’t care if the video doesn’t have Eng sub..pleeaasseee jaeball

  32. 32 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Episode #1 is out on Dramabang!
    Check it out!

  33. 33 : Sharon Ann Jones via Facebook Says:

    Korean Drama fans, if you’re in the U.S., consider including a Korean High School exchange student as part of your family for the year. We’re still looking for host families so go to http://www.yfu-usa.org, or message me!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  34. 34 : dinaz Says:

    wat r d ratings?really eager to know..

  35. 35 : riya_khadgi Says:

    can’t wait for english subtitles. koo hye sun fighting.

  36. 36 : sima Says:

    hi every body.
    special koo hye son shi,
    good luck.

  37. 37 : wynn demon Says:

    in [www.dramabang.com] have this drama.. BUT, its without title..(~- ~)
    haiz.. hope tht this drama really can appear with a Chi or Eng Subtitles~ (>.

  38. 38 : dinaz Says:

    i hv heard good reviews of this drama..hope ratimgs will increase with time..i really really wanna watch it with english subs but can’t find..hye sun unni all the best..keep doing well!

  39. 39 : Tracie Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this drama. I am impatiently waiting for the sub. This drama will be the best drama of the year. Goo Hye Sun unni, HWAITING!!!!!

  40. 40 : Alfhie Fhalevie via Facebook Says:

    good luck korean drama

  41. 41 : linG Says:

    unnie…Goo Hye Sun
    good job for u !!!

  42. 42 : natasha Says:

    Where can i watch this drama with eng sub?

  43. 43 : utahaha Says:

    can’t wait for this drama ! yeeey!!!

  44. 44 : OK OK OK Says:

    i enjoyed this comedy episode 1 very much. Daniel Choi is a smart musician while Koo Hye Sun wants to act in a musical play so badly that she goes all out for it that leads to some funny scene.
    Korean stars really got talent. Daniel Choi can play piano very well while Koo Hye Sun can sing too. 🙂

  45. 45 : natasha Says:

    i really want to watch this wonderful show..but i can’t find it anywhere with english subs..

  46. 46 : Rebel Angel Says:

    Finally, I can see Goo hye sun unnie in drama again… I can’t wait to watch this drama, But I can’t find it anywhere, where can I watch it in english sub of course…

  47. 47 : OK OK OK Says:

    Both Daniel Choi & Koo Hye Sun look so sweet, lovely together.
    I like KHS new short yankee curly hairstyle, she looks pretty.
    Daniel look so handsome & charming 😉

  48. 48 : dinaz Says:

    why the english subs r not out yet?i mean already one episode is finished and i cnt fnd it anywhr.its jst 1 episode per week yet subs r not out..ths is mean!for other dramas d subs r out in 2 or 3 days.. 🙁

  49. 49 : Mic Says:

    One episode per week is too long a wait!

  50. 50 : THE MUSICAL, KOREAN DRAMA « Asian Blogger Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=10324 […]

  51. 51 : nutrisia Says:

    I always wait for hye sun’s drama

  52. 52 : S Says:

    I cant find eng sub …..
    And why is THE rating so low i hope it will be better

  53. 53 : OK OK OK Says:

    Looking forward to episode 3. Hope Koo Hye Sun will appear in the black dress in ep 3 …. she looks very feminine & pretty in it. 😉

    Daniel Choi looks very manly in this drama

  54. 54 : dinaz Says:

    sad to see the ratings fall..how long do we need to wait 4 eng subs??i m pissed..

  55. 55 : Jennie Says:

    Just saw the first episode. I like the cast. It’s a wonder to me that KHS is such a different person when she’s in front of the camera. I’ve seen all her popular dramas and she’s pretty good. I’ve also seen her in talk shows and press releases but she doesn’t have the spunk and charisma that she portrays in her dramas-in fact she’s the total opposite! I’m just surprised that she’s so different!

  56. 56 : Onnie03 Says:

    Watch it at kimchidramas dot net they have a English sub..goodluck!

  57. 57 : FRan Says:







  58. 58 : wynn demon Says:

    thanks so much~ (~v ~)

    can i know tht, where can download the ost? (@o @)
    cst really like all the musics~!!! (>v

  59. 59 : dongwoon95 Says:

    love you so much ku hye sun!!i love ur acting!you are so perfect…i’ll wait for you on the next drama!bbsyah!!

  60. 60 : 21 Says:

    it only airs on Friday night ? what a schedule. ! change it ! 🙁

  61. 61 : POP Says:

    I started to watch this drama, but sorry i find GHS doesn’t fit in the musical, she’s a great actress but definitely not for musical. I think it will be a great story though.

  62. 62 : dinaz Says:

    watched ep1 it was really funny and cute!hye sun unni looks cute in the sailor moon outfit and the dance is really funny..this is my 1st time watching choi daniel..he is quite good n i have noticed his smile is really nice!now my search begins 4 ep2 i m eager to watch the hand kiss.. 🙂

  63. 63 : ok ok ok Says:

    end of episode shows that KHS will wear a se.xy black dress in next episode. After watching ep 3 – didn’t see her in black dress at all – so funny. 🙁

  64. 64 : kimNoRa Says:

    agree they should change the scedule .. that means the series will end after 4 month .. whitch make me hesitate about watchin’ it even though I love musicals

  65. 65 : FRan Says:





    POST!! THANKS.:)

  66. 66 : wynn demon Says:

    wow~!!! add on more images d~!!! (~v ~)
    really thanks so much~!!! (*. ^)
    n hope tht add on more n more~!!! haha~ (*- *)
    kam sa ham ni da~!!! (^- ^)

  67. 67 : hwee Says:

    Looks interesting. KHS is very good actress. Also like PKW and Daniel. Sorry to see the low ratings. I have decided to watch this all the way. Cos i really miss KHS dramas.

  68. 68 : nattylee Says:

    wow i saw the frist 2 episodes i love it i hope there well be more jealousy involed

  69. 69 : chin Says:

    im so sad… i haven’t watched any episode of this drama.. 🙁 i don’t understand Korean language.. i want English subtitles..!!!! HUHUHUH..!! sooooooh obsessed!! where can i watch with eng. subtitles? anyone? who knows????????? THANKS A LOT.

  70. 70 : musicfan Says:

    The kiss was a shocker! Didn’t show he had that kind of feelings for her so early. Her response so cute and so is his. Really brave of KHS to do drama with so much singing. Hwaiting!

    Her complexion is so white and pink – really shines beautifuly. So other cast like Kang Hee old singer looks very tan and should not wear brown or black colour, makes her look wash out. Her character interesting as she bullys EunBi. Great drama to watch. But too slow to have only 1 episode a week.

  71. 71 : Celeste Says:

    This is a good drama! Everyone should give it a chance! I really like it when at first i was skeptical about it. Heh. But what a pleasant surprise! I am loving it right now. It is sad to have to wait so long for the show to air every week and to get subbed. But it is surely worth the wait! Hope the show continue to intrigue me!

  72. 72 : dinaz Says:

    @chin u can watch it on mysoju.com,epdrama.com!

  73. 73 : dinaz Says:

    loved ep3 it was so sad to see eun bi crying on the stairs..choi daniel looks gud!love their chemistry..thanx to all the subbers for the quick subs!thanx..

  74. 74 : kdramaaddict Says:

    I really can’t understand why this drama that is based on a good plot, fantastic music, a solid cast with really talented actors/actresses has such low ratings???!!! That’s what really pisses me off when it comes to ratings in S.Korea: Good dramas, that have a good story line incld. everything else are often just low-rated because of the viewers? Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me? (Good drams that were poorely rated or underrated:
    Que Sera Sera(rated with by javabeans from her blog: dramabeans.com), The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, Flowers for My Life(dramabeans.com rated it 10/10..pretty rare for these girls) City Hall(Kum Sun Ah), Last Scandal, Tamra(starts of slow, gets better though)Soulmate(fantastic actors+awesome OST etc etc etc……

  75. 75 : Simpletons Says:

    Besides the drama series itself, ratings are largely a function of the network iteself, when & how it schedules the series, (the day & time), what program leads into it but more importantly what is it scheduled against… to networks, it’s about building a schedule that offers the highest ratings overall. If it doesn’t have enough space on the schedule and/or the series doesn’t fit a profile, it gets put into a slot that may not allow it to get the audience that it deserves… such is life…

  76. 76 : dinaz Says:

    Agree with kdramaaddict its an awesome story but not doing well..newaz i m still going to continue watching it i m so addicted since ep1.this is the 1st korean series i m folowing week aftr week.thanx 2 d subbers..eager 4 ep4..

  77. 77 : dina Says:

    I won’t watch this, it will just bore me. I find the lead actress boring. I don’t like her since BBF

  78. 78 : KDaddict Says:

    @71, 73:
    I believe the more significant reasons r the differences in tastes n in demographics betwn Korean society as a whole n that of international fans. Korea has many age groups n locations. Older n rural folks have tastes that r diff fr city folks n young folks. Interntl fans tend to be much younger n r mostly city-based. They esp. skew towards shows like Lie to Me, Heartstrings, BOF, w young casts n idols.
    Korean viewers have been watching KDs for decades. They’ve seen very many more KDs than others. They know what is really good n what isn’t. In Korea, a good show will find its audience, whatever its time slot. Shows w a poor story will flop even w big name stars.

  79. 79 : Simpletons Says:

    Fully agree, it’s a fine balance between giving domestic viewers what they want and trying to create that something that is different & special. Drama shows are defined by the plot, by the look & feel of the show and by how well the characters are potrayed… if they don’t mix well, ratings are going to bomb regardless.. And even so, if it doesn’t resonate with the domestic audience then ratings will be low regardless…

  80. 80 : nattylee Says:

    hey does anyone knoe were i can see ep 4 im so anxiuos i cant wait lol 🙂

  81. 81 : utahaha Says:

    love this drama!!! 😀
    but, why the ratings is really bad? it’s a nice drama. hmmm~

  82. 82 : yu Says:

    cant wait , why just 1 esp per week…sad

  83. 83 : POP Says:

    oh my, low in ratings. This is a great drama guys! the only thing i’m annoyed was the subbing of the video , it takes almost exactly a week.

  84. 84 : drama freak Says:

    i am loving this drama….romance starts very fast!!! i love go hye sun with daniel….they look good together!! will continue to support this drama =D

  85. 85 : rainzs Says:

    omg .. what a low rating regardless of its story i think this series got one of the most inspiring stories and plot. don’t be fooled by ratings this is as good as it gets. u don’t need too many beautiful girls and handsome boys. this one killed it.

  86. 86 : Jennie Says:

    @76 Another reason for low ratings could also be the day and time the drama is shown and its regularity. Once a week is too long an interval to follow just an hour’s program. Whatever excitement would fizzle out by midweek. Friday night is also the beginning of the weekend. Which teenager/young adult is home during that time? So bad time and day to broadcast a drama that needs the support of younger viewers. Guess it’s up to us the international viewers to give support to this drama! 🙂

  87. 87 : SWNY Says:

    omg i just watched episode 4. i cant wait for the subbed episode 5!!! :)) i dont understand why the ratings is so low? maybe because of the date and time. but i’m telling you guys, don’t mind the ratings. once you watch this, you wouldn’t even believe or understand WHY is the ratings like that? cause i couldn’t really believe it too. o_____o aish i shouldn’t have watched this show right away from episode 1 cause it is still airing. i have to wait weekly for it, and it makes me frustrated and impatient. i cannot wait for episode 5. T———————————————–T i want it noooow. hahaha. i should’ve had watched this after all of the episodes are out, or atleast half of it. huhuhuhuhuhu. RUNNING MAN and THIS show is what i keep on waiting impatiently every week. even poseidon. huhuhuhuhu. oh well. BUT HEY, THIS IS A GREAT DRAMA. i’m definitely recommending it. VERY GOOD =D

  88. 88 : kdfan Says:

    daniel choi is always a delight to watch. I just love his timing and the way he so naturally and adorably delivers his lines. the chemistry buildup is so good that i can’t wait for that explosive point between him and GHS. and counting the days GHS stops ruffling her hair, stop looking and dressing so sloppy .. this is a gem. yes, too bad it’s only an hour a week.

  89. 89 : dinaz Says:

    aww..i m so in love with this drama..watchd ep4 jst now!!its so wowwwww..gosh!!friday come quickly..seems like hong jae yi is falling deeply for eun bi and yu jin is finding her interesting too..hmm..next ep will be more exiting to watch!i guess if this drama had a gud time slot it wud have done really well..

  90. 90 : smiledanielsmile Says:


  91. 91 : kimi Says:

    I agree with #83, we shud be giving them support cuz its a gr8 drama….subs shud also come out quicker cuz we have to wait like almost another week to actually view. I keep coming to watch and its frustrating when there are no subs yet. Cant wait for the next episode….lets all hope the whole 16 episodes are worth waiting and watching unlike some that gets sloppy as it runs longer.

  92. 92 : Blu3canvas Says:

    whenever the leading male smiles. He’s too adorable. >

  93. 93 : rien cute Says:



  94. 94 : sunny Says:

    Friday 10pm is start of weekend. Nobody stays home to watch drama!?? It’s wasting a good story. I find KHS has sweet voice but not strong voice like some other singers like ex-oldy and one audition singer who sounds professional like she has musical or opera training. I hope KHS will have stronger voice as drama develops. Some of the softer parts cant hear her.

    Daniel looks better here with glasses than in Baby Face. He is great match with EuBi.

  95. 95 : joobjib_Thai Says:

    I’m love this drama

    love KHS^^

    DANIEL is so cute

    can’t wait for next episode

  96. 96 : russel Says:

    oh my god!! i am very happy to you unni!! chokayi your back!!! we are all hoping that magic will be show in the philippines.

  97. 97 : juju Says:

    i like go hye sun acting, when she cried i cried too..i’m always waiting for your drama..keep up the good work..

  98. 98 : Jennie Says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this drama. Everybody is so goodlooking and each time there’s a close up of KHS, I can’t help but stare n admire her skin! She’s got really great complexion. Have never seen Choi Daniel’s dramas before this but he’s got great screen presence! Most of all, I love that this drama doesn’t drag. The story moves quite quickly and love the fact that love comes so quickly. Really looking forward for the next epi.

  99. 99 : Xeila Says:

    I am officially hooked with this drama since Episode 1.
    1st-I like GHS,I am a die hard fan 🙂
    2nd-I am now in love with DC 🙂
    3rd-PKW is just a WOW, remarkable person 🙂
    4th-I really hate the B*tch Character OJH ): “only in this drama”
    5th-I loved the funny PGL 🙂
    6th-All the characters are all amazingly doing their great job as an actors.
    And the last one the concepts ,the story,the music and as whole package is perfect…Daebak The Musical!!!

  100. 100 : The musical Says:

    Download this film with medium size 350 MB
    Visit here

  101. 101 : theintense Says:

    waaah,, i love KHS, after BOF i got to see her again…hmmm love it,

  102. 102 : Jennie Says:

    @Xeila Me too!!! I really hate waiting for the next episodes. It’s a torture week after week esp so when I also have to wait for the subs to be released and that will often take another 5 days min! Watching it raw only quenches my thirst temporary cos I want to know what they r talking about too!! O Danny boy, I enjoy your acting v.v. much!!

  103. 103 : dinaz Says:

    guys..ep5 is out on epdrama.com..check it out!i m watching it too..

  104. 104 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz I just went there but no subs. I’m watching it now with eng subs at dramacrazy.

  105. 105 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie dats strange!!i watched the 1st part there with eng subs..check now u may get..then i went to kimchidrama.net there the buffering is superfast compared to epdrama so i watched the rest of it there..
    o my i m so hooked to this drama..its awesome!loved every moment of the episode..hye sun is too cute and daniel choi’s smile melts me..seems like he smiles from his heart..hmm..i guess yoo jin is falling for eun bi..
    friday come fast..cnt wait 4 the next episode now.. 🙂

  106. 106 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Thks for the info. I just want to watch it till the end quickly. Really really hate that I have to wait. Oh, agree with you, this drama is really addictive and I love how Danny smiles too. Each time he touches KHS, I feel a jolt of electricity..love the chemistry n I like how the drama is moving on so quickly. Looking forward to see the love triangle which is forming with Yoo Jin altho I kinda like his fiancee too.

  107. 107 : Xeila Says:

    yayyy!!at long last English sub @ Jennie I know what you feel..Sometimes I lurk 24/7 just to check new updates for this drama.It’s like feeling over gaga about something and if there’s nothing new updates , I will just be upset and watch the raw once again..hehehe!!!after Friday I want to drag the days so it will be Friday once again…those killer smile of Hong Jae makes me giddy and awwwwwssss!!!no other words than He’s definitely HOT WITH CAPITAL LETTER..hohoho!!!And Eun Bi’s killer Legs when she was wearing those mini black dress ,if I have those kind of legs i will surely wear short shorts all the time..hehehe!!!well all the casts is just awesome…So for those not willing to watch this drama,your heart will melt just like how it did to my heart!!!hahah…Musical fighting!!!

  108. 108 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie me too hate to wait for so specially the subs take so long.. 🙁
    daniel’s smile is killing..dats the second best for me after minho..agree with u the chemistry is sizzling..yup the triangle’s gonna be interesting..and the gal playing kang hee is really good too specially her make up..love to hate her..hehe!this is my 1st time watching daniel choi and i m really impressed!
    @xeila u seem to be crazy 4 the musical..nice 🙂 lets support it till the end!keep enjoying the musical!

  109. 109 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz & Xeila Oh good..more people like us should visit this thread more often..otherwise it’s no fun watching alone. Kang Hee is good at doing what she does..she really goes her way out to make us hate her huh? Did you gals see her kissing scene with DC in earlier epi? Hot but I hope DC continues to ignore her!

  110. 110 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie yup its fun to watch it with u all..i visit this page every single day since this was page created sometimes i comment smtims i dnt..if u all r there its more fun..ya saw that kiss it was quite hot.. but for me the hand kiss of hong jae and eun bi had more effect..it was so sweet.i never knew hand kiss could be so romantic! 🙂 hope to see a real kiss between these two! 🙂 i guess he is going to ignore kang hee since he seems to be head over heels for eun bi..

  111. 111 : Jennie Says:

    Hahaha I just did some reading on Daniel Choi and I didn’t know that he was the crazy guy in The World They Live In. He was the asst director who had a crush on Song Hye Gyo. Didn’t recognise him as he was absolutely dorky in that drama and totally uninspiring!

    I also read that the hot kiss with Kang Hee required several takes and they kissed till their lips bled for that scene. Wow! I doubt if DC and KHS will share such a passionate kiss, to judge from KHS’s previous dramas. But like you say, dinaz, we’d rather go for the romance rather than the physical! Ahh, can’t wait for Ep 6!

  112. 112 : janine Says:

    nice drama.. ^-^ can’t wait for ep6!

  113. 113 : Nana BEAR Says:

    i don’t know when you see this drama. how do you feel about it? bored? or happiness, sadly, sleeppy. but i’m waiting it . anyway, thank s a lot

  114. 114 : ash Says:

    love this drama so far. it has got some scenes where you just have to think and interpret them yourself, which i find them interesting. kind of worth watching it eventho having to wait for it to be aired and subbed once a week is really a dreadful feeling! looking fwd for relationship to grow between yoo jin & eun bi. some people might disagree but i don’t quite understand why daniel loves eun bi so much. i just don’t get it.

  115. 115 : dinaz Says:

    @ jennie i too read about the kiss..it seems the actress playing the role of kang hee is hospitalised due to stress..cant wait for ep 6..i wish i could understand korean 🙁 me too wanna see a sweet kiss between the two but as u say it may not happen..i m eager to see the triangle developing..
    did u notice how badly kang hee threw eun bi in the ground during the game!c’s gonna torture her later i guess..
    @ash hong jae may like her alot coz of her innocence and her true love for musicals..dats how i interpreted..

  116. 116 : Jennie Says:

    @ash & dinaz Yes, agree with dinaz that HJ loves EB becos of her innoncence n her love for musicals. I like YJ too and I don’t really mind right now who she ends up with but I’d prefer YJ to remain with his fiancee. She seems nice but we still have a long way to go, so mayb there’s a twist.

    Yeah I thought KH was pretty mean with EB at the games. Pity the husband. He seems like a nice guy. I wonder why he married her despite knowing the truth.

  117. 117 : Jenet Matoza Navoa via Facebook Says:

    aja!!! choi daniel…

  118. 118 : jenn Says:

    the rating is so poor……why?????

  119. 119 : janine Says:

    what was the rating last sept28? looking forward for ep6!

  120. 120 : dinaz Says:

    i wonder how was ep6..i m so eager to watch it!!hope the subbers hurry up..

  121. 121 : Engga Min Gha via Facebook Says:

    The Musical fighting 😀
    love @koohs

  122. 122 : Jennie Says:

    Ep 6 was interesting and now I can’t wait for Ep 7 Sigh sigh! Ep 6 was interesting where we have everybody gathered at one place and it’s like a “wait and see” episode. Everybody’s watching somebody and one by one their feelings are revealed. Oh boy, there’s another hot kissing scene between HJ and KH but don’t worry, it’s not real. The main pain in the neck is still KH. I just wish that HJ would just totally avoid her altogether! But I like how EB is frank to HJ and tells him straight why she was avoiding him and I like how he responded with that ok, I understand n I’ll wait attitude of his-so there’s no doubts there n they r comfortable with each other again and we don’t get those typical “misunderstanding scenes”! Yoo Jin is sweet and I like how the writer makes him fall for EB ever so slowly and it hasn’t even hit him yet that he’s falling for EB. In the scene where Grandma was talking to his dad, it hit me suddenly that YJin may be EB’s stepbrother. A bit far fetched and I sincerely hope that the story doesn’t head in that direction! That would be too predictable!! Argh, another week to wait!! This really is a big turn off 🙁

  123. 123 : hesti Says:

    this drama almost like drem high , thats’s korean drama too

  124. 124 : hesti Says:

    this drama almost like korean drama dream high

  125. 125 : ZIPPORAH Says:

    Thiss movieee is osomee *_*
    Im jus annoyed by that withch likee ladyy !! DX

  126. 126 : ykcin Says:

    im so hooked in this drama.. can’t wait for ep.6. i hope it wont disappoint the viewers because the story is becoming really interesting.
    I was so surprised how Daniel Choi become so cute in this drama, the role really suits him. im beginning to fall for him already..

  127. 127 : dinaz Says:

    damn my internet connection is so slow at the wrong time i really wanna watch ep6..i feel so sad.. 🙁 🙁
    @jennie hope ur prediction won’t be true though i like hong jae and eun bi pairing but i like yoo jin too..hope thy are not bro n sis!dat will be annoying coz i m looking 4wrd 4 a triangle!

  128. 128 : marjh836 Says:

    wow…..the musical is the best……i can’t wait to see ep 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when will it be????????????????i like eun bi and yu jin….gogogogo….

  129. 129 : kdfan Says:

    oh i really hope they are not brother and sis. can’t be right .. because the family are neighbours aren’t they? the grandma would have recognized her own daughter since she visits them often to fix her laptop.

    danielchoi is super duper adorkably cute. yes, couldn’t stand him in Worlds Within but he was super funny in Babyfaced Beauty. totally in love with himmmm…

  130. 130 : drama freak Says:

    i love this drama….it is getting more and more interesting everytime i watched =)

  131. 131 : dinaz Says:

    finally watched ep6 and woww it was a killer!i loved it..every moment of eun bi hong jae yoo jin was wowwwwww…..seems like yoo jin is falling for eun bi..
    oh my this is the first time i m starting to like the second lead too..i like hong jae for eun bi but what to do i like yoo jin too..ha ha! 🙂 oh i m so eager for the next episode..why only 1 ep per week its unfair for us fans!

  132. 132 : dinaz Says:

    and the ost too..all the songs i heard till now are really nice!love it..

  133. 133 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & dinaz Yeah, I’d probably wait till Monday to watch Ep 7 so that there will at least be some subs by then! Hahaha,don’t worry about the bro& sis thingee, it was just a fleeting thought. I don’t want that to happen too! Ahh, just thinking of DC’s dorky smile makes me wanna scream!
    I read that Babyfaced Beauty got good reviews. I only watched bits and parts of it when it was shown on tv but never shown much interest cos I didn’t quite like the female lead.

  134. 134 : dinaz Says:

    can’t wait to watch ep7..jennie i agree with u about daniel’s smile it makes me drool too.KOREA has got two good looking daniels –> daniel choi and daniel henney 🙂 🙂
    i hate to see hong jae kissing kang hee..i felt bad when eun bi ignored him.i m sure she has fallen for him too..i like yoo jin to..hehe!
    jennie i bought baby faced beauty after watching musical..i will be watching that soon only for daniel..ya it got good reviews and ratings..

  135. 135 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    I love this drama and I do not understand the people in Korea, because I do not know why percentage of viewing so low?

  136. 136 : Qasm Mirani via Facebook Says:


  137. 137 : Jennie Says:

    Oh..oh..otoke? I think I’m in love with Yoo Jin too! The first three minutes of Ep 7..looking at his sweet smiling face..ahhh..I’m totally hooked!! Another daebak episode for sure and I love how the subs are coming out faster than before. And coming Ep 8, we’re gonna have a kiss, albeit a stolen one, that is 😀 Yeah!

  138. 138 : ZarraJae Says:

    Love this drama a lot. Great OST, great script and very talented cast.

  139. 139 : janine Says:

    love all the ost of this drama… it makes my heart melt i every time i listen to them…………………………

  140. 140 : Jennie Says:

    @janine Yes, I love the ost too.My favourite is My Man. Beautiful voice and very touching lyrics. I like how the scriptwriter has linked the song together with the story-the part where Kang Hee tells HJae how he used to know when she was in the room by her scent and then in the song, Beige sings that she is like a dusty perfumed bottle etc, and that he now loves another etc etc. Love the connection there!

  141. 141 : janine Says:

    @Jennie same here, My Man is also my favorite!… ^_^

  142. 142 : ciNgu Says:

    I want to see. .!!!!

  143. 143 : elaine Says:

    i never got interested in watching this drama for i do not like the actress in the lead role. i find her very boring and uncharming eversince bof.

  144. 144 : Engga Min Gha via Facebook Says:

    Goo Hye Sun love u . Can’t wait drama Fly Again !

  145. 145 : Engga Min Gha via Facebook Says:

    Goo Hye Sun love u . Can’t wait drama Fly Again !

  146. 146 : dinaz Says:

    WOWW..i loved ep7!poor yoo jin he is falling for eun bi but he just dosen’t want to admit it..can’t wait for ep8.. love kang hee’s makeup its really nice!i too love the ost..i hope to see a kiss between the two eun bi and jae yi in ep 8..

  147. 147 : The Musical | Straw Hat Luffy Says:

    […] [source:koreandrama.org] nuffnang_bid = "45d12a9af8661031913eb6dc83662bc7"; Want to receive updates via email? Subscribe Here:Enter your email address: ch_client = "january14n"; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; ch_type = "mpu"; ch_sid = "Chitika Default"; ch_backfill = 1; ch_color_site_link = "#2172FE"; ch_color_title = "#2172FE"; ch_color_border = "#FFFFFF"; ch_color_text = "#000000"; ch_color_bg = "#FFFFFF"; var linkwithin_site_id = 331990; Categories: Korean Drama Tags: Choi Daniel, Koo Hye Sun, Musical Drama, Park Ki Woong, SBS, The Musical Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment Trackback […]

  148. 148 : amilyn Says:

    ratings keep dropping!!! but the story keeps getting better and exciting!

  149. 149 : jelly Says:

    ost please…….

  150. 150 : Jennie Says:

    Ep 8 was a little bit boring because nothing happened much. The kiss was not meant to be –ugh..so disappointed. And when they mentioned idol, I thought, ah maybe they’ll get somebody famous to boost the ratings but yikes, another disappointment. Ahh..what to do? Just have to wait for the next episode! I fear with the low ratings, they might cancel the whole drama or something like that.. I hope not. Even if they do, I hope they will give us a decent ending. I have commented on this before but I just can’t help but comment on KHS’s complexion again! She’s not pretty but sweet but her complexion kinda compensate for it. Her skin is just amazing and I am so jealous ♥♥♥

  151. 151 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi Jennie,
    Where to download the OST on this?
    I’m working on the list you gave me!

  152. 152 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hi, you can download the ♫ ost from:


    Don’t forget to include JYJ’s In Heaven album. I remember that you liked Jaejoong’s song in PTB ost. There are two tracks here that I think you will like – Fallen Leaves & The Boy’s Letter. In a moment of insanity, I bought the album from Korea just so it will be counted on the Hanteo charts. My better half thinks I’m beyond help but that’s me..the loyal fan and supporter!! On top of the blue colored cd which I picked, 40 page booklet & poster, I got some free JYJ postcards too. The booklet also had 10 QR codes where I could ogle at Micky in private 24/7 ♥♥♥ I AM happy!!!

  153. 153 : dinaz Says:

    aww..ep 8 was so sad!i feel bad for yoo jin..he is supressing everything inside!and ra kyung i feel bad for her too..i m so confused if i shud support ra kyung and yoo jin????coz i like yoo jin and eun bi and also eun bi and hong jae yi..its my confusion every week who is best for eun bi..haha!these guys are really charming!
    i love the scene where hong jae yi kisses and hugs the pillow dat she used and she used his used towel..its such a sweet scene and i get to see such beautiful scenes in korean dramas only..but i m dissapointed dat there were no kiss 🙁 hong jae yi spectacles are outdated but it looks hot on him!i guess next episode is going to be a sad one for hong jae yi..
    @jennie i hope the drama won’t be cancelled coz i love it so much!

  154. 154 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Ya ya ya, agree with you absolutely. I too feel the same way. I like the big four very much and I am constantly torn between YJ & EB, or YJ with RK, or EB & HJI. Me too, I love that scene..it was silly but ahh so cute. Re DC’s spectacles, I just watched on Entertainment Weekly that DC is one of the top 7 guys who shouldn’t go without their spectacles! So true 😀

  155. 155 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie among the top 7?but its really true he can carry off those outdated spectacles so well.. 🙂 i m watching baby faced beauty u should gv a try too its cute but i prefer his look in the musical more..he looks more hot here..
    whoever will get eun bi i will be sad 4 the other.. 🙁

  156. 156 : usui Says:

    no OST yet?! i lyk their songs.. especially, when Eun-bi sings dat gumiho song… ^^,

  157. 157 : brian Says:

    Hello all my friend who love korea drama. Love to tell you about RA ONE movie from India. It’s great movie and in level hollywood standard ever see. Never done in india. mUSICAL MOVIE AND GREAT TEKHNOLOGI. PLEASE WATCH my friend…thanks

  158. 158 : RaneeAgashi Says:

    I really dont mind for the bad rating, as long as I can see Koo Hye Sun, I will always stay tune for this drama. Koo Hye Sun…. Fighting…!!!!

  159. 159 : fadli Says:

    the rating is very low, i’m wondering how bad this drama….same with Playfullkis…..

    i’m not gonna watch this drama…

    i’m only searching for the drama with the high rating….

  160. 160 : Mic Says:

    Bae Gang Hee is one horrible woman! Self-centered, calculating, and everything is for her own gain!

  161. 161 : utahaha Says:


    Even though the rating is bad, I’ll keep watching this drama. hehe 😀
    And I think this drama is not bad enough.

  162. 162 : surya Says:

    a like this drama 😀

  163. 163 : dirajunsu Says:

    I really love this drama!!
    Choi Daniel and Goo Hye Sun very cute couple!!
    I dunno why the rating was bad??

  164. 164 : janine Says:

    like this drama more and more!!

  165. 165 : sara Says:

    This is the best drama currently airing!!

  166. 166 : janine Says:

    excited to watch the subbed episode 9… ^_^

  167. 167 : ZarraJae Says:

    Love love this drama and all the cast. Am glad that we are getting more comments on this thread! Can’t wait for Ep 9 with subs. Hope will be able to see tomorrow!

  168. 168 : dinaz Says:

    @zarrajae me too i m waiting 4 the subs i have been checking everyday hope by 2moro we will be able to watch it..i love it so much i don’t care about the ratings anymore..

  169. 169 : dinaz Says:

    ep9 was so sad..poor jae yi..y eun bi alwaz keeps rejecting him?i feel so bad for him..very sad ep!

  170. 170 : Jennie Says:

    Idk but there’s something about this drama that makes me like it very much. EB was pretty good in Ep 9. She’s smart and she knows her place eventho she makes JY miserable. But I likee very much especially the scene with YJ after she finished watching the play and they went together for a cuppa in the rain. That was sooo romantic and for this episode, YJ wins the girl..haha..he got lots of air time. Poor poor JY..but I bet he’ll win in the next episode!! I think this is the first time that I don’t mind if either one of the guys gets the girl in the end. For me in some dramas, I prefer the supporting guy rather than the lead, like Mary Stayed Out All Night, I liked Kim Jae Wook so much and was totally pissed off with Jang GS and in Hong Gil Dong, I preferred Jang GS over Kang Ji Hwan. And the OST in this drama is just great. Love all the songs 🙂

  171. 171 : janine Says:

    I feel sorry for hong jae yi in this episode. But I am also worried for Eun Bi. Did she made the right decision in being the alternate of Baek Kang Hee? hm…

  172. 172 : Eun Bi Says:

    I love this drama..very interesting. GEB just for HJY..keke

  173. 173 : janine Says:

    i like the turn around character of yoo jin… he has become more human after meeting eun bi.. i wonder if ra kyung was able to warm his heart during the time yoo jin was in love with her… looking forward to the upcoming episodes……..

  174. 174 : urtheone Says:

    DC character is adorable…but i’m rooting eb and yj.parang mas kasundo sila..

  175. 175 : dinaz Says:

    oh i have been thinking about hong jae yi so much after watching ep9..i feel so bad 4 him.after 9 weeks of confusion between jae yi and yoo jin now i know who to support..i go for JAE YI..eun bi don’t reject him anymore plz..now i m totally for eun bi and jae yi..i like yoo jin too but jae yi u win..

  176. 176 : june Says:

    Not surprised that ratings are poor. I think main fault lies with Ko Hye Sun. She is miscast in this drama. Just too bad, bcs her role is pivotal. So it brings down the whole show for me. She doesn’t have a credible singing voice, for one, and more importantly she just does not bring a sense of authenticity and depth to the character of Go Eun Bi. Too bad cos Ock Joo Hyun, Park Ki Wong and Daniel Choi are inhabiting their respective roles well.

  177. 177 : Sukhipanna Says:

    I love this show! In my opinion Go Eun Bi and Hong Jae Yi characters are interesting to watch. It’s only showing one episode a week and that drives me cranky coz I have to wait for one whole week to watch the following episode. And I love the songs in this drama too!

  178. 178 : cjwong Says:

    Lovely cute amazing actress Gu Hye Sun always shining even dressed in lousy clothes or boyish style. So beautiful and sweet always. Must say this is very very challenging role for her, so why she take on this role, must be something deeper for herself, directors, producers, investors, which we onlookers and critics will not understand. However so far watching it once a week only, I can see it’s really a solid very interesting drama with a great cast. Even watching EuBi struggle with her lacking voice and lacking talent is so DRAMATIC!

  179. 179 : janine Says:

    like yoo jins voice! oh my…. eun bi and yoo jin also make a nice pair..^_^

  180. 180 : fitrick Says:

    so cute ko hye sun

  181. 181 : ghsforever Says:

    @June I get it u don’t like GHS but please tell me since ur the expert who do u think is the perfect female lead to this wonderful drama ?

  182. 182 : intyce Says:

    OMG….Ep. 10 is my favorite! I’ve never been so giddy…. ^__^

  183. 183 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for #152.
    In #154: Agree that DC looks way better with specs. Who r the other 6 guys who shouldn’t go without specs?
    What else u watching?

  184. 184 : kanha Says:

    Never mind the rating…..this drama is actually great for me and I love it 🙂
    I finished watching 9 episodes in a days, I was so addicted….I am sure u will love it to if u watch it like….2 episodes in a week… frankly, it only show 1 episode in a week is too short, it can make the audiences lost interest…..and sometime don’t trust the rating…ok, in short , you should watch this drama when its completely finished 🙂
    Im cheering for you, The Musical !!! fighting….

  185. 185 : mine.... Says:

    @intyce: i try to view the file but it’s not loading maybe i’ll wait for another day to watch ep. 10..this drama is like my appetizer cant work without watching it..certified a fan of Hye sun and start idolizing Daniel Choi…love them both…fighting disregard the rating guys just watch the drama and u know what the real score of it…thanks

  186. 186 : yoojin Says:

    Regardless of the ratings, THE MUSICAL is one good drama..

  187. 187 : juzz Says:

    Does anyone know from episode 11 preview, there is a woman that get along with Daniel Choi, is she Choo So Young? the one that plot as Daniel Choi girl friend.

  188. 188 : abby Says:

    To anyone who doesn’t know how good Go Hye Sun is
    I feel sorry for them. The beauty of a person doesn’t need to
    be only on the outside it must be within.To those who criticize
    her singing ability, they should watch the whole show first hand
    inorder to determine the progress of an aspiring artist who
    dream to be an actress on the stage.To judge her I guess is to early. Even in the school a student become more progressive as the years passed
    so as the actress in this drama . If they read the inroduction of this Musical
    story it tells you that her dreams to be one stage actress.Meaning
    she has to study and practice to be qualified as one….like a student
    who wants to get an A+ she has to study hard and focus. Amen.

  189. 189 : dinaz Says:

    @abby so well said..its funny when people laugh at her singing abilities coz she is a singer she is doing that poor singing for the role..and she sang the main song of her hit drama pure19 and also sang for boys over flowers..i don’t know how can people hate her she’s so kind and nice..she’s a total fairy!

  190. 190 : Surya Says:

    Like this drama (y)

  191. 191 : kanha Says:

    Don’t judge this drama by the rating, u will regret it 🙂

  192. 192 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz and abby well said (about goo hye sun). i am looking forward watching her upcoming series: Take Care of us, Captain and Absolute Boyfriend. MBC station will produce Absolute Him (similar to Absolute Boyfriend).

  193. 193 : RaneeAgashi Says:

    Hey….I see that this drama got in to The Most Shared Drama (Top 16) in this site. And most of it is a good comment. Its soooo great….!!! Keep It Up Guys… So there is more people realized how Great this drama. Fighting…!!!

  194. 194 : dinaz Says:

    @yoojin me too i eager 4 her new series take care of us captain!but the main male lead is he good??i dnt knw much abt him..i want it to be a hit series..
    and absolute boyfriend will b fun to watch with jiro..he’s quite cute!!

  195. 195 : kdramalover Says:

    I’m sorry if I have to say the truth about this drama and maybe a lot of people hate my comment… it’s not worst to watch at all… waste of time… I don’t like Koo Hye Sun in this drama at all… I watched because of Daniel Choi… No wonder the rating is very low…

  196. 196 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz i am not so sure about the male actor for the take care of us captain. i was hoping that the male lead will be seo ji seok (pure 19). just like you, i want her next drama to be a big hit! hehe… crossing my fingers.. ^_^

  197. 197 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz btw, have you watch the pure 19 drama? can you recommend where to watch it?

  198. 198 : surya Says:

    @kdramalover: i don’t agree with you, i like koo hye sun in this drama.
    @yoojin : the lead male in drama take care of us captain is Ji Jin Hee (Dong yi)

  199. 199 : dinaz Says:

    @yoojin i was hoping a hot guy in her drama like won bin or lee seungi but this guy i don’t know him..i just hope it will do gud..i will alz support her.let me cross my fingers too..hehe!no i havent watched pure 19 yet u will find in http://www.mysoju.com as ‘hearts of 19’ its undergoing repair u can watch there.d prob with pure 19 is dat its too long 122 episodes but i heard its an awesome drama..so i’ll watch it 4 sure sometime.

  200. 200 : yoojin Says:

    @surya thanks for the info.
    @dinaz yes, i was also hoping that it would either be lee seungi or jo insung or yoo ah in. well, maybe next time. but then, daniel choi is not bad either. i think goo hye sun, most of the time, has a good raport with her co-lead actor. =P

  201. 201 : dinaz Says:

    @yoo jin i like daniel too..he’s very manly specially with specs..i would b happy if thy cast him agn with her.4 her nxt drama after take care of us captain the most ideal guy would b hyun bin..it wud b an awesm couple..dnt u think so!yup c is so friendly evry1 seem to like hr alot..

  202. 202 : KHS's fan Says:

    Never been comment but I will now… for the sake of KHS. Fall in love with her since BOF… overacting or whatsoever… I like it… She truly show off her acting talent rather than hold back to stay looking cute/beautiful…very natural and real… may be not the best actress but an entertaining one…
    now… my day will not complete without finding her story…

    I also respect all the drama she chose…every role show a strength and uniqueness of a woman… an inspiring one… don’t bother on the rating…. don’t get influence by other people opinion especially anti (with boring same comments)… watch it in full… you could get addicted with her…

  203. 203 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz i think goo hye sun and hyun bin will make a good couple. i saw their CF, it was nice. i’m hoping to see more drama with goo hye sun..

  204. 204 : just Says:

    i just watch priview of this drama and i love it, but i don’t know where i can watch full episodes..can anybody tell me?
    love KHS and DC..the musical fighting!!

  205. 205 : Jennie Says:

    My, I was away from this thread for about a week or less but my, how it has “grown”. Good for you, Musical – Fighting! Glad to see some familiar names too. Hi, KDAddict – are you watching this too? Hi Kanha, hope you will continue to give your comments here. Hi, dinaz, I see you now have a bias here, huh? So no more Yoo Jin for you?
    @KDAddict If I recall correctly, the other six guys are Park Wan Hyu (the rocker who sang One Day of Love in TPM Ost), Yoo Jae Suk, Bae Yong Joon, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Tae Won & Yoon Hyung Bin. Am following A 1000 Days Promise and this only. On n off am watching Vampire Prosecutor n believe it or not, am still watching QoR-don’t know why I’m finding it so difficult to finish this! Other than that my current obsession is watching old mvs of DBSK and following news of JYJ!! I think I am almost like 90% Jaejoong bias now. Poor Micky..but JJ these days is soooo sexy – must be due to my forever fickle hormones!! I intent to watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop today. Reviews r good so am going to give it a try. Hope to see u there!

  206. 206 : dinaz Says:

    hi jennie,i noticed dat ur comments were missing..welcome back!its alwaz nice to watch musical with all of u!!ya i m for hong jae ji now can’t help..hehe!i felt too bad whn he was so sad by eun bi..but i like joojin too he is becoming more human aftr meeting eun bi..wat abt u?stil torn between them?hehe!why is it taking forever to upload ep10..cnt wait!

    @yoojin me too waiting 4 more of her dramas..i feel bad dat she has too many antis..specially in other websites they write horrible things about her..lets keep r fingers crossed for her success! 🙂

  207. 207 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie i am also watching a thousands day promise. yes, it is also a good drama. will check the flower boy ramyun shop.

    @dinaz just realized now that she has many antis. oh well, you can’t please everyone. =p

  208. 208 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz and yoojin Hi, ah it’s good to be doing this again. Love chatting with everyone here. Okay, I still haven’t decided who I favour more- when I see HJ looking so sad and disappointed, I’m with him but when YJ smiles, ahh my heart melts and I want him to win the girl, so ottoke? Just go with the flow I guess..shows how fickle I am 😀
    As for KHS’s antis, I guess people are just jealous. I’ve once said she may not be tops in the looks dept, but she does her best in her dramas and she’s really a very talented person, seeing how involved she is in directing and such etc. And I read that she’s good with everybody and she’s really a wonderful noona to all her co actors.
    I hope the subs are out by now. Will go check now. Take care.

  209. 209 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m not watching this. Just want its OST, cos I figure a show called The Musical probably has many good songs! 😉 KHS’s acting is hi energy. I find that it tires me out just to watch it. I certainly don’t hate her; if she is paired w an actor I like, I can watch. I like many K actors, but there r a few I just can’t warm to. DC is one. It’s purely personal taste.

  210. 210 : janine Says:

    still no subs… still waiting.. eagerly waiting for episode 11…

  211. 211 : Jennie Says:

    Wowee, did you guys hear that? Our dear dear Yoo Jin can really sing. Ahh..I think I am in love.. first becos of that killer smile of his and now, for that super smooth voice of his. For this episode, Yoo Jin still wins the girl tho it was mean of him not to answer RK’s call. And poor JY and his stupid friend. I say stupid cos how can anyone use up such a big amount in such a short time and it wasn’t even his money in the first place. But I like the part when JY confessed his love but didn’t really understand this part entirely. EB rejected him becos why? Is it becos she wanted him to do the musical and she did not want him to be torn between the musical and her? That’s why she decides to do Count Monte instead? Am I interpreting this correctly? Is that why he said at the end of the episode that she said that he was not sincere? I need help to understand this, anybody?

  212. 212 : kanha Says:

    @ Jennie 205 :
    Hi jennie 🙂 , I’m glade you are here, its nice to see you. since SOAW finished , I kinda finised for awhile as well….I just found out the musical recently and become so addicted…feel bad about the rating anyway, so that is why I have to leave my comments here to let people know how good this drama is 🙂

  213. 213 : dinaz Says:

    ah damn subs!!i can’t watch it.. 🙁 yoojin can sing??wow dats nice!good looks plus voice..good combo..jennie u seem to fall 4 yoojin..hehe!i guess u will like him till the end.. 🙂

  214. 214 : dinaz Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely fairy GOO HYE SUN..may u achieve lots of success in life.hope ur next drama will b a superhit..GOD bless u!

  215. 215 : KHS's fan Says:

    Happy Birthday to Hye Sun… may you have more more more wonderful career and life ahead. I will always support you… Fighting!!!

  216. 216 : ZarraJae Says:

    @dinaz Subs on viki are about 88%, that’s why I couldn’t understand a whole lot of things but I couldn’t wait. Don’t know why subs are so slow for this episode! Oh, I still like JY, it’s just that YooJin is getting all the lovey dovey parts with EB while JY is busy. JY did confess his love but am still trying to figure out what EB meant in her reply. I still have one foot each on either ship.. 🙂
    @kanha Welcome on board! Don’t worry about the ratings and just enjoy, like the rest of us here. So, whose side are you on or you can’t decide like me? Jae Yi or YooJin?

  217. 217 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz n kanha Oops, my sis used the ipad before me and I forgot to change username. Zarrajae is my pesky litle sis who follows me around, so be kind to her when you see her.

  218. 218 : janine Says:

    Happy birthday Goo Hye Sun!

  219. 219 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie i watch on viki coz its not available hre in india.i m fed up of waiting 4 subs..i m sad 4 jae yi..ah i jst cnt wait 4 ep10..
    hello zarrajae!!

  220. 220 : dinaz Says:

    oops i mean i CAN’T watch on viki..

  221. 221 : kanha Says:

    haha, jennie, I like them both 🙂 but if I have to choose one, that will be JY. His appearance, personality, talent, I like it all 😀 …but I also feel pity for yoojin…he is falling for EB more and more, hope he doesn’t hurt much. I saw the, previews of epi 10 and 11, its getting more and more interesting, I just cant wait…..

  222. 222 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz & kanha Ya, don’t understand why the subs are taking so long this time round. Subs at viki are still at 86%, so am still looking for answers. Sigh! Hope it comes tomorrow. Btw, my sis is in her 20s already so not small anymore but still just as pesky (hope she reads this!).

  223. 223 : yoojin Says:

    it’s thursday, still no subs yet………………..

  224. 224 : Ольга Says:

    Фильм замечательный .очень нравится !!! С нетерпннием жду перевода!

  225. 225 : yoojin Says:

    finally, watch the subbed episode 10 at epdrama.

  226. 226 : yoojin Says:

    Just finish watching ep10. The harmony of eun bi and yoojin voices are really good…. Hm… I feel soory for hong jae yi after hesring jessie’s did. also make me feel sorry for eun bi(make a difficult decision to transfer to count monti). looking forward to episode11

  227. 227 : dinaz Says:

    finally got to watch ep10..i feel so sad 4 hong jae yi..he loves her so much yet she refused him..i can’t get why she refused him..coz i feel eun bi loves jae yi..but my confusion started agn i m torn yet agn between yoo jin and jae yi..hehe!i made up my mind to like jae yi only but seeing yoo jin singing oh my melts my heart 🙂 my fav scene is when he sang the duet with eun bi.when he started the song i thought he din’t know how to sing but when he went on i was surprised he sings so well..wow impressed..and after singing he hides his face in his hands dat ws so cute.. 🙂 but jae yi i like u alot too..ah this episode made me confused agn ..
    @jennie i m confused agn..hehe!
    @yoojin who do u like better?jae yi or joo jin?though ur username tells me u like yoojin 🙂

  228. 228 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz i feel sorry for jae yi also. But then, i go for yoo jin now that he has become warm blooded person. It was really nice to eun bi and yoojin to sing together… ^-^

  229. 229 : yoojin Says:

    i think it will take us another week to watch episode 11… =d

  230. 230 : SAKI Says:

    someone as informations about the 11? yoojin seems to know something….

  231. 231 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz & yoojin Heehee, I knew you guys would love that part when Yoo Jin sings. He is so cute, isn’t he when he gets all embarrassed? dinaz, so how? We are both so confused as to who to choose? But I hope that in the next episode, everythg will get sorted out and EB will be back where she belongs and they will actually start work with JY’s musical. I actually can’t stand that idol girl. She’s too old and ugly to be an idol!

  232. 232 : intyce Says:

    Where is ep 11??!! I can’t find it anywhere! TT

  233. 233 : SAKI Says:

    me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {;^;} i want to see why Eun Bi collapse!!!!! and the singing lessons with Yoo Jin!!!!!!

  234. 234 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie i am so excited to watch the singing lessons of eun bi and yoojin. i don’t like that jessie, she’s a selfish girl…

    @intyce and saki have to wait next week for episode 11because the network aired the soccer game.

  235. 235 : janine Says:

    i hope to see hong jae yi sing in this drama..

  236. 236 : intyce Says:

    Aww…I went on The Musical’s official site and it said Episode 11 air date is 2011-11-18!! =( Geez… I was sooo looking forward to this episode all week!
    Well if any of you are Yoo Jin lovers like I am ^__^….you need to watch him in My Tutor Friend 2! Sooo adorkable and funny! Total opposite from his Yoo Jin character. =)

  237. 237 : intyce Says:

    @yoojin sorry just saw your post. Thanks for the info! ^^

  238. 238 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie u were rite i ws blown by his singing.this is the 1st time i m confused who to like till ep10.ya hope eun bi takes a gud choice by ep11.dat jessie is rely ugly specially whn c says oppa nasally.yucks!
    @yoojin i too feel it wl tk anothr week..so sad! 🙁
    @intcye i hv seen dat movie long back.he looks much more gudluking now!dat movie is really cute..
    Have u all noticed when park ki woong smile a long dimple stretches his entire cheek.dats so cute..

  239. 239 : SAKI Says:

    i totally agree what @dinaz said
    “i ws blown by his singing.this is the 1st time i m confused who to like till ep10”
    @yoojin i hate officialy soccer!!!!
    @intyce i saw my tutor friend II a few days ago because of Park Ki Woong ^^ the korean actors who speaks korean really suck lol but ki woong is funny i love him
    when i saw the ep10 i was like “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” and in the same time “… … … … taebak… …”

  240. 240 : Jennie Says:

    @SAKI Welcome to the “indecisive” club-where we don’t know who we want to side with ♥♥

  241. 241 : dinaz Says:

    @SAKI me too wanna know y eun bi collapsed..eun bi-joo jin singing lessons are really gonna be wow.another killer episode awaits!i really can’t wait 4 ep11.As rightfully told by jennie ‘indecisive club’ welcome to this club.hehe! 🙂
    oh my we have to wait 4 so long for ep 11??so unfair that too in the most exciting part..damn!i hate soccer too 🙁

  242. 242 : PBaddict Says:

    Ma-a-a-n I’m so disappointed that we have to wait another week for the next episode… 🙁 I hope that Jae Yi doesn’t take the make-EunBi-jealous mission too far with this new chick… I already can’t stand her. 😀

    Yoo Jin’s cuteness and singing almost made me want to take his side, too, he was just incredibly adorable and sexy in the 10th ep… Btw, how naive Eun Bi can be that she doesn’t notice that he LIKES her… xD Despite all the cuteness I still think that Eun Bi will have to end up by Jae Yi’s side, I hope she will realize what she’s missing now that they won’t work together and as I suspect won’t meet too much for a while.

  243. 243 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz, saki & yoojin I hate soccer too 😀

  244. 244 : arrow Says:

    can’t wait for episode 11. who could be the new girl jae yi is meeting with? and eun bi saw them. i think she’s jealous.. and oh my, she collapsed! super stressed with count monti?

  245. 245 : yoojin Says:

    waiting for friday to come… ^_^

  246. 246 : bahman Says:

    I don’t like yoo jin atitude toward her fiance leaving her and going to Eunbi but thats what the drama is all about.

  247. 247 : bahman Says:

    Yoo Jin is not honest.

  248. 248 : yoojin Says:

    Horray for The Musical! it has been sbated 1,000x on facebook… Fighting!

  249. 249 : dinaz Says:

    I m missing jae ji eunbi yoo jin..friday come fast!

  250. 250 : min woo Says:

    Can’t wait for ep.11 ^^
    and i always wait your next drama Koo Hye Sun . I love you so much :*
    good luck your new drama Fly Again / Take Care of US Captain .

  251. 251 : yoojin Says:

    waiting for episode 11… missing eun bi, jae yi and yoo jin…..

  252. 252 : dinaz Says:

    Just 1 humble request to the subbers.plz plz sub ep11 faster than b4 coz we had to wait 4 a long time 4 ep 11.plz do not delay this time..eager to knw watz gonna happen next..

  253. 253 : sanju Says:

    m eager to watch d coming episode
    nice drama

  254. 254 : Jennie Says:

    I was just looking at the dates of the drama and I see that the last episode will be aired on 23 December. By now, all the Christmas decorations would be up and I am so hoping that the final episode would be one great romantic ending, what with the lights and the snow and all that. Can’t wait! I remember when I was in Seoul during Christmas time a few years back and it was snowing then. In Everland, it was so magical because of all the snow and lights. Ah, I wish we have snow here as well!

  255. 255 : RaneeAgashi Says:

    Episode 11..!! Episode 11..!!! Episode 11…!!!! Miss Choi Daniel… and Koo Hye Sun sooooo much…!!!

  256. 256 : wong Says:

    According to the listed schedule, ep 11 is only after 2 weeks, not the 1 week interval. Wonder why they have a 1 week break? No wonder ep 11 isn’t coming out cos it’s not aired yet!! Only on 18 Nov.

  257. 257 : yoojin Says:

    @wong episode 11 will not be aired tonight?

  258. 258 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin & wong Ep 11 will only be aired on 18th. This is probably because KHS was in Australia first week Nov to film her new drama, …Captain (sorry but don’t know exact title). Afraid that we all have to wait another two weeks before we can see Ep 11, if we count the one more week that we have to wait for subs. it’s such a bummer!

  259. 259 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie oh no!!!!!

  260. 260 : Mic Says:

    Just watched eps 11. If it’s going the way I think it’s going, Yoo Jin with Eun Bi, Jae Yi with Choo So Young, I’ll be happy! But I know that probably won’t happen. 🙂

  261. 261 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin @ Mic heehee, I must have gotten all my dates mixed up. I thought Nov 18 was another week away! So we just have to wait another week for subs only, yoojin! or keep our fingers crossed that the subs will be out in 2 days time!

  262. 262 : Mic Says:

    @Jennie, You will like eps 11, it had new development and I look forward to eps 12!

  263. 263 : RaneeAgashi Says:

    @Mic : You really have watched it ?? You’re so lucky, I’m so jealous….!! Really can’t wait for episode 11, cant find it anywhere.

  264. 264 : Mic Says:

    @RaneeAgashi, hi, yes, I watched it. If you don’t mind spoiler, I can tell you some development. Just let me know.

  265. 265 : dinaz Says:

    @Mic is ep 11 out with eng subs?????i m so so eager to watch it….can’t wait any longer..

  266. 266 : Mic Says:

    @dinaz, hi, oh, I watched one with Chinese subs, maybe English subs is not out yet.

  267. 267 : dinaz Says:

    @mic lucky u!!oh at these times i really wish i knew korean…. 🙁 🙁 or maybe chinese.ah i just caan’t wait nymre..hope hong jae yi is not hurt in this ep..hate to see his sad face!i just wonder watz going on between eun bi and yoo jin or eun bi and jae yi..sch a long long wait..subbers are being mean now..

  268. 268 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz waiting for the subs also..
    @mic where did you watch episode 11?

  269. 269 : samantha Says:

    can’t wait for all the episodes to be out, just want to get the DVD already! :p loved Hong Jae Yi, Eun Bi! Where’s the ep11 with chinese sub! 🙂 watched the raw video with no sub, simply have no clue what they’re talking about.

  270. 270 : Mic Says:

    @yoojin, torrent…

  271. 271 : Intyce Says:

    I watched ep 11 w/o eng subs! Haha I needed my YJ fix ^_^ OMG he is all smiles in the first half of this episode! Made me super giddy! (^____^) LOL

  272. 272 : Intyce Says:

    Does anyone know if the OST is out? I went to LA Koreatown but they didn’t have that in stock. =(

  273. 273 : jj Says:

    i so love this drama ;)) i am hoping that they will air ep 11

  274. 274 : dinaz Says:

    I m realy annoyed nw.its wednesday yet no subs..i saw some clips where it shows eun bi and jae yi both heartbroken but yoojin seems to b happy.ah plz subs subs subs subs..cnt wait ny longer..

  275. 275 : Jennie Says:

    Hi girls. Yeah, agree with you, dinaz. It’s so frustrating that the subs are taking so long everywhere. I couldn’t wait any longer so I watched without subs. I thought this episode was a bit slow, with nothing much happening. I am getting very upset with both Jae Yi and Eun Bi. What’s with all the missed phone calls and all! But it was sad watching them both missing each other though. As for Yoo Jin, he was so sweet when they bought the musical box but at the same time, I wish he would just come clean wit RK. With Eun Bi back home, I think she will find out about what’s happening to YJ’s mum. Does anyone think that RKyung will eventually end up with the other guy who likes her? As for the new girl, I am sooo prepared to hate her!! What’s she doing there, cooking and watching a sad movie with JY, eventho they may be old friends or hey, maybe she’s his cousin or something, I hope so!! Mic, you can tell us this? Is she related to JY?
    @Intyce Re the OST, they have released 3 parts in Korea but you can actually d/l from various websites.

  276. 276 : yoojin Says:

    still waiting for the subs… getting frustrated… finished watched the raw episode. disappointed because there was no yoojin singing….

  277. 277 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie i m fed up of waiting..its really unfair coz 4 other dramas the subs get out by 3days..don’t they realise that there are lots and lots of fans of the musical..i just saw a video on youtube where eun bi and jae yi seems sad..its tricky about ra kyung but she loves yoo jin alot..so maybe she will end up with yoo jin..n the other girl looks irritating to me!
    @yoojin n jennie u both seem more eager dats y u both watched the raw ep..hehe! 🙂

  278. 278 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Yes, the subs for last few episodes took very much longer. A lot of fans are actually waiting for the subs cos I have checked almost all the populat websites and everybody is asking the same question. I guess there are too few subbers and too many dramas. Anyway, what to do, we have no choice but watch the raw ep first. Yes, it’s a sad episode for both EB and JY cos they miss each other very much. For this episode, I am on JY’s side. Yoo Jin was lovable early in the episode but like I said earlier, I also feel sorry for RK because I’m not comfortable with how YJ is treating her. I hope he comes clean with her asap eventho she is avoiding the issue.

  279. 279 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie it’s thursday already, but still no subs!! i like the part where yoo jin and eun bi buy the music box… its so sweet…

  280. 280 : PBaddict Says:

    go to dramacrazy for subs, my dears!!! 🙂 😉

    This new chick with Jae Yi better get lost and soon… I cant stand to see her face too much longer… -.-“

  281. 281 : Jennie Says:

    @PBaddict Subs weren’t there yet when I checked yesterday. Thanks.

    Subs are out at other websites too, pals, so let’s lavish every word and action so as to satisfy our thirst n to last us for another week of torture!

  282. 282 : SAKI Says:

    Hi girls! Eun Bi seems to miss Jae Yi it’s to sweet!!!!
    But Yoo Jin seems somehow like Eun Bi is going to reject him so I’m a little sad for him…
    And I want this fellow girl to quit Jae Yi’s side I don’t like her at all but thanks to her Eun Bi seems to feel a little jalousy

  283. 283 : tintin08 Says:

    hello.. wahhh it’s already Thursday but still no episode 11.. so sad.. i miss watching the musical. i also miss the smile of daniel choi 🙁

  284. 284 : Ivy Says:

    Episode 11 is http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/the-musical/ is available now.

  285. 285 : Mic Says:

    @Jennie, hi, the new girl is Jae’s classmate in college. She also worked with music and now is the pd for the girl group Jae works for. She is going to ask Jae to move in with her!

  286. 286 : dinaz Says:

    Hey gals ep11 is out go check it out.damn i m at work realy wanna go home.hehe!as soon i reach i’l definatly watch it.cnt wait to go home..

  287. 287 : yoojin Says:

    finally, the subs are out!!! ^_^

  288. 288 : janine Says:

    @mic the girl is asking hong jae yi to live with her?? it’s getting more complicated.. how about the gumiho musical? is it totally cancelled?

  289. 289 : samantha Says:

    i wonder if Baek Kang Hee will actually turn out to help Eun Bi and make her a great actress and help her with the relationship with Hong Jae Yi. The new girl, is someone we all wish didn’t appear, weird why did she even ask Hong Jae Yi to move in with her, it doesn’t makes sense at all.

  290. 290 : Jennie Says:

    Waiting for the next episode is going to drive all of us nuts, what with new girl popping that question all of a sudden! Samantha, good question re Baek Kang Hee. She has been real quiet in the last two episodes, and I agree with you that maybe she’ll be the one to help JY and EB in the end. Don’t undersatnd why they bring in new girl half way thru the drama! Looks like Kang Hee is not gonna be the girl we all want to hate but the new girl!

  291. 291 : intyce Says:

    OMG! Now I can’t wait for ep. 12!! YJ will finally know the truth about his omma.

  292. 292 : kdrama filipina addict Says:

    its so true, its like in boys over flowers when gu jun pyos fiance came on the scene and she made all the fans nervous cos she wasnt horrible or mean and she was actually quite spunky and had a lot of personality, its easier to hate on Kang Hee cos shes so obviously cruel & manipulative but this new girl needs to back off quick so we can see more sweet moments between JY and EB. As for Jin he is such a super cutie esp when hes around YB that i wish it was possible for her to end up with the two of them maybe they can share her, 3 and a half days a week each?? LOL she would be so lucky 🙂

    and i agree about the subbing, i dont get why the musical takes sooooo long to sub and other dramas are subbed within a few hours

  293. 293 : PBaddict Says:

    @Jennie and all who get a headache, like me whenever this new chick appears in our Jae Yi’s loneliest moments, I do think all this has a purpose… but we are yet to find out what on earth it might be… It better be a good one or I’ll be mad. One thing the writers might want to achieve is to have someone other than Kanghee for us viewers to hate… who knows…

    I just wish Kanghee would know about her… now that would be a proper catfight. 😀 And as much as I hate my kdrama male leads wavering I would shock our diva to see them together, she might even fell sick like Eunbi did after she saw them… 😀 Whatever happens I only wish for my fave Jae Yi-Eunbi couple to sit down and “talk things out”, even better if they kiss it out… all lovers quarrels should end that way, in my opinion, in real life as well as on the screen… 😉

    I’m counting the hours till the appearance of the raw file to get my fix. 🙂 I really hope it will be a good one.

  294. 294 : intyce Says:

    Did anyone else notice, on the eng subbed episodes, they cut out the part when YJ was in his office and had a flashback on his conversation with RK? Also the part when EB’s grandma was making her those yummy looking Korean pancakes! Lol! It may have been small insignificant parts but still I want them subbed especially if YJ is in it!! ^^

  295. 295 : dinaz Says:

    ah finally after struggling with my internet for hours got to watch ep11..phew!!
    this new girl is really bugging me i guess she had a crush on him long time back coz their common friend told jae yi not to break her heart AGAIN!!i just hate her..aww poor baby jae yi i feel so bad 4 him and also eun bi she loves jae yi no doubt but she wanted to focus on musicals coz she went too far to achieve that but now she realizes what jae yi is to her!!as for yoo jin i would be sad to his sad face when eun bi will finally reject him.. 🙁
    its ep11 now i hope to see a kiss soon..hehe!

  296. 296 : Jennie Says:

    @intyce (294) Which website did you watch drama from? I’m pretty sure I saw the scenes you mentioned.

    @PBaddict My first thought when the new girl came was ah, Kang Hee in real life is a big star, so maybe they don’t want people to hate her so much, thus in comes the new girl. Then I thought mayb they want to reduce EB’s airtime becos of her other drama. Yes, agree with you for whatever reason, it better be good. So far the scriptwriter has been doing a good job and the director’s killing us for shooting those cute and sweet shots of the two killer male leads. When I see JY’s face all down and lonely, I want EB to go to him but when I see YJ’s happy face (when he smiles, I can’t help but smile along and it drives me nuts cos I feel so silly 😀 ), I want him to end up with EB!

    @kdrama filipina addict LOL If only we can all to that! Better still, instead of half-half, the three of them should live together. JY will play the piano, EB will dance and Yoo Jin will do the singing!!

  297. 297 : janine Says:

    @jennie can’t wait for episode 12… does jae yi and the new girl have a past relationship? or are they just mere old friends? it hurts that jae yi ignore eun bi’s call… i don’t think ra kyung will let go of yoo jin, he is asking him to stay by her side…

  298. 298 : yoo jin Says:

    i have mixed feelings for yoo jin… he knew the reason why eun bi got sick (because of jae yi) but he is like a little boy whenever eun bi is by his side. his smile is really nice….

  299. 299 : tintin08 Says:

    i already watched episode 11 yesterday.. i hate that new girl. Her face is so irritating hahaha :))
    woo i am craving for more eps.. i can’t wait to watch episode 12 hehe i so love THE MUSICAL :))

  300. 300 : intyce Says:

    @Jennie they cut that part out on Dramacrazy and Mysoju. I always watch the raw version first on Viki before the subs come out, that’s how I noticed something was missing.

  301. 301 : dinaz Says:

    Hey gals,did u al watch d bts of the previous episodes of the musical making?its so funny ki woong,daniel n hye sun are so funny.its fun to watch especialy daniel teases hye sun alot..they hv wonderful chemistry.i heard park ki woong will be the 2nd lead in fullhouse 2?it will be fun to watch to watch him again but sad that he will b 2nd lead..

  302. 302 : Jennie Says:

    @intyce You’re right. I checked once again and both the scenes were edited out. I wonder why? The grandma’s scene was not vital but they shouldn’t have taken out YJ’s scene. That scene reminds us that YJ is still a nice guy and that he has only now realise how inconsiderate he had been towards RK.

    @janine (297) Jae Yi and that new girl were classmates then and the new girl probably had and still has a crush on Jae Yi. I think Jae Yi is ignorant of her crush, being such a dork that he is!

    The teaser at the end of Ep 11 is I suspect, just a teaser. I think New Girl was referring to the movie that they had just watched. And another explanation which I think is most likely after watching Ep 12 preview is that since they have to work together for the next few years, they’d probably have to share the same place (I think it’s common to house the writers and PDs together when they are working on a drama/album etc), so that’s why she asked. New Girl of course would wish for it, as seen in preview. But let’s hope something else will come out in next episode. I’m definitely gonna watch the raw and test my Korean tomorrow!

  303. 303 : SAKI Says:

    news of the ep11 softsubs?

  304. 304 : dinaz Says:

    @SAKI ep11 is out on mysoju.com,epdrama.com,dramacrazy.com.
    @jennie do tel us how ep12 was.hope u wil undrstand it wel..but 1 thing i m sure jae yi wil never fall 4 this new gal.hope eun bi n jae yi unite in ths ep..

  305. 305 : Mic Says:

    @janine, Gumiho musical seems to be put on hold for now, with Jae Yi had to work for a girl group to repay the debt and all, but I think they might bring it back at the end. I’m actually glad to see the drama is going an unexpected direction, even it’s just for one or two episodes, still a refresher. 🙂

  306. 306 : intyce Says:

    Uh oh I read on Dramabeans ep. 12 may be delayed due to a sports game!! WTH! >_<

  307. 307 : Mic Says:

    yep, no eps 12 today.

  308. 308 : yoo jin Says:

    this is so frustrating!!!!!!!!! no episode 12… =(

  309. 309 : dinaz Says:

    @intyce n mic is it really like dat?damn another week of torture.damn y do they alz do that only to this drama?damn i m so pissed.i knw all of u r pissed too. @jennie n yoojin wat to do no ep12..u both wl be angry too 🙁

  310. 310 : Intyce Says:

    @dinaz yessss I am so pissed! >_< they make us look forward to the next episode only to disappoint us with all these delays! Geez…

  311. 311 : yoojin Says:

    i am really disappointment. Have been looking forward watching ep12. They should have a make up schedule for missed episode of the musical.

  312. 312 : amber216 Says:

    this drama is way better than the others which are currently airing in korea, why is it has a low rating? oh well, i guess we really do have different perspective.
    i’m excited to see how would eun bi finally confesses her real feelings with jae yi. i guess it would be liked the lyrics of jae yi’s song…
    Can’t wait for next episode…

  313. 313 : Jennie Says:

    Hi everybody Yeah I am so pissed. I was even prepared to watch it raw. Of all the days, they just have to pick a Friday! Yes, agree with you, yoojin, they should make up for all the missed eps, like showing for two hours straight etc. So frustrating! That’s why the ratings do not improve…the delays are killing everybody’s interest.

  314. 314 : sunniez Says:

    Hai everybody .. please like this page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/PleaseCaptainSBSdrama this is new drama Goo Hye Sun ‘Please Captain’. Thx

  315. 315 : yoo jin Says:

    @jennie so frustrated!!! so disappointed!!

  316. 316 : PBaddict Says:

    This is simply too much, really… If they miss a week they should at least give us a double dose the other week… this is killing me for sure… it’s unfair with us and unfair with the drama :/ :S -.-“

  317. 317 : yoojin Says:

    @PBaddict it is really too much, just when you are expecting it! it is one of the reason the rating is lagging behind… i hope the network airing the drama read our sentiments…

  318. 318 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin & PBaddict Yes, everybody’s so frustrated and we didn’t even know that it was going to be postponed and we were all so looking forward to the next episode! Ahhh, what to do? To ease my frustration, am going for Twilight, Breaking Dawn 1 tonight, so I’m off to see my two other favourite couple and gals, I waited one whole year for this movie for the past 3 years so sigh, what’s another week for this drama? Boooo 🙁

  319. 319 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie i’m really pissed.. we have to wait for a week for the drama.. we also have to wait for almost a week for the subs…. worst, after all the waiting… the next episode was postponed to another week… don’t know what to say anymore…

  320. 320 : hny Says:

    @ guys…
    I watched eps 11…when Jy’s have another woman beside him..he looks comfort with that …for me in this eps. JY like an eazy guy or playboy!!!!

  321. 321 : dinaz Says:

    now i understand why GHS fans were so pissed on soompi..damn i din’t evn imagine it to be like that..
    @ intyce and all of you i m really dissapointed..at first they air only 1ep per week that too at such an odd time and hence fall of ratings..then comes subbing problems!other dramas take only 3days but for the musical we gotta wait n wait..then comes soccer then sports..what the hell!!!!!!!
    @hny he is not easy guy its just that she was his classmate so the comfort level..i m 100% sure he loves eun bi..

  322. 322 : wong Says:

    This should be called MISSical, you know, missing and delayed episodes! It’s a great drama but without any regard nor respect for audiences and fans who are trying to faithfully follow the superb actors and really good drama story.

  323. 323 : intyce Says:

    @wong LOL! I agree! =)
    But honestly I think they should call the drama “Love & Musicals” because they focus more on the complicated love lines. The Musical really takes the backseat of the story.

  324. 324 : hny Says:

    @dinaz..I agree with you that jy wil love eun bi,let see the next eps what jy do….

  325. 325 : arrow Says:

    shucks..waited for this day to see episode 12. then i can’t find it anywhere. so frustrating!

  326. 326 : ok ok ok Says:

    I continue to watch this drama even the story is slow and a little boring — the only reason is because it is acted by DANIEL CHOI – 1 of my favorite actor 🙂

  327. 327 : dinaz Says:

    Hong jae yi Eun bi and Yoo jin i miss u all..ah!so mean of sbs 🙁 I guess i m gonna miss this drama so much when it ends..after city hunter i followed this after this i dnt know what to follow..hmm..maybe GHS new drama Please Captain..

  328. 328 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    I love the story and I love GHS she an excellent actress but it might a little boring a little without a lively pace in the drama.

  329. 329 : min gha Says:

    I <3 this drama. And i <3 Goo Hye Sun. Can't wait her new drama Please Captain ^^

  330. 330 : ciodenz Says:

    is this a nice drama?

  331. 331 : Min gha Says:

    @ciodenz : of course 🙂 i like this drama.

  332. 332 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Hi, are you watching Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop? It’s hilarious and the guys are goodlooking ( tho I can’t say the same about the girls but…). I like it as much as The Musical. Best part is, so far there hasn’t been any delays!

  333. 333 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie i have read that Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop has been receiving a lot of good comments… i like the way jung il woo act… he’s good! i like the way he act in 49 days.. he carries himself well…

  334. 334 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin Jung IlWoo was great in 49 Days but he’s fantastic in Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop. The drama is very enjoyable and Jung Il Woo is simply hilarious. Highly recommended!

  335. 335 : anisa Says:

    wooyyy the musical is the best korea drama,,,,
    i like it

  336. 336 : dinaz Says:

    hi jennie no i havent watched it..i m waiting 4 it to finish!i too heard its a great drama..i’ll definately watch it once its over maybe dvd version..being a big lee min ho and goo hye sun fan couldnt wait 4 city hunter and musical
    i haven’t seen jung il woo act till now but i can say he has a supercute face.i m looking 4wrd to watch..1)please captain. 2)fullhouse 2(our beloved park ki woong) and 3.love rain(with jang geun suk)..
    ny more suggestions ny1 4 upcoming dramas??
    @anisa glad to knw there are more fans of this drama..

  337. 337 : kanha Says:

    Jennie, I’m also watching Flower boy ramyun shop too 😉 all the boys are cute, unlike the girls….the story is not boring and its funny.while I was waiting week to week for the musical, watching those flower boys really makes the time go faster 🙂
    By the way, have you checked out a new drama call Padam Padam…..I find it very interesting cos Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum is the main casts, I like them both.

  338. 338 : Jennie Says:

    @kanha I just visited the Padam Padam thread and wow, looks really interesting altho Kim Bum looked kind of funny in the picture. But I like Han Ji Min very much and Jung Woo Sung is also really easy on the eyes. Wow, three beautiful people and a love story too. Will surely watch! Have you seen Me Too, Flower? I saw bits n parts of it on Youtube and reviews have been good, so I’m going to check out that one too.
    @dinaz I’m waiting for Full House 2 and Love Rain too but we have to wait until next year for those. I’m looking forward to watching both Jang Geun Suk and Yoona together, two cuties and the storyline is very interesting. Also looking forward to watching both No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong in Full House 2 as I like the female lead too. Other than these, interesting upcoming dramas that I want to watch would like Vampire Idol, Fermentation Family, Dream High 2 and Absolutely Him. Believe it or not, all these dramas have very goodlooking guys in them 😉

  339. 339 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie started watching Flower Boy Ramyun shop… it’s very funny!!

  340. 340 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin Oh good, I know you will enjoy it very much. Best part is, you can watch uninterrupted now until you catch up to the latest episode! Get your handkerchief ready to wipe off your tears…tears of laughter, that is 😉

  341. 341 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie vampire idol??who are the actors??absolutely him is it a remake of absolute boyfriend?i too checked out padam padam i agree with u kim bum looks funny 🙂 hope the story is good.i wonder what will be minho’s new drama..fullhouse 2 will be really gud i guess!

  342. 342 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Yeah, Absolutely Him is Korea’s version of Absolute Boyfriend. The leads are Kim Ha Neul and TOP! Don’t know why Kim HN-don’t you think she’s a liitle bit too old? Have you seen the Japanese version? I enjoyed it! Vampire Idol, at the moment confirm lead is No Min Woo, the cute guy in My Girlfriend is Gumiho and Midas. Scheduled to begin in December this year but so far, haven’t heard anything about it. Suppose to be about a vampire plus alien prince who wants to be a pop star idol!?Should be fun- I just want to see No Min Woo in anything. He will also be in Full House with Hwang JE from Can You Hear My Heart and Giant. Looking forward to watching these 🙂

  343. 343 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie yup she is old but i guess she is supertalented..we have to see how it goes..i m more interested in the taiwanese version coz hye sun will pair up with jiro wang..no i havnt watch d japanese version..i heard its gud.i watchd only 2 japanese dramas hana yori dango and hana kimi i m exploring different asian dramas its fun..yup no min woo is really hot his height is gud i love the song he sang 4 mgiag..ah i m exited 4 these upcoming dramas..vampire idol sounds fun too..
    i m missing the musical alot coz ths is d drama i m following now!

  344. 344 : Sunshine Says:

    YEAH, I likes The Way of all Conversation of THE Musicaldrama

  345. 345 : ingrid Says:

    what so, why slowly drama, is impossible see each two week, the people i like see 2 days one the week no on the month sorry i like but is to slowly

  346. 346 : joongsun Says:

    Really miss The Musical :/ can’t wait ep.12 !

  347. 347 : yoojin Says:

    Wating for episode12…. Miss the musical…

  348. 348 : hny Says:

    Hate to wait this drama

  349. 349 : yoojin Says:

    @Jennie as i watch flower noy ramyun shop, i kept wishing goo hye sun is the yang eun bi….. Maybe i missed go eun bi….

  350. 350 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Hana yori dango is my favourite Japanese drama, I like it much more than the Korean version. The worst I think is the Taiwanese version. I haven’t seen the Taiwanese version of Absoulte Boyfriend. Is it any good? I prefer watching either Korean or Japanese dramas. I have seen some of the more popular Taiwanese dramas but didn’t really enjoy them.
    @yoojin Heehee, as you can see from the comments here, you are not alone. Everybody is just waiting and missing the drama. Funny how both dramas have the same name for the female lead! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  351. 351 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie i love the korean version bof for obvious reasons u knw LEE MIN HO..hehe!no absolute boyfriend taiwanese version will air next year..i watched only 1 taiwanese drama FATED TO LOVE YOU..its awesome give it a try!!
    ah everyone is missing this drama me too very badly!sbs is so so mean..
    i hope this year a good drama will win ‘best korean drama 2011’.i m voting 4 city hunter and the musical..

  352. 352 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Yeah, we all love BoF because of you know who. Back then when I was ‘chasing’ the drama, it was total madness catching up news and scanning the internet for the latest episodes as we all couldn’t wait to know the ending, very much like what we are doing now, but maybe 10 times the intensity due to the popularity of the drama but it was really fun to have people from all over the world sharing with you. I like the Japaneae version more because it was more animated and I like the grandeur of the setting.
    Oh yes, I have seen Fated To Love You and yes, it was good. Best Korean Drama 2011? I will vote for The Princess Man and Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop.

  353. 353 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie i havent watched anything like bof..its my best korean drama of all time!i watched few korean movies n dramas b4 but GOO JUN PYO pulled me into the wonderful world of korean dramas..now i m totally addicted..hehe!i watched the japanese drama hana yori dango nt the anime..the guy is ok but not as effective as minho..hehe!
    how is the princess man?is it sad?ure choices are gud too..lets see who wins hope a gud drama wins!
    and two more days 4 the musical..i guess from ep12 onwards its filmed in this year..friday come fast..

  354. 354 : mince Says:

    Nice drama 🙂 can’t wait ep.12 . I like Goo Hye Sun .

  355. 355 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Back then when I was watching BoF, I was crazy over LMH but I’ve gotten over him already..heehhee! Now I am gaga over Jung Il Woo of Ramyun Shop 😀 Oh, you must watch The Princess Man. It’s the best saguek for this year and it’s very romantic. Both the leads were awesome! Have you started voting? I just started today and I am using 3 different IPs..haha..just to make sure my favs win! Actually it’s very difficult to choose. Among the top ones, I didn’t watch only one ie Heartstrings but the rest are all very good.

  356. 356 : vania Says:

    this drama is getting boring, and her character is the same as boys before flowers

  357. 357 : intyce Says:

    @dinaz & Jennje I was crazy over LMH too during the BOF days! =) But after seeing him in PT and CH, I think it was really the “Jun Pyo” character that I was gaga for. Don’t get me wrong, LMH is an excellent actor…but his Jun Pyo character is my favorite. I definitely stop crushing on him ever since he hooked up with Park Min Young! LOL I admit I was a “MinSun shipper” but now I’m all about Yoo Jin and Go EunBi these days! =) hehe

  358. 358 : Jennie Says:

    @intyce Oh dear, I couldn’t have said it any better. You just wrote exactly what my thoughts and feelings are. My crush on LMH was just a crush on Go Jun Pyo and it stopped exactly after Bof. Not even his role in City Hunter held as much appeal as BoF and tho I wasn’t exactly a MinSun shipper, I am most definitely not a MinYoung shipper! Tonight’s the night we are all waiting for..really hope subs will come out soon!

  359. 359 : dinaz Says:

    @intyce and jennie i agree with u both goo jun pyo is the best of all..but i love minho alot..though i got a big blow whn i hrd about him dating pmy..dat was my saddest day(22nd august 🙁 ) i got so mad but still i like him alot..i m still a minsun shipper!
    @jennie u seem u be crazy 4 jung il woo..i have to check out the drama soon..yup i started voting from the day it was out.i m voting 4 city hunter for obvious resons..hehe!i won’t mind even if secret garden win coz its a great drama..i only hope dat things won’t be like last year..dont get me wrong i like jang geun suk but not ‘marry me mary’.so hoping a gud drama wins..
    @intyce yoo jin n eun bi makes an awesome pair too..if any of u watch the raw ep plz plz explain to us!

  360. 360 : intyce Says:

    Hi Jennie & dinaz! =) I know we’re all excited for tonight!!! \(^_^)/ I can’t wait….
    @Jennie what did you think of LMH in Personal Taste? =)
    @dinaz I will definitely be watching the raw episode tonight on Viki, even though I don’t speak Korean! LOL That’s how desperate I am to see this drama ^^ Plus it’s kinda fun to test how much Korean I know when the eng subs come out. hehe
    Well girls…I’ll c-ya back here later to check up on your thoughts on ep. 12!!!(^__^)

  361. 361 : dinaz Says:

    hey intyce do plz plz let us know whar happened..coz viki dosent work in india..i will be eager to know about it..lets hope ure korean becomes excellent 4 2day atleast….hehe! 🙂 i will be waiting 4 ur updates buddy!

  362. 362 : hny Says:

    OMG…its usseles to wait this ep 12…the drama became boring…

  363. 363 : Mic Says:

    Well, somebody needs to stand up to that Bae Gang Hee and Eun Bi is too much a fan to do that. Glad to see Choo So Young had that little confrontation with Bae! Haha!

  364. 364 : intyce Says:

    OMGosh….I feel so cheated w/ ep. 12! You expect an hour long episode but end up with only a 1/2 hour because they spend the other 1/2 showing a long recap in the beginning, replaying scenes we already saw from the last episode and throwing in some flashbacks!! And to think I waited 2 weeks…for THIS! >_<
    Okay enough of my ranting! 😉 hehe
    @Mic Yup! Bae Kang-hee has finally met her match! ^_^ This was the first time I've seen her speechless!
    Yoo Jin shows off some of his dramatic acting skills in this episode. I was quite impressed. =)

  365. 365 : janine Says:

    @intyce how about hong jae yi?

  366. 366 : PBaddict Says:

    I’m considering not watching this show until they air the finale… I have no idea where they are headed… really. And all the recap at the beginning… I got really pissed, than I just got bored. What are they doing to my favorite characters??? Why don’t we get somewhere with the actual musical? I get the Yoo Jin’s family drama had to be blown up and I really didn’t mind those parts but the rest only seemed to be there to fill time… I want the Eunbi-JaeYi thing to be developed or shot down completely, too… What the heck is going on with my songwriter?

  367. 367 : dinaz Says:

    @intyce and PBaddict was it really that bad??i m dissapointed but still i’ll watch!!many times i thought i won’t watch it anymre but i end up watching it 🙂

  368. 368 : PBaddict Says:

    @dinaz I guess it was not “that” bad to make me not want to watch the show anymore… it is just that I expected more progress in the storyline.

    Don’t anyone get discouraged because of me… I just had to write out my anger. And seeing as I’m forced to stay home now with a broken leg until January, I will surely continue to watch it weekly… I’m just wishing to see more thrilling episodes in the future. I think I will.. I haven’t given up hope yet. 🙂

  369. 369 : dinaz Says:

    @PBaddict its nice to hear about everyone’s review..so do express everything including ur anger..hehe!all of us do that.lets hope jae yi and eun bi unite soon..sad to see them depressed..but what about yoo jin i feel bad 4 him too..hehe!sad 2 know about your leg..get well soon! 🙂

  370. 370 : intyce Says:

    @janine Hong Jae Yi is still stuck at home with that producer chick. =( She made a move on him but he obviously wasn’t into her. =P
    @dinaz this episode was pretty bad because of the air time they wasted by replaying old scenes. The only upside was there was new development for Yoo Jin’s character.

  371. 371 : intyce Says:

    @dinaz I know you mentioned Viki wasn’t available in India but if you’re interested in watching the raw version you might want to try this website… =)

  372. 372 : yoojin Says:

    i think everyone is getting frustrated because of all the delays that fast paced story is expected on the next episode… well, i am crossing my fingers that the next episode is better than the last one.

  373. 373 : dinaz Says:

    @intyce thanx alot 4 the site..but since u all said it was a dissapointing episode its better to wait 4 subs than get more frustrated..thanx 4 d website it will be useful next week!new development of yoojin?do u mean he got to knw about his mom??

  374. 374 : Jennie Says:

    Hi girls, everybody’s frustrated that the drama is going nowhere. I actually expected this episode to be like that, as a means to buy time for KHS to ‘recover’ from her return from Australia. I hope the next few episodes to the ending will go smoothly from now onwards, otherwise, I fear that KHS’s, as well as the whole agency’s reputation will go down the drain, at least for me, because of her lack of commitment and doing more than she can handle, that put the whole drama at stake. If this was a more popular drama with high ratings, I doubt things would be like that. Whatever, I hope that the episodes that will come will be better!

  375. 375 : Jennie Says:

    @intyce (360) In Personal Taste, LMH was actually very goodlooking and his character was adorable. However it didn’t go down well with me because altho the story requires an older woman, I didn’t quite agree to SYJ with the role. She is pretty but I thought she looked a trifle too old for the role of a carefree woman. Her acting was over exaggerated and she was a little too old to be paired with LMH. No complaints about LMH’s acting tho. I very much prefer Mackerel Run. It’s silly but it was more enjoyable seeing him with Moon Chae Won than SYJ! Sorry, gals for going out of topic here but The Musical is having a ‘drought’ here as not much development in Ep 12.

  376. 376 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie i do hope the next episode will be better. i thought The Musical have already finish filming… so, the remaining episodes are not yet done? Oh my… I missed the whole cast of this drama. I am also looking forward to watching their nine tailed theater show… i will fill in my disappointment by watching the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop… ^_^

  377. 377 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin From what I know of Kdramas, they have this system where they will film and edit the latest episode just hours before it is released on tv. It’s a very hectic and rushed system and that’s why sometimes, the actors and actresses are stressed out by the filming schedule, as what happened in the filming of Myeongwol the Spy. Yes, I too am filling in my time waiting for My Musical watching Ramyun, which is so good. Am loving that drama very much. I only hope that The Musical will proceed smoothly now and not make us regret for supporting it week after week despite its poor ratings and that the story will not disappoint us. I hope it gives us a good ending!!

  378. 378 : Mic Says:

    @jennie, @intyce, @dinaz, hi, just catching up reading the older posts and can’t agree more on your talks about LMH as GJP in BOF! Same feeling here!

  379. 379 : dinaz Says:

    @mic so nice to know that there are lots of goo jun pyo fans..i actually miss minho’s curly hair..he carried off those curly hair so well..

  380. 380 : Mic Says:

    @dinaz, hi, yes, I feel the same way too! It might sound funny, but I feel MH in BOF with curly hair was so natural, while when he in City Hunter and Personal Taste was so pretentious. , might get attacked by MH fans. hahaha!

  381. 381 : dinaz Says:

    @mic i m a big huge fan of lmh too..but don’t worry i won’t attack u.hahahaha!
    actualy every1 has their opinion and a celebrity must take that well. 🙂 i likd him in pt n ct too but that arrogant goo jun pyo is too gud unmatchable to ny1..who r ur other favs?
    n omg i dnt knw y ep12 ws nt working..hv 2 try again..
    @all did u girls watched?cn u gv me a brief summary..plz plz..

  382. 382 : tintin08 Says:

    so glad i already watched episode 12 yesterday night hehe
    i can’t wait to watch episode 13 and the other remaining episodes..
    when will ep13 be available? i want to watch it already :))

  383. 383 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Haveyou watched it yet? I checked and evertythg seems ok. The first 20 mins was a lot of repeats and flashbacks but the episode actually got better. Watching it for a second time and with subs, I realised one thing and that is I dislike the new girl more than Baek Kang Hee. I hate all her talk about will you come or shall I go blah blah blah. It iritates me till no end! So, in this episode, I think RK finally understds that there’s no hope for her! But I’m so loving the two together – YJ and EB and okay, I think I’m team YJ and EB now. I like looking at them together and how the camera will zoom on those subtle hand touching scenes etc. Doesn’t mean much but I love them. JY looks as if he is losing the battle, esp when we are going to see new girl seducing him in next episode. And I hope EB will quickly make her decision. Is she still going to let JY be? Looking forward to the next episode, as always 😛

  384. 384 : hny Says:

    after watched this eps..mmmmm…no comment!!!!

  385. 385 : yoojin Says:

    yoojin is falling hard for eun bi…. ^_^

  386. 386 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie my horrible luck my internet seems to have some problems loading the video..i feel awful specially waiting 4 weeks..thanx 4 the summary..can u plz tell me did yoojin found about his mom’s sickness?how did he react?aww i feel bad 4 jae yi..but would have love to watch YJ and EB together..

  387. 387 : Jennie Says:

    @dinaz Oh sorry to hear about ur internet problems. Hope it will be fixed soon. It was EB who told YooJin. She went back to hometown to recover from flu, remember? She called YJ and RK found out and followed suit. So naturally YJ was very sad and he told his father that he should have let him shared the burden. His mother left home without anyone’s knowledge and somehow, I think she was involved in an accident. We have to wait for following episode to know what happened exactly. YJ was very sweet with EB and RK realises the truth and called Joon Hyuk to make her laugh and forget her troubles. New girl had a confrontation with Kang Hee which left KH speechless but who starts to investigate about New Girl. New Girl also asked JY to live together, which he refused but looks like she’s pretty determined! She even stole a kiss while he was napping 😛

  388. 388 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie thank u so much dear friend.i ws eager to know what happened..omg it wud b so nice 2 c kang hee speechles.c met her match.hehe!Rakyung called that other guy?after throwing his beautiful flowers?felt bad 4 him that time..oh my dat new gal is jst too gutsy 2 call jae yi to move in with her.jae yi will not go to her so she better leave the show!hehe 🙂 in my frustration over musical i found a nice drama ‘the greatest love’.its really gud!

  389. 389 : Jennie Says:

    @ dinaz So glad I could be of any help. Oh good, you’re watching Greatest Love. It’s one of the good ones and one which I enjoyed watching to very much and it’s a must watch for all KD fan. The male lead, Cha SW has another very popular drama which is just as good by the name of City Hall. Have you seeen it?

  390. 390 : handayani Says:

    permit to copy

  391. 391 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie thanx agn!yup i watched city hall it was awesome..the male lead cha seung won oh my my so hot at 40 he can give complex to any younger actor..he is so manly and macho absolutely adore him..and a great physique too and kim sun ah too she is such a natural actress love her too..i m really enjoying greatest love its really gud..

  392. 392 : dramalove Says:

    in the end of the ep.13 was a kiss

  393. 393 : PBaddict Says:

    Finally… Did I just get back the Jae Yi I adore? Took him long enough. By the way, There were still a lot of scenes repeated in this episode if next week they won’t repeat the last scene I don’t know what I’m gonna do 🙂 this time I wouldnt mind at all. Can’t wait for the subs. 🙂

  394. 394 : yoojin Says:

    @PBaddict there are still many repeated scenes but then this episode has made more progress.. Jae Yi finally kiss Eun Bi and Eun Bi did not resist. Feel so sorry for Yoo Jin. Can’t wait to watch the subbed version.

  395. 395 : PBaddict Says:

    Yeah, poor YooJin has it hard in this ep and I do feel bad for him I wish RaKyung stayed to console him… I know why she didn’t but still… leaving the person you’ve been in love with for years and who just lost his mom because you’re pride is hurt and you’re jealous is simply not right. I hope Jin finds his peace somehow.

  396. 396 : yoojin Says:

    same here, wish she stayed with him even just as a friend… poor yoo jin… it felt like the world has fallen on him…

  397. 397 : intyce Says:

    Ahh well…I guess Yoo Jin won’t get the girl after all. =( That’s pretty sad, he loses the girl to Jae Yi, loses his mom and may lose his fiancée. Wow! I really hope he doesn’t end up alone.

  398. 398 : dinaz Says:

    @PBaddict and yoojin really a kiss happened between the two.omg!i m so happy feel like screaming..hehe!finaly they kissed.ah!i m so happy.
    oh shit wat 2 do about my internet!fel like stealing someone’s net n use it.i dnt mind watching the raw 4 this ep.. 🙂 but then poor yoojin..

  399. 399 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz jae yi and eun bi really kissed.. a short but sweet kiss…. this episode is a big blow for yoo jin…. am excited for the next episode… there are only 3episodes left…..

  400. 400 : intyce Says:

    Did anyone else see Park Wi Koong in Ep. 4 of Me Too, Flower? =P It looks like he lost a lil weight. I think he was wearing a wig too! LOL

  401. 401 : intyce Says:

    Ooops…I mean Park Ki Woong 😉 hehe

  402. 402 : Jennie Says:

    @intyce Oh yes, I did. I had a good laugh when I saw him at first because of his hairstyle. Haha, he looks so different there, as if he was in the 1960s or something but still cute 😀 Are you watching that too? I just started watching this week but that drama is really good too.

  403. 403 : intyce Says:

    Hey Jennie! No, I’m not watching the series. I found out PKW did a cameo in ep. 4 so I HAD to check it out! haha =) I think Flower Boy Ramyun Shop will be next on my “watchlist” because of all the good reviews I’ve read.
    3 more episodes left for this series…I already know what’s in store for Eun Bi and Jae Yi but I’m curious how the other characters will end up!

  404. 404 : Lena Says:

    I’m sorry for asking, but can anyone tell me what Jae Yi is saying to Eun Bi at the end?

  405. 405 : GHSforever Says:

    I really like the Musical and I actually do not know why some people do not like it. One of my favourite dramas so far. Choi Daniel and Goo hye Sun do have so much chemistry<3
    Here can you read the ending of ep 13

  406. 406 : Lena Says:

    @GHSforever- Thank you SOOO much. You just made my day. 🙂

  407. 407 : GHSforever Says:

    no problem, I was happy aswell that I found this page.

    Anyways the preview of ep 14 is quite exciting.
    And we can finally see some very cute Eun bi and Jae yi moments.
    I really missed those moments, although I kinda feel sad about Yoo Jin cause it seems like he is not getting Eun bi which I am actually happy cause Eunbi and Jaeyi should be together for sure(FIGHTING) but he will be in great pain because of that and that breaks my heart for him. If I have time I can write what happened in the preview of epi 14<3

  408. 408 : GHSforever Says:

    So people who don’t want to know it, please don not read it!
    Preview episode 14 of the Musical:
    Goo Jak talks to Eun bi and asks her to help him out and to save him. Eun bi doess not know and asks him how so he answered that she should perform somewhere, I guess they mean a music festival, it is like an audition.
    Ahn Sung Ha that new girl asks Hong Jae Yi what heis doing. He tells her that he organizes the musica chores and she says: Wait a minute.
    The conversation between Ra kyung’s father and Jun jin is pretty serious because the father says that if he loses the opportunity he will lose both of them, the capital(he sure means the profit he gets when he marries her) and the woman. Apparenty he is talking about his daughter.

  409. 409 : GHSforever Says:

    The conversation between Kang Hee her husband and Eun bi is about a performance in which the alternative will take a proper part. They cheer her up and tell her to do well.
    the conversation between Hong Jae yi and Eun bi is just adorable. Eun bi says that she finally realized after singing Dohas’s song what others always said. Jae yi replied her with this: ‘That the song is my confession of love.’

    Own opinion: The preview is interesting but I do not hope that the request of Goo Jak and the perfomance for Count Monti will be at the same time. This will only bring drama and Eun bi have to decide again which way she should take. I hope I could help you all to understand the preview a little bit<3

  410. 410 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever thank u so much for the translation..i was searching since yday 4 the video on youtube thought someone might upload coz i m having some internet probs uploading the musical video..thank u so so much 4 telling us what happened..there is also a person with the same name ‘GHSforever’ who uploads ghs videos on youtube..if it is u then i please request u to upload this scene..if it is possible then please do it..if not possible still thanx 4 this translation..loved it!!

  411. 411 : GHSforever Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you but I am not the person who uploaded the videos of GHS
    But I have seen another person who upload the preview in youtube.

    Hope your Internet will get better soon<3 And I am happy that I could help you with my translation:D

  412. 412 : Sem003 Says:

    This drama really best? I haven;t watch it. 😀

  413. 413 : GHSforever Says:

    sorry I gave you the wrong site
    This is the right one with the ending of epi 13 http://m.youtube.com/#/profile?user=DramaSBS&v=XleNpUZCUYI&view=videos
    you should definetly check it out because I think it is worth. Choi Daniel and Park ki Woong are just adorable here<3

  414. 414 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever its ok i m not dissapointed i m happy u translated the things i wanted to know..jennie explained ep12 to me and u explained this part..thanx to u all despite my internet probs i can still know whats going on..
    oh that link din’t work..but its ok i saw some pics of that kiss scene and it looks supercute..if u find links then do let me know..thanx agn!

  415. 415 : GHSforever Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XleNpUZCUYI&list=UU6erIDuvbOaAO-OT5rB now this have to be the right link. I don’t know why the two others did not work out, maybe because I wrote it when I was online with my phone:D

    This is the kiss scene and the preview
    and if you want to see the full episode I found this but without sub titles:

    If these two do not work I do not know what else I could doxD

  416. 416 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever omg it worked….aaaaaaaahhhh..its so cute….finally she dint reject him..i m so happy..she acted so real with those teary eyes..
    THANK U SOOOOOOOO…..MUCH!ah sad 4 yoo jin though!

  417. 417 : GHSforever Says:

    finally you could see it aswell.
    I am glad I could help you:D
    The kiss was cute but I was excepting a more passionate kiss because I kmow that both can do those kisses like he did with Kang hee before but it was cute since it was Eun bi’s first kiss in the drama.I have to admit i am too influenced by the kiss scenes in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Me too, Flower. These kisses were really hot. But I hope that there will be another kiss scene between Eun bi and Jae Yi because they suit each other very well <3

  418. 418 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever thanx agn!ya agree with u daniel kisses well..with kang hee and also jang nara.hope the next one shock us..hehe!ure rite they suit each other too well..wish they had another drama together!

  419. 419 : hny Says:

    yap…in this drama the good moment of kiss is jae yi with kang hee..real kiss…actually my opinion for this drama stil the same…boaring..but for the first time I want pretended my self as the writer…so I wil make the story became….eun bi with yoo jin are together couse for a girl like her need firmly man like yoo jin or his partner in Boys before flower jun pyo/LMH…

  420. 420 : GHSforever Says:

    I do not think that the drama is boring, I would consider it as a drama that is quite different than the usual ones.This drama is a good drama to break away from all these cute little romance dramas. Even though this is a romance drama, its not cheesy and it has a good story line, thus far. The fact that Yoo Jin could sacrifice so much for Eun Bi because he is falling for her and the fact that there is so many love triangles are amazing. That is why I am waiting like crazy to see the next episode. Luckily I understand a little korean so I can watch it without the subs.
    I do not understand the low ratings because you just have to see how Park ki woong acts here in this drama. He acts as Yoo Jin so professionel and so impressive. I did not know him before but since the musical I am absolutely one of his fans now. The scene with his mother is just so sad that I could not hold the tears anymore. And Choi Daniel was just so adorable. He is so clear with his feelings for Eun bi and he loves here deeply. And god dammit he is such a good kisser. The only thing I will be disappointed is if there won’t be another kiss scene between Eun bi and Jae yi or better I WANT A MORE PASSIONATE KISS between those two:D

  421. 421 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Yep I agree with you with re to the number of love triangles, or in this case, mayb rectangles? Heehhee, everybody is looking at someone else! As for a more passionate kiss between JY and EB, judging from all the kissing I have seen in all of GHS’s dramas (Pure 19, Ballad of Seodongyo, BoF, & Strongest Chilwoo), I don’t think you’ll get that kind of kiss from her that you’ve seen in Me Too, Flower and Flower Boy (oh, those are really hot scenes, aren’t they, that you don’t get a lot from Kdramas?) 😉 Like you, I hope there’ll be more kissing scenes between them tho I won’t be surprise if that’s the last one that we’ll get but I hope not 😉

  422. 422 : GHSforever Says:

    You are so right. I wish I would have never seen them because I compare the kissing scenes in Flower Boy and Me too Flower with every kiss scene I see in dramas. I wish GHS would do so passionate kisses with her co-actors and I think we know that Choi Daniel has got those kissing skills like Jung Il Woo. Anyway I heard that somebody said that they will have a passionate kiss scene, I hope that this is not just a rumor.
    Btw didn’t they shoot in New York too? I think I heard something about it.
    I hope GHS will do a drama with Jung Il woo and Choi Daniel again and there should be a love triangle with those three. That would be so awesome. Jung Il woo ist one of the hottest actors I have ever seen:O I still can remember the kimchi scene in FBRS:)

  423. 423 : Jennie Says:

    I am still waiting for subs for Ep 13 and it’s killing me. I have resisted watching the raw (deliberately torturing myself cos I know there’s a kissing scene) cos I wanted to enjoy this episode and at the same thime, savour the dialogue but really, what’s taking the subs so long? Same goes for Me Too, Flower and Flower Boys!
    @GHSforever Yes, they did do a shoot in NY but I thought that was at the beginning. Yeah, keeping my fingers crossed that the passionate kiss will come about. JIW is one hot star to keep an eye on for his next drama which is Moon That Embraces the Sun, which is right after Me Too Flower, In January 2012. He’s not the lead tho but will be worth watching, though.

  424. 424 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie subs available at epdrama..


  425. 425 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin Oh TQ very much. Now I can stop browsing and sit and enjoy. Cheerio!

  426. 426 : GHSforever Says:

    yes I heard about it too.
    Jung Il woo is just amazing. I am always in love with every characters he plays, like the scheduler in 49 days or Cha Chi Soo in FBRS<3 I am so jealous of Eun Bi that she is being loved by such a hottie<3
    Yes I will check this out when they will release it<3

    Anyway I cannot believe that The musical will be finished soon.
    We only have 3 episodes left:* This kinda makes me sad..
    And I also did not hear any news of Choi Daniel, what is he doing recently. He is in none of the upcoming dramas.

  427. 427 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Yes, me too. Haven’t read anythg about Daniel Choi’s next project too but I hope we don’t have to wait too long. I just finished watching the subbed Ep 13 and boy, it took forever to watch because of the slow internet connection. I was actually quite frustrated and disappointed at first watching all the flashbacks and unneccessary scenes (eg the producer, the office girls etc) and a lot of slow takes but the last 12-15 minutes of the episode compensated for them more or less. I was like ok, poor YooJin, it’s good that he should end up with EB because they looked good together but when Jae Yi appeared and started asking EB all those questions, I was grinning away and I’m back to wanting EB to be with Jae Yi again. I really can’t believe how fickle I am being with these two men. Usually I know straight away which guy I want to support. Yes, can’t believe that the ending is coming soon, after all the weeks of waiting and countless delays. I hope the ending will be kind to everyone esp YooJin.

  428. 428 : GHSforever Says:

    I know both of them deserve Eun bi.I wish there were two Eun bi’s haha.
    One for my beloved Jae yi and one for Yoo Jin. Then everybody would be happy:)

    At the beginning Kang Hee just pissed me off.I mean seriously she DUMPED Jae Yi because of her career and her desire of having both. And that woman is just evil. Besides I could kill her for asking Eun Bi how she and Jae Yi broke their relationship. I mean she was one of the reasons why they had a fight (because of the stand-by thing). And now she is asking such a question. God damn Ok Joo Hyun played her very well. I think I will hate Kang Hee till the end haha:D I mean how can she suddenly change her personality in the 3 episodes that are left.
    Anyway how do you think, will The Musical end?

  429. 429 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Ok JH (Kang Hee) is a very good actress, so good that I fear that even after The Musical, we will always associate her as the ‘hated person’ in this drama and will always think of her as bad. But I also feel sorry for her in a way, especially when I associate the song “My Man” with her. I love the song and I think she just have to live with the decision she made herself long ago, right?
    I too have been wondering how its going to end, esp JY’s contract with the recording company. How is he going to break the contract and go back to Gumiho? I don’t see YooJin going back to RK, so mayb he’ll go away and RK is better off with JH tho I don’t quite like her being with him. So what do you think? How do you think it will end? Btw I finally saw the kiss and as predicted, GHS is not a “kisser” but hope she improves in the next one ( the passionate kiss that you mentioned) 😉

  430. 430 : GHSforever Says:

    Yes I agree with you. She just has to live with her decision and the consequences.
    But I also associate the song “My Man” with Eun bi and RK.
    Do you remember the scene when Eun bi saw JY and Ahn Sung Ha leaving his house?
    And the scene when YJ phoned Eun Bi and informed her about his mother’s condition and RK saw it and cried because of this.
    This song is simple perfect for these three women and I like the song too, although it is kinda sad.

    I know right, it is like if JY breaks the contract he will lose anything. I think Ahn Sung Ha mentioned this in ep 13. I really do not know what will happen so I am kinda exciting about it. I hope there will be a happy ending especially for YJ<3 He needs it the most.

  431. 431 : 1min Says:

    GHS new drama Please Captain is up now… let’s support it. Like it n make some noise…

  432. 432 : PBaddict Says:

    Beware of possible spoilers if you have not seen the new ep:

    Even without subs episode 14 was very enjoyable. 🙂 -All the sweet moment of the Gumiho-musical staff was amazingly satisfying. 🙂

    And the last 5 secs of the eo 15 preview really appealed to my evil side and made my day. 😀 Bae Kanghee, Karma is a b*** but now it is one that I adore. I know Im cruel but I wanna see her suffer by losing her ability to sing at least temporarily. 🙂 XD

  433. 433 : GHSforever Says:

    SPOILER:Please do not read this if you do not want to know what happened in episode 14!
    http://en.korea.com/blog/enter/tv/ku-hye-sun-gives-into-choi-daniel%E2%80%99s-love-on-the-musical/ If you want to know what happened in episode 14 you can check this out. And I cannot believe that Yoo Jin broke up with Ra Kyung and confessed his love to Eun bi. And we only have two episodes left! And Kang Hee is still the most hated person in the musical hahaha. I guess that will never change.

  434. 434 : intyce Says:

    All I gotta say is WOW! (^O^) I think ep. 14 is what everyone has been waiting for. I think they’re heading in the right direction for the finale!

  435. 435 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever & intyce You both just killed me with ur teasers! I was planning not to watch until I come back fr my hols n when the subs are completed but it looks like I won’t be able to wait until then. Am keeping my fingers crossed th I can find sometime later when I am back home to watch before go off for the holidays. Until then, Merry Christmas everyone!

  436. 436 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever yoo jin broke up with her and confessed to eun bi??omg..i guess his heart broke with refusal..since i still won’t be able to watch these episodes(same net probs) so do plz tell me girls wat happened..its a request plzz..
    did they show sweet moments between jae yi and eun bi..if it had it must have been so sweet specially with daniel’s killer smile..
    and merry christmas to all-jennie,intyce,GHSforever,PBaddict,yoo jin and all of u..

  437. 437 : intyce Says:

    @Jennie so sorry! ^_^ I tried not to give too much away but I’m very pleased with this episode I just had to post! LOL
    Happy Holidays to all! Be safe out there! (^_^)

  438. 438 : GHSforever Says:

    I am really sorry but I just could not resist not posting it here.
    I hope zou have great holidays and I hope that you can see the episodes soon.

    Yes the moments between those two were really cute. I will explain the episode tomorrow for you because I do not have that much time today and I started to watch Hooray for Love. I think that is also a lovely drama<3

    Anyway if you want to see the episode without subs you can check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNXNfb2VglQ

    And I found this thing and I Choi Daniel is just adorable cute<3 Just loooooove him!

    And Happz Holidazs to all of you guys!!!!!

  439. 439 : PBaddict Says:

    Happy Holidays for you all, too! 🙂

    I just hope the Eun bi finally puts Kanghee down from the pedestal she put her up to, because she can see now how vengeful she really is and how dishonest she actually was while playing a nice and kind person in front of Eun bi mimicking support to tear her from Jae Yi’s side.
    I do want EB to bravely stand up against her for her love for JY and musicals to find her courage to believe in herself, coz that’s the least I expect from a female lead. Also I want her to make my Jae Yi happy by facing up to her emotions more openly… and not be so-o-o painfully awkward. -.-
    And of course I want the Gumiho musical’s success and Yoo Jin’s happiness as well… I am sure that he needs this separation from his grandpa and everything to find his purpose in life.

    As you can see I’m not easy to please… 🙂 I hope I’ll be fully satisfied with the ending. *fingerscrossed* 😀

  440. 440 : Jennie Says:

    @intyce & GHSforever No need to apologise 😀 Am just glad that you gals are here to share and liven up things on this thread. Will catch up in a week’s time when I return from my break. Merry Christmas!
    @dinaz & PBaddict Hi and Merry Christmas 🙂

  441. 441 : GHSforever Says:


    At the beginning there are some flashbacks from episode 13 and the kiss between Eun Bi and Jae Yi. Eun Bi will accept Jae Yi love for her and tries to do her best in their relationship. Then there is a conversation between Gu Jak and Eun Bi in which Gu Jak ask Eun Bi to do him and the other members a favor and to play in the performance which will be held this weekend. Eun Bi agrees under one condition that she have to ask the theatre company if she can skip the practice just this once so that she can be there with them over the weekend. At the same time Jae Yi wants to get out of the contract with the pop music company and at the end it really works out and they accept it. Sung Ah says that he will regret it but he says he will never regret it. He says that they both choose the other way and that she can do something without him aswell. It is a farewell, and it seems like they will not see each other again.
    YooJin and Rakyung broke up and YooJin says that she should find HER OWN HAPPINESS and that she should find another man you will truly love her. It is a really heartbreaking moment and she cries alot in this episode but she got Joon Hyuk by her side. Anyway Yoojin meets Eun Bi and tells her that he broke up with Ra Kyung and he wants to change. Maybe someday he will be a special person for her too like she is for him. Eun Bi is kinda confused and she cannot deal with his confession.
    And guess who will be in the judge of the performance of Chungdam dong Gumiho. The evil Kang Hee and lovely Yoojin that is why Eun Bi has the chance to perform for Count Monti because Kang hee will be out because of the other contest. But Kang Hee does not know at the beginning that Chungdamdong Gumiho will be also participate in this contest. Anyway Eun bi does not know where she should go but we see her at the Count Monti performance but she could not take it anymore because her thoughts were with her friends. Apparently she decides to help her friends and she arrives there on time and everybody especially Hong Jae Yi is glad to see her. Kang Hee cannot believe what is happening right now and Yoojin smiles the whole time when he sees Eun Bi at the stage. It seems like he is very happy to see her. By the way the performance is really awesome and everybody is impressed excluded Kang Hee of course. After the performance she threats Eun Bi that she chooses the wrong way and how she could do that because she is the only one who can play DoHwa. She says that she will do anything that Eun BI will be never be on stage and see shows her her real FACE! Finally Eun Bi sees how fake she was.
    Everybody waits for the result and they know that it will be difficult because of Kang hee influence. It seems like Kang hee is successful because they do not count Chungdamdonggumiho in the result even it is the best performance with a top score because it does not have the qualifications. And then YooJin get a fax from the Seoul office which he requested. This explains that Chungdamdong Gumiho under the direction of Gu Jak Theatre Company has the right to put on the show.
    Kanghee is speechless and does not now what is happening and Yoojin smiles at her.

    Yoojin is such a cutie because he helps Eun bi and the others now and he goes against Kang hee and against his Grandfather aswell. The Chungdamdong Gumiho team tries to find a theatre but all 6 theatres closed down! I guess Kang Hee and Yoojin’s cousin have something to do with that. Yoo Jin resign and he says that he may regret it and returns back to his grandfather. But then he does have his OWN experience and wisdom of the world. And he wants to help Jae Yi and Guk Jak now to find a theatre. Kang Hee seems like to lose her voice and the doctor says that after 6 months they will know whether her condition will improve or harden.

    Hope that helped you all to understand the episode. Have a nice holiday all of you<3

  442. 442 : intyce Says:

    @GHSforever you’re AWESOME!!! (^_^) Great recap!

  443. 443 : yoojin Says:

    @GHSforever thanks for the recap!!!

    merry christmas everyone!

  444. 444 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever You’re simply Awesome! Now I can go for my holidays with a smile on my face!
    @yoojin You must be so sad with what’s happening to YJ 😉 Merry Christmas!

  445. 445 : hny Says:


    Wow…Love you full baby!! Good recap.tq


  446. 446 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever thank u soooooooooooooo…..much ure such a sweetheart..thanx a million 4 taking out time to recap..i m so exited now..i wish i could see it..finally eun bi realised what kind of person kang hee is..i m glad the other girl is out of the show..hehe!i feel bad 4 rakyung!but yoo jin’s heart will break too in episodes to come that will be heartbreaking 4 all of us to see him like that..hope they show more cute moments between eun bi and jae yi..
    ah!kang hee got paid 4 all her wrong doings.it must have been such an exiting episode with all the musicals and all..thanx to you even though i couldn’t watch it i can visualise it..thanx again buddy ure great at recapping..

  447. 447 : yoojin Says:

    @Jennie i am sad for Yj but i am also happy that he is true to himself by breaking up with ra kyun…. Also happy that Yj is helping eun bi with the nine tailed musical even though eun bi did not reciprocate his feelings…. Am looking forward to the success of nine tailed musical…. And count monti???? Do you think eun bi will be the lead actress for both musical?

  448. 448 : yoojin Says:

    @GHSforever am looking forward to wach the new drama please take care of us,captain! ^-^

  449. 449 : GHSforever Says:

    I am glad that you all liked it and thank you all, your comments made my day<3
    Me too. I am reallly happy that we can see GHS so soon after the musical<3 I hope that it will be an awesome drama like the musical or even better. So many dramas will be finished so soon, like the Musical, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Hooray for love and Me too, flower. Kinda makes me sad because they are great dramas<3

  450. 450 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever u made our day 🙂
    yoo jin and GHSforever me too i m exited for her new drama..lets support it..

  451. 451 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin Yes, I think she will appear in both musicals and she will definitely achieve her dream of being a successful musical star! YJoonie is doing great too and am so happy that they are being rewarded in the end, including Kang Hee – she really deserves it!
    @GHSforever Sad also that the dramas you mentioned are coming to an end. I love Me Too Flower more than Flower Boy, actually. Is Hooray For Love really good? Haven’t seen it yet.
    @To Everybody
    Other than Yes, Captain, I’d like to recommend Padam Padam too, if you haven’t watched it yet. It’s really good! Merry Christmas everyone. See you all again next week!

  452. 452 : GHSforever Says:

    I like both of them and I really cannot understand why Me too, Flower does have such a low rating. The story is interesting and the actors are great. I like Hooray for love because it does have romance and it is funny aswell. You should really check it out and the ratings are also good. Padam, Padam is also very nice. I watched the first episodes and I like it but what I fear the most is that it will have a sad ending,thats why I could not see Scent of a woman:* The only sad drama I saw and I really cried every moment was 49 days<3
    I also like Color of a woman. It is new on new Chanel A and I like it.

    Btw I hope that 2012 will have a lot of awesome dramas like 2011<3

  453. 453 : yoojin Says:

    Aside from Yes, Captain i am excited for yoo jin’s role in full house2.. Am also waiting for daniel choi’s new drama… I would also like to see goo hye sun with yoo ah in together on a new drama…

  454. 454 : jj Says:

    @yoojin, goo hye sun and yoo ah in already had a drama but historical, Chilwu the mighty, but it would be great if goo hye sun and yoo ah in will reunite in modern romance drama i guess, love them both…

  455. 455 : yoojin Says:

    @jj am hoping that they would be the lead actor in the future.. i like to see them together in a drama… Do you have news about goo hye sun’s movie ‘the peach tree’?

  456. 456 : GHSforever Says:

    I hope Park Ki Woong will get the lead role someday in a drama.
    He is a really good actor.
    And he looks good with blonde hair too:D

    I hope Goo Hye Sun will make a drama with Jaejoong someday<3
    Since I have watched Protect the Boss I really love him. He was really adorable as Moo won.

  457. 457 : yoojin Says:

    @GHSforever i agree, Park Ki Woong is really a good actor. I remember him playing the autistic boy in a korean drama (can’t remember the name of that drama).. although i was not able to finish that drama, he was abe to portray his role. am looking forward to full house 2.

    i hope Goo Hye Sun will have more drama this 2012! ^_^

  458. 458 : intyce Says:

    FYI- Eng subs are up for Ep. 14 on Dramafever =)

  459. 459 : dinaz Says:

    ah my internet is working again..yipeeeee…just now i watched ep12..the only thing i can say i feel so bad 4 yoo jin..the scene where he saw his mom after so many years and she not recognising him..its so sad..he acts so well..his teary red eyes made me teary too..
    the best scene was the conversation between kang hee and ahn sung ha it was funny to see her all speechless..hahahahaha!!
    heading for ep 13..after so long i got to watch them..i m so happy.. 🙂 🙂

  460. 460 : dinaz Says:

    ep13 was sad and great too..sad 4 yoo jin but great 4 jae yi..ep12 n 13 i kept looking only at yoo jin..poor guy!i din’t have the slightest idea that his mom dies i thought he just lost his mom..oh that scene was so sad..
    i guess ra kyung can’t leave yoo jin that easily..lets see what happens!
    but nice to see eun bi n jae yi finally together..now have to search 4 ep 14..wow its somehow nice to watch all these episodes together but it was a real long wait 4 me!

  461. 461 : GHSforever Says:

    That is awesome:))
    Finally you can watch it and I hope you can enjoy it.
    What I fear the most in the upcoming episode 15, is that Jae Yi may feel sorry for Kang Hee or something because she will lose her voice… and Eun Bi will end up with Yoojin maybe?:S
    And I heard a rumor that there is a Award Show on 30 December on SBS, means that the Musical will be delayed again?

    The biggest disadvantage for the Musical was that SBS only showed one episode per week and only on Friday night so it was clear that the viewer rate will be not so great. I feel bad for the actors because they played their roles extremely well, especially Park Ki Woong.

  462. 462 : dinaz Says:

    woww finally i m updated..feeling so good after finishing ep14..it was wonderful!!i m starting to like the gumiho song goo hye sun sings it really well..i feel so bad for rakyung..she’s totally heartbroken!i love the scene between jae yi n eun bi when she says ‘don’t look back i can’t talk to you face to face’..hehe!that scene was also good when eun bi enters in the blue dress shocking kang hee..
    @GHSforever yup i m thrilled to be back to watch the musical..i missed it so badly but thanx to u all atleast i knew what was going on..oh i just hope that won’t happen coz kang hee alredy has a husband she better stick to him..oh my delayed again??hope not i hope they won’t spoil our fun in the last episode that would be horrible..u seem to admire park ki woong alot??he’s really good i must say..this drama has given him alot of scope to perform..i like both these guys daniel n ki woong..they get me confused all the time who to go for..hehe! 🙂

  463. 463 : GHSforever Says:

    I just hope Jae Yi won’t be confused with his feelings. I did not know him at the beginning but since the Musical I really like how he acts. I know , I wish there were two Eun bi’s. One for both of the guys:D

  464. 464 : yoojin Says:

    the last episode, episode 16 is set on december 30… i hope they won’t cancel that.. any news if they will air it earlier?

  465. 465 : yoojin Says:

    @dinaz glad to know your able to watch the missed episodes… park ki woong is really good! am just sorry that he won’t be able to win eun bi’s heart, nonetheless, he has become more human because of her.. i think eun bi resembes yoo jin mom.. both are warm spirit.. ^_^

  466. 466 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever i m confident of our jae yi he won’t leave eun bi.i feel kang hee wil now change and become a gud woman n love her husband..hope that happens 🙂 maybe eun bi might help her..
    @yoojin i m glad dat i could watch it after a long wait..yup agree with both of u pkw is really gud.i too hope he gets a lead role someday.he deserves it..
    i guess u both must be exited 4 fullhouse 2..i m exited too.the promotional pic is cute.he got greyish hair but still he luks cute.. 🙂

  467. 467 : GHSforever Says:

    God I love his new hair color<3 He looks like Nichkhun in some pictures.
    And I just finished Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and the ending was just perfect. Hopefully The Musical will get also such a realistic ending<3

  468. 468 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever yup cutie pie he is..i think i’ll watch fullhouse 2 while still airing..and flower boy ramyun shop i’ll try to watch since its now finished.
    the musical is the only drama i watched while it was airing and it was a not so good experience waiting..hehe 🙂 but when i finally get to watch the episodes it was worth the wait.but please captain and fullhouse 2 i won’t be able to resist.. 🙂
    i hope in the end everyone finds happiness both yoo jin and jae yi..i wish rakyung will go back to yoo jin..and kang hee changes to a better woman and eun bi becoming a great musical actress..and yes i hope to see a good kiss as well..:) 🙂

  469. 469 : yoojin Says:

    i love the lines used by yoo jin towards his confession to eun bi… i had it replayed for several times… it is so sweet and meaningful… am sorry that they will not end up together… but am happy that yoo jin is beginning to love himself and being true to himself..

    i am excited to see park ki woong in his new drama…

    i am happy to see the final 2 episodes of the musical… i will surely miss the whole cast of this drama….

  470. 470 : GHSforever Says:

    I also like the way Jae Yi is dressed in this drama. I do not know what it is but he looks extremely handsome here. I like his style in The Musical more than in Baby-faced beauty.
    You are right. Take care of us, Captain and Fullhouse 2 is a must watch for me too. But I would have liked it more if Jo Hyun Jae would have played the male lead actor in Take care of us, Captain. He would have looked good as a pilot.

    Yes, me too. I am also afraid to watch the last episode of a drama because I always think that it is the last time, I will see those people together.

  471. 471 : GHSforever Says:

    Sorry for the double post but I have to share this with you guys:D

    here are some pictures of the bts of episode 14<3
    Seems like they all have fun together.

  472. 472 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever i too like him more here than baby faced beauty.the spectacles makes him look more sexy.if it was me i would cast daniel again with hye sun 4 please captain.. 🙂
    i tried the link but it dint work 4 me.i watched d video of the previous link u gave abt daniel but couldnt get what he was saying..

  473. 473 : GHSforever Says:

    oh random because for me it works, anyway you just have to go to the offcial page for the Musical and there you can find the pictures. And I read in allkpop that there is the SBS Drama Awards on December 31st (9:55 pm KST),which means that they won’t show The Musical. I hope they do not show us only 15 episodes like they will do in Me too, Flower.

  474. 474 : GHSforever Says:

    And on December 30th they will show the SBS Entertainment Awards. But there are no news if The Musical will be delayed. So we have to be patient. But there are good news for the Musical aswell, because the show will air in Japan too. It will be a weekend show and they will show 4 EPISODES PER WEEK, but 2 episodes will be the repeat ones what happened before. Anyway it seems like they do a better job than SBS. Hope it will succeed in Japan. It will air there in January 2012.

  475. 475 : yoojin Says:

    do you know when they will air Absolute Boyfriend in taiwan?

  476. 476 : yoojin Says:

    @GHS i hope they won’t postponed ep16 on dec30… hope they will air it this today together with ep15!…

  477. 477 : GHSforever Says:


    I don’t know either when they Absolute Boyfriend will air, and I don’t know the reason why they don’t show it because the filming of it already ended.
    That would be awesome if they would show us two episodes on dec30 but I kinda doubt that.
    But there is hope:D

  478. 478 : GHSforever Says:

    Omg I saw the last episode of the Musical and IT WAS AWESOME!
    The kiss scene was so hot<3
    Choi Daniel and Goo Hye Sun are so cute together<3
    Love them more than Minsun couple.

  479. 479 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever kiss scene??????ghs and kiss scene??can’t believe oh my now i can’t wait 4 the subs..and u said last episode isn’t it supposed to be 16 episodes??
    according to your and jennie’s suggestion i m watching flower boy ramyun shop omg its so good i jst can’t move away from my laptop.. 🙂 even in my workplace i tried to sneak and watch in my mobile..hehe!but couldn’t be successful.. 🙂

  480. 480 : dinaz Says:

    oh damn just now i read in soompi that it was the last episode..why did they do that?ah annoying..i din’t know that..oh my my i m really going to miss this show..waiting 4 subs with all of u..discussing who to choose and all and cursing the subbers too..haha!
    ah i will really miss daniel-ki woong-hye sun team up..it was a very special drama 4 me since i followed it from ep 1 since airing and now it finished.. 🙁
    even though low ratings its one of my favourite drama..love u THE MUSICAL..

  481. 481 : GHSforever Says:

    yes there were only 15 episodes beacuse of the low ratings and I guess because of the award show.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edGFhV3CQEM hot kiss scene
    This person got the ssame name as mine but we are totally different persons:D
    Anyway enjoy it

  482. 482 : dinaz Says:

    @GHSforever thanx 4 the link..oh my gosh cant believe hye sun could kiss like that..gosh it was hot indeed..i love this couple too but 2nd to minsun.. 🙂
    yup dats y i axd u it u were the uploader..hehe!
    i will miss them so bad..

  483. 483 : GHSforever Says:

    Choisun couple is soo cute together and I can not believe that they are not nominated in the SBS category Best Couple:|
    anyway thanks to this last episode I realized that I’m gonna miss this drama so freakin’ much</3

  484. 484 : intyce Says:

    I can’t believe the series is over….=( But I’m pretty much satisfied with the way it ended. Can’t wait for the subs to come out!!! ^_^

  485. 485 : Jennie Says:

    @Everyone here whom I love: You guys rock and I love you all for all the fastest feedback ever, and for satisfying my The Musical addiction! I’m still on holiday but will be flying back tmrow. It’s early yet and freezing so what better thing to do but to catch up with you all. Like dinaz, couldn’t stay away from our electrical gadget becos of KD, for her it’s at work, for me even when I’m holiday 🙂 From what I hear, the final must have been awesome and I can’t wait to see the kissing scene. GHS must have done a great job there, huh? But hey, I was surprised to hear that it’s the final ep? There wasn’t any news out there that it was ending at 15! Please, please guys, tell me what happened to YJ and the wicked witch of the east-Kang Hee?
    @dinaz Great to hear you’re enjoying Flower Boy. If you can slot in Me Too Flower, watch that too. I very much prefer this over Flower Boy. Another super one is Padam Padam- a must see!
    @GHSforever, intyce & yoojin Anyone know if we can watch the awards live, which website or delayed broadcast?
    Gals, it’s been great chatting here with everyone and I really hope we will all ‘meet’ again on other threads. Merry Christmas!

  486. 486 : GHSforever Says:

    If I have enough time, I will make a recap of the last episode and will post it here again.
    http://en.korea.com/blog/enter/tv/the-musical-eun-bi-and-jae-yi-confirm-their-love/ One of the sweet moments in the last episode<3
    I don-t have news either but it would be great if we could see it<3 The Protect the Boss couple will moderate the Show. One of my fav couples one screen, and I hope Goo Hye Sun and Choi Daniel will also attend. Me too. I enjoyed writing here and I hope we 'see' each other in the Take care of us, Captain thread! Merry Christmas to all of you hirls!

  487. 487 : yoojin Says:

    @jennie i wish we can watch d sbs drama award. I hope to see goo hye sun with daniel choi and park ki woong attend the drama award. The ending of the show give me a surprise. Hehe, goo hye sun is a good kisser! Lucky for daniel choi. Compare to goo hye sun previous drama, i think this kiss scene is more mature. Although eun bi did not end up with yoo jin, i am stil happy because jae yi is also good for eun bi. Hope to see more of goo hye sun-daniel choi or goo hye sun-park ki woong tandem in the future. ^-^ @GHSforever sad to hear that goo hye sun-daniel choi were not nominated as best couple award. Their chemistry is good.

  488. 488 : dinaz Says:

    @jennie hope u enjoyed your holidays..have a safe trip back home..sadly we all are going to miss the musical and the cast..yes definately i will try to watch them too..but padam padam is it a sad one??i m scared of watching a sad one..hehe!coz korean sad dramas really touches my heart and makes me cry like a baby.. 🙂
    @GHSforever i guess because of the low ratings they din’t get a nomination..
    @all wish u all a merry christmas….enjoy to the fullest..and GOD bless all of u..meet u all in different threads..

  489. 489 : intyce Says:

    @Jennie although I watched the episode without subs, I’ll give you my choppy recap! 😉 Kang Hee lost her voice, was unsure about her musical career, wrote a farewell letter to her husband, her husband held her back from walking out on him, she tried to put up a fight but failed and decided to give in. Lots of tears from both sides, it was a very emotional scene and I’m glad they stayed together in the end. I can’t wait until the subs so I can find out what she wrote in her letter! Hehe =)

  490. 490 : intyce Says:

    To everyone here who supported THE MUSICAL ^_^:

    Thank you so much for making this series twice as FUN to watch! Not only did I look forward to watching The Musical every week, I also looked forward to reading all your feedback and recaps.

    I hope to see you guys on other threads, supporting the K-Dramas we all love so much! =)
    I wish everyone the best for 2012! FIGHTING!! p(^_^)

  491. 491 : yoojin Says:

    Merry christmas everyone!

  492. 492 : OK OK OK Says:

    Finished watching The Musical 2 days ago. Just check the webpage then realised Ep 15 is the Final. Very disappointed about the ending. Not very clear – thats why i thought there will be ep 16 ………….. ha ha
    Anyway, I find there is no kick or excitement about this story.
    There is no room for these 2 leads DC & KHS to perform bc of the story…….

    If not for Daniel Choi – I don’t think I will carry on till the end. Just want to see him. 🙂

    Daniel ssi, hope to see u act in a more enjoyable & entertaining type of script like “Baby face beauty”

  493. 493 : dinaz Says:

    finally the musical ended..finished the last episode..the ending was really cute..ah i m gonna miss daniel and park ki woong so much..its funny that till
    the very last episode i love both these guys..i m happy for jae yi but sad 4 yoo jin he only only lost things in life..but glad he left his grandpa’s office..but i wish i could see him happy too..glad 4 rakyung as she can finally smile with that guy..
    and kang hee i feel bad 4 her,i m glad she finally drank the strawberry milk her fan eun bi brought for her..she’s a damn good actress..love to hate her!!
    ah i m gonna miss this show alot..hey girls wish u all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!GOD bless u all 🙂 🙂

  494. 494 : jow Says:

    The moat boring drama that i ever watch in my life.

  495. 495 : fawn Says:

    I’m not agree with the end,should have ep 16 @will see what happen with Kang,@Goo will perfom [email protected] will watching Goo on stage @the show very susessesfull.The end should more exciting……@what happen with Ju Lin?….he’ll watch Goo onstage 2…..Please post ep 16:) will u????any one agree with me?I’m SOO SAD…..if we dont have ep 16….take care guy….

  496. 496 : peyutnduy Says:

    Choi Daniel is much better in this drama than in “Baby face beauty” ;”)

  497. 497 : wanghui Says:

    i love both these guys..i m happy for jae yi but sad 4 yoo jin he only only lost things in life..but glad he left his grandpa’s office..but i wish i could see him happy too..glad 4 rakyung as she can finally smile with that guy..

  498. 498 : Korean princess21 Says:

    I’m excited to watch this can you please give me a link where I can watch this? YouTube is not hosting this drama.. Huhuhu

  499. 499 : dinaz Says:

    @fawn its already been decided and ended i too wished 4 ep 16 but not possible..
    @wanghui its funny u just copied and pasted a part of my comment 493..hehe! 🙂
    @koreanprincess21 u can watch in mysoju.com,epdrama.com and ,many more..

  500. 500 : princess Says:

    i like the story, but
    disappointing ending -___-

    i expect greater ending but what i get farther from my expectation…

    i didn’t see any performance about nine tales -__-

  501. 501 : 90 е годы Says:

    Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your website by chance, and I am stunned why this coincidence did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  502. 502 : zarima Says:

    i like this drama watch it

  503. 503 : yatie wahmijan Says:

    realy i like all korean movie

  504. 504 : winnie Says:

    I wonder why this drama got low ratings. I’m watching this and now already in episode 10 without skipping any scene. All the actors are very good. I’m beginning to love koo hye sun, first time to watch her in a drama, reminds me of song hye kyo and han hyo joo.

    Thank you korean dramas. kamsamhanida. . kumowo

  505. 505 : ladybird Says:

    what a great awesome drama!
    directer really had a good job in this drama. and all the actors were great… love this drama soooo much and recommend it to everyone!

  506. 506 : via Says:

    one thing for sure.. Ko hye sun can’t sing!!!! she’s a terrible singer.. sorry KHS fans…

  507. 507 : TAVAI Says:

    its boring i skip every episod they should get the real pro singer

  508. 508 : riAN Says:

    very very bad drama, i’m only watch 5 episode…i do’t want to continue……

  509. 509 : justhere Says:

    It’s quite an alright show. Looking at 1st epi, i expect more though. It was nice in the beginning but it gets slow and abit boring. The storyline is abit weird though and i got to say that the way they edit the show, bringing forth of the last week episode to this week episode is so unnecessary, as if they scare people forget what has happen to them in the last episode. They add old in between the new scene, it is very irritating for me. I got to admit, i hang in till the very last to see the downfall of Bae Gang Hee, which is surprising little looking at how she bullied others with her demeaning ways and also for Yoo Jin, although i don’t usually hang in to see a whole drama for a handsome guy, there is just something about him, i just can’t stop looking…haha, it’s silly but yeah it’s that ‘something special’ factor that got me hang in till the last, will lookout for his other show, lol. But i kinda like the kiss that Go Eun Bi and Hong Jae Yi did in the end. Overall, watch this, only when you had the free time to.

  510. 510 : LarnBrown Says:

    Kdrama FAIL! Lead can’t sing and they perform the same freaking song in every episode… and it SUCKS!!!

  511. 511 : dorie Says:

    I like the storyline, but not thoroughly edited. After the ending, it seems like 1 or more episode is missing, it was rushed at the end. I like music and I’ve watched and been in musicals. In fairness to Koo Hye Sun, this girl keeps on surprising me. She can do almost anything. She is not the best singer, much more she was matched with a voice caliber of Ok Joo Hyun, however, I still give her a thumbs up. She plays the piano without a double..ha..ha..ha.I just finished watching her other drama last year as well, Take Care of Us Captain, where again she did a good job…I like this drama to have a sequel, but no longer musical. It would be interesting to build a story with the rich boy Park Ki Wong. Eun Bi after her major performance went back to medicine. Whatever the writer was thinking to end it that way..I hope she was thinking of sequeling it..it would be better.

  512. 512 : arianiy Says:

    I like ur drama..koo hye soo..kamsamida n realy i like watch ur drama Yes Captan as Han Da Jin…

  513. 513 : carshowtime Says:

    this drama not shucks, but little need more touch for the singer,

  514. 514 : marissa Says:

    i think this drama is good enough. and, moreover, i think the story is better than heartstring. well…that’s just my opinion.

  515. 515 : echa Says:

    i like it………….

  516. 516 : maribel Says:

    ordinary but nice…

  517. 517 : edz Says:

    please…anyone can tell me who is the one sing the song on episodee 11…the background

  518. 518 : NIKITA Says:

    the story is nice… but i felt theres something missing….. hmmm.. i like how the character of choi daniel showed his affection to eun bi… i love the kissing scene in the last episode its just that i felt that kuh hye sun doesnt like being kissed in a passionate way…

  519. 519 : ernest Says:

    soo far this drama is good… but still “my fair lady” is the best among the best……try to watch it guyz…. its very worth watching….. i assure u that…

  520. 520 : rose Says:

    the drama per se is okay, could have been shortened in fewer episodes. there was not much impact that i would get excited watching it (i finished the series to the end), thought the story line should have been more on the musical production intricacies rather than more of the lives of the leading cast of the series. KHS showed well her talent in singing, but her acting was a 3-4 years older version of her role in BOF, showing the same mannerisms, her hesitancy, etc. she should take more challenging and different roles, maybe i should not say that after all i only saw 3 of her dramas. anyway, watch it if you don’t have anything else to do on a rainy night. i give it a 7/10!

  521. 521 : christine Says:

    This drama are sucks, fail! Don’t watch this! U will disappointed. Goo Hye Sun can’t sing, Daniel Choi look weird. Perfect couple, hahaha

  522. 522 : Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    Oh no! Not her again! I had to put up with her in Boys over Flowers and she is in this one? I do not think she is a good actress. Her weird face is really bothersome. She probably wrote this one after the popularity of BOF.

  523. 523 : Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    I like Daniel Choi but I do not like Goo Hye Dun. She over acts. You can tell that she is hungry for attention. Actually the only reason I liked Boys Over Flowers was because of the boys, not her. She was beyond annoying in that one. And I also liked the music. A well made film. This one is so so

  524. 524 : Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    The problem with Koo Hye Sun is that she acts the same in all the dramas that she is in… And that is not the mark of a good actress. In this one she plays a tomboy who does not even know her own femininity so why would Daniel Choi or anyone else be interested in her anyway. She has an annoying face. That is the curse of Korean dramas. The fact that these good looking successful guys are always interested in the plain and stupid girls. That is do twisted. Are Koreans really like that or is it that the writers are older women who resent pretty actresses do yhey always make the heroine a plain Jane as we Americans put it.

  525. 525 : Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    Boy, I am only on the third episode and already that Koo Huye Sun is getting on my nerves. I don’t know what it is about her that bugs me… Her mannerisms, he cackle laugh, her stupid smile or perhaps all of the above. I try to ignore her because I want to watch Zdanirl. Choi but she is in too many scenes… Darn!!

  526. 526 : Eduardo Rovenar Says:

    This is such a dumb drama. About the fat girl in Eun’s apartment who mooches off of her, I cannot understand how this stupid girl allows herctonlive there Scott free and eat her out of house and home.

    And who is the dumb rich goy who is the cousin for the goods oolong Yo representative? Boy is he creepy!!!

  527. 527 : Dede Says:

    I love Kim Yong Min. Why doesn’t he have any information on him.

  528. 528 : Dede Says:

    As an American I don’t understand your rating system, but it never seems to reflect whether the drama is good or not. I thoroughly enjoyed ths drama. It was so good I watched it backwards and still loved it.

  529. 529 : cathy Says:

    I’m Choi Daniel fans and I’m so sad to see this drama. I watch this drama just to see him, but the lead female show up in many scenes and it makes me skip it many times. Choi Daniel must refuse to starring in this drama actually. But I’m happy to see his new drama that got a high rating and nice story. Your fans wil never leave you, Daniel. Love you so much.

  530. 530 : zhasky Says:

    i think the female lead and male are good. they have nice chemistry… it is just that the role of the female lead lack something… nonetheless, it is a good drama…. bow to goo hye sun, choi daniel and park ki woong… ^_^

  531. 531 : The Musical (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  532. 532 : Korean-American Says:

    Despite the low ratings, I’ve liked this drama series so much that I’ve watched it several times..^^

  533. 533 : Yozora Says:

    I watch this drama purely becuz of Daniel Choi in it.. Period! xD

  534. 534 : bblve Says:

    i cant believe that this drama is super chessy (kilig to the bones).. I enjoy watchng ths drama, the reas0n i bought ths film is becouse of park ki woong, after i watched bridal mask, i fall in l0ve w/him, so decided to buy ths and full h0use take 2, but he is only the 2nd lead, huhu hope u have a drama ds year 2013.

  535. 535 : bblve Says:

    after i watched ds i begin to love choi daniel, i dont thnk he is so cute haha.. His acting in ths drama is so weird, not him but his character, how can he easily fall in love w/ eun be? To be honest i pray that the end lovers were eun be and yu jin, coz i luv how he fall in luv… I love u park yu woong.

  536. 536 : bblve Says:

    i feel sorry for park ki woong character and his girlfrnd character, huhu. I really really like ds drama so much, the only thing i didnt like is why didn’t they show the real stage perf0rmance with audience but they sh0w only the auditi0n, but its ok.. My favorite parts on ds drama is when they on trip for worksh0p, they looks so enjoy and their love stories begun..

  537. 537 : taraJJ Says:

    to be honest I want to watched this drama long time ago bcoz of the lead Choi Daniel & Go Hye Sun but I don’t why somehow something always kept me to postphone to watched The Musical.. after watching Bridal Mask I became Park Ki Woong’s fangirl then I remember about this drama so I watched it the whole series.. but I felt dissapointed.. this drama has musical theme but why they don’t move me a bit by the songs they sang and the whole story kinda boring -way diff from What’s Up, Heatsrings or Dream High- but still I have favorite scene which is when Eun Bi play piano then encouraged Yoo Jin to sing duet with her.. their voices so sweet and cute ^^ plus I like that song so much, I remember Daesung also sang it on What’s Up 🙂

  538. 538 : stephanie Says:

    I love this drama. I was hesitant to watch it because of all the bad reviews, but I am glad I did!


    It actually wasn’t bad at all.. Would have loved a grand finale episode though.

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