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The Duo

Title: 짝패 / Jjak-pae / The Duo
Chinese Title : 同伙
Also Know as : The Mate
Genre: Period, romance
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Feb-07 to 2011-May-24
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


The drama tells the story of two men who were switched at birth. A twist of fate results in Chun Doong, who is of noble birth, living his life as a slave and later becoming a heroic outlaw, while Gwi Dong was born as a beggar but lives Chun Dong’s life as a nobleman, growing up to become a police chief. They both fall in love with the same girl, Dong Nyeo.


Chun Jung Myung as Chun Doong
No Young Hak as young Chun Doong
Lee Sang Yoon as Gwi Dong
Choi Woo Shik as young Gwi Dong
Han Ji Hye as Dong Nyeo
Jin Se Yun as young Dong Nyeo
Seo Hyun Jin as Dal Yi
– Lee Sun Young (이선영) as young Dal Yi
Lee Moon Shik as Jang Kkok Ji
Jung In Ki as Soe Dol
Kwon Oh Joong as Kang Po Soo
Seo Yi Sook (서이숙) as Keun Nyeo
Ahn Yeon Hong as Ja Geun Nyeon
Jung Kyung Ho as Kkul Tteok
Kang Ji Sub as Jin Deuk
– Park Dae Won (박대원) as young Jin Deuk
Lee Shin Sung as Do Gap
– Choi Woo Hyuk as Do Gap (young)
Kim Ki Bang as Gom Chi
Jo Chang Geun as Poong Gae
Kim Kyung Jin (김경진) Mal Son
Choi Jong Hwan as Dr. Kim Jae Ik
Im Chae Won as Lady Kwon
Lee Seol Ah as Geum Ok
Kim So Hyun as young Geum Ok
Kim Myung Soo as Hyun Gam
Jung Han Hun as Mr. Park
Ra Mi Ran as Eob Deuk Ne
Lee Ji Soo as Sam Wol
Kang Shin Il as Sung Cho Shi
Baek Jong Hak (백종학) as Yoo Sun Dal
Im Hyun Sik as Old Man Hwang
Yoon Yoo Sun as Mak Soon
Yoon Yong Hyun as Choon Bo
Gong Hyung Jin as Gong Po Gyo
Jung Chan as Jo Sun Dal
Jang Yong Hee (장용희) as Pan Sool
– Chi Woo (치우) as young Pan Sool
Im Dae Ho as But Deul’s father
Yoon Hong Bin as Won Chil (young)
Yang Mi Kyung as Chun Doong’s mother
Min Sung Wook as Kap Dong
Baek Sung Heum (백성흠) as young But Deul
Kim Woo Suk as young Se Gap
Cha Jong Ho as Ma Jol
Lee Mi Eun as policeman’s wife

Production Credits

Director: Im Tae Woo, Kim Geun Hong (김근홍)
Screenwriter: Kim Woon Kyung
Producer: Choi Yi Sub (최이섭)


2011 MBC Drama Awards: Newcomers Awards (Mini Series), Best New Actress (Seo Hyun Jin)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Producer’s Award, Actor (Choi Jong Hwan)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-02-07 1 8.9 (20th) 11.9 (7th)
2011-02-08 2 10.6 (11th) 12.5 (7th)
2011-02-14 3 11.4 (10th) 13.3 (6th)
2011-02-15 4 11.5 (7th) 14.0 (5th)
2011-02-21 5 11.0 (11th) 13.2 (6th)
2011-02-22 6 12.8 (5th) 15.2 (4th)
2011-02-28 7 12.6 (5th) 14.9 (4th)
2011-03-01 8 16.3 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2011-03-07 9 13.8 (4th) 17.6 (3rd)
2011-03-08 10 14.6 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd)
2011-03-14 11 12.4 (4th) 15.6 (3rd)
2011-03-15 12 14.4 (3rd) 16.9 (3rd)
2011-03-21 13 12.9 (5th) 15.9 (3rd)
2011-03-22 14 14.5 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2011-03-28 15 13.6 (4th) 16.3 (3rd)
2011-03-29 16 14.6 (4th) 17.7 (3rd)
2011-04-04 17 12.6 (4th) 13.4 (5th)
2011-04-05 18 13.0 (4th) 14.5 (4th)
2011-04-11 19 14.3 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd)
2011-04-12 20 13.1 (4th) 16.4 (3rd)
2011-04-18 21 12.8 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd)
2011-04-19 22 13.1 (4th) 15.6 (3rd)
2011-04-25 23 12.2 (5th) 15.0 (3rd)
2011-04-26 24 13.0 (5th) 15.8 (3rd)
2011-05-02 25 13.0 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2011-05-03 26 12.8 (4th) 15.1 (4th)
2011-05-09 27 12.6 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd)
2011-05-10 28 14.2 (3rd) 17.3 (3rd)
2011-05-16 29 13.1 (3rd) 16.2 (3rd)
2011-05-17 30 13.6 (3rd) 16.6 (2nd)
2011-05-23 31 12.4 (3rd) 15.1 (3rd)
2011-05-24 32 12.8 (3rd) 15.2 (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : hamid Says:

    hi.i love you han ji hye

  2. 2 : amktsy Says:

    I laugh the second i saw the poster.

  3. 3 : Laurentiu Says:


  4. 4 : chaxin Says:

    oh, another costume drama. whatever.

  5. 5 : calLypSoo Says:

    OMG! I’m sure I’m going to love this drama. Cheon Jeong Myung is the lead actor. I gonna watch this. Jeong-myung oppa is very handsome. And his acting is very impressive. I love Jeong-myung oppa’s drama.

    Keep up the good work oppa.

  6. 6 : rainemei Says:

    Please LIKE this Duo facebook page.
    thanks everyone! Let’s all supoort Cheon Jeong-myung!:)

  7. 7 : pika Says:

    no wayy.. its cheon jeong myung.. can’t wait the drama.. >,<

  8. 8 : stroindes Says:

    how i wish jung myung will act in a modern drama.
    not a costume drama. arghh. and han ji hye is also in this.

  9. 9 : The Duo | mykoreanboutique.com Says:

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  10. 10 : kdrama lover Says:

    go go chung jung myung and han ji hye!!!

    chung jung myung acting was always admirable

  11. 11 : adol Says:

    I like Han Ji Hye…..

  12. 12 : JenJen Says:

    Saw the preview of this drama and it was pretty interesting. Can’t wait to see it.

  13. 13 : sasil Says:

    woah.. just watch the trailer..
    this is a must watch!!!

    chung jung myung & han ji hye are the best!!!

  14. 14 : raj Says:

    han ji hye!!!

  15. 15 : stroindes Says:

    wah, i like young cun doong character!
    smart & likened by ppl

  16. 16 : samuel Says:

    where can i find the sub?

  17. 17 : SHIKIN Says:

    i am confidence the rating will go up but slowly bcos jung myung and han ji hye still not appear yet.

    but the young chun doong and dong nyeo are doing well!! gogo

  18. 18 : kdrama lover Says:

    samuel: it is gonna be subbed by withs2 i think???

  19. 19 : AiSHiterUz Says:

    eps 2 still in their youth. jung myung & ji hye still has not come out
    i wish they would be in eps 3 or 4. argghhh…
    and the sub is need to wait for long time… sigh…
    i love han ji hye unni!!!

  20. 20 : Maddy Says:

    i dont just understand what the new sub is saying.
    waiting patiently for the good version of it.

    the young gwi dong acting looks good. is this his first drama???

  21. 21 : ok ok ok Says:

    I didn’t know it was acted by Chun Jung Myung base on the pictures shown here that I didn’t even came into the page to find more about this drama.

    My sis told me it was acted by Chun Jung Myung and Han Ji Hye – I was so excited & happy becoz both leads i like.

  22. 22 : Sun jung Says:

    ok ok: true. i also didnt realize it was jung myung first looking at the photo..lol

  23. 23 : shunt Says:

    I love this drama. The actors and the actresses are great acting. The story looks interesting. I can see that it will be a next buzz.

  24. 24 : cAprIcOrn Says:

    cant wait to see jung myung with ji hye.
    i’m sure there will be many obstacle before they can be together.
    huuh.. esp. when the other guy is your ‘duo’ LOL

  25. 25 : Ghost hunterzzz Says:

    cant wait after saw eps 3 preview. chun doong will meet dong nyeo!!! yeah

  26. 26 : KIM TAK GU Says:

    was wondering when jung myung next drama after his appearance with moon geun young in cinderella which was a big success.
    the picture is so small that i dont realize it was him. gosh.
    how long have i been waiting for this. and finally it has started!
    and then i started to check who’s the other leading cast.
    and so excited to know he’s gonna be with han ji hye who was so awesome in i hate you but it’s fine. damn. i hope the sub will be out now.

    finger crossed **

    let see if he gonna make the rating up with this drama. fighting!!

  27. 27 : sarah Says:

    with S2 only sub for donor. pity.
    where can i find the sub???

  28. 28 : syrena Says:

    So looking forward to this one. With C J Myung in it, it should be good!

    Try mysoju. It has english subs already. So far so good- showing the build up and all.

  29. 29 : Song il gook Says:

    yes, it’s monday today!! cant wait

  30. 30 : kdramalover Says:

    currently donloading raw for eps 3. hopefully the sub will come out tmrw

  31. 31 : Johnny Says:

    Eps 3 – rating 13.3 (6th)
    Eps 4 – rating 14.0 (5th)

    Gosh.. it’s rising some more. I’m amazed with the youth actors.
    All are doing really well. I think young Gwi Dong has bright future ahead.

    gogo The Duo!!

  32. 32 : KDADDICT Says:

    I’m still waiting for the sub for eps 4.. go The Duo sub team!

  33. 33 : stroindes Says:

    It must be really tiring to sub historical drama.
    That’s why it takes some time to complete it.

    Ahh.. I should go to sleep now.
    I hope jung myung and ji hye will start in eps 5. cant wait!!

  34. 34 : stroindes Says:

    oh but i dont get it why it is so late before jung myung appear.
    i thought it only have 20 episodes?? so late already.

  35. 35 : sushil Says:

    yay it’s monday tmrw. i watched the eps 5 preview.
    chun doong and gwi dong will fight against each and other.
    and then become a partner. but no clue if jung myung will start??

    cant wait!!!!

  36. 36 : KARA Says:

    i want to see jung myung and ji hye!!

  37. 37 : Sam Dong Says:

    But need to wait for the sub to be released first.. T_T

  38. 38 : 007 Says:

    at the beginning ,i watched this nice drama because of CJM …then i found out it is not fair!!! they are all amazing .even young actors & actress are awesome !!
    it is good to see the rating goes up …..actually it deserve high rating !!
    i cant help to see my lovely CJM . really miss him

  39. 39 : tom Says:

    the story is becoming better and better.
    always love to see cjm act.

    i hope they will soon know chun doong and geum ok is sibling. 🙂

  40. 40 : tom Says:

    oh yeah, why is dong nyeo character so serious?? heheh.
    poor han ji hye need to put a serious face all the time….

  41. 41 : The Duo Episode 12 (Xvid,MedQual) (Fzup,EU,DL) (Ongoing) – Nubishare.com Says:

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  42. 42 : dool Says:


  43. 43 : Jenjen Says:

    Some how I want Chun Doong and Dal Yi to end up with each other in the end. I like their chemistry better. The drama needs to have more love scenes with all 4 leading characters.

  44. 44 : sylvia Says:

    I was just wondering about the development on this drama. The first 8 episodes was quite good because I feel that the story have a good lead but as the characters in the story grew up, I really got confused I was wondering how the character of Dong Nyeo ended up liking GwiDong when it was different then when she was younger, and how did she ended up liking and even getting friendlier to the family of Gwi Dong when she was not like that before.

  45. 45 : cathy Says:

    I like this drama , all actors are good in acting , i love child actors , they are so cute . The storyline is getting more excited and all actors delivering it well.
    There is no dump lead characters in here , they are growing up well , it would be nice if Gwi Dong ending up with Dong Nyeo . i think DN loves GD
    as she is growing , she respects CD and want him to upgrade his status , our heart changing just as everything else , DN had a crush to CD as a young girl but likely she loves GD and it would be nice if CD ending up with DY .
    Lead characters all of them have good heart they will work thing out nicely .I can not way for epi 14 sub .

  46. 46 : hiSI Says:

    GUYS AND GALS IF YOU CANT WATCH FROM THIS SITE GO TO http://kimchidrama.blogspot.com/2011/02/duo.html, ENJOYED.

  47. 47 : syrena Says:

    Just watched Ep 15 and waiting for Ep 16 to be subbed.

    I just love historical dramas, moreso if Korean. No expense spared – costumes, acting are all above par.

    There is no indication yet on who would end up with who but I am vouching that Chun Dong will end up with the shoe lady in the end.

  48. 48 : KBC12 Says:

    Love,the drama….

  49. 49 : cathy Says:

    I really hate wet nurse and her son , they are only care about themselves, they are unable to differentiate right and wrong , no conscience , especially the wet nurse

  50. 50 : cathy Says:

    Bad drama , very disappointed ending , why CD had to die , why he is not becoming powerful merchant who turn I come group to rich merchant group,
    makes good use of his money together with his powerful father and his partner GD . CD died , his wife DG is not sure if i come group ideology is right , lord Kim and GD all resigned so who are going to change the society , and the corrupted officers have no one on their way so they could corrupt as much as the want .What is the meaning of this drama ?
    As i mentioned before , wet nurse is the bad one , should die in suffering , no body seem feeling sorry for CD at all , they are all stupid or what .

  51. 51 : Hauy Says:

    What? Really bad ending.

  52. 52 : Barbara Says:

    I love this drama. I love everything about it. It’s a must see. I also love the music. Excellent drama!

  53. 53 : kawlthih Says:

    the ending is a bit sad but still nice.

  54. 54 : Mimi Says:

    Good drama, but i dont like ending this drama. A sad story to CD, why he is not happy ending.

  55. 55 : Amelia Alfa Meheda Dannien Says:

    i like this drama ., but i dont like ending this drama ,,,’

  56. 56 : mime Says:

    ilovet that drama ^^

  57. 57 : zarima Says:

    i dont like the ending,,,, why why why

  58. 58 : “The Duo” drama Korea | My Site Says:

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  59. 59 : The Duo, drama Korea « Halaman Mutiara Says:

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