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The Great Seer

Title: 대풍수 / The Great Seer
Chinese Title: 大风水
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Politic, Action, Romance
Episodes: 35 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-10 to 2013-Feb-07
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Ji Sang (Ji Sung) is a gifted seer, born with the ability to see into people’s pasts and futures. There are those who believe falsely that he has dark supernatural powers, thinking him possessed by ghosts. When he comes of age in the late Goryeo era, he becomes a scholar of divination, and a reader of geography, faces, and the like to tell fortunes — an area with much influence at the time. He eventually becomes a “king-maker,” who holds the key to a major political shift in the overthrow of Goryeo and the rise of Joseon. He help the General Lee Sung Gye (Ji Jin Hee) become the first king of the Joseon Dynasty.

Lee Jung Geun (Song Chang Ui) is Ji Sang’s rival. Hae In (Kim So Yun) is Ji Sang’s main love interest and Ban Ya (Lee Yoon Ji) is Ji Sang’s first love. (source: dramabeans)


Main Cast

Ji Sung as Ji Sang
Lee David as Ji Sang (young)
Choi Ro Woon as Ji Sang (child)
Kim So Yun as Hae In
Son Na Eun as Hae In (young)
Ji Jin Hee as General Lee Sung Gye
Song Chang Ui as Lee Jung Geun
No Young Hak as Jung Geun (young)
Lee Yoon Ji as Ban Ya
Park Min Ji as Ban Ya (young)

Supporting Cast

Jo Min Ki as Lee In Im
Oh Hyun Kyung as Soo Ryun Gae
Lee Seung Yun as Young Ji
Lee Jin as Young Ji (young)

Joseon Founder Party

Lee Young Bum as Hyo Myung
Choi Jae Woong as Dong Yoon
Kang Kyung Hun as Bong Choon
Ahn Kil Kang as Daesa Moo Hak (monk)
Baek Seung Hyun as Jung Do Jun
Yoon Joo Hee as Lady Kang
Oh Hee Joon as Lee Bang Gwa
Choi Tae Joon as Lee Bang Won
Kim Tae Hee as Dan Wi
Do Ki Suk as Woo Ya Sook
Park Min Jung as Gisaeng House owner

Goryeo Party

Ryu Tae Joon as King Gong Min
Bae Min Hee as Daejang Princess Noh Gook
Lee Min Ho as King Woo
Lee Moon Shik as Jong Dae
Jo Han Chul as Moo Young
Lee Won Jae as Noh Young Soo
Cha Hyun Woo as Won Hae
Son Byung Ho as Choi Young
Yoo Ha Joon as Shin Don
Park Joon Hyuk as Jung Mong Joo


Lee Do Yup as Lee Kang Dal
Kim Min Hyuk as Won Gae
Kim Da Hyun as Sung Bok
Joo Min Soo as Sung Bok (Young)
Moon Hee Kyung as Dae Moo Ryeo
Jung Soo In as Gisaeng Lady
Hong Yi Joo as Wol Hyang
Jung Joon Won as King Woo
Ban Min Jung as Lady Park
Kim Ik Tae as vice for Dynasty Ming
Jang Eun Poong as Kim Jeo
Ra Yoon Chan as Lee Bang Suk
Ji Yong Suk
Lee Yong Jik as Lee Ka No
Kim Choo Wol
Yoo Gun Woo

Production Credits

Director: Lee Yong Suk
Screenwriter: Lee Soo Yun (이수연), Nam Seon Nyun (남선년)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-10-02 Sp 4.7 4.7 (<8.0) (<8.7)
2012-10-10 1 6.9 7.7 6.5 6.7
2012-10-11 2 6.9 8.1 (20th) 7.0 (20th) 7.7 (19th)
2012-10-17 3 10.4 (17th) 11.7 (10th) 10.6 (10th) 11.8 (8th)
2012-10-18 4 7.8 8.4 (19th) 7.6 (20th) 8.5 (19th)
2012-10-24 5 9.4 (15th) 11.0 (8th) 9.3 (13th) 9.8 (9th)
2012-10-25 6 9.8 (14th) 10.7 (10th) 9.7 (10th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-10-31 7 10.1 (16th) 11.9 (9th) 9.8 (15th) 10.6 (8th)
2012-11-01 8 10.3 (18th) 11.6 (11th) 10.1 (14th) 10.6 (13th)
2012-11-07 9 8.7 (17th) 10.0 (16th) 8.5 (18th) 9.4 (17th)
2012-11-08 10 9.9 (17th) 10.5 (15th) 8.7 (18th) 8.9 (16th)
2012-11-14 11 9.6 (16th) 11.2 (13th) 8.1 8.3 (17th)
2012-11-15 12 9.8 (18th) 11.6 (15th) 9.0 (17th) 9.2 (15th)
2012-11-21 13 7.5 8.8 (16th) 6.9 7.1
2012-11-22 14 8.3 9.0 (20th) 8.8 9.4 (19th)
2012-11-28 15 7.7 9.3 (16th) 7.5 7.8
2012-11-29 16 8.0 8.7 8.8 (20th) 9.1 (19th)
2012-12-05 17 8.1 9.5 7.9 8.2
2012-12-06 18 10.0 10.7 (17th) 9.0 9.9 (19th)
2012-12-12 19 7.5 8.8 8.0 8.5
2012-12-13 20 7.8 9.2 9.1 (20th) 9.2
2012-12-20 21 8.1 9.0 (17th) 8.2 9.1 (18th)
2012-12-26 22 9.4 10.2 (18th) 8.5 8.8
2012-12-27 23 10.1 (19th) 10.6 (15th) 9.8 (17th) 10.3 (16th)
2013-01-02 24 10.4 (20th) 11.9 (14th) 8.8 9.5
2013-01-03 25 10.3 (20th) 11.8 (16th) 10.8 (14th) 11.3 (14th)
2013-01-09 26 9.5 10.5 (17th) 9.4 (19th) 9.3
2013-01-10 27 10.7 (20th) 12.2 (15th) 10.2 (17th) 9.5 (20th)
2013-01-16 28 10.3 (16th) 11.5 (14th) 9.3 (16th) 9.2 (18th)
2013-01-17 29 11.6 (16th) 12.8 (14th) 10.2 (17th) 10.3 (16th)
2013-01-23 30 9.6 (17th) 10.6 (15th) 9.6 (16th) 10.0 (15th)
2013-01-24 31 11.1 (16th) 12.6 (11th) 9.0 (20th) (<9.4)
2013-01-30 32 9.3 (16th) 11.2 (13th) (<8.3) 9.2 (18th)
2013-01-31 33 9.9 (19th) 11.4 (14th) 9.6 (18th) 10.4 (15th)
2013-02-06 34 10.0 (17th) 11.4 (10th) 9.5 (18th) 10.0 (17th)
2013-02-07 35 10.3 (18th) 11.4 (10th) 8.8 (19th) 8.9 (20th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


  • Go Soo were originally cast in the lead roles but he dropped the project due to the scheduling conflicts.

  • Due to the President Election on 19/Dec/2012, Episode 21 has been postponed to 20/Dec/2012.


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Awards (Drama Special), Lee Jin (The Great Seer)


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  1. 1 : nilli Says:

    i want to watch this drama because of Ji Sung and Ji Jin Hee
    i love both of them

  2. 2 : Micc Says:

    All my favorite actors and actresses! Can’t wait!

  3. 3 : Noel D. Says:

    Can’t wait to watch it!

  4. 4 : ance Says:

    wow 2 of my favorite actors in one drama! this is going to be a hit! can’t wait for this drama to start!

  5. 5 : KDaddict Says:

    Been waiting for this listing.
    Wow, 3 hot guys in a sageuk!
    Love Lee Yoon Ji in K2Hs. Saw Kim So Yeon only in Prosecutor Princess, but didn’t care for that char. Hope to like her as this char. 10 more days!

  6. 6 : Mia Says:

    The Great Queen Seondeok and now The Great Seer ?


  7. 7 : lovely Says:

    it’s very heartwarming to have all your actors to be in one drama together but yet also heartbroking to ship just the main leads. hope the park shi yoen and lee joon ji characters are friends in this drama so i can ship both of them.

  8. 8 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    haha i want to comment the same as you
    3 hot guy in saeguk plus kim so yeon… yeah baby!!

  9. 9 : Enri Says:

    Goodness I can’t wait to watch my Great Ji Sun he’s BACK! He’s such an AMAZING actor! fighing alot!

  10. 10 : Enri Says:

    The Great Ji Sung countdown 9 more days!

  11. 11 : m.girl Says:

    can’t wait to watch… :)))

  12. 12 : dreamer Says:

    i hate KSY character in AAE until now i cudnt stand to watch her acting..I hope this series can make up my mind to watch her again cause i did think that she’s a great actress!! i can’t wait to watch it..fighting to all casts..

  13. 13 : @Leeda961024 Says:

    Son na Eun <33

  14. 14 : Dlk Says:


  15. 15 : macky Says:

    ji sung … he’s such a great actor. goodluck…

  16. 16 : kk Says:

    Our lovely so yeon…we love her…go..go.go..girl..fighting♥♥♥

  17. 17 : something Says:

    JJH saeguk is a must watch

  18. 18 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Kim so yeon rockz!!!

  19. 19 : Adeline Says:

    Love Kim so yeon 👍👍😘

  20. 20 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Ji Sung and Ji Jen Hee are the reason why m gonna watch this drama so far they never failed to deliver any drama they participate:)

  21. 21 : BB Girl Says:

    watch this drama coz of best actress KSY…. love her acting…

  22. 22 : hyounnie Says:

    ji sung, ji jin hee, song chang ui, kim so yun, na eun, oh hyun kyung andlee yoon ji!!!

    all my favorite artists are here… i’m sure gonna watch this

  23. 23 : kdbig Says:

    WOW what a cast O.o hope it will be a great story not a fan of historical drama but i will try it out 🙂

  24. 24 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    Song Chang Ui is one of my favorite actors since Golden Bride. Although, his latest drama Life is Beautiful is not really special in character. However, I waiting for this because of other cast too. Ji Jin Hee and Ji Sung

  25. 25 : Samantha Says:

    Woah Jisung always amazed me with his timeless acting he can be elusive funny, happy, sad & very nice down to earth guy! I believe every moment of his character….He is simply awesome.. No words will do favour in his praise… one of the reason I watch korean becoz of Ji Sung definitely be the higher on my list

  26. 26 : Phoo Says:

    You’re my best best best bet in all korean actors Perfectly ony Ji Sung!

  27. 27 : japs Says:

    Lee Yoon Ji!!!!!!

  28. 28 : liz said Says:

    i love korean dramas and movies…i can only get a few here in the usa..plz want to watch more…do not watch american tv or movies…this is all i watch how can i watch more….help

  29. 29 : kdrama Says:

    you can go to this site
    bunch of korean dramas there..happy watching!

  30. 30 : Pedro Says:

    please try http://www.koreandrama.org

    this works or vicky.com korean dramas

  31. 31 : Naw Moe Thidar Aung Says:

    I like Korean Historical Drama.
    I like ji sung in Kim Soo Ro.
    Now, I also encourage this series.

  32. 32 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Why rated low when Ji Sung is on headline with this drama?! Can anyone explain?

  33. 33 : something Says:

    @Arvie Rex
    that because the previous drama air in this timeslot have very low rating above 6%, i think the rating will pick up soon, i watch without sub and this drama really interesting

  34. 34 : eun jae Says:

    i love ji jin hee

  35. 35 : KDaddict Says:

    I watched ep 1; it was slow going. It’s still in a preamble state.
    It also has to compete with 2 popular n established KDs, Nice Guy n Arang, in the same time slot. It takes time to build up an audience.
    In the last few mins, JJH in painted face n animal mask rocks big time!

  36. 36 : swift Says:

    This is a good drama to watch, requires a lot of patience for the storyline to be developed to be more interesting. Problem is, this type of drama must watch from Ep1 to understand fully the storyline. If watched from other Episode onwards, viewers will have difficulty to piece together the plots/ events. May likely capture older generations interest in watching this type of drama.

  37. 37 : Lorem Says:

    Really good to see Jin Hee in this drama.

    Not a fan of Ji Sung though. I’m hoping he doesn’t piss me off in this drama as he had done in the past.

  38. 38 : KDaddict Says:

    Back story is long n slow. In ep 1 & 2, I walked away frequently, came back n didn’t miss anything.
    Main chars haven’t yet appeared; they haven’t even been born, so it’s quite boring, except when JJH appears on screen, with his war paint n animal head dress!
    In next eps, we’ve to wait for the two seers to grow up.

  39. 39 : swift Says:

    The two seers are from the prietess and princess. The child of the princess has been given away to ensure its safety, I guess the prietess’s son will be brought up by the general In Im.

  40. 40 : Dlk Says:

    My best actor is JI JIN HEE.

  41. 41 : dsd Says:

    The great Seer Ep 1 Eng sub

  42. 42 : DSD Says:

    The Great Seer Ep 2 Eng sub

  43. 43 : gorgeous girl Says:

    OMG two of my favo leads are here JS and JJH♡

  44. 44 : something Says:

    ep.3 is amazing, really love David and Yong Hak acting, the child actor really amazing in this drama, not to mention the kind of crazy JJH as Lee Sung Gye

  45. 45 : Hanako Says:

    I never like the actress Kim So Yeon. I watch the movie All About Eve years back, and she was like a bitch in that acting, from there I never like to watch her movie and not suitable to be main actress, I do not like that Dr Champ movie either, spoil the whole movie with the good actor Ji Sung, so gonna skip this movie for me..Anyway no reward for this movie, I guess it is not that good either…not my favourite actress among so many actresses

  46. 46 : jedi Says:

    Ha, I don’t know kim so yun joined in this drama!!!

    @Hanako, yes, I hate her also in All about Eve ^^”, it’s because her character in AAE very evil, but I’m not hate or fans of her. She impressed me at Prosecutor Princess.

    Maybe I’ll follow this drama later….

  47. 47 : OK OK OK Says:

    Have watched till ep 4.

    So far so good. I find it exciting. Looking forward to it very much !!!! 🙂

  48. 48 : eli Says:

    Actually a typical historical drama ,NOTING SPACIAL so far, but great casting so it makes skipping difficult …

  49. 49 : F.Ids Says:

    I love Ji Sung, but also trust a lot the ratings. So maybe i should wait and see how the ratings will get higher.

    The casting isn’t that bad at all! Ji Sung, Ji Jin Hee, Kim So Yun… Is the drama that awful?

  50. 50 : jedi Says:


    I never trusted ratings, I didn’t liked all the big hits or high rating drama. Sometimes the underrated drama was one of my favourites drama, and disliked the overrated drama, so you must eat first to know the taste. ^^`

  51. 51 : BIna Says:

    later goes on hope to Woochi i don’t thinks this drama gone be great as well as Arang but woochi seems good their story line offer to us viewer room to make story like on mind. Ready To Wooochi Hope its great. But my estimation depend on first episode to make a conclusion have this drama trash or make some value as a great drama

  52. 52 : F.Ids Says:


    you are definitely right when you say i should “eat first to know the taste”. Thing is, sometimes, drama with very high ratings in Korea are’nt that famous in foreign countries, for example: My Name is Kim Sam Soong.
    But you are right, there are lot of awesome dramas with low ratings

  53. 53 : tera Says:

    [email protected]…..it’s a pity that you don’t like kim so yeon……i don’t really like her in ‘all about eve’ but i never like the drama ‘all about eve’ after all so i don’t really bother about her acting in it….But i can see in IRIS and in prosecutor princess, she’s quite good an actress…i really like how serious she took her acting…..for me she’s good. In this drama, at first i don’t really want to watch it because Lee Yoon Ji took the role as the ex-love for the hero beacuse i love lee yoon ji. However when i know that kim so yeon will take the role as the main love stream, i decided to take a tour…..hope it will be nice……………

  54. 54 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Hope the ratings will improve. : )

  55. 55 : RyuMinMin Says:

    I love this drama! I Hope ratings gets higher!

  56. 56 : Micc Says:

    Finally the main casts will start next episode. I’ll tune in tomorrow then.

  57. 57 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    This drama needs lead female that worth to watch too…

  58. 58 : Bina Says:

    two word to long

  59. 59 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    I’m only on Epi. 4 & I hope their ratings improve for those who really like this drama. I think this drama has great acting, but I haven’t connected with or have an affinity with the characters they portray. If i don’t care about what happens to the characters, what’s the point in watching? Will watch a few more episodes & hope I can like somebody. I really miss Faith.

  60. 60 : Anna Says:

    Is it strange to be rooting for Ji Jin Hee? I think the other actors and actresses really does not pull me with their acting.

  61. 61 : bella Says:

    I’m gonna watch becoz of Ji Jin Hee.. MMuuaahhh

  62. 62 : glace Says:

    I like this drama because I think it shows more history than “Faith” did. So, I’m mostly enjoying the history and hope it continues. The actors are okay, but I especially like Ji Jin Hee and am most curious about his story.

  63. 63 : A Great Fan of History Says:

    This drama is the continuation of The Soldier (God Of War) korean drama tv series wherein Yuan dynasty (Mongols/China) invaded Goryeo (Korea). Yuan Dynasty controls Goryeo by appointing King who will be loyal to the them and dethroned whenever shows a sign of rebellion.

    King Gongmin (appointed King Goryeo) rebels against Yuan Dynasty but can’t produce a succesor/child so he adopted Banya Son (Monino) later King U. Yuan Dynasty was crumbling because of the new Empire Ming Dynasty has risen. King Gongmin was a Pro-Ming so he was assassinated by General In-Im (Anti- Ming) and appointed King U as king.

    King U ordered General Yi Seonggye to attack the Ming Empire but he refused to obey instead he returned to Kaesŏng and, after overpowering the royal court’s defenders and removing (then killing) General Choe Yeong, Yi Seonggye usurped the throne from Goryeo’s Dynasty and took control of the government. King U was deposed and replaced with his son King Chang, but only one year later both of them were poisoned, and replaced with prince Gongyang.

  64. 64 : swift Says:

    No wonder in the drama Faith, the High Doctor was worried when she saved the live of Yi Seonggye, as he would later kill Gen Choe Yeong. Also, the High Doctor could not bear to tell the Queen that she will not be able to produce an heir.

  65. 65 : swift Says:

    This drama would require much patience to watch and understand the plot. The storyline is rather twisting (hitting around the bush) with much of plots that centres on the relationship of Gen In Im with high prietess plus the Seer himself in trying to find his mother. Since this is going to be 36 episodes, there is much more story plots that the writer will be dragging into the drama until in the end when Yi Seonggye will be the key person determining the future king.

  66. 66 : kramden Says:


    I agree with you…watching this drama really need a long long patience…unlike other dramas the build up is too slow or to set up the plot of the whole story and characters seems to long… so i find now the reason why this drama seems to suffer a low rating even though the cast are really good and famous…..actually while watching this drama sometimes i want bang my head in the wall haha..

  67. 67 : jinnyj Says:

    I like this drama even though rating is not high as the story line and actors and actress r good in performance . I hope that will up and up.I keep watching bc I need to know

  68. 68 : jinnyj Says:

    what the story will be going on .

  69. 69 : muga Says:

    i hope the rating will improve , cause this is a great drama,, specially hows Ji Jin Hee role ,,, love him and this drama,,,

  70. 70 : justwacky Says:

    [spoiler] It’s funny on how the whole drama revolves not about the king or the era but Ja. Mi. Won. [/spoiler]

  71. 71 : Ippy Says:

    Thank you for the historical info #63 @Great Fan.. Very useful.

    I too am a fan of history and period dramas. I love the court protocols mainly because of elegantly it is structured to support a hierachical order whose function it is to protect its people. Something not understood today nor taught.

    But I would concede that such a system would succeed only if the king were truly pious. Power corrupts as you well know.

    The drama is not holding my interest as much as expected. Maybe because I am a little put off by the plastic in some performers. Hardly suited to period dramas. But thankfully there aren’t bleached blondes, pierced nose rings or rap music.

  72. 72 : jenna Says:

    Hope the rating will get better… But I will watch it anyway, don’t care about the rating. Fighting .. Kim So Yeon !! You are the reason I watch this long drama.

  73. 73 : unknown unknown Says:

    In episode 18, did I hear correctly that the King’s mother said that the King is only 40 years old? How could that be or did I get it wrong?

  74. 74 : Kat Says:

    We are enjoying this drama, LOVE Ji Jin Hee and the actor playing Mok Ji Sang. Sorry to see ratings are low, can anyone tell me if the 36 episodes have already been filmed? I would hate for this one to be cancelled without seeing all 36 planned episodes.

    Somethings I do have to shake my head at, how does a ‘great Seer’ not know his foster father is reporting things to the bad guys? How is the Seer’s mother, the Princess, so clueless about so much? LOL

    It is still fun to watch, glad they have put as much humor in this as they have.

  75. 75 : Drama Korea 2012 | godellavawynne Says:

    […] The Great Seer […]

  76. 76 : clairerosean Says:

    I think this drama is good in the sense of storyline and all, the only ‘wrong’ about this drama (why the ratings seems very low) is the Airing Schedule…

    Unfortunately, it happened to be at the same airing time of another drama which is quite famous for its ‘superstar casts’… like me, TGS vs. IMY, i quite wanted to watch IMY more because of Yoo Seung Ho (although sometimes I wanted to give up from that drama coz i am not liking where it is heading lately but, Yoo Seung Ho is so irresistible…)

    🙂 just a thought…

  77. 77 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @clairerosean you missed some points there. Even if I Miss You is starred b idols like PC, YSH and YEH the drama’sratings are fluctuating.Recently it drops.It is not the number 1 K-drama, its Jeon Woo Chi for your info. The Great Seer have low ratings due to its slow attack. and majority of the viewers said that this is boring. Former rival drama of this one is Innocent Man which i believe is much worth to watch than this one.

  78. 78 : ivy Says:

    i missed episode 22… hope it will be shown asap…i think it’s leading to the climax…i am always looking forward to watching the 2 weekly episodes…my week is lacking without watching the great seer…hope it will not end at once…i like the characters especially ji jin hee and ji sung. Merry Christmas to all!

  79. 79 : ivy Says:

    hope also that it will be shown to gma7 telebabad

  80. 80 : ivy Says:

    great performance for ji jin hee, ji sung, kim su yon and the rest of the characters in episode 22.

  81. 81 : hunee Says:

    Happy New Year everybody, I trully luv this drama. It soooo muccch
    chemistry among the characters, especially the main characters. I luuvvv
    the afections among each other, soooo much hugging. I luv that. Thats
    how you show u really luv that person, yayyyyy keep up the good work.

  82. 82 : annmasae Says:

    Great storyline and great acting.
    Hope more people begin watching it.
    Ji Jin Hee is great as the General.
    Kim So Yun shows her versatility in playing Hae In which is so different from her character in Prosecutor Princess.

  83. 83 : ina_int Says:

    I like this drama….. The first episode might be a little boring but it is a very good drama…..

  84. 84 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    admin rating is wrong on episode 24. please check its ranking. IMY got 11% plus and the ranking is 14th but this one only got 10.4% and yet it ranked 10th. whatttttt????

    (@Kurayuzaki666 from admin: typing error, it should be 20th instead of 10th. Thanks.)

  85. 85 : ivy Says:

    it’s getting more and more exciting to watch. JJH’s son in TGS is handsome too.

  86. 86 : Susu Says:

    I’m starting to watch this drama because of Ji Sung….:)

  87. 87 : fourgreenrose Says:

    What a the Great Seer ! He cannot see the trap and fall in like an idiot in episode 28.

  88. 88 : plapla Says:

    I like this drama…… I like Ji Sung & Kim So Yun Good…..

  89. 89 : cuity17 Says:

    It’s highly recommend to watch???? Bagus ga yaa…??

  90. 90 : ivy Says:

    I’m starting to miss the great seer…

  91. 91 : bluerose007 Says:

    I really love this drama and I highly recommend to watch it.
    You’ll never regret watching and for sure you’ll love it till the end ^^

    I vote for all of you guys I wish you can win lots of award^^

    Fighting, aja aja!!!! V^^V

  92. 92 : Juliyana Says:

    I want to give big applause to Ji Jin Hee-oppa. Jin Hee-oppa act unusual character on saeguk korean drama, more cheerful more handsome and more big smile for us to watch. Bravo oppa ^_^

  93. 93 : Wedaz Says:

    Don’t understand why this drama received low rating. I’m at episode 16, but though out the story, I did enjoyed it. So interesting to watch the conflict between characters. Perhaps due to the setting, I think not as grand as other historical drama that I have watched. Plus only a handful of ‘ stars’ and not that many well known actors played important roles. The plot is good, but the set/backdrop is bad. Really, most of scenes display inferior setting. Kudos to the scriptwriter!

  94. 94 : rhini Says:

    I’m a little bit confuse about the final episode. How about Lee Bang won, did he released from the jail too? and did the King know that it’s his queen who was behind the trap? after all, Did Lee bang won get his possission back as the crown prince again, because he is the beloved son of the King..
    Could someone explain it all to me…

  95. 95 : moulder Says:

    Very far from Jomong, Jewerl in the palace, dong yi,

  96. 96 : Elnora Says:

    The storyline is very similar to The Duo….but I loooove it!

  97. 97 : The Great Seer Episode 30 Synopsis | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  98. 98 : limaj Says:

    bad drama………………

  99. 99 : hanniekyu Says:

    @Rhini: yes, I will ask that question too.. And Did the trio Ji Sang, Hae In, and the father save from the fire?? Well, for long 35 episode, the end don’t impress me much…

  100. 100 : Jane Says:

    Pls explain dis drama for me ooo

  101. 101 : henry Says:

    please friend help me to get this drama my email is [email protected] or +255714325781

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