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Title: 더 뮤지컬 / The Musical
Chinese Title: 音乐剧
Genre: Musical
Episodes: 15
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-02 to 2011-Dec-23
Air time: Friday 22:00


Musical drama about the dreams and love of musical actors.

Koo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, and Ock Joo Hyun form the love triangle at the center of The Musical, which follows the lives and dreams of aspiring musical stars.


Main Cast

Koo Hye Sun as Go Eun Bi
Choi Daniel as Hong Jae Yi
Park Ki Woong as Yoo Jin
Ok Joo Hyun as Bae Gang Hee
Ki Eun Se as Seo Ra Kyung

Supporting Cast

Park Kyung Rim as Sa Bok Ja
Kim Hyun Sung as Han Sang Won
Oh Jung Se as Goo Jak
Kim Yong Min as Joon Hyuk
Kim In Seo as Sang Mi
Lee Do Kyung as Eun Bi’s father
Jung Young Sook as Yang Soon Yi
Kang Ji Hoo as Hyun Kwang Seo
Cha Kwang Soo as Yoo Jin Young
Ahn Yeo Jin as Sun Hee
Park Geun Hyung as President Yoo
Jo Won Hee
Lee Ji Hyung (이지형) as Yoo Jae Joon
Kim Jin Ho as President Seo
Choo So Young
Jung Tae (정태)
Seo Bum Suk
Hong Ji Min (cameo)
Jo Ji Hoon (조지훈) (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Kyung Yong (김경용)
Screenwriter: Kim Hee Jae

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2011-09-02 1 8.3 (15th)
2011-09-09 2 5.5
2011-09-16 3 4.3
2011-09-23 4 4.7
2011-09-30 5 3.7
2011-10-07 6 5.3
2011-10-14 7 3.7
2011-10-21 8 2.9
2011-10-28 9 4.2
2011-11-04 10 3.7
2011-11-18 11 3.4
2011-12-02 12 3.5
2011-12-09 13 4.0
2011-12-16 14 3.5
2011-12-23 15 3.3

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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539 Responses to “The Musical”

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  1. 501
    90 е годы Says:

    Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your website by chance, and I am stunned why this coincidence did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  2. 502
    zarima Says:

    i like this drama watch it

  3. 503
    yatie wahmijan Says:

    realy i like all korean movie

  4. 504
    winnie Says:

    I wonder why this drama got low ratings. I’m watching this and now already in episode 10 without skipping any scene. All the actors are very good. I’m beginning to love koo hye sun, first time to watch her in a drama, reminds me of song hye kyo and han hyo joo.

    Thank you korean dramas. kamsamhanida. . kumowo

  5. 505
    ladybird Says:

    what a great awesome drama!
    directer really had a good job in this drama. and all the actors were great… love this drama soooo much and recommend it to everyone!

  6. 506
    via Says:

    one thing for sure.. Ko hye sun can’t sing!!!! she’s a terrible singer.. sorry KHS fans…

  7. 507
    TAVAI Says:

    its boring i skip every episod they should get the real pro singer

  8. 508
    riAN Says:

    very very bad drama, i’m only watch 5 episode…i do’t want to continue……

  9. 509
    justhere Says:

    It’s quite an alright show. Looking at 1st epi, i expect more though. It was nice in the beginning but it gets slow and abit boring. The storyline is abit weird though and i got to say that the way they edit the show, bringing forth of the last week episode to this week episode is so unnecessary, as if they scare people forget what has happen to them in the last episode. They add old in between the new scene, it is very irritating for me. I got to admit, i hang in till the very last to see the downfall of Bae Gang Hee, which is surprising little looking at how she bullied others with her demeaning ways and also for Yoo Jin, although i don’t usually hang in to see a whole drama for a handsome guy, there is just something about him, i just can’t stop looking…haha, it’s silly but yeah it’s that ‘something special’ factor that got me hang in till the last, will lookout for his other show, lol. But i kinda like the kiss that Go Eun Bi and Hong Jae Yi did in the end. Overall, watch this, only when you had the free time to.

  10. 510
    LarnBrown Says:

    Kdrama FAIL! Lead can’t sing and they perform the same freaking song in every episode… and it SUCKS!!!

  11. 511
    dorie Says:

    I like the storyline, but not thoroughly edited. After the ending, it seems like 1 or more episode is missing, it was rushed at the end. I like music and I’ve watched and been in musicals. In fairness to Koo Hye Sun, this girl keeps on surprising me. She can do almost anything. She is not the best singer, much more she was matched with a voice caliber of Ok Joo Hyun, however, I still give her a thumbs up. She plays the piano without a double..ha..ha..ha.I just finished watching her other drama last year as well, Take Care of Us Captain, where again she did a good job…I like this drama to have a sequel, but no longer musical. It would be interesting to build a story with the rich boy Park Ki Wong. Eun Bi after her major performance went back to medicine. Whatever the writer was thinking to end it that way..I hope she was thinking of sequeling it..it would be better.

  12. 512
    arianiy Says:

    I like ur drama..koo hye soo..kamsamida n realy i like watch ur drama Yes Captan as Han Da Jin…

  13. 513
    carshowtime Says:

    this drama not shucks, but little need more touch for the singer,

  14. 514
    marissa Says:

    i think this drama is good enough. and, moreover, i think the story is better than heartstring. well…that’s just my opinion.

  15. 515
    echa Says:

    i like it………….

  16. 516
    maribel Says:

    ordinary but nice…

  17. 517
    edz Says:

    please…anyone can tell me who is the one sing the song on episodee 11…the background

  18. 518
    NIKITA Says:

    the story is nice… but i felt theres something missing….. hmmm.. i like how the character of choi daniel showed his affection to eun bi… i love the kissing scene in the last episode its just that i felt that kuh hye sun doesnt like being kissed in a passionate way…

  19. 519
    ernest Says:

    soo far this drama is good… but still “my fair lady” is the best among the best……try to watch it guyz…. its very worth watching….. i assure u that…

  20. 520
    rose Says:

    the drama per se is okay, could have been shortened in fewer episodes. there was not much impact that i would get excited watching it (i finished the series to the end), thought the story line should have been more on the musical production intricacies rather than more of the lives of the leading cast of the series. KHS showed well her talent in singing, but her acting was a 3-4 years older version of her role in BOF, showing the same mannerisms, her hesitancy, etc. she should take more challenging and different roles, maybe i should not say that after all i only saw 3 of her dramas. anyway, watch it if you don’t have anything else to do on a rainy night. i give it a 7/10!

  21. 521
    christine Says:

    This drama are sucks, fail! Don’t watch this! U will disappointed. Goo Hye Sun can’t sing, Daniel Choi look weird. Perfect couple, hahaha

  22. 522
    Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    Oh no! Not her again! I had to put up with her in Boys over Flowers and she is in this one? I do not think she is a good actress. Her weird face is really bothersome. She probably wrote this one after the popularity of BOF.

  23. 523
    Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    I like Daniel Choi but I do not like Goo Hye Dun. She over acts. You can tell that she is hungry for attention. Actually the only reason I liked Boys Over Flowers was because of the boys, not her. She was beyond annoying in that one. And I also liked the music. A well made film. This one is so so

  24. 524
    Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    The problem with Koo Hye Sun is that she acts the same in all the dramas that she is in… And that is not the mark of a good actress. In this one she plays a tomboy who does not even know her own femininity so why would Daniel Choi or anyone else be interested in her anyway. She has an annoying face. That is the curse of Korean dramas. The fact that these good looking successful guys are always interested in the plain and stupid girls. That is do twisted. Are Koreans really like that or is it that the writers are older women who resent pretty actresses do yhey always make the heroine a plain Jane as we Americans put it.

  25. 525
    Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    Boy, I am only on the third episode and already that Koo Huye Sun is getting on my nerves. I don’t know what it is about her that bugs me… Her mannerisms, he cackle laugh, her stupid smile or perhaps all of the above. I try to ignore her because I want to watch Zdanirl. Choi but she is in too many scenes… Darn!!

  26. 526
    Eduardo Rovenar Says:

    This is such a dumb drama. About the fat girl in Eun’s apartment who mooches off of her, I cannot understand how this stupid girl allows herctonlive there Scott free and eat her out of house and home.

    And who is the dumb rich goy who is the cousin for the goods oolong Yo representative? Boy is he creepy!!!

  27. 527
    Dede Says:

    I love Kim Yong Min. Why doesn’t he have any information on him.

  28. 528
    Dede Says:

    As an American I don’t understand your rating system, but it never seems to reflect whether the drama is good or not. I thoroughly enjoyed ths drama. It was so good I watched it backwards and still loved it.

  29. 529
    cathy Says:

    I’m Choi Daniel fans and I’m so sad to see this drama. I watch this drama just to see him, but the lead female show up in many scenes and it makes me skip it many times. Choi Daniel must refuse to starring in this drama actually. But I’m happy to see his new drama that got a high rating and nice story. Your fans wil never leave you, Daniel. Love you so much.

  30. 530
    zhasky Says:

    i think the female lead and male are good. they have nice chemistry… it is just that the role of the female lead lack something… nonetheless, it is a good drama…. bow to goo hye sun, choi daniel and park ki woong… ^_^

  31. 531
    The Musical (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  32. 532
    Korean-American Says:

    Despite the low ratings, I’ve liked this drama series so much that I’ve watched it several times..^^

  33. 533
    Yozora Says:

    I watch this drama purely becuz of Daniel Choi in it.. Period! xD

  34. 534
    bblve Says:

    i cant believe that this drama is super chessy (kilig to the bones).. I enjoy watchng ths drama, the reas0n i bought ths film is becouse of park ki woong, after i watched bridal mask, i fall in l0ve w/him, so decided to buy ths and full h0use take 2, but he is only the 2nd lead, huhu hope u have a drama ds year 2013.

  35. 535
    bblve Says:

    after i watched ds i begin to love choi daniel, i dont thnk he is so cute haha.. His acting in ths drama is so weird, not him but his character, how can he easily fall in love w/ eun be? To be honest i pray that the end lovers were eun be and yu jin, coz i luv how he fall in luv… I love u park yu woong.

  36. 536
    bblve Says:

    i feel sorry for park ki woong character and his girlfrnd character, huhu. I really really like ds drama so much, the only thing i didnt like is why didn’t they show the real stage perf0rmance with audience but they sh0w only the auditi0n, but its ok.. My favorite parts on ds drama is when they on trip for worksh0p, they looks so enjoy and their love stories begun..

  37. 537
    taraJJ Says:

    to be honest I want to watched this drama long time ago bcoz of the lead Choi Daniel & Go Hye Sun but I don’t why somehow something always kept me to postphone to watched The Musical.. after watching Bridal Mask I became Park Ki Woong’s fangirl then I remember about this drama so I watched it the whole series.. but I felt dissapointed.. this drama has musical theme but why they don’t move me a bit by the songs they sang and the whole story kinda boring -way diff from What’s Up, Heatsrings or Dream High- but still I have favorite scene which is when Eun Bi play piano then encouraged Yoo Jin to sing duet with her.. their voices so sweet and cute ^^ plus I like that song so much, I remember Daesung also sang it on What’s Up 🙂

  38. 538
    stephanie Says:

    I love this drama. I was hesitant to watch it because of all the bad reviews, but I am glad I did!

  39. 539

    It actually wasn’t bad at all.. Would have loved a grand finale episode though.

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