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The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin

Title: 불멸의 이순신 / Bulmyeolui Yi Soon-shin / The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin
Chinese Title: 不灭的李舜臣
Also known as: Immortal Admiral Yi Soon-shin / Immortal Yi Soon-shin
Episodes: 104 (+ 2 special programs)
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2004-Sep-04 to 2005-Aug-28 (2005-Sep-04)
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 9:45 PM
Viewership rating: (peak: 33.1%) (average: 29.9%)


This drama will draw a real picture of the Joseon society, which was not well acquainted with the international situation at the time, in a bid to learn a lesson from this example.

In East Asia at the time, Ming was losing his influence gradually, while Yojin was emerging as the central power in Manchuria. In Japan, Nobunaga Oda died after putting an end to a 120-year civil war, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi took power and unified the entire Japan. During the civil war, Japan accepted the Western civilization and came in contact with quite a new weapon, harquebuses. Records have it that the military capabilities of Japan at the time were stronger than those of the European countries combined. Japan had the high ambition to conquer East Asia based on such military capabilities. Regrettably, there were not many people in Joseon who had a correct understanding of the international situation.

The drama will point out, first of all, these points as the primary causes of the 7-year Joseon-Japanese War and the ensuing bitter defeat. We are going to look into the life of Yi Sun-shin, Yu Seong-ryong and Won Gyun who went through such turbulent days as contemporaries. From this history, we are going to learn a lesson for today’s Korea, a small and weak nation in the dynamics of the international relations.


Kim Myung Min as Lee Soon Shin
Lee Jae Ryong as Yoo Sung Ryong
Choi Chul Ho as King Seonjo
Choi Jae Sung as Won Gyun
Ahn Yeon Hong as Hong Yi
Kim Gyu Chul
Yoo In Suk
Lee Il Jae
Kim Jong Kyul as Sho Tai
Hwang Bum Shik
Lee Sang In
Kim Eung Suk
Cha Min Ji

Production Credits

Producer: Jung Young Chul
Director: Lee Sung Joo, Kim Jung Gyu
Screenwriter: Yoon Sun Joo
Assistant director: Han Joon Seo, Lee So Yun, Song Hyun Wook, Kim Won Suk
Assistant screenwriter: Park Young Suk (박영숙), Yoon Young Soo (윤영수), Jang Ki Chang (장기창)


2006 The 33rd Korean Broadcasting Awards: Best TV Talent Kim Myung Min
2006 18th Producers Awards of Korea: Best Performer Kim Myung Min
2005 Grime Award: Best Actor Kim Myung Min
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize Kim Myung Min
2004 The 4th KBS Right Language Awards: Kim Myung Min

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  2. 2 : Jacob Kim Says:

    Excellent Drama ang history. However you missed No 29 and 32. Where is it
    Very poor programer and making such mistake will damages your reputa
    tion. Please rectify and insert right awy.

  3. 3 : Corina Says:

    Hello there,

    I love your movies and I am asking if possible to make categories of them so we know to which category each of them belongs. Can you give me some titles of the “period” movies ? Can we pay membership and watch without commercials ?


  4. 4 : Souheil Khalil Says:

    I have been looking to buy the yi soon shin series with English subtitle for years. I could not find it can you advise please?

  5. 5 : Cahtrin Says:

    For Souheil Khalil: try Amazon for the series on dvd (but it isn’t a full 104 episodes) with English subtitles, also try iOffer.com because 66pyo66 was selling a collector’s version with English subtitles. Hope that helps, this is one fine series!

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