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The Greatest Love

Title: 최고의 사랑 / Choegoui Sarang / The Greatest Love
Chinese Title : 最伟大的爱 / 最佳爱情
Also known as: Best Love
Previously known as: 애정의 발견 / The Discovery of Affection
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-May-04 to 2011-June-23
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 21:55


Ae Jung was once the most popular member of girl band The National Treasure Girls. However 10 years ago the band broke up and she received most of the blame. Despite her warm personality her career has suffered ever since and she now spends her time fighting for air time on variety shows. Dokko Jin is a top movie star at the height of his career. The two meet and become involved in each other’s careers. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but agrees to make a dating show. Dokko Jin helps get Ae Jung a role on a new reality show called Couple Making. Pil Joo is the bachelor being set up on Couple Making. Both men fall for Ae Jung both off and on the screen.


Gong Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung
Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin
Yoo In Na as Kang Se Ri
Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil Joo

Extended Cast

Choi Sung Min as Kim Eun Ho PD
Kim Mi Jin as Producer Han Myung Jung
Jung Man Shik as Director Jang
Ryu Hyo Young as Ha Roo Mi
Han Jin Hee as Goo Ja Chul
Jung Joon Ha as Goo Ae Wan (Ae Jung’s brother/manager)
Park Won Sook as Pil Joo’s mother
Choi Hwa Jung as Representative Moon
Lee Hee Jin as Jenny
Im Ji Kyu as Kim Jae Suk
Bae Seul Gi as Han Mi Na
Yang Han Yeol as Goo Hyung Kyu


Lee Seung Ki as himself
Oh Sang Jin as music programe MC
Brian as Kang Min
Park Si Yeon as Kim Hee Jin
Ho Ran (호란) as radio DJ
Lee Je In (이제인)
Kim Sung Joo
Jung Yoon Ki (정윤기)
Lee Byung Jin
Jang Hang Joon
Jung Doo Hong
Kim Goo Ra (김구라)
Lee Hwi Jae
Park Mi Sun
Lee Kyung Shil
Jo Hyung Gi (조형기)
Kim Ji Sun (김지선)
Jo Hye Ryun
Ji Sang Ryul
Kim Hyun Chul (김현철)
Park Kyung Rim
Kim Shin Young (김신영)
Park Seul Gi as TV reporter

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Jin Man
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)
Director: Park Hong Kyun, Lee Dong Yoon (이동윤)


2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: Top Excellence Actress: Gong Hyo Jin (The Greatest Love)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Drama of the Year
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Mini Series Top Excellence Award, Actor (Cha Seung Won)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Mini Series Top Excellence Award, Actress (Gong Hyo Jin)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Actor Award (Yang Han Yeol)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year Award (Hong Mi Ran and Hong Jung Eun)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Gong Hyo Jin)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-05-04 1 6.5 8.6 (11th)
2011-05-05 2 7.1 (20th) 9.6 (9th)
2011-05-11 3 8.6 (14th) 11.2 (7th)
2011-05-12 4 9.7 (8th) 12.3 (5th)
2011-05-18 5 10.4 (5th) 13.9 (4th)
2011-05-19 6 10.2 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2011-05-25 7 14.4 (3rd) 17.9 (1st)
2011-05-26 8 15.2 (2nd) 18.0 (1st)
2011-06-01 9 14.4 (3rd) 17.0 (1st)
2011-06-02 10 13.8 (3rd) 17.4 (1st)
2011-06-08 11 14.3 (3rd) 17.3 (1st)
2011-06-09 12 14.6 (2nd) 18.5 (1st)
2011-06-15 13 13.1 (4th) 17.7 (1st)
2011-06-16 14 14.5 (2nd) 18.1 (1st)
2011-06-22 15 15.9 (3rd) 19.3 (1st)
2011-06-23 16 17.4 (2nd) 21.2 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : The Greatest Love | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

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  2. 2 : yoRoseberry Says:

    a idols drama again, looking forward..
    yoo in na saranghae!

  3. 3 : via Says:

    Cha seung woon.. Luv u… I have been waiting for you to act in another romantic comedy drama like City Hall.. I also love the leading lady here Gong Hyo jin, she’s great in Thank You and Pasta.. They will become a great couple.. hope so..

  4. 4 : ptsh836 Says:

    wowee!! gong hyo jin with cha seung won!! will there be an explosive chemistry? jus like wat seung won had with kim sun nah in citihall?!….but my lovely hyo jin (*weeps*) ur beautiful tresses sacrificed?? u look so matured here with shorter hairstyle…..i dun see da hero in da poster….is he still at it?? i mean, plucking his eyebrows thin!! n his little goatee still there??

    looking 4ward to a hyo jin drama anytime….bound to be gud!!

  5. 5 : Mizrilla Says:

    Can’t wait to watch it on streaming… Gorgeous man.. Yummie..

  6. 6 : via Says:

    count me in too.. I will surely love this drama.

  7. 7 : chero92 Says:


  8. 8 : kukay Says:

    Two of my favorite korean actors are in it, cha seung won and gong hyo jin so i would not definitely miss the chance of watching this series. Can’t wait…

  9. 9 : Wynn Demon Says:

    it’s looks like it’s interesting~!!! (*- *)
    i m looking forward to this~!!! (>- ^)
    haha~ (^v ^)

  10. 10 : nanette Says:

    i can’t wa8 to watch this…….gong hyo jin….fighting

  11. 11 : ADANI Says:

    i will watch this drama……………..

  12. 12 : safa Says:

    good luck ryu hyo young

  13. 13 : kimz Says:

    the picture????…. 5dolls???

  14. 14 : yatta Says:

    love you yoon kye sang.
    you are great actor.
    thank for your drama “crazy for you”.
    this drama is amazing. amazing story. amazing ending.
    i like you to in “who are you”.you are so funny in this drma. like this drama too.

  15. 15 : yummy Says:

    love you yoon kye sang.
    you are the greatest actor.
    thank for your drama ” crazy for you “.
    this drama is amazing, amazing story, amazing acting, amazing ending.
    thank for your drama ” who are you “.
    you are so funny in this drama.
    thank yoon kye sang for your acting.

  16. 16 : Wynn Demon Says:

    wow~!!! (>v o

  17. 17 : ViKa Says:

    i think it’s an interesting drama. can’t wait to watch it

  18. 18 : kysha Says:

    Good Cast. Anticipating to see the chemistry between the 2 leads.

  19. 19 : maryam Says:

    i am very glad that yoon kye sang is playing in this drama
    i love him veryyyyy much and i hope he will play more drama 😀

  20. 20 : zashee Says:

    look interesting

  21. 21 : viesa Says:

    I am so gonna watch this drama because of Cha Seung Won, though i don’t like the leading actress. Love you Cha Seung Won.

  22. 22 : KDAddict Says:

    like the two leads so not going to miss this drama for sure!

  23. 23 : meetzy Says:

    Cha seung won and gong hyo jin?
    Can’t wait to watch this drama!
    I ♥ them 🙂

  24. 24 : via Says:

    I really can’t wait to watch this drama…

  25. 25 : mona Says:

    omo, cha seung won is back… 🙂 i love him, he’s so cute in city hall.. can’t wait the drama……..

  26. 26 : Grace Says:

    Trailer is available now – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuhFhVaxS8k

  27. 27 : naa Says:

    wwwoooww…..I really really love this couple…cant hard wait to see this drama

  28. 28 : honey b Says:

    Wouuuu, Cha Seung Won, can’t wait for his drama!!!!

  29. 29 : Nad's Says:

    can’t wait for the new drama of Cha Seung Won oppa.! ^o^

  30. 30 : steadystrike Says:

    It’s like Hong Sisters crosses with WGM. Gotta watch this when it airs

  31. 31 : The Greatest Love | Korean Drama Picture Says:

    […] Korean Drama Tags: Greatest, Love […]

  32. 32 : terbaru terkini Says:

    wow.. this drama very great 🙂

  33. 33 : Konstance Says:

    Enough of melodrama. I want to watch comedy.

  34. 34 : Lena Says:

    CHA SEUNG WQN, my idol, can’t wait to watch this drama…

  35. 35 : Emily Says:

    awww… Cha Seung Won!!! hope he’s as fun in City Hall. He was too dark in Athena, I didn’t enjoy watching him…

  36. 36 : redGirl Says:

    Park Si Yeon to make a special appearance in the drama …..


  37. 37 : indie Says:

    Episode 1 video already available at dramastyle.com…Just need someone to make English subtitles so that I can understand it. Please…

  38. 38 : mandak Says:

    episode 1 is great..worth to watch..haha

  39. 39 : mandak Says:

    ep.1 recap..enjoy it guys..lol


  40. 40 : kukay Says:

    Loved the first episode. No doubt the two lead actors have great chemistry.

  41. 41 : Lovemoon Says:

    Not sure about this one yet. Finished watching ep 1. Sorry, to say this. It was so painful to watch w/o fast forward this first ep. (like the kids use to say when they travel in a long trip–are we there yet?). For the last 5 minutes when they play the game in TV then it cheers us up a bit and changed the pace. I decide to watch a few more ep. before I drop this one. (I did drop the city hall which I am not sure it is becasue I am never crazy about both the female/male leads or the storyline).

  42. 42 : buttercup Says:

    agree with you lovemoon….i’m not sure either…i wanna try few episodes more to see where the story will develop between those two…

  43. 43 : Wen Says:

    Esp 1 was entertaining and fun to watch! I like GHJ & CSW, both are great actors!

  44. 44 : via Says:

    This drama is funny and hillarious.. I love CSW acting as Dokko Jin, he can really deliver his role here and his comedic acting is brilliant! I also love GHJ, she is no doubt has a great acting skills in serious and comedic role, she is so lovingly cute and seems so innocent.. love their acting very much.. I definitely in love with this drama..

  45. 45 : via Says:

    for a spoiler here, i think dokko jin have a heart transplant from someone who was Ae jung big fans or maybe someone who use to be Ae jung boyfriend or lover, thats why dokko jin heart beats hard and fast everytime he listen to the Song that Ae jung and her band use to sing or whenever he see her in pain and sadness, his new heart beating fast. I think this drama will make an excellent drama in romantic comedy, i hope hong sister can nailed this story well..

  46. 46 : ok ok ok Says:

    i enjoy watching ep2 very much especially when GAJ went to hospital to visit Dokko Jin – its so funny. The background music used was so funny when GAJ doing all the funny actions to meet DJ.

    I also like 2nd lead actor role here – the doctor – Mr Yoon Kye Sang – he looks fit and more handsome than before.

    All really put up a good work. Looking forward to ep 3. 🙂 🙂

  47. 47 : via Says:

    @ok ok ok…. yes.. me too.. i love episode 1 and 2, look forward for more episode.. but i think the doctor YKS have a crush for Se Ri first, and then he get to know Ae jung and then fall for her.. hehehe.. i think that what will happend, but im not sure since I am not the writer.. Yoo in na is potential bi*** in this drama.

  48. 48 : OK OK OK Says:

    I find Gong Hyo Jin is stupid to let her face slap for real at the carpark after the female band complaint to their manager about her. See her left cheek with red finger & palm marks. (ep 2)

  49. 49 : Voletta Says:

    I love The Greatest Love drama, just finished ep.1 & 2 really hilarious. This drama daebak (^_^)b . I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes.
    In the drama seems like the actor using pacemaker ? His heart knows well the song kekeke jaemiso!!!

  50. 50 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a wonderful romantic comedy, and I am not even a fan of Cha Seung Won. I’ve seen him in City Hall and Athena. City Hall was great bcos of the script. Athena was better than Iris, in which everyone died. I remained neutral to Cha. But he comes across as real funny in this drama. One wouldn’t think that he and the lead actress are a good match, due to their diff styles, but they are! Look fwd to ep 3 – 18!
    via gives a good explanation abt his heart n reaction to that song. Thx.

  51. 51 : indie24 Says:

    Watched episode 2 without English subtitles…(Sigh). I really hope the subbed version will come out soon. Whatever happened to viki.com? I was able to watch episode 1 there last Thursday without a glitch but now I can’t access The Greatest Love channel. Anyway…still loving this drama.

  52. 52 : KDaddict Says:

    I like Cha Seung Won as Dokku Jin, an arrogant, mischievous, immature movie star. He is a lot of fun to watch as Dokku Jin.

  53. 53 : joydrama Says:

    watch the first 2 episode, funny.

  54. 54 : dee Says:

    love cha seung won….

  55. 55 : giselle_tw Says:

    OMG !!! this drama is must watch !!!
    Its sooooo funny and hilarious … I cant get enough of it …
    Hong sisters are ROCK !!
    CSW & GHJ is matched made in heaven …
    love it …love it … love it

  56. 56 : via Says:

    @Ok ok ok, Ae jung or GHJ can’t do anything about being slap by that evil manager, it’s because she is now underated stars and she knew that she is no longer have the right to giving advice to some new comer of kpop group, simply because they think she is no better than theirs who’s having a lot of scandal and lots of anti fans of hers. If she fight back it will be alot worst and it will make another scandal, and i dont think she can survive if that is what happen, scandal with dokku jin itself already makes her antifans increase.
    @Kaddict, you are welcome.. I love CSW as Dokku jin too, he is so funny and at the same time he is also an arrogant and selfish man with a lot of pride. I love CSW acting here.. look forward for next episode..

  57. 57 : OK OK OK Says:

    @56 via

    I understand the drama and know why she is being slapped. What I meant is she don’t have to do it for “REAL” to convince the audience.

  58. 58 : KDaddict Says:

    The slap across the face might not be for “real”. The reddish mark of a hand we see is make-up. How hard is it to paint 4-5 longish shapes on her cheek?

  59. 59 : via Says:

    @ok ok ok, I believe Kaddict already answer your question, and I also do believe that is only an acting, that GHJ wasn’t really slap in that scene and she was only pretend to being slap and the mark on her face is only a make up.

  60. 60 : bayliss Says:

    Hong sisters is my favorite, i hope this drama is funny and entertaining.

  61. 61 : via Says:

    can’t wait for episode 3 tonight!!!

  62. 62 : via Says:

    Great news.. Eugene and Ki tae yeong getting married on July 2011.. Congratulation for the lovely couple, they finally become real couple in life after they in the drama together called Creating Destiny.. love the couple very much..

  63. 63 : via Says:

    Episode 3 is really great… love every single scene in this episode.. CSW Dokko jin is very hillariously funny and YKS is looking very handsome here.

  64. 64 : KDaddict Says:

    This is too funny. Who would have thought? Cha Seung Won is such a good comedic actor. I m really enjoying watching his version of an arrogant guy falling in love despite himself. He is so tall, so dignified, so macho, which makes it even more silly and hilarious when he falls heads over heels over a woman, and doesn’t want to admit it.

  65. 65 : indie Says:

    Just read the recap of episode 3. Totally loving this drama

  66. 66 : OK OK OK Says:

    I really enjoy ep3 and have a good laugh especially when Dokko Jin snatch the lady dresses from the manager who slapped Goo Ae Jung at the carpark earlier.

    The doctor at the couple making 3 is so adorable & handsome.
    To me, this is the best comedy drama compared to those most recent one 🙂 🙂

  67. 67 : Bebo Says:

    this drama is the best so far in 2011. totally funny and amazing, all actors are very lovable. can’t wait for the next episode

  68. 68 : nmwe91 Says:

    Fully support..best drama in 2011!!

  69. 69 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep4 — also very funny. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    When Dokku Gin secretly votes for Ae Jung to support her in couple making 3 programme, he was so lucky to win a price for himself out of 85 votes & the programme organiser even said DJ sound like Dokku Gin when he answers the phone about his winning. ha ha

  70. 70 : kdrama_fan Says:

    It is the fourth episode I watched today. Already I love this drama waiting for every Wednesday and Thursday to come soon for new episodes. Gong Hyo Jin is lovely to me. Cha Seung Won is like a man who is in charge like in City Hall. Wish this drama keeps the chemistry between them for coming episodes.

  71. 71 : SW Says:

    I Want ep 4 in youtube….. pleaseeeeeee………………….

  72. 72 : sylvia Says:

    Several good dramas to watch for the month of may: Romance Town, Lie to Me and Greatest love. I wonder how they will rate. This drama already catched my attention after viewing the first 2 episodes. The main leads Hyo Jin and Seung Won are great actors they can deliver any kind of roles even if it is a comedy. I am just a little bit sad because my favorite actor Kye Sang is only in the second lead, he’s also good in comedy. Anyway, I hope that someday he will be given a leading role for he’s also a very charming and talented actor.

  73. 73 : pinkgirl Says:

    Hi I From Indonesia
    Please tell me link THE GREATEST LOVE EP 4….


  74. 74 : b2uty Says:

    hi,, annyoenghaseo….
    i want to watch this drama ep 4 but i don’t know for the link…
    can you give me link of ep 4??



  75. 75 : KDaddict Says:

    I love Cha Seung Won’s Dokko Jin. He is arrogant & cute. The guy is an over-grown kid at heart; see his condo & his interaction w/the 7 yr old nephew! They r the same mental age! Cha is a wonderful actor.
    Dokko Jin has received a script for a romance drama. Will he star in it with his new sweetheart?
    I love the lead actress too. Didn’t take to her much in Sandoo, let’s go to school. But here, she is beautiful in an honest, natural, comfortable way.

  76. 76 : via Says:

    * I love the panty scene.. I was laughing till my stomach hurt.. hahaha… that scene is hillariously funny… :))

  77. 77 : via Says:

    and I love the scene when Pil Joo covers Ae jung ears so she can”t hear the bad conversation between the nurses in the hospital, that scene is super romantic and touching.

  78. 78 : KDaddict Says:

    Preview to ep 5:
    He wants to kiss her!!! She reacts in wide-eyed terror. He doesn’t seem to realize how nasty he has been, n the effect of it isn’t conducive to kissing. LOL. She’ll want to be cosy w/Han doctor instead. He just have to work very hard to woe her, n will be quite clumsy at it. That should be great fun to watch. Fantastic show. Thank you Hong sisters.

  79. 79 : mandak Says:

    For those who want to watch ep1-ep4 in english subbed..this is the links,


    Love this drama..

  80. 80 : mandak Says:

    Yup, from the preview..looks like he is going to kiss her..lol can’t wait for the next episode..

  81. 81 : KDaddict Says:

    Cha Seung Won in Best Love on dramabeans:


    The comments are so funny, esp. on the bottom half of page 1. They are talking abt his mustache & his hands.

  82. 82 : Raissa Says:

    I love the song Dugun Dugun. I can’t find a site to download it though 🙁 And I loved the panty scene I couldn’t stop laughing XD.

  83. 83 : mandak Says:

    i also like GAJ ringtone..if somebody know where we can download the song..please share the link with us..tq

  84. 84 : via Says:

    can’t wait for episode 5, Dokko jin already confess his love to Ae Jung, and get rejected.. i can’t wait to watch it..

  85. 85 : sylvia Says:

    I love this drama. I has a great plot and it stars three of my favorite Korean actors. Cha Seung Won is really comfortable doing comedy but If the role was given to Kye Sang I know that he could also give justice to it because he’s also good in doing romantic-comedy dramas. Gong Hyo Jin may not be as beautiful compared to other actress but she has a special kind of charm and she is indeed a good actress. The Hong Sisters are really good in writing romantic-comedies

  86. 86 : via Says:

    Pleaseeee… wednesday come soon….

  87. 87 : Asi Says:

    hong brotther i’m very like what are the write i hope on the 20 years again their write can be more famous. I have had folowwed their script start from chunhyang until the last my girlfriend gumiho i’m very like what are they write together ( hong brother fighting)

  88. 88 : OK OK OK Says:

    The script writers are both FEMALE. HONG SISTERS !!!!!!!!!!!! AJA AJA FIGHTING. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  89. 89 : Bebo Says:

    yaaaaaay, episode 5 is tomorrow, I was jumping the whole week, can hardly wait.

    luckily I could repeat the four episodes. specially the panty scene hehe.

  90. 90 : dee Says:

    so in love w/ CSW this series so funny….love it…so cute

  91. 91 : saya Says:

    yey, I do love this drama..I couldn’t stop laughing while watching it,,,

  92. 92 : zashee Says:

    omo.. this drama is getting interesring

  93. 93 : mandak Says:

    @sylvia, i also think the same with u..gyo ho jin is not so beautiful compared with other actress but she got the talent..i like her act..

  94. 94 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5 is super funny.
    “Could it be that you like me?” “Ding Dong!”
    He just pretends to be a jerk, but can be real sweet, like when he buys all her favorite snacks for the movie. A hard nut on the outside, a marshmallow inside.
    Oh no! He shaved off his mustache! He is so macho, so sexy with it.
    I love Gong Hyo Jin, so easy, so comfortable on the eyes. Not at all your turn of the mill, common, artificial kind of beauty.

  95. 95 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 5

    Still prefer CSW with moustache, more manly & sexy.

    As for life partner, prefer Yoon Kye Sang. Hee Hee 🙂 🙂
    Caring, handsome, intelligent …………..

  96. 96 : via Says:

    The Greatest Love in each episode, so far 5 episodes has never failed me.. I mean each episode can bring me satisfaction by watching it or even when I read the recap first on each episode which bring me to watch each episode.. what happen on episode 5 is even more thrilling, especially when Dokko jin ask her to watch a movie with him and especially when she keep running and bumping to people who would recognize her and Dokko Jin together.. ah I can imagine how the confusion and how scare of Ae jung for being spot to be the same place and the same time where Dokko Jin is at.
    And how he’s insist that he would go to the theatre because he want to watch the movie with her, i am dying of the cuteness of each scene, Dokko Jin you are so cute… ;p

  97. 97 : KDaddict Says:

    If these 2 guys love you, which 1 would you choose?

    1. Abt 30, good-looking, nice, kind, nerdy, successful doctor of Han medicine, with a bossy mother;
    2. 37, tall, sexy, macho, top movie star, who is a center of neurosis; can be mean, self-centred, immature, quite a nut.
    “Nice n kind” should win over “mean n self-centred”. But nuttiness can be so endearing. And women can’t seem to resist immature guys, somehow.

  98. 98 : via Says:

    Hi KAddict.. for those question, my answer is, I will choose someone who will make my heart beat faster, that’s it, because your heart never lies..

  99. 99 : che Says:

    i love this drama so much that im dying to see the next episode im so thrilled by cha seung won and gong ho jin they r so great

  100. 100 : czhari Says:

    cha seung won and gong ho jin are really top stars coz they deserved to be called the top stars they r both excellent they make me hypnotyzed

  101. 101 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 6

    Also very nice. All the misunderstanding about the lost & found of pen. ha ha. 🙂

    Yoon Kye Sang – with & without spec – also very handsome. Hope he can act in lead role in comedy romance in future with good script like this.

    CSW & GHJ – acted well too – good chemistry 🙂

  102. 102 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 6:
    He is 37. It is his 1st love. Hahaha. He is behaving like a 13 year old boy tormenting the girl he has a crush on, cos he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings.
    One chap makes him cry, the other tries to comfort her. Should be an easy choice, but…

  103. 103 : via Says:

    The rating of The Greatest Love is drop because of 49days last episode, everyone dying to see what happen with Ji Hyun, Kang, Yi Kyung and Yi soo, 49 days turn out to be another tearjerking drama but with a good lesson in it.. still very sad drama and The Greatest Love really cheer me up, Laughing after crying was great.. hahahaha…

  104. 104 : fan Says:

    Both of them are good but Ae Jung will choose only one, i guess the end will be sad ~_~

  105. 105 : zashee Says:

    the rating wAs increased

  106. 106 : KDaddict Says:

    Goo Ae Jung suffers for yrs as an actress of unfavorable repute bcos she has bad luck; She has bad luck cos she is not too bright. Knowing that Dokko Jin is interested in her, she tells him that she has to do well on the show n become a couple w Han Dr. That makes him jealous, so he asks if that pen is real impt to him. She says yes. Then he asks for it. She gives it to him. Isn’t that asking for trouble?
    She bursts into a dark room in the TV station that has a cake w/lighted candles. Dokko Jin says it is an Event. Instead of looking around to check out the situation, she blurts out her angry speech. Isn’t that asking for trouble?
    She might have bad luck; she might be guileless, but she is definitely not very bright!

  107. 107 : Erika Says:

    Oh ep 6 surely start to hit emotion start and boy both 3lead succeed execute it.their rating drops surely because of last ep of 49 days but next week I hope they can get 1st place because this drama deserved it.wed hurry comes

  108. 108 : indie24 Says:

    Loving this drama…I can’t choose between Dokko Jin and Yoon Pil Joo. Every time there’s a scene between Ae Jung and Pil Joo I can’t help but smile. Pil Joo is just so sweet…absolute boyfriend material. On the other hand, I find excitement between Dokko Jin and Ae Jung…I’m always in anticipation of Dokko Jin’s moves to woo Ae Jung and Ae Jung’s reactions to his “butthole” statements. They have great comedic timing and chemistry. But the last few scenes really got me teary eyed. I can’t wait to find out what will happen to this love triangle.

  109. 109 : zashee Says:

    this drama has interesting plot and hilarious story
    both Dokko jin and Yon pil jo have great chemistry to ae jung
    it make me flustered >.

  110. 110 : ViKa Says:

    i’m agree with 108…. i still can prefer one of them,both of them are totally great namja, of course in different ways….. but the doctor look more handsome with his glasses 🙂

  111. 111 : 이향숙 Says:

    thanks a lot…

  112. 112 : suki Says:

    Great to see..

  113. 113 : fan Says:


    Goo Ae jung was angry, do you think that when you’re mad angry you still use your brain you don’t even listen what the other says

    What happened to her is not because she’s not bright, it’s because she’s kind with tender heart.

    Do you think that Yoon Pil Joo and even Dokko jin will fall for her if she was different ?

    The end will tell us if Goo Ae Jung has really bad luck.
    if she ends with her love then it’s definitely not
    if she ends alone then poor girl, she has rotten luck

  114. 114 : KDaddict Says:

    A good driver is a defensive driver. One should look both ways before crossing the road. If you are angry mad and cross without looking, you can still get hit by traffic.

    Ae Jung is kind, sweet, and guileless. I’m not criticizing her. I’m sure she is in the unfavorable position she is in cos she tried to protect her pregnant teammate. The guys love her cos she is a wonderful person. I don’t like it n complain when I see her and her inept brother do things that hurt her. Never mind, the more she is a damsel in distress, the more the guys will want to protect her. That’s what drives the plot forward.

  115. 115 : via Says:

    I still want Dokko Jin be with Ae Jung, I think they will complete each other..

  116. 116 : mk Says:

    I love it! Cha Seung Won/
    Dokko Jin character simply captivating. Cannot wait for the next episode.

  117. 117 : via Says:

    The Greatest Love has the best script ever especially compare to Lie To me, if its not for KJW and YEH I wont be watching it,Thankfully Their acting can cover a lousy script from the writer. I think the writer you should watch The Greatest Love, its the most brilliant conversation between all the role they playing and also the great acting from all the cast really makes The Greatest Love the best Kdrama in 2011 so far, Hong Sister really rock this time.. I hope it will continue till the last episode..

  118. 118 : via Says:

    I can’t wait for wednesday..

  119. 119 : KDaddict Says:

    This is definitely the best romantic-comedy since Secret Garden. The script is great, the conversation funny. Gong Hyo Jin is lovely n a great actress. But the highlight of this drama is Dokko Jin, neurotic n childish, as written by the Hong sisters, sexy n irresistable as played by Cha Sa Won. Can’t wait for the next eps.

    @via: I agree with you abt what you say in #117.

  120. 120 : kyashi Says:

    why is it only for 16 eps? TT_TT

    i’m so excited for episode 7-onwards…i love the story, actors/actresses, plot and directing of the director.

  121. 121 : fan Says:

    All women surrounding Dokko jin are opportunist, trying to approch him because he’s a hallyu star even his story with his girlfriend is a fake just to please the media and the public

    For once he got disarmed by a woman. Ae Jung is different, she’s sincere, but he’s not that sure, maybe he seems self-centred and childish but he’s certainly cautious. He knows what he’s doing, he’s testing Ae Jung sincerity and in the same time his feelings towards her.

    By shaving his beard, we don’t see anymore Jo Gook or Son Hyuk, not a glimpse. We see only Dokko jin, NICE MOVE from the writers and Cha Seung Won 😉

  122. 122 : fan Says:

    Yoon Kye-sang is handsome and very very cute.
    As Yoon Pil Joo, he makes the choise between him and Dokko jin very hard.

    He’s good actor too.

  123. 123 : fan Says:

    Sorry choice not choise

  124. 124 : via Says:

    the preview of episode 7 is really interesting, but this whole drama is interesting starting from episode 1. cant wait for tonight…

  125. 125 : zashee Says:

    i agree what did #117 said
    this story line more exciting than lie to me,it focus on the main character

  126. 126 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 7:
    Dokko Jin singing n dancing, more like kick boxing, in the karaoke….. I laugh my head off! Cha Seung Won is too awesome! Just had to see new ep. before I could go to sleep.
    I think I’ve died n gone to heaven! There is Sung Hoon in Gisaeng, then Editor in Shining, Kang Ji Hwan in LTM, and Cha Seung Won in Best Love! I m so glad to be alive at this time! ; )

  127. 127 : flovin Says:

    i love dokko jin the panty man hahaaa
    this drama superrrr

  128. 128 : via Says:

    This drama is really really good, there is no dull moment, everything is in perfect as describe by the writer and director.. I love it when the Doctor and Dokko Jin trying to get Ae jung shoe from the bid, they are up against each other, and of course Dokko jin who never let his ego drop down will fight till the end and end up buying her shoe for 1 billion.. wow.. love is really cost that much, hahaha.. also love the part when he put the shoe on Ae Jung in front of the media and then he wink.. ohhh the wink.. I hope he’s not create any trouble for Ae jung later, his fans will anggry because of his attention to her.. I just loveeeee this drama…

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 7
    Dokko Jin is still under the impression that GAJ lied abt the pen, brought the potatoes to his house w/purpose, danced the night away in celebration. Still he bid on her shoes, and came out to put them on her in front of the media like Prince Charming. How can you not love the guy? Of course doing so will cause her more problems, but that’s another twist.
    He’ll go into denial when he finds out abt the CD being played during his operation. Yet another twist.
    Han doc is cute, straightfwd and nice. But since when have women been able to turn away from complex, sexy guys who love them?

  130. 130 : chiku chiki Says:

    can’t wait to watch episode 7 subbed..when can it be released? So addicted to this drama!!

  131. 131 : Miimii Says:

    Gonna watch this Drama Too =D
    MBC Dramas are Always Great!!

  132. 132 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    A 37 yr old man falls in love n turns into a 7 yr old!
    He puts a potato in prison!!! And then releases it to raise it!
    He “races” the car to go past her…..at 5 miles per hr!
    How can Gong Hyo Jin act w/him, n not laugh her head off, esp. in front of the school, where he keeps wanting her to touch his heart, saying “heart break”, again n again. Hahaha.
    He thinks he is scott free now. Surprise!

  133. 133 : jeezvive Says:

    Definitely loving Hong Sisters dramas! CSW is such a man-child 😀

  134. 134 : via Says:

    wow… Dokko Jin find out the reason for his heart thumping, and he decide that it’s not because he is in love with Ae jung and he’s free from it, ok then we’ll see for how long he will think of that way, that he’s not in love with her… maybe now Ae jung will accept the Doctor proposal, or maybe Ae jung will take the leap and decide that she will go after Dokko Jin now as we knew that her heart is thumping for him not for the doctor.

  135. 135 : via Says:

    wow.. the rating is increasing to the no.1 spot!!!! its a prove that this drama is great !!!!

  136. 136 : dee Says:

    no wonder..greatest love is the greatest one…i love this one…i love CSW (cha seung WOn)…so funny..so romantic..make feel a little bit crazy..thinking of CSW makes me crazy…what a sexy bastard one he is….hehehehe..i love this series…this is the best …the greatest..hahahaha

  137. 137 : OK OK OK Says:

    Doctor Yoon Pil Joo, can you please marry me then? 🙂 🙂

  138. 138 : fan Says:

    No doubt that it’ll become the 1st, it’s the best drama till now.
    CSW GHJ Hong sisters fighting !

  139. 139 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, a week is going to be so long…..until we see neurotic Dokko Jin, sweet Ae Jung and adorable doc again!
    Now Dokko knows abt AJ taking the fall 10 yrs ago for sth she didn’t do. The doc also has some hint of it. I think Se Ri is going to do sth to AJ so bad that in the end their 4th ex-team mate has to come out to clear AJ’s good name.

  140. 140 : via Says:

    I believe this drama is the Best in 2011 .. love it a lot!!! I wish i can see what happen for next episode… please wednesday come faster… ;p

  141. 141 : zashee Says:

    wowowow,its 1st. it get the better of city hunter, omo

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Goo AJ talks to her running shoes: You can’t walk over him, right? You worry abt him, right? You also want to go see him, right? Ding Dong! That moment, Gong Hyo Jin became my favorite Korean actress!
    That silly guy says his heart won’t go “do goon, do goon” for her anymore. So she’ll go do that TV docu date w/Han doc. He’ll be left crying in the dust.
    Boy, does that man have legs!

  143. 143 : viesa Says:

    Omo! I can’t believe it,starting episode 5 the storyline is getting more interesting. Hope it will continue till the end. Fighting Cha Seung Won!.

  144. 144 : gracia Says:

    where can I watch the ep 8 with English subtitles? 🙁

  145. 145 : suerainy Says:

    God!!! I just love this show. It’s been a while since I felt this giddiness of wanting to see a drama more and more everyday. I’ve been hooked to this drama since ep 1, and I especially love how the writers play with the words, so brilliant writing. And so many catchy catch-phrases…and the one I really like the most so far is PANTTYY!!! (I didn’t know that Korean men call their underwear panties as well or is it just to make the scene hilarious) I almost died laughing…

  146. 146 : Agnes Says:

    I love 차승원 / Cha Seung Won. He always performs good. I like this drama and The City Hall as well. Very nice!!!!

  147. 147 : rence Says:

    i love this drama…the best for me so far in 2011….definitely a hong sisters’ drama..i love the 3 main leads…i cant help but LOL with CSW and cute and adorable GHJ and YKS…

  148. 148 : Hantu Nongol di Serial Drama Korea The Greatest Love | Masih Hangat Says:

    […] The Greatest Love » Korean Drama […]

  149. 149 : Nad's Says:

    crazy DOKKO JIN… XD

    love this drama, Cha Seung-won is d’best funny actor ever.!

  150. 150 : dennise Says:

    Ding dong… heart breaker… cant stop giggling and laughing. Lucky Goo Ae Jung got Dokko Jin & Doc Yoon Pil Joo on her sleeves.. darn how can she be so lucky….Cant wait for episode 9 & 10

  151. 151 : mandak Says:

    it’s been a long time that i haven’ comment in this site and now i’m like OMG my favourite drama is the 1st in the rank..so happy to see that, go, go, go Best Love..Best Love is the Best Drama, Best actor, Best actress, Best second lead and Best storyline for this year..lol

  152. 152 : zashee Says:

    i cant wait for the next episode

  153. 153 : Erika Says:

    Hwua they got the 1st in rank and it suits.this is the best drama in every aspect.deugeun deugen for next episode which full of angst but somehow I gather my heart to look forward the angst that usually I hate and skip.

  154. 154 : iamhere Says:

    my first time to comment …because i really want to support this drama in every way i can. so inlove with the story and the casts. I never regret watching it. HOnestly, i did like few dramas however, once watched i will never look at it again. But this drama, i keep on repeating and watching every episode. There’s never been a dull moment. Super maximum likeness kekeke

  155. 155 : iamhere Says:

    OH so far here’s my fave scenes:
    1. 1st meeting at the gasoline station – hilarious
    2. when DGJ heard the ring tone of AJ the 1st time – sad
    3. when DGJ told AJ that he likes her and she listens to his heartbeat
    4. when AJ kssed DGJ on the cheek (as well as the shaving of his mustache)
    5. at the cinema, the 1st time they hug
    6. at DGH house, where AJ accidentally hit him with popporo
    7. the threatening of DGJ to the potatoes
    8. at the karaoke bar, where DGJ sung “heart breaker”
    9. at the karaoke bar, the 2nd time they hug
    10. when DGJ saw Doc Pin gave 3 roses to AJ
    11. at the primary school, when AJ touched the stitches of DGJ and tickling him in the end

    hmmm these are only the major scenes (up to ep8)…there are minors as well….gosh even their dialogues were epic….

  156. 156 : fan Says:

    I love the music, each time they choose a piece related to some show or movie, it adds meaning to the scene and makes it very funny.
    I like the scene when Dokko Jin hits the ball in the primary school and they put the UEFA Champions league theme music, just hilarious.

  157. 157 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yes, I also want to praise the crew who choose the RIGHT music for each scene which make the drama even more funny to watch.

    Well done!!!! Kamsa Hamnida. 🙂

  158. 158 : Jien Ai Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama dvd.

    If you like this so much, must watch ‘Thank You’ [same actress] and ‘City Hall’ [same actor], you will love them. Enjoy

  159. 159 : dramalov Says:

    This is THE funniest drama EVER!!!

  160. 160 : mona Says:

    omigod! hope this drama will end soon. so i can buy the dvd. LOL!!! the rating is so high, cant wait to watch the drama 🙂

  161. 161 : Iliana Says:

    My first time sending a comment here. This is by far one of the best k drama for 2011. There are so many funny and loving moments in every episode. Chemistry between DKJ & AJ are to good it’s almost contagious. Love every minute no seconds of this drama. Well done MBC!

  162. 162 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep. 9:
    I feel sorry for that silly guy, who believes in his heart beat monitor rather than in how he feels. Only it is out of order! When Dokko Jin keeps insisting that his heart doesn’t beat faster for her anymore, what can AJ do but go, ever so unwillingly, to accept the Doc on TV?
    Will Dokko be able to stop it in next ep.?

  163. 163 : KDaddict Says:

    In Ep 9:
    There is a cameo by Lee Seung Ki of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. His fans will not want to miss it.

  164. 164 : dee Says:

    this is awesome….eps 9 …OMG….hahahahahaha

  165. 165 : hehe Says:

    Best Love is THE BEST!!!!!!!! I’m totally addicted to this drama. Such a must see.

  166. 166 : fan Says:

    Love is not an exact science, feelings are not measurable
    Poor Dokko Jin !!!!!

  167. 167 : iamhere Says:

    i had to add my comment for episode 9…..i’m breathless!!!! the denial, the kiss, the heartache…..after watching the RAW video of this drama, i begun to question why human was created speaking different languanges??

  168. 168 : ka-jin Says:

    Warning!!! This is a must see drama. One of te funniest and great drama i have ever seen. Dokko jin is a great actor. i am so in love with him and his act

  169. 169 : via Says:

    hahaha.. the kiss with their eyes open wide is very funny and cute, and the backhugging is so adorable, i wont say no for that man for sure, LOL… this drama complete my day..

  170. 170 : dingdong Says:

    Love Dokko and AJ!!!
    Ding Dong!!!

  171. 171 : maida Says:

    it’s been long time since i commented in this site, but i feel so excited about this drama that i want to share my feeling with everyone, this drama is awesome and i hope it ends well as well

  172. 172 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9 & 10:
    have less laughs but tugs at the heart strings.
    I love seeing Dokko Jin & Ding Dong together. I think those two also have great chemistry together! heehee.
    I am worried abt Dokko Jin’s heart. It aches way too often, n his cardiologist’s comment is a hint of troubles to come, isn’t it?

  173. 173 : jerk Says:

    so addicted to this .. best of the best drama

  174. 174 : Tike Says:

    Great thniknig! That really breaks the mold!

  175. 175 : Lainey Says:

    With the bases loaded you struck us out with that ansewr!

  176. 176 : mandak Says:

    nationwide people should open their eyes…lol

  177. 177 : zashee Says:

    i heard that the rating is decrease since city hunter airing at the same time,but i quite surprise to see that the rating still 1st. no matter as long as the story has great plot
    cant wait for the next

  178. 178 : via Says:

    ohhh.. nooo…my heart hurts too when I’ve seen episode 10, I wish Jin didn’t die because of the heart. And I love how Jin stood up for Ae jung, since he’s trying to protect her from that evil manager by hit him back for what he did to his precious Ae jung.. I am melting now..

  179. 179 : hehe Says:

    Omo, omo Dokko Jin, please don’t die or I’ll forever stop watching kdramas, or maybe not forever, hehe.

  180. 180 : dee Says:

    csw is really handsome… but it’s really a dilemma..but not for me..I choose CSW..hahahahaha love this drama

  181. 181 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, what does the silly Dokko Jin have in mind now? His chance of a successful operation is (actually much less than) 50/50, so he is refusing it?
    He declines to go to Hollywood, cos he realizes that he needs to stay to safeguard AJ. But why is he refusing his film award?
    AJ says to his brother that she needs to go to Dokko Jin to confirm something. What is it that she needs to confirm? Another week of waiting…..

  182. 182 : fan Says:

    Is he acting as a dying person ?!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. 183 : iamhere Says:

    oh i am depressed upon reading the comment wherein Dokko Jin need another operation yet he decline it,,,oh pls pls pls make it a happy ending..make Dokko & Ae happy together despite everything….my 1st fave drama had a tragic ending already, i do not want a repeat of that……

  184. 184 : bbixsck Says:

    n50wSo ynhuuqilswvn

  185. 185 : Lucinda Says:

    AKAIK you’ve got the anewsr in one!

  186. 186 : maida Says:

    hey , i am afraid it would be sad ending, it can’t be right
    what do you think?

  187. 187 : fan Says:

    Pil joo will ok even if Ae jung breaks up with him

    But for poor Dokko Jin, it’ll be hard.

    Hope his health will be ok, and he’ll end in Ae jung arms 😉

    Please not sad ending :'(

  188. 188 : Mic Says:

    Just like everybody else I usually don’t post comments but I love love love this show! I was re-watching ep 10 and suddenly had a terrible thought, despite all the comical acts and all, could this one have a sad ending?? With the title Greatest Love and how Dokkujin was protecting GAJ while his heart was failing……so on so forth. OMG, I hope I am wrong! Well, it’s the Hong sisters so it will have a happy ending, right? Boy, I’m worried!

  189. 189 : Mic Says:

    Just read the comments after submitting mine. Seems everybody caught that “perhaps” ….in the last episode. Let’s hope we were wrong!

  190. 190 : bebo Says:

    I’m really wishing for a happy ending, it will be so heart breaking if it turns out to be sad. I have a feeling it won’t be sad, just can’t totally trust a Kdrama.

    anyway, it’s just a wonderful drama.

  191. 191 : KDaddict Says:

    Shoot, now everyone is getting me real worried that Dokko Jin will die. If that happens, it won’t be the first time the Hong sisters do that to the audience. It happened in Hong Gil Dong too! I’d be so v pissed if they dare do that to us again!
    The cardiologist said his artificial heart is broken. That means he needs a new one. Just how many times can a person be fitted with an artificial heart???
    Pls don’t don’t don’t let this start out as a rom-com and end as a tragedy!
    Dokko dies:
    1. and AJ ends up with Han doc? AJ won’t do that, would she?
    2. and AJ and Han doc becomes good friends?
    3. and AJ and Han doc go their separate ways?
    Oh, I hate every 1 of those possibilities! NO. NO. NO.

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    End of ep 10:
    Dokko Jin only hit Evil Manager once; he fell down right away, n Dokko stood there staring down at him, without moving a muscle. So why is Evil Manager’s face so swollen? Some evil scheme is brewing that we don’t know abt. Worried for Dokko, ahhhh.

  193. 193 : zashee Says:


  194. 194 : anjas Says:

    C’mon Guys the screenwriters just wanted play our feel.
    imposibble dokko jin dead. he is lead actor. I think best ending
    we will get soon. just be patient!!

  195. 195 : maida Says:

    it is my first time to watch drama while it is still airing, i always wait and ask wheather it sad or happy ending, as i can’t tolerate sad ending drama .
    but i’ll be optimistic and hope for the best..
    it has been categorized as romance and comedy not melodrama right.so it will be happy ending

  196. 196 : maida Says:

    vote for the drama in dramacrazy to improve its rank

  197. 197 : ok ok ok Says:

    @194 anjas

    I really don’t know what will happen to Dokko Jin in this drama.

    All along I also think LEAD ACTOR in a drama won’t die. But if you watch SIGN acted by lead actor Park Shin Yang — you won’t know what is the outcome nowadays.

    Even 49 days — ROMANCE story but ended up — NO ROMANCE – in my opinion… ha ha 🙂

  198. 198 : fan Says:

    Ae Jung won’t let him die, right ?!

  199. 199 : iamhere Says:

    i totally support other request/hope that this drama will have a happy ending, happy in the sense that both lead actor/actress are together & alive. after having a broken heart from kdrama “memories in bali”, i carefully choose the dramas i watched coz i really dont want to experience that kind of sadness again. so i really wish that the next episodes will give us peace of mind 😉

  200. 200 : ok ok ok Says:


    Lee Seung Gi is 1 of my fav actor and singer. I love his singing very much becoz of his voice and feeling. 1st song i hear from him is YANGPA” – though i don’t know what he is singing – i just love it. Not tired of repeating it over and over again. 🙂


    He also acted very well in Shining Inheritance & My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 🙂

    Lee Seung Gi ssi – hope to see your new drama soon.

  201. 201 : Oyabun Says:

    So far, this drama is just the best of dramas for 2011. Nice, cute, funny, sad, hilarous, sometimes even pathetic, makes u cry, makes you laugh, makes you angry… The main girl is not beautiful but she is so lovable. The main guy is not so goodlooking but he is a real guy and.. he is so mental! LOL. Very entertaining. I am pretty confident. Can not be sad ending.

  202. 202 : iamhere Says:

    i miss Dokko & Ae already….i wish its Wed & Thu everyday…

  203. 203 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 9 & 10

    I don’t feel pity for Dokko Jin but for Dr Yong Pil Joo. YPJ is such a nice & caring man. He deserve 100% love from the girl he loves – not partial.

    Yoon Kye Sang got a charming boyish look. Gong Hyo Jin looks more “mature” than YKS. 🙂 🙂

    Yoon Kye Sang ssi – really hope you can act lead role in a romance drama with a A list adorable actress. Aja aja – fighting !!!!!

  204. 204 : dee Says:

    it’s started with fun it’s should ended with happy ending right???? what does ” the greatest love” mean if it’s not happy??? i think i love this drama too much…hehehehehe

  205. 205 : helena Says:

    It’s true, the main girl is not beautiful,but when she smiles it’s like the sun shining suddenly between the clouds! She has a certain ” je ne sais pas quoi ” that makes her so endearing! Dokko Jin is not only mental-that’s his role- but as an actor ,his acting is very exagerated. And why can’t the dork win once?(I know he won’t , we girls fall usually for the bad guy who makes us suffer!).
    In all, a very entertainig drama, the Hong sisters did it again!

  206. 206 : iamhere Says:

    its me again,,,just saw ep.10 with a sub. well, i become more afraid on where the story goes 🙁 sorry for the spoiler. this is what i feel after re-watching it. maybe others will see it in different (better) perspective.

  207. 207 : zashee Says:

    i really love this drama

  208. 208 : OK OK OK Says:

    My prediction.
    Dokko Gin will not die & will be with Ae Jung.
    Dr Yoon Pil Joo will be with Kang Se Ri. 🙂

  209. 209 : epuuowvuvs Says:

    fTKZoZ seguuthrqowf

  210. 210 : maida Says:

    i am confused first he love her but don’t admit then admit then it is fake then he realised it was love then he will leave for U.S.A then he will protect her and stay where the story goes , is it only about this kind of confusion dok go jin suffer from?! it can’t be

  211. 211 : maida Says:

    i have thoughts about what would happen later
    dok jin will realized that if he has only days to live it is much better to spend in helping ae jung in her album and improving her level and rank in the field , he will keep her but as a friend ,while Ae jung willn’t be able to share the doc. his feeling and she will accidently know about Dok jin surgery and will convince him to do it and finally happy end hopefully

  212. 212 : fan Says:

    Till now, all the predictions were false. Each time, Hong sisters know how to make a new twist.

    At the end of episode 8, all of us thought that Dokko jin won’t like Ae Jung anymore, then in just one episode he realizes that he can’t let her go.
    In the latter episode just after he realises that all he can do is letting down, time will fade his love, he decides not to.

    So I’m not predecting any thing, just hoping happy ending 🙂

  213. 213 : KDaddict Says:

    A drama that keeps u guessing is entertaining. (Unlike Manny, which has a plot that is completely predictable.) If it makes u care abt the characters, u will worry what will happen to them. If it can keep u worried without driving u nuts, that’s the best.
    I think it makes sense that Dokko Jin is now depressed, so he changes his tactics n demeanor. That makes AJ curious, which brings them closer. They should be alright.

  214. 214 : iamhere Says:

    AJ’s nephew is so adorable and i like his relationship towards Dokko.

  215. 215 : fan Says:

    Ae Jung : “What are the benefits of joining the Pil Joo line ?
    Pil Joo : “Security, Comfort and stability”
    “And it’s solid, it won’t break for a lifetime”

    Who will hesitate to join the Line ?!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. 216 : maida Says:

    the one who has another line to join, a line full of affection, line in it not only to be loved by one but also to love that one

  217. 217 : fan Says:

    Dokko Jin : “Even without me protecting the earth, it still spins around fine on its own. But, the one that I must protect, is just right here”

    “I’m bit tired”
    “I need more strength to keep being cool.(while hugging Ae Jung) Recharge”

    Who won’t melt ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. 218 : fan Says:


    Will you choose a passion that fade with time or affection that last for lifetime !

    It depends on how you want to live your life !

  219. 219 : fan Says:

    Who said that Dokko Jin feelings toward Ae Jung are just a passion that will fade ??????
    That exactely what we’re waiting to know in the coming episodes, right ?!

  220. 220 : MidwestMz Says:

    Saw the chatter about this one early in the year, and sat impatiently biding my time for it to appear on my p.c. horizon. In no way disappointed on the time spent in the waiting! How can you go wrong with Cha Seung Won in anything? He nails what ever role he is portraying, and is just so pleasing to the eye and ear, looks and a voice, nice! He carries you from a knee slap comedic minute, and eyes that melt you with the serious, and moments when you just want to get the sling shot out and zing him for being DkoKo Jin lost in space. Cast is great and blend so beautifully. Gong Hyo Jin is also so effortless in her performance of the long suffering, but resilient person, you want to just cheer her on. Others in the ensemble also strike the right, and necessary wrong notes here. I did enjoy the punch to the uckly Mr Jang for the coffee he did not drink in Ep 10. Waiting on bated breath for the next episodes on this one, and seriously know I will miss it when it ends. Will just have to return for reruns-reruns-reruns-reruns!

  221. 221 : KDaddict Says:

    The problem with “Security, comfort & stability that won’t break for a lifetime” is that ……. it is nice but doesn’t make a woman’s heart beat faster.
    Pil Joo should have said: “As a doctor of oriental medicine who knows all the meridian points, I can touch you in places and ways that no one else can.” That would have make him a lot less dorky. : ) : )

  222. 222 : fan Says:



    When Pil Joo was thinking of a present to offer to Ae Jung, to show her what he wants to do with her, what was he looking at ?!
    a bra !!!!! 😉

  223. 223 : via Says:

    Preview episode 11 seems even more interesting.. Ae jung will spend the night at Dokko jin place because all the reporters camping outside his house while Ae jung came to visit him and ask him personally whats going on. Hahaha… I hope something happen while they are two alone inside.. xixixixi…

  224. 224 : via Says:

    can’t wait for wednesday and thursday.. ;p

  225. 225 : KDaddict Says:

    He looked at the red bra inadvertently, but quickly checked himself n turned away. I think Dokko Jin would have stood there n at least made lustful, then painful faces at it. No?
    Could u pls tell me how to make a Smilely Face or other Emoticons inside the comment? Thank u.

  226. 226 : KDaddict Says:

    A very Happy Birthday to Cha Seung Won nim! Many Happy REturns! Thanks for giving us so much entertainment and enjoyment thru your hard work n dedication!

  227. 227 : fan Says:


    Maybe inadvertently, but surely it expresses what is in his subconscious. being introverted doesn’t mean anything.
    Dokko Jin is the opposite, confident and forward.

    for the smiley I’ve used ; plus ) => 😉
    : plus ) => 🙂

  228. 228 : fan Says:

    do not put space between : and )

  229. 229 : white flag Says:

    Simply this drama catches ur heart , thnx god the rating is going high..

  230. 230 : via Says:

    Tonight, episode 11.. counting down..

  231. 231 : Lian Says:

    Love this series…….. Cha Seung Won always a Great actor… very good.

  232. 232 : iamhere Says:

    love love today for it is Wednesday and it time to see our TGL casts!!!! i love them all

  233. 233 : takgu99 Says:

    try to watch baker king kim tak gu…..amazing story!! superb!!
    10/10 n 5 stars!! love it!! XOXO

  234. 234 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    has a melancholic overtune cos of Dokko Jin’s heart trouble n cos Han doc already knows that AJ doesn’t love him. But when its comedic moments come, it is like a rainbow after the rain. Only 5 eps left. I already miss Dokko Jin. My other fav char is Ding Dong: Those 2 are a perfect match 2. They both love their superheroes.
    AJ will come back on top cos they r trying to locate Mina. Instead of creating trouble like they think they r doing, it’ll clear up the public’s misunderstanding of AJ. Dokko will get his 2nd heart op. He needs a long period of recuperation. AJ will make the big bucks to support him. Hee hee.
    Thank u for the pointer; I added a space between eyes n mouth; that’s why it didn’t work. 🙂
    Han doc is sweet n sane; definitely good husband material. Dokko is quirky n neurotic; so much fun to watch; so endearing when he transforms.

  235. 235 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    It is a definite advantage being as tall as he is– He slivers out the car window, n instantaneously is as tall as she is. Recharge! Ding Dong!

  236. 236 : via Says:

    The end of episode 11 blown me away… the kiss.. wow.. I am speechless.. CSW is hot! I mean really2 hot! ;p
    CSW did the kiss in City Hall with KSA and that is the kiss with passion which I haven’t seen from any other kiss in Kdrama before, its like he wants to eat and swallow her, he is such a great kisser.. And both of the kisses was involve with the car, in CH they kiss inside the car, and in TGL CSW kiss from inside the car, where he pull half of his body outside from the car window and kiss AJ.. WOW…

  237. 237 : zashee Says:

    wow, thank you via
    but i want to see kiss scene between GAJ and YPJ T_____T

  238. 238 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    I love his expression when he is watching her do strange things to his cardboard figure.
    How can it be that at 37, when he says, “This really drives me crazy”, on her rooftop bench, when he can’t tell her to stay w/him forever, he is as adorable as Ding Dong.
    I love every time Ding Dong appears on screen.
    But AJ n Han doc do 2 tv dating shows: in 1, they cook w/out talking; in 2nd, they do jigsaw puzzle w/out talking. That can’t possibly go over well w/viewers. Isn’t that like watching a tree grow?
    If during his 2nd op, the cardiologist plays a CD by JYJ, will Dokko then fall in love w/Micky Yoochun? 😉

  239. 239 : iamhere Says:

    Ep 11 is so so so striking!!!! Funny, heartaching and romantic in one. I love it so much. Eventhough i did not understand a single word they say except for “sorry” and their names, you can feel everything. This is the best!

  240. 240 : iamhere Says:

    btw, i keep on laughing and crying while watching ep 11…i feel crazy hahaha Ding dong

  241. 241 : KDaddict Says:

    First, it was cherry blossoms; then azaleas; then camellias. Now it is none of the above; it’s potato blossoms!
    When Dokko in the car, turns his head to look at AJ, we see tears streaming down on L side of his face. It isn’t visible when AJ was cupping his face outside the window. N-i-c-e!
    I think when Dokko recovers from his heart op, AJ’s past will be cleared up; Dokko n AJ will star in the rom-com that his agent recommended to him earlier. She’ll instantly be as elevated to top star status.
    And with this post, I’ve exhausted my quota for the day. One is only allowed several postings a day here, b4 they get moderated or disappear.

  242. 242 : hehe Says:

    I’m so addicted to this drama! I can’t wait for the english subs, I watch it even if I can’t understand a thing, haha. Love Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won!

  243. 243 : dee Says:

    melting..melting..melting…episode 11…aggghhhh CSW…love u hihihihihihihi…

  244. 244 : fan Says:

    Hats off to whom is the idea of kissing scene !

    and to Cha Seung Won who made us melt !

  245. 245 : fan Says:

    Even Han Doc is a good match and we feel sorry for him, we still love the quirky and neurotic but endearing Dokko 😉

  246. 246 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    Love Gong Hyo Jin’s natural beauty in this drama.
    The 4 mins. when Han doc is with SR in the bar got me worried for him. She is so manipulative; he is quite naive. Unless she changes, he is too good for her. He was doing fine handling his feelings for AJ, then she messes it up.
    Dokko Jin is headed for major surgery. Meanwhile he wants to spend whatever time he has left w AJ. Love that Star Date they do together. He is also preparing for the eventuality that he dies. That makes the 7-yr old in him grow up in a hurry.
    Ah, another week of waiting! But then, only 2 more weeks left! I fear withdrawal symptoms already!

  247. 247 : via Says:

    The date is cuteee… they are so cute.. and romantic.. love the date a lot.. feel sad because they famous she can’t showed herself out to public that they together and finally can only end up to their house for the date.
    I just wish Dokko Jin didn’t die because of the heart surgery for the second time this time.. I love this episode and I already feel sad of what might happen with Dokko Jin, Ae jung and their relationship.. pleaseeee let The Greatest Love become Happy Ending.. I ask for the writer (Hong Sisters) to make this drama be memorable with a happy ending..

  248. 248 : esme Says:

    WHERE DO YOU WATCH EP 11?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  249. 249 : iamhere Says:

    pls do not take away Dokko from Ae Jung…let him live with her..i mean alive and acting like a butthole Jin 😉

    i am really fighting pessimistic ending here

  250. 250 : zashee Says:

    Why the review of heartstrings doesn’t come yet?

  251. 251 : Agnes Says:

    Very funny and touching! I love Cha Seung Won. Ding dong! Dokko Jin, keep it up … don’t die. Your kiss is as sweet as the one in CityHall.

  252. 252 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    @Hi via: no need to feel bad for them. Dokko Jin WANTS to take her home, expecting a kiss, n some intimacy. Notice his expression in the car: She wanted to go for a meal, a movie, a drive. Each time she made a suggestion, he gave an excuse w sour expression. He so brightened up when she conceded n said they it was too late to go anywhere but home. His expressions were transparent n childish, n lovely to watch. Only his drunk assistant drifted in n spoiled the moment!

  253. 253 : kd Says:

    when first watched city hall thought the the male lead’s acting was too exaggerated for me, but i got pass it and really enjoyed the drama, watched it a couple of times.

  254. 254 : iamhere Says:

    oh im so happy that the rating is becoming higher…they really deserved it. superb acting from all the casts! let move it to the top guys 😉

  255. 255 : dee Says:

    so romantic…..

  256. 256 : pinkpaew Says:

    ชอบๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ สนุกมากกกกกกก

  257. 257 : Mic Says:

    Still #1! Yay!!!

  258. 258 : fan Says:

    Seeing PJ crying in his car alone and no one came to comfort him squeezes my heart. Dragging the jigsaw puzzle with him everywhere, to work and even to meet SR that shows how desperate he is.
    Everyone deserves to be happy !

    I have a hunch that DJ will die and AJ ends with PJ
    But still a miracle can happen, right !!!!

  259. 259 : rosalind Says:

    i think the writer of this drama will not be so cruel to all its viewers who has grown so in love with Dokujin. Ding dong!

  260. 260 : maida Says:

    this drama is awesome, but what really annoys me the way Ae jung wears, i hope it gets better as she joined a big company, she is on varity show on tv and she wants to change her image

  261. 261 : jericah Says:

    really love this drama! no wonder it is number in korea now. the story is superb! i really like CSW and hong hyo jin. great actors! can’t wait for the next episode.

  262. 262 : KDaddict Says:

    If the Hong sisters kill off Dokko Jin, they’ll have to answer to the whole of S Korea. Given the popularity of the show n of Dokko Jin, I don’t think they’d be so bold. That’s what I’m telling myself, so as to sleep better! 😉

  263. 263 : drama freak Says:

    The rating in Korea is number 1 which shows this drama is soooo nice! i agree with it too… this drama is funny, touching and sad… love it… DING DONG! loveeeeee this drama…hope it will be a good ending! i like DOK KO GIN…he is soooo hilarious!

  264. 264 : princess Says:

    this drama is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i´m laughing so hard!!!currently i´m watching ep 4 and i´m crying of laughing. the way he says “panties” hahaha love them best drama of the year

  265. 265 : iamhere Says:

    After seeing Ep 12 ending, what do you think will happen? Will Ae Jung reach Dokko’s house and hear what they are talking? Hmmm,,, the story becomes more and more suspenseful….AeJin fighting!!!!! Doc Pil is also cool, but I am as loyal as Ding Dong to his Ahjussi 😉

    TGL really moved me. I wholeheartedly surrender to this drama.

  266. 266 : dee Says:

    i’m badly falling in love to this drama…CSW is the best

  267. 267 : KDaddict Says:

    End of ep 12:
    Han doc finds out abt Dokko Jin’s upcoming heart operation; that means AJ will soon find out too. She’ll then be able to offer Dokko some emotional support n encouragement. I’m afraid it’s going to be more angst than comedy for a while. What other show do you know off that offers equal parts of laughter n tugging heartstrings with so much sexiness, attractiveness, n enjoyment?

  268. 268 : mandak Says:

    this drama is the greatest drama..hahahahaha love the storyline..

  269. 269 : mandak Says:

    and yes..they should give ae jung a better wardrobe..of course she is a kind of low profile actress but please director, can’t u give her a more stylist wardrobe..

  270. 270 : fan Says:

    Yes, I think that Ae Jung will hear them talking about the surgery.
    It’s becoming more and more suspenseful !!!!

  271. 271 : princess Says:

    i totally agree with mandak
    she needs a new styleeeeeee!!!

  272. 272 : via Says:

    yes.. I think the dating thing is very cute for them.. but I just think that because of their status as celebrity, makes them cannot got out in public space or doing normal thing in a date like normal people.. And thats not goes for them but also for all the celebrity out there, I think they can’t dating like normal couple.. instead of dating they will busy to be nice to their fans who wants their authograph or taking photo of them, not to mention the paparazi or the reporters will ask them to get interview.. what a mess I think..

  273. 273 : iamhere Says:

    Ep 13 preview is already out (hope somebody will be an angel to sub it)…2 more nights and its Wednesday already,,,,i miss AeJinDong so much!!!!Fighting here 😉

  274. 274 : bebo Says:

    best drama this year so far.

    can’t wait for episode 13

  275. 275 : princess Says:

    hey guys
    do you know this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKVLSNvfzB8&feature=related if not you have to watch it
    so funny
    its the making of of the karaoke scene

  276. 276 : fan Says:

    Thanks princess for the link
    Very funny 🙂

  277. 277 : Emily Says:

    Hi all,

    Here is the link of the sneak peek for epi 13. Unfortunetly it is not subbed yet but hope you all will still enjoy it like I have =)

  278. 278 : via Says:

    Oh.. I hope Mina isnt the one who makes Ae jung stand in where she is now, just hope everything clear this misunderstanding and Ae jung will get her popularity back.. and be happy with Dokko Jin.. I hope Hong sister nimm wont kill him at the end of this drama, because it will be suck..

  279. 279 : Agnes Says:

    I want a happy ending, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. 280 : Lolar Says:

    I’m a fan of City Hall, but this drama is quite boring….

  281. 281 : KDAddict Says:

    Just started watching this drama and love it especially the chemistry between the 2 leading actors.

  282. 282 : iamhere Says:

    So i try to buy some time while waiting patiently for Tuesday night to be over…from time to time, i visit iMBC website (eventough I dont understand any of the words in there kekeke) ..Tonight I am so spazzing on the photos i found there! If you love TGL crazily like me, do visit iMBC website for TV 😉

    AeJin fighting!!!! Wed & Thursday is coming

  283. 283 : fan Says:

    @280 Lolar

    I’m fan of City Hall too, it’s the best Kdrama for me, but saying that The greatest Love is boring with all the comic and hilarious moments in the story it’s bit unfair.

  284. 284 : bebo Says:

    The Greatest Love is a great drama, I still like City Hall a bit more but it doesn’t mean it’s boring or anything, I enjoyed it so much and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  285. 285 : Emily Says:

    @ Lolar

    Like you I love City Hall very much and to date it’s still my number one drama in heart. Though I disagree that The Greatest Love is boring. Really you didn’t enjoy the scene where DGJ guessed over the phone on GAJ’s show?? That was awesome. And, when DGJ found GAJ in the house and that coversation of PANTIES??? It was hairlarious. How about, DGJ and Ding Dong? Their chemistry was great, comparing the little child and the bigger child. Then, when DGJ in GAJ’s house??? Every face expression was awesome. Now to mention the producer has done a good joy on the music and sound affect. They were just perfect so far. You see, no matter if Cha Seung Won is a psychotic, handsome but childish actor or a manipulative, charming but arrogant polistician. He has won over my heart with both leading actresses!!! (though I still like Kim Suna a little more than Gong Hyo Jin! haha)

    now, one more day and…. RECHARGE!!!!

  286. 286 : iamhere Says:

    yes, tonight we will be recharged by AeJinDong!!!!! I’m sleepless without TGL 😉

  287. 287 : via Says:

    @ lolar
    I agree with other comments, this drama isn’t boring.. In fact I can say its the best drama I have ever seen for this year 2011… And not even one I found a boring scene because all the scene is worth to watch..

  288. 288 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, you can’t be much of an KD Addict if you r only starting to watch Greatest Love only now. 😉 Just kidding you. 🙂
    This comment is really to point out that the system distinguishes between upper & lower case letters. So acc to this server, KDAddict, w a capital A is one person; KDaddict w small “a” is another. The one w the small “a” writes so many episode outlines n comments that they exceed the quota.

  289. 289 : Agnes Says:

    Dokko Jin recharges tonight!

  290. 290 : Agnes Says:

    Dokko Jin recharges tonight! Support you Cha Seung Won.

  291. 291 : dee Says:

    first i dont care about the story as long there is Cha seung won (CSW) there, love him since city hall, but then i love this story…it’s so FUN…LOL, but i’m afraid, this wil be sad ending story…perhaps i’m wrong..please dont let my DokgoJin die..please..please…i do my best (hahahahaha i guess i start act like Jae-seok, dokgo jin’s manager..hehehehe)

  292. 292 : iamhere Says:

    @dee, i am also thinking and feeling the same way as u do (acting like Jae-Seok kekeke)…i am terribly fearing the remaining episodes

    i hope i can act cooly when the writers decided to end Dokko’s life after the surgery 🙁

    yes, it’s definitely a fulfilling and meaningful journey for AeJin in TGL, a wonderful storyline, no doubt,,,,but but and another but…it will still be painful as hell if Dokko dies coz i love love love him so much

  293. 293 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    There are no laughs tonight! Just a lot of angst.
    1. Seri is definitely a bad girl for telling PJ’s mom that AJ has said to have a bf for 10 yrs, so that silly mom would leak it to d press;
    2. Mina is an even worse person for asking AJ to take the fall for her, not once but twice; her gall of it!! 🙁
    3. PJ finally gets angry, I haven’t seen him angry b4, at Mina for her selfishness, at the press for harassing AJ, and at AJ for suffering quietly w/out fault.
    Looks like next ep, Dokko Jin will come to save the day, by revealing his heart condition to the press, thus harnessing sympathy. And what will he say abt AJ????
    Oh, does that man have a chin! What a well defined jawline that is! Sigh……

  294. 294 : iamhere Says:

    @KDaddict, i can sense your anger and i felt it too just by knowing what will happen in Ep13…IMO, Ae Jung should do something to defend herself and her loved ones.

  295. 295 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear Hong sisters, Writer nim,
    I love your work, this is just to let you know, I’ve made 2 stuffed female figures, with roundish faces and long black hair, and have written w names on them that you are familiar with. I have bought a batch of needles and have them ready. Come June 23, 2011, if Dokko Jin dies, I’m going to insert the needles into the figurines 1 by 1, while burning incense and muttering those 2 names. Incense will burn poke marks on the faces; needles will go where the body feels most pain. Don’t say I didn’t mention it b4 hand. And I know lots of people will join me in this act. Good luck to you, and to Dokko Jin. BTW, thanks for giving us Dokko Jin, don’t you dare take him away from us. 🙂

  296. 296 : maida Says:

    it has been said befor that hong sisters like to surprise us , they won’t make drama easy to be guessed, and thia drama has been categorized as romance comedy one not melodrama, it is difficult after that comic seen it ends up miserably, they only do that to increase the suspense, i am sure it will be end happily or lets say i can’t see something otherwise.

  297. 297 : maida Says:

    if it ends sadly it will be like a precious jewellery fall from the twentieth floor to the ground smashing itself and the tiny pieces get into other”s eyes hurting them

  298. 298 : fan Says:

    You’re right, it’s a comedy romance, so the end won’t be sad, I’m pretty sure now. What I fear now is the emptiness after TGL ends, being so addicted to it :'(

  299. 299 : Mic Says:

    I’m only 11 minutes into eps 13 and already wanted to cry….

  300. 300 : Mic Says:


    You are funny (in a good way, of course!)

    재미있어요 🙂

  301. 301 : iamhere Says:

    I am so frustrated on Ep13…i am so clueless that it would be like this coz prior the airing, i saw some photos (bts) of ep13. It was the photo of AeJin in the field and they look so sweet. But after watching ep13, i now understand that it was only a scapegoat 🙁 …true to their description, Hong writers are indeed expert on giving surprises to the viewers. But i will not be thrilled if Dokko dies in TGL, even if its not in vain. IMO, might as well kill him in the next episode so that i will stop hoping and get over with it.

  302. 302 : via Says:

    Episode 13 is full with meaningfull moment, startting from the date between AJ n DJ, and Ding Dong.. hahaha so funny that this little boy goes around with them when they are on a date to become part of their disquise, too bad that doesnt work, but then they continue the date, that is cute date.. But then here comes the sad part, really makes my eyes teary, especially when DJ is willing to let the world know that he’s belong to AJ, that he wont let her alone to take the fall and be with her as long as he could, oh my God, I even cry when I writing this.. hiks hiks..

  303. 303 : via Says:

    I agree with KDaddict, I will support you if you want to attempt a voodoo on the writer if they kill our hero Dokko Jin.. I think the writer isn’t considerate our feeling, after creating that lovable character on Dokko Jin and make us falling in love with him, then they just want to make him dissapear??!! Its not fair!!!! Please dont do that Writer nimm…

  304. 304 : saranggodojinshee Says:

    The last part of ep.13 really took my breath away, godo jin shee, super charming, please don’t let him die, please.

  305. 305 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13 is sad n slow. This is the only 1 of 13 eps I don’t feel the need to re-watch. Nothing happened other than AJ getting into another scandal, cos Seri sets her up, while Mina wants AJ to be her scapegoat again. Even the date was sad after DingDong left.
    I think ep 14 should be better. Dokko Jin is a master at manipulating the media. He’ll use it to AJ’s advantage. If Mina doesn’t come fwd, sb will expose her n Seri.
    PJ should go to China n find a good girl there who loves him w/out knowing abt his successful clinic.
    Oh, I look fwd to tonight!!!

  306. 306 : KDaddict Says:

    If they kill off Dokko Jin, I’m flying to Seoul, pack up the largest pile of dog shit I can collect and mail it to the Hong sisters via MBC! And another one to the producer, for good measure! Plus another one to the director, to make get more out of the trip! Sh*t!

    I love Dokko Jin. I love CSW!

  307. 307 : iamhere Says:

    @KDaddict, i also feel the same way as u do. Ep13 is the only episode among the 13th that I did not re-watch. I just want to remember Ding Dong, the rest scene in Ep13, I want to forget.

  308. 308 : via Says:

    @KDaddict & iamhere, Episode 13 is just a beginning from what will happen on episode 14, it will blow up im sure ( hopefully we can see there is a solution in the same episode too, hate to wait for another episode to watch the closure).
    So I am just happy to see the cute date on Jin and Ae Jung in episode 13 and Ding dong.. And like any other Kdrama, all those beautiful moments will fade away because of the big problem is heading towards them.. I just hope everything will end up good.. and they better not messed up by killing Dokko Jin.. other wise I will.. ?! Crying ?!

  309. 309 : fan Says:

    It’s just the storm that precedes the blue clear sky.
    I loved ep.13 maybe full of sadness, but still full of love.
    DJ proposing to AJ, wasn’t joke right ?!!
    The end will be the marriage of two of them 😉

  310. 310 : Agnes Says:

    Dokko Jin, looking to see you tonight!

  311. 311 : hehe Says:

    omo, i just can’t wait to watch with eng subs! Hong sisters, CSW, GHJ. this is too much!!!!

  312. 312 : iamhere Says:

    @fan, did Dokko proposed marriage to Ae
    Jung? If that’s the case then i’ll look forward into the next episodes. Not understanding a single word they are saying is really a disadvantage for me.

  313. 313 : fan Says:

    neither me I’ve read the translation in some blog

    At the end of the episode before the press conference, DJ said that she can say that he’s her man and he’ll confirm it, he’ll marry her if she wants, he’s not joking , and that he will probably die, he’s not joking.

    She was bit dazed, she said you’re doing this because you’re going to die?! say that you’re joking” then she keeps asking him “you’re joking right ?” the end.

  314. 314 : fan Says:

    Here the link

  315. 315 : iamhere Says:

    @fan, thank u so much for the link,,,,i cried when i read the translation. This drama is so great indeed. The lines, especially those from Dokko, are so deep in meaning that it can really stir your emotions! MBC did a good job in selecting the casts because they deliver all their lines perfectly! Even the youngest actor, Ding Dong, is very good and promising.

    However, as a viewer’s POV, the ending is much much more important so please please please let Dokko live!!!!!

  316. 316 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 14
    makes me even more nervous. He collapses and goes into surgery. She cant go inside cos of all the reporters camped in front of the hospital. Out side the bldg, she tries to sing a song to cheer up his sick heart, but is too choked up to sing it properly. My stomach is tied up in a knot as the ep progresses!
    Dokko gives his agent some photos n evidence that he has loved AJ, to make public if he dies. That’ll elevate her image greatly n increase her value. Now why does this make me soooo very uneasy? He thinks only of protecting her even while he is dying; he goes on to protect her even in death, and that’s the Greatest Love???? That just sucks canal water in too many ways to mention!

  317. 317 : iamhere Says:

    After Ep14 goes….
    *i feel numb and speechless

  318. 318 : KDaddict Says:

    I am actually quite pissed by eps. 13 & 14. It is billed as a rom-com. I came for the laughs. Where are the laughs?? Meanwhile, they keep on threatening us with Dokko’s death. Frankly, I can’t stand it anymore, n am jumping ship to watch City Hunter broadcasted at the same hour. That show is shaping up nicely.
    I’ll come back after the last ep has aired. If Dokko lives, I’ll watch. If Dokko dies, well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I sure won’t watch the last 2 eps.
    I watched 19 eps of 49 days, but still haven’t watch its finale, n I don’t plan to!

  319. 319 : fan Says:

    It was so sad that AJ didn’t make to see DJ before the surgery, but what squeezed my heart is DJ saying : ” She’s going to sing it to me somwhere” then watching AJ singing alone as he said, I couldn’t stop my tears.

  320. 320 : fan Says:

    I love this drama because since the beginning nothing went as anyone could predict, the twists so well done and the story so realistic.
    Now I understand why the previous title was “the discovery of affection” and now is “the greatest love”, both of them are suitable. The story is the journey of DJ, who had never fallen in love, discovering Ae Jung(means affection in korean).
    I was delighted to see how a 37 years man discovering love as a 7 years child and how the obstacles make this 7 years man become 37 years again.
    I was delighted to see the courage of a woman despite being hurt all this time, her heart doesn’t feel hatred and stills have hope in the future.
    I’m pretty sure she’ll be well rewarded.
    I’m pretty sure 😉

  321. 321 : maida Says:

    it is the best preview i have ever read , amazing
    i really enjoy it
    thank you

  322. 322 : lolaa Says:

    love this drama so much ..fighing

  323. 323 : Mic Says:

    It’s always fun to read all the comments here and see how many people are as addicted to this drama as me. 🙂

    After seeing today’s episode, I don’t think DKJ will die. I think he will survive the surgery and the main focus for the finale will be whether he is still willing to disclose his relationship with AJ now that he is not dying anymore. Remember how arrogant he was before, not wanting to ruin his image even though he had feelings for AJ? It would be the real test for his love when he recovers.

    Then again, I could be very wrong about the finale, but I agreed with most others, this is a comedy, pretty sure the writers are playing with our emotions to create the climax, don’t think DKJ will die.

    Happy viewing!

  324. 324 : Agnes Says:

    Oh! Another week to wait for.

    Just wonder if Dokko Jin will still love Goo Ae Jung after the operation. I hope so.

    Yoon Pil Joo, you’re a very nice man. In the reality, I must choose you.

  325. 325 : kdrama_fan Says:

    Love the drama. There are many OSTs I like. Gong Hyo Jin is lovely like in Pasta and Thank You. Episode 14 is heart breaking.

  326. 326 : mommy angel Says:

    I love Korean romantic comedic drama. This is the BEST ONE EVER!

    Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes!

  327. 327 : iamhere Says:

    my feelings update for Ep14:
    *still speechless and mixed emotions,,, most likely i can clear my emotions when preview of Ep15 is out…until Monday then…this weekend seems very very long

  328. 328 : KDaddict Says:

    Shoot! That potato plant fell to the ground! Would somebody pls go n rescue it? Assistant JS or AJ, pls! Sb put it back in a new glass of water, talk lovingly to it, so that it can grow n blossom, for Dokko Jin to brag abt it to AJ! If the potato plant dies, it is pretty much a symbol that our Dokko won’t make it!
    Sigh….I m trying to be hopeful, so I look at the poster above n think that we haven’t seen Dokko n AJ walk down the street like that, w her wearing that outfit. So maybe in a later ep, after Dokko wakes up n recovers, they will film that rom-com together (that manager Moon suggested to Dokko earlier), live happily ever after, n that’s when she’ll get a new fancy wardrobe, as his wife n a top star in her own right! Am I grabbing at straws? I so love n hate the Hong sisters right now!
    Shoot, I’m going to drown my worries and go stare at Lee Min Ho in City Hunter now.

  329. 329 : Dokko$AJ Says:

    Ep13 and 14 are super touching, hearrenching but with Dokko and AJ’s great love, just glued me to the show, can’t wait for the next ep, I know my heart will be tourtured again but DO NOT LET DOKKO die… jebal, Hong sisters.

  330. 330 : Nad's Says:

    episode 4 and 14 is the best episode i ever watch.!
    if episode 4 is very funny and hilarious, episode 14 is very sad and makes me cry.

    Great The Greatest Love.!

  331. 331 : dee Says:

    thanx a lot guys your comments help me through this feeling..(afraid of losing dokgo jin, afraid about his death), hehehehe..cant hardly wait next week…ooghhh..and cant hardly wait about all of your comments also…i do enjoy this drama with you…yeaaah the greatest love is the best one… love CSW..
    well i think next week is just too long right now…

  332. 332 : Alica Says:

    i have not watched the 14th epidose yet, but i have a bad feeling that DJ will die, for this drama is named “The Greatest Love” that dilivers such message- protect you and love you even after life?!

  333. 333 : mandak Says:

    greatest love ever..

  334. 334 : iamhere Says:

    Hi guys. I am bugging with confusion on the synopsis. It says Ae Jung will enter a variety show pretending to be married to top star Jin….i am very sure it doesn’t happen yet for i have seen all previous episodes many times…then it means it will happen on ep 15 or 16??? ^_^ it doesn’t make sense if Dokko will die!

  335. 335 : nokepa Says:

    i challange mrs. hong sisters to make this show sad ending.. hahaha. they have to make developt their skill to mix comedy, happiness, and sorrowness. i see all of their drama ended with happy story. i bored it at all. since i,m so hopeless about 49 days, i want to more more hopeless for other drama, especially this one..

  336. 336 : Emily Says:


    I think you’re the only one who asks for a sad ending. And as well you’ve made many many people angry here…. for most of us would like our Dokko live!!!!

    It’s bad enough we have to wait a week to see the last episodes, then you’ve wished against all our hope???? *cry* I strongly vote against your wish!!!!

  337. 337 : damianna Says:

    dis drama is tagged as a rom-com. dear heavens, plz mke no1 dies…

  338. 338 : fan Says:

    It’s a rom com, Dokko Jin will definitely not die.
    Hong sisters won’t dare kill him, because believe me if they do, they’ll be boycotted, and no one will watch their work in the future anymore 😉

  339. 339 : fan Says:


    AJ will take care of the potato plant. She’ll go there since she can’t visit him in the hospital.

  340. 340 : princess Says:

    i need a preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he can´t die and i believe that he won´t die.
    i wish in real life that would be so sweet guys.in his maybe last moments all he did was preparation for the possibilty of his death so Ae Jung won´t be stressed from the press.
    please don´t let him die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. 341 : greatest_fan Says:

    best drama of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. 342 : jin Says:

    i cried so hard last ep.there are still 2 ep left so i don´t believe that they will let him die

  343. 343 : jangerr Says:

    Those who love CSW here, go watch him in City Hall. You’ll be completely bowled over!!!

  344. 344 : iamhere Says:

    alas,,,Sunday night is almost over…will I be able to see preview of ep15 tomorrow?? maybe….but will MBC show whether Dokko lives or not?? i dont think so….it will remain a mystery,,,as ep 14 ends with Dokko’s heart stop beating…i also felt the same way..in fact i never re-watch any of TGL’s episode this weekend,,,its like i am mourning ;-( whatever Ae Jung feels at the end of ep 14, i also felt it to the bones!!!! there’s only one correct answer as to why i am behaving like this, its because i love Dokko’s character a great deal…seriously, this drama is my greatest love, but it could also be my greatest heartache…

    Hong sisters, pls do not disappoint us!!!

  345. 345 : KDAddict Says:

    Kudos to the greatest 2 leads!!
    Love this drama so much…agree with all the comments here!
    Best Drama of the year!!!! Yeah!

  346. 346 : dennise Says:

    Dokko Jin you must live not only for Au Jung but also fo us… Heartbreak must not die otherwise we’ll all cry… love love love love love this drama … i cant wait for the last 2 episodes. The Greatest love saranghe…..

  347. 347 : jade Says:

    Dokko Jin please don´t leave us!
    our heart will stop with yours

  348. 348 : TGL Says:

    this drama captured my heart right with the first ep and thats really hard to do.the main couple is fabulous! they have great chemistry and the story line is interesting,too. Like all dramas of the hong sisters this one was not a dissapointment,too.therefor i pray that the ending will make us all happy.
    thanks to this drama i got to know Cha Seung Won who is one of the best actors i saw in korean drama till now. when i find the time i´m going to watch his other dramas as well.
    kisses and hugs to the whole team of TGL and thanks for bringing this drama in our lives!

  349. 349 : KDaddict Says:

    KDaddict with small “a” here:
    Dokko Jin’s heart has stopped. The job of blood circulation has been transferred to a machine. Doctor will replace his faulty heart valve; then restart his heart. Problem is: his heart will not restart easily. What needs to be done? He asked AJ to sing to him. But she can’t go into OT; she isn’t even in the bldg. What to do? That should be a dramatic moment that will earn our tears.
    If he dies, it’d be difficult to drag the show out for 2 eps, so he better not. Half of ep 17 should be abt reviving him; And succeeds, right? I hope so.

  350. 350 : fan Says:

    KDaddict with small “a”, are you hoping that the drama will be prolonged.
    So, in the 17th episode they’ll save Dokko jin(the surgery will take a long long time 🙁 ), in the 18th he’ll recover(AJ struggling, will disguise herself to see him in the hospital :0 ), in the 19th they’ll anounce that they’ll get married(a scoop, the media and everyone will be shocked 😯 ), in the 20th they’ll get married(a beautiful ceremony, ding dong will be the little groomsman \o/ ), in the 21st they’ll go on a honeymoon(to that field where they went last time for the picnic :/ ), in the 22nd they’ll …………….

    I’m crying, It’s just 16 episodes and the final is this thursday :'(

  351. 351 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi fan, jangerr, iamhere, dennise:
    It’s so nice that we can commiserate with each other. Otherwise, it’d be miserable worrying abt Dokko Jin alone.
    I’m sure the preview will be no help at all. We’ll just to suffer till Wed or if there is a way to draw out the suspense till the v last ep, they’d do that.
    I watched City Hall when it came out. I thought the script was intelligent, which is a great plus. But bcos the story made so much sense, there is little to no silliness in it. I enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. The 7-yr old in me likes a little bit of silliness in rom-coms. I’ll go back n rewatch it when GL is over. None of the upcoming shows (debutting in June) grab me so far. But City Hunter is immensely enjoyable. Are u guys watching it?
    1 of my comments disappeared again this morning! So I feel like each comment is a hit or miss!
    @nokepa: which planet r you from, that prompts u to come to a thread like this to wish death upon Dokko? I’d suck an egg to keep my mouth shut.

  352. 352 : iamhere Says:

    @KDaddict, i very much enjoy reading your comment..our world is spinning into one direction and yet an alien tried to oppose it hahaha did he/she think to invade us?!

    well, up to now, i’m still waiting for a ep15 preview…but i also agree that it maybe no help to ease our sorrow….this is too much suspense to handle!!!!!

    honestly i am watching other kdrama but it is just to buy some time while waiting for TGL episodes…none can overcome my love for TGL..i am very loyal once i set my commitment 😉

    Dokko girls, fighting! AeJinDong, fighting! MBCTV, fighting!

  353. 353 : anjas Says:

    Interesting comment guys!! i hope ur wish will be answered at epi 15 and 16, of course happy ending.

  354. 354 : fan Says:

    Thank you KDaddict, till the D day, I’m finding comfort here with you all. You’re right none of the upcoming shows seems to be interesting, that’s why I don’t want TGL to end. I’ll be patient till july for Kim Sun Ah new drama, I hope it’ll be as good as her previous works.
    I was watching L2M but it’s not that interesting for me anymore I just want to know how it’ll end. Baby-faced is becoming more intense.
    I tried to watch City Hunter, the first impression wasn’t that big because of Lee min-ho (Sorry for LMH fans, I was his big fan after watching BBF and PT, he was more convincing there, CSW is by far better:)), I’ll watch it after TGL finale(I trust you KDaddict).

    iamhere, I won’t watch the preview, I prefer to wait for the episode on wedensday, it’ll just make me more worried and confused.

    nokepa and Co, Dokko will survive 😉

    Dokko girls fighting (LOL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  355. 355 : dingdong Says:

    same here!will start watching city hunter after TGL ends…loyalty wise!LOL.
    here are some video clips that you guys might enjoy..they’re pretty hilarious!


    i’ve watched them for more than 10times already..but i’m still laughing so hard at these!
    dokko’s virus in the air! AWE!

  356. 356 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    Dec 23 is my birthday, it’s a bitter sweet, because I will watch the final but I’m sad the show to a end. I love this show so much. So far, is the best of the year. Dokko is a classic. Even the support role, YPJ is very good too. Hope for happy ending.

  357. 357 : nokepa Says:

    i’m sorry to u guys.. c’mon, this is just a drama. i enjoy TGL so much like usually i admire other’s work of hong sisters. but don’t put your attention too much for any drama. you can be happy, laugh, sad or another expressions but you must remember one point “all the casts just ACT” cz that they were said as ACTor and ACTress.

  358. 358 : fan Says:

    Now I’m convinced that you came from another planet.
    Don’t you know that your spaceship crushed in “DRAMANOVA” ??!!!!!! in TGL country ??!!!!!
    Because you’re alien, you’re forgiven, and you’re welcome.
    But you have to keep in mind that DOKKO JIN is our country KING.

  359. 359 : via Says:

    Gallssss… check out the spoiler for the last 2 episode, Good news.. I am so happy I could just jumping aroud..
    here is the link:


    I pass out in happiness… 🙂

  360. 360 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for the spoiler. You made my day. Ya, now we can relax n watch in peace.
    I had no idea that they were ACTors. I thought it was for real. Thank you for putting me right.

  361. 361 : true fact Says:

    THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA FOR 2011. Hong sisters did it again, my heart will never beat like the same again.

  362. 362 : iamhere Says:

    @nokepa, you are right at one point, this is a drama with a very good ACTor & ACTresses. And because of them, we are very much entertained. Now you wish to spoil our entertainment?! There are some people like me who is working far away from my home country and family that found a way to appease loneliness (without spending a single cent) by watching tv shows/drama. I do not want to brag in reality from here but you put it in a way that we are forgetting that TGL is only a show.
    If i recall, you were disappointed/hopeless yourself after seeing the finale of 49 days. Why would u wish others to feel that in TGL?
    Well, since we heard that the last two eps favors us,its good for u too coz u will not feel any guilt!

  363. 363 : via Says:

    @KDaddict: you are welcome… me too a bit calm down after read the spoiler not to worry so much about Dokko Jin and Ae Jung..

    @Administrator: you should add another drama called: Scent of a Woman, play by Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook, into you Drama List. Because I’ve heard that they start filming now.. pleaaaseeeee……. 🙂

  364. 364 : KDaddict Says:

    Can’t thank u enough for telling me this much b4 hand that Dokko Jin doesn’t die! Hurray! I was on pins n needles debating whether to watch it on W or not, cos I really can’t stand to see him die!
    You see, as sb suggested, I really didn’t know that it’s just a show. I thought there is sb named Dokko Jin in S Korea, who is having heart op right now! 😉 😉 😉

  365. 365 : thump-thump Says:

    thanks Via for bringing a wonderful update on TGL…. I was not be able to sleep since the ep 14… worrying to death!!!…our DOKKO JIn shi…I believe CSW is a gifted actor,the reason that make him able to stay strong in korean entertaiment wave… I being his fan since the City Hall drama and also Kim Sun Ah since My Name is KSS. I enjoyed an admire most of her work…. can’t wait for scent of a woman…..

  366. 366 : princess Says:

    please add these pics





    thats all for today!

  367. 367 : via Says:

    KDaddict : I am so happy too.. I can’t wait for tonight.. Dokko Jin become a Super man after the surgery.. hahaha.. can’t wait to see that..

    thump thump : you are welcome.. me too love CSW, for Kim Sun Ah.. Also love her drama MNIKSS: My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.. She’s a wonderfull actress and she did it again in City Hall, and now I can’t wait to see her in Scent of a Woman.

  368. 368 : iamhere Says:

    Guys, tonight is THE NIGHT we are waiting for!!!!!!! I am so eager to see how things will turn out in our way 😉 Eventhough we have an idea on what will happen, it is still different when we see their acting and later understand their lines. Definitely it would be an outstanding performance from the casts…I am also expecting memorable and touching lines from Ae Jung to Dokko….

    Ready, get set…..thump thump thump thump

  369. 369 : Wendy Says:

    Simply love this drama. Didn’t expect the lead actress to play her role so well as compared to her acting in Pasta. I think the script is wonderful too. The chemistry between the two is wonderful. Highly recommended!

  370. 370 : sarah86 Says:

    OMGoddess , i’m captivated by the storyline, and also the actors. How lucky for Koreans to have such talented and unique Actors like GHJ & CSW, they are truly amazing in The greatest Love!!CSW was great in City Hall and Athena and GHJ was fascinating in Pasta and Thank You(such a sad story!!) Honestly, The Greatest Love is the most lively, entertaining and it juz worthy for every minutes of every episode! I’ve watched Lie To Me, Miss Ripley and also City Hunter but The Greatest Love is still the best, not a single boring minute for the series, Thumbs up for all the crews of The Greatest Love…

  371. 371 : princess Says:


    finally a preview
    by the way the potato is still alive 😉

  372. 372 : princess Says:

    please add these pics



  373. 373 : dee Says:

    alooooooooooooo tonight omo tonight..cant hardly wait…guys thanx a lot for all the links.. COOL…!!!!

  374. 374 : via Says:

    I haven’t thank enough for our writer Hong Sister for not letting Dokko Jin die.. Thank you so much..

  375. 375 : mandak Says:

    people shud comment more on this drama..it’s the best drama!!!! the great, greater and greatest drama i’ve been watching for 2011..

  376. 376 : fan Says:

    I’m impatient to see DJ packed in a red ribbon !
    I have to wait untill it’s uploaded, I’m just miserable now :'(

  377. 377 : princess Says:

    i´m sure until next week TGL will get a place in the Most Commented Drama list
    can´t wait to watch it but i always wait for the subs so i will have to wait a bit longer

  378. 378 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 15:
    OMG, he’s ADORABLE in a Big Red Ribbon! It’s a false start cos of a misunderstanding! Darn. But at the end of the ep, Dokko Jin tells the whole of S Korea that he is in love with GAJ! That’s all I care abt. The rest is immaterial. But the preview shows AJ getting into an auto accident, n Dokko rushing to her side in hosp.

    Most commented drama on this site? Sigh…far from it. We only have 10% of what the most commented drama has now (abt 370 to their 3700). The highly commented ones star idols w legions of young fans, who are extremely computer oriented.
    Nobody else will care abt this but I am really amazed at how Moon Da Pyo hasn’t aged a day in 10 years. She was in Hotelier in 2001 n looked exactly the same! I want to move to SKorea to stop aging, n to look at my fav Korean eye candies close-up!

  379. 379 : princess Says:

    here the link to ep 15 raw

  380. 380 : princess Says:

    i just took a little look
    a great episode
    i´m so sad tomorrow is the last 🙁

  381. 381 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    This show’s OST is pretty good too. I keep listening to it. Like the drama, so touching.

  382. 382 : fan Says:

    My heart was beating faster and faster when DJ was eliminating in the TV show the beautiful actresses and choosing each time AJ as the ideal one, I love this last scene. Seeing AJ crying when DJ declares that the ideal woman for him is AJ, that he’s in love with her and that they’re dating, was so touching.

    I just love this drama, Hong sisters really Hat off !!!

    I’ll miss TGL a lot :'(

  383. 383 : thump-thump Says:

    TGL is making me worry till the finale ep….now is ah jeung turn!….car accident(too much!!)…moreover dok jo shi expression while visiting her…not good. , I wish I hadn’t seen the preview for ep 16…. please stop the great test and give them a great happy ending coz of their great love towards each other……

  384. 384 : violin427 Says:

    AHH, I don’t want this show to end! WHY ONLY 16 EPISODESSSS :'(

  385. 385 : bebo Says:

    episode 15 was amazing, can’t believe there’s only one episode left.

  386. 386 : BUTTERFLY5021 Says:


  387. 387 : KDaddict Says:

    I am ecstatic that Dokko Jin didn’t die. I happy w the end of ep 15 when he declares his love so publicly. But frankly, I don’t get the beginning of ep 15:
    Last time his was on the op table, his heart had stopped. Next thing we know, he is recuperating overseas, all by himself! What is he doing flying out after such a major surgery? Is it even allowed? Why is AJ not by his side? Why is his agent JS not there to take care of him?
    AJ doesn’t know that he flies back that day. How come? Why have they not been talking every day on the phone? He shows up at her house, to be surprised by the presence of Han doc. It looks like they haven’t been in contact for a long time. You mean AJ goes fr crying her heart out outside the hosp to going to work filming on location w/out missing a beat? It doesn’t flow well.
    Neither do I get this logic that AJ is bad for him, n so should let him zoom pass. The guy is 37, has been making loads of $ as a top star; this is his first love. What is the pt of being successful if you aren’t allowed to be with the one n only person u have ever loved, for fear that it jeopardizes your success?

    Ep 15 made us happy. If sth bad happens in Ep 16, then the writers r pulling a “49 Days” on us. They wouldn’t now, really!

  388. 388 : via Says:

    Episode 15 is amazing, wait for last episode tonite, but I have read somewhere that DJ-AJ will live happily ever after.. so I wont worried .. please add more funny, cute and hillarious scene for the last 2 episode, we are love to see Dokko Jin comic action.. he’s so funny.. love it!!!

  389. 389 : via Says:

    Sorry I mean for the last episode which is episode 16…

  390. 390 : Agnes Says:

    The Greatest Love is the best drama after The City Hall. I love both. Hope Goo Ae Jung & Dokko Jin will have happy life forever. See how they can resolve those worries tonight. I just worry about the car accident …

    After this drama, when can I see Cha Seung Won again?!

  391. 391 : via Says:

    @agnes.. I know what you mean..me too will miss CSW.. when will I see him again in another romantic comedy drama like City hall and The Greatest Love..

  392. 392 : Agnes Says:

    차승원, 저는 홍콩에서 왔어요. 난 당신의 성능을 사랑 해요. 당신은 정말 잘 생기고 매력입니다. 그만 해!

  393. 393 : Agnes Says:

    The number of comments on this drama is far behind as shown on the “Most Commented Drama” of this site (main page). Please comment more and more. Support this drama to be the best drama of 2011! Anyone know the link for vote?

  394. 394 : KDaddict Says:

    Agnes & via:
    CSW said that he wants to return in a melodrama! Isn’t that be nice? I haven’t seen him in one yet. I’m not crazy abt melodramas generally, but would love to see what he is like in one. I hope that one has more episodes. What will he play? A chaebol prince? Hahaha. 🙂

  395. 395 : princess Says:

    in 5 minutes the last episode will be aired
    i hope we won´t be dissappointed with the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  396. 396 : dingdong Says:

    pls let it be a happy ending..

  397. 397 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    Dokko Jin Shiee is so cute in Ep 15, he and DingDong are such fun pair together and they help each other out. Wait the last Ep out, Dokko and AJ, fighting, even the preview gave the negative hint, but I hope is a happy ending after all.

  398. 398 : fan Says:

    DJ was bit disappointed that AJ didn’t ask after him or tried to see him, that why he decided to wait for her to run to him.
    And because AJ knew that the surgery was successful and he’s now alive, she decided to not call him or see him, preparing herself to let him go. Somehow she wanted him to fully make the decision whether to stay with her or not and not regret it after. That why in the next episode preview, clinging to him she tells him “now that everybody know about us I won’t let you go”.
    Of course DJ made the decision and declared it to her publicly, to make sure to sweep away her doubts about his love.

  399. 399 : fan Says:

    KDaddict, you’re right about the comments sometimes they disappear, I didn’t see your comment N°378 yesterday !!!!

  400. 400 : fan Says:

    I already miss TGL, GHJ, YKS and of course CSW !!!!
    Hoping to see them in good future works

  401. 401 : iamhere Says:


  402. 402 : KDaddict Says:

    OMG, it’s done! They are married! “Applause”. With a baby! Oh, so cute! Thank you Hong Sisters! Best Love is definitely your BEST drama.
    But then, it’s Over! What do we do now???

    Tmr, I’ll go buy a potato to plant. I’ll re-watch City Hall in the meantime, while drinking lots of Vitamin Water. When the potato blooms, CSW will be back with his next drama?
    But it looks like SR got PJ. I still think PJ is too good for her. Maybe Jenny will be with JS, now that he has a promotion.
    Withdrawal pains start now!

  403. 403 : KDaddict Says:

    @fan, hello:
    Thank you for you explanation in #398. That makes a lot of sense. That’s sharp of you. It sure helps fill in the blanks. I was so scratching my head!
    What are we going to do now that it is over?? Sob sob. 🙁
    I’ll have to start looking for his movies. Can you tell me abt “Adeul” that you mentioned on CSW’s thread? I left a Qn for u there. When was it done? What is it abt? I have trouble finding it. Thanks again.

  404. 404 : dee Says:

    this one gets the highest score wow!!!!!

  405. 405 : dee Says:

    a happy ending….so lovely…guys keep comment on this site..please although eps 16 has just been ended..i love to read ur comments..and the links. LOVE CSW hehehehehe.. love this drama….

  406. 406 : miimii Says:

    just 2 words to say ; Great Drama

  407. 407 : fan Says:

    You’re welcome.
    For “Adeul” you’ll find the response in CSW page.

  408. 408 : fan Says:

    Till now I didn’t watch the finale, I’m bit sad because it’ll be the last one.
    I’m planning to rewatch TGL from the beginning after few days maybe a week, I’ll do it non-stop 3 episodes or 4 a day, and enjoy every scene and every word.
    Thank you everybody and keep adding your comments till a next good drama, I always enjoy reading them.

  409. 409 : sara Says:

    really wonderful,awsome.exellent story,acting,music.everything is perfect.two leads have full chemistry.you really fall in love with them.i wish it was at least 20 episodes.you can’t get enough of this drama.cha seung won is a real super star.gong hyo jin shines.yoon kye sang is exellent.a must watch

  410. 410 : bebo Says:

    woooooow, loved the ending so much.
    that was a GREAT drama indeed!

  411. 411 : fan Says:

    I’m watching the finale right now
    OMG !!!! seeing the marriage license a big WOW came out subconsciously of my mouth, Oh man !

  412. 412 : bebo Says:

    I’m gonna miss Dokko Jin Real bad, but not for so long, I know I will probably rewatch in a few days.

  413. 413 : waterlillies6504irene Says:

    hello anyone know the new one that will be out next after the greatest love tks..

  414. 414 : fan Says:

    You might think I’m crazy (especially nokepa), in the last scene I found myself waving back to them !

  415. 415 : violin427 Says:

    Usually not addicted to a drama enough to rewatch and have withdrawls… but I just finished the last episode and I started rewatching it. Tahahaha.

    I don’t know exactly why, I’m sure it’s the combination of everything well put together, but, I simply just loved this drama. When I first saw ads for this drama, I didn’t believe that Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won could create a good couple look or chemistry, but I was definitely wrong.

    And the Ding-dong boy! So cute! Hehe. Oh, and the baby – omg, such an adorable baby! 😀

  416. 416 : 52drama Says:

    Very sweet and happy ending! Bravo!

  417. 417 : via Says:

    Ahhhh… the ending is too cute, I can’t believe I am so happy and very exciting to see the lovely couple, I smile myself while watching the last scene, I can feel and taste their sweetness and their happiness in the end.. and finally with the baby,oh the baby is cute.. I can’t tell you how much I love this drama enough.. I will rewatch and watch and watch over and over again in this drama, just like City Hall.. 🙂
    @KDaddict: Thats good news if Dokko Jin.. oopss I mean Cha Seung won wants to play in melodrama, I look forward his acting in melodrama.. I hope he can nail it!!!

  418. 418 : nokepa Says:

    happy ending?!?.. oh, so disappoint. i’m still watching episode 12 now.. will i continue watching this drama? jeng jeng jeng..
    to all commentators, congratilations! keep healthy sweety and pretty cz this drama didn’t drop your heart for sadness.

  419. 419 : ViKa Says:

    omo.. it has ended already…. the ending is sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE…., i love it.. good job everybody…

  420. 420 : Agnes Says:

    Congrats! Happy ending! It’s great. I love this drama much. I miss all roles in this drama, of couse, especially Dokko Jin & Ding Dong.

  421. 421 : dee Says:

    the best ending ever…so sweet…love dokgojin….CSW very handsome..love it..argggghhh i’m gonna miss all of them

  422. 422 : KDaddict Says:

    You make me laugh! Waving back to them, huh? Could it be like Dokko Jin says, you feel “yong gwong” watching such a lovely tv drama! 😉 😉
    I just watched the final ep again, n have been grinning for 2 hours now!
    Do potatoes really blossom? I’d like to know.

  423. 423 : via Says:

    the replace for this drama would be “You’ve fallen for me (Heartstrings)” with Park Shin ye.. I think the drama would be nice to watch too.. but still I miss Dokko Jin so much..

  424. 424 : iamhere Says:

    Ep 16 is so much adorable. It shows how much a guy can love a woman. To think that he is not just an ordinary guy but a “special” one……Its so envious to see that kind of love. TGL ending is very fulfilling!!!!
    Let’s move its rank, at least to the top 10 kekeke so we must comment more and more guys. Lets not forget our AeJinDongBaby

  425. 425 : waterlillies6504irene Says:

    to [email protected] Says:

    thanks for letting me know which one is next ..looks like another good one..have it bookmarked..tks..

  426. 426 : Agnes Says:

    Dokko Jin is a good man (husband & father). In real life, Cha Seung Won too!

    It is not only a love story which is funny, romance & touching but also about family & friendship. It’s so rich. Everyone acts excellent!

    Good show & cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  427. 427 : Agnes Says:

    I was expecting a wonderful marriage ceremony since last week. How come there wasn’t?! The last ep is too short. Will there be any special ep coming? I hope so … fighting …

  428. 428 : KDaddict Says:

    Re “wonderful wedding ceremony”: I was thinking abt that last night, n felt somewhat cheated w/out it. I conclude that if they’ve to stage one that can be called the “wedding of the century” that is worthy of Dokko Jin, it’d break the bank!
    BTW, City Hall is only abt 100 comments behind You’re Beautiful. Yeh! I think it’s possible to push it up by 100 or so, if we all try. This one, GL, will take a bit of time, for the word to get out, n for more ppl to find it. I don’t doubt that it’ll be well loved for years to come! Anneyaseo!

  429. 429 : KDaddict Says:

    Oops, sorry! The 2nd half of #428 is in response to
    @iamhere’s #424 abt ranking.

  430. 430 : via Says:

    Can’t thankfull enough for the writer ‘Hong Sister nim’ for wonderfull script and also for the director for faboulous in directing and last for all the cast Chae Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin for making this drama worth to watch.. Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You..

  431. 431 : via Says:

    Agree with KDaddict and Agnes… to make a special episode for this drama… ;p pleassseeeeeeeee…

  432. 432 : mandak Says:

    gonna miss TGL..
    great story…

  433. 433 : iamhere Says:

    Special episode…sounds interesting….or why not TGL/BL part 2? Since i’ve heard this is the best storyline created by Hong sisters so far, i hope they will decide to write a second part!!! We have not seen the family of Dokko, right? Also, we have not seen any interaction from Ae Jung’s father & Dokko, its very strange,right?

    Hayz, it only end yesterday & i miss them terribly huhuhu
    Time to rewatch and see them again

  434. 434 : Kanshou Says:

    Really Really the Greatest Love drama ever!! Nice ending, nice story , nice songs and Nice characters!! The drama is Perfect!! and i really love the actor and actress in this drama!!
    Too bad it had come to an end now..
    Anyway, Really worth watching this drama, Can’t find anything to complain..
    Happy, sad, funny, romance and so sweet watching this drama~
    Highly recommend ^o^

  435. 435 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    A great last episode. Enjoy every min of it. Funny and sweet. Dokko is the man, the charming prince, Aj no longer to beg for work. This is great. A dream drama but we love it. I also would like they do a sepcial like for SG, yes, hope the executives can our posts here, hahaha. I hope, I hope… You got to have hope.

  436. 436 : Miimii Says:

    This Drama is Very Very Great and Nice!
    It actually Beat Secret Garden for Me! I feel like it’s so much fun to watch =))

  437. 437 : Kimmidoll Says:

    I’m so in

  438. 438 : fan Says:

    “yong gwong” ? what that mean ?
    Potatoes blossom in may-june for real, so we have to wait untill next year to watch another drama for CSW
    NOWAY !!!!!!!
    For the wedding ceremony, maybe MBC didn’t have the right to broadcast it, but I think they’ll publish photos in their website in the upcoming days (hehe).

  439. 439 : kd Says:

    Already missing TGL? check out City Hall by the same actor!

  440. 440 : KDaddict Says:

    You know how Dokko Jin is always saying that AJ should feel “yong gwong” becos he loves her? It means “glorified” or “flattered”. In short it means “lucky”.
    The movie Adeul is quite heavy in tone, isn’t it? At least in the beginning. I saw the 1st part last night, n am impressed that the guy on screen hardly seem like CSW at all. The really good actors can morph into another person just by changing their expressions, body language n haircut.
    You know, Ji Sung’s Royal Family just finished its run a short while ago. There is already news that he’ll be involved in another drama. Hopefully news of CSW’s next drama will come to us just as rapidly.

  441. 441 : HK FANS Says:

    CSW good acting in TGL, seems like a solo..
    but compared to his last few movie/drama like Athena, City hall etc…
    Cityhall is the best..with the best actor & actress KSA.. best script, best plot… I like Cityhall .. and the credit goes to CSW & KSA.. both act excellent and matching…. Hope Cityhall also has a PART 2 ..
    hope to watch KSA new drama Scent of a Woman soon

  442. 442 : No Says:

    Wow this is really a great drama.. I enjoyed watching it.. love that ding dong kiddo.. hope to see more good Kdramas like this one.. XD

  443. 443 : saranggodojinshee Says:

    Watching City Hall now, CSW is the king, also the actress I like it too, San Sung, just love it. Special episode of TGL juseyo, please.

    And we should put this drama on the top of the chart. Half way of the year, at least this is one of the best, I know SG is great too. Looking forward to more great KDrama. Gangsangmida!

  444. 444 : KDaddict Says:

    We haven’t even talked abt his S&M segments!!! How can anyone be so funny in just a robe? Or plain comedic being “all tied up”? Can’t imagine the fun they have on site while filming those scenes!

    No more Greatest Love! HEART BRRRRREEEAAAK!

  445. 445 : KDaddict Says:

    In Final ep:
    Who is that guy who has replaced Dokko Jin on the label of Vitamin Water? Does anyone know?

  446. 446 : bebo Says:

    He’s Kim Nam Gil, from Bad Guy and Queen Seonduk. I love him 🙂

  447. 447 : iamhere Says:

    I miss them….no more wed & thu night to look forward to….i want to buy dvd copy of this drama as soon as possible! How long do u think it would take for MBC to release it?

  448. 448 : fan Says:

    Yeah ! I do feel “yong gwong” 😉 I tried to find something illogical in the story or some bad acting but nada, it’s perfect ! 🙁
    I’ve watched some videos in youtube how they shot the karaoke scene, it took them a lot of effort because they kept laughing.

    You’re right about “Adeul”, it’s bit heavy, but you enjoy there the talented actor. Now for me his best performance was the first scene, when he’s asked about his son. Without words, you can see exactley what his character feels, embarrasment, redemption, guilt. The good actor is who, with his eyes, face and body expression, make you forget that he’s just acting.
    Hope to see him soon in a new drama !!!!

  449. 449 : KDaddict Says:

    @bebo– #446:
    Thanks for the reply. Kim Nam Gil should be doing Ms now. Didn’t recognize him on bottle. 🙂
    Just keep checking on Yesasia, Hancinema n Amazon. They’ll announce “To be released” items. Sometimes u can pre-order.
    Heart Brrrreeeaaak!

  450. 450 : jade Says:

    i like romance and comedy drama…but why this drama cast with this actor and artist…they are unpretty honestly….better not to watch this drama i think..cost when some one pick one drama they wanna watch handsome and pretty face to see..they dont deserve to watch…sorry to say

  451. 451 : iamhere Says:

    @jade, it seems your basis of a good drama is on the looks of the leading actor/actress….have u heard of a saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? If u just even try to finish one episode, u will know how good this drama is. Hope u even try to read the comments here. This drama is perfect in all sense!!!! Well, there’s also a saying, u cannot please everybody 🙂

    @KDaddict, thanks for the info 🙂 i will surely wait for the release!!! Love u all guys!!! Lets give and give more comments here! AeJinDongBaby, know that its an honor kekeke

  452. 452 : Lena Says:

    This drama is wonderful and everybody in the cast is good looking!

  453. 453 : iamhere Says:

    Guys, i just noticed, they updated the synopsis. Good, coz last time i was confused by it.

  454. 454 : fan Says:

    yeah HEARTBREAK!!! 😀

    Does anyone can help me to find the english translation of the song “I can’t drink” ?

  455. 455 : fan Says:

    If you don’t like them, then don’t watch it.
    Does great love story, or good things happen only for beautiful people ???!!!!!!!!!

  456. 456 : KDaddict Says:

    @Poor jade baby,
    You don’t have a clue, do you? You asked why they cast this actor & actress? That’s becos they r among the best n most popular in SKorea, the land of beautiful actors! This rom-com is more sophisticated than most n requires a certain level of intelligence to appreciate. What can I say? You don’t like it, it’s your loss. BTW, u might like Lie to Me. It has 2 beautiful faces n nothing else. 🙂

  457. 457 : Joo Han A Says:

    영어권나라에 사시는 모든 분들도 ‘최고의사랑’을 재미있게 보셨다니 한국의 한 시청자로써 굉장히 기뻐요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    끝까지 우리를 행복하게 만들어줬던 ‘최고의 사랑’과 ‘차승원’,’공효진’
    그밖에 모든분들 사랑합니다!!!!!!!!!!!

  458. 458 : princess Says:

    did any of you found behind the scenes videos of the last episode
    i would really loved to see the scene with the rope and sailor moon…hahaha i laughed so hard
    great drama
    tomorrow i will start rewatching it!!!

  459. 459 : princess Says:

    dear friends
    please don´t let you bother with such negative comments of some people.
    let us just enjoy this great drama

  460. 460 : KDaddict Says:

    Don’t worry abt it. Consider it “Public Service Announcements” 😉 😉 😉

  461. 461 : KDaddict Says:

    There is actually a basic etiquette of these chat boards n threads:
    You don’t go to a space where people are obviously in love with an actor or a show to speak ill of it. That’s just rude n uncalled for. When you do, you offend ppl and they Are going to tell you off.
    How would they like it if we all go to the LTM thread and start telling them what we really think of their show? They like their show, they go there to express their love. We love our show, that’ why we are here.

  462. 462 : kdrama_fan Says:

    @456 KDaddict

    I have read many of your comments. Most of those, of course, are your (biased) views. You cannot force others to side with you. After the 14th episode, I lost interest in the drama. This drama generated too much hype. I do not see why Dokko Jin’s love is the greatest love toward Goo Ae Jung. “Lie to Me” might have flip-floped many times in the story telling. But some viewers in Korea and mostly in overseas are interested in the drama. Go and check VIKI or mysoju site for the viewers’ comments. Many Korean drama-hosting sites ranked “Lie to Me” the highest. That was even printed in Korean newspapers on 6/24/2011.

  463. 463 : enen Says:

    I watch The Greatest Love, Lie To Me and Baby-faced Beauty at the same time, what’s wrong with that? Are there any logical and sensible reasons why I should limit myself? To just follow and ‘liking’ everything about a drama and not able to form your own opinion about the acting, directing, scripting is just downright pathetic and CHILDISH. The people in South Korea where kdrama originates must be stupid eh because they prefer to watch The Greatest Love, Baby-faced Beauty and City Hall (to further illustrate) and not Lie To Me??

    There is nothing wrong with Lie To Me, Playful Kiss or Mary Stayed Out All Night becoming more popular outside of South Korea. In my country these ‘cute’ dramas get to be picked and broadcasted on national channel or satellite tv over other good dramas. And mind you there are a handful of kdramas to choose from. Therefore the tv station in many instances chose ‘cute’ over good screen writing etc. Thanks to the internet I have more freedom and can choose to view many other kdramas. It’s true Lie To Me is visually appealing at first look. I pick LTM first before The Greatest Love. We all love marriage contract don’t we? EVERY DRAMA has its plus and minus points so deal with it.

  464. 464 : drama freak Says:

    why so frustrated…just like what drama u like…if u dont like it…dont watch than….it’s ur own right….

  465. 465 : drama freak Says:

    @Jade…if u think they are ugly and u won’t watch it…FINE THAN…nobody NEEDS u to watch…not like u are VERY important tht if u do not watch this drama than this drama WONT BE POPULAR…duh…

  466. 466 : iamhere Says:

    Hmmmm the atmosphere here seems getting darker. Hope everyone will calm down. My understanding about biasness is even u have not seen completely nor read the whole story, as long as u like someone or something from it, u will favor it. In this case, i am 100% sure i am not being biased from the very beginning. Why? This is the first time i saw the actors/actresses except for YIN (SG). I know nothing at all from them. However, the moment i watch 1st episode, i was caught off guard!!! I became more & more curious about it, and even interested on who the writers are. (Surprisingly, i found out that i have seen some of their drama) 🙂 Well, this drama really find its way to my heart and hope to others too. It is the best drama for me coz it balances everything a drama should have. Splendid performance and great script. Cheers to those who agree with me and I respect to those who are not. Oh well after TGL, i am certified going to be CSW & GHJ bias undeniably!!!!! So proud of them!!!

  467. 467 : OK OK OK Says:

    Pretty & handsome + excellent acting = sure watch

    Pretty & handsome + cannot act = I won’t watch or maybe watch a little, just a little.

    Pleasant look + excellent acting = sure watch

    No look + lousy acting = better go to sleep – don’t waste your time.

    The greatest love — Got handsome, sweet caring actors, pretty, pleasant actresses + good acting skills === MUST WATCH. 🙂


  468. 468 : KDaddict Says:

    We all have diff dramas that we like. Like I said, best to keep those preferences on separate threads, n everyone would be happier. It’s a matter of respecting majority opinion on any given thread.
    Comment #456 was addressed to @jade cos she asked.

  469. 469 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK–#467:
    That is both good and funny. Well done, girl!

    I’d throw one more variable into your equations: script. Looks, Acting, Script. That’s just my bias.

  470. 470 : fan Says:

    Of course if I keep adding empty comments each time : “Oh ! CSW I love you !!!” or “I’m dying for !!!” or “CSW go go !!!” or “I’m excited” or “I’m excited for tomorrow” or “I’m excited for tonight” or “I’m too excited”, don’t you think that this will make the drama most commented !!!!!!

    What make Dokko Jin love for Ae Jung the greatest is his sacrifice. Honestley, do you think that someone arrogant and confident as him, showy of his success as him, will choose to step in the dog poop to hold on the woman he loves, all he has is his good image(which brings him CFs and good scripts, going to cannes don’t happen to you every day). You’re right such sacrifice can happen every day.
    Ae Jung love for Dokko Jin is the greatest love too. Do you know any girl that’ll choose to let go such a good match. Do you think that if Hyun bin will fall for you, you’ll let him go ???!!!!!!! come on !

  471. 471 : fan Says:

    Biased Girls CHEEEEERS !!!!!!
    (now, TGL most commented drama is my target. hehe)

  472. 472 : princess Says:

    thats my target, too 😉
    i´m sure together we can do it!

  473. 473 : princess Says:

    please add these pics



  474. 474 : kdrama_fan Says:

    @470 fan

    Dokko Jin’s sacrifice is very much of his selfish reason to have Goo Ae Jung’s heart. Why such one is the greatest love? What can you say about Pil Joo’s love? I think his love is kinder enough to consider others, especially Goo Ae Jung and Dokko Jin.
    By the way, in Secret Garden, Hyun Bin was sacrificing himself to save Ha Jie Won at the end of Episode 18 when he was dashing his car into dark stormy weather with dying Ha Jie Won. It was a fantasy drama, but it was such a great sacrifice scene everybody felt touched with. In the Greatest Love, was Dokko Jin dying for Goo Ae Jung? He was merely thinking of making an arrangement so that Goo Ae Jung could be more acceptable in show business in case of his death during the surgery. Greatest Love???!!!!!! Come on!

  475. 475 : fan Says:

    Do selfishness and sacrifice go together ??? It doesn’t make any sense !
    If he’s selfish he won’t do any sacrifice ! if he do sacrifice he’s not selfish anymore !
    Speaking about Pil joo and his sacrifice, you agree that “Greatest love” suits well this drama ?! Don’t you ?!
    Don’t you know that the healthy DJ did the sacrifce ?! When a star accepts to become a poop isn’t this a sacrifice for you ?! Can you endure to be “bad-mouthed” after being “idolized” ???!!!!
    If for you only death means sacrifice, sorry I can’t say anything more.

  476. 476 : maida Says:

    why it is the greatest love ?
    to me it is so bec. it is the first love of 37 years man who always care about his heart and don’t care about romance even in his career
    it is the love which make selfish ,confident and self centered person to a child don’t know what is love what to do ? how he confess and how to do it ?
    he was a man about to die and he was only thinking about what people might say about his woman he didn’t care about his image which was his most interest

  477. 477 : maida Says:

    i don’t like the last two ep. much but all in all it is awesome drama

  478. 478 : fan Says:

    @princess, wafa and everybody
    To make this drama most commented we need a lot of effort, time and energy to post empty comments ! are you ready ?!
    AJAAAAA !!!!!!

  479. 479 : kd Says:

    If you like TGL especially for the actor…..must watch City Hall!!

  480. 480 : fan Says:

    Thank you for your support !
    Maybe you didn’t like the last 2 ep. because they were precisely the last, no more guessing, no more expectation.

  481. 481 : enen Says:

    Yep, no house warming kiss and no cola kiss in The Greatest Love which in my opinion was responsible to bring interest on Lie To Me to greater heights thanks to online reviews and word-of-mouth. Ah Jung and Ki Joon they both sizzles onscreen I admit that. I too was feeling giddy giddy at that time that I abandoned Baby-faced beauty for a week or two.

    The Greatest Love? We got cup-face kiss and soooo much more than that. I think it’s refreshing – to have the complex entertainment industry as the background, with excellent script and a non-traditional male lead character. Rich, confident, arrogant – the traditional kdrama character Dokko Jin is all that. What I find fresh is he’s really confident to the core and not afraid of anything or anyone, really straight forward, articulate, intelligent, speaks his mind kinda guy. He’s the proper, take-action guy not to be caught tongue-tied with downward gaze and guilty face. His conscience is clear. These traits make him a real guy, someone who really exist in our world. But of course, in this drama he’s often over the top, childish, cartoonish, with butt-hole for a mouth which injects comedy elements into the drama. I’ve watched it, I enjoyed it and I would really recommend this drama.

    I hope my two comments are clear. The first was a bit sarcastic, that is just my way to get my points across without directing it to any specific someone. I do not wish to compare dramas but because I deem it necessary (only touching the surface without dissecting the details) that’s why I did it. Hey dramas are ENTERTAINMENT. Like many have said, you like it a lot, a little, or you don’t like it at all that’s your call.

  482. 482 : enen Says:

    After ep.14 i was in agony. Because there was a speculation that it might be an ‘unhappy’ ending my anxiety level was high. But after 3 day of cooling down I was able to accept the thought of unhappy ending (I think) mostly because it fits the story and because I fantasize buying The Greatest Love DVD set with two endings ala director’s cut! Haha…

  483. 483 : iamhere Says:

    472 @princess & 470 @ fan

    i will join you on the goal of making this most commented drama…even seeing it on the top 10 (well more on top3 hehehe) is great for me.

    so everyone who love TGL the fullest, lets join join join them 🙂

  484. 484 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 449 KDaddict

    Script is also very important – yes i agree besides actors & actresses must have the X-factor to attract. 🙂

    And looks is definitely also an important factor – yesterday i went to search for City hunter male & female lead before and after PS and were “surprise” how they look before especially the lady – 180% change.

    Good looks can change a person life – to the better of course. 😉
    Its worth changing………..

  485. 485 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 469 kdaddict — typo error 😉

  486. 486 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 469 kdaddict —

    not 449 – shld be 469. Mian ne

  487. 487 : hehe Says:

    love love love this drama! i’m terribly missing dokko jin, gu ae jung & yoon piljo!

  488. 488 : KDaddict Says:

    @OK OK OK-#484:
    You are so right. I also enjoy b4 & after photos of KD stars. I won’t name names. Let’s just say that some actresses change their looks little by little over the years. But if you look at current photos n old ones, they look like diff persons. I’d also like to get some PS done in Seoul someday. 😉

  489. 489 : iamhere Says:

    @487 hehe, i miss them too…i had to at least see their photo to complete my day today

    i miss the excitement in looking out for the preview and waiting for Wed & Thu….

  490. 490 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 488 KDaddict

    If you are happy, why not.
    I am afraid of knife and pain, if not i want to change a little too. 😉

    Pretty and handsome stars earn big money too – commercial, movie drama contracts chasing after them.
    People will remember your current look only if you do not reveal your old photos.

    Most of the stars have move to A list & enjoy fame & more $$$ after the changes 😉

    I think the Seoul PS surgeon have improved alot over all these years but I still think that Japan PS surgeon is better. Their skill is so superb that you cannot tell where the change is make. That is my personal opinion. 🙂 🙂

    I like Korean male star se.xy well tone body & their tall height.
    They really work hard for it & taekwondo is their national sport. Strong Men 🙂

  491. 491 : maida Says:

    sincs we have similar taste any recommendation for me?
    my favorite is full house and cha rim dramas’

  492. 492 : KDaddict Says:

    I really like Chae Rim too. Da Ja’s Spring is 1 of my favs. Have you seen Oh My Lady? She looks a bit tired towards the end, cos of the rigor of filming, but Cha Siwon is so hot in it.
    If you like Gong HJ, Biscuit Teacher is also enjoyable.

  493. 493 : fan Says:

    Maybe you’ve already watched all these dramas : City hall, secret garden, Boys before flowers, they’re good for me, if you don’t mind watch melodrama, Sad love story is good too.
    I’m planning to watch :
    City hunter, everybody recommend it
    Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Shining inheritance, both had good rating
    You’re beautiful, it’s a Hong sisters work.

  494. 494 : sachy Says:

    hey friends.. can i know this drama has a happy or sad ending??thx

  495. 495 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    Miss Dokko and AJ so much, special episode, please!

  496. 496 : fan Says:

    It’s better not to know, it’s good to keep mystery. Happy or sad ending, you won’t regret it, enjoy watching it !!! 😉

  497. 497 : Lena Says:

    When DJ waits for AJ for the whole day and falls asleep. Then comes AJ and she says Charge! He puts half his body out of the car and kisses her. I cried! So romantic. I wish I could have such romantic experience…

  498. 498 : wafa Says:

    today i am waching episode 14 i am sad that its almost over 🙁

  499. 499 : princess Says:

    the only thing i really hate about korean drama that they are normally to short or rather my favourites are too short.
    (the only exeption is East of Eden for me i really loved it you all should watch. i had mor the 50 episodes)
    i feel empty without dokko&co.they were all so funny but at the same time they made you cry.
    some people are asking for a special episode.do you think that is possible?

  500. 500 : princess Says:

    oh no i have tears in my eyes
    check this link please

    a picture of the after party!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are co cute!i don´t want them to leave us!!!!

  501. 501 : princess Says:

    the picture would have been perfect if dokko had been there, too

  502. 502 : princess Says:

    i know i posted this link in the past
    but i really have to post it again
    the karaoke behind scenes are just so funny
    you can see how much fun the team had and his joy we felt in every episode thanks to them

    so people check it!!!!!!!!!

  503. 503 : princess Says:

    and here is a short piece of an interview with dokko

  504. 504 : maida Says:

    KDaddict @ fan
    thank u for your reply it was nice of you

  505. 505 : princess Says:

    and i have good news
    “As for this week’s OST chart, Huh Gak takes the lead with “Please Don’t Forget Me” from the hit drama, “The Greatest Love”.

    isn´t that great???
    i love the ost

    here the link to these news


  506. 506 : janhan Says:

    OMG, this drama is like my all-time favorite!!! i accidentally saw one episode (gu ae jeong went to bring water for dok ko jin and was trapped in the house, HILARIOUS!!!) and was then hooked! i had to download the past episodes and watched the next episodes excitedly. that is so true, they made me cry, laugh out loud and fall in love (melting in love mode)…from start to finish, THE GREATEST LOVE IS THE GREATEST DRAMA for me! miss yah DOK KO JIN and GU AE JEONG love team!!!:)

  507. 507 : princess Says:

    the greatest love deserves the greatest place
    so keep writing comments guys so more people get to know this great drama

  508. 508 : iamhere Says:

    Time to recharge…love love love greatest love that even if its a completed drama, i am still excited to visit this website and give praises about them 😉 I miss them everyday

  509. 509 : enen Says:

    snake kiss! hahaha.. that kiss was memorable! and yeah the karaoke dokko dragon scene was hilarious! thanks princess 🙂

  510. 510 : enen Says:

    oh my..please don’t forget me gives me goosebumps

  511. 511 : meetzy Says:

    the greatest love is the greatest drama of the year! (i guess)
    two thumbs up for cha seung won and gong hyo jin 😀

  512. 512 : via Says:

    I love The Greatest Love.. for me its the best drama of year 2011..

  513. 513 : iamhere Says:

    i love the scene where Dokko & Ae Jung 1st met…its so hilarious…and its their destiny…

  514. 514 : enen Says:

    help! may i know what is the price of standard-sized glaceau vitaminwater in korean won?

  515. 515 : hehe Says:

    this is the best romantic comedy ever!

  516. 516 : via Says:

    I knowww… it’s like they meant for each other.. Still can’t believe that Dokko Jin will actually fall in love with Gu Ae Jung.. Although the reason for the first time is for his thumping heart everytime he sees her or listen to the Song and he assumed that he is in love with her… Yeahhh.. We’ll never know when or to who we will fall in love with.. its called destiny.. Just wonder when that kind of miracle will actually happen to me, hahahaha..

  517. 517 : mommy angel Says:

    a MUST SEE if you’re a Korean romantic drama fan. The Greatest Love is the best these day. Best actor, actress, supporting cast and story. 🙂

  518. 518 : iamhere Says:

    Wednesday & thursday night will never be the same for me without TGL. I’m falling head over hills for this drama!!!!! I need to learn mind & heart control 🙂

  519. 519 : kate Says:

    i love this drama. at first i was not sure about this drama but dokko jins and AJ first meeting at the gas station captured my heart and i knew there was no going back. the hong sisters did it again!the story the cast the ost everything is great!
    i hope more and more people will watch this drama

  520. 520 : SAM Says:

    What a great drama! It deserved it’s #1 spot, and I will miss this drama.

  521. 521 : dee Says:

    if someone ask u why u like that guy, sometime u never know what exactly answer for this question, maybe that’s what happen to dokgojin, why…why..i dokgo jin like ae jung..i think it’s romantic..hahahaha..i like korean drama especially comedyromantic.., very entertaining,

  522. 522 : SAM Says:

    Does anyone know what kind of phone case president Moon has?

  523. 523 : iamhere Says:

    Just a realization. Only in this drama i found simple words becoming meaningful and memorable. Words like “recharge”, “potato”, “ding dong”, “panty” and “heartbreak” grows on me. Even characters like pororo, batman and ironman becomes special to me. That is how this drama influences me. Its not a lie. You will know what i am talking about once you watch TGL til the end.

  524. 524 : kirikanan Says:

    The best romantic comedy so far. Great chemistry between both leads, great story plot & entertaining. As usual, great ost. Kudos to the Production Team & writer.

  525. 525 : iamhere Says:

    My favorite phrase for today: – Ep1
    Just throw this and don’t hang around.

  526. 526 : fan Says:

    Thanks a lot for the links, and for posting comments, for a while I thought there will be no one interested in TGL anymore, but I was wrong.
    Dokkogirls AJA !!!!

    Does it means that you’re already rewatching it ?!
    Nostalgia ! :'(

  527. 527 : fan Says:

    Huh Gak song “Please Don’t Forget Me” is my favorite, I loved it the first time I heard it, even I didn’t understand a word.
    I love Baek Jiyoung “I can’t drink” too, but I don’t have its english translation, if anyone can help me, I’ll be thankful.

  528. 528 : bebo Says:

    Dokko Jin is one memorable character, I truly loved the way how Cha Seung Won Performed this character, the way he speaks and moves and how he laughs, in everything he was memorable.

  529. 529 : fan Says:

    Thanks for the links, Hu Gak song is my favorite.

  530. 530 : wafa Says:

    cha seung won is in my opinion the best korean actor and has an iconic look that you do not find in most of the korean males … 🙂

  531. 531 : iamhere Says:

    @fan, its a compulsory for me to rewatch coz i think i need TGL charger now

    moreover, i am surprised that there are some dialogues from Dokko and Ae Jung that i didn’t noticed before…i guess i am keen into details now

    with this i decided to have a phrase/word for the day…and there are so many beautiful phrases from this drama!!!!!!

    [Warning] from now on, expect more comments from me and pls bear with me, i am just a fan inlove

  532. 532 : Jasalways Says:

    I miss Dokko Jin sOoooooooo much !!!!!
    Never knew CSW until this show and I’m chasing all his shows now ^.^

  533. 533 : KDaddict Says:

    Regarding your “Warning”: I fully sympathize. Each one of us when we really fall in love (w a show) needs to talk abt it, to ppl who know know what you are talking abt. Otherwise, it is a lonely experience. I’ve always thought that’s what these threads are for. If you can’t talk abt GL here, then where?

  534. 534 : iamhere Says:

    @KDaddict, precisely!!! i believe that this thread is given to the viewers so they can write something and anything about the drama.

    i am super satisfied that thanking once is not enough for me
    i am super satisfied that i want to share my thoughts to others why i love this drama

    i am here, and i think, i will always be here until i am satisfied that this drama gets to its proper ranking 🙂

  535. 535 : fan Says:

    You’re right about rewatching without missing any detail, believe it or not, till now I didn’t finish watching the 2 last episodes, I’m taking all my time watching and rewatching each scene so I won’t miss any expression any move or any word. It’s crazy I agree but I don’t want to go to the end.

  536. 536 : Emily Says:


    Welcome to the Greatest Love community, If you love Cha Seung Won, then you won’t want to miss out City Hall. It’s another great drama that you’ll fall in love and rewatch several times just like TGL


    I like your phrase of the day idea!! To me, my favorite phrase for episode one is “take a guess at who I am!” at the gas station with the hand expression by CSW. Then answered by GHJ with the hand expresssion pointing at CWS “Just guessed who are you!” I think it was a classic!!! hahaha

  537. 537 : fan Says:

    @iamhere KDaddict
    I’m always glad to read the comments here, it’s good to share our opinions and thoughts with every one.
    Yes, if we can’t talk about our TGL here, where can we ?! 😉

    So what is today phrase ?

  538. 538 : princess Says:

    i feel the same as you guys
    my friends don´t watch korean drama.they don´t understand my obsession with these dramas.so i only have this site to write my opinion down.

  539. 539 : mandak Says:

    ding dong!!!

  540. 540 : DingDong Says:

    I love this series. The actors were funny and the acting is great. I really like Kong Hyo Jin on this. I liked her from Pasta and Im looking forward for her next project! DingDong!

  541. 541 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    I still miss the drama after it ended. Now i keep listening its OST. The OST is great too, just like Secret Garden, great drama with great OST. I know people must think I’m getting crazy keep listening the same songs. I am CRAZY for the drama. Looking forward to the next great work, Korean Drama rocks!

  542. 542 : KDaddict Says:

    I know we’ll re-watch GL many times.
    Some ppl said: If you miss CSW, watch City Hall. Let me say: If you miss Gong HJ, watch Hello, My Teacher. (It’s Korean name is: Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star). It features Gong Yoo, a year b4 Coffee Prince. He plays a lonely, rebellious youth, who is a repeat final year high school student in love w his temp teacher (GHJ). Her students nickname her Biscuit. She calls him Candy Star. It (he) is cute, funny, romantic n moving. He is not goofy like Dokko Jin, but since he is 20, he is naturally childish in some ways. As a man-child, he is more mature than DKJ in some ways. Gong Yoo has such lovely child-like expressions. 16 eps. Great story n acting. One of my favs.

  543. 543 : iamhere Says:

    Hi guys!
    @Emily, i Like that phrase also coz Ae Jung catched who is the person behind the authograph, which is non other than our beloved Dokko! Just like when Ae jung guesses the code of Dokko’s house security system…priceless!!! Then Dokko said while in shock, “What are you?”

  544. 544 : deyani Says:

    I miss Dokko Jin a lot =( Last night was an empty night as I realized that TGL has finished… I think I will re-watch TGL, I need to be recharged. Glad to find that there are still lots of people that will re-watch TGL. It’s the best Hong Sisters Drama for sure.

  545. 545 : iamhere Says:

    @543, i stand corrected, wrong tense of word. Its should be ‘caught’ not catched hehehe no woder i found it wierd when i’m typing

    I’m having an AeJinDong lovesick huhuhu imissthemsomuch

  546. 546 : enen Says:

    i’ll never look at gamja @ potato the same way again 🙂

  547. 547 : via Says:

    yeahhhh … so many memorable words that has been shown in TGL, and it become an icon to the drama and become famous words because the words have deep meaning to this drama. Like recharge, potato, ding dong, panty.. thats why I think Hong sister has made the best script ever.. we love them for that..

  548. 548 : iamhere Says:

    omo omo this is so good!!!! pls check this out ====>




  549. 549 : iamhere Says:

    My favorite phrase for the day:- Ep 1

    If you don’t let go this time, it will be dangerous.

    cr: thundie’s prattle

  550. 550 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    @542 City Hall is great great drama. The script, plot is super. Worth to watch just like TGL. I will watch the movie you recommanded. Thanks. 🙂

  551. 551 : dee Says:

    i really want to have pororo lie detector…the voice is so funny it will be good for ringtone, does anybody know the link where can i download it??hehehehe

  552. 552 : 3+L Says:

    entertaining and loving this drama… i enjoyed it very much…


  553. 553 : bebo Says:

    Wednesday and Thursday never feels the same after The Greatest Love ended, I miss that anticipation so much.

  554. 554 : princess Says:

    i feel so empty
    normally we would discuss the new episodes at this point of time.
    i miss ding dong
    and heart and mind control
    and most of all the potato 😉

  555. 555 : princess Says:

    i couldn´t watch the video
    what was it about?

  556. 556 : princess Says:

    just some more comments guys and our drama will be on the list!

  557. 557 : princess Says:

    please keep supporting TGL
    or else the potato will wilt!
    and as true TGL fans we can´t let this happen, can we? 😉

  558. 558 : princess Says:

    normally kisses in k-dramas are a bit akward
    but with these two it always feels right and sweet

  559. 559 : princess Says:

    one of the best kisses was the “snake kiss” thats for sure!
    i loved the scene!

  560. 560 : bebo Says:

    The car scene kiss was one I like most, I laugh every time I watch it. Oh. how many times did I watch that??

  561. 561 : princess Says:

    another kiss

  562. 562 : bebo Says:

    awkward kisses, not with Cha Seung Won.

  563. 563 : princess Says:

    or this kiss?
    dokko jin looks so cute!

  564. 564 : princess Says:

    yes you are right
    not with our Cha Seung Won

  565. 565 : princess Says:

    the car scene was one of the best

  566. 566 : princess Says:

    the scene with Lee Seung Ki was very funny,too

  567. 567 : princess Says:

    this scene was hilarious,too
    its the time after the “accident”when dokko jin pretends to be injured and Ae Jung tries to get in his room without being cought by someone. the background music made it perfect

  568. 568 : princess Says:

    another scene in the hospital

  569. 569 : bebo Says:

    that was one of my favorites, the way Lee Seung gi imitates Dokko Jin was hilarious, and they looked so cute hugging like that.

  570. 570 : princess Says:

    i love dokko jins expression
    it goes from “just die” to “you are my best friend”

  571. 571 : bebo Says:

    I loooove his less than instant mood change, like in E15 when he tells Ding Dong I’m Dokko jin, how can I go search in the trash ….to where is it, lets go. all in the same time.

  572. 572 : princess Says:

    did you watch the behind the scene video
    its so funny

  573. 573 : princess Says:

    haha bebo
    you are so right! his fast change of expressions made me fall in love with him

  574. 574 : princess Says:

    but really really the funniest scene is when they are at the karoke bar
    i laughed so hard and rewatched it so many times

  575. 575 : bebo Says:


    yes I watched it, I watched all the behind the scenes videos in fact hehe.

  576. 576 : bebo Says:

    the karaoke room scene scared me a bit the first time I saw it LOL!

  577. 577 : princess Says:

    the relationship between dokko jin and ding dong was so cute and funny,too
    i have to say in this whole drama there is nothing i could criticize

  578. 578 : iamhere Says:

    555 @princess
    The phrase was from the scene where Dokko wants to take back his scarf from Ae Jung.

  579. 579 : princess Says:

    did you watch the making of of the karoke scene please say yes
    i cried of laughing

  580. 580 : princess Says:

    ok thanks

  581. 581 : bebo Says:

    I sure did, even my brother who watched the drama with me watched it like a million times, it never got boring.

  582. 582 : princess Says:

    i watch it every day
    sorry to post it again

  583. 583 : princess Says:

    best scene ever
    Cha Seung Won is truly blessed with talent
    not everybody could act like that without making himself look like an idiot 😉

  584. 584 : bebo Says:


    sometimes, I think it’s a DOKKOZILLLa!!

  585. 585 : princess Says:


  586. 586 : iamhere Says:

    581 @ bebo
    Oh it would be nice if i can also rewatch it with somebody else like yours!!!! Laughing with another person is much much fun 🙂

  587. 587 : iamhere Says:

    I have a question which i am hoping that Dokko girls and TGL lovers will answer? It would be fun to reminisce with others….

    What are the names that Ae Jung saved on her handphone for Dokko’ contact no?

    I will start with 1st, ” king of disrespect”

  588. 588 : Lena Says:

    I hope this drama gets all the prizes.
    CSW definitely the best kisser actor.
    Wanna watch and rewatch over and over

  589. 589 : via Says:

    because of his love for Ae jung, Dokko Jin didn’t mind making himself fool in front of her, just to get her attention..LOL

  590. 590 : via Says:

    @OK OK OK
    I love Eugene, but why no famous actor as a leading actor, both of the actor usually play as second lead actor, I wish we can see another good looking actor and famous actor in this drama..
    Anyway.. love Dokko Jin And Ae Jung so much..

  591. 591 : Agnes Says:

    Everyday I surf “Cha Seung Won”, “City Hall”, “The Greatest Love” … videos in youtube. That’s the way I can see him …

  592. 592 : iamhere Says:

    Another name saved by Ae Jung to Dokko’s contact no. on her handphone:-


  593. 593 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 591 via

    I am also disappointed with the actors in Eugene new drama – princess weight loss. 🙁

    They could have make Jae Hee or Jung Suk Won to act in this drama if both actor have not accepted and rejected the drama Hooray for Love 🙁

    Jung Suk Won is still better than these 2 if they are not choosing from A list actors. JSW looks, physical and age can be lead actor – no doubt about that.

    Hope Jae Hee can end up with pretty lead actress with X-factor in new drama. 🙂

  594. 594 : princess Says:

    i just rewached the first episode!
    i just love this drama!
    the matching quiz was great how excited dokko jin gets and all

  595. 595 : princess Says:

    great idea
    right now i can´t remeber the other names
    but i will post them,too when i hear them again while rewatching

  596. 596 : kd Says:

    Getting hangover from TGL? Go check out City Hall and its comments………

  597. 597 : iamhere Says:

    597 @ kd

    I am looking forward to watch city hall (but maybe in the next few weeks or months…)

    coz i want TGL at least near CH ranking..i guess i am devoted Dokko girl for awhile 😉

  598. 598 : iamhere Says:

    596 @ princess

    i found that in reality, girls really do change the names of someone on their handphones based on their relationship/feelings with them

    husband-wife relationship, they put “honey” or “sweetheart”, “daddy” or “mommy”

    my ex-bf, i named it with a smiley like this ====> ( “,)
    but if i am angry with him, i renamed it to blank only like this
    ====> _____
    or sometimes i put “ugly” kekeke

    so when i saw these scenes on TGL, it reminded me of those things! The way Ae Jung changes the names of Dokko on her handphone depends on their relationship or her feelings towards him…so cute!

  599. 599 : anjas Says:

    vote this drama for 100 episode!! LoL!!
    like very much between dokko jin and Ding Dong in every scene!!
    especially when ding dong suprised dokko jin in his car like a ghost at night.

    first time i know Gong Hyo Jin in Pasta.
    she isn’t beautiful but has charisma.
    and now i really love Gong Hyo Jin. both in Pasta and TGL.

    btw guys, can you give me information ’bout her other drama?
    like thank you and hello teacher. is that worth it to watch?

  600. 600 : dee Says:

    dokgo jin virus…beware….hahahahahaha..very contangius…makes u crazy…i already got it..hahahahha..csw is the best …

  601. 601 : princess Says:

    you are right!
    haha i do the same with my boyfriend 🙂

  602. 602 : princess Says:

    i love this drama
    i´m now watching ep 3
    we have to make TGL the most commented drama!!!
    there is no other way
    the world have to know how great this one is!!!

  603. 603 : princess Says:

    dokko jin and ding dong are great together!

  604. 604 : anjas Says:

    keep posting guys!!!

    aja aja fighting,,,still miss ae jung.
    why the epi too short? 🙂

  605. 605 : i-khamel Says:

    verry recomended drama to watch:)

  606. 606 : iamhere Says:

    have you seen what other names Ae Jung saved on her handphone? I believe there’s two or three more 😉

    king of disrespect
    ? clue –> when Ae Jung is not answering her phone & her brother ask why she’s not answering it
    ? clue –> when Dokko asks Ae Jung for her handphone coz he wants to delete it himself
    ?clue —> sorry but i cannot recall what scene it was from

    go go go, hope you can find it 😉

  607. 607 : iamhere Says:

    My fave phrase/scene for the day:- Ep 1

    Jenny: Do u have his no?
    Ae Jung: I would have called him if i have.
    (Ae Jung’s phone ring and she answered)
    Ae Jung: Is it really Dokko Jin?


  608. 608 : Lilian Says:

    Oh….I so so so love this drama. They had great chemistry. Thanks show for all the laughs and tears!

  609. 609 : enen Says:

    hehe..my favorite Dokko Jin’s contact name as appeared on Ae Jung handphone is ‘chunk of the worst luck’ (sub from epdrama)…this should come before 6090..i believe the contact name order should be like this..

    >king of disrespect
    >dog shit jin
    >chunk of the worst luck

    and after that comes the ‘flowers’ 🙂

  610. 610 : princess Says:

    congratulations TGL you are on the list
    we did great guys
    i´m sure we will make this drama no.1 here

  611. 611 : princess Says:

    i just love dokko jin he is so cute!
    in ep 3 he tries to convince AJ to not paricipate in the show couple making so that she won´t be embrassed when she dosen´t get in to the next show.
    he even promises CF and his help.
    i love a man who protects his girl like that!

  612. 612 : princess Says:

    ep 4 dokko jin to Ae Jung
    “who, who likes you?Who?
    you ball of unattractiveness”
    just great

  613. 613 : fan Says:

    @iamhere 607
    They’re meant to be together since first time they met, in the gas station, then in the TV station, then in the car parking……
    Destiny ! 😉

  614. 614 : princess Says:

    its great that dokko jin finds his “nickname” in Ae Jungs mobile and knows immediatly that she means him

  615. 615 : princess Says:

    a word which got a new meaning with this drama
    hahaha love ep 4

  616. 616 : princess Says:

    enen beat me with the contact names 😉

  617. 617 : princess Says:

    what do you think guys
    how many times did dokko jin say “i am Dokko Jin”

  618. 618 : princess Says:

    i love the conversations between these two. they always have a double meaning. they talk with another but both means something else like this time
    -“Gu Ae Jung. I´m Dokko Jin. A special person. And how could someone like you enter?”
    -“so i will never enter again. Please let me leave”
    -“í´m not that kind of person whom Gu Ae Jung can enter and leave at will”

  619. 619 : fan Says:

    You’re already re-watching ep 4 ? I’m stuck in episode 16 !!!!

  620. 620 : fan Says:

    @princess 612
    ep. 16
    “What qualities does GAJ have that you see in her ?”
    “First of all she’s pretty. She has everything a visual singer should have, very pretty”
    hehe !!!!

  621. 621 : iamhere Says:

    609 @ enen

    oh yeah i totally forgot those “flowers” names (:

    its 3 flowers right, so its 3 nicknames for Dokko,
    4 nicknames we already mentioned,
    did she renamed it with “but*hole jin” too? or is it the same as dog s*it jin?

    there’s another one left….maybe @princess can guess it?

  622. 622 : iamhere Says:

    608 @ Lilian

    Yup…great great drama. It went straight to my heart hehehe

    Not only great chemistry for me, but great physics as well 😉

  623. 623 : iamhere Says:

    617 @ princess

    that would be difficult to count coz i think most of the time when Dokko opens his mouth, he will say those 4 words “I am Dokko Jin” or “I am special person”!!!! That’s why Ae Jung & her family nicknamed him as bu*thole Jin hehehehe

    but should i take your challenge?? maybe….coz there’s only one answer as to why i may do it……i love TGL to the fullest and i am crazy with it hahaha

  624. 624 : iamhere Says:

    620 @ princess

    yeah…so happy that our beloved “TGL” is now in the list

    clap clap clap clap

    can we move it up some more?? ? pls pls pls coz they deserve higher than that, right?

  625. 625 : anjas Says:

    i’m still fever ’bout this drama.

  626. 626 : iamhere Says:

    I was reading this article @allkpop. Its non related to TGL story but Gong HYo Jin was mentioned. Its about actresses who are lucky to obtain a partner with handsome actor. I am so happy coz two of my fave actresses are on the list: Ha Ji Won (2nd) and Gong Hyo Jin (7th). It only means that these ladies are also one of the bests (A-list). They may not be the prettiest but being partner with a-list actor meant u are something! And my fave actor is amOng them: Jo In Sung! Only missing is CSW! Sure after he gets melodrama shows, he will be on that lists as well.

  627. 627 : anjas Says:

    up up up!

    deserve be best.

  628. 628 : fan Says:

    @iamhere #626
    could you please give us the link for this article ?

    Are you planning to count how many times did DJ said “I’m Dokko Jin” ?! hehe
    Maybe I’ll do it when I start rewatching it hehe

  629. 629 : princess Says:

    i will not stop writing comments until we achieve at least 1000 comments;)

  630. 630 : fan Says:


  631. 631 : princess Says:

    dokko jin to ae jung
    “be quiet and follow me. you have been caught”

  632. 632 : iamhere Says:

    628 @ fan

    Here’s the link:


  633. 633 : princess Says:

    but i´m sure you are with me in this fight 😉

  634. 634 : iamhere Says:

    628 @ fan

    It’s a hard challenge to count how many times Dokko said that 4 words…coz each episode he probably said it 5times or more

    So can we give average until proven ehehe

    5times x 16ep = 80times

  635. 635 : princess Says:

    thanks for the link

  636. 636 : iamhere Says:

    629 @ princess

    I will be with u in reaching that goal (:
    Keep in touch, and

  637. 637 : dingdong Says:

    i really liked this drama
    it was funny and cute

  638. 638 : princess Says:

    “to me Gu Ae Jung is hard.
    not at all easy.
    very hard indeed.”
    and once again simple words turn to be the most meaningfull in this drama

  639. 639 : princess Says:

    dokko jin to ae jung
    ” turn on your lie detector in your heart. then you´ll find yourself in my land”

  640. 640 : iamhere Says:

    639 @ princess

    oh my…that phrase is so endearing right…bring back tears to my eyes coz i found myself on their land from the very beginning

  641. 641 : iamhere Says:

    631 @ princess

    its so cute that eventhough Ae Jung keep on resisting Dokko, he still persists on what he wants.

    The power of his 4word statement ==> “I am Dokko Jin”

  642. 642 : bimby Says:

    nice drama, good story, like cha seung won so much since in city hall :-D.
    very touching , great acting for both main actor & actress.
    most of all, i just can say : very recommended!!
    DING DONG !!

  643. 643 : fan Says:

    Thanks for the link
    yes let’s say 80 times lol
    @princess #639
    very touching, you’re right iamhere
    there are many beautiful phrases, Hong sisters did an outstanding work, I think if we could understand korean, we will definetly enjoy the script more 🙁

    Dokkogirls, I’m pretty sure we will reach the goal together !!!!

  644. 644 : fan Says:

    I was watching the last episode yesterday and i noticed that DJ still call AJ with her full name, the same for AJ, she called him DokkoJin shi, does this make any sense ? I don’t know the korean customs ? Can anyone help me to understand ?!!!!

  645. 645 : iamhere Says:

    643 @ fan
    What i noticed about TGL script is actually the repeat of the lines but because it was said by a different character on a different situation, the result stirs another emotion and different meaning.

    Mi na said to Ae Jung: Should i die?
    Dokko said to Ae Jung: I may die, its not a joke.
    Ae Jung said to the reporters: If i day, will i be saved?

    There are few more lines repeatedly said but leaves greater impact. Hong sisters script are really powerful in this drama.

  646. 646 : iamhere Says:

    645, I will repost coz there’s typo error:
    643 @ fan
    What i noticed about TGL script is actually the repeat of the lines but because it was said by a different character on a different situation, the result stirs another emotion and different meaning.

    Mi na said to Ae Jung: Should i die?
    Dokko said to Ae Jung: I may die, its not a joke.
    Ae Jung said to the reporters: If i DIE, will i be saved?

    There are few more lines repeatedly said but leaves greater impact. Hong sisters script are really powerful in this drama.

  647. 647 : violin427 Says:

    I think what really drew me into this drama (among many things) is that in this story line – unlike many other typical Korean drama story lines – the couple stood by and supported each other during challenging hard times. I feel like in many Korean dramas (well, at least in older, more “classic” ones) the characters think it is best to leave their loved ones and turn away help and support during difficult times.

    I really like that in this one, the characters made their own decisions (despite outside influences and opinions) to be there for each other and accept the care the other person was giving. 🙂

  648. 648 : angie Says:

    first 6 episodes really hooked me up but then its getting boring with ae jung but over all drama its ok

  649. 649 : fan Says:

    even some actions are repeated, but each time it’s different, like when DJ grasp AJ in his arms first time in the hospital to make her quiet, then outside the cinema.

  650. 650 : fan Says:

    AJ character seems boring, but she makes balance with the eccentric DJ, She cranks up the DJ engine.

  651. 651 : iamhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day:- Ep 1
    “I will sue you”

  652. 652 : via Says:

    so funny when they are fighting over Ae Jung shoes on the bidding.. Dokko n Pill Joo is so funny with their facial expression.

  653. 653 : via Says:

    I love all the words and all the lines in this drama.. TGL has facinated me with the way they communicate with each other.. At times Dokko Jin just said the words that makes Ae Jung feel amazed with him, and at times Ae Jung can also said the words that makes Dokko just stood there and don’t know what to do because it means something deep for him.

  654. 654 : iamhere Says:

    I need to recharge…my AeJin battery is lowbat!

  655. 655 : iamhere Says:

    thump thump thump

  656. 656 : KDaddict Says:

    I left a message for u on the thread of One Fine Day. Could you pls take a look. Thanks.

  657. 657 : KDaddict Says:

    Don’t know what you mean by “its getting boring with AJ” cos u didn’t say why.
    AJ is sb who is willing to take the blame for breaking up the group in order to protect a pregnant member, n then Not divulge anything abt it or abt Se Ri’s prank for 10 years, at great cost to her reputation n her career. She is easy-going, optimistic, hard-working, long-suffering, patient n kind. BOTH men in the show fall in love with her becos she is all those things, and beautiful. If that is boring, then all women should be so lucky to be “boring” like her.

  658. 658 : fan Says:

    @iamhere #651
    maybe it’s easier to count how many times he said that phrase (hehe)

  659. 659 : dee Says:

    re-run, re watching the greatest love…i think if i meet a guy like dokgojin, that will make me waver….hehehehehehe…how can i’m not love u CSW..hahahaha…

  660. 660 : Ayay Says:

    Dokko jin sshi, SARANGHAMNIDAAAAAA

  661. 661 : white flag Says:

    Really the most satisfying ending i have ever seen, the last episode is very cute, a great drama,i recommend 100%

  662. 662 : Lena Says:

    Even my mother in law said this was one of her fave drama. Love all the dialogues, specially when AJ makes fun of DKJ English skills. I wanna make this drama the most commented.

  663. 663 : yoyoyo Says:

    omg, damn love this drama >.

  664. 664 : via Says:

    I have reply you.. I hope you satisfy with my answer.

    I just love it when the potato is grow so fast.. and the scene when Dokko realized that his watch to detect the heartbeat is broken, and the kiss.. even its only to make sure his feeling, I can see CSW is such a nice kisser, like he kiss a woman with tender care and respect, I love it..
    OOhhhh… CSW.. I always thinking of him.. ;p

  665. 665 : des Says:

    …i like this drama, great actors DGJ and GAJ…they have good chemistry together. I enjoyed the drama because of them…highly recommended!

  666. 666 : iamhere Says:

    658 @ fan

    yeah, i think it would be a much easier task 😉

  667. 667 : iamhere Says:

    662 @ Lena

    Let’s start to achieve that goal….

    For the love on the greatest drama i have seen so far >>>>

  668. 668 : iamhere Says:

    My fave phrase/word for the day:- Ep 1

    “clinging speech”

  669. 669 : mona Says:

    at last i got the dvd, so tonite i’ll watch it……

    according to the rating, this drama looking great…. i love the lead actor cha seung won…..

  670. 670 : iamhere Says:

    669 @ mona

    Omo omo where did u get ur dvd copy? I keep on checking hancinema/yesasia but no update of the release yet…..or i dobt know how to search….

    That is great news for u coz u can see AeJinDong anytime u want to watch!!!

    Have a nice re-viewing! For my case, it still stir emotions everytime i rewatch online 🙂

  671. 671 : yulkimn Says:

    finished watch dis drama…best drama ending ever..I love dokgo jin character…..

  672. 672 : iamhere Says:

    664 @ via

    Are u still thinking of CSW? kekekeke

    Regarding the potato, Ae Jung told her director before her car accident that her potato bloomed already at their house. Then it means she was already living with Dokko at that time 🙂 The TGL director should show that scene to us…u know the potato bloom & Ae Jung living with Dokko before their wedding ceremony..it must have been another epic scene (among the many).

    Well, my TGL heart is daydreaming here, just ignore if irritating 😉

  673. 673 : iamhere Says:

    665 @ des

    I am 200% agree with u about the main lead casts chemistry 🙂 Everything about this drama is outstanding. For me, may not only be chemistry but physics and metaphor as well…oh what am i talking about??? Hahaha

    Love love love TGL, that’s what it is all about 😉

  674. 674 : Vin Says:

    OMO! “Best Love” is the “Best Movie”..
    Shoes..potato..so lovely..

  675. 675 : iamhere Says:

    just want to share something:


    the article is about the actor who portray as Ae Jung’s brother. But what captivates me is GHJ pictures.

    GHJ has a natural charm that glows!

  676. 676 : iamhere Says:

    For me, after i have seen this drama, no more questions ask, this drama is the BEST. It’s not a “secret” and i am certainly not telling a “lie”. Any girl will feel like a “princess” if they found love like Dokko Jin’s.

    If you don’t object, let’s meet to the nearest “City Hall”!!!

    [Iamhypertoday kekeke]

  677. 677 : dee Says:

    wow @iamhere hehehehehe….the tagline 676…that’s awesome…i like it…

  678. 678 : Eka Says:

    I like this drama…. simple but adorable….
    have a feel greatest of love after watching this drama
    thx for showing this drama

  679. 679 : Eka Says:

    I really liked this drama, a simple but capable of making myself fascinated and touched me when dokko ji almost died
    thx…for showing this drama…..

  680. 680 : fan Says:

    Thank you for the link.
    It’ll be great if they put all the unshown scenes in a special episode. Hope they’ll do it.

  681. 681 : iamhere Says:

    677 @ dee

    I have the symptom of a fan inlove 🙂
    Just expect more pour of corny yet sincere comments from me (:

  682. 682 : iamhere Says:

    My fave word for the day:- Ep 1


    This word makes the 2nd call of Dokko Jin to Ae Jung possible. And so they meet again for the 5th time, which we all know didn’t stop from there.

    Destiny comes to AeJin in so many ways (:

  683. 683 : peter Says:

    great drama! another Hong sisters two thumbs up story

  684. 684 : via Says:


    wow.. that would be nice if they showing the scene when AeJin had live together before the wedding ceremony.. LOL Thats why they already make babies.. hahaha.. I love that thinking.. ;p

  685. 685 : bayliss Says:

    Love this drama so so so much!!

  686. 686 : kd Says:

    Simple but nice love story……..but City Hall is more than that in plot, apart from the ‘as great’ romance.

  687. 687 : iamhere Says:

    AeJinDong 1st interaction, is the day Dokko Jin learnt how to say “ding dong”!

    When 7 y.o.kid meet 37y.o. Top star, epic moment 🙂

  688. 688 : iamhere Says:

    Today, I tried to picture my other fave screen couple for this drama. I think they will also show excellent performance for this! Although a little bit younger generation…

    Hope kdrama international fans from taiwan & japan will love & give positive feedback for TGL so the producers there will decide to do a remake with their own local artists (:

  689. 689 : anjas Says:

    still need support comments
    for the list drama, fighting.

    rank up ASAP!

  690. 690 : iamhere Says:

    Iamhere fighting!!!!! Hahaha more on like talking to myself kekeke coz almost this page comments came from me!

    But don’t worry guys, i know how u love TGL! 😉 Dokko girls fighting!

  691. 691 : anjas Says:

    chingu, is that true there is a ghost face
    in epi 8 when dok ko n ae jung went to
    primary high school?

  692. 692 : anjas Says:


    every comment of u just for best to TGL.
    It’s ok when u thought that u just talked
    to ur self, LOL!

  693. 693 : fan Says:

    Believe me you’re not talking to yourself, even I don’t post comments often but everyday I check twice or more what DOKKOGIRLS post.
    I love your comments and your day phrases, keep fighting !

  694. 694 : fan Says:

    How long did it take you to watch the first episode ???!!!!!! How many times did you watch it ???
    Too many phrases just from this one !!!!!

    I haven’t started yet the re-watching. It will be a marathon one, then an analyse one then a nostalgie one then ………

  695. 695 : wanwoo Says:


  696. 696 : anjas Says:


  697. 697 : wafa Says:

    why are’nt they updating the most commented drama list………………..:(

  698. 698 : iamhere Says:

    692 @ anjas

    Thanks for the cheer!!!! Yup yup yup, all for the love on the greatest and the coolest drama i adore so much (:

  699. 699 : iamhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day:- Ep 2

    “delete me from your head (memory) too”
    cr: [email protected]’s prattle

    ==> i cannot seem to delete TGL in my memory too kekekeke

  700. 700 : dee Says:

    make 700 love it

  701. 701 : pure Says:


    I think one of dokko jin name in ae jong phone is recharge….

  702. 702 : FeeChul Says:

    Always makes me laugh from the first epi to the last epi.
    and really miss Dokko Jin Laughing Style *Muahhahaha* LMAO

  703. 703 : iamhere Says:

    701 @ pure

    That is riiggghttt!!!!
    Oh i hope i can give a price hahaha
    More “dokko’s love” for u 🙂

    “recharge” was the last name saved by Ae Jung on her handphone. I wonder why she didnt put “potato”?

  704. 704 : via Says:

    Love love love The Greatest Love…
    Ae Jung wallpaper is potato bloom already (Its the picture that she had from the restaurant when she was the shooting there).. so thats why he name Dokko Jin in her cellphone recharge..

  705. 705 : iamhere Says:

    704 @ via

    oh yeah, you are right, that’s a logical explanation 😉

    btw, i was hoping on the last episode when they show Ae Jung living at Dokko’s house to find family picture kekeke unfortunately, its still Dokko’s solo picture displayed on the top of the table and on the wall.

    well, i guess it cannot be too much perfect hahaha

  706. 706 : iamhere Says:

    693 @ fan

    oh thanks for your cheer also !!!! So happy to hear from my fellow “Dokko girls” sorrority that you like reading my posts

    fighting for the best!!!

  707. 707 : iamhere Says:

    694 @ fan, i will just up your comment because I only saw it now and i want to reply it (see the CAPS below)

    How long did it take you to watch the first episode ???!!!!!! How many times did you watch it ???

    Too many phrases just from this one !!!!!

    I haven’t started yet the re-watching. It will be a marathon one, then an analyse one then a nostalgie one then………

  708. 708 : iamhere Says:

    702 @ FeeChul

    Your comment is a blessing to me (;
    Why? Later on you and the others will know….hope you will have a chance to visit this comment page again

    TGL is the best!

  709. 709 : iamhere Says:

    Refer to TGL’s mainpage at koreandrama.org, Episode Ratings:
    for Episode 16, nationwide rate is at 2nd place. I am just curious what could be the 1st?

    Anyway, maybe its not allowed to comment here…i will just look around..

    Dokko “spy” girl will be right back…….

  710. 710 : pure Says:


  711. 711 : iamhere Says:

    *home sweet home*

    I am done looking (more on spying) around, so i came up with a conclusion that the rating for TGL was not bad. In fact, its waaayyy better than some of the drama with higher comments listed on the side bar (:

    TGL is still 4times lacking behind the most commented drama because ?
    a. its too early to compare?
    b. maybe its not good enough to impress the viewers to comment?
    c. viewers think commenting is not important?
    d. viewers have nothing else to say because “iamhere” said it all, lol?

  712. 712 : KDaddict Says:

    You r so funny.
    The dramas that are MOST commented on tend to be those that feature idol stars, like young men who come out of a boys band, or girls fr a girls band backgd. They already developed a strong following there. 4 of the top 6 most commented dramas on the side bar have such stars. Their fans r much more enthusiastic and keen on commenting, n usually put in a united effort to vote their idol to a prominent ranking on the internet any chance they get.
    Cha Sa Won n Gong Hyo Jin’s fans tend not to be of that kind. Still, given time, when more n more ppl find out n watch this drama, the # of comments will go up for sure. See City Hall n Jumong.
    As for nationwide ratings, rom-coms attract more urban audiences of younger demographics. In Smaller towns n villages, older folks often prefer historical dramas n variety shows instead.
    I don’t believe there is a show that is universally loved by all. This is as close as it gets.

  713. 713 : fan Says:

    @iamhere #709

    I read somewhere that the 1st place goes to 9 o’clock news, so, we’re good after all !!!

  714. 714 : iamhere Says:

    712 @KDaddict

    Yeah, i am such a dorky fan hahaha

    Point 1.
    I am also a great supporter of one of the leading kpop group in the industry. I am slowly trying to introduce TGL to my fellow supporters because idol group can relate to TGL story in so many ways. Hope i succeed in making them even a little bit curious about this drama kekeke

    Point 2.
    Agreed. Time is precious and patience is a virtue.

    Point 3.
    Understood. Hhhhmmmmm I must find a way to make ahjumma and ahjussi be interested in TGL. How will i make it look historical? Definitely, I will fail here hahaha

    Point 4.
    Agreed. We cannot please everybody 😉

    Oh well, come what may, I will still love it the best way that I could.

  715. 715 : fan Says:

    Not very long ago, I decided to watch City hall just because I saw the rating in this web site and read the comments(and of course because of KSA). After watching it I became a big fan of CSW, so I decided to watch his upcoming drama (at that time) and now I am a big fan of TGL. So be patient, I’m sure all the visitors after reading your comments, they’ll be curious and then after watching they’ll become fans.
    For ahjumma and ahjussi, I don’t think they use internet very often to visit this kind of web site, but for Kdrama worldwide fans this will be very helpful for sure as it was for me.
    DOKKO GIRL AJA !!!!!

  716. 716 : FeeChul Says:


    hahahaa. for me TGL is the first drama that never makes me bored ♥.
    usually in every drama, there are parts that I think is boring.
    But TGL is different, I’m really love all of the episode♥ 🙂 🙂

    The Greatest Love Fighting ! ♥ ♥ ♥

  717. 717 : iamhere Says:

    716 @ FeeChul

    Correct, not a single scene & episode is boring at TGL. Plus each episode always had a suspense or climax part! But i must admit, i was more excited and looking forward to AeJinDong scenes.

    Well, sometimes i feel like i am acting like a sales lady on this page hahaha… you know, talking to everyone who passby. I have to constraint myself ->

  718. 718 : iamhere Says:

    717 ==> oopps why my message is not full, ok heres the followup

  719. 719 : iamhere Says:

    i dont know why my message is not reflecting in full…

    anyways, mianhe……i will control my thoughts for the day!

  720. 720 : FeeChul Says:


    dont worry, you are just like me♥. hahaha
    on my twitter i always tweet my friend to watch TGL 😀 and sometimes I like to force them to watch it *LMAO
    aigoo~~ i’m really hypnotized with TGL ♥

  721. 721 : pure Says:

    Thank God no evil mother in-law in TGL^_^

  722. 722 : via Says:

    yeahhh you are right, they should hang the wedding picture and their picture with the baby too.. maybe they think that’s not important, since Dokko face and the baby already in the milk bottle, mwahhahahaha…

    I love when they were on the date to watch the movie, to make him calm down (because Dokko can’t take it when people seem to think of his precious Ae jung doesn’t suit him well and badmouth her in front of him), she was sing the Dugun Dugun into his ears and he sings with her.. so sweet…

  723. 723 : CoMaVe Says:

    i just finish this drama and absolutely in love with it. Dok go jin you are such a character. Even my husband is willing to watch this drama with me, proved that it such a good movie. I love the ending the whole last episode is absolutely fantastic.

    Cant wait to see special episode, it would be nice. Love both of u…. sarangheo

  724. 724 : lei Says:

    I have just finished watching TGL……I love the story, the main actor and of course the main actress……it was beautifully done……it made me laugh and cry…..thumbs up to the director, scriptwriter and the whole cast!

  725. 725 : LK drama Says:

    im Ahjumma who is same age as CSW .really really in love with this drama.the greatest love for all of us.fighting

  726. 726 : iamhere Says:

    Iamback Dokko girls, i think 6hrs of restraining myself not to read and posting again is enough for the day kekeke

    @ via, from Ep 16, do u know what Ae Jung put on her cheeks before she go down from their room and kiss the sleeping dokko? I suspect its Dokko’s cream, and she just want to bring His scent wherever she goes. Just like what Dokko done on her cream! Such a cute actions from our dorky couple!!!!

  727. 727 : iamhere Says:

    lets clap clap clap
    the sidebar is updated and our beloved drama climb up once more ;-D

    keep it going guys! congratulations!!!

    cheers (;

  728. 728 : fan Says:

    I was wondring why did they show her putting the cream on his cheeks !
    So sweet !!!

  729. 729 : fan Says:

    To CSW fans read this

  730. 730 : fan Says:

    You’ll find here a big fan of TGL 😉

  731. 731 : pure Says:

    c’mon DOKKO JIN DIEHARD FANS!!!! dont give up!!!!!

  732. 732 : fan Says:

    A glimpse of our DJ
    if someone can translate what he said, I’ll be thankful !

  733. 733 : fan Says:

    Mnet 20’s Choice Award 2011 – Hot Drama Actor


    He beat all hot young actors !!!!!! HOURA \(^o^)/

  734. 734 : iamhere Says:

    Just random thinking…i wonder why Hong sisters didnt include any scene about Dokko’s family. I didnt recall him mentioning he’s an orphan? This is the time where again i hope for a special episode..it would be something like “meet the parents”…

  735. 735 : iamhere Says:

    I realized that the first character whom made me curious about TGL was not Dokko Jin but Ae Jung. I was impressed by her acting at the gasoline station when she was arguing with the “hidden” Dokko Jin. I find her acting very cool (:

    And her two-pierced earrings plus big silver ring on her point finger, made her even cooler in my eyes!

  736. 736 : fan Says:

    Once someone said why DJ and AJ’s father haven’t scenes together ? and GHJ said that there is many scenes not shown. I think they were restricted by the length of the serie, I mean they can’t show every thing in just 16 episodes.
    Special episodes will be great !
    (What a pity ! my comments are not posted instantly they’re moderated)

    Enjoy watching !
    I bet they’ll win more awards this year.
    AeJinDong AJA !

    DING DONG !!!
    And guess who got “Hot Drama Actress” and “Hot Style Icon” Awards ???

    Gong Hyo Jin !

    Congrats for Both !

    DJ was there hehehehe!!!!!

  737. 737 : iamhere Says:

    Even kpop world is influence by the enchanting drama TGL! Love love love TGL (:


  738. 738 : anjas Says:

    gong hyo jin noona. saranghae!


  739. 739 : iamhere Says:

    728 @ fan

    Precisely, it was very sweet when a top star like Dokko did corny things like putting a cream of his wife on his face just to have her scent everywhere he goes.

  740. 740 : fan Says:

    It was a mistake I meant “in her cheeks”, sorry.
    So, She did the same to smell his scent everywhere (sigh)

  741. 741 : iamhere Says:

    733 & 736 @ fan

    I am hyperventilating when i read your post!!!! I must see those videos…….

    I never see their names on the celebrities who walk the red carpet for Mnets 20 choice award,,,, thats why i didnt read articles about the winners afterwards kekeke (me being too bias)

  742. 742 : iamhere Says:

    GHJ & CSW, you are trully the best!!!

    Hope you’ll do a movie together!!!!!!

  743. 743 : iamhere Says:

    Update Today: We climb two steps up….still have big steps ahead but we can make it ;-D

    Lets bring our TGL home to the neighbourhood where it belongs!

    *there’s no place like “home”*

    Dokko girls!
    Ae Jung sisters!

  744. 744 : iamhere Says:

    740 @ fan

    and now same with her, putting his cream on her cheeks when she’s going out…Umm Ae Jung, where’s your originality? hahaha Love this dorky couple to infinity and beyond 😉

  745. 745 : Lena Says:

    How can a guy be so tall and have that perfect body? He is the hottest. CSW, where are u?

  746. 746 : FeeChul Says:

    COOL! They got many award !.
    “The Hot Body” Cha Seung Won Ajjusi beat RAIN and Taecyeon
    “THE HOT DRAMA ACTOR” He beat LEE MIN HO !!! ♥ ♥
    and Gong Hyo Jin Unnie too
    “The Hot Drama Actress” she beat Yoon Eun Hye. wooww
    “THE HOT STYLE ICON” Unnie beat LEE HYORI, G-Dragon and 2NE1 !! ohh my ~~ i’m a Blackjack but i’m really happy she got it ♥

    Congrats Ajjusi, Unnie ♥ sarang hae ♥ :*

  747. 747 : iamhere Says:

    746 @ FeeChul

    O-oh….that is so great news!!!

    I am a BJ too ..but our fave couple, AeJin, deserved this award!

    Outstanding performance!
    One word: Bravo!!!!

  748. 748 : bayliss Says:

    Cha Seung Won, youareveryHOT!!

  749. 749 : pure Says:

    i hope they won best couple award…^_^

  750. 750 : iamstillhere Says:

    Another video to share (credit to video owner)


    —> and i fall inlove with them all over again, especially with a background music like that, burst of love for TGL.

    751 @ pure

    yeah right, best couple, best script for TGL, best drama for TGL, best young kid actor for Ding Dong, best supporting actor for YKS (Doc Pil), best supporting actress for YIN (Se-Ri)….oh so many “best” award that they deserve ;-D

    love love love TGL!

    This is the upgraded “iamhere” kekeke

    It was bad enough to be inlove with fictional characters’ AeJin,,but its worst to be inlove to the real ones hayz pity me

    733 @ fan

    Thank u so much for the link,,,, i am freaking smiling in a public area and i dont care!!!! He is so ……everything! How can he be only one in this world and very much taken?!

    I hate being inlove with someone like that hahahaha I will just stick to Dokko Jin 🙂

    736 @ fan

    Oh GHJ is lovely and super cool! I really like her height! And its just perfect as Ae Jung for Dokko who is very tall also.

    Iamsoinlove with them!

  751. 751 : anjas Says:

    guys is that true about the award?

  752. 752 : KDAddict Says:

    Congrats to GHJ and CSW on winning double awards at the MNET!
    Aja Aja!!

  753. 753 : princess Says:

    hi guys
    i couldn´t write so much comments because of my exams
    today i introduced a friend to the koreandrama world!i talked so much of TGL that she agreed to try it!
    result: she fell in love with TGL!!!

  754. 754 : princess Says:

    thanks for the links of mnet awards
    i´m so happy for them!they both deserved it!!!!

  755. 755 : fan Says:

    Welcome back ! wish you success in your exams.
    Yeah ! that’s the begining I think they’ll win more awards !

  756. 756 : dux Says:

    Oh Best Love I how I love thee so! I can’t never look at potatoes and azalea without thinking of you

  757. 757 : nurnadlat Says:

    i really love this drama… one of the best after goong and full house….

  758. 758 : arina Says:

    Greatest luv is simply awesome..the casts esp the leads actors r marvellous.their acting is superb esp cha seung won..

  759. 759 : pure Says:

    i hope dokko jin mission for 2nd baby succeed!!!

  760. 760 : iamstillhere Says:

    A great drama which deserves our love and interest 🙂

  761. 761 : halimah lukman Says:

    I’ve seen the greatest love, i like it very much, especial cha seung won.
    he is a good actor, i’m looking forward for him in the next drama.

  762. 762 : Vin Says:

    If I become GHJ..I’m not only falling in luv with Dokko Jin but CSW too.. Hehe

  763. 763 : h5L Says:

    Since I saw CSW and KSA on the CH , I always want to buy the other DVD of them, when the scent woman of KSA broadcasted on TV. I love them.

  764. 764 : Fan Says:

    It’s a very amazing drama i like it very mush and the actors are talent specially dokko jin really really he is a great actor and handsome i’m looking forward for him in the next drama.Fighting 🙂

  765. 765 : megfox Says:

    Huwow! Hong sisters my favorite writers! I want to watch it…soon after 49days hehehe

  766. 766 : nita Says:

    looooove this drama… ^^

  767. 767 : via Says:

    Hallo @iamhere, fan KDaddict and everybody who love The Greatest Love.. Also want to congratulate this couple (Aejin) who won the Best couple in MNet award.. Cukae..

  768. 768 : iamhere Says:

    767 @ via

    congratulations also to us, Dokko girls…our beloved TGL winnings is our pride also, right?

    we have a very nice taste (bragging our TGL hahaha)

  769. 769 : GL 101 Says:

    great cast, I love all four main actors and actress

  770. 770 : Dina Says:

    wow,…..this is very good drama, u should watch this drama, it’s funny.
    i like this drama.saranghae oppa cha SW. .^o^

  771. 771 : hehe Says:

    i’m missing this drama! it elevates the standard for romantic comedies. i’m excited what the hong sisters would come up with on their next drama

  772. 772 : iamstillhere Says:

    This drama rock my fantasy world! I rewatch it countless times and it still rocks!

    AeJinDong are the coolest! Love love love TGL!

  773. 773 : kd Says:

    TGL is a great fun drama, City Hall is a lot more. TGL when serious couldn’t be serious enough, when sad couldn’t be sad enough as too comedy style. However, CH had achieved both the fun and the serious and the twist in plot. Go check it out!!

  774. 774 : dee Says:

    recharge me please…hehehehee…

  775. 775 : fan Says:

    @iamhere via
    Yeah congrats to us too, Dokko girls have nice taste hehehehe !!!!
    Our TGL AJA AJA !!! More awards AJA !!!!!

  776. 776 : bebo Says:

    @ kd

    I agree, as much as loved The Greatest love, I loved City Hall much more.
    City Hall was just the perfect drama for me.

    I recommend it to anyone who liked Cha Seung Won, you will love it and don’t be discouraged by the political plot.

    anyway, it’s difficult to compare these two dramas, they are totally different genres for me.

  777. 777 : Donna Says:

    Lovely comedy drama series. Really thumbs up for the Hong Sisters. I just cant imagine how you come up with this nice series. Though Im thingking if the lead female character will be played by my favorite Ms. Kim Sun Ah.(w/ a new series Scent of a Woman). It is even more hilarious right? Oh what am I saying, one thing for sure this drama is the best for those who love comedy/drama/romance love story. Highly recommended.

  778. 778 : fan Says:

    are you and iamhere twins ???!

    If I’m in love with DJ, it’s just because I’m crazy about CSW hehehehe !!!!
    But As you said, let us just stick to DJ 😉

  779. 779 : fan Says:

    GAJ is not that funny and strong, so I don’t think that KSA will suit this character. I find GHJ the best choice, she’s just perfect, though I’m big fan of KSA.
    I’m looking forward her new drama “Scent of Woman”, she’ll be perfect as a woman facing death.

  780. 780 : iamstillhere Says:

    778 @ fan

    hahaha “iamstillhere” is the upgraded “iamhere”

    yes, better stick with Dokko Jin, let’s drink to that!!!

  781. 781 : via Says:

    I’ve seen CSW as Jo Gok in City Hall, I think they such a lovely couple together (CSW&KSA), no other Kdrama will beat this couple and the drama, but then I’ve watch TGL, with different story line and different casts for leading lady and supporting role, I fall in love too… for me I love them both.. no comparison I just love to see CSW in another drama especially in romantic comedy genre with different character. If I miss CSW and KSA I will watch City Hall, but when I miss CSW and GHJ, I will watch The Greatest Love.. that simple.. 🙂

  782. 782 : FeeChul Says:


    i’m already watch this drama for 8times.
    and i never felt bored !.
    my friends said so weird because i’m really addicted with this drama -..-”

    but i don’t care *LMAO*

  783. 783 : FeeChul Says:

    Eii wrong type,
    i mean 5 times, i already watched TGL for 5 times *LMAO*

  784. 784 : via Says:

    I love the scene when Ae jung was trapped inside Dokko Jin house, just realize the last conversation between them is about making out, hehehe..
    Ae Jung said what the reason for him keeping her in his place because there was nothing he can do because of his heart condition, and he promise that after operation he will become more stronger that he would not miss the chance to make out with her, I guess its her trick to make Jin survive from the operation, nice trick Ae Jung.. 😉

  785. 785 : nafa Says:

    I like this drama. it’s so simply (remaind me with PASTA).
    their acting so natural.

  786. 786 : iamstillhere Says:

    i miss them but i havent rewatch lately coz i miss them more afterwards


  787. 787 : ika hutagalung Says:

    I just finished watch this drama..best drama for 2011. Love both acting, CSW and GHJ, love the story…

  788. 788 : Rica Fu Mei Fang Says:

    i love this story and i like cha seung won (dok ko jin),i like his character. i like characteristic. i like his body. so perfect. so cool. god bless you dok ko jin. hahahahahaahah… fighting.

  789. 789 : Rica Fu Mei Fang Says:


  790. 790 : Rica Fu Mei Fang Says:

    Mr. Dok Ko Jin,i like this name too. because this name so funny. ehehheheheheheheheh… but,you must be always help any body when they are need your help. god bless you.

  791. 791 : pure Says:

    I’m wacthing it again…sooo addicted!!!

  792. 792 : fan Says:

    Yeah CHEERS !!!!!

  793. 793 : iamstillhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day from Ep2:-

    You King jackass very much. You can understand that at least, right?

    — I think these words from Ae Jung caught Dokko by surprised. He was amazed that she talk back to him like that…He, who is top star Dokko Jin, being pointed at by a D-list person, Ae Jung…another cute scene from our couple. I miss them again and again and again

  794. 794 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for the videos. You gals are great, and so funny. 😉
    I’m so glad GHJ wins. She is now my favorite actress. I fell in love w her in Hello my Teacher, n again in TGL.
    CSW smiles so sweetly at the awards ceremony. He must be pleased. Hope he comes back in another drama very soon.

  795. 795 : fan Says:

    That’s why he fell for her, she say what others can’t say. Remember that he shaved his “SO” beard just because of her, no one dared to say his real opinion about the matter except her.

  796. 796 : wirda Says:

    really love this drama…dok go and ae jong is sooo great…ding dong ^_^

  797. 797 : iamstillhere Says:

    795 @ fan

    and after shaving of the beard was the 1st smack kiss which was so cute and romantic,then after that was the 1st date, then……o-oohh,,my memory is coming back again………and so i fall inlove with AeJin all over again

  798. 798 : wirda Says:

    really love this drama…dok go and ae jong are the best…ding dong ^_^

  799. 799 : bebeh Says:

    seung won ahjussi youre the best, fighting!!!! d-_-b

  800. 800 : bebeh Says:

    cha seung won is the best actor..
    saranghae !!!

  801. 801 : pure Says:

    I want that camellia ring too…

  802. 802 : nurnadlat Says:

    ding dong.. heheheehee…. watching this drama again n again.. really luv this drama!!!!

  803. 803 : kd Says:

    I’ll watch TGL again when i finish re-watching City Hall. TGL is a great fun drama, but it was in City hall first i got to know the main actor, and Thank you the lead actress, so the pairing of them in TGL take me some time to get use to. As they were really really good in their previous dramas.

  804. 804 : yung Says:

    the greatest love …is..the greatest drama johahe

  805. 805 : indri Says:

    CSW in TGL is soooooooooooo comical (childish too ),.. but gooooooood, CSW is great actor of any character
    I like the story,.. and lopeee Pil Joo… ^_^
    but, for the chemistry, I love CSW & KSA in City hall lot more..
    This drama is very entertaining ..worth to watch.

  806. 806 : iamstillhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day from Ep2:-
    (cr. to softie/thundie @ thundie’s prattle)

    “I cost 100 million, but do you still want to buy me? Why? Because I asked for 100 million, do I look like a crazy person to you? You said you would give me anything I want, but you can’t give me a 100 million? You told me to name my price – is 100 million a waste”

    –> Ae Jung caught Doc Pil’s curiosity because of this incident at the bar…eventually he fell in-love with her.

  807. 807 : maya Says:

    many good drama currently airing right now but no one that really captivated me like The Greatest Love…and if i were Gong Hyo Jin i will fall in love with both Dok Go Jin and Cha Seung Won as well..

  808. 808 : pure Says:

    DKJ to GAJ

    “GAJ,I’m going to say something this time…U be the lie detector…I find GAJ to be difficult to get close to…She’s not easy at all…You’re extremely difficult to get close to”

    Sooo SWEET…

  809. 809 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    After The Greatest Love, I find this good drama I need romance. Highly recommand. It’s different than the typical Kdrama, but is a good one and is funny too.

  810. 810 : via Says:

    I watched again City Hall after watched The Greatest Love.. such a great drama’s love them both…

  811. 811 : pure Says:

    Mind Control Time…

  812. 812 : iamstillhere Says:


    We climb few steps again…congrats Dokk girls!

    Keep it up ;-D

  813. 813 : iamstillhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day from Ep2:-

    To be honest, it does hurt my pride but I can’t ever say I don’t want to do it.

    –>This is the scene where I feel sad for Ae Jung’s…but she endure the pain and that situation all for her love to her family.

  814. 814 : poonam Says:

    i really enjoyed watching this drama.saranghaeyo cha seung won oppa.hwaiting!

  815. 815 : ryeong8 Says:


  816. 816 : bunny Says:

    Cha seung won & gong hyo jin are not handsome&beautiful enough…
    But….. The story is good, so funny, and they surely can act. Its enough to make me smile and even laugh when watching this drama..hahahahaha…. I like their chemistry… They match each other.. 🙂
    if cha seung won is single.. I want him to date gong hyo jin..hahahaha…. Well I think it won’t happen..hahaha..just dreaming.. 🙂

  817. 817 : wiwie Says:

    I love Watching cha seung won in the Greatest love and also in city hall, very charming, independent n also can protect His women in his way. Realy realy admire him so much, can’t wait to see his other drama. He still looks young enough than his age. I admire n Respect him so much! Wish to meet him but i understand n believe that Will be impossible. Just wish him good luck n success in the future. And for Gong hyo jin i like her in thank you n pasta. Her acting is so natural, she is not pretty enough but she can show her inner beauty…………..

  818. 818 : devi Says:

    Dingdong! I want csw&ghj winning awards as a best couple, I laugh so much time for watch this drama, and the ending its so great.

  819. 819 : ariel Says:

    i really cant get enough with this drama…love gong hyo jin and cha seung won so much…currently re-watching this drama for the 4th time…recharge..

  820. 820 : maya Says:

    THE GREATEST LOVE is the best kdrama after secret garden and my girl..am i sure about this?? dindong…

  821. 821 : loona Says:

    i hate lie to me and heartstring so much because such a boring drama yet overrated everywhere..are those people so blind nowadays??because of their interest for the actor/ess,even such a crap storyline become extremely great to them..how come such a wonderful drama with a great storyline plus a talented actor can play their character very well like THE GREATEST LOVE never got so much attention?this thing really annoyed me..

    best love=BELO team all the way…

  822. 822 : maya Says:

    BELO team…hahaha

    sound a bit funny..but i think its good either..

  823. 823 : maya Says:

    ep 10..

    ”Looks like i’m not meant to wear such a grand gowns..i’m more suitable for the frog costume that doesn’t spoilt no matter how much i roll around”….

    this phrase really ripped my heart into pieces..poor my ae jung unnie…

  824. 824 : iamstillhere Says:

    821 @ loona

    i agree with you, its annoying to see a drama as good as this to be a bit overlook, but those people who see its beauty will help it outshine the others. let’s do our best and give more love and pour more positive feedback to TGL/BL 😉

    it has been my goal the moment i see this drama few weeks ago, and it’ll never change.

    love love love TGL! love love love AeJinDong!!!! Dokko girls keep on fighting (:

  825. 825 : Teazze Says:


    I never get boring in every episode, with that up and down situation.. No wonder the rating so high..
    Its like I can feel all Go Ae Jung feelings, im really into her and fell in love with Dokko Jin.. Love love love this drama

    @imstillhere and @Ionna
    In my opinion LTM is good on light storyline drama while TGL is great on complex storyline drama.. Love both dramas (love TGL more of course)

  826. 826 : iamstillhere Says:

    825 @ Teazze

    I have seen the other drama that you mentioned, in fact i first saw it before TGL because I like that drama’s leading actress. Unfortunately the story did not appeal to me.

    However, everything in TGL captivated me. I believe both dramas were categorized as romantic comedy? But, not only TGL excels in that category, it gives us more than that…Thus, among the dramas that aired same period as TGL, I only love and 200% recommend this drama 😉

    love love love TGL !!!

    Cheers (:

  827. 827 : lusiheechul Says:

    love the story, love Dok go jin
    Ae jong, u’re not dreaming, u’re just sooooooooo lucky….
    Cha seung won sarang haeyo ^_^

    one of the best drama ever…

  828. 828 : maya Says:

    iamstillhere @ 826

    100% agree with you..i love YEH because of Coffee Prince but LTM such a crap storyline and makes me think that drama just wasting of her talent..poor girl..i hope soon she will be in one of the hong sister drama..

  829. 829 : pure Says:


    I agree with u…TGL is way much better

    I’m falling so deep with the story,acting,tears,laugh and everyting in this drama..

    Thanks to the cast,writer,director,producer and staff for bring this drama to us..^_^
    And the OST so amazing…

  830. 830 : iamstillhere Says:

    @pure & @ maya, you are so cool (:

    TGL is a package of everything a drama should have. viewers should open it to see how beautiful it was…some drama are just wrap in a nice wrapper, but when you open it, its empty inside. drama like that would be easily thrown and forgotten but drama like TGL will be treasured, may not be forever, but definitely for a long time.

    Btw, just now, I have seen GHJ’s “Hello My Teacher”. She’s really a superb actress. No wonder she belong to A-list and among the top korean actress who gets to partner to handsome korean actors. I have not seen “Thank You” yet though I heard it’s good also. As for CSW’s “City Hall”, i would save the best later. For now, i have to focus my comm(itm)ent to TGL’s Dokko Jin.

  831. 831 : maya Says:

    @ iamstillhere

    thanks for the compliment =]

    when i watch CITY HALL,i felt that Dok Go Jin had been cheating on Gu Ae Jung…similarly goes to my feeling when i watch Pasta…haha..whats wrong wif me..they just have great chemistry here yet i always felt that was REAL..lol…

  832. 832 : maida Says:

    for Gong Hyo Jin fans ,I just have finished watching “thank you ” it is very touchy and passionate drama, i highly recommend it.waiting for your comments there

  833. 833 : iamstillhere Says:

    831 @ maya

    i’ll most likely feel the same way as you do once i watch CH kekeke as of now, i am so inlove with AeJin couple that i may not appreciate seeing them with another partner.

    its a bit difficult for me when i was watching Hello My Teacher of GHJ… i keep on thinking Dokko Jin when GHJ is with another man hahaha

  834. 834 : via Says:

    @maya.. since I’ve watched City Hall first, I couldn’t help to feel the other way around, that Jo Gok cheating on Shin Mirae.. hehehe.. because I am a City Hallers (City Hall Lovers), but love The Greatest Love either..

  835. 835 : xiadfreaky Says:

    man, how i love this drama!
    i’ve been wanting to watch a feel good drama and it led me to this. and it was soo worth watching. i laughed so hard with Dok Go Jin’s character and moved by Gu Ae Jung’s story. The supporting characters did a great job too! Plus the ending was so good. The Greatest Love made me fall in love and I couldn’t get over it for a while.
    And oh, I’d be watching City Hall (yeah,shame on me I missed that one out) all because of Cha Seung Won. Heard it was super nice!

    If you’re a KDrama fan, you really should watch this otherwise you never know what you’re missing. 🙂

  836. 836 : KDaddict Says:

    You gals are so funny:
    Dokko Jin is cheating on AJ with KSA in City Hall! :):):)

    AJ is cheating on Dokko Jin w Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher! :):):)

    And KSA is cheating on CSW’s Senator w Lee Dong Gun in When It’s Night? Or the other way around? BTW, that’s a funny n enjoyable show too.
    I Love KD!!

  837. 837 : pure Says:

    I think DKJ must alert to Ryu Seung Boem,cause he captivate GHJ heart…^_^

  838. 838 : via Says:

    you are right.. but you know when I think the chemistry between the main lead is undeniable makes me get attached to their character and sometimes even think that this is not a drama, its like their real life.. I think its natural when you feel and think that way, because they are such amazing actors/actress who can play their role very well. My feeling when I watch GY and GHJ in Biscuit Teacher is very different when I watch GHJ and CSW in The Greatest Love and its also different with CSW and KSA in City Hall.. I still think the chemistry of CSW and KSA in City Hall is the best!! I even think that CSW was having an affair with KSA during the making of the drama.. LOL..

  839. 839 : iamstillhere Says:


    Actors/esses who can really portray their roles very well are indeed the best!!!

    And our beloved CSW & GHJ are beating the younger ones in terms of hotness! Aren’t they really cool?! My apology because I’ve only seen KSA in MNIKSS and dont know much about her yet. I am very sure she got many awards as well (:

    Love love love kdrama!

  840. 840 : iamstillhere Says:


    It’s a good thing that GHJ’s partner in Biscuit Teacher was hot as well so i l appreciated them as couple a little bit (though i felt guilty like i betray Dokko somehow hahaha)

    To think that GHJ’s BT came way back than TGL
    To think that CSW’s CH came few years ago than TGL
    But because i 1st saw these two in TGL, my 1st love would be AeJin couple.

    So yeah, i guess, whenever i see them pair with another person, i will think that somebody is cheating someone especially if their character resemblance Dokko Jin or Ae Jung (:

  841. 841 : Asi Says:

    hehehe as knows as The Hong Brother keep their written marvelous and perfect i will wait your writing again

  842. 842 : fan Says:

    Dokko Girls ! Have you seen the latest CFs of Dokko Jin ?!
    Oh sorry ! I mean CSW 😉 hehehehe

  843. 843 : fan Says:

    Oh ! our DJ (sigh)


  844. 844 : binyoz Says:

    What I can say..another great acting by gong hyo jin..she’s really good in crying scene and once again I knew Hong Sister really a good writer. They really know how to write a superb scenario. The Greatest Love will be one of my favourite kdrama ever…

  845. 845 : iamstillhere Says:

    How more yummy can he be?? CSW makes girls crazy (:


  846. 846 : cal Says:

    The Greatest Love is the greatest drama of the year. Hong Sister never fails to amaze me.

  847. 847 : dding ddong! Says:

    omggggggggggg i love dokkoojin!!!!!!i didnt really like him at first.. but that was before i watched the drama… i was like ehhh.. .but when i watched OMGGG hess SOOOOO FUNNYY HOTTT TALLL LOVELY and ROMANTICC haahahhahahaahha love his personalityyyy UGHHHHHH i wish there was more of this drama!!!!! DDING [email protected]!! hahaahhaha

  848. 848 : DOKKO Says:

    i wish i can rewatch the episodes of dokkojin being SOO FUNYY but its all the episodes!!! but i dont have time TT i would watch the MV in youtube but they call cover DOKKOJINS voice!!! aishhh i wanna hear his funny voice!! someone please make a video of dokkojins funnyyyyness!!!

  849. 849 : arina Says:

    hmm..CSH is really one of korea finest actor..especially for dokgi type character..he is so funny even in variety show (watch him in Family Outing 1…He gets better as he aged…and HYG is also a fine actress…thumbs up for the writer and casts…of TGL

  850. 850 : KDaddict Says:

    I knew I was addicted to KD when:
    I think only of KD characters before I fall asleep;
    I worry if they’ll be alright;
    I hurry home from a concert or a gathering with friends in order to be with the characters I love;
    I rejoice at seeing a familiar actor/actress in a new KD as if seeing an old friend;
    I enjoy identifying houses or sites that have appeared in an earlier KD;
    etc., etc., etc.
    So nice to be with similar ppl here. 😉

  851. 851 : iamstillhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day from ep.2:-
    (cr. to softy/thundie @ thundie’s prattle)

    Hey, ding dong – are you playing with me because Ae Jung told you to?

    —> 1st interaction of Ae Jung’s nephew and Dokko…the source of the legend word “ding dong”!!!!

    Team Dokko go go go!

  852. 852 : maya Says:

    @ via

    I watched City Hall before The Greatest Love ended because I had fallen in love with Dok Go Jin’s character … I was interested in KSA since My Lovely Samsoon and I think she was very funny there.. I find that Shin Mirae characters at the beginning of the story is quite nauseating because she wanted to attract Jo Guk’s attention..as the drama moves on,i started to like her again but i have to admit that GHJ character really into me from the beginning and that’s why i feel that the chemistry between them really grow on me…even they dont have a hot kiss here like in CH (car scene kiss),but i really love the cute kiss like snake kiss in TGL because its so memorable..

    this is my opinion only and i respect yours as well..

  853. 853 : pure Says:

    MNIKSS Hyun Jin Hoon had car phobia
    SG Kim Joo Won had elevator phobia
    TGL Dok Ko Jin had heart disease

    But they all over it cause they found their Greatest Love…:)

  854. 854 : instinct1v3 Says:

    love this drama all hv done a good job ….

  855. 855 : Vin Says:

    The pictures of CSW in “high cut” is look like Johny Depp. Cooool…

  856. 856 : princess Says:

    keep fighting girls!
    i have still exams but i promise after i finished them i will be more active again
    aja aja fighting!!!

  857. 857 : iamstillhere Says:

    856 @ princess

    Goodluck on your exam! Concentrate well on having a good result. For the meantime, the rest of the Dokko girls will try to move up TGL a little bit more. But when you are active again, lets take two steps at a time (:

    Dokko Jin will be your charm on your exam? Ding dong!

  858. 858 : Kingtez64 Says:

    So great drama never a dull episode to get bored..

  859. 859 : via Says:

    well everybody have their own opinions on their most favourite drama or favourite couple they really love in Kdrama.. Thats ok.. I just love Kdrama, without it my life will be empty.. hahaha…

  860. 860 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    CSW took some album shots in Shanghai for a magazine, High Cut. I still love him without bears. But no matter what, he is very good actor and of course, that figure!…….

  861. 861 : Emily Says:

    @ Dokko&AJ

    would you happen to have the link for those photo shoots??? it’ll be great if you can share it with us ^^

  862. 862 : Emily Says:

    @ Via and Maya

    As I really love City Hall so much, my fav couple was CSW and KSA. But after I saw the greatest love, I can’t differ which couple I like better. So I try to see them as two different couples and I won’t think that CSW is cheating on any one of them LOL

  863. 863 : Emily Says:

    @ Iamstillhere

    How many times have you seen the drama now?? I’m on my fourth as we speak. I treasure most of the episodes that CSW is showing his love to and asking for love from AJ but AJ is still hesitating though kinda shows her interest as well. The lines were perfectly written as they also show perfect expressions as well!!!

    — the scene where AJ has to kiss DKJ on his cheek for the photo shoot. DKJ finialized the kiss and AJ expressed that she felt something so she looked down and face looked weird. DKJ looked at her and put on a realization smile.—- CLASSIC!!!!

    — the scene where DKJ told AJ that she was hard to get closed to…. his expression was perfect too!!! He looked at AJ like he sees what he treasures most! oh and the killer smile too!!!—-

    I am having a hard withdrawl time for The Greatest Love just like after I finished watching City Hall. >

  864. 864 : Emily Says:

    good luck Princess for your exams, we look forward to your return!! ^^

  865. 865 : iamstillhere Says:

    863 @ Emily

    I lost count on how many times i watch TGL…even still airing, I rewatch the early episodes, especially those scenes I adore so much, many many times hahaha. And because i love to read also, i bookmark and browse softy/thundie’s blog for TGL recap, so whenever i am travelling, i read them.

    Those two scenes you mentioned are so epic. I really love the expressions on Dokko’s face. The stares that even i only watch him giving it to Ae Jung, idk why, but i am the one having butterfly stomach.

  866. 866 : iamstillhere Says:

    Basically our TGL is up by two steps again. There’ll be big gap to succeed after two more steps…the more we climb the more we will meet new people…see you around guys.

    *Dokko Girls—> fighting!

  867. 867 : KDAddict Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if CSW & GHJ do a CF together!!!

  868. 868 : loona Says:

    i dont know what to say about TGL..i just cant get enough with it..16 episode looked too short for me..why hong sister didnt bring this drama up to 24 episode like hong gil dong?its doesnt matter to me even if they really made up to 30 episodes to this drama..sigh… 🙁

  869. 869 : iamstillhere Says:

    I wanna hear Dokko’s evil laugh…..

    Btw, there’s another pictorial featuring CSW, I will share the link later. He has so many projects after TGL.

    I wonder what would GHJ next project? I miss her also

  870. 870 : wdr Says:

    love this drama very much!!! 😀

  871. 871 : pure Says:

    I bought 5 another kdrma dvd, but after watch first eps I always back watching TGL again…OMG I’m so addicted….:)

  872. 872 : iamstillhere Says:

    Hmm Dokko should show this to Ae Jung during TGL….


  873. 873 : Dorieq Says:

    Love it a lot! The acting and the dialogue is well written. If you don’t speak Korean, choose a good subtitle. You would really appreciate it.

  874. 874 : fitrie Says:

    so funny….. like this drama….. DINGDONG,,,

  875. 875 : mona Says:

    i just rewatching this drama, and it’s still funny……. and i love the songs in this drama too 🙂 especially duguen duguen 🙂

  876. 876 : iamstillhere Says:

    I miss Ae Jung…

    The way Dokko expresses his feelings of missing AeJung was so cute. He was restless.

  877. 877 : iamstillhere Says:

    Thump thump thump

    My kdrama heArt will always pump for TGL,,,
    Love love love AeJinDong (:

  878. 878 : pure Says:

    The scene when DKJ say I Love U to GAJ was so sad…

  879. 879 : Eka Says:

    hei…hei… I watch this drama twice … I love it….exciting,cute,fun….all my thumbs for this drama….realy realy the greatest..

  880. 880 : Loren Says:

    I super LOVE this drama!

    Dok Go Jin Forever!!!!

  881. 881 : Dovejewel Says:

    I loved this drama!! And whats really funny is that for the past 2 or 3 years, i have given my little sister the nickname Ding Dong too!!

  882. 882 : loona Says:

    just want to share with you guys..hope u will enjoy this mv..especially to those who miss this dok go so much…

  883. 883 : iamstillhere Says:

    882 @ loona

    thank you for the link…i love it….i am so proud to belong to Dokko girls (:

    TGL among the top!!!

  884. 884 : maya Says:

    @ loona

    thank you for the mv…really miss our dokgo..even there are so many good drama currently airing rite now,i never forget to turn back to watch my lovely previous drama TGL especially ep 11 n 12..and here this is bts for ep 11 and 12..this is so hilarious and i hope u guys enjoy watching this…

  885. 885 : fan Says:

    Thanks for the link !
    So funny to see them filming !
    Miss them (sigh)

  886. 886 : abil Says:

    the greatest movie about love and comedy! must watch this movie 🙂

  887. 887 : iamstillhere Says:

    884 @ maya

    Many thanks for the link. They are so relax with each other’s company. I really miss them and TGL.

    Love love love the whole cast of TGL!!!!

  888. 888 : deeAn Says:

    huhu..love this drama so much…… replay again and again..

  889. 889 : Eka Says:

    yeah… I’d love too with the scenes on that eps….thx for the link too

  890. 890 : iamstillhere Says:

    My fave phrase for the day from Ep2:
    (cr to softy/thundie @ thundie’s prattle)

    “GAJ, from now on, don’t act like you know me. Where ever you go, don’t go around talking about me and don’t even act like you and I are close. That’s how you can do something that helps me. Understand?”

    –> Really Dokko Jin? You meant this words? When Ae Jung followed your instructions, you’re the one who looks for her hahaha No wonder GAJ said, you are looking for trouble (:

  891. 891 : deeAn Says:

    why only 16 episodes :'( i want more

  892. 892 : bimby Says:

    cha seung won oppa… saranghe… 😀

  893. 893 : iamstillhere Says:

    I am watching two drama where the male lead actors are portraying as popular actor/ composer. Both actors are good and hot. But idk, there is something lacking from them that i found myself hoping it was our CSW. No offense to the actors but for me, one guy maybe as hot as CSW but not as handsome. Another guy is goodlooking but not as convincing as a man secretly inlove to the female lead actress. Well, TGL is really different, best package of everything (:

  894. 894 : KDAddict Says:

    Yeah! why only 16 episodes!! my fav drama for the year :))

  895. 895 : via Says:

    yeahhh.. I thought I was the only one who think that we need extention for this drama.. because we love this drama so much..

  896. 896 : crazypink Says:

    i am really love this drama….

  897. 897 : fan Says:

    I understand what you mean, it happens to me also. When I started MWTS I was comparing the lead to our DJ and I was somehow disappointed, but after admitting that there is only one DJ and only in TGL, I enjoy now the drama more.
    Miss DJ :'(

  898. 898 : loona Says:

    even if I copy this note, but this is exactly happened to me during watching TGL or the past 2month..

    my life before TGL : before this drama came along, I never made a comment on any blog..Also I NEVER watch dramas that are currently airing in Korea, I only watch them when they’re out in DVD..Before, the only Korean words that I know were kimchi and saranghae. For the past months my brain was filled with “WTH do they mean by OTP?” and why do they keep talking about NG and BTS? And is daebak good or bad?? Now I have even mastered the drama lingo so much so that I could use all of them in one sentence. For example – “TGL is the daebak rom-com this season or probably for love EVER with CSW and GHY, now known as my favorite OTP,so much so that I find myself looking for NG videos of their kissing scenes and laughing myself silly as well at the BTS videos of the whole cast’s bloopers .”Hah, look at how rich my k-drama vocabulary is now.

  899. 899 : maya Says:

    while watching MYTS i always think about dokgo when i see kangwoo..but i know,deep inside my heart there is nobody can replaced him because camelia and azalea never stop blooming even they keep wither as the time pass by..kangwoo almost nothing compared to our beloved dokgo..

  900. 900 : gonghyojin Says:

    i like gong hyo jin and her drama.. her acting is so fabulous..
    this drama is really lightning.. matching couple ever…
    Dokko oppa, saranghe.. 🙂

  901. 901 : k-drama lover Says:

    aigoo…the baby is just sooooo cute!! A very surprised ending compare to other similar type of K-romantic drama that usually end with marriage. Also, it ended with a hearty closing farewell from the casts to the viewers. This is my first time leaving comments for Kdrama. Founded TGL as Hillarious and entertaining. Thx.

  902. 902 : iamstillhere Says:

    897 @ fan

    Oh even now, i dont know the name of the casts of MWTS…i feel bad..sorry /// i enjoy the drama but curiosity is not up to that level yet..maybe in due time

    TGL i miss you! Good thing Dokko Girls are always here to reminisce

  903. 903 : iamstillhere Says:

    898 @ loona

    what TGL did to you are the same with me…
    this is also the 1st kdrama that i post comments to its sites
    i even signup to the sites that needed membership…i really like it that much huh 🙂

    there are few more things i have done for the 1st time because of TGL..cannot recall now because too tired at work…i need mind control thing

  904. 904 : maya Says:

    TGL was voted #1 by women as the best drama so I’m still wondering why this awesome drama is not having much impact internationally… are some people really that shallow, watching a drama(lie to me,heartstrings) just because the casts are popular/good looking even though it has a horrendous plotline & just ignore the one that they think is not worth watching because the casts are not popular/good looking?.. oh well, it’s their lost then ^_^

  905. 905 : pure Says:

    I totally agree with you…yesterday i recommend someone to watch TGL,but she say that the actor/actrees not good looking…sooo its totally her lost ^_^

  906. 906 : KDAddict Says:

    Agree with Pure & Maya on why people only watch the dramas if the lead actor/actress is good looking…I am a big fan of CSW & GHY because I love their acting!!

  907. 907 : nanunk Says:

    aigoo… every watch drama cha seung won ssi i always crying…..

  908. 908 : nanunk Says:

    this drama very funny and so so romantic….
    Go Ae Joong ssi, Dok Ko Jin ssi is great couple… ;D

  909. 909 : pure Says:

    Who’s your favorite cameos in TGL?
    I think Lee Seung Ki did good job for act like Dokko Jin….

  910. 910 : fan Says:

    You’re right about Lee Seung Ki, he did really a good job, even he was acting like DJ but he had his own personality.

  911. 911 : fan Says:

    Till now there is no other drama better than TGL, each time I’m watching a new one I start comparing it to TGL in every way, the cast the story the script…

    Even I’m a TGL fan forever, I’m hoping that it’ll be an other outstanding K-drama sooner.

  912. 912 : deeAn Says:

    still stuck on TGL … never get bored

  913. 913 : maya Says:

    before this, SECRET GARDEN is the best drama I’ve ever watch .. but after watching TGL I found that this more satisfaction and feel like watching something that is real .. and I never re-watch the SG as I re-watch TGL ..

  914. 914 : d'tha Says:

    one of the best korean drama ever. cha seung won is a very talented and great actor n for me he is absolutely 100% perfect..ding dong… 😀

  915. 915 : LK Drama Says:

    still watching TGL .the best drama ever.love CSW and GYJ.

  916. 916 : iamstillhere Says:

    911 @ fan

    Whenever new drama was out after TGL, i’m also curious whether it has good plot and so i watch them. Unfortunately, it bores me as time goes by.

    TGL is really different. My kdrama taste elevates because of this production.

    I hope CSW or GHJ will make another drama sooner. Together would be wonderful, but i doubt about that hehehe

  917. 917 : manatee Says:

    Can’t say anything, Only love TGL so much!!!
    with a great story and the best cast!!!

  918. 918 : manatee Says:

    Cha Seung Won and Gong Hye Jin make a great role!!!

  919. 919 : ika hutagalung Says:

    After Secret Garden, i couldn’t find any drama interested. And now i’m very addicted to TGL, Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Joeng, Jae Suk and dr Yoon Pil Joo also other cast. Love CSW and GHJ. CSW really funny..can’t find the different between CSW and Dokko Jin

  920. 920 : maya Says:

    TGL was a bit like a gag concert. It may seem a bit silly and childish at first glance, but every time you watch it, you fall a little deeper into the magic of the drama like you would at a gag concert. At times the silliness may take your toes curl, but it also makes your heart thump a little bit more each time.In fact when i just watching the first epi I was hooked! I loved it! It thrilled me , informed me, excited me, moved me, bonded me to the characters already and thats really saying a lot for the 1st epi!The actors are great at performing their roles and they make this drama really addicting. It’s hard to say but the drama just gets better as it moves on.

  921. 921 : lily2petite Says:

    at first i was pessimistic with this drama because of the actor n actress, because i always watch a drama due to its casts 😛 but after i watch this, face don’t matter anymore, all you need is a good story!!

  922. 922 : pure Says:

    I like the scene when GAJ must kiss DKJ on his cheek..DKJ trying to look cool..but I bet he happy cause GAJ must do it over and over…^^

  923. 923 : ariel Says:

    Lie to Me: popular casts but the story is just horrendous I didn’t even bother finishing it

    The Greatest Love: not so popular casts but the story & casts are great, very funny and loveable; it also has a great OST

    …a drama doesn’t need to have a popular/good looking casts for it to be good… so if some of you watch a drama just because the casts are popular/good looking, you might be missing a great drama ^_^

  924. 924 : Emily Says:

    Thumbs up for all TGL lovers!!!! go go Dokko girls!!!

  925. 925 : mie Says:

    greatest drama.. love cha seung won..

  926. 926 : jenny Says:

    this is a very nice drama! the best romantic comedy genre. i like the story, that’s so funny. i like all the cast. I really love cha seung won! He’s so HOT! His face, body and voice, wow it makes my heart melt! Love u cha seung won! Your acting was brilliant in this drama. I want to have a husband like u!!!! U are a macho man! 😀 you must watch this drama. very recommended for all of u!!

  927. 927 : KDaddict Says:

    Re the Q in #904: “R ppl really that shallow, watching a drama becos the casts r pop or good-looking?”
    Well evidently, a lot of ppl r. Some of them may be young n r drawn to the young casts. Some just love their idols. Some haven’t seen that many KDs n have little to compare their drama with. Some can’t tell a good plot from a bad one, period. They all get quite upset if you tell them that the show they love is not good, that the actor n actress are wasted in a lousy script. I guess some people need a good script to appreciate a show. Some only need pretty faces, which is good news for all lousy writers out there.

  928. 928 : iamstillhere Says:

    927 @ KDaddict

    very well said…clap clap clap

    I salute CSW & GHJ because most of their projects are good. I can tell that they really choose projects that would help maintain their status in the business. The producers and directors also made the right choice in hiring them, for they are indeed versatile actor/ess!

    CSW, GHJ, HJW & JIS –> my most favorite people in kdrama world.

    TGL & MIB –> best drama for me and hoping more to come from these talented people.

  929. 929 : KDaddict Says:

    I m hopeless w acronyms. Who is JIS n what is MIB?
    BTW, u r doing a super job at keeping this thread lively. And are u ready to watch another drama yet?

  930. 930 : iamstillhere Says:

    @ KDaddict

    MIB – Memories in Bali,, this drama has a tragic ending so maybe some will not consider it good. But this drama bring kdrama world to me. I love Ha Ji Won & Jo In Sung (JIS) from that moment onwards..

    And after several years, another drama bloom in my heart, TGL…and it brought me here, the home of Dokko Girls.

    KDaddict: Am i ready to watch another drama?
    IASH: Yes. But if i will love it like MIB & TGL… we will see…Btw, I havent seen CH yet so maybe i will watch it for the time being.

  931. 931 : mona Says:

    will rewatching the greatest love a.s.a.p 🙂

  932. 932 : pure Says:


    Have you seen Thank You?? Its great kdrama too…Gong Hyo Jin did good job in that drama..

  933. 933 : iamstillhere Says:

    @ pure

    Oh thanks for the recomendation, i will include it in my watchlist 🙂 though sometimes i encounter problem in the video link of older drama. Well since its our fave Gong Hyo Jin, i will try to find a way. Actually, I saw the synopsis of “thank you” before but I worry i will cry hard while watching it thats why i chose “biscuit teacher” instead (:

    Lately i’m looking for kmovie to watch but i havent found any synopsis that interest me. I’m trying to search some jdrama too. But because its often based from adaptation of manga series, i felt that the story is too light & childish (or maybe i dont belong to that generation kekeke)

  934. 934 : fan Says:

    You won’t be disapointed if you decide watching CH, but you have to know it’s not as comedic as TGL. You’ll find there CSW but not DJ 😉

  935. 935 : pure Says:

    I have seen Heo Gak Don’t Forget Me MV…after seeing it i realize that the song is about Yoon Pil Joo…..

  936. 936 : manatee Says:

    Love everything in ths drama!!

  937. 937 : iamstillhere Says:

    934 @ fan

    thank you for advance info about CH..i have tried watching one episode (forgot what ep#) but because i prefer historical than political related drama, my interest in the story is not that high…nevertheless, i will not give up. The scene i saw havent shown CSW yet so maybe if i see his part, it’ll get better ;D

  938. 938 : dramalov Says:

    This is my absolute favorite Romantic-Comedy!! Even after watching it 4 times, I still laugh out loud at some scenes!

  939. 939 : fan Says:

    The first one appereaing in the drama is CSW.
    Maybe it’s political but it’s not heavy, you’ll love it.

  940. 940 : kingtez64 Says:

    love this drama so bad..no wonder why its rating is higher…

  941. 941 : Ratna Says:

    Dok Ko Jin is JJang … Very Cool… So much

  942. 942 : Hyung Says:

    I like this drama so much….

  943. 943 : angie Says:

    really love this drama the greatest love is the greatest drama

  944. 944 : iamstillhere Says:

    I missout posting yestErday…so busy in the ofc. Today, i tried to look around nearby my ofc, dvd copy of TGL. But sadly, its not yet available. I saw CSW’s CH & Athena posters. ..our handsome man on his badboy image …so striking and breathtaking (:

    I am inspired again…thump thump thump my TGL heart!!!

  945. 945 : Fan Says:

    My best drama I watched it more than 10 times I love it.

  946. 946 : loona Says:

    my life during TGL : even though I know I could watch it in one go like Sunday night I still find myself waiting for the English subbed videos on Saturdays as well, from midnight to 5am til the videos are up..I found myself re-watching the prev episodes and from 9pm to 7am I was camping in front of my laptop.Can’t help but think CSW would be sexier as Iron man than Robert Downey..I want to hear Ding Dong, so I’m definitely buying a new doorbell..

  947. 947 : Yummy Says:


    -The Chinese link doesn’t work anymore… 🙁

  948. 948 : Bebo Says:

    my favourite drama this year, I LOVE YOU!

  949. 949 : Hyung Says:

    Best romantic comedy…hong sister you’re the best.

  950. 950 : KDAddict Says:

    This is really really a very good drama 🙂 I can watch it over & over again…Ding Dong!

  951. 951 : cindrella Says:

    its my best drama ever .. i love it so so so much

  952. 952 : iamstillhere Says:

    time to rewatch and recharge!!!!

  953. 953 : loona Says:

    I have been watching the drama written by Hong Sister before, such as Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple and You’re Beautiful, but I found The Greatest Love is the greatest drama ever created by them ..I am very interested in it, till I can forget the sweet memories while watching Secret Garden before.. I tried to re-watch Secret Garden yesterday but I could not finish episode 1 even part 1 because I was too tired of it .. even though I have been re-watched TGL 4 times but I never feel bored even a little,instead the love 4 TGL grow in me day by day ..

  954. 954 : iamstillhere Says:

    953 @ loona

    i couldn’t agree more 🙂

    TGL is one of a kind. I have re-watch it countless time and plan to do it so much more. Even remembering its OST bring back the emotions i’ve experienced from each episode.

    Totally totally cool drama!!!!

  955. 955 : pure Says:

    OMG….I’m watching it again now…

  956. 956 : KDaddict Says:

    Isn’t that like speaking ill of an old love, while u r enjoying yourself with a new one? 🙂
    You enjoyed n re-watched Secret Garden many times, within a short time, until u r now tired of it. So you r ready to move on. But it’s unfair to compare it unfavorably just becos something new has come on the horizon.
    Secret Garden has a special place in KD-land n in the hearts of many KD fans. Kim Joo Won is not sb we’ll forget soon. TGL has its charms too. It is not a “either or” situation. Some fans will love SEGA more; others will love TGL more. Both r wonderful in their own ways.

  957. 957 : loona Says:

    @ 956

    ”Secret Garden has a special place in KD-land n in the hearts of many KD fans. Kim Joo Won is not sb we’ll forget soon. TGL has its charms too. It is not a “either or” situation. Some fans will love SEGA more; others will love TGL more. Both r wonderful in their own ways”

  958. 958 : manatee Says:

    I love them both SG & TGL !!

  959. 959 : pure Says:

    I love both SG and TGL so much…but TGL seem something real for me…

  960. 960 : iamstillhere Says:

    I hope producers will give another good project for CSW & GHJ,,, action-love story 🙂

    AeJin, AeJin, AeJin >3

  961. 961 : princess Says:

    wow guys you did great!
    so many comments!!!!like promised i´m back and will support our favourite drama again:)

  962. 962 : princess Says:

    finally i can continue to rewatch this masterpiece 😉

  963. 963 : princess Says:

    i love how he says in ep 9 that he is “cured”and that his heart doesn´t beat for her anymore and at the same time he is concerned about the facts that Ae Jungs family doesn´t like him.i love the metaphor with the magnets which dokko jin and ding dong use.
    “look its not sticking anymore.not sticking, not sticking at all”

  964. 964 : iamstillhere Says:

    Welcome back princess!!!!

    I remember that episode,,,there’s a hug, a drunk and a kiss!!!

    How strange, u just mention a part of the episode and my imagination runs the whole episode hahaha i guess that proves that i have seen this drama so many many times (except for ep 13-14 though)

    “Dokko girls” is love 😀

  965. 965 : cindrella Says:

    i love ep 9 .it so funny ..hahahahah

  966. 966 : pure Says:


    I like ep13-14…it is less funny but i can see how deep DKJ love to GAJ….that GAJ is his “GREATEST LOVE”…
    I like the scene when DKJ confess his love to GAJ while their trap in DKJ house….it sweet but also sad moment….

  967. 967 : iamstillhere Says:


    Oh, the scene that you mentioned was part of ep13/ 14? Hmmm which episode shows their date on the field?…that episode is the only one i never rewatch…

    Anyways, today i went to another town to search for a dvd copy of TGL, but sadly, its not yet available. Somebody told me that after few more months. Months?! Sob sob sob, i want to have AeJin already 🙁

    IASH fighting!

  968. 968 : Antie Says:

    Hi everybody..
    i’m rewatching The Greatest Love nowdays..
    they’re awesome, DGJ and GAJ.. love them so much..
    i’m courius on Epi13, what song that DGJ and GAJ listened from ipod together? anybody know? thx in advance. ~Antie~

  969. 969 : Nad's Says:

    Antie : that’s Baek Ji Young – I Can’t Drink..

    I love TGL very much, and everyday I always watch it. The best drama in 2011. Love Dokko Jin, I love when he did Choongjeon with AeJung, Ding Dong!
    I love eps. 9, but my heart always break when I see Dokko and AeJung.. and the best episode are eps. 12 and 14!

    TGL Fighting!

  970. 970 : Nad's Says:

    everybody who loves The Greatest Love and Super Junior, watch it! it’s Yesung and Kyuhyun acting The Greatest Love as Dokko Jin and Gu AeJung!

  971. 971 : Ike Putry Permatasary Says:

    funny ….. I can not stop laughing at wacth this drama. Cha Seung Won is very cool. But I prefer Goo ea joong with yoon pill joo than with Dokko jin. And the Ending also does not disappoint. love it………

  972. 972 : Cutekat Says:

    Dokko Jin’s character is really lovable!

  973. 973 : iamstillhere Says:

    Just want to share this article. Indirectly related to TGL but it proved once more how famous our “Dokko Jin” character is…and to think that the girl in this article was actually the main lead in the drama which aired same period as TGL 🙂


    Well, Dokko Jin is irresistable!!!

  974. 974 : Lena Says:

    So far, from the newest dramas, the best one. Watched Lie to Me and Baby faced beauty, but TGL is still the best.

  975. 975 : v1ta711 Says:

    one of the best drama i’ve ever watched.
    i always love every drama which is played by Gong Hyo Jin, let’s say Thank You, Pasta, n TGL of course hehe..

    I’ve finished watching TGL couple days ago, but now I think I’m gonna watch it again hahaha..
    Cha Seung Won, you are so damn hot! your acting is awesome.
    I’m enchanted by your Ding Dong :))
    bravo TGL, bravo GHJ and CSW too! ^_^

  976. 976 : manatee Says:

    Thank you for your link^^ I’m Dokko’girl and Yesung’s girl.

  977. 977 : annie tiangco Says:

    i love this drama and i fell in love with dokko jin character where can i meet him. and loveble ding dong . and hard to get ae jung. If you like gong hyo jin in PASTA you will also like this drama.

  978. 978 : alya Says:

    ding dong! huaaaa, i miss them, dokkojin, ae jung.. is there any Hong sister drama again? i love all their drama. it is so funny.. wkwkwkk.. i currently watch hong gil dong, one of Hong sister’s too. ^^

  979. 979 : iamstillhere Says:

    Oh i am so excited to post this!!!! I freaking love this article, chekout this link >>>>


    AeJin!!!!! Imissyou!!!!!

  980. 980 : k…l¤ver Says:

    dugun dugun…ha ha ha,its really funny story.
    good drama!!!

  981. 981 : k…l¤ver Says:


    사랑이란 멀리 있는 것
    sarangiran molli inneun got
    눈에 보이면
    nune boimyon
    가슴 아파 눈물이 나죠
    gaseum apa nunmuri najyo
    그래서 널 떠나요 사랑을
    geureso nol ttonayo sarangeul
    사랑하려 고 안녕 안녕 안녕
    sarangharyogo annyong annyong annyong
    나를 잊지 말아요
    nareur-itji marayo
    일초를 살아도
    ilchoreul sarado
    그대 사랑하는 마음 하나 뿐이예요
    geude saranghaneun maeum hana
    그 하나를 위해서 슬픈 눈물
    geu hanareul wiheso seulpeun nunmul
    숨기고 떠나가는
    sumgigo ttonaganeun
    나를 기억해주 세요
    nareul giokhejuseyo
    나를 잊지 말아주 세요
    nareur-itji marajuseyo
    사랑한 다는 한 마디도
    saranghandaneun han madido
    못하고 가는
    mot-hago ganeun
    혼자 했던 사랑이
    honja hetdon sarangi
    떠날 땐 편한 것 같아
    ttonal tten pyonhan got gata
    안녕 안녕 안녕
    annyong annyong annyong
    제발 잊지 말아요
    jebar-itji marayo
    천년을 살아도
    chonnyoneul sarado
    그대 사랑하는
    geude saranghaneun
    마음뿐인 바보였죠
    maeumppunin baboyotjyo
    그대 핸드폰이
    geude hendeuponi
    난 너무 부럽습니 다
    nan nomu buropseumnida
    지금도 니 옆에 같이 있잖아 요
    jigeumdo ni yope gachi itjanayo
    혹시 이 세상에 서
    hoksi i sesangeso
    그댈 사랑한 사람이
    geudel saranghan sarami
    한 사람 뿐이면
    han saram ppunimyon
    그건 나라는 걸
    geugon naraneun gol
    나라는 걸 기억해
    naraneun gol giokhe
    나를 잊지 말아요
    nareul itji marayo
    일초를 살아도
    ilchoreul sarado
    그대 사랑하는
    geude saranghaneun
    마음하나 뿐이예요
    maeumhana ppuniyeyo
    그 하나를 위해서 슬픈 눈물
    geu hanareul wiheso seulpeun nunmul
    숨기고 떠나가는
    sumgigo ttonaganeun
    나를 잊지 말아줘 요
    nareur-itji marajwoyo
    제발 잊지 말아요
    jebar-itji marayo
    천년을 살아도
    chonnyoneul sarado
    그대 사랑하는
    geude saranghaneun
    마음뿐 인 바보 였죠
    maeumppunin babo yotjyo
    그대 핸드폰이
    geude hendeuponi
    난 너무 부럽습니 다
    nan nomu buropseumnida
    지금도 니 옆에 같이 있잖아 요
    jigeumdo ni yope gachi itjanayo
    나를 잊지 말아요
    nareur-itji marayo

  982. 982 : Vin Says:

    Rewatch TGL again.. Luv it!!

  983. 983 : fan Says:

    Hi Dokkogirls !!!

    Read this :

    TGL the best ! TGL forever !

  984. 984 : KDAddict Says:

    Still The Greatest Couple.
    Cover on Bazaar Korea looks great!

  985. 985 : banTai Says:

    this drama really funny!! but what i want to say here was acting by GongHyo Jin for me was really really really superb..all her expression in TGL was great..She really profesional and cute..i think now i became one of Gong Hyo Jin fans…She look very cute and beautiful.,thank for play your role really well..good job for great chemistry with CSW..

  986. 986 : Nad's Says:

    Manatee #976

    you’re welcome, I’m Dokko’s girl and Yesung Kyuhyun’s girl too, hehe..

    daebak Hong Sisters! I’ve watched Hong Sisters’ other drama, Fantastic Couple, and I recommended it for you all.. I hadn’t feel like this since I watched The Greatest Love and City Hall *Cha Seung-won’s last drama*. Try to watch it..

    And I’m glad to hear they met again as THE GREATEST COUPLE at Bazaar Magazine.. Cha Seung-won and Gong Hyo Jin fighting!

  987. 987 : iamstillhere Says:

    I agree with everyone, seeing our fave couple at the recent photoshoot gave me heavenly feeling….how i long to see them together (:

    (hope producers will give them more projects together)

  988. 988 : Hyung Says:

    Love love love love this drama…….ding dong.

  989. 989 : pure Says:

    i miss aejindong so much….

  990. 990 : maryam Says:

    this drama is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry amazing^^

  991. 991 : anjas Says:


  992. 992 : KDAddict Says:

    Recharge…this drama is so addictive…watching it again 🙂

  993. 993 : kd Says:

    I tried to rewatch TGL once, but on City Hall I have watched it many times since!!

  994. 994 : mccoy00 Says:

    love this drama so much…
    Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jung forever

  995. 995 : fan Says:

    It seems that Dokkojin and Lee Seung gi came to an agreement about the refrigerator Ad hehe 😉

  996. 996 : iamstillhere Says:


    Love lOve love our Dokko Jin! Whether as Dokko Jin or CSW himself, he is making strong impact (:

  997. 997 : hairuj Says:

    i love this drama very very much. i watched it 4th times and still want to watch it again. i think i am being posessed by dok go jin. this drama is so funny and the greatest korean drama i’ve ever watch beside you’re beautiful and city hall. try watch it and you will become addicted like me….. dok go jin n gu ae jung the best couple ever..

  998. 998 : iamstillhere Says:

    Woot woot My mother started to watch TGL!!! I am happy to share this wonderful drama to her! Will she like our Dokko Jin??? Definitely!

  999. 999 : Karen Says:

    YES !!!!….. finally my husband agree to accompany me rewatch ” The Greatest Love “. He want to know why i’m so crazy about this drama….. I can’t wait for the effect. I’m sure he’ll learn a lot from it…..HHmmmm can’t wait for RECHARGE scene…… DING-DONG!!!!

  1000. 1000 : nanunk Says:

    every wacth this drama i always laugh… so very funny….

    and very romantic drama….. 🙂

  1001. 1001 : jayne Says:

    Just finished the drama. Good plot, the story is believable, good actors and I can feel the chemistry between them. But, very sorry to say, it’s me who can’t seem to connect with them. I don’t know why…I’m not really a big fan of both actors, I have to admit, but I never thought it would ruin the fun of watching a good drama. For the whole series I kept thinking “oh, it would be splendid if this actor plays as Dokko Jin…” And “it’ll be super if that actress plays as Ae Jung…” It’s so strange.. I admit it’s one good drama, but it doesn’t leave a giddy feeling…

  1002. 1002 : anjas Says:

    i will recommend this drama to my best frend. i hope he will love this drama ASAP!! DIng DOng

  1003. 1003 : Nad's Says:

    I miss The Greatest Love.. I miss Dokko Jin.. I miss Gu Aejung.. I miss AeJin couple.. I even miss Ding Dong, hahaha…

    rewatching from the 1st episode for the umpteenth time! Let’s start! xD

  1004. 1004 : iamstillhere Says:

    AeJin couple, i will always adore u! Hope to see you soon coz its boring after TGL

  1005. 1005 : Agnes Says:

    I’m from Hong Kong. Before I could see this drama at http://www.xiaoli.cc/video/detail/4323 (the link of Watch Online with Chinese Subtitle). But since last week, I can reach that site. May anyone know what happens? Thanks a lot!

  1006. 1006 : sharon febe Says:

    i love you oppa cha seung won and i love you oppa cha no ah 😉

  1007. 1007 : KDaddict Says:

    Tudou went public on the stock market last week. That brings it under intense scrutiny. You can expect that just like YouKu, it’ll be limiting access fr outside mainland China! A most wonderful site just went down the tube!

  1008. 1008 : Lily7668 Says:

    I like this drama …love all korea drama

  1009. 1009 : Lily7668 Says:

    I really like this drama..this first time I saw this actor,, I’ve fallen in love with the actor..I’ve seen a total of 2 times… I love all the songs in this drama ..

  1010. 1010 : loona Says:


    u can watch TGL with Chinese sub..hope u’ll enjoy this as much as us..


  1011. 1011 : Agnes Says:

    loona-1010 Thanks a lot! I now can watch it again & again… fighting

  1012. 1012 : fan Says:

    I was looking for a video in some blog and I came across a recap of ep. 15 so I stopped by and started to read it and look at the photos. Really I didn’t expect that it’ll have such a big effect on me. I have to find time for a re-watch !
    Sincerly TGL is TGD !!!!!!!

  1013. 1013 : iamstillhere Says:

    i also want to rewatch but no time yet sob sob sob

    i need to recharge badly

    love love love TGL!!!!

  1014. 1014 : pure Says:


  1015. 1015 : TGLFan Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin, I saw you at the TV show with Kang Ho Dong and just wanna say “Gong Hyo Jin, u r indeed beautiful, charming, attractive and smart. Don’t give ears to comments like not so beautiful, but talented. We love you!”

  1016. 1016 : Bebo Says:

    I’m rewatching The Greatest Love currently and strangely, it seems to me even better than before.

  1017. 1017 : JustQ Says:

    I love it. i love both of them. Gong Hyo Jin is sooooooo talented. and so does Cha Seung Won. looking forward to see them both again in one project

  1018. 1018 : Aerys Says:

    So funny and touching! I wish it’s never ends.

  1019. 1019 : ericka Says:

    I keep laughing all the time.It was nice.Im not really familiar with the both main actor and actress but I knew that the main actor is quit a big actor in korea. Good drama.

  1020. 1020 : bingo Says:

    this drama is super fun. The characters that they portrayed are very believable.It’s hilarious and light at the same time. I just realized that you need to sacrifice “big time” if you want to become a famous actor/actress. I never like Gong Hyo Jin in the drama pasta but her role here is very comical and witty. The lines are straightforward, quick and very amusing. Kudos to the writer!whoever he/she is..=)

  1021. 1021 : Emily Says:

    Ding Dong!!

  1022. 1022 : Ical Says:

    I’ m very love this drama, I like all cast in this drama 😀
    This is the best of the best drama from Hong Sister!!
    DING DONG ^^

  1023. 1023 : violet88 Says:

    i agree with jayne at 1001.. the story and castings are great but i can’t help but think of other actors/actress that might plays the main roles better.. is it just me that think Dok Ko Jin as scary at times??.. 🙂 sorry, it’s just my opinion..

  1024. 1024 : loona Says:

    to our AeJin unconditionally fans here,check this out..


  1025. 1025 : Ella407 Says:

    Docko JIn ,, saranghae.. DING DONG

  1026. 1026 : Allison in San Francisco Says:

    I LOVE how this drama ends, it is the happiest, most satisfying ending I have ever seen in a Korean Drama. I love how the camera pans out and the actors acknowledge the camera’s presence by saying, “bye, bye, bye!”. This was genius!! Ae Jung is SUPER charming and natural. The way she laughs and the subtleness of her facial expressions is magic! Dokko Jin is of course a beautiful man (even by American standards…sometimes in Korean Dramas I don’t find the male leads very attractive). I found him SCARY sometimes, just a bit too CRAZY. But the tender scenes between them were all the more poignant because of this contrast. It is notable that he is a bit older than most male leads in romantic comedies, in a few years I don’t think he will be offered this type of role. The product placement was a bit over-the-top. All the Merrimekko in her bedroom and the VItamin Water EVERYWHERE, even though I personally love those products.

  1027. 1027 : iamstillhere Says:

    hi Dokko Girls!!!! Waz up?!

    AeJinDong’s still the best for me!

  1028. 1028 : Sunny Says:

    this drama is the best so funny..i like it much..

  1029. 1029 : pazharwahab Says:

    i agree with you i love this drama so much ,i love yks very very much

  1030. 1030 : pure Says:

    time reunite with AeJinDong….^^

  1031. 1031 : iamstillhere Says:

    am so happy!!! TGL dvd is now available in my place!!!!

    am i gonna buy?! ding dong!!!!

    TGL is my drama charger 😉

  1032. 1032 : antonia Says:

    just drop to say how much i love this drama and Ae Jung and Ding Dong and most of all Dokko Jin!
    I’ve already watched the drama 3 times and still miss it so much

  1033. 1033 : iamstillhere Says:

    thump thump thump

    my drama heart still beats for AeJinDong 😉


  1034. 1034 : ana1987 Says:

    this drama is very nice i love the main actor he was nice and very fun. I love when he say Ding dong… love him….. hehehhe

  1035. 1035 : mommynajmi Says:

    dokkojin, mommy loves you…. ding dong^^

  1036. 1036 : JustQ Says:

    I miss this drama soooo muuuccchh…..

    rewatch it !
    ding dong!!!

  1037. 1037 : Christy Says:

    OMG…..this drama is really awesome and addicted. I rewatched it for 4 times.

    The first time i watched it…. Conclusion:THIS IS so FUNNY and ROMANTIC.
    The second time i watched….. DOK GO JIN-AE JUNG, you story are the new MODERN FAIRYTALE story.

    and STILL want to rewatched it…*take a deep breath*
    NOW, i start to compare this drama with others (new drama and oldies)…. The Greatest Love is (STILL) THE BEST….!

  1038. 1038 : Maki Says:

    This one is hell funny.. havent finished this yet.. but i always blurts out a crisp laugh to Dokko Jin.. Know how it sounds? hahahaha i mean harharhar..

    Ding dong!! love it!

  1039. 1039 : akuhhhh Says:

    Ding Dong …. Dokkojin …. AJ
    Love U TGL

  1040. 1040 : Darmaurelita Says:

    Really really love this drama both romantic and funny what a good couple does the drama has.. Ohh so addicted with this drama.. Hope they can rematch again in another drama.. Hwaiting \(♥ˆ⌣ˆ♥)/

  1041. 1041 : dd Says:

    this is the best drama ever!! Love Dokko Jin and Ae Jong…i hope they can make the drama longer..really miss CSW and now i’m watching him again in City Hall…but Kim Soon Ah is not as natural as Gong Hyo Jin..Gong Hyo Jin is still the best and i love u CSW!! Ding DOng!!

  1042. 1042 : dd Says:

    for those who like cha seung won, u may watch his interview and game show here..he is so funny and friendly..i love him!!


  1043. 1043 : K-DRAMA Says:

    I miss Ding Dong!! grrrrrrrrrrrr… i love the story its so funny!!! there’s no room for boredom!! heheheh love it!!!

  1044. 1044 : FeeChul Says:

    Dokko Jin has been cast for the leading male role♥
    Ding Dong 😀


    I ♥ Cha Seung Won

  1045. 1045 : fannie Says:

    I love this drama, although at first, i was hesitant to watch it coz of its lead stars, which i have’nt seen in any korean dramas. anyway, i love how the story unfolds.Aside from the lead, i love the doctor character, I wish he could have a chance of winning the girl, but it’s okay that it ends up the way it is coz it shows how great the love of its lead characters and their willingness to sacrifice their careers for the sake of their love.hurray for the staff and crew of this drama.i understand why its been number one when it aired in korea.my only concern is the translation from episode 13 to 16.it is awful, even the names have been change.you have to read between the lines.

  1046. 1046 : k-dramas Says:

    Ding dong I miss you. Highly recommended drama… hehehe

  1047. 1047 : ding dong Says:

    i so love this drama..i like the flow of the story and the characters they portray as well!! Dok Go Jin is the best, he is so funny, no dull moments at all!!!highly recommended to watch!!!

  1048. 1048 : vico c",) Says:

    My TOP PICK Best korean drama of all time:

    1. The Greatest Love
    2. Coffee Prince
    3. Dae Jang Geum

    Love TGL.. very good plot and cast..
    worth a 100 billion applause..
    dingdong.. 😉

  1049. 1049 : philo Says:

    really love this drama… i miss the crazy romantic dok go jin!!! DING DONG!!

  1050. 1050 : k-pop girl Says:

    who’s the most romantic comedy actor award goes to?? Ding Dong! DOKKO JIN…!oh..i really luv this guy!

  1051. 1051 : dokko girl Says:

    I really love this drama sooooooooooo much..
    I miss AeJin couple 🙂 ding dong!

  1052. 1052 : Doris Says:

    just love this drama soooo much. great match.. great acting…really cha seung won is not so handsome but he is very very charming! can really fall for him…

  1053. 1053 : fazilah Says:


    I rewatch this drama for hmm, cannot count.. ^^ for so many time, i guess!! Already falling in love with both couple & the rest of the cast..
    Cannot help, but laughing all the way!! Thank you for making my day..
    Lot’s of love to all the Greatest Love’s cast.. ^^

    To CSW & GHJ… keep it up! 4 thumbs up for u guys!… hehe
    DING DONG.. ^^

  1054. 1054 : Puspa Says:

    Really really really love this drama so muuuccccchhhhh….

  1055. 1055 : Cha Seung Won » The most popular korean site in Iran Says:

    […] The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011) Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010) City Hall (SBS, 2009) Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003) Love Story (SBS, 1999) Woman on Top (SBS, 1999) Roses and Bean Sprouts (MBC, 1999) Angel’s Kiss (KBS2, 1999) Blushing With Love (MBC, 1998) Song of the Wind (SBS, 1998) New York Story (뉴욕 스토리) (SBS, 1997) […]

  1056. 1056 : iamstillhere Says:

    my greatest love for “the greatest love”

    AeJinDong 4ever!

  1057. 1057 : chobo Says:

    Love Cha Seung Won forever ^o^. He’s sooo cool in athena, but sooo cute and funny in TGL, makes me love him more !!!!!
    Good story, cast, ost, and ending.
    The Greatest Drama for me is….absolutely The Greatest Love !!!!!!

  1058. 1058 : susan Says:

    LOVE the drama..
    dokgo jin..so cute..charming and cool…

  1059. 1059 : sifa Says:

    i’m really…really…really like this drama, make me always laugh in every episode. CWS and GHJ make me fall in love with u n this drama. two thump up for ur acting…

    i love n miss Aejin c0uple,
    ding-d0ng ^^

  1060. 1060 : hanna Says:

    LOVE the drama..
    dokgo jin..so cute..charming and cool…

  1061. 1061 : Ikay Says:

    This is the best romantic comedy of 2011! DING DONG!

  1062. 1062 : Nad's Says:

    oww, I miss my AeJin couple, Ding Dong, and The Greatest Love..!

  1063. 1063 : Imel Says:

    This is my favourite drama! Top of the list! Love Dokko jin sweetness =) and most of all, this drama really hilarious..bcoz of Cha Seung Won. Lov it!!! 1000% most recmended k-drama

  1064. 1064 : aloha Says:

    best drama ever from the start to the end i’m not korean but this kind of drama made me like watching korean dramas and had me lose interest in my shows like jershy shore,glee,ect now i’m all about k-drama 😉

  1065. 1065 : kimchi Says:

    Hahahahahahaha 😀

    hilarious! i like the story as well. there is nothing i could criticize with this drama. it is worth watching. i wasnt bored from the start to the end.

    this drama is one of my top 10 list of favorites. WATCH THIS DRAMA! 😀

  1066. 1066 : iamstillhere Says:

    AeJin 😉

  1067. 1067 : Pearlyn Says:

    This is definitely a must-watch!!! totally in love with this drama!! Cha Seung Won rox!!

  1068. 1068 : chris Says:

    i love 10x this drama so much..the couple rocks…best drama for 2011..
    Dokko jin rock…

  1069. 1069 : pure Says:

    My Lovely AeJin Couple….

  1070. 1070 : kimchi Says:

    do you know what bugs me? CSW’s face looks like gay in this drama. he is more masculine in City Hall. mmmmm… maybe his eyebrows were too trimmed… maybe it is because the series portrays im a vain man. anyway i still luv him in TGL. eeeeee!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  1071. 1071 : chR15 Says:

    this drama is good..but to get my vote was absolutely not!!
    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-

    1) The Princess Man/ Secret Garden
    2) Dream High/ 49 Days
    3) My Princess/ City Hunter/ Can you Hear My Heart

  1072. 1072 : vampiregirl1998 Says:

    uhg i cried at the end of episode 2

  1073. 1073 : manje Says:

    OMG ! this story is awesooooooooooome .

  1074. 1074 : asti Says:

    for romantic comedy,i think this drama is the best! you’ll start laughing out loud since episode one,the cast is great,the lead roles have great chemistry,makes you wanna watch it again and again and not getting bored :))

  1075. 1075 : amy Says:

    love this drama series alot…the story r great 😉 and very sweet happy ending…..

  1076. 1076 : chR15 Says:

    There are KBS , SBS n MBC drama award 2011 this month…i really can’t wait to watch it..
    City hunter was good..but the challenger was so strong.They have to fight with 49 days,protect the boss,Athena n strongest from SBS came from Deep Root Tree n A thousand days promise..

    From KBS.,What can i say The Princess Man will concuer it..The strong candidate just came from Dream High..i still think no drama can challenge TPM even Glory Jane..

    the drama from MBC this year was dissapointed for me..it look like TGL will win it easily.My princess was a strong challenger for TGL..n some the other source already feel Cha seung won will got Daesang award from MBC.

    Whatever or Whoever the winner.,the best should deserve it!!!!!!!

  1077. 1077 : gein Says:

    please help vote the best love http://www.Koreandrama.org no.1 The best Koreandrama 2011 until 31/12/11 only pleasesssssssssss so gooddddd

  1078. 1078 : dinaz Says:

    i finished watching this drama today and wowwww..what a great drama it is..i m missing dok ko jin already..i have to admit when it was airing i was quite irritated as to why it got higher ratings than city hunter being a lee min ho fan..but after watching this i feel it got the ratings it rightfully deserved..i m glad that i got to watch two great dramas this year..
    about this drama,cha seung won..oh my he’s so hot manly and macho no one reaches his level.i love his role..the little boy is so cute n chubby too..oh i just fell in love with the floral proposal ring its so beautiful..even the doctor is cute..its so good i m gonna rewatch it again soon..

  1079. 1079 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m very surprised that this drama only got 2.2% or abt 1600 votes, as of tonight! I thought it’d be in the top 5, together with SEGA, TPM, City Hunter, and My Princess. In my mind, that’s where it belongs.
    There is so much to love in this series, but I guess Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin don’t have as many fans as the leads of some other dramas. Some posts complained abt these leads while the drama was being broadcasted. Too bad. They are such good actors.
    To me, it is definitely one of the top 3 or 4 KDs of the years!

  1080. 1080 : naf Says:

    i really love the greatest love…love dok ko jin…

  1081. 1081 : lieza Says:

    i love this drama very much…cha seung won really is a great actor..

  1082. 1082 : Alyssea Says:

    My all time favourite is… “Secret Garden”!!!!

  1083. 1083 : chia noona Says:

    this is make me laugh alot an love alot…..
    i wanna have husband like dok go jin….~~~~

  1084. 1084 : yoRoseberry Says:

    i want to watch this BUT those links not allow me to watch due to region problems… sad any solution i’m from malaysia.. tq

  1085. 1085 : lovestuck Says:

    Greatest love deserve the utmost awards. It’s the greatest romantic and fun show of the year. The song in the show also deserve awards too…

  1086. 1086 : Jessie Lou Bullecer Says:

    I love dokkojin oppah! Love this drama so much!!!!!!!!!

  1087. 1087 : Norlela Says:

    Ohh My!!!
    Never stop laughing when i watch this drama. How can the rating is very low??? When i finished watching this drama, I continued watching City Hall because of Do Ko Jin.

    Gong Hyo Jin, already are my favaourite actress, Pasta, Thank You and others already are on my mind. She is very good with less beauty (sorry Gong, but you are the best)

    I 100 percent recommend this drama to all Korean Drama fan.

    Love this drama, me form Malaysia

  1088. 1088 : dimu Says:

    I love this drama. I think it should get much2 better rating.. Love the characters. Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won were really great!!

  1089. 1089 : titin sarangheo Says:

    i am from indonesia. i like the greatest love very much. i also like Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun. this drama touches my heart very much.. hahaha

  1090. 1090 : enhmend Says:

    goy kino shuu.

  1091. 1091 : Marjorie Amizich Says:

    What is the song title of the second most played in Greatest Love? Not the theme song, but the one that goes…la le la la in the refrain.

  1092. 1092 : dayah Says:

    An nyeong,

    A ‘4’ever fan of Yoon Kye Sang……simply luuuv ur acting skills. :))

    Will always support you n your smile just melt me….he he he…

    Take care and fighting!!! ^^*

  1093. 1093 : tseka Says:

    i love dug go jin

  1094. 1094 : tseka Says:

    i am mongolia tseka its very good movie nice

  1095. 1095 : MOUZA Says:

    This Drama is Best of The Bet <3
    Really very lovley, comedy, tuching, absoloutly THE BEST,

    Recomended TGL to EVERYONE <3

  1096. 1096 : LilyMoon Says:

    Who is the best? Dokko Jin! Ding Dong!
    Love this drama and its OST. Watched 2 times, highly recommended!

  1097. 1097 : tiia Says:

    I’ve done wtach it, and I really miss dok go ji, I love the character, and it make me watch it again and again, national treasure girls daebak!

  1098. 1098 : okhiechan Says:

    i love you Cha Seung Won!

  1099. 1099 : chen Says:

    i love hong’s sister’s stories. this one, my girl, and you are beautiful. i am really looking forward their new tv drama. keep going!

  1100. 1100 : takgu99 Says:

    love it! awesome drama..

  1101. 1101 : diba Says:

    really like this drama a lot…encouraging me for true love…nice ..best ever,,

  1102. 1102 : Rob Reyes Says:

    Me and my parents fell in love with this drama. I loved it!

  1103. 1103 : takgu99 Says:

    love this drama…i found that the drama hong sisters made was really awesome..never bored at all

  1104. 1104 : chitraheni Says:

    love this drama 4EVER!!!! love…love…love….

  1105. 1105 : ericka grace Says:

    like this drama too.. esp. the song.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1106. 1106 : Zin Mar Says:

    like this drama a lot, also actor & actress!

  1107. 1107 : mayu yeach Says:

    I love this drama since eps.1 …and the story nice too I like romance in this drama

  1108. 1108 : indah Says:

    Ini baru namanya kualitas drama yang ngk cuman ngandalin tampang… Love it… Ng ngebosenin dari episode 1 da seru… siiip

  1109. 1109 : sie Says:

    love this drama…great story….i love it…

  1110. 1110 : comment2 Says:

    this one is currently being aired in my country, so i have not finished. however, i read one of the comment how CSW looks like gay male here…hehe… i agree, absolutely, with that comment.
    i have made the same comment in CSW’s page, call me old fashion, old school, whatever, but i prefer males, real men, with short hair cut, i mean not not too stylish – you know, heavy bangs, curled and such – which to me make them look too, too “metrosexual” with a tinge of gay-ness.. but i also note that most of the hair style of korean males in the new series are like that, compared to the older series, like Jang Hyuk in “Bright Girl success story” the hair style was different then.
    i wonder, is it the influence of gay hair stylists perhaps..? hehe, i note that there are a number of gay people (no intention of discrimination or condescending here, peace) who work in that industry (fashion, make up, hair style and such).
    altho there is something comical about the portrayal of the story, but the funny-ness is different from, say, Secret Garden kind of funny (i like SeGA kind of funny), while it has its own entertaining points. i guess the low rating is because the leads here are, well, perhaps, a bit older..? and their kind beauty (both male & female leads) are the kinds that not all could appreciate..? of course CSW is handsome and Hyo Jin is beautiful in their own ways, however i prefer the Yoon Kye Sang (Pil Joo) to be with Ae Jung, instead of Dokko Jin, alas ! i am not the writer ..hehe…

  1111. 1111 : Qia Says:

    i love this drama 😀 gu ae jong n dok ko jin :*

  1112. 1112 : Jun Says:

    Does anyone knows what is the ringtone that CSW used in the this drama? Where to find and download? Tks!

  1113. 1113 : tyna Says:

    nice drama,,,,,like it.. too much….

  1114. 1114 : tyna Says:

    Jun.. u just find at youtube , this song Real love or any song in greatest love , then u will can find them all

  1115. 1115 : wisa Says:

    love it….. **********************
    dok go jin…… saranghamnida……

  1116. 1116 : Jun Says:

    Thanks Tyna for the reply but this is not what I want. I am not referring to the Real ove theme songs.

    In the drama, Dok Go Jin has his mobile phone and I would like to find out where I can find and download his ringtone. Thanks once again.

  1117. 1117 : comment2 Says:

    have finished watching this. to me, it plays a lot with “references”. of course by nature jokes, comedy etc are playing with references. you have to have the right previous knowledges or references to be able to get the joke or the funny part of it, otherwise it will be lost. an american joke or comedy might be lost to foreign audiences since they probaby do not have the right knowledge for it – something like cultural gap. and to me, this series plays a lot with that kind of references, it requires a certain amount of previous knowledge from its audience and to me, some of it are sort lost in translation since i am not korean. e.g. there are number of songs – theme songs – from other series or movies like Queen Seun deok, Secret garden etc that are being used in this series, in order to get the jokes/comedy across the audience have to know the context of each song – the scenes where those songs were being used, then relate it to the current scene, then you’d get the comical side, if not – then it is lost. also there are terms/sentences, e.g. at the end, which was being dubbed here as “healed already”… i dont know what is the intended joke of that one since i guess that is probably have something to do with other series/movies or something of Korean culture. and other references to cartoon characters and such. and probably that’s why the success of this one is not as high as, for instance, Secret Garden – i dont mean to compare it per ce, just for the sake of explanation. Secret Garden’s funny-ness is more or less more universal and original, does not require that much of previous, specific knowledge. just my opinion.

  1118. 1118 : miriam Says:

    if i were the girl, i would choose the doctor. he is more kind and considerate. the main lead is so boastful and conceited. he might change for the better
    yet because this is only fiction.bt in real life, character can’t be changed.
    i won’t be a masochist to fall in love with such guys.
    it seemed to me that that is the current hairstyle in korea these days but
    i find clean-cut hairstyle more manly. i don’t like the hairstyle of the main lead star.
    the story is more realistic no complicated plots at all and fast pacing. i found no fault in this series.

  1119. 1119 : sonya7a Says:

    i love this drama
    DokKo Jin ~~ ♥♥

  1120. 1120 : miriam Says:

    this is a typical korean love story and just like most of those who posted comments here, i like it.
    one thing that i found sore in the story…… it is those POTATOES!! if they
    can delete the scenes about the potatoes, i think it will be better. i don’t
    like my lead male characters to be TOO SENTIMENTAL, like talking to the
    potatoes. it is a TURNOFF and it is not too manly. DokkoJin boasts of his
    being a macho here, so the potato thing is a big no-no. it demasculinizes

  1121. 1121 : Elva Says:

    ♥♥ I Love Watching This Movie ♥♥
    So Touching and Comedy..
    Wish u will act more drama for us to enjoy
    I Love U..

  1122. 1122 : Eyra Says:

    wahhh!!!bez gler..!!

  1123. 1123 : hunnie Says:

    dokgojin is funny.love CSW in this drama.

  1124. 1124 : engek Says:

    very enteresting drama…not bored..!!!!!!!!

  1125. 1125 : aisyah Says:

    i love korean drama

  1126. 1126 : aisyah Says:

    i love korean drama so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..love malaysia tooooo…..

  1127. 1127 : caroline Says:

    Dokko Jin so old. Not at all funny when he cracked jokes, disgusted with his laughter.

    Ae Jeong not pretty, her upper set of teeth protrudes out so when she speaks, her mouth don’t look nice. Her crying scene looks fake.

    Se Ri is pretty and Pil Joo is nice looking. They are the only 2 nice looking people in the show. The rest are too old and rugged for my liking

  1128. 1128 : gelay Says:

    great drama… heartwarming… love the characters… 🙂 love the OST too… 🙂

  1129. 1129 : just me Says:

    what makes this drama have a high rating?
    I haven’t watch this drama yet. please can anyone tell me your opinion about this drama, what make you like this drama. please, I need a reference…

  1130. 1130 : rush8 Says:

    well… the drama involved things that happened around them. not so heavy I like it very much. story is simple and funny too. They learned and be matured from experiences from their lives.

  1131. 1131 : fiviva soh Says:

    Firstly, I can’t accept the Dokko Jin & Goo Ae Jung’s face, but finally I like thier romance love story and more funny too. Don’t care about
    the actor & actress’s face then u’ll love the story!

  1132. 1132 : tegar nawangsa Says:

    Ngefans baget sama Dokko Jin, akting nya bagus orgx keren

  1133. 1133 : Melanie Says:

    I love this drama are they a couple in real life

  1134. 1134 : shoshlev Says:

    The stupid drama and not interesting that I saw
    With a player that not suited for the job it’s not at all funny when he cracked jokes, disgusted with his laughter.
    to  macho player to give a role like that it seems not a naturally.
    and strangest of all, the Korean observer with the highest rating.

    I do not recommend to see the drama, really bad

  1135. 1135 : bent Says:

    @shoshlev fxxx you, better you watch kids movie teletubbies,

  1136. 1136 : tncdel Says:

    It was a lot better than I had expected.

    Although I think Gong Hyo Jin was too plain-looking for the Ae Jung role, once you get into the story she does an adequate job of it. Cha Seung Won showed good acting ability helping to make the script work well. And the script itself was a cut above the usual K-drama fare.

  1137. 1137 : Sara Quay Says:

    worst & boring show…dun watch

  1138. 1138 : laraffinee Says:

    This is an excellent series and I highly recommend it! The unfolding of the personalities of the main characters is the best part of the story, and it is so well done! I think Gong Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung and Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin are perfectly cast, because it shows the story of the persona of the entertainment industry and the real person behind that persona – be it popular macho, or unpopular former idol. It is very well done!

  1139. 1139 : Jason Sud Says:

    Gong Hyo Jin again. Why do always they use actresses that are plain again? All these Korean dramas always use unattractive actresses. I am so tired of it. The bad part is that the main actors fall on love with them. That is totally unrealistic specially because they are also cocky and undeserving of their love. There must be a lot of ugly Korean women who are married because of these dramas while the pretty ones are single.

  1140. 1140 : Jason Sud Says:

    Cha Seun Wan’s voice sounds l
    Ike that of an old man and he is grungy looking. Well, at least neither star is good looking so I am not going to like either one if I watch this drama.

  1141. 1141 : Jason Sud Says:

    What is that weird dress thst Gong Hyo Jin was wraring fir the game show where she had to call Doko Din? It has some pads on the shoulders outside of her dress ( weird) and sonecweird gauze on the front, it made her look pathetic. But then, maybe that was the intent.

  1142. 1142 : ance Says:

    ohh so many bad comments about this drama…for me seeing Cha Seung Won’s funny side was a treat! i saw him in athena and i really liked his acting there…for me he’s handsome, not the typical idol face coz he’s really cool as a villain…after watching this drama now i can see that he also has a cute side…i like his voice, he’s so manly…my friend calls him daddy seung won so i feel that it’s kind a cute that a serious actor be called daddy. lee seung gi’s cameo really made me laugh too…i loved that part…

    all in all i rate this drama a 10 for the story and the actors! i never thought i would laugh that hard again after the rooftop prince…and i guess i didn’t like it at first because i always see cha seung won as a bad guy (in athena), i never thought he could also play comedy.
    great drama!

  1143. 1143 : kimmy Says:

    it’s ok with cha seung won..but,why gong hyo jin??ugh..it’s really weird that she was the most famous girlband’s member..wondering how snsd member looks like 10years later..hahahaa..

    i think being a teacher is more suit with GHJ face..

  1144. 1144 : shyla143 Says:

    I loved this drama. Took me awhile to get used to Dokko Jin’s goofy acting but I think in the end it made it more interesting. I’ve watched Drama’s where the actors are really good looking but after awhile the story and acting becomes predictable and it gets boring. It is funny that the plain actors and actresses get cast as the main characters, I think they do that on purpose. I think they are better actors. This drama kept me interested and I keep watching it over. As much as I like the pretty boy actors, I really like the rugged look on a man.

  1145. 1145 : ruth Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA.. FOR THOSE WHO HESITATE TO WATCH THIS, GO ON AND WATCH.. it’s so funny, i love all the characters, i love all the episode from 1 to 16.. i don’t know why there are bad comments here, but this drama wont let you down, once you started you don’t want this to end, so sad it only has 16 episode.. the CHEMISTRY IS SUPERB.. GONG HYO JIN IS SO NATURAL, I LIKE THE WAY SHE ACTS.. DOKKOGIN IS SO HILARIOUS… I WATCHED THIS MANY TIMES ALREADY..

  1146. 1146 : ruth Says:

    THEY GOT THE 1ST PLACE from ep 7 to 16 because Korean knows to appreciate good drama, and TGL passed their standard.. its so good that you dont even notice youre on ep 16 already.. kyak!…

  1147. 1147 : koykikoy Says:

    I watched this drama is the third time. and I never get tired of watching it. best cast and best story. 🙂

  1148. 1148 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    I love this drama. The acto, Cha Seung Won although very macho is really a good actor. I find him funny. He’s really versatile and can act whatever role given to him. There romance scene here are really good. I begin to love the cast here. Congratulations!!!! Great drama!!!

  1149. 1149 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    Really this drama made me laugh and even at times when I’m not watching… I thought of this drama and want to watch it. I really love the main cast. Now I like Cha Seung Won and I will surely watch City Hall. I like Gong Hyo Jin too, will be watching their other dramas too!!!! Great story!!! Great cast!!!! My rating for this a perfect 10.

  1150. 1150 : lalaine Says:

    i’m from Philippines who works here in Taiwan.What can i say about this drama is…PERFECT.i love korean people because i have many korean friends who is in the philippines especially in our city…BAGUIO CITY,PHILIPPINES.
    I watch this drama and i love it.I love the characters here mr.cha seung won and hgj.
    How bad the comments for both of you might be…don’t be discourage,use them to make more good dramas and movies,okey!!!!FIGHTING!!!oppa,unnie….saranghae

  1151. 1151 : riana Says:

    i realy really love this drama…i have watch for 3 times…..i love dok ko jin…for me it is a best drama ever in korea….

  1152. 1152 : amber Says:

    Best drama ever… Couldn’t stop laughing at some the antics the actors did ^_^… Trying to find it on dvd at a good price, definitely worth keeping… Wish they would do another drama together, oh yea.. DING DONG

  1153. 1153 : blanca Says:

    ok…. es el 1º dorama que yo veo y me encanto es super linda super graciosa y muchas cosas mas…. aki recien la estan pasando en peru y me enamore de ella esta super espero que haiga muchos mas asi y k los protagonistas se junten de nuevo para otro dorama, ¿NO CREEN?

  1154. 1154 : redfox Says:

    where can i watch this drama online?

  1155. 1155 : ardanezrel Says:

    This is my number 1 drama! Next is Queen Inhyun’s Man! And my all time favorite “Lovers in Paris” ! Korean dramas are so addicting!

  1156. 1156 : lexie Says:

    DING DONG!!! =)

    Soon to air in the Philippine TV! I guess, it will be the succeeding drama after The Princess’s Man…

    This February! Yoon Pil Joo!

  1157. 1157 : Kevin Says:

    Yes!!! GMA Network got this drama i saw the trailer it was damn funny hahahahaha

  1158. 1158 : The Greatest Love | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] lysi’s starred items in Google Reader Entradas Relacionadas […]

  1159. 1159 : [email protected] Says:


  1160. 1160 : pure Says:

    God….i miss this drama so much…^^

  1161. 1161 : zashee Says:

    the best drama ever

  1162. 1162 : mbd-cd Says:

    It’s very funny….got really hooked in this. I was curious in this korean drama so I watched it in the internet and ding dong! the story is so enlightening… can’t wait for another theme like this…. truly love it…

  1163. 1163 : marelamatiasapolinar Says:

    ang ganda ng greatest love nakakatawa na nakakakilig wow grabe 3 1 fan nyo ako sobra ang ganda…………………

  1164. 1164 : marelamatiasapolinar Says:

    # 1 sa pamilayang apolinar

  1165. 1165 : tifanychen20 Says:

    I really love this korean drama.. Goo ae jung and dokko jin perfect combination…

  1166. 1166 : jackie alaba Says:

    i really really love this korean drama.. its so romantic and so funny..
    love u guys, u so much intertain me..

  1167. 1167 : Fave Korean Drama #1 : “The Greatest Love” | ✿ rackiebaby ✿ Says:

    […] Source: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=7684 […]

  1168. 1168 : jhopay Says:

    im a huge fan of korean tv series,even movies.but this one..
    “The greatest love” super like! The story & the characters
    are really great..so entertaining.. esp cha seung won,.i really
    like him.,so handsome, good looking & fashionable..
    Im looking forward to see him in person…(in my dreams) 🙂

  1169. 1169 : Iris V. Says:


  1170. 1170 : xenovia Says:

    Im a huge fan of this!! sobrang nkakatawa!
    salamat sa filebook.com.ph dun ko nakuha complete episodes nito for free

  1171. 1171 : blazer09 Says:

    I have finished watching the series online. Sleepless nights…carrybells super hook talaga me sa drama na ito. Still be watching its tv airing in GMA.
    Hope they come up with a sequel or another project starring both cha seung won and gong hyo jin, they have great chemistry.
    dokko jin love the way you laugh bwahahahaha. gling ng mga writers sobra.

  1172. 1172 : blazer09 Says:

    Just read some of the previous comments here. how come other people are so particular of how should actors look?I think they should not always be eye candy for everybody. The important thing is how they bring their characters to life.Nobody is perfect and sometimes the flaws that we have makes us unique to stand out from the rest.

  1173. 1173 : mave Says:

    i love u cha seung won and gong hyo jin

  1174. 1174 : mave Says:

    im very addicted ..i hope you will make a part 2 of that show.please……….

  1175. 1175 : @iloveKdramas Says:

    this drama hooked me! lov3 it’s OST,especially dugeun dugeun

  1176. 1176 : Yujiro Says:

    where i can watch this in full episode with english language ?

  1177. 1177 : Keren Says:

    i love this drama, it made me cry, laugh and fall in love <3 the plot is almost the same with Secret Garden.Therefore, i love them both, and is a must watch drama :)))

  1178. 1178 : lea Says:

    i really love this love story… its so unique… you always feel in love… Sarangye dokku jin…

  1179. 1179 : yumin kim Says:

    where i cam watch the greates love in english sub!?

  1180. 1180 : adam beachpacker Says:

    ds series is exciting to watch, d story is unpredictable dts y ul fell to watch it,,i luv d couple,,

  1181. 1181 : The Greatest Love (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  1182. 1182 : helen biay Says:

    the greatest korean series of all time”’ the best!

  1183. 1183 : Ashita Says:

    What is Dok Ko-Jin ringtone?

  1184. 1184 : erin Says:

    i really love this drama…:) nakakakilig!:)

  1185. 1185 : Jahaleel Says:

    LOL. 😀 this drama is one of my favorites. watch this! i highly recommend it

  1186. 1186 : angelica sanchez Says:

    the greatest love is the best drama here in the phillipines.this drama is so great…..ilove dok ko-jin so much

  1187. 1187 : K dramas – The new collection. | mystisith Says:

    […] for the 1st episode were average/low but maybe this drama will have the same fate as The Greatest Love: Slow start and good progression. Funny fact: Some scenes  of the said 1st episode come directly […]

  1188. 1188 : leslie Says:

    i love this movie,.. as in…

  1189. 1189 : PSYCHEDUST Says:

    it was the best drama ever… oppa dokko keep fighting..

  1190. 1190 : fekokracso Says:

    this tv series makes me laugh and fall in love<3
    great story+great actors +great cast="great movie"

    for the cast you did the great job guys:))

    two thumbs up for this TV series:))

  1191. 1191 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I really like this TV series. I laughed and also cried. This made me sleep late at night because it has a very beautiful and meaningful story. The casts are very professional especially Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won.

    Goodluck for your careers and I hope to meet you.

  1192. 1192 : gen Says:

    i really love this korean drama, especially the cute little boy “ding dong”, and the tandem of angel and colin the best !!!!!

  1193. 1193 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    OhmyGosh !

    The airing of this Kdrama in the Philippines will end this coming April 25.
    So sad 🙁
    What to do? What to do? Don’t know what to say.

    Goodluck guys ..
    Love you all esp. Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin <3

  1194. 1194 : cariss borguita Says:

    it’s so nice talaga this is the most beautiful movie i ever watch kung pwede hindi na matapos yan….. 🙂

  1195. 1195 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    OhMyGosh. I already finished this drama.
    This is really fantastic and I love Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin.
    Their baby is very cute yet Han Yeol is cuter! Hihihi 🙂
    Yoon Kye Sang, you’re so handsome!
    Yoo In Na, I can’t wait to watch your Kdrama, “Queen And I”.

  1196. 1196 : cherlyn Says:

    ohhh…my goshh…talagang kinikilig talaga ako sa story nila Dokko Jin and Ae Jung super ganda talaga….sana mai part 2….:D
    i love you all..muahhhhhh:*
    .by:cherlyn cuer

  1197. 1197 : Jhenny Says:

    i love this series so much sobrang dami ko na napood na korean but this was the best one for me

  1198. 1198 : agnes Says:

    i love this drama so much, it is warm, bubbly, so sweet and very entertaining, i love the soundtrack, the interior design of the house of dokko jin and yoon pil joo, though the airing ended here in the philippines i have my own dvd and had been watching it again and again for two months, i am so addicted to this drama. i like the dresses of ae jung, she wore two pieces from prada sping/summer 2011 collection. This drama is really excellent, the story, editing, everything about it. Very wholesome actually.

  1199. 1199 : new launch Says:

    I just finished watching this drama. One of my favorites. 😉

  1200. 1200 : CJ Says:

    I watched this drama last month and I must say that 16 episodes weren’t enough!! I wish it had 20 episodes. :(( I love Dokko Jin’s high self-esteem :))) His rudeness is funny, not annoying :)) I also love Ae Jeong’s never give up attitude! 🙂

    This drama is really, really funny!! watch it if you want to laugh out very loud! \m/

  1201. 1201 : novii Says:

    Anyone can answer my question ? Where i can found episode 16 ?? I have been donwload viki.com but i could’nt found it……i’m waiting.thank u….i live this drama

  1202. 1202 : Dou Says:

    Check with good drama. Net or dramacrazy.net

  1203. 1203 : Dou Says:

    My big gratitude to the writer,production team n actors for making such a wonderful drama.u guys have worked hard.my little ding dong I love u u’ ll grow big and famous

  1204. 1204 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

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  1205. 1205 : ka_juwita Says:

    This is my 7th times I watching this drama!! I love the actor n actress n I love the story!! Thx for the best of u everyone who involved in this drama

  1206. 1206 : עינת Says:

    מי יכול בבקשה לומר לי, אם הוא יודע/מכיר אתרי הורדות(מלבד מה שישנו בארץ) של סדרות וסרטים קוריאניים, שניתן לאחר הורדה להוסיף תרגום מאתר תרגומים של סדרות קוריאניות?

  1207. 1207 : sete harahap Says:

    i luv much this drama cuz make me always laugh n cha seung won is unbeliveable can act like that ………hope he made another drama again please….

  1208. 1208 : Maria Pereira Says:

    Cha Seung Won eu gosto muito do seu trabalho, mas sem dúvida Dokko Jim é o melhor. Espero que no Brasil possamos ver mais de seus filmes.

  1209. 1209 : New Condo Singapore Says:

    nice post! kdrama

  1210. 1210 : New Condo Singapore Says:

    Came across this interesting website

  1211. 1211 : rubylyl Says:

    I love the ending so much!!! so sweet~~~ i really yoon kye sang in this drama!!! he’s such a sweet guy!!!

  1212. 1212 : Lita Says:

    I really like this Korean drama. Koo Ae-Jong & Dok Go-Jin match all ^ _ ^

  1213. 1213 : ika Says:

    my favorite drama all the time….ding dong

  1214. 1214 : rahmi khotijah Says:

    I saw 4times.
    First time i love CSW in Athena Drama. Soo macho even he became a terorist. N i do falling crazy love rightnow in BestLove/GreatestLove. I never seen actor like him. He had amazing skill can make our laughing a lot, sad n heartbeating with his expression. Completed
    N KongHyoJin is the natural act n face. Simply woman n its make they match eachother….. wish they will be playing 2gether sometime…maybe in CF project to make Reunited

  1215. 1215 : pippy Says:

    this drama is so great..but imma a bit sad because unable to watch it during its peak together with other fans..it would be so much fun..whatever it is gong hyo jin gud luck on your “its okay,thats love” project and cha seung won congrats on your new film..you have my support! fighting!

  1216. 1216 : ibek Says:

    can uolls gve me the link how can i dwnload this drama….. plissss !!!

  1217. 1217 : rinz Says:

    This drama made me cry because of laughter and as well because of sadness! daebak! great story, great cast! Cha Seung Won your sex appeal is just so great and I love it, Ding dong!lol

  1218. 1218 : srimathi Says:

    i love this drama. and also love the hero che seung won. love u seung won

  1219. 1219 : bubbly Says:


  1220. 1220 : metric Says:

    The articles include a number of

  1221. 1221 : Amy Says:

    I’m watching it on 1 July 2018. Really great drama. Please watch it. You will love it so much. Everything perfect from great actors/actress, storyline, & script.

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