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The Devil

Title: 마왕 / The Devil
Chinese title : 魔王
Also known as: Satan / Mawang / Lucifier / Devil Times
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-21 to 2007-May-24
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


When Homicide Detective Kang Oh Soo hit a dead end in his investigation of two seemly unrelated murders, except for the Tarot cards left behind at both crime scenes, he sought help from Seo Hae In, a woman with Token-object reading ability. She revealed that the killers were different in each murder, but the victims were chosen for their connection to a death of a high school boy. Later, the cases proved to have one more thing in common: the suspects have the same defense attorney, Oh Seung Ha.

Seung Ha’s defense for his clients severely shaken Oh Soo’s conviction to catch the Tarot Card mastermind. Oh Soo was reminded that years ago he had killed a high school classmate in a fight. He was acquitted of all charges and began his life anew. Now, someone has came back to revenge the boy’s wrongful death by killing those who got him off.


Joo Ji Hoon as Oh Seung Ha
Uhm Tae Woong as Kang Oh Soo
Shin Min Ah as Seo Hae In

Police detectives

Joo Jin Mo as Ban Chang Ho (chief detective)
Park Gri Na as Lee Min Jae
Kim Young Joon as Shin Jae Min

Oh Soo’s family

Jung Dong Hwan as Kang Dong Hyun (Oh Soo’s father)
Choi Duk Moon as Kang Hee Soo (Oh Soo’s older brother)
Yoon Hye Kyung as Choi Na Hee (Hee Soo’s wife)

Oh Soo’s friends

Kim Young Jae as Na Suk Jin ((Hee Soo’s assistant))
Oh Yong as Kim Soon Ki (ex-prison inmate)
Han Jung Soo as Yoon Dae Shik (private money lender)

Other people

Jo Jae Wan as Kim Young Chul
Lee Bo Hee as Yeo Soon Ock (Hae In’s mute mother)
Lee Eun as Gong Joo Hee (Hae In’s best friend)
Kim Gyu Chul as Cha Gwang Doo (lawyer, former detective}
Im Seung Dae as Hwang Soo Gun
Park Kwang Jung as Mo In Ho
Kim Kyung Ik as Reporter Sung Joon Pyo
Lee Sung Min
Lee Min Hee as (lost girl sheltered in Hae In and her mother’s house)
Kim Yoon Suk
Yoo Yeon Soo as Jo Dong Sub
Lee Do Ryeon as Gwan Hyun Tae
Jun Ye Seo as Oh Seung Hee (Seung Ha’s sister)
Kwak Jung Wook as young Tae Seung
Park Chul Ho as Jung Tae Hoon (Tae Seung’s older brother)
Go Ju Yun as young Hae In
Suh Joon Young as young Oh Soo
Choi Jae Hwan
Seol Sung Min
Oh Hyun Chul

Production Credits

Production: Olive9
Chief Producer: Lee Duk Gun
Director: Park Chan Hong
Script writer: Kim Ji Woo


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  1. 1 : TIDIE Says:

    wow, i also want to see this drama i want to see what character that oppa joo ji hon will play

  2. 2 : Angelbelle Says:

    Hmmm, does this new telenovela of Joo Ji Hoon will be shown here? Hopefully it will.


  3. 3 : soybean Says:

    it looks great….and i am looking forward to ji-hoon’s acting in this drama….

  4. 4 : axl Says:

    i cant wait to watch this drama in the philippines…ABS-CBN..grab it now please….

  5. 5 : yiheeeee Says:

    OOOOOOOOO isnt that guy from my sassy girl the old guy . oooo and isnt that girl from a love to kill oooooo this lookd good oooooo hahah i so know my kdramas hahaha

  6. 6 : janice Says:

    I like ji-hoon very much.All the best. I know he can do it well,and also Min Ah, u r my brother dream girl, ur acting are also the best. I like both of ur ,go go fighting!

  7. 7 : Imuyachan Says:

    This is so gonna be my upcoming fave drama… Jihoon oppa n Min ah ssi are my fave hallyu stars ^^ aja aja hwaiting !!

  8. 8 : yb Says:

    joo ji hoon is extremely hot. fell in love with him in goong. Oooo. im so looking forward to this… sounds so dark and scary…

  9. 9 : Vee Says:

    psht. i don’t favor the female lead much, but what’s this? Shin oppa! and that one dude from rebirth. like them both, though.

  10. 10 : MaRiachan Says:

    I’m waiting to watching this film …

  11. 11 : sarangyou Says:

    I’ve been watching this on youtube until episode 5. It’s not the typical love triangle plots that many of us korean drama addicts are used to. BUT I just love it. It’s unpredictable and keeps you guessing. All three actors are awesome as well…

  12. 12 : sani Says:

    love ju ji hoon ^^

  13. 13 : sani Says:

    this drama’s so damn good! ive watched it till episode 5 its so good !!!
    oppa ju ji hoon is so sexy with that hair cut!!!^^

  14. 14 : ninou-san Says:

    comment #14^^

  15. 15 : czexyl Says:

    hi…!everyone my name is czexyl in the philippines i am a big fan of joo ji-hoon and i hope that you will also love this drama like what you have made by goong princess hours..!

    thank you…!

  16. 16 : wink Says:

    ooooohhhh mah god!!!! i swear ji oon would be extremely hot in this series!!! can’ wai to watch this one!!!

  17. 17 : Jo Says:

    i am soo into this drama right now! it’s different from the other kdramas, it’s darker and the plot is way deeper than the common love triangles and celebrities falling for plain janes and stuff. although i have a feeling that there’s gonna be a love triangle between the 2 guys and the girl.
    ohhh i cant wait til they sub the other episodes!! 😀


  18. 18 : sunny Says:

    i’m crazy…and fall in to deep with this joo ji hoon character…joo ji hoon…you have catch my heart

  19. 19 : June T-malaysia Says:

    is this show coming to malaysia. would like to watch it too.

  20. 20 : Talissa Says:

    KBS World just started airing this drama last night! (after Dalja’s Spring’s run). I’m so glad I caught the 1st episode. To those in South East Asia, this drama airs every Wed & Thurs at 9pm on KBS World. Anyo!

  21. 21 : mary grAce Says:

    joo ji hoon is part of it and I caN’t wait to watch this in the philippines,.ABScbn plzZ,. grab this drama,.

  22. 22 : ayu Says:

    i luv….joo ji hoon. im a fanatic fan of u. im looking forward for this drama . i can bet this would be the most watchable drama in Malaysia. aja aja fighting! ji you so hot…..

  23. 23 : Lilprinxez...Philippines Says:


    Iam a big fan of Joo Ji-Hoon..Gwabe..To ol the fans of joo ji-hoon who are eager to watch his current show The Devil here in the philippines,,yes ur ryt u r able to watch the devil at KBS World,Channel 75 at Sky Cable..every 9:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday..kauumpisa p lng nito Last week kea nuod n keo…TnXxXX

  24. 24 : Lilprinxez...Philippines Says:

    o my gosh wrong Tym slot..

    its Every Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 pm..

    Im so lucky bcuz i accidentally watched the first episode last thursday..so to ol Pinoy fans of Joo Ji-hoon..mag pcable n keo at manud sa KBS world….

  25. 25 : Lilprinxez...Philippines Says:


    I am a Big fan of Joo Ji-Hoon ,,Gwabe..So to ol Pinoy Fans of Joo Ji-hoon who are eager to watched his current tv show entitled the Devil,,you are now able to watched this show at KBS world at Sky Cable Channel 75,,Every WED. and THURS. 9:00pm..so s lht ng mga pinoy jn mag pcable n keo at mnud ng The devil..Wag nio ng hintayin n iplbs sa ABS-CBN..ayw nio un orig keo at una s lht..

  26. 26 : wink Says:

    we have no cable!!!!! am also from the phil. huhu=’c i feel desperate now!!!!!

  27. 27 : cori Says:

    i really like this drama.. especially because ji hoon cut his hair for this drama.. he looks so handsome and cool and more sophisticated (hehehe..)

  28. 28 : j0j ^_^ j0j Says:

    actually this drama’s premise is refreshing (wouldn’t say unique though), but has fundamental flaws (sometimes slight cliche, somewhat unnecessary use of psychic powers, and etc.) which wouldn’t necessarily excel this drama to being one of the best…
    i’ll admit ji hoon is a dashing fellow, but his acting still needs touch ups if he ever wants to make it into the film industry (I know his character needs to be stoic in this drama… but his acting still seems fake, forced)
    if your a fan of k drama give this a watch (by no means a “i’m sorry, i love you” ‘killer but an enjoyable drama) ^^
    …also shin min ah’s face changed a little…

  29. 29 : bhebs Says:

    yup, Mawang is being aired on KBS World 9pm..yehey!! mabuhay phils..we can watch Ji Hoon… =)

  30. 30 : KK Says:

    Good show! For anyone who is JJH fan – Must see…If not, it is still very good as the story line is very different and engaging!

    I hope there is a good ending…

  31. 31 : saranghaeJJH Says:

    anyong hasseyo !
    Baxia ! Baxia !
    ji hoon
    SARANGHAE-yo !

  32. 32 : tyasnhajoojihoonCkCkCk!!! Says:

    anyong !!!

    Na-nun tyasnhajoojihoon imnida !

    Na-nun saranghae joojihoon !!!!

    komapsumnida !!!

    anyong hi-kyesseyo !!
    Ta nyo o seyo

  33. 33 : joojihoonROCKS!!! Says:

    I am also a big fan of joo ji hoon…. He rocks!!!

    just wanna ask, is it still showing in the philippines?
    please reply…

    thanks!!! =)

  34. 34 : Natalia Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon!!!!
    I want to see U play at Goong 2!!!!!
    I also want to see U play with Eun Hae n Jeong Hoon!!!!
    U r very great couple!!
    I wish U ‘ll be a couple in d’ reality (U n eun hae)!!!
    I also hope U’ll come my country (Indonesia)!!!
    I always wait 4 U!!!!

    Thanks!!!! 🙂

  35. 35 : Natalia Says:

    Ji Hoon!!!!
    How r U?
    I hope U’ll come 2 my country(indonesia)
    I also hope U play at goong 2 with Eun Hae n Jeong Hoon!!!!
    U r very great couple!!!
    I wish U become the most great couple in Korea in d’ reality (U n Eun hae)!!!!
    I very like U!!!!
    U r the most handsome artist at korea!!!
    Please reply……


  36. 36 : deanne Says:

    Viewed the first six episodes in KBS world and it is such a mind twisting drama. not a feel good series at all, but more suspense thriller. the director’s shots are very well done, makes you feel that you are eavesdropping in some murder mystery. i just wish they changed the title. i know it’s just a title but still i’m not comfortable with such a directly evil title.

    still, jjh is totally hot. mwah, mwah, mwah.

  37. 37 : abby09 Says:

    are they going to show this in the philippines?
    i really hope they do so… mawang really sounds interesting.
    and i loooove joo ji-hoon.

  38. 38 : mammie Says:

    I am questioning the synopsis of this drama. I am only on episode 6 and I still can’t believe Oh Seung Ha is the actual “killer.” Is he really??? The way the story is unraveling, it is a great suspense. JJH’s character is so multi-faceted, I keep on guessing if he really is good or bad…or even bad with a good heart. I am enjoying this! It is great to watch something different where someone doesn’t have cancer and the love triangle is not too cliche.

  39. 39 : Natalia Says:

    Ji hoon…
    I hear u didn’t play at goong2…
    I’m very sad hear that…. 🙁
    hiks… T.T
    I hope u play at goong 2 with eun hae n jeong hoon…
    u r very great couple…

  40. 40 : -=-=Wallpaper-=-= Says:

    For KBS wallpaper for this drama

  41. 41 : cherry Says:

    I’m a big fun of Joo ji Hoon here in the Philippines. I have not seen this new film yet, but I hope he made justice for the role. More power to your career Ji Hoon.

  42. 42 : greenleave Says:

    I’d like JJH acting in Goong, it was very good acting skill for the the first time that I’ve seen in any Korean dramas miniseries. The Goong story line fits for all young viewers around the world. I wish him with the all the best and bright careers. I hope to see him in the next Goong 2 with Eu. Last but not least, I’m waiting to see JJH in this drama :=).

  43. 43 : engooi Says:

    After seeing the respond, I am eager to watch this drama and see how great is this Joo Ji Hoon.

  44. 44 : putlie Says:

    just want to see my ex boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon ^_*

  45. 45 : ps Says:

    I’ve watched till episode 12, Ji Hoon’s acting has improved.
    He has used his eyes a lot to act as he’s suppose to be cold
    blooded killer and watch out for his mona lisa smile. It really
    brings chills to your spine.

  46. 46 : oatmea Says:


    I’m dying to wait for Devil dramas so I can able to see JJH. After viewing on some clips of Devil, it makes me love him more.

  47. 47 : HannyBae Says:

    Have watched the Devil. Excellent series! Good casting, good story, perfect ending. It’s not an ordinary love drama. Love it!

  48. 48 : ika Says:

    hi! I just finished watching this drama on kbsworld and it’s awesomely good. the ending was quite sad nevertheless, i’m glad i was able to watch this drama. I really, really loved Oh Seungha (played by Joo Jihoon) eventhough he is quite evil. Jihoon should win an award for this drama. He really acted very well.
    Congrats to the entire cast and crew for making a great drama!

  49. 49 : rs3y Says:

    ika….can i ask something, did he die or was he in prison or what…. you said its sad… how sad….oh please tell me, i don’t wanna watch this drama if the ending will be sad or something hurtful…i don’t want to waste my time watching drama that has sad endings. please tell me…

  50. 50 : ika Says:


    as much as it pains me to tell you… the ending is pretty sad… really sad… i cried half the entire episode… i really don’t like to give away endings but two characters die. I’ll just leave it to you to speculate as to who they are.

    But i have to say, despite the fact that i hate sad endings, the drama was definitely worth watching! I’m sure you’re not gonna waste your time watching this despite it’s sad ending. I hope you watch it…

  51. 51 : adinda Says:

    oh my god! this drama is so sad! the ending makes me cry! how can everything be cruel to osu? i like him so much. but, see the pain he feels makes me sure that better he die. uuhh, so sad….

  52. 52 : rs3y Says:

    thank you…thank you….but i’m not gonna watch this if they died… i hate crying, i already watched i’m sorry i love you, autumn tale and a love to kil, its really frustating..it breaks my heart…soobbbsss…. well anyways, thank you….

  53. 53 : nanami yamada Says:

    the show is almost over, the ending was so touching…it makes me cry too!!! Kang Oh Soo and Oh Seung ha died….. any way thank you for making this drama it is very beautiful!!!! kamsahamnida!!!

  54. 54 : nanami yamada Says:

    very beautiful and wonderful drama!!!!! all the casts was so awesome!!!

  55. 55 : miradira Says:

    from he 1st time i watch this drama i had a feeling its going to be sad in the end, well for a troubled and handsome serial killer its gonna be wierd if he suddenly have a happy life with the love of his life…sad but awsomely good! i like the story, the mystery, the cinematoghrapy, and…Ju Ji Hoon he he he…

  56. 56 : jiwoo Says:

    this drama is really really sad… but it has a happy ending… i loved it.
    and the script writer has my name! maybe it’s me…

  57. 57 : Lydia Says:

    omg! this drama is so tragic…. and joo ji hoon right here is soooo cool!! i hope i can watch princess hours 2 that’s starring the old cast in indonesia soon… ^^

  58. 58 : gacey Says:

    hey!!!jihoon ur so good in acting keep up ur good work!!!aja!!sarang he!!!

  59. 59 : ninoca100 Says:

    This has to be one of the best Korean dramas ever made. It does not make sense to me why it received such low ratings in Korea. “The Devil” is much more intelligently made than the typical Korean soap operas where the two supporting characters fight for the love of the two main characters, etc.

  60. 60 : jnara Says:

    this is truly a masterpiece!!!

  61. 61 : corin Says:

    I like The Devil very much!! The ending is unexpected.. very sad.. hik.hik..

    I looovee Uhm Tae Woong since the first time I saw him on Sassy Girl, Chunhyang.. I like his boyish look on his face when he smiles^^

    Uhm Tae Woong sarangheyo….^^

  62. 62 : venus Says:

    ju ji hoon is super i love him he’s so good in acting he also look so cool in this drama and also cute in goong he is one of my favourite guy.oh my ju ji hoon

  63. 63 : Beatrice Says:

    This is interesting show. I love this and its so amsome mystery. To who write this story, ure good n asome!

  64. 64 : ida674 Says:

    good drama……………. a masterpiece
    joo ji hoon acting is superb!!!!

  65. 65 : foilole Says:

    im not watching a sad drama
    just got over The Snow Queen 🙁

  66. 66 : Han Says:

    First of all…Joon is a hawwtttieee!!
    If you’re an avid korean drama fan..I’m sure this series will be DIFFERENT and more mysterious :]] I agree.. it’s not just the typical stuff.

  67. 67 : Han Says:

    the ending is the most messed up ever! i finished it today :[

  68. 68 : Pst Says:

    JJH is v. hot here. I have to admit, he played this role v. well. He looks so cold & mysterious here. also, I like his new style + new weight. he looks good in skinny body. HOT

  69. 69 : sheilla Says:

    the devil..? yeah, the ending is so TRAGIS MANIS (i called in indonesian languages), in english, SWEET but TRAGIC!! i love the ending, different from all the ending..
    this drama make us to thinking more than other drama…

  70. 70 : kdrama fanatic Says:

    i must say that this drama is a masterpiece!!! kudos to the writer of THE DEVIL! it is not an ordinary story at all… it will make you think deeper on how the story revolves around each and every character… i love how the camera captured the emotions in every episode… the cinematography is just superb!!! it is not a question on who the devil is between kang oh soo and oh seung ha, but on how the devil within the charecters appear in every situation they were in… the decision that they make had trapped them further to the dark tunnel…

    i think that it is the right ending for the drama… both of the male lead characters has just been trapped and the only thing that can save them now is being at peace…..

    joo ji hoon really improved a lot!!!!

    i really recommend this drama…. to experience another masterpiece from south korea…..

  71. 71 : [email protected] Says:

    i didn’t get what is the relation between the title of the drama and the story.. SAD FOR ME… =( hehehe.. that’s why I didnt watched it on KBS WORLD… and I didnt bought DVD copy.. hehehe.. peace…ü

  72. 72 : venus Says:

    when i first watch goong,i dislike shin,i think he is over acting prince and snobing.and after a while i grew on him,i just think that i have met first love .since then,i realize that not only a handsome one but he has a talent in acting through.he is so perfect…..

  73. 73 : Ro Says:

    I agree with Han. Joon is a HOTTIEEEE!!!!!
    I mean, If you also mean the young “Oh Soo” ;).
    Aigooo 😛

  74. 74 : Rebecca Says:

    You can grab this series off http://xfobtroopers.net/tv-shows/korean-drama/the-devil/

  75. 75 : csq3011 Says:

    I don’t like the end.I hope it is a happy ending.what a pity!

  76. 76 : humblestudent2 Says:

    I agree that this is a masterpiece. In fact I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen on television. It is very carefully plotted and is full of insights. When I say it’s a “masterpiece” I don’t just mean that it’s a good Korean drama or a good TV show, I mean that I hope people will be looking at it in 100 years.

    It just finished airing in Chicago last night (Oct. 11 2007). I have spent the whole last ten weeks writing recaps and commentary on a Chicago K-drama board and I think it was time well spent. They’re at http://deiner.proboards48.com/index.cgi?board=devil

  77. 77 : humblestudent2 Says:


    (a) DO see it even if you need to buy the DVDs.
    (b) DON’T read down this page because some of the posts further down tell you the ending.
    (c) IF YOU BUY THE DVDs don’t read the blurb on the package because it gives away key plot points and isn’t even accurate. Don’t read the KBS Global Marketing page in English for the same reason.

  78. 78 : humblestudent2 Says:

    Why does the synopsis on this page give away the identity of the “mastermind” which isn’t given away in the series until Episode 7? Aigu!

  79. 79 : venus Says:

    the devil is one of the best plot of korean drama,and joo ji hoon did support th drama even more great….he makes a difference…thank god for turning the page of korean drama away from soap korean traditional….let’s announce joo ji hoon for the new raising star..

  80. 80 : cambria Says:

    One of the “must watch” series, because of its originality.

    Both actors are good, and Oh Seung Ha is simply like a fresh beautiful flower.

    If the ending was more carefully thought out and less messed up, I would classify this drama among my favorites.

  81. 81 : michelle Says:

    hello, i’m michelle from indonesia.
    i’m not seeing this drama yet..
    because that’s a rumor say it has a bad ending..
    i want to watch it, but i wanna know the ending first..
    hhe ;p
    so please tell me the ending..
    bloopers please..
    i’m soooo curious!!

  82. 82 : carine Says:

    i would like to put the devil into my ipod & watched.
    do anyone know how ?

  83. 83 : Elmer Says:

    I like this drama. Unexpected ending!

    Very good cast!

    Nice story!

    Congrats to the producer of this drama.

    Great! Great! Great!

  84. 84 : Elmer Says:

    I hope you can show this here in the Philippines!!!!!!!

  85. 85 : hmong_gal Says:

    ahahahahaha i love korean

  86. 86 : venus Says:

    the devil will be on air in japan,and jjh will grew jp audience for more attn on him..he also got his new role in movie’antique’…..se is super!!

  87. 87 : Pipit A Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon’ acting improved here. He was very cool, mysterious in this serial. He proved that he is the actor that can act as anyone. Although this serial wasn’t success, but I like this drama. This drama changed the stereotype of Korean drama that always tell the love and romance story

  88. 88 : sylvia Says:

    i like this series, it’s not like the other k-drama. the music, charactier, the light, angle to shoot is creative. joo ji hoon’s acting is definitely improved. i like his role here, so cool. Yes, the ending is so sad, both seung ha and kang oh soo died…i wish differently. btw, i like the theme song too. i recommend this drama despite the sad ending.

  89. 89 : ane Says:

    jo ji hoon…i really like u …cause u are cute..

  90. 90 : uwie Says:

    i love this
    ji hoon looks great

  91. 91 : Hollywood Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I love reading your comments. To those who are courages, let’s try another sad drama. I hate sad ending too.
    Foilole, you are very funny.

  92. 92 : Dolly Says:

    This is very exciting and it makes me feel sad. Anyway a very good stories to watch.

  93. 93 : prita_an Says:

    good movies … unexpected ending … extraordinary musics… astonishing scripts …

    this movies reminds me to another korean movies “Iam Sorry I Love You” & “Love to kill” …

  94. 94 : Nana Says:

    This is the best korean drama that I have ever seen .. it’s way better than Hello Miss!, Coffee prince or even Goong .. it should really be in the top list of dramas .. really WELL DONE!!

  95. 95 : AwesomeAshley. Says:


  96. 96 : jenna Says:

    I’m watching this series right now and just 10 minutes into the first episode, i’m hooked. love ji joon hoon’s dark personality in this series. it gave me the creeps. this will definitely become one of the great classics.

  97. 97 : farriza Says:

    il watch dis 1

  98. 98 : Shi Kyo Says:

    OHHHHH….Joo Ji Hoon I like you So, Would you like married with me?????
    And I hope you can come to Indonesia.

  99. 99 : Goody Says:

    JJH…he is so cute….and the drama is so sad but i love this drama.

  100. 100 : Dann C Says:

    I had to CaNceL Xmas Eve for three hours so i could finish watching this drama “Lucifer” it was soo interesting almost right from the start, it really got me in -thinking what next can happen?. Anyway, an expected melodrmatic ending to it but quite good , Anyway Xmas Eve was back on after it.
    I am now watching “Snow White ” which is a happy lighthearted drama with quite a few laffs so far, it is worth watching. The actor and actress are well suited to each other. Happy New Year One and All from Australia ! !

  101. 101 : rola hussien Says:

    i like korean drama very much speically dae joyoung its very great drama iam ateacher from jordan my name is rola

  102. 102 : Angula Says:

    woooowwwwww!!!!! this drama is just fabulous….i loved it and ji hun was terrific…..i love him

  103. 103 : Angula Says:

    I LOVE KOREAN DRAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. 104 : guchik Says:

    juz finished watching this drama. i like ji hoon in goong but even like him more in the devil. he did a fantastic job as the devilish lawyer. can’t wait to see him in antique bakery.

  105. 105 : guchik Says:

    can someone tell me where can I dwld the ost. I luv the song “saranghaji marayo” by kim dong wook. Thanx.

  106. 106 : Ivy Says:

    guchik, there is a link on the above post to download the ost

  107. 107 : tinkerbell Says:

    Liked Joo Ji Hoon in Goong but he proved that he could act in “The Devil”.

    Well done JJH. Looking forward to more of your drama series.

  108. 108 : guchik Says:

    thanx ivy. I guess i missed look @ it

  109. 109 : Bebs Says:

    i love this drama! keep up the gd work koreans 🙂

  110. 110 : tammy Says:

    I loved this show, i just wished it would end happy, like they would forgive and forget and live happy

  111. 111 : jammy Says:

    love this show, wished he would have end up with the girl.

  112. 112 : Tammy Says:

    my favorite part is when Seongue is having lunch with her, and i feel like a real human been, maybe, and there’s that little emocation that is my favorite part. i cried!!

  113. 113 : Tammy Says:

    so sad ending made me cry

  114. 114 : Ta Says:

    why, why didn’t it end it happy

  115. 115 : isha Says:

    why is it that he didn’t end up with the girl huh they sure loved each other

  116. 116 : adinda Says:

    is really really a GREAT K-DRAMA
    i love it so much!!
    why does the rating so low??????????
    it has a lot of good cast, scenario, director, etc.
    the soundtrack’s so good!!!
    i love acheron and all of score music at the album!!!
    uhm tae woong’s voice is not too bad….
    i don’t know he can sing!!! hahahhaaa!!!

    two thumbs up for MAWANG or THE DEVIL…….

  117. 117 : gethalife Says:

    Hey, this drama is great !
    I’ve watching it, altough the ending is a little bit sad. But the whole story is great. Uhm tae woong and joo ji hoon acting is awsome. The girl is adorable too.
    I wish there will be a great drama like this one in 2008.

  118. 118 : A.Ho Says:

    I thought the suspense and the plot was good. Agree with previous viewer that Joo Ji Hoon’s performance was excellent. Liked him in Goong too but wasn’t so clear from the performance that he could really act. Lucifer was a great opportunity to for Joo Ji Hoon to show off his acting skills. Great job. Hope he appears in more dramas. Thought the detective and Hae-in put in a fine performance too.

  119. 119 : Lusiana Says:

    that’s why the rating is low, because the ending is not a happy end, i suppose…

  120. 120 : Luna Says:

    It’s sad to learn that good Korean dramas as THE DEVIL get low ratings (such as Ireland and Say you Love Me). I suppose most people like the usual fomulaic light dramas with happy endings. This is a smart, engaging and well acted story. I too would have liked a happier one, but it is an appropiate conclusion.

  121. 121 : Lumi Says:

    Excellent drama. Different from most. It is a little slow, but the tempo is appropriate. I felt I was watching a movie. The performances were good. I specially liked Joo Ji Hoon’s acting.

  122. 122 : sinting Says:

    except for the sad ending…devil is an excellent drama.the cast is gr8..from uhm tae woong to jo ji hoon and of course it has my fav actress shin min ah.the songs were gr8…cheers to the makers of the drama!

  123. 123 : kirra Says:

    i think this is by far the best korean drama i’ve seen.

    the rating might be low because of the ending but the drama is not fantasy like other k-drama with 2 guys and 2 gals and usual love story trangle.

    i think the ending suited well.

    anyway do any of u wan to end up being wit a serial killer even after u know it?he might plot to kill u hahahaha

    this story,cast,plot and soundtrack is by far the perfect i’ve seen in k-drama.

    hope they will come up wit more quality drama like this!

  124. 124 : SUGARPOP Says:

    i like this drama from beginning to end, i didn’t expect the ending will be like that, but it’s a very good ending. joo ji hoon and Uhm Tae Woong was very good in this drama. I hope there will be another kdrama like this…. love it…..

  125. 125 : Lumi Says:

    If you want to see Uhm Tae Woong (detective Kang) in another excellent drama, RESURRECTION is a must see. This is an earlier drama than The Devil. He plays another detective. You can watch it on mysoju.com

  126. 126 : wien Says:

    i still have no change
    to watch this drama
    very look foward to this drama
    somebody help me…

  127. 127 : Hee Soo Says:

    kind of different from other Korean dramas….pretty good~~

  128. 128 : umi Says:

    i just watch this drama because joo ji hoon
    and i have to say it is good

  129. 129 : kelly Says:

    very good drama because joo ji hoon ,he is so hot

  130. 130 : yunieke Says:

    do you have any update about joo ji hoon?
    can anyone give a website about him?
    thank you!

  131. 131 : drama queen Says:

    This is the best Korean Drama i have seen, its very thrilling and you cant wait to see whats going to happen next, i finish this 20 part drama in two days. The story, plot and sequence is perfect, the lead was very convincing, i hate the second lead his character that is reason enough that his acting is quite good and the female lead makes me cry specially when she try to persuade and wait for the lead…

    Perfect drama i give it ****** out of ******

  132. 132 : Starz Says:

    finished watching the drama while ago and i must say JJH’s acting truly improved…this is a gr8 drama and i luv the combination of SMA and UTW in it…

  133. 133 : lina Says:

    I love this drama, combination between SMA and JJH is the best. JJH look far better here than Goong, i started to feel love for this guy, he was hot in this drama. I love it so much. my rating is 9 out of 10. SMA in Love to Kill with Rain is also good. She is the sweetest actress compared to others, she dont made funny faces and she is always soft spoken

  134. 134 : lucresia Says:

    The character of detective kang is well played. It made the drama more interesting.

  135. 135 : mmlinma Says:

    I find tthe 2nd lead lovable. the story is a little too convaluted, there are so many actors i had to draw a tree to keep track. I guess the director found a script that fit JJH and went crazy with all the stiff shots of lawyer Oh. we really didn’t get to see what’s inside his head until close to the end.

  136. 136 : fay Says:

    i love this drama very very MUCH!!!!
    especially for JJH acting, it’s very cool!!!

    but the ending……

    it’s very sad…….
    they look like a couple going together to heaven (or hell maybe..)

  137. 137 : delphanium Says:

    oh my, i love this drama so much. the chemistry between joo ji hoon and shin min ah is so obvious. both of them deliver the act. even not so much of romance, we can feel the air and the heat. i really like the coolness of joo ji hoon and the sweet shin min ah. but really sad, i cant figure out how the ending. i love the song too, i played the song Saranghaji Marayo all the time. hmmm cant get over this movie. i wish there is another movie by jjh and shin min ah. they both great together. joo ji hoon is the type of guy, u hate him at the first sight but the more u look at him, the more you see him, you will like to impact and he is really cute and cool. delphanium-from malaysia

  138. 138 : delphanium Says:

    hmmm love this movie so much, love the song too……… i think korean directors all very good and talented. good job, made more good movies like this… but can do us a favor, pls give a happy ending. sad ending made us sad. delphanium from malaysia

  139. 139 : delphanium Says:

    to both my favorite actor and actress, i wish both of you the best. made more good drama & movies. and hope to see both of you in another drama together. dephanium from malaysia

  140. 140 : Sandy Says:

    This has got to be the BEST drama series i watched yet =D

  141. 141 : Hana Yoori Says:

    In my opinion, the movie kind of dragged, but it was good. The ending was unexpected. I was kind of disappointed during the movie that the Hae In kept going for the Seung Ha, but understood because of the end. I wanted her to go for Oh Soo.

  142. 142 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was an ok drama. Too many plots & characters involved in it, it seems rather confusing & difficult to digest the storyline. Only towards the end that i enjoyed the drama & was able to digest the whole storyline. Perhaps it’s just not for me. By the way, JOO JI HOON’s acting was excellent.

  143. 143 : geles Says:

    I love jjh!
    He’s so cool!

  144. 144 : maryana Says:

    i love this drama…it’s make me cry…joo ji hoon well down!

  145. 145 : adam Says:

    joo ji hoon….fantastic….good work….

  146. 146 : kc Says:

    I think this is the best ever intelligent korean drama I have watched. JJH should be acting more of this kind of genre instead of the fluffy types. He has the disposition for it. It makes him even more HOT! However there seemed to be some loopholes in the scientific aspect of it. the plotting is superb though. I wish the ending wan’t so sad – I couldn’t sleep for days..

  147. 147 : princess Says:

    whaa.. is this good??

  148. 148 : Grace Says:

    Two thumbs up for the author, of course very gifted acting from JJH, UTW, and SMA. It was a remarkable Korean drama I’ve ever watched. I felt sort of forensic story of someone’s life, it was thrilling to watch. The actor and actress are all matched with their characters, good job. Thank you for making.

  149. 149 : betuL Says:

    ı love yo JJH..

  150. 150 : k Says:

    This is a masterpiece, I had finished watching the show last year and bought the director cut dvd this summer, this elegant thriller will definitely rock you. None of the characters in this drama is a waste, they all have their own character development. The plot, the production as well as the acting from both the main leads and the ensemble casts are just great, I like this even more than the previous drama “Resurrection” which was also produced by the same director and script writer. Such a thought provoking drama that deserve a high praise from all the true fans of good dramas and movies.

  151. 151 : addy Says:

    great drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. 152 : shao Says:

    super duper great drama…….. it makes my heart beat faster. i really enjoy watching Joo Ji Hoon, he matured a lot and great acting. CongraTS….. sarang

  153. 153 : tugba Says:

    hey is there beside goong and the devil another movie in which jjh takes place??i adore him hes so gorgeous!!!!he is the best lookin asian man :D:D
    anyway can somebody answer me? and pls send also the site where i can watch the other movies!

  154. 154 : jaelyn Says:

    yeaH!!!! i like this drama too~~~a good great great drama….
    jjh latest is “Antique”….i think will coming soon….

  155. 155 : pınar Says:


  156. 156 : pınar Says:

    I want to watch online with TURKISH SUBTITLE PLEASEEEE=( I LOVE JOO JI HOON..

  157. 157 : The Wind Says:

    one of the best movie i’ve ever watched…i like this movie very very very much…Ji Hoon acted so perfectly in this movie…

  158. 158 : layla Says:

    this is by far the best korean thriller ever… what a spectacular sudden and surprising award winning performance by the trio… all of the three main characters made it this big.. i don’t understand why the ratings are low but i don’t really care….

  159. 159 : 희수 Says:

    I really like this drama…kind of mysterious in a sense

  160. 160 : melody Says:

    I dont really like this drama. kinda slow and boring….
    but credit must be given to the 3 main leads. great acting skills there!

  161. 161 : miss me Says:

    thought this was good.. but the mystery died in the middle of the series… it was too obvious on what was going to happen… great story never the less… sad ending though…

  162. 162 : Daisy Says:

    Not the usual k-drama. Definitely not a crowd pleaser. I did not expect to like it so much. I bought it to share it with friends and family. Congratulations to the cast for their perfiormances, the writer and director.

  163. 163 : sartaj singh clair Says:

    hello i m sartaj singh clair from pilibanga ,rajasthan india : i will want to know for korean serial “”i am sorry i love you”” i will watch it’s on KBS world chennal @9:00pm to 10:00 pm . i realy like it’s..it’s so sweet tv drama…i will don’t know of korean language but i will see in translation in english as well . this is very good prformance of “yun” and “moo hyuk…and other artist ….plz send me detail of this serial ……………..it’s realy graet drama….heartist thanks to director or producer or actors actress…. I LOVE …i am sorry i love you..thnx

  164. 164 : mecchi Says:

    wow is wonderful drama !!
    great story…

  165. 165 : JOANA Says:

    I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!! it is one of the best series! i really love shin min ah and joo ji hoon! they are so cute! this is definitely one of my most favorite korean dramas!!!!! i love the story! love you ji hoon and min ah!

  166. 166 : tinie Says:

    i will enjoy this drama n i was like joo ji hoon
    great drama…..hehehe

  167. 167 : Peggy Says:

    I looked everywhere for the part of the OST which was sung by ‘j’ I love his voice and I have three of his albums.
    I finally found it here on this site and I am so pleased. thank you so much

  168. 168 : Naing Says:

    Really love Tae Woong, whatever drama that he is in , worth watching. He acts so well. Bravo Oppa ! Love you so much. Is there any link that I can watch “Forever the moment” on line movie that Tae woong starring. He is the best actor in Korea. Take care Oppa:-)

  169. 169 : Piper Says:

    I like Oh Seaung Ha character very much.
    His eyes are too powerful.
    Joon Ji Hoon is the best actor in “The Devil”
    I admire him very much!!!

  170. 170 : ali Says:

    hi.how are u?it was very nice.i have watched it3 times.i like it’s music.whould u please send me the songs.thank u.

  171. 171 : Will Says:

    Love, Love, Love this drama…

  172. 172 : [email protected] Says:

    This drama is the top drama for me the first in my list…

  173. 173 : SC Says:

    Its a shame that Jo Ji Hoon is now a convicted addict and he wouldnt make any drama till the next two years cause his on probation…

  174. 174 : Mikey Butders Says:

    Youre information SC is helpful, is it true that his offer to do “Tokyo Towers” and because of the probation he was replaced by Kang Ji Hwan

  175. 175 : Christian Says:

    I made an article about this drama, read my blog and other stuff:


  176. 176 : arief Says:

    keren bgt, ini film cerdas bgt, berbobot bgt. Pemain2nya jg watak bgt. Gw suka bgt. My 1st list korean drama now..

  177. 177 : Ella andryani Says:

    I love this drama….

    pokok nya kalau ada joo ji hoon oppa yang main drama nya pasti enak….
    cos dy kan suami q….

    oppa hwiting…

  178. 178 : wow power leveling Says:

    A wonderful article…. this is just what I needed to read today. Thanks for describing the way you work and how you structure your writing projects. I’ll go read that article now.

  179. 179 : stanny Says:

    ada dvd originalnya gak ya?

  180. 180 : vanness Says:

    ada yang punya dvd nya ngga? heeeeelp!

  181. 181 : joana Says:

    i am so in love with this drama!
    the best!
    i love shin min ah and joo ji hoon so much! 😉

  182. 182 : lowie Says:

    wow i got to finally watch it, it’s great, i’m so thrilled while watching, thanks to this fiction i’m not bored at all, great cast, joo ji hoon is very convincing in his role, shin min ah also.. it’s just great..

  183. 183 : Dvee Says:

    Bagus banget drama ini,joo ji hoon janggg…

  184. 184 : liz Says:

    The story of this drama was ok. But, at the middle of the story, I got bored because, the thrill was gone.. The beginning and the end, I really appreciate it, especially the ending. Yes, some people may think it’s a sad ending. But, for me, it’ reasonable. if either one one of them lived, he will still have a hard time living because of guilt..

    I just hope before Ji joo died he called seo ha to confess his love to her.. that will be more dramatic.

    I am not an addicted fan of Ji joo but, He played his part so well. He’s role fits him, mysterious, but kind..

  185. 185 : MLT Says:

    Honestly, because Shin Min Ah and Joo Ji Hoon was in this drama, I figured I would watch it. Also because it was highly recommended to me also. However, the first episode was just boring. Really boring. It never caught on to me. So I never ended up watching it.

  186. 186 : oceansclear Says:

    great drama! i hope korean directors do more of such suspenseful and detective dramas. i like watching them. 🙂

  187. 187 : mutiara Says:

    great drama!! really

  188. 188 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting… hope this drama is great to watch

  189. 189 : nining Says:

    is this story good??

  190. 190 : jo Says:

    does any body have the lyrics for track 17, sung by uhm tae woong. titlle is saranghaji marajweo. please, please

  191. 191 : jo Says:

    does anybody have the lyrics for track 17 sung by uhm tae woong. i think the title is saranghaji marajweo.

  192. 192 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    kenapa klo drama korea tentang balas dendam selalu berakhir tragis alias pemeran utamanya mati … aq jadi sedih hiks.hiks THE DEVIL sama kayak BAD GUY … bener-bener menangis aq nonton drama tersebut ;-(

  193. 193 : lyn Says:

    yea… yah all ryt .. the movie is cool..
    i love it and even the peps hus in it..

  194. 194 : rose Says:

    i really love the drama, please help me where to find the end part, after watching ep 20 part 5 where is the other part, please help me where to find the most awaited ending. thanks so much.

  195. 195 : Lorem Says:

    Oh my, I just watched this. The role of the prosecutor might have been given to a mannequin. And the title changed to: “Male Model with Bad Hair, Tries Acting”.

    Shin Min Ah is lovely as always, and brings a spark of life to this otherwise woeful production.

  196. 196 : Haythi Says:

    It is a very good drama. I love it very much.

  197. 197 : yeon kimi Says:

    at the first time i watched this movie i’m really curious,almost everyday i always following to watch,and day by day it is so great,this movie so brilliant and it did it makes me cry
    you’ll be sorry if you haven’t watch this movie

  198. 198 : reny Says:

    good drama 😀

  199. 199 : CM Says:

    The actors were impressive. Uhm Tae Woong, Shin Min Ah and Joo Ji Hoon gave an excellent performance. I know people are only after looks and only remember JJH…but still UTW was around too people! LOL Both gave a convincing performance and I was moved, Shin Min Ah as well. It was a great drama. The only thing that bugged me was the permanent close-ups to both JJH and UTW faces..and basically the slow pace of the drama..from beginning to end, all the time I was like “Come on already! I don’t have that much time you know, hurry up!” Leaving that behind, it was a good drama, and I wish I didn’t read the ending accidentally in a comment:(

  200. 200 : Zed Says:

    Shin min ah <3

  201. 201 : IGH Says:

    Great show! One of the best KD I’ve seen. Great plot, great acting, hot guys. A drama about human passions, hell and heaven. Highly recommend it.

  202. 202 : Lydia V. Arroyo Says:

    This was a great drama, I like a lot. Please will tell me the name and singer of the song in this drama, none mentioned and I would like to get it.

  203. 203 : dewaanifordrama Says:

    Check out this review for The Devil – http://samsoondowntherabbithole.blogspot.com/2012/06/devil-review.html

  204. 204 : The Devil | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] (more…) […]

  205. 205 : Shark / 상어 (2013) | My Little World Says:

    […] drama is The Third revenge trilogy after ‘Resurrection‘ and ‘The Devil‘ by Kim Ji Woo (screenwriter) and Park Chan Hong […]

  206. 206 : Fullheart Says:


  207. 207 : Victoria Says:

    I love the show, but Drama Fever streaming is a headache, so I have to restart several times…
    The trama is spectacular!!!!

  208. 208 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] The Devil Rating : 4 out of 5 […]

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