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The King and I

Title: 왕과 나 / The King and I
Chinese title : 王与我 / 王和我
Also known as: King and Me
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 63
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Aug-27 to 2008-April-1
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55


A drama about Kim Cheo Seon’s life during the Joseon Dynasty. Kim Cheo Seon was a loyal and faithful eunuch for various Kings such as the 5th King, MoonJoong, and the 10th King, YunSan Goon, during the Chosun Era.


Oh Man Suk as Kim Cheo Seon
Goo Hye Sun as Yoon So Hwa
Ko Joo Won as King Seongjong
Lee Jin as Jung Hyun
Jun Kwang Ryul as Jo Chi Kyeom (head of the eunuchs)
Jun In Hwa as Queen Dowager Insu (Seongjong’s mother)
Yang Mi Kyung as Queen Mother Jeonghee (Seongjong’s grandmother)
Jun Hye Bin as Seol Young (Chi Kyeom’s adoptive sister)
Ahn Jae Mo as Jung Han Soo (eunuch)
Baek Seung Do as Han Soo (adolescent)

Extended Cast

Jung Tae Woo as Yeon San Geun
Park Ha Sun as Yeon San’s wife
Kang Jae as Kim Ja Won
Shin Goo as Noh Nae Si (Chi Kyeom’s adoptive father / former eunuch)
Kim Soo Mi as Soginopa (person in charge of discipline at the eunuch training place)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Wol Hwa (Cheo Seon’s foster mother / Soginopa’s daughter)
Han Jung Soo as Do Geum Pyo (eunuch)
Kang In Hyung (강인형) as Moon So Un (eunuch / Cheo Seon’s friend)
Kang Nam Gil as Choi Cham Bong
Kim Ha Kyoon as Jang Soon Woo
Ahn Kil Kang as Gae Do Chi (knifesmith)
Kim Hyuk as Park Deok Hu (Lady Yoon’s first love)
Jung Eun Chan (정은찬) as Yoon Ki Hyun (Lady Yoon’s older brother)
Lee Gun Joo as Song Gye Nam (Cheo Seon’s fellow eunuch)
Kim So Hyun as Lady Jung (Chi Kyeom’s wife)
Yang Jung Ah as Oh-ssi (Cheo Seon’s mother)
Kim Jung Min as Beodeuri
Lee Young Eun as palace member
Kim Da Hyun as Choi Ja Chi
Kim Yong Heon as Eom Nae Kwan
Kim Myung Soo as Yang Sung Yoon
Kim Byung Chun as Yang Seong Yun
Kim Sa Rang as Er Yoon Chang (giseng)
Kim Jong Kyu as Han Myung Hwe (Jung Hyun’s father / minister)
Park Dong Bin as Goo Sung Gun (minister)
Yoon Hye Kyung as Eom Gwui In
Choi Soo Hwan as young Kim Ja Won
Jung Yoon Suk as Yi Yoong (So Hwa’s son)
Yoo Min Ho as King Yejong (Seongjong’s uncle)
Joo Min Soo as young Cheo Seon
Park Bo Young as young So Hwa
Yoo Seung Ho as young Jaeulsangun (King Seongjong)
Jun Han Eun as young So Un
Jo Jung Eun as young Beodeuri
Baek Seung Do as young Han Soo
Maeng Chang Min as young Song Gye Nam
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Yoon Ki Kyun (So Hwa’s father)
Choi Jung Won as Lady Shin (Ki Kyun’s wife)
Ho Hyo Hun as young Ki Hyun
Kim Byung Se as King Sejo
Lee Il Jae as Kim Ja Myeong (Cheo Seon’s father)
Lee Ji Oh as Crown Prince (Yeon San’s son)
Kim Jong Kyul as Han Myung Hee (Jung Hyun’s father / minister)
Samuel Kang as eunuch
Jun Jin Woo as Kim Il Son
Choi Wan Jung as Court Lady Jang
Cha Min Ji
Jun Hyun Ah as Court Lady Kam Chul

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Jae Hyung
Scriptwriter: Yoo Dong Yoon

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-08-27 1 14.4 (7th) 14.8 (6th)
2007-08-28 2 18.8 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2007-09-03 3 22.9 (2nd) 24.9 (1st)
2007-09-04 4 25.8 (1st) 27.1 (1st)
2007-09-10 5 22.3 (2nd) 23.3 (2nd)
2007-09-11 6 21.0 (2nd) 22.0 (2nd)
2007-09-17 7 25.6 (2nd) 26.5 (1st)
2007-09-18 8 23.1 (2nd) 24.2 (2nd)
2007-09-24 9 12.9 (4th) 13.6 (4th)
2007-09-25 10 19.8 (1st) 20.1 (1st)
2007-10-01 11 23.3 (2nd) 23.4 (2nd)
2007-10-02 12 24.0 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd)
2007-10-08 13 22.0 (2nd) 22.7 (2nd)
2007-10-09 14 23.3 (2nd) 24.2 (2nd)
2007-10-15 15 22.4 (2nd) 23.4 (2nd)
2007-10-16 16 23.5 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2007-10-22 17 23.1 (2nd) 24.5 (2nd)
2007-10-23 18 24.1 (3rd) 25.5 (3rd)
2007-10-29 19 26.0 (2nd) 26.5 (2nd)
2007-10-30 20 22.2 (2nd) 22.3 (3rd)
2007-11-05 21 21.8 (2nd) 23.1 (3rd)
2007-11-06 22 22.9 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd)
2007-11-12 23 20.5 (3rd) 21.4 (3rd)
2007-11-13 24 22.6 (3rd) 23.6 (3rd)
2007-11-19 25 19.7 (5th) 20.6 (4th)
2007-11-20 26 20.8 (4th) 21.5 (4th)
2007-11-26 27 21.3 (4th) 22.1 (3rd)
2007-11-27 28 21.0 (3rd) 21.1 (3rd)
2007-12-03 29 20.0 (3rd) 19.6 (4th)
2007-12-04 30 20.2 (5th) 19.9 (4th)
2007-12-10 31 19.2 (5th) 19.2 (5th)
2007-12-11 32 24.8 (1st) 25.4 (2nd)
2007-12-17 33 17.0 (6th) 17.4 (6th)
2007-12-18 34 16.1 (6th) 15.6 (6th)
2007-12-24 35 13.2 (8th) 12.7 (8th)
2007-12-25 36 16.0 (6th) 15.7 (6th)
2008-01-01 37 15.9 (7th) 15.6 (7th)
2008-01-07 38 15.1 (6th) 14.8 (6th)
2008-01-08 39 15.0 (7th) 15.1 (7th)
2008-01-14 40 15.0 (7th) 15.0 (8th)
2008-01-15 41 15.6 (6th) 15.6 (8th)
2008-01-21 42 14.5 (8th) 13.9 (8th)
2008-01-22 43 15.6 (8th) 15.5 (8th)
2008-01-28 44 14.5 (8th) 13.5 (9th)
2008-01-29 45 14.8 (8th) 14.5 (9th)
2008-02-04 46 12.9 (10th) 11.5 (11th)
2008-02-05 47 16.7 (6th) 16.1 (6th)
2008-02-11 48 15.0 (8th) 14.5 (9th)
2008-02-12 49 14.3 (8th) 14.0 (10th)
2008-02-18 50 13.6 (10th) 12.9 (11th)
2008-02-19 51 16.6 (7th) 15.9 (8th)
2008-02-25 52 14.7 (7th) 14.3 (8th)
2008-02-26 53 19.5 (5th) 19.2 (6th)
2008-03-03 54 17.0 (6th) 16.8 (6th)
2008-03-04 55 17.9 (6th) 17.5 (6th)
2008-03-10 56 15.5 (6th) 15.2 (6th)
2008-03-11 57 15.7 (6th) 15.6 (6th)
2008-03-17 58 14.9 (6th) 14.8 (6th)
2008-03-18 59 14.9 (6th) 14.0 (7th)
2008-03-24 60 13.9 (7th) 13.0 (9th)
2008-03-25 61 16.1 (6th) 15.7 (6th)
2008-03-31 62 17.2 (6th) 16.7 (7th)
2008-04-01 63 19.7 (5th) 18.9 (6th)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : Melanie Says:


    I think this drama is very interesting. If you wanna discuss korean dramas with me, email me at [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. 2 : karagaet Says:

    i like joojinmo in Queen of the game

  3. 3 : movieaddict Says:

    Does any of the drama here have subtitle on it? it’s seem like “watch here with chinese sub” all the time. Please tell me where I can watch with sub.

  4. 4 : Geraldine Says:

    Like this drama,does anyone knows what happen in episode 01c time 12.07,it seems to have stucked isn’t it?

  5. 5 : Shin Says:

    Dang it, is there no OST for this?!?! If anyone knows where, tell me! =)

  6. 6 : dramaaddict Says:

    this is a very interested drama it is showing in Hawaii KBFD TV station but there is a site Thanks to a generous person it’s online…check it out!!!

    ENJOY!! IT!!!

  7. 7 : mujibum Says:

    please upload more episod…..this story very interesting

  8. 8 : Tammy Says:

    the english sub video isn’t very good, when your in the 2nd part it alway stops in the middle than starts again i don’t know why but could someone fix this problem

  9. 9 : idril Says:

    i cant hardly wait to watch this drama coz i already felt in love with oh man seok since the vineyard man… even he is not that handsome but he is so charming!!! i heard that he is a single father with one daughter now!!! 🙂

  10. 10 : hani Says:

    i agree with u idril. Love Man Seok in the Vineyard Man. Looking 4ward 2 watch this drama…

  11. 11 : HannyBae Says:

    The rating’s good. I think it’s interesting drama. Oh Man Suk ‘s also a good actor. Like him.

  12. 12 : lolz Says:

    wow i like this one…
    my friends mom is in here…
    shes jun in hwa..

  13. 13 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  14. 14 : ssgconner Says:

    where can i get this with english subtyitles, any links i really wanna watch this.

  15. 15 : Ivy Says:

    ssgconner, you may watch it online with englisg subtitle from the link on above post.

  16. 16 : Mike Says:

    Who was the actress who played the King’s lover, who was divorced from a member of the royal family and who was eventually ordered killed by the king?

  17. 17 : Jim Suthard Says:

    >Who was the actress who played the King’s lover, who was divorced from a member of the royal family and who was eventually ordered killed by the king?

    I believe it was Lee Sarang…

    Anyone here of a DVD release for this series…

  18. 18 : Blue2607 Says:

    This drama is really interesting, romance and history. It’s shows us that the power of love is really strong, and this love is a love that needs no reply. It’s really a nice drama……i would recommend you to watch

  19. 19 : telmen Says:

    Hello. can anyone tell me where I can watch the period from 35 to 63 online??? pls

  20. 20 : dai ngo Says:

    For those who are interested, Netflix has all 3 volumes (6-7 DVDs per volume) of this series. Looks great in wide-screen format.

  21. 21 : yup Says:

    oh man seok is a great acter i like him to acting

  22. 22 : wand dae biso seo no Says:

    I like this korean drama ı live in turkey and ı like korea my site http://hanguk-forum.niceboard.net

  23. 23 : bitchoso Says:





  24. 24 : arnie Says:

    I bought dvd, story is long, but worth it. I like the drama. Historical. Love and friendship. AWESOME!

  25. 25 : shella e. pareja Says:

    hello Koo hye sun i am your number 1 fan in the phillipines i alwayz watch boys over flowers and im sad that the boys over flowers was end i wish that replay it hindi ako magsaswa for ever

  26. 26 : shella e. pareja Says:

    and i know that king and i was best because you are bida your the best among the rest koo hye sun

  27. 27 : Jade Says:

    I am definitely looking forward to see the drama about “The King and I”, if anyone here can possibly tell me how to get this episodes of the drama… am really interested…. please let me know… Thanks in advance!~

  28. 28 : jean bridger Says:

    Hi Korean Drama Lovers,

    I am hooked to this drama (The King n I)…i bought the whole series….with English sub-title…..its really interesting and I am into episode 43…..getting more n more dramatic….lots of murders n tears….hicks..hicks..hicks,.
    looking forward to getting the new drama “Chuno” ????

  29. 29 : JR Says:

    The time line of this historical drama and another, “Dae Jang Geum” overlap. These stories show the king–who flips his wig in the later episodes of this story–as the same king in :Dae Jang Geum” , but with a totally different personality, to say the least, There’s also a Jang character in this story toward the end who is the polar opposite of the saintly Dae Jang Geum as well. Anybody have insight on which story is closer to historic truth?

  30. 30 : mutiara Says:

    this drama was wondreful.. i love historical drama!

  31. 31 : mel Says:

    hmmm… i want to watch this movie…. i think this movie so interesting…

  32. 32 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  33. 33 : starlite Says:

    Have been watching this drama renting it form netflix and on season 2 the king pisses me off so much!!! some parts boring but when its good its good.

  34. 34 : lv bag Says:

    and i know that king and i was best because you are bida your the best among the rest koo hye sun

  35. 35 : bochra lve taemin Says:

    hi my name is bochra i am tunisien but ilove korean drama.akhhelly ilvove drama the king andI and i wathd too time it’s very good and lovely

  36. 36 : sara Says:

    hi this drama was best

  37. 37 : sara Says:


  38. 38 : rawaa sanjakdar Says:

    verry interesting drama i like it verry much

  39. 39 : merve Says:

    hi,ım turkish and ım korean fun i love the korea ı want watching to this drama

  40. 40 : Joseph Says:

    This is amazing drama.sometimes I sleep & dream it
    Its facinating

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    […] […]

  42. 42 : mar taroma Says:

    its nice but sometimes its so boring! i buy pirated DVD just to be able to watch this!

  43. 43 : Muriel Says:

    ALL sites are missing episodes!
    What happened to them?
    Aren’t those part of the story telling saga?
    I can see why I dislike drama episodes to watch.
    They are always incomplete or the players never work.

  44. 44 : amiraluvkorea Says:

    i love this drama it’s make me cry

  45. 45 : awat Says:

    hi im from kurdish im from kurdistan region of iraq, i love this drama and all korean drama

  46. 46 : fatma Says:

    hi i’m from tunisia i love this drama but i didn’t finish it i regret that

  47. 47 : fatma Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this drama

  48. 48 : Vlas Daniel Says:

    Please tell me where can I find and download the english subtitles for the korean drama The king and I

  49. 49 : Vlas Daniel Says:

    please tell me …where can I download english subtitles for ” the king and I ” ?

  50. 50 : simin Says:

    hi iam from iran in iran many of peple love series korean historikal and drama meny tanks for this movie please tell me 1- is there all of episode king and i whit subtitle english? 2-what about king sejong? if yes is very good because we must translate it to farsi (persian) and it is easy from english to persian thank you so much

  51. 51 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like this korean drama very much because it is interesting and nice story and i like koo hye sun as the korean idol.

  52. 52 : Arminda Snyder Says:

    I just have watched one episode only..And I liked it very much!..Please let me know schedule on Arirang chanel 44.5 …I watched at 5:30am I think it may be more later times when its viewed ..Please inform..Thank you. I am a big fan of Arirang.. and I have high respect and admiracion for Korea.. Also watch other programs. Thank you!

  53. 53 : Meghan Dere Says:

    I really like this program and look forward to watch it. Its aired Monday to Friday on Arirang here in Mumbai, India. A rich story and cast displays the magnificent Korean culture which i admire. Can someone help me get the song during the closing part sung in a male voice? Thanks.

  54. 54 : gurmed Says:

    thank u so much for putting up such programme ,i always make it a point not to miss a single episode and once again thank u for sharing u’r rich culture with us.

  55. 55 : Sunnies-Asia Says:

    I watched this just because of my favorite Korean Actress “Goo Hye Sun” but the story is beautiful and interesting.. it is also informative on how Korean’s political dynasty live their life…

  56. 56 : princess añana Says:

    hi to all cast of the king and i korean drama im so verry verry proud to all

  57. 57 : dave Says:

    I liked to watch this program and use it to try and improve my Korean, but the time of viewing has been changed from 8.30pm Middle east time to 10.30pm. The new time is to late for me, as my working day in the middle east starts at 4.30am. So a good drama that I can not watch any more.

  58. 58 : black diva Says:

    I have watched this eveyday for the last 55 days. I love this drama! the poor inocent deposed queen, the eunich that loved her, the drama that surrounds them all. I have this set on my DVR, to make sure I do not miss an episode. I would highly recomend this drama to everyone. Can’t wait to see the next historical drama!

  59. 59 : Debz Says:

    I love Ku hye sun and I love the drama!

  60. 60 : siddiqui Says:

    very wonderfull drama, i watch regularly,on arirang, i am an indian.i like particularly the grand queen mother facial expression in episodes from 165 onwards.

  61. 61 : Maria Josefina Zavalla Says:

    I live in Argentina and I began to watch Arirang dramas one Year ago.
    I saw The land that was very interesting It was on weekends and on
    Weekdays I saw The King and I.This drama is so good that I am seeing
    It again this year on weekends.Congratulations.

  62. 62 : patricia Says:

    I am from Guatemala, C.A. This drama is amazing. Iliked it very much because of the locations and dresses. And its nice to know about the loyalty of the people to the king and Queen.. Congratulations

  63. 63 : minky lesmana Says:

    Please give me airing schedule for “The King and I” in Indonesia. I like this drama very much. Thank you.

  64. 64 : minky lesmana Says:

    I like The King and I drama. Please let me know your airing schedule in Indonesia. Thank you.

  65. 65 : Yuni Susita Dewi Says:

    I like The King and I drama….two thumbs !

  66. 66 : ope Says:

    i love dis drama very much

  67. 67 : help me please Says:

    where can i see this serie With eng sub.
    link please or app?
    please can someone tell me where i can see the series, its loocking so GOOD, i have just seen 3 episodes and after that i can’t see anymore!!
    help me please. and fast please :*

  68. 68 : حمید Says:

    king and i is very nice serial
    my website: http://mykorea-shop.ir/

  69. 69 : Lee Says:

    can i ask you guys which part was pRince Yeonsan born? like what episode? especially when a lafy court saif a monster is born

  70. 70 : mary Says:

    am also interested in this drama where can I get a copy am from Nigeria

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