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The Good Detective (Season 2)

Title: 모범형사 2 / The Good Detective (Season 2)
Genre: Detective, Crime , Investigation
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2022-July-30 to 2022-Sep-18
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:30
Related Series: The Good Detective


The drama is the sequel of “The Good Detective“.

It’s a refreshing investigative drama in which two different detectives, track down one truth that has been concealed.


Son Hyun Joo as Kang Do Chang
Jang Seung Jo as Oh Ji Hyuk
Kim Hyo Jin as Cheon Na Na
Jung Moon Sung as Woo Tae Ho
Cha Rae Hyung as Kwon Jae Hong
Jung Soon Won as Ji Man Goo
Kim Ji Hoon as Byun Ji Woong
Kim Myung Joon as Sim Dong Wook

Production Credits

Director: Jo Nam Kook
ScriptWriter: Choi Jin Won

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2022-07-30 1 3.720 -
2022-07-31 2 4.720 -
2022-08-06 3 4.208 -
2022-08-07 4 5.963 -
2022-08-13 5    
2022-08-14 6    
2022-08-20 7    
2022-08-21 8    
2022-08-27 9    
2022-08-28 10    
2022-09-03 11    
2022-09-04 12    
2022-09-10 13    
2022-09-11 14    
2022-09-17 15    
2022-09-18 16    

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II
Trailer III

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  1. 1 : Chips Says:

    Never better! Season 2 is here. 👍👍👍

    Dont see Elijah’s name here. I will miss her.

    Looking forward to season 2.

  2. 2 : telenovela Says:

    telenovelas in eng, ver telenovelas en telegram, rosalinda What to. Telenovela. Stream telemundo novelas.

  3. 3 : TGD2 Says:

    Finished watching episode 1.

    It was a good laugh. Didn’t expect to see our brave detectives, Oh JH, Kang DC and two two others suddenly burst out of hiding in the forest running for dear life. They were chased by a wild boar !! Abd t009hey were chasing their Suspect who was running for his dear life too from the wild boar. This is the stuff a grandpa would save to tell their grandchildren …. a longgg, longgg and heroic tale ….

    Yes, our industrious detectives did catch their Suspect, questioned him, released him, and then went hunting him down again when it turned out that he might not be just a ginseng thief, but a serial killer. (Yes, another longgg longgg oversight …… ).

    Hahaha, the detective this season, are well and still very much alive. As usual, they and their Superintendent have not changed. They are the same tricky blokes we saw in Season One. Only this time, I noted that Kang DC is more grumpy than before. And Oh JH is still suffering from insomnia and whenever he has difficulty sleeping, finds sleeping in the police station couch would lull him to sleep. Sweet lullabye. The wonders how the smells of a sweaty couch could do. (Hmn … or maybe cider might conk him to sleep faster? Hehe !).

    Well, The Good Detectives 2 has gotten a good start. Same fun, same vibes, same homey feels.

    Enjoy watching, folks.

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