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The Master’s Sun

The Master's Sun 03

Title: 주군의 태양 / The Master’s Sun
Chinese Title: 主君的太陽
Also known as: The Sun of My Master / The Sun of the Lord
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Oct-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


The story revolves around a woman who can see ghosts and a man who tries to protect her, and is described as a drama with horror and romantic elements infused together.

Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a miserly, greedy and conceited CEO, who measures all human relationships through money. Meanwhile, Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) is a melancholy and tearful assistant, who is able to see ghosts after an accident and thus suffers from insomnia. She lives a very reclusive and closed-off life due to her ability.

The story is being touted as “soul healing” drama that brings together very different types of people: one who can see and hear things that no one else in the world can and another who only hears and see things he wants too. As Joo Joong Won starts to believe in Tae Gong Shil’s claim of being able to see ghosts, these two people will grow together in faith and in character.


Main Cast

So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won / Joo-goon
L @ Kim Myung Soo as Joong Won (young)
Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Sil / Tae-yang
Seo In Guk as Kang Woo
Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung

People around Joo Joong Won

Choi Jung Woo as Kim Gwi Do
Kim Mi Kyung as Joo Sung Ran (Joong Won’s aunt)
Lee Jong Won as Do Suk Chul (Sung Ran’s husband)

People around Tae Gong Sil

Park Hee Bon as Tae Gong Ri (Gong Sil’s sister)
Hong Eun Taek as Lee Seung Joon
Lee Do Hyun as Lee Seung Mo


Lee Jae Won as Lee Han Joo (security team member)
Jung Ga Eun as Ahn Jin Joo (shopping mall employee)
Kim Yong Gun as Joong Won’s father
Han Bo Reum as Cha Hee joo (Joong Won’s first love)
Hwang Sun Hee as Cha Han Na / Han Na Brown


Kim Dong Gyoon as gambler (ep 1)
Nam Myung Ryul as a man unwilling to sell his house (ep 1)
Jin Yi Han as Yoo Hye Sung (ep.1)
Song Min Jung as Kim Mi Kyung (ep 1)
Lee Seung Hyung as Hye Sung’s manager (ep 1)
Min Ah as Kim Ga Young (ep 2)
Kim Bo Ra as Ha Yoo Jin (ep 2)
Lee Hye In as Lee Eun Seol (ep 2)
Park Hyo Bin as Joo Hyun (ep 2)
Kim Min Ha as Park Ji Eun (ep 2)
Kim Sang Joong as host of Unsolved Mysteries TV show (ep 2)
Yoo Kyung Ah as Choi Yoon Hee (ep 3)
Baek Seung Hyun as Yoon Hee’s husband (ep 3)
Yoo Min Kyu as Ji Woo (ep 5)
Kim Bo Mi as Sun Young (ep 5)
Jun Yang Ja as CEO Wang (ep 5)
Kang Joo Eun as kid ghost (ep.5,7)
Lee Yong Nyeo as Mrs. Goh (ep.5,14)
Hong Won Pyo as Hyung Chul (ep 6)
Jo Hwi Joon as Chang Min (ep 7)
Jung Yoon Suk as boy abused by mother (ep 7)
Kim Hee Jung as Kang Gil Ja (ep 8)
Jung Chan as Ruijjang the pianist (ep 9)
Lee Hyo Rim as Ruijjang’s wife (ep 9)
Seo Hyo Rim as Joong Won’s fake fiancee (ep 9 & 10)
Choi Yong Sung (최용성) as milkman
Jang Ji Hye (장지혜) as maid
Lee Jong Hyuk as Giant’s CEO (ep11)
Lee Jae Yong as Giant’s Chairman (ep11)
Uhm Soo Jung as Woo Jin’s mother (ep12)
Goo Seung Hyun as Woo Jin (ep12)
Jo Jae Yoon as man with dead fiancee (ep14)
Lee Chun Hee as Yoo Jin Woo(ep14-17)
Jun Jin Seo as child ghost
Jo Seung Yun as Yoon Gi Taek

Production Credits

Production Company: Bon Factory
Chief Producer: Son Jung Hyun
Producer: Kim Jin Geun, Lee Young Joon
Director: Jin Hyuk
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)


2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Kim Yoo Ri (Alice in Cheongdamdong, The Master’s Sun)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Seo In Guk (The Master’s Sun)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actress (Mini-Series) – Kim Mi Kyung (The Heirs, I Hear Your Voice, The Master’s Sun)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Rookie Actress: Kim Yoo Ri (Cheongdamdong Alice, The Master’s Sun)
2013 Melon Music Awards (Best OST) – Yoon Mi Rae – “Touch Love”

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-08-07 1 17.5 (3rd) 21.6 (1st) 13.6 (3rd) 14.8 (3rd)
2013-08-08 2 15.9 (3rd) 19.0 (2nd) 14.4 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd)
2013-08-14 3 17.1 (2nd) 20.2 (1st) 15.2 (3rd) 16.6 (2nd)
2013-08-15 4 17.6 (3rd) 19.5 (2nd) 16.8 (3rd) 17.6 (3rd)
2013-08-21 5 17.3 (3rd) 19.5 (2nd) 16.2 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd)
2013-08-22 6 19.5 (2nd) 22.6 (1st) 16.6 (3rd) 17.5 (2nd)
2013-08-28 7 17.0 (3rd) 18.9 (2nd) 16.1 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd)
2013-08-29 8 17.6 (2nd) 20.2 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd) 19.2 (2nd)
2013-09-04 9 17.2 (3rd) 20.0 (1st) 16.8 (3rd) 18.3 (2nd)
2013-09-05 10 17.3 (3rd) 20.0 (2nd) 17.3 (3rd) 18.5 (2nd)
2013-09-11 11 17.9 (3rd) 20.8 (2nd) 18.3 (3rd) 20.0 (2nd)
2013-09-12 12 19.7 (2nd) 23.8 (1st) 19.3 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd)
2013-09-19 13 15.6 (3rd) 17.0 (2nd) 14.8 (3rd) 15.7 (3rd)
2013-09-25 14 18.4 (3rd) 20.9 (2nd) 18.4 (3rd) 20.0 (3rd)
2013-09-26 15 19.3 (2nd) 21.5 (2nd) 19.1 (2nd) 19.7 (2nd)
2013-10-02 16 18.9 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd) 19.7 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd)
2013-10-03 17 21.1 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd) 21.8 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Park Hyung Sik was originally cast to play the young version of Joo Joong Won, who is now played by L @ Kim Myung Soo. But due to his schedule (“ZE:A” will release new songs in August and he is also cast in SBS drama series “The Heirs”), Park Hyung Sik dropped out of the series prior to filming.

– This drama was originally scheduled to end on episode 16. However, the production team decided to extend for 1 more episode due to the high ratings of this drama.


The Master's Sun Poster 1 The Master's Sun Poster 2 The Master's Sun Poster 3

Main Cast

The Master’s Sun Main Cast 01 The Master’s Sun Main Cast 02
The Master’s Sun Poster1 The Master’s Sun Poster2 The Master’s Sun Poster3
The Master’s Sun Poster4 The Master’s Sun Poster5

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  1. 1 : Chaeki4ever Says:

    I LOVE THE CAST!!! And the trailer both creeps me out and makes me laugh at the same thing. Well, it is a rom-com.

    Count me in. 🙂

  2. 2 : ghazwa Says:

    cant wait until it begin i llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove so ji sub love him and he rarely make such drama genre oppa faiting ♥ ♥

  3. 3 : sue Says:

    All casting are my favorite actor/actress. Still wait for this drama.

  4. 4 : Park jun sung Says:

    16 episode???!?
    Wuaaaa this is what i looked for. I’m glad it just 16 ep. Its too hard to watch long eps drama. Gong hyo jin? I like her role in rom com the greatest love. And seo ji sub? Comedy??? Lets see can he make us laugh? ❓

  5. 5 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hmm. . . Waiting. . .

  6. 6 : MaralizPradito Says:

    i’m sorry before,,but the female supporting lead isn’t jung gaeun,,she is kim yoori..she also acted on cheondamdong alice as shin inhwa,so yihyun sister in law..

  7. 7 : K_Holic Says:

    Yeahhhh, Gong Hyo Jin Come Back!!!!

  8. 8 : celine Says:

    Hong sistaaaa comeback~~~ i love the cast! So ji sub in rom-com? I really anticipate! Thanks to brought uri seo in guk in your drama! And please.. i hope this drama don’t make me dissapointed like your previous drama ‘Big’.

    Your royal fan.

  9. 9 : taraJJ Says:

    SO JI SUB….!!!!!
    can’t wait to see the funny side of him 🙂
    this Hong Sister drama suppose to be rom-com rite? why the trailer so scary, so i gues its romantic horror drama then and like the smile on SJS face.. keep repeating that part..lol.. he looks so damn HOT!!

  10. 10 : eny Says:

    AUGUST…….waiting for master sun n Good doctor

  11. 11 : ahdeen Says:

    looking forward to this drama~~

  12. 12 : raye Says:

    I think the story of this drama is similar to the story “chilling romance” movie

  13. 13 : ridha Says:

    now the theme is supranatural a person who can see a ghost. the story of this drama is look like ‘who are you’ right? but its okay im looking forward on this fresh theme xD now im waiting for ‘who are you’ good doctor’ and this drama^^

  14. 14 : jianpark Says:

    I’ll definitely watch this, I like all the cast. :))

  15. 15 : eny Says:

    i heard about master sun long time before who are you, but who knows????i will watch master sun, not interested with who are you n i never watch drama with similar story

  16. 16 : taraJJ Says:

    just realize why the poster similiar with the greatest love.. soo boring… hope they come out with better one, more scary and funny in the same time.. I hope..

  17. 17 : nellam Says:

    this a great drama !!!

  18. 18 : emerald Says:

    OMG! i cant wait to see So Ji Sub in a Rom Com drama… can he makes us laugh? LOL! im so excited… the cast are fantastic… YAY!

  19. 19 : Asia Says:

    I’m dying to see this horror rom-com ıt’s promising and ı love main cast SJS and GHJ Love SJS

  20. 20 : Tania Lania Says:

    Kim Yoo Ri handsome 😀

  21. 21 : RainbowsHorizon Says:

    The poster doesn’t coincide with one of the listed genre, comedy? Just saying.

  22. 22 : caspian Says:


  23. 23 : Joyce Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama!finally it’s here!Gong Hyo Jin fighting!♥♥♥

  24. 24 : love10korea Says:


  25. 25 : Tira Says:

    OMG! I love to watch So Ji Sub, another great and handsome actor.

    This is going to be great drama!

  26. 26 : Mail Says:

    i m a big fan of hong sister drama…their drama never disappointed me….

  27. 27 : iammee Says:

    I am also a fan of the writers. I am sure that this one will also be good. I love So Ji Sup and I have always watched all dramas or movies starring him. I hope that he will shine again in this drama

  28. 28 : damnun Says:

    Seriously, the trailer is scary for me. Its look like very horror movie

  29. 29 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I just hope that Hong Sisters will not make their story line a big mistake like what happened to BIG!

    Read the plot and I’m excited! Love horror or thrilling themes.

  30. 30 : mini Says:

    wow… hong sister…

  31. 31 : clairerosean Says:

    Few reasons why we need to watch this upcoming drama:



    1) So Ji-Sub Oppa is the Lead!
    2) Writers will be the Famour Hong Sisters
    3) Director will be Jin Hyuk (City Hunter & Brilliant Legacy)

    “The Hong sisters, who wrote “Greatest Love” and “Big,” are coming back with a new drama this year, titled “The Sun of My Master,” and reports are coming out that say actors So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin are being tapped for the lead roles.

    The drama production company representative stated, “We have approached Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub for the ‘The Sun of My Master’” and “both sides are considering it positively.”

    “The Sun of My Master” is said to be about a woman who can see ghosts and the man who protects her.

    If the two lead actors confirm, this will be the second time Gong Hyo Jin has worked with the Hong sisters after 2011’s “Greatest Love” and it will be the first time for So Ji Sub.

    The drama will be directed by Jin Hyuk, who also led “City Hunter” and “Brilliant Legacy.”

    “The Sun of My Master” is expected to air this summer on SBS.

  32. 32 : eny Says:

    i don’t like greatest love n big but i’m interested with this drama,the story is interesting n new

  33. 33 : Mary Says:

    I am so excited, So Ji Sub is finally back 😀

  34. 34 : Adhe Talla Says:

    So ji sub oppa is really handsome. I like him very much. Best of luck for this drama. I’ll eagerly wait for it.

  35. 35 : Kimchi Says:

    Park hyung sik canceling his apperence in this drama, and will be changed by L (myung soo infinite, he was played in shut up flower boy band before)


  36. 36 : Hyunjinara Says:

    […] The Master’s Sun […]

  37. 37 : ghazwa Says:

    hey guys have seen the Trailer it sound interesting and lovely and scary and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it the actors and writers and director cant waiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. 38 : ai Says:


  39. 39 : Ana Says:

    I missed Hong sisters’ stories, this is going to be intersting

  40. 40 : damnun Says:

    Wuaaa its would be in battle ratings with two weeks.
    The question is, who is the ghost here? Gong hyo jin

  41. 41 : Periwinkle Says:

    The trailers seem so scary loool

  42. 42 : rory Says:

    I love the casts especially SJS but TMS’s trailers looks so creepy..my chicken heart was not really sure can handle it or not..haha…need an inhaler while watching this I guess…

    GHJ is not ghost but she can see ghosts

  43. 43 : dreamer Says:

    i love both leads..cant wait for this series…love..love..

  44. 44 : Reen Says:

    I’m really excited to this drama 😀 and to be honest I was waiting the moment when So ji sub and Yoo Seung ho to be in the drama as father and son 🙁

  45. 45 : ks0812 Says:

    waw i’am interest in this drama love horror
    n happy girls day min ah be there <3
    recomended drama 🙂

  46. 46 : ks Says:

    waw i’am interest in this drama love horror
    n happy girls day min ah be there <3
    recomended drama 🙂

  47. 47 : damnun Says:

    emm, yes . I misunderstand. I think that this story is like 49 days. There is one who role as ghost. But after watch 2nd trailer, actually there is a lots of ghost here. And their face is scary.
    Well, if i dont kn0w that this drama is comedy, maybe after i watch 1st and 2nd trailer i will think that TMS is horror drama. The trailer is so scary

  48. 48 : damnun Says:

    Why the poster is so bored?? Its need a scary main poster to be released

  49. 49 : solja from Mng. Says:

    사랑하는 소 지 섭 자여 네 영혼이 잘 됨같이 네가 범사에 잘되고 강건하기를 내가 간고하노라. 요한3서 1:2. God bless your way.

  50. 50 : Carmen Says:

    All I have to say is that the pick the right person for the play of this drama==Gong Hyo Jin, they did make a really scary poster in Drambeans OMG she will be perfect for her play…

  51. 51 : taraJJ Says:

    I think I’m the only who think the poster is boring..
    then I read ur comment… yeah we need more scary (and also funny too since this is horror-comedy drama) poster rite… the poster is similar with the greatest love rite-another hong sisters drama in 2010

  52. 52 : taraJJ Says:

    I already love So Ji Sub to be cast in this drama..
    then I read the line-up casts again… WHOA..OMO..OMO.. they also casted L aka Kim Myung Soo as young Joong Won… I’m not Infinite fans but I like L acting in Shut Up Flower Boyband… can’t help to be DOUBLE EXITED here 🙂

  53. 53 : damnun Says:

    The poster didnt attract me. Look like family drama with 100+ eps. Its need creepy compared with funny poster. Poster of hong sister previous drama (big) i think its good.

  54. 54 : Mia Says:

    Les soeurs Hong ont une nouvelle fois engagées cette greluche de Gong Hyo Jin…

    il y a tant d’actrices qui mériteraient elles aussi leurs chances..

  55. 55 : irene Says:

    can’t wait to see so ji sup again. the writers are great hoping to see this new drama as good as their previous ones

  56. 56 : clairerosean Says:


  57. 57 : myeon Says:

    i love all gong hyo jin’s drama. i think i’ll love this drama too. it must be funny haha

  58. 58 : KDchix Says:

    So excited for this drama!

  59. 59 : taraJJ Says:

    whooaa trailer II is soo scary… I hope the drama itself not so scary as the trailer bcoz I can’t stand the horor vibe, even there is So Ji Sub in it 🙁 … hope its more comedic,, come on its hong sisters drama I supposed..

  60. 60 : haharoro Says:

    wuuah. i watch the trailer. very excited for this drama genre. but the poster is kinda boring. well i hope this drama will have much comedic with good rating. it’s been a long time horror, comedic genre in kdrama. yoo hong sister.

  61. 61 : Presentandoles..”The Master’s Sun” | Un Blog acerca de Dramas Says:

    […] Fuente : http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=28343 […]

  62. 62 : ridha Says:

    cant wait!! the teaser are horror and funny :))

  63. 63 : noevita r mal Says:

    it’s drama be gonna diferent..can’t wait for watching…

  64. 64 : evy Says:


  65. 65 : agnesia Says:

    lil bit creepy… in traillers, but stil curious to watch,,,

  66. 66 : rm018 Says:

    Wanna watch this =) Excited ♥♥♥

  67. 67 : layla Says:

    Can’t wait , ı wanna see SJS

  68. 68 : liina Says:

    the drama looks really good some what like the Movie with son ye jin and lee min gi ( dont remember the name right) and i have never liked a couple this much even Before the drama it self to being….have to admit that so ji sub and gong hyo jin look really good together…i will love this i know it…

  69. 69 : maknaee Says:

    i wish this drama will be a big hit like the previous one, I Hear Your Voice :’)
    So Ji Sub ahjussi, fighting ne! I became his fans since watched his drama ‘Ghost’. Fighting!~~~ this was the first horror k-drama that i’m looking forward to~

  70. 70 : feane Says:

    @maknaee ohhh, then you should watch Cain & Abel. Ghost is a really good drama but Cain & Abel beats it by a mile 😉

    So, I’m very excited about this new drama (although SJS’s hair looks… strange :”D). And I liked Gong Hyo Jin in Pasta and… I think I also watched another drama with her… but I can’t remember right now…

  71. 71 : feane Says:

    And yes, the poster is kinda irritating :/

  72. 72 : DramaticFashion Says:

    Looking forward to the premiere!

    To all The Master’s Sun’s fans, come check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheMastersSun.DramaticFashion) created by DramaticFashion where we take fashion seriously and story lines not so seriously.

    More fashion and recaps of other K-dramas on https://twitter.com/DramaticFashion

    Like us and follow us, please!!!

  73. 73 : maknaee Says:

    @feane ~~ thanks~ this is my first time hearing Cain & Abel, searched it on google and that drama sounds very intersting. Gonna watch it ^^

    Well, i think SJS hair made him look younger than before kkk. I watched GHJ on ‘Sangdoo Let’s Go to School’ and Running man wkwk. Is Pasta really a good drama? I wanna watch it but still uncertain :]

  74. 74 : ance Says:

    the story is somewhat similar to Who Are You (2013) ‘coz the lead there also sees ghost…can’t wait to watch this! so many good dramas this month that started…

  75. 75 : Nudge Says:

    Yah! It’s “Ghost Whisperer” minus the boobs.

  76. 76 : taraJJ Says:

    to be honest I much prefer “Who Are You” at the moment but bcoz of SJS I was hooked from the opening credits.. I’m not a fan of scary ghost dramas even the ghosts were kind of freaking but after a while it got funny..very funny coz sometimes it doesn’t looks scary anymore to me 😉
    Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub are pretty great together so far, I like Joong Won’s expression eveytime Tae Gong Sil try to touch his body… but I don’t like SJS’s hairstyle in this drama (I prefer his on “Ghost/Phantom”) yaah maybe this hairsyle more suitable with his role as Joong Won… and i find SJS is fabulous in his cold assy way… ooh I’m so loving this guy 🙂 … I’m totally gonna watch this drama ’till end.. looking forward to next eps…

  77. 77 : Nudge Says:

    “Master’s Sun” is a stupid title. Better title: “Ghost Whisperer Without Boobies”. LOL!

    Seriously though. The first episode was great. The music was pretty much on the mark. The pace peppy it kept me engaged. Not a dull moment.

    My only reservation is that the Hong sisters may not have done serious research on ghosts to sell that side of it.

  78. 78 : feane Says:

    @maknaee …Well, I quite liked Pasta alot and since I knew Lee Sun Gyun from Coffee Prince and Gong Hyo Min from The Greatest Love (yey, I remembered the other drama with her xD) I liked the actors from the start. The drama was good enough for me to think about watching it again although I don’t have time for that :”’D Too many other dramas ahead xD

    About “Who are you”… Although I like the genre I don’t really like the male actor so I can’t bring myself to watch it :/

  79. 79 : Nudge Says:

    Other than the ghost thing, there’s no similarity with the drama “Who Are You”. That drama is about cops investigating “cold cases”, where typically a ghost assists in finding and securing the evidence.

    This drama revolves around a unemployed basket case who is pushed around by ghosts, serving their interests. Out of the goodness in her heart, she obliges. Dimwitted girl.

    She can’t bill them, so its a lousy business and she’s miserable.

  80. 80 : Yumi Says:

    Hh, finally i found silent thread. Neigboard thread ➡ goddess of fire, is full with emotions, war, and bashing. They always compare moon geun young, lee sang yoon, kim bum. Boooored with that topic.,
    wowh, 1st episode is great! Hit 1st rating by hit 21 percent 😀 . Usually hong sister drama always interesting

  81. 81 : eny Says:

    that right goddes of fire thread full of silly comment, make me annoy too, it also happen when i visit may queen thread

  82. 82 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    episode 1 is like a movie! This drama has it all via epi 1. Thrill, comedy, romance and action and drama.

    Honestly, i was tremendously affected on the meeting of the soccer star player and his deceased gf. That was heartrending and emotional.

    I think So Ji Sub delivered a solid performance on this episode. Gong Hyo has sometimes make me annoyed with her cute angles. Shes too old for that. But other that, she executed a well-judged performance here. And one thing, she don’t have this CLASS FASHION ever since, Thanks to her acting abilities which is highly considered as CLASS A.

    Seo In Guk hmmm, no enough sense for assessment for that, but has this hidden and mysterious character that could possibly made a quite bug impact to the story.

    Applause for the soocer player actor and his deceased gf for their true to life scenes.

    The music background is fantastic. It fitted on every scenes. For how many months, this one will be part of my top watchlist.

    By the way, Good Doctor is also a good drama to watch presently.

  83. 83 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    #typo error “Gong Hyo Jin”, “Other than that” “no enough SCENES” “big impact”

  84. 84 : RiKai Says:

    I luv this drama. Been bored lately with nothing to watch good thing i tried this one. I will also try Who Are You probably i will like it as well.

    Im looking forward for the next episode.

  85. 85 : ance Says:

    Wow! that’s all i can say with 2 episodes! this drama will surely hit big…can’t wait for next week…

  86. 86 : mel Says:

    i really love gong hyo jin’s pasta and the greatest love….also i’m a big fan of so ji sub…i’ll definitely watch this one.

  87. 87 : hyori Says:

    anyone who know the song at the end of ep 2? when Seo In Guk walk by So Ji Sub and So Ji Sub turn around. Pleaseeee:( I just find out the gummy’s song just 1 song 🙁

  88. 88 : Nudge Says:

    What a wonderful actress Gong Hyo Jin is. I liked her a lot in “Thank You”, and she has never disappointed since.

    I am a big fan of Ji Sub also. I loved his performance in the movie “Always”, playing opposite a blind Han Hyo Joo.

    I had wondered how the hell are these two going to conjure up screen magic. Well thanks to the brilliance of the Hong sisters, almost from from their first meeting we see Hyo Jin groping, then stroking Ji Sub’s biceps, and visibly enjoying it. Then later on she says to him: “Let’s sleep together.” LOL.

    Reminded me of the comedienne Pamela Anderson portraying a nympho: “Show us your tits! Go on. Show us your tits!”, hands everywhere on her fleeing male target.

  89. 89 : Nudge Says:

    Correction: “Pamela Stephenson” NOT “Pamela Anderson”

  90. 90 : Nudge Says:

    Immediately she can sleep when she’s snugged up to him. Ghosts disappear and she is at peace.

    I would call that bruteforce strategem by the Hongs. In your face babe. These ladies have balls! LOL

  91. 91 : Yumi Says:

    Just done watch 2 eps. Haha i really love GHJ expression when she acts like crazy woman. Haha and when SJS see her in that crazy act. Its so funny.
    Hey i think so ji sub just has seriously great act. But in this drama he can make me laugh of load! Haha
    its the first time i watch him after several years. Last time i watch him in sorry i love you. And now after watch him in master sun, i realize that he is handsome :D. I hope in future eps he cut his hair better. Cant wait next episode 😀

  92. 92 : Yumi Says:

    Have ball? What the mean

  93. 93 : Micc Says:

    Haven’t so thoroughly enjoyed a korean drama for a while. Even for I Hear Your Voice, I was just skimming through. This drama is so funny! Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Suk are fantastic, and there is also Seo In Guk! I’m in drama heaven!

  94. 94 : itaeonni Says:

    I have watched this 2 episodes and I really like it . Look forward to the next episodes..I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t help myself not to compare SJS appearance with Cha Seung Won as Dok Go Jin in “The Greatest Love”..the same partner with Gong Hyo Jin, the same great tall body, the same haircut, the same cold sassy temper..the only 2 differences I could think of are that he’s younger and more handsome…that’s all… 🙂

  95. 95 : maknaee Says:

    @feane okaay i’ll try watching it when i have time kkk
    i can’t help but love SJS’s act on this drama xD

    err.. did you mean Taecyeon? .-.

  96. 96 : taraJJ Says:

    exactly! me too, when I saw So Ji Sub in this drama, his character and hairstyle remind me a lot of Dokko Jin played by Cha Seung Won of The Greatest Love… I prefer SJS’s hairstyle in Ghost/Phantom, he’s so manly in that drama but about his character as Joon won which being cold sassy temper but funny, I’m kinda like it coz SJS so diff from his others roles.. can’t wait for next eps..

    I keep repeating the scene your mention above but still cant found out the tittle of the song too… sorry can’t help you… I just know the ost of this drama is Gummy’s song “Day & Night”

  97. 97 : Nudge Says:

    Hi @Yumi #92

    “..ladies have balls” ..It means they are audacious in a macho kind of way. Hehe.

  98. 98 : Yumi Says:

    usually in early episode hairstyle of actors a bit weird. U can see in drama all abt my romance. The lead male is weird cut hair. But after several times his cut hair change more handsome.
    This is first time i realize how handsome he is. And yes its the first time i see him act in comedy.

  99. 99 : grasha Says:

    I watch it bcoz it sub fast than TWO WEEKS, I lough of EP 1 “meow”, but the 2 EP is boring…………

  100. 100 : taraJJ Says:

    hahaha u notice that too? sometimes i wondering why the actors used kind of weird hairstyle if they changed it in a couple last eps… but yeah thank God they changed it 😉
    yes I saw “All About My Romance” too, Shin Ha Kyun with his odd hairstyle but love love his acting in that drama… superb!

  101. 101 : Yumi Says:

    i think SJS would be great looking if he use his cuthair in ghost as what u said. Emmm, i really hope the ending dont dissapoint me as what hong sister did in their last project. I dont want SJS and GHJ relation is hanging at the end.
    And the kiss scene is most anticipated scene, ah can’t wait 😛

  102. 102 : ogrenji Says:

    i never compliment based on physical,but gong hyo jin looks dazzling in this drama,beautiful, i guess her acting capture the character of sun really well,and so ji suubb… i love his appearance and acting too.i never have the guts to watch horror films alone,but i will endure it for this drama hehehe

  103. 103 : Lily Says:

    OK I didn’t start watching this, I will watch it after it finishes airing because I can’t wait for episodes :p
    but let me guess is Gong Hyo Jin going to discover that So Ji Sub at the end is just a ghost??? maybe they will make it like the 6th sense film ending!!
    LOL if they did this, Korean always make freak ending I will not be surprised!!!

  104. 104 : dinaz Says:

    i am watching this drama and who are you together..the stories are good and touching in both.in who are you i kept my eyes closed when the spirits appear coz they are spooky but the ghosts here are not very scary..hehe!thats an advantage for me as i am scared of ghost stories..so if they look like this i am fine with it..i was thinking of trying it for 15mins and if it was too scary i was about to leave it.. hehe!
    i am mainly interested to watch so ji sub and seo in guk here..so ji sub coz i havent watched any drama of his and i liked seo in guk in reply1997..
    its a good drama to watch and i was missing i hear your voice alot too..this is a gud replacement.. 🙂 hope it gets more intersting as more episodes passes..and hope tae gong shil gets a good makeover!
    i have lots of expectations from hong sisters 🙂

  105. 105 : Lita Says:

    Cant wait to watch so ji sub ❤❤❤

  106. 106 : noevita r mal Says:

    So far I watch episode 1 n 2,I think this drama is good.Every episode tell the other story too and we can learn every episode. I lol if so ji sub and gyo jin together with expression they have..xixixi.. Hope this drama gonna be best and awesome ^_^

  107. 107 : meetzy Says:

    Aaaaaaa i love this drama!
    So ji sub is way tooooo HOT! LOL
    And gong hyo jin is so adorable.
    Cant wait for the next episode ^_^

  108. 108 : KDchix Says:

    I just love this drama….:)

  109. 109 : taraJJ Says:

    maybe you should try watching “Ghost” too even less romance but I really like the storyline plus SJS look so damn hot in that drama 🙂 I become SJS fan since “What Happened in Bali”
    haha I’m also anticipated some kiss scenes here… just seeing the two first eps love chemistry SJS and GHJ 😉
    did you mean “Big”? I dunno even others said this the worst Hong Sister’s drama but I’m more like that drama then “The Greatest Love”… dunno maybe just my taste…

  110. 110 : juliane04 Says:

    i like the casts but idont like ghost stories.it will bring my sleep uncomfortable…

  111. 111 : Yumi Says:

    no, i dont mean to said that BIG is bad drama. I just hate the ending. Overall that drama is good and so funny. And i think hong sister drama always interesting to watch. Although im not too like the greatest love, but its worth watching drama. Really funny.
    And yes, i also wait the kiss scene. Aw aw its been so good. Wait a passionate kiss

  112. 112 : Kdramaholic Says:

    haha, it’s a nice change from the typical melodrama genre, although it would be better if they make those ghosts’ face less scary. Nevertheless, the rating is still high :D. Remember don’t watch this and Who Are You? together at night 😛

  113. 113 : dinaz Says:

    Cant wait for the new episodes..superexited!!
    i m sure joong won believes in ghosts but he dosent want to admit it..he even saw his girlfriend’s spirit when he was tied up by the kidnappers!!
    Seo in guk looks so hot here with his chiselled jaw bones and with all that weight loss.what a wonderful treat to see two goodlooking men in the same drama.. 🙂 😀
    it will be interesting to see how joong won and tae gong shil’s chemistry builds up..

  114. 114 : rendra Says:

    Watch episode online, The Master’s Sun ep 3 Eng sub/Raw

    Watch now : http://goo.gl/6Mg4kP

    Enjoy, thank’s 🙂

  115. 115 : Micc Says:

    Episode 3 starts to have Ghost Whisperer feel.

  116. 116 : K_Holic Says:

    Rating Up, Yeahhhh

  117. 117 : ogrenji Says:

    @micc yup rite,really feel like watching ghost whisperer

    i wonder if in the end there’ll be story where JG would face death and only TY can help him using her sixth sense

  118. 118 : Vanessa!!! Says:

    I’m really starting to like this show! 🙂
    Oh does anyone know the name and Artist
    Of the song that’s playing when Tae Gong Sil
    Is hugging Joo Joong Won in the parking Garage?!?
    I really like that moment and song :)))
    Soooo please help anyone?!?

  119. 119 : clairerosean Says:

    Very Much Satisfied with all 3 episodes so far… both leads are funny on their own simple ways.. although i am so kinda freakin out with that crawling lady on EP 3, another funny scene will bring me back to the happy me..

    So loving it, So Ji Sub is so so cute, i know he have stronger acting skills when he do action or drama yet there is no waste seeing him showing his funny side too… Gong Hyo Jin is doing really good job on her comic role, at her best, she is just so naturally funny..!

    Loving TMS a lot! Peace to All!! 🙂

  120. 120 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Thanks God Hong Sister made their big come back since the flop BIG which is so BORING!

  121. 121 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    #Hong Sisters i mean Fighting!

  122. 122 : dinaz Says:

    ep 3: daebak!!loved it alot..i am getting a feel of secret garden from this drama..joong won here and joo won in SG both owners of a big mall,both has fantasy elements..i am anticipating this drama more than i hear your voice..hehe!glad that a good drama is airing 🙂 hope they extend the series!!
    this episode seemed a bit scary compared to ep1&2 specially the way the ghost followed gong shil in the mall..ewwww!!i wonder who is kang woo,a secret agent or hee joo’s brother or what??but he looks very hot here!!
    it will be fun to watch hee joo in gong shil’s body interacting with joong won..its more better when i am watching in dramacrazy.. 🙂
    so glad thats its back!!i was truly upset when it closed down..

  123. 123 : fimfim Says:

    yeaaa @dinaz thank you very much for the informationnnnn 😀
    finally dramacrazy is back. its addressed at http://dramacrazy.eu now, not .net

    if u want to watch this drama plis visit this page guys 😀

    thank you very much again dinaz. i will inform all my friends 😀

  124. 124 : fimfim Says:

    hhhhffff cant wait how their chemistry rise. aaa i curious how jo jong won express his love to gong shil. BUT i really hope that there will not be a waste story, i dont want its sad ending

  125. 125 : fimfim Says:

    i mean both joo jong won and gong shil didnt end up together as couple. i dont want they end up as a friends.. omwwoooooo its would be second worse hong sister endings after BIG!!!!!!

    NB : each episode, different story, different ghost…. hmmm 80

  126. 126 : zura Says:

    Really like this drama. Not a typical love story. Love the acting too. Effortlessly good!

  127. 127 : bigeye46 Says:

    i like seo in guk bec he is good actor and sweet guy.

  128. 128 : fimfim Says:

    live recaps episode 4…. 🙂

  129. 129 : lougene Says:

    love the chemistry between the two, hoping that the story will continue to met the preference of the viewers.:)

  130. 130 : Etina Says:

    Watch online, The Master’s Sun episode 3 – 4 english sub and Raw

    Please, click this link to watch : http://goo.gl/44b5NJ

    Thank’s 😀

  131. 131 : Micc Says:

    I enjoy this drama, really, cos I love the three main leads. However, I don’t understand why Tae Yang has to act like a crazy flirt in front of Joong Won. Don’t quite get this set-up.

  132. 132 : fierda Says:

    a chemistry good. i waiting until 1000viewers haha

  133. 133 : momO Says:

    The rating really daebak!

  134. 134 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Loving this drama. I guess I’m slow, bcuz I just realized why it is called The Master’s Sun. I just wish the main lead didn’t act so ditzy & coy. She is 2 old 4 that. It is really annoying, but thankfully. it doesn’t spoil the integrity of the story.

  135. 135 : ogrenji Says:

    omoooo love the 4th episode ending,so sweeetttt,the story went on so fast isn’t it,JG already started to have sympathy for TY… 😀

  136. 136 : jianpark Says:

    i really like this Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy drama. i like the concept of this drama. before i said that i’m not going to watch it ’cause i really don’t watch horror because i’m scared but after seeing this. wow i’m always excited on the episodes.

  137. 137 : kim san shil Says:

    so excited to watch this drama, especially the horror main.
    waiting to episode 5 until episode 16(to be confirmed)….

  138. 138 : Nudge Says:


    I agree with you. I think Hyo Jin’s character would internalise the school-girl type crush as she and JW face serious encounters with the living as well as the dead.

    She isn’t stupid having graduated from a prestigious university. And it seems her sleepless nights are about to end. We would see a somewhat different Tae Gong Sil. Someone who won’t embarrass a CEO like JW. Or will we?

  139. 139 : taraJJ Says:

    waah I like the oppening scene of eps 4 with alk the insisting that ‘we only held hands and slept’ ooohh not to mention all lovely skinship.. but the best part is the last scene, where Joong Won hugged Ghong Shil and says ‘your shelter is here’ ooohhh love that.. can’t wait for next week eps!!

  140. 140 : taraJJ Says:

    but something botter ’till now is when I saw So Ji Sub as Joong Won… why I always remember Dokko Jin… aaarghh I hope he changed his hair!!

  141. 141 : Nudge Says:

    I’m going to say it: I have always noted how Gong Hyo Jin has the best pair of legs of any of the Korean actresses.

    Some actresses have a try-hard look about their figure, their face, boobies and legs. But Gong Hyo Jin has none of that. Her legs like the rest of her is au naturale, symetrically perfect, alluringly coy, simply daebak!

    But above all she is a terrific actress.

  142. 142 : ridha Says:

    its scared me. I don’t like when the ghost appearance in full face on my phone! but beside this story very interesting and funny xD I like it! the chemistry between them is good too

  143. 143 : Jyenie Says:

    The ghosts in this drama have gothic look. I got a shock when the ghost suddenly popped up behind TGS 😮 My heart string was pulled when TGS suddenly threw herself into JJW, the love between them starts to blossom;) There is not even a boring moment in this drama, love it!

  144. 144 : dinaz Says:

    ep4 :could stop laughing in the beginning looking at gong shil’s dance and her barking..hahahaha..and joong won’s expression were totally hilarious..specially when he gave the pillow to bite on..lol..gong hyo jin is a great actress!!
    @tarajj i too get the feel of dokko jin at times specially so ji sub’s height and face cut..and i get the feel of secret garden too..
    i feel the person who kidnapped joong won and hee joo was his aunt coz the kidnapper looked feminine and slender!!and kang woo is joong won’s step brother??seems like it..
    cant wait for next week this drama is totally addicting!!
    Hong sisters..Daebak!!
    @fimfim ure welcome dear i too was exited and was screaming when i found that dramacrazy is back!! 🙂 Enjoy!

  145. 145 : Mary Says:

    This drama has it all, genres from horror to comedy to romance to fantasy, the best!!!! Starting with the actors, I love them all, especially So Ji Sub, such a sexy man with amazing acting skills. As for the episodes, there is always suspense that keeps me hooked to this drama. Especially episode 4, best episode so far. The beginning was totally hilarious and the ending was, in my opinion, romantic and cute. I am looking forward to episode 5. Keep up the great work everyone 🙂

  146. 146 : Yumi Says:

    i have check dramacrazy.eu , there is something wrong in that new version. Seem like they dont have their own video. They copy paste embed video from gooddrama.net , isnt it? But whatever, what make me sad is i cant play the video there. My bandwidth is not en0ugh 🙁

  147. 147 : Yumi Says:

    Wuaaa the rating is so high. . . Im so happy. I guess its possibly the director and writer will extention the episode like what it did in i hear ur voice. Yeahhh for 16 episode is great, but if its extenti6n to 18 ep becoz of high rating, its okay, not bad 😀
    Btw, as far as i watch 4 episode, this question always come to my mind.
    1. Who is kang woo, and what the relation between him and jong goon gong shil? Seriously there is smthing wrong with him.
    2. Why all ghosts will dissapear after JJW touch TGS? Okay, i think reason abt “yin yang energy, male energy, or whatever it is”, is not solve the problem. I think there is a secret reason why he can be like that.
    I’m waiting the kissssssssssss sceeeeeene

  148. 148 : Yumi Says:

    Oo Forget, i just realize what the title means. “The master of sun”. Master is refers to JJW and sun refers to TGS. Its show up in ep 4. Hmmm

  149. 149 : muse Says:

    i really liked the lion king part. XD so funny

  150. 150 : 471K Says:

    the master sun is good but two weeks is better….

  151. 151 : Vanessa!!! Says:

    @ muse
    Right?!? I was laughing my Freaking ass off on that part!!! (XoX)

  152. 152 : dinaz Says:

    @Yumi..hi 🙂 oh sad that you are unable to watch dramas in dramacrazy!yup,its from gooddrama.net but i dont know why when i use dramacrazy lesser of my data usage is consumed compared to other sites..and the buffering is faster..there are two video for every part i use the first video to watch the drama..u can give a try..
    i too hope the drama will be extended but if i am not wrong this will be followed by minho’s Heirs and i cant wait to see my sweetheart too..hehe.. 😛

  153. 153 : OK OK OK Says:



    Though I have not started to watch, my sister already warn me “they” look SCARY !!!!

    I am going to watch soon becoz of these 2 great stars So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin 🙂

  154. 154 : 1104yndl Says:

    Hey guys, i dont watch horror drama/movie usually because i’m too afraid. But i think this drama is so good. Should i watch it or not? any advice?

  155. 155 : jianpark Says:

    @1104yndl, hello. actually me too, i don’t watch horror drama/movie because it’s scares me too much. but after this The Master’s Sun, oh i really like. it’s not that too scary. Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy is all in there. you’ll gonna like it. the actor and actress acts so well.
    any way if you want there is a thread at Soompi, you can join if you want..

    THANK YOU, and ENJOY watching 🙂

  156. 156 : dinaz Says:

    @1104yndl U should watch this drama the ghosts are not so scary looking..actualy i m scared of watching ghost stories too but this one is good.at the end of the episodes u will have sympathy for the ghost..and the comedy scenes will make u laugh..just give a try u will love it..if not for anything else watch it for so ji sub he is superhot here 🙂 😀
    @OK OK OK the ghosts are not as scary as the ones in ‘Who are you’..give it a try 🙂

  157. 157 : jianpark Says:


    Live recap of Master’s Sun…

  158. 158 : Yumi Says:

    #dinaz 152
    yeah its possibly that the heirs will be delayed to airing. Haha. . .
    #OK OK OK and #1104yndl
    u should watch it. Its really great drama. And i think its not too scary to watch. Yeah maybe the ghost face is a bit frightened but all our afraid is broke by how GHJ and SJS solve them. Both of them are so funny to fight the ghost. Seriously its not too scary as u thought before. In precentage the horrible is 35 percent while the jokes romance 65 percent.
    And yes, as same as what dinaz said in comment 156, most of the ghost are kind ghost *?* and pity at the end. Except recent ghost in ep 4, pretty maker ghost.

  159. 159 : hny Jo Says:

    Ok ok …this a good one to watch…asyeeeekkkk good story Love so ji sub :)) daebak horor…

  160. 160 : rona Says:

    i also don’t like watching horror drama or movie, but i will try this one..:)

  161. 161 : taraJJ Says:

    yes I agree with @Dinaz, @Jianpark and @Yumi that the ghosts not as scary as on “Who Are You” (I love watching that tvN’s drama too)
    or maybe bcoz So Ji Sub so the ghosts isn’t scary anymore..at least for me… hahaha

    @Dinaz, @Yumi
    hey you guys waiting for “Heirs” too? me too 🙂 but not for Lee Min Ho, I’m waiting it bcoz of Kim Woo Bin..

    @hny Jo
    hey big sista nice to see your name in this threads 🙂

  162. 162 : taraJJ Says:

    I forget to mention it that I like seeing L as younger version of Joong Won.. he’s cute 🙂

  163. 163 : Yumi Says:

    how scary the ghost in WAY? Actually i dont watch that drama.
    Btw, hehe i dont wait the heirs cz actually i’m also not minho or Park sin hye fans, maybe i will skip that. 😉

  164. 164 : dinaz Says:

    @taraJJ to be more precise i am waiting to see my Minho..hehe! 😛 but kim woo bin is cute too.. 🙂
    gosh i am repeating ep4 again and again..its so funny,cute and romantic and the entry of various ghosts in her body..hahahaha..
    i guess next week they will show kang woo showing interest on gong shil..it will be fun to watch the triangle..cant wait for next week!!

  165. 165 : zashlein Says:

    After watching episode 4, all I can say is ———–

    A M AZ I N G Horror-Romance-Comedy DRAMA !!!!! The acting of the main leads are the BEST!!!! I never imagined watching this drama could give me THREE different emotions at the same time!!!! The main leads deserve to receive the BEST ACTING award of 2013!!! To those who are still are looking for something worth to watch, JUST GIVE THIS A TRY.. YOU wont regret it!!!

  166. 166 : Angeljacs SG Says:

    I love this drama, it is getting more interesting ep by ep.

    Both lead role; So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin is really good in their acting.

    The story is interesting and scary, the cute relationship between the two is funny.

    Keep up the chemistry! 5 stars.. Good job.

  167. 167 : Micc Says:

    Since so many people are comparing this to The Greatest Love, I went back and re-watch TGL. It actually have very different feel, and the main leads have totally different personalities as well. Though at times it might bring back some memories cos GHJ being the first female in both dramas.

  168. 168 : fimfim Says:

    did kang woo has a feeling to gong shil?? i think he has something purpose to love her.

  169. 169 : usa-mary Says:

    @zashlein-165: You expressed my sentiments exactly! It is definitely a HORROR-romance-comedy drama all rolled into one! Though I could do without much of the gory, shock factor images and scenes…they do somewhat have their appropriate place in this storyline. The really interesting ones are those that are seeking GW’s help.

    As the chemistry among the two leads is gradually building, so are the comedy scenes, as well. Episode 4, so far is the epitome of laughter to me. My favorite scenes are: When GS found herself at the graveyard and the memorial visitors saw her…HILARIOUS! I repeated that scene quite a few times. Next, when Tae Yi Ryung, looking like Cruella de Ville minus the gray streak and dalmations, appeared at the gala causing heads to turn and Suk Chul, JW’s uncle, jumped when he saw her and hid behind the petite, mall manager towering over her. I tell you, that vanity spook was working the room that night! LOL Also, while meeting with her sister, GS buys coffee for a spook who can’t drink it, then goes to get extra syrup at its request. When she leaves, her sister tells her to take the spook with her….omg, too funny!

    After passing over this drama a few times, I’m actually glad that I decided to watch it. It’s a huge break from the constant unrequited love, emotionally obsessive and obtrusive kdramas that claim to be romantic and are more draining than anything else.

  170. 170 : taraJJ Says:

    yeaah.. at least for me.. ghosts in WAY more scary.. the make up I guess and storyline of WAY more havier than this drama.. I didn’t meant to compare them bcoz I love both..

    @dinaz, @fimfim
    yes I guess kang woo have feeling for gong sil for some purpose but still dunno for what.. but don’t mind some love triangle here.. really can’t wait next week eps

  171. 171 : uswa Says:

    This drama……..so funny……
    I love that

  172. 172 : fan Says:

    I was waiting for this drama and I’m glad that it’s not disappointing at all ! I love it so far, the cast is good as I expected it, SJS even with his serious attitude is very funny. I loved especially the reaction on his face when TY became a dog and was tearing the pillow, it was hilarious !
    I like the fact that the leads are getting attached to each other unconsciously.


    Hi girl ! good to see you ! I have to look for the others !
    Good to see that you’re enjoying this drama. You’re right ! we can enjoy the romance without being affected emotionally !

  173. 173 : Oyabun Says:

    So far, this drama is pretty well written. For me, it is the drama of the moment for it brings a lots of differents things.

  174. 174 : fishy Says:

    i really love this drama. sojisub-gonghyojin jjang!!!! mastersun&2weeks fighting!!

  175. 175 : Micc Says:


    You’re right. Let’s hope she drop those school girl act now she has somebody believes in her seeing ghosts. I think her secret will also be revealed to Seo In Guk as well. Can’t wait for Wednesday!

    Happy watching!

  176. 176 : Micc Says:


    I hope this drama doesn’t follow exactly like Ghost Whisperer. I hope it finds its own way to tell the story. But yes, would like to see GHJ saving SJS for once since it’s he who’s been saving her all along.

    Happy watching!

  177. 177 : celine Says:

    Ok, i noticed some similarities of master’s sun and the greatest love. JJW’s hair style and some expresion are like DKJ. The line like ‘shelter’ is like ‘charging’ in the greatest love. This is hong sister style. Not a new one but i still like very much their comedy sense and metaphor. They can make the story so warming and touching.

  178. 178 : Zineb Says:

    I like this drama a lot but wich web-site can i find all episodes because i wached just 4 episodes on: http://www.epdrama.com

  179. 179 : jianpark Says:

    @Zineb, it’s just still episode 4 because it’s currently showing in Seoul. Showing two times a week every Wednesday & Thursday.. 10pm Seoul time.
    I’m really enjoying watching this, so i hope you too… 🙂 🙂

  180. 180 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I always feel excited in every episodes. The lead actress is not that pretty but there is something in her that moves me. Their character fits with them. Their chemistry is so loud. I will continue watching this drama.

  181. 181 : bk Says:

    Very talented main characters! Very entertaining!

  182. 182 : juice Says:

    luv this drama, very excited before showing..after airing not dissapoint at all. SJS always can role every character.. admired him since cain and abel. ghost still my most favourite drama ever

  183. 183 : damnun Says:

    both greatest love and master sun is good & funny drama. of course its Hong Sister’s project. i hope the ending is happy

  184. 184 : noevita r mal Says:

    Every episode I’m excited to looking. Can’t wait to know how the’s end.

  185. 185 : joan Says:

    i thought it was boring..but wow…it is exactly a great drama!a comlete package of horror, comedy and romance and the leading man here..hahaha..handsome..i watched him on memries of bali,he’s a good actor..keep watching it..luv it..

  186. 186 : norlela Says:

    This is the best drama after I watched That Winter’s the wind Blows..
    Thanks Master’s Sun crew. I’m waiting the next ep

  187. 187 : dinaz Says:

    @fimfim and @taraJJ at first when kang woo rented that place he was not much bothered about her but when she started being seen with joong won then he started to take interest in her..but he even confessed that he did a background check on her..so i m confused!!but somewhere he pities her too..i want to see a triangle!
    in the next episode preview we can see that there was a ghost near kang woo and she seems to help him..
    cant wait for next episode 😀

  188. 188 : Yumi Says:

    there is ghost near kang woo? Where. I dont see it in preview.

  189. 189 : Yumi Says:

    mm, same with me. Its the first time after several months vacuum watch kdrama after winter wind blows.
    Two days left. Cant wait to download and watch aaaaaaa.
    Btw, in the last ep 4, although JJW hug TGS, i guess after that there is no something happen. . . jjw hearts still not respond TGS

  190. 190 : dinaz Says:

    @Yumi i remember that i read something like that in the preview when i watched online..when kangwoo faints..remember?
    did i read something wrong?
    i dont have the downloaded file coz i cant find a blog to download the drama.all the sites i saw uses adfly which does not work in my country.so anyone having the download link please let me know..

  191. 191 : Yumi Says:

    How do u watch 4 ep before? Watch online?

  192. 192 : dinaz Says:

    @Yumi yes,i watched online in dramacrazy.eu

  193. 193 : Yumi Says:

    i guess your internet connection is fast. cz when i tried to watch at dramacrazy,my internet cant play the video

  194. 194 : ko Says:

    really love this story <3 🙂

  195. 195 : Tota Ali Says:

    actually i couldn’t wait for this drama …. i like the couple! … love them too much keep it on xD .. a mean person and a closed up girl ! xD .. love it! … wondering how their love story will grow up … 😀 <3 .. Also the mixture of Romance and Horror is the first time to see this kind .. it is really entertaining and the comedy is pretty impressive in this drama 🙂 .. adore it ! … can't wait all my support … Fighting! 😉 <3

  196. 196 : Yumi Says:

    u can dwnload this drama in 200small.blogspot.com
    usually i download it in gooddrama.net , i use IDM tools to download it. Do u know IDM?

  197. 197 : dinaz Says:

    Thanx alot yumi for the site.. 🙂 i checked it,the ones without adfly are working..thanx again..no i don’t know about IDM..
    u can try refreshing the videos in dramacrazy to see if it works sometimes it does.. 🙂
    Cant wait for the next episode..but i guess it will get subbed by thursday so two more days to go..ah its annoying to excitedly wait for a whole week..
    expecting lots of jelousy and a nice triangle in the next two episodes..lol..

  198. 198 : sk8 Says:

    watched until ep.4… so far so good… although i would reckon the previous drama i watched by GHJ is much better… Greatest Lover is it?… That’s so good!!! Nonetheless, this is a good piece too, at least it makes you want to continue watching. No boring moment at all! It would have been better if there’s more suspense or mystery in each story… whereas this one there isn’t much investigation going on and the story of each ghost unveils rather readily…

  199. 199 : Yumi Says:

    Totally agree with u #sk8 😀
    yes, we should watch 2 more days. Although its possibly to watch ep 5 tommorow by live streaming in SBS online but it doesnt make a sense for me. I dont understand korean language (hangul) 😛
    Btw, master sun is subbeb faster than another wed-thurs drama (two weeks, etc). It has subbeb in morning. So its fine although we should watch abt 7 hours subbeb after its aired in korea.

  200. 200 : Yumi Says:

    let me explain u abt IDM. I usually watch kdrama by download it in epdrama, gooddrama.net, or dramacrazy via IDM.
    IDM is short words from Internet Download Manager. Its application to increase the speed whe we downloading something internet. U possibly download file, music, film, video, images, etc.
    And yes, its allow u to download flash video / online video (such as in website which offer watch kdrama online).
    U could get it by download for free in http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com (size 3Mb). After u dwnload, just install it. So easy dont worry.
    After u have install it. Refresh ur mozilla, google chrome, opera, or what browser did u used.
    Next, go to site that u usually watch kdrama (i usually go to gooddrama.net). Open master sun video (example : eps 4). After that, play the video. Wait a minute, a tools “download this video” will appears around the video. Click it and save to u computer.
    Well, maybe its not too important ‘why i should dwnload the video in epdrama, dramacrazy, etc if i allowed to watch it online’. The answer is yeah u can save the video into ur laptop, and u enable to watch it again again and again without watch online again (that take many times to buffer).

  201. 201 : taraJJ Says:

    thank u for your explaining.. I know your commnet to respond @dinaz abt how to download, i want to respond too but somehow i dunno how to explain it in correct english.. u know my english is bad and limited heheehe…
    can’t wait for tommorow eps 🙂

  202. 202 : taraJJ Says:

    yes soo true this drama there’s no boring moment at all… I know this typical Hong Sister’s drama but still fun to watch so far..
    I guess this year SBS has so many good drama, I always watch them all.. aftet That Winter The Wind Blows continued with All About Romance next to I Hear Your Voice then this Master’s Sun..
    then I read after MS continue with Heirs… whoaaaa…!

  203. 203 : dinaz Says:

    @Yumi thank u so much dear..that was so kind of you..i will definately try this out when i watch the next episode..
    many of us here can try it out too..thanx a million 🙂 🙂
    And same here i too cant understand much of hangul except for the basic conversation..so have to wait till thursday 🙂

  204. 204 : taraJJ Says:

    a ghost near Kang Woo?? ..and she?? the ghost is a girl? it seem I don’t see it.. maybe I should repead the preview once again… if she help Kang Woo, what her purposse?

  205. 205 : dinaz Says:

    @taraJJ i saw the preview twice and read something like that..so i think tae gong shil will help kang woo..remember kang woo faints and she is in a red dress?but i am not sure i m all confused..i feel like kang woo will fall for gong shil..he he..

  206. 206 : fan Says:


    Thank you girl ! I thought that dramacrazy.net was closed !

  207. 207 : usa-mary Says:

    @Fan-172: This drama is like a breath of fresh air for me. I’m so enjoying it. I did a re-watch of episode 4. Too funny!

    Gong Sil…girlfriend! What’s with all the garlic hanging outside the door to your apartment? Fending off possible vampires, too? LOL

  208. 208 : Babe At Bay Says:

    This drama is all good. Very interesting plot. But I don’t like Gong Hyo Jin….she is definitely not an eye candy. And I don’t think her acting is outstanding either.

  209. 209 : dinaz Says:

    I guess some of you will follow the live recap of ep5 at soompi.com when it airs today..i m not going to read the spoilers..i will watch it myself tomorrow..hehe. 🙂
    @fan welcome..enjoy watching 🙂

  210. 210 : Yumi Says:

    yeayyy me toooo i dont want read the recaps. well its more enjoy if i watch the video tomorrow 😀

  211. 211 : taraJJ Says:

    @Yumi and @dinaz
    hey me too, I never read any recap bcoz there is no fun reading all that stuff and there were always the writer point of view which sometime I don’t like or agree with it.. more fun just watching the drama myself, and for So Ji Sub I can wait just a lil’ bit longer hehehehe 🙂

  212. 212 : Yumi Says:

    is it a recap? what different between recap n synopsis? i’m not sure…
    waaa i cant wait the kissssss sceneee, really!

  213. 213 : sk8 Says:

    i think for those who are looking to watch korean dramas (english sub) online, probably you guys can try http://azdrama.sx/korean-drama/1377-the-masters-sun/… previously it was recommended to me as azdrama.net… but its no longer accessible? probably change to azdrama.sx? i watched the chinese sub one tho’… elsewhere :p can’t understand korean at all -___-”

    ya… whats the difference between recap and sypnosis? anyone?

  214. 214 : dinaz Says:

    @Yumi and @sk8
    Synopsis means a summary..above u can see a short summary or synopsis of the master’s sun..meaning u summarize the story into a short form..
    Recap means to repeat the main highlights..if it is a live recap then they will tell us in brief what is happening in the latest episode..it is a spoiler if are not watching live..some do like spoilers! 🙂
    another example,if u are watching a latest episode and if they show a recap that means they will show the main highlights or main parts of the previous episodes..
    hope that helped!

  215. 215 : fan Says:


    You’re right, a real fresh air !
    She hung everything to keep away ghosts LOL !


    A good drama for Summer 🙂

  216. 216 : Nudge Says:

    Hi @Yumi

    FYI, those outside of South Korea who prefer to watch the dramas in “high definition” (HD) usually download via torrents sites or a pay service.

    NB: Downloading contents without the owner’s consent is a infringement of copyright law.

  217. 217 : Nudge Says:

    Hi again @Yumi

    Sorry i didn’t see your other post on download managers. But I’m weary of such programs since the proliferation of organised crime syndicates involvement in cyberspace makes running some applications on ones computer dubious.

    For a mere tens of thousands you can buy a small software company and use their products for nefarious activities. In places like Russia & China there are no laws to prosecute cyber criminal activities. So be warned.

  218. 218 : fan Says:

    I think JG is really enjoying his role as shelter for TY, some super hero with some super power ! 😀
    Sometimes I feel like he’s mischievous teasing her.

  219. 219 : dinaz Says:

    @Nudge thanx for the info..it was very useful 🙂
    @Yumi i will try the blog site u gave me last time to download the drama..
    Thanx to both of u 🙂

  220. 220 : Micc Says:

    Two things come to mind at the end of episode 5:

    This drama is getting scarier, probably a little too scary than I could handle. 🙂

    Please don’t ever put So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk in one drama! I don’t know who to focus on!!! LOL!

  221. 221 : ailen Says:

    u can watch also @ gooddrama.com

  222. 222 : ailen Says:

    gooddrama.net.. rather.. 🙂

  223. 223 : emmanuel Says:

    I can never stop laughing anytime I watch this drama.thank u hong sisters for dis drama , am really grateful for what u have done for cause I recently lost something important in my life and never thought I could laugh but thanks to ur drama I laughed especially episode 4.

  224. 224 : emmanuel Says:

    This year is a good year for sbs while last year was a good year for mbc.I don’t care where the drama comes from.I just watch a Korean drama and am really grateful to all the writers in Korea for their wonderful and fantastic stories. Fighting south Korea I love u all.

  225. 225 : Yumi Says:

    just finish download and watch ep 5.

    “i want to go. yes i want to go…” said gong shil.

    i think she mean go to date or something else with kang woo, not go leave Jong goon.. hmm
    what ever is it, seem like JJW start to like gong shil. aaaaaaaaaaaa 😀

    thank u for ur warning. i ever try to download kdrama via torrent, OMG the file size is to jumbo. 1 episode is 1,2 GB. i’m not sure can download video with that jumbo size. my internet is too slow too download that. so i decided to download via website who offer watch online. btw, i also ever thought the copyright. but sis, if we think again, why SBS/KBS/MBC never block that site? never give feedback to delete the site due to copyright??? i ever upload a video in youtube abt kdrama, but its deleted by SBS due to copyright. how can its happen to mine while its not happen in dramacrazy, gooddrama, dailymotion, or epdarama??? i think they has liscenced by SBS/KBS/MBC to upload the drama in their site.

  226. 226 : Yumi Says:

    the story is good, the screenplay also good. but there is no OST pretty enough here? i mean there is no a “WOWW” song which can make me want to download it. its need a beautiful and nice soundtrack, i suggest…

    have u successful download ep 5?

  227. 227 : fitri Says:

    there is a great song to listen at the end of ep 5..

  228. 228 : fitri Says:

    just can’t wait the next ep. 6

  229. 229 : fan Says:

    I don’t know if it’s because they’re too good together on screen or because of their relation on set, I feel like SJS is under GHJ’s charm, it won’t surprise me if they end up together after this drama.

  230. 230 : taraJJ Says:

    there is the ost song of this drama called “Driving Me Crazy” by Hyorin from girlband Sistar.. love that song 🙂 i guess its official Master’s Sun Ost Part 3

  231. 231 : usa-mary Says:

    My thoughts on role casting: I’m glad that the casting company knows what they’re doing when it comes to selecting actors/actresses for the drama’s persona. There’s no way that a heavy make-up wearing, boobie, cooing Barbie doll type would be appropriate for the Gong Sil role! The title would change from The Master’s Sun to The Master Does the Sun and that’s a no no! LOL So, Hyo Jin is perfect and pretty (miffed for now with the unseen and her appearance should reflect that)! Joong Won, is like an electrical grounding device for her.

    @fan-215: Since when does garlic ward off ghosts! I’ve never heard of that, and I watched more than I care to think about horror flicks over the years. It must be an Asian traditional myth…no?! I know that herbs have been used over the centuries to ward off evil curses, but spooks?!

    Yay! That symbolic pink stiletto is getting around…Mi Do’s shoe (color, only) trademark! LOL

    I’ve noticed that the spooks that aggressively solicit Gong Sil’s help as their administrator always turns to their normal appearance after the task she’s been given to carry out is completed, then they depart in peace. Yet, the other morbid looking spooks remain that way until just to harass her…i.e. the coffee sniffing, extra syrup one. There are some exceptions like Joong Won’s girlfriend for one.

  232. 232 : Yumi Says:

    yeah the song in ending is quite good but not so “WOW”, i don knw is it bcz i too late to enjoy the music or what

  233. 233 : fan Says:


    LOL LOL LOL ! I completly forgot the pink shoes ! Oh girl you made me LOL !

    Because she wanted to chase ghosts without any success, being desperate she’s using anything in her hand even garlic, some touch of humor.

    I think that ghosts appear to her with that morbid look because they still have some resentment or pain, after she helps them to settle their turmoil their look become normal. But Jee hoo has no pain, she’s staying beside JG because of her selfishness, she wants him to be hers only, that’s why there’s that story of curse when he tried to marry before.
    I think when she discovers that JG has some feelings for TY, she’ll make her move, we see her all the time watching JG closely.
    For the coffee boy, later the story will be unfold. Maybe he had a crush for her sister, that’s why he wants to have coffee only where she works.

  234. 234 : taraJJ Says:

    Who Are You already show their leading actor+actress a kiss scene… when Joong Won and Gong Sil have their moment…?? sighh.. okay maybe I should stop writing comment and starting watching ep 5+6 ^__^

  235. 235 : dinaz Says:

    Watched ep5 just now..it was awesome!i like these kind of dramas without any dull and draggy moments..joong won is obviously falling for her..and now kang woo too..to say that he will be courageous.. 🙂 swooning at these two [email protected] ure right they have casted two goodlooking men together..so unfair..lol!
    i dint watch any so ji sub’s drama or movie before glad to have watched this one and know him 🙂
    but the series is getting a little spooky now..specially that ugly doll rolling its eyes..Ewwww!!it was so scary!!so now that little kiddo can see ghosts too??
    @fan ure right about the coffee ghost..
    @yumi i m trying to download it from the blog u gave me last time!

  236. 236 : Micc Says:

    I am wondering what kind of accident Gong Sil had (which gave her the ability to see spirits) and whether it has any tie to Joong Won.

  237. 237 : Yumi Says:

    hyorin sing a soundtrack here? When im not yet listen her voice around 5 ep.
    Btw the kiss scene usually show up in ep 8-end
    #usa-mary 231
    asian not use garlic to avoid ghost. They use salt or bean to do it.

  238. 238 : Yumi Says:

    its a bit longer u to watch it, hehe 😛

    yes me too. Its also a big question for me. What kind accident can make someone given sixth sense

  239. 239 : Amany Says:

    does’t any one notice the similarity between this series and the greatest lover. The heroin in both series have a good reason to be with male hero and yet, the both males started to love her first and she began to fall for the other guy, i can prove this by the candy and the flower accident in the greatest love. Though, I love both series. I really do. I already watched the greatest love for like 3 times already. I am looking forward for this series to be different that the greatest love and to improve better and better

  240. 240 : taraJJ Says:

    when connecting with ost songs I just download all songs of any dramas without knowing when the song will appear bcoz I just love listening those songs then waiting the song will appear… and yesterday just download MS ost Part 3 (consist around 9 songs) maybe Hyorin’s song will appear in eps 6 bcoz I haven’t watching ep 5+6 yet hehehe… just finished watching Good Doctor and Who Are You 🙂

  241. 241 : Micc Says:

    Am I the only one who think it’s sad GS can’t have both men and KW has to be with TYR? What a waste! lol!

  242. 242 : Micc Says:

    Do you think the two little kids’ mom is dead?

  243. 243 : Yumi Says:

    why TGS cant get one of the two mens? And how can the mom of child is dead?
    And yes i also think that KW would end up with TYR. But im not sure, did he real has feeling with TYR
    hope hyorin song would be great and wonderful like what she did in glory jane ost. Have u listen her song in glory jane ost? Its really worth listening.

  244. 244 : Yumi Says:

    Omwo kissssss

  245. 245 : emmanuel Says:

    Love this drama so much.

  246. 246 : Sunlover Says:

    Best drama of 2013! Just love it, so funny, so touching, cant wait each ep.

  247. 247 : nori Says:

    can anyone tell me what the name of the ending song of ep 5

  248. 248 : fan Says:

    @Micc @Yumi

    KW approached TY because he wanted to know what was between her and JG, he pretended to like her in order to achieve his mission, but now he feels guilty after knowing her better, still he was dishonest in the beginning. In the other hand, JG is clear and honest, from the beginning TY knew what he’s thinking. He’s also the only one with whom she feels safe and can carry on with her life comfortably. Of course, the leads will end up together in the end as usual.

  249. 249 : dinaz Says:

    @fan i will feel bad for kang woo later..seems like he is starting to fall for her..he said he will be courageous..and mr joong won is getting all jelous..hehe..yup finally joong won and gong shil will fall for one another..dont u think both got powers..one can see ghosts and the other can ward off ghosts..hmm interesting!!
    cant wait to go home n watch ep 6 🙂 😀

  250. 250 : Poohbear Says:

    one for laugh: why do they have to screen ghostly dramas in the month of the hungry ghost – the 7th Lunar month…. with still another 14 days to go. Real scary to watch it online at midnight lol
    Story not bad, but find it rather slow going. But I like the way the Master is changing slowly for the sun. I like episode 6 when he actually help the poor soldier by taking advantage of the dog spirit. Like it when he had that straight face. But can’t understand why they did not continue the story of the rose. The one he cut on the 1st episode. Thought he should be punish or is it to show that he has the power to ward off those spirits and to introduce how The Sun should stuck to him.

  251. 251 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-233: You made me laugh all over again! What a wonderful explanation about the ghosts.

    @Yumi-237: I forgot about the salt…didn’t know about the beans!

    When JW took GS home (after his gf appeared) and all those different ghosts were manifesting was too funny. Yet, the one that topped it off for me, other than the French speaking ballerina was when she barked like a dog and tore up the pillow he threw to her! JW’s response was priceless! RLOL BRAVO…what a well directed and produced scene!!!!

  252. 252 : Yumi Says:

    i almost forget abt the story cuting rose in early eps. Yes why writer didnt finish it yet? Did they will continue it in later?
    I think the top climaks of this drama is cha hee joo. Remember last ep? The shaman told to TGS that there is a spirit who want to take advantage from TGS, the spirit will be so harmful for TGS. It can exchange TGS body to comeback alive. The one who has characteristic of those is hee joo ghost. Isnt it? TGS possibly die bcoz of hee joo.
    #usa mary
    i think JW didn take TGS home, but TGS did it herself. Becoz she drunk, and hee joo ghost enter TGS body, thats why she go to JW house. Yes thats funny scene when GS act like a inoncent dog and JW saw her with no expression. Haha

  253. 253 : Yumi Says:

    Anybody know what the title of song that often played in this drama? Its a male voice. And its ever play when kang woo help yi ryeong. Like aqustic song. . .

  254. 254 : taraJJ Says:

    i think the tittle of that song is “You and I” by Hong Dae Kwang, Master’s Sun Ost Part 2.. i dunno is it ilegal or not but you can download it on kmusicdl or kpopmusicdl.. this side always updated about newest kpop or osts songs..
    ooh I’m sorry I forget about Hyorin’s song on Glory Jane Ost (tbh I never watched that drama) but I begin notice about Hyorin when she & Eru sang duet a famous song of my country in Music Bank which held in my hometown.. I never tough she & Eru could sang soo beautifully even that song isn’t in Korean language 🙂

    @fitri @nori
    i still hv manage my time to watched ep 5+6 so I can’t tell what the title of the song at the end of ep 5 🙁

  255. 255 : taraJJ Says:

    are JW and GS already had kiss scene?? maybe I should rush to watched eps 5+6 hehe

  256. 256 : fan Says:

    @Dinaz 249

    Yes ! the writers are deliberately making it difficult for us to choose between the 2 men, we want them both to win TY heart. They’re both handsome, rich and have good heart, like in “The greatest love” that’s why some say the 2 stories look alike.

    @Poohbear 250

    You’re right about the rose, the ghost couldn’t do anything to him, it seems that it was to show us JG super power 🙂

    @usa-mary 251

    That scene was for me the funniest, really hilarious !

    @taraJJ 255

    I think it’s too early for the kiss. JG is not emotional, he’ll do it when he falls in love. What I’m curious about now is : can he read when he touch TY, maybe that’s why he came closer to her, anyway we have to wait for the next week 🙁

  257. 257 : usa-mary Says:

    Episode 5 is HILARIOUS! JW’s uncle is the first one to see Jil Seung, the whistling ghost dog. That scene was so funny. Especially, when the uncle ran from the store room with his suit coat semi off looking like a strait jacket. His expression was priceless! RLOL

    @Yumi-252: Since JW’s girl friend temporarily possessed GS’s body, and began to captivate him with words he was familiar with, it was obvious what was going to happen next. He wanted to protect her and be near her. However, she got to his home really doesn’t matter to me and isn’t a big deal. She could have flown by broom or Star Trek astro-traveled there. I recall them being together outside of the mall entrance, then the next scene at his home observing his visitors (LOL)…therefore they were together(.)

  258. 258 : Yumi Says:

    whaa thank u for the info, its really useful 😀 . Emm i dunno is it ilegal or not. But im not sure paid attention did it ilegal or not. If i should download a legal one, where should i go?
    Anw, JJW and GS almost kissing, but. . . Arrrghh let u watch by yourself. Its happen in ep 6. Its mean, JJW start to believe with her, and put a “care”. Haha
    #usa mary
    well, thats the climax of the story. As soon as possible hee joo ghost would take advantages to GS body. GS will be in harmful. And JJW will be the prince of master that protect her. And in that condition he start to fall in love. Aw aw its would be great scene. GS actually has basic feeling ‘love or comfortable’ with JJW. So no matter JJW show or told his feeling to her, she would accept with joyful. Haha

  259. 259 : dinaz Says:

    watched ep 6:gosh it was really a mean thing to do..to let the owner kill his beloved dog with his own hands..that was really too much!but that story too had a good ending but how can a ghost dog bite the uncle?or eat kimbap?i am all confused now!!
    i was very happy to see kang woo and gong shil together but alas!it was just a stupid dream..but lol all the ghosts clapping and cheering for them..hahahaha!that was funny..
    @yumi cutting rose..hmm i think it will have a significance later in the episodes to come..!i too think cha hee joo might take advantage of gong shil..but joong won’s touch will ward her off!!
    @fan its truly tough to choose right!hehe..but the way dokko jin and joong won talks is similar,i mean their dialogue delivery,and the hairstyle,height keeps reminding me of dokko jin..but newaz i love them both too..
    looks like the kiss wont be successful..our joong won has to get a little more jelous to kiss her..lol..
    and that ugly doll it smiled this time..dosent it give creeps..ewwww!!

  260. 260 : Nabila Says:

    I’ve seen 6 episodes for maaaaaany times, and won’t get bored. This drama’s one of a kind. They put up differents genres and combine it perfectly.
    Am I the only one realizing that GHJ had a tiny tattoo on her point finger of her left hand? Try watching a scene on episode 1 showing GHJ’s left hand

  261. 261 : Micc Says:


    Not the dog, the owner of the dog did that. It’s a human dental mold you could see on that vice president’s hand.

  262. 262 : Yumi Says:

    #fan & #dinaz
    i just realize that JJW and dokko jin is similar. the character, especially their expression… whuaaa

  263. 263 : Sharon Says:

    @ Fan
    I just started “Master’s sun” it’s funny and reminds me a movie called “Six Sense.” JS demeanor reminds me of the lead in the drama “The Greatest Love”. Good stories so far. The Hong Sisters are one of a kind when it comes to combine comedy, romance, and mysteries.
    I caught up!!

  264. 264 : usa-mary Says:

    The storylines in this drama are excellent! To some degree or another, every remaining, living family member or friend is given hope and peace in the end. Well, with the exception of that foolish gambler a few episodes earlier.

    @Yumi-258: So true…that would be a wonderful scene! Here’s something else I thought about. At that moment, HJ saw GS (while drunk) as a willing vessel to work through so that she can get physically close to JW. All the other female prospects were scared away because she couldn’t use them for her purpose. I agree, JW is slowly opening his heart, yet is still in denial. He’s too busy trying to recover his money. Its so funny how GS is constantly trying to control the urge to touch JW and to keep her lustful thoughts in check! LOL How HJ helps them by revealing who has the money and how it was invested should be really good. I wonder if their biggest competitor is the one?

    @Sharon-263: Hi! It’s good to see you here!

  265. 265 : fan Says:

    @dinaz 259 @Yumi 262

    Maybe the characters are similar in some way(Dokko jin bit eccentric than JG) but if you compare for example Choi Siwon in the “Lord of dramas” and CSW in “The greatest love”, honestly SJS is doing a great job. It’s not that easy to play a similar character without being trapped by other actors performance. For me, JG is different from Dokko jin and the two dramas are different, especially with GHJ brilliant acting.

    @Sharon 263

    Good !

    Hong sisters are doing good job, the story remind you of some shows like “Six sense”, “Ghost whisperer” without being a copy. Even though TY is helping ghosts, she’s different from the protagonist of these shows. Each story and each ghost is different. You’re right ! You laugh, you’re touched and bit scared(sometimes very scared like that doll with the kids ghosts, it gave me goosebumps, creepy !)

    @usa-mary 264

    Yes why not ! he’s maybe the same who sent KW to spy JG !?
    In the next episode KW is surprised when he sees HJ with JG in some photos, it seems that he knows her.

  266. 266 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    Yes, the stories are great, I died laughing at the tissue box shoe, funny!
    It’s good that you are here. I was telling fan about “Empire Of Gold” Mary you will love it. That’s your type of show trust me.

  267. 267 : Sharon Says:

    I thought it would be much scarier, but it’s enough. The injection of comedy mellows the scary scenes a bit. The Hong sisters did a good job that way.
    You gotta start EOG!!

  268. 268 : fan Says:


    Did you notice something in episode 3, usa-mary did !

  269. 269 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 267

    I finished “Thank you”, a very good drama and GHJ is really talented. Now I can start EOG.

  270. 270 : dinaz Says:

    @Micc ok so that was the owner..then what was with the ‘dog’ that the uncle saw with red eyes?i m confused!!
    @fan i havent watched god of dramas till now..even though dj and jw maybe similar they still have charms of their own..and yes gong hyo jin is a superb actress..i still cant forget ep4,her barking and dancing..hahahaha!
    i am still wondering as to how joong won and gong shil are connected that his touch wards off ghosts!!
    you all had mentioned about hyorin’s song from glory jane’s ost..i downloaded that..i heard the song its beautiful..any more suggestions please??i am looking for some good songs!

  271. 271 : Sharon Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin is quite the talent, her portrayal of Tea Gong Sil is on point. The way she bites her nails and covers her face as she cowers in fear. Her ability to talk and try to push them away when no one can see them, but her. She might seems a bit crazy, but she plays the part well.

  272. 272 : taraJJ Says:

    @fan #256
    yeah maybe its to early but for joong won and gong sil I can wait till tht moment arrive 😉

    @Yumi #258
    yaaaah that kiss didn’t happened on ep6 🙁 but still I can wait for tht..
    maybe u could dload thru youtube but I already done dload a lot songs on kmusicdl or kpopmusicdl with my cell phone hehe

  273. 273 : Sharon Says:

    Where in ep 3 , give me a hint.

  274. 274 : taraJJ Says:

    @dinaz #270
    I dunno if the songs will siut to your taste but these are some of my favorites kdrama osts, maybe u can dload it too:
    *living like a dream by kim jaejoong-time slip dr.jin ost
    *a stranger by big baby driver-7th grade servant civil ost
    *spring rain by baek ji young-gu family book ost
    *love hurt by lee sang gon noel-gu family bwook ost
    *the day we were happy by narae-i hear your voice ost
    *magic castle by melody day (but I like park yoochun/dbsk version)-i miss you ost
    *grey paper by yesung suju-that winter the wind blows ost
    *tears are also love by baek ah yeon-jungyi, goddes of fire ost
    *foolish heart by kim junsu-mandate of heaven ost
    *bad person by baek ji young-hwang jini ost
    *dream by k.will-a love to kill ost
    *I found you by jyj-sungkyunkwan scandal ost
    *for you its separation for me its waiting by kim jaejoong-sungkyunkwan scandal ost

  275. 275 : taraJJ Says:

    oops typo error.. I mean suit to you^^

  276. 276 : dinaz Says:

    @taraJJ thanx a lot..all the songs are new to me..i will download all and listen to them..thanx alot again 🙂
    i too am waiting to see a good kiss 😛 but wanted to see a triangle too between kang woo,gong shil and joong won..hehe.. 😀

  277. 277 : fan Says:

    @dinaz 270

    JG and TY connected ! Because of their good heart they met, they need each other, they’re helping each other !
    Can we call it Destiny Fate !?

    @Sharon 271 & 273

    In “Thank you”, she’s completely different, she’s really really a good actress !

    Hint :I don’t know if it is trendy in Korea but it’s linked to cheating 😀

    @taraJJ 272

    As you said we’ll wait ! I think it’ll be very passionate ! 😉
    Did you downloaded the last 2 songs in episode 6, I like them.

  278. 278 : fan Says:


    Go to #usa-mary 231

  279. 279 : Sharon Says:

    Dammmmmmmmmmm!!! The pink shoe!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! Leave it to uas-mary to catch that one. Hahahahaha!

    To think of it, it does represents innocence. She was innocent to her husbands reason for marrying her!!!

    I take my hat off to you usa-mary for getting this one. Hahahaha!

    Jyenie got to get on this thread!

  280. 280 : JoycedagirL Says:

    My most fave drama in Wednesday-Thursday timeslot….great drama and great acting….and the chemistry totally awesome!daebak!

  281. 281 : taraJJ Says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t waching eps 5&6 yet bcoz there’s wedding party going on in my place this weekend (oops sorry for out of topic..)
    I just dload Master’s Sun Ost Part 1 ’till 3
    part 1 : day and night by gummy
    part 2 : you and I by hong dae kwang
    part 3 : drving me crazy by hyorin sista
    (part 3 consist 9 songs but 8 songs just instrumential)
    are those songs eppear on ep 6?

  282. 282 : taraJJ Says:

    @fan @Aharon
    is it “Thank You” which Jang hyuk as leading man, you guys talking about? I watched it when one of national tv in my country broadcast that drama… Gong Hyo Jin’s role so diff from her others dramas such as Pasta, the Greatest Love and this, Master’s Sun

  283. 283 : taraJJ Says:

    oops I mean @Sharon.. I’m soo sorry for typing your name wrong..

  284. 284 : zura Says:

    This drama stirs up my curiosity to know what is going to happen next. 🙂

  285. 285 : ridha Says:

    omo! is joong won going to kissed gong sil on ep 7? *-*

  286. 286 : zura Says:

    Hopefully he will kiss GS in the next episode. 🙂 Anticipating it so much

  287. 287 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-279: I left Jyenie a message in The Goddess of Marriage thread. That’s the last thread that I know of where we both commented. Hopefully, she’ll see it and come here.

  288. 288 : fan Says:


    I don’t know if it’s Hong sisters idea to choose that color, were they referring to WAML 😀

    I think Jyenie is busy I don’t see her lately in any thread !

    @taraJJ 281

    It seems that one will be released this Wednesday it’s “Touch love” sang by Yoon Mi Rae , the other maybe later.

    Yes we’re talking about “Thank you” with Jang Hyuk, she was really good there.

  289. 289 : ling ling Says:

    the awesome drama after Secret Garden ^^

  290. 290 : ling ling Says:

    so coriuse for d next eps …
    Fighting Unnie Sun..

  291. 291 : Sharon Says:

    You never know!
    Jyenie, pop up sometime on EOG, she is talking more so I know EOG struck a nerve an has become more interesting to her. Fan, are you on 2 weeks thread? I am.

    You always make me laugh and that dam pink shoe did it, hahahah.
    Thanks for trying to hook up Jyenie. She will surface when she is ready.

  292. 292 : emmanuel Says:

    I really hope he kiss her.am really anxious. Wednesday please come fast

  293. 293 : freedomdemon Says:

    나는이 영화를 사랑합니다!!!!! ^^Y
    I love this film d~!!!!! **Y

  294. 294 : Jyenie Says:

    @sharon, usa-mary & fan
    Oh dear, what is going on? Why are you looking for me? The infamous pink shoes again? LOL. Damn, my heart nearly fell out from my mouth when the pink shoe-ghost suddenly popped up behind TGS! I think Hong sisters are paying tribute to WTML with the pink shoes. They symbolise infidelity in both dramas! Ha!

  295. 295 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 291

    No I’m not. There is someone using the same pseudo as mine.

    @Jyenie 294

    LOL, you were that scared, what if the owner pop up !

  296. 296 : Sharon Says:

    Me too!! She looked torn up. I die laughing, when the ghost was running down the hallway with the one pink shoe on. She started out slow, but went faster and faster as the secretary went towards the stairs. Too funny!

  297. 297 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, i guess the Hong sisters pay tribute to the pink stiletto.🎉😂

  298. 298 : Sharon Says:


  299. 299 : Salma90 Says:

    Amazing drama love it

  300. 300 : Fatima Says:

    nice drama ✌

  301. 301 : mayhappyday Says:

    why i feel like ‘dejavu’ watching greatest love while watching this drama.
    cos d main actor have same charisma i think. lol
    love this drama 🙂

  302. 302 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-294: WELCOME! Yes, it was me who sent out the bloodhounds in search of you!

    Wow, the Hong sisters are awesome writers! The Dynamic Duo! What brilliant minds!

    Back to the Drama:

    I wonder what’s up with the mall trash can lid spinner! All GS did was ask around, trying to find out about that ghost dog, one of their own, and they all had the nerve to get attitudes…as if they’re being disturbed. They literally have nothing else to do, but haunt! LOL

    Then, JW wants to charge GS for touching his body…too funny! Ladies, if I recall correctly what SJS looked like when he was in What Happened in Bali, I’ll grab him myself and have him send me the bill because this man’s body is ripped! LOL

  303. 303 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha! Maybe he had to spin it a certain amount of time to be released from the mall and be at peace, but she disturb him and he lost count so he has to start all over again. Damn, I would be pissed. Hahaha

    Yeah, he did have a nice bod in “What Happend in Bali”. His frame seemed much wider in that drama, but In this drama he has a much slender frame. I like him better in Bali.

  304. 304 : Jyenie Says:

    I was here after I saw your message in GOM thread. The pink heels again? LOL. I guess we will never forget the fun we had in WTML thread, that drama is really something, I am yet to find another drama as crazy as that 🙂

  305. 305 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-302: Believe it or not, but I’ve found a drama even crazier than WAMFL. It was (noticed I said was) a Venezuelan telanovela that seemed interesting. Yet, I knew by the first few episode there was going to be trouble when the lead male actor boarded a private plane headed for his Venezuelan estate, and the pilot had to make an emergency landing somewhere in a field in Florida. The male lead actor was injured and unconscious, so the pilot went to get help. The next scene showed the pilot in Venezuela, not Florida, talking to the lead male’s sister at the Venezuelan estate about her injured brother. He didn’t get an ambulance or a doctor. The scene after that showed a young woman passing by and sees the plane. She courageously helps the injured lead male actor to safety…get this…in Florida! Do you know where this young woman lives…guess…in Venezuela near the lead male actor’s estate. Not only did I wonder where they were, but the Viki commenters did, too! Everyone was questioning…wasn’t it Florida? How did they get to Venezuela? Then, later, when the lead male actor married the young woman who saved his life in Venezuela, they were pronounced man and wife by the Justice of the Peace in Florida! The first 2 episodes was like this. By the time the revenge started, that was it for me! It was all I could take!!! I had to stop watching it before I started wondering if I was in Florida, NYC or Venezuela! LOL

  306. 306 : fan Says:

    @Sharon Jyenie and usa-mary

    LOL LOL LOL ! Girls you made my day ! You’re very funny !
    and the funniest that telanovela ! hahahahahaha !

    I don’t know why until now we didn’t see the famous shower scene with such “Pur sang” !? It’s summer, why they don’t go to the beach or to the pool !?

  307. 307 : Jyenie Says:

    That is too crazy! LOL!

  308. 308 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon, fan, Jyenie: Ladies…the drama is called Wild Cat and you can find it at Viki. Check it out the first few episodes for yourself….its really crazy, not to mention the 200 episodes which I’ll pass on! It’s like a math problem…i.e….if a plane leaves NYC headed for Venezuela, how long will it take if it makes an emergency landing in Florida and the pilot shows up in Venezuela seeking help??? Maybe a MENSA prodigy can figure that one out.

    @Sharon-303: RLOL…that spook must have had a lot of interruptions! That’s true…SJS does look a little thin. To tell the truth…quite a few actors and actresses in kdrama land are looking thinner compared to a few years ago!

    @fan, Jyenie, Sharon…I don’t know if any of you are watching Love Around (Viki), because its really a very good drama. The OST is a must to listen to, and this is a first for me to mention an OST. The OST singer’s name is Bi (not the Korean Bi Rain). The song’s entitled, Come Back To Be, and every time I hear it, I start dancing. The lyrics are so unique and beautiful. They’re a mixture of Chinese (Mandarin, I think) Korean and English…which flows together lovely in this song. The singer is Asian mixed…Taiwanese and Korean…and is a hawty with a beautiful singing voice!!! Check him out on Youtube!

  309. 309 : Drama Ini Itu (lagi) | It's Dinhie! Says:

    […] image from http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=28343 […]

  310. 310 : zura Says:

    Can’t wait to know what is going to happen tonight! Hopefully there’ll be more interesting scenes…:)

  311. 311 : Sharon Says:

    Where are you now!? Too funny

    @ fan, Jyenie, usa-mary.
    Guys, good to be on the sane thred there is never a dull moment when we all are together.

  312. 312 : ddy Says:

    korean drama seems now had fever the sixth sense theme or about the uniq strength of the main roles. let’s see .. i hear your voice, master of sun, even the good doctor can be said to be included in this theme because of the advantages possessed by the main character (joo won as Park Shi On). i like that themes…make me always keep watching and waiting..what else?what else will be done by the main character?…I love to see the amazing scenes that I never imagined..and amazing scenes that I’ve never seen before, like solving unique cases that caught my attention. even..from the drama i can I get new knowledge that makes me say ‘WOW!!!’ or “OOOH~’ … and I am even going to make me find out more about it. i love drama that very influenced me.
    thanks for screenwriter that give me amazing drama script. keep fighting!!!
    *just my opinion, hahaha~ 😀

  313. 313 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 308

    OH NO NO NO ! I don’t find words to describe that telenovela ! OH MY GOD just the first minutes of it made a “short circuit” in my brain !

    You’re right about the ost of “Love Around”. I liked it the first time and I downloaded it (the 2 versions), I’m listening to it while writing, thank you ! :-*

    I watched the last episode of “Last Cinderella” yesterday, I didn’t expect that ending ! Love wins in the end hehehe 😀

    @Sharon 311

    Really good to be in the same thread ! <3

  314. 314 : usa-mary Says:

    I just watched episode 7 in the raw. It was funny and very touching to the point where I became teary-eyed. I’m looking forward to seeing the subs.

    @Sharon-311: LOL! I’m straight now since I left that telanovela alone! Icarumba! Whoever spliced those episodes needs to leave the tequila and margarita’s alone! hehehe

    I totally agree with you Sharon. We definitely have fun while waiting for the next episodes to post!

    @fan-313: I’m glad you see that I wasn’t exaggerating about that telanovela. It’s a mess! LOL

    You’re welcome! I’m so glad you like the OST. I usually like the music more so than the lyrics of some OST’s because for some reason, they don’t translate well in English, but this one is an exception.

    Re Last Cinderella. Yes…love does win out in the end. I really enjoyed watching that jdorama. I’d like a season 2 for that one.

  315. 315 : Micc Says:

    Hey, glad to see mentioning of Taiwanese drama here. I started watching Taiwanese drama few months ago and almost dropped all Korean drama. 🙂 Of course, just almost!

    Sorry Admin, I know this is solely for Korean drama. Just got off topic for a little bit. 🙂

  316. 316 : You’re Not Alone, My Child.. | It's Dinhie! Says:

    […] The Master’s Sun tadi malem sedih ya..tentang anak-anak yang kehilangan kasih sayang dari orang tua. Kan drama ini […]

  317. 317 : hny Jo Says:

    Joha..ep 7…good !! ost ..enjoyable..!!

    So ji Sub stil makes me ….terpana 😉

    The Master’s Sun take my time….it’s worth it !! two thumb 4 Hong sisters

  318. 318 : feane Says:

    Exciting drama! Not as dark as I thought it would be but still very very good. And the ghosts ARE creepy. At first I wanted to watch it when all episodes are aired but I couldn’t resist since SJS’s in there. And now I have to wait every week :/

    I also started Who Are You although I wasn’t going to since I wasn’t fond of Taecyeon. But well… the drama is better than I thought and even Taecyeon is convincing. A little childish but convincing.

    Both dramas have the same main theme but are completely different. While Who Are You is more like a crime drama (SAT Ten etc), Master’s Sun is more like a regular romance drama with some unique elements and a not so regular pairing if anyone knows what I’m talking about xD

  319. 319 : dinaz Says:

    ep 7:wonderful episode with no dull moments at all.whenever i am watching this drama i just feel it just started and ended so quick even though its more than an hour per episode.. 🙂
    i really had tears in my eyes watching that little kiddo beaten up with marks on his body..and the ghosts too were so pitiful..sad but its true that some kids are still treated like that in this modern world..
    but thankfully i dont need to look at that scary doll anymore..it totally gives me creeps!!ewww..
    Cha hee joo’s story is getting compilcated too..wonder what exactly happened that he lost his ability to read..interesting!!cant wait for tomorrow 🙂

  320. 320 : usa-mary Says:

    In every episode, the Hong sisters literally out do themselves and excel in each ghosts story.

    When I first saw that creepy doll in episode 7, I immediately thought about, ‘The Bride of Chucky’ when the little cutie brought that crazed looking thing home (I still can’t believe I watched that crazy movie). That doll comes equipped with its own house guests and Hollywood spotlights…one green eye and one blue eye that lights up before the house guests make their appearance. It was a little unnerving for a while until the 3 children’s past lives were revealed which really didn’t make it any better. Those poor, neglected sweeties suffered needlessly.

    That little sweetie who took the doll from GS’s closet office, thankfully, was rescued from his abusive mother. JW sees even more so the gift that GS has when it comes to helping people and the lost souls who need to be released. That scene still makes me tear up…even if it is fiction, it’s hard to watch. I’d like to go Mary Poppins on that mother with an umbrella and tell her my fist is a spoon full of sugar going upside her head, so she can see how it feels, but JW’s secy. aka lawyer and psychiatrist (with licenses’ to prove it) took care of it for me. I so like his character. Bravo Hong sisters!

  321. 321 : usa-mary Says:

    Correction: The doll has one red eye and one green eye!

  322. 322 : usa-mary Says:

    RLOL…big daddy Kang Candy, the hawty Chief of Security, walked in on GS while shaking and talking to the kids in the doll…priceless! Then, tells her he’s seen her talk to the trash can and pictures on the wall before…and that’s not unusual??! It must be love! RLOL Then tells her he had a high school chum who named his pencil and talked to it (God help me-RLOL) and now has a job with NASA (God help us). No wonder my television reception from the box makes weird sounds at times…its that guy talking to the satellite dishes!

  323. 323 : emmanuel Says:

    I love this drama soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  324. 324 : Micc Says:

    Kang Woo’s scene with Taeyang in episode 8, so heartbroken….
    How could he always speak so softly….I might as well record his voice and use it as lullaby. 🙂

  325. 325 : torri Says:

    this drama is so good my heart melts when i watch i its so good , thanks sister writers keep up the good work

  326. 326 : emmanuel Says:

    Can’t stop laughing anytime I watch this drama.thank u hong sisters

  327. 327 : ailen Says:

    This is HILARIOUS.. GHJ acting never disappoint me.. And OMG.. SJS.. so GUAPO.. HAHAHA..

  328. 328 : Christy Says:

    This drama is the best one i have seen in a long time. This has a scary, creepy, funny, romantic feel in every episode and makes you wait impatiently for the new episodes to come. You will not regret watching this!! The Hong sisters did it again and brought a drama that everyone can enjoy. 😀

  329. 329 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is a must watch for anyone considering doing so!

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a well written drama with a plethora of individual storylines in it since the kdrama Romance Zero which is about a dating agency trying to stay afloat. That dating agency took on requests from clients that other dating agencies wouldn’t touch. It was funny, creepy, romantic, and weird rolled all into one!

    Hong sisters…BRAVO….BRAVO…BRAVO!

    Wow…when it comes to voting for the best kdrama for this year, its really going to be hard to choose between the few that stood out!

  330. 330 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmm…what prehistoric era did someone get the Dooly and Gong Sil idea from? Those stuffed creatures look more like the vintage cartoon character Tweety Bird!

    Yay…everyone, I know that tofu is a good protein. So, would someone please educate me as to why kdramas always show people eating it when they’re released from jail, detention, or prison? Thank you.

  331. 331 : billy Says:

    One great watch! I enjoyed all the episodes so far…cant wait to see more!

  332. 332 : mel Says:

    I love SJS, love all his drama and movies. Waiting for him since Ghost. Really eager to see this one, but trying hard not to, at least until the drama ended. Could not suffer for waiting each episode. Just like I did with QIHM or or Ghost. But still read all your comment here just to keep update :p

  333. 333 : sahel Says:

    please answer me is it good drama for hong sisters or really good because i watched the greatest love but i did not like that ??

  334. 334 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow…I wonder who Cha Hee Joo wants to protect? Its going to be interesting to find out!

    In the mean time, supermarket granny is trying to wear GS out! It must be because of that selfish, gambling son of hers, again. She’s not only appearing in her apartment, but trash recycling receptacles, too. That’s a strong juju granny ghost to be able to bypass all the evil warding off paraphernalia that GS has in her apartment. LOL

    Gong Hyo Jin (Big Sun) is an excellent actress! She makes it so believable when she tries to get the ghost to leave her alone by shooing them away like she did while riding a bicycle built for two in the park with big daddy Kang Candy (hahaha). She finally gave in by helping the displaced marathon running ghost cross the finish line by soliciting a couple who afterwards talked about her being the crazy lady in the park they heard about…RLOL! What’s even more hilarious is when she senses the ghosts presence, she slowly turns around…then gets startled…resorting to her shrinking violet stage of submission…too funny!

    Little Sun…Tae Yi Ryung is becoming funnier! She set her sites on hooking big daddy Kang Candy and refuses to give up! He hilariously leaves her puzzled with his responses which makes her question if he just insulted her or not. At least, she’s not overbearing and annoying like some of the folks in other kdramas who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer! Thank you for that Hong Sisters!

  335. 335 : dinaz Says:

    ep8:quite nice!it was a little sad to see gong shil all dressed up and going for a date but instead was just being used to catch a ghost..good that joong won felt bad about it..poor her!i hope joong won realises his feelings for gong shil soon..he already likes her but dosent want to admit it..aww joong won don’t be such an idiot!!hehe..
    cha hee joo..she is one mysterious character..i dont know why is she a culprit?in the earlier episodes they showed the young joong won tied up and hee joo going to him..that time i thought it was hee joo the ghost now it dosent seem like it!!but whatever she did is to protect joong won i am sure of that..lets see whats next!!
    and i love that song when kang woo rescued yi ryeong from her fans and they both ran..its a beautiful song!!
    @usa-mary if you watch the korean movie LADY VENEGEANCE then you will see the significance of tofu..its white so symbolizes purity..and so that the person coming out of the jail wont commit crimes again..its something like that i am not so sure..

  336. 336 : Tota Ali Says:

    Noooomouuuu Love it! … i donno why ep.7 stepped back alittle bit!!! … my heart was ba dump … ba dump more in it than episode 8!!! hehehe .. those couple are a laugh stock really hhhh 😀 ! … they are so cute >>> can’t wait!! next pls !! 😉 … wondering … can he give up on hee joo for her? …. will he even protect her if it comes to hee joo that she might steal the body of Gong Sil to return back ?! 😉 <3

  337. 337 : dinaz Says:

    i found that song its called ‘touch love’ by yoon mi rae..its beautiful 🙂

  338. 338 : asti Says:

    Huwaaaa really2 can’t wait for the next episode this drama make my heart flutered love….love

  339. 339 : emmanuel Says:

    Master sun and 2 weeks are the best drama this year

  340. 340 : Sharon Says:

    “Ahh, my contact lenses float around when I use my brain”. Hahaha! Too funny.

    What’s up with the runner, I would be sooooo mad if I was TY. Damn, I am out on a date and you want to cross the finish line! Oh nooo! You got to wait, hahahaha. Btw, he did not go off in a puff of smoke like the others. He just kept running and running and running and running. Now I know why she help him right away. Damn, he’ll make you tired. Hahaha!

    Wow!! How can you abuse and neglect a child. I was really touched by this synopsis of the drama. I began to think of the many children that are going through the same, or even worst situation in silence. May God watch over them.

    The Hong Sisters, came original with the stories of each ghost. Nothing is repetitive, boring, or lack substance. They are right! Two heads are better than one.

  341. 341 : Fullheart Says:

    I have already watch each episode three times. Its just such a fun shw to watch and Thoroughly enjoyable.

  342. 342 : dzudzu Says:

    I’m gonna watch this for sure and ship so ji sub and gong hyo jin too!!

  343. 343 : ling ling Says:

    D Best Cemistry.between so ji sub and TGL…

  344. 344 : ling ling Says:

    D Best Cemistry.between so ji sub and TGL… Good luck and hope this drama will happy ending…

  345. 345 : ridha Says:

    i watched so far so good. My fav drama on wed-thurs!!! the soundtrack, the story, the chemistry is beeest ;;)

  346. 346 : theworstme Says:

    This drama is so perfect for me. I really love horror movie that’s why when i watching this drama it so good. In addition, this drama is so hilarious. it’s very funny. nice combination of horror and comedy. Great acting by Song Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. Nice story!

  347. 347 : Yumi Says:

    The rating a bit weird. Its reem like wave. There is top and alley. Every wednesday the rating drop, but in thursday the rating on the top.

  348. 348 : Yumi Says:

    I cant wait the kiss. Passionate kiss. . . Huhuhuhu

  349. 349 : fan Says:

    What still puzzles me is what was JG intention when he approached TY at the end of episode 6 ? Was he going to kiss her ? Why ? Because he can read when he touches her ?
    And why he like hugged her when she was looking through telescope ? Did he get used to her touches !!!!? He became addicted to skin-shipping !!!!!!? 😀

    At this stage TY thinks that she’s no more than a radar to JG, will she start to distance herself from him ? What will JG do then ? Will KW surrender that easily or will he seize the first chance to approach her again seeing his feelings deepening ?

  350. 350 : Leigh Says:

    I really really love this Kdrama, It’s hard to wait for the next episode since the story is getting better and better plus its funny, scary and somewhat romantic.. great stress reliever! I love how Joong won shoos gong shil with his sarcastic facial reaction and waiving of hands and gullible gong shil will turn around slowly like a little girl. another week before the next episode.. haist! this is the hard part.. WAITING… zzzz

  351. 351 : usa-mary Says:

    In episode 8, the dress JW sent GS to wear was absolutely beautiful. I even like the birds. (Chaebol men seem to go into euphoria when sending women an outfit as a way to impress them! If you want to impress me…send me an entire wardrobe. Complete with matching shoes and bags! I don’t go for that color popping drama. I’ll be the one causing his eyes to pop with my beauty!) Mmmmmhumpf Okay…back to the scene…I’m pleased even more so that he felt bad about using her; knowing she hated dealing with water ghost most of all because they don’t go away. Well, the Hong sisters used a comatose patient’s, indecisive limbo spirit to resolve this situation. After seeing how her family behaved while at her bedside, haunting was a much better option than returning to their chaos! Thank you Hong sisters for the unexpected decision. These two women are so remarkable. No spirit(s) presence has a duplicate story associated with them other than the fact of being a spirit! BRAVO to brilliant, creative minds! Minds like theirs stirs my desire to write even more!

    Well, its obvious that JW doesn’t care for his aunt’s younger husband who he refuses to call and acknowledge as his uncle. Yet, its funny how JW hates it even more to share his food with that man (especially, since he didn’t ask) or touch his telescope that’s in his office. Like JW didn’t know that Giant’s building was taller than his! LOL

  352. 352 : Sharon Says:

    I think JG realized that his feelings has grown past radar status for TY. I think he had the urge to kiss her, but was denying his feelings. JG feels it’s because he let her touch him all over that’s why he is feeling like that, so he gave her a little section on his arm to limit her touching. Because she is not his type how could he feel that way about her.

    I think KW will approach her again. But is he going to approach her because of his feelings, or because he feels TY is hanging around JG because she has a motive?

  353. 353 : Sharon Says:

    So true, I was happy that he did consider her feelings over his money flow and we all know how hard that is for him, so it must be love. Hehe! Is supermarket grandma next?

    @fan 352

  354. 354 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-335: I’ve seen so many scenes in kdramas where huge blocks of tofu is given to people released from prison or detention, yet no writer states why its given. I think in a way its similar to needing an IV drip after becoming dehydrated from anger, upset or trauma. The person’s body needs to get replenished to regain strength.

    P.S. I recaledl about the use of salt (Boys Before Flowers-the 1st time seeing it used and mentioned) and beans (Ohlala Couple) to ward off evil, but tofu’s white color being symbolic in the way you mentioned is interesting! I’ll look into it further. Thank you for the info.

  355. 355 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-353: It must be love, because he’s selfish. JW lays down all kinds of stipulations and demands for GS to follow when it comes to her touching or contacting him, but he’s upfront, get a room close, and all in her discomfort zone to the point she has to control her lustful thoughts even more. That rascal knows he’s teasing her! Then, turns the Lazy Susan table on her like she’s the one. At times, I don’t know whose more annoying him or the ghosts! Knowing he’s jelly of big daddy Kang Candy! Smirking when he heard they didn’t see the musical during their date after asking her if the performance is worth him bringing them to the store’s festival! He is so bad. Creating an impasse in her mind which she heeds, while he takes liberties!

    Girl…supermarket granny is persistent! She’s been around for a while now, other than the coffee sniffing ghost. By the way…where has he been lately? Haunting another coffee establishment I wonder? All they need now is a soju or makgeolli drinking drunk ghost who haunts food stands or a shoe fetish ghost that likes Little Sun’s shoes or better yet, his aunt’s shoes. I’d gladly take a peek in their designer shoe closet for that one. Maybe we’ll find more pink stilettos. Yay! What about a BB cream wearing ghost! That would really be fun! Going around haunting all the cosmetic counters and stores! LOL Bring it on Hong sisters!

  356. 356 : awesomemicaela Says:

    Is this show scary? I mean, do the ghosts look scary? Cause I’m a coward and this show looks REALLY interesting. I would LOVE to watch this show.

  357. 357 : Cc Says:

    This is scary, funny, romance and make you cry drama… Very worth to watch… So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin really a fantastic in acting this…I love them so much….

  358. 358 : Yumi Says:

    yeah maybe he want to kiss her, BUT i also he won’t. He still didnt a deep feeling to TY. I think he will kiss her in ep 10. Wait it

  359. 359 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary thanx to u too i learnt a new thing about salt and beans..i dint know about it eventhough i watched bof so many times.. 🙂
    @yumi hope your wish of seeing the leads kiss will come true by next two episodes 🙂 i thought they would kiss when he placed her her hand in his chest but..dissapointment!!i want to see an unexpected surprise kiss..surpise kisses are more heart fluttering..lol 😛

    i cant stop listening to ‘touch love’ its so wonderful.. 🙂
    i wonder if kang woo can give up on gong shil totally!!his love story dint even start poor dooly and gong shil..are these famous cartoons?i dont know them..i only know pororo after watching ‘the greatest love’..hehe..

  360. 360 : feane Says:

    DAMMIT!! This is soo sweet~ >.< Can this even get sweeter? *-* So many unexpected moves on both sides… so many aww-moments…

    But I wonder why there was was no further explanation after Kang Woo took back his words of liking her. Did Gong Sil realize that she didn't like him but was instead just happy that there was someone at all who liked her? I hoped that she would somehow tell Joong Won about it and maybe be a little heartbroken. Lol, i can already imagine his happy fave xD

    Ahh, and I get a feeling that somehow something big will happen with Gong Sil and the dead ex-girlfriend of Joong Won. Like Gong Sil having an accident and being in a coma or something and the dead girlfriend will possess her body to be together with Joong Won again…

  361. 361 : feane Says:

    I meant “…his happy face…”

  362. 362 : Jyenie Says:

    Do I dare to say that JW’s aunt was the kidnapper?

  363. 363 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    this drama is the best this year…it is well executed,thanks to the PD!And I’ve fallen so deeeply inlove with the main leads amazing chemistry…I don’t know but with just a mere touch,smiles and stares of JW to GS it surely feels like I’m in heaven lol! I love the couple so much :)Kudos to Hong sisters for bringing such an execellent and wonderful drama that is worth watching.I definitely love all the works of Hong sisters:)Good job!

  364. 364 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    I also think that his aunt was the culprit/kidnapper…you could be right:)

  365. 365 : feane Says:

    Do you really think that? But what kind of relationship did she have then with the aunt? Why would she try to protect her by not telling Gong Sil? Since the girlfriend (what was her name? Jae Hee?) is already she doesn’t have to lose anything and she can’t be thinking that someone like the aunt who is able to kidnap her own nephew is good to be around Joong Won.

  366. 366 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmmm…why does the aunt go to the orphanage where Cha JH lived and has a charity in her name? There’s no mention of who set up the charity (I’ll do a re-watch). It makes me wonder, why pay homage to an orphan who wasn’t even related to you. Could it possibly be that she’s secretly doing penance for being involved with the kidnapping? Plus, as distant as JW’s dad is to him relationship wise…why the sudden interest now in his son’s life. I believe the dad’s involved some way, because he continually wonders if JW recalls seeing any of his captures faces.

  367. 367 : Sharon Says:

    So, they need not to know that TS can see ghost, because if they are involve TS will be in danger.

    Why the uncle always keep taps on JW and report to tha aunt? What significance does the necklace have? Where is the necklace?

    At least, KW will be there to protect her.

    Was it suicide that HJ committed, because the mission was not accomplish?

    To tell you the truth I had suspected the secretary.

  368. 368 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, whoever is behind the hostage situation, hopefully will be revealed. I’d like to see a tattle-tale ghost that will tell GS all Cha JH’s secrets! Cha JH during the library scene wished emotional pain on JW…I wonder why?! I, also, wonder why Cha JH is around JW so often and not the person she’s trying to protect or is it her way of throwing GS and us off track?

  369. 369 : fan Says:

    Maybe you’re right, both his aunt and his father did it, and they choose HJ to help them in order to make it less harsh for JG. HJ don’t want to protect the culprits but him from that painful truth.
    But why did they do it ? What’s the story about that necklace ? Did they do it to escape paying taxes or something else ?


    I think JG is aware of his feelings towards TY. He perhaps wants her to like him(after his experience with HJ, he’s more careful). He said to her after leaving the jail “do you think I don’t feel anything”. She sees him as shelter not as a man, and he’s aware of that, and bit disappointed. But when the occasion came, he explained to her that he’s a man after all with feelings. He was also disappointed when she didn’t care for him and never seems worried about him. He thinks she’s in love with candy Kang. What will he do when he learns that they “broke up”?

    JG is straightforward, he has tendency to say what he feels. But with TY he always give another explanation to his words as if he don’t want to look weak to her.

    KW interest for TY started as a game, but became more serious for him after he decided to date her. He thinks that she’s interested in JG, but when he find out about her mission, I think he’ll try to approach her again.


    LOL ! Maybe TY gives the coffee ghost what he wants so no need to tell us that he’s here, or maybe because the supermarket granny is more powerful and kicked him out.


    JG don’t want to be the first to show his feelings, he don’t want to love more than the other part. This is all because of his experience with HJ.

  370. 370 : Dounia Says:

    I am in love with this drama! This is the best of 2013!

  371. 371 : Sharon Says:

    A tattle-tale ghost! Hahaha! Just imagine that.
    I think HJ told him that because she knew of the plot to kidnapped him and could not tell him outright. Just my opin!
    The coffee sniffer is at Starbucks sniffing on some frapo!! Hehe
    Supermarket granny, I picture as a homeless person and I don’t know why!

  372. 372 : feane Says:

    The necklace are the jewels that were used as the ransom money to free JW and disappeared after the kidnapping. That’s what he’s looking for after all these years. Since his girlfriend betrayed him with the kidnapping he at least want to get back the jewels.

  373. 373 : KOKOMUFFIN Says:

    best K-drama ever

  374. 374 : dramafreak Says:

    i am so in love with this drama! horror, touching, funny, romance…all in one….it’s written in an interesting way and the actors really portrait them greatly too…love the love line and their acting skill is really deabak!

  375. 375 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, so he would like to find the necklace and TY could hear from HJ. Why after all these years the father suspect he is in danger?

  376. 376 : maknaee Says:

    full of curiosity for next ep. the plot came out smoothly, and romantic feel.. oh God..
    love this drama <3

  377. 377 : feane Says:

    Good question… Although I doubt that HJ would tell TY where to find the necklace since she wants to protect that other person. I’m also curious about how the accident happened back then. Were they escaping together? Was JW able to convince JH to abondon the plan of the kidnapping? Also did she approach him on purpose since the beginning when they met for the first time?

    It’s clear that there was a second person involved in the kidnapping. And that person disappeared together with the necklace. The father could be involved in the kidnapping but I don’t really think that. Maybe he got a threat and thinks JW will soon be in danger. Or he was searching for the culprit all these years without telling JW and got a new lead. Maybe he found something… or someone. Maybe he blames himself for not have been able to protect his son back then and now he wants to atone for his fail by solving the kidnapping and protecting his son this time.

    Ahhhh…. so many questions xD

  378. 378 : anna Says:

    i was laughing out loud when gong shil said”you are not concrete but high quality marble”..very entertaining…

  379. 379 : Sharon Says:

    I really don’t think the father is involve. Did the kidnapper really get the necklace? All we know is that the necklace disappeared and I think the kidnapper is in the midst of JW trying to find out where the necklace is. I think it’s with JH, she hid it just before she died and its the secretary that’s the kidnapper. Just my guess, hehehe.

  380. 380 : Mary Says:

    Is the preview to episode 9 out yet?

  381. 381 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m ready to have a good LAUGH!

  382. 382 : Sharon Says:

    ME TOO!!!

  383. 383 : Sara Says:

    omg, there is a kiss scene in episode 9!!!!!!!!!! Finally, after a long wait, it’s this week lol I am so excited 🙂

  384. 384 : dinaz Says:

    i saw too..wow finally a kiss scene.whoa i m so exited for tomorrow.. 🙂 cant wait,cant wait..lol..

  385. 385 : fitri Says:

    first kiss comin thru…

  386. 386 : Jelco Says:

    this is the most exciting one I have encountered, so far it catches from the start.. and its has thriller, dark comedy and at the end of each cases you cant help yourself but fall in love with the character its very well played out and immensely enjoyable to watch.

  387. 387 : clairerosean Says:

    That Pool-Ghost was kinda spooky.. it gave me this creepy feeling just like the crawling pink-shoe ghost.. but again, after the comical interactions between the two main leads, i am back to the norm happy-me..

    Enjoying every part of it so far.. love it whenever SJS is gesturing his ‘Get-lost’ hands… so cute! And that facial expression of GHJ whenever she feels shy or embarrassed.. she’s also very cute!

    Most importantly, i’m enjoying the show more because of this thread. I like this page a lot more compared to the other ongoing threads from other dramas.. here you can feel everyone are so united and just trying to enjoy the show… i hate it when viewers take everything so intensely to the extent of bashing each other’s opinions..

    Anyway, Peace to All!! Let us all look forward for tonight’s awesome episode.. 🙂

  388. 388 : maknaee Says:

    me too, me too xD i like that ‘get-lost’ hand gesture too~

  389. 389 : Mary Says:

    I can’t wait to finish my college classes today so I can come back home and watch episode 9!!!!!!!!! I am so excited 😀

  390. 390 : taraJJ Says:

    oh my god.. finally the pasionate kiss…
    can’t wait to see the ep 9 ^___^

  391. 391 : feane Says:

    naww, that would be quite… disappointing if the secretary would be the kidnapper xD I mean… all dramas I’ve watched so far that actor always played a bad role. I was quite surprised when I saw him in this drama where he seems to be really nice and caring. Sigh… but it’s still a possibility that he’s the kidnapper, right? I mean, he gets all the info from TY if JH would tell her where to find the necklace. But he always seemed to be happy when he saw JW and TY together :”D

  392. 392 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, he seems too nice to be the kidnapper, but aren’t those usually the ones??
    How did the family know JH? Why is the aunt Soo close to an orphans? Was she adopted by someone they knew? If so who? Soooooooo many questions??
    It will be quite interesting to see who the culprit is.

  393. 393 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Omg!Joong Won is falling….I know he is…he didn’t notice that he’s falling with Gong Shil or don’t want to recognize his feelings toward GS:) such a denial king indeed!I’m excited for ep10!

  394. 394 : Fullheart Says:

    Was the episode where she gets the warning from the spiritual Wedding Planner a hint about The dead girlfriend trying to userp our heroine’s body or were they referring to maybe another ghost possibly appearing.

  395. 395 : anna Says:

    let see how long can joong won take to deny his feelings…

  396. 396 : feane Says:

    Awww, ep 9… ;_; dammit, idiot JW. What a sad face TY was making… T_T Although the rest of the episode was… well, it’s just getting better and better <3

    Just right now I gave myself the answer why the secretary could be the kidnapper. JW's real father never acted like a father whereas the secretary takes care of JW which means that JW probably treasures him like a father. And that's why JH wants to protect that person. It's not that she wants to protect the culprit but actually JW, 'cause he will be the one who'll get hurt when the real culprit is known, I guess.

  397. 397 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m watching episode 9 and just had to stop momentarily to comment!


    There’s so many detailed nuances in each live person’s relationship and in each ghost’s story that it not only brings tears to my eyes from laughter; I’m also moved by these two sisters creativity. BRAVO!

  398. 398 : ling ling Says:

    Deabak!!! unnie Tae Hong Shil Deabakk!!!!

  399. 399 : ling ling Says:

    Deabak!!! unnie Tae Gong Shil Deabakk!!!!

  400. 400 : ling ling Says:

    I more coriuse about this drama.. So Funny and entertaint… Good job oppa So ji sub

  401. 401 : Micc Says:

    I always have to let out a sigh every time I finish one episode. Just so….emotional…(sigh)

  402. 402 : fan Says:

    @feane 396

    Your explanation makes it very likely. When you look JG surrounding, few who can be the culprit.

    @usa-mary 397

    You’re absolutly right about them. Each ghost story is different,

  403. 403 : fan Says:


    without boring moment and in the same time each one bring the leads more close and their personalities grow. Everything is well combined, harmonious.

    The whole scene where JG try to chase away ghosts who were disturbing TY while sleeping, was really hilarious ! I really like their sense of humor.

    @taraJJ & dinaz

    Yes the kiss ! Bad boy ! he took that opportunity knowing that TY is unconscious and won’t feel his kiss, hehehe !


    He’s in love ! and he’s not denying his feelings, that kiss and his reaction afterward are very expressive. He’s afraid to be alone in pain. He doesn’t want to love someone who doesn’t love him in return. He’s still affected by what happened to him back with JH.

    The last scene reminded me of Rochester when he brought the beautiful wealthy lady to the manor to make Jane Eyre feel jealous, is that happening here too ! hehehe !

  404. 404 : usa-mary Says:

    I won’t even question the Hong sisters reason for having JW doing an about face regarding his hidden feelings for Big Sun, Bang Sil. LOL It’s about to get real and in your face funnier now in his life.

    Isn’t it amazing how when the aunt and JW were speaking metaphorically about GS before his trip to China she, the aunt, finally got GS’s name right, but got little sun and big sun’s names mixed up! Funny! Anyone that’s not of importance to her is a Bang…that even included the concert pianist!

    Now we’ll find out if the rumors were true about Cha JH chasing away JW’s serious marriage prospects. From the last one that broke her leg during a ski accident that his aunt mentioned, who after that called off the wedding preparations, I wonder what’s going to happen now with this one. Will JW solicit Big Sun for help when the ghost(s) start wreaking havoc on his pending nuptials? This is really going to be good!

  405. 405 : usa-mary Says:

    I liked how JW shooed away the ghost that was keeping GS from sleeping in her office and how he looked down in the trash can and began talking to trash can lid spinning ghost telling him to give the sun necklace amulet to GS and make sure she gets it. He just knew that ghost was going to spook anyone that came near that necklace. You ‘GO’ Hong sisters!

    HA…people had better understand what they’re asking for when it comes to having someone embody an entity in someone else. That concert pianist received a rude awakening from his wife. (Side note: GS looked so pretty in that blanket dress, makeup, and high heels.) That man was so picky and selfish that he worked his wife to death…by wanting her to solely take care of him. Who would have thought about the number of black keys and white keys having to be represented in a pecan pie for him to eat before each concert. Strong cinnamon tea…which lowers the blood pressure is good for you, but this man had a lot of rituals and seemed more than a but superstitious. I’m like, now you have to hire people after loosing your most prized possession.

  406. 406 : feane Says:

    I know this doesn’t have to do with anything of the main plot, but I really wanna see JW and TY together solving a ghost case in an old castle or something – like what was showed in the first trailer. The ghosts are spooky enough but that would be like a cherry on top ;D

  407. 407 : zura Says:

    Can someone tell me, what has happened TY in ep 10?

  408. 408 : zashlein Says:

    in Episode 9,….. my heart is breaking!!!! so thrilled for episode 10!!! I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! =)

  409. 409 : fan Says:

    Oh man ! She’s the only one in favorite contact and guess what ! under the name of “kkeojyeo” “get lost” HAHAHAHA !

  410. 410 : dinaz Says:

    ep9:watched it just now..cant calm down..i am so damn excited..lol..the kiss omg droolsssss..ah replayed it so many times..lol..
    lucky gong hyo jin to get kissed by so ji sub..so ji sub is really hot!! 🙂
    and the red dress is so pretty specially the back cut..she looks good in it..even the ghost this time is gorgeous but she is silver unlike the other ghost makeup..
    what is seo heo rim doing in this drama?? @fan i too want to say ‘keo jo’ to her..lol..(no offense to seo heo rim fans i meant to say get lost to joong won’s fiance,i am so into the drama..)
    joong won is an idiot not to admit to his feelings..hope in the next kiss she will be awake..

  411. 411 : dinaz Says:

    kang woo is so funny he is all tough and strong but got scared of a cat ghost..lol..ri young’s blue dress colour is pretty but the two birds hanging from both sides is a turn off..
    the guy who played the pianist’s role i am sure i saw him in some drama but i cant remember where??

  412. 412 : Clairerosean Says:

    TMS is getting better and better… Episode 10 is a MUST to watch…

    Lot’s of confession and expression of Feelings… <3 <3 <3

  413. 413 : Clairerosean Says:

    @dinaz: you’ve probably saw him in ‘You’re Beautiful’.. He played as A.N.Jell’s manager there..

  414. 414 : feane Says:

    ROFL!!! JW surprises me every time. And with this one! Man, you got it! Acting all save with some weird moves and decisions which aren’t save at all cause they will still change him, lol. Now TY can do whatever she wants xD

    Now I don’t really think that the secretary is the kidnapper. And I’m glad about that because I really like him and it’s refreshing to see that actor in this kind of role since it’s different from his usual bad ones. Ep10 pretty much solved the mystery about the other kidnapper.

  415. 415 : feane Says:

    ahh, and KW is slowly getting on my nerves ._. Can’t he just stay by little sun’s side? They are cute together.

  416. 416 : Fullheart Says:

    Episode. 10. Still waiting for translation.

  417. 417 : Sharon Says:

    That’s good that he is not, now who could it be??

    How could JW came back from China with an engagement!! Poor TS I hope she is not too distressed. Ep 10 was what I need after EOG!! Thanks, Hong sisters for your light hearted romance, scary, comedy drama. Hehe.

  418. 418 : ogrenji Says:

    loovve the 10th episodeeee.. i’m repeating final scenes hehehe too bad still no 2nd kiss 🙂

  419. 419 : anna Says:

    you’re right…i realize it in episode 10…i thought joong won tried to push his feeling but i was wrong…and i’m happy i was wrong….

  420. 420 : loe_sea Says:

    Agree… ep 10 was 완전 대박… Let’s hope that the final scene was not somebody’s imagination.. since it’s at the end of the episode, everything can happen in ep 11.. huuuuu.. i don’t want this drama to end, 6 episodes to go… love every second of it…

  421. 421 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Guess the second kiss will happen in ep11^^

  422. 422 : Sharon Says:

    Dang, it’s just a pie!! Black keys and white keys??? If I was his wife he would be eating dirt. I can’t believe he is that lazy that he would let his wife take over someone’s body so that she could continue doing his chores. What kinda S#%t is that??

  423. 423 : mitten Says:

    I love this drama and hope others too. Drama very unique, interesting, surprise etc.. Well done all of you .. Can’t wait for next week to watch the next episode.

  424. 424 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    The girl in the elevator with heejo is the girl who stalked with Joong Won in europe and everywhere where JW is around….and now she’s finally in korea near at JW’s place….who cud be that woman?is she the real culprit?

  425. 425 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    The girl in the elevator with heejo is the girl who stalked with Joong Won in europe and everywhere where JW is around….and now she’s finally in korea near at JW’s place….who cud be that woman?is she the real culprit?cudi

  426. 426 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    If what JW’s father claimed is right that HJ is still alive…she maybe somewhere in a hospital in a comatose state and her soul is just wandering…if she’s protecting the culprit that only means the culprit is so close to her…could also be someone who is blood related to her?though I still think that JW’s aunt was the culprit.

  427. 427 : hny Jo Says:

    hmmm..CHJ is the one who will used tae yang body..can’t wait for this..how’s the story will go….i’m waiting till end..

    so ji sub ,Gho Jin , In guk…I like their acting…two thumb :))

  428. 428 : hny Jo Says:

    btw …master’s sun n TWTWB….omg…the best drama !! confuse me which one I’m gonna support 4 the best 2013 …Oooooooow

  429. 429 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    What if HJ will use the body of the woman in the elevator?hehe!that woman in the elevator made me curious to death….guess she will play a big role in the next ep!

  430. 430 : feane Says:


    (Spoiler of Ep10 if you haven’t seen it yet ;))

    The culprit will pretty much be CH’s twin sister. The one in the photo was probably not CH. I think the real CH is dead, I mean the car exploded. Who could possibly survive that? And the aunt is definitely involved. The twin sister moved close to their home and the aunt recognized her though she didn’t say anything to her husband (I wonder if he doesn’t know CH’s face but it looks like it). My guess is that in the past the aunt did something to CH’s family what resulted in the two sisters going to an orphanage. In order to repent for her sins the aunt is taking care of the orphanage. But the two sisters couldn’t forget her wrongdoing, and that’s why they wanted revenge. That’s why they kidnapped JW. CH approached him on purpose. But while doing that she actually fell in love with him and felt sorry, so she told him to not forgive her or something. That also explains her expression right before the car exploded :”D

  431. 431 : zura Says:

    I’m anticipating of the next episode…. What master’s sun has to offer? 🙂

  432. 432 : usa-mary Says:

    I kind of thought there may have been a twin! The photo that JW’s father keeps looking at shows a much older CHJ, but is not CHJ because she died. A clue…this person was in Paris with Maria (JW’s father’s young love interest) and CHJ never had the chance to go to Europe.

    JW’s aunt, Sung Ran and her husband, Suk Chul are too funny! SR just had to have that vase…too bad she didn’t heed the warning! SC is favoring the JW and GS union…fighting! hehehe

    Side note…just saying:

    Wow…its obvious that the age difference police commenters who had a problem with the two leads of the I Hear Your Voice drama aren’t here watching this one. If so, there would be a rebuttal about the age differences between Maria and JW’s father’s and Sung Ran’s younger husband Suk Chul…or would it? No one seems to care about the union of an older man, younger woman, but if an older woman is with a younger man, its repulsive. For a much more pleasant way to put it, she’s considered a cougar. So, then what is an older man with a younger woman considered…fortunate? What about a polecat! LOL I just couldn’t resist that!

  433. 433 : feane Says:

    I don’t know what that discussion was about but in my opinion both couples in this drama are likable 😉 There’s a harmony between them and they work out fine together ^^

  434. 434 : feane Says:

    ahh, sorry: “usa-mary” wrote it wrong :””’D

  435. 435 : Kikoy Says:

    16 episode??? please more episode…20 episode or something…..hehehe

  436. 436 : eny Says:

    The scene when JW make a deal with his fake fiancee is just like the scene in Empire of Gold, even the backsound is the same plus the statement of “I give you wing” I thought I heard it wrong, but I just remember that Empire of Gold in SBS too.

  437. 437 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Hong sisters I want a mind blowing ep11 lol

  438. 438 : bigeye46 Says:

    i like seo in guk acting bec he is so cute fighting..thank you all for yr information.

  439. 439 : Nudge Says:

    All the “Candy”, “Dooly”, “Douchi” chatter is going over my head a bit. I think the nuance is not coming over in the translation. I’m getting the idea but I’m sure the writers are proficient enough, and know when overuse of metaphors makes the dialogue sound like a 70’s Raymond Chow martial arts flick.

    Perhaps I have a poorly translated version of E10. As I understand it, the initial translation is handled by software, then actual translators refine those.

    So that aside, the drama is still great.

  440. 440 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    What if Gong Shil’s accident is somehow related/connected to Hee Joo’s accident???maybe their cars clashed just too bad Hee Jo died and made Gong Shil to see ghosts…as far as I know there’s no explanation yet on why GS can see ghosts and how was her life before the accident…And I unno what kind of accident she was in!

  441. 441 : dinaz Says:

    ep 10 :another wonderful episode..i wish he had hugged her when he said he thinks he loved her..that would have been more exciting!!but still finally he confessed i am happy 🙂 aww..hong sisters knew viewers watching this scene would be expecting a kiss but they dint add one here..lol!!hope one is coming soon.. 🙂
    the episode left with lots of things for viewers to think about!!cha hee joo’s story is complicated..what we could think of they already gave a hint,e.g a twin or whether is she still alive??hmm i cant think of one!!but be it whatever i will still stick to this that the person cha hee joo wants to protect is joong won..he needs to be protected from someone,i think his aunt..
    well,the ghost this time was so damn ugly it was difficult to see his face..splendid makeup..kudos to the makeup artists!!
    kang woo is sweet but poor him..dont worry kang woo u have your pretty ri yeong beside u 🙂 oh now i too am supporting only joong won no more kang woo for me..hehehehe!seo in guk next drama for sure i will support you..haha! 😛
    @clairerosean yes i remember now he was the manager of ANGELL thanx 🙂

  442. 442 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    So the girl in the elevator is HJ’s twin sister!only her face has changed cos for sure she’s older now, so definitely she won’t look like HJ!what’s the reason why she keep on stalking JW?is to avenge the death of HJ?oh too many speculations…made me crazy lol wish in ep11 we can see the second kiss and I hope it’s more hotter than the first kiss lmao!

  443. 443 : usa-mary Says:

    @feane-433: First, its a comment, i.e….just saying or just pointing out…, not a discussion. If you look closely at what I said, you will see that I’m not bashing or picking on the two couples. I’m enjoying them. My point being that…I’m actually happy the (ADPC) age difference police commenters ARE NOT WATCHING this drama because if so, they would be all over it, comparing the age differences between the two couples I mentioned! These commenters try to make it difficult to enjoy fictional dramas from an artistic, creative view point. That’s my point in its entirety. 😀

  444. 444 : feane Says:

    oh, haha, don’t worry I didn’t understand it as you bashing or picking on sb 😉 … although my comment sounded like that, I see that now… *head scratching* I just saw the posts on that other drama but I didn’t read through it and therefore I don’t know the contents. That’s what I meant by “I don’t know about the discussion” ^^ In the end I just wanted to say that I agree with you xD

  445. 445 : Yumi Says:

    OMG OMG THEY KISSSSS. . . AAaAaaaAaAaAaA finally! 😀
    tae g0ng shil still unconscious. So she dont know what happen to her. JJW has kiss her! Aw aw aw passionate one please!

  446. 446 : Yumi Says:

    #master sun 440 :
    its possibly happen. But if im not wrong, in previous ep there is scene when CHJ dead. The culprit just hit rock or trotoar when accident. Not ignore someone or something else.
    #hny Jo
    wuaa me tooo i’m definetly will suppor That winter wind Blow and master of sun in best 2013. Its give us 3 space to vote, rit? If one of them not going into final, i will vote else one. If both of them going to final i will use 2 laptop to vote them together. Hahaha

  447. 447 : Yumi Says:

    Seo hyo rim make an appearing in ep 9 as JJW engaged girl. I think she should input in cast list.
    I cant wait watch ep 10. I’m currently downloading now!
    Master of sun best drama after TWTWB in 2013! Fighting

  448. 448 : dinaz Says:

    I hope for an extension of 4 episodes.. 🙂 eventhough i am waiting for ‘Heirs’ i really want the series to extend.. 🙂
    i cant forget the last 2 episodes..so magical.. 🙂
    @yumi finaly the kiss aired which u were eagerly waiting for.. 🙂 hope she will be awake in the next kiss.haha.

  449. 449 : lsla Says:

    I want 20 episodes ^_^

  450. 450 : taraJJ Says:

    @hny jo
    yo big sista,, hahaha finally, you admitted that So Ji Sub as good as Jo In Sung 😉 too bad TWTWB didn’t won any award on Seoul International Drama Awards ya…

    @Yumi, @dinaz, @fan
    yess finally the kiss!! I’m sure there’s another kiss scene too hahaha ^____^

    nooo.. even I like this drama so much.. I hope there are no extention, 16 eps is enough to be one of Hong Sisters memorable drama 🙂

  451. 451 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow! The Hong sisters know they’re entertaining us with the various people and their dearly departed and not so dearly departed ones stories. I find the locations and objects especially uniquer. Very creative Hong sister!

  452. 452 : ling ling Says:

    Waaah… its always make me corius about d next epsiode…
    Deabak unnie Hong Sistr

  453. 453 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Dabak drama ^O^ I found myself really exciting watching this drama Haaahaaa~

  454. 454 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Hong sister Ü guys r amazing like Seriously ✌✌✌ all of ur drama never fail my expectation 😀 if i’l b the judge I will alway give ü guys N 1~ 1 !!

  455. 455 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh my my, ep 10 is full of romance, my heart was fluttering from the beginning till the end! Whatever romance deprivation I suffer from Empire of Gold is fully redeemed from this drama 🙂

  456. 456 : celine Says:

    my heart got stabed in ep 9-10 huaaargh.. Gong Sil, will you eat the goat or whaaaat?? Answer me now! I dont want to waiting for the damn 5 days! ><

  457. 457 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    Yes,you’re right!Maybe I missed that part cos I rewatched the scene where patrol cars chased the culprit their car was out of control and it looks like it hit in the rock, so there’s no possibility that the accident of GS was connected with HJ’s accident 🙂

  458. 458 : rana Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thissssss dramaaa <3333333

  459. 459 : Fullheart Says:

    This is one of those rewatch, rewatch, rewatch dramas. So far, every episode has an exciting punch while continuing the ongoing storyline. It’s a “I can’t put the book down” drama with all actors and actresses contributing in all the best ways. Every character presents something to intrigue our interest. Clap, Clap for thr Hong Sisters.

  460. 460 : intan Says:

    Huaaaa… can’t wait the next episode..
    Its really good drama.. even some people say the caracter of joong won as like as Joo Won (hyun bin on secret garden) i really dont care.. coz its really different of romance story..
    So ji sub oppa,, naneun jeongmal johaeyo.. jinja jinja johaeseoyo.. ^^..

  461. 461 : catty rdh Says:

    very very curious what’s next episode!!!

  462. 462 : gdragon Says:

    This was such an amazing episode and it culminated to the confession which had me equally cringe at the cheesiness and squeal because Oh-My-God-he’s-actually-confessing!

    watch and review ep 10

  463. 463 : anna Says:

    i really like how jong woon to say…,i think i love you….but i’m really curious the sentences after”what would you do now?”

  464. 464 : anna Says:

    about joong won wants gong shil to be candy…it reminds me how kim joo won ask gil raim to be little mermaid….

  465. 465 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I was amazed by the thoughts of viewers of this KD, you guys really have a wild imagination. I’ll just wait and see for the next episodes. This story is driving me crazy. So cool KD. I love the story line, the casts, and the OST. 🙂

  466. 466 : Yumi Says:

    #dinaz and #taraJJ
    have u watch the kiss?? Aw aw aw its not satisfied me! I want more passionate one. . . Aaaaaaaaaaa
    He’s like joo won in secret garden? I think no. He is more like dokko jin in greatest love. But what ever is it. For me, i really like this drama! I will vote it in awards 2013, together with TWTWB. TWTWB and master sun is best drama in 2013 (for me) 😛

  467. 467 : jnx.doe Says:

    i really really love this drama. The theme is so simple but yet so deep in their conversation… At first, didnt think that the SJS could ever play the character in such drama, bcause he always play the sad or serious character before. It really shocked me that he can do it in a very good one. The same as the prince charming like in other dramas, but slightly different that bring his character more real n beliveable. GHJ always cute n funny in every drama, i really love this woman! Go SJS n GHJ ^___^

  468. 468 : loulou Says:

    The Master’s Sun should be rated 1st!!
    One of the best kdrama i’ve seen so far, I wish it had more than 16 ep. Writers keep the good work!!

  469. 469 : taraJJ Says:

    yes I do saw the kiss, its not quite satisfied ya… maybe the passionate kiss will appear on upcoming eps bcoz love the ending of ep 10.. perfect ending line ever “I love you” moment, this ending remind me of the ending last week ep where joong won moved gong shil hand to touch his heart…aawwww… can’t wait for next week eps 😉

  470. 470 : iammee Says:

    It’s nice to see a different side of So JI Sub. I love all of his works and He is one of the most sensitive actors that I ever got to watch. He can pull through any roles given to him his good looks is a plus factor. I hope to see him more in the future.

  471. 471 : Yumi Says:

    yes i agree with u. I think this drama dont need extention ep, while only 16 ep this drama has made a “explosion or big bang” for me. I think when JJW ask GS to touch his heart, they will kiss, but. . . ?
    Emm, as what u said, i think i will try to watch SJS drama ghost. I start to like him

  472. 472 : dinaz Says:

    hi @yumi and @taraJJ
    yes me i too am not satisfied with the kiss coz she was sleeping..but still it did flutter my heart..hehehehe!hoping that the next kiss will be mindblowing..i will miss this drama when it finishes so i wanted an extension but i dont think it will be extended.. 🙁
    how is that winter the wind blows?i havent watched it coz i thought it would be too sad..

  473. 473 : maknaee Says:

    I love the way he confessed -__-
    “I think I love you.”
    God, I can’t forget that line;;

    I love all the way SJS did -________- ahjussi, why are you so charming? can’t take my eyes out of you. haft

  474. 474 : maknaee Says:

    so far… SBS did a good job. After “I Hear Your Voice”, following by ‘The Master’s Sun” , really fresh my mind and my eyes kkk

  475. 475 : hm5airy Says:

    so exciting >>good acting from actress >> light >>funny
    thanks 4 all

  476. 476 : Yumi Says:

    try to watch TWTWB. Its really good drama. Although a bit pain and sad. But its so beautiful in OST and scene. Especially the ending was so beautiful. U wont regret.
    Btw guys, im looking for the title of song here. I dont know how the lyric. Btt i remember its played in scene when g0ng sil happy becoz JJW has back to korea after 1 week.
    Maybe the lyric like this.
    ” its abt love, nanana na
    ne ne ne, bla bla”.
    Its female voice and cheersful song

  477. 477 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    Here’s the OSTs of Master’s Sun…maybe the one you like is Touch Love but just try to listen all the OSTs in youtube:)

    ♥Day and Night
    ♥You and I
    ♥Crazy of You
    ♥Touch Love

  478. 478 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Here’s the lyrics of Touch Love…check it out! http://beatuscorner.com/the-masters-sun-ost-part-4/

  479. 479 : klk Says:

    Absolutely ‘delicious’ ep 9 & 10 🙂

  480. 480 : joo joong three Says:

    This drama is DAEBAK!! Sad to say the ending is neaaaaaaaaaarrrr!! :((((((

  481. 481 : taraJJ Says:

    yes, go watch “Ghost”, SJS is so daebak in that drama,, I’m talking about his look which is more manly than in Master’s Sun and his acting was so great.. but if you look for kiss scene between him and Lee Yon Hee as the leading actress.. there’s zero romance scene between them 😉 but I’m sure you gonna like that drama 🙂

  482. 482 : taraJJ Says:

    I have to agree with @Yumi and @hny Jo, “That Winter The Winter Blow” is one of the best drama in 2013 so far… at least for me, TWTWB is one of my fave in 2013 beside I Miss You, I Hear Your Voice, Good Doctor and Master’s Sun.. so many sad but beautiful scenes on TWTWB, the Osts was good too, untill now I still listening of TWTWB osts esp a song sung by Yesung “Grey Paper”… love..love this song never get bored of it…. if you have time, you should go watch TWTWB 🙂

  483. 483 : hny Jo Says:

    @sis taraJJ
    actually I love them both…since WHIB…and I’m glad they die all(WHIB).hehehe ..so I like watch sjs act..but not ghost ;))

    @yummi…hahaha..use two laptop, good idea…lets do it…wkakakkkk…;))

  484. 484 : Yumi Says:

    #master sun
    thank u very much for the info. I will try to watch it. I mean listen and read the lyric that have u gave above.
    #taraJJ and #hny jo
    yes TWTWB is amazing drama, especially jo insung. I love him. He is so handsome. And yes becoz im crazy of TWTWB and master sun maybe i will use two laptop to votes both of them. And if there is a good drama again which catch my attention in the end of yeas. Its possibly that i will use 3 laptop. Haha im going crazy.
    did ghost like city hunter in genre or what? Ouch there is romance? Thats bad news

  485. 485 : feane Says:

    aww, every one is talking about TWTWB that I will try watching it ^^ The story sounds interesting, too.

    @taraJJ @yumi
    did you watch Cain & Abel? SJS’s amazing in there ♥

  486. 486 : dinaz Says:

    @yumi @taraJJ
    actually i watched the korean movie LOVE ME NOT and it was so sad and the story is similar to twtwb thats why i dint watch even though jo in sung is so hot..i only know of the famous ‘cotton candy kiss’ but i will try it soon since you all recommended and since it has a happy ending..i hate sad endings..
    @yumi 3laptops..lol.. 🙂 hmm my minho’s Heirs is coming up too that too in sbs i cant betray him u see..hehe.. :p
    @taraJJ indeed grey paper is a nice song i downloaded and listened to it..even the song list you gave me before was good..thanx 🙂 if u watch taiwanese dramas can u suggest me some good ones??
    @master sun #478 i love that song alot i wish i could sing it too..hehe..

    coming back to master’s sun any more guesses about cha hee joo??
    i cant come up with one..but what about joong won and gong shil they must have some connection that everytime he touches her the ghosts go away..hmm..we have lots of thinking to do!!

  487. 487 : fan Says:

    @yumi 476

    That song is ost part 6 not released yet, the same one when TY was daydreaming about telling KW her secret at the beginning of ep. 6 “I’m all about ….”

    @dinaz 486

    I agree with you, I’m sure the connection between the two is the flower ghost the deceased wife of the one who sold the house to JG in episode 1.
    JG didn’t believe in ghosts and said that if they exist a strike will hit him at once, but it didn’t, but I remember when they encounter TY in their way a strike hit them and obliged them to stop, thus TY caught them and rode the car, and I remember that afterward JG found a flower in the car and threw it. I have to re-watch ep. 1 to confirm that. I hope there won’t be a surprise at the end.

    My theory about HJ is that : I think she’s still here because of her twin who’s following JG seeking revenge. There is no curse, the twin is sabotaging JG marriage each time, and HJ wants to protect them both. The mysterious girl living next to him is the twin and since his aunt wasn’t surprised when she saw her it means that she’s the one who schemed the kidnapping to have the necklace. The question is why that necklace is so important ?

    What do you think ? can JG read when he touches TY ? I think he can, and you ?

  488. 488 : dinaz Says:

    @fan woah!!u came up with a lovely assumption..it matches well with the ongoing plot!i cant think of a good one but I too am sure that hee joo died in the accident..and bangshil aunt did it,the kidnapper looked like a female.chj looked very sorry before the blast and sacrificed herself to protect joong won..twin?yes maybe she is trying to take revenge on him blaming him for her death..
    Gong shil is taeyang the sun and joong won the ‘master’ but why and how?yes maybe the rose episode has to do something with it and yes some petals were still left somehow trying to convince him that ghosts do exist..and gong shil started to see ghosts after the accident,wonder what exactly happened to her during or after the accident to acquire such an ability..
    Cha hee joo too was involved in plotting the kidnapping isn’t it?she felt sorry that she betrayed him so maybe she stole the necklace from the aunt and hid it somewhere??
    Yes I too think jw can read when ty touches him 🙂 somehow they need each other..
    i guess something is going to happen that will change gong shil to her normal self..i think cha hee joo will enter her body soon..
    such a mysterious puzzle and we are all trying to solve it 🙂
    and yes we cant ignore kang woo he may have an important role to play..

  489. 489 : Sharon Says:

    That’s COLD! Haha! That kiss did nothing for me it was one sided. Maybe if it was reciprocated then, yeah!!!!

  490. 490 : Sharon Says:

    Right now I suspect everyone!! Maybe the butler did it, haha!! No, but seriously. Suppose the person in the car was her twin sister and she is still alive? It’s kind of strange for the twin sister to follow JW every where he resides and to get rid of all his perspective marriages, thats just too much work for someone who is upset over a botch kidnapping. I do believe she had an accomplice, it has to be someone really close to JW. It could be the aunt, but she does not seems that calculating to me.

    Another thing, from watching this show all the other ghost seem to want to be with their love one, but HJ don’t seem to be around JW a lot. Hmmmm.
    Just my weird thinking,that’s all.

  491. 491 : feane Says:

    In one of the episodes he read that contract or whatever that was? That episode with the soldier and the dog ^^ He touched her and read that paper he was holding in his hands 😉 So, I think it’s for certain that she can help him with that. But he also said that it’s a problem with his mind since he still can’t let go of the past.

    Well, “fan 487” got a good explanation already and I, too, think that could be a possible reason. The twin is upset about her sister’s death. I don’t know if she sabotaged JW’s marriages but it could be possible that she doesn’t want him to be happy or something. I also don’t think that CH really loved JW. But she started to care for him and maybe felt sorry for him since she and her sister (and a third person) were playing him from the start and scheming the kidnapping.

    I think JW and TY are connected by her accident in the past. Argh… I think I have to rewatch the drama to see the scenes with JW’s accident xD I think in one episode there was showed a little more than just the explosion.
    And that’s why both of them have this special connection now. She can see ghosts and he’s able to make them vanish into thin air. If it’s really like this I’m extremely curious about how JW will react when he finds out about it and realizes that he was somehow responsible for TY’s suffering all those years :/

  492. 492 : Sharon Says:

    Just giving my opinion, like I said before that’s just my weird way of thinking.

  493. 493 : anna Says:

    guys all your opinions make me want to have only wednesday and thursday…not another days….friday to tuesday seem to be so long now….

  494. 494 : feane Says:

    xD Your weird thinking gave me the idea of CH not loving JW at all ^^ I didn’t pay that much attention to her but you’re right, she isn’t around that often.

    And ah, I didn’t think of the twin sisters changing their roles. Interesting idea though, lol. THAT would make CH a real love rival to TY when she’s discovered or when she herself makes an appearance… oO

  495. 495 : Yumi Says:

    Aigo0o, i have late of conversation far far away. I confuse where should i start.
    #feane 485
    yes TWTWB is one of really good drama in 2013 beside master sun for me. Try to watch u wont regret it. I also recommended to #dinaz, both of u should try it. Haha
    btw, unfortunately im not yet watch cain and cable. Did its good drama? What genre?
    #fan 487
    em, thank u very much for the info. Wait, what the title of the song? Is the title called “im all about”? Who is the singer? Oh its has not release yet. I will try to looking for it on google.

  496. 496 : Yumi Says:

    #fan #dinaz #feane
    well my mind abt HJ is i think in the lift or one who move in same apartment with JJW is not HJ twin. Look! When JW aunt meet her, she dont express something. I mean if her face similar with HJ, JW aunt actually will know it rit? Wait wait, JW aunt know HJ face, isnt it?
    And yeah, i d0nt have any idea how could JJW has ability to make dissapear of ghost. Aish! This drama is like puzzle, i d0nt know what will happen.

  497. 497 : taraJJ Says:

    yes thank guys for all your opinion, that’s make me understand more about last week eps.. really I hope the day is wed hehehe

  498. 498 : taraJJ Says:

    @feane #485
    I want to watch “Cain and Cabel” but still I cant find the dvd 🙁

    @dinaz #486
    I’m glad you like the songs 🙂

  499. 499 : taraJJ Says:

    @Yumi #484
    yes Ghosts is like City Hunter.. its about cyber police.. so intense.. if you Choi Daniel too, he also in that drama even just 4 early eps..

  500. 500 : clairerosean Says:

    i’m not sure if anyone in here is having the same kinda ‘longing- feeling’ about the OST ‘Touch Love’… well if you do like it like i do, you can check this link out.. http://kpopmar.me/single-yoon-mi-rae-masters-sun-ost-part-4.html

    password is kpopmar.me ENJOY Ya’ll…. one more day to wait for TMS! 🙂

  501. 501 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Two thumbs up for the musical director. You really made the final touch in the story and and moves us all. Thanks and keep up the good work. I love this KD chincha!

  502. 502 : Yumi Says:

    Its airing tommorrow but its enable to download on thursday or friday. Huft

  503. 503 : feane Says:

    If it’s possible in your country, you can also watch Cain & Abel on viki or Dramafever ;)Or maybe youtube? On amazon I found the dvd but there it costs 165 € … -.- That’s pretty expensive.

    Well… Cain & Abel is a more serious drama about two brothers who are not blood related but loved each other alot. But then the older brother got jealous because he got everything the older brother wanted to have including the girlfriend, and therefore he did some gruesome things to his younger brother. SJS plays the younger brother who is suffering alot. Han Ji Min also plays in this drama and woah… there are so many awww-moments between them ♥ He’s always trying to protect her but in the end it’s her who’s holding him and not letting him falling apart. It’s just awesome to watch them both in that drama 😉

  504. 504 : Yumi Says:

    did u mean kiss scene? A lots of it? Between HJM and SJS? Aw aw aw 😛

  505. 505 : dinaz Says:

    @feane yes it seemed like he could read when he touched her but it was not clearly specified in the episode if he could read or not..isnt it?or did i miss out something??what do you think of the necklace?i think bangshil aunt(i love to call her that way..lol) stole it with and was about to sell with hee joo’s help but hee joo out of guilt hid it somewhere safe??hmm..i m not sure!!i too think cha hee joo dint love joong won at the beginning but later i guess she started to like him..before leaving gong shil’s body she said ‘i love you’..i think she meant it that time!!??
    @yumi for sure i will watch twtwb when i have time..and joong won’s aunt did stare at at the girl when she came running i mean she reacted looking at her..
    why is the father so after cha hee joo??is it for the necklace only or some other reason!!he seems too rich to bother about a necklace!!

  506. 506 : dinaz Says:

    Dear all,ep11 preview is out but i couldnt understand it..a hug scene is there,she wears the sun necklace happily but seems like something dosent go well between the two..and there is this girl with a sly smile and hee joo looking at her from the back..i guess i saw that girl in city hunter,the 2nd leading actress but i m not sure..omg this puzzle is getting crazier,fun and interesting 🙂

  507. 507 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    EP11 Preview~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ldhUegtHdA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  508. 508 : taraJJ Says:

    Han Ji Min is the leading lady of Cain and Cabel??? whoaa I must watching it then.. I like her since Rooftop Prince.. btw, thanx you for your information, I will search C&C on vikii, youtube or maybe goodrama 🙂

  509. 509 : taraJJ Says:

    oops typo eror I mean.. “Cain & Abel”
    (why I always type the wrong letter..ssigghh)

  510. 510 : fan Says:

    JG knows that his problem is his past, so to have a normal life he needs to heal his wounds but he doesn’t want to involve TY to it. but what he doesn’t know is that she’s his healer.

    I’m sure that when HJ twin will appear every thing will be shaken even JG love to TY. Anyway he needs that to get rid of his past once and for all.

    I believe that JG aunt is the culprit of the kidnapping, his husband seems too simple to do it.

    Back to when JG met TY, I re-watched ep. 1 and TY said to JG when she got into the car “I met a woman who told me that even if he escaped the strike he won’t be able to escape you” she even gave her the flower which she forgot in the car with her coat and JG found it afterward and threw it. So the flower ghost brought the two of them together.
    The question is why JG was so skeptic ? and of course how TY obtained her ability ? We have to dig more in the past episodes ! 🙂

    Yes the kiss wasn’t that passionate but it made JG shake at least and the story moved to another level, it’s what we waited for. thoughbut I still wait for the hot one especially because I think that maybe SJS has something for GHJ, I’m looking forward to it 😉

    @I ♥ Master’s Sun 507

    Thanks for the link !

  511. 511 : Sharon Says:

    Yes, I am waiting for the big gusto!! Boy, leave it to fan to decipher the story!! Hahaha! Anyway, good job I think you got something there. So, it all started with the flower ghost, maybe she is more entwine in JW than I think.

    Does ghost really stoop on you when you sleep on your back like JW aunt?!
    Hehe!! I sleep on my side now!! Haha!

  512. 512 : fan Says:


    HAHAHA !
    But you won’t have a nice dream with a fine scholar 😀

  513. 513 : Sharon Says:

    Give me a dummy anytime!! Haha!
    Who thought him that? Maybe he learned it at Sungkyunkwan College. Only the best of the best! Hahahaha!

  514. 514 : fan Says:

    hahaha !
    For me neither, I prefer the former-spektic master 😀

    Honestly now it gives me goose bumps !

  515. 515 : feane Says:

    ehm ehm… I don’t really know anymore xD But I think there are more than the regular one or two kisses? *scratching head* But there is alot of everything… hugs, holding hands, forehead kisses(?)… and the thing is there’s not really a chance of another woman coming between them ;D SJS never gets really angry at her even after her big secret is revealed *-* There are alot of “I take care of you” scenes. Anyways, never saw a cuter SJS than in Cain & Abel (and I’m not talking about his looks but rather his acting and everything). Even Master’s Sun can’t reach that level although it’s pretty close ;))

    The necklace… I didn’t give it that much thought yet, I have to admit. But the bangshil aunt (lol) is involved, I’m almost sure of it xD She recognized CH (Or her twin if it’s like that) during the night walk although she didn’t say anything… OR… maybe she forgot about her? Maybe the aunt HAS the necklace and therefore doesn’t bother anymore? I mean she seems to be really relaxed while everyone else is looking for that necklace and the culprit.

    And yeah, I think so, too. Her boyfriend doesn’t seem to be that sly.

    And the girl in the preview… Looks like it’s that twin, right? The actress (I had to go through all the dramas I watched this far xD) were the ex-wife of the prosecutor in City Hunter. She was also in Wild Romance :’D

    @Autumn Grace:
    I agree! Great, great music in this drama ♥

  516. 516 : anne Says:

    Almost episode is “mind blowing”, especially the last few episodes. At this rate, I will be left without any grey matter by the end of this drama!

    Really love the chemistry between the 2 leading characters, the rest of the casts have done a great job too. Almost everything is excellent – great plot, nice music and songs at the right time, and great attention to details like wardrobe (you notice that the matching colour scheme of the leading characters’ dressing). I say almost because I think 16 episodes are a little too short for such a great show, 18 or 20 would be nice!

  517. 517 : Yumi Says:

    wuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa finally i found the song…. thank you very much for @fan-487
    “Melody day-i’m all about” (master sun OST part 6)
    I’m all about all about
    geojitmalcheoreom haengboge hollin
    in my heart
    nae maeumsogui Pain nae nunmul
    sogui Rain
    gamssa anajun My only one
    geudaein geojyo
    Read more at http://beatuscorner.com/the-master-sun-ost-part-6/#LWYQv3rWiIwH5kwZ.99

  518. 518 : Yumi Says:

    aaaa the song is pretty good and cheers ful!!! 😀
    u cant download here guys 😀

  519. 519 : hny Jo Says:

    Good afternoon All master’s sun fan..
    Woww… how great! read all u guys opinion…makes me more n more thinking n guessing too.. (plan to re-watch this drama again while waiting next eps ;))
    how to solve the puzzle of this drama hahha, really enjoy the thread again…after stop to visit koreandrama.org….Love master’s sun fighting!!!

  520. 520 : dinaz Says:

    @feane yes there is a possibility that bangshil aunt stole the necklace..yes its that girl from city hunter,she looks sly and shrewd in the preview,she has a negative role i guess.ur guess maybe right it maybe her twin..what if she is cha hee joo herself!lol this drama is driving me crazy..hehe..from your description of cain and abel i feel like i should try it too.. 🙂
    @anne me too i want extension but dosent seem likely though 🙁
    cant wait for tomorrow
    Superexcited 😀

  521. 521 : fan Says:

    @Yumi 517 & 518

    Thanks a lot for the links
    A beautiful song !

  522. 522 : usa-mary Says:

    Fan and Sharon, you both are too funny!

    @Sharon: It was because of the vase the ghost was hovering over the aunt. Besides, sleeping on your back, along with drinking plenty of water prevents facial lines.

    @fan: I’m going to start calling you Miss DD aka Drama Decoder! 😀

  523. 523 : beery Says:

    Perry from Saudia Arabia

    Dharma very beautiful

    SO JI SUP I love you ^_^

  524. 524 : fan Says:

    Dear usa-mary

    With a belly full of water, the ghost won’t want to leave such comfortable place even without the vase.
    Thank you sister and welcome back.

    Sincerely yours

  525. 525 : Sharon Says:

    Just a thought! Hehehe. Imagine that, yuck! That was a ugly little scholar.

    Dear DD
    I can’t figure out where the necklace could be. Any ideas.

  526. 526 : fan Says:

    Dear Puzzled

    I need to eat a lot of protein to decipher that.


  527. 527 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 525

    hahahaha !

    What come to my mind now is if JG was kidnapped for money, why his father gave the necklace instead ? And why the kidnapper accepted it ?
    I need to re-watch the first episodes, maybe there I’ll find some answers, do you have any idea ?

  528. 528 : Micc Says:

    I laughed to tears watching Joong Won’s confession at the beginning of episode 11!

  529. 529 : Micc Says:

    I think episode 11 is the best episode ever! Tell me if you agree.

  530. 530 : Sharon Says:

    I will watch ep 1 again.

  531. 531 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @EP11 the funny thing is..,the way Joong Won confessed his feelings toward Gong Shil it sounds like he was having a business deal haha!I’m loving everything about this drama….the best in 2013!!!

  532. 532 : feane Says:

    awwww, thank god for THAT ending ♥♥♥
    And damn, ep12 will have alot of danger oO

    @I ♥ Master’s Sun:
    lol, yes, I thought the same xD

  533. 533 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    It was also funny their first date was in the funeral…the most memorable first date ever^^

  534. 534 : anna Says:

    the ending was unexpected shocking…lol…

  535. 535 : joan Says:

    i think they’ll going to get a lot of awards for this drama

  536. 536 : LiLoLy Says:

    annyeong~ ^^
    I just intro about this drama…
    actually i don’t want to watch this cuz I was traumatized by the ghost ~,~
    *scary..but after I watch this drama untill ep3..I don’t scared anymore ^^ and I haope that I have a guy just like Joo Joong Won..So SWEET~

    #Memoriesave ><

  537. 537 : fitri Says:

    another “take a good look and get lost” moment..


  538. 538 : clairerosean Says:

    Epic Ending for EP11:

    For GS making the ‘Ghost’ talking in her behalf is kinda’ painful… but good she’s witty enough to express what exactly she felt without being awkward – just being her GS-self.. I’m so in love with these two.

    You guys may be interested following this page (in case you’re like me who is so ‘addicted’ to TMS and almost cannot wait for the next day for the Eng-Subbed Episode):


    CR: To softycadence (the generous blogger) who is responsible for these informative (and almost so vivid) recaps – her posts comes live just few hours of the actual show… check it out!!

  539. 539 : clairerosean Says:

    BTW, does anyone ever wondered who Kang Woo really is?

    Fine, he’s the detective/Rep. of JJW’s dad but I just recently noticed while re-watching a previous episode, the scene is when KW told GS “If your heart doesn’t tell you the truth, the pain will give you the answer”, which later on Sec. KGD mentioned to JJW (and JJW remembered that it’s Cha Hee joo’s favourite ‘sadistic’ phrase)…

    If my observation is correct, then how in the world KW would know about that phrase? Is he somehow also related to the dead Ex-GF?

    I’m so curious!!! 🙂

  540. 540 : anna Says:

    thans for the link…

  541. 541 : feane Says:

    Awww, and then the scene with the secretary who took the flowers for TY and telling the other one that TY is so special to JW?… aww *-*

    yes, I thought about that, too. And maybe that’s why JW’s father hired him also?

  542. 542 : fanms Says:

    great drama…a new style of drama.i mean horror plus romantic n comedy..i like this kind of drama…all mixed feeling shown in this drama…

  543. 543 : Sodasister Says:

    OMG!!Ep 13 will be interesting!!
    So nervous about next Wed xD

  544. 544 : Fullheart Says:

    Still waiting for twelve.

  545. 545 : Saranya Says:

    OMG.. Never in my wildest imagination I thought the Joo Joong Won will become a ghost and see Tae yang.. Her Crying was epic. Left m heart heavy weighted.. Few episodes ago Joogoon told Kim sec that he would meet Taeyang after he becomes a ghost. It was said in a comical sense at that time. So sad it actually happened!

    Master’s love is the greatest!

  546. 546 : celine Says:

    I found this.. the metaphor story that hong sister use.Interesting~ Hehehe http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arashi_no_Yoru_ni

  547. 547 : Saranya Says:

    Wow. Read the plot and what’s more it has a happy ending.. Lol 🙂

  548. 548 : Saranya Says:


    Review- Heartaches!!!!

  549. 549 : dinaz Says:

    ep 11 : Daebak!!hats off to hong sisters for being so creative.each story is so meaningful and touching and so different from one another..even this one touched my heart!never did i once think that the woman the president wanted to protect was himself..it was really touching and shocking!so i am expecting a shocking twist that connects joong won,gong shil,hee joo and kang woo..i know its not going to be a simple one..i gave up on thinking of one..lol..
    @fan any more ideas??you were so creative last time and you got the closest to ep11 about the lightning incident.. 🙂
    but omg what kind of confession was that..lol..even if she wants to touch him now he is going to enjoy it??i couldnt stop laughing at that!!
    i wonder whats the story of wolf and goat??usually a wolf will eat up the ghost isnt it??
    the sun necklace is a hot selling item in korea by now i guess since this drama is so famous..even i want to wear it..hehe!but i dont think it would be available in my country 🙁 and the kiss atlast glad that this time she was fully awake though she did pretend that a ghost entered her body!!
    eagerly waiting for ep12!Master’s sun Fighting!

  550. 550 : clairerosean Says:

    EP. 12:

    Painful…. still sobbing..!

    JW: did I die? this is so unfair but since my woman can see me – I can say this and go. he touches her face and says “Tae Gong Sil – I love you.”

    His figure fades into the bright light and he disappears. she sits and cries her heart out. all we hear are the echoes of her sobs.

    Still sobbing… heavily… DARN! 🙁

  551. 551 : anna Says:

    it took all my emotion to see ep 12…i can’t stop crying…this drama just really great….gong hyo jin,so ji sub…..you are fantastic!!! is there anyone just like me? i was laughing really loud when i see joong won sang…tae gong shil really make me crying out loud….huaaaa….;(…;(

  552. 552 : anna Says:

    is it true that next week TMS will not airing?

  553. 553 : emmanuel Says:

    Why do u say that anna

  554. 554 : emmanuel Says:

    Do u guys think he is dead.if he dies am gonna cry like is real because I have really grown fond of this drama.

  555. 555 : Saranya Says:

    I don’t think he died.. This is my prediction of the story.. When joo-goon wakes up he will have amnesia and will not be able to recognize Taeyang.. Then at one time… angry Taeyang upset that he didn’t recognize her says about the necklace and this will make him recover his memories and they live happily ever after… So smile guys… This is not a melodrama but horror comedy… All excited to see joo-goon’s reaction when he wakes up… By the way does it make any sense that a person died after bing hit by a screwdriver… You gotta kidding me… Lol 🙂

  556. 556 : anna Says:

    @emmanuel….i’m feeling what tae gong shil felt….do you just start to wacth this drama? just keep wacthing….this is awesome….
    @saranya…you right…it’s just i can’t help for feeling really sad….i know joong won is the main lead so i think he’s not gonna die….but….why does he really cool even he is just a spirit?

    i don’t think i can rewacth episode 12…too hurting for me….

  557. 557 : Fullheart Says:

    Since I have not seen episode 12 because is isn’t subbed where I am, hearing the comments about it is quite depressing. I am hoping that #555’s comment that this is a horror comedy only means that they have done this to provide a twist in the plot.

  558. 558 : Micc Says:

    Did he die? I know that’s the million dollar question, but it’s sooo sad!

  559. 559 : Micc Says:

    Ahhh, just watch the ending again. I think he did die for a moment, that’s when Taeyang saw him; then he disappeared, I think the doctors resuscitated him.

  560. 560 : sasha Says:


  561. 561 : hny Jo Says:

    Wiwww…lol n lol while their sing…very2cute…hahaha

    So sad tae yang crying like that…don’t think jo won die…no !!
    I WANT WEDNESDAY SOON….curious…;))
    TMS… bravo..

  562. 562 : cc Says:

    l am so in love with this drama….. the rating should be 1st!!!!! Fighting!!

  563. 563 : Fullheart Says:

    Finally saw it. My bet is with Micc. Like the hotel ghost who went back to her body that was in a coma, he was having an “out of body experience” and then swished back in. Whew, I think I can deal with waiting another week to see the answer if that is an option, otherwise………………………………

  564. 564 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    I don’t think he died:)perhaps he was just in a coma and his soul was just wandering….or maybe it was just but a dream of Gong shil 🙂

  565. 565 : cchris Says:

    Let it be just a near death experience and please no amnesia of tae yang! That is so overdone, hate the having to remember one person thing! He cant go back to being like that….I do think she will blame herself. And there are only 4 episodes right? Seems like this show could have been at least 20 or 25…Love it and will miss it.

  566. 566 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    But if the Hong sisters will follow the story of the Wolf and Goat then JW probably have an amnesia just like in the story of the book of wolf and goat…and JW will not recognize Taeyang :(but eventually he wil regain his memory and they live happily ever after!

  567. 567 : KDramaFanz Says:

    Amnesia ?? Please don’t .. I really can’t imagine JW have amnesia .. But , how did you guys knowthat he will suffer frm amnesia ?? Btw , do you guys have fb ?? We can share our knowledge about Master’s Sun …

  568. 568 : KDramaFanz Says:

    This is the first horror drama that I ever watched(korean) .. I was really scared when I watched ep 1 and 2.. But now , I always cry and be happy whenever I watch this drama .. Ohhh.. There are soo many good dramas this year.. But now , I thought that Master’s Sun is ahead I hear your voice .. Don’t ya guys agree ???

  569. 569 : KDramaFanz Says:

    Is there any preview for episode 13 ???!!!

  570. 570 : J.P Says:


    JW will be in coma till Ep 14.
    So for next 2 episodes, he will function as a ghost. And together with GS, uncover all secrets?
    Not sure if it includes the amnesia…

  571. 571 : J.P Says:


    JW will be in coma till Ep 14.
    So for next 2 episodes, he will function as a ghost. And together with GS, uncover all secrets?
    Not sure if it includes the amnesia…

    Ah….are these true or just red herrings?

  572. 572 : billy Says:

    this drama is really one of the best ever…i dont think Joong Won died either, but more of an out of body experience. Amnesia is a bit difficult to accept…who have heard of anybody having amnesia after being stabbed at the back? Its possible for head trauma but…

  573. 573 : oksy Says:

    I don’t think that uri JJW die . bcz if he die the drama will be end . woah !! this drama make me saying ‘daebaaaaak’ in every episode .

  574. 574 : fanms Says:

    i want the second season.16 episode is not enough….this drama is not boring if you watch it continously..because different episode tell you different story but still focused on romantic n comedy scenes of GS N JW…haha..

  575. 575 : taraJJ Says:

    I don’t want Joong Won die and suffering of amnesia please… (plus I tired seeing SJS always died in his dramas such as WHIB and ISILY huhuhu)
    even I like this drama sooooo muuuuch I think I don’t want Season 2 either.. 16 eps is enough to make Master of the Sun to be one of the best drama that I’ve ever watched 🙂

  576. 576 : feane Says:

    Even after rewatching the ending of Ep12 I couldn’t stop but crying :'(
    I agree with Micc. He was dead for several seconds but the doctors resurrected him.

    Amnesia? Oh, plz don’t. I was more worried about his aunt because she doesn’t like TY and will definitely blame TY and wants to chase her away permanently…

  577. 577 : ann Says:

    why he died??? 🙁

  578. 578 : JC Says:

    Me too. I hope Joo Joong Won didn’t die. Their romance was just beginning…aww…..what a lousy progress if he were to die. Tae Gong Shil’s cry was so heart-breaking. Please, don’t let him die. This is such a nice drama. If he die, I am going to end up hating this drama.

  579. 579 : JC Says:

    I like to OST of this drama. Can someone please tell me what’s the name of the song & the singer? Where can I go to listen to this song?

  580. 580 : taraJJ Says:

    if you reads some comments above some of them already give the tittle of the song+the name of the singer.. which one do you like?

    Master of the Sun OSTs:
    Part 1 Gummy-Day and Night
    Part 2 Hong Dae Kwang-U and i
    Part 3 Hyorin Sistar-Driving Me Crazy
    Part 4 Yoon Mi Rea-Touch Love
    Part 5 Jung Dong Ha-Mistery
    Part 6 Melody Day-All About

    You can check on youtube or go to blog such as kmusicink.blogspot.com or kpopmusicdwlnd.blogspot.com

  581. 581 : fan Says:

    I don’t think that JG will have amnesia, it doesn’t make any sense. He was stubbed in his back not in his head. Probably as J.P said, he’ll be in coma.

    So Secretary Kim knows about the twin, he knows her name too, was he accomplice in the kidnapping ?
    Now we can say that JG’s aunt isn’t the culprit.
    That twin hanna is so cold ! How could she smile after seeing her sister’s death ? she’s frightening !

  582. 582 : dinaz Says:

    ep 12 : omg what was that in the last few minutes!!i am shocked..no i dint cry coz i know he dint die..noooo…he cant die!!i agree with fan#581 he is hurt in the back and not in the head so amnesia is not possible!
    i think he was in the comatose state thats why his soul wandered about just like the story shown before where the lady was in coma in the hospital and her soul wandered about in kingdom hotel..i hope its something like that!!
    ah such a bad endin to a wonderful ep11!! 🙁
    what is with that girl hannah?is she cha hee joo?coz she had blood all over her forehead and she even had the necklace!so the kidnapper was hannah?she kidnapped joong won and hee joo and left her sister to die in the blast??woah!thats cruel!!this is so confusing really!!so the plan was between hee joo and hannah!!and maybe someone else!
    and that story of the wolf and goat is sad too.. 🙁

  583. 583 : Sandy Says:

    I want to know why Hanna has been following him to every country he’s lived in. Also, what is the BIG secret around TGS accident? She was in the hospital for 3 years–apparently almost died. I think her accident is a key to this story.

  584. 584 : Marie Says:

    So ji sub is the best. He definitely can’t die. If as per the book – source wikipedia :Gabu (the wolf) is missing, but Mei finds him in another cave. Gabu has lost his memory of their friendship and all the events that preceded the avalanche. While waiting for the moon to come out, Gabu taunts Mei that he plans on eating him. Mei, saying that he wouldn’t have minded being eaten by Gabu before, accuses the wolf of not being the Gabu he previously knew. Angrily, Mei shouts that he wishes that he had never met Gabu on “one stormy night”. On hearing these words, Gabu’s memory returns, and they happily reunite. In the end, Mei and Gabu both enjoy watching the moon as it rises. JUST hope JW and TGS will both end up alive together….. LOVE SO JI SUB

  585. 585 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Assuming that JW had a near death experience while having the surgery,is it possible that he will be able to meet HJ while his soul is wandering?and HJ will tell him everything…it could also be possible that he can read after the operation…and I do still think that Taeyang’s accident is somehow connected to HJ’s accident…maybe Taeyang was in the big truck?let’s say her dad was a truck driver and her dad tagged her along and they met that accident….there was a big truck that clashed with the twins car,right?…btw when was the accident of HJ happened?was it 7yrs ago same with Taeyang’s accident?

  586. 586 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    somehow their story is just the same with the book…cos JW and GS also met in one stormy night 🙂

  587. 587 : Sandy Says:

    @585 I Love Master’s Sun, I wondered too if she had been in that accident but the timing is off. She was in college when she was in her accident and it appears hers had happen 4 or 5 years ago. He was kidnapped 15 years earlier. I do wonder if their paths have crossed before. There is a reason why only he can chase the ghost away. They are connected somehow–or so it seems.

  588. 588 : ann Says:

    so curious …but i agree with @marie…i hope JW and TGS will both end up alive together…please (jeebal) 🙁

  589. 589 : fan Says:

    @I ♥ Master’s Sun 585

    I thought the same thing but HJ and JG accident happened 15 years ago and TY accident 7 years ago, so there is no relation between the 2.

    I’m sure because it’s a RomCom and not a Melo, JG won’t die, I think they’ll end up together and live happily ever after 🙂

  590. 590 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @Sandy and fan

    Thanks :)so they’re not connected at all…

    Joong Won will not die,the Hong sisters will never disappoint us and besides we all want our otp to be together till the end 🙂
    and even for real I shipped them lol~fighting!

  591. 591 : Bella Says:

    I fall inluv with this drama! Lol

  592. 592 : usa-mary Says:

    Where do I begin? The Hong sisters never cease to amaze me!

    1) High altitude ghosts: Window banging ghosts! LOL

    2) Date: A high class place where the nation’s richest people will be gathered and don’t forget the clothes…high class and black. Surprise…surprise, surprise, its a funeral! LOL

    3) Giant’s Group chairman died ‘of’ not ‘from’ his chronic disease of ‘cheating on his wife’ at his vacation home. The news media reported the nicely covered up version while the chaebol insider’s know the real deal.

  593. 593 : usa-mary Says:

    Goodness! Giant Group’s chairman playing dress up! What’s next Hong sisters…a karaoke singing ghost equipped with a tambourine and pink boa?

  594. 594 : fan Says:

    @I ♥ Master’s Sun 590

    Me too, whenever I watch a behind-scene I keep decoding their behaviour, it seems for me that SJS is under GHJ charm. Maybe I’m wrong, it’s just because of the chemistry between them in the drama.


    You’re right, you don’t get bored at all. Even though the theme is used-up, they come up with an unexpected story each time.

  595. 595 : Yumi Says:

    Just watch ep 11. Almost finish it but its broke on the middle. 5 minutes left i dont finish it. How the ending of ep 11?

  596. 596 : Yumi Says:

    OH MY GOD! This drama is so great! Hong sister always rocking!! I like their fantasy imagination and their jokes!
    I will definitly votes That Winter the wind blow and Master sun using 2 laptop! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa im going crazy! 👿

  597. 597 : Sharon Says:

    Do not take your eye off a killer while texting.
    Please remind me not to text someone who cannot read!
    Do not watch ep 12 with out tissue!!
    I can honestly say ep 12 was good!!
    I guess JW is unconscious./
    I tear up a bit!! Boooo hooooo boooo hoooo!

  598. 598 : feane Says:

    haha!!!… xD

    btw, isn’t there any preview of ep13 out yet? :/

  599. 599 : Sharon Says:

    That would be quite interesting!! Hope not the ghost with the one pink shoe! @fan
    I think the connection between JW and TY is through the flower ghost. That part has not been solved. I also believe he is unconscious and he will be ok. This also give TY a chance to come clean with her feelings.

  600. 600 : Sharon Says:

    No trace of any preview!! Will let know if see any!

  601. 601 : Yumi Says:

    #sharon Aigoo0o0o whats wr0ng in ep 12. Aish i m n0t watch it yet 😥

  602. 602 : Yumi Says:

    Both in facebook and twitter people assumption that JW die! Whats happen? Whats the matter with him in ep 12? Aigoooo

  603. 603 : mjoy828 Says:

    omg!many fans are affected with episode 12 and im one of them! the last scene was really heart-breaking…i really hope ju-gun is just is a coma like the lady in episode 8…i hope he will still be alive and be with taeyang…ah pitiful taeyang,what will happen to her if ju-gun is really dead…maybe i will also end up hating this drama if ju-gun is already dead! and i really like sjs and ghy chemistry,they r perfect together!

  604. 604 : Sharon Says:

    JW was stab in the back while protecting TY from a killer who killed a little boy by running him over with his car accidentally. Instead of calling the police he put the little boys body in the trunk of his car.
    While the little boys mother frantically searching for him and giving out flyers of her son picture.

  605. 605 : Yumi Says:

    thanks for the info. Hm. . I dont have a power to read your comment abt the pain and bad incident to JW. Im not ready. Hfftt i close my eyes when i try to read it 🙁
    maybe i should be patient to watch it by my self 🙁

  606. 606 : indhi Says:

    oh no..wkwkwkw

  607. 607 : dinaz Says:

    Ep12 is so disturbing..its haunting me whole time..its morning now i still cant forget what i saw last night..joong won dont die please!
    anyone has any idea who died was it hee joo or hannah?and the kidnapper is hannah?damn!my mind is all messed up..

  608. 608 : Nora Says:

    This week’s dramas was full of love confession and stabbing scene.. Master’s sun, jung yi, who are you… haiiish..

  609. 609 : K_Holic Says:

    Hahaha,, This is just like The Greatest Love “Dok Ko Jin”
    Many people think that he will die but it didn’t Happen.

  610. 610 : sdfjkasdjf Says:

    2 things i don’t understand…

    Why can’t JW just let TY love her….I don’t understand it at all…he’s afraid he’ll love her more if she loves him back…but he already loves her so much…so what is there to lose? why can’t they just be a normal couple and love each other?…i don’t understand the set-up at all…is JW afraid that this love is impossible that they are like the sheep and the wolf (have completely different social status and will just not work out??…again i don’t understand it…)

    second the story of the sheep and wolf i thought it was clear TY is the wolf and JW is the sheep…and according to the book the wolf (who’s the one who loves more) dies…but JW the sheep died…so is the hong sisters trying to tell us no in fact the sheep is the more that loved more???

    and there are two things that i really care about right now…JW’s accident with Cha hee joo and TY’s accident maybe they are connected???

    as for the future i feel like TY will leave JW even if he wakes up…because she know really knows she’s dangerous and their love for each other will only hurt each other…

    finally i hope JW doesn’t suffer from amnesia…cause that’s what happened to the wolf in the sheep and wolf story…that’s just lame!…so overdone in k-drams…i hope the hong sisters are lame enough to do that….also i feel like this drama is really original but at the same time it might have too many things it’s trying to tell at the same time and too many things that are left to interpretation by the viewers…too many cliffhangers it’s trying to do…and too many little details to be picked up later…i feel like that makes it confusing and hard to follow by the viewers (i think that’s why the ratings is not as high as it could be…since it’s mostly ajummas that are watching in Korea…)

    the sheep and wolf story is such a nice touch and the sad moments are touching but i hope we will see more funny moments it’s a rom com after all!!!

  611. 611 : Nudge Says:

    It keeps getting better though. I mean really. All the nit-picking aside.. this baby keeps you wishing the episodes would come a WHOLE LOT QUICKER!!!

  612. 612 : clairerosean Says:


    About your first question: Why JW cannot just love GS, I think simply because (he thought) everything should be *calculated (*one must know the answer or the ending), since with GS, all his ‘calculations’ give him no ‘ending/ answer’, so he is hesitating. Why? Coz he felt he ‘miscalculated’ his feelings towards his 1st love CHJ – he is ‘determined’ not to do the same mistake..

    While (you’re totally right), he’d been doing all the ‘i’m so in-love’ actions already although his lips are saying otherwise (which unfortunately) our poor GS always believes.

    About the sheep and the Wolf story, i’m kind of having two different perceptions about it:

    1st, that the writers are somehow telling us that maybe JW and GS’s thoughts of them being those characters was the other way around not as what they both thought (based on their roles – GS thought she’s the ‘wolf/ fox’ and JW is the ‘goat/ sheep’ but in fact, (this is based on the actual turn of the events of their story), JW being hurt makes him as the fox while GS all the while is the sheep.


    2nd: Maybe, still the ‘died’ part of the story book hasn’t come yet. It means, JW being hurt (or maybe died? OH NO!!!) is not the same situation as part that story book tells, so maybe on a later episode, GS will definitely make a huge ‘sacrifice’ for JW. Either she’ll get physically hurt or emotionally hurt for JW’s sake so she’ll still be the fox/ goat after all.

    About the ‘amnesia’ part, I am also quite hesitant about it (it so ‘BIG’ kind of plot) so, I hope they won’t use same kind of twist… again like you said ‘lame enough’.

    But what I agree with you the most is this drama is a ROM-COM – So there shouldn’t be any mediocre-melodrama shitty twist… they do tried making the viewers cry (or weep like myself) same scene at the last part of episode 12 (GS’s weeping part is a nerve-wrecking scene indeed, that echo-sound effect they created made me feel that her sadness is really haunting – excuse I’m getting so-carried-away..) but i think that’s it, it will eventually give us more funny-witty-sweet episodes in the future.

    So, I know there will be a very surprising twist this coming Wednesday… a very Happy-Surprising twist (fingers – with my toes-crossed)…

    See you around.. 🙂

  613. 613 : Marie Says:

    i totally agree with @mjoy828 , SJS and GHY are well fit together, good acting and chemistry between them.

    There will definitely be a twist in the storyline but i am sure for just a moment just like the fake wedding. I am waiting for a more passionate scene between the 2 main lead. Only 4 episode left, snif sniff
    L’attente de l’episode 13 sera longue…. helas

  614. 614 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Wow!!! Love this drama, altho its the little things that drive me crazy like, JJW told her he had a meeting, but she called JJW instead of the police or KW. Then she texts JJW, when she knows he can’t read. Makes no sense, but I quess its a good way for fans of the drama, to scream & curse at the screen. I quess its suppose to make us feel “involved” or connected some how. I’m already involved. (My Blood pressure went up 10 notches.)

    That said, I do not believe JJW is dead. Just an out-of-body experience stemming from cardiac arrest during his surgery. With 4 eps 2 go, his demise ain’t happening. Wouldn’t it be cool if he wakes up & is now able 2 see ghosts 2? LOL. They could be ghost whisperers together.

    Lastly, CAN”T someone buy her some clothes?? PLEASE!! Who the hell wears holey jeans or those ridiculous tee shirts to work anyway? This has gone on 4 far 2 long. Enuf already. It’s not even funny anymore. Dredge up some pride about your appearance or I’m dubbing you “Tacky Ms. Tae.” Give us a transformation. PLEASE!

    By the way, can’t wait 4 new eps. FIGHTING!!

  615. 615 : Swift Says:

    I totally enjoy watching this drama. Have not had so much fun laughing with the witty lines by the actors with straight face. I am sure they may may a lot of NGO during the shoots. LOL

  616. 616 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @ Sharon #600

    Just curious. Was your former username KDaddict? The style and feel of your writing is very similar.

  617. 617 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Let’s not be over stressed in thinking that JW really died cos he WILL NEVER DIE and that’s for sure…knowing the Hong sisters previous works they really made the viewers fell inlove over and over again with their works with a happy ending stories ;)JW was just having a temporary death experience during his surgery that’s why his soul wandered…..and also we never know maybe the ending of ep12 was just but a dream of Taeyang..,and leaving us viewers to think that JW really died ^^…ep13 please come faster so all our questions be answered!

  618. 618 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @fan #594

    Yes,they have a fantastic chemistry onscreen and offscreen 🙂

  619. 619 : Yumi Says:

    Im totally agree with #master sun.
    The main lead its impossible early like this. Its alm0st never happen in kdrama. If u watch rooftop prince, the main actress is alm0st sudden death in die. Also in TWTWB in the LAST scene of LAST ep the main actor is no doubt would be die. But fortunately he n0t die in the end.
    Main lead possibly die in last ep. N0t now. . .
    i think she is not KDaddict. Cz i have see her since i was here in koreandrama.org (2011).
    KDaddict said that she want to vacuum watch kdrama. I also miss her.

  620. 620 : KDramaFanz Says:

    Me too .. I was hoping that he wakes up and can ghost and they can solve the mysteries together .. I wish that is’s true !!

  621. 621 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Just as I was about to pop off to sleep, I wondered how the Hong sisters were going to handle the headlines: “Kingdom GRP. CEO stabbed by Killer of Dead Lost Child” or “Lost Child Found Dead by Mall CEO” or Kingdom CEO Critical After Stabbing”. What do you think? Will there be headlines in the next episode?

    JJW’s aunt is going to give TGS hell!! I wonder if the infamous Kdrama slap will be forthcoming. I wonder if they will bar her from his hospital room. I wonder if JJW’s father will leave after hearing the news. I wonder how Mr. Kim knows Hanna. I wonder what’s the big secret regarding TGS’s accident & why she was in hospital bed 4 3 years. I wonder if she was in psych ward part of that time. I wonder if Hanna had cosmetic surgery while she was in England so she wouldn’t look like her sister. She had the money to do it.

    These are just some of the pesky questions & thoughts that are like the ghosts that plague TGS and won’t let me sleep. Go away!!Please! I must sleep. I’m so tired.

    Darn! There’s another one. Wouldn’t it be great if TGS left JJW, wrote a book or 2 about ghost stories, made a lot of money & returned with high self-esteem, a building or two & got her man back? Now that would have me crying buckets of tears. I just love a savvy, independent woman. It could happen in drama land.

    OK, I must sleep, I mu…

  622. 622 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Yumi #619
    I just haven’t seen her name in a long, long time. Miss her insight & commentary & hope she is well.

    @ KDramaFanz #620
    We seem to be insnyc. Maybe the Hong sisters can us as contributing sub-script writers. 🙂 (Its nice to dream sometimes.)

  623. 623 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    What do you think Hanna was doing while following JJW from country to country over a 15 year period? (And never approached him??) Can’t wait to find out the reason & purpose. Is she visible now becuz the statute of limitations is almost up? Will the Hong sisters be able to address all of these questions and more in the next 4 eps w/o leaving unanswered questions? I don’t want any eps added. Maybe a Special or Season 2 only. I’m like JJW; I want to see an “end” coming.

    ((Does anyone know if Vampire Prosecutor 3 will be coming this fall? Thanks.))

  624. 624 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Aigoo. Its 5:45 am & I am still not asleep wondering how Hanna can afford to live in that bldg. It’s crazy I know. Its just a drama, but I wanna know and it has to have a realistic reason. Even tho she says she has a job, I wonder if the money is running out and she will soon be asking to trade in the diamonds (which may be fake) for cash from the family to get it back. She would only be able to sell on the black market as the necklace is probably known to the pawnshops. What has that hussy Hanna been doing for 15 years? Hmm. Anybody have a sleeping pill to give me?

  625. 625 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @sdfjkasdj #610
    What is the name of the book please? Amnesia??? No, no., no. There is no time for it. Your comment is the 1st I’ve heard of this. I wanna read it 4 myself. I ain’t sleeping so I may as well read. Thanks.

    @clairerosean #612

    I agree wholeheartedly, we need more laughs. That’s what rom/coms should do. I can’t wait for TGS’s sister to beat the crap out of that security guy; the big suck-up.

  626. 626 : DramaJunkie Says:

    Joong Won definitely won’t die. Maybe he is in a coma or dying, and then when he wakes up im so sure he will not remember Gong Shil and their past.

  627. 627 : Yumi Says:

    Episode : 16 (to be confirmed) ?
    Arrghh. . . Is there no an extention like what happen in i hear ur voice? Come on, the rating has hit it huge to 23 percent bec0me 1st place. Okay 16 ep is quite enough for me, but did producer didnt want make it longer anymore? Its quite popular in anysite

  628. 628 : Yumi Says:

    OMG, how pain the story become if its would be happen 😥

  629. 629 : usa-mary Says:

    Since Joong Won has conveyed his feelings to Gong Sil, he’s forgotten already that he has to watch his viperous tongue when talking about her, even when talking to his aunt. I’m glad GS’s re-action bothered him, that proved his heart is softening towards her and how she feels.

    Too funny how JW confers with trash can ahjussi about GS. Telling him to spin the lid if she liked the bouquet of flowers she received from the CEO of Giant Group. Hmmmm…even Giant’s Group CEO inquired about GS to Secy Kim whether she will stay at their company! It appears that Big Sun is not only popular among ghosts. He probably has a spy in JW’s company because he let it be known to tell JW that he has a telescope, too! LOL

    I so-o-o-o enjoy Secy Kim and how he fans the flame of love sometimes using jealousy as his tool to stir up JW because he knows some men are rather slow when it comes to opening their emotions when their eyes see very well the women whose best for them right before their eyes.

    The wolf and the goat…children books. GS knows how to give back to JW just as well as she takes it. She’s definitely not a push over.

  630. 630 : indhi Says:


  631. 631 : fan Says:

    @Sharon 597 & 599


    @clairerosean 612

    You hit the nail on the head !

    @Ahjamma2012 614
    Maybe you’re right, it doesn’t make sense for her to call JG instead of police or KW, but don’t you think that she called the first person who came to her mind, the person she loves and feels safe with him.
    For her wardrobe, I think it’s chosen deliberately, it fits her personality, she wears comfortable clothes(that style of jeans is trendy), she’s bothered with many things and clothes are her less concern.

    @Ahjamma2012 621

    HAHAHA !
    Yes too many questions ! 😀
    There is someone for sure who’s behind that hannah, from where her money comes if she didn’t sell the necklace !?

  632. 632 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    Popular SBS’ drama Master’s Sun has been considered to extend
    (c) koreandrama

    SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama Master’s Sun with number one ratings at the same time has been considered to extend its two more episodes.

    The news came out from major media on Sept. 13. They reported that insiders already discussed to push back the drama’s finale and screenwriter and all actors knew about that.

    “I offered to prolong a couple of episodes by SBS.” an official of the production company told the Star Daily News on the phone. “We are discussing the issue. However, we haven’t arrived at any conclusion.” he added.

    The TV series Master’s Sun is supposed to end on Sept. 26 with the remaining four episodes. SBS officials seemed to suggest its extension for two episodes due to one week hiatus before next drama Those Who Want the Crown, Withstand the Weight of it – The Heirs will be premiered on Oct. 9.

    A lot of viewers pay close attention whether Master’s Sun, which has continued to top list with number one ratings among Wednesday-Thursday dramas, will be aired one more week.

    Source: http://koreandrama.com/popular-sbs-drama-masters-sun-has-been-considered-to-extend/

  633. 633 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    I guess there’s an extension cos ‘The Heirs’ will start on Oct 9:) so Oct.2&3 will be vacant if they won’t extend this drama with 2 more episodes. I’m sooooooo happy!

  634. 634 : dinaz Says:

    @master sun #632 omg a ray of hope for extension..i will be happy if it extends!i hope they really extend it..thanx for sharing 🙂
    Minho i have wait for some more days to see u in heirs. 🙂 🙂

  635. 635 : Yumi Says:

    #master sun
    its time to say “OH MY GOSHH” its really good news. Hope the producer and hong sisters deal with that suggestion! Thks for the info

  636. 636 : taraJJ Says:

    @master sun
    really, there’ll be extension?? I don’t know if I’m going to be happy or not.. as far as I know all Hong Sisters dramas consist 16 eps… sometimes KBS/MBC/SBS will broadcast drama special which is only consist 2 or 4 eps… but if the extension as good as I Hear Your Voice,, I don’t mind to watch Joong Won and Gong Shil 2 more eps again as long as JW didn’t die and happy ending kekeke…

    btw, thank you so much for the info 🙂

  637. 637 : taraJJ Says:

    still can’t get over the ending of ep 12 .. soo sad :'(

  638. 638 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @dinaz,@Yumi and taraJJ

    Np guys 🙂

    Guess there’s one drama of Hong sisters which has 24 eps the “Hong Gil Dong” if you haven’t watch it, please try… it’s really entertaining!

  639. 639 : Yumi Says:

    Its possibly happen to be extended due to quite high rating. Hong sister recent drama which consist 16 ep didnt to be extended cz maybe the rating is not too high as same as i hear ur voice (its hit more than 25 percent rating for several eps until the end). The recent HS drama like BIG didnt satiesfied the producer to extend the ep due too not good rating although the story good. And for HS drama the greatest love, its hit a go0d huge rating only in 2 last ep, so its not enough to deal with extention. USUALLY drama that would be extended due to high rating its has hit rating more than 20 percent for SEVERAL eps before end. NOT for drama which hit HIGH rating in last episode. Hmm

  640. 640 : sdfjkasdjf Says:


    the book is called Arashi no Yoru ni (one stormy night) there are 6 books in the series and in the end the wolf died…there was also an anime like TY said in the drama (he told JW to watch the anime)…the anime actually had a good ending…i wasn’t able to find the book online…but i began to watch the anime…it’s really really sad…


    I agree with you JW probably just don’t want to get hurt again…he’s wound is still not quite healed…

    i’m leaning towards your second thought TY might get hurt…maybe it will have something related to what the spirits matchmaker said TY will be consumed by darkness…which again i don’t want to see cause that’s just sad…but a side of me also thinks it makes more sense for TY to sacrifice more cause she’s using JW…

    four more episodes they will need to explain JW’s “death”, JW and TY’s love, Hannah and the whole Cha Hee Joo incident, TY’s accident, how the secretary know about Hannah, will JW be able to read again?…i’m sure there’s a lot more in store for us viewers!

    on a side note i was thinking back to what TY told JW…she said to him to make a little JW and maybe he will have the same as JW…now that’s an interesting thought!

    oh also the kisses are nice and all…but…the circumstances….TY never admitted it was her…and is that why the kisses are so not “real” so a touch on the mouth and rotate camera kinda of kiss…TY never kisses back…i need a real kiss…maybe when their relationship changes…the kiss will be different…

  641. 641 : usa-mary Says:

    Alright Hong sisters! I just finished watching episode 12. It was very entertaining. Its filled with humor, light suspense, and lastly, sadness. Either I’m going to stop watching these dramas or somebody is going to pay me for my sudden emotional outbursts of tears!!!

  642. 642 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Fan #631
    Thanks 4 your comments, but when it comes to the bad guy, I want someone with guns!! ( 🙂

    Someone behind Hanna?? I didn’t think along those lines, bcuz they couldn’t have plotted it themselves…hmm. Good point. Interesting.

    @LoveMastersun #632
    Thanks for update on drama extension. Rats!

    @sdfjkasdjf #640
    Thanks 4 book title. Poor wolf gets amnesia. How? Then dies at the end. How? Don’t tell me. I’ll find it, read it or anime it. Thanks again.

  643. 643 : taraJJ Says:

    @master sun
    omo, I forget about that one, Hong Gil Dong.. i watched that drama starring by Kang Ji Kwan, Song Yuri and Jang Geun Suk… yes you are right its quite entertainment even its not my favorite Hong Sisters drama

  644. 644 : usa-mary Says:

    Cha Hee Joo’s twin is waiting for the statue of limitations to end so the heat will be off the necklace. I believe she may target Joong Won as a love interest, later.

    Secy Kim, at first wasn’t a suspect, but when Joong Won told him to go to the orphanage to find out if CHJ had a twin…his comment made warning sirens go off.

    Joong Won’s urgent prayer to read the text that Gong Sil sent him broke through the barrier of fear that terrorized him for years when he was forced to read literary passages, I believe to his father during his abduction. With the turn of events in episode 12, I hope that the Hong sisters will have JW recover just like the water ghost ajumma that was in limbo and terrorizing swimmers at the hotel’s pool.

  645. 645 : Xin Says:

    full list of Hong Sisters’s drama, There are totally 9 dramas.


  646. 646 : feane Says:

    Hm, I guess TY will keep her distance from JW after he (hopefully wakes up). Although she was stubborn till now when he told her to get lost, this time she had some kind of breakdown because of what happened to JW (although I would be more happy if she continued to be clingy). And I think maybe she will put herself in danger.

    I, too, think that something will happen to her. And I think that will be the final of the drama. I’m not sure about it but maybe in the end TY should lose her ability to see ghosts? If that happens I hope JW won’t be struck by thunder (lol ^^)…

    Ohhh, and the Secretary… plz, don’t… you can know something about CH but plz, don’t be involved in the kidnapping… But what if… Maybe he was working together with JW’s dad back then. They found out about the twin and maybe about the plan but it was already too late since JW was already kidnapped…

    And YES to the extention! 😀 Although I’m always a little worried when it comes to those since I can’t imagine how they can twist the (already written) plot to change for two more episodes…

  647. 647 : Sharon Says:

    @Ahjamma 2013
    I am just Sharon never used different names.
    Haha! Yes, you can’t have a Kdrama without the slap!! Are you kidding me!
    I think it’s easier for JW to convey his true feelings to TY in his limbo state.

  648. 648 : fifi Says:

    maybe Joo Joong Won will see the ghosts too

  649. 649 : Saranya Says:

    Guys.. Just a thought.. What would be the permanent solution to Taeyang’s ghost seeing problem! Don’t you think it will be to absorb male power like her sister mentioned in ep 3? Then can we expect a first night scene like in Secret Garden?

  650. 650 : chloedramachild Says:

    Please some one clear up the wolf goat thing? Sounds like she is saying she is the wolf but wasn’t it the wolf that loses memory?

  651. 651 : Yoli Says:

    I love this drama, the chemistry between JW and TG is amazing and funny at the same time. He loves her, it was so funny with the trash can ghost and the flowers from the Gaint CEO who he had to ask if she liked them.

    I was sad at the end of last episode 12 that he died, how will she be able to move on after his death. But I have faith that like the swimming pool ghost he is alive. And as subborn as he is he had to go see the women he loves even though he’s in a coma. He even over came his reading disability to find and try to save her. I’m excited to hear that they may extend this storyline a few more episodes.

    I think the Hong sisters need to rethink about limiting all their productions to 16 episodes sometimes you need a little more time to conclude the story.

    I must ask about the kissing scense, their pretend kisses are so bad is it illegal or ultra conseverative television to give a real kiss on TV. I like things in moderation but sometime their is something called passion…

  652. 652 : popy darkgirl Says:

    Its really Great movie , and yes the actor are good.espeacially So ji sub….. Marry me , he totally cool handsome anything just cant complain .he sooooooooo perfect i Love him…. Totally this movies are fun , sad, and etc….. have to see it. Watch it guy. Cant miss this drama.

  653. 653 : Malisalim Says:

    Can’t wait for next ep 13…

  654. 654 : clairerosean Says:

    Well Hello Again TMS’s loyal supporters…

    @Fan (631) and @Ahjamma2012 (625) – Thinking the happy thoughts and being an optimist is my only way to not feel sad/ carried-away/ affected by the drama flow. And most of the time, positive thinking kinda works for me… So AJJAH! for a very happy twist this coming Wednesday!!

    @sdfjkasdjf (640) Good we have agreed for GS not getting hurt anymore…

    I thought about Secretary KGD, you’re right, i wonder how did he know about Hannah? And what else does he know and why he hadn’t told JW about it..?

    Too many unanswered questions eh?

    And about the kisses… Yes the most anticipated kisses.. Darn! They do kissed like bunch of babies… err ok fine, like teens… But what’s with the touch-lips? Aren’t they matured enough to have a cuter kiss? LOL..

    Anyway, few more sleeps and Wednesday/ Thursday comes. We may get few answers for our zillion questions..

    See you Guys around!! 🙂

  655. 655 : dinaz Says:

    The synopsis calls this drama a soul healing drama,and it is..ep1-12 was an amazing journey i just hope the fun wont be spoilt with a horrible twist like joong won losing his memories or gong shil leaving him for his good and hannah/hee joo(coz i m confused who died) claiming to be his long lost love or something..that will be a turn off!
    hope the extension will help the story to develop better..
    @master sun 638 is hong gil dong a historical drama?
    and many of you have been discussing about the famous korean slap scene..lol..i m also watching may queen now and omg the actress is getting slapped by both men n women.and gets water splashed at her..such a turnoff..
    hong sisters no slapping please..lol..

  656. 656 : novita Says:

    i’m shock see the end of episode 12… T.T

  657. 657 : usa-mary Says:

    I hope there is an episode 18!

    Hong sisters, you both are amazing! You’ve shown how Joong Won’s walls of selfishness, greed and conceit have literally begun to crumble as his love and trust grows for Gong Sil. He unselfishly assisted her while joking about the cost, but never made her pay up. He fearlessly protected her when it came to solving the issues related to the trapped souls who desperately needed their release. He always warned her to not go without him to resolve a ghost’s dilemma. What’s even more remarkable to me is that when he met with the accident, he purposefully shielded Gong Sil, asked if she was alright and didn’t even tell her that he was hurt. That man protected her with his life…that’s love!

    Love can’t be calculated, planned or bought. When true love happens, its totally unexpected and surprising…many times due to whom its towards. One’s head can’t scientifically or mathematically calculate its probability in terms of an equation when gazing into the eyes of the beloved. Nor can it surmise its benefits which is a life long journey of discoveries!

    Re Tae-yang:

    Alriight…get your emotions together and PRAY girl! You can do it! The Heavens will help you! You have resolved the issues of many of the unseen by their faith in you so that their earth bound souls could be released or returned to their loved ones. Now its your turn to experience a miracle for JW…you are the Master’s Sun!

  658. 658 : fansdrama Says:

    this’s a best drama of this year, i really love it

  659. 659 : P S Lim Says:

    A heart stopping drama that keeps me rooted to the screen. LOve the plot and the great chemistry reflected between the lead actor and actress……. EXCEPT for the lack of passion in the kiss.

    From the many korean dramas I have watched over years, one of the biggest LET DOWN is the lack of on-air passion between the cast who were supposedly very much in love. Only a handful of female lead actress actually KISS with feelings. GHJ, I am sure you can do better than this than to do exhibit such lame kissing response, particularly, to such a good looking man.

  660. 660 : fan Says:

    @usa-mary 644

    Only 4 episodes to go and many questions to be answered many things could happen, I hope they won’t wrap it up like the writer did in WAML, it’ll be disappointing don’t you think ? after the good job they did till now !

    I hope the Secretary Kim isn’t involved, he’s too nice to do such schemes.

    @feane 646

    Hahaha ! and what if he is already struck by the light and all this is just a dream ! hehehe !

    Maybe you’re right, but JG’s dad doesn’t know anything about the existence of a twin, he thinks that HJ is still alive, JG is the one who thought about that possibility.
    If the secretary is involved, why is he so keen to play the Cupid ? And doing his best to help JG to forget his past and TY to be protected.

    @Saranya 649

    Yes why not ! hehehe !

    @clairerosean 654

    Yes ajjah !
    I’m sure it’ll be a happy ending !
    I think that the kisses express their way of dealing with their feelings, they still hesitate to let themselves be drawn to each other.

    @usa-mary 657

    Very beautiful !

  661. 661 : Jyenie Says:

    Just watched Conjuring, the ghosts in TMS are so meek and pale in comparison. Ha!

  662. 662 : dinaz Says:

    In soompi there is an article that says there are no confirmed news of extension of this drama..but if there is a gap of 1 week between heirs and master sun then why wont they extend it?instead of special episodes a 2ep extension is so much better..

  663. 663 : Sharon Says:

    You said a mouth full. I do believe LOVE conquers all !!
    Is that what the flower ghost wanted? I believe the flower ghost has this all planned. I think she gave JW the power to let the ghost disappear and for him to respect others belief, pairing him and TY together. Flower ghost want to teach JW a loving lesson to respect others belies and not because you don’t see or feel it that dosent mean it does not exist.

    TY may be the wolf in the end and JW will protect her flower.

  664. 664 : Sharon Says:

    I wanted to watch it but could not!! I would not be able to sleep for days.

  665. 665 : Sharon Says:

    I am on my way to church now!!

  666. 666 : Jyenie Says:

    It reminds you to do your homework before you buy a secondhand property!

  667. 667 : taraJJ Says:

    @dinaz #655
    maybe i could answer it for you, its not exactly historical drama but yes hong gil dong is a saeguk drama,, its like korean version of robin hood.. its good drama, i like some first eps but the ending it’s quite sad for me

  668. 668 : dinaz Says:

    @taraJJ thanx for the info..omo sad ending thats what i hate the most.after watching autumn in my heart,a love to kill,a tree in heaven,etc i was so depressed so i thought of leaving sad dramas altogether..but someday i have to watch stairway to heaven and winter sonata when i m ready..hehe..coz they are classics..did u watch them?

  669. 669 : Sandy Says:

    I have to admit, I started to watch this drama but with all the ghosts dramas and darkness in the scenery I became afraid so I stopped at episode 1…But, because I love every work that So Ji Sub has done so far I endured and I was hooked after end of episode 1. The rest of the journey up to epi 12 has been amazing with both of their characters, JW & TG, I cried so much over their pain during the last scene at episode 12. I’m really hoping they extend the drama 2 more episodes to finish all loose ends without rushing it. I can’t wait til Wednesday, as for our Prince So Ji Sub (JW), please don’t die you have to come back from your comma, an amazing love is waiting for you here on earth :-)!!

  670. 670 : fan Says:


    I bet you fell in deep sleep after watching it without any trouble 😀
    I’m going to watch it right away.


    Sure ! But will she reappear again !? Won’t she interfere ?

  671. 671 : Jyenie Says:

    Hehehe, try to watch it in total darkness all by yourself and let me know later! I think Exorcist is scarier but Conjuring is based on true story……

  672. 672 : mzlvr Says:

    this drama is so funny yet so touching. love it

  673. 673 : Fullheart Says:

    I am really hoping they do not extend it. The dramas I have watched that extend usually throw in a lot of filler scenes. I also do not believe that as one of the reviewers said: “I’m really hoping they extend the drama 2 more episodes to finish all loose ends without rushing it” will happen. As much as I have loved the seventy four dramas I have watched, “rushing to tie up loose ends”. (That was so well put), seems to be prevalent in 50% of them. I do not think that extending will change that. I hope I am wrong about this if they do extend it.

    An extension would be nice if only to be able to watch the wonderful chemistry between the two lead actors.

  674. 674 : feane Says:

    Are you guys talking about a drama or about the movie “The Conjuring”? ^^

    Ahhh, forgot that the father doesn’t know about the twin…. But then again it’s strange that he thinks CH is still alive since there were alot of people who saw the car explode. The photo IS quite confusing with CH in it and being taken after the kidnapping though. I really hope the secretary isn’t that badly involved in the kidnapping. Maybe he really only knows about the twin and that’s it. I like him alot and his care for JW is real. Although I also think that his desire to let JW be happy with TY could also be his wish of JW forgetting about the search for the necklace… But I hope not :’D

    Btw, worst case scenario:
    JW gets amnesia, the twin claims to be CH and returning to JW’s side and TY will be forced to stay away from JW by the aunt… :””””””””””””D

    And about the love thing… Did JW say that TY isn’t allowed to love him? If so I missed that part xD I always thought that he makes TY responsible for his love for her and that she’s the one who has to deal with it, no matter what he will do in the future. He does what he wants to because he thinks TY is able to go away without problems when he says he has enough. And since she’s afraid that JW will leave her when she becomes “Candy”, she herself decided to not show her love for him.

  675. 675 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 671

    I tried but I couldn’t ! too scary ! In a dark room I got goose bump in the first minutes of it, as you said especially knowing that it’s true story mmmm !
    I’ll try to watch it in the morning with people around me. hehehe !

    @feane 674

    Me too, I hope that !

    As you said “Worst case scenario”, because if it’ll happen that way it’ll be so disappointing, it’s so cliché !

  676. 676 : feane Says:

    Yep, that would be really cliché. I still hope for an unexpected turn of events in ep13 😀

  677. 677 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I don’t think there’s a conspiracy between JW’s Aunt and the kidnappers and I find the uncle too naive to get involved in that kidnapping. I hope TGS was just dreaming when she saw JW as a ghost.

  678. 678 : Rosie823 Says:

    Reading all the comments above – none of them mentioned about the connection/relation between Kang Woo, JJW’s dad and Cha Hee Joo .
    When Kang Woo 1st reported to JJW dad he address him Father – may be a slip of tongue. cuz after that there was none.
    2nd – When Kang Woo used the phrase ‘ When the heart doesnt give the answer the pain will” This same phrase used by JJW dad and Cha Hee Joo . It puzzle me thou – all the 3 people connected.

  679. 679 : Rosie823 Says:

    taraJJ – agree with you I dont want JJW to die and suffering amnesia – A NO NO. Enough of that. Hong Sisters – give us something different

  680. 680 : taraJJ Says:

    yes i already watched Starway to Heaven and Winter Sonata,, both hv sad storyline and both female lead are died :'( and played by the beautiful Choi Ji Woo… but I like STH better maybe because the cast coz I like Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Wan (he played younger version of Choi Ji Woo’s brother in that drama plus LW is Kim Tae Hee’s ‘lil brother in real life)
    if you planning to watch those classic drama, just prepare some box of tissue 😉

  681. 681 : taraJJ Says:

    bcoz I’ve seen SJS died in his previous dramas (I’m Sorry I Love You and What Happened in Bali) so I don’t want to see SJS as Joong Won die again in Master’s Sun ..

    yes please give us something different Hong Sisters…

  682. 682 : joy Says:


    Choi Ji Woo never died in Winter Sonata only in Stairway to heaven 🙂

  683. 683 : taiyang Says:

    I think we will only have one episode on 19 sept….

  684. 684 : joy Says:


    the translation was wrong…Kang Woo said I understand,Chairman not I understand father…maybe when the other sites embedded the video they copied the one which has the word father and the subbers in viki edit that part again instead of father they changed it to chairman 🙂

    But in the episode where KW appeared I also thought he was the brother of JW, only they have diff moms.I even thought that KW was the bro of HJ when he appeared the first time..I was thinking he work in Kingdom because he wants to exact his revenge to JW:)

  685. 685 : feane Says:

    I didn’t give it much thought yet at how Kang Woo is connected with the father and CH. But if I should guess, maybe he’s adopted by JW’s father? Maybe from the same orphanage? Or… he’s JW’s brother? There’s nothing said yet about JW’s mother, right? So wether she died or divorced his father, it’s obvious that she’s not there. And the father doesn’t seem to stay alone his whole life as we can see with his young girlfriend. So maybe he had another woman back then who gave birth to Kang Woo. OR… JW’s father took care of Kang Woo because his mother died or abandoned him, but JW’s father is not KW’s father. Maybe he just knew the mother and took him in. That would explain the loyalty.

    When it comes to SJS dying in his dramas, then you have to add Cain & Abel (although he dies right away in the first episode :”D) and Ghost xD

  686. 686 : dinaz Says:

    @taraJJ lol..yes i need to keep tissues ready.haha..lee wan was there in heaven’s tree also na?he died in that drama..it will be so sad to watch winter sonata to see park young ha..i still miss him,he died too young 🙁
    u seem to watch alot of dramas suggest me some good taiwanese or japanese dramas please..
    @Rosie823 yes kang woo did call him father in earlier episodes so i thought they maybe step brothers but now there is no more mention of that..i am expecting a shocking twist connecting the 4 leads..

  687. 687 : taraJJ Says:

    oops.. haha thanx for your correction.. CJW didn’t died in WS 😉

    omo you are soo right SJS’ character also died in Ghost, Choi Daniel’s character who still alive but in SJS’ body 🙂 I haven’t watched Cain and Abel yet,, so SJS die too in that drama? ssiiggh..

    if I’m not mistaken i read somewhere Heaven’s Tree was made because of good chemistry beetwen Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye in Starway In Heaven… yes I never tough that Park Young Ha will comit suiside, soo sad when he did that,, and like you said PYH is too young to die :'(
    Japanese and Taiwanese dramas? wah I didn’t wached them anymore since I start to like watching Korean drama… I just watched Meteor Garden (Taiwanese version of Boys Before Flowers), Tokyo Love Story, Ordinary People, Itzura Na Kiss (Japanese version of Playful Kiss), Hard To Say I Love You starring by Eita, Ueno Juri & Kim Jaejoong, its about friendship some of people who live in Tokyo who knew each others thru twitter.. sorry can’t help you..

  688. 688 : joy Says:

    there’s Master’s Sun book version!


  689. 689 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Announcement from SBS: Master’s Sun will only air 1ep this week 🙁

    Here’s official written preview of ep13:

    Because Joo Goon’s spirit is not coming back,nervous Gong Shil meets the spirit matchmaker Madame Go,who talks about life and dead,and makes a deal to make her life into riches but….

  690. 690 : popy darkgirl Says:

    plzzz expand , more Ep plzzz

  691. 691 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    I can feel that next week there’s also 1ep will goin to air 🙁 so ep15&16 will air on October 2&3 …that only means there’s no extension.Aww!

    I hate the idea this drama will end soon..,cos I just love the amazing chemistry of SJS and GHJ! And I want more more more from them!!!hihi!

  692. 692 : Angel yoja Tota Ali Says:

    I really hate the idea of his death ! They are joking! …i can’t stand it … Even if he will go into coma! …is he really that weak?? …. 🙁 …..although i adore the drama to heart and i nerve already explode from waiting to watch it every week like insane … And my heart is like badump badump while watching the amazing Joo joong and Gong Shil …tilll this stage am in love already with the drama …don’t come to this episode and show me he will die!! …plssss hong sisters do something about this! …..:'( …. I dislike sad endings if it is with a great drama like this …it will be a real shock! … Pls save our couples so we also can keep the rate high! … I wish ! …i donno i guess the rate will be collapsing if the ending will be soso ….after this pleasful progress!!

  693. 693 : Rosie823 Says:

    @ joy – thanks for the correct translation. That leave the connection betwn JJW dad & Cha Hee Jo o Hana

    may I suggest here for the Jdrama – have u watched Rich Man Poor Woman luv the ost and the two lead. Try also A change of Heart – Hong Kong drama.

  694. 694 : OK OK OK Says:

    my guessing – end of ep 12

    1) Its Tae Yang who is too sad and scares that she dreams Joo Joong Won dies.

    2) JJWon spirit temporary out of the body but he will get back and be alive again because of his L O V E for Tae Yang – and then they marry and live happily ever after 🙂 🙂

  695. 695 : dinaz Says:

    @taraJJ thanx for the suggestions 🙂 including that winter the wind blows.. 🙂 i have watched all versions of boys over flower except the taiwanese one..i think i should try it..the anime version was so stupid.i didnt like it..
    aigoo i am so tired of watching the slap scenes in may queen..haha..
    @Rosie823 yes i watched rich man poor woman its a cute drama but i dint try any hongkong drama till now..hope the one you suggested is availble in dramacrazy..i will check out..thanx 🙂
    @mastersun thanx for the updates you’re the fastest to get all the latest news..thanx!but i am sad that there is no extension+only 1 episode..i m going to miss this drama alot..
    aww i hate the airing date schedule..19.25,26,2 🙁 ah crazy!i cant understand the reason why is it like that?they could have shown some special episodes..

  696. 696 : feane Says:

    do you by chance know the taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge”? It’s with Choi Si Won. It’s an adaption of the manga “Skip Beat”. Maybe you’ll like that? :’)

  697. 697 : Rosie823 Says:

    @mastersun thanx for the latest news.. since there is no extension… maybe we can suggest to continue this drama into tv series. I guess most of us here are still not willing to part with this great couple – The remaining 4 episodes are not enough… he he

    The ending of this drama – my suggestion TGS & JJW a couple. she still has that special ability with JJW her solace. She is able to graduate & doesn’t work in Kingdom anymore but instead opening up her own agency – carrier woman, wearing beautiful clothes – (No marriage yet) cuz of JJW family still not willing to accept her yet due to status ….

    the tv series – her agency help families with issues of unresolved matters with the dead… each episode bringing celeb in the show with new, funny & exciting ghost story … to add spicy in their love … bring in the Giant Mall CEO …hes cute …. ending of the tv series – lastly TGS & JJW got married & has twin – a girl & a boy with special ability like mom and dad . ….wow what happen to me … this happen cuz of waiting too much make you mind wonder … he he he he …..

  698. 698 : Yumi Says:

    Until now im still not yet watch ep 12 😥
    create tv series. Im not really deal with that. If it brought to be tv series with ‘many’ episode, people will start to bored becoz someday maybe the writer or director will crisis in storyline. The main story is dissapeared by a worse one.

  699. 699 : Yumi Says:

    wait2, what the different of tv series and kdrama? I think both of them is same, isnt it? So why its should remake as tv series instead its has been a tv series (kdrama)

  700. 700 : zura Says:

    what is going to happen in the next episode???? I’m curious!

  701. 701 : Rosie823 Says:


    yeah maybe u r right…. I was suggesting something like the US tv series like – CSI, Ghost Whisper, NCIS or Law & Order (the longest ty show) but I guess the Korean do theirs differently.

    Same here, re watching ep. 1 to 11 – not willing to watch ep 12 yet..

  702. 702 : klk Says:

    so addicted to this drama 🙂

  703. 703 : dinaz Says:

    @feane thanx for ur suggestion..i will check it out..i dont know much about taiwanese drama..i only watched fated to love you and autumn concerto which were so awesome..
    wow i got lots of drama suggestions from this thread..thanx to all 🙂
    @yumi and rosie823 u both havent watched ep12?watch it by today atleast..hehe..then tomorrow u can watch ep13 tomorrow..
    seo in guk will be participating in the 7th ost of master sun.i think its a sad song its called ‘No matter what’..

  704. 704 : Rosie823 Says:

    @dinaz – will try watching it tonite . Hv to get boxes of tissue 1st ….

  705. 705 : feane Says:

    ah, tomorrow there won’t be an episode :””’D Ep13 will be aired thursday… ._.

  706. 706 : taraJJ Says:

    because of Chuseok Holiday in Korea, SBS had to phosponef one day of airing ep 13 🙁
    SBS had filled these time slots with a movie, per Chuseok traditional programming and the movie to air will be the blockbuster hit The Thieves

  707. 707 : taraJJ Says:

    thank you for your info, i already download “No Matter What” by Seo In Guk from kmusidl/kpopmusicdl.. its melow song but amongs all Master’s Sun Osts,, love..love this song.. SIG’s voice sound smooth in my ear 🙂

  708. 708 : Yumi Says:

    Oh my GOD. There will be only one ep aired this week? Its terrible.
    Btw, what is chuseok day? How can it be so special in korea?
    #dinaz and #rosie
    i’ve plan to watch it maybe tommorow or thursday. Aish during this week, i dont know when.

  709. 709 : dinaz Says:

    oh i dint realise that there wont be any episode airing tomorrow!!so sad 🙁 they are airing [email protected] me too i dont know what is chuseok day but i know the girls wear the traditional hanbok that day..
    @taraJJ i too heard the song its very nice,seo in guk sang it well..waiting to see in which situations of the drama they will play the song!my favourite is still touch love 🙂
    @Rosie823 lol..hope u dint cry much..

  710. 710 : Marie Says:

    @ Dinaz
    TW: autumn concerto, skip beat, miss rose
    JP : summer nude … gokusen

    so hard to wait for episode 13.

  711. 711 : shooshoo Says:

    Love this drama soooooooooo much! A must watch! xoxo

  712. 712 : Sharon Says:

    Skip beat ending was not very good I waited for season 2, but nothing happen. There was no ending!

  713. 713 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Sooooooooooo, does this mean ep. 13 will air on this Thurs. & eP. 14 the following Thurs, then 15 & 16 the following week, to end the drama on Oct. 3? Followed by Heirs on the 9th?

  714. 714 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @Yumi #708

    Chuseok day its like a thanksgiving day in Korea:)

    Can I butt in about TDs?I know its off topic but just want to share my most fave TDs hihi…

    ♥Autumn Concerto
    ♥Down With Love
    ♥My Lucky Star
    ♥Easy Fortune Happy life
    ♥Miss Rose
    ♥fated to love you
    ♥Office girls
    ♥Prince Turns to frog/chinese version Wake love up

    And alot more…I’m currently watching Just You and Love Now:)

  715. 715 : -Autumn- Says:

    Love love love this drama so much!! And also So Ji Sub~ Love his role as Joo Goon in this drama. But one thing, this drama kept reminds me of Secret Garden. Love both the man in TMS and SG.
    At first, I dislike Tae-Yang. But she is getting better towards the end, i mean not so crazy-look and prettier.

  716. 716 : Rosie823 Says:

    @dinaz – I am speechless … still heartbroken …. but still i hv to say something to ease my pain … start crying when JJW convey to TY about what CHJ said to him … what a tragic love for them…
    Keeping very high hope JJW is still very much alive – cuz he is the only ghost here that can touch Tae Yang hair ….. this waiting is really killing me.

    To the Hong Sister – i still doesn’t want amnesia … enough of that. Even though the story of the wolf/goat – the wolf got amnesia – but I take the story just as a metaphor of their relationship nothing more than that .

  717. 717 : Rosie823 Says:

    Yes. The feeling of watching SG & MS – awesome & great cuz we all watch the transformation of both arrogant CEOs. We fell in love not only with the lead couples but the others too …. beautiful songs for both dramas ….

  718. 718 : shi Says:

    Just thinking. Seo In Guk who is the second lead already sang an OST for this drama. Will the first leads, So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, contributing to the OST too?

  719. 719 : litcottage Says:

    what phone is Joo Joong Won and Tae Gong Sil using.

  720. 720 : taraJJ Says:

    yes, I hope So Ji Sub could sing too for Master’s Sun osts..

    btw, did you guys know beside as an actor, SJS is a rapper? the way his rapping is okay too.. in Korea SJS already release some rapp album..

  721. 721 : dinaz Says:

    Good news everyone,this drama got 1 episode extension..yipee!!
    @admin i read the news in allkpop..

  722. 722 : dinaz Says:

    @Rosie823 me too i am hoping that joong won is alive and was in a comatose stage that led his spirit to wander about..
    @taraJJ omo i dint know he was a rapper!he can contribute to the ost then..
    @Marie thanx for the suggestions..i watched autumn concerto already cant forget vaness wu(he’s very hot with cute lips :P) and that little kiddo..they were so cute!
    @master’s sun 714 i will check out your list too 🙂
    i am really happy about the extension 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  723. 723 : dinaz Says:

    @usa_mary i just came across this article that explains the significance of tofu,seaweed soup etc..i remember u once wanted to know about it u can check out this link..

  724. 724 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @dinaz 722

    Yes I hope it’s really an extension of one episode and not special episode cos I’ve read that ‘Master’s Sun’ will end on October 2 with 16th Episode and on October 3 SBS will air Special Episode of Master’s Sun (BTS, Making, Interview with the casts and production crews)~

  725. 725 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Waaah!there’s a possible the 3rd kiss will happen in episode 13 I hope this time it would be a passionate kiss LMAO!


    Master’s Sun UPDATE!

    Episode 13 Written Preview:

    “Joong Won has not woken up. Gong Shil feels very guilty and blames herself and feels she should leave him. Only if she leaves he will survive. Sitting by his bedside for a few days/weeks, she thinks about the wolf/goat story and feels the wolf who loves more may die, so she left. When Joong Won finally awakes, he forgets about Hee Joo and appears in front of Gong Shil.”

    Source: Baidu
    Translated by: JulieSean at Soompi Thread

    They are filming in the hospital right now (Below is the picture).
    Photo for DC Gallery.

    From Soompi Thread (bellaangel012):

    Possible scene for epi 13 although i cant verify it-
    Looks like there is another kiss scene where Gong Shil kissed Joong Woon and intended to run away but Joong Won grabs her arm and kisses her.
    Apparently they get caught by a nurse and he gets reprimanded since he is a patient.

    Source: DC Gallery

  726. 726 : Wiki Stars World » Lee Do Hyun Says:

    […] The Master’s Sun (SBS, 2013) My Love, Madame Butterfly (SBS, 2012) Arang and the Magistrate (MBC, 2012, ep 20) cameo You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly (KBS2, 2012) Feast of the Gods (MBC, 2012) Just Like Today (MBC, 2011) Stormy Lovers (MBC, 2010) More Charming by the Day (MBC, 2010) […]

  727. 727 : feane Says:

    There was also some preview of Gong Shil visiting that dead people matchmaker lady, right? *head scratching*

    btw, something random ^^:
    Before I started watching Master’s Sun and only saw the trailer, I always thought that Gong Shil was in a mental/lunatic asylum, haha…

  728. 728 : Popy darkgirl Says:

    Today I’m so sad tht my nuna and my Oppa not show on tv. I’m waiting to see this ep for my deep death. I miss Gong shill so much . Plzzz expand more to 17 ep . Wht about 20 ep???? I would like I say thank for all your work hard to make a great movie for me. And I’m sure this drama always make me remerber how great are you. I’m your Thai fan .. Love you …. I’m waiting and waiting … Plzzz don’t make any sad scence.

  729. 729 : feane Says:

    Since I have to wait for the next episodes I’m starting to watch “Thousend Years of Love” with SJS 😀 But his hair in that drama is kinda… :””’D

  730. 730 : Iki Says:

    I can’t help but wonder why the ghosts are so laughable ugly >.<
    Anyway, I really loooove Master’s Sun ~ <3 is addictive !!!

  731. 731 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @rosie #697
    I love that scenario, as I’ve said B 4, I like a well dressed savvy woman.

    Well at least it was only xtended by 1 episode. I can handle that I think a full season 2 would be better. Also, I don’t think JJW would allow his family to deny his choice of bride.

  732. 732 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    I -Master’s Sun @725

    Thanks 4 the updates.

  733. 733 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    There’s no preview for ep13 yet?I keep searching in youtube but I don’t find ep13 preview^^

    And ep13 preview is trending 1st on Nate hot search..so many people been searching for ep13 preview cos they can’t wait and so do I 🙂

    I still think the ending of ep12 was just but a dream of GongShil 🙂

  734. 734 : ance Says:

    did episode 13 aired last night? how come i can’t find even a raw in some sites?

  735. 735 : Rosie823 Says:

    I hope d remaining 4 episodes TGS would really improve on her dressing frm head 2 toe.she HAS slender figure & beautiful long legs no excuse of being poor after receivng big paychek frm CEO … ha.. ha.. d guys here dressed smartly even in pyjamas. If u notice TGS likes 2 wear torn trousers & t shirt – pls not as office attire … aishhh

  736. 736 : miiee Says:

    Find it teresting theories why Tae-Yang can see ghosts.

  737. 737 : hny Jo Says:

    is episode 13 not airing yet….why can’t find it everywhere ?!!!

    why always happen a ”trouble ” to drama most likeable…now happen to MS…OOOHHHH so frustrating ;((

  738. 738 : mmei Says:

    anyone knows where to watch korean shows live for free??

  739. 739 : nynz Says:

    still waiting ep 13!!!!

  740. 740 : dinaz Says:

    omo i m so eager to read the ongoing live recap of ep13 in soompi..just holding myself from reading the spoilers..hehe..cant wait for tomorrow!!if you eagerly want some spoilers you all can follow the live recap 🙂

  741. 741 : taraJJ Says:

    @hny jo
    be patient my big sister 😉 bcoz of chuseok day, sbs only broadcast one ep of MS
    actualy I can’t wait either to watch ep 13 🙂

  742. 742 : Saranya Says:


    Please see the recap of ep 13 in the above link. Can’t wait to watch!!!
    Anyways my predictions about amnesia is true.. He he

  743. 743 : Yumi Says:

    i check this page today and i read this sentences

    – This drama was originally scheduled to end on episode 16. However, the production team decided to extend for 1 more episode due to the high ratings of this drama.

    finally they extend it. although only 1 eps never mind. and its really ep, not special one…………. 🙂 😀

  744. 744 : Yumi Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant stop loving this drama. as same as what always i said before i will vote “That Winter wind blows, and Master sun in koreandrama.org awards 2013!!!!!! with TWO laptop. hahahahahahahahah

  745. 745 : Yumi Says:

    GO GO GOOOOOOO master sun!!!! SO JI SUB & GONG HYO JIN FIGHTIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!! 🙂 😀 😉 :mrgreen:

  746. 746 : ikan bilis Says:

    i just finish watching masters sun ep13 ..so sad…huhu…JG was amnesia ….i hate hana…but i still love this drama….

  747. 747 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Just done watching ep13 RAW,the Hong sisters followed the story of Wolf and Goat…too bad Joong Won remembered only the people whom he met before Gongshil~but anyway,he was just having a temporary lose of memory about Gongshil but somehow his heart knows her^^

    And he finally can read now….

  748. 748 : usa-mary Says:

    Hong sisters…Hong sister…amnesia? sniff????? GS went to the woo woo working woman and this is the result of all her efforts?! sniff sniff

    Okay, appease me with amnesia for a short period of time, so that twin of Hee Joo’s can work her mojo on him in the interim…grrrrrrr!

    Secy. Kim, please help GS regain his memory and protect GS from JW’s aunt!

  749. 749 : Yumi Says:

    just done watching eps 12. i know its too late. but im feel so sad and blue now……… i know JJW wont die. but its too painful for TGS in this condition…… 😥

  750. 750 : usa-mary Says:

    Come back JW soon, so you can tell GS that her refrigerator is too full to hold KW’s beer!

    Thank you, trash can ajusshi. I was just asking for your help during the mall scene, then you suddenly spun the lid to get JW’s attention. If it hadn’t been for JW’s emoo interrupting the moment, then maybe…maybe… Oh well, at least you tried.

    Hong sisters and Director Jin, I like the scene with JW’s feet wanting to take him in different directions. The foot, that’s closes to his heart line dominated…pointing the way to GS’s office.

  751. 751 : taraJJ Says:

    I haven’t watch the ep 13 yet.. but reading all comments above make me… what…???? amnesia…?? this remain me of Park So Ha from I Hear Your Voice..

  752. 752 : anna Says:

    joong won’s heart still can see the radiance of tae yang…. i hope so……

  753. 753 : hny Jo Says:

    where u guys watch ep 13..???

  754. 754 : Sandy Says:

    hny Jo @ 753 you can watch at Viki.com

  755. 755 : hny Jo Says:

    tq @Sandy…i watch it in FB..thanks theres someone upload ep 13 event no sub…

  756. 756 : feane Says:


    Awwwwwwwwww, that was a really cute episode… (after accepting the amnesia thing, although I’m not that frustrated with it at all). And damn, I LOVE those kids. They just gave me goosebumps and a holding breath xD

    Somehow the worst case scenario did happen, right? 😕
    But I like how JW finds his way back to TY although he doesn’t really know that yet. Awww, and I got fond of that ghost sitting on the bank, swinging that trash can thing <3

    Also finally it's clear what relationship Sec Kim had with CH and HaNa.

    And I like how the husband of the aunt still fights for TY xD. But I don't get it why everyone follows the aunt's command to not tell JW about TY. At least the secretary should have. The only one who did something was Tae Ri Young (was that her name?) – never mind her reasons this time 😛

    My theory about the twins:
    The living one is actually CH and the dead one is Hana. Like Sec Kim said, Hana was bright. Maybe Hana met CH in Korea. Then somehow CH persuaded Hana to fool some Chaebol-boy to get alot of money. And Hana said yes because of her guilt for having a nice rich life while her twin hadn't that chance. That's why in the end she felt sorry for JW, even loved him and maybe tried to free him but in the end she died in that explosion.

    Another thing because everyone says TY should get other clothes and all. Honestly I like her current style. It suits her and her personality. I would find it strange if that changes. Also, I think it's a nice alternation that this time in a drama there's no "fashion-up" or something.

    Two things I mostly curious about now:
    – TY's accident
    – What will await her when that spirit-lady calls TY for her sacrifice :///

  757. 757 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Despite of the flaws in ep13 cos of the amnesia stuff I still love this drama so much.Amnesia is overused in dramaland so theres no other way but to come up with that kind of idea…I just hope the amnesia thing won’t be that long enough to make the story becomes draggy!Anyways,I find it so funny when JW can’t figured out if Giant Mall Ceo and him were in a relationship for them to give and take flowers…hehe!

    The ratings went down because of the amnesia thing but still remain #1 in drama ratings and overall ranked #3 so not bad 🙂

  758. 758 : feane Says:

    @I ♥ Master’s Sun:
    Awww, haha, right. That was also a highlight in the ep… All the things he did and can’t remember. And he’s all the more confused because he doesn’t seem to be the type to do those things 😆

  759. 759 : Micc Says:

    What’s Hana after? Why did she blame her uncle for Hee Joo’s death? I’m a little lost cos the twins didn’t seem to have met before the accident.

  760. 760 : hny Jo Says:

    its difficult situation for Tae Yang… she must choose , let Joo Won dead or alive…So sad!!!

    if Joo Won alive he will not recognize her.. and if dead, Tae Yang can’t see Joo Won’s spirit too( coz JW die happily)….so she choose to not recognized by Joo won… actually is good too.. she can be with Kang Woo …hehehe

    btw hana is truly evil..more than Tae ryong ! when did she got Tae Yang’s necklace!! did she stole it or she bought the same one…hmmm eps 14 will air in 25 sept… too looongg ;))

  761. 761 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    I love your theory…you could be right the real CHJ is the one who is alive :)and yes I’m more curioused now on TY’s accident and why she can see ghosts….

  762. 762 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    The first Hanna whom sec kim met was the real Hanna…the hannah whom sec kim met the second time who blamed him was CHJ cos that girl looks calculating and evil not the real Hanna whom sec kim knew^^

  763. 763 : anna Says:

    maybe that’s why secy kim got really shocked….but is that mean the twins are secy kim’s nephew?

  764. 764 : Jyenie Says:

    I think ep13’s rating is lower due to Chosuk-the Korean thanksgiving.

  765. 765 : rory Says:

    I hesitate to watch this because I don’t like horror drama but still curiosity to death after reading good reviews here and on twitter so I try last week and now I feel regret for being late enjoying this show..hehe..Yes, I love this drama..currently in ep5 but what i can say is I really enjoy it so far..will continue watching this 😀

  766. 766 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @anna 763

    Yes,the twins are secretary Kim nieces…daughters of his cousin…


    Ah yes I forgot it was chusuk day:)just like last year’s dramas ratings went down as well due to Chusuk day!thanks 🙂

  767. 767 : Fullheart Says:

    Did not epi 13. But agree that the evil looking girl is Cha Hee Joo and she has been skulking around him for the last 15 years waiting to pounce. I like the twinkle in KAng Woo’s eyes, it shows he is not stupid, catching on and deserves the Fathers trust. Why is the Aunt so gullible? That actress doesn’t usually pay a dingbat. Maybe she is expanding her skills.

  768. 768 : Yoli Says:

    Any news on episode 14, I want to see what happens if TG sends him away, I’m sad he has amnesia how can he forget his love. Although he recalls her touching him and how he felt when he touched her at table while overlooking at the fox and goat book.

    I don’t know if the writer/network will expand this story be two more episodes, but I’m waiting, waiting for this next episode. Why does it take so long for them to preview this drama..

  769. 769 : hny Jo Says:

    ohhh ya..why Tae yang always hide the necklace while met Joo won…I think that ‘cenayang’ told her something abt it…to bad stil no eng sub upload it.

    and agree.. hana is the one who already dead, n both of them like Joo Won..seem they play a game!!

  770. 770 : billy Says:

    oh so the amnesia really did happen in ep 13…

  771. 771 : ogrenji Says:

    soo much amnesia happening in kdrama,even when it’s not involved with brain damage,they still find a way to make amnesia happened hahaha but still love watching it,just need to endure watching bitter moments until it gets sweet again 🙂

  772. 772 : usa-mary Says:

    Though I saw the episode raw. I just adore those 2 little boys. Claiming their toys with JW’s business cards. Out of the mouth of babes. Now, take that emoo! LOL

  773. 773 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    I was so anticipating ep. 13, only to be dashed upon the rocks. While bloodied and bruised, it wasn’t a complete wash, but I just expected more connectivity. Oh well, I did get JJW’s revival and the infamous KD slap.

    The questions are whirling & twirling. If as some fans are thinking that, CHJ is the dead Han Na, why did the dead Han Na try to get JJW to follow her so that they could “be together at last”? And if the dead twin went into the light, how is she back to ask TGS to lend her body?. (Is she the swallowing darkness or the light?) How would the dead twin have those feelings when she (HANA) didn’t even know JJW? When will the woo woo lady come to collect TGS & what exactly did she sacrifice? (sometimes the subbing from different sites gives a different context).

    I wonder if TGS will be hurt or killed by the hit & run perpetrator, as he is still on the loose? I wonder if she dies (per the book) will she be revived and brought back to life? No way is this drama to have a sad ending. Many twists & turns, but no sad ending please.

    I wish KW would give TYR a break. Poor thing is trying so hard to make him her man. 🙂

    OK I’ll watch it again on another site. I must have missed something.

  774. 774 : feane Says:

    It was Hana who approached him in the past, but she called herself “CH” since she had to play the girl from the orphanage. That’s why the dead twin (Hana) has those feelings 😉 About the living one I’m not so sure what her intentions are. Maybe she also have some feelings for him? Maybe she thinks she has some right to be together with him since he loved the one called “CH” what is her name. Some crazy psychotic thinking or so. Maybe she loved him in the past and loves him still, but everytime JW’s loving someone else. Back then it was her sister, now it’s TY. I think at some point TY will be in danger, too, when she comes too close to the truth 😕 She even let her sister die and didn’t shed a tear. She’s a really dangerous woman.

    I guess there are no previews right now, because they have to change the script for that extended episode?

  775. 775 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    The living twin is a freak lol I dunno either what she really upto…she even wore the same necklace with Taeyang…maybe she was deprived of love and attention…

  776. 776 : Rosie823 Says:

    I think JJW has been played by both twins – d one on the swing & d one in d library are diff individual. We hv yet 2 c the cofffee ghost helpTGS. Would it b enough 4 d remaining 3 episodes – frm wat i read here eps 17 not extension bu sort of interview to all dcasts???

  777. 777 : billy Says:

    After watching ep 13, i get the feeling that the girl who died was actually Hanna and not Hee Joo. The person stalking JJW is really Hee Joo…it makes sense to me if this is so…

  778. 778 : Nudge Says:

    @billy Mmmm.. In JJW’s out-of-body experience the dead sister said to him: “Now you can see me. Now we can be together.”

    It is somewhat strange when they spoke, she was cold towards him yet when in a earlier episode, she was in Tae Gong Sil’s body she said she loved him. So I’m a little confused.

    Could it be both sisters died. The one that is Hanna commandeered a body and is now in the land of the living. The other is to steal Tae Gong Sil’s body in order to be with her sister and TTW.

    Oooowooo! Now I just spooked myself ..hehe.

  779. 779 : Sharon Says:

    Who got slapped??!! Was it the husband or TY?! Because the husband had his hand over his face. Haha! I guess it was TY, told you no KDrama without the infamous SLAPP!!!!

    Is that the ghost!!! No, it’s the psychic lady. Damn, she is even scarier than the real ghost. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  780. 780 : Sharon Says:

    No, the psychic did not say give yourself as a sacrifice!! TY asked what will happen?? The ghostly psychic answered, you won’t live like you use to. I mean really!! You damn right you won’t live like you use to you will be DEAD!!!

  781. 781 : Sharon Says:

    Yes JW you did get hit by lightning, a really bright light called Tae yang.

  782. 782 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-778: Those are very good points to think about. You just spooked yourself! RLOL

    @Sharon-779: SLAP…and you KNOW it wouldn’t be a kdrama with out one. LOL The hssssss (of disapproval) and the slap are both a given!

    Re the psychic lady…aka madame matchmaker of the dead. Sharon, you are too funny!

    I’m going to do a re-watch when the subs are posted to find out which one Secy. Kim talked to in that garden, and what the ghost was trying to tell GS before JW touched her on the shoulder, causing the ghost to vanish.

  783. 783 : Rosie823 Says:

    I hope the amnesia stops at ep. 13 not dragging to the last 3 ep. Now TY needs JJW more than ever cuz CHJ want to use her body.

    ep.14 – pl TY dont reject JJW. – it kinda remind me of Secret Garden when Gil R meet Kim JW at this house – are u Gil Ream – there is no other person in Korea having that name? In SG Gil want to cling to him but in this TY doesnt want to for JJW safety…… I am so nervous of waiting toTY answer….. Aishhh I wat to do ….. long week.

  784. 784 : Sharon Says:

    Dang, JW aunt should be charged with spousal abuse. She slap him and verbally abuse him. Wow!! Love.

    I don’t think the ghost wanted to tell her anything, you know they just appear out of no where and scare her, it just happens that JW was there. He thought she was gonna fall and held her.

    YR is too funny, now she is going to help TY get JW due to her jealousy.

  785. 785 : Sharon Says:

    I am confused as to which twin is which. The twin that is more likely to get close to JW would be the rich twin from England due to her status.
    The Rich twin I believe went to Korea to look for her twin sister and found her. However, the poor twin thought of a scheme to rob JW, by using guilt and jealousy on the rich twin. The rich twin agree to swap places with the poor twin but the poor twin plan was to take over the rich twin life. The poor twin hated the rich twin soo much for adopted to a good family and her have a great life that she wanted to take everything away from the rich twin even JW. So the poor twin kill the rich twin and live as her until now.
    Just my weird way of thinking!

  786. 786 : dinaz Says:

    Thankfully i watched this episode..it totally cheered me up after weeping so much watching the last 3 episodes of ‘who are you’..i enjoyed this episode too..but lol the slap as you all were predicting came true..hehe!even amnesia but he will remember her soon..i m sure!
    i guess hanna died not hee joo..coz kim secretary said hanna grew up well and she seemed a very nice person and she was all excited to see her twin but when the secretary met her again she sounded rude..i guess cha hee joo due to poverty had a rough life so when she learned about having a twin i guess she became greedy and plotted the whole plan making hee joo the culprit..i am sure hanna died not hee joo..orelse why would she be so eager to meet him after 15years..but if its hanna why did she say i love you to joong won?confusing again!!
    sad to see the ratings dip but it seems it was due to chuseok holidays..
    lol..i cant forget that scene:bangshil aunt hitting her husband’s mouth..pang!hahahaha..

  787. 787 : dinaz Says:

    [email protected] 785 we had same thoughts..seems like i copied your comment..but while i was typing there were only 784 comments..haha!

  788. 788 : Sharon Says:

    I believe upon swapping places both twins fell in love with JW.

  789. 789 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon yes ure right..it might be like that..while she was acting along with hee joo,hanna might have actually fallen for him..and it might be possible that in all the fun and romantic moments shown between hee joo and joong won it was hanna and not hee joo with him..hmm..is it possible?!

  790. 790 : SA Says:


  791. 791 : Sharon Says:

    I went back to watched ep 4 and the kidnapper looked like the secretary! Was the secretary using the one of the twins.
    I think the secretary is involved. He found the poor twin not knowing that the rich twin also found her. The secretary used the poor twin to kidnapped JW to take the necklace, but the rich twin plot with the poor twin to take the necklace, maybe to give it back because she was in love with JW. However, things turn for the worst and the CHJ died. Ha Na despised her uncle for using He Joo and caused her death.
    The uncle got the shock of his life when he heard that Ha Na was an accomplice because that means Ha Na knows that he is involve in JW kidnapping and she has the necklace.
    Just another theory!!!

  792. 792 : Sharon Says:

    What’s Ha Na’s motive!! Is it to give back the necklace, or revenge.

  793. 793 : Yoli Says:

    From reading the info page they will extend this drama to 17 episodes, I’m looking forward to the extra episode.

    And next week due to Korean Thanksgiving, we will see episodes 14-15 next week.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next..

  794. 794 : billy Says:

    @778 Nudge, maybe both twins fell for JJW? Noticed how Sec Kim interacted with the first Hanna and the 2nd time after supposedly Hee Joo died? The first time, Hanna was all sweet and nice and innocent, whereas the 2nd time, Hanna was solemn, with deep voice and unsteady stare and a little mysterious already to my observation. HA ha so much for our speculations…its goin to be a long wait.

  795. 795 : dinaz Says:

    @sharon woww thats another interesting theory 🙂 i cant think of anymore possibilities,so till now i think hannah was joong won’s lover and hee joo plotted everything to get the necklace..and as u said mr secretary might be the mastermind behind it..
    As that red lipstick shaman told her that she wont be able to live like the way she did earlier i wonder in what way is she sacrificing herself?maybe she will have to help the shaman with some wrong things..
    the shaman actually looks so evil i admire the makeup artists for that but i really wish they would do something to gongshil’s frizzy hair..lol..but maybe thats the way she should look!!

  796. 796 : hny Jo Says:

    I don’t think secretary Kim involved as the mastermind !!! NO.. he more looks like Joo Won fathers… he try to make tae yang and JW be together, never seen he have bad motive…but if he in the past help hana to close with JW… maybe!

  797. 797 : fanms Says:

    i cannot wait for another episode…although this episode is so sad,but it still interesting…

  798. 798 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    It seems like Joong Won and the living twin are dating in ep14 cos they are together in a car…

    I just hope she won’t use the necklace and tell JW that she’s the real Taeyang (the big star)with the help of JW’s aunt.Aish,the living twin is very evil!

    And when time comes that Gongshil will goin to pay what she promised to the spirit matchmaker,it wud be nice if the spirit matchmaker will only take Gongshil’s ability to see ghosts…guess that’s what she really want,right?

  799. 799 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-784: The aunt also stepped on his foot with her house slipper to quiet him. Its a good thing it wasn’t a stiletto. Just shy of the infamous kdrama shin kick.

    @792: I believe Ha Na either pretended to be HS and took JW away from her, or JW chose Ha Na over Hee Soo, which could be why she was angry with him while they were talking in the library. Also, Ha Na wants it all, not just the necklace. She wants to live lavishly with JW as his wife. Its obvious that she had him followed over the years, because every place he lived, she also lived the exact length of time (according to the postcards), until he became of age to take over the family business.

  800. 800 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    I rewatched ep13.I don’t think Sec Kim is involved in the kidnapping…it seems like CHJ hated Sec Kim cos he chose to left her and went to look for Hanna.By just looking at the way she talked to Sec Kim in the garden it filled with animosity to Sec Kim…that’s why CHJ hated her twin Hannah that much cos Hanna has everything that she don’t have.I do pity her somehow,maybe when she was young she encountered many hardships in life… so when Hanna came to visit CHJ, heejoo blackmailed Hannah…since Hanna was such a nice girl she let her twin used her.

  801. 801 : dinaz Says:

    And yes hanna had everything,gud family large house so she wouldnt be greedy about jewellery but hee joo was poor and wanted a good life..she used her twin hanna..so hanna’s spirit is protecting joo won the person she loved and had to protect..i am sure she will enter gong shil’s body soon!!this series is so interesting..and right after the episode ended i get to minho’s heirs trailer..woww what a treat 🙂

  802. 802 : usa-mary Says:

    @799: Oops! It should be HJ, not HS.

    -Well, there are very few actresses in Asian drama land that can move me to tears with their gut wrenching cry and it looks like Gong Hyo Jin is now added to my short list.

    -I look forward to JW’s heart working with his calculating mind soon. His mind is receiving glimpses of his connection to GS which that wench HN, like a seedy pi has been sniffing around, finding out info so she can emulate them. But, I dare say, his heart and touching GS can’t be faked out or fooled. That remains strong even is his memory isn’t at this time.

    -Thank you little sun for the set up. You knew the so called 411 about JW’s competitor, Giant, would draw him out; so that JW and GS could cross paths. Even though you’re envious of GS being with JW (due to his wealth), quirky and just got to have Candy Kang for yourself, you’re also funny! What a wonderful actress.

    -I don’t know what sacrifice madame woo woo is implying. Maybe, its to have GS work with her since she can control the ghosts, but not see them and GS can see the ghosts, but can’t control them. Each one has her own special (sixth sense or 3rd eye) gift which can’t be interchanged. One person can try to impart their gift to another, but the recipient won’t have the full power of the gift like the original person. But, writer’s can make anything happen.

    -Candy Kang is too funny, calling little sun a freak of nature (I haven’t heard that saying in a long time). LOL Telling her he’s going to follow her example and go after GS just like she’s going after him. It’s funny how little sun’s vengeful acts always backfires on her! LOL Thank you Hong sisters!

    -Ha Na is evil (secretly sacrificed her own sister) and the aunt is acting just as gullible as she did with that vase. All she’s thinking about is keeping GS away from him and draw Ha Na closer. Silly woman!

    -I wonder what CHJ wants to tell JW directly that she wants to take over GS’s body to do so? It would be nice if it was to battle it out with her sister HN for his affection (like a commenter in Viki mentioned), but how could that be if she’s protecting her sister at the same time? Wait a minute! If that happens, JW won’t know its CHJ, he’ll believe its GS. hmmmm

    -It appears that Secy. Kim didn’t know beforehand about the abduction plot between his twin nieces, or did he? If that’s the case, there must be another person involved or Secy. Kim is a liar. We’ll find out.

  803. 803 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    I think the spirit matchmaker can take the ability to see ghosts of Gongshil with rituals maybe she needs something to make it happen, so in that case she needs the body of taeyang and offer it…cos she can even make a dead person alive….my theory is kinda weird lol

  804. 804 : anna Says:

    they’re dating? Oh noooo…in my opinion Hanna just obsessed with joong won,there’s no love in her eyes…and i’m sure joong won won’t attracted to hanna…

  805. 805 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @usa mary

    Try watching Thank you,The greatest love,and Pasta of Gong Hyo Jin, I’m sure you’re going to like it:) I love most of her dramas including” Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy” with Gong Yoo and mind you Gong Yoo was so gorgeous in that drama hehe!I even liked her drama with Rain “Sang Doo,Lets go to school”…

  806. 806 : fierda Says:

    chemistry this drama, ok!!!

  807. 807 : Rosie823 Says:

    Tell me how 2 vote 4 this drama. Will miss Tea Yang JJ Woon ……

  808. 808 : erafi Says:

    I hope it’s not going to be a sad ending….. happy ending please…please.. 🙂

  809. 809 : eves Says:

    english sub. please

  810. 810 : kimnana Says:


  811. 811 : feane Says:

    If TY will let CH enter her body, I guess CH will confront Hana. And wether Hana believes that it’s her dead twin sister or just TY with too much information about the kidnapping, it will put TY in danger for sure… 😕

  812. 812 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] I like your write up. However, it’s becoming clearer that Han Na is really Hee Joo, or so it appears. I think the girls switched places with JJW and he couldn’t tell the difference. I do think that he and KW are already suspicious of “Han Na”.

  813. 813 : popy darkgirl Says:

    Really crazy now.with your Mater sun. I am waiting to see your best next Ep. I hope that My JJW will remember My Gong Shill earlier.. ^^ Done break my heart … Love the master Sun ,,

  814. 814 : Yumi Says:

    How can someone lose mem0ry just becoz of stabbed by knife. . . :/

  815. 815 : feane Says:

    I think that’s possible even without that “soul coming back thing” that TY did in exchange for JW losing his memory of her. From a medical perspective he WAS in a coma for some seconds which means his brain stopped working. And I guess since TY was the person with whom he was together the last moments before he was hurt, it’s possible that his brain deleted that shocking moment including everything related to the person…(?) *head scratching*

  816. 816 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Guess JW doesn’t loss his memory because he was stabbed by the screwdriver…he was supposed to die,right?but since GS asked the spirit matchmaker to revived JW but the consequence he won’t remember anything about GS because as what the matchmaker said every moment JW saw GS’s shining presence all the meaning behind the necklace will be erased.The sun necklace itself stands for Gongshil cos she’s TAEYANG (BIG STAR) of JW…cos if you try to rewatch and analize the scene of Gong shil and the spirit matchmaker you will know the reason why he loss his memory…does it make sense? 🙂

    My question is,what makes JW remember Gongshil?is there somewhat a code or password for him to remember her?just like in the book the password is ONE STORMY NIGHT:)

  817. 817 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Is there another ‘One Stormy Night” gonna happen again for JW to remember everything about GS?

  818. 818 : Fullheart Says:

    If you believe in spells, when the witch lady called him back, she said to him that he would not remember TY or anything about her. I think she just wants to take advantage of Ty in the future. What better way then to have him forget her. Witch lady has her own agenda.

  819. 819 : Micc Says:

    The witch lady explained that JW was not back to his body because when he was near death, he saw TY as he was attracted to her bright light (same with other spirits), and hence he thought he was dead. In order to call him back to his body, the witch lady had to destroy his memory of ever seeing the light of TY, and that would also wiped out all his memories of TY.

  820. 820 : feane Says:

    In my case, I was just explaining how it would be maybe possible even without TY making that deal with the matchmaker, because I thought Yumi watched the scene with that matchmaker and was asking about the non-magical way ^^ Although I don’t know whether my theory is possible 🙂

  821. 821 : usa-mary Says:

    @I heart Master’s sun-803: You’re talking some serious deep Louisiana swamp and Haitian dark jungle woo-woo now! Making a dead person alive…more like zombies r us!

    @Sandy-812: The thought did cross my mind that there may have been a switch. If that was the case, it makes me wonder why the ghost didn’t reveal to GS her true identity? Also, how did HJ convince her sister HN to participate in the necklace heist and abduction when she was living a good life already? HJ’s ulterior motive must have been to gain her sister’s trust, bond well with her in order to steal her identity and credentials so she could experience living a good life until the 15 year statue of limitation ends on the necklace.

  822. 822 : feane Says:

    @usa-mary 821:
    Your question makes me wonder whether Hana knew about CH’s plan at all. Maybe CH tricked her, too? Maybe she always followed Hana around secretly til she started her plan to kidnap JW. Although…. that doesn’t make sense either since JW only knew about CH, but not about Hana… There was not one time when he talked about someone with the name “Hana”, when he talked about his past…

  823. 823 : anna Says:

    maybe the password is “get lost”?…lol…

  824. 824 : Yumi Says:

    Wkwkwk its seem like in drama boys over flowers. Goo jun pyo forget anything abt jandi.

  825. 825 : Yumi Says:

    From many statdment from u girls, what the matchmaker mean with “watch out, someday there would be a thing that take advantage to u come alive”..? CHJ? Is it her?

  826. 826 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    Wow!I love it!!!why not?thats JW’s fave line 🙂

  827. 827 : -Autumn- Says:

    I have a feeling that Ha Na is actually Hee Joo and the one died in the car is Ha Na. Because from what Secretary Kim said, Ha Na is a kind and cheerful girl and she’s adopted by a good, wealthy family in England. So Hee Joo maybe holding grudge against Ha Na for having a better life in England while she was left in an orphanage in Korea. When ‘Ha Na’ back from Korea after searching for her twin sister, she becomes a different person so my guess is that was actually Hee Joo using Ha Na’s identity.

  828. 828 : hny Jo Says:

    Ja Joong One ..Ja Joong Two..Ja Joong three…just look at your phone…open the inbox massage …and find the answer ;))

  829. 829 : dinaz Says:

    Hate waiting for an entire week to watch this drama..i m wondering what will happen to these two lovers,he cant remember her but still is attracted to her..i hope joong won will kiss her again to ward off some ghost and his memories will be back..hehe..
    now i want mr dooly or kang woo to be happy with ri yeong..poor him he was always understanding and supportive towards gong shil..now i hope dooly and gong shil will go their seperate ways..

  830. 830 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Written preview of Episode 14:

    Since JooGoon can’t remember her, Tae Gong
    Shil barely holds up her heart in place, but feels like dying. When she is determined to reinstate into university as a new start, spirit matchmaker Madame Go suddenly appears and asks her to gather dead girls (virgins)

    New spoiler for EP 14

    A new character will appear, a man who, like GS, can see ghosts. Ms Gao asks him to gather the male virgins.

    (c) Soompi

  831. 831 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Waah,it seems like JW remember GS already but pretends he doesn’t remember!sounds exciting can’t wait for ep14!!!and it’s more exciting cos GS’s first love will appear, let us see if JW can still pretend that he’s got an amnesia once he see GS being with someone hehe!

    Btw,a staff member described the episode with seven words:

    (c) Soompi

  832. 832 : dinaz Says:

    @master sun thanx for the updates!woww..i getting more excited to watch it..hope to see a kiss soon..hehe..

  833. 833 : feane Says:

    gawww…. thank god, this week there will be two episodes xD

    That would be an awesome code word 😛

  834. 834 : hny Jo Says:

    1…………………………2……………………………..!!! 🙂

  835. 835 : taraJJ Says:

    can’t wait for this week episode..!!!!

  836. 836 : Rosie823 Says:

    @Master Sun wow … sound interesting… I dont want to see Tae Yang crying again makes me soooo sad … … And very curious to know what or where SHE has decided for her fist date with JJW – I want to be there also … he he he

  837. 837 : Yumi Says:

    Master sun GO G O GO0O0O

  838. 838 : maknaee Says:

    waaah can’t wait for next ep. glad there is 1 extension ep. kinda remind me w/ I Hear Your Voice who got extension ep too due to high ratings. SBS jjang~ looking forward for next SBS Wed-Thu drama (The Heirs).

  839. 839 : Amanda Says:

    Great to watch! But lost a bit patient for every once a week..per episode only. Both main actor & actress is amazing with their super great acting!
    So Si Jub, we are always support you especially when since u’re acting in “Sophie’s Revenge” with Zhang Ziyi (few years ago) & expecting your next new drama series out soon.

  840. 840 : emmanuel Says:

    Episode 14 is almost here but still can’t wait.I like the new drama coming called secrets hope it get good ratings .if master sun is first it should be second.

  841. 841 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Ep14 Preview 🙂

  842. 842 : feane Says:

    Is there someone here who watched “Thousend Years of Love” by chance?

  843. 843 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Just want to share you guys the BTS kissing scene of EP11 ending~hope this will make your day!cos it drives me crazy…SJS and GHJ’s chemistry on and offscreen truly amazing!

  844. 844 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    and someone translated what So Ji Sub said in the video…

    “1:21 SJS: can we do it once more? I dont think its good enough…i shoulda grasped her like this *doing imaginary posture* PD: really? You think so? Then no more shot for the scenes SJS:nooo, pleaseeeee” ~Oh,he wants more LMAO!I love So Ji Sub!!!!

  845. 845 : catty rdh Says:

    very curios and looooove this drama so much ♥

  846. 846 : dinaz Says:

    @master sun thanx for the preview link and the bts..
    cant wait for thursday 🙁 joong won feels attracted towards her but does not know why!!hmm..it will be fun to watch!i am predicting that the twin alive is hee joo and the one dead is hanna,i am sticking to this for now lets see if it matches the episode or not..
    how can hong hyo jin be so normal after kissing so ji sub..i would have fainted..lol.. 😛

  847. 847 : Rosie823 Says:

    @master sun thanks

    looks like ep.14 is another very sad day for Tae Yang ,,,,, aishhh.

  848. 848 : melia Says:

    Cant wait to know wht would happen to JW &GS.

  849. 849 : chloe04 Says:

    Wow, good info I love Masters! Thanks! Glad there is more to it than just the memory loss thing (which seems like he already knows he should remember her anyway) with Tae Yang’s first love, assume he has something to do with her “accident” and becoming a ghost seer. Cant wait!!!

  850. 850 : Yoli Says:

    @ Autumn- I agree the Hee Jo is alive and well and Ha Na died.

    When Hee Jo ghost appeared asking GS if she could use her body, and GS asked her if it was to get justice and HJ said yes.

    I can’t wait to see episode 14 JW is remembering GS slowly.

  851. 851 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Np girls!


    Ep14 will air tonight :)I can’t wait !

  852. 852 : anna Says:

    i’m waiting like years for tonight…
    @ i ♥master’s sun
    thanks for the preview…i like gong shil when she said “you’re be carefull” and the way joong won pulled gong shil’s arm with anger in his face…but what exactly happen,let’s wait for tonight…

  853. 853 : hny Jo Says:


  854. 854 : hny Jo Says:

    I just stop watch other drama..just keep waiting this one..MS..hurry Up !!

    lets pray….’ that’s all site will upload this eps very fast !!! YUkssss ;))

  855. 855 : hny Jo Says:

    just watch it…oppa SJS ..so hot rapper !!

  856. 856 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Master’s Sun #830 & 831
    Thanks 4 the preview & links. I just finished viewing all eps again since I couldn’t find anything interesting to watch. It’s still very captivating even knowing what will happen next. Can’t, but must wait 4 2morrow.

    Excellent guess 4 the password!!

  857. 857 : dinaz Says:

    @master sun 851 yup it will air tonight but eng subs will be out by tomorrow 🙁 watching the raw episode is frustrating when i cant understand whats going on.haha..
    i just cant wait to see what happens..i am really expecting the ratings to cross the 20% mark..its a very gud drama and its very deserving to receive all the love and popularity which its already getting..
    i guess after this ends i will follow heirs and reply 1994..but i will miss this drama alot..

  858. 858 : angelamiles Says:

    kang woo and tae ri yong hope they will be in the end, i like their chemistry…both main casts are good…

  859. 859 : bla Says:

    False, series were extended not because of the popularity but for even no. of episodes to air on the last week. When last week was some kind of celebration in Korea one ep hadn’t aired and so in the future when HEIRS appears SBS does not want to air only one episode of probably one of the most popular this year’s dramas.

  860. 860 : happy Says:

    this drama is killing me….i keep on thinking of this…
    absoloutly!!that’s my fave line of joong won.

  861. 861 : Vicheka(Cambodia) Says:

    i can’t wait for ep 14..i really like this drama..

  862. 862 : John k Says:

    I don’t know what drama you’re watching but this drama sucks.

  863. 863 : taraJJ Says:

    @hny Jo
    indeed So Ji Sub oppa is a hot rapper ^__^
    mbak, did you ever watched SJS ‘s movie ‘Only You’ the leading lady is Han Hyo Jo.. SJS’s role as a boxer.. his style soo diff from this, i mean as Joong Won 😉

    yes I hope they already uploading the new ep coz I can’t watching if there’s no eng sub…

  864. 864 : Micc Says:

    So nice they have Lee Chun Hee joining. So they are extending it for one episode only? Shucks! But better than nothing.

  865. 865 : Micc Says:

    Memory is lost but feelings stay. And with a man following her around the graveyard at night to protect her. Sigh…if only that exist in reality.

  866. 866 : usa-mary Says:

    Just watched episode 14 partially raw. Its soooooo good!

    I look forward to a re-watch with the subs. There’s some very interesting things happening now.

    This one thing I do know…Cha Hee Joo (is looking so sad) wants GS to lend her body to her so that she can meet with JW. I wonder if she will warn him about HN or will she want to meet with HN?

  867. 867 : Micc Says:

    So glad the memory loss only lasted one episode, okay, almost two episodes, but glad he got it back!!!

  868. 868 : feane Says:

    *dancing* ^_^ …NICE ending! :mrgreen:

  869. 869 : feane Says:

    …of ep14 of course 😛

  870. 870 : emmanuel Says:

    Obessesed with this drama

  871. 871 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    EP 14 Ratings

    Nationwide: 18.4%
    Seoul: 20%

    Nationwide: 18.4%
    Seoul : 20.6%

  872. 872 : hny Jo Says:

    Ep 14…
    Love ..the plot is fast…they recognize hanna finally and love that jo won not fall for her ..same necklace..doesnt mean ur the person he look for….oww great !! Cant wait ep 15…

  873. 873 : anna Says:

    on episode 13,i cried for gong shil…how hard she tried to get away from joong won…it’s hurting a lot….
    and last night joong won was hurting a lot…but i’m glad with the ending…

  874. 874 : Rosie823 Says:

    Wow …. that was fantastic ep.14 – thank you, thank you thank you ….. TGS dress improved tremendously …. beautiful very beautiful…. in the first few episode the lead couple wears matching colors thats nice & something new to the drama…. Going to rewatch again and again and again… Want to see HANNA bitch face again …… ha ha ha SERVE her right…

  875. 875 : naty Says:

    love this drama so much!!!

  876. 876 : karen Says:

    I hope nothing happens to tgs. Considering a new male.character is introduced. Plz plz.PLZ plz. No nasty last minute turns. PLZ plz plz nobody dies…… I don’t think i.can standing another person.dying in.this drama. Well maybe we can do away with Hanna. Muahahahahszh

  877. 877 : Malisalim Says:

    Here is the preview of TMS ep 15

  878. 878 : anna Says:

    i watched how hanna dissaponited..poor hanna…well,that’s what i’m expecting for….and i think she is a possessive…if she can’t have it then no one can’t…seem like hee joo is her first victim…

  879. 879 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Can’t wait for ep15!!!I super love ep14 esp the ending 🙂

  880. 880 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Here’s PART 8 OST “Last One”~guess this will play in ep8….

  881. 881 : sk8 Says:

    i notice that in ep14, when kang woo followed TGS back from the graveyard… their clothings became different! did you guys notice it?

  882. 882 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    Typo-its ep15 not ep8 …sorry I still have my hang over after watching ep14 hehe!

  883. 883 : tata Says:

    I think Hanna is the real Hee-Joo. Cause it really doesn’t makes sense what the hell she wants if she’s Hanna. She’s adopted by rich parents, lived like a princess, but why the hell is she so evil? That’s why I thinks she’s Hee Joo, she hated the life she had, maybe hated her sister for having what she wants. Right? And from the flashbacks, the way Hee Joo or whoever she really is, she’s cold. I mean when Joong Won asked her before if its true that she only likes him because he’s rich, she admitted to it right? And that scene where she said he wanted Joong Won to hurt, because the one who likes the other more, is supposed to hurt more. And I remember Secretary Kim saying that its impossible that Hanna is the accomplice or the main culprit since she was a very bright girl and kind. WTH!!

    THE FEEEEEEELSSSSS. Hated Madam Matchmaker. It creeps me out when she said that Gong Shil gave all of herself and asked him to calculate what that is worth and then try negotiating. Makes me wonder if at the end of this drama, Joong Won would still give up his life for Gong Shil. It makes me saaaaad. Dammit!

    I’m a die hard fan of happy endings. I don’t like that heavy feeling at the end of the drama, that you just can’t get over.

  884. 884 : jerry Says:

    i crying a lot becoz of this drama..n pleaseeee for the last episode dont make me cry anymore..i hope it will be a happy ending..

  885. 885 : Meito Says:




  886. 886 : Jyenie Says:

    OMG, I am really enjoying every second of episode 14, can’t wait to watch ep 15.

  887. 887 : Micc Says:

    @sk8 -881

    The scene of the graveyard was KW’s flashback while he was watching TY going up the stairs.

  888. 888 : Jyenie Says:

    I agree that current Hanna is Hee Joo.

    [It creeps me out when she said that Gong Shil gave all of herself and asked him to calculate what that is worth and then try negotiating.]
    I think she is implying that Gong Shil’s sacrifice is priceless which can’t be measured in monetary value.

  889. 889 : usa-mary Says:

    If there are any Viki translators/subbers on this thread, I want to take this time to say….THANK YOU for subbing this drama! You’re the BEST!!!

  890. 890 : usa-mary Says:

    Its still so funny to me how JW’s 9 compartment refrigerator was too full to accommodate his beer. LOL Of course, that was an excuse to remove Kang Candy’s beer. How could KC’s few cans overload her refrigerator when JW’s 6 pack didn’t…too funny! This man truly knows how to mark his territory.

    Madame Woo Woo…gather all the dead, single ladies! Wow…even the dead single ladies are having a hard time matching with the dead single guys…geez! Its hard enough dealing with incompatibility on this (visible) side. Who would have thought its hard on the other (invisible) side, too.

    All the ‘dead’ single ladies (repeat 2x)…put a ring on it (repeat 2x)! Uh uh ooooo…uh uh uh ooooo! (tune to Beyoncé’s song) LOL

    What’s not funny is that Madame ‘Woo Woo’ Go is taking advantage of Gong Sil and is literally wearing her out. GS is hardly getting any sleep at all (nor pay) and looks far worse than she did when she met JW.

    Madame Woo Woo…get lost (JW’s hand gesture)! LOL

  891. 891 : Noevita Says:

    I think i’m driving crazy with this drama..everyday i waiting to know how happen to this drama. i’m addcited with this drama.. Bravo hong sister make scenario this drama.. 😀

  892. 892 : usa-mary Says:

    GS’s first love…if you want to know if GS is over JW, just ask Kingdom Mall’s trash can ajusshi. He has the 411 on all of Kingdom’s business.

    If Little Sun was jealous of Big Sun because of Kang Candy and JW. She’s really going to be jealous when Big Sun’s first love appears. All 3 of these men are tall and handsome! He’s really going to irk both JW and Kang Candy.

    Speaking of Kang Candy. That man has some serious ju jitsu moves! Especially, the walk the desk to round house kick that creepy screwdriver stabbing, hit and run guy. Sweet!

  893. 893 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha!!! 🎵Put your hands up! if you like it then you got to put a ring on it.🎵 hahaha too funny!
    I haven’t watched both ep yet, just waiting for ep 15 to sub.

  894. 894 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 14: Lee Chun Hee!! he is the last person i expected to appear in this drama and there were no news of him entering this drama as well.i dont think he has any romantic involvement with gong shil,i guess he is the coffee ghost’s brother??but the way the coffee ghost cant leave gong shil at all seems like he liked her when he was alive..
    hanna is hee joo im really sticking to this..hehe..and she even did plastic surgery..makes me more suspicious!!the living twin is so evil she apoligized to the dead twin so sarcastically!!so glad that joong won said ‘it is the same but it is not the genuine one’..
    if Madame Go wanted only to use her why is she giving out hints to joong won to recover his memory!!aigoo this drama will make me crazy!the dead people match making is funny..lol..
    it will be so sad to say goodbye to this drama!!i started to watch it only because i missed i hear your voice but now i love it 100 more times than i hear your voice!

  895. 895 : joo joong three Says:

    Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I hope there’s ep 17!! Plsss hong sister and pd hyungnim!! T_T Make it 17!! TT_TT

  896. 896 : Sandy Says:

    @894 Dinaz…I hear your voice was an Awesome Drama, one of the best lately I should say. On the other hand, Masters Sun, everything about it it’s superb!! I’m off course very biased because I’m a big fan of So Ji Sub. I really love the role that he is playing on this drama. Nevertheless, both dramas were exceptionally well performed by all actors… Masters Sun has a lot of mystery in regards TGS’s comma during 3 years…I can’t figure it out. It seems that she was well off before the accident as she attended the same school that smaller sun attended to…all I know there is mystery behind her accident and I hope that Hong sisters don’t leave me hanging with questions at the end. I want a very happy ending for both Master and his sun 🙂

  897. 897 : dinaz Says:

    @Sandy agree with you..i hear your voice was really good but this one is excellent..this is my first time watching so ji sub and i am completely impressed 🙂 i am waiting for heirs too but i will really miss looking at joong won’s handsome face..hehe!
    ya its tough to figure out what might have happened to her but something did happen that gave her the special ability to see ghosts..in ‘who are you’ it was not well specified why yang si on could see ghosts and was left with a hope of 2nd season hope this drama will have a happy and clearer ending..
    but lee chun hee too can see ghosts?maybe both got into an accident giving them both special abilities to see ghosts??

  898. 898 : Sharon Says:

    I think “I Hear Your Voice” and “Master’s Sun” are both similar in the fact that clients either ghost or live people wanted justice and Both cast wanted to solve there clients problem while dealing with their own personal problem.

  899. 899 : feane Says:

    Despite all the other things that are great about this drama, I really love Gong Shil’s character. She’s never hiding and always saying what’s on her mind. IF something is said, she doesn’t try to talk her way out of it but instead takes it head on and confirms it. Like in ep14 when the aunt invited her and the matchmaker to tell JW that she can see ghosts. I liked that scene so much. Gong Shil was like “I can see ghosts. Deal with it or go away.” :mrgreen:

    Also great in this drama, many scenes at not all predictable. There’re always some surprises, no one expected 😀

    @dinaz 894:
    I agree, I, too, think there’s not romantic involvement with the new guy who can also see ghosts. My guess is that he was also in the mountains, where Gong Shil was missing for ten days. Maybe he’s responsible for her accident or he rescued her or helped her dealing with the ghost thing…

    haha, nice tune🎵 😆

  900. 900 : WHITE FLAG Says:


  901. 901 : Yoli Says:

    I just seen episode 15, but they did not show a preview for episode 16, could someone find it and provide me with the link.

    Thanks, Y

  902. 902 : ogrenji Says:

    waaa…great ep 14,for the moment this is the only drama where i’m not fast forwarding hehehe so i’ll be happy and sad the same time when the series over :’) hopefully no hanged ending for this one :p let the wedding scenes out pleaase writernim hehehe 🙂

  903. 903 : ogrenji Says:

    ups i meant ep 15 :p

  904. 904 : Micc Says:

    JW’s uncle is too cute, he’s on JW and TY’s side.

  905. 905 : anna Says:

    i thought catching the culprit would be the climax in the last 3 episode…now for the rest 2 episode,probably for gong shil’s story why she has ability to see ghost…or is jin woo really a nice guy?

  906. 906 : Sharon Says:

    Could some one please close Madame Go’s eyes!!! Oh my goodness, can she blink??

  907. 907 : Micc Says:

    Hey, that’s a very sad ending for eps 15! Now have to wait for another week. Re-watch in between. 🙂

  908. 908 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    ep15 is daebak!finally heejoo’s case is closed…definitely in the nxt ep will be GS’s story why she can see ghosts…yes the ending of ep15was kinda sad…would JW run after GS?and see GS with that guy together?I don’t think GS can go with that guy cos for sure JW will never allow it…

    Btw,I find it so funny when JW pointed his face and said “You..she says you’re not attractive.Thats the 1st time you’ve heard it,right?”hahaha!and if before he used to say his fave words “get lost” to GS,now he was irritated hearing it 4 times from GS!LOL!and I just love how he faked his pain just to catch the attention of GS…Joongwon is sooo cute and lovable!and I cried when Sec Kim said to JW that he will quit!I know he don’t want to leave JW… and JW don’t want Sec Kim to leave him as well…Come back sec Kim!he’s the coolest cupid ever!!!

  909. 909 : tata Says:

    THEY’RE BACK!! THEYE’RE FINALLY BACK. I meaaaan the fun
    relationship they have but at the same time painful. And oopsss, the
    skinshippp. Omooo. Hahaha. And Im sooo freaking happy. And it’s the
    other way around now, Gong Shil is the one telling Joong Won to get
    lost. Hilarious! Still hoping that the push and pull would stop already,
    I feel bad for them.

    AND YES. I knew it! Everyone knew it, the one Joong Won loved before
    was Hanna, but knowing it was Hee Joo. And Hee Joo is the real evil
    one!! That was fast. I thought she’ll be caught in next week’s episode.
    So what will be the deal next week? I mean I’m curious to what
    happened to Tae Gong Shil the past three years she’s at the hospital
    while her soul was wondering around with Chun Hee.But stillllll, finding
    their way to each other is the last stop?

    I’m wondering what contract Joong Won made with Madame Go. I’m lost.
    Someone please enlighten meeee. Pleaaaaseee?? My paranoia’s acting up again!

    That scene between Secretary Kim and Joong Won is heartbreaking TT As
    well as the last scene. TT INTENSE WHITH THE SHOUTY CAPITALSSS!!

    As I have expected, this drama is such a tease. First you’re happy,
    giggling && all and the next you’re crying. Dammit!! Still sobbing my
    heart out!! No time left to be wasting time being apart. Holy guacamole,
    2 episode left. It’s not yet over but I’m starting to miss it already.
    Though I always miss it, the waiting and all. Ugh.

  910. 910 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    ep15 is daebak!finally heejoo’s case is closed…definitely in the nxt ep will be GS’s story why she can see ghosts…yes the ending of ep15was kinda sad…would JW run after GS?and see GS with that guy together?I don’t think GS can go with that guy cos for sure JW will never allow it…

    Btw,I find it so funny when JW pointed his face and said “You..she says you’re not attractive.Thats the 1st time you’ve heard it,right?”hahaha!and if before he used to say his fave words “get lost” to GS,now he was irritated hearing it 4 times from GS!LOL!and I just love how he faked his pain just to catch the attention of GS..Haist,Joongwon is sooo cute and lovable!and I cried when Sec Kim said to JW that he will quit 🙁 I know he don’t want to leave JW… and JW don’t want Sec Kim to leave him as well…so come back sec Kim,jebal!wud love to see him playing cupid again cos he’s the coolest cupid ever!!!

    I think Kang Woo will end up as the bodyguard of Tae Yi Ryung!they look good together as well 🙂

    Lastly,wish there’s a special episode(The Making)would love to watch the BTS,Interviews with english sub!just like in Secret Garden:)

  911. 911 : Sharon Says:

    I finally meet supermarket granny!
    Ok, so JW is dead and don’t realize that he is dead? Interesting. Just my weird thinking.

  912. 912 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    Yes,you’re definitely right this drama is such a tease!and I’m also curious what contract JW made for the matchmaker to let go GS…maybe he paid her?like a 10billion won???hihi!

    Hope So Ji Sub will win the actor of the year in baeksang just like Hyun Bin :)I believe his portrayal is totally amazing…he captured us with his excellent acting!and ofcourse Gong Hyo Jin deserves an award too!this drama is the best of 2013!!!I like I hear Your Voice but I loveeeee Master’s Sun sooo much!hihi!

  913. 913 : billy Says:

    I finally watched up to ep 15, so the twins were really switched afterall, as I have predicted last week…glad its over now. The last missing link is Gong Shil’s story. Congratulations Master’s Sun…Its one hell of a story!

  914. 914 : hny Jo Says:

    eps 15..love the scene between tae ryong and Kang woo…hope u understand tae ryong si, love is blind ;))

    cha he joo..is over. so sad to sec.Kim

    btw ..hope that new man from GS past… is just her past..he can’t do like JW..as Tae Gong shil shelter…hope he can’t..:))…Joo Joong one fighting!!

    ( SJS n GHJ… I wonder.. their career is good ! but unmarried ,what they looking for ?!! )..So I just hoping in real life So Ji Sub si dating Gong Hyo Jin… I think they perfect together..Hyo Jin is one of natural korean women, his face !! also SJS.. just hoping for them as new couple in this year and got married..hehhehe,,, (I hope they both visit this thread..)

  915. 915 : Yoli Says:

    I think GS will stay with JW, because her heart always draws her to him, the sadness she felt when he was hurt and willingness to give herself to Madam Go speaks of her love for JW.

    I was taken aback by the new guy and her willing to go travel with him, JW is going nuts thinking he’s losing his love to another man or worst yet that she no longer needs him.

    Still hoping someone will provide a link to episode 16, I will be holding on to JW and GS staying together. Oh and I want Mr. Kim to return he’s amazing to watch and work his magic as JW cupid..

  916. 916 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Ep15 ratings

    Nationwide: 19.1%
    Seoul :19.7%

  917. 917 : Mary Says:

    What an ending for episode 15!!! The last 10 minutes, I am happy that the evil “he Jo” got arrested, but when Tae Gong Sil told Joong Won that she is leaving,my heart broke that moment!!! It was really sad seeing how Joong Won said “Get lost” even though he didn’t wanted her to leave. Anyways, I am hoping for a great ending next week. Yes, sadly, it ends next week 🙁 Oh well, I will just re watch the whole drama again. I can never get enough of So Ji SUb’s acting, and especially that voice of his 🙂

  918. 918 : annyeong Says:

    why does my heart hurt?,when i see them apart. I Hope the ending will satisfy us all:)love gong hyo jin and so ji sub.their meant for each other:)

  919. 919 : taraJJ Says:

    omo, plot twists everywhere.. gotta give it to the Hong Sisters though.. the way they wrote and handled the Cha Heejo-Hana arc was purely amazing… one of their best workd definitely! –after YAB of course bcoz YAB always be my all time favorite Hong Sisters drama kekeke–

    I hope we find out why two can see ghosts (like a real reason) and also why Joong Won is a human ghostbuster…
    2 more eps ^^ … it’s always bittersweet in last week…

  920. 920 : Evelyn Says:

    Englis sub!!!!!!.. even if w/o srt.. Im totally addicted…ilovethisdramasomuch…

  921. 921 : Tota Ali Says:

    whateveeer … cheebaal!!!! … let it be a happy ending!!! i beg u …. whatever they will mess up the whole episodes .. just pls make it for us a happy ending!! 🙂 … JW & TGS !!! just stick together!! … love kiss & hug each other both of u belong together!!

  922. 922 : sheila Says:

    the ratings went up!!!!!!great job tms_sojin_ forever!!!!!!!

  923. 923 : feane Says:

    I really hope, ep16 won’t be as sad as ep15 already was. Right now I’m not really fond of Gong Shil. How can she say to JW that he’s making her feel terrified and scared? The whole episode she was a little TOO convincing that JW lost his attractiveness (and therefore she has no more feelings for him). It would have been better if they had added one or two scenes, where we could see that she was also very hurt by those words she told JW. The ending scene was not enough, imo 😕

    On the other hand I think Gong Shil has to take that flight and go with the other guy, since there has to change something in her thinking. Something that makes her realize that she has to return to JW and that she really needs him, not only bcoz he’s a shelter but bcoz she loves him that much that she can’t be without him and that they complement to each other/that they are two halfs that need to be together to be one.
    But I hope there won’t be something like “2 years later” or so. I hate those time slips.

  924. 924 : usa-mary Says:

    I wonder if coffee sniffing ghost will travel with them since he’s already accomplished his mission?

    Will Secy. Kim return to Kingdom as JW’s assistant?

    I wonder if coffee sniffing ghost is related to the man GS went out of town with?

    Even though, JW freed GS from her contract, she’s still reluctant about being with him because she doesn’t want him to get injured or die because of her. But, girl….he’s hurting anyway…without you! What’s next Hong sisters?

  925. 925 : fanms Says:


  926. 926 : Fullheart Says:

    I like looking at the actors bio’s, but I can’t figure out who is playing the trash can ghost and the coffee ghost. Can anyone tell me?

  927. 927 : dinaz Says:

    ep 15:glad that hanna was the one who loved joong won i so wanted to believe that and it finally came true..hee joo is cruel to the core nor did she love joong won whole heartedly nor did she repent murdering her twin..evil totally evil!!glad that the story of hanna finished so beautifully!
    now comes gong shil’s story..she was lost in the mountain for 10days and lee chun hee found her..then what?he admitted her to the hospital and gong shil’s spirit followed him and stayed with him for 3 years??cant digest that fact well!!there must be more to it..
    i am glad secretary kim is innocent and had no hand in the murder!he was like a father to joong won..hope he returns to Kingdom again..
    the story may show after 2-3 years gong shil graduating and finally finds herself more suitable for joong won..praying for a happy ending with MARRIAGE and KIDS..hehe..but i am going to miss this drama alot..

  928. 928 : multizun Says:

    I think TGS will figure out why JJW is safe for her when she’s with the new guy. She’ll remember what happened when she was a ghost. JJW should be placed in her loss memories..ommmm…but how? I coldnt figure out yet.

  929. 929 : Rosie823 Says:

    Of all the flashbacks JJW could remembered about TGS and his near death experience – he missed one very important part when he said he LOVED HER and called her his woman – I can forgive TGS for being quite nasty to JJW in ep. 15 , While fully recovered and well he never mentioned to TG S and of course it hurts her pride.

    I really hope in ep. 16 – JJW would remember & STOP his calculation & just run to TGS and stop her. Being woman we need that assurance. From the look Jinwoon was also quite reluctant to take TGS with him. O to make things better it would be nice if JJW follows TGS in her trip to find herself and to understand her better…. and FINALLY happy ending… I LOVE happy endings…

  930. 930 : Rosie823 Says:

    I hope So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin WIN award for their great performance in this drama.

    Never had I seen the chemistry of the lead couple perfect – from their dialog, their body language and facial expressions the best I seen so far. Well done. Both of them have their natural beauty both beautiful couple – WOW = plz dont do plastic – I luv them for their not prefect skin …. just being like us …..

  931. 931 : usa-mary Says:

    TGS gives just as good as she takes from JW. Now, we’ll find out how much of a ‘shelter’ this new man is for her…that’s if he is one for her.

    I don’t recall this new guy being in her dreams. Well, I don’t recall any scenes of her dreaming…just only seeing ghosts and trying to sleep.

    If this new man shares her world. I wonder if he helps the ghosts that comes to him like GS does. It’s going to be interesting to find out what he does when encountering ghosts.

    That scene in episode 15 with ghost granny and her drunken, gambling son was, too, funny. GS bending down, singing loudly his favorite song to wake him up. Then, him singing in the soju bottle is so kdrama infamous. I was wondering if he had a spoon to stick in it…voile…a better mic!

  932. 932 : feane Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the case with CH was a little off? I mean, she waited 15 years to go back to Korea to meet JW and be together with him. She even let her twin die for that. And then she was just about to leave and turn back to Britain, only because JW had Gong Shil? Why exactly was she backing off that fast? If JW hadn’t followed her to the airport, she wouldn’t have confused him by asking him which one she is. I thought she would try to get rid of TY at least once. Not that I wished for TY being in danger. But CH appeared to just be that evil.

    Oh, yes, I forgot about that. JW didn’t repeat his confession to her. Okay, that’s one point for TY. It’s not about losing a part that attracts the other person, it’s about loving each other. And JW didn’t say it to her again.

    And I would love to see JW following her on her trip. Like a secret stalker 😆 Full of jealousy :mrgreen:

  933. 933 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    excellent!! I wonder what JW’s aunt’s reaction will be since she was pushing so hard for the Hanna/JW relationship. I think JW was attracted to GS because she needed him for himself, not his money or possessions or status. I was ROFL when he was faking it. JW was so cute. He loves GS, but I bet his ego can’t take the rejection. I think he will either go after his woman or wait impatiently for her return. I think the separation will give them both perspective in that they need & love one another, altho I can understand GS not wanting him to be hurt because of her again.

    Can’t wait 4 next week. Will there be 1 episode and one bts? or 2 full eps?

  934. 934 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @ hny jo #855
    Thanks for So Ji Sub’s link to his rapping video. I really liked it!!! (all the different looks.) I checked out one of his songs too. He has a nice singing voice as well. My 1st x hearing him. It was a pleasure. Thanks again.

  935. 935 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Poor JJW lost Sec. Kim, his team leader quits, found out about the twin switch & now his woman says she is leaving. Run after her JJW! Run! He is having a bad time all around.

    If GS was a ghost for 3 years, following the new guy around, (YJW) but doesn’t really remember him, why would she go traveling with him? Did he fall in love with a ghost during that time? Why did he wait so long to make contact with her?

    How old is GS suppose to be? She was in a coma for 3 years and has been living in the dorm for 4 years? She was 24 when the “accident” occurred, so is she suppose to be 31 yrs. old?

    Did JJW pay the woo woo lady with money or something else? So many questions I hope to get the answers to. Thanks Hong Sisters for an interesting drama.

  936. 936 : Tae Lu Says:

    I have found a new source which have Master’s Sun Episode 15 http://kimchiserials.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-masters-sun-episode-15-eng-sub.html

  937. 937 : Swift Says:

    Writers should not have another male interest for TGS. It spoils the storyline. It was good enough to have two male interest for her. Anyway, can sense that the storyline is reaching to it’s climate. Going to miss the drama.

  938. 938 : usa-mary Says:

    @Ahjamma2012-933: I’m quite sure if there’s a recap of the aunt’s reaction to Ha Na, it would be one of shock and disbelief. Because well-groomed, polished, affluent people don’t do things like that…yeah right!

    I believe that JW won’t stay still watching GS leave him that easily. He doesn’t seem like the type to sulk when it comes to love. Especially, since its his Big Sun. He just may look into this guy’s background, trying to find out what connection he has with her.

    JW…get Secy. Kim back! He’ll help you. He helped you capture his niece, and that proves he wasn’t an accomplice.

  939. 939 : ell Says:

    Where did you guys watch the drama at because i cant seem to find a good website where you can watch the drama? Can anyone tell me please?

  940. 940 : 1#drama Says:

    So basically, JJW threatened to kill Madame Go if she didn’t leave TGS alone, right?
    I feel bad for Kang Woo, i think he only had a chance in those first couple episodes.
    I think TGS is considering this new guy because if he sees what she sees he wont get hurt. But there has to be more to the story, why did the new guy not visit her until now, even if he is worried about the relationship with JJW, did he just leave her in misery before? Maybe he wants her to be like that for some reason.
    With that story of wolf/lamb being throughout, I’m really scared TGS will die in some way. Not sure that could happen with two or three studs watching over her!!!:) Really hope there is a good ending with JJW and TGS together. I’m way to attached to this show to see one of those weird ambiguous endings like the previous drama or a lot seem to end on. PLEASE!!:)

  941. 941 : 1#drama Says:

    Watch this on Viki, they do a good job and it is appears quickly.

  942. 942 : Fullheart Says:

    Agree with 941. Viki is fast and quick with a drama currently running. I watch drama fever as well,but they are slow pokes when it comes to releasing a current running drama.

  943. 943 : Rosie823 Says:

    #939 I watch this on Gooddrama.net & also try master sun sensentv on google search. Sorry to say viki is not available on some region.

  944. 944 : hny Jo Says:

    @Ahjamma2012..glad u like it!! Yup his voice are quiet good when he sing snowflake (in Japanese versions)…more touchee than the real singer sing it ;))

    new guy…is something strange abt him, why TGS want follow him travel to the place where his spirit ever go!!… as long I know. .that man doesn’t know either. ..why he n TGS can see ghost( is wasting time ..I guess)…is better she both ask madam Go,… is that man love TGS?…did he not show up all the time coz he scare TGS not recognize him…but see ..she knows him very fast in eps 15…hmmm
    Waaaaaa…my head keep thingking abt what will happen. ..hong Sis..two thumb deh!!!

  945. 945 : Rdh17 Says:

    poor JW :(.

  946. 946 : anna Says:

    i guess next episode not only revealed why gong shil can see ghost but also why joong won is her only one bunker….so excited….i keep rewacthing from ep 1-15….and the story is flowing and also all the characters….and still make me laugh and cry….

  947. 947 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @fullheart 926

    The coffee ghost name is Go Nak Hyun 🙂

  948. 948 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    (Possible Spoiler below)

    I’ll be glad when a new good drama comes along. I have spent way too much time re-watching previous episodes of MS. I’m so addicted!

    I guess now JW will make up & heal his relationship with his Dad somewhat, now that he knows his Dad really did gave up the necklace & the money for him. I hope Han Na Brown will have to make restitution as well.

    Why do U think the real dead Han Na caressed JW’s face for soooo long before she dispersed into particles? I wonder if it has any future meaning. I wonder if Kang Candy is going to America with little sun. I wonder if GS’s sister will hook up with Security guy. Why do I wonder all these things? It’s just a drama Ahjamma!! It’s not real. These people you wake up in the morning thinking about are not real; it’s just drama!! If TGS can crawl outta the fairy tale, & into reality, then so can I. (I think.)

    Just wondering what’s your favorite official photo above? My fav is both leads dressed in black & JW has his hands on her waist & GS has a big smile on her face. That’s how I will picture it as ending. How about U?

  949. 949 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @usa mary #938

    I agree he won’t stay still. JW did say that he couldn’t let her leave like that as it would destroy him. So the question he likes to ask, we’ll ask him: So what are you going do now? (ROFL)

  950. 950 : anna Says:

    that’s my favourite picture too…

  951. 951 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    I am obsessed with MS. Can’t stop wondering. Now I wonder if we will ever hear the back story about the trash can ghost (who needs to get his butt off the bench & go to heaven) or the coffee-crazy teen. I know, I have interest in the oddest details that no one else cares abt but I can’t help it.

    I wonder if the abusive mother who was investigated bcuz of TGS, will try to take revenge & hurt her. Will her ghost fans/friends protect her? Darn those Hong Sisters 4 making this drama so thought provoking. We all R curious abt what will come next. I expect more laughs, some tears, a little danger, but hopefully, a happy ending or a Season 2. It could happen. I’m already writing the 1st ep 4 Pt. 2. kkkkk

  952. 952 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @anna #950
    Did you notice the lace details on that black dress? The lace is flat but curves around the sides of the buttocks. Very nice; very expensive. So is SJS’s suit. Gong Hyo Gin is tiny. Kim Yoo Ri is tiny 2 but shapely. I was ROFL when JJW was in mocking disbelief that he could ever have been interested or attracted to her. Glad he got his memory back.

    I do have only 2 tiny criticisms: I’ve mentioned before that I hate her wardrobe, which got a little better when she was working for the woo woo lady. And, the affectation of constantly pulling her hair away from her face, or touching it or throwing it back. She uses it tooooooo much as a prop or mannerism that gets on my nerves. I just want to pin GS’s hair back or put it in a chic pony tail or something! Aiish.

    Now Ahjamma will leave the bldg, & get behind her defensive shield 2 await any arrows that may come my way. Let us have peace in the valley. 🙂

  953. 953 : anna Says:

    i noticed it too…lol…and the way SJS hold her waist with eyes startle at her just like”i’ll always touch you coz i can live without you”…

  954. 954 : anna Says:

    i noticed it too…lol…and the way SJS hold her waist with eyes startle at her just like”i’ll always touch you coz i can’t live without you”…

  955. 955 : anna Says:

    i noticed it too…lol… and the way SJS hold her waist with eyes startle at
    her just like”i’ll always touch you coz i can’t live without you”…

  956. 956 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    U R such a romantic. I thought he told her to “Get lost”, but that they were both laughing bcuz he was holding on. LOL Anyway, cute pic.

  957. 957 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    I hope they show a recap of TGS telling Kang Woo that she is going traveling with a strange guy, who she stayed with as a ghost 4 3 yrs. & she only remembers him as a dream. while comatose. I want to see his expression. He will probably be as incredulous as I am.

    Why is Yoo Gin Woo so anxious about her getting away from JJW? So many questions, so little time to get them all answered. Impatiently waiting for Wed.

  958. 958 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    OK!! My last entry, I promise. A young lady from another site posted the following supposition:


    “This morning, I finally realize what is bugging me – The photo from the photo book of the Paradise with the green field . I have been there a couple of years ago.!! (or a similar tea farm in China). I think I found the connecting dot for uri JW and uri TY.

    Time line for JW after the CHJ incident:
    from 15 years ago –

    °4 years in Las Vegas
    °3 years in New York
    °3 Years in Peking , China
    °5 years in Korea

    Time line for TGS 10 years ago:

    °3 years in college – Top of the classes -the brilliant Sun
    °3 years in coma
    °4 years in bottom of the pit after waking up from the coma, hiding out

    If that’s the case , they were both in China 7 years ago. I think Hong sisters have been giving us clues for the past episodes. They
    are building up something.””

    I 2 thought the Hong’s may have dropped a clue or 2, but I thought it was becoz Cha Hee Joo caressed JJW’s face 4 such a long time, looking him dead in the eyes, not only in farewell, but imparting a special something into his being. Darn this is so good!! Can’t wait. It’s like a great mystery puzzle & I’m having so much fun. Fighting!!

  959. 959 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Ep16 written preview~

    Joong Won buys last minute tickets to LA to follow Gongshil.On the other hand,Gong Shil and Yoo Jin Woo run into Tae Yi Ryung inside the plane.

    Translated by: gohgoomah @Soompi thread

  960. 960 : Fullheart Says:

    I am just enjoying every minute!!!!!!!!

  961. 961 : Marie Says:

    @Ahjamma2012 ….that’s my favourite picture too …. oh la la.. his smile.
    i love seeing the two main leads together, seems so natural in acting , gesture and the feeling the project. I have been watching a lot of dramas

    I liked d the acting for the drama nice guy … i miss u or i hear your voice but the leads of Master’s sun are the best

    Hope they will be in new dramas very quick , will definitely missed them

    The OST is great too

  962. 962 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Master’s Sun #959
    Thanks 4 the preview notes, altho it left me a little deflated and dejected. JJW didn’t stop her before boarding??? They r going to LA, not China!!!?? After all my surmising, they r going to LA? Oh, Boogers!! 🙂 🙂

    @Marie #961
    JJW does seem to be happily enthralled with her. As if they are sharing a private joke btw lovers. So many ways to read it, & it says HAPPINESS.

  963. 963 : feane Says:

    I agree! The OST is great. I could listen to it all day. Especially to this one:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZaJREVQGMQ 🙁

  964. 964 : Marie Says:

    Thanks for the link, the melody is very nice. Indeed i can listen to all of it all day.
    @ Ahjamma2012 :
    definitely HAPPINESS. Just hope the Hong sisters will end the drama in this way. the leads are so good together that i can’t think/expect otherwise.
    This drama could have gone till 20+ episodes …. so many possibility of scenario to exploit.
    It’s one of the drama that could have been longer without being boring. What are they waiting to extend it .. .some more ghost stories would have been fine in between.
    oh i am obsessed too by this drama…

  965. 965 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:


    i dont know exactly where they are heading but that’s what I’ve read they’re heading in LA…perhaps one of the commenters(@feane) here is right JW will be stalking Gongshil and Yoo Jin Woo wherever they go…he becomes a nuisance and Gongshil keep telling him to “get lost”hahaha!….it sounds so cute~^^

  966. 966 : Rosie823 Says:

    @ master sun #959 –

    reading the preview I hv the craziest idea – they met TYR – little sun in the plane – maybe little sun is the bunker for Jin Woo – ha ha ha

    So many things to see but only one episode left …… going crazy & nervous

    1. Confirm JJW is following TGS on her trip – good
    2. JJW aunt reaction – the look on her face & her sexy lips husband – that would be fun to watch
    3. JJW dad approval of TGS
    4. I hope JJW realize that it is bcoz of his love confession to TGS he is able to read again – earlier in ep. 7 he can read but blurr…. again in ep. 10 he told Sec. Kim …. ability to read something to do with his heart & not his head/brain
    5. Coffee Ghost – his connection
    6. ,JJW & TGS – 1st real date
    7. Trash bin ghost – let him stay there
    8. Security Han & TGS sister

    Hoping TGS would not loose her sixth sense ability & JJW is d only one special person for her ….

  967. 967 : anna Says:

    is there any preview?

  968. 968 : 1#drama Says:

    I love Master’s sun, thanks for the preview translation!

    I am so happy to hear that JJW follows TGS, did not think his character was someone to wait like with a time slip that some dramas do in the last episodes.

    Sounds like JJW is basically doing the only thing he can do to not be annihilated, short of kidnapping, following her so he will be there when she needs him. I think at some point TGS will have to actually need him for protection as well as never want to let go. I was thinking if one ghost “sun” is bright and attracts ghosts then two would really bring them, which TGS is still frightened of the majority of the ghosts. Especially if she is trapped on a plane!

    I was also wondering if clues have not been given earlier. I was watching earlier episodes and coffee boy ghost shows up a lot and with another ghost TGS says doesn’t speak to her just glares. Dunno but it should be fun last two episodes.

    Love this show, it is such a fun and refreshing romantic comedy. The leads are fab, just watched SJS in rough cut and always, boy that guys got some range!! Bring on the last two episodes!

  969. 969 : Mary Says:

    Here is the preview for episode 16, so exciting!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s the final week 🙁

  970. 970 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Mary #969
    Thanks for the link. That is interesting.

  971. 971 : Yumi Says:

    Waaah alm0st complete watching ep 15. Ouch that woo jin is TGS friends. And finally why TGS could see ghost is revealed! Ah, but woo jin is someone annoying. Why he comeback. Did he love TGS or what!? ZzzZz

  972. 972 : dinaz Says:

    @Mary969 thanx for the link 🙂
    the last scene looks like gong shil’s dream..there are two things i can predict looking at the preview.firstly,gong shil did get into the plane bt little sun got sick and due to this jw and gs unite.or,secondly gong shil left and after 2-3 years they unite,gong shil now a graduate..
    what i want : gong shil and joong won unite,gong shil losing her ghost seeing ability,marrying joong won and having a kid..hehehehe.how i wish it was like that.and also kang woo salaryman accepting our little sun ri yeong 🙂

  973. 973 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Trans. source: http://koreandramareviews.com/the-masters-sun-episode-16-preview-and-translation/

    Joong Won: Understanding…Consideration for others…From now on, I’ll have to try these.

    Gong Sil: When I even just think that I might not be able to see him again, I feel as though this (points to her heart) is going to disappear.

    Jin Woo: (to Joong Won) Mr. Joo Joong Won, unlike you, I’m someone who lives in the same world as Gong Sil…

    Kang Woo: (to Joong Won) Because she said that she was leaving, did you just let her go without even trying to hold onto her?

    Jin Woo: …When she recovers her memories from the past, she’ll change/become a different person from who you know now…

    Secretary Kim: (to Joong Won) I’ve booked you on a flight that leaves in 2 hours.

    Jin Woo: …Joo Joong Won, the safe haven/emergency shelter,…

    Kang Woo: (to Joong Won) This will help you locate Gong Sil. (rough translation)

    Jin Woo: …will cease to have any meaning to her.

    Kang Woo: (to Joong Won) Go and make certain you bring her back.

    Joong Won: (to Gong Sil with his arms around her shoulder) Tae Gong Sil…don’t leave. (Gong Sil places her hand on top of Joong Won’s)

  974. 974 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @Rosie823 #966

    We still have 2 more episodes left to enjoy our OTP’s amazing chemistry!I want to see JW propose to GS and would love to see them to have little JW and live happily ever after 🙂

    I’m going to miss this drama…hope they will become a real couple.I ship them!

  975. 975 : usa-mary Says:

    @Mary-969: Thank you for the link!

    I so like Little Sun!

  976. 976 : Rosie823 Says:

    @Master Sun –

    I read somewhere i cant remember the site – the finale is in ep. 16 – ep17 is just a special episode of interviews of all the cast….. that why I always thought only one episode left ……

    Wow if it cont. to ep. 17 I hope really hope – Hong sisters would follow to our plot of the drama ….. where it should ends like this ….. I agree that TGS to graduate.. marry & have not 1 but a daughter & son … who will inherit their parents ability —- I hope I am not asking too much…

    ep. 16 – If JJW is following TGS to LA – he has to bring her to see Steve Job…. remember in ep. 4 – but I dont know which part of US he is buried – if the flight take off the runway or if the aircraft doesnt fly TGS I think would be busy chasing out ghost inside the plane….& helping TYR.
    Cant wait for tomorrow … there are a lot I want to say here but save it for tomorrow…. So jealous of viewers in Korea they can watch it tonite…. I gonna watch it raw in soompi …..

  977. 977 : iammee Says:

    The drama is about to end and I will surely miss the lead stars, Most specially So Ji Sup. I am not really sure if there will be a chance again for him to be starring in a romance/comedy drama theme. This drama is a rare opportunity and I am glad that he accepted this. I hope that his next drama will not be as heavy as his previous dramas. Please no more dying in the end. You did a good job portraying the role in this drama, you have always been great and you can carry different kinds of role. I will always be a fan of yours and I wish you more blessings in your personal life and your carreer.

  978. 978 : Micc Says:

    Very uneventful episode 16. I feel it’s just an extension of episode 15.

  979. 979 : ADJCghost Says:

    Yeah episodes 15 and 16 were kind of bummers for me:{. So sad just two hours of breaking up is hard to do for those two that had been so fun and playful before.

    Yeah that sister/guard and KangWoo/lil sun got together though.

    Anyone else think she shouldn’t lose the ability to see ghosts? I think that is just part of her personality, don’t see how remembering her accident/3 years will change her? She is just sensitive which is part of what attracted him wasn’t it? She also had a lot of hidden confidence that always seemed to surface when verbal sparring with him anyway. Would anybody really have a different TGS to come back? I guess will see what will happen with final episode.

  980. 980 : hny Jo Says:

    Really…eps16 is the end…no 17 ..arrgggg stil wait to watch…

  981. 981 : Fullheart Says:


  982. 982 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Ep. 16 was good, but…only a few questions were answered. I was slightly disappointed. I hope her ghost seeing ability was not erased, but that she learned why she has the ability, and is now able to control it better. One of her fears was that if she couldn’t control her gift, then JJW wouldn’t be able to handle her either.

    I’m not sure & curious to find out if being in search of “self” would cause her memories of JJW to be erased, & not erase the entire 10 yr. span since the accident. Maybe I missed something. Help!

    Even tho trash can guy was a comfort to JJW in his time of waiting sadness, I hope he will ascend to a higher plane when his mission has been completed.

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear TGS’s next words. Happy viewing!

  983. 983 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    here’s ep17 preview~


    Wish GS’s ability to see ghosts wasn’t erased cos I find it so cute everytime she saw a ghost and she hold JW.It would be nice to remain it that way.

    Hmm,guess GS still remember JW maybe she was just faking that she don’t know JW 🙂 if ever her mind doesn’t remember JW, for sure her heart never forgets^^

  984. 984 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Master’s Sun

  985. 985 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    @Master’s Sun
    (Speedy finger.) Thanks.

  986. 986 : Rosie823 Says:

    Lets us all make a pact here – TGS should not loose her seeing ghost ability… thats part of her personality that we loved most and her cutest moments…. . Why is JJW not curious of his ability to chase out ghosts. …

    JJW aunty is still daydreaming not able to accept TGS … aisyhhhh….

  987. 987 : rozlynn Says:

    I love So Ji Sub’s acting in this drama. This is my first time seeing him acts in romantic comedy drama. He’s good and can acts well in this genre drama. Hope to see him acts more in this type of romantic comedy drama in the future.

  988. 988 : kagome Says:

    Great drama (^_^)….

  989. 989 : rozlynn Says:

    Hope this drama will end with happy ending. I really hope this drama will show us more scene between JJW & TGS living as a loving couple that they can’t live without each other.
    Can’t wait to see its ending…

  990. 990 : usa-mary Says:

    I, too, want to see a really good ending! Like JW and GS together.

    I’m going to miss this drama (and that’s rare for me to say).

  991. 991 : ruru Says:

    Great drama….

  992. 992 : Fullheart Says:

    Not holding out hope.

  993. 993 : julietyarsmin Says:

    i already watch ep17 live stream but i don’t understand language . but it so so fantastic. .so cute and so so so lovely .

  994. 994 : Indria Says:

    Can’t wait to see the Final Episode tomorrow, I truly envy those who can watch it tonight. Wish it would be fantastic, perfect ending and no more death for SJS like in Memories In Bali, I’m Sorry I Love You or Road No.1, from all SJS korean series I’ve ever watched, for me this one is the best.
    SJS Mianhanda, saranghanda ^^
    GHJ lovable as usual ……….., Love you both…….

  995. 995 : monhensan Says:

    yeay…happy ending..very romantic dinner n kiss JJW n TGS….Yi Rong n Kang Woo…..love this dramas 🙂

  996. 996 : usa-mary Says:

    Just watched episode 17 in the raw. I won’t give the ending away. Yet, I will say the following about this episode.

    1) It’s HILARIOUS!!!

    2) It’s endearing, made me teary-eyed at times!

    3) So sweet!

    4) Somebody’s pregnant!

    5) We’ll finally find out about trash can ‘lid spinning’ ajusshi!

    6) Overall…I’m SO HAPPY!

    I’m going to really miss this kdrama. Seriously! Though, I’m not done watching it, I want to do the following now:

    A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to…the Hong sisters for such magnificent writing. Director Jin for such dynamic directing and wonderful editing. Also, thank you for not rushing and cramming the ending. The actors who were outstanding! BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! GS (GHJ) and JW (SJS) made it seem so real when talking to the ghosts. They’re chemistry leaves me speechless! I want to see them act together more going forward…please! The make-up artists who should actually win an award, too, especially for the various ghosts and Madame Woo Woo’s appearance! The wardrobe crew who really knows how to outfit each actor’s character role, especially JW’s wardrobe. That man would look good in anything! The lighting crew for their ingenuity when it came to making the ghosts look different in a normal setting. The production crew and whoever was responsible for trash can ajusshi’s lid spinning. I’m going to miss trash can ‘lid spinning’ ajusshi!

  997. 997 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    WOW!!!! Applause!! Applause!! Standing ovation to everyone involved in this project. From the writers, director, actors, etc. you pulled off a fantastic performance. I, for one, am well pleased at the outcome! KUDOS especially to So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Gin for making the writer’s words come to life in such a funny, heartwarming way. The supporting casts were also terrific in their roles. THANK YOU!. It is a drama that I will watch over and over again!

  998. 998 : Ary Says:

    Excelente dorAma me ha dascinado mucho mucho me ha encantado de principio a fin sin duda se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos doramas mil felicitaciones los actores son una excelente pareja y muy hermosos jeje..

  999. 999 : emmanuel Says:

    Am gonna miss this drama sooooooooooo much.it made me cry and laugh at the same the time.congratulations to all the cast .thank you.

  1000. 1000 : emmanuel Says:

    .it made me cry and laugh at the same the time.congratulations to all the cast .thank you.

  1001. 1001 : Fullheart Says:

    Thanks USA Mary for raising my hopes. Waiting for subs to watch Episode 17, but now I can wait happily.

  1002. 1002 : asti Says:

    The most memorable drama ever

  1003. 1003 : emmanuel Says:

    I almost cry when they were showing the flash backs of the former episode. Am gonna miss them so much.

  1004. 1004 : hny Jo Says:

    watch ep 17 at K24H..wow love how its showing, happy 4 all..yahhhh Tae yang still need Joo won as his shelter that’s a good reason 4 them together beside their love each other, this is one of masterpiece drama of this year..is worth it to wait every week!!hufffssss

    love eps 17 makes me feel sad happy ..lol in same time!! Joo won expression while arguing with Tae yang in office so memorable..he is so cute( I think SJS si want lol too that time) no eng sub yet so dunno what he said but it so funny!! hmmm last scene not upload well (K24h)..its makes me still curious to watch again..

    anyway thanks Hong sis for make a good story..wait for next project…also wait SJS N GHJ great news ;))

    Master’s Sun bravoooo…

  1005. 1005 : Micc Says:

    Wow! It’s sweet sweet sweet all the way from beginning to end in episode 17! Can’t get that grin off my face. 🙂

  1006. 1006 : #1dramaTMS! Says:

    Can someone please tell me the name\artist of the songs themed for Tae Yang and JW relationship? Thanks much!

  1007. 1007 : Sharon Says:

    I felt ep 16 was blah, which made me a little hesitant about watching ep 17. However, I must admit that from beginning to end ep 17 either had me in stitches, or crying profusely.why I cried? Because this is the end of a really great series.
    Garbage ghost, lost his lottery ticket, but gained a millionaire. KW found his bright spot in little sun. JW’s aunt realized that loving means to let go. Last but not least TY and JW playful ending was so realistic in there presentation that I feel there is more to this couple off screen.
    The Master’s Sun was a breath of fresh air for late summer viewing. The Hong sisters put their heads together and came up with a winner this summer. The comedy, mystery, romance they have created turned everyone into Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the mystery of the missing necklace. I laugh at JW hand gestures as he tells TY to get lost and TY’s abilityto became possess by different ghost while drunk. Everyone found romance (except for secretary Kim)in the end. Thank you Hong sisters for entertaining us so well.
    I look forward to your next drama!

    Best Drama This Summer
    Empire of Gold
    Master’s Sun
    I Hear Your Voice
    Good Doctor
    Kang Chi, The Beginning

  1008. 1008 : Fullheart Says:

    All of the above comments, plus, I am glad coffee ghost was not a ghost.

  1009. 1009 : jahaleel Says:

    @Fullheart -1008 I agree with you! And I am happy coffee ghost got to drink his favorite beverage as a living person. 🙂

  1010. 1010 : Paper Says:

    In this series, So Ji Sub is extremely handsome , and his comedic act is also superb.

  1011. 1011 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    What a beautiful ending!this is by far the best drama of 2013!though, there are some dramas this yr that I liked as well but this one is the best cos I like the main leads and their amazing chemistry,the directing and the storyline…everything about this drama is daebak!One thing I love about this drama mainly the mainleads they both mature not a typical noona dongsaeng relationship :)I’m not against with noona-dongsaeng relationship cos I also liked I hear your voice but not enough to give me goosebumps to the extent I’m going to search all the videos of the couple…This drama made me searched all the videos of Masters Sun and spent time watching the BTS,NGs of GHJ &SJS even I don’t understand what theyre talking though I watched some of the BTS with eng subbed…but just watching this beautiful couple made me smile….wish to see them again in a small screen soon,I know its quite impossible 🙁

    Anyway,thanks Hong Sisters for giving us a happy ending drama!Kudos!


    God bless everyone:)

  1012. 1012 : ting Says:

    nice job congrats to all! you’ve made a entertaining drama I think this is the best drama for the year 2013 keep up the good work

  1013. 1013 : tigerb Says:

    the reason i watched this series is because somewhere in this web site i read that this drama has the merits that made its rating better than the series i was watching in the same time slot. well, that made me discerning and unlike most very positive comments in here, i am not totally agreeable, but i finished the series. one, there is no horror here. the plot is feasible, but right from the start it’s disjointed, something missing, it’s not smooth. of course, there are the eccentricities of the main characters from which a romance is built. romance i found out is something essential that viewers want in a drama. the 17th episode was not necessary to tie up loose ends for the other characters, nor to display the relationship the main characters would have, as it was obvious in the many previous episodes. although there was an answer as to shy TY sees ghosts and wandering spirits, i did not get why only JW can be her shelter. did he have a near death experience to qualify him that, or, was it the start of the fate that TY and JW could be together? l’m curious: this series ended 2nd in ratings. what came out first for the same time slot? first time i’v watched actors for most of the characters, so it’s worth my time watching. they made it politically correct that TY wears a night shirt which says “Jesus save me”, so JW had to wear cuff links in the ‘star of David’. it’s a korean production, i found that strange.

  1014. 1014 : Karosh Says:

    Who’s The ghost who always drin cafe ? Cause i love him, i want to know who he is !

  1015. 1015 : Karosh Says:


  1016. 1016 : smart2 Says:

    it is one of the best drama which will be remembered for long time. i will miss joo joong won and tae gong shil

  1017. 1017 : Sandy Says:

    [email protected] a kid from college who was like she had been — in a coma. In the end’ he returned to his body. He didn’t want to take the college exam.

  1018. 1018 : Sandy Says:

    Oops! I meant [email protected]

  1019. 1019 : Nomaden Woman Says:

    MUST WATCH this drama…

  1020. 1020 : Doinks Says:

    Hong’s sisters..it’s a very good story, two thumbs up!
    Director, Producers and all the Production Staffs..great job, well done!
    All the Cast’s (actors and actresses)..claps, Bravo!
    Gong Hyo-Jin..so lovely & adorable!
    So Ji-Sub..super duper handsome!
    The Master’s Sun*****(5 stars) Must Watch…Highly Recommended!

  1021. 1021 : Doinks Says:

    @ admin, does The Master’s Sun be one of the top 30 Most shared Drama here in Koreandarama.org??? How can we do that to be on the list? We love and support So Ji-Sub & Gong Hyo-Jin!

  1022. 1022 : Doinks Says:

    @ admin, how can we do to make The Master’s Sun to be on the list of the top 30 Most Shared Drama here in Koreandrama.org? We love and support So Ji-Sub and Gong Hyo-Jin!

  1023. 1023 : Nudge Says:

    I enjoyed this drama but wished the banter between the main characters towards the end, became a lot less platonic and a lot more like lovers. It tried but not enough IMHO. Perhaps it all got lost in the translation.

  1024. 1024 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Just finished this drama 😉 1 word Dabak 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  1025. 1025 : joo joong three Says:

    Best drama ever!!! I will miss the sun and the master! T^T

  1026. 1026 : anna Says:

    oh…it’s bitter…i got hit by master’s sun syndrome….i really love this drama…..

  1027. 1027 : Sharon Says:

    @fan, @Jyenie
    No comment from you guys??!! Fan, I though we were watching together, guess not. Hehe!
    Jyenie, I know you will watching Heirs and so will I.
    Let me know what you guys thought of the ending.

  1028. 1028 : Sharon Says:

    I do believe you are right, overall it a great series but the physical showing of sexual attraction/ magnetism was lacking. I thought they should have incorporated more physical love than physically running away from love.
    If the Hong sisters focused a little more on the love, by making it a bit more intimate the screen would have BLOWN UP!!

  1029. 1029 : Ling Says:

    OMG! I love this drama so much! I have been fall in love with So Ji Sub! He is so great in this drama, and he has the sense of humor. Hope to see him in comedy and romance drama again. Of course, the main reason I watch this drama is because of the queen of comedy – Gong Hyo Jin! She is the best in this drama… when can see them in new drama again?

  1030. 1030 : aimee Says:

    So sad that this drama came to an end. I wonder if So Ji Sup will make another drama like this one. Anyway whatever his next project will be, I will still watch it for I am aid fan of him. Congratulation for doing an awesome job for this drama! I just hope that you could read and understand all of the messages from this site.

  1031. 1031 : Yoli Says:

    I’m sorry to see it end, I enjoyed this drama so much, it was nice to see
    GS and JJW happy at the end.

    I look forward to seeing these actors again hopefully acting in a new drama by these sisters.

  1032. 1032 : usa-mary Says:

    I so adore the Hong sisters! First, a drunk ghost who wanted GS to buy her some booze. Second, spooks the taxi driver…I’m in tears right now from laughing so hard! The taxi driver’s eyes are amazing…”I have to buy a shovel…a tree root keeps poking me…I’m going to cut it off…Have you ever been buried in the ground?!” RLOL Hmmm…looks like the taxi driver wanted GS out of his cab so bad that he didn’t even care about the fare!!! RLOL No doubt, he could write a book about his passengers!

    Disappointed she didn’t get an R-rated (dream about them) version…you my cooperation…come here…bad, bad JW!

    Wow…its appears that JW had a full house, again! Well, let’s see who JW had the privilege of being entertained by that evening before he had to touch her like an ipad!

    Their acting is so phenomenal here!

    1) Little child wanting ice cream. I scream, even if you don’t scream, I scream for more ice cream!

    2) Hello Kitty with an attitude. He tops it off by barking like a dog! Then falls off the couch after he covers her with a throw! RLOL

    3) Miss Parisian. Cheri! Sounds like a French courtesan to me…who wants to give him a massage…mmmmhmph! He wasn’t so sleepy after her heard that tone in her voice! RLOL Poor baby (JW)! Its hard for him to just hold hands and sleep next to her. During the time she was gone, she developed voluptuousness which she didn’t have before! LOL Yay there, easy woman!

    That was such a beautiful design and peach colored dress GS wore that evening.

    I so like Suk Chul and Secy. Kim! I’m really going to miss them!

  1033. 1033 : Marie Says:

    I ♥ Master’s Sun # 1011
    Totally agree with you.
    i will miss this drama a lot. i need to have all eps in order to watch it whenever i want again.
    LOVE SO JI SUB … he is a very talented actor
    sniff sniff so sad it ended. Will wait for more dramas from the main leads, together if possible and in a more PASSIONATE one.
    will watch HEIRS (love Choi Jin Hyuk)
    MARRY HIM IF YOU DARE ( hope with Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa will have a more mature role)

  1034. 1034 : lanya Says:

    i love this drama. it is the beeeeessssttttttt drama ever

  1035. 1035 : usa-mary Says:

    Additional people and things I’m going to miss about this drama:

    Gong Ri and her boy friend, the new security team leader.

    The 2 little brothers who were GS’s neighbors. I like they way the oldest, after (misread-too cute) reading the text Kang Candy sent GS, had JW give him more business cards to trade in for toys.

    The Viki commenters who kept me laughing incessantly with their comments.

    The way Gong Sil reassures and encourages others to find strength with in themselves to move forward; be it a human or ghost.

    The way GS responds (gives) to JW’s blunt remarks just as good as she takes them in.

    JW enjoying teasing GS.

    When JW was sitting in his home waiting for GS to call. He called out to the French woman…asking if she was around to help him out. Near the end, on the rooftop of GS’s building, after kissing him, the French man appeared, in place of the French woman.

    Side note: I’ve tried my best to be good, and I’ve pretty much accomplished that feat while watching this drama to the best of my discipline ability, but… Lord Have Mercy…I couldn’t be an actress. The director would be shouting cut for a very long time if I was in a kissing scene with So Ji Sub, and that’s the truth! (fanning myself) LOL

  1036. 1036 : ogrenji Says:

    SUPER LOOOOOOVEEEE the final episode,everything round up nicely,i’m even moved by JW aunt little story about her having courage to raise the baby well…for other stories love how everything wrapped,

    so many memorable scenes throughout the series.When i watch this drama at first,i said i wouldn’t want to buy the dvd of this drama,well i changed my mind x) ,

    gonna miss this drama, the most enjoyable romcom and korean drama i’ve had since the greatest love 😉

  1037. 1037 : #1dramaTMS! Says:

    okay, spin off with coffee ghost!

    By accident I started watching Secret Garden on Prime and have gotten hooked on K dramas. But out of all I have watched (and that is a lot), this is the first I am really actually so sad to see it end since I love the story and characters so much I could watch a lot more!

    I’m glad it ended well but wouldn’t really wouldn’t mind see this couple helping ghosts even without all the relationship questions/insecurities. Would have loved more episodes up to their wedding and after they uh got together. Since they still have issues of him going to China to launch new Kingdom, it actually didn’t show garbage can ghost leave and her haunted house in England, reminds me of the house shown in the teaser trailer that is so spooky..
    🙂 Just wishing

  1038. 1038 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Thank you guys for sharing some KDs of So Ji Sub. I learned about you KDs of him like Cain and Abel and I found it really good.

    So Ji Sub is such a brilliant actor. I really love that guy. 🙂

  1039. 1039 : Yumi Says:

    Is it end now?? Im not yet watch ep 16-17

  1040. 1040 : clairerosean Says:

    @1035 usa-mary Says: I can totally relate.. I will lose my head for sure (and perhaps even my morale) if i got that chance of having a kissing scene with Jisub Oppa (and i’m giggling while saying it).. The director can shout his lungs out for ‘CUT’ for all i care..! 😛

    But seriously, i’m terribly sad that TMS is finally over.. surely my week is going to be very loooooong again, unless the successor TH will give me the same satisfaction.. Good thing though is i can now watch my favorite TMS episodes anytime i want.

    See you guys on the next series we will be following.. maybe The Heirs? or Marry Him If You Dare?

    Have a good one!! 🙂

  1041. 1041 : clairerosean Says:

    @1032 usa-mary: (aGAIN)

    – Oh yeah i almost forgot.. that ‘Hello Kitty – Meow scene’ is totally…. HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHA…

    – And i’m so happy to find out what’s the deal of the Garbage-Can Ajussi.. oh, poor guy!

    -And yes, that scene when JW is waiting for TGS’s call.. HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA JW is so desperate..!

    -And that tree root-poking dialogue… another HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA..

    -I think you forgot to add the funny scenes between JW’s Aunt and Young Uncle.. it’s like whenever the Uncle is cheering for TGS then the Aunt will give him that ‘killer-shut up stare’.. and he’ll eventually say ‘Saranghe’..! HAHAHAHAHAHA i also liked it a lot!

    Smart, really witty and funny!

    Haist…. now, i am sad again coz it’s over… and too darn bad i’m at work so i cannot do a re-run.. 🙁

  1042. 1042 : Angel yoja Tota Ali Says:

    This is one of the best ever drama that i have seen in my life till now! …. I love them tooo much to death! JW and GS …are the best … Love the way of ending it …. The charisma of gong shil and Joo Won even didn’t disappear till the last episode … The cat and the dog thing ! Hhhhhh …. The kisses i adore them all 4 kisses …. Gong sil initiation and saying i love u … Made Joo Won the happiest person in the world and made what he hoped for true ! …seeing him happy and free of pain … And the stick glue at the end … Nouumooo nouumo chuah!! :3 <3 <3 …. Congratulations for my best couples … For the whole cast my best regards …and for Hong sisters … U r the best sisters in the world <3 thank u for all …downloading all episodes …storing it as my best ever drama i have seen …comabtaaa …comsahamnida 😀 :3 …. Waiting for ur next projects 🙂

  1043. 1043 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @Marie #1033

    I don’t think there’ll be another drama this yr that can surpass the goosebumps overload that I felt in Master’s Sun!Let’s see when The Heirs will air….but guess the feeling wouldn’t be the same cos I’m not a big fan of the mainleads but still going to watch cos the scriptwriter is Kim Eun Sook of Secret Garden and ofcourse Choi Jin Hyuk as a chaebol half bro of LMH?I surely give a try,I missed Wolryung!And yes there’s also “Future Choice” of Yoon Eun Hye~another Time-Travel drama, hope I’m goin to like it as well!Aigoo,my day without KDs is very futile!hihi

  1044. 1044 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama by the Hong sisters is truly well-rounded. Its like a full bodied, tree or vine ripened fruit. In each episode, the flavor has just the right consistency and balance of taste to satisfactorily support it. I’ve already begun to experience subconscious comparison critiques toward other dramas that I was watching along with this one which haven’t ended, yet. Though the acting in them is good, it seems like something is missing.

    @clairerosean-1041: Yes, I totally agree! I did forget to mention the aunt and uncle. They were also 2 of my favorite couples.

    They had some subtle, funny scenes going on. For instance….

    Uncle using the name Bong Sil (after seeing GS leaving JW’s condo early am) which also means so smile, in his wife’s presence, but secretly referred to JW with GS. Making her smile involuntarily. She definitely knew how to work her eyes. I don’t doubt that aunt enjoyed her hubby and his way of diverting hostility in the situations. He knew how to ‘keep the peace’ with her and understood her! Too funny!

    The few (standing position ) scenes when a response was given that the aunt didn’t like (I believe from GS). Uncle’s eyes would perk up, and he slowly moved either backwards or sideways, out of harms way. LOL If they were sitting in an office, uncle’s eyes became quite active, like with the possessed vase. Uncle definitely knew his wife.

    One thing I want to add is that the company that did the casting of actors, definitely didn’t select any shabby looking men (no offense) that took an interest in Big Sun. They were all fine!

    Well, I’ve already watched episode 17, 3x and plan on doing more re-watches. I usually discover more background subtleties and understand it better the more I re-watch a really good drama. Oh…those withdrawals!

    Okay! I’m already in for The Heirs and will check out the synopsis on Marry Him If You Dare.

  1045. 1045 : usa-mary Says:

    @clairerosean-1040: Girlfriend…and you KNOW IT!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

    I’d be labeled the besos bandita! RLOL

  1046. 1046 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    Please vote So Ji Sub or Gong Hyo Jin they’re both nominated in Style Icon Awards 2013 (SIA). Last year Jang Dong Gun won the SIA 2012~Let’s make So Ji Sub win this year 🙂


  1047. 1047 : anna Says:

    my friends told me there are a lot of up coming dramas…but untill this second i don’t have any desire to wacth them…so far this is one of my favourite drama ever….

  1048. 1048 : anna Says:

    @i ♥ master’s sun
    i will vote for sure!!
    thank you…

  1049. 1049 : Sharon Says:

    This is a first I have seen I’m a Korean Drama where Tae Yi Ryung really put the effort in to get her man Kang Woo. She stuck to him like white on rice and would not let go. Although manny time he insulted her, ignore her, even told her bluntly I care for someone else.
    I know If that was I Kang Woo would have gotten the one two and told to go where the sun don’t shine. But, not little sun she hang in there even cried tears of rejection and still did not give up.
    Finally, she got her man and her man Kang Woo got her arm in arm walking down the red carpet. Priceless!! 💖
    Little Sun, I won’t give up on love I will be as persistent as you were and get my man. ✨ hehehe!

  1050. 1050 : Angel yoja Tota Ali Says:

    Sarangaheeee ….. Saranghaeee … The master’s sun … Missing u … Hwaiting for this year best drama ranking 🙂 <3

  1051. 1051 : clairerosean Says:

    @ 1045 usa-mary:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH Besos Bandita (aka Kissing Bandit) Catchy! I think i will be interested to watch that though i surely will die from jealousy.. 😛

    See you around… 🙂

    TMS gals too, see ya’ll around..!

  1052. 1052 : dramafreak Says:

    BEST OF THE BEST!! super love this drama! So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin are really a matching couple! this drama is really a big hit! DEABAK!

  1053. 1053 : happy Says:

    all the casts and crews deserve for awards….your intention is entertaining us and you all did it…we are really entertained….we smiled,laughed even had sobbing cries….we will never forget this…

  1054. 1054 : bblve Says:

    i read the c0mments here, i will watch this 4 sure..

  1055. 1055 : leeeunkyo123 Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA! it is so simple yet so flustering. I’ve watched this drama twice already. and it never gets old. I’m thinking of watching it for the third time. I hear your voice was a good drama, amazing even, but never once i thought that i will re-watch it. but this drama, as soon as it ends, i re-watched it again from episode 1. aaah i’ll miss this drama :””) gong hyo jin and so ji sub is just perfect together! really! I can’t wait to see them being pair up again..


    My favorite 2013 drama so far

  1056. 1056 : smart2 Says:

    I want to see master sun season 2

  1057. 1057 : AISHAH Says:

    Super duper drama…from the story and characterisation..all precisely done! and SO JI SUB was FREAKINGG AWEESOMEE in this drama..love him to death..he acted so well and makes JO JOONG WON character so addictive..he is sooo handsome and talented…Now waiting for your next drama..hope you will choose rom-com again..pleasee..I LOVE YOUUUU

  1058. 1058 : dinaz Says:

    sniff sniff!!i am going to miss this drama badly..
    ep 15&16 : it was a pleasant surprise to see bangshil aunt getting pregnant and her behaviour changing towards her husband and she getting softer and warmer.. 🙂
    kang woo and ri yeong–>i wish they had shown a proper kiss between the two considering how hard little sun worked to get kang woo 🙂 in the end little sun did shine too along with big sun..
    what did yoo jin woo do the whole year?did he just counsel her?but why?what was the accident like between him and tae yang?why is he obliged to help her?these things are confusing..and the coffee ghost!!i couldnt stop laughing that he didnt want to go back because of entrance exams..lol..
    and joo joong won..i will miss him the most!!glad that he dint let go off taeyang till the very end.it was a good surprise to see hong hyo jin applying coral lipstick in the last episode,she looked very good with that 🙂 and the proposal scene and the kiss..waaaah it was just too sweet..loved it alot..
    i m so going to miss this drama..thanx to the whole cast and crew for coming up with great episodes every week..i m glad that finally it crossed the 20% mark 🙂 to be honest i m going to miss so ji sub the most and the hand movement with ‘kkyeojo’..
    ah i wish there were some special episodes too..hope this drama wins alot of awards this year..specially best couple 🙂

  1059. 1059 : usa-mary Says:

    @clairerosean-1051: It has been my pleasure sharing comments with you and others on this thread.

    See you around!

  1060. 1060 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Nice and warm ending. I started to love So Ji Sub in this KD and looking forward to more dramas. Thanks everyone for a job well done. Me and husband really enjoyed the show. It was pleasant and entertaining.

  1061. 1061 : Xhia Says:

    Great drama to watch.. Daebak!!! must watch this drama..

  1062. 1062 : klk Says:

    Love Episode 17…

  1063. 1063 : Rosie823 Says:

    Amazing drama. AWESOME…. Going to miss Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Shi so much…. Best couple & Great Chemistry.. Thank you so much for this Great drama. Every episode … FANTASTIC. Going to watch this drama again2 & again2 & will be looking out for the DVD.

    Thank you also for all the comments & views given here it was very pleasing indeed. Hope to hear from u guys in the next forum esp @usa-Mary, dinaz, I luv Master Sun, ahjamma to name a few and others. Thanks a lot.

    PS I wont be watching Heirs – like i said before I don’t like guys who doesn’t SHAVE…. & have perfect skin…. but mind u I did watch Lee Min Ho dramas like BOF, City Hunter & Personal Taste – a must scene for him though – wash the girlfriend hair & blow dry …. & red lipstick on his already kissable lips … aisyhhh..

  1064. 1064 : dinaz Says:

    @Rosie823 couldnt stop laughing looking at ur comment..lol..i wish u would try heirs.. 🙂 Atleast 1episode..hehe 😀 i m watching it for minho only 😉 🙂 hope it will entertain me like the way this drama and i hear your voice did..i too hope to meet u in other threads.. 🙂

  1065. 1065 : mels Says:

    finally ended, so I can starts to watch it ^^ been restrains myself for watching it from one episode to another. Just cannot handle the feeling of waiting for each episode, since I knew, this will be a very good drama. And by reading all the comments and the rating, I believe so.

  1066. 1066 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow! I haven’t experienced kdramaland withdrawals in a long time. Now, they’ve begun again after watching I Hear Your Voice and this one, The Master’s Sun. What’s a girl to do???!!!

  1067. 1067 : usa-mary Says:

    Now this is an ending that surpasses all endings! In my most humble opinion, its how a couple should be. Whispering and laughing with each other while embracing. Very nice touch director-nim and writers-nim!

  1068. 1068 : usa-mary Says:

    I know this is after-the-fact, but even though I glanced at the photo (a number of times) of GS standing alone, dressed in a beautiful black dress with huge cherries, like a hat on her head and still have no clue to what is being conveyed. I wonder what it means…anyone?

  1069. 1069 : #1dramaTMS! Says:


    About cherries on head, I wondered this about the trailer/opening credits myself! She looks awesome but what is she, a sundae! I would assume the whole thing is just for style to add some comedy to the horror elements, maybe. Thought maybe to have something sweet/cute like candy connection.

    And… having the same problem with kdrama withdrawls. I really liked secret garden, I hear your voice and masters sun. Can’t believe some of the dramas that have like 25, 50 episodes when these have 17 and 18. Although it is great they are able to pull out all the stops in those episodes and not draw too much out or jump the shark, like many US shows that start off good do. Anyway, hoping more of the supernatural/horror lite type combination comes out after the success of these.

  1070. 1070 : Fullheart Says:

    Same here, withdrawal, so I went back and watched my fAvorite drama “SecretGarden”. That helped.

  1071. 1071 : Dev Says:

    Love this drama, best drama, best couple, best cast, best act

  1072. 1072 : usa-mary Says:

    @#1dramaTMS!-1069: Thank you so very much for responding and concluding exactly what I thought about the sweet part. You’re really good…I didn’t think about JW’s infamous ‘Candy’ connection. I think its rather cute and whimsical to add those huge color popping ‘red’ cherries on top of her head.

    Speaking of lengthy dramas. When MYSOJU (I miss them-my favorite site) was around, I saw a few dramas that had only 1 episode. Believe me when I say this. The few I found like that and watched didn’t waste time with getting to the point by dragging an issue out for 7 episodes, nor did it feel crammed or rushed to complete the ending and the acting was SUPERB! Well, those were the days…feeling a bit nostalgia now.

    Re the U.S…yes, here they’ll definitely shorten or pull the plug on what they deem as a non-productive, very low ratings program with a quickness. Even though some programs may have had the plug pulled on them, they often return to as a seasonal time slot fill-in due to viewers popular demand in the way of reruns.

  1073. 1073 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. Another scene I’m going to miss…GS’s first graveyard wake-up appearance, surprising and mortifying a filial family’s memorial gathering. That one alone made me laugh myself to tears!

    I’m going to MISS YOU…THE MASTER’S SUN!!!

  1074. 1074 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    @fullheart 1070

    What a coincidence!after Master’s Sun I’ve re-watched Secret Garden as well 🙂

  1075. 1075 : maknaee Says:

    I think this drama has a perfect happy ending~ they end the story with clear ending, how everyone got their own happiness like starting to date, pregnant.

  1076. 1076 : anna Says:

    @i ♥master’s sun and fullheart
    same here…i ‘ve rewacthed secret garden too…

  1077. 1077 : anna Says:

    there’s a fact that made me always laugh…there are 3 ghosts at least that stay permanently in joong won’s apartement…a ghost child,an animal ghost and a french lady ghost…coz gong shil possessed those ghost twice times there….joong won really not scared at all…

  1078. 1078 : happy Says:

    i’ve wacthed hundreds of k-drama…and most of them that i like,but not easy to choose my favourite drama…master’s sun is now on my list of favourite drama after secret garden and my name is kim sam soon….

  1079. 1079 : MissAsuzyWeLove Says:

    I love this drama … It’s the best drama that I ever watched…

  1080. 1080 : feane Says:

    From the beginning to the end this drama was an amazing one and I enjoyed every episode. And I really liked the final episode. Esp the taxi scene. For some seconds I really thought there would be some trouble again like the possessed Gong Shil will commit a crime. Well, I wouldn’t have minded that. If the writers had extended that one, an 18th episode wouldn’t have been that impossible, haha 😀 And the drama would have ended like it started: With a scary issue ^^

    Sigh, I really liked that lovey-dovey ending of them ♥
    But at the same time I’m a little sad that the show lost his creepyness during the second half of the show. I really enjoyed those creepy scenes at the beginning :’)

  1081. 1081 : Susan Says:

    What episode does little sun do the ad with the pans and fire?

  1082. 1082 : juwitah Says:

    Gong Hyu Jin is always my fave actress…wherever she was played in k-drama is always make me more and more like her…I’ve really enjoy this drama and I’ve even take my day aff to watch this drama hehe he..Love Gong Hyu Jin always and I’ll be waiting ur next k-drama soon

  1083. 1083 : Mary Says:

    Man, I already miss this drama. It’s so hard to forget about a drama once you have created that connection with it. It was so worth the time I invested watching it. I was always entertained whenever I watch any episode, whether it was the first or the last, that were all great. I really wished this drama would have 50 episodes.
    Anyways, So Ji sub and Gong Hyun Jin, I miss you two very much; I really wish you two could date for real. You guys would make the sexiest and the most adorable couple. Hope you guys will work together on another project, soon, please 🙂 That would be amazing!!!!!

  1084. 1084 : happy Says:

    it’s weird have wednesday and thursday without master’s sun…

  1085. 1085 : 주군의 태양 The Master’s Sun (Korean Drama) Says:

    […] (source from koreandrama.org): The story revolves around a woman who can see ghosts and a man who tries to protect her, and is […]

  1086. 1086 : Ivy Says:

    Totally in love with this drama & the couple. Cant miss every single episode. Beautiful story and leading casts. What we need now is The Master’s Sun season 2. Totally obsessed!

  1087. 1087 : greenpeas Says:

    so ji sub really looks like cha seung won in greatest love,
    arrogant but looks funny..

  1088. 1088 : fanms Says:

    i already miss thi drama..please the prequel…hihi

  1089. 1089 : Rosie823 Says:

    @ fanms
    Agree with u I miss this drama so much …. I wish they extend or have a MS2 – it seems we haven’t had enough of this great couple.. great drama….
    Anxious to know …. when is JJW going to propose to TGS; is TGS following him to China or continue her study …. I would very much like to see Coffee Ghost meet TY and her sister in person…. & the ghost in the conference room … who is that??? … We miss the creepy scenes & the scary ghost & really miss TY touching JJW as her bunker … he he

    Hong Sisters helps us … to ease our misery of this weird Wednesday & Thursday without Master Sun …. it seems that the Sun is rising at the other planet … sigh sigh….

  1090. 1090 : Yumi Says:

    Just finishdd watch ep 17. *sigh* i think the ending is not climax. Anticlimax. They just hug each other and laugh together. Aigooo there is much better scene be the ending than those one. There is n0t a climax that make us waiting for. I think the ending between kang woo and ri yeong is better than TY and JJW. . .

  1091. 1091 : Yumi Says:

    But over all i will vote this drama in koreandrama.org awards 2013 beside THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS

  1092. 1092 : Chloe04 Says:

    So agree with fanms, Ivy and Rosie823, there is so much potential for Masters Sun 2. This drama truly left me wanting to see more adventures of TGS and JJW! There are a lot of questions unanswered, like what in the heck was her bad accident exactly! Would love to see a wedding with the ghosts, coffee kid, trash can etc in attendance. Since it implied that TGS will now happily help the ghosts, I’m sure she will continue to get in trouble. But would love to see her doing it much to the chagrin of her husband!

    Anyway, I think I love this show because it was a combination of absolute pitch perfect casting and clever writing with so much heart mixed with supernatural elements. I will look forward to hong sisters and both SJS and GHJ in other things but will hope for another Masters Sun to see TGS and JJW happily married and maybe a little Master/Mistress! Sigh…

  1093. 1093 : Finnyana Says:

    i will miss this drama so much 🙁

  1094. 1094 : fanms Says:

    maybe the prequel of MS can be airing after THE HEIRS is finish…Hihi…hopefully la…

  1095. 1095 : fanms Says:

    it just my wishes…

  1096. 1096 : smart2 Says:

    miss this drama. it should best drama of 2013 award

  1097. 1097 : dinaz Says:

    joo joong won is miss u badly.. 🙁
    i miss him sayin kkyeojo followed by that cool hand movement.. 🙂 🙂

  1098. 1098 : Rosie823 Says:

    Hello there ….. I thought u wont be in this thread again… nice to hear u miss our Master Sun … sigh… sigh… I felt something missing in my radar…. like TY ….

    How was the Heirs -? Great? Sorry I can’t bring myself to watch that drama yet. Still having this Withdrawal …. And Rewatch MASTER SUN again –

    Not only does the Master Sun have great couple but also fantastic OST – what should I do – O TO KI – is that correct?

  1099. 1099 : merry merry merry Says:

    i don’t skip even a scene…. interesting drama, entertaining, wonderfull actor and actress… bravo !!!!

  1100. 1100 : dinaz Says:

    @Rosie823 hi 🙂 same feelings i miss it alot too..
    i never watched currently airing dramas earlier..but this year i m starting to watch a few..from all the dramas i watched this year i am really missing this one alot specially so ji sub.. 🙁
    Heirs..well i dont think you will like it as of now..i watched it for minho and was happy to see him but dissapointed with the drama but really hoping for improvement..
    i am downloading master sun too..i want to rewatch it again!!this year this drama has been one of the best after i hear your voice..i will also try reply 1994 are you watching that?ya ure rite great couple and great ost specially ‘touch love’..
    i am thinking of watching secret too..but is it worth watching?

  1101. 1101 : happy Says:

    still can’t forget this….i watch this everyday….

  1102. 1102 : rubylyl Says:

    i love this drama so much!!!! for those who haven’t start watching.. this drama is highly recommended! once you started you can stop!! i’ve never experienced watching a drama like a freak marathon haha!!

  1103. 1103 : Marie Says:

    @Rosie823 & dinaz … i miss this drama too …
    can’t we have a season 2……\i am downloading it too

    Me too i watched Heirs … a bit cliche hope it will get better but still prefers M-Sun

  1104. 1104 : klk Says:

    Missing TMS so much…have been watching BTS to satisfy my withdrawal 🙂

  1105. 1105 : ayupotter Says:

    nomu nomu cjoae

  1106. 1106 : Meidy Says:

    This drama should get awards and trophies. drama and the storyline was good. which makes it more special is its acting so ji sub, so ji sub is very animating the character and the role of women is also very good. I love it

  1107. 1107 : nitta Says:

    Best drama of the year! I love the story, the plots, the characters especially the main lead actor and actress. So ji sub and Gong hyo jin are perfect for the casting.

  1108. 1108 : emmanuel Says:

    When wednesday or thursday I was think there is a master sun today.I have really miss the cast .am not watching heirs because is kind of boring.

  1109. 1109 : Sue Says:

    I Love this drama soooooooooo MUCH!!!! the ending is perfect except it could be better if there’s a wedding..can u imagine that??

  1110. 1110 : kdrama freak Says:

    This drama is so cooool. SJS looks the best in here. Can see CSW from greatest love in SJS character. Please more drama from SJB and CSW!!!!! Great drama , enjoy very much.

  1111. 1111 : Chloe04 Says:

    how is it not most shared drama yet? Not one of those I love as much as Masters Sun!

  1112. 1112 : ayupotter Says:

    banzaiiiiii… daebakkkkk

  1113. 1113 : ayupotter Says:

    so ji sub oppaaaa ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  1114. 1114 : ayupotter Says:

    so ji sub oppaaaa ♡♡ sarangeeee..

  1115. 1115 : anthony Says:

    hw to watch masters sun,,??

  1116. 1116 : Jyenie Says:

    I have finally just finished watching Ep 16 & 17.

  1117. 1117 : fanms Says:

    yes…must watch..highly recommmended

  1118. 1118 : Chloe04 Says:

    So popular, season 2 please hong sisters! Or at least do another drama with GHJ in lead again:) Love her so much she made TGL and TMS. sigh…

  1119. 1119 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Very very
    Love live this
    Drama ………. Daebak…….

  1120. 1120 : meutia Says:

    Wait… i love so ji sub A LOT .. ji sub is good, in other words that he could act in a comedy situation, love it, love it, and i’ve watched most of his dramas,.. but i love his pevious dramas more than this one, why? his character here much or less is a bit similar to Cha seung won in “Greatest Love” …. sorry to say!! but anyway i’m alway looking forward to seeing ji sub in his next project… <3

  1121. 1121 : Juls Says:

    Can anyone tell me where to download this amazing drama?

  1122. 1122 : jen Says:

    This drama is one of my top 5 dramas ever, and I have watched a lot! The first episodes are a bit creepy but then it gets better (or you get used to the ghosts, I don’t know which one).

  1123. 1123 : JP Says:

    Must watch…so good that I am watching it all over again. GHJ & SJS had great chemistry. I truly wish they are together in real life. All others played their part very well. This drama had it all, laugh, cry, sad, happy and a tinge of something in the heart…daebak!

  1124. 1124 : katerina Says:

    this is the best drama i had been watched , i miss so much so ji sub. master sun are more good compare to heirs because their plot are different from others . i hope so ji sub were come to running man in future 🙂

  1125. 1125 : smart2 Says:

    watching again this amazingly addicting drama

  1126. 1126 : libra Says:

    Best drama. One of my fav dramas.

  1127. 1127 : Rosie823 Says:

    I miss you Tea Gong Shi & Joo Goon ….. sigh sigh….

  1128. 1128 : rani Says:

    a heartwarming drama.. i like it a lot

  1129. 1129 : Chloe04 Says:

    Still miss JJW and TGS in this drama, guess no season II….

  1130. 1130 : ayu Says:


  1131. 1131 : ayu Says:

    really like this drama .. nomu.. nomuu.. choaee,,,

  1132. 1132 : Fullheart Says:

    Strange dilemma, after watching this drama and having seen over a hundred dramas in the past, no interest in any of the new dramas out. Sadly, just keep watching Masters Sun.

  1133. 1133 : wiwinzin Says:

    neomu neomu choa..

  1134. 1134 : Fullheart Says:

    Master’s Sun | Joogoonui Taeyang (SBS / 2013) – Sung-Hoon. Ha Soo-Ho was apparently the screwdriver stagger in episode 12, but there is no listing for him.

  1135. 1135 : lanya Says:

    beeesssttt drama ever…. i so love it … its just so good . if you are not sure to look at it, trust me its the best drama and you will just love it as i love it right now. the acters is best, the story is best and every moment of the drama is best, so dont miss this drama and look at it now.

  1136. 1136 : Rose Says:

    The scenes between kang woo and Tae Yi Ryung always made me roll my eyes. They were sooooo cheesy. Also does yi ryung not know any other hairstyles!! This drama was 7 episodes too long. Happy Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Sil ended up together!!

  1137. 1137 : Fullheart Says:

    Disagree. Sixteen episodes was perfect, the extra episode served no real purpose but as filler for those who wanted more of the leads. This was once of the best fun dramas out there. It served, me included, those that like the “happy end” well. I will watch more Hong Sisters dramas.

  1138. 1138 : Chloe04 Says:

    Correction, more episodes like 20 but with the same feel as earlier episodes with different ghosts in each one. And wished they would have touched on the original ghost of the wife JJW cut her flowers head off, then he dared to get struck by lightening. Since he found his own deep love, wish they would have circled back to that too. Also, conference room ghost at Kingdom? Never found out what she was doing there. I guess many of them JJW just didn’t care about like french lady. …And needed to include faded wedding episode like with the trashcan ghost and awakened coffee ghost, kind of like in IHYV at the end with him graduating from police academy. That would have made me happier. But we know that is what happened next so I’m okay with it. Love this show!

  1139. 1139 : fanms Says:

    after watch new drama airing now, i still does’t feel excited n thrilling likes master sun…haha

  1140. 1140 : jeng Says:

    daebak!!! its my favorite drama ever,,, i love so ji sub… :* weeeeeeeee!!!

  1141. 1141 : Assar Says:

    One of the best dramas I’v ever watched. I really enjoyed this drama and loved the leading actor and actress. New story and great acting .. Simply Loooooooved it

  1142. 1142 : Serra Argo Rianda Says:

    Very good drama… Must watch this!!!

  1143. 1143 : klk Says:

    loved this drama soooooooo much that I’m listening to the OST everyday 🙂

  1144. 1144 : happy Says:

    can’t believe it…it’s been a month since this ended,but i still watch it everyday…even i memorize some of the dialogues in korean language…

  1145. 1145 : K_Holic Says:

    Please, Support The Master’s Sun for The Best Korean Drama 2013

  1146. 1146 : Nuy_92 Says:

    I love this drama sooo much…. Hope the leading roles will dating for true…
    Sogong couple is pretty perfect match…
    neomu.. neomu.. neomu.. bogoshippo Joogoni taeyang… ♥♥♥♥♥

  1147. 1147 : chabel Says:

    strongly recommended !!

  1148. 1148 : pipay Says:

    Really enjoyed this korean drama!

  1149. 1149 : candy Says:

    very good

  1150. 1150 : Nata Says:

    i love this drama, Taeyang!!!! is a lovely girl!!!

  1151. 1151 : jovd Says:


  1152. 1152 : jigs Says:

    best creepy romance drama series

  1153. 1153 : happy Says:

    absoloutly,i will vote this for best drama of 2013….

  1154. 1154 : Claudia Says:

    The Best drama of 2013 is master’s Sun, definitly

  1155. 1155 : docmarlyn Says:

    Please vote for this drama…

  1156. 1156 : Chloe04 Says:

    Cannot believe Heirs is winning over this drama, please vote everyday! I though IHYV might be neck in neck but the Heirs!? Masters sun has original plot and great chemistry. Remember waiting on pins and needles for next episode? Gosh, I catch Heirs and barely pay attention…I guess enough people like recycled rich high school poor girl drama over and over again…

  1157. 1157 : Jksg Says:

    Yes, definitely this is BEST kdama of 2013!!! Fighting “The Master’s Sun”!!!

  1158. 1158 : kdcraze Says:

    After reading the above comments, I am so tempted to start this drama soon. One question, how extensive is the horror level?

  1159. 1159 : ica vina raraiz Says:

    For me this is the Best Drama 2013. Great story, great actor ,and actress.
    I like the way he look at her with full of love and touch her hair with his finger in his car when he’s got his memory back for the first time.
    “The Master’s Sun” fighting.·············

  1160. 1160 : mickymickymouse Says:

    The Master’s Sun is the best drama, and it’s the only.

  1161. 1161 : sunwei Says:

    mickymickymouse Says:

  1162. 1162 : Lusiana Says:

    The best drama ever.. very clever plot and always make you craving for next epsiode..

  1163. 1163 : happy Says:

    the scary scenes,the funny scenes,the romance scenes and even the hurting scenes are all mix well…you are not going to regret it!! worth to wacth…

  1164. 1164 : ica vina raraiz Says:

    And also great sountrack, really touching my heart. And for All the crew thank you for your hard work making such a wonderful drama.

  1165. 1165 : 黄美玲 Says:

    喜欢苏志燮 喜欢主君的太阳

  1166. 1166 : Jksg Says:

    Hi everybody who watched n like this drama please vote for it to win the best Korean drama for year 2013!!!

    I have been doing my part daily!

  1167. 1167 : Fullheart Says:

    I am American where do I vote?..

  1168. 1168 : missA Says:

    guys, im looking for another drama to watch, i mean something worth watching, I’ve watched master’s sun and just done watching i hear your voice, such a great entertainment..so this is giving me hard time cause IHYV was amazing so im looking for another amazing drama like that or else i gotta watch it again..huhu please help me.. fighting for IHYV the best drama ever!!next is master’s sun 🙂

  1169. 1169 : missA Says:

    i did watch the heirs for few episodes only, im not interested in its story plot, i dont like it. im thinking, the reason why its so popular because of lee min ho, but the storyline??nahh i dont get it.

  1170. 1170 : anchovyblue Says:

    after watch this drama till ending. it was one of a kind horror drama with romantic comedy i’ve ever watch.
    the plot, story, chemistry, even soundtrack was amazing.
    Lets go for it.

  1171. 1171 : dorie Says:

    Please watch Two Weeks first before you decide. I prefer Two Weeks…sooooo good.

  1172. 1172 : h3ssty Says:

    i think master’s sun is the best drama in this year, vote for master’s sun! fighting!! ^^

  1173. 1173 : cindytaeyang Says:

    Please vote for the master’s sun as the best Korean drama for 2013! They really deserve it!

  1174. 1174 : marceline Says:

    Fighting !… Deserve to win!

  1175. 1175 : yumi Says:

    admin, put this awards plis…

    2013 Melon Music Awards (Best OST) – Yoon Mi Rae – “Touch Love” (‘The Sun of My Master’)

    its official awards, winners have been announced! The event, hosted by Loen Entertainment, was held at the Olympic Gymnastic Arena in Seoul on November 14 KST.

    source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/winners-from-the-2013-melon-music-awards-1#ixzz2kjgQN4C3

  1176. 1176 : Rose·Kr Says:

    Oh my god!i just wanna say that this drama is a master itself!
    The fist scene in chapter 1 had frightened me a lot in fact,but i found that the more i watched it,the more i would love!furthermore,those actors,especially these four leading actors,their acting skills were so great and they expressed their feelings so nature that i couldn’t help loving them!Miss Gong Hyo Jin and Miss Kim Yoo Ri are really beautiful!Both So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk are awsome&handsome!
    and both of them sing well!
    Personally,i think there’s no doult that THE MASTER’S SUN would get this drama award!

  1177. 1177 : Fullheart Says:

    This drama was so good, it has ruined other dramas for me. Waiting for Pretty Man, hope its good.

  1178. 1178 : Turkish Rose Says:

    This is my favorite drama of all time. the most electrifying on screen chemistry I’ve ever seen. so jib sub and gong hyo jin are the most incredible on screen couple. I was hesitant to start this one thinking it’s a horror flick, but Wowwwwww simply amazing. must watch!!!!!!!

  1179. 1179 : mickymickymouse Says:

    The master’s sun makes me suprise, and I never see the type of this drama before, I love So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I hope to see the new drame of them.

  1180. 1180 : summerflower Says:

    I’m chinese,and I’m very like this drama. I hope they can get the awards. The drama influence my life and bring me happiness.I’m one of kong lovey fans,and I hope she can meet a great man to get married.

  1181. 1181 : zuoqiu Says:


  1182. 1182 : Regine Says:

    Hello guys! i’m still watching this drama.. and it is really UNIQUE, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE AND SHOCKING BUT VERY FUNNY! I LIKE IT so much because it’s my first time to watch korean drama horror , then a combination of romantic comedy! it is really amazing and touching dramA THAT YOU CAN LEARN SOMETHING! <3 . it has also a similarities of the american drama Ghost Whisperer. 🙂 i hope this drama will win for this year. So guys, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE THIS KOREAN DRAMA FOR THIS YEAR! OK? 🙂

  1183. 1183 : zuoqiu Says:


  1184. 1184 : oling Says:

    i like this drama….2 bintang utamanya bener-bener punya chemistry, dari episode 1 aja udah jatuh cinta banget padahal kupaling nggak suka sama filem horor takut. Tapi drama ini buat aku jadi berani nonton film horor…

  1185. 1185 : Joo Min Sung Says:

    Best Drama Ever…! I wish it would win

  1186. 1186 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    1182 Regine, it is really a funny drama and touching as well in some of the scenes. I really liked it.

    1185 Joo Min Sung, I guess it would be difficult as it is competing with The Heirs and its number of votes is circa half of that of The Heirs! But who knows, yeah!


  1187. 1187 : Go Mi Nyu Says:

    ost the master sun yoon mirae touch love won again MAMA 2013 Best soundtrack……wowww congratulation jogoonui taeyang…..

  1188. 1188 : yatik Says:

    the master’sun sun is the best drama of the year ….. best actor, best actress, best scriptwariter, best derector …. best ost … all .. tapi pilihan berdasarkan voting bukan dikatagorikan drama terbaik … tapi drama terfavorit ….. pilih the master’s sun biar jadi drama terfavorit dan terbaik tahun ini ……

  1189. 1189 : rinz Says:

    I’m still not done watching this drama but I so love the story in it..it is kinda scary at first but mixing it with comedy was so awesome! I just wish it would never end but well it has to end,lol Good job to all the actors and staff of this drama. So ji sub <3

  1190. 1190 : Amichellia Says:

    this is the best korean drama 2013, hwaiting….!!!

  1191. 1191 : chachaxu Says:

    How long have I stop watching korean drama,3 years or 5years?I can’t tell.
    And the thought that is a fate that I met this drama always cross my mind.cause when I watched it ,I can’t stop it.
    I can’t tell everyone how old am I,but I can say this drama is the best in 2013.It make me realize that we are surrounding by wonderful things,just look by heart.
    And I also want to say,whether this drama can be reward or not,it have won my heart,at least it is and will be NO.1 in my heart .

  1192. 1192 : Abigail Balag Says:

    This is the best Korean Drama, that I have watched for my entire life. I really love Ji Sub since he acted in Glass Slippers and his other dramas/movies. However, this is his best performance ever, I love their chemistry, can’t stop me from watching this drama repeatedly. I hope this wins the best drama of 2013. The moment I finished watching this drama, I felt like there is an emptiness inside me, and I do not know why. I hope they can make other projects like this, but of course I still want So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin together if in case they will make a new projects. I so love them, not too cheesy but it will definitely touch the viewers hearts.

  1193. 1193 : Abigail Balag Says:

    This is definitely the number 1 Korean Drama ever! The story is too unique, every episode is worth waiting and worth watching. I really cannot stop myself from watching it over and over again. I wanted to memorize every sweet details of the story, every episode that they showed their love for each other. Makes my heart cry when it ended. I love you guys, good job!

  1194. 1194 : FuzWuz Says:

    The Master’s Sun is really unique and the best Kdrama 2013….. but it is now lagging in 4th position……. Where are the people who kept saying it is the best Kdrama ever ??? Now is the time to vote….

  1195. 1195 : Fullheart Says:

    A lot of us don’t know where to vote. That could be a reason that actor popularity might outweigh the best drama ever.

  1196. 1196 : dramalady Says:

    I think the drama was not as fantastic as you guys commented. In fact it was badly scripted. The actors and actresses were not attractive nor with impressive acting skill. The main actor was not bad, though. I vote for 2 weeks and Secret. This drama, no way.

  1197. 1197 : chabelchan Says:

    the most beautiful drama ever. not just a drama. indeed. 🙂

  1198. 1198 : Reia Says:

    just finished watching this drama….i highly recommend this one. … very good drama and funny at the same time. love this one so much

  1199. 1199 : FuzWuz Says:

    To vote just click the icon Korea 2013 drama at the top of page… Select The Master’s Sun … key in the captcha….. click vote

    Yes…. Vote for the drama…. But last year the winner was a good drama…. Faith lost… Likewise if Heirs win this year then actor based indeed…… Vote the drama not the actor……

  1200. 1200 : FuzWuz Says:

    You can vote by clicking the icon Korean 2013 drama above ….follow the simple steps from there

    Last year Faith lost and the drama won. So this year if Heirs win then it is actor based

  1201. 1201 : eileen534 Says:

    Just finished watch it, found that it is the one and only drama in 2013 I watch all and not skipping. Thou after ep 15, the story is a kind of mess for me (after JJW lost the memories, all they did is just repeating what did before). The way they revealed about Hanna and Cha Hee Joo and the kidnap is not impressive at all after we’ve been made curious from the very beginning.

    And the ending is making me blurred too, so Tae Gong Sil is still can see ghosts but she kinda accept it now? and does JJW gain the memories about TGS back? I just know they are together at the end. Can anyone tell me?

  1202. 1202 : happy Says:

    tae gong shil not only accept her ability,she knew why she can see ghosts and feel so grateful she can see ghosts…joong won gained his memory back after he knew what has dissapeared from his hand..they separated for a while to understand each other and finally together…

  1203. 1203 : happy Says:

    @elieen 534
    hope my explanation is correct..:)

  1204. 1204 : 盛开在高山之巅 Says:


  1205. 1205 : YoRoseberry Says:

    I m so sad , I hope this drama will get the best drama in 2013.. The stories line not boring , every episode very nice

  1206. 1206 : FuzWuz Says:

    For this site, best korean drama 2013…..almost impossible. But to many of us it will be the best Korean drama 2013…… strange…. it is in 3rd position… thought it would at least end up 2nd……….

  1207. 1207 : Sunshine Says:

    This is the best drama ever..i cried every episode. its so touching.now i’m not scare of ghost anymore coz the scariest thing is not them but is the human that make them die.

  1208. 1208 : Sunshine Says:

    even tough its impossible to be the best korean drama 2013..but i’m still voting everyday to make it 2nd or 3rd…everyone fighting!!Dont give up.

  1209. 1209 : misscleopatrax Says:

    a high heel ghost very scary me.. :@

  1210. 1210 : Catherine Says:

    For me, this is the best drama for 2013. The Hong Sisters were able to create witty dialogues and a great storyline to keep viewers tuned in. I also liked how Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub acted out their respective characters. They were able to create the emotions and make the viewers feel them too.

  1211. 1211 : san Says:

    I’m still watching this. At first I was afraid to watch it.At first the ghosts were scary. But I gave it a try. Story is so good. Addictive. And now I’m used to the ghosts in this drama. But because of the good story I always want to keep on watching.
    Love this.Love their chemistry. A good Korean drama. Honestly most of the dramas I watch this year didn’t had a good chemistry between the leads. But this has it. so has already come up to my favorite list. 🙂 🙂

  1212. 1212 : Nihal Says:

    Just finished watching this drama..waaaaaaaw
    one of the most entretaining dramas of this year, new and great plot, amazing performance, So ji sub was just out of the world in this drama, he is a genius..
    I am missing the drama already and it’s really a must watch
    Bravoo to all the cast of : The master’s Sun

  1213. 1213 : 金书贤 Says:

    这是我觉得最好看最甜的水木剧了 剧情很好 不会很死板 很有意思 最喜欢了 赞一个!!!!

  1214. 1214 : san Says:

    WOW..!! Finish watching this today..!! One of the best dramas of 2013.!! The best chemistry seen between the leads in 2013 dramas.. I love this drama soo much..!! Love It.!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT..!! 🙂 🙂

  1215. 1215 : my dream Says:


  1216. 1216 : Septiana Says:

    I Love this couple ( Best chemistry ) ^_^ Bravooooo……

  1217. 1217 : linhDinh Says:

    For me, master’s sun should be the best drama of the year. You ask me why?
    just i like it very much^^ LIKE IT LIKE IT

  1218. 1218 : ayu Says:


  1219. 1219 : yuki Says:

    This is the best drama of this year. It deserves to win the poll on this site. It’s just too unfair that it’s placed nr.3.
    It deserves to win all the drama awards for this year. It’s just one of the best dramas ever !!!

  1220. 1220 : tentop Says:

    i love this drama .. i hope jjs and ghj can be together again in drama .it’s sooooooo goood .sarangahe oppa sjs and ghj . love thiss .addicted.

  1221. 1221 : Alice Lei Says:


  1222. 1222 : Fullheart Says:

    Just saw the SBS awards results. As we said in the U.S. I think they were fixed. Oh we’ll, glad awards aren’t t a real reflection of what is good.

  1223. 1223 : Nia Says:

    I never bored to watch this drama again and again, the chemistry is good and i love so ji sub

  1224. 1224 : Drama_fan Says:

    My favorite drama of the year 2013. Best chemistry. I never get bored watching the awesome chemistry of the leads. And with time the ghosts seems familiar too. 🙂 🙂
    Great drama. Very enjoyable.
    Hope to see more drams like this in 2014. 🙂

  1225. 1225 : mail Says:

    i love it…the storyline is kinda unique…i hope to see more drama with unique storyline like master’s sun will coming up next year…n thumbs up to hong sister for such an amazing drama…im ur big fan…hope to see more wonderful dramas from both of u….

  1226. 1226 : ina Says:

    The storyline is really good something new…i.think the storyline is better than heirs.SJS and GHJ is really good in acting.. Very all out. Good job.. 🙂 I am a fan of heirs to, have a lot of good actors and actress but for the storylines I.choose master sun. 🙂

  1227. 1227 : Mohammed El Molla Says:

    it is very wonderful drama i like this drama so much
    thank you for this drama

  1228. 1228 : Endah Says:

    I love this couple..so ji sub..gong hyo jin..fighting..its can possible will be second part?..he he

  1229. 1229 : lucky Says:

    GHJ and SJS won the best couple from all korean drama in 2013, naturally… noted: naturally 🙂

  1230. 1230 : Joy Says:

    It is the best…

  1231. 1231 : a fan Says:

    I really love this drama,, this is better than the heirs for honest,, i dont know why, but their acting and characters are really strong to touched the viewer/watcher,, love they both!! Gong Hyo Jin is always being awesome in every drama that she have acted,, after the greatest love, she always showing her best act!! And So Ji Sub is the perfect one!! Hihi he’s looking awesome!! Love him! For honestly they both success in their drama! Hope they can be real couple not only in drama but in reality! #hoping

  1232. 1232 : hyun Says:

    Love this drama… I thinks heirs will got the lower rank if lee min hoo not played @ there

  1233. 1233 : wahyu shii Says:

    i really don’t understand why people choose the heirs more than master sun.. for me and for my friends master sun DAEBAK for story,cast… i watched master sun for 6 times …and always love them..

  1234. 1234 : Lovekdrama Says:

    BESR DRAMA!!!! OMG I JUST LOVE IT! any oth shows like that to recommend? So ji sub is just so manly. Hope he acts in romance comedy again. I love how he gets jealous when she’s with oth man! And so protective! Any drmaa you guys know of that the lead is jealous of another guy?? Pls recommend!!!

  1235. 1235 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I so love this drama. I love the chemistry between the 2 lead character. I enjoyed watching it. I love you Seo Ji Seop. 🙂

  1236. 1236 : dinda Says:

    BEST KOREA I EVER WATCHED. hehe love it so much, didnt make me boring, love So Ji Sub, especially when he said “kojo” on tae gong sil. and with he’s hand move like that. so cute. so touching and many things can we learn from this movie about our life. COOL, AWESOME!

  1237. 1237 : Aria Says:

    Honestly, The plot of this story and the use pf supernatural elements are better than You Who Came From The Stars. Although the other one may have a very funny heroine, I’ve come to love and enjoy The Master’s Sun more. It’s the Romantic Comedy to beat in my heart of hearts.

  1238. 1238 : Kdramalover Says:


  1239. 1239 : VioletPrincess29 Says:

    Truly one of the best Korean series I’ve ever watched! It’s my favorite alongside with You Who Came From The Stars, but it made me laughed harder and giddier (or ‘kilig’ in our native language)! The cast portrayed their characters very well and they were very natural. Overall, the storyline was soooo great. You cant even imagine how a show with all the elements of horror, romance and comedy be a masterpiece without being corny, but hey, they made it. It’s unique and captivating, makes you eager and excited to watch the next episodes. I also love how the characters remained until the very end. It gave justice on what and who they really are. 🙂

  1240. 1240 : Lalalalooove Says:

    I cant seem to understand why the hell did The Heirs beat Master’s Sun in the ratings! Why? Just because of Lee Min Ho? :O I already watched the first 3 episodes of The Heirs and it still doesnt capture my attention yet unlike Master’s Sun which after just minutes of watching the 1st episode, it already captured my heart 😀 I just cant stop watching it

  1241. 1241 : Tess Tan Says:

    I love the way the synopsis was written….”soul healing” — one who hears and see things that nobody else see and one who only wants to see and hear what he wants too — they grow in faith and character as the story progresses…love it! SJS, you look great and act awesome….love this drama

  1242. 1242 : erin27 Says:

    i love this dramA so with the casts!so ji sub is the best, he turns me on not only by looks but with his every style…!i never enjoyed horror shows before until TMS……

  1243. 1243 : carl escarilla Says:

    i like that movie im from cebu i watch that everday every episode

  1244. 1244 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I love this drama so much! One of the best Kdramas I watched!
    So Ji Sub, I’ve fallen for you! <3 Seo In Guk, you're so handsome! I wish to be your girlfriend! 😀

  1245. 1245 : roselyn Says:

    it really nice drama. I love it! so ji sub is the best! I have fun while watching it, nice romantic,comedy,drama and love story!
    lots of fun while watching it! seo in guk your so handsome! more more blessing to all of you! wish you to stay in good health always!


  1246. 1246 : tere dong ma Says:

    i am so head over heels about this drama. gong hyo jin is a good actress i really love it when she looks so scared and is showing her beautiful eyes, so sjs is so handsome in many ways in this drama… this series is really one of a kind and fresh and scary romantic ways great job to the writers and the staff…. i just hope that there will be a continuation to this series ^^

  1247. 1247 : ferizh dela peña Says:

    very nice series, thrilling but not that scary because of the twist…the romantic scene of the two main character.
    a very job well done, indeed it is my first to see series like this and also to watch the two main character especially so ji sub!!!

  1248. 1248 : ellep_pg Says:

    i soo love this drama. the best i have seen so far! the chemistry of So ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin is just perfect. They look good together. The acting is very natural. this drama gives me that giddy and flurry feeling, makes me fall in love. “touch love” is also soo good and gives that “kilig factor” in my native tongue. I hope that sjs and ghj are couple in real life. Please SBS or whoever made this drama, please come up with Part 2 with same leads, pretty pleaaassee. please excuse my excitement. lol.

  1249. 1249 : marikar Says:

    i love this korea drama i hope in real life so ji sub ang gong hyo jin will be a real couple ,they are cute together

  1250. 1250 : mharikar timbang Says:

    and i love so ji sub …here in phillipines many pilipinos are watching the master sun and im the no 1 fan ..i hope they can come here for their fans through gma tv ch 7 primetime…….so ji sub and gong hyo jin will come her in the philliphines for their fans ……………… i hope ican buy a poster pics of so ji sub here in phil…………

  1251. 1251 : bhenilda Says:

    since when i was 10y/o i love watching korean novelas like this yez!!! it’s scary but it’s also full of love and care like sunny and johhan ……………
    i love u !!!!!!!!!! so much i wish you should come here in phil…. and make many more love scene…..

  1252. 1252 : jeffLagr Says:

    I like this Drama series, it so nervous/fearful while watching, is very trending for me..cuz im scared, but so happy in a relationship of ms. tea and Mr. Kingdom..

  1253. 1253 : lee shakiba Says:

    just I can say this:*

  1254. 1254 : rafaela emmanuelyn cervantes Says:

    i like this drama sometimes im very shocked!!!!!!!!

  1255. 1255 : Leyii Says:

    SBS if you cannot do a part 2, at least another TV series for So Ji Sob and Gong Hyo Jin pleeease

  1256. 1256 : Pink and Purple Says:

    Here in the Philippines, we are so much loving it. Hope that the Hong Sisters will make a part 2 for Tae Gong Shil and Joo Joong Won, it will be another sure hit. Please, make another Master’s Sun. ❤️👍

  1257. 1257 : Janelle park Says:


  1258. 1258 : kristian jay Says:

    ganda talaga

  1259. 1259 : summer Says:

    Best Couple award of SBS drama awards 2013 for sure is a joke. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin’s awesome chemistry in Master Sun definitely can beat Lee Min Ho and park Shin Hye’s zero chemistry easily. Love this drama!!!

  1260. 1260 : juvie corpuz Says:

    i hope this movie got a part 2 scene .cos i am the one fans of this drama of korea

    SeoulKorea is >3

  1261. 1261 : Lalalooove Says:

    cant get enough with The Master’s Sun? i’m sure you miss this already :””)


  1262. 1262 : liza Says:

    i love this drama ever, cant get enough this drama pls do a part 2

  1263. 1263 : Chai Lanuevo Says:

    Love this very much, Story is wonderful to watch . So Ji Sub is very cool here. Good Chemistry for the lead star. Wonderful casting. SUPERB! I watch this several time and plan to watch this again.
    you can never ask anything more. Its all here …Horror, comedy, Drama, Romance & action and the feeling of LOVE. You cannot stop day dreaming that So Ji sub is your man.

  1264. 1264 : gabby Says:

    i really love this drama series. i love them both yohan and sunny 🙂 hope there will be a part 2….. i love your acting So Ji sub 🙂

  1265. 1265 : LA Says:

    what is the title of the book that was yohan reading when he was kidnapped?

  1266. 1266 : nur insyirah Says:

    I like couple Seo In Guk with Kim Yoo Ri so much!!! I hope this couple will acting in korean drama again. I hope that you two are very sweet couple forever n ever~~~saranghae SEO IN GUK OPPA,SARANGHAEYO!!!!

  1267. 1267 : Max Says:

    my first korean drama as i listen to the song, and this led to drama. i love it a lot, introduce to others and all love it, even my granny loves it and she doesnt like korean and has to watch cantonese version

    the actors all brilliant, brillant story line, one story per ep so thumbs up as you dont want to drag on and on.

    i love everything, the story, the tension, the actors, how it was editors.

    i love how she develop or interwin with him via various jobs. fate

    she play this role excellent unlike who are you drama

  1268. 1268 : usa-mary Says:

    This was the BEST drama of its kind. As a matter of fact, its one of a kind. I don’t know what the Hon Sisters are working on now, but I hope they come out with something soon.

    In the meantime, I’ll soon do a re-watch of this BRILLIANT BEAUTIFULLY written, produced, and directed drama.

  1269. 1269 : usa-mary Says:

    I still can’t believe that Gong Hyo Jin didn’t get any awards at all for her portrayal of Big Sun. That’s completely ludicrous!!! She helped make this drama to be as amazing as it was.

  1270. 1270 : Storm Says:

    I loved this so much. The mini love story with the dead boy and his green flowers was so awesome. That story is so great it could be made into a drama of it’s own

  1271. 1271 : jane Says:

    yeah it’s ridiculous that gong hyo jin didnt get any awards. she’s the best together with so ji sub

    ooh i love this drama-watched it 3 times!

    so i sub- when is your next drama? please come back. i enjoy watching you

  1272. 1272 : happy Says:

    after a year..i still watch this drama…how many times?countless…hahaha…

  1273. 1273 : Korean Drama Review MS | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] The Master’s Sun (2013) 主君的太陽 […]

  1274. 1274 : puffins Says:

    initially watched it w/o further tots but after 2 episode… got addicted to watching 🙂

    the ghosts are scary BUT i liked the warmth, compassion shown by the lead actors eg. the actress

  1275. 1275 : Yingdrama Says:

    Really in love with this drama 😀 Definitely one of the best i’ve watched. I am finding it hard to get over it ><

  1276. 1276 : anb Says:

    Actually I dont like anything about horror and I took a long time decided to watch this drama or not. But finally I watched this drama bcs of So Ji Sub. Oh man, he’s one of the hottest korean actor ever!!! I really love him! And this drama is interesting. I love the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. GHJ is much better with So Ji Sub than with Cha Seung Won or Jo In Sung 🙂

  1277. 1277 : deernora Says:

    i like this drama..pliss so jisub again

  1278. 1278 : Ammy Says:

    Amazing…… ♡♡♡

  1279. 1279 : Ajeng Says:

    So Ji Sub.. So Ji Sub.. So Ji Sub.. Awesome..;)

  1280. 1280 : MayaF Says:

    OMG! I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH.. ONE OF THE BEST DRAMA.. Great actor and actress.. Great story great cast… Good ending.. Thank for director and screenwriter… What an amazing drama! ^^

  1281. 1281 : [email protected] Says:

    i’ve seen a lot of k drama and this is my favorite….love so ji sub he’s gorgeous and gong hyo jin is awesome. great story, great cast, breath of fresh air!!!!

  1282. 1282 : usa-mary Says:

    Yippeee!!! The Hong Sisters have a new drama coming soon titled…Warm and Cozy, according to Drama Fever. I’ll be on the look out for it. I’m a huge fan of the Hong Sisters!!!

  1283. 1283 : Hana Ibadah Tasya Says:

    Amazing like a Korean actor to Ji-sub!!! 🙂 <3 (Joo-goon)

  1284. 1284 : ghislane gh Says:

    i have seen this serie, and i liked it very much, even i i’m not the kind of people who liked scary stories, although it’s not scary, it is interesting, every episode has a new adventure and stories about sad ghosts, i really like this serie, d i think it is quite better than who are you.

  1285. 1285 : Review: Master’s Sun (Re-review) | It's A Drama Wonderland Says:

    […] (Source: http://www.koreandrama.org/the-masters-sun/) […]

  1286. 1286 : Uri Masters Programs | Home Says:

    […] The Master’s Sun » Korean Drama – » The Master’s Sun » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  1287. 1287 : Irene Says:

    I really love this drama, horror but some funny.. i’ll never stop watching korean drama, its really the best…

  1288. 1288 : rani Says:

    I can’t forget this drama

  1289. 1289 : 주군의 태양 The Master's Sun (Korean Drama) - Che-Cheh Says:

    […] (source from koreandrama.org): The story revolves around a woman who can see ghosts and a man who tries to protect her, and is […]

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