Title: 가족의 탄생 / The Birth of a Family
Chinese Title: 家族的誕生
Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 115
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-05 to 2013-May-17
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


A drama about an adopted woman who struggles to make a family.


Main Cast

Lee So Yeon as Lee Soo Jung
Lee Kyu Han as Kang Yoon Jae
Lee Chae Young as Ma Ye Ri
Yoon Seo as Ye Ri (young)

Soo Jung’s family

Moon Hee Kyung as Park Geum Ok
Kim Jin Woo as Lee Soo Ho
Suh Hyun Suk as Lee Soo Ho (young)
Son Byung Ho as Lee Kyung Tae
Jung Kyung Soon as Park Young Ok

Ye Ri’s family

Na Young Hee as Jang Mi Hee
Im Chae Moo as Ma Jin Chul
Jang Young Nam as Ma Jin Hee

Yoon Jae’s family

Jung Kyu Soo as Kang Dae Jin
Yang Hee Kyung as Oh Young Ja


Kim Seung Hwan as Choi In Woo
Sung Hoon as Han Ji Hoon
Ryu Hye Rin as Baek Ji Won
Lee Mal Geum (이맑음) as Eun Ah
Jung Yoo Min as Jang Mi Hee (college student)

Production Credits

Director: Go Heung Shik
Screenwriter: Kim Young In


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138 Responses to “The Birth of a Family”

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  1. 26

    It’s okay… there are 100 plus episodes and there’ll be more time to see them together.

    They look good together.

  2. 27
    Micc Says:

    Does the second female lead have any other ways to express her anger other than screaming and swiping things on the table??? She does that every time and I am so sick of it!

  3. 28
    OK OK OK Says:

    Pls DO NOT match 2nd lead Handsome Lee Soo Ho with Ma Ye Ri.

  4. 29
    OK OK OK Says:

    Does Anyone know who is the male singer & what is the title of the song at the end of drama?

    Admin nim, can u pls help to find out and update the OST & songs sections.

    Jinja kamsa hamnida. :)

    Now at episode 39. Horrible Ma Ye Ri is scheming to win Kang Yoon Jae back who wants to break off with her.

  5. 30
    OK OK OK Says:

    Ep41 also very nice. Lead M1 told lead F2 family he cannot marry their da
    Daughter. Haha good
    I also like the ending part last 3 min a song sang by a female singer.
    Hv heard it b4 but can’t rem where.
    Hope some one can tell me the names of all the singers n titles of all the song use in this drama :)

  6. 31
    Help Says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch this drama with english subtitles? I so want to watch this. Please help…….

  7. 32
    Sina Says:

    Me too. Would very much like to watch this drama. Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  8. 33
    Micc Says:

    Ye Ri and Soo Hoo are made for each other!!! Haha, will be fun to see “taming of the shrew”!

  9. 34
    Micc Says:


    Just saw you post. Unfortunately I think Ye Ri and Soo Hoo are going to be a pair. Ye Ri is pretty awful, I agreed. But can’t think of a better half for her than Soo Hoo. He is the exact opposite of her and probably can set her straight. :-)

  10. 35
    OK OK OK Says:

    @ Micc

    I was hoping only when MYR is behaving badly though I know the chances of having them together is v high. All drama mostly like that :)

    Now at ep 45. Love the male singer who sing ngs the ending part

  11. 36
    OK OK OK Says:

    @ Micc

    I was hoping only when MYR is behaving badly though I know the chances of having them together is v high. All drama mostly like that :)

    Now at ep 45. Love the male singer who sing the song at the ending part.



  12. 37
    OK OK OK Says:

    Admin nim
    Can u pls help?

    I love the male singer n his song at the end of ep 45.

    Can u please help us find out who he is n what is the title of the song?



  13. 38
    Micc Says:

    Is it too much if I feel like to slap Ma Ye Ri every time she comes on the screen?? She is such a evil brat!

  14. 39
    Sina Says:

    Please, please. I am still trying to find out where to watch this drama.

  15. 40
    something Says:

    the official poster:

  16. 41
    Micc Says:

    This story has been told so many times. So old, so repetitive. I lost interest.

  17. 42
    Micc Says:

    Haha, my interest comes back. Let’s hope it branches out nicely. I’m glad they are not revolving the same four people for the whole 100 episodes!

  18. 43
    Micc Says:

    Sung hoon all the way! Dump Kang Yoon Jae!!! :-D

  19. 44
    Charlie Says:

    @Micc 43,
    I root the same. He made me want to watch this drama again. ☺
    I got tired of Kang Yoon Jae long time ago. He doesn’t deserve Soo Jung. I don’t see great love between them. He only brought her misery. I hope they won’t make them go back together again. Who are you kidding!

  20. 45
    Micc Says:


    Agreed wholeheartedly!!!!! It will be really hard for us to see Soo Jung and Yoon Jae together after Sung Hoon! Who in their right mind would leave SH for YJ??? lol!

  21. 46
    Micc Says:

    Just watched episode 68 where Han Shi Hoon and Kang Yoon Jae fighting for Lee Soo Jung. This is really a joke to have Sung Hoon joining the love triangle, where’s the odds of Lee Kyu Han winning?! :-D
    I know at the end the OTP will be together, but tell me how could that be persuasive!?

  22. 47
    Micc Says:

    It’s finally moving forward…..episode 69 will be interesting.

  23. 48
    Charlie Says:

    @Micc 45,
    Totally agree. Unless they turn around to make Sung Hoon a complete Jerk. Otherwise, there is no competition.
    What girl would marry a man with such evil mom?! She is a B**** inside out. she can’t change overnight.
    Also YJ, show some IQ that you suppose to have. He’s also too skinny, too ugly. Or he’s just getting old. He doesn’t look as good as he used to be. Too bad. I just have no sympathy toward him.

  24. 49
    Micc Says:


    Yes, yes and yes!!! :-)

  25. 50
    John Says:

    This drama seems like it was written by a child!! This drama is absolutely ridiculous. This drama makes all the three mothers look horrible. Miss piggy is just mean,birth mother abandoned her child and her adopted mother lies for her selfish needs.

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