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The Fugitive : Plan B

Title: 도망자 / Do Mang Ja / The Fugitive : Plan B
Chinese Title : 逃亡者
Also Known as: Runaway
Genre: Action, romance, comedy
Episodes: 20 + 1 Special
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-29 to 2010-Dec-09
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


During the Korean War, a vast amount of money disappeared. Now, some 60 years later, the money has reappeared, leading to a frantic chase across the globe. Jin Yi (Lee Na Young) is a seemingly innocent woman who has hidden motives for approaching Ji Woo (Bi). Her plans are complicated by an unexpected romance developing between them, as well as the numerous pursuers hot on their trail. Kieko (Uehara Takako) is a famous Japanese singer who also gets tangled up in a relationship with this man. Little do they know that her father Hiroki (Takenaka Naoto), apart from being a business man, is a powerful Yakuza. In this love triangle, who will finally win the love of Ji Woo?


Bi / Rain as Ji Woo
Lee Na Young as Jin Yi / Jini K.
Lee Jung Jin as Chief Detective Do Soo
Yoon Jin Seo as Detective Yoon So Ran
Daniel Henney as Kai
Sung Dong Il as Nakamura Hwang
Yoon Son Ha as Hwang Mi Jin
Takenaka Naoto as Hiroki (Kieko’s father)
Uehara Takako as Kieko
Gong Hyung Jin as Master Jang
Josie Ho/何超儀 as Hwa Yi
Jo Hee Bong as James Bong
Ti Lung/狄龙 as General Wie
Song Jae Ho as Yang Doo Hee
Kim Eung Soo as Yang Young Joon (Doo Hee’s son)
Danny Ahn as Baek Nam Jung
Kim Hyung Jong as Detective Kim
Jung Seung Kyo as Detective Lee
Kim Soo Hyun (1978) as Detective Park
Yoo Ri El as Sophie / Secretary Im
Song Shi Yeon (송시연) as Nakamura Hwang’s secretary
Oh Ji Ho as Kevin (cameo)
Han Jung Soo as corrupt detective (cameo)
Lee Jong Hyuk as screening room interpreter (cameo)
Kwak Hyun Hwa as Ji Woo’s office secretary (cameo)
Lee Da Hae as Hye Won (cameo)
MBLAQ (cameo)
Ahn Suk Hwan (cameo)
Jang Yoon Seo
Jung Doo Hong as unidentified assailant

Production Credits

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il (천성일)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-09-29 1 21.7 (2nd) 21.4 (2nd)
2010-09-30 2 17.3 (4th) 17.2 (4th)
2010-10-06 3 15.9 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd)
2010-10-07 4 16.0 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd)
2010-10-13 5 15.5 (2nd) 16.0 (2nd)
2010-10-14 6 12.0 (6th) 12.2 (7th)
2010-10-20 7 11.9 (8th) 12.5 (4th)
2010-10-21 8 11.6 (9th) 12.3 (7th)
2010-10-27 9 12.7 (6th) 13.3 (5th)
2010-10-28 10 13.1 (8th) 13.5 (6th)
2010-11-03 11 13.8 (3rd) 13.9 (3rd)
2010-11-04 12 13.8 (4th) 14.6 (4th)
2010-11-10 13 12.3 (7th) 12.4 (6th)
2010-11-11 14 13.9 (4th) 14.2 (5th)
2010-11-17 15 12.2 (6th) 12.3 (7th)
2010-11-18 16 13.9 (6th) 14.2 (5th)
2010-11-24 17 14.3 (4th) 15.3 (4th)
2010-12-01 18 11.5 (6th) 11.7 (6th)
2010-12-02 19 12.1 (7th) 12.5 (7th)
2010-12-08 20 12.7 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2010-12-09 Special - -

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : dinaz Says:

    daniel henney ure so good lookin!

  2. 2 : becky Says:

    OMG!!!!! can’t wait to watch this drama…..it’s been a long time since Rain appears on the small screen……September rocks!!!!!!

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  4. 4 : Abbie Says:

    Please be no more than 25 episodes.

  5. 5 : Abbie Says:

    drooling just looking at the list of the Actors….

  6. 6 : ninaz Says:

    woww rainnnnnnn!
    can’t w8 to watch this drama… ^_^

  7. 7 : Lika Says:

    Very nice! Rain is coming back in serie. ^^

  8. 8 : Arlene Says:

    looking forward to watching this drama!!!

  9. 9 : Kokopuffs Says:

    interesting plot in this drama. Rain, meh! Daniel Henney, meh! Lee Na Young, I like her. might watch it just for her performance.

  10. 10 : elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    AhhhhhAAAAAAAAAA ! My lovely Rain ! My beloved boy! Rain is back ! Love you shiny boy ^_°

  11. 11 : kimchilee Says:

    Rainnnn… so glad you are back into dramas… and Daniel.. wah.. 2 cute guys in this series.. cant wait to watch this.. !!

  12. 12 : karamiuiq Says:

    It must be good special with good actors

  13. 13 : Ivy Says:

    i have waited for rain for many years.

  14. 14 : cloud Says:

    Rain oppa is back … miss you much ^^ … i hope good rating …

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  17. 17 : rafa Says:

    weww…rainn..so miss his new drama..finallyy..wanna see…

  18. 18 : DramaFanatic Says:

    I am really excited about this…hope it lives up to its expectations!! Please PLEASE don’t make it with a sad ending!

  19. 19 : chokhonichakre Says:

    muah dis is tooo gud rain n daniel henney oh i can\’t wait.at last am going 2 see rain again.and please make it a happppy ending love u rain n daniel .looookin 4ward 2 see u guys

  20. 20 : Erma Says:

    OMG!!! Daniel Henney in it! Am soooooo excited! eeeeehhhhh

  21. 21 : lie yen Says:

    Rain, I’‎​♏‎​ waiting ur serial for å long time. Fighting aza aza

  22. 22 : lie yen Says:

    OMG!!!! Da gak sabar mau nonton serial ini. ‎​​‎​​​​Ħεε³³³;)³³:)Ħεε³³³;)³³:DĦεε³³=D

  23. 23 : rainyrain Says:

    eagerly waiting for this drama , I so was missing Rain’s acting

  24. 24 : rain_nie Says:

    can’t wait….ngarep banget!!!!

  25. 25 : Jo Says:

    I’m so excited, Daniel Henney is so good looking and charming, can’t wait to see this series, so sad I was not able to saw you in person in Manila, someday if your coming again, announce it to the media, ok?

  26. 26 : honey b Says:

    omo…omo…three knock out guys, must watch

  27. 27 : desiku jakarta Indonesia Says:

    from the begining drama comfirm to shooting, i always wondering to showing soon, i can wait to watch this drama, fugitive drama must watch to fan of Rain. Big hope succes to Fugitive Team. Thq

  28. 28 : ok Says:

    Rain – singing trot ? I love trot — looking forward to his drama

  29. 29 : chichaloca Says:

    does not like a ction drama.but going to give dis drama a try 🙂

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  31. 31 : marzi Says:

    im waiting for this drama all of male actor is my favorit espiecally rain good luck im from iran

  32. 32 : eikisonata Says:

    OMG, finally this drama will be broadcast soon. Since this project was been announced, I couldn’t wait to watch Rain acting again after very long rest from drama. Even though the storyline was not so exciting for me, but I hope Mr. Director and Scriptwriter will do amazing touch up for this drama. Fugitive fighting! Rain fighting!

  33. 33 : chaimoon Says:

    Despite the bad weather these days, I will welcome RAIN with all my heart. Let it pour Rain! Come on man , keep it going.

  34. 34 : kokita Says:

    i really love Rain and Daniel i’m looking for this drama, make it hot guys

  35. 35 : kokita Says:

    i really love u guys especially Rain and Daniel so make it hot.wish u good luck ,fighting !!!

  36. 36 : qrezpy_INDONESIAN Says:

    GO… GO… GO… GO… BI !!!!!!! AKU SUKA BANGET NIH DRAMA . . . . .

  37. 37 : qrezpy_INDONESIAN Says:

    go . . . . . ! BI . . . .

  38. 38 : maida Says:

    the cast is marvelous so hope it will be awesome drama lets wait and see.

  39. 39 : kuutie Says:

    NICE! <3
    I love Bi Rain so MUCH!
    Sounds fun!!

  40. 40 : l Says:

    wish u good luck. Fighting!!

  41. 41 : nerissa Says:

    wow 3 good looking actors, i hope the story will be as good looking as the stars…. been waiting for this….

  42. 42 : rainyrainy Says:

    LUUUV Rain and was waiting for this drama since june
    I wish Rain will sing an OST in this show , he never did this before , wanna hear him singing in this show 🙂

  43. 43 : rainyrainy Says:

    sooo happy and eagerly waiting for the first epi and the whole drama since june 2010
    I’m so waiting to watch My Rain Oppa acting becoz I love his acting so much , I wish he sings an OST in this Drama , he never did so I wish he does now 🙂

  44. 44 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Just finished watching Episode #1 at http://www.dramabang.com
    It’s amazing. I love it. It reminds me of IRIS a bit, but over all, it’s really well done drama. So far, it’s one of You Must watch This!

  45. 45 : ray Says:

    just watched first epsd…it’s been a while since I saw Rain in drama….
    aaannd it’s great!!
    in the first episode, it hit a 20,7% rating and through to No. 1 spot…

  46. 46 : Rainyo Says:

    …..go…go…watch Fugitive with Rain

  47. 47 : Kyu'sgf Says:

    Wow.. Rain is back.. :).. hope this drama gets a nice rating.. fighting!

  48. 48 : ida hwaiting Says:

    where i can watch this drama wif eng sub? thx

  49. 49 : astheria Says:

    Rain is back!!!!
    Hopefully I can watch this drama soon in Indonesia..Hope this drama gets a great rating…Rain…Daniel Henney…looking forward to seeing these two handsome actors…Fighting!!!

  50. 50 : korean craze Says:


    I cannot wait to watch this drama! Watched the 1st 5 mins of episode 1 on Youtube…. ARRGGGHHH!!! no english subs!!!

  51. 51 : honey b Says:

    The Fugitve was in 2nd position? I thought the rating would be the first. So what drama got the first rating? Dae Mul?

  52. 52 : swizz Says:

    good day for the wind to blow daily drama starring Kim SoEun which ended last week ………

  53. 53 : l Says:

    2 weeks later it’s going to broadcast in my country. Can’t wait till then

  54. 54 : zya Says:

    oppa… keep fight for the good job…^^ huwa… I really want to watch this series…

  55. 55 : marzi Says:

    i am waiting for this drama i know this film has high rate i love three main actor in this film my hooooot rain and lee jung jin good luck for all of them im from iran

  56. 56 : kdrama_fan Says:

    The story is not well threaded. Most scenes are just running away or chasing. These scenes are too frequent and too long. Big disappointment.

  57. 57 : carmen Says:

    Just because Rain is in this drama do not mean will be good, so far is a ok, but not that great….good luck to all

  58. 58 : freakerpskie Says:

    when will this be air on KBS-WORLD i thought i’ll start last sept but i wasnt… anyway i’ll be waiting for this…

  59. 59 : chichaloca Says:

    this drama will be air next week on KBS-WORLD after baker kim takgu wrap up tmorow nite..wait ar.hehe

  60. 60 : Jena Says:

    First several episodes cause big disappointment. It is not good as its advertisement.

  61. 61 : kdrama_fan Says:

    The drama is very unappealing. Too many meaningless chasing scenes. This detective looks so stupid, not comic. Big disappointment.

  62. 62 : freakerpskie Says:

    @chichaloca: thanks so much!!! i appriciate it…

  63. 63 : bahar Says:


  64. 64 : bahar Says:

    فکر کنم تنها سریالی که من خوشم اومد و همیشه دوست دارم ببینم سریال فول هوس با بازی رین هنر پیشه معروف کره هست این سیال با اینکه از ماهواره پخش میشه و شاید هم کره ایها ندانند اما در بین بعضی از دختر و پسر ها طرافدار داشت و من خودم یکی از اونهام البته امیدوارم سریال
    The Fugitive: Plan B
    هم زیبا باشه
    از تهران
    rain is verry good actor
    i like him

  65. 65 : bahar Says:

    난 내가 좋아하는 유일한 일련의 생각을 항상 액체가 아마도 모르고 Ayha 한국과 위성 놀고 유지되지만 어떤 여자와 소년 Trafdar 있었 중에서 가장 유명한 한국어 배우 비를 재생하고자하는 욕구와 전체 시리즈를보고 사랑 물론 희망 Avnham 시리즈의 전
    도망자 : 플랜 B
    비가 verry 좋은 배우입니다
    난 그를 좋아

  66. 66 : via Says:

    hmmm… i thought it would be that way.. because the rating is drop far away.. such a big dissapointment… 🙁

  67. 67 : Sheino Says:

    After trying several episodes, I ‘m disappointed. This drama is bad. Waste time to watch it. Famous director & writer from Chuno can’t save this drama. People over-estimate Rain’s acting. Rain’s acting is bad. Lee Na Young’s acting is bad too. She looks older than Rain.

  68. 68 : haha Says:

    i think this show not bad.Though some part boring but some part is really damn funny esp part of RAIN.
    i love rain and i love his acting skill and esp he kissed that lady without permission and continously so cool! really love rain but i prefer him acting romance show cos he so handsome and cool.that women also very pretty haha

  69. 69 : Dương Says:

    Tôi là người Việt, với hiểu biết về văn hóa Hàn Quốc thì tôi có thể thấy đây là bộ phim mang đầy đặc sắc Hàn với những phong cách thường thấy của riêng điện ảnh Hàn Quốc. Có những tình huống quá dài nhưng ko có được những kịch tính cao độ. Thực sự cũng hơi tốn thời gian.

  70. 70 : Jo Says:

    this drama should revise, should put a lot of surprising twist, or else Kwon Sang woo drama will always end up first. I like Daniel Henney and Rain, but I think the drama lack of suspense, so sorry they have to travel a lot of countries but yet the drama end up less than expectation.

  71. 71 : stoneheart Says:

    i watch the first episode but i was really disappointed on how the lack of reality and the store may be nice but the way they show it so bad

    too much of action that you cant belive
    i do like Rain and i was waiting for this drama and thought the will be a strong drama but i wasnt.

  72. 72 : Amy Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this drama is that bad as everyone says? I find Rain’s acting funny and actually was past my expectations. Daniel Henny is great eye-candy and I don’t think Na Young is very bad. I like how some funny scenes were fit in, its makes the drama more relaxing to watch, rather than having it be boring like Cinderella’s Sister. Now that is a disappointing drama.

  73. 73 : Honey Says:

    Daniel Henney looks handsome & advertisement of this drama makes me try it. However, its comedy is awkward & its actions is clumsy. Drama drags. Actresses are not pretty. The acting of both actors, actresses are poor. Disappointed!

  74. 74 : L Says:

    a good day for today. first episod of fugitive plan B

  75. 75 : pooteh Says:

    i agree with some statements here… what a disappointing drama! rain and na young didnt have chemistry. like sister and younger brother. its dialogue, story, character are too weak. just credit to cinematography…

  76. 76 : looo Says:

    i like this drama. funny in serious. people just don’t notice that. it shows intelligent and smart. nice drama

  77. 77 : emily Says:

    Detective (Rain) looks stupid, not funny. Drama shows stupid & awkward. BAD drama.

  78. 78 : kimchilee Says:

    disappointing first episode.. dont like the way Rain is acting.. too fake.. not natural.. storyline also can’t seem to get connected.. dont like the lead actress.. looks older than Rain.. arrgh.. dont think I’ll watch this.. plot is too complicated.

  79. 79 : miss brezzy cool ice Says:

    i lik this movie so much j adore rain je t aime

  80. 80 : ruby-22 Says:

    i like daniel and Bi so much and i love they way the smile and they are so handsome

  81. 81 : ruby-22 Says:

    i was big fan of Mr. Daniel at first and now i like Bi but i still big fan of Mr. Daniel ‘SARANGHAIE’

  82. 82 : The Fugitive: Plan B | Look at Korea Says:

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  83. 83 : Sony Says:

    Long time no seen RAIN in drama, it might be enjoy drama!

  84. 84 : oalexz Says:

    “disappointing first episode.. dont like the way Rain is acting.. too fake.. not natural.” I agree. Rain’s Ninja Assassin and subsequent winning the best action hero of 2010 award (Biggest Badass fron MTV) sort of set the direction of his acting and what his fans want to see. When I saw he made this drama, I thought, finally, someone was smart enough to star him in a action thriller. I was terribly disappointed in the fake laughs, wide grins, etc. It just seemed out of character for him and juvenile. To the Director..cut out those in future episodes and make him the action hero we know he is. I’ll bet your ratings will go back up.

  85. 85 : ash Says:

    on the other hand, me and my daughter LOVE rain in this drama. we love his cheeky broad smile. that was what attracted us the most. the drama is funny and serious at the same time. but the plot is getting complicated. shall watch and see how it develops. if it’s only for seeing rain’s funnily stupid smile, it’s still worth it.

  86. 86 : jessy Says:

    before watching I didn’t expect too much, but now I’m really addicted to this drama.
    rain is so diffferent in it and I think such a role suits him best, btw I like the “police couple” too, every episode I wanna see more of their scenes)))) I think they r the hottest couple in this series)))))

    P.S. I was surprised when I read all those bad comments on this drama, it’s just not that Rain doesn’t play well, it’s just the very different amazing and unexpectd role of Rain… so, enjoy!)

  87. 87 : sam Says:

    really addictive man… haha

  88. 88 : desiku jakarta Indonesia Says:

    i love this drama… it’s different from the other drama ussually. i’m addicted to watch… please soon come airshow in indonesia. and all artis will come to promo, thanks

  89. 89 : chillicrab Says:

    I hv watched 1st episode, a little disappointed about Rain’s OVER mischievous acting that I stopped.
    MY SISTERS SAY it is getting better and better and they have been chasing it since then. They are now watching the latest episode 7. ^.^

  90. 90 : Isna Says:

    Oops, Ninja Assassin has a lot of violent, bloody scenes & that movie flops.

    1st episode of this drama, scenes look fake & not logical. Scenes are not funny but are really stupid. Rain’s acting was poor. Rain likes to show off his body, but his body is not nice as Daniel. Rain acts as a stupid model. Next episode, everything is still bad. Waste time.

  91. 91 : leo Says:

    I am really looking forward to this drama with much anticipation. But really disappointed especially on the male actors/ 3 main charactors.Does korean detetive act like this in real life? I have come across police & detective charactors in many K drama but Do Soo charactor is too much .Just chasing without using brain?No wonder the script writer is from slave hunter.Dineal charactor just rich lover boy good enough to eat.Rain is still eye candy but too old for act cute & pout like LYJ in full house!Lee Jung Jin can be handsome if he remove fake shadow& less eye make up.I am not interested in Sungkyun kun Scanal 1st thinking too childish .But compring 2 dramas which are airing from KBS in Malaysia ,I perfer SS now.They have more story & good intensions for viewers with enough comedy.What happen to good story telling quality of K drama?Plan B is way too low to compare with IRIS! but thumb up for good OST . try to improve next episodes of the drama with this wonderful cast,seriously.

  92. 92 : Kimmi Says:

    Everyone is this drama are “Super Heroes”…. They fought and fell so hard and yet got bruises, not even a scratch…How amazing!!!

  93. 93 : kdrama_fan Says:

    This drama has many faults. Choice of background music is very wrong. Why is “Gloria” to be played so loudly so many times? Is there any religious zeal in this drama? Many clips of the music are very annoying. The story does not improve at all. Is Korean police this corrupt? I do not believe it. So many villains can live without being caught this long.

  94. 94 : nides Says:

    …let’s just give Rain the chance to act stupid. Anyway, he already did a lot of serious roles before. He just wants to prove that he can do any roles might be given to him. He maybe acting stupid, like the rest of the cast, and the fighting scenes are so exaggerated…but still, while watching it, we can always give out a big laugh without our knowing it…ha ha ha … Personally I find some of the scenes funny and entertaining… GO RAIN…we are always here to support you, because you continued to entertain us. It’s not easy to please everyone… but you succeeded in pleasing those who believe in you…..^____^

  95. 95 : carmen Says:

    You know what I love the most about this drama is the diferent places they are and I can see those beautiful scene, I love that, now is getting better this drama

  96. 96 : sweets Says:

    Excellent series! I love the plot and how each mystery is being unraveled one by one. Each time we get just a bit closer to the truth and I love the comic relief too! It amazingly fits right in, no joke, at least in my opinion. To me it is almost like a commentary about how ‘dumb’ things in real life can be. Episode 9 is a shocking episode! Must watch! Actually, the entire drama is a must-watch! You’ll seriously get hooked and you’ll be waiting up for the next episode! The fight scenes are AWESOME and Rain is such a versatile actor. He can play any kind of role: cute, hilarious, serious, intelligent, witty, cool, romantic. All-in-one! And of course the rest of the shining cast – Lee Nayoung, Lee Jungjin and Daniel Henney – all brilliant! ^^ Highly recommended for those interested in exciting action, mind-boggling mystery coupled with a side dish of romantic comedy! Enjoy~
    PS. I think that those who are giving the show criticism have only watched perhaps the first episode or two. If you watch some more, it really gets way better and you’ll become addicted! ^^

  97. 97 : Gotti Says:

    I do like ths drama, although Rain do look very funny. But, I really hate Daniel Henney’s act. What kind of people talk a bit of English and Korea. He is a really bad actor, I dont even think he can make it to Hollywood.

  98. 98 : looo Says:

    ottoeke ottoeke, ang… very funny 🙂

  99. 99 : salwa Says:

    i like both daniel and rain in this drama.daniel,you so hot.rain,yippuddha.you know,i;m the big fan of you two.ahnyeoghaseyo

  100. 100 : Sylvia Says:

    I saw the first episode only couple minutes and I never watch it anymore. It looks like cheap budget action film. It’s not funny and some actions scenes are ridiculous. The female cop looks like ballet dancer , skinny, slow and (ughhhh) not tought at all. She looks strange when she points the gun 🙁 No surprised these series do not have good ratings. I hope Rain could be more selective to take the role in his next films. Peace yo… !

  101. 101 : roya Says:

    i watch this drama at kbsworld channel and i realy engoy that i like rain and his performance in this drama i think he performed deferent and so cute in this drama it was a long time that we didnt see u in any drama so i happy to see u again fighting

  102. 102 : Jaqi Says:

    Worst drama I have ever seen! This one reduce the reputation of K-dramas. First episodes was bad & next episodes worsened. Disappointed!
    Bad actors, bad actresses.

  103. 103 : iman Says:

    i think this drama not relly bad…funny n enjoy ! still can enjoy this drama…fighting !

  104. 104 : sweet_elf24 Says:

    Hmmm I love rain in fullhouse but after that I don’t like him anymore now I love lee seung gi more ^^

  105. 105 : Kay Kay Says:

    Full house is funny but after seeing this drama, i can not sustain Rain anymore. This drama looks stupid, cheap. Rain is over-rated. His acting in action drama is BAD. Actress Na-young looks older as if she is Rain’s sister instead of his lover. She acts poorly & make drama more terrible.

  106. 106 : the unclear Says:

    wow I saw full house and everything. But this brings a new refreshing storyline instead of those dramatic scenes from other korean dramas. I thought it was corny at first, but wow this drama owns!! I can’t stop watching it! Love the music!

  107. 107 : rainman Says:

    We believe in RAIN!

  108. 108 : santa Says:

    o m g…rain is so cute in this drama.
    i really like him.
    i think..the actress is not match with him.
    she looks older. she is soulless…cold ….low spirited…beautiful of course.

  109. 109 : carmen Says:

    The episode 9-11 are really action on it and they were really good, that old man in the weelchair is really a bad men he needs a mami to take care of him….I can not believe how they hit them in the head so many times and they still ok!!that is loco,loco,loco…now on the episode 11 is comming the best, is like getting clear, of what is going on!!

  110. 110 : iman Says:

    i also think the actress is not match with rain,she look older then rain ,however i still can follow this drama….becouse of RAIN hehehehhe….

  111. 111 : roy99 Says:

    this action +comedy drama..best… i like it!
    but baker king kim tak goo is better…

  112. 112 : julian Says:

    DISAPPOINTED! I hope this drama will be good but it falls short of expectation. Action looks awkward! Lee Na Young looks older than Rain & she is not suitable for the role of Rain’s lover. She acts poorly.
    I wait to see Athena. Trailers, posters show Athena looks more interesting than this drama. Kim so yeon is better than Lee Na Young. Jeong Woo Seong is better than rain.
    Bye Bye the fugitive, plan B. This drama is BAD.

  113. 113 : julian Says:

    Secret Garden is coming soon. It seems that Secret Garden worths watching than the fugitive, plan B.

  114. 114 : Shidah Says:

    Some positive comments make me try this drama. It’s really bad. Big disappointed! Rain’s acting is still bad. He is over-rated. This drama smells good to someone but it smell sour to me. It seems someone is easy & can eat anything.

  115. 115 : roy99 Says:

    i dont care what u say about fugitive plan b…
    but, i will angry when you all says baker king is bad!
    baker king no 1 drama of 2010!!

  116. 116 : becky Says:

    actually, this show is for those looking forward to a light comedy after a hard day at work….it is a refreshing change from the previous drama…I’m not saying that Baker King Kim Takgu is bad (I agree that it is one of the best drama this year), but this one is like a 360-degree turn from BKKT…which is good…imagine if we have to watch the same genre of k-drama all year round=.=……
    and I think Kim Na Young’s acting is quite good….atl east she’s not one of those ditzy actresses waiting for the lead actor to save her and all….go watch it, everyone!!!

  117. 117 : Lyda Says:

    I feel pity4Rain very much!!he always follow Jini2protect her bt c always kick him off.bt i’d say he very very [email protected]:i agree this good/wroth2watch after [email protected]: pls claim down!!

  118. 118 : areej Says:

    i like Danniel Henny & see this drama, but it is not good at all. Rain looks stupid than funny although I know he tries to make it funny, but he fails. Lee Na Young’s acting is bad. Other actress in drama acts better & prettier than Lee Na Young. If Rain’s lover is younger, more beautiful, acts better it will be easier to follow drama.

  119. 119 : Hang vu Says:

    I think this drama is good. There have many action and comedy scenes on it. It’s also interesting to watch this film. Bi and Lee Na Young are so cute. Daniel is such a handsome man.hihi. I will continue watching it

  120. 120 : liz Says:

    I tink rain cannot act cute anymore so he is trying too hard looks fake n too loud. storyline lousy could not keep me interested to see what happens next

  121. 121 : Yul kimn Says:

    it’s quite annoying everytime jini misunderstand jiwoo….and how the drama keep repeating same situation…
    but still i like dis drama…Rain played the role so well i think..its just na young look old for him…
    and Daniel hanney also acting very well…i hate kai….but love Daniel Hanney so much…hehhe

  122. 122 : chor yik Says:

    i think lee na young make this drama best!
    watch lee na young at korean movie ‘laddy daddy’..very beautiful story

  123. 123 : grace Says:

    So far, it is not good like some people say.
    The storyline is not bad. Danniel Henney looks handsome & acts better than Rain.
    Rain’s acting is not good. He needs to improve further.
    Lee Na Young looks old & so so, not pretty enough. Her acting is not good too.

  124. 124 : masfie Says:

    nice drama..

  125. 125 : crazydrama Says:

    i really love this drama but I am looking for a video with an english subtitle. Is there anyone can help me to look for an upadated site?


  126. 126 : crazydrama Says:

    Luckily, I found the new website….

    thanks anyway. ^_^_^

  127. 127 : ruby-22 Says:

    in the previous episode when she was kissed kai i hate episode because …………

  128. 128 : syaa Says:

    OMG i love RAIN <3 the movie was OKAY and i love when they got into a fight ! HAHA xD

  129. 129 : ame Says:

    eh… bad drama….poor acting….. SO BAD!

  130. 130 : santa Says:

    o m g…it an amazing drama….so nice store…great acting….hand some and pretty guys.
    in one word….number oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    rain is so cute…sexy…funny…perfect.
    u sould watch it …u all will fall in love with RAIN.

  131. 131 : ami Says:

    onother cool drama besides secret agent miss oh. love both drama
    with english subtiles

  132. 132 : ella Says:

    Luv Danniel Henny. So handsome, charming and perfect..
    but this drama…yess sometime boring***..i think better change another actor or actress.. can’t challenge IRIS at nay stage ~~~blurrrr

  133. 133 : roy99 Says:

    what interesting about IRIS!!??
    i hate that drama..
    very slow & bored!!
    i think fugitive is better…

  134. 134 : roya Says:

    plan b is the best drama to my idea and i enjoy from this drama every week and i wait for next episode rain is perfect and soooooooooooooo sexy thanksssssssssssssss rain

  135. 135 : nona Says:


  136. 136 : kelly Says:

    Meh…. this drama is the worst one. Rain sucks. Lee Na Young sucks.
    I stop wasting time with this bad drama. I wait for Athena, it will be a lot better.

  137. 137 : Ho_Cha_Gill Says:

    kembali jatuh cinta ama Rain……

    Ya ampun Y’ R’ Bad Boy….

    Ummmm Suka Daniel Juga,,,

    Ini Benar-benar action yang menghibur,…..he

  138. 138 : Zozo Says:

    This series is really good and funny. Guess cannot please everyone but I think the acting is good by Rain especially when his main stream is singing and performance. I believe his character and he portrays the character well, it’s just that at times he tries to be funny so people may think he is trying too hard but the added humor is what I like most about the series otherwise I’ll get bored easily. There are moments of repetition and boredom but that’s with every series.

    I do agree that Lee Na Young is a little too old for Rain in this series even though she suits Daniel Henney. Daniel’s character Kai seems all sweet at the beginning until later. Still all worth watching and the suspense is slowly revealed…half way there already…! Can’t wait to finish this!

  139. 139 : takgu99 Says:

    i think athena like stupid ,worst & bored drama..
    really sucks!!

  140. 140 : sorry Says:


  141. 141 : bOOO13 Says:

    ROY99 : OMG (Cape deh) IRIS Yeah Fugitive No…

  142. 142 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like this korean drama because it is very nice and interesting but i am waiting for this korean drama dvd to be released next year and after that i will rent and watch.

  143. 143 : regina Says:

    Secret Garden & Athena, both are better than Fugitive. Fugitive sucks. Rain’s acting is poor. His action is awkward. He does not look funny, but looks stupid. Lee Na Young’acting is clumsy, bad. She looks like Rain’s sister & ndoes not match the role of his lover. In many scenes, she looks not pretty.

  144. 144 : Yul kimn Says:

    LNY have a bad eye bag…aigoooo……unnie…u should do sumthing to ur looks…how could u let those eyebag appeared obviously….i’m dissapointed bcoz ppl keep critizing this drama n u….hmmmm

  145. 145 : yogibi Says:

    I like this drama… Rain is so versatile. he could be cute (Full house) Nasty, (A love to kill), Beautiful (Sangdoo, let’s go to school), deadly (Ninja Assassin), dancer , dances very well,.. a singer .. a performer.. a hardworker….. that’s what’s so great about him.. I think some people just judge rain as a bad actor cuz’ they haven’t seen his other works and not to mention , I’m a Cyborg But That’s Ok.. his first movie that garnered attention and won the Alfred Bauer Award at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival, and rain was nominated for the best actor category in the Baeksang Awards. He’s a person that takes negative criticisms as a challenge to be better for his future endeavors. But the most important thing about him is that, he always go back to where he first came from…. basics…. of all the unpleasant things said about him/thrown at him, he remains a hardworker! Go Rain. Continue to inspire people!!!

  146. 146 : miranda bella Says:

    Mmmuuaah… you r just so great and your acting skills are just superb.. Love u RRRRAAAAIIINNNN…

  147. 147 : nur Says:

    Thumb down. This drama is number ten. Rain is over-rated.

  148. 148 : namieDluffy Says:

    lolz…Pf. Hwang die just like dat…her character very strong in this drama but her death so easy…does’nt she should die more with more thrill..I’m dissapointed…

    but love is in the air between Jini and Jiwoo..weeee……they suit each other…Jini is a strong lady and she suit be with Jiwoo because jiwoo need a strong lady to go through his thrill life. Kieko more like ‘daddy little girl’ and spoil rich girl. (Eventough she sweet) she not suit for jiwoo except she have better look than Jini….

  149. 149 : bon-bon Says:

    Love u rain :))

  150. 150 : me Says:

    this drama is diffrent then other. i think its nice to see rain in diffrent role.
    rain you are great

  151. 151 : namieDluffy Says:

    YOGIBI:: u r so right….Rain is a big superstar…but he still doing drama series….I respect him because he so humble…..Go Rain…!!!!hehe

  152. 152 : Mimi Shazzy Says:

    Rain acting is superb in Fugitive Plan B.. Congrats…

  153. 153 : eleonor Says:

    I love rain..!!!
    i’m a fan of him. and I will always be.hehehe

  154. 154 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  155. 155 : Dropsim Says:

    All the hope for those great actors and actress ..they did good
    and they deserve to be in top
    rain , danile , jungjin , lee na young, danny ah … directors and stuff etc
    thanks to giving us this drama

  156. 156 : lotus6000 Says:

    Fugitive was the best, It kept me glued to my seat week after week and I loved Rain’s acting in this it was so unexpected.

  157. 157 : Lou Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA EVER <3333 I'm not a fun of action gender, but this drama is TOTALLY AWESOME … I mean it … its so so unique and so interesting…. IT GOT IT ALL … action, romance, comedy,,,etc. Rain is absolutely an AMAZING ACTOR <3 all actors were great and can't wait for the ending <33333333 FUGITIVE PLAN B 4EVER XD

  158. 158 : my take Says:

    Fugitive had me stitches. made me sad for Jiny and so many other emotions. i am sad that the drama only has 1 more episode to go, but honestly the wait each week was torment.

    this drama was new and fresh from other dramas that i have watched so far. Rain, playing JiWoo!! it’s no wonder at all why he is considered a “World Star” FACIAL EXPRESSTIONS??? never seen any actor/actress express their character so well.

  159. 159 : santa Says:


  160. 160 : miranda bella Says:

    Go for it RRAAAIIINNNNN…Love u

  161. 161 : namieDluffy Says:

    Finished watching the drama….Happy ending for Jiwoo and Jini…..So sweet Jiwoo confessed his love to Jini in front of the press….and how they be perfect together…but wondering where the Keiko gone???huhu..So sad that Detective Yun died to protect Doo Soo….she fight so hard to win Doo Soo heart but in the end they cannot be together…Sacrificing her life for Doo Soo………..so sad for Doo Soo..his tears broke my heart..But I love this drama most for this year..even sumtimes this drama annoyed me with the dragging issue..but the emotions in this drama….make my heart moved….will miss this drama…

  162. 162 : eukg Says:

    bi… Amazing.

  163. 163 : desi Says:

    good job and acting… fugitive is fresh drama and quality… amazing and funny. big proud

  164. 164 : yosie Says:

    bi…….love u so much!

  165. 165 : HansKristian from indonesian Says:

    i’m from indonesian , first sry if my english languange bad..
    but i only want to say this drama made my emotions very happy , sad , etc .. but im very sad b’coz this drama have ending . . .
    i only hope this drama continue and not ending . . .
    Lee Na Young forever .. GO GO GO Ji Ni go go go…. thx for rain , lee na young and team fugitive plan B .. this awefull drama …
    from indonesian i hope this drama can show in indonesian…
    Hans Kristian

  166. 166 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Hello Viewers

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  167. 167 : Alice lee Says:


  168. 168 : bblve07 Says:

    i saw the trailer in you tube and i like to watch it.. i hope this will aired in philippines!
    I saw Leedahae too, but she is just an guest in fugitive, i hope rain and leedahae will have a real drama soon.Love rain..
    Who is that leading lady in fugitive, I dont know her, is she japaness?
    I always watch korean drama, but I didnt see her..

  169. 169 : B & H Says:

    Rain you are the best!!!please I want to live korea.from Ethiopia

  170. 170 : B & H Says:

    Rain your actting is the best

  171. 171 : B & H Says:

    Rain B and H love you from the bottom of their heart from Ethiopia

  172. 172 : violin427 Says:

    Great drama – incorporating very good acting skills, plot, mystery, romance, comedy, action, etc. In a way, it reminded me of IRIS, but I thought it was better because the plot moved along more, and the added humor really made the touch. Not to mention that they casted many great actors/ actresses – including Bi/Rain, of course.

    Definitely worth the time.

  173. 173 : tanti Says:

    This is one of my favorite drama, Great Drama.

    Rain Bi, this is one of all your great performance.
    And for Lee Jung Jin salutes for you, your performance is great.

    Both of you are awesome………..

  174. 174 : Pai Says:

    This drama was great! I finished it in 3 days (;

  175. 175 : liliann Says:

    please someone tell me which episode mblaq made their cameo?

  176. 176 : kania Says:

    this drama will happy ending or not?
    pliss recomend..thx all

  177. 177 : a Says:

    surprisingly.. REALLY GOOD!!! 🙂 one of the best dramas i’ve seen along with BOF and you’re beautiful, recommend to everyone!

  178. 178 : becky Says:

    have you heard about Lee Minho’s City Hunter? Supposedly it will be aired in Korea by March,, but i have read something that it will be delayed since it is somewhat like this series…is this true? How’s Fugitive?

  179. 179 : junbinz19 Says:

    wow this korean drama can make one person to cheat another person….i like it…i realize what if our country has a gold bullion, what happened if all people know this.. ?

  180. 180 : jun Says:

    hahaha…great drama …ji woo’s figthing style can make me laugh…

  181. 181 : vyn Says:

    funny and entertaining! love it.. thumbs up for rain he is gorgeous and great! love his funny/comedy scenes..

  182. 182 : vyn Says:

    daniel henney is so gwapo! he he

  183. 183 : Gaurav Says:

    Love this dramas a lot really stylish..

  184. 184 : Gaurav Says:

    really love this dramas.. just really blink;

  185. 185 : jessi Says:

    just amazing drama! I like it so much! Rain is gorgeous! Fighting scenes,funny moments, love story,detective story – all this can be find here.Highly recommend to everyone.It brings you energy,fun and hapiness.

    P.S. Daniel Henney’s English was annoying me a bit while watching

  186. 186 : sal_syaqira Says:

    chuanika – best giler

  187. 187 : Akaro Kchar Says:

    the best of the best1 really laughed, cried, screamed while watching the drama love you all. reallly had a good time

  188. 188 : Lily Says:

    Really like this drama!
    I have a question….does by any chance anyone know the young actor who is playing Rains’s assistant in his office (could it be he was called Mananger Kim?)

  189. 189 : DANN da MANN Says:

    Great action,comedy and romance Drama. Rain really made the show awesome.I found that Detective Yun so annoying and so very childish ggrrr!
    She spoilt the drama with her petty attitude I could never comprehend why that detective Doo Soo felt attracted to sucha bimbo plus isn’t she ugly??

  190. 190 : tiffany Says:

    they shoot at philippine , and i love it ♥ ☻ ♥

  191. 191 : Drama Korea : The Fugitive Plan B « THREAD PANGERAN 229™ Says:

    […] Korean Drama Lovers […]

  192. 192 : kjingz Says:

    @ rain: u can run, u can hide, but u can’t escape my love 😉 hehe

  193. 193 : ezar Says:

    love.. love.. love this much

  194. 194 : Charlee Says:

    You ralely saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

  195. 195 : Arabella Says:

    ATTENTION for everybody recommended to watch the drama!
    Good job of all the cast, good job of directing the team and especially soundtracks of dramas (=))

  196. 196 : marcela Says:

    I Loved the drama, it had comedy, action and romance. It was awesone to watch, I really recommend this drama and I love the cast, everyone did and excellent job <3

  197. 197 : shiro Says:

    which one is better city hunter or fugitive plan b?
    because of I never watch fugitive plan b so I think that city hunter is the best of all korean drama 😀
    please give your comment

  198. 198 : Annie Says:

    Isn’t this drama abir corny???

  199. 199 : raffi Says:

    keren nie dramanya

  200. 200 : ikey Says:

    longtime not see rain ,,, akhirnya see too

  201. 201 : Membuat Blog Gratis Says:

    i loved this drama .

  202. 202 : suzy lovers Says:

    GJTBGT. taek aku gak isok dhelok film iki soale aku sekolah awan cok.jancok.asu. mangkane lak gawe film iku maine jam nyaene ae tha cok jancok asu iku. benci aku lak koyok ngene iki. aku gak bakalan dhelok film korea mane cok jancok asu iku. soale lak wes koyok ngene iki maene awan taekkkkkk………
    awas lak onok film korea mane tak @@@@@@@^_^

  203. 203 : yennialfrie Says:

    really like this drama…!

  204. 204 : yennialfrie Says:

    really like this drama…!action & romance I really recommend this drama & I I love the cast,G.B.U all

  205. 205 : andrew Says:

    filmnya OK banget .. !!

  206. 206 : saskya Says:

    ji hu i love you , i need you , and i miss you

  207. 207 : saskya Says:

    i love you

  208. 208 : Rizka layla Says:

    Tlng Dkorea plan b”a dtyngn lg donk tpi jgn siang. . .
    Sore aja. . .
    Coal’a ko siang gx biza liat. Msh skolah. .
    Please. . .
    Saranghae oppa rain. .

  209. 209 : Koreanfan Says:

    For me rain’s acting is superb, as always. The problem is the storyline doesnot make sense. It’s way far different with the synopsis here. Never mind that, the plot is slow and stupid!

  210. 210 : Koreanfan Says:

    Rain should be careful in choosing the drama next time. Does not mean if the story has a lot of fighting scenes will be good. Worst drama rain ever acted. The best drama for rain so far was ‘full house’ and ‘a love to kill’. At least the storylines were not confusing and the pace is alright. How I wish for the full house 2, they engage the original actors( rain and sang kyo). Otherwise call that drama by other name. That’s cheating! If the production still wants to use full house name but with different hero and heroine

  211. 211 : ECHA Says:

    pemain the fujitiv plan b ada yg miriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip bgt ma co ferdinand hitz.. kkx nya kle yeee

  212. 212 : kalkidan Says:

    i like the drama. rain keep it up the good work ok! i love u

  213. 213 : Sia Says:

    I don’t get it I don’t think the story lines are confusing. I really liked the drama. And rain’s acting was super.

  214. 214 : agave Says:

    I’m interested in this because of Yoon Jin Seo, but I’m going to read spoilers to find out more about her role before I start watching. If the writing for her character, Detective Yoon So Ran, is bad, I want to prepare myself. So far, her character sounds interesting.

  215. 215 : jhie hou chua Says:

    just love watching this drama…especially that the action scenes on episode 1 are shot in my country….

  216. 216 : PERSON Says:

    Love the drama. How can rain be so perfect in every role.The drama had everything love fighting funny scenes. I don’t understand how can anyone dislike Plan B. just watching it provides pleasure 😀

  217. 217 : Korean Drama I’ve Ever Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] The Fugitive : Plan B Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  218. 218 : lumpa Says:

    i watched epis 1 of this drama and it seemed to me boring. But i’ll watch the other series tomorrow

  219. 219 : Khezel Zed Says:

    i like this drama sooooooo… bi fighting….

  220. 220 : winnie Says:

    i saw the frst few parts of this drama in 2010 but stop because of the bad sub titles. I’m glad i got a new one with clear subs. i never thought i would so love this drama. oh nearly four years later. . Fighting Rain.

  221. 221 : dauglas Says:

    hi iam your fun guyes

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